Open And Closed

Communities, by definition are closed. The reason for that is a community is a group of similar people with reciprocal responsibilities and duties. If you are outside of that community, it means you are not like the people inside and you do not share their duties and responsibilities. In order to gain entry to the community, you therefore must be invited into it by the people inside it. The community has the sole right to add new members, so the very definition of a community means it is closed.

Think of it this way. Imagine a community organized around a hobby like collecting and admiring something, a pop culture item maybe. Each individual, in pursuing his interest in the hobby runs into others with the same interest. They begin to form social bonds like shared experiences and shared relationships with others, who they have met while pursuing their hobby. They eventually begin to socialize in more formal settings like swap meets and collectors’ conventions.

What all of these people have in common is an interest in the subject matter, but what makes them a community is they have developed a shared interest in enjoying the hobby together. It is these social connections around their shared interest that makes them a community. In other words, what makes them a community is the shared social bonds around the hobby. It’s not just the transaction of participating in the hobby, but the invisible human connections that defines the community.

In order to join that community, you must have more than just an interest in the hobby, but also be invited into the social group. You start showing up at their public events and talking with the members. Over time, your interest in the hobby helps you make regular acquaintance with some of the members. In time, they bring you into the community and you begin to build social bonds. At some point, you go from being someone who shares their interests to a member of their community.

In theory, an open community is one that allows anyone to just walk in and claim membership, as long as they tick some boxes on a form. In reality, this is not a community at all, as the members have no control of membership, because they have no control of what defines the community. The new members can come in and agree to change the terms of entry, for example. This is because their duty to the community ends with the last tick on the admission form.

The same logic applies to a society or any human organization. The New York Yankees get to decide who is and who is not a Yankee. They not only have rules for membership, but they alone decide membership. A political or cultural movement follows the same logic. You can be in agreement or supportive, but you are not a member of it until you are included in it by the people inside the movement. This is why the Tea Party movement failed. It had no barriers to entry.

This conflict between open and closed community is at the heart of the current crisis in the Western world. After the Second World War, it was argued that a moral society must be tolerant of dissimilar people. Tolerance for different races, ethnic groups, religions and cultures slowly became the definition of the moral society. The “open society” was the goal of social reformers. This explicitly meant that the people in Western societies no longer had the right to determine membership in their society.

This is why private discrimination and free association are now forbidden. If a group of left-handed gingers, with an interest in Anglo-Saxon poetry, were to form a community around these traits and interests, they must get permission from the state. That would mean allowing in girls, non-gingers and maybe even people not suffering the defect of left-handedness. Otherwise, they’d risk litigation. You see, in an open society, there can never be barriers to entry. Everything is open to everyone.

The people who promoted the open society in the last century, and continue to promote it today, do so as outsiders. They look at the organic communities and societies of the West and simply see collections of people. The alien cannot see or understand the reciprocal obligations and duties that hold the community together. These are only obvious to the people inside, because it is what holds them together. The outsider only sees the benefits of membership, not what defines it.

This is the heart of the problem in America. The people with the greatest influence in the country, the ruling class, are not part of the communities and cultures that have defined the country. They just see people, not the many invisible connections that define local community. For them, the peculiarities that are the outward facing aspects of community are just items on the cultural buffet. They can sample what they like, because they have no meaning beyond the superficial.

The result of this is the slow erosion of the social capital that defines and holds together a community. It is also eroding the invisible bonds that hold communities together around a shared public culture. When the public space is made open to everyone, everyone shows up. The shared reality of public life in America looks like a park after an open-air concert or a leftist demonstration. It is no longer part of our shared reality that we own in common. It is not ours.

Compounding the crisis is the fact that the people at the top, the managerial class, have become self-aware. They now have a sense of community. More important, their sense of community is the closed variety. They now think the only way to maintain their community is to maintain the open society over which they rule. In order for their community to be tolerated by the open society, they must foster an intolerance of those questioning the logic and consequences of the open society

This is how we find ourselves in a world where destructive degenerates are celebrated as the new cultural norm, but the natural bonds of organic community are demonized and anathematized as immoral. The only way for the closed community at the top to maintain the open society over which they rule is to systematically destroy the normal social bonds that make organic community possible. The open society is thus a war on the very conditions that make normal human society possible.

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262 thoughts on “Open And Closed

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  2. Agree. However standards require enforcement. =Force.

    Not gentlemen’s agreements backed only by tut tut’s. That was Buckley’s et al real failure, and his actual scam.

    Standards and really defending anything require men who will use force, even if its just security tossing out bums, grifters and weirdos.
    Hint; SECURITY can do this, Joe plumber can’t. HINT. (Get Security, get trained, get SECURITY status).

    Leading me to today’s quibble; the Tea Party didn’t go down from weirdos, it went down to a inside squeeze play from Professional Conservative INC (Erik from Red State) squeeze from controlled oppo Right and from the Left Obama’s Alphabet soup; but the reason it was Doomed was the Tea Party was a woman led, staffed and organized movement. It was nice white ladies looking at bankruptcy from Obamacare. Of course it failed.

    It failed because women are the ultimate Yes Men, because they are faking making it in a man’s world.
    Sure women do evil but the real problem is they can’t and don’t stand up to men. Men roll over them.
    Even fags; look at the gay mafia roll them on Title 9 and their other rackets.
    Feminists esp professional ones are Fag Hags now. Nature wins, even freakish men can defeat women.

    Tea Party ladies were doomed, always were.

    Lesson? No girls allowed. They’re a castrating influence. Never mind the Drama and the schemes. This is man’s work, it requires courage, they’re cowards.

    No chix in Boogaloo, restoration, anything. They’re useless in fighting or in resolving matters- and if one women sees you the world knows your name.

  3. One benefit to an open society: they don’t know who to hit!

    From Iranian twitter:
    Iranian caller on TV: “America has no hero that we can target… It’s a huge country but no real heroes… Who are we going to assasinate there? Spiderman? SpongeBob?!”

    (Meanwhile, more than a million people by 6am in the funeral march. Commenters are saying they’ve never seen anything like it.)

  4. O/T good news on immigration.

    Few here will be satisfied but this is definitely to the good; Remain in Mexico and other policies such as tariff threats and arrests have caused asylum and other crossings to plummet. Trump is being quiet about this as he has with so many other real successes, he understands that distracting noise elsewhere boosts actual signal where it counts.

  5. Z-man’s community is similar to a nation. The word “nation” refers to a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history. Like the people of the southern Appalachian mountains. Without the evil of the State (your federal government) we could maintain our nation against the invaders of many kinds. Smaller communities could flourish inside the nation.

    Notice that the root unit is family. Descent. DNA. Blood lines.

    “While the State is a pernicious and coercive collective concept, the ‘nation’ may be and generally is voluntary. The nation properly refers, not to the state, but to the entire web of culture, values, traditions, religion, and language in which the individuals of a society are raised. It is almost embarrassingly banal to emphasize that point, but apparently many libertarians aggressively overlook the obvious.” ~ Murray Rothbard

    One example comes to my mind of maintaining the nation or community that you are a part of is that If the State did not stop us, we could eliminate the thugs from our cities pretty fast. Groups of vigilantes would enforce the natural law in the old west (or so they say) and we could do it again. I bet we could eliminate the pedos real fast. My Christianity does not stop me for eliminating the evil ones. I am positive others feel the same way.

    The freedom of association must be won back.

    • Mark, in doing so, we’re essentially becoming the state. Every community has a governing elite. The root dilemma is how to make your community’s elite leadership reflect and respond to community interests without undermining their authority and “democratizing” it to such an extent that you’re an “open” society.

      • You have a point. But the nation is not a monopoly on the legitimate use of force in a given geographical area though. Plus, if I have to have some “big guy” leader at least let him be one of my own kind.

        I might go even further and say that smaller is better. The smaller the grouping the closer to the people the leadership is — and the weaker the unit is. Would you fear Central Florida if it became a separate political unit? — Fear the Mouse!!

  6. Anti-discrimination laws do to civil society what antibiotics do to bacteria: Poke their cell membranes full of holes so they can’t keep needful molecules in or harmful molecules out. Clubs that can’t keep people out quickly dissolve into a soup of atomized individuals.

    I suppose you can still have a club based on some esoteric hobby that few have ever heard of and even fewer find interesting, but as soon as your club starts to exert any influence on the outside world, women and diversities will want in.

  7. Charles Murray also came to a similar observation: the top 1% live and play by a different set of rules. The bottom 30% are not only victims of elites but also victims of high time preference, i[impulsiveness, and lows IQs. In the past, the elite maybe saw it as their civic duty to instill good values on bottom tier, but now care more about pushing SJW propaganda on the second-tier (the upper middle class) and importing immigrants to dilute what is left of white, Anglo values.

    • Affirm- again, everybody misses the bottom end. The elites ignore them, but the poor will always be with us- like cities.

  8. The US is probably the most propagandized civilization in the so called free world and almost all of it designed to prevent any group identity or hell any identity other than consumer,

    Our “betters” won’t even let Proles be Proles something 1984’s Ingsoc had enough sense to do.

    This isn’t sustainable as people here have noted its inhuman and its costly.

    Eventually the lower classes including Whites will develop identity , hell many already have in terms of race and gangs , splinter religions (Amish TFR is 4 and up) and this means an end to the current social order.

    It also probably means a return to collective liability especially for the elite. The Chinese understood this as traitors were liable for three generations . We’ve feared and eschewed this going so far as to prohibit “corruption of the blood” in our Constitution but the fact is powerful people are a tribe and things usually return to that equilibrium , act as tribe, suffer as a tribe. You get a million Anders Brehviks basically which no one wants.

    Now we do need to put an end to the nonsense about the value of individualism above all else. This Leftist nonsense has permeated the Right for a couple of centuries now and its toxic

    The value of a person is their value to their group and without a group and especially as technology grows more complex the acts of others individuals achievement is limited.

    The Wright Brothers could not have made the first airplane without the materials made by others nor without the social capital provided by society.

    President Obama as reviled as he was for saying it was correct, you didn’t build it. You rearranged the other building blocks society provided.

    Don’t get me wrong, reward is good, wealth is good , individual achiement is good and needs to be lauded but society gets a cut as well.

    Not Communism here , not Central Planning or Totalitarianism but good old fashioned Democratic Social Nationalism with an elite focused on the common good above their tribal identity, If such an elite can be formed and that’s a real question, it can reverse our course.

    If it doesn’t, we get a new dark age.

    • Who in your opinion would be needed to form this elite group…What would be required or needed in that group to actually trust them to do that job…

      • I haven’t considered that far to be honest.

        I’m spitballing here but a group of leaders all with the same basic views to avoid backstabbing and power jockeying and a sense of being modular and willing to die for the cause would be needed.. This way when the system whacks one or two as it will twenty more will pop up.

        For everyone else a basic willingness to follow orders in a loyal fashion would probably suffice.

        So long as the orders are foundationally sound , sane and the movement determined and its leaders can avoid being nutters it fairly simple to make the fixes.,

        Don’t be like the Austrian.

        IRL Reds build leader groups pretty well at this and we can learn from that.

        NrX talk here

        The magic dust is is a hybrid of Right (authority tradition, faith, family, people nation) that takes into account the natural Leftist singularity of high tech urban society

        Do that and you can stabilize things with the added bonus that as the system undergoes catabolic collapse as it inevitably will, the social fabric won’t have to change and thus social stress lower and collapse will be much easier.

        How do we get there? No idea. The solution is too new.

    • Ab, we’re on similar ground. We don’t want cartoon Stalinist/Maoist collectivism but the family, clan and tribe have to be elevated to supremacy again, expressly as well as practically, and this re-centering has to be celebrated rather than grudgingly cited by cynics as the “way things really are, but shouldn’t be.”

      Likewise with capitalism, no one wants collective ownership of all property, but we have to subordinate the economy to the public good again.

      Yes, libertarians, that means an elite gets to determine what’s in the public good, and that power can be misused. But that’s what we have right now.

      Finding the right mix of expressing the popular will and choosing and circulating the elites (the “democratic” elements), aristocracy and autarky is going to be tricky.

      I think the mere fact that we are embracing and incorporating these “anti-democratic” elements honestly, openly and authentically rather than burying them in layers of doublespeak about liberty as in the current oligarchy, will help us to put democracy in its place without placing too much blind faith in a new leadership class that will be learning on-the-job for a long time to come.

      • Good post. This level of economic management is going to chafe but as technology continues to evolve, its growing increasingly mandatory.

        Experience Magazine had an article called

        Looking for the right makeup? Let AI pick it for you.

        Its a bit click baity but the core idea, we can automate large parts of a counter girls job is an important one. If we don’t have work than we don’t have citizens in the future.This especially includes junk jobs and includes girly jobs too. Young women are not going to be married off at 16 or 18 since that requires a religious base we do not have.

        This leaves us with a lot of unenviable choices , a vast welfare state, heavy tech controls , state ownership of production and distribution and some combinations of same.

        How we approach this is important and a failure at any point will wreck havoc on the society at large, Demand collapses can impoverish a society just as fast and since cities aren’t going anywhere you’ll end up with a weak economy do to lack of jobs and demand for goods and a low fertility . Puerto Rico with its 1.3 TFR and 4% population decline writ large.

