The Balloon Heads

One of the unremarked aspects of the current age is that we seem to be experiencing exaggerated versions of various types in the managerial society. For example, Pete Buttigieg is an exaggerated version of the managerial class striver. He is entirely without accomplishments, but festooned with participation medals. Trump is the exaggerated, almost cartoonish, version of the populist resistance. He’s the picaresque populist fighting the system, but all of the dials are turned to eleven.

Michael Bloomberg is turning out to be another wildly drawn version of types that have come to associate with the managerial state. The most obvious being the scheming middle-man, who produces nothing, but is highly skilled at inserting himself into transactions where he can extract a fee. Bloomberg became one of the richest men on the planet by gaining a lock on the flow of data to the financial world. This allowed him to, in effect, tax every transaction, despite having no direct role.

He is he exemplar of the new, post-industrial economy. Instead of inventing something or building something, he schemed to gain control of the flow of information, which allowed him to operate as a tax farmer, of sorts. Silicon Valley operates much the same way now. They don’t produce anything of value to us, but instead skim from the economy in various ways. Big finance is also just a massive skimming operation. Bloomberg is the extreme version of the new economic man.

His personal story is an outlandishly exaggerated version of the Jewish success story in 20th century America. He is the product of eastern European Jews who emigrated in the late 19th and early 20 century. He grew up lower middle class, but was able to go first to Johns Hopkins and then Harvard Business School. America has been great for Jews and really great for Bloomberg. So much so he now intends to buy it, or at least its political class, and add it to his portfolio of assets.

Of course, Bloomberg is the wildly drawn version of the cosmopolitan conservative, or what has become known simply as establishment conservatism. If you look around at what passes for the Right in late managerial America, the so-called conservatives are people more comfortable in the urban setting. Their cultural outlook is that of the man, who rides the subway and hails taxis, just like their liberal friends. For them, the country outside the city is a place you fly over, not a place to live.

This means their conservatism is purely economic and superficial. To call it low-tax liberalism is to give more credit to managerial liberalism than it deserves, but it gets to the heart of the matter. The cosmopolitan conservative believes all of the same things as his liberal antagonists, he just dons the green eye-shade and a highly practiced disdain for personal excess. The difference between the cosmopolitan conservative and the left-wing urbanite is ceremonial and superficial.

That’s what you see with Michael Bloomberg. The difference between him and the core of the Republican Party is so narrow that light can barely squeeze through. He is for unlimited economic freedom for the oligarchs at the top of the system and maximum regulation of the lower classes. You can’t question the morality of him owning a bottleneck on financial information, but he can tell you how many shakes of salt you can have on your fries during your assigned day at the burger joint.

This is no different from what you see in conservative circles. Ramesh Ponnuru, for example, has detailed plans for every conceivable social issue. Kevin Williamson is always at the ready to look down his nose at the complaints of the lower classes about the inequity of the system. If in a mania of hunger, Kevin Williamson accidentally swallowed Ramesh Ponnuru, you would have the perfect archetype of the cosmopolitan conservative attitude. The result would be David Brooks.

As an aside, this is why the anti-Trump types will inevitably support Bloomberg as not just the savior of the Democratic Party, but the savior of “our democracy.” Part of it will be ethnic solitary, as most of the anti-Trump people still take Saturday off, even if it is to spend the weekend skiing. The bigger part though will be the fact that Bloomberg is their Übermensch, their idealized man of the future, who rises above the old conservatism, polluted by Christianity and populism.

Finally, there is another angle to the Bloomberg phenomenon. He is the extreme example of the type that lacks self-awareness to the point where his own behavior destroys that which allows him to exist. What Bloomberg is doing is discrediting the very notion of modern liberal democracy. If he is able to buy the nomination, much less the White House, he will have established that America is no different from Russia or Ukraine, areas ruled by oligarchs with little connection to the people.

To be blunt about it, if antisemitism is ever going to take hold in America it will be due to people like Michael Bloomberg. He is right out of central casting. He ticks every box on the anti-Semite checklist and does so with a big bold check mark. He is the wildly drawn caricature of the happy merchant come to life. His breathtaking lack of self-awareness could create more anti-Semites in one year than have existed in North America since the first humans cross the Bering land bridge.

This is current year America. The public stage is populated with cartoon figures, who have little bodies and massive balloon heads. Their bodies are the sum of their contributions to society, while their heads are the wildly exaggerated stereotype of the managerial age. Over-The-Top Jewish Oligarch has been called in to stop Unfrozen Bolshevik Caveman from winning the nomination, because Gay Managerial Man and Screeching Old Harpy are not up to the job.

It turns out that Marx was wrong when he said the history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. It turns out that managerialism heads right to the farce. The logical end point is rule by overly credentialed poseurs and oligarchical middle-men. It turns out that the managerial state is not going to end in a soft tyranny, but instead it will be eaten alive by an absurd parasitic class it created. Perhaps it just comes to hate itself so much, it chooses the only form of suicide available to it.

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206 thoughts on “The Balloon Heads

  1. Good article by the author, but he could have skipped most of it and gotten to the heart of the issue very quickly: Mike Bloomberg is a sociopath, and worse, a high-functioning sociopath, who are the most-dangerous kind. The low-functioning ones lack the self-control to function in wider society, so turn to serial crime instead – rape, murder and so on. The high functioning ones, however master saying and doing the right things to pass as more-or-less normal as they ascend up the heights of corporations or the lists of wealthiest people. Yet, underneath they remain as dangerous as ever.

    One psychologist of note estimated that 12-15% of the people in our soceity are sociopathic, nothing that many of the most-driven rise to lead corporations, enter politics or occupy other positions which allow them to exercise dominance over other people. This is what we are seeing in Bloomberg.

    Oh, and he is very dangerous for one other reason: He is one of the richest men in the world. How rich? His wealth far-surpasses that of Donald Trump.

  2. It would not shock me to learn that Bloomberg is running interference for Trump. He is either a sign that the DNC is convinced their nominee will walk away with 2020, or that Trump must be given the benefit of a maximally handicapped DNC ticket. Ultimately, the elite is very concerned about the democratic base having the same moment of clarity that many former Trump supporters have had: realizing that “populism,” is a snow job and that neoconservatism/neoliberalism is the only game in town, regardless of party.

  3. Your columns usually offer me a smile, but purely aside from the sharp analysis, today’s had me laughing.

  4. Hillary’s Trojan horse, I mean Bloomie the genius-genius, forgets that 35 million knowledge workers starved to death when they were told to dig a hole and drop a seed in the “collectivized agriculture” of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, 1958-61.

  5. “Over-The-Top Jewish Oligarch has been called in to stop Unfrozen Bolshevik Caveman from winning the nomination, because Gay Managerial Man and Screeching Old Harpy are not up to the job.”

    Funniest sentence I’ve read in a long time.

  6. Like it or not, we live in the computer age. No one here could turn off all their digital devices for a year and survive without regressing back to the 1950s, and regressing back to the 1950s would be physically impossible, so it can’t happen.

    Given that all information now is digital, the digital delivery man is unavoidable, even if he creates nothing of value beyond the delivery system. Criticizing Bloomburg for delivering information is like criticizing grocery stores for extracting a fee for getting food from the farmer to the consumer. How else are you going to get the product to 330 million Americans?

    You certainly can criticize Bloomburg for all the lunatic ideas that he supports, and you can lament and criticize the managerial reality that he represents and the managerial reality that we live in, but it’s hard to define any escape mechanism.

