Mediocrity Chic: Party At Bari’s

Contrary to most opinion, a society’s ruling class attains its position by being cleverer and more determined than the rest of society. The first generation to rise to the top of society and establish itself as a ruling class, or at least an important faction of the ruling class, earned their way to the position. They may not be smarter or more virtuous, but their combination of talents is what put them at the top. Luck played a role, but otherwise, they earned their way into the position.

Decay is a feature of the universe. Even black holes lose mass over time, a process known as “Hawking Radiation.” The first generation to set themselves up at the top of a new order are more ruthless and intelligent than the rest of society. The generations that come after them are another matter. Decay sets in with the subsequent generations, as positions of power are taken up by people who did nothing to attain their position, other than have the right parents.

An example of this process is in this story about a Manhattan book party for the New York Times columnist Bari Weiss. According to the Jerusalem Post, Weiss is one of the 50 most influential Jews. In fact, they have her listed as number seven, which would qualifier as being something of a super Jew. The veracity of such a claim is disputable, but Mx. Weiss is no doubt an influential person among the ruling elite. She is treated as an opinion setter and spokesman for her generation of elites.

Mx. Weiss is also remarkably mediocre. In fact, mediocre in this case is probably a slander against the honestly mediocre. She was famously outfoxed by YouTube personality Joe Rogan, a man who spends his free time smoking weed, taking blows to the head and watching cartoons. She went on his show repeating Zionist talking points, but proved incapable of explaining any of what she was saying. She was revealed to be a dingbat with no grasp of the basics.

The fact that this was not disqualifying is a sign that the Jewish ruling elite of today is a significant downgrade from those who made the last century the Jewish century. Further proof of this is the fact that people still pretend she is an intellectual. Her participation in the entirely synthetic Intellectual Dark Web is a sad commentary on the decline of Jewish intellectuals in America. If the Tribe is counting on people like Weiss to lead them, they best have the bug-out bags ready.

The career path of Mx. Weiss is what you see in a decaying ruling class. Her reason to have an exalted position in the media is she was willing to slander BDS activists while a college student at Columbia. Her hard work as a skirmisher in that never-ending Bronze Age conflict landed her a spot at the Jewish Forward. Two years later she is at the Wall Street Journal and then a few years later the New York Times. That’s quite remarkable for someone who cannot outwit Joe Rogan.

Of course, Mx. Weiss is not where she is because of her intellect. She is where she is because she can be relied upon to repeat the talking points popular with an ossified ruling elite. She has been assigned to the department charged with repeating the blood libel against white Americans with regards to Jews. Her first book, How to Fight Anti-Semitism, is a collection of talking points Max Boot threw away, because he thought they would make him look deranged.

Mx. Weiss is not an outlier. She is just an amusing example of the low-quality harpy that is taking up positions in the ruling class. Her robotic recitation of Zionist talking points makes for good parody, but her lack of intelligence is emblematic of the emergent woke intellectual class. As Steve Sailer recently noted, it is impossible to find a bright and curious person in the woke intellectual class. They are not even clever in how they present the tired dogmas of multiculturalism and intersectionality.

In addition to the overall decline in intelligence of Western society, another factor plays a role in the rise of a dingbat class. The intellectual elite that won their positions in the last century selected proteges who supported their position. They were not selecting people who would challenge their newly won status. Instead, they selected people, who agreed with and extended their opinions and ideas. In short order, flattering the master became the fast track to fame and fortune in the intellectual set.

Half a century ago, Tom Wolfe described the Manhattan intellectual set as bourgeois urbanite poseurs, who decorated their language with radical language in order to affect worldliness and prestige. These were the sorts of people who liked being seen with radicals and terrorists, but lived in safe comfortable neighborhoods, made possible by the sorts of people, who made sure the radicals never won. It was a contrived radicalism to disguise a timid adherence to conventional bourgeois norms.

Today, the heirs of those radicals, lampooned by Wolfe, are bourgeois urbanite poseurs spending their time pretending to be free thinkers and skeptics. They decorate their language with words and phrases borrowed from books they never read, in order to affect erudition and sophistication. Instead of posing as radicals, they pretend to be thoughtful intellectuals questioning elite opinion. It is a contrived intellectualism to decorate banal recitations of managerial class dogma.

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196 thoughts on “Mediocrity Chic: Party At Bari’s

  1. I’m amazed that even here people aren’t honest. Everyone, anonymous or not, dances around the Jew thing like kryptomite. They don’t like you, never will. They own your banks,print the worthless money. They own your politicians, who make the endless rules. So wake the fuck up, before you’re dead, or you’re kids are slaves….these motherfuckers are evil and they own and run the show.

    • Carthago delenda est. They could never win by force so they honed their abstract art of subversion. Read the Decline and Fall by Gibbon. It’s a long read but you’ll have so many epiphanies, you’ll likely vomit repeatedly in disgust. If you don’t have that much patience, Cesar and Christ by Will Durant and Against Apion by our friend Flavius Josephus should suffice.

      A brief synopsis: they took down Egypt and Rome with their tried and true methods of treachery. I’ll let the Egyptian historian Manetho tell the story of the invasion by Nomadic shepherds know as the (((Hyksos))) “There was a king of ours whose name was Timaus. Under him it came to pass, I know not how, that God was averse to us, and there came, after a surprising manner, men of ignoble birth out of the eastern parts, and had boldness enough to make an expedition into our country, and subdued it by force, yet without our hazarding a battle. So when they had gotten those that governed us under their power, they afterwards burnt down our cities, and demolished our temples of the gods, and used all the inhabitants after a most barbarous manner. Some they slew, and led their children and their wives into slavery. At length they made one of themselves king, whose name was Salatis; he also lived at Memphis, and made both the upper and lower regions pay tribute.

      Josephus basically says everyone that has written anything slanderous about the Jews and their wicked way’s did so out of envy. Victim, victim, blah, blah, blah, but worth the read because it’s short that’s painfully familiar in it’s lack of self awareness.

      Will Durant lays bare that Rome was usurped by the first semitic emperor Septimius Severus in 193 AD. Afterward Sun worship was promoted as the preferred religion. Strikingly similar to the Hyksos implementation of sun worship in Egypt. It was widely know by ancient historians that after Severus defiled the throne, Rome began it’s precipitous decline. His nephew Elagabalus declared a black stone/asteroid the supreme god of the empire and ran backward in a procession in front of the stone pulled in a chariot by 6 white horses. He dressed as a female and styled himself the empress. Wikipeda even declares him the first transgender figure on record seeking sex reassignment surgery. What… the… absolute fuck with these people.

  2. I have been listening to this drivel in chunks as I have time. The whole bit about how anti-semite is baked into our culture is completely unchallenged by Rogan.

    He’s an MMA fighter but cannot stand up to that?


  3. Z – how can you tell the difference between poseurs and the real thing? Like Jefferson Airplane seemed like genuinely edgy people who were out to freak people out, but maybe you disagree.

  4. I wasn’t an anti- Semite. The reasons to become that grow as the players’ list is revealed. They produce their own demise and doom. Interfering in the lives of normal people is their official playbook. They will lose like they always have. It’s almost as if they really don’t want “never again.” They fail to understand that what goes around comes around.

  5. This Bari girl says she grew up in Squirrel Hill, which is basically Pittsburgh’s Urbanite Utopia. The fact she had the chutzpah on Rogan to claim that ‘Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood’ was based on *squirrel hill* of all places just floored me. For starters, Fred Rogers grew up in Latrobe, PA, a community to the west of Pittsburgh, and it is a *much* better fit for the friendly small-town neighborhood as presented in his show (for the most part). Stop the cultural appropriation, Bari!

  6. Let me slip in another thanks to our long-suffering host. I know it’s boring as he!!, Z, but everybody needs a Devil.

  7. ” the last century the Jewish century.”

    Such a fair and accurate description.
    Perhaps someday we’ll talk of the 20th in the same vein as the Mongolian century, the impact of Ghengis Khan.

    To give credit it’s due, the vision and determination to create the first attempt at a truly global government- the UN, BIS banking, carbon taxes- is breathtaking.

    Using Communism to weaken independent outliers, making them vulnerable to Global capitalism- and giving predatory Kapital the moral high ground- was another masterstroke.

    Of course not everybody would be happy with an ascendent Master culture. We can only hope they don’t repeat their many mass genocides and the psychotic brutality that marks their slave systems. Gods help us if the Eastasians replace them, as well.

    A heartbreaking mass dieoff seems pretty baked in the cake now, though, either way.

