The Babylonian Captivity

Every age has its defining characteristics. Often one of those characteristics is used to make a handy name for the period in question. The Jazz Age, for example, is the name given to the period before the Great Depression. Alternatively, one event is used to label the age, like the Woodstock era, for the late 60’s. These are not all-encompassing definitions, but shortcuts that spawn images in the mind. If one were to conjure a name for this era, a good option would be the Age of Conspiracy.

For starters, we are just wrapping up the impeachment fiasco, which was based on a popular conspiracy theory with the Left. They think Trump secretly works for the Russians or maybe their hated enemy the Ukrainians. No one is really sure who it is he conspires with, but they are really bad. This conspiracy theory also gave us the Russian hacking hoax and the Russian collusion hoax. Of course, the Left also thinks Trump secretly conspires with white nationalists too.

The Left is in charge, not always officially, but they run things so naming this era the Age of Left-Wing Conspiracy could work too. The irony, of course, is that they always accuse their enemies, real and imaginary, of being conspiracy theorists. Every idea they hate, even stuff from science and math, is tagged as a conspiracy theory. The demographics of crime, for example, are a race conspiracy by racists. Another good name for this era would be the Projection Era.

The Opposite Rule of Liberalism age would work, but it is a bit wordy. It does cover the main feature of this age. The people in charge always say things that turn out to be true, but in an alternative way. In the case of the Ukrainian collusion stuff, they were right about Ukrainians meddling in our politics. It was just that the Ukrainians were bribing Democrat politicians. There’s that opposite rule at work. What they say has some truth to it, just pointing in a different direction.

Of course, another reason why The Age of Conspiracy would work is the inner party is actually behind some rather important conspiracies. For example, the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. The Benghazi fiasco and cover-up. Clinton’s mysterious e-mail server and the shenanigans around it. How can we forget old Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious character, who apparently died by magic? Note that months on and the FBI has not charged anyone with anything regarding his death.

Now we come to the best caper so far. The party appears to have rigged the Iowa Caucus, in order to deny Bernie Sanders a victory. They will have results, eventually, but there will be no big live rally or press conference for him. Maybe they post the results wherever they place the obituaries now. The results don’t matter anyway, as the media will now pretend the Dancing Queen is the savior. Who knows, maybe they rig the results to declare him the official winner.

It may sound a bit conspiratorial, but a reasonable person is now forced to consider conspiracy as an explanation for everything in politics. There’s no doubt the Democrat Party tried hard to rig the vote against Sanders in 2016. They admitted as much while it was happening. They have been quite clear about their loathing of Sanders this time. This technology they decided to use to count votes is the product of a party insider. Their app is called Shadow.

That’s another thing about this age. The inner party likes a dash of irony with their conspiracies and the resulting theories. For example, accusing Trump of colluding with Ukraine is rather rich, given the number of inner party members on the payroll of a Ukrainian oligarch. In this case, their new technology would ensure accuracy and prevent shadowy forces from meddling in the vote. Naming it Shadow and then using it to meddle in the vote is a nice touch.

This is not the first time we have seen this. After the assassination of Seth Rich, the young DNC staffer, they put a plaque in his honor up at the door used by young party staffers at the headquarters. They claimed it was a coincidence, but in the Age of Ironic Conspiracy, one has to assume otherwise. In fact, given the howling about rigged elections the last three years, in is safe to assume Iowa is just the start. The 2020 election will probably be the first entirely corrupted election.

The civic nationalist types will be tempted to conclude that this will be the downfall of the Left or maybe even the inner party. After all, Americans like rules and expect the powerful to play by the rules. It is important to keep in mind that there is a strong oriental influence on this age. That culture really likes conspiracies. The entire Middle East is controlled by a tapestry of conspiracy theories. Chasing them down keeps people too busy to do anything about the people really running things.

That is how things in the Empire run now. It is like the ancient empires, in that politics is in the shadows, conducted by secret conspiracies. The people just hope to bugger on and avoid being a victim of it, but at the same time spend their leisure time puzzling through the various intrigues. Maybe that’s a good name for this age. It should be called the Babylonian Captivity, as the natural ruling class has been captured by an ancient mentality. That’s a label that has something for everyone.

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185 thoughts on “The Babylonian Captivity

  1. “Safe congressional seats“ make all of this stuff possible. Case in point: Adam Schiff— the more safe these people are, the more insane the behavior and an expanded allowance for fantastic lies spoken.

    And if Epstein was really killed, wouldn’t his “insurance policy” been cashed in with the full revelations made public by those insurers who he most certainly entrusted the secrets? No information about the perps forthcoming means Jeff is tucked away in a very safe place.

  2. The Trump era may come to be known as the American perestroika. The Soviet coup plotters were more competent though. They actually managed to remove Gorbachev in 1991, before things fell apart for them and Yeltsin took control.

  3. Now that the Iowa Ds are finally starting to report some “numbers” (for what they’re worth) they have Buttplug in the lead. The rumors are that he’s knee-deep in this “Shadow” app, as well as henchmen of Hitlery “Rodan the Flying Reptile” Clinscum. Talk about spending my time puzzling through the various intrigues. This one will likely be a real doozy, with staying power. Who knows what really happens. All that is certain is that it was something sleazy. These people are now so full of hubris that they simply don’t care how obvious their sliminess is.

  4. So they really expect us to believe that Mayor Buttstuff won an electoral contest in a primarily rural state? Seriously?

    With Biden clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s, I guess TPTB think that a 38 year- old homo is their next best choice. It’s ridiculous but they are determined to stick it to Bernie. They’re barely even hiding it this time.

