Right-Wing Cosmopolitanism

The British election offers a good opportunity to see the detachment of official conservatism from the people they pretend to represent. Most of the conservative chattering class was quietly hopeful of a Labour Party victory. They would be justified in opposing what they sneeringly refer to as populism. Boris Johnson is a boorish loudmouth, who has an uncanny appeal with working class people, despite being a man of privilege. He’s the sort of guy conservatives think should not exist.

What baffles conservatives about Boris and Trump is that neither man goes in for the dorm room libertarianism that has come to define conservatism. They proudly talk about spending money on things like infrastructure projects and government services. They think the government should make the lives of the citizens better. The economy, as far as they are concerned, is about serving the people, a concept so alien to modern conservatives they confuse it with socialism.

Of course, what baffles conservatives most about these types of politicians is they don’t seem to care very much for the cosmopolitan types, who decorate the salons of modern conservatism. Johnson won on the strength of his appeal the sort of native Britain, who no longer goes to London, because London is full of foreigners now. Similarly, Trump won on his appeal to whites in flyover country, who worry that their country is being turned into Brazil. Conservatives are baffled by this.

So much so, they just assume it is an illusion. Andrew Stuttaford, writing in National Review recognizes the facts of Johnson’s victory, but then says, “If the Conservatives are to repeat last night’s success in the next general election (currently scheduled for 2024) they will want to claw back some of those London voters.” In other words, despite the results, he remains convinced that the path to victory is chasing the non-white cosmopolitan vote in the cosmopolitan areas.

This is the same psychosis we have seen in America with conservatives. They demand the GOP bankrupt itself chasing a few black votes, at the expense of the vast number of white votes it can easily gain. It is a form of Stockholm syndrome. Conservatives have been captured by the Left for so long, they have now completely internalized the morality of the Left, to the point where it is natural for them. They just assume one sacred black vote is worth more than every single white vote.

Of course, people in cults cannot process disconfirmation, so they look for ways to explain the contrary results within the context of their beliefs. Quickly after the results were known, the so-called conservatives blamed the results on the antisemitism of Jeremy Corbyn. Also in National Review, Michael Brendan Dougherty claims “Under Corbyn’s watch, Labour became a party in which anti-Semitism started to have free rein.” Yeah, that’s what caused millions to vote Tory.

Not to be outdone, the neocons are blaming magic miasmas that brought with them a foul odor of socialism. The Trotskyites at Bill Kristol’s new Persia-based outlet are blaming it on their old enemies in the party. Charlie Sykes writes, “And make no mistake about it, Corbyn’s Labour party platform was a progressive, democratic-socialist fever dream.” You see, according to these guys, Brexit and nationalism are wildly unpopular, but the scary socialisms is even more unpopular.

Another point here is that the so-called conservatives were completely taken in by the last-minute campaign by the mass media to claim the election was tight. One reason is they really wanted to believe it. Another reason, a more important one, is that they always trust the Left. They instinctively trust the left-wing media, despite having been lied to so often. It’s not an institutional trust or a desire for it, but a natural comfort for the sorts of people who control the left-wing media.

That is because conservatism in the English-speaking countries has become nothing more than right-wing cosmopolitanism. These are people who live in cities as strangers to everyone around them. Community is not based on history or tradition, but in a shared ideology. Ben Shapiro made this clear when he said “And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called “browning of America.” Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” This is the essence of cosmopolitanism.

It’s also not conservative. The reason conservatism exists is people naturally attach to their kin, their land and their traditions. This is the bulwark against radicalism, which seeks to replace normal human relations with ideological ones. Most people, as the saying goes, are conservative about what they know best. That means in the English -speaking world, most people are naturally conservative. It is this vast majority of whites that is now alien to the cosmopolitan conservatives.

This is why the first project of an authentic alternative is to claw back the mantle of conservatism from the cosmopolitans. Let them drift back to their kind in the party, to wrangle over false consciousness and the finer points of ideology. The authentic alternative to this is not a slightly different ideology, but the rejection of ideology as the foundation of politics. In order for there to be a genuine alternative politics, the cosmopolitan conservatives must first be driven from the temple.

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186 thoughts on “Right-Wing Cosmopolitanism

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  2. For me, the big takeaway from this election is not Brexit but the Issue That Dare Not Speak it’s Name. I’m taking about the demographics – that thing that nobody in Britain dare even notice let alone discuss.

    But, if you look at an electoral map of the UK, its screaming at you. All the big city/urban centres went for the Labour Party plus a few university towns, i.e. the vibrancy plus students.

    However, nearly all of the white middle and working class constituencies broke for Johnson. Many of them are (or were) safe Labour seats and, in some cases, had never returned a Conservative to parliament before last week.

    Funny thing is, though, it’s the lefties that get it. Since Friday they’ve been hammering away on social media calling the entire nation “racist, nazi, bigoted vermin”. It’s quite glorious to behold.

  3. Instead of the hard and unseen work, NWL cat ladies get to play dress up, buy nice clothes, and work in cool offices.

    Women- not just moms- don’t get to be seen, or commiserate, or share tips on the often disappointing work of family-neighborhood.

    Modernity has devalued not only the labor of men, but of women as well.

    Millions have no meaningful recognition of what they do. We are cold, isolated, and disconnected. We need to bring back fish markets.

    • As for the NWLs, the “community” they defend is not their own, and isn’t real. It’s more dress-up.

      Women don’t defend territory.
      They run and find a man when they see an invader.

      Our cat ladies, with naught to do, have been given cool dress-up jobs preventing the men from defending real society.

      Real society is: men build it, and women hold it together.

      That’s what HR compliance lawfare is designed to prevent- men defending this ummah of natural neighborhoods.

      • Instead of avidly eying other women’s clotheslines to see who’s sheets are the whitest, our HR cat ladies have been repurposed to watch who’s laundry is unapproved.

        When everybody “needs” full-time paid employment, one half of society will get paid for watching the other half.

        We have corporate HR Stasi mandated by judicial Party Stasi. All our social capital now swills upwards, not spread out.

  4. If you don’t care about people but only about ideology, you are saying ideas are more important than humans. If you are hermit living alone with your stamp collection or train tables or whatever, that probably means you are autistic. But if you are sociable, it means you are a psychopath.

  5. Amen. Fuck City People. Every moment of their lives is dependent on the outside world, yet they shout and yap with mad conviction, get ready to fight and eat each other when the Jews pull the plug on this bankrupt, corrupt and decadent country. That was the plan all along, bankrupt us, corrupt us, feed us lies and shit on the TV. Follow your heart, Fuck the Herd.

  6. I could say so much here but in the end its pretty simple, the majority of us Love being British and slow as we are British we shall remain, London has not been British for 30 years now.

  7. Isn’t it odd that Irish-American M.B. Dougherty is so concerned with antisemitism? Its almost like someone is PAYING him to be “Concerned”. BTW, everything by Andrew Sullivan should come with a warning label: “Warning: Author flip-flops on every issue and speaks out of two sides of his mouth, EXCEPT on Jews, Israel, and Gays. Viewer discretion is advised.”

  8. Why I loathe wee Benny: part infinity. “. . .Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” In that tweet Shapiro deliberately ignored immigration law from the Founding up until 1965. To this day, the one thing immigration law has never done is consider “Ideology.” Nope.
    Can’t screen for that! That how we got the San Benadino shooters, and the Tsarnaevs, etc. . . .

    • That would be an interesting question to ask Benny during a Q&A. “Benny, you said ‘Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.’ Would you support an ideological test for immigrants?”

      • He would just say “yes”, it would be an applause line, and that would be the end of it. Of course he would leave out the fact that his fellow tribesmen would be offering pro bono test prep for said ideological test, just like they coach “refugees” on what magic words they have to say to get in.

