The Weirdo Problem

The other day, the YouTube pioneer RamZPaul posted something on Twitter that generated a lot of responses and not all of them positive. The tweet was a link to a story about the arrest of someone calling himself Augustus Sol Invictus. Paul added a bit of commentary, “The former Alt Right was a movement that welcomed freaks and weirdos. The “no punch right” philosophy resulted in this.” As of this posting, the tweet had 133 replies and over one thousand likes.

Not all of the responses were positive, of course. Members of the subculture, in which people calling themselves Augustus Sol Invictus are welcome, were unhappy with Paul’s take on the matter. The general theme of the negative reactions is that Paul is ”punching right” and that this guy claiming to be a 2000 year old Roman Emperor needs to be defended. In other words, drinking goat’s blood and claiming to be a Roman emperor are not unforgivable acts in that subculture.

It probably does not need to be said, but Paul is correct. A person who has legally changed his name to that of a Roman emperor and is regularly issuing royal decrees on Twitter, needs mental help, not a political career. He’s also running for president, when he is not drinking goat’s blood in pagan rituals. The normal response to such things is to assume the person is mentally ill. Even if he is not a danger to himself or others, he should not be included in anything serious.

Paul is also correct to point out that the alt-right collapsed under the weight of these sorts of weirdos. There were so many oddballs and crazies flying the alt-right flag at one point, their enemies were spoiled for choice. The far-left media could just keep plucking these characters out and putting their profile out there on-line. In fairness, most of the people attracted to the alt-right were perfectly normal, but that’s not what the public saw when the alt-right was showcased in the mass media.

This is a problem that all outsider politics faces. The weirdo problem was not unique to the alt-right. Anyone who has attended a Libertarian Party event knows that movement has had a weirdo problem for generations. The environmental movement has had a similar problem. Most people are happy to support conservation efforts, for example, but when they see some nut dressed as an elf, demanding everyone give up their cars, they assume he and the movement are crazy.

There are two reasons outsider politics is plagued with weirdos. One is they are always going to be the most open to newcomers. They are trying to boost their numbers, so they are never going to be too picky about people coming into their thing. Even if the new people have odd ideas, the assumption is they will learn the new politics and eventually fit in. You see this with the White Nationalists, who spend a lot of time indoctrinating one another in the ways of the subculture.

The other reason for the weirdo problem is there are a lot of weirdos in a big society like America, so supply can easily overwhelm a new movement. These weirdos are always looking for a home, so as soon as something gets going, they are attracted to it like moths to a flame. Since new political movements are disorganized and chaotic at first, they have no way to ward off the weirdos. The alt-right was swamped by people whose reality was formed by fantasy literature and video games.

That is the lesson of the alt-right, one that the successor operations like Casey’s American Identity Movement have learned. Rather than try and attract the biggest crowd possible in the shortest time possible, the goal is to focus on high quality people, who can grow local chapters organically. It’s not as fun as trolling people on Twitter, but it limits the number of weirdos entering the movement. It is much harder to be August Sol Invictus in real life than on-line.

Of course, the main issue with outsider politics is that they usually form up around a complaint or a list of complaints. If the Roman emperor and the accountant have the same complaints they can end up in the same camp. At that point the accountant rethinks his position and moves along. In other words, a negative identity opens the doors for anyone who has those grievances. Often, it rewards the extremists at the expense of the sober minded.

That is the key to any successful movement in the age of democracy. The default is always going to be the shared reality of the society. The people who control the public space, can therefore always be the default position. In order to combat that the outsiders have to have a positive identity that can be both defended, but also advocated to normal people. The trick for outsiders is to remain in the realm of the acceptable while challenging the prevailing orthodoxy.

That can only be achieved by having rules and standards. This gets back to what Paul pointed out in his tweet. “A man that drinks blood and thinks he is literally a Roman Emperor is probably not my first choice for leadership material.” When the standard means presenting a respectable face to a skeptical public, lunatics drinking goat’s blood are never embraced as part of that public face. Instead they are kept in the background so they cannot cause trouble.

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157 thoughts on “The Weirdo Problem

  1. I can handle someone LARPing as a Roman and drinking goats’ blood, but forcing someone to go to Jacksonville, FLA by gunpoint is a bridge too far. I mean, Melbourne or Jupiter I could see, but Jacksonville?
    That’s just unconscionable.
    I will miss his hilarious lawyer speeches he would give in his cases,tho.
    Those were freaking bonkers.

  2. I am of the opinion that a Pro-White philosophy that can be articulated to Normies looks like this:

    1. Immigration “pause”
    2. Protectionist trade policy.
    3. Free association

    All of these would improve the lot of White people and none of them are radical ideas. Ideally we would establish a mantra of “What is good for Whites is good for America”.

  3. I kinda disagree with this. This mindset is what hampered Conservative Inc. for decades as we lost more and more of the country.

    The left never had to shy away from their weirdos because they owned the power of the state (or at least were never afraid to use it) and they owned the power of the media.

    We can say “normal people” shy away from weirdos but that simply isn’t true. Average people follow the strong horse and that, for as long as I can remember, has been the left.

    • “… they owned the power of the state … and they owned the power of the media.”

      And they owned the tremendous power of the education establishment.

      • If you think about what really put the nail in the cross of the “alt right” brand was Charlottesville. There was a lot wrong with the alt-right, we can all attest to that. BUT, despite that it was a growing movement. Those people didn’t go away, they didn’t join Conservative, Inc., they didn’t merge with Globohomo.

        They went back into the their own worlds and, in fact, people that share most of their sentiments, probably grew. Certainly among the Gen Z ranks, you know, the kids who have to live in this mess left for them.

        It was the jailing of the followers after Charlottesville that really cooled the momentum. People looked around and said, “yeah, maybe not worth the heat”.

        It wasn’t the death of the girl, it wasn’t the torches, it wasn’t the optics–it was fear of association. Hearing some kid put himself in a bad situation, ended up running someone over and was facing life in prison was like putting the movement in a freezer.

        Let’s not pretend the left doesn’t look like absolute whackos –everywhere they go–because they are. They are following a clearly mentally ill 17 year into the climate abyss, use drug addled shock troops in the streets of our cities and literally have people questioning their gender–to think Ma and Pa Amerika are going to eventually get fed up with that, if we just use our NPR voices and wear nice khakis is folly. It has never happened in the 30 years we’ve been doing it and it won’t happen in the future.

        People follow strength. When power is lying on the ground, the left never fails to pick it up.

  4. A lot of weirdos are practicing black propaganda, deliberately associating an idea with a dubious personality. And most of them don’t even know it.

  5. You know, I voted for this jerkoff, who turns out to be a Jew Tool. The weirdos exist cause the world is fucked ,run by gangsters, assholes and thieves. Canaries in the coal mine. Watching TV, they’ve lost their minds.

  6. I was not going to comment on this thread since I may be a damn Weirdo myself. After all, does the weirdo ever really know he is one? But then I was reading Joseph Sobran and came across this quote, “If communism was liberalism in a hurry, liberalism is Communism in slow motion. Where Communism smashed, liberalism erodes. The end result is the same; a soulless society in which liberty perishes and tradition is forgotten.”

    We can vote ourselves into a deeper hot-mess, but we will never vote our way out of this depravity we call a society. Notice the State is your enemy. Your main enemy. Yes, men run it; but without the power of the state they are without the diabolical ability to destroy.

  7. I have found that while we should be civil to weirdo’s if I am too kind and nice to them they latch on to me. I have spent my life being civil and nice to weirdo’s.
    I still act with civility when I detect a weirdo but I put up more of a cold front to them now in my later years.
    I don’t have time for bullshit and I want to converse with semi normal people in my remaining time in this world, not nut jobs.
    Mr Normie is not going to come our way if it’s White Nationalism 1.0 that he detects.
    I don’t even want to be around it. It’s like goofy crap that is unpleasant to deal with.

  8. Of course I punch Right. Otherwise the idiots will drag down the sane people.

    Over the years I’ve noticed that every forum subculture will have a designated nutters, Great Books for Men haunted the MRA forums, Admiral Cod the earlier .alt right until he wandered too close to the agent provocateur deadlights and so on. These guys were entertaining, productive and polite and didn’t get into trouble in meat space.

    The same applies to movements, any given thing has
    has room for one small and harmless group of weirdos. Ours are monarchists.

    The rest can stay far far away,

    Also the “Q” people don’t qualify as nutters. They may be deluding themselves but are otherwise normal. They sometimes get stupid but the movement guys Neon Revolt, Anonymous Conservative aren’t trouble

    The Deus Vult Christian also aren’t weird making Istanbul back into Constantinople jokes aside aren’t nutters either though the friction between them and the more secular people can be intense.

  9. The media can name whoever they want as our leader, we have no power over that, but Ramsey Paul calling attention to a weirdo just to signal his own non-weirdoness is pointless. If anything, that kind of defensiveness just shows insecurity.

    Just ignore the goat blood drinkers and move on. If somebody tries the guilt by association tactic, your natural response will be “who?”. Trying to defend against frivolous accusations is a weakness that can easily be exploited.

    • If one puts you on defense and off offense, there’s hundreds more weirdos to throw you off.

      – Lessons Conservatives Never Learned, by Ima Idiot

      • My point is we can’t police the media. If they decide goat blood drinker is the new Richard Spencer there’s nothing we can do about it.

        Calling each other weirdos, even if warranted, is just drama. Ignore and move on.

  10. Movements happen organically. They can have two or three iterations before gelling. They aren’t driven like a bus, only the establishment has the luxury of driving the bus where they want it to go. It’s when a large amount of people want off the bus when these movements happen. Crazies are the first to want off the bus because no establishment, present or future will accept them. The alt right movement was born to die, just like the tea party, but they leave seeds for the next spring.

