Sports Bowl Thoughts

The big Super Bowl extravaganza has come and gone. The television people will tell us that this one, like all the others, was the most watched event ever. They say that every year, but whether it is true or not is hard to know. Television ratings are like everything else about modern times. You have to assume they are a part of the endless fire hose of lies that come from the propaganda organs. Even so, most people watched it and are expected to talk about it the next day with coworkers.

That is the one unique thing about this extravaganza versus others. There is strong social pressure to participate in the festivities. If you are white, no one expects you to follow the NBA, but you’re not expected to watch the World Series or the Stanley Cup Playoffs either. No one talks about the ads placed in these events or the pop stars that perform at them. The Super Bowl is the one unique event that is intended to be for everyone to one degree or another.

How many people actually watch the game is hard to know. Lots of people are at parties for the game and that means partying rather than watching. The game is just an excuse to get together with friends, day drink and cook outside in winter. Many people watch just for the ads, which are often quite clever. The game itself is mostly ads. The four-hour show is probably close to two hours of ads. The sideshows are often just ads for something or someone, but made up to look like entertainment.

For this reason, the Super Bowl is the great cultural measuring stick. The people in charge know they have the attention of most Americans, so they hit people right between the eyes with their best propaganda. President Trump, for example, ran ads promoting his efforts to throw open the prison doors so black criminals could be allowed to roam free. Presumably, he thinks he needs to sure up his support among the career criminal class in America’s urban areas.

The ads people like are the ones for product. Every year there are a flood of news stories about which ads were best and which ones missed the mark. The Super Bowl is something like an annual fashion show for ad makers. They work hard to put on a great ad, which presumably will help them get business the rest of the year. The cost of a single ad is over five million dollars, so it is big business. A particularly bad ad could cause real harm to the ad maker and his client.

Of course, the ads tell us something about what the Cloud People think about the Dirt People watching the show. This year the ads were full of non-whites, with some sexual deviants tossed in for variety. The one normal white person was aging comic Bill Murray, who reprised his role from the movie Groundhog Day for a Jeep ad. Otherwise, the ads looked like the America the elites dream of inflicting on us rather than the actual audience watching the extravaganza.

Then there was the halftime show, which is another big draw for the non-sports fans, mostly women, of course. This year is was a local stripper and her friends, pole dancing in the middle of the field. They performed to what sounded like every Santana song ever made, so presumably they were Latinos. One of the grounds crew put on a silver cape and top hat, then wandered around among the strippers for some reason, while mumbling something in Spanish.

The interesting thing, disappointing to our people, is the audience that makes this extravaganza possible is white, while the ads, halftime show and game are all in celebration of non-whites. Taken as a whole, the target demographic of the event was closer to Brazil than North America. It’s not just the complexion of the people, but the culture they celebrate. For racially aware white people, the whole thing is an alien production clearly aimed at an alien people.

It is tempting to get angry about it. There are plenty of people on-line, who will scold you for having watched any of it. Others will wag their finger about how most whites are so degraded they don’t see what is happening on their TV screens. The truth is most white people see it too. They are conditioned to filter it out and pluck out the bits of joy they can, while ignoring the propaganda. They are not mindless automatons programmed to consume the product without noticing it.

Propaganda works best when it offers the simplest explanation for a set of observable facts or events. It is a narrative that can be easily swapped into the target’s brain in place of his other explanations. What you saw on the Super Bowl show was a lecture by humorless people, aimed at people they hate. People were willing to sit through it in order to enjoy their parties and so forth, but they got the message. Some more than others, for sure, but people are not blind to this stuff.

That is the thing to keep in mind. People have been conditioned to keep these observations private. They have not been brainwashed. Finding a way to notice along with them is how people slowly realize they are not alone. That is the first step in breaking the conditioning. The bombarding of people with the anti-white presentations are a benefit to the effort. Only a lunatic could deny what they saw on the big Super Bowl show. The bad guys are making it easy.

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250 thoughts on “Sports Bowl Thoughts

  1. Didn’t watch it, but sounds like they’re sucking up to our new replacements. After all if you’re going to flood the country with third world scum have to make sure they buy all your cheap, worthless crap.

    Sadly, even the white guys were selling out their fans. Tom Brady posted some cryptic black and white photo of him walking through a tunnel underneath the stadium. It sent Patriot Nation into a tizzy. Was he leaving ?

    Nope, just shilling for Hulu. Like the guy doesn’t have enough money already ?

  2. Trump ad; “ he thinks he needs to sure up his support among the career criminal class.”

    He needs to shore up support among suburban whites, especially soccer
    c-ntz. Trump is virtue signaling for the middle class. Look how Holy are my deeds, its ok to Vote White.

    He Hardly invented our modern religion and the magic black man.
    White Church C-ntz and their castrati husbands did that.

  3. That a sports event is one of the dominant ‘uniting’ events in American culture today squares eerily w John Glubb’s essay about the fall of empires.

  4. In the 90s I worked for Saatchi, then the world’s largest advertising agency. Our local branch snagged an account for a fast growing chain of sneaker stores and they were excited to produce their first million-dollar SuperBowl commercial. I can’t believe the client bought this pitch but they were good old boys from Alabama and the premise was that there would be a barefoot Kenyanese runner jogging through the Veldt… a group of White frat boys in a Land Rover chased him down, lassoed him and forced a pair of Nikes on his feet. Then he sprinted off happily, as though he was a Gazelle. The crew actually filmed this over in South Africa, cost several hundred grand.

    The reaction was entirely predictable and our Saatchi branch became the first advertising agency ever sued for malpractice. The sneaker stores were out of business the following year.

  5. Vizzini, I agree with you. I work for the Navy in a building full of civil servants. Most of them are low I.Q. libtards. Those of us that are of the opposite bent must keep our thoughts to ourselves. In cubicle land, just talking with like minded folk will get you in trouble, as in being reported to your supervisor if a libtard overhears you. They couch it in terms if “Discussing politics in the workplace”, as if it were a Hatch act violation.

  6. “They are conditioned to filter it out and pluck out the bits of joy they can, while ignoring the propaganda”

    Not if I’m in the room! I’m a mobile free speech zone, you’re free to notice whatever you want AND have it pointed out to you.
    I can’t stand go- along -to -get- along and I’m too much of an ass to let you be comfortable doing so. Fortunately, my family are largely in agreement, at least that the whole thing is degenerate, but it pisses me off that they’ll let their kids watch a halftime show with material that they wouldn’t let their kids watch in a movie.

    Anyway, a fun time was had by all.

  7. People are talking about the performance and how they look like old strippers. That is the point. it is supposed to generate controversy and discussion. We are taking the bait.

    • Yes, we are taking the bait, as in talking about it. But what are we talking about in the main—the attack upon White culture, it’s norms and values, and where we go from here? You think that’s what these fools in charge were thinking about when they put together this farce? I doubt it.

      So, I say (as have other, better thinkers than I) bring it on. Over-reach as you always do, it can only benefit us in the long run.

      • I don’t think a white culture even exists. There are white Catholics who grow up not even associating with Protestants. That is why Catholic schools exist. . Italians and Southerns could not be more culturally distinct. Episcopalians and Baptists are like night and day. Eastern Orthodox Europeans, although could be considered technically white, are not at all like American Protestant whites. Would you rather associate with someone who shares your race or your values? When you look at all the disagreement politically between people of the same race , one sees that values almost always triumph. The whole thing is complicated. For white unity to possible exist means resolving these differences of values.

        • “Is there a white culture?” is a fundamental question. If I guess that the question is posed in bad faith, which is not the case now, I ask the questioner if he applies the same scrutiny to “black culture” and “latino culture.”

          Our survival depends on a common identity and such an identity can be imposed by our common enemies. When “yoofs” play the knockout game, or when a “don’t hire any more whites” policy is imposed, distinctions between whites are irrelevant. The disparate white ethnicities must bind together against their common non-white and jewish attackers.

          • LITS, we can use the anti-White negativity to bind our tribes together. Ethnic ties are stronger than racial ties but Team PoC isn’t willing to play “divide & conquer” with us – they want us all gone, yesterday. I’m cautiously optimistic that universal anti-White hostility and White minority status will be the threats that finally unite those of us who can be saved, in a confederation of tribes rather than a “race-tribe” ala Spencer.

        • I grew up in NYC for the first half of life. I didn’t see the White culture as being that distinct from ethnic group to ethnic group. When I came out West, I was then exposed to other Christian denominations. I still failed to perceive significant cultural differences. Certainly Whites were much similar to me than Blacks or Hispanics.

          If what you are saying is true, then we might as well stop commenting or reading in this forum. But I don’t see it—and certainly our vibrancy doesn’t see it—as all Whites are lumped together for abuse. It may be they (vibrancy) that in the end effects a White cohesiveness that you see currently lacking.

        • Originally White culture in America was probably like British culture in Edwardian era

          white working men wearing tailor-made suit, listening Henry Mancini like music at pub and talking about baseball
          white upper middle class were more focus on novels and art from Europe, tried develop their own version of Dickensian fictionalization

          Post war era, white culture changed to suburban lifestyle, more family-centered culture such as Bob Ross painting his observations while not much stick to community activity

          From my point of view, basically white culture was exactly same as European culture until social reformer decided to destroy with their ethnic replacement project

          This is prime example:

    • The results of our discussion are not what they want – more angry Whites Noticing.

      Ignoring cultural issues was one of the Right’s biggest mistakes over the years. Pretending that we are “above it all” was a dangerous luxury. Clown World’s clowns have fangs and we let our wives and children invite them in. Rap music, whorish ingenues and sportsball may be stupid and narcissistic, but they’ve been weaponized and we need to confront that reality head-on.

