Impersonal Tyranny

Generational politics are useless, for the most part, but you can see certain trends when comparing generations. Marriage and fertility rates are the two best examples. Go back to the generation that fought the Great War and you see very high marriage rates, even among blacks, high fertility rates and low illegitimacy rates. Examine subsequent generations and you see how all of those measures changed. The childless urbanite cat lady was many generations in the making.

You can tease out something similar by looking at how people ruled over people in the past versus the present day. A century ago, most men were directly ruled by other men in their daily lives. This is not about political structures, although that was often true, but rather the interpersonal relations of daily life. Men worked for other men. Whether it was in a factory, at the docks, in agriculture or anywhere else, men worked for men in a very direct and personal way. They had a boss who bossed them around.

A man working on the docks, unloading ships, would show up for the daily muster and a supervisor would assign him to a gang. He and the other men in the gang would be directed by some other man. Correction was in the form of yelling and threats. If there was some confusion, the man in charge took control and told the other men what they should be doing. There was no committee that issued a bland directive or a bit of software that compelled a certain type of behavior.

That is a big difference compared to today. While most people have a boss in their work place, the boss has no real authority. He is just a conduit for company policy. He gets trained in people skills, the sorts of passive-aggressive cajoling that passes for management skills in the modern corporation. Increasingly, he does not actually manage his people. He uses software to measure productivity and issues bland e-mails to his staff. He measures compliance with the software system.

This is most obvious in a warehouse facility. In the old days, men would pick pack and stack items in the warehouse, at the direction of a supervisor. If they screwed up or screwed off, the boss would yell at them. Today, they are directed by an algorithm that guides their work. A hand held corrects their mistakes in real time and provides structure to their movements. Software tracks their productivity. The people inside an Amazon facility are ruled by robots, not men.

This is not just the result of technology and the drive for efficiency. A big driver is the declining personal skills of modern people. Each generation becomes less secure in confronting their fellow humans. A century ago, the boss enthusiastically corrected his people and his people just accepted it. Getting reamed out by the boss was just a part of life on the job. Today, getting corrected by the boss could very well result in counseling sessions for both parties.

You see the generational aspect to this on the campus. This story about the University of Missouri monitoring their students like pets is a good example. Within living memory, instructors took attendance and confronted the tardy and chronically absent. Since neither side of that transaction in the current age could withstand the emotional strain of such a confrontation, software will do the job. The students will happily comply, preferring to be ruled by their mobile devise.

This is a dynamic, of course. As technology allowed businesses, for example, to improve error rates, they began to subtly select for different types of people. The hands-on, direct style of management slowly fell out of favor.  Similarly, the best people to hire as workers were those comfortable using technology. Each generation was more tuned to the impersonal styled than the prior generation. This has continued over a few generations to where we are now.

Where we are now, however, is a curious place. Spend time on a college campus and some things jump out at you. One is the students are surprisingly compliant. The days of college pranks and rebellion are largely over, especially at the elite colleges. The students are consumed with adhering to the rules, as well as currying favor with their human superiors. The woke rage heads get headlines, but college life is now mostly a culture of banal conformity.

It has also made young people socially awkward. Young people have grown up interacting with one another through the medium of technology. Participation in sports, for example, is at all-time lows. Free play is unheard of today. Instead, the young generation has been raised to have a robot master gently nudging them along, even in their interactions with their fellow humans. One consequence has been the sharp decline in sex. It turns out that socially awkward weirdos have less sex.

A preference for impersonal rule and the collapse of interpersonal skills does not bode well for the future of western society. Prisons function along these lines. The guards are rule-following functionaries in a system. The system is designed to reduce socialization among the inmates, in order to maintain control and reduce conflict. A society built on such principles will inevitably lead to a similar authoritarianism. After all, there are no elections inside a prison.

That may be what we are seeing with the rise of the tech giants. The old organizational systems of liberal democracy no longer fit a people, afraid of one another, but comfortable with machines. Instead of a revolution and new political order, the machines are simply filling the vacuum. The politicians no longer have the will to create and enforce rules, so the tech giants have their robots do it. Again, most young people prefer it. They want the machines running their lives.

It has always been assumed that if mankind is going to off itself, it will be through the accidental use of technology. Something like a nuclear war or a man-made plague are the most popular options. It may be that our demise will simply be due to technology dehumanizing us to the point where we no longer have enough interest in one another to bother mating. Instead of fire, it will be ice, the icy stare of people looking at one another through the lens of technology.

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207 thoughts on “Impersonal Tyranny

  1. “. It may be that our demise will simply be due to technology dehumanizing us to the point where we no longer have enough interest in one another to bother mating. Instead of fire, it will be ice, the icy stare of people looking at one another through the lens of technology.”

    I believe this was the idea behind the Butlerian Jihad in Dune and resultant ban on “thinking machines.”

  2. Not sure if this was already posted and caught in the spam filter so if repeated, sorry about that.

    People know far less about human nature today than they used to. The reasons are (probably) the religion of equality, to which everything must conform so facts that contradict it must be made unknown, and technology which means that we can, sort of, avoid having to deal with some of human nature’s less pleasant aspects.

    Take the role between the sexes. So-called pick up arts (PUA) is nothing but young men relearning knowledge about, first, female psychology, that people absolutely knew before 1900. But that their pathetic fathers did not know so men became awkward chumps around women. And later about human nature in general. If people in the 19th century or anytime before, were told that the West would not only insist that women and men were ‘equals’, but would use draconian state power to force it through, they would know what would come next, a giant replay of the fall of Rome. The reason is that we are neither masters of nor aware of most of our instincts. And women’s instinct is to mate up in status. Which means that women do not respect men who are not higher status than them. In other words, the higher status the woman, and hence, the more likely to be highly intelligent, the less likely she is to procreate. That is, of course, a dysgenic effect.

    This is just one example of why it will not work to treat men and women as equals. Here is another; treating men and women as equals is so much against human nature that in practice none of us are able to do so. We are hardwired to feel sympathy for women who cry and moan but not about men who are having a hard time. And women do not have an instinctive feel for honor in the male sense. It is not unfeminine to run to the most dominant alpha to cry and get protection. In fact that is what women are supposed to do. But when we then insist that women are the equals of men, whenever there is a conflict between men and women, men instinctively hate the ‘snitch’ who runs off to the state to help him. It is seen as weak and pathetic. But everyone understands when women do this. So authorities, laws and courts instinctively tend to side with the women. We see this in rape, divorce, custody, discrimination and ‘harassment’ cases. The ‘system’, made of not only humans but humans who are ‘chumps’ about the nature of men and women, side with women 95+% of the time. And to make it worse, the system is the new ‘super alpha.’ Who can, as an individual, rival the state in power? None of us can. This system, with its insane ‘equality’ ideology, treats men and women in ways that neither can cope with. It thus actively suppresses men while leaving women unfulfilled. And then we wonder why we fail to procreate….. It makes perfect sense.

    The popular meme ‘Islam is right about women’ is funny b/c it is partly true. I do not believe it is entirely true. Like the Victorians, it is far more Darwinianly sound than modern Western ideology. But whereas Victorians were wrong to see women as pure, innocent angels, Islam is too coarse and cruel and also, by allowing excessive polygamy among alpha males, creates a class of frustrated beta males who can’t find a woman and hence have to have an outlet for their frustrations. Such a class is a great idea IF you have an expanding empire to fight for. You send the betas out to fight and conquer and take the women of defeated enemies. As long as you are winning this works. But as soon as you are not expanding anymore, you are creating a class of men who have a powerful Darwinian interest in overthrowing the system that consigned them to celibacy. That is how revolutions are born.

    Interestingly the West is doing exactly the same today, only our males are too wimpy and pathetic for it to be clear that they can get off their rears, away from their consoles and screens (our times’ version of ‘circus’) to make revolution. But at heart the crisis in the West is many decades of trying to defy the laws of Darwinian nature.

  3. A bone jarring Depression {coming], will change a whole lot of attitudes. We’re just like the Weimar Germans. Debasement and filth every which way you turn. Jews at the wheel, stuffing their pockets before driving a country off a cliff. Everything you held sacred, mocked and scorned. When your money ain’t worth shit {coming} and you need a wheelbarrow instead of a wallet… better look back to your ancestors and what the fuck they went thru to get your ass here.

  4. Issac Asimov dealt with these issues in his science fiction Robot Novels, in a final wrap up novel, his protagonists search the universe to determine the original source of human kind. In the process they tour the remains of the earth’s originally colonized “Spacer” planets that had embraced robots. With the exception of just one, Solaria, all human life had died out. On Solaria humans had genetically changed themselves into isolated sexless hermaphrodites that never physically had contact with each other.

  5. Was driving with a can of Redbull between my legs the other day ( only thing that gets me through the overtime shifts ) and harkened me back to a days as young man .

    Driving a convertible with a big V8 , cruising down the highway, heading for the beach. Cold can of beer between my legs , one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand between a young girl’s thighs 🙂

    Makes me sad to think there’s teenagers playing video games in their mother’s basement instead out drinking beer and chasing pussy.

    It’s criminal what we’ve done to these kids.

  6. From the first two paragraphs, I thought this would be one of Z’s better essays and I was right. As a corollary to the idea of humans become mechanized, the notion of AI achieving ‘human-like’ intelligence is going to be the result of humans thinking more and more like machines until we meet AI *coming down* its level, not AI rising up to ours.

  7. Six million robot historians will conclude that the Trump impeachment was the Jewiest episode in American history.

    • “Impeachment is a project of the numerically-dominant Jewish Dem-voting Left, with Jewish counsels for questioning Jewish witnesses in House committees headed by Jews, covered with breathless enthusiasm by Jewish-owned media outlets”
      –Kevin McDonald

  8. Odd that the Ice People populations who can build high tech- the whites and Japan- stop breeding at a certain density.

    Meanwhile, the marching morons south of the equator, who couldn’t build or keep an alphabet or the wheel, just keep breeding and breeding until they’re eating each other.

