A Night At The Circus

The maniacal Mike Bloomberg took the stage for the Democratic debate last night and to his credit, he made the thing interesting to watch. Up until now, these shows have been quite dull. They had the feel of a faculty meeting at a third-tier private college, where everyone pretends the issues at hand are important, but in reality, they are just going through the motions. The introduction of Bloomberg added a genuine sense of urgency to the thing, which made it entertaining.

That sense of urgency mostly served to exaggerate all of the characters on stage, as they let their hair down in an effort to steal the limelight from Bloomberg. Lizzy Warren was the school principle from Uncle Buck, desperately trying to make sure no one had any fun and treated everything with utmost seriousness. She also seemed to vibrate, as if she was receiving a mild jolt of electricity. If she had put a light bulb in her mouth, while the others were talking, it would have made perfect sense.

Similarly, Klobuchar reminded everyone why giving women the vote was a bad idea, as she ticked every box for the matronly politician. At various points she was offended, over eager, cloying and schoolmarmish. She probably had the best night of the bunch, until she got into a purse fight with Buttigieg. He mocked her for not knowing the name of the Mexican president. She responded by demanding if he was calling her dumb, which made the point in an amusing way.

The prize for most ridiculous character on the stage goes to Pete Buttigieg, who looked like a child playing dress-up. Not exactly a child, more like a robot child. That’s because he is the quintessential millennial, who prepares for everything like a test. He probably even practices how he turns to address the other people on stage. When he lectured Klobuchar about not knowing the name of the Mexican president, you just knew that in real life he is a bitchy pedantic nuisance.

Strangely, Joe Biden probably had his best night, but it is a good reminder that you get one chance to make a first impression. Even though he was coherent and lucid for the entire night, you notice that because it is rare. He is at that stage of life where his mind prefers to be in neutral and it takes effort to get the thing in gear. Once he gets it in gear, he is fine, but you never can be certain he will stay that way. You can’t help feeling a bit sad for him, as he staggers through the final days.

What made the show, of course, was Mike Bloomberg. He spent most of the night looking mildly irritated by the whole thing. It was as if he had used a crazy act in court to avoid being sent to prison, but was instead sent to the asylum. He knew he had to keep up the act, but desperately wanted to start shouting that he was not insane like the people around him. The only thing missing was a big Indian to throw a sink through one of the windows to close the show.

Bloomberg is the Democrat version of Ross Perot. He’s not really a candidate, but more of a foil for the other candidates. Last night all of them went ham on him in an effort to show they are the most virtuous of the bunch. Warren went full rage head over Bloomberg having called women “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians.” For the rest, Bloomberg was the cartoon rich guy. They took turns flinging their poo at him. For the most part, he just smirked it off, dismissing them as sideshow clowns.

That’s where we get to the Ross Perot comparison. In 1992, Perot ran as a rich guy with a common touch, trying to save the system. He hated the Bush family and he wanted to see George Bush lose. His folksy and erratic performance in the debates probably put Clinton in the White House. That seems to be the role Bloomberg is hoping to play for the Democrats. His mission is to keep Sanders from winning the nomination outright, so the party can figure out some way to stop him.

Bloomberg also lifts the veil on something we don’t get to see. For our Jewish ruling class, Bernie is the embarrassing uncle, who never amounted to much. He is a reminder of a past they would like to forget. The Jewish Bolshevik is a stereotype that has largely faded from our consciousness, because Jewish billionaires like Bloomberg have worked hard to erase it from the scenery. Jews are no longer subversive irritants like Bernie, but benevolent oligarchs like Bloomberg.

Putting that aside, Bloomberg did not score any hits on the other candidates, but they managed to dirty him up pretty good. Last night was a good example of why normal people tend to do poorly in politics. He was unprepared to play a convincing character in response to the other characters on the stage. Instead, he allowed them to define him as their favorite villain. He was the evil white man, the pervy misogynist, the soulless greed-head and the callous oligarch.

That’s probably going to force Bloomberg to shift his strategy away from attacking Trump with his billion-dollar ad campaign and instead attack Sanders. Most likely, Sanders wins Nevada and heads into South Carolina with a chance to knock out the remaining candidates. Some may linger on, but in two weeks the race will be Bloomberg and Sanders. In order to avoid looking like a fool, Bloomberg will have to go scorched earth on Bernie and his supporters.

All in all, it was a great show, maybe even the best debate ever. No, none of the performers should be allowed loose in society, much less be elected president, but it was a hilarious performance. When the robot historians are sifting through the rubble of this age, they will probably use footage of this debate as an example of just how terribly wrong things went in late empire America. “And just like that, everyone went insane” will be how they describe this age.

