The Trip Down The Stairs

In the year prior to a presidential election, Thanksgiving is usually when primary races for party nominations begin to come into focus. Donors have had most of the year to assess the candidates and the voters are starting to pay attention. The first test is a little over two months away, so all of the candidates have their people in the field. The boots on the ground test is one of those unofficial measures that tell us something about the organic and financial support for each candidate.

According the polls, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the favorite to win the Iowa caucus, currently polling at 25%. Warren and Sanders are tied for second at a little under 20% each, while Biden is at 12%. The Iowa caucus is not a great predictor, but it does tend to winnow the field. That means the four plausible candidates at the moment are the four at the top of the polls. The rest of the field is in low single digits. Mayor Bloomberg does not appear to be running in the state at this point.

New Hampshire has always been the bellwether and the numbers there tell us it is a four human race as well. The latest polls have Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders and Biden clustered together in the teens. Tulsi Gabbard is the only minor candidate showing any support, which bears watching. New Hampshire has a habit of elevating a minor candidate when the leaders appear weak. Gabbard is the chaos option for frustrated voters in the state. Bloomberg could also be an option.

Nevada and South Carolina are where Biden finds the most support. He leads the polls in both states, mostly on the brown vote. Biden’s support for Obama has turned into what appears to be unshakable support from non-whites. It is too early to tell if that is legitimate, but so far, he looks like the only option for blacks. Maybe after weak showings in Iowa and New Hampshire blacks abandon him. Voters tend to cluster around a winner, even if the winner is not their first choice.

What we have thus far is a field of candidates that all look like second and third tier players in a normal election. They are boutique options, appealing to a narrow slice of the party, while not appealing to the broader party. Buttigieg, for example, is popular with boozy wine aunts, but wildly unpopular with blacks. Warren is popular with the power women, but very unpopular with men. Biden, of course, is popular with blacks, but the rest of the party thinks it is time for his nap.

This is why Bloomberg has jumped into the race. He is a nasally weirdo from another planet, but he has enough money to buy the election. Despite being a very odd little guy, he is more normal than the other options. He can also offer the rage heads in the party an option that will fight Trump on his turf. Bloomberg will outspend Trump and he will be every bit as abrasive. The symmetry of two New York billionaires screaming at one another in 2020 could be too much to resist for Democrats.

Of course, what this suggests is the Democrats have no political talent in their ranks, which is why they have a field full of weirdos. It’s also a field of geezers. Warren, Sanders and Biden are in their 70’s. The younger options in the field are devoid of natural political talent and exist only because the donor class has to hire someone to play these roles. The Democrat primary is like a Broadway musical pulling people from the crowd, because they are short of professional performers.

In some respects, the Democrats are experiencing what the Republicans experienced in the 2016 cycle. It was a field full of nondescript nothings. It was why Trump won and why Bloomberg has a chance this time. In the 2016 debates, it looked as if all of the other candidates were in black and white, while Trump was in color. Voters could overlook all of his issues, because he was the only human option. That could be what gets Bloomberg a shot to win, assuming he gets on stage.

The bigger picture suggests the political system is in rapid decline. This generation of politicians has been in power for thirty years. They have done nothing to develop the next generation. In fact, they have prevented the talented from entering the system, in order to avoid the competition. The result is the next generation in the system is even more deranged and bizarre than the boomer generation. If Buttigieg is the future of democratic politics, democracy is on life support.

That’s what we are seeing. The political class is not a reflection of the people. That’s not how democracy works. They are a reflection of the system that recruits and develops the politicians. The reason the quality of candidate is in decline is the system itself is in decline. Both parties are now controlled by narrow interests at odds with the general public and needs of the country. The reason the general election will feature two septuagenarians is the system is running on fumes.

This is what decline is like. People on this side of the great divide like to think the end will be dramatic collapse or tanks in the streets, but that’s unlikely. Instead, it will be fits and starts down the uneven stairs of cultural decline. Trump is one of those steps with a long tread. The next few steps will have high risers and short treads. At some point, elections just stop happening either due to lack of interest or the inability of the political class to stage these made for television dramas.

At some point, a crisis will come and the public will have no confidence in the political class to address it. Some faction within the political class will use that to seize power and take control of the system. A temporary suspension of elections will slowly become permanent, as order is restored. America will no longer have the demographics or cultural will to operate the old system. The next step down is some form of authoritarian rule that manages the decline a bit better than the chaos of democracy.

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272 thoughts on “The Trip Down The Stairs

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  2. “The bigger picture suggests the political system is in rapid decline. ”

    You know when writing about *elections* that you are only addressing about one third of America, right? Or, in other words, two thirds of America is already *voting* to express their preference for none of the above.

    Starve the monkeys.

  3. >He [Bloomberg] is a nasally weirdo from another planet, but he has enough money >to buy the election.

    He’s Jewish. Whilst not a guarantee of the Taint of the Juden being present, it’s a safe assumption. Kinda of a “no shit” statement, Zeddude…

  4. Bloomberg ? Really ?

    Know you like giving the tribe a pass, but this borders on being a shill :-b

    He’ll drop out after spending other people’s money. C’mon , the guy is Jewish . You know these guys don’t like parting with their own cash.

    My greatest fear is the demo-rats look pretty desperate with all this bogus impeachment crap. Their next trick looks like rigging the election.

  5. Elections won’t stop happening every four years for a long, long time. This facade will be the last thing to cease, not until people have long since stopped noticing them. Rome’s two annual consuls were appointed well into the Dark Ages.

  6. Not to worry. Michelle Obama will be nominated in the Spring, she’ll get Mayor Pete as her VP, and the Trump era will be a distant nightmare. Progress marches on.

  7. Bloomberg can spend all the money in the world. He is unelectable, what demographic would vote for Bloomberg that isn’t already behind someone? Don’t say Biden. Bloomberg will never get the brown vote because of stop and frisk, also Bloomberg is Left of Biden, openly anti-gun and a Jew, so any “business Democrat” whites for Biden do not translate to Bloomberg.
    (Sidenote, we are seeing Reagan Republicans like in 1984 again, but now Trump Republicans. The personality > the party for these working whites.)

    I still hold to my belief that Hillary will enter. If Bloomberg could this late, so could she. Hillary will sweep in and take the Super Tuesday states. At earliest, she will might join to take South Carolina. Any Biden support goes to Clinton, especially after the Ukraine Biden scandal. Bloomberg is not a competitor for Biden, he is a sideshow distraction and big money funder for Democrats. Just wait, Hillary will declare again and lose again… but there is no one else.

  8. We never had a formal Cursus Honorum here in the states, but there was definitely an informal one that each party ran. Given that the American political system is de facto run by the parties, this is definitely a big problem.

    • Bad;
      Ah, but the Intersectionality Stack was implemented specifically to bypass the Cursus Honorum among the Donks by various grifters within. This is as good an explanation as any for the results we see in the D 2020 presidential field.

  9. Don’t forget how this mirrors the parallel decline in the bureaucracy. Watch those hearings last week and what do you see? A bunch of partisan, self-interested, bureaucrats who are long on credentials and short on intelligence. That group demonstrated unequivocally that the Permanent Government is a rats nest of corruption.

    We’re going to get treated to even more of that as the Horowitz/Durham stuff starts to drop. Though I fully expect Horowitz to totally exonerate everybody in the FBI except a few bit players, the overall tone of the report is that some fundamental things went very, very, wrong. He will point out multiple examples of total corruption by Democrats in the Mediocracy – Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, et al. – and then he will say “Well, they all had good intentions and all the paperwork appears to mostly be in order. Case closed.” Durham is a wild card, and the President clearly believes bad times are coming for alligators in the swamp. We shall see.

    The Democrats in 2020 are in much worse shape than the GOP was in 2016. The 2016 “frontrunner” analog to Biden was Jeb Bush. Bush might be a duplicitous snake and a toady for the plutocracy…but at least he was on the younger side and a successful two-term governor or a large diverse state. The GOP had multiple prominent Senators, and a guy who really did take on the Government Sector Unions and destroyed them utterly in WI (Scott Walker). That is really nothing like the freak show currently running for the Democrat nomination in 2020. Democrats in 2020 have a field that looks like the GOP in 2012.

    – Biden has been mortally wounded by Ukraine. Trump will ride that to a landslide victory. Especially if Democrats impeach him. He can run on trying to fight corruption, and then getting impeached by Democrats for discovering they are the source of that corruption. Led by Biden. Biden looks more and more like Jeb Bush in 2016…the “frontrunner” until he couldn’t win any primaries. In fact, going back to 1983, Biden’s primary vote totals average out to 0.4% of the vote totals…0.004 or 4 out 1000. Biden has never won anything of importance outside of Delaware.

    – Warren pretty much guarantees Trump increases his white male vote to 75%+ from the blow-out 65% he got in 2016. He also wins key Democratic minority groups in numbers that shock Democrats like a stroke. White women will be repelled by her crazy socialism. Just like Hillary, when polled, the most common word associated with Warren is…wait for it…”liar” followed a close second by “socialist”.

    – Buttplug hands Trump Eisenhower/Nixon levels of black support (30-40%). In fact, with the good economy, I could see both Buttplug and Warren giving Trump levels of black votes not seen since Hoover. Trump understands this, and is exploiting well-known weaknesses in the Democrats’ economic and social messages. That’s why he sticks up for rappers, worked on that crime bill, and repeats his oft-used line, “What have you got to lose?” which is simple and effective. Even the Baltimore stuff helps him because he’s saying the thing blacks know but aren’t allowed to say.

    – Bloomberg might think he can buy the election, but there already billionaires in this race polling below 1%. Bloomberg’s biggest problem is that the party for which he seeks the nomination is a pack of thoroughly berserk Leftists who think Bloomberg’s entire portfolio should be confiscated and used to buy waterproof shoes for illegals. I just don’t see him capturing anyone’s imagination, let alone their votes.

    – Gabbard is the Jim Webb of this cycle. She’s the one who slowly starts to realize that she is not a Democrat. She’s not a Republican because of abortion and other social issues. She also turns the other women in the race green with envy, which means the long knives are out for her like Hillary saying Gabbard is a Putin puppet. That’s batshit crazy, but that’s why Gabbard, like Jim Webb, is a natural MAGA voter. She’s running to save a party that cannot be saved. They’re gone.

