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This is the first show of the year. One day, maybe 365 days from now, we will look back on this with 2020 hindsight. This is the where the crowd starts to groan. Anyway, I’m happy to see the holidays end. It has been a weird few weeks with Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year. It was like having two five-day weekends in a row. Since not everyone took the same half of the week off, it was just two strange weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back to the normal routine starting next week.

My original plan for this week was to do a deep dive on a longer subject, but I got going on the book project and that took up most of my spare time. I’ve mentioned this before, but instead of just taking a bunch of posts and creating a book of greatest hits, I’m producing all new material. I’m also trying my hand at longer form writing. I’ve never done long essays, as I don’t think they work very well in the blog format. Blog readers want short column-length stuff they can consume quickly.

The thing with long form writing, at least in my opinion, is it has to be consumable in smaller bites. The modern audience has a shorter attention span and they expect a payoff within a thousand words or so. That means long form writing needs to be more like an assembly of short essays that are tightly connected. That way, the typical reader can consume some of it, put it aside and then easily pick up where he left off at some later point in the day. Otherwise, they will quit and never come back.

Obviously, a big part of this is due to the internet. In a world where people are communicating via short text messages on their mobile or on a social media platform, no one should be verbose. I think it is also due to being bombarded with media. All around us we are inundated with messages from ad makers, the clerisy and the state. All of it is designed to trick us into thinking the right thoughts. As a result, getting to the point without a lot of artifice is what people prize in writing.

Anyway, I’ve finally settled on how I want to do longer form stuff, so I invested time in the project over the holidays. I had a head of steam going, so I did not want to stop to do a deep-dive type of podcast. I was going to skip the show entirely, but then someone suggested I should have done a podcast on the predictions stuff. That made a lot of sense, so that’s what I have this week. Too bad I don’t do video, as I could have dressed up as a fortune teller for this episode.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00:The Primaries
  • 18:00: I Disavow RamZPaul
  • 26:00: Conservative Inc.
  • 29:00: Impeachment
  • 37:00: The Barr Stuff
  • 43:00 Virginia Guns
  • 47:00 Orange Man Is The New Black Pill
  • 54:00 The Economy
  • 55:00 Political Violence
  • 56:00 The Middle East
  • 57:00: Closing

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184 thoughts on “The Forecast Podcast

  1. You miss a large swath of conservative voters. It is not that we love Trump, it is simply at this point there is no other alternative.

    It is not the safe choice, it is the only choice.

    And your demographic statements on the popular vote support the ” there is no alternative to Trump” logic. We simply cannot win, and after 2020, with 4 more years of white dilution, it will be all over.

  2. Finally got to listen to the podcast this morning. Regarding Mayor Pete as the Democrat nominee after a brokered convention, if the Grand Poobahs of the DNC are looking at the same projections of the general election that give Trump the edge that the Zman explained at the end of the podcast, then nominating a homo becomes even more attractive for them.

    If he pulls off the upset, great. They get to emphasize the HOMO over the GLOBO for four years. But if (when) Mayor Pete loses, then the Dems can blame homophobia among the Dirt People instead of considering that the actual policies that they’ve been promoting for the last 50 years aren’t winners outside of the coasts.

    I still find it amazing that we have to recognize the mayor of the fourth largest city in Indiana (of all places) as a serious candidate for POTUS by a major political party just because he likes butt stuff. That’s how beholden the Dems are to the Alphabet People. The mayor of the fourth largest city in any state has no business running for leader of the free world. If he wasn’t a queer, no one outside of Indiana would know who he was.

  3. Fudgepacking Pete’s last name is pronounced Booty-jij, not Booty-gig. Furthurmore, the other Pete’s last name is prononunced Strawk, not Strozok.

  4. I’m always astounded at the naivety of the Right wing. They’re always attributing a reasonableness and civic mindedness to the Democrat leadership that is completely unwarranted. Sorry Z-man, there’s zero reason to think “Nancy” is holding back the crazies or that impeachment is some red meat thrown to her base. Nancy, Chuck and the whole gang hate Trump, they want to damage/destroy him, and they think impeachment will do that. They know they can’t get 66 votes, but they want to damage him as much as possible.

    As for only 40 D’s voting to convict. Again that’s just wishful thinking. Lisa Murkey will probably vote to convict, & Mittens too. And except for the guy from WV every D Senator will vote guilty. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final vote is 50-50. This thing will drag on for weeks, because the whole point is damage Trump as much as possible. And the RINO’s hate Trump as much as the D’s.

  5. If Mayor Pete gets elected president, what Clinton did to that intern in the White House is going to seem quaint in comparison.

  6. “The Economy” is fake. America’s GDP is approaching 1/2 government spending and made up stuff. Over 8 trillion dollars of the GDP is government spending after you account for state and local spending. Over another trillion is “home owner’s rent” which is entirely fictitious (the amount of rent you would be paying yourself if you were a tenant).. That is the best part of 10 trillion dollars of the GDP. Add to that the effect of underestimating inflation and GDP really starts to look ridiculously inflated.

    It really is amazing that the various levels of government collectively spend over 8 TRILLION dollars every single year. To put it in perspective, if you had stack of one thousand Dollar bills (the largest dollar note ever printed) that equals a trillion Dollars, it would be 68 MILES high! That would be a BILLION thousand dollar bills! The government’s stack of 1000 Dollar bills is 544 miles high! If you laid the stack on its side, they could line both sides of I-95 (North and South) from Philly to DC with plenty of miles left over. 544 miles is almost exactly from Philly to Charlotte. Not end to end either. We’re talking a stack of bills turned on its side! That’s a lot of hookers and blow.

  7. I for one am sick of neo-Zoroastrianism.

    As if Tucker doesn’t talk about Ahura Mazda enuf, already.

    Watched King Mel’s flick ‘Edge of Darkness’ the other night. Plot revolved around Boston company that was secretly manufacturing nukes with other countries’ signature to be used (per movie) in “jihadist false flag.”

    The company in the film was called, IIRC, “Northmoor,” kinda close to Northwood, as in Operation Northwood, you remember, the one about the false flag shooting down of a US airliner to blame on Cubans, dreamt up by General Lemay, nixed by party-pooper JFK.

    I hope those pesky Persians didn’t watch the movie, might give them ideas.

    • The best that could happen to the Persians would be to revert to Zoroastrianism. They had one of the classical world’s old religions. Until Mohammad’s boys rode into town. Then they got the far most stale, vile and ugly of the Abrahamic desert cults, and I am not much a fan of most of any of them. Hail Odin and cheers Thor 🙂

      • Had some exposure to Baha’iism last year. Essentially part of the “talented tenth” of expatriated Persians searching for an alternative to the fundamentalist Shia thing that their country lives under today. Smartish people latching on to some 19th century child messiah. There are others, like the Aga Khan followers. These people are looking for a way out, but the objects of their veneration suggest a bit of nuttiness going on there. Bringing our people home and leaving the greater ME to them seems like the only long term solution that makes any sense to me.

        • I have a serious case of ME fatigue. It’s just an ugly, meaningless place to me. Angry idiots killing other angry idiots. Get our ppl out and be done w it.

  8. Rudy Giuliani is the guys who talks like he’s really willing to name all the names on the Ukrainian grift. Maybe it’s a game.

    • Rudy’s wits may be in Pelosi territory though. I wouldn’t be inclined to make him keeper of secrets and they may not have either.

  9. If you would, pls put a link to the music you end with, it’s often entirely new stuff I’ve never heard. This time it sounded like some sort of German neo-volkish folk stuff, Im sure in the video they’re probably standing in some Alpine pasture, attractive white woman w long, golden braided hair singing, submessage ‘healthy peasant culture, this is what Europe was supposed to look a hundred years ago’ stuff. But I kinda like that stuff. Beats nose rings, short blue hair on some butch leftist scream balloon that would repulse even a hippo.

