Chasing The Black Unicorn

For at least thirty years and maybe longer, conservatives have dreamed of turning the black vote against the Left. Few projects have consumed more of their energy and few have been as fruitless. The herculean efforts put into convincing American blacks to vote Republican and support conservative causes have made things worse, but they keep trying. In fact, the whole topic is now one of those idiot tests. If you are a conservative who thinks it is possible to get some of the black vote, you’re an idiot.

Conservatives courting the black vote is one of those things that suggest the Official Right really is a controlled opposition, deliberately playing into the hands of the Left. Nixon, who hated the Left on personal and ideological grounds, was the guy who came up with the Southern strategy, supposedly a secret racist scheme to win white votes. He managed to get 32% of the black vote in 1968. Ronald Reagan, who actually did a lot to help black people in America, simply by being competent, never cracked the 10% line.

In fact, the Republicans have been unable to break through that 10% barrier for the last forty years, despite investing billions into burnishing their anti-racist credentials. They have worked so tirelessly to win black support, that the meme DR3 is now a hoary chestnut on social media. Yet, look in the comments of a post like this about Candace Owens and you can’t help but wonder if something is being put into the water of middle-aged white people, causing them to turn into DR3 zombies.

The strange way in which older whites seem to be hypnotized by the race issue is not lost on our Progressive rulers. The Washington Post is now running puff pieces on Candace Owens and her Blexit racket. The Left needs conservative fanaticism on the anti-racism stuff in order for it to remain a useful weapon. The Owens racket reinforces the argument that racism is the worst thing ever. All of those dopey white people crying and clapping at her antics are a barrier between orthodoxy and realism.

Reading through those comments in that Breitbart post, it’s tempting to think they are mostly fake, as they read like the sorts of things alt-right people post to mock Baby Boomers. Given the age in which we live, it is entirely possible Breitbart is seeding these Owens stories with fake comments. America is a no-trust society now, so it is always prudent to assume what is being presented is false in some way. Breitbart used to employ Ben Shapiro, who is now an established pen for hire, so anything is possible.

The fact is, the black vote itself is slowly becoming irrelevant. The official narrative says Obama won on the strength of the black vote in 2008, but in reality he won because conservative whites couldn’t stomach that nut McCain and Progressive whites were over the moon in love with the magical black stranger from over the horizon. White liberals were so giddy about Obama, they held Obama parties on election day. Rank and file liberals really thought he was the messiah. That’s why he won in a landslide.

In 2016, Trump got just 6% of the black vote, but he got a lot of white people to vote, who had thrown in the towel on Conservative Inc. Hillary chased that black unicorn around the country, hoping to get blacks out in decent numbers. While she was doing that, she was ignoring those Bernie Bros, many of whom switched teams in the general. What 2016 demonstrated is that the black vote is not worthless, but the cost of increasing your share of it exceeds the value of it. Courting the black vote is a net negative.

You can see this in the numbers from the last election. Steve Sailer long ago pointed out that the better investment for Republicans was to court the missing white share. This is probably even truer for Democrats. There are millions of ignored votes sitting at home every election, waiting for someone to court them. Yet, both parties are allergic to the idea of going after these voters. Even Trump has now decided to abandon these voters, the very people who put him over the top, in order to chase the unicorn.

Anti-racism has become the opiate of the masses. One hit of it and the user falls into a self-righteous, self-satisfied stupor. That’s what these Candace Owens performances are for the attendees. It’s like an opium den for middle-class Baby Boomers. They come in, get a strong hit of the black unicorn and suddenly feel free. They are no longer burdened by the blood guilt of racism. Owens is a shrewd grifter, who used to mock these people, but then she learned there was more money in selling them the black unicorn.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Secular messiahs have to deliver the goods at some point. Blacks started to lose interest in Obama when it became clear he was not going to deliver the good. Owens will never be able to deliver the absolution her fans crave, so it stands to reason they will eventually figure out they are being had. On the other hand, the unicorn works best on the weakest minds. It may be that they can never break free of it. They will find a new dealer when Owens moves onto something else.

From the perspective of the Dissident Right, it’s probably best to treat anti-racism like methamphetamine. It’s just a thing that is out there, that must be avoided. There’s no eradicating it, but you can warn normies about the danger. At the same time, when a friend takes a hit and starts off on a life chasing the black unicorn, you cut ties and hope they come to a peaceful end. There’s no point in trying to help them or get them into a facility, as there is no way back from chasing the black unicorn.

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  1. Well, conservatives got to star in “Ow, My Balls!” today as they chased the Circumcised Unicorn.

    26 out of 27 Jews in the House (exception was Republican Lee Zeldin) signed on to a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim expression, questioning anyone’s loyalty, and pretty much ever saying anything about any member of the Democrat’s coalition that they choose to take offense at, and blames the entire problem on White people. Not even a hint of criticism of Muslims or Ilhan Omar.

    Conservatives are like a particularly moronic Charlie Brown. All this nonstop DR3 signaling I’ve been watching the past few days.

    Conservative: If I just try really, really hard this time to show Blacks/Jews/Gays/Hispanics/Asians/Trans how much I really love them, they won’t fuck me in the ass this time!

    Coalition of the Victims: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. The left are pussies, and they always have been and always will be. And they will not stop agitating until the right stops them. The only way the right wins is the right has had enough, and they band together and take the agitators out and severely beat them, kill them, drop them from helicopters, put them in labor camps, etc.

    Imagine if an alt-right speaker began his talk at a local campus by saying that he has many supporters in the audience, and not necessarily during this talk but afterwards, if any leftist pukes interrupt his speech they will be dealt with. That is how Hitler (easily) defeated the leftists in Germany. That is what will have to happen for us to take back our country. Bullies on the left immediately crumble when faced with real opposition. You have been conditioned to resist this, but this is the Viking way. It is the right way.

    It is time for speakers of the alt-right to show up with 100 supporters. The moment a leftist agitator starts to interrupt, 100 supporters descend on him and beat him to a pulp. Or the agitator is identified and visited afterwards. Leftists are rabbits – they are weaklings. They act tough but expect others to do the violence for them. For the Alt Right to advance, the left needs to fear us. Because we do not fear them. I wish it were not so, but it is.

  3. Blacks will always vote overwhelmingly for the left because they know that they can’t compete without the special privileges (and gibs) given them by the left. Even though Nixon pioneered affirmative action on the federal level, Republicans can’t compete with Democrats on this. They will always be outbid.

    The best summation I have come across regarding the futility of chasing the black, Hispanic and single female unicorns is Spandrell’s bioleninism

    BioLeninism is the reason the KKKrazy glue works so well.

  4. A friend of mine who lived in a nearly all black county in a Southern state I won’t identify said he went to voting precinct and was handed a sample ballot by a kid with Xs by the candidates approved by the Democrat machine run by a notoriously corrupt black congressman.

    He went and voted and then marked up a set of sample ballots with a more competent black candidate. Told the kid out front that he had more sample ballots for him to pass out. He handed the kid 100 ballots and the more competent candidate got 100 more votes than expected.

    The point is there is no black vote to get since they’re dumb as rocks and vote for who they’re told to vote for by the local machine, usually their preacher.

  5. If the GOP adopted Trump’s populist platform they wouldn’t need to pander to blacks and Mexicans. But they won’t and that’s why they pander to minorities because they basically hate lower class whites and want them dead as much as the Left does.

    Look the GOP was never the party of average whites but the country club and banker set. It has worked hard for the last 30 years to economically and socially destroy the white blue collars and middle-class through globalization, LBO’s, in-sourcing, etc. They green lighted Perdue pharma flooding the rust belt with Oxy, allowed China to flood the U.S. with Fentanyl, etc.

