True Reform

A popular retort to the gold bugs, those people who insisted that all the world’s problems stemmed from fiat money, was that a government so corrupt you needed hard money to control it, was so corrupt it would find a way around hard money. The point of the expression was mostly to cut off discussion about the dangers of fiat money, as there was never any point in discussing it with the gold bugs. Like all fanatics, they saw only that which confirmed their fanaticism.

There was a subtle truth in the expression. That is, the nature of money is a reflection of the ruling class that created it. Even with hard money, there is a connection between the type of coin and the type of ruler. Hard money is the product of private government, so it reflected the interests of private government. When Kings Offa and Charlemagne adopted coinage, they did so because it increased their power. Seigniorage is a great benefit to the person who controls the minting of coins.

The reason hard money lost favor in the 20th century is the nature of government changed in the West. We had moved from private government to public government, so the value of money to the ruling class changed. The king liked hard money as it was good for him. In liberal democracy, fiat money benefits the ruling elite. Now that we are in a post-national world, credit money is the coin of the realm. In other words, money is a consequence of the ruling class, not a cause of it.

This is an important point to keep in mind when thinking about the current crisis. The institutions are not the cause of bad government, but a byproduct of the corrupt people infesting the ruling class. In most cases, the institutions have not changed all that much over the last century, but how they are wielded has changed. The current ruling class has no respect for the intent of those institutions. They see them only as tools that they can wield to their personal benefit.

The courts are a great example. In the course of a couple generations, the legal system has gone from a safeguard to civil order to a threat to it. The courts themselves have not changed in any major way. The structure of the legal process and the laws themselves are mostly the same. There has been no change to the Constitution in generations. Yet, the same court that would have laughed homosexual marriage out of the room a generation ago declared it a sacred right.

The same can be said of the mass media. Before the current ruling class took over the media, there was bias, but there was also a respect for the need to inform the public about current events. Newspapers took it as a duty to do things like local news and offering some platform for alternative opinion. It was not ideal, but the ruling class still respected civic virtue enough to try. The radicalized subversive, who control the media today, see the media as a weapon to use against the people.

This is why talking about reform misses the point. Those who think we can constrain this ruling class with changes to the structure of society are embracing a mechanistic view of society. They see society as a machine that can be tuned to make the people better within it. It is the mindset of communists and libertarians, who ultimately believe humans are infinitely malleable, even those who rise to the top. It is also a conceit by people who think they have the key to reaching paradise.

The fact is, no reform that would work against the interests of the ruling class will ever see the light of day. These people are soulless and degenerate, but they are not stupid or naive. They understand perfectly well how they remain in power and it sure as heck is not by allowing social reformers to strip them of their authority. Any reform they cannot prevent, will ultimately be subverted, as that is their nature. Just a dog returns to his vomit, this ruling class will subvert orderly society.

On the other hand, the people in charge love talking about reform, because it keeps any opposition to them busy on fool’s errands. You’ll note that Washington is full of reform plans and people peddling them. Every politician promises to be a reformer. Our elections are nothing but pitch men promoting the latest reform potion. The whole point of these distractions is to keep the public from noticing that after every election, the same people remain in charge and the polices never change.

The hard truth of this age is that the ruling class is beyond reform, because they are no longer us. We cannot appeal to their better natures, because they don’t share our nature or see us as them. Just look at the presidential race. One side is full of candidates promising to really stick it to white people. On the other hand, Trump is endlessly touting his efforts for Israel and various categories of non-whites. A political class that proudly hates white people is not going to listen to the appeals of white people.

Reform, if it is going to come, will do so in front of the hang man and be championed by the billionaires who control the political class. Just as the anarchist bombings scared the rich into ending immigration from Eastern Europe, some crisis will have to scare the global pirates, who run the West, into hiring a new political class. If that does not happen, then we are headed for a revolutionary moment when this order is violently overthrown as a matter of survival.

The people can not be all and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. we have had 13 states independent 11 years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state.

What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

–Thomas Jefferson, Paris 1787

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231 thoughts on “True Reform

  1. The longer this goes on, the more I’m inclined to pretty much abolish government. Keep the original cabinet departments, kill all other agencies/departments. Return all of it to the states.
    IF they want, they may form interstate alliances – for example, Food & Drug inspection/approval. This would be strictly voluntary – if another state wants to play caveat emptor, let ’em.
    A few small rules – no state may fail to clean up water that leaves their boundaries and crosses state borders. If they do, actual pollutants may be removed by the receiving state and the cost billed to the originating state. No ‘micro-pollutants’, just real toxins.
    The fact is, most of the states that need to, already do cooperate with neighboring states. One example of a working relationship is the Great Lakes Compact, which worked to clean up the waters that flowed between them.

  2. The founders warned us about human nature and power, and we seemed to have forgotten. I don’t know much about economics or money and banking, but when I think of Rockefeller and Morgan, private government surely allowed private big boys to become unelected ruling class elites. Driving my car three days ago I was thinking about money then versus now, and today this article is published, so my eyes lit up immediately.

    It doesn’t take large numbers of MEN with principles to win a revolution. Or so I have read.

  3. I’d like to think that this Z post was inspired somewhat by the recent obituaries of Paul Volker, the last Federal Reserve chairman who actually did the job well and honestly. Volker’s term as Fed chair nicely illustrates Z’s point that, the fantasies of the gold bugs notwithstanding, it’s the men that count in the end, not the system.

    He made the central banking system work well and as intended, putting the economy to right while resisting intense pressure to do the bidding of the ruling class by papering over rather than inflicting the pain required for a true repair.

    Arguably his finest hour was resisting Poppy Bush’s pressure to lower rates prematurely. Under the guidance of Bush’s consigliere James Baker, the Fed Board of Governors was gradually stacked with members committed to voting against Volker. Eventually they had the votes and did in fact vote to overrule Volker and drop rates.

    Volker then threatened to resign. His opponents had to back down, since Volker’s resignation would have crashed the economy, and not just for the U.S. Given conditions at the time the rest of what we then called the Free World would have gone down with us.

    Volker’s example helped keep the Fed mostly on track for many years after he left. But Volker was unusual. He was grumpy, anti-social and lived very simply. Eventually we got the vile Alan Greenspan, fan of Rosenbaum, spouse of a celebrity journalist, who lived for the approval of his social betters and only turned down a party invitation for a better one. And here we are.

    I suppose we could go back to the gold standard if we want to give up all the other benefits of modern life. But it would be like choosing muzzle loaders in a world of drones. It might happen, but only if we’re also back to using butter churns and leeches.

    • “, it’s the men that count in the end, not the system.”
      Except, of course, that the man was only necessary to correct the disaster caused by a change of the system: the final removal of convertibility to gold.

      Since then the Fed guy has become a household( if you move in the right households) name.
      Before then he was largely like the President of Switzerland- there had to be one but no-one had a clue who the hell it was.

      Try again.

  4. “Just as the anarchist bombings scared the rich into ending immigration from Eastern Europe, some crisis will have to scare the global pirates, who run the West, into hiring a new political class.”
    The dead of 9/11 at the WTC were almost all finance, banking, attorneys…

  5. The French responded to a corrupt and abusive ruling class a couple cenuries ago by exterminating much of them. History is full of such examples…and perhaps for our species such a “cleansing” from time to time is required.

  6. Socialiststs and Libertarians have one thing in common. They don’t think you have to expend effort, much less wealth, blood, sweat, tears, limbs, or life itself to obtain things, in the case of the former Health Care and food, in the case of the latter, Liberty itself.

    I think even if I could prove conclusively that it would only take a small armed rebellion – and only a few would get killed, the Libertarians would go back to writing whiny and abstract scholarly articles rather than actually fight.

    Socialists do fight, but by proxy.

    Those who desire to restore the culture will have to fight – and the cost increases daily.

    • Many of us look to the day when we can restore our country to a past glory that never really existed 😀 By that I mean that the future is likely to turn out rather different than anyone’s plans.

  7. Even as it is true that a corrupt ruling class will find a way around restrictions put upon it, the difference between a gold standard and a fiat-credit system is the difference in armament between a muzzle loader and a repeating rifle. They are fully armed. Now an idea becomes an edict and a law without having to reload.

  8. Regarding the Jefferson quote, Lefty sees themselves as the people who “…preserve the spirit of resistance.” They view themselves as the guardians of liberty warning Orange Hitler to back off. The ruling class is adept at whipping up their useful idiots with that rallying cry.

  9. We will always be ruled by the oligarchs who amass the most money, the warriors who amass the most skulls, or the flim-flammers who amass the most votes. I think the flim-flammers have had their turn and it’s time to give the oligarchs and warriors a chance.

    We are not presently ruled by oligarchs. If we were, Jeff Bezos would dismiss his wife with an apartment and a modest pension and marry a 16-year-old cutie, or three. And the judge, if any, would bow down and say, “Yes, Lord Bezos”.

  10. Z as Thomas Paine ….or Dickens*

    It’s them or us.

    Whatever it takes. The Right is due it’s revolution. Our Managerial petit elites are due the Tumbrils. Frankly those who animate and thought lead them are defective, psychotic, murderous degenerates; <—— this is an accurate description of Saint Just, Murat. All insane thought leaders of the petty bourgeois Jacobins who then as now were a collection of defectives, bandits, criminals, lawyers and frustrated ambitious bureaucrats.

    Moreover it is them or us. This is a lower middle class Skilled Producers and workers (us) vs upper middle class Progressive useless managerial class. They sense their downsizing ghosts are coming for them and they can’t change a tire or boast a schoolyard fight among them. Beware – they are adept at keeping power and repressing we their natural replacements. Ideology is as always tailored to self interest.

    Short version; we hang them or they hang us.

    *beware- Dickens was no historian, Paine a useful polemicist. The actual French Aristocracy and King bear no resemblance to their parodies. Our present parodies take Dickens and for that matter Mel Brooks as actual history and model, just as they think The Daily Show is news. Madmen.

    • “they think The Daily Show is news”

      Oh they do. They honest to gosh do.
      I got that straight from the horse’s mouth, several times. Even with the Obama clone.

  11. Regarding the Banksters: One of the issues Trump ran on (and was part of the GOP platform) back in 2016 was bringing back “Glass-Steagall” and breaking up the banks. Remind me what they did when they controlled all three branches. Bueller? Anybody? You’d think they’d at least invest in a little half-hearted theater for the party faithful. Nope.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if, in a Trump-Warren Presidential Debate, someone asked about bringing back Glass-Steagall and breaking up the big banks? Both are nominally in favor of that, but wouldn’t dare do anything to bring it about. Who knows how they’d answer. I’d bet on an uncomfortable silence.

