Fear, Force & Convenience

Every society is held together by a number of forces. Trust, tradition, blood, fear, force and convenience work in combination to keep a society whole. Until recent, trust was the strong force in Scandinavian societies. Tradition and blood played a large role, but those have been diluted with diversity. North Korea, in contrast, relies on the threat of state violence to keep society together. Tradition and blood still play a role, but it is mostly fear of being sent to a camp that keeps society together.

In America, trust was always the force that kept local community together, while tradition kept regional identity together. America was always a big country with lots of room, so self-segregation smoothed over the rough spots. With the elimination of free association and the importation of millions of foreigners, social trust is rapidly breaking down and being replaced with state force. For now, trouble makers are sent to diversity training, rather than a labor camp, but the idea is the same.

The thing is, America still remains a big place with lots of room, so the North Korean model is not going to hold it together. Even the Scandinavian model of soft authoritarianism, run by mentally disturbed women, is unlikely to hold the country together in a crisis. In fact, that model is probably the least plausible in a crisis, as the women in this sort of system are crisis actors, not crisis managers. Politics gives them the attention that normal life does not afford them.

That’s something to keep in mind when thinking about what comes next. The soft, feminine authoritarianism we see in the West is a free rider. It is possible because of the inertia from the old high trust societies that came before it. If Finland faced a real crisis, one that threatened its existed, the first thing that happens is their pixie of prime minister is replaced with a serious person. The same would be true in Canada, where their gender fluid prime minister is mostly a luxury item.

Putting that aside, the question for Americans is where would trust be placed in a crisis, enough trust to wield the force necessary to mobilize the country. For a long time, Gallup has been polling people about confidence in various institutions. For example, in 1973, 65% of the America public said they had a great deal or quite a lot of trust in religious institutions. Today it is 36%. The change in the no trust column has gone from single digits to 25%, more than the great deal of trust column.

A similar decline in trust has occurred with the political institutions. The Supreme Court still enjoys the trust of 38% of the public. Those court trusters are probably the Baby Boom generation, as they have always had the highest trust in the courts. Even today, they will argue that the courts will protect the constitution. This is why they support Trump, despite his problems. He’s going to nominate good judges, so the argument goes, and those judges will follow the constitution.

Congress, on the other hand, is down to 11%. That seems amazingly high, but maybe that number reflects the public work force. Even crazier, 45% of the public trusted Congress in 1973. That right there is a great metric when trying to understand the relationship between diversity and social trust. The flood gates of diversity opened in the 1960’s. As the hordes poured into your cities and towns, social trust began to collapse, showing up in the people’s house of government.

Another area where the cancer of diversity reveals itself is in the schools. Trust in the public schools is at 29% from 59% in 1973. A half century ago, Americans could send their kids off to the local school, knowing their classmates would be neighbors and the teacher would be someone they knew. Today, the grammar school classes look like the bar scene from Star Wars and the teachers are dangerous weirdos. The kids pass through metal detectors and they wear Kevlar book bags.

Trust in newspapers has not changed much. That’s probably not a very good metric when trying to figure out what’s happening. The only people consuming newspapers these days are old white people. Within a decade, most cities in America will no longer have a newspaper. The big media sites are megaphones for the managerial state, so comparing them to newspapers is not accurate. Still, the numbers suggest that white people have always been skeptical of the news media.

The two institutions that jump out are the military and police. Today, 53% of Americans say they trust the police a great deal or quite a lot. Even more impressive, 73% of the people trust the military. The only other “institution” with this degree of trust is small business, and that’s not really an institution. Instead, that’s residual trust in community that has carried over in spite of diversity. People still have a high opinion of the local business man who contributes to his community.

That brings us back to those forces that hold society together. In modern America, diversity is destroying trust in the civic institutions. The long culture war has destroyed trust in religion. The two most trusted institutions are the two given the right to use deadly force in defense of society. Like the executioner, the warrior, is permitted to spill blood, thus elevating him to the highest rank of every society. In a crisis, it is always the executioner and the soldier, who rise to the top.

There is a difference between the warrior and the executioner. The latter is the last line of defense, something tolerated, not celebrated. The former is a forward deployed defender, celebrated for his spilling of blood. No society throws a parade for its famous executioner. The soldier, on the other hand, is a hero to his people for spilling the blood of the enemy, real or imagined. Unlike any other citizen, if there is doubt about his actions, he gets the benefit of the doubt.

It is tempting to assume from this that the next step to the diverse multicultural paradise is a world run by cops and soldiers. Most likely, it will be the custodial state that incorporates both institutions. Instead of the military seizing control of the government, it will be corporations seizing control of the military and police. That’s what you see with tech companies helping local police install surveillance equipment in the homes of suburbanites and cameras on the streets of the ghetto.

Over the next year, Americans will be forced to stand in line at their local motor vehicle department to get a “real ID.” This will be required to enter a government building or travel on an airplane. Soon, it will be required for banking, travel from one zone to another, and all government and corporate services. To have a social media account, will require you provide your real ID. To have phone service or e-mail will require you to show your papers to an officer of the corporate state.

The role of cops and soldiers will be the same as in the prior arrangements. Instead of these institutions defending the civil institutions, they will be deployed to defend the new custodial state. They will get awards for capturing twitter trolls, instead of capturing bank robbers. Social trust will be replaced with fear of ostracism, the force of the corporate state and the convenience of weekend drone delivery. These are the forces that will hold together the post-national custodial state.

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179 thoughts on “Fear, Force & Convenience

  1. The military needs an external source of social legitimacy. If they violated the beliefs of most Americans their social credibility would collapse. They have credibility now because they follow orders (orders most Americans think are legitimate). Put them in the drivers’ seat and scrutiny would come.

    General McMaster was memed as a Globalist Operative pretty quick after becoming National Security Advisor. Ann Coulter starting mocking PC and globalist generals.

    People look up to the military but that wouldn’t survive becoming a dog that serves Google.

  2. Smedley Butler called it 100 years ago, the military is the enforcement arm of corporations. He was a real deal bad ass Marine. Now 1/2 the military is chicks. 18 fucking years in Afghanistan, for what? Nothing. Now they’re gonna come back here and put the beatdown on Americans, I don’t think so. People sense the lies and bullshit, it’s a job. like working for Walmart, except they give you a gun. A gun they don’t want you to have once you get back.

  3. The glaring problem with your theory is that the progressive elites and there pets hate, hate hate soldiers and cops. Down to their core. They’d pick suicide over supporting the pigs. Which they likely will.

  4. Like the Chinese curse of “may you live in interesting times” things will get very interesting when the only institutions that White men trust -, the military and the police – will be used to take away the only freedom that White men really value: the freedom to own a gun.

    That is going to be a big wake up all for a lot of naive White men. Whites still think that the police and military will revolt and take our side when ordered to take guns or send us to camps. They persist in believing this fantasy in spite of the cops standing down while nice White ladies were beaten at Trump rallies and despite cops going after guns in states with red flag laws as though the taxpayer is a gangbanger with a long rap sheet.

  5. The problem is worse. Continue to stay in the Low Trust Lagos, but then don’t expect any support when it burns and you have to become a refugee.
    I moved to the inland northwest, and everyone already knows me. You can be, shall we say, eccentric, but they will still trust you.
    When the wicked day comes, the remaining high trust areas will erect impenetrable if virtual walls and you will be outside.

    When things fall apart, it does matter which side of the wall you are on before the fall.

  6. Not trying to suck up, but is there a better comment section anywhere on the web than right here? I never read the comments on most blogs but it is always worth it here.

  7. Merchants are not going to rule over warriors. And merchants won’t rule over priests either (do you actually think corporate merchants want to have their own banks robbed and their businesses bombed by Muslim terrorists?).