    Consider this. Americans split the atom, won WWII on two fronts, created the transistor, and went to the moon without computers. The final Saturn V rocket design was decided in 1962 and in 1968 we orbited the moon. It took less than six years, from scratch, and the Saturn V never failed in 13 launches.

    Today, that kind of success is impossible. We have the most powerful computers in human history, 60 years of experience in building rockets, and NASA’s current replacement heavy lift rocket has been on the drawing boards for more than 10 years. It might never even be built if SpaceX or Blue Origin succeed with their rockets, and their rockets also are decades in the making.

    The great success of Space X has been to let their booster drop back to earth by gravity with a guidance system so that it can land. The achievements we celebrate today are massively diminished as compared to our past achievements. And most of it is due to the capture of the human mind by a reliance on computers.

    Science is like an armadillo in the woods. It keeps bumping into trees until it finds an opening, and that’s the direction it goes. Computers and information cataloging are the natural results of inventing microprocessors, and the managerial state is the natural result of cataloging information. It makes us dumber and endlessly reliant on the computers and the people who control the information, but how do you escape?

    We are biological beings and our reality is inescapably biological. Our destiny is biological, our fulfillment is biological, and our most fulfilling organizational strategies are biological. But how do you escape the managerial man who reduces us to nodes on a network?

    • Bloomberg did indeed revolutionize communication systems among banks, especially investment banking, with his terminals. Banks like Morgan Stanley benefitted and the world benefitted. However, once the saturation took place, it became such a dominant pipeline (see Google, Amazon, etc.) that it created its own market. That’s bad. Your argument is a libertarian one. Small guy makes big in the world, builds the Fountainhead, etc. Ordinarily this is true, but when bottlenecks are created, innovation is crushed and fees are artificially high. Standard Oil changed the world, but it was good that it was broken up. Does anyone like flying United or American these days? Bloomberg represents a bigger problem, one in which the country has been not only financialized, but carved up among juggernaut entities that put the customer last, extract from them, and thrive on 30 years of artificially low interest rates. When the government breaks up a company you built for being too big and powerful in its niche, it should b the ultimate sign of success and “making it.” I’ve never experienced such rage from libertarians as when I bring this up. How dare I separate “capitalism” from the “free market.” Yet there it is.

      • Wow! It’s always fun to make a comment here and come back a couple of hours later and have someone else explain your own words back to you!

        You’re the first person in my life who has accused me of making a libertarian argument. I’ve never voted for a libertarian, I don’t read the libertarian literature, I don’t hang out with libertarians, and I probably couldn’t even explain to you the basic ideas of libertarianism. But, hey, thanks for explaining to me that I’m a libertarian!

        This is a common thing that happens on this blog. You start with a simple observation about some comment from the Zman’s blog post, and that gets transmuted into the idea that you’re defending the general principles of some entire ideology that’s offensive to some people here. It’s absolutely astounding how a reasonably minor comment becomes a defense of an entire ideology.

        The Zman started out his post by portraying Bloomberg as “the scheming middle-man, who produces nothing, but is highly skilled at inserting himself into transactions where he can extract a fee.” I simply pointed out that that this is an over simplification.

        In the digital age, someone is going to deliver the information, whether it is Bloomberg or someone else, and they’re going to make a profit at it, just as in every other age there are always middle-men who deliver goods and services and make a profit. You may like it or not, you may think they are schemers and they are ripping off the public, or you may fantasize about some world where there are no middle-men, that’s up to you, but the fact that he made money as a middle-man is neither unusual or criminal or immoral.

        Beyond that I made no defense of Bloomberg. Nevertheless, you’ve transmuted my observation into a defense of everything you deem objectionable about Bloomberg: his “dominant pipeline,” that he “created his own market,” that he created “bottlenecks”, that “innovation is crushed,” that “fees are artificially high,” and that in fact it’s an even bigger problem than that because the country is “financialized” and “carved up among juggernaut entitites,” etc., etc.

        We’ll call it the “Zman Transmutation Effect.” Make a simple observation and become the defender of an entire ideology!

        Obviously you hate Bloomberg. If it’s any solace to you, I won’t be voting for Bloomberg. (But I guess I still have to go to confession and try to purge myself of that one molecule of libertarianism that somehow infiltrated my body.)

        • I’m not saying you’re a libertarian at all. Long ago, in the early 80’s the mainstream financial media and mainstream politicians with them, cherry picked about 10% of libertarian ideas and then packaged them as an alternate reality. You’re just parroting what they peddled so long ago. No offense taken. And by the way, on monetary policy they are correct, if they only stayed in that original lane. Too bad no one cherry picked their monetary policy.

    • Respect for taking the unpopular position that Bloomberg is an innovator who earned his wealth.

      I don’t know if you are right, but we must guard against uncritically getting carried away with our own rhetoric.

      It is a difficult line to walk between allowing innovators to become justifiably wealthy and incarcerating the monopolists.

      • @LineInTheSand

        Re: “Respect for taking the unpopular position that Bloomberg is an innovator who earned his wealth.”

        That isn’t really the issue. Even if he earned his wealth fair-and-square (I am of the opinion he did nothing of the kind, but that’s a discussion for another day), does that entitle him to buy the political process, thereby subverting the idea of “one man, one vote” this country is supposed to be founded upon?

        Does it entitle him to “buy” the governor of Virginia and that state’s legislature, for his own personal ends?

        Bloomberg is a very dangerous man who – if he manages to attain the kind of power that goes along with being POTUS – will inflict untold damage upon our nation. He’s a wanna-be tyrant, and beneath all of that polish, a stone-cold killer.

        • “does that entitle him to buy the political process?”

          No, I was addressing a separate issue. In the broader context, fVck Bloomberg. Thanks.

  7. Loved that Mr. Farm Aid, John “Cougar” Mellencamp, took 30 pieces of silver to shill for Bloomberg and a couple of weeks later Mini-Mike quotes surface basically calling American farmers morons.

  8. Must be strange to belong to a mere 2% of the overall population snd know that nobody really likes you. Not even yourself. Larry David for example in his eponymous show doesn’t present a single lovable tender Jewish character.
    They have to know Team Black despises them and Team Brown views them as the shysters of the Passion Plays.
    In my old teaching days it was remarkable to see well-bred politically correct Gentile college kids turn into “ anti-semites” after a semester or two of their first real contact ,and competition with, Semites.
    Bloomberg was an effective mayor of NYC because the white voter saw him as a chance to continue Guiliani-ism. The stuff he’s apologizing for now is the stuff that kept the city safe for another eight years.

    • All the people in “Seinfeld”, with the partial exception of Jerry, who was the set-up man for most of the gags, were absolutely awful human beings. I realized at the time that there was a level of humor there, of which I could not fathom. Thinking back, it was the idea of unleashing these sorts of people on a mostly unsuspecting public (both the minor characters in the show and the viewing audience).

    • “In my old teaching days it was remarkable to see well-bred politically correct Gentile college kids turn into “ anti-semites” after a semester or two of their first real contact ,and competition with, Semites.” – It was the pushiness, credit taking on group projects and general lack of collegiality. Unless you’re from the NY Metro area you’re not exposed to that in your youth. Even LA is too spread out to see the full scope of it.

  9. I kind of want Bloomberg to win. It is the only way that we will ever get to have a national conversation about Jewish power and influence in America.

    I agree that there would be hundreds of thousands of anti-semites created. I think that normies need their noses rubbed into the shit before they wake up. Bloomberg would be a good wake up call.

    • The first law Bloomberg would sign would be a very strict hate speech law. And that would pretty well dampen things online and elsewhere.

