The Virtue Of Impeachment

According to official media, the House Democrats are finally ready to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate for a trial. Assuming it actually happens, the trial will be a circus to allow the various crackpots and show ponies to perform for the cable news audiences. Everyone will pretend it is serious until the ratings come in from the polling operations and then the show will close. The only people who think otherwise are the cranks and weirdos on the Left.

That said, the inner party has permitted this charade to happen for more than just theatrical reasons. They have an election show scheduled for this year and that will provide plenty of entertainment. The Iowa Caucuses are a little over two weeks away and the New Hampshire primary is three weeks away. That’s more than enough entertainment to keep people from noticing too much. The question then is why are they bothering with this straight-to-video impeachment show.

Every society has certain codes of conduct that may or may not be formalized in writing, but are accepted by everyone. These codes may be amplified or prioritized by personal codes of conduct, but the general morality is accepted as the public morality. In many cases, it is assumed the morality of one’s society is a universal morality that applies to all times and places, but that is a confusion in terms. Codes of conduct that apply in narrow conditions are different from general social codes.

In the West, public morality says the people should be sovereign and pick representatives the people occupying public offices. The will of the people should be expressed in the law. In the Arab world, public morality is defined by the Koran, not Enlightenment philosophy. Therefore, government should be run by righteous Muslims, according to the rules of Islam. These are different codes of conduct, not expressions of a universal morality, like the prohibition against murder.

In current year America, the ruling class is now fully detached from the society over which it rules, so it has begun to acquire its own moral code. You see this in the Democrat primary where candidates are running around preaching about the plight of transvestites or lecturing on white privilege. To normal people, these are bizarre fetishes that have to salience. Inside the ruling class they have become important moral signifiers, rooted in the common morality of the ruling class.

That brings us back to impeachment. The official narrative says he has been impeached because the political class thinks he violated his oath of office in his dealings with Ukraine. The official alternative narrative is the Democrats did this out of spite over losing the 2016 election. Those are the two sides of the official sandwich regarding impeachment. Within that framing, both sides are expected to scream at one another through the proxy of cable news programs.

Then there is the official outsider view that says this is part of some grand chess strategy over the seditious plot conducted by the security agencies. The inner party is using impeachment to stall the investigation into the that and the many other corrupt projects during the Obama years. While there may be some truth to this, it is clear that Bill Barr is willing and able to cover all of this up on his own. Still, there may be some people in the party who would like the assurance that the caper is properly buried.

There may be another reason why this impeachment thing will not die and that is the evolving morality of the ruling class. They hate Trump, not because of what he does or even what he says. They hate him for who he is and who he represents. He is the rejection of their morality. The Democrats could make a spending deal with him in a heartbeat, but they refuse because to do so would legitimize him and what he represents to them. They simply cannot do that.

If you think about the last four years, the main argument against Trump by all sides of the political class is that he is lacking in character. Maybe the point of entry is his womanizing or his crude statements. The neoconservatives have endlessly lectured on his moral failings. The Israeli first zealot, Ben Shapiro, has repeatedly said he opposes Trump on moral grounds, despite giving the Zionists everything they ask. It turns out that “who they are” is not Trump and what he represents.

The one thing the ruling class gets right is that the American experiment is unique in world history. No society has tried to combine extreme egalitarianism, the blank slate and democracy into a civic religion. Since two legs of that stool are in direct conflict with human nature, that leaves two choices. One is the traditional radical approach of exterminating everything that does not fit the new morality. The other is to redefine one of the legs of the stool to solve the conflict.

What impeachment suggests is the leg in for redefining will be democracy. The new definition of it will be something like Henry Ford’s choice of colors. The people can vote for whomever they like, as long as the candidate comports with the public morality of the ruling class. Rules will evolve to make sure no one like Trump can every gain access to official Washington. The political elite will become a closed system with a unique set of moral codes.

That may be the real point of impeachment. People like Adam Schiff appear to be insane, but he is just one of the berserkers of the emerging new morality. The point is not to remove Trump, but to codify him in such a way that his presence reinforces the new morality. Inside Washington, impeachment is already a moral signifier. The looming impeachment show will give the faithful in the ruling elite a chance to publicly display their virtue to their coreligionists inside the ruling class.

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173 thoughts on “The Virtue Of Impeachment

  1. Wake up all, the real “Correction” is finally here and it will be all encompassing. The Barr/ Durham thing is a cleanup operation. Nothing of substance will come of that, a few things to try to fool us, but a cover-up of the most epic event in our country’s history. I believe that if you don’t see what is happening, you are not watching. Steel your resolve.

  2. Bit late to the party, but here’s my shot at diagnosing the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) virus making the Cloud People openly crazy. I think that Lt Col Vindman (yes, seriously) gave us the key in his impeachment testimony. He cited ‘the interagency process’ as who/what should be in charge of US foreign policy, not Pres. Trump.

    IOW, these are Process People and P Trump is a Results Guy. So all of a sudden they don’t matter because their expertise is worthless and their claim to rule is nullified.

    Simplistic, sure, but not every question has a complex answer, though the Cloud Folk would like you to think so. Every elite values characteristics that they’re good at. Feudal elites valued skill at arms, and such was your ticket in and upward. Theocratic regimes value verbal memory, verbal facility and the ability to parse scripture that you believe in (or the ability to convincingly fake believing in it if you didn’t).

    Our current elite values facility at government processes. And this fits with their soft Marxist ideology. How else besides complex processes are we going to create the ‘new man’ out of blank slate babies_?

    So if learning rules of thumb through successful experience = wisdom, and wisdom’s how you get results, then there’s no point to their complex schemes that never seem to work anyway. So a President Trump is both a deep personal insult and also a (potential, sadly) threat to their ‘business model’ and their lifetime cash flow. Q. E. D.

    I believe it was Machiavelli who said that it was dangerous to insult a man yet leave him in a condition to do you harm later: Hence impeachment. As a relevant contemporary example, Obama publicly insulted Trump at some White House dinner in front of his family. Many believe that’s when Trump decided to run for President and destroy Obama’s legacy

  3. Taki’s has a good article on “motte and bailey” defense, more easily understood as an “outpost protects the heartland” defense.

    For example, Tibet is inhospitable and unimportant, except for one thing: running interference. If India held Tibet, they could easily attack the Chinese heartland.

    So in addition to “moral signifiers”, the bizarre fetishes act as defensive outlands, drawing wasted fire and protecting what is truly important: the heartlands of position and stolen wealth.

  4. I wonder if one can make the argument that the elite are more transparent in this time, than in any other time in history – due wholly to communicative technologies like the intenet, and what that means for the reaction, when it comes.

  5. Me thinks the impeachment spectacle is clarifying the epidemic of insanity that currently infests DC. There are no adults in the room and the inmates are running the asylum. There will be a crash and burn moment, followed by chaos and conflict, revolution and civil war, a jackboot reaction, and the incipient rise of tyranny. Should this come to pass, the Mainstreet USA immune system will hopefully step forth the remedy this malady via focusing on the virus.

  6. I think the ruling class’ new moral code becomes the dividing line between the two new parties that are emerging in the US right now. I agree that they’ll use it to define who is “not them” – their signature “that’s not who we are” is their calling card. Obviously, they don’t mean “we” as in “Americans”. They mean “we” as in “the ruling class”. So, it is a help means to discriminate between the ruling class and the ruled. “We” does not include “me”. Hence the two utterly different sets of rules they operate under. In their law book, certain things are perfectly fine – like spying on private citizens or members of a rival political campaign in order to destroy them. If I somehow manage to get into the DOJ computers and release all of the Page/Strzok text messages that have been covered up, I’m going to prison for a very long time.