        Repatriating jobs is a stop gap measure , it has value and needs to be done but we only need so much stuff. We will have to figure out a solution over time

        • Z’s posted on the tactical libertarian aversion to “social engineering” before. All governments are social engineering. The question isn’t whether you will be socially engineered but how, and to what ends.

          Any system that pretends it doesn’t socially engineer you is lying and doing its engineering behind your back – frankly more demeaning and patronizing than a system that says “yes we are controlling you” to your face.

          China is avoiding social collapse with only a quasi-religious base at best (a weird mix of traditional Confucianism and neo-Maoism). Secular/governmental social engineering is synthetic and suffers from the “knowledge problem” but it beats engineering by Google and Faceberg.

          We’re not Chinese – we have a very different balance, but face a similar situation. I take some hope for us from the net-functional Chinese society post-Mao. We can do it, and do it better, largely because we better understand the real components of organic society and the fact that a purely secular, governmental model has to be a bridge, not the destination. Families and faith have to flourish and regrow their roots in a social space we detoxify and till for regrowth. A secular governmental framework can serve as a trellis on which those shoots can climb until they’re strong enough to stand on their own again.

          There’s a benefit to being at least nominally and formally committed to the public good as opposed to a capitalist–controlled system that expressly lionizes self-dealing and sharp practices and treats the public good as a secondary by-product delivered the invisible left hand of avarice rather than human agency, goodwill and community spirit.

    • Did you ever see that meme, a picture of a crying Pepe in a Nazi uniform saying “All I wanted to do was play video games” – in reference to Gamergate.

      Maybe one day something similar will happen with Joe 6 pack – “All I wanted to do was watch sportsball”

  9. Look, the IMO the bottom line is the oppressors are fearful that the model train collectors will secretly use their meetings to plan tar and feather parties. So they have to make it so any new member can be an infiltrator, and thus destroy the trust of the group as a whole.

  10. Z, this is definitely a line of thought that inspires some future posts of my own.

    The strange caste-class system we now have has evolved from America’s infection and invasion by Pathogenic Outsiders.

    The PO’s used a combination of sophisticated and primitive attacks to enter, deconstruct and hijack our social machinery for their own purposes in viral fashion. These PO’s took advantage of Empathic Other-siders and the Left-Out among us to accomplish the task of entry, deconstruction and re-purposing of our insider communities.

    We are new antibodies, evolving in response to this external-internal viral attack. We are working to establish new communities that are resistant to this parasitic and viral infection.

    Figuring out how to deal with the EO’s and LO’s are big priorities for us. These were the Trojan Horses through which America 1.0 was entered and transformed into 2.0 Second Founding America.

    Our NuMerican Elites have another problem entirely. The “free radicals” they introduced to enter, overwhelm and hijack our culture can’t be perfectly controlled or flushed out. The socially-corrosive tend to be indiscriminate in their attacks. Look at the recent uptick in Black-on-Chosen violence.

    Viral cultural parasitism suffers the same limiting conditions of its biological counterpart – particularly the dilemma of host-death. Flooding the zone with anti-social radicals and toxic subversives without a perfect or even effective kill-switch or happy pill and grossly distorting and damaging the host culture means that the host will eventually die, taking the hijackers down with the plane.

    Unless there is another host ready for infection, parasitism is a dead-end strategy. The parasite goes out with a bang, but they still go out. Some of the PO’s and their collaborators understand this. Most of the rest are happy to feed unto death, out of ignorance or nihilism.

    Exploiting the competing interests and factionalism between these sub-groups of the parasitic elites is our other big project.

    • “Unless there is another host ready for infection, parasitism is a dead-end strategy. The parasite goes out with a bang, but they still go out. Some of the PO’s and their collaborators understand this. Most of the rest are happy to feed unto death, out of ignorance or nihilism.”

      This was their fatal error.

      Compare our POs with how the Chinese operate in other asian countries: they are an economic elite but they don’t use their economic might to undermine the traditions of the host civilization. They do business and then retire to their enclaves. They don’t attempt to enslave the locals into debt and they dont peddle social degeneracy. There are conflicts but they are of a different kind than what goes on in the West. The Chinese in the West have been sucked into the LittleHat vortex so they are beginning to play the same game. Not so in Asia.

      If ours POs had given us an out: the suburbs, small towns, some region of the country…If they had left us a place at the table where we could have secured some place for ourselves and our descendants…they could have rode this out until the stars burnt out. Give your enemy an out and he may not push back. Give him no escape and he has to fight.

      There’s no cease and desist at this stage. Interests are too deeply rooted and too much at odds.

      BTW, are you already publishing your stuff somewhere?

      • YY – spot on. The Romans followed a similar policy. It worked most everywhere but you-know-where. As I’ve said before, the Chinese are like the Jews in many ways, but lack the paranoia and hyper-aggression that makes Jews treat Outsiders as existential threats that warrant preemptive and genocidal measures. The concept of “dangerous ground” (not leaving your enemy an out) is from Sun Tzu, although I suspect it’s something that occurred to most ancient generals on their own. Practical and obvious, but the Tribe’s hubris leads them to believe Special Rules apply.

        I’m working on content for a site to roll out this month – have the domain, hosting, setting up the blogspace and forum in the coming week+ and getting the security, login/registration in place. I want to have some on-site secure storage and message capability, so I’m messing around with OwnCloud, just to leave the hooks in to attach to later if nothing else. Once I’m ready for a soft roll-out I’ll let you folks know how to find me. I’ll still be around here as well.

        • Hard to know what to think of the Chinese. They are very very quiet and poor verbally, even when English is their first language. So quiet I get suspicious. But maybe that’s just how they are. They are ULTRA nationalist and breathe fire in a heartbeat. But they also don’t really force themselves on anybody else the same with Indians and Jews do. They all agree with White Nationalism when in private and think we are crazy to have allowed in all the “dark people”.

          Frankly, I just see the Chinese as alien. Too alien to live with us. That said I think a nationalist Chinese and a white, Christian nationalist West (ie. a Putin or Orban) could do great things in technology and space exploration. What could have been.

    • First we need to help the patient in front of us who is bleeding to death from a dozen cuts. We need stop the blood loss and help him heal. Until we do that, nothing else matters. The rest will take care of itself.

      Besides our side is lacks the talent and ruthlessness needed to engineer violence between the ruling class and their pet Orcs. It’s not hard but our peeps are just not up to it.

      See the elites made several fatal mistakes and it will take down their empire of degenerate bullshit and jew paper. They created the monsters that will.

      God are they stupid, they made the same fundamental error the Roman nobility did by recruiting barbarians into their military. We are doing the same with our police and military – recruiting 3rd world men who have no skin in the U.S. surviving. Already they are forming gangs in the ranks of urban police forces who don’t answer to their commanders. And with that comes the tentacles of Cartels.In time the cops will either work for the cartels or be killed in a hideous manner. At that point it’s game over, the U.S. becomes a collection of narco states or Chinese satraps.

  11. This is excellent, and I hope some form of this ends up in the book. If you ever come up with a reading list for dissidents, I would be very interested.

  12. This is spot-on. The ruling elite see themselves, not society, as ‘the community.’ What’s more they see foreign fellow elites as part of their community. I think this is what they mean by ‘post-national.’ The nation is outdated, it is yesterday’s organisation. Today it’s ‘the stratum’

  13. I would suggest reading Popper’s book along with Adorno’s. They complement each other in that they try to redefine an ethnic enemy and ethnic differences as socially constructed ones.

    Popper’s book ends up with an enemies list that is longer than its friends list. The primordial and original sin was an error in how Plato presented a polis and how this error influenced hundreds of years of cultural evolution as he sees it. Unweaving this error (the second have of the book) from Western consciousness would help the truly enlightened achieve the goal of an open society…by which he means one harmonious and accepting of the machinations of his tribe. The Jewishness of the second half is pure ethnic warfare: our way not your way. He spins this as not a clash between cultures but as a battle between what is socially moral(good for the Jews) and what is socially destructive(bad for the Jews). This is all subtext, he’s ever explicit about the group conflict.

    Adorno tried to get around the problem (a problem that didn’t exist until he defined it as such) of European peoples lacking a strong and dominate class consciousness. Their cultural identity seemed unyielding when faced with outsiders. Class seemed to be too easily eclipsed when dealing with non Europeans. The hierarchy they rallied around had an authoritarian character to it so it had to be deconstructed. The only group subject to this deconstruction were the European peoples and only largely the men.

    Reading Popper without any awareness of the JQ it all comes across as a redemptive attempt of the catastrophe that had befallen the West from 1914 onward. His book was published by an academic publisher so it had a veneer of objective respectability to it.

    Reading Adorno without any awareness of the JQ will immediately make you aware. Let their own words do our work for us. Give a normie the preface to The Authoritarian Personality and you will instantly swell our ranks. His book couldn’t find an academic publisher so it was published by the World Jewish Congress.

    • YY – I’m putting together a recommended reading list for Our Guys for my site. Will make sure these are added to the JQ section. We talk about TAP in JQ circles quite a bit but it had slipped my mind for the actual list and Popper was off my radar.

    • I couldn’t find a pdf of The Authoritarian Personality that included the Introduction Yves referenced, but I did find a pdf of just the Introduction:

      And this talmudic compilation by all-star Christian-haters, “Studies in Prejudice,” includes The Authoritarian Personality in it (but not with the Intro):

      Thanks, Yves, and to Z Man and all the other commenters here who recommend reading — I always have something delicious to read waiting for me!

      • Ursula – I was familiar with The Authoritanian Personality on general terms, although I had never actually read the book. I just scanned the introduction. It’s Nazis – Jews – fascism – Jews – democracy – fascism – rinse, repeat. My God, it’s so very blatant – yet no one though to call it out when it was published?!

        • Right? A different time indeed, whites were so humbled and broken down after the world wars. With the jews on the ascent, wielding their power to aggressively and relentlessly dismantle white Christian society. I thank God the scales fell from my eyes.

  14. The Chinese and Muslims have advantage over the west these days because their people share their respective religious beliefs and a real sense of what it is to be a member of their nation or tribe. Westerners are weakened by our atomization and abandonment of Christianity. Nothing binds us as a people or broad community anymore. Our Open Society masters would like us to be content with consumerism and playing games. Behold today’s west: depressed, medicated people, lonely in our crowded brown cities, celebrating the strongest brutes among us.

    • I’ll tell you what strikes me as odd: It’s the fact that during all of this nobody in the media has mentioned that Israel turned over the operation of its largest (Haifa) port to the Chinese. Surely in light of recent events this ought to have generated some controversy somewhere?

  15. Brilliant analogy, Z. If I may extend it:

    If asked, “why should the NY Yankkes be permitted to remain a closed community?” People would answer, “well, obviously, their job is to win baseball games.”

    But if you ask why a human community, say a small municipality, isn’t allowed to be a closed society, the stock answer nowadays would be “because intolerance is bad.”

    But who has the more important job, sub specie aeternitatis? The professional ball team or the human community, with its fundamental responsibility to propagate by having children, and to raise and educate its children? Which has more intrinsic value in the long run?

    Ask any lubavitcher community the question, and you know the answer and the justification already.

    Ask any Japanese community in Japan, or African community in Ghana. The answer is obvious.

    But it is Crimethink to ask and answer such a question in the West.

  16. Bravo! Another eloquent exposition of a root problem in modern society. But is it enough to just keep adding detailed descriptions of the endless list of maladies that afflict us? When does the wave of converts occur that tips the balance back toward sanity and remedy? When do you have to actually get your ass up off the couch and do something rather than say something? I don’t think we lack an understanding that things are really f*cked up in Western Civ. I think we lack the desperation that motivates visceral and tangible action. This is not a debating contest. It’s a war for survival.

    • Well said TomA and I’ve been asking those same questions for quite some time now wondering what it’s going to take…I just hope by the time that thing happens to get people moving that it won’t be to late…

      • Lineman: Yours and other commenters in this blog continued emphasis on building community is one reason I love this site. Again, at most other sites it is “bitching” and “pretty soon we will get our guns” but pretty soon never seems to come.

        Action is THE crucial thing needed but a well written and referenced book that “normal” whites can read is crucial also. This book needs to put in no uncertain terms what is coming. I understand more than most that logic and reason do not trump emotion and the need to stay in the goodwhite herd. As someone who did a complete gestalt worldview change defined as “reality shifts by widening, deepening, and revealing new or alternative ways of thinking, perceiving, and therefore doing” I know; trust me.

        Most of the people I know/knew think that I have gone crazy. They will not discuss any of these topics with me. BUT, there are some people who will change. And unlike you, I cannot pick up and move to the Bitterroot Valley or I leave my family behind.

        For now, the most action I can do is work to build a community of old friends reconnected with by travelling to their redoubt and being able to breath for a week or so.

        I am glad you are in a place where you can build, brother.

        • And unlike you, I cannot pick up and move to the Bitterroot Valley or I leave my family behind…
          Man that sucks Brother when I told the wife and kids we are moving they said how soon and started to pack now the rest of the extended family is moving up here also…

          • Lineman-You are blessed. This week I am going to see a former CA friend who moved to the South. And in April I am planning to visit a couple of former CA friends who moved to the Rockies. I have lived in both places but the general area of the Rockies is where I would like to move to make a stand.