        • I actually think he’d say no, contradicting himself, because “freedom of thought.” And hand-wave “Ideology is important, but part of our Judeo-Christian ideology is that we are an open society that is accepting of everyone in the marketplace of ideas (except you, racist Goy).”

  9. Elites, regardless of their political orientation are elitists; they truly believe they are superior in every way to ordinary folks, the unwashed masses.

    “Conservative” elites just like leftist, progressive, Stalinist elites (e.g., democrat party members) feel compelled to direct the show and the only difference betwixt the two is that leftists will easily and readily utilize all methods to achieve this goal , including mass murder and exterminations, whereas conservatives will not pursue that path (at least in the USA or other advanced western representative democracies.)

    So, in this latter regard, conservative elites have some actual moral fiber that puts a limit on their actions.
    Leftists have no such limits; after all they are perusing policies for “our own good,”

    The British TV series Poldark , which takes place in about the 1790’s UK , ( well before a guy named Karl Marx was born) in one of their episodes illustrated the elitist mind-set when a hi-fallutin member of society and House of Commons (or was is Lords?) lectured the upstart commoner, Poldark, that it was incumbent upon the ruling classes (i.e., the elites) to rule because the “lower” classes did not have the intelligence, education, moral fiber, wealth, you name it…. ….to rule or even to participate in ruling a nation.
    After all, the masses couldn’t even conduct their own lives and affairs in an “appropriate” manner, so how could they be expected to govern a nation?
    Of course, in those days all ruling class members were “conservative.”

    One can always differ, as conservatives, what should be the proper role of govt.

    For Stalinist’s (i.e., progressives, democrats) no differences exist as to the proper role of govt, for their political theology demands an Orewllian 1984 society in which everybody (excepting the ruling elites) conforms to The Borg.
    And if the masses resist, and they always do, well, then all means must be utilized to compel the masses to conform.

  10. “The Trotskyites at Bill Kristol’s new Persia-based outlet” Persians infiltrating the Right? Who was that guy along side Spencer, with all those contacts with spooks, both human and otherwise? Look for Bill to start running pieces on pyramid power and German Idealism.

    • I forget the guy’s name, but the guy bankrolling Kristol’s operation is Iranian. Bill probably promised him the same treatment they gave Cyrus the Great.

      I forgot about Spencer’s Paranormal Persian savior.

      • Daniel 5-24 “God sent the hand that wrote on the wall, and this is what is written: mene, teqel, and peres.”

        Yup. Suckin up since ancient times.

  11. They simply don’t believe they’re right and don’t believe it matters. The institutional right sold out on practicality and power years ago and had nothing else to sell but their souls. Now that that’s done, let them burn.

    • Yep. that’s what happened in CA. The CA GOP sold out in the end. They embraced Globo-homo in the form Carly Fiorina and Meh Whitman and the party never recovered. Brown should have never been elected but the GOP went out of it’s way to rum a horrible candidate that had no appeal.

      Hell, prior to Trump the National GOP was already dead. McConnell and Ryan already had a slew of legislation ready for Hillary to sign including Amnesty and TPP. That’s how far gone the GOP is. When Trump took over, McConnell bottled up over 200 pieces of House GOP legislation to keep Trump from having any legislative success.

      The GOP needs to die along with it’s supporters.

      • It was Reagan. Reagan’s amnesty was the first domino. Between 1986 and 2000 there were seven amnesties. They just stopped enforcing the law. 9/11 was the result. We’ll be paying for that forever. (And no enforcement, either.)

  12. What will drive Dan Crenshaw from the temple? It’ll be a socialist Latina in a rapidly browning Houston metro area. Guess what Dan? I already saw the movie in 1980s LA, I know how it ends. We’re about to have a lot of these material socialistic Latinas in Congress. As the demographic tidal wave rips through the country, these people will fall by the wayside. this is what fascinates me about the Republican party. Even in the 90s I was saying to myself, well, these old boomers just need to disappear, and the younger crowd will remake the party into something relevant. It’s like the boomers hand picked the small sliver of younger generations who parrot exactly what they say. So there’s no growth at all. Perpetually 1986 in GOP land. Like the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. That party really needs to me mowed down.

    • Crenshaw’s district is only R+2, which makes it only 2% more Republican than the country as a whole.

      Democrats flipped plenty of those seats in 2018, yet Zioclops got a free pass and will again in 2020. It’s almost as if he serves their interests more by being there!

      • He’s useful until he’s not. He’ll be gone soon. Maybe not this round. He needs just enough Hannity watching boomers on oxygen generators to win. Not the only one by any means. So many of these GOP guys are depending on Boomers sitting on their rascals. They used this country like a dish rag, and now they’re slipping into their graves as we have to deal with the consequences.

      • And dont worry. That latino 80% that vote against you will probably only be 79% against you next election. The tide us turning!!!! They are seeing the light!!!!

  13. AMERICANS: We, the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

    JEWS: And also, Jews!

    AMERICANS (sigh): Argh, fine, also Jews. What could go wrong?

    (SMASH CUT TO: Two hundred years of rent-seeking, scheming, plotting, nepotism, treachery and subversion later…)

    AMERICANS: God dammit, this place is a mess! We’re $20 trillion in debt, we’re up to our chins in sh!t-colored invading monkeymen, we’re stuck in pointless wars all over the place, none of our kids can get into the colleges we built for ourselves, and half of us are addicted to opium! Jewstein! What do you have to say about all this?!?

    JEWSTEIN: Sorry, can’t hear you, I’m busy booking my plane ticket to China…

    • “plane ticket to China”

      So there’s this Chinese folk story about creating a monster by putting all manner of venomous creatures (serpent, scorpion, spider, etc) into a big jar and burying that jar for a few weeks.Then you dig up the jar, and the survivor (which has eaten its “cell mates”) is the nastiest, meanest, most vicious creature that you then sic on your enemy.

      I dunno why I mentioned that. It is a headscratcher and puzzlement. Must be going senile. Can’t possibly have anything to do with Jews vs Chinese. Two relatively high-IQ groups with continuous identities stretching back millennia, who are incredibly chauvinistic and consider all others not of their group as less than human … hmmmm. What could possibly go wrong? I’m sure all will go well and they will become the bestest of friends. Evar!

  14. I don’t think the cosmo-conservatives need to be driven from the temple. We just need to provide a more appealing way to spend your energy than listening to the ‘priests’. I due time, the temple will be rubble. Termites destroy way more houses than bulldozers.

  15. The conundrum for those of us who live away from or are trying to step away from the right-wing cosmopolitanism, is that it demands a race-aware return to families, communities, child bearing and child raising. White women hear the footsteps of all of this in the background, but they have been trained and schooled to ignore it in favor of ”empowerment” and such things, translating to workplace quotas, equality in all things, and “independence”, especially financial independence (which typically entails some version of inheritance, divorce proceeds, or marrying money). They have lost the language and concept of traditional family formation. Even the Hallmark channel, as close to traditional as exists in the mainstream, is not about families. It is about unconnected women finding that hunk of a man who can split wood and provide her with a cozy country home.

    For we men, even trying to have the conversation, when the women are defensive and have lost the language of “family”, means that going there is essentially a non-starter. Especially for the 80% of us who are not the handsome ones, MGTOW becomes the alternative.

    It is now a “chicken or egg” conundrum, as we have lost the context and language by which the conversation can be had. Japan and Europe have lost the thread in their own places as well, in their own ways. Then you have Latin America, where the men ship out and send money back home. The only broadly practiced family formation and support is, ironically, in the Muslim places, where the point of it, for many mothers, is to send their sons off to battle.

    • Dutch,

      As I’ve said before, I’m good at seeing patterns but lousy at connecting the why’s. Almost all of the younger men returning from the Wars seem to start families (real ones with actual little humans popping out of mom instead of “furry children”). At least in my observations, they are marrying and producing offspring at a far greater rate than others their age.