    • The GOP worked with the Dems to kill Glass-Steagall, it was a disgusting display of party co-operation, just like with both parties voting for NAFTA at the time.

      But to answer you question. There was no way in hell that Trump would bring back Glass-Steagall and there is no way the GOP would support given that most of them are owned by the banks and Wall-Street. Trump only brought it up to win votes, just like border security – which he promptly ran away from the moment he got elected.

  12. But we are rolling in privilege. Why should we worry about threats from the ruling class? Our comfort will continue, even as government turns more of it’s attention to the poor.

    • I get the snark, but I suspect the only folk with sinecures will be those in the top 10 percent or so. The rest of us have little to offer the ruling class, other than an occasional vote.

  13. Z Man;
    Another excellent post. But, due to any elite’s tendency to breed every new generation more weak and stupid than the last, there may be ‘hope’ for a spontaneous, self-generated collapse like that of the USSR.

    Apparently Gorbachov and his third generation nomenklatura elite followers actually believed that Communism could work without terror and repression. Sevarian, who is on your blog roll, has an excellent post up on that particular topic.

    It sucked to be an ex-elitist in 1991 if you were not able to transform yourself into an oligarch or attach yourself to one. But it’s pretty clear at this point that the average Russian is now better off than they were under the USSR: Hence Putin’s sustained popularity, I’d guess.

    The only takeaway for anybody today would be to be mentally and physically ready in the event.

  14. We live in Humphrey Appleby’s world. I have a serious question, thick Midwesterner that I am: what’s the difference between fiat money and credit money?

    And, while I am as dissatisfied with Trump as many (most?) on this forum, I don’t think he’s anti white- he believes inclusiveness is a winning strategy, and that if you can get the NAMs and Asians to buy into the whole civ-nat thing we’ll all link arms and go forth, as that great philosopher General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett would say, “to the glorious final scrumdown”

    Heck, I think I know better now, but I want to believe in a world in which multiculturalism means better restaurants and colorful ethnic festivals: as opposed to car bombs, crime, shootings and rape gangs.

    The other thing is, that, while I’m positive that those in the imperial capital hate us because we are a threat to them, the ordinary moonbat really believes this globohomo stuff; all of it. I know this, I live in a moonbat town and people here are all in on “Orange Man Bad”. They are not just being cynical.

    Sorry for the long post- I’m in unanticipated snow day work avoidance mode.

    • CivNattery is a gateway to our thing. When you get discouraged about the continuing ongoing failures of your CivNat point of view, there is our thing to fall back on. I would like to see your point of view working over time, but I am personally a bit too black-pilled for that.

    • Upvoted for the Blackadder reference. 😉 It’s who controls monetary policy. Why they aren’t answerable to the voters. And to whom the money they print goes and what they use it for.

  15. “Just as the anarchist bombings scared the rich into ending immigration from Eastern Europe, some crisis will have to scare the global pirates, who run the West, into hiring a new political class.” I love this point. So few mention or even know about the anarchist’s bombings of wall Street in the early 1920s that apparently ended mass immigration. Unfortunately, while the elites of that time saw themselves as part of America the Elites of today are globalists. However, today as in the past, immigration will not stop or even slow down until it becomes a burden to those enabling it. Everything else is a distraction. Figuring out how to make immigration a burden to those trying to and succeeding at erasing and replacing us should be what we think about upon waking and before we go to bed. What else will have mattered 100 years from now?

    • Yup. We just lie down and take it.

      Any issue is moot apart from mass immigration. They do not have debates over healthcare, or gun rights, or economic policies in non-white countries. We must secure the demographics first if we even wish to discuss any issues in the future (including climate change, if any lefties are listening).

    • “Figuring out how to make immigration a burden to those trying to and succeeding at erasing and replacing us”

      That’s it right there, priority #1 thru #1000.
      That’s the angle.

      • One way would have the parents of a child killed by illegals going up to some Goodwhites and gunning them down say at some fancy eatery or maybe pot some open borders scumbag from the Chambers of Commerce or AEI. After that happens a dozen or so times, the goodwhites will get the message.

        It’s bloody and cruel but you won’t reach this scum unless it’s made personal. Because the last thing these people want is worrying every time they leave their house, it might just be their last.

  16. Marxist Georges Sorel would have impressed the sanguinary populist Francophile Jefferson with his enthusiasm for hemoglobic horticulture.

    In his Reflections on Violence, Sorel predicts the convergence of parliamentary democratic socialists and capitalist conservatives in alliance against the public at large.

    He muffed the motives but nailed the convergence of interests:

    “(T)he working classes now created a problem for themselves by creating a political elite that is more stupid and less competent than the people who had a monopoly of power before them. He proposed that this problem could be fixed only by a collective withdrawal and boycott of the parliamentary system by the workers. Thus, the workers must return to strikes and violence as their main political tool, so Sorel says. This gives the workers a sense of unity, a return to dignity, and weakens the dangerous and mediocre middle-class in their struggle for power, and their attack on capitalism.”

    As a Commie he saw the NuElites’ motives almost perfectly backwards – through the fun-house lens of an internationalist workers’ class-struggle vs. capitalist-conservative-nationalists. In Sorel’s day, the globalists were angels and the nationalist Right wore the devil-suit. Ask Gorbachev how that turned out.

    That said, Sorel’s analysis of how democracy’s expansion of the franchise bowdlerized the ruling classes could have been penned by Z himself, and his recognition of the utility of political violence and mass action is downright common-sensical.

    Capitalist critique from Meinkraft Kampf to Marx’s Manifesto has been banned by the neo-Puritans of the New Modren Army. Both sides of the kosher sandwich are united in their praise of muh capitalism and in their damnation of nationalism. populism and parochialism. Even the Good Book is used by these asses to jawbone the masses.

    Devilish dirt-dwelling dissidents fighting for their future against Woke Capital’s Clown-Cloud Crusaders would do well to heed Sorel’s Satanic Verses.

    The problem is less that they hate us so much but more that they no longer fear us enough.

    He’s one of Burnham’s “Machiavellians” – this week’s recommended read.

  17. Gold is sort of the specie version of the constitution. Can it be subverted? Absolutely, it is today. That doesn’t mean it’s a fools errand to have a gold standard. The problem with understanding how important the physical metal was is the problem of understanding that in the 1960s this country had a choice to make, among others. It could start to pare back the welfare state, and understand that Vietnam was very expensive, or alternatively, the powers that be could maneuver around the metal obstacle put in their path and keep doing what they were doing. Just because they could maneuver around it, doesn’t mean that the obstacle shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Secondly, our government today continues to be a collection of private interests, only a company like Boeing or Amazon can go into the currency market, buy some forward contracts, and insulate themselves from the stealth (and soon to be not so stealth) inflation of the fiat world. Government is like a reckless teenager. The difference between gold backed money and fiat money is that with gold backed money the teenager gets an allowance. With fiat money government gets a credit card, linked to your bank account. The best way to think about a currency, is that it’s a representative of the collective social capital of the country. The Deutsche Mark was an incredibly strong, stable currency despite the fact that it was fiat. This was because the German people at the time, collectively, were responsible, productive savers. A central American currency is usually a basket case, because the people are basket cases. What does America’s social capital look like in 2020? Do we have any left? WiIll the currency market eventually reconcile the fact that the once great, productive American is a fat, diabetic, opiate addict cashing disability checks to buy Snickers ice cream and Doritos? What currency value does this collective social capital bring? It brings ruin. It brings a future country that’s only marginally richer than Brazil. If you understand that, you have to plan your life accordingly, and have your own private gold standard, where there is none to protect you. In the words of JP Morgan, Gold is money, everything else is credit.

    • In a credit environment, the Minsky Moment (think of Wile E. Coyote after he runs off the cliff, but before he falls) is King.

    • Good post. I grew up in a Survivalist-lite home. I read a lot 70s-80s conservative stuff, Gary North etc. Dad, dying of cancer in 1989, wryly noted “The end of the world didn’t come as scheduled.” This doesn’t mean that things won’t fall apart. It likely means that it won’t do so according to your (or my) script. Rather than hoard food, gold coins and a few guns and live in the hills, I choose to live in civilized society as long as I can. If things get really bad, it occured to me that even a cabin in the mountains, canned food, gold and a gun might help you for a few months, but after a year or so, well… The Blue Ridge in central VA, twenty minutes drive to the mailbox for crying out loud, is hard duty even in peacetime. But it sure looked pretty in autumn!

  18. There appears to be two nations in America. One is couched inside the other like one of those Russian dolls.

    One uses Debt for its currency. Sure, that debt is denominated in US Dollars, but it is riddled by adjustable rates, fixed moor-age to inchoate Federal Reserve whims, securitized by soft, often fraudulent equities, and subject to default by distressed debtors. This is the economy that, after 2008’s melt-down, the Deep State transparently guarantees. This is the nation that is globalized, too, and subject to the predations of currency manipulators, foreign loan scammers and CDO resellers from Antwerp and Shanghai to London and New York.

    The other nation uses cash dollars for its currency. This nation is the old nation, reliant on converting work, not securitized stuff, into spendable cash or savings. The old nation is wary of financialized schemes like insurance products, and steers clear of leveraged vanity properties in debt-financed ghettos like Manhattan, Martha’s Vineyard and Miami.

    When financial media report about America’s economy, they, without exception, are reporting on the Debt Nation’s economy. Yes, inflation is growing in that nation, as the Fed has raised its prime rate from Obama’s zero percent baseline since Trump won. Also, insurance rates have climbed, partly in reaction to debt-money tightening at the Fed, but also due to the constant upselling of insurance policies by media and politicians into fixed demand, as though they are the national panacea. Lost your Dad? shoulda had a policy…Wrecked your car? shoulda had a better policy…Got cancer…shoulda had a policy…Hurricane Sandy wiped out your beach home?…better buy a policy: Debt Nation scams sold on the basis of fear to an ever shrinking market.

    But in the Cash nation, life hums a long as normal. You dollar still buys what it used to. Cash talks loudly in all markets, whether you are buying land, a house or a used car. And, except for those markets adversely effected by the globalized Debt Nation’s excesses, like exportable foods or the coastal housing markets, inflation is nearly nonexistent. People in Old Nation take an aspirin or a day off when they feel sick, expect to die at sometime and so purchase a plot and prepay for cremation, and don’t require oodles of “end-of-life” ministrations to prolong the inevitable. They only buy what they need, and what they can afford.