            If I am unable to move there with my family I will be seeing my options for a quick escape plan when the apocalypse comes to CA which is only a matter of time. I need some financial stars to align.

            We shall see.

    • First off you need more than a blog, some stupid youtube videos and some dying org like AmRen to get recruits, etc.

      Start by putting out pamphlets,booklets targeting the young whites who already the situation sucks. Distribute them on college campuses and around high schools with a white student body. You want the biggest bang for the buck. Boys are natural contrarians and attracted to edgy material.

      It would help if our side had a Tom Paine to lay it all out in a populist fashion.

      Second use the web but smartly. Set up sites that are information clearing houses that teach the basics to the youngsters and the twenty somethings. How to think, talk to others, lay out facts, whose screwing us. It doesn’t have to overtly racist. Guys like Tucker have done a lot of the work for us.

      Use Trump’s stairway speed at the Trump tower as a model. He touched on 90% of our thing without being a NDP. Use Tucker Carlson’s book as well as a gate way to our thing.

      Why Jordan Peterson subsumed a lot of whites because he offered a cohesive plan of what young men needed to do with their lives and did it positively, We don’t and paid for it. Our side doesn’t get it and didn’t do shit except bitch about the man like jealous old women. Again use this guy’s approach for our own. Offer a positive new direction or at least how to resist the poz and how young men need to build up their lives. And god knows they need help.

      The Boomers are harder to reach because they vested in the dying system and afraid to rock the boat. Not all but a lot.

      The MAGApedes are a lost cause until the system blows up.

      • All good ideas. Keep it below organizational level, however as they are infiltrated by left and right. Also young people, and others, like the idea of being gorillas.
        Another warning is use people like Carlson, or who ever, but don’t idealize them even though people love leaders and hero’s. I trust none of them especially east coast/dc area people.

  17. Absolutely superb essay, Z.

    As a former university academic in the social science area I think (or rather I know) that community broadly defined is the most important cornerstone of a culture. This is why there is and has been an unrelenting war on the West by those who want to destroy it with an emphasis on the propaganda that “diversity is our greatest strength.” Acceptance and cheerleading of this religious tenant is now even a part of the hiring and promotion process in the university and college worlds in CA. See the brave and articulate denunciation of this by one of the top corporate lawyers in the country at UCLA Professor Stephen Bainbridge’s blog. The only reason he has not been fired is because he has an endowed chair.

    The books Coming Apart and Bowling Alone show the devastating effects of the crushing of the white community in America. U of Penn’s Amy Wax is another law professor who has come under unrelenting fire for her praise for former white cultural social norms.

    Please write an entire book on this topic, Z!!!

    But in writing it please also emphasize the cowardly abandonment of lower class and poor whites by upper class whites. We have an unprotected class and a protected class of whites in the US but hell is coming soon even for the protected class. I saw the betrayal of the elderly and poor whites during white flight in former white communities when I lived in black ghettos.

    If nothing changes the US becomes Brazil and then South Africa.

    • This sums up the problem to an article that could have been one paragraph. Sociology. As an entrepreneur, non joiner of any group, skimmed it. This, and almost all comments rehashing the problem (talking about their craziness STILL). Will it ever end?
      You may ask what solutions I have, plus why I am I here anyway. Well I’m considering going dark and I have ideas. All of them revolve around not discussing or responding to their stuff. That how we continually get new craziness. I believe it was a mistake for ‘our side’ to become ‘intellectual’. Use our rationality to see their ploy and change the subject/distract. It’s so easy with them.
      A part of this is memes, of course. Slam them with memes they have to answer. The key is the memes aren’t in response to theirs. The crazier the better. For instance: change the dollar bill- no more Masonic symbolism! Can you imagine all of them talking about this? Ha! It also has the effect of putting the elite on notice. The dollar bill never has to change, as that’s not really the goal.
      So zman, and his conferences, can have long talks but I would hope the the talk isn’t about the crazies beyond how to foil them. Being smart and effective not just educated and wordy. Hire that LA artist guy, I’m sure he can use some money. It’s okay to be white accomplished more than any essay.
      Also, consider why this hasn’t happened already except by independents. He who keeps talking about them will next be discussing ‘why pedophila is bad’, or even ‘why people defend pedophiles’, instead of just saying perverts and refusing any entry. Think. Why would they do that?

      • Any meeting or group is infiltrated. That is why the real fight must be unconventional.
        The tea party was real and was the last with real issues (taxes, for instance) not just reaction to craziness (genders, etc), and was joined by the dirt people. They were infiltrated and vilified by the RIGHT from the beginning. Take Obama’s birth certificate. It was fishy but more than that, was a good way to attack. The RIGHT nixed it. Trump brought it up and won. Not intellectual but effective.

        What does zmans group make of that? Sociologically speaking of course hurumph.

  18. What makes this process of community destruction so depressing is watching our religious organizations become a part of the managerial class. This has resulted in millions of Christians distancing themselves from their own local churches. I can’t say I blame them. The very core of our previous community life – the church – is now empowering the outsider and the degenerate.

    • Small private prayer sessions at home, with trusted friends, is the way to go. No formal structure. It’s how Christianity is practiced in many places in the world today (albeit with significant personal risk when practiced in cultures hostile to Christianity).

    • That Christians distance themselves from poz’d churches is a good thing. That the parents religious tenants are not passed to the new generation, a bad thing.

    • It’s worse to be part of a bad church than to have no church at all. Any white person who’s still Catholic is part of the problem. I get blow back for that that but it’s true. Catholicism is now the fifth column that Protestants said it was in the 1920s, and maybe they were only half wrong back then. Obviously the mainline protestants are just as big of a problem. If your church has a refugee settlement service, it’s part of the problem.

      • JR- my kneejerk reaction was to disagree with you about YT who is still Catholic. (That’s me.)

        But then I realized that you are speaking from a perspective that most people have about The Church, and I see why they have it.

        I go to a very conservative parish which gives me easy access to the Latin Mass, which is really beautiful and as masculine as it gets. There are a lot of families there, women in skirts, lots of children, women’s heads veiled, etc.

        And there is very little talk within that community of silly mission trips to Puerto Rico or wherever else.

        Most other “Novus Ordo” parishes have lost sight of the point: Eucharist. That is all.

        It makes me sad that so many have this impression (same as you) of the Church.
        But really, 95%+ of it is socialist liberals who make themselves feel good with those importation of strange peoples, or mission trips to wherever. So your observation has a good foundation. [sigh]
        Just remember that there are those of us out there who don’t subscribe to any of that garbage. And who also know Jorge isn’t the real pope.

        Are you yourself a practicing Catholic?

    • As a society we will just have to live without this source of cheap social capital. Big church is as bad as big business or big state anyway.

      Besides if polls are too be believed regular church attendance is at 40% and most Americans are religious,far more than in Europe.

      We may be doing just fine in that department and not know it

      Now personally I don’t know. I’m not religious at all and find organized religion without much merit.

      Also we used to have tons of private clubs like Elks for social capital, Get the equalists off our back , make them exclusive again and such things will gradually return.

      It will take longer than one would like as our tech allows us to live a pretty full life without other people in meat space though.

      Still an alternate state not so enamored with tech and willing to take the hit can shut the Internet off , ban business on the net or put an end to 5G or whatever they need to do.

      Religion wise if in the end we are going to back to the really old ways , household shrines to whatever people are into this is fine. It will lead to civic rituals eventually . Whether that is say Christ-Mass or Yule it matters not.

      As for moral teachings, all religions come to an apex. I wouldn’t count Christianity out mind you , it just will be a more primitive form incompatible with high tech and modernity, Amish, Snake Handlers that kind of thing, Again fine for a society if you don’t care about tech all that much, Amish USA will be pretty devout.

      If you do care? we’ll you are humped. Modernity precludes both to a rather high degree . Adam or Darwin if you will.

  19. Divide and conquer on a societal scale. The elites really do hate and fear us. They simultaneously need us to strip mine our social capital in the short term and as helots in the long term. It resembles an abusive relationship.

    Poor and middle class whites are our natural constituencies. Anonymously spreading fliers, stickers, and slogans are a good way to reach them with minimal risk “It’s okay to be white,” was extremely effective.

    The upper class must be prevented from insulating themselves from the effects of leftwing ideology. When the British government pissed off the local elites, those guys became the cornerstone of the American Revolution.

    For now, any direct action like the guys who disrupted that commie book circle jerk should only be done with people you personally know and trust and need to be fast. Big events are clumsy and give a target to our enemies.

  20. >This is why the Tea Party movement failed. It had no barriers to entry.

    Which is what people were trying to avoid after the Deplorables Speech.

    I think a lot of the spectacle from late 2016 to early 2017 needs to be understood in that context, especially by the recently-arrived.

    • For the life of me, I cannot remember what the Tea Party actually wanted. Did they have any actual concrete goals? As best I could tell, they were just a bunch of middle-aged white people and boomers who liked to dress up in tricorn hats and funny outfits, who were vaguely grumpy that Obama was president. They seemed to be symbolically saying, “Hey, we are the real Americans around here, not you Obamaite weirdos,” and maybe they were right about that, but otherwise…?

      What specifically did those people want?

      • Tea Party, like most trad-right movements was stillborn, dead on arrival, without knowing it. The things they lobbied for were typical Boomer-tier civ-nattery which make no sense in this Brazilian dystopia that was QUITE in existence during their peak years. Their watches, like most conservatives, are permanently stopped somewhere in the early to mid-90s.

        Muh small gubmint, muh free markets, muh constitutional fidelity, muh libertarian ideology, ‘race doesn’t matter only ideology’ (h/t Ben Shapiro), etc. Typical garbage tier crap you still hear out of Breitbart type commenters who thinks its 1990 still. In a nation of mongrel mud people who are constantly clawing for the most gibs for the least amount of effort that their ideas would ever gain traction with anyone under about age 50 was high comedy.

        • “Their watches, like most conservatives, are permanently stopped somewhere in the early to mid-90s.”

          I have made the point before that the political right is notoriously ponderous and slow-witted. The entire ideological edifice of muh free markets is really a relic of the cold war, an antithesis for old materialist Leninism. They just don’t seem to understand that the ground has shifted under our feet and that the enemy switched their tactics sometime in the 1980s to embrace free market capitalism as a useful tool to get what they wanted. They were correct. The tricorn hat brigade have become their useful idiots.

          I don’t know about the USA but I can report that more than few people on the political right in Britain are, finally, starting to get this. The pennies are dropping, albeit in piecemeal fashion.

        • Absolutely. It’s always 1995 in CivNat land. Maybe I’ll support that Steve Forbes guy as President.

      • Before the TEA Party was hijacked by some professional “Republican” dame in Atlanta, I was there. The Gadsden Flag was there. We wanted to send a message: back off your f*n taxes and back off your ObozoCare schemes.

        It worked–sorta–because the Wisconsin legislature noticed and backed off to some extent. Certainly had an effect on the composition of Congress.

        Then that dame from Atlanta took over and immediately dived for “establishment” cover……so after a couple years, TRUMP!!!

        • Grifters like Jenny-Beth-Martin (Mark Levin’s bestie) were pulling 400k salaries from $50 donors. It became a bust-out largely because of the open entry.

          The Tea Party Congressmen were grifters like Ryan, Ayotte and Amash. Jeff Flake also rode that pony, and IIRC, even the oleaginous Ron Portman.

        • That’s right, it was “muh GDP” Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC against Obamacare, wasn’t it?

          That was seized to “vote Republican!”

        • dad29 – you’re missing the point. The TEA party wasn’t ‘hijacked.’ It wasn’t even a party. It was a bunch of uninformed boomers demanding lower taxes and decrying welfare moms while insisting ‘hands off MY social security’ and applauding the magic Negress hired to speak to them. I know – I was there, too – once only. That’s when I realized it was on the quick road to failure.

      • I think they didn’t have a clear long-term idea of what they wanted and that’s why they petered out. Similar thing across the right IMO, to varying degrees. We know what we aren’t but not what we are. A lot of it is rediscovering that.

        • The Tea Party people liked to wave around a flag that said, “Don’t tread on me”. Their enemies just shrugged and proceeded to tread all over them and curb-stomp them and they didn’t do anything.

          Virginia will move to grab the guns, and the 2A people will hand them over and not do anything.

          The MAGA people screamed as one, “No more illegals!!” and the Jews just shrugged and said, “Sorry, but way more illegals. And also way more legals, too. Here, have some more opium, and go die in Iran while your ex-girlfriends bang the rape-apes.” And they’ll do that, too.

          • The gun owners of Virginia will indeed most likely rollover, the fact is it’s really hard to drop the hammer on the goon squad or it’s master sitting in some mayor’s office. The last group of men who went toe to toe with the NG, cops and Pinkerton men were coal miners and steel workers. Hard men doing hard, deadly work. Not office workers.