      If this is a correct observation I’m not clear on the why. Is it because they’ve tasted mortality vs. their peers worrying about the latest gadget? Started adulthood earlier vs. stagnating in fake college-world? Got a jump on entering a wage-earning work world? They tend to come from more traditional or conservative backgrounds?

      • My best guess is “all of the above”. IMO it is important to keep in mind that all of the positive and negative cultural influences are not singular in their effects. Instead, there is a mosaic of influences, any one of which incrementally supports or tears down a productive way to live one’s life.

        Active duty military wives are a distinct culture. The combination of structure and discipline seem to create a different, more old-school approach to family-building, and they certainly inhabit a well-defined and specific community, complete with peer support and a shared culture and values.

        • I hadn’t considered the military wife culture aspect. Might play in too. On its face it seems like they are also marrying more quickly and frequently after military service as well. I do love me some quick n’ easy solutions but this one’ll probably have to get filed under ‘melange and nuance’

  16. Did you guys see the commercial with Boris on the eve of the election?? The one with a “typical” English couple and Boris with the placards. Cuck doesn’t even begin to describe conservative inc. My God, I really couldn’t believe what I was watching. The first step is to lose the fear of the Trotsky made up slur “racist”. With that step, all other things are possible.

    • I’m told the Boris commercial is based on a scene from a movie with just about all of it – including the mixed race couple – almost identical to the movie.

  17. Right-wing cosmopolitanism translates into a “free-market” Brexit, instead of an immigration Brexit. The bastards.

  18. Churchill once remarked that if Hitler invaded hell he would look favourably on the devil.

    BAME – black and minority ethnic (I.e. everybody who isn’t white)

    Google “labour race and faith manifesto”

    If you want to be really inspired, google a few of the names mentioned: Lenny Henry, Bernie Grant, David Lammy…

    This is the anti white mindset. The London bubble the Washington bubble, the Paris bubble……….

    Well thanks for writing it down, dumb motherfuckers!

  19. Getting a grip on the Cosmopolitans now means getting a grip on pretty much all of media now in the United States.
    Brainwashing the population.
    And that the people may dislike the globo homo content pushed at them does not matter.
    Just google Hallmark channel and LGBTQ.
    The conservative nice white ladies will like seeing homosexuals kiss each other whether they want too or not!
    To fully escape this rot requires escape velocity.
    Brexit lit the rocket engine but they are not in orbit yet.
    And even if they reach orbit will conservative British culture be restored?
    If not?
    The rot will just destroy the British house outside the EU neighborhood and they will fall back to the degenerate western culture.
    Globalism and the globo homo will not give it up easily.
    Not sure any white nation in western civilization has it in us to escape yet?
    Maybe Hungary or Poland in the East?
    We shall see.

    • There is nothing cosmopolitan about the current crop of cosmopolitans. In his day Kipling would have been considered a cosmopolitan. Today’s crop are simply a mixture of know-nothings and anti-whites.

      Their sophistication is made up of a pocketful of dopey cliches you could scribble out on a few pieces of confetti.

    • It’s not even the mass media. Evangelical Christianity is as pozzed or even more so. The Beta Cuck with skinny jeans singing ‘Oceans’ at a church service. Sure, they’ll pay some lip service to male/female roles, but then they’ll stick a woman in as a Elder, she’ll have a ‘vision’ and her husband will do whatever she wants. Because you know, “wives submit to your husbands” actually means “husbands submit to your wives because to love her is to submit to her”.

      • This is why Evangelicals make me laugh (or just roll my eyes).
        The most masculine faith there is, is the Latin Mass in the Catholic Church.
        None of the namby-pamby “SuperFunRockBandChurch” garbage.
        Reverence, and where men are men and women are women. One might say it’s heavenly.
        And hard to find.

        And do not confuse this “endorsement” above with acknowledgement of the “faux Pope” Francis as the guy who is running things. He’s an evil faker. And a socialist. And tha’ts just the beginning.

        Benedict made a HUGE mistake (in trying to resign, which is impossible, as the duly-elected successor to Peter).
        BUT, he is still Pope. The one & only.

        • Buckley lived through Vatican II and was less than pleased. For all his faults, he seems to make sense on this topic. He posited that the switch to vernacular was intended to relieve the mystery of a Latin Mass and render the Gospels understandable to the laity. However, he said, reading them — or reciting them, as it were — in one’s native language ipso facto did nothing to increase the congregant’s understanding of of the liturgy. He felt that time spent at a Latin Mass pondering the mystery of God and His teachings was replaced by mindless repetition of prayers and choreographed standing, sitting, and kneeling, in much the same way one sings along to the radio and drums his fingers on the steering wheel while driving down the road. Perhaps that just Bill being a curmudgeon, but it’s an interesting proposition.

          During the late 30’s, Thomas Merton, before entering the Cistercian Order, taught at the Franciscan St. Bonaventure University in upstate NY. He wrote in his autobiography about being able to take communion each morning before classes, in a roughly 10 minute version of Mass. That’s a concept that in today’s world should be investigated and possibly promoted. I don’t want the folk guitar rubbish during Mass, nor do I want the dowager aunts glaring at me from the lectern while they give the readings. I just want a priest to deliver to me the sacrament and a reminder to focus on God’s presence in our world.

        • Benedict’s abdication is not without precedent and “Before the 20th century, canon law existed in various forms and collections. It was not brought together into one book until 1917. The current Code of Canon Law, published in 1983, was a revision of the 1917 code. Some provisions for the resignation of a pope existed in older forms of the law (in the 13th century Pope Boniface VIII declared: ‘Our predecessor, Pope Celestine . . . constituted and decreed that the Roman Pontiff can freely resign. . . . we have determined . . . that it be placed among other constitutions for a perpetual memory of the same’). According to the current Code, a pope may resign validly as long as he makes the decision freely (canon 332.2) and makes it known in writing or orally in the presence of at least two cardinals of the church who serve as witnesses (see canon 189.2-4). This Benedict did.”
          Bededict is the first to abdicate under modern Canon law and Francis is Pope, like him or not. Which I don’t.
          Even if Francis is a heretic, he’s still Pope.
          Unless, of course, Benedict was threatened or coerced into resignation, which may not be outside the realm of possibility. You would have to prove it, though. You can’t just pull some “facts” out of God knows where to make it happen.

          • Vizzini,

            No doubt that gays have infiltrated the Church. They cling to the free ride the same way they cling to wealthy aging white women. But most are decent men answering a deep calling with great sacrifice. I’m not saying the Catholic Church should do anything other than root out practicing homosexuals, pedophiles and heretical progressive clerics though. That should be mission number one. An Inquisition is in order.

        • Carrie,

          Yes ma’am this. The Latin Mass given by a SSPX priest is one of the most transcendent ceremonies I can speak of. The humility that you are there to worship your Creator and not shuck and jive or peacock for other congregants.

          As to the Faux-Pope. Heart and soul agree with you.

  20. The cosmoservatives think the people will assimilate by cosmosis.

    But there are two strange and mutually contradictory thoughts about bringing more minorities, e.g. blacks, into cosmoservatism.

    1. the Libertarian style nonsense that if they just read the right book or were presented with the right argument that they would instantly be converted to the creed.

    2. Give aways, concessions, and going as full socialist, interventionist, reject as many principles as necessary to get their vote. But ONLY for them – gay marriage but not covenant (old before no-fault divorce) rules. Giveaways to women but not men. Concessions like criminal justice reform for Blacks and Latinx, not whites.

    Creative destruction, dog-eat-dog, free market rat race survial of the fittest for white men who follow Christian ethics or Jesus Christ, full on socialism for blacks, women, immigrants including illegals, Jews, Muslims, perverts, etc.