    These two nations may be incompatible room-mates right now, but their break-up and subsequent secession seems inevitable.

    • There has never been one United States. Colin Woodward has done a yeoman’s service via his excellent book describing and contrasting no fewer than eleven nations that comprise the North American landmass (

      What we’ve got here is Empire. An empire, always and forever, is a conspiracy by an organized minority against the unorganized majority and always to the benefit of the former at the expense of the latter.

      This is probably end-stage Empire. However, since prior Empires had neither the internal combustion engine nor the iPhag, History, as a Guide, only takes us so far. We’re already in areas unknown and thar be plenny o’ monsters here.

    • Bloody excellent.
      Two nations, each with their own currency and mores. That is, their currency reflects their mores.

  19. Yesterday a couple comments drove the point home: my libertarianism cannot deal with corrupt rulers, and assumes people will want to treat each other fairly.

    I can’t trust conservatives because they eagerly attack their own people.
    I can’t trust liberals because they’re crazed religious zealots.
    I can’t trust libertarians because they think they can turn everyone white.

    I can’t trust government, I can’t trust corporations, I can’t trust nonprofits or churches.

    Yet for all the calls for “community”, the evil ones have already formed a powerful, enduring community, per yesterday’s Z-post.

    By the vaporous balls of the holy ghost, it’s enough to make a cynic out of ya.

    How do I make myself a bad guy?
    I don’t want to be a bad guy.
    No mercy for the weak!

    • As wrong as libertarians are on all kinds of things, open borders, legalization of hard drugs, gay marriage, piracy of corporations (as brought up in the Cabellas incident) they’re pretty darn right on currency markets and monetary flows. The way I look at libertarianism, it started out as a study in monetary policy, with Hayek, Misses, etc., and had it just contained itself to that, it would be fine, but by the 1970s, no thanks to Ayn Rand, it was expanded to explain everything and all of human nature, and then fell on its face. Monetary policy is just one component of human nature not all of human nature. And some young, 1970s John Stossels’ with porn ‘staches took it all in and went nuts. That’s why libertarianism seems so dated, like old macrame hanging in the corner.

      • My Mom did macrame. Thanks for triggering a pleasant memory. Time to turn those old macrame pot hangers into nooses.

      • “open borders, legalization of hard drugs, gay marriage, piracy of corporations”

        The only “lolberts” who ‘believe’ those hysterical quackeries are the hacks paid to write them.

        See? Outdated ideas like “proper role of limited government” and “consent of the governed” have been discredited by association.

        The baby got thrown out with the bathwater.

  20. We are not ready.

    We need another wave of consciousness, similar to what happened in 2014-2016, but exponentially greater.

    What could bring this? Another war. Another economic slump. Another round of urban riots. Trump winning. Trump losing. Maybe something that no one sees coming.

    Individual and small group acts of defiance, provided they are more thoughtful than spectacular, are useful. Mindless butchery is not.

    The fact is, most of the people now on our side will not and should not be on whatever the next front line turns out to be. No, our job is to get an aroused mass moving towards the front line once they can see it for themselves. And they simply cannot see it yet.

    • Agreed that we are not ready. Yet.

      I feel our collective awakening process has hit a plateau since Trump’s election in late 2016.

      The guys who woke up in 2014-2016 are still with us and stronger than ever. But new recruits are rare, for now the ptb are holding them in place by tightening up the screws and increasing social ostracism. Another big one is ramping up negro culture – young white Canadian kids today are poor imitations of Drake and whatever soundcloud rapper. They increased antiwhite brainwashing too.

      Another wave will come. Next time, we will be moving at 100% speed when it happens.

      • It’s not just white kids. Have you noticed that Han, Hispanics, and (as was mentioned here yesterday) Pajeets all trend toward hip-hop culture after coming into contact with the vibrancy? Then there’s the matter of adult white males, men who should be foot soldiers for the DR, glorifying and worshiping black athletes. Throw in the coal-burners and the Madison Avenue fantasy world and it’s a cultural rout.

      • I think the robot historians will compare and contrast what happened in 2014-2016 to the countercultural movement.

        For now, everything will be done to shore up the Boomers and keep them Booming for as long as possible. But if a large number of financially responsible but otherwise clueless senior citizens fall hard and hit two or three rungs of the ladder on the way down, they may become open to a politics of vengeance.

  21. There is a quote about the dangers of central banks that goes something like, first through inflation and then through deflation, the banks will own everything. That process began just a couple of years after the Federal Reserve was created. The inflation of the war and then the roaring 20s led to the great deflation of the 1930s. The 2nd world war itself undid a lot of that and now we are at the point where a great deflation will once again see the banks owning more or less everything. Only today, the second deflation begins every bank in the West will be insolvent. This is because their debt is fixed and their assets are not. Mark to Market accounting will force the banks to “realize” all the losses. Larger banks will have to come in and “fix” those problems. These large multi-national banks will own everything.
    It’s almost as if our ancestors weren’t backwards fools and knew what they were talking about.

    • The default and repudiation of private sector debt, on a large scale, is incredibly deflationary, and will hand a huge additional segment of the economy to the big banks and the Fed. It is the path ahead, and why MMT is being talked about now, as the scenario sets up.

      • Remember that deflation will also affect salaries and debt people hold today, like mortgages will be unserviceable. Since interest is already at record lows, remortgaging at a lower rate will not do enough to lower the payment to a new deflation-adjusted salary of the average worker. This happened to a large extent in 2008, but low rates and lots of money printing limited the damage. A wide scale deflation will be difficult to overcome.

  22. Good work Z. I saw that difference of opinion between you and Cal’s Dad yesterday… but I’m sorry. I still think you’re both right. Sometimes some people are infinitely malleable. Sometimes the machine works and does its job. Everyday the institutions work as advertised and nobody notices… even in Lagos. I was shocked to learn our courts are actually starting to work up here in liberal Canada. A buddy got divorced, and the caper usually goes that the old lady gets the car and the house and the kids and goes to the bank, and the guy goes to the cleaners. But… my buddy basically got half of everything they had. A female judge did the honours too. His ex is spitting nails too! 🙂

    There ARE good people in govt. They beg and plead for our votes and our help but we respond by saying “FU! You’re just as corrupt as all the rest of them!”. It’s intellectual dishonest and lazy on our part to do so.

    And Cal’s Dad was right. The system was built to control those guys in your so-called “community”. Notice that they have to change the rules AND the institutions to prevail. That is why the Community is going after the Second Amendment so hard. That will be the canary in the coal mine. Once that goes you can stick a fork in America because it’s done at that point. Were it not for armed America I’d bet you money you’d be seeing mass executions and the purging of useful fools in California by now.

    And I think you’re wrong about the Imperial Capital being a corrupt village of fat cats that sit around all day, smoking 50.00 cigars and yukking it up as they screw over the dirt people. That place is a den of vipers, and you get to the top by knifing the guy in front of you, and knifing the one behind before he slides it up your arse. If those guys all got along, and had nothing to worry about…Epstein “wouldn’t have had to kill himself.” If nothing else, Epstein proves there ARE good guys in the imperial capital… and the bad guys fear them. I think they more resemble the imperial senate of Rome. There may be factions in the community we can potentially ally with – if we have the smarts to look for them.

    One of the stories I heard was that Germany could easily have developed the atomic bomb first… but it didn’t happen because Nazis didn’t like the Jewish physics and scientists involved. Could we be making a similar mistake about writing off the entire community?

    • The end of 2A will be the end of things as we know them, but that is because it will instantly criminalize the huge minority of people who own guns, of which not one in a hundred is likely to be turned in (and those few will be the rusty, junk ones). Criminalizing the citizenry has a way of changing up the societal calculus.

      • I agree and think the situation in Virginia is the trial run on the confiscation of guns and making criminals out of law abiding citizens.

    • Bad guys will always be a minority.
      The trick is, to trick the good majority into doing bad things… like creating atomic bombs.

  23. You can only buy votes with Other Peoples Money for so long before the house of cards collapses. And upon collapse, history teaches that chaos will reign for a while until overt tyranny takes hold. Robust people will survive the chaos and follow a strong and capable leader. Parasitic people will begin starving and flock to a messianic charlatan that promises the most free stuff. Which of these two archetypes is likely to be in the majority in an affluent society?

    • Yes, the abolition of the 2nd Amendment will be crunch-time: “What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?” —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      • JS, everyone loves the Solzhenitsyn quote. Don’t recall who ‘countered’ that Stalin would have just ordered in artillery. Destroyed the building, block, city of ‘resistance’. Until no more resistance.
        So we would be wise to capture the ‘essence’ of his quote… and apply it to our ‘region’. Because it will be a while to never before ‘our’ Gubmint uses actual artillery. They will react ‘differently’ than Stalin….
        What might that mean?

        • If you’re inclined to make a last stand, then best to focus on the top of the power pyramid rather than the bottom bit players. We are endowed with intelligence and innovation. Use it.

        • Everyone loves it but they really don’t understand it…At that point in time it was impossible for something like that to occur the time to do it was way before that so it never got to that point…They had killed off the majority of the people’s will long before they started breaking down the doors…The time to be banding together is now not when the purges happen…So many people miss that point and so are doomed to repeat that which we know will be bad for everyone…

        • The point of the quote is that you’re going to die anyway. When they come for you is it best to cower and cooperate? Or take as many of them down with you as possible? If a correct understanding of the situation permeates a society, said Solzhenitsyn, maybe some good comes of it. Either way, acts of resistance and defiance against evil when it comes for you are preferable to submission. Hence Jefferson’s dictum about the Tree of Liberty.

      • Back in the Iraq war years, I think it was Chris Rock that responded to Bush’s claim that we’d take Baghdad in 48 hours. “They couldn’t take Baltimore in 48 hours!” Rock joked. I think he had a point. Now, ghetto thugs are not top of the list of 2nd ammendment upholders, but the principle remains sound.

  24. Well, I think you can fault the libertarians for one more thing here. Which is, their dislike of government amounted in practice to a form of political quietism–namely, that it made the libertarian conservatives not want to go into government. Or, if they did, do nothing while there. That left a personnel vacuum for Globohomo to fill.

    And now the Eunuch Party (i.e. the Republicans), full of people who are, strictly speaking, leftists (having internalized fundamental leftist dogmas) actively freezes out any real rightists who try to get in.

    Whether through intra-system or extra-system means, the Do-nothing Right has to be replaced by a Do-ferociously Right.

    • All true about the libertarians. I once suggested a bunch of us should consider getting government jobs in a certain location and was roundly denounced and excoriated for it. Oh well….