            The good news is that the military has failed in meeting their recruit quotas even after repeatedly dropping their requirements. Whites have figured out it’s scam. Not all but more and more are. Iraq and Afghanistan pretty much destroyed the illusion that the military was defending America. And ruined the military in the process.

            Last thing. The ruling class and Jews have their heads so far up their asses they have no idea the cartels in Mexico are now global operations(in 50 countries) and control the drug distribution in the U.S. and the gangs themselves. It is only a matter of time before they simply kill off our elites and carve the U.S. like a pot roast. It will be easy. A bunch white pansies hiding in super zip codes and their tiny SWAT teams versus hardened killers. Won’t even be a fight.

      • “No more socialism, but keep the socialism we already have” would be a good summary of Tea Party philosophy. E.g. 65-year-olds deserve free or heavily-subsidized health care but 64-year-olds don’t.

      • Lower taxes, smaller government, a return to constitutional government, an end to government-mandated destruction of neighborhoods, ability to discipline unruly school students, a return to realistic energy policies (e.g., no more Solyndras), and the ability to criticize the president without being accused of racism. Basically, a roll-back of all the extremist garbage that Obama introduced. Trump has reversed some of it, but a lot is now the new normal, such as multi-trillion dollar budgets.

        • That Obama introduced? How old are you, darling? Obama was a symptom, not a cause, and all those things you decry have been around since 1965, at the latest, and have their roots going back to the turn of the 20th century, at least. And just so you don’t get huffy, I’m 61.

    • The Tea Party that I participated in in Northern CA was focused on promoting fiscally responsible policies and opposing deficit spending. Standard Reagan era fiscal conservatism.

      We were scared of how much debt Obama would burden us with. The standard joke at the time was, “Don’t Tell Obama what comes after a trillion.”

        • The US had trouble balancing a budget back in the 18th century.

          Who would have thought a bunch of people willing to fight a civil war as much over taxes as anything else would be suddenly willing to pay taxs just to a different guy

          The US has been populated through its history with grifters and opportunists .Now that the nation is developed and high tech this is a problem., It needs citizens and citizenship not a motley crew of mutts no matter what they race.

          This inability to get people to cooperate may leave the Dissidents in the unpleasant position of the State owning every natural monopoly. This works fine with utilities BTW I’ve seen it may times.

          They may also end up owning things like all medical system , the railroads, vast amounts more land than even now and tons of other stuff .

          This pushes the US even closer to actual Socialism than the 40% mixed it is now but this is a product of necessity not desire.,

          The Feds can raise around 20% GDP max in taxes (Hauser’s Law) States less do to capital mobility,. We borrow the rest . Even with maximal efficiency , this won’t touch the problems we face.

          We can’t borrow it and our currency won’t be worth jack anyway so the logical thing is to take the resources as needed to keep it working. Be social or get socialized.

          Alternately we can allow a rapid decline in our tech base retaining just enough for national security but declining to Nepal status seems like a poor idea.

          Still a 2nd tier but White USA wouldn’t be too bad so long as we can keep it that way. God help the new guys though when US nationals travel and find out how impoverished they really are.

          Americans right now are aware that ion many ways they value European Social Democracies are better off and more secure for lower and working classes . We spend so much effort to essentially convince people they are better off under oligarchy than social democracy but its an outright lie

          As crappy as the say NHS is or slow as say Canadian Health care can be its still far better than many people have for medicine that is nothing or basically useless insurance. Its cheaper too.

          I suspect basically everyone would enjoy six weeks vacation and more sick leave too even at some economic cost. And note too we don’t have a large birth rate advantage, its equal by race basically with the US on the slightly high side but well below replacement

          Between lobbyists and Middle Class Boomers its been possible to prevent any change for good or ill but the middle is dying off .

          No one much who works for someone else is middle class these days

          And note to define here with low wiggle room

          Poor — Two for apartment

          Working– Two for cheap house usually rent in many areas

          Middle — One for cheap house Two for nicer house 9almost mandatory do to school issues)

          Wealth — One for nice house good schools

          Very Wealthy — No worries

          This scale and the fact that so many have lost ground means that many of the younger people including people on our side want Social Democracy or Nationalist Social Democracy .

          When they find out that big money means they’ll never get it ever and figure out that arguing about how many genders is the actions of the enemy, all hell is going to break loose.

          And it is going to happen, a Leftist rebellion against wokeness is just getting started.

          Our thing would do well to solve these problems because in the 21sdt century “get sick and lose \your house or die” is not an acceptable outcome nor is 60 hour work week

          Cheap labor and job instability must go but how we do that is far beyond me but do it we must.

      • They’re still around in the Inland Empire area of SoCal – don’t seem to have advanced in terms of awareness or impact. They’re still bitching about the Clintons & Obama & almost universally Trust the Plan and “Promises Kept.”

        The only white pill about this is that they’re not stealing any of our thunder or membership. Not a single one of them would be a good prospect for Our Thing, and almost all of them are stereotypical retirement-age Boomerwaffen.

        • Taco Tuesday boomers with Juan the gardener mowing a postage stamp sized yard because they’re too “busy.”

  21. Every aspect of our society is race engineered. Our civilization has been utterly warped by state intervention instead of being allowed to evolve in a natural way through individual free association. It is unnatural and requires permanent application of force to maintain.

    There is plenty of blame to go around for how it got to be like this. However, the cuckservative virtue signalling “we don’t do social engineering” mentality is worthy of note. It’s not enough to recognize that free association makes healthier societies. One must keep one’s enemies from undermining it.

    Civilizations ARE ecosystems. Each one is different because different peoples have different preferences for social, political, and economic organization that are rooted in the co-evolved synthesis of their cultural and biological inheritance. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all humanity. Omni-nationalism is the way forward.

    We Western people are like little fish that built a nice stream. We like to go up and down the stream nibbling on the vegetation. Then we invited in some beavers, foolishly thinking that they would join us in nibbling on the vegetation. Instead, they built a dam in the middle of our stream. The dam must be destroyed and the beavers expelled back from whence they came. Let them build their own streams and dam them up, in their own lands.

    Our forebears hanged Nazis at the Nuremberg Nazi War Crimes Tribunal because Nazism was a threat to Western Civilization that transcended national laws and national boundaries. We need a New York City Globalist Crimes Against Humanity Tribunal because globalism is a threat to Western Civilization that transcends national laws and national boundaries.

    • We had to kill the nationalists in order to save nationalism?

      You’re dragging some heavy CivNat/Libertarian baggage through that analysis. Take another look at “individual free association” and muh Nazi canards as they relate to nationalism vs. globalism.

      “Western civilization” is a valid concept, but it’s roomy enough to smuggle a lot of universalist civ-nattery under the guise of “nationalism.”

      There is no “West” as a coherent community. It’s merely a fake flag planted by globalists to rally us to alleged “trans-national interests” (aka their agenda).

    • Horace, I enjoyed that, a lot, but do you understand why I recoil in horror at the final piece about Nuremberg?

      The globalists won.
      Their portrayal of that wretched “trial” is a victory dance.
      Do you know what actually happened there?

      You’ve just negated everything you said in the preceding paragraphs, and don’t know it.

      It’s okay, none of us did.
      We all swallowed the poison, before.
      Only a tiny, brave few were resistant.

  22. It would seem that an informal community is the key to success, as is a very small and local scale. Once a community is named (like the “Tea Party”, or the “Alt-Right” or “Ravelry-the Knitting forum(!) which banned Trumper), it’s doomed two the twin problems of having to 1.adopt rigid definitions that set it apart, which then leads to outsiders demanding entry in order to 2. Alter the rigid definitions that they don’t like.

    Maybe there’s no way to upscale a successful small, informal community of like minded? Regardless, it would seem that whatever “our thing” is, it hasn’t met the first challenge of regular, tight, informal groups yet, and has a long way to go to get there.

    Which takes time, and work, in meatspace. Hardly something that any internet platform is conducive to.

    • A constellation of small communities scattered and each one largely self-contained is the near term goal.

      • Dutch, we are on the same page. Use the existing tech to network small autonomous groups with similar goals.

    • Range gave us an early heads up on Ravelry.
      It seems quite the thing.

      Range must be an early adopter!

    • My clan is rapidly approaching relocating to north GA or eastern TN. Elder care keeps us in the south but we are still looking outside to the upper mid section (looking at you, Lineman). Homeschool law, 2a, zoning, taxes, fiscal health of the state, county zoning, etc. all have a line on my spreadsheet.

      Dissident Economic Development is a strategy I’m also working on. Invest in local, deeply-rooted durable business (think food, shelter and security) with an eye on self-sustainment.

      Now to get this house sold…

      • My wife and I are planning to escape from the Left Coast late this year. We’re looking for a good, White area that isn’t browning (too fast) with good 2A cred and lots of gun clubs for me and my arsenal. We need a place with a decent economy as we are both in tech. We’re thinking NC or Texas but I still need to do a lot of research. What do some of you think? We’re not set on NC or TX. Still in the early planning stages.

        • P. Research is key. My criteria won’t meet your needs, obviously. GA looks to be a lost cause, as it will be forced blue by Atlanta. But there are advantages.
          I’ve not explored NC much. TX, while high on my list just 2 years ago, is slipping….

  23. This is how we find ourselves in a world where destructive degenerates are celebrated as the new cultural norm, but the natural bonds of organic community are demonized and anathematized as immoral. The only way for the closed community at the top to maintain the open society over which they rule is to systematically destroy the normal social bonds that make organic community possible. The open society is thus a war on the very conditions that make normal human society possible.

    In an essay published by the American Spectator a writer notes that Christianity has been the target of The Destroyers, and it’s very easy to link your above conclusion with his thesis. The size of the “closed community at the top” is impressive, but certainly not overwhelming. It’s all the Usual Suspects in colleges, the MSM, Hollywood, and the Bank/industrial complex–but does NOT include their own worker-bees nor students.

    Kinda like the Wizard. Heh.

    • Krull explains that English is the global language.

      Now I know why rap is the world’s global music. Who controls media?

      (By gum, Korean rap is bad enough- what is it with the pink hair?- but if you want your eyes to bleed, try Bollywood. Kali Yuga is here.)

    • Yet one problem I still wrestle with is that Christianity is supposed to be a universal faith and brotherhood, which – by definition – opposes closed communities. We need to redefine those terms the churches have spent the past 150 years destroying. Sure, everyone can be my ‘brother’ up in heaven (although even there the Bible repeatedly refers to ‘nations’ and ‘peoples,’ plural). On this world, though, keep to your own people and soil.

      • Well, Constantine and the early church fathers were trying to unify their world, around the Med.

        Idon’t think people got it into their head that Africans, Fijians, or Indochinese needed Jesus until the deep blue water navies went a-sailing.

  24. America, as a society, is vulnerable because you speak English. For most of my life, I envied native English-speakers: not only is English a pre-requisite for any kind of serious career, but it is arguably the richest language in the world.

    But these days, I’ve come to see small languages as a blessing from heaven. When you speak English, you have a billion people who’re able to just walk in and be functional in your country from day one. People all over the world watch over your shoulders as you debate internal American matters, and, ahem, Euro busybodies gatecrash your talk boards, trying to sway your elections.

    You are right in the blast zone of the cultural warfare waged on white people, since globalist propaganda is created in English, and the terms of the SJWs are designed to exploit specific English lingual and historical peculiarities. Social Justice Warriors can be parachuted in from all over the world and forthwith given a lectern or a television show anywhere in the Anglosphere.

    When you speak a small, irrelevant, difficult and ugly language like Danish, you have a tribal safe space where invasive globalist ideas first have to be translated, both in terms of language and culture, and the result often exposes the innate ridiculous nature of SJW argumentation. To illustrate: Danish only has one word for gender – describing biological sex – so they have to use the neologism “social sex”, which baffles Normie as much as would “social eye color”.

    Tech censorship is pretty hit and miss since the censorbots speak English and there’s a limit to how many Danish-speaking Jews they have available for patrolling public opinion; there are no Hebrew hate-shops operating out of Tel Aviv to police Danish online debates, and frankly: why should they bother for a small country like Denmark?

    Also, and maybe I’m being naive here, but I suspect being non-Anglo gives the Cloud People some resilience towards being fully absorbed by the globalist Borg Cube. You might spend your entire day speaking Globalist with other globalists, exploring globalist thoughts and ideas, but when you’re sat before a Danish audience and suddenly have to switch back to Danish, you’re forced out of your globohomo bubble, since a lot of those terms don’t work very well in translation; a Danish globalist always has this reminder of where he came from, of the fact that he has a mother tongue and an actual homeland.

    • I hope your comment wrt “euro-busybodies” is not taken too literally wrt yourself. Your perspectives provided to this group are quite enlightening.

      • Thanks.

        It’s a balancing act being a Euro busybody: many of the best points and ideas you’ll come upon, are derived from a comparison of your home country to America but on the other hand, nothing is more tiresome than a besserwisser from some obscure European statelet lecturing Americans about how to run America.

        • Well, shoot, Krull, we tell you how to run things.

          If a gay judge declares gay marriage in California today, it’ll be state law in Australia by tomorrow.

          • Well, shoot, Krull, we tell you how to run things.

            That can be quite annoying too.

            If a gay judge declares gay marriage in California today, it’ll be state law in Australia by tomorrow.