  11. Sol Invictus did offer pro-bono legal aid though, and was trying build a covert network of lawyers to help dissidents who were having legal problems. He should have kept it at that and tried to fly under the radar.

  12. To be fair to his imperial Roman majesty, he is hardly anymore weird than mainstream leftists. If a man can now claim to be a woman, and demand that society accepts this, that is no less insane.

    With our side insanity’s a fringe thing. With the people ostensibly in charge, it’s required mainstream (I’m not sure about the people actually in charge, they’re probably more cunning than insane)

  13. “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley

    Out of the night that covers me
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance,
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

  14. The problem with a positive identity is that you run the risk of setting up a “leadership” to define that positive identity. Most of the dissident politics has avoided setting up leaders because of the target/isolate/immolate strategy in SJW land. Instead, there’s a moderately large group of dissident thinkers and the people who read their thinking. We’re sandboxing it, for the most part.

    As a result, our positive identity is rather loose and broad, which means just about anyone can self identify. No one knew we needed a positive identity that eschewed goat blood drinking.

    Even in systems with rather clear definitions of what it means to be in that group, masqueraders and clingers try to insinuate themselves in to be part of the group. Nor does having a positive identity protect you from bad associations. Christianity (sorry I bring it up so often; it’s what I know and I know it well) has a very well defined positive identity with an entire book studied for a thousand years and still ends up with people self associating with it that are completely outside the identity (there are Atheist, Episcopal Priests, for crying out loud!) And it’s not like Christianity is a cult full of secret knowledge – all of our beliefs are right there for anyone to read and learn about, but that still has not prevented outsiders from linking weirdos and strange people with Christianity.

    So to adopt a positive identity, you need it tightly defined so you have a standard to police by. In order to have that, you need some kind of authority.

    The primary issue with having an authority is the targeting, so leadership can’t be identifiable… yet it needs to exist! It’s possible you end up with several types of definitions popping up and those with the most followers group together and cobble something up. You could even make a slate and present it to all those groups to vote on. A sort of convention of the minds. This is sort of how the Rabbi and sanhedrin system worked – Rabbis teach, accumulate disciples, and those with the most followers had a kind of de-facto authority where they would have more voting power when hammering out law in the Sanhedrin.

    As to the negative identity, you need both. The negative identity is necessary to accumulate allies if your positive identity is so tight it keeps you small. However, with a primary positive identity, it’s easier to shift your negative identity as the situation changes.

  15. I think the wrong lesson was learned. The real lesson is that the media is able to hunt out these weirdos, elevate them and then the dumbest and craziest people start following them and then the media takes their creation and presents them as leaders in dissident movements and uses their following as proof. The media treats these people as leaders and uses them for quotes in their hit pieces. This alone tends to elevate their visibility. Being media whores is the one thing they all have in common.

    • Correct, TT. I’m no expert on dissident politics but I know the key players… or so I thought. Never heard of this Roman General guy before.

  16. Have no idea who this “Roman Emperor ” guy is, but just on its face ? Yeah, would give this guy a hard pass. To make the cause attractive there should a vetting process to weed out left-wing saboteurs , pedophiles, the mentally ill, etc.

    It’s just common sense. The left keeps digging its own grave when it comes to conservative whites. As bad liberal politics is you have to offer something more attractive to pull people away from the familiar.

    Not to say it won’t be an uphill battle. I see nothing wrong with Mormons or the Amish, but lefty the owns the narrative and paints them as weird and strange. If we’re going to get our little fledgling dissident project off the ground we can’t afford to give our enemies any ammunition.

  17. Weirdos are usually heavy drug users and sexual freaks. They take to politics because of a need to convert the public to their way of thinking. Many youngsters due to their heavy use of Hallucinogenics are becoming the weirdo vote.

    • A century ago, weirdos like that would have taken themselves out of the gene pool at a young age because of their degeneracy. Drugs, drink, promiscuity. The wages of sin really was death or, at least suffering. Now, they want to reshape society so that they are the new normal.

  18. Forest for the trees. The number of weirdos in society (and on the planet) is growing rapidly and it has nothing to do with any particular political grouping. It is systemic to our species and not any ideology. Lifeforms have existed on Earth for about a billion years, and for most of that time, the natural environment culled “weirdos” as unfit. We now live in the age of man-made artificial environments in which fitness selection is driven by perverse memetics that favor weirdoism (as example, see trans movement). Evolution is broken, not our politics.

    • Evolution is broken, not our politics.

      Precisely. “Broken Evolution” will “fix” itself when “survival of the fittest” becomes a meaningful term again. And it will. Until then everyone, “weirdo” or not, is playing Nero’s fiddle as fast as they can.

    • Edward Dutton says something similar, ‘the malignant mutants’, who would have died in childhood in harsh times, survive today. And they wreck havoc. I can’t find empirical grounds for dismissing that.

    • Not really. We have had for at least the last 30 years a broken public education system that twists kids into unthinking consumers and trend followers. College is little more than a threat to national security that only produces indoctrinated tax serfs.

      When you have old Lefties like Peterson telling people to stop sending their kids to public schools and college because of the harm they cause, you know it’s bad. Yet hordes of stupid DR whites still fret over what college to send junior to so he can get a good brainwashing and ass r**ing.

      The Left controls the culture and hence dictates what the vast majority of whites consume in terms of art, values, movies, etc, since the late 70’s and it’s pure poison. Anyone who consumes mainstream culture becomes a weirdo.

      The economy we have is a race to the bottom where the corporations are doing their best to kill off the white middle-class and doing a good job of it.

      All of this produces broken people. Even the historian Carroll Quigley saw that back in the 70’s and tried to warn us of it.

  19. You keep talking about forming a movement, while ignoring the fact that Trump already has done that — and taken all your potential members with him. You all don’t like Trump so pretend to yourselves he hasn’t kept his campaign promises, and is unworthy of your support. I am an unabashed Trump supporter and I am very happy with his work so far. To me, so many of the people here are demonstrably delusional, and suffering greatly because of it.

    What kind of person do you think you are going to be attracting with your efforts? And how many of them are there? Honestly, have you given this any thought at all, or is it just a kind of Rooneyesque “hey let’s put on a show” kind of a thing?

    • Tend to agree wrt disparaging Trump on accomplishment, or at least efforts. However, not all the criticism seems out of place. There is much to be said for the argument as to what happens after Trump? Demographics is a real Black Pill.

      Aside from the Supreme Court, one can imagine a quick turnaround in much of what Trump has accomplished with the first Dem elected to President. Then there is the deficit. Eight years of Trump might produce a cumulative debt greater than Obama. And finally, the Normies we try to recruit often use Trump as an example of working reasonable change within the political system. The “accelerations’” arguments are not without merit.

    • Trump’s economic achievements may prove ephemeral, and his cultural focus has certainly not matched the promise of his campaign, but he has accomplished two things for which we all should be grateful:

      1) He proved that a populist nationalism is politically viable, supported by 10s of millions of people. The potential core of a new republic, if push comes to shove…

      2) He forced the Deep State out into the open, and exposed its workings to all with the will to see. It is no longer possible for any thinking person to deny that we live in a thoroughly corrupted state.

      Trump may fall or fail, but what comes after him will be, figuratively and literally, a purer breed.

    • “Promises kept” is demonstrably delusional. Who’s “pretending?”

      Check back with me in four years if he wins – four more years of MAGA-trannies, MAGA-feminists, NRO-tier cultural suicide and the same political oxycontin Dr. GOP has been prescribing to its dying base for my entire life.

      The facts speak for themselves, but not everyone chooses to listen. You can legitimately debate why Trump has failed, but not that he has failed.

    • Trump’s convo with Rush Limbaugh a couple of days ago was enough to cause me to scream into a pillow so the neighbors didn’t call the cops, lol.

  20. I think Invictus was present at USF (Tampa) years (0 <= t <= 12 years) ago, or at least mentioned in a "freethinker" club I attended at the time. Ah, for my "professional student" days…even so, I once missed Ron Paul speaking because I had an exam at same time 🙁

  21. I’m of two minds about “Emperor” Invictus. I appreciate his advocacy and defense of political prisoners. From watching/listening he seemed reasonable if eccentric. From hearing associates talk about him, he seemed well-liked. So despite the name change, his weird accent and weirder religion, I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt.

    I don’t know what to think of his arrest. It could be a set up or he could be guilty. I am inclined to believe he was set up, but what do I know. I can totally understand Ramsey and Z’s objection to him. He is intensely odd. But this is the old optics question rearing its head again isn’t it?

    • The thing about the optics debate is that the pro-optics side won in a landslide, but the anti-optics side thinks they won the debate. It’s a crazy thing that suggests a cult like behavior. The fact is, anyone selling anything is always focused on making a good presentation. That’s been true since Grogstein sold Grogton a new wheel. It is especially true in politics.

  22. The vital difference between weirdos who succeed in politics and weirdos who don’t is class. The alt-right has low class weirdos. The abolitionist movement of the early 19th century was full of weirdos-but they were well heeled, upper class weirdos. The early Marxist movement which also sprang from that same milieu in the aftermath of 1848 also contained upper class weirdos (Lenin, for one).

    It’s not that we need to purge weirdos, we just need to find some upper class weirdos with money to burn to support us.

  23. I don’t really see a practical way of dealing with the weirdos. For one, dissident politics are an informal grouping, we don’t have an official party headquarters or a spokesperson to issue fatwas and insure brand purity on our behalf. Anyone can claim to be alt-right or dissident right, and who’s to say they aren’t?

