Year End Correspondence

This will be the last show of the year. This is one of the slowest times of the year for site traffic and show listening. Unlike the filthy degenerates on the other side, our people are out and about with family and friends this time of year. It’s also a good time for me to do some hardware upgrades I’ve been planning. The day job is a bit slower this time of year, so I take the time to clean up lingering items on the list. Normal production will resume after the New Year.

I’m taking the opportunity to knock one thing off the list and that is to catch up on all outstanding correspondence. All the stuff I wanted to use in the show has been used and I only have a few items left in the inbox. One of the things on my next year list is to come up with a better system for handling correspondence. I let this stuff build up and then it is a gargantuan task. I wind up responding to people weeks and maybe months after they sent their initial e-mail. I need a better system.

This is also the time of year when people think about personal goals and projects for the coming year. I’m no different. I’m not into resolutions, but I use this time of year to think about what I can do to make the coming year a little better. In the past, this has been when I have plotted career changes and moving. This year I will be thinking about the latter, as my time here in Lagos is coming to a close. I’m not sure where I will be heading, but I will be looking for less colorful environs.

That is, of course, something we have to consider when moving. It’s not just the diversity at the moment, but the possibility of diversity in the future. These days, whole towns are destroyed by developers, building garbage housing and then adding “affordable housing” to please the local pols. Your nice little town can quickly become a sterile development full of strangers, with a dollop of diversity. All of us are being forced to plan defensively in our careers and our living spaces.

Of course, if any of the anti-white bigots on stage last night at the Democrat debate win in 2020, there will be no place to hide. As we’re seeing in Virginia, the pogroms will begin as soon as they are in office. I had originally thought about moving back to Virginia, but the madness going on there now eliminates the Old Dominion from my list of places to live. The way things are headed, I’m going to end up as Jeremiah Johnson, living up above the tree line to avoid the madness.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00 Opening
  • 03:30 Dissident Religion
  • 05:30 Boomers & Zoomers
  • 15:00 I Disavow RamZPaul
  • 19:00 Civil War Books
  • 22:30 Embrace Your Role
  • 30:00 More Libertarians
  • 35:30 Requests
  • 42:00 Impeachment
  • 47:30 Privacy
  • 49:00 Boston
  • 50:00 Thank You

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197 thoughts on “Year End Correspondence

  1. Nice to hear you got support in the enemy camps of east and west coast strongholds. The left knows they’re starting to lose control and they reek of desperation. They’re batshit crazy and on full display for all to see !

    Thank you for all you do and much success in 2020

  2. Law enforcement today has article on Lyft being woke is going broke- Lyft is against 2d amendment.

    Two points; one is the police are very pro 2d A, this not news.

    Two: I am wondering if being woke is business necessity for the Broke, Lyft hasn’t turned a profit and has little hope of ever getting to profit. Being woke may be necessary to keep the lights on.

  3. Zman, move to Japan and you’d have access to pro-level bike repair and maintenance, free of charge. No joke. Feel like I have to say something nice, can’t make donations to my favorite podcasts this month 🙁

  4. Interesting take on intergenerational warfare among whites. I would add an observation or two.

    Among the minority of Boomers long redpilled on race, a common denominator appears to be exposure to diversity through forcible school integration, workplace interactions, and/or changed housing patterns. Whether they identified as such or not, they often became paleocons and many joined the Buchanan Brigades. They still make references to their insipid cultural touchstones but they harbor few illusions about vibrancy.

    The Left, of course, has poor impulse control and bared its fangs perhaps a bit too soon and spilled the beans about its genocidal plans. This seems to be redpilling diversity worshipping Boomers and other whites at lightning speed. I’m generally blackpilled about the future but the one hope is this misstep may–may–have awakened whites early enough to prevent total destruction.

    Happy New Year and I’ll hit the tip yard.

  5. How have I passed 35 years old and never have heard that Pogues’ Christmas Song? My life was missing a something very important. Merry Christmas, Z, and everyone.

  6. Z was asked about his view of the role of religion in our movement. My answer is that any religion that meets these requirements is fine:
    * Does not desire to import non-whites, no matter how devout, high quality, persecuted, or deserving they may be
    * Does not object to strict immigration laws that are rigorously enforced
    * Does not object to incentivizing non-whites who are already here to emigrate
    * Does not seek to win converts by force or intimidation

    • In re:

      * Does not desire to import non-whites, no matter how devout, high quality, persecuted, or deserving they may be

      That does it right there, for me. You (and yours) can take your Rassenwissen (along with your SS lightning bolts) and stick it right where the sun doesn’t shine. This is why I cannot, and will not ever be, a “white nationalist” or a “white identitarian.”

      This is the difference between patriotism and nationalism. Patriotism is “love of one’s own.” This is honorable, and a part of what makes us fully human.

      Nationalism, on the other hand, is “hatred of the other,” what Hegel called “negative identity” (that is, defining what you ARE by defining what you are NOT). What you stated above is a good example of the latter.

      I am an Orthodox Christian, first, last and always. Anyone who shares my faith, and walks the talk, is my brother, end of story. St. Paul said the same thing. Also, the Orthodox Church has formally condemned and anathematized racism as a heresy (“Phyletism” to be precise).

      You cannot be a Christian and a racial supremacist at the same time – full stop, end of story. You must choose. I have made my choice, for good or ill.

      No doubt “Mr. Z-Man” will take bell, book and candle to me and ban me from posting. So be it!

  7. Merry Christmas to the Z man and all the followers and contributors to this board!
    The Z Mans writing and podcasts and the overall content here are a tremendous asset.
    To many more coming our way in 2020!

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone here. I learn much, and am informed of tons of stuff, crazy and good, in here. To everyone, thanks a lot for that, and thanks to the blog owner for keeping this watering hole of sanity open, and watering it too.

  9. One of our great strengths us we’re a Federation, in many ways this is a power struggle of centralization. The globalists in DC are fighting a losing battle of centralization, doing damage, creating dramas and spectacle but the damage is limited even when pervasive.

    A danger of Federations however Is in civil war they become many civil wars, politics becomes local and deadly. See 30 years war. Be warned chaos is the enemy’s way of war, beware of disunity and squabbling when the moment comes.

    See here Virginia; over gun laws.
    Now to be clear I want the legislature to mount the scaffold (so to speak). But here you see the splitting not just within the nation but the urbanite/rural divide.
    Which if we are ruthless works for us (starve them).

    Ballot box (legitimacy)
    Cartridge box (our executive branch)
    Lunch box – literally starve the beasts

  10. The whole insider language thing is weird. I have a relative who is a crazy, postmenopausal, childless cat lady whose only issue is abortion and has given money to the Church of Satan because the Church of Satan is very pro-choice. Shocker I know! Anyway, I used the term ‘virtue signaling’ to her one day and she did not know what it meant and had never heard the term before. So weird to me. Obviously we never ever ever talk politics.

    • One online virtue signaling commenter declared he was sick of the term but of course it never ocurred to him to stop signaling so I offered him virtue sniveling instead.

    • Why is it that so many childless and/or menopausal cat ladies are so bent on abortion?

      All those bitter pussy hat types. It always comes down to their ladybits. Bits that nobody really wants to grab and wombs that will never give life – yet their biggest concern is making sure young women can rip life from their own on demand.

      Leftism really is a death cult.

        • “Her mind will always be plotting and scheming and churning and burning and whizzing and phizzing with murderous bloodthirsty thoughts.” Dahl was a prophet. He also got physiognomy right on the nose too. “If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it gets so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it.”

  11. Thank you, dear Z Man. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and best wishes to you and all commenters here for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! So grateful for your miraculous mind and noble heart. May God protect and guide you always. Thank you!

  12. The letter-writer complaining about Boomers (letter #2?) is wrong about one thing: that Boomers vote for the Left. They clearly break Right even though they have Normie ideas. Millennials are the ones populating the HR departments and heading up Silicon Valley leftist dens. If only Millennials and GenZ voted, Hillary or Bernie would be president and Liz Warren and a couple more lefties would already be on the Court. Not that it necessarily matters much.

    Zoomers might be different but it’s hard to tell. Sure, they’ve got the Groypers but those constitute a small minority. Is there any hard data on Zoomer political views?

    • Boomers are all over the place. They are certainly more conservative than their parent who elected FDR 4 times.