    • Ah yes, the accelerationist retard. If Bloomburg wins, USA becomes a wholly owned by China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico or whichever foreign country that contributes to Bloomturd’s $$$.

      Maybe in WW2, America should have allowed Tojo to win, that way we could have a national conversation about Japanese aggression and militarism. /s

  10. In Woody Allen’s Sleeper, he asks the future people what happened to end civilization, and the answer is “We’re not sure, but it appears someone named Albert Shanker acquired an atom bomb.” Shanker was the particularly obnoxious head of the NYC teacher’s union, and that line always got a big laugh when people still remembered him.

    In a similar movie, the question “How did the rule of the Jews come to such a sudden and violent end?” might have the answer, “We’re not sure, but it appears someone named Michael Bloomberg ran for President?”

  11. Over-The-Top Jewish Oligarch has been called in to stop Unfrozen Bolshevik Caveman from winning the nomination, because Gay Managerial Man and Screeching Old Harpy are not up to the job.
    Pure gold.

    If I may add…and Creepy octogenarion child hair sniffer and finger poker

  12. “He ticks every box on the anti-Semite checklist and does so with a big bold check mark.”

    Big, bold BLUE checkmark, a la twitter. #RealHappyMerchant

  13. “[Bloomberg’s] breathtaking lack of self-awareness could create more anti-Semites in one year than have existed in North America since the first humans cross the Bering land bridge.”

    Hmmm…before WWII, there were LOTS anti-Semites in the US, at least by today’s sensibilities, e.g., Henry Ford’s “The International Jew,” quotas at Ivy league colleges, the exclusion of Jews from country clubs, Father Coughlin, Catholics in general, etc.

    if noticing that 9 of the top 10 donors to political campaigns in 2016 were Jews, that a Jew is planning on spending $1 billion+ of his own money to buy the presidency, that our military has been involved in conflicts in the Middle East for decades and that the only country that benefits from these wars is You Know Who, etc., is anti-Semitic,then we could use more of it.

    Will we get more anti-Semitism than we had in 1924 when the Johnson–Reed Act severely restricted Jews from immigrating to the US? Will we get more of if than we had in 1939 when the MS St. Louis, with over 900 Jewish refugees from Germany was refused entry into the US? I doubt it, but we could use more than we have now.

  14. “His breathtaking lack of self-awareness could create more anti-Semites in one year than have existed in North America since the first humans cross the Bering land bridge.”

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

    The one true Christian God.

  15. “To be blunt about it, if antisemitism is ever going to take hold in America it will be due to people like Michael Bloomberg.”

    Oh, I’ll be around to assist.

  16. While I completely despise Bloom-barf and the rest of his “tribe” have to give the devil his due. They’ve turned a once thriving nation that flew to the moon into a bunch of fat, happy , stupid bastards hooked on free porn and drugs.

    Will America survive its parasitic host or the world for that matter ? Tune in next week ! Same Bat-time , Same Bat-channel 🙂

    • I have to go to the “Jews don’t have magic powers” thing here. I see that Jews are very frequently on the wrong side of issues in which I am interested, but there was no way they could force hundreds of millions of White Americans to turn into ” fat, happy , stupid bastards hooked on free porn and drugs” if the White Americans didn’t eagerly sign up for the program.

      • Jews were in the forefront of psychology early on. They studied the goyim the way a scientist studies bacteria in a petrie dish.

        • In the 1930’s Garet Garret wrote of the Frankfort School Jews–To the revolutionary mind the American vista must have been almost as incredible as Genghis Khan’s first view of China–so rich, so unaware. Why should anyone fear government? Its cruel and cynical suspicion of any motive but its own was a reflection of something it knew about itself. Its voice was the voice of righteousness; its methods therefore were more dishonest than the simple ways of corruption. Outside of the Communist Party and its aura of radical intellectuals few Americans seemed to know that revolution had become a department of knowledge, with a philosophy and doctorate of its own, a language, a great body of experimental data, schools of method, textbooks, and manuals.There was a prodigious literature of revolutionary thought concealed only by the respectability of its dress.

      • Absolutely true. It shouldn’t matter that Sheldon Adelson (Israeli govt. conduit) puts a billion dollars into political campaigns if the “average” American had even half a brain. All they care about it their little slice of pie, which gets a little smaller every year. The most effective money they ever spent was seeding the pockets of evangelical ministers to support the “we need a State of Israel for Jesus to come back” mantra. Fifty years from now the most irreligious parts of the country will be today’s bible belt, and this will be front and center as to why.

      • Rare disagree here, Vizzini. The mere accusation of “antisemitism” in some places will ruin a person’s life the same an accusation of racism. I remember a *MAJOR* (/s) incident of antisemitism when I was a kid when “Jews for Jesus” left tracts at local synagogues.

        • Oh, I agree with that part — Jews ruthlessly promote and defend what they see as their interests, but shame on Whites for being so vulnerable to it.

      • That’s what a ruling elite with a vested self-interested mission of civilizational stewardship is for. It is not an accident that Jews institutionally seized and culturally transformed the Ivy League, the training ground for American elites. Once our WASP ruling elites were destroyed as a force capable of cohesive self-defense and their remnants co-opted, we fly-overs were left fat, dumb, and increasingly unhappy. Yes, we have turned into ”fat, happy, stupid bastards hooked on free porn and drugs” but so would every other people on Earth when bereft of its natural leadership class.

        The difference between the Jews and Chinese, Mexicans, Indians etc is that Jews have a 1500 year head start in building cultural/political institutions (with robust inter-generational transfer of knowledge) with purpose of seizing as much of the control nodes as possible of the European societies in which they live. The rest are catching up quickly, though.

  17. This is five to 10 levels above the usual post, and most of those are pretty good. The only thing missing is the cost of a Bloomberg Terminal with and subscription to connect to that “leased of course” box- about $24,000 per year. It’s about saturating the institutional banking market like MS Office did for word processing, and then extracting the pound of flesh. The words are “Rent Seeking.” There used to be an FTC watching over these things. It was on its knees by the Reagan era and the libertarian “natural monopoly” schtick was taking off, so its last big hurrah was the breaking up of Ma Bell. If Ben Shapiro was doing his schtick in 1979, he would would talking about the efficiencies of Ma Bell and why “big government” has no business coming in and upending an entire industry that has severed America so efficiently since 1890.

  18. Having lived amongst the Lefties in the extended fam lately, I picked up some nuggets of intelligence. The current attitude is “don’t bother me with details, just get a candidate that is not Trump and I can then support him”. This tells me they totally don’t want to deal with all of the illegal stuff that’s been going on, water under the bridge, so sorry, move on. They also don’t want to deal with all the clowniness of their candidates, just pick a clown and then go with him. Finally TDS is in full bloom. They would dance at news of his assassination.

    In light of all of this, I am looking for a complete burning down of the Dem convention, character destruction of all of them, and as much chaos as possible, every day. I think accelerating the crazy has its merits, here and now.

    Bloomberg fits all the grotesque stereotypes that must never be spoken of in polite company. Our country isn’t polite any more, so it’s going to be epic if he sticks around. The entire country gets to deal with the crazy rich uncle who likes to constantly rewrite his will and cut people out of it.

    • That’s true. Rank and file Dems want Drumpf OUT, regardless. The rabble would be fine with Bernie, but the establishment thinks it has time to corral the rank and file into a non-Bernie camp. If Bernie wins primaries and the nom, then I think a “heart attack” will lead voters to someone else, and minimize open revolt. If you believe in conspiracies.

