The UFO Problem

Tucker Carlson has a UFO problem. Going back to the start of his Fox show, he has done segments on various claims about space aliens visiting earth. These are not claims by people, who swear they have been probed by big gray men, but the claims of people who worked in government at one time or another. He has even interviewed people, who worked on government UFO programs. Recently he had former Pentagon people on to talk about this story of a secret UFO file.

People like these sorts of stories, even if they don’t believe in little green men secretly visiting our planet. It’s fun to think about what it would be like if we did verify such visitations from another world. Tucker is not a kook, so his interest in this topic should not be dismissed out of hand. The American government has taken the issue seriously, at least according to that recent story. So much so they have had top men working on it for a very long time. They think it could be true.

The crux of the matter is that pilots have, on multiple occasions, recorded objects buzzing around in ways that cannot be explained. At least they look like objects in the videos released to the public. In these videos, pilots and crew can be heard asking questions about what they are seeing. No official explanation has been offered, so we are left to assume they don’t know either. It seems that on many occasions, American fighter pilots have spotted UFO’s.

Now, it has to be said that many of these could simply be clever pranks by servicemen with too much free time. Every year someone gets busted for making a contrail penis in the sky, so these guys like pranks. Others could simply be anomalies that have a boring technical explanation, so no one bothers with them. Maybe this is just another part of how the government keeps people distracted. The secret UFO files are just part of the ongoing psyops to distract the public from noticing too much.

The trouble with the various ways of dismissing the UFO stuff is it often sounds as conspiratorial as the theories explaining why these are visiting aliens. Repeatedly, we see that the people running the American government are too dumb to execute the basic functions of the state. It’s unlikely they are working a complex, multi-generational deception involving fake UFO video. The people who use text messages to plot sedition are not going to be working such a complicated scheme.

What the facts tell us about this stuff is the American government has recorded lots of these events and they remain unexplained. There is a good chance other militarizes have had similar experiences. The Russians and Chinese probably have divisions that collect up and examine unexplained phenomenon. It’s not out of the question that there is some contact between these government agencies, at least an acknowledgement that they exist for the same reasons.

The two possible explanations for the evidence are that it is the result of some completely unknown natural phenomenon or it is space aliens. Both answers would mean large gaps in our understanding of the natural world. Theoretical physicists have been at a dead end for a long time. Space exploration has been stalled for generations. Our understanding of our natural world is at its infancy. These phenomena could simply be more proof that we don’t know a whole lot.

Of course, if these are space aliens, it means some species well beyond our understanding has solved problems we cannot contemplate. For example, our best science is not all that sure humans can live in space long enough to travel beyond Mars and back, without dangerous physical consequences. If we are being visited by aliens, it means they solved the problem of carbon based life forms living in space for long periods without being destroyed by radiation.

It would also mean these aliens conquered the physical problem of traveling between galaxies. That means they either live long enough to go light years into space or they have invented propulsion devices that allow for speeds beyond anything we think is possible with what we know of physics. Alternatively, they have found a way to fold space in order to move from one location to another. Instead of physically traveling through space, they make space travel for them.

All of the possible explanations for how visitors from another world raise the age-old science fiction movie paradox. How could a race so advanced be so easily caught on our primitive video? If they have the ability to bend space, they will have the ability to bend light or at least have really good camouflage. They would see our primitive airships long before we were able to see them. These videos contradict the one possible answer for why they exist in the first place.

The answer to that could simply be that they are observing us and part of it is to see how humans react to limited exposure to the possibility of aliens. This could be nothing more than part of the simulation that is our existence. You can come up with all sorts of entirely unprovable explanations for why super intelligent space aliens are getting caught on video. If you want to believe in UFO’s, there’s always a way to maintain the belief in the face of this type of skepticism.

There is one other angle to the UFO stuff. It feeds the need to believe that our governments have super-secret stuff hidden away in super-secret government agencies run by X-Files types. For some reason, people need to believe this. It’s probably because deep down, people won’t except that their government is staffed by stupid people who got lucky. The fate of the world depends on a series or average people guessing the right way or making the right mistakes.

That could be the real psyop. The people in charge know that the rest of us need to think they have things under control. The fake UFO footage is intended to promote the idea that our government has these super-secret programs. If people believe that, they will believe the government screw-ups over foreign policy or economic affairs are really part of some super-secret scheme involving deep state actors. The real psyop is covering up the fact that we are ruled by lucky dimwits.

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223 thoughts on “The UFO Problem

  1. Key Z phrase:

    “Repeatedly, we see that the people running the American government are too dumb to execute the basic functions of the state. It’s unlikely they are working a complex, multi-generational deception involving fake UFO video.” 

  2. Was really hoping we’re going to get the 400 comments 🙂

    Forgive my very limited knowledge of science but if everything started with the “big-bang” wouldn’t that put us all on equal evolutionary footing ?

    Unless of course they got a jump-start on us and didn’t have some sort of species killing asteroid . Maybe that’s why aliens look somewhat reptilian ? Their dinosaurs didn’t die and continued the evolutionary process ?

    And have to agree the History Channel is really bad. It has the production value of a low budget government training film. Something to be endured and quickly forgotten. Although some of their so-called experts could pass as aliens ;-b

  3. We have limits. Not everything is figure out-able. Our cranium size has a maximum circumference. Creation? The Big Bang? All this once compressed into a tiny particle? Really? Alternatively, how do you go from nothing to something? Space aliens living in extra dimensions?

    My dog can’t do algebra. Will something simple enough for us to understand, be complex enough to be true?

    Life is as clear as MUD, filled with Mystery, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

  4. Damn! Damn! Damn that Zman! Someone finally asked the question I’ve been asking for years before I got a chance! IF aliens are here, How Did They Get Here? Any answer you come up with guarantees that they have mastered the physics of the universe in ways that are completely incomprehensible to us.

    And once you accept that they have mastered the physics of the universe to get here, does anything else make sense?

    For instance, what’s the first thing they did when they got here? BOOM – they crashed. Right out there in Roswell! Forgot to put the breaks on, couldn’t make a left turn at the local stoplight, didn’t see that little hill on the horizon.

    And they didn’t just crash at Roswell, they’re crashing all over the place! Why, the government has warehouses full of crashed ships!!! They’re even reverse engineering them!!! Does that make any sense to you?

    I could go on (cow mutilations, hiding under the ocean, doing light shows over phoenix, alien abductions, playing tag with the military), but none of it makes any sense. Any beings capable of getting here certainly wouldn’t need us and certainly wouldn’t be doing anything that they’ve been “observed” doing.

    Get over it. There aren’t any aliens visiting the planet.

  5. The two possible explanations for the evidence are that it is the result of some completely unknown natural phenomenon or it is space aliens


    Two more explanations are

    1) that they are the result of semi random pranksters, like the guys who used to make crop circles, doing this for a bit of lols and bragging rights.

    2) that they are experimental aircraft built by some humans.

    • Don’t think so; read my comments above.

      Our Sun is a middling sized star and there are BILLIONS of stars.
      Why, how life on earth began nobody knows.
      It just did.

      If only a small fraction of stars have planets that can sustain life, you are looking thousands of planets.
      And why should earth be the only planet in the universe with intelligent life??

      What I observed that night (see comments above) exhibited behavior totally incompatible with any known aircraft , regardless of its sophistication or celestial object.