    The thing is Whites are already converted on both points, they believe in the creed of thrift and work, and (ack!) morals and a few laws for the evil and stupid, yet also note that as long as we aren’t enforcing the rules, and living under a foreign creed, we need to play by those rules, not the imaginary abstract rules – We need to play by China’s rules when dealing with China, the “browning” is visible on the sidewalks of San Francisco, and why is it now the 6th generation of inner city blacks have a kid, get a check when taxpayers have to pay for their own kids and health care?

  21. The Cosmopolitan Conservatives amount to nothing more than blathering fools – every single one of them.

  22. One observation from living among the cosmopolitan elites, both right and left, for decades is the degree to which both want to desperately forget their more “common” roots. Around here people were shocked that guy like JD Vance, who’d made it in Silicon Valley was willing to actually write about his Appalachian family or acknowledge they were anything other than an impediment to his success. Ditto for the second or third generation descendants of immigrants. They ascribe no value to work ethic, sense of community or identity in their new role as “global citizens”. It’s funny to watch someone cringe when I disclose most of my family were what I call “flatland hillbillies” from the Midwest. Hard working, often self educated, took care of their own and ruthlessly fought every war in this country’s history (and before).

    • I’ve experienced this my whole adult life. I make no effort to pretend I’m anything but lower-class. The people I’m most often around are baffled and irritated by it. I see this even among people on our side. It’s not the old class divide. It’s more shame, I think, than anything else. Maybe a false sense of self or self-delusion. Perhaps some of all of it.

      • Ditto. Shame seems a part. I’ve experienced this in others from meager backgrounds. I’ve never experienced this, thankfully. Actually, I’m fairly proud of where I came from and where I am now. I tout my life travel as the true and lasting promise of America. This is why I am so very sorry to see it under such challenge. As the old saw goes, “Merica has bean berry, berry, gud to me!” 😉

      • Disagree kinda. This whole “class” thing is a European hangover from the Middle Ages. It’s alien to the American ethic where normal people see “class” in terms of personal characteristics. You can be an educated, rich, elite cosmopolitan and still be a piece of shit (e.g. certain politically powerful American families). And you can be a decent respectable person whether you’ve got money or “status” or not; these types are not generally famous, but are respected as “stand-up people” in their communities. Thus “class” in America isn’t connected with either wealth or heredity; it’s more about “what you are and what you do.”

      • When people in our neighborhood think of George Orwell, they generally think of “1984” and “Animal Farm” — which is not wrong, because those books are crucial to understanding politics.

        But people should also read “The Road to Wigan Pier”, which is a very important but more subtle book about class issues. It is not directly relevant to our situation in the US, because our class system simply is not remotely the same as 1930s Britain, but it’s full of human insight and great quotable lines. Sometimes you learn things thru differential comparison.

        • Wigan Pier is wonderful. I found it interesting to substitute Race for Class and apply to the current US situation. Not a match but enlightening.

        • “Down and Out In London And Paris”.
          Orwell was one of /ourguys/, and a dishwasher to boot.

          I like most “the debroillard”- the dishwasher who, when a customer demanded a peach dish and the house had none, went and stole peaches from the restaurant next door.

      • My mother is desperate that none of her children ever appear working class. She thinks that by listening to NPR and aping the behaviors of what the ‘elite’ signal people to be will somehow get her kids into to the better class of people. Her and her sisters grew up *dirt* poor and all are similar – now they’re “upper middle class” (some are even ‘upper class’ doctors/executives etc). Very few of them will ever talk about growing up in midwestern rural poverty.

        This drives me crazy. Working in soul-crushing ‘enterprise’ fortune 500 companies, I see first hand the children of wealth who get moved into middle management even though they are often idiots. Corporate America is basically a babysitting service for the kids of the elites and those right-thinkers one rung down the ladder. It’s one of the reasons they’re pushing to bring in Pajeet – the smart white engineer kids of working class parents who were the first to get a college degree back in 1980-2000 are now questioning their betters.

        • Your last paragraph hit the nail on the head. Few people understand the damage done to America by the executive training grounds of companies like AT&T and General Electric. Their executive training system spawned executives who spread across the corporate landscape like locusts, destroying everything they touched. Karly Fiorina is a case-in-point, but by no means the worst of the bunch.

      • I remember years ago seeing a CNN story on Southerners taking classes to lose their accents. Not learning a stronger vocabulary or better syntax but “learning to speak like the people on TV”. Sure there are some twangy less pleasant southern sub-accents but I guess since I grew up surrounded by Southerners I enjoy the sound.

        I’ve never met a person from the Bronx, Boston, or Newark that tried to lose their accents and to me those sound like donkeys braying.

        • People with strong, working class Boston/Providence, or Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx accents are not accepted the higher up the ladder of success one goes.
          People from those locales with strong regional accents learn very quickly that dropping the accent is necessary to continued advancement.

          • Another Dave,

            I understand. When I came to California in middle school one of the teachers pulled me aside and suggested I lose my southern accent and drop the “Sir” and “Ma’am” when responding to teachers (a near capital offense in 1980s Louisiana).

            I eventually did and sound like TV people now but if I get excited or extremely angry my southern can flood back out unconsciously.

            As an aside, I dated a Boston girl from Dedham (pronounced like “Ahm from Dawd’em nee’ah Bawst’n Moss”). Straight up Italian working class with a sailor’s colorful vocabulary. Sweet girl actually with an amazing figure… just couldn’t get that godawful accent to stop grating in my brain.

        • Penitent Man: I, unfortunately, still have an east coast accent (grew up in DC burbs) . . . and too many here in Texas seem to think any east coast accent equals New Yawk (which I’ve visited twice and HATED). If money were no object, I would take classes to lose my east coast accent in a heartbeat! To my east coast relatives my accent has faded, but it’s still identifiably alien to others here.

          • 3g4me,

            Oops. In the interest of backpedaling 😁… I like the laconic cadence of Maine accents and some of the smaller New England states aren’t that bad, Marylanders even have a slightly southern feel to some of their speech. That Jersey/NYC sound just lands rough in my ear canal.

            Sorry for any offense, Sister.

        • Penitent man: the fear of the southern accent thing is part of the continuing Yankee genocide/”reconstruction” of their betters. And a continuation of their Norman forefathers genocide of the Celtic people of the British isles. Dontcha know, Nigerians founded Northumberland.

      • The lower and middle class bring salt to the meal. A big part of our problem is the success of the lower class whites in the last 50 years moving into the upper classes and instead of giving something back and teaching their children responsibilities many of us whites have acted like a gangbanger who just got an NFL contract.
        Bring on the gold chains and hookers and forget about our own people and communities where we came from.
        Stan Kronke is a prime example. Grow up in the lower class in Missouri. Become a billionaire. Move to a sunny location. Sell out your native state and move your NFL team out of the Midwest to the better gold fields of LA.
        Our new elite whites. They are a great part of our problems.

      • Interesting. I haven’t seen that much, but people do seemed surprised by my very lower middle class childhood. They just assume that I grew up upper middle class because I look and act like them.

        But as I tell my kids, you get a certain understanding of life when as a child, you ask your mother to buy some more lunch meat and she says that we’ll get more food at the end of the month when she gets paid. I never went hungry, but I could see the shelves getting emptier. I’ve never been proud or ashamed of that.

      • being from Kentucky , living in an urban area , I have seen this too. I put the blame on Hollywood successful depiction of lower class whites as”deliverance ” style inbred daughter raping reprobates . look at the movies that include anyone from the south. from deliverance and easy rider through forest gump. they have successfully made any “successful ” white person terrified to be mistaken for one of the lower class ” white trash . ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLAYw0vM-bw

        there is a good analysis of this phenomenon on this video . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwFshwxECq0 .

      • I come from a working class background but moved up the educational and financial ranks. When I am talking with a smug NPC who views the rabble as fools and bigots, I like to tell them that because I come from a working class background, I can’t join the left in hating and wanting to destroy the working class nor can I view providing cheap labor for oligarchs as the greatest human rights issue of the day.

