The Great Dilution

The inner workings of a society’s ruling elite are always opaque to the people of the society, mostly because the elite fear the people. They think if their true thoughts were ever made public, the people would turn on them. This is mostly true throughout history, but it has become especially true in the age of democracy. One of the features of democracy is that the people elect representatives, who secretly hate them, but are very good at keeping that from becoming obvious.

Still, people in modern democracies can get a sense of what the rulers think about them and what they are planning. The modern mass media, which is just the marketing department for the managerial elite, is the best source. The ads and programs on television reveal a lot about the elites. The fetish for miscegenation, for example, tells us things about the ruling class they would otherwise deny. The same can be said for the proliferation of homosexuals in the media.

One take away from the miscegenation fetish on television is that the elites imagine a future in which there are no races. This turns up in movies about the future, where everyone is a mulatto. It’s often assumed that the elites are lying when they chant about the horrors of racism, but in reality, anti-racism is a religion for them. They really do believe this stuff, even if they have no interest in race mixing themselves. They truly think a world without races will be a world without racism.

Of course, it is not just a dream for them. They are actively promoting it and it is not just about wish fulfillment. In the book Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities, by Eric Kaufmann, the author not only predicts a great mixing of the races due to migration, but he lays out ideas on how to achieve it without white people catching onto the scheme. There’s that sense that the gray future planned by his kind is more about vengeance than natural reality.

The miscegenation fetish in the mass media is, of course, mostly about advocacy and it does have an impact on public thinking. It’s just not in the way the elite opinion makers think it works. For example, the proliferation of homosexuals has not made people more accepting of homosexuals. It has just made people more aware of them. In fact, people are so aware of the gays, they think their numbers are vastly higher, at least in terms of percentages, than is reality. Everyone sees gay people now.

Something similar is at work with miscegenation in the media. Almost all ads now have mixed race people in them. It’s becoming so common; the ad makers now seem to be in a race to come up with the least likely combination. One ad for an insurance firm matched a Jewish man with an aboriginal from Australia in an American city. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning as you cash in your winning lottery ticket than ever seeing such a combination in North America.

The result of this is Americans think miscegenation is much more common than the numbers or biology support. People have become tuned to seeing mixed race couple, so they remember it more than the millions of normal couples. At about the forty-five minute mark of this video, Ed Dutton and Michael Woodley go into the reality of inter-racial mating. They also address the data Eric Kaufmann incorrectly uses in his argument in favor of breeding away white people.

The short version for those unwilling to watch a video on the subject is that humans are naturally disinclined to miscegenation. One reason for this is we are naturally attracted to people who look like us. The point of mating is reproduction and the point of reproduction is to pass on a copy of your genes to the next generation. The more similar the mate, the more likely you both have shared genetics. That means the greater the odds of your DNA making it to the next round.

Now, there are more mixed-race couples today, for sure, but they are less stable and produce fewer off-spring than normal pairings. Part of it is cultural, for sure. The reason people race mix is they see it celebrated in popular culture, so they seek status by finding a mate outside their race. This is particularly true of women. The trouble is biology gets in the way. These arrangements don’t last long and they don’t produce many off-spring. Rushton studied this two decades ago.

Like so many things regarding the mixing of the races, genetic distance seems to be the root of the dilemma. The greater the genetic distance between people, the lower the sexual attraction between them. It is why elite media prefers black women with white features over the typical looking black women. A black woman who just looks like a very tan white woman will appeal to white males. That’s not reality though, so that genetic distance problem will be a brake on miscegenation.

There’s also the reality of cultural status. The ruling class is the least likely to engage in miscegenation. They are the least likely to enjoy the benefits of diversity. The ruling elite live like white nationalists. Their neighborhoods look like the typical white suburb of the early 1960’s. They send their pure white children to private schools with other pure white children. Sure, they have some diversity on the school sports team, but those highly selected non-whites are for decoration only.

Everyone else notices this. In one of his most amusing and informative videos, Ed Dutton explains how status works in this regard. The top-tier women in every society will seek high status males. If they can find males outside their group, that have higher status than the males in their group, they will be open to them. Similarly, males who can better deal themselves by looking outside for a mate will do the same thing. It’s why white guys like East Asian women these days.

In America, it means the better white women will seek out high status white males or Jewish males, not black guys on the basketball team. Middle of the road white guys will go shopping for Asians, if they cannot find a white woman of equal quality. Race mixing will be mostly bottom tier white women, who are repulsive to even the lowest status white male. This is, in fact, what we see today. Miscegenation is far more common in the underclass than anywhere else.

The great dilution will mostly fail. There will be a Brazilian-style mulatto class, but it will be mostly a novelty. On the other hand, that genetic distance issue will remain a factor. The multicultural future will mean people with a great genetic distance thrown in together. Instead of the great dilution favored by people like Eric Kaufmann, society will become less stable and conflict will increase. Genetic distance not only thwarts miscegenation, it thwarts peaceful coexistence.

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355 thoughts on “The Great Dilution

  1. “Thou shalt not commit Adultery.” One of the Commandments. What is Adultery? A NOUN. What is another form of the noun? ADULTERATION. Of a species.
    MISCEGENATION, in other words. The Civil War was correct. The South was Right.
    God does not condone race-mixing. Mixing of tribes that are alike (Germans, Swedes, Scots, etc.), yes. But those of different racial groups (Sinoid, Negroid, Caucasoid), no.
    End of story.

    • “Fr.” John, different tribes, no?
      “The Book of Ruth relates that Ruth and Orpah, two women of Moab, had married two sons of Elimelech and Naomi, Judeans who had settled in Moab to escape a famine in Judah. The husbands of all three women die; Naomi plans to return to her native Bethlehem and urges her daughters-in-law to return to their families. Orpah does so, but Ruth refuses to leave Naomi, declaring (Ruth 1:16–17), ‘Where you go, I will go; where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die—there will I be buried.’ Ruth accompanies Naomi to Bethlehem and later marries Boaz, a distant relative of her late father-in-law. She is a symbol of abiding loyalty and devotion.”
      “Moab, Israel and Judah were three of the small independent West Semitic states to arise around the same time, following the decline of the Canaanite city-states. It may seem surprising that the Israelites and Judahites are now understood by scholars to have been West Semitic (Canaanite) people like the Moabites, but the Moabites never came to be regarded as Jewish. The Bible talks of a common bond between the people of the northern Hebrew kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah, but this bond is not evident with the Moabites.”
      Family trumps tribe. The New Testament trumps the Old. Faith trumps tribe and politics. God looks at the heart. He never commanded, “Thou shalt not marry outside thy tribe or race.” Faith is the crucial factor.

      2 Corinthians 6:14-17 14Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 15What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? 16What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.” 17Therefore, “Come out from them and be separate, says the LORD. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

      1 Corinthians 7:39 39A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he must belong to the LORD.

      You are twisting the meaning of the Seventh Commandment to suit yourself.

      “From the Catechism:



      2380 Adultery refers to marital infidelity. When two partners, of whom at least one is married to another party, have sexual relations – even transient ones – they commit adultery.”

      “Marriage is allowed between any eligible man and any eligible woman—race is not an obstacle as all races are equal in the eyes of God. The Catechism states:

      ‘Created in the image of the one God and equally endowed with rational souls, all men have the same nature and the same origin. Redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ, all are called to participate in the same divine beatitude: All therefore enjoy an equal dignity. (CCC 1934)'”

      End of story.

  2. It’s all so tiresome. “Eric Kaufmann was born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His ancestry is mixed with a quarter Chinese and a quarter Latino.[1][2] His father is of Jewish descent… “

  3. I disapprove of the title ‘elites’ for the oligarchs. It is natural to aspire to be elite.

    Decent people should not aspire to be slave masters, which the oligarchs are.

    It infers supremacy and inadvertently confers validation.

    They are filthy oligarchs and puppet masters.

    In no way superior to those they wish subjugate and thoroughly abuse.

    The title should fit the job description.

  4. As has been discussed farther down the line, high value and low value mates, a thought occurred to me. I know, for those of you wondering, they are few and far between but occur occasionally when walking the pups.

    The thought was that there is a world and vast difference between being a biker bitch and a bikers’ bitch and the same applies to being a black bitch and being a blacks’ bitch. I doubt that many of the aforesaid ‘ladies’ would recognize the difference.

  5. My daughter brought home a black kid once even though she knew I wouldn’t like it. I didn’t react harshly. I just shook his hand said hello “Tyrone” left it alone and she never did it again. I suspect she both wanted to get a rise out of me, and just figured out the truth on her own

  6. Thanks for touching on this subject Z. The black /white pairing has reached absurd levels.

    The blatant propaganda is absurdly in your face.

    Can white’s rise up against the tribe and take back their countries ?

    Seems unlikely at the moment. Wonder if this was what HG Wells was trying to get at ? The white Eloi sacrificing themselves to the hebrew morlocks.

  7. Diversity + Proximity = War.

    This is nearly a constant; it’s truth is verifiable with even a cursory exploration of world history.

  8. I just had my first son.
    He surprisingly has blondish-reddish hair and dark blue eyes, I figure they will turn to green like my wife and me. I have brown hair and green eyes. My wife red hair and green eyes. Beautiful baby boy, our son. Our future.

    The amount of love I have for him is immeasurable. Our plan is to have 4-5 children.

    If you marry some fucking “trad East Asian wife” that dies. Don’t fall for that shit. Any Western man who needs to meet an Asian woman is by default a race traitor. He is turning his back on his heritage as much as the blonde with the black that the Jew wants you to watch. Stop jerking off to Asian porn and get your head on straight about what that means for your ancestors. How would your great great grandparents view you? You know, the people of your tribe not inculcated by modernity and the shit brain you have to make you think Ching’s trap is better than your own child in your arms.

    You have a problem meeting a woman that is “trad” enough? 1. Look at yourself first. 2. Go about meeting her only, that means no dates unless with women of potential. No dates just for sex you degenerate. 3. Get a paid dating profile and find her. You want a family work for it. Women have just been are destroyed by modernity, however that does not mean AZN WAIFU PLZ. You cumbrained moron. Unless you are a hunchback obese mutant or live in Nigeria it isn’t that hard.

    • Being called a race traitor by such as you is something I’d take as a badge of honour, rant away old chap, my choice in a spouse has nothing to do with you nor could you do anything about it.

  9. I live in Japan and the international clothing chains all started infusing multicultural advertising in their stores. Old Navy would have these posters with 15/10 models standing next to mystery meats and coal-black women who were just…fugly and weird looking. Gap did the same thing. It’s no coincidence Old Navy went out of business here (might be a couple of stores in Shinjuku or Harajuku) and Gap stores are closing down and shrinking their store space.

    Companies here also advertise with large banners on buildings. Gap’s was always some western white people modeling seasonal clothing. Around 2016-ish the march toward more and darker brown began. And these things are like 40 feet tall. The banner Gap hung up was a of a single black woman trying to her hardest to model. Riding to and from work every morning this monster would stair down at you. Attack of the 30 foot tall deracinated turd people.

  10. I live in Spokane, WA. One of the whitest large cities in the country. But you wouldn’t know that by watching the local news channels. So much diversity. You would think we were in Seattle or San Francisco. When I mention this to some people, I am told I am a racist. I counter with percentages. Hard numbers don’t lie but the morons always go with feelings over logic. Very hard to overcome. Good luck to us all.

    • Well spokane — I mean, well spoken, Jackalope.

      Back when I lived in Santa Fe, I was on the lookout for jackalopes. I believe they are indigenous to that region.

    • Isn’t it funny how people in the whitest places are the first to call you racist? They have no clue what it’s like having them living in your backyard. Then when they do see blacks they grovel slavishly to them. It’s sickening

    • I lived there for a whole. The absolute worship of Dolazeal when she hit town was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Thanatos – the death wish. Whites can’t wait to die and worship their replacements in the meantime.rl

  11. The comment section has taken a few turns down the path of male/female relations so I’ll bring this up and see how it pans.

    I’ve always been amused at the interview where Sean Connery admits to smacking his wife around occasionally.

    The mega globo homo conditioning within says Connery Man Bad, but I love Sean Connery and I’m dubious…is this throwing the baby out with the bath water…

    Looking for replies from men on this one, women courteously abstain.

    • I’m never going to defend male abuse or bullying, but often when you ask what preceded a man hitting a woman the answer is that she hit him first or said something that was meant to enrage him.

    • I always took that comment to be tongue-in-cheek, FWIW.

      I’d put my personal rule on actually hitting women about where I put the rule for hitting kids. You defend yourself if they start it and retaliate only so much as necessary to shut them down. If they otherwise create a situation where they are essentially saying “I’m going to keep doing this intolerable act because you can’t stop me” (e.g. screaming in your face calling you 12 kinds of whatever, breaking stuff, etc…) they’re straying into the grey area – use your best judgment as context requires.

      Using physical threats to get what you want beyond that is questionable at best.

      Saying “I would never…” to a woman or a kid is like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Assume you will be sh*t-tested on that boundary now that you have shown where the line is.

      Take a lesson from successful tyrants from Og the Grug to Faceberg – black-letter rules with no wiggle invite lawyering and hair-splitting, and preemptively limiting your enforcement options encourages challenge and brinkmanship.

    • I have never even thought of hitting my wife. Nor would I hit my children.
      There is nothing masculine about slapping your wife, unless it is on her ass for fun.

  12. Israel is sterilizing their Aryan petri dish.
    They’re slaughtering the monkeys in the lab.

    It came true. In the Latter Days, the Christians came to worship the false messiah, and love him, after he had seemed to die and arose soon after.
    Jerusalem, not Jesus.

    When the first followers refused to speak to him, a police spy proffered the Gentile a reward meant only for his own people- resurrection, in a letter to Corinth.
    Anything, that they would betray the hiding places of the Apostles to him.

    • Nero, Septimus Severus Sextus, the 666, and his Sanhedrin gentrifiers, have fallen.

      Vespasian rules; Israel, and her spies, shall be purged, for they have crucified their rightful King, and delivered the faithful to Nero’s lions.

      The Cup passeth over. To Rome.

      Gehenna indeed is the loss of the Divine Presence; vexed indeed is their wroth.

      What will they do to try to woo Him back.
      A great sacrifice of many cattle is called for.
      The burnt offerings of untold numbers.

      Another, a lord in this kingdom, heard- and answered their cries, tempting them with loaves, dominion of all this world.

      • Saul the spy, Lucius the fantasist, Eusebius the liar- yet the Word was heard.
        Peter, both Rock and denier.

        Impure may be the alloy, yet doth the trumpet still not peal?

        One can be both an atheist and a believer.
        One does not cancel the other.

  13. I’ve always loved the term mud shark. Do black guys really like all that junk in the trunk or is it generally all they can get, regardless of color?

  14. Blue Jays don’t fuck Cardinals. By the time these kids get thru Jew school , watching Jewtube at night in between staring at their Jewphone, its a fucking miracle they can put one foot in front of the other, let alone think straight and see the freight train coming. Look to the past the hard people who got us here….to see a better future.

  15. [One reason for this is we are naturally attracted to people who look like us. The point of mating is reproduction and the point of reproduction is to pass on a copy of your genes to the next generation. The more similar the mate, the more likely you both have shared genetics. That means the greater the odds of your DNA making it to the next round.]

