The Great Cover Up

Joe diGenova has been talking about the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election for at least a year, maybe longer. Unlike a lot of the people commenting on this in the mass media, he is not using it to sell books or boost his cable career. He also knows how the FBI and DOJ works from a practical matter. Being knowledgeable makes him a rare guy in the commentariat. Most of the people brought on as experts for the cable chat shows know very little about their alleged areas of expertise.

Regardless, he has been one of the most hawkish people on the Barr investigation, claiming that it is a real investigation with real criminal targets. In this recent radio interview he goes into the details of both the Barr investigation and the ongoing impeachment fiasco. He is a Trump partisan, so his opinions on impeachment are predictable, but his thoughts on the conspiracy are interesting. He probably has access to information from the Trump White House.

The interesting thing about all of this is just how widespread the conspiracy was during the 2015-2016 period. In that interview he talks about former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, who is allegedly cooperating with Barr and Durham. What makes the Rogers issue interesting is that he was the original whistle-blower. He is not treated as such, because the media hates Trump and anyone associated with him, but Rogers was the guy who blew the whistle on the spying to the Trump people.

What’s also interesting about Rogers is he seems to have been a good guy, who decided to put an end to the shenanigans with regards to access to top-secret data by FBI contractors. He closed off their access at some point in 2016, which put him in bad odor with the Obama administration. He was eventually pushed out, which suggests the conspiracy has roots into the Obama inner-circle. That may explain why the easy cases to be made against the FBI conspirators are on hold.

That’s the other thing about the Rogers case. As CTH explains in that post, his addition to the story reveals that the use of the NSA database by political contractors working for the Democrats goes back to at least 2012. It is an axiom of white-collar crime that the practice always goes back much further than the evidence initially reveals. Anyone who has done forensic accounting knows this. You find the first evidence of a crime, but it turns out that the pattern goes back much further.

That may be what lies beneath all of this. The great puzzle thus far has been the lack of prosecutions, despite ample evidence. The FBI agents are all guilty of crimes that have been detailed in public documents and the IG reports. There is now proof that Comey perjured himself many times. Just from a public relations perspective alone, rounding up these guys and charging them with corruption seems like a no-brainer. Almost a year into his tenure and Barr has charged no one with a crime.

One obvious explanation is that Barr is running a long con on Trump and the rest of the country, on behalf of the inner party. Robert Mueller was supposed to use his investigation to hoover up all the data so it could not be made public, in addition to harassing the Trump White House. His incompetence meant Barr took over the job and is now hoovering up all the information on the various parties. That way, everyone has an excuse for not doing anything about plot.

One bit of evidence in support of this is the handling of the James Wolfe issue. He was the Senate staffer caught leaking classified information to one of the prostitutes hired by the Washington Post. Big media hires good looking young women to sleep with flunkies like Wolf in order to get access to information. Wolf was caught and charged, but instead of getting a couple years in jail, he got two months. He will come out and land into a six-figure job as a reward for being a good soldier.

An alternative explanation is that what started as a straight forward political corruption case bumped into a long pattern of behavior. In the course of investigating that pattern, the trail went much further back than the 2016 election. If there is evidence of abuse going back to 2012, maybe it goes back further. It was the Bush people, after all, who pushed for the creation of secret courts and secret warrants. Maybe Dick Cheney was listening to your phone calls after all.

It is not just the linear aspect of this. The sheer number of people involved in just the FBI scandal is phenomenal. There are at least 20 FBI people named and dozens of bit players in the media and DOJ. So far, the “contractors” with access to the NSA database have not been revealed, but that could be hundreds of people, given that it seems to have been a free-for-all. The corruption may not only go back a long time, but cover a wide swath of official Washington.

That may be the answer to the great cover up. That’s what we are seeing. This is a great cover up of the biggest scandal in American history. To date, no one has been charged with a crime, despite hundreds of crimes being documented. Many of the principals are now enjoying high six figure lives, based on the fact they were part of the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. Instead of the scandal of the century, it is the celebration of the century for the inner party.

One of the signs of ruling class collapse is when they can no longer enforce the rules that maintain them as a ruling class. When the Romans started making exceptions to republican governance, it was a matter of time before someone simply decided the rules no longer applied to them. Perhaps the robot historians will consider Obama our Marius or Sulla. Maybe that person is in the near future. Either way, the rule of law is over and what comes next is the rule of men.

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195 thoughts on “The Great Cover Up

  1. I’ve long suspected some sort of fix was in. At best, a few lower-level people (Strozk, Page, Clinefelter (sp?), etc.), will be sacrificed. Clever lawyers will negotiate away any penalties for any higher-level swamp creatures. That’s the way it’s always been.

    I’ve long been aware of the adage “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” so I immediately knew that Comey’s exoneration of Hillary’s e-mail issues was a cover-up. His claim that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case” rang hollow.

    If Durham ever announces anything, watch for how he phrases the offenses. If he’s protecting the swamp, he’ll focus on policy violations and procedural issues, which can be finessed with clarification memos and internal training sessions. My money is on him avoiding any overarching conclusions, especially regarding seditious conspiracy. He’ll not go after whatever ties all these people together; he’ll just spank them separately.

  2. Barr has done nothing yet, per Zman and so the obvious answer is that Trump is a stooge and Barr is pulling the wool over his eyes. You really are the king of the black pill Z. How do you through life so pessimistic and resigned to defeat?

  3. Going back to the Poppy Bush funeral and the mysterious notes being handed to the top criminals in attendance, it has been theorized Trump had “put them on notice”. That Trump did a “quid pro quo” with the Bush Crime Family secured through patsy Barr being made AG. For “stay-out-of-jail” markers to the remaining Bush Family members AND Barr, Barr would then proceed to take out the key Deep State criminal cabal/SES vermin. If the old adage that there “is no honor among thieves” applies, then perhaps using a long-time Bush consiglieri/”official” BAR-fly LIEyer thug Barr with incredible legal/political nuance skills would finesse the maintenance of a Trump Dynasty and perhaps secure some semblance of a continuing “constitutional republic” for some time to come. Many of Barr’s comments/statements/speeches since confirmed as AG indicated perhaps a “repentant” until . . . his ridiculous assertion that the Epstein death was a suicide – from no less than the TOP LAW[LESS] ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL OF THE COUNTRY!!! ( BARF). That singular assertion evaporated any of my hope Barr is truly “repentant” and brave enough to “take on his own kind”. Just wondering if he and the Clinton MULEler still regularly “grab-ass” together in church – birds of a feather/D[e]C[eit] Turd-Pond sludge-dwellers still grifting/culting/pedo-ing/murdering together. Same ‘ol Schiff.

  4. Absolutely it’s a valid theory! …and at least partially true – probably more true than not. The part about Barr’s likely “long-con” of Trump and the country is especially disturbing and for all practical purposes already proven. And while there are various branches of the judiciary, some more “diverse” in their understanding of laws than we would like, Di Genova says the prosecutor Berman held full responsibility for making certain his famous and evidence-laden prisoner was safe. This dog-ate-the-homework sh*t is intolerable. So the Mossad whacked Epstein and we’re helpless to do anything whatsoever – never mind bring the prison staff and professionals that participated in the plot to justice. As far as Atkinson and the so-called whistleblower – they should have been locked up as soon as they set foot in Justice with that crap. By now they’d have exposed the whole plot. Any likelihood that’ll ever come to the surface?

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  8. You forgot about Trump getting his own Fox show by 2024! All the people that believed we could beat the swamp, will be depressed and without hope. Globalism continues cornering all resources.

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  10. Check out the 2008/9 bank bailouts – way bigger financial scandal – but the biggest is Harry dexter white (Russian spy) who may have caused Pearl Harbor and gave the Russia the plates to print ‘new Deutsch mark’ bills in 1948 during the Marshall Plan, allowing them to steal over a hundred billion dmarks

  11. To be able to compose my thoughts into words like yours Mr. Zman! As is so wonderfully usual as to your critical thinking skill sets and observational talents, appreciate you and your wordsmithing.
    I have been making comments for 8 months on various platforms regarding AG Barr’s apparent cunning dissimulation and highly sophisticated standard of ruling class use of plausible deniability, a craft of the highly gifted members of the Amerikan managerial Nomenklatura class who are in a word pretty much psy-ops agents of the permanent state. He is running out the clock. He is also pulling a real nasty, a most indicative trait of these scumbags, these “ratfuckers”,
    ( for those insulted by my use of an actual documented pejorative legal term, see what they did to this amazing brilliant lady, used her as a unwilling unwitting slaved proxy in the crafting of the false Trump/Putin collusion conspiracy. Be shocked what they coild bloodidly did to this Lady. It is abhorrent to the Nth degree, it takes true despotic psycopaths to do this to another human, which you are when you do so, you are a piece of human trash: )

