Impeaching Democracy

The world does not have much experience with democracy. What we know of it comes from the century or so the West been tinkering with it and, of course, what can be learned from the ancient Greek experiment with it. Unlike monarchy or various forms of despotism, democracy has had a relatively short run. We have more real world experience with various types of totalitarianism than we do democracy, so it stands to reason that we are just coming to understand its benefits and liabilities.

One thing we are learning about modern democracy is that it is a myth. The people are not in charge. They get to vote on things and select representatives, but those representative don’t actually represent the interests of the people, who voted them into their positions. The office holders in a modern democracy represent the interests of the money-men who sponsored them. Politicians in a democracy are like prize fighters, in that they are controlled by a management team.

Like a price fighter, one of the demands placed upon a modern politician is that he must at all times seek the attention of the public. Much of what we see in our modern democracies is false drama, designed to gain attention. This is why women have proven to be so successful as politicians. Women are naturally gifted with the ability to get attention, especially through false drama. It turns out that democracy is a form of governance modeled on the beauty pageant.

This is the point of the impeachment fiasco. The Democrats are the party of girls and gay men, so they naturally seek drama. Trump’s great sin is that he is a great showman, so he gets all the attention. Impeachment allows the vagina party to one-up him and force him to pay attention to them. If you look at the people celebrating in the streets, it’s lesbians and middle-aged woman. They are not celebrating because they hate Trump. They are happy someone is noticing them.

Another feature of modern democracy is its insularity. Again, this impeachment fiasco offers some insights. Outside of the rage heads on the Left, no one cares. It’s not even interesting as a civics lesson. Months of marketing this thing by the ruling class media has just dulled interest in the subject. Like the new Star Wars movie, the word it out and the public is not being suckered in by the hype. Impeachment 3, Blowhard With A Vengeance is a box office flop.

Despite public apathy, the ruling class continues to put on their show as if they are in front of a roaring crowd. Besotted old Nancy Pelosi staggered out in a funeral dress, thinking she was giving Mark Antony’s funeral speech. The flunkies, coat holders and seat warmers all took turns delivering their best lines, mostly to one another and the panting press corp. If this were a movie, the critics would give it five stars, while the public would give it two stars and the cold shoulder.

That’s the thing about the French Revolution that is germane here. The Jacobins and the aristocracy were black boxes to one another. At several turns, the King and his supporters in the old order could have avoided disaster, but always read things wrong and made the wrong mistake. At the same time, the rebels could not discern the forces controlling the old order. Both sides were left to guess as to why the other was doing what they were doing. The result was revolution.

That seems to be true with impeachment, as well. The public and some parts of the GOP establishment are baffled as to why the Democrats are doing this. The Republicans are grasping about at the approved list of answers, but none of them make much sense. The public seems to be baffled by it all. Even Trump, who has been trying to use this to drum up support is struggling to make sense of it. The workings of the inner party are a black box, even to the people in Washington.

One reason for this, in addition to the insularity, is the fact that modern democracy needs a ruling ideology to legitimize itself. In this regard, it is no different from communism, which claims to be the most democratic and egalitarian of modern political models. If everyone is in charge, then no one is in charge, so ideology sets the rules and legitimizes the process. Just as with communism, the ideology eventually intensifies and burns itself out, usually in a blood bath.

Now, one always has to consider the nefarious in these matters. That is one of the defining features of modern democracy. The people assume that vice is the primary motivator of their public servants. Greed, sexual perversion, gluttony, envy and so on are the default assumptions when analyzing democratic politics. It is one of the ironies of democracy. The system that boasts of being morally superior to natural hierarchical rule is assumed to be driven by the seven deadly sins.

In this case, many assume, and not without evidence, that this whole charade is a complex move to cover up the Ukraine scandal. Team Trump had stumbled onto evidence that many Democrats were on the take by Ukrainian oligarchs. In order to prevent this from becoming a public issue, they manufactured this phony Ukraine collusion story to then hold impeachment hearings. It is a version of 4-D chess to explain the bizarre behavior of the Left.

In fairness, there may be truth to it. Pelosi was dead set against impeachment until she had a secret meeting with the Lawfare people, who ran the Ukraine scam. Suddenly she was in favor of impeachment. Now they seem to be pushing her to stall sending the articles to the Senate, in order to prevent a trial next year. Ostensibly, they don’t want Team Trump presenting evidence or calling witnesses. The fear is, so the story goes, his team will dish dirt on them and their Ukraine dealings.

That’s a bit conspiratorial, but after learning that the FBI, CIA and the Obama administration orchestrated a wide ranging plot to overturn the last election, it is no longer responsible to dismiss conspiracy theories. It is clear that the ruling class is no longer operating by the official rules. Instead, it is like as a gangster state. Wealthy interests buy favors. The politicians scheme with and against one other on behalf of their benefactors. It is one big corrupt scramble.

In that same vein, this ridiculous drama could simply be the distraction to push through laws that the public detests. For example, Trump will giddily sign off on a defense bill that gives amnesty to Liberian migrants. The whole point of Liberia was to send our Africans back to Africa. Now we are importing them back. No one knows what else the schemers are pushing through Congress, as all the news is about impeachment and the public is turning away from the whole thing.

In the end, it really does not matter what is behind impeachment. It is just another indictment of democracy as a political system. It is a system in which no one appears to be in charge, because the people foolishly think their votes matter. Instead, the people really in charge are the parasites and pirates that feed off the organic social capital of the people. The embrace of democracy is the embrace of a cancer that will eventually weaken and kill the body of the people.

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215 thoughts on “Impeaching Democracy

  1. I’m catching up here. Great article and more informative than a college political science class. Re: voting, if you don’t do it you get screwed quicker. Re: money in politics, the Democrats tried to eliminate it when the big donors were Republican, but not anymore since that changed. I badly want that Senate trial.

  2. What’s interesting is ( at least in my small circle of friends ) this impeachment fiasco is pretty much being ignored . Even with Blue Dog Democrat friends it’s just not something talked about.

    Like an old “Life with the Kardashians” rerun . Nobody is interested in these has been , media attention whores.

    In fact the President has elicited some support even here in liberal New England. A handful of stores have opened up selling Donald Trump paraphernalia and said to be doing well.

    America is awakening from its slumber. This attack on the president is treasonous . These people need to go to prison.

  3. Per usual, the Z-man misses the mark.

    The fact of the matter is that Trump used his personal lawyer, rather than a White House official or the DOJ/State Department, to find “dirt” on a potential political opponent by way of a quid pro quo. His conduct is NOT normal presidential operating procedure. Several diplomats pointed it out emphatically in their testimony. John Bolton seems eager to testify, but says he must be compelled by a court. Even he realizes Trump’s action is other than legal and diplomatic.

    NOTICE if President Obama was accused of exactly the same thing as Trump, i.e. making a phone call for a “favor” seeking dirt on a political opponent with strings attached (foreign aid), House Republicans would have been demanding that Obama be politically lynched.

    NOTICE if Republicans were generally not terrified of angering Trump, they would acknowledge to the media that the articles require only a finding of probable cause, a low evidentiary standard, rather than touting the lie that there is “no” evidence. Put another way—Not even one Republican as far as I know is saying that there is evidence, but just not quite enough.

    NOTICE Rudy Guiliani is representing the president as his personal attorney, but is not an official member of the administration. He has admitted playing a leading role in the ousting of the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine, as well as receiving money from a wealthy Ukrainian oligiarch by way of an intermediary. Interesting that this conduct is NOT considered normal presidential practice.

    NOTICE that McConnell indicated that there will be no new witnesses at the Senate trial. Why? He says the House should have called them. Ironically, the House did call them in and Trump sought to block their testify due to “executive privilege”. Yet, the Senate is a venue for fact-finding in impeachment of a president, as Monica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan, and Sidney Blumenth would attest.

    Again, Presidents prior to Trump did not engage in his particular action–using underlings through backchannels to get information about political rivals. Moreover, if it is so “above board”, i.e. commonplace, why stonewall the investigation? Why would a plethora of witnesses who are privy to past presidential behavior and the law testify in detail how Trump’s conduct is beyond the pale? And, why are Trump senior aides further restricting the number of administration officials allowed to listen to the President’s phone calls with foreign leaders? How is that transparent?

    Here is the time line.
    January: Rudy in Ukraine seeking Biden dirt.
    February: Rudy in Ukraine seeking Biden dirt.
    March: Rudy gets Biden dirt to Solomon via Lutsenko.
    April: Lutsenko recants the Biden dirt he gave Solomon.

    It wasn’t about Trump trying to stamp out ALL corruption in the Ukraine, it was about trying to get information about a potential political opponent.

    Democrats know BRIBERY fits these facts perfectly, as they put the elements of soliciting a bribe (per the federal criminal statute for bribery) at the very beginning of the abuse of power article. However, when Republicans complain they have no idea what conduct is being described, they know full well it is BRIBERY, but the Democrats dare not say it repeatedly and openly because they want to avoid the word in an election year.

    On top of it all, you have Governor Mike Huckabee who is trying to move the Overton Window through this tweet–I’ll be on @seanhannity 2nite @FoxNews at 9pm ET and will explain how @realDonaldTrump will be eligible for a 3rd term due to the illegal attempts by Comey, Dems, and media, et al attempting to oust him as @POTUS so that’s why I was named to head up the 2024 re-election.

    So Huckabee already supports a third term; is “testing the waters” using Overton-Window theory; or is “drafting” off the unconstitutional, unpatriotic rhetoric of actual radicals to get attention.

    Remember, IG Michael Horowtiz: “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that indicated political bias or improper motivation influencing his decision to open the investigation.”