  8. The Superbowl is the new Easter for Woke Religion, the day to socially peacock muh liberal values and separate the fanboi sheep from the goats who just don’t fit in. Like the commercial and synthetic changeling that replaced Christmas, it is entirely a festival for the New Religion.

    As Wokeness is essentially a cult, deprogramming tips are in order when you find someone who has broken or avoided operant conditioning. A few from Wiki on deprogramming:

    Discredit the figure of authority: the cult leader

    Present contradictions (ideology versus reality): “How can he preach love when he exploits people?” is an example.

    The breaking point: When a subject begins to listen to the deprogrammer; when reality begins to take precedence over ideology.

    Self-expression: When the subject begins to open up and voice gripes against the cult.

    Identification and transference: when the subject begins to identify with the deprogrammers, starts to think as an opponent of the cult rather than as a member.

    Holidays are a great day to spot the dissidents among us, from the guy who openly says “f*ck the Superbowl” to the ones with less than two minutes of hate to spare for the Daily Outrages, to those who hate the wrong things – like miscegenation and swiping right for mortgages.

    July 4th is CivNattery’s High Holiday, good for this as well.

    We’re looking for a core of haters who will bring the same sense of togetherness, tolerance and inclusion to the New Holidays that Jews have brought us for Christmas for so many years.

    If they can have Festivus for the rest of us, we can have a “no-Swarthy Shekelgrubber Sunday” someday. We just have to invite the right people to our party.

    Find your group of haters & gather on these sh*t-tier holidays to celebrate our own values and traditions, or go among the normies and red-pill, like the Cong back in the day.

    Holidays are when dissidents get work done.

  9. I think this is a great analysis. You can’t boil the frog by turning up the gas too fast. I feel like this Super Bowl increased the water temperature too fast for a lot of the white frogs. Once they hop out, let’s hope that the do some googling and find sites like this. I knew what to expect when watching the propaganda, but even on this one the tastelessness combined with the propaganda was really something. And was it me, or did every thought on the TV screen from the half time show to the commercials appear to be incomplete? Right down to the songs that were never finished. At this point the ad firms can’t even hit the basic introduction-plot-resolution format. Everything was left unresolved. Maybe too much Adderall and weed among the so called creators.

  10. The strippers were fat and ugly. I know what a lot of white guys were thinking when they watched too very over the hill fat assed broads shaking their booty – ugh.

    Lets be honest no one would want to roll with these chunky old scanks who were pretending to be white. They looked very cheap and have been ridden very,. very hard.

    Yes the show was hypersexual but in a very trashy and cheap way.

    • It wasn’t directed for your tastes, gringo.

      Blacks and Indios will tap that all day long.

      Plus, you have to get ready for what the future woman looks like. Have you seen how short, fat and ugly the average “Latina” (indio) is? Not like Shakira and JLo that’s for sure.

      • Q. Have you seen how short, fat and ugly the average “Latina” (indio) is?
        A. Yeah, they are walking around my town with their children now.

        Look, Shake-here-hon was smart – get your 43 year old self next to a heavy-footed, thick older Hispanic woman and you look YOUNG.

    • “The strippers were fat and ugly.”

      YES, that perfectly encapsulates why our culture is circling the toilet bowl. Even our vice is third rate.

      • Look, if I wanted to see an older Hispanic woman from the Bronx rub her labia from 6 to 12 to entertain me, I could just take a ride to the Bronx with a $20 in my pocket. You can even leave Harlem, take one of the East River bridges – no tolls – and get their free. Plus, good chance she’d be Puerto Rican.

  11. Caught in one of the blogs, only thought I’d add is what a shame Thompson isn’t alive for this.
    “”I haven’t thought about Hunter Thompson or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in a long time, but I thought about both while watching the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday. I was thinking of this quote from Thompson’s classic: “The Circus-Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war. This is the sixth Reich. The ground floor is full of gambling tables, like all the other casinos… but the place is about four stories high, in the style of a circus tent, and all manner of strange County-Fair/Polish Carnival madness is going on up in this space.””

  12. Impossible to dig deeper and not see intent. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hired Jay-Z and Beyonce to handle the halftime show activities. This was another olive branch to Colin Kapernik, so a production void of the class and maturity of White culture was a given. The producers (who sometimes wear interesting jewelry put on their own little show during the Star Spangled Banner. If that wasn’t enough, the league even slipped murderer OJ Simpson into their pregame honors. All of this was a message. They want to disappear us permanently and for a brief time on TV made it happen.

  13. Actually the halftime T and A show reminded me of the dancing teenybopper shows Silvio Berlusconi used to run on his TV channel in Italy. And whatever else you say JLo is built like a brick stoolhouse.

    • I remember those when I was in Italy. But you needed bleach blonde women in the background bouncing up and down on bungee cords.

  14. “Presumably, he thinks he needs to sure up his support among the career criminal class in America’s urban areas.”

    The Democrats will come full force against Pres. Trump as soon as they finish with each other. He is inoculating white normies from the coming flood of “ORANGE MAN WAYCISS!” that normie will hear 24/7 until the general election. If it has a secondary effect of slight demotivation of African turnout via lowering of threat perception, then fine.

  15. I had forgotten about the game until wifey reminded me that it was probably over by now. So I flipped on the TV and saw the score was close with only four minutes to go. So I watched the end. Countdown as winning team’s quarterback took a series of knees. Obligatory dousing of the coach. Players hugging, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Click! Turned the tube back off.

  16. Does anybody think that there are current white NFL players who are closet dissident rightists?

    How about retired white NFL players?

    Does it not stand to reason that there are, at least a few, who have seen the light and have otherwise been red-pilled?

    If so, would it be too much to expect such a player (even a retired one) to unambiguously express his views?

    • Joey Bosa, the Defensive Rookie of the year, and 49er is an open Trump supporter. In his interviews with teams before the draft one of the questions was whether or not he would be able to fit in whatever locker room he would be going too.
      It was a “big deal” in the media that someone in the NFL could support Trump openly.
      His future teammates defended him and told the local news it was a non issue… The media however made it out to be a grave sin.
      I thought it was hilarious and reminded me of the new Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David wears a MAGA hat to get out of having to talk to people he can’t stand. Because what person in LA would be seen with a despicable Trump supporter… I laughed so hard I cried.

    • There are a bunch of old (1980’s and prior) players who were outright racists. They all made their peace with the NFL in different ways and I suspect they step lightly for fear of their pensions as much as anything nowadays.

      The bond between teammates is also something that can transcend normal loyalties, a large prolonged dose of NAxALT. This is something I’ve found interesting in James LaFond’s recent Third Rail pods on TRS. He’s not “Our Guy” in the sense that he seems to have his own peculiar definition of race realism to which he subscribes. But he’s not wrong when he talks about how likely it is that Black and White cops would likely ally against Us because their primary identity is now more “Cop” than Black or White.

      Identity is a complicated question with different layers and taking a look at how racist NFL players related to their teammates would make for authentic and useful social science.

      • Your analysis is sound, as usual.

        I think your money-shot is “the bond between teammates is also something that can transcend normal loyalties, a large prolonged dose of NAxALT.”

  17. Since my youngest is a toddler, there was no way we were watching the farce and instead watched Russian-produced, English-dubbed videos about rockets, boats, trains and monster trucks. I think he wants to be an engineer like his old man and that’s a good thing.

    While he watched that on our TV, I would occasionally look on my phone to watch a few plays here, a few plays there. The commercials were always the highlight of the Sports Ball Nexus and the at-least non-political ones I saw were aimed at the lowest common denominator of humanity.

    The halftime show has gone from brilliance (Prince being the best ever) to just anti-white depravity in a few years as the NFL has become a woke league. I’m glad I skipped it since I’m hard-pressed to know a “song” by J-Lo (who rumor has it can’t sing and has a studio pro do it for her) or Shakira and I’d rather not watch a couple of women older than my wife do things in front of cameras that were once frowned upon in a reasonable, Christian society.

  18. I like football and I like team sports in general, but what I do not like is professional sports. What does it even mean to be rooting for the home team? The players are not drawn from the local community. The “college education” of the players, which was meant to keep out the riff raff is a damn joke. Most of them aren’t even high school educated let alone college educated. Despite being incredibly rich, most have criminal records and a posse of dregs when they go out on the town. The whole thing is a giant exercise in the artificial/corporate nature of clownworld.

  19. The Porsche ad was a typical example. The security guards rush to their vehicles to chase the car theif. The hapless white guy asks what car do I take and the black security guard humiliates him in front of the hot white woman by tossing him the keys to an antique farm tractor.

    • Yes. It’s like the movie “They Live.” I wonder how many people have the sunglasses on to see all this?

    • The memetic infection and indoctrination is deliberate, insidious, and malicious. It is warfare conducted in the shadows. It is NOT trivial or benign. And it will not be dissuaded by intellectualizing or magic words. Observe, predict, plan, and prepare. Earn the right to live another day, as nature intended.

    • Yeah – because at the Porsche museum – in GERMANY, the majority of the security guards are ‘diverse’.

      Makes complete sense.

      • Look, how “schmahtt” can these “Porsche people” be? Their genius founder came up with a MASSIVE “tank destroyer” – named after him. It was known as the “Edsel” – oops, no, the “Ferdinand” … and “those cruddy krauts” (name the anti-war movie that was blacked out of theaters) – let it makes its debut at the Battle of Kursk – WITHOUT A CLOSE DEFENSE MACHINE GUN.

        The monster Ferdinands were totally defenseless against Russian solders on foot that could walk up on them and take them out once supporting infantry were shot away… and the damn things lacked the ability for the crews to look outside them without popping open the hatches.

