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One proof that the political class is well aware that their role is to provide theater for the masses is what we see happening with impeachment. The Senate is planning to wrap up the show today. They will have some manufactured drama today, but what will happen is what everyone always knew would happen. The show will close today with a vote to acquit. The actors on the Democrat side will spend the weekend talking about their performances and their next roles, but that’s it.

The reason this show had to end today is the next show has booked the political theater, so the impeachment crew has to clear out. The Democrat primary starts next week with the Iowa caucus. The inner party and their media organs want exclusive access to the audience, so it means closing down impeachment. Bug-eyed Adam Schiff will be given his award, packed off to the loony bin for some rest and the cast of election show will make their debut on Monday.

Unlike impeachment show, which was never allowed to go off script, election show is looking like an improv skit gone terribly wrong. The main star has come down with a very bad case of dementia. His understudy is an elderly Jewish man unaware of the fact the Soviet Union collapsed thirty years ago. The rest of the players look like call backs for a film student’s graduate project. What happens after the show opens next week could be some of the best unintentional comedy of the year.

Aside from the entertainment, there is a good chance this is one of those clarifying events like the 2016 election was for many conservatives. A lot of people moved into dissidents politics when they saw how the so-called conservatives responded to Donald Trump in the primary. Something similar could happen to Progressives when they see their party side with Wall Street to block Sanders. It’s possible the party could literally throw in with a billionaire to stop the Sander’s movement.

A big part of what holds Progressive whites inside the orthodoxy is their belief that they are part of a reformist movement, fighting against vested interests. If their party drops the mask and tries to rig the vote against Sanders or sides with a billionaire like Bloomberg, maintaining that delusion will be impossible for many. Dissidents could suddenly find themselves getting very different questions from their Progressive friends and family over the course of this campaign.

That’s not to say there will be a suddenly revolution on the Left, with white Progressives crossing no man’s land to embrace their brothers on this side. As with Trump, many dead end types will stay on the revolution. In every slave revolt, it is always a minority that does the revolting, while the majority play it safe. Still, it is an intriguing possibility that will offer up opportunities for dissidents. No one knows what will happen when a bunch of white Progressives get red pilled.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Way We Were
  • 17:00: Of Primary Importance
  • 27:00: The Iowa Caucus
  • 37:00: The New Hampshire Primary
  • 47:00: Nevada and South Carolina
  • 57:00: Closing

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82 thoughts on “Election Special

  1. “No one knows what will happen when a bunch of white Progressives get red pilled.”

    I know. Nothing. The left is voting against evil. At the end of the day they will always close ranks so that the devil doesn’t win

  2. Off topic: Here is yet another example that, in general, different races cannot live together, and specifically, that (many) non-whites will always resent and hate whites.

    A white liberal female WA state Senator accidentally used the phrase “Chinese fire drill” and the Asians for Equality charged that, “Her senseless use of this offensive racist term demonstrated her racist attitude towards Chinese Americans that we have experienced over and over.”

    She apologized, of course, but what difference will it make? These nice, liberal white ladies need to experience the reality that nothing they do will earn them a reprieve.


    • Chinks… A few days back, a Danish newspaper published this cartoon:


      The reaction was this:


      They’re as thin-skinned as the Mohammadans and every inch as histrionic. Adopted Chinese with two Danish parents started bombing newspapers with butthurt, anti-Danish rants, demonstrating what Ramzpaul noted a few videos back: no matter how seemingly integrated the chink, he’s still a chink at heart.

    • Don’t forget to watch “Poz Bowl LIV” this Sunday. You can chat with your co-workers at the ant hill Monday about the “hilarious” commercials featuring all those “humorous” animals, cartoon characters, black, brown, and yellow folks, the paid political ads by multi-billionaire Jewish midgets, and of course the paeans to our “soldiers, sailors, and airmen keeping us safe and secure here in the good ol’ US of A.”

      Sorry, this is your future America and you White boys(we still like your young women)ain’t in it.

