The New Masons

Yoram Hazony took his neo-nationalism show on the road to Rome, where he invited all the best people to talk about his new idea called nationalism. He brought in various political and academic figures from around Europe to discuss this new nationalism thing, but he was careful to exclude anyone associated with nationalism. It was a replay of his show in Washington last summer. The point of it is to rebuild a wall between the establishment and the growing army of dissidents.

As noted in the past, Hazony’s game here is to rebuild the walls between the good thinkers inside and the very bad thinkers outside. Instead of rebuilding the old wall in place, he plans to extend the perimeter so the new wall will include the more docile nationalists and populists, who are happy to have a platform, but will not threaten the castle of cosmopolitan globalism. It’s really just a way to co-opt some of the language and energy of dissidents in order to confuse the issue.

As he did the last time, Hazony was careful to invite the right sort of influencers, the type that appeal to gentry dissidents. For example Douglas Murray was given access so he could offer his opinions on it. Hazony was also given access to the Spectator to complain about how the Left says mean things about him because he is such a threat to their position. It is classic sandwich making that dissidents of a certain type have become adept at identifying.

The effort to rebuild the right side of the sandwich has been underway for a while now, since the 2016 election. The Intellectual Dark Web nonsense was one effort to reestablish the outer boundary of the acceptable Right. Quillette was positioned to be the new frontier of right-wing discourse. Of course, Ben Shapiro was promoted as the voice of young white people. The latest effort to create a new right-wing intellectual zone is what the usual suspects are now calling the New Right.

The sheer number of people employed in rebuilding the walls of the Right is quite impressive and it reflects the urgency of the people inside. If they had a sense of humor, they would nickname these folks “the masons” as an homage to the secret society, as well as to the art of wall building. That would require both a sense of humor and some self-awareness, both of which are absent from our intellectual betters. Instead they gaslight themselves about the success of these projects.

The irony of what Hazony is doing is that he loathes Catholicism, yet he is engaged in a very Catholic enterprise. He is trying to lead a counter-reformation, similar to what the Catholic Church did in response to the Protestant revolts. Like the Catholics, he is not ceding any important ground to the rebels, but instead he is trying to re-brand the faith by talking openly about its abuses. He’s not questioning the logic of cosmopolitanism, just its implementation and excesses.

Of course, unlike the Counter Reformation, Hazony is an outsider coming to town selling a cure for what ails the local rulers. He’s a monorail salesman, playing on the fears and insecurities of his targets. He’s not all that interested in nationalism for Finns or Italians, but he is very interested in Jewish nationalism. His case for a new nationalism is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. His project is about defending his country, Israel, from defects of cosmopolitan globalism.

The internal contradictions are obvious in his book. His arguments on behalf of Zionism are straight forward and quite rational. Most dissidents would come away thinking they make perfect sense. Then he adds in a million exceptions and qualifications when applying his argument to the West. All of a sudden, things like ethnic distance and common heritage no longer apply. It is a contradictory argument, because it is littered with exceptions.

That’s what makes his tour stop in Rome interesting. Unlike Americans, the European Right is a bit shrewder about this stuff. They understand perfectly well what Hazony is doing, but he is useful cover for now, so they throw in with him. He hopes to free ride on their energy and organization and they intend to use him as cover. The European national populists want legitimacy, so they can look past his motivations. It is a good lesson in the reality of politics.

This effort to co-opt dissident ideas and the energy from national populism can only have two possible outcomes. One possible outcome is the effort is destroyed on the rocks of political reality. Despite the quality of people inside the institutions, they have real power and they are not afraid to use it. In fact, they have shown themselves to be quite vicious. They take pleasure in cancelling people, so it is not unrealistic to think they will squash Hazony like a bug.

The other possibility is it washes away the current political order. This is more likely in Europe, where right-wing parties have been slowly organizing and nibbling away at the established order. The cover provided by Hazony, as well as the fragility of the European model, could open the door for national populist to gain real power. In the US, the bizarre reaction from establishment parties to populism could explode their whole project. Just imagine a Trump -Sanders debate in the fall elections.

That is why these efforts by the wall builders are a positive for dissidents. From the perspective to those downhill looking up at the institutions, the walls continue to look quite formidable. For those inside the walls, they look quite fragile. Those people inside have a much clearer view of their situation. The mad scurrying around we see by the wall builders is a positive. The siege cannot last forever, so the more energy they spend on defense, the better for the people outside the walls.

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164 thoughts on “The New Masons

  1. On the actual subject of the new (((Masons))) …I’m forming the opinion that the DNC/machine is afraid of running a J-w for President. >That would explain a lot of the panic.
    They’re right; Bernie or BB as nominee would and will unleash anti-s@mitism.
    This board would be going nuts.

    Mayor Pete will go down BTW once Black primary voters have a say, he polls zero with Tar Baby. 👨🏿‍🦱

    Look at this hit piece on Bloomberg over stop and frisk (by a white female feminist of course). BB was just being a responsible mayor.

    Dear J—s; this is why they were called Tar Baby. You’re stuck now. 🤣🤣

    Interesting spectacle of CNN stabbing their own. >That’s quite normal during reaction BTW, there’s a rush of defectors to denounce the others.

    See Spain, Heydrich, and now Dersh.

  2. It may be simplistic but to me the litmus test for any ‘nationalist’ if whether they think, say Finland, should be the national home of the historic Finnish people, and so on and so forth. I haven’t read Hazony’s book but if he can’t satisfy that simple test, he’s a mole from the other side.

  3. Hazony was truly the most disappointing thing of the last 4 years. He’s the only one to put out a treatise on Nationalism and he watered it down to the point of non-existence.

    I get I shouldn’t be surprised, but since I formed my nationalist ideas in the crib of the Old Testament, I thought a Jew would be the only one able to politically defend nationalism. He just couldn’t avoid the “Jews are special” trope.

  4. “The proper strategy for the right wing must be what we can call ‘right-wing populism’: exciting, dynamic, tough, and confrontational, rousing and inspiring not only the exploited masses, but the often-shell-shocked right-wing intellectual cadre as well. And in this era where the intellectual and media elites are all establishment liberal-conservatives, all in a deep sense one variety or another of social democrat, all bitterly hostile to a genuine Right, we need a dynamic, charismatic leader who has the ability to short-circuit the media elites, and to reach and rouse the masses directly. We need a leadership that can reach the masses and cut through the crippling and distorting hermeneutical fog spread by the media elites.” – Murray Rothbard

    Of course much has changed since the early ’90s when he wrote the above but if the real right wingers ever hope to gain power we are going to have to offer populism. We are going to have to offer a program that will appeal to Joe Normie and all his buddies.

    Time to lay out a program.

      • Too bad – it was Gilette-levels of artistry: a bunch of POCs pocsplaining to white Scandinavians that there’s no such thing as Scandinavian culture, it’s all been invented elsewhere. The hate was palpable: all the whiteys were either old, fat, ugly or all three, and imbued with the slow wit and base habits so characteristic of goys.

        A fat retard Dane attempts: “windmills…?”

        As if one single person in Denmark believe that windmills were invented in Denmark, but if anyone were in doubt, we have some Asian dude doing the “tsk, tsk, those silly Danes”-attitude: no, they were actually invented it Egypt, so there, racist!

        Same theme all the way through: a native dullard produces some silly thing that he apparently believes is unique to Scandinavian culture: meatballs, parental leave, open-face sandwiches and so forth, and every time you have some smugfaced poc putting the locals in their place.

        At some point you have a weirdly voiced-over, out-of-style segment where they’re thanking America for Women’s Lib. Take that, Britain!

        Black dude tells us about how “our” Viking ancestors basically stole and copied everything, and how travelling abroad allows you to bring home ideas and culture.

        I hope someone took a copy, it’s an absolute masterpiece.