    Whatever admiration I can summon, the Semitics can never repay enough for ours murdered. Never forget. Whites must never lose the top of the hill to anyone else, because horror will follow.

  8. In sum this decay of our elite is a microcosm of the meme on strong men making good times making weak men making bad times. I think it’s worthy to note that prior elites or elites in waiting would have used demonstrated a greater wisdom in choosing an outlet to hawk their book. Joe Rogan though all the things you allude too is a wild card with an audience that has some crossover with our thing. The smart thing to do is to do is what Marantz did and make an appearance on NPR and go unchallenged . The whole fight the enemy where they aren’t shtick.

  9. “The first generation to rise to the top of society and establish itself as a ruling class, or at least an important faction of the ruling class, earned their way to the position.”

    Z, I tend to agree with most of what you write. But I think it is disingenuous to claim that the initial ruling class must have “earned” that position. The ruling class from which the current progenity sprung, obtained their position through deception and subversion. Should we equate aggressive, sociopathic ambition with hard work when it’s devoid of all integrity and injurious to others? I don’t believe so.

    It is really the responsibility of the non-sociopathic majority to foresee that a group of people would do things for power which they, never in a million years would contemplate doing? Perhaps that’s the crux of the issue. They solidified their position with plenty of help from short-sided pawns willing to sell out their country for material riches. But it wouldn’t have been possible, at least not to the current extent, without full control of the money supply. History should have forewarned us about the consequences of such complacency and in that regard there is plenty of blame.

    Our republic was founded upon equal justice under the law. It’s usurpation by the selective application, modification and the utter disregard of these laws is not an earned status. A robber doesn’t earn that which he pilfers, no matter how much effort he expends. I understand that it may seem like semantics and I guess if they got away with it it doesn’t really make any difference. Hearing it suggested at the beginning of the article just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I take solace in the fact that the herculean effort required to hold back the dam of endless lies is proving an impossibility. When it breaks and it will break, they will be leveled with the dust. The question is how many innocents will be caught in the torrent and if it’s even possible to pick up the pieces at that point. I still hold out hope for a peaceable transition, though history foreshadows the typical response of a vengeful mob.

    • ” But I think it is disingenuous to claim that the initial ruling class must have “earned” that position. The ruling class from which the current progenity sprung, obtained their position through deception and subversion”

      You are conflating Z’s :Initial ruling class” with “The ruling class from which the current progenity sprung”

      They are obviously not the same: none of the founders spawned the current crop.

      Why do you do this?
      Deliberate deceit?

  10. Goldman-Sachs – Still kicking Whitey’s ass:

    Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said Thursday that the powerful investment bank will only finance initial public offerings (IPOs) for companies that have at least one nonwhite male board member.

    • Does Solomon believe that Jews count as nonwhite?

      But, seriously, I’ve noticed a serious PC creep in the investment world. Women’s forums everywhere. But it’s all a racket. The women and blacks who complain about a lack of diversity always have a perfect and easy way for firms to fix the problem: Hire that woman or black as a consultant.

      • The older white (and “white”, IYKWIM) males at the top of the biz are promoting the heck out of the women and POCs in their firms. Not passing judgement on the quality of the promotions (they are generally known quantities), but the old white/“white” guys want to get out with all their bennies intact, and are taking no chances on getting blind sided by something HR-ish.

    • On a similar note, I just wasted hours of my life watching “The Feed” on Amazon Prime. Set in a near future where apparently, to judge by the number of black actors, women — especially dark African women — are the heroic and intelligent masters of corporate governance and technical prowess. Of course, the villains are white males. The black men are simply portrayed as pitiable victims. It was so pozzed, it was unintentionally hilarious in the face of today’s reality. But this utopian bullshit is so unrelenting that sometimes I just want to sever all ties to every form of media and become a hermit.

  11. I will be long dead before you guys get Honkeytopia up and running, so I can take a dispassionate look at things. You might want to learn from Israel and the Jews about how to select for intelligence, support each other and defend a nation.

    • “You might want to learn from Israel and the Jews….”

      So you’re saying we should bamboozle and guilt-trip a vastly wealthier, more productive and more powerful nation to send us billions in direct aid annually, plus spend its treasure and lives fighting our enemies in otherwise pointless wars while our co-ethnoreligionists rot that nation from within?

      Sounds like a brilliant plan for a plucky little ethnostate. But to whom can the USA turn? The Martians? The time-dwarfs of Zeta Reticuli?

      • What you said a thousand times over. I just saw where Gaetz was left off the Defense team in the Senate because he voted against giving carte blanche wars for Israel authority to the president. So stupid.

  12. I’ve met many stupid jews, hysterical peasants. The most brillant people I’ve met have been European males and Persians. Cultural Marxism, Modern Art and Psychology are retarded

  13. An animal population, particularly an isolated one, only survives for as long as its mutational load remains at manageable levels, ones that don’t inhibit their ability to perform their basic functions (eat, drink, reproduce). When times get lean, or the load gets too heavy, the population gets winnowed out pretty quickly such that those with high mutational load die out and only those who were actively fit remain. Assuming, of course, the problem is not so long-run that the entire population winds up on the chopping block.

    If Weiss is an average indicator of the Elite’s ideological mutational load, then the coming insurrections will *not* find much cause to spare even the fittest of the Elite. They too will be too mutated to compete in lean times.

  14. “The fact that this was not disqualifying is a sign that the Jewish ruling elite of today is a significant downgrade from those who made the last century the Jewish century. Further proof of this is the fact that people still pretend she is an intellectual. Her participation in the entirely synthetic Intellectual Dark Web is a sad commentary on the decline of Jewish intellectuals in America. If the Tribe is counting on people like Weiss to lead them, they best have the bug-out bags ready.”

    You have frequently pointed out Jews once were the most successful ethnic group. The freefall in which they find themselves partially is the result of the second half of the axiom “the harder they fall,” and partially due to losing their advantage after generations of nepotism. Their intellect atrophied, and the list of Weinsteins and Epsteins who could have gotten away with their many crimes will explode exponentially, for example, because their former cordons of protection are going and in some cases have gone.

    The farcical and flailing impeachment underway largely is a Jewish project, and it perfectly illustrates the Tribe’s rapid descent into raw idiocy. Now that their propaganda organs no longer work, the Jews are naked and exposed and, to put it mildly, unimpressive. People who aren’t ignoring the impeachment are laughing at it. It’s quite probable Jews will flee the United States en masse within a generation due in part to the mass migration they encouraged. Unlike the white people who they sought to torment, these newcomers will not tolerate the Tribe. Sowing the seeds of their own destruction was the predictable outcome of relying on others and losing their wile in the process.

    • Laughter is so much more powerful than demonstrations of anger. Anger can be responded to with anger right back. There is no response to laughter, other than to face it and take it, or to slink away. Now, if the target’s Praetorian Guard is right there waiting to go, that’s another story altogether, and that seems to be the emerging strategy on their side.

      How I would love to see a whoopee cushion smuggled into the Senate chambers right now.

      • Tee Hee! Me too. So visual. Wish a ripper would catch Bugman Schiff offguard. My Basic Husband dismays that he never met a woman like me to convulse with laughter so easily over simple fart jokes. Or a kid farting or the dog farts. What can I say!

        • Thanks…’re appealing to my baser nature, and it’s working. Still laughing! This SOB would grab my guns in a blink, yet I will still double up laughing when he pulls the finger…I mean pulls the tyranny face.

      • Laughter and mockery versus anger and violence.

        Depends on the battlefield conditions. Comedy, rhetoric, mockery, the art of persuasion fine until the enemy advances too far, at which point it becomes necessary to apply anger and violence. Your left is weakening. Your right begins to yield. The center can not hold. Situation excellent! I attack!

    • It’s quite probable Jews will flee the United States en masse within a generation

      Don’t tease me.

    • Not if that’s the state of the typical CivNat’s understanding of statistical inference? Then we are indeed doomed. 😉

  15. A civic nationalist today assures me that conservative hispanic majority is just around the corner.

    The “big picture” isn’t monolithic, it never was.

    It’s not “black” people or “white”people or “left-handed” people, it’s people. And if you had a “big picture” comprehension of basic statistics, you’d know that shifts don’t happen in blocks. They happen on the edges with a small portion of people.

    Progressives work with blocks of people. That’s why they talk about things like the “black vote” or “the working poor.” While I may disagree with conservatives on some things, they usually deal with things like freedom and individual rights.

    You can’t treat the blocks as monolithic, not everyone in the blocks wants the same things. You want that future you fear, just keep treating those blocks as the Others out to destroy everything you hold dear.

