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  1. I visit my sister in Portland, Oregon. Back to my hotel at 11 PM, I stop at a 7-11. As I leave my rented vehicle, I am swarmed by two n3gros who want to engage me and fist bump me. When I don’t fist bump them, they complain.

    There is no reason for this kind of interaction, so I turn around, get in my car and drive away. Diversity!

    (I had just dropped some cautious red pills on my friends that no amount of involvement in the Middle East could elevate Arabs, but I may have offended them!)

    • Well, with time in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and NY under my belt…that “engagement” is just a size up for what they were planning next.

  2. Merry Christmas, everyone.

    We are promised that Christ defeats Satan in the end, but there will be a lot of pain and suffering to go through. May God grant us the strength to do what he would have us do.

    ~~ Mark

  3. I’m a little overdosed on NormieCon relatives and the Breitbart Facebook Comments Section today…..

    Someone talk me down from my current position of “if Leftist hegemony is inevitable because of demographics, let’s just elect Democrats to everything now so Boomertards have to suffer along with us.”

    • Don’t jump, MWV! Tomorrow is another day!

      When the Spartans were first being threatened with invasion by the Persians… before the heroic stand of the 300 at Thermopylae… they had to actually go to war with some of their craven and fair weather allies to get them INTO the fight! We will no doubt have to do the same with the cucks, the normies, and the purple pilled.

      Have faith! When the lights start going out, and people start getting hungry… they will fight. They’ll fight, or we will kill them, take their supplies and then go after Lefty!!!

      Don’t be such a bitch! It’ll be fun!

      • >>>When the lights start going out, and people start getting hungry… they will fight<<<

        Would it not benefit us to hasten the day the lights go out, then?

        What does Trump serve us except another four year delay, and putting us in a worse position when it ultimately happens?

        • You may be right, but I think it might be premature to throw in the towel.

          5 years ago I was exiled from my place in the Hive for crime think. The women in my family went collectively nuts, almost all at once. Shortly after being hurled into the void and excommunicated, I noticed that it wasn’t just my family. Within a year, in my vicinity, more and more people started to appear and we started to share the void amongst ourselves. There’s more of us out here every day.

          Back then The Buckwheat Administration was shining all the frooty colours of the rainbow on the whitehouse, perverts won the right to pee beside young girls in the washroom, and the shitlibs were glued to daytime TV where Ellen, Orca Winfrey, and other Hollywood meat holes assured them that Hillary would be their next president. Nasty, pussy hatted vaginal cat ladies thronged in the street to usher her in and lead us all to a progressive new age.

          She was thwarted largely by a cartoon frog. Hill scolded Americans for their deplorable mindsets, and she turned the full fury of the mass media on her opponent… and she lost. Trump is the first step, not the last.

          The Donks are going to get absolutely murdered in the next election. Conservative Inc. is getting a hard boot up the arse, Ben Shapiro and other cucks regularly get beaten up by the kids now. How old is Fuentes?

          Nah. It’s waaaay too early to quit.

    • I feel you Vet! Sometimes there is no comfort except that we must keep fighting because Life is surprising in whom She favors and the only way to ensure that we lose is to not try.

  4. Merry Christmas to Z and to all you readers and commenters. It’s been a great gift to discover this site and its a regular part of my day now. God bless you all.

  5. Relaxing with my parents, grandparents, and siblings, listening to “A Christmas Carol” while we wait for the prime rib to finish up and enjoy an early Christmas Dinner.

    Merry Christmas Z-Man, I raise my glass to you and yours.

  6. Merry Christmas to Z and the rest of you. I don’t post that often, but I read all you folks daily. Hope everyone has a great year and is ready and prepared for whatever comes our way.

  7. Merry Christmas, Mr.Z and all. Thank you for the wisdom – and the laughs. So many sharp minds in one place!


  8. Good stuff. The music is good but the tobacco use in the video takes me back to my childhood days and the bars in the 60’s and 70’s Every bar back then was filled with cigarette smoke. Now days people will turn around and walk out of a bar with good music playing just because they smell tobacco somewhere in the back of the bar.

  9. GNON rest ye merry, gentlemen! May your cups overflow with drambuie and creme de menthe. And remember that merely having a heart full of joyful love for our people on Christmas Day thwarts the will of our enemy. There are now twice as many of us than there were a year ago. Next Christmas, let it be tenfold.