    • Some blustering online aside, my understanding is that each successive generation (Zoomers included) is further left than the previous. This isn’t just self-identification by party or ideology, but also from asking specific “issue” questions like support for gay marriage and so on.

      However, my understanding is that most of these differences turn out to simply reflect the different demographics (i..e race/ethnicity) of each generation. Zoomers are (overall) far less white than previous generations, QED.

      The degree to which Zoomers are white vs. non-white is, however, very state-dependent. From this alone, it is likely that big political realignments among the states are coming our way. This could easily be our future electoral map in a generation:

      This is fascinating as a possible counterexample to everything I just wrote:

    • Zero Hedge posted the age-based voting patterns in the recent U.K. election. The older folks all voted Tory and the younger people all voted Labour.

    • I look at femmed Millennials and their stupid pipe-stem pants, Bozo The Clown shoes, their pointy “Our Gang” haircuts and I just laugh. They are going to be so screwed.

  13. I agree that this blog has one of the best comment sections. I’ve often told others about it, specifically that the comments are remarkably troll-free even though there’s little or no moderation. Though I read the blog daily, I rarely comment because I usually don’t have much to add. Mostly just enjoy reading the comments of others.

    • The “gold standard” comments section for a long time was Takimag. The place was just firing on all cylinders most of the time. They eventually shut it down because, reasons. Z’s blog comments is scratching that itch pretty well these days.

      • I loved Tak’s comments but it could be troll heavy at times and I’m guessing it just got to be too much to babysit. The fix, I would think, would be to just allow subscribers/donors to comment, but I’m guessing that’s much easier said than done (or to Z’s point, it just kills off the comments because no one to any large extent will do that).

    • But how would we give our down-voting muscles exercise if not for Tiny Duck and xis “socks?” Merry Christmas Tiny!

  14. Merry Christmas all. As a present, this essay by the guy who coined the term is most interesting. “What’s Paleo, and What’s Not”

    by Paul Gottfried

    “Paleoconservatism was the last recognizably rightist form of the conservative movement, if we exclude some Alt-Right bloggers who, although occasionally worth reading, hardly form a coherent movement. It was precisely this rightist gestalt that has made the paleoconservatives and their efforts to represent the Old Right so profoundly distasteful to Conservatism, Inc.”

    We can call the “dissident right” anything we wish, but we really need to know what it stands for other than “we are not Conservatism, Inc.” This is a very fine article about where we have been and what it is we are.

    Paul ends with this bit of hope: “Our present outcasts may someday be in a position to influence American conservatism. It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.” May God grant us victory.

    • I give PG his due for sticking to his guns and standing an increasingly lonely post but I have to push back on him regarding paleoconservatism being the “last recognizable rightist” movement vs. Our Thing today.

      PG is simply defining “rightist” as paleoconservatism and saying No True Scotsman deviates from paleoconservatism.

      I’d respectfully challenge the professor to provide us with a definition of “paleoconservatism” that is any more succinct, objectively-grounded or readily understandable than any description of the alt or dissident Right of today. It’s going to be some combination of Russell Kirk’s 10 points, Burkean arglebargle and the usual appeals to vague “tradition” and “a methodology not an ideology” etc…

      As Z has pointed out many times here, a big reason why paleoconservatism failed is that it was no more coherent or definable than the dissident right of today, to the point where it had a hard time defining who the common enemy was beyond a “liberalism” whose definition was no more coherent than Antifa’s definition of “fascism.” A liberal ended up being someone a conservative disagreed with.

      You had paleos who revered the Enlightenment and the Founders, others who scorned them, some Christian Judeophiles, and even Judaic anti-Semites like Larry Auster, on and on. Paleocons suffered from most of the same divisions we reflect today between TradCaths/Christians, libertarians, race-realists, CivNats, etc… The paleoconservatives never had internet, the numbers or the cultural influence to bring those divisions to the fore like we have today.

      Our Guys today are making more intellectual progress by grounding Our Thing in biology/genetics and evolutionary psychology than the paleos ever did.

      • He wrote in the article: “Admittedly, paleos have expressed views over the years that have raised my own eyebrows.” So yes, it was not perfect and he acknowledged that.

        The only ultra-right wing ideology that has satisfied me over the decades is the market anarchy of the Rothbard/Hoppe type. I can not see a nation-State ever defending the interests of my people (my nation). Governance yes, a State no.

        If the USA State did not fight my people at every step, we could cleanse our lands of our enemies. But that is not going to happen just because we “get out the vote” now is it? I often wonder what would come next if we have a civil war and we win.

        What would protect family, decency, Christianity, and our people as a whole?

        As a Christmas aside, I always enjoy your posts here. You do good stuff kid.

        • Rothbard-Hoppe-style libertarianism is the best kind, but it still has serious limitations. Check out Z’s past posts and pods – he talks about Hoppe at length in one of them.

          If you approach these theorists like I do with Objectivism and harvest their good ideas while rejecting the meta-structure, they’re useful.

          I don’t buy into An-Cap because the difference between market-anarchic “government” and a formal “state” is merely semantic. Hoppe has recognized that some level of collective coercion is necessary to respond to NAP violations, etc… That’s a state, albeit on a micro-scale.

          Scale always matters and that’s a better place to start your analysis than trying to distinguish the “neighborhood watch” of a market-anarchic community from a formal “state” on philosophical or intellectual grounds. They\re fundamentally the same thing.

          That said, I agree with the idea that nation-states on the scale of our present Western polities are unworkable. My evolving concept of an “ideal” state for our thing as it stands would incorporate elements of localist democracy inside an aristocratic framework that would handle macro-policy like felony-level crime, defense and citizenship.

          I appreciate the appreciation and like your contributions as well. Merry Christmas.

  15. Merry Christmas to Z and Z readers! Wow..will have withdrawals and facial tics waiting for your thoughts, seeking inspiration from the writing muse of 2020 to fire up the analysis of the world in the new year.

    Z….just once come out West, see different towns, and move away from the population density of the Peoples Republic of the East Coast. Links below for Cedar City and New Harmony, Utah, just 15 minutes from Cedar City and smaller town. Lots of Tech geeks and IT guys here. A mile high plus 500 feet, and a lot less snow than Northern Utah and less snow than Lagos On The Bay. Just look at the pictures on the links for a taste of the beauty and solitude here. Oh, although the FLDS polygamists have saturated the spine of the Hurricane Fault and Wasatch, they are all….pale. However, some of them have a tendency toward being “light fingered.” Otherwise, they don’t party-hardy or drink/drug into a stupor.

    We’re half non-Mormon and half Mormon. We purposely chose an 80% Mormon subdivision with lots that have a chunk of land, and we are flying under the radar, for the moment, living in a clean, pale people, quiet neighborhood. The LDS Church is busy virtue signaling and giving obsequious signals to the Empire ruling overlords. This will work for a while until it doesn’t. Now, the men of the ranches and land are real guys and not the soft men of the cities. When The Empire goes for their guns and gets rid of tax exempt status for churches….well, the shite will hit the fan. Read Peoples Republic and see how Mormon ranchers behave and teach their sons to defend their territory.

    Am visiting daughter in the Peoples Republic of Northern California, am on constant high alert in my surroundings as the majority people are Vibrants, Aztecs and methheads/psychotic druggies of assorted hues. Few pale people. Am looking forward to braving Donner Pass in a snowstorm, the ghosts of the Donner party guiding me over Emigrant Gap, passing through Reno on the way to Southern Utah this Sunday than stay in the Peoples Republic any longer. I’ve used up most of my 9 Cat Lives and don’t feel luck residing with me.

    Am stunned again that the two Boomer lady friends and daughter’s husband aren’t leaving. The Boomers are Ben Shapiro fans (honk! honk!) and sense the tyrannical hammer that will hit them but are oblivious to the level of white hate and eventual targeted violence gathering on the horizon. My son-in-law is culturally left, hates Chick Fil A and oblivious. My face is frozen into a polite pleasing smile. I’m good at this.

    How refreshing to say…Merry Christmas! Will see you on the road to Ground Hog Day….crap..forgot De Blasio killed the ground hog.,_Utah

    • I’ve talked on this blog that I am thinking about a long term plan involving WY or MT. UT has appeal to me as well.

