The 2020 Predictions

The best thing about the future is you can say whatever you like about it without fear of being wrong, because it has not happened yet. That is, unless you are foolish enough to remind people of your past predictions. Even though none of us can see around corners, we like to imagine what the coming year holds. Even if it is just for amusement, making predictions at this time of year is a fun exercise. So, once again here are what the omen in Lagos are telling us about the coming year.

The forecast for the Democrat primary is a three cushion shot. First, Buttigieg pulls the shocker and wins the Iowa caucus. Sanders comes in second. Biden and Warren both fail to reach expectations as minor candidates nibble away at their support. This carries into New Hampshire, where Sanders wins, but Buttigieg comes in second. This makes him the darling of the cat lady media. The Warren campaign is effectively over, but she staggers on. Biden plans to make his stand in South Carolina.

People forget that Sanders gave Clinton a run for her muumuu in the Nevada caucus in 2016, despite the party cheating like mad on her behalf. Sanders will win the Nevada caucus this time, but Buttigieg will come in second with Biden a close third. This will setup the big showdown in South Carolina. Biden, having been weakened by three bad showings will see his black support slip. The result will be a three way jumble, which will turn the race into a Buttigieg versus Sanders battle.

This will be the great shredding of the Democrat coalition. Blacks are not all that fond of Sanders or Buttigieg. The remaining working class whites are not fond of these two either. The donors who run both parties will not want to see Sanders top the ticket, so they will swing hard for Buttigieg. What will become clear to the various tribes of the Democrat party is they are not all that important to the party. They will learn what conservatives are starting to learn about the Republicans…

The chaos of the Democrat primary will have one benefit and that will be a lightening up of the tech censorship. They will be much too concerned with the primary to go troll hunting for blasphemers. There’s also the fact that a lot was learned by the good guy in the great banning wars. Just as people learned to communicate bad thoughts during the Soviet Union, dissidents are now adopting language and postures that allow bad ideas to be transmitted in spite of speech codes….

The decline of Conservative Inc. will become acute as National Review begins to look for a white knight to keep the publication going. The fact is, the readership of that publication is being decimated by the actuarial tables. The typical reader is now over 70 years old. They never recovered from 2016 and more important, they have not been able to find their footing in the age of Trump. Like the rest of Conservative Inc., National Review is a legacy operations with no natural constituency…

In sports, the Premiere League will have its first trans player…

Not only will Brexit finally happen, it will be something closer to the hard exit that the usual suspects waved around to scare people. What will become obvious to the EU and Boris Johnson is that a clean break is the best. A new trade agreement will be hammered out similar to what the US currently has with the EU. At the same time, a free trade deal will be quickly negotiated between the UK and the US. The Anglosphere will move one step closer to becoming an economic bloc…

Nancy Pelosi will send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate on the agreement that there will be no actual trial. The right thing for the GOP to do is have a public trial and let Team Trump make their arguments about the seditious plot and the Democrat connections to Ukrainian corruption. This would destroy the Democrats in the 2020 election and give the GOP a shot at winning back the House. It would be a public relations catastrophe for the political establishment.

That’s why McConnell will never allow that to happen. Instead, it will be a closed door session, where they do nothing, then a public vote. There will be a few GOP traitors like Mitt Romney who will vote to convict, but otherwise it will fail. This will give the Democrats enough cover with their base, but also give the GOP leverage to force Trump into concessions. They have several amnesty bills, for example, ready for his signature. Impeachment will be good for The Swamp…

In January, Bill Barr will announce that he is looking to some things about the FBI scandal, but is waiting on yet another inspector general report. In March he will remind everyone he is still looking into the FBI issue. In June rumors will float around about Durham doing something. By fall, the election will require putting all of it aside as that would be seen as an unnecessary distraction. The point being is that nothing will come of the Durham investigation. The whole thing gets broomed…

Finally, the big item of the year is the election. Trump will be running from behind again, but this time he will not be sneaking up on anyone. Pete Buttigieg will make sure to sashay around the Rust Belt promising everyone a fabulous economy. While having a twink president of clown world would make sense, the result this time will be similar to last time. Trump wins a slim majority in the popular vote, as blacks stay home. In one of life’s ironies, the racists are saved by the black man…

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168 thoughts on “The 2020 Predictions

  1. Conflating Trump supporters with racists is wrong. If you filled a room half with whites (and you can limit them to Trump supporters if you wish) and half with blacks, 80% of the racists in the room would be black and all of them would be “progressives”.

  2. Damn. I rarely disagree with the Zman, but here’s a clean miss: “The right thing for the GOP to do is have a public trial and let Team Trump make their arguments about the seditious plot and the Democrat connections to Ukrainian corruption. This would destroy the Democrats in the 2020 election and give the GOP a shot at winning back the House.” Not so: The elite ruling-class scum controls the MSM, the federal government and entertainment (Hollywood and television). A prolonged Senate trial allows additional lies by the Left to be magnified and incessantly broadcast as “true” 24/7. Facts put forward by Trump would be mocked, ridiculed and ignored. Better to have a short “trial” and put it all to bed with the contempt it deserves. A protracted trial benefits the Swamp and its lying megaphones.

    • Agree. This entire Impeachment is just a smear op now.

      Clearly however the criminal activity from USA to Ukraine and back is ongoing however, hence the panic.
      Basically they’re using Impeachment as leverage over Trump. Not that anything will come from Barr or Durham, or Rudy.
      If Rudy was AG maybe – but he won’t be.

      Impeachment is like Mueller; the guilty making accusations to cover their tracks.

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  4. I can safely predict UK FT doesn’t get Brexit yet.

    “There was a dour prediction for manufacturing in the UK.

    The editorial statement said: “The manufacturing sector will be devastated without the access to foreign markets that allows factories to take advantage of economies of scale.

    “Britain will no longer be able to participate as easily in continent-wide supply chains in car-making or aerospace, nor will regulatory approval for chemicals and pharmaceuticals be automatic.”

    Shrinking ie nationalizing supply chains is the point. As is reducing “economies of scale.”

    Our Global ruling class are idiots.

    • A few GOP tax incentives for inner city entrepreneurs would fix this problem in no time!

  5. In the scenario where Pete B is nominee, even a slight weakening of the economy will be the undoing of Trump, you will have 1976 repeated with a narrow Dem win, come think about it Pete B is closest to being current cycle’s Jimmy Carter. My prediction of how this narrow Dem win will be:

    2018 elections showed strong residual Rep strength in IA/OH/FL which will keep them on their side, but the results were too strong to ignore a strong Dem lean for AZ/MI/PA, they go and with the elections to Dems.

  6. The stock market will crash in Q2 and a medium sized bank will be allowed to fail. Trump will be hyperactive on Twitter but it won’t help. Butti will be paraded around as proof that we live in the gayest time in history, but Biden will be the Dem candidate, because he is the only one acceptable to most donors.

  7. My impeachment prediction: Trump confounds progressives by saying that he self-identifies as “unimpeached.” They have no basis on which to disagee.

  8. I am somewhat new here, but have enjoyed your blog the past couple of months. I agree with most of your predictions, but think the presidential race will be a squeaker. Assuming the economy stays strong and no new wars, Trump should prevail. I agree with you that Buttigieg is the most likely opponent. The Dems know they will need a large black turnout so he’ll run with Stacey Abrams. Men (moderate whites plus a handful of blacks and Hispanics) will give a higher percentage to Trump this time around. Buttigieg will get the Seinfeld treatment. “Did you know he’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that?” they will say and then vote for Trump in November. Due to widespread vote fraud, Trump loses the popular vote, but does better than in 2016. Trump picks up New Hampshire and Minnesota, but loses either Pennsylvania or Michigan, so the electoral vote is closer this time.

  9. Folks;
    While I know that tomorrow = today is the best way to bet, most of the prognostications above give no scope for the Cloud Folly (TM) we’re seeing ever-increasing evidence for in 2019. Several black swan events are therefore likely to be brought about by Cloud Folly, past, present or future in 2020. The folly is now predictable, but not the results thereof.