    The rest of us will manage without you. We probably won’t even notice that you’re gone.

    Civnats: We can lose every demographic, but we’ll make it up in individuals!

    The slate, it is not blank.

    • Civic nationalism worked somewhat in the 1950s when the US population was 90% White, assimilation was expected, immigration was low and WWII unified the nation. There also was a mass exodus into the suburbs so people of different European ethnicities lived in the same neighborhoods, attended the same schools and churches, and made friends and intermarried with each other. Doesn’t work anymore.

      • Nope, it doesn’t. They really didn’t want to hear stuff like “What happens when the group that votes 70% against you becomes a larger and larger portion of the electorate while the only group that supports your position becomes a smaller and smaller portion of the electorate? You lose, that’s what.”

        Civic Nationalism:
        1. Import millions of people from historically dysfunctional nations until the demographic balance of the nation is radically changed.
        2. ??
        3. Mass assimilation to the American national creed!

        • Even when I was young—prior to current mass replacement policies—there was CivNat acknowledgement that immigrants brought changes to the general “American” culture. Of course, with low migration, White immigrants, a predominately White (90%) base culture—one could assume minor changes at best. Hell, the talk usually was how quaint those changes were—a precursor I suppose to the lie that, “diversity is our strength”.

          Last time I spoke with a CivNat type, they still spouted a variation of the assimilation/blend fallacy. I remarked that there were probably more than 50M non-native born or first gen Hispanics now in the US. Did he really still think they were going to assimilate to us, or rather we to them? He changed the subject.

        • White gentiles still politically, economically and culturally dominated society, though even that was dwindling with the rise of the Jews and civil rights legislation.

          What’s the American Creed? What Charlie Kirk and Conservative Inc. preaches? Their main concern is the economy. Anti-abortion is a sop thrown to social conservatives.

          If these immigrants are so wonderful, the salvation of America in fact, why are their homelands in such disarray? The old saying asking “If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich” applies to nations as well as individuals.

    • At present it’s possible to point out how demographic changes affect(ed) electoral outcomes. That will change.

      • Ask CivNat friend why Trump waited until 2019 to even gesture in the direction of enacting his election platform regarding immigration? Why he never used E-verify in his own businesses? . . . Or better yet why he renounced the Disney Workers that stood behind him in his FL rally in favor of the lobbyists that people his administration. Good Questions.

      • Point that out on Breitbart and get downvotes. They won’t face reality because then they must admit that it will become harder and harder to elect Republicans as the White percentage of the population dwindles.

  16. “conventional bourgeois norms” – If that doesn’t hit the nail on the head. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book called “Babbitt” that coined the term that seems to fit these people. It’s certainly not the first time a set of social conformity’s and dogma’s was passed off as intellectualism but this is blatantly anti-intellectual as well. I’ve never seen these people win a rational argument yet they adhere to their beliefs as if they were absolutes. This would be entertaining if they weren’t so close to power and seeking it to shove their garbage down everyone else’s throat.

  17. The primary trait of disease is virulence, not intelligence. The good news is that ridding oneself of disease is pretty straightforward.

  18. We need to be thinking in terms of how to connect Rogan’s 20 million-plus audience with The Power Hour.

    • Good idea, let’s purposefully go link Z Man at Rogan’s site… use of clever bits from Z Man’s blog aren’t difficult to find and include!

  19. I can’t help wondering if the angsty, unhappy Jewish elite stereotype is as much or more a function of being elite than of being Jewish. There is a bit of “is that all there is?” to being wealthy and powerful. Research shows that each individual has his own innate level of happiness, that goes up a bit as he gets wealthier, but then flattens out again. To be “on top of the world” can suck the meaning of life out of a person. Look at Mike Bloomberg, who has spent a quarter billion of his own money to run for President, essentially to show up Trump because Trump dissed him publicly. One can argue that a major motivation for Trump was being dissed publicly by Obama at the 2011 press club party. The elites play a different game, and the lack of needing to do something to put food on the table changes a person, IMO.

  20. Mediocre sex deviants dominate the demographics of cities. Most talent in America is wasted in suburbia, the land of 3+ hour commutes. The swamp monsters who run the place are mostly there by accident. The 1950’s establishment had no idea what its dreams of an automobile dependent sprawl society would result in.

    Do you think the 1930’s Nazis knew this, with their autobahn plan? Of course not. The social effects of sprawl for normies, and density for deviants, wouldn’t be known until it was too late.

  21. Lots of gems today, dear Z Man:

    “Mx. Weiss is also remarkably mediocre. In fact, mediocre in this case is probably a slander against the honestly mediocre. She was famously outfoxed by YouTube personality Joe Rogan, a man who spends his free time smoking weed, taking blows to the head and watching cartoons.”

    “Her participation in the entirely synthetic Intellectual Dark Web is a sad commentary on the decline of Jewish intellectuals in America. If the Tribe is counting on people like Weiss to lead them, they best have the bug-out bags ready.”

    “Her first book, How to Fight Anti-Semitism, is a collection of talking points Max Boot threw away, because he thought they would make him look deranged.”

    “Taking blows to the head” still has me chuckling. Thank you, Z Man, for your astute insights coupled with assuaging humor!

  22. With the exception of Netanyahu, I had to reach down into the teens before finding anyone I’d heard of: Bernie, who’s an aging clown. And why isn’t Netanyahu number one? He’s still HNIC, right?

    • Telling that the Mossad chief is the current number-one influential, powerful Jew. Followed by the U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Oy.

  23. The JooCoup of the West was parasitical upon a people of enormous spiritual and physical energy. They’ve sucked the lifeblood out of our civilization. Both the host and the parasite have become anemic. Everyone is simply going through the motions. It is the ascendant who are full of ambition and righteousness. Everyone else is hibernating waiting for something or someone to prod them out of their lethargy.

  24. One of the other things I’ve noticed about the “worldly” class: They’re almost universally monoglots. You’d figure that people obsessed with bringing Central and South Americans here would at least speak some Spanish (it’s not a hard language to learn; I picked up in the Army and just watching boxing matches in Espanol).

    I had the misfortune to be at a book reading for one of the douches in this class, and since his book featured an epigram in German at the beginning, I started talking to him in German, not even trying to catch him out or test his language skills, but just assuming he knew the language. He just knew that one quote, or probably not even that. These people are dangerously incurious and that, along with their supreme, smug confidence, just makes them a threat to themselves and the rest of us. It takes one generation to tank a long-held family business. These people broke America pretty quickly.

    • Joey;
      Can confirm the 1 generation to tank a long-term family (controlled, not owned in my example) family business. Lived it up close and personal.

      In the instant case, the previous two generations had created an alpha-male type, adversarial, arena-fighting by team champions management culture. Third gen. had been Fem Lib indoctrinated at the U. Arrived up top determine to institute a ‘kinder, gentler’ team-oriented management culture.* Non-hilarious confusion reigned until his cohort fixated on the China opening as the magic transformational talisman. By transforming China we were going to transform ourselves: Collective decision making would prevail after all_!

      Can you imagine a PRC magic dirt theory_! Pretty easy to guess what happened. The Chinese couldn’t believe their luck. Company’s been gone for almost 10 years now.
      * There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with a more team-oriented management culture (provided that decisions can be made). It’s a necessity in many lines of work. But it was a really, really bad idea to try to graft it onto a semi-adversarial, controlled-competition management culture straight out. The antibodies, who had lived and hence knew the business, rejected the graft attempt. The grafters were in charge and rejected the antibodies, leaving them defenseless against the Chinese Communist Party.

    • What does it say about the state of this country, that you could learn Spanish just from being in the army.

      This is all far from over: the Jews now have their well-armed non-white janissaries right in the USMC. That spells nothing but a second Red Terror and Judeo-Bolshevik bloodbath.

      • I was friendly with a Puerto Rican in my unit who had PR flags on everything except his US Army uniform. He even had them stitched into his car’s headrests. I asked him one time, while we were both in uniform, “What would you do if the US fought Puerto Rico?” He said, “I go back home and fight for my country against America.” This despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a US Territory. Whoever’s in charge, Jews or New England Yankees, they have no idea what the hell they’re doing, or what kind of “ringers” they’re importing to keep badwhites under control.

        • In my experience, PR’s are an absolute albatross on this country, loyal only to their gibs. They’re different linguistically and culturally and really ought to be cut loose.

    • It’s been remarked upon how provincial New Yorkers are. Upon emerging from the tunnels and bridge that lead from Manhattan to NJ, there should be signs warning “Here Be Dragons.”

