The Guns Of Resistance

Today is the big pro-gun rally in Richmond Virginia. The rally is in response to the gun grabbing proposals by the newly ascendant Democrat party in the state. For the first time in a long time, Democrats gained control of all three branches of government in the last election and immediately set about implementing their fantasy agenda. Their first order of business was a series of vindictive, retributive proposals aimed at the normal population of the state, starting with guns and gun owners.

What’s going on in Virginia is a glimpse of what is coming for the country as a whole as we descend into the multicultural paradise. Virginia was a solidly normal state over the last seventy years. The politics were usually uneventful. Most issues were controlled at the local level. The state government was limited and usually run by the sorts of people, who thought that was a good thing. Once in a while a colorful governor would get his name in the paper, but otherwise politics was sober minded.

Decades of immigration have done to Virginia what it did to California, with the addition of massive Federal growth in Northern Virginia. Manufacturing and agricultural concerns have championed the importation of millions from Central America. Government has imported people from all over the country into Northern Virginia. The result has been the same sort of political shift we saw in California. The sprawling urban areas control state politics, which means the Left controls politics.

Like California, the normal population of the state did not think much about the massive influx of non-white immigrants. No one thought about the long-term impact of a million or so left-wing suburbanites from liberal strongholds moving into Washington suburbs for their government jobs. Anyone who mentioned it was hooted off the stage, if they were even allowed on the stage in the first place. It is only now that the link between demographics and politics is becoming obvious.

This dynamic where the newly arrived take over state politics will be something we see all over the South and Southwest in the coming decades. While whites will remain the majority in some cases or the largest minority in others, white solidarity remains forbidden, both practically and spiritually. As a result, the usual suspects will divide the white vote making whites the least powerful group in these states, even as the newly ascendant non-whites pass explicitly anti-white legislation.

You see some of that with the Virginia rally. The organizers are more concerned with looking good for the far-Left media covering the event. They have been telling participants to not bring things like Confederate flags to the rally. The 2A people still think abiding by liberal morality is paramount. Inevitably, the FBI will have some of their crisis actors at the event, so the media can get photos and video. The organizers will then invest their time apologizing for it.

This is a great example of the challenge dissidents face in dealing with the mass of white people in America. On the one hand, the civic nationalists make optics more important than the message. The racists and old school race-realists look at these events as a chance to reinforce the walls of their ghetto. They show up in their silly outfits waving flags in order to offend, rather than persuade. Both sides are simply acting out their Progressive conditioning.

That’s what makes effective activism difficult. These gun proposals by the Democrats are clearly aimed at spiting white people. There’s no practical point to these laws, other than to stick a finger in the eye of the sorts of people who don’t support the Left. The attacks on AR-15 ownership, for example, are about sticking it to white people, who are the people who own these sorts of sporting guns. That should be the salient point, but the emotional conditioning of whites makes that difficult.

You’ll note that there is no longer any discussion of crime on the Left with regards to gun grabbing. Even they have accepted the fact that gun crime is largely a black problem and now a Hispanic problem. Blacks and Hispanics shoot one another with handguns, not expensive sporting rifles. Despite this, the victims of these gun grabbing proposal would rather gnaw off their own arms than admit it. Generations of conditioning in anti-racism have had their desired effect.

Make no mistake about the intent. The newly formed ruling class of the multicultural South and Southwest will first disarm the white population. They don’t care about blacks and Hispanics shooting one another. They do hate white people. That’s why Virginia wants to forbid the private transfer of firearms. That’s the obnoxiously dishonest “gun show loophole” nonsense. It is the precursor to licensing and then confiscation. When every gun is accounted for, they can easily be confiscated.

Another thing you see in Virginia that will apply to the country at large is the stubborn refusal to accept reality. The people organizing resistance to these gun grabbing proposals still think America is a rule-based society. They think if they carefully abide by the rules and mobilize their supporters, they can win the political game. There’s that old civic nationalist blind-spot regarding their enemies. They think they can reason with the other side. The other side will be unmoved by all of this.

Another important angle to this is the silence from Conservative Inc. over what is happening in Virginia. Site like National Review and the Federalist have not talked about it much at all. That’s because Conservative Inc. is staffed by the urbanite bugmen that staff Progressive operations. They think guns are scary, so the issue is not relevant to their project. They are more concerned about getting Twitter followers. It’s another reminder of which side they will ultimately support.

In the end, the Virginia Democrats will pass what they like and most people will go along with it. The value to this side of the great divide is in opening up the 2A issue as another entry point to dissident politics. What’s going in Virginia would not happen in a homogeneous stable society. It is the inevitable result of cosmopolitan globalism and multiculturalism. White people don’t fear white people owning guns. It’s the people ruing over white people, who fear white people owning guns.

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291 thoughts on “The Guns Of Resistance

  1. conservatism is a defensive position. It cannot make any gains because it is not offensive. The rally in virginia is as useless as the tea parties.

  2. So, if ‘conservatives’ really do not support Trad Americans, and the left openly hates Trad Americans, and there is no voting our way out of this, and we are fooling ourselves that anything concerning politics and public policy is done by either side with the Constitution and the well being of trad Americans at heart…at what point does the shooting start?

  3. Idaho is safe.

    Oh, wait a minute, the Republican governor is giving consideration to accepting refugees. Republican politicians really like to not ruffle anyone’s feathers.

  4. Supposed to be Conservative rally aren’t Conservative at all

    it was weird parade where people lift sign Anti-Racism, Gay marriage, other stuff that ruling class feel acceptable
    it seems gun right was merely decoration

    they have to be Gun rights advocates, but can’t explain why they have to be Gun rights advocates
    people there don’t know anything anymore nor what should protect or preserve
    They even don’t know why they are there…
    this is what mainstream media called Right wing Rally

    That’s how far we have fallen and we can’t vote ourselves out of this mess
    Any suggestion?

  5. Re: “What’s going in Virginia would not happen in a homogeneous stable society. It is the inevitable result of cosmopolitan globalism and multiculturalism. White people don’t fear white people owning guns. It’s the people ruing over white people, who fear white people owning guns.”

    Gee, as a military historian, I can’t help but wonder if the fear the new would-be rulers have for those “white people owning guns” is based upon the fact that European peoples – in the vernacular, white folks – are the finest war-fighters on the planet, bar none. And the sorts of defiant Scots-Irish and other independent-minded folks who inhabit the South have been fighting and winning this nation’s wars for over two centuries.

    It is fashionable to ridicule the left’s ignorance of things related to firearms, but perhaps this is one instance when they aren’t as ignorant as they appear. Bloomberg, et al. seem unworried about blacks and Latinos have firearms, but those “dirty white boys”? They’re a different matter!

    • What’s going in Virginia would not happen in a homogeneous stable society. It is the inevitable result of cosmopolitan globalism and multiculturalism

      Yeah explains why homogeneous societies like Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Britain have such strong gun rights…..wait a minute.

  6. Jesus fucking Christ. Glenn Reynolds just came out in support of a trans-woman running for California state senate because he’s a second amendment-supporting Republican.

    “The Conservative Case for [leftist degeneracy of the day]” rears its pozzed head like clockwork.

    People there aren’t happy with me for pointing it out.

    • The fact that a trans-“man” runs as a pro-2A in CA and all the “men” cuck out tells me a lot. Pathetic

  7. To be blunt the rally accomplished nothing. Just a lot of chest thumping, d**k waving and LARPing by a bunch of diabetic fatties. It shows that a lot of gun owners are low IQ fools that are easy to gull.It was the equivalent of a barn dance.

    The Dems are playing for keeps and those gun owners think showing up for a rally will intimidate them. Won’t work. Our side fails to employ leverage so the Dems won’t listen.

    The gun owners should be taking the NRA and GOP out to the woodshed for their betrayal at the very least. They should be protesting outside the homes of the Dem legislators – make it personal the same way they do to us.

    They won’t. They won’t do anything but chest thumping and then give up their guns when the time comes.

    • d**k waving and LARPing by a bunch of diabetic fatties

      ROFLMAO, bro you owe me a new keyboard, damn it.

  8. Whitey’s waking up, which shocks and dismays our bettors who pounded so much propaganda up our ass and called it ‘education’. A relentless pounding of Jewtube mindfuck has backfired. Deep in their gut, the gringoes know the game’s rigged, they’re paying the tab for the parasites, their children’s future is grim. Corner an animal and out comes the beast.

  9. OT, a tribute for muh holiday.

    R-selected reading for this evening is from the Book of Kangz, Taylor-Francis Edition, recited in the Whitesplain verse.

    On January 15, 1929, Mike King Sr. begat Mike King Jr. In 1934, honoring tribal tradition among the Mulatto*, the Mikes, no longer liking to be like Mike, became Martin Luthers.

    Per the Book of Wiki, Mike Sr. later contextualized this jive thusly:

    While visiting sites associated with the Protestant reformation leader, Martin Luther, attendees witnessed the rise of Nazism. The BWA conference issued a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, and the senior King gained deepened appreciation for the power of Luther’s protest.

    I sh*ttest thou not, fellow Whites. The Mikes became Martin Luthers to own the Nazis b/c antisemitisms. In their defense, the ebonics edition of Vom Schem Hamphoras had yet to be released.

    I’m going to follow this example by changing my name and that of my eldest to “Tookie Williams Exile.” Take that, bigots.

    From that blessed day forward, da hustle was on.

    As the actual writings of Sam Francis and others below show, Dokka Kangz was a deviant, a drunk and a fellow-traveling Commie for good measure. Throw in a side of plagiarism – just don’t tell anyone where you got it.

    And the Wise Men among us know that hatetruth continues to spew forth from the Canceled past lo to this very day:

    Lo the hatelight of truth can pierce the holy darkness of the memory-hole, and muh Kangz. For in the Age of Kangz, the Federal Brownshirts of Israel were not yet fully Woke. While already embarked on the Holy Work of Invade-Invite, they had yet to Progress on the questions of smut & commies. Dokka was checking both boxes hard and heavy. And the fibbies penned many scrolls.

    De Sade-ist tale in history, dawgs. Or de Sadist. Take your pick – smoky or mustard-based, Dokka was macking down a nightly plate of Adam’s best short ribs.

    Whilst wading amidst the BS, be of good cheer. If the Dark Kangz can become saints in the be-clowned light of this Day of Lies, today’s despised lovers of hate can tomorrow shine in the New Sun of the history our children will write.

    All we have to do is win first.

    * See also Barry Dunham-Sotero

    • The Plagiarism wasn’t just a line here and a phrase there (from James Edwards’ article):

      ” Journalist Theodore Pappas, who has also reviewed the collection, found one paper showing “verbatim theft” in 20 of a total of 24 paragraphs. He writes:

      “King’s plagiarisms are easy to detect because their style rises above the level of his pedestrian student prose. In general, if the sentences are eloquent, witty, insightful, or pithy, or contain allusions, analogies, metaphors, or similes, it is safe to assume that the section has been purloined.”

      King also plagiarized himself, recycling old term papers as new ones. Some of his professors complained about sloppy references, but they seem to have had no idea how extensively he was stealing material, and his habits were well established by the time he entered the PhD program at Boston University. King plagiarized one-third of his 343-page dissertation, the book-length project required to earn a PhD, leading some to say he should be stripped of his doctoral degree. Mr. Pappas explains that King’s plagiarism was a lifelong habit:

      “King’s Nobel Prize Lecture was plagiarized extensively from works by Florida minister J. Wallace Hamilton; the sections on Gandhi and nonviolence in his ‘Pilgrimage’ speech were taken virtually verbatim from Harris Wofford’s speech on the same topic; the frequently replayed climax to the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech–the ‘from every mountainside, let freedom ring’ portion–came from a 1952 address to the Republican National Convention by a black preacher named Archibald Carey; and the 1968 sermon in which King prophesied his martyrdom was based on works by J. Wallace Hamilton and Methodist minister Harold Bosley.”