          • Damn, my blood boiled watching that even though my ancestors are not Vikings. If anything they were raided by them.

          • If anything they were raided by them.

            Don’t believe all that Church propaganda. The Vikings were friendly and nurturing people, spreading peace, love and liberty by launching a series of humanitarian missions to protect the locals from their evil Saxon overlords, and almost succeeding in their venture until tragically thwarted by Alfred the Cruel of Wessex.

            Untold numbers of refugees were helped across the North Sea to find work in Scandinavia, Russia, Byzantium, and the Abbasid Caliphate, and the Norsemen’s humanitarian zeal eventually inspired the local potentates to donate large sums of silver to the relief efforts.

            Three hundred years it took to liberate England, and only in 1066 could the country breathe free again, but the relentless vilification and smearing of these people have cost untold trauma in innocent Vikings.



          • Picture is worth a 1000 words. Thanks. Vile half truths. If one wants something toward a whole truth, then the not so nice things outside of Scandinavia need to be shown. How about just anything in the Middle East today. Anyway, you don’t need to import Blacks, Browns, and Sand people to adopt any benefits as their culture may possess. You can send over a cadre of anthropologists and have them report back. Worked with Marco Polo.

    • Hooray, Krull! You found it too.

      The Wallenberg family owns SAS.
      Wallenberg family businesses employ 40% of Sweden’s labor force.


  5. If you want to see a similar situation going on on the left, take a look at the CNBC stock whore that the establishment will be running against AOC. It’s right out of NBC central casting, corporate Latina from HR chosen to put uppity communist Latina in her place. This is what they do. It’s all focus group. If AOC was savvy she would make a big issue of it. A stock pumping whore for corporate America runs against poor little bodega shopping Latina. This is why Bernie and AOC, and their “squad” are valuable. They do way more for dissidents than your run of the mill Democrat or even Republican, carefully masked by handlers. We get nothing further out of Drumpf. He’s used. Even Bloomberg may end up being a better springboard than orange man.

    • AOC only beat Crowley by 4,000 votes in a low turnout primary. She is a gaffe machine who could easily lose a primary to someone like Michelle Caruso Cabrera with the right messaging. If enough voters in NY 14 think AOC is making them look foolish and hurting employment opportunities in the district they will boot her.

      • I don’t know the demographics of the district other than that it’s a sh*thole. Show me the demographics and I’ll show you the destiny. I wouldn’t necessarily look at past primaries because AOC wasn’t a name brand until she got to Congress. From the map the district looks like hell on earth. The place where Sherman McCoy made a wrong turn in Bonfire of the Vanities. I’m not sure if Manhattanite West Elm Latina would do well there or not.

    • It’s right out of NBC central casting

      Ironic because AOC herself auditioned to play the role of Congresswoman for the Justice Democrats. She was entirely a stage-managed construct.

    • What do you think AOC is? The same thing!!! She answered a casting call by Justice Democrats to run in that district.

  6. If anyone knows german, watch the ‘digitaler chronist’. It’s going on there. Merkel put her foot in it big time.

  7. One wonders how much “cover,” the Hazony faction actually provides. Given the backlash against Rome attendees, the total absence of any payoff, and the low billing of Zionism generally in Europe, the calculation is dubious at best. Of course, the fact that some, perhaps many, of the “nationalists,” in Europe are just Trump-like Zionist tools, with no intention to deliver on much in the way of actual nationalist policy, is a handy explanation for why the likes of Orban would be present. Salvini appeared further from that orbit, but perhaps Bannon arrived in Italy with just enough carrot and/or stick to bring him along.

    The upshot of it all is significant, but Z misreads the tea leaves. The “establishment,” is not so concerned. Likudniks are worried that Blue and White is taking charge of the diaspora. Not worried enough to give westerners any help against the Blue and White subversives, but worried enough to trot out these weak half-measures as some kind of pilot hedge program. It amounts to nothing yet, but could.

  8. Zman pointed out one of the clearest tells a group like this is a gatekeeping group when reported from the Washington D.C. conference. They get excited, sometimes to the point of resembling rabid animals when given an opportunity to call a white person on the right a racist.

    Steve Sailer asked Hazony on Twitter if he would let Charles Murray speak at a conference devoting half the time to nationalism and half to his new book. Hazony disingenuously claimed he didn’t know enough about Murray’s positions to know if he would.

  9. Salience is key to any movement. Plenty of movements have fizzled out because they lack salience. The Tea Party was exactly like this. It had all kinds of reactive energy, but could easily be coopted with a few ideas being picked off by the establishment. The establishment now comes to the dissident movement and attempts to look for anything it can pick off for its own. Sort of like penguins building a nest from pebbles stolen from other penguins. The problem that will vex them is that the dissident movement is less about ideas and more about, as Pat Buchanan says “blood and soil.” When you want to have a community of other people like you, without seeing a woman in a burka roll down the street, the goal is put before intellectual ideas and concepts. How do they take on goal oriented people who don’t sit around intellectually masturbating about “America as an idea?” This is why, when they will jettison their professed love for the first amendment in an attempt to smash us to pieces, especially as the movement grows. Don’t think they won’t eventually twist arms of ISPs to block websites. They already do it with foreign terrorists. Don’t think you won’t need a VPN to see this site in five years.

  10. You can have a lot of fun with the names on the masthead of Hazony’s “Edmund Burke Foundation” and Google. ( You’ve got veterans of the American Enterprise Institute, Christians United for Israel, even an Anti Defamation League lawyer. If that meme of the hand-rubbing merchant wearing a normie mask came to life and was a Washington foundation, this would be it.

    • If you’ve read “Reflections on the Revolution in France” the irony is great. Burke went after Jews the way Mike Enoch goes after them today. It would be like, 220 years from now having Jews run a “Mike Enoch Society.”

  11. Always play the fairness card:

    Every racial and other form of group identity has a formal organization defining, organizing and advancing their particular group interests – as a racial group. They do so at the national, state and community levels. Every university, every school district, every professional organization, every corporate organization has a foot in this. A large part of our bureaucracy and of our legal institutions revolve around these racial group interests.

    There is only one group not permitted to pursue their own group interests formally. In an increasingly multicultural society to be denied these same right in protecting our own interests as a group, the very group who founded, settled and build the foundations of this society is unacceptable. Stand in the way of this, keep poking the bear…then watch what you will unleash….

    Something or things along this line will appeal to enough people. Play the diversity card by expanding it to include us. CoAsc is spot on about this. Swimming with the current is a lot easier than swimming against it. Once we can get enough people to start thinking of our group interests…I’m sure many interesting things will begin to happen.

    • Please let me use it, I been dyin’ to use it.

      “But you know, Zman, this kind of thinking inevitably leads to a…”

  12. The mainstreaming of any kind of nationalism is unlikely, at least as long as the synarchical Cabal is confident it can shame, brainwash and teargas the current turbulence into exhaustion. For nearly five years, many a Lyle Lanley has offered to salvage the globalist project from itself, from Peter Thiel’s Eric Weinstein to Jordan Peterson, and none has found a receptive ear among TPTB. They all had the shock toons loosed on them, for fear that their proposed adjustments might open up the floodgates of skepticism.
    Back in early 2017, there was talk that Gavin McInnes’s “western chauvinism” would be legitimized into Political Correctness 2.0, a tactical stepback from the 2010’s Wokening with none of the uncomfortable reexaminations of Globalism’s foundational lies.
    It was not to be. At first, the cynic in me thought they were being given token vilification to burnish their street cred. But it does look like the word went out that their services were not needed, and that they should instead be used for target practice.
    I see the New Right et al. as the latest in a long and pitiful line of leftist fellow travelers who one day decided that the Crazy Train was getting too close to Loonyville for their liking, and had their railcar parked on a siding, screaming “Go on without me!” to the main convoy as it trundled into the distance. It is to the Right’s shame that they instinctively take in the marooned misfits as de facto allies, instead of treating them like the stranded enemies that they are.