  8. It would be interesting to see the “trust in institutions” break-down by institution and demographic. “Trust” can mean one thing if you’re “connected,” and the opposite if you’re not. My family endured this when (summer prior to 9/11) my sibling was mowed down in a crosswalk in a MA/NH border city. By the “connected’s” junkie daughter. She ran two red lights before hitting my sibling in the crosswalk. Even before the ambulance arrived the police were whisking the daughter away. For a week we got anonymous calls from police saying how sorry they were, but they couldn’t do anything because of repercussions from the mayor. That was then. Do you think it’s gotten better?

      • My sibling is still alive. Walks like an elderly person, though. It was the anonymous calls from the nice cops that gave us hope. The “official” cops were totally in with city hall and junkie daughter. That’s the reason I posted. I think think the good cops want to support you as much as law-abiding folks want to support the good cops.

    • America shrugs-off the President’s impeachment. Nobody gives a good goddamn anymore. When a nation’s “citizens,” such as they are , reach that point it’s all over but the shouting(shooting). Metro cops will do what they are told by their paymasters.

      As Louie Ghomert said on the House floor tonight: “The end of this country is in sight. I hope I don’t live to see it.”

  9. I do see the private universities and corporations delivering the social justice.

    Racist H8rs keep blocking our limited governments from doing what is right.

    If not now, when? We can’t let the greedy bigots keep getting away with it.

    As Saint Karl the Woke predicted, governments will fade away, because we won’t need them anymore.

    /sorry- file under ‘snarkcasm’

  10. What was described in the final paragraph is exactly why many of us, myself included, are checking out of society and modernity. We will be creating parallel societies, like a small city states of old. Starting with small incorporated communities(yes, Oriana is an inspiration if you caught that good on you).
    It may be that our duty for the next long while is to simply keep the flame alit. For the adventurous, do not be disheartened. There is nothing easy or boring about keeping your culture alive when it becomes the enemy.
    It’s going to be a long fight. Start forming communities now before everything completely goes to Hell.

  11. Also,

    “Still, the numbers suggest that white people have always been skeptical of the news media.”

    On the contrary, educated white people, who consume the most media information, are the most adjusted to the worldview of the political class. That’s why big cities and university towns are almost as progressive as the Imperial Capital itself.

    “Today, 53% of Americans say they trust the police a great deal or quite a lot. Even more impressive, 73% of the people trust the military.”

    Two institutions which have been long-time and prominently diversified — including in their respective portrayals in the media and entertainment — retain high amounts of trust. Diversity hasn’t damaged social trust in either at all.


  12. I can’t think of two worse institutions to have trust in than the military and police. What really frosts me is that the “heroes” get to pre-board flights as I have to pay for that privilege. Would we pre-board some Shanequa because she’s on WIC? It’s the same thing. The military also gets retail discounts everywhere. Just for being “heroes.” Our society never used to worship useless goldbrickers like this before. Not even the ones 70 years ago who actually won a war. The best thing to happen to the police is body cameras. Now we get a full record of every situation. In many instances it protects the police officer, as the video tells a different story from the gangsta who cries “he was raysisss.” In many other cases you have cops going down for their thuggish demeanor. Having a complete record is a leveling force for all, as cops are adept at lying on the stand. Every cop has perjury in his heart. Civilization is about seeing shades of gray between black and white. You need information to do that. I’ve always believe that more information is better than less information, and having video capabilities on every phone, now with great audio and resolution, and being able to upload that video, even if it’s not You-Tube, will keep all of these people on defense.

    • JR, the gov’t was flying illegal aliens w/ no documentation to their preferred destinations w/in the US from the southern border just this past summer. (They’re probably still doing it for all I know.) Security theater is just that.

      • You bet it is. I heard about this a few years ago. An illegal can fly with no documentation as long as he get’s a full pat-down. As I type this I’m listening to some congressman, explain, in Spanish, on the floor of the house, why Trump should be impeached. Perfecto.

  13. Sorry to disagree, but N Korea is not held together by fear. With their total control of education and media they undoubtedly have far fewer “troublemakers” or even quiet dissidents than America has. Relentless inculcation holds NK together, as it did the USSR, Nazi Germany or Saddam’s Iraq, regardless of the regime’s successes or failures.

  14. In the Brave New World that Zman describes, the power players in the clouds will endeavor to remain amorphous and mysterious and essentially unknown for the role they play in homogenizing society into an insect-like species. Rather than rely on Jackboot force to keep the Untermenchen in line, they would prefer memetic indoctrination as the control lever (hello Antifa). But there is a paradigm that kills off this type of disease, and it requires focus, intelligence, and innovation. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous.

  15. “…a “real ID will be required to enter a government building or travel on an airplane. Soon, it will be required for banking.”

    That form of ID already exists and even the Zman has one. It’s called a Passport.

    Were you aware, that even though you have to pay for a passport, a US passport is not your property. Read it. It belongs to the US Government and “…must be surrendered upon demand made by an authorized representative of the US Government”.

    • Correct. It is the property of the State Department.

      Then again, so is your driver’s license. The state can obviously revoke your license to drive and in most states you are required to turn in the physical card, though it is seldom enforced.

      • Which means the government can legally prevent you from leaving the country anytime they want.

        “A 1978 amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 made it illegal to enter or depart the United States without an issued passport even in peacetime.” – Wikipedia

        The closest thing Germany ever had to travel restrictions was in East Germany before the wall came down.

        Welcome to Amerkia Comrad!

  16. WTF? Zman, are you kidding me?
    Internal passports, is this real?

    A crackdown on hatethought in time for the election of Chancellor Drumf?

    Here I was, about to ask my fellow Californians if AB5 is busting their chops like it is mine.
    That’s what I get for thinking “Well, at least it won’t get worse for a while.”

  17. The cities began collapsing in the 70s as city after city elected black mayors, black chiefs of police and other political cops, the city bureaucracies, transit etc. The turning of our once great cities into giants gibs projects and the ensuing white flight not only decimated the cities physically, but also culturally. Vibrant city communities turned into soulless suburbs and “vibrant” city communities. Of course these cities are all insolvent and require state handouts. My city is collecting additional state and federal funds by illegally taxing soda to food stamp recipients. Like every other city tax, it is just being stolen. Despite the ridiculous taxes, maintenance isn’t being performed. There are bridges all over the city that have been temporarily closed for a decade or more. Many of these bridges go over train tracks that haven’t seen a train in decades. It’s all part of the decline.

    • Exactly. When Obama came into office, we needed a stimulus to get the economy back on track. Of course, it was all stolen and fed to cronies. Katrina taught us we need large evacuation paths from cities. In my city, second largest in State, the major highway out is 2-3 lanes. Three lanes all the way has been a goal forever. Highway always has backup when going from 3 to 2 lanes at several choke points. Ditto on a national scale for electric grid, which has had more than one spectacular failure to remind us of its vulnerabilities. Decaying infrastructure locally and nationally.

    • captainmike, above: “A decade or so without a functional electrical grid would end pretty much everything which ails the country.”

      It would also stymie the flood of trash and sewage choking every river, beach, and urban border in the Third World.

      We can’t imagine the scale of the horrors that must come if we let this go on at this rate.
      Few if any countries can feed or water their own populations.
      We must harden our hearts and save our own.

      Do we even realize what is setting up here?
      If we’re not ready now, then what later?

      • The likelihood of losing electricity nationwide for 10 years is so low that it’s not even worth considering. The loss of electricity in a metro area or large zone is only a little less unlikely. Anything capable of doing such damage is probably going to have far bigger consequences than power outage, widespread or not.
        The failure to take care of trash and sewage is probably a much bigger and more likely risk. We are already seeing conditions that could spread plagues in major cities in the US like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
        Somebody posted a video, I think here, to a woman pumping gas into a plastic trash bag (but she double bagged it, so it must be OK). Victor Davis Hansen frequently writes about life in Cal-Mexico and how the sanitation and other standards in California are becoming more like Mexico. Dead bodies on your lawn, unlicensed “restaurants” without any sanitation rules etc. These are the real risks. Combine these 3rd world conditions with things like airports, train stations and the like and communicable disease is just an accident waiting to happen.