    • That IS interesting. But we also once bred like crazy. And Japan may be the first society to become uber technological. Back in the 1980s, they were at the forefront of computer games, electronics and such. And they totally shut down the boy and girl have fun thing. Maybe there’s a causal link there??

  9. For some reason, I’ve been watching interviews with ex mobsters on YouTube. One thing that jumps out is the sense of personal agency, they’re responsible for earning money and paying their “mib taxes”. The interviewees are very type A.

    Another thing that jumps out is the personal loyalty*; a mobster is loyal to the mob through loyalty to his superior. Its a very social enterprise, everybody knows everybody. I wonder if these two aspects, in addition to relatively easy money, aren’t a big attraction? One interviewee was premed when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

    On the subject of college, I read a book a while back called The Oxford Book of Oxford. You think college kids were wild in the 60s? You should read about the all out wars with townies in 13th century! Really fun book.

    *whether or not that loyalty is worth a damn is questionable, no honor among thieves and all that.

  10. brilliant observation Z . I can It lines up completely with my experience raising my kids and interacting with all things young people. The ” non-confrontational” person easy to control and manipulate by those in power. If you look at birthrates worldwide, this out of Africa thing for the homonids may turn out to be a temporary thing . I a few thousand yers it may be Wakanda only

    • It seems there is a second (or third or Xth) ‘out of Africa’ moment happening. Maybe b/c Africa has more land in the tropics where biodensity and diversity is highest and hence where Darwinian competition is the fiercest. And then, every now and then, there is an outburst of conquest from this Darwinian ‘pressure cooker’.

      A similar pattern is seen with bugs. Most ‘super bugs’ come from the only two places where ‘mega fauna’ has survived in the modern world, Africa and South Asia. Coincidence? Maybe, but interesting pattern.

  11. You could add the ubiquity of pr0n and introduced environmental endocrine disruptors to the mix.

  12. Wow! Amazing take! As I hastily tap this out on my schooled issue lap-top, looking over at my schooled issue I-pad, and monitoring my latest text from my brand new I-phone, I wonder why these young wipper-snappers can’t focus. Wait, what was this column about? Oh yeah, the lack of sexual activity and why easy access to porn has helped in teaching proper ZER behavior. Now I think I’ll dial up a little Netflix, play some witches and warcraft, and try on my new air-b and b’s and see how good these babies work. Back to class!

    • I work for a woman who is less emotionally driven than the last guy boss I had, but the phrase “exceptions and rules” comes to mind, and I’m grateful to be living in the “exception”.

  13. I’d LIKE to be able to say you’re wrong, but I can’t. People who are self-directed, and can interact with others on a Normal level, are increasingly few.
    Might a large part of this be related to the high numbers of children raised by women, who tend to be enforcers of group-think?

    • There is the normal give-and-take, which we do well here, as a group, and there is also the room for respectful disagreement. Our culture is being conditioned for people to go all apeshit if someone disagrees with them on any little thing. On top of that is the “did you vote for Trump” shit-test lead to any new social relationship, guaranteed to start the immediate “Rhee-Rhee-Rhee” if the answer comes back affirmative. Helluva culture we have going on here.

    • Until the advent of same-sex marriage most kids were raised by women. Probably most kids are still raised by women.

      • Return, Mum when you’re young, learning the rules inside the house, Da when you’re older, for outside the house.

        Da is more of a leavening agent. But that was back then.

        I had no Da, and feel the lack of male skills.
        Plus, I was clueless with women, even though I worked almost entirely around women

        • Alzaebo,

          Sorry to hear that. Truly. Stepdad was a hard, hard man with neery a nice bone in his body. But I learned a ton from him. Hard work, toughness and how to behave like a man. Moms are crucial too, but I’ve known a couple of men that raised a daughter or daughters alone and the girls turned out well. Maybe would have even been greater if there’d been a mom around. There is no substitute for a strong male figure in the household.

          • Why, thanks, Penitant.
            I would’ve been somebody else, a scrapper like Da- but then, could that someone else have learned the One Thing I did?

            For all my failures, yet I’m ever grateful that I got my shot. Still so much left to do with it.

            (I hesitate to add, but the one and only thing that matters is figuring out the mechanisms of what happens after death, which has led to what comes before and after birth. The whole “why are we here, then?”, and I have great confidence in my model’s accuracy.
            None have gotten so far.)

          • Alzaebo,

            I think your knowledge that you lacked a strong male figure is a tool unto itself. I’m aware that I skew toward dyslexia with numbers so I compensate in advance. I have tools for my lackng.

            I’m glad you are seeking. I hope you find whatever it is you looking for. I came into Christ’s embrace late. It wasn’t a rock bottom conversion. It was methodical, probing, reasoned approach. I started lightly, with Yancy and a little speech by Bishop Barron about “begetting.” I asked for a sign and was given a tiny one, befitting a small soul, but for me it was immense and immutable.

            Good luck to you, Brother.

  14. This column reminded me of something:
    It is not possible to make a LASTING compromise between technology and freedom, because technology is by far the more powerful social force and continually encroaches on freedom through REPEATED compromises. ~ Theodore Kaczynski

    Depressing that a violent kook living in a shed is more level headed than 90% of our leadership.

    • The dirty secret is that Kaczynski wasn’t a kook. He was brilliant and had the government not fracked with his brain, would not have ended up in a shed.

      More importantly while his methods were questionable and not recommended, he was certainly correct in his ideas.

      Ultimately tech will kill us off, development leads to the mouse utopia, we stop breeding and die , for the US the survivors (Amish, ultra orthodox, some Catholics, some LDS, some Evangelicals and others will carry on.,

      Its self correcting in a shockingly short time frame. I admit I kind of hope that life extension makes it. I’d like of like to see that world. It wouldn’t be easy or fun as this one but it would be a great joy to see.

      • He was an archtypical genius, brilliant, disagreeable and staggeringly high IQ.

        In a WAY it is another failure of modernity that he is rotting in a concrete box in a supermax. He should be punished for sure. But he is actually so brilliant that he should maybe be jailed in a cell at NASA where he could work on something useful. That is, if NASA were still interested in groundbreaking science and not in ‘making Muslims feel better about their accomplishments’… ‘Clown world’?? Indeed….

        • Or maybe he would refuse to work on technology. So maybe he should be imprisoned in a think tank working on the dangers of AI or something. In any case, an evil but absolutely stellar mind is being sent to rot away, at significant expense. B/c ‘he just just a terrorist and all terrorists are the same and must be treated the same…’

  15. Excellent essay. A slightly different slant on this is the consequent challenges for fathers in raising boys to men. Back in the day a father had a community of men – bosses, neighbors & coaches – who would reinforce and intensify the father’s lessons in manhood. Maybe the boy would have a demanding boss that oversaw shelf-stocking, tobacco picking, or hay stacking, and in addition he’d have a sports coach that would give him a good reaming-out for not being a team-player. A dad could have high standards, and know that when he sent his boy out for work (or scouts, or sports, etc) that he’d get something more than sensitivity training. Robots and software can’t replace men. Or I guess they can … and we see the result.

  16. I started noticing the people skills deficit years back when I saw the difference between old school managers with natural people skills and the new breed whose talents were entirely synthetic and book-taught. Not even close.

    I’ve never been a fan of the managerial class but there are guys who do add value to a project (not that many).

    Like most things, it’s subject to scale and the further from the “squad level” you scale, the more metrics and management theory arglebargle matter, until you very rapidly reach diminishing returns.

    The most obvious factors in the great achievements of modern engineering can’t be discussed. Bridge builders are no longer living under their bridges. When you can’t speak honestly about people or interact with and judge them authentically, people skills are a liability, not an asset. There’s a big difference between a leader and a sychophant climber.

    We won’t re-learn the lost arts of management until we start operating small-to-mid-scale businesses that make things again. Credentialism and obsession with economies of scale and monopoly have left an enormous skills gap on the people side of productivity. Our sharpest minds are being Hoover’d into the financial and legal industries and we have a dearth of talent evaluating the human capital and human costs.

  17. It seems like things are getting both better and worse at the same time. Too much time indoors yet technology has improved living standard.s Not shedding tears for decline in team sports though. Learning to code, reading, and other solitary activities are a better use of one’s time anyway. I would rather work independently on things that can make me money than engage in unnecessary socialization.

  18. Related to the tool versus user dichotomy (see my comment just above or below), Zman’s essay also passes over the role of military service and the compulsory draft. Everyone who has served learned quickly when they’d pissed off the drill sargeant; and the pre-Vietnam era was a unique blend of hierarchical organization and social leveling as men from divergent socio-economic classes were thrown together in barracks or battle. I fully recognize that our modern volunteer military is plagued with problems from diversity issues and the integration of women and other politically-correct garbage that has nothing to do with operational effectiveness. Moreover, policy elites have squandered lives and resources pursuing pointless strategic goals and technology initiatives. Still, it would be good to hear from the folks here like Captain S who have some boots-on-the-ground experience of how military service impacts wider society in the 21st century.

    • The martial virtues remain virtues and really can’t be taught in a non-combative/competitive context. I understand the reluctance of many guys to be involved with a military that is actively hostile to our interests, but it’s a hell of a dilemma for us to leave the military wholly to the other guys. Trying to maintain our own organizations that teach martial values is going to be one of the big red flags that will cause problems for our lower-key communities.

      At the very least I think we need a non-poz alternative to the scouts for Our Guys to teach Our Kids the attitudinal basics (including things like have a good leader and listen to them). Their outdoor focus was a good way to couch teaching about hard-knock priorities like survival without telegraphing an express agenda or military purpose.

      Dissidents have figured out ways to maintain martial discipline & skills despite being officially disarmed for centuries. They’re vital to both practical survival in some situations and good character in many others.

      • Some sort of formal training led by men of some substance would be ideal but I wish young boys and young men would simply engage in a bit more roughhousing within their little groups.