    • The problem with goverment is that it’s full of sociopaths. Even on the state level they are repulsive people. I think any normal is repulsed by them.

      • “The problem with government is that it’s full of sociopaths.” So are corporations. So are churches. So are schools and universities. Et cetera. The thing about government is that it claims, maintains, and exercises a monopoly on initiation of force and violence in a given geographical area. That’s too dangerous to leave to the sociopaths. So it’s best to enter the arena and challenge them. If people like us prevail, then that geographic area becomes a nice and just place to live, not to mention quite wealthy (see, e.g., Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, et al.).

  25. Unless the “community” in DC feels really threatened by peasants carrying pitchforks Nothing will change.
    But it’s not a matter of angry peasants, there are more and more of us out here.
    It is a matter of will.
    We still have too much too lose and our kids and relatives may yet be blind to the dangers ahead.
    The candle needs to burn down further I think before real change happens.
    Jobs are currently too plentiful even though they don’t pay enough.
    And there are a million distractions in the modern age to play out your life with.
    The modern patriots are still figuring it out as to how to change our system?
    Hope we figure it out soon.

  26. I happen to have a recipe. It would be easier to implement in Europe, with lower barriers for political entrant parties and people who are used to think in terms of multiparty systems and coalitions politics, but in principle, it could be implemented in any democracy.

    1) Get elected to parliament.

    2) Establish a website where party members can vote on the individual items on the legislative agenda.

    3) Transfer the result from the vote on the party website proportionally to your seats in parliament.

    Now you have a party that allows direct democracy in the legislature but since that’s unwieldy, you

    4) Allow party members to pick a candidate from another (real) party whose vote you want yours to automatically mirror.

    So that took us back to representative democracy, but here’s the kicker:

    5) At any time can a party member choose to override the vote of his representative, and at any time can he delegate his voting to another representative, and not necessarily one that’s in parliament.

    That would hit the political class then same way social media hit the MSM, bypassing all the established channels of political power. Inside six months, you’d have thousands of new virtual parties running circles around the dinosaur parties.

        • Democracy assumes all have equal ability/understanding/experience with which to judge outcomes of political decisions and therefore have a “right” to an equal share in the decision process. This is an incorrect assumption.

          Any process you devise which accepts the above is doomed to failure. We (USA) got away with a type of “democracy” that allowed some, non-aristocracy, the vote, but excluded most others, for a while in a basically White ethno State.

          Then we began to add “participants”—Indians, women, then non-Whites, the unemployed welfare recipient, and the like. Qualified voters were drown out and lost in the noise. And here we are today.

          • This is an incorrect assumption.

            It’s not an assumption, rather than an ethical apriori, but yes, certainly not all voters are keenly aware of where their own interests lie. But I’d rather have incompetent lawmakers than ones that are actively hostile to me.

            One thing this would ensure, at least in Europe, is that mass migration would stop cold.

      • Democracy with its faults is what we have right now in the real world. Until the new founding fathers get Honkeytopia operating, we should make the best use of it we can. I’m not holding my breath for Honkeytopia.

    • And, you’d achieve the effect of human-scale one representative per 30,000, or 10,000 seats in the House, as the Founders intended.

      No Uniparty is possible with a 10,000 seat House of Representatives.

    • Felix, if one could vote for a policy rather than a candidate, the gig would be up. They can’t have that. Not until population replacement tips in their favor.

  27. The corruption that poisons us has metastasized. A new alloy will be forged out of what remains. “ We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man. “ Bring it on you bastards. I’ll show you how a dissident realist dies. So much for the amicable separation.

    • Hmmmm… Wasn’t it Patton who said, ““No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

      • Nobody wants to die for their country or a cause. Despite Patton’s rhetoric, hundreds of thousands did die. If there is no willingness to risk the ultimate sacrifice, then revolution is impossible. Peaceful separation sounds good, but it will never happen if the willingness to fight and possibly die does not exist. Our rulers must fear our resolve if we are to have anything resembling a future like that imagined by those of us on the DR.

        • A lot of Christians died in Rome, willingly for a cause, without firing a shot. A short time later, they ruled the world.

      • Yes he did. The quote I reference should be viewed as a metaphor for living a life of honor. Amicable separation is the goal. Whether it can be accomplished remains to be seen. There is nothing like using creative sarcasm to make a point. That being said I am sure if forced, dissident realists will do what is necessary. Definitions of an honorable end are limitless. I choose life. If someone else chooses death, it’s just another day in yacht racing. C’est la guerre. Let the guilty be punished.

  28. If you are still living in a place that is minority white or will he minority white soon, it’s time to make every effort to move elsewhere. Maybe that involves some initial hardships, a substantial cut in earns, family troubles, etc…but being on the wrong side of a demographic divide when we reach the breaking point will prove to be a lot worse.

    • Allow me an alternate viewpoint. I don’t disagree with your assessment but you know what is equally if not more dangerous? Leftist white people. Because their intelligence and malice combined (vs. just malice for the pets) allow them to create tremendously more damage than their pets.

      In fact, if I had my choice between hanging out w/ some realtalk n1ggas or a bunch of middle aged no family careerist shrike boxwine cat ladies? I’m picking the first group all day long. The first group respects masculinity, courage, & strength. The second group will destroy you for it.

      I say this because this has been my personal experience in and around DC. In some ways, it is MORE dangerous now than it was in the 90s during the ghetto / crack years. A lefty sh1tlib woman can easily pick up the phone and call the police because she feels ‘unsafe’ and the white knight cops will show up and slap cuffs on you before you can blink with no evidence needed. Ghetto thugs don’t call the police.

      Neither is ideal, but my point is that getting to a ‘white’ area is not a blanket statement of safety. DC is highly gentrified and it is these elitist sycophants that have driven me to a singular purpose of getting as far away as possible. The minority pets are background noise when not being propped up by their (((enablers))).

      • I had white regional areas in mind. I agree, a place like Marin County or the D.C. suburbs will initially outshine the non-whites in anti-white viciousness.

        But Oregon(despite Portland),Washington (despite Seattle), New England (despite Boston) and many other similar locales will turn from blue to hard white when things come to a boil.

        Also, once things go off, scrabbling to get out of one place and trying to get into another may become much more difficult.

      • Your comments are intriguing. Elsewhere on this site, I said more or less: Yes, DC has gentrified very nicely, better than most cities. I was suprised that even in still-dangerous (?) wards median homes are 200 or 300K. In the rebuilt areas, I expected that the whites would need 24-hour armed protection to exit their buildings. Your comments make me think that maybe this exists already. Personally I don’t think this is going to deter “The Fellas” from an easy armed robbery target when Whitey is weaving his way home from Adams-Morgan at 2 AM…but hey, good luck to ya! The next thing you’ll tell me is that black teens are beating sensless a cracker outside the Wilshire 🙂

  29. Well, if you want to be very reductive, you might say: there are no “institutions,” only people.

    I mean, the Supreme Court, by itself, is just … a building. The Constitution, if nobody reads it, or understands it, or cares about it, is just … a pile of atoms. (See the African experience with American-style constitutions.) The Supreme Court as an “institution” is really just the judges.

    But while institutions don’t change people (as the institutions are their people), ideas do change people.

    So to win, we have to change the people by changing their ideas.

    That means doing exactly what we’re doing now: redpilling, reframing, changing the narrative, moving the Overton window.

    The exceptional Twitterer Moo Moo Cow is correct in saying that “propaganda,” in a world without traditional religions, is the religion.


    Sure, they control the “mainstream” media and the big internet platforms. But the Internet is a stupendous, revolutionary wildcard and they haven’t silenced us yet. And reality is on our side. The fight isn’t over.

    Just keep redpilling.

    Change the religion and we win.

    • Sidenote- and since Western religion began as propaganda, propaganda will always be *the* religion.

      That doesn’t mean propaganda or religion are bad- quite the opposite, they streamline lessons. They’re intended to have a effect.

      Depends on who is writing the script, and why they’re writing it.

      • Work the system into alignment with our own thing, always. That’s how we move forward. Don’t tear it down, work it in our direction.

        The Proggies always posture about tearing everything down, but what they really have been doing, over time, is aligning the institutions over to their way of thinking. We can use their example for our own ends, but it takes time and diligence.

  30. The way the Booby sees it the West’s ruling class cannot be dislodged democratically. Defunding the universities might work but it would realistically take decades to convince a majority of people that it needs to be done, and then decades more to finally elect someone willing to legislate it.

    Starving the parasites appears to be the only way to overturn the revolution of the 60s. Corrupt, indefensible governments can remain in power indefinitely so long as the economy does reasonably well, the lights stay on, the trains run, and the police keep the peace. Just as importantly the empire needs to win its imperial wars. All these things require money. They all require the contributions of ordinary people, wither taxes rendered, loans taken out and paid off, consumption to fuel the economy, hard manual work to keep the lights on and the trains running, and lives sacrificed to win the imperial wars.

    Ordinary people, especially white males, need to understand that participating in the economy is feeding those who hate them, paying taxes is feeding those who hate them, and offering military service to a country that hates them is just plain stupid.

    Find ways to live outside the formal economy, and for the love of god, enough with the bullshit about supporting our men “and wahmen” overseas who are “defending our freedoms”. The only thing our military is defending is a decadent ruling class that hates its own people. You don’t have to be an all-out prepper if that doesn’t work for you, but find ways. Every bit helps. “Cutting the cord”, as people on here call it, is a start.

    • Find communities & friends, learn some useful skills, keep the flame alive, hope for the best. That’s all we can do.

      • Marko, diversity is balkanization.

        Is that our lesson?
        That our only home is our people, on the run?
        Or hiding in the holler?

        Even Vmax’s people, yesterday, have fled their homeland- yet their long experience with invaders has taught them to endure. The same lesson is found with early Christians and the Usual Suspects.

        Well, fie on that. Whites are the God’s gift to this world. We build nations that attract both the good and the parasite- and I sure as he!! don’t want to be reduced to a rootless parasite.

      • Agree, Marko.

        One of the key useful skills for Our Thing to master is local government.

        In the space of 30 years I have seen the political power in my little Rocky Mountain town entirely taken over by a smart and single-minded coterie of lefties. They started out at the bottom; volunteer service on advisory boards on development and code enforcement sorts of things.

        Then they work up one level at a time until they are city council presidents, county commissioners and, in one case, state senator running for the U.S. Congress. (Thank goodness she lost THAT election!)

        The lefties understand and act on the concept of The Long March. The right concentrates its energy on developing and running their own businesses. At least locally, as far as I can see.