      And let’s get this straight… long term, we’re taking all three of those states (plus Western Canada) with us in our future country. The Left can have their beaches, but I’ll be damned if they take our mountains.

      One thing that pushes me in the WY direction over the other options is simply the absence of a state income tax. A state income tax would be a tough pill to swallow.

      To be precise, I get that the government needs money to operate and to pay for its legitimate functions, and an income tax can allow other taxes to be lower. Still — I would prefer taxes on consumption, not on savings and investment, and also it bothers me to be taxed on worldwide income (even income from business activity happening entirely outside the state).

      This is just one of many factors in choosing a place, of course, but supposing I’m OK with the cold… is there any reason why I wouldn’t pick WY? Biggest downside I can think of right now is an economy heavily dependent on oil and gas.

      • Wind, Isolation, Harder to fit in unless you have roots there, smaller job opportunities if your not in the oil and gas business, the best places are really expensive since they have filled up with Rich people to name a few…

      • The appeal of mostly Mormon is most people are completely over the top crazy nuts about Mormons. The Boomer friend in the Bay Area thinks they have devil fangs and the Book of Mormon is apostasy. She’s kinda Lutheran nuts, and I don’t poke the Badger. So lots of folks avoid Utah. Ha! Let ’em. So they came to Jesus another way. I don’t give a rat’s tushie. I came from Commie parents so multiple roads to Jesus is fine with me. Just teach your kids good values. Are Mormons herd animals? Sure…and so are lots of folks…including the left. Do they favor their own? Sure…annoying but Yes. So be it. So don’t herd up if you don’t want to.

        • Not sure about individual mormons, but their church leadership is totally cucked. The nonwhite community is where they see their future growth coming from.

      • WY is on my short list as well – White, cold, low population, low density, low taxes, Western frontier attitude. I’m already telling Californians how much it sucks, nothing to do, last year’s movies at the theater, bad cell coverage, ruled by toothless Klansmen etc…

        Keeping Californians out is critical to preserving the White way of life. Just ask CO, TX, OR and WA, among many others.

        • NV has fallen due to the same problem plaguing Mountain Western states in general, and Wyoming in particular — rural counties with small populations; a few, popular population centers.

          In NV, LV was flooded with immigrants during the great influx of late 80s, 90s and into the first decade of the 21st Cent. Middle American states emptied their displaced populations (off-shoring? all those other things that benefited our elites and ruling class) into the Clark County pleasure machine to fill the critical jobs in casinos as dealers and porters. Californians moved in in droves. “Hispanic” population in NV runs over 25%. Small town and rural Nevadans wondered what hit them …. it all sounded so good — so much money flowing for all the old boys to soak up some. A state comprised mainly of counties with 5-25K residents can’t overbalance one growing metropolitan hive. I don’t think this just “happened.” I left after 40 years residence.

          Wyoming needs to keep a close eye on this tactic. The hive is good at identifying and leveraging favorable circumstances. Look at Idaho … relative just moved there from California. Many Californians there … but they are aware of and talking openly about how to address this. Wyo-philes need to do the same.

    • Jeff Flake, Mike Lee, and Mitt Romney are all the “Mormon pioneer stock” I can stand. I’m staying the hell out of Utah. thank you.

  16. Anyone who is employing a bunch of “brown” people is simply not part of our thing. This alleged “businessman” is getting subsidized help. He makes money under-paying brown people who then mooch off the state in many various ways. The guy who wrote this letter needs to re-think his situation. I agree we shouldn’t go broke trying to build a better future, but we also cannot build a better future financing our enemies. If he were not underpaying and being subsidized, he wouldn’t be employing these people. If you are paying a market wage, by definition, local whites and even local blacks could afford to take the job.

    This is like saying I am part of the dissident right, me and my Mexican wife and our mestizo children. This is insane.
    Whatever benefit you may be getting by hiring all these brown people, at least consider the cost. Those brown people are going to live in your greater community. They have kids that are going to go to the school your kid goes to. They will live among you bringing their foreign 3rd world habits

    I would never say that anyone should go broke support some abstraction. But, as highlighted, these are not abstractions. They have real costs. Hell, maybe your daughter finds these brown people attractive! You are using your economic condition to support the thing you say you oppose. You are doing things that increase the things you say you don’t want in a very tangible and direct way.

    If you do this, just understand you are FIGHTING us, you are not with us.

      • True. But hell’s bells, Z. Our own kids are locked out of the property market. They can’t afford homes or the families to put in them. Largely because they are locked out of the job market. We are importing an underclass and giving them our kids’ jobs. They are the kind of jobs our kids need to learn and grow

        Back when I was hiring, and could get away with it I didn’t screw around. If it had brown skin, or couldn’t speak English fluently and well – their resumes went into File 13. Sure, it was racist as hell – but so is affirmative action. Tons of companies were going vibrant and diverse at the time, and I figured those mutts could go make themselves at home in one of them. I was looking after my own first. And – once you hire those mutts, they can be damned difficult to get rid of. The race card has been a thing for well over 20 years now.

        No offence to you or one of the other fan boys… but is it too much to ask these guys to hire their own? Our kids are our future and they are literally dying out here with friggin suicides. One thing is for sure – we have the kids we deserve…

    • TT – there’s a spectrum of response depending on each guy’s individual circumstances. It doesn’t hurt to remind people that they need to practice what they preach but trying to draw black-and-white lines like “you’re either with us or against us” is not a good idea. I don’t want to leave guys out in the cold because they won’t go full-bore. Guys who don’t want to go all-in with us can still provide support, financially and otherwise.

      From an opsec and vetting standpoint, you obviously have to gauge a guy’s level of commitment from a more hardcore perspective, but in general you shouldn’t judge non-activists as hostiles simply because they still live and work inside the wires.

    • I imagine there are quite a few on our side that have “transgressed” before the Red Pill. It’s a powerful thing – an awakening, an enlightenment – and once you have taken it, you really can’t go back. There are certainly some white guys on our side who have relationships with non-white people that they can’t just toss away because they read the savage truth of Z-Man et al. What if you started reading Islamic material and then came to the conclusion that it was the Truth and the Way, and then jettisoned all of your non-Muzzie relationships and went to live in Detroit? Yeah it would prove your bona-fides, but it is a bit off-putting nonetheless.

  17. McCain was up to his neck in Ukrainian corruption and it looks like he dragged Lindsey Graham along in on some of the shenanigans. That’s why Graham won’t hold hearings – when they start naming names, his will be one of them.

  18. lewisburg wv area is super nice. East tenn is unique too. Both have a medical schools, which is a important consideration. The problem with getting old in the sticks is poor medical care availability. Appalachia has a spooky backward reputation, which i like to spread. But the fact is that the people are the sweetest you will likely find on earth. Still poz around but it is only skin-of-teeth deep. Nebraska and the Dakotas are pleasant but 8 months of hard winter is too much. Been fishing in the bitter-root, beautiful, but i hear it gets cold up there too.

    • Oh definitely gets cold but very little wind which you get in the plains states and WY and Western MT…Its more of a dry cold also which is more tolerable…I have been all over this country and will say I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else… Something about it just brings a peace to your mind…

  19. Boomers didn’t vote for the 89th Congress (the one in session in 1965)! The federal election age was not reduced to 18 until 1970 or 71. In 1964, the election that decided the 89th Democrat Congress, the oldest boomer was only 19 and the vast majority were under 18.
    The thing Gen-X most has going for it is it is largely not a real generation in that very few Xers think of themselves as gen-x and even fewer think it means anything. We didn’t march in any major protest movement or even really have a defining event. The main thing happened in my youth was the fall of the Soviet Union, which, as an American seemed far away and irrelevant. Woodstock II was fun, but nobody thought it had some greater meaning. People went home when it was over and didn’t re-live it in their minds for the rest of their lives.
    One thing Zoomers better learn, quick, is that there aren’t many of them. Zoomers are only 1/2 white in the first place (if that) and at least 1/2 of the white Zoomers are progressives.
    Any movement based on ethnicity simply cannot afford to be so divided.

    • It bothers me that the people over at the blog where everyone is “high IQ” and “alt-right” can’t do math. They blame boomers for the horrible legislation on the 1960s and the boomers were not able to vote.

      I get that the idiots need a scapegoat and the older people are always fun to hate on, but could we at least get the arithmetic right?

