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Yesterday’s gun rally in Richmond Virginia was a great success, at least as a public relations item. You can tell that by the relative lack of interest by the Left. Nothing about the event fit into their narratives, so it had to be ignored. Fanatics see only that which confirms their fanaticism. In this case, they wanted to see white supremacists dressed in Klan robes and Nazi regalia, terrorizing poor black bodies, while Antifa battled them in the streets. None of that happened.

The question that never gets mentioned in all of this is exactly why the newly ascendant radicals in Richmond are attacking gun owners. If you look at what they are proposing, none of it has much practical value. All the talk of confiscation is belied by the actual bills they are producing. One limits handgun purchases to one per month. Another bans private sales of regulated firearms. One vindictively targets the NRA shooting range in Northern Virginia. These have no practical purpose.

The answer here lies in understanding how American Progressive’s view society and their role in it. Contrary to popular opinion, the people behind this stuff are not communist, motivated by Karl Marx. They are not controlled by hand-rubbing lizard people living in a secret volcano. They are not triumphant browns. The people pushing this stuff are white people. There are a few Jews and browns tossed in, but the main body of the Left is still white and formerly Protestant.

The white American Progressive has always imagined society as a fully enclosed community, that is judged as a whole. A popular slogan among them is that “society is judged by how it treats it weakest members.” This is an explicit expression of communal judgement, which is the traveling partner of communal salvation. The white Progressive looks at society as an organism that moves forward as a whole. If some parts lag behind, the whole thing slows to a halt.

Further, the white Progressive believes in the unitary reformer. That is, the reformer is not just focused on one area of society, but the whole of society. Even if their efforts are in one area, those efforts support the whole community. A reform effort that does not promise to move the whole of society forward is of no interest. For white Progressive reformers, society is the flock and they are the shepherds. Anything that threatens their effort to guard and guide the flock must be eliminated.

It is this spatial understanding of the world that helps explain these largely symbolic attacks on the Second Amendment. In the hive mind of the white Progressive, people who own guns are outside the domain of the righteous. Therefore, they must be marginalized from society. Much in the same way they anathematized smoking, white Progressives seek to make owning a gun disqualifying. Symbolically, these measures are aimed at putting gun rights outside the whole of society.

This territorial thinking is why Charlottesville remains an important symbol for white Progressives and why Richmond will be erased from their memory. In the former, the righteous chased the threat to the flock from the field. The physical place of society was literally reclaimed by the good guys. Richmond, in contrast, was when the dark forces of society were permitted to operated unmolested. The bad guys did not win. The shepherds were forced to hide their flocks.

There is another aspect to this. White Progressives are aroused by the thought of the Charlottesville riots, because the radical mind needs violence in the same way the body needs food. While many white Progressives reformers are sincere, if deranged, others are in it for the blood. They need to terrorize and attack the enemy. In the same way the bully needs to terrorize the nerd in order to be a bully, the white radical needs the enemy of the cause in order to maintain his identity.

Therein lies the other reason why Richmond will be forgotten, while Charlottesville will be a regular story in the 2020 election. It was there that the need to terrorize the enemy of the flock was fully actualized. They not only chased the evil doers from the field; they drew blood and they had a sacrifice. Notice they always remember the fat women, who died, but not the cops. That’s because she was a blood sacrifice to the cause, while the cops that died were just collateral damage.

This is how to understand these pointless gun grabbing efforts, as well as many other Progressive fads we see today. In Virginia, these proposals are like the winning side erecting a trophy on the field of battle. The good whites have recaptured the heart of the Confederacy, the home of the bad whites. They did not eliminate the enemy, however, as they are still out there in the counties that refused to support the Progressive reformers. The fight must continue.

This is why facts and reason have no effect on white Progressives. They see themselves as defenders of the innocent against the attacks of those who seek to destroy the whole by corrupting the weak. Against such delusions, facts and reason are wholly ineffectual. Appeals to their humanity, on the other hand, are infuriating, as it calls into the question the point of their existence. It is why they are most vulnerable to moral arguments. It cuts to their sense of identity.

Of course, the Left is not just white Progressives. There are other parts, but their motivations are different and mostly modifiers to the whole. These other groups operate from ethnocentric motives. Blacks want free stuff and easy access to white people, while Jews want what is best for Jews. The newly arrived non-whites want a short path to the material assets of the white majority. The bulk of the Left, however, are white Progressives, who provide the power and authority.

The thermal exhaust port of the Progressive death star is their sense of moral purpose, not factual accuracy or even the relationships between the tribes of the Left. The white Progressive sees contrary facts and internal divisions as challenges the righteous shepherd must overcome. Call into question the moral standing of the white Progressive and the very center of the Left begins to collapse. Self-righteous certainty of purpose is the main tent pole that holds Progressivism together.

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  2. Yea, “hand-rubbing lizard people” that largely (and indisputably) control the media, the banks, the Federal Govt. have very little power…Cool story.

  3. I think that the real reason the left are so obsessed about guns is not fear of their imminent and widespread use, it’s that guns are one of very few issues (can’t offhand think of others) that have the power to both unite White men as a group and set them apart from other groups.
    Those are two things that are greatly to be avoided because they present a real obstacle to the goal of the destruction of Western Civilization.

  4. Two things:
    Endless discussion but the gist is people don’t want their guns taken away or legislated down to a minimum. That is all.
    Next you will be ‘discussing’ the issues of pedophilia and bestiality instead of just saying NO.
    This is how we get this stuff.

    Zman and the associated movement concentrate on the IQs and evolution of different tribes and how they are antithetical to white culture. (Yawn) This is the first I’ve seen about the the second real problem (huge immigration being the other). that of your leftist, idiot white neighbor with a decent IQ and education. Supposedly 1/2 of the voting public. Doesn’t fit the rest of the narrative at all. Nobody will take your movement seriously with those three gaping problems.
    You may wonder why I’m here. Mostly for surrounding news/views/insights but Beginning to really understand I don’t fit in. I’m rural (this is the biggest divide) and married to an entrepreneur and am used to doing things and solving problems, not having meetings.
    Not trying to be argumentative and trolling just giving you the reasons this normie won’t be joining your movement.

  5. Saxons are named after the Seax, a weapon.
    So why should Weapons not be the central issue for Americans?

    Felix can go back to this beloved Europe where ‘nations’ like Sweden have less people than New York.

    • You certainly know the saying “Guns don’t kill, people kill.” While you re focusing on guns the left is importing hostile, incompatible people. Guns are useful and fun, demographics is survival or extinction.

      If you think this is about pro- or anti-gun, you just missed the forest for the trees.

  6. As a profound sexist I see the white progressives as the Community of Women that define and enforce community values by naming, shaming and shunning.

    Strictly speaking, it ought to be maddening to men, who believe in deciding things in a fair fight.

  7. “For white Progressive reformers, society is the flock and they are the shepherds.”

    that’s Bolshevik’s elitist oligarchy, some one mention that Modern left are Biological Leninist
    unlike late soviet, modern left recruit non-white to build up new commissar class

    anyway I absolutely agree on this issue
    most left-learning extremist are not Jew or black, it’s white women or men
    Jew don’t believe their own lie, but progressive white are do
    they have some immune system of ethnocentrism because they have community of their own

    unfortunately those progressive white are the one who educated holding resource
    poor white lived in squalor and has no chance, normal whites are too busy finding less diversified affordable housing

    And whole white world running out time….

    • I agree, strongly.

      “new commissar class”
      Feminists, for instance, are political officers.

      “Jew don’t believe their own lie, but progressive white are do
      they have some immune system of ethnocentrism because they have community of their own”

      Their “facts” are only to back up their hearts, because they have a community of their own. For the lucky ones, the Coalition of the Fringes can pay very well indeed, while the scraps encourage the rest.

  8. I think this is a breakthrough post. Neither reason nor logic has been effective in the past. Fight the enemy with their own weapons. Call them fascists, bigots, power-hungry manipulators, liars… the list is very long.

  9. It has been mentioned here that the “left” was not the whole problem. Or that the problem needs to be called something other than the “left”.

    Thomas Sowell called them the “anointed”. He wrote that there were two main “visions” and the vision of the “anointed” was that human nature could be improved until there was a heaven on earth. While we poor realists thought human nature was not going to change and humans did terrible things.

    In other words, the “anointed” really are practicing a cult religion where they seek to outdo God himself. (not saying the evil bastards really believe in God mind you)

    • See also Sowells’ book A Conflict of Visions, where he describes two visions of the world, which he calls the constrained vision and the unconstrained vision. The left has an unconstrained vision, essentially the vision of Rousseau, in which the fundamental problem is not men but institutions. The left believes that the institution shapes the man, and that with an infinite number of institutional manipulations they can create the society that inhabits the fictions of their mind.

  10. What’s the bet another mass shooting occurs soon, one probably involving the killing of children, to offset the ghastly parade of gun lovers and their appalling weapons?

  11. Excellent post.

    One quibble though, during the 80’s when white progs were pushing gun control real hard and making it a political issue It became clear in arguments with them that they just wanted law abiding whites to be disarmed. They did not care that the criminals would ignore their anti-gun laws. They just wanted the lower class whites to be reduced to defenseless tax serfs.

    Later when 3 Strikes was being pushed in CA, the white progressives went ape shit. They hated the fact that the law would not let liberal judges release violent felons back on the streets after a month in the pokey. They didn’t care one iota of the damage this scum inflicted on society.

    Fast forward to today andwe see white progs are at the forefront of open borders, making the homeless a protected class, they have passed laws making many felonies nothing more than fines, they have stripped 3 strikes law of it’s effectiveness.

    And they know what they are doing is wrong if not evil. They isolate themselves and their children from the very laws they promote and the “diversity” which they promote.

      • Aha! That just solved it.
        It also explains vxxc’s center pole of power, not morality.

        They don’t want to give up their cake to a bunch of hillbillies. What would they get in return?

    • I think that amply demonstrates Zman’s point.

      I seethe and grate when he mentions, “Magic Jew Theory gets old”, but he is right.
      It gets old, it is boring, and zealotry like mine misses the larger picture: the Magic J’s have far, far too many allies willing to sign on.

      Whether for the Third Temple, for Mandingo Fever, to End Intolerance! or to End Smoke!– man are people chomping at the bit to subjugate their own.

      It’s like them furriners are mere scenery in a stage play. The only passion play that matters is our own people.

  12. I am reading this from former Soviet Union territory and honestly disagree with author. Your have blatant communism no different from Lenin one.

    The other thing, those protesters already capitulated to absolutely every issue, even recent “trannys”. Why they need weapons at all ? What is for them still worth fighting ?

    Those things with loud bang are not guns but psychological totems for auto suggestion. Many broken people have such items. We had one crazy guy who kept his dead wife in the fridge for years. This was not crime, just love. You know, when you keep your wife in the house, then you can have the illusion that all is not gone. only temporary difficulties of happy marriage and family. Those gun guys also keeping their weapons because it gives them illusion that somehow they are still free people. Antifa left them alone because they already totally capitulated on every last issue.

    • All true. I know a Serbian in my neighborhood who says the same thing. This country sold out years ago without firing a single shot. The same so called men in that crowd have these wives in stone washed jeans and bobbed hair that control every aspect of their lives. This isn’t a place for real men and women, but emotionally stunted children stuffing their fat, diabetic faces at Cracker Barrel while discussing Medicare plans. If guns were banned most of these people would write a mean letter to their congressman and give them up. I’ll always have them, legal or not, because I don’t trust meathead cops to show up in time to draw a chalkline around my body when some (can I say the n word on here?) tries to rob my house.

      • Old boomer goes into a restaurant, orders the French Toast with Syrup. Says to the waitress, “hold the powdered sugar please, I’m a diabetic”.

  13. The people pushing this stuff are white people. There are a few Jews and browns tossed in, but the main body of the Left is still white and formerly Protestant.

    The author of the assault weapons ban is Delegate Mark Levine. His Wikipedia bio says “Levine worked as a Nazi hunter [and] Jewish historian,” and “serve[d] three years as chief legislative counsel to [congressman] Barney Frank.”

    AWFLs may comprise the main body of the Left, but the leadership is also top-heavy with another group.

    • Magic Jew theory gets old, to be honest. If 2% of the population is able to manipulate the other 98%, the antisemites would have been dead a long time ago.

      • If someone observes disproportionate representation in leadership positions, that’s “Magic Jew theory”? I don’t think they’re the principal cause driving leftism. They’re just a powerful accelerant.

        • MJT does get old. So does corruption, or racisms, or the Wimmin’s Vote, or Russian Collusion Theory.

          How many times will we get to hear a reference to the Holocaust today?

          Even unspoken. An assumption.
          Like mentioning a Biblical story in casual parlance. Apples. Sin. Apocalypse.
          Every three minutes? Every ten?

          Both principal cause and accelerant, I say.

          I’m pissed, but I do have to acknowledge the Zman’s point. The Fringe rides the Herd.

      • Whew! They finally listened to reason.
        They really just want to be left alone.
        We can disband the Fed and the BIS now.

        Never raised animals, did ya?
        You don’t kill all the cattle. Oh no.
        And the USSR was like, totally, an accident.

      • I like Chedolf’s “accelerant” analogy.

        In a social context, Jews are the Guild of Matchmakers and Fire Insurance Salesmen that constantly lobbies the local White foresters to do things that make their lands more fire-friendly.

        Jews provide a lot of the flint & steel sparks of social friction. White Prog Puritanism is good dry social firewood that burns long and steady once you get it started.

        Chinese social firewood is very wet and green by comparison because they don’t bow to the traditional Tribal weapons of guilt and sophistry, and there is no “Judeo-Confucianism.” The sparks won’t catch fire.

        Jews aren’t The Problem, but wherever a problem is, you’ll likely find a few of them.

        Magic Jew theory as Z defines it isn’t what I see among most “anti-Semites.” Most of us seem to know we’re opposing a sector of the Jewish elite, NAJALT. We know that Jewish activism stems from a diffuse culture of critique and hostility to their host populations, not one cabal of super-Jews. We know that they require a sympathetic plurality of the host population to cooperate with them in order to get their work of subversion done. In fact that’s a great deal of our point. Waking up the goys and fighting the shabbos goys are what we’re about.

        I’m not as worried about someone’s “early life button” so much as where their loyalties lie. Jewish is as Jewish does. Mitt Romney is as much a part of Team Zion as George Soros.

        Simply put, we don’t need the Jews in our lands. They are Bad Guests who tend to run with the wrong crowds and often lead them. They’re a net negative and we should send them back.

        • The Chinese bandit culture is very similar to the talmudic one. Sowell had a book about middlemen minorities, and the Chinese and Jews take on similar roles. Some castes of Indians also take this role on. Sowell chalks it all up to ‘culture’ but, you know, biology is right there, upstream…

          • I”ve said before here that the Han are like Jews without the hyper-aggression and paranoia (or the perversion). Their chief vice from a European perspective is materialism. Their diasporas tend to get along with the host population rather than trying to Bolshevize, beggar or bestialize it. That’s why the historical reaction has been so divergent and “anti-Sinitism” isn’t really a thing.