    To recall, folly is doing something you actually know (or strongly suspect) is inimical to your self-interest but you do it anyway, because reasons. Or you imagine that the easily predictable results will somehow not happen to you, cause you’re special, because reasons. IOW, some non-pragmatic factors are just too, too important to you. In the current situation, ‘reasons’ too important to the Cloud’s ‘vision of the anointed’ seem the most likely source of folly.

    If I had to predict, I’d guess that one or more of the following will happen in 2020 due to Cloud Folly:
    – VA blows up over 2nd A. Right now, most people seems to think that the Richmond fanatics will back off and let the courts handle it.
    – DC blows up over impeachment. Right now, Trump’s supporters are quiet, thinking it’s going nowhere.
    – DC blows up over swamper arrests for seditious conspiracy: Soros then releases his winged Antifa monkeys as a result. Right now, the swampers think that their usual immunity will prevail.
    – NYC (or another blue metro) blows up into vigilantism and sectarian rioting in response because of the Cloud’s folly in loosing the bonds constraining the local feral population. Right now, the urban hipsters and other vibrant tribes think themselves immune like before.
    – Senate blows up over confirming the Notorious RBG’s successor on the USSC: Soros ditto.
    – Anti-war riots blow up due to ongoing ME adventures or Swamp-promoted war with Iran.
    – Some mishandled major natural disaster, etc., etc.

    As evidence, here are a couple of examples of 2019 Cloud Folly:
    – The House Dems *knew* that impeachment would not result in Trump’s removal by the Senate and that their case is laughably weak, but they did it anyway, uniting the R’s in ways unseen up to now.
    – VA Dems know that stiff resistance from rural folks is highly likely to their announced measures to confiscate any and all semi-automatic weapons. But they plan to do it anyway. The idiots have gone so far as to request an extra $250k in the state budget to imprison recalcitrant rednecks, supposing that said rednecks will resist surrendering their weapons but will meekly surrender themselves. As a result, the rural’s are seriously talking succession.

    I could go on, but you get the picture.

    • I had to laugh at VA’s allocation of a tidy $50k exactly to five different means to up the 2A ante. How much additional incarceration space or prosecutorial talent does $50k buy? At some point, going through all the meaningless motions (talking to you, Greta) has an effect all its own, exposing the Clowniness of Clown World for all to see.

  10. Happy New Year to all you dissidents. This place has become a regular daily stop for me, and a much needed community of like minded. Its nice to know we are not alone.

  11. My prediction. More of the same. The not so slow slide into destruction and the normal people pretend not to notice.

    More hostile foreign faces, more opioids and wars to destroy young white kids, more degeneracy and more insanity.

    The only wild card is whether Trump eeks out another four years or if the Democrats brazenly steal the election and we all pretend what we saw was not what we saw.

  12. Regardless of who the Democrat nominee is, nationalists need to be prepared to endorse Trump publicly as the best candidate for white people on or about October 1.

    I mean endorsements just like those in the newspaper. Even if these are a lukewarm or qualified endorsements, 2020 is an opportunity to begin putting “Is This Good For White People?”-type rationales out in front of those still asleep or only beginning to wake up.

    It would be good if the media takes the bait and amplifies these in an effort to damage Trump or rile up nonwhites. The key is to get them so say “Is this good for white people?” out loud. Better still if it causes a lot of Republicans to wet themselves and move deeper back in their closets to avoid saying the words White People out loud.

    But even if it doesn’t go much farther than the internets, I think the exercise will be worthwhile. We need to keep the big anti-Usual Suspect purity spiral of 2017 – as useful as that was in many respects – well behind us.

    I don’t think anyone knows what four more years of Trump will be like. Not exactly. But I believe that four years like the last three are better for white people than handing state power to crazy people who hate us.

    • If Trump was good for Whites, I could endorse this. He isn’t. He’s our version of the “Thatcher Effect.”

      The idea that “we have to vote for this guy because the other guy is worse” is what keeps kosher sandwich politics in business.

      You have to willing to say “I’d rather skip this meal than eat slop or sh*t.”

      The key to defeating the kosher sandwich strategy is realizing that there is always a third way beyond the false binary choices they give you.

          • If you’re not going to complete the point why bother posting it in the first place? As I see it, we have no other option if you’re going to vote. If you aren’t going to vote, then you haven’t made a choice

          • What it appears Exile is saying is that the only way not to lose at a rigged game is to not play. There is something to be said for that.

            However, is there is also a time for the Alamo effect. Stalling your opponent is sometimes the best option available.

      • I am talking about an approximately five-week conscious-raising effort, not a fundamental re-orientation. If we can’t manage that, we’re less far along than I have imagined.

        Unfortunately, some of highly influential people in this thing have painted themselves into a corner over all this, whether from sour grapes or some other reason, I don’t know.

        I reject the comparison with Thatcher. Thatcher was an ideological neoliberal, Trump is at best a half-assed civic nationalist. I don’t think his effect has been anything like Thatcher’s on nationalist sentiment in the US, such as it was before 2016. In fact, it has all gone the other way – mostly because of the reactions he has provoked and will continue to provoke. I don’t think the two situations are comparable in any sense that matters to us here and now.

        No, the key to defeating the kosher sandwich is to agitate and provoke in ways that matter, not sit on the sidelines during the one time of year when people may actually be paying attention.

        Sitting an election out is not a third way. There is no third way right now, except possible a third-party candidate that may come from somewhere to Trump’s left. We can plan for and argue about a third way, but the fall of 2020 is the wrong time to let something that does not exist prevent you from acting in the context of what does exist.

        Sniping at Trump from twitter and podcasts for being bad for whites while the entire media firmament is saying he is a white nationalist will make no sense to the audience we should be playing to.

        Better that whites vote for Trump because they think it is in their interests to do so, knowing that this puts them on the same team as white nationalists who have endorsed him. Also better that the Likkudniks and other kosherites are forced to justify themselves to their own people. We need to move towards a situation where their people are forced to falsify their preferences, not ours.

        If Trump wins, we claim credit and revert to pointing out betrayals and broken promises. If he loses, this is because he will been insufficiently pro-white.

  13. A Successful New Year For All of Us Dissidents…May we this year find or build the Community we would like and get prepared for whatever the future holds…

  14. The summer Olympics are in 2020, setting the stage for a guy pretending to be a woman competing in the Trials or the actual Olympics. Since winning medals is a big deal, it’ll be interesting if one of those guys wins a medal to see the world’s reaction. Clown World on the biggest stage.

    • There is a way to defeat this farce (man as women athlete). Any sport where a man competes as a women, he competes alone. All women athletes simply refuse to participate. Yes, the man wins by default, but the victory is hollow. The winner is simply an asterisk in the records book. The press has a field day, the spectators are stunned, and the “winner” (by default) is shamed.

      What’s the alternative, for the true women athletes to come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th. With the 2nd place women pissing and moaning about “he’s not a women” and a parade of activists stating that his testosterone levels are in a women’s range, while an uglier than sin man dressed as a women decries bigotry and prejudice, and how hard he’s for his “victory”?

  15. Not sure if I agree with the predictions about impeachment and Durham, but I definitely agree that the Cat Ladies will want a gay this time to check off another box now that they’ve had a black and a woman at the top of the ticket.

    But the blacks ain’t voting for a white guy fag and the Dems can’t win without their votes. Ergo, Trump wins reelection pretty easily.

    For that matter, I personally believe that a VAST majority of Americans – even Democrats – aren’t down with the gay worship and won’t vote for him either, so if he really is Trump’s opponent, Trump will run up his margins from 2016.

    Gay worship is a lot less popular than it appears. It only seems to be widespread because the media and politics are dominated by gays themselves and Cat Ladies. A vast majority of normal Americans just sit there and endure it quietly.

  16. Regardless of who the Democrat nominee is, I predict the Dem VP nod will go to Stacy Abrams of Georgia in an attempt to solve the black voter apathy issue you discussed. I suspect she will be seen as appealing to virtue-signaling suburban white women as well. She is sufficiently noxious that it might help Trump, an uppity fat black chick might red-pill for few more normals.

    • And if Biden is the nominee Abrams has a better than 50% chance of hitting the big time,
      That should scare ol Whitey. I’d almost rather have a yid.

