Africa And The World

Feeling a little worldly this week. I have been finishing up travel plans for the spring hater’s season, so I have been thinking about the world quite a bit. People noticed that the candidates did not field any questions about foreign affairs in the Democrat debate this week. That was supposed to mean something, but the truth is Americans have lost interest in the world under Trump. That’s not a terrible thing, as we have plenty of problems to deal with in our own backyard.

Still, it is important to keep up with what is going on in the world, especially in the provinces, where there are some good lessons for dissidents. The Europeans have been doing right-wing populism and nationalism for a long time, so they are better at it than we are in the States. That’s because they have been dealing with left-wing terrorism for a lot longer too. They had to contend with groups like Antifa long before they became an issue for Americans.

Of course, as the center of the Empire, the problems of the world will always end up at our doorstep, so there is no hiding from it. The plagues in Africa will be a problem for the West, just as the Wu-tang fever will be a problem. Both are warnings about what’s coming our way if we remain on the present course. When you build a house of cards, even a gentle breeze is a dire threat. That’s the result of globalism. The small problems on the fringe of civilization become huge problems.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Our African Future (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 17:00: Trouble In Thuringia (Link)
  • 27:00: Post Peak China (Link) (Link)
  • 37:00: Israeli Trouble (Link) (Link)
  • 47:00: Latin Traditionalism (Link) (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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152 thoughts on “Africa And The World

  1. Africa is life and death, beauty and depravity, color and ashes, without filter. Darwinism in its purest form. The fact that whereas Buffalo Bill and others famously killed thousands of American buffalo (bisons) each, with not a scratch to show for it, Africa’s buffalo is more feared by hunters than even bears, is a good analogy for what kinds of ferocious Darwinian powers are hidden in the ‘Dark Continent’. I believe this also applies to the human biologies of Africa vs the rest of the world. They may swamp us and crush us, without much intentional malice or even hardly noticing, but simply in their extreme helter skelter ‘dance of life and death’, jungle-style.

    I love Africa (eg my moniker). But it must stay in Africa. Or it will eat all us weakened by more temperate climates.

  2. Z Man, you thunderstruck me a number of times today.

    First, you said, “we have always been a multi racial, multi cultural society.” Whaaa? In 1965 this country was 85-90% white and 10-15% black, with trace amounts of everything else. Bi-racial if you must, but even that is a bit misleading.

    Second, in different segments you mentioned the influence of Chinese and Saudi money on our government, and each time you said (paraphrasing), and to a lesser extent Israel. Okayyyyy… Below is a list of the top ten* donors during the 2016 election cycle (source: Please point out the Chinese and Saudi on this list:

    1. (((Adelson, Sheldon G. & Miriam O.)))
    2. (((Bloomberg, Michael R.)))
    3. (((Steyer, Thomas & F. & Kathryn Ann)))
    4. Uihlein, Richard & Elizabeth
    5. (((Sussman, S. Donald)))
    6. Simons, James H. & Marilyn H.
    7. Griffin, Kenneth C.
    8. (((Soros, George)))
    9. (((Schwarzman, Steven A. & Christine)))
    10. Eychaner, Fred

    * The top three donated almost twice as much as the bottom seven, $284 million to $151 million.

    • Good point, Sleepy, although I would say Sleepy misnomer. You’re wide awake. Add in Bloomberg’s campaign money, he moves from number two to number one? I guess he figures his Chinese investment earnings makes it all worthwhile.

  3. “Chrona-chan” may be our Black Plague.
    Welp, we got the Renaissance and Reformation out of it- the Church was seen to be powerless.

    We also got a decimated Islam and extinct Mongols, so there’s that as well!

    We been thru this, fam.
    And came out on top.
    All hail the new Age of Empires!
    Brittania rules the waves!

    • David Archibald wrote a book, The Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short predicting, among other things, that due to global cooling, marginal land will fall out of production, food yield will decline and costs will increase and there will be mass starvation in the Moslem world from Morocco to Pakistan due to the price of food being unaffordable. Oh, happy day.

      • Yes, Rome expanded in the warm period, and the Roads fell with Julian’s Plague in the cold. Half the world’s population was lost.
        Thin comfort.

  4. Here’s a piece by a cuck regarding her Peace Corps stint in Senegal:

    For a decade after the Russian Revolution, the Communists promoted “free love” – easy abortion and divorce and legalized homosexuality. There even was serious discussion about whether or not to abolish marriage. There was a U-turn under Stalin – abortion and homosexuality were again outlawed, party members who cheated on their spouses fired and the mothers of at least six children were given medals. The official culture of the Soviet Union became more puritanical than that of the US and remained so even in the 1980s, when authorities were tough on gays, lesbians and junkies.