        They later added a machine-gun. Too late.

        When these Porsches decided to take their iconic 911 sports car and make it sell many more – they cheaped it out, and took the water cooled engine, one that had matured to a legendary ‘bullet proof’ status – easily do 300k before rebuild … and made an air cooled version with not one, not two, not even three .. but multiple flaws that could make the engines ‘self destruct’ at any time. From an “IMS bearing” that gets no oil, to pistons that crack to … a $30,000 dealership engine replacement if you, oops, were beyond the warranty.

        So yeah, whatever. Despite their former blue chip brand, these Porsches are just another woke bunch of bs artists – skin suit wearing, conning you with the con of the day – being ‘woke’. Their electric car, yeah right – surely many, many POC will be driving them after Bernie is elected and they are provided “free” to everyone.

        I mean, almost everyone.

  20. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I spent it cutting up an old car with torches and a sawzall, and cleaning out some clogged up sprinkler heads. Smoked some tuna. Card games and single malt with the missus in the evening. It was a good day to be alive.

  21. Can someone explain why Turkish Airlines ran a ad during the Superbowl? Do they really expect hordes of US citizens to make a beeline for the ticket counter and start traveling to Istanbul? Or fuck, maybe they do.

      • I’ve been to Istanbul, and there was not a single black man to be seen anywhere in that whole country, or even at the airport.
        Turks don’t play that game.

      • Mebbe they watch Murican tee vee and figure that the country is 98% black – so best to aim precious advertising dollars at the majority..

    • I think it was like them making a donation to whomever. Turkey probably gets US. Foreign aid and they have to kick a certain portion back. This was an easy way to launder money back to those who they owe it to.

      On this case the beneficiary is whatever Hebrew that owns Fox.

  22. Don’t watch sports; don’t talk sports; don’t read sports. The reigning world light-heavyweight boxing champion (at the time) moved in next door to my house in postage stamp suburbia.

    Within one month, we were on the property line with drawn pistols.

    We moved; about 1/2 mile away in the same neighborhood. The bastard followed me home one night as I arrived from work; sat outside of my house for 15 minutes. I called the sheriff’s deputies and explained that if anything happened to my family I was going to go over heavily armed and kill every body there. He grinned and gave me the report number.

    Some years later, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for defrauding the Katrina relief effort of over a quarter million dollars.

    I swore to myself, I would never in my life spend another penny, or purposely influence such an expense by others, that would in any way end up in the pockets of one of these worthless, mouth breathing leeches.

    Not bitter, just dedicated.

  23. I found myself imagining the reaction to an ad with traditional white people doing traditional things – white men doing something manly like cutting wood or a white lady cleaning her nice house for her white family. Would people notice and freak out? I’d love to try the experiment if anyone wants to give me the $5 million.

      • There is a restaurant in northwest NJ we visit occasionally. On the TV you can see in the dining room, they usually run original Little Rascals episodes along with the ads from the early 50’s. They may as well be from another planet (one I’d like to live on). The cool toys (including toy guns) for the kids, the nice appliances and cleaning stuff for moms, and new cars for dads. All portrayed by happy white people. It’s so jarring it seriously distracts me from the food and drink.

  24. Those are good observations. And a hilarious take on the halftime show. I did go over to a family members house to visit it was the stated reason for the visit but we never turned it on . We watched The Puppy Bowl instead.

  25. I was at a party and yes normal whites notice.
    There is some revulsion to this degeneracy but it’s just accepted that it is what it is.
    JLO throws her open legs and showing us her vagina indeed does bother parents who want their children to grow up and be normal.
    They want their daughters to “ have it all”
    A respectable life and career but the new American world is also telling their daughters, the ability to be a strip pole dancer.
    What we saw yesterday was natural Latino and black culture.
    But for the white women’s movement this new culture presents a major problem.
    Women are to be our new respectable leaders
    And at the same they can parade around with a stripper pole showing us simulated masturbation of their vagina.
    The two are incompatible.

    • JLo daughter was performing in that mess too. Much hot air from reporters about “empowerment”, “mother daughter”, and ”cultural awareness” with Shakira’s “joyful celebration of her heritage” last night.

      The entire production seemed a blend of 90s “we are the world” meets JLo’s heroic “Hustlers”. There’s a funny article about JLo inadvertently creating a monster in the making of her Uber-political “Hustlers” movie that illustrates how some of the victim worship is Imploding under its own weight:

      Demoralization has become the goal of the show, so it’s surprising they didn’t have trans toddlers, but maybe next year. Scorn and ridicule is the only appropriate reaction. Remember when Obama made Kenyans watch a gay propaganda performance in a stadium during his state visit? He also pulled this in Lagos (Nigeria, not MD!) and met a lot of hostility from the crowd for his trouble.

    • All the white women (middle/upper middle class) that I’ve heard from and work at my soulless corporate job just gushed about how they loved the show. It may present a problem, but I am not convinced they see it as a problem at all.

  26. Normiecons are gushing about how great Trump’s Superbowl commercial was. “Appealing to the Black vote!” Hey, if we have to whitewash (heh) the Black, female Walter White and release a bunch of incorrigible felons onto the streets, well, the real tragedy would be if our diversity were to suffer.

    • Dude you gotta get off of insty. They’re never going to change over there. Its still a bad habit of mine too.

        • At least part of the reason I do it is that I hope somebody will think, “Well, I didn’t think of it that way” to something I post. I get likes from people I have never heard of before, so that’s good. I have an icreasingly large portion of the usual suspects there blocked just so I don’t have to hear their tired crap.

          In the case of this particular ad, the funny thing is that I am pretty sure some of the same people cheering for it supported “get tough on crime” policies when that was the conservative favor of the week.

          • I think of you as a sort of a missionary. The last thing we need is more Balkanization and echo chambers.

          • That’s fair. I tend to just end up getting angry with myself for even bothering to try. Some seem like the’re just parroting talking points, while others I swear feel personally affronted if you dare question the received wisdom.

        • I’ve thought about getting a new “sock,” but I suppose I’d meet the same fate as last time. I never called anyone a name, or used bad language. All I did was point out a post being deleted after the “anti-semite” criminal (thousands of threats and blackmail across the globe) turned out to be a dual citizen with >$250K in Bitcoin at the time of his arrest.

      • At this point I avoid any posts over there by Ed Driscoll and the rest. Reynolds occasionally comes close to saying something, but always pulls back. Instapundit has gotten less and less interesting to me. Gab is a lot more interesting at this point if you follow people like Z, John Rivers, Cornelius, etc.

        • I feel like Reynolds sort of knows (given that he will still link to Vox Day’s SJW books) but also has to keep it to the PJ Media party line (going on about ‘elites’ and ‘our political class’). He’s probably a bit more /ourguy/ than Hannity, and a bit less than Tucker. Driscoll and the rest are just grifters…

    • Yeah Trump should listen to you make himself the ‘white savior’ and he can win 100% of the white vote /sarc.

      Trump is courting *some* of the black vote cause even if he wins 20% of the black vote, the Dems lose, it is that simple. Whites will never support Trump in large enough (70% or more) numbers for him to ignore the minority vote. Heck, Trump cannot even win 70% of the white MALE vote even after all that he has done. It is not Trump’s fault that the college edumacated debt slave, H1B fodder white professional class is so dumb.

  27. The ads flicker so fast now, like video games, I had to look away; I walked outside for the halftime farce. Next year I’m impeaching the entire game.

  28. Check out some social media that some Latina posting that singer were beautiful and proud of Hispanic heritage stuff

    Non-white become such arrogant think they already won and they owned America
    I mean Even second term of Obama administration, this kind of propaganda would be considered craziness

    This is gone too far, how many people should tolerate this
    until Barron Trump is Last son of Anglo-American and remain of white town explode like Planet Krypton?

    Isn’t it time to act and declare enough is enough?

    • but ass, bro. latinas are hot on pornhub so we have to let them in.

      coombrain white males are just as retarded as SJWs, maybe worse.

  29. Thoughts:

    1. At this point, I sit back and enjoy clown world. I was chuckling at the half time show. Show me that 50 year old ass, juanita. Nothing you can do but laugh. 50 year old strippers and favela people dancing around 3/4 naked, chanting in a foreign language. I’m trying to quit porn but now they show the Latina category right on TV.

    2. It is difficult to judge the normie white reaction to this, precisely because we are so conditioned to stay silent. But, at my party, I may have noticed just a hint of tension, or discomfort, as they noticed that clearly, this performance was not for them. They might not even realize they are feeling this. But there is something, though forgotten by this morning. There were a few comments about the Puerto Rican flag, too. Not openly disparaging but again, with slight disapproval in tone (and we are in Canada).

    3. The fact that the majority of whites continue to enthusiastically support and talk about this event suggests that we are in fact terminally ill and only a percentage of us are fit to survive the future.

    4. Shakira is white. It’s cringe to watch these people play up their “Latina” heritage.

    5. Leave Santana alone. He’s a great guitar player. I actually find traditional Latin music quite enjoyable (preferable to North American rock and roll and jazz). But this was just a hideous mishmash forced right in our face as a message of dominance.

      • Mahomes is not a black QB. Lamar is a black QB. I don’t recall Mahomes ever referring to his blackety-blackness. He has a lot of class and has let Kansas know he knows and appreciates the valures they represent. Russell Wilson faced a revolt three or four years ago from his blackety-black teammates for not making the effort to be black. Kaepernick set the bar and Wilson didn’t bite.

    • I wondered when I heard about the “talent” chosen for halftime. Is the music industry in such disarray that their “farm system” where they raise up a new generation of lip-sync whores has broken down? Is this why J-Ho and Shakey were the best strippers they could get?