        • Here is Lagos, maintaining the water system is proving to be a formidable challenge. Years of neglect, old technology and widespread Africanization is resulting areas without water for long periods. Road maintenance is another area where you see the inability of the state to perform basic functions. I had a crater the size of a small car on my street for a few years.

          Somewhere I write that decline is like a long tumble down the stairs. Some risers are steep, some shallow. Some treads long and others short. It is an inconsistent decline. The custodial state seems to be the managerial response to decline. The roads may be impassable, but your fridge will make sure you are stocked up prepared foods.

          • Same stuff in Logos on the Delaware. Unfixed potholes and “temporary” closing of bridges that go on for years, poor snow removal, constant water main breaks, gas explosions… But they always have the money to install cameras at all the lights to mail out those tickets. The police are a complete joke. Half the time if you are a major crime victim, nothing at all happens. Car gets stolen, they don’t even come out and write a report. Same thing if you get mugged. Make a call, get a DC number. But let your grass reach 4.1 inches and you get a $200 fine. They literally send people around to snoop through your garbage looking for recyclable materials. They write you a $100 ticket if you throw anything recyclable in the trash. The very definition of anarcho-tyranny.

          • Tars, they have the money and bennies to pay people to root through your trash?

            Here, we just let the junkies do it for free,

          • Z Man;
            Knowing what you know about Lagos’ descent into expensive yet incompetent anarchy, how can you posit the custodial state as the probable end state of the looming breakdown_?

            A custodial state requires a very high degree of order and considerable competence to operate successfully. And they cost a lot besides.

            The 2nd law of thermodynamics [entropy (= disorder) always wins] is yet to be repealed and is the tireless enemy of any system whatsoever. This is not to mention the inevitable random shocks experienced by any system due to ‘events’. These perturbing factors can, maybe, be engineered away. But then we enter the realm of strategy where there is intelligent opposition actively seeking to wreck that system.

            IMHO, the custodial state is a fragile, fat target for internal or foreign pressure or aggression. Don’t forget what happened to the USSR.

          • Here in the Ipswich River watershed the demand for water exceeds the supply. Rationing is a fact of life. Of course the GDP worshipers don’t give a sh*t about what a place can *sustain,* only what it can *contain.*

  18. The custodial state is in greater fear of a Muslim neighborhood than 10,000 second amendment guys who shoot every weekend but live atomized lives.
    What will hinder a custodial state?
    Muslims who actually believe in their God and their clans.
    They say go ahead and monitor me.
    Now come into my clan and try to enforce your bullshit.
    While white Christians say we will obey “our constitution” and respect “our government”
    Christians have to man up and realize the government and the corporations ruling us now hate our guts in our own nation.
    The hatred for a white man like Trump is a hatred for you.

    • With relatively small numbers, few weapons and a low IQ, Muslims in Europe are crushing GloboHomo.

      They have a community that fights for its people and refuses to accept GloboHomo propaganda. That simple and that difficult to achieve.

    • Was it here or somewhere else that pointed out when a rape gang gets arrested, they have a mob of 100 fellow ethnics outside the police station saying ‘release them, or we burn this place down’- and their women back them up.

      I think it was Apex that noted that. They have will, welfare, and bloc vote solidarity, not guns or mountain refuges.

    • “The hatred for a white man like Trump is a hatred for you.”

      This is something I find to be perpetually frustrating: how so many fellow white men cannot see this.

      Even many so-called redpill men who have explored the depths of the poz seem to stop short of drawing these relatively easy parallels.

      How can any red-blooded man be a democrat at this point? I get the trappings of the tradcucks, churchians, and libertarians, but seriously, supporting people and groups who openly hate you?

      It turns my stomach. The cringe factor is turned up to 11 at this point. I can barely contain my disgust in public.

      Actually, I have been working on the proper facial expressions and body language to communicate my disgust to these numale bugmen without calling too much attention to myself. They need to feel the eye daggers whenever possible.

      • One of the many MANY mindfks going on is the isolation psychological operation. It attempts to make you feel completely alone in your beliefs, yet we know now via the internet there are tonnes of normies rejecting the poz on an instinctual level. Now its a matter of getting people brave enough to cross the rubicon bit by bit.

  19. It’s clear that trust, beyond the people you know and live with in your tight little circle, is totally kaput. With that in mind, the near term task is not to restore broader trust, but to make sure the leverage of force and fear is aligned with us. If “live and let live” is dead (thanks, lefties, from Woodrow Wilson on up), then “every man for himself” is the new thing. Self sufficiency, local community, and bend all the institutions you can into alignment with what you want.

  20. My mind used to recoil in horror when considering the implications of CW2/economic collapse/long term grid down scenarios. Now I think it is the best thing that could happen to us.
    A decade or so without a functional electrical grid would end pretty much everything which ails the country. Nth wave feminism, welfare, the MIC, immigration, the totalitarian surveillance state, Political correctness in it’s entirety. All gone for a very long time. I ache for the future of my children, but we can excise the cancer now, or let it keep expanding until it ultimately ends us. I’m in VA, and out in the sticks, there is a lot of “now or never-do unto them before they do unto us talk among the more deplorable elements of the pro-gun folks.
    It’s much closer than I thought even 2 months ago.
    The wheels are going to come all the way off. Only question is the timing, for our side, the sooner the better.

    • None of this is especially likely. Getting better through getting worse or collapse is not especially appealing to me. Things rarely get better by getting worse. It is just a cope and bad cope at that. People imagine that if things get bad enough, there will be no rules and then they can just kill the people they don’t like or they magically survive and the people they don’t like die off conveniently. The likelihood of long-term grid-down is extremely low even in a massive solar storm.

      People have a hard time imagining the status quo changing. Say a major solar storm hits the East coast and totally knocks out every substation in the East (itself a highly unlikely event). Under the status quo, it can take years to get these parts. So people imagine that under the new regime of no power on the East coast, it still takes years to get these parts. They just cannot imagine that major metro orders will be put to the front of the line and production will be increased to deal with the emergency. They might not get the replacements in a week, but it’s not going to take 5 years. They also cannot imagine that micro-grids will be back up fairly quickly.

      • When things go sideways, random chance becomes a much larger factor in survival or whether one thrives. Monitoring your six, and knowing who you can trust, are so important in pushing the odds a bit in your favor.

      • Better question is: “Is rural electrification profitable?’ 1 mile of line cost $300,000 to construct, I doubt there is much roi on running and maintain line to small towns that don’t produce much. I expect in 10 years much of N. Cali will have no constant supply of electricity.

      • I respectfully submit that you are taking me too literally, and also are not thinking things all the way through. If outright war is declared on YT when the radical left gets the whip hand, who is going to bring the grid back up and keep it up? Especially in the case of continuous and dedicated sabotage.

    • If any radicals get the idea of shooting out urban transformers and power stations means that any city that goes 72 hours without power will become uninhabitable.

      No power = no water and no sewage treatment.

      No power = no working gas pumps, no working refineries, no grocery

      And most importantly no EBT/SNAP cards working. I don’t need to tell what those folks will do once their cards are so much plastic.

      • A couple of years ago there was a widespread outage in my neighborhood from a storm. I had just bought one of those ridiculously bright flashlights from Amazon and I took a walk around the neighborhood looking for the extent of the blackout and there were scores or more of people sitting in their cars running the engine charging their phones.
        People are going to burn the last of the gas they may have for weeks on charging their phones.

        I think it would depend on the neighborhood for how quickly (or if) insanity sets in. For black neighborhoods with high EBT users, very quickly. For the more closely knit neighborhoods that might exist here and there, probably not much if any. This is what communities do. The ability to get together and get through a problem is almost the definition of a community. A lot of the small store owners already give credit to the long term customers they have on an informal basis.
        The state would have to step in to ration gas because there is no real way to do it in most states. They would have to force each gas station to enforce license plate or driver’s license rations.

        From what I understand, the transformers come from Germany. There is no reason the status quo does not change under a regime of a major US city without power.