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197 thoughts on “A Night At The Circus

  1. How appropriate to provide a link to the Big Indian -Sink scene from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” since the whole debate was similar to all the characters sitting around nodding in agreement with Nurse Cratchet.

  2. Bloomberg encapsulates everything wrong with the USA 2019. A low charisma NYC Billionaire who hates working class people trying to buy an election. So he can do what? Force his globalism, warmongering, and social liberalism on us. Because Trump and Bernie are too “dangerous”. Incredibly, people who should know better are rooting for him or describing him as a “moderate”. i don’t see anything “Moderate” about Open borders, bad trade deals, or wars in the Middle East. And if you’re worried about “Authoritarianism” then go look at how Mini-mike behaved as NYC Mayor.

  3. Awesome post ! Didn’t see the debate, but you painted a hilarious picture of it 🙂

    ” ” The only thing missing was a big Indian to throw a sink through one of the windows to close the show. ” ”

    ” ” They took turns flinging their poo at him. For the most part, he just smirked it off, dismissing them as sideshow clowns.” ”

    “.“And just like that, everyone went insane” ”

    Thank you for the laugh . It’s a great way to start the day !

  4. I listened to a string of Klobuchar clips and she is smarter than I expected. However, I cannot stand to listen to her.

    I’ve wondered this before about men finding women’s voices, especially when those voices are argumentative, simply intolerable.

    Is it possible that there is a wise woman who could lead us well but I would vote against her because she is so irritating?

  5. It doesn’t matter which 1 of these Mongoloids become the chosen 1. If they get in the “white” house, they’ll just be Israel’s Nigger, like Trump, and the guy before him, and the guy before him, ad nauseum, to Rosevelt who sent the japs a please attack Pearl Harbor card.

  6. A good show, for sure, but not indicative of much. It delights the base to have Bloomberg there as a whipping boy. Much like it delighted some of the GOP base when Jeb and the Univision Vanguard were made the objects of ridicule instead of axiomatic praise, the upshot was little more than window dressing. What’s most unlikely is that Sanders is an actual true believer who is a genuine threat. Like Trump, he is almost assured to be a business as usual character with rhetorical flourishes designed to keep a portion of his base excited for next betrayal.

  7. This planet is not big enough for both the Democratic Party and the United States of America. Just like no body is big enough for both the cancer and the patient to thrive. That’s what I came away with. But as entertainment it could be worse.

  8. Granted anyone who’s running for president wants to win, and if you’re a Party member you want your Party to win. That’s just normal.

    But the rabid, maniacal urge they all express to defeat Trump, to remove Trump, to get rid of Trump personally at any cost, is frankly beyond me.

    I could understand it if Trump had actually accomplished anything, had delivered on a single campaign promise. But he has delivered nothing. He is Obama’s third term, or maybe GWB’s ninth term. Nothing nothing nothing, far as the eye can see. Oh, maybe some judges, who will all turn in office anyway like they always do.

    If you scratch a rabid anti-Trumpist, if you honestly ask them why exactly they hate this gormless unachiever so damn much, you’ll usually hear he’s a racist. If you ask them how or why he is a racist, it is usually mumble mumble something something immigration.

    So in other words, the president is evil because he is against people who do not live here, and in favor of people who DO live here. The purpose of the government, in these people’s minds, is to represent the interests of foreigners at the expense of Americans. That is their bottom line. They prefer foreign mooching strangers they’ve never met over their ostensible fellow Americans.

    I don’t understand why Trump doesn’t hammer that plain message, every single minute of every single day. The Democrats love foreigners, and they hate YOU.

    • You’ve asked the “Unpardonable Question.” The same one I try to bring up all the time re: Trump the President vs. Trump Before. More troops to the ME. More than 748K *discretionary* visas issued to illegal aliens – literally many hundreds of times more than Obama issued. Look it up for yourselves: https://tinyurl.com/wqyvyjx. Defunding E-verify in every budget. His (latest) DOJ swampie going after the “We Build the Wall” folks. (Like every other Trump dictate, this was reversed by a district court judge. For once, in favor of border security.)

  9. No one would consider Bloomie anywhere near “normal”, he’s a petty tyrant, control freak and absolutely despises ordinary white and black Americans and who doesn’t think they have even a right to defend themselves.

    Not normal at If he was a working stiff, he’d be the creepy little guy with no friends.

