The Black Vote

Every election and sometimes between elections, the so-called conservatives start mewing about minority outreach. They start the game by saying how this time will be different and minorities are ready to listen. Then they spend time pandering to those voters, while lecturing whites about the need to pander to those people. After the election, when they got no increase in minority support, they say all the things about GOP voters that Democrats say about them.

It is a shameful and ridiculous charade, but republicans never seem to pay a price for it, so they keep doing it. In fact, a large segment of their voting base seems to like this charade. Baby Boomer conservatives are hooked on the idea of winning black votes. They are mesmerized by Trump’s tweet about how the economy is great for everyone except white people. Despite their political orientation, they are just as ashamed of themselves as white liberal boomers.

Those who have crossed over from conventional politics look at Trump’s pandering to blacks as proof he is not really on our side. After all, if he really did understand what is happening, he would spend no time pandering to blacks and instead focus on dispossessed whites. They are a demographic that is both larger and regularly assaulted by the Left. The argument is that these are the voters that put Trump in the White House, having turned up to vote in the 2016 election.

This is the Sailer Strategy, named after Steve Sailer. If Republicans are getting one percent of the black vote, increasing that to two percent is a few thousand votes in states that are not competitive. On the other hand, adding another percent of the white vote could be the margin of victory in states that are competitive, like Michigan and Pennsylvania. One percent of 70% of the electorate is always going to be bigger than one percent of 13% of the electorate.

George Bush the Minor won his two elections without black support. He did do well with Hispanics, but again, this is a tiny slice of the electorate. Go back further and George Bush the Elder won a landslide with just 11% support from blacks. Reagan won in a huge landslide in 1984 with 9% black support. When 66% of whites backed Reagan, fewer than ten percent of blacks voted republican. That speaks to the futility of chasing the black vote if you are a Republican.

The thing is though, 2020 may be the year that the Great Pumpkin comes to the pumpkin patch and gives black votes to all the guilt-ridden baby boomers that have been waiting since the 1980’s. Trump may actually pick up support among blacks and maybe even Hispanic voters. It seems ridiculous, but there is some historic precedent for what could be happening. In what would be great irony, Trump could repeat what Nixon did in the 1972 presidential election.

Most of the comparisons between Trump and Nixon are done by mouth breathers on the Left who check under their beds every night for Russians. Nixon is the universal bogeyman in their political universe. Every politician they hate is Nixon, while all of their backers are fascists or white nationalists. Because of this, people dismiss the comparison to Nixon, but it may actually be a good one. There are a lot of points of comparison between the two and their times in office.

The most important comparison between Nixon and Trump is they are both transitional figures for their party. Nixon figured out that the GOP had to wheel south and southwest in order to win elections. His “southern strategy” transformed the political map and eventually made the GOP the majority party. Despite being right about this, his party hated him for it. It put them on the side of the people they hated, the bad whites in the Progressive narrative, and they resented him for it.

Trump is doing something similar. He is transforming the party away from gentry conservatism and libertarianism toward suburban populism. Instead of appealing to the same urbanite bugmen as the Democrats, Trump is appealing to white voters through the proxy of populist economics. Like Nixon, he is hated by his own party, because it puts the insiders on the side of people their liberal friends hate. Trump is making the GOP the white party, despite their howling and moaning.

Of course, a similar thing is happening to the Democrats. In the 1960’s, the Left went insane and took the Democrat party with it. Nixon won office in large part because white people feared what was coming from the Left. By the 1970s’ the Left was a clown car full of freaks and weirdos. One look at the current Democratic field and you can’t miss the similarities. Like Nixon, Trump will face a party that is riven by internal discord and representing everything that scares white people.

In the 1972 election, Nixon won 18% of the black vote. That is a far cry from being competitive, but it is orders of magnitude greater than what we have come to expect from Republican candidates. Even after Watergate, Gerald Ford won 16% of the black vote in 1976. His decision to pardon Nixon may have doomed him with white voters, but his loyalty worked on black voters. Whatever explanations one wants to assign, in the last great political transition, blacks temporarily moved toward stability.

That may repeat itself in the 2020 election. Like Nixon, Trump is a rare politician in that he is what you see. Trump is not a phony. That plays well with black voters, who truly hate putting on airs, especially by white people. It’s why they are open to Bloomberg, by the way, despite his past statements. They know what they are getting with him, while the other candidates are code-switching phonies. More important, black are less inclined to support a crazy white person than a racist.

There is a lot that could happen between now and November. The Democrats could find a numinous negro to be their nominee in a brokered convention. The economy could collapse this summer. The Wu-tang virus could turn into the Yellow Plague. Making predictions this far out is a mug’s game. The point here is just that the conditions in which a Republican could do well with blacks are forming up. Trump the transition candidate, like Nixon, could deliver blacks to his boomer supporters.

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217 thoughts on “The Black Vote

  1. It’s true. There are a number of known racists at my church. The blacks still prefer to come to the “raycis” church rather than the liberal church where the white boomers are so freaky.

  2. Uhh…Trump is focusing on the black vote because he cannot win 70% of the white vote, Period. Trump is courting the black and hispanic vote because 35-40% of whites are shitlibs who will never, ever vote for him. Focusing only on the white vote as so many posters want him to do, will lead to a landslide defeat. Face it, the minority vote would be a non-factor if so many whites were not traitorous shitlibs. Trump knows it. and is prepared to throw them under the bus to win.

  3. I agree with the Sailer Strategy but I also believe in the My_Comment strategy: focus on recruiting non white men who work in the private sector or military. Trump did pretty well with Hispanic men. I have read he won the majority in the private sector.

    As feminists get more deranged and powerful, more men are going to get worried. The NYT pretty much has a daily column about Emmett Till reminding black men of white women lying about blacks raping them while supporting the pound me too ideology that all women have to be believed.

  4. There is very little here to agree with here, but Trump is certainly desirous of moving the minority needle off the left pole. This is likely because he has no hope of retaking the rust belt swing states. Browns in southern swing states staying home will be his only hope. Clown car Zionism with little to no effective populism will make repeating his 2016 numbers difficult. And demographic change demands that he not only repeat those numbers, but expand them.

  5. > They are mesmerized by Trump’s tweet about how the economy is great for everyone except white people.

    Something that he never tweeted in any capacity, and isn’t true in any capacity.

  6. Black voters migrating to Trump in excess of 10% is a fantasy. Black hatred of whites, including subordinating economic self interest to that hatred, is increasing substantially. Someone cite ANY indicator proving otherwise. Zman must have had a late night prior to penning this post.

    • A big part of the black turnout percentage for Trump depends on who the Dems put up. It feels like everything is in play right now.

  7. Who’ll be the first millenial President? AOC or Buttplug? Gen X being vapid pointless morons will get skipped, lol

      • I am Gen X . I can vouch for the fact that we will not have a POTUS. We are too pissed at the people older and younger than us to do anything other than keep our heads down to make the best of it. We have to take care of both our boomer parents and the millennial losers younger than us.

        • I too am Gen X (1971). Whether or not we have a President is up for debate, but to smear Z Man and many of the commenters here as “vapid pointless morons” is, well, moronic.

        • Considering that you did such a fucked up job of raising a bunch of entitled whiny brats, you pukes should be banned from voting or holding elected office.

  8. Z- In the 1972 election, Nixon won 18% of the black vote. Even after Watergate, Gerald Ford won 16% of the black vote in 1976.
    Perhaps declining from Nixon’s high number is because that was about the time the Great Society was breaking black family structure and causing their votes to be buyable. LBJ set out to buy the black vote and it worked, it just took a little time to be effective.

    Trump might succeed by getting minorities jobs instead of higher welfare benefits. It’s a theory. That and a couple bucks will get a cup of coffee.

  9. Trump is playing this beautifully. Insofar as he expands his take of minority voters, he is forcing Democrats to play defense on their home turf. Anytime you’re expanding your territory, you’re winning. Trump had Air Force One fly over the Daytona 500 at 800’ before he landed. He isn’t ignoring white voters. Whites know where Trump stands on the big issues, as the opioid apocalypse starts to recede. Border crossings are down. Mass caravans are not happening. It ought to be a good thing that blacks are working in record numbers. Most whites understand that when Trump rattles off employment numbers for women and minorities that he’s saying “these people too”. Whites already know their personal economy is better…and why. The rhetoric is all about making Democrats play defense on their own turf.

    The Great Realignment continues. There is a Government Party consisting of coastal elites who depend upon a transnational, globalist, enterprise and generous tax receipts for their daily bread. There is an American Party which broadly identifies with Trump’s stated America-first agenda. That agenda will sweep up a surprising number of ethnic minorities. Not everyone comes here to leech off the welfare state.

    Trump won Michigan in 2016 by 11,000 votes out of 4,500,000 cast. Think Detroit doesn’t matter? Guess again.

    Cheer up. Nobody ever gets 100% of what they want. The apoplexy on the Left in the Government Party is a sign that they’re losing, losing big, and losing in a culture-transforming way.

    20% is the magic number. If he starts getting consistent polling at or above 20% of the black vote in the general election, we’re going to see an implosion on the Government Party. Like it or not, Trump knows that a percentage of white voters carry guilt about blacks. If he wins increased support from blacks, it’s gonna be a Dem wipeout in suburbia.