            Yes, and in Denmark a week later, except we already have gay marriage. That’s how I justify being so opinionated on US politics: it is of greater consequence for my country what happens in a Washington strip club than what happens in my parliament.

            But what happens in Denmark, on the other hand, is no business of yours. Another perk to being a small country.

          • Again, can we stop debasing the language? “Gay” is a serviceable word; it doesn’t mean homosexuality. The correct syntax is “If a homosexual judge declares homosexual marriage in California…” etc. Can we all agree on that? (Next up: There’s no such word as “chairperson”. It’s Chairman. Male or female. “Chairman.”) Honor the language. Annoy Globohomo.

    • Along those lines I had the thought that we should develop our own dialect (perhaps regionally). Something like that has to be organic though (like the Japanese in one valley changing a few words for common items so that they would be able to tell if someone from a different valley had snuck over).

      • I’m not sure that’s possible what with the internet and all. Dialects are rapidly dying out all over the world because television – and now Youtube – are teaching children standard English (or Danish) from an early age. When I was a child, Denmark had several distinct dialects, at least one of them – South Jutish – entirely incomprehensible to the rest of Denmark, with a separate grammar and orthography. Today they are all but gone.

        • Goethe offered the opinion that all genius was provincial. And just as we lose local accents to homogenized language, we lose all the old peculiar traits that saw minds form differently within a shared sphere. Homogenization is a race to the middle that degrades the middle, controlled by a homogenized top.

        • Felix, As long as they don’t have that whiny, nasal, rising inflection beloved of the Kardashians and their followers, I can keep my powder dry. 😉

        • The different dialects in European countries was something I was entirely ignorant of, despite my supposedly exclusive college and foreign language study, until I lived in Europe. I’m now amazed at how surprised I was when an Italian au pair in England explained local dialects to me. Even now – I know a guy online (descended from immigrants from the same Italian commune from whence came 2 of my husband’s great-grandparents) who learned Italian – and then discovered everyone in that commune still speaks a totally different dialect in everyday life.

    • Most languages use the same word for “politics” (how one goes about obtaining power), and “policy” (what one then does with this power). I suppose that in the non-English-speaking world, and increasingly in the Anglosphere as well, there is no difference — people who win power use it only to win more power.

    • Good point. Accents and dialects are informal, in fact instinctive, ways to segregate ‘insiders’ from ‘outsiders’ as well, probably as a biological and evolutionary, not cultural, adaptation. This is probably why accents are hard if not impossible to learn perfectly after childhood; they evolved to be impossible to learn after childhood. Sort of a stone age version of a passport.

      • This is probably why accents are hard if not impossible to learn perfectly after childhood

        With regards to Danish, this is a physiological phenomenon, or so I am told: if you don’t learn Danish while your palate is still malleable – before your fifth year or so – you’ll never be able to produce the boggy burps needed to speak proper Danish.

        • “you’ll never be able to produce the boggy burps needed to speak proper Danish.”

          Wasn’t the shortcut to sounding authentically Danish putting a big chunk of hot baked potato into your mouth immediately before speaking? I kid, I kid! Mostly.

          Dane-baiting aside, as to accents and dialects, there are also expressions, abbreviations and miscellaneous shorthand that delimit insider/outsider. A while back someone was complaining that they didn’t understand much of the DR jargon, and couldn’t everyone here just “talk plain English” (something like that). While I can understand and partly sympathize with the request/demand (and it is not good manners to walk into a room and demand that everyone else immediately accommodate you), the “other part” says that learning the jargon is the first step to demonstrating some sort of seriousness and commitment.

          ETA: Just saw your and Exile’s exchange on this below. GMTA.

          • Wasn’t the shortcut to sounding authentically Danish putting a big chunk of hot baked potato into your mouth immediately before speaking?

            The Swedes say just speak Swedish and pretend you’re having a brain aneurysm.

            In fact, once you get the gist, it’s not that hard: you keep your mouth closed while you speak, swallow half the vowels, skip half the consonants and talk very fast.

          • I spent a few months in Denmark back in 1980. While I found the vocabulary and grammar to be remarkably similar to English it is indeed quite difficult for an English speaker to pronounce correctly.

      • Moran, I speculate that the plethora of languages in Africa evolved as a barrier to disease transmission. Those barriers also prevent the transmission of ideas.

        Nigeria has about 400 languages.
        A Ghanan told me about Ghe, the language of the capitol city. He said that twenty miles away, not one word crosses over.

    • Felix, I think you are correct about the cultural value of Danish versus English. I especially appreciate the insight that being forced to speak a difficult and rarely used language (relatively speaking) requires a more nuanced, intentional mindset. It’s easy to go with the flow and repeat the SJW and globohomo platitudes in English. But I had to laugh about your idea that English is so universal that it permits easier infiltration by interlopers. I just endured a couple weeks of holiday travel in Arizona and Southern California. I can’t tell you how many times my ears were assaulted by the babbling of Mexican Spanish. I don’t think these particular locusts are even capable of learning English; but it has reached a point where they don’t want to because they don’t have to. And the stupid gringos happily accomodate them by putting up Spanish signage everywhere. Now, I can speak Spanish; but I refuse to do so with these locusts unless I am giving a rebuke or an order. The white man must always be understood by them as El Jefe.

      • But I had to laugh about your idea that English is so universal that it permits easier infiltration by interlopers.

        My point was more to the fact that you can waltz in from Britain or Australia (or India or Nigeria) and get a top-level gig in US media, academia or politics, speaking your native language. You can’t do that in Denmark. If you want a career in Danish media or academia, you have quite a learning curve to surmount first.

        Our local SJWs will sometimes try to invite some angry black woman over to read us locals the riot act, because Danes are good at English, right? They rarely make it more than a few sentences before they betray that they’re from Planet Weirdo, by referring to some American trope that doesn’t exist in Denmark or doesn’t make a lick of sense in a Danish context.

        “Historical oppression!?” What the hell are you on about lady, the first nagger only got here like yesterday, and they came hat in hand, begging money or asylum or whatever. KKK? Slavery? Wot? Colonialism? STFU, we’re showering the Greenlanders with money, if they don’t like being a Danish satrapy, they can just declare independence, better today than tomorrow.

        One SJW tourist even managed to call Somalis with a Danish passport for “Danish Afro-Americans”.

    • Felix. I’ll riff on that concept and say that this is why developing our own internal jargon has a positive role, for all that many here grumpy-dad about it. Z’s pods on secret societies and other past dissidents have cited the “cant” that evolves among them. The fact that insider-lingo is nigh-universal among historical dissidents suggests it’s a feature, not a bug.

      • The fact that insider-lingo is nigh-universal among historical dissidents suggests it’s a feature, not a bug.


        And not only because it helps build the community, but because the Commies are on to something when they note that language creates reality.

        If there are no terms for a phenomenon, it is very hard to spot. What the MILO and the Gamergate/Pepe-generation larpers did for us, was to give names and symbols to a political position outside the established left-right continuum, and by naming it, establishing a nexus of discourse that made it easier for people to navigate politically; a name acts like a beacon.

        I think I’m not alone in sometimes marveling at not having spotted this obvious, third-position rightism before someone put a nomenclature to it. We must have our own words to have our own reality to offer as an alternative to Normiespace.

        Likewise, we need names for our enemies to use as searchlights which we control, allowing us to set a focus for the internet to attack, just like Jew media has always done.

        I know this is a bit woowoo, but there you have it.

    • Excellent comment, Felix (and I always enjoy reading yours). “Euro buybodies” like you represent those who formed the core of what used to be America. Danish, German, English – the northern Europeans.

    • English is rapidly degenerating into a kind of globalist pidgin weighed down with pozzed jargon such as all the new pronouns the SJWs have come up with. “Official” English is also declining in information content because almost everything needs to be “diversified” by qualifying every statement – “now I don’t mean to exclude the 5 legged purple lesbians among us…” and of course it’s always “he or she” and soon “he or she or xe”. In terms of information theory, the “bitrate” of English is going down. The truth value of most of what is said in the language is also plummeting for reasons we all know. The two effects combine to degrade the bitrate even further. This reminds me, I need to get back to learning Russian and re-learning German.

  25. The burden is on the closed community, which is being bribed every day to be anesthetized by the ruling class. Even as their standard of living slowly declines they’re given just enough to keep their mouths shut as the rulers fling open the borders to ever more hordes (including orange fuk face who does his used car salesman song and dance while keeping the back door unlocked). Only when their standard of living crashes will they respond. Only when the dollar is vaporized to a point where they can no longer comfortably idle their Ford Escapes in the Chick-Fil-A drive through line will they draw their own lines. Part of the reason the elite can take advantage is because the majority of the closed community has become a bunch of lazy pigs with garages so stuffed with Costco merchandise that they long ago ceased being used to park cars.

    • JR, the standard of living for the vast majority of Americans (let’s just say the middle 60% for argument) is illusionary. They live paycheck to paycheck, never seeming to get ahead. One layoff away from catastrophe. How many surveys does it take describing how they don’t have $400 for an unexpected expense, or that they have no income in retirement other than SSI.

      Now as to us “pigs” with Costco stuffed garages, you are are probably on the money. But do you really think an economic downturn will affect those in the upper 10% as it would affect everyone else? Doubtful. And for that matter, if we are still talking democratic elective change, the majority vote has always been in the hands of that middle 60% I’m describing.

      I’m thinking that—as repeatedly discussed here—we are simply not in control, but somebody is. And they’d better wise up fast.

      • People rightfully point to the 1950s as the high point for our society, and for good reason. One of the reasons we did well then was that the rest of the world was bombed out, but another reason is that in the late 40’s the elites were so afraid of Communism that they gave the working class anything they wanted to keep them on the reservation. The elite doesn’t have to lose everything for things to change, they just have to think it’s possible that they COULD lose everything and soon, that’s when the magic happens. Today’s ensconced elite thinks of itself as untouchable. They need to be shown that they are very touchable. Maybe a Bernie presidency would do that. Thinking out of the box. Let’s not pretend that Orange fuk is helping us out. There was progress made with him, but it’s over now and he’s a 100% liability, including his idiot children.

        • Maybe the ruling class is aware of what they’re doing: creating a latin-american type society with swarms of poor people fighting to get by and a sliver of monied people at the top. Maybe this is a reflection of who our ruling class people are today: materialists with no fear of God, no inner compass, no noblesse oblige. A middle class would cut into their profits. The ruling class of the ancien regime is gone and the west suffers for it.

          • The ruling class of the ancient regime is gone and the west suffers for it.
            Amen Sister…It’s something we dissidents need to take into account when we win…

          • It always has been that way. The problem isn’t the ruling class, it’s the ruled class that puts up with it, and is too stupid to realize that it was sold down the river years ago. You can’t just support people because of an “R” next to their name. You always have to be pushing them. “Hey a-hole, I see what you’re doing.” There are people who vote for reps like Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse, and they’re the problem. “Oh we can’t have a Democrat.”

          • (The ruling class I was referring to are those at the very top, whose names and faces we do not know. Our Congresscritters are their servants and implement the wishes of the ruling class.)

        • A Bernie-type presidency would definitely NOT do that to the champagne socialst folks “at the top.”
          They need to be much, much more nervous than just having $500K less in their account.

      • This. The median income in the US is ~$32K/yr. The labor participation rate is still in the toilet. Why hire Americans when foreigners and illegals work cheaper and often benefit from programs that are not available to citizens (e.g., OPT) and non-whites (e.g., minority loans)?

  26. The people who promoted the open society in the last century, and continue to promote it today, do so as outsiders. They look at the organic communities and societies of the West and simply see collections of people. The alien cannot see or understand the reciprocal obligations and duties that hold the community together. These are only obvious to the people inside, because it is what holds them together. The outsider only sees the benefits of membership, not what defines it.

    Or they just hate your society

    • This one sentence says more and says it more succinctly, than the entire dissertation that it is written in response to…

    • Or they are intensely jealous of your society and know they cannot build anything equaling it and thus hate your society. FIFY.

  27. I belong to a gun club and am quite active in it. I run a shooting group within it and in the past served on the Executive Committee. Active involvement in the tea party movement led to involvement in Republican politics. Joining a club or organization and getting involved running it is a great way to make friends.

    One of the reasons for the decline of friendship since the 1960s is the decline of joining clubs that typically were both civic and social, such as women’s clubs or the Elks.

    Another reason is diversity. Robert Putnam:

    The greater the diversity the greater the distrust. In racially and ethnically mixed communities, not only do people not trust strangers, they do not even trust their own kind. They withdraw into themselves, they support community activity less, they vote less.”

    “People living in ethnically diverse settings appear to hunker down, that is, to pull in like a turtle.”

    They tend to “withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more but have less faith they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television.” …

    Duh, What’s that old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Another example of modern-day society’s utter disconnect from observable reality. It does serve the interests of our loathsome Cloud People ruling class because they fear the Dirt People will unite against them. Ancient principle of divide and rule used against us.

    • Those fraternal, sororital, and civic benefit societies- clubs and quilting circles, in short- were everywhere before my time.