  10. On a different note, I recall Z mentioning VDay on a couple of occasions, so I think some people around here may have a little bit more of experience with VD than I.
    I was following that guy for some time, but his podcast content is some 60% of the time talking about how great Castalia House and UTV are doing, 20% of the time VDay spends bringing his crowd back into line with his socio sexual hierarchy, and only remaining 20% of podcast is actually VDay’s take on politics, economics etc, and that last part, despite being kind of slo’mo was often pretty good except VD’s spat with Fuentes&Co, when VD with his slightly out of his rockers friend started hounding Nick for no rational reason… At the same time VD seems to be lawyering up for some “huge” operations against entire world, from tech giants to internet trolls, with the latter looking pretty gamma within VD’s own frame of reference… what’s the deal with this guy? Was he alwas like that?

    • Vox went downhill after his fatwa against Gab. I stopped going there soon afterwards. Before he started fun troll campaigns like the Rabid Puppies and had some interesting takes.

      Now he seems more interesting in starting “I’m more alpha” pissing contests and getting a cult following of people who will buy whatever he is selling. I miss his interesting commentary and projects. Maybe he just ran out of things to say and e-drama is the easiest way to get new material.

      • He should not have told people he was building an alternative video streaming service. That’s just too easy to check out. It’s one thing to exaggerate subjective items. Exaggerating factual items is asking for trouble.

        • I don’t know enough about Vox or the industry to assume his bad intentions or incompetence regarding this issue, but even giving him benefit of the doubt in this case, watching his unnecessary confrontation with Nick I couldn’t help my feeling that for Vox, climbing peak of his ego and jumping to… let’s say plateau of his achievements would be a lethal exercise. Also… I laughed pretty hard when I saw him challenging Fuentes to a WRITTEN debate… I don’t know exact timeline of his spat with groypers, but I bet he came up with that idea after one of your podcasts. Anyways, it looks like his focus is slowly shifting away from building the alternative platform to seeking attention and spamming lawsuits. Hopefully he will not stoop to the level of one Canadian trans wackadoodle that kept suing beauty salons for refusing to wax his scrotum.

      • I disagree. The problem isn’t even VD, it is Owen Benjamin. Owen runs around starting drama and then the little fags that hate Benjamin try to turn Vox against Owen in a ‘lets you and him fight’ kind of way. In addition to Owen’s drama, a lot of his former fan boys really, really hate him. They have tried to get to Owen through VD. Vox, not being a snake and standing by people he has publicly befriended then becomes a target for failing to fight with Owen.

        Benjamin is a double edged sword. He brings a lot of viewers, but he also brings all of this drama on. I have never cared for Owen and always thought he was way more trouble than he was worth. He’s a clown, IMHO.

        Unauthorized TV was started as a way to allow supporters to give Owen money. They called it “feed the bear” Vox said they hoped to get streaming. He has been very up front about this stuff and has offered full refunds to anyone requesting one. None of the drama queens kvetching about the lack of live-streaming on UATV are actual subscribers that give a shit one way or the other. They are little spergs who got mad that their idol turned on them. It has been ENTIRELY about drama since the day it started.

        Hell hath no fury like a sperg who has been spurned by the object of their former worship.

    • Beale is a delusional narcissist. He is a deceiver with questionable self-awareness. His sigma category is the confidence projection of a narcissistic persona where a lack of self awareness – delusions of grandeur – comes off as convincing to most. The Dark Lord and Vox Day/Dei monikers should come to mind. He has a hard time pulling this off outside of writing.

      He claims friendship with Milo and Cerno. Milo can switch personas on the fly to misdirect from his narcissism. Your friends are revealing.

      He cultivates a following of lesser narcissists to feed his ego and kicks out any real challengers. Beale can’t be worked with.

      The superficial read of Fuentes is e-celeb clout chaser. He has low trust outside his circle. Beale would see Fuentes as clout chasing competition.

  11. You have really soured on Warren? You had her as a shoe-in just a month or so ago with her ability to hypnotize the middle aged cat women. Don’t forget just how quickly the Democrats can claim the woman card. As bad as Warren is, she is no where near as shrill and annoying as Hilary Clinton. She just wears the woman card better than Clinton did without being so annoying and shrill the way Clinton was.

    • A few months ago she seemed to have righted the ship and gotten past the fake Indian stuff. Then she made up new whoppers and made herself look like an idiot over her health care idea. I still think she is the best option against Trump, but she has to win the nomination and that’s looking grim right now.

      • That’s assuming the fix isn’t in on the Dem side. I think the fix is in, and it hasn’t ever been Warren (or Sanders). It’s Biden, if he can stay upright that long. The crap surrounding him and the stupid way he presents himself would have killed the Biden candidacy long ago, if the fix wasn’t in. As I have said before, he is a short-termer in order to get a radical naif into the slot.

        • It’s possible to pick a winner from two strong horses and impossible to pick one from a collection of nags. It is really quite amusing to see their voters squirm, the real people who I know personally.

        • I agree, they really want Stacey Abrams in. We dodged a big bullet in Georgia when she lost but maybe we should have taken one for the team by electing her as governor and not inflicting her on the country. She definitely will get the black vote out who would have stayed home for some of the Democratic candidates.

        • it seems like biden is the chosen one but i can’t imagine why, other than he could be retired or forced out easily. so look to his vp pick for clues. call it the Agnew Maneuver…

  12. What happens to the Chinese economy if the US destroys Iran’s oil production facilities? What happens to the Iranian regime (and the knock on effect on the entire ME).

    • There will of course, be the spike in oil pricing. All oil goes up, even though we have our own independent supply. Some folk just cash in. The Saudi government will announce increased pumping and claim supplies will return to normal. But Iran, now at open war, will attempt to block the Straight of Hormuz (sp). We will attempt to protect tankers with US warships. And so forth. Stock market will tumble initially 10-15%, then drift up or down depending on the latest news of oil shortages.

      In the US, folks will look at their portfolios and feel poorish, economy begins to slump although we have adequate oil for ourselves. The uncertainty is what kills/slows our economy—not really the fear of exports declining. If Iran and US are able to make peace, things stabilize.

      If US invades Iran, markets decline even more, perhaps 40% under high. At that point we have a shitshow economy-wise for at least 12 months as shocks ripple through the system. Folks with money make bundles more because they buy into the depressed market. The average joker probably sold out and lost. It will be a recession.

      China needs oil, but more so they need to export. Decline in sales to West are not helpful, and I suspect Russia fills the void for oil if there is one. Both Russia and China have little incentive to mix into an Iranian war directly, but won’t miss a chance to supply weapons and other help.

      • Iran is the main provider of oil for china. take their production out and china is scrambling. and once they get new supplies, the price increase will slam their economy at a time of great vulnerability.

        • Tell you what – take out Iran’s oil? 1 port exports 90% of their hydrocarbons, and 8 refineries do 60% of their processing. We could do it over the weekend. That’s if my reading today is correct – I am no expert on Iran’s economy (to put it kindly), so please take these putative facts with a grain of salt. China is already teetering. MAGA by the completion-backwards principle, anyone?

      • You seem to have missed the recent panic when the Yemenis, blamed on Iran, used drones to knock out a few (strategically selected to demonstrate all such facilities were vulnerable) of Saudi Arabia’s oil sites.
        It is difficult to conceive of the level of stupidity required to think that attacking Iran’s oil is anything but global catastrophe.

        But that level of stupidity is one commodity that DC is long on.

        Imagine if the mouthy neocon pos’s gibbering became real.

  13. You need to take a break from whiplash comments just because your closing failed to work the way you proclaimed. Nobody bats 1000 and you hit in Ted Williams territory fairly often.

    This was not one of those times and you’re just going to have to take the hit. You were wrong and that’s fine. I’m more wrong than you more often.

    But looking around and proclaiming this won’t be a story in a week? Lame. Most items at the pace of today’s events are just stories in a week. Some stories are bigger than others.

    To pop in and say and offer the “fake story” poo-poo platter is also unworthy. It might well be better to just say, “Hey, I recorded that in advance of the landing and it’s tough to see what really happened right now but I will be tracking this and get back to you.”

    In other words, don’t be “Q.” That job’s filled.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I often am.