        The concept of withdrawing support for the state and moving to our own cantons echos that leftie – rightie difference.

        Going our own way won’t work.

        They will not leave us alone. That is why, if we wish to speak softly and live according to our own preferences, we must carry a big stick.

      • Won’t work. We either put a end to the goodwhites and their billionaire underwriters or we get hunted down and exterminated. Look the goodwhites have made it clear – THEY WANT US DEAD!!!. The same with people like Singer, the Kochs, Styer, the Tech Titans, etc. They are all working to demographically genocide us out of existence.

        We tried being nice with them and all it got us was being further demonized and outright attacked by these peoples. g.

    • Yes, ending those many things so long corrupted like the university system would take generations, which is why it can’t happen. This is why things of this type can only end like bankruptcy, in two parts–slowly and imperceptibly, then all of a sudden.

    • I’ve argued for years that if “ordinary White men” had refused to fly for even a day or two after Bush and his controllers decided we needed a federal force of Laquishas and Habibas to scan and grope White people before they could board a plane, our ‘security’ measures might be different – or even work – and I could countenance flying again. But no one wants to be inconvenienced, even a little bit, even for a little while. No concerted action from Whites, ever, it seems – even when their very survival is at stake.

      • A few weeks ago the Booby tried to get his buddy to come out to a seminal Wexit rally, an important step in creating this new political party. The Booby’s friend (who’s supposedly very passionate about the cause) declined to come because it was his Dungeons and Dragons night. This is a 50 year old grown man.

        Yes. We’re truly f**ked.

    • It’s the White pilots and electricians and engineers that keep the sham of South Africa from complete and utter collapse. If they won’t go Galt, even in the face of their utter annihilation, I don’t know what to suggest. Sorry for the black pill, but I calls them like I sees them.

    • Thank you for (unintentionally?) validating my existence. Since retiring at age 42, I have paid few (income) taxes. It’s the working man that is screwed in the USA. I don’t know if the money will last, but it was a “use it or lose it” choice…so… Churchill may have said “Saving money is a wonderful thing, especially if one’s parents have done it for you.”

  31. If all the “reform” actions are a mere sham, eventually it will provoke a violent reaction. Didn’t John F Kennedy say that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”?

    It is truly sad to watch America go down this path, even if it is necessary

    • The violence doesn’t have to be chaotic and diffuse (e.g. mob violence or general warfare). It is the innocents and conscripts that suffer the most under those circumstances. Rather, a new paradigm is necessary. Focus shall replace chaos. Prune the rot and the tree will grow strong again.

    • And look what happened to him. (FWIW it was Trump that decided not to release all the scheduled docs.)

    • A small note–Jack Kennedy never said anything memorable that somebody didn’t put in his mouth.

  32. A well argued response to some of the disagreements over the last few days. Doesn’t this issue come down to the nature of man? By nature is he morally good, morally corrupt, or amoral? The answer to that question drives everything else.

    • Cap’n;
      Indeed you are right. The Bible is very clear, both Testaments, about the fundamental depravity of man. There is no historical evidence showing that this view is wrong.

      Yet no society can function without a moral code. Even the Progs have one, though it changes from day to day. Machiavelli was excoriated because he said that a Prince ought not have one but yet must fain one that aligns with the people he rules. Amorality only works until the peasants catch on.

      • Yes, there’s a hierarchy of questions that need to be answered before we can effectively debate government and reform. Thomas Jefferson was no Christian but he had a firm grasp of the depravity of man. That, then, allowed him to apply his genius constructively, to good effect for his people.

        As for the Progs, darn right they have a moral code … except theirs is based on amorality – the blank slate. They consider anyone “depraved” who doesn’t agree with them, and their right/wrong determinations are a constantly moving target.

        • I was drinking with a decidedly non-violent, smarter than average prog on the weekend. I tried to explain how the bible was the best example of describing the nature of man that we have…I was asking far too much from him, he was basking in the superior glory of his atheism. based on that, he decided that nothing I said afterwards could be believed. I was describing yellow to a blind man that was the world’s foremost expert on colors.

          • I’ve described myself as a Lutheran Agnostic Catholic Athiest, which pretty much mirrors my so-called spiritual development up to now, my late 50s. Relevant: I’ve read and been exposed to much philosophy. Whether or not one believes the Bible (or any “holy book”) is the 100% true unadulterated word of God, that’s ultimately an unprovable contention that was, is and will be argued and fought over with much bloodshed. Even if stripped of the supernatural (I understand Jefferson did that very thing), the Bible does offer very relevant moral lessons. Whether you think we are fallen creations of a loving creator, or we are three billion years’ worth of very interesting accidents of chemistry, in either case we are seven billion clever apes that need as much guidance and help as possible [grin]

          • The OT gave us a dad; an authoritarian who always backed down because he saw his lost and unbelieving children fuck up and in the process fuck themselves.

            The NT gave us a way out without in any way lightening up on the stern teachings of the OT. But we would have to be merciful and stern.

            The Epistles gave us the inner spirit needed to take up the way ourselves in communion with others.

            It’s the Trinity, I think, laid out in God’s Word, the Bible. Not sure, but it’s been on my mind lately.

          • You were talking to a man who said that Christianity has failed and therefore the entire basis for the western world the past 2000 years was wrong. The only god, therefore, must be science and secular government. And Jesus told us, “Poof! Do I care what kind of government you form? You are idols! All of you!”

            But we turned and walked away because it’s too damn hard to follow him. But he was right and for a while it worked enough to generate different people with a like mindset. You see that sometimes when you go to church. Maybe I should go back.

          • t. Russians;
            Re your Prog conversant discussion: You did right_! ‘There are none so blind who *will* not see’. IOW, we can present The Gospel, and having done so, we did our job. God *alone* can bring repentance and regeneration through His Holy Spirit.

            To paraphrase St Paul, ‘some plant, some water, others harvest’. Who knows if your friend will reconsider and accept Jesus’ free gift of salvation with an open hand. Praying for him is all that’s left for us to do at this point.

        • Correct again. But on the other hand we talk about “Christian” without “Christ.” Real hard core Catholics believe that The Enlightenment fell far short and would lead us to where we are today. They want a holy autocrat, I think. That won’t work either since the autocrat can be flawed. But Christ confounded Nietzsche who thought that Christianity produced men without chests and enablers of weakness. Well, was Christ really God? If so, then everything he told us to do must be true. And if we were real Christians, progs would be in the Stone Age without a clientele.

    • Every time I get upset that things have gone the way they have, I also remind myself that Whites played a big part, perhaps the biggest, in this fiasco. They allowed their countries to be overrun & perverted. Perhaps this era will teach Whites a little more about their nature, and we can learn how to avoid this situation in the future. It may take a rebellion. I’m surprised we don’t have a Yellow Vests thing in America already. Perhaps whites are going to have to do the wandering-tribes thing for the next few centuries until we get our ethnostate(s) back.

      • I think that one reason the Bible does work for so many is that it’s a record of just such a social evolution.

        They were trying to figure out… us.
        Why the Aryans were cohesive, and unstoppable.

        Fractuous, nomadic, polytheistic tribes.
        Sometimes beggars, sometimes raiders, they had to reduce the endless vendettas of a prickly bunch of stiff-necked wanderers, and coalesced into a People capable and clever enough to resist a stronger, more adept culture.

        They formed a clear-eyed calculation of the depravity of some- yet learned to appeal to the innate desire for morality of most. And condensed 600 years of political editorials into numerous illustrations.

        • ******
          Side note- the squabble between atheists and believers is a squabble over different languages of science.

          Religion is an emotive hindbrain language speaking to the study of social issues.

          The primitive science of the ancients was the mechanical frontal cortex trying to elicit the workings of nature’s forms.

          As a modern, I try to separate the two, since they speak to separate concerns: how do we get along vs how do things work.

          The two can be combined, but the primitive models weren’t up to it yet.

          We can have a real religion, backed up by demonstrable science, and recognizing the nature of immaterial Spirit, for our People.

          Not discarding or fetishizing what the earlier thinkers gave us, yet something to satisfy both heart and mind.

  33. Prior to 20th Century consolidation, most cities of any size had multiple papers and it was understood you bought a paper to get a certain point of view. They may have put up a pretense of objectivity after that era, but that is all it was. There was still a subtle intent at manipulation to reach a certain viewpoint, the difference being in the post WWII era it was effective. Look at the number of Boomers who still think Walter Cronkite was an objective straight shooter who didn’t let his personal bias impact his reporting.

    • the recent comment from tom brocaw on his visit to colbert was a pretty good example of a mask slipping. I was too busy laughing to punch the tv (disclaimer, i was not watching the show but a YT clip, which was more than enough)

  34. We don’t need reform. We need separation. Jefferson’s quote applies to a homogeneous nation. Patriots overthrow the tyrants and establish new institutions but, more importantly, a new elite, an elite connected to the people, which is what will make the institutions work.

    Reforming the institutions is a pipe dream and wouldn’t work anyway for the reasons Z lays out. However, simply overthrowing the tyrants won’t work either because the people are no longer a single people but many tribes. The new elite could never be connected to all of the different tribes.

    Our future is not in overthrowing the tyrants of this multi-everything empire but in carving out a place for ourselves, separate and autonomous.

    • Agree. I do not want to live in the same zip code, much less the same country, with Al Green,. Maxine Waters, Meghan McCain, the (((people))) who run the Media and the Banks, and who choose Greta Thundberg as their “Man Of The Year.”

    • Free (fiat) money => the welfare state => soul rotting culture => tribal warfare.

      To quote GoT: “Here a man gets what he earns, when he earns it.”

      • White and Asian welfare states work just fine.

        It is the race of the people, not the constitution or the economic system of the government, that matters. Which isn’t to say that every white government is good, only that biology is a prerequisite for a society in which you’d want to live.

        • Welfare states tend to make people materialistic pussies. People who talk about how Sweden had a functional welfare apparatus because it was White are not looking at the downstream results, which we see today.

          • I agree that whites have a bad tendency towards pathological compassion, which can express itself in large welfare states. We’ve got to find ways to lean and vital.

          • Again – LOL.

            “We’ve got to find ways to lean and vital”.

            Here’s a radical idea on how to become “lean and vital”:

            NO WELFARE STATE.

            You know – like used to exist before white birthrates plummeted.

          • CD – Bismarck’s Germany and pre-WWII England had robust welfare states, robust birthrates and strong healthy White societies.