  5. Africa is a problem as long as there’s no full-scale collapse in the West. If things do collapse, Africans can’t feed themselves and all native medical treatment is woo woo and magic so that’ll be the end of their population growth

  6. We are responsible for Africa’s population growth. All we need to do is stop feeding them. They are way over the population that their agriculture can support.
    Now, because of our insane desire to “help,” feeding Africans ever larger quantities of food in perpetuity is the only thing standing in the way of a huge humanitarian nightmare of millions of starving Africans!
    Feeding Africans is evil and the longer we do it, the worse the starving will be when it finally happens.

    • Some of Africa’s smart fraction get this

      Charity is toxic in itself but the “IMF loans” are where you really taste the hook.

      Dinduana takes out a 10 billion dollar IMF loan. Dinduana defaults. ((((Paul Singer))) buys the debt for ten cents on the dollar and gets a fellow Tribalist to award him an international court judgment. Singer soon owns Dinduana on the profit-extraction end. He’s privatized the profit but left the obligations of government in the hands of Dinduanans who’re now hated by their countrymen for selling the country to foreigners. Singer just puts his hand out with an NWO gun to Dinduana’s head.

      See also Greece, Yeltsin’s Russia

      • Yeah, there’s a lot of grift going on with Africans. But Singer and his fellows are in for a big surprise. China has already publicly stated they wanted to send like 100 million Chinese into Africa and the “West” kvetched about it and while the Chinese publicly withdrew the statement, they keep doing it.
        The Dinduians (thanks. That’s funny) are in for a big shock. The Chinese do not have white guilt or Jews controlling their media. They are going to be crushed.

        • The confrontations in Africa will be epic. The locals of all stripes there play a widespread, carefully calculated “pay me to go away” game, designed for maximum wealth extraction without killing the host. The Chinese will upset that apple cart and things will get spicy.

          • This time they damn well better not tell me to go save Singer’s loans and Kirsch’s mines.

            Send the frickkin’ mighty IDF and their ISIS buddies to save dumbocracy. Africa’s had a thousand years of Semitic invasion.

            Think of the slaves, Schlomo! It’s the Middle Passage and the Rum Triangle all over again!

      • If Mini Mike is a “Tax Farmer,” what kind of farmer is Singer?

        Damn, I gotta keep typing my name and email for every comment.

    • Can’t keep feeding the stray cats, because they’ll only have kittens. They aren’t interested in algebra.

      Frack me. Now we’re going to get hunger refugees, virus refugees, climate refugees, poverty refugees, war refugees… and all the blame, too.

      • There is TNR – trap, neuter, release – for feral cats so that they won’t breed.

        Throughout the Western world, baby breeding for fun and profit by women who don’t want to work is subsidized by governments. Don’t have enough parasites, so we need to both import them from overseas and subsidize them overseas.

  7. Say what you like about the Krauts, you can’t deny their punctuality. There was no time at all between the very strong AFD nationalist performance in the elections and an Extreme Far Right White Supremacist shooting up a bunch of darkies.
    They really have Just-in-Time manufacturing down pat.

    • Bile, the outrageous lengths the vile go to to protect their vicious minority pets… I swear, there aren’t enough lamposts.

      J.I.T.! Brava, I say, Brava!

      Well, at least the NHS will deny treatment to white racists, so there remains a ray of hope!

      • Addendum- the UK just passed a ban on coal or wood stoves for winter heat? This, on an island of coal, “for the climate”?

        Gods, the masters hate us. They really frickkin’ hate us.

  8. We’re about to get a nasty lesson in supply chains coming out of China. Pharmaceuticals? The Chinese subsidized the pre-cursor chemical business out of existence in most other countries. We can compound drugs, but absent the materials, the supply dries up. Medical protective gear? One company left in the US can supply exactly 7% of normal demand levels. One of my kids has access to one of the systems that tracks global shipping—cargo ships have “pingers” similar to aircraft. The anchorages off Shenzhen, Singapore etc are all filled with empty ships—greatly reduced cargoes coming out of China. And Chinese companies are wholesale invoking force majeure on raw material contracts for energy, ores and the like. Belt yourselves in. There will be turbulence.

    • It sure feels like the wheels…are…just…about…to…fall…off. No medicine, the Dems can’t count the votes on a caucus or primary, the NYT says the Russians are helping Trump again (because they’ve got—nothing), judges and courts are practicing two forms of law, depending on the politics of the defendant, and Cali ignores theft of under $1k, but Newsom wants doctors to “prescribe” housing as they do medicine, and make pedophilia OK if it is committed by gays or trannies. As millions live in the streets and panhandle. The Dems are going to try to screw Bernie and his Antifa brothers in Milwaukee this summer, too. Meanwhile, Coronavirus stalks. Interesting times, indeed…

      • The politics stuff is mostly bullshit that no one except policy nerds care about. If China stops producing goods because of Covid-19, then our economy gets a seizure like you wouldn’t believe.

        Imagine people not being able to get their drugs to stay alive or even get band aids or antibiotic ointments. People will panic and be out for blood.

        If you haven’t stocked up, you might consider it.

      • Much worse!
        Will Teva Pharmaceuticals be able to keep supplying their gender transition ‘medicine’? Israel is the world’s only source… our brave, noble trannies face disaster!