        • I like this analogy: Without Jews we get a limited conflict like The War of the Spanish Succession. With Jews we get World War II.

        • I see the role of Jews, well elite Jews anyway, as basically the analog of what are called “nucleation sites” in physics and chemistry. It’s not enough to have a mass of humid air near the dew point to get rain, you need some small particles around which the nascent raindrops or snowflakes can accrete.

          In Western society in the last few hundred years gentiles seeking higher status and having certain sociopathic tendencies have been the humid air. Elite Jews provide numerous ideological nuclei around which these people will accumulate. This is probably why most prog causes (cults really) look like some sort of atheistic Christianity. They are a shadow of the faith they take the place of. The Jews who invented these cults had little to lose. They were already outsiders to the goy power structure and if the cult took off they could ride it to power and wealth. It’s just another form of investing. You give people a little money or some ideas and they go do the work for you. Down the road, you get a return much greater than your seed investment.

          The recipe probably worked its wonders best in the US because America has always attracted people who were a little smarter than average and also a little less ethical. Throw in a few of the right kind of Jews and you’ve got the modern USA awash in secular fanaticisms.

  14. “The answer here lies in understanding how American Progressive’s view society and their role in it. Contrary to popular opinion, the people behind this stuff are not communist, motivated by Karl Marx. They are not controlled by hand-rubbing lizard people living in a secret volcano.”
    Maybe, but the utopianism and messianic zeal are distinctions without a difference. Progressivism, like communism, is a religion and use of the sword not only is permitted it is mandated. The end goal, as you wrote, is to feel better about one’s self but the means to that end vary little from communism to progressivism. The few cracks between the two are more like differences between mainstream Protestant denominations than anything else.

  15. “This is why facts and reason have no effect on white Progressives” . as an old guy , this has been apparent for decades. this article nicely lays out the “god complex ” the leftists have .
    one of the best “charges” to lob into their port is the rotherham scandal , or the identical situations in Telford , manchester or any of a dozen English towns. because the victims are underage girls , it is kryptonite to their you go girl world. If you dogpile search Grooming , of asian there are convictions of monstrous proportions all over . In rotherham , the police and social services enabled the whole situation for years. the latest victim count is 1500+ , the number actually killed is double digits.

    When you contrast this to the hollywood version of life, the movie “wind river ” where the LEO community goes all in to the extreme over the abuses and killing of a single young girl . and the villains are of course pale outsiders.

    if you want to see the raw power of Hollywood , watch this review.

    • This is spot on. The moronic bellowings of a Hannity or Limbaugh is are attempts to reach people who operate solely on emotions. It’s worse than preaching to the choir because the sermon encourages more futile factual outreach from the listeners. The reason Trump infuriates Progressives so is that he realizes this and goes straight for raw emotion.

  16. The best moral argument against progressives is the simple question “Who the hell are you to tell me how to live?!” It means we have to abandon the abortion argument, because they’ll use that in retort. It does mean that you fight battles when they try to demonize an act. For instance, the act of vaping. They had to jump onto the anti-vaping bandwagon because they saw people indulging in sin (having a good time vaping.) They literally turned water vapor into a sin. So, instinctively, conservatives had to get into the weeds as to why water vapor is harmless, and why it may actually be saving lives. It doesn’t matter. It’s a dead end. You have to say, F You!, I vape because I like vaping, and I’ll choose any damn flavor I want, followed by “Who the hell are you to tell me how to live?!” Instead, we have orange blob trying to placate them, signing some executive order removing vaping flavors, after almost banning it entirely with a pen stroke (Do we still have a constitution??? Of course not). Ironically, most of the vaping public probably cast their votes for orange retard. Many of them have terrible jobs, they just want to get home, have some grape flavored vape, and zone out. But Nooooo, God forbid they’re allowed to unwind and be happy. You can’t placate or cave in. You have to swat them like mosquitos. You can go on and on, issue after issue. Stop indulging their arguments.

    • “It means we have to abandon the abortion argument, because they’ll use that in retort.”

      There goes the right again, letting the left set the rules of debate. Of course they’ll retort, but we no more have to abandon the abortion argument than the homicide argument.

      • It works for everything but abortion, it doesn’t mean abortion isn’t awful, but let’s face it, the little trollops will have one anyway, and they were having them long before 1973. What you can still defend is not allowing taxpayer money being diverted to it.

  17. I have mixed feelings about the white conservatives rally around guns. On one hand it helps us by pointing out that the left wants this right taken away. And in some way an armed citizenry is dangerous to totalitarians. But many of the second amendment people depend on that right like a child with a teddy bear. Barricading yourself in your house fighting it out with your progressive white or 70% non white city or state government will do little to save you.
    The Puritan progs just keep boiling the frog. Massive Immigration, legal and illegal, legalize those already here in near future.Then have Hollywood produce TV show like Lone Star with Rob Lowe and the homosexual agenda pointed at the next generation of youth.
    Gun ranges will not help the collapse of your civilization.

    • Vote with your pocketbook. If you have a Netflix subscription, you’re part of the problem. Sometimes you can’t get around a monopoly, but in general, you can make decisions like that. How many so called Christians went to see that latest Star Wars movie? They made a donation to one of the most evil companies (Disney) when they did that. They betrayed their values by not only giving their money to a terrible company, but infusing their psyche with the church of PC.

      • Our demographics don’t look like SA. That’s why we don’t have SA levels of crime. Eventually we’ll look like Brazil, not SA. So we’ll have Brazilian levels of crime, which still ain’t no picnic.

        • there certainly are areas of our country that have SA demographics,
          the county I live in does. although the entire population here are armed , so nobody pushes anybody too far. only the zanies in th drug trade go after each other , and a few others who are victims of proximity to that.

      • There’s more to what you say than people might think. Consider the farm attacks in SA….unarmed, even tho we might be the majority, there would be a lot more of that here. Knowing that there are a lot of well armed white people is what gives the vibrancy pause.

  18. As an example of the moral ju-jitsu Z’s recommending in lieu of “rational arguments,” I suggest emphasizing the crime-protection element of gun ownership above the Bundy Ranch stuff.

    I’ve thumped my chest about the “real reason for the 2A” as much as anyone here, but from a practical standpoint, the more of us who have guns, the better, regardless of the motives or justifications.

    The argument for guns b/c crime is a bonus in that the more anti-gun Browns they import, and the less effective policing they permit vs. Browns, the more crime we get to justify continued gun ownership.

    In the Current Year, J’anquarious Washington is a better argument for the 2A than George Washington. Leverage that.

  19. Ugh. Zman talked about onramps in a recent post, but sometimes I just get absolutely depressed when I talk to normie conservatives.

    They’ll talk themselves blue in the face and contradict their own words to convince themselves of civic nationalism”Maybe, just maybe mind, this sort of thing transcends skin color. Maybe it’s more about character and human nature.”

    And another poster saying on one hand, “They’re third-world hellholes, overrun by corruption, war, sexual predation of women and children, poverty and disease. What great things have come out of the African continent? And don’t bother saying Egypt, because their glory days were over centuries ago, especially once islam infected them. ”

    And then assert that I am completely wrong-headed in thinking that an America full of black and brown people won’t be able to maintain America’s historic civic traditions.

    And how do you even say shit like holding up Ghengis Khan and the Mongol Empire as a beacon of human rights compared to the Europe of the time? Some estimates are that 5% of the world’s population were killed during the Mongol invasions, making it the largest mass killing in human history.

    I just don’t have the heart to continue these discussions very often.

    • A dose of meet-up will fortify you to continue engaging those who edge up to our side, and also arm you with tools to bring them over, at least the ones who have a light or fading case of the pozz. They need to know it is OK to shed the pozz, and we need to know it is OK to go after it with confidence and with righteousness in what we are doing. Meet-ups will help you there.

    • They’ve been programmed since the day they were born. Think about it, Viz: the three networks controlled public opinion from long before you or I were born to long after. There was a scramble by the corporations to acquire media outlets in the 90s, whereupon their viewpoints were secure.

    • Vizzini they are hypocrites of highest order because I guarantee all of them don’t live in majority black or brown neighborhoods…You can’t argue or reason with those people anymore than you can with the Commies…I’ve tried before and it’s like beating your head against a brick wall…Your head just hurts and the wall is still standing…

      • Lineman—Agreed. The “brilliant” question I thought might get my liberal friends to think is to say “All I need to know about what you think about race is to ask you where do you live, where do you send your kids to K-12, and where do you vacation.”

        “Surprisingly” for me none ever answered the question. What they did was to have a look of horror in their eyes as they slowly realized that they were face to face with a real-life resurrected Nazi or a long-time Russian intelligence plant!!

        • Don’t ask them a “brilliant question” until you coax them to talk a bit about some things. Look for your entry there. It’s a form of ju-jitsu. Leading with a good question, without first examining their mental landscape (by letting them talk, and tell you what and how to argue), is not the way to go.

          • I snuck in the ‘we can’t have universal healthcare and unlimited immigration at the same time’ one after doing lots of agreeing on how terrible the medical system is (she works in it). The poor woman looked like she had blue screened. “well… umm…” trying to think of the proper virtuous thing to say.

    • I’m ready to give up on the Instapundit comments section. It’s a bunch of civnats reliving the dream of stomping Hitler over those evil nazi-sympathizer isolationists, and libertarians who are totally cool with Fred Thompson swindling their parents out of their house with a reverse mortgage because of the free market, and hey family doesn’t matter so long as I can have unlimited personal autonomy to do whatever i feel like doing…

  20. Looks to me like Virginia is run by people who would have been called Carpet Baggers in 1870. Most probably don’t have deep roots in the state. Northern Virginia is just an extension of the imperial capital at this point. They are elitist snobs and want to show it.
    An easy way to show it and inflict pain on the hated natives – mess with gun ownership. They probably daydream about full confiscation as all leftists and totalitarians – but just inflicting the pain is reward enough for now.

    • Which is why I am perfectly fine with suburban shitbags being replaced by H1B’s and also why Trump is just ignoring the H1B issue. Let these arrogant suburbanite yuppietards get a taste of open borders that they support. Maybe then they will realize that they are not “elite”. They are cubicle monkeys that can easily be replaced.

      • I agree, they didn’t give a toss when working-class people were replaced. I remember “those aren’t your jobs anymore” welcome to NWO

  21. I think this post is mostly right, at least for the masses of white progressives, but it under-emphasizes the sense of superiority they derive from their sense of righteousness. That’s what really gets the Puritians off: the certitude that they are better than everyone else. They are a tribe of petty schoolmarms, but educating the benighted is how they justify their own privilege to themselves.

    Their leaders, of course, are sociopaths.

  22. I’m going to anger a lot of ppl here, incl regular commentators I frankly like. Guns do not protect against tyranny. That’s the empirical fact. Because what tyranny is worse than having your society taken away from you and becoming a minority in your own country?? Outside Hutu vs Tutsi genocide, there isn’t a whole lot frankly.

    Guns have done NOTHING to guard against this. OR against the humiliation of white men, the ridiculing of marriage called gay marriage, the forcing of freaks and freak shows onto your kids, the brainwashing of your kids into hating their own heritage and celebrating its demise, insane rape, harassment and divorce laws that make many men guilty until proven innocent. White Americans, they have basically raped you in front of your wife and family. They have humiliated you and defiled your honor. They have presented you as potentially genocidal beasts who must be restrained and neutered to prevent you from acting out your ‘demonic white nature.’ But at least they havent taken your guns, huh?? Get the F out of here!! Or wake up and smell some coffee.

    Yes, I am FOR 2A and I like guns. I shoot them myself. But it is time to face an unpleasant fact. Guns get WAY too much focus. They will not solve the problems that are killing heritage America. And dreams about ‘one day we wil rise up…’, well, when exactly would that be?? Not when the hook up culture turned your daughters into sluts. Not when your sons were called rapists for sleeping w a drunk girl who later regretted it. Not when people were openly tweeting about ‘dreaming of a white genocide’ and not when whites are about to become a MINORITY in the not very United States.

    So yes, keep your guns. But don’t pretend that they protect you from the kind of ball-cutting creeping tyranny that is already coiling up around you. If you were going to ‘rise up’, the day before yesterday was the day to get cracking! The gun debate is a distraction against the real problem, demographic replacement. And the situation is too serious to confuse boyish feel-good fantasies about one day waking up as a gun-tooting super hero and setting things right, with an actual debate about what the heck to do about the slow, grinding and seemingly unstoppable demolition of the historical American society.

    • Everything you say is perfectly true.

      Guns are not THE issue, but they are but one of many. And, they are not important now… but if you dissidents are right about what’s in store for America and white men…and I think you are… we are all going to need guns. You will not be voting or talking your way out of what’s coming. Not only should you own guns, you need to start prepping like mad.

      Yes, it is going to get that bad.

      • I agree. I increasingly see guns as part of rational prepping and, a late-comer to prepping, I see it as about as ‘paranoid’ as an insurance policy, just of a different kind.

        What frustrated me above is the feeling, and that is what it is, a feeling, that guns will keep us safe and as long as we have a full gun safe each, we ll be okay. If guns will eventually decide this, all the other elements of prepping will be necessary just to stay alive.

        • Moran, absolutely correct. If you are male and growing titties and a pot belly, you won’t help the cause—unless of course, you plan on equipping your in-shape neighbors with such supplies as you’ve accrued. Why not do both?

        • There’s a lot of people with nothing but guns and ammo who call themselves preppers. Frankly, in a shtf situation, there the ones you’d have to worry about…

          Myself, aside from protection, my emphasis is on neighborhood relationships and larder, a la old Remus.

    • You didn’t anger me Brother because you speak the truth…Guns are only a deterrent to tyranny when they are held by a large group of people who have a goal against tyranny and are working towards that goal together…Our focus like others here have mentioned should be the building of Coalitions/Communities not putting another gun in the safe…

    • Last night in Charlotte NC a pizza delivery driver was jumped by four black ferals one of whom was armed. The delivery driver drew his own weapon and shot three of the porch monkeys.

      Anyone – repeat – anyone who doesn’t own and bear a firearm in current-day America(or anywhere else)is a god**** fool and deserves to have his freedom, if not his life, taken away from him. No excuses.

        • Today a number of North Carolina counties have added their names to the growing list of 2A Sanctuary counties. This sends several messages:

          1: Politicians will sit-up and take notice that the natives are restless.

          2: Along with the government-condoned “migrant” Sanctuary City movement, the Media screaming about the “lawlessness” of the 2A Sanctuary movement, the Deep State Trump Coup figures getting off scot-free, and today’s Impeachment trial it is becoming readily apparent to any and all sentient Americans that the Rule of Law is rapidly collapsing all around them.

          Interesting times lay ahead.

    • Very good. We need the second amendment but the American nation is not going to survive even if we keep the 2nd Amendment, even expand it. A dying culture needs some resuscitation in ways outside of gun ownership. Stopping all immigration is a starting point. Reducing the influence of the left in media and education is the next step. Then and only then might we have a chance with civic nationalism, otherwise we are heading for a breakup or breakdown of some sort.

      • We have a President who at least tried to stop illegal immigration. He is being impeached today. So what are you going to do going forward?