    Secondly, the “no punch right” ethos didn’t come out of thin air. It was an attempt to avoid the fate of Buckley conservatism, which may have started out full of piss and vinegar, but eventually wound up purging itself into the empty jockstrap we know and love today. Yeah, they still manage to get their preferred candidates elected occasionally, but what’s the point? They’ve managed to purge anything useful or interesting right out of their movement. No punch right may have resulted in some embarrassing moments, but it’s also prevented the movement from being coopted the same way the Tea Party or the Ron Paulites were.

    Third, any line drawn to exclude the weirdos is going to be subjective: according to most of the world, *we* are the weirdos, by definition, so any disavowals of our Emperor Augustus are going to be viewed as the pot calling out the kettle.

    Rules and standards are nice. Now, who’s going to be the enforcers? And how are they going to do the enforcing?

    I note that the left deals with the weirdo problem by redirecting back to their message. They don’t purge their weirdos, nor do they defend them, they just change the subject back to what they want to talk about. Individual soldiers may fall, but the campaign keeps rolling.

    The alt-right, on the other hand, became largely identified with Richard Spencer, and when he went down, the movement went with him. Not that the left doesn’t have their cults of personality too, but they aren’t married to them. When a Howard Dean screams, he’s simply thrown under the bus and never mentioned again.

    In our case, the corpse of Spencer’s reputation is exhumed and dragged through Charlottesville whenever we rear our heads. We have to learn to keep the focus on our message, not on individuals.

    In the end, people like Emperor Augustus are a fact of life in politics, and especially dissident politics. It’s really not our problem to either defend or disavow him. The best approach is probably “not my brother’s keeper”. Taking the trouble to disavow him only makes him the object of attention. If anyone asks about him, just change the subject back to what you want to talk about, and leave the Emperor to speak for himself.

  24. This is a problem only on the right. The Left has every weirdo imaginable (transsexuals, Antifa, spirit cookers, “artists,” etc) and their MO for handling them runs the spectrum from tacit approval through silence to circling the wagons and outright defending them. Jonathan Bowden had an interesting take on this:

    “One of the reasons Liberalism’s triumphed in this society is the mental wetness, the irresolve, fear, and funk of conservatism morally and intellectually and ideologically. And I don’t just mean naked, middle class self-interest and the sort of slightly impoverished range of politics based around that, which is the core of all center-right parties. What I mean is conservatism philosophically and intellectually, unlike the moderate left that’s always looked to the far left for its energy, for its theory, for its radicalism. They repudiate bits they don’t like (particularly the harsher bits) but they’re, “Come in brother, come in comrade.” They take it into themselves.”

    “Conservatives, even of the Professor Roger Scruton and Maurice Cowling type, there is a permafrost between them and the far right and radical right ideas. This means, theoretically and mentally, they’ve cut part of their own body off. Whatever their much more moderate political views are, they will not take the energy which exists to one side of them. Always in thinking — which is one of the reasons intellectuals often make bad politicians! Thinking goes to the margin of the prospect of a thought. Politics often has to deal with great masses of people, with what they can understand and appreciate, with short attention spans, with people who’ve got a hundred other things to do. Politics is even, in society, a minority sport amongst a minority sport!”

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • The Left is routinely torn apart with schisms. This myth of left-wing solidarity is just more nonsense created to support the mandatory tolerance rule.

      • Yet we see them with a big tent in which mainstream politicians tweet about transphobia, Antifa is never condemned, terrorists get cushy gigs as university professors, etc.

        • The Left does not suffer from the Big Divide- membership in the Church of Equality. The Right does. That divide runs through the Right, not the Left. So the Left is more unified than the Right if we include Prager, Shapiro, Log Cabin/Chamber of Commerce/establishment/normie/cuck GOP on the Right.

      • The Left is held together by the glue of a “common” enemy. The enemy has changed over the years and is now the White male—who is all powerful, racist, and evil. All the groups comprising the Left want economic benefit, recognition/validation, but most of all protection/payback from Whitey.

        When Whitey can no longer be portrayed as the all-powerful evil enemy, the Left will need to create another universal enemy or implode as its constituency groups feed upon each other. Something akin to when a predator exhausts it’s prey.

        • “The Left is held together by the glue of a “common” enemy.” More than that, they also have a clear strategic objective: namely, the overthrow of Western White Civilisation (WWC). They are prepared to forge any alliance and adopt any tactics in furtherance of that strategic objective. Note the seamless alacrity with which they got into bed with corporate capitalism, their former enemy.

          This is why the left is so difficult to defeat. They have objectives but no principles. This makes them mobile, fleet-footed and infinitely adaptable.

          Contrast with the right which has lots of principles but no objective, thus making us ponderous, immobile, prone to schisms and nearly impossible to rally or organise.

          WWC has become like a medieval fortress under constant siege by the armies of the left. At times, it seems like we have beaten them back only for them to return once they have fashioned more rocks for their trebuchets.

        • Except that by the time the white man can no longer be used as a scapegoat, things will be literally worse than South Africa where the white man is still used as a scapegoat to this day despite being maybe 8% of the population.

    • It’s because the establishment right types are paid-off. “Controlled opposition.” Anyone genuine is well and truly in the wilderness, or gets thrown in prison in places like Britain.

      • I puzzle over this. Are they bought and paid-off? Or are they carefully selected for their potential to be compromised? The constant reversals between the policies of “Candidate X” and “Elected Official X” of both parties leads one down a very dark path.

      • Do you believe Paul Manafort went to prison for his “crimes”?
        I think it’s because of his connection to Trump.

        Then there’s the Proud Boys in New York; why are they in prison?

        • The Proud Boys are serving FOUR YEAR PRISON SENTENCES where there was no plaintiff, should tell you everything you need to know about “Justice.” Those guys defended Trump and his supporters with their lives and livelihoods. They were betrayed.

  25. Sometimes weirdos can be useful. They may advance the cause even without fully understanding the goals of the cause. Useful Idiots. Lenin understood this.

    Zman makes my point redundant. Should have read his first.

  26. Ever see Styxhexxenhammer? One of the most popular on the fringe right and even a guest on Ramseys podcast. Occult background, no shirt wearing with leather jacket, and even worse, a libertarian!

    • Also extremely unpleasant and comes off as autistic. Although to be fair, he did beat E. Michael Jones in that debate. And im at least emotionally sympathetic with the anti porn/coomers position.

      • He denied that pornography was addictive and fell back on nerd baiting, ironically. Demanding “muh science” is a disingenuous move to make the opponent look like a nerd, especially in this context. It’s a powerful disqualification even if the opponent does his homework and cites his sources like a good student.

        Jones won that “debate”.

    • Styx is fun to listen to—at times. His occult mutterings are separated from his other video’s and you can watch his commentary and not know about such proclivities. And yes, he’s weird looking. But who in that age bracket and audience is not? He’s not attempting to red-pill normies and he’s no different that the aforementioned Ted Nugent in weird appearance.

      He seems to punch left mostly, and his views on Congress and such are pretty much what we’d discuss here. However, he’s entertainment—not really leadership wrt DR. I treat him as such.

      • I was only half-kidding before. I kind of have a soft-spot for Styx. Unlike the Burlington Cosmopolitans he doesn’t wish me dead or replaced. He’s into a lot of back-to-the-land stuff and if you’re doing that in northern New England you have my respect.

    • Listen to him everyday. He’s fascinating because he looks like he’d be right at home at an ANTIFA protest, but is capable of reasoned commentary for the most part.

      He does have deep personal problems, apparently. Drugs, if I recall correctly. Yep, he’s a weirdo with baggage.

      But that brings up an interesting line of discussion: what is the dissident vision of “normal”?

      • That’s easy.

        Sober, Straight No drug use, married to opposite sex and has kids, or working to such .No emotional issues that can’t be handled with talk with a friend or pastor. Employed at useful work ..Also moral and avoids poz and porn

        Dressed conservative in public and not part of any really weird subset of people like furries

        Opposed to immigration and Poz, OK with firearms

        Probably Christian or Secular though some flexibility for quiet whatever

        Eccentric is fine and so long as straight and quite about oddities a little variation is OK.

        Anyone else is too weird

        Oh yeah and for time being till gender rolls are fixed married/kids is waived.

  27. I wonder how many pedos in suits are running things. Yet what matters to the public is that they wear suits.

    I agree with avoiding weirdos, but from a practical standpoint all that matters is that they hide their weirdness. Good people with eccentricities need not apply.

    Messed up world.

    • That Spirit Cooking thing comes to mind. The cloud people are insane, but they hide it better and have media to cover for them.

  28. The far-left media could just keep plucking these characters out and putting their profile out there on-line. In fairness, most of the people attracted to the alt-right were perfectly normal, but that’s not what the public saw when the alt-right was showcased in the mass media.

    But the weirdos pulled the punters in to begin with, exactly because the regressive media couldn’t help giving them airplay.

    The problem is not the weirdos, it’s the lack of viable leaders and institutions, a place for normie to go to once he’s digested the clown pill.

  29. We don’t like normies but also don’t like weirdos. so who is left. We cannot all be red-pilled, high-income STEM professionals like RamZ and others.
    Just because you disagree with someone or something doesn’t mean you have to speak out about it too, This comes across as virtue signaling by Ramz, when no one asked him for his opinion.
    The alt-right failed because of a combination of bad optics but also because a year into Trump’s presidency it became obvious that the swamp would not be drained, and no progress on immigration ,so the enthusiasm just evaporated, and also the rise of the alt-middle/center.lite such as Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro subsumed the alt-right. it became cool to be moderate.

    • I’m skeptical of red pilled high income STEM professionals anyway. They’ve made too many compromises to get there. Maybe not engineers so much but the scientists for sure.

    • I suppose it depends on how you define weirdo. Look at Ted Nugent … normie conservative in many respects but probably closer to our side. We could use a few Motor City Madment in our midst. Besides, I’d rather share a pitcher with Ted than RamZ.