  3. The question is what to do if on Labor Day Trump is on course to win bigly.

    Continue to self-marginalize with yet more cold and whiny Orange Faggot takes?

    Come out and support Trump as the best choice for whites?

    Play it close to the vest and wait for the outcome before deciding what course to take?

    It is something to think about.

    • I did volunteer work at phone banks for Trump in 2016. This year I am unmotivated to support him, although maybe I should force myself.

      Disadvantage of a Trump victory:
      * Whites incorrectly assume that they have elected a leader who will protect their interests and that the USA can be salvaged.

      * His administration is less likely to support policies that legitimize the idea of hate speech or target white areas for enrichment.

      What else?

      • LineInThe Sand:

        Depends on whether you want to hit bottom sooner or later. Any alternative to T means a more rapid rate of descent. If you believe we can make good use of the extra time before the crash, choose T. Delay, delay, delay. If not, let’s get on with it. If you know a tooth has to come out eventually, pull it now.

  4. Black turnout in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday will tell us more about 2020 than who they actually turn out for.

  5. This is OT so I apologise in advance and beg for zman’s indulgence for this comment.

    About 3 hours ago, my country left the European Union; something that was considered unthinkable just 5 years ago. It is almost impossible for me to overstate just how momentous this day is and will prove to be in future. This is a seismic political event not least because it has punctured the universally settled belief in the historic inevitability of the globalist project. You may not think this has any significance for you in the USA but let me assure you that it does and it will in future.

    I was an anti-EU campaigner back in the 1990s so this day is particularly poignant for me. Back then we held our meetings in drafty old church halls and in cramped rooms above pubs and if we got 6 people to show up, we considered that a success. I once attended a meeting when there was just one other guy.

    We had no funding, no real organisation, no political structure and what little media exposure we did get consisted of contemptuous brickbats to make it clear to their readers that we were a small, deluded bunch of isolationist cranks. We were objects of derision, fit only to be the butt of jokes. “Swivel-eyed little Englanders” was what they called us. In other words, loser loonies who were shaking our impotent fists at the glorious and ineluctable destiny that was the EU.

    For sure, none of us lost our jobs or were threatened with prosecution. But that’s only because TPTB did not consider us to be a threat. If they had known back then what they know now, they would have stamped on us with extreme prejudice I reckon.

    But they never took us seriously enough and now we’ve won.

    I am posting this comment here because I know there are some among the regular commenters here who are quaffing down the black pills (three times a day, before meals). Don’t ever fall for counsels of despair or allow yourselves to drawn into the false conviction that things cannot be changed. Things can always change and there is no way that your cause could ever look as hopeless as ours did back in those bad old days.

    As we say in England, take heart.

    • Congratulations, King Tut!
      I noted that 23:00 on 1/31 deadline elsewhere on the web.
      Let us hope it continues to be a somewhat smooth transition.
      The media is using NutMeg and Harry as a distraction from Brexit, as well as a distraction from the dirty deeds of Randy Andy.
      Very Best to you and yours.

    • Black pill. Gulp. Long sip.

      Sorry King, but I think it’s too late. Boris is just another multi cultural population replacement open borders diversity is our strength kinda of guy, no? You are doomed.

    • Well said an,d well done. May our special relationship grow and prosper for us all, on both sides of the pond.

  6. I saw interesting analysis on the internet about “Bernie” and democrat establishment

    “Anyway, I think Bernie is quite a smart Jew. I think he sees things can’t get that far out of control with how things are moving racially, socially and economically all at once. I think he sees the racial tension we’re getting now is exacerbated by the economic tension meaning whites don’t have as much economic comfort to make us ignore the racial problem,. So, I think he wants to put some bandaids on that until whites are a smaller percentage of the population. He sort of refers to this in his sitdown with the NYT board, where he talks about how anti-semitism rose in Germany because of economic stress.”