    The problem “We” has is that they have a rather large contingent of flat-out lunatics operating nominally to the left flank of their standard ideology. “We” also does not include those other people. They’re useful right now, but “We” is uninterested in putting the crazies in charge…which is currently giving them fits in the primaries because some of the craziest among them – Sanders and Warren – are polling at a decent level. The Standard Government Party standard bearer, Joe Biden, is a senile old doddered. If he manages to survive losing the first 3 contests, and somehow wins the nomination, the entire election is going to be a redux of “Lock Her Up” where Biden (then Clinton) is recognized by the vast majority of the electorate as a crook who got away with shoving billions of taxpayer dollars into his and his son’s pants.

    Anyway, the construct of the moral code is useful, but it also delineates and defines which is quite helpful. Mitt Romney, for example, has no business in whatever we all decide to call the opposition party to the Government Party. Throw his backstabbing ass out. Trump has already shown that the last election was about recognizing that 50% of the voters in America had been utterly ignored. Everyone was fighting over the 50% to the left of center trying to appease them and their bizarro-world new morality.

    You give me 1/2 the country, and I like our chances.

  7. Impeachment is such a blatantly Jewish project it cannot help but be a good thing in the long run. It shows even a Zionist stooge like Trump will be targeted if he isn’t approved by the Tribe. It’s possibly the most red-pilling event imaginable and that’s exactly what the white population needed.

    I want to see Trump re-elected (and suspect he will be handily) largely because the Deep State/Left/Inner State will go even more insane and this in turn will red-pill even more people. The blatantly Jewish impeachment project, along with the naked disdain for the white masses, has radicalized the normie populace and turned D.C. into effete and cowardly mandarins hunkered down in Fort Apache. Few there will dare venture outside the District gates in the near future, and their Praetorian Guard is so despised it is at huge risk when it leaves the perimeter. The white Southerners and Midwesterners who fought the Empire’s wars no longer are volunteering. The “media” has been exposed as straight up state propaganda and is widely distrusted. The Deep State indeed is vicious and dangerous but everyone now can see it is profoundly ignorant and blatantly stupid.

    We are immensely better off than four years ago. It’s just hard to realize it in the moment, which illustrates how degraded and lame things had become.

    I want an impeachment each week.

    • I’m not sure you’re correct, but I sure hope you are. From your keyboard to God’s ear.

      Oh. Sorry, special people, I meant “From your keyboard to G-d’s ear.”

      Dunno why, but that g-dash-d thing has always annoyed me.

  8. Doesn’t a Senate impeachment trial, at this moment, force a difficult choice on any senators who might also be campaigning for the Democratic nomination?

    If you go to New Hampshire in the next few weeks, you’re absconding from the trial of the century: you’re in dereliction of duty as far as the Democratic base is concerned, and even the smarter primary voters might concede you’ve handed the Republicans a powerful argument with their base, and maybe swing voters too. (“He voted for impeachment and didn’t attend the trial, see, they already made their minds up, they don’t care about evidence!”)

    And of course if you don’t go you lose votes.

    I have no idea if this is a valid reading, but it is what I saw some Sanders and Warren supporters saying. I forget who they thought Pelosi was in the tank for.

    Point being, there might be a perfectly rational political motive behind all this.

  9. In Iran they actually have a branch of government call the Guardian Council whose job is to vet candidates for office to make sure they comport with the public morality of the ruling class. Their Constitution is a surprisingly well thought out system IMO. It’s a quite authentic mixture of democracy and theocracy.

  10. The DC establishment has now Normalized impeachment as a political weapon against “outsiders”. That’s why the refusal of Senate R’s to dismiss this partisan sham with a simple vote is so important. Next time, McConnell is saying, we might vote to convict, no matter how slim the evidence.

    Its sad, but the American people have not supported Trump, but the establishment, at the ballot box. Jones replaced Sessions, they elected Mittens, and they gave Pelosi the House. The true “enemy of the people” is “the people”. They’ll need their noses rubbed in it, good and hard, before they’ll change. Assuming they ever do.

    • This is about Virginia 2A issues, but needs to be read by anyone who wants to actually get something done, organizing and building an effective and strong community that looks out for you and for each other.

    • Holy smokes, bile, that is a Must Read for organizers.

      Commonsense, fun, and quick to the point.
      Now THIS is a plan.
      Darn near a Holy Grail.

    • This is a plan and good one. Play to your strength and not the enemy’s. Build up home base and get ready when they come. Fight them on your turf not theirs.

      Like Aesop says at the end:

      And it isn’t going to get you killed, injured, or ridiculed as gun-toting racist nitwits.
      It might get you killed, injured, or ridiculed as gun-toting patriots, but yet again, I thought that possibility was the whole point.

  11. If anyone watched the “John Adams” mini-series, there is a priceless moment where Adams walks into the court of Louis XVI for the first time. That is how it increasingly feels watching the circus of our ruling class. And we all know how that play ended.

  12. SUPERB work Sir, as usual, THANKS!!!
    I submit there is another MAJOR factor at work here.
    Dims want to get the stealing rights back!
    TRILLIONS at stake to be clipped or controlled. Well documented.
    $21 TRILLION unaccounted for out of the Pentagon. Cash on pallets delivered to Iran, $150 Billion. Was it theirs we stole, who knows. Clinton Foundation grifting for One or Two Billion.
    Delusion of the Dims to tax the Rich. Will the money trickle down to the folks, or go to Lockheed Martin for more $150 Mill. planes that half cannot get off the ground for maintenance issues as they are so complex. Tens of Billions of foreign aid to be clipped or recycled!!
    We can all go on and on about the favorite debacles from the debt based fiat “money’ flowing out of the head dope pushers magic computerized money generating computer
    on a daily basis. Now Three TRILLION plus for the on going bank bail out.

    Imagine all this being done with actually having to print ink on paper like the old days!

  13. The problem with an already aloof, degenerate elite becoming even more aloof, is that the big problems of our society (including looming insolvency) continue to go unsolved, are incapable of being solved, and the whole system is put at jeopardy without them even knowing it. It’s a recipe for things going up in a bonfire. Trump lost my vote about when he appointed John Bolton, so that was awhile ago. If anyone still cares about immigration (his signature issue) he totally caved on the H1Bs two days ago. I’m willing to vote for Bernie Sanders just to throw more oily rags on the kindling. If orange blob wont shake things up, maybe the communist will. Of course my state will vote communist anyway.

    • Indeed. Anyone can look up Trump’s donation history. Or those of his kids and in-laws. I genuinely want someone to ask him if he really believed what he said in his tweets from 2011 to 2017 when he reversed so many of his positions.

  14. The Israeli first zealot, Ben Shapiro, has repeatedly said he opposes Trump on moral grounds.

    Morals: the last refuge of the scoundrel.

  15. “No society has tried to combine extreme egalitarianism, the blank slate and democracy into a civic religion. Since two legs of that stool are in direct conflict with human nature,” 

    Not quite. There was never “egalitarianism” until around 1960, perhaps later. It was Equality in the Jeffersonian definition. Equal before God. Equal before the Law. Also the “blank slate” was not accepted, except in the sense that everyone has free will and can choose virtue over vice and thus is responsible for their actions.

    Thomas Sowell noted the problem of liberals (and libertarians) is a version of this that humans are malleable so you can take someone and “fix” any problems. Some think this only works if done from infancy, others try to do so with gang bangers who have just left prison. And that is the error. People since Eve have chosen evil. Not forced, perhaps seduced, but still a free choice.