    The only reason whites have for voting GOP is on guns and even that is worthless beyond the state level.

    • GOP never win pandering race with DEM

      Simply they don’t have better offer

      Winning or preserve European Enclave are not their goal

      it’s pretty damn obvious when Eisenhower forcing race integration at gunpoint

      At That Time White men were terrified by their own government can’t do anything and mostly they run to escapism

      Maybe whole of GOP platform known as Lets focusing on Economic Issue only is New escapism for white men

      main goal of GOP platform is merely distract white men

      “Hey white people, Don’t Look at there, it’s sunny day and everything just fine”

  6. Nixon got 32% of the black vote, Reagan 10% and Trump 6%. Very interesting.
    I wonder if when the blacks laid down the blues and picked up welfare, everything went to shit. I think about all the black blues artists I love listening to, and many of them disabled. Didn’t stop them, had to earn a living. Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Willie McTell, John Hurt, Fred McDowell, Rev Gary Davis, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb etc. Their contribution was immense to modern music. Now dead, buried and forgotten. Replaced by rap, gangsters and no hope welfare.

  7. OT: shouldn’t Dem voters foot the bill for reparations? They are the ones who started slavery, and defended it to the point of war. I could go for that. Make them pay the North for damages,, too.

  8. Politico writer: “And if [Republicans] are serious about learning how to approach and appeal to black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters—a necessary endeavor if they have any notions of sustained electoral success, present and future…” Funny how those in PC polite society have to put things. So many words when all he’s saying is what we say, “If traditional whites simply get outvoted they’ve no future.”

    • ” So many words when all he’s saying is what we say, “WHEN traditional whites simply get outvoted they’ve no future.”


      Sorry, that’s yet another of my pet peeves with the purported right commentariat. Whites under 50 are ALREADY a minority in this country. Phantasmagorical wall would merely undergird the demographic transformation that is already a fait accompli. I drive around my DFW suburb and see all the campaign signs with Chinese, Hindu, and Arab names, and I know that the majority of the boomer Whites here, including the TruCons and RRRepukes, will happily vote for each and every one (yet another reason I no longer vote, particularly not locally). Yet another strategy for somehow avoiding what has already happened is a massive waste of time – just like DR3. Deal with reality, please.

  9. From the Politico article quoted in the OP: “The proportion of black Americans identifying as Republicans is at its highest point since Nixon ran in 1960.”

    If this is true, it suggests the attempt to gain black votes is enjoying some success.

    • Self-identification does not mean much when Republicans are getting less than 10% of the black vote.

    • When blacks are polled about party identification, many probably don’t know what the names even mean. Republican rolls easier off their tongue than Democrat or Independent.

  10. It’s always best to stand back and take a look at how people make their money (or don’t) as sadly the wallet is the heart with people. So with blacks, what percentage is gainfully employed? (subtract difference). Of that percentage, what percentage doesn’t work for Federal, State or local government (including toll booths etc.) (subtract difference). Of that percentage how many are working for non-profits of some kind, grant money, etc. (subtract difference) Then take off another 5% of the crazy and brainwashed (being highly generous) and you end up with no more than 10% of the black vote, maximum.

    Gainful, full time, private sector employment, in a non-grant seeking business is a great indicator of conservative voting patterns. Suddenly, one wonders how AOC couldn’t be president. Socialist landslides await.

    Although as racial tensions increase, I can see it just becoming a skin color game very soon, all the way around.

    • JR, interesting math. It has been a skin color game for everyone but YT for a long time now. We are very slow on the uptake.

  11. Z: “In fact, the whole topic is now one of those idiot tests. If you are a conservative who thinks it is possible to get some of the black vote, you’re an idiot.”

    Hah. Yeah. Those idiot red flags. You can be talking to a guy who, it’s obvious to you, has a brain that works 10 times better than yours. Then he’ll mention his favorite sitcom, movie or whatever, is such ‘n such. Raising the red flag that tells you “this guy aced the exams but he’s got major gaps.” The brain is a weird thing. How a person’s natural demeanor can sharpen or dull their perceptual faculties. I guess that’s what’s meant when we talk of a person’s mentality.

    • I’m doing fine on comcast at home this morning (using Linux). But I noticed a few days ago I could not get Zman at work (Windows). Don’t know the internet service they’re using there. I’m pretty certain no one at work has taken the trouble to specifically block Zman.

  12. Identity is a powerful drug. It promises a shield with an affinity group against the fury of global corporations and the acid if atomization.

    We need a While identity celebrating our heritage and family history.

    I figure the message that your grandfather was awesome and his heritage is worth fighting for is a powerful one. The flip side being the concerns of Black or Hispanic people are just irrelevant and not worth any bother.

  13. The goal of winning a majority of blacks is absurd, but the prospect of getting 15-20% is not unrealistic, and Trump may do it.

    The way to do it, however, is not trying to outdo the Dems in pandering and gimmes and trying hard to be “sensitive.” It’s to highlight the contradictions in identity politics, especially for straight black men. A SBM may we’ll look at the pubs and think they hate him for being black, but look at the Dems and think they hate him for being a male non-pervert. We’re already seeing this as the number of white gays voting Dem drops. They can see their position on the intersectional totem pole dropping, and they want to get out.

    If 2020 is Trump v. Harris — who is every cliche of the ballbusting careerist feminist — I wouldn’t be shocked to see Trump get 20% of Black men (or at the least, see their turnout way down).

    Whether other pubs can do the same may be a different story, but I think a non-pandering, unapologetically masculine man might.

    • I agree – I think Black men probably react negatively to that kind of bitchiness. They declined to turn out for Hillary.

    • I think the Harris bitch factor is overemphasized. Black men will be saying, “yeah she’uh bitch, but she OUR bitch. she gon fight fo shit.”

    • I mentioned this over at Sailer’s site a couple weeks ago. I don’t think you’ll see black men voting Republican, but I think it’s very possible a lot could stay home on election day if the Democratic Party becomes too much of a feminist freak show.

    • You underestimate the subconscious tribal instinct of non-whites. Most non-whites don’t do a cost-benefit analysis of the impact of their vote. They just want to overthrow whites.

      A great example of this mistake is the conservative argument that blacks should be against massive immigration because it deprives them of jobs and displaces them from their neighborhoods. Well, maybe they should but the voting records decisively refute this argument.

  14. Don’t forget the crowd over at NRO tripping over themselves pumping”the Rock” Dwayne Johnson for president. It was embarrassing. I think i puked a liitle in my mouth if memory serves correctly.

  15. It really is astonishing that the “professional political consultants” of Conservative, Inc., keep pushing this strategy. Stupidity (thinking THIS time the black vote will switch), of course explains it, but accepting that is so depressing. Conscious controlled opposition is more frightening than depressing. Perhaps the least scary answer is that they are convinced that they can inoculate their pols from the charge of racism. (I know, another form of stupidity.) Fat chance. ALL white people are racist. Just as the Google machine. Or better yet, as Nancy Pelosi. That Somali goat herder is given her a lesson on this subject in real time. It will be interesting to watch the “all white (presenting) people are racist” aphorism do battle with the “any reference to Jewish influence is anti-Semitic” one. Rather than argue against these assertions, I’ve decided to cop to being a white racist anti-Semite. Count me as a “yea vote” on both of them.

    • Me too. The right answer when confronted with this stuff is “So?”. Multiple times if necessary. Let them tie themselves in knots.

    • “It really is astonishing that the “professional political consultants” of Conservative, Inc., keep pushing this strategy.”

      Maybe their compensation and quality of life do not depend on winning elections.