    PS: As a man who has edited more than 200 books — including some by famous essayists — I ‘d say that if you want the long-form to move right along remember one of the technical tricks to writing page-turning fiction: Keep scenes to around 800 words in length.

    • 800 words? Even that seems long. I was very happy at the current size essays. But I’ll give such a chance. Perhaps Z-man, you might post one of those extended essays for us to read and generally comment upon?

      • I have been going back and reading some Trollope, to gauge some popular attitudes of mid-19th century Great Britain. One was originally published as a magazine serial, so the chapters are broken up into bite-sized capsules of consistent length. It makes reading him, in the occasional half hour here and there, easy and attractive. Given the way our days are constructed and filled now, consistency seems a very good way to go to make readers happy. Much like the consistent lengths of the short essays here and the audio show segment lengths make it easy to read or listen.

      • I don’t mean that the chapter breaks at 800 words only that to keep the long-form story/book/essay turning and catching the reader’s attention in the reading fugue the writer wants to create internal elements in the rhetorical shape of the writing that turn over and move along every 600 — 1000 words ( 250 words to an average double spaced typed page –yes, don’t think infinite scroll digital when writing to be read and remembered) with an average at around 800 words. It has to do with “chunking” and you need to enable chunking if you want to make a page-turner. Think hunter telling tribe members around the fire about the thrills and risks of the hunt. The successful storytelling hunter creates a mind-set in his listeners that is essentially, “And then what happened?…. And then what happened?… etc.” Zman does this already with his short essays here but if he wants to move to long-form he’s got to deal with chunking within the longer pieces,.

    • And you are being a bit prickly here for such an experienced editor. Go count the Cheerios in your cereal bowl or give some decent less critical input that benefits the board.

  14. You nailed it shut on explaining the near impossibility of indictments in your segment on the network, the caste-like nature such that they have to think of their children, their grandchildren, brothers, nieces and nephews… not to mention making a pariah of themselves, or worse yet, their wife. To indict anyone is to damn your own family. That should open anybody’s eyes who are still waiting for justice. Who can’t understand that nobody is willing to ruin their own son’s career for the sake of rolling the dice on transitory “justice”?

  15. So our military killed one of Iran’s military leaders near Baghdad. WTF was Iran’s military leadership doing in Baghdad?

    If we are going to have a monster “diplomatic” fortress in Baghdad, I suppose we should be defending it. But why do we have that thing?

    Questions on top of other questions. At the end of the day, it seems tempting to just let all those tribes over there wipe each other out, and we simply stay out of it.

    • All U.S. embassies and consulates are pillboxes. I remember seeing the Swiss and Canadian consulates in Lisbon, Portugal and they were conventional offices. The U.S. embassy and consulate were a fortress that took a long time to enter, although the guards were quite nice about it. Just goes with the empire, I guess!

    • “At the end of the day, it seems tempting to just let all those tribes over there wipe each other out, and we simply stay out of it.” That’s not staying out of it, as you say, it’s what staying in it should be. This is the proper use of the term diplomacy, war by other means. Reading the great book Pillars of Wisdom educated me that the British, for whom I have no love, had accumulated a vast trove of expertise in the ME that we never bothered to learn, to our cost.

      • Just listening to some of their music. And I gotta say thank you for this. And, of of course, thank you for everything you do. May this decade be better than the last.

      • The song is Wenn wir uns wiedersehen (When we see each other again) and I loved it! I’m lookking at the Faun Youtube selections and it looks to be a very interesting group; almost neo-pagan in orientation. Great choice as a closer!

        • Yeah, just discovered Faun, enjoying it a lot. Personally I like the neo-pagan tint. (Good) Christians are my allies but personally I’m not so sold all that monotheistic, Abrahamic desert stuff. I think that was our first Middle East mistake, to import their stuff 2000 yrs ago. But, now I think Im getting too ‘controversial’ for some here lol

      • Oh thanks, I hadnt seen this before commenting. You often find interesting new music Ive never heard before

    • Federkleid-Guess what? There’s a blonde in a wheat field! Catchy tune, tho, very pretty.


      Over the heath
      In the first morning light
      Birds are flying by
      Where they might be tomorrow?

      I follow the swoosh
      of their wings into the silent marsh.
      Ancient songs
      Raising out of the mist.

      Come and fly away with us
      Let the wind carry you on
      Far away from this place!
      Come and fly as high as you can
      Let’s hunt the sky
      Whilst dancing!

      The fog like silk
      Brushes my skin so cold
      Further and further
      Where to find my desire’s aim?

      I close the eyes
      And unleash my feather gown
      Yet I sense the wind
      And unfold my wings.

      Come and fly away with us
      Let the wind carry you on
      Far away from this place!
      Come and fly as high as you can
      Let’s hunt the sky
      Whilst dancing!

      The heavens within you
      How can I know them, see them?
      We’re dancing in the flight
      Like stars, who follow their paths

      Come and fly away with us
      Let the wind carry you on
      Far away from this place!
      Come and fly as high as you can
      Let’s hunt the sky
      Whilst dancing!

  16. Enjoyed your podcast today as always, but must take issue with one small point. You referred to Poot Booty-gig as the “gay Obama”. Sorry, but Obama was the gay Obama. Maybe Booty-gig should be called the “White Obama”.

  17. The absolute, sure-fire way to know Trump isn’t going to do anything is when he says he’s “monitoring the situation.” E.g., cartels, Antifa, censorship . . .

  18. I think you are dead wrong about the gun owners Z. Most of the guys that own AR15’s only own them BECAUSE of the gov’t. Just as the second amendment was written to counter the gun grabbers… the gun owners buy them in case Lefty gets stupid about it. Ordinarily most of the gun crowd (with the exception of the ‘run n’ gun guys) would be just peachy with hunting guns and formal target rifles. I see a confrontation setting up along the lines of drugs or prohibition: massive non-compliance, the market will go underground, a lot of cops are going to get killed for nothing, and most of them will deserve it. Eventually the offending legislation will be struck down, and the morons behind it will get voted out. But I could be wrong.

    I missed the explosions in your presentation. I think you should separate the topics somehow – to my ear, your podcast goes from being a presentation to a ramble without them. I dunno why that is.

    Hope the holidays were good to you and yours in Lagos. Hey – didjya break the homicide record this year? 🙂

    • It’s going to take more internal organization and a lot more red-pilling to make massive non-compliance feasible. The Bundy Ranch worked out better than Ruby Ridge because of collective action by a large group. In order to pull that off, we need more guys who are aware that the government is the enemy no matter who runs it.

      One advantage we had with Obama in office was the sense among Whites that the government really was against them. Having someone like Trump in office when the gun-grabs start will give a lot of our guys patriotic dissonance.

      I’ve heard the rhetoric among gun-grabber (((insiders))) in SoCal – they know it’s going to be much easier if a Republican is in office when they kick this off.

      • Where is the bloody NRA in this, E? I am a Canadian gunnie and even up north here – when the gun grabbers start making noise in one ear, we have always had the NRA in the other. I haven’t heard a peep out of them up here.

        Last I heard, there were accusations of grift in the organization’s executive … have they gone TU?

        • From what I can tell, the NRA is a mess, chasing its own tail, lobbing accusations back and forth against internal factions. Better to count on Gun Owners of America at this point.

          • Agree. NRA seems mired in the issues with LaPierre allegedly skimming money & Fixer Ollie trying to Con, Inc. the organization.

          • Here in the Imperial Capital region, a friend was visiting me for brunch during Christmas time. S/he was a long time NRA (HQ) employee and still has contacts there.
            Indeed: Wayne lost his luster a long time ago and has been corrupt for many years, (long before it became public that he was doing so) skimming money away from the hardworking Americans who believed in the organization and its mission.
            And his next in command (a woman) went limp and defended him, albeit weakly.

            From what friend said, they are still limping along, but gradually imploding, with every passing year. Most of the good folks are gone, and my friend is glad s/he was elbowed out a couple years ago, when the housecleaning of the true, honorable, smart, and good people began.