      Perhaps King had no choice but to use the words of others. Mr. Pappas has found that on the Graduate Record Exam, King “scored in the second-lowest quartile in English and vocabulary, in the lowest ten percent in quantitative analysis, and in the lowest third on his advanced test in philosophy.”

      Definitely college material…

  10. the thing is that what incentive do democrats have to NOT flip the bird to the sportsmen demo? Heidi Heitkamp for instance had a pro-2nd amendment voting record and she still got voted out by eleven points (in 2018 of all years). Because we have FPTP – If you’re going to lose North Dakota regardless, what difference does it make if you lose by 10 or 40?

  11. “It’s the people ruing over white people, who fear white people owning guns.”

    That is EXACTLY what the authors of the Constitution wanted.

  12. It looks as if things went alright, with no violence or arrests. No debacle, although that was a reasonable prediction to make. I’m glad to be wrong about that.

    And those bills which provoked the whole jamboree are still going to be voted ‘aye’ and passed by Bloomberg and Soros’s men, and Ralph Northam will still sign them.

    Maybe this will make a difference in the federal elections this year. I don’t know.

    Edit 1:32 PDT: I laughed a little at this, I’m white, what can I say?:

    Video: Virginia Rally Attendees Pick Up Trash After Themselves

  13. Activism is a Leftist group at prayer.

    Organizing quietly among our own, on our turf is our path. Let them have their leftist Great Awokening (yes it is).
    We go to the range in small groups.
    The left may have their awokening revival, we have the sacrament of our mass (NOT the same thing) of putting rounds on target. One is feels, the other a positive act. Again a firearms purchase is the most radicalizing act we can get a newbie to do. They have the feels, we have the transubstantiation of the gun firing in the hand. Let them keep their raves, their feels, their revival.

    We keep the steel being turned into lead flying onto targets in hands feeling the impact, the power. Veritably the host is in our hands. Politics is power.
    Align front sight, squeeze trigger. Ye are in communion now with the gun.
    The gun is an extension of their own personal libido domandi ; BANG, AMEN. Will to power, aim, AMEN.

    I mean you can’t actually separate Religion and Politics. While reaction was wondering endlessly what to replace Christianity with …The Folk went and did it.

    Screw the optics. Don’t be on cameraz
    Go to the range.


    • And lets alienate the few minorities that are willing to join the 2A side, Winning friends and influencing people, alt-right style.

      • You said it yourself, the “few minorities”. What benefit is accrued to the DR by pandering to a demographic that it’s frankly not in our interest to promote?

        • No one is saying anything about Pandering. If non-whites show up on the 2A side, great, welcome them and treat them the same any white. No need to pander and no need to alienate either.

          On mass immigration some prominent lefties like Norm Matloff have opposed it saying it harms the most vulnerable and marginalized Americans. If Tucker Carlson were smarter he would bringing in folks like Nader, Matloff and even Van Jones to make the case for restricting immigration.

          As Z says, lefties especially white lefties operate on the hive mind, making a case with a lefty like Matloff might sway some. Some of them might be in favor of restricting immigration especially after a date with their H1B replacement

          In a bitterly divided electorate every vote matters. Trump was elected by 100,000 votes out of 130 million votes cast.

  14. The democrats controlled the state legislature of Virginia until the 90s. So the republicans running the state was sort of a historical anomaly. It does seem though that the democrats of today in Virginia are different than the democrats of a few decades ago though. Kind of like comparing the Fleetwood Mac of Peter, Danny and Jeremy to the Fleetwood Mac of Stevie, Christine and Lindsay.

  15. I’m guessing that a lot of the gun legislation that Governor Blackface gets passed will end up jammed in State and Federal courts – as they will be unconstitutional in both. Maybe the Virginia Republicans will use the opportunity to get their heads out of their asses, get decent candidates on the ballots in every district and win. Maybe. If not, Z is right.

    • Politicians and lawyers aren’t going away, so let’s fight with the army we have, since we don’t have the army we want.

  16. So, it looks like the good folks of Virginia will have their guns prised from their warm, live hands.

    I have seen some online hubbub about 2A sanctuary counties in Virginia being invited to join West Virginia. Is there any substance to that? Is it even true or possible? Or likely?

    • Well it happened once… And it would be hard for the left to complain as the first time the separation was due to West Virginians desire to stay in the union and not join the Confederacy.

  17. The crowd is, as expected, mostly baby boomer. The boomers were stone silent during all of the immigration in the 70s, 80’s and 90’s, and many are even silent about it today. Demographic change creates political change.

  18. This is all true. And in CA the state tells you to pick from a list of guns that they find acceptable. It costs gun manufacturers so much money to get their gun on the list, that we’re stuck with a state selection. That’s just one example, it goes on. We imported people from places like Mexico and China where guns are illegal and taboo. Hence, we gun ownership would already be mostly illegal if it wasn’t for some 2nd Amendment lawsuits every few years.

  19. It probably will never happen, but I think the best outcome from this affair would be if the State of West Virginia made good on its offer to incorporate the resisting VA sanctuary counties into W VA, thus turning VA into a rump state. The precedent already exists (it is how W VA came into being in the first place), and it would be highly useful to begin setting secessionist precedents and having vigorous and legitimized secessionist debates, because that is really where this will all end up.

    Meanwhile, keep in mind that the entire Virginia government is illegal and illegitimate: the Dems won through massive vote fraud, through the unacceptable votes of illegal aliens, and through illegal re-districting done by an outside Jewish interloper from California, as ordered by corrupt, racist and illegitimate Democratic judges. The Governor is not the real governor and has to be removed at once; the Dem legislature is illegitimate due to vote fraud and racist illegal electoral rigging and interference. The Dem legislature must be recalled and replaced. MNew elections must be held at once.

    Remember, from here on in, no Dem elected official is legitimate. Every single Dem is an illegitimate fraud, who stole the office through rampant vote fraud and the illegal votes of foreigners. Every Dem office holder must be recalled and replaced. Always. Every time.

    • That’s about as likely as either the USMC at Quantico executing a coup d’état or a Call of Duty-style Russian invasion.

      The paradox is that we only get “freedom” when Chinese and Russian tanks are rolling down the streets of DC.

    • Again, fraud and the rules and legal/illega/legitimate/illegitimate don’t matter, except to normies – and they are still clinging to their constitution. Even demographic reality has not swayed them. Only the coming crash (even if it’s decades off) will.

    • Bronze oak leaves for this one.
      I am standing and saluting.

      Heh. At a titty bar in Richmond, they played “Dixie” at the close every night, and by God you better stand up when they played it.

      I’d like to see more of that. A lot more.

  20. If you want a glimpse into the near future, look at this legislation introduced by Virginia’s AG.

    The bill would make it illegal for whites to organize militias. Make pretty much anything a hate crime. Being convicted of a hate crime means you lose your right to own a gun. Allow state police to monitor suspected hate groups and their members. This legislation would basically disarm whites and make it illegal for them to meet or to advocate for the whites.

  21. Off topic: Today we commemorate the man who made content of character primary yet the FBI forbids us from examining the content of his character.

  22. We should encourage a new tradition of white people conducting deliberately provocative 1st and 2nd Amendment rallies across the country on this federal holiday.

    • If we had any sense of strategy, we’d declare 2nd amendment rights are what bring us together. Make THAT the thing they have to discuss endlessly. We’d have to hold our, so callled, media accountable if they don’t. Man. Lots of sad sacks here. So many don’t understand it’s all theater not logic or facts. In fact, however, most probably agree with gun right though. Many are starting to believe their propaganda.

    • Nice, Vegetius. Totally agree.
      Got to give normie some rally points.

      The Dissident Right needs to jump in front of the Right parade, and push out the pretenders.
      This is what we can offer.

  23. Pictures from the rally are so typical (and depressing). The flag-waving, over-the-top display of patriotism shows how far we have to go. These people still believe deeply that what was the United States still exists. They think their precious Constitution will protect them.

    They have no clue what’s coming. The first thing the Left did when they got into power was to go after the guns. They won’t quit. It may take them a couple of decades of appointing their judges and justices, but they will get gun laws passed. Trump is buying our side time, but that’s all.

      • and not white washing Europe, because England was always black as Hamilton were black guy

        unlike you, people on this blog actually have intelligent, want to live at European civilized society

    • They’re allowed to protest without antifa or state harrassment precisely because they’re not a threat.

      Anything without an explicitly white-aware component is essentially meaningless. These are just Boomers letting off steam, trying to appeal to that imaginary neutral arbiter with their logic – surely if we teach them about the 2A and rules of this country they will realize their mistake and back off.

      But the reasonable fellow (90% white) Americans no longer exist. The brown, yellow, and mestizo masses don’t care. They are not part of the Nation and will never understand.

      The right messages for this rally is that the American – white – people will not stand for being bullied by foreigners to take away their God given rights. Instead Breitbart is promoting the 3 black guys at the rally.

    • This is spot-on. Normie TradCons have not yet digested how impotent they are in the new Virginia. The 2A protesters largely come from the rural parts of the state – but Dem control is almost entirely based on NoVa suburbs and majority black districts, with maybe a few suburban districts in Norfolk/HAMPTON Roafd thrown in for good measure. In other words, rural Virginia is much like southern Illinois – politically irrelevant. So now the rural TradCons are being used as props in the great a Progressive symbolic purge of the Bad Whites/Dirt People. Their protest is probably seen as vindication by the new Virginians, and thus are probably politically counter-productive.

  24. You forgot to mention Jewish money bankrolling hard Leftist DA’s across the country. Both Bloomberg and Soros are doing it and it’s working. And it’s not just white elites who fear white people owning guns. It’s Jewish people as well.

    That said, most of those gun owners are far more aware than your average spergy white office worker who makes up the DR that we no longer live in a rule based society. They know the Left wants to exterminate us.

    They behaved nicely because there was no upside to being bad boys in enemy territory. And most won’t obey the gun laws, just like they ignore the gun laws here in CA. Baby Killer and his Jewish masters will get a 1% compliance rate but that’s it. If they do SWAT raids in the back woods to terrorize the locals into obeying. Lets say the locals will make them regret it. Once blood is spilled the rules change.

    Most gun owners known for decades that gun grabs are about population control not crime control. 2A peeps in gun control debates learned it decades ago,

    And no it’s not a entry point for the DR to recruit since you have nothing to offer those gun owners. Seriously pushing a warmed up variant of Spencer’s white homeland doesn’t sell.

    • Most gun owners are generally unaware of the “culture war” aspect. The NRA has promoted the ideal of guns as “female empowerment”, while it runs away from promoting “militias”.

      While their actions might imply an understanding of the culture war, for many guns are just a male version of “retail therapy”. Hunting participation continues to decline, while rural areas were decimated by opium.

      • Most site I visit that are dedicated to guns, like are very normie-con. Any race-aware stuff sends a big chunk of them into a tizzy. They still get excited about gay gun clubs because they think that means more leftists can be convinced to love guns more than they hate Whitey (not that they think of it that way).

      • Huh? rubbing the “most vulnerable” nonsense back in their faces is awesome, it might even win the 2A side a few converts.

    • RW, what do you have to offer those gun owners?

      Are you ever going to drop even a hint as to what your better plan is?

    • If you buy a gun – and then endeavor to get fully familiar with all of those who don’t want you to keep owning that gun , you start to acquire a completely different view point of the world.

      Coming to the FULL understanding that the laws are against you, the political machine is largely against you, certain groups are against you – and a SWAT team might burst thru your door in the middle of the night and kill your dog and your family – has a way of completely altering your world view.

