A Gay Old Time

The Democrat primary season is living up to its promise of being a stinging indictment of modern democracy. Thus far, they have staged two election shows. The first one was a disaster, as the party was unable to properly rig the results, so they effectively cancelled the whole thing. The second time they instructed the media to spend all their time celebrating the king, as it were, of participation trophies for his exemplary participation in the New Hampshire primary, while ignoring the winner.

Putting aside the clownishness of the show thus far, the New Hampshire primary is rather symbolic of the ruling class decay. Biden was propped up for almost a year as the face of the party center. He was supposed to be the guy, who was the moderate’s first choice and everyone else’s second choice. Blacks would support him as a proxy for Obama. The remaining whites would support “Working Class Joe.” Even the Bernie Bros would fall in line behind a traditional left-wing candidate.

In reality, Biden was a doddering old fool, who said embarrassing things in public when he had all of his marbles. No amount of media support and fake polling was going to convince people to support a guy about to keel over at any minute. Instead, the various tribes of the party were left to seek their own standard. That’s what we have witnessed this far. The Democratic coalition is coming apart as the camps dig in behind their candidate to the exclusion of others.

Pete Buttigieg is the millennial candidate in every way. Most likely his support came from his age cohort. Further, it was heavily female, with the male portion being the sorts, who support the case against consuming soy products. On the other hand, Klobuchar is picking up the old Hillary vote. These are the old hens, who think having a female president is the only thing that matters. Her bitchy obnoxiousness reminds them of every fight they won with their ex-husband.

That is the democratic coalition right now. On the one hand it is spoiled, entitled millennial voters. On the other it is their divorced mothers. Sure, blacks, Hispanics, legacy whites and bronze age communists are there, but the people who run the party are of the two groups rallying to Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Those other groups are just accessories. They always have been, but now it is becoming explicit. None of the top-tier candidates have any appeal outside honkyville.

The obvious exception to all of this is the Sanders tribe. For most of the 20th century, this group was carefully sidelined by a party that understood they needed their support, but could never let them on the stage. The Bernie faction was like the alcoholic brother that no one discussed. They were not hated, but everyone in the party hated the embarrassment they caused in polite company. The restraints are off now, so those freaks and weirdos are free to run wild in the public square.

In fairness, there is a parallel between the Bernie Bros and the populists who came out for Trump in the 2016 primaries. Much of Trump’s support was rooted in the decades of broken promises from conservatives. Similarly, the Bernie Bros feel cheated by a party that has promised them the worker’s paradise for decades. There is a strong anti-establishment vibe to the support for Sanders. The difference is that Trump was a genuine novice, while Sander is an old political warhorse.

That’s an important thing for dissidents to remember while watching this circus play out over the next few months. Some people in our ranks will talk about how the Bernie Bros are headed for a great awakening about modern politics. It will be analogous to what some on our side have learned in their disappointment over Trump. That’s self-indulgent nonsense. The invisible army of disaffected whites that came out for Trump was never under any illusions about him. They knew he was a protest vote.

Further, the Bernie Bros are not going to have their red pill moment when their guy gets robbed of the nomination. If he somehow gets the nomination, the Bernie Bros will not wake up to the reality of the Left when they run their “The Case Against Sanders” post in the New York Times. Unlike disaffected whites, the Sanders faction actually enjoys being treated like dirt by the party. They are the dog that barks like mad at the mailman from behind the door. The door is what really matters.

Putting all of that aside, the brewing chaos in the 2020 election is not a sign of a system breaking down, but the natural result of a society being destroyed. The project of pitting one group of whites against another can only end one way. That is a war between whites resulting in a fracturing of the white demographic. This plays to the interest of minority groups, which become just another tribe in the neighborhood. The two-party system cannot work in a balkanized, minority rule society.

More important, perhaps, is the cosmopolitan ruling class cannot function as designed in such a society. The managerial state needs the illusion of popular support and meritocratic success. That’s hardly possible when the only thing the people agree upon is their hatred of the ruling elite. The system cannot hold up when the various tribes are not permitted to have their guys in the system. It turns out that what allows the managerial state to establish itself will be what destroys it.

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203 thoughts on “A Gay Old Time

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  2. A Sanders or Bloomberg candidacy should provide a lot of naturally-occurring opportunities to start redpilling MAGA people who are already moving in this direction.

    Even if only one in twenty is reachable that is still a lot of people.

    I wonder what would happen if we paid black men at Trump rallies to wear It’s OK To Be White shirts.

  3. This primary season seems no more heavy handed than usual. The establishment has put its gloved hand on the scales in every election since party politics began. Where can one find actual macro level instability in the imperial state? Impeachment was so without practical consequence that it can scarcely be described as desperation. The ruling elite appear unmoved.

  4. Entertaining post but some major flaws.

    1. Klobuchar may be able to beat Trump and may even may be able to win in a landslide. It is too early to tell who will get the nomination, her or ButtPlug, but she is a vast improvement over Hillary. A lot of nice white women in swing states are going to prefer her to Trump especially since he puts children in cages. Bogus issue but one that resonates with nice white women. The press will also likely create some kind of hoax like Zimmerman to get blacks to the polls.

    2. A functioning democracy is a white issue not a non white one. Our upcoming brown majority is from countries where democracy is a scam and they have lower expectations than whites. Just look at black and Hispanic run major cities like Baltimore and Miami to get a sense of what people are willing to put up with.

    3. It will be good old economics that could eventually tip things into chaos. I am not a big worrier over debt but things are going to get crazy. Open borders with a massive welfare bureaucracy and very expensive free Healthcare. That is quite the combo. Plus you will have a minority paying all the taxes leaving the majority who love big increases in social programs to vote for them to their heart’s content.

  5. When it comes to women seeking safety after the status- and virtue-signaling needs are met, I found this tweet:

    “Women today represent just 12% of all Computer Science graduates. In 1984, they were 37%. Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1990 creating the H-1B visa program. Soon, wages started to stagnate & Americans were being displaced in STEM”
    U.S. Tech Workers @USTechWorkers

    Our girls, when they got their shot, were betrayed by globo-multiculturalism.
    Betrayed, right from the get-go.

    (And please spare me the bromides.
    Women have always worked. The first protests against the Irish was because they were taking women’s factory jobs.)

    • Americans are not willing to pack 8 or 10 people into a one-bedroom apartment at H-1B wages. This is one of the reasons that the H-1B program is so horrific for America.

      The lone exception for Americans in STEM is the Defense industry, where almost all STEM positions are restricted to US Citizens. This is not necessarily that positive because there are tons of make-work jobs and programs in Defense and enormous amounts of waste that consume at least 50% of every Defense dollar spent.

      • Quite so. I remember black drug dealers in D.C. telling me about those Defense jobs in the 90s.

        The smart bombs weren’t assembled by union guys making 30 bucks an hour, they said.
        They were assembled by their relatives making 30 cents an hour- in the Federal prisons of Louisiana.

        • Guys in prison assembling smart bomb components? You’d have to present a bit more evidence for that. Raytheon designs and assembles here in my town. I know more than one of the engineers. Those jobs, even the assembly line ones, are highly paid and sought after. Folks in that industry are solid middle class.

          Perhaps one should listen to more reliable sources than Black drug dealers before passing such information on.

    • Not sure if the tweet is correct or not wrt percentages, and if those percentage declines are in fact directly caused by H1b VISAs. Women in CS have risen and fallen with the economy as so many other tech jobs have. Certainly, the percentage of women in CS majors has never been near 50% or even 60% (as matches their numbers now in University). After immense effort and government grants and special programs, women in CS majors peaked at about 30+%, then steadily declined as per the tweet. However, male CS majors did *not* follow this trend!

      If H1b VISAs were the cause of decline in CS majors, one could expect a similar downward trend with *both* males and females—perhaps even more so for males, as females in tech positions are highly desirable for virtue signaling tech firms like Google and FaceBook.

      Here is an article from Quillette, written by Stuart Reges. I worked with Stuart Reges for many years. You can take what he says to the bank. He presents grafts and analysis to support his conclusion that women simply don’t particularly like Computer Science majors as do men but rather prefer other STEM majors (such as in Biology):


      Reges is now in jeopardy of losing his job for daring to speak “the truth that must not be told”—that there are sex differences between college majors and the hard sciences in particular. In his article, he precisely graphs the numbers of female CS majors and male CS majors over the years.

      These are hard numbers, not someone’s tweeted opinions and unsupported conclusions. They also reflect precisely our commonly stated understanding of male vs female differences as support by HBD science.

      (Disclaimer, nothing said above should be considered support for the H1b VISA program. It is an anti-America abomination.)