    • “Shakira is White…”

      Spanish-Italian Mom, Lebanese dad. I’ve said it before – castizos aren’t Squats (take a look at Shakira or Salma Hayek – another Lebanese-Spaniard hybrid).

      YMMV, but I’m a lot more naturally attracted to Spanish women than waifus. And yes, Santana’s a good musician.

      Am I cucking? Don’t worry – I’m going to spend some quality time in Barrio Logan this afternoon to deprogram myself before I turn into Fred Reed.

      Castizos are the most compatible out-group for American Whites but only if we bond with them over their European identity and scorn the synthetic “Latino” identity as harshly as their conquistador ancestors did. Spaniards were great Europeans once but they were the first victims of the Jungle Fever of colonialism and Empire, and like the rest of us, their best elements are now obscured and tangled in fake history.

      • Exile,

        Whilst in Bario Logan stop at nearby Moto Cafe Coffe Company. Damn fine coffee. Place smells like heaven waking up. They roast the beans on site and you can watch it done.

    • Shakira is Lebanese IMS. She’s just another autotuned corporate singer.

      That said, men with a normal sex drive do not consider 50 year old fat butted black or PR women sexually attractive. Really when you stop and think about the half-time show was more of a parody but I suspect the people who came up with it couldn’t see how absurd it was to use ancient cows like those two to perform. My only guess it that a bunch of gay men came up with it.

      Lastly if most porn actresses looked like J-Lo or Beyonce, the porn industry would curl up and die.

      • Gay dudes are to blame in large part. No one pushes the “forever young” lifestyle and lionizes “May-December” sex like gays.

        Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill asked and answered a gay dude’s most important question in his infamous “tuck” scene. They think of little else.

        From the 1970’s on the story of America’s decline has largely been the story of America’s adoption of gay sexual values and ghetto business ethics.

  30. Someone said the great thing about Pravda was you could always find out the truth by just coming to the opposite conclusion of whichever one the paper wanted you to draw. You read an article about a new model of super-fast train proving its superiority in trial runs and think, “Man, I hope not too many people were hurt or killed when that POS got derailed.” I suspect lots of normie whites have the same reaction to such heavy-handed propaganda; in fact, I know they do, because whatever you think of Trump, his election already proved that there is a large cohort of (white) people in America who will do the opposite of what they’re told to do or believe the opposite of what they’re told to believe. Every time I see some ADT ad where a white guy who looks like Ed Begley Jr. breaks into a black family’s home, I think, “Oh, that’s right; black people do commit a lot of crime.”

    • Whenever current events force me to watch a mainstream news clip I do this too. It’s kind of a game to ask “now what actually happened here” and try to identify the hidden story amidst the bullshit. I wonder if you could train a neural network by feeding it an official news story, then the real events, and have it parse future PNN (Pravda News Network) tales and tell you what really happened.

  31. We were at a bar / restaurant for the first half. My wife was laughing at my expressions at the ads for girl-power superhero movies, imaginary girls playing football somewhere, and all the other woke crap that was being force-fed to us.

    • Took the wife out for dinner. We walked in and she remarked while glancing at the TV by the bar that Super Bowl half time was on. I glance up to the TV to see whoever bending over to show me her fat, black ass while holding onto a pole. I glanced back and said I have no interest in watching porn.

      Unfortunately, this was not good enough for the wife and she asked me who were the teams playing. I said, “I honestly don’t know. I don’t follow or pay attention to Football”. I began to explain why and when I stopped, but was met with her grabbing her G-D smart phone and looking it up. She then started to ask me about the teams and what cities they were from and such. I again said I don’t know and she basically said in so many words “…you know all this stuff, you’re just being a jerk…”. Sigh.

      • Compsci, we men speak of women being impossible to understand, but they don’t get us either. The difference is, we generally just roll with it, but they thrash around to figure us out.

      • In WWII, Dads was nearly accused of being a German spy because he didn’t know who was playing in the World Series either.

        This apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
        Compsci, just tell the dear Missus you’re allergic to sports.

        • Some time, in the future when things calm down, there will be an opportunity to discuss my Sports feelings with the wife. She will listen and understand, because in the whole she is a very conservative person in thought and behavior.

          Last week she questioned me if I had heard about Kolbe Bryant and how sad it was. She is at heart a compassionate person. (As I’ve said before, a good marriage partner is one that completes you. It follows the Devine Plan.) I responded simply, Kobe Bryant was a great talent, certainly in the top few of the greatest players of the game. However, it seems we lose sight of aspects of his life, such as he was an accused rapist of a young women when he was an up and coming player. I explained the circumstances to her of the rape and the efforts he and his team went through to have Kobe escape justice in this matter—including outright witness tampering.

          I then said one might better feel sympathy for his young daughter who died with him and that Kobe Bryant was no better in my book than Michael Jackson. This comparison struck a cord with her as she was familiar will the grotesque paedophile Jackson. No more was said.

          • One thing that always strikes me when discussing these matters with women, no matter how sound they are, is the relatively trivial fact base that support their view, It is, in the end, founded in emotion.

  32. Started to watch then went with a movie instead. Didn’t watch a single game this year. Not anti anything just apathetic.

  33. I quit gangstaball in the mid nineties. In retrospect i guess it was inevitable i would end up on the DR around 20 years later. The only drawback over the years is that i missed the joy of participating in the kneeling boycott of the NFL. Nor could i take any joy from despising Caperneck since i had despised his archetype for 2 decades, and he was a middling example of black jock bigotry and ingratitude at best. Sigh! There is a certain loneliness in the life of the early adopter, gentlemen.

    • Yes, indeed. Seems that Sportsball is the lingua franca of our interactions between folk. Not to learn it is to be set apart. I realize this, but accept it. I simply can not waste the time, nor bring myself to support an entity that seeks my cultural displacement.

      I suppose I could fake it better, it’s not hard. I simply choose not to do so. Ask me about the Super Bowl and I’ll tell you point blank, I don’t follow Sports. Press me and I’ll tell you I have better things to do than waste my time—which of course implies you have wasted your time, so is a slight.

  34. Not that long ago Super Bowl halftime performers included The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Coldplay, Shania Twain, U2, The Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney. Those days are over in the New America. The halftime show has been taken over by some combination of Latin, hip hop, rap, R & B, etc. No white music allowed.

    • I’d be more likely to watch the 2nd half if whatever they did at halftime didn’t take more than 15 minutes. If I wanted to watch a variety show or a striptease, I wouldn’t be watching football.

    • Boring, soulless, Boomer music? Is that “white” music these days?

      It’s not surprising that rap has taken over, given how cringe and boring rock music became. Why are no creative whites making a new genre?

      My theory is that due to fertility differences, artsy whites are the first class to be going extinct. So the types of whites who in the past joined rock bands had no kids, so there are few musically gifted whites now.

        • More true than anyone here realizes. That genre has been running on fumes for 20 years.
          Again, no one here need care about it, but don’t think that because rap is pumped out by Hollywood 24/7 that it has depth or stability.
          Even most “rappers” from 20 years ago will tell you the style is dead and being propped up by record companies.
          It’s a continuous broken record, as most popular music has been for at least 20 years.
          Just an empty spectacle used to distract the sheep, and convince black males that they might hit it rich some day by being a “rapper”.

          • Even popular music’s past is being retroactively edited to have a “black” sound. Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been much lauded for its recreation of LA in 1969. I lived in Berkeley then, but I got to LA several times that year.

            It’s true the visuals are pretty authentic (thanks to remarkable CGI) but the soundtrack is not. It consists almost entirely of uptempo soul music with lots of horns and fire-alarm negro voices. That was a part of the scene, but you’d never know from the film that psychedelic and country rock permeated the airwaves and records.

            Like the Stalinists airbrushing out nonpersons from old photos, Tarantino or his musical consultant substituted a new politically correct music into his period piece. The reality of that time and place was too white.

          • Let me see if I’ve got this right.

            You’re saying that Quentin “Dead Nigger Storage” Tarantino’s soundtrack was selected to conform to some standard of political correctness?

          • AFter watching a YouTube replay of the half time pole-dancing show by Jennifer Lopez, I noted with interest that the song(s) she was “singing” we’re from at least 10-15 years ago.
            I found it interesting that she was recycling an uninteresting and poorly-composed song that was pretty mediocre the first time around, in the early 2000’s.

      • “why are no creative whites making a new genre?”

        Creative whites DID make a new genre, it’s just that it’s called the Internet. And then, like all great cool White stuff, they were tricked into letting everybody else have it too, instead of keeping it to themselves. Gee, I wonder how (((that could have happened))).

        Eventually young White kids will re-emerge with a new musical creative force, it’s just that they’ve taken a time out for the moment, and put their energies into things like gaming and computer stuff. Also that guitar-based music despite its embarrassment of riches, has temporarily exhausted its possibilities, and something new may be required. But White kids’ll re-group. They’ve certainly got enough things to be pissed off about to create Punk Rock on Atomic Steroids Times A Thousand.

        It really comes down to the fact that racial divides have come to supersede class divides in this society. I am old enough to remember a White America where class divisions were the key component — hell, it’s so recent that you can still see it in John Hughes movies.

        Great rock and roll used to be made by pissed-off working class White kids who formed garage bands because they wanted status so they could get girls, but in the prevailing class structure of the time, status was the exclusive property of rich kid Hemington Farnsworth IV, and the local football jocks. What else is poor-but-talented Eric Stoltz supposed to do, in order to get either Nancy Allen or Mary Stuart Masterson, I forget which?

        Some time in the post-Cobain-fury mid 90s, the Internet age made things so fluid and welcoming for smart lower-class White kids that they had plenty of other opportunities, and did not need to vent their rage in rock and roll any more. So they cede that turf to pissed-off black kids, with the results you see now.