      • I can’t say as I am one, but there could hardly be a better result for an accelerationist than to have the angry black woman who is throwing chairs at Popeye’s installed as President.

      • Milestone and bilejones, that’s the plan. Get a decrepit moderate (well, moderate to their side) elected, have him fade out quickly, and then have the harpie who never could get elected otherwise, step in to the role. Biden was born for his role, and the question is whether the media and the Dems can keep Weekend at Biden’s vertical for long enough, and get him elected.

    • No matter who wins in 2020, there is a very important conceptual arrangement that I would hope we could all agree upon, and all agree to vocally promote. I would especially like to see the DR pundit class promoting this concept in a United front, if they can be so persuaded.

      The concept is this: whoever the Democratic nominee turns out to be, if that candidate wins, that victory is illegitimate (a priori), and that alleged “President” is not the legitimate president, and MUST be removed from office immediately.

      This can be justified for any number of reasons: blatant voter fraud, illegal aliens voting, made-up procedural issues, anything at all to loudly and firmly assert that this Democrat is not the rightful president and cannot be the rightful president. Period. Even if they could present hard proof that there was no vote fraud, simply claim that their sources are liars, and that there was vote fraud, and again, the Dem president is illegitimate and is not the president. If these monsters could tell the vicious Russia lie, and now the vicious Ukraine lie, for three years in unison with a straight face, then we can insist no matter what that vote fraud has nullified any Democratic victory, and will nullify every single Democrat victory forever. There will never be a legitimate Democrat president, ever again. Starting this year, or in 2024, we must refuse to recognize any Democrat president, ever.

      We need to start taking scalps in retaliation for the seditious nullification of this past election, and for the criminal obstruction of the sitting president.

    • Does anyone else find it interesting that LOSERS continue to politically resonate? In previous time a political loss sent someone to the bench for a few years. Now we have has-beens like Beto and harpies like Abrams, who should be licking their wounds and running for county sanitation supervisor showing up as contenders for POTUS. Shoot, even Hillary’s name keeps coming up.

      • I suspect some of the appeal of losers is a sense that they were somehow wronged by their loss, that they were somehow entitled to win but the forces of Evil somehow stole their rightful victory. My sense is much of Leftist rage can be explained by their disappointment that Black Jesus failed to deliver the Final Victory that they expected. Beto/Abrams likewise teased another step towards Final Victory, so they’re seen not so much as losers as wronged victims. And the left loves them some victims.

    • Biden/Abrams is Plan A, and Buttegeig/Abrams is Plan B. Plan A gets her in the Oval Office in 2022 or so when he gets carried out, and Plan B gets her there in 2028 after softening up the electorate. Note how Biden and Buttegeig are lining up with the language on the issues of voter fraud, slabery, and gibs. All the specific word choices that Abrams has been spouting off with for some time now. Obama is laying low and Hillary has disappeared. Sanders and Warren are just flapping their wings. This is all choreographed, and what they are saying is not coincidental. The Democrat fix is in.

  17. ” ” “In one of life’s ironies, the racists are saved by the black man ” ” ”

    Guessing this is meant to be tongue and cheek ? Mocking the left is effective and fairly safe ( at least for now ) . Just hate using certain parts of their narrative as they are soulless, screaming lunatics and fail to see sarcasm or just simply ignore it and keep wailing about racism.

    Enjoyed the review of past predictions and this year’s predictions more or less reflect my sentiments as well.

    The one prediction that always comes true. . . . fatties invade the local gymnasiums feeling guilty about their new Christmas gift membership , quickly their New Year’s resolution dissolves and by the end of January we can all have the gym back to ourselves 🙂

    Happy New Year to one and all.

  18. >The decline of Conservative Inc. will become acute as National Review begins to look for a white knight to keep the publication going. The fact is, the readership of that publication is being decimated by the actuarial tables. The typical reader is now over 70 years old. They never recovered from 2016 and more important, they have not been able to find their footing in the age of Trump. Like the rest of Conservative Inc., National Review is a legacy operations with no natural constituency…

    can’t say it will be missed

  19. Sanders or Warren will get the DemonRAt nomination and will get trounced. Trump will win a 45 State landslide. There will be blatant and massive vote fraud in the half of States. This will take a year or more to fully unveil, but the investigation into it will begin immediately.

    There will not be full impeachment trial in the Senate, but a vote and a summary dismissal.

    I agree on hard Brexit.

    I agree on Trade.

    And finally, I am cautiously hopeful that Barr and Durham are actually doing their jobs. This one is so important, and deep and wide in scope, that there could be dozens if not hundreds of indictments resulting from it. There should be. If their “investigation” turns out to be a sham, if the big fish get a pass again, then the people of the United States will see that there is no rule of law left in this country. There will no longer be any pretense to it. There will be, in the future, only the rule of thuggery. Then violence will be inevitable.

    God help us.

    • Longbow thinks that the death of the rule of law will kick off violence, but I’m not so sure.

      More likely, if many see in full living color that the rule of law is dead, they will embrace the Dark Side and begin to act as if following the law is optional, especially when dealing with the organs of the State.

      Less chance of getting shot and quietly satisfying.

      A stable polity absolutely depends on a vast majority of people self-policing and obeying most of the rules.

      • I see the task of Barr and Durham as landing the impeachment/coup plotting plane with the least damage to all concerned. Find that middle ground that looks not-too-bad for anyone, but satisfying to no one. Look at Barr’s history, he is a capable behind the scenes “fixer”, and always has been.

    • If Trump wins, what happens if the democrat party, which will retain its majority in the House in 2020, declares through the Speaker that the House of Representatives as a body refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election returns? Democrat governors making similar declarations in support of the Speaker? Pelosi’s House then chooses a president? A threat to paralyze the ability of the federal government to function is the only card left to the resistance and they will play it.

  20. One thing left out of those predictions is the perennial wild card: the economy. We are way overdue for a recession or worse. It’s not hard to imagine the economy tanking while Trump keeps up his shtick, and everyone, even his base, gets totally repelled. I think the only shot the Dems have for the white house is a recession. Makes for a nice conspiracy if you believe in those.

    • Agree, and I’m a true-believer in the conspiracy that outed itself with Obama’s promise to “transform” America. The predictive question is whether they leave Trump holding the economic bag in 2020 or the entirety of the GOP in 2024. My bet is on the latter. Even if the Dems can grab the WH in 2020 they probably won’t turn over the Senate, and may very well lose seats in the House. But if the progressives push their agenda out 4 years, that gives them ample time to orchestrate new Trump scandals, start a war or two, and instigate a deep/lasting recession, even to the brink of economic collapse.

      This is where year-by-year predictions are challenging. If we expand the political timetable I’d predict a progressive sweep of the Washington DC establishment in 2024. Patriot Act 3.0 is passed in 2025, geared toward sabotaging the burgeoning dissident movement.

      • I think that Pres. Trump will be reelected.

        We’re in a low-level civil war right now and it will get worse. The mid-2020s will be when it gets real bad.

    • if we want to Trump to win, we better hope the economy continues to do well. That is a major part of his platform. The dems cannot hold it against Trump for lack of progress on immigration, but will hold a market crash against him. I am optimistic the economy and market will do well for the rest of his first term and second, which should help his successor too.

      • What Trump needs is for the MARKET to continue to do well and interest rates held to near-zero, which are very different things from the actual economy. Markets and financial data can be (and are) massaged all the time, but not so much things like the Baltic Dry Index. So if the massaged data and market tickers continue to be favorable that will signal that Big Finance wants a 2020 win for Trump. It will also signal that we’re in for an economically devastating 2020-24.

        In the meantime it’s important that dissidents wake up to the economic house of mirrors. Inflation is well above the actual CPI, non-Amazon retail is lumbering, “refugee resettlement” undermines working class households. This gets back to things we’re harping on all the time – the importance of building healthy communities and counties. We need to plan as though crisis is imminent and the political class doesn’t have a clue … because that’s the reality.