    This is backwards. The more similar two people’s DNA is, the more likely harmful mutations will occur from reproduction. In an evolutionary sense genetic distance —and by extension race mixing, is more good than bad. Fortunately there is enough genetic distance already between people within most populations to avoid most maladaptive traits, so miscegenation is unnecessary.

      • Most people will never need a bone marrow transplant. The ones that do are usually White because leukemia is more common in Whites. Ironically, Leukemia means “white blood” in Greek.

        At any rate you missed the basic point that too much genetic similarity is worse than too little, but the good news is there is already enough genetic distance between most people of the same race to avoid serious genetic problems so miscegenation is unnecessary.

        • Yeah, breed all the dog breeds together and you get a super dog, right? With the best of all their traits? Or mix all the colors together and you get the most beautiful color of all – dark muddy brown. m

  16. Iran isn’t WWIll, it’s a mop-up.
    A consolidation phase of the Great Dilution.

    The MENA wars have wiped most of the remaining First Christian populations.

    Iran will be a brother war to mop out their captive Aryan laboratory. Plus, waste some more Virginians to boot.

    It’ll boost Golan oil and Cyprus natgas, and absorb some Treasuries too, so, Progress!

    Be ready to re-hoist that black flag, ISIS!
    Turkey got their swag!

    (Prediction: the Kurds are offered a chunk of their ancestral home, northern Iran.
    The Turks and Azerbaijani get some action too.
    Emirates and Burundi get large Hormuz concessions.)

  17. Suppose you have two white sons. One marries a faithful Filipina woman who bears him hapa children. The other marries a cheating white whore who bears white children that aren’t his. Which grandchildren are more genetically similar to you? Probably the white ones.

    • Not probably – definitely. At least with Negroes, the genetic distance is so great that White grandparents are more genetically similar to any White stranger on the street than to their own mulatto grandchildren. With Filipinas and other Asians, I’m not certain, but the difference is still plenty large. Too many people here with yellow fever want to overlook that because it’s all about them.

  18. “It is often triggered by epithets, certain links and mysterious word combinations.”

    The whole internet, everywhere, Current Year.

    PS – I just sent my ex-GF’s Bitpay word-code. Check that filter & clean that skank out, bro.

  19. As to the Dilution and the JQ, let me offer a ray of hope, courtesy of a long ago bitchslap by the Zman.

    The Zman slapped another commenter for solipsism, unearned regard, but I felt the sting.

    I’m a fool, a fraud, and a liar.
    I used to point out my mother’s Jewish roots, looking to score unearned web cred.

    But! Mom’s line came here in 1651. That’s a long time ago, even though we still have the land, the name, and her hair, thick and black as a raven’s wing.

    You see, they came as conversos, trying to escape the crazy Talmudic machinations behind the great Wars.

    You call them Pennsylvania Dutch. Many an Amish beard also has the same roots.

    They adopted Christian culture, and freely outmarried into Euro lines.

    As Citizen points out below, the JQ is also in an evolutionary bottleneck. As their more moderate elements blend off, the resulting concentration is becoming more predatory, more schizoid, more physiognomically ugly.

    The Cult of the Bride Gatherers is reduced to choosing less suitable partners, nonwhites.
    Their numbers have barely budged.

    We’re not the only ones being outnumbered.
    So are they, and far faster. Palestinians already have much larger families than Israel’s Hasidics; abortion- their idea and industry- is rampant in Israel and New York, and Tel Aviv is the gay capitol of the world. The editrixes here are lesbians.

    They won’t catch up. I think this might be the unconscious source of the increasing frenzy.

    What some may see as as final victory might really be their End Times, much reduced and revealed to all.

  20. “elites imagine a future in which there are no races.”
    “lays out ideas on how to achieve it without white people catching onto the scheme”
    “future planned by his kind is more about vengeance”

    A tin foil hat conspiracy theorist might come to the conclusion that an alien group had infiltrated our elite and are using their new influence over media and culture to manipulate the perceived status of various groups in order to avenge a perceived slight. But that’s crazy talk!

  21. Eric Kaufmann. According to Wokeipedia, “his ancestry is mixed with a quarter Chinese and a quarter Latino.[1][2] His father is of Jewish descent, [3] the grandfather a secularist hailing from Prostejov in the modern Czech Republic. His mother is a lapsed Catholic … .”

    It would seem Professor Kaufmann not only advocates mixed-up, shook-up ethnicity, he chose his birth family to exemplify it.*

    * Oops, I wrote this before reading the other comments, and now see someone got there before me. I’ll leave this up as evidence that great minds think alike.

    • Eric Kaufmann looks like a White guy with Asian eyes. If he underwent a blepharoplasty, surgery to create an upper eyelid with a crease, he’d be quite good-looking. But then I’m biased in favor of White guys.

  22. Class race floozies pretty girls, they are all part of the existential dynamic we live. Or are they. If it isn’t the mixed race couple it’s the stupid white guy. I just want to be free to ride my machine and objectify all the pretty white women infinitum. Me too my ass. We are not the same. We are not equal. They are not like us. That makes it even more important to be OK with being white. Equal protection under the law means exactly that. The ruling class likes to play with a stacked deck. A thumb on the scale. Standards are as standards do. Merit based anything destroys the illusion. I refuse to give up my obsession with white South African and or Russian supermodels. Marry your own kind. The sooner the better. Propaganda isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

  23. “Part of it is cultural, for sure. The reason people race mix is they see it celebrated in popular culture, so they seek status by finding a mate outside their race. This is particularly true of women. The trouble is biology gets in the way.”

    E.g.: White libtard woman believes all the lies she’s told and devotes her life to b.s. U.N. work helping people of color, marries an African, has his spawn and are both murdered by him.

    “Husband, 46, decapitates wife, 42, ‘puts her head in her lap’ and slits their five-year-old daughter’s throat before hanging himself as the woman’s father reveals she tried to get a protection order just HOURS earlier”

    “Jennifer and Yonathan Tedla, an immigrant from Ethiopia, met in the early aughts at Columbia University, where she was attending graduate school and he was working as an IT technician.”

    “According to her online profile, Schlecht worked for 15 years in international relief and development, focusing on improving family planning for women and girls in areas affected by crises.”

      • Yep, I certainly regret believing for so long all the lies I was taught. The tax for white women burning the midnight coal is a steep one, as it should be. Is miscegenation good for white people? No, miscegenation is terrible for white people, so the steep tax is tragic but appropriate.

    • Another example is a White woman who marries a Moslem man. The marriage rarely succeeds even if the wife converts to Islam. Middle Eastern men regard their womenfolk as property and treat them accordingly.

    • The name Schlecht echoes a bit

      Also, major lolz at the two photos of random black “woman seen sobbing outside building” who has nothing to do with the story. For some reason the news loves to showcase crying dindus

    • She was virtue signalling and it killed her. She went out of her way to find a fugly black import and AA hire and she paid for it.

      If she worked in the field she knew full well black men are very unstable and get violent without cause. More than one school teacher has been murdered by them because they tried to help them improve their grades. And countless others been physically assaulted for no apparent reason.

  24. Despite every form of ooga-booga taboo and ritual chanting being deployed to ward off or drown out HateTruth, science increasingly shows that miscegenation has clear genetic and social downsides and Race is Real.

    Some of the signals that have made it through the noise:

    Here’s an example the proves the point by the sheer amount of wish-away poopytalk it deploys to kick sand over this uncomfortable turd of truth:

    The last one shows how Xrl Science can often be used “via negativa” to determine truth in our post-truth Era of Narrative. The more they doth protest too much, the closer to HateTruth the inquiry has strayed.

    Soviets reading Pravda used to learn that a Soviet airliner had crashed by watching the news for a sudden wave of criticism of the Western air industry – a good technique for modern dissidents to brush up on.

  25. The Elites are very impressed with themselves today:

    Sumbul Siddiqui became the first Muslim mayor in the state on Monday, getting elected n Cambridge — where her family moved decades ago after emigrating from Pakistan.

    Siddiqui, 31, was elected unanimously on the first ballot by her fellow councilors. Following the vote, the packed chamber stood and showered her with applause. ‘

    “The more and more different representation there is, the better it is for everyone,” she told the Herald after the inauguration, noting Cambridge’s diversity.

    Play that Shahid Music, White Boy.

    • It’s a total Alice-in-Wonderland backwards world. You have people in the greatest civilization in history, feeling that they are somehow inferior to and in need of people from the worst shit-holes in the world.

      It’s bizarre beyond belief…

      • White people put men on the moon and sent a probe beyond the solar system. We’re kowtowing to a bunch of people who, at best, never scientifically advanced beyond the 7th Century and others who never advanced out of the Stone Age.

  26. For evidence, look no further than the latest Star Wars trilogy: Mixed race couple romantically linked; girl power everywhere; incompetent male leads; and a lesbian kiss at the end just to rub your nose in it real good.

    • You still pay our enemies to watch their propaganda drivel? Have some self respect, stop supporting your own destruction.

    • This backfires so hard on me that it makes me question if the original Star Wars was even any good. Or any better than Flash Gordon, for what it’s worth.

      Pop culture from before 1970, or better yet 1940, just keeps looking better and better.

  27. Hmm interesting thoughts. It’s been noted that women are more likely to marry outside their race, with various hypotheses for this, such as mating assorts by IQ. I think it’s evolutionary. Women are more likely to be captured by foreign tribes in the premodern world, and submitting to racial aliens means they would pass on their dna, that’s all. Part of it has to do with women being less sexually visual than males. Women don’t look at porn the way males do. It’s not a thing for them. Muscular strength for protection and money are more important, and probably play the same role as physical beauty in the male psyche. So they can suffer a racially different looking mate more easily.

    I’m not sure, and of course there may be competing and conflicting factors. I think mixing, especially with the darker groups, is a phenomenon of the lower classes, and I think it’s a bigger deal than Z realizes. When I go to the Walmart our in the lower middle class area here, I see very few pure white couples. Big, obviously mullatto teens in scores. I’m concerned we will have a class system labeled by skin color, with the upper casts mixing with Jews and Asians, but the lower with blacks and Hispanics.

  28. The left has based their entire platform on race-baiting. If all our descendants are mulattoes, how will they continue to motivate these brown masses to vote for them based on race rather than actual good government? Of course they know that the mulatto future won’t be achieved in any of our lifetimes so they don’t really care.

    • The Left prior to the end of WWII were for the working man and against the fat cat capitalists. When that petered out in the late 50’s they jumped onto the race bandwagon—with its associated marginalized groupings. When that peters out, they’ll create another bogeyman with which to scare voters.

      • Actually it started during the Clinton era when the Soviet Union collapsed and he abandoned the white working class in favor or urban professionals and minorities.

        Those white urban professionals also turned into race traitors as well. Socially and economically isolated they embraced all the shitlib nonsense put out and became the core of the Democratic party and our main enemy.

        Someday we will have to deal with them and either eradicate or expel them. But they cannot be allowed to remain in the U.S.

      • Urban proles were the muscle of the left before mass car ownership. Blacks were the last to afford cars, so the left had to rely on them for a while. Homosexuals who like population density for sexual purposes eventually replaced blacks.

        Really, it’s just the most aggressive urban demographic that runs the left. But the left is far weaker in cultures where everyone lives in cities because they can’t afford the suburban sprawl that defines America.

  29. On the topic of our ruling class, when the report came out that Chelsea Clinton received $9 million from (((Barry Diller))) for being a Clinton, super genius Charlie Kirk tweeted the following:

    “Chelsea Clinton has made $9 million working on a corporate board with no real world experience. I’m noticing a trend here: Joe Biden’s son—multimillionaire, Hillary Clinton’s daughter—multimillionaire, John Kerry’s son—multimillionaire. What do they all have in common?”

    Does he really think that the McConnell, Graham, Ryan, Pence, etc., kids are living paycheck to paycheck working in retail store in a strip mall in Paducah Kentucky?

    • Charlie Kirk will be a multimillionaire soon, and might even marry a Jewess before it’s all said and done

    • Many of these rich kids would be hardpressed to hold down at job at Walmart inbetween laziness or stupidity or both. They really do depend on both their family connections and their family bailing them out in some way when they fail.

      From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.

    • No, Kirk is a grifter and he knows his paymasters. What you describe follows on to previous discussions. Can you trust such people with your interests? Can folk who have never done real work, nor struggled to pay bills, or ever worried about a paycheck, have your interest at heart?

      As has been said, they are not us.

  30. *Walks into supermarket* “Excuse me, do you sell interracial sex?”
    “Interracial sex. Do you sell it?”
    “Then what the f*** is your Christmas ad on the TV all about?”


    • It is nice to be reminded of our wide ranging beauty but we all know the diversity/strength/better food mantra is a thin sugary coating on the awful reality and which surprisingly makes whites guilty and fall into line.

    • Please tell me how to post pictures.
      I want to show that pic of a Iranian beauty next to an American ghettopotamous.

      The caption:
      “They want you to kill this…
      So you can have that”

      • The sure fire method is to use imgur. I’ve linked to photos before that WordPress will strip the image away if it doesn’t trust the host. Save the image you want from source website, upload to imgur, right click image and select open image in new window. Copy URL. Profit. Good luck but don’t turn this place into an imageboard we have/pol/ for that. 😉

      • Update: Hannity, just now-

        “We’ve dispatched six nuclear-capable B-52’s… they’re on their way to making this a safer world.”

        F&#k you, Hannity, I will ass-rape you in Hell, you shucking, jiving, stupid potato nigga

        • I explain the murder in my eyes.
          I realize this is also why we’ve endured 40 years of “death to America”.

          They needed a test bed.
          A lab to experiment on killing Aryans.

          1976: That great humanitarian, the Shah, told J-prick Mike Wallace that YKW controlled the media. That, and his proposed non-Arab, majority Muslim trading bloc sealed his fate.

          (((State/CIA))) Bush sent in his British-Indian Lenin, the Ayatollah Khomeini, after using Achmedinijad to engineer an embassy incident using hapless Tudeh students.

          A genocide of Aryan girls ensued.
          100,000 girls were strangled in the next two years, slow-hung 30 at a time in dingy abbatoir warehouses. No British-style mercy snap for them, slow hanging is the Middle Eastern way.

          Oddly, there was now a shortage of sex slaves. Khomeini had a tryst with a tranny, liked it, and decided it was Islamically justified.

          Today, the Iranian government pays for gender transition surgery. Gays can avoid death if they ‘volunteer’.

          This was where the new (Weimar-era) Institute for Sexual Health, Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, perfected its techniques.
          Teva’s the only source of gender transition drugs in the U.S. and worldwide.

          Also, there has been an opioid epidemic for years in Iran.

          Trannies? Opioids? Swarthy immigrants and no jobs?
          A broken, bankrupt, dejected population that now faces mass murder?

          Any of this sound familiar?
          One guess as to your intended fate.

          (And please don’t bring up the Faggot Dictator, Mossadegh. He started confiscating all assets of his political enemies, so the local mullahs brought him down while an incompetent Kennedy falsely tried to claim the credit. Khamenei, today, also keeps busloads of little boys for his harem.)

          • Anybody think the white slavers in Tel Aviv aren’t doing business with the sex slavers in Tehran? Hello, little Yazidi girl.

            Who would broker Chinese harvested organs? Mebbe someone that just sold Haifa, their main port, to the Chinese?

    • This should be in every recruiting pamphlet/flyer for our side along with Alzaebo caption.,

      The picture says it all, very impactful.

      A+ for the person who came up with it.

