January Grab Bag

Because I’m so pressed for time these days, back during the holidays I sat down and wrote out a podcast schedule for the month. I figured impeachment would be a hot topic this week, so I assumed I’d have plenty of impeachment related news items to talk about this week. Instead, everything about this farce is a snoozer. Even the lefty news outlets are struggling to pretend they are enjoying it. Adam Schiff’s big show is a good reason why the Finns have the word myötähäpeä.

The only angle to this thing of any interest to me is the bizarre circling back to the Russian collusion hoax. I think most of us thought the fakers knew the story was fake, but they were hoping to fool people with it. That may be true with some of them, but it seems clear that people like Adam Schiff really do believe this stuff. He thinks the Cossacks are warming up, waiting for Trump to give the signal. He is a deranged lunatic, who belongs in an asylum.

A long time ago I tried to think of a metric one could use to measure the general lunacy of the ruling class of a society. For instance, measure the distance between official truths from actual truths. The greater the distance, the nuttier the people in charge of the society. Think about some of the things that come out of North Korea about the Dear Leader or whatever they are calling the guy now. Compare that to what the Swiss say about their president, for example.

Another possible measure is the amount of propaganda expelled by the ruling class either in volume or intensity. The more they harangue their subjects, the greater the distance between them and reality. The trouble with this approach is we are swimming in made-up nonsense. Spend a little time watching television. The North Koreans install loudspeakers in the town square to blast propaganda. Americans install flat screens in their homes to receive the official truth.

Conceptually, it works, but measuring official insanity is probably best left to general instinct, rather than some money ball approach. Five minutes watching the bug-eyed lunatic on the Senate floor is all you need to know about a significant portion of the American political class. Further, the tolerance of a mentally unstable person in the Congress, tells us the whole lot are beyond saving. In Washington, a kook like Adam Schiff is not out of the ordinary. He is the norm.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening (Link)
  • 02:00: Maybe No Reason At All
  • 22:00: Numbers
  • 42:00: No Privacy (Link)
  • 47:00: Erasing Your Past (Link)
  • 52:00: Clown Versus Clown (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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122 thoughts on “January Grab Bag

  1. Gay activism might also be worth of study(from afar, that is). Gays concentrated themselves in the major cities, took over through a political block, got gay friendly judges in. Now we are “free” to serve on the USS Harvey Milk.

  2. Carthago delenda est. They could never win by force so they honed their abstract art of subversion. Read the Decline and Fall by Gibbon. It’s a long read but you’ll have so many epiphanies, you’ll likely vomit repeatedly in disgust. If you don’t have that much patience, Cesar and Christ by Will Durant and Against Apion by our friend Flavius Josephus should suffice.

    A brief synopsis: they took down Egypt and Rome with their tried and true methods of treachery. I’ll let the Egyptian historian Manetho tell the story of the invasion by Nomadic shepherds know as the (((Hyksos))) “There was a king of ours whose name was Timaus. Under him it came to pass, I know not how, that God was averse to us, and there came, after a surprising manner, men of ignoble birth out of the eastern parts, and had boldness enough to make an expedition into our country, and subdued it by force, yet without our hazarding a battle. So when they had gotten those that governed us under their power, they afterwards burnt down our cities, and demolished our temples of the gods, and used all the inhabitants after a most barbarous manner. Some they slew, and led their children and their wives into slavery. At length they made one of themselves king, whose name was Salatis; he also lived at Memphis, and made both the upper and lower regions pay tribute.

    Josephus basically says everyone that has written anything slanderous about the Jews and their wicked way’s did so out of envy. Victim, victim, blah, blah, blah, but worth the read because it’s short that’s painfully familiar in it’s lack of self awareness.

    Will Durant lays bare that Rome was usurped by the first semitic emperor Septimius Severus in 193 AD. Afterward Sun worship was promoted as the preferred religion. Strikingly similar to the Hyksos implementation of sun worship in Egypt. It was widely know by ancient historians that after Severus defiled the throne, Rome began it’s precipitous decline. His nephew Elagabalus declared a black stone/asteroid the supreme god of the empire and ran backward in a procession in front of this stone pulled in a chariot by 6 white horses. He routinely dressed as a female and styled himself the empress. Wikipedia of all places celebrates him as the first transgender figure on record seeking sex reassignment surgery. What… the… absolute fuck with these people.

    Read history folks, it’s all there in the stuff written before they regained control. There’s a reason classic education has been abandoned. History has not been a friend to these people for thousands of years.

    • I forgot to mention and reinforce the point for anyone still in denial.

      “At length they made one of themselves king, whose name was Salatis; he also lived at Memphis, and made both the upper and lower regions pay tribute.”

      Sal-Atis = Sal & Attis. The Hyksos outsider king of Egypt. Look up Attis on Wiki “Attis went mad and cut off his genitals” Attis Sun god/worship halo? Yeah it’s all there. Her image should look very familiar. Our statue of liberty overlooking NY harbor. Yeah, actually it’s their castrated transgender god Attis.

      • Why stop there. Every wonder about the abstinence from pork? Their emasculated god Attis was supposedly killed while out on a hunt by the tusk of a wild boar. After witch they abstained from all consumption of the detested animal.

        Remind anyone of game of thrones? Robert Baratheon, the king killed on a hunt for boar – Bara-theon basically meaning emasculated-god. You can’t make this shit up. Theon Greyjoy – meaning god that does not sow but reaps. I’m sure it’s just coincidental that he had his dick chopped off. Then there’s Lord Baelish the two faced priest of Baal that owned the brothel. I’m sure they get a good chuckle about throwing this shit in our faces.