    The Fix Was Always In.
    They have gulled Mr. Trump once again. It’s Permanent State craft. There’s all sorts of levels of it. I believe Barr is the consummate expert, he is an artist, and I’ll bet a left testicle he is supremely confident in his gift, possesses unwavering commitment to his Nomenklatura class continued survival at all costs, these people understand absolutely they all stick together or they all hang. History doesn’t lie or prevaricate, it’s circular nature is what they are really attempting to modify and redirect, and they are hubristic about this on the biblical level.
    It was obvious to myself 6 months ago Mr. Zman, AG Barr’s purpose is as a fixer working for the elitists, he was sent in so during the Clinton regime’s reign of crime terror and blood after the Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas FBI/ATF massacres to “clean up” the regimes public image, of course no one of any consequence has ever been held accountable for all those bloody gruesome murders, in particular the use of tanks against dirt people on American soil and the deliberate incineration of 76 woman and children in the Branch Dividian’s panic room bunker, the object was to incinerate the evidence of cosmic incompetence and brutal armed badged federal leg-breakers and their out of control application of lethal force, and Barr’s purpose has never varied, Barr was one of the sponsors of Jeffery Epstein first “job” within the Fabian’s federal Nomenklatura jobs welfare program, Barr’s seeming on the face of it outstanding constitutionalist/originalist lecture at the Federalist Society in November was a cunning piece of both misdirection and decisive ruling class virtue signaling, the kind of ultimate contempt for the dirt people and their primal/natural G-d given liberty which they hold for us in no uncertain terms. The object is not just run out the clock, expecting the typical burn-out/fatigue of the cognitive public, whilst making a few symbolic busts, they are also running an operation to discover what their most lethal enemies know for truth and suspect of the structure of the institutional order of the controllers. But what’s even more foul, is what many of us dirt people are beginning to grokk, involves an order of rubbing our faces in their untouchable statist-quo, draw it out, make noises and gestures, create an illusion og impeccable legitimacy of Batt’s “investigation” of the elitists and their obvious crimes and racketeering, their treason to be made wholly obvious, then pull the rug out oh so gently on the hopes of the dirt people that at least some of these actors get whats coming to them, for the heinous purpose of causing vast disappointment, widespread depression, a malaise of futility, to sledgehammer home the illusion they are untouchable and you are the subject serfs, shut up and obey, we are the godly omnipotent ones, the ruling class, and your nothing but knuckle dragging unwashed dirt people. Shut up peon’s, go back to your wealth creation drudgery, and fork over the tribute whilst we sip champagne toasting to our beautiful usurpation of raw naked absolute power and hedonism. We rub your face in our superiority and pah to your ridiculous outmoded irrelevant “natural rights. Git along now, go play in the dirt dirt slaves with your pathetic cargo cultism of republican form of government and worship of false deity given freedom.
    All the while with that oh so smug look of vast satisfaction the job will be successful across his face.
    They are waging a specific campaign using Barr as their master fixer in a war of hearts and minds against us, they desire to make our hearts destitute, that resistance is futile permeates our minds in every way, to throw water on our natural audacity and motive power, set our cold anger back on it’s heels.
    Psychological warfare plain and simple.
    What is begun in Virginia is no coincidence. There are no unrelated spontaneous innocent naturally occurring events in Barr and his fellow scalawags world. Everything is connected. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

    But nothing remains remains safe from unintended consequences, the total absence of prudence, and the law of unintended consequences is a cold ruthless inevitable merciless bitch. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife could not be reached for comment on this 30th anniversary of their untimely demise at the hands of dirt people.
    You know what they say, Hubris before the fall, and that line about the gods first making certain one’s crazy.
    Never mind all institutional order’s fail, and when they go they fail so rapidly if your not looking right at it you miss it as it goes down. As it’s said, it is the nature of such power.
    I liken it to the notion regarding “Water Empires”, they seem to be highly stable, anti-fragile constructs, they hum along with hardly a bump or hiccup taken as serious threat, insulative, isolated by layers of unaccountability and administrative anonymity, waging vast regulative tyranny, control of every facet in the sphere of the subjects lives, wholly protected from the lower casts. Eventually an unforeseen, a seeming outlier or outside dynamic takes place, and it is not recognized as an existential threat to the empire and it’s controllers, and a cascade of events begin, out of mind and sight to the statist-quo, under the radar, something of pure grass roots insurgent open source defiance and resistance, like spark that ignites the proverbial prairie grass conflagration.
    Barr is too smart for his own good. As brilliant as his genius to construct a symphony of plausible deniability, and I’ll wager this is what he see’s as his masterpiece, he too, is an animal of his praetorian class. Sophisticated polished cunning intelligentsia have a chink in their armor, they are blind to the nature of dirt people who withdraw their consent, who will not bend their knee, and who are not only willing to die for their beliefs and liberty, in defense of their selves. loved one, kith/kin/tribe, but to kill the William Barr’s and his ilk while doing so.
    Like I mentioned, Virginia is not coincidence, but the unintended consequences of Barr and Virginia are of origin very much natural , are of primal imperative, and grass roots like nobodies business.

    In no uncertain terms too if there’s an award for succinct and focused journalism for writing about subjects which are so freaking slippery, deliberately difficult to define, to transform into written reason or conjecture, like a greased pig, and a pig it is, and they the most astute slimy pieces of human garbage imaginable, in this age of plausible deniability programming of the people, oh yeah, most excellently stated Mr. Zman.

    Merry Christmas. May it be wonderful and full of hope and promise of great and wonderful things.
    I hope this finds you, and your loved ones well and well loved, the same please for everyone too. May G-d bless us please and our great Republic, this most unique of great civilizations, the 2000 year culture of Men of The Christian Greco/Roman West. May we the dirt people effect positive change on this mortal coil, as it is our’s to realize, things beyond our wildest dreams of prosperity and happiness, out of this seeming intractable vile situation. Nothing’s so bad it ain’t good for something.

  12. Barr is the Republican Mueller.

    A great deal of process, long and exhausting Investigations, much somber gravitas, running out the clock and it goes….nowhere.

    It’s chancery court. We’ll get tired, lose interest, or die of extreme old age waiting on a verdict that will be coming only after the resources of both parties are exhausted.

  13. “ Either way, the rule of law is over and what comes next is the rule of men.”

    Men don’t surrender power, it must be taken from them as a rule with so few exceptions as to be mirable dictu, miracles, one cannot plan on miracles.

    Of course Barr won’t prosecute anyone. He’d be destroying his own system. Moreover he’s a displaced Catholic (so am I) and in America the Rule of Law is the official religio.

    Now here’s a wrinkle: said secular relgio is tied to sacred scrolls that have no replacement. Everyone still believes in them; also were a federation. Federation means rule of men / big man very difficult without broad mandate of “the people” * and acquiescence of the rest. What this adds up to is a return after turbulence to historical norms. Again keep in mind there is no real replacement, the intended replacement of interagency consensus Vindaman, Comey et al is in full view and doesn’t cut it. In any revolution the most likely outcome is a personnel change not systems change.

    *The People are the mandate of Heaven in America. It doesn’t matter if you believe it, hundreds of millions do. No force exists to subdue them to the anti-democratic and really anti-republican will.

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  16. And now, if I may be so bold, a solid white pill In honor of the season. Here’s some wholesome Christmas music with solid musicality and without overdone production values.

    Shows what is possible if the Pozz can be held at bay.

    If you hate Lawrence Welk type marimba music, like I do, you can skip to the 13 min. and 39 min. marks once it starts up.

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year

  17. A merry Christmas from Scandinavia to Zman and all his elves, courtesy of Dr. Jackson Crawford, the definitely-not-gay Viking cowboy.

    Notice how the notion of generalizing Christmas into a generic, multi-faith holiday seems to creep in already in the 800s, indicating an earlier influx of Jews in Scandinavia than hitherto believed.

  18. Merry Christmas first of all.

    A friend of a friend spent a number of years in forensic accounting and Z is absolutely correct. The rot goes much deeper than the things one finds today on the surface. Similar to the fact that the first time a person is arrested for a criminal act is very rarely the first time he committed the crime. The criminal has gotten away with it so long that they are oblivious to the fact that they will be ever be caught.

    I have no doubt that many of the cloud people in the beltway are sociopaths who do what they do with no regard to those being screwed.

    The scarier type of cloud people to me are those who actually think that they deserve the money they are stealing from others. An academic person who gets grants to create a product that usually no one sees thinks they earned the grant money.

    The university has entire departments that are only concerned that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed. And in the end this is usually the only important thing. The money comes from the magic money tree to the grantee and the product produced goes down the memory hole.

  19. All approved through the ballot box by the suckers that vote for these crooks.
    Did anyone really expect these swine to have higher standards than the rest of society?

    • The donor class determines who runs. Voters then get to choose between two turds, who actually serve the same bosses.

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  21. Merry Christmas. Before 30-50 people descend on the house, a couple of thoughts.

    Regarding Rogers–look up any of the clips where Rogers is testifying at the same table as Comey and Brennan and look at the body language. Rogers looks like he wants to reach over and strangle both of them. Seriously.