        One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned took 10 or 15 seconds: I was in yhe 7th grade. I’d gotten in the way of an 8th grader who was chasing someone. He tripped over me and the other kid got away. He was angry and punch me hard in the face. I got wobbly for a few seconds but I didn’t go down. Up until that brief moment I had been extremely shy around people outside of my closest friends, I never raised my hand in class and I almost never made eye contact with girls (most of whom I’d known since we were toddlers). I went at him. Hard. I got a few punches in as did he until others pulled us apart. That was it. 15 seconds if even that.

        Over the next few weeks I shed my shyness. I have always remained reserved but from that day if there is something that caught my interest or if there was something that needs to be done or said I no longer hid in the shadows or bit my tongue. That simple little event completely changed the way I interacted with the world.

        I had been a Scout when it still meant something, I played Hockey and lots of sandlot football and baseball so physical contact and physical demands weren’t something new. But all of those were structured. I think it was the unexpected spontaneity of that little kerfuffle and my instinctive reaction to it that broke the ice. The unknown could be dealt with, even the bad stuff.

        • Yves,

          There is an old saying when trying to get kids to be careful around stoves.

          “The word warns but the burned hand teaches.”

          My first punch in the face was an eye-opener too. (Well, one eye swole closed but you get me…). Dad had taught me the basics of boxing, but that fist taught me why.

      • Exile, I don’t where you are, but I’ve never seen the martial arts more popular than they are now. When I was a kid there was Karate and Judo and even they were considered slightly eccentric. (Wrestling and wrestling theater were enormously popular.) Now you can’t swing a cat without encountering some MMA (or just MA) studio.

      • Exile,

        A lot to unpack there.

        My own views have shifted over time. I used to think I served the Republic but suspect it was already an empire.

        To that end, I am gently steering my son away from the Armed Forces. There is a lot to be gained there, but I’d rather not donate him for Zionist/Neocon forever wars.

        Having said that, I agree we don’t want to entirely surrender that endeavor to team Poz. I tried, unsuccessfully, to talk a dear friend’s son out of joining up. Having failed to dissuade him I offered up the next best course of action: To go combat arms, and chose the shortest enlistment possible, while still getting the social credits an honorable discharge offers.

        A short two year stint as an Army infantryman allows the man to get the basics of infantry fighting, instills discipline, encourages self-confidence and as a positive the infantry is made up largely of white and Tejano types. One can always be stop-loss’d but the short tenure minimizes the chances of extensive sandbox time.

        You generally don’t forget the basics of squad tactics and thus avoid the glaring eye of Sauron glancing askew at your small community conducting training. That man can teach basic infantry tactics in a few short weeks if the need arises.

        As to the youth scouting, I know you are a bit hesitant about religion as a centerpiece in Our thing but I dont see a way around that conundrum without using religion as a shield. Set something up without it… as soon as people see the value, the hordes of kickass girls and homosexuals will demand to skin it and wear its hide. Ground it in religious doctrine and you may have a legal shield to exclude those types.

        As for your last point of dissidents finding a way to train and instill comradeship go watch a Highland Games or Filipino eskrima tournament… those flashing sticks and thrown poles were a way of getting around the prying eyes of oppressors and maintaining a fighting trim.

        • Those military skills must not be lost, they’ll be absolutely essential in what is to come.

          Men have trained in foreign fields and brushfire wars for untold millenia.

          I cannot begrudge them, but only envy them. They have that something extra, won at the hardest costs.

          As to religion, as an ‘atheist’ I agree, so my People are my religion, with the Face of Deus Vult.

        • There can be no community of ‘our thing’ without Christianity. It is part of what sets us apart.

          If you don’t want to practice it, fine. But don’t try to actively “convert” people away from it.
          But the over-arching values must be Christian.
          Let everyone have their own churches and practices.
          And no (((them))) and no muzloids.

  19. I disagree. I have an Alexa in every room and a bluetooth device permanently on my body except when I’m in the shower. My employment demands it. However, I can access this site. Anyone with a brain will eventually come to sites like this. that wasn’t possible 40 years ago with three channels and a hand full of papers telling us how to think and how to live. About five years after the internet came out, around 2000, the carefully choreographed dance of fake news started faltering with third party websites. Drudge was the breakout one, but now we have plenty. Does each site have an agenda? Of course! But it’s always been that way. The corporate world is heavy handed today precisely because it could have a light hand when people were having their minds numbed at home by Walter Cronkite. What we’re seeing today is the clenched fist in our faces of thought police that have always been there. The bigger the business, the more they want compliant worker bees. The radio, the big city newspaper, and the idiot box were perfect tools to create this pliant worker bee idiot, who sold out his country for a hand full of magic beans. What we’re seeing today is the aftermath of all of this and the in your face totalitarianism replacing the soft lies of David Brinkley. Jim Leherer just moved into his condo in hell.

  20. This is an excellent essay on the changing nature of social relations from hierarchical to egalitarian over the course of the 20th century. But it does seem to over emphasize the role of technology. Like any tool, it is suited to some occasions and not to others. We used to say of monomanical people that they acted as if they knew how to use a hammer but saw every situation as a nail. It put the blame squarely on the user and not the tool. After all, this blog from which we derive so much joy and insight wouldn’t be possible without the tools that technology brought to the latter part of the last century.

    • Im not sure if it overemphasizes is or is ‘just’ an essay about the role technology plays here. But there are other important aspects for sure.

  21. Another great column – you’re on a roll.

    That is a big difference compared to today. While most people have a boss in their work place, the boss has no real authority. He is just a conduit for company policy.

    I don’t think I ever had a boss who personally thought all the team-building nonsense, making spaghetti towers, playing blindfold tag or building free-form Lego sculptures to symbolize the values BigCorpInc, made a lick of sense. Most of them just shrugged and told people to get it over with, only a few – the real assholes – actually seemed to believe in the nonsense, or they were very good pretenders.

    It reminds me of Dalrymples dictum that tyrannical rules are designed to humiliate people by forcing them to mouth ridiculously false platitudes and thereby breaking their spirit.

    • Work today is like my college was, back around 1980. In college, I learned to regurgitate the professor’s thinking back to him, and then get on with things. In work today, we call the targets and goals “widgets”. Hit all the corporate widgets, and the rest of it is irrelevant to the powers-that-be. The widgets are designed to be doable for motivated people of about 85 IQ, for some strange reason…😉

    • Felix I think there’s a definite element of submission-signalling and humiliation involved. Something like 1/4 of the leadership class scores high on the Dark Triad.

      Lotta guys out there treating the job as a daily power and status struggle. And all of the women. Every single one.

      • Cats have to chase the mice. If there are no mice to chase, they’ll chase ping pong balls or a kid’s small toy. People need to play their “catch the mouse” game, too, and the power and status struggle becomes the expression of it.

        I am amazed how coddled Utopians simply eat up the superhero movies and the SF/fantasy themed medieval-tinged battles and fights genre. Note that, these days, most of them involve the women and POCs invoking mysterious, unexpected magic to win the battles. I try not to laugh out loud at it, when I am in the same room with it.

        • It is gonna be fun when lefties raised on Game of Thrones, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel decide to try their luck against men raised on the Iliad, Zulu, and High Noon.

          • Its gonna be more fun when lefties raised on Game of Thrones, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel decide to try their luck against men raised wherein Sicarrios, The Wire, and Narcos is their real everyday life.

      • And all of the women. Every single one.

        I considered adding something to that effect; during these behavioral modification experiments, there’d always be some Tracy Flick-types who absolutely reveled in every moment of it.

        I’ve mostly worked in male companies, back before corporate thought-policing really took off. The Traceys could make us bake the cake, but they couldn’t stop us from mocking them.

      • What the women are doing is sh*ttesting. They are supposed to do that. What they are are NOT supposed to do, is compete with men. B/c women will run off and complain to ‘the authority’ which men, rightly, consider unmanly. So it can NEVER be a fair competition.

  22. Being screamed at by people you don’t know is an important part of your formation as an adult, and definitely beats being screamed at by someone you do know (better my drill sergeant who only knew my last name, versus my old man when he was pissed). It teaches you two essential things. No matter what is going on outside of you, you have control over how you react (short of being literally tortured, perhaps, but even then there are some men it just makes stronger). 2nd, it teaches you to develop a strong self, a core that no outer force can touch, let alone break (see Ernst Jünger’s Anarch for an example). Kids who get told they can be whatever they want end up working in cubicles

    • It teaches you two essential things. No matter what is going on outside of you, you have control over how you react

      Just so. I once read an interview with some old, neocon war pig, who explained that if people could manipulate your emotional reactions with words, they had power over you – you had lost your personal agency and become a tool for others.

      • Stoicism is the tool men need. Best of all everything you need is public domain and easily had from bookstores or the Internet.

        Make every White man into a stoic and you’d have a hell of a society. You might even get a Marcus Aurelius out it.

    • Joey,

      Spot on. Coaches would yell but some lines were never crossed. My drill sergeants opened my eyes to a world where I was not the center of the universe, I was the sun and the moon only in my Mum’s eyes, and if they wanted they could kill me and hide the body for being such an immense f**kup (I believed this last one because I was a teenager). I learned these lessons but more importantly I learned to absorb them stoically.

  23. So like the Amish “boiling off” the rebels, are we going to evolutionarily adapt to become “software compliant”? Well, maybe not, if nobody is having sex. Wait, didn’t Huxley’s BNW have a way around that?

    • Oh our elite will try to do cloning no doubt about it. Society however including their intelligence and birth rates is declining too fast.

      That said maybe those Grey Aliens people claim to see are future people. God with machines, very advanced and no longer human (oh and dying off or so its claimed) .

      Frankly the future is just going to be a lot less people , lower tech and vastly more religious though the Amish Land Wars of 2250 or so will be unpleasant.

  24. Interestingly, my kids and their friends seem to sense that something is off about their world. I’ve mentioned to them that I’m glad I grew up before the internet and, especially, smart phones. I said that kids in my time had a freedom that they’ll never know. We just got on our bikes and rode around. We could get lost and find our back on our own – something not possible now. We talked to each other not knowing or caring what the world thought about what we were saying.