    Oh, well. I’m going to keep rooting for injuries.

  5. “It may sound a bit conspiratorial, but a reasonable person is now forced to consider conspiracy as an explanation for everything in politics. ”

    The purpose of government is looting; it has no other purpose.

  6. As a former prosecutor, I hated conspiracy charges. Yes, you got to allege overt acts, which was a formidable tool to frame a story for the jury. But it is fundamentally a lazy charge because the punishment merges with the substantive crime that was the reason d’etre of the alleged offense. You don’t get a two-fer. What I’ve come to realize is that conspiracy is really in the penal code as a state-sanctioned weapon against free association. It’s real purpose is to discourage the hangers-on from aiding the principle suspects. Pre-emptive fear as a means of social control. As Zman sugguests, the rise in conspiracy theories is a good leading indicator of dystopia.

  7. Z Man said: “That is how things in the Empire run now. It is like the ancient empires, in that politics is in the shadows, conducted by secret conspiracies.”
    This is like the end game of generations of espionage and propaganda operations.

    Here’s two short clips that has some interesting things to say about it.

    #1. Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society.
    #2. Nonlinear warfare – A new system of political control 2014 Adam Curtis.
    Of course, the CIA and FBI have been gaslighting America sense day one.

  8. When absolutely nobody on those 10’s of thousands of hours of Epstein films was arrested , and neither were any of his handlers and procurers were even taken in to make it to good it was a reminder again that they have such a tight grip on power now that they don’t even have to pretend its legit anymore .
    I know anyone who pays attention already knows that . but they are really feeling their oats now.

  9. Who run Babylon Town?
    You know who.
    Who run Babylon Town?
    (((Master Blaster)))
    Say again. Louder.
    ((( Master Blaster))) runs Babylon Town.

  10. Sure, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s just a coincidence that the whole thing was a Seinfeld episode:

    Democrats, being actual or spiritual joos, are so cheap they like to pretend they can’t figure out 15% (the Iowa delegate threshold requiring an app)

  11. Conspiracy theories come from a culture where a large segment of the population has no power or input. And most of all, where the elite run things in an opaque way rather than a transparent way. The worse things they do, the more opaque they need to make the box. The little guy feels out of control and subject to external fates.

  12. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  13. Yes, we’ve gotten soft. That was the great dream, though, for untold millenia.

    Our softness, born of surplus, certainly has allowed much foolishness.

    I hope not, but maybe the coronavirus will be the God of Darwin’s way of reminding us about all those hard lessons we’ve forgotten.

    • There is no “maybe” there.
      Just but one of the Four Horsemen… and I hear the sound of hooves.

  14. The Great Enslavement, brought to you by Generation Bullshit

    X – Z: Once they are no longer voting and have passed on such property they have actually managed to pay off, we’re going to have consign the entire 1946 – 1964 demographic to history’s toilet, as a simple meme for future generations.

    For all those who claim you were redpilled back in 1968 or 77 or 85 or whatever, I am sure that you above all will understand our collective need to do this. Hopefully you will have performed such deeds or have had children to ensure that you will be remembered otherwise, at least in the footnotes.

  15. Me and my fellow based gender-fluid Black Jews are already twerking in anticipation the SOTU. Winning!!!

    • I might prefer “The Feminine Age” because our cultural models are reactionary, irrational, scheming, emotive. That also applies to our Semitic elites, but adds in their (much more populous) female & male enablers.

      • Well, we should just be honest enough to call it “The Zionist Age”. That would include the Judeo-Puritan sycophants. And the age would begin with America’s entry into WWI. God knows when it will end.

  16. It should be called the Babylonian Captivity, as the natural ruling class has been captured by an ancient mentality.

    Perhaps the Washingtonian Captivity?

    • I’d vote for something that included “Deep State”. That’s my biggest takeaway from the last couple of decades—we ain’t running the show.

    • If the haters should prevail, 200 years from now Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s descendants will write passionately of her enslavement.

  17. Interesting discussion Z. Speaking of conspiracy, I stumbled across this normie blog that had an interesting take on things that you can shed some light on. Did Pelosi’s father really loot Baltimore into the ground? This guy has a theory that Pelosi made a deal with Bloomberg to cook the books. The DNC was broke in 2017 so she used his money to elect a batch of freshmen reps to the house who would propel her back into power and push for impeachment. She would then weaken Trump with impeachment, push the party left with her squad and leave the candidate pool with weak unviable candidates. Bloomberg would then join the fray in the 11th hour and sweep the board clear with his shekels and propel himself into the presidency. Intriguing theory:

    • Uncanny. That sounds exactly like how an industry careerist would play the field.
      She won’t hire her competition.

      I’m betting on a Bloomberg surprise myself.
      Bernie is the bait-and-switch.

  18. The clowns doing all this may be banking on the idea that Joe Normie is simply exhausted by the last 20 years or so, and simply has no energy or motivation to get off the couch and do or say anything. They may be right. Defining dumbassery down really seems to have taken hold, and nothing surprises anyone any more.

    A funny aside I saw last night, “The Iowa Caucus did not kill itself”.

  19. Saul Alinsky, mentor of Hillary Clinton, wrote a famous book Rules for Radicals, in which he suggests to accuse your opposition of things that you are actually doing. They do exactly this.

  20. We need to hit bottom, and sooner rather than later. Like the proverbial 2×4 upside the head, it is a necessary precursor to real change and rebirth. We now live in a world of manufactured faux desperation which distracts rather than motivates out of existential imperative. There is a path to remedy, and it will be very hard, as it should be. If you want the easy way out, buy a coffin.