      • But why always THIS losing strategy? Why not switch it up? It would seem their sinecures require them to employ it, otherwise they switch it up at some point…unless…stupidity…

    • No such thing as a black unicorn. Unicorns are as white as Jesus’ clothes and fart sparkly rainbows. Everyone knows that.

  16. Things go your way when you act like you don’t give a crap. Pick up artists understand this well. Trump won when he acted like he didn’t give a crap about a lot of things.

    It’s time to bring your ideas home, live them, and don’t give a crap about those who want to argue or pander to others. Don’t do it. People want to live on the Magic Dirt, and the Magic Dirt is populated by people who don’t give a crap about all this racial stuff. Even if it doesn’t lead us all to the promised land, you are going to be a lot happier on the road to hell.

    • I’m still waiting for a mainstream figure to act like he doesn’t give a crap by specifically voicing support and concern over white people’s interests. Tucker comes closest, but all Trump does lately is talk about how well blacks and hispanics are doing in his ‘great economy.’

      Immigration was a taboo topic among presidential candidates until Trump blasted through that barrier. Now it needs to happen with the topic of whites. Once it happens, the dam can bust wide open.

      • Trump has cucked out a lot lately. He has gone from one who wanted to be feared to one who wants to be loved. He gives a crap now, to his own detriment, and to ours.

  17. The Silent Majority put Nixon in office twice, in 1972 with 49 states, and he rewarded them with affirmative action, race quotas, cross-district busing of schools, leftist Supreme Court justices (3 of 4), open borders, funding federal anti-poverty programs and the Legal Services Corp. — and tax increases to pay for it all.

    • Don’t forget he also created the EPA, which has gone from regulating the air we breathe in, to regulating the air we breathe out.

    • Good call. LBJ and Nixon were the one-two punch for this country. Roosevelt was a piker in comparison.

      • Nah. Nothing gets started without St. Frank. Government jumped from three and one-half percent of the countries wealth to eighteen percent on the spot. There was no turning back.

    • The Republican elites have always been pro-business, and business wants the cheap labour, and therefore open borders.

      The fact that it’s taken ordinary Republicans this long to realize their party doesn’t give a shit what they think makes one question the intelligence of the average Republican.

      Sorry, but it’s true.

      • Hah, so true even in 2007-8, the mainstream conservative sites were full of muh corporashuns, muh pro-bidness, low taxes for the rich, CEO deserve their 300x pay cause they be risk-takin etc.

      • The Republican elites have always been pro-business, and business wants the cheap labour, and therefore open borders.

        True. And the Republicans have never been secretive about their pro-business, cheap labor, and open border stance. It is what it is. You may not like it, but it has never been hidden.

        The Dems, OTOH have traditionally been the party of the common people, the working man. So, the Dems have traditionally opposed open borders because of its adverse effect on wages. The demotion of the working class from the core of the Democratic party to a “basket of deplorables” must rate as one of the greatest betrayals in political history.

  18. For at least thirty years and maybe longer, conservatives have dreamed of turning the black vote against the Left. Few projects have consumed more of their energy and few have been as fruitless.

    It’s the political equivalent of alchemy, LOL. Alchemists tried to turn lead into gold for hundreds of years, and it wouldn’t surprise me if these guys go on just as long.

    P.S. The first time I saw the word “Blexit,” I assumed its meaning based my own wishful thinking, and I thrilled with hope. Finding out what it really meant was a kick in the balls.

  19. The power of habit. That is why black people obsessively vote Democrat even thought it is Democrat political policies that have been most harmful to them as a group. At it’s root, it is a mental illness to proactively advance self-harm. What’s worse, they are incapable of seeing the reality of their actions and therefore it will continue until it can’t.

    • I have to disagree. Government jobs, EBT cards, medicaid, and the belief that you deserve these things because white success is magic. To put all that aside and realize these things are soul killing is a lot to ask.

      • Actually, I think we are in agreement. Government programs have addicted blacks to welfare and dependency. Many can no longer support themselves absent government assistance. Should government become bankrupt, their only fallback is theft or violence. Prison can moderate that consequence to some extent, but the endgame is near extinction.

        • I was just emphasizing that blacks are voting in what they perceive as their immediate best interest, even though it hurts them in the long run, but they can’t tell the difference. Rereading your post, I can see we are in agreement.

    • The power of habit. That is why white cucks obsessively vote Conservative Inc. even thought it is Conservative Inc. political policies that have been harmful to them as a group. At its root, it is a mental illness to proactively advance self-harm. What’s worse, they are incapable of seeing the reality of their actions and therefore it will continue until it can’t.

  20. Yeah, the whole, “I can treat you better than your jerk boyfriend,” Boomer conservative thing just reeks of beta orbiter.

    “Do DemocRATS even _know_ your favorite song? Remember that time they treated you bad? I do. Man, I was just so angry at them for that. I just love it that we both love Jesus.”

    Won’t work. The GOP might try sending them some Skittles.

    • That is a sharp connection I haven’t made before; that is exactly what that is like.

      Kind of like how women vote based on mating desires as a general rule, we were complaining about this back when Kennedy got elected.

      You know what’s the best way to get support? By being a winner. I think the untold story of support for the democrats is that the democrats win all the time, even when Republicans win they tend to just roll over under pressure. Women love a winner, and why shouldn’t they?

      • Yup, being a cuck never wins respect from women or anyone else. All the four eyed feminist soy-boys will learn it the hard way when they find their GF/wife doing a tattooed gang banger behind their backs

    • Lolz. Yeah its the cringe test.

      Beta orbiter and Cuckservative supplicating induces the same cringe response.

      Perhaps its the low disgust threshold of the natural conservative mind. Or maybe a cuck is a cuck and the hindbrain needn’t differentiate between mating and voting.

  21. Instead of fawning over Candace Owens, whites should listen to Tree of Logic, a black youtube personality. Tree’s position is that she doesn’t want to live in a country where whites aren’t the majority. She’s very open in saying that a minority-dominated society is a dysfunctional one. She also rants and raves about whites being pussies (her word) to let the West get taken over. Tree recently has done a couple of videos with Jared Taylor, and really likes him a lot. Oh, and she’s also done a series of videos blasting Candace Owens, calling her a grifter.

    • Instead of fawning over Candace Owens, whites should listen to Tree of Logic, a black youtube personality.

      Another black unicorn. She explicitly – and vehemently – denounced the alt-right, and this was back when the AR wasn’t yet a toxic label, in ’16 or ’17.

      • I was pointing out the difference between Candace Owens and Tree, because of her unconventional view on race.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but Tree’s not crazy about the alt right because of the Jew criticism. She makes fun of them because of them constantly blaming the Jews for everything. While I think she doesn’t come close to understanding the extent of Jewish influence, she has a point about some blaming everything on them.

        She also has a point that there’s something wrong with whites for letting our nations become flooded with brown people. A black person making fun of whites for giving up their own country is effective marketing.
        A black person saying they don’t want to live in a society dominated by minorities also works better than David Duke or any white person saying the same things. I don’t know of any other blacks selling that message.

        Conservative blacks are mostly stuck on selling capitalism over socialism and pleading with blacks to vote Republican. Nothing about demographic change.

        • I’m cool with people who don’t share my view on the JQ (like I am with most other questions) I don’t go around denouncing people for disagreeing with me.

          Mind you, Tree straight out told me she didn’t want me as a subscriber, so it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen one of her videos.