        But now that White kids are getting massively kicked in the teeth again, you will see a pissed-off music subculture resurgence.

        Just give it time.

        • Nah. 95% of white kids listen to mumble rap. They are braindead and consider it racist to even say you don’t listen to rap. What else are they supposed to listen to, though?

          Country is dead too, music row killed it. That is the great shame.

          • “What else are they supposed to listen to, though?”

            Fair question. I’d say White kids need to reject the absurd cultural present, and return to exploring their glorious cultural past, in order to construct a new glorious cultural future.

            They could start by listening to the Beach Boys “I Get Around,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “Good Vibrations.” Feel just how nuclear-powered that stuff is. Or if you’re feeling dirtier, try a dose of Captain Beefheart’s “Safe As Milk.” I could give you a perfectly good Lester Bangs style rock encyclopedia ranging from “Revolver” through say Sonic Youth’s “Washing Machine” and Bettie Serveert’s “Palomine”, which is about the time rock petered out, but I’m sure many others could, too.

            But I think young White kids need to reach deeper than that.

            Go to Cole Porter’s “I Get a Kick Out of You”

            Jacques Brel’s “In the Port of Amsterdam”

            W.A. Mozart, “Fin ch’an dal vino” (aka the Champagne Aria), “Madamina, il cataloge questo” (aka the Catalogue Aria), “La ci darem la Mano,” “Batti, batti o bel Masetto”, the harmonies of the Three Ladies, the Queen of the Night’s magnificent tirades.

            Richard Wagner, Prelude and Scene One of Das Rheingold, Prelude and Act One of Die Walkure, Fricka’s amazing tirade “So ist es den aus mit den ewigen Gottern”

            John Lennon, “Dear Prudence”

            It’s a start, anyway

          • What else are you supposed to listen to? My kids (college age) don’t listen to rap. They listen to things like Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, The Head and the Heart, Arcade Fire, the Lumineers, and many more that isn’t rap and is actually pretty good music and much better than rap.

          • Good music isn’t going to “die.” Like Cat says, there’s a big Internet out there with a lot of creative music – so much that it’s impossible to keep track of it all. The hype machine used to make our selections for us and we need to learn how to make our own better-informed choices from the wider menu out there. The interesting stuff is downstream now and takes a lot more active listening and sampling to find. Production costs are practically zero compared to 20 years ago.

            Don’t confuse the death of the music industry with the death of music.

          • If you look at the broad sweep of 20th century American music, it starts in the aughts and teens with piano-dominated music: black ragtime and white honky tonk, as well as the Irish tenor style and White European art music, mostly French (instead of the better German and Italian). By the twenties, the great Louis Armstrong has taken over with “jazz”, which is billed as black roots music, but which is in fact a very complicated blend of African rhythmic music, brothel and burlesque good-times music, African-Irish modal “blues,” creole compromise music, and very artsy cutesy academic French art music. In Armstrong’s world, circa 20s and 30s, the trumpet dominates as a solo instrument.

            In the 30s and 40s we see the rise of Big Band music, and the dominating geniuses of the time are the large-scale compositional-inflected Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Strangely, the drums become very prominent as a solo instrument.

            By the 40s we start to morph into the Bebop, Post-Bop, Cool, and Hard-Bop versions of jazz, starting with the saxophone era which begins with Charlie Parker and extends through John Coltrane, terminating in Sonny Rolins and Wayne Shorter. Miles Davis with his comically large ego makes a resurgent dent with the trumpet, but not really.

            By the 1950s the American ear has grown tired of grandiose complicated artistic statements, and leans more towards the good-time simplicity of white classic country, and black rhythm and blues. Chuck Berry with his terse, extremely witty precision, and a similarly terse precision from the Sun Studios gang (Johnny Cash, Elvis, Roy Orbison etc) rule the day. The guitar and the voice become the dominant solo vehicles.

            By 1960 it looks like a blend of these styles will reign supreme: it looks like genial, rockin’ Buddy Holly and Smokey Robinson are the future. Nobody has guessed that there’s a virus brewing in Liverpool England and Southern California at the same time. The Beatles and the Beach Boys combine r and b energy with Classical rigor, large-scale ambition and structural precision, and it’s an atom bomb.

            Hip-hop with its turntables, illiterate yelling, auto-tuning and computer mixes is the pile of smoking ruins we’ve been living in ever since.

          • There’s plenty of alternative white bands out there or they can find decent music from the past. It’s why music from the 70’s and 80’s are still popular.

            Yeah yeah it’s souless boomer music or whatever the white snob class call it But it’s still far better than that rap mind rot and it won’t poison their minds.

            And some White kids, realize rap sucks and the same with the corporate generated music of singers and groups like J-Lo, Mariah and Coldplay.

          • I don’t know about kids but a lot of young people listen to older music on YT, spotify etc. Whenever I see someone in their early 20’s wearing some band’s t-shirt it’s always a band from the 90’s or 80’s. New bands now have to compete with the past.

          • I once had the pleasure of meeting Mary Stuart Masterson, rather briefly. She was a very nice person, plus she really was cute as a button. You could see why John Hughes wanted all the pissed-off working class White boys to fall in love with her.

          • The other famous actress I got to meet who was disarmingly beautiful was Milla Jovovich. She’s almost surreal in the beauty sweepstakes, sort of like a perfect museum-quality statue or something. Also a very nice person, but you’re sort of afraid of her because her looks are so kind of other-worldly.

            With Mary Stuart Masterson, you’d sort of like to invite her down to the friendly hipster diner on the corner for lunch and see what clicks, but with Milla you start wondering if you’re supposed to build a giant hypnotic hyper dimensional marble temple to a terrifying goddess. She’s not that sort of person, but for the love of Pete she certainly LOOKS like it.

        • “Also that guitar-based music despite its embarrassment of riches, has temporarily exhausted its possibilities, and something new may be required. But White kids’ll re-group.”

          It’s so far outside the mainstream that most people are unaware of it, but some young white musicians are doing creative things with synthesizers, far more sophisticated than the “English synth” sounds of the ’80s. The genre known as trance is one example. The mediocre side of trance has been dumbed down into disco dance beats, but the best of it is unusual, original, and mind expanding.

  35. It’s emblematic of the downward spiral that this country is on that two aging, menopausal/post-menopausal who-ers play acting as strippers in front of an audience of tens of millions of children is considered a triumphant moment for the “Latinx community,” and a big “f**k you!” to white Americans who object.

    As I said on the members’ blog, I bailed just past halftime when the corpse of Al Pacino showed up to shill his new TV show about hunting Nazis at backyard BBQs in white America.

    The message: Love the polyglot boarding house that America has become, or you are a Nazi, and we will hunt you down.

  36. This event works both for and against us.

    The ads and the halftime show could have come out of Dissent Parody Studios. But it’s still a high public ceremony designed to enhance group cooperation. Our tribe will by its nature grasp for the few positives offered to them. The rot will add its weight to their growing sense that things have and are going wrong, but this stays quietly simmering on a back burner. The vast majority still think things will magically work themselves out. The few positives they take from this will continue to drag out the inevitable.

  37. The Google ad was a master class in propaganda. Here it was encouraging you to tell your most precious secrets to an AI that will be able to manipulate it to encourage you to consume product.

    Not even mad, just impressed.

    • I know! That one was wild. Also encouraging people to live in the past pining away for dead people. I wanted a plastic bag and sleeping pills after watching that.

      • Wal-Mart, community store? Who are they fooling? They could not even pass themselves off as a USA store today. Remember their 80’s ad’s, “…look for the Union label,…saying made in the USA…”!

  38. What Super Bowl? Who were the teams? I was out repairing wind caused damages with a guy who works 7 days a week so he can feed his eight kids. Doesn’t owe any body or any bank. I like it here. The men find out who the crooks and drug addicts are and the problems go away.

  39. I would argue that its even simpler. Most people do not even think any thoughts about it, they just enjoy the spectacle. Some notice and keep quiet, but I am convinced that most really don’t even notice, because their entire lives they have been conditioned to not notice. I don’t agree that the conditioning is just “keep quiet” about it.

  40. I knew you’d take one for the team and watch that, so I wouldn’t have to.
    I used to be really into football, but after the concussion protocols I saw the winner of way too many games basically get called by the officiating staff, like a crooked boxing match. The goggles kept sliding down until I saw it for the farce that it is (though a good game is possible, it’s unlikely). It was around that time that BLM fired up and the NFL said “that in addition the games being bad, we also hate you”.

    • For me, the less I watch sports, the more difficult it is to watch sports. I have watched very little NFL this year. The reason is I turn it on and it is always ads and ads fro stuff I hate. I wind up clicking it off.

    • I still kind of enjoy football because I played it. Baseball too because my grandma always had the game on when she was babysitting me.

      Never got watching sports for sport’s sake. Must be the gambling.

      • When Vin Scully used to broadcast the Dodgers games, it wasn’t really about the game. It was about the continuum of the sport, the stories of the players, and a bit about the fans, the stadium, and the people. The passage of time and the changing parade of humanity. Vin told us the story of us, in small asides and little monologues. There isn’t any of that going on in sports any more, AFAIK. Same story in music, movies, and literature, unless one digs deep and discovers obscurities, or looks back.

        • Culture is more profitable than politics as entertainment. Yet these capitalists seem intent on destroying their product to change the culture. It might make sense if it was working. Do they not need the money or have they lost it?

        • The “spirit of the game” matters in each of our major sports. Once I started realizing what complete turds most of the players were, I lost the spirit pretty quick.