    The reason the left and elites can’t handle that is because their groups are more easily enslaved when they are first enslaved to their passions, e.g. LGBTQ. The Right is conflicted because the root of the problem is the availibility of temptation. What men trained up in virtue (see chapter 1 of Lewis Abolition of Man “Men without Chests).

    I’m still technically a Civic Nationalist, but reject it on practical grounds. Because we have created so many “Men without Chests”, we have only terrible alternatives. We are in the zombie apocalypse, only these aren’t rotting corpses, they are well dressed professors in Universities spouting stupid, crazy, evil nonsense. The cure for that will be extremely painful. And some zombies can’t be healed. But you can’t leave them in the civitas if you want civilization.

    • It was the natural result of democracy, which has obvious incentives for the leaders to expand the electorate. Jefferson’s rhetoric was weaponized as an accelerant. Combine the above with the new mythology established by the victors of the War Between the States and you get the present circumstances.

      Your objection sounds like the eternal refrain of libertarians or communists, “That wasn’t real (insert preferred system here).

    • Civic nationalism is a two-legged stool. It doesn’t work and never will. Clown World is its inevitable outcome. It’s a flaw of design not implementation.

      Humans want to live in small groups that are like them, not billion-man polities of strangers who look, sound, smell and behave differently.

      That’s a feature, not a bug. Any project that demands we treat affinity and cohesion as pathologies is doomed to fail and inflict misery in the failing.

      Z called the shot and pocket on this long ago. Civic Nationalism, like other forms of libertarianism, is Dungeons & Dragons for suburban White guys.

      The colorblind idea-based society is no more real or possible than Rivendell and earthly Man will never live there.

      • A two legged stool does work provided you keep your feet on the ground or have the “stool” leaning on a solid object (ladder).

    • tz;
      Yeah, it’s almost as though ‘God gave us over… Simple, we rejected Him, so He lets us have our own way, good and hard.

      IOW, no virtue, no republic.

  16. Another example.
    The Washington inner circle cloud people are circling the wagons on the FISA courts. They could care less how corrupt they look to us dirt people. They will rig it all no matter what we think.
    Joe DiGenova is livid. But will it matter?
    Doubt it.

      • I have to ask does even Dirt people care about what other Dirt people think…When you don’t have Community it’s a free for all out there…

    • Given some time the FISA courts will be used on second amendment guys. When the left defines the words that we use then the word “terrorist” that is used on a Persian general can also easily be used on a guy from the sticks of Virginia who just wants to keep his guns.
      Trump is doing the bidding of the military industrial complex just like Bush or Obama.
      And the FISA court reform rigging shows that those courts are nothing but a tool to be used against us.

      • Interesting that the FISA court has “come out” as a deep state entity. They didn’t need to do that at this time, but they chose to do so. Same with Virginia and the 2A. My spider sense tells me that the other side thinks that things are not going their way, so they need to force the 2A issue, either to galvanize support for their side, to lure some 2A people to do something really stupid, or to call out the fake-stupid flying monkey 2A impersonators.

        • Armed dissent in VA hits Them literally where they live and it’s a Defcon 1 in a symbolic/propaganda sense for Them as well. I’ll (again) caution folks participating in 2A activism there to expect that full weight of overt DS thuggery and covert COINTELPRO will likely be deployed, in conjunction with the cucked occupational government in Richmond. Watch your backs, guys. We’re working to make some space for you if and when they roll.

          • Nothing panics the swamp people than a bunch of armed dirt people getting uppity in their neck of the woods. But the Left can’t help but being aggro against whitey every chance they get. This is a fight that shouldn’t be happening but the Left can’t stop pushing. It happened in CA(where I live) the same way, they won and just kept on restricting and punishing ordinary people.

            I have every confidence they will push us to the point we do fight back and it won’t be very long before they do. VA could be the starting point or it might come in a few more years, but it will. They so want to destroy the U.S.

  17. “Henry Ford’s choice of colors”. Maybe since at least Eisenhower, and his warning about the “military-industrial complex”, and since JFK (why was he killed?), we have actually had no political choice anyway, only two sides of the same representatives of the elite—a rigged game. Trump has exposed the rigging, and the gloves are now off. Bloomberg and Steyer are the rich goons trying to re-rig the game, and all the other political wackos are trying to climb on board for their own personal benefit. Helluva a railroad we have running here.

    • I would say since the advent of mainstream media…post-WW2 or maybe post WW1…our choices have been curated. Third-party candidates often did well in national elections before then. I think Theo Roosevelt was the last third-partier to do any damage, until Perot in 1992 (Perot didn’t win any states, though). 2016 was a great opportunity for a third-partier and we got…Gary Johnson?? 2020 is an opportunity too, but there’s no way Tulsi or Bernie runs third-party, because muh loyalty. This railroad sucks.

  18. There’s a problem, or two problems for the elite, as regards continuing to get what they want. Not much carrot, and not as much stick as they think they have. The cliche that people with full bellies don’t revolt doesn’t take into account how poisonous the food is; Netflix and processed fast food is not keeping white people from dying in numbers greater than seen in some wars.Then to the stick: yes they have a surveillance state and lunatics doxxing people, but it’s a “compound eye” as you pointed out, and not only is it imperfect, it’s embarrassingly bad and easy to turn on itself (especially for young white computer savvy kids). As for the impeachment, specifically: 63,000,000 people watched Trump pull off the greatest political outsider victory in history, and are now being told that it doesn’t count because those used to winning feel humiliated and don’t like the outcome. I’m not saying this is the tipping point for whitey, but I have seen apolitical drunks literally riot when they thought someone got robbed on the decision in a boxing match.

  19. The point is not to remove Trump, but to codify him in such a way that his presence reinforces the new morality.

    This is highly probable (although there are no doubt some who sincerely want removal). The FTN guys brought up a good point – if they really wanted him removed, they would have added/amended the articles of impeachment to add the Soleimani assassination, which is a legit real high crime, rather than this Ukraine bs. Instead, they stick with the bs article knowing the Senate will never convict, everyone gets their talking points and pony show to wag around for the next several months until elections kick into full gear, and we move on to the next circus.

    The new definition of [democracy] will be something like Henry Ford’s choice of colors.

    The working definition of it has been Henry’s for a long time, if not since the get go. Like the saying goes, if elections changed things they wouldn’t have them.

    • Exactly – Fordian democracy isn’t new at all, but hereafter it will be strictly enforced, I suspect. Romney controls the RNC this time around through his niece. Who knows what they’re cooking up for 2020.

    • Eh, since when would whacking some effective Iranian be considered a form of High Treason or Misdemeanor by TPTB? Quintessentially, it was a Zionist pipedream, and a possible route to an all-out military confrontation with Iran.
      Rather, I view it as a continuation of the NeoCohen’s strategy of managing information flow to Trump through having him surrounded by no one but themselves as channels and advisors, not to say that in this case it was difficult for them since Trump has an express dislike for Iran. Now, I would like to hope that, yet again, he gives the NeoCohen’s something, but denies them their true goal of war with Iran.

      The PMU shooting missiles into a usually empty quarter of the US base was probably meant to signal “time to get out”, but unfortunately an “American” contractor was killed. This was Trump’s unspoken redline, and the pre-existing (perhaps as long ago as 7 months) plan to attack Soleimani went into play. The Iraqis, Iranians, & Syrians all want the US gone, and who can blame them? Supposedly, Trump wants out, too, but he blows hot & cold, and the Deep State does what it can to keep the pot boiling.