      CONTRARIANS – that’s what we’re after … people who have thumbed their nose at the establishment and courageous enough to live out their convictions.

    • OJ Simpson is a murderer, something with which I strongly disagree. Why should I be required to bite my tongue? It seems to me that the burden is on OJ to not kill people.

      That’s the problem with the mandatory tolerance rule. It allows weirdos to put the burden on the normal.

      • “Politics is downstream from culture” may be a cliche, but only because it’s true. Our weirdos are weirdos, their weirdos are oppressed.

        Personally, I would be happy if we could just call a spade a spade. Heh.

      • Exactly. We are free to be as weird as we want. To go live in a cabin in the woods and rant into a camera.

        But when we desire to also be a part of something greater than the smell of our own genius, it is our responsibility to sublimate base behaviors and to moderate our internal critics to attune toward the greater good.

        It is a civilization we desire after all. Not just a right-leaning clown world of our own.

        When we fail to reign in our inner weirdo it is the responsibility of those we align with to call us into the office for a chat.

        Thats normal, healthy, and necessary. Just like the oxford comma.

        In the marketplace of ideas, espousing my views and selling my ‘personality’ cuts both ways. Expecting otherwise is infantile. Its how the left grows weirdos like dandelions.

        If I want likes and giggles and bitcoin for my ideas I cannot expect to have immunity from reproach from those who think those ideas to be weird, dangerous, or just retarded.

        Sure, some weirdness may have its place. Like spergy genius or eccentric deep thinker or flamboyant creative.

        But their ideas must be curated through the community and their ‘personalities’ must not be the focus.

        And thats usually the crux of these dustups. For most of these weirdos and their sycophants, the cult of personality is more important than ideas.

        If they had good ideas they wouldn’t need to be so weird.

        We want normal, boring men to feel at home with ‘our side’. Normal boring white guy is what needs to be elevated back to the status we deserve. Basement freakshows are not status accretive and normal men will not be led by larpy pagan homos.

        Its ghey marketing jargon but our brand must be carefully crafted to be appealing to normal people – and then ruthlessly protected from becoming the right wing equivalent of woke capital.

      • The burden of proof is always on the person making the assertion. That seems to be ignored these days, especially by the Left, but it was once a truism of our legal system and a general understanding of the people.

    • The alt-right failed

      The alt-right was wildly successful. Milo, a jewhomocatholicniggerloving catamite, has done more for the cause than Jared Taylor.

  30. “Of course, the main issue with outsider politics is that they usually form up around a complaint or a list of complaints.” What we could use are several manifestos from the disparate dissident groups; clearly articulated problem statements followed by their cultural and political proposals. At this stage dissident groups seeking to organize should “nail their colors to the mast” and post this at the top of their website. Among the policy statements would be something to the effect of “no weirdos permitted.” If dissidents also stick to the traditional good, true and just, this would tend to have a clearinghouse effect on weirdos.

    Usually the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Usually. But while we need alliances we also need to be cautious when considering compromise of the good/true/just principles. And we need to be ruthless in culling the cranks.

    • In our current Progressive clown world, what is normal? What is truth, goodness and beauty when people have been cultivated to believe that whatever they think is their own truth is fine. You’re OK, I’m OK. A world of 7 billion people with 7 billion truths and 7 billion religions. We’re living in those fruits of chaos. So how would one necessarily know if they’re a weirdo coming up in such a world, especially if they didn’t have a lot of good parenting where beliefs and traditions are passed to the next generation? At the risk of turning off the non-religious, I suggest we embrace Christianity and the accompanying beliefs that established the foundation of western civilization and all the truth, beauty and goodness that we used to experience in the west. God is with us, waiting for our return to his loving embrace, and waiting to see us prosper from His glory.

      Peter Hitchens wrote a piece that comes to mind on the sad state of today’s cynical, Godless world, terrifying in its cruelty, as he reviewed A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin (the guy who wrote Game of Thrones). Maybe you’ll enjoy it.

      A few excerpts:

      “So I was only just in time to know what Conan Doyle meant when he explained something very important about the Middle Ages to his original Edwardian readers. It was this:

      ” ‘In those simple times there was a great wonder and mystery in life. Man walked in fear and solemnity, with Heaven very close above his head, and Hell below his very feet. God’s visible hand was everywhere, in the rainbow and the comet, in the thunder and the wind. The Devil, too, raged openly upon the earth; he skulked behind the hedgerows in the gloaming; he laughed loudly in the night-time; he clawed the dying sinner, pounced on the ­unbaptized babe, and twisted the limbs of the epileptic.’

      “An urban, industrialized society finds this assertion hard to cope with. But even in my English childhood, in country districts, these things were ­really not so far away from the human mind, and in times of great distress and war they tend to reassert themselves in spasms of superstition, without the Christian understanding and the belief in the nearness of Christ and his saints that civilized them in the past.” …

      “Bravery and charity toward others are rewarded with death or betrayal. The simple poor are raped, robbed, enslaved, and burned out of their homes. Chivalry, a real thing in Conan Doyle’s world, is for Martin a fraud. All kinds of cruelty and greed, typified by the House of ­Lannister, flourish like the green bay tree. Treachery and the most debauched cynicism are the only salvation, the only route to safety or advantage. Perhaps the most intense moment of the entire saga, the “Red Wedding” is composed entirely of the most bitter betrayals, including a terrible violation of the laws of hospitality. Yet as far as I can see, the betrayers gain advantage by their action. Three major figures, all in the grip of different versions of amoral cynicism, dominate all the thousands of pages that follow, and while others are murdered all around them, they live on.

      “It is often said that much of the narrative is based on the true and gruesome conflicts of England’s Wars of the Roses. The relentlessly wicked and triumphant Lannisters are based upon the House of Lancaster, and the more civilized (and ultimately beaten) Starks are based upon the House of York. No doubt this is true. But I think Martin fairly quickly liberates himself from that framework. For all the horrors of these wars, England in that era never sank into the utter misery and desolation portrayed here.” …

      “Martin’s creation is a society in which man knows how to build and travel, to make himself comfortable, perhaps to cure and treat some diseases, and to fight wars scientifically—but in which there is no trace of Christ. The Good Samaritan is not known of here. Nobody has heard of the Prodigal Son, and the Sermon on the Mount has never been delivered. There are not even rumors of these things. The only appeal is to a very basic common decency, the absurdly overrated Golden Rule, which in a world without Jesus has two great unavoidable flaws. The first is that the weaker and poorer you are, the less other people are inclined to hope for favors from you, or fear your revenge. And so enlightened self-interest will cheerfully leave you wounded, destitute, or alone, or tolerate the fact that you are enslaved, reserving the Golden Rule in practice for others who are more likely to reciprocate. The second is that, having no way to find the mind’s construction in the face, or to see into our neighbors’ secret hearts, we have very little true knowledge of the secret deeds and inward thoughts of others. ‘Do as you would be done by’ rapidly becomes the very different ‘Appear to do as you would be done by.’

      “In such a kingdom, power and virtue are entirely separate. The snarling brute rules, unrestrained by reminders that a just God will judge him in turn. He is wealthy, powerful, and clever, like the figures depicted by the Riace Bronzes. He sits at the pinnacle of a civilization of impunity, which delivers many joys to the rich and the strong, and misery to the weak and poor. Imagine that, stretching out in all directions and forever, and you have George Martin’s world.”

      (Sorry, too long, as usual.)

  31. Well, the weirdo problem as Z describes it is kind of a large phenomenon, one that can’t be fully assessed in one crappy little blog comment from one crappy little individual. But here is at least a relevant slice of analysis.

    We have a gigantic social and political problem, and a problem with weirdos, partly because:

    1. Nobody under age 30 in this country has an actual, personal, vivid memory of America ever having been a normal healthy actual country, which it once was. I am only in my early 50s, but even as late as my early 30s America was still a country, a recognizable one. Kids, trust me for a moment, please. America used to be full of Americans, not mooching grifting foreigners. America used to have a culture, it was called “American culture,” and it was large and vivid and diverse, but still everybody knew what it was. It included odd things like James Brown and Sun Ra and Cher, but it very much did not include things like Sikhs wearing turbans or the Muslim call to prayer. Cultures have boundaries, and we used to know where ours were, and we used to patrol and enforce them.

    2. Nobody under 30 has a proper education any more. None of the young people understand the clarifying influence of reading serious philosophy, the grounding influence of knowing real, actual history, or the humanizing influence of serious art, serious literature, and serious music. We have now two entire generations which have been fed on pure garbage, and we wonder why they have intellectual rickets, intellectual diabetes, intellectual and cultural typhus, tuberculosis, diphtheria. They haven’t been vaccinated and they are extremely dehydrated and malnourished. This leads to dementia.

    3. Nobody under 30 understands, or has any meaningful personal experience of rational, natural, balanced and healthy relations between the sexes.

    4. Nobody under 30 understands that there was once a world without the internet. Seriously, kids, I used to design computer games at MIT when I was a teenager (and I didn’t even go to MIT), and yet I wrote my college thesis on a typewriter, with paper and whiteout and ribbon spools and all that Bob Cratchit stuff, using these things called “books” which I found at a “library”. And my thesis was about a complicated thing that happened in China centuries ago, and I didn’t even use any words like “patriarchy” or “institutional racism” or “structural” or “dysphoria.” You can do it. Look up from your damn phone for just two minutes.

    and, of course…

    5. Fucking Jews.

    • This is one of those -really- clarifying posts that come up here every so often that just distills the pure essence of our general malaise in a short and concise way. You can’t care about something if you had no idea you ever had it in the first place. All the things you listed above, sad as it is, are being purposefully buried and in another generation they will be as alien as those old photos from the 1950s of all white families out together in public spaces doing wholesome things that seem so quaint today.