    And with that cows a Congress that is overtly running on the MAGA-KAG agenda. With people like Paul Ryan gone, the new people coming in are going to be very motivated to enact Trump’s agenda. Especially on things like trade and immigration.

  10. I always thought that ANYONE voting for my guy (Nixon, Trump, etc.) was a good thing. It certainly is a whole lot better than guilt ridden WHITE MEN AND WOMEN never voting for my guys. And I consider ANYONE who holds those values that support freedom, liberty, self-reliance and the belief that Natural Rights and Natural Law are God given and cannot be taken by governments, to be my friend and ally. This is one of those moments where I do not understand the column written. Sorry folks.

    • In the past, people argued that the American ethic was uniquely American; that freed slaves, European immigrants, and third world immigrants would be incapable of sustaining our way of government, that American society would ultimately be lost. Looking at the last 150 years of American history, were they wrong?

      Yes, there are always exceptions. I’m with you, those people are cool. But they’re exceptions. I don’t think it was wise to establish this system without first establishing the nation. These things need a stronger foundation than ideas.

      • Lately, I’ve been observing black veterans, black clergymen, black businessmen, and others who are far better in my eyes than elite, guilt-ridden privileged white liberal men and women bent on destroying the uniqueness of America.

        Whether they be East Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, black African, or family oriented hard-working Mexicans, people who have OR COULD ACCEPT American values via assimilation, then I would say welcome. At least you know that they’re capable of seeing when things go too far and are smart enough to reverse and go in our direction. Why refuse their votes just because they’re not lily white? Maybe I misread the article.

        Rush has stated numerous times on his radio show that the Democrat Party must keep people dependent on the government. And we see this happening in their policies. For them to win elections they must have people dependent upon the government. But history has proven that after waves of immigrants assimilate and they become economically successful, many, not all, are inclined to vote more conservatively in order to keep what they earned. The enemy is Democrat party policies added to open borders. The first prevents newcomers as well as future generations from getting that independence and prosperity, the second provides the voting power to achieve the first. Republicans have never been the majority in my lifetime and I am 63 years old. We have always been out registered by Democrat Party voters. Always. I think that was a mistake in the article today. Republicans have had to win by getting Democrats and independents to vote for them. And it has worked for the most part. But when you overwhelm the United States with the type of people they are importing, Hispanics In the south, and Muslims in the north, you see that they have left no stone unturned. And when we react to this subtle ploy to replace us by demanding that they stop importing blacks and Mexicans in an attempt to prevent replacement, we are easy targets to be accused as racist or white nationalists when that isn’t the case. All that being said, I think there is a lot of information on this blog that accurately details differences in humans. I think I’ll stop right there because this is difficult to do on my cell phone.

        • You can buy a house, but you can’t buy a home. Likewise you can buy allies with economic freedom, but that doesn’t make them ‘your people’. There’s more to it. The transactional idea of citizenship is incomplete.

          Yes, immigrants ‘assimilate’ to the extent that it serves their economic interests. On the other hand, you have natives flooding the country with immigrants because that serves their economic interests. Point being conservatives need to shift their strategy away from economics.

          It’ll be a bumpy ride making that shift, but it’s there to be made— it has to be made. Dems have become the party of third world immigration and the rich whites whose economic interests it serves. There’s a winning coalition of regular whites and non-whites who don’t hate us without a party at the moment. And appealing to economics won’t bring them together.

          • I see what you’re saying. Shifting away from economics, let’s discuss that for a second. After graduating college I worked briefly for a state legislator. He and another very prominent state legislator we’re discussing the Party caucus issues one by one. When the subject of education came up, the older politician said “nothing we can do about that except allow it to collapse in on itself someday.“. Since hindsight is 2020, I won’t be critical and I certainly didn’t chime in as a 23-year-old protesting vehemently about the future affects but that would have. That was 40 years ago. But hindsight has informed me that Republicans mostly have all been attracted to government spending issues and defense while the primary issue of education was surrendered to the Democrats.

            Regarding tribes, I can tell you that my uncle in the Marine Corps back in the Pacific Islands told me stories how the captain of his platoon pretty much hated him because he was Italian. Even members of our own tribe don’t like each other but then things normalize in time.

          • Republicans have gone for economic issues because it’s low hanging fruit imo. While demographics favored them it was easier to win on the day’s issues than to take on tomorrow’s problems.

            And yes tribal issues normalize over time. It’s nation building. But when immigration exceeds the ability to cope, the nation is destroyed.

            You probably know this, but the government tightened immigration in the 1920s to let nation building work. They threw the door wide open in the 60s and we ended up with this mess.

    • Since you just sort of wandered in here, and seem a little taken aback, may I suggest you stick around, consider the arguments, and see if it tracks with what is actually happening in our country? Things are beginning to break down, and the old arguments aren’t going to work for the times ahead.

      • I wandered in here maybe 9 months ago. I’m understanding some of that about arguments, but I don’t understand why in the game of politics you wouldn’t try to solicit votes from other groups because as I have said Republicans are a minority in this country. For Republican candidates to win they need other groups to vote for their candidates.

    • My respectful response is that your worldview does not take in to account the power of tribalism on non-whites. Most of them will always put loyalty to their tribe before “freedom, liberty, self-reliance and the belief that Natural Rights and Natural Law are God given and cannot be taken by governments.”

      You are assuming that their inner worlds are like yours and they aren’t, generally speaking.

      • You’re probably right about that, and as long as Whites had the upper hand I had no fear of their tribe. I probably should consider my primary and secondary education blocked that from view. I’m afraid that the fairness gospel is really just a corridor to shifting power and putting the boot on someone else’s foot. I have a hard time opening my family members eyes because life is still good for them and they are of the school that everything is just in the process of being leveled right now and the United States will be a happier place for all. I should read Michael Lind’s book, “the new class war.”

        Nonetheless, this article seem to criticize the strategy of attracting or accepting black people‘s votes. And I just think that’s absurd because Republicans are always in the minority in this country from a registration point of you and that has always been the case in my lifetime, or at least most of my lifetime. Republicans cannot win any election without switchover votes.

  11. Reading this comment (and others, here and elsewhere) it appears to me that US elections are entirely determined by blacks. If black turnout is high, the Democrats win. If black turnout is low, the Republicans win. That’s it.

    White people have been disenfranchised. Am I right or is that an oversimplification? I am not American so maybe I am misreading this.

    • They are not disenfranchised, they are not voting. Go to YouTube and search for Mark Baird state of Jefferson, eloquent speech last weekend. He he said that if the silent majority just got off their butts and started voting then they could reverse the tyranny of California government. I don’t know if that’s true but I’ve read that comment elsewhere.

      • The REAL voter suppression is getting less white people on ‘the right’ to vote. . . . “My vote doesn’t matter.” “All the politicians are crap.” ” I can’t stand any of them.” The Left wants ‘The white on the right’ to give up. The black pill attitude expressed often here also depresses the ‘white on the right’ vote. Get out to vote no matter what. Vote for the most conservative that doesn’t cuck to the Left.

  12. The Sailer Strategy (US is just 13% black, 63% non-Hispanic white) is less effective in key battleground states. NC is 22% black / 71% white. VA 19% / 68%. FL 16% / 75%. So Trump putting maybe 15% of his national effort into getting the black vote makes sense.

    • Just in looking at those numbers, Hispanics must be lumped into Whites. There’s no way FL is only 9% Hispanic.

      • The numbers are all based on self-reported ethnicity. Numerous Hispanics – particularly from Cuba – call themselves White, despite a not-insignificant% of non-White ancestry. Same with others from Mexico and Latin America, where plenty barely 65% White will aspirationally call themselves White. America’s non-hispanic White population was 61.7% in 2015, I believe, and that included 2% Jews, 1% Arabs, and a few percent of various Latinos. White Americans of European extraction are, realistically, about 56% of the population and that is going to drop rapidly in the next decade as a ton of them are over 65.

        • The US is more diverse than any other Western country.

          Even some of the more diverse cities in Europe are still less diverse than the US.egs London, Paris , Berlin.

  13. “He did do well with Hispanics, but again, this is a tiny slice of the electorate.”

    California has a plan for this. There is a move to make voting mandatory. Hispanics have dreadfully low turnout and when they do they swing predominantly Democrat. The Assembly figures to garner more power by forcing hispanics to vote which will play into local and state elected races.

    Don’t know if it will hold up in SCOTUS but they’ll try.

  14. To me the President just has to ask voters, “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” I fekking well am and I suspect pretty well most people are. The last 5 years of O’Bozo’s term my wife’s 401K LOST almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS. And that was DESPITE being heavily into indexed mutual funds – i.e. allegedly the safest place to put money. When we filed our taxes last year we got a refund – for the first time since before O’Bozo was elected. This year we got another – a rather nice one at that. As soon as practical after the refund is deposited I’m gonna head down to Home Depot and buy a brand spanking new water heater to replace the el-cheapo model the contractor installed when he built my house in ’97. No more lukewarm showers for THESE old bones!