    • “it’s not a entry point”?- wait, what?

      It doesn’t touch the third rail of Jerusalem, so I think it’s the best entry point on hand.
      It rings all the right 1776 bells.

  25. Looks like the meme coming on is, this may be the issue that unites us.
    ‘Could this be the moment that brings us all together? Leave it to Democrats to so thoroughly anger everyone that the far left joins up with patriots. Stay tuned for more coverage on this event as the day unfolds’
    Even VA Antifa is for it. The black guy’s video is trending
    Glad to see lots of good signs- northrups wall

    • The Antifa groups did not join the demonstration, they simply announced opposition to gun control. That is because Antifa are establishment shock troops, regardless of what the pothead anarchist membership thinks. A phone call was made to the leadership, and they were told to stand down.

  26. If The Powers That Reeee continue to vent their paranoia and triumphalism on 2A’s, this will be our number one issue for recruiting in the coming years, with butt-stuff a distant second.

    Because gun owners are such solid citizens, the average person is more likely to have a NAxALT homo in their social circle than to know someone impacted by “White gun violence.”

    Those impacted by non-White gun violence are one Paul Kersey post away from “Our Guy” already.

    The 2A is a vital concern for rural residents who can’t wait for the county sheriff to show up, urbanites who can’t trust the cops if they deign to show up, the “law & order” constituency in general and outdoorsmen to boot.

    If anything will make Joe Normie uproot his clan and move to Our red neck of the woods, it’s the 2A. If anything will make the current or future Mrs. Normie follow him, it’s the prospect of unarmed “teachable moments” involving herself or her kids.

    As an accelerationist who wants to bring his wandering volk together in a grand wagon-train of dissent, I welcome the flex.

    These open and over-the-top assaults on gun rights gas-can the magic paper illusions of muh Constitution, the rule of law and “common-sense gun control.”

    The more quickie-logs Team Bloomberg throws on the fire, the more frogs will smell what’s cooking.

    When they hit the ground hopping, we’ll be there to direct traffic.

    We’re short on sheepdogs. Why not let Team Bloomberg do some herding for us?

    • Exile,

      Well said and insightful as usual. Another thing I want brought to the forefront is the escalating suicide rate among Our young. Not only is the loss heart-rending but it’s a way to gain inroads and make it personal with white women. Maybe make them a little less gullible on the white shaming propaganda when they realize that the hate is adding to the vulnerability and risk of their (particularly boys) children.

      • “The Powers that Reeee.” !!!
        Team Bloomberg!

        A classic. Exile at his best.

        2A rings more American Identity doorbells than any other, so let’s run with it.

        Update: Guest, just below: “this may be the issue that unites us.” Yes. Yes.

  27. I cannot agree that Va has been a “solidly normal state for the last seventy years.”

    I was born and raised in Va, almost 65 years ago. I left as soon as I could and have returned only for funerals of beloved family members, or once to move my decrepit and ailing father to my adopted home state at the time.

    Va has always been a hotbed of nascent governmental fascism. They have no respect for citizens’ rights. The police have always been thinly veiled jack booted thugs emboldened and empowered by overreaching and oppressive laws.

    Travel the roadways of Va. Every county and city are awash with legions of police with nothing better to do than sit in hidden dens with speed radars in a state where the mere possession of a radar detector is illegal. And they will nail you for only a few miles an hour over the speed limit or entrap you in poorly marked “speed zones”.

    I have more stories of being hassled by cops or other “civil servants” of the great commonwealth that I could possibly recount in this forum. I hate to be dismissive, but if you remain in that shithole of tin-hat dictators, then you get what you deserve.

    All of my family that mattered to me are long dead. Nothing will ever coax me back to that police state. YMMV, as always.

  28. I went onto the NRO site for the first time in a long time to test Z’s thesis. Today’s headlines: Middle East shit, Reagan, impeachment, Kevin Williamson playing the libertarian.

    Nothing about Richmond, not even from Charles Cooke, whom I thought was a 2A fanatic.

    • The typical Con Inc writer lives in an upper-middle class condo or apartment. These buildings have private security, and their neighborhoods are generally safe. Hunting by New Yorkers is uncommon, and must be done Upstate in any case.

      But Jewish Con Inc writers have loudly screamed that their people should get CCW permits (an impossibility in downstate unless rich) whenever a black youth attacks some Hasidim.

  29. White people don’t fear white people owning guns.

    Worth noting that the opposite is also true: White people do not fear white people not owning guns. The example I always point to is Japan: sure firearms are completely outlawed, but really, how different would the place be if everyone owned guns? In high trust, homogeneous societies contentious issues can land at any point on the spectrum because their resolution doesn’t mean the end of the country (i.e. the end of the people).

    In low-trust, multi-racial stewpots that is not the case: the resolution of the firearm debate and the future of the people are tied together; everything is “who-whom”

  30. Been watching a live feed from the demo. While the usual “tacti-cool” people are there (why are they always so damn fat?), it looks like most of the attendees are normal-looking white people. Bunch of open carry people.

    • What channel?

      (I finally got a bit of streaming TV.
      It’s as diversionary as people say it is, so I don’t turn it on very much.)

  31. It’s really hard to understand a man like Virginia governor Ralph Northam. He comes from an old Virginia family going back centuries. Why would he throw his own people under the bus? There is a name Southerners use for men like him: scalawag. Northam is a brutal reminder of a kind of treacherous SOB that appears throughout history. Democracy enables these sycophantic creatures to gain power.

    • . Why would he throw his own people under the bus?
      Self preservation Brother it was his get out of jail card that he played because of his blackface that got swept under the rug after he said he would play ball…

      • Yup, I’ll tow any line, gather any nutjob coalitions you like… please just dont oust me for the blackface thing. After AOC ousted a solid leftie based on his skin color alone, with the tacid approval of the DNC… these remaining whites in the Democrat party are on notice that they will be sacrificed. Expect them to sink to all new levels of the lowest to hold onto their increasingly precarious positions.

      • Traitors like Northum are truly disgusting. They want power and self-respect more than anything. They’ll destroy their own people to hang onto power. And now Virginia normies know it.

    • He’s just reflecting the preferences of the new electorate. Even Bernie and his fellow-travelers never tried to pull this sh*t in Vermont.

    • And late term abortions, too. Those comments were just sickening and moved me from relatively pro choice to relatively pro life.

    • Why?

      Why would Benedict Arnold sell out his countrymen to the enemy for $$$?
      Why would Vidkun Quisling sell his country to the SS Savages?
      Why would African chiefs sell their own people to the Arab and European slavers for literally 30 pieces of silver?
      and on and on?

      Money, power and simple arrogant psychopathy.

      Agree fully on the shithole concept called democracy, gives every moron who cannot count beyond 12 without a calculator the power to vote.

  32. “these sorts of sporting guns”

    Not “sporting guns”. The right to own firearms has nothing to do with “sporting”. To use – and thus implicitly endorse – that stipulation is to invite the camel’s long nose into the tent.

      • The “type” description is irrelevant, IMO, in the argument you were making.

        Further, the “type” business confuses the issue in the eyes of the gun-ignorant (which I know is NOT you, so that was not a dig, BTW). That road leads to the deliberate obfuscation of “I’m a pro-2A politician, but I support ‘common sense’ magazine capacity limits”, revolver vs semi-auto arguments, and the like, each of which is a wedge, further erosion, pick your metaphor.

      • Describing an AR-15 as a “sporting rifle” is cuck behavior in and of itself.

        The only reason why that term exists is because right wingers decided to knuckle under the leftist’s constant use of the term “assault rifle” – by coming up with something that seemed more innocuous.

        • An AR-15 is not an assault rifle, an assault rifle by definition is capable of full-auto fire. An AR-15 cannot fire full-auto.

    • As I like to tell people, the 2A isn’t about duck hunting. It’s about the government being more afraid of its citizens than the citizens are afraid of the government.

      Assault rifles are exactly what the founding fathers had in mind.

      • 2A is about the right for you to protect yourself, your family, and your community by any means you see fit. Guns are incidental, though essential, to the larger point of what 2A is really all about. Nobody gets to prescribe to you, within reason, what is appropriate for protection (so save the “whaddabout a nuclear missle” thing).

      • The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from tyranny in government–Jefferson

  33. Even if the demonstrators are “perfectly behaved”, sitting quietly in their government approved cages designated for “free speech and free assembly”, with non offensive signs and the patience of Job, not rising to the bait of taunts, or thrown offal, or even behaving like Ghandi whilst physically assaulted….they still lose.

    The gun laws will proceed as long as the left writes the rules, and sets the terms of all debates, while also determining what is “good think” and what is “bad think”. Normies acquiescence to that makes effective resistance impossible.

    But, I still have ‘muh Constitution. If only it addressed things like free speech, free assembly, and bearing arms….

  34. What’s the over under on Charlottesville 2.0? Personally, I’m raking my brain on how to spin this to redeem that fuck up in the eyes of Normie.

    • Pretty low. There are orders of magnitude more people willing to go out in favor of guns. There could be a 100K people in Richmond today.

    • Many of the demonstrators in Charlottesville may not have exactly been aware that it was a leftist college town. Probably a clear majority of them were from out of state. In contrast, many of the Antifa were either local, or from Richmond or DC.

      These demonstrators were organized by a long standing gun rights organization, and they made the effort to charter buses. Most people will be from the state of Virginia, but the media will blame “outside agitators” regardless.

    • My bet is everything will be fine. Even antifa is on the side of the demonstrators. That says that orders from up high are telling their side to stand down. They figure that beating middle-aged whites doesn’t look good.

  35. 1. If we want to do protests like this, we need better control over our people who attend. Small group leaders taking their neighbors need to coordinate with big name issue advocacy groups.

    Put out the word that anyone showing up with Nazi symbols gets FED or SPLC spray-painted on their jacket and constantly recorded by someone who keeps loudly calling them a provocateur.

    2. While it sickens me and requires courage and restraint that I would lack, when the Dems unleash Antifa, our guys gotta take that beating with minimal resistance. Document and pass the results around to people who need a nudge our way. That gives us a basis to say, ” We tried to do this peaceably. No more freebies.” Sue the governor for injuries caused since he wants take our right to defend ourselves. Whether we win or lose irrelevant. We have to show that the system no longer works.

    Be gentle as doves but cunning as serpents.

        • Everything normie sees or hears is filtered by our enemies. They own the media. We have to work behind the scenes, between the lines, quietly, relentlessly. We can’t vote our way out of this. Slowly, normie is figuring it out.

      • Naaah, sue them in a Federal court with a Trump appointed judge. Heck, Trump can’t even take a dump without a Dem appointed Federal judge issuing a nationwide injunction. Two can play that game.

  36. Seeing a few funny trolling posters that they are using to poke in the eye of the left.

    “Trans rights are gun rights”
    “Don’t Tread on me” with a rainbow flag.

    If they were serious it would be cringe, but in this case it is mocking their secular religion while promoting their own ideology.

    • No, I’m sorry to say that a lot of this is serious. Lots of otherwise social liberal people are gun owners, and they tend to be overpromoted as a way of convincing leftists to back off.

      The mainstream media has been fearmongering about the “Nazi terrorists” from what will mostly be a demonstration of Boomercon men.

      Charlottesville really damaged our image in ways that will be felt possibly decades in advance.

      • You can ask any media type what happened at Charlottesville and they’ll probably wipe tears from their eyes, but ask any man on the street what went down and he’ll give you a blank stare. I don’t think the impact has been or will be quite what you imply.

  37. Dissent can build even from failure. Even an event that misfires and has bad optics can advance a cause…because they make the cause a subject to be discussed and taken into account.