            The Great Society produced a “welfare hangover” that lolbertarians and neo-cons have banked on ever since, misdirecting White anger against the concept of welfare rather than the actual problems with who benefits and how much.

            Anti-Welfare is the economic and social policy version of what Anti-Islam is to racism – a safe substitute Shlomo allows you to vent your rage and discontent.

            We don’t have to cut off our own people’s noses to spite Others’ faces.

          • Do we think we would even need it Brother if we had a white ethnostate? I tend to think we wouldn’t and what need there was could be filled by the church’s or through our local Communities…I really don’t think it’s an issue that needs to divide us though we can yell at each other after we win about it…I will put this here for anyone which I have used before when someone was debating me about Welfare…

          • Problem is with rah rah capitalism we have today is that they aren’t only anti-white, they anti-middle-class and anti-American. They are willing to cuddle up with monstrous slave states to make a buck.

            So don’t think for a second capitalism works for us – it doesn’t. You either put it on a leash or it a**-rapes us like it’s doing now.

          • “Muh Free Markets” bad does not equal “Infinity Free Shit for Crackers” good.

            There is a balance to be struck here.

          • I’d say Europe’s biggest issue was the addiction to leisure time.

            There was/is no injustice they would not suffer if it meant the six weeks vacation, endless sick time, mental health breaks, light hours when they did work and early retirement kept coming.

            It was largely why they looked the other way when they saw their cities and villages fill up with Islamics and Africans.

            Americans don’t even have that excuse.

          • “Dissident” automatism. If anything is remotely associated with the Left, you must be against it. Europeans have long vacations? No, two weeks max! Sick time? Patriots don’t get sick! Mental health breaks (whatever that means)? Down with mental health! Reasonable working hours? Bring on the 80-hour week, it’s what makes us great. And don’t even think of retiring … you’ll be replaced by a wog!

            Quality of life is not a leftist plot.

          • “Quality of life” is not free either.

            And quality of life for many sectors of US society – which comes at the expense of taxpayers – IS a “leftist plot” because they keep doing it over and over again.

            I could have a pretty good quality of life – and work a lot less – if I wasn’t supporting all manner of free shit for:

            – immigrants
            – inner city blacks
            – Israel
            – endless foreign wars
            – overpaid civil servants
            – bloated government infrastructure
            – massively overpriced healthcare costs


            I see this kind of thing discussed endlessly here as well on other forums. One of the things people never seem to do when they see some high priced government program – is sit down and do some basic math on how much *it’s going to cost them directly*

            After doing this literally dozens of times over the years – I’m pretty sure I could retain my current standard of living – all while working 10-15 hours less each week (let’s call it two full work days per week just to round it off) – if I didn’t have to pay for all manner of shit I don’t want.

            So I agree – it’s a quality of life issue. MY quality of life would drastically improve if I wasn’t being FORCED to support all of the above listed shit – and more.

            Would that mean all sorts of inner city blacks would starve to death – yeah maybe. Maybe they ought get to work then if they want them some ‘quality of life’. Does it mean Israel is going to lose it’s foreign aid – yep. Does it mean millions of people might have to get dumped from the government employment rolls and go find honest work – yep. Does it mean that immigrants can’t just come into the country and end up getting “assistance” – yep.

            But like you said – it’s a quality of life issue. Everybody who’s living on the tit is going to find their quality of life is probably going to go drastically down. I have NO problem with that. MY quality of life however should get a lot better.

          • Excellent post. I say this all the time.

            I had a normie-con family member come visit last month.

            I worded it to him this way- think of all that has been taken from us.

            He was telling me that my nephews son recently got chased down by a group of black guys in a park in the city I grew up in. I explained to him how I used to walk blocks to my unlocked car i that very park when I got done with my waitressing shift (at 2am) for two years at the age of 18 years old. Never a worry, never accosted, approached, nothing ever taken from my car.

            Every minute you spend in traffic in our now overflowing cities- stolen from you. Etc.

            I think it resonated with him.

          • Just went today and paid thousands in property taxes to support all of the Han, Pajeet, Mestizo, and Muslim children in the local schools. We’ve paid that every year, along with the private Christian school tuition to educate our own sons. We need a new roof, a new kitchen faucet, etc., but first we had to pay off the state (in this famous “no income taxes in Texas” crapola).

          • So I agree – it’s a quality of life issue. MY quality of life would drastically improve if I wasn’t being FORCED to support all of the above listed shit – and more.

            Right, Carlsdad. But there’s a wide difference between a welfare state that redistributes income to the useless, irresponsible, and even criminal, versus one that maintains good conditions of life for those who contribute to society.

          • You’re correct.

            A welfare state that redistributes to the useless is the reality I have lived in for my entire 55 years. It’s also a reality in multiple other Western countries. And it’s a reality for multiple levels of government within this country.

            A welfare state that maintains good conditions of life for those who contribute to society is a unicorn-riding fairy tale – that simply can’t seem to exist from what I’ve seen.

            And the people who advocate for a *government run* welfare state also completely deny the reality of this country – which has a solid history of private run charities – that maintained those good conditions of life you’re referring to – for those who contributed.

            Here’s another reality all the welfare state dick lickers can’t seem to wrap their minds around: why do you even need “welfare” – if you support yourself and contribute to your community? You don’t. What you need is some charity – if you ever fall on hard times.

            The examples of welfare states run amuck and destroying the people they were supposed to support – are numerous. The examples of long term welfare state “success” are non-existent.

            Somebody brought up Bismark’s Germany – and England. So where are they now? Both are full of “diversity”. So once again – welfare state failure over the longer run.

          • Grav: 100% Agree. Bragging about muh work ethic, never calling in sick etc… makes guys like Romney & Zuck smile. It’s a sucker’s game.

            Quality of life does matter and pitting American Whites against slave-races desperate to escape their foreign sh*tholes at any cost has been a one-way ratchet to third-world working conditions.

          • European welfare states divorced the individual from reciprocal obligation to the State. This is why they turned out multiple generations of soyboys.

            The exception was Bismarck’s version, circa 1870-1945. That’s a workable version.

            Any welfare state must include reciprocal obligation to function.

          • As a far wiser man once wrote, Murphy can out work Ah Sing, but Ah Sing can under live Murphy. Nothing new under the sun.

          • French productivity is higher than that of the US,

            You are worshipping the false god of GDP.

            Get thee behind me..

        • LOL.

          Sweden was as white of a welfare state as you were ever going to find.

          How well did that work out?

          Welfare state directly equals non replacement rate reproduction levels. Therefore welfare states are suicidal to the people who institute them. Since a welfare state transfers control of the society directly into the hands of the government and the political class – they inevitably see the numbers and at least some of them understand the trajectory of that welfare state over time.

          They therefore enable immigration from without – and since pretty much every Western country is a welfare state of some form at this point – there is NO white countries to draw off excessive population from to replenish the ones who are not reproducing.

          Ergo – it’s inevitable that a “white welfare state” will end up full of brown faces.

          White welfare states = demographic suicide.

          Sometimes I wonder how many people on this forum went to Kirk-Shapiro Troll University.

          • CD: Once again, explain pre-war Germany and England then. Religiosity and culture have a lot more to do with birthrates than welfare.

            By what logic does having more money equal less desire for children? This flies in the face of the “affordable family formation” strategy VDARE and Sailer among others in Our Thing have talked about for years. What about baby-momma welfare queens? Are you saying AFDC had the opposite effect on Whites vs. Dinduishas?

            The libertarian homo economicus view of humanity is myopic and reductionist, leading to kosher-sandwich false dichotomies like “welfare suicide or social darwinism – choose one.”

          • Where are the German and English welfare states now?

            They failed.

            So what are you really arguing for here – a welfare state that lasts just long enough for you to enjoy it – and damn future generations?

            Sorry – but I’m looking for a longer term success than that. And there’s absolutely no evidence that a welfare state of ANY form – will provide it.

        • Line, didn’t we treat Irish and Italians the same way 100 and more years ago? Serious question and not trying to dissent from your comment. This is where I get into trouble when I comment here. What about other factors such as assimilation first, and proper educational ways and means that teach citizens to know the founding principles of their government, our history and economic system? Surely we’ve seen non-whites who fit the bill quite nicely, haven’t we?

          What the bastards (like saying “they”) have given us are things such as bi-lingual education and multi-cultural choice, purposely in order to divide and conquer.

          • Irish & Italians are European Whites and represent the outer fringe of mass populations capable of assimilation. It took a 40-year immigration moratorium to partially assimilate them and they still transformed American politics in many negative ways.

            Scale is key to any question of assimilation. Mass immigration even by Euro populations is transformative. The biological and cultural distance of the immigrants from our own race & culture is equally important – even small numbers of anti-assimilants like Semites, Tribal and Muzzie alike, are socially corrosive. Time is the third factor – multi-generational timelines are required to assimilate even race-culture compatible immigrants in manageable numbers.


          • I probably need to stop commenting here since the things you are talking about, and on which you base your arguments, are unfamiliar to me, like the biodiversity link. This seems to be the entry level belief system needed to live here, but I like most of what the blog writer says about the evil psychopaths who rule us. We never studied biodiversity in school and it’s not well known to many. So when I make a comment, the biodiversity folks must roll their eyes.

            For a statement to be true, it must not have a single counter-example, but for a statement to be false, one counter-example is enough. “Outer fringes of assimilation” means there’s too many Tip O’Neil type Irish and too many Nancy D’Allesandro and Mario Cuomo type Italians, while not enough Sean Hannity’s or (please insert the name of an Italian politician or person of prominence who shares Hannity’s seemingly correct views of being an American. I’m sure there are some, but I cannot think of one at this moment, but you get the picture).

            Now, if we go back to our pre-outer fringe immigrant history, would you be able to tell me names of non-outer fringe European-descended actors who worked towards the demise of our country? Would a Welsh-English Abe Lincoln fit here? He’s neither Italian nor Irish and was here before the wave began, yet many would attribute to him the destruction of the Constitution, i.e., he did not have the stuff of Franklin, Jefferson, or Adams and those whose background rank high on the link you gave showing Henry Cabot-Lodge’s most eminent Americans. Furthermore, there must be many more high on Cabot-Lodge’s list who have also transformed American politics in negative ways. Scottish descendant Alexander Hamilton? He wanted a national bank, we got it, then lost it, but it came back–a negative impact on American politics, perhaps?

            ProUSA’s grandparents are from Sicily. Grandmother stayed in Brooklyn raising a large family while her husband worked on the docks. They didn’t speak a word of English and I don’t even know if they voted, but if they did I would imagine they voted for Democrats. A few of their children, my uncles and aunts, were successful in business and talked like Republicans around the St. Joseph’s Feast table, while others didn’t but then did after they made more money.