      They were spontaneous, naturally organized, and got a great deal done. They operated in the ‘grey areas’ Zman has mentioned, not needing to be formalized by rigid law.

      Their vestiges are another rich vein I want to explore in interviews. I want some pamphlet guidelines on the practical operation and obstacles.

      • I see the opposite. Rigid formality prevails and bizarre disconnected traditions, and talk of what so and so did back in 1978. I don’t care. Damn old coots.

    • The elks is a women’s club now. It would not be allowed to exist otherwise.

      Just like on the individual level most men these days must get permission from their women as to how they spend their time, public facing organizations must be ordained by the prog church.

      Its easier to allow the women along than to negotiate for their male-only activities with the full weight of the State and prog social convention standing behind their woman shaking a fist.

      Thats the problem. How can a community rise up from atomized individuals when a man is already conditioned toward progressive egalitarian compromise and submission under his own roof?

      Its a kind of man cave paradox.

      A mans home used to be under his domain. There was always a feminine component. But the complimentary nature of that was deemed oppressive and so now everything is negotiation among ‘equal partners’.

      After all she makes money too. But its not equal is it? She has prog culture behind her. She can hammer and anvil him between conservative values and cherry-picked progressive doctrine.

      He is subject to both systemic and self-handicapping to make sure ‘equality’ prevails.

      Its happy wife happy life or its down to divorce town where he gets to pay to see his kids.

      So if he does all his chores, he can have his man cave.

      His masculine sanctuary tucked away from public view where he is kept from getting too uppity and that masculine force is not allowed to spread or make bonds outside the home.

      His desire for a male domain is humored, not honored. And for most men this is a ‘win’.

      Spending time among the cloud people reveals that they actually live according to more ‘traditional’ sex roles, headship, and social-civic structures than the average middle or lower-middle class white family.

      The cloud signals heavily toward the approved doctrine, smoke-screening all the prog and globo poz totems, while actually living a kind of trad dynamic.

      While the dirt people signal the trad facades while the men cower in their caves and get lectured at church about how God is disappointed in him for not putting his wife on a pedestal.

      Generalizations of course. But my sense is that these dissident communities won’t get too far until men accept that they will have to actually live according to the principles they desire to see manifested in their community. Microcosm.

      OTOH maybe I’m just a dick.

      • OTOH maybe I’m just a dick.
        Nope Brother not a Dick your Speaking Truth but a lot of people don’t want to receive it…You know the number one excuse for people that tell me they can’t move??? It’s because their wife doesn’t want too they would but it would mean a divorce…So we are in a quandary…

      • Screw, if that’s being a dick, call me a dick.

        I think it’s crucial that guys learn to walk the talk of anti-feminist headship. It’s one reason why I give Dalrock so much love. He speaks to guys I can’t reach and tells them the anti-chivalry, anti-pedestal, anti-Cucktian message they need to hear.

        I’ve had disagreements with Greg Johnson on this because he thinks man-o-sphere masculinity is hurting the prospects for the feminist entryism he seems to welcome for Our Thing. He lumps us in with the dreaded “wig-nats” and says we’re scaring away the women he wants at all levels, including leadership. Greg’s welcome to invite these gals to his gigs but I’ll side with the more Trad guys (as well as Z) in saying we should limit female activism to a support role except for the occasional outlier ala Ann Coulter – and even Ann has to sit outside the Inner Circle.

        Anything short of express anti-equalist anti-feminism is not enough. We have to learn to lead and to tell women to follow again, regardless of pouty-faces, stompy-feet and domestic grumbles – or the soft-sisterhood of their collaborators among us.

      • As a Mormon dad once explained to me, “there’s only one captain on a ship.”

        The captain doesn’t tell the crew what to do.

        He points out the direction the ship needs to go.
        Then he turns to the first mate and crew and asks, “now, how are you going to get us there?”

      • Agreed. A bunch of frumpy women in Cabin Creek sweaters who rule the roost. No, women can’t be Elks, and as a matter of fact, neither can men because it’s full of mind numbed old men who call themselves Coach, even though they were never coaches.

      • Screwtape – you’re absolutely, utterly correct (and any woman who thinks you’re a dick because of this is not to be trusted). Men MUST get women under control and regain their rightful place running society – not because women ‘let’ them but because that’s the natural order.

    • The problem with clubs, is that over time they become insular and inside the ballpark. The Elks is a great example. Clubs like that always look for new members and then get annoyed when the new member thinks scrambled egg sandwiches are disgusting and wants craft beer on tap. The group then dies. It’s human nature.

        • I’ve seen that “Athens and Jerusalem” comparison in a Christian magazine, but can’t remember it.

          Wait, I’ll google it!

          Google is a miracle, revolutionary.
          But now… it can certainly be turned to bad ends. As can religious memes.

          Segei Brin’s parents were dedicated Party apparatchniks in the USSR, he’s a true Red Diaper. Should I blindly follow?

          See? Praise and damnation in the same breath!

          • The Franks. Their law and culture + Christianity + classical reason and science. The birth of European identity.

            And the Angles, Saxons, and Britons, who did the same in England.

            That’s western civ.

            The Athens and Jerusalem crowd leave all that out, as if the people of western Europe/Britain discovered civilization by accident, as if they didn’t rebuild from the ruins of Rome. They didn’t speak Latin, Greek, or Aramaic!

            I suspect all this white bashing is the ancient jealousy of ancient cultures who didn’t like getting lapped by the newcomers.

  28. Big problem is so many think the West, and America in particular, were born multicultural. Education is paramount. If you don’t know your history, you don’t know who you are.

    • “You will never fight for that which you do not love. And you will never love that which you do not know.” – from Mein Kampf

        • And the funny thing is my nationalism comes in no small part from growing up reading the Bible—written by Jews. Resent or admire them, they’ve had a lot figured out for a long time.

    • If you really want to see how bad it will get, look no further than Canada. In the Great “White” North, multiculturalism has become a religion. Apostates are not tolerated.

      • That’s the thing, Painter.
        They can’t control their leading sociopaths any more than we or any one else can.

        The ruthless fight to get to the top of the tree. We in the lower branches heed their hoots and calls, and strive to follow them.

        The broad gains by useful betas keep getting swept away by the narrow ambitions of callous alphas.

  29. Great writing and an explanation of community.
    I never fully realized about the importance of freedom of association to a free society until the last few years of watching things unfold around me.
    The Boy Scout thing was a big red pill for me..
    Very interesting Soros calls his organization the “Open Society Foundation”.

    • Freedom of association is also the freedom of disassociation. Neither are allowed, so people disassociate by moving away, and associate by paying up to live in certain neighborhoods.

      That’s why the upper 30% still has a sense of community and the rest don’t. That upper 30% has the ability to de facto associate and disassociate, by being able to afford to choose the neighborhood in which to live.

      • Dutch, exactly. And I’d note that in the final years Obama had set his departments to take even the ability to move away from the upper middle class. We still have such vestiges remaining. VA I believe is trying to override local zoning that prevents low cost housing in upper middle class neighborhood—with the explicitly stated intention of “block busting” (as we used to call it).

      • Agree. We’re seeking disassociation in forming separate communities. The project of raising future generations of based White kids ready, willing and able to win the fight is exponentially harder when we’re doing it amidst the “open society” of the cities. The rate of attrition is much higher and every aspect of pro-White lifestyles, much less activism, meets more resistance.

        The guys who call us quitters and cowards are staking everything on winning now, somehow, by fighting, somehow, without ever giving us a plan.

        Separate communities are where we develop the fighters for the future and where the present fighters rest, regroup and plan, as well as eventually retire.

        Whites have a lot of open space in America to take advantage of. We have communications and transportation technology to negate most of the disadvantages of dispersed, low-population living. Not taking advantage of this because we can’t break the frame that “cities are where the action is” would be hidebound and foolish.

        FWIW, even diaspora dissidents develop these institutions – see the Jewish ghettos. But their strengths lay in the urbs, and they had fewer choices. We’re not Jews and we don’t have the same limitations that their culture, time, place and tech imposed on them.

        This is still our land, and we’re still better at making use of it than the Others are.

        • The problem with the Jewish model is that Jews could basically blend in the European states they lived in. Whites in a Orc dominated America can’t do that. Then factor in “blame whitey” that comes from the traitor white upper classes who want us dead and we have a serious problem with that model working.

          And if you think we have 50 to a 100 years of peace and quiet in which to build think again. Even without open borders, a couple more decades of importing another 30-40 million brownskins will pretty much cook our goose when you factor in the way the Chinese with the help of the upper class whites are murdering our blue collars and middle-class males(who normally make up the soldier class – not softy white middle-class nerds who can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag) and we have SERIOUS issues that can’t be hand waved away it’s still 1985 crowd that dominates this blog.

          • Rwc – all of us here are well aware of the numbers. We don’t need to wait a few decades; European Whites are already a bare majority at perhaps 57%. The point is to do everything sub rosa . . . and for that to work each and every community must carefully vet and agree on each new member.

          • RW – this is just more of your content-free sh*t-posting and doom-saying. You never have an alternative plan of action, you never say how we’re supposed to fight, or when or where. If you’re going to fed-post, get it over with. If not, save the kvetching. No one’s taking the boogaloo-bait and you don’t seem to be suggesting any other form of “fighting,” certainly not anything concrete, positive or practical.

        • Exile – the idea of a private community to train up the future fighters is the idea behind Ash Donaldson’s book “From Her Eyes A Doctrine” (which I just re-read). The long passages of story and poetry and myth re Asatru are not so much to my liking, but his vision is of small, White, utterly economically self-sufficient and independent ‘garths’ surviving the ‘darkening.’ It’s very alluring and I think most of us would happily trade less Chinese – made stuff for a real community.

          • Thanks 3g – I’m going to take a look at that book. I honestly try to avoid reading too much of the genre so I don’t fall into the trap of soft-plagiarizing other people’s stuff, but it’s a bad old habit I need to kick. I’m still addicted to having “novelty-takes” and it probably causes me more blocks and other problems than it’s worth.

      • Dutch – I’d argue your upper 30% is much too generous. By income alone, my family is in the top 10%, but it’s been a struggle to live what we define as a White life – i.e. Christian school, private enrichment activities for the kids, etc. And our neighborhood has been a majority-minority from the start – we just didn’t realize it when all the real estate agents steered us to our particular DFW suburb. They assumed because we’d lived overseas we loved diversity. We should have said we were evilraysissliterallyhitlers.

    • GGLiddy – Very easy to connect the dots – they’ve all but laid it out with red arrows. That’s why keeping everyone plugged in and distracted is another key part of their strategy.

  30. I think the near future for real communities lies in being closed, secret, and without formal structure.

    Closed for reasons Zman elucidated: closed is a necessary requirement for community. Secret because what is unknown can not be attacked “First rule of Fight Club…”. And without formal structure to deny the ruling class leaders/org to frame up, paint as undesirable, and then teardown.

    In other words, 4th generation community organization is the only true community that stands a chance against the ravening wolves.

    • That’s a part of it. We need formal communities for raising kids where the activism needs to be extremely low-profile and we blend into a more normie background. For real activism, we need communities within communities and cells inside the Hive as well as individuals positioned to provide us with useful information and to toss a wrench in the gears when they can.

  31. To read this post translated into Racialese, go read the exceptional Twitter feed of Moo Moo Cow @i_am_cattle. For people who just need a daily dose of the You-know-what Question.

  32. “Tolerance” used to mean not beating weirdos with clubs or burning them at the stake. Now it means celebrating deviancy and electing the weirdest people possible to lead us.

    • Yep, there is progression here…intolerance to tolerance to acceptance to normalcy to civil-right to celebration to promotion.

    • In the original “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ” (DSM) first published in 1952, and up until 1979 Homosexuality was classified as a Mental Illness.
      Now the failure to insufficiently celebrate it is defined as such in DSM IV.

  33. Forgetting Jews, who have always lived off of the social capital of others, for the moment, it’s interesting that upper-middle class and higher whites continue to have a closed community with social standards and membership requirements.

    Murray’s Coming Apart showed that the top 30% or so of whites continued to live in a very similar manner to whites in 1960 in terms of marriage, illegitimacy, workforce participation, joining community groups, even going to church, etc., where as working class and poor whites were rapidly losing the bonds that hold together a community.

    To be a member of their community, upper middle class whites and above require that you’ve gone to a decent college, you’re preferably married (if divorced, both parents remain involved in the kids’ lives), you work and you help out around the neighborhood. Obviously, there’s a household income requirement needed to pay for the house in the neighborhood, but it’s more than just money that you need to be accepted.

    Upper middle class whites and above didn’t just abandon other whites, they fed them lies about how they could live that destroyed their communities all the while maintaining their own membership rules, rules that make for far better lives. Over the past 50 years, upper middle class and wealthy whites have utterly betrayed working and middle class whites.

    • And yet the upper middle class people practically demand diversity in their neighborhoods, in my experience. Then they move. I’m not sure they have community the way most think of it. Their ‘community’ is their ability to insulate themselves from the consequences of their actions. Very locust-like. Which is why I have contempt for them. It seems like even they’re being affected now—we might finally see some change. Then again I might be optimistic.