    Once that discussion begins to take place people will begin to notice things…things that were previously right under their noses but to which they had been oblivious.

    This is a slow and frustrating process. It is non linear so there are setbacks. But the overall arc is moving our way. Confrontation no matter how it initially turns out, in the long run works in our favor. Especially as the divide becomes more and more defined by normal whites vs. sycophantic white anti-whites, the tribe and their anti-white brown hordes.

    This is why IRL is worth 10,000 internet posts. We are a mimetic species and action can become infectious. This is why organizing and making contact in meat-space is so important.

    An excellent strategy is Zman’s idea of how to approach reparations: Give them a reasonable and fair offer their anti-white obsession will never accept. We should be applying this principle in 1000 different areas.

    The internet has been and will continue to be a useful tool for us in how we organize…but we need to begin metaphorically monkey-wrenching their narrative in the public square…which isn’t all that difficult to do if we’re smart about it.

    • YY, I’m on the same page tactically and the same timeline strategically. Let’s not put all of our eggs in one basket and let’s play for time with an eye toward low-intensity persistent dissent rather than short term movie-style fireworks.

  38. “White flight” to western states will now also be “Firearm Flight”, as gun owners flee to western states to live amongst their own with their firearms (Or send the guns out west to friends and family for safe keeping). But it won’t work.

    Western states are copying the “flood the state with refugees” model, while progressive Californian and their odious voting patterns move in to override the locals.

    Z is right that all sides are trapped in restrictive ways of thinking; all current models of thinking on all sides lead to massive progressivism.


    • PZN. So what shakes normies out of their stupor? If we cannot change people’s “restrictive ways of thinking” to some level of awareness that leads to urgency that leads to engaging in the fight, what do you propose we do?

      Know I see what you see as well. But diagnosis is what’s needed. Symptoms are all around us.

      • Truthfully, I don’t know. Gathering in a public space with 100k strangers with guns sure isn’t going to do it.

        But it starts with an alternate model, otherwise your opponent sets the frame and will always win.

        That’s the chief value of the Zman, IMHO. Struggling to come up with another way.

    • Spot a half dozen new African Americans and African Africans every time I am out running errands in my small Idaho city. Just a few years ago you could go weeks with seeing a black person. How insidious. We are being forced at gun point (taxation) to finance the destruction of our own communities.

  39. Diagnosis, spot on, as always, from Zman. My pragmatism always thirsts for a framework of response, given the truth and wisdom you provide.
    Our side is bad at associating and organizing. Pick an example over the last couple of years. And their side is clearly using our tendencies (strength / weakness) to bludgeon us at every turn.

    “This dynamic where the newly arrived take over state politics will be something we see all over the South and Southwest in the coming decades. While whites will remain the majority in some cases or the largest minority in others, white solidarity remains forbidden, both practically and spiritually. As a result, the usual suspects will divide the white vote making whites the least powerful group in these states, even as the newly ascendant non-whites pass explicitly anti-white legislation.”

    While I consider myself white pilled, accelerationism seems to be the only way out for our side. Our side, historically, are builders. So turn loose a forest fire that clears the brush, debris and aggressive opportunists from the forest floor. And the seeds of reconstruction, lying dormant, are free to make use of the resources (and access to the sun) needed to build again.

    As I understand things (and I expect your harsh correction or loving additions)-
    This rally, and future rallies, will accomplish little.
    This Republic is dead (Law and voting no longer change anything).
    We are being replaced.
    We are not reproducing.
    Our side represents a small % of those awake.
    Normies are too asleep / chained to lifestyle / weak / fearful / indoctrinated (pick 4) to admit demographics are real and engage.
    Normies are / aren’t worth investing effort in awakening.

    For me and my household, we are rapidly working toward durability and life portability (we are in a purple zone going blue for sure), moving asap to more friendly environs. In summary, we are trying to be the DR family we want to engage with, and moving toward the potential of more like us. So that’s the local response.

    But what of the regional, or national response? What should organization and resistance look like? No man is an island but that idea sure has appeal.

    • Moss, we’re not ready for regional or national response, and I expect VA will prove that, though I hope I’m wrong.

      We need to be a local presence before we can have regional or national influence. We need to work on Phase 1 before we sweat Phase 2 and 3.

      That said, we need to be thinking and discussing grand strategy to the extent it’s necessary to express a coherent, realistic and desirable vision of the future we’re building. Builders need a plan.

      The contours of what’s possible on a grand strategy macro level are going to depend on what we can do locally first and how events transpire. It’s one reason why I think we need flexible, sustainable and survival-before-resistance-oriented communities first rather than trying to gin up a regional or national movement that’s going to fail due to lack of infrastructure and organization.

    • You MUST get off your ass and get involved. If you don’t then you simply cannot complain when you are overwhelmed. There is a literal ‘playbook’ posted on The Atlantic today by a (((tribal))) who’s entire career revolves around amassing political power and teaching others how to do so. What a shock! These people eat, sleep, and think of absolute power and they’ve been doing it for 2000+ years. If you don’t bring your ‘A’ game against an enemy this patient and determined you are f-cked, basically.

      I highly advise you read this article because as Sun Tzu and others have stated you should know your enemy as you know yourself and -especially- his battle tactics. They are on constant war footing, are you? This is a primer for how to practice political insurgency and it works just as well for /ourguys/ as for the latinos & blacks this (((fellow white))) is lobbying for to use.

      • AP,
        I don’t see this as clearly as you must “They are on constant war footing;”. I see an evil that has yet been engaged openly. Constant game, for sure, but war (I’m simple minded so I’m thinking actual physical conflict)? They seem to be at war with common sense, biology and the Laws of Thermodynamics.

        I’m all for engagement. But I don’t see engaging in politics as a frame I can own.

        • We’re not all going to fight in that particular arena. Like we say, just raising a family right helps our cause and hurts theirs. We fight just by surviving and passing this legacy to another hopefully larger generation.

          Those of us situated to do more and be more active can and should ramp it up. For those of us who can compete with Shlomo in the war of words and ideas, game on, but we need everyone else to keep building the world worth living in and fighting for while we do it.

    • Skiing? Range?
      On today of all days?
      No no no no no! Shame! We should be wearing filthy rags, sitting in the dark and self-flagellating, while thinking of that sainted leader, that latter-day Moses, whose boots we are not worthy to lick.

      • Mike, do you think the tapes and reports due to be released about Michael King in 2027 will tarnish his sainthood? Do you think they’ll even release them or bury them for another 60 years?

        • According to his friend, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Mike King had carnal knowledge with two women on the last night of his life, April 3, 1968 – the night of his “I have been to the Mountain top” speech.

        • Today? I plum fergot.

          Thank gosh The Impeachment is overriding all the usual maudlin moaning.
          Funny how the atrocious Fraud is celebrated ahead of “President’s Day.”

        • I’m betting another few decades buried, with minimal fanfare, and no explanation.

          Just saw this, BTW – between the family stuff post-meet up and coming home to an overflowing in-box (plus the sun was in my eyes, the dog ate it, etc) I’ve been behind hand on my reading. (But TOTALLY worth it to put faces to names in the best of company.)

    • Well that was fun. At least at my home the 3rd Monday in January shall ever be known and celebrated as Second Amendment Day.

    • Sweet Jeebus. They can pass bills far faster than we can vote on them.

      The post isn’t long, but here are some of the ugly details:

      “forums were openly talking about voting out every single Democrat in the state in the next election.

      The Democrats shot back: they filed bills that repeal voter ID, would allow felons the vote, and more. A LOT more. Senate Bill 399 would give Virginia’s electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote. SJ 29 would change election law so that the governor would be elected by majority of votes in congressional districts, not by statewide majority. Basically, what D.C. says goes and the rest of you be damned. SJ 14 would restore voting rights to convicted felons. SJ 8 would allow felons and those declared mentally incompetent to vote. SB 65 – Eliminates photo ID requirement for voting. SJ 6 – Increases the term limit of the governor from 4 to 8 years.

      So Virginians wised up. They’re not going to lose another election to dead voters, illegals, and felons. They decide to start a recall petition for several key Democrats. They’re not waiting for another election. And they’re sure as hell not waiting two years for a sham rigged election if all these new bills become law.

      But the Democrats aren’t playing a gentleman’s game, anymore. They are in this for total domination, and they don’t have any scruples…”

  40. What is great about the demonstration is mainly that there is a demonstration at all. Our people have historically neglected the streets in favor of letter writing, voting and donorism-cum-consumerism.

    If our people get in the habit of regularly holding demonstrations, it has the ability of making the lives of our opponents a bit more difficult, and forces them behind a security detail. This protest needs to be followed up with more local demonstrations to pressure the sheriffs into not enforcing the laws.

    • Taking to the streets if you don’t actually control the local civil service is how Charlottesville happens.

      Conservatives don’t even have an ideological grudge against government jobs, which are stable means to support a family. The problem is that affordable family housing, due to usury and housing bubbles, is far away from where government employment is physically located, the cities.

      • Charlottesville was organized by a man who never ran anything other than a hobbyhorse political magazine. It’s only local participant in leadership was a misfit that was easily pushed aside.

        The one surprise was the unannounced torch parade, but the far-right was outnumbered by Antifa, before accounting for the police. Most of their demonstrators were from out of state. The name “Unite the Right” was supposed to imply that Alt-Lite figures would be in attendance, to heal the “Heilgate” rift.

    • The reason they’re taking to the streets is that the governor threatened actual gun confiscation. Then budgeted for law enforcement and extra prison space for it. He backed down on that, but not the other dozen gun laws.
      If he kept on with confiscation, then it maybe, could’ve been a flashpoint.

  41. Z’s post illustrates the point that Queen Ann often makes, that immigration is the only issue that matters. If you think that 2A is the most important issue, you will learn that immigration is more important when you are outvoted by the newcomers. (“Immigration” must include the arrival of the white, progressive bugmen to your community as well. Voting is only useful when your community is full of people who share your general values.)

    RamZPaul’s observation is relevant:

    • Line, how do we close the wound, AND fight the foreign invaders? On paper it seems a Catch 22. And given that, 2a (the means to resist in theory) feels much more tangible than voting / legislating against immigration.

      I’m genuinely asking. Our energy and resources, being finite, should be collectively pointed at the spot most likely to yield the desired outcome. What’s the target, then?

      • Moss, Our Guys can’t control the US border but we can exercise some control over our own community’s sub-rosa and official borders inside the Empire. Consolidation in relatively culturally-friendly territory is a short-term strategy that builds our strength for both political and extra-political action. As things stand right now, we’re too scattered and divided, physically and otherwise, to control the U.S. border or even a state border. We’re not ready for meaningful mass resistance on either issue.

        Queen Ann got outflanked with the rest of us by Team Infinity Browns when it came to making Trump deliver on “send them back.”

    • Line….”Voting is only useful when your community is full of people who share your general values.” Yes…and… We can build “community” by physical proximity and we can build a “community” as a web of interconnections by long distance. Yes we are being swamped and will eventually be overrun in the near future. (Maybe something will happen that changes that trajectory, an unforeseen.)

      Dealing with the present variables, our goose is cooked. Does that sound hopeless? Not to me. I’m ready to build an entirely new world, starting from the primordial ooze knowing the macro will grow out of that. No idea what it will look like. Hell…I’ll be long gone when the first carbon based community evolves from the ooze. The old world is gone. We shall stick together, Brother. We can build our rich lives…together…by long distance or living near. Have faith in our ability to affect the future.

      • “Dealing with the present variables, our goose is cooked. Does that sound hopeless? Not to me.” AMEN.

      • I prefer to consider myself “primordial schmooze,” but not gonna quibble. Hope you had a safe sane trip. I’ll be group-sh*tposting later as soon as I settle some day-job nonsense.