        • He also want’s Legal imagination expanded to the max and has said so frequently . Hes is good only compared to the utterly reprehensable GOP establishment

    • Nice point of view. Is the “gun thing” akin to “sportsball” ? Are there related strings attached? Where is the moral authority for doing right? Are we bled white of this authority.?

    • Guns or lack thereof are not the cause of our current dilemma—all to true. They can’t protect against our societal decay, as most of such is self inflicted via lack of Fear of God, passing of immoral laws, failure to reproduce, hedonism, etc.

      However, guns can become the issue once we decide to veto such law/corruption with their use. That such a day may be past, or sometime in the future is arguable. However, it seems to me that one side of the gun-issue believe that such a day *will* be in the future and are doing their best to head it off. Perhaps they know something we don’t? I’d rather not chance it, nor depend upon the good will of those that do retain guns in any future utopia they plan on creating for me and mine.

  23. When I got my CCW license last year, everyone I saw in my class and at the USDA office where I applied for my license was a Hispanic or non white person with the exception of one boomer getting his license . The constant call from the left to remove guns from owners is puzzling as they seem to think all gun owners are white red neck Republicans. I think the road to gun confiscation is longer than any of them realize. Also, if poor working people of different races and ethnicities can come together over gun laws there is a chance they can begin to see other areas they should join together as we all have many common interests in this new globalist world.

    • If you take gun ownership as an expression of personal freedom and agency over one’s own life and affairs, the argument brings in the women and POCs who can easily become allies, if this notion becomes clear to them. It is so fundamental as to negate any of the much more facile things that get thrown at them from their gender or racial peers. It is an angle and understanding that we can work in our favor.

      • And to answer another question raised to myself, by myself, picking up big numbers of women and POC is not the goal or the point. It can be counterproductive in the long run, but some finite number of situational allies, among those who are demographically running us over, has to have some good for us in it.

        • It’s important for everyone to recognize the importance of defending their families and tribe, not just whites. We need other tribes to respect our tribe, and understand (or at least accept) our own need to self segregate.

          I think we all understand the Japanese views on this. We should also help others to understand our similar views.

  24. Twas a great morning . Watched the news, Richmond was a success !

    On a local note 19 nurses from a local hospital all had beautiful white babies. Was successful with training at work and “after school activities”

    Sun is shining, winter has finally arrived in the Northeast = life is pretty good.

    The Second Amendment is there to fight tyranny. Very proud of my European Heritage but this is America.

    When the time comes we will all have to harden our minds , bodies and hearts. It’s what we do best . White American men.

    • Mr. Knight you have to also be banding together with other Knights so your King doesn’t get murdered, your Queen raped and sold into slavery, and your Kingdom overran with Orcs…

  25. Maybe I am simply too black-pilled, but the underlying message I took from Zman today is that Reason is a false god for anyone who opposes Progressivism as Zman has defined it. Ever since first reading Aristotle, I have dedicated my life to seeking truth and subordinating my emotions to rationality. Apparently, I made a categorical error and should have cultivated my primal scream instead of my intellectual acumen. Would life have been better or more meaningful if I had been guided by the motto “Ever Thus to Tyrants” rather than “Truth”?

    • I for one still value Aristotle. Ms. Rand wasn’t entirely wrong. The error lies in deifying reason, in trying to apply it outside its proper sphere.

      Aristotle certainly appreciated the power of rhetoric and I doubt that he told Alexander to rely on reason against his political opponents.

      A proper application of logic demonstrates that logic has limits. It logically recognizes its own boundaries.

      Today’s fault lies in using the logic hammer to turn a moral-political screw because you threw away the moral-rhetorical wrench.

  26. Progressive motivation is not just about ideology or transformational change, but at it’s root is the primal imperative of survival. All forms of communalism (Progressivism, Socialistism, or Communism) are underpinned by the biological trait of parasitism. And the product of Progressivism is authoritarian government which ensures (via force if necessary) that the host remains compliant during feed cycles. Firearm ownership by the host conflicts with this survival mechanism.

  27. They wuz soiling Dr Kangz’s legacy.
    AOC was bitching how all da white folkz can protest in the streets with guns without the cops shooting at them, while when blacks go out and smash stuff and light fires without guns, they get beat up and arrested.
    You really have to ask “are these people serious?” Do they really think the gun protest was anything like the Freddie Gray riots? She specifically mentioned the Freddie Grey protests while drawing the comparison. They cannot really believe this crap, can they?

    • Watch how AOC diverts Lefty energy from economics to Cult Marx stuff & Notice how she distances herself the da Squad on (((certain issues))).

      She’s being groomed and I’ve loved trolling Lefties of late about how their hero is shilling for the richest of Fellow Whites.

      Her own side is Noticing.

      • She’s an interesting case, isn’t she? Supposedly a NSF finalist, who changed majors in Uni and ended up bar-tending. That’s unusual. And ran in a re-district where the PR majority were more inclined to vote for AOC than the Irish guy who had been there since forever.

  28. The purpose of the anti-gun laws is to humiliate independent, ie somewhat masculine and non-progressive, whites. The ban on reselling registered firearms is further to collapse the price, for law-abiding citizens, of their weapons, b/c they now can’t sell them. It is not b/c they are ‘afraid’ of AR-15s or other long guns. It’s all just to castrate non-prog. whites, hence wicked to the bone.

  29. “The people pushing this stuff are white people. There are a few Jews and browns tossed in, but the main body of the Left is still white and formerly Protestant.”

    Hmmm…let’s us take a look at the Democratic leadership of the Virginia Assembly:

    President of the Senate: Justin Fairfax, black (from Washington, DC)
    President pro Tempore of the Senate: Louise Lucas, black (from Virginia)
    Majority Leader of the Virginia Senate: Dick Saslaw , Jew (from Maryland)

    Speaker of Virginia House of Delegates: Eileen Filler-Corn, Jew (from New York/New Jersey)
    Majority Leader of Virginia House of Delegates: Charniele Herring, black (from military family/Virginia)

    I’m going to have to give a big “no sale” to the “it’s all white people” theory here…

    • True, and I said basically the same thing elsewhere, but the bulk of Democrats are white. Z is right about that. Their leadership and financing on the other hand, well, the bulk of that definitely isn’t gentile.

      My suspicion is that Z is walking a fine line with JQ. If you focus too much on the role of Jews, you invite some serious weirdos into your world, which kills organizations. You also put off newbies who have had Holocaust guilt drilled into their heads from day one.

      Z is also all about positive identity as opposed to negative identity. Going off about Jews and feeling the victim – even if you’re generally correct – is a form of negative identity. Also, let’s always remember, that whites as a group can beat Jews anytime that we want. Jews aren’t magical. If we stopped playing their game, they lose.

      We don’t need Jews. They need us. It’s what terrifies them.

      Again, I’m just guessing about Z’s motives, but my suspicion is that he wants whites to focus on our game. If we just organize and build a community, we can beat any group so stop worrying about the other guy and build your community.

      Of course, the retort is that Jews are doing everything in their power to stop us from building a community so it’s kind of hard to ignore them. But I don’t believe that Z does ignore them. He just down plays their role so whites stop focusing on Jews so much and start focusing on getting our own shi$ together.

      • According to exit polls, in 2016 Clinton got under half, 47%, of her votes in VA from whites, . Trump got 87% of his votes from whites. Presumably roughly those same percentages maintain in other elections. So, while gentile whites make up “the bulk” of the Democratic vote in VA (i.e., the 35% of whites that are liberal/progressive), they do NOT make up a majority of it. While everyone reading here should know that it is donors, not the voters, who primarily set the political agenda in the US, no one should assume that this means that the interests of the majority of Clinton/Democrat voters in VA are ignored.It’s the interests of the 87% percent of Trump voters that are most often ignored.

      • Excellent- a tightwalk indeed, between being able to repudiate the religion of Shoah and envision the future of White.

    • I looked too (the party composition of the bicameral house.) It’s the same pattern you see everywhere. It’s like there’s something to the inheritance of traits. As some have said, the financing may prove otherwise.

    • Exactly! Jews, blacks, gays and crazy white women but the Jews call the shots and the blacks are the shock troops

  30. Re:
    “Appeals to their humanity, on the other hand, are infuriating, as it calls into the question the point of their existence. It is why they are most vulnerable to moral arguments. It cuts to their sense of identity.”

    I have to agree with that point. A number of times I’ve gotten into arguments with lefties – who blathered on with facts and statistics – and moral points – about the topic we were discussing (it usually revolved around firearms). I’ve found it very effective to just come out and say (after it was obviously they were trying to wrap themselves in a cloak of morality) :

    ” No……….. you’re not a good person – you’re actually an azzhole – and here is why “.

    I’ve found the tactic to be very effective – it often sends them around the bend once they realize you’re: A) not going to cede their points and , B) You’re calling them out as an immoral person.

  31. The truth is that we need to start slapping moral labels on them, too, bad people and maybe even evil and such. It might just make a lot of them dig in, but we have to engage them at that level. It will also strengthen the resolve of our own guys.

    • More seriously good stuff, Georges.

      “we need to start slapping moral labels on them, too”

      That simple!
      It worked for them, why the heck not for us.
      Make them explain themselves: “why are you doing this, tell me the truth this time!”

      Direct engagement.
      That’s a sign of confidence- and we are right, after all, they’re the wreckers.

  32. Maybe. You are absolutely right about this nonsense being driven by white progs, with the bulk of those being mostly white shitlib women. But…

    I say the game has changed, big time. It used to be that Lefty could cheat with impunity. He’d hatch a scheme, catch some video, edit it and spin it – and voila! Resurrected Nazis! Bigotry! Hate crimes! Leftist fart catchers in the media would tie up loose ends, deny any inconvenient players a voice, and it was done like dinner. Orange Man Bad = Gun Owners Bad. Your narrative! Prepared While U Wait!

    But look what happened here, Z: you and other dissidents took notes on Charlotteville. You talked about it here and on other sites and blogs and analyzed it. Other dissidents chimed in and notes were compared. Even bums like me were allowed to speak and comment and were heard. Never before in history was something like that possible.

    Welp, half the American internet was lit up with warnings that Lefty would pull the same crap in Virginia. The result? Every cellphone camera was aimed right back at the f-nozzles in the media. If the media was filming, so was the public. If they caught some footage and tried to spin it, it would blow up in their faces as it did when they tried to hang the Covington kids for smirking at that vagrant Indian that was beating a drum in their faces. If some media chicanery is caught – any number of high profile bloggers will be on it before the mass media can go into damage control mode. Most of them have more readership too.

    Also new are the crowd sourced counter psyops like Q. Say what you want about them… but it’s clear that they have eyes and ears everywhere, and they’ve ratted Lefty out before. They’ll rat out republican too if it’s warranted. We live in glorious times.

    So: not only are the guns aimed back at lefty… so are the cameras and social media. I submit that Charlotteville will go down as the last of the easy wins for Lefty. He’s got snitches right in his own back yard, and they will sell him out for a dime. If he subverts the police departments, armed citizens will restore order.

    You and I may forget what happened yesterday … but bet your bottom dollar that Lefty won’t. If he’d tried that crap at Virginia the people would have his hide and he knows it. Hold fast. We are winning.

    • I’m more blackpilled than even most people here and agree fully with you positive assessment. Lefty is in full bore panic because his propaganda outlets no longer work their magic. It’s why Jews are unhinged: their value to shape opinion is on thin ice. The neo-Puritans soon will relegate the Tribe back to the edge of the floe because this magic fail is perceived as betrayal.

  33. The only thing holding the leftist coalition together is a visceral hatred of “privileged” whites. Which means that the progressive white is a self-loathing weirdo. How much longer before the internal contradictions cause this coalition to implode?

  34. “society is judged by how it treats it weakest members.” I’m a dreadful old rightist but I do tend to judge a society by, amongst other criteria, how kind its members are to mental defectives and the insane, and to those in society who have to carry the burden of those poor souls.

    And yet I think the American Left a malevolent crew of [dirty language].

    • Somehow, I’m not seeing a society that caters most to those who contribute the least as a recipe for success.

      Charity is fine, but I submit that the priority should be investing in those with the most potential, not the hopeless cases.

      • Is there a scale within compassionate handling of the weak and helpless?

        Those include children, women, and the elderly – not just mentally slow.

        When I see “how we treat the weakest”, I’m not thinking dishing out gimmedats. I’m thinking are we beating them or being kind?

        I like the gleaning idea of caring for the widows and mentally slow – they must still work for their food, but the hardest work is done and we make room in how we structure society so that they can work for it even if we could do it ourselves and keep the surplus for ourselves – as bag boys in the grocer or a housekeeper (for instance).

        • Stina—exactly. Folks must be permitted/required to show an effort in their livelihood. That is human dignity. To the effect we are destroying such possibilities, we need to rethink societal organization.

          Plato said that “Justice” is that virtue which assigns every man his due. I suspect we could substitute “compassion” for justice in this definition. Of course, Plato did not tell us how to assign/discover every mans’ “due”. In there lies the rub.

    • Dearieme. Without extensive qualification (some of which you state), that saying is just warmed over Marxist claptrap—“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. Our current altruistic nature has been the ruin of us at this point, and to what extent are we better off? Too many folk in the wagon, not enough pulling. It’s become a growth industry so to speak.

      But I admit, I have no ready solutions.

  35. The American Progressive mindset shows the problem with community. If I can decide that the community is improved with zoning, then my neighbor can decide that the community is improved by banning guns.

    Libertarians solve the problem by granting that it’s okay to build the lead smelter next to the elementary school. Property rights, etc. Progressives solve the problem with 50+1 takes all.

    As Z says, the key to community is who you let in and who you keep out. The corollary is that you need a public policy framework that agrees on some limits. Just because you have a good idea doesn’t mean it will make a good law.

    • We covered this in our meet-up to some extent. Gatekeeping is going to be a vital function and having circles of trust is one solution. Residency and/or membership in the high-trust core requires universal community approval, with those fences being lowered as you move physically and socially further from the core. It’s essentially apartheid or the dreaded Nuremberg laws informed by today’s lessons from genetics and social science. What worked pretty well for them can work even better for Us.

      • How would your system work for something like Californians moving to Texas? Would you handle things by groups or by individuals?

        I remember reading somewhere that the biggest problem with Apartheid was businessmen evading the system to get cheap labor.

        • Tucker, it depends on the situation. First you control the numbers of new entrants and their rate of entry. If you’re a Texas apartheid group and you notice you’re getting too many California types, you shut the gate before they hit the 10% number that seems to be the tipping point to start social discord. That number largely scales up.

          I’d allow the community clan leaders to vote on new spouses, for instance. If one of their sons married a “wine niece,” he’d have to go live in our mixed fringe “suburbs” with her rather than letting her Yenta up our core group/neighborhood.

          It’s a work in progress and a lot of what I see for my own site looking ahead is grinding out the details in discussion with like-minded folks.

      • We’d go back to turf, with young men showing off for the girls, defending their patch of sidewalk.

        Browns do. But we whites aren’t allowed to anymore, and all the laws seem against us.