  10. So do I vote for Bernie or do I vote for Bloomie?

    And major kudos for this epic, indeed legendary, prediction:
    “Maybe this will be the epitaph of our civilization overall – Western civilization: it rode in as a knight in armor on a mighty steed and rode out on a tiny tricycle followed by midgets on miniature horses.”

  11. Donald Trump is the Ross Perot candidate that actually had the audacity to win. Every opponent of his is an OrangeManBad NPC.

    • Not at all. Perot was an Eagle Scout (back when that was a real accomplishment, and not just another credential), served in the military, and worked as a salesman. I divide the Trump era into “Private Citizen/Candidate Trump” vs. “President Trump.” Or MAGA Trump vs. Swamp Trump, if you prefer.

  12. This is why I’ve never bought the “lead poisoning from the water pipes” theory of Roman decline. Give a society a few generations’ worth of peace and prosperity, and soon enough you’ll have its “leadership” declaring themselves the incarnation of Amon-Ra and marrying their sisters. Heck, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the mix, we’ve even got our own Incitatus (rim shot!). As far as I’m concerned, the Chinese can’t invade fast enough. Maybe if we ask real nice, they’ll bring back foot binding.

    • “the Chinese can’t invade fast enough.”

      What channel are you watching? Dude, the Chinese are invading RIGHT NOW.

      And they’re doing really damn well, too.

      • ~480K student visas issued to CCP last year. Seems like every other day there’s a story of either a Chinese national or or ethnic Chinese being accused of espionage.

        • Yep. This is best summed up by that old meme/adage/quote , “The capitalists will sell us the rope by which to hang them.” Your Chinese students are a source of much needed revenue for cash hungry, tuition milking Universities—few other students, especially native minorities, can afford to pay full tuition, but the Chinese do. That’s big bucks. The CCP “Confucius Institutes”, which have sprung up all over our major Universities, also contribute millions to those Institutions.

          Even now, when our intelligence agencies have pointed to these students’ involvement in espionage—aided by the Confucius Institutes, many Universities refuse to close them down or reduce the enrollment of such Students. My old University is one of them.

      • A small, private liberal arts college near me has 30% Chinese enrollment. The college president has plans to increase that to 50% because $$$$$$$.

        It used to be we brought over foreigners, trained them in something useful (mostly at our expense), then sent them back to make their own countries better. Administrator to professor ratio was low. Now the entire system is just a cash cow not only for useless professorial marxist filth monkeys, but for the UNBELIEVABLY bloated administration which employees their otherwise useless graduates.

    • At last, at long last- somebody else noticed that the Lead Lawsuit Octopus began with “chirrun in the projects so hungry, they eat paint chips and become violent, unable to learn with no breakfast”

      So many ripples, all from one stupid maneuver.

    • Except we will all be dead. The Chinese have no use for gwailo and will exterminate us the first chance they get except for white women whom they;ll rape to death.

      I’d rather see the country fire off a bunch of nukes at those human locusts and go out in a nuclear fire than let them have this country. Seriously they are a bane on humanity.

      I know the HBD nut jobs here worship them because of their IQ(which is vastly overstated given all the “progress” they made has been via IP theft). But so what. There is more to life than a having a high IQ.

  13. The bloom is not off the berg. I didn’t watch the “debate”. Most people won’t. Bberg has plenty of time left to do his thing and the field is amusingly poor. All he has to do is keep spending money and sit there and blink. When he gets the nomination he’ll promise student loan forgiveness or some other thing to draw the kiddies back in.

    • Yeah but that may be what dooms him: the fact that non-lefties prefer him. Who is Pancho Villa going to vote for? Probably the candidate that reminds him the most of whatever commie Jew that runs his home-country.

    • “Most people won’t.”

      Well, it sounds like 33 million did tune in, however briefly. We can only hope that exposure of this Star Wars bar-scene group on stage may accomplish more than all the pundits combined.

      • The Bernie Bros are convinced their boy can walk on water but at the end of the day more Rats than not will calculate that Bberg has some chance of beating Trump and Sanders none.

        • That may be so. Bloomberg may be the best of the worse and given the nod. But I doubt if he’ll take the Sander’s acolytes with him. They’ll stay home and that will give the edge to Trump. This is Sander’s year, nothing but Sanders will be acceptable to those who still think politics is a straight game. And when they catch wise, they’ll stay home. They’re young and ideological, not pragmatic. All or nothing.

    • I’m curious just what is in store for the candidate roster. He is one ruthless SOB—know people that have worked BLP. Wonder what surprises he has in store for Lizzie and the gang.