        • Touche, Exile guy! Just me and the antelope playing. Happy and well! You are one big brained guy. So grateful you’re not on the other side of the divide. Formidable!

    • Exile and RFF, both you rightly point out proximity is key. My clan is working hard to uproot (GA) to then relocate. I welcome your insight on friend community locations (States). Right now, east TN is looking good (Homeschool law, 2a and Southern food are my sensitivities)…thoughts?

      Capt S has given me much to think about. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

      • Moss, I’ll have some thought-out and empirically-based info on my site soon, probably two weeks or so, running a little behind with travel etc.. That’s an area that several guys have recommended to me.

        FWIW, I met a waitress in Copenhagen who said she left TN because she didn’t like all the racists there (boyfriend was a Scandi so she bailed with him).

      • Mosshammer,

        I wish you well wherever you land but do consider western Arkansas. Red state without some of the political weirdness coming up in Tennessee/Kentucky of late. If I recall correctly you are younger man and have need of opportunities. The Fayetteville Benton Springdale triangle is booming and opportunities abound if you are versatile. Good hunting and good luck Brother!

          • Moss, Penitant- that’s a seriously good suggestion. Definitely overlooked, and booming.

            Mountains and Davos West, with the burgeoning regional hub in Ft. Smith flatland just south of it.

        • That is a booming area and quite beautiful. The fact that it is booming is what worries me about the place. It is attracting too many normies.

          I would also suggest the Ouachita Mountains in southwest Arkansas and Southeastern Oklahoma. There are beautiful forested mountains, but very few people. The people are hardcore rednecks and almost all White, except for Choctaw Indians in Oklahoma. The Choctaws are usually part White and have largely assimilated in redneck culture.

          • Also agree, Anthrope.

            If Moss is Deep Southron- I’m guessing Charlottesville/Raleigh, or their suburb, SC- then TN/KY is a better fit.

            Arkansans are weirdly libertarian.
            Not quite the same flavor, a different vibe that would grate with time.

            Capt S would make a fine neighbor, as good as one could get. (Although Penitant would too.)

      • I’m jumping in right here, because Range Front and Exile were two of the nine of us who got together last Saturday. We met as strangers, but still familiar to each other going in, through the comment threads of primarily this blog. When you look around at the madness of things, meet-ups are a fantastic way to start. Our Saturday did not change the world, but (speaking for the others out of turn a bit), it changed our little worlds. We have allies and a support system now. We just turned our on-line relationships into a distributed flesh-and-blood community.

        This is important in two ways. We now have a real-world values-based network of like-thinkers, and (speaking for me), the heavy black pill I carry daily has been lifted a bit, as I think it has for the others. Don’t underestimate the value of that. As a side note, one cannot imagine the freeing feeling of being to speak frankly to people about things, without worry of proper language or giving offense. We can do that here on-line, but to do it in the real world, just for a day or two, is like pure oxygen for the soul.

        Meet-ups are a start. Lineman and I did it, in part, to prove that an on-line community can be moved to the real world, among people who are otherwise strangers and whose paths would never cross. We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams in the mental sense, even though there were only nine of us, with unexpected personal benefits and comforts thrown in. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is small, but big things start as small things. We must build communities, and always push forward, ahead of the gathering storm. Hunkering down alone won’t cut it. There are other things that can be done, but anyone can work on building a community in the real world, right now. It ain’t brain surgery.

        • Dutch. THAT. Thank you.
          I’ve connected with a couple of men here (Lineman and Capt S) and I did not expect encouragement from simply “talking” to my people. Confirming I’m not nuts / paranoid went a long way! So AMEN to “pure oxygen for the soul.”.

          Physical meetup is high on my list. My wife and I have our radar up for indicators we might have shared interest with a couple. So far, only a two older couples from church seem to get it. But they are twilighting…

          I’m absolutely dedicated to getting out of the purple swamp I’m in and investing in community. I’ve a brood of kids to invest in. We are prepared to sacrifice now for their future. As many have pointed out, finding a beachhead to land on is tough…but we are looking! And bringing a lot of energy and raw “materials” with us!

          • Moss, AmRen’s conference is in Tennessee in April-May. Check it out. Good time and place to do your own recon and gather some friendly intel on the area as well. It’s in a government facility where they’ve protected Our Guys decently too, so it’s a safer space than a lot of free-range meetups.

        • Couldn’t of stated it better Dutch will just say it was a uplifting experience and would recommend it to all here… Thanks to all who came and made it possible and looking forward to building up and out from there…

        • Dutch, RFF,and the rest in the West , I’m very pleased to hear you folks had a meet up. Well done. Keep it up and keep us informed. As a constant reader here,as I suppose most are, your future and ours are on a parallel course. Wishing you all well, may you survive the jive and thrive.

        • Dutch,

          To you and Lineman, my deepest gratitude and profound appreciation. Your work making this happen was admirable. To all present, I thoroughly enjoyed each of your company, your conversation, and your warmth. I’m not one for black pills but I’ll admit being in the presence of like-minded thinkers was invigorating. I found all the input fascinating. The simple civility and respect was delightful. At one point, watching everyone interacting and laughing during a shared meal, I had the thought: These wonderful people, these allies, these brave hearts… I am correct in my oath to never personally give up hope.

          To any that may read this, begin at the beginning and meet each other eye to eye. Don’t try to solve all the problems of the world there. A handshake and a shared meal does wonders for your soul and your motivation. Be cautious but begin.

      • This is the beginning of community. As I drove across the Mojave returning from our first meetup, I pictured a net floated across the United States in which each filament of the web that intersected lit up…that’s us…no matter where we are, we can be a bulwark of knowledge and yes..comfort knowing we are not alone exchanging vital information to build a net of community, bringing normies kindly along as we can. Proximity would be more beneficial but if not, we can still be in touch, inform and bolster each other. Community is where we land and only as strong as out interconnection. Best to you.

    • Indeed but since we whites have no say so in politics or business. It doesn’t matter,

      Sadly too many whites think the GOP is on their side, it’s not. It routinely gives whites a giant middle-finger as Carlson has stated.

  42. I think this will wake up a lot of normies that participation in electoral politics and reliance on the old rules and the old parties is futile.

    Will it turn into a flashpoint like many expect and hope? Probably not, but it will be a stepping stone on the way. It took a long time for Adams and Hancock and his crew to convince your normies they weren’t voting their way out of war. The war didn’t start in 1770 with the Boston Massacre, but it surely convinced more than anonymous pamphlets about the rights of man…

    • Mmmm… Maybe. The most current problem results from the Virginia Republican Party NOT participating in the last election. They didn’t even have candidates on the ballots for many districts and ran lackluster campaigns when they did.

      • That’s my point exactly. Every single Virginian should be excoriating the Conservative Inc gimps and cucks that got them in this mess. The important thing is that those people out in the streets today realize that they don’t need Vichy Republicans to lead them to defeat after defeat. This was not led by politicians. If it succeeds in mobilizing normies, this is different. This is possibly a start of that organic community we’ve all been wanting to see.

  43. Looking at the positive about Virginia at least the media and the left will continue to headline “white supremists” and “Nazi” as representing the normal legitimate law abiding gun owner.
    The more the left labels normal people as racists and Nazi’s the faster some will come over to dissident politics.
    It’s a slow process but the media is doing the work for us.

    • Respectfully, I disagree with your take on the labeling bit. It has been my experience ever since the ’16 election that many normies have watched with horror as anyone who has stood up for our cause has been systematically destroyed by one or another of those labels. Whenever I broach the subject of our cause with anyone, most will say the following, “Look, I agree with most of what you say, but the left are getting people fired from their jobs for saying the wrong thing! Don’t get me involved in any of that.”

      • This is why it’s important to have accurate definitions and proper distinctions ready to hand.

        In reality, there are no white supremacists.

        There are no actual Nazis. None. Even dumb fat guys in the stupid uniforms who call themselves Nazis are not Nazis. Because there aren’t any.

        There is no such bogeyman as white nationalism. There are white preservationists, people who wish to see their people survive, and who recognize that white survival is predicated on certain social and biological conditions. People who work themselves into a tizzy over the extinction of the spotted woodpecker are indifferent to or supportive of the extinction of a major branch of humanity.

        There is no such thing as white supremacy. If there were, you wouldn’t be able to call it out and criticize it. There is, however, another kind of racial supremacy which we know is very real, because to label it or discuss it is to come under immediate attack.

        • Agree, Doof, everything they “Resist!!” is a fantasy.

          No wonder they Resist so passionately- it’s a fun game when none of their boogeymen will actually slap some sense into them.

      • I don’t like the labeling either and we know good people are getting hurt or their jobs and their way of making a living damaged by this stuff.
        But it’s a cultural war and it’s real and it’s not going away. The normal person who has normal viewpoints now takes the approach to the enemy like they are a peaceful tribe who will reason and act in a reasonable manner.
        Our normal white American thinks he is reasoning with the Pocohontous tribe when in fact he is going to be tortured and killed by the Comanches.
        The only way to see this clearly by Mr. Normie is the hard way I am afraid.

        • G Lordon, their enemies are fantasies while the damage is very real.

          Helluva situation, eh?
          How do you fight fantasies?
          And since fantasy enemies can’t be hurt, incredulous Lefty can claim, “but we’re not hurting YOU, Mr. Normie!”

    • Sorry, G Gordon, but if you really think optics or even reality will move normies to the DR, I have some “persuasive” facts for you. Think Amy Biehl. Think Mollie Tibbets. Think of Amanda Blackburn. If even seeing their wives/children raped and murdered doesn’t move these people to accept demographic reality, why on earth do you think the media will? A certain portion, a large portion, of Whites will choose to die before facing reality. And they will get their choice, unfortunately. You just have to choose to be part of the remnant and work to survive the fall.

      • 3g, there are always counter-examples and outliers like Taco Man Tibbets, but it’s not nearly as bleak as “none of them will turn, ever, cucks win, turn out the lights.”

        Almost all of us including my now-fairly extreme self got to here from somewhere much more normal. I spent the 00’s as a Bush Con.

  44. Americans aren’t pilgrims and pioneers anymore. If most people accept abortion as normal behavior, then gun ownership in this kind of society is just insane.

    Even the dissident right knows the media, schools, court system, and civil service are the tools of power. Guns are so dubious that even politicians are more important.

    • As a Canadian, even I can see that is not true. The shitlib gun grabber is, more often than not – a product of the big cities. They tend to forget how many people actually live in the more rural areas where prepping and shooting are hobbies.

      Leftie is not used to seeing large scale, massive resistance – look at how they are reacting to their loss in the last election. If anything, they’ve turned even more American people against them.

      Leftie has stepped on his dink with this one, good and hard. If the culture war goes hot he is going to need to find somebody to fight for him too. If he relies on the same guys that won the last civil war… he will almost certainly lose.

        • The gun control battle is more psychological than practical warfare. None of these guys are going to the capital with their guns and overthrowing their oppressors, but owning a gun gives them the idea they are still a free people. The gun grabbers simply want to humiliate rural whites into mental submission.

          • Stupid lefties seem to think that it’s only “rural” whites that own guns.

            Sorry to break up the illusion , but there’s plenty of “urban” and “suburban” whites that own them too.

            Although I will admit that there’s an awful lot of city dwelling lefties that seem to think that any living arrangement that doesn’t involve having to take an elevator to get to the bottom floor – is “rural”.

            I can tell you for a fact that there’s an awfully variable definition of “rural” – which depends on the mindset of the person using the description.

            I live in a suburb with natural gas piping, town water, and town sewer out in the street. Yet I’ve run across city idiots who describe that as “rural”.

            Sorry – but rural to me is when you start to get into an area where amenities like town water and sewer simply do not exist, the land density is such that farms are still affordable to run in the area (because land prices are low) – and you’re likely going to run into a dirt road or two.