    Regarding Barr–am naturally a cynic, but Barr is the doppelgänger for a COO I worked directly for for years. Same appearance, mannerisms, speaking cadence. Both lawyers. Much of what I did was “clean up” work. He was very patient. Never played his hand before ready and I learned to be meticulous in prepping the case when we had to move various business miscreants out to other pastures. None ever saw it coming and many thought they were in jobs where they were “protected” by other execs. Then one day, they weren’t. See a lot of the same in Barr–and he is a careful enough lawyer (know two of his former Kirkland partners in my town) to not drop “spying” or “insufficient answers” or a letter flatly contradicting the IG without already knowing the answers. Time will tell.

  22. Z-man – Great overview of the scandal and coverup. Some of these dots definitely connect back to the so-called Patriot Act.

    In the meantime it’s batten down the hatches, reef sail, and ride it out. We haven’t yet seen the eye of this most unpredictable storm. Best therapy I’ve found is to spin a Bing Crosby Christmas record and read aloud “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” to the family. Follow up with a tumbler (or 6) of eggnog spiked with Dickel #12.

    Hold fast folks, and Merry Christmas to this fantastic community of Americans.

  23. King James Bible:
    “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”
    Ecclesiastes 1:18

  24. Barr is a cabal fixer. He was the AG Bush Sr. sent to Arkiesaw to tell gubna Bill to stick to money laundering the Mena funds through state bond purchases and stop hoovering (and cutting) the supply. Barr explained to Bill that he was the golden boy, next in line for top role in the ongoing theater production called ‘American democracy’ if he didn’t fuck up.

    Barr’s dad hired Epstein to teach math at Dalton School on the Yupper East Side and turned a blind eye to Jeff’s screwing the kids.

    Ho ho hos.

  25. Assuming Barr is not running a con, what I think we may be witnessing is some score settling between the pro-Israel and pro-Iran factions of the Deep State. Brennan, Clapper and the rest of the Obama cabal clearly represent the latter, While Trump has just as clearly thrown in with Team Israel, if only to save his presidency. Explains his betrayal of his base, if nothing else.

    Interestingly, the only person who seems to straddle both sides of that fence is Hillary Clinton. There isn’t much chatter about her in regard to any investigation, despite much incriminating evidence. She might be uniquely positioned to mend those Deep State fences, if she ever stops sitting on them.

    For sake of the nation, I sincerely hope not, but I don’t think she recently went under the knife for nothing.

  26. In honor of Christmas, I would like to offer a white pill insight as a gift to all. But first the contrast.

    What are Cloud People good at? Buying politicians.
    What are politicians good at? Buying votes with taxpayer money.
    What are DC insiders good at? Feeding at the public trough and cronyism.

    And what are the dirt people in Middle America good at? Hunting. Which necessitates stealth and good aim.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. As others have mentioned it’s a Mexican standoff. Both sides waiting to see who blinks first. We all know what really needs to happen, but that means the wheels falling off this whole Crazy Train.

    The president would be within his rights to gather up all these treasonous bastards. Sadly these psychopaths are more than ready to bring the country down to save their own worthless hides.

    Asking one man to save whole country is not reasonable. The American people must want the reform. At least for my observation they remain blissfully ignorant.

    But enough of this Doom and Gloom

    Merry Christmas to one and all !

  28. Maybe they are sitting on this until next summer, and then spring the whole thing for maximum electoral impact. More likely nothing will come of it as the Deep State closes ranks to protect their own. Merry Christmas Z!

  29. It was always a rule of men. ‘Laws’ are just a way of making sure that individual men are not held to account. It is simply not possible to craft a system of law that will prevent corrupt people from being corrupt. The corrupt figure out a way to either exploit ambiguities in the law or to break them outright and avoid punishment. The punishment for sedition includes execution. In a serious country, the people involved in this attempted coup under the color of law would be sitting in cells, awaiting either trial or an execution. The law is not for all but only for those too naive or not well-connected enough to avoid punishment.

  30. Nothing will be done.
    Some 27 years ago there was a conspiracy, orchestrated by a New York public relations company Hill and Knowlton to lie the US into war on Iraq. The conspiracy included having the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, under a false name, lie to Congress about Iraqi atrocities and show fake tv reports about it.

    After the exposure, nothing was done. The people responsible should be getting out of jail about now, but nothing.

    The Trump scandals are just one more example, nothing new . Nothing to see here, move along now.

  31. The Biden Ukraine scam and the non-reaction to it by both parties has convinced me that the foreign policy grift is similarly widespread. I now look at all foreign aid (which was just increased) as nothing more than a method to launder and direct taxpayer funds to big donors like defense companies. They keep the campaign cash flowing to incumbents while the younger Bidens and Pelosis, Feinstein’s husband, and similarly connected hacks get a nice taste of the action. Our federal government is now just a criminal conspiracy.

  32. Even with so much of this coming to the surface I don’t think your average Joe Normie American can fathom how deep the rabbit hole really goes. There is an article out today that Nancy Pelosi’s son also had her hand in the Ukranian cookie jar.

    I attended a holiday party this weekend with a mixed group of people ranging from ‘classic liberal’ (the non lunatic kind) through complete Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers. This was Arlington. These are low-level Cloud People, Capital Beltway insiders and you would marvel at just being an active listener in a room full of people like this. I could write a book about it I bet. They are wholly disconnected from the reality of the vast majority of this nation.

    One Nice White Lady who was the wife of a guest worked for an NGO (shocker!) and her current assignment was… wait for it… Ukraine. See, this is the game. The -real- Cloud People make backroom deals to quietly move massive sums of money around in a shell game to make it much harder to track down. This is done in Ukraine and even in Africa as an example. The reason the (((whistleblower))) came forward about Ukraine I believe is because he was in panic mode. Trump was potentially about to ruin the gravy trains of thousands of leftist sycophants in District One if he opened a corruption probe. You know how many DC bureaucrats are on the take from various ‘initiatives’ and NGOs in the Ukraine? A LOT. More than most normies can imagine. Ditto Africa. Vast sums of taxpayer dollars and charity money funneled from well meaning sh1tlibs and cat ladies to help the poor africans sent out there, moved around, funneled, laundered, a tiny bit spent, and then a whole bunch of it comes back into DC shiny and new appearing like different money entirely. That is a fun game, right? It happens ALL OVER this town.

    Like I said before if people knew just how badly they are being fleeced and the complete lack of care of the Clouds and their sycophantic sociopathic inside the beltway bugman swarm they’d be on the National Mall, armed, and 10,000 deep. It is not only as bad as you think it is, it is worse. Those conversations I was overhearing this weekend were so detached from objective reality I just had to control myself not to laugh and the roster of participants.

    It was ‘central casting’ for your average TDS Beltway Insider Social Climber: A mid level career military guy from the Obama days of officer hiring. He was not a Pentagon spook surrounded by an army of like minded defense department lefty employees. Complete with the privileged kid in a private high school with tuition higher than your average college and smoking hot blond leftist trophy wife. There was the aforementioned Nice White Lady middle aged box wine ‘Ukranian NGO’ assignee. The African charity NGO middle aged lady with all the money in the world, but no one to spend it on because no man can tolerate her far left agenda for any length of time. The two (((Hannukah))) celebraters who had to make sure that everyone in the room knew they were jewish and it was the first night of Hannukah. Because why wouldn’t you push that into a room full of strangers? The flaming gay couple who had just arrived in Arlington and were feeling so fabulous about it! I could go on but you get the idea. There is no reconciliation with these people, they live in a world you cannot comprehend and visa-versa and have no desire to understand you. You are flyover hicks even if you are are an hour outside of DC in many of their minds. These are the ‘faceless’ bureaucrats that rule over you and they are legion.

    • In my distant relatives’ experience, as well-connected Africans seeking to further network their way into greater wealth and power within their native culture, there is no actual development money available, unless one goes into the smoke-filled back rooms and gets all dirtied up, followed by endless small payoffs to all sorts of locals, forever, to keep the game on the down-low. Judged to be too dirty, and too much of a zero-sum long run outcome, for them to play it.

      • You are right, I was actually thinking of Vindman who most certainly is tribal, but even still, what difference does it make? The entire Schiff show is a literal parade of Menorah lighters almost w/o exception. So the -one- guy that kicked it off is a GINO (Goy In Name Only), what is your point? He has the same poisonous ideology as an Obama hold-over unelected deep state bureaucrat, so the mistake was probably more me just going with ‘guilt by association’ than anything else.

      • What is jewish is the attribution of “whistleblower” to a spook who committed sedition and treason by conspiring with rogue elements – including foreign powers, to unseat the President.

        The ‘whistleblower’ is being provided cover and unearned protections much like anti-semitism provides cover and unearned protections because jewish.

        A true whistleblower would have to come out of the CIA/FBI/Democrat Party and/or Obama branch to reveal the actual crimes committed by his own employers – and not some scripted leaking of hearsay and partisan opinion being treated like a holy affirmation of one of the 6 million lies told by Trump.