      • Look guys, your pity party about “Oh woe, we poor boomers are unfairly attacked” just doesn’t cut it. I’m a damn boomer (1958) and I am well aware of the differences between the early and later boomers, and who voted when, but it doesn’t matter. It’s NOT all about YOU. If you cannot accept a legitimate criticism of a large group for general shared characteristics without taking it personally, you are the problem. My husband and I are not wealthy and don’t take vacations and wish we had more to give to our sons, but every damned Christmas letter we still get (we stopped sending one out more than a decade ago) from other boomers and those a bit older (now ages 55-75) is filled with details about dream vacations taken, new homes, adventures, etc. There are plenty of oldsters out there living it up, oblivious to what’s happening around them, and still preaching their superiority to the young White men of today.

        • 3g – perfect response. Boomers who bitch about XYZ criticism in petulant snarky tones are only confirming it. Every generation has a cohort that sucks and Boomers have a very large suck-fraction. We shouldn’t have to NABALT every comment to protect the delicate among them.

        • Again, do the math, learn the statistics. The majority of wealth (80%) in this country lies within the top 10% of the population. Fine, that’s fairly common when the middle class is lacking, but top heavy for a stable/just society and a backward progression from the last century. Those feeling the pinch rightfully point such out. Boomers and any other generation ignore this at their peril. And of course, it does not help that we import millions and millions more folk to expand and populate an ever growing base of have nots.

          However, that 10% of the population is *not* all Boomers—not even half. That leaves millions and millions of Boomers (majority, of 77M born) out there with all the other have nots.

          No one’s asking you non-Boomers to pull yourself up by your boot straps, but your blaming of others for your particular predicaments, no matter how real, is not productive. Blaming others is not a way forward, it is backward looking.

          What will you non-Boomers do when we all die off in the not too distant future. Cheer? Well, that’s fine because that’s all you’ll be able to do, as you will not be one iota better off—as you will shortly learn.

        • Spot on. If I read Z correctly, his point was two things can be simultaneously true, in this case Boomers as a whole suck and they also are necessary allies in the fight for white survival. Some of the most based people I know are Boomers who were forcibly bussed to predominantly black schools. They thought blacks were like Link on the “Mod Squad” and found out that D.W. Griffith was closer to the truth. This is the minority, though, and most are doing exactly as you described here. Whoever first made the observation that the reverse mortgage is the sine qua non of Boomerism is a brilliant person.

      • Also helpful not to alienate our own kind because of what year they were born in. The assumption of privilege and power is inane.

    • Most of us boomers simply watched what was going on, back in the day, with various levels of disgust. Just because things appeared in Life magazine didn’t make them mainstream. The most mainstream of all of it were cocaine and pot in the late ‘70s, said to be non-addictive, and they supposedly loosened up the wimmens for frolicking. The Woodstock, rock music stuff wasn’t much if you got away from the college campus.

      • Correct. I didn’t catch any of the demographic goodies the kids think that I did. Up here, when I turned 18 youth unemployment was 37%. The kids don’t understand the demographic or the times. The leading edge boomers did well for themselves by selling out the trailing edge and the younger generations. Fact is I got the same raw deal they are getting today. The people they want to hang for their grievances are knocking on death’s door anyways. Some are aready running around in Velcro shoes and squishy diapers, or in assisted living complexes. They’ll be dropping like flies within the next 5 years.

        Like our blog host I am going to give the angry kids today a pass. It’s okay to be young and stupid, but hell’s bells. Getting reamed out by 30 year old virgins living in mom and dad’s basement? That still read and trade comic books? GAH… I’m pretty sure I know which blog Mark Stoval is referring too… and I am strongly tempted to wring THEIR necks, and harvest any healthy organs they might have and grinding up the rest for food paste!

        If any of those brain wiped twerps have a viable liver… me first!!! 🙂

    • I’m still struck by the lack of fight their parents put up to school “integration”, what kind of message did that send? I mean, these were people who actually killed people on the battlefield and when it came time to defend their kids they rolled over.

      • If you grew up urban or suburban, could be. If you grew up small-town, it wasn’t an issue….more like reading about outlaws like John Dillinger and thinking, Gee, can’t imagine what that would be like…

        Literally could not imagine—wasn’t even a factor except in urban areas, and America wasn’t very urban back then. Except for a piece in LIFE now and then, you knew nothing about it as a kid. Always hard for people who haven’t been there in mid-century America to understand how little a factor vibrancy was in the average person’s life.

        Heh, some day it’ll be “Gee, I really resent those dissident right people back in the early century — all those “refugees,” and they didn’t even fight it – and now actin’ too fragile to take our harping on it.”

        Just keeps comin’ round and goin’ round. Would be nice if we could stop the unrelenting psychosis of it, but human nature…

  20. I think you are right about maintaining your anonymity, and pushing back on the accusations of ‘jargon’. There are some right of centre sites and they speak in their own language. You are also right about emphatic or foul language. I struggle with that and admire your restraint.

    I hope you’re right and I’m wrong but I don’t think this is going to be a “long fight.” I can see it blowing up in our faces sooner rather than later. We’ve thrown out religion and our morals and ethics with it. White women are encouraged to make war on their men. Add in the vibrants flooding in from unstable countries and trying to set up the same thing here… I think it’s only a matter of time before the shooting starts.

    I have a theory about that big ol’ Red Pill. I think the longer you put off taking it, the bigger and nastier it gets. In short order I think a lot of people are going to be getting that thing as a water melon sized suppository.

    Merry Christmas you guys.

    • I agree with John Smith about staying anonymous and jargon.

      I like that Z Man has his other life. We need the guys like Sailer and Taylor who are out there in public discourse and make their living at it, but Z Man brings something else to the table because he has one foot in both worlds. For a movement to happen, we are going to need leaders like Z Man who are making a living in regular life while building a movement in online or behind-the-scenes life. I have been a reader of Sailer and Vdare sites for years, but started listening to Z Man only a couple of months ago (keeping current and working my way through back podcasts) His authenticity just jumps through the microphone. He should stay anonymous.

      The jargon also draws people in and should not be avoided. Figuring out stuff you don’t know just makes you smarter and gives you a feeling of being in the know.

  21. Religion – I’ve been thinking on that topic. If “we” or “our thing” was ever to gain control, we would be looking for glue to hold together our new society and resist all the crap that has destroyed our current system. I don’t believe in forced religion but we would need something. I might suggest making it expressly Christian. Atheist and Jews only tolerated if they behave (don’t subvert and undermine). Muslims sent back to where they came from. I just not sure “white” or “western” is anywhere close to enough.

    • If let Jews stick around, you’ll have the same problems again as soon as the people involved in the Great Revolution died off. Your great grandkids would end up in the same boat as we are now.

      The Jews have a homeland. Let them live there and wish them well.

    • Christianity as presently conceived is a backdoor for subversion of our people’s interests to (((priestly sophists))). The Christian faith as historically practiced wasn’t universalist, it was tribal and parochial, particularly after the Reformation when ethnic and national divisions were reflected in sectarianism.

      I’ve done some commenting against E. Michael Jones over at Unz lately railing against his idea of “Catholic Identity” being superior to ethnic/racial identity. TradCath supremacists have loyalties higher than their kin and tribe which can be subverted and directed against the people.

      Religion is a critical element of Euro-Western-White identity but it can’t be the dominant element or even “first among equals.” Religious leaders should act as respected advisors to rulers, not be positioned to replace or overrule them.

      Any religion needs to respect those boundaries to be good for the people in the long run – a big reason why Jews have to make aliyah.

      • Its almost like you want people to render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s. The universalists always seem to forget that part.

      • Write about why you believe that. The problem with crypto for the foreseeable future is that it eventually has to be converted to dollars and that’s a choke point available to the government.

        • Why does anybody believe that something that has a unique digital identifier – is untraceable?

          If you believe that – then Bitcoin is a dummy test, that you just failed.

          • While there is no perfectly anonymous system, the creator of Bitcoin, known as Satoshi, has billions of dollars of Bitcoin held in that blockchain and has not been identified in 10 years.

            There are obviously many great motivations to find him. He designed one of the most amazing logical systems of all time and he is a billionaire, on paper anyway. Yet no one can find him.

      • Not sure if it’s a psy-op, but I ran across a large quantity of douchebags when I dabbled in Bitcoin a few years back.