    Yet, Bill Barr had a conniption fit, despite saying prior to the report that he would accept its findings regardless.

    Next time, Z-man, try to be a wee bit more honest.

  4. IMO. The fear of exposure of political graft is driving this particular impeachment campaign. That corruption is undoubtedly wide and deep. Which is why the senate wants the issue to just go away. It been widely reported that Pelosi’s son, John Kerry’s kid and one of Romney’s kids have do nothing board memberships on Ukrainian company’s similar to the one Hunter Biden enjoyed. I surmise that it’s not just Ukraine either. That the reason why our “foreign aid” is so large and eternal is that a large part of such “aid” is kicked back to politicians families and their “non profit” organizations.

  5. Self rule…… i.e democracy requires a population with an IQ higher than warm toast. We don’t have that. An ignorant stupid self serving populace will ALWAYS vote for the liars who promise them unlimited access to OTHER PEOPLES WEALTH. This is a guaranteed recipe for disaster and political collapse leaving to the inevitable…… tyranny.

    • This is a common belief on the traditional right that “if only we could make people less stupid they’d vote for the right people.” Higher-IQ people are *more* likely, in the West (and even more in the East), to vote for the grifters. This is not an intelligence problem, it’s a moral (and biological) problem.

  6. Gee, I’m glad we have a legitimate republic as the government waiting in the wings. As opposed to sham democracy masking a ruined administrative state.

    The administrative state is dying and dying as it lived – that’s all.

    On the French Revolution; here is an excellent (the best in fact) history written in the 19th century – that is to say living memory of the events.
    The origins of contemporary France by Hippolyte Taine. See Book II – the Jacobins – in particular. That’s the organization (very organized, mobs were paid criminal astroturf). I mention it as you said the Jacobins and Monarchy were black boxes to each other… I wonder. Not really. Much of the blame can be laid on a weak, liberal (but not radical) and vacillating Louis XVI. He was weak.

    Whatever one thinks Trump is no Bourbon, although the Dems are no Jacobins. Too established, too weak.

    The truth is we the new right are the Jacobins. Now where is our Danton…

    Oh it never would have gotten so far without Danton. Robespierre a flash in the pan – he lasted 7 weeks.

  7. Z Man said: “In the end, it really does not matter what is behind impeachment. It is just another indictment of democracy as a political system. It is a system in which no one appears to be in charge, because the people foolishly think their votes matter. ”

    “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”.


  8. This is another dissertation of how “democracy” is evil and bad…Well Zman, what should “democracy” be replaced with and where has this magical system been proven to work?

  9. This line made me laugh:
    ” it is no longer responsible to dismiss conspiracy theories.”

    For decades sane people have known that only the most barking mad naif dismisses conspiracy theories.

  10. We are one election loss away from a permanent loss of power. And most conservatives will probably go along with it, and just whine. Said whining will be immediately responded to with “Go back to Russia”.

    I dunno about you. But maybe its time for learning to speak Russian.

  11. I admire Trump for holding an audience for over an hour last night in Michigan. Trump connects with normal people and he can be funny.
    Trump the entertainer.
    But he can also be foolish. Trump mentioned that we “need more workers”.
    So where do we get said workers?
    Third world nations of course. Europe stopped having babies a long time ago.
    Trump will be a foot note in history because of his listening to the voice of Jared Kushner and not Jared Taylor.

  12. I don’t blame democracy so much as I blame universal suffrage. We need a system where votes are apportioned based on the amount of taxes you pay. Freeloaders have no skin in the game and therefore no right to a vote.

    • In our current system, the votes don’t do anything, and the people with all the money and power make sure they don’t pay any taxes… How quickly would that system switch over to what we have now?

  13. The founding fathers didn’t like Democracy because it became a tyranny of the people. They thought they could eliminate this problem with representative democracy. However, that hasn’t proven to be any better. Representative democracy is a tyranny of the elites, and I personally would rather have a tyranny of the people.

    • Once the smoke has cleared and the dust settles. We try again. Democracy, redux.

      Term limits.

      Stricter voting requirements.

      Better population homogeneity.

        • TheLastStand:

          Fair point. Is because of a kind of legal drift. Liberal judges changing the meaning of laws beyond their original intent. A fatal flaw, I fear. Meanwhile, other laws, regarding Sanctuary cities and immigration for example, are ignored. Discouraging. I’m running out of ideas.

      • Today, Friday, December 20, 2019, I’m announcing my candidacy for President, and the formation of a new government.

        Under my administration we will see a rebirth of democracy. Immediately after taking office these new policies will take effect:

        1. Term limits. All federal officials will be limited to two terms of office.

        2. Wealth tax. All federal officials will pay a wealth tax of 90% on income above 150% of the average income of American citizens.

        3. Voting rights will be limited to citizens who have graduated from high school and pay taxes. High schools graduates must pass a basic civics test.

        4. All citizens are equal before the law. No quotas. All affirmative action provisions will be abolished.

        5. Immigration moratorium.

        6. English is the official language.

        7. Abolish the department of education. All other federal agencies face extinction following an examination of their submittal of a 3 page letter explaining why you exist and what would be the consequence if you did not exist.

        8. Supreme Court judges must retire before age 75.

        9. Defund NPR/PBS.

        10. More to come, after discussions with my advisors and consultations with key people on the ZmanBlog.

  14. I don’t think this shows the inherent flaws of democracy any more than the inherent flaws of any other system as the common denominator is the human element. Overlooking that the fault is due to the humans either running the system or in any other way participating in the system, not the system itself, which is the flaw in the Z man’s analysis.

    • I can’t believe they failed to list Wun Hung Lo in the roster of Chinese criminals. I suppose he remains at, er, large.

      On the Viet/Burmese front, Phuc Mee remains a threat.

  15. The only form of government there is or ever has been is oligarchy. Everything else is just window dressing.

  16. Z’s last paragraph says it all. Democracy is the method by which the people running things gain anonymity, so they can scoop up the wealth and the fruits of the culture for their own private benefit, without being observed doing so.

  17. “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracy which gives way to tyranny”


    Quoted from memory.

    • How ‘bout some Homer?

      “Odysseus Against the Matriarchy”, Jacob Howland, Claremont Review of Books.

  18. This article brilliantly illustrates why all politicians are sociopaths. They have to be in order to keep the public fooled and the oligarchs that fund them happy.

  19. Eloquent, funny, and all of it deadly truth. So what now? Observe, analyze, predict, & prepare. The inmates are running the asylum, so the ship is destined to hit the iceberg. Chaos, wailing, rampaging, Jackboot time, and rise of the new tyranny. So what’s a bloke to do? Disappear and wait. Focus on the rot, and then act with precision. Technology is your friend.

  20. GOP dittoheads are refusing the blackpill this morning that McCarthy, Scalise, and the rest of Red Team leadership in the House knew that Pelosi was going to pull her ploy of not sending the articles over the Senate — and said not a word about it.

    All those hours of B.S., yelling about Hamilton, Madison, or what have you, and all along they knew there was yet another Act in this drama to come. Might’ve been nice of them to inform the public. Ha ha. Turn the page, cretins — we’ve got another 200 pages to go.

    McConnell gave a fiery oration this morning with yet another turtle-esque insipid ending, basically saying, “now we’ll wait and see what happens.” Fundraising material for the next eight months, more turmoil, more Trump TV — it’s not going to end. Phony avowals of “the public has had enough of this!” while they keep it alive with every bone in their body.

    The political sportsball has become very, very tiring at this point. I despair at getting normal people to understand just how irrelevant they are — they do prize that “I Voted!” sticker and pat on the head so very, very much.

    • While the public may be “tiring” of the daily TV nerd prom, a massive budget with money the government does not have – was rubber stamped.

      War crimes on ‘both sides of the aisle’ – trillions made over the dead bodies of American young people in Afghanistan … revealed to the resulting yawn of the media, also on ‘both sides of the aisle’.

      A brand new, massive batch of new dollars are apparently going to be printed and handed to the banksters to bolster their already cooked books – while in cahoots with government, not only your money, but your savings (via interest rates) … are devalued right under you nose.

      Sure, a weird teenager from overseas, a shampeachment … that there is your narrative folks. Nothing to look at behind the screen.

      No ‘hearings’ needed. Merry holiday!

    • Look up “pussy” in the dictionary and you will find a photo of a Republican politician prominently displayed.

  21. I agree with this…
    “The office holders in a modern democracy represent the interests of the money-men who sponsored them.”
    …but would add that they focus on two other things: lining their pockets through graft and getting reelected to keep the dirty money flowing.

    And on a related note, I also agree with this…
    “Team Trump had stumbled onto evidence that many Democrats were on the take by Ukrainian oligarchs.”
    …but would add that I believe Uniparty Republicans were lining their pockets in Ukraine as well, and that this is the primary reason the McConnell & Co. want to end the Impeachment drama ASAP and without witnesses.

    • It is perfectly reasonable to assume that with all the goodies available under the table to empowered politicians, exactly the personality types who have no compunctions about scooping up as much as they can, will be the ones most intensely attracted to seek those politically empowered positions. Both parties are up to their eyeballs in it, and all the theatrics are a series of pathetic distractions.

  22. Well, they already slid by the fact that for 18 years under three presidents, they have been consistently lying about the war in Afghanistan.

    Hardly a peep about it.

    • Not to mention the faked gas attack in Syria used to justify an attack on/occupation of yet another country that’s never attacked us.