    • I dunno, in the Greenspan era he could bump interest rates up a quarter a point and cause enough of a contraction to make Bush 1 to lose. Powell has had ample opportunity to do the same but not only has Trump made it known to all that he will call Powell out on it, the Fed is now tied to making sure it can absorb all the Federal debt being issued. If he played with the rates it might be enough to bankrupt the big financial institutions and it would certainly curtail the liquify of the primary dealers to be able act as a conduit for treasuries, and the deep state loves debt more than they hate Trump.

      • It’s possible the economy is so fake right now, one could spin it as “great” or “lousy”, depending on some metric. I do think that by September, if Trump is polling well, you’ll start hearing about being in a recession. It will come rather suddenly, and will not feel like one, and possibly not even be one, but mainstream news will be trying to sell one.

    • We’re already there. The phony economy is being propped up by money printing and deficit spending. I follow Layoffs News ( and it’s not pretty. Meanwhile Trump has caved to the donors and increased every category of work visa. Companies that lobbied for tax cuts are forcing their American employees to train their foreign replacements or just pocketing the savings while laying off thousands

  21. My main prediction is that in 2020 we will see the first casualties of political violence when someone gets killed by antifa throwing a rock at their head or something, or perhaps someone attending a rally fights back and kills some soyboy. The election stuff is going to be window dressing for the most serious stuff going down. I can’t see Buttpirate winning the nomination, too many people still rightly find it distasteful to for a dude to sodomize another dude. What is his actual platform other than “Vote for me, I have sex with men”?

    • Something I’ve never been able to understand is why some people – a minority, but definitely a large group – are so down with worshipping buggers. Seems to me that the natural human reaction is revulsion, but I guess we’ve done such a good job of indoctrinating the “Judgment is mean” ethos that they can’t physically bring themselves to judge anyone except for “haters” and “racists”.

      • “Why are some people sympathetic to f@gs?”

        Most white people feel bad judging a person for a quality that the person didn’t choose. Further, people feel good about themselves when they defend such a person.

        If you believe that homos are “born that way” then you may feel virtuous defending them.

        Me, I think that, even if they are born that way, the toll they impose on society when tolerated is unacceptable.

        • Which is precisely why they compare themselves to the black civil rights movement, so they push the “born that way” story and piggyback on the sympathy taught in public schools.

          The difference being, that the only thing they are “born with” are urges, just like any other human being. And just like any other human urge, the behavior itself can be resisted and/or punished if society so desires. A significant portion of Normal America has let itself get swindled by the Cat Ladies so that they no longer understand the difference between a trait and a behavior.

          For a very long time, the younger me struggled with acceptance of gays, then, about 15-20 years ago, I thought about it logically and came to the conclusion that a behavior, or more specifically, the urge towards a behavior, wasn’t an immutable trait and therefore there was nothing wrong with disapproving of gays and not jumping onto the modernity train.

          Mere disagreement “hate”, despite what the Cat Ladies like to spout.

          • The gays have been trying to ride upon the black civil rights movement for decades now. I’ve always thought their arguments aligning themselves with black civil rights were bullshit.

            In the past I’ve gotten into arguments over this with leftie acquaintances – until I came upon a good way to illustrate the difference:

            Imagine you are standing at a crossroads somewhere out in Kansas. You have clear line of sight in all directions – and coming down the road towards you – a few miles out , you see a distant figure. You pull out a pair of binoculars and take a look – and discover it’s a black guy.

            Now if you’re “racist” – you have quite a long time before he gets to you to make up your mind about the guy purely based on the color of his skin. You know nothing about him – he might a decent person and smart as hell. You won’t really know anything about him until you actually come into contact with him.

            Then you spot another person coming from another direction – this time it’s a white guy. He is dressed normal and isn’t exhibiting any sort of strange behavior – plus he’s a white guy, so you have a certain set of expectations there as well.

            After quite a while – the black guy arrives at the intersection , turns out he’s a decent person, talks well – etc. A few minutes later the white guy gets there – and immediately grabs your ass and tries to cup the balls of the black guy.

            Both you and the black guy are now pissed off.

            You just experienced the difference between judging somebody purely based on the color of their skin – and judging them based on their behavior.

            And this is why the homo’s argument that “their” civil rights are the “same” as those asked for by blacks – is complete and total bullshit.

            Blacks can’t change the color of their skin – or change that which is largely determined by the gene pool they swim in (like intelligence).

            Gays *may* be “made” that way thru genetics – but the fact of the matter is that they don’t have to act out on those genes – and I know a number of them who are living proof of this. They managed to get married to women, and pump out multiple children – before “deciding” they were gay – and going off to lead that lifestyle.

            Gays get judged on behavior. This is not the same thing as being judged on innate racial characteristics. Gays (as usual) – are liars. Maybe that’s part of their genetically determined gayness too?

        • IMO homosexuality is merely an appetite. Can be strong or weak, like ppl have strong or weak appetites for food, drink, entertainment, etc. Societal norms pointing away from homosexual behavior are a protection.

          I have a cousin who has gay face; I have my suspicions about him. But he’s religious, married, kids, hard worker, very fit, as far as I know faithful. He’s a very good man. Imagine all the misery he sidestepped.

      • “Something I’ve never been able to understand is why some people – a minority, but definitely a large group – are so down with worshipping buggers.”

        Especially women and and even more especially, young women. Surely the proliferation of globohomo is directly contrary to their deepest and most primal desires and needs? Why aren’t there roving mobs of splenetic women lynching homos from lampposts? Why aren’t Southern trees bearing strange fruits?

        Instead, we have just the opposite. Young, fertile woman are globohomo’s most impassioned and fanatical cheerleaders. I don’t understand the world.

      • His last name begins with “butt” and his chosen degenerate’s name is “Chasten”. If SNL was funny, they would be making skits about that all the time.

        • If SNL were funny they would have a skit where Pete literally judges booties, rating them 1 to 10, and maybe asking for favors from the contestants to increase their ratings.

    • All the Antifa assault crews to date have either received a slap on the wrist or had their charges dropped entirely. DOJ is apparently uninterested in prosecuting. Of course this will embolden them, why wouldn’t it?

    • The “sex with men” thing has a weird resonance among the women, and the non-soy men would never vote for him anyway. The gay mafia has lots of money and a primal need to push their thing to the front and center, so the little guy keeps rolling along.

      • My guess, and it is only a guess is as follows. Women still want romance and a family, but feminist theory views both as oppressive. Therefore a couple of degenerates doing degenerate things scratches that itch vicariously while being completely non-threatening to the actual misandrists.

    • someone gets killed by antifa throwing a rock at their head or something

      Perp gets off with a wrist slap.

      someone attending a rally fights back and kills some soyboy

      Perp gets absolutely crucified a la James Fields.

      Nothing much changes.

  22. The Democrats understand they do not need to go anywhere for votes. They own the people who COUNT the votes. And they are the only ones that matter!

    For quite a number of years now, the hives have reported vote count totals SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER than the number of voting eligible people who live there. Neither “Law Enforcement” nor the “Legal” system have done ANYTHING about that.

  23. Two things: don’t you mean knight as in medieval warrior in “ white night ”? And is Bloomberg out of the campaign?

  24. “In sports, the Premiere League will have its first trans player…”

    I’m really hoping a transgender breaks into women’s tennis and makes all the girls cry.

    • 101% Whitney. I’d love to see “Pat Sampras” or “Regina Federer” unretire in a dress just to smoke Serena-T Williams.

      • Some Australian guy who is ranked like 200th in the world beat Serena and Venus back-to-back and he was smoking and drinking the whole time. It does not take the best to beat all these girls but it does take someone highly competitive who is okay with putting on a dress and undergoing some sort of chemical castration. The rewards are pretty good though. A lot of money and you go from the bottom of the victim pile to the top of the victim pile…and the humiliation of your enemies.

      • There’s a no-name tennis guy who beat both the Williams’ sisters on the same day a few years ago. Hard to dig the cites out now, of course.
        It might be a hoot for him. Federer once said that any man who played tennis for a living would beat any woman. That was in the pre-woke days, of course.