        First off – the concept that you’re somehow going to keep your money from the government – when you convert it into a hashtag is just laughable. You’re going to throw your money around on the internet – by converting into digital form – with a unique identifier? and the government isn’t going to be able to track that? That sounds like a brilliant idea!!

        I ran a Bitcoin mining setup for a while as well, made a tiny bit of “profit” on it, but as soon as the government started making noise about taxing all of it I shut everything down – sold it all – and walked away. Making money on Bitcoin by trading and/or mining was like day trading – you can get ahead doing it, but the twists and turns you need to take to keep ahead of everything was extremely time intensive – and not really subject to keeping a good record of. So once the government starts sticking it’s hand out – it was time to walk away.

        Then there was the Bitcoin “community”. All sorts of grifting, outright theft, poorly thought thru technology – etc. I used a co. called Coinbase as a transfer agent. One Sunday afternoon I got an email from them informing me of my recent purchase of two Bitcoin. Coinbase required connection to a bank account. When I checked the Coinbase online site (think of PayPal – but for Bitcoin) – there was the record of a login from the Netherlands – at the SAME TIME, as I was logging into the site from the East Coast of the US. So they had been hacked – and their security was so piss poor that they didn’t even restrict access from two different continents at the same time. The next morning (Monday) – I went directly to the bank – and shut down the payment. A few days later I started getting the hatemail about making payment for the coin that had been purchased. I sent them a detailed account of how they had been hacked – and told them I wasn’t paying shit.

        A week after that – the letters from the legal department started. I sent them a detailed letter of how they had been hacked – and told them I wasn’t paying shit. That lasted for a few months, with me reminding them a couple more times that they were hacked – and that I wasn’t paying shit.

        Eventually they gave up.

        If you remember – Bitcoin was going to be the next big thing. Hasn’t really worked out that way – has it?

        I’d still stick with cash if you’re looking for a way to pay for shit under the radar.

        • Bitcoin & crypto in general have their place in any dissdent’s toolbox. In the internet age every new tech gets hijacked by hype-men babbling about “transformative” effects, singularities, game-changers etc… The Bitcoin “community” has boiled a lot of these guys off. Crypto isn’t going to replace cash and it’s not bulletproof privacy-wise but if you appreciate its limitations it’s useful.

    • I’m going to guess a lot of us on here don’t play with cryptocurrency. That’s a different subset of people, not likely to cotton to places like this. There are outliers, sure, but by and large, why spend the time for so little reward? I’d guess Z knows his audience.

      • Crypto is for anonymity above all and you pay a lot of premiums for it – transaction fees and price volatility as well as obvious chances for fraud/theft – the degree to which you are protected from bad operators is generally inverse to the real anonymity you enjoy. It has its uses but I’m not surprised that many guys even in Our Thing haven’t bought in.

        I doubt there’s a big risk difference on either end between sending Z cash in an envelope without a return address and crypto unless you are sending heavy $$$.

      • What did it for me was the Israeli-American kid responsible for the thousands of threats in the US and elsewhere in 2017. Not one single article mentioned his Bitcoin holdings or who was funding him and from where. It was all treated as a local issue by an (18 yr old) autistic kid who just happened to have a quarter-million in Bitcoin.

  22. “Of course, if any of the anti-white bigots on stage last night at the Democrat debate win in 2020, there will be no place to hide.”

    Regardless of who wins, there will be places we can go, because we’re going to find them, hide them, and even become them.

    Making your people your place and home is a Tribe-tested strategy and unlike the Tribe, people actually want us for neighbors. We bring upstanding lifestyles, beautiful women, handsome men and skills & attitude that make communities better.

    They bring…. Well, we know what (((they))) bring.

    I’m spending some time this Yule weekend talking with Scandis about this very subject and haters will converge over the next year in many corners of America to start laying some foundations.

    Some of us are celebrating St. Martin the Down-Low’s Holy Day with Scotch & separatist sedition. Soon, fam, looking forward to it. I’ll be there fresh from Russia, with hate to make, not love.

    A Trump win just means 4 more years of Israeli & Five-Crenshaw-assisted surveillance of “White supremacists” to keep Israel’s greatest colony safe for Judaism.

    I fail to see an appreciable difference between converso Bill Barr’s war on Whitey and one led by some Dem-appointed Tribalist or shabbos familiar. Doxxed is doxxed, regardless of who wields the hammer.

    I plan to have a future regardless of whether Orange Judas gets 30 more pieces and four more years. There’s plenty of room in our Big White Wander-Wagon for those who prefer making a real future to Fake America Great Again.

  23. OT:

    16 years for burning a piece of cloth. You can burn the American Flag w/ impunity it is a protected act under the 1st amendment. By all indications this was not a ‘nice’ guy he was a typical low IQ squatemalan import. But this just shows you the anarcho-tyranny in effect. You can murder people and walk after a few years but if you offend the top tiers of the victim totem pole, a dark dungeon for you.

    I said mean words to a dark fella once. I needed several (read: many) years in prison to think about this ‘crime’ according to the Police State. This is the same concept. I was at the bottom of the hierarchy he was near the top. This beaner they collared is higher on the pole but Trannys/Fags are currently right under their (((enablers))) on the pole. Once you understand this, you will understand how ‘justice’ works in Clown World. If you are anywhere near a bluetopia you have NO rights in a court of law, ponder that carefully…

    • Related: NYC Thought Crime Division activated and nabs its first catch. Precrime! Keeping you safe from badthink citizen! The so called Racially Ethnically Motivated Extremism Unit (REME) collared a guy for posting on reddit. You ARE being watched so be damn careful what you say in this totalitarian police state these days. Notice that this entire division is basically tasked with arresting white males. Since anyone else would be a protected victim class, and thus not targeted by the ‘racially and ethnically motivated’. This is the precursor to what you will see nationwide should the power drunk Commie Leftists seize power in 2020.

    • Dumb thing about that was, the sentence was tripled for a third felony….would like to know how burning the gay flag got to be a felony.

  24. You really should look at the Bitterroot Valley when you are making your decision Brother…I would be happy to have you as a neighbor…

    • I will be flying out in the early spring sometime to Wyoming and taking a look at your area as well, perhaps a little later in the spring. I have no dependents or obligations and am trying to find a way out of the situation I’m in. The problem is getting employers to consider me from 2000 miles away — there are two steps to this process, and it seems like they both have to be done at once. I don’t come from any wealth and don’t have the material resources to live without work for any appreciable period of time.

      I’ll probably end up staying in a cheap hotel, finding a beater car, and scrapping by until I can find a decent paying job. Depressing as hell for me to ponder, living like an ex-con on parole like that, but I don’t think I have much of a choice, considering what’s coming.

    • Been there. Hot at the time. Beautiful Lake Como and the snow capped view. Wonderful. Had a cousin move there recently. Will try and pass through in August. CA native.

  25. One of our astute commenters here said the other day the news that the Ground Zero mosque is on again no longer bothered him like it did the first time.

    What a big smack of reality, right across the face. He’s right! I was outraged before, incredulous, full of indignation. How dare they do that to my country!

    What a change I’ve undergone in 18 years. What the hell difference will one more mosque make now? ‘My’ country is long gone. Actually, my country is being conceived gradually in places like this comment thread, and I hope to live to see it realized.

    We will probably be recorded as having lived at or near the peak of western civ. I think WWI was the beginning of the end, and along about now is the end of the beginning.

    Engineering and tech will continue to advance a little while, but the societal underpinnings, the family, moral and educational infrastructure that lead to good things, having been hollowed from within, are eroding away.

    • Doc, the good things aren’t eroding away, they’re just moving away. You & yours are welcome to join Us & help keep western civilization alive regardess of its zip code. North America’s a big place.

    • Yeah but we get to start over and figure it out for ourselves instead of inheriting it. Maybe we get to be founders. That’s exciting.

  26. Making a second trip to Tennessee this weekend in order to look at properties for our future resettlement. Now I read where the Governor of Tennessee is bypassing the legislature in order to allow “refugee” resettlement in the state. Lawsuits to follow.
    I may have to reconsider my future homestead site due to this insanity. I guess that it is better that this crap has reared its ugly head before I bought property.
    Drawing board, here I come once again.