  31. I wonder if whites are going through one of those periodic evolutionary bottlenecks. Two massive changes to our environment have occurred over the past 50 years. First, you had easy contraception and abortion, meaning people could have sex and not create children. In the past, a lot of people who really didn’t care much about kids still had kids. They generally don’t anymore.

    Second, you have the push for miscegenation and the invasion of different people which would allow for miscegenation. Therefore, less ethnocentric whites will breed with non-whites producing, of course, nonwhite kids who are thus lost to whites.

    Basically, the white population is rapidly boiling off whites who either 1) don’t want kids or 2) don’t feel much bond with other whites. That leaves more family-oriented, ethnocentric (and probably smarter) whites. We’re evolving toward a more conservative, likely more religious, more tribal people.

    Whites in 100 years – and, yes, there will be plenty of whites in a century – likely will be a very different breed than what you see now. The blue-haired harpies and hardcore liberal whites are a genetic dead-end. The fat white-trash mudsharks will mostly be gone as well as their kids blend into the mystery meat population.

    There will be less of us, but we’ll be much better adapted to our new environment.

    • This is precisely what will happen. Sometime late in the 21st, white fertility in the USA will trend up past the others.

      • TFR will particularly increase if we remain loyal to our rural roots and stay away from the cities.

    • I think God is just and upper middle class whites will pay a price for participating in this beast system. Exceptions, of course, but not unlike what happened after slavery. Average southerner took less of a hit than slave owners, traders, and overseers, even if his home was occupied and reconstructed. I’m guessing antifa’s ranks are full of losers and educated brats, not people who came up working hard and honest.

      And while I’m ranting I might as well add that I find the similarities many upper middle class whites seem to have to the Jewish stereotype interesting. Uprooted professionals chasing money and status, feeling harried by ‘inferior’ types and worried about the future, looking for a new place to call home, nostalgic about the home history tells them they had, strong sense of identity and group interest, etc.

      It’s almost like there’s social engineering for the affluent, too. Or maybe people become what they emulate. Maybe the judeo-christian thing isn’t simply rhetoric. Just saying.

    • Since I see Nature as a series of car crashes and train wrecks, I think you’re right.

      400 years ago, We dumped our gutter trash into the Third World, and ended up building the modern world.

      China and Europe both had massive population crashes due to the Plague and increasing cold.

      Before the Great Starvation, both Ice Peoples will be forced into space, the greatest frontier.
      This is all pressure to leave the nest.

      After the Great Starvation, we’ll both be a hard core, leapt far above the groundlings both on Earth and off. Elysium with seasteading and mountain fastnesses- Singapore and Swiss Alps, Bitteroot and Cape Canaveral.

      Meanwhile, our dregs will marginally uplift their dregs- nee India and South America for us, Vietnam and Indonesia for them- as we drag the rest, kicking and screaming, a bit further upward.

      • A side note: Asia (China) is following along a trail forged by Europe: Africa, Australia, Khazakstan, Panama, California.

    • Citizen, that’s exactly how I see it too: a demographic “ice age”. What will emerge at the other end will be fitter, smarter, harder and likely more fertile to boot.

    • That or you will have several hundred million chandalas shitting in the streets and everyone else mixed to some extent, like in India, the human wastebin.

  32. An idea I had is that if the oligarchs forcing race mixing on the plebs is considered as an evolutionary selection pressure, then those white who survive will increasingly be those who are capable of resisting the siren song. We may be inadvertantly breeding ourselves to be more insular and self selecting. It may also be a ploy by the oligarchs to get rid of the lower class whites, since I seldom see mixed race couples in upper middle class neighborhoods near me, but all the time in working class and lower middle class. Most likely the latter was the intent, but I’m hoping the former is the positive unintended consequence.

  33. “People have become tuned to seeing mixed race couple, so they remember it more than the millions of normal couples.”

    Thank you for using “normal”.

  34. Ok, so this has been happening for 400 years. We already have something like a Brazilian underclass. They’re called African Americans.

    A lot of ‘blacks’ have a lot of ‘white’ in their genomes. This happened for the reasons above, plus affairs and rape. So this particular phenomenon should be well understood in America.

    Blacks are kind of like America’s Helots, except they were freed. An integral part of American society, but never really accepted into it.

    I think this is why so many of us so called heritage Americans are so disturbed by this present movement. We’ve been here before, we know how it ends, we can’t believe the descendants of first wave immigrants are intent on doing it again.

    It only makes sense if the CivNat thing is baloney.

  35. I would quibble with your reason for valuing East Asian wives. I am in my 60’s and married a Chinese woman over 30 years ago. I got tired of the incessant whining of white wymen and their open revolt on what are the traditional roles of men and women in a marriage.

    My wife is old school traditional. She handles the domestic and social issues and I handle, largely the issues that result in our livelihood and large scale interaction with the world. She happily cooks, cleans, socializes; I make the money, do the mechanical chores, and provide protection and security services. We don’t question the decisions or priorities of each other unless we deem that they may be a threat to our family group. We have had only three discussions in our union that devolved into what I would characterize as an argument. I won all three because I backed off and presented logical, reasonable counters to her somewhat emotional and ill thought out ideas.

    I have never regretted marrying her. When my father was diagnosed with a debilitating cancer, we had a family confab to work out his care. After the first full day, she dragged me outside for a “walk”. At the end of the driveway, she clearly and deliberately said: You are his oldest son, this is your responsibility. Some months later, he came to live with us during the final brutal six months of his life. At one point, he was suddenly projectile vomiting after dinner. I was beside myself. My wife grabbed a bucket and a mop; she told me to go to the hospital and she would take care of the rest.

    She is my partner, my lover, my friend; and, I cannot imagine how poor and nasty my life would be without her. Most guys I know with Asian wives agree with me. I know, we often discuss it when we meet.

    • Given your age I don’t blame you. Feminism was big in your day, and it was probably a battle not worth having.

      To young men today I say this: a lot of young women are hungry for men who aren’t cucked. Don’t be afraid to be a little sexist and take charge. And don’t back down. They can take it or leave it but you don’t need to take it from them. Your biological clock won’t run out. Never forget that. A lot of these women want to be led and don’t know it.

      • Game, distilled:

        They test you to see if you’re afraid of *them*.
        If you’re a doormat, not a ladder.
        They like cocky. Don’t be afraid of them.

        (They can’t help testing, either. Neither can kids. I laugh when either tries to yank my string, and tell ’em that’s not gonna work.

        Amused confidence gets ‘er done, and I refuse to argue, since it’s not my style.
        The only thing I brag about are my mistakes.)

        I can guarantee you Ricky Gervais was festooned with flying panties after that Golden Globes bit. A lot of work offers too.

    • Everything you stated is true.

      What you -did not- state, is the absolute most critical part of the discussion. Had (((radical feminism))) not completely poisoned all Western females for the past 60 years, you’d have absolutely no need to have to go slumming outside your race for a loyal, feminine, caring, supportive, (insert other female traits here) wife.

      I don’t blame any man in the west for doing this, because the alternative is a long slow miserable life in many cases. But don’t lose sight of the fact that Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie & Harriet, etc. were nuclear rage fuel to Schlomo and particularly his bitter loud mouthed wahmen. This HAD to be destroyed at all costs, and they have nearly finished the job in 2020. Needle in a haystack is what you are looking for today looking for a classic feminine beauty, which is exactly how they wanted it to be.

      So yes, sing the praises of your traditional asian wife. And also remember you’d have never needed to seek her out had the people who despise you not spent over a half a century weaponizing your OWN women against you through relentless 24×7 propaganda. There should be a terrible price to pay for cleaving women from their men in a karmic world, perhaps there still may be.

      • Apex, call me a purist but I can’t seem to catch the Yellow Fever. I find a lot of Asian women attractive in the abstract but they’re still very foreign to me. I can understand how guys would go there, but I don’t see it for myself.

    • It’s true that East Asian women are more conservative and traditional…just look at tattoos. I have yet to meet an 18-year-old Asian with visible tattoos. (About 50% of the young white, black, and Latina women I see have visible tattoos.) They tend to be family-oriented and you don’t see many of them moving out of town because they hate their family (if they do, it’s economic). Elderly parents often are invited to live with their kids. They also generally like white people and tend to dislike the darker races.

      Though globohomo is a powerful force, and I do see younger Asian women constantly on their phones. There are Asian THOTs and Huangzuo (“Yellow Left”) are just as risible, if not more, than Baizuo (“White Left”). I do think your wife is a trad wife because she is of an older generation. I wonder if younger ones will be washing and cleaning like that.

      • No, they will not. They will be working to get the family ahead. They will probably have children and be ambitious for them and that involves a fairly stable family life. They will employ people to clean and maybe cook. The younger ones are not immune to the YKW as they migrate to countries where YKW has greater sway through social media. However, perhaps genetically, they want to survive and survive well. What has happened to whites?

    • Z has often said that in our own lives, we should make the choices that are best for us as individuals. This was the best choice for you. But just as you shouldn’t be chastised for marrying a good Asian woman, we shouldn’t be chastised for wanting our people to survive intact genetically.

      Your choice was right for you, but it harms our larger goal. A community must have boundaries and rules. And you, sir, violated those rules, which means you are no longer a member of this community. I truly wish you, your wife and any children well, but, frankly, you don’t belong here.

      • Btw, my comment is something that we’ll all have to come to grips with. To have a true community, you have to have strict boundaries and rules, and you have to be willing to enforce those boundaries, even when it feels harsh.

        WaitingfortheStorm seems like a genuinely good person, and his wife sounds like a wonderful partner. But if we accept this union, we fail our people. To create our own community will mean not just excluding DB, anti-white liberals, but good people who don’t want to live by our rules or who simply aren’t our people.

        This will be extremely hard, harder than many think. But you can’t have a community, a people without boundaries. And you have to enforce those boundaries, especially with the marginal cases because they are the slippery slope. Just as equal rights turned into affirmative action. If it’s OK to include the guy who marries an Asian, why not the women who marries an Indian. And, of course, you have to accept their kids. And if you accept them, why not full Asians who simply like our culture. And if you accept full Asians, why not full blacks or Indians.

        The next thing you know, you’re right back to here. There have to be boundaries; otherwise, you will lose your community.

        • I see what you’re saying, and you’re arguing from a white nationalist viewpoint. (I don’t think the Z Blog or most of its readership is orthodox white nationalist.) But that presupposes a bunch of white nationalists have miscegenated. A tiny fraction have, if any have. I agree that it would be strange if I showed up at a WN family meetup and half the dudes had non-white wives and mixed kids running around. But I doubt that will ever be the case. White nationalism doesn’t even appeal to most regular white people, much less to those who have paired up with non-whites. So from a WN viewpoint, sure, I can see your point. But from the broader dissident right community, I don’t see why we can’t “allow” people people in who share most of our views, despite a perceived transgression or two.

          • How does white nationalism not appeal to most whites? Just look at where and how they live whenever possible. They live and associate with their own race given their druthers.

            Revealed preferences reveal preferences.

            It may not be easy to accept, but CSC is 100% correct. Communities cannot exist without firm boundaries.

          • I agree that the DR can include people who share our views but who may not be white or fully on board with some of my own goals, namely ethnically white communities. I’m more than happy to stand with the half white/half Asian guy who’s all for stopping immigration and ending our Hate Whitey culture.

            But what I said though specifically about creating and maintaining ethnically and culturally white communities is true in general for any community. You have to have boundaries and you have to enforce those boundaries, particularly at the margin. And the way that you enforce those boundaries is exclusion, which is very personal and very brutal on both sides. (I’ve seen up close with Mormons.)

            I don’t think people here understand how hard it is to exclude people from a group, particularly nice people.

            And, yes, no community is ever 100% pure. But trust me, if you goal isn’t making it damn near 100% pure, it will rapidly go the other way.

            So, while I’m happy to stand with the mixed guy, it has to be understood that we’re in a coalition and that he’s not a part of my community. Indeed, it’s those boundaries that allow us to work together. We work toward a common goal, but at the end of the day, he goes back to his community and vice versa. I don’t have to worry about him undermining my world, which allows us to trust each other.

            The Japanese can do business with other people, be friends with other people, invite you to visit their fine country, but it’s always understood that you’re not Japanese and you will never fully be a part of their society, nor do you get to stay. There’s a boundary, and I respect it.

            In my community, I’m more than happy to work with other communities. I’m also completely open to people choosing leave the community, but they need to understand that they don’t get to have their cake and eat it too. You don’t get to break our rules and continue to be a part of our community, which is what’s happening now. A white woman marries a black guy and then lives in a white community, enjoying all of its benefits. I say, No. If you want to marry a black guy or Asian woman, more power to you, but you don’t get to enjoy our community. That’s just not right. Live in the community that you choose.

            You say that I’m coming from a WN perspective. I’m not. I’m coming from a community perspective, any community. Maintaining a community means being harsh sometimes. Tribal elders once understood this because they saw what happened when you didn’t strictly enforce the rules, particularly about excluding people from the community. Exclusion is your primary weapon. If you won’t use it, you will lose your community.

          • Well said Citizen and it’s ironic to me that it’s always White people that have to accept others and if you don’t then you’re racist…I never see people advocating for blacks or mexicans to let other into their Communities…

          • What I mean by “white nationalism” is the ideological movement. I know that consciously choosing to live in a white community or thinking that ‘Denmark is for the Danes’ can be interpreted as a kind of white nationalism, but I think of that as free association along racial lines and a natural arrangement of peoples. White nationalism is an ideology, borne out of multiculturalism and post-modernism. If you believe whites are being replaced/genocided and want a strictly whites-only homeland to grow & repopulate, then you are a white nationalist in my book. If you want England to look like England of the 1950s, say, and accepting a bit of civnat diversity, then I don’t know what to call you…a reactionary? The DR is a severe reactionary movement if nothing else.

          • Sorry, Marko, your comment doesn’t make sense. You’re splitting hairs because you don’t want to sound like a mean racist. How do you think Denmark became the land of the Danes? Because long ago, they kicked other people out and then refused to let other people in, i.e. they were Dane nationalists.

            The Anglo-Saxons didn’t tell the Danish invaders that they could all live together in free association harmony. The gathered their swords and did their best to kick them out. And if you know anything about British DNA history, you’ll know the Anglo-Saxons brutally eradicated a lot of Danish DNA for their land after they defeated the Danes.

            You seem fine with white nationalists of the past doing the dirty work and clearing the ground for white countries today. However, you seem to find living white nationalists distasteful and would prefer not be associated with them because racism or something.

          • I was not attempting to pass judgement on white nationalism…I was just explaining it as I saw it. I’m not against it in theory or practice.

          • Was anything great ever created without passion or “fanaticism”? Only this can save us now. Marko’s weak tea is simply poison at this point.

          • Trouble is, in the past there was no such thing as white nationalism, we just had white nations. We could absorb a small amount of outgroup mixing like all other groups, but to say we don’t “support” white nationalism, no doubt because it is racist, flies in the face of centuries of white countries who had a distinct awareness of themselves and who their people were.

          • If you look at the way most people actually live-they Are white nationalists and separatists.

            And anyone who is Not a White Nationalist, is Not a conservative. Conservatism is all about preserving your nation, culture, traditions etc. These things are all dowstream from race..

        • I dunno, I think that there is room for the unprincipled exception exception as long as we are aware that the exception is unprincipled and keep it rare.