  25. The process of the ‘progressive’ enstupification of elites over time due to the previous incumbents choosing less able successors or suck-ups applies to business firms as well. Can be caused by egotism as much as by over-promoting merely ordinary offspring.

    Seen it up close and personal pre 2nd retirement. Hard charging, successful high performing Sr VP had a bunch of hammerhead VP’s under him. Hammerheads he routinely derided after 2+ martini’s at celebratory dinners, particularly if they hadn’t made their last quarter. It *was* largely impartial and motivational, unless the hammerhead VP was exceptionally stupid. So it kinda worked. BTW, *not* of the tribe; Ruthless Mediterranean-American stock compounded by war experience.

    As a new guy with related, large institution experience, I goggled at first. (I was in a staff functional area not considered, at the time, as a promotion fast track – so I was a non-threat) But then I began to see the pattern. If any up and comer showed the ability to possibly challenge for leadership one day, he blighted their careers.* IOW, no saplings were going to grow up under the crown oak on his watch.

    That this situation was known to Corporate was demonstrated by the fact that they often extracted competent up and comers to other business units, saving their careers and retaining their talents. Apparently Corporate accepted the long term organizational risk in exchange for short term hi performance. And corporate succession is a well know problem everywhere just for these kind of reasons.

    So what happened_? The technology changed so the business model had to change, so the Sr VP saw the writing on the wall, so he retired, so the organization collapsed shortly thereafter due to incompetent leadership from the remaining hammerhead VP’s. If Corporate saw their role in this debacle, they certainly never let on.
    * By the usual folkloric method, translated to business, of assigning impossible tasks to a lower generation likely competitor: Revive an obsolete technology, penetrate a closed market, achieve a completely unrealistic sales quota, etc.

    • David Ogilvy used to speak of hiring people more talented than yourself and letting them go at it, back when humans appreciated competing and being the best, smartest and genuinely most successful at what they do. That has fallen to the wayside over the past 25 years, as yes-men, er, yes-persons are promoted only if they present no threat to the leader; i.e. not smarter or more capable than the leaders but good at regurgitating certain dogmas and maintaining position in the cocktail circuit. All part of the loser fantasies that America maintains in our modern day. That bubble is so ripe for bursting.

      • Ursula;
        Yes, and constantly having to watch your back against HR and the sort of people who use HR a weapon hasn’t helped a bit either: IOW SJW’s of all the many genders.

        • HR has become a bad joke which should be done away with in all self-respecting businesses. Beyond that, women should be encouraged to marry and raise nice citizens, not enter the workforce and compete against the men of their country and lower their wages by being present in the labor pool.

    • Excerpt of interview of Angelo de Codevilla in The Tablet:

      “Merit as defined by the capacity to be attractive to those at the top of the heap. In other words what you have is rightly called not meritocracy, but co-option.

      Now it is one of the fundamental truths of our co-option that it results in a negative selection of elites. That each group selects people who are just a smacking below themselves, so that generation after generation, the quality of those at the top deteriorates.”

      Reminds me of paranoid Roman Emperors who executed overly successful Roman generals because they feared they might challenge them for the throne.

  26. I said a few years ago that we’d reached Peak Jew.

    Don’t get me wrong. Just because you’ve moved past your peak, that doesn’t mean that you’re not still on top or that you don’t hold huge amounts of power. But Jews face a growing number of whites (like us around here) that have realized what’s going on whereas a generation ago, Jews faced almost zero resistance. Indians and Asians are playing their game. Muslims are invading Europe. The Chinese refuse to let Jews do what they did to the West.

    On top of all that, the Jews facing these difficulties are either mediocre, half-breeds and thus lacking that full-Jew aggressiveness or both.

    • Judging from the YT comments on Bari’s latest appearance on Rogan, we may have entered a period of mass noticing. Let’s hope it’s carried over into the normie world.

      We may have passed Peak Jew, but beware the Jew Lag. Like winter weather can last into spring, the Jewish Century may not be over quite yet.

      • Jews remain a formidable people and will be for a long time. (Love them or hate them, you have to be impressed at what they’ve accomplished.) They’ve got a lot of fight left in them.

        But from ~1945 to ~2015, they were able to wage war on the West with impunity, indeed, as accepted members of a guilt-ridden white community. That’s ending. For the first time in a very long time, they’re facing actual opponents. Granted, those opponents are weak and disorganized, but they exist. And, more importantly, they’ll get stronger and learn.

        On top of all that, the Jewish team has gotten a bit soft.

        • “The first time in a very long time they are facing actual opponents”.
          Oy! You only forgot Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Hitler Germany and Stalinist Russia. Where are all those listed above?!
          O, I forgot: “this time it will be different”.

          • The Jews came to rule Egypt in ancient times. Years ago, jewish scholars told us that the name for the jewish rulers in Egypt in this time was something like “shepherd of people”. Later scholars unanimously corrected the record with the real translation, which was “foreign rulers,” a concept we in the west have come to understand.

            The Egyptian historian Apion wrote about Jewish rule over Egypt (after which, the Egyptians vowed, Never Again! in all ironies) and, what do you know, it comes to be that all of his writings have been destroyed. The only references to Apion’s writings are to be found in the jewish Flavius’ historical writings on the period and in response to his cherry-picked excepts of Apion; the rest of the context of his writings no longer being available to us thanks to the world’s best (((revisionists))) controlling the historyand burning books.

            Anna, can you own that which your people imposes on western gentiles? Can you see why, in a last-ditch act of desperation, white Christian people fight to expel these destructive jews from their societies? Just wondering how long it will take for modern-day westerners to expel this threat from our societies so that we may once again rebuild and fortify our peoples.

          • You’re right. I guess that we should just quit and accept what our indestructible Jewish overlords decide for us. 😉

            Here’s the thing. Jews have an Achilles Heel. They need us, but we don’t need them. We do perfectly fine without them around. They do worse on their own. Note that American Jews aren’t flocking to Israel.

            I don’t want to “beat” Jews. I just don’t want them around. I’ve seen how successful this can be in business and law. There are plenty of gentiles who very quietly choose to not work with Jews or Jewish run companies. It’s too much extra work. Hell, Jews even admit this, often choosing to work with non-Jews because it’s easier.

            Anyway, my point is that we can fight back and win not by beating the Jews but by ignoring them. That has worked extremely well throughout history.

          • Anna, serious question. Why do Jews choose to live among those that they despise and whom Jews believe are so evil?

            Jews have Israel. Yet, millions of Jews choose to live in anti-Semitic societies around the world rather than living among their own.

            If an American white homeland was created, you can bet that everyone around here would find a way to move there.

          • So predictable Anna you know if you had a little more sense you would comment a time or two on something else not just when the Jews are brought up to help dispell the stereotype but alas you just can’t help yourself can you…

          • The Romans were first to Invade the World Invite the World. When they destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD there were already 250,000 Jews in Rome. The young single men then went to the commercial center of the empire and, without an alternative, mated with Roman women. So began the Ashkanazi, and they didn’t call that assimilation.

          • Wherever there is peace and prosperity, the Jews will certainly follow. They’re drawn like a magnet to prosperity. And after a period of time, the formerly peaceful and prosperous people of the nation will be at each others’ throats. Such is the influence of Jews within a nation. And the Jews the entire time will have their own set-aside separate culture for Jews only. The Jews would never allow for a powerful Christian subset within their own country, with Christian courts, laws and culture to be respected and codified as separate within a sovereign nation. No way.

          • “where are all those?”

            The Copts are still in Egypt. The Babylonians and Assyrians are still in Mesopotamia. The Greeks are still in Greece. The Roman blood is still in Italy, plus dispersed throughout all of Europe and the Americas. The Germans are still in Germany. The Russians are still in Russia.

            It was the Jews who murdered the Russians, not the Russians who murdered the Jews. It was the Jews who looted and plundered the Germans, not the Germans who plundered the Jews.

            Be very, very thankful that all these peoples are very patient and forgiving of your endless, monstrous crimes.

          • Anna, your deadliest enemy will strike you and your people from the Left. It’s coming and you know it’s true. And there’s nowhere to run.

        • They ju-jitsu-ed a horrible WW2 outcome for them (a rather predictable one, in the basics if not the particulars, given all that came before in Europe and Russia in the prior decades) into 60-some years of an immunity against any sort of criticism. Muslim moves (arguably counterproductive for the Muslims despite the rousing brazenness of their actions), like the Munich Olympics attack and 9/11, only perpetuated the immunity. Finally, the immunity is mostly gone, despite outfits like the ADL working to reintroduce Anne Frank’s diary back into the educational system to refresh the game.