      • Bernies going to take it. He’s the DEM version of Trump. A ton of energy in his camp and he brings out people that would never vote for another white billionaire.

        He’s drawing literally 3 times the people at his crowds and the media refuses to report it.

        All he has to do is point at Bloom and say “billionaire.”

        Now, Trump vs. Bernie will be enjoyable. 2 complete nut jobs with “salt of the earth” bases going up against each other.

        I literally can’t wait.

    • I saw that in a Bloomberg related Twitter thread where lefties were dialed in on the fact that Orange Man must be defeated (while not asking themselves why). My favorite justification though was someone saying that at least Bloomberg was rich enough that he wouldn’t be beholden to “special interests”, ignoring the fact that he is the special interest.

    • The best case scenario for the Dem convention is for Bernie to win a strong majority of delegates only to have the DNC attempt to deny him the nomination with some kind of lawfare that produces a brokered convention.

      The DR will need a lot of popcorn if that happens.

  19. “… if antisemitism is ever going to take hold in America it will be due to people like Michael Bloomberg.”

    Maybe it’s because I was extraordinarily unaware of Jews for most of my life, but I wonder how many people even know Bloomberg’s or Sanders’s ethnicity.

    • Normie acquaintances I know have zeroed in on that, so I think it is too obvious to miss. I don’t invest much time into the JQ stuff, but I don’t know how you ignore it with these two. They are right out of central casting. On the other hand, many civnats are so brainwashed they may find someway to look past it. I look forward to them calling both of them commies.

      • People will always look past what they choose to look past. Their peer group gives them the cues, and then they oblige. Peer group is everything with most folks (including us).

        Once the normies are scolded by other normies that it is “not OK” to Notice, that will be the end of that. The sperginess of Mike is his biggest obstacle, IMO.

      • Bernie Sanders (funny how his initials are “BS” isn’t it?), is a perfect example of that lack of self awareness thing you mentioned. The dipshit honeymooned in the Soviet Union, defended Castro, has recently defended Venezuela, has supporters who outright call for some sort of commie revolt and concentration camps… etc. And he’s out there on the campaign trail running on a platform that has the support of a lot of the same crowd that sees a Nazi under every bed.

        Bernie and Bloomberg – if they continue on their merry way – may well be singularly responsible for a revival of Nazism – as well as some of the lesser known and memory-holed works of people like Solzhenitsyn, who has written about the outsized influence of Jews in the early years of the Bolshevik revolution.

        The normies and boomer conservatives aren’t going to like somebody reopening that long-buried connection , but they’re also going to be caught between a rock and a hard place – seeing as how their generation are the ones who ostensibly went to Vietnam and fought the commies – and ripped the country apart in the process. The gun thing also factors in here – because all of the bible and gun clingers , who often intertwine with the Israel dick lickers – are going to have a hard hard choice to make.

        Do I keep deep throating that circumcised penis – or do I keep my guns? Decisions….. decisions………….

        If either Bernie or Bloomberg get elected and actively start implementing their platform – I predict the most popular meme to appear somewhere in the 2022 timeframe is going to be a poster of Hitler waving a copy of Mein Kampf over his head with the words “I told you so” along the bottom.

  20. Bloomberg’s anti-gun stance – which is VERY well known among the gun rights crowd, will also factor into that antisemitism thing.

    Most of the pro-gun crowd is either trying very hard to not be antisemitic – or they just simply aren’t anti-semitic. The arguments against the lunatic left gun grabbers are very predictably full of “Jews should be pro-gun because of what happened to them” lines of logic.

    If Bloomberg gets into office – and starts trying to grab guns with the same ferocity he went after blacks and Big Gulps with – you’re going to see the pro-gun crowd be FORCED to throw out a lot of their “Jews should defend gun rights” rhetoric.

    And I’d be willing to bet that all manner of Jewish organizations would align themselves behind Bloomberg if he were to do that – thereby piling onto that whole lack of self awareness thing you pointed out.

    • Hahahahaha.

      I have a vision in my head of Ben Shapiro running around in a circle yelling “aaaahhhhh!!” because he just doesn’t know which way to turn or which lies to tell….

    • If there ever was a man who could hold the system together the longest (he would be the best one in the teeth of an economic crisis) it would be Bloomberg, which is why I don’t support him, as an accelerationist. The mushrooming of anti-semitism which would happen regardless.

  21. “Perhaps it just comes to hate itself so much, it chooses the only form of suicide available to it.”

    The rest of globohomo, like that maggot Anthony Bourdain, should self-execute for social justice. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!

    • Mercifully they already are by not having children. Too bad most of us won’t be around to enjoy it.

  22. Z-man wrote of Bloomberg: “The most obvious being the scheming middle-man, who produces nothing, but is highly skilled at inserting himself into transactions where he can extract a fee.”

    I have been a design engineer in all my life and I would not call this man one who “produces nothing”:

    From wikipedia:

    “In 1973, Bloomberg became a general partner at Salomon Brothers, a large Wall Street investment bank, where he headed equity trading and, later, systems development. In 1981, Salomon Brothers was bought[19] by Phibro Corporation, and Bloomberg was laid off from the investment bank.[20] He was given no severance package, but owned $10 million worth of equity as a partner at the firm.[21]

    Using this money, Bloomberg, having designed in-house computerized financial systems for Salomon, went on to set up a company named Innovative Market Systems (IMS). His business plan was based on the realization that Wall Street (and the financial community generally) was willing to pay for high-quality business information, delivered as quickly as possible and in as many usable forms possible, via technology (e.g., graphs of highly specific trends).[22]

    Bloomberg, along with Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Charles Zegar, developed and built a computerized system to provide real-time market data, financial calculations and other financial analytics to Wall Street firms. The machines were first called “Market Master Terminals” and later became known as “Bloomberg Terminals.” In 1983, Merrill Lynch became the company’s first customer, investing $30 million in IMS to help finance the development of “the Bloomberg” terminal computer system. As of 1983, IMS was selling machines exclusively to Merrill Lynch’s clients; in 1984, Merrill Lynch released IMS from this exclusive deal.[23]”

    • He doesn’t produce anything, he skims like any good member of the rentier class. Same with Zuckerberg and the Google people. It’s all about the skim.

      Guys like Hewlett and Packard were real producers.

  23. The last paragraph: exactly! Why so many Republicans insist on being the Dem party of last decade is no longer a mystery. They’re yearning for the end too!

  24. “As an aside, this is why the anti-Trump types will inevitably support Bloomberg as not just the savior of the Democratic Party, but the savior of ‘our democracy.’”

    Like Bloomberg, they will eventually become Democrats. Or if that party is too wrecked, the Republicans will split into elitist and populist parties.

  25. To be blunt about it, if antisemitism is ever going to take hold in America it will be due to people like Michael Bloomberg. … His breathtaking lack of self-awareness could create more anti-Semites in one year than have existed in North America since the first humans cross the Bering land bridge.

    I believe this is precisely what will happen, and in fact is happening as we speak. For all their vaunted “intelligence” I sometimes think that Jews (the powerful ones, at least) have to be some of the dumbest people on earth. Their “breathtaking lack of self-awareness” is a good way to put it, though. So kudos on that.

    • I think guys like Bloomy must be on a spectrum like autism. Smart and energetic enough to run around Wall St. making $billions, without ever looking in a mirror and doing a moment of introspection. I think people like that are dangerous.

      • Bloomberg versus Bernie in the Democratic debates should be awesome. A throw-down borscht belt Bloomie Bernie blood battle.

        Of course, if Bloomie and Bernie stick to form, Mike will buy him a couple of extra houses on the side and Bernie will quietly shuffle off into the night.