        • Citizen, Very well said. It really saddens me that your first comment regarding the issue got down votes. The slippery slope is real – haven’t people seen enough re the gay marriage bit turning into tranny story hour? Who is raising your children and inculcating their values? What language do they speak with their grandparents? Did Z-man’s entire point about a community enforcing its boundaries go over everyone’s heads? Is being ‘nice’ the ultimate value, even here?

        • I vote no, Citizen, you can’t go back, and you don’t throw away your own.

          Allies. Would you cast him off had he married a Goth? A castiza?

      • Your second paragraph contradicts your 1st. It looks to me like you don’t completely agree with Z on this subject. Why not just say so…

        • You might be right. Z has said that people should do what they feel is best for them. I believe that he’s also said that we can have a big tent in the DR, i.e. so long as people share our views, they are welcome.

          I’m on board with that. But I may split with Z when I say that we let people who break our rules know that they’re not welcome in our community and we let non-whites who share our goals know that we’re in a coalition with them but they aren’t a part of our community. Not sure Z has wanted to touch the second part.

        • Also, I think Z feels that we’re a long, long way from needing worry about how to define our community. At the moment, we dissidents are just trying to get recruits so talking about whether to let in the half-Asian guy in some far off future community is pointless and may discourage people from joining our cause.

          He’s right about that, but I also believe that we shouldn’t forget what we’re working toward, and tight communities work better than catch-all communities.

          • Yea I mean at some point people have to face the reality that if they want to preserve the White race, they are going to Have to preserve the White race…If you want to save white rhinos, you can’t breed them with black rhinos…

            And nothing good is ever free and it never comes without sacrifice…

          • Exactly. People around here correctly mock Conservative Inc. for not conserving anything. Okay, well, what are we trying to conserve? If it’s not our people, then what’s the point?

            And I’m not sure how we preserve our people by giving a big thumb’s up to a commenter boasting of his personal miscegenation on an article about how ((TPTB)) are trying to destroy our people through miscegenation.

          • Yea nothing good is going to happen until people start getting the courage to say what needs to be said…

            What you’re really asking people to do is break away from the herd-and that is just Not something most people are willing to do…

            And like you said earlier-at some point, you have to ask why the person is even near this type of scene…

        • Z stands for Zimmerman. He’s not Clan, not Blood, not of the Body. He’s not for Us because White Nationalism doesn’t benefit his people. He wants us somewhat strong, but only to keep serving them. Thus what he feels or wants is irrelevant to Us.

      • When the community at large no longer enforces the boundaries and rules that make it work, is the onus on individual members to honor them to their personal detriment? How inflexibly should that govern life decisions? To what extent must we let the exigencies of civic duty dragoon us into sub-optimal or downright self-injurious life choices?
        What about the man who makes a living working for a globohomo-owned corporation?
        What about the father who lets his daughter go to college without disowning her?
        What about the newlywed who fails to yank his bride from the workforce?
        What about, for that matter, the married man who lets his wife no-fault divorce him without visiting deadly retribution upon the treasonous reptile, her lawyer and the judge who humored her?
        All these men, by their actions or inactions, cause an unintentional dyscivic fallout, however minuscule.
        Are they, as you say, harming our larger goal, and to be ostracized accordingly?
        Personal incentives don’t always align with the common good. You might say that’s why the common good must be the business of public policy.
        Ours are dysfunctional times we nonetheless still need to exist in.

        • Excellent point. Honestly I think only the ruling class of a society can unltimately really set the boundaries and standards. That’s why I think our current/former society is gone-because it’s so rotten to the core, that there is just no-one and nothing holding it together…

          I will say though that I think the race mixing is kind of in a league of its own because without our race continuing, there is no desirable future for our descendents…

        • It’s one thing to work for CitiBank to earn money. It’s quite another to marry outside of your people and destroy a lineage that developed over thousands of years.

          But, yes, you need to make the common good align with the personal good. But that takes a community, and a community doesn’t exist without boundaries. We need to develop our own communities within the large society, but the rules of maintaining a community – regardless of size – still exist.

        • The Covington books deal with this question explicitly. With the survival of the race in question, individuals must come second to the public good. In his fictional White future, there is no room for compromise or the mixed-race in a White ethnostate. It seems pretty obvious to me, but is obviously something a lot here have an issue with, which I find immensely depressing.

      • I suppose I will just accept your judgement and retreat to my safe space to shudder with sobs as I contemplate the gross and deadly sin I committed.

        To be truthful, except for a single Latina, this is the only non-white woman I ever dated. The first time I saw her, she was walking a cross corridor 50 feet away. Just a second or two of seeing her and I was thunder struck. It took me years of courting her to convince her I was going to be a good match. Okay, I had somewhat of a bad reputation as a womanizer. But, I was never able to find a prospective mate that shared my goals and values and was not an insufferable bitch.

        Oh well. I guess that I will just have to be content to be a “race traitor”. I would not consider pairing with a black or even Latina. My experience with white women was not satisfactory.

        And if you mean that I “don’t belong here”, I should just STFU and go away, that may or may not happen. Maybe I am misinterpreting, but I do not ever recall seeing anything in the musings of the Z man that would suggest that I would not be welcome here. I admit that I am relatively new here, so maybe it happened and I just too damned obtuse to understand it. If he were to so state, I will simply go away.

        • WFTS,

          I apologize to you for the “you don’t belong here” comment. That was both going too far and, frankly, not my judgement to make. I also don’t consider you a “race traitor.” You made the decision that was right for you, and your wife sounds wonderful.

          That said, my goal and the goal of most around here is the preservation of the various European peoples and the creation of a community for our people – loosely defined as American whites though that’s absurdly broad.

          So you can see how your story doesn’t exactly promote the first goal.

          As to the goal of our own community, if any community is to survive, it has to have rules and boundaries. It also has to decide who is a member and who is not. If our hope is to create an American white community where whites who choose to can live among their own, celebrate their history and ancestors and create and maintain our own culture, we kind of need that community to be, you know, white.

          Also, we don’t have the luxury of being a little loose with the rules. That’s for those who have already won and secured their community’s place in the world.

          If someone wishes to break the community’s rules, particularly marrying a non-European which is kind of what the whole community is based upon, we can’t just let that slide. It’s same with a religion. A Muslim who converts to Judaism shouldn’t expect to be welcomed in his old mosque and treated the same by his devout Muslim neighbors. He’d be (correctly) ostracized and pushed out of his community.

          Likely unintentionally, you chose to not be a part of this nascent community. That’s fine. Also, at the time you meet your wife, it probably never entered your – or anyone else’s mind – that whites might find themselves in this dire situation. Regardless, that’s where we are, fighting for our survival.

          So, yes, we welcome anyone who’s generally on our side. Any and all help is great. This isn’t some weirdo Aryan Nation get-together. I don’t hate other races just because I love my own, same as I don’t hate other people’s children because I love my own.

          However, you should understand that we whites desperately need to create a tight community of our own to push back against those other communities who are trying to make us helots in the land our ancestors built. And we can’t create that community without rules and boundaries.

          But we’re just one community within the larger Dissident Right. Many in the DR don’t want what I’ve just described but are more about stopping the Hate Whitey culture and stopping immigration. Also, Z Man himself has said detailed talk of what this future community will look like is stupid. We not anywhere close to that stage yet. He’s right, though I believe that we should know what we’re working toward so a slight disagreement.

          Regardless, stick around for a while and see where you and other commentators share interests and goals. I suspect that will be most of the time.

          • You are correct in saying that I made the decision that was right for me. And, I am white. Lily white. And I revel in my whiteness. However, I dearly love my wife.

            She, oddly enough, has the same feelings as I do about non-whites. She generally distrusts Asians. Most of the whites in my social circles accept her as they would any white. I think it is more about shared values and a love of freedom.

            If someone were to tell me I was not welcome because of my wife, I would simply tell them to FOAD and walk away. At first, I took your comments in that vein. I am sorry if I misinterpreted or misunderstood.

            In the end, I am happy. I can live in the netherworld if I have to. I believe that I have a sufficiently broad community that I will survive. I base my social community on observed trustworthy actions. I am naturally suspicious. I have been disappointed by many whites and they don’t get a pass due to their skin color. My original comment was meant to say that I question the premise of the article as it related to my choice and as it relates to the choice of a number of couples I have known.

            The Z man has an incisive view on many topics and I have become a regular reader because it is though provoking. I won’t impinge on your enclave, because it is clear that we would not be welcome. I would not want to live next to anyone who would be offended by my wife simply because she is not the correct race. I don’t mean this in any pejorative sense.

            A short anecdote, and then I will cease to bother you. My father was one of the most racist people that I have ever known, to the extent that I was a tad worried about what he would think. We visited him for a week. Before we left, he pulled me over to the side and said these words: You have a good one there, don’t fuck it up. I had never heard him say anything like that before.

          • Waiting for the Storm: Not going to get into it with you re your marriage – your life and decisions are not the issue here, which makes me wonder why you brought it up in the first place. However, to state “I think it’s more about shared values and a love of freedom” is civnattery 101 and I most definitely take issue with that. The whole point of the dissident right and most of Z-man’s writing is to emphasize that genetics>culture>politics. Purported values do not transcend race nor do they make a nation.

          • I disagree. I think that you should stick around and think that you (and your wife) would be welcome.

            We share a lot of common interests and goals. It’s just that building an ethnic community isn’t one of them, and that’s fine.

            Speaking of which, regarding your wife and our building a community for our people, I’m honestly interested in how you would square that circle. You say, “I would not want to live next to anyone who would be offended by my wife simply because she is not the correct race.”

            First, no one is offended by your wife being Asian. That’s unfair. We’re not trying to build our own community because we hate other peoples (except maybe Jews, just kidding); we’re building to preserve our own and to live among our own.

            But again, I’m being honest, how would a group of whites create a community to preserve, protect and celebrate their people without excluding in some way non-whites and whites who chose to marry non-whites?

            It’s not about hatred or being offended or being racist, it’s about survival. If we let non-whites into our world, when does it stop being our world?

            Perhaps that’s where we part ways. You sound somewhat like a Sailer CivNat, race aware but still believing that “shared values and a love of freedom” wins the day. Under that view, it’s not so much about race as it is about worldview.

            And that’s fine. That’s where a big chunk of the DR lands. Indeed, it’s where I used to land myself.

            But I no longer believe that. Race matters. Culture is downstream from biology. So it’s not that I’m offended by your wife, it’s that I know that one exception turns into two exceptions turns into a hundred turns into thousands turns into millions and one day you wake up and your people’s community is no longer their’s. And if you say that’s fanciful, just look around.

            So, you tell me, how do we preserve an ethnic people if we don’t exclude people who aren’t part of that ethnicity?

          • I don’t think I have argued the you should not be able to build a community of your own race. I understand the idea. A decade ago I moved to an area that is largely white. Why? I wanted to avoid the crime and discord associated with some other “communities”.

            As to offense. I choose my words carefully. One meaning of offense is to be against what is considered to be acceptable or proper. I interpreted your words to mean that non-whites are not proper or acceptable in the community. By that definition, her presence would be offending. Perhaps I misread what was written.

            I don’t necessarily believe that culture is genetic. I do believe that intelligence has a genetic component, and that intelligence is essential to what I would consider higher level cultures. Likewise for politics. It is possible for someone, say an Asian, to learn and even embrace our culture. That is what I meant when I said shared values and a love of freedom.

            If you were to correspond with my wife, you would not know she is Asian unless you talked about some very specific beliefs. For example, she thinks it is the male’s responsibility to aid parents; in western cultures I have observed this is usually the responsibility of the daughters. But, she is as enamored of the American experiment, the free market, individual god-given rights as anyone I know.

            So, an accident of birth. Would Nancy Pelosi or Ralph Northam be a member of your community? Are you willing to openly accept open socialists simply because they are white? I would argue that they would be anathema in any community I would join. Would you allow your freedoms to be taken because the people taking them are white?

            As to being a Sailer Civnat, I don’t have the context. I am race aware. I avoid many people based on their appearance. But, my immediate social group is more related to folks who have a common set of goals and ethics. I am not trying to say that you should accept any particular person. Maybe we have a different idea of what culture might be.

            I have no respect for slackers, liars, or criminals. I have a great deal of respect for people that work hard, respect my rights, are honest, and don’t prey on others. My community is small, because I enforce the rules of my associations assiduously. My rules are based on observations of consistent behavior, not an arbitrary level of melanin. And, before someone gets into my community, they have to have a long history of good behavior.

            Again, I respect your desire. I understand your motivations (I believe). Am I going to surround myself with an army of mulattoes? Hell, no. But I know a small number of Asians that I would trust more than most white people I know. I don’t include untrustworthy folks in my community, I don’t care how white they are.

            So, we will just have to agree to disagree, respectfully so. You have been respectful and reasonable in your conversation. If I have been overly critical, I am genuinely sorry. I love a principled discussion with a reasonable person.

            I fear that our communities will be tested severely soon. I hope I am wrong. At any rate, good luck and fare well, sir.

          • Don’t apologize for being right. For all you know, this guy’s not even for real. And if he is, you’re still right. Might as well start practicing now – real life will be even harder.

            Most people aren’t normal, so the Enemy begins to chip away at norms via incrementalism. It works on Whites, too nice by half. That is what he’s doing.

          • Better her than my grandaughter’s psychotic convict meth-head husband.

            “I have been disappointed by many whites and they don’t get a pass due to their skin color.” A-frickin’-men to that.

        • There are purity tests and then there are purity spirals…some level of forgiveness and space seems appropriate, especially for “preexisting conditions” (says the guy working in the big corporation and married to a CivLib wife).

          My own ongoing awakening would make future choices different ones, but the ones I have made in the past have served me well, so far.

          • Yep. I’m married to a Nice White Lady. Very patriotic and thinks it’s just great when she sees a Muslim waving an American flag. CivNat to the core.

            I like the preexisting conditions idea. That said, not sure we should celebrate and approve of our youthful indiscretions.

          • I have told many folks that our society seriously started falling apart just about the time women got the vote. Not a popular opinion and not a welcome observation, in general. It works particularly fine on entrenched, dogmatic feminists.

        • No. But we should acknowledge that the path he chose in a very different time is no longer tenable for our people. We’re no longer on top. We can’t afford to be loose with the rules.

          From now on, choose your community. Doesn’t mean we can’t work together, but if some young Derb wants to marry an Asian women, he loses our community outside of working together. Go live in the Asian community. You don’t get it both ways.

          • I married an asian woman (for the same reasons as WFTS) and I largely agree with your stance CSC. Exclusion does not need to be a pejorative or negative sentiment if handled in a cordial, polite manner. Freedom of association can be exercised without hate.

            My wife and I can support our respective communities from the outside by striving to foster positive feelings between the communities. As the Zman says, we need normal, standup people to be the face of the DR. Why not try to make the best of things and serve as an ambassador of sorts?

            Great posts guys.

          • Yes, I revere George Zimmerman, but he is not of the Body. Not Clan. And he wouldn’t want to impose himself on Us in any case. And he would reject any invitation. He has his own Vision. With people like that or you, peace, trade, and travel would be possible.

    • WFTS, I can’t help thinking while reading your comment, that your real success in marriage is choosing a mate that complemented your strengths and weaknesses—and of course in you both recognizing and accepting such division of labor.

      To me that is the essence of choosing a mate and is bred into us as a species. As has been mentioned, had it not been for Feminism destroying a large percentage of White women (and men), you’d have easily found a mate of your own race. But in any event congratulations.