    To my shock, they agreed.

    • One of the things I tell my wife that I like about the town we live in – is that on occasion I see younger boys riding their bicycles around town – sometimes alone, sometimes in twos or threes.

      And they’re not wearing helmets.

      Makes me think not everybody is keeping their young male children in a padded cell and/or keeping the contained in the basement playing video games

    • I know it’s a boomerish thing to say, but I agree — glad I was young in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The internet is great for work, reading, research and entertainment but maybe not so much for personal growth and human interaction.

      Young people now often seem timid, brittle, disengaged. (And today’s wokey workplace is not going to help them out of their shell). When I went to college — at Mizzou, by the way! — kids wanted to have fun together, and getting along with a bunch of different people was a lesson as important as the classwork. Thank God no cellphones then — just one wallphone out in the dorm hallway.

  25. Because of my age I’ll be missing out on this ‘Utopia.’

    If I have this right, Big Tech will be working on robots to manage us rubes in the ‘workplace’ and then provide us ‘fetching’ robotic sexual partners to satisfy us at home after a hard days work. The next big technological leap will be these same female robots will be programmed to withhold sex until we fall in line with the correct thinking and behavior mandated by our rulers.

    Sort of like life…

    • I can’t give credit where due, but twenty some years ago I came across a joke about our future. It was relevant then. More so now. Something like…

      In the future every business will need only three things: a computer, a man, and a dog.

      The computer exists to run the business. It will have AI, be able to learn, make decisions, and run every aspect of the business autonomously.

      The man’s job is to feed the dog.

      The dog’s job is to keep the man from touching the computer.

      The end.

  26. This essay is so brilliant that I have nothing to add. Well, maybe one thing: increased diversity has also played a major role in the de-personalization of modern society. Multiculturalism motivates folks to isolate rather than connect with one another. But Zman certainly already knows that.

  27. The future belongs to those who show up. If whites and Asians fall to procreate due to their technology, their lands will be will be taken over by those who either shun that technology or cannot maintain it and thus continue to have children.

    Nature always finds a balance. I feel as though we’re at the very end of a period of history where things are got out of balance, and we’re about to see thing whip back the other way. Just a hunch.

    • The future is D and C climate zones inhabited by Amish farmers, B zones by Muslim goat-herders, and A zones by naked savages armed with pointy sticks.

  28. What did you dream?
    It’s alright, we told you what to dream

    I hate the dehumanizing aspects of social media and our (dis)connectivity. I have a group of male friends at work and many of them, unlike me, are single. Like many engineers, they are hopeless around women. They’re the kind of smart people who need to have kids, yet they were never taught how to interact with anyone, especially the opposite sex.

    I’m always counseling them to put down their phones and actually have a real conversation with a woman. Sometimes my cajoling works, other times it doesn’t.

    I ditched Facebook and didn’t miss it. Ditto for Twittter, where I was primarily a lurker.
    Social media gives people the gall to say things to others that they wouldn’t dare say to their faces. There’s something lost in online communication that people don’t realize they’re missing.

    I’m also a big believer in putting down my smart phone for long stretches. I feel more humanized by doing so.

    • I have a friend who was still a virgin at thirty. By some mysterious means, he had secured a date with a rather cute colleague, and being absolutely hopeless with women, he came to Uncle Felix for advice. I told him one thing:

      “Don’t make a pass on her, and call it a night before she does – be the one to decide when the date is over.”

      He was highly skeptical – Danish dating culture is, well, not really a culture as such. Sex on the first date is the default expectation, so giving up even before the game started, seemed like insanity to him. But since he’d had no luck with his own approaches, he gave it a try, and wham: the next day, the girl asked for a second date and today they’ve been married for twenty years – only one kid, though.

      Really cute girl too, smart, pleasant, looked a bit like Eowyn from the LOTR movie. I was actually kind of jealous.

        • It may seem like a trivial thing, but I’m sure that one would buy me a lot of credit, if I should ever end up before Saint Peter. Not only did I help him hook up good, but being a virgin was eating him up – one of the reasons he was bad with women. I truly believe I changed his life.

          Makes me happy every time I think of it.

        • Citizen –
          I really like that you clarify the difference between those two words.

          SO many times today, I hear the word “jealous” used, when really, the person is describing envy.
          (Neither are good, but envy is lower down on the scale of anger.)

        • My mother gave me great advice: never date a woman who wears her hair so that only one ear shows.

          I think, mutatis mutandis, today that would be blue hair.

    • I know a few men that, through divorce, are back dating in their 30s and 40s. When asked about that pursuit, they tell harrowing stories about what women are available at that age. These are men actually looking for committed relationships with a future. The have good incomes and aren’t bad looking fellows. One guy described online dating as arranging serial viewings of trainwrecks.
      My takeaway was that sex wasn’t a problem, that is often offered up by the second date… but the hubris, mental instability and emotional baggage of the women is staggering. Serial trainwreck guy said that while many of the women are attractive, politics seems to be a big sh*ttest for the girls. They want a standup traditional man, just not one with icky traditional beliefs. After the initial exhilaration of dating after a bad divorce, he now eschews hooking up with these women. “I don’t know, I mean, they’re good looking… but it’s just they’re kinda gross. I don’t want to feel gross, you know what I mean?”

      I’m pretty sure if I end up divorced, with these horror stories in mind, it’ll be off to a monastery for ol’ Penitent. I’ll make birdhouses or pick grapes for my keep.

      • Anthony Stralow is my hero. He had three kids for about $90,000, with zero risk of losing them in a divorce.

        Men need to just stay away from women until women start bringing something of value to the table.

        • Anthony Stralow is a gay man. So not really sure why heterosexual men should be looking up to him.

          But – I get your point. Because the method he used is applicable to straight men as well.

          Pretty sure it’s going to cost you a lot more than US $90,000 though to have three kids. Try more like $90k EACH.

          • So is Ricky Martin (sexiest man alive in 1998, had twin boys by surrogacy in 2008). Surrogacy services are advertised “for the gay community”, but you’re free to use them without performing any homosexual acts. People will just assume you’re gay and enthusiastically support your reproductive choices.

            If cost is a problem, you need to shop around outside the first world, like Stralow did. Even at $90,000 per child, it’s a lot cheaper than a divorce, and you get to keep the child.

      • I can back that up with what I’ve seen of women I know who have gotten divorced in their 40’s and 50s. I have the perspective of hearing the backstory from all the women that my wife knows who are in that situation.

        Two in particular that I know personally were quite attractive when they were younger – but the problem is that they’re now in their late 40s or 50s – and still seem to think that they’re 25 years old. They can’t fathom why they can’t ride out the rest of their lives purely on their looks.

        One in particular is a woman I’ve known since she was 18 (sister of a close friend’s wife). At 18 she was a smokeshow – which I took a pass on because I thought at the time that a 6 year age difference was going to be an issue. Time has proven the decision correct – as she is now divorced because even the looks couldn’t overshadow the stack of other issues there.

        These women don’t quite understand why their looks and their vagina aren’t getting them the results that they used to get. I explained it to my wife like this:

        “look – by age 45-50 most men’s testosterone is diminished, by their mid 50s it definitely is. You combine that with a few decades of being exposed to women – as well as hearing horror stories from their friends about women they know – and you are going to get a LOT of men who decide that the level of drama and pain these women generate isn’t worth the tingle in the dick they might give you – so they take a hard pass. Combine that with kids, and friends and hobbies as other ways to pass the time – and women who are a pain in the ass have a really hard uphill battle to fight to get men to put up with their shit on the same level those men might have when they were younger”

        Your friend who has been dating only knows the front these women are showing to him. If he actually had the intimate details into their lives – he’d see they’re probably many degrees worse than what he’s seeing.

        • He isn’t the only one I’ve talked to about this. I am in a high divorce-rate job field. Only one of these men I know seems to enjoy the dating-at-40+ thing… and that guy is a gaggle of baggage himself. My buddy is getting pretty good at sorting out the crazy and entitled gals… pulling the rip cord when the heebeejeebee vibe starts tingling. I wish he had your insight. He’s Argentinian from Irish stock and American women were already a bit mysterious to him. His ex was also from there. He asked me the other day, “What the f*** is wrong with the women here?” Like I’d know.

          • I wish Heartiste’s site was still online – because it’s the best black pill I’ve ever seen to get men to come to some understanding of what confronts them when dealing with females.

            Probably why it got shut down by the globohomo TPTB.

        • A man in his 50’s doesn’t have to settle for a woman in her late 40’s or 50’s. I’m 57, been married since I was 23, and occasionally get hit on by women in their late 30’s/early 40’s. One is the recently divorced mom of one of my son’s friends. My wife thinks it’s hilarious.

          • True JC. The options are there.

            Being hit on is an iceberg sighting. Just the tip. Or maybe it was just a whale. Many fish in the sea but the sun can play tricks. Mermaids and sirens and all that. Most men never even learned to swim.

            Life is full of options but options are just another way of saying trade-offs since they don’t really exist until exercised.

            A man’s options may increase with age – to a point, but that doesn’t mean most of those options are still in the money. So it is still about intrinsic value.

            But what do I know. I’m broke as a joke.

        • No matter how good looking a woman is, somewhere there’s a guy who’s tired of (doing) her.

  29. Technology undermines humanity. It makes people soft and obsolete. That’s why people are increasingly isolated, lazy, pathetic, and insufferable to deal with. It’s also why the technocrats despise us. We need less technology for humanity’s sake. Discipline won’t turn the tide, because people no longer have the discipline, if they ever did. Only a change in circumstances will.

    What we have is essentially a bunch of drug pushers (technocrats) who’ve gotten us hooked on their drug. Addicts usually have to hit bottom before they change— or they die.

        • Yes and for many people it’s no different than hitting the bottle or the bong. Starts out as a diversion, then a coping mechanism, then a way of life.

    • The ancient Mystery schools kept their technology and knowledge secret from the profane (pro fane – outside the temple) masses, because it was understood that they did not possess the requisite wisdom to use it responsibly. It is the same reason we don’t give 2 year olds loaded guns, or 13 year olds credit cards with no spending limit.