      • ‘Newsom wants doctors to “prescribe” housing as they do medicine’

        The most expensive prescription I ever wrote (this was in the days of paper scripts) was “Provide whole-house heating and air conditioning, including installation of all new windows and all necessary duct work for [address redacted].” This was for a cystic fibrosis patient who insisted on moving into an over 100-year old house (without air conditioning or even ductwork, naturally) but could not tolerate a non-climate-controlled environment. Moving into new construction with the amenities she needed was apparently not an option. (Mind you, this was not a family-heirloom home or anything like that. She just liked the idea of living in an old house, had found one, and by God was going to move in. It was up to Society to make it work for her.)

        Legal and Social Work requested and required that I write the prescription, which they assured me would be deemed valid and paid for by the patient’s health insurance. Off topic, but the anecdote just popped into my head.

        • Hey, Mike. You write for mine and I’ll write for yours, doc to doc. Make mine a compound with views/fields of fire in all directions.

    • The second-hand effect is that the dock workers and delivery drivers themselves are sick or absent, just as the medical providers and overwhelmed hospitals.

      Nothing moves. It just sits there, whether the factories are populated by robots or zombies.

      And the feeder chains to those large corporations? Millions of machiladoras on a 1% profit margin. When they bankrupt, the owner simply closes up shop and disappears into the night.

    • I live next to one of the main rail lines that transport container cars out of Long Beach. Normally the line has a outbound train with a large consit every hour, but not anymore. It’s getting quiet. Not yet at 2008 levels but they are getting there fast.

      And if it does get worse, our medical system is going to be f**ked, same with consumer electronics, car parts, etc.

      Watch the store shelves that carry medical supplies. If they don’t get replenished, then we’re in for trouble.

      • There were reports of an armed robbery of a truck carrying toilet paper in Hong Kong last week.
        Here’s a site you can track the diseases progress.

        Site created by Johns Hopkins who have a shiny new Biocontainment level 4 facility in the heart of Baltimore. Z man’s going to see this up close and personal, soon.

        I have an appointment at Hopkins on Monday for minor surgery.
        I do not plan on going back in three weeks for follow up if things continue as they are.

        If you look on the Hopkins site they have # deaths 2,251, # recovered 18,890. So a total of 21,141 “resolved”.
        Death rate a little over 10%.
        Not what you hear on the news, is it?

      • One can only hope so. No knock on China or anyone else. Just take care of our own first. Wal-Mart can go belly up if that can’t procure in America for all I care.

    • During WWII, the US was called “The Arsenal of Democracy” because we were able to produce everything we needed for the war effort. One of the reasons why the Union won the Civil War was because most of the industrial production in America was in the Union states. A message there.

    • I don’t believe it. China’s problems will be a mere hiccup. Watch the markets. They will predict significant supply chain issues.

      • Sure, the markets goes down as traders attempt to beat the next guy out the door. They’ll also go up as the pandemic wanes. We’d see the same if this were just the expected recession all the Dem’s are hopeful for. I’m amazed at all the excitement among some in the group. You’d think you were all some sect of fundamentalist Christians and seeing the signs of the second coming. 😉

        Folks, we’ll all weather through this—and I’m in the old fart group that has 20% odds of kicking the bucket if some little shit sneezes on me.

  9. 1. The container ships from China aren’t arriving to port in two weeks.
    2. This might be what saves us in the end.

    I also was thinking of Wuhan workers in Africa, and of the supply chain failure cascade.

    Corona-chan may be the God of Nature’s way of exposing the faults in the World Project before our masters can fully animate their Frankenstein’s monster.

    With faultering distribution, emerging rural duchies such as Greater Idaho or Sanctuary Virginia get a breather. The cities are not only weakened, but repellent as vectors.

    Our Masters have decreed that we have lifted them far enough, and they no longer need us. However, we built this, all of it, and will simply re-harness the tech we created to serve the decentralized, humane enclaves that Exile, Dutch, and Lineman envision.

    Ones that happen to be armed to the teeth, that grow the food, and mine the energy.
    This may be our WWll, but we will survive it on short rations, as we’ve survived so many others.

    And, emerge more penitent, having learned the hard way. What Dissidents are, honestly, is Penitent. We have turned from false teachings.

  10. Z-

    Great to hear about the river of Saudi money running through DC. For a long time, I’ve felt that the enormous amount of cash the Saudis splash around is one of the most under-discussed issues in our system.

    I would add that the Qataris and Emiratis also spend a fair amount of green meal in the imperial capital.

    • The Arabs/Muslims are probably second to the Chosen in terms of ethnic lobbying clout – not surprising in that they ride shotgun on many issues (eg Iran), strange bedfellows notwithstanding. Intransigent minority, lotta cash.

      Another reason why I’m an equal-opportunity “anti-Semite.”