          Today’s J’anquarious Blackbody and Pedro Squatamalan are not Jackie Robinson or Dave Concepcion. Hell, Jackie and Dave probably weren’t the Jackie and Dave of the Rosenberg-colored mythology. Big Other managed to make a hero out of MLK, FFS.

          Removing heroes leaves a dangerous void, but Shlomo can’t help himself.

          The cult of sports heroes is melting in the acid-bath of cultural critique courtesy of ESPN and sports-Wokies in all its imitators and offshoots.

          What replaces it is up to us. The spirit we were chasing in following sports can be found in doing as well as watching.

          I’d rather spend my Sundays helping someone build something for their family than betting on how many TD’s Quantavious Babydaddy scored against the Carson Cucks.

    • Oh it’s quite evident the League owners hate our guts and so do the corporate advertisers

      Worse it’s a slow game with little actual play. The average football game has like 13 minutes of action on the field. The rest is filler. Worse the players are mostly ghetto rats who look like circus freaks. God almighty how can any white relate to them is beyond me.

      • Quick math for doubters: figure 120 plays in a game, six seconds each on average (snap to tackle/OOB/dead ball/score). That’s 720 seconds which is 12 minutes. And I wouldn’t devote 12 minutes to watch one, much less the whole friggin’ day.

        • I saw somewhere that someone had timed it a few years back. The ball was moving for 13 plus a bit minutes.
          So your rough and ready is pretty good, and rwc is correct.

  41. >> President Trump, for example, ran ads promoting his efforts to throw open the prison doors so black criminals could be allowed to roam free. <<

    Tell me again how the interests of the Historic American Nation are served by re-electing this person?

    And by “tell me” I mean “actually tell me,” not “passive-aggressively downvote my post and not comment.”

    • I let others do most of the chiming, but the main benefit of Trump winning is the validation. Inside the ruling class there are many more cracks than we appreciate. Trump winning opens them even further.

      • But Z, what does that validation give us other than a temporary burst of endorphins?

        It’s like taking a drunk girl home from the bar. Tomorrow morning still has to be dealt with.

        • Well that girl is going to accuse us all of rape tomorrow morning, first thing she wakes up. Figuratively speaking. The sex was bad and we couldn’t stay hard.

          Trump (and us) better better be ready.

        • It gives you time to prepare and organize. If you are an accelerationist, then of course you consider this a delay of the inevitable. I prefer to bide my time and strengthen beliefs and ties.

          • I’m not a big fan of the “preparation” argument.

            Intelligent folks like yourself and the others who post here are already as prepared as we need to be, and those who refuse to listen to us won’t change their tune because they’ll spend the next four years thinking they’re still “winning.”

          • Meme, good rebuttal, but what about community and organization? Before Trump election, I was not aware of this group. Four years from now, where will I be? Who will I have affected in those years wrt DR. Maybe none as I’m not very good at this.

            But point taken, perhaps I’m only fooling myself and am simply cowardly.

          • You are too smart for this but you have managed to think yourself into ignoring what is right in front of your nose.

            You can’t spend the next nine months not understanding why four more years of Trump driving the Enemy mad is to be preferred over anyone more likely to order the border patrol to stand down and actually throw the open the border.

          • The border IS open. They catch a couple thousand a month so suburban wine moms can go abloo abloo over “kids in cages.”

            But, tens of thousands more get through. And that’s not even counting the hundreds of thousands of LEGAL immigrants Trump has welcomed in.

        • The validation isn’t emotional. It’s numerical. It shows people like us that we aren’t so alone or isolated. It shows Normie that he isn’t crazy for noticing that he’s being fed BS by the culture.

          On the other side, Lefty thought his side had finally achieved a majority with the election of Obama, and that he’d be invincible from here to doomsday. The thought that there are 60 million Americans who will side with Trump (even if only out of spite) scares the crap out of him.

          Numerical validation means the fight isn’t over. I think that’s why pressing for the idiotic open borders position has taken on such an urgency with the Left, which it didn’t have before. And of course its why they’re trying so hard to outlaw and exterminate any dissent.

        • Even when I was a young man – I just couldn’t bring myself to take home the drunk girls. That whole “has to be dealt with” thing was always in the back of my mind.

          Plus – even in the 80s I was still aware of the lunacy that permeated thruout the feminist project, and the nascent desire to blame men for everything was already there.

          False rape allegations go back decades. It’s not a “new” thing – as much of the media on the right would seem to have you believe.

          Now …. in my mid 50s, my blood tests show no random sexually transmitted diseases, my court docket is clear, and I am completely confident I have no unknown children out there. When the Kavanaugh hearing was going down – I thought to myself that I’d actually LIKE to get accused of some of the things he was accused of – because I could say in utter and complete confidence back to the accuser:

          “you’re a phucking liar – I know for an absolute fact that none of this ever happened – and I’m going to destroy you for making the attempt, so go ahead keep it up – I’d like to retire early and your bank account can help me get there….”.

          • Wow, well aren’t you just a shining beacon of morality.

            In all seriousness, I don’t think this situation happens as often now. It still occurs but they are more cautious. Girls go out in packs and don’t let their girlfriends get taken if they’re drunk. Often they just go out to enjoy male attention.

            Maybe I’m just a beta, though. lol

      • That was my rationale for voting for Nixon in 1972. In hindsight, I should have gone for a bike ride.

        • Nixon certainly had us fooled, but that was then—this is now. You can’t judge decisions made in that era with knowledge of today. Nixon was arguably worse than Johnson wrt much of the anti-freedom bureaucracy we loathe today. But who knew? We still believed in a government for the people, a White people, which was assumed. There still was a middle class—a center about which to hold back the extremes. All that is now gone.

          • Yes, the center doesn’t hold, ever. Seems like a pendulum. We are far out of calibration. As others have said, not sure we can vote our way out of this. The rot has been set in for a long time.

      • I think a Bernie win is better than a Trump win, just for the sheer craziness and knocking the Fortune 500 off its game, but a Trump win is better than a Bloomberg or Bootygag win. Or any of the others.

        • Bloomberg is a classical fascist. He will allow you to make money in service to the State, but in all other respects will mandate how you live and think as he knows better than you, the benighted masses. Bernie hasn’t reached that point, the wealthy are still the enemy in need of wealth redistribution. In the end however, both will—if allowed—engage in soul sucking totalitarianism.

    • I simply enjoy watching the Cloud People have a continuous nervous breakdown because Trump is in office.
      That’s the only reason for me.

    • Trump forces the other side to very openly show its hatred of whites. Every hate-filled story about Trump, every crazy screed for your aunt or co-worker shows Joe Normie that there’s no hope for reconciliation with these people.

      Trump the politician is a massive disappointment, but Trump the embodiment of Dirt People has been yugely helpful.

      • Citizen – It is exactly this. Trump was so outrageous and over the top in the eyes of these lunatics that they let slip what they really think. It forced a lot of us to really face what they would do if they could. I believe there are a lot fewer people who look at progressives and think, “if only we could come up with a sound logical argument, we could bridge the gap between us.”

        There is no reasoning with these people. We have to separate from them or utterly defeat them. There is no other way.

        • And Trump is pretty tame if you get past the showman. He’s a CivNat 1980s Democrat, and yet, their heads explode.

          Why? Because he showed the slightest concern for whites, even as he also talked about blacks and Hispanics, and thumbed his nose at the media. That’s all it takes for TPTB to want you destroyed.

          • And he never even explicitly mentioned whites by name. Wouldn’t that be great fun if he ever does?

          • yeah, so that the MAGA movement can be buried in a 49 state landslide, have the borders thrown wide open, nationwide gun confiscation. and mass offshoring to PRC. But of course, this is good as it will force a reset..or something.

      • Trump forces the other side to very openly show its hatred of whites

        Hate to break this to you, but the other side is being lead, midwifed and financed by whites.

      • A White face is how it’s always been—for good, but mostly for bad. Let’s not allow Obama to color our observations too much in this respect. Trump’s interest to me is that he has yet to be tamed. He is crude and nasty and no matter what is thrown at him, he continues to move forward. I tire of pussies who have their finger to the wind to decide what political move to make next. Yes, if you don’t agree with Trump, this is a disaster. Trump is a package.

        • The image that sticks with me is my Puerto Rican neighbor declaiming to the wind that there’d be a Puerto Rican president on election night ‘08. That was when I got that sinking feeling.

          I wonder sometimes how much anxiety over demographic shift is an echo of the Obama years. No doubt whites got suppressed in the last decade, and I wouldn’t be surprised if morale was the decisive factor.

          • The election of Obama showed one thing—there will never be reconciliation between the races! A Black women, a Hispanic tranny, a Puerto Rican gay. No such candidate will ever draw upon the White guilt wrt bigotry. That card was played and no longer available.

    • They are served by not electing Fauxcahontas or Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. Nothing more. Nothing less

      • You seem to be under the impression that the Left will not very soon enjoy a permanent electoral majority due to demographic change…

        If you can pick your opponent, pick the weakest one possible.

        • True. But such Leftists—even when elected can produce elections of increased opposition as in a divided House or Senate. We sometimes forget this.

          • Part of my reason for strongly considering tactical support of Bernie is the reaction he’d cause at the local level – specifically based office holders who are going to be willing to nullify and ignore laws coming out of the Imperial Capitol.

            The biggest thing going on in Virginia isn’t overweight Moogatards with hunting rifles holding anti-racism posters. It’s the fact that so many rural sheriffs are willing to openly defy their government. This is what we need in the 2020’s and beyond.

          • Meme, you are not alone. The bad boy in me often wishes for a decisive battle between the most extreme sides of the debate. Bernie/Trump would seem to meet that standard.