    • It is an example of the incurable insanity of these people. By any definition, we have no refugees in the Western hemisphere. The normal handling of refugees is to settle them temporarily in an area as close to heir hoe as possible. America, therefore, should receive zero refugees. Of course, these people are not refugees. They are just migrants. Our rulers have simply taken to calling them refugees so the white replacement project sounds like charity, rather than genocide.

      • “The modern definition of ‘refugee’ is someone who wants to live somewhere else. Keep taking them in and soon enough the refugee is you.”


        • A refugee is not “someone who wants to live somewhere else.” A refugee is a darkie who wants to live with the nice white people, far far away from their fellow darkies. Of course, the math makes it impossible for supply of white people to ever satisfy demand of begging, mooching, wheedling, grifting darkies.

      • Refugees were always supposed to be temporary, and return to their homes after the situation in their countries stabilized. That ended about the time that the resettlement agencies became big businesses in their own right. (Depopulating churches and Jewish agencies promoted it.)

    • A good friend came to same conclusion as you regarding the volunteer state. He has turned his eye towards Montana and South Dakota. I know nothing of those, and have just began considering WV for my tactical withdrawal from the ruins.

      • If I were forced to leave the rural South(not likely)I would look at parts of Oklahoma and Nebraska as my redoubt.

      • MT is nice, but you have to deal with drugged out natives in the larger cities, and housing is higher. Stay away from Missoula and Bozeman (refugee settlements around Missoula and Helena, and costs in Bozeman+Nutty Californians).

        • Yeah, it really does seem like the Californians, and Seattle-ites are settling in and starting to ruin Montana. I moved here a few years ago from Central Oregon because that state has finally gone over for good (although there are still some decent areas out east). They’re like a locust swarm.

      • I knew a guy, a senior executive at a large firm, who quit and moved to South Dakota. He was in his fifties at the time. This was twenty years ago. I asked him about it and he looked at me as said, “It is too cold to get this vibrant there.” I almost blew a funny fuse.

        • Funny, but sadly wrong. Minneapolis is easily as cold as Moscow. (Seriously, look it up.) Yet, there they are.

          • Citizen – cold weather goes a long way but cold shoulders go further. If Igboo and Samjit found it harder to get jobs, didn’t have gibs and were treated as unwanted outsiders everywhere they went, Old Man Winter’s magic would be much more effective. Upper MW’ers are too damned nice for their own good. Cold climate is part of our defense in depth but a soft culture with gibs makes it a Maginot Line.

          • Agreed. I’ve never met a people so desperate to be liked and approved of by the rest of the country than Minnesotans. I have no idea why they cared so much about it.

      • Consider Rapid City or one of the small towns in the Black Hills in South Dakota. Rapid is a nice (very) small city. Lot of things to do in town and all the outdoor activity you could want.

      • Looking for the best place to run to…. sounds like a plan!

        This is exactly the kind of retardation we don’t need. You cannot run. Moving doesn’t work when you are being targeted. This stuff is not a natural disaster. It’s more akin to a foreign air-force bombing us. Running away will not help.

        • Easy to say when you don’t live around 80 per cent vibrants. You need to come get you some and then tell me to stay put.

          • Yours follow you eventually. You probably don’t see it but those of us in the erstwhile hinterlands do. Whites with the city accents move in, you have about a decade.

        • There used to be this thing called home. People stayed there, often over generations. They loved it and took care of it. Now where you live is just another product to be used up and thrown out. Gee I wonder why is everything going to crap?

          • Painter – that’s what we’re looking to rebuild. We can’t do that in places like LA and Chicago. We’re already past the “everything is going to crap” stage and working for what comes next. We have to build new communities that generations can love and take care of.

          • I know. I get frustrated with the moving about, not least because my home was one of the places people moved to. Many of the people I grew up with have moved on because the whole process just spreads the mess.

            The colonists could’ve said ‘America is great, except for these Indians who want to kill us— we’d better find somewhere else to live.’ But they wanted a home here, so they toughed it out, fought for it. They had it much harder than we do.

            Fact: Americans are losing America because we don’t want it as much as the next guy. Running won’t work. Prey run. I think we’re at the nowhere-to-run stage, so we might as well work at taking it back.

          • There is something to be said for demographic sorting though. Allowing for political take-over at low levels first and working up. The precedent being established of state defiance of federal law is already being repeated over 2a issue in county/state power contests. If there is any line in the sand it’s probably 2a. We all know we have to be armed in anticipation of that day when pickup trucks full of dindoos waving weapons pull down our street.

          • Before they blew it and were condemned by God to be scattered around the globe, the ancient Israelites held property within families, with debt forgiveness every 7 years when the land would be fallow prior to being worked again and debt would be forgiven. This ensured the people would be unstressed by usury and the threat of losing their property, which stayed in their family. Even if they had to lose their property within those 7 years, it would revert back to the family in the jubilee year. This was done to ensure a content, unstressed people. We know how to do these things in a civilized way yet we modern brainwashed westerners live like unwanted dogs in the street and think that, well, that’s how it is, survival of the fittest. This way of being started under the great patriarchs overseeing their families, which due to their happiness and prosperity then grew to communities, towns and cities. We need to get back to the patriarchal system again, and then cultivate communities and towns and small cities that are able to retain their high-quality living for their peoples. We know how to do this. We need to stop the growth of cities before they become so large that the scale of the money becomes that which cannot be controlled, that point when people start serving the money, rather than the money/markets being a tool that serves the people.


          • Preach. Men need to man up and women need to stop emasculating them.

            Look at what 2 thousand years of itinerancy has done to the Jews. We’re becoming like them. They’re lucky to have Israel and wise to be protecting it. They’ve been given a second chance. We’re giving our country away. Will we get another shot at it?

          • Thanks, Ursula. Jubilee inhibits exploitation of borrowers through enormous, forever debts. Enormous, forever debts fund a lot of pension plans and personal bank accounts. Which means that jubilee is a non-starter. Personal bank accounts and pension plans are deemed more important than community strength and personal financial health amongst the borrowing class.

          • it is likely that the Jubilee will come in the form of a runaway inflation or a deflationary collapse. I’ve been waiting for it for 30 years, some people for longer. 😡 You can look to Weimar Germany for an inflationary scenario. It led to the rise of a man named Hitler. You may have heard of him. The rest of the West had a huge deflation. We were not jubilant about that Jubilee. 😶

        • TT: Says the deer proudly standing alone in the headlights?

          Standing still when you are being targeted doesn’t work. When “foreign air forces” are bombing your cities, do you go to the country, the bomb shelter, or stay home to prove how tough you are?

          How is it better strategy to remain scattered among our enemies with no infrastructure or organization, bitching on the internet?

          What’s your plan of action if we follow your lead and stay in the cities?

        • There is a difference between running and a strategic retreat. If Our Guys coordinate and figure out where we can go, then we can rebuild. There is no glory in fighting it out as the last white guy in Compton or Newark.

    • That’s the problem for all of us. Maybe someday, someone will explain Zio-cuckness to the US citizenry who pays for it with debt while their own go without. That’ll be interesting.

      • Ziocuck.

        I like that term.

        Ziocuckiness. Ziocucked.

        I’ll have to start throwing that word around a little and see if it starts pissing people off.

        • I’m an intelligent man, but I must confess these abbreviations have me stumped. If I send a donation will I receive a glossary? 😯

      • Once enough boomers die it’ll start sorting itself out. Don’t want to see them go, but they are getting old. Younger people see things differently.

        • My parents are boomers. I love them and I’m not looking forward to life without them around. I hope they live to be 100. But there are certain topics it’s not worth discussing with them. Boomers got some big time post-WWII programming. They’re either going to get it on their own or nature will take the course it takes on all of us.

          • Believe me, there are plenty of boomers (like me) who are woke and have been for decades, and I know plenty of others who are as well. My sons (3, ages 38 -18) are all woke because all their lives i’ve pointed reality out to them.

    • Donny. Easter TN is high on our radar for relo, too. Other than that idiot Gov’s moves, the state gets many high marks. I’ve taken note of the blue elements of course, but there seem to be many of our people there. Note that several eastern counties have already declared themselves as 2A sanctuaries.

      • The state of cties like Memphis demoralizes some Whites but it makes others angry. There’s a lot more to TN than Memphis and Nashville. The Appalachian states are going to be part of our network, lots of Our Guys there.