        Thats probably anti-semetic. I apologize. I am usually just racist.

    • What a grotesque scene, Apex. I haven’t had the displeasure of such a wretched carnival of cloud people since I departed the finance world years ago.

      I have, however, spent too much precious time in those smaller, provincial circles of NGO/‘non-profit’, local government tit-suckers, and ‘business leaders’, having served as a volunteer in the refugee space as well as enduring a nice white lady girlfriend who extracted a career out of that ponzi for several years. A tragedy of many layers.

      My experience was the ‘think globally, act locally’ version. The global shell game is replicated – or more appropriately, syndicated like Plaza of a cartel, at the local levels. The rot is indeed at the head in the imperial capitol and surrounds, but the disease goes all the way to the church down the street.

      Many livelihoods rely on this thievery, covered by the doctrine of the prog death cult.

      The only part we see, is the proverbial tip-of the iceberg as it breeches, when the internal power struggles of the deep state uniparty result in 10% of the operation reaching daylight due to the natural build-up of greed and arrogance that occurs above the law.

      This is only a problem insofar as it causes the professional bureaucrats scrumming for tenure to act out, potentially going off-script. They do not want to become the blood sacrifice required to preserve the order.

      What we are seeing is when the graft breaks the surface and becomes grift. Which is “unacceptable!” and many hearings and investigations ensue.

      Hand waving and show trials and some faggy spook or banker gets put in stripes for a few years until a new war can be cooked up.

      Bout time for a new war I reckon.

      • The Portland (Pozland), Oregon core city “businesses” are almost all either shitlib non-profits or tightly connected to them. The local economy here can’t exist without the death cult. One thing I’ve noticed from visiting several of these things is that the staffs are almost ENTIRELY whammen of exactly the type and age bracket you can all imagine. If the DC cookie jar ever does empty so will the local one here. In fact I keep my eyes and ears open for signs that the local Cloudies with connections “upstairs” are getting worried.

        Oh yeah, Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all get your presents before the porch pirates do!

    • You have told me nothing I didn’t already know but have put it in words that everyone can understand. Great prose.

  33. The Ruling Class is in a difficult place. I listened to Ken Starr on Levin the other night and was appalled by his muddled thinking. They literally do not know what to do other than fall back on Father Abraham and the Freeing of the Slaves Narrative. They can’t cover up the corruption and they can’t prosecute it for fear of political upheaval. This is going to be fun to watch.

    • Yeah, that was the reason for Clinton’s war on Serbia. He wanted to follow Father Abraham by freeing the Slavs.
      When I pointed this out twenty years ago, no-one believed me……..

  34. Agreed. To date, the only evidence that Barr/Durham could be White Knights is the panic of the Deep State. Until someone is indicted, they will remain an unknown at best. My guess is that they will stall until September and then bail until after the election. If Trump wins, then Spygate will either get buried or bust open depending upon how Trumps uses that leverage. The price of letting the Federal crooks skate will be unbounded cynicism and more gun sales. The spring is winding tighter.

  35. If Zman is right about this, and I think he is, it explains the brazen gun-grabbing underway by the Virginia Left. The governor and his allies know our Constitution has been revoked by the ruling class. They can move to violate 2A with impunity, because there is no longer any punishment meted out to traitors.

    • I wonder if the gun-grab is why governor Blackface wasn’t removed. Maybe why the photo came out in the first place. Little warning to do what you’re told?

      • What has been considered ridiculous at the time of saying it, has been proven true some time later, way too often to be circumstantial. There, I said something ridiculous 😉

    • I think Virginia’s sanctuary counties have a way to turn the discussion around to their favor. Since the RKBA is clearly contained in both the US and Virginia constitutions, the counties declare that the state government is the entity in rebellion. Then sit back and watch heads explode in Richmond.

  36. Nothing is going to happen because they would have to go after chocolate Jesus, and you know what would happen then.

  37. Bill Barr shows every sign of taking this investigation seriously, and not sweeping this under the rug. He has publicly called out Comey as a liar and openly disagreed with the conclusions of the Horowitz report. I expect that Durham will call for indictments, but more importantly I expect that Barr will use the evidence from the Horowitz report and the Durham report to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate.

    Regarding the delay, as Bill Barr said, these things take time:

    • These things also take *timing*. If criminal prosecutions burst into the public sphere in 2020—beyond the ability of the MSM to suppress, censor or ignore them—then the November election becomes an ever more obvious and crucial plebiscite: WHITHER AMERICA? Choose.

    • There is also the possibility that Barr, rather than acting through a deep conviction about right and wrong, instead sees a conspiracy so broad and so deep, and so ultimately ineptly executed, that it is ripe for taking down in dramatic and epic fashion. Barr’s lawyerly instincts to blow up something big that needs and deserves blowing up, along with an opportunity to write his name into the history books, may be too big of a last shot in one’s career to pass up. If he lands this one, he will never pay for his own drinks again.

  38. Anyone who has followed the unfolding surveillance state scandal could be forgiven if they expect tanks to rumble in American streets; it still could happen. If the United States could be reformed, something along the lines of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (which was a farce, but the concept is solid) could be formed to allow the criminals to come forward, confess their trespasses, and escape punishment. Alas, the United States is a failed state and long past such a remedy. Without going full drama queen, get ready for a very, very tumultuous 2020. The propaganda organs, the Deep State, and their stupid but vicious lackeys are not about to relinquish power without mass violence. Winning the Cold War apparently meant we became the enemy. The closest analogy is Poland circa the Gdansk strike, but this Empire’s rulers are far more dangerous.

    • I agree with you on the concept of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission type thing. The wall I keep hitting is the staffing composition. Where can we find a half-dozen ‘elder statesmen’ type thinkers with first-rate minds that would be acceptable to both sides and could dampen any “it was all political and not fair to my side” condemnation.

      OTH, I do have a well thought-out plan for those that fail to come forward and confess totally and honestly and are later found guilty.

  39. Given the corruption of the system, there follows the necessity of realizing that we are a dissident movement ruled by people that fear us and hate us.

    There is a good article at American Greatness, a site that sometimes publishes good stuff, by a writer that I’m convinced is reading Z and following Gab:

    (Please forgive the long quote…I just liked the article a lot.)

    “The Right must get used to seeing itself as a dissident movement. It is a minority, and an oppressed one at that. While the legal regime is certainly corrupt and infused with ideological fervor, long expositions about how this is technically wrong will yield few results. As with the courts’ transmogrification of the Constitution, there is effectively another set of books. This other set of books counsels various rules on how the written laws will actually be enforced. These include the various progressive values, which mandate who is more equal than others, what speech is or is not legitimate, and who is in charge. 

    “On paper, we have a wonderful Constitution and a mostly sensible set of laws. Then again, so does Liberia. The problem is not with the laws, but with the people in charge, who apply a different set of rules to solidify their own power, designate favored and disfavored groups, and crush any political crimes that may bring them and their system into disrepute. 
    While another Trump victory would be energizing, it will not last. Eventually, a Democrat will inhabit the White House again, and when that happens, Democrats will be out for blood.

    “Instead of putting so much of their energy into electoral politics, the Right should study and emulate successful dissident movements. Some succeeded, but many were snuffed out, such as in China and Cuba. 
    It should now be obvious that large public events that lead to “doxxing” or state-supported violence are not useful. Such “street action” aims to follow the Left and its long traditions of protest, but things that work for the Left won’t work for us…..

    “While I would not condone stealing a gay pride flag, I can imagine some of our exuberant young people would. The message of Martinez’s sentence should be heard by the Right’s campus activists, who might be inclined to engage in such guerilla theater, graffiti, or similar pranks. Illegality and violence are a very bad idea. And while college is a good place to form allies and lifelong friends, campus is neither the time nor the place to do effective activism. While there, they are in the heart of enemy territory, and right-wing students should govern themselves accordingly.
    Even the social media tools that were used by the Right to great effect in 2016 are being snuffed out. Online activism has its uses—not least in reminding allies that they are not alone. But because of emerging constraints on social media, anonymity, discretion, and real-life meetings are increasingly important.  
    As with the Soviet system, depriving dissidents of earning a living is an important tool in the arsenal of the ruling class. Thus, financial independence and organizations devoted to mutual support should be a high priority for those on the Right. Young people should forego student loan debt, consumer luxury goods, and focus on building a life more robust and free of the unpredictable and merciless Eye of Sauron. Good health, money in the bank, and a network of real friends and family—not online clout—is invaluable.”

    • Money in the bank huh still doesn’t get it that money in the bank feeds the beast but at least he gets the rest of it right…

  40. This greatest scandal in American history, which it surely is, will likely go unpunished because the loudest megaphone is the propaganda arm of the establishment, the MSM ( they are one in the same, as those here already know). Of course an independent press would surely expose and amplify this horrid scandal. Our corrupt press is masterful at covering up the crimes. The asses that are the masses will swallow hook, line and sinker.