          • MWV, It’s also amusing to see how the Dems “regroup” and change the rules to prevent any challenge to the Committee. Do you remember “PUMA” back when they ordained that Obama would be the nominee? Or the sabotage of Bernie when it was Hillary’s turn? They’re already tweaking the rules to get Bloomberg in the same way they tweaked the rules to keep Tulsi out. It’s all theater. Few policies change from admin to admin. Just who gets to cash in at the end.

    • Trump is cleverly buying a few percentage points of the black vote by releasing black criminals into the black community. My view on this is similar to my view on our endless middle east wars. Why should we be spending our resources to keep one tribe from killing another tribe?

    • I’m a definite “no” on Trump for reasons stated repeatedly, but we’re not going to know who’s right on his re-election until well after the fact.

      I can still justify my 2016 vote b/c Clinton but after 4 years of seeing Trump in action, I don’t see enough upside to justify the cope/cuck of voting for him again.

      For Us, electoral politics is for acceleration and sowing discord, not for “winning.” All bets are off, party loyalties absolved, only meta-politics matter.

      • If we’re getting a Commie anyway, why not doddering Allende clone Bernie rather than Brown Stalin Stacey Abrams a few years down the road?

        • I’m the Berniest of Bros now. Nothing makes for better Noticing than a race between an academic commie Jew, a billionaire political shapeshifting Jew and a wanna-be Jew.

          Cui bono, Whitey?

          Memesters would have a field day comparing the daily levels of Jewry and Zio-cuckery between Sanders, Bloomberg & Blormph.

          • “Nothing makes for better Noticing than a race between an academic commie Jew, a billionaire political shapeshifting Jew and a wanna-be Jew.”

            To normie they’re all white. But I agree, the memes would be great!

    • you vote for trump because the alternative is worse. that is what it boils down to . Trump drives the left mad and reveals their insanity. The impeachment charade has hurt the left.

    • This could be 3-D chess. Let the Diverse criminals back into the hood/inner-city/slum, they off each other, the survivors vote for Trump, the dead don’t vote at all, unless Lib voter fraud. Win Win, sir.

    • Don’t think of it in terms of “how the interests of the Historic American Nation [will be] served by re-electing [Trump]” but instead contemplate the sort of carnage which would inevitably result from his NOT being re-elected. In 16 I did not so much vote FOR DJT as vote AGAINST HRC. As much as some of you folks dislike (okay loathe, despise, etc.) Trump, can you at least admit that Hildamort would have been INFINITELY WORSE for the country?

      When I go to the polls, I almost NEVER vote FOR anyone. In national elections, I usually figure we’d be better off if BOTH candidates were shot. When I vote, I vote for the one I figure ought to be shot SECOND. In 2016 I figured that was Trump. Can you honestly argue otherwise?

    • Why vote at all? By voting, you implicitly give a vote of confidence to the system, you acknowledge that the game is legit, give the winner a power-of-attorney to spend your money as he sees fit, and agree to obey the commands of whomever wins, even if it isn’t your guy.

      Afterwards, when they march you off to the gulag, with all the legal Ts crossed and Is dotted, you can think on how you helped empower the swine.

      This applies even if you cast a blank ballot.

      • Yes, such thoughts dwell in my mind all too often these days. To vote is arguably to accept the result of a rigged process. Democracy such as we practice was only viable when the belief in universal suffrage was buttressed by a set of rights unalienable by a majority vote. That is no longer the case, is it.

        • I wonder if it were always thus, if it is only the internet that has now allowed us a glimpse into the sausage factory?

      • The consent argument makes a lot of sense. I’ve flirted with it. The thing is there are no spectators, so I figure there’s no upside in not joining in the fun.

      • Felix – Absolutely spot on. I will no longer vote because I refuse to be a whore to the system. Also, since I just got chosen (against all odds and all my prayers) to serve on an extremely diverse jury for at least a week, I plan to remove my name from the voter rolls to ensure this never happens again. Or maybe I should just slit my wrists. If you all don’t read any more pearls of wisdom from me, blame it on muh justice system.

      • Politicians don’t care what the voter participation rate turns out to be. If they win they govern the same way regardless of how many people voted for them, or how many people turned out for the election. If, say, Elizabeth Warren wins because a bunch of grumpy nationalists stay home on election night, she isn’t gong to be bummed out or affected in any way.

        So a decision to vote does not send any sort of meaningful message of legitimacy or confidence in the system to anyone in the political class. A decision to NOT vote does not send a message either. Choosing to NOT vote is no more, or less, empowering to the swine.

        What Bill_Mullins has repeated above is a simple and boring truth worth repeating: elections allow you to vote for the least worst candidate.

        • It’s not really about the swine, it’s a matter of your own, personal dignity; if it doesn’t matter anyway, why do it?

          And there’s still the bit about you knowing you helped perpetuate the system that puts you in a camp.

          Or how about this, then? The political influence, even theoretical, that your ballot gives you, if converted into dollars and cents, amounts to the price of, say, a gummy bear. Ask yourself if you spend more money hauling your butt down to the polling station than it’s worth.

          Some dude on the internet wrote that he knew a very strident and fanatical regressive who worked in Old Media and was pumped to the gills about the 2016 election. On election night, the dude asked him whether he had voted and the guy responded by looking slightly amused. Of course he didn’t vote, he was Cloud People, an Opinion Maker; he wielded political influence by telling people what to vote, not by participating in the cattle count himself.

          If you want political influence, your time and effort is better spent phoning in a bomb threat on election night.

    • Reducing illegal immigration and refugees, preventing war with Iran and buying time ain’t nothing.

      On the whole 25%-50% of what we want is better than 100% of what we don’t.

      Now if you show me a better choice that can win I’d be all over it, None of the Democrats are worth beans nor are the Chamber of Commerce/Neo Con Republicans that are the alternative.

      Also to remind you, the Founding Father were open borders /cheap labor types. From the Deceleration

      He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

      In other words, they wanted growth NOW and were willing to go to war to dilute a British colony with even more foreigners.

      Fundamentally you are fighting for a myth and/or the recent past not the historical nation.

      When you understand that, you’ll have taken a step to knowing “Hey I want something new.”

      President Trump isn’t that but he does some good and less harm that accelerationism would. That “hurry on the Dystopia.” can end up with you sorry self in a concentration camp because you were unprepared to organize.

      Time is valuable and I’ll take what I can get.

      • What makes you believe illegal immigration has been reduced? It’s back to ~43K/mo. (Obama-era levels) This is admittedly better than FY19 where > 100K was common. BTW, the administration gave every adult illegal claiming asylum a work permit, which is illegal under 8 U.S.C. §1158(d)(2).

      • The only reason there wasn’t a war with Iran is that the Mullahs showed that we could not shoot down their missiles, and Trump backed down at that point.

    • because it really really REALLY pisses off the democrats, liberals ,ct ladies ,neocons, cucked republicans,mitt romney ,rick Wilson ,david French, Hollywood , ad numerous other beings and bodies that I enjoy seeing the reaction of . sometimes neither choice is good, but one is worse than the other .

      on the other side , do you really want to see Rachael madow ,chuck todd , rick Wilson ,david French mitt Romney , Steven coberett, jimmy kimmel , john stewart, the cast of the view, and all those people in gloating joy at trump’s defeat .

      we are s#$%$#@d either way , why make it a happy event for all those folks I mentioned

    • MemeWarVet, I wish I had an answer for you. I really do.

      Trump has never done anything and never will but I thought that he was still talking a good game about MAGA or Build the Wall or whatever. But then I saw a Trump Super Bowl commercial where he was bragging about letting a black woman out of prison. Maybe I should give him credit for his honesty now.

    • He may not be one of us. But ‘they’ THINK he is which makes them attack us which red-pills people who should be with us. Although Im not in the ‘Hoorrah Trump!” camp I figure it’s something like that.

  42. I was at a party that reflected the local demographic (Mercedes Marxist). About halfway through made the mistake of wondering out loud when Ricky Ricardo, banging a drum and wailing “Babalu” was going to make an appearance. Would’ve thought I farted out loud from the reaction. Don’t think the prior question to my spouse…”have I ever heard anything by this Shakira person” helped. Truly I really didn’t know who she was. Suppose on a positive note, what little clothing was being worn stayed on. And I refrained from asking my wife, who is close in age to JLo, when she was going to try pole dancing. Side note to Z—as it wrapped up went back into the kitchen to grab some more wings from the buffet—and logged into Gab—and saw exactly the reaction was expecting… Really need to get that book out.

    • Like the ZMan said earlier, once all the white people laugh at this stupidity, the revolution can start.

      All dissidents should start openly laughing.

      • Years ago if you would’ve told me that pushing drag queens into the mainstream and things like Bruce Jenner thinking he was a girl wouldn’t have been ridiculed by Normal America, I would’ve laughed at you. Yet here we are.

      • I was laughing through the whole show. Maybe everybody else thought I was having a really good time or something. But it was laughter of contempt and mockery.

      • My immediate association is “Shaka Zulu”…was waiting for the impis to appear and “wash the spears”.

        • Of Lebanese and White ethnic origin pale skinned and blond too. Quite lovely IMO

          People do move around quite a bit and most of the people in South America are the sons and daughters of migrants often mixed with local Indians.

          This is the norm in the Americas BTW with a European ruling class, If you don’t want the USA of tomorrow to be Uruguay or Brazil two, the DR is going to have to figure out how to get that.

          Fretting about morals isn’t the key. Public morals on display will shift as fashions shift and gradually the religious may come to outnumber the non religious in the US anyway.