    When I cast my ballot in the election in ’16 I was HOPING that Trump would get richer while in office. My reasoning was that if he did so it would be in a way that would be more likely to help “little people” like me. I figured any economic tide which lifted Trump’s mega yacht would damned well lift my little inflatable rubber dinghy. And damned if it didn’t do exactly that. We’re seeing better economic numbers today than we have since I was a young man.

    Ask yourself, “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” If you are then you know what to do come election day.

    • To answer that you’d have to know what percentage of American citizens are invested in the stock market? Broken down of course, by wealth, income, age, etc. I suspect you’ll be surprised. Then factor in QE, the Repo Market, and Stock Buy-backs vs. Capital Investment and Dividends.

    • Most people are not very much better off than they were 4 years ago.

      The mutual fund owning, 401k focused people are a small minority and they are often high information voters already locked into one party or the other.

      Sooner or later you guys are going to get the socialist you deserve if you don’t start paying attention to the bigger picture.

      • What is he gonna do when the 3rd world masses vote to help themselves to his 401k and it gets seized?

        Same with muh immigration helps property values – it’s higher now but once they start voting themselves section 8 on your block it’s over.

        Demography is destiny. You cannot have a white country without whites. Liberals and conservatives are equally deluded and stupid.

  15. Conservatives of today long for a “post racial” America that never was and never will be. That’s why they loved Colin Powell, until he supported Obama. Reagan loved Powell, he considered him to be the magic negro of the future who would bring blacks into the fold. This goes back to Reagan, the deified Alzheimers patient. The irony is that Nixon was sitting in the oval office throwing N bombs as his martini was being shaken. Part of Nixon’s paranoia is that he saw the culture melting down around him and thought the country was going to hit the wall and never be the same again. In some ways he was right. The country culturally died around his tenure. Sure it staggered on, but it was culturally dead.

    • Nixon had a very perceptive mind, for which he does not get nearly enough credit.

      His books were all outstanding and remain relevant reads today.

      • Memevet – I was a shitlib young boomer cheering Nixon’s impeachment when I was in high school. After my long journey to realism and far beyond conservatism politically, I have had numerous occasions to reassess Nixon and what he did and how he governed. I loathe him still, but for totally different reasons – the EPA, his monetary policy, and his outreach to China. That said, you are right – he was a clever man, albeit one eaten up with resentment in many ways.

    • If Nixon had possessed the strength of will of Lincoln or Washington, he could have called on the white middle class to march on Washington. But he was weak. Nixon surrendered to America’s enemies. For that I will always despise him. He should have been willing to wrap himself in the flag and go down with the ship, or emerge victorious.

    • Yep. Great link. This country has been a warmed over shit show since about that time. Our problems have been materializing over decades.

      • I was a little one at the time, but I know many of our friends here post on other sites and I thought some of the charts might help them “evangelize.”

    • Each one of those charts would make a great “Had Enough of Winning Yet!” flyer.

      ’71 was also when the oldest boomers would have been entering the work force in significant numbers…and when the ’65 immigration act would have begun to have an effect.

  16. Modern democracies rest upon bloc voting. White people do not vote as a bloc but all other tribes do. Therefore, every tribe except whites becomes important while white people become politically irrelevant.

    Hence, Republicans can ignore or openly despise white people. Because they pay no price for this. However, the price for failing to pander to any one of the blocs is career-termination.

    White people will have no political heft or even a political voice until they start voting as a bloc. When will that be? Maybe never.

  17. This is completely “OT” (off-topic)…. but I wanted to share it with the group anyway.
    Our esteemed “people” in the Senate (Sen. Gillibrand) are considering a bill to create a data protection agency (taking that responsibility away from the FTC.
    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand recently introduced the Data Protection
    Act, which among other things, would create a new data
    protection and privacy agency to replace the Federal Trade
    Commission’s authority in these areas.

    She argues that the specialized agency would better focus on
    data protection and privacy.

  18. All of his championing Blacks to suppress their vote and appeal to suburban Whites may end up suppressing even more White votes.

    Our thing may be small but an awareness of the forces driving it are widespread among Whites. Endless minority boosting at some point will begin to yield diminishing returns.

    He ran and won as the not-so-implicit White savior. He then governed as the president of “our wonderful black people” and “we need more immigrants than evah”. The browning of America has accelerated during his watch. He’s drawing impressive crowds but that’s still a cipher’s worth of the electorate. Depressed white areas are still depressed white areas. His immigration policies will only add to that.

    Add to this a paperwork-American population of 52,000,000 Latinos and a pool of 30,000,000+ illegals some of who will vote. Their public square revolves around 2 nationwide Spanish language channel that are anti-white, anti-Trump and endlessly self-righteous.

    Trump squeezed out a victory the last time by a very slim margin. The demographic balance has shifted even more. Add to that the large group of radicalized young Latinos who have reached voting age displacing elderly whites who have died off and who had voted with a high turnout.

    Maybe I’m something of a Cassandra, but I don’t see a Trump victory without him getting something in the neighborhood of at least 60% of the White vote. He managed 54% in 2016. White men 62% (33% of the electorate), White women 47% (41% of the electorate) . Are Whites still capable of achieving 74% of the electorate?

    As in Virginia, the demographic shift may make a mockery of political wheelin’ and dealin’.

    • Notice his Daytona 500 flyover. He knows that’s the bulk of his support. Imbeciles and hillbillies who watch cars go in a circle. Like watching his presidency, it’s the same thing.

      • LOL made me laugh with that.

        NASCAR is fun when I occasionally want to lower my IQ to 90, get plastered and have fun for weekend.

        But yeah, the average normiecon is just as dumb as the average liberal. The world will do as the world does. Just focus on our thing.

  19. A significant difference between Nixon and Trump: there were additional Republican Presidents after Nixon.

  20. And let’s not forget who is guarding the president. In whitey’s desperate attempt to put more black faces on the force they’ve loosened the requirements for those dusky fellows. It’s a well-known fact if you don’t have any felonies and can string a couple sentences together – you’re in !

    Wouldn’t want to make an enemy out of any of those agents and have them look the other way if a bad actor showed up. Plus I really think the president likes black people or at least consider them part of the landscape being a New Yorker and all.

    Perhaps he really has bought into the ” Multicultural Paradise “. Lord knows most of the Boomers and their millennial hell spawn have. Just giving the voters what they want and all that. Terrible for white people of course , but that’s the crazy train were on 🙁

    • I still disagree with the sweeping statement Boomers…yada, yada. In this case, we have a complete an utter separation of the Boomers from their promoted “vibrancy” in cites vs suburbs, and within those, neighborhoods and schools. So, if one wants to point out hypocrisy in behavior have at it, but behavior would seem to reveal their true beliefs.

      You might as well label me as such, since my city is over 50% Hispanic, but walk for a few miles in any direction from my home, and you’ll not see it—except for the tradesmen and lawn care folk and such.

  21. Was doing the internet radio thing the other day. Crazy by Aerosmith came on. As I listened to Steven Tyler’s soliloquy at the beginning of the song, I realized he was talking like a black guy. Never heard it that way before.

    I always thought rock was syncretic, but it’s suddenly looking like imitation to me. White people trying to be black. Lightbulb moment!

    Is that a boomer thing? I’m younger, so it was natural to me, inherited, but still I had a sense of my own whiteness. The kids who grew up listening to rap are in even deeper. Their whiteness is something more vestigial, I imagine. Something bad, even. How jarring will their lightbulb moment be?

    Crazy times ahead!

    • It’s not just a boomer thing. It’s pretty apparent in millenial culture to. Party culture is pretty heavily influenced by black party culture.

      I think a large part of that is that white culture is so heavily disparaged and ridiculed. The movie White Chicks is a really great illustration of that. The Basic White Bitch meme is another instance of denigrating any attempt at whites being differentiated.

      Rich people can insulate themselves from the criticism and maintain a core culture, but the fringes of wealthy white culture and a growing portion down the class line adopts black culture.

      • I’m not sure. Minstrel shows were pop entertainment at one time right? Poor people are less able to resist what’s being imposed on them. Unless they live on the edge of society, like Appalachia for instance.

        Maybe Leary had a point about dropping out.

    • Not just a Boomer thing. Boomers are more of the “white saviour” types. Younger whites try to become one of them – adopting the language, music, and dress.

      95% of white men in their younger 20s listen to rap/hip hop music. It’s considered racist to say you don’t. Alot of them want soo badly to be no longer considered white – very sad. And I honestly think alot of them just don’t know any better. It’s what they’ve been taught their whole lives.

      It creates a unique effect when I interact with them, as a non self hating, fully confident young white guy. They don’t really know how to react.

      One thing i will say is that the negro worship hits non black poc youth even worse than whites. Go to Toronto, all I can say is YIKES SWEETIE.

  22. Trump is trying things. He has found that doing something that is a 180 from conventional political wisdom usually comes out well for him. I wish I could detect a real longer term strategy, including who follows him when he steps off, instead of a series of plays and gambits, which appears to be his game.

    In the end, Trump’s tenure may be simply a version of Caddyshack writ large, with Trump as the Rodney Dangerfield character. Then the Left can get back to trying to remake human nature and squeezing the joy out of life.