          • Recently Wayne LaPierre sent me a personal email asking for more money. (At least I assume it was personal because the salutation was “Michael,”)

            Seeing as we are apparently on first-name terms, I replied:
            Not one dime to the NRA while you are still an executive of that organization. You are worse than the gun-grabbing Left, you are (in my opinion) an overpaid, expense-account abusing, traitorous grifter.

            Wayne has not responded to my cordial missive. I’m quite put out, truth be told.

        • John,

          To believe that the NRA is a champion of American’s second amendment rights is to believe that the American Cancer Society is genuinely interested in finding cure for cancer.

    • As I’ve said before, a good hunting rifle with a good scope is a good alternative to your (recently confiscated-turned in) AR-15. Get one and learn to shoot at 500 yards and beyond. You can then provision yourself with the latest M-4 battle rifles left on he field. In any event, if such a conflict should occur, it will most likely involve more sabotage than face to face shoot-outs, which will be poor optics at best for the overwhelming majority of the population that sits back and waits the conflict out.

      • Mostly correct, Compsci. But you’re looking at this the wrong way. Tactics and hardware aren’t the issue here.

        The Donks want ALL the guns. They know full well that they don’t really have to worry about the nutter with an AR or AK. But at night, they have nightmares about the determined rebel or mutineer with a scoped rifle in a sniper’s hide on the third floor across the street, or a disgruntled Christian conservative in close with a Glock during a photo op. In point of fact, failed liberal social experiments shooting up schools are good for the Donks – blood dancing, thoughts and prayers with teddy bears, flowers and candle light vigils play well to the cameras and allows them to star in grandstanding photo ops. But that is the long game – the confiscation of all firearms. After that they’ll probably go for the knives as they’ve done on Cuck Island aka Great Britain, the crime rate will go through the roof, and anyone that defends themselves will be seen as a dangerous lunatic that needs to be incarcerated. Self defense will be a luxury reserved for the ruling class.

        I think I may see an even larger or bigger picture in this – check my thinking if you’d be so kind:

        It seems to me that the Repubs and Donks are beyond any hope of peaceful coexistence. Look at what’s happening: Trump ignores the press and takes to Twitter to goad the liberals into a frothing hysteria. He won’t shut up when Lefty tells him too, he won’t roll over and quit when they throw politically correct temper tantrums. The Donks reciprocate: they goad the conservatives by turning impeachment into a gong show. They don’t even try to hide the corruption required to do so and are openly daring Trump to do something about it. They killed Epstein in cold blood because they could, and it would send a great message to other potential whistle blowers. Could it be that the end game here is to provoke the other guy into doing something stupid, that will justify the use of force and bloodshed? I.e, “The Donks are confiscating guns and arresting law abiding citizens! Fire at will, boys!”. And on their side, “The bible thumpers and gun nuts are killing queers/noggers/wahmens!!!! Fire at will, Comrades!”. Is what we’re seeing here just a great big game of chicken?

        If so… if it does go hot… do the dissidents have the balls to play? I’m seriously wondering because as it stands right now, we sound a lot like those clowns in that Monty Python skit on the life of Brian, where The People’s Front Of Judea endlessly prattle about doing something about the Romans…. 🙂

        • I believe that rifles are more an important symbol of independence and self-sufficiency than they are, in the 21st century, of practical use defending against an oppressive state. The state has better weapons and better means of controlling dissent than the rifle can counter. The state is, however, terribly vulnerable to attack itself and at every level of government, if not particularly so from defensive weapons. Iranian agents in place could, for example, easily burn to the ground the parts of Washington that count, and likely have plans in place to do so. They do not because then Iran would be leveled. But the US state cannot attack itself to defend itself.

          • Possibly. It will all come down to the motivation and dedication of the players. For the Marines, for example, dropping a yodelling mudflap with an AK or an RPG would be a sporting event. Doing it to an armed American citizen who is defending his rights and property? At the bidding of Democrats who mostly hate the military? Turn it around if you’re so inclined – would you shoot some American kid who just happens to be a squaddie following his orders?

            Dealing with enemies foreign is easy. The domestic ones are much, much more difficult. If this culture war goes hot it will make Vietnam look like a cake walk.

          • All the evidence proves you are wrong.
            The States paid killers kill who they are told to kill.

        • In urban setting, a suppressed 10/22 takedown with a decent optic and sub sonic would be about the most dangerous thing out there.

      • I agree w you. I dont like to get all tacticool, partly b/c I am not particularly qualified, partly b/c I think you can do more good w a keyboard and an internet connection than w a gun and partly b/c that is an open forum. But, all those caveats said, I dont think the AR-15 makes much sense. There was a video on youtube by a guy who did very well researched gun videos, ‘Rational Preps’, but his videos are now taken down. But his arguments against the AR-15 made a lot of sense to me. They were basically

        – semi-automatic, civilian conversion of a weapon designed to be fully automatic, which means it doesn’t do suppressing fire as well. Not that you, as a civilian, ie w/o the logistical fat tail of the military, would want to go fully auto in a SHTF situation, b/c you d burn up your ammo stock. Ammo will be a dwindling resource once society breaks down.
        – weak on range, weak on body armor, both in the context of being a rifle (I know that the military is complaining that it’s not got good range, especially against enemies w body armor)
        – pretty bad for hunting
        – long gun, ie not concealable.

        A pistol for short trips, a good, scoped hunting rifle for range, both defensive, hunting and even offensive if you plan on that (last not recommended) and a shotgun, for hunting and home defense, I think those make a lot more sense for civilians than an AR does in a SHTF situation. But, if there are die-hard AR fans here, didnt mean to start a huge fight over the AR, this is just my opinion.

        • Hardware discussion is a favourite amongst us gunnies. Yes, you can imagine any number of possible scenarios where this or that firearm is better than the AK or the AR or whatever.

          But let us not be ridiculous. No, the 22 rimfire is not a good choice if you are going to war or defending yourself. And if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a tactical situation where your life is at stake, in a modern battlefield scenario… it should be intuitively obvious that you should arm yourself with a fighting gun rather than a sporting one.

          Further, if you haven’t bought a serious fighting rifle… now is the time. And yes the AR/AK variants and clones would make excellent choices.

          • Only referring to what I’ll term “shoot and scoot” in densely populated areas. There, as the Israelis will attest, a suppressed .22 with sub sonic ammunition is a handy tool. Otherwise, .30 cal and/or shotgun. The real art is not getting into a firefight.

        • My general thinking is that “assault rifles” have been successfully banned in several states. I’m not sure where all this, “it won’t survive a court challenge” talk comes from. But I expect that a exclusion of owning a “hunting rifle” will not survive court challenge. So I suggest having such as a fall back. Plus, the public is indoctrinated with an aversion to weapons of war like the AR, but less so wrt single shot hunting rifles.

          As far as one vs the other, it depends on the situation. I don’t expect force on force to be a common tactic. We rarely see it successfully used in the field with insurgents since the State force calls in air and artillery pretty quick if you stay in place and fight it out.

          For shoot and scoot, the AR platform is pretty good. Easily out to 300-400 yards with an optic. Semi-auto with this tactic is essential, so is team work. Your learn how to keep their heads down, while your partner(s) moves. Then it’s your turn. Wash, rise, repeat. You don’t need full auto, but you need to send a few rounds down range quicker than via a bolt rifle.

          And for all the Rambo’s out there, as important as your weapon is, you need to be in shape. If you’re growing titties, you’re just a fucken liability to your group.

        • I don’t think I disagree much w either of you. 22 rimfire is for training, and varmint control. Once we re into adult guns, you can picture scenarios and argue for and against most modern guns, not including reenactment replicas. Some people disparage shotguns for SHTF, I think they are outstanding for that, especially b/c of versatility if hunting becomes part of your protein plan when the chips, and supermarkets and credit card systems, are down. But of course they have their weaknesses, range above all in that case. Same w an M1 Garand, terrific weapon IMHO.

          My point is simply that the AR-15 has weaknesses, as does a Moss 500 or an M-1. And that the mission objective for a SHTF survivalist in Missouri or Manitoba is not the same as for a GI in Helmand. None of us know exactly what we would face if society stepped on the big banana peel. Maybe an AR-15 would be the best? But if you face ppl w level IV BA, an M-1 would probably be better.