      • Yeah, I’ve argued for a while now that upper middle class whites are starting to see some disruption in their lives. However, unlike working class whites who had to deal with blacks and Hispanics invading their world, upper middle class whites are dealing with Asians and Indians.

        The question is whether the upper middle class whites will simply intermarry with those other groups, forming a truly different race of overlords, or if those groups will remain separate from whites, forcing tribalism into the world of upper middle class whites.

        • I’d guess it depends on how cucked the whites are. From my blue collar perspective, the running is bad. We tend to self-segregate and establish boundaries. If the upper mids intermarry when there’s nowhere to run, they deserve to disappear. Thankfully there will be a working/middle class remnant. Idaho is becoming a destination so we’re near the end and we’ll find out soon how this goes down.

          I think America breaks apart without whites running it. The mixed-race mangers won’t fly. Because America is more than an idea.

        • The question is whether the upper middle class whites will simply intermarry with those other groups, forming a truly different race of overlords.

          I doubt it. Most Cloud People marry the same way you breed race horses, and while IQ is all fine and dandy, it’s not goys taking Jewish or Asian names, it’s not goys wishing they had a Jewish girlfriend – not unless they’re in showbiz.

          In fact, I am hopeful that Denmark might rise from a thousand years of strategic humiliation to once again go forth and spread the Scandi genome:

          I take great pleasure in the knowledge that at this very moment, some yenta is being raped with a Viking turkey baster, and her husband is paying for the privilege to boot. In a hundred years, you might very well have Danes running the entire planet.

          • Dig this anecdote from the article, where some coomerlord is fucking with a couple of dykes:

            “One lesbian couple told me that the donor agreed to artificial insemination, but he wanted [them] to dress as French maids and clean the room whilst he masturbated,”

          • True. Mixed race high income couples tend to be white guy and POC woman, usually Asian. In fact, I joked to my daughter that college-educated white women are screwed. Being the brain-washed sods that they are, these woman would only consider marrying a college-educated man.

            Well, first off, colleges are ~60% women and 40% men these days, so you already outnumber these guys quite a bit. But remember, a chunk of that 40% is Asian, Hispanic and black, groups that upper middle class white women don’t want to marry for differing reasons. Therefore, that 40% is more like 25% to 30%.

            But white guys will marry Asian and white Hispanic women, though definitely not blacks. Good God, not black women.

            Basically, there’s around two college-educated white and Asian women for every college-educated white guy. Those aren’t great odds. For the guys, it’s the greatest news ever. (I shed a tear every time I think about how great it’d be to be a white guy in college, at least in terms of available women.)

            Unless college-educated white women change their tune about demanding their husband also be college-educated, there’s going to be a lot of well-educated cat ladies in the future.

          • Good work men – and I can confirm now that you mentioned it. My parents are elderly boomers that the kids love to hate. Their experience and exposure to vibrants and diversity is very carefully controlled. They’ve never had to work with dirty chinamen that will steal anything that isn’t nailed down, or the malodourous mudflaps that won’t speak English or use soap and deodorant. They’ve never had to deal with low skill/low IQ blacks. When I challenge them and ask them why that is – they get huffy and pissy and call me a racist and a fascist. They understand blacks as well as any dissident… but race realities are hateful things. Real diversity and vibrance is something that only dirt people have to endure – and screw them anyways.

            We are so fooked.

          • John, that’s something I struggle with. Like most white parents, I do my best to protect my kids from the brown horde. But by keeping them away from non-whites (outside of a few tokens), they never get to see reality up close and personal, which means it very easy for them to believe all the nonsense that they get from school and TV.

            It’s a dilemma: Endanger but educate your kids by living around the animals or protect them from both the animals and reality.

          • Citizen there is plenty of sites and videos out there to let them see the dangers of vibrancy you just have to make time for them to actually watch or read them…My kids understand perfectly the dangers and it’s probably one of the reasons they shoot so well…

          • I grew up on military bases and went to primarily negro schools in the 1970’s. (The areas around military bases tend to be pretty rough areas.) As a result, I experienced the joys of diversity up close and personal at a young age.

            It wasn’t a pleasant experience. The negroes hated whites, I did learn to never back down when confronted, even though I was small growing up. (I am now 6′ 2″ and weigh around 220, but was always the shortest, skinniest kid in my class.) I got my ass beat a number of times, but not as badly as some of my friends. One ended up in the hospital after being jumped and beaten by multiple negroes and another was stabbed.

            Looking back on it, I am glad I went through it. It made me tougher and forced me to experience the reality of the American negro that good whites will never experience.

            All that said , I was careful to send my kids to schools with very few negroes. I hated the thought of them dealing with what I experienced.

            Fortunately, both of my kids see reality very clearly. They are polite to everyone, but don’t buy into the negro worship pushed by good whites who have never been around ghetto vibrants.

          • It’s a pickle. This is just me… but I sought to expose my child to the realities of pozz, the Hive, and progressivism… figuring that she had the smarts for it. I’d be close at hand to help too.

            Academically she did very well at school with my tutelage and supervision. But… I totally misjudged the opposition. I had my in-laws, the schools, her friends and peers against me. If I had it to do again, it would be private and home schooling all the way.

            My thinking is it is far better for the kids to grow up cleanly in a wholesome environment. Then they at least have a moral and ethical foundation to work from… and when they come across the froots of modern liberalism (diversity,drugs, perversion, etc)… they face those things as adults rather than as impressionable children. That’s my theory, at least.

            For the love of God… stay close to your kids, and don’t Leave them to the predators of the system…

          • John Smith:

            You’re mostly right. I have several older (Boomer) friends who were public school teachers in their day. Most of whose classes I attended as a youngster. More than one of them have confided in me that when my wife and I first began homeschooling our kids almost thirty years ago they were in total disagreement, but have now come to see that we had been right all along. It’s fine, though. At the time I could see the handwriting on the wall very clearly, and they, for whatever reason(s) (they are legion, for they are many) couldn’t. They usually express all of this in more or less apologetic, regretful tones. I always answer that it is fine and can now admit that the source of their opposition at the time was mostly good intentioned, if they can admit that the road to Hell is paved therewith more often than not.

          • Well, first off, colleges are ~60% women and 40% men these days

            Good point. It’s the same over here, and it’s a problem here too.

            Luckily for Europe, our invaders are not only both less athletic and less smart than the locals – there’s no such thing as Kebab Fever – but they’re self-segregating to an almost exclusionary degree, so even if some ethnic Danish guy would want to go for a subservient brown woman, the Mohammadan community would quickly abort both baby and parents.

            Danish CivNats always lament the fact that our immigrants aren’t Asians – I try my best to explain that the nature of our immigrants is about the only silver lining here. Mass importing a smart and ambitious minority would be a disaster. Better that our diasporas are dumb, hostile, superstitious and dependent on welfare. The less they integrate, the easier they are to send home.

            Of course, our government recently decreed that we, for no particular reason, must start importing more Asians and Indians.

          • Felix,

            Correct. The type of immigrants to the U.S. are why whites in Texas and California are fairly placid. Hispanics almost imperceptibly turn your state to shit. Asians mostly fit in, though large numbers of them change that. Indians are more like low-grade Jews. Same mentality.

            Crappy as they are, they’re nothing compared to Muslims. What dumb ass thought importing Muslims, especially uneducated Muslims, was a good idea. They literally offer nothing. Nothing. Except destruction of your civilization.

            That’s why I joke that American whites are stupid, but Europeans are crazy. Regardless, you’re right that Muslims are hard to ignore whereas Hispanics and Asians lull you into believing all that CivNat BS.

          • They literally offer nothing. Nothing. Except destruction of your civilization.

            That’s why they were imported, so you can’t blame them for not giving value for money.

          • Yeah, the European elite didn’t want to take any chances. Bring in low-grade Muslims AND Africans. It’s like cutting a guy’s head off and burning him to ashes just in case.

          • But you’ll need to account for the fact that a minimum of about 30% of college women will identify as lesbian, bi or trans. That, plus the popularity of “Regret Rape”, makes things far from sweet for normal college guys.

            In olden thymes they were mostly just “Lesbians Until Graduation”. Not so sure now. But the end result is probably just as you described, a lot of educated cat ladies.

          • It’s true. I’m going to school in the wrong state. Would I were back on the east coast.

          • Tons of stories about Brazilian lesbians and single women wanting sperm from blue eyed donors. I even read a story about a 60/70 yr old Brazilian man who made a living non-artificially inseminating women. And his wife ran the business. And his eyes weren’t even that blue.

            This all begs the question, why not move to Brazil and make gazillions of white babies? Yee-haw!

          • Chad, I’ve got a web pic of fans titled
            “Why Brazil Won the World Cup”

            Top photo:
            Dumpy Iranian chicks in burka
            Bottom photo:
            Smokin’ Brazilian babes pulling down tank tops to let their glory shine

            Givin’ me ideas, brah… Car-ni-val!

          • I am somehow imagining one of these “customers” ending up with the little swimmers of the “techno Viking.”

    • Citizen, interesting analysis. Yep, the middle class has been betrayed. Not sure it’s an conscious thing—Murray also points out the separating effect that comes from selective mating and our postwar cohorts of college graduates. As a technological society we increasingly reward products of the mind, rather than physical labor.

      We’ve allowed a hollowing out of the middle class—such that they are no longer the anchor point about which the community once known as the United States existed. As I’ve pointed out before, 80% of the wealth in the US is in possession of the top 10% of the population. These numbers are now worse than what existed at the turn of the 20th century when most folk were on farms. We’ve gone backward, not forward.

      Albeit, I’m in that upper end of that distribution, but to me the promise of America should be more than working your ass off everyday and living paycheck to paycheck. That would seem little more than a sophisticated form of slavery.

      The trick here is to realize this and get back to a balance of good jobs for the middle class and rebuild—Libertarian nonsense about folks retraining and such are cruel jokes. However, it seems the current response is to destroy (automate) even more jobs and put everybody on welfare (UBI), which would only exasperate the problem, and destroy any incentive of folk remaining (which is probably the intention).

      • Ben Franklin had it right a long time. Lots of open land and a limited labor supply works wonders for the working class. I have no idea what economic/trade policies would help, but I do know that if you cut off immigration tomorrow, the working class would benefit the most and top 10% would “suffer” the most. So let’s start with something simple.

        • Yea that would be great Citizen only problem is the top 1% is in control of the spigot so it will never be shut off…

    • I call it “pulling up the drawbridge”.

      Also, intermarriage. Interesting.
      I hear echoes from the deep past.

      Will the new caste form a racial hybrid that Jews can finally merge into, while remaining on top of the heap?

      Perhaps their blood cries out for a dominant supertribe, as they used to be 12 sub tribes who united and went on to conquer (per their histories).

      The Cult of the Bride Gatherers deliberately chose for traits, learning this from long experience with animal husbandry.

      “Ye may take a woman from this tribe, none from that,” style marriage laws, etc.

      • Oops, caveat. The Zman’s point that distinct upper-class stratification applies to all populations, of course.

        I appreciate him talking about group mechanics. Most social philosophy looks only at nuclear units, individuals or parents, or makes overbroad generalizations about “all mankind”.

        Modernity has accelerated physical seperation. Rich noveau no longer walk around the horse manure, now they can be limo’d to a private flight to an exclusive locale. They fly right over those ants on the ground.

    • If it ever comes to a fight, they will be our primary enemy. They for all intents betrayed their own race and nation for a set of lies and personal enrichment at the expense of their race’s future. Their ideology is one of slow death for the White race. The fact at this late stage they are pushing the demise the of white middle-class and open borders means there is no accommodation with them,

      They need to be driven out of the country along with the illegal invaders.

      • So you see that but you can’t see how to go about doing that and in fact you speak against the first step in the process…

      • RW – you think it’s impossible for us to simply live in separate communities far from the cities b/c Magic Jews, but you think we can “drive out” illegal aliens and collaborators?

        What “fight” are you preparing for? What are you doing to help?

        Kvetching about everyone else’s “impossible” plans doesn’t line up with daydreaming about even more impossible plans.

        There’s no substitute for practical action, and I’m not counting sh*t-posting in that category. We have a positive practical plan for the future. What’s yours?

        • Everyone can start somewhere and hope to influence others. My apartment building, for instance, is infested with Pajeets. They must be half or more of the tenants. The rest are the usual chuckleheaded White cucks and hipsters. I’m an unfriendly sort to begin with but I make a point of scowling at and refusing to talk to the Pajeets, especially if some of the White cucks are watching. I like to make it clear to them that I’m not impressed by their virtue signalling suck up behavior and won’t go along. I can’t actually *say* “get the hell out of my country” out loud to the invaders but I can make it obvious that I would like to and hope to de-program some of the other Whites around me. Think of it like you’re in a parody of some sappy pozzed kids’ show on TV – “spread a little hate around…”

    • Another excellent comment, Citizen. I think this was visible even earlier in England, where the upper class manipulated the lower/working classes’ patriotism to fight and perish in their empire wars, while keeping them in ignorance and poverty at home. Perhaps that’s why they went full socialism once all got the franchise. Having the vote did nothing to change (((who))) was in control of the money and thus the levers of power. And now not only the old, propertied class and the newer monied class but also all the new non-White immigrants view the lower/working class White English with contempt.