    • Well at least we got to live through an anchor being dropped through Judge Smails yacht. That’s something!

      Small joys become larger when approaching peak clown world.

      My dilemma now is deciding which commie or loonie or homo to vote for in the Dem primary in order to usher in the best show come autumn.

      Watching the SS Pantsuit drop into the harbor was many lolz. Thats a high bar for 2020.

      My other dilemma is an upcoming move juxtaposed against stocking ammo and rations. How much lead can I move on a federal highway without some kind of ATF paperwork?

      A story of our age: how these two dilemmas are related.

  23. “Trump’s tweet about how the economy is great for everyone except white people.”

    This is a mischaracterization of what he said, and you know it.

  24. Bloomberg/Hillary: da Rematch!
    Duel of the century.

    Plus! T’would prove to the ladies that everything they say about the Patriarchy is true.

    Damn those billionaires!… while she waves her panties, er, p*ssyhat in the air.

    • Sorry, ladies, I take back the last part.
      Both T and B are wrinkled old prunes, not sexy bad boys like Billy and Barak.

      Women will surrender, but they will not be bought.

  25. Another Nixon parallel: Nixon openly boasted about campaigning to the Right, winning, then governing to the Center. That tracks Trump and explains why Trump’s not interested in the people who got him elected.

          • I think Pence has a chance. But, yeah, after him I suspect the Dems will get a lock on both the WH and Capital bldg. At that point the Dems can pull a Roosevelt and increase the number of SCOTUS justices to give themselves control of all three levers of power in perpetuity (or at least until AR/CW 2.0). Damned glad I’m unlikely to live that long.

    • Armies of Breitbart commenters and Hannity listeners have that effect. They’re happy just having a Republican president. If they stood for more than that he couldn’t get away with it.

      • The Breitbart/Hamburg types treat politics like rooting for a sports team. There’s no real-world consequences in it for them.

    • Nixon was always the Globalist’s man. The Left hated him for being on the House Un-American Activities Committee. Nixon was the first I remember that used the ‘Run Right, Govern Left’ strategy. All the RINO’s have devolved from this strategy. The Vulcan proverb, “Only Nixon could go to China.” is funny/true because while pretending to be anti- communist, Nixon was just looking to open up China to the Globalists.

      God forbid that Trump be another Nixon.

  26. A downside of Trump winning in ’20 with a significant (for GOP) share of the black vote, is the pandering to blacks is going to increase. It’ll be all Dems R the Real Racists, all the time.

    • Why would blacks want a job when when Uncle Sam is willing to provide all their basic needs for them. To supplement their income crime pays at least a thousand times more than minimum wage when you consider the labor hours involved. How long does it take to carjack a $80,000 Mercedes at the gas station? -mere seconds! Even doing time at the state pen has value as it raises their status in the community like an an Ivy League degree does for the Hamptons set.

      • Judge, I live in an urban area. Black jobs matter, they matter a lot. Just look at the lineup of African American parents to get their kids into good schools if there are vouchers available . The fact that Charter scools exist is a product of that. The teachers union had to do something to blunt the anger of inner city parents about poor schools , so charter schools and magnet schools were devised to take the wind out of the voucher movement . that is what happened here anyway.

    • Is any White not a racist? By that I mean, are you implying that there is a significant percentage of Blacks who believe some/most Whites are not racist? If as I believe, most Blacks in the hearts do believe all/most Whites are racist, then I can understand why they’d vote for Trump—simply because he’s the best of the worse (Dem candidates also being White). Or simply stay home as Z-man suggests.

      • Blacks assume that White’s are working on the same basis as they do: Race is a real thing that matters in the real world.
        95% of humanity knows this,

    • “Emily Guskin” sounds authentically Black to me.

      And the Washington Post? Nothin’ but teeth and eyeballs after dark there. That’s Marion Barry territory.

  27. Excellent point on Bloomberg. Now the guy is fingernails on a chalkboard as a speaker. But no one ever interviews the average black in the street (particularly the matriarchs) who were all in on law and order in NYC–all you ever see are the professional race grievers. The former were happy to see the thugs that infested their neighborhoods enter into the license plate making trade up state for six years. Lil Mike’s apology tour might end up hurting more than helping. People are not happy with the slowly returning anarchy here under Red Bill and the new “no bail” law. I see it every day when in the city. Never had to step over piles of crap until recently. Number of homeless camped on the grates is way, way up. Turnstile jumping is a regular occurrence (the old rule of thumb was for every uniform you saw in the subway there was one plainclothes you didn’t–no more I think)

    • There is an interesting side note to Bloomberg. He is apologizing for recorded remarks that are the type read here every day! In other words he knows the truth and once was open/brave enough to speak them. He now of course wishes to pander and win an election, so he apologies and back tracks. This should inform all here how far we have to go before we will openly be speaking these truths in public forums.

      • I live in NYC, and can assure you that EVERYONE here knows the truth about crime.
        Bloomberg used to be open about the color of crime when he was mayor, because he saw the city as his “brand”, and he wasn’t going to let black criminals tarnish that brand. He simply followed Giuliani’s playbook and it worked.
        Flip flopping on the color of crime is a major fail on his part. If he had stuck to his guns he could have pulled voters from Trump with his radical honesty.
        Instead, he flips in order to court the black vote, and ends up alienating white voters and black voters who would have voted for a tough NYC mayor who took no shit form the underclass.
        He blew it, and there is no way to recover from that gaff. Even Giuliani has called him out over this flip flop.
        The stone cold reality is that stop and frisk worked like magic.
        Everyone despises DeBlasio at this point. I don’t know anyone that voted for him, and he has quickly returned the city to near 1970’s level of dysfunction, which is quite an accomplishment.

        • Well said. I was I was in NYC around the time of Giuliani. Stop and frisk was pure Rudy. He got around the courts rulings against discrimination with it. His enforcement of the broken windows theory worked wonders. In the subway stations, he built large holding pens for the arrested turnstile jumpers, that’s how he stopped the fiscal bleeding in transit dept. DeBlasio simply made it a non-crime. Typical Lefty.

        • Dave, I hope you’re listening to Coobie on 770 WABC right now. He has a guest host with him, Dominic somebody, who Coobs billed as the Big Mack Daddy.

          Coobie: “Chappaqua is the whitest suburb in America.”

          Big Mack Daddy: “I wanta live in Chappaqua!…are, are there any black people in Chappaqua?”

          Coobie: “Sorry. Not even the lawn jockeys.”

        • I think you are having a little wishful thinking there dave, I predict that deblasio will be reelected by a big margin.

          • Get a grip. He can’t be re- elected because he has already served nearly 2 terms. There is a 2 term limit, but a former mayor can run again after a 4 year break.
            He was also elected with the lowest voter turnout in NYC history. There were literally no other viable candidates running against him, which is odd for NYC, but that’s how it went.
            The guy is an absolute embarrassment, even worse than Dinkins, and that’s saying a lot.
            Quite a few people want Giuliani to run again.
            I would vote for him if he did. Rudy refused to even meet with any of the black rabble rousers like Sharpton when he was mayor. He wouldn’t legitimize their fake grievance mongering by letting them in the front door.
            Plus, he turned NYC street crime around with amazing speed.

          • Basically Red Bill promised to cave to all the Union demands on the contracts Bloomberg had been negotiating hard on—Bloomberg to his credit was trying to divert budget surpluses to shoring up the pension plans not creating more future obligations. 24% turned out Red Bill won 75% of that. Do the math. All he had to do was turn out the municipal employees and their families and he was home free.

    • The malignant dwarf should have loudly trumpeted:
      1. That blacks are the primary victims of these gangs.
      2. The vast majority of black families (that word matters) want the violence stopped.
      3. The vast majorities of those whingeing about the policy are white have made damn sure they don’t live in black neighborhoods.

      That last one gives room for lots of ammo against bleeding heart shit-libs who live in some whiteopea.

      The Church Ladies would be lining up to vote for him.

      • Bile, you are thinking like a White person again. 😉 Near as I have seen, the race hustlers will always come out for releasing/ignoring crime if it involves Black misconduct and those church ladies seem to be nowhere to be found. Yeah, when their house is burgled or grandchild gunned down by a Black gang, they weep and wail and blame a lack of LEO presents, but they don’t vote that way, nor do they cooperate with police in solving such crimes (in the whole, there of course are exceptions).

        We see the same thing here wrt Hispanic illegals. MS13 gang members. Drunk drivers. Rapists. Heinous crimes and very little cooperation with LEO’s and just about zero cooperation with ICE authorities. Ethnic solidarity first and last.

        • But, bile points out the Church ladies- while boring the blacks to sleep, Trump could be making it easier for white ladies to cross the line and vote Republican. They could do so and still be Nice People.

    • SA, in my neck of the woods, Stefanik’s district, even the nice white ladies are upset about the no bail law.

  28. Those who have crossed over from conventional politics look at Trump’s pandering to blacks as proof he is not really on our side.

    I’m not sure Trump is even pandering to blacks, maybe he’s pandering to white dems, trying to sway them by proving he’s not a Nazi.