      • He’s definitely on the spectrum. That leaves his greatest vulnerability as his lack of warmth and humanity.

        • I think clannishness and self-awareness are connected. The higher the clannishness, the lower the self-awareness. I think something similar applies to belief. The more ideological, the lower the self-awareness. In Bloomberg’s case, he really is the ultimate alpha inside the Jewish culture. That’s all that matters to him, so he can’t see all the other stuff.

          Frankly, if Sanders was a Catholic or a woman, I don’t think Bloomberg would feel the need to spend billions to stop him. I think Sanders represents in the mind of guys like a Bloomberg, a past they have left behind. Sanders touches on the existential angst of the Jewish ruling elite in ways that gentiles cannot grasp.

          • The Jewish A/B test from ~100 years ago was communism v. Zionism. The inflection point came when the Soviets purged the Jews (Trotsky, etc.). After that, Zionism began to replace communism as the Jewish strategy, with arguably the denouement coming when the original neo-conservatives forsook there communist priors and became, in the Z Man’s unforgettable turn of phrase, hyper-violent liberals. Sanders is a relic from the losing side, and the Zionist/globalist/capitalists want no part of him.

          • There’s no question that Bloomberg is to the modern Jew what David was to the ancient Jew. The archetype for everything a Jew should be and strive for, while Bernie represents a time when they were mostly 1930s communists as a reaction to the 18th and 19th Century goyim that was effectively able to keep a lid on them.

          • ” I think Sanders represents in the mind of guys like a Bloomberg, a past they have left behind.”

            Someone (you?) said the same thing about Trump. Jews hate him because he reminds them of the crude, Queens dwelling alte kockers in their immigrant background..

          • Yep. Close your eyes and just listen to Trump and what comes to mind is a guy who owns apartment buildings in Queens or a needle and thread operation in the garment district.

          • SO it’s Jew versus Jew versus (if one counts Prez Kushner) Jew in a battle to see who will rule over the regional colony.

            It’s times like this I can see why people voted for Obama…

  26. ”If you look around at what passes for the Right in late managerial America, the so-called conservatives are people more comfortable in the urban setting. Their cultural outlook is that of the man, who rides the subway and hails taxis, just like their liberal friends. For them, the country outside the city is a place you fly over, not a place to live.“

    Careful there, that’s exactly what Jefferson said in between being an evil slave owning agrarian, and what Darré called Blut und Boden…

    Is Bloomberg a Shylock?

  27. You are describing societal entropy, the conversion of work into useless heat as a result of friction. In a sane natural world in which frugality evolves as a survival imperative, there is a strong incentive to minimize this type of wasteful parasitism. But in an era of extreme affluence, everyone thinks the gravy train will run forever. However, attitudes change fast when things get desperate. See Wuhan as example.

    • The great reset in the medieval period wiped put roughly half the population. It was much less deadly in the north than south, so that’s something to keep in mind when contemplating the next reset. Nature has its ways of clearing the undergrowth.

      • Agreed, and that’s long overdue in my opinion. But a different paradigm is needed in order to prune the rot at the top of the parasite pyramid. Action on that front results in enormous beneficial change with far less collateral damage. Smarter, not harder.

  28. We’ll get to Bloomberg himself in a later comment. Meantime though Z can’t help referencing such hateful non-entities like Ramesh Ponnuru (??!? Why is a thing called “Ramesh Ponnuru” even living in my country, let alone having opinions about it?!), Kevin Williamson and the slithering human centipede David Brooks. Why on earth these creatures have not been skinned alive like eels, let alone regarded as thought leaders, is an eternal mystery.

    Question for Z though: have you ever read anything by Wendell Berry? I consider that his book “Home Economics: Fourteen Essays” is the most interesting deep-diving work of American political philosophy in my lifetime ( and this from a guy who tossed John Rawls in the garbage dump when he was 18.)

    Berry is a Kentucky farmer, and comes from a long line of farmers, and he views politics from a sort of organic, naturalistic, agricultural perspective. I can sympathize, since most of my political thinking comes not from reading Plato and Locke and Aquinas, but from growing prize beefsteak tomatoes in my back yard as a kid.

    Interestingly, (at least to me), Berry doesn’t seem to understand his own schtick. He lays out a series of very solid intellectual principles, then uses them to hawk a bunch of silly liberal giggles. Herd mentality, perhaps. Nevertheless his insights when gulped from the source are a billion times more useful than all the Ramesh whatevers.

  29. >>>If antisemitism is ever going to take hold in America it will be due to people like Michael Bloomberg. <<<


    • WTF now I support Bloomberg? We’ve gotten all the mileage out of Orange Man we can. Boinie is too much of a beta (forced off stage again by uppity wamen) to defeat muh baste President. Let’s put a literal Wall St. Jew in the Presidency. Yeah, yeah, ZMan, “negative identity!”

      • “Negative Identity” is my one significant area of disagreement with Z.

        He says it doesn’t work and uses blacks as exhibit A. I say the Black’s problem is the average IQ of 85, and that negative identity has worked out quite well for Shlomo.

        • Jews have an extremely positive identity. Jews are very pro-Jew, regardless of where they find themselves.

          • I’m not sure where you’re coming from sometimes. I seem to recall that you once agreed that Jews have a negative identity. Their identity is wrapped up in their persecution by the goyim. It’s all about the Hall of Cost and how they need to remain united by their suspicion of the Gentiles. If they didn’t base their identity on fear and hostility they would probably have all been absorbed into their host populations. It may be a good survival strategy, but that doesn’t make it a positive identity. We’re not Jews so maybe we need a different strategy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t point out who our enemies are.

          • IIRC, I said that for many Jews, their identity is evolving into a negative one. That is a very recent thing and only in America. It’s also confined to the secular Jews, for the most part. In the main, Jews are a highly ethnocentric people whose identity is independent of their surroundings.

  30. Meh.

    They are all products of their environments, Z. You do them a disservice; they do far more than just tick boxes – at least in the environments that spawned them.

    In the tribe of the Fake Indian/Chardonnay soaked wahmen – tough questions about economies and policy are not an issue and are not allowed. All that matters is Vagina. Liz’s Vaginal Holiness is so great, it trumps race and gender realities.

    For Pete Buttplug, all that matters is butt-blasting. Noticing that AIDS is a Darwinian mechanism to prevent homosexuality is unthinkable.

    Bernie excels in an environment where young university students and failed graduates pose as academics and intellectuals.

    Bloomberg has enough money to surround himself with Yes Men and impose his will on others – like any other rich man.

    The good news is that their environments are strictly limited and are actually in decline. But they are a great cautionary tale for us: what is our environment doing to us? Who is fit to lead us, speak for us, and protect our interests? What will we do to ensure we don’t set up an artificial stupidity chamber as they have done? The dissidents really need to jump on that, and fast.

    • The Seabees and Army corp of engineers are trained to keep the infrastructure up and running in times of calamity. Maybe part of the dissident movement could be the recruitment of and training of personnel to keep the lights on, keep the transportation network functioning and to see that basic functions and infrastructures keep things from collapsing into chaos.

      Infrastructure Minutemen. May have greater appeal to fence sitters and normies.

      • At a personal level, undertake to do as much work as you can on your home, car, and other possessions. For all its warts, Youtube is a great resource for walking you through just about any project or repair. And involved your kids as much as possible. My grandfather was a fantastic carpenter in his free time, made everything from furniture to toys. I don’t know how much he passed on directly to my dad but he too was very capable around the house. Unfortunately, he didn’t conscript me to work on his projects. I’ve had to play catch up in the past couple decades, but I’m now doing things that would have been unthinkable to me 20 years ago. I’ll involve my daughter as much as I can during her formative years.