    • ” May your cups overflow with drambuie and creme de menthe”
      I’m all for some poor tasteless dumbfuck overflowing his cup with that crap. It sure as hell won’t be flowing anywhere near mine,

      Merry Christmas

    • PS- here in Pennsylvania, somebody knocked on my cab door.

      Outside were two smiling young people; the local church was handing out presents to road drivers today.

      I love my people. I love my people.
      I love the spirit that lives in them.
      Merry Christmas!

  10. Merry Christmas to all of you Dissidents…I’m thankful for all of your comments and knowledge that have helped me along the way…May this year bring us together in the physical world that we might work towards a better future for all of us…May we have the courage and fortitude to change those things we can and the patience to prepare for those things we can’t change yet…God Bless You All…

  11. LOL. Merry Christmas Z. And too your fan boys as well.

    Kinda disappointed by your choice of material for today though. I really like the one by that wank on Gab:

    Twas the night before Kwanza,
    And all through the cribs
    Not a nigger was stirring
    Or begging for gibs… 😆👍

    I’m still LOLing about that one.

    When, years from now, the kids fight the revolution, overthrow Globohomo and restore order… when I am long gone…I hope they restore Christmas and all it’s glorious traditions.

  12. Merry Christmas to Zman and the comment section. I really enjoyed the year of original and insightful thinking. Zman reminds me of the lyric, “All I got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth.” It is always refreshing to hear the unvarnished truth. I occasionally reach the end of the internet and check back on National Review out of boredom. I instantly regret it, but it helps remind me how far we have come.

  13. Merry Christmas from St. Petersburg, Russia everyone. More on that later this week-weekend.

    I hope Christians, pagans, fedoras and everyone but you-know-whos have a happy holiday. We’re all in This together. Leave the differences for sorting out once we’ve won. If the Whites can learn to stand together both as tribes and as a race again we will make that happen.

    • Thank you to Z and to the comment section for the most incredibly interesting, intelligent, and hopeful site on the web. Finding this site is my Christmas present for this year.

      By next Christmas we will know much more about our fate.

      And I agree with concentrating on the big picture and the crucial issue discussed here and knowing that if/when the day comes that we overcome that is the time we can respectfully sort out the more minor differences.

      • Exactly right Brother and I think our differences won’t be that much of a problem because one we don’t want to leach off one another and two we would be willing to separate if we didn’t want to live with what that Community wanted…

        • Lineman:

          While I love a number of the commenters on this site I want to give you a special Christmas thanks.

          Unlike most/all of the people here I came straight to this type of thinking from a very liberal (member of ACLU, etc.) life background so a lot of the talk on libertarians, etc., escapes me since I went pretty much straight to the thinking discussed on this site with little in between.

          The initial thing that attracted me to Z was the discussion for community. While others certainly discussed it you were constantly on it. At other sites with similar viewpoints the comments seemed to either be one of despair OR “boy, the next thing that happens we will be out with our guns.” But apparently the next thing never happens.

          I was lucky that I had a few old friends from way back in the day that think like this and we had lost touch.

          I went to see them last year and will do so again this year.


          • Merry Christmas! To another one who crossed over the great divide. Welcome aboard. A number of us here have crossed. My father was born in Colonia Juarez…a Mormon mission and staunch collective. Then he grew up and went all Trotsky Commie collectivist. Collectivism and bossing people how to live was his organizing principle. Ironically, I’m keeping an eye open for “community” in the dark days. No collectivism for me.

            Lineman…Merry Christmas and keep your inspiring thoughts on community coming.

            Exile….watch your back, Buddy. You have stories to tell. Is it Father Christmas day in Moscow?

            Z…..a thousand thanks for the massive work you undertake to make this blog and podcast. God protect and keep you, friend. You’ve just about used up your 9 cat lives, so get out of Lagos with a quickness!

          • Merry Western Christmas, RFF, Line & ENS. Christmas here is Jan 7 – I will be here that week. St. Petersburg, not Moscow. I’m told that Moscow is DC while St. Petersburg is NYC. The buildings here are mostly Classical in style, not as much chrome/glass modern or legacy Soviet Brutalism. I’ll see more of the city this weekend, catching up on day job stuff tonight/tomorrow am (I’m 11 hours ahead of CA time here).