          Compsci’s point that if you find that a different gun is significantly better than what you have, once the state is out of Dodge, is right on the money. You could probably use the gun you have to relieve an unfriendly of the gun you want, regardless of whether you’re starting w a shotgun, AR-15 or a Glock. And if the unfriendlies don’t have guns to grab, the only man w any gun is in a pretty good position.

          My bottom line is, among real guns, not rimfire, the most important prep is probably to be good at using your gun, and to play to its strengths. If you have a shotgun, you obviously don’t want to fight a guy w a Barrett as a sniper duel. Your skills will matter more than which gun you picked.

          • Moran, right on the money. I might add, you don’t even need a weapon to train and prepare. If you are serious, you will understand the need to get into shape and learn some field craft—like finding your way across country with a GPS and a map, then a compass and a map, then by landmarks.

            Problem is, that’s not fun. Cleaning your weapon and making noise at the range is fun. That other crap isn’t. My hope is that before things become ugly, it will be apparent to all but the most benighted, and there will be time to get into shape and learn such skills.

    • I agree with Z that any Dem gun ban will get blocked in State and Federal courts. If VA really did start sending cops door to door looking for guns, of course there would be firefights.
      Maybe now the VA GOP will get their heads out of their asses and run candidates.

    • John,

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! It was the only point of Z’s fantastic podcast with which I took exception. Even more interesting is that, while listening to Z on CD, I had in my trunk a shiny, new Springfield M1A that I had purchased only an hour earlier.

  19. Regarding the national debt, what matters more is not the absolute amount of debt but debt relative to GDP and interest paid on debt relative to GDP. Those metrics are more favorable now than they were decades ago in spite of more debt overall. Also, 1/3 of the debt the US owes to itself, as opposed to private and foreign investors. Debt to GDP was higher in ww2. Japan has even much more debt relative to GDP yet has not encountered problems. We\re seeing a race to zero and below globally in regard to interest rates for the largest and most developed of economies. There is so much capital and so few alternatives besides low yielding debt. As bad as Northern Europe may seem regarding immigration, as as dysfunctional as the US is in regard to politics, it’s still way better than the alternatives like Brazil or Russia .

  20. Hey Z, at the expense of sounding like a know it all, just for the greater glory of our thing and all, I was reading your required reading ten last night and Wordsworth is a great romantic poet, not Victorian. He was of the same generation as Coleridge and they published together in lyrical ballads. Keats Shelley and Byron are the younger generation of romantics. Wordsworth is the major poet among them. He’s on a level with Shakespeare, spencer and Milton.

    • A tangent slightly off the focus of this subject:

      A contemporary of the later Romantics and of the earlier Victorians who should be more widely read (but was not because he was from the peasantry) is John Clare.

      He wrote largely about the rural life of simple farmers and of a hands-in-the-soil appreciation of nature. He also wrote about the disruptions to this life as the industrial revolution drew more and more people away from their villages and into the city creating what we now think of as the traditional English working class…which is anything but traditional.

    • With all due respect, Merfolk, how can you put Wordsworth on the level with Shakespeare and Milton? Milton was a puritan nut-job in his personal life, but his writing was sublime. Paradise Lost is so brilliant it hurts, and so are many of his other, lesser-known works. Wordsworth is like a loosely-woven burlap next to the magnificent tapestry of Milton or Shakespeare. And Wordsworth is also a favorite among the progs.

  21. “. One day, maybe 365 days from now,”
    Did you account for the fact that 2020 is a leap year?

  22. >. Anyway, I’m happy to see the holidays end. It has been a weird few weeks with Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year. It was like having two five-day weekends in a row. Since not everyone took the same half of the week off, it was just two strange weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back to the normal routine starting next week.

    felt that way to me too. longest holiday ever it seems

  23. Great podcast, the news last night might point us in a different direction? We shall see? The Middle East is a great place for a money pit to take down the American empire and their tit for tat crap can go on for thousands of years.
    It’s a sure thing now that Iran will strike back and probably take American lives this time.
    Iraq is a Shiite nation allied with the Shiites in Iran.
    So we now fight the nation Bush and the neocons liberated?
    What a cluster F#%#!
    The frickin neocons in Washington will single handily destroy the imperial capital for us.

  24. A little more than ‘talk’ last night in Baghdad.

    The longer we fight there, the more our way of war resembles that of the Zionists.

      • Z man I hope that you are correct. I must say I thought Syria would escalate when Trump sent in missiles and it didn’t. Taking out this General feels different though? We are attacking the innards of the Iranian state.
        I think the Iranians go out of their way to kill some Americans now, probably civilians.
        We have put ourselves right in the middle of the tribes in a big way since 911.
        And of course after we screw it up we will need to bring in the refugees to our nation.
        But I am no middle eastern expert.
        It could all just blow over.

        • I would not be shocked to learn that this is a fake story and the general died of a heart attack last month. We live in a time when a Mossad agent was assassinated while in police custody and all of the video evidence disappeared. I no longer take anything in the media at face value.

          Now if true, Iran will respond, but not right away or in a way we expect. The Iranian rulers know Israel is trying everything to start a war between the US and Iran.

          • This is a very good thing to remember. That was a blatant notice to all us peasants. These people do not consider us all equal before God, they do not think they will be judged for their sins, they have no reason to not lie cheat and steal because we are the serfs, just another animal connected to the land that can be used for their purposes. But they are wrong.

          • Doesn’t matter if the story is true. Our govt’s official line is that we killed a top-ranking general of another country – a country that we’re not at war with – because he supposedly (and probably does) supports militias fighting our troops in Iraq.

            That’s carte blanche to kill foreign generals all over the world because our troops are all over the world. Yet, nobody can kill our generals and CIA officials who meddle in anybody and everybody’s affairs. The world does and should hate us.

          • As has been mentioned, fake news may be at work here, but what strikes me is that an Iranian general was killed in Iraq? Seems that is pretty damning wrt ill intent. This “boomer” is old enough to remember Che Guevara (Cuba) being executed in Bolivia and afterwards, things settled down.

            But I agree, we need to be out of Iraq and all the other shit-holes in the ME. Seems to me It is obvious we failed in Iraq when the government we left them (set up?) is shooting it’s own citizens who are rioting in the streets. Yep, proof positive there is a latent, freedom-loving, American inside of every Iraqi waiting to emerge if given a chance. Some people never catch wise. Sigh…. 🙁

          • When Trump sent missiles sailing into Syria, the pretext was a chemical attack that turned out to be fake. At the same time, the outrage mob claiming Trump was about to invade Syria turned out to be all wet too. In the end, it was just for show and nothing more. Is this a bit more serious? Sure, but keep in mind that assassination is how things are done there. Israel has been assassinating Iranian engineers for a generation now.

          • I understand that assassinations are how things are done over there, but 1) this guy is pretty high on the food chain and 2) we’re not Israelis.

            You’re probably right that this will blow over, but it’s just another sign of how we’ve fallen to be nothing more than Israel’s attack dog. Hell, we’re even starting to look like our owner.

          • Oh, I agree. I’m all for abandoning the region entirely. At some point, the neocons will get the war they crave. I just don’t see it happening under Trump, at least not this year. This incident will fade and be forgotten in a week or two.

          • We are at the point where the only appropriate comment to virtually any subject on any site should just be:

            Fucking Jews.

            It would be so awesome to see a 275-comment thread over at Sailer or somewhere, where every single comment was just:

            Fucking Jews.

            People should be hopping mad over this nonsense.

          • Hey, Jews are just doing what they think is in their best interests. Whites aren’t retards. We have a choice. We don’t have to let Jews take over every single one of the commanding heights of our society and then lead us around like a show dog.

            Maybe the better comment would be: Fucking stupid goyim

            That said, we need to start somewhere and “Fucking Jews” works for me. But remember, they are symptom, not the disease.

          • “Jews are just doing what they think is in their best interests.”