    Against any of these people, Trump wins everything he won in 2016 and picks up a few other states like NM, NV and MN.

    Hence “impeachment”.

    • The Civil Service has always been a hotbed of corrupt bureaucrats. They’re the ones with the real power here in the states. Sure, we replace the guys in charge, but what about the career folks that make the schedules for the guys ‘in charge’?

      • It’s also why they fight legislation that curtails or outright bans public sector unions.

        The elected people don’t give a rat enough to do this, but I would require mandatory cycling into the private sector every 10 years. (and by private sector, I don’t mean lobbying or government contracting…they have to LEAVE the government sphere for a minimum of 3 years and get a real job)

  10. Most observers who use logic rather than emotion see that the Empire is closing in on its last days. The far left has a vision of the world that is totally delusional. The far right can’t seem to articulate what sort of a civic arrangement should come next — they are often reduced to blaming libertarians and boomers for all the ills of the world.

    The dissident right needs to find a way to offer a path that the normal people will see as workable. Perhaps a return to the Articles of Confederation would resonate. I may not have the answer, but I know that the dissident right needs to find one … and soon.

    Z-man, if you happen to read this: what sort of governance do you see as workable for the dissident right if they win the coming war?

    • Z has said before and I’ll repeat it here: It is far to early to magic up ideas about ‘what comes after X’. We don’t know what X is, when, or how.

    • Remember, that’s polling among Democrats in Iowa, not the general population. In fact, it’s polling among likely attendees of a Democratic Caucus in Iowa. Historically, participation in the Iowa Caucus is around 15% to 20% of Democrats, and those participants tend to be highly politically involved and highly committed to a candidate.

      A 25% rating in the primary poll corresponds to the support of 25% of the 15%-20% of Democrats who intend to participate in the Caucus. This translates to 3.75%-5% of Democrats in Iowa. Last I checked, Iowa is about 40%-R, 40%-D, 20%-I, which implies that Buttgay has the support of between 1% and 2% of the general population in Iowa, which lines up nicely with estimates of the gay population in general.

      Buttgay will get routed in Iowa (pun fully intended).

  11. ‘At some point, elections just stop happening either due to lack of interest or the inability of the political class to stage these made for television dramas.’

    60% turnout for an national election is considered a pretty high turnout. Alot of people have already given up on ‘The Republic’.

    • Well, there is another stage: when it formally and officially doesn’t matter in the One Party State, voting will be required.

  12. Yes, this is the most probable scenario going forward. The Deep State ultimately seizes control by whatever means necessary. They would prefer that the plebs be morphed into insect-like drones via new communications / indoctrination technology, but the old ways will be employed if needed. However, the next response to closet tyranny will not be either pitchforks or civil war, but a new paradigm. Even in a Deep State cancerous environment, the fish rots from the head. Simple, Secret, Solo, & Spontaneous. Our heritage is intelligence and innovation. Use it.

        • How can you think the neocon orchestrated Hong Kong “protests” are real? It seems so obvious that they are contrived and yet you commented that “they are fighting for freedom.” Maybe you’re too busy to see that, or don’t get much off-the-beaten-path reporting. Anyway, I always like your comments that seem to drill down on human nature but frankly was shocked when you responded that you thought the Hong Kong protesters were fighting for freedom. And then I got suspicious you might not be what you seemed. Forgive me.

          • Try visiting Michael Yon’s blog and Twitter feed. He has been onsite in Hong Kong for months and provides some real world feedback on what’s happening there. Yes, the Deep State has it’s fingers in this mess, but real people are getting really killed and maimed, so it’s not just a sham protest.

  13. The bigger picture suggests the political system is in rapid decline. This generation of politicians has been in power for thirty years. They have done nothing to develop the next generation. In fact, they have prevented the talented from entering the system, in order to avoid the competition.

    Sums up the Boomers right there.

    • I think it was FTN or TDS that said it best last weekend: Boomers are busy reverse mortgaging our country for their cushy retirement.

  14. Would also suggest that the paucity of talent in the Democrat ranks is partially due to getting shellacked in the governorships and statehouses in the last several elections. The number of seats that shifted was extraordinary. Hard to find big league talent when your minor leagues have been shot out. So instead you get the geriatrics hanging on for one more try and weirdos like Buttigieg.

    • This has been the conventional wisdom in the conservative mainstream press. More specifically, the Democrats have a minor league but it’s in the city machines/nonprofit-activist networks where the weirdos climb the greasy pole.

      I don’t think much of this theory. Are Republicans flush with talent? A lot of those left-wing weirdos win higher level offices — look at Sinema in Arizona. As for the presidency, the donors only need to find one decent candidate every 4 years. If they wanted to do that they could do it.

  15. Any kind of fast collapse or even suspension of elections is completely off the table under the status quo. Some dramatic has to change before anything like that in the cards.
    The one thing you can count on the establishment to do is to defend the status quo. Until the status quo becomes untenable, the system will limp along in the current state. But once that happens, I think it will change quickly.

    • Tars;
      Maybe it’s a reverse ‘Collapse of the USSR’ scenario. As we see here and now, the dynamic of the Left is always the drift towards Communism and centralization under ‘expert’ rule. But the 1989 – 1991 collapse demonstrated that Communism can’t survive without massive coercion and centralization. Gorbachov naively supposed that Communism could become dynamic and survive without either. Thus he also illustrated that the ‘experts’ weren’t. So he loosened up with the results we all know.*

      If there’s one thing that the DC Schiff-Show demonstrates, it’s the appalling stupidity of our Deep State leaders. Might they be stupid enough to implement Communist-level coercion badly_? Signs point to yes.
      * Which collapse was a complete surprise to all of our so-called ‘intelligence’ agencies and foreign policy ‘elite’ ‘experts’ at the time.

  16. This is like watching a seemingly poor person of color getting into an expensive car, but not as the passenger or as the chauffeur.

  17. Scott Adams, the cartoonist who predicted Trump’s win earlier than most anybody, thinks it would be “great for the country” if Buttigieg were elected. Because Buttigieg is gay and that would be another intersectional node of humanity checkboxed into the White House. What a strange way of thinking.

  18. I see the possibility of Trump re-election at least 50/50. After Trump is when it gets interesting. If Trump does not get us into a war the next candidates will.
    Too much deep state power in the hands of the beanie boys and ignoramuses.
    Some kind of fiasco in the Ukraine or Iran would be what our leaders might possibly guide us into.
    On the other hand a nation like China could challenge our empire in Asia.
    And win.
    In any of these scenarios the current order has a good chance of failure. President Butt Plug or some wacky feminist leading us will not suffice.

  19. I’m not sure how much any of this this permeates the political class and the normies still on the other side of the Rubicon, but from the far bank, I look back and see a system in which the president and congressmen become less and less significant. The Trump administration has demonstrated beyond a doubt is that the permanent bureaucracy is largely uncontrollable from the White House, and it has been clear for many years that the legislative process is essentially controlled by the moneyed interests.

    While the president gets to play the role of “head of state,” his powers as chief executive are tightly circumscribed. Things like this impeachment farce are the only events during which congressmen get to play act as statesmen. In exchange for seeding real power to the men behind the curtain, our “elected officials” get to partake in the ongoing smash and grab of the residual wealth of the country, but this system is unlikely to appeal to any but those motivated by the basest instincts.

    It’s like picking a CEO for you company from among people who make their living swindling little old ladies out of their life savings.

    • It’s as if the politicians and the media are all a bunch of Norma Desmonds, still trying to stay relevant.

  20. Other than having similar amounts of money to Trump, Bloomberg has none of the other qualities that gave Trump the win. Bloomberg is shit out of luck as the Dems are overtly anti-white now. Think an old crusty turd like Bloomberg is going to get the maoists to the polls?! Fuck no he isn’t.

    It’s easy to see that the existing political system is crumbling, not so easy to say what comes next. Seems like something is required that will accommodate the collective minded without letting them take over the entire country. Force them to live off the earnings of illegals and the underclass. Maybe a partitioning like India did in the 40’s.

  21. There was a big allusion to the ancient Roman Republic in the last paragraph, so I’ll bite.

    If we are to compare our trajectory to the Roman Republic’s, then we are in the Gracchi stage (120s BC). It was the last gasp of a republican or democratic (take your pick) movement before the corrupt establishment hammer came down. The Gracchi lost, and forty years later the dictators Marius (the “liberal” in modern parlance) & then Sulla (the “conservative”) came along. Of course Caesar (the “liberal”) followed. Elections and politicking carried on for the hundred years after the Gracchi, somehow, and then just fizzled out well into Augustus’s reign.

    By that measurement, we have 100 years of “democracy” left, and much less of actual democracy. So where is our modern-day Marius?

    • I think we might be a little further down the road. The 2020’s will be our version of the Social War.

      • Both Peter Turchin and Martin Armstrong, who study historical trends, predict civil war in the 2020s. Martin Armstrong predicts a whole new form of government in 2032 and a possible breakup of the US. He’s also relocating to Thailand.

    • I think of our Deep State as our modern day Marius. Same basic role – permanent leftist rule. Maybe Trump is a far less effective Sulla.

    • I’d say the Republic died in our Civil War just as Rome’s did. We’re in Claudius-Nero territory facing the years of the multiple emperors.

      Marius was defeated at Gettysburg & his statues are being pulled down. I want a better timeline.

      • Well, the time elapsed between Rome’s founding and the Social Wars was 650 years give or take. The American colonies were started around the year 1580, so 650 years from then would be the year 2230 (just before the Starship Enterprise was built). So by that reference, we have about 200 years until the American Social Wars…IN SPACE

        • At current Demographics, not that these stats are accurate, the “social wars” as you put it will be fought Amish, who make up the majority of the population vs, everyone else.

          Given how fast our tech base is eroding, it might like a Mad Max though not In Space

        • Your time estimates were fine. I just want a better timeline in terms of events – like the one where R.E. Lee won at Gettysburg.

          • I’m not sure that would have been a better timeline.

            Problem is that the US would have become a satrapy of the English Empire and bled dry to keep the Brits fat and happy.

            If you want a really good timeline, make sure the US never adopted slavery. The problem there is that it might be a very implausible timeline as the US was founded as much for economic reason as “liberty” minded ones.

            In any case, no matter what decisions were made the US would have veered left as technology got more complex and people got more urban This is a basic product of technology itself .If you examine modernity, you won’t find a single non Left Wing developed nation.