    • Gavin McInness, despite having, in my opinion genuine and accurate opinions on gender roles, was never about creating a movement other than to market Gavin McInness. I accept that, and I also accept, that the market was there for someone to exploit in a certain place and time. He’s another one that doesn’t have salience. He founded a stupidly named group, knowing that Elks clubs were long ago driven into the ground, and when some of its actors were unfairly prosecuted he cut and run, leaving them with nothing but stupid tattoos as mementos of this group. And what was this group about? From all I’ve heard it’d basically, we love gay people. We love diversity. We just want women to make us sandwiches every so often. As a side note, he talks about his liberal wife, and his liberal upper-class neighborhood, and how closed minded they are, yet there he is.

    • How do you know that outside the realm of thought and chatter nationalism isn’t mainstream? Americans are deeply patriotic, and hardly enthused of globalism. They rightly see Globalism as a scam. Most of the world does. Only those in on the swag love globalism, and that can’t even be 15% of the population.

      People vote especially Democratic out of tribal loyalty to dead man gods like FDR.
      They only just awoke to the truth- and voted for a leader. The first one who came along.

      “Nationalism will never go mainstream.”

      You’re waiting for CNN to bless this?

      Well globalism will never be popular.
      Take your pick; populares or our withered, wizened elites?

      • This entire discussion is about elite culture and how it adjusts to the populist challenge. Your point is irrelevant at this juncture.
        Globalism is the default position in the circles that matter.
        As to your contention that nationalism is mainstream among dirt people, I challenge the idea that it is anything more than a fringe position at this stage. Americans are so confused they don’t even know what their nation is anymore. Patriotism, for most, means drinking from a flag-emblazoned mug and going goo-goo-ga-ga every time the military blows something up. None of which has anything to do with the national interest. Call it state fetishism, imperium worship, or civic cargo cultism.

  13. The current Zio-frenzy of aggression and paranoia definitely has a “darkest before the dawn” feel to it.

    Our enemies are not as united as we often see them superficially. There are deep disagreements in the factions of the Tribe and their shabbos carpetbaggers about how and how fast to replace and subjugate us. Should they go low and slow toward the inevitable finish, keeping it quiet like the old mob bosses who told Gotti to say out of Time Magazine? Or should they bust out now, seizing the moment before the troops get restless and start punching rabbis in Brooklyn?

    Demographics are destiny for the enemy as well. Browns & Blacks have time preference issues and Asian Wokies figure they’ve waited enough millennia to find their place in the sun. High-caste, high-functioning Jews are out-marrying at unsustainable rates and the lumpenjuden Hasids and other hillbilly strains of Judaism are their only growth sector.

    Ironically, they’re in the same box they’ve designed for White America – losing demographic ground in their smart fraction, making up the numbers with lower quality out-groups, facing the inevitable cultural calculus – the more Outsiders you enfranchise, the more like them your society becomes.

    It really couldn’t end up another way. It’s the viral dilemma. The virus needs a living host to survive but can’t attack a healthy one. Constant attention and effort is required to monitor the host’s health even as you deliberately damage them.

    A lot of their orcs can’t handle the nuance of White Man Bad But Need White Man. Some of the high-caste Tribe and a bigger chunk of the lumps can’t wait for victory – Michelle Goldberg, Bari Weiss, etc… are already cashing in and doing victory laps before the war is won.

    Our task is first to survive – buy the time we need to let time work its necromancies on the Other Side.

    The final irony is that their task becomes exponentially harder the closer they get to White minority status (aka “victory.”) More Whites Notice their situation as White faces become less common in their daily lives and the culture-war rhetoric slouches toward 11.

    The Jewish Way of War, bottlenecking soft-power choke-points in the host culture to offset lack of numbers and hard power, has baked-in downsides. They need to win quietly and/or quickly.

    The louder and longer we can make this fight, the more the odds shift in our favor. We’re still a majority, they’re still 2%. Our troops are White, theirs aren’t.

  14. …trying to sum up the gatekeeping process succinctly for normie.

    Ben Shapiro and fellow travelers try to give conservative leaning people who know something is wrong and are looking for answers just enough so that they stop looking for more, but not enough that they awaken and start organizing in their collective self defense. Shapiro wants us to point at the young people in Antifa as the enemy instead of the globalists who are in possession of the control nodes of Western Civilization and using them to rape us to death.

    The young in Antifa are a symptom, not a cause, and many have gotten there through a similar process where left-leaning young people who know something is wrong and are looking for answers have their antipathy directed away from globalism and towards those listening to Ben Shapiro. It’s the current-year version of “let’s you and him fight.”

    I’m not saying that Antifa and fellow travelers aren’t dangerous, just recognizing that they are a secondary infection. We only have communism and socialism problems because we had a cheap-labor-over-all would-be-planetary-aristocracy globalism problem FIRST. The pneumonia of Antifa can kill us, but we are never going to be rid of it until we cure ourselves of the AIDS of globalism.

  15. There is the risk that Hazony et al succeed.

    His sort co-opted the Tea Party movement and managed to use the energy for their own ends…and then safely ground/dissipate the energy behind the Tea party. We may gain insight to the thoughts of the ruling class by examining this and other reactions, but they can still call on beau coup cash and support from their sort.

    While not going hammer & tongs vs Hazony & Co, we do need some bumper-sticker and/or elevator argument responses to civnats & normies inclined our way. To keep them from falling in with Hazony & the co-opters and to red pill them with the cynicism of the whole Hazony effort.

    • In retrospect, the Tea Party was such low-hanging fruit to these types. I went to a rally and it was basically open-mic night.

    • The elevator argument is to point out that Hazony is not one of “us.”

      Then just point out that he is not an American. You don’t need to get into who or what he is if the other person is stupid, blue-pilled or a boomer cuck.

  16. European nationalists wave Israeli flags to avoid being called Nazis and this works about as well boomer cucks playing DR3. I don’t think Hazony provides any more “cover” than a base black at CPAC.

    It would be better to burn the flags and end this game of pretending that there is somehow a wall between Jews in Israel and Jews outside of Israel.

    Worrying about the relationship of this or that Jew to our thing is a waste of time. Better to make all nationalist and even fake nationalist groups inhospitable to them and politely show them the door.

    Thus Paul Gottfried should be removed as President of the Mencken Club. How or why a sandwich-maker ended up on top of anything having to do with H.L. Menken is beyond me. Has he provided cover for all those good men whose time has passed, like Derbyshire and Brimelow? I don’t see it.

    If we cannot do something as simple and obscure as putting a based white man on top of a supposedly rightwing forum named after another based white man, what is the point of getting everyone to run away to Montana?

    • This is not a practical solution. You don’t just jump from 0 to 100 mph immediately.

      We countersemites must focus on getting people to notice, before we get them to take action.

      • Re: “focus on getting people to notice”

        Here is what I would say to people want to broach those topics:

        I live in the north – my ancestors didn’t own slaves , but died nonetheless in the northern armies that defeated the south and thus freed the slaves. My dead ancestors – and most importantly their progeny that never existed because of those deaths – are a price my family already paid. Please explain how I am personally responsible in the here and now – seeing as how my family already paid a high price. I think that debt has already been paid – I will tell you flat out that I REFUSE to pay any more. What are you going to do about that?