      • You are on point on the complementing observation. And we have both grown over the years through justifiable compromise.

        • Can’t argue with “thunderstruck”.
          30 years proves it was the real deal.

          I notice you never demanded Rainbow Island. Instead, together, you built your own.

          Kudos, Waiting. Please stay.
          Paintersorms says we know what we aren’t, but we don’t know what we are- and you have wrestled directly with this issue.

    • I know of what you speak. When I was courting my wife overseas, we used scooters while about the town. It struck me quickly that she wished me to drive every time. She didn’t find it demeaning to literally take a backseat to me.

      I grew up in the 70s and 80s in a very Catholic town. Very few of my friends had parents who were divorced; mine were high school sweethearts who made it work brilliantly. But it would have been difficult for me to find an American woman who subscribed to that ethos. The East Asian route can be perilous for many reasons, but a strong male who sends out the right signals can often do well for himself.

      • Some years ago, visiting daughter’s college campus (Davis, CA), wife and I sat on a park bench outside a yakitori shop one evening for a few hours. The shop and clientele were exclusively Japanese. The men would consistently walk in and out the door first, followed by their mate, no exceptions, no “you first” and holding the door. The women would simply follow them through, knowing to catch the door so it didn’t hit them in the face. Just the way it was, and it was obviously well understood by all.

        • Once when my wife and I went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant, the waitress (Japanese by appearance) brought us our food and when she had left, my wife pointed out something that hadn’t even registered on me: I had been served first, contrary to standard manners in the West. (She wasn’t fussed about it, just commenting.)

          A question for you Old Japan Hands: is this typical in Japan and Asia?

          I don’t know what to make of my (non-)realization. Did I unconsciously assume that it was “natural” for me to be served first? Or was I just distracted?

          Since that occasion, when we have gone to Japanese restaurants in the U.S. and I have been paying attention, my wife has been served first. Maybe Japanese restaurant managers or waitresses have adapted to round-eye etiquette.

          • “A question for you Old Japan Hands: is this typical in Japan and Asia?”

            I’ve been married to a Japanese woman for 30 years and lived in Japan for going on 25. I honestly can’t say I’ve seen that I’ve seen that done explicitly in a typical restaurant, because it’s always been whoever’s dish gets prepared first. However, when we visit her family in Tochigi the men do step aside and let the women run things, so that means we dude’s get served first. Alcohol is dispensed by the main man of the house, and usually only by him, until he gets too drunk to care.

          • Nothing, I’m genuinely happy for you. But maybe you could see why some of use might not be overly pleased with a guy boasting about his decision to marry an Asian woman in the comments section of an article about ((TPTB)) trying to destroy our people through miscegenation.

            You made your choice. That’s fine. But you don’t get to have it both ways. If you choose to leave a community, you can’t expect the community leave the door open for you.

          • I don’t think I boasted about a thing. Look, 25 years ago, I met my now wife. I was not the person I am today. If I were in the market today, perhaps I would take certain things into consideration. But that’s pointless speculation. I am where I am in life.

            Race is absolutely an important factor for me, but I’m sorry to say that family is more important, as it should be for anyone. Further, what some of you appear to be wishing for is racial purity at the expense of cultural advancement. It’s a balancing act, I know, but think about this: I wind up raising an accomplished, high IQ, morally sound daughter who can pass for white on most days and who is as distasteful of the Pozz as anyone here. Are you gatekeepers going to forbid your sons the choice of her as a wife because of your purity tests?

            That’s not meant as a challenge. I genuinely think this question needs to get hashed out by the DR.

          • I kind of go with Dutch’s “pre-existing conditions” idea. When you met your wife, who could have imagined that whites would be where we are. We were on top so no one worried about our demise. That should be remembered.

            Regarding your daughter, I’m sure that she’s great. You ask a tough question about whether we’d tell our sons to not marry her.

            There’s no good answer. In small numbers, it’s fine. But one exception leads to two, which leads to ten, which leads to 100, which leads to a 1,000, which leads to 10,000 . . . and next thing you know, it’s California and we’re no longer a people. Look at the Native Americans. You can even find a pure blood anymore. I don’t want that for my people.

            My feeling is that if you say “No exceptions,” in reality, you’ll get a few. If you say, “OK, a few exceptions,” you’ll get a bunch of exceptions. If you say, “Ok, a bunch of exceptions,” you’re done.

            To answer your question, I’d tell my son that I want my grandchildren to look like me and my family who came before me. That I’m proud of who we come from and want our people to continue, but that you have to do what’s right for you.

            Regardless, let me turn this around on you. How do we preserve an ethnic community if we allow people not of that ethnicity into that community? Especially when that community creates a very nice world, i.e. nobody worries about non-blacks trying sneak into the black community.

            I want to preserve my people for simple reason that they’re my people and I love them, just as you and I love our families. How does allowing in other groups or partially other groups achieve that goal?

          • It’s not about marriage, or attraction.

            It’s about malice.
            About force and deception.

            This is where you’ve gone astray, Citizen.
            This is what soldiers call friendly fire.

          • FWIW, for one you didn’t pair up with a black; which from my working and living around the world seems like a universally despised idea. For two, Japanese women tend to act like actual women and more predisposed to family building. Truth is, most of the whites in this thing scolding their fellows to have more white kids have no kids of their own nor will they ever. The only proper response to the hypocrite is – “f*ck off, we’re still in the same side”.

          • “But you don’t get to have it both ways. If you choose to leave a community, you can’t expect the community leave the door open for you.”

            Lol, okay, dude. There is no “community” and therefor no door to close. Whites are atomized. Yes, whites are starting to form them, but it’s still filled with too many people who constantly whine about decreasing white births…but have kids of their own. As well, the so-called white community didn’t have many issues absorbing the odd white dude who married and knocked up an East Asian woman. And I know I’m right because you and I, and most non-brown people, will have more visceral reactions to white and black/brown pairings than white/East Asian.

          • Too far. Too far. A few hapas aren’t ‘destruction’, and hulking Mongol overlords aren’t being ground relentlessly into doofus white faces.

            Netflix has no Chinese Achilles, no Korean Lear, no Japanese Joan of Arc- even though they all existed in Asia’s pageant.

            You’re tilting at the wrong enemy, please withdraw. This is painful and unnecessary.

          • CoaSC, I just wanted to say that your arguments in this thread are well-presented and well-taken. There’s a lot to chew on. In the meantime, thank you for your civility.

    • One discussion over at PJMedia came to this conclusion: White guys, if you want peace in your house, marry an Asian waifu.

      White girls, the highest trophy prize in the known universe, are called high-maintenance for a reason.

    • That’s cute and everthaang, but to be fair, for every happy story such as yours, there’s one where the bride threatens to divorce-rape her man if he doesn’t sponsor the in-laws for a green card.
      With East-Asians in particular, that closed society mindset that has raised them free from the ingress of feminism can lead them to go tribal on you.
      II’m dubious of a unicorn who was brought up in the reverence of the traditional virtues, yet betrays her race, yet becomes dutiful to her new family.

      • Anon, you’re talkin’ Philipinas.

        It’s their cottage industry.
        Heck, I think they even offer classes in it.

    • I was just going to STFU and go away, but sometimes I just cannot.

      I agree that miscegenation is an issue. But it is not the issue “destroying white people” or our culture. That horse left the barn 50 years ago when the government opened the floodgates of the great society and destroyed the incentives for a strong nuclear family.

      Preservation of the nuclear family, headed by a strong paternal figure, is far more important than the aggregation of folks on the basis of melanin content. You can see the effects all around. It has been multiplied by the ghetto-ization of our culture as evidenced by whites worshiping the sports/rap/drug culture.

      Boys raised without a string father are thugs. They have had no real authority reining in their propensity to just get what they want by force. Girls who have no strong father have no idea of what responsible love is all about and will go with any one that will provide an analogue of that affection. I have seen it even in Japanese girls that have been raised absent a strong father.

      You cannot underestimate the value of a strong, paternal figure in the life of children.

      You can look around and the evidence is rife. It is all too common for an attractive girl to latch onto a promising “mark”, pump out a couple of screaming brats, and then divorce the father demanding spousal and child support. This even occurs at a high frequency even in white-on-white marriages.

      In general, and I admit that my experience is largely with older school northern Chinese and Vietnamese, the nuclear family is valued above every thing else. As I came to know my wife, I understood that. It turns out that emphasis on a traditional family structure attracted me strongly.

      YMMV. In my house, I am a king. I will spare you the details. My wife is frugal in the extreme and we live a lifestyle far beyond what I could have imagined on my income.

      I would not presume to tall anyone here how they should live their lives or what choices they should make. I chose a strong, family-oriented, loving partner over the overbearing harpies representing the white women I encountered. If you found a great white woman, great. I found a great Asian woman.

    • That was how my marriage worked for 21 years. I work now simply because my husband started his own company and, you know, health insurance for us would be $2500 a month for the plan I get at work for $500.

      I grew up in New York which has been, nearly, where the entire country is for decades. So, yes, I went to college and expected to be a professional woman. I never even entertained getting married, just never thought about it.

      So, I got out of school, got my first proper job and it was just misery. Thankfully fate intervened and I met my husband. My kids never saw day care, our house was fairly settled and stable and I provided the support and the push to propel my husband’s career.

      I managed to raise two kids who graduated in the top 10 in their classes (my son #2). Knocking in wood they can stay sane in this sick culture.

      I wouldn’t change a thing. The time raising and caring for my family was a true gift.

      • Good for you. My wife worked for a number of years after we married. I got tired of the rat race and went independent contractor, my income tripled, and my wife quit working shortly thereafter. She practically bloomed. She was ecstatic that she could spend time directly raising the two boys and could devote all of her attention to that most noble of objectives.

        The boys did well. They tell my wife how happy they were to have a strong father, a supportive mother, and a rich educational experience. The educational experience was bolstered by vacations and trips that supplemented the coursework at school.

        I will tell you a true story. I was once talking to a feminist that was lamenting that she could not decide: should she try hard to advance, should she just tool along to make some extra money, should she just quit and become a full time mother. I told her she had a lot if damned gall to talk to me like that. I was raised to work. I have no choice. I will work until I am spent. That is the burden of a man. Spare me your whining.

        Of course, that was when I was young, rash, and unabashedly rude. I would never have talked that way as I aged and understood the magnitude of the choices and the consequences of getting it wrong.

        Good luck and fare well. I hope that you and your spouse are as happy as I am. It sounds like you just may be. Thank you for your story.

  36. Intermarriage is common between Whites and White Hispanics (50 years ago they would have called themselves plain old Whites) and to a lesser degree with East Asians. A friend’s mentally-handicapped niece was knocked up three times by a Black fellow before she underwent a tubal ligation and her parents raise them. The two elder girls are on medication for ADHD – do they have attention deficit disorder or are they just acting Black? My friend said that they did not grow up around Blacks, but human nature will appear eventually. We’re both concerned about the girls following mom’s example and getting pregnant minus a husband.

    Other friends adopted a mulatta girl (daughter of a White prostitute and Black man). What a disaster. Among other things, she tried to kill my girlfriend. The daughter has one son born out-of-wedlock and underwent at least two abortions that we know of.

    One statistic is 92% of children born to Black fathers and White mothers are illegitimate.

    • Almost every black/non-black coupling I have ever known has ended in divorce, or the guy leaving while his child is young. I don’t want to believe this about all blacks, but it does seem black men are a terrible choice for a partner.

      • The divorce rate for Blacks is higher than Whites in general. The fatherless home is the norm, not the exception.

    • Most of the Hispanics that lived in the US pre-65 were Criolo/Castizo Spaniards….the brown people we think of as Mexicans today were few and far between.

      • The mother of my best friend in HS was from Castile Spain. She once remarked to me that they were the true Whites of Europe. 😉

        • Indeed, a dear friend of mine hailing from La Mancha (yes, like that learned, if thoroughly cracked, old and chivalric gentleman) says much the same. “I am not ‘Hispanic.’ I am NOT one of those people! I am a European, a white European.” And I have to admit that her 5’9″ and 135lbs of long legs, fair skin and flashing dark eyes – not to mention the quick and often fierce intellect – is very different from the short, stumpy and sullen indio type beloved of the Open Borders people.

  37. The thing is, we know what the mulatto future looks like: Latin America. The Blacks are the bottom, the Mestizos next until finally you get to White Spaniards with Asians in some places like Peru or Brazil. It’s a crime ridden hellscape where the Browns occasionally go full socialist but then Whites go full fascist to pull it out of the muck again.

    It’s not a one to one. Latin America has “racial democracy” where they are all one happy continuum. America will get no such quarter. Whites will continue to be a legacy majority and Asians will be diagnosed with “whiteness” when they try to escape the underclass such as in Stuyvesant.

    • The browns will always be at the bottom, because whenever they gain power, they or thier kids find a paleskinned mate. In a generation or two, its right back to castizos ruling everything

      • Steven Sailer has written about this. It goes back to colonial times.

        A White couple from Span settles in colonial Mexico. They have two sons. One does well for himself and marries a White girl. The other doesn’t do well and marries an Indian girl. Even now, if a non-White does well, he’ll marry a White or his kids will. Hugo Chavez’s first wife was mixed race but the second was a pretty blonde. That’s how Whites stay on top of the pile in Latin America, even in countries where they are a minority such as Mexico.

      • The Carib is ruled by a mulatto class, the lighter the better. Think Eric Holder, Colin Powell. Nobody there seems to find this odd, as if the arrangement is too natural to think twice about. There are, however, no Jews stirring resentment in the population. I have seen this also in Mestizos whom I know. Entirely natural to them. Venezuela is the first Mestizo break with this order, although it is white and not mulatto, where they may prefer the illusion of enfranchisement over eating.

        • Barbados, the only mid-level Black country (Aruba is a part of the Netherlands) has or had a mulatto elite. The current prime minister and governor general, both women, are not. Haiti did off and on in the past.

  38. So in other words, our unwanted DNA (repulsive, stupid white women) are being handed off to the orcs for disposal. Might work.

      • It’s a good thing that video formats have evolved from the old NTSC 16:9 format – to the widescreen HD formats. Otherwise they would have had a much harder time fitting all those fat chicks into the mix

    • It might work…but how has it so far? Albeit, observations are anecdotal, but it seems that the off spring of these mixed high cast/low cast miscegenations are more often than not even more hostile to Whites than the low cast parent group? Obama being a recent data point.

      • Comp, a lot of us were Noticing this about BLM and black shenanigans in general, including some of the safe-space guys who won’t touch the third rails. Most of the college agitators and BLMs were Barry Sotero types, blacks raised by Whites or outright mixed-race kids from privileged backgrounds. Feeding the beast of discontent only earns you more hatred – see Michelle Obama and her boundless resentment at being Affirmatively Acted into Princeton despite grades she hereself admits would have been too low without Whitey’s largesse.

        • Exile, good point. I might add that Michelle not only got in on AA, but graduated by dint of AA (I read her senior thesis. It is not even HS material, much less a prestigious University such as Princeton. She is ill educated at best.) Michelle’s claim to fame are employment in AA positions after law school, which culminated in a final “no show” job in a hospital for $300K when hubby, Barack began rising in usefulness.

          Merica’s bean berry berry good to her. 😉

      • They probably feel they don’t belong anywhere, but get more sympathy, brownie points for being part of an “identity” group that is allowed to say its name.

    • It worked for Latinos, Hindi, Semites, and Turkics.