  36. Had a buddy who lectured me about offensive halloween costumes. Told him I didn’t think it was a moral crusade. He flipped out because that made me the bad guy. I pointed out he used to wear such a costume as our high school mascot and asked if that made him a bad person. He blew a gasket. I got fed up, told him I’d never done such a thing and wasn’t going to be lectured to by a hypocrite. We aren’t friends anymore.

  37. Logic appeals to libertarian types (which includes a lot of us here), but there’s a reason why we never broke the 5% mark in elections. Less than 10% of the population is open to a logic-first approach to society.

    But Exile, you say that we only need 25% to tip the culture – aren’t those 10% a good start?

    No. They’re Patton’s Accordion. You can’t hunt when you’re dragging useless noisy baggage.

    Outgrowing this mindset is like learning a new language.

    Right now, my Judeo-Cromwellian vocabulary is barely better than my Bokmal or Russian. But I’ve learned most of the JC words for “Get Out!” by way of repetition.

    We don’t like them, they don’t like us, and we can’t live together. We’re never going to have a dialogue with These people, no matter how logical or lawful our arguments are.

    Our break-up with Woke America is so nasty that it’s better to just move out. Let her keep the house & the cats. The dog and the guns are coming with us. Our friends know where to find us, and her friends aren’t welcome at our new place.

    • Rhetoric first works. Rhetoric guided by logic. Not on the progs, but the 40-50% of normies. Progs knew this and used it to gain the upper hand.

      • Yes. Logic is built on assumptions. You need those common premises built first before you can build logic castles.

        Premises and assumptions are shaped through rhetoric. The left attacked the base assumptions and the only way back is to find ways to re-establish them.

        One guy I used to argue with elsewhere was so far gone he couldn’t even establish a reason why he should care for his family. He was lost. You can’t argue for that on logic, it’s a core value.

  38. The moralizing that has come out of progressives has never won the majority of the white male vote.  Johnston vs Goldwater was probably the last time more than 50% of white males supported a candidate who rejected the more masculine position. The current milieu is the work of women, Jews, nu-Americans and a minority of white men.
    Normal male society is a mixture of alphas, potential alphas, betas and something else. The lead alpha gets to sit in the saddle until the rest of the group figures he’s screwed up enough that he needs to be replaced. At that point one of the other alphas gets to be the new lead alpha. The Kingdom of Venice pretty much was run this way for 1000 years.  Eisenhower was probably the last alpha male put into power by more than 50% of normal male society.

    Progressive males and Cucks  are by disposition for the most part neither alphas nor betas. They are something further down the male pecking order. It’s not a big group. Maybe 20% of the males.  They pull in some of the normal group for all sorts of reasons. They are largely excluded from normal male society because of the sensibility they give off. If they are tolerated it’s the kid you stick out in right field. They can be incorporated into normal male society but they don’t carry much influence.

    Under the current regime they can play Alpha-on-a-leash as long as they give deference to the rest of their coalition.  Without this coalition it’s back to being a bench warmer. Being what nature made them, as the Ascended rise up the nu-Alphas gravitate to their natural position at the bottom of the pecking order. To slow their slide to the bottom they compete in sanctimony in the condemnation of the magic evil of their estranged brothers.
    In the competition for resources and women nu-Alphas must depend upon endless rule fashioning and moral preening to level the playing field. Making alliances with the enemies of the dominant male group is almost a reflex action on their part. A return to the old order, the natural order, puts them in a panic.

    • YY, the dynamic of jockeying for social status (and how it’s replaced more manly competition) is another on my growing list of subjects to write about. Listening to LaFond on about 4 hours of recent pods really got me thinking more about the male role and how it’s been subverted and redirected. I’ve seen a lot of these guys in action in the sub-elite wanna-be fringe over the years and want to dig down further on what makes them tick. My hip-shot take is that a lot of this is down to wahmens (no revelation there, I know).

    • I’m pretty certain we live in a matriarchy or at least did before the more recent iteration of leftist insanity. I think we’ve been in a matriarchy for a while, even if they haven’t been president or occupy the top slots of board rooms.

      The investiture of culture and society has been focused on women for most (if not all) my life.

      • Agree, Stina.

        Men no longer defend the palisades or borders, and misfit men no longer have a frontier to go to.

        Women have stopped dying in childbirth, men have stopped culling their numbers in border wars or dying on the job.

        Our signals of mate selection, personal triumph and tragedy honed over millions of years of dire necessity, are all screwed up.
        We don’t know what to do with ourselves.

        Abundance, for the first time, gave us the Nice White Lady vote. Our girls hoped to hold the camp together, but they’re brand-new at this game too.

    • Yves, a simpler proposition:
      They’re University males.
      They plan to stay within Uni environs.

      A hothouse culture. Looks weird to outsiders.
      Gov’t-Corporate is it’s outgrowth.

  39. Um….I think you are missing the point.

    The “Left” wants sensible firearms restrictions because they want safe schools and public places.

    It is simple: less access to guns=less chance a crazy person gets a gun=less chance of mass murder

    It is quite telling that the majority of the marchers as well as the mass killers are overwhelmingly white

    That tells you something right there.

    Read the twitter feed of Professor Justin Moss to see how “progressive whites” think

    • And as we’ve seen from every country that’s tried it, crime rates go up when the citizens can’t defend themselves. Without a means of self defence, The Law Of The Jungle asserts itself as it has in Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, etc.

      Put your money where your mouth is and go live in a black ‘hood.

      • Smith, That’s why I say stop food drops, and drop pallets of guns instead. Let the self-selection begin!


    • Gun violence is mostly a black thing. The “left” doesn’t talk about that except in a way they can blame whites. They want to disarm white folks, especially those they despise in flyover country.

      • Wolf, that’s just it.

        We keep getting blamed for what other people do.

        The hatred of us is what comes first.

        If the starting argument is, “I hate your guts, this is how I show gratitude”, well, now what? WTF do they want?

    • John Peters you’re an idiot. A number of Bernie Sanders’ campaign staffers have said on tape they want to imprison, destroy, and otherwise “modify” Trump voters and “White Nationalists” through force-of-arms. Of course we know YOU won’t do it. Instead if given the opportunity you pencil-necked beta males will have government goons do your dirty work for you. Same as it ever was.

      Progressives don’t give a good god**** about human life. We know what you want. We know that you will do anything to accomplish it. You and your fellow fascists want to control people’s lives in every way possible. Take your “progressive whites” and drop dead.

    • JP:

      The racial percentages that support certain political positions in America is a very popular subject here. We Notice things like that all the time.

      I agree with you that the racial makeup of any given political constituency is the most important and obvious thing to consider in judging how American politics work.

      Let’s talk about who funds and manages the gun control lobby. Or mass media corporations like Twitter. Or our colleges.

      There’s a lot to Notice if you have the time to share more with us.

    • JP. These equations/recommendations always fail to balance cost and benefit. There is absolutely no point in reviewing such. The arguments for more gun laws are always the same. Cost is always played down or downright ignored. Benefit always exaggerated. If you want to cite ref’s to Lefty faculty, then let me cite John Lot, “More Guns, Less Crime” which has yet to be adequately refuted.

  40. I was one of those fortunate enough to meet up with some of the characters in our passing cavalcade: Dutch, Lineman, Mike_C, Range Front Fault, Exile, LineInTheSand, Penitent Man and Gauss. Thanks to the first two listed for making it happen.

    The day was unique in several ways. How often do you meet a bunch of people you feel like you already know? How often can you turn off the filter between the speech center and the vocal cords? How often is everyone at the table smart, well-read, polite, and dissident as all get-out?

    I’m kind of a loner, or at least I prefer my own company to most of the available alternatives, and not one for small talk, but none of it felt small. We never got to sportsball or the weather or other such of the safe refuges for those with nothing to say.

    My wife asked about the meeting of the “Z Man fan club.” I said this is not that. We’re fans of each other and our ideas. Z Man is the piper who plays music that drew us all together to listen.

    We spent the day at a museum and then had dinner. So exciting was it to be in the company of those we spend blog time with most days, that seldom was heard a discouraging word. It was invigorating and refreshing.

    I also got to play, What does this person look like based on what they write? LineInThe Sand looked like I imagined Z would look. Having met the man, Line was able to disabuse me of that notion.

    Range Front Fault looked as I imagined: like you’d want her riding shotgun on your Conestoga. I expect she’d do it for a barrel of salted beef jerky.

    Exile spins off ideas and riffs off anything in real life just as on the page. Think of a sane Robin Williams with fewer jokes in the mix.

    My take-home was: I believe that if I had ever shared a class with any of these folks, we would have become friends. The Venn diagrams superimposed themselves nicely. When the time comes, we will know who is on our side.

    The toast at the table was to our voluntary associations. Long may they run.

    • How did you get manage to meet up? It’d be great to get together with some of the people around here, but everyone is (correctly) worried that it’s some sort of FBI trap. I live the DC area so I’m sure that there are some others on this board in the area as well, but we’re literally in belly of the beast. I mean, a government guy doesn’t even have to travel to inflitrate our little get-together.

      • Citizen, stand by. Our little get together worked out far above and beyond what I, for one, expected out of it. I am still processing all that I experienced and observed from the thing, and it has changed my outlook about how to go about some things. This bottom-up arrangement has huge merit, done right, and Lineman and I stumbled into some “done right” elements of it. It needs to be shared, and you NEED to do it, you have no idea of the variety of take-aways you will get, starting with what The Right Doctor outlined above. We’ll come up with a way to get it out to people like you shortly.

        • Great. I’ve been trying to figure out how to square that circle for awhile. I go back and forth between thinking I’m being paranoid to thinking I’m insane to even think about trying to link up with people around here, at least using this board as a means.

          Like I said, I live in the DC area. I’ve never had an FBI agent as a neighbor but you can bet some govt agent type lives within a couple of miles of me. Joining our little get-together would barely require him to change his commute. Times like this I wish I lived someplace else.

      • Citizen-
        I too am in the DMV….

        Met Z in person in the autumn.
        A most pleasant experience.

        Hoping Dutch can guide us, with regard to specifically the security measures / screening that was put in place beforehand and leading up to said meeting.

    • Think of Robin Williams on less cocaine.

      Guys and Gal, I’m working on a tribute post for y’all, hopefully today – the MLK thing took up time and the day job is pressing. Short version: that’s the best group meet-up I’ve yet had with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Now that we’re past the preliminaries of first-time-meetup, the work we can do together can make a real difference in some lives around here and among others. Looking forward to working with all of you in the future.

      Next time someone comes around trolling about this place, think about this weekend and the odds that this troll/fanboi could assemble a group like that from his own set.

      Z’s done a great job of cultivating a smart fraction of the DR.

    • I wonder if others are tinged with the green of envy as I am at the gathering Doc describes: a IRL meet-up of some of my favorite commenters. To sit at the same table and converse with any three of these folks would seem like the Transfiguration must have felt. If this happens again, I would move mountains to be worthy of an invite.

    • Thanks, Doc, that was heartening and gratifying. Thanks everbody there who put in the time and gave it a shot.

      • When I got home, my wife set me up in a discussion with our ultra-liberal friend, having told her that I went to a ‘convention’. What kind of convention she asked?

        I said there were only nine of us. What did you do? We walked around the museum and talked.

        What did you talk about? I said, “Socio-political stuff.”

        Now, she knows that I have described our politics as ‘opposite’. So she said, “Oh, a Trump support group?”

        I said, “Hardly!” and that stopped the conversational ball.

        And, for the record, I don’t recall the president coming up in any of the conversations to which I was privy.

    • It was a great community-building exercise that exceeded my expectations. It’s fair to say that no one wanted the day to end. I’m hopeful that we will grow the relationships that were formed on Saturday.

  41. I suppose this is the “normie left” issue; just as late 20th century conservatism is fading away in a tribal society, the normie left will as well as the racial paradoxes become more and more impossible to coordinate…hopefully.

    • A lot of their solidarity came from the unions. The unions are toast, so I think it stands a good chance.

      • Exactly. The madmen control the asylum and they have forced us outside the gates but eventually they’re going to burn it down. It’s inevitable

      • Fighting straw men, or figments from the past, or un-possible futures. Things that don’t exist, things that aren’t real.

  42. This is why I’ve always hated labeling the other side the “Left.” They’re not Communists; they’re theocrats imposing the Cult or Equality on the country. (Jews and the brown horde aren’t Leftists either, they’re just looking out for ethnic interest and free stuff.)

    This is a religious war, not an ideological war. We are their devil. They aren’t going to negotiate with the devil nor will they just let us alone. The devil needs to be fought every day, all day until he is destroyed. That’s what we’re up against. We can’t forge that.

    • They’re not Communists; they’re theocrats imposing the Cult or Equality on the country.

      The obsession with equality IS the left. Communism is just one flavor of it.

      • Just because I call it the Cult of Equality doesn’t mean that I think its leaders believe in the equality.

      • “The obsession with equality IS the left. Communism is just one flavor of it.”

        In a nutshell, Moran.
        The religion of Equality.
        The odd thing is, it’s a White religion.

  43. The other thing that the left has to memory hole about Richmond is that on Saint Martin Luther King’s Day, where the media normally bombards us with footage of negroes marching in the streets of formerly white cities with whites falling in prostration to the sainted negro, armed white men marched around in their turf, and King was mostly off the radar.

      • My local news only paid the minimum of lip service. Wokey, Blackie, and Brownie were holding their breath, waiting to see what Whitey would do.

        Whitey shook the sheriff’s hand, and picked up the trash.

        Here’s to Second Amendment Day!

  44. The people pushing this stuff are white people. There are a few Jews and browns tossed in, but the main body of the Left is still white and formerly Protestant.

    A fact many readers of this site need to get through their heads.

    • Exactly. White people have a special combination of intelligence, organization, & work ethic. On the one hand this leads them to create great societies and expansive empires. On the other hand it leads to terrible righteous fads like Bolshevism, Nazism, and Neoliberal Progressivism. Basically, when whites unite for something, WATCH OUT.

      • Basically, we are in a civil war with our own people. The other minorities can be handled—they just want material shit, the problem is with progressive Whites.

        • Yeah. The non whites get invited here from their shithole, given free stuff, and given preferential hiring for jobs. Of course they’re going to say yes. They think we’re fools. And most of us are.

          They are assimilating into globohomo. Saw a band of babbling hijabs today at the mall. Only one was pushing a stroller. Chattering away in Arabic. Spending every last penny of their husbands income or welfare cheques on vain shit. Exactly what tptb want. Soulless, childless, deracinated transplant consumers.

          Frankly we all lose over time and long term they would be better off spiritually in their shitholes. As we are better off without them. Their 1.4 kids will be watching porn by age 14. Apparently this is what the elite whites want. Whites have genius moments and retard moments I guess.

          • Same with Indians. They are better off in india. They are rich, but soulless lonely and sexless in the west. They developed their own caste and marriage system which works for them. Why do they need to become us? Our current system barely even works for white people.

          • Except they have greater numbers now for a community of many like themselves, which allow them to sh!t on the whites who tolerated them and allowed further access. They hire their own Indians, to hell with the naive tolerant whites who gave them this obscene advantage in white lands. Same for Latinos. It’s nuts.