        I live in the US. My family tree goes back at least 200 years. It’s mostly Anglo-Saxon. But yet I have family members who fought and died in WW2 – or suffered the consequences of combat for the rest of their lives. The country I live in has been substantially molded and manipulated to serve the country of Israel – as well as Jewish residents of the United States – for my entire life. So please explain to me how the outright death of family members, the decades long mental and physical effects of combat during WW2, as well the continual picking of my pocket has not paid any form of fictional “debt” that I personally may have incurred against worldwide Jewry? What EXACT debt is owed? Please explain.
        Because I feel absolutely NO guilt – and quite frankly am sick and tired of being told I have guilt. Despite decades of research and deep personal inquiry – I can find no reasonable measure under which I have incurred ANY guilt – nor should “feel” any guilt. Again – repeated for emphasis – please explain.

        Put them on the spot.


        • They will simply respond “You are white, and therefore guilty” and all the (((usual suspects))) and their pets will applaud. It makes no sense, it follows no logic, it has no factual support.

          So asking them to EXPLAIN is pointless. Just say no. I am not guilty.

          • “So asking them to EXPLAIN is pointless.”

            Pretty much, yeah. But I do like the idea of dissidents punctuating our take on things with the question, “What are you going to do about that?” Asked calmly, with a hint of a smile, will probably cause massive apoplexy. They’d rather not admit they want to put you in chains, but that’s the sort of question that forces their hand. Make the choices plain to all and sundry.

          • If you’re dealing in an internet argument – then yes , I agree with you. Asking somebody to “explain” – leads you nowhere. It’s different though when you’re face to face with somebody – and they can sense your underlying rage at the assertion of guilt – and you just keep saying “Explain”. When they diddle and fiddle and can’t come up with a good reason – and you just keep pushing the “explain” tactic – they will often fold.

            It’s why I bring up the numbers of dead. When you start using the argument that your ancestors literally died trying to right the problem that they claim you’re guilty of – they’re forced to come up with a retort to that assertion – right then and there. And it’s hard to come up with something that tops paying with your life.

            What I’ve found is that most people simply can’t think on their feet during an argument. They don’t have the background knowledge to back up their argument , or they don’t have the temperment to think shit out while they’re under verbal attack and their assertions are being questioned by somebody who is obviously pissed off .

            Which is why I tend to agree with the people who assert that one of the reasons why there is so much spreading censorship online – is because the lefties are too often losing their arguments. The thing with face to face confrontations though – is that there’s usually no way to shut them down unless somebody calls the cops. And even triggered white soy boys don’t tend to call the cops just because they lost an argument.

            A few years back I got into it with a POC after he smashed into me at a stop light. I was sitting 2 or 3 cars back at a light – and when the thing turned green he just accelerated into the back of my car. I almost instantly let out a WTF – which he obviously heard because my windows were open. I knew exactly what he did – he wasn’t watching in front of him – he was watching the light instead of watching whether the car directly in front of him had moved.

            So we get out of our cars – and the first words out of his mouth are ” I didn’t hit you”. So now I’m really pissed because I’ve been thru this too many times over the years and know exactly where it’s going. I just looked at him and said “look I know exactly what you did – you weren’t watching the phucking road in front of you – you were watching the light – because you hit me as soon as the light turned green – so cut that shit out right now”.

            His next tactic was to start denying that he did any damage to my car. I responded first with ” that’s for the insurance adjuster to decide”. And he next pointed to a rusty spot on the fender and said ” I didn’t do that – that was already there” – so now I know he’s stupid because he doesn’t even know how rust happens on a car body.

            Then he went down the discrimination route. He came out and said ” you’re only doing this because I’m black”. I just looked right at him and said ” You even mention that one more phucking time and you’re going to have a real problem”. He just shut right up. And about 20 seconds later a cop showed up and a fire truck that was passing by stopped and a guy leaned out and asked if there was a problem. At this point I didn’t realize the (female) cop was behind me – and I blurted out “no there’s no problem here – this guy smashed into me and now he’s trying to claim I’m pissed off about it because he’s black – and that’s not the issue – the issue is that he’s stupid and he keeps denying that he did it “.

            The cop then asked what was going on – and I gave her a quick rundown – including the discrimination claim – and when I was done she just looked at the black guy and said “YOU – over here (pointing to the side of the road)”.

            At that point I was still pissed – and I know she could tell.

            When it was over , I got his insurance information – and I ended up getting $800 out of his insurance company for the minimal damage. Plus I’m pretty sure he got dressed down by the cop – and I got the satisfaction of calling him on his bullshit.

            Things like this are why you’re never going to convince me that ultimately what is going to solve this insanity is direct confrontation. Given the way things currently are – doing it in the public sphere probably isn’t going to be successful – but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen on a one on one basis.

          • I fail to see where the problem is there.

            So if you force their hand into saying right to your face “You are white and are therefore guilty” – then they just opened the door to you making statements like “blacks are guilty of the vast majority of crime in this country and have proven themselves incapable of living in harmony with other races -thats why black faces fill up so many jail cells”… closely followed by: “Jews are responsible for undermining every society they have taken residence in – they are guilty of pattern of behavior that has been repeated dozens of times over many hundreds of years, given enough time every society comes to figure this out sooner or later – we’re just figuring it out now”.

            They opened the door to casting blame based on racial affiliation – might as well use it.

        • I think it is important to point out the blacks had essentially no role in freeing themselves from slavery. That was a fight between white people. The same goes for voting rights, etc. Blacks got whatever rights that white people decided to grant them.

        • I look at it a little differently. You are right that in saying that you have no guilt in that your Northern ancestors didn’t own slaves and some suffered and died in a war that freed slaves.

          However, I don’t think that we should ever have to explain ourselves in this regard. Some of my ancestors owned slaves and/or fought for the Confederacy. Why should I feel any guilt about my ancestors? Do blacks feel shame that their ancestors were slaves? What’s more dishonorable: being a slave owner or being a slave? We live in a crazy society. People revel in the fact that their ancestors were slaves and didn’t do a damn thing to free themselves. It’s the victim mentality. If I were black, I would never bring up slavery. Why are they proud of this? If my mother had been a prostitute, it wouldn’t be my fault but I sure wouldn’t ever want it mentioned.

      • I do not follow you.

        Are you telling me that replacing the head of an organization no one has heard of is moving too fast?

        Or are you saying that no one will notice the flag of our greatest ally being burned in public?

        Or are you saying people will notice these things, but draw the wrong conclusions from them?

        • People noticed when Patrick Little spit on the flag of our “greatest ally” in public. He looked like a lunatic.

          • Point taken. But Little tended to come off like a lunatic no matter what he was doing.

            Out of context, the destruction of symbols makes no sense.

            As I see it, taking a loosely or ill-defined context and using the spectacular to reframe or redirect it is how this can work. And few things are more spectacular than fire, or the destruction of a group’s holy things.

            The silent mass-burning of Israeli flags outside of something like the Weinstein trial is the sort of thing I am thinking about.

          • Vegetius, you got me thinking about that too. What would the reaction be if such a flag-burning stunt were pulled?

    • Do they? I genuinely don’t recall ever seeing that. Even after having lived in Europe. Can you link some examples?

    • I do not agree that we need to push to oust Paul Godfried from the HL Menchen Club. Paul’s job is not to provide cover even if he could. We live in a nutty world and quite frankly I don’t agree with Godfried 100% but I do maybe 90% and his being Jewish in this particular club has nothing to do with our success or failure. I don’t think this idea that Jews do us harm so they must be purged everywhere is a good idea at all.
      This is not the road we need to go down.

        • The “we” good friend is normal American whites of European descent of which I am one. I am not Jewish but if we are gonna mention Paul Godfried as someone needing purging that idea is AOC type nutty.
          We will never achieve our goals going down purging paths and Paul Godfried Is not an issue AT ALL so why even bring it up.

    • Thank you for noticing the obvious that something is rotten in Denmark so to speak.

      To me it reeks cf already being co-opted by the tribe.

      That said we’re going to have to stop using the label WN’s to id ourselves since the FBI has put WN’s in the same threat category as ISIS.