      I was at a mall near DC last night, Montgomery Mall, that use to be full of wealthy white sh1tlibs being in one of the richest counties in the US and adjoined to Potomac, MD which is where the -real- cloud people live. The 1% who actually control the bughive. The place is Brazilified now with the wealthy white bug hivers mingling with their imported welfare pets.

      About 2/3rds of that mall was a muddy brown dystopia. Screaming mud kids running wild, latinax couples pushing their 6+ welfare babies through the remnants of a civilized shopping area. Mudshark white teenage girls doing what they are programmed to do by (((Talmudvision))) are an especially painful sight. The anchor stores (Macys, etc) also look 3rd world. Shoppers and staff both. There were clothes thrown all over the floors, things in general disarray because 3rd world mud people can’t be bothered to hang anything back on a rack, refold anything they try on, or put it back where they found it.

      It was f-cking embarassing and depressing to me to walk through this place and see it looking like a Walmart in Guatemala with crap strewn all over the aisles and floors and neither shoppers nor staff can be arsed to pick any of it up and organize it. Walking over piles of discarded clothes & hangars through aisles is a VERY good metaphor for how these people also treat the soil of the nation they tread on now.

      Burn it all down and start over. I’m not kidding. There is truly no other way, or else try & separate but you know they will never let the blood host flee from the parasite.

      • Apex. Yep, and I’m older than you I suspect. However, burning all down is not a plan most normies will accept or understand as allegory. Rather, I believe we are here to analyze and understand the root causes of the decline. For example, diversity. Put a stop to that—and some other root causes, and I believe a natural return to such times as you describe would be a natural process among the people.

        • As to that bigger problems, making the US into a functional nation will require that you run it in a very authoritarian manner for many many decades.

          This has nothing to do with the multicultural nonsense though that of course contributes . Its just as the moral character of the US is corrupt and has been since its founding,

          It works well enough with a Continent to explore, conquer and hell exploit but its unfit for a fully developed nation or any interconnected world.

          Fundamentally no one has had any sense of the greater good in many decades nor in many places does anyone other than aging people mostly White have any morals or any habit of obeying the law.

          Most larger corporations and many smaller ones have less morals than the S&L scammers or big tobacco . Its been that way basically forever and the only reason it was quelled was both Roosevelts and LBJ’s big boots on neck for decades and that was only partially successful.

          The instant any pressure was released, back to girfting and dishonest practice

          On top that even basic morals which we did have will have to be imposed top down and things like obscenity and public decency laws enforced heavily.

          Unless your movement can do that, the best it can do is expel non Whites and some less honest people and you get I dunno Albania or depending on how Hispanic Uruguay or Argentina

          Making the US more like the good parts of Europe or at least fit for purpose as a developed nation requires a more social democratic focus and a hell of a lot less freedom to gift or to trade for that matter,

          Its ends up as as simple buy domestically, sell domestically , employ domestically selling lawful useful goods and behave soberly morally and lawfully or dance a hemp jig.

          Liberty and leave me alone movements are for after we are a moral people.

      • I grew up in Potomac in the 90s in one of the first county-mandated low income neighborhoods. The area was about 30% each Jewish, Asian, and White as late as 2000. Few POC and no mass transit allowed. They were almost all hypocritical wealthy cloud people with an axe to grind against dirt people and America in general. They deserve every bit of this.

        Still, it’s depressing to witness the extirpation of a community which used to hold Fox Hunts and maintain other local traditions well into this Millennial’s lifetime. The remnant is quickly disembarking or passing away. Leave them to their fate.

    • As a sampler, a few very quick things which you can actually do TODAY, right now, in less than three hours, to improve your cultural health and stability. Think of it as like going to the gym, but in your mind. Try it yourself, or better yet, get a young person to try it…

      1. Listen to Mozart’s “Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major.” A calm, careful, non-hysterical masterpiece of serenity. Some people say this is the music you hear at the gates of Heaven. Takes less than 30 minutes. And, nota bene: it was a White guy who wrote that sublime thing.

      2. Read two great, short poems by the brilliant American poet Wallace Stevens: “The Snow Man” and, “A Postcard from the Volcano.” Easily found on the Internet. Not as complicated as his later, more elaborate works like “The Owl in the Sarcophagus” or “The Man With the Blue Guitar” or “The Comedian as Letter C”, which take some work to enjoy. But these two short ones reward the effort. And: written by a White guy.

      3. Read three short, concise poems by Walt Whitman: “Cavalry Crossing a Ford”, “I Hear America Singing,” and “A Noiseless Patient Spider.” Much less complicated than his sprawling greater poems, but clear, concise, and very American. Also: written by a White guy, about explicitly White people stuff.

      That’ll do ya for Day One.

      • Thank you for reminding us that it is critically important to periodically refresh ourselves spiritually, and that the beautiful, sublime, and transcendent continue to exist despite everything our (?) current culture and “elites” would have us believe.

        In the same vein, here are some videos from a person calling himself Asha Logos. First:
        “A Short Journey Through Time: The Western Aesthetic”

        Also, “Never Forget”
        The creator’s comments accompanying this video are as follows:
        A journey back in time…Before […] big-pharma, before big-tech, before enforced multiculturalism.

        I see healthy bodies, upright postures, warm and genuine smiles, sincere happiness. I see a sense of community and brotherhood, a resonance, a sense that one’s friends and neighbors were essentially an extended family, and that all were working together towards the greater good.

        I see the past… but I also see the future

        • I see healthy bodies, upright postures, warm and genuine smiles, sincere happiness. I see a sense of community and brotherhood, a resonance, a sense that one’s friends and neighbors were essentially an extended family, and that all were working together towards the greater good.
          Thanks MikeC when I talk about building Communities that’s what I want our future to look like…

    • Good comment. This dovetails with one of the themes I comment on here, which is that the path to success more likely lies with taking over the Republican party and/or forcing it to the right than with a dissident movement. Much of this is going to happen as a matter of natural evolution as changing demographics force whites out of the Democratic party.

      The Blue states and cities are a lost cause, but the Red states are not. One of the most effective things the dissident right could do would be to get active in the Republican primary process. Every Republican candidate for state or even local office needs to have a clearly articulated position on what he/she is going to do to roll back the impact of the Long March through the Institutions by the Left.

      People here rail on blacks, Hispanics, and Jews for voting as a block, but the better view is that whites need to learn to play the game. No more voting for Ben Sasse type corporate squishes just because they are Republicans. If they want the white vote they need to earn it.

      • Disciplined primary voting could work in some places if we had a way of converging support on the most right wing candidate that could win the general election. I could see some organizations putting together voter guides for this purpose, and volunteering get-out-the-vote efforts for the primaries. But only a separate dissident movement would ever provide the financing and leadership for something like this.

        Any viable plan would have to anticipate and effectively deal with the hostile responses of the local establishment Republicans.

      • This is 100% wrong. There is no future for dissidents to work their way up the GOP ladder. It has an extremely fine tuned system that expells any new foreign entity that tries to enter it.
        If politics is 5o be changed by taking over a political party, the way to do it is from the left. The barrier for entry is almost non-existent.
        I worked for the GOP for decades, my mom for almost 5 decades.

    • Spot on analysis, one of the best I’ve read in a very long time.

      In regards to point #2. I do believe the dumbing down of the curriculum was deliberate and was mandated at the highest levels. They wanted a intellectually crippled population of consumers.

      Point #3 is so very spot on. What’s happened between the sexes is twisted beyond all recognition. It’s so toxic. It’s not anything like I experienced growing up in the 70’s.

      BTW if you want to see what we don’t teach our children compared to what we used to, go purchase a Appleton or McGuffy reader and compare it to what is fed to our kids today.

    • please stick around. That was a hell of a post.

      As to something Apex Predator said, even as a young man and I’m around our hosts age, the 1950’s and so on seemed weird to me. Its going to be nigh impossible to resurrect something like that.

      This is because the technology of the internet and smart phones magnifies the fad/ass culture aspect of mass culture and makes it happen faster, 5 Years of hula hoops becomes 1 Month of Tide Pod Challenge

      Short of shutting down the internet and smart phones you can’t stop the signal only slow it.

      Dissident of whatever age have to live in the world we have an build the one we want,

  32. Not “punching right” isn’t the only problem in outsider movements. Another is just too much “punching each other.” You see people on the same side fighting each other all the time just because the people they actually hate are well-ensconced behind castle walls (you’re never going to see Soros, you’ll just see his foot soldiers, the junkies, flunkies, ghetto trash and apolitical people who just got bussed here from over the rainbow happy to make a couple more dollars an hour). Personal example: there’s a guy here I know who’s a mainstream conservative, reads dumb D’Souza books and worries about tranny story time and Muslims every time some outfit looking for money sends him an email. He’s also personally obnoxious but I just don’t get into it with him. He’s white, has a family, and he is worried about demographics. That’s enough. You have to learn to be on the same team with people you don’t like is my point.

    • You have to learn to be on the same team with people you don’t like is my point.

      This is correct, in my view, but it manifest differently in a positive identity group than in a negative identity group. The negative group has to live with the guy drinking goat’s blood, because they share the common enemy. In the positive group everyone feels a duty to one another and avoids common mistakes like changing your name to that of a Roman emperor and drinking goat’s blood.

      The negative group has to preach tolerance, while the positive group promotes fraternity and fidelity.

    • How do you know if you’re a weirdo? Well, in a properly functioning evolutionary environment, you would likely be dead already, which admittedly conflicts with self-awareness.

      • Ever seen the paragraphs of instructions stickered to a ladder providing explanations as to its usage?

        We are not in a “properly functioning evolutionary environment.”