  21. It must have been self-evident to the political geniuses who inhabit our halls of government that they would have to employ the heavy hand of the police in order to enforce their “enlightened” laws. Recall, if you will, those soldiers Eisenhower sent to Little Rock. And once you get the public on board with the “necessity” of enforcing these laws, you are on the way to tyranny. Suddenly, law enforcement agencies of all kinds are now at the beck and call of the plutocracy as they finance their way to total control. I’m not sure when historians will look back and say with confidence what year or what event marked the end of the United States, but I suspect 1954 or 1964 will loom large.

  22. The method of control in our soft totalitarian society is the threat of termination of one’s employment. No new prisons required.

  23. If the military is so trusted, you’d expect a junta to take over and restore order. If they’d stand down and allow corporations to run things, you have to wonder if they’re worth trusting.

    • The military is not to be trusted, especially it’s general officers. All of whom are vetted by the swamp before being promoted to general. You can bet your last dollar the military will never stage a coup.

      Also consider this when Trump proposed withdrawing from Syria the military brass almost revolted against him. same with him trying to withdraw from Afghanistan. Those men are not our allies and do not have America’s interest in mind.

      Historically the military has also shown zero hesitation in shooting Americans dead. Go read accounts of the NG being used to murder striking coal miners during the first part of the 20th century. Or what MacArthur did to the Bonus Marchers/..

      • You could argue Washington was a warlord and a tyrant who used the military against Americans, and you’d be correct. At the same time, he resigned when he could’ve been king, and he’s rightfully revered for that.

        I’m not discounting the pessimistic view, but something doesn’t add up about it. America has been on the edge of control from the beginning, and yet it’s still here, somehow.

        Not sure what I’m trying to say, but I expect us to figure a way out of this mess.

        • The guy had to preside over the constitutional convention because his presence, and the force he represented, gave the proceedings legitimacy. This nation was born by force. Most nations have been and are held together with it. Gotta get the people in line, gotta beat that civilization into them, or at least threaten to. We’ve been conditioned to think that’s a terrible thing in all cases, but sometimes it’s not. (Something else libertarians fundamentally get wrong.)

          So if the military isn’t to be trusted, we are well and truly screwed. The church held it down after Rome collapsed, but they had the threat of eternal damnation. People scoff at that today. Corporations aren’t capable of it. You can walk away, and if they try to make you stay, they’ve broken the deal. Heck, maybe the present disorder was caused by corporations having too much power. Likely, even.

          It will work out somehow.

    • For the military to make an open run at the government (you said “junta”) you’d need to be facing a situation where the Constitution is already, or close to being, suspended. Not quit there yet. People are pretending those Amendments still mean something.

      Public trust in the military in modern times has always befuddled me a little. If one wants to be a general officer in the Army, a West Point diploma is basically required (there are exceptions, but from my experience, it’s rare). The rest of the officer corpse (military wide, too) are made up of people who came through the same university system we despise so much. Yeah. Think about it.

  24. Spectacular work as usual, Z. 👍

    Speaking for Canada though… the only way Prime Minister Pink Socks will be replaced, is if we can find a wahman or a smelly fuggin vibrant to replace him. There are so many leftist faggots, commies, and fwenchmen here that the country would probably just double down.

    It’s universal too; the cuckservitive leader of the opposition just resigned because the peasants are rebelling and going dissident on him. So, after losing Scheer The Steer…I heard the cucks have some old vag that I’ve never heard of to fill in. Fcuk Canada, I want a new country! I was reading that every second leftist meat hole in Britain wants to move to Canada after their last election! You guys keep your damned trash to yourselves!!!!😡

    You guys should keep us in mind next time you are slagging Trump. It could get much worse.

    • When the Western seperatists find their inner Anglican and break away, our hinterland will join ya.

      May a thousand transcontinental canals and pipelines bloom in the River Empire!

  25. The absence of serious men allows for leadership luxuries in the modern state.
    Judging the seriousness of a man can be entirely passively observed. What they do with their money, family, time, God…words matter little. It’s the fruit of the tree that proves it’s worth.

    So the browns rising to power and influence, don’t realize their allowances are tolerated. They earned none of their positions. The serious men checked out?

    While I’m not an accelerationist, it’s hard not to assume there is a benefit to the clarifying fire of a real crisis (looks like we get to pick from finance, race, or Rights) and hope for it’s onset!

    This, prompted by “If Finland faced a real crisis, one that threatened its existed, the first thing that happens is their pixie of prime minister is replaced with a serious person. The same would be true in Canada, where their gender fluid prime minister is mostly a luxury item.”

    Many thanks, as always, Zman (and commenters).

  26. Which came first – the destruction of free association and the importation of foreigners , or the government’s inclination to use force to hold “society” together?

    You might think it’s a chicken and egg problem, but I do not.

    The strength of American society’s embrace of free association and it’s tradition of trust (as a general rule – it didn’t always apply in all situations) – kept the “progressives” from imposing their will on the native American people. So they went about creating the conditions that would allow them to use force to “hold things together”.

    Somewhere along the line I read a commentary , where the author said that rule #1 in American society WAS “live and let live”. That was the thing – above all others – that let a disparate people spread across a huge landmass – all get along for the most part.

    It’s pretty clear that a huge push is on to completely eliminate any vestiges of “live and let live” that might be hanging on.

    But that push is just part of an effort going back to at least the beginning of the 20th century – where the original Republic and it’s government and it’s society – have been under attack over and over and over again by “progressives”. I know a lot of people here will trace the attack on “free association” back to the 60’s – but I trace it back to the 30’s when the FDR administration attacked the free association of private charities by forcing them out of business thru government supplied welfare.

    But, Unfortunately for the lefties – the deplorables have been holding onto their guns and their bibles just a little too tightly. Despite beginning with serious restrictions on gun ownership as far back as the 1930s – the lefties still haven’t eliminated gun ownership in the US. Recent ATF documents in fact indicate that there is somewhere in the vicinity of 400 million guns in this country. That’s more than one for every person in the country. It should also be noted that going back 15-20 years – the number I used to hear thrown around was somewhere in the 200 million range.

    So for 15-20 years now there is a sizable portion of the American population that has been buying a LOT of guns. 15-20 years puts us back to the turn of the 21st century – which was right after the Clinton era – and Waco, and Ruby Ridge. Now that Bloomberg may have led a push for a bridge too far in Virginia – we may yet find out why everybody has been buying up all those guns. I keep hearing that gun sales are breaking all records lately. So apparently even though Trump is in office – nobody believes happy times are here again.

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” — Patrick Henry, speech of June 5 1788

    Patrick Henry was a Virginian.

    • As a precursor to the takeover of charity,
      I think the first serious legal ‘divide’ (as in “and conquer”) was the unscrupulous Prohibition and 2nd Prohibition. We never needed informants and secret police before that camel’s nose was pushed under the tent.

      A mild difference in appetites, ignored for 300 years, has utterly transformed our social structures.

      Suddenly we could no longer save ourselves.
      Now that governments are corrupted to uselessness, it’s soon time to step off that public bus and on to another vehicle- “private” corporations and cartels.

      (Prescription by doctors was used to deal with the hard stuff. If criminal gangs “would’ve just found something else”, well, they had millenia before then to find it. The government’s creation of these gangs was a revolutionary experiment that worked.)

  27. The police enjoy high trust among whites (and probably fairly high among Hispanics and Asians) because for the time being, they are protecting us from the diversity, mostly blacks. When the main role of police becomes enforcing Diversity Uber Alles and the Left’s social credit system, the white public’s trust in the police will collapse quickly.

    The military (the world’s largest middle-class welfare program) enjoys unprecedented propaganda. Also, a lot of whites have family that served. The military likely remain popular unless those guns are turned inward.

    • Military and Police public trust is directly proportional to the governments they serve. Public trust in these two instruments of government power is rapidly dwindling. Social engineering(gays, trannys, etc., in the military), an oppressive government/Corporate Media(they are more and more the same thing)that delegitimizes local police, and the rise of an observable Police State personified by a thoroughly corrupt DOJ and FBI, have assured that this American House of Cards cannot survive.