            This has to do with what Marxists call alienation from the means of production. It’s a stupid clunky term but it’s quite descriptive. Largely as tech grows , people’s livelihood gets more precarious not from natural aspects which anyone can live with but profoundly inhuman market forces.

            The only way to manage the effects of the excess drive efficiency and to provide stability is State and lots of it.

            You may have to deal with quarterly earnings, I have to have steady income for 18 years minimum and the expectation that my offspring will have the same.

            In the past failing this could result in a revolution , these days it just results in nearly 50 years below replacement fertility and societal death as its rootless money grubbing psychopathic leaders import replacements

            This is not a new problem, back when the West was actually Conservative, pre Protestant “reformation” the Church and State later the Guild theoretically at odds worked to maintain a stable economic system.

            This was disrupted by the Black Death , caused by trade basically and damaged further by the religious shift

            It got bad enough that “give us back our 40 like we had in days off old” was a common protest slogan a hundred plus years ago.

            If the Dissident Right is to make something better they are going to have to deal with Late Stage Capitalism in some fashion. Not the cack brained way the Left does with Socialism or Yang Bucks but with a widespread regulatory package that makes sure that people can be decently sure that if they do their part, they’ll have work and income for the duration.

            Otherwise the only people having kids are religiously driven , ones that oten can’t sustain fertility of the Amish who have land and a means of income for life.

            Now it won’t be easy, most of what needs to be done at every level is illiberal but it’s the only way. A society focused on quarterly profits by maximizing efficiency and shareholder value cannot have kids in modernity nor can one bled dry by redistribution to out-groups.

          • That’s always been my dilemma with the Civil War. It’s almost inevitable that we’d have Balkanized and been sucked into the Great Game by the Brits and others – Irish polities being anti-British (maybe tilting to Germany), the South being a British satrapy, etc…

            The better timeline would be the one where Northern abolitionists and shekel-grubbers aren’t permitted to fragment the country over their peculiar obsessions. The worst tragedy of the Civil War was forcing it to happen in the first place.

          • A nation founded largely to avoid taxes isn’t going to be able to avoid money grubbing.

            The North wanted to exploit the South and by God they were going to do it. They even had a nice moral pretext all wrapped up with a bow.

            Our dissolution IMO was baked in the cake.

    • You can’t compare the timeline of the Roman Republic – to things today because of the speed of communication.

      Comparing the timeline of collapse and political change to the WW1 thru WW2 era in Germany is probably more appropriate, especially because a lot of the same things that made the Weimar Republic into a debauched mess – and hence laid the foundation for the support of the National Socialists – also exist in FUSA.

      The Weimar Republic only lasted 15 years.

    • Rome is a bad comparison. Rome wasn’t suffering a demographic and cultural death, they weren’t being controlled by gays, trannies and blue haired females intent on suicide.

      Our problem is that most whites don’t give a flying fuck and won’t do anything even when they are kicked in the teeth. Whites
      have literally rolled over and died. They let a bunch of cross dressers, bung hole artists, soy boys, land whales and screaming blacks take over this nation.

      And they are terrified of them.

  22. A temporary suspension of elections will slowly become permanent

    I suspect they will still keep up meaningless elections, just to give things a veneer of legitimacy, and justify crackdowns (“What, you’re against democracy? Off to jail with you!”)

    Kind of like what we have now, to be honest.

    • That would also be my guess. If you control the counting, let the peasants vote themselves into oblivion.

  23. I’m not sure the cause of the aging of the political class. Is the world perhaps becoming so complex, so specialized that it takes people longer to reach mastery, to understand everything well enough to lead, in the same way young people now supposedly need four years of college to tackle the world? Maybe IQs are really decreasing, and our younger generations simply are unable to foot anyone capable of competing with our parents’ generations.

    I believe it has to do with the failure and breakdown of our educational and institutional systems. We are giving young people a fake worldview, fake standards, and soft inability to compete. Ostensibly, it’s done to hobble white males in the face of the hoards, but at a deeper level it’s to protect the class at the top from competition. Imho an analogy might be made with the bolesheviks—all the useful idiots really thought they were fighting for some “better world,” that would sprout when the old elite were destroyed.

  24. Don’t forget Steyer, he’s already bombarding CA with ads attacking Trump and saying he’s the only candidate that can go toe to toe with him.

    And oh don’t expect your political class to manage anything very well. Take a look at CA and what’s happening to it’s cities that are regressing to something seen in Scf-fi movies. That’s your political class in action. Seattle is in the same boat. Those people are basically gutless, coastal dwelling cosmopolitans. They don’t have a clue.

    Our future is Juarez replete with cartels. The LA Sheriffs already has gangs within their ranks. Vagos, etc. And think it’s okay to openly recruit gang members. Imagine what the LA sheriffs will look like in a decade.

    That said If the political class goes all the way with a dictatorship, it will unravel fast and hard. They are not up to it.

    • Steyer. What a joke.

      California is getting what is coming to it. The rich guys on the coast will be living behind barricaded walls, and only venturing out of them with black Suburbans full of bodyguards, like some sort of Mexican cartel leaders. The rest of us will be living either inland or somewhere else entirely.

      • Our Guys are aiming to be the cartels that operate in the countryside while they hunker in their cities surrounding by favelas of house-slaves and welfare orcs. James Polk is shaking his head – we’ve managed to turn California into Mexico after all.

      • The scary thing is California (as well as the rest of the country) will be increasingly looking to property taxes to keep the whole mess going, since income tax and sales tax revenues country-wide have been steadily heading downward thanks to open borders, hordes of cheap labor and the accompanying low wages. So whoever it was on this blog that recently noted that Prop 13 will be disposed of is probably right on the money. The wall on the border may be built after all — though to keep the white property-owning people in, rather than to prevent low-IQ welfare-seeking people from entering. Tax cattle.

        Tom Stye does not have that certain je ne sais quoi quality to win, though environmental and other iron libtard troops will gladly take his money.

      • Yeah Steyer is a joke, another bitter self-righteous bitter scold like Bloomberg.

        That said, the point is, CA is what the rest of the U.S. will be like given enough time. You can’t run from this. Those whites relocating to MT and WY just bought themselves some time and eventually those states will be pozzed up the wazoo like CA when the liberal whites move in. Just like they are doing in Idaho and make the place safe for criminals to thrive in.

        Seriously unless Heritage whites get mean with this liberal scum and drive them off, those Lefties will end up poisoning whatever community they are in. They are much more the enemy than some wetback.

        If the rich think they can continue on merely by increasing their security budget are full of it. Even in Mexico the rich live precarious lives and hope they don’t come to the attention of the cartels who now are better organized than the military.

  25. Voters tend to cluster around a winner, even if the winner is not their first choice.

    Not to go OT but this is a common human behavior and is what in other contexts is known as ‘preselection’ or ppl who obsess over brands and not utility value.

    And frankly it is our main problem I think. We still sound too much like angry losers and not ‘the coming wave of the future.’ Changing that is easier said than done. But changing the subtone may be key to starting to hand out red pills by the bucket.

  26. I’m glad you say we the commons aren’t reflective of the elites. True.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and speculate that if Jared makes progress on building the wall we’ll have more DC drama, maybe even Impeach-O-Rama 2 (4 actually).

    Finally Sir the political class is done but I doubt authoritarian rule can take root in America. Not the country itself. That’s like invading Russia. Too big, too stubborn.

  27. I’m Scotch-Irish and therefore stubborn, but not stupid. I hereby eat my crow and acknowledge that Kamala Harris blew it. I thought being blackish and female would give her campaign sufficient traction to hold in the 10%-20% range until S. Carolina, but it’s not to be. I managed to back the one person in America who is less adept at retail politics than myself.

    Biden is out. Hunter Biden may have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by leaning on the State Department to drop investigations into Burisma. The US government may well sweep Biden’s Ukraine corruption under the rug, but the Ukraine government has to answer to Trump and will not sweep this under the rug. It’s entirely possible that Hunter Biden will be indicted in the Ukraine for his role in the $7.5BB money laundering scheme. Joe Biden probably has diplomatic immunity and cannot be indicted in the Ukraine, but the next year will bring a constant drumbeat of announcements from Ukraine,and Joe Biden’s name will be in most of them. He’s toast.

    I think the Zman called it and it will be Warren v. Trump in the general. My read on (((Bloomberg))) is that he’s running to make it clear to the party that he’ll play the role of spoiler if they nominate Warren or Sanders. Bloomberg is nominally a Democrat, but intrinsically he’s a Plutocrat. Trump doesn’t threaten his wealth. Maybe the Democrats will elevate Buttgay to placate Bloomberg.

    • Thought the same but for the observation of a colleague that had to deal with while AG. His observation was she combined mean, dumb and entitled in a very unappetizing mix. Mystery meat status was insufficient to save her from her own mouth.

      • I failed to account for simple personality. On closer more lengthy observation, she’s the least likeable person running in 2020 with the possible exceptions of Castro and Klobuchar.

        • And just wait until she lets the Kamala porn tape leak out, when she is out of office and can no longer sell influence.

          Course, porn for the blind is a limited market….

    • Turns out her strategy of sleeping her way to top is too inefficient in a nation with 150 million men. But hey she gave it a good college try. A much-used cooze.

      • She has not aged well, either. She was a 7 for a black chick in her youth only because Fat-quisha is the baseline. With the exception of Coconut Mami, I can’t see snuggling with any of these broads even for power and money.

        Gillibrand 20 years ago if I was super-drunk? Can’t remember her well enough to say for sure. A month is a long time to remember a pantsuit so empty.

    • The problem really isn’t Kamala or Warren. Both have made easily refutable claims on all sorts of subjects. Clearly, the majority of voters in their districts don’t give a sh*t about what’s true. They’re either cognitively impaired or mercenary. That doesn’t prevent their constituencies from casting a vote.

  28. The big worry of course is that it’s possible the demographic knell has already permanently knolled: IOW it’s entirely possible that in 2020 Trump could run a perfect campaign with a fully energized base and 100 percent turnout, and the Dems could run the rotting corpse of Charles Manson, and Manson would still win simply due to the crushing power of math.