        • Yeah, at a close enough level/examination, the argument can be made we are two “different” people. Hard to tell where to stop drilling down for the purpose of commentary brevity. Point being, that aside from such HBD differences as Dutton—and Woolley—admirably outline in their research, the progressive Whites possess most of the same attributes we do—intellect, conciencousness, innovativeness, wealth, etc. The enemy is therefore formidable, more so than we often give due credit.

        • Thank you Zman. Your nod to Ed Dutton, who is a passionate, truth-seeking intellectual, is precisely the antidote to the despair I expressed in my separate comment. While it may be too much to hope that witch burning can be revived, we can nevertheless teach normies to identify them and avoid their maladaptive ways. I have a piece of flotsam upon which to cling.

    • We understand that. But we also understand that as you move from the “main body of the Left” to brain, the ratio of “white and formerly Protestant” and Jews changes dramatically. We also know who finances the Left and who controls their propaganda wing, i.e. the media.

      We can look at the facts and know who’s behind the curtain. We can also understand that progressive whites buy it hook, line and sinker because they want to believe it. It takes two to tango.

    • Formerly Protestant? I don’t think any religious body is immune to the left. The following quote could be applied to almost any national mainline church body.

      “Catholics wondering what the Church has to say on the subject will find nothing firm from Rome, but a clear drift from the U.S. bishops in favor of stronger controls and the eventual near-elimination of guns from American society.”

      • Also, the larger a state’s WHITE Catholic population the more likely they are to be loyal to the Left. (MA, CT, RI, NY). And most of those people in media who are not Jewish are usually Catholics – actually, former Catholics – with the handful of Wasps mostly being gay and thus less representative of their group than the Jews and white Catholics..

        The “blame the Protestants/Puritans” theory is as magical as White Privilege theory, with just as much – or rather, as little – quantitative evidence to back it up. Re-heated Moldbuggism.

    • If it were just whites we wouldn’t need a protest because whites support gun ownership. All minorities do not.

      Asian: Control gun ownership 71% / protect gun ownership 17%.
      • Black: Control gun ownership 73% / protect gun ownership 25%.
      • Hispanic: Control gun ownership 69% / protect gun ownership28%.
      • White: Control gun ownership 42% / protect gun ownership 55%.

      Anyone who want to believe this is from “white progs” is lying to themselves.

  45. At least outwardly, the bill regarding 1 gun/month is related to Bloomberg’s claim that the handguns in the hands of ‘urban teens’ are originally sold in the South. I’ve no idea if this is based in truth, but his money is behind a lot of this.

    The local and state government’s shenanigans in C’ville, at least those that stood-down and forced the protestors through a gauntlet of counter-protesters, rather than doing their job of actual peacekeeping, came out in the following investigations. The VA state senator’s tweet naming the current protest as a trap for domestic terrorists was also telling. All eyes were on this potential turkey shoot, and perhaps enough of the right ones. Maybe the Donald really was ‘monitoring the situation’.

    But yes, all anyone will ever remember are the torches, LARPers, the Octaroon rant, and the dead fat woman. The Donald should pardon Fields on his way out of office.

    • I’m not so certain. Richmond has become at least a counter argument to Charlottesville. Even normies will understand that the difference was no Antifa.

      • Bah. No Antifa makes a difference, but no torches and idiot larps is, oyez, oyez, more noteworthy.

        The Charlottesville outcome was well desevrved. Bunch of moron spergs a year ago. [I mean really. TIKI TORCHES?]

        Way more normal people for Lobby Day MLK 2020 in Richmond.

        Still too many mountain man larps [even if more sane] for my taste though. Those guys need to get over themselves. Daisy Duke is swinging the other way now after going to Evergreen State.

    • The 1 gun per month limit is the sneaky way of the left. If they succeed in this, they will put their foot in the door for many other limits on gun ownership. This is why they present a bill that sounds overly reasonable on its face. For the low-info voter. Who would oppose a limit to one handgun being purchased per month? So reasonable. And then — **GOTCHA!!** Go to re-education camp, directly to re-education camp, do not stop for job or money or life — you are OUT!!

      • No it’s a way to track you Ursula because how else are they going to know if you have bought one gun unless there is some sort of registry…So it’s a registration scheme on the down low…

  46. Great column.

    One aspect of the American love affair with guns, is that it’s very easy to rattle rightwingers’ cages, to make them chase the stick. All you have to do is ban high capacity barrels or bump magazines, and suddenly the conversation about liberty and white sovereignty is drowned out by muh guns. As Ramz noted the other day, wouldn’t it have been wonderful if those people were in the streets protesting refugee resettlement?

    Also, there’s an element of comfort blanket to muh guns. It allows you to not sully yourself with politics, because you believe you always have a last resort, that your ultimate safety is dependent on your personal firearms. It is a dangerously defensive attitude, you are mentally barricading yourself in your homes, waiting for the barbarians to show up at your gates so you can shoot them.

    The thermal exhaust port of the Progressive death star is their sense of moral purpose,

    I somehow always knew they just pull their morals out of their thermal exhaust ports.

    • The gun issue is helpful for our side, but I agree, too many whites mistakenly believe that our stockpile of weapons will magically protect us. Okay, while we add another rifle and some ammo to our collection, the Dems import another couple of million browns to vote you into submission.

      What good do those guns do you if you town goes from 90% white to 40% white. Are you going to shoot your way back to 90%? Of course not. So what exactly did those guns do for you?

      • What I like about the Second Amendment, is that it’s a reminder that America is a republic, that the ultimate authority lies with the people. Other countries might have gun laws similar to the US, but their citizens are only allowed to own guns at the sufferance of the state.

        Mind you, I’m not against gun ownership and if I lived in urban US, I’d most likely want a gun too, but there’s an almost spiritual dimension in Americans’ attitude towards guns. Next to Switzerland, Sweden is the most gunned-up country in Europe with about one privately owned firearm for every four citizen. But you have to look long and hard on disright Swedish talkboards, to find a conversation about guns.

        • Felix, can confirm. None of the Scandis I spoke with seemed to care about gun ownership even though they could lawfully own a gun. And even then, they only talked about it in the hunting context. No one ever mentioned having a gun for protection. I was usually concerned with other subjects and knew Europe had no gun-culture, so I wasn’t thinking too much about it at the time, but now that you mention it, it’s really a non-issue there.

          There’s a lesson there for us. Euros in Our Thing are more advanced in terms of political action and influence without the crutch of muh guns to fight muh tyranny. Frenchmen and Italians in particular have shown over the years that they can fight muh tyranny with strikes (as well as bricks & tractors, YMMV) more effectively than Armed America can fight with AR-15’s and Glocks.

          • They don’t need guns for protections because they don’t have millions of feral negroes and beaners roaming free. As someone said, if you delete those numbers, America’s rate of violent crime is lower than Finland.

            Strikes: another benefit of their strong labor movements (which the Right calls “Communism!”). Another benefit is that they don’t need a First Amendment (“Muh Constitution”) since it’s impossible to fire someone for their opinions.

            As someone (Zman?) said last week, you can see that the real agenda isn’t “fighting crime,” because they well know that’s the result of negroes, and they don’t use AK47s. Nor are they “against guns” because they want the police to be armed and indeed militarized. It’s all about disarming Whites, period,

      • Just exactly where do you think you would you be today if there wasn’t 300 million firearms in the hands of the American people? How do you intend to force GoodWhites and the Tribe who comprise the Ruling Classes to reduce illegal immigration? Through the Vote? By electing a Bad Orange Man?

        I have seen the future on TV commercials played during Sportsball games and White boys ain’t in it. Catastrophe for Whites is inbound and you had better face reality. Mao said all power comes from the barrel of a gun. Mao, unlike 95% of White Americans, knew all about reality.

        • Just exactly where do you think you would you be today if there wasn’t 300 million firearms in the hands of the American people?

          I have no idea. Do you give clues?

          How do you intend to force GoodWhites and the Tribe who comprise the Ruling Classes to reduce illegal immigration?

          If firearms was a solution, California would still be on American hands.

          How do you imagine you’re going to stop mass immigration with firearms? Here you are with your pals and your AR-15s and your Barret 50s and there are the feds with their AH-64s and their A-10s.

          What’s the battle plan?

          • There is no “battle plan.” There is never a “battle plan.” When the oppressor gets too oppressive stuff happens. See Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etc., vs. The Leviathan for details. Of course that’s assuming Whites are still willing to die for a cause and that’s a big assumption.

            As it looks today American White males may end up stripped of their firearms, their dignity, and live out their miserable existence on a “reservation.” See the American Indian for details.

            BTW, “prepping” or however you choose to define it isn’t to “prevent” catastrophe, it is to allow one to deal with life if by some miracle you happen to survive it.

          • As it looks today American White males may end up stripped of their firearms, their dignity

            There’s the problem, right there. A firearm is either a tool, a weapon or a sporting item, it has nothing to do with your dignity.

            See Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etc., vs. The Leviathan for details.

            Look up how many lives were lost when Denmark went from monarchical absolutism to democracy.

          • I don’t mean to sound chauvinistic but I really don’t give a damn how they do it in Europe. Or Kalifornia, New York, or anywhere else that has surrendered to progressivism.

          • I don’t mean to sound chauvinistic but I really don’t give a damn how they do it in Europe. Or Kalifornia, New York, or anywhere else that has surrendered to progressivism.

            I can understand about Europe, but if you are willing to write off The Golden State with a shrug, when is your No Passaran-moment? If the answer is “at my doorstep”, you stand alone. Hope you’ve got plenty of ammo.

          • Out here in the rural South I am not alone and we have plenty of ammo. If there is ever a “stand” this area, and others like it in the Mountain West and the Mid-West, is where it will happen. This ain’t Anaheim, Chula Vista, or Poughkeepsie. It’s still America out here more or less.

            I gave up Kalifornia for lost over 30 years ago. I live as free as I possibly can avoiding urban anthills, crowds, GoodWhites, and “migrants.”

          • You are a nihilist or a troll. If you believe you are defeated then you are.

            I guess you take some pride in falling to your knees when whites are still the majority?

            You are the problem.

            I’ve never seen more poor leadership principles than in your posts.

            You have clearly never led men before. It’s a different reality than you have ever experienced. Keep hoping the country keeps you re-supplied. You will have no electricity when it happens, and the feral orks will be at your doorstep. I will not defend you, nor will any people I lead.

            Does anybody want to follow a naysayer that says: “Stay the course, it will get better,” when everything is contrary to your arguments?

            Nihilistic arguments are moot. You are too indoctrinated to understand.

            Peace be with you brother; I hope you make it, but, I doubt it as nobody I know would want to bring you into their group which seeks to rebuild local communities and local commerce.

            Pick your hill to die on I guess.

            Good luck!


          • “I really don’t give a damn about things that don’t confirm my beliefs, I want my woobie.”

            Carl, Europe on the whole has no more “surrendered to Progressivism” than America has. Some parts/people have, some haven’t. California is full of based rednecks who agree with Us. So is upstate New York.

            You can sound as chauvanistic as you like, but stereotypes only work if they’re accurate. Yours are straight out of Hannityville, and they’re part of the problem we have with building a right wing that wins rather than one that LARPs and copes.

          • There I somewhat disagree. To be stripped of arms has been an indignity throughout the ages. Indeed, the bearing of arms and the type of arms that may be carried has always been a sign of status in the West and I suspect throughout the world. And it’s the stripping of arms we are talking about, not their particular utility in any hypothetical situation.

            Now such may have changed in most of the poz’d West in the last couple of centuries. America was fairly unique in that colonists (every able-bodied man—and women) had to fight hostile Indians for over two hundred-fifty years or so after our first successful colony. We were also pretty unique in having an armed plebeian population as well, rather than just an armed aristocracy.

          • Prepping is great and I think everyone who isn’t a for-real criminal should own a gun. But that’s light-years away from organized armed resistance. Even Our Guys are physically scattered, culturally divided and massively out-gunned, out-funded and out-organized by the opposition. We have to learn to walk before we can march. And Europe shows us that gun rights and political power are two different conversations.

          • I’m not in disagreement with what you are saying which is a mountain of guns collecting dust are basically useless, but you jumped the shark on this one tired argument and it smacks of lefty ignorance of logistics & war in general:

            “Here you are with your pals and your AR-15s and your Barret 50s and there are the feds with their AH-64s and their A-10s.”

            Simple mathematics, how many Apaches and A-10s are available vs. the millions of AR rifles? How many men and how much training is needed to maintain those weapon platforms vs. the AR platform? If I had to fight a war tomorrow and you offered me 100,000 riflemen or 1000 AH-64s? LOL, just stop… again, it is -not- a good look about your understanding of actual tactics and logistics tails of various systems. Not to mention actual numbers. Boeing has delivered 2,200 Apaches -worldwide-, ever. There are 300 million (known) firearms registered in the States. If you cannot comprehend this order of magnitude difference I can’t help you.

            p.s. I was going to give a pass to your original comment ‘high capacity barrels and bump magazines’ which is also comically obtuse on the order of “30 caliber bullet magazine clip” but now I think I’ll take the piss and point it out since you went full retard here on this particular comment.

          • Apex, you re right about small arms vs heavy weapons. Vietnam, Afghanistan (2 times, against the Red Army and against us) and Iraq are plenty proof of that. But you re asking the wrong question. The real question is: if guns prevented tyranny, why are whites in America, ie heritage Americans, about to become minority in their own country?? Anything that is irrelevant to that question is irrelevant to the future of America.

            And yes, I still support gun rights. I just think they are a distraction from the real problem.

          • @moran ya simba
            ” real question is: if guns prevented tyranny, why are whites in America, ie heritage Americans, about to become minority in their own country?? ”

            Guns don’t prevent anything, they’re tools of man’s will. If men lack will, no tool can save them.

          • If I had to fight a war tomorrow and you offered me 100,000 riflemen or 1000 AH-64s? LOL, just stop… again, it is -not- a good look about your understanding of actual tactics and logistics tails of various systems.

            Exactly the kind of larper prattle that displaces serious political discussions. Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iran are NOTHING like the US, they’re fighting a foreign invader and virtually everybody is on the side of the local boys, even they guys that work for the US occupation.

            If you end up in another civil war, you’ll be fighting your own people, and most of them will be on the side of law and order. You need to win the people if you want to win a civil war, and if you win the people, you don’t need a civil war.

            I was going to give a pass to your original comment ‘high capacity barrels and bump magazines’

            Glad you caught the joke.

          • Then explain why superior military power loses in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Viet Nam, with an adversary with just small arms?

            It’s called guerrilla warfare; it’s still used because it works.

          • Give me 1,000 riflemen and see what happens.

            It’s so easy. I’ve done it before. Just break them down into squads of minimum 5 men rifle teams. I would always add some demolition teams to that too, but, rifle squads alone would work.

            That makes 200 rifle teams. It’s amazing the damage that just one team can do.

            Think infrastructure, not people.

            You don’t get it do you?

          • I’ve seen it posited, and it seemed accurate, that the most effective approach would be against a couple of wives or kids of the local enforcers.