    • Both, with different tacks. I think he is appealing to the goodwhites, ie “I’m not racist” by defending his policies with the “lowest black unemployment ever” crap. And he is appealing to the BLM types with get out of jail free “criminal justice reform” crap.

      Black unemployment is a white thing. Actual blacks are employed if they want to be.

      Employment is so far downstream of black disfunction that it is not seen as an issue on its own. 60 years of preferential treatment, incentives and free stuff and all we got was a black lady bureaucracy across the already bloated government.

      They just don’t do the dialectic stuff otherwise they would plainly see the pattern of open borders and job loss, or the welfare state and family formation and OOW births.

      Black issues are rooted in resentment and entitlement as a function of their anti-identity. Thats why they are permanent Dems.

      The right can try to entice them over but its not going to work unless the right provides a better plantation aka better gibs than the left.

      The right has no problem with gibs. The problem with gibs from the right, unlike those from the left, however, is that they mistakenly believe that those gibs will mean votes – and a few more years without cities on fire.

      Blacks don’t want fairness or rational exchanges. They want moar. More preferential treatment. More attention. More exceptions to the white mans rules. And they want to feel validated in their irrational expectations of more because black. The dems give them this.

      The repubs are trying to compete with this entitlement-validation by offering them more opportunities for a hard days work. Good luck with that.

      • Screw tape, you should post this comment every day, here and elsewhere, until it sinks in with our side.

  29. I think that Trump could very well get a “Nixonian” percentage of the Black vite this year, if only because of who the Dems potential nominees are. Generally speaking, Blacks don’t like Jews, they don’t like scolding middle-aged white women, and they most certainly don’t like gays, especially wormy little guys like Buttigeig. Compared to Sanders/Bloomberg, Warren, and Buttigeig, Trump is James Brown…

  30. Courting the black vote is part of courting the white vote. Whites are conditioned to only vote for somebody if they can convince themselves it is ‘fair’.

    For example, I got into a conversation with my apolitical wife about vaccines, and how people were scapegoating anti-vaxxers while ignoring the proliferation of disease coming from places like the Minnesota Somali populations amongst others. A few more redpills and it quickly devolved to her having bad feels and saying “I just think there is a way to make things okay for everyone”.

    That’s your typical normie white, and especially normie white women. This is the type of person who will refuse to vote for Trump if he does not even attempt to ‘make things okay for everyone’. It’s stupid, we all know it’s stupid, but it’s our current reality.

    • Rollins, I think you’ve just solved the major mystery. Fair to blacks means fair to women, fair to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, fair to all.(!)

      The Fair Folk- after all, that is who we are!

    • Yes the feminization and associated infantilism of our culture and civic institutions means the gateway is the through the feelz.

      Thus the Amygdala gods must be constantly quelled from their perch of peak agitation.

      This is getting increasingly difficult in an environment now fully decoupled from the corrective feedback of a natural physical reality. Swollen amygdalae is the norm.

      The conspiracy about lizard people is true. Just now how most think it is. Its not joo aliens but its older urban and suburban ladies and their feral female and male-identifying snowflake spawn.

      Nature used to bitch slap these people back into reality or cull them from the herd. The ones that can’t be reigned in are dangerous.

      But now nature is just one more reason to be angry and so we have that poor downsey mongrel from Sweden being pimped as a Messiah of Gaia to lecture us on how we are all gonna die if we don’t submit to globalist redistribution schemes and light bulb laws that render our intimate spaces as cold, harsh, and barren as that future is destined to be.

      Appealing to the feels only works when limited by the governance of natural law and a universal higher morality.

      Placating the tantrums of gluttonous dopamine consuming child-gods with moar social cocaine in a free-for-all of relativism and tyrannical individualism of feelz is not going to end well. But it will end.

      • Profound summation. One of those posts that when people ask, “What is wrong?”. You just say ‘read this’. I capture these killshot posts every now & then to add to my ‘intel’ file, this one’s a keeper.

    • Exactly. I was looking for someone to post this.

      It isn’t about pandering to blacks, it’s pandering to ‘good whites’ who need their ‘fake because’ to pull the lever for the scary orange man.

    • You may be right, but I think the “goodwhite” voters are outnumbered by the “badwhite” voters who are looking for someone or some reason to escape the current racial paradigm. They need leadership…but not the kind that dog whistles to liberals or virtue signals to soccer moms.

      • Exactly, I don’t remember any pandering to blacks when trump was winning the election. I remember dogwhistles and promises to build a wall and deport brown people. That is the rhetoric that won an election. This current strategy is cringe af and not something I am willing to support. Nor is any other thinking white man as far as I can tell. I remember how it was in 2015-2016 and everywhere you went (at least on the internet) people were memeing about the god emperor and the wall and helicopter rides. Don’t hear much of anything anymore. Who besides self hating whites can get behind releasing black criminals back into your neighborhoods? Trump is gone, what we have now is an empty shell controlled by neocons. People will still vote for him, but only as the lesser of two evils, not out of hope.

        • “People will still vote for him, but only as the lesser of two evils, not out of hope.”

          News flash, sport. I, for one, didn’t vote for Trump out of some false “hope” the first time. I pretty much figure BOTH candidates ought to be shot and pull the lever for the one I’d shoot SECOND! Gave up on that hopey bullshit years ago. I figure the DemonKKKRat takeover is inevitable and the best that we can “hope” for is to stave it off for as long as possible. Soon or late, everything turns to shit. That’s entropy. Hell, we’re ALL just so much walking worm shit. Best we can do is keep walking as long as possible.

    • Do you have kids?

      For about 15 years – I ran an email list , that I carefully put people on. When I ran across friends and coworkers who seemed to be on the fence – and I ended up in a conversation with them over one topic or another – I’d end by saying ” I have some news stories I can send you – give me your email address”.

      I would then carefully look for stories and articles refuting whatever hot topic of the day was coming out of leftie land.

      It usually only took a year or so of constant emails to redpill a new addition to the list.

      So I ask if you have kids because – I’d be willing to bet that you could totally overwhelm your wife’s sense of “fairness” – by just sending her a stream of emails with stories about “diversity” killing, raping , and maiming children and young people. The thing with this tactic is – you don’t even have to really confront her about it. Just keep sending the emails. She’ll likely ignore most of them. But the constant hammering will eventually do it’s job.

      My wife is worse than I am on the “diversity” subject – after being subjected to the same tactic.

      • Frankly, women should not have to worry about national politics. They are biologically wired for local community bonding, and forcing her to hear how the sausage is made in the harsh realities of statecraft would be cruel.
        As long as my wife pulls the lever for the right person, I don’t feel the need to go any further.

        • Well that’s the problem. Far too many of them simply don’t pull the lever for the right person.

          I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard stories of women who are wives – and daughters, who basically vote against every interest of their own family, extended relations – and community.

          The only thing I’ve seen that helps them pull their heads out of their asses – is cruelty.

  31. I don’t doubt that the Republican party is dumb enough to think that the bleg and aztec vote is the path to victory, but after witnessing their Don Quixote-like failed quest since the 1980’s, I would like to think there is another motive. Could it be that the real goal is to assure guilt-ridden whites that the Republican party isn’t raciss, so it’s okay to vote for them? (I know, I know, I’m trying to give credit where none is due…)

  32. Reading the tea leaves the odds of Trump winning this year seem to be increasing with the incompetency of the left. The saving factor for us on the right is that the further to the left the opposition goes the weirder they become and even to the normie they begin to appear out of bounds crazy.
    Thing is if Trump wins this year how does this benefit our future? Depends I think. If by Trump winning in November the shackles come off and he attacks immigration of all kinds both illegal and legal and reforms institutions like the DOJ and they are cleaned out? This will benefit the longevity of our nation. Unfortunately the more likely scenario in my view is Jared Kushner and the Chamber of Commerce control the policy in a second term. We get most of the wall built but also massive “legal” immigration. The Ivy schools keep pumping out leaders for our system immersed in cultural leftism and in 2024 the left gets smart again and gets a candidate like Obama whom is very good at hiding their true agenda.
    Trump is a reprieve gifted to the nation by us baby boomers.
    Gives the nation an additional say 10 years.
    Enjoy the gift. It’s the best you will get from us. After Trump you are on your own.

    • I’m with Krull- the shackles come off hunting down the last 92-year-old Klansman, and Saira Rao telling all the ladies how happy they’ll be with their exciting new dusky husband.

      Can’t have a wall with a shortage of husbands.
      Think of the women, man, think of the economy!

      • They’ll be too busy working to get married. Ivanka’s seeing to it. White men won’t pay the bills forever. Gotta find a new cash cow.

    • Yep. This is all fun spectacle, but it’s irrelevant. The dye is cast. Look at the racial makeup of births and young people. Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona will flip at some point. Whether that’s 2020, 2024 or 2028, it will happen. The House will eventually become vibrant Dem at some point as well.

      We will have laws that:

      1. Target “white suprematists” i.e. any white who doesn’t grovel
      2. Put blacks and Hispanics on your street
      3. Require (not just allow but require) affirmative action
      4. Increase taxes (maybe even specifically on whites) to pay for programs to fight the effects of white racism
      5. Make it easier for POC to commit crimes against whites
      6. Let violent criminals get away with their crimes against any race

      It’s coming.