  23. Z, are you sure you put no stock in epigenetics? I’m starting to think the congenital nuttiness of you-know-who might actually be some sort of Russia-RNA virus. I always thought Jewish kids complaining about being third generation Holocaust survivors were just being histrionic, but these new studies with planaria are making me think twice. Maybe Ben Shapiro isn’t a rat: maybe he’s a worm:

    • There’s some good thoughts on epigenetics on Cochran’s blog, West Hunter. Biggest problem (IIR) Cochran has is any scientific explanation as to how such environmental changes pass from generation to generation. I see that recently, the excuse of epigenetics is being used for reparation justification by Black grifters—both wrt generations living under slavery and now for good measure generations transformed by ghetto life in the big cities.

      • Blacks think “gibs” first and then come up with the science (social, pseudo, or legitimate) afterwards. Besides, to be fair to blacks (and I don’t view them as the ultimate foe or believe I’m living in “Black Run America”) literal genetic science does explain some of their problems. White guys (like Jimmy the Greek) got in trouble for talking about this stuff, but it’s true that a lot of black males in America walking around are just the result of a eugenics program that selected only for certain physical traits, and the result is that, if they can’t play sports, they are, alas, basically old farm equipment without a farm (and even worse, they’re refugees in an underclass matriarchy, put into housing schemes created for socialist and communist countries). If and when the left gets their wish (and I’m guessing they will sooner rather than later) and felons get the franchise, the black underclass vote farming will reach new heights (or lows) and even dummies like Tim Wise and that woman who wrote “The New Jim Crow” will stop trying to get the poor bastards reduced sentences. If they can pull levers from prison, “social justice” advocates will stop worrying about “judicial reform.” I’m more of a Kevin MacDonald guy than a Paul Kersey guy. My neighbor who lets his dog run the neighborhood is the problem; not the dog.

  24. The Founding Fathers did their best to contain the democracy beast, yet they failed. Bit by bit, the lure of bringing in new voters who would give you and your backers more power won out. Democracy is an insatiable beast that eventually devours itself.

    Democracy in a homogeneous society has always failed. How long before it fails in a multi-everything society? Will whites accept the legitimacy of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Indians pushing us around simply because they voted for it?

    • Will Whites ever be accorded the same emphasis on minority rights when they become a “minority”. Of course not. Whites will be a minority of numbers, but never a minority of the productive and successful. The world is full of recent examples of persecution of such (relatively) successful minority groups.

  25. But women do NOT make successful politicians. Or at least, the vast majority of them don’t. I think the last successful female politician was maybe Maggie Thatcher.

    You are correct in that impeachment is basically a vaginal hissy fit, though.

  26. I view the media at this point the way a worker in a sweatshop views a foreman on the scaffolding shouting at the peons below to labor faster and harder, while occasionally barking “No talking!” I just view it as a mendacious tyranny that I hate like I’ve never hated anything in my life, though I pretend to ignore it when I’m trapped around it (I won’t give them the satisfaction of my rage). So I’m not watching the news, especially not the impeachment, but I am watching my normie relatives and friends to see if, and when, they realize they’re not going to be able to vote their way out of this, or donate, or listen, or watch their way out of this: when they realize that not Rush, not Breitbart, and definitely not Trump can rectify this situation. I’m waiting, because that’s all we can do for the moment:

    “Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?
    “Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!
    “How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,
    “Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.”

  27. Anybody who wants to know exactly what we’re getting when we bring over Liberians should watch the astounding Vice video “The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia.”

    It will leave no doubt that whoever snuck their amnesty into that bill is using these people as biological weapons against Americans.

    For the lucky few who have time to read whole books, Daniels/Dalrymple’s book “Monrovia Mon Amour” is equally good.

  28. Whatever the morivarion, we know it will be against legacy americans”s intetests.

    Oh, and may Nancy be taken care of by surly hatian nurses assistants when she finally enters a nursing home.

    • Nancy has lots of money and kids. She’ll spend her final years at home surrounded by skilled and attentive caregivers, with young relations paying solicitous attention when not rechecking the provisions of their trusts.

  29. I think of successful large-scale democracy like global warming – hypothesis nobody has ever witnessed actually working. I grew up in a small New England town that was a democracy. Every adult resident could show up at the annual town meeting, make proposals, join in the debate, and vote on them. It worked because the people in the room had to live with the consequences. I saw the head of the School Board ask for a million dollars to expand the high school (built only a few years earlier) and get absolutely blasted out of the room by angry taxpayers. I saw the owner of one of the last big farms ask for a lower property tax for farms or else he was selling to developers. The town said “no”. Three years later they were talking about building a new school after all the new houses were built.

    But scale it up and it never works. It becomes somebody else’s money to spend on the new school, repaved road, or welfare benefits.

    • Looking at tiny-scale democracy up close, it actually has the same problems and conflicts as the large scale version. The two fundamental differences are that the graft is smaller in size (but still there, empower people even a little bit, and the shenanigans begin), and the losers in the heated arguments simply move away. On the large scale, the “move away” option is less universal. That’s why I promote “alignment of interests” to us for the empowered people. You can’t make everything go exactly right for everyone, but you can make it go more your way.

    • So, an official asks for more tax money for a school, gets shot down, but god forbid a major taxpayer like the farmers ask for a lower tax rate, the townspeople don’t care about that. Now the farmer is gone and you pretty much have to spend more money on school.

      Sorry man, from the sound of it I’m not sure that your small town democracy works either. People are too shortsightedly selfish for it to work, be it a small town or big city. And sure, the people who voted at that time may see the consequences, but what mechanism is there to reverse course once the ball starts rolling? All those new residents in the development are voters now too, and they aren’t gonna just pack up and leave.

      The children of those original voters also get to experience the consequences of their parent’s bad voting patterns, and they had no say in it, so how is this just?

      I don’t want you to think I’m attacking you personally, I just have had it with democracy. It doesn’t work and it never will, and it gives people a false sense of control that is more dangerous than any dictatorship ever was.

        • I think the way to go is to aggressively push what elements of the republic and democracy we live under in our direction. We have been amiss in not tribing up, like all the others have, to push for our point of view. NatCon passive optimism and all.

      • If I had been an adult, I would have supported the farmer. I liked the town I grew up in. Now all the farms and orchards are housing developments. I’ll be back next week for Christmas, but I’ll never live there again. So you are right about the bad decisions. But I doubt a council or mayor would have chosen differently. Making it into a suburb of Boston meant a lot of money.

  30. “Both sides were left to guess as to why the other was doing what they were doing. The result was revolution.” If you want a good example of this in the work place, watch “American Factory” on Netflix.

    To me it was interesting to see how the diversity of the workforce had been in harmony; middle and lower class blue collar working blacks, whites, men and women, LGB-whatever, had all been working together quite well. It was as if no one had told them they were all supposed to hate each other. Clearly the community was seriously affected when the GM plant shut down and thousands of workers lost their jobs.

    Then the Chinese came in and opened Fuyao’s auto glass company financed and backed by the Chinese. The company hired many the ex-GM workers.

    And then it happened. The polarization between Americans and their Chinese over-lords. Almost exactly as you have described the relationship between the dirt people and cloud people.

    • “… watch “American Factory” on Netflix.”

      Can’t you just describe what you saw without shilling for the streaming service?

      • @ Sean – Any reason you can’t take a simple recommendation for a mini-documentary, watch it for yourself? If that’s too difficult, how about you just look up a review (there are dozens) and read about it yourself and make your own conclusion.

          • @ Christian – Urteile nicht nach dem Aussehen. Or as they say in English, “Don’t judge a book by the cover.” Try not to be like the liberals and radicals who are unable to remain open minded to views they don’t like or from people they don’t like. See for yourself, THEN make a decision. This puts you in a stronger position to argue one way or another.

      • It is useful to know where to actually find the recommendations, or whether one wants to bother, based on the source.

  31. “…the people really in charge are the parasites and pirates that feed off the organic social capital of the people.”

    When you lose trust, you lose respect. When you no longer respect your government, it is only a matter of time before the revolutionary leader emerges.

  32. Well, I guess the show must go on even one as embarrassing as this one.

    My take on this whole charade is I knew the day that Trump was elected he would either be impeached or assassinated by a lone gunman. And the only thing that has surprised me is that they didn’t go with assassination since it would have been so much quicker and easier.

    • I’ve also wondered why he hasn’t gotten a bullet. I think it’s probably because he’s a buffoon, and a lightning rod, and is a great foil and tool for more clever types. Now if you got a real competent populist like a Tucker Carlson in office, I’d be more worried about assassination.

      • Everyone except the MAGA rally types has recognized that he folds like a cheap suit anytime he gets push-back. Maybe that’s why? People that pay attention know that not only will there not be a wall, there can’t be. Because rather than sign CRs he signed two spending bills: one which mandated any new barrier must use existing construction technology, and another which gave the border counties veto power over any wall being built. He’s sicced Barr’s DOJ on the “We Build the Wall” organization, stopping that at Mexico’s request. He won’t name the Cartels or Antifa as terrorist organizations and he’s come out against mandatory E-verify.

        • Was not implying that Orange Man is anymore than all talk and no action. But at least his brand of talking, and especially the pushback, is helping wake up a few people.

          But if either means of removal worked we would have Pence as president which is a nightmare almost as scary as Hillary.

          The Rs could have had Pence and gone all the way back to their natural role as the “Washington Generals.” Now I think that may be too late (whether they realize it or not.)

          I was looking for Trump to destroy the Rs. And I hope that to a fair extent he may have. I thank God for small mercies.

          • Ex, I agree. I view the Impeachment as more political theater sleight-of-hand. Trump isn’t going anywhere. Pence would be worse. It reminds me of the Kavanaugh confirmation: Decades old, unsubstantiated accusations from the left trigger a contrived visceral defense from the right so we end up with a John Roberts “mini me” who was one of the drafters of the Patriot Act.