      Were they some super secret, super advanced military aircraft?
      Could be, yes.
      But if they were, there would be no reason to spend billions on F22, F38 or F anything at all, because what I observed makes the F22/F15/F38 as modern as the Wright Bros. plane at Kitty Hawk.

      The known Universe is really UNknown and the unknown universes are simply too far away to know anything at all about them.

      NOt that long ago some astronomers decided to point a telescope (a space based one) at an “empty” spot in space; a spot that appeared to be devoid of anything at all.
      After a few days (weeks?) they examined what the camera picked up; they found thousands upon thousands of stars.
      They had zero idea that anything at all existed where they had pointed that telescope.

      There is really no way that earth is the only place anywhere that has intelligent life.

  6. One interesting point in all this is the X-files-esque/Hollywood-esque conceit that somewhere out there is a “secret world” full of all sorts of technology more potent than that we are aware of.

    It’s a dangerous assumption: One more way that government secrecy is dangerous among many others. It encourages people to become complacent with incompetence and impotence, because they can hope that underneath the surface there must be top men somewhere at work on the unsolved problems of defense/logistics/the-world, and they’re just “not allowed to know about it”.

    The Ur-Example, and perhaps the ONLY example in history is the Manhattan project. However, none of the stuff leading up to it was secret – it was developed for decades in academia, in the open. There were no secret branches of physics, just applications that the layman didn’t expect.

  7. No it’s not super secret tech that much is certain. The black program peeps can’t openly say that because of the papers they signed. If you want to see most of our cutting edge tech read Janes and Aviation Leak.

    The fact is we’re losing our innovative talent. It’s being driven out of the big aerospace firms. They;ve become welfare programs. The litany of f-ups by Boeing and LM can fill a book, Todays Lockheed is not the same company than created and built the SR-71

    Boeing is a train wreck. Look at the 737 MAX which is a complete disaster and should have never been built. Their space projects are way behind schedule and marginal at best.

    The closet thing I ever saw to a UFO was a experimental NASA jet at Dryden that did the sort of acrobatics that put the Blue Angels to shame. When that bird flew the entire base stopped working to watch it perform. It was a real treat.

    BTW it isn;t just aerospace that is intellectually flatlining, it’s Silicon Valley. They don’t do innovation, they do rent-seeking, wealth extraction and Big Brother.

    • Large complex projects, like the 737 Max, are for advanced, complex societies, not for stunted, juvenile societies full of black and brown people.

  8. Back in 1975 or so, I witnessed (along with my companion), on a very clear, cloudless evening, bright white “objects” (they looked like bright stars) racing across the sky in a totally random manner somewhat similar to the movement of a ball during a game of racquetball. That is, the objects would move across the sky and abruptly change direction and reverse course.
    These objects raced across the ENTIRE visible night sky in a second or two and they reversed direction instantaneously.
    Pulled off the road to get a better look and we watched these objects for several minutes.

    One of these objects began descending, perfectly vertical, not to far from us but above some trees. As it descended, we could see rotating lights on the object of various colors. I remember red, blue, etc.
    The object was totally silent.
    It descended to literally tree top level.

    We got the hell out of there real fast because, in all honesty, we were scared shit-less.

    Note that these objects moved in a manner totally incompatible with any military or civilian craft or any natural celestial object.

    So then what did we do later that night?
    Well nothing at all.
    After all you cannot report what we saw; you would be considered crazy or on drugs.
    And we certainly did no tell anybody we knew because the would not believe it either.

    The above is totally true. I am not making this up. And I will swear upon my dear departed mother’s grave that it is true.
    And because I can write this anonymously, I am writing this.
    If I had to reveal myself , I would never do so because I would be soundly ridiculed.

  9. The History Channel used to be great.

    Then the History Channel became the “UFO/Alien Civilizations” Channel.

    The History Channel now sucks.

    Don’t be the History Channel, please.

  10. Jacques Vallee had the best explanation in my opinion (in ‘Dimensions’): It’s not space aliens, but it is something rare and outside our normal understanding of how things work. They may be another life form or they may just be ‘leaks’ from coincident realities (same space, different ‘frequency’). I can recommend ‘Dimensions’ for anyone who thinks these phenomena *might* be space aliens but are not sure, or who is curious if there is a different explanation.

    • Upvote on “leaks’ from coincident realities (same space, different ‘frequency’”, since it’s my thesis that what we call ‘religious phenomena’ are virtual structures in an immaterial, electromagnetic ecology.

      UFOs, though? They seem to be something else, and I think it’s a mistake to conflate the two. Apples and oranges.

  11. I think there are various levels to government competence. It is not a unitary system run by one genius. Before Snowden, the extent of the NSA spying program was unknown. The extent of Soviet infiltration wasn’t made public until the USSR collapsed. I don’t find it impossible that the government has some stuff hidden away on UFOs. Heck, I figured there wasn’t anything to the Kennedy assassination until the intelligence agencies freaked out when Trump wanted to declassify things.

    • Agree, Senator, we’ll never see the books of the Mafia or Cartel. Their size still doesn’t make them any more than low-brow brutes with enough money to hire smart help.

  12. there might be alien civilizations out there but they would have no economic reason to go to other galaxies or solar systems. Inter-system exploration is another matter; see TV series “The Expanse”.

    our space technology hasn’t improved since 1943 or thereabouts. Still using the same fuel and tech as Von Braun, at Peenemünde.

    • Might just be curiosity. Perhaps there’s a space alien outfit like the early Royal Society, just interested in finding out stuff for it’s own sake. I can see a four-eyed silicon-based life form Antonie van Leeuwenhoek marveling at the little squirming creatures he sees in his new fangled gravity wave microscope.

  13. “…covering up the fact that we are ruled by lucky dimwits.”

    The supranational jewish oligarchs have many insufferable traits, but dim-wittedness is not one of them.

  14. Or a certain element of the space aliens are their version of fighter jocks, buzzing the airliners for fun. I’m undecided about aliens but one thing stands out and that is the meaning of infinity. Surviving populations in the rest of the universe have had millions of years to learn the strange laws of physics. If it is possible to travel by entanglement or other unknown means they are certainly doing it. It it’s not then visitors are quite provincial geographically and their travels laborious.

  15. Are we ruled by dimwits, though? I would think that depends on the sector of government we’re talking about.

  16. 9 out of 10 land calls are fake, auto dial or some gentleman from overseas – or a recording that blurts, “do not hang up the phone!”

    Could be aliens.

  17. Anyone notice that sites all talk about these “cookie policies” all of a sudden? That is a very alien notion to me.

  18. Truth be told, if I want to eyeball aliens, I just have to go to my town.

    Ours don’t fly at Mach 1, however. They can barely drive and seem to prefer out of state plates.

  19. Years ago, in Westchester County, New York – there were a flurry of “UFO sightings”. Turned out to be a bunch of ultra-light aircraft guys with lights – flying around at night.

    Total hoax. Took the minds of those shitlib NIMBY folks off their grasping of filthy lucre for a bit, but they soon got back to plotting how to enslave the nation’s youth in ‘college loan’ debt.

    Too bad that last part was not the hoax, instead of the first.

  20. Grew up with all the stories of abductions and seeing aliens running around in forests and roads. Always assumed if they were real, some guy named Verle would had hauled one to the check staton during season to ask the Man if he’d just wasted his deer tag.