    I think social engineer decided to reduce the temperature “frog boiling”
    that explain why all of democrat nominee are white or white looking blue morph
    saying like “it’s OK, look every presidential nominee are white, don’t concern about where country heading to”

    unfortunately white will buy that full of crap since they are too busy watching TV and wearing underwear all days

  7. Why are you telling us how many people won Iowa and then Became President? How many won Iowa and won the nomination, that’s the important fact. 2nd

    Anyway since 1992 every President has won Re-election. So, we’ve only had 4 Presidents + trump – how many of them won Iowa? Clinton was beaten by Tom Harkin in 92 – barely. Bush won Iowa in 2000. And Obama won in 2008. Trump did not win, he came in a close 2nd. Bush-1 lost Iowa in 1988 but didn’t matter because Iowa was the FOURTH Primary/Caucus. In 1980 Bush beat Reagan by 2% but then got creamed in NH, losing by 27%. Conclusion: You can come in 2nd in Iowa and win. You can come in 1st and win. But if come in 3rd in Iowa, very little chance.

  8. There is absolutely no doubt Sanders will win the Democratic nomination and it will be taken away. There also is little doubt Milwaukee will be a tinder box. I loathe the Republican Party but it swallowed the bitter pill and accepted Trump. The Dems never will do the same to Sanders unless they are absolutely certain he is doomed and can be blamed for their rout.

    This isn’t drama queen BS, either: be sure to have catch on hand and plenty of food in the cabinets and gas in the tank this summer and fall. It will get sporty.

  9. One key to ‘graduating’ curious lefties is to develop a more sophisticated understanding of ‘socialism’. If you’re just a capitalist toady, they’re going to tune out. Just remember that in the grand sweep of political-economic theory, ‘socialism’ is the term used to described any position that asserts factors other than ownership of the resources of production should also determine the organization of political-economic matters. Both Square Mustache Man nor El Duce were socialists because something other than profit — race, solidarity — matter more.

    • The term ‘neo-liberal’ used to confuse me, it was used liberally on Naked Capitalism, Huffpo, Daily Kos, etc.

      Neo-liberal: let Wall Street, the corporations, and lobbyists do anything they want

      Neo-conservative: let the Pentagon, the spy Agencies, and defense contractors do anything they want

      Corporate, military.
      Neoliberal, neocon.

      • I note we don’t have a popular term for the revolving door of regulator bureaucrats, ‘public-private’ NGOS, or the thousands of “private investment group” rackets run by Congressional and state legislators.

        Or for the foreign aid money wash, either, where our money is sent overseas, the crooks there take their cut, and send the rest back to campaign or interagency coffers.

        Or to the Cayman islands offshore haven, the dark pool, the ‘hedge fund’, or the ‘foundation’.

        A whole universe of economics is being ignored here, it’s like dark matter twisting everything visible out of scew.

  10. The Tax.


    BTW, the original link I had was really convoluted so I decided to scroll down through ReignOfApril to grab the original. Hundreds and hundreds of tweets and retweets every day. This diverse young lady couldn’t possibly be doing anything at all with her days except Twitter.*

    *And, yes, saying that does make me feel like a hypocrite. It’s one of those nice, rare days when everything pressing got done early — the hay is out for the cattle and horses, the farrier visited, the calves and (goat) kids are all thriving, I soaked the old draft horse’s hoof for an hour, there’s enough feed in the feed room, and I even got a load of dishes and a couple loads of laundry done, and I found myself with time in the afternoon to breath and spam the ZBlog! 🙂

  11. Bernie is leading in first three contests. I don’t think anyone has every won those three without becoming the nominee. He is now every political betting markets heavy favorite.

    The Dems have a serious problem on their hands, being neo-liberal wall street stooges that use socialist rhetoric to their braindead base that they never intended to fulfill. Now they are faced with a true believer that doesn’t know it’s a game or the Soviet Union is over. It could easy end up as a wipe out election with Bernie (with lots of violent backstabbing) or globohomo dems trying to steal the election so brazenly and obviously that even the dumb Bernie Bros/progressive base will feel enraged. Trump should feel lucky for having enemies like this.