          • Told my daughters that Anne Frank’s diary was written by her father after the war. Blew their mind. They felt cheated. Yep, somebody felt cheated by a Jew. Crazy.

            I also tell my kids about the Holodomor.

        • Citizen, the jewish public platform has loudly proclaimed what the jews have done. I would like to see a Christian public platform loudly proclaiming what Christians have done. Doesn’t exist, is not allowed. That is very telling.

      • The day after Election Day, 2016, a Jewish former co-worker wailed about Trump’s election and him deporting Moslems. I didn’t say anything, but thought, “You don’t care about Moslems, it’s all about your tribe.”

        Political correctness is a war on noticing. If people are free to criticize Moslems, well then they might criticize Jews next. Can’t have that.

        • Jews focus on a couple of big things:

          1. Make societies (except Israel) multi-everything so they don’t stick out and no group can muster the resources of the entire society against them
          2. Prohibit criticism of minorities so Jews can’t be criticized
          3. Demand lax immigration by every country because you never know when the Jews will need to pick and run – and, who knows, maybe Israel won’t be around

          It makes sense . . . for Jews. Now, why people buy into their ridiculous schtick is another question.

        • I have a lifelong Jewish friend with whom I share many interests and have shared many, many interesting conversations. He never talks about the tribe or their interests. He’s conservative in the normal meaning.

          Until lately. We were talking about profiling in general, within the context of facial and other biometric scanning. He said, “I don’t agree with noticing certain groups. I always know who’s next.”

          I asked whether he thought white people were the ones he needed to worry about in this century. He said, “Anybody.”

          (((Us))) against the world!

          • Sorry to hear. Sounds like your conversations will never have the same ease again. Not just how he views his tribe..(((Us))) against the world…but how he views you and your tribe.

          • It sounds like he is noticing the Noticing, or at least he is developing a heightened fear of Noticing. All of this reinforces the idea of some degree of greater separatism be made, maybe not always and everywhere. We would not be the only ones better off with a bit more of it, IMO. It might make your friend a bit more comfortable as well.

      • Based on anecdote, we have been a period of mass noticing for several years now. The ludicrous impeachment process is accelerating this as it is such a blatantly Jewish project (ironically, Trump would have been the best Zionist stooge evah but, Jews). I suspect we are past Peak Jew and in ten or 20 years the Tribe will implode and flee the nation. So maybe there was one upside to the anti-white mass migration…

    • To add to their challenges, most Jews certainly were in favor of the replacement. Well the newly ascendant, who they helped impose, just happen to not care a wit about the Jews, how many of them were killed in the holocaust, their history or Israel’s situation in the middle east.

      As the ascendant take over politically who will the Jews have as allies?

      • No one. Letting Asians, Indians and Muslims into the West was the Jews big mistake. If they’d just stuck with Hispanics, they’d be fine. The Holocaust Jedi mind trick doesn’t work on non-whites. I’ve seen Jews try and use it on Indians and Asians. They just stare blankly back at Jews for a second and get back to pushing their agenda.

        But guilt trip is even starting to wear out on whites. The Jewish Holocaust story is just too far in the past. You might as well be talking about Caesar and the Gauls.

        As usual, Jews overplayed their hand. They traded in their loving, well-trained Lab for angry, untrained pit bulls. Now Jews have to watch them every minute or they get bitten.

    • To whatever extent Jewish behavior is guided by genetics I wonder if their astounding success in destroying the West is sort of a last gasp of a fairly simple survival strategy that worked well in the times before mass communications.

      Take usury for example. Most people before modern times were mathematically illiterate. So lets say I show up in your village and offer you a loan of 100 silver coins and you just need to pay me 101 back in a week. Sounds reasonable even today at first glance. Of course it’s 66% a year interest. If you land in a society of naive people this kind of thing is basically a money printing machine even if the currency is precious metal. Today even mathematically illiterate people have the internet and spreadsheets. Finding a new place to go where these tactics are novel is not possible. Also, as you point out, it’s fairly easy for anyone (Indians, Asians, etc…) to emulate. The mathematics works the same for everyone.

  27. “Regression toward the mean is supposed to describe a statistical concept, not be used as a plan for the ruling class.”
    —-Zombie Francis Galton

  28. The Jewish elite thing has morphed into an elite thing in general. While it is fair (but considered verboten by some) to speak of the Jewish roots of it, it is not at all strictly Jewish any more. The “chosen people” who cloak their chosen-ness in the concept of acting as a “servant master”. Now spread to the entire elite class. And now that the rest of us have not shown proper deference, the “servant” part of “servant master” is being dropped.

    • Not to worry, when the balloon goes up and it is time to assemble lamp posts+rope+goodwhite, we will be open minded in our selection process. Would not want to be caught narrow-minded, no Sir!

    • Much like the Romans adopted much of Greek culture, higher status gentile whites have adopted much of Jewish culture. The disdain for manual labor, urban living, Jewish humor, etc. I know from experience that DC whites act a lot like Jews and have definitely adopted Jews’ fear and loathing for flyover (especially Southern) whites.

      • I noticed the same thing. At one time, WASPs set the tone of society and now the Cloud People elite is effectively judaized, even though most of them aren’t Jews. The two most evil individuals in the US – Bill and Hill Clinton – are WASPs.

        The Jewish Century indeed.

        • Yes, the U.S. is effectively a Jewish country, in spirit and in behavior. Aggressive, materialistic, backward in a cruel and unnecessary way in order to save shekels, aggressive in wasting shekels throwing them down military/spook ratholes with no returns except maybe for Israel, throwing away at least 3 generations of American white non-jew men, which will pan out to be just as good as the devastating effects of a world war on the subsequent generations of Americans, using at least 3 generations of American white non-jew women, who hate their own kind and aid in destruction of white Christian society.

          • A wise friend who married a Jew and converted to Judaism remarked that it’s all about money with them. Eventually, she was so disgusted that she taught her children the 10 Commandments only. Another time she said that she would take back her maiden name if she didn’t have children.

          • Dave Ramsey is not obsessed with money. He is obsessed with getting out of debt. See the difference?

        • People stopped listening to preachers and turned to movies and tv for cultural clues. And those industries are dominated by…..

  29. That last paragraph is the precipitated and distilled essence of the Clouds living in DC as well. I briefly mentioned that party I attended and I’ve rubbed elbows with these people for many years in my career. I don’t think most folks here realize how these people actually think & speak. It is comical and terrifying all at once at the complete lack of self-awareness coupled with the total disregard for anyone who is not them. They are pretentious f-cking hipsters of a different stripe basically and a walking parody of true intellectualism. They’ve went to college and know who Keynes is so they are qualified to have ‘deep’ discussions about economics. They read up about Che in college because they needed to find out how to ‘stick it to the man’, not realizing and unironically, they ARE ‘The Man’ in training at their commie run indoctrination centers (College), etc. etc. and on and on. (A Jackson Pollack ‘painting’ is just as good as the Mona Lisa in it’s own way, right bro? Like sooooo deep man…)

    They’ve soaked up a few tidbits here & there and are of above average (not high) intelligence so that plus the mushy clay that is their brain with a little dash of CNN/NYT and you have your army of managers ready to go out and reshape the world in the Soros Image. FAR too intellectually incurious to read any of that ‘hate speech’ oppo literature, when you have been blessed by the powers that be, why would you question the narrative? Knowing if eat from the Tree of Knowledge you will be cast out of the Garden they are quite content in blissful ignorance and there are VERY few that care what is happening outside of DC, NY, and LA. You are filthy dirt merchants and peasant farmers, so your f-cking job and give us electricity & food & infrastructure because you should be happy you even HAVE a job that we allow you to keep. For now, until we replace you with enough imported squatemalans and then you can just die in the gutter with a needle in your arm for all we care.

    They know nothing about you, don’t want to, and would be quite happy if you could be eradicated tomorrow, unfortunately they have to keep you around a bit longer until the Great Replacement is complete. If you are not taking action RIGHT NOW to fight against this you have no say in it when it finally happens. It was one thing when we didn’t know the insidious soft genocide was occuring. Now that it is in plain view you should spend every waking moment thinking of ways to sabotage and degrade this plan, while building up like minded people and forming communities with them.

    • Everything you say is true. I made the mistake of getting credentialed in our Imperial Capital and cannot put into words how loathsome its inhabitants are. It cannot be stressed enough how much they are motivated by arrogance coupled with contempt — every stereotype the Hannity/Breitbart crew has of the apparatchiks of the State is spot on. Many of them come from dirt people territory and thus view themselves as having escaped purgatory, which only adds to their sense of superiority.