            But I see no reason to dissuade lefties from their delusions. Because I think it’s a good thing that they find out too late how pervasive gun ownership is when keep trying to push their bullshit.

          • Yep consistently amazed around here at who I discover is one of “us”. One of my kids started up a trap/skeet team in school, stunned at how many came out–that even he did not know were “us” and ones that wanted to learn to shoot. Some have now bought their first shotgun and they have an arrangement with the school where they can keep the barrel assembly locked up in their cars and the receivers are with the skeet club in a safe only accessible to the range officers. One step at a time. But always advancing. I spotted the money for ammo until a like minded alum sponsored the whole team.

          • Chet – excellent observation. Most of those guys proclaiming their gun rights would react in horror at actually using them against their enemies, particularly those in power or with “official authority” over them. This is a psychological game and most Whites have already lost. Even half the DR is still stuck in the Matrix.

      • Canadian, eh? Genuinely curious – what’s the state of private gun ownership in rural Canada?

        • I second Templar. Didn’t the Long Gun Registry go away?

          Yet the Human Rights Commissions and Diversity imports still continue.

          And Maurice Strong minions hold sway in oil-producing Alberta.

          • The gun registry is a bad joke. They are trying the so-called assault rifles and pistols but non-compliance is rampant. Prime Minister Pink Socks is making noises about gun bans too, and may or may not act on them. The west is fed right up with the pozz, the sabotaging of our oil industry and economy, etc. Like your shitlibs – for ours, nothing exists outside of their big city enclaves.
            I’d like to say more… but I have to watch it in public. My advice is that you DO NOT register your guns under any circumstances because that is only paving the way for confiscation later on.

      • I’ll toss some cold water on the hot civil war enthusiasm again. We don’t have 10% of the personnel, organization and preparation needed for this kind of resistance.

        Check out what James LaFond has to say about this kind of talk.

        Short version: in this scenario, local bands of patriot fantasists will be crushed by GoodWhite cops from distant communities and GoodWhite special forces from the army and marines.

        I’m working on a post riffing on his theme, but the punch-line is “when you fight a sumo wrestler, you have to tire him out first, then stomp him when he falls down.”

        We have to survive long-term and let events and forces like catabolic collapse work the body of Empire for us.

        Going toe-to-toe with Shlomo’s Janissaries now will get us knocked out in the early rounds. I’m aiming to win no matter how bad it hurts early or how long it takes.

        • For the umpteenth time (no offense Exile), honkey cops and SF guys won’t be going door to door, or crushing anything because;
          A) most, certainly not all, are on our side of the divide,and
          B) when things get sporty, the few who do decide to follow white shirts into the breach, will melt away.

          Clearly no one on Z’s blog has worked with, sat in a squad, or handled calls for service with today’s average copper. Try to understand that they will be down on the list of people (and folks), to worry about.

          Stop watching cop movies. They’re not real.

          • Don’t assume I don’t know any cops – you’d be wrong. I know dozens of military guys and a fair amount of LEO’s and my sample skews for Our Guys, if anything.

            There are a few guys, mostly older, who will resign rather than stomp us. There are some more who will foot-drag and go through the motions. But at least 3/4 will follow orders effectively, a few enthusiastically.

            James LaFond who has sat in the cars etc… is more black-pilled on this than I am, FWIW.

            The idea that “the troops are on our side” is a “famous last words” assumption of many historical dissidents.

            We saw feds throwing WWII vets out of national parks years ago during the “shutdown” under Obama. The talent pool of appartchiks has grown since then.

            Ask anyone in Charlottesville how the cops treated them. Where’s the dissident LEO spilling the beans on that city government? Who quit that day rather than let our guys get beat down? What cop has spoken out vs. James Fields’ railroading or tried to save him that day when he was going to be Reginald Denny, Jr.

            Ask anyone who lives in LA – we have some good cops, but we have as many or more indifferent or bad ones.

          • The idea that the troops are on the side of former troops is nonsense, at least when it comes to white American military “men.”

            Witness MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton in July of 1932.

          • The cops in CA are mostly lazy. And scared. They’re main goal every day is going home safe at night.

            The idea that these people, who won’t show up to investigate routine crimes are going to go all commando against armed white people is a fantasy.

            They will engage in a few show busts – which involve 20 or thirty heavily armed cops taking down a couple of people over the course of a day. But that obviously can’t scale up.

            Mostly, these laws will just be ignored by everyone. The people and the cops. The politicians will make their virtue signaling noises and then everyone forgets about it.

          • Worked with a lot of cops during my FD career. Agree. Older guys, much more level headed. Younger? Not impressive at all. I think as the prestige has gone down you end up with more emotionally stunted types looking for a power trip. Nearly got arrested by one on a highway MVA call that failed to learn in academy that the FD in our state has full incident command so long as they are operating on an active scene. He wanted me to unblock a lane while we were doing an extrication. Told him no way I’m going to have my guys asses hanging out in an active traffic lane at night during “drunk driver hours”. Finally his supervisor explained the gig to him. But couldn’t have been a year off probation–but was the king of the world in his mind.

          • Bartleby – I don’t watch t.v. or movies. You need to get out of your blue/green bubble. The military and the cops are thoroughly pozzed and, above all, “rule abiding.” And they come down on the Whites breaking the rules, not the vibrant who they know cannot be held accountable for their own actions. I was raised to trust the authorities. I now trust no one, particularly not the cops. 25 years ago they were moderately in-shape 25-45 year old White guys. Now it’s all women, vibrants, and old White bullies.

            Stop believing your own rhetoric. It’s not real.

        • If there were a rebellion (doubtful) it would not be won with rifles, theirs or ours, and this is by no means an argument against owning rifles.

        • I would call it defeatism myself.

          Right now, pretty much every single lawful gun owner is on his way over the great political divide. Most are here already.

          Right now, pretty much every real Christian is a dissident too – who is sick to death of Globohomo’s incursions on his family, his church, and his rights.

          10%? Buddy, it’s probably closer to 45%.

          Obutthole said it himself – they cannot deal with those awful deplorables because they cling to their guns and bibles. If the dissidents would show some guts and come out of the closet – things might very well tip.

          Remember how Hillary was going to smash the election and put paid to those deplorable racists and bigots? She and the people she fellates need to see another showing from We The People.

          • John Smith—
            I understand what you are saying, with regard to the people that Hillary “services.”
            But I couldn’t help but chuckle, b/c it’s pretty clear that she plays for the other team.

            Thus fellating NO man.
            Hee hee.

            Loving everyone’s comments and perspectives today!

        • Been on a F&I War kick for a little while generated by some genealogy research. But have spent a lot of time with the militia records dating back to the 1750s. You would be astonished at how well organized these guys were and the speed with which militia groups could react, even with news traveled by horse, canoe and in the north country often by runners. Several hundred fully armed, provisioned men could be mustered and moved 100 miles in wilderness country in a matter of days.

    • We’re a long way from “guns or sh*tposting – choose one.”

      Ginning up the wine-aunties and Jeets in Northern VA is a long way from disarming Nevada or Arizona.

      As I’ve said before, the suburbs of the Imperial City are tough ground to fight on. 2A supporters should first look to consolidate in jurisdictions where institutional support still exists for gun rights.

      If we don’t come together, we can’t use our numbers to leverage what’s left of the system. We’ll be increasingly and prematurely forced into a position of overt lawlessness.

      I’m with the VA guys in spirit but I disagree with their choice of battleground. Fighting for the DC suburbs of already-pozzed Virginia sacrifices men we could better use elsewhere and hands Shlomo an eventual win that he can use to claim “first blood” in the gun-grab war.

      • Tough call, Exile.

        The poz wasn’t tearing down statues in Arizona or pulling ‘shock and awe’ in Nevada.

  45. Anyone unfamiliar with what happened to the Kulaks, who were basically middle class merchants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, at the hands of the Bolsheviks, should acquaint themselves with the history. During the height of the terror, 40,000 people per month were being murdered, and more were “disappeared” into the Gulag. That wasn’t a “flaw” in the Bolshevik plan; it was by design, a feature embraced by both Stalin and Trotsky, after the demise of Lenin.

    Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ chronicled this horror. Many here are familiar with his writings, although his name is being forcibly stuffed down the Memory Hole by our current crop of leftist academicians, journalists and historians. Mass murdering the political opposition is their desired endgame. Just last week we heard the Veritas recording of the Bernie campaign staffer who vocalized their fever dream.

    Sam Hyde, a very funny guy, wasn’t joking when he told you that they want you dead.

    Dead, as in gone, erased from the pages of history.

    In Cambodia during the leftist Pol Pot’s short-lived terror spree, anyone who wore eyeglasses was deemed to be “an intellectual,” ie. a Kulak, and thus an enemy of the Glorious Revolution, rounded up and sent to labor camps or simply murdered.

    Watch ‘One Child Nation,’ a documentary available on Prime, about how women in Chinese villages who refused to be sterilized were kidnapped, “tied like hogs,” and forcibly sterilized. If you had more than one child your house would be razed, and the child taken to be killed.

    This is the true face of the Left. It is happening here. And the Left knows that the 2A must be gutted and the citizens disarmed for their plans to come to full poisonous fruition.

    It is the history of the Vendee in France, when Catholic resisters of the Revolution were exterminated. Or of the Irish and Scottish “clearances” by Cromwell. It will be our fate, as well, unless men can be awoken from their screens and their slumbers.

    • Correct.

      The Chinese Cultural Revolution is a terrifying model that our academic are too arrogant, too stupid, or both to fear. Mao’s wife, afraid of losing power, unleashed the brainwashed youth against the “smart” class…academics paid heavily with struggle sessions, labor camps, and executions. As did business owners and anyone who actually managed to produce.

      Ultimately took the army to shut it down, but not until a decade of terror and more decades of mistrust and suspicion.

      I can’t help but look at the “woke” and think that the so called academics that created them aren’t scared to death of their own creation. Uber-wokeness won’t save them, and they know it.

    • When the, at that time, legendary Solzhenitsyn gave his commencement speech at Harvard, the audience became uneasy. They had assumed that the great man was like them, but he was the man who had survived thirty years of small and ultimately vicious minds. “I am not a critic of the West, I am a critic of the weakness of the West.

    • These are good comparisons but not perfect. Russia was homogeneous. China was homogeneous. I think we can all agree we are not homogeneous. And ironically, that might help us in the end

  46. Running a live feed in my office–and man they have a fuck ton of people out. Interviewed a guy from a tiny county in the west and it had 400 people showing up. Not ready to toss in on this one. Let’s see what develops. Funny thing, recently told a couple of “normies” that the best way to reduce gun crime was ban all black males under 40 from owning guns. Got the usual “racist” death stare–then told them to simply check the DoJ’s own statistical abstracts–between young black males and Hispanics (oft illegal and classified as “white”) you have something on order of 70% of gun murders sewn up. The rest of the population behaves like Europe, but armed to the teeth. What was clear is nobody ever lays it out in simple statistical terms.

    • “the best way to reduce gun crime was ban all black males under 40 from owning guns”

      Hah! You’re a better man than me. When the “young black men are being murdered, genocided, by police!” nonsense comes up, I say “The best way to eliminate the killers of young black men is to ban all young black men.” So far it’s a dead tie between the “you racist” death glare and the completely blank look of vapor-locked brane (sic). But back on topic, “if cops are all racist murderers, why do you want them to be the only people with guns?”

      • “But back on topic, “if cops are all racist murderers, why do you want them to be the only people with guns?”
        That last sentence is powerful. Great argument! Never thought of framing that way.

      • Mike, while it’s tempting to address your cops retort with “but they don’t care about logic,” I’m not going to be that facile.