  21. Dems are destroying our system of government in their pursuit of power. Just like they did before the civil war. They talk democracy but keep pushing us towards dictatorship and empire. And conservative inc. comes in with corporatocracy masquerading as democracy because market. Wtf.

    • It wasn’t Dems who destroyed the Constitution with the Civil War, it was Republicans. Our system of governmnet is doing exactly what the anti-Federalists assumed it would do. Let us stop blaming Universalists for taking advantage of the democratic playground given to them. It is in fact the perfect instrument for “socialism”, and the only example of socialism to this point that has survived itself. May we stop defending “democracy”?

      • I blame liars for lying, deceivers for deceiving. No system of government is foolproof. They fought for slavery in the land of the free. Today in our liberal democratic order they steal the people’s voice.

    • It’s not just them. The conservatives, selling out hard for immigration and big corporate profits, are right there too.

      • ”And conservative inc. comes in with corporatocracy masquerading as democracy because market.”

        Carpetbaggers and robber barons. Nothing new under the sun.

    • It would make sense for Bernie to do so. Not sure if the Bernie campaign is too timid or they are too nice.

      Would think after Hillary stealing it in 2016 he would realize nice will not win elections.

      • What if Bernie is being paid to short-circuit the Left Dissident vote, the people /our side/ would find common ground with?

  22. Here come the down votes. Maybe the technology used was crappy and now they are scrambling to try and figure out what the results really were? It seems every time government tries to implement something like this, it is incredibly inefficient, Think any government web-site you try to negotiate through. A nightmare! Visit any school that has technology to collect data, and you will see crashes all the time. Coupled with this Tom Foolery, when you add skullduggery, the situation becomes fairly transparent.

    • Here come the down votes.

      Let’s hope so. If you could downvote candidates as well as vote for them, I bet there’d be queues outside the polling stations weeks in advance.

      • Hell, I’d settle for a voting system where candidates/propositions can be ranked and non-party selections have a chance.

        • Some places already have ranked-choice voting. Maine, for one. I’d be hard pressed to find even one candidate I wanted to vote for. I like the idea of negative votes.

        • I don’t think that would do much difference. European countries have anywhere between 6-10 parties in parliament and it’s not working here either. It’s simply too few parties, the globalists easily subverts them all.

          I’m putting my hopes in krullocracy:

          1) You establish a political party, get elected to the legislature.

          2) You establish a website where every item on the legislative agenda is put to a vote among the party members. The result of this vote will be transferred proportionally to your members of the legislative: if a vote returns a 70/30% yea-nay on your website, that is replicated by your seats in the legislature.

          Now you have direct democracy, but that’s unwieldy because nobody can be bothered to read everything that goes to the floor. So therefore:

          3) On your website, you allow the party members to transfer their voting franchise to a representative of their own choice: he votes for you on the party website. It can be someone already elected to the physical legislature or someone not even in politics.

          That brought us full circle back to the old, representative democracy, but here’s the kicker:

          4) At any time can you rescind your permission to let your representative vote for you or simply elect another representative. So when your guy suddenly decides to vote for more immigration for some inscrutable reason, you simply click the “vote manually” button, and vote yourself on that particular issue.

          So now you have traditional, representative democracy with a veto option on individual bills. Also, there’s no threshold for democratic representation. You can start a party with two members and go to work in Congress next day.

          That makes logrolling and pay-to-play much harder, because the representative cannot guarantee that all the political clout he currently wields, will not evaporate once the messages starts to ping in on his constituents’ phones: “Your representative votes to award Israel a $100 billion military aid packet. Click ‘yes’ to accept or ‘no’ to vote manually. Click here to elect a new representative”.

    • This

      Not “government”.
      This was contracted out. Shadow app

      Actually THREE shadows

      The worksmanshit is unmistakable.
      Its got 3 different tabulations.
      (Coded in pieces…🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡)

      Buy white coders you cheap fux.
      Or at least Chinese coders- good work, and Cheap!

      >Of course the coding is the Chinese Army, but we already knew that…

      Pajeet coding LLC


      Has played out so many times; hire a bunch of coders for gig piecework

      >they google some code closest to their ah, er “understanding” of it
      >they cut and paste what google spits out
      >collect $ to eat
      [Boolean^ isn’t it^]
      >execution explodes
      >run like Hell and hide

      So many times as unwilling Pilgrim I have walked this road…(management idea) .

      • Oh yes, the white code monkey speaketh. Chinese “students” and “researchers” stealing American technology…yawn? Tidal wave of Illegal Aliens….yawn. H1B’s? aarrrgghhh down with dem Pajeets.

        IOW, somebody else’s ox being gored, no problem as long as it is not mine. This hypocrisy and arrogance is why I enjoy watching white code monkeys being taken on a blind date by their H1B replacements. White code monkeys like you are no dissident or nationalist. If America were to be flooded with Latins, white code monkeys would welcome it.

        BTW, I have worked with a lot of code monkeys and I found the fucking Chinese the worst. Zero creativity, originality or initiative and as a bonus cannot speak two sentences in Engrrish.

      • A friend of mine (who hated Obama and in general blacks) got tagged by A——/re to PM the rescue of O’Care site.

        All the 👳🏾‍♂️ told him “job needs a white guy.” They were all not just coders but above them the various managers et al staring at each other. No direction, no clue. No idea that you have to TELL staff what to do – you can’t just whiteboard your fantasies into being. That making an app or website isn’t like making your FB page. (As if they could code FB).

        None of these people know how to DO anything. They use apps and send congratulatory emails back and forth all day long.

        Grifter and selling their offices, that they can do. That’s it.