    For every year Trump has been president, about a million White boomers have died off (hooray!), but at the same time another million invading foreign monkeymen have become legal Fake Americans, who will pretty much reliably vote Dem down to each individual monkey. Trump barely squeaked by last time. Add in Jewish censorship of the Right on ALL media and Internet platforms, massive vote fraud, and nonstop Jewish media propaganda, fake news, and kangaroo courts, and it may well be Trump is cooked no matter what he does, or how daffy his opponent is.

    At that point, White Americans (viz., the only actual legitimate Americans) will finally realize, far too late, that their Jewish masters have lied all along, that Diversity was never a strength but a concealed weapon, that the invasion and conquest of America by the Jews and their foreign mercenaries is now complete. (“By deception shall you make war” — motto of Mossad). And that Whites are now permanently outvoted and outnumbered, and that their fate is to be a permanent serf underclass, a blood-bag for the Jews to suck, and a perennial source of rape victims to pacify the African rape-ape wing of the Coalition.

    That is when Whites will finally understand that their situation is and will be forever intolerable; Partition will finally start to be discussed in public as a serious option, the Jewish crackdown on that topic will be militarized and ultraviolent, (viz. anyone who rationally talks Partition will be a “White terrorist” and things will get all 1917 all over again.

    • Which reminds me, the above ties in to one further point from yesterday’s post, regarding the Tribe’s nonstop obsession with demonizing (and preferably destroying) Russia…

      7. Once the White population dips from a simple minority to a fully-depleted helpless minority, the Jewish soft genocide (of immigration, dilution, mongrelization, economic and cultural degradation of Whites, and nonstop reduction in White fertility and White family formation) will shift to overt hard, violent genocide, gulags and all — using the new Military of Color as its troops, and African rape-apes as its gleeful shock troops. The Jews want to marginalize Russia because they want to make absolutely certain that when White Genocide 2.0 kicks in openly, a foreign nuclear-armed White Christian nation will not intervene with nuclear blackmail to end the murderous persecution of fellow Whites. The Jews want all their bases covered. They want all White Christians dead, and they want it permanent, no backsies.

      • Yes. Part of our task is to outlast them while their own demography and Izrul’s worsening situation (see my comment above) takes its own toll. We can play a numbers game with the tiny Tribe if we play it right.

      • Not every decline is the fall of Rome.
        In fact that’s rare.
        More normal is to decline then rise again- and this is our first decline.
        It looks like the end if you’ve never seen war and think it’s the apocalypse. It isn’t.
        War from time to time is as natural as hurricanes. People survive, rebuild. The outcome of war is will, chance and the odds. The odds favor us. Overwhelmingly. Our will is rising. Take heart and stand to your duty. In a way your blessed-because the Great Decline is over – one way or another. You will NOT suffer the shame of the Boomers- more likely and odds favor the glory of Victory and saving our country.

        Now just imagine young boys looking at you with respect, with awe. That is your most likely future.
        You and your friends saved America.

        This much is true- it won’t be given to you. Nothing worthwhile is given in life – it’s earned.

      • “we fight and win”

        In 1913, the Jews hijacked the American dollar — they literally stole the money supply right out from under the American people… and White Americans did not fight.

        In 1916 and again in 1941, Americans were shanghaied into fighting foreign wars, sending their sons to die by the hundreds of thousands, for blatantly Jewish interests… and Whites rolled over and did not fight back.

        In the 1950s, Whites were forced, at US Army bayonet point, to send their children to school with African rape-apes, as part of a Jewish scheme to destroy the educational opportunities of White children… and Whites did not fight, again they rolled over and took it.

        In the 1960s, the rape-apes burned American cities to the ground, engaged in violent ethnic cleansing of Whites from communities which they had built, and negroes went on a non-stop rape and murder rampage against Whites which continues to this day… and Whites did not fight, they ran away to the suburbs.

        In 2000, America had invented the Internet, was at peace with the world, and had a balanced budget and a peace dividend. But in just a few years, Jews using the stooge Bush plunged America into endless pointless wars for Jewish interests, constructed a police state, flooded the nation with tidal waves of legal and illegal monkeymen, hollowed out American industry and plunged America into $20 trillion plus of Jewish debt, the combined efforts essentially dealing a mortal blow to the Republic… and Whites did not fight, they blathered on about Freedom Fries, meekly went to war, and meekly obeyed their Jewish masters, like the dogs they had been conditioned to become.

        That’s fully 100 years of nonstop rolling over. I’m waiting to see this Spirit of 76 you’re so confident of.

    • If you accept that the demographic knell has knolled and that whites will decline to a minority population in the former USA, as most of us here do, then your choices are reduced to dissolution or fostering a new politics.

      Dissolution is not going to happen in the lifetime of anyone reading this blog. There are no serious challengers to the US Dollar as the global reserve currency, just as there are no serious challengers to the US military as the global military power. As long as the US Dollar remains the reserve currency the US can continue to run deficits to finance the existing global order. We’ll all be long dead before the existing global order collapses.

      The blunt political demographic reality of the future in the US is that whites are going to have to learn how to foster political coalitions largely along racial lines, rather than ideological lines as we’ve done in the past. The (((masters))) of the Democrat party have already played their hand by assembling what Steve Sailer refers to as the Coalition of the Fringes united by a hatred of whites, and especially white men. One of the many issues of this coalition is that it offers only what Zman would refer to as a negative identity. “I vote Democrat because I hate white men” only carries you so far in life.

      The most likely counter-coalition is going to be a Republican party of whites and Asians (including Indians) and some Hispanics of European descent. Let the Jews who dominate the Democratic party have the blacks and Mestizos that comprise the underclass.

      It’s true that Asians and Indians are currently trending toward the Democrat party, but you can see cracks in the foundation as they become victims of affirmative action policies in university admissions and employment to the benefit of less-deserving blacks and Hispanics (and even whites). Moreover, Asians and Indians are largely comfortable in their own skin (no pun intended) and are accustomed to the transactional nature of race-based coalitions in politics. There is plenty of room to build a natural transactional political coalition between these peoples based on mutual interests.

      I expect this idea to meet significant resistance here, but before you write it off, consider that this coalition would likely flip California (California!) from Blue to Red. Further, it will force a political realignment that will flip many of the Purple states back into the Red column.

      Release the rhetorical hounds…

      • Guest;
        Yeah, ‘Coalition of the Fringes’ = reverse ‘Divide and Rule’. It *is* an odd choice of a domestic political strategy on the face of it. Divide and Rule has been around for literally 5,000 years or so. And it’s been effective to some degree or other for almost all of those years. So why shouldn’t we play Divide and Rule back at our enemies_?

        It’s baffling why ‘Coalition of the Fringes’ works here and now. Likewise Clinton’s ‘Foreign Policy as Social Work’ strategy (aka Reverse Imperialism) is at least as baffling. Under classic Imperialism you use your military power to intercept other elites’ cash flows. Under Clintonism you use your military power to intercept other elites’ welfare case load. WTF_?!

        The mystery is why this ‘works’ *at all*. The obvious counter is to send the welfare caseload back….

      • Your are delusional if you genuinely believe that subcontinentals and Han will legitimately join Whites (let alone believing that would be a good thing). Sure, the Han don’t like the affirmative action limiting their access to the Ivies (boo bloody hoo), but they still vote 75% dem for the gibs. About 60% of them are paper Americans and most of the rest are first generation pseudo Americans. They do not identify with the historic American nation and any patriotism they have is for their historic homeland – which ain’t the US. You seem to be envisioning a coalition of the aggrieved vs. the grievous. I neither anticipate nor want that.

        • I did not say anyone was “joining” anyone else. I said there was an opportunity to form a natural transactional political coalition between these peoples based on mutual interests. Big difference.

    • The time to start laying the foundtion for partition is now (frankly yesterday, but let’s not wait any longer). Let’s get this rolling while we still have the numbers.

    • The number of deaths per day in the US is about 7500. That’s closer to 3 million per year, at least two-thirds of whom would be boomers. That’s a lot of lost votes, mostly for what is nominally our side.

      I’m one, born in the middle of the cohort, and I have the opportunity to go to several funerals (yes) and ‘celebrations of life’ (no thanks) every month. Three in the past week.

  29. “Tulsi Gabbard is the only minor candidate showing any support, which bears watching.”

    Zman, what would it take for someone like Tulsi to become the nominee? Certain well established progressive factions would be royally pissed if she was handed that mantle. Operating on a shoestring budget compared to the older hands. On the campaign stump she seems more like a one-issue candidate than someone with a realistic shot.

      • Yang’s message was still basically “more free shit”

        Coming up with new words to describe the same old tired ideas – is not a very intriguing message for people who can recognize the scam.

        • There’s a very important discussion that needs to be had about automation, but I wouldn’t expect a particular generation to understand that…

          • Automation of a form – has been around for a LONG time. Why don’t you try looking at how many people work on farms currently – vs. how many worked on farms in say 1850.

            Pushing 90% of the people employed on farms out of their jobs – didn’t justify “universal income” then – so you had better come up with a better argument than just screaming about “automation!!”.

            Repeat for emphasis: this is just a bunch of new language being used to try and justify the same old tired commie argument for free shit.

            I wouldn’t expect people of a certain generation to understand that.

      • The Bag/MMT was the important part to me. I always saw automation as a Trojan Horse topic to smuggle those into Fortress Capitalism’s discussion bubble. Too bad Yang either didn’t see it that way himself or was otherwise neutralized by the usual suspects. Pre-Boomer Death, I think the Left is where we have to look for the next real disruptor.

      • “Yang petered out”

        You’re using a slang word for penis to describe the failure of an Asian man? Seriously? Why not go the whole 4 yards (scale re-normed for ethnicity) and say that his campaign was not only small, but mostly flaccid, and that he was pathetically unable to penetrate the top tier.


        • Things just didn’t pan out, and he didn’t have the eggs. When the polls were in, there was NOWAG. He zipped on a banana peel.

        • Why not go the whole 4 yards (scale re-normed for ethnicity)

          Sometimes this place is pretty solid comedy lol

        • Exile, Dutch, bile, MyS: Thanks, guys. Your comments and contributions have helped me to see Andrew Yang with fresh perspective. Puts a new slant on things, er, so to speak

    • From my experience in leftist campaign-watching it seems that Yang is more viable than Tulsi. Yang is supported by younger white nerds & dorks, and has an actual base. Tulsi is only supported by the ever-shrinking anti-war left, and other embittered lefties who still think it’s 2004.