        • I fixed our snowblower with help from YouTube. 🙂 Then we were robbed and our snowblower was stolen. 🙁

      • if the DR had it’s shit together we’d be encouraging our younger members to join the Seebees, state and federal law enforcement, etc. Why? To learn skills, network and keep tabs on the boss class.

        Running away to MT or WY doesn’t cut it.

        • It’s true. Think of the factual and fictional examples of Jack Kennedy and Michael Corleone. Their father’s intentions were always to “legitimize” their behaviors by inserting their progeny into the ruling structures.

        • If you become a cop in one of our vibrant cities, you’ll learn those skills by wading daily in a pool of POC filth. Or, you can “run away” to WY and basically forget that POC even exist. I know which I’d prefer.

    • The USA is too large, diverse and diffused in its interior to be governed by 1 POTUS, 9 SCOTUS, and 535 Congressional legislators. The actual work of “leadership” has devolved onto thousands of mediocre, unelected bureaucrats. Failure abounds. Therefore, let 10,000 warlords bloom and rule, albeit violently, according to a principle of subsidiarity.

  31. What has been most interesting about the ascendance of Mike Bloomberg is not that he is buying the nomination but that he seems immune to the dirty tricks like pulling out old sound clips of him saying sensible things about blacks. The only people who seem to care about this “leaked” clips are establishment BoomerCons who are collectively getting the vapors and heading for the fainting couches over his raycisst comments. None of them seem interesting in asking if Bloomberg is accurate in what he is saying, and he mostly is, but more whether or not what he is saying makes them feel sad. So much for facts not caring about your feelings. Li’l Mike is a P.O.S. but that doesn’t make it less true that minorities are responsible for almost all of the violent crime in NYC.

    • More interesting is that all these accusations seem to roll off Bloomberg, just like it does Trump. Love him or hate him, the alpha machismo protects him the same way. That part is worrisome if he gets the nomination. He lacks Trump’s charisma, but can make up for it in pure financial power.

      • Nope, it’s not alpha charisma, it’s becuz he is a rich, rich, wealthy J-E-W, with a capital J, a Jewish, Jewish, Jewy Jewy Jew, and so he gets the automatic J-card, the Get Out of Jail Free card. Because holocaust or something, I forget. Nothing at all to do with co-ordinated control of media, finance and law.

        What country are you living in anyway?

      • The media won’t turn on him while he’s shooting cash at them through a fire-hose. Eventually they might depending on the nomination end-game, but for now they will take his $millions and stay quiet.

          • Bloomberg is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

    • Tell me again why these MAGAtards should be exempt from the post-American hellscape we younger folks will face in the 2020’s and beyond?

      • They should not be exempt, but they’ll be dead. If you’re for a cadaver synod at some point, I’m game though.

    • Remember, the job of conservatives is to conserve the left’s gains. The conservatives are so busy getting the vapors about Bloomberg’s racism and misogyny, the left doesn’t even have to bother with that anymore.

      • They’ll trot out Diamond and Silk tomorrow to finger wag with the neck bobs. I almost feel like the very existence of the BoomerCon is to prove to black people that they’re their real friends and lot BoomerLib down the block. Blacks must be amused by so many whitie head cases.

    • It’s surprises me when the first response is outrage and not “is that true?” The NYPD keeps copious statistics on crime
      And they count black Hispanics as Hispanic, not Black. So the numbers are somewhat obscured.

        • Yeah, from some people it does. Especially with the internet at one’s fingertips. Although I have noticed that certain things (articles on certain crimes) have been scrubbed from the google crawler’s index and don’t show up on any of the search engines anymore. I wonder if they’re on fiche at the library?

    • To be fair, the cat is out of bag now, that it doesn’t hurt anyone unless you let it. Obviously Trump who shrugged off his past, but Ralph Northam, Justin Trudeau as a few examples.

      Don’t apologize, don’t even acknowledge it. There’s too much news and info constantly coming down the pipe. Just wait a cycle or two, and bam the electorate will have forgotten all about it.

    • OMG, listening to Hannity getting the vapors over his “racist” comments was just too much. While I like that he is a staunch Trump supporter, his boomer-con ass-kissing is way over the top.

      • All the things that Bloomberg has said on camera in the past are meaningless. Just engage him in the present. He is basically nonfunctional in an unscripted, free-form environment. Trump would absolutely destroy the man in the first five minutes of a one-on-one debate. Which is why there will never be one, only canned “Mike” ads and highly structured and scripted “press conferences” for the guy.

      • I haven’t been able to stand Hannity since…well forever. He is so hokey and greasy. At least Glen Beck has the excuse of being insane, Hannity is just a carnival barker with a large platform.

    • Gosh, and we thought Clown World was 2018-19. 2020 is shaping up to be even clownier. BoomerCons sputtering at racisms while BoomerDems are equivocating. Truly a fascinating development.

  32. Remember the old shape-shifting stereotype as well: wasn’t Bloomberg a Republican mayor? Now he’s a Democratic candidate?

    • It really is incredible. It’s like our rulers got together in private and agreed now is the time to confirm, in the most outlandish way, every stereotype they decry. Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders and now Bloomberg.

      • That’s because stereotypes tend to be fairly accurate – or they fade away. Stereotypes that last hundreds of years are, in fact, realistic group descriptions that should be heeded.

        • The French stereotype themselves as a martial race.

          Celts in America are stereotyped as tough, brave warriors but Celts have been the whipping boys of Europe for the last 2000 years.

          Sour grapes, projection,coping, etc can drive stereotyping as much as any truth. To believe all stereotypes are true is to believe that humans are fundamentally honest or rational.
          We’ll agree to disagree.

          • garcon,

            Good points. Let’s say that negative stereotypes that won’t die generation after generation are probably fairly accurate.

            For example, Japanese Americans in California used to be stereotyped as gardeners for the wealthy – a somewhat negative stereotype. Why? Because it was true. But over time, the stereotype died because it stopped being true and the Japanese community had no desire to keep it going.

          • Well to be fair, a lot of French aren’t much in the way of Celts except in Brittany, due to the Frankish conquests, and Aquitaine, with it’s Iberian & Basque cultures. The Franks were certainly martial…

          • You can’t really stereotype yourself, it’s like giving yourself your own nickname – rarely sticks.

            The French are rude and the males sexually ambiguous. That sticks.

      • For at least the past 30 years or so, it really has been a uniparty. The Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals (it occurs to me that the symbolism of those two names is a little too on-point).

        • It gets better. The Globetrotters now have a woman and a midget on their squad. I suppose it won’t be too long before they “trot” out a tranny.

        • The microsecond after the Cold War ended, when globohomo didn’t perceive the need for real Americans to defend their property from the communists anymore, they immediately began planning our ethnic cleansing. All of the horror commies have wrought in every corner of the world did not include actually ERASING any nations, much less an entire civilizational realm.

          These globalist vermin are orders of magnitude worse evil. I’m voting, at least in the primary, for Sanders. Drain the swamp, or burn it the reeking ashes. Globohomo doesn’t actually have a fundamental constituency. They have a supporting coalition of the fringes, each faction of which has its own interests and objectives. No one actually WANTS to be ruled by Mini-Mike and his brethren. Stupidity and complacency of our people and globohomo control of the most pervasive propaganda machine ever to exist has carried them far, but their perception management is not working anymore. They will have to supplement with other tools, or lose. Who will step up to the plate to die for the vision of the future offered by these oligarchs?