          • Yeah when you hold as many fringe beliefs as i, you grow tolerant or the critics drive you crazy. I’ve grown adept at expressing my more controversial views using soft language and humor. For instance one could say Ni**ers are stupid and undisciplined. In contrast I would say” Our black students tend to be, you know, less bookish, more spirited, on average. Of Course these generalities don’t speak to a given individual” Yeah i’m insufferable at times haha. Jewish colleagues and the smarter libs will call me out on occasion. I retreat to a befuddled naive goy. sometimes they really lose their shit. earnestness is one of the cruelest weapons in my arsenal. Felix, i have noticed that you entertain discussion. I think its charming but i do bet you spook and scare some shitless haha.

          • Felix, i have noticed that you entertain discussion.

            I love the internet! It lets you be the asshole you always wanted to be.

      • “Another black unicorn.”

        Y’know, you kind of undermine the whole “these people don’t exist” thing…

        There’s no question the majority of blacks will never go GOP in the forseeable future. But frankly, the odds of peeling off 10% of the black vote, via appeals to traditional sexual mores or whatever, is more likely than peeling off an equivalent number of white progs.

    • I could like Candace Owens , she’s a fine looking, head solidly on her shoulders Black woman.

      She seems mainstream Conservative like a fair few working Black people I know

      That’s coo. I’m sure Tree of Logic is cool too.

      I still pay her and all other Black “Conservatives” no mind. Not my people, not my message.

      This IMO is the best way to deal with the issue, I like Candace Owen , I wish her well but I limit attention to members of my tribe and she isn’t one. Truth is no Black people are though they can be allies but life is too stable right now for most people to get that

      I can’t blame anyone, once it gets tribal, the Empire dies in a fire and what should terrify anyone is how fast its happening.

      Its not happening in internet time like we feel but its happening much faster than these sorts of things normally do and no amount of Candace Owens, Tree of Logic or Red Pill Black is going to stop it.

      Hopefully these decent folk can protect their own if things get hot but I’m looking out for my tribe and growing that and skin color is a main requirement

  22. Oh, and speaking of Unicorns. With all the blatant Jew-hate being spread by the “fresh new blood” in the ‘Rat Party these days, it is interesting that the majority of “The Chosen People” still finance and support the ‘Rats 100%.

    I guess Jews will be shouting “Marxism Uber Alles” some day as they are marched to the cattle cars by their “friends and colleagues” in the ‘Rat Party.

    • Expelling Jews is more a European phenomenon than an Arab one. Until the formation of Israel in 1948, the Jews were largely tolerated in Muslim countries. They were present in Yemen until a couple years ago, and are still present in Iran. The Moroccan King has some Jewish advisors. Recall that Zionism was started under Ottoman, not British, rule. Christian society implies conversion, while Muslim society allows dhimmi status.

      • That is exactly right: prior to the formation of Isreal in 1948, Jews and Moslems co-existed in relative harmony. It was the white/Christian that was the enemy of both.

        • Well, of course, every dhimmi can live in relative harmony and peace as long as he/she lives as a dhimmi. No Hungarian or Greek living under Turkish rule ever had a problem as long as accepted that the mohammedan was the boss.

    • Listening to Speaker Pelosi’s press conference today I was very disappointed by the implied racist attack on this proud and true to the word African-American (Somalia) Representative. Isn’t it time that we do not doubt her sincerity and full ability to judge herself what is right and wrong without some white person (perdaughter?) lecturing her that she does not understand what she is doing? Shocking!

  23. This is one aging boomer who is delighted to see some younger whites finally coming to their senses. I cannot tell you how many friendships and family relations have been hurled into the void because of this. As I look back on the wreckage of those relationships, I feel a sense of profound sadness at how the lives of these naive people have turned out…are turning out. There is nothing ahead of them but a blank wall.

  24. What I was talking about a week or two ago. Cut them off. You don’t have to be explicit as to why, but give them some indirect hint about being judgemental.

  25. There is a similar position I have come to regarding where we spend our time proselytizing online. I know a lot of people that expend enormous amounts of time and effort trying to convince far-left zealots of the wrongness of Marxism on social media. It is a total waste of time. It is like trying to argue with King James Only fundamentalists online, you are never going to convince them. Our target should be people already in motion this way to help shepherd them over the Great Divide. It might be amusing to “own the libs” in the comment section of CNN or MSNBC but it isn’t helping the cause.

      • You misunderstand. Reason and logic are not gods, they are not truths, they are a method to convince people not to believe their lying eyes. That is why progs worship R&L. Experience is the only teacher, or was.

    • Interesting thought. Most of us comment in the dissident ghetto. Conservative Incorporated sites are rich hunting grounds for converts. A lot of fun to troll too. I have found that commenting on Boutique academic sites gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It can also be hugely entertaining

  26. I’m pretty sure that it would be ineffective, but the best case for Trump getting black votes is that he is (or was) offering a better deal to them than the Democrats with regard to immigration. Immigration, particularly of unskilled labor, drives down wages for blacks. “Wages” in this case also means people working for cash. At least with this angle, it wouldn’t really cost Trump anything. He doesn’t have to piss off his base talking about how immigration hurts blacks. (He’s pissing off his base anyway but that’s a different story.)

    Also, although maybe it would be impossible to say it directly, you could imply that blacks are getting screwed by the importation of the endless varieties of “people of color.” Not long ago, everything having to do with race, racial issues, civil rights, etc. meant blacks. They had a monopoly on the minority thing. And they awarded their votes to the Democrats. Of course, no one should ever expect fairness in politics, but the Democrats paid back the blacks by importing new Democrat voters from all over. In the process, they have watered down the political power of the blacks. Not that I feel bad for any of the parties involved, but the Democrats really screwed the blacks.

    • That used to be a conservative/immigration restrictionist appeal to Blehgs: immigration is hurting you. Objectively true, but they don’t care because it also hurts Whites. The Republicans have shown that the immigration stuff was just a scam to get elected. Black pols are completely bought, just like White Republicans. If these Black leaders weren’t just White-hating grifters, they’d be hanging out with Peter Brimelow.

      Some on our side want to give all the cucky talk about race a pass as an implicit way of promoting our agenda (anti-immigration, anti-affirmative action vis-a-vis Asians, e.g.) even though every sensible person knows Negroes and other POC will never vote for anyone even close to us in any way. It lets good Whites on the controlled right feel good about their “racist” beliefs by framing it as “good for minorities.” I think in the end it does more harm than good though. We need to start taking our own side and not make excuses for it.

      • Logically speaking, blacks should be anti-immigration because it hurts them economically and dilutes their political strength. But, none of this is even remotely connected to logic, reason, or common sense. As you said, “If these Black leaders weren’t just White-hating grifters, they’d be hanging out with Peter Brimelow.” So true.

        • Blacks are wildly in favor of open borders. It’s not the only issue that violates white’s beliefs about human behavior. Blacks are strongly opposed to the gay agenda and abortion, yet they vote for both is big numbers. It’s not just blacks. Look at the BernieBros. They are mostly white and working class. They have no place on the Democrat plantation, yet they will never leave.

          • They might be in favor of the idea of open borders. They sure don’t like Mexicans and South Americans moving into their neighborhoods.

          • That’s because the Mexican gangs have no quarrel killing them and will do the time as needed.

            I’ve seen a lot of formerly Black Neighborhoods here in So Cali turn Latino which BTW is a huge improvement.

            Conservative White people just have a problem with too much so called individualism and a crippling fear of group think and/or real loyalty What they don’t understand and this is something The Left , the Official Right, but I repeat myself and non Whites do get is that group loyalty matters and group think and conformity to the group so long as the ideas are at least OK is a good thing

          • Blacks don’t care about open borders because their central thought is that they will always be taken care of and they see not evidence that is not the case. And I don’t have the numbers handy, but more than half believe their numbers are from 25 to over 50 percent of the population.