    • It would take the disestablishment of institutional Jewish power in American politics along with the nationalization of the wealth of most of the 1% donor class. She knows this and seems to be running a pretty admirable protest candidacy with an eye on the future.

  30. >>> Of course, what this suggests is the Democrats have no political talent in their ranks, which is why they have a field full of weirdos. <<<

    And because of demographics, this doesn’t matter.

    • This is the last election that the Dems feel the need to pander to the larger country, which is why they have Biden and Warren as their main candidates. The Dems are using these Boomers because the younger field of candidates truly has nothing in common with heritage America so might lose this election.

      By 2024, the fix should be in. Texas or Florida (plus NC or Georgia or Arizona) will flip blue and the Dems can run whomever they wish. This really is the last heritage American election. The new political age for the new America starts over the next decade.

      • “The new political age for the new America…”

        I think you meant to say “for the Non-America”, because America no longer exists, the fact that we are having these discussions already proves that.

        • Oh yeah, Heritage America (1600 to 1965) is done. The momentum of the previous generations will carry us to the mid 2020s, but we’ll start to see real cracks over the next decade or two. Of course, whites of those years will never know what Heritage America looked like – or felt like – nor will they be told by the media, so it won’t be missed.

          But Non-America will be a new country with new politics, culture and leaders. Jews and their white lapdogs think that they can ride this tiger. I have my doubts.

      • I agree. But I’m still thinking they won’t bank on the electoral college … watch for a concerted effort to elect POTUS by popular vote.

        • The Democrats won’t hesitate to throw out all election laws in order to keep power hereafter. Moving goalposts, meaningless laws, etc. I wish Trump would be a strong man in these ways but he’s so determined trying to keep the traditions that he’s too nice to do so. He’s wanting to restore things, if we interpret his actions in the most charitable way. Meanwhile, Dems/Deep State will do whatever it takes to re-take power and will throw out any laws that get in their way to do it. And they’ll unhesitatingly changes laws to keep themselves in power.

    • Get ready for a verbal assault from María Martínez as what passes for public discourse from Congress, say, round the year 2050.

    • There’s no way the coalition of weirdos the left has put together will ever be able to run the country for any appreciable amount of time. If they gain actual power – it will be a VERY short turnover into whatever comes next.

      Weimar Republic -> Nazism seems like one of the best historical rhymes I can find to what I figure probably comes next.

      • Get rid of Whitey and they’ll turn on one another for dominance. Already see that at the local level – Hispanics vs. Blacks in Compton, California.

        Blacks regard the Democratic Party as “their” party. I don’t know how many realize that Hispanics and Asians despise them.

  31. If things play out in this fashion in the near-mid term, the suspension of elections will likely be tied to one of our evergreen foreign conflicts – Russia, China or Iran.

    Plan B – wag-the-dog demestic terror threat, 90% astroturfed.

    Plan A is tough for them to execute because even normie Americans are increasingly anti-war. Wiser, more patient (((subversives))) would have pulled us out of Afghanistan and Iraq long before now to let the war-weariness subside.

    But Israel is racing against time in terms of internal demographics and its external geopolitical threats. American Jews are facing their own demographic reckoning as their kids are out-marrying at a terminal rate at the same time more goyim are noticing and increasingly resenting their influence.

    If they are forced to opt for Plan B or otherwise openly suspend the Constitution without having Lincoln’s war-excuse to hide behind, while the Boomers or even Xers are still around, this could be their unravelling on a much shorter timeline than I usually predict.

    And we’re talking about a group who for all their smarts find it very hard to let events play out without over-controlling, very hard to avoid overreacting to perceived threats and very hard to let go of what they feel to be theirs.

    Tick-tock, Tribe.

    The task for us in this scenario is to resist any call to arms as a nation. If they’re given a war to fight, they’ll turn it into War with Eastasia – they really have no options left. Peace-pill every normie you can while dropping red pills to the select few. Letting the normies know we’re the only legitimate peace party also has its own upside.

    • Look, the leftists conjure “Hitler” when discussing Trump – and have no idea what a modern Night of the Long Knives would mean to them. Trump is actually too nice, no Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, in the man.

  32. Well, it’s tough for the Dems to find a candidate that gets support from all of its various disparate segments. Obama got special points for being the first black, but as we saw with Harris and Booker, that Get-Out-of-Jail free card might only work once. White women want their turn. Hispanics don’t care. Jews noticed that blacks don’t seem to care much about Israel. Etc.

    For the GOP, they, of course, have the problem that party leaders don’t actually want what their voters wants. As that becomes more and more obvious – and as they continue to lose demographic ground – GOP voters are wondering just why they’re GOP voters.

    One party is a shaky coalition. The other party is fake. Tough to field candidates in those situations.

    • Maybe the powers that be will see that in order to hold together the People-of-Color coalition, they will need to have an enemy. That would be White Men. The Dems have the will, the intolerance and the self-righteousness to label White Men the enemy. There are laws already on the books waiting to be activated that crush those who the establishment identifies as Domestic Terrorists. Republicans will stand by and watch.

      • That sure seems to be what they are attempting to do (make the white man the enemy).

        I actually sort of hope that is their strategy.

        Somewhere in my reading travels – I recall reading an account of how leftist radicals convert people over to their side, especially young impressionable newbies to the cause. Let’s say there’s going to be a protest. The old hands know the police are going to show up and crack heads. The experienced oldsters don’t want their heads cracked, plus they need to pound home the bullshit they’ve been filling the youngster’s heads with. So all of the new to the cause (usually college) kids – are stuck up on the front rows of the protest horde. When the police show up – all the newbies are getting their heads cracked, sucking up tear gas – etc. After that – they either end up with a bunch of new radical believers – or they wash out the non-committed.

        So you see – the more the POC starts screaming about how the white man is the enemy , the closer they push us towards cohesion and to making white men ally with their brothers.

        So I say go ahead: we ought to encourage the malignment of white men as the enemy. That will clearly set the lines – and once the heads start crackin’ – we’ll find a bunch of new allies.

        • Amen, though I do hope Trump is re-elected for another 4 years so more white people have time to wake up, because the Kool-Aid is strong and the intoxication deep. But in the event he’s not, from your lips to God’s ears!

      • The Coalition of the Fringes hates all Whites.

        First, they’ll take down the White men, then White women and finally the Gays (here’s looking at you Mayor B). The liberals think that they’ll be spared, but they won’t. They’ll go down, too. Might as well go down fighting.

        • Any white people who own property and have savings will be targeted. ‘The State’ will need it to sustain the brown/black state. Also, forget Social Security. I imagine our plans for our hard-earned Social Security will be crushed, perhaps under something called neo-patriotism or something like that. Does anyone here 55 or under think we’re going to get our Social Security money? I can’t imagine that juicy pot of money will not get raided and strongly suspect I’ll never see these monies earned starting in high school, then in college, and then for 25+ years in the private sector. Does not compute with a corrupt state. Isn’t it in denial to count on receiving Social Security? Any hope there?

    • We would be better off if the GOP simply imploded. They are very much like the old Free Democrats of Germany back 40 years ago. Essentially a bunch of liberal business people. And now an irrelevant party.

  33. Bloomberg showed as NYC mayor there’s no aspect of life too petty that he isn’t willing to micromanage “on behalf” of the individual in the name of “public health”, “political correctness”, or whatever. He could just well be the insane dictator everyone feared Trump would be.

    On the other hand, would an insane dictator, who just blew a huge chunk of his personal fortune getting elected, be more willing to stand up to the deep state or to the US military establishment? Who knows. But the Booby doesn’t want to find out. Bloomberg would be actually crazy enough to try to, say, seize guns in the name of “public health” (and enjoy the rabid support of the media while doing it) or commit to any other progressive demand that would unleash the power of the state upon its citizens.

    He’s perhaps the least crazy of the candidates, but ironically the only one with the stones to impose the left’s agenda upon the populace.

    • He can never point to any actual benefit from his policies, though. Can he? (Unless you count the black market takeover from legit taxpaying businesses as a positive.)

    • I think you’re giving Bloomberg too much benefit of doubt. He is ‘lawful evil’ (is Trump chaotic neutral then?) and is also an oligarch. Him running the show would be like the Pharisees. It would be insane talmudist law which in practice amounts to those allied with him benefit at the expense of everyone else. Anything progressive he says is a virtue signal for the purpose of maintaining appearances while we have an outwardly demotic system of government.

      He didn’t become an oligarch by actually practicing what he preaches, for himself that is.

      • The Booby’s not giving Bloombergy much benefit of the doubt at all, except that we seem to live in an age where the only chance (however slim) of any elected official actually opposing the deep state is the self-financed billionaire candidate.

        As for Bloomberg…. well, he’s certainly a self-financed billionaire candidate, but he frightens the Booby, probably even more than any plain vanilla Democrat nut job..

        • I worked the in the field in NYC spanning the Dinkins – Giuliani – Doomberg era. Not cushy office job, around the boroughs. Doomberg ran on pushing Rudy out of office out of 9-11 on “principle” – term limits and all. Then had his rubber stamp City Council conveniently do away with those pesky things so he could spend some time playing “Hizzoner” between weekends jetting to his secret Caribbean hideout.

          Yes, we remember how he took Plaxico Burress, just off being a Super Bowl Hero – and put him in stir to make an example of the athlete that did not harm anyone except himself – with a personal firearm purchased legally in Florida and licensed there … without reference to the fact that athletes had a real fear of kidnap for them and theirs – NOPE – Doomberg had to send his “gun control” message and put this black man in prison, bragging about it in his gay ass lisp.

          There are plenty of NYers that will ENJOY helping this phony bankster go down in flames – looong memories Little Mike.

  34. With Bloomberg in the race, how many homos does that make now? I see Michigan Democrats are souring on the whole sideshow of candidates.

    And on the other side I hear Kushner is appointed to some position to manage the wall. Hmmm.

  35. “The next step down is some form of authoritarian rule that manages the decline a bit better than the chaos of democracy.” Basically, one-party California today: blackouts, vagrants (“homeless”), housing shortage, fires, potholes, bad schools, unfunded public pensions, the middle class almost extinct, exodus.

  36. “If Buttigieg is the future of democratic politics, democracy is on life support.”