        This leaves them speechless. They can’t reconcile their hatred of the working class and their alinement with the oligarchs with their self image as a champion of the people. They really want to be seen as speaking truth to power (while gaining status from the powerful) and opposing hate.

        It won’t change them but it shuts them up for awhile

      • Interestingly, it is still acceptable for GoodWhites to humblebrag about their rural or flyover roots. The presumption being that they have transcended BadThink.

    • What you’re getting at was probably one of the driving forces( excluding diversity)of the white migration to California from the 50s to the 90s. You could escape being a mill town Polack, Canuck, Mick, Wop, etc. Now you could reinvent yourself as a Californian. The past was erased. The present was defined by the future. A future defined by illusions, flights of fancy and a denial of everything that made you, you.

      • “Personal Reinvention” has always been touted as an American thing. Why needing to crap all over your roots needs to be part of it, I’ve never quite understood. I figure it is some sort of mechanism to justify and support that decision to reinvent oneself. Just in case what you left behind offered some important things missing in your reinvented self. 😉

        • People who feel the need to “crap all over their roots” have something wrong with them. They “lack” in an unfortunate way.

          • Amen. Reading these comments makes me think and reflect, but for the life of me I can’t remember being ashamed of where I came from. Maybe I just didn’t know enough “rich” people in my past. Somehow I’m feeling like I’m an oddball.

      • Yves – little related tidbit. When researching genealogy (hubby’s maternal side is Italian), I read about a large group of returning WWII vets who left a northern Massachusetts mill town due to housing shortages, etc., and set out for California en mass. These were the American-born children (in some cases grandchildren) of Italian immigrants who worked street labor, construction, in mills, etc. Their first letters back home were full of wonder at the terrific climate, the open spaces, etc. In short, their experience encapsulates precisely what you’re saying about California.

    • This comment will out me if any of my acquaintances read this blog, but what the hell. I come from dirt people. Literally.

      My father’s family were depression era on scrappy land in rural Iowa. They raised five boys and one girl, although one boy died at age 7. All 4 boys served in the military 3 graduated college. The farm is still in the family.

      My mother’s father owned a grain truck and made his living hauling corn and other crops from farm to market. Although dirt poor, they raised 10 kids, who in turn produced around 30 grandkids.

      I grew up in rural Iowa as well, working on farms and other odd jobs in high school. All those jobs we boys did in high school–milking cows, bailing hay, walking beans, detassling corn, etc., are gone–either mechanized or now done by illegal immigrants who now do the work Americans won’t do, like murdering Mollie Tibbets.

      Proud to be of the dirt. Still a big fan of Charles Grassley, the only Senator who still goes home to harvest crops in the fall and a man of great integrity. In a better country Grassley would be a front-runner for President.

      • I appreciate your comment but numbersusa grades Grassley with a D on the only issue that really matters: immigration restriction.

        • I haven’t looked at the NumbersUSA ratings, but I wouldn’t be surprised if D is one of the better grades. There’s gotta be a lot of F grades.

        • Grassley’s also responsible for an area the size of Indiana being devoted to growing corn to raise the price of gasoline, reduce your mileage and destroy your engine.
          Fuck him.

          Funny how these so proudly independent farmers love the Federal dole.

      • Also Dude, illegal immigrants is not the preferred nomenclature… illegal alien.

        Other than that pet peeve, good on you for being proud if your roots.

      • Filled in on de-tasseling crews for some of my cousins in the summer. Tough work, though I think sterile hybrids pretty much wiped out the need. But the toughest work I ever did was ridding one of his soybean fields of a weed called “butterprint” that was resistant to any herbicide. Had to get it all before flowering and used long handled weeding forks he’d fashioned in the shop. He was 73 I was twelve and he ran me ragged. My favorite job was tending an old steam tractor that he and a friend owned and ran in parades. I was responsible for getting a wood fire going until enough steam came up to run the blower and start burning coal. Loved that thing.

    • Sam;
      The crazy thing is that when the Commies take over, a proletarian background will be the the ticket to a sweet slot in the Supreme Soviet. At least it worked that way in the USSR, China, Korea, etc. *at first*.

    • Great post, bud. What else do you need to say? The more shameless the greater culture becomes, the more ashamed we white become of ourselves.

  23. Conservative Inc. wants to conserve Libertarianism and Israel.

    I want to conserve American whites and our various cultures.

    Pretty simple choice.

    • When somebody I trust asks me about my politics, I sometimes say, “I’m a demographic conservative.”

      It takes a few seconds, but then the lightbulb goes off over their head: “Oh, he’s one of those guys.”

      It seems like a pretty good term for those, like myself, who harbor dreams of reclaiming the word “conservative,” like a verbal version of capture the flag, from the scummy thieves who took it from us.

  24. I think my favorite response to these elections was some crazy cat lady liberal on Twitter posting Corbyn’s tweet ‘vote Labour’ versus Johnson’s tweet ‘vote conservative’ showing how many times more likes Corbyn’s had than Johnson’s that was her proof that the election was fixed. Twitter votes. That’s the echo chamber right there.

    • Not a super-huge fan of the punches-right JPW, but the lady in this video (https://youtu.be/VcuoEVcsLcs?t=349, queued to part in question) is the absolute archetype of the cat lady NPC, who literally does nothing but repeatedly belch out the smear words handed down to her by the left-wing propagandists.

  25. Are you sure Boris is not a cosmopolitan himself? He went to an elite university, is part Jewish part Turkish (and proud about these things), and is very limp wristed on the question of reducing immigration.

    Sure, Brexit is good but cutting mass immigration is the most important. Doesn’t matter if they’re in the EU or nor, the source of immigrants will just change to Indians and other “Commonwealth” people – which is probably worse than Africans and other refugees in the EU free movement zone.

    • Boris is terrible on most things. He is a megalomaniac who wants to remember as the man who made Brexit happen. That’s as good as it gets at the moment. Keep in mind that Brexit is a prerequisite for all other nationalist issues. If Brexit goes through and it is successful, then it becomes possible to talk about national questions again.

      • What you are saying that doing the big thing to feed his ego he will unleash forces unseen to him and out of his control.

        • Brexit shifts the debate in ways I think most of these guys don’t get. They just look at the superficial aspects. The Remain side does get this and that is why they are so passionate, but their passion frightens normal white Britains.

          Serendipity is an underrated thing.

          • Yep, that’s why I follow it whereas I normally don’t give a rip what other countries do. Brexit I think is a win for “our” side as well. It proves a point.

        • Like Trump, whose primary utility has been as a disruptor (and hopefully the destroyer of Cons Inc.)

      • It might even convince the Scots to leave the UK and rejoin the EU – at which point there is actual hope for the English.

        • I wonder how long after the Scots join the Irish, in trying to suckle the European Union-teet, before they realize they aren’t considered continentals. They dont have the social volatility the Greeks, Italians and Spaniards have and are less likely to obtain the squeaky wheel oil the Southern Europeans get when they act up.

          The sun countries of Europe all have had histories of being client states of the greater European powers. Thusly, they have l an ingrained mindset of demanding “their share” from whichever power currently holds the reigns.

          The Scottish and Irish are new to the gibs game (though Scotland has done well recently in being an economic drain on England) and their rebellious nature lies historically with an independence mindset rather that demanding succour.

          It’ll be interesting to see, when the diminished dole is shared out by the French and the Germans, who gets shorted because they wouldn’t or couldn’t squeak loud enough.

          • Scotland and Ireland have been getting big EU gibs, to date, precisely because of who they are. They will get treated like an unwanted ex, as soon as they are no longer particularly useful to the EU cause.