          • Blacks see immigration as hurting white people and therefore helping them. And helping the Democrats and moving the country leftward. Its not complicated. Secondly, lots of them insulated from immigration. If you don’t want to work – or can’t – the Econ argument about “Competition” is meaningless. Same if you got a cushy State Government gob or if you’re part of that 10% quota group for jobs/College etc. – you’re not going to lose out either.

      • “We need to start taking our own side and not make excuses for it.”
        “We need to start taking our own side and not make excuses for it.”


        Let it be repeated endlessly here, contra those commenters (whom I shall not call out by name) who endlessly peddle the excuses here.

    • Federalist, here is another thought on your post. What you say might be interpreted differently wrt whether you are competent or not. If I were not as competent as the next fellow, I might wish for a system that allocated me a share of the pie, rather than a system that allowed me a fair shot at fighting for my “share”. Dem’s are associated with quotas and freebies whereas, the Rep’s are not. In the long term growing the pie loses to dividing the pie if you are on the left end of the bell curve.

    • I don’t think it would work. Blacks vote democrat because they are the anti-white party. I don’t think they consider what’s good for blacks as much as they consider what’s bad for whites. It’s the same reason opposing groups like Jews and Muslims vote the same party despite their differences.

      • Well, when there’s a White party and an Anti-White party, and you’re not White, you vote for the Anti-White party.

        The Whites in the Anti-White party are a special kind of stupid.

  27. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens (Turning Point USA) have been going all out chasing the black vote. I understand their logic in pointing out blacks won’t thrive under Dem/Socialist policies. However in reality, blacks are going to go with whoever offers the most free stuff. But the Kirk/Owens message sounds more principled and more appealing to Content-of-Character-Conservatives.

    Kirk has also said, “race isn’t real” and that “white nationalists aren’t welcome” in TPUSA. (a college organization.) This is the message they’re selling to young voters, which makes our job of selling race realism harder.

    • Kirk has also said, “race isn’t real” and that “white nationalists aren’t welcome” in TPUSA. (a college organization.) This is the message they’re selling to young voters, which makes our job of selling race realism harder.

      Which pretty much confirms he is just a Progressive sock puppet. Just as the music industry has perfected the creation and selling of boy bands, Prog has perfected the creation of characters like Charlie Kirk.

    • The ridiculous thing is that they cuck, but still get punched in the face. The abuse that normiecons get, without waking up…it boggles the mind.

      In fact the Zman wrote about it yesterday: “That’s part of what makes them great supplicants though. They are so willing to please, so easy going in the face of humiliation and torment, there is just about nothing the Left can do to them to make them angry. The Left selects for submissiveness in its loyal opposition and they are good at it.”

      • I see this all the time on TGP site. MAGApedes whining about the bully lefties working their side over.

        The fact is MAGApedes and TP types are little more than self-propelled punching bags for Lefties. There is no fight in them. They all expect other whites to come to their aid because they have no balls. I saw that during Trump’s campaign(who BTW said nothing as his supporters were roughed up) The MAGApedes were always hoping the “bikers” would protect them.

        When things go pear shaped, they will die by the millions because they refuse to fight to survive and think the popo will always be there to help them. At best tthey’ll end up as food source for the Dindus.

    • Do we “sell” race realism, or wait for folks to come to that conclusion themselves (might not even be an either/or proposition). Basically, young whites coming out of school—themselves increasingly at a disadvantage in obtaining good jobs and then have to take their place behind affirmative action hires—will come to that conclusion themselves eventually. I’ve certainly picked up on this perception when talking to my children. Seems they know who’s pulling their weight in the organization and who’s not. The similarities among those who can’t keep up in the organization are not lost on them.

    • All that the Turning Points of the world do is advertise to blacks who is giving them free stuff and who wants to take it away.

  28. Virtually the entire black middle and upper middle class consists of government employees. The lower class blacks live off of government hand outs. The small population of blue collar lower middle class blacks could be turned, but to little electoral effect.

    • Mcleod, yep. And those jobs in government are pretty much used up. Atlanta is a good example. With other minority blocks exercising their newly discovered power, look for a fight over these positions.

      • And those jobs in government are pretty much used up.

        Sounds like time for more funding to promote diversity!

      • That vote pattern is identical for whites as well. Hillary did very well with that segment. Trump did poorly. He he not gotten the white blue collars out in such numbers, Hillary would have won handily.

    • Exactly. Middle-class blacks are only middle class in terms of income because of AA government jobs. They don’t possess middle-class values of thrift and work ethic nor do they possess middle-class IQs.

      The black middle class is 90% illusionary. It would disappear tomorrow if the government was reduced or simply hired based on merit. Middle-class blacks are just as reliant on government largesse as poor blacks. It’s just a different delivery system.

      • And don’t think for a moment that the core ruling political class doesn’t know this. They are terrified that the rest of us will also come to understand their game.

      • The black middle class was quite real and indispensable to blacks until freedom of association was banned 1952-1965. Desegregation is unnerving to blacks, and many of them are aware of that. Competing with whites is tiring, and often degrading. Failure is a thing that should be an option, not a certainty.

    • That is a brilliant insight. And I can attest to the truth of it. I see it every day.

  29. Perhaps the best chance for the Repubs to become the white party is whites actually listening to the great black and brown wave—Ellison, Harris, Booker, AOC, Omar—now inundating the Dems.

    • Among the white voters the GOP does poorly with, why exactly do they have reason to fear AOC or Harris? The worst performing white demographic for the GOP is single women, who are also AOC’s largest bloc of supporters.

      Romney-Clinton voters and Romney-Gary voters are somewhat mobile when it comes to fears of “socialism”.

    • The lib whites I talk to will never come around. They will continue to extol the greatness of multi-cultural civic nationalism right up to the time they are being loaded into the boxcars.

        • The people in the suburbs don’t seem to think the black mob is after them, only after the unrepentant right-wing farmers.

          The locals see those whites reduced to the squatter camps as the result of addiction and their reluctance to work in low-wage jobs that blacks/illegals (yes, they have them too). The only group that has done well for itself are the Indians, so black anger is targeting them too now.

          • DeBeers- are you familiar with Jan Lampretch? I really get a big kick outa that crackpot. Try to send a couple of sheckels his way when i can. He drives me nuts with his bad optics, but, all in all his work is indispensable if you want have any insight into current events in SA if you don’t speak afrikans. Concern those in the suburbs that are oblivious. Must be a special kind of stupid. I find it hard to believe myself.

          • I don’t pay much heed to the fringe voices, they got egg on their face when they civil war they predicted/instigated fizzled out. The Conservative Party made a fatal error by boycotting the negotiations. The reason the ANC hates the farmers so much is due to a paranoia that the farmers back a moribund terror organization known as the Boeremag.

  30. Speaking of, how effective do you deem the “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White” retort? I mean don’t they notice that only white people are being harassed by them?

    • Imo, not effective at all. That retort is at least a decade old, and few people consciously describe themselves as “anti-racists” except for the anarcho-communists (antifa).

      In mainstream discourse, we have less moral authority than transgenders. Arguments don’t work when you have zero cultural power. Non-whites have higher moral authority in the system, so any white identity politics is crippled by the lack of effective non-white messengers. If the enemy is not a straight white gentile, I don’t even think we should publicly criticize them.

    • The problem is that it doesn’t slay the beast, it acknowledges that being racist is a very, very bad thing, that being anti-racist would be fine, if it were equally applied.

      I’m going with “what’s wrong with being a racist?”

      • Nothing, but it doesn’t help win over normies which is our goal for the time being.