          • Apex,
            So you’re stating (as fact) that normal citizens with their 300 million fire arms could take on the Gov. Military of the US? The Drones… The 1.16 million Military Personnel in the Coastal US? Tanks, Aircraft and Mortar…
            And before you state “most Military Men would fight with their families” reread world history and let me know how many paid soldiers stuck with the pay check or instead fought tyranny and decided not to get paid anymore…
            The stupidest argument on earth is “if I have an AR 15 I’m protected from my Government.” Nope. All a gun does is make small men feel like they have some power. Period. The 2A people live in a dream world just like the 1st Amendment defenders. There’s no such thing as a right to anything in a Democracy.
            When the Gov. decides it doesn’t want you to have your AR 15 believe me they’ll take it.

          • I’m going to say here that I usually like the comments from our Euro posters like Felix and Exile but today I need to disagree with you. I’ll try to address some of your arguments:

            1. Modern high tech sooooper weapons can’t be beat, might as well give up. You can’t fight the US military with all their captured flying saucer tech…

            Others have pointed out that some of our own country’s pointless wars for Isra… er freedumb and dumbocracy, have shown that yes, peasants with small arms can make life extremely difficult for bugmen in spaceships. Felix countered with a point about how the insurgents in Irafghanistan have the support of the local people. This comment makes me wonder if he’s ever been to a deep Red county in the South or West. In short, an actual civil war in today’s US would be an astonishing patchwork of horror and mass murder as minorities went on rampages in the cities, rural whites blew up power, rail, and water lines to the Blue hives, and the military (with most of its bases and recruits still located in the Red areas) doing what exactly? Acting as the coherent, obedient war machine we mobilized in Iraq or Afghanistan? Probably not. I see the military going on a unit vs. unit killfest along ethnic lines and also facing mass desertion as soldiers vanished (with a lot of their weapons) back to their homes to fight with their families. I just don’t see the US’s “shock and awe” war machine working at all on American soil. It’s not that it would “be defeated” but that it would never really get its engine started before it fell apart. I can’t actually think of ANY precedent in world history for this kind of conflict in fact, certainly not CWI. Thus, I think for any of us to talk about how certain we are that millions of guys with AR-15s would either triumph or be crushed shows massive overconfidence about the outcome of something we don’t know the basic outlines of.

            2. Guns are a Linus blanket…

            Hey leave Linus Torvalds out of this! Seriously, OF COURSE they’re a Linux blanket! My mom was one of those “guys are dirty and evil because reasons” people. So when I grew up of course I had to get some and learn to shoot. I found it quite… empowering. Yeah, I know that’s a Lefty word but really learning to shoot well with a variety of weapons gave me the confidence to do a lot of other stuff I didn’t think I could. As for the “comfort” issue. Well, living as a white guy in Baltimore brings home to you that your guns are most certainly NOT just for keeping the King of England out of your face. Which brings me to….

            3. Europe, Mouvement des gilets jaunes, and all that other street protest stuff.

            I pointed out here once before that Europe (still) has a totally different political landscape. Europeans don’t fear that the government will be turned totally against them with jack-booted stormtroopers kicking in their doors because they’ve become convinced that Europe is just too humane for that. I don’t think this is correct looking over European history but most Euros seem to.

            The media in every European country also still at least pretends to be on the side of the people and shows up when people mass in the streets shouting slogans about something. This is all part of the general fact that European societies are still vastly more cohesive than ours which you see in everything from health care to transportation issues. Here the media is ever more hostile to whites and invariably chooses to either not cover our protests, or spin them as some handful of “Nazis” making incoherent demands. Observe yesterday’s rally in VA.

            Street protests here, in order to be useful, would almost have to be some kind of joke or street theater. You would probably have to actually deceive the media about what you were really doing to get them to cover the event without having pre-written stories and stock photos ready. Pretending to be the other side might do it. Make a lot of ridiculous arguments about how AR-15 manufacture requires special coatings that can only be made from the tendons of some endangered species that turns out not to exist… It really is almost that bad here.

            Finally, America, even before it turned into Mexico Norte, has ALWAYS had a “diversity” problem that never existed in Europe and still doesn’t. Don’t worry though, Mr. Soros and friends are working hard to enrich your lands with colorful folks too now. We’ve always had some of those people around so keeping our guns wasn’t just about theoretical small government issues. When you get enough diversity, you’ll probably wish you had more guns on hand. Baltimore, it’s coming to a city near you.

            4. Guns haven’t stopped creeping tyranny or what a lot of us call anarcho-tyranny.

            This is probably the best argument I’ve heard here today. So did the guns owned by the rednecks in the Central Valley prevent the disaster known as Kalifornia? No, but they may well have prevented it from being MUCH worse. Specifically, the presence of so many guns throws a lot of very cold water on any notions of “door kicking” as a way of enforcing Leftist policy initiatives. The invasion of people’s homes is a well defined line in the sand and the smarter Lefties know that it’s quite likely to kick off a hot civil war that will spread rapidly all over the nation. The reason it’s so well defined is the certainty that a lot of people on both sides of those doors will die in the process. There’s a lot of talk on this blog about how lazy, comfortable, and soft we are, how we won’t really fight. Once blood is spilled though even quite “soft” people will seek vengeance for lost loved ones.

            Additionally, the bugmen want your guns – but they also want your non-LED light bulbs, your barbecue grill, your two-stroke lawnmower, your motorcycle, your SUV…But, but you have the 4th Amendment too. Yes, we do, and the 2nd Amendment is a bulwark for the 4th.

            One more note along these lines. We’ve got a somewhat unique political alliance in this country between the business elite and the Leftist politicals. Basically, once the Lefties get some part of their agenda through the business types find a way to ride the same train. The best example of this of course is immigration where the political class imports third worlders to sway elections and the business class cashes in with cheap labor. If rolling over the 4th Amendment had not been made so difficult by the 2nd, it’s likely that the corporatists would have piled onboard that tyranny train along with the more traditional Lefties. Do you have any illegal software on that computer? Open up, it’s the MEA (Microsoft Enforcement Agency). Pirated movies? Let’s see that hard drive! Have you not installed the proper government mandated (and hugely profitable) “home safety equipment”?

            This may all sound awfully paranoid but having lived here my whole life and listened to a variety of my fellow countrymen (and especially our horrible women) I’m convinced that the US is not far from becoming an almost comically bad Feminist-Green-Technocorp dystopia worse than North Korea because it will be all tyranny and all anarchy all the time and perhaps the only thing really keeping our vindictive urban bugmen and cynical corporate masters from getting it is those millions of dusty “comfort” guns and the tattered Constitution the remains of which they still protect. There’s certainly almost no civic spirit or sense of American identity left. It’s just words on a page and the means to fight for them.

            In summary, the basic problem is that the threat of violence has always been closer to the surface here than in Europe and the society had always been a balance of terror to a greater extent. As religion, manners, and basically civilization in any form has receded what is left exposed on the desolate shore is millions of weapons. That’s so sad you say. Well maybe it is – but I ain’t giving mine up. I know that from the shore they’ll drive us into the sea.

          • Poz, I’m hardly a “Euro poster.” I grew up in Southern Ohio and I’ve lived in California for years. I’m typing this in San Diego.

            1. Who said anything about giving up? I’m for fighting in a time and place and manner more of our choosing rather than letting a superior-armed, better organized opponent destroy us in detail, and I’m for doing it after events have beat him down for me. We’re not in some “5 years or finished” scenario. We have time and space, let’s use them.

            2. The problem with the woobie is that it keeps Linus from learning better coping strategies. Imagining that a based 2A movement and patriotic White cops and military grunts are part of Our Side is dangerous fantasy. I don’t like plans that require Gandalf & Rohan to ride over the hill at sunrise.

            3. Re: Europe vs. America on protests, who’s talking about “sooper weapons” now? You’re making the American media the all-powerful damper of dissent and assuming that European media isn’t equally ubiquitous and,hostile. We’re all armed with media devices as well as other weapons. We know how to use them, and they can’t simply shut down the internet without major blowback. It’s another arena we have to fight them in, but what isn’t?

            4. Guns haven’t stopped creeping globohomo. They haven’t. Look around us. All you really said in response was the old witch doctor’s last-resort argument. When he was about to get the rope for failing to stop the flood, he said “imagine how bad it would have been if I wasn’t here.” I’ve acknowledged that guns are a limiting factor in what Shlomo dares to do, how and how fast, but they’re still getting it done. We need to broaden our outlook and extend our strategic timeline instead of yearning for a Final Great Battle that settles it all for us. Plan for a long war, multi-generational, low-intensity, much more cultural and intellectual than “kinetic.” But keep guns handy in case events require them.

            With all respect, you’re resorting to a lot of straw-manning and Procrustean re-framing of our points rather than addressing the substance head-on. I stand by my points and I agree with Felix on these points as well.

          • Ok Exile, I’m aware that you’re an American but I group you with the Euros because you obviously get there more than I do and have a better knowledge of the place(s). Also, my posts are always too long to begin with so I generalized. So I’ll answer your answers.

            Points 1 & 2. Well I agree about this. We should never play to our enemies’ strengths. I’m just less sure than you that he’ll actually be able to marshal those “superior arms and organization” quite as readily. I don’t doubt that the US has the most fearsome war machine on the planet. What I’m calling into question is whether, in a true civil war, it would itself fragment or just fail to show up for lack of men and morale. A lot of soldiers wonder why the US sends them to kill Arabs in places they don’t care about. They will definitely question being sent to kill Kansans.

            3. I never said the media was a sooper-weapon. If you’re planning to put on a play and the theater owners won’t rent any venues to you though, well you’re pretty much fucked. I know the media in Europe isn’t friendly either but it’s my perception that they don’t have quite the “message control” of ours. Maybe you know better having seen both more often.

            Point 4. Well I acknowledged that the guns haven’t stopped creeping globohomo. I also recognized the “witch doctor” nature of what I said when I wrote it. I would offer that it’s more of “real doctor” argument meaning that if a person has cancer and has been getting chemo but also slowly getting worse, taking the chemo away is almost certainly not going to make him better. I also stand by what I said about the line in the sand. If all our guns do is mostly keep the government out of our homes they are worth it.

            My views on this are just my subjective take on Americans and what’s really going on in their heads of course. I tend to think a lot more people are a LOT further gone into a totalitarian mindset than even most here imagine. I see the balance of terror created by personal arms as something like the last rusty but still thick and strong steel support of a rotting bridge.

            In that sense maybe I do see a “Final Great Battle” ahead. It’s not that I yearn for it but that the Left keeps adding to the tension constantly. Z made the point in the article that there was basically no point at all to the VA gun grab. It was pure humiliation porn for the Cloudies. Seeing this thing in VA in fact made me more nervous than I’ve been previously. It wasn’t like “they could try to grab our guns here in Oregon” though they certainly might. It was more like “I can’t believe the Lefties in VA are that stupid and reckless”. I’m realizing that the Left isn’t some clever, plodding chessmaster, but a violent schizophrenic who likes meth.

            In other words, there will be a “final something” long before a few more generations go by. I just don’t see people tolerating the current state of crisis for that long. My fondest hope is some kind of peaceful division of the country. I can see our side being fine with that. Lefty, on the other hand, not so much.

            Anyway, I always enjoy your posts and just want to say that we’re on the same side. Maybe I’ll even meet you someday in what’s left of real life, heh!

          • ……. ??? They didn’t work so well overall for us — those techno killing marvels — in Afgh & Iraq. It’s not the weapons. It’s what you are willing to do. Yes, gun owning Americans are reluctAnt to cross certain lines. They’re still hobbled by an unclear understanding of what’s going on, by a delusional mindset, and by a love for or refuge in an idea of what America was. The myth that gives their lives meaning and keeps them sane may indeed be to powerful to transcend. But don’t delude yourself about what a determined people with 300+ M firearms could, or could not do under determined and creative leadership.

            The civilian left may want us ground into dust, but our military leadership is not fitted out to execute such a mission …. yet.

          • Really? What is an A-10 rifle? Last I checked it was a anti-tank aircraft, affectionately known as the A-10 Warthog.

            I’m sure you meant the AR-10 which is chambered in .308.

            You seem to be a fraud or just really naive in things of this nature.

          • I have no idea when I will have occasion to use my guns, with whom and against whom, but I can assure you all that never in human history has an incipient civil war been averted by one side telling the other to hand over their guns. Even in the most unfree countries that always had strict gun control, war breaks out and everyone suddenly has guns.

        • Look, I love that Americans are armed to the teeth. But those guns don’t do us much good until things get unimaginably bad. I’d prefer to not reach that point. And that means trying to organize, recruit and, eventually, push back in non-violent ways.

          I realize that at the moment, that seems like a pipe dream, but you have to start somewhere.

        • Carl, how are they doing it in Italy, Hungary, Greece, etc..? No one is “forcing” our elites to do anything – we’re getting rolled every day. Gun-grabbing is an issue we can exploit because it hits normies where they can still feel anger and loss. But guns are more a factor in the nightmares of paranoid Progs than the actual political calculations of elite policy-makers. They’re a limiting factor, but don’t overestimate that.

        • Just exactly where do you think you would you be today if there wasn’t 300 million firearms in the hands of the American people?

          In terms of the two most important issues of all, demographic replacement and neomarxist perversion of society, the US, with liberal gun laws, is competing with Sweden (Euro style gun laws but relatively many guns) and France for being in the deepest fix. How much worse could it be? Guns did NOTHING against these things.

          I like guns too. But you are ignoring facts and grabbing your comfort blankets; guns don’t prevent demographic replacement. You will not save your people if you insist on using a tool that has already been discredited. OWN REALITY, or lose!

        • Guns have always seemed to me not a brake on the pozz but rather a final firewall. When things get to the point where our tribe becomes so cornered that instinct will finally drive them to finally act, they’ll have access to something more than a pitchfork. Whites in the US have no political out. Our brethren across the pond can and do form political parties. That is their firewall. The options are different so the focus is different. The Europeans have a chance to turn things around through their institutions without going into total meltdown. This option is dead to us.

          This is what so freaks out the antiwhites. They have to occasionally pull back, delay, obfuscate, chase a butterfly to distract, etc. There is a line they cannot cross without hitting a tripwire.  This is why they bit by bit chip away at gun laws, single family housing communities, free speech, etc. To get us into a position where we are even more atomized, more defenseless and less able to respond with fewer and fewer people willing to take the risk.
          Yesterday reminded them of the cost they would have to pay if the 2A crowds suddenly got it. It’s a fight the antiwhites still cannot win.  So they have to proceed inch by inch. They hate this. They are having more and more trouble controlling their own troops from not screwing the pooch.

          Our numbers are 5%? 10%maybe? But the growing sentiment within the white community of a need to protect our interests as a group is growing rapidly and it takes many different forms. Yesterday’s event was implicitly white as was Trump’s election. He will win the majority of the white male vote in November.