  14. Ever seen the movie “Serial”? It was a farce staring Martin Mull. It makes fun of the aging Jewish-Hippie culture of San Fran-Marin in the late ’70s. It came out the year I moved to the Bay Area as a young man. It was a pretty good spoof of the times. I saw it again about a year ago. I felt as if I were watching a documentary about a long lost paradise.

    Watching the debate I had that same nostalgic feeling…not for what we’ve lost but because this is their last performance. Four years from now (maybe 8), that stage will be loaded with savage, dumb, angry, entitled, demanding ascendant race warriors. These debates are the last gasps of the class of ’68 and ’72. As horrible as they have been they were still in our family tree.

    Whites are done in the D-party. From now on even Jews and Stepford homos will become back-benchers. Politics itself may be done as well. The ascendant are too amp’ed up and too eager to divide the spoils. The “other means” of politics are probably beyond most of the nuAmericans. Their discourse will be demands and war cries.


    • Strangely, I was thinking of the movie “The Last Waltz.” It’s the final scene of boomers on center stage. In a few years it’ll be a lot different as the bitter harvest of what they’ve wrought comes into full view.

      • They show that during spring/fall fundraising on our local PBS station. It’s not at all bad, but how much money can you raise off a concert film that the boomers probably saw during its first run in the cinemas?

  15. One thing that stuck with me was Klobuchar turning to Butt-plug and asking “do you think I’m dumb?” It was the only time, and only for one second, that I sympathized with Butt-plug. I had a similar incident in the office kitchenette with an office bitch-on-wheels. This is what women like that do. I literally said “oh God, here we go.” when she said that. You already feel the wheels turning in your head about how you will spin this with HR.

    Another thing about Butt-plug I noticed is that clearly his focus group told him not to shave because a 5 o’clock shadow would give him gravitas. But the way the stage light played with the shadows it looked like he failed to wipe his face after eating a$$ behind stage.

    One last thing that stuck with me was when Bernie said he has a “summer camp.” I just pictured him reading a biography on Trotsky while sunning his pale old legs. It felt very 1930s Catskills. I closed the night saying “Warren is just so awful” as I turned off the TV.

  16. I honestly cannot fathom what purpose Bloomberg was supposed to serve. Preserve the primacy of gentry white/Jewish liberals in Democratic politics, maybe? Dunno. But as you wrote first impressions matter and Bloomberg came across so badly it is hard to see him remaining a viable candidate. There were a few brief flashes of seriousness from Bloomberg near the end, but his honesty about the inherent failures of communism probably hurt more than helped him. He has the money to hang in there, but probably not the tolerance to do so. I haven’t seen it mentioned, but Bloomberg also showed his age at times much as Biden always does. Sanders, like Trump, is full of energy and the contrasts between them and fellow geezers Bloomberg and Biden couldn’t be greater.

    Outside of the Bloomberg implosion, the greatest takeaway from last night is Buttigieg is a robotic and more polished version of Beto, basically a Rubio redux. The talk had been Buttigieg wouldn’t win this year but would be going places. It is the same blather as was repeated about Beto and will end the same way.

    The bottom line is the Democrats are batshit crazy. Most of us assumed they would take the nomination away from Bernie but he’s probably the best they can do and certainly represents the locus and future of the party. It bodes ill for the dying Empire.

  17. To be honest, I’m just waiting for someone to say “Don’t get your panties in a bunch!” to Mayor Pete.

    • I mentioned in an earlier comment that Klobuchar could have done this subtly when he attacked Mondale. She could have said Mondale was a Democratic hero, and you should hope to be half the man he was.

  18. Just to clarify your point-“When the robot historians are sifting through the rubble of this age”-in 10 years or so.

  19. Only saw the little clip of Warren, Biden and Bernie piling on Bloomberg. What struck me most is how devastatingly OLD they all look. All ideology aside, people who look that old and that worn out, should not be running for president. Trump is old too, but he somehow retains and projects the vigor of a man who is still a man, not some collapsing heap put out to pasture.

    Bloomberg has never registered on my radar before, so I’ve never actually taken a good close-up look at the man, so I finally did. He looks like he was drawn by Chuck Jones. That squiggly line of a mouth seems unreal, he looks like a cartoon. You could put him on the cover of a re-make of “How the Grinch Stole CHRISTMAS!” — we could re-title it “How the Jews Stole EVERYTHING!”, and shelve it in the History section.

    • Bernie, age 78; Bloomberg, age 78; Biden, age 77; Warren, a spring chicken at age 70. They are old. Big difference between 70 and 77 or 78, too.

      Pelosi is 79, McConnell is 78, Grassley is 86, Nadler is 69, Schumer is 69, and Trump is 73. We are led/ruled by a gerontocracy.