        • Race isn’t the issue. Its more “who is looking out for your interests” every White person even shitlibs know who looks out for White people. The difference is the Left wants to keep paying Danegeld, the Official Right thinks the problem can be wished away and the Dissident Right knows that what actually must be done is not going to be pleasant

          Using the the anti racist is a code name for anti white or Democrats are the real racists memes while true just plays into the Lefts moral system. FK’s What’s wrong with being a racist not only does that but let’s you play Satan to their Saints which is a role we do not want

          I would suggest the solution is to ignore the issue. Don’t bring it up and just say “I look out for those who look out for me.” or something like that when you must

          You still have to play by HR rules until you have F-You money but nothing to be done for that.

          This ignores the other guys moral systems and if someone accuses you of being a witch, err racist, best to look at them them with bland incomprehension like they are babbling nonsense which they are

          This disconnects you from the bullshit and the look of mastery is quite appealing to normies. No one needs salvageable to be Red Pilled on ho is out for who. Everyone knows this and its self evident

          Its not business protection, everyone ifs vulnerable these days but its an effective meme

          best part , by mastering polite friendly indifference and a just business attitude you can avoid caring. Hate tangles you with another, makes them part of you . Indifference is armor .

          • There is no such thing as eff off-money. The more money you have, the more you’ve got to lose. That’s why virtually every billionaire is singing from the globohomo hymn sheet, while unemployed blue-collar stiffs are wearing Trump hats in public.

            To be clear, I do not recommend dragging identity politics with you to work, but the term ‘racism’ is the motherlode of white-shaming rhetoric. If we cannot defuse it, it will always be wielded with devastating effect against anyone who stands up for people of European heritage.

            We must teach our people that being racist is the norm, and that it has nothing to do with hate or violence, but is a completely natural feeling, neither good nor evil but biologically inevitable, like preferring your own children to others’.

            Yes, there are real, virulent ‘racists’ out there, just as there are people who hate lawyers, journalists or politicians. And yes, there’s a lot to be said for consciously fighting your race bias, but haters gotta hate, and some people take it out on the out-group.

          • Not a wrong word there but racism is a funny little Leftist word game and the only winning move is not to play.

    • Not very. Personally, I go with telling anyone who calls me or someone/something else a racist that racist is a “coward’s word. It’s used by wimps to bully people, and I’m not going to get pushed around.”

      I just let the silence linger as he or she – and anyone else around – slowly figures out that I just called this guy a coward right to his face and refused to play his game. This seems to work well with normies because 1) I don’t get into race just the use of the word and 2) they really are tired of getting pushed around by SJWs.

      • You do what works for you. Different folks, different strokes; the important part is to not validate the term by becoming defensive about it.

  31. I think there has to be a way of winning the support of white moderates, and pandering is going to fill that gap until something better comes along. The thing is that whites are not “natural conservatives” either. The only way to get a naturally conservative polity is self-segregation.

    We can’t be deluding ourselves that making explicit ethno-nationalist appeals is a winning strategy. Several generations have been indoctrinated that such a position is demonic. And even if you think the mainstream narrative is nuts, its not irrational to think that a Third World War could happen if nationalists win power.

    • Most whites are over pampered sheep who lost their survival instinct or traded it for a fat 401k and a new SUV.

      Every war we’ve had since Vietnam has been initiated by American “centrists” and globalists. The people who are pushing for a war with Russia are all Democrats and Neo-Cons who embrace globalism

  32. Elections are all about math and probability. Democrats don’t bother to campaign in my state of Indiana, or in states like Wyoming, because there simply is no way for them to win. You concentrate on wining where you have a realistic chance to win and ignoring places you don’t. For “conservatives” the black vote is a lost cause. The real target is to turn out white voters in sufficient numbers but we are supposed to pretend that isn’t the case.

    • Agree. In marketing terms, there just aren’t any marginally attached black voters. There’s just nobody who might be persuaded.

      But then, our elites are pretty stupid.

    • White people vote but Republicans are sick with fear that someone will catch them noticing that.

    • White voters exist like white culture exists. Its the space on the page until it can be filled up with the ink of Progress.

      Conservatives will be writing in wingdings before they acknowledge whites as a group and white culture as the prevailing heritage culture of the nation – and as such, something worth preserving.

  33. If you rely directly on government money for your sustenance, no, you aren’t voting to cut that off. The black community relies on government funds for single mothers nationwide.

    Fun fact, once you take single motherhood out of the equation, the percentages of everything even out to be more right wing; at least on average. In prison, racial disparities even disappear.

    Until someone addresses single motherhood, I have difficulty believing they’re serious. All the race obsession, even coming from the HBD side, economics, virtue signaling from the left and the right, all basically mean nothing compared to the social, economic, and cultural burden of bastardy. It’s the 20% that gets you 80% of what you’re trying to do.

    • So long as there is Section 8 over the head, EBT in the wallet, a “nine” in the pocket and a 40oz in the fridge, nothing will change.

      • Most people don’t want a lot more than this and won’t get much more than this either, a cheap house , money for the bills, a Hi Point automatic and some intoxicant of choice, oh and don’t forget Net Flix

        Honestly its more than enough and White adopting a similar mindset , working for enough plus some for the winter would make for a better society than the childless amoral striving we have now

    • Even before the gibs, blacks voted their interests, which has always meant in favor of the left-wing options. The limited black voting in the early part of the 20th was all in favor of Progressive candidates.

      Audacious Epigone has done posts on the disconnect between black cultural attitudes and black voting.

      • Sure, it’s a matter of degree. Anyone who isn’t the dominant tribe is more likely to want to change the status quo. It’s a question of how much and over what.

        My main point is that single motherhood alone is the juice for the heavy leftward swing and it is the least likely to change. It is the one thing that feeds nearly everything else that anybody has an actual problem with.

      • Republicans have been chasing – and failing – at getting black votes since forever. Lets look at that 32% that Nixon got. First, its inflated by the fact that Southern Blacks were still segregated and voted Republican – because in Dixie the Democrats were still the white party. Outside of the South the Democrats got more than 68% in 1960. Secondly, its Eisenhower and the Republicans that passed the 1957 Civil Rights bill and tried to get a more comprehensive bill passed. Its the Senate Democrats under LBJ that opposed it and watered it down. Third, and most important, LBJ was on the ticket with JFK. In 1960, LBJ was SUPPOSED be conservative on race. Its one reason, JFK won 8 out of the 11 Southern States. Yet, with all that, Nixon STILL only got 32%!

        After the election, Ike and Nixon got together and bitched about how blacks were ungrateful, and that it was a waste of time to pander to them. And Nixon never did.

    • The bastardy problem is a huge issue facing the West, especially now that it is not only subsidized but all social sanctions against it have collapsed. I’ve been called a misogynist for suggesting two-parent households produce better outcomes.

      • Aye. If somehow all out of wedlock births stopped and there were no marriages, our total fertility rate would actually be 1.08 nationally or 1.13 for Whites

        This will have tremendous consequences in the long run none of them good.

        In terms of fixing it, if one wanted to it would require near dictatorial authority to do so since it can’t be dealt with as an isolated problem. In order to make two parent nuclear or extended nuclear families work, it requires huge changes to the economy and everywhere else.

        This kind of multifaceted critical problem is why the Dissident Right needs to be an authoritarian movement rather than a freedom focused one IMO anyway

  34. Here in NY there are significantly more black abortions than births and the proportion of blacks in the overall population has been shrinking. Agree, won’t see any material changes in the near term. Blacks might come into play in places like California where they are being displaced mas rapido by the new Hispanic overlords–but that assumes sufficient collective sentience to realize what is happening. But for now, so long as the EBTs keep working, don’t expect any change. Having grown up with Cubans in South Florida–outside of political backslapping, Hispanics on the street have no love for their more vibrant brethren.