    How so? He speaks multiple languages, is highly educated, is a a combat veteran, and many people seem to think he is a nice guy.

    Also, there are many young non-whites that are leading the party. People follow and admire Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    All in all, the average age on non-whites is 27; the average age of whites is 58. The writing is on the wall.

    I think you should read more left wing publications and talk to more liberal/progressive people. There is no real internal strife among the democrats. Disagreement, yes, but at the end of the day they all respect and like one another.

    • “Combat Veteran”? I don’t think even Buttplug exaggerates that much. He was a Reserve Naval Intelligence Officer – a fobbitt who never left the base.

      • My lib friends insist he was a Navy Seal. I doubt Mayor Pete would even make a suitable meal for an actual Seal.

        • “My lib friends insist [Buttigieg] was a Navy Seal.”

          This is probably due to confusion of terms, specifically a conflation of the literal with the metaphorical.

          Navy SEALS are specialized in marine and littoral warfare, often with missions that involve clandestine entry into metaphorical shitholes. Mayor Pete is apparently versed in entry into literal ….

          Well, you get the idea.

      • He was/is a CIA spook, non combatant LARPING as Audie Murphy but more Chelsea Manning.

        Please with this. He got voted in as mayor of his failed city by about the same number of votes my mother got to be county dog warden.

        This foof is “someone’s: candidate.

    • Many people in the USA sure do follow and admire Omar and AOC. And that’s one of many reasons this isn’t going to end well.

      • Please, fake mu-sleem Omar can’t remember who she fucked last week. Same goes for the wall-hitter with the Shiff eyes. Why do the crazies have the Schiff eyes? God has a sense of humor.

    • He’s is not a combat veteran, he was merely a perfumed chauffeur for some other guys in military intelligence. Which is about as low as you can get.

      Non-whites in general support other non-whites. They will not support a freak like butt plug. Blacks won’t and neither will Hispanics. Sure he’s a hit with upper class white progressives and boozed up feminists but that’s it.

      • I wonder what the blacks would do if it’s Trump vs. Buttplug. They always vote Democrat no matter what but they definitely don’t like homos. And Trump is rich and tacky, talks shit, and has hooked up with numerous hot women. I’m probably wrong but how can the blacks not vote for this guy over a homo?

        • Trump’s popularity among black and Hispanic men has increased significantly. Among black women? Not so much.
          Blacks people might not vote for Trump, but they definitely won’t vote for Pete. They might just sit this one out in large numbers.

    • Omar will be in the dock within months. She is a Qatari agent. Not sure if you’ve been following these developments, but it’s coming. Somebody over in the Levant has told Langley that she’s a liability, which means…she is a liability as far as the American public is concerned.

      Go ahead and take a peek at the news, if you wish.

      Also, re: that age gap. Nothing like a war to even out those numbers. The 58-year-olds won’t be doing the fighting. World War I did a nice demographic stitch-up of European youth. Having a few decades on the old folks isn’t a guaranteed win — in fact, sometimes it’s the worst position of all.

      I think the geezers will win this one. We’ll sit back and let ’em all carve each other up. They’re sure as hell angry enough to do it.

      • Not sure I completely believe it – but I keep hearing that “modern warfare has changed”.

        And if that is true – 58 year olds can push buttons just as well as a 25 year old. And most of those POC 25 year olds don’t have the brain power to come up with the weapons that get deployed thru the push of a button.

        So yeah – there might be more factors at play than people realize in regards to evening out those numbers.

        Whites are STILL a majority in this country as well, especially once you consider the fact that the POC – as much as they try to advertise it as such – is not a monolith.

        The blacks hate the whites , and the hispanics, and the orientals. A lot of the hispanics , especially the ones who have been here for a while – don’t like the blacks or the recently arrived hispanics. The orientals (Chinese mostly) didn’t come here to live in a black and Mexican run ghetto – and it’s highly likely they won’t put up with it if it starts looking like that is how the wind is blowing. So it’s very likely they throw down with the whites.

        Once everybody pulls their heads out of their asses and realizes that the Jews have been screwing with things behind the scenes – there’s a high likelihood they can (re)assume their historical role as the serves all purposes punching bag.

        Anybody who says the coming festivities are going to be a pure “POC” vs white affair – isn’t paying much attention.

        The only time the POC hangs together – is when they’re getting free shit. Once whitey pulls his head out of his butt and gets good and sick and tired of being a tax mule – that will end.

        And so will of this “POC all get along” bullshit.

      • Just a sidebar, but my 5x grandfather was 57 and an old F&I veteran when he led his militia company through the Saratoga campaign…fought from ’75 to ’79. Sometimes us old codgers are tougher than you think.

      • Don’t get too hung up on pure numbers. In the 1750s, when Britain conquered India our population was 7.5m. There are no exact numbers for India’s population at the time but estimates are over 100m.

    • The writing is on the wall.

      OK, you got this part correct. The premise of your post – that we’re NOT on life support – is patently absurd. But you’re right to point out that there’s ever greater decline in our immediate future.

      And Buttigieg the combat warrior? Ummm, no.

      Could you do another patently absurd post on the post-Trump Republicans? That would be very helpful in further illuminating our imminent decline.

    • This is tiny duck, our resident under the bridge leftie troll. Respond if you wish, but don’t waste a lot of time on him.

    • I admire Coom’s finding of the deep dark musings of Z-Man, and here’s hoping he reads enough of our side’s people to escape whatever plantation he’s on.

    • “There is no real internal strife among the democrats.” True enough. They all do want the same thing, ultimately.

    • For those reading, not for Tiny’s edification – they’re deeply divided and the divisions can’t heal.

      Non-Whites v. Beckys & Bugmen, Beckys v. Bugmen, Numericans not down with butt-stuff v. Butt-Stuffers, TERF’s v. trannies, Old Busted Legacy Victim Blacks v. New Hotness Victim Aliens, Asians of all stripes on the grift (bet on Team India FTW), etc…

      And some of them are even Noticing who pretends to be on-side Arch-Vicims even though they’re the Whitest-presenting most privileged non-Whites on Earth.

    • Join the discussion…I think it’s time for people here to take Z’s advice when confronted with this type of bilge. Just laugh at it and move on to something saner.

  37. A temporary suspension of elections will slowly become permanent, as order is restored.

    At least that would be more honest

      • Maybe not as drastic as leaving but certainly ignoring federal laws. Look at marijuana and sanctuary cities. Of course, those are liberal causes so the feds haven’t pushed back. But what happens if a red state starts passing immigration laws or just strongly enforcing current laws? What if a red state refuses to enforce a federal anti-gun law?

        Will the feds send in the national guard? And do what. Arrest the governor, arrest police officers. Could be interesting.

        • The Bundy group, despite numbering just a few hundred (IIRC) managed to make the Feds step down. It would seem that groups of serious white men do terrify the ptb. By serious, I mean organized, armed, intelligent, and willing to die. Not some hooligans, or overweight boomers talking tough at the range.

          • That was one. Imagine what 100 such uprisings would do. Things are much more volatile now than they were a handful of years ago.

            Our rulers have tech corrals but very little loyalty. Regional reorganization will probably become a big part of the decay.

            If you’re in places like NYC, LA, etc…it would be wise to at least have some sort of exit plan.

          • “If you’re in places like NYC,……it would be wise to at least have some sort of exit plan.”

            Can I stay at your place??

          • If I knew you in advance and we had something in place for you then yea you could…That’s why I stress to be building Communities with others ..

        • Sending in the National Guard assumes the National Guardsmen show up when the federal orders come down – then obey the Feds instead of their state government. I am doubtful of that happening if federal elections aren’t happening.

        • That is what I was thinking about the other day. You move to a very red state, buy the property, and then start asking yourself about the threat coming from DC when it is controlled by whack job blue people. Trump found a way to punish Blue states by taking away their SALT. So, what does the next president do to red states to punish them? They already know and have plans, and that will be rubber meeting the road, crunch time, for the red local politicians. It has to be a big, “GFY. Remember how you told ICE to stay out, and how you defied federal immigration law? We aren’t playing along.”

          • One of the games that red states could play – probably to great effectiveness, is to just “deport” or push out all of the illegals and “refugeess” that the FedGov has refused to do anything about.

            If a red state is bordered by a blue state – dumping them there would stir up some real political shit.

            “We voted and said we didn’t want them, you voted otherwise – so now they’re yours. Actions have consequences”

          • Problem is the “Big Ag” red states want cheap illegal labor as much as the Dems want the votes. The farmer that employed the alleged murderer of Mollie Tibbets was big in (R) politics.

          • All of the illegals clogging up many major cities – aren’t picking fruit.

            The Somalians and Ugandans and Congolese “refugees” getting shipped up to Portland Maine – aren’t working in the agricultural sector.

            It might be true that certain segments of industry are looking for illegal labor – but I’d be willing to bet that’s smaller percentage of the overall problem.

            Maybe white people need to come go grips with the fact that their ever-decreasing progeny are going to have to start working when they’re in their teens – instead of spending all of their time studying trying to get into the Ivy League college they’re not going to get into anyway, for the college education – that they probably don’t really need…… and which leaves their brain full of woken mush and obtuse theories of gender fluidity and white male oppression.

            Everybody bitches about the older generations, but when I was a teenager it was very common that teenage kids WORKED. The whole idea that you “studied” full time until you were 22 and out of college was unknown to me in the circles I grew up in (middle class).

            I’ve watched credentialism grow like a Kudzu vine over the years – and consume and subsume everything it touches. Maybe it’s time to just say no, and get back to work ….. ACTUAL WORK.

          • No they’re not. I think I’ve posted this before but one of the Angolan families in Portland (via Cuba and Mexico) said they wanted to pursue working on an oil rig! That’s why they bypassed TX and the shale oil fields of the upper midwest to work on the New England rigs /s. (For those of you in RR, there are no NE oil rigs.)

          • A big factor in why those kids aren’t working is that entry level jobs are now permanently occupied by 50 year old immigrants instead of kids who could use them as a learning experience on their way up the ladder like they used to.

          • Only relative few of California’s illegals are picking fruit.

            First figure I came to was 250,000 farm workers in the Central Valley (which is the bulk of ’em).

            CA has about a quarter of the nation’s illegals, meaning between 3M and 10M, depending who you believe. Let’s say 6M as close enough.