      Bloomberg makes a great Grinch. Steals people’s presents, then gets thanked for giving people back some of the things he stole. The Grinch was pretty foul to his little dog, too, he’d better have the dog sign an NDA.

      • I find that the closer to old age I get myself the more that the elderly really irritate me if they are in charge of anything. Politicians especially. We need it to where the elderly are around for wise counsel, but they need to GTFO of office after reaching 70 to 72.

    • That’s Bloomberg after the debate coach and prep. The guy is way out on the spectrum.

      His handlers are probably sensing a victory on this one, given what they have to work with.

    • Bloomberg is a plutocratic monopolist. As such, he has been so long surrounded by quivering Yes Men and paid-for toadies that he maybe forgot what it’s like outside his bubble. He blundered into the real world last night. It will be interesting to see if he learned anything from the experience.

    • Trump is a showman with good teeth. Bloomberg is a billionaire jewish guy with coffee stained teeth.
      I noticed Bloomberg said to the “ me too” crowd last night that his organization fired men the same day that they were accused.
      How merciful of him.
      I look forward to the day he gets the same mercy from us.

      • “I noticed Bloomberg said to the “ me too” crowd last night that his organization fired men the same day that they were accused.”

        Think of having a chief law enforcement officer with this attitude directing the FBI, all federal prosecutors, the CIA and NSA. Imagine anti-gun fanatic Bloomberg issuing orders to the ATF, orders which the apparatchiks in that agency are slavering to carry out.

        No. Just no.

  20. Z: Putting that aside, Bloomberg did not score any hits on the other candidates, but they managed to dirty him up pretty good.

    HB: Have to disagree with the blog host there. Bloomberg, whatever you think of him – was the adult in the room last night. The fact that he will not stand behind his previous, mostly factual statements and positions – is a symptom of the political universe, current year. Look, Trump is going hard at this game right now – everything is ‘the firsts martian female blah-blah’ – yippee!

    Bloomie got that ‘C Word’ into the conversation – from the Democrat side: COMMUNISM. Bloomie dismissed the old blowhard commie, derisively – the best weapon against the humorless leftist after all – AND got the red-faced, RED-hearted old man to list his houses … with that flourish about, “like thousands” …. “I have a summer camp”. I could have sworn a Larry David mask flitted over the face of the aging hippie commie ….

    … a “summer camp”. Maybe a ‘summer gulag’. Or ‘re-education camp?’ Then again, it reminded me that romulans love sending their kids to summer camps.

    —- Bloomie scored some deep HITS on the portential front-runner, the red-faced screaming commie. Those video clips were worth a cool $420 million – as long as one did not have to spend a cent of it.

    • Bloomberg was channeling Groucho Marx:
      “I have my principles, and if you don’t like those, I have others.”

      • Good reference. For some reason I was reminded of a other Grouchoism: “I’d never join a club that would accept me as a member”

      • No doubt, a nice touch of old Vaudeville – kind of like the facial comedy of Eddie Cantor, No, make that Buster Keaton, definitely Buster Keaton.

        I got a good laugh when Eddie Munster that is running for Student Council President bragged, or blurted, “I wrote an essay…”

        Oh, boy, an “essay”. He is just so well prepared!

        And what made this smarmy manlet Petie, er, Eddie, think that going after the non candidate Klobuchar — would burnish his appeal to women? I thought women liked ole Pete because he came off as ‘nice’. So much for nice – just a nasty woman going after a fellow woman.

        But he wrote an “essay”.

        Then there was that red-faced shrew blustering about her “two cent tax” blah-blah. Let’s see. As a business owner, I already have the capital class in my pocket for every credit card transaction – ranging from 2% – 5% – say Visa to Amex. And Discover? That “no fee card” as per recent advertising …. yeah there is a “fee” – they take as much as Amex.

        So this mere “two cents” – let us call it TWO PER CENT. Thank you.

        Add that on to shipping – all that FREE shipping – even intelligent people forget that it comes from somewhere. Shipping can come to as much as 10% of the face value of an invoice.

        So 10% for shipping, up to 5% for the Bloombergs to have a hand in my pocket for every transaction. Then just toss in this harmless “two cents” – sure.

  21. Bloomberg and his type are not “benevolent oligarchs”. They are simply oligarchs, who then serve to boss everyone else around with their “walking around money”, as they assume the role of “servant master”. The idea is they know so much better than the rest of us about everything, that they need to push us all in the right directions, “for our own good”. There is a Talmudic overlay to all of it.