  6. Anyone see the House Banking Committee hearings yesterday? Perfect reminder why Maxine and pals signed up for this committee! They guilted the Chair of the Fed about inner city “investment”, Community Reinvestment Act, diversity In lending, and all sorts of crap completely irrelevant to the Fed. Basically, shakedown. Powell could have reminded her about CRA lending crashing the economy in 2007….

    Everyone used to know full well that “investment” was the polite term for spending and giveaways – one of those niceties Republicans played along with in order to keep the peace. Now it’s become received Truth, after decades of use. Not only that but we must double our spending!

    Trillions spent and the recipients of reparations are in far worse shape than the century before reparations began. Any such observations must be denied at ALL costs.

  7. Two-party winner-take-all societies more commonly resemble South Africa than South Carolina.

    The “first past the post” model breaks down fast when the two parties’ agendas strongly diverge or they otherwise lose their common ground.

    It’s one thing to differ over the capital gains rate – it’s entirely another when 51% of your neighbors vote to nationalize your garage to house Abdi and Juglas.

    Muh Constitution 1.0 was supposed to prevent the latter overreach by limiting what government in general could do, but this was a systemic pipe-dream. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and elite hearts want what they want.

    We aren’t a two-party system. We’re a two people system.

    In a system with more than one people, you can’t relax. You either fight for what’s at hand or have it taken from you. Every day, every decision is a power struggle and a “rate my tribe” event. Those who slip get trampled in the rush for power and attendant gibs. The only limit on government is what you can get away with.

    There is no “enthymeme” in a multi-cultural society – no point at which you can legitimately say “we can all agree on this.” You simply don’t have enough homogeneity for the various groups to respect each others differences and pull their power-punches.

    Any political arrangements between different peoples are going to be transitional and unstable. Our present Constitution 3.0 shows how “lively” living under such a “living constitution” can be. We can’t expect anything more functional until we sort ourselves out, physically, first.

    • In re: South Africa. “One man, one vote, one time”

      Terrifying to hear “serious” people discussing abolishing the electoral college in favor of a simple majority vote. Or the complaint that it’s “not fair” that my large state Senator represents millions more constituents than your small state Senator and their votes count as equal.

      When those firewalls fail (and they will), the “One man, one vote, one time” election will end the republic. Democracy, which is tyranny, will rule.

    • Agreed. In a multi-culti polis the three-legged stool of Aristotle’s rhetoric is broken irretrievably. No shared major premise or enthymeme; thus no logos. Culture-based moral relativity; thus no ethos. All you’re left with is the emotive wailing of pathos: Orange Man bad, white people evil, black lives matter, #metoo, etc. Debate aimed at consensus on policy becomes impossible. Your only choice is to eat the soy and become woke or eat the meat and become deplorable. Make mine rib eye, served rare.

  8. Great essay and as usual the sting in the tail

    It turns out that what allows the managerial state to establish itself will be what destroys it.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of scum. Although what succeeded Louis XVI in France was worse, nobody could argue against the fact that the existing power structure in 1789 got what it deserved, good and hard.

    • The thing about Louis XVI (et ux) is that they favored reform, but the “second estate” (aristocracy) invariably opposed these reforms. The rest, as they say, is history.

    • Louis the Sun King and his Lafayette bankrupted themselves helping us win our Revolution.

      Where is your gratitude, man?

      • Helped “us” win? Yes, but was it because they loved those plucky American rebels and their revolutionary ideas; or was it because they still hated the English implacably? For the French, the American Revolution was merely a continuation of the Seven Year’s War, that little conflict known on our side of the pond as the French and Indian War and where George Washington earned his spurs fighting for the British side.

    • Louis XVI was an unexceptional king in exceptional times which, sadly, is the worst crime a Monarch can commit. He and his wife deserved exile, at worst.

      You can argue that Napoleon was a more legitimate ruler than the Bourbons, and that the transition to Emperor Bonaparte was a necessary pivot. But the Jacobins? Every single one of those rats got exactly what they deserved, I only wish I’d been there to do it myself.

  9. What I notice lately is the fragility of the coming generations. The capitalist corporate world is ever demanding and piling on multiple jobs into one employee while the next generation calls in sick because their dog died last night and they just need time to absorb the pain.
    In the meantime the number of reliable competent employees keeps shrinking.
    Trumpism in a way represents the get it done corporate cut throat culture while the Bernie bro’s and the divorced mothers and gay son’s of Klobachar and Buttigieg represent the new American workers coming the capitalists way.
    No wonder they want to import more Pajeets.
    The candidates we have represent the population we now have. And it’s deteriorating quickly in quality.

    • Your first sentence is an excellent point.

      I cite the Sarah Lawrence cult as an extreme example of how fragile the coming generations are:


      Short version: Motivated 60 year-old Boomer ex-con takes complete control over the lives of 6 or 7 Millenials as well as many of their parents. Boomer manages to extract hundreds of thousands of dollars from the parents, wreck two or three marriages, and sleep with at least one, possibly two of the Millennial women. At least three of the Millenials involved are still under the Boomer’s spell to the present, with one serving as a personal assistant/girlfriend.

      • I couldn’t get too far into that, I have a low tolerance for “stupid people and their stupid adventures”, but yes your absolutely right.

        • I couldn’t either.

          The “the divorced mothers and gay son’s” certainly seems to be connected, along with gullible, twitchy daughters.

          Dammit, I was raised by a single mom- not her fault or dad’s either- and we were mortified by the thought of disappointing that tough old bird. She kept us and all the grandkids together, sane, and we all worked.

          Now, this was a girl from literally the wrong side of the tracks. I found out near the end about our strange and terrifying toddlerhood. Anyone connected to a certain dead President- as in “Mac and Fitz, two Irishmen who liked to joke about poontang” (dads was Mac)- faced Laurel Canyon-level scenarios playing out in early 60s Los Angeles.

          That poor girl was a gosh-dammed superhero. Broken, beaten, half-paralyzed, she got all of us out, and to safety. Not just once, either, as later the desegregation Diversity spread, though she had nothing, it was all taken away.

          What the h.e.double-toothpicks has happened to us? How did our women become such damn pussies?

    • Just wanted to add that I think GLG is also correct about:

      1) Corporate America overloading/understaffing its employees. I read a lot of STEM job descriptions, and in many of them I can often detect two, sometimes three actual jobs. I’ve also experienced this at work, and I’ve seen others experience this overloading. This is not viable long-term.

      2) The number of competent, reliable employees is shrinking. This is a symptom of Boomers beginning to retire without credible replacements. GenX, as always, was largely forgotten about. Most Millenials seem to have been encouraged to pursue passion, rather than practical degrees. STEM courses are currently overrun with vibrant invaders, and Americans are being pushed out of the field by the low-wage H-1B crowd.

    • The only two women I ever hired (in the mid 90s) called in sick for 3 days for their dog’s funeral. Ridiculous children. I fired them and have never hired another woman since. As a side note, it’s become very difficult to fire people these days, so employers must be extremely discriminating in hiring to begin with and then carefully “encourage” an unsatisfactory employee to leave of their own accord, by reducing their hours, scheduling them on days they do not want and so on.

      CA actively stirs up a needlessly adversarial relationship between labor and management by encouraging employees to sue for “unlawful termination”. The city plasters posters in city parking lot elevators asking employees to keep track of exactly how many hours they clock and a checklist of other ways to build a case. All in the name of “fairness” and justice. Last year they had a dispenser from which you could take a paper summary similar to a sushi menu with a reminder to take local transportation/bike to work.

      CA state legislature is trying their best to destroy the gig economy so that they can unionize any and all workers -including franchises! It will destroy Uber and the delivery businesses. No company will be willing to permanently take on the same freaky high-risk people they are willing to contract with.

      Twenty years ago tech companies would never let this happen, and young contractors would have pushed back very loudly. Today they will import people.

    • Your diagnosis of the polity is a reasonable one; but it neglects an underlying reality that much of America’s economic activity is simple make work. The Pareto Principle is a powerful heuristic because it has proven accurate over so many domains, i.e. that 20% of the effort results in 80% of the outcome. Much as public school education has become a proxy for free day care rather than a means of successful pedagogy, many corporate and government jobs are simply the funnel for wealth and income distribution to sustain consumerism and tie the neo-serf class to the system. We can do the job with fewer people; but they cannot destroy our culture without a global flow of weaks and freaks. Don’t deplore Jane Doe because of the minimal impact of her work absenteeism. Deplore her unhinged mental anguish at the death of her “fur baby;” and deplore the society that supports this nonsense. Better had she never worked, but instead become a young mother to several children.

      • Bingo. Better for each and every one of us to do that which Nature has designed us for. There are exceptions around the edges to be sure, but by and large we are happier and more productive when in our niche.