          • “Who will step up to the plate to die for the vision of the future offered by these oligarchs?”

            Besides minorities and sexual degenerates globohomo does actually have a core constituency, a core ethnicity if you will – the sycophantians you might call them . I used to know a lot of these types. They tend to work in media or “tech” (i.e. something with a computer that doesn’t actually require a lot of brainpower or scary math). They loves some microbrew, some weed, some crazy fruit flavored vape… Superficially they just look like particularly vapid, materialistic Reform Jews but they’re nominal Christian white people. The best one word term that I’ve seen DR people use for them is “bugmen”. It seems pretty spot-on.

            These are Mini-Mike’s “loyal” core voters. I have to put loyal in scare quotes because it’s hard to use that word to talk about such people otherwise. Mike wants to give them more of they already have. He will talk the DIE talk (diversity, inclusion, and equity) while making sure the hobos, blacks, and chollos stay out of their neighborhoods. On top of that, unlike the Lefty moonbats, Mike will actually push the junkies, homeless, and street shitters off the sidewalks in from of their loft apartment building. Mike means higher resale value!! Unlike Comrade Bernie he won’t even hint at taking their 401K and giving it to the poor. In short, Mike is for discrete bourgeois hedonism.

            Of course this is the whole problem with the globalist dream. They are actively or passively encouraging the extinction of the core white ethnies that used to keep the streets (and the world) safe for them. This is already causing problems in Europe and soon will in the US where globohomo faces down Muslims. These are people who still actually believe in something they will die for.

          • Your last two sentences are spot on.

            Globhom can only exist in a post-industrial society with the world’s strongest military, reserve currency, and ludicrous excesses of material goods.

            By comparison, look at how Islam thrives under the harshest, most penurious conditions on Earth. The life of the average Muslim flows with a depth of religious faith and belief that no longer exists in the West.

            Long-term, if current Western trends do not reverse, my money’s on the Muslims by a country mile.

          • pozy, the Zman touched on this signal war between the salaried class and the wage earners, in the long-ago. Wage earners need to show more tangible results, as well (walls erected, units shipped, etc.), so different standards.

    • Sanders and Bloomberg both. Sanders was an “Independent” his whole career until he decided to run for President. The shape-shifters adopt whatever form is useful to them at the time, and, as the Zman says, this crop seems to lack the self-awareness to even try to hide it.

    • For years I’ve expected some enterprising DemonKKKRat to eliminate the penny (which costs WAY more than $.01 to produce) and just tax the remainder of every transaction which would have used one or more of them.

  33. They are now pushing the dream ticket of Bloomberg/Clinton. That should help you sleep at night.

    What’s the latest from little Mike? Treating hate crimes as domestic terrorism. Frankly ruling how much salt or soda intake is the least of my worries. Oh, and in other news, Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy.

    • I cannot believe that Mini Mike would pick Hillary as VP. He can’t be that stupid. Furthermore, Bernie Bros hate establisment Dems with the fire of a thousand suns. If Mini Mike wants a leftist civil war, he’ll get it surely that way.

      • Would not surprise me if he does choose her, gets elected and then graciously bows out due to “health” reasons a few months in. Would be the only plausible road for Hildebeast to become Pres, and Blooming Mike would have the Clinton Crime Machine indebted to him.

      • What is the difference between the sexual deviants molesting Boy Scouts and the sexual deviant Buttgrieg?

      • Hope the same happens to the damned Girl Scouts, too. Everywhere I go to the store these days I’m greeted by stupid Nice White Ladies and their progeny, along with all their various colored little friends, imploring me to buy their fat/sugar laden cookies – and support GloboSchlomo. Every agenda paid for and supported by the Girl Scouts is anathema to me and mine, and ultimately wants the death of all those little White girls, too, but their mothers are too stupid to see it.

      • Bloomy’s forefathers made great gains but did not know when to stop and had no compassion for the locals.

        Ended poorly for many of Blooy’s sort.

        Smart, but not wise.

    • BSA points up the idea that communism is a front to weaken rich targets for plunder.

      In 1961, a clique of Belgian homosexual communists, who happened to be priests, decided to turn the RC Church. Some 35 years later, their prize: the treasury of the Vatican.

      The BSA got gay, and what happens?
      Lots of ambitious Lawyers On The Make begin to trawl the public records.

  34. “To be blunt about it, if antisemitism is ever going to take hold in America it will be due to people like Michael Bloomberg“

    I hope you’re right, right now America looks like nothing more than a vehicle for Jewish power fantasies.

    • I was thinking last weekend that the DNC convention would come down to two crazy Jews. Not sure who will win in “Over-The-Top Jewish Oligarch vs. Unfrozen Bolshevik Caveman” but race-relations with the tribe will not be the winner.

      • I’m not sure what the real end game is here, but my hunch is Bloomberg is not really interested in being president or the nominee. This looks like a philanthropic enterprise to stop Sanders. He’s buying indulgences. If he can keep Sanders from winning enough delegates to claim the nomination, then the party will pick someone who will be forever in debt to Bloomberg and his people. The anti-Zionists and anti-Globalists will be permanently sidelined.

        That’s my hunch.

        • When the Mexicans have enough votes to start electing themselves, do you think it will be worse than Jews?
          My guess is the Jews will seem like the good old days.

          • The Jewish Good Old Days?

            If what remains of the Alt Right could somehow overcome their autism and purity-spiraling, they would trying to figure out how to stoke and channel the anti-Semitic tendencies in Catholic Latinos to their advantage.

          • I think you are misunderstanding what I meant. I meant that Mexican rule will be so much worse than Jewish rule that living under Mexican rule will make today’s Jewish rule seem like the good old days.

          • Veg, yep. If Republicans had any balls – and we know that they don’t – they would quietly but consistently note the ethnic/religious identity of Dem politicians, behind the scene operators and political donors. Not talking about bashing Jews, just note that they are Jews.

            This drives Jews nuts and would rapidly increase the awareness of other Dems about who runs the show. The GOP would be roundly denounced for this, but it’d work.

          • Oddly enough the left is more redpilled on that than the right, in no small part to their muslim faction. BDS was a real thing. That would never happen on today’s right.

            It’s funny though. I always noticed how many Jews are running things, but it didn’t bother me until it was obvious things were going south.

            All the same I’ve never hated or wished Jews ill. On a personal level, I’ve liked almost every Jew I’ve met. More so than most actually. But don’t run my country into the ground and expect me to be cool with it. Time for new leadership.

          • FAIL; “ figure out how to stoke and channel the anti-Semitic tendencies in Catholic Latinos to their advantage.”

            FAIL; the Latins covet our lands and see them within their grasp. Antisemitism a trifle by comparison.
            We’re all whites to them, but they are the whites who betray our lands to the Latins.

            2d and core FAIL; we must do our own dirty work or perish, if we don’t its a question of who destroys us and not “if”. To empower the Latins to get rid of the Jews -who are weak in all but will – betrays fatal weakness ourselves. We’d literally be going to Los Zetas and MS13 to handle our wifes scumbag attorney.

            We do our own dirty work or perish, and with total justice we should.

          • Tars,

            First, Jews are heavily responsible for Hispanics and other POC becoming our overlords, so these are not the good old days.

            Second, at least whites will recognize that Mexicans aren’t a part of our group, which will engender group identity in whites. In addition, unlike traitorous, shape-shifting Jews, Mexicans aren’t smart enough to trick whites into thinking their anti-white laws are good for us.