        • My ancestors were Scotch Irish Protestants, so it saddens me a bit to see how low Scotland has sunk. I think it shows the perils to a country of out emigration, where all the brightest and most energetic go elsewhere for opportunity. What’s left after generations are welfare swilling sheep led by a female grifter.

    • Voting is for dummies and normies. This board would much prefer a Moseley to a Boris or a Farage, but that’s not happening anytime soon, if ever. I think we should just be happy that Labour got smoked. That’s a win.

      • Brexit is the British shorthand for all sorts of unspoken things. Here, impeachment, to some degree, serves a similar purpose. In both cases, the spoken-of thing stops becoming relevant as a series of details and complexions, but simply becomes a shorthand for all-the-things that are forbidden and too delicate to lay out in detail. It is heartening that both Brexit and impeachment are going “our” way, though what we will actually see as a result of the resolution of either or both is probably not much, in the real world.

  26. The authentic alternative to this is not a slightly different ideology, but the rejection of ideology as the foundation of politics.

    Amen, brother. The whole thing now is shifting politics away from ideology and towards tribe.

    I have a sort of fever-fantasy that one day the prime minister or president of a white country takes the podium for his inaugural speech, and opens with, “in the evaluation of any policy, we only have to ask one simple question: is it good for the whites?

    Of course, that’s not going to happen. But if it did, I would be willing to sell my house, donate all the money to his party, and spend the rest of my life as a wandering political proselytizer on his behalf.

    • Babe: Amen. While that’s highly unlikely in my lifetime, we can each live our lives according to that precept, to the best of our ability. When hiring, hire White. When consuming, try to consume White and/or local – or at least the less pozzed company. In many cases all the choices are bad, and we all have to make some compromises to survive in the current environment, but whenever there is a choice or any wiggle room, choose one’s own.

      I get the appeal of the Salvation Army and that many have been helped by them, but when I see an Asian bell ringer or whatever, I’m reminded that they take primarily White people’s money and give it to everyone else. Don’t let your wife buy candy bars or whatever from the mystery-meat doorbell ringers. Don’t support the Boy Scouts (who now have entirely ‘girl’ troops) or the Girl Scouts (who’ve been in bed with radical feminism and Planned Parenthood forever). Put your own first. Then you may help whoever else you wish, with you own dime.

      • Or to paraphrase 3g4me, it is not right to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.

      • Unless I’m convinced a charity is not primarily in it to help POC, I swerve before I donate. My charitable giving now is to animal welfare organizations, until they stop sheltering white kittens or refuse to place pets for adoptions in white family homes.

    • Would like to ask Ben Shapiro if the browning of Israel does not matter if the ideology is right. Imagine the ‘special case’ arguments he would offer negating his own premise.

  27. It’s amusing to watch these NormieCons think that the vote in Britain somehow portends a Trump re-election.

    They truly do have no idea what demographics mean.

    • Careful with the demographic despair.

      Long-term that is clearly the frame but the next eleven months are about using the election to do the hearts and minds bit.

      • Long term is clearly the frame? We have 40-50 million illegal aliens in the US tonight along with 15-20 million legal aliens eager to push the limits of cultural and social destruction and voter fraud.

  28. “It is a form of Stockholm syndrome.”

    Precisely. When I divorced myself from the New York Times back in the early nineties, I noticed that others of similar political persuasion were still reading (and quoting) from it. As time has passed, the people who have continued in thrall to whatever crap they read in the NYTimes (or see on TV…same thing, really), as I say, the ones who continue in thrall have passed over into another political dimension. How these poor “conservative” devils decide who to vote for is a mystery to me. They must be tortured souls these days. I certainly hope so.

  29. The amusing thing is how close Boris actually is to the cosmopolitan conservatives. He was one of the first on the gay bandwagon for starters. Now that he’s won he’s announced plans to make it illegal for public groups to participate in the BDS sanction against Israel. Granted it was a Labor power ploy, but you wonder who’s pulling the strings.

    He’s also big into climate change and wants an Aussie style immigration system. As an Aussie all I can say to that is, good luck and good night, Britain.

    What all this means is that Boris is in it for Boris. I hope that he proves me wrong but I remain unconvinced. Of course he’s vastly preferable to the tottering socialist that he defeated, but I’m not sure how good he’s going to be.

    • I’m not sure that is the worst thing. Boris is a megalomaniac. He now has a chance to remake Britain. He may not believe in much of anything, but he believes there should be a statue of him in every town. That’s not happening with half measures and doing things the old way.

      We’ll see, but the prerequisite to all national debates in Britain is Brexit. Unless they regain their sovereignty, everything else is moot.

      • Britain is done and dusted. They stand idly by while their children (what few of them they have left) are raped and pimped by foreign monkeymen. They allow foreign monkeymen to occupy their capital. They allow mosques, which are in fact victory totems signifying conquest, to be erected on their soil. They have lost all vestiges of self-respect. They are finished as a people.

        Britons ever, ever shall be slaves.


        • Fertility is about the same as the US and depending on the studies is higher especially looking at white numbers.
          More white women and children get raped(per capita) each year in the US than the UK.
          UK white pop is at US levels from the 80s.
          Mosques- only the UK has mosques!
          Only the UK has immigrants in in its capital!

          By pretty much every social metric the US is worse than the UK. You are a nation of fat suicidal junkies. You have been chased out of your most populous and wealthiest state. Whole swathes of your cities are ,and have been for decades, no-go zones. Your leaders openly despise you and one president had a habit of making explicitly racist remarks about “typical white people”. All of the PC hate has come from your country. Affirnmative action, Transgenderism, Post-colonial studies, all of it the rich bounty of American Exceptionalism. And what do people like you do? Nothing but project your failure, your cowardice, onto foreigners whose countries ,using your metrics, are not nearly as “destroyed” as your own.

          “They have lost all vestiges of self-respect. ” The lack of self-awareness on your part is impressive.
          “They are finished as a people”- apply this argument to your people(if you have any).

          Merkins never, never shall be.

          (Smiles patronizingly at retard spitting in front of him.)

        • Apex predator makes a post above describing the situation in the US which seems to parallel what you are saying for the UK.
          Would you write the US off, or disparage all the commenters on this site?

          People in glass houses…

  30. “Under Corbyn’s watch, Labour became a party in which anti-Semitism started to have free rein.” Yeah, that’s what caused millions to vote Tory.

    My cynical (and perhaps too J’s-under-the-bed) interpretation is the “elites” knew early that the Conservatives were going to win. So they framed the election as a referendum on anti-Semitism.

    So that when the Conservatives won, they could say, “see, the country has soundly rejected anti-Semitism!” And push the anti-BDS stuff, which Johnson is already championing (*sigh*).

    When in fact, what people were really voting for was Brexit–and Brexit itself had originally functioned a proxy for anti-immigration sentiment.

    But the shitlibs have become really good at dishonest framing. They’ve been doing it, unpunished, for such a long time. And the scumbags might get away with it again.

    • The elites don’t like left-wing extremists because they make it hard to keep the sandwich together. The key to maintaining power for these people is to keep the two slices close, but not so close as they look the same. Corbyn was pushing one slice way over to one side, so the sandwich fell apart.

        • If we lived in a serious society, FTN would have replaced 60 Minutes long, long ago.
          Student: ” Teacher, what ‘Deep Dive’ are we studying this week?”

  31. It’s possible conservative politicians believe nonwhites will vote against them in massive numbers if they don’t pander to their needs. It’s a strategy to not awaken da beast.

    • They already do. That’s like saying you fear wearing a winter coat in the blizzard because it might make the weather angry.

      • I ran into the canard from a co-worker again last week, “I think this time more blacks will vote
        .. they are starting to realize that Trump is good for them!”

        So they’ll go from opposing Our interests by 95% to only stymieing us by 90%?

        I’m sure their great awakening is just around the corner. “For reals this time” as my kids say.