    • Before any of us go too far down the road with the Bernie/Corbyn comparison, let’s remember that our demographic situation is much, much worse than the UK.

  12. When you mispronounce Buttigieg you do not sound like the intelligent man that you are. The g’s are soft. Booty-jij. It’s not that hard.

  13. Apropo of nothing, I have had several encounters, dating from all the way back to the nineties, and the most recent this morning, with people who have a very peculiar viewpoint on government largesse and charity.

    The short of it is:
    1. Charity — help that people voluntarily offer — is demeaning.
    2. Help from government — help taken from people who may or may not acquiesce to how their money is spent, because the money is taken by force — is a human right.

    This is to me a very twisted belief, but I have a feeling that it is common on the left. Decades ago I remember the first person I encountered with this belief railing about how it would have been horrible if his single mom had had to “beg” the Church for help, but that government welfare gave them “dignity.”

  14. Z, You’d laugh if you saw what counts as voter id in NH (including school ids < 5 years expired and "driver's license issued by any state or the federal government." They still run the buses. Prosecutions for voting twice are almost nonexistent. (One I recall was a guy who lived in Southie, but registered his car at his family's "camp" in NH and stupidly voted twice. I don't think anything happened to him.)

  15. The definition of a Nazi in 2020 is the same as a moderate Democrat in 1996. Unbelievable how quickly America totally went crazy.

  16. Instead of assuming the freaks and wierdos in the Democrat party are having a shit show that ends with the reelection of Donald J Trump, we would do well to remember that the Democrats were having the same party in 2015 and 2016. The talking heads were having a laugh at our expense in how the Republicans could not possibly win running freaks and weirdos like Trump and Cruiz. They were all secretly (and not so secretly) hoping Orange Man would win the primary and the election would be just a formality to crown Ms Clinton as the first queen of the empire. Well, they got their wish only Orange Man became President Orange Man.

    President Bernie Sanders or President Elizabeth Warren, or God forbid, President Billionaire or even worse, President Michelle Obama… All the options are bad and all are possible.

    • “President Bernie Sanders or President Elizabeth Warren, or God forbid, President Billionaire or even worse, President Michelle Obama… All the options are bad and all are possible.”

      Yes, they are and yes, they are. But the words President and Elizabeth Warren should never inhabit the same sentence. The very term chills the blood.

      Have you seen the latest?

      Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren told attendees at a town hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sunday that, if she is elected president, her education secretary will have to be approved by a transgender child.

      ” … I’m gonna have a Secretary of Education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf and only if this person believes that our secretary or secretary of education nominee is – is committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone, will that person actually be advanced to be Secretary of Education.”

      A cabinet member nominee vetted by a gender-confused child.

      What next? Her Treasury Secretary will have to run a gauntlet of welfare mothers? The Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be interviewed by a panel of illegals (until the agency can be eliminated)?

      I’m undecided as to whether Liz Warren is schizophrenic or just cynically trying to cater to every known or imaginable fringe group. And not sure which makes her a worse candidate for … uh, you know.

  17. So your comments on how the Carter crowd figured out the “new rules” of politics got me thinking. Given the immense amount of confusion around the current state of politics (just turn on the news channels to see the desperate confusion in just about every talking head’s eyes) this seems like there is an opportunity to take advantage of these new rules for the Dissident Right. Antifa figured out that people in charge will look the other way when it comes to street violence, but Charlottesville showed us that Nazi LARPing is an awful idea.

    You’ve said before to organize in small groups using pre-existing entities, but where else do you see this going? Are there “new rules for radicals” or do we have to wait for the third/fourth/fifth shoe to drop.

    BTW, Jim Webb was also SecNav for a bit. His OpEd is stunning to hear, and I’m sending it out to normie friends minus the Date/Byline to see what reactions I’ll get.