      The Iranian’s subsequent missile response, besides potentially being a restrained, and face-saving response to Soleimani’s assassination, had another purpose. It demonstrated capabilities to put all US military bases in the region clearly at risk. They placed the strikes at the base in such a way as to limit the likelihood of casualties; i.e., this was done with accuracy, but above all, this revealed that detailed, actionable intelligence on that target had been acquired. Uh, oh.

      And think on this; when the Russian bases at Tartarus and Hmeimim came under missile or drone attacks, they interdicted the attacks through countermissile defenses, and in the case of the drones, through effective electronic warfare. Even though it has been reported that the Iranians gave 1 hour prior warning through the Swiss Embassy (who act as charges d’affairs for the US in Iran), there was ZERO interdiction of the Iranian missiles. Uh, oh in spades.

      The days of cocky Western gunboat diplomacy are pretty much over. I think the guys in the Pentagon got a wakeup call. Sure, they can wreak all kinds of devastation on Iran, but what if the Iranians use that same accuracy in targeting, this time not as a means to avoid crucial damage, but instead to inflict crucial damage against the Gulf arab oil facilities, and maybe the vital desalinization plants? The Spice no longer flows, what happens next? World financial chaos, and guess who gets the blame. Pompeo can scream bloody murder all that he wants, but everyone will know who brought it on.

      Time for Trump to get that same wakeup call, and use the opportunity to GTFO as Reagan and the French did after their bases in Lebanon got bombed back in the 80s before he is facing something way worse, asymmetric warfare on a grand scale. This ain’t no pissing contest in the real estate market in NYC.

  20. While reading Z-man’s posting today, I could only think of Iran as an allegory. The Iranian revolution dumped—exchanged—a monarch for an Imam while setting up or retaining ostensibly a democratic government “elected” by the people. Time and again, the elected Iranian government has been overruled by the current supreme Imam. Indeed, a few of the early elected officials simply disappeared when they did not toe the line.

    Seems we have the Deep State as our Imam—albeit not as identifiable—and our political class that do their bidding. And then there’s Trump, where the comparison breaks down. If the Deep State were as powerful as the supreme Imam in Iran, Trump would have been gone long ago.

    • Excellent point. There are multiple political parties in Iran, but they are all Supreme Imam-approved. I think that there were multiple political parties in Communist Poland, but, again, within a narrow range of acceptable ideas. Tweedle-dee vs. tweedle-dum.

    • Yep. I’ve often made the point that Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and America are the four great theocracies. Israel combines religion and kritarchy. The Saudis blend theocracy with monarchy. Iran and America combine theocracy and democracy.

    • “If the deep state were…powerful…Trump would have been gone long ago”. Two alternative theses, either the deep state is not that powerful, or Trump is in on it in his own way.

      • Yeah, Trump is a disrupter as well as a deal-maker. He also has children and grand-children that he wants to protect and for them to have a future.

      • Alternative alternative thesis. The Deep State is setting Trump up for a huge fall. Playing 16D chess to his supposed 4D chess as it were. Let the masses blow off some steam, then reveal him as a false prophet actually screwing the people.

        Not that I necessarily believe this. Because I think our not-so-secret rulers are intelligent, cunning, paranoid, and ruthless, but not at all wise. And terribly lacking in self-awareness. They are not nearly as strong or powerful as they wish us to believe.

  21. In the long run, this farce is about Jews trying to rig a narrative so the robot historians will settle on their version of events.

  22. James O’Keefe released a video of a Bernie Sanders field organizer by the name of Kyle Jurek suggesting gulags for the purpose of re-educating Trump voters and billionaires.

    The irony of Jewish Bolshevism is that Jews are the wealthiest segment of the US population – will Michael Bloomberg end up breaking rocks in the hot sun under co-tribalist Bernie Sanders regime? Will they be exempt or is it just a matter of one faction of The Tribe wresting control from another faction?

    This isn’t going to end well nor are we voting our way out of this.

      • Jews did well in the early Soviet Union, but were gradually pushed out of power following WWII. In the 1970s, Jews decided that they were being “persecuted” in the Soviet Union and successfully lobbied for the Jackson-Vanik amendment that opened the doors to Jewish emigration from the USSR and eastern Europe (except for Poland).

        It was a difficult life for most of the people in the Soviet Union, except for the nomenklatura cloud people elite, but only the Jews mattered.

        I think that zionists hoped that the eastern European Jews would resettle in Israel, but most preferred the US.

        • Jackson-Vanik emigration was a great excuse to empty out Russia’s prisons of the Red Mafya, a Jewish cartel.

          • The so-called “Russian” mafia really is the “Russian Jewish” mafia.

            Same thing happened in 1980 with the Mariel boatlift from Cuba to Miami in 1980.

          • The Mariel boatlift was bio-bombs, wasn’t it?
            Cuban soldiers in Angola had picked up AIDS from village whores who ate bush meat.
            AIDS originated as SIDA in chimps; people who butcher bush meat are awash in the contaminated blood.

            AIDS got into the prisons, where it ran wild. Those infected Cuban prisoners were sent to Key West, the kingdom of rich gays.

            Their proclivities is why it became a homosexual epidemic in the U.S.

          • Whoops, forgot. A great many of Red Mafya also had tuberculosis. That’s what gave vassal Castro the idea.

        • About that time (70’s), Israel also received about 1M Soviet “Jews”. Israel initially was happy as these new arrivals built up the number of Jews in proportion to Arab Israelis. However, this seems to have been a Hobbesian bargain.

          These new “Jews” were as a rule fairly secular, knew little about Judaism, were not Zionists, and had few records which the Rabbis could use to authenticate their true “Jewishness” upon arrival. Proof needed was to authenticate your Jewish matriarchal lineage at least through your grandmother—perhaps even farther.

          The effect is that recently Israel has begun to change some of their religious laws—like closing down public transportation on Shabbat. Conservative Rabbi’s, some anyway, are hopping mad. Seems setting up a homestead in the “Promised Land” did nothing to change these folks Russian (and most importantly, their children’s) proclivities.

          Where have we in the USA heard this before? 😉

          • Since 1970, anyone who is one-fourth Jewish is allowed to settle in Israel on the grounds that if that was good enough for Adolf Hitler that is good enough for them. Any number of “Jewish” settlers are Christian in faith.

            Didn’t know about the change in religious laws. The Haredis, welfare-leeching draft dodgers, seek to shove their views down everyone else’s throat. Politicians pander to them because they vote as a bloc.

            Israel doesn’t have magic dirt? My, my.

          • “The Haredis, welfare-leeching draft dodgers”

            I recall having lunch with two former IDF officers one day. They got on the subject of the Haredim. One opined that they should be compelled to do military service like everyone else. The other was horrified. “Can you imagine one of those people rising to a position of authority? Nuclear codes in the hands of one of THEM?” They both grimaced at the thought.

            It was a highly educational lunch. I barely said a word, just fixed a stupid look on my face (not hard to do for me, some say), lest I staunch this flow of information, and merely took it in.

    • The killing off of those they hate will continue to be repackaged and slowly rolled out. Bill Ayers floated this in 1970 as the roots of take over by the Weather Underground. Throw 25 million in “re-education camps” then kill them for not being re-educable. Ayers got a cushie job at the U of Illinois teaching pliable dumb young minds

      Bernie is a Jewish gutter Commie like the type my parents ran with in the Commie party to uphold the 10 pillars of Communism and destroy America.

      • Range, thanks. I was trying to remember where I heard such. These folk are not like us. There will be no accommodation if they obtain absolute power. The mere discussion of such things show how amoral they are. That they remain breathing shows how we have allowed our virtues to be used against us.