            By saying this, you are tacitly admitting what we all already know: that at heart, Jews aren’t really Americans, and don’t really care at all about the best interests of their alleged “fellow Americans”; they are just along for the ride, happily feeding off the place which, at the moment, has the nicest stuff, the most gullible marks, the dumbest debt-slaves, and the juiciest shiksas.

            If they were Americans, they would be “doing” stuff that was “in the best interest of Americans.” But they are not. In your own words, they are “doing what they think is in “their” best interests (of Jews, not Americans).

            The fact that you can be sitting in America and quite lucidly and with complete accuracy make a calm distinction between “fucking Jews” and “fucking dumb goyim” is merely proof of concept.

          • Doofen, I’m not tacitly saying anything. I’m screaming it from the rooftop: Jews aren’t Americans and never were!

            Jews don’t care one whit about gentile whites except when our interests and their interest cross paths. We are nothing to them but the dumb slave that picks the cotton. If they can replace us with a less uppity slave, they’ll do it. If they can trade the plantation in for some better money-making deal and throw us out, they’ll do it.

            In the end, we are nothing to them but a source of income and fodder for their wars.

            But I refuse to think like a slave. In fact, I know something that they seem to forget: We don’t need Jews, Jews need us. Whites can create the finest societies in the world. Jews – particularly the Ashkenazi – can’t create shit. Israel is nothing special, and Jews know it, which is why they don’t move there.

            That alone tells you everything you need to know. They have a fucking homeland, and, yet, they don’t move there.

            So, yes, Fucking Jews, but let’s not forget that we let the Jews trick us with the same damn tricks that they’ve been using for 1,500 years. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me a hundred times, shame on me.

          • And the cucks are falling in line. You expect this from the Neocons. But there was every indication that the public is just sick and tired of the foreign wars. Perhaps I am just seeing a bunch of Jews on Twitter pushing the war. At least I hope.
            The last thing we need is another damned war. Iran won’t be the pushover that Iraq was and there is a serious risk of Russia getting involved.

          • I remember quite a few people expressing the opinion after 9/11 :

            ” If Bin-Laden had blown up Congress and some other buildingsin DC, he would have created a huge conundrum for an awful lot of the American people – the fact that he drove planes into 2 buildings in NYC and killed ‘civilians’ made it much easier to sell the resulting war to American public”

            I’m of the opinion that, especially since our government and the vast majority of it’s denizens are just a short hop away from from outright declaring themselves as enemies of the American people – we ought to return the favor. By that I mean – it should be made clear to “enemies” like Iran and Russia – that there are significant numbers of the American public who probably wouldn’t be all that distraught if specific segments of the US government were to get themselves “attacked”. Or better yet – start attacking targets in Israel – because doing that would only make the naked calls for aggression by the US on Israel’s behalf more out in the open.

            Another tactic in this struggle against globohomo would be to reach a critical mass of white America – and convince to stop fighting the US government’s wars for them. Then – they’d be forced to staff up the military with imports and brown skinned Hessians. That would force the globohomo elite and the defend Israel at all costs crowd into yet another blaring example of how your country is being run by a hostile force.

          • I’ll confess to being conflicted on this. For good reason I think. Knew three dozen people who didn’t come home that day including my spouse’s best friend from college who walked her down the aisle at our wedding. Was in the South Tower 3-4 days a month on average for business. And was a member of the local volunteer FD. So hit pretty close. So, yes, I enjoy dead hajiis. But am more of a fan of the old style “punitive expedition”. You go in fast, break lots of shit and kill as many bad guys as possible without worrying about collateral damage. Then leave with the admonition that if this shit leaks out into our world again it will be 4x worse. Curtis LeMay was correct with “if you kill enough of them they stop fighting”. But endless occupation and/or nation building is fools errand.

          • “Rubble doesn’t make trouble.” – John Derbyshire (and a bunch of others, I’m sure.)

        • They didn’t retaliate when we shot down a commercial flight killing 290 Iranian civilians in 1988. (Apparently an Airbus looks like an F-14. /s)

          • This was in the midst of a war with Iraq IIRC. There was no ability to react and a great chance of suffering debilitating counter strikes they could not afford at the time.

          • Yup. One moth before the war officially ended. A war in which the USA materially supported Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime and the Kurds supported Iran. Of course you could argue that we supported Iran too via Iran-Contra . . .

      • That week-and-forget mindset won’t hold if we get retaliated against in on our own soil. So far that has happened, but I think it’s just a matter of time before it happens.

      • I pray that you’re right, Z. But this may be the exception to your “what Trump talks about he does nothing about” rule. President “love Israel more” has moved the embassy, increased aid, given away the Golan Heights, bombed Syria based on fake intel, stolen Syrian oilfields, and signed what appears to me an unconstitutional EO at the behest of Israel First. They’ve been pushing for war with Iran since “A Clean Break’ in 1996. Last pm every cable show except Tu-Ca was flogging a panel of Bush-era neocons advocating war.

        • Trump would not be the first ruler to blunder into a war, but what he has going for him is Iran does not want war. Iran also has Russia and now China as allies and they do not war either.

          The thing with Trump is that he is not ideological on anything. He opposes war in the Middle East because he can’t see any advantage to it. He’d rather spend the money building stuff in America. He understand the value of a building. He can’t see the point in “spreading democracy.” With an election due in eleven months, no way he rolls the war dice. War is always bad politics.

          • Correct. One must also keep in mind that the mudflaps in Iran are, if nothing else – masters of brinkmanship. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s they made Jimmeh Carduh dance like an organ grinder’s monkey until Reagan put a stop to it. They took America to the cleaners and got a sloppy gummer from Obama along with millions of dollars. The Iranians know fools and cowards when they see them and know how to exploit them. Trump is merely sending them a much needed message: “F*** with me, and you will regret it.” Iranians are not stupid; I will bet money they will know when to shut up and back off.

          • Those pallets of money belonged to Iran in the first place. We stole it from them.

            A war with Iran is not going to look anything like the war in Iraq. The casualties will be significantly higher. Iraq had 4200 US casualties. Iran would be an order of magnitude bigger. Iran is far bigger, far richer, far smarter and far more capable than Iraq ever was. Hell, just shutting down the Straits of Hormuz would be devastating.

            The loss of a carrier would be a complete game changer for the US supremacy.

          • I’d agree. The guys who exhort others to die for Allah are rarely that eager to do so themselves.

      • Man I hope you are right Z. Assisinating this high up of an Iranian general is no small thing. I agree with you that blormopf will want to move on but will the Iranians?

      • this is getting worse as the hours pass. I don’t think this story will be buried like others. This was not some towel-head in a cave . This was high ranking famous general of a sovereign country for whom we are not presumably at war with, without an obvious provocation. I don\t think it hurts Trump\s reelection purposes ,and even war with Ian woudn’t either, but it was a shocker. I remember going to 4chan this morning and seeing the story everywhere.

        • Sorry grey, this is a classic “never mind” moment for the rabid Trump-haters. It will be gone by tomorrow. Whether or not it was an appropriate or wise move by DJT, he pulled it off, and there is no upside for anyone here or in the ME to drag it out or raise the stakes. A bit more “harrumphing” and it will all be over, until the next crazy, unrelated thing pops up.

    • This ain’t the Bat-Eared Bolshevik or the Pantsuit Princess the ragheads are dealing with. Attack our embassies and get your goathumping ass fried. Zion has nothing to do with it.

          • The “comic book” narrative here is referring to corporate-mafia figureheads like Obama or Clinton as your go-to bad guys, as if they’re in real opposition to Trump, two armies raging at night over our precious freed’ums an’ liberties. Why, one day the *real American patriots* are gonna’ win, if it weren’t for these damn Reds in the State Department!

            Try some nuance. People here aren’t interested in Breitbart-level commentary and editorial cartoon-level cracks about “bat-eared bolsheviks.” Like Citibank Obama sat around at night reading Marx and Engels. Give it a rest.