        • I have been seeing this crap since the 80’s. blacks hate hate hate black conservatives. Clarence Thomas much? the G”OP ran john James for senate in Michigan against the reprehensible Debbie stabenow , and he got 3% of the vote in detroit . I honestly think that was balloting error .

        • Penitent;
          OK, plenty of historical evidence that blacks don’t respond to appeals to ‘interest’ from the GOPe. Any chance that they might respond to ‘fear’_? As in, “Hey bro, dose downtown honkey homo’s plannin’ to replace *you*, not just me wid dem beaners.”

          Dividing your political enemies is rarely a bad idea. And, in this case, it has the advantage of being true.

          • Al,

            There’s a lot to unpack in what you just said.

            Can you enlighten a generally hostile minority to the reality they will be replaced? To point, does that hatred for us exceed their dislike of foreign interlopers?

            Is this a people that have shown any collective wisdom, other than utilizing victimhood for advancement, historically?

            If fear can be used as a wedge, and they’ve never shown a willingness en masse to snub the current arrangement, what real percentage will defect in protest vote and for how long? Aren’t we back to the wow this time only 75% worked against us?

            I suspect many would like to have a third option to get off the plantation and poke white and Jewish overseers in the eye while still not coming over to the Right. What third option is there?

            I see where you are going with this Al, I just don’t have any faith that they will rise, as ever, to the occasion. When the leading cause of your youth’s deaths are other youths from your own race… I suspect your race might opt for suicide rather than wisdom, willingly or not.

          • Carrying your thought a bit further, what percentage of american blacks are willing to destroy themselves in order to destroy american whites? This seems to be the devils bargain on offer to american blacks from progressives.

          • Sheliak,

            Good point. Also in play might be the same delusion I think many white women (and some men) labor under.

            They simply cannot compute a world where white men are a powerless minority. They cannot fathom exactly how thin the veneer of civilization is, how thin the blue line, how the gibs are finite, how dangerous is the world. You saw this with Katrina and the Los Angeles riots. Nature and events stymied the powers that be’s abilities to respond. Folks were outraged because in the movies the US is all powerful, and the cavalry always arrives in time.

            So while I think many blacks would initially a power shift away from whites… they have no idea what that reality actually looks like.

          • Penitent;
            To avert the rapidly materializing train wreck, open borders have *got* to be shut down ASAP. This is only possible if the Commie whites are stopped. Getting 25% + of the black vote in 2020 would stop the Commies, at least for now.

            It would be wonderful to have blacks become selfless Civ-Nats en mass. But though there are some, particularly in the military, as you say, it seems unlikely. It is also, maybe, unnecessary if other forces of strong motivation can be found to move *enough* of them off of the D plantation mindset that too many of them have become too comfortable with.

            Thucydides thought the the strongest motivations are honor, fear and interest/profit,* and I don’t think his formulation has been improved upon.

            So, since appeals to honor (e.g. failure of DR3 – ‘Democrats are the real racists’) have mostly failed and appeals to long term self-interest haven’t worked, that leaves fear. And, no, I’m not talking bedsheets. Even if this was possible, which it’s not, it’s both morally wrong and it would bring on Civil War II for sure. If we were to do that, the blame would (rightly) be on us, dooming any hope of prevailing.

            I *am* talking about neutralizing the the Prog-instilled fear of ‘raaaciss whytes’. Blacks *are* being displaced by Latinos everywhere, particularly in CA. Their wages *are* being depressed by illegal immigrants, etc. They can see this with their own eyes. So, maybe they can be made to fear open borders in language they can readily understand.

            Could this, too, fail_? Sure, but never let the perfect be the enemy of the good enough: Worth a try.
            *https://infogalactic.com/info/Thucydides See the quotations section

          • Let Trump pander a bit, get them back to work. He has taken care of us on manufacturing, jobs, employment, started on border enforcement and the wall (most in decades), trade deals and a ton of judges. He made it ok to not be PC.
            Let him pander- note also Dems need 90% of black vote and high turnout to win elections. A 5% shift in black votes is not trivial to Dems.

      • Silly. The universally accepted truth is that if you remove the ice scraper, shovel (and the tube sand over the rear axle) from your car before Memorial Day, you’re just tempting fate. And you used to live up here! 😉

    • They are scared shitless that cucked suburban whites, especially the women, will abandon them if they say Badthink.

      • Yep. A lot of the conservative happy talk about a color-blind society isn’t for blacks or Hispanics, it’s for suburban white women. They don’t want to be a part of the “mean” party and whites (but not others) discussing race is, well, icky in their minds.

        White women are also the reason why the Dem leadership are trying to hold back full-on anti-white rhetoric. They still need the Nice White Lady vote. When the Dems don’t need the NWL vote, the anti-white floodgates will open.

          • There’s a lot of pent-up anger toward NWLs in the Coalition of the Fringes (COF). The COF correctly believes that NWLs are getting their cake and eating it too. NWLs get to claim victim status while being white, living in white neighborhoods and marry white guys (the evil behind everything).

            That severely pisses off the COF, especially black women. NWLs are also pandered to by the media because they are the main consumers of TV shows, thus the myriad of NWL movies and series. For now, it’s a NWL world, but when that worms turns, watch out.

          • On the economic side, the NWLs scoop up the wealth through marriage, divorce proceeds, and inheritances. POC don’t see much of any of that. When the throw down begins between the NWLs and the POCs over the economic goodies, the cat fight will be epic.

          • It’s starting; they’re too low-IQ to have the discipline to maintain the mask indefinitely.

            I’m really hoping something comes of this 2nd Amendment stand-off in Virginia. Let’s see if the will to resist is more than just talk.

          • I am beginning to see NWLs losing out to Asians (aren’t we all?!). The last two white male relatively newly minted MDs I know, both have (or are about to have) Asian wives.

          • What sane white male of any means would want to take on the liability of a modern American wahmen? There is virtually no benefit to this unless you can find the needle in the haystack like the women that frequent this website, which by their own admission, they concede they are a statistical blip even in their own circles.

            Entitled, loud, not terribly intellectually curious, consumerist, usually not in the best physical shape, and largely ignorant of objective reality. That really sounds like a catch to me!

            One of the -only- (and I mean truly) only good things about living in District One is that I do get a nice cross section of foreigners to intermingle with. The difference between American women and Eastern Euro, Asian, or South Americans (as examples) is so stark now they are practically a different species.

            I haven’t dated an American in 8 years, and I don’t miss it even a little. They are invisible to me and even overhearing their vapid conversations grates on my nerves. Of course, you folks from flyover or more conservative areas may not have this view but if you are a coastal person it is virtually guaranteed. An entire generation and a half are basically lost and there WILL be major downstream effects we haven’t even begun to actualize or see yet.

          • I’m married to a quality Huwite woman, but I’ll be the first to admit that I got extremely lucky.

          • “Entitled, loud, not terribly intellectually curious, consumerist, usually not in the best physical shape, and largely ignorant of objective reality. That really sounds like a catch to me!” — Well, at least you’ve got something in common with them.

          • matt,

            NWL movies and shows never have good-looking Asian women. Naturally, the NWL always has a Black Best Friend (BBF), who is often good-looking. The shows’ producers know how to please their audience and young, good-looking Asian women ain’t it. The NWLs know their competition and don’t need to see it in their shows.

          • I will counter signal reluctantly here. The mulatto has a leg to stand on. Fcking bich should have moved over. Plus i hate snitches with the passion of 100 romeos.

        • I hope this happens sooner rather than later. NWLs are the -core- of this problem behind the (((handlers))). It has been known for a long time that women are social herd animals. They will do what they are told by authority usually w/o question. Critical thinking is not, was not, and never will be their strong suit, this is ok in normal situations. We are not in a normal situation, so they eagerly vote for their own long term disenfranchisement and will only come to know the truth when it literally hits them in the face.