        • “Guilty as hell, free as a bird”- Bill (((Ayers)))
          with gf Bernadine (((Dhorn))).

          Young Jews On The Make is why the Weather Underground, SDS, Black Panthers, United Slaves, and Rican FLAN (131 bombs!) always had plenty of free, pro bono legal representation.

    • I was a Bernie supporter in 2016. There is something off about 2020-version Bernie. His support seems to have shifted from Old Left sensibilities to Antifa sensibilites.

      • I was young when Bernie was the mayor of Burlington. Believe it or not he was fiscally conservative because there was no other option. I suppose what’s happened to him, happens to every candidate. For which there is ample evidence and is never addressed.

      • I saw “Feel the Bern” written in rocks by Utah’s salt flats, and painted on barns in Ohio.
        Made me smile.

        Mark Steyn calls Burlington, Vermont “the capitol of Bernistan”. Feel the Bern!

      • Bernie’s Antifa sensibilities = Soros bux plus the need to go ever more radical to be heard. The guy knows who butters his bread.

      • Marko, can you describe the changes in your political outlook that led you here? Spencer was interviewed by Alex Jones and Jones kept emphasizing his suspicion of Jason Kessler, who organized Cvile, had campaigned for Obama. Jones couldn’t believe that such a transition could be sincere.

        I hope that we will gain many converts from the left, who were motivated by concerns about the environment or the excesses of crony capitalism.

        • It was the immigration issue first…i couldn’t understand why a “leftist” party would eagerly choose to import workers and depress wages. Naturally that led to me noticing the anti-white biases of the party, then of the New Left in general. The alt-right/d-right attracted me because it was largely anti-capitalist, anti-immigration, anti-war, and was more realistic about social issues if you ignored the memes and paid attention to the coherent voices. If you liked Trump’s policies but didn’t like his style or personality, as I didn’t, Bernie was an excellent alternative. In 2016.

    • I call that indulgence the price of the waiver.
      “Buying your way out” and “pay me to go away” are parts of their weird economy.

      The prices are based on judges, not inventory.
      This ain’t capitalism.

    • “Jews are the wealthiest segment of the US population”

      Not at all! A gross libel and base canard!
      When it comes to tallying up wealth, Jews are 110% (sic) white. This serves two purposes: 1) conceal the wealth and success of Jews (on the whole); 2) supports the white privilege narrative.

      Jews are a distinct group only when it comes to being persecuted victims who need special protections and exemptions.

      This is why we have numerous reports saying that “Asians are the highest income group in the US, exceeding even whites.” Asians are being hoisted above the ramparts to draw fire and distract attention from the Jews.

  23. None of this will prevent a future, more determined version of Trump to turn over the political table. He walks among us now. In fact, the new, more fanatic morality will make Trump 2.0 stand out even more sharply from the rest. If you think you’re seeing the elites panic now, just wait.

  24. Save for a relative few moonbats on the left, no one really thinks the impeachment is anything beyond a partisan lynching. And I think there’s little chance there will be a show trial, which would surely implicate deep state criminals. The likely scenario will be a summary vote to dismiss.

    And another thing. If the economy doesn’t nosedive south, Trump will win in a landslide, even with the usual massive shithole urban area voter fraud.

  25. I wouldn’t say Trump is hated for “who he is or who he represents”. Trump himself is a capitalist, a promoter, and a 1980s Democrat. Nothing terribly outlandish. I do think he scared the ruling class because he was able to cut through the political establishment with ease and be elected to the nation’s highest office. Up until then, it was a given that you go thru years of sausage-making and making allies with media types and donors. What the ruling class wants is a return to the manufactured consent. They hope that 2016 was a one-off aberration, and 2020 and beyond will return them (and us) to a fake choice between the Mitt Romneys and Elizabeth Warrens of politics.

    The difference between the Republicans and Democrats, concerning impeachment, is contain vs. destroy. Republicans, being nominally conservative, think containing Trump and gently guiding the populace to milquetoast nationalism is enough. The Dems, being batshit, want to destroy Orange Man and the patriarchy where he came from. But neither party wants a principled outsider to run roughshod over the electorate. That’s why the Dem establishment doesn’t like Bernie or Tulsi, and the GOP in their heart of hearts would prefer a Marco Rubio. It will be interesting to see the awkwardness coming from the ruling class and MSM if two nominal populists, Bernie and Trump, vie for the presidency. They may just shut the whole thing down in 2024.

    • Exactly – it is not so much Trump himself or that he could actually change anything, but what irks them is people voted for him against the elite’s wishes and explicit instructions to the contrary.

  26. The historian in me wants to say “Sounds like we’re in for another Period of the Wars of Religion,” with Globohomo substituting for whichever creed you feel was the most obnoxious and aggressive in that particular…ummmm…century and a half of constant warfare. But the human in me really hopes not, because of that “century and a half of constant warfare” thing. If our great-great-great grandchildren feel like giving stuff like “representative government” and “indoor plubming” another go, they absolutely must learn how to deal with religious fanatics (of whatever religion). Personally, I like “mission trips” — to the world’s least sanitary, most savage hellholes. You don’t get to lecture us until you’ve fixed all the crotch rot in the Sudan… But whatever, they need to come up with something.

    • Sev;
      As a historian, I’m sure you recognize some parallels to what happened the last time a major faction of the Democrat Party absolutely refused to accept the results of a Presidential election (in 1860) because they felt that their way of life was under assault. The D reaction to 2016 sure looks like they think that their tax/debt funded, interlocking NGO, slush fund passing way of life is under assault now (and I can only hope that it is – the evidence is mixed at best).

      I’d say that one obvious difference between 1860 and now this that the quality of men in the D party was much higher then than it is now. I mean, just look at Pelosi, Shiff and Nadler as compared to Jeff Davis, for example. So, if I’m right ;-), we should be glad that a transparently BS impeachment is the best that they can summon up.

  27. or, the democrats are just insane asshats who do random shit hoping it somehow pays off for them.

  28. The more volatility injected into the system the better.

    The balloon needs to go up. At this point that’s the only way. Which means that things are going to get a lot worse.

    Trying to or hoping to reform something this far gone is to spend a thousand years fighting a million small battles. Let the lunatics have a go at it. They will quickly simplify the choices for everyone.

    • It hasn’t been genuine volatility and won’t be until we bring the puppet-masters to justice.

    • Is it here now on the 20th in VA. Ala Matt Bracken ? Could be nothing, could be a fuse gets lit. Things are definitely not normal for the good old US of A. You’re looking at the aftermath, but that’s a hellava storm headed our way.

    • And they are. Look at CA, NYC locales and VA which they are turning into s**t holes and making the locales unlivable.

      But just wait until Trump is gone and they can issue EO’s like crazy, implement the Green New Deal, etc. It will be hell on Earth for Normie Americanus in short order.

      The thing is the Left really really hates us and wants us dead and gone. So it;s war against us. BTW it;s already ongoing but few notice it.

      We don’t have 50 years to build “communities” we have 5 at most before it gets spicy.

      • RWC has no plan for what to do in those 5 years (see above for another response to this trolling).

        If collective community action is futile, what’s the alternative?

        If we’re wrong, why doesn’t RWC ever say what is to be done in these crucial Last 5 Years of Whiteness? Why don’t they ever tell us what the better plan is?

  29. Trump was the first politician to point and say the emperor has no clothes. At that point, the emperor has two choices: Abdicate due to the loss of confidence or kill the guy pointing at him.

    GloboSchlomo can’t afford a Trump. If he questions even a part of their operation without repercussions, other whites might start questioning other aspects of their regime. What holds whites down is 1) never-ending propaganda and 2) fear of losing everything. Trump threatens both of those.