  33. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy which is nothing more than mob rule.

    I’m pretty sure Trump has orchestrated this whole nonsense and will delay the trial until after the election which he wins in a landslide and makes the impeachment moot.

    • “Democracy is nothing but mob rule”. True, and the more mobs you have the more mobsters you get. Black mob, Hispanic mob, Jewish mob, everywhere mob mob. Each mob is led by its own mobster.

      Democracy has its failings as mankind is an imperfect being, but when you try to pull it off in a diverse society, you encourage mob creation and the system never gets a fair chance. Democracy is not perfect, but show me a better way.

      • “Democracy is not perfect, but show me a better way.”

        Monarchism was pretty efficient for a long time.

        • It’s an interesting take I hear very frequently: We can’t go back to monarchy because we’ve moved on or something. As if the steam engine or the iPhone has made certain political organizations impossible.

          That’s one reason the discussion on Our Side about what comes next is only tangentially interesting – what comes next will be something like what has happened before. There aren’t new governing ideas.

          • The French decided to move on from monarchy, but found out that once you do that and pull down the structure of things, you have nothing and a free-for-all for the power and the gibs. We are now, all over the West, in the process of having the structure of power pulled down, because the “wrong people” keep getting elected. What follows is not good. Local homogeneous communities for us to lay low for a while, and working to shape what comes along in the new structures of power down the road, are what we must do now.

        • Tocqueville–Men’s taste for freedom and equality are, in effect, two different things and I am not afraid to add that in democratic nations they are also unequal.
          Freedom has revealed itself to men at different times and beneath different forms; it has not been exclusively bound to one social state and it makes its appearance elsewhere than in democracies. Thus it cannot possibly be taken as the distinctive characteristic of democracies. I know nothing so miserable as democracy without liberty.
          It really is difficult to imagine how people who have entirely given up managing their own affairs could make a wise choice of those who are to do that for them. One should never expect a liberal, energetic, and wise government to originate in the votes of a people of servants.

        • The problem with the word “democracy” – is the same as with the word “automobile”.

          There’s a huge difference in form and function between “democracy” as envisioned and *as instituted* by the founders of this country – and what we have now. Just as there is a huge difference between a Lamborghini and a Yugo.

          The constantly commented on dynamic where illegal aliens, EBT card waving blacks, women…. and all other manner of people who draw from the till instead of contribute to it – get to have the same level of voting privileges as those who work and pay taxes into the machine – is a drastic difference from what used to exist.

          But yet they both get dumped under the classification of “democracy”.

          I want an automobile – you say – with a vision of a Lamborghini in your head. The next day you look out in the driveway and Carvana left you a Yugo. When you call and complain – they just tell you : “you said automobile”.

          Maybe you should have been more specific.

          • While Britain is an interesting example of a successful historical monarchy, its success was more that of an empire with a foreign elite (the Danes then French, then, German) over the English, Welsh, Scots, Irish, (as well as Cornish, Manx, and other various sub-groups). The line of the House of Wessex was displaced by the Scandinavian Canute, then in 1066 with the Norman conquest.

            Albion is not Britain. CS Lewis had a bit about this idea in his Space Trilogy.

          • I think you are right. Why was Britain the most class-conscious and -segregated society in Northwest Europe? It goes back to the Norman conquest. The Normans became British nobility, the conquered Saxons British commoners. The bloodlines still trace back this way, w limited, obviously increasing, mixing.

            It became very class-conscious b/c it was, to an extent, one Northern European people ruling another. You didn’t see the same pattern in the German states and Denmark (or rather, far less pronounced).

    • ERP, time to wake up and realize the constitutional republic that was once the United States hasn’t been since before any of us were born. It was corrupted long ago and the rot just keeps getting worse. I’m not black pilled at all, however. Revolution is coming whether we like it or not. It’s going to suck, but get ready for it. The bright side is, we are at the dawn of a new age and if enough men on our side have the courage and perseverance to see it through, we can make something better via hindsight than has ever been so far. If we remain passive or aren’t ready when the house of cards tumbles, something very bad will fill the power vacuum.

    • We may be a constitutional republic on paper, but in effect, we have all the problems of a democracy. It’s a distinction without a difference.

  34. Anti-democracy arguments are as old as Plato and were common and popular as recently as Mencken. Our movement has rekindled those arguments. The Founding Fathers distrusted democracy and built a number of safeguards into the republic in an attempt to keep it at bay. I always found the following quote to be a good succinct rendering of the problem and fate of democracy:


    “And hence when by their foolish thirst for reputation they have created among the masses an appetite for gifts and the habit of receiving them, democracy in its turn is abolished and changes into a rule of force and violence. For the people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others, as soon as they find a leader who is enterprising but is excluded from the houses of office by his penury, institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.”

    • The infatuation the DR has with tyrants and monarchs is rather sickening and will be a major turnoff for normies interested in your thing. Then again PR outreach efforts are rather non-existent so we don’t have to worry.

      Still if white males have fallen this far and become such abject cowards and slugs that they refuse to step up and instead pray for a goon with armed thugs to save them. This is not the mindset of the men made the U.S. a great country. It’s mindset of the weak and inept.

      • The manner of government is irrelevant, it’s a means to an end. The end is something like a safe and prosperous country for our children.

        Once you define the end than sacred cows like democracy don’t really matter.

        You won’t get all the Hispanics and blacks to start voting to care about you. We’ve been trying that for 70 years.

        We already live under armed goons, the only question are who “we” should be and whether we will get any say in the “goons.”

      • I understand your frustration but our civilization and people are badly damaged.

        We never had the chance to become Americans, a branch of the European Caucasoids. All stocks and regions were shoehorned into a one size fits all constitution. Had we been left to our natural inclination and preferences we probably would have formed regional nations or maybe a sort of Swiss confederation among those regions.

        Despite the forced sameness of the constitution and a centralized government for an entire centinent we managed to build a nation with different regional sensibilities.

        This was destroyed by the Civil War and the mercantilism orchestrated government (MOG) that followed. The unnecessary western catastrophe of 1914-1945 completed the sapping of vitality of all western peoples. The exhaustion made them eager and open to being flogged and hustled. MOG got ZOG’ed and here we are. Very little of the social structure of the past 2 or 3 centuries is worth preserving. Nature has some housecleaning to perform.

        Turning the clock back a handful of decades will bring our grandsons back to where we are today if not into conditions that are much worse.

        2020 to 2024 will force lots of normies to cross the line.

  35. I am reading a biography of Sam Houston and this is a quote from when he’s defending himself in a court in Tennessee before he went to Texas

    “All history will show that no tyrant ever grasped the reins of power till they were put into his hands by corrupt and obsequious legislative bodies.”

    They not giving the reins of power to Trump but want to give them to someone

    • Power has been getting rolled up to the office of the President for decades now. That’s part of the reason they’re so pissed about Trump. Somebody like him was never supposed to be put in front of all those levers – it was only supposed to be presented to somebody “vetted”.

      We’ve had what amounts to a dictator in charge for decades now – it’s just that they keep putting a different skinsuit on the guy.

  36. We have the vote and the right to bear arms. These are the mechanisms to police the government. Democracy requires a manly people. As we’ve become soft, materialistic— feminine—our government has changed to reflect us. Democracy works, for better or worse. It’s not necessarily good. There needs to be a moral authority outside to sustain it.

    • Ok, we have the right to bear arms. So who are you going to shoot? Think about it. What could you actually attack that would bring down the US government? Do you blow up a Federal building like Tim McVeigh? That accomplished – what? I always hear this talk about kicking some ass, but nobody ever seems to be able to identify a specific target.

      As Zman points out, in a democracy, and particularly US democracy, nobody is actually in charge. There’s no king to behead. Unless you can figure out how to execute the ruling class en masse, violence is only likely to get you shot yourself.

      Probably the only effective political violence I can think of was Anders Breivik, who managed to wipe out the next generation of his opponent’s leadership in one fell swoop. Problem is, shooting children isn’t really the greatest optics.

      • Politics is local. The feds don’t worry about individuals. They worry about states, states worry about municipalities. The individual is very powerful locally, and power trickles up. We have it all backwards when we focus on DC.

        And I’m not for rebellion but the credible threat of rebellion is very persuasive. Especially when the people have the means to pull it off.

        • Congratulations – you at least understand something Bruno does not.

          Virginia is shaping up to be an abject lesson that many ‘conservatives’ are going to have to be beaten about the head with.

          • Cal;
            Agree. As I said a few posts ago, ‘The point of the Sword of Damocles is that it hangs, not that it falls. Once it falls its main utility is over.’

            IOW a credible threat is usually enough back off a cowardly. crooked politician. Besides, the pol’s bosses really don’t like disorder and uncertainty: Puts their cash flows at risk and their asset valuations in question.

          • France and India are currently more advanced bellwethers than the US of the failures of democracy. A significant portion of the French population has been in open revolt in the streets against the EU globalist oligarchy for more than a year and has been successfully repressed by law enforcement and thrown only a few bare crumbs for their trouble. India currently experiments with seeking a successful democratic (unlike the Chinese) response to global islamic jihad and is wracked with nationwide violence. In France the people are ignored and exploited; in India the state is impotent to deal with an existential threat.

          • In France workers striking against pension reform have virtually shut down the transportation network and are now occupying electrical substations and cutting the power for several hours to selected areas. I don’t think the French are beaten at all.