  21. The appearance of UFO videos purportedly from military sources during the previous year corresponds precisely to the rollout of the new Space Command branch of the US armed forces. Helps to justify the billions of dollars required for this effort by spicing up a little fear of alien invasion in the US taxpayer. Of course, the real reason for Space Command is playing catch up to Chinese space militarization.

  22. Knew a guy who worked at a government lab in the Midwest. He said they had a place everyone called the “dead alien room”. Rows and rows of pad locked chest freezers with a 24/7 armed guard. One morning they came to work, the door was standing open and the room had been cleared out. There was never any explanation.

      • The two most interesting bits I’ve seen on this:

        A tiny local paper in Iowa reported on a crop circle. One problem- the grasses inside had been braided together. Braided.

        In 1999, I think, the official US Navy website showed an ongoing video for three days, then eliminated it.

        A telecom satellite showed an indistinct picture, as it was several thousand miles away in geosynchronous orbit, but still the closest they could get.

        What it showed was a long rectangle, huge, hovering about 80 miles above the Bay Area. For at least three days.

        • Almost as freaky as bovine mutilations.
          “The events have certainly had no lack of media coverage, leading to a host of crazy conjectures ranging from Bigfoot to government corruption. The popular opinion, however, seems to be extraterrestrial activity – sneaky aliens coming down to Earth, mutilating livestock and creeping back to their UFOs, tote bags full of souvenir cow penises. Another widespread speculation is the involvement of Satanic cults.

          Interestingly enough, according to local experts, this may be the most likely theory.”

          • Or… the Chupacabra!

            It’s what Nevada test radiation does to jackalopes. Just like Bikini Island did to turtle eggs and Godzilla.

  23. There’s a book by Dr Carl-Gustaf Jung that explains what he thought the UFO craze was. It’s called “Memories, Dreams, & Reflections.” It’s a collection of essays on this and that. As I recall (having read it 30-odd years ago), it involves some psychological need that expresses itself in these visions of UFOs and visitations by ETs. Interesting stuff. As good an explanation as any I’ve seen; probably better.

    • Not to be a meanie, but that sounds like the academic equivalent of “deplorables are stupids.”

      Me, I don’t buy into the ideas of mass hysterias or mass hallucinations or even mass panics. I do buy into bad information as the usual cause, though.

      (Not denying Jung was trying hard.
      I’m such a party pooper.)

      • Never downplay mass hysteria, I had an experience with one. In the department one day, I got message from a female staffer that she felt sick and it was due to something in the air. This concerned me since we had a lot of heavy duty computing and electrical equipment on the floor, including a good sized computer room. I checked it out and could smell nothing, nor could any of my staff and faculty. We were all on the same floor in different offices and shared the same air.

        Soon afterwards, I was bombard with messages and personal visits from most of the other remaining female clerical staff in the department. Same vague symptoms of headaches, nausea, and “electrical” smell. I suspected ozone, but could not find anyone outside of those few staff members in the *same* office area with those complaints. Some started going home sick.

        I called risk management and they sent over a team with equipment to analyze the air. Nothing registered suspicious. They were baffled as well. However, this was serious. They would need to close up the department, possibly shutting off the equipment should a “cause” not be found. We went over to the fresh air intake and it was set to normal—about 15% new air per hour IIR. I said let’s set in to 25%. We did. I then sent email to everyone that the “cause had been found, fresh air intake reset, and problem eliminated”’. Next day everyone came back to work and there was never another word said about the “problem”.

        Had I said, “it’s all in your imagination”, or “we analyzed the air, found nothing” I suspect we’d have never headed off the rash of “illness” that spread.

  24. The proof I have that aliens exist is the fact that I don’t recognize half the population of the USA as being human.

  25. The hardest part for me is believing that aliens would come all this way and then spend all their time futzing around doing nothing in particular, other than occasionally putting on a light show or maybe sticking a probe up someone’s butt.

    Much easier to believe this is just another case of selective reporting. Not malicious or conspiratorial in this case; just people ignoring a zillion instances where nothing strange happened and reporting one where it did, forgetting that if you have a zillion instances there are always going to be a few where something strange appears to have happened, whether or not anything actually did.

    To tie it in with Z, the media zealously reports instances where white cops shoot unarmed blacks and ignore those where they shoot unarmed whites, leading to the impression that such things never happens to white people, and therefore must be about race when they happens to blacks.

    • The hardest part for me is believing that aliens would come all this way and then spend all their time futzing around doing nothing in particular, other than occasionally putting on a light show or maybe sticking a probe up someone’s butt

      Douglas Adams’ explanation is that it’s basically drunk teenagers fcuking with humans for a lark.

  26. Would everyone please desist from using the racist and hateful word “aliens”. They are Unidentified Migrants.

  27. No doubt some government employees are lucky dimwits, but they’re relatively harmless compared to the criminally corrupt sociopaths that use the platform of government service to rob the US taxpayer blind. I’ll take a dimwit over a Clinton Corruptocrat every time. If there are space aliens, maybe they can save us from the professional politician.

  28. Some UFO stuff is undoubtedly PsyOps but people have reported encounters with “goblins” well back into the Middle Ages and the things that go on in those encounters is basically what happens in abduction claims.

    Some like Jacques Vallee think it could be a spiritual phenomenon or hyper dimensional rather than in UFO parlance nuts and bolts.

    That said Q type plotting and being ruled by dimwits is far from mutually exclusive.

    • ab;
      Interesting that nobody up to now and yourself linked the UFO phenom to the Q Comms. phenom. To me they seem somewhat related, having a strong element of wish casting that assumes super competent G Men working under cover.

      Both are too vast to simply be LARPs. And if they are Psyops, whose are they_? If true, both entail large conspiracies, but UFO’s been going on a lot longer than Q, which supposedly started in 2017.

      FTR (for the record), I suspend belief in both: Could be true but seem unlikely is my current position, FWTW (for whatever that’s worth).

      • “both entail large conspiracies”

        Well, somebody’s pouring millions into making the History Channel unwatchable.
        This stuff ain’t cheap, ya know.

  29. A decent chunk of UFOs are just US planes, like the original flying saucers. As for bright, immaterial lights moving fast, that doesn’t seem like a vehicle of any type, more like some sort of unexplained energy. Unless aliens are energy beings.

  30. A FTL-drive is theoretically possible within the boundaries of known physics. You compress space in front of you and extend it again in the back. You don’t actually move faster than light, but the end result is the same, except no relativistic side-effects like change in relative time speeds. Requires supernova-levels of energy though, so it’s not something you’re going to see out of SpaceX any day soon.

    Shielding your flesh cargo is the least of the problems you’re faced with – that is even possible with existing technology.

  31. Back in the day you didn’t want anyone to know you had seen something. You’d get people doing the swirled finger around their head. I know, I know, I was driving the highway between Roswell and San Antonio NM late one night, and… Cliché right? Never mind, unexplained visual phenomena are dime a dozen.

    I’m voting for the aliens are running the system and they were shipped here for being too stupid for the home world.

    • Attention, carbon-based units!

      Our Silicon Overlords are too stupid to get GPS to work right.

      How the heck are the machines going to take over the world with the Tardinator?

  32. Meh. The UFO/Industrial Complex has always exuded a pseudo-religious aura. “Can more space aliens than angels dance on the head of a pin? Enquiring minds want to know!”