    • Good lord, What Hyksos did in past was what exactly Jewish did in United States

      “subdued it by force, yet without our hazarding a battle”

      Same thing happened, it’s called federal reserve act and civil right movement

      “they afterwards burnt down our cities, and demolished our temples of the gods, and used all the inhabitants after a most barbarous manner”

      social engineering like forced racial integration devastated pretty much most of cities, where used to be has quality of life
      erasing white history & culture is ongoing
      Jew operate their businesses most barbaric manner

      “Some they slew, and led their children and their wives into slavery”

      Too many white people sell out their body&soul for multi-racial backward society for bank account


      what terrible thing is even we stop immigration right now, European American still will be extinct due to miscegenation

      according to Eleazar, White people might End up like Egyptian, completely replace to backward brown people

  3. The locals out here were so upset with Harry Reid that the NRA did a one off and did not endorse him for his last term- 2010. He won as they litterally bused Hablas to the polls in Vegas.

  4. I finally got to listen to today’s podcast, and figured I’d add my thoughts on impeachment…

    Calls for impeachment, of course, have been constant since before Trump was elected, literally, so they were always looking for a reason. Those in the know had to know well in advance that the Russia/Mueller/Weissman operation was a failure, so they would have been looking for the next option long before that final report was released.

    The Ukraine thing lit every light: There are reports that as much as $7 billion in US aid has gone missing there, and Biden wasn’t the only one getting part of the vig on those funds (e.g., there are videos of McCain and Graham getting medals from the puppet government we installed there in 2014). Then Trump dared to try to implement his own policies in Ukraine, calling for reconciliation with Russia (boo! hiss!), and trying to fire the US (((ambassador))) there.

    Then Guliani started poking around there, asking about Ukraine shenanigans during the 2016 election and the Bidens. To quote the State Department bureaucrats behind this, “Trump’s actions in Ukraine were contrary to the interagency consensus.” The whistleblower’s statement makes clear that he was gathering reports from multiple sources for several months before the now-infamous phone call. They were lying in wait for Trump to do just what he did: mention Biden.

    The whole thing is bizarre…unless you understand the true underlying issue…

  5. What’s missing from the discussion about the success of the 2A crowd in creating a big tent are suggestions about what issue the DR can use to get the normies, civ-nats, and the more sane progressives to lend their ear. The second amendment, Brexit, and Christian baptism are broad, fairly black and white issues. There are strong, relatively uncontroversial arguments for signing on to all three. What’s the issue around which we’ll coalesce? Which one is vanilla-enough to draw in the skittish, but which contains doorways to a more dissident outlook? I imagine it will have to orbit around the concept of labor/jobs but I’m struggling to come up with specifics.

    • IMO it is that when they notice that everyone tribes up but us, everyone has organizations that push their agenda but us, everyone blames us for what is wrong in the world, and then one of us points out to them, probably one-on-one, perhaps on-line rather than face-to-face, that we are just like them, with the same questions and concerns, but that we see a thing that they don’t, that the answer is right in front of us. The answer is attitude, understanding, and a kind of enlightenment. This stuff is only shared with people who “get it”, but “getting it” opens up a whole new understanding and insight. We look for opportunities to gently share what we know, and let the light bulb go off. It’s small, but it is a start, and it is where we are at right now.

  6. Behind the throne not sitting on it.

    The little hats are successful when they go unnoticed. They understand this. In part due to tribal chutzpah and to the rapidly growing number of people catching on, they have chosen to move into the limelight.  As with the Obama coronation, much too soon.

    Schiff is a very good example of both their increased aggression driven by panic and how awkward they are in handling this role.  So close just a handful of years ago and now it all seems to be unraveling at the seams.  They are angry, they are nervous and they have abandoned caution out of their growing feeling that desperate times call for desperate measures. They are now committed. There is no going back into the shadows. This is a very good thing for our side.

  7. Regarding the “Best Korea’ broadcasting propaganda from loud speakers I consider the ubiquity of CNN blaring from large screen tv’s in all kinds of public spaces to be the same thing done for the same purpose. Airports seem especially bad but I’ve noticed it more and more in other public spaces as well. It’s offensive and repugnant both in the content itself and what it says about how far we have descended down the path from a republic of citizens to an empire of subjects.

    • I went to Atlanta a few months back for business and stayed at the Omni Hotel attached to the CNN Center. It rained most of the nights we were there, so my coworkers and I walked from the hotel to the CNN Center food court for dinner so that we didn’t have to go outside in the weather.

      Obviously they had the CNN feed blaring in the food court. I had quit watching all of the national cable networks for the most part several years ago and it was jarring how crazy the CNN talking heads were. Trump had driven them completely around the bend. It was nothing but propaganda to my ears, but my normie coworkers didn’t seem to notice. Frogs being boiled slowly and all that.

      • In the hotel last weekend there was a huge flat screen TV in the breakfast area, right on top of everyone there, with MSNBC going on. No one paid it a lick of attention, as if it was not even in the room. A small, hopeful sign.

    • It is absolutely repugnant that we have Israeli citizens (or ANY foreign citizens) as dog catchers let alone Congressmen. We need to have a change to the Constitution in this regard barring all dual citizens from holding ANY government job whether elected or not. Foreigners need not apply. VD added we should ban anyone who is eligible for foreign citizenship from working for the government in any capacity. I wholeheartedly concur.

      • This once was the case, what happened? When I went to get my first passport (60’s) as a young person, I had to swear under oath that I possessed no dual citizenship, nor any “foreign” allegiances.

      • Here’s a question to mull over.
        How long would Israel last if it was subject to the same US sanctions as Iran has had imposed for the past five years?

        Three months? Six?