      The cosmic punishment (in the sense of Dante) for our abusing technology to evade personal responsibility and growth will be a stark degeneration until it is no longer possible to even maintain it, let alone create.

      The lesson that *should* be learned from this unfortunate chapter in human history is that technology should be restricted to those who are capable of disciplined wisdom, by degree.

  30. Also a little over a century ago, about 1900, most farms were much smaller, family-owned and the vast majority of the population worked in agriculture, so there was an extremely large population that effectively worked for no other man, but was held to account simply by the realities of the land and nature.

    The industrial factory and dock life described was not the reality for most of the population. Of course, many people were farm workers on other peoples’ farms, which amounts to the same thing.

      • I underestimated how fast things had been changing. It was 1880 since over half the population had been agricultural workers, but even in 1900 60% of the population was rural and operated around the needs and rhythms of agricultural life.

        “In 1900, just under 40 percent of the total US population lived on farms, and 60 percent lived in rural areas. Today, the respective figures are only about 1 percent and 20 percent. ”

        • That’s an interesting thing about rural areas: The acknowledgement of seasons. In my area, spring meant planting, summer was working in the fields, fall was harvest, winter was rest and fixing up the equipment. The pace of life ebbed and flowed with the seasons.

          Interestingly, the same holds true for college towns. And if you happen to grow up in a rural college town, each season has a very distinct feel.

        • Either way, most people were working for others. The industrial revolution, oddly enough did more to improve farming than anything else. Think about how many men were replaced with tractors and trucks.

          • I agree with your overall point. I just meant to add that there was also a strong strand of self-determination that has also been lost.

          • There’s no question about that. The flood of slaves after the defeat of Carthage and Corinth obliterated small farmers in the Roman Republic. Large land owners could replace their labor with slaves, given them a huge edge over small land owners. The result was a great consolidation and a great urbanization. It’s not a bad comparison for what happened in America with industrialization. A land of farmers and merchants became an land of workers and capitalists pretty quick.

          • When the hired help could be done more cheaply with “off the books” imported labor, that took a lot of blue collar and farming self-sufficiency off the table, right there.

          • Industrialization AND immigration. Flooding the labor market with cheap workers is always great for the capitalist. Well, at least until things turn into Venezuela.

  31. Purely anecdotal here, but:

    When I was a teen/early 20’s (the era of Bush the Younger), all the girls I interacted with had boyfriends. Sometimes they changed them as often as they did socks, but BF’s were something they always had.

    When I talk to women of that age group now, they’re all single. It’s not that they aren’t having sex, but none of them are in relationships. This absolutely blew my mind when I first became aware of it, but it fits with what we see in the larger society.

    • Yeah, fits into the statistics. Bottom 30% of men get nothing. Mid 30-40% get the scraps. Top 30-40% get everything.

      I’ve seen a fair number of decent looking men, dating very ugly girls, too. I guess they figure it’s better than nothing. Also, older childless women never self reflect on their life and promote being a whore to younger women. So it seems that SSRIs and boxed wine is enough to prevent them from breaking the cycle.

    • Its understandable as there isn’t much to gain in a relationship for men or women in this era.

      Men a loyal, kind feminine wife who will stay with them but many women have no interest in that till the thirties when they suddenly start to realize that they actually wanted a family and a husband

      Problem is men don’t want shopworn goods and thus we have our problems.

      No easy way to solve that in modernity alas.

  32. Yes, we are well on the road to morphing into an insect-like drone culture (or sheeple herd if you prefer). The cloud people cannot disarm us without triggering a revolution, so the next best thing is insidious indoctrination (via cell phones/internet addiction) leading to homogenization of mind and body. But to succeed, these tech overlords must remain in the shadows. The good news is that they are relatively few and fragile. Remedy is feasible and necessary to save mankind.

    • If the gov wants to disarm us, it will almost certainly go over without much of a hitch. After much kvetching, bitching, protesting and letter writing, most will comply and most of the rest will disobey quietly and give up a few token guns while hiding the rest. A tiny fraction will be in open defiance and get arrested at an opportune time, such as going into or leaving work. Maybe double digits will refuse to give up the guns and put on a show before either surrendering or getting shot.

      Even if they managed to get a Bundy Ranch style hold-out going, the government can hold out longer. The weight of hundreds of people dying will be on the shoulders of the new Bundy and the feds. But the standoff cannot go on forever. The feds can back down and everyone goes home, Bundy and his closest allies get arrested or shot on the side of the road later as happened with the Bundy stand-off.

      Until I see it, I will never believe that people who pride themselves on being law abiding citizens and tax payers will shoot a cop in the face while being called a white-supremacist terrorist.

      Not only that, but they have more or less moved in lock-step with every other new rule of society. Their daughters have been turned into purple haired whores and freaks and these men have not only not complained, but financed it all. These are the same men who now wait in line to be photographed with a based black man to prove how not racist he is or re-tweets some Jewish skank pretending to be a MAGA chick. It is just one big giant dysfunction.

      But the biggest problem is you need to be willing to fight for something other than the right to keep a gun. If you’re not willing to fight for anything except the gun, what is the point of having them in the first place?

      • Firearms are for hunting and personal protection, and not for violent revolt. Do not fall into that trap. The Cloud People want to foment war and decimation between Patriots and LEOs in order to pave the way for jackboot repression. If you think that most citizens are going to quietly turn in their guns, you need to get off the wacky tabacky. Ain’t gonna happen.

        • If you take violent revolt completely off the table, there is little point to having the gun, at least politically.
          The cops will follow orders. They are beating and pepper-spraying old women. Spray and pray is now a police tactic. Police are pulling out their guns and emptying magazines for reasons that would have had them imprisoned in the past.

          Cops are behaving like an occupying military force. Watch this video:

          They rip the doors off a guy’s house and put a giant hole in the house looking for a possible “secret room” all for a small bag of pot. They think this so so normal and so acceptable, that they allowed themselves to be filmed doing it for TV!

          Cops throwing a woman on the ground, ripping her clothes off and stripping them and body cavity searching them, all on the side of the road, is now fairly commonplace and totally not illegal.

          Police are now covering their faces in public! SWAT teams wearing masks specifically to hide their identity, is now a common thing in America.

          Cops do what they are told. No “Patriot” would ever survive in a police unit. Same with FBI, ATF, CIA, DHS and all the other police organizations that would be involved with a supposed fight between the “Patriots” and the state.

          But don’t worry, I don’t think the alleged patriots would do anything no matter what the cops do to them.

          • I would hazard that these examples are exceptions and not the rule. Unacceptable exceptions, but outliers nevertheless. You may be correct, particularly in blue hives, but in rural setting less so. I have no qualms about blue hives disarming themselves.

          • If these were rare and unacceptable exceptions, they wouldn’t put it on TV and brag about doing it. They would also be sent to prison or at least fired. But what makes these things so offensive is that the cops are almost always cleared no matter what they do.

            If you really want to see the everyday banality of cops acting a fool, check out Rick Gore’s channel called Good Luck America. 30 years police experience. Channel used to be called “think like a cop” He explains what is going through the mind of a cop when they do X or at least how it will later be justified. He calls them out when they are “earning the hate”

          • Agreed. There are lots of bad cops. There also tens of thousands of cops. I’ll buy into demilitarizing the police, and I’d like to see the end of blanket indemnity. It simply hasn’t been my experience that this is a massive problem in the percentages.

          • After some surgery I spent some time binge-watching cop shows.
            Without exception they were blatant attempts to normalize levels of brutality and totalitarianism that was unthinkable fifty years ago.
            Some 15-20 years ago I saw some of a series called “24” which went to great lengths to show how morally upright and torn the individuals were who perpetrated torture were and hoe necessary it was “to protect us”.

            Just how successful this was was confirmed when the Senate confirmed as head of the CIA some bint who loudly advocated torture and admitted taking part in it herself.

            The country is fucked up beyond belief.

          • Hive folk don’t have many guns but Hispanics here in Cali certainly do and don’t give a crap about the law . Neither do the Blacks

            Rebel Right Whites do but they won’t obey gun laws past a point nor will Antifa at least some of them were amusingly marching on the pro gun side

            You certainly can disarm hive folk but they don’t matter.

            In the end, the only things preventing a bugaloo are President Trump. the Rights awareness of the cost and a lack of hunger for power. Leave me alone is rarely enough for that sort of thing.

          • Bile,

            You are on to something there. So reframe it. How do Ours become both the police, and more importantly, the paymasters?

            That’s where community building comes into play. A single step is the first…

          • Absolutely though a lot of rural cops will not comply with gun laws , c.f Virginia

            Even now there are lots of areas usually controlled by gangs. where its too dangerous for police to operate for the most part.

            If everything fails Y/T is fundamentally going to have to adapt the same mentality and put aside our craving for large scale order.

            Its doable, Southey used to be somewhat like this as are and were White areas of Chicago but getting order obsessed Germanics to act like ethnics will be tricky at first.

            This will also have the unfortunate side effect of making the US a 3rd world country. Oh well. Its headed there anyway and a hollow state allows ruthless actors to take power

            The other option is allowing the union to break into smaller nations ala Kurt Schlichter’s Indian country and than over time conquering the other nations or replacing the current power base and repatriating some 40 million or more people.

            I’d rather find a nice legal solution ballots not bullets but no idea if that is possible. Its worthy trying for now though because the other options are very bad.

      • I disagree. Thus far registration and bans have had almost no compliance in the US .More importantly the people interested in arms aren’t the autistic tech heads but the more reality based people.

        This includes plenty of millennial people (now as old as 39 BTW!) and younger.

        That said long term this society is toast. Tech heads don’t have babies, no people, no society . Bringing in lower IQ types won’t work as they not only can’t sustain the society but often as not decline tot he same fertility level.

        Hispanic TFR in the US is around 2 or lower so in the long term, they too will cease to be around

        That said the thing lacking is will to power and a real plan to manage this complexity. In some sense we are blocked by assuming liberty is the way to go rather than tradition and authority.