  17. I think we will be thinking about gatekeepers and these new wall builders for a while to come. Rusty Reno’s book and F.H. Buckley’s book (American Secession) strike me as similar efforts. Reno does a great job diagnosing exactly what is wrong with globohomo and how the magazine he runs has played a big part in it, but then he simply hopes that globohomo, well, eases up a bit, see?

    Similar thing with F. H. Buckley – outlines the logic behind secession (while of course making the point over and again that racism bad, very bad) but then argues that real Federalism or Home Rule or something could be a compromise.

    Hazony – and for that matter, Ahmari – strikes me as similar in intent: outline exactly what the problem is and suggest that the people responsible for it, ya know, stop it or something. These guys are really on globohomo’s side, having benefitted from the thing greatly for a long time, but are perceptive enough to see the problems. But they are pathetic, really. They are like men who read Aquinas and, having concluded that the elites rule only for themselves and are therefore tyrants, with all that implies, find themselves unable to finish the thought.

    For them, to complete the thought is to imagine an apocalypse. It’s come to that.

  18. It’s like Tony Bennett singing Hank Williams tunes at the Grand Ole Opry. Yes I hear the song but something about that singer?
    It’s not a natural fit.
    Nationalist people are mostly natives to our particular culture and many of us will notice something not quite right about the new wall builders.

  19. Let’s hope that Hazony is not a modern Caesar and this does not turn out to be a “Siege of Alesia” redux.

  20. Reading Zman makes me feel like Neo in the Matrix when, awoken, he goes back in and is fighting the bad guy with one hand, which is moving at light speed.

    “As noted in the past, Hazony’s game here is to rebuild the walls between the good thinkers inside and the very bad thinkers outside. Instead of rebuilding the old wall in place, he plans to extend the perimeter so the new wall will include the more docile nationalists and populists, who are happy to have a platform, but will not threaten the castle of cosmopolitan globalism.”

  21. Playing Hazony as a useful idiot and then eliminating him when he stops being useful would be delicious irony.

    • Hazony is not a useful idiot. He knows what he is about. And what he is about is gatekeeping & co-option.

      • At the beginning of the month he was descrying “The return of race science” i.e., genetics, to academia. While his adopted country turned to genetic testing to determine Jewishness. Has he come out against that? Does anyone know? Has anybody asked him?

        • Interesting to use genetic testing. What genes constitute a Jew? Certainly, such a test is not based in the Torah. Wonder what the Rabbis say?

    • It is surely no coincidence Comrades that Hazony appeared when he did.

      I’ve always scoffed at conspiracy theories…not this time though. This has been a well organized and financed rollout.

  22. Sounds like the tea party part deux. ” Meet the new boss , same as the old boss ” Hopefully now we have some big brains in the house. and ” We won’t get fooled again ” 🙂

  23. Europe with its multiple parties and coalitions is much more fertile ground for dissidents. They can start new parties and slowly gain seats and get their message out.

    Our two-party system makes our job dramatically more difficult. We basically have to overthrow the GOP establishment with the ((TPTB)) fighting us the entire way. For now, the better way to slip inside the walls of the GOP isn’t pushing for ethnic nationalism – which is a bridge much too far for your typical GOP voter – but to push for civil rights for whites.

    We need to get whites to start thinking as whites, to recognize themselves as an ethnic group. We’ve been conditioned to “not see color” so the first step on our long journey is for whites to see their race. Just talking about whites as just another group is jarring to whites who have been trained to never, ever think in racial terms. Make that normal, not by pushing for white separation but by pushing for fairness.

    Pushing for civil rights for whites plays right into the narrative of our time. I mean, who doesn’t love, love, love civil rights. We only want fairness. No group should be discriminated against, including whites. (Again, this makes whites just another group and not a pariah.)

    Sure, CivNat gatekeepers will argue that we shouldn’t play the identity game (unless you’re a Jew), but our answer is that until the Dems give up identity politics, we have to protect the groups that they are attacking.

    Yes, it’s a play on the Dems are the real racists nonsense of CivNats, but we use that to increase racial awareness of whites. Once we’re accepted as another group, we can organize like other groups, celebrate our past like other groups and think of a homeland like other groups.

    Civil Rights for Whites!

    • CivNat’s fate is sealed. It can be helped along, but it already did itself in. Excuse my optimism. 🙂

      • I want to push on all fronts. Infiltrate the GOP. Start forming small groups of DR. Weaken the current power structure as you create an alternative.

        CivNats are doomed, but we can push that along and be ready when they faill.

        • Consolidating Our Guys at the local level serves this purpose, Citizen. And it’s not just a GOP thing. If we can co-opt the local Dems, do that as well.

          Our first goal is counties where Our Guys have local institutional support, particularly in law enforcement and the courts. In itself that’s a project for multiple generations – finding the jurisdictions that are already “almost there” and moving the needle toward Our Thing as many notches as necessary.

          To leverage electoral politics to our advantage, we need to be the guys in the smoky backrooms selecting the candidates for sheriff, judge and mayor instead of the guys passively voting for the Kosher Special.

          • Agree 100%. We need to start building where we can and at whatever level we can. Lower level county offices, dog catcher, you name it.

          • Take a lesson from the “Kosher Special,” team. If “your guy,” isn’t on both sides of the ticket, you have made a profound mistake. Politics exists to settle contention. Your issues should not be in contention. They should be cast as moral universals or understood as a priori necessities.

        • Dude the GOP is doomed thanks to demographics. Besides our side lacks the talent, money and drive needed to pull it off. Besides that we’re out of time.

          We have 5 years at most to get our act together before the Left and Big Tech drops the hammer on us. Once FL and TX go purple it’s the end for whitey.

          Pay attention to what the Demonscats are saying – they want us dead and gone. If they get into power they will destroy the U.S. in short order.

          Go read the House Bill “The Way Forward Act” If that ever gets passed the U.S. and whities go extinct.

          • Rwc, that “The Way Forward Act” is Le Deluge.

            I mean, bringing BACK those already deported? So they can do what, exactly, add to our rich national fabric?

          • I’ve read about The Way Forward Act. I’m waiting for David French to write an NR piece on it, The Conservative Case for Abolishing the United States and Enslaving Its Population.

          • black pill f@ggot. Just because you’re a defeatist little bitch doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

    • “Just talking about whites as just another group is jarring to whites who have been trained to never, ever think in racial terms.”

      This is becoming less true in metro and suburban areas (e.g. outside the Imperial Capital) where the influx of non-whites has turned whites into minorities.

      • I’m in the Imperial Capital and it’s happening here, at least with the young. I keep telling people that it’s the Asians and South Asians that are catalyst. Whites feel guilt toward blacks and Jews (the Holocaust indoctrination is deep) but they don’t feel guilt toward Asians and Indians.

        When they start spouting off at whites, something changes in white people’s faces – even liberal whites. They don’t like it. What’s more they realize that these other groups are exempting them from their screed. That dot head doesn’t distinguish between good and bad whites. We are only white.

        • That whole guilt thing is something that needs to be addressed. Northerners especially – should feel no guilt about black slavery in this country. When I run into people who start making arguments about the “black experience” in this country – I typically remind them that something like 350,000 NORTHERN men DIED to “defeat slavery”. When you compare that number against say US WW2 deaths – and factor in population levels – the deaths rate during the Civil War was massive. When you factor in the succeeding generations not born – because of those deaths – that is also a cost borne by whites.

          So tell me then black guilt apologist – how much is enough? If the deaths aren’t enough – then what is? How long exactly do we have to pay?

          The whole Jew holocaustianity thing can be argued using similar methods. American soldiers DIED to defeat Nazi Germany. So tell me – how much more death is required to set it right? Should I sacrifice my son? Should we build a time machine and send back a few million DRAFTED men – and set history right?