        • Lemme adjust my tinfoil beanie here….
          Does Iran have a “Samson Option”?
          What does author Rod Rosenbaum have to say about it?

          Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow—it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter. […] The ultimate justice?

          Are sanctions against Our Greatest Ally an existential threat to that Greatest Ally? Who knows? As the Netherlands-born Israeli military historian (and a very good one indeed) Martin van Creveld says,

          Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’ […] We have the [nuclear] capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

  8. I also think that Rep. Schiff believes every word he says. His career took off with this “From 1987 to 1993, he was an Assistant United States Attorney in the Office of the United States Attorney for the Central District of California.[6] While in this position, Schiff came to public attention when he prosecuted the case against Richard Miller, a former FBI agent who was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union.[7] The first trial resulted in a hung jury; the second trial resulted in a conviction that was overturned on appeal.[8] Miller was convicted in a third trial.[9]”
    This success maybe the reason of his apparent obsession with Russian/Soviet spying (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Schiff).

    If it was true 85 years ago that Vishinsky was the Roland Freisler of the Nazis, then Schiff is our modern day Vishinsky, similar political views and simlar prosecutorial methods, see, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrey_Vyshinsky.

  9. myötähäpeä

    That’s a new one on me. Usually just use the old standby “hullu” 🙂

    But “myötähäpeä” pretty accurately describes the farce going on with the Senate at the moment.

  10. I was really lucky in the privacy area. I got burned early on by FB. I ran into someone I went to HS with and we exchanged emails and I accepted him as a friend on FB. My nieces and nephews were also my friends and so my “friends'” posts started showing up their FB pages and of course, it was pictures of them smoking pot and other stupid things. I deleted the account which didn’t have any pics anyway.
    Before FB, I was really paranoid about that sort of thing and then that early FB thing reinforced my paranoia. There is not a single picture of me on social media. I have no presence at all on the Internet. Luckily, I share a full name with a famous person from another country and so searching my name brings him up and not me. The only thing I could find on me was a white pages telephone number and probable relatives.

  11. The biggest thing the 2nd Amendment guys did right is that they never allowed 2nd Amendment advocacy to become toxic. There really isn’t the kind of stigma around 2nd Amendment advocacy that exists around immigration or OK to be white and other things we are interested in. It’s not really that we aren’t good advocates, it’s that what are advocating is worse then cannibalism to the general population. If we ever got into a public spat with either cannibals or pedophiles, even normal conservatives would back the pedos and cannibals over us.

    Just before transmania broke out, there was a spate of articles advocating for pedophiles or as they called them, “virtuous pedophiles” in a bunch of fairly mainstream websites like HuffPo. What stopped it really wasn’t public opposition, it was transmania. The freaks and degenerates got the memo and stopped running the pedo stuff and instead started writing sympathetic articles about tranny children. Had it continued, they would have labelled the opposition as white supremacists and neo-nazis ready to kill the virtuous pedophiles.

    Until this public revulsion is reversed, it’s going to be impossible to advocate for our beliefs.

  12. Re: “assault weapon”.

    If you look online one of the first hits you’re going to find is the Wiki page – which falls back on the “drawing from federal and state law definitions” excuse – to call an assault weapon “primarily to semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are able to accept detachable magazines and possess one or more other features”

    The problem with this is – it’s pretty much in direct contradiction to the military definition of what an “assault weapon” is, which I’ve seen explained as a FULL automatic weapon in a smaller caliber – that is used en-masse by troops who are assaulting a enemy position – and which allows them to lay down a large amount of suppressing fire.

    “Assault weapons” in the military sense derive from the WW2 experience – the Russian front more specifically. The AK-47 (in 7.62×39 – a smaller caliber than the standard Russian rifle caliber at the time which was 7.62×54) was the brainchild of Mikhail Kalashnikov – who served during the war. The Germans also had an “assault weapon” derived from the Russian front experience – the Stg 44. The Stg 44 used the 7.92×33 cartridge which was smaller than the standard 8mm.

    Smaller cartridge size = lighter = you carry more. Fully automatic means you’re more likely to hit something – or keep the enemies heads down when you’re “assaulting” them.

    The reality of civilian rifles like the AR-15, AK-47, and yes the Stg 44 (there are semi-auto versions being produced) – is that they’re no different than a wooden stocked rifle with blued metal – that shoots the same cartridge.

    Calling civilian semi-auto rifles “assault rifles” is a leftist word trick that got played so that they can equate these rifles with “weapons of war”, and thereby get political points in their quest for gun control.

    I mean seriously – what weapon ISN’T an “assault weapon” ? A baseball bat is an “assault weapon” if you start hitting somebody with it.

    That’s why I have to fall back on the military definition – and ignore the politically inspired “civilian” use of the “assault weapon” moniker.

    None of this however has stopped the gun rights crowd from exhibiting some cuck behavior and coming up with the “modern sporting rifle” term. Police now use the term “patrol rifle” – for the exact same firearm.

    Personally I just get sick and tired of the word games after a while and just call it a phucking gun.

    • You got it exactly right; assault weapon = fully automatic, powered down rifle, so you can control it on full auto and carry more rounds. It basically falls between the submachine gun or machine pistol and the fully automatic rifle/light machine gun, eg BAR, in power and turned out to be the right balance of range, fire rate and power for most infantry situations.

      Of course, this also means that civilian ARs are NOT assault weapons, just semi-automatic rifles and, as rifles go, not particularly powerful either.