        • I think what’s going on in Virginia is a good start. The 2nd amendment sanctuary movement is starting to spread to other states too. If you think your local Sheriff and county government would be receptive it might be a good idea to get your own county on board with this.

          • This actually happened years ago in NY with the SAFE ACT. Sheriffs refused to enforce.

            Enforcement (and fear) is on and at the gun store/FFL dealer. They are soooo….scared….of losing precious license. This is actual competence by the Feds. Now that doesn’t stop a man from getting what he wants, just raises the costs either in finished weapons or tools/time to DIY – but DIY is YUGE.

        • “The feds don’t worry about individuals.” This is true for the sum total of the population, but usually all the feds have to do is hang a few of us to scare everyone else into submission. The key is for us to not be intimidated by the show trials. If the oligarchs that really run the show see large segments not backing down, they will back off.

        • The feds don’t worry about individuals? Randy Weaver may have something to say about that. *.gov worries about nothing BUT individuals… who are melanin-challenged persons-of-penis who talk about “credible threats” of rebellion (fedpoasting much?). The Folk in Chicago have a body count an order of magnitude higher than the Hells Angels, but only one of those orgs got a multidecade, multi-million dollar, multi agency federal taskforce to take them down.
          Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but 4 atf agents, 3 FBI agents, 2 doj informants, and one patsy looking for free beer meet in a trailer…

      • It’s true. Who do you kill? It was kind of a bright shining light, as bad as that sounds, when the pro-immigration mayor of this german town was shot in the head in his own home but he is just one guy and they’ve arrested the two right-wing shooters

        I don’t see anything really changing unless basic services are disrupted in a big way

        • Definitely NOT talking about killing anybody. Strictly political power. Plenty has been written about why the right to bear arms was legally recognized. Sheesh.

        • The German Mayor was an excellent start. You can bet other pozzed politicos saw that and are chitting bricks.

          I would suggest that the killings be kept local. In the next summer chimp out, for example – when they are burning cars and smashing shop windows – just pick on baboon that makes for an easy shot and take it. Whether he dies or not is not a concern; the rest of them will run. So it goes for most vibrant riots in the third world. The sound of the shot is the announcement that The Law Of The Jungle is now in force – and bigger, meaner predators are in the area. The trick to dealing effectively with vibrants is not to think of them as individuals, but as a herd. And before anyone jumps down my throat – that is the way the Cloud People think of us.

          This will be basically how they deal with us too. In Virginia – look for the establishment to arrest a high profile 2A supporter – and make an example of him. If the Dissidence and Molon Labe movement’s are legit – they will then have to make an example of one of the local Clouds. After that all will depend on what the military does.

          • Poetry break submitted for your calm perusal and gentle consideration.

            “Armed of the gods! Divinest conqueror!
            What soundless hosts are thine! Nor pomp, nor state,
            Nor token, to betray where thou dost wait.
            All Nature stands, for thee, ambassador;
            Her forces all thy serfs, for peace or war.
            greatest and least alike, thou rul’st their fate,–
            The avalanch chained until its century’s date,
            The mulberry leaf made robe for emperor!
            Shall man alone thy law deny? –refuse
            Thy healing for his blunders and his sins?
            Oh, make us thine! Teach us who waits best sues;
            Who longest waits of all most surely wins.
            When Time is spent, Eternity begins.
            To doubt, to chafe, to haste, doth God accuse.”

            Helen Hunt Jackson

      • I don’t mean to be personally offensive, but TWO DAYS IN A ROW with this “who do you kill?” sort of question. WTH? Look, these are the sort of questions that only a fed, some sort of freelance agitator, or a very naive person would ask in a public forum. And it would be a much more naive person who answered with plans or gawd help us a list. For the love of God, let’s not have an online public discussion about killing politicians. The only thing that will be killed is this blog.

        I agree that shooting kids is terrible “optics” — as well as illegal and morally wrong. And I don’t advocate or support “politics through coercive violence”. Enough said.

        • This culture war is on the verge of getting serious. Now is not the time for virtue signalling or cucking out. In case you hadn’t noticed, the ballot box has failed. The soap box has failed. Socialists are hacking away at the foundations of your country.

          Yes, you have said enough.

          • Errrrr…. apropos of nothing at all, maybe… but stuff like this is why your second amendment is in your constitution.

            The impeachment is not constitutional. The gun grabs in Virginia are not constitutional. Both qualify as acts of treason and sedition. Whether you sit on your hands gobbling in fright, or clutching at your pearls and swooning at the thought of killing, or if you pick up a rifle – you are going to have a say and a hand in creating what’s coming. I would hope like hell you dissidents choose to get involved.

          • I think the key distinction here is that violence from our side has to be a defensive reaction to the negation of our rights. Much as how you shoot an intruder is judged by whether it was self defense. If you shoot him inside your house while he is coming at you, it is clearly justified. If you shoot him in the back while he is running out of your yard, it is not. This can be a very fine line to walk.

            *Personal disclaimer to the NSA analyst reading this comment: I am against all violence of any kind for any reason.

          • Violence is not necessarily the only, or most effective, reaction to negation of rights. Passive resistance has been shown to be an effective technique in certain circumstances. Remember, there are a lot of us—too many to handle within normal channels, if we all hang together. Not losing sight of the die hard Leftist’s that would sooner see us dead, but that’s not the majority of the population, not even close.

            Basically, the first one to resort to violence, loses.

          • “Yes, you have said enough.”

            Oh FFS. Apparently it wasn’t enough. Okay, since handing it over on a platter wasn’t enough, here it is applied with the cluebat:

            This is a PUBLIC FORUM. Only idiots – or persons angling to get others in trouble – talk about plans for political violence, or agitate for armed rebellion, on a PUBLIC FORUM.

          • Gotcha. Being a public forum, we should only talk about stuff that won’t offend Lefty. Careful with that clue bat, you’ll hurt yourself with it. You remind me of that clown, Beeto ORourke when he was threatening to confiscate ARs and AKs. A certain Texas politician told Beeto that he and his AR were fully prepared for him to try it… and then Beeto started wailing and sobbing about threats! Shut up already.

            The question before the adults is when do we go from being dissidents to rebels? As our boy accidentally pointed out above, public forums are comprised. We’ve talked about raising the black flag and slitting throats… was that just hyperbole?

          • Yes but answering differently will bring Uncle Fed to the Christmas Dinner, so relax and enjoy Christmas.

            As for events taking their course; relax. They will. The enemy is insane, corrupt, bankrupt and very frightened. Also cowards, and very callow and useless outside the managerial milleu.

            We are the most heavily armed population still at peace in history. The police and military (and ahem veterans who answer only to themselves) are loyal to the Constitution. We are in crisis that’s true. Make ready to stand to your duty as men.

            Gentlemen- Prepare to defend yourselves.

            And listen I’ve missed a few holidays and a few more. Seriously enjoy this Christmas. You’ll be freezing or dead some December soon enough.
            Just enjoy being indoors with the Fam while you can.


        • I keep bringing it up because the subject of armed rebellion keeps coming up! But nobody seems to have given a thought as to what the mechanics of that would actually entail.

          Realistically, there’s no discrete entity to rebel against. Even assassinating a president wouldn’t achieve any substantial political change.

          Our situation is similar to that of the Soviet Union. There’s no chance of a rebellion because everyone knows 1.) it would be put down with overwhelming force, and 2.) there’s no act of political violence that would have much of an effect on the political order.

          • Bruno, to extend your point, once the French had beheaded their king, there was no one to attack or go to, to make a real difference. It simply became all against all. Petty personal grievances and utopian fantasies all played out in blood in the streets. While the movements exhausted themselves, Napoleon prepared to step into the breach. Make sure our Napoleon is someone who represents what we believe in, that’s what we need to work on. The rest of it is observation and playing it smart.

          • DLS;
            Yes the oligarchs will *think* that their Napoleon will meekly follow their instructions only to get a highly unpleasant surprise once that guy has the reigns of power in his hands. Both the real Napoleon and the mustache guy took charge that way.

          • Dutch

            No one in the DR is offering any solution to our fate except to either run and hide or form “communities’. Neither of which are viable once Trump leaves.

            Do you think even for a moment the Left will leave us alone after Trump is gone, do you?

            The Left and BigTech will drop the hammer on us once Trump is gone this much is certain.

            So all you DR know-it-alls whats is the DR solution to our predicament?

          • Rwc, the left will indeed never leave us alone.

            Have you ever been an inadvertent target of the local LEOs, facing a team of flak vested badge-wearers, not too far out of their teens, high on adrenaline, scared to death of walking into a trap, with itchy trigger fingers and serious weaponry pointed at you? If you have lived that out, it is a teaching moment you will learn some things from, and you will never forget it. At that point, if you are the intended target, it’s game over for you, whichever way it plays out.

            I’m more up for not being home when they knock, personally, as I have no desire to be made an example of for the edification of the rest of us.

            Our own communities need to be invisible and perceived as harmless, or at the end of a long road, where confrontation by outsiders is obviously bound to fail. Or some combination. Living instead among those who hate you is a low percentage play, for obvious reasons.

            I, too, am open for better ideas. Encouraging “you and him to fight” is one. Networking off-line and in person is another. To the extent confrontation becomes part of the game, Calsdad below offers some excellent insights.

            Beyond all of that, if things devolve into all-against-all in an environment where there is no controlling authority, what is in it for us to be in the middle of it as a target for every last other amped-up group out there? Let them sort it out between themselves for a while, doing what our work would be, on each other, for us?

            Finally, sometimes there are no good answers to questions that are asked. Only less bad answers.