          I’m hoping that comes in 2020 or 2024 at latest. Laws that start to openly discriminate against NWLs I’m 100% behind. I’d also like to see both verbal & physical attacks on these people as well. One thing that will get wahmen running for any shelter they can find is feeling afraid. Right now, they have been decades without true fear. This is largely what got us into this clusterf–k to begin with. Fear is very important and without it you get the Mollie Tibbets, the ‘backpackers’ from Scandi countries that go to Morocco or the Middle East for holiday, the green haired college libtard walking through the ghetto park at night, etc. etc.

          These minor incidents are happening but the frequency needs to happen much more often and of course the media will bury all of it like the muzzy rape gangs in UK but there comes a point where you cannot hide it all. This will be tipping point for many of them as they can no longer operate w/ impunity from danger from their own enabled pets.

          • As someone who works, partially, with many NWLs, the “hit in the face” can’t come soon enough.
            I will laugh and laugh and laugh….

            Only issue is that, due to how I look (identical in appearance to an NWL), I could be mistaken for one.
            The key, therefore, is to ensure I am always near or with Basic Boyfriend (taking a page from Range’s descriptor of Basic Husband) for protection.

          • Carrie

            Or as Lineman suggests, be far away in a community of Your Own. In a war, your enemy’s inability to project violence is handy. Having a loyal army at your back is even better.

            Laugh and laugh and laugh, Sister… from a distance. Preferably at the images you’ll see on a screen and not just outside your screened front door.

          • Well, let’s admit that a big reason NWLs are such a problem is because Nice White Men (NWM) didn’t and don’t step up and say, “I will not accept this.”

            As stupid and backward as they are, Muslim men do step up and refuse to accept GloboHomo. And you know what, their women back them up. I keep saying that we can learn a lot from Muslims in Europe. Total losers, yet they’re beating GloboHomo on its own turf.

          • Thing is my dude, the horse is rather out of the barn on this issue unfortunately. Yesterday’s topic addressed this with the divorce rape / DV fraud issue. It seemed like I was disagreeing with DBD but I wasn’t. He is 100% correct.

            You go ‘full Muslim’ as a white male right now and you will land in a very dark dungeon in almost all circumstances for confronting a women in ANY way where she feels even a little threatened. Muslims can rape underage girls and walk, you see the glaring difference here?

            When I made my comment it was to say that every man has (or should have) a break point. I have reached mine. I have lost a LOT for a minor offense. So when I guy takes a stand he is not like some Muzz that has a get out of jail free card.

            Any woman (or minority) you confront has the potential to imprison you and destroy your career depending on how manipulative and wily they are about gaming the system. If it were a simple as just giving the gentle pimp backhand when needed we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

            The State has been fully weaponized. You are the new n1gger basically, it is just the all normies and even some of us dissident right haven’t swallowed this rather large black pill yet. I didn’t have a choice because I was living it in real time, but until you are hit w/ the full force of the State you may not believe it. I can promise you any man that has been crushed by a divorce court and may or may not get to see his kids has swallowed it too.

            Muzz also have a community behind them. Even WHEN they get charged there are 100 muzz out in front of the police station ready to burn it down. How many men in -your- orbit would lift a finger to defend you against false charges? For me it was zero. I’m guessing most people have similar numbers. So this is not as cut & dried as ‘find your balls’ we are past that point. What point we are at is “how much risk are you ready to assume and is death or imprisonment something you can tolerate”. Sad to say, but there it is.

          • APEX,

            You’re right, and I am sorry about happened to you. The state will come down on us like a ton of bricks if we push back in the smallest way. Perhaps my comment is ~20 years late.

            But we are where we are. Our version of pushing back at the moment is very passive. It’s saying to people at work or a party that you won’t stand for anti-white talk. They can say it but you’ll leave. When dating, it’s telling the women that you believe that men and women are a partnership where each does what they do best – men working and women staying home and being a mother.

            What I mean is that we’re in no position to fight back but we can let the world know that some of us don’t like what’s happening and aren’t going to live in that world.

            We find ourselves at a very low ebb, but we do what we can. As the government get more oppressive, others will start waking up. Will it be enough? Will it be soon enough? Who knows.

            But what alternative do we have? Where are you going to move that isn’t infected? Poland, Hungary. Maybe, but my family won’t move there, so I’ll do my best here.

          • “How many men in -your- orbit would lift a finger to defend you against false charges?”

            AP spot on. White men will abandon you for any thing that has a downside ( even if it just makes them feel uncomfortable) or provides an opportunity to virtue signal how alpha or woke they are. The ability to not come to the defense of other men is one of the key things that unify white men.

          • Rape of women in the US is not infrequent so I wouldn’t call it “minor”. The reporting of these incidents is infrequent.

        • Exactly. Older and middle-aged women get a big thrill about “protecting” the poor “oppressed” blacks and minorities. The DNC-media knows how to play them.

    • Every conservative politician and “thinker” (LOL!) should be tied to a chair and forced to listen to Steve Sailer make a full presentation on the “Sailer strategy.”

      Followed by Zman reading his “Black Unicorn” article (https://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=16712) in his right-wing NPR voice.

      A good-cop/bad-cop routine guaranteed to purge the minority vote fallacy from even the most brainwashed minds.

    • That timeline is unrealistic for much short of a hard Brexit or some sort of cosmetic agreement with much tbd.

      But this election was widely understood as a referendum on the referendum and the people have spoken so loudly that only the usual suspects would see to undermine, now that Adolf Corbyn has been destroyed.

      • I’m betting on a 31st hard break. The aspect of a “deal” was one of the major sticking points presented to the people before the latest vote. In short, not only did the Brexit folk win, the “hard” Brexit folk drove the “deal” Brexit folk out of power. A deal is currently seen as a subterfuge (rightly) to undermine Brexit.

    • Does it matter? Many voted for Brexit because they believed regaining sovereignty would lead to reductions in immigration (legal, illegal and refugee resettlement.) Boris has already said there will be no caps. What difference does it make if you lose your country legally?

      • Getting free of EU laws would seem like a necessary starting point, and the Brexiteers were wise to not let later goals interfere with the immediate goal.

        Most actual British people have got to want to drive out as many immigrants as possible – it’s only natural to gag when a shit sandwich is forced into you. They may not be willing to openly admit it, or even quite willing to admit it to themselves (after much indoctrination), but I’m sure they are aware of the NEED, at some level.

        I think the madness will break at some point, and when it does, it will break with a bang. They’ve tried the path of excessive tolerance, they’ve tried suppressing dissent to the point of state-sanctioned violence and legal double standards.

        ~”At any time, most of the people are sane and want the normal things ” – like survival, dignity, rule of law. The revulsion against the rule of the insane, stupid, immoral and psychopathic will reach an acute point -and I think it will reverse VIOLENTLY when the left no longer sees power, profit and safety from their perennial abuse of the normals.

      • Brexit is a scam, the UK might get less Eastern European immigrants but they are almost guaranteed a lot more Indian, African, Asian immigrants. where the brexit voters turn to once they figure this out is anyones guess

    • An image of Lucy, Charlie Brown and a football come to mind. Maybe that should be the Brexit logo. Certainly worthy of a meme.

      • It’s an interesting idea that there has literally been no progress regarding Brexit.I don’t think it’s true. Working class Britons flleeing Labour is a non-trivial effect. Certain topics which were verboten are going to be a core part of explicit British politics.

        The fact Brexit hasn’t been killed off is important and reminds me of the French protests. When you take on the elite there’s going to be huge pushback and you will have to keep grinding away for years. Enduring the process requires a massive amount of sincere support. Compare and contrast with the collapse of the Tea party.

        Your meme is a false analogy. Analogies can be used to illustrate an idea established through reasoned argument. Analogies are not subsitutes for arguments.

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