    • I was wondering what was meant by this prediction. I doubt a T-Man (chick who things she’s a man) makes the cut, as the skill level and stakes are just too high (unlike American sports, if your team sucks enough you get tossed to the minor leagues). Perhaps they bring one on as a perpetual bench warmer, with a few token “injury time” appearances to woo the crowds with the novelty act. I doubt the top six or anyone in relegation danger would do it, but a mid tier team could do it get attention.

      As for a T-woman, well, not biologically different anyway. Now, the PL does have a chick division (for which they toss in free tickets as part of your men’s league purchase – a package deal apparently), so I could see a T-woman being added to improve the team performance.

  25. I am going to take a more white pilled view of Barr and Durham. I think some people go to jail. Not Obama or Hillary but maybe Brennan and low level FBI? Someone has to be sacrificed for normie conservative to continue his buying into the system.
    Too much risk not to convict someone.
    Is the national government ready to expose itself as completely outside of Saun Hannity viewership and Rush Limbaugh’s listenership control? I don’t think so, not yet.
    And I think Trump wins again in 2020.
    And like most second term Presidents in the modern age. Trump will coast and do little in his second term.
    The Chamber of Commerce will bring in more Indians and Asians and the left will continue to flood us with Hispanics and Africans.
    The fireworks begin after 2024 in my view.
    The deck is not fully set yet.

    • I’d love to see it but I think Brennan’s a spook too far – the upper-echelon Deep State would see it as an infringement on their prerogatives unless he has pissed off a lot of his peers (ala Epstein).

    • After months of hype Barr & Durham will report “exceptionally poor judgment” for the well-known honchos, but the heinous crimes will be pinned on fanatical GS-15 cubicle warriors going by names like Hank Smith and Sue Miller. Remember Hillary’s emails? Remember investigations into the likes of Sandy Berger?

      That’s the pattern – it ALWAYS works for them, and they’ll stick to it.

    • If (big “if”) Trump gets re-elected, I suspect a scorched earth policy on his part. He is smart enough to know that they will go after him and his family, forever, no matter what, and he is a vindictive SOB with a long memory. He may or may not get anywhere with it, but I suspect he will throw-down go after his adversaries. He is all about paybacks and pressing any advantages he has, and term limits means there is no tomorrow after his next term.

  26. Great post Z-man. I love predictions and you gave us some good ones. I will take a small shot myself.

    I think the situation for the right and normies continues to get worse. Much worse. But in that happening there may be a silver lining. I predict more normal people start to reject the fake-conservative ideas of Conservative, Inc. and move more to the right. I predict that many will even see that the blacks and browns are far more racist than whites ever were. (and that everyone prefers their own tribe — everyone)

    Christianity and “the church” is dying in the West. I predict that will start to change as a great revival is ready if we can find that preacher who is unafraid to preach the gospel unvarnished and in a bold manner. (OK, there is a lot of wishing in this one on my part)

    Finally, I think the working class and middle class will FINALLY see that going to college at this time is a big RIP-OFF. And that comes from a school teacher.

  27. “The right thing for the GOP to do is have a public trial and let Team Trump make their arguments about the seditious plot and the Democrat connections to Ukrainian corruption. This would destroy the Democrats in the 2020 election and give the GOP a shot at winning back the House.”

    Don’t forget who controls the media. Facts don’t matter much, as it’s the spin and the lies that do. Even if Team Trump provided strong evidence that water is wet, those in control of the “news” will obfuscate, lie, manipulate, and spin dry the story. Mere facts will not “destroy the Democrats.” He may be a lying bastard, but he’s our lying bastard so it’s ok. That lying drunken bastard Ted Kennedy left a young woman to drown in a swamp. Did it matter?

    • Also, there’s just the fact that Trump is simply too undisciplined to be trusted to stay on message during a trial. There’s no telling what he and his flunkies might say. Think Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men.” It’s not worth the headache, especially since the media would protect the Bidens and other Dem swamp creatures anyway.

  28. National Review begins to look for a white night

    LOL, I think the Zman takes dancing lessons every day just to be ready for National Review’s grave.

    a lightening up of the tech censorship

    Wishful thinking and alcohol are a dangerous combination.

    I am also drunk, so I will forgive.

    • I know someone in the Conservative Inc. fund raising world. She tells me they are in deep trouble. The rumor in the business is they are not long for this world.

      • I’d be surprised if they weren’t. They weren’t flush with cash when Bill was still pissing in traffic and they’ve gone noticeably downhill in every way ever since.

      • I still occasionally go to the Weekly Standard home page to view the corpse. I will enjoy doing the same with NR.

      • National Review online currently has an article up called, “Creating Conservatism, Inc.” Laudatory, not critical or ironical.

        • LD – they also thought “taking ownership” of the term “cuck” was a brilliant strategy as well. This is a standard response of midwit cucks to effective memery. I can see it playing out in some Big Brain confab at their offices – “what’s wrong with corporations? Let’s own Con, Inc, loud and proud!”

          Most of these “conservatives” grew up in Rand-land, reading the Mises Institute’s “What’s wrong with Scrooge?” piece every Christmas. Contrarian stupidity is part of their lolbertarian heritage.

      • If NR goes down, it will be the first time I can think of that a Member of the Tribe took over a media entity from it’s goy founder and got his ass handed to him instead of milking it all the way to the bank…

  29. Interesting prognostications Sir Z.

    I agree that Sanders or Buttigieg will be the D nominee and I agree that blacks do not like either of them. They have never liked Sanders and they do not like gays. However, all that needs to be done is to pick Stacy Abrams as VP and blacks will be onboard. It is black women who get out the vote.

    I totally disagree that Trump wins the popular vote and I think that there is only a small chance (maybe 25%) that he wins the electoral college. I worked extensively in two D presidential election campaigns and it was an open joke that voting fraud was epidemic BUT heh it helped our side, so what.

    Trump did nothing for those who supported him and let his supporters get annihilated in both the internet world and IRW. He only acted to oppose BS if it affected him personally. The only thing about Trump was perhaps he is John the Baptist to the Jesus coming after him; however, I see no Jesus even in the minor leagues. I only voted for him to destroy the R party which he has and as an unexpected bonus, he has greatly damaged the D party.

    Nothing will happen with Barr/Durham. At most, there will great heaving of chests that mistakes were made that extra training will keep from happening again. Yeah….

    The things I am looking at are what happens with the Covington Boys lawsuit, the VA gun grab, and how the Fed will work to uphold a make-believe stock market and the non-country that used to be the USA.

    Hell is coming after us boys and girls and my New Years wish is that Trump wins if only to give us 4 more years of preparing.

    The only people saving us is going to be us.

    • ExNativeSon said : “I worked extensively in two D presidential election campaigns” = what the frack?

      • Jim:
        Forgive me brother for I have sinned.

        When I got red pilled in 2014 it was to the bone. To be honest sometime I wished I had taken the blue pill. Life in the Matrix was so pleasant for the most part. But while my family is relatively well off financially the day of reckoning is coming for all whites except the very rich.
        And I deeply love my children.

        • Two quotations:
          “It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in is for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.” –J.R.R. Tolkien


          “You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it.” –G.K.

          I am 53. How different will be the span of my years from 53-78 than that same span for my father. He has felt defeated, worried about the future; when not sitting in his chair watching tv, he drives around the country with his wife, spending loads of money, thinking all those years of being rooted, raising a family, somehow cheated him of something greater. I dig in, but I am exhilarated and have a purpose–so he must have done soemthing right in raising me. Now, to help him realize that.

          • M:

            Excellent quotes. Thank you and I will be using those in the future.

            Awesome perspective on your father. He is lucky to have you. I am so happy I have a family and actually we all get along very well even though I have shocked them with my huge recent change in perspective.

            My oldest (feminist) daughter, with whom I am very close although we can’t discuss politics anymore, says “Dad, it is not your job to try to save us. You are not Liam Neeson in the movie Taken.” I say, “Girl, that is the only job I have at this age. Deal with it.”

    • My crystal ball re gun grab…. Concessions to the proposed bill include a grandfather clause (if you register) and a clause allowing ex military to be exempt. The first will seem “reasonable” to middle of the road types. The second will take the steam out of a large group in the state who could pose a voting bloc issue. Some examples will be made of non compliant husbands and fathers, who will be paraded around so that the holdouts can imagine it is their wife and children left destitute. There will be nothing but a whimper.