        This is changing but IMO here the general consensus now and the lesson learned is we need to organize and that there is only a sliver before the Left has to go by any means necessary. Blame Virginia for that if you like but someone turned the water on the frog pot to boil and the frogs are hopping mad,.

        The trick is to figure out “If I when (and this could be electoral here) than what?” . That isn’t yet a thing and won’t be till after Trump a bit

      • If the gov wants to disarm us, it will almost certainly go over without much of a hitch<

        There will be a few tussles and deaths and a lot of hysteria. I don’t see the ‘great insurgency’ happening though (I could be wrong about that). But I would expect that a lot of people would start burying and otherwise hiding guns and ammo. I would imagine that in a place like Australia, quite similar to the US in many important ways, but w hyper hysterical gun control, they will keep finding shotguns and rifles wrapped in blankets in old attics and barns over the next many decades. It would be similar in the US.

        • There are rather large differences in the psyche of Americans and Aussies. A few Aussies were annoyed by the gun ban as they don’t precisely see it as a right, Americans are seriously angry at much less.

          Nothing much will happen with Trump in office though unless there is gun confiscation.

          However it doesn’t take a large insurgency to make things hell for the establishment and there are not only more possibles but they are better armed and trained and can actually get at the political class, unlike say the IRA who couldn’t easily get at Parliament.

          However no sane person wants this so nothing will happen for some time, thank God.

  33. Passivity in especially young white men is a problem. Dependency upon tech, especially automated step-by-step applications, are also making the end-users dumber and dumber. No one has to think a step or a few steps ahead, no one has to work out detail plans before they begin some project, no one has to sweat out a solution to an unforeseen problem because the machine will spoon feed one to you, and on and on…

    At some point automation won’t be enough to keep things going. Too many people will be too passive and too dumb to perform even basic upkeep on an infrastructure built by a different species. At that point “wigger” will no longer be an analogy, it will be a fact.

    • I have to correct Sainted Mum all the time when she extoles the amazing skills of the grandkids’ with her smart phone. “These kids today are so great with technology!”

      “No Mum, they are great at navigating the user interface with your apps. They are great little consumers of the product, they have no idea how it actually works.”

    • As a “consultant” I run into this a lot. I often have to spend more hours learning and managing a project management software interface than I do actually performing work. Because without the interface the work does not exist.

      The amount of time spent cataloguing and massaging these proprietary systems is some multiple of the time spent actually directing intellect, ingenuity, creativity, and strategy into the supposed problem at hand.

      Hence the money to be made in SaaS i reckon.

      The old cliche “think outside the box” is just a cruel joke for is genx’ers now. For most, work does not exist if it is not properly uploaded, tagged, and scheduled in the matrix.

      Just like their lives outside the cube.

      I have given up expecting anyone to do anything that is not explicitly part of the process on the screen.

      But I do find my lolz where I can. Like when an oxford comma is omitted and the whole thing goes tilt. The sperg is real.

      Stacking efficiency creates fragility. This seems to be a universal trait of modernity.

      For a system this presents inherent risks of course but our systems are also short-time preference machines covered in facades of long-term strategy.

      One of the best grifts of tech just that. The futurism fetish creates a massive blind spot.

      The real problem isn’t the fragile system of machines, but rather the fragile nature of modern people. A car tire goes flat and meltdowns ensue.

      Snowflakes may be unique, but they all end up the same when heat is applied.

  34. Rush’s 2112 came out back in 1976, before people had computers in their homes or there was such a thing as the big tech companies or social media:

    We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you read, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eye

    It’s one for all, none for one
    We work together common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why

    We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    Look around this world we’ve made
    Equality our stock and trade
    Come and join the brotherhood of man
    Oh what a nice contented world
    Let the banners be unfurled
    Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand

    We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    It was inspired by Ayn Rand’s even older Anthem

    • I wore the vinyl out on that album. Poor Getty Lee, can you imagine how hard it must’ve been for him to wrap Peart’s lyrics into the music? Great stuff.

    • It’s no wonder so many rock critics (mostly leftists) hated Rush. Another example of the disconnect between the “sophisticated” elites and us regular folks. Rush were wildly popular and filled arenas with their rabid fans.

  35. One of the best essays you’ve published. As an extroverted GenXer, it is practically impossible for me to talk or flirt or banter with Millennials. They are ALL nerds. From Bart Simpson to Milhouse in one generation. For someone like me, it’s incredibly alienating.

    • Also Gen-X here and this is so true. Just the pleasant little banter that you have with people you cannot have with these people. They look uncomfortable and then look back at their phone

      • I have become an odd antiquarian. I have the ingrained habit of calling other adults Sir, Miss or Ma’am. I’ve found through experience, particularly with men, you get good results. The honorific will usually engender mutual respect, or the man will rise to the politeness or you know you are dealing with a clod if they don’t.

        A couple of months ago I had to have a small group of late teen/early 20ish men move as a group. “Gentlemen, please move over there.” I got bewildered immobility. Thinking they hadn’t heard me… “Men, I need you to move 30 feet over to there, please.”

        Finally, sheepish compliance accompanied with tittering and giggling. They had heard me. The confusion was with addressing them as gentlemen and men. Tittering and giggling. My skin crawled and my heart sank a little.

        We have to do better.

    • As a parent of a 19-year-old I’ll say you probably aren’t meeting the “normal” old-fashioned ones. My son played lots of sports, is a gym-rat, and has many friends with the same interests. I know lots of his friends – none of them are “woke” and few of them have any desire to work in a corporate office.

      • I meet those kids also and it is always a pleasure to talk to them but that used to be the norm and now you never know if you’re going to encounter one

      • I do not dispute your son’s virtue; what I dispute is that he and his friends are the norm. I live in NYC right now in a Millennial neighborhood. They are basically autistic. In fact, you will notice how being an “aspy” and a nerd are now labels they want! The trend toward autism in particular is horrifying.

        • Sure they do. Can you imagine being a young white man in the dystopia with no claim to membership in a protected class? If you don’t want to be gay, you have no choice but autism.

      • Drake,

        Similar experience. Sports seems to help roind out the young men. They are pushed, cajoled and encouraged by older men in organized sports. This gives them an interface with men. In addition, through sports they are actually living in their bodies, not just using them as a means of locomotion for their brains and sensory organs.

        • I even used to take him to the gun club’s Friday night youth shooting classes. While the coaches were working on their marksmanship, I could shoot the breeze with the other senior shitlords.

  36. Charles Stross wrote a couple of novels about a future where humanity goes extinct out of indifference. In “Saturn’s Children” the main character is a self-aware sex-android with nobody left to have sex with.

    • TJ Bass, in his two great “The Godwhale” books, tells us of the Hive.

      Forgotten classics from the 70s, absurdly fun, extremely hard SF.
      The characters casually speak like big-dome scientists, yet are unaware that Hive denizens carry their own clouds of midges, gnats, and fleas.

      Also, Kage Baker predicts our mindless Woke master class of her glorious Company series, in “The Life of the World to Come”.
      Probably the liveliest, most appealing SF out there, for both girls and boys.

      (Doomed orphans throughout time are taken, made into immortal cyborgs, to wait and steal away treasures that would be lost to disaster. ‘Highlander’ on steroids.)

  37. I’ve noticed that many of my clients teenage children have zero interest in driving. Can you imagine? Even now driving is the greatest freedom to me.

    Also, one of the genius writers at the New York Times wrote an article saying Jane Austen wrote Dracula. It’s not just that that was hilariously wrong, its that they couldn’t even bother to check their facts. That’s where we are, ‘I think it’s so it must be true.’

    Here’s another. The new Doctor Who is going to be a black woman, yay diversity, in the article and I’m paraphrasing someone said “well the original audience for the original Star Trek was mostly women and LGBT.”

    • Or P. It’s a running joke among cops that every time they raid the home of a pedophile, it’s full of Star Trek merchandise.

    • “Also, one of the genius writers at the New York Times wrote an article saying Jane Austen wrote Dracula.”

      Hell you think that’s bad? Look up the articles where they try to “prove” that Albert Einstein stole his physics theories and work from his wife.

    • Re: driving — That’s been the case for about 20 years now. Driving doesn’t have the same appeal for young people that it did for Boomers and early GenX. It’s more expensive now, and with less stable employment available and just the fact that young people have less “adult responsibilities” overall, it’s simply not as important.

      Not to mention online activities have mostly replaced cruising with your friends.

  38. I’ll blame a lot of it on the feminization of the workplace and the 60’s-70’s sexual revolution. Add on the 90’s movement towards everyone is a winner and you have today.

    First, the only way a female workplace can operate is with exact rules. Otherwise it becomes an emotional train wreck. Add it that after spending all day with women, a lot of guys are happy to have some time away from them and you start to see a lot of the isolation.

    Second, the sexual revolution destroyed the standards and mores of dating. If you don’t know the rules, and with dating guys need rules, most guys won’t play. They don’t want to be the PUA jerks. So, what’s left?

    Finally, the anti-bullying and self-esteem nonsense has made it impossible for younger people to handle criticism. Anecdote, my daughter go a mild reprimand from one of the doctors. A co-worker her age was stunned my daughter wasn’t in the corner crying or complaining about how unfair it was. Daughter simply said the doctor had a point and life isn’t fair.

    • The “sexual revolution” was one of the most destructive things to ever happen to us. Most of it was being pushed by weirdos and freaks, especially in academia. Had the alleged right not been taken over by weirdos in the same time frame, they could have worked to put it back in the bag early on, like in the 70s.

    • “Add it that after spending all day with women, a lot of guys are happy to have some time away from them and you start to see a lot of the isolation.”

      This is true, I’m sick of women generally. Fortunately, I’ve been married for over a decade and don’t have to date, but I feel sorry for those who do.

    • Men needing excuse the expression “male only spaces” is a normal thing whether it be Men Hut, bar or Bund. Its only recently that we’ve tried to pathologize this , mainly I’d guess to control men.