      To begin to halt this slide into totalitarianism the first step should be- must be – the overthrow of Corporate Media by any means necessary. They are the single most aggressive cancer in Western society today. From them all social pathology flows, from immigration to globohomo to the (((levers))) of government power.

      • The media is the propaganda wing, but look at its trust level among white men. Even white men have begun to notice the hatred toward them from the media.

        Propaganda can work against the ((elite)) as well as for them. Once you see through it, the ceaseless propaganda serves to be a constant reminder of your oppression and need to break away. I hate TV now.

    • About that diversity– ya notice there aren’t really any latino-white pairings in ads, even though that’s by far the most common cross in the real world?

      The browns have already chosen, and they choose us. A few squeaky Latin wheels are just brown Italians getting likes.

    • It will only take another Kent State, Waco or Ruby Ridge to destroy the public perception of the military.

      Here in Los Angeles county, there have been enough videoed police abuses to disabuse anyone outside of Steve Sailer readers that the police are not our friends.

      And no the Hispanics don’t trust them and neither do the Asians.

      Seriously those polls showing such high trust ratings for the police IMO are bullshit. I can’t see anyone outside of upper class whites actually .believing the cops are their friends.

  28. The high trust and confidence in the police and military is probably in large part due to their historic role, the limited number of interactions with both for most people…and their hero status in movies and TV. Once they become the full-time enforcers as the Praetorian Guard for ZOG that trust and confidence with evaporate.

    Unfortunately, Z most likely has this pegged perfectly. As long as people can still trust someone they will go along to get along. For dissenters this will be a very bad period.

    The good news is that things will get worse as the battle lines and the social divide become better and more clearly defined. 3/4th of white already think we have at least a moderate interest in organizing to protect our group interests. Thinking ain’t acting, so how far this get dragged along and how bad thing will get is something we’ll have to live through. Having a network of comrades close to home should be priority #1.

  29. Basically we’re going to end up living under a totalitarian regime. As dour as that prediction is, it looks accurate enough. Is it just a coincidence that our greatest strength (“diversity”) requires such a massive increase in state/corporate power?

    • Basically we’re going to end up living under a totalitarian regime

      We’re almost there already. “Freedom’s just another word…..”

    • After watching yet another video of The Unspanked trash white TPUSA kids for handing out hot chocolate, it hit me that these vicious, stupid, snotty brownettes will be our civic rulers in a few short years.

  30. Targeted Individuals are real. Seemed to go from government to corporations to gangs/cults. Usually involves Stazi gang stalking (organized) and DEW attacks. Precrime ‘solution’ also using informant networks.
    DEW weapons are real (EMF, Microwave etc) and are silent and seem to be unstoppable. Surveillance has gone WAY beyond what most people think.

    Can’t seem to copy so look up ‘Philadelphia Sound weapons/park’, also ‘sound weapons airports’. Are your ‘moods and feelings’ your own?
    Also, Directed Energy Weapons Market It’s a big deal.

    • And the natural evolutionary response to these new threats is camouflage, which in the modern context means to disappear or become invisible in society. Be utterly unremarkable and benign on the outside. Better yet, assume the pose of a mentally deficient supplicant. Or the street person wearing rags and pushing the shopping cart. Or the moron from Office Space.

    • GWEN- ground wave electromagnetic network, I think?

      Unobtrusive, unremarkable small towers hidden in plain sight.

      Lower the ohms, the crowd stays calm, amiable.
      Raise the ohms- and spark a spontaneous riot whenever you wish.

  31. Tangentially to your point re; military/police filling the trust gap.

    Yesterday, I watched as a congressman (x3) lathered himself up about prosecuting Trump after his term in office is over. There’s a very good reason we have traditionally not gone after our supreme executive post-term. The Roman model of doing so led directly to Julius Caesar garnering personal favor with his legions; stretching out his governance service as long as possible to avoid prosecution, and eventually crossing the Rubicon to seize power when it was time to face his political foes.

    The people in high offices here used to understand that volatile mix and thus our tradition was maintained. Until TDS of course.

        • The assassinated (car bomb) Benazir Bhutto was Nawaz Sharif’s wife, if I remember correctly.

          She had once been President herself, hadn’t she? “The Muslims had a female President before we did!”

          • So did India (Indira) and Israel (Golda) and several other countries. I believe Mr. Trump’s term for most of these is “shitholes.” Women shouldn’t have the vote, let alone be made head of state. But I wouldn’t kick the Finnish Prime Minister (Sanna) out of bed for eating crackers.
            Another serendipitous Captcha code: SLEUr. Sort of “sounds” like the conflation of slut and whore. God preserve us from Elizabeth Warren, indeed even as you smote the unworthy sleur Kamala.

    • Ahhhhh, the Winner takes All Society. We remember thee well. The Monopolies. The Wealth Inequality. The Dictator. The Harems. The Executions. But the Progressives will do it right, this time. We’ll have social media. And civil rights.

      • In healthy societies, people feel like they are doing well when the community around them is doing well, warts and all. In an unhealthy society, stomping on the people around you, to meet and protect your own needs and wants, is the name of the game. We are in the crossover right now. The CivNats and CivLibs believe that things will naturally go back to the old way of things, given time. Maybe so, but history tells us that we have to go through a crucible first.

        • My impression of the olden days is that mid century America with its declining wealth inequality, low immigration, and egalitarian political majority (i.e. unions were empowered, anti-trust was enforced, tariffs) was the result of some very hard fought victories against the Cloud People. There was absolutely nothing “natural” about it. To believe that the natural order of man is a thriving, growing, politically empowered middle and working class rather than massive wealth inequality and a tiny Cloud Society that vigorously pursues its own interests is so historically ignorant that only a civnat could swallow it.

    • If Trump has even an iota of sense or comprehension he better damn well know he is targeted for lifetime imprisonment the nanosecond he no longer has presidential immunity. These rabid TDS sufferers are in the high courts of NY among other places and are charging him NOW with crimes, imagine what it will be like the first day out of office?

      He has set himself up for a lifetime of fighting corrupt lefty AGs and courts, not an enviable position and I do feel bad for him because his only real ‘crime’ was giving a middle finger to the managerial class and the deep state. He will be made an example of, have no doubt of this. I don’t see a way for him to avoid this fate excepting perhaps leaving for a country w/o an extradition treaty.

      • I guess we will find out the answer to the age old question; Can a Pesident pardon himself last day in office? I suspect the 9 Delphic Oracles will say no.

        To whit. Economy is on the surface good and Trump is well thought of (perhaps a bit of a character) generally in the military among the rank and file. Prosecution of him after office probably wouldn’t raise much ire. Folks will just put their eyes back to porn and sportsball.

        Fast forward to an extreme depression, add some “spicy times”, a charismatic practical President with higher up military backing… facing post-term incarceration… Rubicon anyone?

        Maybe or maybe not. We simply used to know better is what I’m getting at.

      • Are you kidding? Something happened when Trump the Candidate became Trump the President. It happens to all of them, to be fair. The DS got what they wanted: an expanded footprint in the ME, and de facto open borders. DACA renewed. Every TPS renewed. The Barr DOJ is now halting the “We Build the Wall” folks from doing what Trump promised but failed to do. https://tinyurl.com/tzxp3vc

  32. Have you ever entered a courthouse recently? Checkpoint Charlie indeed. I imagine all government institutions will be like that , even the quasi ones.

    I live in a decent small town but I don’t trust cops much. They lie more than anyone else. As far as the military, way too much worship given these people for so little benefit given back to normal Americans. Older Americans that support the charade of conservative judge appointments are nuts. Hasn’t the last few decade’s appointments taught us anything?

    Your take on corporations controlling all through the take over of these institutions is obvious. Also, look at the UK for the anarcho-tyranny you predict. Much is here in the US already. I may have just committed a crime typing this.

    • Cops and military serve the interests of the establishment and not the interests of regular folks. It is breathtakingly foolish to place so much faith in such institutions. And you’re spot-on about conservative judicial appointments. Judges primarily defend the establishment as well. The ruling powers have earned our maximum cynicism. We need to start developing ideas of how we might separate from them. That is the ultimate challenge of these times.