          • Rwc and everyone else fedpoasting: The answer was before you his whole time: form communities irl. That is how you win these civilizational level clashes. We have been defeated because we have been atomized. Organization is the necessary precursor to meaningful action. The union flourishes because there is a huge membership roll paying $20 each so Patrick O’Mickey to go bray at every public official about how we need more union supporting legislation and more union public works projects; then there’s a union lawyer if he gets arrested for braying too aggressively, and a union job waiting if he gets sent up for it. Our lack of a “union” or a union hall, or union lawyers, or union lobbyists is why we cannot make actual progress on anything. So go join Our Thing local #334, or organize your own union hall. But for the love of the Holy, stop fedpoasting.

          • Napoleon is a good comparison to our situation. Where would our Napoleon come from? Not the military, police or intelligence services. They are all on the other side at a high level. It would have to be a grass roots Napoleon otherwise, as Trump and Bolsonaro have shown, they are submissive to the tribe. All of which means we likely won’t get a Napoleon.

          • I agree, everything starts with organization. Being armed is not sufficient for anything.

            A legitimate opposition would look to gain power at first in local government and then the state. The rebels would need to gain the loyalty of some politicians and Generals.

            Manipulating the political system is probably the best way forward.

        • My point was that nobody messes with the big guy, because they might get their butt kicked. He doesn’t have to fight because he’s intimidating. The threat is implicit in his being, regardless of his words, actions, or intentions.

          Not pinning it on you. I assume you understand. But this is kindergarten civics. There’s centuries of law and commentary behind it.

          If anything makes me suspicious there are feds here, it’s this misunderstanding of fundamentals. Or maybe re-education was wildly successful.

        • Yeah, I’m with you. These are the kinds of posts that get sites in a lot of trouble. Let’s knock it off, people. Not every thought that crosses your head needs to be memorialized online in a very public square. And we’re speaking to a crowd here that already *knows* the score. We’re not idiots. We can draw conclusions between the lines.

          These are called “fedposts” elsewhere for a reason.

        • Many Canadian dissidents are far more radical than American ones. I have noticed.

          What they have in lack of numbers they make up for in their “chutzpah”… appears to be all talk thus far. I never condone violence, however, despite also being a Canadian dissident.

        • For the love of God, let’s not have an online public discussion about killing politicians. The only thing that will be killed is this blog.

          Could not agree more. There is absolutely no good, and a massive amount of harm, that can come from such a discussion.

          What’s more, it is precisely both (1) this type of talk and (2) these incidents, when and where they’ve happened (Breivik, the German mayor, the El Paso shooting, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, etc.), that are used REPEATEDLY by the Left as their claimed justification for (1) taking away free speech rights and (2) taking away gun rights.

          There is literally no better way to give the Left a perfect pretext for taking our rights away.

          Furthermore, these incidents are directly alienating Right-leaning people who might even be inclined to agree with us on topics like immigration, but who are also (rightly) disgusted when people, especially random civilians, are murdered.

          Let it be crystal clear for the record that our goal is a change in government policies by PEACEFUL means. That could mean a change in our elected politicians or our laws, or it could mean a peaceful partition of the US into two separate nations, and our two nations go our separate ways. But we DO NOT WANT anyone to die as part of this and we do NOT advocate or endorse these types of violent actions.

        • Mike

          Look I’m not advocating violence. the Left will start it all on their own if given the opportunity. Whether it is killing gun owners in their own homes or doing mass arrests for some imagined deed. The Left will overstep it’s bounds and start something. It’s just a matter of when not if.

          That said, the Left and the ruling class via organs like the NYT, Atlantic and other pubs have made it clear they want heritage whites dead and gone. Others are most indirect and just publicly support open borders to destroy us that way.

          There is no negotiating with people who want that.

          Then there is the culture war in case you haven’t noticed where they are ramming every filthy idea down our throats and our children as well. They have for all intents turned higher ed into brainwashing camps that also turn our kids into debt serfs.

          Lastly if you think voting will fix any of this, you are dead wrong. We tried for decades and it’s only gotten worse and we’re losing badly.

        • The correct optics would be to uphold the rule of law. The legal system has to pick one of the traitors who spied on Trump, took payoffs from Ukraine, or took payoffs from Russia, or who took millions of Russian dollars into their charitable foundation in exchange for political favors, or some apparatchik who opened her servers to Chinese and Russian spies……pick one and put them on trial for treason. Then get a legal conviction for treason and hang someone in a public square. Make the left pay under the rule of law. It shouldn’t be that hard.

      • Congratulations – this is the same dumbassery I hear out of every conserv-o-tard I know every time this subject comes up.

        You obviously understand nothing about the Republic as it was originally designed, WHY it was setup that way – why the militia existed, why Americans fight so hard to retain the right to own firearms, why gun ownership does not = violence, etc.

      • Start by somehow “overthrowing” Corporate “News”/Entertainment Media conglomerates which have assumed the role of the Church in Western democracies. It is the Media who decide right from wrong, what is moral vs immoral, and are the main agitators in service to the Social Justice Warriors which plague Western society.

        • Since religious authority declined in the West and local culture was almost entirely replaced by mass produced garbage this has been the problem. The “church of public opinion” is the only remaining source of legitimacy for anything. The problem is that the “churchmen” are now largely a bunch of hysterical women, gays and other degenerates, and sleazy purveyors of cynical pop music, television, and movies that can be, and perhaps are, generated by AIs. The official church dogma is just “progressivism” which is simply a sort of secular ersatz of Christianity. No one dares try to think through the exact particulars of the secular Kingdom of God though because that was the mistake the Marxists made and of course it also smacks of accountability when predictions fail.

          Speaking of mass entertainment, one of the few things I still occasionally watch is Family Guy. Last night we saw a recent episode making fun of the fact that television, at least, has become a Babel of tiny production companies and networks that each have fewer and fewer followers. I’m sure to the FG writers it was just another offhand gag but there’s a serious trend here that we need to encourage. The more this stuff fragments the more the “Canon” of the mass produced religion disintegrates into cacophony.

          Some would contend of course, that any “legitimate authority” has always been based in assertion, force, and blind tradition. What’s different today is that unlike the Medieval churchmen the new “churchpersons” are not serious thinkers about anything. Catholic thinkers would argue constantly about whether this or that idea was consistent with official dogma – whether it gets the nihil obstat or not. Protestants then argued about predestination and salvation through grace or works, etc… Today’s churchwahmmen seem to decide everything by who can scream the loudest, cry the most, or make the biggest sign at the protest. This is at the root of the endless intra-Left slap-fights amongst trannies, gays, feminists, Muslims, Jews, Latins, etc… This chaos needs to be encouraged as well.

      • Optics are for politicians.

        Sure there are people in charge, they just happen to be various monied interests. Get rid of them and you change the political dynamic.

        For example who pushed NAFTA on America? It was big business and investment bankers like Rubin. It’s all public info.

        Who is pushing open borders? Again business interests and their fronts like CATO, AEI, Brookings, etc.

        Then you just have the really, really rich like Bezos and the TechTitans who basically own all of Congress.

      • In agreement w/ everyone else here. You -stink- of fedpost. You –really– cannot figure out who your targets would be? Really? This means you are either dumb as a bag of hammers and should be nowhere near a counter-insurgency or you are a purposeful shill. Neither is a good option, but pick one.

        I can give you 10 targets right now off the top of my head that are easily gotten to and would cause tremendous distress in their local AO some human, some material. But I’m not going to give them to you agent. Because there are other forums that already discuss these things and anyone with even a slight amount of knowledge / training in 4GW / aysmmetric can come up w/ a similar list.

        If you want to learn about ‘who to target’ there is a wealth of info available online about how to run one of these little operations from the long history of people attempting them. Getting people to call out specific tactics & targets? As Dailystormer would say smells like CIA glown1gger. I’ve already danced with you boys once by saying too much, just stop…

        • If you want to learn about ‘who to target’ there is a wealth of info available online about how to run one of these little operations from the long history of people attempting them.

          Yeah, well, “attempted” doesn’t exactly fill me with tidings of comfort and joy. Where are the success stories? The only results I’ve seen from these clowns that are all fired up to go charging off to battle with their swords in one hand and their balls in the other is that they end up with a long stretch at Club Fed, if they’re lucky enough not to end up getting themselves killed.

          Further, I don’t need you to name any of your 10 targets to know that if they were achievable or effective, someone would have taken them down already. Are they waiting for Christmas or what?

          btw, I strongly urge you to lose the “4GW” crap. It’s pretty much a bright neon sign advertising that you’re a hot dog that isn’t going to be taking out anything but the trash.

    • Was it Will Rogers who said democracy is that form of government where the people get what they vote for, good and hard?

      • Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

        H. L. Mencken

    • The replies here are correct. Threat of armed violence is not the answer; it’s counter-productive in fact, The answer is mass demonstration. Think blocked highways, refusal to pay taxes, refusal to participate in said government action, Yellow Vests stuff.

      • Um yeah – because “protests” accomplished so much up to now.

        The correct way to change things is to do what seems to be happening in Virginia right now.

        1) The government finally oversteps enough to wake people so that they take REAL action.

        2) Instead of going off half-cocked and blowing up a building or prostrating themselves in front of the State House in a “protest”. – they stay home and declare thru political action ” that’s a nice law you just passed – we’re not going to obey it”.

        3) At least somebody in the ” go screw yourself and your new law” brigade is smart enough to realize they can’t tell the government to go screw itself without having some way to make the middle finger stick.

        4) They get further organized – and create a militia. If they have REAL cohesiveness and community going on within that county – they get a distinct majority of people to sign up. Reading thru an article about Shaw’s Rebellion recently I saw the author point out that at the time of the rebellion – there were 92,000 men on the militia rolls in Massachusetts – this was when the population was something like 388,000 people.