          All sides in this thing are frustrated and eager for a quick and final resolution. We are still the biggest fish in the pond..and once organized we ARE the apex predator. Let’s keep organizing. Let’s not let them fracture us even more. Short-term, things will get worse. Long-term…things are going our way. Look where we were even 5 years ago. 10 years ago almost everyone now  on this blog was oblivious to our fate or didn’t consider it a big deal. 20 years ago if you were aware, you probably periodically questioned your own sanity. We aren’t in the cat bird seat yet, but that day is coming as long as we don’t jump the shark.

          • YV writes: “The Europeans have a chance to turn things around through their institutions without going into total meltdown. This option is dead to us.”

            I think you summed up the difference better than I did with all my excess wordage. Another thing you hinted at and that Exile also did in his retort to my first post above was that in the longer term the Left’s coalition of freaks and morons will be hard to control and also eventually degrades his capacity to get things done. This is why I pointed out that if and when the “final battle” is fought it will be the Left that starts it. The weapon they’ve assembled depends on maintaining a balance that will be gone in 20 years. Right now they still have competent whites willing to run their organizations and Jews to do that and provide funding. By 2040 the whites will be either not helping them or working for us. The Jews will be dealing with blowback from all the blacks, Latins, and Muzzies and probably realizing that Whitey wasn’t all that bad. The US’s mighty war machine may be in mothballs for lack of quality recruits. My guess is that they HAVE to act before then or it all dissolves for them. They must build their utopia SOON. When they do I’m more and more convinced they will go full Maoist retard and set in motion forces they can’t imagine and certainly can’t control.

          • I agree completely. When they again get control of the executive branch it will be peddle to the metal for them.

        • From Moa’s “Red Book” (IIRC), “Get a Big Knife”:

          “Get a knife. With a big knife, you can get a sword. With a sword, you can get a pistol. With a pistol, you can get a rifle. With a rifle, you can get anything”. 😉

          There—and you thought I wasted all my college years in pursuit of boring academics.

      • Ask the Boers who settled Africa. Or the settlers of America. A gun is a great thing to have if you are confronting bad people and you need to protect yourself.

    • Can you not say something positive about the thousands of Americans who got off their asses and actually confronted the Leviathan and its Media arm on their own turf?

      • Ok, good show boys. Now how about Felix’s take on them moving to other issues such as the immigration and move your troops there to protest.
        You know, if you are of a really diabolically frame of mind, you would think the overlords would let us keep fighting and holding ground on the gun rights. Then, just keep winning and beating us down on everything else. Then guns and the so called rights that go with them mean nothing.

        • Essentially these “protesters” were the same demographic as the “Tea Party.” They were ridiculed by the Leviathan and ignored by the Republican Party. But if you want to take the lead on the next assault on the Ruling Class be my guest.

          • Carl, I was in that last Tea Party “assault.”

            We accomplished nothing. We were subverted from Day 1 by the consultant class and our voltage was harmlessly grounded into GOP politics. Our candidates were all shills like Flake & Amash. We didn’t make a difference and we’re a footnote and cautionary tale at best now.

            We deserve to be ridiculed and ignored for those years and those efforts because we lost. You have to win to be respected.

            We’re here today because of lessons learned.

            I for one don’t want props for wasting my time in Tea Party politics.

      • Those guys were great. It was a very good day for our side. I just wish whites got as upset about other issues.

      • Of course. I might do that in another post.

        But compared to Pegida in Germany or the Yellow Vests in France, it’s puny stuff and, as I wrote, a diversion of nationalist energy into a less important issue.

          • Magic Jew theory, media edition. The YV’s have achieved some concessions and they’ve forced enough coverage from an equally cucked and pozzed Euro media establishment. To make your point, you have to ignore the fact that they’ve been a significant news item for over a year and the fact that they’ve achieved real governmental concessions. It’s a cute point to make, but it’s not accurate.

        • Every week thousands upon thousands of the “Gilet Jaunes” turn out to protest. When was the last time the media covered it? Corporate and governmental censorship (I repeat myself) is a problem that I don’t see getting any better.

      • Agree but many on the right won’t kick the doom porn addiction. Imagine what could be accomplished if people expected to win!

    • As much as I hate to admit it, there’s a consumerist element here. The gun culture is largely a middle-class thing and the middle-class tends to see things in terms of stuff.

      As in “you can wreck my neighborhood, poz my kids and make me an exile in my own homeland, but don’t touch my stuff.”

      Same as it ever was. A wise Italian once said “men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony.”

      • There is another angle to gun ownership and the right thereof, and that is the expression of “agency”. It is a tangible element of “I have control over my life”, though most people on our side can lose track of that in the more granular arguments. The other side certainly sees gun ownership as evidence of ones control over his own life, and wants to take that agency away. They get it, but don’t say it. It is about handcuffing us for our demands to carry on our lives independent of the dictates of the borg.

        • I think you are right but I also think there is a comfort blanket side to guns. B/c, except in immediate self-defense situations, they dont actually give you more control over your life. Use guns in a criminal way and your life is effectively over, w decades in the big house. Go and live by yourself in the woods? How long before hikers report ‘scary hobo in the woods w a gun’ and cops swarm in to find you? Guns do not give you much additional control, save for self-defense situations.

          • I think there’s a sort of predatory wildness included in the spirit of the U.S. that is mitigated by the public’s ownership of 100’s of millions of guns. I have no doubt we’d be worse off without the guns. Also, what Dutch said.

          • Look, Im a little black-pilled on guns. B/c the anti-tyranny argument about guns, it doesn’t work. If guns can’t prevent whites from becoming minority, that defines them as a minor issue.

          • I hear what you’re saying and I used to share that belief, but now I see that the gun guys are right, it’s just that their way of presenting their position is obtuse and hostile and turns off a lot of people. If the U.S. public didn’t own so many guns, I think the censorship we see from Big Tech would be much worse, carrying over to banking accounts and hiring/firing practices in not only the private sector but the government as well, and not just for the most outspoken among us, but for any subtle reason given by a person suspected of not going along with the degenerate progressive agenda. Also, I bet our taxes, especially property and sales taxes, would be significantly higher. As well, whites might have been in re-education camps or involuntarily committed to institutions by now, if not for the presence of all these guns. Really. I’ve come 180 degrees around on the question from just 10-15 years ago.

          • BTW, the gun owners and other rightists come off as “obtuse and hostile” because many of them saw and felt this pozzed totalitarianism coming on many decades ago and, eventually, they gave up on their countrymen ever seeing and understanding what they do after being shouted down and chased off platforms. But they were right, we’re all catching up, so please understand when conservative people have little faith in things being turned around it’s because they saw it decades before the rest of us. To those who are able to still communicate it, God bless you! To those who are hunkered down and cast everyone else off, well, I guess I can’t blame them. They’re tired of knowing what’s coming and how wrong it is and deserve sympathy. We could all benefit from their ideas on what is happening now as well as what they see coming in the future, since they are good at sensing early what trends are befalling us all now.

          • If the U.S. public didn’t own so many guns, I think the censorship we see from Big Tech would be much worse, carrying over to banking accounts and hiring/firing practices in not only the private sector but the government as well

            Big Tech censorship is as bad in the US as almost anywhere in the Western world, bar Britain, Sweden and (for particular, historical reasons) Germany. Americans are being denied financial services for political reasons (something that’s not even happening in Sweden), people are being fired for wearing MAGA-hats, and the government OPENLY practices hiring policies that are discriminatory against whites, as do university admissions boards.

            And I don’t even see how your theory is supposed to work in… erhm…theory: how would gun ownership impact censorship or political berufsverbot? You think Google goes easier on you if you own a gun?

          • I hear you loud and clear, Felix. But I honestly do not think things would be better without our gun rights in the U.S. We live in a land that has no concept of Labor-Management shared power in the workplace that you have in the most civilized parts of Europe. Even worse, we are now going backward in the U.S. in terms of knowledge, intelligence and smarts in our political leaders, who are increasingly from lands that hate the white heritage people of the U.S. The left is still anticipating that upward, civilized coup of universal health care, but due to serious brainwashing of wanting and accepting people from non-Christian, non-white countries, they don’t realize yet how impossible they are making universal health care if you have open borders and capless medical costs. The final milking of the white tax cattle, this plus the endless wars/empire, will dry up and wither those previously plentiful teats.

          • But I honestly do not think things would be better without our gun rights in the U.S

            Probably not, no, but the question is whether they impact the key issues at all.

            I absolutely agree that medicare for all is a ripoff of white people, as are all social services extended to invaders: there’s a limit to how many health services even obese Westerners can consume, so you import customers from all over the world and put the bill on whitey’s tab.

            I hope universal health care is abolished here in Denmark, because it’s a major pull factor in immigration.

          • I agree with you, Felix. I’d like to be able to just go to the doctor and pay a reasonable fee for services, without any insurance middleman. Maybe a homogenous, civilized white society could subsidize catastrophic care so no one is worried if a stroke makes a family member into a perpetual vegetable, but all other services are the responsibility of the individual. That’s the extent of collective medical care I’d like to see. Otherwise, would love to be able to visit any clinic or doctor for assistance with a cold or medical condition and pay a reasonable fee for the service and the treatment. Currently in the U.S., many of the services and treatments are unaffordable unless subsidized by insurance, which means our taxes are being skimmed from grossly inflated costs. Also, the U.S. subsidizes medical care for much of the rest of the world, artificially lowering prices for 2nd and 3rd world countries while inflated prices for us increasingly poor Americans at home. Those in America without insurance of some kind are f*cked. It’s surprisingly rough and backward here, though the U.S. went out of their way making very civilized welfare states for Europe and Japan after WW2. Kinda jealous.

          • It’s the threat of guns that keep excess or over-reaching governance at bay. That still applies in America, though it’s becoming increasingly shaky.

          • It’s the threat of guns that keep excess or over-reaching governance at bay.

            Governmental overbearance is not kept at bay in the US, it’s running amok.

            As I said, I think the two issues are unrelated: Britain has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, Sweden some of the most liberal, but both countries suffer gravely from government persecution of political wrongthink.

      • That’s a really good point. It made me think that we are still struggling on the marxist-liberterian materialist turf. That’s why we get hammered all the time.

    • I support gun rights but I think you are largely right. It is a matter of simple empiricism that guns have done nothing to prevent multiculturalism ie demographic replacement, gross government abuse and humiliation of whites, especially straight white males.

      Also by way of comparison, guns in a place like Afghanistan have not prevented one insane government taking over from the last. And take any of the Eastern European countries right after WWII. They must have been afloat in small arms, German, Russian, whatever Polish farmers had of shotguns and hunting rifles. That did nothing to prevent the NKVD from installing puppet regimes. The brave rebellions that were tried in the Baltics and Ukraine, were snuffed out by the early 1950s.

      I support 2A and gun rights in general and I think they are essential for self-defense in environments where others have guns as well (‘it takes a gun to defeat a gun 99% of the time’ etc). But as antidote to tyranny they dont have a strong track record tbh.

    • No offence Felix, but you have that one exactly backwards. The gun movement is all about patriotism; and protecting freedom and liberty. Give those guys a chance and they’ll be speeching about God, Mom, apple pie and God that’ll bring tears of pride to the eye. In point of fact – every dissident here should own a gun and be proficient in its use and the laws pertaining to it.

      The gun community IS behind the 8 ball on race realities. Most gunnies believe all men are equal, and are cucked about race realism. That is changing rapidly thanks to you guys and your chums… and if you were smart you’d make an active effort to recruit them to the cause. They have access to the political infrastructure that the dissidents will need to be taken seriously.

      • The gun movement is all about patriotism; and protecting freedom and liberty.

        But that is exactly the problem here: the philosophical conflation of gun rights and basic freedoms. One has nought to do with the other.

        If the government banned power drills or chain saws, it would impact white men’s practical freedoms much more than if they banned suppressors or high-capacity magazines, and people would (hopefully) riot in the streets, but nobody would claim that owning a power drill were essential to being a free American.

        To repeat: I’m not against gun ownership but it should not be a defining issue to us, except in the sense that it is an issue when a constitutional right is being shat upon or – as is the case in America – the gun issue is something that gets white Americans off the couches and into the political arena.

    • Small Point of Order:

      It’s not a “love affair with guns”.

      It’s more of an attitude of let the f-er’s know that, if push comes to shove, about 1% of the population would rather self-immolate than comply when pushed too hard.

      The hope is that that will cause some “pause”.*

      * There is no evidence of that, however. “We are doomed”, indeed.

      • It’s more of an attitude of let the f-er’s know that, if push comes to shove, about 1% of the population would rather self-immolate than comply when pushed too hard.

        Yes, but the problem is that nobody actually believe that. Globohomo has been running train on your ass for the last two decades, almost as if they were not scared of your popguns. At all.

        • But Felix, if they are not scared, why not allow us the right to keep and bear arms? Seems like a lot of trouble for nothing? Somewhere there is value to them to be discussing such laws and restrictions. And what is of value to the “Globahomo’s” is of equal value to me to object to.

          Yes, it would be nice to direct all those energies to a major march on Washington to protest immigration, but people have their priorities I suppose. They not your priorities, but the trick is to make the best of them for the ultimate cause you seek. In that I think Ursula and Citizen are right on.

          • if they are not scared, why not allow us the right to keep and bear arms?

            Good question.

            I’m guessing here, but I suspect it’s connected to the fact that guns is such a charged issue to Americans, not just politically but on an almost existential level: it seems to be an identity marker almost as signal as skin color. This makes the regressives feel they’re fighting the power, and they’re confirmed in that belief by the reaction of the 2a’ers.

            Maybe they ride that pony because everything that divides Americans is good for globohomo.

            Or maybe they just like the show, they think it’s fun seeing deplorables freak out.

            If I were to be paranoid, I would say they’re bigging up the gun issue to trade it off for an amnesty or something: you get to keep your bump stocks if you agree to a DACA amnesty.

            And again: there are plenty of guns in Europe, (except in Britain, where the toffs are reduced to beating the foxes to death) but Euroglobos are not even mildly bothered by privately owned firearms, despite the fact that the voters are in open revolt.

          • I mean, nobody is scared of global warming either, they just pretend to be because it’s good politics. The same is most likely the case with gun-grabbing.

  47. Hence why “The Democrats Are the Real Racists” canard never works – all the white progressive hears is “racism still bad”. But if you question their idea of “racism” completely, they start to sputter and blue screen.

    • I think it is situational. DR3 can be useful in rallying people to your side. If the issue is not race, then it is a good tool. The 2A people use race to add incremental support and inoculate themselves against the white supremacy stuff. They are playing the numbers game, not morality chess.
      For pro-white advocates, the DR3 stuff is only useful as an explainer or as a stun gun during individual dealings. Pointing out to your liberal aunt that she lives in an all-white neighborhood will shut her up and get support for the adjacent.

      Otherwise, DR3 is mostly a form of gatekeeping.

      • Exactly. All arguments should be seen through the prism of recruiting and PR. Many whites are simply lost, but if an argument/debate with a Lost White can persuade Joe Nomie CivNat at the table to think about things in a different way, it’s worth the effort.

      • The problem is it has become a fetish on the normie right sites. Pointing out that more than white support gun rights is fine. Praising a sign about homosexual couples being able to buy guns to protect their weed farm, and calling for support for a tranny who is tweeting pro-2A stuff from the event is not what you want. Reynolds was saying people should support the tranny in a CA senate race because he (although Reynolds called him a she) fights antifa.