      Well its worked decently well with the handy side effect of basically starting the end of civilization through lack of interest or ability to sustain it and these days (possibly lowest fertility ever) not even being interested in family formation or child bearing.

      In fairness as our host noted once machines got to a certain point, male utility declines and lower utility means lower status and lower pay thus reducing male participation to another degree.

      Frankly since its not like most men can accomplish anything of real value these days , it makes a lot of sense to just play games or watch vids and porn.

  39. I’m good with the tech too. I retain emails and electronic time management records like a demon, and never operate behind closed doors. You never know what an emotional snowflake or devious femcnut will accuse you of. I actually got accused of bullying employees when I promised a customer I’d make some things right that they screwed up. Seriously – I got written up and the whole nine yards.

    I told HR to FOAD, called the CEO with the details and asked him if we needed to lawyer up. He just smiled, told me to relax and he’d make the corrections and HR toads go away. Most corporations confine the vibrant SJWs and diverse to the lower echelons for dirt people to deal with. Up in the boardroom, contrary to the usual suspects… white men wont put up with it. If you DO see diversity at that level… you’d better start looking for a new job.

    • There hasn’t been much worse for the work force than the enormous expansion of the HR department. Overwhelmingly staffed by women, completely useless for productivity and generally a huge pain in the ass that specializes in making rules requiring you to hire more HR staff.

  40. A just machine to make big decisions,
    Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision,
    We’ll be clean when their work is done,
    We’ll be eternally free yes and eternally young.

  41. I kept reading waiting for an Eloi reference.

    Being self employed most of my working life I miss a lot of what you say here. I did work a union job early on and I had to deal with sometimes surly foremen.

    I know someone who just got hired as a supervisor over stock pickers at a state liquor warehouse. Well it’s also union so no type of control or admonishment can be given. Just a nanny, who by the way has to clean up any breakage or mishaps by the retards. Pay is good, so there is that. Notice I didn’t mention the racial breakdown?

      • I’m surprised Auster isn’t talked about more here. I used to read his blog everyday and he was a big influence on me. I’m currently reading the book that just came out containing his collected writings, “Our Borders, Ourselves: America in the Age of Multiculturalism.” He passed away in 2013, and is one of those guys like Sam Francis, where you’d love to hear his take on things today.

        • I was an Auster reader and often commented on his postings. We sometimes disagreed, but I credit him with my evolution from a very naive civnat and (I admit with shame) neocon symp to something like a d-rightist. His writing was elegant and, insofar as you accepted his premises, soundly logical.

          The poor man saw just about his every idea rejected in the larger political realm. He had followers but otherwise zero influence. Yet he never gave up, never diluted his messages in attempting to find safety and win favor. Whatever else can be said about Auster, there is no denying his moral courage.

  42. A powerful, sobering piece. I’m tempted to print it up and slip copies covertly into the boxes of my colleagues. I teach at a small private school in the rural South, and even in that relatively conservative environment I’m witnessing some of these trends. Students are completely disengaged–why learn about history when they have thousands of games at their fingertips? We couldn’t even bring a Game Boy to school. It’s interesting to note that many teachers are now requiring students to take notes with a pen and paper.

    You’re doing yeoman’s work, Z Man. God Bless.

    • Note-taking is a huge plus, a natural antidote to the electronic dyslexia we suffer from phones and computers. You retain much more information in a meaningful, organized and useful state after taking notes by hand. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t reported better results when making detailed handwritten notes, from kids raised on cellphones to guys my age who grew up without computers etc.. Homeschoolers & tutors of the future should keep this in mind. Retention and comprehension from screens is spotty by comparison.

    • I’d also suggest having kids (all of us, really) use the old outline method for writing a paper. These days, people just start writing without taking some time to organize their thoughts. Back in the day, if you wanted to change around the contents of a paper, you literally had to re-write the damn thing. It was a pain. As a result, before you ever started typing, you organized your notes and worked out a detailed outline.

      This benefit of this was a paper with a clear thesis and supporting evidence that flowed together in a coherent way. If you don’t go through that process, the paper is just a jumble ideas and facts. Make kids write a detailed outline before they start typing a paper.

      • I agree with that, Citizen.
        And to add perspective: apart from home-schooled children or children who have anti-technology parents (bless them), it’s nearly impossible to attempt this goal in a modern-day gubmit school classroom.
        Even the way the kids are [not] taught to properly hold a pencil is scary.

    • Atrophy may indeed kill us.

      Being that we are physical beings it shouldn’t be so novel to think that exercising physical connectivity and the associated feedback loops is essential to becoming a thriving being – and people.

      Yet I suspect that not so far off “studies” like the ones we see today will drag out long understood truths as novel discoveries thanks to groundbreaking ¡science!

      But instead of affirming our position in the physical world these studies are more anthropological, like passing tributes to what has been lost in favor of a life of perpetual buffering known as progress.

      Truth, it seems, is only allowed to exist in the rear-view mirror. Which is one of the most obvious signs of the grand inversion.

      Ignoring the truths of our visceral nature is central theme of progress, which is largely about comforts of buffering from the discomforts of our physical existence.

      A life based on buffering from friction is not priming to create more life.

      An old and wise college prof used to say “friction is life”. Whether it is the wind across water, the fetch of a wave’s past, or the crude imagery of two complimentary sex organs, without friction there can be no life in this world.

      Even rather rote physical connections like putting actual pens to paper has power (and value) that we still don’t fully understand, yet have been quick to dismiss.

      Writers know how the act of writing actually does something. Just as lovers understand how eye contact is uncomfortable upon first meeting but something quite different when that discomfort gives way and flesh meets flesh.

      This beautiful symmetry of discomfort and comfort, conflict and resolution, and friend and foe, are all borne from a physical process that is being plowed under because of its roots in hatefacts and archaic, anti-progressive heresy.

      Luckily the soothing touch screen of technology is here to guide us.

      Altering the ways in which our bodies come into contact with each other and our environs is bound to set things in motion that cannot be replicated by the best of our machines.

      And in some twisted irony we are becoming hives of people, more densely concentrated than ever before, yet all this proximity is so heavily buffered from friction that we end up sterile.

      Watching children too young to make words spread their fingers onto every black screen they encounter is a glimpse of the coming future. But do we know what we are leaving behind?

      Handfuls of earth and observations of a bug transiting the sidewalk certainly still exist. But somewhere between that moment and two young adults ignoring each other in favor of swiping screens filled with avatars of imagined secret kings and queens, that innate desire to get dirty, to be curious – even ornery, is lost.

      A screaming boss is as foreign to them as some extinct butterfly from their youth.

      So we seem to be departing the world of flesh, without out next shells ready, without understanding what we are trading, and while indulging the most base remnants of our feelz in pleasure chambers and escape fantasies, with actual human contact declining lockstep.

      Maybe the separation we speak of will be ushered in along another axis.

    • you are doing god’s work too tyler . I wrecked my retirement to send my brood to private religious ed,. our pub schools are max pozzed . They are adults now , and I feel like I got my money’s worth and would do it again.
      Men like yourself who go into teaching for the right reasons and a great asset.

      • They took everything good and flamed it out on the boomers. Marriage, family, sex, real estate, the real economy, art, music, etc. Turned up to 11 and all toast now. Not even boomers’ fault, except not knowing better. They were told it all belonged to them, do with it what you will. Free the individual from reality and so on.

          • 90% of the fuckups in my life are of my making. It’s the price you pay for agency.
            The others are just freebies.

          • You’re talking to a millennial about unfair criticism. It’s something we know quite a lot about.

            Millenials have so much agency it’s sick. Many of us actually think our thoughts and actions affect the whole world. It makes a person neurotic and stunts emotional development.

            I’ve let go of that. Hence I make or read general statements without intending or taking them personally. If I offend that’s why. Seems healthier overall to call what I see.

    • The awkwardness is a factor in the lowered sexual interest, but so is the “poundmetoo” phenomena, and I am willing to bet, the increase of soy in the diets.

      • Lower T certainly is an issue but you’d assume that places like Europe where people are slender , walk a lot and soy isn’t a huge thing would have higher fertility rates . Its basically the same everywhere in the developed and mostly developed world including Asia where soy is only eaten in its healthy form (tofu and its ilk) and has been for centuries without ill effect.

        AIUI the pill is a huge problem. For clarity I’m pro birth control and tepidly pro abortion but the pill screws up hormonal biology and the scent cues women use to mate. They become attracted to inappropriate men and this makes for bad babies and fracked up relationships.

        If the Dissident Right gets power IMO here the pill needs to go. Other forms of birth control? Fine. No hormonal contraception period.

          • This is the conservative “porn is icky” instinct rearing its head not a thought out policy.

            Its irrelevant as far as society goes since porn has little to do with fertility rates. It may reduce rape as well

            Its net “bad” effect is bad ideas about sex and maybe a few marginal men opting out

            The impotence risk is questionable.

            I personally think for some people harder and harder porn leads to escalation to get a dopamine rush but how many people is in question

            Porn existed in the commonly in the 70’s certainly , in semi mainstream theater films and grotty stores but it seems to have had no effect on the total fertility rate which hit 1.8 in 1973 . It went mainstream on DVD in the 90’s, same TFR

            It was everywhere by the early to mid 2k period, same fertility rate.

            Porn laws vary everywhere and its at least partially restricted in many parts of Europe and Asia and the TFR is the same.

            Its basically illegal in China and the TFR there is at an all time low.

            Frankly there is as far as I am concerned no real way to increase fertility to a high level and no society needs to try unless the TFR drops below 1.6 or so.

            Its possible with economics and patriotism to goose it a bit but thus far no one has managed above replacement. Russia went from 1.3 to 1,7 which is impressive but its not possible for them or anyone else to get to 2.1

            This is because urban societies (and the US is 80% urban) should normally reduce population do to crowding and cost factors even when disease doesn’t cull people.

            Humans like all other critters have a social and technical carrying capacity and we’ve all exceeded both, social carrying capacity especially

            The smarter people will gradually reduce population and this will reduce the havoc that will ensue from the inevitable collapse.The dummies will suffer and in the long term, less really is more.