          • Nor do they care too. I’m in So Cal where around 5% of the entire US population lives and while it might not represent Kansas lives I can tell you that antisemitism is rampant in the US as is a strong dislike for Asians especially Chinese and Blacks

            Generally race relations are decent with Whites and Latinos. The La Raza types I think mostly work with Left wing idiots and are paid by them while the day to day people just don’t care about that and mixed families while not the majority or even super common here are common enough and no one really gives a fig.

            Its not as good as say 100% White but its tolerable like being rich in a safe area of Latin America basically.

            As to the Jewish issue, between immigration and fertility rates, a lot of the Jewish community in So Cal is just gone. Most of the stores, delis and assorted things have dried up and blown away.

            They still have a lot of social capital though far more than would be expected,

            US wise between intermixing with Whites and low fertility, non Orthodox Jews in the US are disappearing. I’m seeing a similar trend nationally as well.

            The leadership though is still heavily philoseimitic . The gap between the people and its “ruling class” is hardly new though. Back in the day the two socialist options, USSR lite by Roosevelt or NDSAP lite by the American Bund, many Americans wanted the later

            Its reasonable to assume that our elected and appointed and upper classes want exactly the opposite of what we do.

            Changing that is not simple but it can be done., The question is if you do, what do you want instead? When someone figures that out, than they can figure out how to get that and what will have to be paid.

            Until than or at least until most of the Boomers and to a lesser degree Gen X are gone and Gen Y take over the US political scene won’t change.

            And yes Gen Y is rather antisemitic especially its Left and unscrupulous politically.,

          • De veras, (that’s true), senor prosper.

            On WABC this a.m.:
            “People of La Raza…
            I shoose to apologize…
            For NOTHING!!”

          • California has enough Mexicans numerically to pull this off but they’ve only managed to reach AG level so far. The Dems have “hacienda’d” the Hispanic vote much like they “plantationed” muh Blacks. California is still governed by pale stale frails like dead-goat-eyed Nancy and a coalition of mystery meats who conspicuously lack Squatamalenness.

            NuMerican Hispanics are superior Imperial farm equipment to their West African predecessors – less engaged, less inclined to rock the boat, more easily domesticated. Blacks are being replaced along with us, having largely served their purpose as block-breakers and city-wreckers.

            Don’t swing your chickens before they hatch. If Whites don’t take Shlomo down a few pegs, the next Great Gentile Hope will be the Han.

          • Watch harvard admissions. Han has tumbled to the fact that he is getting shafted. Hrvard will tell the tale.

          • I’m beginning to believe that Asians and South Asians will be the key to destroying the current system. Those groups act like Jews, and a host can only handle so many parasites before it becomes sick.

            Also, whites just don’t react the same to being told they’re evil and racist by Asians and Indians as Jews and blacks. As whites move closer to becoming a minority, our survival instincts will start to kick in. Combine that with being ruled over by Asians and Dot Heads whom whites feel zero guilt toward, and you get a lot more whites waking up.

          • I’m betting more strongly on South Asians. South Asians are MUCH more prone to rules lawyering, general argumentation, obsequious sycophancy to your face (and sniping hatred behind your back), and simultaneously avoiding work while hoovering up credit personally for group projects than East Asians. Does that behavioral pattern remind you of any other group? In contrast, East Asians tend to be almost autistic by comparison.There are other problems with East Asians, but in terms of taking up leadership roles within existing organizations, SAs are the group most likely to to supplant Jews.

            Yes yes, NA [SA/EA] ALT, and there are those dreadful female East Asians at elite schools who make an excessive SJ nuisance of themselves, but they are exceptions and not the rule.

          • Mike_C,

            Agreed. It’s really the South Asians. They’re not as good as Jews, but they play the same way.

            Btw, as much as I rant about Jews or South Asians, I don’t hate either group. I hate what they’re doing to my people, but I don’t hate them. They’re doing what they do. You might as well hate a tree for having leaves.

          • “the next Great Gentile Hope will be the Han.”

            That’s one reason why I suspect Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard passed the virus blueprints to the two PLA spies.

            Either he knew how sloppy Chinese quality control is, or had help- there’s a CCP faction that is trying to take Xi down, as Xi did to Bo Xilai (former head of Intelligence Ministry).

          • Tarstarkusz, if Hispanics take over a town, I suspect it will not be as bad as with Black rule. To see such, take any of the big cities currently desolated by Black rule. However, the examples of Hispanic rule are not all that common. CA will prove interesting to see how far the fall will be. But CA is at such a level, that the decline will not be immediately obvious.

            The city I currently live in is a example of Hispanic rule. Deterioration is certainly evident. Just how far the decline will go is yet to be seen, but it’s moving in the wrong direction as the population elects only those grifters with Hispanic surnames.

            That’s the problem, stupid is as stupid does.

          • Miami? Cubans are a weird lot though, as there are a lot of ‘white’ Cubans. Miami ‘sort of’ works I suppose, in a strange Latin American way. It’s definitely Not America though.

          • Not long ago, I came across a roster of the California State Senate.

            There were more Jewish names than Spanish ones.

            What does this tell us about Mexifornia?

          • You might be right, but they don’t even elect themselves in Mexico. The whitest people in Mexico are in the government.

          • Jewish rule are the same as the Mexican rule, it’s white people get insulted due to rule by inferior

            there’s no more insulted than rule by people who seem as inferior than you

            Jews are sole responsible to bring all these mud race into white society while Immigration Restriction League was fight back that Jewish subvert attempts

            guess you never heard of fight between Madison Grant and ((Franz Boas))

        • I disagree. This is a man who seems hell-bent on micro-managing the lives of Americans. He’s not going to come this close to absolute power only to take a knee at the cusp of victory. He’s in it to win the Presidency. Enjoy your Cokes while you can.

          • Totally agree, but I do think that the media can meme support/loss of support for a candidate based on polls, particularly with, eh em, less intelligent and engaged voters…

          • NYC reports that Bloomie is simply buying all the opinionators, influencers, and bot farms.

            (Plus, hundreds of NDAs signed by all the women he’s hired and treated like trash.)

        • That’s along the same line that Bannon mentioned in an interview.
          He said Bloomie doesn’t want the nomination, he’s working behind the scenes with the DNC to kneecap Bernie and then call in some favors after the election. He wants to run/own the Democratic party.

    • Interesting observation from Z-man. Such is not unapparent to our Jewish population, either. I used to competitively shoot at matches with a Jewish enthusiast (this is AZ, where strange bedfellows abound). In those days, McCain was running around with Joe Lieberman and the rumor was that they’d go for the Presidential run as Pres and VP candidates respectively.

      When the discussion came up, the our Jewish gun enthusiast spoke up and said he was distraught that such should happen as it would be the worse thing for the Jewish Americans as antisemitism would explode—especially if Lieberman should step into the office of President if McCain died.

      At that time in my life, I thought this opinion strange. No longer. 😉

    • Shelly v. Kramer 1948 act that eliminate affordable housing, brought race integration made American less intelligent and less attractive
      Board vs Brown of education 1954 act that eliminate affordable education and made sure curriculum designed to be as pandering as possible
      its deliberate dumb down American intellectual

      Hart celler immigration 1965 act that driving the workmen out of decent annual wages, it also nail in the coffin nation known as United States
      Higher Education Act of 1965 brought student loan floodgates wild open, made sure US economy will be debt based economy

      FDR to LBJ Era was that all the Jewish Magic has rain hard on American’s head, even now American have no clue why their quality of life cease to exist

      America is Jewish power, until inner circle think its less profitable and pull the plug

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