      I just saw a collage of ‘ethnic minorities’ from the ‘Stans. Light skin, light eyes, light hair from all over the region.

      An Iranian posted that Persia was 100% white until 1979. Khomeini started bringing in swarthy Muslim refugees.

      Slowly, glacially, we are bringing the rest up along with us, genetically and culturally. The speed overlap- culture over breeding- is what is jarring.

      Since race is my religion, I do believe that whites are the God of Nature’s tool for bringing a bestial world into the Light.

      • I’ve mentioned before the vast harvest of African females into the medieval Islamic world.

        Note the results: violent, emotional, oversexed; harem politics, huge kinship clans, a Muslim “family” can count up to two million members. Friday Fish Fry writ large.

        And, rather dusky. Meanwhile, archaeologists are still uncovering ruins, mosaics showing white Hellenic figures who were dominant in the region 3000 years ago. Africans and Semites didn’t engineer the pyramids or discover steel.

        We’re seeing competing demographic strategies. Breeding versus mind.
        Hindbrain versus frontal cortex.

        • Oh, and some puzzle pieces seem to fit better.

          Caucasian-Dravidian (Asiatic).

          Dravidians in India, still demographically dominant 5000 years after the Aryan invasion, largely looked liked Australian Abos per 1900-era photographs.

          Dravidians are the core ancestral population that formed ‘East Asian’ groups, during the Ice Age, who went on to populate the New World, absorbing the Euro Clovis seal hunters who made it first.

          The AmerIndians then merged with Euro barons to become Latinos after disease wiped 90% of their population.

          Divergence and reinforcement, long scale.
          Caucasian and Dravidian were dominant before the Ice Age, much older than Negroid.

  39. The crushing omnipresence of obnoxious race-mixing in advertising has of course by now become a vast ocean of genocidal poison and anti-White hate, but it has a longer and more curious pedigree than most people realize. I can say this because I know a lot of people who have worked in advertising, and I have a lot of friends who once worked, or whose children once worked, as models and TV commercial actors. They told me plenty of war stories about casting calls and how shoots work.

    Nowadays miscegenation is driven by the four great forces in advertising: Jews, gays, gay Jews, and… focus groups. And focus groups, like juries, are made up of people who were stupid enough to get themselves roped into a focus group.

    But let’s start from the beginning, say the 80s and 90s. Long before the mass influx of Latinos and global mystery meat, the race thing was really just between blacks and whites, and was colored not so much by anti-white hatred as much as white guilt, whether real or imagined, over racial injustices which were in fact real within the living memory of the time. So nowadays, when in a print ad of a multiracial group, you will always see the blonde White girl standing next to the buff black guy, it is a very deliberate hate-fueled attempt to humiliate, demoralize, and symbolically cuckold White men.

    But back in the old days, it was more motivated by the shallows of a too-easy guilty conscience. The thought was: “Gosh, if we make the black guy stand far away from the White girl, with a White guy blocking between them, it’ll look like we’re pushing racist fear and sexual jealousy against the black guy.” And soft-headed focus group people agreed.

    To be continued…

    • Advertising, part two…

      The other thing in the old days was identity bean counting. At the very least, you had to represent M/F and B/W, with the odd Native American or Hasidic Jew thrown in for sport. Also the spectrum of White ethnic identities: the Italian chef, the Irish cop, the Orthodox rabbi, the cowboy, the good ole boy…

      One thing I always heard about shoots and casting calls was, “We’ll start with a White girl and build out from there. A white girl checks off two boxes: F and W. So, a black male checks off two more boxes: M and B. Throw in an Asian, and either a Latino or mystery meat, both of either sex, and you’re done. United Colors of Benneton, and the focus groups agreed. The focus groups never want an imbalance that will make them feel nasty and racist.

      In the past this was all done as a kind of math, and a pattern was created. Now of course we see instead the deliberate attempt to erase White men, and specifically the men, from cultural presence and history. It isn’t weak-kneed accommodationist any more: now it is malicious genocide.

      • I’m also in advertising. I can affirm everything Doofen says. Will only add that the race quota thing nowadays has become so ingrained it isn’t even conscious. It’s done as a ordinary matter of course.

        One twist in the last decade is a new character in the racial spoils lineup: creatives habitually ask for casting that is “racially ambiguous.” In the spirit of having cake while eating it, this effectively lets an art director say “no whites please, but don’t pin me down on which group I choose so I can’t be accused of discrimination against any of the many non-white groups.”

      • Advertising certainly has an affect…but throwing together 2 populations who have somethings in common and many things not in common can create havoc. In places like San Francisco and Seattle the mixed White/Asian couple is everywhere. We share a similar group evolutionary history so we have a lot of things in common. We may even have some recent common ancestors. Without mass immigration this would never have happened. Advertising had a secondary affect in driving this. Public policy did all of the heavy lifting.

  40. A major point of the “anti-racist” crowd is that race differences are only about skin color. You wouldn’t discriminate in picking a mate based on hair or eye color, so why would you based on something as superficial as skin pigmentation? Do they really believe that? I think a lot of them do. They would howl and shriek if they heard what guys like Edward Dutton and Michael Woodley say about race and genetics.

    • Of course, the idea that it’s only skin color is ridiculous. Difference is more than skin-deep. It’s a whole bundle of behaviors that not only differentiates between the races, but ethnicities, sex and sexual orientation.

      A dark-skinned Indian Dravidian has a very different personality than a Black with equally dark skin. A German has an innately different personality that a Russian (east of the Hajnal Line) and, to a greater degree, an Arab.

      It’s acknowledged that a Black lab is different than a Black pitbull, but human beings are somehow immune from genetic inheritance. Conservative Christians claim that the Theory of Evolution is racist when the issue of different groups evolving in response to their environment and circumstances of life arises.

      • “… the idea that it’s only skin color is ridiculous.”

        Skin pigmentation truly is the trivial part. The real differences are in the neural, endocrine, and immune systems. European peoples have only been optically white for about 8000 years. It’s only a small part of who we are, and to the extent that the skin pigmentation is part of cultural personal identity, that’s the result of marxism-globalism destroying American European identity (Americans as a synthesis of the baseline European peoples upon a British-heritage substrate) and then starting with all the anti-white stuff.

        It reminds me of one of the few bits of Israeli hasbara that isn’t a lie. There was no Palestinian nation or people in 1948. They were a collection of tribes/clans and had all the preconditions for it, shared language, shared religions, shared history, etc. But they did not gel and become a people until the Jews conquered Mandate Palestine. Shared suffering and death imposed by foreigners creates and solidifies identity. I assert that the same thing is happening now with white-skinned Americans.

        I like to use a computer hardware software analogy. Your DNA is the blueprint for the hardware. The software is behavior, including perception, systematized as culture. Some software only runs on some hardware, and some software runs better on some hardware than on others. There is a reason that during the ages some religions resonated more with some peoples than with others. A given religion’s associated cultural norms constraining behaviors relevant to civilizational perpetuation will work better with some peoples than with others as a function of their genomic inheritance. This is similar to the observation that some breeds of dogs are more trainable than others.

        There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of how we live together because the peoples are different under the hood. The people who think a utopia is just around the corner if we get rid of the white people are ignorant.

        Consider a thought experiment where a plague wipes all humans but the most genomically and culturally homogeneous 10 million Chinese. These then can spread over the Earth to repopulate every biome. It may take a thousand years, but different natural selection regimes operating in different biomes WILL result in new and different nations.

        We can call the process raciation but it is simply a more granular speciation. Homogenous populations separated and put under different selection regimes will diverge. The takehome message is that diversity is built into the fundamental mathematical understructure of our reality. We will ALWAYS have it. All these anti-white lunatics are doing is destroying the one people with the best chance to contribute towards making a stable livable planet for all of humanity, and spreading to the stars.

    • The only time you can discriminate based on hair or eye color is with whites, the most diverse population in the world.

      Europe had boatloads of cultural diversity, too.

      As noted yesterday, it’s always them reaching up. We’re the Elves.

    • One of my filtering techniques in dating is probing for this latent anti-racism impulse. Its dual purpose is to establish my rigid and hateful! views and to probe her for toxicity.

      First, it makes it clear that I unapologetically desire a beautiful white woman and have settled for nothing less.

      Second, it susses out whether or not she has – or would, indulge in the great erasing of her kind. IOW how deeply that toxic idea has been indoctrinated.

      Sometimes it is as simple as “I am only attracted to white ladies”, but other times more nuanced, “i’m a sucker for green eyes” or “strawberry blond hair”. Traits that are not naturally present in the diversity.

      The mixing is high status delusion among the strong independent womyn types is huge.

      Of course acting on this lags by a big stretch, it is still prog blasphemy to openly reject it.

      If they push back or react negatively on my stance, red flag. I don’t explain shit. If they probe for more details out of genuine interest in me, yellow. If they agree and volunteer their own stance, green.

      Most want more info. Its curious to them.

      But i see a lot of that. Most women just parrot what they think they should. And most men are too cowardly to risk a slice by actually asserting their standards and values up front.

      So even entering into the forbidden territory of questioning the doctrine is exciting to them.

      Sure, there are plenty of women too far over the falls. But most want to be led away from clown world. There just aren’t enough men prepared to do that.

      There have been occasions when I have had to nuke it from orbit because she slipped though my filter. Passing the obsidian rubicon is a non-starter for me, no matter how pretty she is.

      I could have avoided a lot of strain if I just avoid all Peace Corps girls. Upper middle class, divorced parents, peace corps is pretty much the trifecta.

      • ScrewTape. What a memory you brought up. My future father-in-law told stories at the dinner table about his family dog named “Nigger”, he was from Missouri. Not sure I had to probe any deeper than that with my future wife. Besides, I was marrying up anyway. 😉

      • ST, concur. If she’s burned the coal I gotta roll. I’ve managed a few (high-drama) relationships with gals who weren’t necessarily sh*tlibs in their own right but operated in that crowd, but they’ve all stayed onside in terms of who they slept with (AFAIK, OFC), even if they had to keep it on the down-low. With the rapid ramp-up of Cancel Culture and the social surveillance level gals have to endure today, all but maybe two of those gals would be doxxed by their besties based on having no “social credit rating.”

        I have the deepest sympathy for young guys today.

        Today’s Mad Maxine post-apocalyptic Forever War of the Sexes is beyond anything I ever encountered. It took me years to learn how not to GAF when the worst thing I had to endure was some Hillary-voting Becky.

        Trying to establish a functional level of male confidence in a sea of 9th-dimensional feminist phag-hags and SSRI-crazed Wokettes is enough to make a man GTOW.

        Soldier on, sh*tlords – the only way out is forward, and the only forks in the road lead to inceldom or The Ghey.

    • If you know any old school teachers, a lot are convinced that a good dollop of white education will turn any person, regardless of chance pigmentation, into an honorary white. They may even be correct, and non whites have cottoned on to this and do not want to be white educated. Unfortunately this seems to mean no one gets white education, so perhaps it is now time for whites to get non white education?

    • The 100% Spanish descended Mexican, Central American, and South American Trad Catholics with whom I’ve come into contact here in Southeastern Texas clearly do not believe this stuff. Their families did not miscegenate, and their children are as white as mine. The only reason they are in the US is because they have enough money to buy their way out of the shithole countries from whence they came. They understand what happens to countries that are vast majority mocha. That is why they get the hell out and continue the family tradition of choosing an appropriate non-brown mate. All of us here would do well to ensure that our children do the same.

      • Lady, you’ve hit on something I get into here once in awhile. Castizo-first Latino caste-culture can be leveraged to our advantage. South and Central America have been stratified by Whiteness for 500 years and they don’t see hard-right politics as Beyond the Pale. There are probably more “natural fascists” than “natural conservatives” among them, and race-awareness is commonplace. Our Guys could make some strategic alliances with Spanish-descent nationalists and populists who see their own crappy Globoshlomo rulers they way we look at ours.

        It’s easier to Send Them Back if they have someplace less sh*thole-y to go back to. We should look to build some bridges with national populists in these countries and where we can work together against our common enemies like the cucked churches and vulture capitalists. Of all the Others in America, the smart/based/whiter fraction of Latinos is probably the one we can best work with.

    • You wouldn’t discriminate in picking a mate based on hair or eye color,

      I dunno, I’ve exhibited a fairly consistent and often unwise propensity for redheads.

      • Lol Vizz. I was never that into gingers when I was younger. But the last few years, bang. I needed to mate with a ginger.

        I was joking with a buddy that it must be some biological clock that is a last ditch effort to get me to pass on my genes.

        You see, I am a ginger recessive; a carrier. Born with red hair but am mostly blonde/blue. But for a bit of red tint to my hair and a beard full of ginger. Though the grey is catching up dammit.

        So I joke, but theres a truth in there somewhere. I’ve got ginger on the brain lately.

        Talk about diversity. Just among gingers there is a huge spectrum. I’m partial to the tier 2 or 3 gingers. Full reds not so much.

  41. Homogenizing of the Untermenschen by the cloud people is about self-defense and not ideology or altruism. They correctly perceive that the bubble will eventually burst and then the dirt people will rise in revolt. In the USA, a great many within this underclass will be armed and skilled hunters, some with military training, and therefore a non-trivial threat. The ultimate goal of miscegenation is to dumb down the mean and enhance indoctrination efficiency. Free-thinking robust males are antithetical to tyranny.

      • But, who will run the shitshow when the overwhelming population is sub-90 IQ? The elite need a support structure for their good life—they certainly won’t work for it themselves. The good life is more than well manicured yards and clean swimming pools.

        • At this point they’re probably ignorant enough to think that everything will just be automated and the work will be done by robots. So they just need a managerial / technical class to keep the machines going – and maybe a large pool of lower IQ people to act as cannon fodder or clean the sewers.

        • Money will buy competence and skill but do we need a system to support the sort of manufacturing that the elites will need for their helicopters, pools, houses, clothes, toys etc? Can their be, world wide, just clouds and dirts? It was the modest middle class, well educated, hard working and conscientious, fair minded, humble that escalated the west mid C20th and which seems to draw the ire of a new immigrant class post WWII who sneered at, taunted, mocked and destroyed that class of people.

        • They’re perfectly content to live in gated communities with armed security and be chauffered about in bulletproof SUVs. All the better to look down on the lower classes.

    • Nah, you’re overthinking this. It’s really just genocidal eliminationist race-hatred against the goyim, dressed up in a weird cultural-religious Halloween costume -slash- revenge fantasy about the Holocaust or else Uncle Moshe getting beat up by Big Red Sullivan down on Delancey Street back in 1922. Anything to allow them to lie to themselves that their evil race-hatred is justified.

      What does that movie on Netflix say? “It’s not murder, it’s mitzvah.” Same thing they’ve been telling themselves for 3,000 years now.

      • The Cult of the Bride Gatherers own what, 93% of Mad Avenue, which is in turn staffed by 95% ‘educated’ women, per Whiskey.
        With mostly gay men in haute couture.

        They’re thinking out loud, splashing it all over the page, in pursuit of the newest sexual fashion fad.

        We’re hearing the hoots and calls from the upper branches. Fixing potholes is the furthest concern from their sparkling minds.

        Status games within the harem.
        Not a clue or care about what lays outside that protected little bubble.
        It’s a Teen Vogue world, lorded over by S.I. (((Newhouse))).