  13. Really good show, I agree that we need to learn to organize and to learn to ‘get the message out’, also if that means overlooking a few minor things we might not agree with. I was personally put a bit off by all the attention the AR toting black guys got. That said I actually think blacks have a right to be in the US, I think they are part of ‘historical America’. They shouldn’t be in charge, for obvious reasons but they’ve been there (Im currently in Europe) since forever. Learning organizing from the NRA is a good idea. Working w the NRA is another good idea I think (it sounds like they are not going to be interested in talking demographic replacement which I think should be our big thing but, hey, I support the NRA’s basic idea anyway so no harm there).

    We should also learn from the Left. They ARE better at organizing. There’s no shame in learning from the enemy; the British learned from the Boers, hence why Brit spec ops in WWII were called ‘commandos’, the Germans learned tanks from the Brits in WWI, then Patton gulped down Rommel and Guderian’s books so he could tear them a new one in France. Stealing weapons and gear from the enemy is sound tactics, stealing tactics from him is even better.

    That whole HR, ‘Im being bullied’ stuff, well that is EXACTLY a low-testo, feminized society in action. Throw out all that cr*p. And bring back dueling.

    And for the record I think horses make a lot more sense in congress than crazy Somali females and their sh*t tests. At least horses can be relied upon not to make any new, insane laws. And under any originalist reading of the constitution, horses and Somali hysterics are exactly equally eligible to be there.

    • Whoever were citizens of the US pre-1965 and their descendants are who should be here. Keep it simple. Even if immigration crept up a bit, having the country hovering north of 80% white is good enough for me. That said, we aren’t going back to 1965 demographics. So to build on what Z said, we need to think of ourselves as a white bloc not an ethno-state. We can be a large interest group or a political party, or both. Like Sinn Fein was for the Irish Catholics. (But less sketchy and Marxist, obvs.) Leftists have power & influence because they have a political party and much of the media. We do not.

      That’s why I am friendly to the idea of remaking the Republican Party to consciously serve legacy American interests. Otherwise we have to build a political organization from the ground up and hope to hell that a few rich guys come to our side. I don’t like our odds there.

      • Yeah that makes sense. 1965 was when demographics was weaponized in politics. It may be the most momentous year in US history and certainly since the civil war.

        I also think a hostile takeover of the GOP is a good idea, if possible. Trump is basically half-way there, both on positions and in actually taking over the GOP. Maybe us demographically awares should work w Trump style civnats. Eventually a lot of them will join us anyway. Im one example of that so Im not exactly holier than thou.

  14. Talk to any criminal or drug addict or other people who do really dumb things and they will near universally say they have no idea why they did what they did. The only explanation is that they did what they wanted to do because they wanted to do it and they did not reason themselves into doing it or if they did, only tangentially ie.. I needed money and that is why I did the home invasion on the elderly couple.

  15. Z—Great analysis. Will listen to your podcast later. I’m deeply burned out watching the crazy bug eyed lunatic and other crazy drunk stroked-out ruling overlords. Every time I ruefully wish all the senile old ruling farts to be lifted off the planet, I shudder knowing the AOCs and young Commie Socialists will take over. Trapped.

    So for diversion, Sh#ts and Grins, this ought to be a fun movie reminding us to saddle up and not be crying in our beer.


    The Avenging Angel. Yes….Brigham Young’s avenging angels. They had stones, often nutty, sometimes dangerous, but stones none the less. In Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic, you don’t want to cross Mormon ranchers.

    Escape present reality into this movie with Tom Berenger, Charlton Heston and James Coburn, especially with Charlton Heston as Brigham Young! Ha! Damn….maybe would have volunteered to be one of his wives..for the moment. If he pontificated and banged on the dining table exhorting God, well then time to join the mining rush to the White Pines and Hamilton City. (Old Brigham had a handful of his 55 wives divorce him, one when he was 67 and she was 24. Probably mostly talked her to death. And banged on the table….Feh!)

    As soon as Basic Husband returns from traipsing around looking for fossils in Permian limestone, we shall have a hoot of an evening enjoying this movie.

    Just wish that most urban Mormons didn’t act like Charlie Kirk instead of Tom Berenger.

    • That wagontrain out of Arkansas found out to their detriment that Mormons can go full murder-crazy with a vengeful memory.

      You’ve placed doubt in my mind where or not LDS would come down on the Our side of things or the globo-ruling class.

      I’ll admit near complete ignorance on the subject.

  16. You are on to something dear Zman,

    Units of measurement in regards to cloud insanity: Schiffs (as in “That statement is 3.5 Schiff units from sanity”)

    Units of official truth vis a vis actual truth: Epstein Scale (“That Washington Post story is 2 standard deviations off on the Epstein Scale”)

    • Or like that conservative radio gal who rates movies- “I give it 3 Marxes, the next one at least two Reagans”, etc.

      (She uses whatever comes to mind and ya get it immediately.)

    • These are the kinds of comments that cheer me up and make me laugh lol The Schiff scale:

      – “Race is only skin deep”/”Men and women are the same”: 1.0 Schiff left of sanity

      – “Diversity is our strength”/”We need more female math professors”: 2.0 Schiffs.

      – “Doxxing bigots/haters is protecting free speech”: 3.0 Schiffs

      – “A dude who identifies as woman IS a woman”: 4.0 Schiffs

      – “A 7 yr old boy who says he’s a girl needs transgender surgery or hormone therapy”, ie off the perverted, evil and insane scale: 5.0 Schiffs

  17. Sorry to hog your forum, Z – but I need to comment on (and ask questions) about your Virginia/gun segment.

    I am of the exact same mind as you on that – I think that the gunnies could be a huge addition to your DR team and I believe I said so in your last post about it. Almost all of those guys are well over half way to our side. Almost all of them know that blacks are overwhelmingly responsible for violent gun crime, but are afraid to say so or notice. They are easy pickings for you. But I also noticed the same thing you did when I broached the idea – the dissidents were not happy with the gunnies saying they aren’t up to speed enough on this or that DR pet issue – and therefore of little use. And yes, some of it was virtue signalling. In some cases, some of the responders gave me the impression that they thought they were big wheels in the DR movement – and were afraid that larger numbers would make for more competition for them… and that they would lose their place as big fish in a small pond. I sensed some petty motivations there – but admit I could be wrong.