      • Yep. The majority of births in the largest population states (CA,TX, NY, FL. . . ) are Medicaid births. That’s bad news for the tax-payers.

      • If that is what is coming – then it’s an absolute lock that so is revolution or revolt.

        This isn’t even a “white” thing: people will only put up with so much.

        Seeding vibrant diversity onto “your street” – while simultaneously raising taxes to pay for it – would likely lead to serious revolt, especially if the avenues of escape are shut off.

        If I get slammed with a vibrancy tax, and while I’m at work the layabouts I’m now being forced EXPLICITY to pay for are ransacking my property – I can guarantee you that’s a situation that’s not going to last for very long.

      • It’s not irrelevant. Victories in the short term offer a window of time for organizing and relocating. Ultimately if white civilization in any form is to survive the following must be dealt with.

        1. The “inevitable” demographic shifts are fueled by wealth transfers that reward non-white births and punish white ones. This can and must be reversed. Demographic “experts” are now forecasting up to 4 billion Africans by 2100. This is “inevitable” too – as long as the West keeps feeding them and using Europe as a pressure release valve.

        2. There is still time to change laws and policies that reward single white women with jobs and benefits they would not have in a more free market. Women’s careerism is especially vulnerable to cuts in government employment since so many work in that sector. Cut off the supply of make-work jobs and lots of women go back to looking for a husband and thinking of children. Saying that women should go back to the kitchen is a harder sell than pointing out that most of what government does is useless or harmful.

        3. Ultimately, democracy is and was THE problem. The future of the West was probably determined (for at least 100 years) when almost all the Western nations started allowing female suffrage in about 1920. This was then used as leverage to create (through immigration and welfare) more of what Yarvin (aka Moldbug) calls the Clients (basically fast breeding low-IQ parasites) whose vote amplified the cascading disasters. If stable, free, and prosperous societies are to dominate and expand in this century some system of weighted voting or outright exclusion of the more irrational and parasitic voters must be adopted. Once that happens birth statistics don’t matter and the Left’s demographic atom bomb turns into a firecracker.

        It’s 2020, almost exactly 100 years after the women’s vote got all this started everywhere. A century of estrogen-sparked madness is enough. Nothing is inevitable.

        One final thought – “Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona”. Those are abstractions, shapes on a map. The Left is always reminding us that borders don’t matter. In a sense they’re correct. Large numbers of people can, and as history shows, will move if need be. Conservative whites can take over existing States or forge new ones (look up Greater Idaho and similar ideas).

        Lefty has an advantage in “thinking outside the box” because his world doesn’t have any well defined boxes to begin with. Everything is up for grabs all the time. This is how he manages to believe in 57 genders and that illegals are just “undocumented”. Let’s apply some of that flexible thinking to some of the boxes our enemies put us in.

      • CSC–All true and most are not coming they are already here.

        The one hope I have is in regard to your #2 item. CA is trying to do away with local zoning codes to replace them with state-mandated zoning codes; specifically to overturn single-family home zoning with apartments that can be 3 or 4 stories high. A large percentage will be Section 8.

        If (liberal) whitey sees the house next to his $1 million+ house sold and a 4 story apartment constructed in that lot then he knows there is no place to run and now his house is worth only $400,000.

        Maybe, then maybe whitey will do something about it. We shall see.

    • Then some whites will decide it’s time to turn out the lights on the blue hives and sit back and watch the Orcs burn it all down along with their white masters.

      That’s all we can do at that point since the state has decided to declare a slow rolling genocide on whites.

      BTW have any of you noticed that the FBI has declared WN’s in the same category as ISIS? Expect more down the road. These people are serious about eradicating whitey.

      • What the Fibbies doing that fail to realize is that, for the most part, they are every bit as “white” (to non-white eyes) as the WNs they vilify. They are very likely to be hoisted upon that petard immediately after they are perceived as having outlived their usefulness.

        It occurs to me that Atlas will not have to “shrug” – may very well not even get the opportunity to do so – if he is bled out first.

  33. This is the year! The black folk are going to leave the Democrat plantation and vote Republican! All we need to do is let more violent black criminals out of jail.

      • Haha.

        Racing is one of those places where it’s going to be very very hard to implement affirmative action. Willy T. Ribbs has been complaining about the lack of diversity in racing for a long time – but the fact of the matter is that you don’t get become a champion level race car driver without a few things:

        – Natural talent
        – lots of practice time
        – money – or somebody willing to sponsor you
        – sponsors who want to use you as the face of their product

        Go look at Formula 1 – the guys who make it to the top there started racing karts when they were like 4 years old. Then – after 24 years or so of ignoring everything else in their life – they *might* make it to that pinnacle of the racing world.

        It takes more than just a stolen basketball and a city-paid-for basketball court to make it to the top in pretty much ANY racing series.

        There’s only been something like 775 F1 race car drivers – ever. They came from 39 different countries. So it’s actually a very “diverse” club – but you HAVE TO perform. And you have to have a deep support structure. I’d be willing to bet there weren’t too many F1 drivers who had a runaway daddy and a single mother raising them in the projects.

        The blacks who bitch about the lack of diversity in the racing world – are actually bitching about the complete failure of their own culture and the society and family structures that they have been raised in.

  34. Trump’s second term could be vastly different from his first. Whether blacks get on board or not (they won’t) will make little difference. The Democrat coalition of the fringes is flying apart. With control of both houses, Trump (and likely Pence), will remake the judiciary. Of course that immigration thing will weigh heavily. If Georgia and Texas turn blue earlier than expected, it will get nasty in a hurry. Should Trump/Pence stave off the inevitable for another eight or 12 years, it will get really interesting by the time the Democrats recover the White House. Us Boomers will be just about gone…and the sparks will begin to fly. Lefty has no compunction about rolling back laws he doesn’t like.

    • Unfortunately, there really are not that many laws that can be rolled back. That’s my favorite argument with others—including a few in the bureaucracy. Most of what we see as Trump progress is simply that which he does by fiat, or Presidential Authority. Such can be reversed on a dime by a new Lefty President. Perhaps even easier, since the MSM will be on his side and sure to not make a public debate over it. And I’m confident that any number of entrenched deep state type folk will begin the process on their own come the inauguration of a Dem president.

      • Yes, due to our age bracket. The money lies with us above other generational cohorts. However, the Millenials—now outnumbering the remaining Boomers—stand to inherit $62T dollars as I read a year or so ago from Bloomberg news. Notable to Bloomberg because it would represent the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history.

        Government has previously tried to get it’s hands on such. There are Lefty economists who have floated proposals for the government to take over IRA’s, ostensibly to prevent stock market fluctuation. They would replace our IRA’s with special treasury notes to “ensure” us a return. In other words, IOU’s—not worth the paper they are printed on.

        • $62T of debt-backed ‘wealth’ that in all likelihood will be written off for lack of the equity Alzaebo mentioned.

          • OMG. Caliph Bloomberg has already proposed making antisemitism a literal federal crime- next, the financial genius would declare that it is our duty to pay down the debt “we” incurred, wouldn’t he?

            No doubt world finance markets will be facing some destabilization crisis, maybe even one started in America a la the 2008 Mortgage Meltdown. Somebody will pull the trigger.

      • EXACTLY! ROBG. the GOP establishment is still owned by the donors and “interests” . they will do nothing to support trump or his agenda.

      • I do. The establishment GOP burned their bridges during Trump’s first term. In 2018, they abandoned their seats to the tune of 40 members, which handed the House to the Dems. Ryan & Co. had no problem with that transfer of power. But the Republicans now running for available seats are no longer in thrall to a failing Establishment. Watch what happens. I could be wrong, but I believe a major political re-alignment is about to occur. It may not last more than 20 years, but it’s going to be consequential.

  35. My gosh, it really is the dead ghost of the Puritans, whose dread spirit haunts the halls of the Ivies- where our political aristocrats are trained.

    Such wan specter surely must be twin to the pale shade of the Soviet commisar- a ruling culture long gone, erased, yet whispering still in the ears of vain and fearful men!

  36. Earlier in the Russian boogey man hunt, I was standing in an auto parts store one morning. As the rotund black woman was stumbling through my order, I got to listen to the local rap station.

    The DJ stopped his broadcast to deliver a personal statement about how it was ACTUALLY Trump who had been involved with the Ukrainians and NOT Hunter Biden. This is a station that regularly has a parody of a racist redneck Trump voter.

    Blacks are low information voters. Trump has to over come the every Black morning show in the country

    • Trump is not really courting the black vote. He’s suppressing it. The pattern with blacks is they will come out strong if they are mad or they can support one of their own. Black turnout in 2008 set records in every state. In 2012 it dipped down a bit and in 2016 it dipped further.

      Trump’s angle is to make blacks disinterested. If they don’t hate him and the alternative is not all that interesting, blacks will stay home. Ditto Hispanics, by the way.

        • It’s not just suppression of black and Hispanic voter turnout. It’s also suppression of liberal suburban whites – particularly women. On top of that, it’s also getting moderate white – against, particularly women – voters who won’t vote for a “mean” politician.