        Remember “green jobs” and “shovel ready jobs”? They spent $20 billion on solar panels for houses…a total of 23 were done.

        They can’t do anything, and can’t tell when they’re hiring competence or not. No wonder elections scare them, they could never get a real job.

  23. Btw, some of the very rare good guys in Hollywood are trying to put together a documentary series on U.S. military heroes. These guys are pros who want to make an honest series about military history. Our side needs our own entertainment to counter the usual hate whitey Hollywood propaganda.

    We need to support our own. They’ve just started a Patreon account. I’m going to sign up later today. I suggest you do as well. I’d also suggest you post this link on other sites’ comments board to help spread the word.

      • I once owned a copy of that one, legitimately paid for, albeit second hand. Taught me about phone phreaking – very useful stuff back when all the good BBS servers were an ocean and a continent away, and it would take you overnight to download an illicit copy of Wolfenstein.

        Too bad the telcos went digital.

  24. To the list of inexplicable coincidences that we’re supposed to forget ever happened, please add the 2017 Las Vegas massacre by “Paddock”: a nobody who did nothing with no motive—ergo “case closed,” according to our super-efficient law enforcement operators.

    I wonder whether the incompetence on display there was a dress rehearsal (intentional or otherwise) for the Epstein fiasco? That is, a test to see whether a crime of significant magnitude could be committed in the most ostentatious way, and remain unsolved, with no reprisal from the public and no accountability for the failures of protection and investigation.

    When Epstein turned up dead (by magic—nice touch, Zman) I commented on Sailer’s blog that the very brazenness of it gave a new lease on life to every old conspiracy theory; that it had now become *rational* to explain events as the result of powerful figures working in the shadows to advance their parochial interests. That’s an index of the total erosion of trust in our system—putting it on par, as Z observes, with oriental despotisms.

    Trust was always the lynchpin of our social order, and the fact that we now talk matter-of-factly about a deep state and conspiracies of all kinds shows that the well of societal trust has evaporated. Epstein’s death was a slap in the face to anyone who ever had faith in the system. I haven’t been able to fly my American flag since that day.

    • I have seen just 1-2 very small potatoes places on the web that say Epstein may, in fact, not even be dead.
      (i.e. he has gotten surgery to physically change his looks, relocated somewhere on Earth, and is going about his Mo-sad mission.)

      • Good point, Carrie. It certainly would not defy rationality to refer to Epstein’s “death”–with the latter word placed snuggly between irony question marks. The sad fact is that no public statement about that story can be considered trustworthy.

  25. The Emmanuel Goldstein Age

    Every crazy conspiracy is just their version of the “Two Minutes of Hate Whitey” to keep the troops energized and distracted.

  26. While the wordy “Opposite Rule of Liberalism” can describe the Ukrainian collusion business, it can also describe the “up is down” mentality of the left. “Diversity is a strength,” “men can be women,” “there’s no such thing as race,” etc.

    Since the left features more nonsense than just conspiracy theories about the Russians and Ukraine, I’m thinking “The Age of Conspiracy” is too narrow. Maybe it should be called the “The Age of Madness,” or “The Age of Absurdity” or something like that.

    • Saul Alinsky said to “Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To”. Marx and Lenin supposedly have similar quotes. It’s an old leftist tactic to create confusion and tear apart society and legitimate institutions.

        • A PJ Media commenter, cfbleachers, actually fought legal battles in court with DSA Communists in Chicago.

          He called it, “inversion”.

          I call it, “flipping the script”.

          (And no, his blinders prevented him from noticing its oriental flavor.)

    • It seems to me we’ve already named this age. Everyone here has used it and many in the dissident movement use it: Clown World.

      During tonights SOTU expect many of the clowns to ride their unicycles and honk their noses as they waddle out during the speech.

    • There is no conspiracy. Instead we can see the very first official Affirmative Action/Social Justice Voting Software put in practice. We all know the wisdom of Comrade Stalin: “It does not matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.”

    • Robby Mook and Matt Rhoades are Defending Digital Democracy.
      This quote in the pjmedia article has just made day:
      “The Intercept’s Lee Fang explained that the app was “vetted for integrity by former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s new election cyber security group.” He added, “Robby Mook partnered with Matt Rhoades to create his new Defending Digital Democracy cyber security org. Rhoades founded a PR firm that specializes in digging up dirt and harassing activists on behalf of corporate interests. Really, great people.”

      True or not it is really funny; the best part of that development was left out though that is if that OBSS (Old Bolshevik Senator Sanders – our modern day Alter Kämpfer) got ever hold of the reins of government we would not have to worry about election outcomes again, they will all be overwhelmingly, i.e., at least 96.38% in favor of the Great Man himself, the rest being invalid, of course.

      • “vetted for integrity…”, “cyber security group…”, “blah, blah…”

        As someone who’s been involved with “tech” in various aspects for a long time, I’ve come to the conclusion that “cyber security” itself is basically a myth. There are simply so many layers of hardware and software in modern IT systems and so many ways each layer can be compromised that it all really comes down to “do you trust the people who told you this was secure?”

        There are only 2 times you should ever rely on something as vastly complex as a modern computer and its OS and software.

        1. The task at hand doesn’t really matter. You’re playing a video game or browsing the web for pictures of 50 year old strippers at the superbowl.

        2. The task at hand is a matter of life and death. There are a variety of reasons for this. One is that even in these times of Poz most organizations know better than to staff the “tiger team” with vibrants. The other reason is that there’s still a system in place to punish incompetence. Anything to do with avionics or spacecraft is a good example here. If the software and hardware used in that stuff were as flaky and hackable as a typical smart phone there would be debris and body parts littered around every airport and launch facility all the time.