            Is it possible, Exile, that we can do better by trying to convert people locally rather than segregating from them? There’s too many of them and I’m a “them” based on your description. Yet I am close to moving to a cold place where my skin color qualifies, even though I am not an official member of the biodiversity group, and would likely fail an IQ test to gain entrance.

            While commenting on this thread I discovered that I drifted away from what others were arguing for, like “reform and race,” and towards a higher principle, Christian community, that even those perfectly descended Founding Fathers were grounded in: the idea that the society needed a virtuous citizen, which may imply that people needed to hold and practice the Christian faith. Would the biodiversity crowd ever even consider that? I’ve seen blacks, browns, yellows, and Jews who are good and decent community members because of their faith in a higher being and the principles that flow to us from that belief. Politics is downstream from faith and values; good and bad politics are from good and bad people more than from where they come from–yes or no?

            I was at Costco in the membership line yesterday and a Latina was behind me and seemed agitated by the wait, so I let her move in front of me and she was grateful and we talked. I asked where she was from, meaning what city, and she said Mexico originally, but now lives in town. And I said I was getting ready to move. She said she wished she could move because of “the illegals who are making life more unbearable by raising her family’s cost of living…”

            Thanks for always taking the time to converse rather than label and move on.

    • I am a great admirer of Switzerland. That country knows how to properly be united & divided at the same time. Now I have no hope that our rulers will go the way of the Swiss – we are an imperial power after all – but theirs is a model to adopt, should we ever get the chance. If the hispanics want to reconquista the Southwest, fine. Let them have their canton with barrios and trash everywhere. The Germanic whites get the Plains & Midwest. The British-Irish-African get the South. Etc. etc. Not quite separation, but something to think about.

      • That would be a good solution. A loose confederation of mostly autonomous states. Controlled (rather than forced) migration – i.e. encouraging Hispanics in the Midwest to move to the Southwest while allowing only whites from other areas to move the Midwest, etc. – could help as well.

        But I doubt such a sane, humane split will happen. It’d be nice if we had a break-up similar to Czechoslovakia, but it’ll probably be more like Yugoslavia. Or no break-up at all, just Brazil on the way to Rhodesia.

      • Agree, but. The Swiss model does not suggest large regions of separation, but small ones. Even our fifty states are nowhere near enough to provide separation as we see that even the states have come to ape the federal government over time. The Swiss system is county sovereignty and that is surely required as the basic building block for the evolution of actual progress and order–whatever shape it is that federal takes in the future. County to state to federal in descending order. County government will have the right to grant citizenship or deny it, rules of suffrage, and assume the majority of taxing power of each resident.
        Even the Swiss are backsliding since females gained, county by county, the right to vote. It’s liberty if you can keep it.

        • The states don’t “ape” the Federal government – they’ve been forced to become regional administration regions of the Federal government thru the application of carrot and stick punishment using Federal money.

          The only way you get the separation that gets discussed here endlessly is the abolition of wealth redistribution at the Federal level.

      • I will cut in here, respectfully, and say the thread is veering toward reform, which Z masterfully shot down.

    • Our government is not of the people, not by the people, and not for the people.

      Even in terms of shitlib high-school textbook clichés, we’re a failed state, LOL.

    • One of the problems here is that identity doesn’t stop at white. A lot of these groups, if not the majority of them, got started by various white ethnic groups. Before it was Haitians, Jews and Mexicans, it was Irish, Italians and Pollocks. Ethnic advocacy groups have existed in the US in both and formal and informal levels for over a hundred years, probably even more. The original sin was allowing non-British, really non-English people into the US. It set the stage and made it almost inevitable.
      In fact, I was reading a book called The Philadelphia Negro a couple of years ago. It was an eye opener. The Quakers were the Jews of their day, especially when it comes to blacks. They were failing at doing the same thing with blacks back then (we’re talking before America existed as a country) as we fail with blacks today. Quakers would front money to try to make blacks a church going people, but as today, Africa prevailed.

      • The separation can take any number of forms. I’m not advocating for some pan-White Nationalism and/or pan-White community. I use the term “white” as a catch-all, but certainly, I could see various white tribes based on ethnicity, geography or both arise and build their own communities.

      • The Quakers and the Mennonites. They get their thing going, and then they try to export it onto others. They are similar to the Amish in some ways, but the Amish are smart enough to keep it in the family and in the community, and everything works a whole lot better for everyone.

    • You realize just about every city is infested with white progtards and cloud people and they will have to be dealt with. Same with the Orcs.

      Then comes the logistics – water, power grid. power plants, raw resouces to fuel said power plants, food. Oil refineries needed to produce gasoline and other petroluem by products needed. Factories to produce goods..

      Point is it’s not as easy people think to set up a new country.

      • After (not during, but after) WWII, around 15 million Germans were forced to move out of Eastern Europe to Germany and Austria. Between 500,000 and 2 million died from disease and retribution killings.

        Let’s see, there were around 70 million Germans at the time, so around 20% of them were forced to move and ~1 to 2.5 percent died. The United States is 320 million, so under similar circumstances, around 65 million people would be forced to move and between 3.2 and 8.0 million would die for various reasons.

        And that’s probably a good case scenario. My point is that the logistics would be the least of our problems.

        • The progtards have largely packed themselves into cities.

          That makes the separation reasonably straightforward.

          Running away to some red Galt’s Gulch in the middle of the country – where you will be surrounded by your enemies is strategically retarded. There are no land-locked powerful countries that I know of. To really be a successful country – you need to have access to the sea. And it can’t be ice-blocked many months out of the year.

          The Russians should be able to give some lessons on this.

          Instead of running – kick out the blue hordes. As previously mentioned – they’ve in large numbers concentrated themselves into cities. That makes the solution one that’s easy to imagine: kick the cities out. Tell them that they’re on their own. They can go form their own city-state or whatever. But they’ll no longer be able to be parasitical entities that are attached to the rural and suburban areas politically and economically – and kept alive thru that connection.

          I keep seeing progtards proclaiming that the cities are the engines of the economy and where all of the wealth comes from. Now they get to prove it.

          Why give up the country to them? – kick them out.

          • Spinning the cities off as free states is one of the mid-long-term solutions, but we’re in no position to do that yet. The “red Galt’s Gulch” solution you deride isn’t a permanent self-exile or retreat, it’s a gathering of our forces and a base from which to organize. It’s the practical bridge between saying “kick them out” and being able to actually do it.

          • @Exile
            I don’t understand if people are being obtuse or what when they don’t understand the concept of building Communities… Something that will be talked about when that time comes…

          • Lineman,

            Exactly. I didn’t mean to start some argument about what the future will look like. No one knows that. Forgot big plans about how to carve up the world after the great civil war. Focus on the simple things like joining groups, looking for others like us, etc.

            Our big goals right now are recruiting new members and forming very small groups of people that we can trust. When we get that accomplished, we can figure out the next best move.

          • CSC and Lineman,
            Our side needs constant reminders of what to put off and what to put on. Start by rejecting the controlling tools that we pay to have in our home, and the companies that long for your destruction. Then embrace behaviors and companies that are, at the least, neutral in this fight.
            Take every thought captive and realize the advertising and media machine spend hundreds of billion shares of dollars to influence during every waking hour.

            See clearly first. Make the decision to change the little things all around you. Mentally you’ll discover greater freedom to make better decisions that scale, like building enclaves, relocating, etc.

          • Again – LOL.

            You’re planning some sort of long term solution – when you can’t even make progress on a 4 year election cycle?

            You’re dealing in fantasy land bullshit. It’s never going to happen – and even if you can somehow out-Free State the Free Staters and get a bunch of white people to move to your red state redoubt and make that successful – the chances of long term success are slim to none.

            Like I already said: you’re advocating for making your stand in a land locked state. That’s a solid recipe for a hard fail.

          • Strategy and Tactics – two different things. Exile & CSC responses are spot-on in the tactical realm. It’s an “advance to the rear” tactic to consolidate, organize and prepare. Strategically we should be weighing areas to hold long-term, i.e. deep-water ports.

    • “Border Network for Human Rights, an immigration-rights organization”

      Found their website and who’s funding this treasonous activity to open our borders:

      Scroll down. “Open Society Foundations”. Ahem.

      As usual, it’s a laundry list of tax deductible foundations… which means our enemies are getting a giant tax writeoff as a reward for intentionally fucking us over. That is — the federal government is literally paying them to file lawsuits against itself!

      Most are secular, but the list included one completely cucked religious group, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. This should be a red flag for any of you who are practicing Catholics — are you indirectly funding this nonsense (taking into account that money is fungible)?

      • The Stratosphere economy, the Cloud people.

        We’re seeing our civilization bifurcate into separate nations– but because of numbers, the territory is strata, not land.

  35. Well here we go… Lindsey Graham, who was involved in the Ukrainian grift job along with his old buddy McCain, is leading the white-wash. Intends to call no witnesses in the Senate trial. Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity – because it would expose their own corruption.

    • Drake;
      But Miss Linsey may not have the last word. Leverage’s why Rudy G is/was investigating in Ukraine, IMHO. The Ukrainians have *got* to be getting tired of being pillaged, even though it’s (mostly) not their money. But it *could* be.* So I’d bet that whatever ‘goods’ there are, Rudy G’s got ’em. But we may not see them. As a wise man once said, ‘The point of the Sword of Damocles is that it dangles. Once it falls, its usefulness is over.’

      Lots of moving parts. If Miss Lindsey and The Turtle knife P Trump too soon they risk being primaried. And they’ll need his help come Nov. 2020. But if they move too slowly their fingerprints on the cookie jar could well stand out (or be outed).

      San-Fran Nan’s got some Ukraine kid jeopardy too. Likewise Romney. So this also *might* be a smoke signal to San-Fran Nan of a quid pro quo if she pulls the vote off the floor. After all, she can just say that she’s counted noses and is not sure it’d pass with nobody being able to prove her wrong.

      The Turtle has China exposure too.** My bet is that P Trump calls. Oh wait, in a way, he already has. In any event, it looks like somebody’s miscalculating. Interesting times.
      *The Ukrainians could well be betting that their usefulness as a check on Putin’s ambitions would be enough to keep the spice flowing. Best short (not original to me) explanation: ‘Without Ukraine, Russia is basically Canada. With Ukraine, Russia is the US. ‘
      ** You have to admire The Turtle’s animal cunning. He’s kept the kleptocrats mostly happy by hobbling P Trump’s initiatives and he’s done juuust enough with the judges to make MAGA folks think twice about removing him.