      And my impressions are colored by the fact that at that time I would have been classified as a civ-nat. As soon as they handed me the sheepskin, I fled our modern-day Sodom, never looking back. I wonder, though, how I’d cope today? By rights, it should be even more unbearable, but I suspect I’d probably maintain an intellectual and emotional distance that would keep me sane.

    • Amen Brother! Some of us are in the process of building and gathering community.

      Anyone remember 1970 Leonard Bernstein going Radical Chic, hosting a soiree for the Black Panther Party to mingle with the elite glitterati to pick their dumb pockets and pose saying the F word with Huey Newton’s murderous thugs. “The legacy of that night, rightly or wrongly, is that it led to writer Tom Wolfe coining the phrase Radical Chic as the title of his satirical New York Magazine article, lampooning the way the liberal elite found it fashionable and fun to take an interest in the social issues of the day.”–When Leonard Bernstein Partied with the Black Panthers.

      Of course, Bernstein was dashing off to a quiet hallway to get multi-cornholed, much to the annoyance of his society wife. The brain decline was evident then.

      Calsdad, et al….would appreciate your recommendation of articles that don’t state the party line re what you-know-who did to the chosen ones.

      Viewed for the first time last year the movie Cabaret. Was horrified. Knew I must have drifted over the divide as the main characters in the film were arrogant, decadent, degenerate and disgusting. Joel Gray’s grotesque clown face will forever be burned in my brain. The cognitive dissonance I experienced thinking that getting syphilis, no children to grandparent and hanging from lamp posts is just desserts. Then I wondered about my extreme reaction. Now I don’t.

      PS: When I was a legal secretary, one of the lead attorneys from The Tribe quipped to me, “You and your daughter look close enough in age to be a mother-daughter act on a Weimar Republic stage!” I didn’t have a naive clue what he meant….not a clue. It was proclaimed with a leer so figured something unseemly. Years later I do. Thanks Cabaret. And I wish I didn’t have that rattling around in my brain.

      • Weimar Germany was a Sunday School picnic compared to present-day America. The elites admired “Cabaret” so much they skipped the cosplay and just became it.

      • Two of the tribe wrote “Cabaret” around 1970. I have never quite understood the thinking there, as it really pulled away a rock to see all the things slithering around under it. A warning? Just slumming? Is it a little inside joke that assumes that the rest of us are too dumb to Notice things?

        • Good point Dutch. No subtlety at all. The mask slipped off the disfigurement. When the movie was first released, I don’t think the coastal elites saw it as aberrant…maybe a dollop of cognitive dissonance for them. What were the writers getting at?

    • If I have one more 27 year old GWU Intl Relations major tell me “How the World Works” I will strangle them with the cord holding their precious GS badges.

  30. “Made possible but the sorts of people who made sure the radicals never won”
    Well throw that one out the window as we go forward. The radicals are going to win soon.
    And then what for the elite?
    Interesting times ahead.

  31. maybe none of these people are that smart, regardless where they lie on the spectrum. compared to physicists and mathematicians, politicians and pundits don’t measure up that well.

    • Neither do mathmeticians and physicist talking about society and politics. Especially not them.

    • What is “anti-Semitism” and why is it wrong?

      They certainly can dish it out but can’t take it.

      • This is confusing for the democratic mind. You gotcher anti-communist, yer anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-theists, anti-socials, and anti-semetics, so just follow popular opinion and go with the crowd. Being right all alone is an anti-social act.

    • I can’t fathom the mind of the gentile in a coffee shop eagerly reading Bari’s book. It’s akin to putting myself in the shoes of a Kalahari Bushman or a serial killer. I just cannot understand how that brain fires.

      • They think they’re improving themselves and evolving into better people to make a better world. What they’re really doing is reinforcing self-hating indoctrination as well as giving their hard-earned money to those who hate them and their ancestry. Clueless. Part of the problem. ‘Educated’ white women in particular.

          • I wouldn’t say that. I’d say they’ve been brainwashed with 24/7 propaganda to the point where they didn’t see the harm in giving way to those who hate and undermine them. Same as with these Jewish fundraising causes advertised on Fox news — even Jews have asked these shysters to stop their unconscionable shekel-grabbing, saying “We are not a poor people, why do you persist?” and the Jew shekel-chaser answering, “Who am I to stop the kind-hearted Christians from giving their money?”

            I worked hard for 25 years in the private sector and I wouldn’t say that I didn’t deserve to be paid, I’d say that I never should have been there, would have better served my people by being a good wife and mother in the countryside, leaving city corporate jobs to white men. As it was, I wasn’t paid that well, and it kills me knowing that I helped to drive down wages for our white men. That’s how I view all ‘professional’ white women in the workplace. Their value was trashed for corporate savings when they should have been raising good children and maintaining prosperous white communities. I had many opportunities to enter the professional level of business but I rejected it because I did not want to get an MBA, not because of cost prohibition (for which there were work and govt assistance) but because I recognized what these people were being taught was utter garbage, terrible for white people, and that women do not belong in the professional business classes, whether private sector or utilities or govt, etc. It’s gross. Those jobs are for white men, and when white men fill them, that’s when society is best served.

          • Unless you sent money to causes that were working against your interest, you are making my point. Grounded people help people they know with money or time, especially time, and with strangers, time. This is especially unappealing to people who’s first primary motive is to think well of themselves.

      • Here in Portland, OR we have this big bookstore downtown called Powell’s. It’s main location is great place to go to observe this species. As an added bonus, the surrounding neighborhood (and the very front sidewalk of the store) is awash in agitated schizophrenics and filth that the customers obliviously fail to connect with the ideas presented in the trendy Leftist crap they sell there. It seems like every hipster who migrates here from Flyover County, Iowa feels the need to make a pilgrimage there. It’s the haj for the hip, the hiphaj if you will. It’s not enough to merely go there of course, you absolutely MUST pick the most pozzed, lunatic book you can find and plant yourself at one of the many tables so you can be seen reading it. I’ve never been able to stand the place long enough to know if the most religious Pozlims walk around the store 7 times too.

    • Jews habitually describe anti-semitism as a disease, a miasmic force that just so happens to descend on gentile host populations after they’ve been harboring Jews for a few decades or so. No matter the region of the world, or the historical period, or even whether the gentiles in question have any past history with Jews, anti-semitism just blows in for no earthly reason whatsoever. The disease inevitably worsens until it results in the expulsion of the completely innocent and utterly harmless Jews.

      Sadly, there is no cure, and there are no lessons to be learned. Anti-semitism is bad, it has no intelligible cause, and the only available remedy is to ruthlessly suppress even the slightest hint that Jews might sometimes fall short of being the most wonderful, awesome people ever to walk the earth.

      • Well, yeah, of course it’s mysterious.
        If one was cursed with self awareness, could one behave in the manner the eternal innocent victims behave?

  32. This was an entertaining essay. Bari Weiss is a palpable fraud. It’s people like her who make “anti-Semitism” viable and hip. What would be the best way to reduce hostility toward The Tribe? For Weiss and others of her ilk to shut their damn mouths. But they just can’t help themselves.

    • When I was younger and a reader of a lot of WW2 history, I fully bought into the premise that the Germans just went nuts and decided to go all genocidey on the Jews. Hitler made me do it!!

      As I’ve gotten older and learned and have seen more, and especially over the last few years – it’s become much more apparent to me that the Germans didn’t just go nutso. Rather – they got to the point where they were : ” I can’t take this shit any more – we need a solution”.

      Reading a lot of the stuff on Unz’s site has been very helpful. The actions of people like Bari Weiss have just served to drive the point home. To your point: Yes – it’s like Weiss and others of her ilk just can’t help themselves.

      There is a phenomenon within human psychology where people will do really nasty things – under the expectation that they will and should be punished. When the person who should be doing the punishing fails to do so, the nut will start deriding and aggressing against the would be enforcer.

      Maybe next time the theme for the solution should be ” they were asking for it”.

        • True, but if you’ve allowed yourself to be disarmed and the National Socialists kept their guns it’s not too hard to go with the lesser evil.

          Lesson: don’t disarm.

        • Fascism is a stupid word to describe National Socialism if you ask me. IMO WW2 was the war of the three Socialist Powers (National, International, Democratic) not Democracy and Communism vs Fascism

          That said the cure for Bolshevism isn’t run away to Monticello Liberalism either, When dealing with an inherently subversive ideology you need an authoritarian State.