      • Exile-

        Totally agree. The Arabs/Muslims have to splash more cash around because they lack the historical, psychological, and social levers available to the Chosen. The Chosen also have their enormous fifth column, but that’s another story for another time.

    • It’s all semitic to me.

      And what the fudge are Air Force Command the US Chamber of Commerce doing in Qatar?
      Along with Halliburton in Dubai.
      I wonder if there’s things they aren’t telling us.

  11. Per today’s Kunstler, “America’s official psychotic fantasy generator”, the New York Times, has this gem:

    “Russian operatives are working to get Americans to repeat disinformation, the (unnamed) officials said.”

    How dare you disinform us without complicated hate conspiracies, Zman!
    J’accuse! J’accuse!

    • “Russian operatives are working to get Americans to repeat disinformation, the (unnamed) officials said.”


      Irony at it’s most ironic.

  12. Everyone should call Congressmen X and explain to whoever takes the call that you are concerned that X is a globalist, is taking money from globalists (they all are, and this is public, so have a name or two ready to drop), and is putting the interests of globalists before America First.

    Then threaten to support a primary challenger (or even the opposition party) if any Corona blight shows up in their district. Turn “zero tolerance” back against the shitweasels.

    MAGA Facebook is primed for this sort of thing. So are local the local AM call-in shows that come on before Rush. Tie it in to Africa or where and whatever makes the most sense locally.

    If Congressman X in Flyover Y begins to get dozens of calls a day, sees their social media light up with plague-talk, and starts having to deal with anxious and angry people in townhalls, it will provoke a response.

    If local AM-types begin musing out loud about their local reps’ fitness, it will have an effect.

    If op-eds start appearing in the Flyover Times, it will have an effect.

    The point is to get these puppets jerking around in such a manner that it attracts challengers from their right.

  13. I sincerely wish the best for Africa and the Africans, that they find peace and prosperity, and that their rich land sustains them well. I want Africa to be a happy and thriving place, so that everyone born there stays there and lives full and pleasant lives. I wish people would understand that their happiness and prosperity cannot be engineered from afar, it must come from their own toil and sacrifice. I wish the best for them, and their own, in their own home. As I do for us, in our own home, as well. My Pollyanna moment.

    • Africans will inevitably be re-colonized simply because they can’t stop it. Like the Amerinds, their culture lacks the human capital, infrastructure, sophistication and organization to merely tread the waters of modernity, much less make their own way.

      There’s an eternal dilemma for Whites in this, the old White Man’s Burden. If we don’t colonize or otherwise “patronize” Africa, the Han will.

      As things stand, I’m inclined to wish the Han well in the “may you live in interesting times” sense. The colonization of Africa may prove to be China’s Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq.

      The West has spent trillions trying to deal with Africa and the legacy of our African adventurism. Colonialism has been net-negative for 99% of Whites and even though we’re going to be “left behind” in the dubious race to modernize the remaining sh*tholes of the planet, I don’t think this is a race we want to run anymore, much less “win.”

      • I’m all for the Chinese giving it a shot. As long as we hold their coat rather than trying to compete with the Chinese on this.

        Interesting how the locust plagues in East Africa are getting almost no play here, among the usual groups.

      • Africa will win, as it always does. S. Africa may end up with the Chinese running things as the climate (subtropical) is much better than most of Africa…

      • Exile, you are on to something here. I was thinking that the very size and nature of the population in Africa would blackmail us into perpetually supporting them—least they come over the waters and invade our lands. I was despondent as I could not think of a way to prevent such that was politically possible given our pathological altruism.

        But I think you’ve pointed to a “middle way”, “re-colonization”. Africa’s biggest problem is the corrupt nature of their governments, combined with room temperature IQ. Even China taking over a country or two would be to our advantage as we’d go in to counter balance their presence.

      • Even as different as they could be, they deserve each other. Africans need either to starve and otherwise experience the unaided reality of their limitations in a modern world, or gain an unsentimental overlord. Perhaps the coming uninhibited Chines eugenics science can even improve the African human stock.

    • Some of the writing I’ve been grinding on deals with how a race-realist African leader would deal with their own population in coping with modernity.

      In a nutshell, authoritarianism, draconian law enforcement, rigid hierarchies & castes, and recognition that high-T Black youths aren’t going to make model citizens (e.g. 35+ age requirement for any form of authority or “civic” responsibility).

      The Chinese are probably better suited to apply those methods than we are at this point.

      Neoliberalism has proven toxic for much more modern-capable Euros on a racial scale. Africa has a much smaller smart fraction capable of netting positive benefits out of that system.

      • I’m glad you’re exploring that problem: Suppose you are an African leader who loves his people, yet sees their limitations clearly. How best to promote their well being?

        • Re: Pozy’s comment below, one of the strategies my protagonist adopts is training and hiring out his youth as mercenaries. Double-edged strategy but he’s hoping it’s net positive and it mitigates problems they have few other options for.