        Elections of course should fall into category 2. Who are we kidding though? This is America. We don’t even know who’s in the fucking country and it’s illegal to ask voters for valid ID in lots of places. You might as well replace electronic voting machines with video poker.

  27. The irony, of course, is that they always accuse their enemies, real and imaginary, of being conspiracy theorists.

    A common, but very devious trick. You wrote it yourself some time back: the left has a tendency to signal their blows: if they accuse you of rigging elections, that’s because they’re in full swing themselves.

    On a psychological level it creates a kind of logical short-circuit: if you accuse someone of, say, rape, and do it very loudly and indignantly, then you can’t possibly be a rapist yourself, can you?

    It’s not just projection, it’s a deliberate strategy.

    • Another aspect of this is the Left justifies their actions this way. They gas light themselves into believing the bad guys are doing X, so it is perfectly reasonable then for them to do X as well. It’s only fair. By always playing the victim, they can justify anything.

      • Absolutely—that’s an important insight. And there’s no “statute of limitations” on their delusions of payback. When I ask about Antifa, my lib friends waste no time in invoking the ghosts of Tim McVeigh, the October Surprise, or the Southern Strategy. Sailer keeps a watch on the weekly exhuming of Emmett Till.

        That “Watchmen” show seemed to give lefties a couple of new talking points to justify their approval of violence.

        • Fake history is always useful to manufacture some myths like the “Tulsa Massacre” to jawbone Whitey with. The entire “Civil Rights Era” is full of these – lynching (3000 black lynchings in a century = worse than Hitler), etc… Or that horrible rape by the Duke lacrosse Chads (that never happened). On and on. Every day we have to pound another nail in half of yestererday’s lies before we get started on the new ones. Unz’s series on WWII keeps turning up lost bits of history as well.

        • I had the “Emmett Till” thing pulled on me not long ago. I think there should be some sort Godwin’s Law analog. Something along the lines of:

          In a sufficiently prolonged discussion about race and crime where negroes are mentioned, the probability of Emmett Till being invoked approaches unity.

          I would add the personal addendum that the person who first invokes the sainted name of Emmett Till automatically loses the debate.

      • I’ve seen this at work in legal cases before – telling yourself the other guy is doing it so “the gloves are off” on dirty tricks. Especially common with wahmen lawyers who’ve convinced themselves that they’re living in Handmaid’s Tale – the Patriarchy always cheats so strahng wahmen lawyers have to preemptively retaliate for the cheating they “know” will happen. Works for any group that gets high on its own supply, though.

      • “By always playing the victim, they can justify anything.”

        Paranoid aggression leads to pre-emptive revenge.

  28. I can’t imagine this won’t cause a huge backlash favoring Bernie…And his supporters are already the most conspiratorial-minded.

    • 20% of the Bernie vote went for Trump in ’16. These shenanigans will raise that number even if Bernie strokes out first. This and so many other things demonstrate that the deep state has become impatient, and they are impatient because they are offended by the continued existence of resistence. This is a taking a completely unnecessary risk toward the end of the long game, all because they are offended.

  29. Cancelling the polls, then cancelling the election. Surely no Bernie supporter, or otherwise, is stupid enough to fall for this.

    The people in power baffle me lately. You have almost complete control. The hourglass has nearly emptied itself with regards to demographics. All you have to do is not make any mistakes for 10, 20 years tops. Why disenfranchise democrat voters now?

    Im going to have to reconsider my theory of the ruling elite because I couldnt have predicted this level of brazen idiocy. Or maybe it just doesnt matter anymore. Perhaps they already crossed the finish line in some way and we dont know it yet? Do they know somehow that they can get away with anything or do they just think they can?

    • The people running these shenanigans are both dumb and insulated. If I was in the plotting session, I’d have advised them to ditch this bonehead idea entirely and just let things play out. Trump is giving you most of what you want. Cut some deals with him and wait to put your guy on the throne on 2024.

      To play the long game, however, requires an IQ above room temperature.

      • Yeah, but somebody was smart enough to figure out:

        1. Importing millions of non-white voters would eventually win the game
        2. How to sell it to whites
        3. How to implement that sales job, i.e. gain nominal control over academia and the media

        That took brains and operational skill. Of course, we may be dealing with the equivalent of that group’s kids or even grandkids. Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in the three generations.

          • Iowa Demographics
            White: 90.28% Black or African American: 3.51% Asian: 2.40% Two or more races: 2.10%

          • That really surprises me. A while back we were driving cross country and managed to hit the Iowa State Fair. The crowd was very diverse (although they mostly could have been tourists from away like me.) I loved Iowa. I had no idea how pretty it was. If it it weren’t for the hot summers I’d live there in a heartbeat.

          • Iowa birth demographics: 78% white, 7% black, 9% Hispanic, 3% Asian and 1% Native, 2% other

            Still solid, but the brown horde is moving into the Midwest. What was that Hispanic figure – or Asian figure – 20 years ago. Probably close to zero. Now, they’re 12% of the kids. In another 20 years, they’ll be 25% plus ~10% black.

          • OK is another one. I’m now officially promoting Road Trips. Not all of OK is “sweeping down the plain.” Go to SE OK. Another great place I never learned about when I was a kid. (It gets hot there too.)

          • Southeastern Oklahoma is beautiful. It is mostly forested mountains. It is also very sparsely populated. I own 7 1/2 acres on the top of a mountain in Pushmataha County.

            I would advise caution if you go there. It is and always has been (at least since White people showed up) outlaw country. People down there are very suspicious of outsiders. But if you mind your own business, you’ll probably be okay. Just don’t go wandering onto someone else’s property. Odds of being shot are high.