  10. PS- that afternoon, a trio of Greek art traders, fresh off the boat and first time to the U.S., came up to ask me if I would consider transporting fine statuary, vases, and artworks for them.

    After we spoke, the headman turned to his proteges and said, “I love America!”

    Grand old New York was still Grand Old New York! This kid from a tiny, dusty town in Nevada still feels the romance of the East.
    They ain’t takin’ my country from me without a fight.

  11. If the commie pig Bernie gets the demokrat nomination you can bet your ass that the entire media -esp. the NY Times- and all the dems will go all out for him.
    First off, the dems are in fact communists or very near communists; they literally hate capitalism.
    They also hate absolutely everything about the USA, which they consider a racist, imperialistic, homophobic world class trouble maker.
    And most of all, they hate Trump more than anything; it’s a real visceral contempt for him that they have.
    Honestly, if the democrats, all of them, could remove Trump at the cost of dropping an atomic bomb over Missouri, they would drop the bomb.
    The death of a few hundred thousand mostly white (read gun toting, bible thumping, inbred, racist pig dogs) mid-westerners would be welcomed by the coastal elites and other big city folks

    Even if Trump’s opponent for president was Adolph Hitler, demokrat voters would STILL NOT vote for Trump; they would just stay home and not vote at all, for in their minds Trump IS Hitler.

    The greatest threat any representative democracy faces is the voters voting for a national suicide (see Venezuela).
    Given the bloody history of communism and its 1000% perfect record of economic disaster, mass exterminations and repression over the last 100 years it truly is frightening that the Stalin wannabe- Bernie Sanders – has any support at all.

    If he should be elected president, well, let’s hope a way is found to …….. you know what i mean.

    • It is interesting to me that any site referencing WW2 is loaded with comments about the parallels between moustache man and orange man, and how orange man is just waiting to pounce and go all fascist. There are quite a few people who are really sick in the head.

    • Not just communism, but a race war against White people. Ironically enough, Jews have been in the forefront of political radicalism and cultural subversion dating back to the 19th Century, but non-Whites regard them as White. They’ll be victims, too.

      • “ non-Whites regard them as White”

        Indeed, David Cole (a Jew, but cast out as a ‘Holocaust Revisionist’ for asking whether it was something like 4.5 million instead of SIX MILLION) wrote of this in Takimag: “Flinging poo at a Jew”. It’s worth a read.

        And Cole’s message applies to those idiot East Asians at Ivy universities claiming to be oppressed POCs. Here’s a hint, you moronic bints (it’s usually females): the negros hate you more than they hate whites. Because you’re proof that nonwhites can get ahead. You make them look bad.

    • “The greatest threat any representative democracy faces is the voters voting for a national suicide (see Venezuela).”

      See the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1965 immigration act.

    • I take comfort in the fact that, as in the Soviet Union, most of the people the Communists are shooting and dumping in mass graves will be their fellow Communists. It’s much harder for commies to kill people who know the commies are coming to kill them.

  12. Europeans who follow American politics see no chance for the Democrats in this year’s elections. The candidates are too old, too out of touch and all of them are a bit weird and creepy.

    The real question is who will follow Trump after his next term ends in 2024? Republicans don’t have much lined up in the wings and odds are the few that go up against Trump in the 2020 polls are just straw men with zero chance of anything more than writing in their own names on the ballots.

    What I’d like to know who is Trump, or the Republican party, currently grooming as his successor for 2024? Trump came out of no-where an blew the standing Republicans away. I don’t see that happening again and I don’t see any real viable Republican politicians ready to step up to the plate to go head-to-head with the Democrats in four more years.

    I think most people believe they’re going to see Trump in office again for a second term. There’s just too many normal Americans in “fly over” country to put him back there again. And thanks to him, the world has learned where the lines are drawn.

    But after Trump? That’s the real concern for the US and Europe.

    • Not only no worthy successor to Trump, but we have a ruling class that will seek to bury his bones and salt the earth holding them. The organized mandatory retributionary drills are going to make denazification look tame.

      • Dunno Ron DeSantis in Florida looks like he has promise, but time will tell. He has done a lot against the prevailing state level DS bureaucracy. Like DJT, he is independently wealthy and that will sway the CivNats

        • DeSantis is another one who signals one way to the voters (Yay! E-verify) then subverts them by signing watered-down legislation that doesn’t apply to Big-Ag or businesses employing fewer than 150 people (in other words, the places that employ illegals.) Also, Israel First, or else!!!

        • De Santis signed Florida’s new BDS law from Israel. He’ll have all the money he wants if he decides to run but he’s certainly not going to be independent in any sense.

          • Ain’t that the truth! What I don’t understand (at all) are the people who supported candidate-Trump going all-in against candidates who support the same policies candidate-Trump supported, because President Trump has reversed course?

    • Odds are VP Pence, but that probably won’t win an election, but is typical of a successful party of the current election. What is needed, and could happen is another “non-political”, but recognizable candidate, ala Trump.

      So if you want to see what the sea of possible successful candidates holds, look outside the party and generally political office holders. Trump broke the mold, others to be sure are looking towards a grab at the gold ring without doing their time in the trenches.

      • The last thing the dissident right needs is a Libertardian as POTUS, so that’s a big thumbs down to Rand Paul.

        • I remember Lew Rockwell saying Rand isn’t his father. It stuck with me that a leading libertarian wasn’t comfortable with the guy. True he leans that way but he hasn’t been stupid about, as far as I know.

          • He might not be, but if so it’s because he has the exact wrong bent. Remember he tried to bill himself as a “Detroit Republican” back in 16, and has a love of the free market that made him try and take on Trump a few times at the debates, to embarrassing lack of effect.

    • Trump is not right wing, which is unfortunate, but neither is Trump Republican, which is good. No reason to look to Republicans to replace or improve on Trump. That is simply not who they are or ever were.

    • It’s almost as if the Democrats didn’t get the globohomo memo. None of the fools on offer, aside from Pete the Gay Mayor, are a Trudeau, a Macron, a Varadkar, a Sanna Marin (PM of Finland) et al. That is, young and woke. Damn that constitutional age requirement. If only AOC were four years older. Maybe the circus of wokeness will still be playing in America in 2024; but in Europe it already seems to be folding the tent.

    • Rand Paul? He has the Paul name, a learning experience from ‘16, he’s been a pretty staunch supporter of Trump and MAGA, and most importantly he’s been in DC for a decade but doesn’t reek of establishment.

      I’d bet on him for GOP. Dems I have no idea, they’re a wreck and either someone comes out of nowhere in the next 4 years or they’re toast again.

      Paul. It’s the only name I get a feeling about. But don’t quote me on that 🙂

    • With the preface this sounds melodramatic, I truly believe this will be the last semi-free and fair election in the United States and even it will be loaded with fraud and cheating. The Ruling Elite plans to do away with actual elections, full stop, after someone they view as dangerous (in the sense they cannot assassinate him without consequences) is out of office. There will be old Soviet-style affairs to give the imprimatur of legitimacy to “winners,” but most people will realize it is a sham and do little in response. There will be dissolutions here and there, sort of as is happening in Virginia, without any real response as long as they remain vassal states with people on the dole. Eventually there will be full-scale civil wars. I really hope Europeans realize how close to the brink the United States is.

  13. Mark my words, Bloomberg is going to win this thing. When these clowns have all self imploded, he will activate his superior local political machine on super Tuesday and roll these clowns. Not to mention the millions of ads impact on low information minorities that sit around watching product all day.

      • That trope is dead. And nowhere more prominently than the Democrat Party, where the rules are changed as frequently as most people change their socks to engineer the desired result. This is what people object to: the phony process. Rich people with no constituency can buy their way in. And it just happens to be the same MIC/Corporate/Bankster/Deep State interests that dominate every election. Weird, huh?

    • The long-standing American preference for height would put Bloomberg at a serious disadvantage in the general. Plus, even though nobody says it I doubt America is ready for a Jewish president. Distrust of Jews is probably the most unspoken political reality out there. In 2020 you go after Trump by going after his wealth and capitalism. What does Bloomberg bring to that table?

      A Bloomberg nomination would be a disaster. Not that any of them would be strong. But yeah, it stands a good chance nonetheless.

    • That’s why they knifed him this week with his old (truthful) comments about black crime. He’ll never get the black vote needed to win a general election.

        • He was mayor of New York, so it stands to reason he knows how to appeal to black voters. Then again, black on Jew violence is lately a thing in NYC, so I hear. Does that mean something’s changed, or is it an anomaly?