      • In 2016 black turnout was at 60% for Hillary, which as you point out was down from the Obama elections, but still higher than historical norms. Is this the new normal for black turnout? Are the reforms Democrats are trying to enact making it easier to vote working? Based on models like the one Nate Silver runs on 538, it doesn’t make that big of difference of black voter turnout drops a few more points. It needs to drop below 50% absent any other changes to make a difference.

        • the increase is just ballot stuffing. Why do you think their top priority is “same day registration” and early voting ?

      • Z, comments like this remind me I’m getting way more for my Patreonage than I expected to. Sooper genius…

      • While I agree that black voter suppression might be the ultimate consequence of Trump’s black pandering, I can’t buy the idea that Trump is that clever and is doing it on purpose with that goal in mind.

        He’s a Boomer, surrounded by his limousine liberal kids and their (((spouses.))) I think he legitimately thinks he can win a truly amazing, really wonderful, the highest percentage of the black vote by a Republican evah and is seriously trying to pull it off. What that could mean is more pardons and the like, paticularly as we get into the fall and especially if polling starts to show blacks moving in his direction at numbers greater than recent GOP POTUS candidates have gotten. Not good.

        To think otherwise is to buy into the whole “Trump’s playing 8 dimensional chess!” thing and I think most of us on the DR have given up on that long ago.

      • Makes sense, but that’s what’s depressing. It’s a matter of “Don’t get the blacks riled up!”

        Be nice if politicians had to worry about “don’t get those whites riled up!”

    • In the 2012 campaign Obama did lots of interviews with radio stations like this in key states and bypassed traditional media in them. He understood this was the best way to turn out his base while running zero risk of getting tripped up by a serious question posed by a well meaning member of the MSM.

  37. The blacks had their turn with Obutthole and blew it. Judging from the shitlib hierarchy of victimhood, the next POTUS must be a vagina. That gives you the fake Indian or maybe Hillary… so they are done like dinner.

    If Trump were smart about pandering, he’d do better to go after women than blacks.

    • I dunno… women approach things in a roundabout way. Venerating lower-status blacks signals that a lady is special, not selfish.

      • Also when women say mixed race babies are the cutest. It’s a way of signaling that they are more evolved and above their base nature by being able to reject the babies of their own race in favor of another. I had a woman say it to me the other day and I just replied white babies are cuter and we went back and forth. I refused to give. She was confused

        • Whitney – good point. You see this at Daily Mail Online or any other site with celebrity photos – scan the comments on any miscegenated family and they’re filled with “beautiful babies” and similar sentiments. Not all babies are cute, and most mixed babies are most definitely not adorable – not even from a race-realist viewpoint but merely an aesthetic one.

        • But, but, you gotta understand. The ladies are gushing that the baby is a lot cuter than they believe he was gonna be otherwise.

        • Most are just trend followers and say it because it’s the society approved thing to say. Look any woman is going to notice that the mystery meat baby doesnt look a bit like the mom and instead takes after the Orc sperm donor and they are not cute, some look less than human. And don’t think a woman doesn’t notice that, she does.

          Just look at adult mystery meat, they are all ugly looking and almost to a one, despise their white parent.

  38. It’s odd that Trump has a blind spot when it comes to courting the Great White Honkey. Something that is so obvious to Z and the rest of us,(it’s math), escapes someone who succeeded with the deck stacked against him.
    Maybe he is simply taking Whitey for granted the way the Democrats take Dude for granted.

    • Maybe he is smarter than the rest of us. Look at the comment section of Breitbart. The very soul of the American Right is a longing for approval by black people. Trump is tickling that vote every time he tweets about blacks in a positive way.

      • “The very soul of the American Right is a longing for approval by black people.” Brutally true.

        The Breitbart commenters want to get the blacks off the Democratic plantation.

        I want to get the Breitbart commenters off the conservative plantation.

        • Not sure I’d call Breitbart a channel for Conservatives since the Trump election. I noticed a decided change in their “news” after Trump was elected. So bad, that I simply stopped reading. Perhaps others here can correct me, but this “Boomer” stopped reading Brietbart years ago.

          • Change in owners, certainly the second reason they offed Breitbart.

            That is, after all, how the Mafia or the Cartel does business. Hostile takeovers is what our betters teach at business school.

          • Breitbart has its place. It serves as a sort of halfway house between the MSM — the other Jewish media — and the dissident right. I don’t see Breitbart as particularly anti-Trump, although it’s often supportive for the wrong reasons, like his Israel bondage, getting the Fed to pour new money into the stock market, etc.

            Breitbart keeps its readers au courant with the ravages caused by illegal immigrants of the hispanic persuasion (though ignoring Indian, Chinese, and others … not to mention the population replacement from the tsunami of legal immigrants).

            Inadequate? Sure. But it does reach card-carrying normies, and is probably a gateway drug to something stronger for some.

        • Most whites fear, worship, or want to save black people. Or a combination of the three. I am absolutely baffled by this.

          As one who lived in black neighborhoods, had a few black friends, and went with their families on vacations to black vacation spots I am well aware of the differences between our two peoples. The whites that I have known who have black acquaintances through work in a white environment have no clue and are so proud to think they are down with the brothers. And this is not saying one group is better than the other but we are very different.

          I will confess to being bewildered by Trump pandering to blacks while ignoring the group of people who actually voted for him.

          • ENS, regarding your vacation experiences with black folk, is it safe to assume that you had separate accommodations? If not, how did your olfactory sensibilities survive?

          • Liberty–Ha, ha. No separate accommodations. There is definitely different sensory output but then everything is different. I was in their world so I took it for what it was. The biggest olfactory difference came from what blacks use on their hair. Also, it was funny the first time I saw one of my few black friends putting oil on this body. I asked why and he said because as the skin died it turned chalky white. I teased him to death about that.

            One thing that kills me today is how black females pretend it is a racist outrage that a white person would want to touch their hair. Black girls were always feeling my hair….I mean our hair is completely different, so curiosity.

            On one trip which was to go fishing (yes, I know I was shocked blacks were into fishing) my friend’s dad asked me if I would feel uncomfortable since the place we were going would be all black people. I said how in the f**k would that be any different from where I lived. After a couple of minutes, I sarcastically asked him, “You are not saying that I am expected to be a lifeguard because you people can’t swim are you?” He laughed so hard he had to pull off the road.

          • @ExNativeSon

            I neither fear, worship, or want to save any black people.

            I simply don’t want to be anywhere near them.

          • BtS–The first sentiment is what all white people should have.
            The second sentiment is how virtually all white people feel even though they lie about it.

          • Meaningful numbers of marginal white voters aren’t race determinists. People who view everything through the lens of race can’t grasp this.

          • Dammit, BTP, they can chimp out and burn cars, and remain meaningful marginal voters, but if we should so much as hint that “it’s OK to be white”…

        • If this is true then why didn’t trump bother with it when he was campaigning? I don’t recall any pandering to blacks when he was actually trying to win in 2016. What I do recall is the Cosmopolitans who own brietbart hiriing candace owens and doing a cringy blexit campaign. I think all this indicates is that most people are dumb and will just do as they are told by the people who own the megaphones. Those same breitbart readers were saying very hostile and openly racist things about blacks during the BLM stuff. It’s just a dumb strategy to hide their taboo thoughts that they are doing because they were told it was the thing to do by their media.

          • I don’t recall any pandering to blacks when he was actually trying to win in 2016.

            Then you weren’t paying attention.

            He defended affirmative action for blacks is several republican primary debates. Only Republican I’ve ever seen do that.

          • I’m pretty sure you are wrong, I’ve been aware of how shitty blacks were since 2013 and I think I would have remembered that. I might have overlooked it though, I don’t live near many and I was more concerned with how shitty mexicans are since I had to go to hs with them. I only ever met a couple tokens before 2016 and token blacks are very different than real blacks. Tokens are friendly and show deference (probably secretly hate us but play the game because they want to live in whitey spaces because they are nicer) but most are not tokens and I had the displeasure of learning that in 2017. Whatever the orange moron is doing with his prison reform crap, if it actually amounts to millions of ferals getting released, it’s definitely going result in adding quite a few converts to our number. It added me.

      • I have read that theory elsewhere, that Trump is trying to appeal to whites who desperately want it to be true. If that was the case, I think he is going much farther than he would need to. The criminal justice reform is truly dangerous for all of society, a man who knew the truth and was looking for ways to meaninglessly pander wouldn’t even consider it.

        • criminal justice reform is an expression of the exasperation at the way modern justice works. the really bad seem to always find a way out, while we put normal people away for decades for dumb shit . It may be misguided but it is a response to a real problem . which is that our culture is a toxic waste dump of disfunction and despair. it produces damaged people who are kept out of sight by warehousing them in jails. once anyone is in the system , even for minor shit , they can almost never get out . the probation/drug testing/required payments for your probation officer/ for years after even minor offenses set too many traps to put you back in.
          It seems insane to me that if you can get community service and a year of probation for some minor misdeminor, then ” violate your probation ” by missing a hastily scheduled meeting with a probation officer and get a felony conviction with and a prison term of up to a couple of years for ” probation Violation” .

          • Oh yeah, miforest, the whole probation racket is like the Mafia- once you’re in, you can never get out. It’s the non-whitecollar version of process crimes, and they don’t want to deal with the really dangerous clients.