          Maybe it’s because I’m not Catholic – but I have NO guilt whatsoever over either black slavery – or the Holocaust. I know my family history – and I know my own history – and I have NOTHING to answer for on either account. So when people bring that shit up – I usually rip right into them – because they’re typically doing it as some sort of attack against white people in general (which includes me) – or in a few cases as direct personal attack.

          The best defense against all that “guilt” crap – is a good offense. I’ve never run into a case yet where it hasn’t shut them up. Sometimes they leave pissed off – but they do leave.

          • Fake fissure. If you can find me five southern men that want to bring slavery back, I’ll be surprised. Most just would like them not trashing up their neighborhoods. “We should have picked our own damn cotton.”

          • Well yes – the Southrons have a bigger issue than us Northerners. The fact that your fight has been maligned as “defending slavery” – makes your task a lot harder. I understand the reality of that war is that the vast majority of Southern men didn’t own slaves – and fought the war to defend their homelands – but the propaganda says otherwise.

            Honestly – I don’t know what to tell you. But I also don’t see why I should abandon my argument just because it doesn’t work for somebody else.

          • There’s an Indian bitch, Saira Rao, that is holding $2,500 dinners to lecture White women about their evil, racist Whiteness. And White women are paying for that shit. The psychosis runs deep.

          • Not only did hundreds of thousands of White men fight and die to free them, Black people in the US have a higher standard of living than anywhere in Africa. You’re welcome. Debt paid. The fact that they’re not grateful makes me want to put them all on boats back to Africa.

        • Indeed Citizen. The lefts anti-white racism reflex will work to our advantage.

          In particular, helping to turn white women war brides away from the leftist occupying force and back toward their men and culture.

          All this Beck-Karen stuff we see even in the ‘mainstream’ media is a dose of reality to the goodwhite progs and churchladies alike. White is white bitches. They are coming for you. And your precious one-and-done kid.

          My sister has lived in VA and now in PA. Her two kids are in suburban public schools. The dots and the other invade/invite clans are feeling quite swolle by the combo of codified anti-white hate and cover for running their own race/cultural clannish favoritism.

          The nice white ladies are discovering that not all POCs are the same. The low IQ native ones have been relatively easy to avoid, contain, and or placate with gibs. This has changed very quickly in some areas.

          The tipping point of more diversity has hit home. And the new “minorities” have learned to game the system quite well.

          They aren’t ashamed of scooping up all the low hanging fruit of the prostrating whites. To them, favoring ones own people is quite normal.

          They have high paying jobs in gov’t, defense, tech, pharma, etc. they take an active role in local politic, schools.

          Her kids get white peepo bad all day at school. Then get excluded or conditionally included in the social arena because they are not of the right clan/color.

          They are not quite a minority yet but in terms of cultural and political power they are already displaced. This is all in the backyard of the nation’s founding.

          She gets virtue signaling goodwhite moms in the neighborhood that get spun up about diversity and white privilege but then when the inevitable happens there is nowhere left for them to retreat.

          The district white moms demanded moar diversity. Got it. Now demand something must be done about all the violence, bullying, and cratering test scores.

          All that still isn’t enough to turn them away from the cult. Because orange man bad. Or systemic racism. Or other leftist voodoo.

          But like my sister – who is now woke AF, there is a point when the Becky-Karen-Chad hits home and all their goodwhite fiat bucks go up the tandoori spout.

          • I’ve been saying for years that middle and upper-middle class white women are next on the hit list. They’ve been insulated, but those walls are coming. They can’t get their brains around what they see on TV – which panders to them – and what they are starting to see on the ground.

            One of my kids was talking about “Karen” memes. I told her, “You know, that’s directed at white women specifically. They’re talking about your mother, and some day, you.” That surprised her. Welcome to the club, kid.

          • Now that I’m thinking about it, that may be the winning strategy. How to turn white women…

            Maybe it’s time to abandon MGTOW and re-engage. Hold your nose, take that spoonful of castor oil and get yourself a white girlfriend. Deal with her drama. CQC in the war of the sexes. That would be the place to start.

          • That’s very true but it can’t be hoped for. Also divorce law has favored women forever so it’s not the root of the problem, even if a huge barrier.

            Somebody had to storm the beach at Normandy. And I say that as someone who’s taken his lumps and continues to. Guys who’ve been through an ugly divorce, sure, retire.

            Beyond that I think conditions are much more favorable than they were a decade ago. Women are starting to question feminism. Not a majority but not an insignificant number either. It’s as good a time as we’ll get.

      • It’s happening here in flyover country at big corporations. The MIS guys I work with know the score and will say very directly that the white guy who got fired for a screw up got fired because he is white & that an Indian would never have been shown the door for the same error.

        Had a friend introduce a white guy to my analytics team leader; we chatted afterword & he mentioned that, of course the white guy couldn’t be hired for analytics now because analytics only hires Indians (2/17th of my group being heritage Americans).

        It’s tough to tell if this amounts to a decision positively to help our guys out because nobody is stupid enough to say such a thing. But irritation with the sub-continentals is real, and it’s especially real because American companies have reached so far down the talent scale that the new ones are very often nothing special. The more that happens, the more it becomes clear that lower wages is the only thing driving all this. Taking away the, “We just want the most talented people,” fig leaf opens a lot of eyes.

        • Jeebus H. Cripes, BTP.
          What the hell?

          That is pure, unadultered Replacement.
          What are we, Ireland? England? Canada?

          Just think. Our kids will be entitled to pay *their* Social Security. Yeah, I can see this system lasting that long, for sure.

          • US is more replaced than Europe.
            Do you believe Europe is more diverse than the US?

            Where do you get your ideas from?

        • Jeez. From the Woodpile:

          “At Cambridge University, white professors and administrators have assigned to them a person of color to guarantee that no literary expression and fact of history, law, physics or biology “offends” a protected minority.”

          Comissars. Political officers attached to every unit, ensuring that politically correct edicts are obeyed.

          • The US invented affirmative action which is more coercive than the Cambridge scheme. US universities have mandatory diversity lectures-not so in Europe.

    • If any state were to do away with single district, first past the post elections and move to a European-style proportional representation system, that would be huge for us.

      All it would take would be one state to do this for their legislative elections and the others would follow suit.

      • MWV, Maine has ranked choice voting, and the caucuses seem similar as it goes in “rounds.” Don’t even get me started on convention super-delegates. D candidates are “selected” not “elected,” to revive an old meme.

    • I’ve been arguing for disassembling the two party system for decades now. It was pretty apparent to me from looking at European politics – that any sort of non-standard left , or non-standard right wing views would have a better chance of succeeding if the Democrat/Republican duopoly was broken.

      Who argued the loudest FOR retaining it? All the normie cuck conservatives that I ran across – that’s who. They’d scream ” we have a two party system!!” . Providing them with the quotes from guys who founded the country – who spoke against ANY political parties – and showing them the evidence that the corporate political parties have a stranglehold on the mechanisms of government – all to enrich themselves and hold power – all had no effect.

      So I decided to just sit and wait. Because I could see what was coming somewhere down the road ………… breakup.

      And it’s here. We might even get it this year. The two leading candidates in the Democrat primaries – are communists. Sanders comes right out and admits it – Buttgag is very circumspect about it, but his father was and he admits he admires his father, so he is too – he’s just a better liar. The Democrat power structure already screwed Sanders once – and the Sanderites think now that they’re watching closely that it won’t happen again. It’s going to anyway. After that the party probably splits.

      The thing is: the laws that the two parties have put in place have very carefully excluded any substantial influence getting into the “system” by third (or fourth) parties. So once the Dems split – whatever spins out of that are going to run headlong into the rules and laws put in place by the party they just spun out of to keep the two party system in power.