          • I would never had guessed such a place existed in OK. I only passed through, but I’d love to go back someday, and I don’t blame the locals for not wanting development.

          • Hello, neighbor! 31 acres in Pittsburg County. Your assessment is correct concerning the people and the beauty of the land. Hope you’re staying dry and warm today.

            Best Regards.

          • Citizen, where do I get this data on a state by state level? Would be very helpful for future reference.

          • O.M.G., BestGuest.

            “Turns out everyone here is from Bhutan and speaks Nepali.”

            “That is beautiful.”

            “…iowa needs translators”

          • Do you think that they would let us vote in or Nepal? Would we be able to find an interpreter who could decipher the ballot for us?

          • No, Iowa doesn’t need interpreters in the room. People who have achieved “citizenship” without mastering the English language need interpreters. They should do what has always been done, bring your own or stay home.

          • They’ll have to be removed by force as its far better here than at home.

            First thing is a closed border than repatriation anyone with a criminal record , on welfare, under investigation of crimes, or who does not speak English.

            Maybe there is a slim chance this can be done politically but I doubt it . The caveat being the White Democrats realize they are screwed and start to push against new immigration since all the ethnic votes they were counting on aren’t going to them but to the non White ethnic groups.

            In the end , the Union is probably toast anyway. Its just a matter when we USSR out.

            The best guess is a combo of economic decline and a major US military loss would do it optionally of course bugaloo.


          • I think the English requirement for citizenship is not widely enforced. The media around here always makes a big deal of covering swearing-in ceremonies on July 4th and they almost always require interpreters when interviewing the new citizens.

          • Not dead enough… they should be resurrected and killed, horrifically, over and over again.

            Along with all the present day traitors, .gov, .media and .edu.

      • They don’t have the time to play the long game, Z. Bernie is 80 and can stroke out any time, Biden is senile and forgets where he is and pervs out on children, I think the fake indian is in her 70’s. I’ve seen social clubs that are top heavy with seniors, and when they meet to try and organize themselves – this is exactly the kind of fustercluck that invariably results. Just when they look like they have their poop in a group – one will poop his pants and then a group of others will follow suit… and the pandemonium is on again.

        Ok Boomer indeed….

        • At 80, Bernie is not technically a “Boomer”. However, I agree with age limitation—such as mandatory retirement at 70 or 75 for government officials. Indeed, this is the case for law enforcement and such—and the three Branches should not be immune either.

      • Anyone have an over/under on how the elite are going to use this app to steal the election from Trump? I tend to think of last night’s festivities as a warm-up.

      • Z
        I am interested in what you meant by the title of your piece “Babylonian Captivity” ? That the ruling class within Babylon was captured by the Israelites whom they enslaved or that the Israelite ruling class whom were marched to Babylon from a Israel were captured by the Babylonians?
        I don’t know enough Babylonian history to know whom captured whom in the ruling class of that time period?
        I do know from history that the Israelites were eventually freed to come back to the land of Israel.
        Is that because they captured the Babylonian ruling class?
        The captors conquered the conquerers?

        • Enslaved? How were they enslaved?

          They weren’t required to work for their bread building pyramids out of harvest season, like everybody else in Egypt.

          They had their own quarter in the capitol, with its own gate, the one they opened to Cyrus. Typical gratitude.

          No, after betraying their own majority, 10 of the 12, getting rich selling their own into slavery, they got their stupid azzes kicked out of civilization the same as always..

          So they had to flip the story and explain why it was actually ‘a good thing’ that they were stuck back in that Judean sh*thole again.

          • Edit: “along with everybody else in Egypt”

            (A sore-ish spot, I see the Babylonian period as an illustration of technique, not a moral example.

            Re-writing history had become so ingrained, this was their actual origin story, the final boiling-off. Many of the last 2 tribes stayed behind in Babylon, “dwelling in the house of Sin”, the city goddess, and so were assimilated.

            This means the uniquely hard formed a new core, a process repeated several times since, as with any human population.)

          • we are living in “Babylonian Captivity”,,,remember in Revelation “Babylon’ is destroyed,burnt,, and all the rich mourned her burning,,free at last,free at last,thank GOD ALMIGHTY,,we will be free at last,,,,

      • One has to assume however that the “elites” are functioning as a cohesive unit. Perhaps there is a bit of jockeying for position among these folk behind the scenes?

      • No one these days is big on long term thinking especially large organizations.

        Also the Democrats aren’t sure that their guy can win in 2024 much less 2020 as the party is so divided. Most of the Democrats are crazy enough people would vote for President Trump or in 2024 Don Jr. over these nutters which is enough to make anyone shudder.

        Another complication, no one is sure the other side will accept election results for much longer. The Atlantic in a moment of wisdom put it as “Democracy requires the consent of the loser.”

        And yes this isn’t a Democracy but that requirement for consent still applies means that large groups of people not only won’t accept the other aside but often won’t accept their own sides choice.

        This is what all the BS in Iowa is about , it looks like its Bernie/Warren 2020 and that means huge chunks of the party stay home or vote Trump.

        If they cheat Bernie out, same thing.

        Worse if Warren gets the nod maybe even the V.P. nod Wall Street has made it clear that there will be no money forthcoming as Warren will destroy their business model

        The hope is they can cheat a sane sounding Democrat in and at least maybe get some money out of the deal even if they lose.

        • That is alike my take as well… I surely do hope we are correct.

          That the left is insane and revealing it is more and more apparent to a great many folks, even those not normally that interested or paying attention.