    • Those squaddies deserve al the love you can give them DW. If for no other reason that for the patriots… their hearts are in the right place. What’s been done to the military should have some politicians getting their necks stretched. Starting with a certain black baboon currently living in the Vineyard as the token for the Cloud people…

    • The pozz in the military and police is a bit more recent than in the other institutions Z-man has mentioned. I see both of them declining in trust levels to those of the other institutions given another decade or two.

      It was only under Obama that “don’t ask, don’t tell” was done away with. Obama also replaced the generals who opposed such liberalization. With the result being that when he left office, the military was funding tranny operations and allowing male officers to wear dresses. Not to mention dropping standards to get women on the front lines in combat.

      We see the same thing with local law enforcement at the highest levels. Here we now have a chief of police who came in with his “husband” and is all for sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. Posts every week on Twitter anti-Trump tweets. The effect of his tenure as a toady is that we now have a police department with 1980 (yes, 1980!) level staffing and have a murder rate, twice the national average, and highest in AZ.

      • Compsci;
        If you think the pozz you outline is rotting the military now (and I do too), just wait until the custodial state gets going, if it ever does. The Progs (assuming they have given the matter any thought) apparently believe that feminized, tightly controlled boys will be able to suddenly turn into soldiers who can win against adversaries not raised that way. And what man will want to be an officer in that environment.

        Sorry ladies, you’re mostly not really wired for actual combat*, nor should you have to be. It’s just wrong what we’re doing to our young women so foolish as to enlist. Hundreds killed and maimed, many more yet crippled with PTSD, just so a few elite white women can get to flag rank.

        We’ll be overrun by somebody. That’s what always has happened throughout history.
        *Ready to blow away somebody you don’t know up close and personal and then walk away with fist bumps.

        • I swear, Al. If I see one more Latina glaring at me from a National Guard billboard . . .

          No, we’re not wired for actual combat. We are wired to raise children. But instead, we live in a country where women are sent half a world away from their children on some neocon military errand. And it is not against their will. They willingly sign up for it.

          This is of a piece with (1) would-be Kardashians/teachers who exploit teenage boys’ raging hormones, (2) women adopting promiscuity at the direction of their feminist masters, in order to be “equal” with men, even though most females are not emotionally equipped to handle it, (3) the mad dash to dump infants in daycare, (4) many women’s full-throated advocacy of abortion, and (5) the collective female decision the kids don’t need dads down the hall at night. Pity the innocents, both born and unborn. The ones who have made it out of the womb and past the Virginia governor’s purgatory will soon be running this country, after being subject to the warping administered by mothers who placed them below scented candles on the priority list. As if we don’t have enough problems . . .

          • Amen! The voice of good, real women like you may be the most muted one of all. I mourn for what has been done to our (White, Christian) women. (By (((others))), and by their own actions.)

            Thankfully my wife of 34 yrs never fully fell into the trap (as a child her role model was the lead character in The Donna Reed Show). But she has no doubt also been infected by our modern society to a degree.

    • The idiots running the Uk don’t have the work ethic for the tyranny.
      Most of the money goes on their pensions so they don’t really have the cash either.
      I live in the countryside and haven’t seen or heard a police car for about 3 months. The local town doesn’t even have one policeman .
      Things seem to work.

      Americans often fixate on stories about someone being arrested over a Twitter post but that’s the point: they don’t have the resources to physically patrol or harass just pluck someone out of the internet and use the case to intimidate certain members of the public.We certainly don’t have cops mincing around in MRAPS like you do in the US.

      Anarchy or ,less hysterically, entropy might describe some cities’ neighbourhoods. And the British political class. Which is trash.


        • This is another level of retardation that conservatives are guilty of.

          The United States seemed to do just fine – without having any “police forces” at all :

          “In 1838, the city of Boston established the first American police force, followed by New York City in 1845, Albany, NY and Chicago in 1851, New Orleans and Cincinnati in 1853, Philadelphia in 1855, and Newark, NJ and Baltimore in 1857 (Harring 1983, Lundman 1980; Lynch 1984).Jun 25, 2013”

          In rural areas I’m sure the implementation of police forces was put off for quite a while longer. I remember an article I read a long time ago – where the author pointed out that in many cases towns and counties had no “police” officer – but rather had a “peace”officer.

          His job was to keep the peace – not police.

          These two things are entirely different.

          When was the last time you saw a “conservative” even understand a concept like this?

          • The police at all times should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police; the police are the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interest of community welfare. -Sir Robert Peel / Founder, London Metropolitan Police, 1829

            Today, the police (and a large portion of the State) view the public at large as the enemy.

        • A Black Free State or ethnic banlieue around every important Woke metropolis- and make our betters commute through it to and from their pricey country suburbs.

          Keeps the grateful close to their gibs, the valuable knowledge workers close to their employers, as well as the deplorables away from their betters.

          We’ll just have to suffer out here in the impoverished wastelands, bereft of the sparkling brilliance and vibrancy.
          They will come to a much deeper appreciation of each other!

      • Well, you may have not seen a police car for months, but my dear friend’s daughter in England sent a bunch of photos of a mobile scanner the British police set up in her heavily White northern town, and forced people (White people, of course) to walk through or face arrest. No probable cause, just grabbing people off the street and forcing them to go through the mobile metal detector/weapons scanner. But sure, you haven’t noticed such a thing, so it must not be a thing.

    • There are a few good things that go along with our over-large military.
      – Lot’s of young normals join, get trained, and are released back into society, making confrontations like the one in VA far more dangerous for the elites.
      – When they get deployed to the Middle East, they (if they are in combat units) come home well versed in 4th Generation Warfare and a healthy dislike for Islam / at least half red-pilled. (Even Tulsi Gabbard can’t hide it)
      Efforts to poz combat units have not been very successful so far. I sat through my share of mandatory PC training which we all treated like the joke it is.

      • The situation in this country right now seems like a little bit of an echo of the colonies before the revolution got lit off.

        The common understanding of the militia men who faced the British on Lexington Common was that they were just a bunch of farmers with guns.

        Which is not true.

        Many of these men were hard core combat veterans of the various wars that had been fought across the colonies before the period of the Revolution.

        They knew damn well what they were doing. They were not amateurs.

        That’s why I watch with extreme interest the events going down in VA right now – especially all the talk about forming up militias. I don’t think this time around it’s going to be a 3 patsies and 10 FBI agents meeting in a cabin in the woods type situation.

        • Yep – I was thinking of the French and Indian War right after I wrote my comment. The Brits were nice enough to train up what became the core of the revolutionary army.

      • Drake, what you mention, I’ve often discussed as well. The rank and file, at least those having combat experience, come home and work themselves back into the population. Quite a few have passed on their knowledge to “normies” like myself as needed. I look to them to form a knowledgeable corp for organizational purposes should the need arise.

    • Back in the ’80s I worked as a reporter and for a while was on the courthouse beat. There was zero security going in and out of the big city and county courthouses and really little or nothing preventing you from wandering back to the judges’ and court stenographers’ chambers. And nobody got hurt.

      • Respect to you. I follow our local court reporter in the paper and there’s not enough money in the world that could persuade me to take that job. Listening to endless degeneracy and corruption day-in and day-out. I’d rather jump off the bridge. (It’s important work, and I’m glad–in a sense– to see how the sausage is made, but man, some dark stuff goes on.)

    • Pozz or no Pozz, the military should not be trusted. It’s leaders are all vetted by the ruling class and thus nothing more than lackies for them.

      Look at Mattis and Kelly. Both are globalists and supporters of the NeoCon agenda. Mattis even supported trannies in the military and women in combat units. More HR lady than warrior.

      Worse the military has never shown any hesitation on murdering Americans if ordered to do so,.

      • “the military” and “Generals and Admirals” are two entirely different things. Only PC politicians get a star – even in a Republican Administration.