    • Scary thought, but not off the mark. But as Z-man has said, the “new norm” we wish to create always starts off as abnormal and a challenge to the accepted normal. I’m here because what is now considered “normal” is an aberration of basic human nature, contradictory in itself, and can not lead to human progress.

    • Not maybe, Whitney. The north European population is uniquely out bred. Arabs and Africans are far more representative of historic human populations. They see you much as we see Greta. The fruit is good but you go out on that branch too far and it breaks.

  33. Another possible reason that weirdos work their way to the front is two-fold: they are people who have a sense of terrified urgency, “we have to fix this RIGHT NOW” and they are not willing to put in the long term work. The Left didn’t come out of the gate with tranny story hours and kill whitey. They’ve worked on this project since at least the 1950’s, and arguably longer in the background. Think about your own journey to this side of the river. Did it take an afternoon? It’s taken me eight years to get here. The average person is not going to make the leap in a conversation or a shitpost on Twitter. But a weirdo will. A weirdo will jump on something right away, and then will assume everyone else will too. We of the deplorables, dissidents, whatever, have to remember that things did not get where they are overnight, and won’t be fixed overnight either. Patience and long term strategies needed, something weirdos are incapable of.

    • You don’t have the kind of time or monetary resources on your side the enemy did. In another fifty years, people of European ancestry will either be a physically persecuted minority on the road to being physically exterminated either through violence or forced interbreeding, or a combination of the two. You may think this is absurd but you now have Jews like Eric Kaufmann creeping towards this.

      The idea that you can just do some kind of long march through the institutions or any of this other kind of sneaky strategy where you get the vapors anytime anyone gives any straight talk and you cuck out and disavow in hopes that you can ??? and then win and that this will work out for you in the long-run is absurdity. There is a sense of urgency because there is real urgency. You don’t have very long to fix these problems and oust the enemy from power before all is literally lost.

      Most people who talk like this are just making excuses for their own cowardice.

      • Gorp,

        We are all aware of the demographic and cultural onslaught we’re facing.

        You clearly fall into the category of “war to the knife now!” vs. the “build communities, physical and other.”

        I understand your frustration and somewhat see your point. Anyone who isn’t deeply troubled with Our People’s likely future is asleep (you’ll not find those here). I guess, and forgive me if I’m surmising incorrectly, your point would be to strike now whilst whites are a majority?

        My first question to you is what exact percentage of whites do you think will come rallying to your revolt? Most are asleep and those that are awakening will be turned off by militant action. How many people do you PERSONALLY KNOW that will stand with you at this moment?

        How do you propose to convince others to wake up and begin to identify with their race and culture? How do you propose to rally numbers to Our cause? The builder faction, of which I am deeply in concurrence, are on the side of Our People. You have an audience here that is in alliance with your goals and yet you respond to their input by lavishing terms like “coward” and “cuck” at them. Do you suppose that gains you adherents and allies? I think not. If you treat with friendlies in that manner, I can only hazard a guess you are quite a bit more caustic in your dealings with Normies.

        I’ll not tar you with the generally applied sentence: That you are an internal security operative attempting to stir up trouble for the folks here. I don’t believe that. I believe you are frustrated and angered by what you see occurring in the land of your forebears. I get that. It’s easy to succumb to the emotions of it.

        I’d like to suggest you listen to some of the ideas here. Suggestions of violence and illegality will only draw unwise and unnecessary attention to what people here are trying to build. You make good points… and if you act on them I’ll read about some Nutter in the news and your reasons will be distilled down to said Nutter made online violent statements and your reasons will become an unread manifesto. That’s what they call the scribblings of failed revolutionaries these days. Manifestos.

        No. Legally and morally building is the answer. Physical communities, both towns and regions. Providing attractive answers in an age of uncertainty and near madness. Building organizations to support and recruit Ours. Reclaiming institutions that are salvageable and legitimately undermining those that aren’t. Those are the ways you’ll awaken people and garner numbers. Our opposition is practically purpose built to drive Our People into our arms.

        Anything more drastic than that, barring some unforeseen collapse, is a foolish endeavor. Going off half-cocked and diving into the illegal will get you crushed an stymie your goal.

        Yes. I am a coward. My soul is shriven and I have no great fear death. I know I’ll join my ancestors. I’m no stranger to the violence if this world. I do however, have a fear of failing my children and my People. I fear rash idiocy now will doom my descendants. So I’ll accept your epithet of coward if you so chose.

        As to cuck. I’ll take that on too. If it means working within the system to affect Our goals then that’s me. If its creating legally constructed organizations to further the desired outcome then I’m a cuck. Running about calling for overthrow of the Gov’ment is called treason and I’ll be no part of it.

        I’m taking the time to write this to you for my own reasons as well. I want to stake out my fundamental positions. Build and recruit legally. Violence isn’t the way unless it is in response to violence. Love of Our People doesn’t necessitate hating others. Wanting to live amongst your own is not only desirable, it is moral and wise.

      • What is your plan, GORP? Time is short, we need ideas now. Please share them.

        If you don’t have a coherent answer, you’re just playing at fed-posting. Share it or save the criticism.

    • The weirdos are the canaries in the coal mine. They usually see the shit storm coming long before others do.

      That said, the Left even as far back as the GD had intellectual buy in from academics, the upper class and professionals such as teachers. And the Left just kept growing during WWII and beyond. By the 1950’s they were already powerful, in control of Hollywood and the MSM to a large extent. Academia was already in their pocket.

      We are so far behind the power curve it’s not even funny. We don’t have that sort of buy in nor the decades it takes to pull off despite what our thought leaders opine. Once the Left/globo-homo becomes fully ascendant they will curb stomp us. And that is only a few years off.

      And in that new world there will be no place for white men not of the ruling class..

  34. It is ironic that a new political movement that wants to be mainstream should have to eschew weirdos, because that’s what a large portion of our politicians and bureaucrats are…weirdos.

    • When you are at the top of the hill, your margin of error is much bigger than the those attacking you uphill. That’s what the excuse makers for these weirdos fail to grasp. In their zeal to defend a fellow weirdo – and that’s what it is – they create a false comparison. The people in charge get to stretch the definition of acceptable to suit their needs. The opposition does not have that luxury.

        • When you think about, the whole point of revolutionary politics is to usher in a new normal. That means the current normal must be anathematized as weird or out of date. That’s why being outlandish or crazy does not work in the long run. In the shorty run, it gets lots of attention, but when you’re asking people to choose, they will always pick the known over the bizarre.

          • I am still amazed that many people I personally know felt that Hillary Clinton was a stable, sensible person. Apparently, these discreet, sober-minded, reputable neighbors of mine are clueless. Another downside of democracy.

          • Those people are either ignorant (willfully or otherwise) of the Clinton’s history and activities or they approve of them.

          • Or, they just didn’t care because they supported her political stances.

            Sen. Ted Kennedy left a woman to die in a submerged car, but he was continually re-elected in Massachusetts and even ran for president in 1980. Being a Democrat pol is the closest thing to a get-out-of-jail card in existence.

            What is important to liberals is not doing the right thing, it’s saying the right thing, holding the right attitude and, if a politician, holding the right political stances. A liberal can live in blatant, diametric opposition to his supposed principles, but that’s okay because they all do. The accusation of hypocrisy is like water on a duck – it just rolls off.

          • A lot of that is ethnic partisanship that began with Curley and persists to this day. Remind me to tell you my Ted Kennedy and Whitey Bulger stories someday. (Not particularly amusing but indicative of the rot.)

          • A lot of ethnic Irish still bear a grudge against WASPs because of “no Irish need apply.” So, they vote Democrats, as if all WASPs are Republican nowadays. I wish.

          • First they have to invent the ” right thing” and push it on to everyone. This is the ” culture war” defining everything and excusing everything to the ” lefts” advantage. They always ask, ” is it good for the ‘left'”, then anything goes.

          • “The right thing” will vary from time to time, like women’s hemlines.

            The left dominates the culture, media and education and can force their views on everyone.

          • The downside is, in a sense, not cluelessness—we all have areas of ignorance. The downside is that clueless people are given the same vote as those who are thoughtful. Such universal suffrage has yet to be proven to work in the long run. We are in the middle of a social science experiment, and it doesn’t seem to be working as predicted.

          • One of our commenters wrote “the strongest force in human affairs isn’t love or hate, it’s inertia.” It takes more that we might suppose to change long held assumptions.

          • It’s been said that liberals want to change the world, while conservatives want to be happy at home. I know from working in Republican politics that Dems are more likely to get off their rumps and work for a candidate than Republicans.

          • When I was in Boston not too long ago a shop had action figures of all the big Dem primary candidates (and a voodoo doll or something of Trump). “Who buys this crap”, I thought, but then again some of them were sold out.

    • Not even weird. Pelosi is literally terrifying looking. Z may be right that Trump just wins by default and inertia this time around. He kind of has a weird, bloated and platinumized Liberace quality to him, but he’s at least self-aware and ironic about it, has a sense of humor.

      • For whatever reason, Trump seems to not care about the forces arrayed against him and their constant criticism. He just keeps on going. That makes him unique. Of course, if his positions do not intersect with yours, that also makes him dangerous as well.

  35. The problem is the Left also has a wierdo problem – see Drag Queen Story Hour, and The Squad, and they are also unable to get rid of them, including when Omar said anti-Semitic things in a speech, they couldn’t come up with anything condemning her, but only a generic anti-hate resolution. But 25 Jewish Democratic reps wrote something condemning Trump.

    The left embrace and celebrate their wierdos. The Libertarians just smile politely at their wierdos like they are smiled at by normal people when they bring up Rand and Rothbard.

    Then are the Tech Titans literally drinking Teenager’s blood to try to stay young, joining Scientology, and hiring VPs of “Diversity”, or CDOs. Google has people who identify as Dragons.