      • There’s also the fact that white and (((white))) moral crusades are usually not what they appear to be and the Chinese know this. They are after all the people who talk derisively about the baizuo (white Left). In short, white people culling Africans – horrible, eeeebil, racisss. Chinese doing the exact same thing – suddenly the usual suspects start talking about how wonderful the One Child policy was in China and how it might work for Africa. It doesn’t bother Americans to purchase goods made in Chinese labor camps already after all. I can see the Western “human rights inspectors” paying a visit to some Chinese Auschwitz in the Congo, looking around, nodding, and writing “no Jews here – checks out”.

        • “no Jews here – checks out”

          Yep. I can see that too. After all, it equates to the informal police acronym of “NHI”.

        • 40 large crematoria rushed to Wuhan.
          Not a doubt in my mind that they are meant for Hubei Province’s Jewish Quarter.

      • South Africa and Rhodesia were sacrifices to the great god of the modern-world, equality. South Africa had a caste system.

        Michael Bloomberg is called a “racist” by cuckservatives for remarks he made regarding Blacks and Hispanics and his law-and-order policies during his tenure as mayor of NY. Mr. Charmless was right about that.

        There are principles more important than “equality.” Maintaining civilization is one.

        • I totally agree. Bloomberg was on balance a good NYC mayor, although his ‘health’ initiatives were annoying nanny state attitude. But he would not be a good president, he’s apologizing for the one thing I really respected him for, law and order in NYC.

  14. I spent 4+ years in North Africa. They are much, much less fertile than Sub-Saharan Africa, but slightly more fertile than Europe.

    Agree that the Sahel is a looming disaster. There are fundamental issues that limit the effectiveness of the French mission there.

    For example, they have issues keeping their vehicles and aircraft running because of the constant high temperatures and blowing dust that gets everywhere. On top of that, they have issues getting replacement parts because the supply chain is so tenuous.

    That basically cripples the ability of the French force there to effectively cover the Sahel region. You just can’t do it on foot.

    Long-term, I see things getting worse. Mainly because the only things Islamists need to thrive are a ratty T-shirt, flip-flops, and an AK. Fancy vehicles and electronics totally optional.

      • BT-

        Excellent point!

        The Toyota light truck is the one vehicle that just keeps running under the worst conditions imaginable.

        The Western forces in the Sahel would be further ahead to ditch their bespoke armored vehicles and saddle up in Toyotas.

        That will never happen because it doesn’t make any money for the hogs in the defense industry.

        • “saddle up in Toyotas”- and we made fun of Mad Max.

          Saudi Arabia is littered with Cadillacs- the Arabs never check the oil, they just buy another. Australian mercenaries would look around in wonder, declaring, “it’s a bloody gold mine for our Mech Warriors…”

          The Humungous rules the Wasteland!

        • My son’s life was saved because he was in an MRAP, not a Humvee, no less a pickup. Unarmored vehicles aren’t great when you are a conventional military force battling guerillas whose primary weapon is the IED.

          If you are a light, fast insurgent force, it is a different story.

          • I’m happy your son was saved by the armor. A friend of mine who was in the army told me in the 00s that billions were being spent trying to find way to defeat IEDs. They are a nasty weapon.

            But there is a point about Toyotas and Africa. In Tanza where I lived, there were two four wheel drives ppl used in the bush and the backroads, Landrovers and (Toyoto) Land cruisers. I remember discussing w my Minnesota boss that it was slightly embarrassing that all the American brands, jeep, fords, chevys etc. were totally MIA for a country where four wheel drive was genuinely necessary and not just for fun.

          • There are probably some simple political and economic reasons why you don’t find American trucks in Africa. I would start by investigating tariffs and whose palms are getting greased if I wanted to find out.

    • Goshdamm odd that the Lutheran Church, one of the six majors in immigrant relocation services, has not the slightest interest in helping the millions of Afrikkaner applicants whose emigration papers are being held up by ANC bureaucrats.

      The gruesome murders occurring are medieval-level horrors. Demons walk that land.

  15. I was in the Navy in the early to mid 1970’s. My first duty station apart from boot camp and electronics tech school was the US Naval Communications Station in Asmara, Ethiopia. I was 19 and had been in the for 1-1/2 years. It was a real shock being in Africa. I had never seen such poverty. It made me realize how good we have it in the United States. At that time in 1972, I was an E-4 that made $105 every two weeks and was a rich man.

    • LineInTheSand’s comment yesterday about billionaires got me thinking. What if the billionaires in the U.S. decided to tithe back to their country? There are about 621 billionaires in the U.S. If each one gave $100 million, in $10k amounts, to people in this country (for vocational training, medical bills, pay down debt, fund retirement plan accounts, whatever), they could do something for 6.2 million Americans. If they gave 10% (of their roughly $3 trillion) they could help 30 million Americans. And then do it again next year, and the year after, and so on. Beats the heck out of buyout funds and art collections. But they wouldn’t do that, because that’s not the kind of people they are. I am also not agitating for the government to force them to do it. What I am saying is that a basic charitable, sharing attitude from the wealthiest of us would do wonders to help bring up people into a better place, and set an example for how people should act, when they have found material blessings far beyond their own needs. Instead it is names on the sides of buildings and a stupid political campaign to settle personal scores. OK, rant over.