    Regardless – is that a valid sentiment? I love the gunnies… but if we swung them over to us, do you think they could take over the movement? Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Bigger numbers mean more competition for the leaders of the DR and to be honest – I have grown quite fond of some of them. And though I love the gunnies and consider myself to be one – there are some toxic cucks and shitlibs in their ranks that I personally feel are liabilities more than assets. Could the dissidents police the usurpers and hijackers in that situation?

    • I think that we simply need to view it as coalitions. I was a bit harsh on the gunnies the other day, but they could be a great ally. They want to protect the 2A. We want to protect the 2A. I’m sure most of them are for keeping what little Free Association we still have, as are we.

      But we can’t forget what we really want – a white community. However, that scares most whites so it’s best to keep it under wraps though never forgotten. When I speak with color-blind CivNats – and a big chunk of 2A guys fall into that camp – I don’t bring up my desire for a community of our own. But I do bring up that while they may be color-blind, the other side isn’t. I say that all I want for whites is what every other group has, to not be discriminated against and the right advocate for their group’s rights.

      Most CivNats can get behind that even if their worldview is still stuck in 1985, i.e. they don’t really understand why whites would need to fight for our right or even think as a group.

      That’s how you appeal to middle-class whites. You don’t promote a white community. You push for whites to have the same rights as every other group. It appeals to their fairness and when the cat lady argues back that whites shouldn’t be allowed to do what other groups do, it makes her sound anti-white, which then makes Joe Normie realize that maybe I’m right.

      • 2A people want personal agency (control over their own lives). So does our community. It’s a natural fit, once everyone understands what personal agency is and means.

        The CivNats want personal agency too, but they are cowed out of speaking up for it, and figure that voting for the right person is enough.

        • Yeah, but their patriotism for a lost America blinds them. These are good guys, very loyal. Unfortunately, that loyalty is being used against them. They’ve drank the Kool Aid and believe that America’s great traditions and law can turn anyone into, well, them.

          But these guys aren’t idiots. As the anti-white rhetoric and policies get pushed, the 2A guys will start to wake up. And if they know us, they’ll quickly come to our side.

          • Citizen – pardon me… I am a Yesterday Man and a little slow. Can you clarify for me: what exactly is a “Civ Nat”?

          • Civic Nationalist

            A CivNat is someone who believes in the Magic Dirt theory, i.e. that our traditions and laws will turn anyone in the world into a white guy. As such, a CivNat gives their allegiance to our civic traditions rather than to his race or ethnicity, conveniently forgetting that our civic traditions grow from our biology.

        • Here’s my public pitch to Joe Normie. Anything in parentheses is not for public ears.

          “Look, whether we like it or not – personally, I don’t but you may disagree (this lets those on our side know that I might be on our side as well, but don’t say this in too large a group) – the country is moving toward being multi-racial. Your kids will be a minority when they reach our age. (This always freaks people out and wakes them up.)

          Whites will be just another racial group. Now, I don’t like to think in racial terms (white lies are permitted), but other groups do. Most blacks see themselves first as black and second as American. The same is true for most Asians and Indians and Hispanics. Heck, Jews love to say that the first question that they ask about anything happening is “Is it good for the Jews?” (This shocks most whites, btw.)

          I’m just saying that as whites become a minority (hammer that point), we’re going to have to do what all minority groups do, which is to protect our rights. I’m just saying that whites should have the right to act like other groups. I mean, blacks have the NAACP. Hispanics have La Raza, which means “The Race” by the way. Jews have tons of political organizations. Whites don’t have a political group looking our for our rights.

          There are business and student associations for every group under the sun, but not whites.

          I’m just saying that white should be treated like other groups.

          We should have European American student associations. European American business groups. European America political groups. Heck, maybe even a European America caucus in the state legislature and Congress. I mean, why not. Every other group has those things. Why not us?

          I just think whites should be treated like every other group. That seems fair.”

          That’s my pitch. It gets us a very long way toward our final goal, and it doesn’t make Joe Normie feel as though he’s a racist.

          And if anyone does bring call you a racist, just keep your cool and say, “How does wanting whites to be treated like other groups make someone a racist. If blacks weren’t allowed to have student groups or political groups, I’d be fighting for their rights too. Why do you want whites to be treated as 2nd class citizens?”

    • Could the dissidents police the usurpers and hijackers in that situation?
      I would say if the gunnies can’t police their own why do you think they would let the DR do it for them…Most gunnies that I have come across are hardcore civnats and would fight the DRs harder than they would fight the Commies…Their biggest fear is being called a racist and the left could show on the field of battle with nothing more than that word and they would clear the field and win the day…They fawn over the black man and you could see evidence of that when they were posing with the Black Panthers whose leaders have called for the extermination of whites babies and white people…That’s how deluded the gunnies are and inviting them in just puts them in a position to stab you in the back…This is coming from a hardcore gun guy…

      • That’s why I see it as a coalition. They aren’t members of the DR, but we could work together on the one issue.

        But I agree, the vast majority are colorblind, ‘merica’s the greatest CivNats to the core. And since they’ve fully swallowed the propaganda, they believe that what makes the United States so great is immigration and diversity. Therefore, they can’t be trusted outside of 2A issues.