    Then there are those quaint Muslim customs like FGM and Halal ritual slaughter – i think their Eids holiday often brings a story of uncertified (literal) butchery.

    Conversely, it is Cuckservative, Inc. who clutch their pearls, say “Well, I never!” and fall on their fainting couch when someone suggests is is NOT a good idea to stable green cards to diplomas.

    Wierdo becomes another irrelevant insult like Racist or Misogynist or LGBTQphobe.

    A Statue of Baphomet (the Devil) was put up in Detroit, and not by someone alt-right, yet that is never called wierd.

    So to return to the original tweet, Augustus Invictus is a victim of deinstitutionalization. He’s not wierd, ze’s psychotic. And likely evil under the crazy. The difference is shown by asking him – his irrationality comes out even though he has identified the enemies as coincident with those of the alt-right, his reasons are crazy reasons. “the voices in my head say…”.

    The other and key divide is the war between Good and Evil, God and the Devil, Logos and anti-Logos. It explains why the left accepts their wierdos for a while – they are all the devil’s toys and he breaks them. The left perverts something good, like black Churches so they accept sin. The remnant right focuses around the true, the good, and the beautiful.

    We should not judge by appearances, or mere words, but actual deeds. LARPers generally don’t do anything useful. Within Logos, there is valid, legitimate authority, starting with objective reality – nature and natural law – or God if you prefer. But then men can also have just authority the same way there are just laws. Logos is order, even if complex like an orchestra playing a classical symphony. It is not the sound of a car crash. Or the atonality that rejects harmony and melody as too constraining.

    • You danced around a possible solution to this problem of clown world weirdness without directly stating it. Maybe because it seems so obvious.

      This is a multi-front war yet we concentrate on the political and the demographic. Our enemies rule the roost because they won the culture war first. Even if they suffer a setback in the political battle and demographic battle they still control the culture and can keep their powder dry for another day. And still be effective.

      A couple of days ago Z suggested creating our own literature. There are others in our movement who are on the cultural front but they are a small minority. All of our energy is wasted on politics. This is a culture where diversity, egalitarianism, wt-privilege, narrative, mammon and orgasm worship and so much other cultural waste define good and evil.

      As our host and many on this site and elsewhere in our movement have argued, the political pathway is probably not our most effective route to turning this around. We should begin thinking like the Amish and Mennonites: we interact with clown world only at a bare minimum. Create a normal western culture. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel nor do we have to larp as Roman Emperors, Daniel Boone, Androids and other forms of anachronistic imitation. We can just be ourselves. Building communities in the real world. In rural areas, in small towns, in suburban areas and in urban areas. Not just neighborhoods or white dominate areas but culturally separate and self-sustaining enclaves. These enclave could then network. Put up with some logistical inconveniences or suck-up to ZOG? Our choice.

      We shouldn’t be on Faceberg, Twit, Youtube, Googulag nor consuming product that comes out of Challahwood. There are enough alternatives to these that we can put to use in separating ourselves. Use this resource on line to take action off line in the physical world. Set a good example, require people follow a set of positive covenants (Is it good for whites as a group) and negative covenants(Is it bad for whites as a group) and slowly build. Let’s not get too ambitious and get ahead of ourselves. If we do this right many of our tribe will simply begin to imitate what we’ve done. The majority of whites now think that whites have a need and a right to protect our culture and civilization ( without meaning harm to anyone else in doing so).

      Separate, Passive Non-Cooperation, Plan and act for Our Posterity, In-group altruism, out-group indifference.

      • Sorry, but not good enough. Just retiring to the sidelines and hoping that the plague skirts your village is not going to cut it when the jackboots show up. Human were built to move, adapt quickly, and prevail against long odds. That means fight back (literally). And there’s a smart way to do so.

        • I don’t see this as retiring to the side lines. It’s removing ourselves from a civilization that is beyond redemption and not worth the effort to even try. It’s so corrupted and decayed that trying to save it would drag us down into the muck. We build something better in its place. Not from a position of weakness and hiding but from a position that except for the early stages would be too much trouble to attempt to crush. We have more people than you think already.

          They will come after us. Make the price very very very steep and they will stop. All of this requires a lot of work and a big disruption in how we now live. We’re a high agency people. Taking positive action can and does inspire other people to action.

          Our ancestors went through hard times and took great risks to over come events that were a lot less critical than what we now face. It’s time for dissenters to act. Most of our tribe are unaware of us or have the socially acceptable view that we are scum…yet 3/4th of our tribe believe our tribe has group interests that justifies organizing and protecting. We don’t play the political game. We act to build and protect a culture, our culture. Many will follow for all sorts of reasons.

          • Do you think a succession of governments determined to kill you off by any means necessary is going to let you make your “communities” and not just trash them with forced migration of foreign and alien peoples, and then forced integration of schools and other aspects of life? How well’s that working in America right now where people moved one exit down the highway and built new towns and cities after 1965? How well did it work for the Volga Germans (like the Amish/Menonites) under the Soviet Union?

            What means do you have to make the price steep? Less than none since you’re unwilling to take a stand and get the vapors anytime anyone has even a hint of realtalk about any issue, who you then cast out and label weirdo as an excuse for the cowardice. Augustus Sol Invictus may be a genuine freak, but you then use him as an excuse to ball up everyone who has a spine and tar them with the same brush as an excuse for sheer cowardice as you come up with extravagant plans of “community building” that the establishment will NEVER allow to go unchecked.

          • I suggest you work on your reading comprehension. I never even implied such a thing.

            Unless you actually believe our institutions are salvageable? 90% of what came out of the Enlightenment is deadwood. Goodbye and Good Riddance.

          • It doesn’t matter if they’re salvagable or not. What matters is that they still exist and as long as these hostile elites hold power they will not allow you to simply build your communities and do your own thing.

          • People are already doing it. We’ve been escaping to the suburbs since the 50s. Now people are beginning to do with with more purpose. Whites are accelerating their exit from places like California (I’m one of them) and moving to whiter areas. And it’s not the Californiacation of other state like it was back in the 90s and early aughts.

            There are a lot of guys in and outside of our thing building communities in the Rockies, Cascadia, the South, the Plains, the Mid-West, the Great Lakes, New England and many other places. And they have a loose network connecting them. It’s a start. No one is preaching from the mountain tops nor asking for permission. Just quietly day by day doing something in meat space to get the ball rolling.

          • Again, the point is that you have no means to prevent the government from dumping Somalis and other human refuse into your new location. So you will run, run, run to the next location each generation until you are a huddling, scared little mass afraid to utter a peep in your own defense and vociferously denounce anyone who does as a weirdo. “These Are Not Our Values” and I better nod my head if I want to keep any comfortable life going. It’s just sad. You’re not willing to challenge power or show solidarity in any way so it’s all a cope and in the end it will be the same conclusion as if you had just went full poz and cut your son’s dick off.

          • GORP – what’s your solution? How do we “fight?” How do you propose to “challenge power?”

          • GORP – all of us talking about communities here have to deal with this objection in almost every thread.

            For the 1000th time, we are not talking about monasticism – this isn’t a “retreat.” We’re coming together to fight, not to hide.

            You don’t win the war with nothing but scattered guerillas, lone wolves and eccentric sh*tposters. You’re not going to form some kind of urban militia in the middle of Chicago and take the fight to the streets.

            This chest-beating about our “cowardice” never comes with any alternative plan, much less one that makes sense.

            Real revolution requires a critical mass of people with skin in the game, who make drastic lifestyle changes, commit to a lifestyle that exiles them from normal society and who risk imprisonment. It also requires a plurality of the general population that is sympathetic to your views.

            Serious guys take serious actions that inspire others by example. E-personalities changing their names and pretending to be presidential candidates aren’t our worst problem, but they do waste our time and resources, and they don’t inspire serious guys to take serious action. They’re a distraction we could do without. We need more builders and strategists, not more attention-whores and fanbois.

      • The Left and the Orcs will not leave us alone to do own thing. The DR is seriously deluding itself of they think a bunch of evil-insane ruling class whites and their Orc tools won’t go Mugabe on the DR “white communities”

        There is no peaceful co-existence with them. Historically the Left proves this time and again. Worse, their leaders have made that abundantly clear they want us dead and gone. Remember who their ideological ancestors are Stalin, Mao and Mugabe. So they mean it.

        So rolling on our collective backs and offering up our bellies to them won’t save us.

        • RwC – I’m still waiting to hear your alternative plan. Who do we fight, how, when, where?

          If what we’re doing is “rolling on our backs,” how should we “stand up?”

          You never answer this question. I’ve been asking for weeks.

          Put some cards on the table. This empty black-pilling and pseudo-fed-posting gets us nowhere.

      • YY – another great comment. Count me as a guy who sees lifestyle, literature and other arts & culture as upstream from politics. It sounds Breitbart-trite nowadays but it’s an iron law that bears repetition unto triteness. Politics may be more “important” than some silly story, movie or song, but you won’t get people engaged in this “more important” work unless they are committed on something deeper than a dry intellectual level.

        Outside of Ayn Rand, what libertarian art or fiction inspires anyone? Where is a concrete, tangible, citable vision of what their vision of NAP-iness is? Rand for all of her flaws understood the impact of art pretty well, and I still recommend “The Romantic Manifesto” for Our Guys to read and mine for useful ideas.

        The lack of solid fictional or semi-fictional portrayals for libertarian culture is a big part of why libertarians seem so culturally impoverished, spergy and fringey. Their understanding and appreciation of Western culture is almost entirely transactional and superficial, based on the license it gives them to indulge themselves without obligation or consequences. It won’t improve without the kind of introspection and “rounding out” that an artistic examination of their erstwhile culture could give them. It would also serve to reveal to them what most of us see as the glaring, fatal flaws in their philosophy.