        • After the “Chosen” ones (a status that changed with Jesus Chris and the new testament), “educated,” i.e. *indoctrinated* white women are one of our biggest problems. Our biggest problem is under-utilized and under-appreciated white men. Our leaders are throwing away the goose that lays the golden eggs. We should have their heads on stakes for that.

    • I even wonder if the “take Fridays off school to protest something” push is part of the dumbing down of the dirts. We once valued education and achieved better ( I speak of dirt people) in small schoolrooms with fewer resources. Do we thrive in adversity? Do we need a background great civilisation to support us?

  42. So I looked up this Erik Kaufmann guy:

    “ Eric Kaufmann was born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His ancestry is mixed with a quarter Chinese and a quarter Latino.[1][2] His father is of Jewish descent,”


      • As a general rule, yes, but Kaufman’s book is a remarkably frank admission of their real agenda. I bet the elders wish he hadn’t written it.

        Kaufmann himself may be a bit on the spectrum. He doesn’t seem to realize that he gave the game away.

        • At this stage, it seems some are not worried about giving the game away and want to rush forward, while some cannier ones stick to the old, slow and steady insertion (of preferred program) and cover it with various types of sugar play book.

        • They’re neurotic inbred nutcases. Despite their loud posturing, logic and rationality are absolutely not their strong suits.

      • Does it boil down to bad parenting? Bad mating? I think yes and yes. And then the worst types are waiting and willing to help it along with their bags of money, to fulfill their own, separate agenda.

  43. I have to admit, when I was young (early 20’s) and foolish, I thought the answer to solving racism was for everyone to race-mix, so we’re all one race. It didn’t take long for me to realize how stupid that idea is, and I cringe that I actually said it out loud to a few people. Yet here we are, and it’s a now an actual agenda pushed by serious people.

    • When I was younger and leftist I was aware of this idea, and it did make sense that if one had family members of a different race, it would diffuse racism or hatred of “the other”, and possibly even promote world peace, or something. But it really is quite amazing how that’s gone from a casual aside in in the early aughts to KFC commercials in Current Year.

      • In the late 60s/ early 70s a popular song was “melting pot” where you put in a drop of white, yellow, black, brown, red indian boy in a great big melting pot big enough to take the world and all it’s got, then stir it for a hundred years or more and turn out coffee coloured people by the score. It was a typical hippie dippie love/peace/flower power Vietnam era song that appealed in a time of innocence and lack of awareness of the cultural war brewing. In fact this song was part of the barrage of propaganda that got us where we are today. A slogan of that era was ” the medium is the massage”, a clever turn of phrase.

        • See Samuel H. Flowerman, an unsung hero in the unsung effort to destroy white Christian society.

      • Can somebody explain to me what the hell is going on with Popeyes chicken? Every time I turn around some wank (probably you guys) is posting a vid starring The Usual Suspects chimping out over there. Is that a thing now?

        I was forced to buy lunch for the crew once from Popeyes but up here in Canada…it was mostly pajeets and kabobs. The food was horrible but the customers were well behaved…

        It’s probably a hate crime to say it… but I think KFC is better…

    • My Grandfather used to say that one day we’d all be one big mixed race.

      His core underlying assumption was that this mixed race would all behave like White People (because race isn’t real and culture is everything).

      Reality has a way of intruding on assumptions like this.

      • I would have to assume that Grandfather was not a southerner who had to go to school with the dindus. If you ever are around enough of the beast you will never assume that mixing with the African is anything other than racial suicide.

        This comes from one who is a big fan of a very few African writers. The best of the Africans can be great people, but the overwhelming vast majority are not my cup of tea.

      • “The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.” -Thomas Huxley

    • I was certainly willing to mix it up with any attractive female at that age. But I found trying to chat up girls from different races and cultures was truly like talking to aliens. Ended up marrying a lady who couldn’t have been more similar culturally and racially if that had been my goal in the first place.

      • Drake, the cultural thing shouldn’t be underestimated. Living in England as a single twenty-something, I met some nice English women. The little cultural quirks, to say nothing of the idea of how to “introduce to the parents” or “fit in” socially, meant that even dating as a thing other than a novelty on everyone’s part was off the table. Had I been one of those few physical “great catches”, some English girl might have taken a chance at it. But, not so and not to be, to the longer term benefit of everyone involved.

      • Thank goodness that you and so many men on this blog married beautiful, smart white women and had children. And raised them like good white men do. Good fathers are a relatively rare species these days and you men on this blog are so re-affirming; I hope you tell your kids and grand-kids how much people like me appreciate you! Make sure they follow in your footsteps and make more beautiful, smart white babies.

    • When I was young, I tended towards the concept that all folks were blank slates and of equal ability given the right inputs. A Skinnerian at heart. 50 years of experience backed by scientific understanding and documented evidence—particularly of social engineering failure—convinced me otherwise. I only cringe at how long it took me to understand and reach this point in my life.

    • Yeah Wolf, a lot of leftist ideas can be reduced to the infantile mind failing to matriculate into reality.

      What broke ‘if we were all just the same it would be peaceful’ delusion for me was time overseas.

      There are entire continents where people appear to be more similar than dissimilar. They have been killing each other for eons.

      Just one more reason why this diversity is our greatest strength push is not about celebrating differences, but about ending whiteness.

  44. I thought Diversity was the new religion. However if we all mix then there is no diversity. When I lived in England I wanted to live around English people and English culture.

  45. The first four paragraphs of this essay are good but the rest of it, is just the typical inaccurate appraisals, speculation and predictions of someone living in an internet bubble…

    • Spoken like a person unfamiliar with the published literature on the subject. But that’s what I would expect from a troll.

      • And the guy is delusional enough to refer to himself as “Reality Check.” Ha! The irony is off the charts.

        • You are just good old fashioned stupid. This essay is full of BS claims. Like ‘everyone seeing the racial composition of ruling class neighborhoods and schools’?? What planet are you on? Most normies don’t see anything in terms of race.

          And the claim that ‘only the most repulsive women are mudsharking’…What a joke, you are not in reality. I see more and more mulatos in more and more rural areas-and their mothers are not even close to all being repulsive…

          “People are race-mixing because they see it celebrated in the media”. As if it hasn’t gone on far longer than that?! Why did it ever need to be illegal?

          I could go on…

          This is wishful thinking. The White population is falling and race-mixing at the same time. The non-white population is exploding. Most Whites are brainwashed beyond recognition about the whole thing…

          Shit’s getting real-real fast and wishful thinking isn’t going to change anything…

          Reality Check.

          • As long as we’re relying on anecdotal evidence, I live in the Rust Belt and the coal burners are almost exclusively overweight, tatted, and obnoxious. In short, repulsive.

          • Of course they are and I’m sure everyone you know is fully aware of the racial make-up of our ruler’s neighborhoods and schools right? And I’m sure that in your mind everything your leader writes is 100% accurate and totally beyond question…

          • Ultimately Z Man isn’t on our side as he eschews White Nationalism. So this may simply be an attempt to soothe us to sleep – the sleep of death.

        • Reality Check ? That’s Reality Winners even dumber window licking brother I assume.

          That said we always have a designated troll around here. Someone is probably paying them which is fine. Ignore the troll and realize that we matter is a tiny way and our ideas sting.

          • In english maybe, retard? And dispute any points I made…

            The sychophants on the left have nothing on you butt-hurt clowns.

      • Spoken like a person who is unfamiliar with the outside world. There are a lot of claims made in this essay that simply do not match what I see in the real world.

        This blog has the most sycophantic following I’ve ever seen-by far.

        “Troll”=Someone who triggers sychophants..

        • Nothing better to do than blow your gaskets in a place that doesn’t want to hear you nor has any interest in what you have to say? Get a life…

          • Let me put it another way, as you appear to be new here. We are all friends here, and have some understanding of the particulars and idiosyncrasies of each person’s comments, including those of the host. A bit of hyperbole is occasionally overlooked. But outright assumptions not backed by evidence, most importantly the actual experiences and individual observations of the commentariat, blow one’s credibility around here very fast. To me, the host’s discussion, beyond the first four paragraphs, seems a very reasonable and somewhat obvious one, given my own experiences and personal observations of how things work. Life is complex and answers are rarely simple. There can be some nibbling around the edges. But turning over the tables early in your time here seems awfully inappropriate. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, don’t come in with a blowtorch, ask questions and engage. Bring your arguments out that way, and they will earn some respect here. The posts here are not for the broad world to show off and to posture to, unlike so many other comment sections, but to engage, discuss, and learn from. Blowing up the “sycophantic” discussion accomplishes nothing. Unless you are simply a troll.

          • That’s a lot of gibberish to explain that you are simply a sychophant. Maybe you need to get a life…

          • RC, Dutch is no sycophant. He has given you good insight into the this group’s dynamics—respectfully—I might add. Your post discrediting/disparaging Z-man’s commentary ignores that fact that he (Z-man) cited 5 references for his opinion/analysis. Your posting cites…? Perhaps a bit of review, particularly Dutton and Woodley (published academics), is in order before you post any more gratuitous assertions.

          • I’ve actually made a lot of post here that people have liked so the ‘ole second grade-level ‘no one here likes you’ routine is a big fail.

        • You are not good at this. A successful paid troll changes and dulls minds around the margins, working steadily inward and never leaving the high ground. Being stupidly repulsive is for amateurs.

          • When Daisy campaign commercial aired 1964 and message were simple
            If you don’t want War then vote LBJ
            Later people notice that Supposed to be Democratic government aren’t democratic at all

            Today, Too many people assume about “reality” and granted about it
            That’s how people end up signing membership of heaven’s gate or people’s temple

            human hold logical mind will see something wrong about western society and every institution on the surface

            here we are can see the men who have no doubt about his ruling class and his so-called reality
            I believe his reality is very similar or identical to Hollywood/Television

            It’s pointless talking to truly devotee toward Jesus when Church which representative of “Christ” did massacre and inquisition stuff

  46. What disgusts me most about white normies is how they can sit in front of the TV and not pick up on any of the propaganda being shoved in their glazed-over faces. Cable TV is extremely painful for me to watch and only serves to raise my blood pressure. I often fantasize about the lights going out just to wake Joe Normie out of his slumber.

    • In order to pick up propaganda, you have to have some advance expectation of it.

      This is a necessary appendix to what Z was posting about: people think this miscegenation, gayrace proliferation, and Burger King Kids Club friends group stuff is normal because everything they look at says it is except for reality. But, as we know, television is reality and reality is less than television. Deliberately-crafted messages are always louder than just stuff you see walking around. None of us is immune to propaganda.

      Once you know what you’re looking for, you see it of course, and scream “how does everybody not realise what propaganda this is?” because the contradictions are so incredibly obvious when you look for them. But you do have to look.

    • My opinion is that more people — most normies, in fact — see this stuff and are processing it on a certain level. They’ve just been conditioned to avoid talking about any subject that smacks of race relations. Hence, they have no idea that their friends and family members are just as turned off by the anti-white agenda as they are. I haven’t watched the Sunday afternoon darkiepaloozas for years but if you do, if you’re at a Superbowl party with normies, make sure to bring it up early in the day. Make it a game, ask them to count how many mixed-race couples show up in the commercials, calculate a percentage of characters who are minority, or keep a tally of how many commercials depict the white male as the loser.

    • Normies are perfectly aware of the nonsense. Just look at the vast decline in TV viewership rates and the popularioty of the Hall

      However you are dealing with people with average or below IQ’s who lack the mindset of a dissident and the mental horsepower to get their own their own.

      Normal people aren’t smart and must be lead with just enough truth. The current level of untruth is enough to make them restless which is good but that isn’t enough.

      Our sides job is to educate and to provide something better .

      Also note this education is why some of the Lite dissidents have value.

      Normies can handle Joe Rogan out the door but the stuff we eschew, authority and control for the greater good is a bit much at first. The trick is weaning them off the training wheels

      And note too shutting off the Rogan’s is not great for us but it send a message Normies get “they hate you having choice of ideas.” and clues them in as to who the enemy is.

      Those people can be roused (c.f President Trump c.f gun sanctuaries) but they aren’t ready for all the way since to be honest neither are we.

      The key is to keep teaching and preparing and to learn to lead normal men. Eventually this means no “muh individualism.” no hiding but actual getting out there. Learning to prevent subversion will take effort of course and needs to be done first but change isn’t on the Internet.

      • AB, you’re on to something here. The average Joe, just doesn’t have the mindset of a dissident. Folks here, for the most part do. Hell, we’re often keen to take each other to task in the comments. That indicates a spirit of resistance (as vs go along to get along) right there. Not certain how to convert normies (despite my previous suggestions). Perhaps the best we can do is keep them neutral in the coming conflict.

      • “Normies are perfectly aware of the nonsense.”

        Yes, and also, even many near-elites (white, well paid, highly credentialed) have reached their limit of the nonsense.

        “”The key is to keep teaching and preparing and to learn to lead…”

        One thing I’ve started doing is to merely describe dispassionately, then conclude with “It’s okay to NOTICE.” The responses are fascinating. For every “you dirty racist NAZI!” look I get 4 to 5 looks of relief, or wide eyes waiting for the lightning to strike me, followed by a shy (or sly) grin.

    • You and me both Brother I don’t even turn on the TV in my hotel room anymore because you can’t even watch a show without it being shoved in your face…The good thing about it though its so blatant now that peoples slumber is restless and soon they might wake up and then the fun begins…

      • Amen, Line. I think unplugging had a lot to do with finally getting myself red-pilled and maintaining the frame. The sheer repetition of poz in normie media wears you down, like trying to quit smoking when you still live with a pack-a-day gal. It takes a long time to heal the damage and develop a resistance. More on that subject soon.

  47. The ads are supposed to represent the present but it is a plan for the future. Like you said, our future, not theirs.
    As Jared Taylor has said, I want my grandchildren to look like my grandparents. So far for my family, that is proceding on course.

    Ursula LeGuin’s novel the Lathe of Heaven deals with the future of the races. Through the special powers of the protaganist, he transforms all humans into a dull gray sameness. Didn’t work out well of course. It does display the progressive mindset in sci-fi form though.

    • Somehow this came up with my daughter. She jokingly asked if I would have a problem with her dating a guy who wasn’t white. (She has no interest, btw.) I said I would, which surprised her because that’s not the correct answer, at least said aloud, even if it’s understood.

      She asked why. I replied, “I want my grandchildren to look like me, and I suspect that you’ll want your children to look like you.” You could see the wheels turning in her head. She’d never thought of it that way. So, thanks, Jared.

      • I don’t follow Hollywood or celeb gossip… but I think it was Cameron Diaz. Whoever it was, she was your typical celebrity chitlib nutcase that adopted a couple noglets to impress her fans. As you might expect of such a ‘family’ – it ended in divorce and our starlet found herself looking for a date – and there were no takers. She said that was because everyone was racist and should be ashamed of themselves! 🙂

        In my case it might explain my revulsion toward such a woman… but being batchit crazy sure doesn’t help either though…

        • I think that was the Road Warrior remake chick whose name I can’t recall. Diaz just had an actual white baby in her late middle age.

          • You’re probably thinking of Charlize Theron – since she has a couple of adopted negro kids, and she was in the Road Warrior remake movie as well.

            Coming to a full understanding of the level craziness going on here must also take into account a couple more data points:

            1) Charlize Theron is South African , she should therefore know better what a bad idea adopting black children is than most white people – who have never really been exposed.

            2) Charlize Theron is usually considered a classic example of blonde-haired white female beauty. She both acts – and has gotten many jobs in the modeling world as well. Her net worth is also not inconsequential.