        However, I do believe that as the anti-white rhetoric and policies gets worse, many more whites will start to find their way to our side. And my guess is that 2A guys will find it faster than other whites.

        • Sounds rigth to me. Woo the 2A guys and let events persuade them that CivNat is a dead end.

        • I call them “situational affinities”. Allies on particular issues at particular times. Not the same as blending the communities, however.

      • I personally think you are behind the curve on that one Lineman. I used to be in that boat myself – and I made the transition long ago. There is a lot of Bad Think going on with the gunnies and it’s picking up steam. The coalition idea appeals to me – because I personally really like the idea of Our Guys remaining in positions where they remain our guys and not say, cucked gunnies.

        • Well JS the rally was less than a week ago so just going with what was going on there and talking to those I shoot with that aren’t DR guys…I agree with Citizen though on a coalition with them…

    • My take is that well more than half of the 2A types are not resistant to race realism regarding “POCs”. Especially because many are working guys who deal with the average POC. (The wealthier/credentialed progs often deal only with the “smart fraction” — for values of “smart” — and have a skewed view of things due to non-representative sampling.)

      The issue many 2A types seem to have is not the “BQ” but the JQ. Lineman and I both frequent a few places where commenters who sound like decent, mostly sensible folk will NOT visit the Z-blog because of “all the anti-Semitism”.

  18. “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
    You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow”

    Not a Beatles fan, but a great line. Same goes for quoting Mein Kampf. Both of them were gun-grabbers.

  19. If I could ever learn to pronounce “myötähäpeä” correctly, it would be a great companion work to “schadenfreude.” The former makes you feel embarrassment, while the latter provides a feeling of pleasure.

    Neither word works for me in this case, however, since the thought that comes to mind when I hear Schiff, Nadler, & Co., drone on is, “You’ve got to be f**king kidding me. Do you really think I can’t see through your bulls**t?”

    Sadly, as others have noted, masses of Americans are lapping this stuff up. Last night I was out for walk (in my thoroughly sh*tLib neighborhood), and as it got dark I walked by a house with the TV on in the front room. There was a young man (35-45?) dutifully staring at a big screen, soaking in the nonsense coming from one of the PoC House managers. All I could think was, “dear God, my man, save yourself! Find the remote and turn the channel, to sportsball if you have to!”

    (And if you think pronouncing that Finnish word is easy, go to this website and click on the FINNISH pronunciation of it: https://www.pronouncekiwi.com/myötähäpeä)

      • I’ve always thought that our current predicament was more like Brave New World than 1984, but it has dawned on me that it’s much more complicated.

        The globalists did not use Brave New World or 1984 as a manual, they raided ALL the dystopian novels for ideas: 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Farenheit 451, Planet of the Apes, A Clockwork Orange, Lord of the Flies…

        Yessir, our wonderful multicultural world has it all! Now we’re just awaiting the invasion from Mars.

        • I would say two of the features of our ruling class not predicted in any of these stories are:
          1) Misdirection — This Impeachment melodrama is a classic example. It is being promoted as the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER, but in reality it is what Trump is being forced to do while the masses are distracted that is important.
          2) Distribution of Power — The classic example of this is how censorship has been turned over to corporations (social media, ISP, payment processing, etc., companies). This seems like an adaptation rather than a well thought out plan, but either way it is becoming more effective every day. And don’t forget the role of the “conservative” gatekeepers

          • Misdirection

            Straight out of 1984: Trump is Emmanuel Goldstein, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, production of razorblades has gone up etc.

            Number 2 is a good point. I figure Philip K. Dick merits an honourable mention for Ubik and, with the opiod epidemic in mind, A Scanner Darkly.

          • Yeah, you might be right. I think of Goldstein as primarily the signal for where your anger, hate and disappointment should go, but that also implies covering up the sins of the state. But I’m not sure that implies creating distractions for other government actions. I’d have to reread the book with that in mind…

          • And then there is the “coronavirus” thing, just as this impeachment fiasco hits the wall. My tinfoil hat, tightly fitted, suggests the impeachment misdirection is now being, in turn, misdirected.

        • Another dystopian work that the globalists plundered is the short story by Evelyn Waugh called “Love Among The Ruins”. A key part of the story involves the protagonist (while trying to get approved for state-sanctioned suicide) falling in love with a transgender bureaucrat.

        • Well, if a Martian invasion takes the form of the plot from the movie “Mars Attacks”, I’m all for it. Remember, in MA, the Martians got rid of two thirds of the US government. Sweet… 😉

  20. Peaking at #27 in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975, “Saturday Night Special” featured on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s first Top 10 album “Nuthin’ Fancy”:


    My understanding of the term “Saturday Night Special” in relation to describing a cheap handgun, comes from something I read from Gary North a number of years back. He said first the term “N-word Saturday night” was used to describe what typically happened on Saturday nights in the dark side of town. Since blacks typically didn’t have much money – cheap handguns were perceived as being designed specifically to be sold to blacks. So a small , cheap, easily concealable handgun … acquired the moniker of “Saturday Night Special”

    It’s probably notable that Lyrnyrd Skynyrd is a southern band, and came from a part of the country where the above mentioned dynamic probably existed.

  21. Want to get rid of Dixie highway? Going to love demanding all MLK drives removed when the FBI opens their archives in 2027.

    • Not sure what will be revealed with MLK archives opened, but if they don’t reveal outright traitorous dealings, say with foreign nations, but rather indicate a man of “prodigious appetites”, I’d say nothing will come of it.

      It’s been 50 years since the man died. Two (more) generations of morale decline under our belt. What could possibly be revealed that is now considered disqualifying for a public figure in the America of 2020, much less 2027.