          The issues are cheap labor and immigration, where practical repatriation and that is largely all that matters. The US can survive its current pozzed state , JMO its immune system is kicking in anyway but it can’t survive cheap labor or mass immigration

          The former will turn is Communist

          Neon Revolt explains it here better than I could courtesy of WRSA

          and stopping and reversing immigration stops Brazil

          Every ounce of wasted on muh Christendom and muh Neo Liberal Economics or Abortion is a victory for the other side

    • Watching the early-aught thots slut their stuff at age 50+ is a fitting epitaph for Western wahmenhood.

      I am wahman, hear me whore.

    • Saml…….Uck that you had to hide the Saml we know at the party. But Wow….great idea to spice up marriage with pole dancing.

      Me: How about little me strutting a pole dance for you!? Like that Sweet Pea!

      Basic Husband: Ha! You little vixen!

      Me Thinking: Hm…what was I thinking? We’re running on geologic time. This will be like metamorphosed granite chunking slowly around the pole to break apart into weathered feldspars only to be dragged down into the subduction zone to melt into something unrecognizable.

      Basic Husband Thinking: My sweet girl! Sigh! Quick..maybe I can fall asleep. Maybe she will fall asleep. My back is out. Maybe the cat will throw up. Maybe the Hurricane fault will pop. Sigh!

  43. I wish I had your confidence people aren’t brainwashed. From what I can tell lots of them are. I have encountered many true believers in diversity and multiculturalism at all class levels.

    • Most people are too chickenshit to speak frankly. Just waiting for someone else to take the heat.

        • It wasn’t that long ago feminism seemed here to stay. Same with political correctness. Multiculturalism is up next.

          My parents have friends who used to work for one of the most prominent Democrats. Hardcore party apparatchiks. They’re Trump supporters now because of the craziness. Plus look at how many Dems are going to Trump rallies.

          True believers are always a small minority. The majority follow power. They’ll change their tune when the coast is clear.

          • It’s a farce burning itself down. You know it’s over when people stop complaining and start laughing. The only reason you still hear it is because people are still willing to waste money supporting it but it lost its teeth long ago.

      • There are certainly some “chickenshit” types who refrain from speaking their honest views out of fear. However, most people actually buy this stuff, as hard as it may be to believe and accept. Very few folks qualify as independent thinkers. Most lap up whatever the establishment serves them. It’s disconcerting to say the least.

        • I truly believe from having talked to many people over the years that most go with the flow without actually buying into any of it. They don’t want to make waves because they don’t think they can do anything about it. So it isn’t worth the heat. They’ll just say what they’re supposed to to avoid scrutiny.

          • Agreed. There are certainly “true believers”, but most simply parrot establishment lines because it’s safer and easier.
            Herd mentality.

          • I can’t speak for football. I won’t watch any sport I don’t/didn’t participate in.

            Common sense more likely. The current Civ Nat system sucks large rocks through drinking straws but the alternative outright ethnic and cultural civil war on a continent sized basis is much worse.

            Also the ethnic issue is a lot more complex too.

            Hispanic is a meaningless category for one and the animosity between Whites and other groups at least out West Coast is more status than race,

            No one wants a race war except some hotheads caveat that no one likes Blacks or Chinese.

            We just aren’t ready to pull a USSR and split with relative peace. Sooner or later we might but now is not the time.

            Complicating it, no one has a clue how exactly the damage could be fixed or any problems solved The “militia right’ all have a Cincinnatus fetish, the Dissident Right couldn’t take power if Kal El of Krypton gave it to them and Normies don’t lead except locally

            This gap is why Leftist movements like the Marxists, Stalinists, NDSAP and others were effective in getting power our Left mono-party keeps power. They had ideas, had plans they wanted to achieve.

            The Right does not.

            A caveat here, the Deus Vult Right does have some ideas but the lack the manpower since most people including a lot of Christians don’t want these people in power.

            The secularists and the Religious Right can’t share power. Eventually the Religious Right will probably out breed the secular types but that is a long way off and loses to secularism are high among Evangelicals

            The Amish States of America won’t be recognizable in any case.

            Now if you really want power, start with knowing what you want it for and it all flows from there

          • The religious right is unfortunately the only thing with any kind of chance against tptb. We should be organizing into small DR white groups as well. But I don’t see explicit white identitarianism making any kind of mainstream inroads.

            Religious right is solid on moral issues that whites need to hear (every Biblical value is laughed at in modern (((culture))) – and whites suffer). Alot of the “white genocide” components are actually self forced errors, like low birth rate and tolerance of homosexuals. But God help us if/when they do win because outside of personal morality, the RR is full of lunatics who believe Jesus is coming back tomorrow. Africa is the evangelical heaven – Christian state, no gays, and that’s all that matters. We want more. We need the Bible for individual morality but racial organizing in small underground networks.

            Basically, fight through religion to improve whites and improve our morality and knowledge. Organize underground (even unknown to the church) our identitarian groups with people/families with similar values.

          • As Oswald Spengler once said Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism.

            In any case if we come to rely on the cheap social capital of Christianity its means our societies are forever and ever stuck in the middle east and the affairs of the Jews are now our affairs forever,

            we had best be sure this is what we want.

            In any case, the issue is the correctness of moral teachings but whether these are the moral teaching that suit Western people best.

            Given how fast Europe became post Christian and how fast its becoming nationalist, I’m far from sure it is.

          • I think the case can be made for a Christian break from the ME. Jews demanded the Romans crucify Jesus, Christianity became a gentile religion in a couple of decades, and so on.

            Evangelicals have pushed the judeo-christian narrative in the last half century or so. Even the crusaders had the sense to create Christian states over there.

          • We are not talking about “Race-War or KKK”
            We are talking about White people should return to the “Closed society”

            Since you don’t know about difference between open and closed, let me explain to you what we are propose

            Personal border is door in front of your house, it’s Prevented outsider vandalize your house or rape, murder
            personal border only invite family, closest friend
            In process its create “closed society” very opposite of “open society”

            We want white blood cell of our body back online again
            If you can’t understand this, you came wrong address far so long time and time to move

          • I’m speaking for the US here . In some nations homeschooling may not be as ready an option.

            You can create a closed society right here and right now, no one is stopping you even Leviathan doesn’t care.

            Clannish families with their own customs and minimal civic interaction are everywhere. Home school your kids, don’t talk politics with strangers , vote quietly, live a quite moral life prep quietly , be careful who you befriend , toss out your TV and avoid sports movies and other Poz. There done.

            However your allies don’t want that.

            the Deus Vult people want a big society where almost everyone is Christian, a Christendom 2.0 and most of the Normie right don’t want a hermetically sealed society either

            This is why Palecons like me were sent packing years ago. Closed societies are poorer society

            Now as for the issue of homogeneity , its a separate issue,. A society of clans is just Appalachia writ large and the constituency for that is basically nobody.

            Restoring the US to its pre 65 demographic and anearlier culture is what you are talking about and its one of the few solutions that would work

            Its also hard and would require force. Most normies if they can be persuaded to think in those terms know how much. A lot of force and that is not easy. It certainly can be done but the manpower if not there.,

            Also a hint here, as soon as the Religious types mention abortion or birth control or start yapping about the Devil, secular people tune them out. They are wrong on the first two and simple human nature is all that is required to explain bad behavior, No source of all evil required

            Having had ancestors pressed during witch hunts and/or killed/driven off over religious disputes I know how people given power will behave which means the Deus Vult people will not get my help period unless things are very dire.

            You want moral capital? I get that but organized religion is the problem (c.f Lutherans and Catholics and LDS and and and and on immigration issues) and we need something to each household not Big Church

          • This is why we can ignore the presidential polls. Unless Trump is down by more than 5% around the election, he will probably win. Since the current Dem candidates are not real to the voters yet, Trump can be down 10% now and still plan on winning.

          • In private and public conversations over the course of the past 50 years I have encountered the exact opposite.

            Most white people are true believers in racial egalitarianism. Religious whites come to this by way of souls. Non-religious whites come to this by way of the soft social sciences. Both groups share a belief in the Platinum Rule.

            Comparison of Internet website hits is one quick and easy indicator. If people actually believed Jared Taylor the private peeks at AmRen and similar sites would be consistently high.

            The general unwillingness of white people to donate anonymously to a non-tax deductible effort having racial overtones is another indicator. A modicum of success is possible if one denies/eliminates the racial aspects.

            The best case that can be made is for a type of Stockholm Syndrome. If so, then to begin psychological treatment we must free them from their captors. That ain’t gonna happen. We have, at best, six years until websites like this one are shut down.

            Now there are, undoubtedly, lots of chickenshits out there. Cowardice, indolence, and stupidity are hallmarks of the Blightwing. But even if I am wrong and your idea about going along to get along is generally true, the consequences are the same.

      • I get a kick from the closeted red-piller when they take a chance to ask a half-way question and I respond with a Black-Pilled response, it’s sort of like the first time…

    • ” I have encountered many true believers in diversity and multiculturalism at all class levels” But it’s difficult to tell for sure. Maybe they are true believers in keeping their jobs and their status.

      • Most people simply follow the strong horse. Once the strong horse changes, their views change with it unconsciously.

        Just see how many pro-immigration conservatives turned full MAGA with Trump.

        • Indeed. The plurality of people give no thought to public affairs. They just go with the flow. When the flow changes, they change with it.

          I reckon it has always been thus.

          • “The plurality of people give no thought to public affairs”

            Brain washed and brain dead are hard to tell apart.

      • Or maybe I actually am not a dumbshit, know what I am talking about and mean what I say. Don’t try to explain my own interactions to me when you weren’t even there.

    • I find that even with Trump voters, mocking diversity being our greatest strength makes them very uncomfortable. They think diversity is wonderful and it is wrong to question its benefits. They just don’t want to have to deal with too much vibrancy but that they can’t admit

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