            What is incumbent is long term thinking and homogeneity, the 1dst will enable the system to adapt to a slow moving problem and to accept it and the later is obvious to all here.

            You have those, you’ll be fine.

            And note nearly everyone is in the same boat even Mexico so other than Europe’s Africa issues , its remedied with a “no immigrants for short term gains” policy and some repatriation.

            The nations TFR might bump up a bit but longest term, the US population will decline to a socially manageable and sustainable level maybe a hundred million or so

          • Yves,

            Agreed. Shut it down. I dont know if it will help the TFR. Don’t care. It will help delegitimize that vortex of lost souls. It will lessen the coarseness of our society. (((They))) profit but it’s Our marginal kids drawn into the porn racket, not theirs. Our youth shouldn’t be their sex toys. Dont believe me, threaten to shut it down and watch all those fine *fellow white* lawyers from the ACLU come crawling over each other to defend it, when they can’t seem to find the time to defend the “civil liberties” of a single depersoned dissident.

            Burn it down. And when a certain type of lawyer shows up make sure to point out the similarities.

          • As I said the Conservative revulsion reflex in play.

            Truth is unless you shut off the Internet shutting down the porn industry would require a political consensus that doesn’t exist not to mention a totalitarian state being imposed on a lawless well armed population that likes the stuff.

            Older folks may not see that porn has been ubiquitous and fully mainstream for at least three decades and is used by nearly everyone male and female.

            Assuming 13 is the age of first interest , no one under I don’t know 35 remembers a world without porn everywhere and by the time the Dissident Right can get into power, the youngest will be old enough to get a senior discount.

            Porn is so widespread enough that Canada tried do a study of college kids some years back before smart phones and asked for non porn users and could find basically none.

            Frankly I get the impulse but a lot of people are not interested in your theocratic leanings and aren’t going to cooperate.

            Hell Run DMC was charged with obscenity in Florida way back in 1990 and it was laughed out of court by the jury.

            The job of the Dissident Right isn’t morality anyway , Its not a front group for Christianity . Its demography , trade and functional laws,

            Part of being functional means that laws that create huge amounts of social friction with low compliance unless absolutely necessary are to be avoided as the make functional respected government harder to attain

            This means you’ll probably have legal weed and porn and a lot of things that aren’t great maybe even legal hookers and the neo puritan leanings of some just aren’t going to be treated as legitimate.Regulation not

            All that aside, the porn industry is shrinking anyway. Too many players, too much free stuff and less profit to be had. It won’t vanish but its not going to be like it was when Kink could just by the San Fran armory. Its back to smaller players

            Over time its even possible that morals will shift enough that it will basically vanish anyway.

          • (((They))) made it, (((they peddle it))), (((they))) even give it away for free. And as PM pointed out above, try to limit it and (((their)))Talmudists show up in leagues to defend it.

            I don’t need to know anything else.

          • So, I think we should invest heavily in rocket technology. Other worlds, not all our eggs in one basket sort of thing… shall we eschew that as well because the NDSAP tinkered with rockets?

            No true Scotsman…

          • AB Prosper

            It goes beyond “theocratic leanings.” It is possible to declare something a detriment to society and do away with it (or inhibit it) without being a bible-thumper. I give you seat belt laws, smoking indoors, etc. The word n****r was still bandied around in public when I was a kid.

            My concern goes beyond Godliness. I worked for a couple of years in television and movies as a support consultant. It is a not-at-all hidden fact that the big money behind porn is the tribe and support services are like a little cottage industry with them. I knew one family where mom and older son worked behind the scenes in production and mom took the 12 year old to a porn convention where he garnered autographs. They definitely gave off the vibe of “we make a living doing this… we dont DO this.”

            I had two female friends, one I knew from Middle School, that became entangled in that industry. Both were essentially fatherless. One abandoned by her Dad and the other whose father all but abandoned her for a career in the diplomatic service. Both were highly intelligent, lovely young white women, and desperate for male attention. Despite vastly different backgrounds they both ended up using drugs and mutilating themselves with shaved heads, complete body tattoos and pounds of metal body piercings. That industry sucked these vulnerables up and spat out bitter husks unable to have anything resembling a normal relatuonship.

            I realize you can outlaw, say, child pornography and it will still occur. At least it is vastly contained and punished when detected. Placing the porn industry on the same footing will do the same. If these same vulnerables cannot easily find their way to it then maybe we save some of Our young. I realize they may be damaged and find other pitfalls but that’s one big one that can be avoided if Shlomo or Tyreese aren’t waiting around the corner in broad daylight waving $100 bills.

            Okay, I’ll buy that some in the dissident right may not be interested in morality. How about legality protecting Our people? Shall whatever we build from the ashes be cool with bad policies that encourage drug addiction, a toxic physical environment, generational poverty, excessive drunkenness, spousal abuse, general criminality, incest because, hey, at least we are all white? If so I give you the utopia known as Appalachia.

            I’ll not be disingenuous. My primary concern is the lost souls. Neck and neck is the concern for my people. I’ve seen first hand what this does to our kids and it sickens me. I’ll not hide that I hate, yes absolutely hate, the moneymakers behind this. They aren’t just evil, they are irredeemably wicked. Our young men and women are their primary focus. They have no interest in pushing their own into this thing’s gaping maw. Have you ever seen Israeli women? Many are quite lovely. You dont see them being drawn into the industry. They aren’t recruited. Actively shooed away from it is more accurate.

            Sorry if this response is excessive. It strikes near to me and raises my hackles. You make valid points, but I believe it can and should be done.

          • No apology needed at least to me.

            Seat belt and smoking laws are part of the problem and the N word isn’t enforced by the State.

            As a counter example, its illegal to talk on phones or to use weed while driving, both crimes are ubiquitous around here.

            As far as those girls, the key failure there wasn’t porn but lack of fathers. Hell I saw a joking sign on a strip club that said “Thank goodness for single moms” the fact that people can have sex for money isn’t the issue. Its lack of intact families.

            Job one of the DR is going to be figuring out how to get the unwed pregnancy rate down to near zero.

            I do not know how to do that without gutting the TFR. Keep in mind Whites only here if you zero the out of wedlock rate your TFR is 1 per family.

            If you count divorces, maybe lower.

            So less than half the number of children you need,

            That must be fixed before worrying about dirty pictures

            And the worst part, while the law can be changed and the welfare system gutted this may not work since widespread celibacy is socially fine now.

            And no you aren’t turning off the Internet. This will get your movement removed

            Your guys have to increase prosperity or they are toast

            The DR must avoid the Leftist idea of “we MUST do this.” and concentrate on “this is what we CAN do effectively.” if they want results

            There isn’t any evidence that a DR hold on power would be anything but tenuous .

            You get into power, its your responsibility and you get the blame.,

            If people are unhappy than if you won by elections somehow, they boot you. If it was by a revolution, they shoot you

            Well unless you disarm them than your guys shoot you. for betraying revolutionary values.

            A last thing, No Pogroms. Period, I shouldn’t have to tell you why this is stupid.

          • The public use of the N word is largely socially unacceptable except when blacks use it. While not illegal it has become almost tantamount to social suicide. Yes, seat belt laws and smoking are sometimes flaunted but the majority of folks adhere to them.

            The fault of childporn probably lies with adult family constructs as well, but it is curtailed.

            Nope, you can’t shut the internet down but you can so stigmatize and delegitimize the porn industry that new production will be forced deep underground. Far enough that those vulnerable to it will have a hard time stumbling upon it. I know first hand that when a new meth dealer sets up in my neck of the woods that more kids show up high. Minimize that.

            I think you misread me. I dont think porn is the cause of our problem. It is a thread woven into the larger societal problems.

            Pogroms. I dont recall calling for one. Pointing out to Ours that another group is a predatory threat, yes. That has the dual effect of warning Ours from the threat and unifying Ours through the pertinent fact of pointing out the hostile Other.

            It is okay to attack on multiple fronts, actually it is preferable (see Progressives for evidence). It’s better to enlist allies than maintain a purity sphere. I’d rather engage the foe with a coalition of Christians, blue collar workers, pagans, socialists, rednecks, NRA types, veterans and Mormons than bring along a tiny but dogmatically orthodox cohort.

        • I like Captain Capitalism’s idea of males getting snipped. (And it’s reversible, I am told.)
          Then the crazy women out there today cannot point to a man and say “you are the babydaddy.”
          His idea is for men (in this crazy day & age) to take back some of their control.
          And it’s physical, rather than chemical (like The PIll), so theoretically it doesn’t mess with the hormone factor in men. (But I’m not a biologist, so take it all with a grain of salt.)

          Just thought his idea was a cool one, for the men to take back control.

          • There are many undesirable effects of MGTOW.
            I get the motivation of “keep away from crazy women”. But the problem is not that women are crazy, because they are not. The root problem is that modern society makes (some) women crazy and pressures all women toward acting crazy.

            MGTOW is a suboptimal and ultimately self-defeating strategy. “Oh look, someone keeps contaminating the wells. Well, I’m going to not drink water.” That’s MGTOW. Not drinking water works, for a while. But the better solution is to drink from the uncontaminated wells, and to hunt down and stop the bastards spreading the filth.

          • Women are not water and men can live full lives without them or children.

            if anything they are a burden as Francis Bacon noted

            He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.

            MGTOW is not just “drop out” its go own way and that can be anything from video games to starting a business or even If you get lucky and find a decent women , marriage and kids.

            I get the concern about the social effects but not to put too fine a point on it , society is nowhere near the hunting people down phase and by the time it get there, it won’t be a society but anarchy.

            The US still has pretty effective policing and basically no functional counter organization as of yet .

            In essence there are no set goals nor any idea on the Right and this includes the Dissidents as to what they’d do if they won. And this includes winning elections.

            Power is useless unless you use it

            Given the general powerlessness at this time, the sound decision is to just go live your own life and avoiding women might be just the best choice

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