    • What makes you think the records will be released? The JFK stuff still hasn’t all been released.

    • Learned something today. Now the reason for there being a “Dixie Highway” in the upper Midwestern state of my birth (said road being near my heimat [1] as it happens) is revealed. Always vaguely wondered, but never enough to look it up. As to “Dixie” itself, I go about Boston with a Stars-and-Bars (NOT the Battle Flag) morale patch on my shoulder bag, partly to see what happens. (So far, not much; I honestly think that none of the usual troublemakers even recognizes it.)

      [1] German word/concept. IMNSHO the best compact translation is “the homeland of the heart”

  22. Do the reasonable usual suspects worry about the visuals in 2020? Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer up front as the officers leading this charge? Seems to me eventually it’s noticed?Like the name of the lawyer writing the Mueller report that Mueller himself had no idea what it contained?
    Or the last names of the sexual predators and their trials or their questionable deaths in jail being paraded on national television?
    The reasonable usual suspects just stroll along pretending not to notice that they are being put up front and center in this cultural war?
    It’s front and center on the national stage for all to see now.
    This cannot be good in the long run.

    • Remember that people strut their stuff to show off to their peer group, not the public in general. IMO the tribe falls deeper into that pattern than most, as the tribe has such importance to many of its members.

      There is an infamous photo of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin holding a sheet of dollar bills, with his signature on them, while standing next to his blonde wife. He is smiling not for us, but for his tribal members, “living the life, baby”.

      • That’s great for strutting your stuff but if strutting your stuff includes undermining the constitution of a majority Gentile state?
        Not so sure that flashing of power as Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer are doing won’t be very detrimental to the tribe?
        Maybe not.
        Maybe the ones who notice are few and far between and have no power.

        • Those people are definitely not thinking big picture optics, are they? That’s what happens when they live in the DC bubble…

          I think it also goes back to the widespread criminality referenced above (Ukraine $7 billion), and these guys are scrambling for cover. Optics may not be front of mind for them right now…

          • Oh at this point I don’t think they care about the optics because they think they are untouchable at this point which is why their mask have dropped so far…My hope is though their real faces scare the shit out of Normie and he finally gets off his couch turns off sportsball and starts looking at why this is happening and what can I do to stop it…

  23. TBH, the reason people were interested in the Clinton impeachment were the salacious details, drama/morality play (adultery!), and partisanship, not the civics lesson. Such is human nature. The Trump impeachment is not even good theater.

    • Agreed. And I’m the same age as Zman and I cannot remember having one conversation with anybody about it at the time that wasn’t in a mocking tone. But I was a hipster and a Gen X’er so we mocked everything. Sincerity and earnestness were considered the biggest evils.

  24. Back when I was an avid listener of Opie and Anthony, they had a phrase for it: “douche-chills”. Or, if it was a comedian telling unfunny jokes – “bombing”.
    In the few seconds of Nadler and Schiff I’ve watched, my mind starts inserting the sounds effects of car crashes, Kelsey Grammer falling down stairs, etc., every time they think they made a dramatic point.

    • The Media are have been slobbering all over Schiff comparing his “speeches” to the Gettysburg Address. We live in a very, very mentally ill country.

  25. Regarding the liberal parents who use their kids to front their own virtue signaling – remember ten, twelve years ago when anything funny would cause someone to post in a comment section “I literally just snorted [insert beverage, if not coffee, here] out of my nose!!”? It was this kind of mass-meme everyone knew, nobody actually did themselves, and pretended it happened to everyone else. I think something similar is happening here.

  26. How about this for a metric: Quantify the tyranny by the number of times one is reminded of Huxley’s Brave New World or Orwell’s 1984. Whether its the anesthetization via teevee and smartphones, or the continual steaming cowpies from our Ministry of Truth, I estimate I’m reminded of these books about 1000-times more than I was 30 years ago.

  27. FYI to the WokeScold World: there exists in southern Utah a Dixie State University. It’s located in the city of St. George which is 90% Mormon. You can get two birds with one stone! Apologies for the specieist and male violence metaphor.

  28. About the impeach-MINT farce.

    Last year I dragged mysel to the executive meeting for our rod and gun club. As you might imagine there were a LOT of seniors involved… and I left halfway through, vowing never to return. They fought about the STUPIDEST chit you can imagine! Instead of tending to the club’s business and interests, it as basically a grumpy old man dog fight.

    When you look at the Donk leadership… it speaks for itself. Biden forgets where he is and starts prattling. The fake Indian can’t handle any dissent or opposition whatsoever. Bernie’s had a stroke. Pelosi is senile AND soaked in gin more often than not.

    Every single one of them should be playing cards down at the senior’s centre. The party burns while they shuffle around in Velcro shoes and squishy adult diapers.

    We live in glorious times!😆👍

  29. Does Schiff really believe his insanity? Dunno. But my take is he is frustrated the counter-arguments even exist; it drives him and the ruling class absolutely insane. While average Americans are dumber than rocks, even they find this BS hard to swallow. The ruling class’ madness is fueled by its awareness the propaganda no longer is effective or as effective. Repression will increase but probably won’t have much of an effect.

    This isn’t ending well because the ruling class is just as stupid as the ruled.

    • Schiff is a friendless, perverted, embittered old faggot who finally has his chance to destroy the big, bad, successful heterosexual White man and his women who made him feel so inadequate as a youth. Schiff speaks for millions of screeching liberal losers, male, female, or undecided. And he just may succeed in tilting at this particular windmill.

  30. Z, I’m shocked that you are not more dazzled by the solid case for impeachment that schiff is laying out for all to see. “DAZZLED!”