    • I recently almost had a “situation” at the courthouse. I wore a blazer and tie and carry myself with some modicum of dignity, i guess. They assumed i was a lawyer and waved me through. i was confused. Then this fat cop started insisting I lied to them and demanded i apologize. man, it was close. I suffer from a rare condition where i see red (literally, no shit) and begin to administer violence. A fat woman cop seemed to recognize the symptoms and smoothed it over. It was close.

    • Correct.

      The play is being made in Virginia as we speak. Their leaders are democrat fart suckers that just decided that the Constitution doesn’t work anymore and the 2A has to go – turn in your assault rifles or the cops or national guard will be around to visit. Looks like the dirt people have flipped them the bird, and things might get spicy. My money is on We The People, not They The Politicians.

        • Jaysus Effin Cryst! The arrogance of that little Paki Prik.

          “Guns have pervaded American culture since its birth, rooted in a persistent (and perhaps outdated) spirit of defiance and exceptionalism. Why some Americans feel more is at threat than just their firearms is difficult to stomach as lawmakers begin introducing evidence-based legislation into the Virginia General Assembly to curb a clear and evident threat to American public health.”

          GloboHomo in a nutshell. Especially the line, “Why some Americans feel more is at threat…is difficult to stomach…”

          “…how can what will soon be the rule of state law be appropriately enforced? Will arms be wrung that same way President Eisenhower mobilized the National Guard to enforce desegregation of the school system in Little Rock in 1957?”

          Good luck with that.

          The little Paki is worried about public health. Me too:

          Annual gun deaths in the USA runs at around 38,000/year.

          Annual deaths from Medical mistakes runs at around 300,000/yr.

          In order to better protect public health I would like to see a study that gives us a demographic breakdown of medical mistakes by the race of the doctor vs the race of the patient on the receiving end.

          • Yep. He’s a condescending little prick. You can just feel the fear and dislike he feels toward whites.

            Punjab couldn’t give a rat’s ass about our history and culture. This is my state now, and you dumb rednecks better get used to it. And you know what, he’s right. Virginia is turning blue and won’t go back. It IS his state now.

            I want shove Punjab’s picture into the face of every color-blind, Constitution-loving CivNat out there and scream: You stupid mother-fuc$ers! You gave up our country for a pat on the head from people who hate you and were plotting your downfall!

            I’m beginning to hate CivNats as much as Z-Man hates libertarians, though they’re usually the same people.

            This is the future: Tyranny via Democracy.

            The VA government will pass law after law taking away our rights to guns, our rights to meet and our rights to speak, all according to the rules. People like Punjab will come up with all kinds of pretty reasons why whites should become helots and the browns and traitorous whites will cheer and vote for them.

            We will be ruled by people just like this guy if we don’t break away. It’s clear as day what’s coming.

          • In order to better protect public health I would like to see a study that gives us a demographic breakdown of medical mistakes by the race of the doctor vs the race of the patient on the receiving end.

            If your surgeon is a Muslim, he might cut off the wrong leg.

            If your surgeon is a Jew, he will cut off all debate about Palestine.

          • Hahahaha!
            Apart from medical mistakes, it would be highly instructive to look at Medicare/Medicaid and insurance fraud by race of physician, and also by whether the doctor is a US medical grad or an IMG/FMG (international/foreign medical grad). Even though the IMG thing is quite (if not highly) co-linear with race.

    • For now, yes. We’re talking generations of propaganda. Deprogramming will take some time.

    • Except for the sports, and maybe the police, that’s not a bad list….

      Oh. Must add bacon.

      (hahaha, the capcha is “WMtrk” — how appropriate)

      • Mike, as long as you are editing: make it ‘white woman pussy’ and whiskey. Lol.

        I’d say ‘contact sports’ but I still rather like going to baseball day games during the summer and having a beer with my army buddy and talking about the best suppressors for the 5.56 and flirting with the nice blonde girls in braids with the real nice sweater meat barely contained by the Ford tough tank top.

        Getting caught staring at that set by the chubby cop working the game probably making double-time on his way to a cherry pension is just a bonus. He nods because he knows the score.

        Bread and circuses is a shameful problem for joe sixpack, but throwing babies out with the bathwater isn’t the best solution IMO.

        What are white men allowed to care about? Their own dispossession.

        Alienating the apple pie knuckle draggers (count me in) by insulting what few things remain of our culture isn’t a winning strategy.

        I grew up with dirt people and then lived and worked in the clouds. Both have their soma and screens. Mass distraction and self-sedation are not unique to flyover men, white men, etc.

        I will take my guns and bibles, my beer and boobs, over anything the cloud has on offer.

        The distracted and self-amused state of being is a symptom of the problem.

        Give white men something to build and they will build it. Tear down a white man’s house while making him watch in silence and he will prefer the sportsball.

        • Ha! Good on you for employing the word “suppressor” instead of “silencer”. And boobies and tank tops. All good combinations.

        • “White woman pussy”? Not according to at least 50% of the advertisements. Not that I watch that much TV, but when I do, it seems corporate advertisers would have you believe that black women are ensnaring a large portion of the available white men.

    • That’s the tack the Chinese govt has been taking with its people since 1989: we’ll keep you comfortable, entertained, and rich, just don’t go against the state. That is, I fear, the way the US is going.

      • No, the US is telling that to the willing brown immigrants. It’s telling Whites we will squeeze you dry to pay for the browns, and you are going to die out, and you will like it.

  33. To circle back to the question in the first paragraph: how will the new custodial state handle a crisis?

    • I think the custodial state is the response. Look at 9/11. The normal response of nations would be to end all Muslim travel to the US and the deportation of these people to their home countries. Instead, the response was a vast increase in surveillance powers and an increase in domestic security. The response to the North Hollywood shootout was the militarization of the police.

      The custodial state is the response to the crisis of legitimacy.

      • And as Derb often points out, we have taken more Muslim immigrants since 9/11 than in all our history before 9/11.

        • And I believe the ground zero mosque project is back on. The first time around I cared, now I don’t.

          • I bet most normal white people were pissed at the insolence. I bet many of our people cheered when Greg Gutfeld promised to build a gay club next to it. Now, I doubt any of our people care enough to muster an opinion.

          • Do they not “care” – or have they moved over mentally to the “voting is not going to fix these problems” act of this long running play?

            For some reason every time now that I hear about one of these things ( beat back the ground zero mosque – now it’s on again – good example) — I just get this vision in my head of beating somebody mercilessly with a baseball bat. After a minute or two the vision and the rise in blood pressure passes – and I go back to work.

            Pulled this from the interwebs:

            The Power of Visualization

            The visualization is important, but what’s even more important is the feeling it creates inside of you. A visualization without feeling is like a car without fuel. Feelings lead to emotions, and emotions are the fuel of your performance. Create powerful emotions, and you’ll create powerful performance states.


            So I can protest and complain and write letters to the Editor and all that other shit – protesting things like the Ground Zero Mosque – only to find out that they’re just going to shove it thru anyway. Which means all of my effort was just a complete waste of time.

            I don’t like wasting time.

            Once you understand that “fighting it” is a road to nowhere – what do you do? I don’t think that people who were vehemently opposed to the mosque are going to suddenly become proponents. I think they’re going to be like me – having visions of beating somebody with a baseball bat. But that’s something that accomplishes nothing as well. Unless………….

            Democrats in your state decide to ban assault weapons – and hundreds or thousands of your fellow citizens who have also been having baseball bat beatdown visions all get enraged at the SAME TIME.

            You see now you’ve really got something. Because now everybody knows that everybody else is pissed off too.

            Under conditions like that – mosques burn – and people are driven out. Maybe politicians actually hang from ropes.

            Ergo….. the only solution that was ever really going to work on any sort of permanent basis – has now been implemented.

            All because you had the vision. And gave up on all of the things that were never going to work anyway.

          • Calsdad, you are describing the “straw that broke the camel’s back” phenomenon. It looks likely to arrive, it is now simply a matter of what, where, and when, IMO.

          • Exactly.

            The whole “I’m sick of this shit” dynamic is something that has driven an awful lot of history.