      • “Some examples will be made of non compliant husbands and fathers, who will be paraded around so that the holdouts can imagine it is their wife and children left destitute. There will be nothing but a whimper.”


        That will be the trigger. Most gun owners will see the writing on the wall and start shooting at that point. The reality is that the democrats don’t want just some guns – they want them all. In addition, you stupid dirt people have far too many rights and freedoms and most of them will have to be curtailed too.

        Lefty has overstepped himself, methinks. Americans are not subjects, they’re citizens… and Lefty seems to have forgotten that.

        • This is absolute fantasy. While some gun nuts might shoot at the cops at their front door, large scale organized resistance is not gonna happen. Even if they weren’t too afraid to get into a fight with law enforcement (it would not be military), there is nobody who has any recognized authority with “patriots” around the gigantic nation of ours. Even if there was somebody, the police state makes mass resistance near impossible. The cops wouldn’t be fighting a unified enemy, rather a bunch of small isolated groups.

          Americans are neither subjects or citizens, we are nationals. Kingdoms have subjects and empires have citizens. But nations have nationals.

          • It’s, perhaps, not even that complicated. These are people who can’t even keep themselves from supporting globohomo in even little ways. So these people who can’t even keep themselves from buying Starbucks are suddenly going to think that political violence is a preferred course of action? C’mon, that might require getting out of bed early.

          • Tars, tell me what some guy is going to do when six heavily armed guys in body armor kick in his front door, unannounced, at midnight, backed by bright lights shining in his face and an armored vehicle outside. That will be the pattern, with precisely the frequency, secrecy, and target selection that keeps people from arming up and congregating in the streets to “do something about it”. It is calibration of response on their part, always calibration.

          • Once that happens Brother the Pandora Box is open and it’s a free for all…It’s one of the reasons though I advocate for Community because then your Sheriff is on your side…

          • No, they use flashbangs for dynamic entrances now. Basically small hand grenades without the fragmentation. Very nasty.

            That said, it goes both ways at that point when they start openly murdering us. Officers get a call to go to some domestic disturbance which is a set up and the smurfs go down without a peep.

            Now you are right, most whites will just roll over and accept a bullet in the head or a boxcar ride to a quarry rather than fight back.

            BTW this is why I also laugh at the DR who think that if they do nothing but forming communities or colonies in MT they’ll be left alone. Guess what Dutch, when they figure out what you’re up to, those efforts will be crushed and the organizers disappearing or dying by SWAT.

        • A note: no attempt will be made to disarm Moslems or blacks in VA. Whitey only. It’s whitey the commies fear. And it’s Whitey who won’t shoot back no matter what he says.

          • 100% this. The VA AG already has tried to have a law passed that would basically make it illegal for whites to say anything about race except “Thank you sir. May I have another.”

            They’ll make so that any white who protests losing his land as either insane or a terrorist and thus should lose his right to have a gun.

      • Never talk about guns outside the family. If your wife or kids rat you out to the authorities, they deserve to be left destitute.

        In a totalitarian society, always keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.

      • I wouldn’t bet on that exemption for ex-military.

        Some of the people the lefties are most worried about – are ex-military.

        They’re often the most pissed off , and they have actually been trained on how to use their guns.

        There’s been a steady stream of news reports over the last couple of years or so about military veterans getting their guns taken away by reports of mental health issues.

    • The simplest answer for the Democrats — brokered convention. Not quite so simplest answer is that Biden does indeed become the nominee. To explain, The Machine always wins, Biden will promise anything for their support, The Machine needs the govt goodies and they know Biden can deliver.

      Far fetched? Look at what went down in Ukraine.

      • It may actually be that Biden’s Ukrainian trouble guarantees him the Democrat nomination. They are already making the case that his being a candidate protect him from investigations, in spite of the obvious contradiction that such a thing did not apply to candidate Trump. This may be their last attempt to keep the lid closed on the exploding Ukrainian allegations with respect to the Democratic party Obama Etc.

    • The Booby’s prediction for 2020? Not that anyone asked, but here it is anyway:

      Someone will win the presidential election. It won’t matter whom.

      The universities and colleges will continue to ensure that 90%+ of the graduating lawyers are fanatical leftists, many of their predecessors from the radical leftist graduating class of 20 years ago will become judges.

      The schools will continue to preach Greta Thurnberg instead of reading and math.

      The media will double-down: If Trump wins they’ll go even crazier than they are now. If the Dems win they’ll fawn over the new candidate in ways that would make even Obama blush.

      The bureaucracy will receive yet another year of new recruits from our colleges and universities. More radical leftists to populate every job from patent clerks to embassy staff to enforcement agencies.

      But golly gee, we’re gonna have this election! And it’s gonna mean what, exactly? Oh right, nothing. No matter who wins. Adorable.

      • You pretty much nail it the booby. Tick tick tick. Election? One trillion dollar deficits or two trillion dollar deficits? Tick tick tick. Hear that? That the ticking debt bomb. When the delivery of free stuff stops, KAPOWIE! That’s my prediction.

  30. Prognostication is a tough act with last night’s festivities still 1812’ing in my head, but here goes. Tchaikovsky knew his audience, BTW – more fireworks here last night than July 4, and well past 3:00 am. Happy New Year to all you laggers on US time.

    I’m in broad agreement with a lot of Z’s takes, but Orange Man is my Black Pill.

    Bootystuff will be more sassy than many imagine and it will turn a lot of Blacks further off to politics, to the point where even a free ride to the polls and a carton of Newports won’t be enough to make most of them vote. Dems won’t mind because “natural conservative” Latinos have caught a bad case of The Ghey in their trek northward, as Range observed a couple of days ago. Expect many more Carlos Maza twinks and sausage-fingered, faintly-mustached cholas to be slouching Northward toward El Cibola.

    Cuck Island will indeed get cuckier. Britain has lost an empire and has no role but that of Uncle Shlomo’s adult diaper-baby now. It is even more Zio-cucked than the United States of Ashkenazim. Fail Brittania. No Brexit, instead Brexodus – to the colonies ala Pierce & Nigel. We have room for them, and the South African whites as well. Stipulation – they have to make two Browns leave for every one we let in. Win-win.

    No way the Swamp gets drained. Not even sipped. Not even stirred. D.C. started as a malaria swamp and will end the same. Soon, if a wigga could.

    Now for a big long double-shot since we’re not betting on this and since I’m having shots for breakfast anyway (10:00 am here).

    Trump loses.

    The combo of base apathy for what’s amounted to a third Bush admin and rampant electoral fraud which Trump’s DoJ has done nothing to deter (being much more concerned with Shlomo’s Nazi-hunting agenda) will result in the loss of the Rust Belt states.

    Florida, only a 1.2% Trump win in 2016, goes Dem, as does more of the South, most importantly North Carolina with 15 electors and maybe even GA with 16

    Consider that the Weld-Johnson Lolbertarian ticket pulled almost 3% of the 2016 vote in NC. With toxic college grads and gentry hipsters mushrooming at VA-like rates, NC is now a Duke-dom.

    Georgia is browning faster than a hoe-cake and was only a 5% Trump win in 2016. Haters will recall that GA was the embrownening heralded by our Fellowest White, Michelle Goldberg, in her infamous “We Will Replace You” screed.

    Chaser – enjoy Texas’ last GOP vote, and it will be closer than many think. Trump won by 9% in 2016 with Texans expecting a big beautiful Wall and buses taking Consuela & her seven ninos back to Juarez. A 2012-style Red turnout drop and rampant electoral fraud could result in Florida 2000-style recounts just so Dems can flex their new Tejano Ladyboy muscles. With Houston’s recent mayoral pride parade and state politicians like the Alien Castro Bros. (aka “Dos Molinas Lizardas” (or “La Guaczilla Putas” YMMV), Texas new salad days are tasting very spicy and fruity.

    With all due respect to Z, when it comes to Blacks, we can’t relax – because of Jews, MAGAs lose.

    • Exile:

      It ain’t the double shots that are making you see that Trump will probably lose.

      The term often used by the judges pronouncing the sentence of death on deplorables is, “may God have mercy on your soul.”