  31. Saw yesterday where a man confronted Lizzie Gibs about her plan to cancel college loan debt. He pointed out that he worked two jobs, didn’t take vacations, and didn’t buy a bunch of toys so he could responsibly pay his off.

    Meanwhile, his neighbor who built his house of sand did none of those things, was going to skip out on his obligations courtesy of her.

    She seemed to think that it was funny and even then wanted to shake his hand and have his support.

    A great writer like Shakespeare would have made up such a scene in order to demonstrate what is happening to our legacy population, and how those who have sold us out enjoy it.

    As flies to wanton boys, we are to the gods
    They kill us for their sport.

  32. Not a comment on the podcast but on your statement that “it seems clear that people like Adam Schiff really do believe this stuff. He thinks the Cossacks are warming up, waiting for Trump to give the signal. He is a deranged lunatic, who belongs in an asylum.” You are missing something here. I do not think he believes any of this. You do not have to follow Q to see that he is a desperate man whose corruption, and the corruption of a large swath of our political class, is being threatened with exposure. The Biden family may be bigger pigs than most but there is zero reason to believe they are the only ones. Schiff believes, with good reason to my mind, that if Trump is re-elected, their whole cozy, corrupt set up could crash, with jail time a real possibility. It may never happen, but they look like they are terrified of what’s coming.

    • Washington has a problem, $7B of Ukrainian aid is missing, every time they point to Russia, the other 3 fingers are pointing back to them… Hoping nobody notices

    • The difference between reality and what is said about leadership is not only a message about the quality of the leadership, but is also a message about the coercive ability of the leadership to perpetuate the deception. In an informed population (yeah, I know), that was actually allowed to express itself without severe penalty, pretense of leadership competence would be quickly dashed, when the truth is otherwise.

    • Q, as in Q Anon? Seriously invoking that fraud’s name should automatically revoke your internet rights. I jest, but come on…really, Q Anon?

      • The problem with Q is the false hope, passivist fairytale aspect. Q’s analysis/speculation is really no more ridiculous than many others which are considered more “reputable.”

  33. “The only angle to this thing of any interest to me is the bizarre circling back to the Russian collusion hoax”

    The thing that has amazed me over the decades is how the ruling class lies to the people all the time and they continue to get away with it. The only sure thing is that any “official story” is false. I first saw this with the JFK assassination coverup, but it has been repeated on many fronts down through the years.

    Does anyone here really believe the 9-11 story from the government?

    • Just a few minutes with the average American should dispel any amazement. Most of the people in this country are dumb as a bag of hammers, and this is by design.

    • “Does anyone here really believe the 9-11 story from the government?”

      Heh, no, and I think you mean “narrative”, not story. But then too the 9/11 truthers movement was a also high-powered magnet that efficiently attracted a prolific amount of stupid people.

    • Isn’t that historically true though? The Great Unwashed have always been manipulated or lied to. The key has always been: can the ruling elite provide for the masses. Nevermind how risible our ruling elite is; they are able to provide comfort to the citizenry (i.e. mass media, drugs, $5 chickens, rent-to-own, etc.). When that falls, the elite falls. And then the Great Unwashed will start seeing through the BS. (Though I worry that the G.U. won’t come to our side as much as grab weapons and murder each other.) I guess my point is to get as many people on our side as possible, and hope that we get political power somehow, and return the country to sanity.

  34. Florida is important to understanding the modern history of race in America, especially Broward where this Dixie nonsense is going on, though not in the way the DNYUZ article claims. There used to be a solid black middle class in Florida, and blacks had political and economic power there well before anywhere else (island blacks didn’t have the same history as southern blacks). Two things happened to destroy black people in Florida: The first was desegregation, which first robbed the black businesses of their “captive market,” and all-black patronage and secondly broke their communities through bussing and the phony blight scam, which E. Michael Jones talked about happening much further east to White ethnics. The second nail in the coffin was Immigration, especially preferred status/one-foot-in-the-sand laws for Marielitos and later other Hispanics, which finally finished them off. Because entitlements and set-asides are based on skin color rather than being able to establish ancestry, as I think Anne Coulter suggested doing, dark-skinned Cubans and others pretty quickly boxed out American blacks even at the micro- mom & pop level. I sympathize with the normie DR3 types and even the 1.0s like Jared Taylor who keep trying for some kind of black-white coalition or at least truce. But the black political class would need to get Reign of Terror’d along with white democrats for actual, normal black attitudes on homosexuality, religion in the public sphere, or immigration to ever be relevant.

    • Black-White truce? During the Viet Nam War black and white soldiers fought and died side-by-side. They became the so-called “band of brothers.” After these soldiers returned home to civilian life, in almost every case the black vets refused to associate with their white “brothers.” They turned their backs on fellow white warriors. Blacks are ostracized as Uncle Toms if they freely associate with white men.

      There will never, ever be a “black-white truce.”

      • I didn’t say or suggest there would be. I said normies and Jared Taylor types still occasionally bring this up. And whites and blacks were not so friendly with each other in Vietnam, or in World War II for that matter (it was covered up, but plenty of black soldiers mutinied).

        • Even if you bend knee to black guy, they will kill you at Haiti style and bang your wife/daughter for racial conquest
          continuous delay on Brit-exit, Meghan thing shows British can’t determine their own fate
          Anglo-Jew alliance end up one group enslave other group even though they were much similar ethnic group than black

          Like Clausewitz said, people whom afraid bloodshed will be conquered by people who fearless

          We should doubt about Men who talking accommodation either he is being coward or traitor

    • Ugh.

      I can just see a tranny parading around a library right now….

      “This is my rifle – this is my gun – this is for fighting – this is for fun…….”

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