    At any rate the biggest whitewash in American history is upon us. Even with the corrupt media tens of millions are cognizant of this fact. Is that the critical mass needed for a meaningful revolution?

    ps, o/t —keep an eye on Virginia. The gun grabbers there are batshit crazy. But I doubt they realize the hornets they are about to engage with down there.

    Merry Christmas

    • The MSM is now actually a series of small business entities, bankrupt but for peddling space and time to outside partisans, who are selling them propaganda disguised as news and information. Once their owners find that ownership of such dysfunctional, failing entities is a liability instead of an advantage, it is all over for them.

      AT&T does not need the grief, and the financial and reputational exposures, of responsibility for a non-entity like CNN putting them at risk. Once this reality sinks in, CNN will be sold for a buck or ten to some Middle Eastern man with money and an ego, living in Beverly Hills and interested in bedding some of the on-air “talent”, and that will be that.

      • Maybe America’s largest landowner, Ted Turner (I think he’s currently beating John Malone) will pick CNN up for a couple of bucks.

        I understand he knows a thing or two about the Cable News business.

    • Howie Carr calls the press “ Democratic operatives with press passes”. Sounds about right, not that I have much confidence in their counterparts on the other side of the aisle.

      Oh, and how long before Tulsi is found in Fort Marcy Park?

  41. I think the defender of Lon Horiuchi will do the deep state’s bidding one way or another. Being a pessimist, I’m either proven right or I’m pleasantly surprised.

        • It wouldn’t be a weakness if we actually did the other part of the saying which is prepare for the worst…We as a people have become apathetic, lazy, and cowardly and we are seeing the effects of that all around us…

  42. “Either way, the rule of law is over and what comes next is the rule of men.”

    From republic to democracy. Sadly a feature of our system, not a bug.

  43. We’ll know in the next six months or so if the Barr/Durham deal is on the up and up. My money says no, because I think they are seeing just how deep the corruption goes and the thought of overturning it all frightens them. I would not regard this as a black pill, however. Once that happens there is no going back…any half wit will know what we already do, that it’s corruption upon corruption that hates us and rules us.

    • Either the long game is to let the little guys go in the name of rolling up all of the big guys, or it is a sort of a Mexican Standoff where everyone simply goes home in a few years. My sense is that the behaviors of the Pelosis, the Schiffs, the Nadlers, and the Hillarys of the world suggest that the fix is in, everyone is just blowing off steam, posturing and LARPing whatever comes to what is left of their minds, and tickets out of town, free and clear, are the long term plans.

      Merry Christmas!!

      • If they all sink or they all swim, my money is on they all swim.

        Post New Years we’ll get more impeachment drama married to an international right wing conspiracy to overthrow our democracies. All of the skulduggery was necessary in this battle against evil. They will hand out medals before they ever had out jail sentences.

        Our enemies control every single one of our institutions. They will never ever roll over and accept even a modicum of guilt nor defeat. They will rewrite the rule book hourly if they need to.

        Even if Barr is on the level he’ll be painted as a traitor to all that is good and beautiful as we stand before the gates of utopia.

        There is no storybook ending to the corruption and degeneracy of clown world. No well documented court cases and revelations to cleanse the public square.

        To use that old line from Tennyson, “Nature, red in tooth and claw”. That’s what’s required to bring this to and end.

        Merry Christmas to everyone who reads and comments here, especially to our host who through the quality of his insights and impressive work ethic has built a community that is beginning to extend its reach.

        • YV said: “They will hand out medals before they ever had out jail sentences. ” Brilliant summation. That “is’ how the ‘process’ works… an all good Commie Regimes.

        • Even if Barr is eventually painted as a traitor, he’ll still enjoy his generous retirement benefits, and if he stays in the DC area, he’ll be among friends who hold similar beliefs.

    • Te argument against this being a broom job is the elaborate steps Barr and Durham are going through to project the image if doing a legitimate investigation. The Durham dispute with Jerkowitz over his using footnotes to characterize Durham’s work. Barr’s public disputes with Jerkowitz. The meetings with British intelligence and Italian intelligence. Lots of unnecessary public actions for a broom job.

      The one possible explanation for all of this is they are focused on Brennan and Clapper. You don’t indict guys at that level without a very carefully constructed case. They have dirt on a lot of people. They have a lot of friends in the inner party. The only way to go after those two is with a case that makes it impossible for the inner party to rally to their side.

      I think the way to bet though is that nothing comes of it and the whole thing is forgotten.

      • Let’s not forget that if Trump loses in less than a year, Durham will be fired and all investigations and prosecutions will be quickly dropped. It’s possible Barr is talking tough for cred, but could be stalling to allow a Democrat to sweep it.

        • Yeah, I think much of what we are seeing in all quarters is a waiting game. Both parties have been delaying and stalling hoping to remove Trump in 2020.

          • One element of a Mexican Standoff is not knowing how it will all end. Will everyone stand down, or does it play out differently? If, it turns out, one side is revealed to have no ammunition, then the other side overwhelms them and eliminates them, quickly and completely. Perhaps the 2020 election will show who has ammunition, and who does not.

      • One thing that will come of it is increasing skepticism of and disdain for the vaunted institutions of “our democracy.” The Imperial Post’s motto about democracy will come true because of people like them. That will clear the way for what comes next.

        • This. Even the Deep State would know a Black Flag terrorist operation would have to be carried out in a Red area now to evoke any sympathy from people in the heartland. My money is even that would not provoke much support for a war and certainly wouldn’t receive the response 9/11 did. In fact, people in Red areas would grow even more furious as those in the Blue strongholds celebrated the loss of life, which of course they would.

          From this point forward the Deep State will rule in opposition to the people, which it always did but not openly. It will become even more vicious and more careless and the twilight struggle will be nasty and brutish. Even as blackpilled as I am, my money isn’t on the Deep State in the long run although it will wreak havoc in the interim.

      • Z Man;
        Another reason why this may be taking so long is that Barr & Co. are trying to figure out how to deal with Obama’s involvement and the need to stymie The Nuremberg Defense (‘I was just following orders’). Obama *had* to know about, and hence be part of, this seditious conspiracy:

        – It’s completely consistent with his education and background as a Saul Alinsky type ‘community organizer’

        – He’s done it before: It’s how he became US Senator Obama. His Republican rival was polling ahead due to Obama’s minimalist performance as an IL State Senator until that rival’s court-sealed divorce records suddenly surfaced in the Chicago papers.*

        – It’s the elementary rue of hierarchies that you don’t surprise your boss with a big ugly. He gets a heads up before anything sketchy goes down. You don’t get to the SES (Senior Executive Service) level of the other conspirators without knowing and practicing this out of sheer habit.

        – He surrounded himself with suck-ups of limited intelligence (as may be seen by their performances on the cable news shows). They’d have all been outdoing each other competing for his favor (and being sure to let him know about it).

        – He clearly enjoyed the sense of immunity due to mutual compromise** of the swamp elite, particularly his immunity from bad media reports.

        – There is documentary evidence in the various texts that ‘POTUS whats to know everything about what we’re doing’. Probably more.

        – **Finally, they never expected that she’d loose.**

        The nightmare scenario to be avoided is that everybody beneath Obama gets to skate by claiming they were all just following orders in a chain from Obama. And Obama gets to skate because Soros threatens to loose his winged monkeys on the Imperial Capitol.
        * It was the usual, likely-fabricated/exaggerated he said/she said tales of spousal semi-abuse introduced in court to leverage a more lucrative settlement. He (Obama’s rival) supposedly was pressuring his ex-playmate (?) wife to attend swingers clubs in France (so it couldn’t be checked). She supposedly refused and that was, apparently, the end of it: Until it became time to file, that is. Of course this turned him into a misogynist monster in the Chicago MSM.
        ** There’s plenty of sketchy stuff in his bio, even if you leave out the birther stuff. Brennan apparently got the CIA gig by cleaning up Obama’s passport files.

        • When I read Z’s blog post I immediately thought – well, this sounds almost too good to be true. I knew that any digging into this would eventually get to Obama. Then I thought about what a shady, “manufactured” humanoid he was and that anything that went back to him had to go back to the Clinton’s Arkansas mafia since he was always just a Clinton front man. His connections to the Deep State were really their connections. Then I thought about all the nonsense Bush got up to and how the Deep State cancer really exploded under him and President Cheney. Then I thought about H.W. Bush the old CIA (OSS) man. It got me thinking that if they really keep following this thing down the rabbit hole it might open the books on the entire post-WWII ruling class and show what they’ve really been up to all this time. We might learn the truth about the Kennedy assassination and who knows what else.

          Well that does all sound too good to be true. My guess is that the investigation will prove to be a sham and a few “expendables” will be thrown to the dogs. It may actually be that the whole purpose of My Black President and his crew of wide-eyed fanatics was to be a kind of firewall that would allow the real operators in the Clinton-Bush machine to keep pulling the strings and then jettison the Obamanauts if and when the truth got out.