        A fully-realized movement has to be cultural and aesthetic. We should have learned this with the ad hoc, issue-based Tea Party which relied on the superficial shallow consumer-capitalist-libertard-Jewy civ-nat “Murikan” identity that animates the zombie MAGA corpse as it shambles into 2020.

        Say what you will about muh Nazis, but they benefited from and in many ways advanced one of Europe’s strongest cultural and well-rounded intellectual traditions – Hegel, Heidegger, Schmidt, Wagner, Reifenstahl, on and on.

  36. I suppose that is always the problem with politics based on complaints, or what we are against. It has a certain ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ ring about it. The problem with that is that once the enemy is vanquished the movement falls apart. South Sudan is a good example. The Africans fought for nearly half a century against the Arab north, which united the tribes. Yet 2 years after independence there was a civil war between the Dinka (most dominant tribe) and the rest which is only now being wound up. That’s also why democracy won’t work in a tribal nation – which all of us here already know.

    I think that Z-man did say in a post a few months ago that any movement has to get over the complaints and offer a brighter future. I’d say that’s the next stage for dissidents.
    What can we offer when the masses finally start looking for answers. I think there is a huge opportunity if we get it right, as the only politics most people know is; liberal democracy, socialism, fascism. They will be looking for another when the time comes – I’d say after a proper financial crash we can’t print our way out of, or a multi-month on-off power failure. Work on a brighter plan for the future (i.e. how should our society work), publish, feedback, edit. repeat. Wait in the wings with it, and promote it/move when our current system has been seen by most to have failed.

  37. Another post with a practical and useful message. It seems obvious — ditch the weirdos to attract the sober minded– but in practice it is obviously not so easy. Having been to a few SF conventions I can testify that there are a lot of weirdos out there looking for a place to call home. What Z-man calls our side of the great divide should not be that home. Recruiting support from sane people is paramount, having weirdos as front men kills the recruiting drive dead. As always, good one Z-man

    • The problem is that people who are not weirdos aren’t going to appear in the media advocating their positions. The media needs dancing monkeys. Since nobody who has a good reputation, a job, a family etc is going to dance on cue for them, they end up presenting weirdos as representatives of the target of their hit pieces.

      The commies were able to control this really well. It helped that they had allies in most of the media, but they also did a really good job keeping weirdos out of the spotlight.

      • The commies didn’t have the same problems that say, Amren has. Commies were generally free to organize without much hassle. Amren cant rent a hotel room, or keep a credit card processor. OTOH the commies were smarter about their messaging than the DR. Openly commie messaging was not welcome and would be subjected to hostile MSM coverage, those of us of a certain age remember this. Yet the commies were never too proud to camouflage themselves and their messging within the labor movement, the enviromental movement, the peace movement- all vehicles which allowed them to pursue (euphemisms for) communism lite while avoiding the hostility of MSM and mainstream America to undiluted communism. Why isnt the DR leading the second phase of the civil rights revolution in which the original promise of equal opportunity and an end to social discrimination is extended to all- even whitey? Anyone think that message doesnt attract millions of blue voters? Why arent DR leaders active in the union movement ( because advocating for the working class is advocating for whitey)? In general the DR should agitate in populist politics, and for now avoid HBD in favor of a civil rights model. There is a helluva lotta low hanging fruit like affirmative action, disparate impact, disparate treatment, and white priviledge doctrine that can be attacked and used to organize whitey without challenging the myth of equality- which must be done, but not now. The DR should model much of the success of the commies, who after all have achieved all of their early goals for America. My point is that while Americans always rejected straight up, undiluted communism there have always been other, more popular ideas that could be made to serve as euphemisms for communism and these movements could be and were used as vehicles to acheive many of the goals of the communists. Sounds like a better strategy than simply trying to red pill America in the face of overwhelming hostility. Even the local Fox affiliate called the Amren Conference a White Supremacist event. White Supremacist! Thats not going away until an Amren lite stops attacking the myth of equality and instead relentlessly attacks the betrayal of the Civil Rights movement inherent in affirmative action, white priviledge and the rest of the disparate treatment of whites in Current Year. Give weakling whites a barricade behind which they can fight, until they become strong. Then, and only then, move the barricades up. End of rant.

        • Amren and many others are attention gaining intellectuals. They want to demonstrate to each other how smart they are. They are not interested real life victories. This is the reason why Amren was thrown out from Hungary and Poland. Both countries have working pro white movements and they do not want to turn movements into little intellectual echo chamber, full of purity, taboos and dogmas.

        • I agree. You might as well come out as a pedophile to openly advocate for whitey. Re-framing issues as civil rights might give you some degree of shield for people. But don’t underestimate how evil the MSM is. If you try pushing “equality” by not hating whitey, the MSM will frame as white supremacy.
          We need to simply stop using the word white. European is just as good in that it captures most of what we would consider white. People are just too conditioned to be repulsed by the term white. It gets rid of the “artificial construction” argument against “white.” European means more or less the same exact thing.
          Looking at the degeneracy movement, re-framing really does have an effect. Pedophilia is re-framed as “sexual rights and ‘liberation’ for children.” Gay sex is re-framed as love, no different from m/f relationships.

          • The Civil Rights movement narrative cast them in the roles of the faithful keepers of Constitutional and American values, their opponents as barely human racists who denied constitutional rights to blacks. They wrapped themselves in the flag, the Declaration (all men are created equal) and the Constitution. It was Apple Pie and baseball vs. race realism. Race realism lost. Bigly. Tens of millions of gringos bought the narrative of equal opportunity and social equality = American values. And will do so again IF given the opportunity. As of now neither Democrats nor Repulicans speak to whitey like we need defending, or that we’re worth defending. Trump spoke to whitey in that way, not sure that was deliberate, but nevertheless some of Trumps vote was whitey responding to a man who did not seem to bow and scrape to the Current Year Hate Whitey fatwa. Now since the establishment has disavowed equal opportunity and social equality in favor of disparate treatment and white priviledge doctrine the big sticks are just lying there, waiting for someone to pick them up. And whoever does wil reap the rewards of millions of white votes. Just like last time. True, the MSM will be opposed to extending civil rights protections to whitey. For awhile. But most people are followers and when the worm begins to turn as even liberals begin to see the advantages to their children and grandchildren of ending disparate impact and whitey hatred then expect turncoats in the establishment. The key element here is to cast whitey in the role of the victim in the new narrative. There are lots of facts on the ground to support that narrative. And a people aggrieved are a people ready to fight. OTOH it appears as though a fat and happy white America with plenty of room to hide from diversity is more than willing to surrender. Relentlessly pursue racial grievances, keep the edge sharp. Build organizations which do nothing but. Race realism, no. Racial grivances, yes. Yet another lesson we should learn from the Left.

        • MichaelOh:
          Your point is very well taken. If the red pill is too hard to swallow undiluted, then by all means let’s mix with generally well tolerated medications, eg “civil rights,” “the environment,” “the peace movement” etc. And absolutely the labor movement, that is maybe the best and most productive of all.

          The joke, of course, is that these more acceptable faces of “our side” are actually and legitimately faces of “our side.” (not sure what a good term is for “our side ATM.) The “peace movement” for example can be interpreted as “no more pointless foreign wars.”

          We need to start learning from our enemies. The left has won a lot of slow victories by cloaking themselves in causes they don’t actually give a toss about. Time for our side to fight smart. I believe we are beginning to see this happen, but we need to really accelerate the process.

      • Tars— on the bright side the era of mass media is over, and the internet is much more tolerant of characters. It’s working its way out as more people become uncomfortable and look elsewhere for answers. This is happening in spite of censorship, although slower than it would have. Even facebook and twitter aren’t as monolithic as they used to be. As others have said politics is downstream from culture. Maybe authentically ‘colorful’ people will be trusted with power. Maybe Trump is a harbinger of that. I just wish the process wasn’t taking so long.

    • Another problem is, not thinking about this Sol guy, that in some cases it is hard to tell if people are nuts or just very far ahead of the Overton window. If people had said that this will end with children on dangerous hormone therapy for saying to a teacher that they are of the opposite gender, when gay marriage was first discussed, many would have called them crazy. Yet here we are.

      If criteria for admission are too open, you get ‘Roman emperors’. If they are too conventional you get Conservative Inc. It’s a balance, and keeping score w ppl’s predictions vs reality.

      • In my small life, my small circle of influence, I’ve been called crazy. Then years later told I was right, BUT what I’m saying now is crazy. I chalk it up to the inherent conservatism of self interest. Don’t want to call it fear of change. It makes people less discerning if conventional and less discriminating if radical. Anyway that’s an incomplete thought, sorry.

        • There is a core issue of some depth here and that is that normal thinking and normal IQ people cannot tell the difference between profundity and noise. A very advanced, intricate pattern can look like noise. For an intuitive example, look at a low resolution newspaper photo very closely, it’s just big black and white dots. At distance it’s a picture.

          For those mathematically inclined, take something like Euler’s identity, often called the most beautiful equation in math. It’s a real wow moment when you see why it’s true b/c it combines the 5 most important constants or numbers, in math; e^(i pi) + 1 = 0

          Compare that to e^(i 0) + pi = 1

          They look much the same to ppl who didnt study complex analysis. One, the first, is profound truth and beauty. The other is garble. But if you do not know basic complex analysis, you can’t see that, you can’t make the distinction. This is why so many geniuses have been called crazy and this is something to be cognizant of when saying ‘get rid of the weirdos’.

    • “Perfect people” do not make revolution. Revolution is always weirdo thing. Decent people with family and career and house and children have too much to do and too much to lose to involve pro white activities. Polish nationalism success is not good optics but drunk football fans, incels and other people who have nothing to lose and who do not give a shit..Normal people came on board only after weirdos made certain issues acceptable.

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