  33. It we’re talking about UFOs it must be potpourri day. All topics are on the table. It’s open-line Thursday!

    Somehow I recently recalled that a piano player got a NYC ticker-tape parade when I was a kid. Looked it up: van Cliburn, for winning a big competition in the USSR, in 1958 when the Cold War was a big deal. (I ‘helped’ my dad dig our fallout shelter a couple of years later, inspired by the Cuban missile crisis. My dad was a nuke-tester at the test site near Vegas and knew the score.)

    Anyway, the point is, the list of those who have received the honor of a ticker-tape parade summarize our plight neatly. They used to go politicians, of course, but that’s stopped because of our divisions. Howard Hughes got one for flying around the world, in 1938. A ship’s crew that had rescued another ship. An explorer of Antarctica. Lots of astronauts.

    The last one that wasn’t for sportsball was more than twenty years ago, for John Glenn, a senator of course who had recently gone into space again on the Pork Barrel Express, I mean the Shuttle.

    Surprisingly, there haven’t been a lot of obvious diversity plays. Mandela got one in 1990, before he was a head of state.

    And don’t think these things have stopped. There was one last year for the girls’ kickball team.

  34. Weird, green-skinned alien creatures don’t need high-tech cloaking devices or camouflage. They can just turn up at Heathrow airport and blend in.

    In fact, that’s probably their gateway. Nobody has noticed.

  35. First, I think that the obsession with UFOs is a manifestation of the innate human longing for the divine. It also presents our ruling class a way to distract the masses from the real crimes with conspiracy theories and other nonsense. From what I know about Area 51, storming that area would’ve been a very stupid idea.

    I know engineers at our company who’ve done work there and they told me some of the security measures for those with top secret clearances are almost too fantastic to be believed. And the security operators there are all ex-Delta Force/SEAL/Force Recon types with very non-restrictive Rules of Engagement who have no compunction for making your lips kiss concrete at best and deadly force at worst.

    As for whether I care if aliens visited us, I think any species that developed FTL travel and a means for survival in the hostile expanses of deep space would view humanity as we view cockroaches or ants and would act accordingly. Their weaponry would make Star Trek/Star Wars look like flintlock muskets.

    They’d likely slaughter us with biological weapons and take our planet if need be. I just don’t see a Star Trek-based scenario where they have a non-interference directive and are merely curious about a primitive species.

    • They are probably like Marvin Martian, and wanted to destroy Earth because it obstructs their view of Pluto, but backed off when the sympatico aliens living among us as our scientific elite demoted Pluto from full planet status. Explains why they demoted it.

    • Our government, ready to kill to protect access to Area 51 but doesn’t give a dann about who or what (suitcase nuke) walks across our southern border.

  36. The Reptilians got here decades ago.

    I can never reconcile the stupidity and incompetence I see around me with the brilliance that must exist in some government agencies such as NASA to create voyager or how they landed on that comet or to invent MRI. I bet these were all Hillary voters too, lol.

    I think life is probably pretty common in the universe. I bet every few solar systems has a planet where complex macromolecules or bacteria level life has formed. But I bet large complex life is rare, and intelligent life even rarer, probably occurring once or twice per galaxy owing to the complex heating and cooling patterns that have tempered life over the eons. So the distances involved and interfering debris would make it impossible we would ever meet. Also, what eon did they exist in ? We have only been electromagnetically aware for eighty years really.

    Steve sailer had this funny theory that intelligent life doesn’t last very long because it becomes “woke” and dysgenics itself out of existence. I believe that. The axial age started at about the same time all over the globe.

    • I have to believe that the average “shelf life” of intelligent beings is impossibly short, in cosmic terms. Short of robots with neither emotions nor non-linear decision making in choices with incomplete information, how could it be otherwise? The freedom to think and make choices is filled with fatal bad decisions, always. As a culture, we have managed to avoid that sort of thing for a little while, and that, in itself, is an anomaly. If the drones visiting us are extraterrestrial in origin, they are likely operated by either robots, or by no-one at all, as their host population is probably extinct.

      • That’s an interesting idea. AI drones which have outlasted their biological creators’ lives. They’re reporting back to a civilization long extinct! That’s a great sci-fi story!

      • Taking my own idea further, a justification of monarchy or other forms of divine right or despotic rule is that the rest of us simply don’t make good decisions, and we will kill ourselves off, if we are allowed unfettered decision-making. Instead, our anointed rulers will make better decisions in the name of all of us. Now go out there and look at who is in charge of things, and tell me that they are in any mental condition to make “good” decisions…

        • Centuries ago, perhaps the people who clawed their way to the top were superior in decision making and such. But HBD science would never support the concept of passing on the top position to one’s offspring. Too much variance wrt skill sets inherited. Of course, today’s electoral process seems to select candidates with only one common skill set—the ability to tell sweet lies. 🙁

          • Compsci, the frustration to me is that it is not about sweet (politically motivated) lies. It is that people somehow have lost the ability to observe batshit crazy and/or advanced senility for what it is, or have lost the common sense to consider it disqualifying for positions of power. We are led by people who one would never loan the car keys to, nor would we allow children to be unsupervised in their care for even five minutes. And yet…

          • Here, here, Dutch. I—too my continuing consternation—observed a decline is my faculties at the age of 60. There are workarounds, like sleeping on decisions for a day or two. But I no longer am as cocksure as I once was on figuring things out at a glance.

            When I hear these Dem candidates or office holders talk on the stump, I tremble to think they might have power. When I screw up, it just costs me money to hire someone to get it fixed, or I suffer the criticism/rebuke of this group. I can live with that.

    • Why haven’t you tried to conquer and colonize the ant hill in your backyard yet? What gives!? Or if they are even more advanced why haven’t you conquered the microbes living in the rain puddle yet?

        • TLS, we have had enough “country building” exercises in recent decades to last multiple lifetimes. I figure, let the Zimbabweans do their thing, whatever it is, for a while, and leave us entirely out of it. Now if mercenaries want to do what it is that they like to do, have at it, but I’d rather the rest of us just hold their coats.

    • I read an explanation once — they haven’t try to conquer us because they are actually *us* travelling back from the future to observe us/their ancestors and prevent us from killing each other off in a nuclear event. Hmmm…

      • I heard a show where humans are so numerous, they get off the shuttle in remote villages in back-country Russia or Paraguay, put on Earth clothes, and go a-touristing.

        The locals all know, so they don’t say anything, just like a cartel town in Mexico or a smugglers town in Greece.

    • It’s a cloud that shines divine light. Given that the picture is of Jesus and Mary, makes sense.

      • No doubt. Although the artist clearly knew how to paint clouds as there are many in the larger version of the painting. (I’m just posting in the spirit of the thread.)

  37. “The real psyop is covering up the fact that we are ruled by lucky dimwits.”

    Or that we are ruled by predatory psychopaths who run and easily cover up successful blackmail operations involving underage children (Finders, Dutroux, Epstein, Franklin/Craig Spence, etc.) The UFO nonsense is clearly a mass distraction exercise, but what is being elided is so monstrous that widespread comprehension of the nature of our “owners” must be avoided at all costs.

  38. “If we are being visited by aliens, it means they solved the problem of carbon based life forms living in space for long periods without being destroyed by radiation.”