    • Agreed. My suspicion/fear is that this whole thing is so large, as to be impossible to unwind without convincing even the most “normie” of normies that the concept of representative government, here-to-fore known as the American Republic, has been a fraud for generations. In short, there is no subset of little guys, or a rogue government bureau or two, that can be cast as *the* villain and then “rehabilitated”. I’m betting on Z-man’s hunch, that Barr will do little to nothing out of fear of reveling the truth and it’s effect.

      As to Trump, and whether he should be smarter wrt his selections of personnel, did one ever consider that he too is a “normie”. Just because he has money, doesn’t make him any more politically savvy than the average guy in the street. He might actually believe in the “system”. I suspect the “deep state” attempted to co-opt him subtly during his after election “briefings” and that Trump’s distain for being lead by these entities (FBI, CIA, NSF) put the final nail in the coffin so to speak. War was declared, and we now find ourselves here.

      • Trump as a stubborn CivNat with a big ego and a big mouth, eager to extol his personal virtues and successes, is where I land on the issue. We could have gotten, and usually did get, a whole lot worse. His function, holding up a mirror to reveal some of what has really been going on, and for a long time, is an added benefit.

  44. What makes me suspicious is that usually you prosecute the small fish to get them to roll over on the big fish. We saw that with Mueller, but there was nothing for the small fish to give him. OTH, maybe Barr doesn’t need the small fish, because it is more apparent what the the big fish were up to.

    Either way, FISA needs to end at the very least. But even then, it looks like there was massive abuse of the NSA database outside of the FISA process. And but for the electoral college, we never would have learned any of this.

    And all of this spying to what end? So we stop two idiot brothers from blowing up the Boston Marathon? So we can stop an Army Major from shooting up Fort Hood? So we can stop a terrorist from shooting up the Naval Air Station in Pensacola? So we can stop a Jersey City ambush by the Black Hebrew Israelites?

    Merry Christmas!

  45. If Barr is pulling the long con, then shame on Trump. You would have thought after about six months he would have caught on to the folly of appointing Bush retreads and Deep State dilettantes. From day one, I was sitting out here in Oklahoma aghast and grinding my teeth at just about every person he chose to serve in his administration. If little ol’ Vike in flyover country knew these people were bad for his political health, how did he not know, or not come to realize it pretty quickly, given his magnificent shrewdness? For starters, he could have picked aides from all those upper echelon military guys Obama ran off. I still haven’t figured out why an immigration hawk like Kris Kobach is not on the job in Washington (I suspect Miller did not want a rival).

    If Barr is not pulling the long con — well, I will still be perplexed at all the Deep Staters selected to serve in Trump’s administration. I almost had a stroke when he brought John Bolton on board. Ay yi yi.

    Merry Christmas, my fellow wretched Deplorables.

    • WhereATV;
      The Turtle (Senate Leader McConnell) is a big part of who Pres. Trump’s appointee’s are. Whitehouse has to pre-clear anyone likely to be the least controversial lest they fail Senate confirmation.

      From Pres. Trump’s likely perspective, it would be just wrong to put any supporter through the Cavanaugh confirmation meat grinder just in case the Turtle might get a visit from the Spirit of Christmas and suddenly smile.

      A good example is Cong. Ratcliffe’s two day tenure as Director of National Intelligence. Nomination had to be pulled because of Senate swamper opposition. Sundance at Conservative Tree house makes a good case that at least some of the GOPe establishment feared exposure as complicit in the vast left wing conspiracy.

      • They have a collar on the President refusing to allow him to make recess appointments. Also, the constant threat of impeachment conviction. Only if the GOP wins back the congress in ’20 does the collar come off. Alternatively Trump could go martial law on the traitors but I would not expect that kind of boldness. Too risky.

    • That was the rumor: SM has sabotaged every other immigration hawk in the administration. But he never sabotaged any of the “never Trump” crowd or the open-borders crowd (such as the Schlapps.) Leads me to believe he always was a fraud. Just like Corey Booker’s chief supporterss (aka the Kushners.)

    • WATV;
      That’s Lieutenant Colonel Deplorable to you, Suh. 😉

      And a most blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

        • WATV Ma’am;
          I was reprising Lt Col Vindman, the uniformed, walking bratwurst from the impeachment Schiff-show. And trust me, in my part of the world we *do* know about bratwurst (brown mustard, chopped white onion and sauerkraut, lots of sauerkraut).

          And I appreciate and reciprocate your salutations.

  46. Post-red-pill and post-Trump’s betrayal of the base, I no longer have any slack to cut for any DC insider. Barr will serve the same purpose Issa & Gowdy served – revving up the base for WWF make-believe political bloodsport.

    DiGenova has been talking “tick-tock” since Obama’s presidency about his whistleblowers.

    And how about all those indictments raining down over the IG report?

    The only hope for any systemic assistance in taking down the Empire lies in some internecine feud in the Inner Party flaring out of control.

    FWIW, that’s still my theory on Epstein (Team Ehud Barak) being Shoah’d out of the blue by the GOP DoJ (Team Bibi). Cooler heads in the (((Commission))) that runs our (((Mafiosi))) government finally had to take Epstein down and douse the flames because this little spat was making too many goyim Notice.

    We should stay sharp on insider politics in the Empire for divisions like this that we can exploit but never, ever believe one of these guys is on Our Side, ever again.

    Never Forget what they did to us with Trump in the last 4 years.

    Give Jesus the best birthday present of all – spread the holiday cheer of Noticing among our people.

    • DiGenova is one of many soothsayers in the dramatic personae. String em along, and keep their pitchforks safely in their tool sheds.

      Merry, merry Christmas Z man and all the zergs. Thank you for your countless and amazingly astute insights and observations this year. If the President has advisors half as sharp, we’re in good hands indeed.

      • Lamar, a ‘zek’ was a political prisoner in the gulags.

        Zman with his zeks and zergs.

        Fitting. I hope it’s not prophetic!

        Merry Christmas to all our defacto camps, our civil gulags, our suburban ghettos.
        May we someday fulfill all of our enemies’ worst fantasies.

  47. Undoubtedly, some players need to be prosecuted, and some necks seriously need to be stretched.

    But lately I am watching the antics of Pelosi and the other thespians in this comedy… and all I can think is that most of them should be in a home. Pelosi is clearly irrational and many in her cohort are no better. Were it not for the lunacy… there’d have to be a reckoning of some sort.

  48. Z- I hope that DiGenova’s right that Barr and the guy in Connecticut are building a case very methodically, but I fear that you may be correct that Barr was brought in to broom the whole thing. Lincoln as Marius- interesting thought.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    • Barr’s entire career has been spent justifying and “brooming” the elites’ scandals. He’s legacy Deep State.

  49. Another excellent post, zman. This is not confined to the USA. Over this side, judges are refusing to convict extinction rebellion protestors for criminal damage because they have a “noble cause”. The rule of law is now the rule of lawyers and, in effect, that means the rule of the ruling class.

    By the way, may I take this opportunity to extend to you, zman, and all the commenters here at this blessed blog my best wishes for a very merry Kwanzaa.

    • LOL. Yes, merry Kwanza to you in return, and everyone else!

      The other day I was trolling a shitlib blogger who was raging about Trumpkins and other deplorables. I did the ‘Merry Christmas and God Bless’ in the comments – and a veritable shitstorm of rage and butt hurt resulted.

      It made my day. 🙂

      • Nice. I have also been dropping the ‘Merry Christmas’ on anyone who greets me with the ‘happy holidays’ business.

        I have also noticed (Deplorable habit of mine) this year that the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ thing persists.

        I see them everywhere. Two of my office parties had the venues full of groups in them and seems that every bar or brewery or group sees fit to include one in their calendar as well.

        Note that the sweater is not a holiday sweater but a Christmas sweater. So until they are ‘ugly holiday sweaters’. I’m sticking to merry – or even happy, Christmas.

    • Wuz da nite befo Crimmus
      An’ all ower de hood;
      Ereybody wuz’ sleepin’;
      Dey wuz sleepin’ good.

      We hunged up our stockings
      An hoped like de’ heck
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      I thunk, “It mus be da Law!”

      I looked out thru da bars
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      Wif a warrent fo’ sho.

      And what did I see,
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      They was a huge watta’ melon,
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      Now ober all de years
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      He wupped on dem warf rats,
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      “On Leroy, on ‘Lonzo,
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      But he left no good prezents,
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      Even got my burglar’s kit!

      Wit my stuff in da bag,
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      But he stoled my ‘nife too!

      He jumped on dat wadda’mellon,
      An’ wipped out a switch;
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      Dat son of a bitch!

      Next year I be hopin’
      Anutha Sanna we git,
      ‘Cuz diz here Sanna Claws
      Jus’ ain’t werf a shit!

  50. I feel old, like really really old. I remember the SHAMROCK scandal in the ‘70s. I also really wish William Odom was still alive and wonder what his opinion of the modern day world would be. As a former DIRNSA he had some pretty harsh criticisms of the government and NSA in the mid-2000s.