  27. The Zman may be moving away from Lagos? He should consider New Hampshire. Yes, it’s filled with libertarians because of the Free State Project, but that’s a feature not a bug: We share much in common despite how much we make fun of them. Why move to live in a place Zman says is filled with “pasty white people”? Here’s a short video explaining why: For a more in-depth explanation, watch this: FYI.

    • I used to live in New Hampshire. Manchester to be exact. I liked it quite a bit. The trouble is housing costs are too high. That’s why I’m looking into PA and WV. Lots of cheap old houses. I want a fixer-upper.

      • Have you narrowed your search to a particular area of WV? Also, what do you make of the various issues of mineral and timber rights sold off? I ask because I am also looking for a relocation.

        • The Harper’s Ferry area is drawing a lot of “our guys” so that’s one option. I’ve fished there and million times and like it. From what I gather, it is not quite developer proof, but it is unfriendly to that sort of subversion.

          • Harper’s Ferry is a good choice. Neighboring Charles Town is starting to sprawl due to the casino, but Harper’s Ferry is still reasonably unmolested.

            Shepherdstown is nice. College towns generally are. Of course, you’ll be surrounded by people who work at the college, i.e. nut bags, but it’s not Harvard so maybe they’re not so bad. Though small, Emmitsburg is also possible. A bit run down but in white way.

          • Years ago I did a series of road trips on a Civil War theme after watching the Ken Burns documentary. Harpers Ferry has always remained in my memory as a beautiful place. Good luck !

          • I grew up in Alabama (LA, to be more precise) and most of my family are still there. I love it, but damn, it’s hard to find a place more vibrant. On the other hand, it seems that most people tend to live pretty peacefully together as long as you are away from the cities.

            I live in NW Montana now and quite like it. Of course, the outdoor activities can’t be beat and there is very little diversity. Gotta like winter though.

          • BTP and Outdoorspro, What do you think about Montgomery area? If you had a good job prospect in Montgomery, what surrounding area would you go assuming you had a young family?

          • Montgomery is a challenge, Couch. Like Birmingham, only more so.

            Here’s what I mean. Take one of the better public schools (*Test_scores*Overview ). It’s an elementary school near ASU, so it’s presumably filled with the children of university workers, but is’t still 1/3 vibrant. I’ve driven through the area immediately next to the university and it’s the real deal. My guess is you can send your kids to a good elementary school, but that you then have to pay for private school.

            It is south Alabama, so even a good public school will have vibrancy. Look up Spain Park, Birmingham, HS for a comparison I know pretty well. Wealthier suburb in Birmingham & still 1/3 vibrant. That could serve as a baseline for schools in Montgomery (there should be similar neighborhoods to the east of Montgomery). If you can find a public school like that, you should be in a good neighborhood. Or else, you’re dropping $9,000 a year on Montgomery Catholic ( ) , but then, well, look at that graduating class!

            Anyway, I wouldn’t be afraid of Montgomery. But being what it is, you just have to be cautious about where you settle. Fortunately, the people you will be working with will have solved your problem for themselves, and will be happy to provide guidance. Good luck.

          • Thanks BTP, great info. Montgomery makes sense for me in several ways but not sure if it is the right move for me right now. Will need to see how things line up, trying to figure how hard to push for it. Currently have the kids in Catholic school and that would probably be the way I would go in Montgomery. The city is so vibrant though…I’d really like to move to somewhere where I know I can find a community of “Our Guys” as Z Man calls them.

      • Just how handy are you? And FWIW, Manchester is no longer NH. (I’m sure you have a gander at the Union Leader every now and again.) It’s basically “Lawrence North.” Not that Nashua is any better. . .

      • This topic would make a great day piece or power hour topic. .
        WV frequently shows very poorly in states ranked by fiscal strength, and they fought on the side of the enemy in the war of northern aggression. Every state along the path of ‘the great migration’ has a Lagos of its own.

        Most of the best states are very cold. Hoth anyone?

        • KC, I agree 110%. Given the transportable nature of a lot of work these days, Our Guys ought to be thinking about what locations best fit us, rather than continuing to put up with wherever fate or chance might have temporarily located us. The urge to find and relocate to a suitable community gets stronger every month, but I’m outside of the States these days and can’t just jump on the bike for a grand tour of possible relocation sites. It would be awesome to see the Zman put the power of the Z community (!) to work identifying six or a dozen potential new regional HQs.

      • There are fixer-uppers in NH, I assure you (gotta get outside the urban areas though). The thing about PA and WV is that the winters are sufficiently mild (or insufficiently severe) that vibrancy isn’t much discouraged. The winters of northern New England do. Plus, in NH a bloc of rightists+libertarians in the state legislature often controls the outcome on important issues (including notably taxes, business regulation,and 2nd Amendment, property and privacy rights).


      (Remember, this was spoken by a Democrat. To this day he still hasn’t been burned in effigy.)

      This law isn’t what it used to be. Every principle has a half-life. When conditions change enough people begin to change with them. At least when it comes to thinking about race.

      Brexit will happen. Trump was elected and he will win the vast majority of the white vote next year. All of this in spite of the 24/7 condemnation of both.

      The continent is more organized than us. Some countries in Western Europe will have white interest governments within the next 10 years. Salvini will come back stronger. Those countries that don’t will have a plurality of 40%+ whom the other parties gang-up upon…until our side crosses the 50% threshold.

      The majority of whites are beginning to think about our tribe as having tribal interests that need to be defended and protected, even in pasty whitevilles. Once you start thinking this way there’s no going back to the multi-culti version of e pluribus unum.

      So if you’re living in an area which is majority non-white or near majority non-white you should consider moving to a nice pasty whiteville no matter what their politics. Most are moving in our direction. Maybe you can help them along…
      I’ve put into practice what I preach.

      Back to Moynihan’s Law:

      In 2008 Obama won the white vote in rural Wisconsin and lost the white vote around Milwaukee. The principle holds. They voted for racial utopia.
      In 2016 Trump did better with whites in rural Wisconsin than he did with whites in Milwaukee. The principle falters. They voted for the guy running to protect white interests.

      Not exactly equivalent, but whites in majority white areas showed an ability to distance themselves from the expected pieties and demands of our rulers.

      Think of where we were just 10 years ago and where we are today. Things are only accelerating. When we hit the turning point finding yourself on the wrong side of the demographic divide will be a lot more trouble than moving now. Beat the rush.

      • YY – exactly. Even for those who aren’t able to move or those who want to stay inside the Hive and throw sand in the gears, now is the time to start planning exit strategies, hard or soft. What to do if you get doxxed, or just fed up with the poz.

        Even for guys on the north side of fifty, spending the final half of your years among allies and friends who are building a future is a helluva lot better than just watching it all burn by yourself.

        You can always keep one foot in the urbs and one in the provinces. We already know what NuRome has to offer. It doesn’t hurt to check out how & where the other much-more-than-half lives.

      • Regarding the 2008-2016 contrast you mention:

        The rural Whites/City Whites mismatch in racial awareness is in the process of reversing due to survivorship bias, as urban whites with “high disgust levels” (to coin a phrase) have been fleeing from the vibrancy, leaving only the true-believing fraction behind.
        Back when neighborhood diversity was novel – outside the South at least, it was true that those in closest proximity to it were the first to be hurled into the harsh world of race realism. As things steadily worsened, only committed liberals became capable the cognitive dissonance necessary for living with the chaos.

        Another important distinction in city dwellers’ perception of openness, permissivism and cosmopolitanism, of which pozzness is an excrescence, is the size of the city in question. A regional metropolis of strictly domestic importance has borne the brunt of globalization – deindustrialization, offshoring, etc – with none of the upsides afforded to “world-class” cities, such as the inflow of foreign money and its accompanying gentrification.

    • Same to you, and to all our friends (even when we have spats.) Health and happiness to everybody!

    • Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you, Z-Man, and to the best, most articulate, and enjoyable-to-read commenters on the internet. Thank you for providing a “safe space” in this bizarro world in which we find ourselves.

    • Watch the rust belt and a few northeastern states turn red. Hell maybe all of them eventually. Been saying it for a while, wasn’t convinced myself. But it’s starting to look like it’s coming. On the other hand, I think the south will turn blue because of immigration and all the libs moving down. The northern progs are committing political suicide, so the Dems will have to adopt a Dixie flavor or go extinct. The electoral map seems to be reverting to its antebellum state.