          • Lucky you to see St. Petersburg. Wax prosaic about your trip to Russia post Christmas.

            Soviet Brutalism has been imported into Western architecture. Utah is building and expanding like crazy along the range front and incorporated Soviet Brutalism blocky cement archetecture right here in river city.

            May your head travel with inspiration and may you be protected by the muse of wanderers.

          • Your welcome Brother and Thanks be to you as well without each other we couldn’t accomplished what we need too…May you know the Grace of God in the coming year…

  14. Merry Christmas, Z Man! Your ability to articulate your thoughts in such a coherent, informative, and incisive manner is a gift.

  15. There is a lot of Catholic prophecy for thousands of years from various saints that say at the very end the Jews are going to gain complete control and be particularly brutal, it won’t be that long because if it were all the Christians would be destroyed. Anyway, I can’t help but look around and think huh. For those of you that have it, keep the faith and those of the you that don’t, find it. Your Eternal Soul is in the balance

    • Thousands of years? Isn’t Christianity only 2 thousand years old ? I remember the last WASP mayor of NYC. John Vliet Lindsay. He turned NYC to crime and welfare. I remember James Earl Carter. I remember his iron wasp determination in the Iran hostage crisis. There is a great Episcopalian church here in NYC. They had proclaimed the thug from Ferguson some sort of Episcopalian saint. And I have thought that Protestants didn’t have saints. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror.

      • Let us take on the original medieval English use of the word and have a great and mighty Christmas (hat tip GVL)

      • Wasps have a lot of issues, chief among them the expectation that every demographic group is just like them.

        They practice their faith on a very insulated, personal level because they think everyone else will to, and when anyone believes differently about other people, they treat you to sermons about how wrong headed you are.

        It makes them weak and ineffective leaders, because a leader needs to seek what’s best for those they are leading while also protecting, and that is wholly foreign to the very individualistic and personalized faith of a wasp.*

        The Episcopal church and Lutheran churches are not proper protestant churches – they don’t consider themselves protesting the totality of the catholic church, but to be more pure strains of the catholic church. Weird. They believe in saints. They just don’t pray to them. The Episcopal church has ordinances for all the catholic saints including a couple anglican ones.

        *I’d think they’d make better governors of homogeneous states, because they might skew more libertarian. I don’t know that for sure though. It seems our waspy forefathers had their own issues with following the tripartite governing system themselves, but maybe some of them weren’t wasps.

    • Hi Whitney! Merry Christmas! Since I was hatched in a Commie nest, God-Jesus and I have come a long way. Thanks for your concern, and my eternal soul maybe a bit messy according to scripture, yet me-myself and my soul are happily going to the end of the line. I don’t get scared of or grumpy with God. He and I yammer like we’re playing the Catskills so we entertain each other on the journey. Humor and gratitude! Cheers!

      • Range,

        From one messy soul to another, Merry Christmas!

        (We’ll have to rock, paper, scissors for that last in line position)

  16. A story I heard a few years back: The Pogues were getting ready to take the stage in a venue, and some drunk staggered into the place, promptly vomited on his shoes, and then wandered off toward the bar to order a drink. A man asked his friends, “Why don’t they throw that guy out?” His friend answered, “Because he’s the lead singer of the Pogues.” Merry Christmas to the Z Man and Happy Hannukah to the Resistance and the Hungarian billionaire who decides what kind of country America is going to be.

    • He is the quintessential Irishman. From the wiki on Shane MacGowan, asterisks are my own emphasis:

      “He often performs while intoxicated and has been impaired in interviews. In 2004, on the BBC TV political magazine programme This Week, he gave incoherent and slurred answers to questions from Janet Street-Porter about the public smoking ban in Ireland.[23] MacGowan began drinking at age five, ***when his family gave him Guinness to help him sleep***, and his father frequently took him to the local pub while he drank with his friends.”

      • I think he’s English, but he has roots in Ireland and used to go there during the summers.John Lydon used to give him stick about it (but Johnny Rotten gives everyone guff) and said that one week he was wearing the Union Jack and the next week he was basically a member of the IRA. Great music, either way. “Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash” is incredible. His old stuff was great, too, even when he was a kid with the Nips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bDDAOJV1xU

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