            But man, does it create a lot of jobs.
            (I used to buy the best Kona from a probation officer. Bust four, turn in one.)

        • Search the internet for pictures of white people wearing “blacks for Trump” t-shirts. It’s cringetacular, but a real phenomena.

      • Tweeting about Blacks in a positive way, is one thing. Talk is cheap. And I’m not implying he’s lying. The economy is good and that is good for Blacks—at least the ones who seek gainful employment.

        Offering something of substance is another thing entirely. That’s usually my definition of pandering. Such comes out of White’s pockets, one way or another. For example, buying Black votes by releasing incarcerated Blacks in the prison system is calamitous. It has been tried before, more than once. Even among Blacks, these folk in the prison system are the worse of the worse, and unless they are 50 yo or more, will simply return to society to prey on us and their own people. What else can they do?

        • Agreed that criminal justice reform is criminal, yet what would you, as President, think if presented with eveidence that your brain deadened base was in favor? Remember most of your base has been ingesting anti-white brain poison for decades, and they dont live near blacks, so……..
          BTW, just to be clear i think it was horrible policy and unclear as to its political utility.

        • So-called Criminal Justice Reform is just a euphemism for letting hundreds of thousands of black criminals out of prison. It is stupid and dangerous.
          In my city they managed to vote for an insane SJW, Larry Krasner, as district attorney! Everyone is immediately released from jail now. Almost nobody is getting bail. Charges are being dropped or lowered by the DA’s office.
          Unlike other politicians who pander to criminals and then carry on business as usual, this guy is a true believer. It’s not even just in the DA’s office. The city counsel has made it illegal to use plexiglass in the corner stores for allegedly making their black patrons feel bad.
          The city is cooking the books to hide the rise in crime.
          Philly has always been soft-on-crime compared to the surrounding counties, but this has been dialed to 11. They used to go easy on allegedly non-violent crime, but now even violent crime is getting a pass. They are letting all kinds of violent criminals out on bail. Fellon in possession of a firearm? No problem. Released on own recognizance. They are even releasing violent criminals picked up on warrants for not showing up to court. The jails are 1/2 empty.

        • The deal is that a President talking about criminal justice reform is largely toothless. So it makes for grandstanding.

          A) That’s in Congress’s control.
          B) Most people are incarcerated in state prisons, not federal prisons and Congress has no control over state sentencing laws.

          Trump commutes the Black female Walter White’s sentence and his opponents are left arguing against letting a sweet old granny out of prison after 21 years.

          I have to admit, though, I took the opposition side, that Trump shouldn’t have released her, on a thread on a conservative site a while back, just to tweak the formerly “law and order” conservatives, because they act like true believers in this shit.

          • The same people who got that drug king-pin “sweet old granny” out of prison are now trying to get a man out of prison, who, while having escaped 2 separate prisons in different states under different names murdered a family with a pick and hatchet. An 11yo child had to stare at his ax-murdered mother for 11 straight hours while holding his fingers in the giant hatchet hole in his head, while his best friend who he begged to be allowed to sleep over was also hatcheted to death along with his sister and father. The guy raped at least 2 other women at knife-point.
            Those same people being Rhiana and queen mudshark Kim Kardashian. He dindu nuffin. He’s totally innocent and a “model prisoner” The guy’s name is Kevin Cooper and he did the Chino Hills Massacre. These people have already succeeded in getting 2 murderers out of prison. Cyntoya Brown who executed a white guy by shooting him in the back of the head while he slept and a murderer from DC who shot a black guy like 14 times. These people are absolutely sick. If the defendant is black, he must therefore be innocent.

          • Most of those law and order conservatives are idiots who have never been exposed to black and hispanic criminals. It they did, they’d shit in their pants. I used to work with hardened ex-cons out on parole and you haven’t seen dead and souless eyes sizing you up for a beating or worse until you meet these monsters in the flesh.

            The fact that monsters like Cooper or Tookie Williams and others like him have a Hollywood following only eans they are good at conning idiots. They remain monsters until they are put down(like Williams was).

          • It’s kind of strange how they can come to feel that way about some of the worst people in the US. This Tookie Williams guy was a piece of work. Hell, just looking at him is scary.

            If they had 1/10th of the compassion they say they have, they would have been cheering his death, not trying to prevent it.

      • To clarify, Z, the soul of the American Boomer “right” craves approval from blacks.

        No one under 30 cares.

        • Are you under 30? Because I’m pretty sure you are wrong about that from talking with my children’s friends and acquaintances, and from watching pretty much movie or TV series produced in the last decade.

          The universities are filled with woke, self-hating young Whites.

          • I was referring to the sub 30’s on our side; I should have been more specific.

            Yes, there’s plenty of white self-hatred out there. Rejecting it is a core part of the nonBoomer Right.

          • You were right the first time. Gen Z and younger millennials — even the based ones — are chill with blacks because they’ve been around them their entire lives, but they don’t worship them like older millennials and younger Gen Xer’s did.

            Wigger shit peaked in the early 00’s, and the hip-hop subculture is now completely watered down and accepted into the mainstream to the point that it doesn’t stand out at all except maybe to people who graduated high school 30+ years ago.

            Of course to a hardcore dissident Rightist, any black influence is unacceptable, but the younger dissident can’t deny that they are used to it.

          • “non Boomer right” you mean the 5 pourcent of millenials that aren’t Anti-White globalists, get real!

          • If you can go to university, you probably weren’t raised by the ghetto.
            You’d only know the cool fun party kids.

          • Millenials put Obama in twice, 80 pourcent of them support Comrade Bernie. They put Obama in twice, voted against Trump, voted remain and for Corbyn in the UK. Boomers voted Trump, Brexit And don’t worship blacks. Millenials are cancer who’ll destroy the West

          • And that’s why 80% of Gen Z White Males voted for Trump, right? Because they’re all shitlibs?

            And that’s why anime, which has traditional values and storytelling structure, is so popular with the sub-30 set, right?

            We just can’t speak our minds openly because you Boomers said “Dur Dur Dur, it’s okay for a private corporation to strip you of your constitutional rights! Build your own internet if you don’t like it, whiny Millenial!”

            You are why I’m voting Bernie. If I’m going to hell on Earth, you’re coming with me.

          • As a old due I see the same idiot response from Boomers you mention on BB every day. They deserve to lose everything because they are willing to destroy their kids future so they have their fat 401k’s and Mcmansions.

          • I’m a old man, but jduging from what is popular anime among kids 30 years younger than me, I’d say there is a vast audience of white males and females who year for traditional values and great story telling that is not infested with PC/MC pro Black insanity.

            The younger whites do tend to be careful as to who they really give their honest opinions to because they are cognizant of what happens if they say the wrong thing to the wrong perso.

            As for the universities they are nothing but brainwashing camps that millions of stupid DR parents send their kids to be damaged. You see that with those idiots who post on Sailers blog and Sailer himself who is too stupid to notice that higher ed is destroying whites.

      • Absolutely , the average suburban white, especially female are very sensitive to this issue. I think that is who he is signaling to. I live in a urban area , and word on the street is different than the mainstream portrays it. Unless something changes he will do better than expected in the city here.

      • Trump may also feel that explicitly courting the white vote he will turn off nice white ladies. Personally I don’t see the downside because Trump is already portrayed as the modern Hitler who is a pawn of the devil known as Putin. I don’t see how they can portray Trump as any worse than now

    • “I’m not racist” vs “It’s okay to be white”.

      Its not just the approval of blacks they seek but also the fear of disapproval by the goodwhites in charge.

      For most white people, including Trump, it is a matter of limiting downside.

      There may be very little to gain by going blackity black, but there is certainly a lot to lose by openly supporting the white vote.

      The fact that the ”black vote” is a monolithic thing and the “white vote” is just the lump that is left over all the special people get put into their special categories is also a factor. I have yet to see a “white men for trump” sign. But I will keep an eye out.

      • It is part of the reason why the opposition pushes sexual degeneracy, mental illness, and feminism. All effective means of dividing the largest demographic.

        On the other hand, if we came together, we would be like the Aesop’s Fable about the farmer who had quarreling sons. The farmer showed them that a single rod is broken but a bundle is strong.

        If only there was a symbol to express that truth and a political philosophy based on it. I bet its answers to today’s problems would be fascinating.

    • I think that Trump, like any politician, says whatever he thinks he needs to say to get elected, and he’ll promise the billionaire bankers whatever he needs to promise them, and deliver, in order to stay alive. I think the billionaire bankers don’t care which of the two main candidates win the election, as both candidates are fully committed to doing the billionaire bankers’ bidding. I suspect that the two Kennedy brothers were shot because the billionaire bankers weren’t happy with them. And I suspect that Trump understands that.

      The whole Jeffrey Epstein episode tells us a lot about how the rich and powerful get the politicians they need in order to stay rich and powerful. If it’s true that Epstein was filming people like Clinton and many other politicians banging teenage girls in his Manhattan mansion and on his island, those politicians would of course do whatever they are told to do, but continue to say to the voters whatever they need to say to get elected.

      Isn’t democracy just grand?

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