    This is a large and not entirely necessary assumption. Since we are in the realm of speculative super-fiction they could just as easily be silicon based or even energy based having long since separated from the ‘decaying meat robot’ that we are all shackled into. If they are either their lifespan would be measured in orders of magnitude higher than humans so tens of thousands of years would be trivial.

    Likewise, we already know of tech that can ‘fold space’ and nullify gravity as well as other exotic super physics. The limiter is energy. If a race had figured out how to harness anti-matter in large quantity they could do these things as trivially as you flicking on a light switch. I could go on but you get the idea, a race a million years older than humans that managed to survive would basically be gods for all intents & purposes.

    I am also of the opinion of a few other commenters that these may be higher dimensional beings who don’t have to ‘travel’ far at all. There are significant Biblical and historical references to what would appear to be higher beings. At the time Angels seemed like a good idea for them because of limited scientific knowledge. Likewise, these ‘craft’ could simply be crude tools for physical science projects and there is a good chance they would also be testing our reaction to limited exposure. Much in the way we would expose mice to varying stimuli and record their reaction. It is clear whatever they are, hostility isn’t their deal because in any of the above scenarios obliterating all life would be about as easy as us exterminating a bug colony.

    Lastly, another theory we got some visual exposure to from Prometheus (and a couple other films) is that we are their direct creation so they have a vested interest in monitoring their little ‘experiment’ (likely one of many). Given our own similar projects and experiments this doesn’t seem unreasonable and also given the insane rate of progress and complexity from single cell organism to a functional human being it is at least as probably as ‘random genetic mutations’ of Darwinian Theory.

    I’ve seen most of these pilots interviews they are not fruitcakes they are highly credible and many won’t even talk about it because they -understand- that to do so makes people automatically label you a wingnut.

    • “I’ve seen most of these pilots interviews they are not fruitcakes they are highly credible and many won’t even talk about it because they -understand- that to do so makes people automatically label you a wingnut.”

      Dude, I don’t doubt a lot of these guys saw something weird during their tenures as pilots, but in current clown world all these supposed witnesses to UFOs still feeling suppressed and unable to “come forth” because society won’t take them serious is some BS. Public interest in this crap is huge.

    • “Likewise, we already know of tech that can ‘fold space’ and nullify gravity as well as other exotic super physics.” We really don’t. We have *some* theories that imagine that maybe these things are possible, but there is no experimental evidence of these theories at all.

  39. Another option entertained By C.G. Jung in his book “Flying Saucers,” was whether UFOs were a (single or mass) hallucination manifesting an interior psychological state.

    • That’s what we call “a miss”.
      Credentialism. Bah, humbug.

      Jung’s ideas of gestalt and dreams are better informed by the idea that we’re all leaky radios. He didn’t know enough radio science.

  40. It sure keeps people from noticing the Mexicans pouring across the border, or the new Section 8 apartment building being built in the tidy, white neighborhood.

  41. Two small quibbles:
    I prefer to think of something that is not of modern human origins as “extra”, whether extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional, or extra-civilizational (e.g., an ancient civilization from one of the ice ages or previous ice age interregnums), or something else.

    “…conquered the physical problem of traveling between galaxies” – you probably mean stellar systems.

  42. The late 80’s and the first Gulf War really enhanced the US government’s credibility. The economy was moving after the 70’s stagflation, the internet was just taking off, and the US military won decisively against what many considered a competent opponent with good Soviet equipment. That made shows like the X-Files seem plausible. No one today would believe that show.

    We know very little about our world and the universe. I am also willing to wager a lot of what we do know is wrong and even what is correct is only right up to a certain point.

  43. “The real psyop is covering up the fact that we are ruled by lucky dimwits.” Bingo. This is why all real historians (as opposed to the dorks who teach it in our schools) are hardcore conservatives. You could write the history of any major event as “stupid people making the dumbest possible decisions” and not go too far wrong. In fact, that’s one of the linchpins of my argument for going back to monarchy — at least you’ve only got one idiot in charge, who is dumb in (relatively) predictable ways. Democracy, though, is branch-chain idiocy — it gives a lot more stupid people a lot more scope to act stupidly.

    • The problem with our leadership is deceit and graft. The stupidity is just an extra bonus. IMHO the leaders preferred stupid underlings, in part to protect their own “skim” operations, by making sure the junior guys were either too stupid to recognize it, or could be more easily intimidated if they started to squawk. Now the stupid underlings have inherited the mantle of power, and, man, we are all screwed. Angelo Codevilla has a great piece out today. Read it with this in mind, and it all makes sense, and is really very sad, in the end.

  44. I can’t wait until we develop the technology to survive travel across unimaginable distances, at God knows what expense, so that we can play hide-and-seek when we get there. That will be a big return on investment.

  45. Assuming that there are aliens and UFOs, it would be pretty reasonable to reckon that they are interested in our planet, not in us. They probably consider us a minor curiosity or a nuisance.

    Think of the time-window problem. What we call recognizable human civilization has only been around for about 10,000 years, on a planet full of air, water and resources that has been around for billions of years. And humans have only even been technologically capable of noticing alien aircraft for about 70 years. What are the odds that they would undertake a complex interstellar or intergalactic journey and wind up here in exactly just the historical eyeblink in which we were able to spot them? Either they’ve already been exploring this place for a very long time and we didn’t know, or else they just found a nice ripe planet and they don’t care that we’re here.

    As aliens go, they’re probably much more like that other problem with aliens that we have: Muhammad, Pradeesh, Ching-Chao, Jorge, Ibrahim, Shlomo and N’Mdubwe are not in the least bit interested in being Americans, they are interested in brushing us aside and having this place for themselves. The Jews started privately discussing among themselves the best way to take it from us the minute they got here. Everyone on the planet views us as a bunch of weak, naive rubes, too stupid, soft and well-meaning to defend what is obviously the tastiest piece of real estate there is, just theirs for the taking. If you left your Rolls Royce parked in the street with the doors open and the keys in the ignition, it would be gone in under 10 minutes. Which is what we’ve done. It took us 300 years to build this country, and we’ve given it away in 30.

    I guess the space aliens must be Eco-tourists or maybe they’re just making a documentary, or else they would have conquered us by now. Shlomo, Pradeesh and Chang have conquered us without firing a shot, and they don’t even have interstellar technology.

    • Don’t mistake a good mood for being soft.
      We did not just get lucky and inherit great real-estate. It’s great because we made it great. If by some great accident of history we were instead in Africa, the rest of the peoples would be bitching that we just got lucky by inheriting Africa.
      There is no magic dirt.

      • There are maybe three dozen out of 200 odd countries in the world with some semblance of acceptably corrupt government. The number of those not rooted in Northern Europe can be counted on the fingers of one foot (can’t discriminate against the aliens, can we?)

    • Maybe the space aliens are just spending the day at the zoo, zooming around and taking a look at the wildlife. Lion Country Safari had the drive-through zoo thing nailed, years ago.

    • What they are in the description is little translucent tic-tacs. They go impossibly fast and turn at impossible angles. I too am inclined to believe they are actually being seen. Navy pilots are not playing pranks with their FLIR cameras. I don’t think they are physical craft. Some kind of glitch in the matrix, beyond my ability to comprehend, seems more likely. Time distortion, holographic anomalies, artifacts of whatever celestial graphics engine this reality is using.