        There is a deeper truth Mike’s getting at with that last line. The people who are demanding disarmament aren’t the kind of people who prioritize or even consider self-defense. They just assume that someone is going to protect them, somehow, in a world where murderous racist cops have all the guns.

        Who’s that going to be?

        These people really do belive in the Avengers, Luke Sywalker, Black Panther and Machete.

        Situational awareness, right Mike? Or lack thereof.

        The true-believing bugman is the unique product of an unprecedented lack of environmental pressure. Letting these eloi effetes set social policy is suicidal.

        They’re the Pied Pipers of Darwinism, and they’re Leaning us Forward over the pier.

        • They’re children.

          They think poppa Bernie is going to provide for them and protect them from scary things.

          It’s really that simple.

    • “Live feed”- what are you watching?

      I’d rather be air-dropping pallets of guns and ammo into every ‘hood and all of Africa.

    • I don’t have the guts to make the “ban all black males under 40” argument but Mike’s line is doable. I need a repertoire of similar points to use. Maybe someone could make a compendium.

      • To be fair, I presented that position as a pure hypothetical and prefaced with “wouldn’t it be great if we could cut gun homicides in half again”. Sort of led them into it–since the first reduction came from being willing to incarcerate violent criminals with long sentences back in the early 90s. They walked into it.

  47. I can’t remember the wank that said it but I believe it to be true: 1/3 of the country is ginning itself up to kill the other 1/3, while the remaining 1/3 stands by and watches.

    Our blog host sees our current state of affairs as a slow slide into madness. I believe we may be sitting on a powder keg, just waiting for a spark while Leftie plays with matches. Remember, it only takes one straw to break the camel’s back.

    If worse comes to worst, the old American Revolution tactics should go for this one too… aim small, miss small… and go for their officers first.

    • The Revolution was the first Civil War–few seem to see it that way. But those tactics were honed long before. 5x grandfather was among the militia that harassed Gentleman Johnny all the way down from Lake George, whittling his army away until they swung round and stood fast at Saratoga and whipped them. What Burgoyne didn’t realize is he and many of his older cohorts fought over that same ground in ’57-58. But they were as ruthless to the Loyalists as they were to Johnny and his Indian allies.

    • JS, the kind of scenario where that’s necessary lies in a dystopian future.

      Let’s worry about how to get a dozen guys together rather than LARPy small-unit tactics.

      I’m more concerned with things like:

      getting a dozen of Our Guys together in real life;

      getting a dozen to move their families to a dissident-friendly community

      building an infrastructure of jobs, markets, public services and social support that can make those dozen guys self-sufficient and insulated from Woke socio-economic pressure; and

      giving those dozen guys a contingency plan based on survival and evasion rather than some comic-book hill to die on.

      Orania > Ruby Ridge.

      • Try to do it every day. Even behind the Iron Curtain here, try to do give my personal business to people that are “in the club”. Several of us are informally “organized”–but constantly figuring out who the like minded are in the local area. Professionally, quietly resist the urge to add vibrancy for vibrancy’s sake and hire people that are solid and values driven–so putting six figure paychecks in the pockets of smart, hard working folks. And I’ve had four kids and raised them to see things clearly.

      • I hope you’re right and I am wrong, E. But just to be clear, we (and I say that as a Canadian up north) are all running out of time. Leftie is mobilizing against you right now. He’s going for your guns first. He’s talking about taking them by force. Gun owners will not have time to wait for would-be ideologues to have conventions and hemmm and hawwww and puzzle over what to do about this.

        You are having secret handshake meetings when we need you out in front with us. You don’t have to shoot red coats, or fight with pANTIFA thugs. All that’s needed from you is your voice, your cell phones and cameras, all focused on the shitlibs…and your presence in Virginia… and it sounds like the dissidents don’t want to give us even that.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love the dissidents and agree with what they’re doing… but by the time Normie gets on board, the guns will be gone, the purges will have started, and the gulags will be getting set up. I’m sorry… but the chit is hitting the fan now while you discuss possibly meeting to think about and possibly do…something.

        It’s never a good time to go to war and it’s only getting worse. I don’t think it’s time to shoot yet, but it is time to get off your butt and stand with American patriots. If you don’t show up for them and support them, they won’t do it for you.

        • John, am I going to do more good as the 100,001’st man in Virginia?

          Street protests are useful as a (higher-risk) IRL meet-up and networking opportunity, but otherwise they’re the classic example of meeting to yell rather than talk about “doing something.” They vent the crowd’s frustration in the same way that “saying your piece” makes you feel better when arguing with someone, but how often does it change anyone’s mind?

          I’m not telling anyone “don’t protest in VA today.” Z’s right in saying that the sheer numbers will prevent Charlottesville nonsense.

          But apart from IRL meet-up function (which it shares with “secret handshake meetings”), it’s not going to make the VA occupational government change its policy. They may slow-roll or tweak at the edges, but the Empire will police its backyard and flex its muscles.

          Million-man-marches matter when politicians are head-counting for votes. The politicians implementing the gun-grab already have the numbers and don’t care about whether the angry voters of VA won’t vote for them again. They have comfy Bloomberg-funded sinecures to fall back on if and when VA’s dwindling Not-So-Silent Majority mobilizes to throw the bums out.

          To the extent the protesters might eventually resist that outcome after they’ve scattered and returned to their homes, I see that ending poorly for Us, optically and “kinetically.” I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t bother saying this if I didn’t think I was right.

          Antifa and their overlords wouldn’t spend so much energy trying to dox and disrupt “secret handshake meetings” if they weren’t seen as a threat to Them.

          I’m going to do what I’m doing and VA’s dissidents can do what they are doing. They’re not mutually exclusive. Dissent is not a zero-sum game. Events will shake out one way or the other and neither one of us is going to have an idea of what the “better” option was except through hindsight, and even then we’ll likely find that both approaches helped in different ways with different people.

          • Exile – very well said. “Million man marches matter when politicians are head-counting for votes.” And we all know how much voting matters. Even the majority here are still stuck in the old paradigm. Marching, demonstrating, ‘making their voices heard.’ NONE OF THAT MATTERS. You aren’t persuading either the normies or the enemy. The rules don’t count. Facts don’t matter. Emotions and passions rule and nothing can change what’s been barreling down on us for years. Prepare to survive the fall – stop trying to prevent something that’s already over in everything but name.

          • One of the things that impresses me most about the dissidents, E – is the quality of their men. They are not emotionally stunted performance artists like Vox Day or poseurs like Richard Spencer or the Proud Boys that sunk the Albright. Please don’t take any of this as a rebuke or a personal critique.

            But those qualities above are exactly why you are needed there. Normies need to see you guys up front, speaking your own thoughts in your own words. Maybe it’s your camera that catches the pANTIFA slug beating up a senior. Maybe it’s your words that changes someone’s mind. There aren’t many allies for the dissidents… but the lawful gun owner could be made into one helluva dissident with no work at all. The gunnies already have the infrastructure you need, and to be honest, I’d be tickled pink to see you guys take high profile membership in the NRA and other pro-2A organizations.

            I say all that with a caveat – I am a Yesterday Man that went through the wringer trying to be fair and honest with Lefty family. I may be behind the 8 Ball on Dissident politics… but I know how those lefties roll and if they win here… we are all in very deep trouble because this will be the start of much worse things to come.

          • JS, the NRA is wider “outer” circle overlapping with our Venn diagram. But they lack meta-political awareness and would never tolerate Our Guys in a leadership or spokesperson position. It’s up to the subset of those guys who can be Our Guys to take the final steps to where we are.

            We’re going to be out there, doing Our Thing, and putting the word out on the internet and by word of mouth, particularly in these organizations. Those who’re ready for Our Thing will know how to seek us out when their time is right.

        • I think of it this way…make my living in the world of probability. Think of things in terms of “normal and expected” versus 25/50/100/250/500 year return periods. Most of the effort should go into “normal and expected”–however, tail risk will kill you if you don’t spend some time thinking about it and the attendant scenarios. Few events stick out. Hurricane Andrew–a few reasonably minor assumption flaws in inland intensity degradation + exposure accumulation nearly bankrupted several firms. Had the storm center been 20 miles further north you would have seen a financial crisis. FF to 9/11–we thought through a lot of “worst case” terrorism scenarios–but the worst was used for modeling was a 10 ton truck bomb—similar to ’93 and London IRA bombing. Nobody gamed out airliners. We’re much more careful now and stress test modeling with some really way out there ideas. Everyone needs to do the same personally–yes, shooting your way out of a major city is a tail risk, but saw enough in Sandy to realize how close we got to it. The trick is not to get tunnel visioned on a single outcome–think broadly.

        • J.Smith, multiple approaches.

          No outing. /ourguys/ behnid the Iron Curtain are too valuable to unmask.

          • We do some things stealthily. Helped prevent one draconian financial services de-platforming from happening two years ago. But have to be careful.

    • The American Revolution only happened after the British alienated the local elites. We we will only get the numbers after enough upper class whites get screwed over by affirmative action or lose status and money for via reparations and false accusations. Quite a few white women will have to be Mollie Tibbettsed too.

  48. I agree with everything you say except I think you are underestimating the effect school shootings with ARs had on moderate white people. They bought the leftist argument that these shootings were the fault of the guns and the NRA because the NRA makes it easy for anyone to buy a gun off the shelf. When the Dems prattle on about universal background checks, a lot of people think it means that you can buy a gun without a background check. Because of this, a lot of normies are open to further restrictions on or even banning them.

    Our side needs to do a better job of educating people about gun laws.

    • Z is probably unfortunately right that our enemies will never be swayed by coherent arguments, that isn’t really how warfare works, and sadly we are at war.

      None the less, it is very important for our side to continue to develop rational and morally sound arguments, clarity of thought and language, and above all, accurate distinctions and accurate definitions. So much of our present train wreck is caused by confusing language, poor and inaccurate definitions of terms, failure to make proper distinctions, and by giving in to emotionalism, hysteria, and sentimentality. Think of how easy it is to destroy all the immigration arguments based on Magic Statue Poem with just a little clarity, astringency, and historical accuracy. Tha’s one entire leg of the immigration stool, snapped off like a toothpick by a little careful thought, and a proper choice of terms and rhetoric.

      Clear thinking and plain speech will not persuade our enemies, but it will arm our supporters, stiffen our resolve, and it will disarm the enemy’s fellow travelers and fence sitters. It’s a great force multiplier when you not only know you’re right, but you can demonstrate it clearly and easily, without resorting to jargon or shrieking.

      • The arguments we need are those that persuade normiecons to boycott their cultural enemies. No cable, no Netflix, no Amazon, no Facebook and no Google. And for the dinosaurs in the back, no newspapers.

        And definitely no sportsball.

      • Exactly, DE. Our goal isn’t 51% of the Empire electorate anymore. We’re looking to rally the intransigent 25% that can force cultural change. We still have the numbers to get that done, and the overreach and haste of the enemy are “radicalizing” forces doing Our work for Us.

        • On point, Exile, the essential 25%.
          Absolutely on point.

          Thinking in terms of fulcrum and leverage is how to deal with a multipolar society.

    • It’s women. Wealthier white women with husbands who are too beta to say anything (or who don’t care). Very few men are hysterical about banning muh AR15. And women with manly husbands who tell them why guns aes important are pro-gun.

    • The NRA has done nothing to remedy this, nothing. It’s run by wealthy statist whites who have more in common with Pelosi than they do with Joe Sixpack. They are pretty much a version of Conservative Inc. trusted.