          We have DJT to thank for that and, if he had done nothing else whatsoever, it would assure his place among the great Americans.

      • I’m unconvinced that they are not intelligently playing the long game. Both parties are cautiously avoiding anything that would upset the imperial system while neutering their problem anti-establishment insurgencies. The only significant problem within the imperial capital is that BRICS has now figured out that the empire will expend all of its resources to ensure the continued expansion of Israel, even to the detriment of other, potentially more important, imperial provinces. What this means for the empire has yet to be fully realized, but domestically there are no comparable X-factor issues in play.

    • Or maybe it just doesnt matter anymore.

      Yes. Maybe they’re accellerationists: they’ve got all their ducks in a row, so why not provoke the confrontation now and get to the gulags, so they don’t have to listen to the jeering and the booing from the peanut gallery.

        • This app fuckup may be a peek into the way everything will (not) work once the Dems get their precious permanent majority. Perhaps we are not headed for Stalin’s Russia so much as a sort of Mexicanized Somalia. I must say though that after the impeachment circus flamed out this caucus thing is keeping the laughs rolling along. I wonder what act will come on stage next in our national circus. Truly it is The Year of the Clown.

    • I suppose when you have 20- and 30-somethings from Washington, who haven’t lived in rural areas, and assume everyone knows how to work apps, you’ll get this kind of dumbassery. What’s wrong with paper ballots? People still use doorknobs – a technology hundreds of years old – because they work all the time and seldom break. I do think there is a great push for e-ballots because there can be hacking and f**kups. It’s meant to tire people out so people like Buttigieg get elected.

        • Pretty much all software is “hackable.” Ask the folks that go to tech conferences with burners and a web of e-mail addresses.

      • I don’t buy the “rural bumpkins” explanation. I am more partial to the “deliberately trying to screw over Sanders” explanation.

        • It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. The Committee chooses the candidate, not the lumpen proletariat. The DNC never did allow their “hacked” server to be examined, did they? Poor Seth Rich (RIP.)

      • The whole point of the 2000 recount was to get hackable elections, run on Chavez Venezuelan software.

        Not kidding. Diebold only made the casings.
        The electronics are run by a tiny company that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere in Vz.

        The most important elections in the world are run on foreign software.
        Venezuelan technicians were on hand at American polling stations for Obama’s second election.

      • Marko, bingo! Way long ago at the advent of electronic balloting, we had seminars in the department that brought in some academics at the forefront of the field. What I was struck by was that even these thought leaders did *not* promote paperless balloting! Instead, the best they could say was to use a “dual” system, such that paper and electronic tabulation were obtained. Hell, they even explained/demonstrated how a third world country, Brazil, came to that conclusion and were using such a system.

        What is essential to all systems of balloting and counting is auditing—and that takes time. All-electronic tabulating systems had (at that time) no meaningful mechanism for auditing. Paper on the other hand—assuming we don’t lose or find ballots—is inherently auditable. I use to “volunteer” here at the County to audit election results—at least until we got to 80+% mail-ins. Those are not auditable in my opinion as there is no State law requiring/controlling such—and there are reports of malfeasance in prior elections.

        Iowa “results” don’t surprise me in the least. We are a silly country. We put a man on the moon, basically using slide rulers, but we can’t figure out how to run an “honest” election process? Really?

    • My wild guess is that the smart people who came up with the plan to destroy us and implemented it are getting pretty damn old so they don’t want to wait to see the fruits because they’ll be dead.

      The less talented, younger ((whites)) and traitorous whites along with the truly brain-dead blacks and browns who followed them simply believe the rhetoric and can’t see why they shouldn’t impose their new order on gentile whites and even the occasional troublesome ((white)).

        • “Who are the two parentheses people?”

          He’s talking about those troublesome Nords, methinks.

        • The “secular” or “nonobservant” ones?

          I’m being sarcastic of course, but I seem to recall a period when there was a frenzy to label anyone remotely Jewish as “Jewish” on sources such as Wikipedia. To showcase importance and influence, of course. Then when the noticing started accelerating, some of the inconvenient ones had their entries amended to note that even though the ancestry was Jewish, they were from “a nonobservant household”. A minor distancing that is obviously important to the persons writing the articles, but to the rest of the world maybe not so much.

    • This is where personal ambition is more important than the “good of the many”.

      Do you think people like Hillary Clinton care if “their side” has a lock on the future if she can’t play a central role in that future?

      Many individuals on the left aren’t willing to “take one for the team” by being humble and letting a rival lead while they are relegated to a side role.

      • Toasty, agreed, certain people are just going for it personally, taking a flamethrower to elements of the system as they see fit, to hit their personal goals. I don’t know that our culture has ever seen anything quite like this, or that our system has the institutional antivirals to deal with it. Our system is set up to be operated by honest brokers, not by ratf*ckers.

        • No.
          We always had ratfuckers, they’re universal. We simply used to marginalize them by violence in varying degrees as well as ostracism.
          The elites and bourgeois wouldn’t speak or socialize with them, the average man beat them or lynched them. It happens to be part of maintaining civilization. Always.

          What changed is us, we lost our balls. The Laws became their weapon and they wielded it against us – and we caved.

      • They talk about “community” every chance they get, but they don’t believe a word of it….they are the product of a meritocratic system, so-called, and they believe with every fiber of their being that it means they should be at the head of the class. I hate these people, god help me, I really hate these people.

    • Not discounting conspiracy. However, my world view changed after the Soviets collapsed overnight and our intelligence services watched the news with the same bewildered amazement as we hoi polloi. Incompetents. Maybe conspiratorial Incompetents.