      • Oddly enough, he handled the stop and frisk question honestly and adroitly. His explanation is one that I could expect from any poster on this blog. 😉 On the other hand, he did not fail to claw back his comments like the worm that he is. In that manner, he also did not fail to impress me. 🙁

      • Yup…. no matter how many apologies he makes… His problem is he’s going to have to repudiate everything he did in NYC. The left will have no shortage of talking points to throw against him, Creating endless apology sessions… he’ll never win.

    • If you mean Dem primary, maybe. But POTUS? Can’t see Bloomberg. He can’t talk his way out of a paper bag. He’s pushing effeminate in what I’ve seen. He’s also a rich White fascist. Even his unopposed ad’s fail to inspire and he appears weak in them. Wait ‘til the negative ad’s begin. He can’t buy his way into the position.

  14. “No amount of media support and fake polling was going to convince people to support a guy about to keel over at any minute.” I wasn’t so sure, given that is exactly what they did for Hillary in 2016.

    • If/when Bernie is the nominee, we then need to focus on his running mate, who will most likely be the president before Bernie’s term expires (should he be elected). I’m not too worried about Bernie’s effectiveness, if in office—Supreme Court aside. He’ll have to contend with a Congress against him as has Trump—including many in his party—as has Trump.

      What Trump needs is a plan for his next 4 years, not a “Morning in America” retrospective of his past 4 years as worked for Reagan. Bernie’s supporters are genuinely left out of the general economic recovery. I’m never for simple redistribution of wealth—which is in reality a plan to make all equally poor—but failure to recognize wealth disparities in population cohorts is not a plan.

      Whites still have an understanding of the necessity/possibility of working for attainment of the American dream, but minorities mostly vote for attainment of such—i.e., handouts. And as we’ve discussed over and over, Whites are shrinking as a voting block. In the end, HBD understanding leaves me unhopeful.

      • I think he could do something about the college scam to perhaps take some wind out of the sails of the youthful left, though he probably thinks, with good reason, that it’s not wroth the time since those people won’t vote for him anyway (though he seems to believe black people will so who knows).

        • I second that. One simple plan might be to apply the same standards for loan approval as are “currently* applied to the for profit institutions. The ABC Beauty School needs to report to the Fed’s wrt what they are teaching, graduation rates, placement of students after graduation into jobs, and so forth. Otherwise, no Fed student loans. Let’s hold the not for profits to the same standards. I believe 40% of students don’t finish their first year in our institutions of lower learning.

    • There was even video of a collapsing Hillary being tossed in a van like a sack of potatoes and half of the electorate didn’t care.

      • From my favorite album,
        Nazareth- Hair of the Dog:

        She just sits there smilin’
        With a whiskey in each hand

        Got to think of somethin’
        Don’t know how much I can stand

        That whiskey-drinkin’ womannn…
        She’s makin’ a poor man outta me

  15. Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes to the clarity of this post! Now add in that this insanity infests half of our population. And they aren’t going to change, because they can’t. This is the seminal problem of our age and culture. Half of us are fucking worse than worthless, they are dead-weight pulling down the species.

    • Unfortunately yes. We need to buy peace and time for such understanding to take hold and “remedies” implemented. We didn’t get this way over night, the beginning of the end is not yet even in sight.

  16. From wiki, about Klobuchar

    …her relationship with her father was not fully restored until he quit drinking in the 1990s

    The democratic primaries are going to be two overloaded express trains of daddy issues, Klobuchar and Buttigieg, slamming right into each other at full speed. As entertainment I’m getting almost giddy. I just wish political power and nuclear codes were not even theoretically involved.

    • A television series that parodied Democrat politics would be a huge hit and ratings bonanza. Each season could highlight one of these psycho train wrecks. Lead off with Uncle Joe, the closet pedophile with Alzheimer’s disease. The plot lines are endless.

  17. Agree Mr.Z

    Must refer to earlier Z post; nothing is inevitable – my point being do not count on inertia to destroy ruling class.
    Get out there and organize folks.
    Organize something, anything, any group of men. For something.
    Nothing is inevitable, but something is…

    FAR WORSE; Who or What replaces our falling elites?
    No, it won’t be the guys with the best ideas.
    It will be the strongest organization.

    In 1917 that was the Bolsheviks.
    In 1933 that was the Naxis
    In 1865 it was The Union
    In 1789 that was the Jacobins
    In 1776 it was Sons of Liberty
    In 1650 it was the Puritans.

    Following the logic?
    Better get organized.

    > right now its open. Trump is a personality cult. He’s a one man band.
    There is no feasible successor.
    Widdle Trumps and son in law look like Reagan Jrs. Even W Bush 43 and Andrew Cuomo have some Gravitas to them. Jared and Don Jr are skinny lessers, Ivanka is a woman.

    Its 8 and over, maybe less.

    Better get organized kids.
    Work is more important than ideas.

  18. According to the exit poll, the Democrats in New Hampshire were 58% women and 63% over 45. The ones making decent money split between the non Bernie options. White men are continuing to abandon the Democrats. Blacks are not voting for the gay guy and black men have already demonstrated they won’t vote for the angry white woman. I don’t see an option they have to nominate that could keep their coalition together.

    • White women will eventually realize they’re swimming in a shark tank. Eventually. Even re-education can’t beat their desire for safety.

      • Women will trade a mere promise of safety/security (backed by strong men) over freedom every day, guaranteed.

        It is a fundamental difference between men and women, and worthy of a discussion about the wisdom and viability of women’s suffrage in a polity where “freedom” is supposedly the highest ideal.

          • When we run out of “good schools” to run to. Saw that one with my own eyes, as the whitest teachers’ neighborhood in town turned into a brown renter’s trap.

        • A woman once called Rush Limbaugh to say that she voted for Clinton in 1992 and 1996, but for Bush in 2000. Why? She married, had a child and realized that it was her husband’s job to take care of her, not the government. What a patriarchal sentiment!

          The breakdown of the family and massive increase in the number of single individuals, especially single mothers, is a boon to the Democrats. The majority of White married women vote Republican.

          George Will once wrote that the greatest act of conservatism was to have a child, the next was to buy a house. Really changes your outlook on life when you have a personal stake in the wellbeing of your community.

        • The freedom at all costs stuff sounds good n’ all until you’ve got crying babies and no food. Darn straight women value security, that’s what we are SUPPOSED to provide for our kids.

  19. “the Sanders tribe”
    The Sanders tribe is not the Tribe, which is a key point. I see two (or three) major impediments to Sanders getting the nod.

    1. A Sanders administration would range from nothing accomplished to utter disaster. No one wants the first Jewish president to be a disaster.

    2. Sanders embodies too many negative Jewish stereotypes: the heavy Brooklyn accent, the appearance, and of course the socialism and the lack of ever having held down a productive job. Much Harry Reid infamously said about Obama having “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” meaning that the first black president would not be a dark-skinned brute yelling “Where de white wimmenz at?” the first Jewish president is not going to be a walking negative stereotype.

    3. Personally, I’m not sure big donors and power brokers will even WANT a Jewish president. Obama’s election took much wind out of the “America is fundamentally racist” sails. A Jewish president would seriously undermine the “America is full of anti-Semites and therefore you owe us” scheme. Victimhood and the leverage it provides is more valuable than the titular leadership of the US. That said, it is unclear to me whether vanity (look one of ours in the White House) or practicality (why assume the mantle of power, and the attendant responsibility – buck stops here and all that – when we already control so much power) will win out.

    • Obama’s election took much wind out of the “America is fundamentally racist” sails.

      I don’t see that. The “America is racist” engines got turned up to eleven during the Obama presidency and have never come down.

      • True, but it took the wind out of the sails of those who once said/thought: “I’ll vote for a Black man and prove to everyone I’m a modern, enlightened “good White”. It proved to those “good Whites” that there is no redemption, no indulgence that can be obtained, for the sin of being White.

        • A very liberal friend of my wife’s said, “I thought electing Obama would put race issues behind us.”

          Let’s ignore the monumental stupidity necessary to pronounce such a comment and focus on what she said next, being a Church Lady and paraphrasing Jesus, “I guess we’ll always have the race issue around.”

        • Compsci said what I was trying to. Only much more clearly.

          Agree that institutional anti-whiteness remains amped up. But increasing numbers of people are not only noticing, but actively disapprove. Interestingly, recent immigrants (nonwhite, but high IQ ones) are among the most likely to articulate this.

  20. The Dems right now are like the Gillette Marketing Department. Among themselves they are cooking up what they think will be an absolutely brilliant new campaign. In a few months they’ll reveal it to the entire country (most of whom are paying no attention so far) and get the same reaction that Gillette did.
    “That’s it? A small-city homo mayor? Or old commie, or bitchy Senator?” Whatever the final product that comes out of the convention, it will repel normals with the power of tons of rotten fish.