          President for Life Pat Buchanan on steroids basically

          Its as I often say on the gun issue, inherent rights are nonsense. We have a tradition of arms bearing that is worth preserving

          This quote re: Hitler is why the Dissident Right needs to syat far away from NATSOC

          “There is a man alone, without family, without children, without God….He builds legions but he doesn’t build a nation. A nation is created by families, a religion, tradition: it is made up out of the hearts of mothers, the wisdom of fathers, the joy and the exuberance of children. [Of Germany under Hitler he says]….an all-swallowing State, disdainful of human dignities and the ancient structure of our race, sets itself up in place of everything else. And the man who, alone, incorporates in himself this whole State, has neither a God to honour nor a dynasty to conserve, nor a past to consult….
          This man could bring home victories to our people each year without bringing them…glory….But of our Germany, which was a nation of poets and musicians and artists and soldiers, he has made a nation of hysterics and hermits, engulfed in a mob and led by a thousand liars or fanatics….”

          Its essential to preserve the things that make us, well us. Its why say a Charlie Brown Christmas has value but newer stuff does not.

          Its not just Christianity or Freedom or Economy but an idea of we the people

          If the Dissident Right can expel non American, make an economy work and preserve something our forbears would have recognized it will succeed but it can’t do that by being bonkers or throwing away everything for some crazed Romanticism

          If it can’t, claim what you cant least and make peace with the other nations.

        • Over and over this stuff happens, as outlined in the bible, among other perennial realities with human life on this planet. One could say they are merely fulfilling their role of the past covenant. Yesterday’s chosen who persist in spiting God and His new covenant.

      • Yeah the Germans are a smart people, they produce great Engineers too, always have. and I’m expected to believe that a German Engineer put a wooden door on a gas chamber LOL

        • They also built pedal-powered brain-bashing machines, a device that masturbated prisoners to death, and a Roller Coaster of Death, hadn’t you heard?

      • No chit. They are still running with that today: “Hitler was a brilliant orator that cast a magical spell over an entire nation and turned them into mass murderers!!!!”

        And to prevent it from ever happening again, we now have hate laws and hate speech! And we have to believe everything they say, or we are haters too. Totally buried is the fact that the fuggin commies and socialists killed more people than the fascists ever did – including jews. And yet – fascists today go to jail, and the universities crank out socialist morons as if they were on an assembly line.

        Question: where are the dissidents on the holocaust? I am not convinced it was a hoax, but I am seriously starting to question the narratives body count. And I am also questioning the accepted view of fascism. I wonder if it was as bad as they say.

        The dissidents have destroyed me. I no longer trust anything I am told… especially when progs and lefties are talking…

        • The internet says:

          This is 1939, a couple of years before the holocaust started. Note that not all were in German-occupied areas. Large population in Russia for instance. Many fled, many hid, many survived the concentration camps. Do the math.

          Not saying it didn’t happen or even that millions didn’t die. Who knows. But the official number is very suspect. And the story of the holocaust is almost certainly more complicated than we’re told.

    • But then they wouldn’t be the elite tribe if not for this despicable behavior.
      In my experience, this is fairly unique to the elite portion of the tribe. In the day to day habits of non-elite Jews, they are mostly indistinguishable from the average white even though being a Jew is so important to them. It’s funny because it often seems contrived and a fake identity.

        • Yes and no. J3ws really are significantly worse. I’m not saying whites don’t have their problems, but the J3ws are another order of magnitude of poison with respect to the proportion of them that are anti-white.

          Essentially, we have two problems to solve. One involves the “White Progressives” that Z wrote about earlier this week and the other….

          • A big part of it, I think, is the contrived inauthentic Jewish identity. Being a jew is of extreme importance to Jews, in my experience, but Jew is defined in such a dumb and inauthentic way that elite Jews tend to equate being a Jew with being a “persecuted and hated minority”

            I have personally known good guys, guys who would mostly agree with us on most points, if not all, whose Jewish identity was just negative stereotypes.
            I think a lot of whites who are anti-white have similar contrived and negative views of being white. Though, to be fair, it is probably not that far from being true. White is somewhat contrived.

          • The Holocaust has become a pseudo-religion in a culture obsessed with victimhood.

            I read a quote by Elliott Abrams: “In the 1950s and 1960s we built synagogues. Now we build Holocaust memorials” or words to that effect.

          • That’s a good point and a good way of putting it. A rather sad state of affairs for an entire people to have their central identity tied to a long ago and far away single event. Holocaustianity.

          • “whites who are anti-white”

            A self-hating culture. After we came such a long way in defeating our own brutes and beasts, too.

          • Yeah who knows what white means. I always thought it meant caucasian, but in my experience most people mean Northern European when they talk about whites.

          • Yep agree Brother and the only way to do that is with a White Dissident Community…Still going through all the awesome conversations we had as a group this past weekend in my head…

          • Line, agreed, there is an additional dimension there. I laugh because Instapundit and Ace of Spades are basically on our side, but if the lefties show a tiny dose of anti-simi in anything they do, it becomes 100% of the issue in those places.

            It’s the old “but what does it mean for the Jews” line of thinking over there.

          • Long Anecdote alert. My first experience with a chosen came when I was very young. Maybe 3rd or 4th grade. I wouldn’t even remember it until some decades later, after the tedium of ‘every single time’ was hammered into me as my career wormed through the rotten apple of finance and private equity.

            My brother and I, with Dad’s watchful eye but not much interference, constructed a small roadside stand to sell fruit from our trees and cups of lemonade.

            It took is two weekends to build, paint, decorate. Dad did the cutting but we bent the nails ourselves.

            It was a monster of drooping scrap plywood but it was hard to miss and that was the idea.

            Being there were so many kids in the hood I wanted to sell some candy too. The plums weren’t flying off the shelf.

            So I took my lawn mowing money down the hill (My brother being short-time pref never saved his but thats for another day) to the market and bought as much as I could. Mostly the kinds that had individually wrapped pieces so I could open them and sell by the piece.

            I did the maths and came up with prices. I remember my dad suggesting a bit lower pricing. I dont remember why. But I do know our hood was not well off financially.

            He assured us we would make profits. Mostly from the lemonade, which he had donated to the cause.

            We killed it our first day. We were beaming. The next day was different. Something had changed.

            The kids on bikes were riding by but not stopping. My friend Craig eventually came by. He was eating candy that we had been selling the day before.

            “Where did you get that?” I asked him, knowing how candy was unlikely to be rationed overnight. “Robbie Blumberg is selling it. He has a stand over by the woods”

            The woods being the slightly more affluent subdivision next to ours.

            Then I had remembered how Robbie had come to the stand a couple of times the day before. He had bought up all of the taffy. The same taffy Craig was eating.

            I rode my bike over to investigate. Sure enough. Robbie had his stand up. It was not hand-built like mine, but instead made up of some display cases from his dad’s job as a salesman.

            His prices were lower than mine. I knew he couldn’t be making any profit. At least in the non-parental subsidy way. Especially since he was selling my candy for less than he bought it from me.

            But profit wasn’t his motive. It became clear in that moment that I was up against something bigger than just some childish rivalry.

            I mean Robbie and I were friends too. It would never have occurred to me to do what he did.

            There was plenty of room for some competition, for other goods to be sold in the hood. But Robbie was not interested in competing; at least not in how I viewed competition.

            What struck me was his smirk. A kind of ‘wisdom’ well ahead of his years. And what would undoubtedly become “foolish goy” down the road.

            My brother and I lowered prices but it didn’t make much sense to waste any more afternoons on the curb.

            We dragged the shop into the garage where it would remain as a reminder of ‘free markets’ and of other lessons that would take some years to germinate.

            My dad was about building character, about lessons of life, about community. He always wanted us to think of others first, to be of service. Yeah we were good christians.

            Instead of the pride over hard work, planning, building, and providing something to the neighborhood, all of our work became a kind of shame and disappointment (though we didn’t understand those feelings at the time) of being outmaneuvered and shut down, deflated and ultimately embarrassed for believing in a morality that doesn’t exist.

            The Blumbergs? Well they believed in something else. They quickly moved on. Most likely toward the clouds.

            I didn’t know they were special at the time. They did all the usual stuff. Had a Christmas tree, etc. But some years later my mom mentioned the jewish family that I spent so much time with as a kid.

            It all clicked for me.

            My experience since then has done nothing but solidify that difficult first lesson of Robbie Blumberg.

          • Oh, brother. Your “friend” drove you out of business with his lower prices and then had a monopoly? On top of that, he got the satisfaction of sticking it to a goyim. They really hate us.