      That said, it’ isn’t about education. of scary cat normies. Gun control is not a winning campaign platform for Democrats. This is why every mass shooting vanishes from the MSM within days. There is not enough support for it. How the Left implements gun control is by stealth in the state houses and with Lefty DA’s and governors. That’s how it worked in VA. The Left only controls two counties in the State but thanks to the GOP they got a majority in the state house because the GOP didn’t run candidates for many seats. The GOP basically sat it out on purpose.

      What you need to concentrate on is the fact the GOP is as much our enemy as the Democrats.

    • Why so many here STILL think facts matter, either re guns or the DR and swaying opinions, totally eludes me. You cannot persuade someone with facts. Even if they nod their head or say they hadn’t realized ‘x,’ as soon as you’re gone the conditioning kicks back in and you’re back to where you started. All those who think they’re planting the seeds of red pills – I hope you’re right, but personally I highly doubt it. Only when the 50+ contingent has started to significantly shrink and the majority of Whites left are those who’ve been told they’re scum for their entire lives will any sort of large-scale real change occur. Until then you’re spinning your wheels.

  49. Let’s pray that there is no false flag violence that can be blamed on the “real” terrorists. Georgia and Florida are next. Still can’t believe the GOP supported giving ex-felons the right to vote in a state where elections sway on a few thousand votes. Guess they had to show the Left that they’re not racissssssss.

    Z is right. Demographics is destiny. Until we fix the immigration problem and start shipping some of these “Americans” back to their countries of origin, we’re doomed. What form that doom takes is up for debate, but Virginia is an example. So is California.

    • Former Georgian here:
      1. Refugee rackets running full swing?: CHECK!
      2. Transportation hub for illegal immigrants? : CHECK!
      3. Home of CNN who hates team R?: CHECK!

      The fact that S. Adams came within striking distance of the governorship tells you all you need to know. GA is going the way of VA, faster than you think.

      • ProZnoV: A lot of states are in that position – trending left from multicult immigration and internal leftist infiltration. Texas is not the bastion too many still think it is – far from it. The stagnation I noticed 25 years ago hasn’t affected the thinking of the civic nationalists/White normies, who still think John Cornyn is in Washington voting for ‘them.’ Fools, but they’ll get what they voted for, good and hard.

      • I grew up in rural Georgia. This man speaks the truth. It would have been inconceivable just a few years ago that an uppity fat black chick could get any votes for governor, much less nearly win.

  50. They hate us so much. It’s actually terrifying to contemplate the future that we have in store for us. I think that’s why so many white people don’t

    • “When it came to defeating Hitler, the attitude of influential American Jews in politics, academia, and the press was that Germany had to be destroyed, regardless of the collateral damage to Jews. There are far too many Jews who think they’re still fighting that war, not against Hitler per se, but against the West that gave rise to him, a white Christian world that must be defeated to finish the fight from eighty years ago. And again, the collateral damage is expected and accepted. It’s not a consciously understood agenda. It’s just a long-simmering paranoia about how whites, who gave us our last really serious pantsing in the ’40s, are always coiled to strike again.

      Leftist Jews will tolerate the violence from predatory ghetto rats and Third World immigrants, because such untermenschen are seen as necessary evils in the fight to destroy a greater evil.

      The importation of immigrants from uncivilized nations is an essential element in the destruction of the West. That many of those immigrants are deeply and innately anti-Jewish is something leftist Jews understand and indulge.” – (((David Cole))), Takimag

      • Nice insights, Rabbi. Helps me understand the mind of the leftist Jews. I’m coming to understand more fully, where all these anti Semitic feelings come from. Jews should not be surprised as more gentiles wake up to their machinations.

          • I’m getting some traction with
            “it’s not antisemitism. it’s counter-semitism. it’s not about the Jews per se, it’s about their actions.”

            That’s about 80% true.

          • Not the sinner, but the sin, Jones?

            I have trouble keeping that distinction in mind.

            Until he stops sinning, I want to blame both.

        • The strategy is to render European gentiles a defenseless minority. South Africa is our future.

        • It becomes all the more interesting when you accept that it runs even further back than WW2. My co-host likes to say “For the Jews, it’s still Judea vs Rome. As far as they’re concerned, we are Rome, and they want to destroy us.”

          The Christianity of the West further reinforces this animosity, and arose in series with the travails of the Jews which ultimately led to the diaspora.

      • Sounds to me that there are two lines of thought driving Jewish thinking, Rabbi. One is based on revenge, the other on danger. Even though it’s pretty clear that the greater danger is from the invading hoards of Goths and Visigoths, the desire to obtain a ton of payback flesh from all white people because of the Natzi is stronger. Browner people are a danger, but I want my revenge!

    • I know white people who agree with me. Then they just say “well it is what it is” or “they’ll assimilate over time”. White women are worse, they know what’s going on and their hysterical responses can be summed up like this: “just try and be quiet, and don’t anger the victors”.

      The future is so terrifying most can’t even face it. White men are the least aware, of course, and hey, SportsBall Sunday is coming up!

      • Actually, I think that most middle and upper-middle class white women truly believe the propaganda. I’ve heard from a couple of women that they think this is neo-nazi rally because that’s what they heard on TV.

        Women typically don’t think deeply about politics. (Heck, most men don’t think deeply about politics either.) They get their reality from TV and the main internet sites.

        • Most women don’t think deeply about anything other than their feelings. They’re the center of their own worlds; in the best case scenario their kids are. Not the world they inhabit or the White men who built it.

      • Our grandfathers amd great grandfathers screwed up royally when they allowed the Nice White Ladies to gain actual political power, instead of just influence with their husbands.

    • That’s what white privilege and institutional racism is all about. Killing your oppressor is not evil. You’ll never convince anyone to kill the “subhumans” unless there is widespread shortages of basic things like food, but killing the oppressor is basically self-defense. They create an oppression narrative to make ultimately killing us OK.

      • It’s true. I honestly think our best hope of survival is a complete civilizational collapse similar to the Bronze Age collapse. Beyond that I feel like we’re the Neanderthals. A successful group in Northern latitudes thats destroyed by Invaders from Africa.

          • Or just don’t let them in… the British navy in the 1700s could have stopped the current flow of African boats coming into Europe.

          • UFO – instead, the British went about happily spreading Han and sub-continental Indians as middlemen and sub-Saharan Africans as laborers all over the world, sowing the seeds of demographic crises everywhere they went. No, I don’t think ‘payback’ is a good thing and I hate the destruction of England, but historical fact is historical fact.

          • Doof says above “The invaders from Africa (and Asia, and the global south) would have absolutely no ability to threaten us if we simply stopped feeding them.”

            This is what I would call the Big White Pill though. I’ve seen population projections, for instance, that have 4 billion! Africans by 2100. Wow, I didn’t realize the Africans were that good at growing food. Oh, right, they aren’t. When they took over Rhodesia (a food exporting nation) it turned into Zimbabwe (a starving hellhole). So where do the population projectors get these numbers? They assume, of course, that Europe and N. America will continue to be good little cucked dupes and keep giving food to Africa. Stop the “food aid” and the problem goes away.

            Really a lot of things are (for now) like this. Why can’t the US control its southern border? It can, it just won’t. Whites, globally still have the upper hand, they have nearly all the weapons and well organized militaries, the advanced technology, the food. They just need to realize their global interests and finally USE that stuff. There is STILL time to turn all this around and get our civilization back but it’s not a lot. There’s maybe 10 years to raise consciousness and another 10 to start rolling back the “achievements” of the (((Poz)))

            Eventually diversity will rot away all these assets though. A lot of Whites worry about the diversified military for instance. Will the ruling class turn it against us? Very likely, though, the end result of the current trends is something like what happened to the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War. Maintenance and repair schedules are ignored, supplies get diverted through corruption, and eventually you’ve got a Navy of ships that barely float and can’t fight, planes that don’t fly, tanks that don’t have fuel or treads.

            Edit: on second thought my time estimates might be overly optimistic. Then again it might be pessimistic. Consciousness raising is already happening now after all.

          • “Whites, globally still have the upper hand,…”

            The upper hand belongs to the international jew who owns and controls the debt money.

          • I’m speaking of who is actually still the majority in the most powerful nations on earth, who joins the military, and police, who works the land and maintains the infrastructure, who invents the bulk of new technology? In the end the all powerful jew has some bits in computer memory and Whites have everything else. Right now the bits are in charge but that can change. We don’t live in the Matrix quite yet.

          • The downfall of the white man will prove to have been his hubris. Specifically the hubris of thinking that he could move all these people around the world like so many head of cattle and somehow control the end result. There’s also the hubris of thinking his way of life and customs were so obviously superior to everyone else’s that non-whites and their descendants would aspire to “whiteness”. Some still do but tribalism is rising and being encouraged by the idiotic white man-children for whom every culture but their own is something to celebrate and encourage. Britain and the rest of white Christendom is dying of a disease it deliberately spread in the time of its expansion and the current white populations refuse to fight or even acknowledge. The challenge is to get more of them to acknowledge the problem and then move to fighting it.

          • I agree. I’ve been saying for a while that the American lefts horseshit is driven by hubris. They feel free to believe and enact any kind of nonsense because they have no fear of negative repercussions.

    • The leftjourno reaction is typical evidence of impunity. They simultaneously mock our people as “corpulent cosplayers” while fear mongering to the 80 IQ rubes that Neo Nazis are carrying out a pogrom.

      That said, the organizers may have been wrong by not getting these men to bring their spouse. The crowd is a sausagefest, which makes it easier to demonize. Fwiw, most people don’t look that fat, its winter clothes and they are wearing those “tactical vests”.

      • There’s also another thread. Leftists mocking them as “cosplayers” that “don’t enlist”. This speaks to a typical liberal belief that the military is made up of poor minorities. It’s not as if veterans don’t eagerly identify as such at nearly any political demonstration. And it won’t be hard to look at the multitude of images to see self-identified veterans in the crowd.

      • Given what happened at Charlottesville, bringing your wife to get smacked around by antifa or doxxed/fired from her job as a “nazi” probably seemed like a bad idea.

    • Whitney – excellent point. It’s something most Whites – most definitely even those here – just will not face up to. Oh, they may talk about it a bit, but they don’t really internalize just how much envy and hatred there is, even among the purported top 10% or their IKAGOs. I love to imagine a world where all the non-Whites (including all the Asians) would have to say what they really think when speaking with Whites. It might open some eyes that have remained stubbornly closed, even here.

    • Younger people fear losing status and their reputation. Older people fear being harmed, or people they care about being harmed. Young people will smoke if it looks cool. Older people will not smoke because it’s harmful. Young people believe that diversity is our strength, because all the cool people do. Older people believe that diversity is harmful. To slightly edit an Oscar Wilde quote, the young are always ready to give the older the benefits of their inexperience.

    • The term ‘conservative’ is useless and meaningless. Even I don’t know what you mean by “regular conservatives.” I don’t consider myself one nor do I call myself one. Let go of the left/right and liberal/conservative blinders; they are outdated at best (just like the civic nationalists/normies who will fail on all terms in their Virginia protest). We live in a demographic age and must use properly descriptive terms. Ethno-nationalist, European nationalist, White communitarian, Identitarian, populist -take your pick. Stop repeating the old paradigm.

    • Events like today’s come across as a manipulative black pill. The state will use it to their advantage no matter how things come off. But having white traditions under attack also has the effect of making many in our tribe aware of being attacked.

      This link below is to a talk Greg Johnston gave in Sweden last year. The whole thing is worth listening to… for a powerful white pill begin listening at 27.00 minutes. There are some very encouraging attitudes permeating throughout the entire white community. The numbers are impressive. Beginning to think in a new way isn’t beginning to act in a new way, but it’s a necessary first step. Helping these people along is something we can do one small step at a time. But the steady drift of white sentiment and concerns is coming our way.

      Uppity White Folks and How to Reach Them:

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