  51. Gore Vidal called Franklin Roosevelt the “American Augustus” and I could make an argument that the American Augustan age ran from him until the first Bush. After Augustus the Roman Empire’s leadership declined for 100 years, so if we are to repeat history, we’re somewhere in Tiberius’s reign. And guess who came after Tiberius…

    Merry Christmas to Z-Man and the comments section!

    • These sorts of comparisons are never precise, but Lincoln would be our Marius. Some would say Sulla and there is an argument to be made there. I say Marius, because Marius changed the trajectory of Rome. Without Marius, there is no Sulla. Lincoln is the inflection point where America moved from a republic to an empire. Yankeedom first conquered the South, then the rest of the continent. This set up the conquest of Europe and Asia.

          • Yankee Protestantism fueled and unabashedly took credit for the Civil War, although slavery was really only a small part of that conflict. It preens to this day regarding the deaths of over 600,000 Americans.

            Southern Protestantism was a little slower on the draw, not flexing its lack of foresight until its fawning over Israel in the 20th century continuing through today, cheering on large body counts of young Americans in the Middle East.

            I guess you could say bloodthirstiness is a common trait, although neither side seems to give a damn about our borders, and appear to be quite unwilling to shed any blood to defend them. In fact, statistics show Protestants of all stripes aiding and abetting the importation of Third Worlders with reckless abandon.

          • Yankee protestantism was calvinist and puritan, while southern protestantism was Anglican. Not true any more of course.

          • Yes, D, exactly. Thank you. Southern Protestantism’s desertion of its Anglican roots stripped it of its dignity, thoughtfulness, and dedication to blood and soil, and thus Southerners at Trump rallies now wax idiotically rhapsodic at his invocation of moving the embassy to Jerusalem, about which, frankly, my dear, they shouldn’t give a damn.

          • The destruction of southern high church practice, and the queerification of the northern church has stripped the conservative protestants of an intellectual class that could have protected them from the grifters and zionist exploiters that are now ravaging it.

          • Yes …… Seems that the fact we lost the intellectuals — that by late last century they had all stampeded leftward — has left us without the cognitive and creative structure to maintain and defend our ethic and mythology. Normal folk see the destruction, feel the loss, know some action is needed, but they just don’t have the ability to do anything about it. So they stagger on, clinging to the flotsam of our destroyed culture until each of them individually is picked off by drug addiction, alcohol, meaningless movements, terminal ennui or simply by eating and smoking until they are dead. We’re out here like survivors of a torpedoed warship, tossing on the waves in widespread, oil-soaked groups — each huddled group ringed with great whites marshaled by our betters.

          • Primi;
            The rot in the mainline protestant churches started with the Higher Criticism Movement in the German universities over 200 years ago. Until 1933 German universities were the beau ideal of US universities. So US university schools of theology had to emulate them.

            So you got to be a high status grad by how well you parroted Higher Criticism. High status grads got cushy jobs in denomination HQ and purged the knuckle dragging fundamentalists. With the fundamentalists gone the denominations were easy prey for gheystapo infiltrators. The results we see today.

          • The Left has essentially set up a litmus test that screens out many Conservative-oriented intellectuals before they have an opportunity to make a contribution or educate the existing professors because they don’t want that type in the Ivy League and many second tier universities, and wannabe’s

        • Gore Vidal thought the South had a right to secede. His were the first writings I was exposed to that convinced me of that.

          • WATVikings,

            It’s a mighty rare thing for a polity or State to allow peaceful dissolution. Scalia’s opinion is just one of a long string of de jure opinions prohibiting secession.

            In reality, even if codified, they carry no more importance than a notion or a dalliance. Will and ability to revolt have almost always been de facto things. Might makes right and that is the only thing that matters in regards to secession.

            Proscription against separation only counts if you lose the bid to breakaway and will be the measure of how much rope you will be meted out for either strangulation or a quick break of the neck.

          • Scalia was also one of those who voted that keeping silent during interview or interrogation could be used as evidence of guilt (Salinas v Texas 2013).

            This is why people who think a Federalist federal judiciary is going to result in some kind of Constitutional paradise are not really paying attention to the fact that the Federalists are advocates of ruling class law. They don’t believe in popular sovereignty, respect for the average citizen or, in some important respects, the spirit of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution.

          • You really should review a case before you make sweeping generalizations about the holding of the case. That statement would earn you a zero on a law school exam, and deservedly so.

          • The people who claim that the South had no right to secede are comical hypocrites.

            If the right had no right to secede – then the colonies had no right to tell the King – who is supposedly a sovereign with the blessing of God himself – to bugger off.

            I’ve never seen a SINGLE one of these “south had no right to secede” people ever follow their argument to it’s logical end and fly their ass over to Buckingham Palace and swear fealty to the queen, you know – just to bolster their argument.

          • I think the civil war taught us that “rights” have nothing to do with secession. That discussion is basically now reserved for academics in their “arguments” with other academics—“sound and fury” stuff as Shakespeare would say.

            What the civil war taught us is that secession is a matter of will and force. The South lost. The next struggle for separation needs to be better thought through and for certain, adopt a better strategy/tactics against the inevitable opposition. That is the only lasting lesson from the civil war.

          • I miss Vidal. While I disagreed with him on some key things, he was a well read, independent thinker. I wouldn’t know what his position would be before he would state it. I rarely find left of center these days

      • Marius. Sulla. Whatever. It’s a mistake to view these things in terms of Great Man personalities.

        America’s trajectory and destiny changed forever when Shlomo Shekelstein sailed to Ellis Island in 1888, read the Magic Statue Poem, and claimed all of Goyimland for the kingdom of Israel. It took the Europeans several hundred years, say 1492-1865, to fully conquer, build, and develop America. But Shlomo and his ilk secretly declared war on all America the moment they set foot here, built nothing, sweated for nothing, fought not at all, yet mysteriously conquered all of America in roughly 100 years, 1913-2001. By 2003 the goyish retards were bombing half the Muslim world, thinking they were doing it for Freedom Fries or something.

        Shlomo literally owns your currency, and you pay him interest on it.

        Shlomo owns your foreign policy. You fight wars and impeach presidents at his command.

        Shlomo owns your banks, your universities, your courts, both houses of Congress, both political parties, and ALL your newspapers, publishers, cinema, radio and television. You invented all these things, but Shlomo owns them. It took you decades to invent, create and build the Internet, and Shlomo took it from you in half a decade.

        Turn on your TV, which Shlomo owns, and look at the commercials, which Shlomo created. Everybody in America is black. Shlomo is showing you your future which he has planned for you: a future in which you do not exist.

        Lincoln, my ass.

        • Next time you decide to read or quote Ecclesiastes don’t! it was written by Shlomo. King Shlomo, who is known to the outside world as King Solomon.

          • Sort of the way that King James wrote the King James Bible? Pfft. Somebody wrote Ecclesiastes, then attributed it to the nearest great King so that it would be read.

            I bet you think Hammurabi wrote each and every law.

          • Anna,

            From whence, a new covenant was formed and a new pedigree established. Those that failed to follow have chosen to remain outside of Grace, and have lost ownership of that heritage. Carry on Ant Man Bee.

          • So says Penitent man. Ask G-d what His thought is about the subject and why the Jews are still here after thousands of years if they lost ownership.

          • A direct quote from Das Kapital is it? Couple of days ago a quote from demented Mussoulini follower, today we read pearls from Karl Marx.
            What’s next: wisdoms from Josef Stalin and Mao?

          • Anna,

            We’ve been through this before. You think me and mine automatons to test you and yours… whilst I believe yours are beloved but wickedly refuse to bend the knee.

            As Daniel said, number, division, weight and measure. You are found wanting. I wish you well and a return to Grace. Despite the many gifts and love borne you by Him yours will continue to survive but do tell… thousands of years since the resurrection… how bountiful has that interim been for your people?

            I’ll not hijack Zman’s post anymore with religiosity today. As it is Christmastime I’ll simply pray for your return and wish you the joy of the season.

          • Merry Christmas to you and millions of American Christians who provided safest haven to the Diaspora Jews. G-d has blessed this country like He promised Abraham. Trump election in spite of the magnitude of international conspiracy is another proof of His protection. It makes me still optimistic and hopeful.

          • Anna – even as you wish us well for Christmas, it’s all about your people and how they have some role in America’s destiny.

            The fact so many of us here Notice this now makes me optimistic and hopeful.

            Happy Hannukah, now go make aliyah.

          • I don’t pay much attention to OT anyway. It’s the stuff printed in red I take seriously. Christ is the new covenant. Jews rejected him. It’s been a tough 2000 years for them.

          • Basically, the Talmud says: Jesus Christ was conceived by Mary, something of a whore, while she was menstruating (which is extra un-clean or filthy), and that Christ was an impostor, rightfully killed, and boils in excrement for eternity in hell. Do you dispute this, Anna?