            In other words – in a sane world, she would be considered a high quality “catch”. Yet there are no men signing up for that ride.

            That should tell you something about the level of lunacy that is contained in that pretty head.

          • Charlize Theron – she had an absolutely cringe meltdown on social media about a year ago on how she couldn’t find a man b/c strahng wahman w/niglets.

            She’s broken the Ashley Judd Barrier and catapulted into the REEosphere.

          • Here’s the scoop on that:

            Sandra Bullock adopted a black kid when that garage guy Jesse James married her and then cheated on her with a tattooed skank. Apparently she finished the adoption process as they were divorcing. Wonder if he saw what was coming and was so turned off that he cheated with a cheap harpy, despite Sandra’s millions in the bank? And then later, Sandra adopted another black baby. Gross. Sandra is the daughter of an opera singer, very white culture. What a sickness is upon the white people at this time!

          • Well that is what happens when the “it” trend suddenly shifts from adopting black kids to trannies. So have to work with what you have to stay in fashion. Makes you pine for the days when the “must have” accessory was just a tiny little dog that went everywhere with you in a shoulder bag.
            Side note: the Bloomberg UK/ME talking heads on TV here are having an absolute orgasm over last nights missile attack.

      • Citizen I am of the opinion that the best way to talk to post pubescent girls about this is in terms of their marriage market value. She will likely readily understand that she would be foolish to do anything that lowers her value, and that the high status men she is seeking will downgrade her severely for certain behaviors- promiscuity and mudding being 2 giant turnoffs for most men. The competition is already tough enough for girls; one should explain to them the advantages of always acting like a lady and being psychologically healthy and normal i.e. not self hating, trendy, or pozzed. Counseled a friend on this last year. He had the talk with his daughter and was pleased with the results.

        • Oh, I’ve had those discussions. Once I was a bit abrupt but it was effective. She was talking about a girl who got around but who was still popular. I said, “Sure, guys love a slut, but they don’t marry her. For the long-term relationship, all guys want a woman they can respect and trust. You can’t trust or respect a slut.”

          • Good for you. Yup, men by nature don’t respect a slut, may take advantage of her sluttiness but won’t marry her and are indifferent to any offspring she might produce by him. The idea behind cads versus dads. Ask Hunter Biden about this.

            Women knew this at one time but it’s an inconvenient reality today.

          • Along those lines, my daughter and I were shopping around Christmas and for some reason we kept hearing Madonna songs. I offhandedly said that I was sick of hearing Madonna songs. My daughter said, “You don’t like Madonna.”

            No, I said.

            Why?, she asked.

            Because she’s a whore and she tells other girls to act like a whore, I said.

            My daughter just stared at me. The idea of society judging a woman like doesn’t happen much, but I wanted to let her know that I judge women – and men – like that.

          • It’s very sad to see women like that. I have been guilty of abusing this in the past, too. They try and use sex to attract the man into what they really want (a relationship). Absolutely tragic and they get used and abused 10 times out of 10. Kudos to Citizen and all strong fathers who teach their daughters the harsh truth about a man’s sexual depravity and lust.

            I was talking to a blond girl once with this mentality – single mother, beta step dad, and had already slept with 14 guys by the age of 19. I actually took pity on her and told her to stop fucking guys until they were in a committed relationship with her. It ended up killing my chances with her but sometimes you need to take one for the team. I also promoted childhood and she realized she did want 3 nice blonde babies. Not the typical route for dating apps but I hope she ended up listening. I actually think she might have.

          • Funny when chicks open up about how many guys they’ve slept with. They figure a man with a high notch count must be a highly desirable man, so their notch count means they’re desirable too!

            To pay the devil his due, men unfortunately tend to follow the past of least resistance and many are drawn by the superior flirting skills and sexual allure of promiscuous women.

          • Per Ed Dutton, watch out for the wahmen with big bumpy bits. Genetic markers for over-sexed r-lifestyle, turbo-hamster gals. Can confirm. Fun to lease but the maintenance costs and resale value are net-negative.

          • I have found that women with tits like that – overly large and jiggly, oddly shaped – are highly likely to have had an abortion(s). Just my experience (I’ve never knocked anyone up, these are from previous partners).

        • Indeed. The “girls” I dated that wanted/invited sex on the first date—never got it, nor got a second date. I always thought I was strange until recently.

          • Good for you, Compsci.

            Perhaps they thought that you would be more likely to stick around if they, ahem, provided services.

            Or, they might have been overwhelmed by your devastatingly sexy self and couldn’t control themselves.

          • No, I wasn’t sexy or particularly handsome, and I’m not aging well now. I suspect I was old fashion-a product of my time, insecure and simply could not get excited without knowing the girl. I had hormones like any other 20-something, but could never press the issue. Really, looking back and knowing what I know now, I was extremely fortunate to be who I was. Falling for a fast girl would have been catastrophic for the naive person I was at that time.

          • Better to be lonely and single than to be stuck in a bad relationship.

            Ultimately the focus is raising good white families but getting sucked in to a shitty relationship is the worst thing you can do.

      • You gave her the wrong answer. The right answer would be “I don’t want you to be a single mother”
        I forget the exact numbers, but over 90% of white women with mulatto children are single mothers and the number of these women who get no support or interaction at all from baby-daddy is in the high 80s. Spousal murder is whole number multiples of white women murdered by their white spouse. It is ridiculously high. Mulatto children are unhappy, not to mention below the white average in IQ. They are also way more likely to go to prison than white children.

        • Interestingly the Evening News has prominently featured two or three black men kidnapping/beating white women news stories over the last few weeks.

          The first one I remember was some black guy who kidnapped a white woman and had her tied up in his van. The second one was a white woman who ran from a car – and then was chased down and beaten on the front lawn of the home she ran to for help.

          The camera clearly showed the guy doing the beating was some black guy.

          They used to just not even bother to surface these stories. It’s not like they couldn’t just ignore it and feature something else.

          Makes me wonder what changed.

          • Ahh maybe the Elites think they don’t need them anymore for votes since they have enough Mexicans now to vote what they want…

          • A bit off topic but the girl who ran and got a beat down gets no sympathy points, one guess why.

          • I looked it up real quick and found a video on FB. But did he know the woman he kidnapped?
            I forgot about the domestic violence rates too. Being a mudshark comes with its own punishments.

          • Emmett’s dad was hung by the Army, in Italy, for rape. In the middle of a war zone.

            The apple don’t fall far from the tree.
            Not many lynchings were of innocent men.

          • That wouldn’t surprise me. Living in ‘Lagos on the Delaware,’ I see their dysfunction on a regular basis. Though even here I only know 1 mudshark personally. Was married to a union man with a good job and with 2 beautiful white babies. But she messed it all up and ended up with 2 mulattoes and a single mother. The white father pays out the ass and the black father pays nothing.

      • Tossing this out there but that’s part of why I think white/Asian pairings aren’t as big a deal on that front. Eurasian men often look like their white fathers but with a little bit of Asian features. Particularly with fairer skinned East Asians.

        And beyond even Asian, Japanese in particular seem to pull off the Asian male/white female pairing, which I’ve personally witnessed. Truth be told they’ve been considered “honorary whites” for a long time, that’s why there are so few little Tokyos compared to the size and length of time Japanese people have spent in America. They actually assimilated way more quickly than any other Asian group. Nobody really thinks “oh shit my car broke down in the Japanese neighborhood” or “oh no, what if my daughter brings home a Japanese guy”.

        • @Hoyos – agreed. Especially if it’s a white male/Asian female pair. If the kids have a last name like Walker or Johnson or Kendrick they’ll think of themselves as more American simply because they fit in more. If they’re forever explaining how to pronounce the name Ng they feel more alien.

          • Yeah, but dude, old animosities are one thing, appearances are a whole other. Jap/Korean and Jap/Mainland Chinese pairings are hardly unheard of on either side. They don’t exactly condone it, but it’s infrequent enough it’s always the old geezers with a stick up their ass that raise any hell. Mixing with blacks at all is considered universally bad, though.

        • It’s still a loss of one of our women and one of our wombs. There are quite a number of articles on the net about yellow fever and Asian resentment. It’s better than black, but that’s a really low bar.
          Other Asians are awful. Chinese are taking over my sister’s old neighborhood. They put multiple families in a single row home. They are dirty. The food is really smelly, At 4:00 everyone has to close their windows. The kids are clicky.
          We can be friendly and tolerant of the Asians in Asia. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the Japanese people, especially the ones in Japan.

        • A Swedish friend of mine, blond, blue eyes, has a Japanese wife and two sons who look nothing like him. They look like Hawaiian mystery meat, ugly freaks like most Eurasians. He threw his genes down the bog.

        • Most hapa guys seem to have enough Asian influence to make them less attractive to western women; at least in the west. Likewise I imagine male hapas in Asia are probably considered more attractive than the average guy there.

          Hapa women probably have an advantage anywhere.

          • In Japan, mixed offsprings of either sex enjoy social and cultural cachet. Not only are they looked up to as arbiters of hipness, they are exempt from the duty to fit in.
            Not sure if this has been a conscious push by TPTB to soften up the nation’s ethnocentrism after the war or if white genes carry prestige organically.

            “”Haafu are nearly always held up in Japanese society as the “ideal” Japanese, combining the beauty and grace (and linguistic abilities) of the West with down-to-Earth Japanese sensibilities. Licca-chan, Japan’s version of Barbie, is a mirror of this: her father is a French musician from Paris and her mother is a Japanese fashion designer in Tokyo.”


            From other articles on the same blog:

            “We’re riding a train, enjoying the 和 wa, or the glorious social harmony that comes from everyone around us being Japanese. A random foreigner from an unidentified country gets on the train, which breaks the harmony we’ve been enjoying up til now.”
            “There’s a lot of pressure to follow society’s rules and do what others around you are doing. One exception is haafu, or half Japanese, who are often granted permission to break the rules.”

            Here is American Patrick Harlan (fully white if I’m not mistaken), Japanese TV panel show fixture and universal authority on all things western.
            Note that this is in a country that trains its own foreign food restaurateurs rather than import chefs from abroad.

        • White/Asian hybrids are crazy and stupid, like they have a race-riot going on inside their heads. Burn the rice, pay the price:

          Michael Fay — “You mean spray-painting cars and stealing road signs is a serious crime in Singapore?”
          Elliot Rodger — “I have a BMW! Why are beautiful women I won’t even say hi to not jumping on my dick?”
          Daniel Holtzclaw — “Wow, ever since I became a cop, black hookers are really eager to suck my willy. What could possibly go wrong?”
          Matthew de Grood — “Must…kill…vampires…”
          Miriam Weeks — “I love choking on pornstar cock, it’s so empowering!”

        • My husband is half Asian. He grew up in a time of complete assimilation. His mother made “Colonial Day” costumes for them in elementary school, if you can imagine such a thing happening today.

          Anyway, he’s a gun toting, truck driving –good ol’ boy for sure.

          We live in the white world. No one would describe my kids anything but white. They’ll likely marry white and my grandkids will be 80-90% European. (my husband is half Scottish/English).

          Probably not a route I would recommend today simply for the times ahead. But, I have been married for 21 years and,looking back in retrospect, think I timed it just right. Boomers fell all over themselves to promote my very competent, smart, likable but not quite white husband up the corporate ladder.

    • I watched some episodes of firefly recently. It’s a space Western from 2002 for those of you that don’t know. So there are these little towns all over the Universe on terraformed planets and every little village our heroes end up on is always incredibly diverse but the writers obviously don’t understand how that works. Separation breeds diversity if you really got a town of a thousand people they’re all going to start looking the same. But it’s Joss Whedon so it’s just more leftist propaganda. South Park’s future people were at least honest

      How is Ed Dutton still on YouTube?

      • That is a great question. I would love to be the fly on the wall in that central committee censor meeting.

      • Dutton is in jewtube because he likes to remind us that jews are the cleverest people on earth, and that he doesn’t really know much about the jewish question to talk about it at all.
        Also his theories of mutant genes are generalistic and thus don’t need to take into account eusocial parasites such as jews and whatnot.
        Hes a funny guy but one shouldn’t take him very seriously, i am not an expert but i have found them “selling” lies as truths on few occasions.

    • Wasn’t that a Doctor Seuss cartoon? Lots of sci-fi writers assumed that space travel would eventually get cheap enough for colonization and the respective human tribes would all start their separate colonies in different solar systems.

      • Oh gawd I need a cerebral enema!!!

        Imagine: Dissident Planet. In charge is Emperor Z… who runs around in a silver space suit and rubber boots! All the women are bikini clad slaves. White people own the vibrants instead of the other way around. The planet is regularly threatened by The She-Twink Alliance and their interplanetary cohorts in crime – the savage Negroids.

        Submit your screenplays no later than the end of the week! I’ll call those Jewish mofos at HBO! Auditions begin immediately!

        No fat chicks!!!😆👍

    • “…dull gray sameness”

      Desire a utopia, end up in dystopia.

      I keep coming back to that Nat Geo magazine cover story a few years back in which the ‘future of America is brown’ was presented in some computer generated images of our mulatto future.

      It was not pretty. Nor was it particularly diverse given that it was all brown/brown/brown.

      Contrast that with a ¡racist! meme from around the same time that produced a similar spread of Dieversity.

      That same brown spread next to a spread of white women, each woman different. Green, blue, hazel, brown eyes; red, blonde, strawberry, brown, black hair; alpine snow to olive skin; heavy curls to straight silky hair.

      Just beautiful.

    • There was a filmed version of Lathe of Heaven from about forty years ago, and in the segment where all people became grey, they were literally grey. All the actors wore grey greasepaint. The anticipated instinctive viewer reaction was clearly intended to be revulsion at the inhuman appearance, supporting the story’s intention of suggesting an imposed bland sameness is not a solution to any notion of interracial problems, and would be just plain ugly.

      Consider if instead they were all made to look like the mystery meat mongrels that we are told is our future. That could never be filmed today because we are supposed to welcome our homogenized destiny as a muddy ant colony.

      • Not sure a mystery meat scenario would not reverse itself in time. Look at all the countries with Black or highly Black populations. Saw a documentary of Jamaican males using skin whitening to increase attractiveness. Expensive and lengthy process, not permanent. But so common, women were on the look out for such (fake) modification and asking suitors if they were “natty”—naturally this light skinned. Such was the desirability of being White in their culture. Ditto, South Africa. I believe this concept/possibility has been mentioned above.

    • David, Ursula wold probably rewrite that book today. She was always a bit of a progressive, but increasingly went off the tracks as she aged. A brown sameness is the grand future she would wish for her progeny.

      • Agree, 3g – I’ve read some of her stuff over the years and she definitely had that vibe. I avoid female writers in any genre now with very rare exceptions. Most (allegedly) male authors are so pozzed they read like over-the-top feminists of the 1990’s.

    • I tried to read LeGuin and I was utterly unimpressed.

      Yes, our grandchildren should look like our grandparents. Many people are brain-dead and get caught in cultural trends. I am not comparing the push for miscegenation to some type of fashion trend, but like one it will end. Like Z said, it will only increase tension and instability. Whites implicitly know that when browns control an area, the area dies. What do you think happens when you let that happen to your family tree?

      • I knew Ursula during her last years. She was a sweet old lady with extensive knowledge of SF and lots of other things. I was discouraged from doing “technical contractor” work in Kuwait for BAE, which turned out to be the best advice from anyone.

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