  18. The movement (first the Reps, now the Dems) melts down because the party normies supposedly in charge are ignorant idiots. The Reps got what they deserved, and now the Dems are going to get their just desserts. A whitepilled person would say that the process is going to clear the decks for some bright and aware normies to step into the breach and get things back on track. I guess I didn’t get my whitepill.

  19. You’re assuming that all this is on the ‘up and square’ – or as close to it as the Donks can come. I think the thing that is odd here is that the fix obviously isn’t in as it was for the last election, where Hillary was going to be POTUS, and no ‘if’s’, ‘and’s’ or ‘or’s’ about it.

    If there is a shadowy cabal of hand rubbing Jews, or anonymous evil billionaires, or fiendish Russian psyop warriors rigging the election… it would appear that they can’t agree on which muppet they want to use going forward.

  20. My wife, who is a conservative by nature but doesn’t follow politics closely, was watching TV last night. Bloomberg ads were almost continuous. By the end of her show, she was yelling “shut-up asshole!” every time his bitchy voice came on. I cannot imagine him picking up a single state that Hillary lost.

    • It’s an interesting puzzle. What the Dems really need right now is a governor in the race who has been polling fourth or fifth, but close to the pack. That way, when the chosen establishment guy flames out, as we see with Biden, they have a normal sounding alternative for people. As it stands, the Biden vote has no obvious alternative. Blacks will never go for a gay. Old school white democrats are not going for the gay or the harpy.

      We could be seeing a replay of what happened in Britain with Labour. They ended up with Corbin as their leader and had to suffer the consequences. Maybe that’s what we see with the Democrats. They are about to thermalize themselves flying into the black hole of radicalism.

      • Maybe. They sure need to find a candidate who doesn’t annoy normal people. Buttiplug and Gabbard are the only ones running who don’t actively repel people (the gay thing notwithstanding).

        • Gotta say, I don’t know anyone that does not find “Mayor” Eddie Münster/Alfred E. Neuman/Alfalfa REPELLENT.

          As in self-described ‘man of the cloth’ apostate, lecturing, leering, lizardlike, rip infants from the womb and rub their T-cells into his facial skin to ‘rejuvinate it’ – MIND FILTH DISGUSTING CIA plant fake ‘military’ intel officer posing with weapon right after mani-pedi….smug asshole.

          Well you get my drift. Without reference to ‘his’ frequent insertion of who knows what where the fecal matter resides.

        • For our sake, for the survival of America, we need to make sure the Democrats run the most repulsive candidate possible.
          So far, there’s too many of them to choose from.

          • So what you’re saying is that this thing based upon the 1789 Constitution can still be saved?

      • I worry that a particular Senator from New York will step up after Biden and Bernie flame out.
        Although he’s a Democrat, and a liberal Jew, and (third strike).. a NewYawker, I still fear that he can portray himself as a reasonable alternative to President Trump.
        I fear that he could win.

        I am loathe to even mention his name.

        • Oh, come on. Schumer is about as off-putting as Bloomberg, and just as big a gun-grabber and nanny-stater. No way is he going play outside the beltway.

        • Na, not Schumer, he has no appeal between the coasts and even on the coasts some people there also would probably prefer that he take his crying schtick and stick it where the sun does not shine.

        • I don’t think ANY Jewish candidate is going to get backing for the Dem nomination from the real money/power people. A major-party nominee of Jewish ancestry seriously undermines the “pervasive anti-Semitism” narrative.

          Far better the status quo, than to risk ending up with a Jew in charge (at least nominally; how much POTUS *is* in charge of anything is up for debate). The victimhood schtick is much more valuable than any benefit of having a Jew as president. Further, why have one of your own be left holding the bag, stopping the buck, saddled with final responsibility?

          • Mike C,

            I think you are on to something. The anti-semitism riff is a big prima facie with the D’s rank and file now… even if it is downplayed in the general staff to the big money donors. A Jewish candidate would upset too many in the precarious coalition of the fringes. A Jewish candidate would probably score better with the R’s vying against a D incumbent President… if one could be found that didn’t tote the liberal line. Good luck on finding one that hasn’t locked his incisors into the Neocon coattails and sullied his future prospects eternally. I know I won’t forget who were the usual suspects if that strange scenario ever plays out.