      • Gates, Bezos, and Zuckerberg are giving away billions, but it’s going to grifters who waste it on crap that helps no one. E.g. Zuck gave the Newark public school system $100 million so black children could have “good schools”. Teachers and admins got new cars but test scores didn’t budge. And Bezos’ billions are going to fight climate change, to unmeasurable effect because we lack a control-Earth where Bezos does nothing.

        The Fed has printed trillions of dollars in the last two decades, solving every problem that money can solve. A few billion more is a drop in the bucket.

      • It would probably make them richer if they gave it to people who would put it to good use… Rising tide lifts all boats…Which is why I stress Community so much because that would be something the Community could put together to help out it’s members…

        • Line/Dutch – that’s one reason why I sound like Bernie at times re: muh markets & capitalism.

          Making a boogeyman out of “socialism” is contrary to community. We can have communities with different mixes of taxes, regulations, tithes, etc… but as Z has noted before re: libertarians and an-caps, every community has taxes and regulations and other “statist” elements.

          Community isn’t a license to mooch off your neighbors, but a small-town size community is the best scale at which to pool resources to help the deserving and weed out the deadbeats. I want to live in a community where I won’t begrudge my obligations because they’re in my long-term interests and help people willing to help me in turn.

        • gave it to people who would put it to good use

          That’s supposed to be the point of investment, venture capitalism, etc. and in some cases it works.

          This is why I don’t like the “tax the obscenely rich” solution to the elite. It puts the money in the hands of government instead, and I can’t think of any organization more guaranteed to not put money to good use. It also is a crude bludgeon. Not all billionaires are created equal.

          All it does is shift the locus of sociopathic power.

          Gates, for example, revolutionized the modern world. It’s hard to deny that Gates’ money has been better spent growing Microsoft than his crappy education and poverty initiatives, but in either case, it’s not clear that dumping a big percentage of his net worth into the hands of government would cause that money to actually be better spent than it is now. At least Gates has some incentive to try to make sure his money is well-spent, even if he sometimes chooses poorly.

          But guys like Paul Singer, the vulture capitalist who destroyed Cabela’s and in the process destroyed Sidney, NE: there’s got to be a way to target specifically practices like that. The guy deserves to be hung from a lamppost in Sidney.

          • Yeah, Linux users like myself loved to hate Bill Gates, but it was Microsoft Windows that turned x86 PCs into a mass-market low-cost commodity platform for us to install Linux on.

      • ” tithe back to their country?”
        There’s so much wrong with this (and in so few words too!) that we”l just deal with the big one: If you want to give something to the Country, why send it to the politicians?

        • Bile, so we can buy them off before the Kapital class can? Leveling the playing field a bit, as it were. For all their worth, the middle class as a whole is still worth far more, and we hope to keep it that way.

          (Yes, I’m disregarding the one-way ‘productivity gains’ of the last 50 years, and the plethora of tax havens.)

      • Dutch, I get your drift, but you are perhaps overly optimistic in your assumptions. Trick would seem to be in keeping all revenue raised *out* of the government’s control, or they’ll simply do what they’ve done always—waste it to procure votes. SSI is a good example. Medicare was always under funded.

    • One of my kids spent a winter on a marine engineering internship working in Oman, down near the Yemeni border. Had never been to the ME. Before he left watched “Lawrence of Arabia” with him. When he came back, first comment was “nothing has changed, they just have cell phones and cars now.” Had plenty of other stories of utter dysfunction, but that pretty much sums up the tragedy of the ME.

    • In 1972, I was a 13-14 year old janitor making $40 per week at $1.10 per hour, and it paid our family’s rent.

      Couldn’t afford a candy bar- pissed because a friend stole my first one and ate it- but the rich life of a small, one-stoplight Western town was priceless. It was a million miles away from the multicultural Californian ghetto.

    • I’ve said it before: Morons send kids out as missionaries so they can see how good they’ve got it.

    • I’ve long held the belief that ‘classic rock’ radio is one of the very worst things to happen to music, ever. Think about it. Who honestly believes that anyone ever in the world is sitting somewhere and thinks to himself, “You know, I really would like to hear some ’38 Special’ right now.”? But yet, there they are, on regular rotation, so that we can never mercifully forget about their horrible take on southern rock.

      Same goes for 80s stations. I cut my teeth on music during the early 80s. There was some outstanding music then. Unfortunately, the shit that became popular was shit then, and it’s still shit, but now I have to deal with all the millennials playing it. They’re all like, “You don’t like 80s music?”

      • Ha. I’ve had that experience. I’ve heard younger people listening to pop crap that was pop crap when I was young. It’s very weird.

        • I have that experience too, but if I’m in a restaurant or store and they play some crap from the 80s, for me I always hated Journey and Def Leperd, I am now thankful because they could be playing something so much worse, so much more African. At least that old crap has a melody.