        If the VA people somehow get similarly organized – that would probably make for something like 2 million MEN in the militia in the non blue counties.

        5) If the government of Virginia continues to try and shove unconstitutional edicts down the people’s throats , then the government itself gets declared illegitimate and a new government gets formed. This was a remedy recommended by the founders of this country – and it’s what the rebels who founded the place did when they got sick of the King. Therefore it has a long standing history in this nation – and nobody should care about the bleatings of the current a-holes occupying seats in the VA government in Richmond. They exceeded their mandates and are therefore null and void. If all the immigrants and lefties in the blue counties want to keep that government – they can have it. If you like your government you can keep your government – just like healthcare. The remaining “breakaway” counties declare that the blue counties can form their own new state and call it LeftTard Virginia or whatever makes them happy.

        NOTE: You’ll notice that as of yet there hasn’t been any violence.

        6) The newly formed militia gets it’s ass “regulated” – just like the original one was. It develops comms, gets people trained, adhering to common rules – etc. The profusion of military veterans among “the people” – should make this relatively straightforward.

        7) The blue county rump government continues to bluster and scream about it being the only legitimate govt. of VA. The breakaway counties ignore it and proceed on their mission.

        8) Sooner or later the blues initiate violence to try and bring the breakaway counties to heel. If the “new” VA govt. (breakaway counties) – has done their political job correctly – the blue VA government is perceived by a lot of people as a rogue operation. The breakaway counties “new” government should have been scrupulously trying to avoid violence or any threats of violence. So when the blues initiate violence – the moral hazard rests entirely in their lap – and the shooting that comes afterwards is entirely legitimate and moral as a self defense measure – just like the original revolution was – because the British shot down those militia men on Lexington Common even though they were dispersing.

        9) Once the “blue” VA government declares war on the breakaway counties – those counties return the favor by gathering up every illegal immigrant they can find – and dumping them into the remaining blue counties. The fact that the breakaway counties are now seen as “red” – probably drives out a lot of lefties as well – so the very act of breaking away leads to an inevitable cleansing.

        You see – this is how shit is going to have to go down – if you want things to ACTUALLY happen out there in the real world to change things.

        Or you can just go to some more dumbass protests and keep going down the shitpipe over a span of a few decades – because anybody in power is just going to ignore your protest – and if they can’t you’ll get your ass beat down and your “respect my rights” sign thrown in the trash.

        Your rights get respected – when they get stood up for – and have the force of arms behind them to make the respect stick.

        None of this necessitates “violence” unless (((somebody))) initiates it.

        • The Virginia Democrats are geniuses; they think an incipient civil war can be averted by telling the other side to hand over their guns. Why didn’t the Yugoslavs think of that?

        • I might add—if anything can be added to Cals great posting—that much of what is needed wrt a preparation for forceful resistance (if it comes to that) can be done with zero violence and no firearms. It involves organization, training, and field craft. No guns needed.

          • I would also add “community” to that. I can’t think of a better way to get MEN together in “community” – than to require militia training once a month.

            Up on Peaks Island (Portland ME harbor) – there are two buildings that were built by Maine regiments that fought in the Civil War. Note that during the Civil War – the “militia” still nominally existed. State regiments – made up of men from the same area – were what the war was fought with. The modern army unit – where men from all over the country are thrown together in one unit (women and assorted POC from all over the empire these days) – did not exist yet.

            Go thru the Fifth Regiment Museum – you can just smell the camraderie in the place. You can see it in the pictures. These men had a REAL community. And they had a real connection.

            You build unit cohesion by training men together – and giving them a common goal – and a common enemy. The military has learned this over time. They can even get black and white soldiers to fight together successfully.

            I see an awful lot of talk about “community” in Zman’s posts , as well as in the comment section. But when something happens out in the REAL world – that has a promise of actually resurrecting an institution that offered REAL community – what the comment section here offers up is a bunch of whining and bitching and dumbass opinions about “violence”.

            What’s going down in Virginia right now has a much bigger promise to change the future – than any of the poorly thought thru proposals to run away into some unicorn fantasy level red state Galt’s Gulch redoubt in a centrally located red state – while you wait for your salvation at some far off date in the future.

        • This is an excellent post. This needs to be amplified. The US as it currently stands is ungovernable and needs to split. It’s still possible for it to be fairly peaceful. Americans, both blue and red, are still fairly well off and mobile. There are now three precedents: sanctuary cities, marijuana legalization states, and now 2A sanctuary counties. Let’s keep the fragmentation trains rolling (in opposite directions of course).

          BTW, I think Marko there in referencing the Yellow Vests is making a point that (might) still be valid in Europe. You can still get out in the streets of Paris and appeal to your fellow Frenchmen. Is this the kind of France we really want? etc… Here, what do you do? Who are my “fellow Americans” that I would be trying to impress with my honeybee suit? There’s also a need in these protest things to get the media to cooperate. Maybe the French media still has some respect for traditional France and the suffering of the Yellow Vest people. Our media hates and despises us. Counting on them to publicize anything we do except as “some Nazis gathered in Richmond today to protest common sense gun control” is foolish.

        • Cal;
          Besides all that you laid out in your very thorough exposition above, these patriots should be bombarding the VA Guard members with the fact that they are *not* required to obey clearly unconstitutional orders. **And in-discriminant arms seizure orders are clearly unconstitutional.**

          Their officers are *forbidden by regulation* from obeying clearly unconstitutional orders, or at least this was so during the Cold War years.^ This fact should be clearly articulated by any and all means possible. Local sheriffs and chiefs-of-police will be listening: It affects them too.

          The main point is to introduce high uncertainty into the proggy politicians’ minds that their orders will be obeyed. Of course, they are probably too stupid and PC pozzed to comprehend the implications.^^
          ^ At the time we thought it to be mostly Pentagon butt covering. but we understood how useful it was as a deterrent to any flag officer getting any ideas about a coup.
          ^^As I’ve said before, If one trooper says NFWGI (no blanken’ way, GI) he’s in deep kimchee. If a hundred, or better yet, a thousand armed troopers say NFWGI *you’re* the one in deep kimchee. Has cost more than one fool their offices or their lives throughout history. Magic 8 Ball says, “indications are yes”.

        • You really think the Feds and Left will play fair don’t you?

          First off, the Feds will never allow whites to organize in the manner you speak of, let alone toss out the current regime in Richmond.

          The ruling class see things like this as threats to them and it will be treated as such. You are literally proposing to stick the bear in the eye with a red hot poker and hope the hell he doesn’t tear your face off and eat your libertarian carcass.

          If the people of Virginia are smart, they will stay out of Richmond and all blue VA cities. The Feds and others will be waiting for them.

          This is not a fight the people of Virginia can win.

        • Ok Boomer.
          You say protests never went anywhere or do anything, and yet the world is now ruled by the people who were “wasting their time protesting” back in your youth. Learn from your generation’s mistakes. Copy the tactics that work, abandon those that fail.

          “Organizing a militia” is a great way to get a free jumpsuit with “DOC” on the back. Organize a Bible study, organize a civic group, organize a book club, but Ffs stop with the libertardian revolution porn. You and that rusty garand aren’t leaving your lay-z-boy, and we all know it.

    • The 2nd Amendment provides a false sense of security. The 2nd Amendment guys are cowards at heart and are never going to fight back. The only thing that could ever get them to do anything is an outright ban (all at once) with door-to-door confiscation. Since that is never going to happen, they gun owners will squawk about tyranny and their need for a gun to prevent it as they are being forced to house African refugees in their homes and allowing their children to be felt up at school. They will continue to happily allow ever larger numbers of people to become prohibited possessors. They will support ever more weapons being illegal and ever more draconian red-flag type laws.
      When you look at 2 recent events, the UPS truck incident and the Kosher supermarket incident, and the government’s response to them, which was overwhelming force complete with tanks with metal tank tracks, it’s hard to imagine a more tyrannical police state. Hundreds of cops firing thousands of rounds for literally 2 guys. The cops shot everything up, killing civilians and locking down thirty thousand children. With the Kosher supermarket incident, it was a 50yo woman and a 50 year old guy. Of course, both of these incidents happened in parts of the country that are really no longer American anyway. Jersey City and Miami are under 50% white.

      • Agree that the 2nd Amendment is used as a crutch by whites. We think, “Well, we’ve got our guns so we don’t have to do anything else.” Wrong. Stop cleaning your gun and start organizing. Start joining political and community groups.

        We’re not going to win this thing with guns. We’re going to win by creating our communities and political groups. We need a community that we can count on to protect us (hire the accountant fired for being a racist) and push back politically and legally.

        • We win by letting other groups, without the insight of longer term goals and strategies, fight it out amongst themselves. To someone who is not us, “Did you hear what so-and-so (from another group who is not us) said about you?”. Make sure they sort it out between them, while we step aside and hold their coats. Wars produce survivors, who cloak themselves as victors. Be the survivors.

          • Wars produce survivors but not victors in most cases, Dutch. And a lot of them a f**ked up for life. Shattered minds and bodies. It’s no joke to those of us who lived with those who went through it.

            And wars aren’t won by snarky rumor mongering do nothings either. You DR types really think the Left is that stupid to fall for what amount to high school pranks then you are out of your gourd. So far they’ve won every battle against us while we can’t even organize a potluck.

            The Left are ruthless, power hungry nihilists who will crush us if given the opportunity. Do not underestimate them. Their rank and file are stupid, but the money men behind it all are not.