    • There was a very good reason that the top tax bracket was 90% under Roosevelt.

      I’m coming too the conclusion that any income in stocks or cash or anything needs to be taxed at 100% over 500K (inflation adjusted annually of course) or 25X the minimum wage.

      This way the rich will have the eat the same policy dog food as the rest of us.

      As for foreign oligarchs., no entry allowed . And sure Vegas will complain. Tough. High stakes idiots can go gamble in Macau and charities and endowments can get smaller amounts from more people.

      • Yes. Allowing an individual’s wealth to grow massively unchecked is like allowing one guy to have nuclear weapons. You can’t allow individuals to have such disproportionate power or they will rule you.

        One reason we can’t close our borders is because enough incredibly rich people have decided that they want them open and there is no power adequate to challenge them.

        If is a billionaire cannot accept a 100% tax on profits above a certain amount, we’re probably better off not having them.

  22. I was a little surprised at the moderation for that debate, or lack thereof. I am beginning to think that if anyone in the DNC-Media nexus ever did have a plan, it has been shredded.

  23. I don’t think they topped the debates of 2015. Those were the best ones of all time. Trump steamrolled 17 empty suits including the woman who wrecked HP. It’s surprising that Warren stepped so seamlessly into the role of Megan Kelly with the fat broads and horse-faced lesbians line.
    Mayor Pete and Warren have something in common in that they are both products of the managerial state who rode the affirmative action superhighway into nice cushy do-nothing jobs for simply existing. Her for being a fake indian and him for being a fake man.

    • Completely agree — I happened on, I think, the first debate in 2015, and I was hooked. 17 cardboard cutouts and a carnival barker! I began shilling for the Orange Man among my normie conservative family, and they were scandalized. I’ll admit to the naivety of false hope, but the pure entertainment value was solid gold.

      I didn’t watch last night, but my sense is that what distinguishes 2015 is that Trump was trying to entertain, whereas the Democrats are trying to be earnest and are hilarious only unintentionally.

    • They lump anything west of the Hudson dealing with us rubes in fly-over country, as foreign policy. Pretty soon they’ll be sending us our very own ambassador to field any upstart questions.

  24. Wait and see, when one of these clowns gets nominated, the Leftie story will be, “I don’t agree with anything he/she/it stands for, but I am just voting for him/her/it to get Trump out”. While they will claim to disown anything their person stands for, they will continue to ascribe and attach all of Trump’s faults and issues to his voters, claiming that the rest of us are just odious Mini-Trumps. They want it both ways, as necessary, the traditional Leftie situationalism.

    • No matter who wins the Dem nomination, some group or other is going to get their panties in a wad. The likely scenario is their remaining home on election day. Alienation has consequences, as Hillary saw.

          • Well, from my small circle of college educated friends, yes the majority did vote for Trump. I’ll admit, perhaps a higher portion of non-college educated did as well, but an amazing amount did. So did I.

            In thIs group are doctors, educators, engineers, etc. In fact, their support is stronger than ever for the man, which is shown by their admission that they did vote for Trump, albeit with trepidation, and next time will with unreserved commitment.

            Don’t conflate the types of college educated folk I speak of, they are a fairly strong bunch of conservatives, which is possibly a much smaller group than liberal college educated.

          • college edumacated people, you mean H1B fodder? The only thing these four eyed cucked dweebs are good for is training their H1B replacements. While these cubicle monkeys are on dates with their H1B boyfriends, their wives are banging the Amazon delivery man.

  25. Bloomberg will run as an independent moderate if he does not get the nomination in a brokered convention. The Democrats’ best chance to win 2020 is to try to deny Trump the 270 electors required to win the election, whereupon the President is selected by the vote of the majority of state delegations in the House of Representatives.

    Right now I believe the Republicans hold the majority of the delegations in 26 states. Look for Democrats to spend heavily in House races that will flip states from majority Republican to majority Democrat. Also, look for the Democratic machine to bribe, cajole, and otherwise convince squish Republicans to turn on Trump under the guise of ending this divisive period in American politics.

    Either way, the plutocrat class wins. While they purport to detest Trump, the fact is that he has been an excellent President for the plutocrat class. And needless to say, Bloomberg is their guy too. It’s a win-win for the plutocrat class.

    • If 80,000 votes in only FIVE COUNTIES (4 in FL, 1 in MI) had broke the other way, President Pantsuit would’ve won in 2016.

      Bloomberg is not going to make the same mistake. He’ll fund 80,001 limos to drag bums to the polls first.

      This depresses me to no end.