          • ” At least that old crap has a melody.”
            That (essentially) has become my shorthand argument against listening to Africanized auditory pop culture when I’m not in the mood to get into the socio/cultural harms accompanying that rot. “Melody should predominate over rhythm.”

          • There’s that, but what I really, really hate is the singing style that pretty much every modern popular black female singer has. You know, where she has to climb up and down multiple octaves with every freaking word.

          • I suppose most readers are way too young to remember, or have even heard, Negro pop music from the 1950s. Check it out sometime. You will be amazed at how many of the songs were melodic, including covers of standards by white composers. Do-wop and early rock and roll were rhythmic as well, of course, but they kept it in proportion instead of making it front and center like today’s rappers.

            Blacks still wanted to take their place in white society then, and their music reflected civilized norms. They can do that when strongly encouraged.

          • Nothing has, in any era, been more scarce than quality melody. The reason melody is not important in contemporary music is there is almost no creative genius left to create it. Or anything else?

    • Covered by Sven on TDS last week – “when we wuz kangz down in Africa.”

      Been stuck in my head ever since. Sven’s version, thank Kek.

      Toto’s other big hit was a baby-come-back ode to (((Rosanna Arquette))).

      “Meet you all the way” is music to the Chosen heart.

    • The amusing thing for me, is that today’s music makes the 80’s sound really good. At least the female singers didn’t dress like whores and prance around the stage like a stripper. And the males didn’t sound like grunting Howler monkeys with a autotuner and keyboard.

      Still I’ll take 80’s mainstream any day over rap and associated crap that passes for music today. Just don’t take it seriously, it’s silly, goofy and irreverent but it’s like life.

      • I think a good general rule for any era after the 1940s is to just avoid any ‘pop’ music. It’s always crap, especially the stuff that is expressly generated to be popular music. On the other hand, every era has some really good music, including now. For example, guitars are really making a strong comeback, with the likes of Jack White, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Gary Clark Jr., etc.

        Seriously though, stay away from pop music.

        • Hey Brother if you like guitars check out Justin Johnson who makes/plays a guitar out of different materials…

      • While I share your sentiment, I remember all the female singers dressing like whores and strippers then too.

          • For the Like a Virgin cover art (1984), she wore a lace bodsuit and a belt with a buckle that read “Boy Toy.”

          • Ha! Say what you will about the surveillance state, but I clicked on mini-dresses on Forever 21 and now? My phone life is a feast of visual delights.

        • Not all of them. And not to today’s extent. Even videos by overtly sexy singers like Deborah Harry seem charmingly naive by today’s standards. Madonna was the template for everything that followed.

          • Let’s not forget that Debbie Harry showed her boobs in “Videodrome,” how many of today’s pop stars (not named Miley Cyrus) have done that?

          • Missed ’em! Had to turn that sick sh*t (Videodrome) off a few seconds in. I’d go back in time and murder directors who do pain porn, and the financiers who greenlight such vile filth. Now THAT is traumatizing porn, not the rub-rub stuff.

          • I’m conflicted on Videodrome – it’s certainly “degenerate-presenting” but it’s sincerely intended as critique not titillation.

            The cigarette stuff was more degenerate than the nudity, FWIW.

            In Harry’s defense, she made her career vis a vis fans with a more old-fashioned kind of sex appeal than just popping one out on stage or simulating sex during every performance – something none of today’s thots can righteously claim.

            As for what happened with her producers etc… I haven’t heard.

          • “Videodrome” is a blast and quite prescient to boot. Of course, one must have a taste for exceedingly bizarre, hallucinatory material to appreciate something like that. It’s not a film for normies. But it’s almost like the movie anticipated extreme content on the Internet. And it has James Woods! Just about the only modern actor who has any sense.

  16. Oh yes! I normally play my podcasts in 2x speed, but the 1 hr a week i get of this is just not enough zman to go thru it that fast, i play the it @ .5 speed 😀

    • I talk fast normally. Not Ben Shapiro fast, but faster than most people. I slow myself down when recording then compress the file to get what I think is about right. Most people talk way too slow on these things.

      • Slow-talkers are a pet peeve. If it’s bad enough, I usually get yelled at for “not letting me finish” before I start finishing their sentences and anticipating where they are going. Some people do this so frequently in conversation (usually during long, slooow fillibusters on complex subjects) that I suspect it’s a strategy, not a cope.

        Always be wary of people playing on your White penchant for politeness.

        On the opposite end, fast-talkers will “Gish Gallop” you – a Shapiro specialty.

        • This was the thing I had to work hardest on as a Sales Engineer. I’d get the gist of a question or a statement when the customer was about halfway through what they were saying and I always had to force myself to hold on and not interrupt (not always successfully), because people don’t like it when you do that. It’s really off-putting. At least I know that about myself. :/

          • At least I know that about myself.