        • Chris, the libertarian schtick is conservative white America’s last grasp to avoid white identity politics. Many of us here have been there. It won’t last. They’ll see that the other side hates them for who they are, that the other side will never leave them alone.

          But it takes time. It took me years.

          • Essentially it took all of us years. Long gone are the days when identity was simply an assumed aspect of one’s existence. Schooling, media, entertainment, and culture ensure that it’s stamped out in the cradle. The revival of Lazarus was less daunting than the effort to tribalize normie will be.

          • I have my moments, though, usually, accidentally. 😉

            But, seriously, most conservative whites can sense that nothing is being conserved, that they’re losing what was their country and that whites are getting blamed for everything, but they hate the idea of thinking tribally. What’s your last hope: Being left alone.

            “I don’t like what’s happening, but as long as we can all just live our lives the way that we want, it’ll be okay” is what they are thinking. So, fine, they say, I’ll be for tranny rights as long as everyone gets to do their own thing.

            But it won’t work. The Left was never about equal rights and letting people live the way that they want. It was about destroying the white community. The Left will keep coming for whites no matter how much whites say they are for equality because it was never about equality.

            Whites will be forced to become tribal. Ironically, this will be great for whites. We’ll find a happiness and comfort in our community that is missing from out lives today.

          • “Whites will be forced to become tribal.”

            I see no alternative, but it sucks because tribal societies don’t launch space probes or discover cures for cancer.

            That’s because in a tribal society you can’t trust anyone who isn’t a close relative, and it’s highly unlikely that your extended family contains all the specialists needed to build even simple cars from a working design.

            On the plus side, you get to marry young and have lots of kids, but half of them suffer horrible genetic diseases because their mother is your cousin.

          • No problem, man – just unleash the torrent of black affirmative action STEM graduates on the challenge and we’ll be launching infinite space probes and having Super Bowl halftime moon-landings instead of just ‘moon-walking.’ All usin’ white folks can just go home and sit on the porch and watch sports ball.

        • Politics makes for strange bed fellows. Support of the 2nd Amendment from Team Trannies and any other team should be accepted as part of the Coalition for protecting the 2nd Amendment. Of course, that should never be construed as Team Trannies or any other team being absorbed into Team Dissident Right or Team White. Making alliances is part of an interest group (whites) engaging in politics to bring about policies that we want.

          • Any support for team tranny will work against the second amendment because they are leftists first. It will work the way support for hard working minorities worked.

        • This is what people SHOULD mean when they say don’t punch right. If some tranny wants to supports gun rights for xir own reasons, I support said tranny in this one narrow circumstance, while I generally oppose their public displays of degeneracy.

          The left is especially strong in this regard. They have no shame, no morals and certainly no gay ass need for consistency or “principles.” They look at each individual issue in isolation. If lolbertarians are useful in one circumstance and issue, but not some other circumstance, they will use said lolbertarians in that one minor issue while calling them white supremacists in other wider circumstances.

          The only principle we should have is “does this help us win?”

          • “Or, to paraphrase- Is it good for the Crackers?”

            Yes! Except, unlike the semites, we keep our Christian morals and traditions and not adopt low-trust Talmudic or Muslim ways. Easier said than done. The solution is in reach with non-zionist Christianity. If you study scripture on your own (like I do), I recommend King James Bible version with commentary by Adam Clarke, who was a serious theological scholar writing in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s UK — pre-dumbing down and a safe time when Christians perceived Judaism appropriately for what it is, not the zio-fantasy Scofield distortion of modern day America, which actually makes satan-worshipping anti-Christians out of Christians seeking to worship Jesus/God.

            Any other suggestions of bible versions or commentaries would be welcomed with gratitude.

          • Ursula-
            Thanks for asking for suggestions!

   is a great website, and the Douay-Rheims Bible is also very accurate…(more so than James’ version.)
            St. Jerome translates what is today the Douay-Rheims version from the Latin, which came from the Greek.

            Pron: Dewey-Reems.

      • The 2A/gun rights support crowd use race and gender for more than just “incremental support”.

        You’re correct – we’re playing the numbers game. But we can often get that without bringing in females and blacks.

        If you do bring in blacks and females though – you get to make the “why are you attacking black people!?” argument as well, with females you can make the “why do you want women to be defenseless?” argument.

        A few years back up here in suburban MA there was a selectman in one of the local towns who wanted to ban “assault rifles” in the town. This was after one of the more hyped school shootings ( I forget which one now, they all blend together after a while). His proposal was that they were to be banned – completely and utterly. That included no transport thru town. The only way you could keep one – was at a “militia armory” – which doesn’t exist in that town. He was approaching the whole thing from the perspective of the “ban guns on school grounds and we’ll stop the shootings” crowd – with some “these are weapons of war” mixed in for good measure.

        There were town meetings, lots of back and forth in the editorial section – etc. There was even a topic specific advocacy group that got formed to fight the issue – as it looked like the town was seriously considering it.

        One of the more discussions was going on in one of the local town forums – where it was obvious that there were a bunch of people who very seriously supported the measure were active. It seemed like local pols and cops were watching the discussion very closely.

        After watching for a few days – I made a comment that went something like this:

        ” Ok – so I’m going to assume you’re being very serious with this proposal. And this isn’t some big political ploy or an attention getting measure. So the following answer is given as a serious answer. First off – have you thought thru the transportation portion of this? Rte 495 goes right thru your town. I can tell you for a fact that there are trucks going up and down that road every day carrying firearms from manufacturers in NH and Maine to the rest of the country. What are you going to do if some truck pulls off the highway to the gas stations right off the highway – arrest the driver and impound the contents of the truck? Now you’re interfering in interstate commerce. Pretty sure you’re going to have Federal problem if you do that. What are you going to do to people from other towns who travel thru your town and have a pistol on their person – or a rifle in the trunk as they travel thru? Are you going to have roadblocks and search people’s cars? Are you going to post signs at ALL roads that pass thru your town? Have you thought this thru?

        Next – the banning and elimination of so-called assault weapons in the town. You do know you’ll have to rescind the MA issued licenses that allow people to buy said firearms – don’t you? Without pulling licenses – even if you confiscate what people currently own – you have no way of preventing them from just buying more. Also – please be aware that the way the MA license is structured – you’ll also be revoking the licenses of people who don’t own that class of firearm , but have the license so they can concealed carry. So you’ll potentially be removing the means of protection for women out there who have a firearm to protect themselves from attack from domestic abusers and so forth. If you’re going to confiscate – you’ll get lawsuits since you’re taking property. How much money has the town put aside to compensate people for taking their property and defending against lawsuits?

        Last: how are you going to ensure that all of these firearms are removed? Again – I’m assuming you’re serious here. And if I follow the underlying logic – then we must GUARANTEE that the firearms are removed. There can be no compromise. This will mean searches of people’s homes. I can tell you for a FACT that there are many unregistered firearms hidden in people’s attics and basements. Some of them are ‘bring backs’ hidden long ago by service members – or more recent ‘bring backs’ by those who served in recent wars. Then there is the issue of building your own. It is relatively easy to build an unregistered firearm of the class you’re looking to eliminate. I know a person who built an AK-47 from an old shovel. But to build a gun – you need tools. That means things like drill presses and lathes must also potentially be regulated and maybe registered as well.

        Again – if you’re SERIOUS about this , you must take all of these things into account and do something about them. If you believe the guns are the problem – then even just one left behind is still an issue. ”

        You could just tell nobody wanted to hear any of this. Nobody would address it. The few lefties that tried – just started blabbering as soon as pushed on them.

        I also knew that the police would likely read what I wrote. And I know how things get decided….. : behind the scenes.

        So as soon as the chief of Police starts seeing a shit-show unfold before him, you know damn well he’s going to go to the politicians and tell them to shut that guy the hell up and bury this bill as quickly as possible.

        But this is why I think that “conservatives” are often a bunch of damn retards. They’d rather yell and scream and wave their Gadsden flags – then find the right eye to stick a finger into.

        It’s why my opinion of the whole Virginia thing is that those counties ought to just kick the blue counties out of the state – or – they should take WV up on it’s offer.

        The most effective thing that could happen here at this point would be that the blue politicians just “lose” the entire state because of their actions. Suddenly VA loses a bunch of land mass. They lose a bunch of tax base. They lose Reps in Congress. They probably lose a good amount of their National Guard bases – etc.

        • Secession means conceding two Senate seats in perpetuity to the most despicable people outside Hollywood and consolidating red voters behind an already center right establishment in W Va. Seems to me that the better strategery is to spread red voters widely in states that can be won or even influenced by red voters, abandoning states like Ca where red votes are wasted.

          • The Constitution says that you can’t create a new state out of already existing state.

            But it also says you can’t ban guns.

            So if the joining WV thing is not the best way to go about this – then the “red” counties should *kick out* – the blue counties (that includes Richmond) – and tell them ” you’re no longer part of Virginia – GTFO”.

            Of course they’ll scream ” the constitution says you can’t create a new state!!”. To which they can just simply reply : “It also says you can’t ban guns – so you already blew all of the constitutional arguments out of the water – next………….”

            I keep hearing “we must separate” …. “we must separate”… “we must separate”.

            Well so then separate dammit.

            And you’re not “losing” any Senators – if you join WV. If VA has gone solid blue – then the senators coming from that state are always going to be blue from here on in. And you can guarantee that Reps coming out of VA will likely all be blue as well. If the counties leave – and go to WV, then the Reps leave too – and go to WV.

            Your “distribute red votes where they can make a difference” – is unlikely to work. In fact I think if you look at migration patterns , what you’re going to find is that migration hasn’t been very reliable in turning anywhere red – but it has been pretty reliable in turning some areas blue.

            Counties either saying “eff this – you’re out of here” and kicking out the blue counties , or – saying “eff this – I’m out of here” and joining WV – demonstrates clearly that if the blue hordes keep pushing their agenda there will be REAL political consequences.

            Like it or not – many people will stay where they are, it will take a LOT to get them to move. Conservative types ESPECIALLY. This is why your get people to move strategy is bound to failure.

            I keep hearing about community this and community that – well like it or not most people have some form of community in where they already are. There is family and friends, work connections, historical connections – whatever. Rootless cosmopolitainism is a leftie thing – not a righty thing.

            Blue must be separated from red the same way you separate a tick from your leg. Last time I checked the correct response to a tick isn’t to cut off your leg or run away away it – it’s to pull off the tick and light it on fire.

          • By joining W Va, they are not creating a new state, simply redrawing the boundaries of existing states. Article IV, section 3 prohibits new states from forming from carving out part of a state, or joining two states or parts thereof. And even that can be done with consent of the legislatures of the states involved and Congressional approval.

          • The fact remains that real estate is being lost already. Virginia’s surely on the road to perdition, so what’s gained by maintaining the western counties as occupied territory? As someone who lives in the very red and very occupied upstate NY, I can tell you that it’s a losing proposition. The country’s going to fracture at some point and it’s time to start experimenting with ways to make it more amenable to our side.

            Possibly losing Senate seats? That assumes that the Senate is some kind of bulwark against progressives, pozz, immigrants, and anti-white bigotry. It’s none of the above. Strategic retreat can be part of a winning campaign. Had General Washington not left New York City to the British, there’d be no United States.

          • Don’t think Cuomo would last 24 hours unguarded north of the Westchester line. We fought a rear guard action down here for years, but finally overwhelmed by numbers. If you ever get down near the city, I’ll buy the beers.

          • I have a friend who used to own a business in Tarrytown. Still calls the Mario Cuomo bridge the Tappan Zee!

          • As a North Country guy, I can confirm. In NY, it’s just one dam* thing after another from downstate. I don’t think it’s possible to despise someone as much as upstaters hate Cuomo….What’s the answer? I don’t want to move from family land…so it’s make as many rural friends as possible and prepare for the hard times. Too bad we don’t have a behind the lines group in NY.

      • DR3 is useful only in talking with normie middle America. It looks to us as a failure as we only view it from the perspective of how effective it is in winning debates with the progressive liberals and the left or finding fault in the logic and rhetorical value of it after analyzing it down to the sub-atomic level.

        It’s the tactic of normie cons to speak to normie moderates in a language they understand because let’s face it: Very few of us on this side of the aisle can speak normie fluently, if at all. Rather than question or attack it, it might be best to leave it between the normies without comment. What we need to do is use the normie cons as intermediaries with their moderate brethren which means the more of what normie con would view as extreme and the more crankish elements have to be soft-peddled and fed to them in smaller, safer dosages.

        The problem is we tend to either forget or dismiss middle American moderates who comprise the swing vote of the population and the northeastern establishment liberals and their leftist minions simply see them as cattle to be herded. So they’re just sitting there waiting for a friendly face to tell them what to do.

    • Don’t miss the overarching thread of yesterday’s “protest”: The Media(which is the de facto head of the American Left)didn’t refer to the “protesters” as 2A/firearm rights demonstrators but defined them – vilified them in fact – as White Supremacists and White Nationalists” This is extremely important. We can see what we’re up against, where this is going. The Left means to ostracize you, to destroy your livelihood, make you a pariah, and exterminate you and anyone like you. Deal with it.

    • Zman’s true believing shepherds may explain the progressive white leadership better than the foot soldiers. What type of gringo is drawn to antifa? Not so much wine box Auntie or the NPR liberal living in safe whitopias. OTOH imagine being someone who is so low on the sexual market totempole that you have never had a girl/boyfriend, or at least one worth having. You are not good looking, smart, athletic, or funny. That can make for a rough high school experience and it doesnt get better after graduation since flippin burgers doesnt buy a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Some of these folks would rather burn down the world in the hopes that come the new order they personally will come out with higher status on the backside. What do they have to lose? Weaklings with a heavy load of self loathing really, really need someone to hate. Its a distraction from thier own low satus and it makes them feel good, temporarily, to offload their own self hatred onto “the enemy”. And who is the enemy? Well it is most certainly NOT a protected class; Jews, blacks, browns, Muslims, trannies, women, etc, after all bravery is not our defining characterstic- self loathing is. It is not safe to hate the wrong people. In fact, a quick review of the New York Times reveals that the only people safe to hate are whites. It takes no courage to hate whitey, which is convenient since we have none. And the benefits! We get to completely vent all our self hatred by vomiting vitriol and throwing feces at some white boomer in a MAGA hat and Vietnam Veteran vest. For awhile. Then the bowels fill again with self loathing because it turns out that abusing whitey doesn’t change our status. Ah well, we are self selected for insecurity not for IQ.

      White weaklings are not all throwing urine at normies on the street. Most of them are your in-laws and cousins who order thier lives not around thier childrens future but rather around not being called a “racist”. Most people are followers and big brains like our host grapple with the meta problem of how to include whitey in the class of protected people and thus safe from the weakling followers who dont dare get off the reservation lest they get metoo’d. I personally think the Civil Rights model and rhetoric is perfectly suited for this first step because Civil Rights are for All Americans, but I am just a guy with an Ipad.

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