            And “goathumping.” Really? This is straight out of 2001. Please. When the Five Guys Burger American civilization lasts like the Persians — or contributes anything remotely resembling it over the next millennium — maybe you can get back to us with something more substantial than corner-bar commentary from swivelchair red-white-and-blue-flamingo-on-the-lawn SUV warriors. How did you even end up on this site? It’s not for you.

          • Agree, but the “boomer” response is equally vapid. Both are under the average level of discourse typical of this blog.

          • Nope, you are wrong, and you know it. The boomer response is a simple ad-hominem attack, which adds nothing pro or con to the discussion of the appropriateness/effect of the US response—which is the essence of the discussion at hand. In the end, it’s sole effect is to denigrate and create disaffection among participants.

          • Comp, don’t presume to tell me what I “know” when it contradicts the words coming out of my mouth.

            I don’t need a schoolmarmish George Will tea-pinky manners lecture about “elevating muh discourse” when I’m responding to a Bush-Con-tier comment about killing “goat humpers” and chest-beating for someone else’s kids to die in another forever war.

            He set the tone, we’re responding to it in kind.

          • The only thing you need is an audience—that’s obvious. But as you say, don’t tell me how to express myself. Words you might heed as well.

          • Comp – you’re publicly criticizing me in front of an audience and you’re telling me how I should express myself, yet you complain that I “need an audience” and shouldn’t tell you how to express yourself.

            Stop crying out as you strike me.

            We’re both commenting on a public blog because we want our opinions to be heard and judged. Let the opinions stand on their own & let the audience judge for themselves. You’re the one who started tone-policing everyone and I’m not the only one who called you on it.

          • Months ago, after one of my long anti-Boomer screeds, I made a conscious decision to stop doing that.

            But some guys are just asking for it…

          • I think we should go all in on the hate white boomer strategery. The Jews and the cloud people have been dividing and conquering us for 60-70 years now. Its time we own that! Lets hate white boomers loud and proud. It’s genius. Oh sure, we could instead call out morons for civ nat cucking. But that wouldn’t alienate all the white boomers who already hate the media and dont trust the GOP and who are beginning to smell a rat in Conservative Inc. By all means lets do all we can to make sure white Boomers stay tight in the bosom of Bill Kristol.

          • Mic – making the “B word” off limits is very Jewish and Cloudy. Let’s ban “anti-Boomer tropes and canards” b/c feelz?

            We’ve said it 100x – NABALT.

            We shouldn’t have to add this caveat to every legit criticism of a trait the Boomer generation displays on the whole. Averages, vs. outliers & NAxALT – very basic Z-blog stuff.

            Boomers who get their panties twisted over any criticism and those white-hair-knighting for them need to stop this special pleading for a sensitivity privilege.

            There are plenty of us 50+ here who don’t cry every time our generations are justly criticized. It’s not that hard.

          • We could not agree more. Boomer bashing is good politics! I mean, ya gotta beat the whites to make an omelette, amirite?

      • You don’t realize yet that we’re a paper tiger? All the billions we spend on the military could not stabilize Iraq or Afghanistan.

        You don’t think China and Russia will get in the game if we go after Iran?

          • Iranian navy? I just had a vision of the guy following the horses in our non-mechanized parades with shovel and wheelbarrow. 🙂

          • “Rear Admiral Khanzadi went on to say that in the next Iranian year (March 2020 – March 2021), the country plans to stage another naval exercise with Russia and China.”

            Sounds like a regular gig. The Russians have bases in Syria and the Chinese have a base in Djibouti and are preparing to build a facility in Iran.

            Maybe this strike was a test to see how this new coalition would react? Or maybe a bit of bluster on our part because we are no longer capable of seriously throwing our weight around. As this new alliance builds itself up and as long as we keep building TrannyXirlForce we will soon find ourselves in a position of picking fights we can’t win.

          • Visibly “losing one” would be the best thing that could happen. We need to get out of the habit of punching under our weight around the globe and save such for when it is strategic and in national interest. I still remember Reagan getting his nose bloody in Lebanon (200 Marines killed in barracks) and we were gone virtually over-night.

        • It’s not a paper tiger thing—albeit I agree with you. It’s a CivNat thing where we ignore HBD understanding and assume we can make “Americans” out of sand people.

          The Russians and Chinese have no such misunderstanding nor lofty goals in such matters. They are happy to work with whatever government arrangement they find suitable to their interests. Nation building is not on their agenda—and for that matter they need not provide such pseudo-justification to their people for such.

          In short, they are of the old school. They trade and leave the population alone to do as they wish among themselves. We should relearn that lesson instead of trying to produce client nation states.

      • Veg is right, you -REALLY- like sending European blood to be spilled for your (((owners))) dontcha boomer? I wish you Neo-Cohen clowns would all go back under the rock you crawled out from under.

        ‘Our Greatest Ally’ has spilled more goy blood in their desert wars than should ever have been allowed and now you want to send more middle America whites to get involved in Semitic tribal conflicts that are 2000 years old? Ok Boomer…

      • “Attack our embassies?” We engineered a coup to put the Shah in power. We used Iraq as a proxy to bleed them for a decade in the 80’s. We armed the Taliban on their border. We’ve starved them with sanctions and interdiction for the last 40 years.

        But if they refuse to lay down and die so Israel can have lebensraum, those goat-humpers deserve it?

        FFS, Carl, this is Hannity-grade Boomer-fuel.

        • Correct, sanctions—especially as we practice them—is just war in another form. Terrorism is just another form of retaliation/defense—when sponsored by the afflicted country. We are at war with Iran now, and have been for some time. The American people need to learn this and react accordingly. We may not like that reaction, but at least it will be honest.

        • Okay, you can parrot CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Compost, John Effin Kerry, and all the rest of the idiot Left that the Joos are the root of all evil and Orange Man Bad. That position is weapons-grade ignorant and tells me all I need to know about you.

          I think we should be out of the Middle East but i’ll be goddam if i’ll excuse the gross negligence and cowardice of the likes of Barky and Shrillary and watch my fellow Americans be slaughtered on embassy soil by filthy Muslims. Good for Trump and the hell with you backbiters.

          • I’m beginning to understand why Jews don’t respect the goyim. You’re easier to lead around than a trained poodle. Goyishe kopf, indeed.

            Go get the stick, boy! Go get it!

          • Onward, Judeo-Christian Soldier. If you need a ride to the recruiting station, Camp Pendleton’s the closest to me. I’ll be glad to give you a lift so you can start whoopin’ some Muzzie ass.

            You’re not gonna stand around and watch, right big guy? Skin in the game – or stop LARPing for more of our kids to die for Shlomo. Strap on a pack and put your own Boomerwaffen ass on the line.

          • Q: Who said the following?
            “Iraq is no longer our problem. We never should have been there in the first place!”
            “We are now sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to teach them how to fight – they will run, billions wasted! WHAT DOES U.S. GET?”
            “Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense! Rebuild the USA.”
            “@BarackObama will attack Iran in order to get re-elected.”
            “If the Saudis are so concerned about Syria then they should go in themselves. Stop telling us to do their dirty work.”
            a) MSNBC
            b) CNN
            c) WAPO
            d) John Kerry
            e) someone else 🙂

          • LOL.

            Someone else ? 🙂

            But……….. I would also add – another Presidential candidate who came before him said pretty much the same things ” we just walked in – we can just walk out”

          • There are two “arguments” here (as I see them) floating past each other. One, should we defend ourselves from attack? Two, why are we here such that we are under attack? Not sure these arguments really address each other, hence I see them as two separate entities.

            We are at asymmetric war with Iran, therefore we attack each other and pre-emptive defense is reasonable. The question of how and why we are at war is essential, but I’m not sure it addresses the real issue—how do we make peace? I believe that’s where this issue of Israel and the Jewish State comes in. Until we settle that (I prefer we leave Israel’s wars to Israel), we will continue to waste blood and treasure in meaningless conflict unnecessary to our interests as a nation.

            In short, you are both right.

          • With all due respect, Compsci, you’re wrong. We are no longer in control of our foreign policy. The United States doesn’t really exist as a sovereign entity when it comes to the Middle East.