      That’s where we start to see opportunities open up. Once the parties start breaking apart – the laws and regs are going to have to follow. The damn commies are always screaming about “popular representation!” – I say let them go for it. Maybe we can get all those 3rd/4th/5th party exclusions out of the legal structure. If we’re really lucky we can get back to popular election of senators (make the commies start screaming for it) – then we can open up the restriction in the House keeping it to 435 seats.

      Direct election of Senators, House restriction to 435 seats, income tax, elimination of the militia in favor of the National Guard, central bank, abuse of the commerce clause, Dept of Education ….. etc. All of these things were setup as control structures to keep the power structure in place – and that power structure evolved into globohomo and POC worship.

      Knock out all of the control structures – and it becomes a white man’s world again. If the commies are willing to knock over the pillars – then let the roof fall on them.

      • And it’s here. We might even get it this year. The two leading candidates in the Democrat primaries – are communists. Sanders comes right out and admits it – Buttgag is very circumspect about it, but his father was and he admits he admires his father, so he is too – he’s just a better liar.

        I keep wondering if this will ever come up. His father wasn’t just a casual communist, he was a professor dedicated to the studies of Antonio Gramsci. In other words, he was hardcore.

        Unfortunately, probably 95% of the electorate has no idea who you mean when you mention Gramsci.

    • Civil Rights was the U.S. version preceding Trudeau’s Charter in Canada- both countries had their Constitutions replaced.

      • The constitutional structure of the US Republic was very carefully massaged and replaced at the advent of the “progressive” era. The ‘civil rights’ stuff of the 60s was just piling on.

    • Notice how “white privilege” has come and gone? That’s because once “white privilege” is pointed out to whites, the next step is for many of them to get the picture and tribe up, as they are being judged as a tribe anyway. It’s not exactly what the accusers were shooting for, so it has been quickly buried.

      • It’s also so easy to agree and amplify. “Yeah white privilege is a problem, but a bigger problem is Asian privilege….or even worse is J-privilege!”

        • Yep. I positively look forward to people using the phrase white privilege since it gives me the excuse to say, “What about Asian privilege since they do better? Or for that matter, what about Jewish privilege?”

          It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. You show the other person to be an idiot and anti-white, and you get other whites in the room to realize that people hate them for no real reason other than they’re white.

    • Preach Citizen! The big stick lies upon the ground, begging to be picked up. It will be difficult for the Left to attack a call for fully including whites in Civil Rights protections for the same reason the left has a hard time responding to the IOKTBE flyers. There is no way to oppose IOKTBW or Civil Rights for All without appearing racist. The greater difficulty will be struggling with the establishment right, classic liberals and the civnats. Prager, shapiro, et al will rage that whitey must not bite from the forbiden apple of ID politics- they just want whats best for the gentiles. They will carry many along, particularly the old who have worn the ruts too deep to slip onto a new path. The answer to them is that we only ask for the same protections against racism that almost everyone agrees are fair to be extended to whites. You dont want to protect racism, do you?

    • Civil rights for Whites? Won’t be allowed to happen.

      Look, TPTB have never allowed a valid 3rd party to form in this country. Reform Party came close but was destroyed. The Tea Party was co-opted from day one. IOW’s the DR is bullshitting itself thinking they will be allowed to play on the same turf as the CivNats or NormiCons

          • TPTB circa 1950’s were not the same as TPTB circa 2020 so I dont entirely agree. In general what TPTB want is important, but they are not gauranteed victory. If they were then the populist victories of the early 20th century like trade unions and the income tax would never have happened.

    • Besides civil rights for whites our side can capitalize on the jihad against masculinity. Men of all races are getting sick of that which is why these woke feminist anti male movies have been bombing.

      I can foresee over time the Republicans becoming the male and married white woman party and the Democrats becoming the female party. The Republicans would also become the white party but that would not be its branding. Getting red pilled about women starts opening men’s eyes to a lot more about the game the tribe is playing.

    • “Civil Rights for Whites!”

      Is that “white” people including such as:
      “white people” who chosen the ((winning team))
      and “white people” who think ((egalitarianism)) is real, downgrade themselves and become lesser being through race-mixing

      If white people impossible to come out this conclusion like “family is closed society and closed society is healthy”
      forget about them,
      you can’t reform that person’s lifetime attitude to reality
      You can’t enlighten 1960s hippies, and you can’t enlighten “Anti-white” Suburban White Professionals

      American Empire is already “open society, open market” plundering machine contribute to kill white race
      the only solutions are you sabotaged white upper class to save white people from them
      you have to kill Republican party and United States before its kill white race

  24. People are wise to the game now— not just dissidents. Enough at any rate to make these efforts futile. Enjoy the show.

    And I’d say America would be leading Europe right now were it not for Charlottesville.

    • Charlottesville was a symptom, not a cause. The Euros would have known to avoid that trap. The thing is, the European Right has been facing Antifa type stuff for a lot longer than America. The reason they are ahead of is is simply that they have been facing the far Left for a lot longer. Up until the 1990’s, the establishment Left made sure to keep the far Left under control, so we are just getting to experience how these people play politcs.

      • True. The emergence of Pepe as a political force shocked me, and yes the alt right naively allowed themselves to be subverted. But the nerve they touched runs wide and deep. John Smith is right about the red pill tsunami. It can only be suppressed for so long.

        • The alt right was not subverted, it was defeated due to its naive assumption that its members could assemble and exercise their freedom of speech.

          • The rally had a couple of major red flags. They walked right into it. It was a PR disaster that set back right wing causes to this day. Made a lot of people timid. Even forced Trump to double down on CivNat. Textbook subversion.

            Alt right could’ve been a vent. Now we’re sitting on a volcano.

          • The day before Cville, Sam Dickson won a court case allowing the rally to occur. We were naive enough to take them at their word.

            If we hadn’t tried then our critics would instead be deriding us as keyboard warriors, although I don’t mean to include Painter among those critics.

            Since you keep saying “subversion,” be more specific.

          • Linein, don’t forget Mike Enoch playing his recorded conversations with the C’Ville police assuring everyone that things would be fine.

            Anyone who is saying it should have been known it was a setup is engaging in ex post facto reasoning.

          • no they are not MWV, to believe the enemy when they tell you they mean no harm is naïve and doesn’t require Einstein to understand that you are being played. Seeing the police stand down for the beatings of the trump supporters by la raza and ms13 thugs during the 2016 trump campaign should have been a warning .

          • Whites being sold out in their own country is a legitimate concern. That turns into a tiki torch march via subversion. How why or who I don’t know because I didn’t get involved in the alt right.

            The optics of that alone were so delegitimizing the march should’ve been dropped. It was practically chumming for antifa and chaos.

          • Cville was the manifestation of something foolishly still alive in the Alt Right: the belief (hope?) that the USA can be redeemed.

      • Unfortunately, I think that one has to view these sorts of milestone events in the most idiotic, retarded, primary-colors ways imaginable.

        For instance, Charlottesville for all its weirdness and its complexities, resolves into two dopey factoids:

        1. A bunch of stupid cavemen marched around in an idiotic torchlight parade, which reminded historically illiterate and easily-scared people of ZOMG!!!!11!!! The Nazis are coming!!!

        2. A guy who slightly nudged a morbidly obese woman with his car in the midst of a violent and confusing traffic jam, was sentenced to like 700 million years in double-secret evil prison, Because Reasons. Now THAT’LL better send you a message, cracker-goy. Don’t get ANY ideas.

        • Darn tootin’, Cats.
          When attacked, Field’s car nudged another car, which nudged yet a third car that a morbidly obese heifer was sitting on.
          She flopped off and had a heart attack.

          Yet the antifa who directly drove his car into a group of conservatives a few days ago? Nuttin’. Crickets.

      • Antifa and the Mexican Drug Cartels aren’t being targeted by the administration as promised. (LOL, so much for that.) Is there another group that has been targeted?