    • CSC—Yes, Trump threatens everything including his own followers.

      The emperor does have only two choices. My money is on first destroying Trump and then coming after his “Nazi/Putin/KKK deplorables.” Trump has proven difficult but once he is out of the way I shudder to think how fast they may come after us.

      Trump was unexpected. No repeat will be allowed.

      • And Trump will be replaced by . . . ? The Dems are running out of viable candidates. Just read that Cory’s done. I hate to say it but my money’s on Pence ending up as Pres. for a little while at least til everything else gets sorted out.

        • Nixon/Agnew/Ford/Rockefeller

          Trump/Pence get re-elected.
          Pence resigns
          Trump appoints Steve Bannon as VP; senate approves.
          Trump resigns a year or two later.
          Bannon becomes Potus.
          Bannon appoints Tucker Carlson as VP;
          senate approves.
          Bannon/Carlson get voted in 2024 & re-elected in 2028.


        • “The Dems are running out of viable candidates.” That’s what I said when they nominated a racial grifter with no real world or political experience, followed by a shrill harpy grifter with a pedo husband.

  30. Maybe I’m not old enough to recognize any historical correlate, but I simply cannot see any coherent political platform arising out of the younger generation of democrats. After Biden and Bloomberg are gone, there will be no centrist, rational candidate to take the party forward. Every youthful dem upsets big business and especially the Zionist contingent in such a way that I predict a long republican rule to come, which is paradoxical and worrisome.

    • The principle that unifies almost all national Democratic politicians younger than Warren is anti-traditional-white-man-ness and there soon will be enough non-whites and traitorous whites to win on that platform.

      Most females I know, for example, would eagerly vote vote for such a candidate.

      And if you include lots of H-1B visas and endless Middle East wars, most Republicans will support it too.

    • The youthful dems, pliable and poorly educated, will easily be bought off by our alien overlords. And for those who won’t be bought off, unfortunate incidents can be arranged. Just observe the corruption and death that occurs in the politics and governance of our latino neighbors south of us for an idea of where we’re headed.

        • Chile is a very important instructional lesson. Things devolved very quickly, after four years of socialist rule that destroyed the internal workings of the system there. Things move slowly, then quickly. And they don’t fall on their own, they get pushed. Hard to see how it works until it is all over.

    • Hmm hadn’t looked at that angle. Makes a lot of sense. I figured Republicans would become the white party and enjoy another decade or 2 of success.

      In that case business interests should consider the real cost of cheap labor.

      • Those business interests will be retired with their golden parachute before that real cost becomes apparent.

      • “I figured Republicans would become the white party and enjoy another decade or 2 of success.” No, they will continue to be the Democrat party from 10 years prior, as always.

        • I don’t know. More and more white people are realizing others see them as white whether or not they see themselves that way. It’s forcing a race consciousness.

          And I’m not just postulating. I hear it from people.

    • Younger people feel the system is classiest and corrupt and have been brainwashed into hating Western culture. The majority of them want to destroy it and the rest are National Socialists. They justly see nothing to conserve

  31. It will also give Trump the chance to expose them as hypocrites. He’s good at that because he’s honestly corrupt. Strangely one of his best qualities.

    • They don’t care that they’re hypocrites and neither do their followers. It might give us some visceral pleasure but it doesn’t have any real impact on that side. What they care about is separating themselves from the hoi polloi and that’s why they move towards these increasingly bizarre novelties to prove how much better they are from the common people.

      • That could be the case, but I wonder then why they took pains to hide it this long. That tells me they either now think they’ve got it sewn up or it’s a panicked last ditch effort to maintain control.

        • The ‘Spirit Cooking’ thing should have been front and center news – ‘what weird cult are the politicos mixed up in, 20/20 investigates’, but was buried so incredibly fast… I think it’s starting to leak out because of the fracturing ability of the mainstream media to maintain control over what the public actually sees.

          • One unfortunate aspect of the “spirit cooking” thing, is that it has lost its ability to shock, as time passes. Back in the day, not that long ago, it was a major “WTF” episode. Now we are to the point of “Of course that stuff is real, would you expect any better from that crowd?”, and then half the people vote for them anyway, because whatever…the culture we live in has devolved so quickly…

          • Dutch, underneath it all I think the numbness stems from the realization that there isn’t a short, easy and wholly-legal road out this. Revolution’s going to be a long-term minority-population project unless and until the Empire or Fate does something that makes normie circumstances more broadly intolerable. Globohomo wants power more than the broad mass of normies want them out. We have to change that or at least learn to do more with less in terms of numbers. That magic 25% tipping point number for dissident views to mainstream is doable, but it’s going to take a lot of work and considerable time unless we get some luck.

          • The Left will overplay it’s hand once it gets back the executive, count on it. You see it at the state level in CA, NY, VA where the Left is taking a wrecking ball to their respective states and declaring war on normies. In VA a Muzzie state pol has proposed legislation to install low income multi-family units in all white neighborhoods / communities. And lets not forget their really overt gun grab that could go hot this year.

            In NYC, bank robbers are being let out on no bail rules. A&B gets you a fine. Witness a crime and report it? Well the perp who gets arrested is given all your personal information.

            In CA any crime where less than $900 is stolen is considered a misdemeanor which gets you a ticket.

            And this is their warm-up, Wait until they replace Trump and we get the Paris Accords and the GND which will positively ass-rape working and middle-class Americans and those in fly over states. All you old geezers in the DR who think you can ride this shit storm out in your Lay-Z-Boys while drinking your wine coolers until you die of old age are in for a nasty wake up call.

            It can and will get much worse much faster. The Left is out to destroy America, their leadership is evil and insane.

            Really what part of they want us dead and gone you don’t get? The Left does not joke about things like that. They are dead serious.

          • RWC is back with more all lip and no action trolling.

            The enemy is more than “the Left” and they intend to hijack America, not “destroy” it. They’re pulling off a heist, not a demolition. Calling enemies “evil and insane” is part of their playbook, not mine. The truly dangerous ones aren’t merely crazy or evil, they just weaponize those who are.

            I’ve asked RW for weeks if they have any ideas for anything we can do that are better than ours.

            No response.

            Sitting atomized and alone in some urban sh*thole spamming “I told you geezers so” as your people face an enemy you’ve just called “crazy and insane” is a form of surrender, not “fighting.”

            “I was right and owned the DR geezers” is a weak epitaph, but it’s apparently all you’re striving for.

  32. I voted for Trump to be a wrecking ball among other things. He has not delivered on the other things except for not getting us into a new war but he is a wrecking ball extraordinaire.

    I knew he would be impeached or killed by a lone gunman the day he was elected. Our betters knew he was not and would never be one of theirs. He already has billions of dollars and poses a threat to impede the pig trough flow for the inner circle.

    What I did not expect was that so many people outside the inner circle would remain steadfast on their knees cheering on the continued destruction of what used to be their country.

    The nonstop impeachment and Russian collusion train keeps on
    chugging. Nothing gets in its way. The Russian hoax fell apart so we move on to the Ukrainian hoax. As that falls apart I guess our betters will continue moving West and the Polish hoax will be next.

    What we know is that it will not end until Trump is out one way or the other. The frightening thing to watch is not the inner circle’s continued third rate
    Marx Brothers show but the unquestioned acceptance of it by the American people.

    I agree with other posters that in the real day to day life of the people I know most are not paying much attention to the details but that does not mean that most of them will wake up and do anything about it.

    • The problem is that the normies know enough to be skeptical of the party line, but have no understanding or motivation about what to do about it.