  21. The invisible army of disaffected whites that came out for Trump was never under any illusions about him. They knew he was a protest vote.

    Almost all normies know Trump is a blowhard. They are used to dealing with that type of guy. As long as he mostly delivers, it’s fine.

    I think that is the point many dissident right people miss. Trump was never the guy to radically change the system. Anything we get from him is a win. His winning and blowing up the neocons is worth something. The unmasking of the deep state is a positive. His stand on homosexuality is a loss. Immigration has been hit and miss, but leans more our way. Depending on your views of Israel, you can go love or hate and everything in-between. He’s been prudent in international matters and not getting us into new wars. In the end, I would say he’s been better for our side in the aggregate. That’s the best for which we can hope.

    • If you go back to my posts from 2016, I compared him the The Mule from the Asimov novels. Trump is nothing more than a guy who invalidates the old systems. He wrecked the Bush party and is doing a good job of wrecking Washington. That’s the best you’re gonna get at this time. Sanders could have the same effect on the Left, but most likely they have him killed before it gets that far.

      • Nomally i would be happy to see Democrats move towards populism just as Trump drags the GOP away from neo cuckery towards a more populist, less anti-white politics. If your political opponents are forced to adopt your ideas thats called winning. Yet i worry that Sanderism-a leftist, woke, anti-white populism will prove the easy, go to populism for white weaklings and give the woke gate keepers a device to split the populist vote, retaining a working anti-white majority with a few more taxes and tarrifs tossed in to appease the Bernie Bros (who at least wont be called racist).

      • Always liked the Trump-is-the-Mule” analogy. The Mule upset the apple cart for awhile, but was eventually neutralized by the Foundation and society was guided back to “the plan” shortly thereafter.

        I expect the same when Trump is gone, be it this year or four years from now.

      • I see Trump more as an Aleric type figure. He was an outsider who came to power by playing the barbarian card. The empire didn’t collapse straight away because of Aleric, but after him it could never go back to the status quo anti.
        Like Aleric Trump has re written the political rulebook. Some people say that Trump is one of a kind and nobody else can pull off a similar stunt but I’m guessing that in 4 or 8 years time someone will try.

      • That doesn’t explain pre-candidate, or even Candidate-Trump’s reversals. Congress voted against giving Saudi Arabia sensitive military technology. Who overrode that vote? The same guy that railed against SA from 9/11 until he was sworn in. That doesn’t bother anyone?

      • HRC staying loose in the bullpen for just such a moment when Bernie needs a reliever.

  22. Another difference between the 2016 Trump-right and the 2020 Bernie Bro-left is how each side handles a defeat. For all its piss and vinegar, the Trump-right will bitch on various media outlets but do little more. The Bernie Bro left may actually try and start a revolution. They will march and burn cars and cause actual mayhem.

    • Skeptical. We didn’t see that with Hillary, and Bernie will refuse to hoist the black flag no matter how badly he is cheated. He is fundamentally a weak man, and a weak man can not galvanize a mob to insurrection.

      • A Bernie Bro shot up the Republican Congressional baseball team. If he had been a decent shot, several Reps and Senators would have been killed. Last week one of them drove a van through Republican voter registration tent in Jacksonville Florida. His followers ARE violent.

        • They have the capacity, but judging by their lack of success, and pathetic physiognomies, they are only a threat under the following conditions.

          1. Masked up, operating in numbers, with support from authorities or professionals.

          (Read Rex Applegate’s Kill or Get Killed for a chapter on how communist mobs operate.)

          2. They catch you unprepared.

          Fact is, any attack against serious armed opposition would end up like Rorke’s Drift with Antifa in the role of the Zulus. This is because their organization is made up of a few professional handlers, and lots of bored college students, bums, and mentally ill types.

      • No doubt he is weak, but his Bernie Bros are spiteful. They will stay home, and maybe even some will pull the lever for Trump just because. I would not be surprised if that did not factor somewhat in 2016.

    • I think I may agree. You have to keep in mind: the right has been tolerating the left for a long time, and actively conspiring with them on some occasions too. Our cucks still are.

      The closest they’ve come to an active boogaloo was the gun protest in Virginia – and for some reason that one went peacefully against Lefty all the way. I wonder if the presence of thousands of armed and pished-off Americans might have had something to do with it? 🙂

      I think Leftie is a paper tiger myself. Queers, wahmen, and low IQ/low skill vibrants make terrible leaders and even worse warriors. If there is to be a civil war 2… it will be ours to lose.

      • I agree. Essentially the WASP-white minority has been brought up w/ good manners, which makes us “sneaky little shits” (hat tip “Animal House”/Dean Wormer) and this can be a powerful tool when dealing with people nobody “likes.” Wasn’t it Hillary who recently said that “nobody likes him” about Bernie? His spittle-flecked invective is just so lower class and no one wants to be reminded of THAT! He will raise money from a distance/checks in the mail, but not at Park Avenue cocktail parties the way Barack Obama did.

      • “I think Leftie is a paper tiger myself.” Yep, their relentless puritanism and owning the media makes them appear invincible.

      • Paper tigers? How can they be winning?

        Because they’re human shields to The Powers That Be, easily expendable.

    • They will march and burn cars and cause actual mayhem.

      They’ll only do that as long as they have globalist sanction. The moment these idiots are not useful anymore, they’ll disappear overnight – their funding will run out and the police will start policing them.

      • That’s the key. Antifa can only exist with police protection. If the cops step aside or do their job, Antifa evaporates.

        • And yet Trump has designated–not the Cartels–not Antifa–but wypipo as terrorists on the same scale as ISIS.

        • Exactly! Portland and Charlottesville were “exhibit A”. Compare and contrast that to what happened in Berkley, where antifa got their asses beat good without police protection.

      • Agreed. The Bernie Bros, Antifa, BLM, etc., last only as long as the money flows and that money comes from GloboSchlomo. Turn off the spigot (and let the also bought and paid for police know that they should start arresting these guys) and the show ends.

        As I’ve said many times before, sadly, the only group that isn’t fully controlled by GloboSchlomo (besides Jews) is Muslims, at least in Europe. They push back without authorization. Interestingly, GloboSchlomo either doesn’t care or can’t stop them.

        • They push back without authorization. Interestingly, GloboSchlomo either doesn’t care or can’t stop them.

          They want a war between the Mohammadan and the goy, so they play one side off against the other.

          On one hand, they have the usual suspects calling us Nazis if we don’t love and admire our dusky brethren, on the other hand they always choose the most repugnant Wahabis when they pick a “spokesperson” for the “community”, and they allow Moslem hate speech against whitey to run rampant on social media.

          They big up Mohammadan terror attack as if they were the Blitz rather than a tiny, insignificant blip in the crime statistics and at the same time, they tell us not to worry about it, but carry on and keep hugging those muzzies.

          Eat the kebab, bigot!

        • See Stina’s comments, late yesterday.
          Brussels, Belgium, capitol of the EU in a country without a government, is a no-go zone after 5 o’clock when the government workers leave for home.

          Globoshlomo by day, Muslim by night.

          It’s a strange sort of an equilibrium, but an equilibrium nonetheless.
          They hold their territory against the restless natives and serfs.

      • They are having fun larping violence, like they are in their parents basement playing a video game. Once it becomes real, they will go back to the basement where it’s safe.

        • Watch Rufio Panman on YouTube. After he decks a communist swinging an asp baton at him, he turns to pick up the baton. A woman associated with Antifa acts like she is gonna swing on him but as soon as she sees him winding up to strike her, she immediately goes submissive.

  23. I am not disappointed in Trump at all. You have to remember, he is up against half the country. And – he is not an amateur in dealing with people – he’s actually damned good at it and has proven it on countless occasions. Turn it around: with all this lunacy going on, why is the dissident right still skulking in the shadows? Not trying to pick a fight or be a dink – I am just saying that we have to manage our expectations. Trump got the country talking about immigration, the deep state, and other stuff that was heresy and treason only 4 years ago. That alone is a massive win and accomplishment. You guys here are reaching more people than ever before too. The game is still on, men – keep your eye on the man, not the puck.

    The dissident right also has to accept that it is not going to vote its way out of what’s coming. There is absolutely NOTHING we can do about the polarization among whites. I watched this shite destroy my family. It damn near destroyed me when my family went nuts and insisted that I go with them – or else.

    I personally think these morons are going to start murdering people for real, and soon. They have too, they no longer have the inhibitions of morals and ethics, and nobody with a triple digit IQ will suffer their leadership or support their intentions. This is how they roll. Were I you, I’d be making preparations.

    • Something about Trump—whether intentional or not—when he says certain things, brings out the crazy in the left. They reveal themselves for the whole normie-world to see.