          • Anna – the idea that the Jews are a particular concern of a supreme unique god is very Jewish. History isn’t all about (((you))) and but for Tribal taqiyya’s unfortunate subversion of Our greater folk, your people would have been no important to history than the other Canaanites.

          • Anna: We should sue our government to get a posse of clever, sneaky lawyers (connected to all our most powerful governing leaders, of course) together to wage war against the Jewish Hanukkah menorah for not including a Christian cross on it, Muslim moon-n-sword, the LGBTQ flag or, heck, whatever the make-believe kwanza symbol is. The Jewish menorah is not inclusionary, lacks intersectionality, and makes me feel scared and intimidated. In fact, I don’t think we should see any stars of David without including the symbols of all these other religions — in the name of multi-culturalism, which you should love! I want our richest community members to force the ACLU to drive your synagogues to spend piles of money defending your right to your religion and then defeat you. Sound good? Welcome to the zionist petri dish!

          • O, you put minus to a reality and fact. Shows for the thousandth time how little brainpower it takes to be an antisemite.

          • Anna, for many reasons–

            Their God is not your own.
            The bloody messiah they bring is not your Jesus.

            The Apostles were hated by the ruling Sanhedrin elite and hunted down like dogs, remember?

            Even then, the Empire was in thrall to the donor class, perpetually in debt.

            Well, at least you can rejoice- Israel is bombing the churches in white-skinned Syria again this Christmas. They’re celebrating the Christ’s birth with fireworks!

          • And no, the Koran is their New Testament.

            Their proxy, Islam, will be the hated human shield- whilst every mosque is a victory monument to their mutual father, Abraham.

            The benevolent force of Creation is our god, the Spirit that fills and informs the good in this world.
            The god of Pain seeks to seize this realm, and make it his. They are not the same. The lesser one is the Deceiver, and he wears many masks.

          • Written in 1830 by William Cobbett, an Englishman, back when Christian Europeans still passed down beliefs that were painfully learned by our ancestors millennia prior on what it means to have Jews in our societies, and before Christian Europeans were brainwashed with all this “Judeo-Christian” nonsense among other lies:

            “With regard to the first, the case stands thus: This is a *Christian nation*; Christians believe, that Christ was the Son of God; that he died to save them from perdition; that, without this sacrifice, they could not have been saved. This is the *Christian belief*; and we believe, further, that he rose from the dead; and that he now sitteth on the right hand of God. And, what say the Jews? They assert, that he was an IMPOSTOR; that he *deserved* the cruel death that was inflicted on him; that he did *not rise from the dead*; and that our faith and hope rest on a contemptible fable. For eighteen hundred years they have been asserting this; and, during that time, the Gospel has spread over nearly the whole earth, while they have been dispersed over that earth, agreeably to the words of the prophets, over and over again repeated. The whole of their conduct and fate was foretold by the prophets; the bribe which they gave to Judas; their mockery of Jesus; their hardness of heart; their shedding of innocent blood; and, the strongest of all the proofs of the truth of our religion is to be found in the clear and repeated prophecies, that they should be dispersed amongst the nations, should be wanderers over the earth, and should have *no inheritance”, except the possession of *their own bodies*, or, as the prophet EZEKIEL describes it, the monopoly of their “*filthiness*”; that is to say, that they should, in no country on earth (as long as they adhered to their blasphemy), have any immunities, any privileges, and possessions in house, land or water, any civil or political rights; that they should, every where, be deemed *aliens*; and always at the *absolute disposal of the sovereign power of the state*, as completely as any inanimate substance, thrown on the land by the winds or the waves.

            This was the judgment passed on them by God himself, and on them this judgment has been executed. Sometimes, indeed, careless, foolish, profligate, and above all, *oppressive* rulers of Christian nations, have from some motive connected with the aptness and power of those blasphemers to aid them in their oppressions; in some few instances, and from such motives, a relaxation of their doom has taken place; and in one or two instances, the basest of tyrants have bestowed titles of “*honour*” upon them, as a reward for assistance given by them in oppressing and plundering their unhappy subjects; but these are mere exceptions to the universal rule; while the nations of the earth, with undivided voice, and for the unbroken period of eighteen hundred years, have proclaimed the truth of the holy prophets, and the just judgments of God evinced in the doom of these perverse blasphemers of his name.

            And wherever such relaxation has taken place, the punishment of both rulers and people has speedily followed. The harvest has not been tardy, when the seed has once been sown. Deism, atheism, all restraints from religious consideration, have immediately followed: the *”goddess of reason”* in some cases, and *”death’s eternal sleep”* in others; these, with all their accompanying enormities, and all their rivers of blood; these, or something nearly resembling them, have been invariably, as they were naturally, the fruit of every attempt thus to thwart the decree of God by human means. To be sure, it must of necessity be thus: for to do any act which puts a Jew, in point of *credence* and *confidence* and *honour* and *power*, upon a level with Christians, what is it but to declare that he who proclaims JESUS CHRIST to have been an *impostor* is as good a man, and as worthy of belief, confidence, and trust, as a man who adores JESUS CHRIST? And what is this but to declare, that to adore JESUS CHRIST is of *no use?* And what is this but to declare, that the *doctrines of Christianity are false?*

            That Christian *teachers* should, above all men living, have been remiss in warning rulers against relaxations of this pernicious description, is an instance of abandonment of duty, and, in fact, of apostacy, not to be thought possible, if, unhappily, the fact were not but too well known. For why do we have *teachers* of Christianity; why “preach JESUS CHRIST crucified”; why, above all things, call men “*reverend*,” and give them money for *teaching a belief* in CHRIST as the Son of God; why honour and *pay* men for doing this; why call them your *pastors*; why have them for any such purpose, if the man who declares CHRIST to have been an IMPOSTOR, worthy of ignominious death; if such a man be as worthy of credence and trust and magisterial and all other authority, as a man who worships CHRIST as his SAVIOUR? To be consistent and decent such *teachers* ought, at any rate, to resign their offices, and forego their gains; for, of all the instances which the world has produced of audacious profligacy, who ever witnessed one equal to that of declaring *a Jew blasphemer to be as good as a Christian,* and, at the same time, demand *money* for teaching the *Christian faith*! But the truth is that these are not *Christian* teachers: they are those *wolves in sheep’s clothing*, foretold by CHRIST himself: and, as was JUDAS ISCARIOT, so are they: he betrayed his master for thirty pieces of silver; *their price* may have been somewhat higher, but their acts and their motives are the same; and let us leave it to God to unite them in their fate.


            (* * = italics)


            A couple decades after this was written, the Jews, as is their eternal nature, attracted by the power and prosperity of England, were allowed back in to England after intense lobbying (i.e., enriching leaders willing to sell out their own country). And a few decades after that were accepted in large numbers in the U.S. The sad truth is that Christian Europeans constantly sell out their own very special high-trust society because they can only resist for so long the temptation of riches and power promised to be given by the Jews if they’re granted access to ruling (behind the non-Jew leaders) and looting our societies.

            Now, all of us formerly content and prosperous western Christian European peoples are ruled by these aliens, and we suffer under their predatory finance and business practices and low-trust smutty culture while being smothered and impoverished by unskilled, low-IQ immigrants from all the un-Christian parts of the globe. Trump just passed the very unconstitutional anti-semitism/BDS executive order and we see how globalist leftists are going after Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms as Soros-backed leftists take office and de-criminalize violent criminals while making it criminal for Americans to arm themselves or to speak freely.

            The first country to make anti-semitism law was communist Russia shortly after the Jewish-led Bolsheviks took charge (and Christians *noticed*), killed thousands of police officers, released criminals in the streets to loot their own countrymen, and while the political leadership undertook the massacre of millions of Christians, this after killing off Russia’s monarchy, so that there’d be no going back. Look at the U.S., one hundred years later and following closely in those tragic footsteps, after allowing Jews in our country and allowing them to rule and prosper here. This is what it means: Misery. Hope you Jews are enjoying all your privilege, wealth and power; sure is great to be lorded over by such cruel tyrants after being looted by them.

            Merry Christmas, Anna.

          • Anna – re quoting Solomon, don’t worry, I never do.

            I don’t idolize the bloody-handed phantasms your people have given us as Biblical “heroes.” Every Christian believer would do well to follow Christ’s example and reject the OT in word and spirit, and everyone else would do well to recognize that the historicity of the OT is almost entirely suspect. How much evidence has ever been found of Solomon’s actual existence?

            The entire Torah (and later Talmud) was produced by a priestly caste of high-status Jews in a process not unlike how the Tribe manufactures media today. They’ve always used words as instruments of cultural warfare rather than a means to record truth or attain enlightenment.

            Don’t bother quoting scripture to us. We carry swords.

        • Ant, that is the most concise summation of the events which led to the downfall of this “country” that I have ever read. You pull no punches and name names.
          The only quarrel that I have with it is that it was over with in 1865 (which you addressed perfunctorily).

        • What Any Man Beev is *really* saying here is that Jews are clearly the true Master Race, since all they have to do is wave their hands and entire countries are just handed over to them.

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