      May he indeed.

    • Damn exile, you’re a dour one. I’ll take a stab at some predictions. Unexplained suicides continue, including Bruce Jenner and Comey. A Black Swan event in China causes markets to crash. Two more synagogues get attacked. The dissident right attracts a billionaire benefactor. The last one may be wishful thinking.

      • Sid, I’m having fun thinking of who the Based Billionaire would be. I think all of Us who write at all have played around with the idea as a story before. Trump coulda been that guy, what a sad fail…

        Caitlyn offing xyrself is just playing decent odds – how many trannies don’t at least try? That said, millions of dollars beats SSRI’s for muh depression anyday. Xe will probably stick around.

    • Even if Trump miraculously wins it will be quickly undone. Shlomo, Shlomo & Shlomo didn’t like the results of 2016 so they undid enough of that election until they could get the results they could live with.

      Trump’s reelection might buy us some time but nothing else. On the other hand a defeated Trump facing endless litigation in his post-presidency…with 2 months in control of the presidency? He could do a lot of damage to the current arrangements. Trump lashing out to get back at enemies and to protect his own skin could be a period of major acceleration. Even if it all gets undone once he’s gone the cat will have been let out of the bag. Badgering him in private life will keep him in the spotlight. He could do a lot of damage even out of office. If he loses and gets more than 60% of the white vote he will still have a lot of power and influence. And he will be very motivated to get as many whites into his corner as he can to protect him and his family from being destroyed.

      In office he’s controllable, out of office he’s too much of a liability if they go after him and they will. So they will have to do something to quiet him. In defeat Trump could be everything he should have been in office. The Great White Catalyst.

      • YY: While I hope you’re right on some of this, I think once Trump leaves office, whenever and however it happens, he will kibbutz with Sheldon, Chuckie Kush et al and leave goyish politics entirely.

        I think part of his Zio-cuckery represents angling for an honorary J-pass, including (in his own head, not gonna happen) the right of his clan to make aliyah to escape his enemies in the US.

        Yahweh knows he never passes up the opportunity to remind his erstwhile Tribe how much he’s done for them.

        Sorry Donnie, you silly goy you. The Tribe might thrown lavish state funerals for shabbos familiars like Robert Maxwell even after Mossad kills them, but the golden calf of no-extradition immunity enjoyed by made-Moishes like these guys ( will forever elude him.

        • Our greatest ally in this is the JLeft and their pet bioweapons who will demand a blood sacrifice. We should exploit the civil war going on in LittleHatdom to our advantage in the same way they do to us.

      • He could resign in early Jan and have President Pence grant a blanket pardon.
        Of course, the second they are rid of Trump, that will probably be the end of it. Frankly it’s a bit surprising that they were able to keep up a level 11 hysteria this long. They have been in a tizzy over Trump since 2015!

        • I’ve called Pence “Fredo” since he was put on the ticket for a reason. He would promise to pardon them then give them the knife in the back. Pence is David French with a better resume – never trust that guy.

    • I think the democrats are gonna get fuggin FLOGGED.

      Americans don’t like losers and at the end of the day – that’s pretty much the lay of the land over there. Geriatric boomers and young weirdos. If I had any money and could pay my debts if I lost, I’d bet good money on it.

      The best Trump election meme I’ve seen so far goes something like:

      “TRUMP 2020: Because F*** You Again!!!”

      If nothing else, Trump drives our enemies insane… which is more than te other cucks and lickspittles will do….

      • I still like Trump. I think he’s done well all things considered, then again I tried to be realistic about his personality and what he’s up against. Actually a lot better than what anybody could’ve reasonably expected.

        The recent EO granting victim status, a disappointment, will have unintended consequences. What those are I can’t predict but every group that has had government protection gets demoralized and resented in the end. That’s all I know about that.

        It doesn’t matter anyway. There are historical forces at work bigger than Trump or any other politician. The financial interests ran the car into the ditch. It’s only a matter of how long it takes for the engine to sputter out. How much power can any president be expected to wield these days? Like Juri says, people will just start slacking to maintain some semblance of order.

        Liberty is dangerous and uncertain. These crazy times mean we’re being freed.

    • Spot on. I don’t see Trump winning with almost nothing to show his base after 4 years in office except a pile of tweets. He burned his base, rallies not withstanding.

      Trump also mortally hurt our side with his bullshit and betrayals. He convinced a lot of Whites to stay the course even though it means their demise.

      It would have been far better if Jeb had won and screwed the pooch so bad the GOP would end up alienating almost all whites.

    • How is the UK more cucked than the US?
      Structurally the UK is less down the road than the US,Canada, or Australia. Demography, social indicators would indicate the US is much more neo-liberal than the UK. And I wouldn’t write off Trump.
      Or is this more about your gut-feeling, that breezy pessimism which caused you to run away from your own country!

  31. Broadly similar to my views at least in terms of the outcome.

    I’m tired of current year so I’ve been binge watching Thames TV news programs from the 1970s and 1980s. So much more fun and I know how things end anyway.

    Hope that this next year is a damn sight better than last.

    Happy New Year and may it bring positive things for the Z-man, this blog, and all his readers and like-minded folks.

    Avanti 2020!

    • This will launch the Soviet Union style collapse. Soviet Union collapse was started also sanctuary everything neighborhoods. For example, in my hometown people were angry that visitors buy the food and bombed municipality until town Executive Committee printed something like food buying stamps and ordered local shops not to sell food to people without them. This was illegal, but nobody cared. Later other areas begun make their local rules and in the very end we had country filled with “sanctuary whatever” mess and central governing became impossible.

      • I fear that you are hoping for too much from the “cold dead hands” crowd. I guess that they will make loud threats as they do exactly what they’re told. A whole generation of empty boasts, for all to see.

          • Good point.

            I don’t see much equality between the issues when you compare the results of how the gun rights crowd has fared – vs. other “conservative” issues like say abortion, gays everywhere, govt. fiscal responsibility – etc.

            The 2nd amendment has been mostly nibbled away at around the edges. No more machine guns, have to have a license, red flag laws – etc. But recent ATF releases indicate that there is something like 400 million KNOWN guns in this country right now. When I first started paying attention to the gun thing 20 years ago – I seem to recall the number being in the vicinity of 200 million.

            So it can’t be said that the gun people haven’t put their money where their mouths are when it comes down to backing up the right to own a gun. The lefties bitch constantly about the NRA – and completely leave out the fact that it’s a member funded organization. They don’t want to confront the truth of that.

            When Obama was President – there were numerous gun buying sprees – every time the Magic Negro opened his pie hole about cracking down on firearms – everybody responded by going out and emptying the shelves of anything and everything gun related. In the end – the Obama administration accomplished nothing. Even despite a number of high profile shootings that in at least some cases – were highly suspicious in nature as to whether they were naturally occuring or not. The Obama administration couldn’t even clamp down on the sale of spent brass in DOD auctions, the gun rights crowd was on that one immediately and got it reversed (DOD emits large quantities of spent brass – it gets used to remanufacture ammunition for the civilian market).

            I can’t find ANY sort of comparable economic response to any of the so-called conservative issues. I don’t see “conservatives” shutting off gay and POC infested TV programming, I don’t see them pulling their money from the NFL, I don’t see them spitting out kids to counter the abortionists, and I don’t see them REALLY fighting the massive increases in government spending on optional Mideast wars.

            I’ve been somewhat encouraged by the response coming out of Virginia to the state government’s overreach on guns. All of the talk about militias – formed at the COUNTY level – is exactly the right thing to do. The 2nd amendment right to own firearms and the right to form – and the responsibility to be in a militia – are two sides of the same coin.

            The progressive effort to get rid of the true militia – and replace it with the National Guard, was one of the first things that set this country on the road to empire , big government – and the globohomo disaster we see all around us right now.

            The fight against globohomo isn’t going to come from running away to some Galt’s Gulch in a Midwestern red state – it’s going to come from places like Virginia where the people finally decide to stand together – arm up – and then tell the government and all of the ne’er do wells that occupy it’s halls to go phuck themselves.