        • If he made full use of his super-power, in one of his speeches, when he’s crowing about low black unemployment, he slipped in something about whites as a group, in a postitive way. That would cause more pointing and shrieking from the left than a billion “It’s Okay to be White” flyers.

        • Is it a superpower? Or just plain speaking without considering the other side’s “feelings”. Most of us have spent a lifetime among people who don’t give a rat’s ass about our feelings. The Left has been guilty of this and, by and large, receive deference to their provocations by the Right. One set of rules for them, another for us. After generations of this treatment, the Left assumes that’s the way it is. Well, it’s not. 🙂

          • Exactly. I think one of the dissident wanks – probably one of you guys – put it best when quipped about speaking truth to idiocy…😆👍

    • Many of us have made preparations already. I long ago severed relations with people I thought would end up actively trying to destroy me sometime in the future. It turns out they are more firmly entrenched in their delusions than they were 25 years ago.

    • I’m sorry for what’s happening within your family. Politics, especially now that it’s heavily-crafted theater, produced by plutocrats and gangsters, should be well down the list of what matters. Never lose hope. FWIW, I’m not on speaking terms with 90s me. 😉

  24. This woman is using the guillotine as an image for her campaign against Susan Collins in Maine. Shockingly, the media doesn’t seem too worked up about it. Here is her bio

    “Bre Kidman is a queer feminist lawyer, mermaid, writer, activist, and artist. Originally from “away,” Bre has called Maine home since 2012. They have been facilitating dialogues about sex and queerness since that time in the third grade when they drew a vagina on the chalkboard during indoor recess. They seek to use novels, poetry, music, performance, community, education, and (yes, Virginia,) even law to broaden the intersection of sexual liberation and the social constructs and contracts which govern our lives.”

    There’s a picture too but she is morbidly obese of course so nobody wants to see it


  25. Sanders, or someone holding his core positions (excepting his previous, recently revised ones on funs and open borders) is the future of the Democrats as their golems take over. Aging boomer fossils like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer will ‘go to the farm in the country’, and be replaced piecemeal by the squad and people like them. The DNC has more secret levers to stop Sanders in 2020 than the RNC had against Trump in 2016, but they may be smart enough to know that 2020 is a lock for Trump at this point, and throw him up as a cannon fodder. Once Sanders is spent, he’s done, and the DNC probably don’t even see the reality of their own replacement after this.

    That said, a Sanders/Tulsi ticket is their best chance in the general.

    Buttplug will garner Boomer votes in the same way Obama did, being a polite non-threatening gay in the same way Obama is black. It’s a pure virtue signal. By the time the DNC puts up a Mugabe or Guevara, they’ll be pushing daisies or trapped in nursing homes by their imported aides (who will fill out their absentee ballots).

    • In the podcast to kick off the primary, I pretty much got the results right. I spotted Klobochar as a dark horse, so I will take a bow on that one. I did not spend a lot of time on Nevada and South Carolina, as they were too far out to game plan. The one thing I did mention is that Klobochar has invested time and money in Nevada, unlike anyone other than Sanders. Steyer has also put money into the state.

      Assuming the Party would prefer to derail Sanders now than later, I suspect they rally to Klobochar, thinking she can rally the Clinton vote and maybe pull an upset in Nevada. Buttigieg would then get squeezed out, as he is is toast in South Carolina. The next week is going to be fun as this will be a whole new level of scheming and screeching.

      • Klobochar’s more unlikeable than Hillary, if such a thing is possible. Amazing this field is so thin that she’s managed to hang around.

        The only thing that could make her more unlikeable is a strahng black wahman on the ticket. Klobuchar-Abrams is a ticket Don Jr. could beat.

        I still think Orange Man Bad For Us, but the Dems don’t have anything they care to offer that’s any better. All of their candidates but Tulsi are “accelerants” and the DNC is fitting her for a cement surfboard.

        • I’ve touted Kamala, I’ve touted Abrams, but would white women really vote for that loud black b*tch that beat them up in high school?

    • “The DNC has more secret levers to stop Sanders in 2020 …”

      This assumes that they have someone competent and sane to pull those levers. The embarrassment of the strzok-page texts show that is not true and it’s only getting worse. I don’t doubt the levers are there and somebody is going to pull them but it’s just going to be at the wrong time or in the wrong direction are some other equally nonsensical ending. On the upside it could end up being amusing

    • This is probably YT’s last stand in the DNC; definitely if Trump wins.

      Picking a VP from the field would be smart but it won’t be Tulsi. If Bernie buys the farm in office we’ll then have a non-interventionist in office. Never again…I would expect Pete or Amy.

      What will be most interesting about this election will be to observe whom the oligarchs put upon the stage from the Ascendant Class. Someone palatable to whites or a true blue race warrior like Stacey Abrams. This will tell us something about the degree of control they have on their coalition and how desperate they may have become.

      This election is beginning to strike me as more and more of a place holder election, waiting until the Ascendant Class is ready for center stage or can no longer be held back. The post election will be 1000X more interesting.

      • “This election is beginning to strike me as more and more of a place holder election, waiting until the Ascendant Class is ready for center stage or can no longer be held back.”

        Concur. It’s the Oscars at this point.

        Kudos to Beans, too. That’s more classic Z-goodness right there. Impudent as he!!.

        Darn it, though, I was really looking forward to seeing Peter kissing the First Husband onstage. A looong, loving tongue-kiss.

      • AOC’s definitely being groomed for Potemkin Wokeness. Watch for her in 2024. She’s a 99% non-Whiter version of Liz Warren, all the populist rhetoric, all the backroom wink-wink. And note the careful distancing from da Squad nowadays.

        • She has a constituency of 85 million Hispanics to help her get there.

          A couple of days ago Counter-Currents had a link to a demographic breakdown that included illegals. The best estimate is that both legal and illegal Hispanics are already 85 million. At the current rate it will be approaching 95 million by 2024. They are already more than double the Black population.

          There is a useful multi-colored table near the end of the article.


    • Love the image of foreign-born nursing home aides filling out absentee ballots! Huge potential for fraud. However, that’s not the full picture as there are several steps in the procedure which make it difficult for one individual to screw up.

      For the last ten years I have worked at my county’s board of elections on Election Day, party primaries and county elections, too, as a member of the Absentee Counting Board. We do see the occasional quavery hand-writing of an elderly person. The thing is, you as a registered voter, have to request an absentee ballot, and if it’s for a primary election, you ask for the party ballot that you wish to vote for. The Bd mails it to you, including a return envelope. The voter’s name and address are affixed to the cover letter. The ballot’s on a separate page. Duplicates would be obvious! These need to be returned to the Bd. by election day. The elections director (staff) brings these upstairs to us sequestered members (no phones all day) and gives us the number received. A few more will arrive in the day’s mail and these are brought to us, too. We then count and recount, then start opening the envelopes, which we make note of and keep. We then place each ballot in the proper precinct box and we’re off to the races. We count the military emailed ballots, too. Once in 2018, in a special election where there were only a few hundred votes, we were off by one! We went back and counted the whole thing over;-) We’re done and out by 9:30 PM so it’s total BS when you hear the news reporters at 11 o’clock saying “the absentee ballot tally has not been turned in yet” as a way of not calling the elections after the polls have closed hours earlier. What do they think we’ve been doing all day?

      • This is already happening in my family – caretaker “took care of” the ballot in 2016 and 2018. It was something I always did in person with my parents but the caretaker beat me to it these last 2 elections. Caretaker is gay and waaay too touchy to approach about something like this so I let it go. My sister in law mentioned they found staff collecting absentee ballots in the mailroom where her father lives in the midwest, where it might matter.

    • “That said, a Sanders/Tulsi ticket is their best chance in the general.” A 79 year-old angry socialist in a booming economy, with no minority base? Nope, I plan to vote for Bernie in the primary, hoping for a Fall wipeout. Which is probably what the Dems need to return to sanity. The brown leftward lurch of the party will then be held back by the financiers. They might not be able to steer it back until they face a McGovern like loss.

      • No minority base? Pay closer attention to the pics of his rallies or those from the Iowa caucus. His platform is essentially ‘gibs from whitey’.
        I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance in the 2020 general, but the split would be closer. Think of him as John the Baptist, but for the antichrist.

        Bloomberg’s 13-50 soundbite will probably hurt him less than expected, even among blacks, but he’s just a spoiler in any case. Whoever the DNC nominates, brokered or not, will be a one shot and will disappear from the national stage the day after the election.

        As discussed in threads below, the trouble is 2024. It certainly won’t be Junior. Not that it will matter, FL will flip in 2024, 2028 latest. Then Texas. The majority of remaining R’s are footstools.