    • Trump’s best recommendation is who his enemies are and how much they hate him. I only wish he would do a better job of earning that loathing but absent that I’m going to enjoy the show. It’ll be the one and only.

    • Respectfully disagree, ENS. Trump’s been more an “outraging ball” than a “wrecking ball.” In terms of intended consequences, I don’t think he’s dented anything, much less wrecked anything. He tweets and makes wine aunties mad, but it’s all sizzle, no steak.

      The shambolic soap-opera theatrics of this administration are having an unintended positive effect for Us in that it’s a live-action sh*t-show that’s revealing the bad stage management that controls “the most powerful man on Earth” (and has for decades, not just re: Trump).

      Noticing happens when we see POTUS openly defied and contradicted by Nimrata “Haley” at the UN, being countermanded on no trannies & Syrian withdrawal by his generals, and when we see the kritarchy abuse its authority in the most open and “un-American” fashion imaginable to those who still put stock in the Magic Paper.

      Like the crappy re-boot movies out of Hollywood nowadays, off-Beltway Current Year Kabuki Theater is supposed to be a can’t miss sequel to past blockbuster productions, but the present cast can’t pull it off.

      They’re resorting to political CGI and drugging the popcorn.

      • Exile–Your characterization of Trump being more of an “outraging ball” than a “wrecking ball” is probably closer to reality. For most people and issues he has been more of an outrageous thorn in the side than actually changing anything. We still have a huge military oversees with a huge budget, we still “invade the world, invite the world,” free speech infractions and sanctuary states go unpunished, legal and illegal immigration continues largely unimpeded, judges make up law and there are no repercussions, etc.

        I guess I used “wrecking ball” in the sense that Trump’s tweets, speeches, and very presence in the White House have completely unhinged the Ds and has for the moment partially shut up the Rs. Trump has certainly been a wrecking ball for me in what I took to be reality and hopefully, there are many others who will never be the same again due to his tenure in the White House.

        I do think he intentionally or not has forever altered both the major parties but I guess we will have to see

        Now, lets actually work on getting something done.

    • It’s pretty clear that the country is lost. The only question that remains is how it will disintegrate.

  33. Haven’t really noticed too much about the impeachment on the local news. Of course it’s all they ever talk about on the cable channels.

    It’s hilarious at the gym. You have Fox News on one side as you say Z screaming about the democrats and then CNN on the other side screaming about the republicans or more aptly “orange man bad”.

    The good news is it’s never talked about at work and haven’t heard any of the kids mentioning it either. Even progressives aren’t even trying to indoctrinate their children with this political nonsense.

    There seems to be more concern about the Australian bush fires and that’s a good thing 🙂

  34. Although I don’t agree with him on everything, I think Styxenhammer has the right of it. The loons have run away with the Donk party. None of the Donks with an IQ above freezing wants this. The show will only benefit Trump, who will have a hay day taunting and goading the loons of the democrat party into a nervous break down – specifically the hags of The Squad and a few of the other miscellaneous turd burglars and nutters. When they go off the deep end, they will do it in front of the people and the cameras – and then any voter with a triple digit IQ will see it. Only the approved victim classes will support them at that point, and their inability to work together in a reasonable and adult function will have fallen by the wayside.

    Some people with laugh like loons at the dumpster fire going on in that party… but what is happening there … but that is where diversity leads… and that is what is in store for the rest of us as well.

    • John, I cracked up at the term “turd burglar,” but I’m not sure to what or whom it refers. Please elucidate. I want to be able to use it correctly.

      • If I’m correct its English slang for a great big homo, and not as in homogeneous. Similar term would be donut puncher

      • “turd burglar” , “butt pirate” , “fudgepacker” …. etc.

        All slang terms for male homosexuals.

        There’s a big long list of them , most of which my aging brain can’t recall at the moment.

        It’s somewhat amusing how far removed from popular culture some of you guys are. Turd burglar is something I’ve heard used for decades now.

      • To cut through all the other euphemisms being thrown around here: “Man who likes to thrust his hard penis in other men’s rectums.”

    • any voter with a triple digit IQ will see it

      Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of those to win an election.

    • I see it a bit differently. In sportsball, when your team is up by 6 touchdowns with 3 minutes to go in the fourth, you send in your third stringers to get some time on the grass. It has been 28 years since an incumbent president lost. This is the Enemy letting the JV squad get some exercise in the limelight when the likelihood of success is so low that they dont care.

      • They will play it like that, in the event of the loss, but, tell me, where is their first string hiding? Who would that be? They hate Trump with a fiery passion and want him to lose this election. They don’t have anyone better.

        • Andrew Cuomo is the only one I can think of. Yes, a lefty loon, but at least a governor of a large state. Seriously, Senator from Vermont/Massachusetts/Delaware? Mayor of South Bend? Good lord.

          • Major, it will now and forever be the Tappan Zee Bridge in my heart. Never will such sacrilege cross these lips.

          • and the “Ed Koch Bridge”
            will forever be
            “The 59th Street Bridge”
            (although offially it’s The Queensborough Bridge)

            la la la la, feeling groovy.
            (simon & garfinkel.. 59th st bridge song)

      • I think it is more that they see beating Trump will be difficult, even if possible. The first stringers, such as they are, want a sure thing which the Hildebeast thought she had. So a smart first stringer, knowing Trump is gone by 2024 regardless, waits it out. Neither bench is very deep, and in GOPland, Trump is absolutely a one-off. Michael Obama is biding its time.

  35. For Us the main virtue of impeachment is the mass-black-pilling of non-elite imperial patriotism and faith in the System.

    Z recently cited the masses’ indifference to this circus compared with Watergate. It’s a sign of progress for us and a corresponding warning to the media of how rotten they look to a growing majority of the population. The dogs won’t eat the kosher kibble.

    Likewise, institutions like the FBI and CIA which were mostly respected by non-antifa-types are losing legitimacy as well. Everyone less Maddow’d than your wine auntie knows Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    The roof is on fire and the fiddlers’ hysterics are fanning the flames. Wiser, cooler heads would counsel letting this over-fueled mess burn out quietly. But that’s never been their strong suit.

    Guys like Schiff have spent their entire lives rehearsing for their big moment in the spotlight. The band’s going to play on.

    Encore, Shlomo. Encore.

    • “Everyone knows that Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

      That shouldn’t be the whole message, because it encourages everyone to simply chuckle and shrug like we’re all just in on it: “Heh heh, those wily Jews, what sneaky trick will they cook up next? But hey, whaddaya gonna do, amirite?”

      The full message which should be broadcast is: Epstein did not kill himself, he was murdered. And he was murdered to shut him up because he was an Israeli espionage asset whose orders were to compile blackmail material on leading American politicians and public figures, in order to ensure that the iron Jewish grip on the American throat gets ever tighter.

      Epstein gets politically murdered more or less in the open, and no one says boo, there are no investigations, there are no accusations aimed at the real parties involved, just jokes. It is a naked display of power, the Jews saying LOL goyim we can rape your wife in front of you in your own living room and not only will you not stop it, you will not even notice it or mention it. And then we will make jokes about it on late night TV, because we own that too, and you will laugh at the TV jokes about how your wife is a filthy shiksa slut and she wasn’t really raped.

      • I agree with you , but – there is far too much reticence among normies to frontally attack Jews currently. But maybe that’s a situation that can be taken advantage of.

        The Evening News , which I watch because it’s a good indicator of where normie is and where they’re trying to lead him to go – has in recent months been full bore on the “anti-semitism” thing. They continue to harp on the two black Israelites who shot up the bodega, and they also play over and over again the incident where the black guy attacked a Jewish house party with a machete.