      • You don’t know much history if you think the British empire required vast numbers to maintain it. Empire did not feature for most of the English.
        Standard of living was higher in England than most of Europe.French and Spanish visitors were surprised at English plebs eating so much meat in the 17th and 18th centuries. France had people starving in the 18th century .

        Ethnic animosity does not seem to be class based.

  34. Disconnected and Disparaged People are easier to control so that’s why the Cloud people are so intent about destroying Community…The antidote to that is to be working just as hard to build Communities that we can control our own destinies…The onus is on us though because no one is going to do it for us…

    • The 1% has more or less achieved class consciousness. The bottom nine of the top 10% is nearly there, too.

      I came across something the other day (maybe it was here?) to the effect that the real class struggle going on is between these two groups.

      • Veg, good insight. For myself, I’d say yes. My family background is strictly working class, so such folk are not “alien” to me. Hopefully, neither to my children.

        Now, for the top .1 or 1%, the billionaire and multi-millionaire class, their children may never interact with someone who was not rich, very rich. No sense of manual labor and what it entails over a lifetime of work. No understanding of the paycheck running out before the bills. Hell, I can remember having to move from one apartment to the next because they raised the rent $15.

        Even someone in the high paying professions, say an MD, probably has such understanding. But if your father is Bill Gates? Not so much. You got to live that shit.

    • “disconnect….disparaged….” Precisely the ultra-thin slice/dice markets of race, sex, gender, age invented and wielded by the Cloud/Establishment. Once they figured out that making one a victim makes them manipulable, they just kept creating victims.

      • dad29, that’s a big, big point.

        So then, we resort to neutral, lawsuit-free identities… sports teams, consumer brands, online celebrities, approved do-goodism, White Identity Nationalism…

        Oops, forget I said that last part, I never said it and deny everything

      • Race, sex and even age aren’t just inventions or social constructs. The CivNat attempt at race-blind, gender-equal society is doomed to fail because it denies these realities. Blaming “identity politics” and the “victim culture” is the CivNat-approved threshold for dissent. There’s a level of clarity beyond this that only comes from recognizing that biology to be tamed must be obeyed.

      • Hey dad, if you have an issue with all these identities being weaponized into the victim culture why are you critical of the only actual identity And group that is not allowed to exist – by cloud people?

        Or better yet, even our own people?

        You attempt a classic liberal framing, which unsurprisingly settles the crosshairs on the wrong target.

        If one identity is allowed to exist and subsequently form groups based on that identity, and then advocate for that groups interests, utilize “democracy”, social, and civic institutions and mechanisms of public powers to codify those interests, then ALL identities and groups must be afforded those same rights.

        But we don’t have that do we?

        Victim culture exists because there is a boogyman; the oppressor. We are the boogyman. Our identity is only allowed to exist as such.

        The Future is not john lennin‘s “Imagine”.

    • And how long will these communities be tolerated once the authorities notice clusters of whites with no Orcs among them? Not very long.

      The ruling class has made it clear they want us eradicated and replaced by low IQ mystery meat peoples. They have no intention of respecting our wishes no matter how nice we play. They may not give us boxcar rides to oblivion but they will make sure that our white communities are crushed.

      Point is, there is no peaceful co-existence with them. They really do hate us.

      • So don’t do anything because the Orcs might notice us got it…I don’t really understand that philosophy must suck to live in that kind of fear where you never create or build anything because you are scared of what others might do to you…I feel sorry for you I really do and I wish I could help you out of the darkness…

        • Ultimately you need to emulate the immivader groups and just do what needs to be done and ask (hypocritical) forgiveness later if and when necessary. This is one huge advantage that just about all the invaders, from Central Americans at the low IQ end, to Indians and Chinese at the high IQ end, have over native Whites. They come from nations that tend to be very corrupt and chaotic and are quite used to asking themselves at all times not “what is legal? what do the rules say?” but “what can I get away with?”. When they get here they apply that thinking to everything from getting their relatives hired in clear violation of anti-nepotism rules, to gaming the welfare system, to straight-up serious felonies like narcotics and weapons trafficking.

          They have an intuitive sense that the system can’t catch/arrest/sanction/etc… all of them and if they break the rules often enough and grease the right palms it won’t even try. Whites are mostly still playing it straight like this is Mayberry and Sheriff Andy will come around soon and make everything right.

      • RWC – once again, what is your alternative? You always give this same response re: separatist communities but never have anything to say except vague allusions about “fighting.”

        Who, where, how?

        It’s impossible to take the criticism seriously when you have nothing to offer but empty nihilism on this.

        If there’s no hope and no alternative, why bother commenting at all?

        If there is a better alternative, what do you think it is?

        At this point I only bother responding because this knee-jerk, content-free black-pilling may be turning some people off to our approach.

        If you have a positive point to make, make it already.

        If all you have to say is “there’s no hope, why bother, Shlomo wins b/c Magic Jew,” I want that our there so people can better determine which choice they’d rather make.

  35. A key court decision was Roberts v. United States Jaycees in 1984, forcing clubs like the Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions, etc. to admit women. A friend of mine was in one of those clubs at the time and said the edict ruined them. The men loved their wives, moms and daughters, but just wanted to do charitable works with guy camaraderie. Real women were happy their guys were happy. The decision was 7-0, with 5 Republicans saying yea, even Rehnquist. (The two Minnesota Republicans sat it out because of a conflict, but would have made it 9-0.)

    • The Jaycees used to be a real force for good in my community. The ruling greatly diminished their usefulness and impact. Lot of the guys said it was great to have women in until they just didn’t attend anymore.

      • i’ve seen the same thing in competitive sports.

        Men will praise the entrance of women into their domain, celebrate the progress. Even enjoy it for a while. Nice to have some TnA to flirt with.

        Then the atmosphere changes. *shocking!* And men quietly slip away for reasons that they may or may not even be able to articulate so easily as the progress they once celebrated.

        The masculine energy is replaced by one of homogenized commerce. Then it drifts feminine as the culture at-large takes over. Governance of behavior shifts from rules of engagement to rules of feelz.

        As soon as the participants start talking about community you know that the actual community that was there no longer exists.

        Men don’t talk about shit like that. We don’t post selfies and ‘market our brand’ on Instawhore.

        We do things. We forge bonds over competition and maintain hierarchies based on competence and mastery. Iron sharpens iron and all that. Even in the mundane, we will find a way to sort ourselves and forge a defensible group identity.

        Anyhow, back when I was a mediocre amateur fighter, I could always tell when my gym was turning. Time to move on.

        Then the social media and MMA craze pretty much ruined all gyms but for the bare bones basement varieties.

        Even those would get drawn into progress by the attractive economics of women’s propensity toward aping male behavior and spending their $0.77 wage-gap bucks on recreation.

    • That was indeed a big deal. I remember.
      The feminists kept their closed spaces, too, but sweaty muscle gyms ended up becoming a fern bar.

      The judges decree ‘open for thee’, yet keep a very closed, secretive society for themselves, resorting even to arcane terms and dead languages.

      Human males form core hunting bands of 5-15, while females form larger camps of about 15-40.

      The hunter/gatherer pattern is universal, and as old as the human species.

      This closed-above, open-below enforcement is disrupting the deepest of deep instincts.
      It’s literally a violation of nature.

      • Alzebo, exactly. Thanks for distilling my verbose comment to its essence.

        Its unnatural. Violations of nature tend to not last long. So our progressive experiment will end. We just don’t know how, when, or at what cost.

        I never wanted to mate with any female fighters. No matter how well they fought or how pretty they were. Some guys did I reckon. But some guys also like to watch other guys bang their wives. So…

        Competing against women – even just in the context of gym resources, coaching, and promoting, is just gross. But now we have to do it constantly.

        Anyone observing kindergarten class would Know this. Good thing we have a Dept. of Education, staffed by people who hate children, to tell us otherwise.

        All that tradcon head-scratching over family formation and low birth rates fails to see the multitude of violations before their very eyes.

        In defense of the girls, aping men is a virtue. Beating men is near sainthood. They have been sold a sack of lies too. Their real feminine nature was also marginalized and often demonized. So we all meet in the middle somewhere, nobody really wins.

        Its all converging now. Equality is a M-F tranny beating the shit out of daddys little girl in front of 10,000 mexicans while millions of soy fanboys send money to jerk it to feminine cam girls who wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

        The first casualty of open-closed was man-woman.

        • Uh, the current violation of nature will not last BUT that’s presently because WE WON’T last unless we man up.

          It’s far from unknown. See – the American Indian’s. For all the war women had a say- and they temporized on exterminating the invader when it was still possible.
          Copper pots scrub easier than clay pots.


          Source; The Barbarous Years.
          An utterly progressive tainted yet accurate history of 17th century America.

      • “Fern Bar” — Now there’s a bit of PNW Forbidden Literature Allusion. If it doesn’t end up as a Watchword or Battle Cry, I don’t know what will.

    • Years ago I made the foolish mistake of going to a PTA meeting. I made that mistake once. It was mostly women, scolding the principal and bitching at the teachers on how to do their jobs. A handful of women hogged the meeting and insisted that the schools ignore the needs of all the other kids, and focus exclusively on those of their own kids. And they’d try and explain to these bints that they had other kids to take care of, the realities of public education, etc – but to no avail. They skanks tried to turn the whole thing into establishing a pecking order – and I just got up and left. I started intensely tutoring my child at home after that. I knew that culturally, back in the 90’s, that we were in seriously deep chit. Our women had gone seriously nuts and they would make our kids crazy too. But the Boomers laughed at me and called me names and I shut my yap to stay in the Hive. I suspect they done the same to the Elks, the Lions, the Knights Of Columbus and all the other groups. I haven’t heard or seen hide nor hair of them in years now…

      • Public school is a function of the state, versus home/private/small closed community schools being the function of the nation. The one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work for anything, ever.

        • What I’m seeing up here in Canada is that everyone agrees that the kids are screwed, and the system doesn’t work. The truth of it is that the teachers unions protect lazy dead beats and makes them unaccountable… and they point the finger at the parents. The parents point the finger back at the teachers and expect them to do all the dirty work of raising their kids.

          If I was in charge, I’d burn the public schools to the ground with the teachers trapped inside. I’d build new ones where kids get strapped or expelled when necessary, and the parents are publicly horsewhipped if their kids become a problem for the public…

    • “The outsider only sees the benefits of membership”- it’s a raid.
      Raiders always leave a big mess.

  36. Evolutionary anthropologist, Robin Fox has in his book “The Tribal imagination- Civilisation and the savage mind” a cap. called “Open societies and closed minds- civilisation versus tribalism” where he points towards the contradiction that the west has to be open to cultures that is highly tribal and closed. He predicts an outcome of conflicts from the “open society” thinking in the west that will end in the west has to become a closed culture too.

    • I’m unfamiliar with Robin Fox’s book, but I am familiar with Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies. That’s a must read, I think, for dissidents.

      • A book search of “The Open Society and Its Enemies” via Amazon results in a book by George Soros in front the book by Popper. SJSWh

        • Wonder if Popper would defend his book if he saw that is ideology has caused he very things he decried or if he would hoist the black flag.

          • It might be interesting to trace the degeneration of the “Open Society” concept as Soros and his minions adopted it. Tentative title “From Popper to Palpatine”.

      • Just looked a Fox´s book again a the capt. it is one long polemic against Karl Popper who he knew. Popper is after tribalism/human nature with his believe in open society seems to be the view of Foc. I have to reread it again.

      • Was having a discussion on another forum this morning about the usual Popper / Kuhn Dialectic / Paradigm blah blah wanky stuff. Struck me that pretty much every *serious* ideological debate is only resolved via death of one side — whether through old age or assisted by Messrs Mosin, Nagant, et al. The corollary of this is that *Everything Else is Just Glass Bead Game Wankery and has no bearing on how genuine societal problems get solved*. We’ve evolved just enough (at least our side has) to be able to reason about our Simian Nature and its responses to stressors or Dialectical Contradictions but certainly not enough to be able to change said nature in any meaningful way.

        I can understand Popper’s Pretty Lies and I’m sure he believed them in good faith. Sadly they bear no relation to who we are as a species and we need to arrange our societies in accordance with Base(d ha!) Reality, not some comforting constructs.

    • The other two massive changes are
      1. The removal of intelligence premium for survival (Ask any passing African)
      2. The separation of sex and Reproduction and the concomitant shift in the role of women in society.

    • Well, here’s a comment from Pete, late yesterday, that nails Fox’s point:

      Pete’s reply to “fight ’em over there, so we don’t have to fight ’em over here”?

      “So we pull our troops out – and then implement border control. Just stop letting them in. Simple.”

      Hats off, Pete. Standing O.

    • Me, too. This is one of Z-Man’s best. It strikes me as a concise and tightly argued introduction suitable for the undecided “normies”.

    • I forward these essays, judiciously, to conservative normies and to normal people who are on the wrong side of the divide. This one goes out to them because it is pithy and simple to understand as well as brilliant. Like the duck and the rabbit, people will not see what is hidden until you tell them it is there. Or as Chesterton put it, some things have to be believed before they can be seen.

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