      • Not sure if you read my comment. Bloomberg is not in this to win the Democrat nomination. Bloomberg has no mass appeal west of the Hudson. He can’t win a general election.

        If Bloomberg runs as an independent all he has to do to deny Trump an electoral college victory is to win a single, large swing state like PA, OH, MI, or FL. No candidate will get the 270 required to win and the election will be decided by the House. Bloomberg has a decent chance of buying the Presidency in the House.

        • That’s the point, Bloomberg has to win a State which would not necessarily have gone Rep or Dem. The question is how?

      • He’ll set up a bar and buffet tent exactly 101 feet from every polling place in the US. All the Hennessy you can drink for an “I voted” sticker.

    • Not gonna happen. Perot got 19% of the popular vote and zero electoral votes. Bloomberg won’t even approach that.

  26. Seriously, this post should win a Pulitzer Prize. I laughed until I cried, upon realizing that it was dead-on accurate and I now fear that the full decline of the species is imminent. My God, half of our population is going to vote for one of these deviant imbeciles.

  27. Actually I wrote yesterday that Bloomberg is a force along with Bernie. I no longer think so. Biden might yet scramble the field in South Carolina. Butt Plug could also come out of this thing a winner.
    Bloomberg is used to holding court in places like Davos
    Ain’t gonna work in the Democratic insane asylum.

  28. If you look at twittter and other media it seems as thought Warren has really gotten a boost. I would not be surprised if she is the next president.

    People are already saying she would kill Trump in a debate

    • I agree. She’d literally kill him with those tiny fists she’s always waving around, on the ends of those twig wrists.

      In fact, I’ve seen smaller women than her kick 250-lb guys (in 60 lbs of body armor, yet) through plate glass windows. Thank you, modern woke action movies!

      Seriously, what’s with Warren and the fists? It’s not only bizarre, but actually pitiable to see.

    • Hey Duck.

      Pre politics Dr. Warren could have given President Trump a run for his money. The current iteration, not at all.

      Being a Senator made her good ideas and solid intellect go bye bye, maybe it went when she sold her soul or she just got old, who knows but she acting like a crazy democrat rather than the populist author of the excellent Two Income Trap.

  29. It’s not just you guys. Up here in Canada, we learned that all it takes to shut down Canada is 20 drunk Indians to shut the country down. They set up their teepees on the train tracks, and now people can’t get heating fuel, farmers cant move grain, and the nation is at the mercy of about 20 red noggers who are “protesting”.

    Prime Minister Pink Socks is on the job though!!! All hope is not lost!!!!

    Good grief… it won’t be long now. All hail our robot overlords…🤪

  30. My very first vote for Prez was in 1996, and I voted for Perot. I didn’t really have any ideological reason for doing so, other than he visited my campus and I really liked his speech. (I remember it was an overflow crowd.) I also saw Bob Dole and Bubba that year as well. Dole had that stupid pen in his hand, and his supporters were yammering about a 15% flat tax. Bubba was smooth as f**k, but totally political, and Perot seemed like an actual human being…eccentric, but definitely a human. Perot was also on his second act, like Sanders is this year. I actually see Sanders as Perot…if I’m reading the tea leaves right, 2020 America is still pining for some authenticity, and Sanders is the only guy who’s fairly authentic. Perot got sunk by powers out of his control and despite grassroots support, and I see Sanders going the same way.

    • “On Wings of Eagles” – great book about how Ross P. assembled a team of mercs to rescue his employee’s hiding in Iran after the fall of the Shah. The state department told him in no uncertain terms he’d go to prison if he tried it. He was ALL IN, regardless. (they escaped before the mission went in hot)

      For that alone, I loved Ross Perot. I ask myself if my boss would risk prison to get me out of a bad spot in a shithole country, and the answer is a resounding “hell no – that’s what insurance is for”.

      • He also funded efforts to rescue forgotten POWs in Vietnam. None other than Bush Sr. tried to stop him. This is why he hated Bush with a virulent passion.

        Perot was a good and decent man. One of the last true patriots.

        • One might also remark just for interest, how Perot pledged $40M of his own funds to run a “first rate presidential campaign”. Now with inflation it takes at least $400M to get a crack at the nomination. 😉

      • Compared to With Wings As Eagles by John Selmer Dix (M.A.), On Eagles Wings is little more than foul grunting.

        Just make sure you get the edition with the yellow cover. That’s the one you want. That’s the straight Dix.

    • Perot did seem like a real human being. He was direct and got right to the real issues, like the federal debt, trade policy, and made use of homemade charts, and liked to remind us that “it’s our country.” His opponents meanwhile appeared in slick, professional commercials showing how much they care or how much they want to bring about a bright future for America, or other vague things, designed to give us warm fuzzy feelings.