    • Perhaps the advanced beings come from a planet not saddled with semites and negroes, and were thus able to develop themselves and their sciences to the point of space travel. Imagine them studying us over the years, noting at one point, Look, the caucasian beings have developed early space travel! Will they continue on that road or take the other road, embracing and bringing the semites and negroes into their societies? Uh oh, looks like that’s the end of the caucasian advancement… and, holy cow, maybe even their existence!

    • The idea of aliens coming here to steal our delicious resources is an old sci-fi trope but like everything Hollywood and the media sell us it’s nonsense. Take the idea of aliens stealing the Earth’s water. It seems plausible because water in liquid form is rare in the solar system requiring a combination of decent pressure and relatively high temperature. If all you need is water though, there’s more water just on Jupiter’s moon Europa than in all the Earth’s oceans. We can’t get that water but aliens with starships certainly can. It doesn’t matter that it’s frozen. They can harvest it as ice and move it where they need it and melt it. Actually they don’t even need Europa’s water. The evidence suggests that there are trillions of planets and moons in our galaxy and many of them would have oceans too. Wherever the aliens are from, they probably have a better supply of water closer than here. The same goes for all other mineral resources too. The Earth and its atmosphere is made of VERY common stuff and anyone with spacecraft capable of interstellar travel has many closer sources for all of it.

      If aliens want anything on Earth it’s almost certainly something specific to the Earth’s lifeforms, perhaps us, but it could really be anything. Maybe they’re fascinated by fungus or whales or something. Oddly, this is one case where the sensational stories about aliens abducting and probing people make more sense than seemingly more rational motives for them.

      • Maybe earth is the extraterrestrials’ version of Epstein’s island – fly here on a private craft, grab some bizzare nonconsentual illicit nookie and head back to the mainland. Maybe its their version of Mossad operating the venture, thus allowing the primitives to make compromising records of the visits…

        • What you can learn about the motives of extraterrestrials (or even other humans) is largely limited to their rational motives. So we can know the aliens are probably not here to steal our water – unless, say, they have a weird religion in which the Earth’s water alone is “holy” in some fashion because in their sky our sun makes the top point of the water symbol in their astrological system. Then all that stuff I said above is moot.

  46. Maybe the aliens have their own problems with their Strzok/Page equivalents flipping the cloaking switch “off” while humping on the control panel. But have met and worked with enough ex-Navy and Air Force pilots to believe they are not excitable observers.

    • The question is are they honest? I know it’s unpatriotic to ask. All our service members are Dudley Do Right.

      • That is always a question. But regardless, OODA is drilled into them in training. Two were F-14 drivers on carriers.

  47. I worked with a young guy in the nineties. He had been in the air force and after he got out for a short time he was a security guard. he got a job guarding the trash dump in south Dade county (Miami) near Homestead. Locals call the dump Mount Trashmore as it is one of the highest elevated points in South Florida. He said one night a large silent black triangular craft floated overhead. As it went by very low reeds and grasses shook below it and some of the dry parts caught on fire. He said what was even odder was the Homestead Air Force base Fire crew and truck came out to the dump in minutes and put out the fire. the area is completely deserted and he did not call in the fire.

    • This backs my suspicion that we have some military drone tech that can move hypersonically, but the that the gov’t wishes to keep secret.

  48. Going out on a limb here but as a Christian and one who believes in the metaphysical.
    There is the possibility this is another dimension we are seeing?
    The book of Acts describes Christ ascending into the clouds and disappearing. If this in fact what a human eye saw accordingly to the Christian faith then we know that there is nothing beyond the clouds except space. No Heaven up there.
    But if Christ disappeared into another dimension?
    And there are windows occasionally into and out of that dimension?
    Just sayin.
    It makes as much sense at this point as anything else.

      • I upvoted you Epaminondas because that is such a great example of what happens when the actual experience the mind is having collides with belief

      • C.S. Lewis, in his “Space Trilogy” novels, appeared to think that other worlds were insulated from the Fall in Eden. When I read those books years ago, I had the impression that Earth had been isolated from Mars and Venus, for example, to prevent the spread of rebellion against the Most High – within the context of the novels.

      • Good question, I will answer from a Catholic theological perspective and my limited understanding.

        1. Assuming that either the aliens are a different species, they would not be borne into Original Sin like humans.

        2. Possessing free will however, they could still choose to do evil thus would either be sentenced to damnation like Lucifer and his followers or would need a redeemer depending on whether the nature of the aliens is more like angels or humans.

        3. I do not believe their own redeemer would be necessary given Christ’s death. Sin is infinitely offensive to a God who perfectly just. Being created and therefore finite, creatures are unable to satisfy that justice. Hence the reason that Christ took the penalty upon Himself. This sacrifice was made for once and all time. Since it satisfies the infinite and perfect justice of God, there is no reason why Christ’s death would not atone for the hypothetical sins of hypothetical aliens.

  49. “Others could simply be anomalies that have a boring technical explanation, so no one bothers with them.”

    From New Scientist Sept 1983:

    Triboluminescense is a more likely candidate of UFO phenomenon than piezoelectricity. TLS is the emission of visible radiation due to frictional forces (in the solid earth); it is in effect a cold-light emission, a visible radiation that is due primarily to some cause other than temperature. TLS produces light by causing electrons to to jump from higher to a lower energy levels by frictional forces…have also noted that friction producing light in samples of rock-crystal and granite is undiminished under water and enhanced in an atmosphere enriched with negative ions…to such a degree that the merest touching of a crystal (under pressure) will produce a subtle glow. A starting point is that most minerals are themselves reservoirs of free electrons.  Igneous and metamorphic rocks are largely made up of crystals that formed under extreme temperatures and pressures. The friction is due to the shifting of tectonic plates.

  50. They could be from different time streams not different planets. No need for lights speed problem to be solved. They could be mechanicals drones sent to explore the universe.

    • That’s my thinking, drones. Whoever they are don’t ride in them, and they really don’t care if we see the drones or not, what’s it to them if we do? They are just looking around like Google Maps cars do.

      • Hmm! Good one!

        No crews, no worry about the length of time involved.

        As long as they don’t start dropping of self-replicating von Neuman packages, that is.

  51. NASA has become a gibs program for the highly educated and plagued by diversity. It is incapable of doing anything spectacular and has been for a very long time. Even when they do something, they set the bar really low so that they can exceed the artificially low expectation. After being stuck in low earth orbit for a few decades, we can’t even do that anymore.

    SETI might be a better place to look for aliens. If SETI or some other set of ears ever does come across some alien chatter, it could very well be from a civilization that is long gone. But if it could be pinpointed, we could listen to and maybe even watch movies of a civilization playing out its final demise, perhaps the last 50 years of its existence. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we learned the blue haired ones suddenly got blue-guilt about the red-haired ones and their civilization slowly goes dark as the red-haired ones won power over their civilization, not through conquest, but by affirmative action programs.

  52. I don’t know how much if anything I believe about UFOs but I do know this, there is nothing you could say the government was hiding from us that I wouldn’t at least consider.