  35. It’s not just boomer whites. If you travel anywhere where the privileged children of Western Europe congregate you will find that all these idiots are expecting the age of Aquarius right around the corner. They congregate on beaches in Asia or South America or wherever it’s beautiful and cheap and there’s a lot of brown people and talk about the coming transformational age. I am one of the privileged children of Western Europe but I never thought like them and there was only a certain length of time that I could keep my mouth shut. The result was i always made myself deeply unpopular. Part of me hopes they remember but I think they will be defending diversity as it’s slitting their throats

  36. I know a few black conservatives. All Ex-military, educated, suburban types who left the hood behind if they were ever in it. They are few and far between and I agree – investing time and money chasing them is silly.

    • And of course, the Republican candidates who do best with blacks are the ones who don’t pander to them. Jesse Helms, who was a flat-out Old South racist and admitted it, usually got about 25-33% of the black vote, because older black church ladies agreed with him on gays and God. Nixon was by no means an outlier.

      • Even that is no longer reliable. Black Protestants voted close to unanimously for Obama in spite of his embrace of the strange flesh faction. Even once “conservative” Reformed blacks are fleeing orthodoxy in favor of racialist black liberation theology (see Ron Burns, aka Thabiti Anyabwile). Just being a black churchgoer isn’t going to get them to vote GOP in this day and age. Their racial identity trumps their theological convictions.

        • Yeah, things have certainly changed since then, but I guess that the message is, if you don’t pander to blacks, you may get a few of them to vote for you, if only to remind the Dems not to take then for granted. Pandering never works, ever, at all…

    • The successful blacks I know, the last thing they want to do is discuss race. IMHO, their blackness is a thing like being short, or fat, or bald. Something they wish was different, but it’s not. So discussing it or bringing it up is simply rude and beside the point. We have them already, and pandering or otherwise bringing up the subject is counterproductive at best.

    • Trump’s chasing this vote is a sign he’s given up. He doesn’t want to be president anymore but he doesn’t want to simply quit. There is no way he can win if he doesn’t rally this base. He know this yet he’s gone full Jeb.

      This loss will accelerate the pozz.
      Expect category 5 Chimpouts when the morlocks assume power. Chaos will rule the roost and Useless Donnie will be able to say, “See, I told you so…”

      In his mind that will be his vindication.

  37. “Anti-racism has become the opiate of the masses. One hit of it and the user falls into a self-righteous, self-satisfied stupor. That’s what these Candace Owens performances are for the attendees. It’s like an opium den for middle-class Baby Boomers.”

    Yes, “anti-racism” (which is itself a racist ideology, merely turned upon itself) is perhaps the most dominant new post-Christianity religion. Perhaps only environmentalism possesses a more self-perceived pious following.

    The Booby’s confused, with all these “atheists” running around, why does he feel like he’s living in an age of religious zealotry?

    • Today’s religious zealotry for democracy, equality and diversity has few equivalent from our Christian pass. The wars of the reformation are about it. Add to that unbridgeable genetic diversity,an elite that wants us neutered and genocided, and a population that has become so dumbed down and brainwashed they’ll be blaming nazis until the stars burn out.

      There’s no stopping what’s coming. The only thing to do is make sure you live in a heavily white area. Ride it out if you can.

    • Fred Reed is on to something. Hispanics are the second most conservative “race” in America. They are also the most likely to become “white” within three generations. They are the weak link in the ascendant coalition. Taking in 60 percent European Juan to counteract Tyrone and “white name” McAsian is more viable than the Black Unicorn.

      • Speaking with experience, you are 100 times better of with Hispanics. The ones I’ve encountered work, and have ambition. Of course, the Dem’s are peeling them off as fast as they can with the siren’s song of White oppression and bigotry. That seems to work well with the losers in the community (what’s new).

      • Fred Reed is a complete sell-out about Hispanics. The only good thing about Hispanics is that most of them are pretty non-political. They’re easily-ruled sheep. Contrary to what you say about being “White” in three generations, third generation Hispanics vote even more Democratic than their parents — they may be White, but they’re liberal Whites. The ¡Jeb! strategy is a guaranteed failure almost as much as the Black Unicorn.

        All you have to do is look at their countries to know what sort of society Hispanics and Aztec-Americans are comfortable with.

        • Good observation. Anyone who believes the browns are, or can be, “just like us” is either completely self-deluded or is exorcising the last vestiges of the CivNat demons from their soul. I live in a super-duper libshit city in TX (take a guess) that is absolutely lousy with 3rd and 4th gen U.S. born hispanics, and they are, if anything, the MOST left-leaning, liberal, politically active group here. I think a lot of that has to do with them trying to gain some creds as a real brown, since they don’t have an accent or a border jumping story. Kinda like how the light skindid blacks are the most vocal among the coloreds.

          • Hispanics take to socialism so well because of the Catholic indoctrination. Marxist Liberation theology has been a staple of Latin American Catholicism for several generations.

          • Exactly as Luddite put it.
            Do they think that Jesus said to give to the poor? No.
            Do they think that Jesus said to rob people and give that to the poor? No, though that at least takes courage.
            Do they think Jesus said to elect a government to rob others and give it to themselv – I mean, the poor?

        • inhabitant of Latin America are not Genetically European for sure

          Current event of Venezuela is tip of an iceberg what happening in Latin America

          bottom line is inhabitant of Latin America failed imitate European Technology

          That’s All you have to know about these backward people

          Last option of these people is Caravan, immigrate to white town

          They don’t know why European have good stuff, but they surely want that good stuff

      • Seriously. After reading Z-Man’s post, this is what you write and believe. Maybe whites are hopeless.

        Look up the voting numbers.

        • According to polls, Trump-ish/ Dissident Right policies are supported by whites at about 50 – 60%, Hispanics at 30 – 40%, Asians at 25 – 35% and Blacks at about 10 – 20%. There is variance depending at what policy we are talking about. Deportation has a different range than the wall. Support for the Republican party is lower for all demographics.

          If it were up to me, we’d deport everyone who isn’t devoutly European and force the non-British descendant whites to take British names. Then we’d nuke Northern Mexico until it glowed like a radioactive moat. Back in reality, that ain’t happening.

          So after the Boomers die what do politics look like? A good chunk of Hispanics support our policies. Is it most of them? No. Is it enough? Maybe. Latin America’s birthrate is dropping, Africa’s isn’t. Asian’s sure as hell ain’t European, the Aztec LARPers might come around.

          • Problem is most of the resistance to 3rd world invasions comes from the Slavs. The Anglo-Saxon(aka: Sailers precious Apex whites) are at the forefront of committing suicide. Same with those Nordics, who lack any sort of self-preservation. They are like Al Capps “Schmoos”

            If anything I’d keep a close eye on those WASPs. Because it was they who wrecked the U.S. and Britain. There is something really defective in their DNA.

          • That’s fine, but don’t “court” them, because to a politician, courting a demographic means gibsdemstuff.

            It they won’t join up without bribes, they’re not the ones we want.

          • “A good chunk of Hispanics support our policies.”. Are you serious? What policies? All this nonsensical back and forth in the comments about vote getting is delusional. Get a clue. TINVOWOOT!!! Unless everyone on the dissident right gets their mind right about that fact, we are finished. Furthermore, while every genetically European abortion is a loss for our people, I am delighted to know that domestic Africans are keeping their population growth in check through abortion. Margaret Sanger and her fellow eugenicists were quite prescient.