      • Thought provoking analysis, but who the F is the Turtle? Can we please dispense with the cutesy names and simply write like men entitled to criticize our government’s representatives and their policies? Seriously, who is the Turtle? Please reply.

        • The turtle is Mitch McConnell, aka “Cocaine Mitch”. Not knowing the code can be really frustrating, I’ve been there.

        • You are right. I looked up “muh” and gave up trying to get a handle on it. We are making up more new words exponentially and I am really getting tired of the destruction of our language.

          • “Muh” is ebonics for “my”. As in “muh dik, muh coochi, Eff YT” – the boiled down essence of every rap song.

        • Maus;
          My apologies. Guys below are right, it’s Senate Leader Mitch McConnell from KY. I guess we should adopt what used to standard protocol (at least in the military): Potentially obscure references out to be explained when first inserted in a text by a short following parenthetical explanation.

          Example: TLA (three letter acronyms) need to be defined when first used.

          • Thank you. And I second your suggestion about a parenthetical following first use of acronyms, initialisms etc. I’ve got nothing against humor, but I also like clarity. I am reliably informed that satire means Swift did not want the Irish to eat babies in lieu of potatoes.

      • I hope you are right. Graham is the ultimate cuck. He talks like a ganster, then runs away like a little girl when the time comes to do gangster shit.

        • Drake;
          Agree re Miss Lindsey. That’s why (I hope) you’ll have better luck relying on fear than on principle, whatever that word means to half the Senate

  36. In regard tho to the Jefferson quote. Do you think the demographic shift will lend enough patriots to refresh the tree of liberty or will it end up being the “giving tree” until it falls over from rot?

    • In regard tho to the Jefferson quote. Do you think thedemographic shift will lend enough patriots to refresh the tree of liberty or will it end up being the “giving tree” until it falls over from rot?


    • I wonder if the current fad of calling everything “hate speech” in an attempt to marginalize and unperson the one speaking it is a frank admission from the Cloud People that if the peons are allowed to talk openly it will inevitably lead to refreshing the tree of liberty again. Scaring people into submission is an old ploy, but it has never worked well in the long term.

    • I wonder something similar, Chaz.

      The nation that was thirsty for blood of patriots and tyrants has already died. Starved.

      What remains is a vampire state that has learned to live off of lethargy and leverage; where those who still believe in ‘our nation’ are trading their dreams for hot ashes, while the future fruits of that giving tree are being used to purchase servitude from invaders and grifters.

      The Jefferson notion of the tree of liberty requires the duality of the patriot.

      A patriot is one who will fight to preserve his nation, but at the same time he is one that will fight to preserve his individual liberty from the tyrants who reign over that very nation.

      It is necessary for him to be both a creator and a destroyer.

      His challenge is to know when to be which, and to have the courage to destroy when that is what is required.

      I think the question is not just one of enough patriots, but also of the kind of patriots; of the mettle, the courage.

      Will men burn their crops to save those of their neighbor?

      Jefferson understood that the system cannot self-inoculate against the virus of man’s corrupt nature. Tyranny will come. The question is not if, but when.

      And when it comes, it the blood of tyrants must be spilled. The blood of patriots is only nourishing when mixed with that of the tyrant.

      The tree of liberty cannot survive on the blood of patriots alone. The fertilizer must be balanced with the blood of tyrants or else the tree will burn.

      For far too long we have sent patriots to color the soil of distant lands crimson while our own nation has slipped into the hands of this inevitable enemy of liberty.

      We are not short on the courage to fight and die for what we believe to be ours.

      But do we have the courage to accept that the giving tree is not ours, but instead a creation of the vampire? A mutant, invasive species spawned from our own greed and apathy?

      We are short on the courage to destroy the giving tree. To endure the proximity of a fight in our own kitchens, let alone the imperial city. To spill the blood of a tyrant that looks like us, that lives next door, that signs our cheques.

      The question of this courage is what worries me.

      The demographic war has created an army of invaders whose loyalty is only to that sapling’s future bounty. They are already fighting among themselves over next years harvest.

      The mercenary armies go home or go quiet when the purse is sewn shut.

      We must not allow the fight to be between patriots and invaders, but instead the knife needs to find the throats of the tyrants and their keepers of the purse.

      This means the patriots will need to divorce themselves from that purse in advance. This means the first battle is that of building a community.

      • Well said Brother I’m glad someone else is onboard with building Community…So many want to burn it all down without having anything built to replace it which is insanity in my opinion…

    • I think watching what happens in Virginia in regards to counties telling the state to go screw itself in regards to their latest anti gun legislation is a good bellweather on how things could go.

      Willing to bet that all of the counties that are saying “go screw” – are heavily white. While the areas agreeing with Richmond in their anti-gun legislation – are not.

      From what I’ve been reading , in at least county the Sheriff deputized everybody who wanted to retain their assault weapon ownership. In other counties there are serious men talking about resurrecting a REAL militia.

      You may get an answer to your “lend enough patriots to refresh the tree of liberty” question shortly.

      • And we better be ready to lend a hand if needed because they will get to us eventually if we don’t..

  37. “The whole point of these distractions is to keep the public from noticing that after every election, the same people remain in charge and the polices never change.”

    One of the greatest examples of this (for me) was seeing John “Bomb the world” Bolton end up in Trump’s cabinet.

    • I have to admit I enjoyed watching Trump hire him, slap him around and insult him to his mustache, then fire him.

      • It would have been much better to have a competent patriot promoting sound America First policies in that position. Pulling every U.S. troop out of Afghanistan is something Trump should have had done by April 2017 at the latest. This would have bought him a lot of goodwill with voters. Yet, because he filled his administration with clowns like Bolton it is impossible. If Trump treated the job seriously instead like a TV show who knows what he could have accomplished.

        • Barnard;
          A lot of folks are ignoring the daunting operational difficulties of getting all the troops out of Afghanistan. It will require tacit approval of the Taliban and either a road-to-rail movement North of at least several weeks though Putin-controlled territory or a road-to-sea movement S of similar duration through Pakistani-controlled territory. Both are nuclear powers and so can demand a high price.

          A fighting retreat would likely require a couple of additional divisions to hold the Taliban at bay and to keep the roads open long enough. Plus destroying the Paki nuclear arsenal by surprise attack. It would likely involve a massacre of over-eager Afghans, pissed off Paki’s or our troops, maybe all of the above. So that option too is fraught with peril.

          So there are a lot of reasons why everybody who promised to get out changed their minds. Sucks, but there it is.

        • When Trump suggested a withdraw the entire defense establishment and Senate ganged up on him and essentially said “hell no!!”

          The same happened in Syria, he tried it and the Senate and DoD went totally nuts and forced him to keep forces in Syria.

          Point is our country’s foreign policy is run by a bunch of swamp creatures and lunatic senators who cannot be overridden.

          • Trump went from wanting to withdraw from Syria to building a permanent base there, stealing their oil, and imposing sanctions on them. When did Syria attack us? When did congress authorize this? Meanwhile we continue to support the Saudis. It’s übergefucked (yeah, I just made that up).

          • Rwc;
            I agree with your last paragraph. But *sometimes* they’re not wrong, even if their logic sucks and their motives are suspect (and both of these are true). My ill-formed assessment of available courses of action to exit Afghanistan could well be wrong. But that doesn’t make the difficulties go away. My only point is that each situation needs to be looked at independently with clear eyes.

            Afghanistan is a very different geopolitical situation than Syria. Syria could be exited ‘relatively’ easily.* Afghanistan, no. Oh, and because of our extensive WW commitments today, exiting Syria right now requires Turkey’s cooperation.

            As added proof of your assertion of swamper stupidity, the loons in the Senate actually wanted to take on Turkey in defense of Commie Kurds. Would have made any future withdrawal nearly impossible.

            *The* mistake re Afghanistan was in not recognizing the great geopolitical difficulties and hand-waiving any and all concerns away by just assuming that Afghani’s (and Iraqi’s) could be turned in German Social Democrats if guided by our Cloud-infused State Dept.

            Still, Afghanistan’s elite *had* to be punished for 9/11. Should’ve been an Imperial Punitive Expedition, IMHO. Too late now: Only bad options are available
            * Interestingly, taking over a hostile Syria was the war-game for our Staff College class. In the early ’80s, the ‘school solution’ was that it would take *only* 1 Marine and 2 – 3 Army divisions plus 3 Navy carrier air groups. Oh and Reforger had to be run into Germany simultaneously to deter the USSR from mischief in Europe, taking up all the Air Force airlift capacity, temporarily. It was supposed to be over in 2 – 3 weeks. BTW, we have no such uncommitted excess military capacity today – a good reason to pull in our widespread garrisons, but carefully.

          • Maybe the military brass thought about Elphinstone’s retreat from Kabul and convinced Trump withdrawal might have its complications.

      • I suspect from the constant calls to “love Israel more” that Trump is trolling us, bigly.

        What else can he do? Oddly enough, it’s working like nothing else ever before.

        The masks and hypnosis are dropping, and dropping fast.

    • “… the same people remain in charge and the polices never change.”

      This is the very essence of the failure of democratic forms of governance in a multicultural society. The ‘people in charge’ that we elect are NOT the ones designing the social, political, and economic order in which we live. They are servants to the people actually in charge and when their elected servants fail to satisfy the people, the servants get replaced and sent away with a golden parachute. Rinse and repeat as necessary. There is NEVER accountability for failure with those actually making the decisions. Multicultural democracy is fake democracy: rule by oligarchs every damn time. Multiculturalism and open-immigration into the West is all about the oligarchs importing the divide for ‘divide and rule’.

      That is why I am so happy that Bloomberg is running. The whores of the globalist oligarchs are not getting the job done, so one of the oligarchs themselves is having to step up to the plate to keep the doomed ship USS America straight on course for the iceberg. A Trump vs Bloomberg race would be be highly entertaining. primary: Bloomberg, general: Trump

    • The “Community” is on full display today. Watch them in action at the “Horowitz IG Hearing.” A farce. A joke. A separate reality.

    • For me it was Pompeo and his open and vocal contempt for candidate Trump. Everyone Pompeo hired at State was opposed to candidate Trump’s policies.

    • Burke wrote that “It is very rare for men to be wrong in their feelings concerning public misconduct; as rare to be right in their speculations upon the cause of it” which, given universal suffrage, provides the clever class a playground for unlimited mischief. Democracy is not your friend. {{{Our democracy}}} is their friend.

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