      • Except many places that are already deep red cannot escape the gravitational pull of the gas giants their states. Look at a county by county map of New York or Illinois in the 2016 presidential election. They’re almost solid red but the cities have veto power over Jesusland.

        • “But the cities” – that’s really the issue, isn’t it?

          The cities seem to be overwhelmingly blue no matter where you go. But – I’m sure – seeing as how I know people who live in Boston , which is always painted as a blue hive – that not everybody there is a blue hive drone. The Democrats own the cities and definitely have a majority – but that doesn’t mean that all the people who vote are Dems – and it also doesn’t say much about the mentality of all those people who simply just don’t vote.

          I’m old enough to remember when people were getting assaulted with flagpoles in Boston during one of the riots that broke out because of forced school busing. I know people who were kids in the schools where those black kids were bused into – to this day they’re still pretty pissed about it.

          I live in the suburbs in an area that has been purple at worst over the last few decades. And when Trump was running – the whole area seemed to be plastered with those big-ass 4×8 Trump signs. People were even going out in the middle of the night and putting up by the side of the highway – where the were definitely NOT supposed to be.

          My reliable left-leaning brother in law who is a union guy and always seemed to be able to spin up a fight or two during family vacations – because he’d always say something stupidly liberal and piss off my other brothers-in-law ….. voted for Trump.

          I think Virginia is going to be instructive. Looking at the county map it appears to break out on suburban/rural vs city/suburban lines. It’s possible that the schism that we really need is a breaking of the connection between city and suburban/rural. If you can just get people to recognize that the cities are largely parasitic – and their population votes against the best interests of everybody else in favor of themselves – then maybe the cities start getting politically segregated from everywhere else.

          That totally redraws the representation map.

          • This is something even a lot of people here don’t get and I’m glad someone brought it up. It’s always good to hear from someone who remembers the Boston busing uprising too. I’m a little younger than Z and I was hanging around suburban Baltimore in the early 90s. Even that area was mostly Dem at the time but in the NE the Dems strength in areas like that was largely a hold-over from the Union movement. More and more union guys have realized that while neither party really likes them, the Dems actively want them dead.

            There’s also always been an element of people who vote for Senator B. Inoffice Forevuh because he “gets things done for our county” meaning he brings in Federal Pork. All that’s really needed to destroy all that is for the working class Whites to realize that those pork barrels are not rolling towards them anymore so much as over them and into the hands of new arrivals from over the rainbow.

            The only way Baltimore City exists is at the mercy of Baltimore County. There is a similar situation all over the NE in many other cities. Turn big, rich suburban counties like Baltimore County against their urban tapeworms and the stranglehold of the Dems on the NE can be broken. I trust the Republicans will exercise their usual genius though and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if we let them. Sometimes I wonder who I hate more, the Dems or the Republican establishment. I know that “we’re not voting our way out of this” is a popular slogan here but if more Trump people get aggressive they can take over the Republican Party from the GOP Inc. types. It never hurts to have at least some “legitimate” political authority behind your revolution.

          • This. The push for city and county consolidations from the Sixties onward was the Left’s acknowledgment of and defense against this reality. Some of these consolidated cities and counties could break apart again before it happens to states as a whole. Affirmatively Further Fair Housing is analogous to the intent behind mass migration: to dilute the voting blocs of majority white areas. Marion County (Indy) and Davidson County (Nashville) are good candidates for the first metropolitan areas to revert to the old city and county models although the courts will be used to thwart the attempts. It happened with Boston and Suffolk County twenty years ago albeit for slightly different reasons. My candidate for the first state to break apart? Georgia, followed swiftly by Virginia. People need to think of Civil War II not in terms of regions, exactly, but in dissolutions at the local and state levels, which will become the norm within the next decade, with intense court battles and state and city police forces facing off. It will be ugly and Trump’s second term will see the beginnings of it.

        • KGB – separating the cities fromt the countryside is one of the big battlefronts for Our Thing. There are all sorts of issues that divide the two lifestyles that are convergent with Our Issues but don’t require Hatethink-level commitment. We need to work on widening these divisions and making them more explicit and political. The history of successful dissident movements is full of examples where activists operated with the sympathy of the countryside and provinces – China, Ireland, Vietnam and Afghanistan to mention a few.

        • Ah
          But we have the C box and the lunch box if the ballot box fails. All 3 are desirable.

          The Gas Giants are just that by the way – all gas. They don’t follow up with confiscations because they can’t. So With firearms Non- compliance has turned into open defiance. By the way this may be “it” – the fissure we split over.
          We won’t know till it happens.
          But its promising.

      • The results from Britain are interesting in this regard. Lots of industrial towns that never, ever, voted Tory went Tory this time. Working class whites there may have figured it out. Could something similar happen this time in the U.S.? A Sailer strategy accidentally stumbled upon by Trump?

      • I thought Warren County was the county of Hope. Wasn’t it Warren County locals who shut down a trans library reading? Seriously, the Irish and Italians of NJ should really should be able to rise up out of the Democrat grip and vote the state red one more time before it fades forever to minority majority.

  28. When Obama was elected, we entered Reconstruction, Part 2. And this time, ALL the states will be affected.

  29. A developer told me HUD gives cheap 30 year loans if you add affordable housing(apartments) to the mix. He said without the cheap loans he wouldn’t have much profit. Local politicians and locals hate apartments, so the developer puts in an assisted care facility, because that counts as apartments, and renames apartments “flats”

    • Hard to lose money as a developer, it’s so subsidized. I have very little respect for the lot. Redevelopment is ok, but new construction gets me fired up. What a waste of space.

    • Some blue states have laws on the books from 15, 20 years ago that are now being used by developers to ram office buildings, restaurants, and luxury apartments into towns under the guise of providing “affordable housing.” If a town’s “housing stock” has less than a certain percentage of “affordable” domiciles (10%, usually) then developers can use that law to bypass local zoning and environmental regulations entirely, and essentially do what they want, wherever they want — so long as they set aside a % of units in the new buildings for affordable housing, typically on the top floor, toward the back (say, above a gym, or pricey professional office suites, or a chi-chi restaurant — these developments are always accompanied with those; that’s the real purpose).

      This is often quite comical, as they’re doing it in wealthy areas where you still need to demonstrate 60-80% of the median income for that area in order to qualify for affordable housing — which prices out low-income people, for now. Local officials don’t have the money to fight these laws in state court, and are bent over by these developers and their lawyers. And they want the tax revenue, anyway — it’s a losing battle. They end up negotiating with them over the size of the flower boxes and setbacks for months at a time in zoning meetings, wasting everyone’s time with “landscape architects” and the like.

      Even more amusing is that by building *more* housing (adding to the local housing stock), the developers *lower* the percentage of affordable housing available, creating more opportunities for other developers to do the same. If you were at 8% before some wealthy NYC-based developer built 30 units in a small town and set aside 3 as affordable, well, guess what, now you’re down to 6%.

      I’ve tried to point out to people who live in my area that these are Trojan Horses that down the line will destroy their communities. They don’t care. Many of the apartments created stay empty in wealthy areas. There’s no demand. The developers package the housing along with retail and commercial buildings — that’s where they rake in the money. People looking to live in that area want to buy a $500K home for their wife and kids, not rent an $1800/month luxury apartment. But they’ll take the farm-to-table restaurant. Eventually, woke state lawmakers from urban areas will get a whiff of what’s out there — 3,000 empty units in County Mayo? Get ’em! — and start placing all the poor folx from the cities in them by re-writing the income requirements.

      What can one say but: bring ’em in! Let the AWFLs reap the whirlwind when they hit 70 and suddenly the Starbucks where once they debated impeachment with their fellow dog moms looks like a bus station in Guatemala City. We’ll all be thousands of miles away.

      • The biggest scam is 40B (MA) where dev’s get to circumvent local zoning density and environmental permitting laws if they’re building housing for families who make less than 80% of the median household income. (A certain percentage of housing must be reserved for “low income.”) E.g., a local “gold coast” town has a median household income of $108K. Qualifying income is now $86K. Who is that really meant to help?

    • “Flats” v. “apartments” is a regional thing. Just like “theatre” v. “theater” or “centre” v. center. In NE the legacy British/French spellings persist. (Some towns still have Feoffees.) 🙂

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