            If we assume illegals are about a quarter to half of CA farm labor (cuz a lot of ’em ARE here legally), that puts the number so employed at 1 to 2 percent of all CA illegals, and the proportion is probably lower elsewhere. Meaning those illegal fruit pickers are at worst a tiny fraction of the problem — probably not even worth enforcing limits on, were other immigration laws enforced.

          • if you had been paying attention, you would have noticed that although swarthy refugees displaced the working teenagers and made them redundant.

          • Excellent point. It’s fun to daydream, but I’m not aware of a single politician (outside of perhaps Kris Kobach, who lost his statewide election) who is genuinely prepared to take action against immigrants, legal or otherwise. People like to talk tough, but let’s be realistic here. Wheelchair gov here in Texas never met a non-White or non-Texan he wouldn’t happily welcome to to Texas, and we’re already full-up with them.

          • Numerous red state based economic interests, particularly agricultural ones, would oppose deportation of illegals. This is a conundrum all potential breakaway states or regions would face.

          • Ag is joining the automation revolution. 5 years from now the demand for illegals is going to drop. Techs that can fix a $5m combine will be what is needed. That won’t be Juan from Bogoata.

          • It’s already happening. Look at the unemployment rate in Fresno, Modesto, and Merced. 50% plus. Machines are picking apples, Grapes, strawberries, stonefruit, and most of the baby greens. Lettuce planting and harvest machines are more and more automatic so fewer employees are required. We don’t need illegal aliens.
            Regionalized production of greens for salads is going to kill the Salinas valley. Large regional greenhouse style (some use artificial lighting) production facilities are popping up all over the country because the product is safer to consume (look at the latest Romaine lettuce contamination with E. Coli scare….again), it’s local, and costs less than the old conventionally grown produce.

          • AG industry cannot move it’s farms to blue states, kick-out the ilegals and pass laws to stop the funding of Blue politicians by Big Ag

          • Pssst. NYC is doing this already. They spent something like $50m to deport illegals to parts unknown last year.

          • Typical moronic liberal whites. Instead of looking at the root problem of their high taxes (blue states transfering their wealth to negroes and aliens), they just ramp up their “Orange Man Bad” chants to 11.

            There is a serious mental problem with some of these people – selected out of the gene pool in previous, selection heavy generations maybe?

          • The whites have the raw goods (brains) but they are being propagandized and pressured 24/7 to believe in going against their own best interests.

          • Meh. We’ve also been propagandized 24/7 but are on the Z blog.

            We should have sympathy for some of our misled brothers and sisters, but the full on anti white people seem to have a terminal mental illness that cannot be cured.

        • One scenario for my longer-term strategy is betting on their unwillingness and/or inability to do so. Rather than openly defying Washington, a few states just start going their own way in certain areas – immigration, guns, free speech, land management, etc… until over a couple of generations, they’re effectively an “autonomous zone” similar to one of these:

          We’d need to maintain a “Sinn Fein” style official political presence in Washington, Finlandize our policies so as not to overly antagonize the Empire (especially re: foreign entanglements) and otherwise follow the well-established trail some of those territories have blazed.

          • Agreed. It’s not outright rebellion. That’s too confrontational. Quietly ignore. If the feds push back really hard, acquiesce as little as possible for as short a time as possible and then go back to what you were doing when they’re not looking anymore.

            This new non-Heritage America fed govt isn’t going to be some paradigm of efficiency. They won’t be able to control hundreds (thousands) of non-compliant communities and states.

          • I wholeheartedly endorse this concept and have used it in my personal and business life multiple times – and been successful with it pretty much every time.

            Some examples:

            A number of years ago – at a startup Co. I worked for one of my work buddies was complaining that people were dumping their work on him, and he just couldn’t keep up. He wasn’t the confrontational type – so he was having a hard time telling them to eff off. I told him the most effective way to deal with those types – is to do the following:

            Let’s say so and so comes to you and asks you to run a report – which is something that everybody knows is so and so’s work. Instead of saying no and potentially getting into an argument with him by telling him no and saying that it’s not your job – just smile and say ” sure – if I have the time I will take care of it”. When he comes back two weeks later looking for the report – which will inevitably be just before some meeting he was supposed to present it at – you can just say “I’m really sorry – I’ve been swamped – I just couldn’t get to it ! “. You just screwed him – and there’s not much he can do about it – because everybody knows it was HIS work to do anyway. He was just trying to dump his work on somebody else. I’ve found in the corporate world there’s a whole population of slackers and manipulators who try to pull this shit – so you’ve got to stay one step ahead.

            The Federal government is the same. The outsource their dirty work – often to the states. If the red side of the aisle can gain control of their states – they could screw the Feds by just simply refusing to do their dirty work for them. I remember reading somewhere that Federal agents knew damn well they were completely and totally unwelcome in certain parts of Idaho after the Randy Weaver incident. Make that sentiment permanent. And make sure it involves money. The Feds will shut off their Federal money spigot – well tell state citizens to stop paying their Federal income taxes in return. When the IRS shows up trying to colllect – local law enforcement needs to throw their asses in jail

            That’s when the real party gets started.

            More examples:

            We needed a software application to monitor and allocate lab resources. I proposed an idea – and promptly had it shot down by multiple people. Instead of continuing to try and force the issue – I just went and developed it anyway – and then quietly implemented it among the user population. By the time anybody in a management position realized what was going on – probably 50% of the people in the company were using it – and the engineering VP told the other 50% they should use it as well.

            Act now and ask for forgiveness later.

            I wanted to build a large barn/shop on my property. I knew if I told the wife exactly what I wanted to do – she’d get pissed and shoot the idea down. So I dug the hole , poured the foundation, and started building the structure. By the time she realized that the barn was going to be bigger than the house – it was too damn late. She was a little bit pissed – but at that point the die was cast and there was no going back.

            Everybody thinks confrontation and “fighting” is the way to get things done. I have not found that to be true at all in the real world. Confrontation and fighting are just a waste of energy and time. Act and ask for forgiveness later.

            The Admirals adopted an island hopping campaign in the Pacific for a reason. There was a lot of islands where the fight just wasn’t worth the expense. Go around and let them wither behind the lines.

          • Ha! Damn, am still laughing. Sure could of used you to coach me in my final career climb. And as for your wife….You sneaky devil. I know that trick too!

          • Also, I don’t think it will take generations for the Empire to be collapsing from its overseas commitments and general incompetence here at home. The “empire of bases”* and the vast “defense” machine that supports it is the real wildcard in any breakup scenario. What to do with those soldiers and “private contractors”, what to do with the millions of technically saavy white men who still live in places like NoVA or SoCal and work at Grumman or Lockheed.

            Honestly if American politics just becomes a series of retaliatory legislation means as a “fuck you” from one side in revenge for the other side’s last one it’s hard to see how the empire will be able to continue. For one thing the “God Bless Murrica” patriotism of all those suburban defense worker types is just about gone and the neoconmen will not be able to restore it by telling us that penguins are stockpiling plutonium and it’s time to bomb Antarctica. Nothing short of Chinese troops in the streets will get most Americans to take any foreign threat seriously at this point.

            * Empire of Bases: a term coined by an old-school lefty who wrote a book about America’s overseas garrisons and world policing.

          • Yup–even at today’s “Efficient Quotients,” FED GOV has a very hard time walking and chewing gum. Resist, defy, monkey-wrench, wash-rinse-repeat, using the mantra: “I didn’t see or do nuffin!”

            Two can play their game. Thanks Saul Alinsky! Make ’em follow THEIR rules to the letter!

          • It seems the ultimate solution is to dramatically reduce the social welfare state to the point that many illegals feel better off self-deporting. The gibsmedat/ free shit army who were born here will start to turn on the illegals like a pet raccoon when that happens.

          • Exactly right and if all those conservatives(sic) in those Commie states quit feeding the beast and moved to where they mattered then that would happen that much sooner…

          • I’ve lived all over our country’s coastal areas and assessed the politics/cultures of every state as I was preparing to retire. I think you only need one hand to count the number of states that have the wherewithal to stand against the Feds.

            My southern state isn’t one of them. I’ve asked my state rep and senator, as well as my Sheriff, a series of “what if” questions … the Feds move to confiscate guns, the Feds forcibly resettle refugees, the Feds outlaw homeschooling, etc. I asked them if they’re prepared to stand against DC tyranny; their enthusiastic answer – “Absolutely.” OK, next question – Once you’re in defiance of the Feds, are you prepared to run a state budget once the Feds move to withhold federal money? Blank looks. So I reiterate – have you “war-gamed” this? Discussed with the governor? Thought about how we’d maintain basic state services if the Feds withheld funds? Stuttered, incoherent answers.

            My elected officials don’t have a frickin clue what’s coming at them if they tried to defy the Feds. My “preps” don’t include getting to another state because I really don’t think there’s a place to run to. As many have been saying ad infinitum, it’s going to come down to community.

          • Depending on your state, rather than simply moving, I’d worry more about forming local communities of Our Guys and those compatible, forming networks that allow those communities to operate quasi-independently (co-ops, shared funds, services, finance, employment, etc…).

            Relying on existing political entities to resist the present zeitgeist is almost certainly doomed to fail. They’re either hopelessly subverted or naive as you describe.

            There are a few based counties out there, but those are definitely exceptional and rare at this point. One of our first tasks is to make them more common, but to do that, we first have to make based blocks and based neighborhoods more common.

            As a general rule, though, going country rather than city is a pretty good bet. Get yourself away from Empire nodes of infrastructure and control, the bigger they are, the more reasons for moving away. If you’ve somehow formed a mannerbund in those places though, use your own best group judgment. We’re going to need some city footholds as well.

          • Still you haven’t answered the questions. What happens when the Feds start forcibly settling 3rd worlders in your white county, outlawing home schooling and confiscating guns?

            These are valid questions because we know that’s coming when the Left takes the executive.

          • RWC – regarding the immigrants, you make them feel unwelcome, don’t hire them, don’t do business with them and form private associations that price them out or otherwise exclude them without being overt about it. Yes, lawfare, but you deal with that as it comes.

            As to outlawing home schooling or confiscating guns, there will be huge political and practical problems with implementing either on a statewide much less nationwide scale. You adapt.

            Homeschooling outlawed? Parents, day-care and babysiitters can still tutor and you can write your kids a hell of a lot of permission slips, take “family vacations” and otherwise throw sand in the public school gears.