      • They are also the most likely to become “white” within three generations

        Sound like Men can be Women after sex exchange operation

        Many Argentine claim they are white and Argentina is white state

        You can’t change the Biological reality

        Hispanic or Latinos are still fell into Dependence theory Aka Evil Gringo trick

        there is no evidence to back up your story

        69% of Latinos voted for the Democratic candidate and 29% backed the Republican candidate

        IF Cuban guy Ted Cruz pretending as Reagan while secretly support illegal immigration won’t wake you up then nothing will

      • White in three generations? Oh, I remember, race is just a social construct, isn’t it? Light Tan Everyman, here we come!

    • There’s a whole goddamn rainbow of unicorns out there. And CivCucks will find them all. Someday…

    • Funny you should mention the concept of a Hispanic unicorn. I nominate Jerry Rivers (aka Jeraldo Rivera—sp?). Seems I’ve been hearing him crop up frequently on conservative talk radio.

    • The Democrat race message is two pronged. One, we will give you free stuff. Two, your underperformance is not your fault, but is due to white voodoo. Blacks will never catch up as a group, and thus Z is absolutely correct. The return is lower than the investment. There is at least some long-term hope with hispanics. I agree they are a unicorn for the near future, and we should should restrict immigration as much as possible. But damn, it’s like keeping water from flowing downhill. Hispanics are more like the Irish and Italians of the last two centuries. They drag the country down for a few generations, and then become white. The result will be more socialism and tyranny, but maybe not the total loss of the civilization created by whites.

      • Irish and Eye-Ties of last century also looked like the native stock (or close enough), were shunned outside their little ethnic enclaves, and learned English because they had no other choice. Their kids did not receive the benefit of a bilingual education, and their culture was not forced down the throats of the rest of the country. It was assimilate or die. I’m a 3rd gen WOP, originally from North Jersey. All my great grandparents came over from southern Italy in the 20s, and that’s all I know of my culture or WOP history. I don’t speak more than five words of Italian, and neither do my parents or anyone else in my family. None of my WOP friends do either. We just don’t give a shit like the browns do. They’re obsessed with their culture, language, and history, because they LOOK LIKE their culture, language, and history. That means they’ll vote for their culture, language, and history! I don’t care which of Trump’s softball policies they support. If they’re not behind the wall and deportations, they’re not on our side and never will be. They are faux allies that will make nice with us until they don’t have to anymore.

        • Irish and Italians also had higher IQs, which was helpful. I’m not saying the Latin invasion is good. It will take us from a first world country to a 1 1/2 world country. I’m just saying it’s better than an African or Muslim invasion, which would end western civilization.

      • ” …not the total loss of the civilization created by whites” . More lunacy. I’d prefer that homo sapiens go extinct to European civilization “surviving” after we are long gone. Good grief!

    • The Romney loss post-mortem at the RNC blaming his loss on not sufficiently fellating Hispanics is an all-time classic. The ironic thing is that a populist like Mike Huckabee does fairly well with Hispanics. Who doesn’t? Libertarian Republicans. Obviously, the RNC was shilling for amnesty / open borders, but do legal Hispanics want that?

      The best way Rs can peel off some black vote and 40% or so of Hispanics IS NOT BY arguing Democrats are the REAL RACISTS but by simply reminding those groups of what low-skilled immigration does to their wages. Gladly accept their votes, but there is no payoff to pandering.

      • That’s all they should do. Offer positions that will help them and leave it at that. Don’t get into bidding wars or being more progressive than the Left. You just need to peel off a couple of percent or make it so they don’t feel the need to vote.

      • The problem with the labor supply argument is that it is lost on most of the domestic labor force.

        Those kinds of rational, econ101 things just don’t hold up against the religion of progress most of them still worship.

        Their labor is being sucked at both ends: gov’t gibs and mexican peasants. So the protectionist approach coming from a white man (the enemy) is a tough sell.

        Plus, the labor suppply argument is boring.

        You have to ignite an emotional response. If the observable reality of seeing ‘their’ communities turn mexican and all of the trades go brown in one generation isn’t enough to wake them to the problem, its unlikely having it explained to them in charts will do any better.

        No, they are on their own. To them, Government is an entitlement program and arbiter of victim status.

        The only thing that unites the left is hate of white culture. It may be the only thing, but its something more than the right can offer them.

        And its a lot more emotiobally powerful than ‘we need a wall so your baby daddies can get jobs in landscaping and construction and food service.’

    • I’ll add everyone’s favorite minority: Azns and Hapas. Whom despite being literally better off than whites are even more leftist than Hispanics.

      Here we see the failure of the Anti-Islam bait thrown out by the GOP. Of course it never actually leads to immigration being cut, or moves a sizeable number of Jewish voters beyond the minority of hardcore Zionists.

      This also speaks to the utility of putting a muzzle on every social conservative. Untold numbers of otherwise sympathetic moderates get the vapors whenever they are told “muh abortions” are at risk.

      • The GOP has never been anti-Islam. Or maybe you forgot Religion of Peace Bush and the bending over backwards not to offend the Muslims.

        Plus the stupid social conservatives drive away the moderates thinking is just that, stupid. You’re arguing the Libertarian, economics only nonsense that continuously fails. Abortion is one of the few moral areas where there has been actual opposition to the Left. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention the Z’s statements, but this is about morality.

        • GOP pols love throwing out rube bait, and hoping that it isn’t noticed by the national media. Think school prayer, Birtherism, Benghazi, and anything that Don Jr. posts about. Recall all that angst over the WTC mosque, when nada was said about slashing immigration.

          I’m not a lolbertarian, I’m a social reactionary but a realist. This country is full of people that hate social conservatives, and socons suck at perpetuating their message. The GOP has a better shot at picking up “mens rights” issues.

          For all the anger against the NFL protests, no GOP pols ever encouraged a boycott. And no GOP pols have ever tried to deplatform the leftist late-night comedians.

          • When I think of “social conservative”, I think of a religious-right Boomer who rambles on about Jeebus and Godless Liberals and punk music and teenagers on his lawn. Rarely if ever are these people selling inspiring, fire-and-brimstone Christianity. They’re christcucks. They may not be social rejects like the lolbertarians, but they are even more politically and culturally impotent. No SoCon ever gets elected, only shills who pander to SoCons because they’re so gullible.

            I’d be happy with a religious reactionary, but very few exist. Show me a SoCon who demands the complete abolition of divorce or a renewal of the old blasphemy laws, punishable by firing squad, and I’ll get excited about that. But it’s always some half-baked stupidity about muh abortion or muh satanists or muh kids on muh lawn. These rubes never left the 1980s.

            Maybe these people were the lifeblood of the country back in the 1920s. I can totally see how a very homogeneous, very well-educated and well-governed and very moral country would benefit from a high ratio of, essentially, highly-competent and intelligent sheep. But those days are long gone, and their time is long over. Today we need men of substance – we need Kings and Lords and Executioners. People who will rule, not whine or preach or “administer”.

    • Without Hispanics, blacks would constitute 25 pct of our population. Not sure that would be an ideal electorate.

      • Yeah, if you country is going to be over-run with ill-educated violent Third-Worlders, you could do worse than Hispanics – I mean, I’d far rather live in Mexico City than in Mogadishu or Lagos. But I’d by far rather live in the United States, and, seeing as how I was born there, I don’t see why the Hell I no longer have that option.

    • I come from Hamilton, Ontario — a mostly white city of Irish and Italian descendants in Canada gradually darkening its skin tone through immigration. There are no hispanics there — but there are Eurasian immigrants, who are not wanted.

      In this city, the right-wing doesn’t have much of a chance because it is viewed as the Taker Party. Hamilton is poor. It doesn’t have a lot to give. Your uncle Fred is on disability — he injured himself working hi-rise construction, standing up soaring in the clouds and … (Click Here to CONTINUE)

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