        While the Evening News presents this to normie as a major cause of concern – I see it as an opportunity to create a “let you and him fight” situation. Seems like some effort needs to be expended on taking advantage of whatever level of hymie-hatred exists in the black community – as well as stressing to Jews that their black pets actually hate them and want to kill them.

        Black pills for everybody.

        Another situation that seems ripe for some normie black-pilling, is the Saudis. It was just announced 21 Saudis had been kicked out of the country after that Pensacola Naval Base attack. Even the Evening News is saying “they were caught with jihadist material and child porn”.

        Now when you’re given a news story like that dumped in your lap – why do so many people fail to run with it? It’s a perfect opportunity to bring up the fact the Saudis were likely behind the Boston Marathon bombing, that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi, that Saudis fund Wahabi mosques all over the world – including right here in the US, that CAIR has received significant funding from Saudis, and if you’re really daring you can start working the fact that Israel and Saudi have been cooperating on efforts like the shitshow in Syria – and are cooperating to oppose Iran.

        If you’re really daring you can then delve into topics like ” why are we so opposed to Iran – when the Saudis continue to attack us” – and ” why did we invade Iraq – when 9/11 was done by Saudis?”.

        Breaking the mind-grip on refusing to recognize the fact that Saudis are an actual enemy of ours – is one way to cause the cognitive dissonance of the typical normie to fry his brain circuits.

        There’s too much pressure claiming that Iran is an enemy of ours. There’s too much pressure claiming that Israel is a friend of ours. But there’s also too much evidence that Saudi is an enemy of ours – and not a lot of pressure claiming they’re an ally – or a friend.

        So concentrate on driving a wedge into that crack.

        • The Jews are working the victim card hard right now, but they are both predator and prey in the current equation. The ol’ “Lets you and him fight” seems ok for now…

          • Bile, the CIA was the expansion of the OSS, who hunted down ‘werewolves’, into an East India Company, organized by ((Wall Street)).

            ‘Werewolves’ were German partisan saboteurs who knew that the Morganthou Plan plotted to exterminate the German race postwar.
            The planners did get 12 million.

            The British, French, and Dutch East India Companies were pirates with letters of marque, joint stock companies owned by the same ethnicity as Goldman Sachs.

            The CIA and MI6 are both devoted to covert financial warfare. “Intelligence gathering” my azz. Well, ok, for blackmail and bribery.

      • When the president issues an EO defining Jewish as an ethnicity you know something has changed.

        It starts with jokes, then criticism, then persecution (though still hard to believe that would happen in America). Jews know this from experience. Hence the EO.

        • Jews as an ethnicity is an acknowledgement of reality and contra the blank slate. Their genome is sufficiently distinct to merit that, at least for Ashkenazis.

          As a practical matter, Trump’s action is of little import. The country is already chock full of protected groups. Adding one more is accelerationist. The real issues are freedom of expression and association. Those are essentially lost, regardless of how many protected groups there are.

          • Just a stream of consciousness…

            Exemplar. Prototype. Copy. Copy of a copy. Copy of a copy of a copy. Facsimile. Fake. Imitation.

            Homo Saipan. Race. Ethnicity. Pigmy. Sub species. Chimp.

            Each step increases the diversity and the distance from the original.

        • Painter, I hope I get in on the IPO.

          That luxury soap! Those sheer lampshades! Gloves of impeccable quality.

      • DE, a lot depends on the audience for your message at any given time.

        For people who aren’t well along on the JQ, simply accepting that the official narrative is false is a big step. I’ve said before that I aim my Z Blog comments more at initiates than prospects. The vast majority here have taken those first steps already.

        That said, this isn’t the Third Rail. I caught the episode where they talked about the meta-cope within the EDKH meme. TR is a pretty advanced level pod for Our Thing. While they’re most always on target, Borzoi & those guys tend to go out on some limbs with novelty and edge-takes that BB himself admits are largely black-pilling.

        There’s an element of front-running in the EDKH meme for sure. They’re trying to find a way to reassert narrative control without too much Noticing.

        But even if the whole meme is meant to subvert Our efforts, the results are net-negative for Them. If his name was something more WASPy than “Epstein” they might have a shot, but as it stands this meme is a reminder to Notice and an invitation down the rabbit hole of More Noticing.

        “Crooked (((trickster))) got Cancelled” isn’t a good meme for them. This is a case where I respectfully disagree with the TR guys – it’s being overly meta. Giving the Epstein situation anything but the silent treatment is a mistake for Shlomo that we can and should exploit.

        I think spelling out the “whole truth” of the EDKH meme makes it an essay rather than a meme. The point is to hit someone in the monkey-brain, on a sub-conditioning level, bypassing the BadThink filter. Those who can be Based (see my “triage” comment above) can tell the signal from the noise.

        • ” If his name was something more WASPY than “Epstein” they might have a shot”
          Funny you mention that. Reminded me of a piece from Forward where author Howard Lovy opens with:

          I’m sure I was not the only Jewish person […] whose first thought was,Why does this sorry excuse for a human have to be Jewish? And I probably also wasn’t the only Jewish person whose second thought was, Given that he is Jewish, why does he have to have such a Jewish-sounding name?

          Fascinating. Because MY first thought, as a human being capable of empathy, was “those poor girls”. Persons such as the author do more harm to the image of their fellow Jews than any number of “anti-Semites”. The lack of self-awareness never ceases to amaze. Anyway, go there and RTWT, it’s a short – but highly revealing – piece.

        • Try asking people what percentage of Americans are Jewish. It’s only about 2%

          Works for gays too. Really works for trans.

          I think a big part of it is that normies don’t realize how in the majority they are.

      • Wow. What a theory Doof! What the full message is…

        Sounds possible. The puzzle pieces seem to fit together well.

        Holy moly. Talk about a Faustian bargain. Did these people willingly walk into the devil’s den? Can it be true? Will we ever know?

    • Exile, every time I catch a glimpse of the “rally” crowds I realize there’s a large swathe of the population that is “evidence proof.” President Trump has done an about-face from Candidate Trump when it comes to immigration and ME wars. FFS, in his LI Fox interview he admitted he’s selling US troops as mercenaries.

      • Undeniably true, BestGuest.

        We’re doing cultural triage.

        First we identify those who are likely to red-pill, regardless of what truth they receive; next, those who are unlikely to red-pill, regardless of what truth they receive; and finally those for whom immediate truth might make a positive difference between the two.

  36. So our choices for the next four years are:

    -Carry water for ZioCon Infinity Wars


    -Attempt to outmaneuver a doddering old Commie

    Which one are we taking?

    • Commie FTW. Our ranks grew when normie-frogs started smelling what Barack was cookin’. Zion Don’s slow-cooking patriotard sauce is putting them back to sleep.

    • I’ll take the first choice. Trump keeps giving them Pyrrhic victories. The empire is wearing out its welcome over there. It’s a kind of accelerationism.

      Too weak domestically to deal with a commie. Might already be past the tipping point. What little Trump has done is at least something.

    • A two-front war?

      Keep Southron males fighting a Yankee war to prevent the Iranian Crescent;

      While their women, the radical feminists who rule communication, attack men here at home.

      The secret societies of that foreign overlord, the Beltway, speak a different language.
      Their moral code is hard to translate, because they’re quietly hostile mafias, raiders.

      The Cloud capitols have foreign ways, laws, economics, sciences, organization.

      It’s a stratum thing. They’re separate countries.

      We’re hearing vultures in the upper branches squawk amongst themselves.

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