      • If it wasn’t Charlottesville, it would have been something else. The “leadership” of the alt-right was a rogue’s gallery of egomaniacs and weirdos.

        • they are not rogues, they are bought and paid for opposition. have you ever noticed that anywhere Richard spencer goes turns into a shit show for those attending, but never for him? If he weren’t given the wink and nod , The press would have made him go into hiding after heilgate. yet there he is again, always coming back to lead another disaster for anyone dumb enough to follow him, or to play the textbook Nazi for Dinesh Dsouza’s movie.

    • I think you’re right, PF. There is a red pill tsunami building up, and those things are exponential, not geometric in growth.

      I used to buy into the narrative about Jews; but I am now a federal criminal. I don’t want to see Jews abused or hurt – but I will not be led by them nor will they speak for me.

      • That, John Smith, is why I and millions of others (used to) proudly be non-racist, because we really mean no ill will towards anyone. And that IS something to be proud of in this wicked world.

    • Charlottesville was a learning experience, albeit a painful one. Again, compare it with Richmond to see that at least the Right has learned the lesson. Even the DR3 virtue signaling was good political cover.

      I draw the line at Hazony, though. He is a snake, and the Right has been sold this rug before. The silver lining is that his “selective “ nationalism provides an excellent opportunity to expose the Ziocon con to Normie.

    • Our side is learning. Look at Richmond, and also the recent Bloomberg rally in Arlington (, currently the second piece down). Organization, discipline, numbers. Good things are happening, our side is learning how to be effective (all the Alinsky stuff) without being significantly countered or co-opted, so far.

  25. Sohrab Ahmari is another poseur who situated himself into the ”conservative” thinktank world, doing a cultural suicide job that Americans won’t do. He’s a second generation Iranian whose adopted Ultramontain act is to unravel America’s intellectual fabric and Protestant underpinnings in a way Pat Buchanan would never dream of doing – ever.

  26. Sincerely, the most realistic solution for Europe to regain any relevance at the world stage is to federalize the EU and create its own military, with would be the end of NATO and US military industrial complex, finally giving real freedom to everyone.

    Jewish intellectuals like Hazony taking over the “New Right” or whatever is called these days was to be expected since is their nature to do that to every political movement, a Europe of small independent countries will be easy prey to their influence.

    • I think that is an appealing concept, until you start thinking about the specifics. The common currency, for example, has proven to be terrible for Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. It has been a boon for Germany. The limited political integration has been a disaster. I struggle to see how the theory can be implemented without the same pitfalls of the EU project.

      • But think of the GDP, Zman.
        There wouldn’t be enough Buttigiegs, Vindmans, or female admirals to fill those positions, nor enough Hazonys to explain the need for all that democracy.

        Plus! You’d need a lot of excessively high-I.Q. people to manage the post-industrial economy. Where oh where would we find them?

      • I don’t know if any of you saw the results of the poll of EU citizens where the question asked was which side would you support in a conflict between the US and China? There wasn’t a country where even 25% would support the US. Most were overwhelmingly neutral. This leads me to believe (1) Europe should not be garrisoned at the expense of present and future US taxpayers. (2) Can we just stop throwing our weight around and let them meet their energy needs as they see fit as sovereign nations?

        • It took until now and them running that poll for you to figure out that Europe shouldn’t be garrisoned at the expense of US taxpayers and the blood of US (white) soldiers?

          I don’t think the problem is with the Europeans….

          Although your response is a very good indication of why the US is so completely screwed.

          Yes – may I have another …………………………..

          Geezus kryste.

        • NATO is an anachronism; a solution to a problem which no longer exists. It is long past time to stop garrisoning Europe – AND JAPAN AND KOREA – and bring home our troops. We belong “over there” even LESS than they want us there. And for heaven’s sake get us the FRACK outta the Middle East, the Sandbox and the Rock Pile. If the Jehadists and hadjis want to blow up mosques and hack one another’s heads off, I say “Let ’em!”. I see nothing outside our borders worth so much as one (extremely inflated) dollar or a single drop American blood. My Momma raised me not to stick my nose where it wasn’t wanted.

      • As a purely economic “confederacy” that conducted trade policy in particular as a bloc, the EU might work to leverage Europe’s economies vs. the US, China et al. But the economics were just sugar-coating for the practically-minded in terms of selling the EU.

        The EU was intended first and foremost to destroy and replace ethno-nationalism with a Euro version of civic nationalism because Bad Uncle.

        But like American civic nationalism, the unifying ideas aren’t strong enough to withstand political realities. Englishmen have very divergent interests from the Continentals. Germany has more compelling reasons for detente with Putler than Spain does. Norwegians pay their taxes & work hard. Greeks not so much.

        Military integration is if anything more demanding than political organization and crosses many of the same lines of ethno-national interests. I don’t see how that happens.

        Without England, the EU looks even more like a German-Frankish boondoggle. For the remaining nations, even less reason remains to Remain. When Britain doesn’t collapse overnight, their example is going to light the way for others. Only the smallish taker-nations in the EU are vested in it now. For Europe’s larger more successful nations, the more you contribute and participate, the less good it does you.

        • The EEC and NAFTA (not to mention what went on afterwards) did more to exacerbate inequality and concentrate wealth, power, and opportunity in the hands of the few than any system before or since.

        • Among many forces pushing for the EU was a group of German companies who, late in WWII and knowing it was lost, got together to discuss the 4th Reich.
          Google (or preferably use a reliable search engine) “Red House Report”
 has a piece on it, as does Corbett Report.

        • Exile, my almonds activated when the euro was introduced, in the same year as the Glass-Steagal repeal and the Commodities Modernization Act.

          In short, when the harness was taken off Goldman Sachs, the rape of the Sabine maidens began.

          Banksters win again.
          War without weapons.

          Now, world war without B52s seems an improvement. But, it replaces and erases the martial spirit, the alpha training of honor, duty, and discipline.

          Girly breeders, not warrior men, means we are soon full to bursting.

        • I, for one, would like to see Germany’s economy after the U.S. has pulled the hell outta NATO and they suddenly have to foot the bill for their own defense. I’d also like to see what OUR economy looked like without the crushing financial burden of garrisoning the world. Let’s face it; neither Russia nor China have any real capacity to project force much beyond their own borders. ICBMs aside, they present no threat the American homeland. Hell’s bells! China presents no threat to Japan even WITHOUT our garrisons on Honshu and Hokkaido. For a nation without a standing army (all Japan has is a “Self Defense Force”), IIRC Japan has the 2nd largest armed forces in the far east.

          Nope. Time for us to pull our troops inside our own borders and let the twin “moats” of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans protect us. If some nation were stupid enough to invade the U.S.mainland they would discover the very real truth of the disputed quote attributed to IJN Admiral Yamamoto that there would be an American with a rifle “behind every blade of grass”. The quote may be disputable, the principle it encapsulates is not.

    • The only thing I can see working is a European common market confederacy along the lines of the Swiss model. Each nation would be a semi-independent “canton” with its own currency and a militia that could be called up. This would require a benevolent Germany organizing and providing the discipline to make it fly. And that would be a tall order.

      • The phrase “benevolent Germany” is more’n a bit credulity straining for me. I see no reason to believe that Germany – or any other nation – would lean towards benevolence as opposed to self interest. But then I am an admitted cynic.

    • EU doesn’t even have enough young people to form a military. Demographics equal doom in every way for Brussels.

    • That is a little like saying the only way for Latvia or Estonia to remain ‘relevant on the world stage’ is to remain inside the Soviet Union. The primary problem w the EU is that it is in the hands of globalists and sees itself not as a wall around the European nation states but as a replacement for them.

      The EU led by a Bismarck or some other sane, shrewd person who doesn’t happen to think ‘Eurabia’ sounds like a great idea, could be interesting. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with the EU currently oppressing Europe. Getting rid of that EU has to be the first job.

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