          • My dad told me about a Jew who said that the only people he could SCREW were his friends. It wasn’t possible to screw an enemy since that was a natural thing to do. And then they cry about gas chambers.

      • Maybe, but if rank-and-file Jews can’t control their leaders who want to destroy my people, I’m forced to look at them as a group. The Jewish elite declared war on gentile whites and have waged that war for a generation or more. Everyday Jews have done zero to stop that war and, in fact, support the war via their massive monetary contributions to the unending Jewish organizations. Therefore, they become my enemy until the war ends.

        • To be fair, it’s not like we have the power to stop the elite anti-white whites out there.
          But I do concede that they are a foreign group who very much see themselves as an outside group and that if they weren’t here, wouldn’t be a problem. The JQ is just a perfect example of why multiculturalism is so evil.

          • “it’s not like we have the power to stop the elite anti-white whites out there”

            Maybe not, but you’re neither reflexively defending those malignant whites, nor are you even sitting on the sidelines, squirming in silent shame [1] when those malignant whites spout off.

            [1] alliteration unintentional; not LARPing as some Scandinavian skald of yore.

        • why am I all of a sudden thinking about the Bolsheviks and the holodomor??
          (edit: I see your comment to the same effect further down…)

    • I don’t know whether she’s a fraud, or she genuinely believes what she says. She’s an expensively-educated mid-wit, who uses every off-putting verbal tic employed since the 80s. “It’s like?” “Right?” “You know?”

  33. A few years ago, if Bari Weiss popped off with her Zionist talking points on twitter, you could just reply by re-stating her name wrapped in triple parenthesis.

    Alas, this was leading to too much noticing, so it was shut down.

  34. The Left take care of their own. Every time one of them stumbles there is always a six or seven figure soft landing in a corporate, media, or think-tank position. For people on the Right the threat is always financial ruin or prison.

    • I suspect the gravy boat is running dry soon.

      The latest Danish PM had a very hard time realizing his reign as a chairman was over when he lost the 2019 election, and people could not understand why the hell he didn’t just FO, he was harming his party immensely with his desperate scheming.

      I knew exactly why: he had NOT been offered a ticket to the globalist gravy train, he had NOT had a better job offer, so fighting to stay on as a chairman was nothing more complicated than greed. Being party chairman was the best deal in town for him.

      Now he’s reduced to going on the lecture circuit and running his own, private humanitarian fund, Clinton style – except selling pay-for-play in Denmark is measly business compared to selling out the United States of America.

      The evil motherfucker sold us down the river when he signed the Marrakesh Agreement, and my only consolation is that he got noting in return. There’s a lamp post with his name on it right outside my window – I look at it fondly before I go to bed and ponder, how many lamp posts there are in Denmark.

      • Felix, though Z uses a Jewish example, the elite in general is all the same. You hit it on the head, once one gets to the level just below the club, it is all about jockeying for a ticket in the door. It is sad to think that so much of our politics today is simple personal posturing to earn that ticket. How much suffering is created and endured so someone can get a gold star?

        The elite, right now, are in Davos pontificating about the political positions required to get the ticket (hint, pickle-faced Greta spoke there). A bunch of bright people telling the others how it needs to be.

        • Perhaps you are on to something here. What if we were to set in motion a global tour for Saint Greta. Some of you may have chuckled in the past when the local police invite all the wanted felons to some kind of lottery thing where they need to claim their winnings – invariably a significant number of wanted felons show up.

          Like flypaper, Greta could serve to gather a significant number of elites and wannabes all in one place. What to do? What to do with this throng of well-intentioned, virtue-signaling people – at a minimum they should all be biometrically identified for future ‘communications.’ How many do you think we could get to sign on for a ticket to the Saint Greta ‘concert’? Be one of the lucky ones that gets a backstage pass to receive a personal rant.

        • Also, they need to buy off more and more people as Normie is waking up to being scammed. Back when your average NGO grifter could pass for a respected citizen, he could be bought for a new bathroom or a holiday to Greece. But when people start spitting when he walks by, his price for selling out his neighbors goes up.

          • NGO’s should be banned in all the west as they are solely used for undermining white western Christian-based societies.

        • corbettreport had an item about banking policy modifications that are directing that carbon pricing must now be included in loan considerations.

          • This carbon nonsense has some potential . Every Somali imported created 10 times more co2 than if he stayed home.Those sponsoring him should have to buy carbon credits to cover the increase they are creating for the full term of his actuarial life expectation.
            Set one bunch of fuck-wits against another.

      • Felix – My son was over using my washing machine; I had him look at Zman and specifically mentioned how much I enjoyed your comments. He read this one and immediately took a screen shot for himself. Who knows where you may see yourself quoted? Either way, another terrific comment.

    • That is the most important thing that we can learn from the Left. It’s why they are so determined to stop us from forming communities. Once a white academic or businessman who was fired and shunned from the larger society for Badthink gets a job and a place in our community, the game is over. We will have won.

      The most dangerous thing for the Left – and Jews – is a cohesive white community no matter how small. They’ll fight it with everything that they have. But as the Muslims in Europe show, it can be done.

      • 100% Citizen. Our community needs a networked, preferential economy as much as anything. Not just a safety net, but incentives to join; to escape hostile land, but also to dig in and to settle and form new families.

        We need our people to have opportunities to create value, to build. Easily spooked tax cattle are not going to build much.

        • All the other side has is the ability to ostracize and get you fired. They offer nothing. There’s nothing from them that we want. They weapon is getting you fired and having your neighborhoods and “friends” shun you.

          But what if you neighbors and friends shared your views. What if your employer shared your views. The other side loses much of its power. Throw in some lawyers who will fight back legally and advocacy groups that will fight back politically and the other side is a paper tiger.

    • It’s not so much a landing pad as a pipeline (politics-> Media -> Entertainment->Law and even science and medicine now). If the impeachment debacle produces nothing (which it will) and Adam Schiff goes into the private sector, his fortune is already made.

  35. The intellectual elite that won their positions in the last century selected proteges who supported their position. They were not selecting people who would challenge their newly won status.

    This is what the wokerati don’t understand: after the revolution, there is no longer need for revolutionaries and rabble-rousers, so they’d be the first to go against the wall in Wokeamerica, they will not be awarded positions of power and prestige, they will not have their own talk shows, they will be erased from the history books.

    Half a century ago, Tom Wolfe described the Manhattan intellectual set as bourgeois urbanite poseurs

    Link to the excellent long-read, Radical Chic.

    • When the first Queen Bee emerges, she kills the other pre-Queen Bees…there can only be one…this is the way of the world….
      A Queen Bee only needs Drones…

      • Queen honey bees don’t always do a lot of battling. They are too valuable. The hives routinely produce extra queens who generally take a portion of the workers with them and fly away to start their own hives. When the current queen is old, weak or sick, one of those extra queens replaces her — that’s when a fight happens. I’m not sure what that means metaphorically, though. 🙂

        ETA: Apparently the virgin queens also fight each other as you say. I never really got to witness this as I just got to deal with the swarms when a new queen leaves the hive.

        • I find it odd that you no longer hear of or read about the invasion of Africanized honey bees to U.S. soil. A decade ago there were weekly stories of people falling prey to their hyperaggression. It is almost as if wokeness precludes even the hint of a metaphorical criticism of anything coming from Africa. Now be sure and welcome those poor, unfortunate Somali refugees to your nice neighborhood. /sarc

          • Like every other story in the MSM it had a shelf-life independent of the impact on real people. And like every story promoted by the MSM and affiliates it became unworthy of coverage.

    • Wolfe was pretty woke to the jq, or at least appears so in retrospect.

      Either way, The Painted Word is a short masterpiece about how the usual suspects ruined painting.

      • Amazing how Wolfe walked in their world, and was invited to do so. Perhaps getting one’s name or event in print was worth it to them, with a little laugh about it, and assuming the dirt people couldn’t or wouldn’t read his work, too busy slopping the pigs and husking the corn and all.

        • Back when there were only three television channels, many talented men and some women were able to leverage their origins below the Mason-Dixon into a viable career in Yankeedom by playing The Southerner professionally.

          Quite a few of these were proto-cucks (William Styron). Others descended into self-parody (Truman Capote). And a wise few saw through it and went home, honor intact (Charles Portis).

          Wolfe seems to be the one that managed to be both highly popular and deeply subversive at the same time while appearing genteel and harmless in his white suits. People compare him to Mark Twain and I think there is something to that, although Wolfe managed to navigate Up North a lot better than Sam Clemens did.

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