        It’s been nice. See you all in the camps. If you smuggle a shiv in your prison wallet, remember to wrap it first.

        • About that shiv- steal some saran wrap from the camp kitchens.

          Wrap it tightly, melt it with a lighter or fire (gotta get those too), keep wrapping and melting it.

          Sharpen it on the concrete.

          A little advice from San Quentin.
          Just in case.

        • Look at the blacks in MAGA hats behind Trump. All staged for effect. Minorities are always ushered to the front row. Any Dem will promise gibs to blacks. They still have to get excited enough to show up. Bernie is promising to raise everyone’s taxes and eliminate 180 million health care policies. His interview in the 70’s about women’s rape fantasies hasn’t even been covered. Electoral blowout, Senate, maybe House.

    • I keep telling people that Bernie was a fairly responsible mayor of Burlington, VT. Of course that was when spending was dependent on taxation. That no longer applies. Anywhere in the US.

    • ” By the time the DNC puts up a Mugabe or Guevara, they’ll be pushing daisies or trapped in nursing homes by their imported aides (who will fill out their absentee ballots).”

      Damn. That parenthetical thought gives “remembers every fight they ever won with their ex-husband” a run.

  26. The Democratic clown show of degenerates shows why a full democracy is ruinous. We have effeminate males, gays, and cat-ladies pushing the direction of candidates who will be responsible for the long-term stability of our nation.
    Think of how different it would be if the vote was limited to people with multi-generational skin in the game, specifically minimally third-generation Americans, married, with children. Literally 80% of the Democrat coalition would vaporize overnight.

    • Thinking about restricting the franchise back to the original intent is nice, but it’s not happening, so wishful thinking isn’t very helpful in the here and now. We’ve got a shitty hand, and we’ve got to play the cards we’ve been dealt. That means in practice encouraging and fomenting division among the leftist coalition, not with a goal of making them conservatives or part of our coalition, but simply causing chaos.

      Anal Pete is the closest thing to “normal” the Democratic Party has, because it’s increasingly clear Joe Biden is too old and too prone to losing his temper to handle a campaign against the Bad Orange Man.

      • Agreed it’s never going to happen, But we can convince our more civnat families that the Democracy they live under has no legitimacy.

        It’s well established in the DR we’re not voting our way out of this. The goal is to get Bill and Monica down the road with their three kids to come to the same conclusion.

        • Ms. Monica-down-the-road, along with the ladies in my family all watch 60 Minutes and network news. Thus they are skeptical of right-wingers and all of their supremacy and gun-violence.
          How in the world to get them to even consider turning off the T.V.?

          • Patience and persistence. When I met my wife, she had just voted for Obama in 2008. Now she can’t get enough Trump, but is still a bit stuck in flag waving, civnat mode, which I have been slowly steering her out of. The other day I told her she could be a race realist without being racist. She said, “Race realist? I really like that phrase.”

          • Women may occasionally flirt with the thrill of the “bad boy”, but as oft pointed out here, are risk averse and will gravitate toward “the norm”, safety and social acceptability.

            The trick to peeling them off the poz wagon is to illuminate the increasing threat to their offspring, exposing them to a community of like-minded people, and showing them you personally don’t jeopardize their safety.

            For most white women, all the reasoning in the world won’t override that basic social/survival hardwiring.

            To that end we must build community, power, and legitimacy. None of these things initially run counter to the “we aren’t voting our way out of this” belief.

          • PM, good point. I’ve met very few women who could handle outright iconoclasm, particularly in the face of public social pressure. The ones who could handle it were Coulter-types and for every functional one of those there are a dozen Gone Girl sociopaths – same spectrum.

            I’ve said before that worrying about “women in our movement” is putting the cart before the horse. That said, having them anywhere around our movement will require a parallel social ladder for them to climb and parallel social circles to shine in.

            Those will come with time. This is going to be a boys’ club for a lot more years. If we try to force the wahmen question, we’re going to get infiltrated, subverted and otherwise wrecked.

            Let the ladies operate on the outer support layer and form their cliques naturally over time, keeping them separate from the manly inner circle where dangerous doxable details are shared.

          • Status before safety at this point.

            Our guys need to be built-up in a community that elevates their status based on those character traits and actions that serve the interests of the community and the natural order. Team truth and beauty.

            Strong men of status. Women will attach to those men. The problem is how we do that as dissidents.

            Most young women are safe but not in the right ways. Coddled from reality and consequences of the prevailing toxic beliefs and behaviors. Yet their hindbrains know the score; they are also afraid and full of cogdis driven anxiety.

            Strong dissident men (a bit dangerous!) but also having a discernible place in a predictable and natural-ordered status hierarchy will appeal to both status and safety.

            As it is now, we have weakened males trying to appeal to female status systems that are not stable, predictable, or natural. Cramming boys into this world is one of the greatest wastes of natural resources in history.

          • PM, Exile and Screwtape, good points all around. Women naturally want to be in good graces with the tribe, but they also want a strong man and a strong tribe. Right now, white women view their tribe as TPTB and thus carefully look for signals as to how to stay in good with that tribe.

            We need to create a competing community, a community with the kind of men they want. Women will take on the mores of that community in a heartbeat if they believe it gives them and their children a better shot.

            Women will not come to our side until they view it as safe. That’s not a knock on women; it’s how they are designed. Build it and they will come.

    • Oh dear gawd, Chet. My mother is one of those old biddies. She watches The View and takes it seriously. She’s run her friggin mouth to the point I won’t put up with her. Those women live in a different world. It’s like when the guy cornered the fake indian biddy and asked her if he’d be reimbursed for an education he had to save an pay for, that she was goin to give away for free if she got elected. The old bint vapour locked, and then just dismissed everything because reasons. She didn’t even slow down to think about it. I see this often in women when they are confronted with realities they don’t like. It’s probably why women hold the lion’s share of unpaid student debt.

      I am now convinced that 95% (or more) of all women have no business in leadership or political positions.

      • When the taming of shrews was banned because misogyny, not only did the shrews take over the town square, but nobody got to marry her pretty and feminine younger sister Bianca.

        So she went into marketing and binge-drinking instead.

        With no shot at Bianca, the dutiful beta males realized that their path to high status was to appeal to the shrew.

        Thus began their steady diet of soy and signaling compliance. They would never be as high status as the fags but boy would they try.

        Meanwhile, Chads Tinder the daylights out of Bianca but will never marry her because she traded her feminine gifts for shrew status and is now post-wall and always kind of angry like her older sister who she hates but doesn’t understand why.

        At least they both agree that abortion err I mean “reproductive rights” is the most important issue every election.

        But don’t worry, the fags got married and honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, where real Americans come from anyhow.

        They adopted a couple of African kids too. So the barren wombs of shrewville won’t hurt GDP.

        A racist misogynist pale male in the audience laughs at the wrong parts and is escorted out by antifa ushers.

        Its okay though, he swears he saw a twinkle in Biancas eye on the way out. Plus its leg day. Enough Shakespeare, on to the collapse of clown world!

        • Leg day!

          We were unloading fresh greens on the sidewalk, south of Tribeca on Canal Street.

          This is a gentrified district of art shops with big picture windows and organic grocers (us).

          With our bunch of guys doing guy stuff, the girls in their long shirts and black leggings started mysteriously appearing nearby.

          They would primp and preen with their reflections in those big picture windows, never -quite- glancing our way.

          Giuliani was mayor, and it was April in Manhattan!

        • The amount of unmarried childless white people (all people, really) in their 30s is pretty staggering.

          Gen X divorcees are now using tinder and other apps to sleep with dozens of these mid to late 30s washed up whores. Very easy I’ve heard.

          The USA fertility rate is going to continue to plummet but asymetrically. Seems like everybody knows somebody from a religious family with 6 kids these days. Their share is going to grow quite quickly.

          • You don’t even need Tinder.

            There’s some kind of “five stages of grief” process working out generationally with respect to the trauma of widespread divorce. Gen Z may be the first generation that’s learned to cope with the nuked family, albeit dysfunctionally. It’s more complicated than just “daddy issues,” but not a lot more. The girls in that 30’s age range over the last few years seem hardest hit, even more so than their 40-something shrew-sistas.

          • “with respect to the trauma of widespread divorce. Gen Z may be the first generation that’s learned to cope with the nuked family”

            No men around.
            That’s also the complaint in the Black community. No men to tame and teach the young men how to be providers and pillars.

            The feminists got rich off of divorce lawyers, robbing the seed-corn of families, and now they teach woke female judges in university law school.

            This is a vicious circle.
            I can’t blame Zoomers for learning what we taught them- which is how to betray your own kin.