            Israel is at war with Iraq and Iran in some form. The United States is Israel’s proxy military. We are pissed because our Israeli/Jewish-controlled government is escalating Israel’s war in the ME, and it will get young gentile white’s killed and maimed.

            It’s not just that we shouldn’t be there. It’s why were are there. Namely that a foreign power and people have hijacked our country’s foreign policy. Getting mad at the Iraqis or some Iranian general is impossibly stupid.

            Who caused all of this? That’s who you get mad at.

          • I can respect that opinion, Citizen. Not sure we differ in destination. We need to be out, period. You see the key as breaking overarching Jewish influence. Sounds about right to me.

          • “We are no longer in control of our foreign policy. The United States doesn’t really exist as a sovereign entity when it comes to the Middle East.”

            Ophiocordyceps unilateralis.
            Much as I dislike sending traffic to The Atlantic, this is a good write-up of the “zombie-ant fungus”.

            Even a least-effort (i.e. Wikipedia) search turns up interesting reading material.

            Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow—it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter.
            -Ron Rosenbaum

            We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’ […] We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.
            -Martin van Creveld

            Good thing they are our greatest ally, eh? Thank goodness for our shared Judeo-Christian heritage — without that, who knows what they might do to us?

          • Who is “right” when the fight has been going on for decades – and the two protagonists have each punched other in the face dozens of times over the years?

            I liken stupid Mideast games to an ongoing bar fight / blood feud – where the two parties just keep screaming “he attacked me!!” as an excuse for their latest attack on the other party.

            The ONLY way to ever make any sense out of any of this is to reach back thru the mists of time and see if you can possibly make any sense out of who might have “started it”.

            Just conveniently picking one event out of a long and ongoing timeline – as justification for your response to an attack by the other party – is bullshit. If you can conclusively find that one party attacked the other party without provocation – then you can identify a guilty party. The problem is – that is often next to impossible, even with supposedly clear cut cases like the US entry into WW2 – based on the Japanese attack. Turns out – we had been provoking Japan for years – and one of Japan’s motivators – was the presence of colonial powers over in Asia. To them the war was in part an effort to drive out invaders.

            So was the US pure as snow before it was “suddenly” attacked on December 7 – no it was not.

            That’s why you have to break the cycle at some point, do some digging – and look at the who and what….. meaning who and what is benefitting – and who and what WANTS the ongoing war. And then decide whether it’s in the national interest to be involved in a war.

            People like Carl B. have been weaponized as fifth columnist type agents to argue that the US should perpetually be at war. Whenever the US does something to excacerbate the situation – The CarlBs ignore it. Whenever something associated with the US gets attacked – the CarlBs scream out in pain and cry for vengeance.

            Meanwhile THIS nation swirls around the toilet bowl – with CarlBs jumping up and down on the handle.

            At a certain point you’ve really got to pull the situation apart and figure out who the real enemies are.

            Both foreign – AND domestic.

          • Wrote my honors thesis on the Japanese “withdrawal” from the Washington Treaty system. You are correct. The conflict started in the 20s. And one reason why I wish there was more study of the 1918-30 period. All we get in school is Gatsby and flappers.

          • Calsdad, short answer, we need to hang out in better bars, and leave that particular dive to the locals.

          • Let’s see who is really “weapons grade ignorant” – shall we?

            Carl – why is the US in the Mideast in the first place? Which political forces here in the US – were the main proponents of the US getting involved in Mideast wars?

          • Carl B., I got your 6 o’clock here. You’re right. They blow up a US embassy, you smoke them. The ME is a mess regardless. But not responding when they attack a US embassy, that’s weak, that’s cowardly. Im not a boomer, I think the boomers were the worst generation in Western history. But they attacked a US embassy. Joos, no Joos, whatever, that needs to cost and that needs to hurt. Burn it down. And then get out.

        • The fact that people don’t apparently know the difference between Persians and Arabs – and/or Sunni and Shiite, speaks volumes about why we shouldn’t even be there in the first place.

          I work with guys who can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim with headgear.

          Are these really people who should be making decisions about what US foreign policy should be?

          • One of my kids spent two months in Oman on a salvage operation in the middle of nowhere. Before he left we watched the directors cut of Lawrence of Arabia. One of his comments when he came back was that other than having cell phones and cars, nothing was different. Including camels and goat herds wandering around on the beach.

          • I doubt anything will change. It will be an interesting experiment to watch the new “king” of SA try to get the country into self sufficiency, from oil dependency. I’m betting they can’t do it with their general IQ levels—even though they can buy everything and anything needed from the West.

          • And that’s a shame. I knew a Sikh who was a Vietnam vet. Tough as nails, 100% American. And he wore that damn head dress and required knife everywhere.


        Hey, maybe by 2050 we’re going to win the war and every benighted freedom loving muslim country will have puppies and rainbows and democracy…but I don’t think so. You want the forever war? Go take your happy ass down to the recruiter and make sure you ask for infantry. I did my time over there and it wasn’t worth shit. I enlisted before 9/11, so I never bought the propaganda that Bush The Lesser tried to sell me. I was a professional, not a crusader.

        • I was a professional, not a crusader

          This is not to denigrate your service or anything, I respect that and your experience/knowledge here. But that last sentence of yours just reminded me of an old saying, ‘bring a gun to a gun fight, bring a religion to a holy war.’

          Professionals don’t win holy wars, fanatical zealots do. Another reason not to mess around in the ME. Their faith in simply stronger than ours, even on our turf. And this is on their turf.

          • I never bought the lie that my country’s interest was being served by me shooting and being shot at by backwards desert savages half a world away, nor did I buy the “Enduring Freedom” bullshit. But I did and do love my war brothers, because that was all we had- each other. I didn’t choose my war, and I certainly couldn’t quit because it wasn’t to my liking, and because our leaders were self serving idiots. I’m bitter because I spent more time patrolling the border of Iraq than the border of my own country, which I never did, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. Now, I can try and keep some other kid from repeating the same damn thing I did 20 years ago, for no purpose. I’m no pacifist, but there’s no reason at all for another manufactured round of The Forever War. They’re all savages. I don’t care who rules them, I don’t care how, when or why they slaughter each other in the name of their bloodstained prophet, because it’s not worth it.

          • Makes sense to me. Don’t climb into a snake pit, let the snakes figure it out among themselves.

          • What does one do when snakes hold powerful positions in your legislatures, courts, banking system, newsmedia, and academia?

          • Seems we never learn the lesson of disingenuous self-serving pol’s and other sycophants. Just about every generation or so, they sing a siren’s song of God and country and lure another generation into battle under that lie. Hell, even I fell for it for a brief moment.

      • I think you re right, I think it was a tit for tat for the embassy attack on NYE. Was it smart? Nah, I dunno. It’s the Middle East, you can nation build for trillions, you can bomb it all you want, it’s like trying to reverse entropy, it won’t change one bit. It is simply the mother of all sh*tholes. Same old sh*t whatever we do. So better to do as little as possible I guess.

      • Starting your argument in the middle of a timeline – isn’t really a very good way to get to the root of the problem.

        The embassy got attacked – because we blew up some of the militia or their bases or some such thing.

        The timeline needs to start *at least* at that point. But why were we even attacking those bases anyway – because (admittedly leaving out huge portions of the timeline) – we are in Iraq in the first place – and killed the guy who was running the place and keeping the lid on it.

        Why is the “timeline” important? Because we have gotten ourselve enmeshed into this Mideast shitshow to the point where people can’t tell which was is up any more – and therefore have become one with the place. And it’s leading to the demise of THIS country – because we’re wasting blood and treasure over there at a rate that IS bankrupting us (not “sure to” – but IS).

        And Zion has everything to do with it – because without Zion it’s extremely unlikely we would be there in the first place.

        You must have an extremely short memory – since you can’t apparently remember back to a time before we were enmeshed in this Mideast bullshit – to the time when Neocons here in the US were screaming bloody murder about why we should be involved in a war over there. The neocons are largely sons of Zion – and make their arguments with Zion always in mind.

        So yes – Zion has everything to do with this.

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