            It’s always a good thing when a man understands his own weaknesses and limitations. And, yes, possessing the ability (or the “smarts” if anyone likes) to understand the whole of a question before the half of it is conveyed, can be a weakness, or a limitation. When you say, “I always had to force myself,” what I take from that is that you learned (evidently the hard way, but nevertheless) to exercise a great deal of self-restraint. And the ability to exercise self-restraint is something we could use a lot more of in this world.

        • I read a line in an otherwise forgettable crime novel, “When he paused to think, you could see the gears turning and levers moving.”

      • Always enjoy the friday episode, and of course the daily blog postings as well, in addition to the financial support – I say thanks.

      • Yeah. I have to listen to most podcasts at least at 1.25, many at 1.5 and for some, the 1.75. But yours, 1.0 is pretty comfortable.
        Not a lot of droning either, which infests most podcasts. Or they try to sound like NPR. Cringe-fest!

    • The Peace Corps was one of the 20th Century’s mass murders. They help the African population to grow at an accelerated rate at multiples of a naturally sustainable level. Nature has been trying to fix Africa ever since but White people and now the Chinese keep interfering.

    • “Africa always wins”

      I think I first heard that phrase used in an essay entitled “Let Africa Sink” by Kim Du’Toit ( an ex-South African).

      The essay is still out there on the interwebs – and has been commented on extensively over the years. I can’t get to any of the links behind the firewall I’m on at the moment.

      • Here are two versions of the piece “Let Africa Sink”:

        Christians and Moslems are involved in a population race for the position of world religion with the great number of adherents. Christianity is No. 1 and Africans and Moslems are growing the fastest.

        Traditional Catholics oppose providing birth control, must less abortion, to impoverished populations. They argue that “you want to solve poverty by killing poor people.” No, we are trying to prevent the births of additional poor people. They count on continued foreign assistance and increases in agricultural technology to keep the famine wolves from the door. They also see no difference between a Black Ethiopian versus a White Englishman.

        • To be fair, when this world is gross, material, fallen and corrupt, and the next world is the thing to which moral and spiritual energy is properly directed, then it makes sense to not worry about overpopulation.

          • Yeah…. but……..

            Those of us not indoctrinated into Catholicism look at it differently.

            Maybe this world is gross – because you and your imported African brethren that are only looking for the next world – keep shitting on the sidewalk and then excusing it away as not a proper use of your “spiritual energy” to chastise people who do so.

            Yes – maybe this world is “material” – but I can’t eat a spirit – and God doesn’t put a roof over my head – or fix my car. Maybe I’m not a “believer” – but I never found that prayer would magically reattach a muffler that fell off on the drive home from work last week.

            I guess maybe – based on your premise that this world is “fallen and corrupt” – that I ought to stop complaining about how my little boy’s ass has been rubbed raw by the local Catholic priest – and tell him to buck up and look forward to the next world – and here’s a case of Vaseline?

            I’m not looking for perfection in this world – but I’m also not very tolerant of those who want to excuse away all manner of shit behavior while they drive down the highway throwing their trash out the window – all because they feel that “this world is gross, material, fallen, and corrupt”

          • I might have been repeating – without commentary – a world-view that I vehemently oppose, because commentary doesn’t seem necessary in the face of such absurd evil. The wrongness and head-in-sand [1] stupidity speaks for itself. I might even agree with much of what you said.

            [1] yes sand. Appropriate considering that this sort of inanity comes from hot deserts, no?

          • “this world is gross, material, fallen, and corrupt” –because of– asswipes who throw their trash out the window.

          • I hear this argument (?) a lot, i.e., folks are too busy looking to the next “world” to handle things in this world and it has to do with their religious beliefs. But I’m curious, what major religions are those that such is a tenet of faith? Raised as a Catholic, I never remember such from school. Indeed, I still remember sermons about being a good “steward of the earth”.

            Am I overlooking some other faith belief?

          • Really brings to mind Karl Marx’s observation that “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” Endure misery and oppression and put your hope and faith in the next world.

            No thanks.

      • I like to remind everyone whenever Du Toit is mentioned that he was an anti-Apartheid activist in his youth and stands behind that activism. He’s not only OK with letting Africa sink, he is OK with the formerly functional White countries of Rhodesia and South Africa sinking with it. He had the financial means to flee the boat after he and fellow activists had holed it below the water line.

        • Just to be clear – I’m not defending Du Toit. Many years ago – when he wrote that essay, I was a regular visitor to his site – that is when he wasn’t banning me for calling him out on his bullshit on where he thought THIS country should be heading.

          It was shortly after he banned me for like the third or fourth time that he just stopped posting online. His wife used to get all pissed off at me too. I told them if they didn’t like the way things were done here – maybe they should go back.

    • In Darwinism, nature, aka ‘the jungle’, is the house. Never bet against the house. Hence Darwin would not bet against Africa.

  17. Changed my hearing aid batteries and pumped up the left-rear tire on my Rascal scooter, let’s roll with Z Man.

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