            Confiscating guns – I’ll believe it when I see it. They’re not ready for this yet, won’t be for a good long time, if ever. Consolidating gun owners is the best defense – once again, community and collective action required.

            You creatively, actively and peacefully resist, then consider your options, including moving, if that doesn’t suffice.

            If these aren’t good enough answers, give me some of your answers for our best strategies for the future.

            There are only two basic strategies – covert monkey-wrenching as individuals or small groups vs. collective action as larger communities.

            The second option requires that we physically gather in small communities at the minimum, aiming for political pluralities in counties, then in small-pop states.

            The first option only works in conjunction with the second. Atomized shit-posters and monkey-wrenchers can red-pill and make tactical gains but on a strategic, sustained level, collective action on a larger scale is necessary. Most of us will need to support, raise and educate children, and we need to provide support for the invididual moles who get whacked by the system. We need communities to do this.

            Absent black swan events going our way, there isn’t an easy, one-generation fix for this that doesn’t require true dissidents to make major lifestyle changes including location. We’re not going to win this just by pounding on keyboards or voting every two years.

          • To further your point, I live in Oklahoma which is a solid red state. However, when I listen to the Republican politicians from this state I am appalled by how stupid they are.

            Yes, they are better than the Democrats. Better to be just dumb than dumb and crazy. But still, the thought of relying on these people in a time of crisis is truly frightening.

          • I’m glad you’re at least having these conversations with them. It is not at all surprising that they have given this zero serious thought and have no answers.

            The basic problem is mostly an accounting one — how to untangle the state and federal finances. The feasibility problem can be solved IF the states could withhold federal tax revenue from the states in retaliation for the federal government withholding spending. But, of course, not one has figured out how this would work exactly.

          • I agree but the accounting problem is purposeful. Every state is on the teat and that’s where they want us. I’m not sure disentanglement is doable unless (until?) the dollar goes off the cliff. Of course if that happens then the Empire will have imploded, then all bets are off.

          • This is a great model for structural change but for it to really work the states have to increase their financial independence. There are two roadblocks right now: (1) the federal matching grants system, (2) federal tax withholding. How do we convince state lawmakers (on the right or left wing, I guess) to deal with these issues?

          • Henry: We change the lawmakers or bring them to heel – but that’s a generational project. We have to bring our numbers together, form communities then project influence that runs up the the state leve. Even in one small state you’re looking at a few decades of work there, minimum, with sustained levels of comittment and growing numbers.

          • True — persistent local citizens groups are the best vehicle to push this. Some sort of fiscal crisis would accelerate the process. Again: It’s a mainly a matter of retaining tax revenue at the state level, and there’s nothing crazy about that. This was even a respectable opinion during the era of the “devolution movement” in the 1990’s. Of course it was all just talk back then.

          • The problem is, that kind of earnest grassroots movement holds no sway with corrupt government. It may be helpful to keep in mind that our elected representatives are in service to drug cartels and pedophiles. Courts, institutions and media are sympathetic to the creeps; they’re lying authoritarian creeps themselves who believe themselves to be champions of human rights and the environment. We have at least 2 generations of people who are thoroughly indoctrinated in this kind of thinking, whose minds don’t function the way our elders’ minds did.

          • You neglect the 3rd world invasion and the Feds stuffing those orcs in small town America and infestation by retired blue state progtards. You forget the damage VA retirees did to Oregon, Washington and Colorado and now Idaho. These two groups are turning Red areas into purple and then blue.

            It comes down to a time and numbers game and we’re losing.

            So laying back in our Lay-z-boys and smoking blunts in the hope it will all blow over 50 years from now ain’t gonna work. We’ll be extinct by then if the elites get their way.

          • RWC – we’re not talking about “let’s just bug out and grill somewhere.” We’re talking about forming logistical infrastructure to support active resistance – communities that can provide things like safe places for raising & educating kids & jobs for the internally-exiled.

            What is your solution if what we’re proposing isn’t good enough?

        • The Republicans don’t have the balls to defy anyone. You’re never going to see a red state legislature, or governor, do what the leftists do.

        • If the feds still collect their taxes the other penny ante stuff doesn’t matter.
          “Pay the Army, nothing else matters” as some Eyetalian told his son from his deathbed.

          • Agree. The collapsing empire will extort taxes through armed force until the final day of its existence.

        • What if a red state ignores a national tax that is useless is worse, detrimental, like the Obamacare individual mandate…. I am waiting for that

        • What is this ‘what if’ you talk about kemosobe? VA counties are in the throes of defying the state on gun measures.

      • They can’t, Drake.

        This is why people think civil war is inevitable. I know our blog host frowns on simplified left wing/right wing political analysis…but: the socialist states are near complete collapse. In California, they’ve spent all their money, the credit cards are maxxed out, and the lights are literally going off. They will need money, lots of it… and soon. It won’t take long for them to notice that in comparison to themselves – Texas and other states in flyover country have LOTS of money… and the least they can do is share it with those in ‘less fortunate’ states. Expect a major power play soon. Even the Democrat party is out of money.

        Can you think of a way to get Californians on board with the idea that if they don’t work and pay their own bills – they don’t eat? Can you think of a peaceable way to tell Texans that from here on out – they are going to contribute their hard earned money to bail out California?

        There is almost certainly going to be blood and violence. As soon as lights start going out and people start getting hungry… all bets are off.

        • They will just create more money. MMT isn’t wholly correct but it’s a more accurate model for how our ghost-economy works than the Austrian model. They can keep the illusion of value up for a long time before the real world catches up with them.

          I spent the last 20+ years waiting for the “harsh realities” of the economy to save me. Still waiting.

          • Exile – but eventually the jig is up, right? I’ve been waiting 20 years as well, but isn’t a matter of “when” not “if”? The harsh realities seem like a mathematical certainty … but maybe I’m thinking too much like an engineer.

          • Cap – I know there has to be a point where their BS finally gives, but this system is built on wishful-thinking psychology as much as finance (Soros has written quite a bit on this, he should know) and it’s very resilient. We’ve been told “the end is near” so many times I’m no longer making plans that rely on that deus ex machina. We have to make this thing happen ourselves.

          • I am sorry E… but I am a Yesterday Man. What is the MMT? And the ‘Austrian Model’? There are still many dissident fundamentals and concepts that I need to familiarize myself with. Would you have any links by any chance?

        • California and New York could always fund their currently unfunded programs by raising their corporate and personal income taxes. Enough businesses and firms would stay around to pay the higher taxes. Remember — they only need to close the funding gap enough to placate bond buyers enough so that they can continue to borrow. Illinois on the other hand is in bigger trouble. And there is also the funding shortfall the entice country faces. Who knows? Maybe this will be the crisis Zman mentions that will lead to the collapse of democracy. If the Fed prints money you still get an un-fixable crisis.

        • John:

          “In California, they’ve spent all their money…”

          I’m confused here. Hasn’t CA been running budget surpluses? They tax the heck out of people.

          • They have, but like the other states they have promised more in pensions than they can pay under current taxes (as high as they are). California is worse than average. Illinois and New Jersey could be in trouble without a federal or Fed intervention that would provoke outrage.

      • It think it’s probably too late for secession.

        The major red states will turn blue shortly, and the white population will be left with landlocked Arkansas and Oklahoma.

        • It’s been too late for outright secession since the run-up to 1861, but we’re a long, long way from Whites being voted onto a reservation.

          I don’t plan on reporting for internal exile the day Texas turns blue (probably 2028 or so).

          Soviet dissidents lived for decades under a system ready, willing and able to forcibly mass-migrate ethnic minorities and they still got their country back in less than a century.

          • Except those dissidents weren’t facing demographic destruction by 3rd worlders that have been purposely imported to do away with us.

            It only took CA less than a decade to morph from a red state to a blue hell hole.

            Your model only works with secure borders otherwise we will be lucky to end up like the white Rhodesians.

          • RWC – you seem to be asking for a model that does the work for you. We have to actively resist – move, change our lifestyles, make the best of bad circumstances, think and adapt.

            You don’t have secure borders. We’re sayiing move from those borders. You say “but they’ll move immigrants there.” Not everywhere, not immediately. You stay one step ahead of the jailers. Resist when you can, move when you must. But do it as a community. Collective defense and action. Stop being an atomized individual waiting for events or some “model” to save you.

            Dissidence is a lifestyle choice, not a hobby. If you’re not comfortable with that, that’s fine, but those unwilling or unable to propose better ideas and actually practice those strategies don’t have skin in this game.

            Spectators don’t get to coach from the stands.

        • Lol Oklahoma is minority white for under 5 children anyways. Demographic change is happening rapidly in the Plains states.

        • I think the majority will be dispossessed a lot sooner than thought. We in California are a 23% in K-12. So, 1 in 5 Caucasian. The statistics being reported are likely underestimating the number of illegals therefore changing the demographic much sooner. There is no way there are only 12MM illegals currently living in the US (that is the number you will hear often). It has already happened folks!

    • I’m not religious, but I pray every day that Trump wins in 2020, then dissolves Congress and suspends elections during his second term. America will do much better with Emperor Trump than with anything the democratic process is going to produce in the foreseeable future. He’s even got a son named Baron waiting in the wings–talk about foresight!

      • I wanted so badly for Trump to be Sulla, but he turned out to be just another of the nameless, faceless consuls of the 1st Century BC

          • All the “occupy” and “resist” stuff is teaching the rest of us something. The difference is that while the Proggies LARP around with flags and sticks and bike locks, there are a bunch of the rest of us that are taking things to heart. When the lefties gain power again and attempt to put a bunch of us down, they will find out all about “sanctuary cities” and “no-go zones”. The thing is, those places will be good places to live, if you live by the local rules. Their side will choke on the multi-culti nightmares they have been creating, starting on the college campi.

          • I actually do recognize Augustus, his name is Emperor Nick I and we’re going to bake cookies together

          • Karl’s Boomer-posting MAGA Monday seems to have carried over to Trust The Plan Tuesday. Hopefully he runs out of orange kool-aid before Winning Wednesday.

        • Something happens between the time a candidate is elected and when said candidate is sworn in. The policy reversals from candidate to president. Z is correct. The donors always win.

      • I believe we’ve reached a point where this would be preferable to what we have now-which is globalists trying to snuff us out of existence…

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