        • Well, depends. Actually what I think Is widespread silent ignorance. Like we had in the Soviet Union. Officials dont do, police dont see, courts have no time. low rank clerks losing papers. I don`t believe that herd will fight. But herd can just walk away. It will be like Ferguson effect but yuuge.

    • I have not been following it close enough to have an opinion. If the lunatics do a gun grab, the gun owners will go along with it. it will end up in Federal court and drag on for a decade, so nothing will happen.

      • I’m not sure about that. NY and CT *potentially* created a lot of felons after Sandy Hook. Many gun owners didn’t comply, and the states didn’t do anything about it.

        Edit: walking on eggshells

      • I think Juri, above, is correct.

        America’s future is a big Greece. The legislatures will pass laws for virtue points, which will promptly be ignored by everyone. Our commies don’t have the guts to see through enforcement, and anyway the cops hate their guts and they hate the cops.

        They may go for a few “show” busts, odds are 50-50 on those blowing up in their faces from general apathy and incompetence. But in the main the laws will just be ignored by everyone.

      • There is some level of gun owners that *may* go along with a government edict to “turn them in”. Past history has shown this to be true. But the gun owners who typically go along and walk their property down to the police station are Fudd types who are turning in their old 30.06 hunting rifles – that they probably haven’t fired in 20 years anyway. They’re old and their wives browbeat them about it enough that they just give up.

        One of the key things to understand about a large portion of the population that buys “assault weapons” – which are the gun types complained about constantly by lefties and SJW types, is that 1) they’re expensive. If you paid $1000 for a nice AR-15 5 years ago, you’re not giving that up at the police station just because somebody told you to. The incidents of people actually doing this are in the single digits.

        The #2 thing to understand – and the more important one , is that purchasing an “assault weapon” is a statement of “phuck you”. Gun owners have been getting hectored about assault weapons, weapons of war, and baby killers for decades now – and they STILL purposely go out and buy them.

        You really think somebody who has waded thru all that BS, and has spent a decent amount of $$, AND probably thinks he’s really going to NEED that weapon at some point in the future – is going to hand it in? I think you’re not really fully in touch with what is going on here if you do. Like previous responses have said: there has already been a number of states where they issued an edict just to register (never mind hand-in) – and nobody complied. And they weren’t “red” states – it was NY and CT.

        Here in MA the AG, a lesbian SJW type – issued an edict a couple of years back that all AR-15 sales in the state had been done under a mis-interpretation of the law. In essence what she claimed was that every previous AG – and all of the AGs across all of the states in this country for that matter when the Federal AWB was in effect – had mis-interpreted the law (the MA assault weapons laws are based directly on the Federal AWB from 94). So she banned all further AR-15 sales. And she said that *for now* anybody who had previously bought one was ok – but she retained the right to go after them later.

        What has happened from that? Near as I can tell – nothing. Instead of buying AR-15’s now, people in MA buy M1A’s and Tavors, and all manner of non AR based “assault” weapons.

        Her edict didn’t stop anybody who wanted a guy from getting one – and it didn’t take one away from anybody. Near as I can tell – it INCREASED sales – because it woke up a bunch of people who might have thought they would wait to buy something.

        In the end – if a government jackboot going out to enforce a confiscation order gets shot with a round of 5.56 that came out of a Tavor , he’s still shot just the same as if that round came out of an AR-15.

        This is probably why the turds in VA have decided to go for full confiscation. They finally realized they were just jerking around with all the bans and shit.

        The problem the gun-confiscators have – is that they can’t possibly confiscate the whole country at once. So when they turn VA into a battleground – people in other places take notice and respond accordingly.

    • John,

      I think the legislators will settle on “universal background checks”, the rest will not get enough support. I think more than half of them will be too afraid to vote in favor.

      Then “universal background checks” will be tested and fail in the courts. The courts will see and appreciate that the peasants have pitchforks.

    • Empty posturing. The courts will not allow it. The courts wouldn’t even uphold the DC gun ban. It’s almost as ridiculous as the abortion bans which the courts will strike down even if all 9 judges were Republican appointed. They may be cucks, but they don’t want to get shot.
      Guns are the one thing I think conservatives might actually fight for. I’m not even really sure of that. They might not ever use them to stand up to tyranny, but it makes them feel good. Taking their guns is like taking a pacifier from a baby. Who wants to make the babies cry anyway?

    • The possible gun grab Virginia is a possible wild card event that pushes things our way in dramatic fashion. Also something flying under the radar also in Virginia is a foreign born brown Democrat pushing a bill outlawing single family homes. I agree with Z that this is probably a generational fight but there is always the possibility of something happening out of the blue that changes everything overnight.

    • In my opinion lower level forces are driving towards violent civil war in both VA and the NE. In the latter, Blacks claim the “Purge” privilege, the ability to kill Whites at any time, and this is against a long standing, decades long, desire of both the Upper Class Whites and Blacks to enable Black violence against Whites at any time. [See the movies “Funny Games” where Upper Class Whites in masks torture/kill a nuclear family for being bourgeois ].

      There will be no arrests in the Tessa Majors murder, the stabbing lunatic will be released after a wrist slap, police will arrest Hasidic Jews found carrying firearms, and there will be a general purge of the Hasidic first but White people generally in the NE. Bill de Blasio as essentially the king-maker of the area. He’s not driving it but he’s the beneficiary. Massive Hispanic immigration drove out the White middle/working class and has enabled the alliance of rich anti-bourgeois Whites with street level Black thugs and their politicians like Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar.

      In this case its a dominance play — Blacks claim ownership of the streets and the right to kill Whites whenever and wherever, this has mirrored the general purge of Whites from TV and movies, the Obama era riling up Blacks and BLM shooting police, etc. So its the continuation of existing trends brought to its conclusions: Blacks have the right defacto to kill Whites for almost any reason.

      In VA the issue is not really rural people having guns. Its the desire of big shot non-White immigrants who were big shots back home not having palatial estates and servants here in the US. They want the property and wealth of the Whitey in the suburbs and rural areas, and are pressing Northam who is driven by events to take the property and wealth of deplorables and give it to them.

      Northam in order to shore up support by his third world NoVA Pakistanis, Saudis, etc. will almost certainly turn off electricity to rural counties, use the Virginia Air National Guard against selected police/sheriffs and leaders. He will use part of the National Guard and special sections of the State Police to go house to house, and “find” various illegal guns and use it to seize the property and give it to his supporters.

      At first gun owners and deplorables will cave, but since public humiliation is the goal of the Third World big shots over “uppity” Bad Whites there will be much publicity of homeless, on the street Whites and eventually they will fight. Hard and ultimately losing, but this fight will go national. Gavin Newsome here in California wants to do the same thing; so too do the Governors of KY, TN, OR, WA, NY, MA, and IL as well as LA. I can see the same thing playing out in all of those states.

      Its the same issue playing out in different ways: Blacks want street power over life and death as that is what is important to them: killing Whitey over and over again. Third World big shots want the homes and property of Whites as they figure they are big shots and Deplorables are Deplorables. There is no more money, goodies, etc. to go around to smooth over these demands as mass third world immigration sucks up all available social spending that used to go to bribe people to keep the peace.

    • They’re not gonna do a “gun grab” per se. They’re gonna outlaw all future semi-auto and hi-cap sales and require registration of existing guns. People won’t comply with registration, they’ll simply hide the gun in the closet, but they’ll get picked off one-by-one when their wife or GF calls the cops for a domestic.

    • Depends on a lot of variables. The Virginians are probably the only white people with a sack who can fight back if the Dems go full Potato. My guess the state Dems will back off a bit until they get a Democrat in the WH then drop the hammer on whitey via executive orders and stacking SCOTUS.

      One thing about the Dems is that they are very good at playing the Long Game. And they play for keeps. Once Trump is gone I suspect the gloves come off They’ll gut the 1A and then the 2A. Then enact a slew of RedFlag laws to legally confiscate guns under the flimsiest of pretenses.

      They’ll have the banks and corporations make it impossible for companies to manufacture or selll firearms which will achieve the same thing as confiscation.

      Then factor in a open border and 100 million more Orcs in the U.S.A and our side will be obliterated as they sit watching Netflix

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