            One of the best examples of “I’m sick of this shit” that I ever ran across – was in a story I read in the back of some women’s magazine while I was waiting in a doctor’s office.

            The story was supposedly written by a “friend” of the woman who was the subject of the story. What was going on was this woman was hooked up with a guy who was a traveling executive or salesman or something like that. Everybody *suspected* that he screwed around – but there was never any direct proof. Then one of the woman’s friends saw the husband out in a restaurant with a woman who was not his wife – in the *same city* that they lived in (vital information point). So now the woman’s friends know that her husband is screwing around. Before that they “knew” but didn’t really know for sure. Turns out that the woman knew all along – but had reasoned it away because he always kept it out of town. They were upper middle class and living comfortably – and as long as she didn’t look like a cheated-on wife in front of her friends – she tolerated it. But the husband crossed the line and broke the unwritten agreement – and all hell broke loose. Now they were divorcing , fighting over the kids, his job was investigating what had been going on because a lot of his screwing around was with co-workers on business trips – etc.

            Point of the story?

            You don’t really understand what makes somebody snap except maybe in hindsight. All of the woman’s friends were pretty sure the husband was screwing around – but it was tolerated for years and years. But once he made her look bad to her friends – in her town – that was the breaking point.

            That’s what this Virginia thing looks like to me. I’m left hoping that the governor will double down and try to send in the VA National Guard – or better yet call in NG from out of state.

            That will really light the thing off.

          • It’s not that I’m intrinsically against violence, but if it comes to that, who would you deploy it against? The left typically burns down their own neighborhoods, which might make for a nice show, but doesn’t accomplish much.

            So who do you go after? The local cops? The military? Good luck with that!

            Even offing politicians probably won’t accomplish much, assuming you could overcome their security.

            So, yeah, I’m sympathetic to the desire to smash things up, but unfortunately no worthwhile targets come to mind.

          • A good time to notice who the local loons are is after each presidential election. The (D)s will be looking very angry next November.

            After hillary lost, it was really disturbing to see how angry so many women were. The truth is, billionaire celebrities CAN get away with grabbing women – the #metoo insanity shows that, and that women use men to gain advantage, then use the legal system to make the men pay dearly, then complain bitterly about it.

            So many women were psychotically enraged at Trump for speaking a well known truth, without any evidence that he had ever done such a thing (it would have made some woman a rich & famous hero, if she had come forward CREDIBLY(sorry, stormy)).

            Being ruled by brainless, unreasoning vaginas and their domination of the (D)irtbag party has a lot to do with our ruination. At least brainless dicks don’t solve problems (like policing/ welfare/ immigration/ refugees) by flopping on their backs and complaining a lot.

            Women are great, better than men at many important things, but courageous political leadership isn’t one of them- combining their natural tendencies with (D)irtbag politician and lawyers tendencies is toxic to society.

          • No one can maintain a 400-yard security perimeter 24/7. Doing it for just one hour is damned tough, especially in an urban or suburban environment. I’m pretty sure I know at least a dozen people who are capable (skills, equipment) of shooting 1 MOA at 400 yards. It’s just that those overwhelmingly white, Christian men are fundamentally law abiding and not quite pissed off enough.

            And for the record, I *am* against smashing things up and using violence. For the record, mind you. I would not want “advocating violence” on my permanent record. No sir, not me.

          • Z, it was remarked at the time that those unfortunates who jumped to their deaths rather than be incinerated traveled a longer distance than from Ground Zero to the proposed mosque site.

      • If the response we see is termed “custodial” state, then what may I ask would be considered a “totalitarian” state? My take is that the only difference is one of technique—custodial being a 1st world, high tech response, the other reserved for 3rd world countries.

        • I think of the custodial state as a subset of totalitarianism. The security state, like the old Soviet Union is another subset. The difference between the two is that the security state is primarily focused on what you are not permitted to do. The custodial state is focused on what you are required to do. It’s why we are bombard with mission statements from corporations. They sound more like churches, because they are focused on their mission, which is always the care and protection of you, their customer, employee and community member.

          Put another way, when the security state executes you, it is for their benefit. When the custodial state executes you, it is for your benefit.

          • Brazil (the film not the place) vs 1984 basically. Still anarcho-tyranny either way. I say this because I just watched Brazil for the -first- time a few nights ago because people have been saying how it riffs off 1984 in its scary predictiveness of our current year situation.

            It is 100% more accurate for our custodial state. In 1984 you are tortured and then shot or you learn to love Big Brother. In Brazil, you must first fill out the form in triplicate and then go to processing after which you have to go through information services, after which you go to holding, then you will have an exit interview, after which you will make funeral arrangements for yourself, then finally you will be tortured, fill out another set of forms in triplicate, and THEN you are shot. 🙂

            So yeah, we are more Brazil (in more ways than one) than the hard tyranny of 1984. But we are still careening towards the latter in a big way.

          • Enjoyed the heck out of that movie, back when it came out. So glad we were not living in that sort of culture…oops!

          • It is one of my most favorite movies ever. “My Complication had a Complication” and “Consumers for Christ”. Oh, and the ‘take your kid to work’ when your work is ‘Information Retrieval’.

          • Z, if you’re looking for a topic for your first book, then the various types of postmodern Authoritarian States would be a good one.

      • Again – chicken and egg.

        Probably why there’s so many people who think that 9/11 was some sort of government conspiracy.

        The Homeland Security bill was already written up before the events of 9/11 – and the war across the Levant was already planned and argued for by the Neocons. But up until 3 buildings got destroyed and a bunch of people got killed – those in charge did not have sufficient amounts of stupid voters willing to support them – so they had to create them.

        • Not sure about the HS Bill, but I can vouch for the neocons and their urge to war. After the fall of the USSR, the neocons (you know who they are) spoke incessantly about the USA as the world’s only superpower and our responsibility to use that power to democratize those remaining benighted nations—particularly the Middle East. Bush was precisely the dumb pawn they needed—and for a few years, it looked like it might work.

          But of course, these people did not accept nor subscribe to scientific understanding about racial and cultural differences which negated their theory of democracy for all, and here we are—bankrupt, warring among ourselves, “waiting for Superman”. A Potemkin nation.

        • The Bloods know full well the Muzzies are fake police who drive cars made up to look like legit cop cars. The Muzzies better watch it with them or they will end up being shot.

          • There aren’t many of them.

            Black Muslims are more retarded than most blacks. Neither real muslims or most blacks tolerate them. They do hate Jews a lot, though.

        • That is REALLY funny. Peak Clown World material. This is where the liberals heads explode trying to figure this stuff out on the Victim Totem Pole—

          “Now lets see… these n1ggers were here first and they are pretty oppressed but these other sand n1ggers are muslim so they are oppressed too and… MALFUNCTION. NPC Software Requires Update!” LMAO.

          Is it bad that I want both to snuff each other in an orgy of bloodletting?

          • Apex, there are a lot of “let’s you and him fight” and “maybe both can lose” scenarios out there these days…

        • Long before there was a “Muslim Community Patrol” in Brooklyn there was Shomrim (police) and Hatzolah (ambulance) run exclusively by and for Jews. Once that was allowed there was no precedent for denying the Muslims similar amenities.

          • “Once that was allowed there was no precedent for denying the Muslims similar amenities.”

            I don’t follow. The two are completely NOT comparable. Duh. It’s like halal vs kosher killing. In halal killing, an abused terrified animal has its throat cut in a specific manner by a beardy man wielding a knife. It is cruel, painful, terrifying and evil. In stark contrast, in kosher killing, a beardy man wielding a knife, following a specific procedure, lovingly cuts the throat of a joyful, willing animal. It is supreme kindness and there is no pain or terror.

            Or so I was told.

      • The priesthood in DC and Harvard made the decision to import more Islamic savages after 9/11, not corporate merchants and most certainly not the Navy SEALs and Army Rangers.

    • I guess that in a crisis the police would be deployed to protect government buildings, J3wish centers, mosques, and bathhouses.

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