    • It could be that they crossed the finish. I think it’s more likely they aren’t in control and they’re riding the last bit of trust out. If they were that competent they’d be running efficient mop up operations right now.

    • Could be there’s a time table we don’t know about. Maybe the economic affects of demographics will hit sooner than we think and they need their ringer in place to handle the exit strategy?

      Maybe they just don’t want such an obviously Jewish candidate running right now? People might notice something.

  30. I just called a family member because I was curious what she would say about Iowa. She claimed that this is something that happens, it’s not unusual, nothing to worry about. The saddest part is I think she believes what she is saying.

    • I had a chuckle when I heard is that certain caucus leaders “had app login issues”. This sounds like almost every rural person I know above 50. This was deliberate.

      • Hey now, it just takes some us old country bumpkin a couple of times to find which login goes to where 😉 or for that matter, occasionally which device has what login altogether.

      • I love that there is a ¡Democracy! App at the center of this.

        Smug urbanite progs and bugmen and harpies bringing the tech fetish to the flyover states. What could go wrong?

        Tinder “voting.” Swipe left, swipe right. Feelz good man.

        And like Tinder “dating”, Tinder voting will probably get you f*cked, eventually.

        But in the end you will just be bitter, angry, and alone. Your “vote”, like meaningless rutting, only counts as one more act of humiliation and prostration before the special people.

        Don’t worry, everybody is doing it.

    • My liberal friends who are constantly texting about the latest political outrage of Orange Man are on total radio silence this morning. Finally I asked what it was that their side found so objectionable about Bernie. Crickets.

      • Good question.
        I think THAT is often the way to play things with these types of acquaintances / friends. Think of it as the Socratic Method. Ask them pointed questions (always beginning only with “What” or “How”) which they then must ‘puzzle out’ for themselves.

        (This method, however, can sometimes be very difficult. It requires thoughtful reactions, and listening, rather than speaking. I struggle with this very thing whenever I have an interaction with the other side.)

    • This dovetails with a point I wanted to make on yesterday’s superbowl post. The Zman thinks that people are noticing what’s happening around them. Unfortunately, that’s either wishful thinking or sampling error. People are not noticing anything at all, except that young people have noticed that the quality of life is decreasing in the country. But when it comes to these “hiccups” or the “mistakes” that always happen in one direction only, no, nobody notices these things. I interact with very smart people who cannot for the life of them remember what happened a month ago, let alone connect dots or tally up these increasingly improbable “coincidences” or in-your-face crimes that go unpunished over the course of a year or two. Maybe there really is something in the water. Or if they do notice, they’ve completely bought into World Net Daily tier nonsense. It’s the chinese! It’s the muslims! We’re up a river, and forget paddles, we’ve got people in our canoe furiously drilling holes.

      • Indeed. It wasn’t always that way. People seemed smarter back in the old days, like Ancient Rome. Cicero became famous as both an orator and lawyer using this one phrase before the jury, “Cui Bono?”. Why the hell can’t we understand that simple concept today?

        • Were they smarter (and I actually think they were) or is there simply a deluge of information? Overload from our phones, computers, TVs and radio? Overly personalized and partisan “news” sources? Pauline Kael (real or not) syndrome where folks never hear anything outside their political eco-chamber and thus keeping them benighted to a well rounded scope of social, historical and political factors?

        • I think total intellectual output keeps rising. Even if mean falls due to low IQ countries having high birthrates, there are still more smart people. There was a recent proof about turbulence posted. There are smart people. But the problem is they are not where we need them most. I think the mean biological IQ was probably 5-10pts higher a millennia ago than now

      • ” very smart people who cannot for the life of them remember what happened a month ago”

        Maybe that’s the sampling issue: very smart (or credentialed) people. I worked in a similar (I presume) environment, where the average number of STEM or medical doctorates was >1 per person. Yet more than half of these highly-credentialed, intelligent (compared to the general population at any rate) persons were completely pozzed, oblivious, or both.

        I think that overall, people ARE noticing, and it’s panicking the usual suspects.

        Or maybe it’s just excessive caution out there. I don’t know what you do or how you do it (i.e. this is not a personal remark, much less criticism), but I find that many persons open up after I make a slightly leading remark, or utter a neutral but officially-unacceptable observation. People are very nervous about even correctly identifying what they see, much less say what they think, lest they run afoul of any of the myriad of badthinks that could get them socially ostracized, or even fired. So I often hang it out there a little bit, as a sort of verbal IFF (identify friend or foe). Based on that pattern of behavior I’d say about half are noticing and unhappy, another 5-10% notice but work hard to deny what their own eyes tell them (bear in mind that I’m a Boston-based academic), about 20% genuinely are clueless, and the remainder (15-20%) give me the evil eye.

        • Mike_C,

          The percentages in your ersatz experiment are hopeful I’d say. From your lips (or finger tips) to God’s ear… those are numbers we can work with.

      • Absolutely right. That Revulsky guy over at Unz calls them “High IQ Idiots” (HII). No matter how many times the lone gunman or whatever shows up, they never “get” it, and then have the audacity to call YOU a nut.

      • ‘I interact with very smart people who cannot for the life of them remember what happened a month ago, let alone connect dots or tally up these increasingly improbable “coincidences”‘

        Being smart is a natural gift, but thinking is a skill that takes practice. A smart person has a headstart, but if they don’t practice working through these specific kinds of problems they won’t reach their potential.

        A related issue that others have brought up is courage. The courage to risk the consequences of unapproved ideas is too much, I think, for people who aren’t really interested. The discomfort of being at odds with your peer group and either playing along (dishonesty) or disagreeing and risking being socially ostracized keeps a lot of people in line.

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