  53. Did anyone watch/listen to the Joe Rogan episode about this? He had a guy on who apparently worked at a not-so-secret airbase where they had like 9 alien craft. I got a weird vibe from that interview…like he was there to misdirect bugmen into thinking about secret alien encounters and advanced American tech. The interview lasted 2 hours but he didn’t say much…he kept complaining about a migraine, and the interview arc had a lot of build-up but no interesting reveals. (Rogan of course kept going off on silly tangents.) For example, he wow-just-wowed the technology, but he never said how people were able to pilot the craft. At the end of the interview, I considered that he was a deep-state plant.

    • You’re thinking of Bob Lazar. He’s been around since the late 80’s. I’ve never found him terribly credible and the guy he went on Rogan with is an absolute joke.

      Don’t watch Lazar’s Netflix doc, it’s garbage.

      • Ah, Joe “DMT” Rogan. He’s fun to listen to, like Alex Jones, if you don’t take him seriously.

    • Joeprah definitely has a strange gatekeeping NLP vibe to me.

      Its could just be that he knows his audience and their intellectual constraints and the long format require the sorts of tangent and rabbit hole rhythm he can’t seem to avoid.

      Mushrooms. MMA. Ayahuasca. Bow hunting. Sell dick pills. repeat.

      • I was calling him ‘Joe Rogaine’ but now I shall call him ‘Joeprah’ if that’s alright with you

  54. If things ever get bad enough for the “Deep State” (how I hate that term) and they feel like they might lose, their ace in the hole to ensure they hang onto power is a fake alien invasion.

  55. “The two possible explanations for the evidence are that it is the result of some completely unknown natural phenomenon or it is space aliens.” There’s also a third option: there are supernatural dimensions beyond our physical senses, and occasionally metaphysical beings make entrances into our natural world. So these phenomena don’t necessarily come from alien planets. The Christian religion (specifically Paul) speaks of “cosmic powers” at war … so possibly UFOs are an occasional manifestation? I’m persuaded the answers are to be found in metaphysics, not physics.

    My father and I both saw UFOs while at sea, about 30 years apart in different oceans. Completely inexplicable.

      • Not much detail from my Dad … in the Pacific, far/far away from airfields and suddenly bright lights moving at rapid speed with quick directional changes. Their radar (although ancient by today’s standards) picked up nothing. After about a minute – poof – gone.

        I was in the Caribbean, 1980s, well within range of airports, carriers, etc. No Notice to Mariners or Notice to Airmen broadcasts in our area. Our surface and air-search radars energized … we weren’t sailing in company. Lookout reported light off the beam, low target-angle (altitude in degrees off the horizion), rapid directional changes. Everyone on the bridge saw it; first on the port side, then on the starboard side, while ship was on constant course/speed. Nada on radar. Called the Captain from deep slumber … by the time he got to the bridge it was gone. We didn’t file a report (I think the Captain wanted to make Admiral.)

        Not much excitement to the stories but it was enough to persuade me there are many inexplicable things in our world.

        • Capn;
          For the benefit of nor-mil readers: Here’s one reason why your ship Capt. likely didn’t report the sighting, despite its being confirmed by multiple reliable witnesses, is definitely having to do with the promotion board to Admiral.

          That is, these are really *non-promotion* boards, meaning that board members are looking at a lot more apparently fully qualified promotion files that there are promotion openings. So anything in any file that would enable those board members to ‘throw the file on the floor’, i.e. pass over somebody, in clear conscience is most welcome. Reporting a UFO sighting would definitely qualify as such a thing, even if they believed it themselves.

          • Al – Yep. I sat on promotion boards and saw the sausage being made. You’re correct shipmate!

            The other thing is the context of the 1980s … in a weird way it was a lot like today. Anything remotely military-minded that wasn’t understood was blamed on Soviet malfeasance. We thought their military was incredibly advanced (not quite true), and their spy ships were everywhere (quite true.) So another reason our Captain didn’t report the UFO – he probably thought it was Soviet shenanigans and didn’t want to advertise that he’d been caught unawares. It’s always the Russians, eh?

        • I was fortunate enough to see something too- a vertical drop of a couple thousand feet to a sudden standstill in air, then lateral acceleration to over the horizon in about 4 seconds.

          Can’t use it, any of it, so I refuse to have an opinion.

          I think the Zman has deftly explained the History Channel, though. Ye gods.

          And the Travel Channel too! They’ve gone full ghostbusters, can’t let people see the Nice Places ruined by diversity customers.

      • Bruce Charlton theorizes that UFOs might be angels or demons.
        “My main hypothesis is that UFOs are part of the spiritual warfare between angels and demons; and how this is manifested to certain people in certain circumstances. However, the matter is of UFOs nearly always discussed in a materialist (and unChristian/ anti-Christian) context. In other words, some UFO phenomena are probably angels (or made by them) while others are demonic…Many millions of people very quickly developed strong and detailed beliefs in alien existence, contact, communication and plans that were based on no more than hearsay and dishonest mass media accounts, or (more rarely) on very ambiguous personal experiences of strange phenomena.
        And this happened at such a large scale and so rapidly, because modern people find aliens possible (no matter how unlikely); while angels (and demons) are ruled-out a priori – because the metaphysical Christian beliefs that make sense of angels and demons are nowadays (generally and officially) regarded with bored disdain or loathing.”

        • Egads. That’s like people who abuse the word “dimensions”, which is properly width, height, length, time, etc.

    • I saw one in the Jersey Pine Barrens. It was kind of a like helicopter, but with a lot of lights. It was just overhead for at least 10 miles driving down the road and flying pretty low too, but it was at night. To this day I have no idea what it was, but I am also pretty sure there is an air force base in the general area. It was certainly unidentified to me.

      • Tars;
        NJ Pine Barrens airbase: McGuire AFB. Also an Army Base: Ft Dix. Probably an Army chopper on a night exercise, if it was a chopper, that is.

        Fun fact: Wife and I were driving through the area back in the day. We started seeing the flora that seem to define Army bases world-wide: Sand, saw grass, scrub pines, etc. I said, “If I didn’t know better I’d swear that there ‘s an Army base nearby”. Topped a hill and saw a sign pointing to Ft. Dix 3 miles away.

  56. There is plenty of evidence to indicate that the Soviets took UFOs pretty seriously back in the Cold War, so whatever this phenomenon is, its international. Aliens would seem to be a pretty unlikely explanation, but it’s obviously some real physical phenomenon; I mean, with the proliferation of cameras everywhere, sightings of things like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster have diminished to near zero, but UFOs have been captured on camera many, many times. And of course, if it is aliens, this changes everything. Even a small possibility of this requires careful investigation.

    • From the interwebs:

      ” So far, astronomers have found more than 500 solar systems and are discovering new ones every year. Given how many they have found in our own neighborhood of the Milky Way galaxy, scientists estimate that there may be tens of billions of solar systems in our galaxy, perhaps even as many as 100 billion. ”

      500 solar systems? To me that seems like a high enough number to give good odds that there is actually life out there somewhere.

      Tens of billions of solar systems? That would seem to almost guarantee that there is life out there somewhere. So now you’re down to calculating the odds that any of that life has become sufficiently advanced enough to develop interstellar travel. And that number probably also guarantees that at least some small number of those life forms have become very highly advanced.

      We already know that technological advances feed on each other. And at least in humans, if technological advancement stalls – or in some cases even goes away entirely , it’s due to political/economic/religious causes.
      (how long was concrete unknown to human civilization – even though the Romans used it extensively?)

      If some other civilization mastered these issues – their ability to advance technologically might be unhindered for a thousand years.