            To be blunt we shouldn’t even be thinking of grand strategies when we can’t even organize at the local town level. or recruit enough members to fill a Elks Lodge. Logistics is where it’s at and we don’t have it.

            Lastly the DR types need to come up with a modern equivalent of Paine’s “Common Sense” to rally normie whites to our side. And no, reading Zman doesn’t count for this.

        • Exactly. The government has overwhelming fire power to put down all but the largest insurrections. Hell, even the Department of Education has a SWAT team. In the founding days, it was one group of men with muskets against another. It was all about sheer numbers of men. To organize a large enough violent rebellion is almost impossible without some massive breakdown in the grid.

          • And yet they still can’t win.

            And they don’t have “overwhelming firepower” against the American people as whole – they only have it against individuals or small groups of individuals.

            The pathetic part about comments like this is in your entire lifetime the US has not won one single goddam war – even though those wars have been fought against third world countries – with what amounts to guerilla armies.

            So even though the lessons of history are right there in front of your face – and the examples of that lesson are likely passing you on the street every day – minus legs, arms, and suffering from PTSD, you still fail to pay attention.

            In my experience the “you can’t go up against that overwhelming firepower” response is the knee-jerk go-to of lefties and cuckservatives who are genetically inclined with some sort of failure to learn.

          • Carlsdad – So you really think someone can organize an armed resistance consisting of millions of men without getting infiltrated and subverted by the powers that be? Good luck to you, sir. I sincerely hope you’re right.

            The reason we cannot win recent wars is due to the political rules of engagement. When lefty goes to war with you, they will be under more vicious ROE than allowed on any foreign army.

            Massive peaceful disobedience and guerrilla tactics will be more effective, especially if locally organized groups follow the same game plan and shut down the gears of the federal behemoth. You only have to convince the oligarchs they could lose control and/or money and they will back down.

          • I’m relatively familiar with the “militias” that sprang up during the 90s, as well as some of the more recent incidents like the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff.

            The typical description I’ve heard of these things is “the group was comprised of 10 Federal agents and 3 patsies”.

            What is going on now in Virginia is a horse of a different color. When an entire county starts to organize like this – what you should be looking at is hundreds if not thousands of people involved. People who have lived next to each other for years if not decades. Relatives – and close friends. There are connections there. Will there be infiltration – sure. But like in any organization where people have known each other for a longer period of time – you can sniff out the imposters. And the dynamic between a group of five men creating a “militia” (led by a Federal undercover agent) – and hundreds or thousands of them creating one – led by a local sheriff – is entirely different.

            Like that great comment in the movie Die Hard: “they’re going to have to send some more FBI guys”

            Do you think they have enough to cover everything?

            I don’t.

          • The American military is not going to be fighting on US streets. It would be all of the various law enforcement agencies. the universities, the state labs, the FBI labs etc. It would be pretty much entirely a policing and intelligence effort.
            The military is simply not the right tool for the job and their losses that you mentioned is obvious proof of that. Virtually NONE of the military’s hardware would be useful against a citizen rebellion in the US. It is meant to break big stuff. What the hell would they use something like a cruise missile for in such a scenario? Nothing.

      • Look at it this way: The government is massively inefficient in its allocation of resources. When it’s not facing two rebels but 200 or 2000, this will be a real problem for them.

      • Guns did not prevent demographic replacement, that’s just an empirical fact. I support 2A. But thinking over the history since the 60s, I’m not so sure about the prevention of tyranny part. It is good for self-defense though.

      • Guns these days are simply a pacifier that give men a false sense of security and machismo. They are the perfect fit for a consumer society. When you need to blow off steam or feel better, you go shopping. Shoes, snacks or guns, they are all the same thing.

        There may be a real rebellion eventually but we are a long way from it. I get why many of you, including Z, think it is getting close but it isn’t. The other side is too powerful and ruthless. The desperation on our side isn’t widespread enough yet. Few people are going to be willing to have an armed assault on their home by the State. Few men will want to lose their job, have their business go bankrupt because they can only accept payment in cash, and lose their family when corporations strike back. Few women are going to stick with a man who has become a financial liability no matter what they may say now.

        Is we want to eventually win, we need, as some are suggesting, start working on building communities and preping the way for the future. Building communities will be hard enough because the government and the press will try to have everything shut down that they deem a threat and Antifa will be turned loose on these communities.

    • Did the government change to reflect us – or did the government shove softness down our throats?

      I don’t remember asking for:

      – omnipresent OSHA safety regulations that prevent me from lifting more than 35 pounds at work
      – seatbelts, ABS, airbags – and all sorts of other “safety” devices in my vehicles
      – being FORCED to carry healthcare insurance
      – the government regulating my ability to own firearms
      – omnipresent “drunk driving” laws
      – 55 mph speed limit
      – building code regulations that shove “safety” down our throats
      – numerous overseas wars that supposedly happened to make us safe
      – the govt. banning driving during snowstorms, because safety.


      The above list is just off the top of my head. And all directly contribute towards that softness you were referring to.

      A man becomes “hard” over a lifetime of struggle and work. Take away the things that make him struggle and that force him to get hard – and he will only be “hard” thru artificial effort – like going to the gym. And the gym produces hothouse flowers because those muscles are not gained thru toiling against the world – but by “working out” in an artificial manner.

      I have come to see “safety” as just another name for more bars in the cage that surrounds us.

      • Chicken or the egg? It’s probably both.

        Men got fed to wars, women got to vote, people moved to cities and got used to somebody else taking care of things and telling them what to do. All things imposed but also agreed to by the majority.

        I agree— freedom is dangerous but it’s worth it.

    • The second amendment guys do not have a defined target. Violence by us is useless unless violence to be used against us is clear and we are forced to respond to protect our lives. We are usually better off taking it on the chin in most cases and using the propaganda back to our own people in order to point out any unjust actions used against us.
      Using violence on our part in the world as it is now will get us a go to jail card and thats about it.
      Change has to come by creating separate cultures and communities that ignore the larger state when possible and throw monkey wrenches into the system when possible.
      Basically become hard to get along with by outsiders. Sort of like the Muslims in Europe are doing now while they conquer the sterile and weaker white Europe, having one baby at a time. Growing separate communities as much as possible.

  37. Ultimately all that matters are demographics.

    Other than cutting refugees by 80,000 per year (which is good), Trump has done absolutely nothing to prevent demographic shift.

    Look at Venezuela… they’re eating rats and shitting in the street and the brown people still vote en masse for their corrupt socialist.

    Soon the people like Pelosi will have the numbers to permanently rule over us. We’ll see how nice democracy is then.

      • Ezra Pound: American who moved to Europe, became Mussolini’s and Hitler’s propagandist, arrested by Americans for treason in 1945, proclaimed unfit to stand trial and spent the rest of his life in an asylum.
        Another proof of how little brainpower it takes to be an anti-semite.

      • except that Jews are emigrating from European countries because of the increasing anti-Semitism that the governments do nothing to stop.

    • You sound like Rush Limbaugh with the “evil socialism” bit. America uses economic warfare on any country outside its sphere of influence and when the economy takes a dump, it’s supposedly their fault alone. These S. and Central American countries have their issues but pretending the US isn’t partly to blame is naive.

      Then we get to take in the refugees because “the poor, sad people.” I hope you’re not buying “the poor oppressed Iranian wahmen need freedumb” bit too.

        • Wow, what a suck burn! Do you still have your Raygun commemorative plate on your mantle from 1992, boomer?

          Next you’ll be telling me how we could have won in Vietnam except for the socialists!

          • Wrong again, boomer. I’m an X’er. I know you’re a boomercon because you’re obsessed with the intellectual non-entity AOC, and it’s not just because of her politics. (o Y o)

            Never forget the sixty billion gorillion boomer shower babies washed down the drain for Puerto Rican Mommy AOC.

        • “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.

          Maybe you need to do some reading.

          Nathan is correct. And like he said: “then we get to take in all the refugees”.

          • the refugees are huge money, and that’s not even counting the suppression of wages. Let’s say you get two peasants from South America to immigrate and they get jobs as a janitor and a bus driver, and then they go out and buy a $250k house and finance a couple of cars to the tune of $40k. If you believe in the debt creation of money theory then that’s nearly $300k that’s been created by just 2 little illegals, multiply that by millions.

      • We’ve been piggybacked.
        We don’t call the shots, none of us wanted these things, and we weren’t asked.

        Ask Ezra Pound, instead.

    • This was on STRIKING display yesterday at that impeachment sham I was watching. Not sure if any of you watched it but you’d have to be blind not to notice where things are headed. Schiff would call his side for ‘testimony’ of 1-3 minute blocks making their case and it looked like this, literally:

      Jew, cat lady, black lady, black man, white enabler, jew, latino, cat lady, young socialist wahmen, black man, latino, cat lady, jew, black man, jew, white enabler.

      Republicans call theirs: White male, white male, white male, white male, white male, white male.

      The FIRST group is growing by leaps and bounds, second group not so much… We are only going to slow this until this nation can be divided or it collapses. The first group will eventually have or seize power and then you will be under a Uniparty ad infinitum.

      When we still had white males on both sides of the aisle, there was disagreement, but things got done. Like companies, hobbies, and everything else once you have infiltration by the Other it is basically over. Our government is no different. Plan accordingly.

      • And all those lefties jumped on every trope they could find to try to insert themselves into something important. They cited WW2, slabery, Russia, the Revolutionary War, and who knows what all. Trying to elevate a future “never mind” moment and a dumpster fire into something meaningful. It’s how they and their media minions roll.

      • The left is what it is, every reasonable person agrees. People need to get it through their skulls that the republicans are nothing but lying, treasonous frauds…

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