          • That’s only because the R base is petrified of being thought of as racist/anti-Semitic/X-phobic, etc. They’re too busy conserving leftist gains.

          • Vizzini, yup. And a fair amount of Baptist “Israel must be restored fully so therefore the Chosen People are our friends.” I’m not saying a Jewish candidate would win an R candidacy, but he’d probably garner more traction than with the D’s. Bernie is a weird one-off akin to Ron Paul so I dont really count him.

    • Hahaha! Thanks Mrs. Drake!

      Bloomie has taken Virginia as his first fiefdom, it was his money that bought the legislature and their anti-gun agenda. Plus he’s a climate scientist!

      I discovered the eerily soul-sucking vacuum of tv this month, myself.

      I realise that America is 60% black.
      It gets worse.

      Now, instead of tough hot ninja chicks, every show has a tough Black ninja b**ch as der Leader. Quell my raging lust.

  21. The Jim Webb editorial. Really an eye opener! Anyone who published that in 2020 in defiance of the glorious orthodoxy of the Union of American Socialist Republics would be imprisoned for thoughtcrime.

    • Not only is it jarring how much has become thoughtcrime, but equally appalling is the realization of the drop in quality of writing from these newspapers in 25 years. At this rate these papers will be writing in crayon in a couple of decades.

      • I will see if my optimism is warranted. I believe that Joe Sixpack is no longer asleep on his couch. He smells smoke, and where there is smoke, there’s fire.

        If he sees the flames licking at his couch – the blowback in this election will be huge and Trump will win by a landslide. If it is anything other than a landslide for Trump… it means Joe is going to sleep this one out and we are probably doomed.

      • Crayon would be an improvement over where we are headed: comic strip collages of twitter poasts.

        Everybody has a typewriter now, racing to quip a headline. A million Deep thoughts by Jack Handy competing for likes.

        But in defense of the twats, I’d reckon there are a million better writers thumbing their thoughts while waiting at a red light than the entire staff of Impossible males and problem glasses harpies at the NYT.

    • Jim Webb was considered a serious presidential contender for a while. In 2015 he was running for the Dem nomination. According to wikipedia, he “stepped down from running in the primaries on October 20, 2015, stating that he was “not comfortable” and “unhappy” with many of the party’s political positions.”

          • Thanks for the link Vizzini, I always liked Webb and hoped he’d come over to the red side of the Senate, but he chose to retire instead. I guess you would call him one of the last of the blue dog Dems., an extinct species now. He did a very good 3 part documentary about the history of the Scots Irish in America on PBS a few years ago, worth watching for those interested. Haven’t heard hide nor hair from him since…perhaps he’s down home on his farm in Va. Cleaning his guns for the next 2A rally?

          • That documentary was probably based in the book he wrote about the Scots Irish . I read the book years ago and it was worth the read.

            Pretty sure that, based on what I remember reading in his book….Jim Webb would understand the need for a white homeland.

      • I recall that Jim Webb bragged about wearing (to a debate, fundraiser, or other event) his son’s Marine (or other) combat boots.
        His son’s service was a source of pride for him, even then.

    • Back when I wasted some time in the twit-o-sphere time suck, Jim Webb twitted directly to me a couple of times when I encouraged him to stay in the race against those Section 8’s his former party had put up to run.

      Jim must not have realized that the Communist-Globalist-Deviant overthrow had already taken place, before he decided to run as a “Democrat”.

    • Well, Webb did write Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America, so he’s a man who gets ethnic differences.

      Webb always seemed to be one of those 60s Democrats, i.e. he was on the side of the working man and back then, that was the Dems. But then the Dem leadership figured out a better way to win: Bring in foreign voters and promise them free stuff. Screw the working man. Webb is a man without a party.

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