          • There are still men “around” in the ‘white community’ but it’s sort of a communal parenting thing, with many kids having 2 or more dads and 2 or more moms. Maybe this is how we lived 1500 years ago as north european barbarians, I don’t know.

            Either way we are looking like savages compared to the Mexicans, Chinamen, Indians, Filipinos, Thais, Arabs etc. all the 2nd tier type people.

            We are not as bad as blacks but to be honest I see the majority of whites as uncivilized savages who can’t even be bothered with the basic foundation of their civilization (Christianity). A bunch of 95 IQ religious Filipinos seems pretty nice compared to the average white family these days.

          • I am sitting on a cruise ship in the Caribbean right now and this could not be more true. I go because wife wants warm weather on “vacation” and to be honest the resorts are even worse. I feel so out of place around the drunk and gluttonous. I really have no idea why she loves this shit so much. Its so meaningless and vapid.

          • Its heartbreaking Exile.

            Its not just the divorce but also the expectation of impermanence, coupled with the vapid transactional nature of intimate bonds that works its way into everything.

            A lot has happened in one generation. Its easy to see those boundaries between “good girls”, cam girls, strippers, and hookers as hardened moral fortifications. But they are maginot lines at best. Progress and technology have rubblized them in a blitzkrieg.

            A cynical man, having closely engaged with this cohort for going on a decade now, would come to recognize the various patterns of divorce-transaction imprinting such that he might be able to peg the age when her parents split with sickening accuracy.

            But really, like trying to test the mettle of soymales who have been taught how to lose to the women they should be leading, its a joyless exercise in triage to sort through the wreckage.

            Things like Tinder are just packaging up the mess and selling it back to them. Like how one bad mortgage is trash but 1,000 put together is AAA paper.

            Bernie bros and ho’s. Our side needs to keep a keen eye on how to provide a path for young men and young women to avoid the rigged games of the death cult. Politics in its most basic form.

          • Gen X males are pushing degeneracy on their own children – I know many examples of fathers encouraging their 18 to 21 year old children to sleep around and “bring girls over”. Quite honestly alot of Zoomers seem okay with chilling in the basement playing videogames but the Gen X fathers who are living like 25 year old crazy bachelors want their kids to be like them. Maybe a form of coping; bring more people into the degeneracy they know is wrong?

            Anyways, having divorced parents is one of the worst things and it actually gets worse as I age. I frankly just don’t care to go home and visit my parents. Mom’s house, Dad’s house, Mom’s new boyfriend, Dad’s younger girlfriend, Dad’s younger girlfriend’s kids, Mom’s new boyfriend’s daughter’s ex husband, kids, and step kids… I just don’t give a fuck and there’s too many people to keep track of. What a clusterfuck of man children (and woman children).

            Might as well stay away and go to the bar, to be honest. It’s sad because I hate the destruction of the family and promote family values but broken families are horrible and become so toxic it’s better to stay away.

            97% of the white race is a failure and genetically dead. That’s why we need to create our OWN THING… stop focusing on saving the “white race” which is in terminal decline… its destruction is a good thing… and focus on building our own communities, and building ourselves as the kind of people who will lead more of our people into the future.

    • Larry Auster and many of his commenters used to argue for the following minimal electoral qualifications: Married *men*, with children (I’m not sure anyone ever argued for a specific or minimum number of children, but the plural “children” seems to imply more than one), who is also a net-taxpayer (meaning of course a man [or a family] who pays more in taxes than he receives in benefits – this would eliminate government employees, of course, and rightfully so.). So add the male qualification along with the net-Taxpayer one, and I’m with you 100%. Never going to happen in my lifetime, but while we’re dreaming up ways to rebuild society once it finally destroys itself, might just as well get it all in.

      • I would change that qualification to “married, white Christian males with children paying more in taxes than received benefits”.

        • I’ve considered that before – the white, Christian part – but it’s almost a moot point when you think about it.

        • Epaminondas, I don’t think we want children paying taxes.
          You might need an extra comma in there.

      • What you say would all come under the heading of “earned suffrage”. Since the unworthy would never give up suffrage, it will take a complete collapse of the old order. I suspect a reimplementation of limited democracy as put together from an autocratic, ruling body when things calm down.

      • The government employee versus “net tax payer” cannard is just libtardian bullshit. Is POTUS, who receives $400K per year of government salary, free digs and the use of a plane etc. to be disqualified from voting for his own re-election? Or is a public defender to be denied a vote, but a private attorney under government contract is somehow distinct? Perhaps our roads should be privately run and our garbage collected by regulated private utilities like electricity and telephone providers? You can see how well entrusting the internet to Google and Facebook has unfolded. God forbid that a man receive a government salary for providing needed services. But I’ve wasted enough breath arguing against an absurdity. TINVOWOOT.

        • If you work for the government, whether as an elected official, an employee, or a contractor, you already have vastly more influence over national policy than the average American, long before you step into the voting booth.

        • The government employee versus “net tax payer” cannard is just libtardian bullshit.

          Ha, ha. Get out of here with that nonsense. As the old adage goes, ‘you can’t shit a shitter’, man.

          As to your question about the POTUS: yes, of course he would be denied the franchise. Duh. Well, I take that back somewhat – he might (might!) be allowed to continue to vote in the local elections during his Presidential tenure, but that would be up to the good folks at the local level from whence he comes. Otherwise, hell no! As to “private” businesses (so called) who do almost exclusively government contracts, same thing. Most everyone here, I take it, is smart enough to know the difference, so why bring it up in the first place, right? Right.

          BTW, and as an aside, I sometimes binge watch these goofball Libertarian 1st Amendment Auditors taking government employees to task on YouTube. I do so because it’s damn good entertainment watching members of the unproductive classes with nothing better to do than to harrass the more productive among themselves, declaring in no uncertain terms “I’m a taxpayer; you work for me! Bam!” Of course everybody who is anybody knows that by and large these dipshits aren’t honest-to-goodness net-taxpayers either, but like I said, it’s good entertainment in any case.

          As to your point about God forbidding that a man receive a government salary for needed services, I would simply advise you that you need to grow a thicker skin. No one here, and certainly not I, has made such an argument; all that’s been argued is that if a man receives a government salary and is thereby not a legit taxpayer, then he doesn’t get to vote so long as that remains the case. That’s it. That’s all.

          P.S. I’m not in the habit of using terms like “libtard” (or “cuckservative,” or “demonrat,” etc.) in any case, but if I were I’d make damn sure I understood what such terms mean before throwing them out there. Just sayin’.

    • Remember, all this came under representative democracy and not “full” democracy. Even the blacks, when given the opportunity to vote on the subject, voted like 90% against gay marriage. Outside of gibs, I don’t think they care too much about much else. Most of the evil came out of the courts.

      But I agree about skin-in-the-game. Not just at the federal level either. Nobody who is in a locale less than 3 generations should be able to vote for the local dog-catcher. 3 generations at whatever level the vote is at..ie 3 gens in the town for the local, 3gens in the state for the state and 3gens in America for federal stuff. This is how blacks moved up from the South and took over every large city in the North. This is how Mexicans have taken over local and state politics and how libtards from California, running from the consequences of their voting, are ruining TX with their liberal voting.

      • There is something about democracy as practiced since WW1 that is just not working. A lot of people here seem to have similar ideas to mine; women and loser men voting will not work. But aside from that Im not really sure what the ideal system should be. Peter Hitchens, the brother of Chris, once made a point that I think is very important; democracy and liberty are not only not identical but often directly at odds. He chose liberty. So do I.

    • We had that, and as all democracies do, it mutated into the current system. The system may have been sound but the rhetoric was flawed. Since the masses are more easily swayed by rheotric than dialectic, we have the current situation.

      Democracy is the problem, not the solution. More aristocratic or monarchical elements and less egalitarianism would do us good.

  27. “Her bitchy obnoxiousness reminds them of every fight they won with their ex-husband.”

    Sorry, no point to make other than this is a great line. Classic Z.

    • I was going to quote the next two lines – the ones about the spoiled millenials and their divorced mothers [Damn right!] – and pay essentially the same compliment. As to that latter I’ll borrow a line from R.L. Dabney and declare that they constitute what he defined as “that most abhorrent of all phenomena – an infidel woman.” As to the former, I’ll paraphrase the same author and declare that, given the circumstances of their upbringings, it is no surprise at all that they more closely resemble a race of demons than of human beings.

    • With both “bitchy obnoxiousness” and “their divorced mothers” as top contenders, I’m rooting for “the dog that barks like mad at the mailman from behind the door. ”

      Even so, it’s “The project of pitting one group of whites against another” that takes the win.

    • How about this reference to Pete supporters: “…the male portion being the sorts who support the case against consuming soy products.“

      Another classic!

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