      • To me that seems like a high enough number to give good odds that there is actually life out there somewhere.

        Really? What, exactly, are the odds of abiogenesis?

        • Don’t know – but caring what those odds are would depend on whether you believe in abiogenesis or not – wouldn’t it?

          • I’m not one of those whose beliefs rule out any actual empirical realities.

            Currently life exists in this universe. At one point, it did not — at least, not as we know it. That implies — no, requires — biogenesis. Whether you get to add the ‘a’ just depends on how you think that happened. The only other option is that life was created — which leads to the question of how the intelligence that created life itself originated, but the need for infinite prior causes dogs not only questions about the origin of life but the existence of anything at all, so I don’t worry about that too much.

            If someone could demonstrate abiogenesis to me, what sort of fool would I have to be to protest that I don’t believe it despite having it demonstrated right there in front of me?

            Anyway, I wasn’t the one who brought up the idea that a particular number of solar systems is a “high enough number to give good odds that there is actually life out there somewhere.” That was you. That certainly seems to imply a belief in a abiogenesis (because if it was an intentional creation, the number of solar systems would be irrelevant). So why are you turning questions of belief in abiogenesis back on me?

    • An internet search reveals Bigfoot sightings are still going strong. One of the most recent:
      “The elusive Bigfoot creature continues being spotted throughout diverse regions of the United States. According to never-before-released data from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the state of Washington ranks as the world’s most active Bigfoot region with 2,032 alleged Sasquatch sightings. California, home of the world’s most famous purported Bigfoot footage, ranks second in the nation with 1,697 encounters. Following California is Pennsylvania with 1,340 sightings and Michigan with 1,131 sightings. Rounding out the list are New York (1,068 sightings), Ohio (1.024 sightings), Oregon (1,009 sightings) and Texas, which has reported 806 sightings.”
      2019 was a record year for Nessie sightings in the 21st Century and the most since 1983.

    • Yes, we did. And this is exactly what proves Zman point about idiots in Government. After 1991, all the archives in Soviet Union were briefly open and we were shocked how dumb and irrational and out of touch our dear leaders really were. Soviet union was also interested in other paranormal stuff, they had big offices and even shaman from Siberia promoted to general of the Army. Paranormality is always sign of collapse. When our society went down first time in 1917 , we had also paranormal folk in charge,Rasputin most known.

  57. They took one look at Africa and the Middle East and said, “nope, there’s still too many savages…”

    I can’t imagine what’s going to happen if a white scientist discovers the secret to interstellar travel. Then there’s going to be the ultimate white flight to Planet Whitey. I hope there’s someone smart enough to not leave a forwarding address so our lessers can’t follow us, demanding space gibs…

    • What makes you think the first planet you find that looks like it can support human life – won’t also be full of a bunch of prehistoric savages all looking to get onto the gibs train?

      We landed in the Pacific islands and this happened:

      We figured out interstellar travel only to end up with this:

      Human beings who wanted to have their civilization survive used to understand that you needed to eliminate parasites – not run away from them.

        • We can only hope.

          Even just one planet like that would make a good destination point to get lefties to emigrate to.

          “The US/Russian Interstellar Space Travel announced today that life forms have been discovered in the Nebularis system. Initial reports indicate that the planet is populated with multiple tribes who have yet to discover how to dig a well for water. The Bill Gates fund has announced an effort to send volunteers to remedy this issue – and so far tens of thousands of volunteers have signed up from hundreds of universities worldwide”

          • Calsdad, here’s the deal. Sign ‘em all up. All the university types. They get to be pioneers! Only after launch do we let them figure out it is arranged as a one way trip…

          • I’m thinking maybe the aliens have figured out that Diversity Is Not Their Strength, so they’re shrewdly ignoring our efforts to communicate.

      • Man, that second group of cargo cultists makes the first group look really lazy!

        They’re on to something. You just just have to build your replica jet realistic enough to actually take off! Power to the struggle, hard-working cargo cultists!

    • Go read Kornbluths “The Marching Morons” for a better solution to dummies and Orcs.

      It’s really funny. Dumb people are quite easy to swindle and lie to if you do it right,.

  58. The people that make fun of my imaginary friend whom I pray to, swallow this all up.

    I can’t wait for the Nazis from their moonbase launch an all out offensive on them.
    Ironic huh? All the nazi pointing here in the U.S. for decades and they over look the most obvious place.

    BTW, you mention aliens as the only other plausible explanation. I can’t believe you missed what many know to be true, an ancient earth civilization living in the Hollow Earth. Entrance is somewhere in Antarctica. Psyops? Please.

  59. “The real psyop is covering up the fact that we are ruled by lucky dimwits.”

    If this is so, knowing it would help one endure. Thanks for cheering me up, I guess.

  60. I used to live on the Northwest edge of Las Vegas. Once in a while I’d hear sonic booms with triple or quadruple echoes. I was on an Air Team in the Marines and heard sonic booms many times – these were different, from something going much faster. I doubt it was from aliens, more likely skunk works experiments out of Nellis Air Force Base.

    • This is a real fun one! Joe Rogan interviewing Bob Lazar who according to Lazar worked at Area S4 Groom Lake 15 miles s/o Area 51, with a team deconstructing downed alien vessels and an anti-gravity device. I almost got an official looking entry decal for my car for Area S4 Groom Lake and then thought …oh crap..better not. Take away what you will. Why at the time they wanted to keep the Russians from this knowledge…if it is reality. The whole interview was great fun. Don’t bother with Corbell’s documentary….dumb and hokey.

      Basic Husband lived in that area 35 years ago. He and a friend hiked up to the rim of Groom Lake and peeked over. Saw some uber upscale private jet probably bringing in some bigwigs from McCarran Airport/Las Vegas. Then lots of activity…then BH thought time to get the hell out of here before they get thrown in the pokey.

    • Where I live, there have been loud “booms” going on for years—off and on. The Air Force base in town denies setting them off—munitions detonation or pilot training. I’ve heard both and these are different. They are recorded for a hundred miles into the barren desert and heard by many others in town and out. Local news has had reports and investigations. X-file stuff to be sure.

  61. A guy named John Keel wrote many books on this stuff and had some very interesting ideas about it all.

    • I loved John Keel as a kid in the 1970s. His theory was that the entities themselves were “ultraterrestrials” while he considered himself a “demonologist.”

      Mysterious entities such as Bigfoot, Mothman and Dogman have been seen in every state including my state of NJ. We have our own Bigfoot nicknamed Big Red Eye for its glowing red eyes. Any number of people spot a creature, yet it disappears without a trace. I believe that they properly belong to the paranormal.

      UFO researchers noticed in the 1960s the similarity between tales of individuals abducted by aliens to old tales of people abducted by fairies. Same entities, different interpretation. The entities themselves seem to choose to take shape in different ways – the angelic-looking Nordics of the 1950s versus the bulb-headed grays of the present.

      As for the craft themselves, obviously most cases involve misidentification. Any number of the triangular UFOs common in the 1980s may have been B2 bombers. As for the rest, I don’t know.

      Many women read romance novels as a form of escapism, while I ponder the Wisconsin dogman and other mysterious creatures. Plenty of podcasts and youtube videos to listen to while I work.

  62. Personally, I hope this post blows up and this blog becomes Alien stuff all the time. Can we get 400 comments?

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