      • And don’t forget Perot’s famous debate line about the sucking sound of jobs leaving the USA due to NAFTA. He knew, the other two toadies were paid off. And the American middle class was hollowed out.

        Enjoy your “side hustles” folk.

    • A smaller Wall Street firm had a trick where they would hire people for peanuts, but promise them a monster pension plan that would vest in 20 years. Then they would find a way to fire the people 18 or 19 years in, while the owners diddled around with the money. Perot’s firm bought them out, and cleaned up that racket right quick, once they figured out what was going on.

    • I used to hate perot because he put bubba in office , and bubba corrupted the system to and extent that is breathtaking in its scale. but given what I have learned about the Bush family since them , I now profoundly appreciate what he did. HW (Bush the evil) and W (Bush the stupid) were just as corrupt , but more nuanced way. He was absolutely correct about the disaster NAFTA turned out to be.

    • Easy on Dole’s pen. He was a war hero who carried the pen because he was hurt in battle and couldn’t open his hand. Otherwise, good post. Agree he was a terrible candidate.

      • Dole was almost cut in half by a German MG42 machine gun crossing an Italian farmer’s field. As I understand it, that erstwhile pen in his hand was therapeutic.

        • The pen in the right hand kept people from trying to shake that injured hand. Instead he would do the backwards left hand handshake.

    • I supported Perot both times.Why? Because he wasn’t a slick fraud like Clinton or a swamp creature and globalist like Bush Sr. Neither of which would talk about real issues like trade policy, federal debt, etc. All they did was spew glibness and snark.

      Is Sanders like Perot? No!!! he’s playing Santa Claus to a bunch of kids but he does seem to believe what he is peddlingt. Whereas the other candidates exude a level of phoniness that is just out of this world.

  31. “He is at that stage of life where his mind prefers to be in neutral and it takes effort to get the thing in gear.”

    I’m stealing that.

    • Good line. As a guy who in a previous life was an auto tech I could run with that, but I’ve learned to manage my autism.

  32. I really hope Sanders gets the nomination. The guy is a cartoonish caricature. I felt jews wincing across this great nation. Fun. Its enuf to convert one to accelerationism. Fuck-it let’s rock!

    • Unlike the rest of them, Bernie can’t hide who he is, and doesn’t try to hide it very hard. I am looking forward to the Semitic melt-downs as this process proceeds.

      • Hearing Bernie extol the virtues of the Soviet Union will shock a lot of people. Bernie is so typical of those lefty Jews who look you right in the face and tell you that “the only people who died in the gulag were the ones who deserved it…and there really weren’t that many.” Can’t wait to see the reaction when he pulls that stunt in front of Trump.

        • They’re gonna have to drug Bernie up if it’s a face to face with Trump. I just don’t think he can take it. No really. He’s too old and he shakes enough with no one is in his face. Hell, he’s catatonic whenever some idiot jumps on the stage an steals his microphone.

    • Michael savage was ripping Bernie to pieces the other night on hi show for being ungrateful to the Caucasian ivan’s and eddies that beat the eternal bad guy. clearly saner heads in the group recognize the poor optics going on there

    • Yeah, I always figured that Jewish leaders would have blocked Sanders long before this point. He’s the equivalent of having Aunt Jemima or Favor Flav on stage.

      Crazy me, I just assumed that if a Jew was going to run for president, he’d be a Tony Curtis or Kirk Douglas type.

    • I am actually astonished that Bloomberg has repudiated everything he did and said right in New York; he could have been a contender! But I am totally disgusted by the crowing of the “Fox people” over his hypocrisy instead of saying that, yeah, he was right THEN. How could his limp-wrist excuses help him in the general election were he to win the democrat nomination? A normal man would have applauded Bloomberg of what Fauxcahontas Warren accused him …

      • Look, these days we are supposed to all believe that a horse-faced woman is a raving beauty, ‘body positivity’ movement and all that. Trump played off a similar attack, deftly, since everyone knew Rosie was ugly, stupid and abrasive. The difference is that Bloomberg is, at his core, another autist. There is savoir faire … thinking on one’s feet … and this guy.

        Sure, he managed to set up his toll booth between Wall Street and brokers and get rich doing it. Crowing, “I worked hard…” an autist’s blunder.

        I have not seen anyone mention that guy with the 5 year old kid’s bowl cut, Todd, lob, then back off of the term “obscene” wealth…?

      • Regarding Fox, listening to Hannity yesterday harping on Bloomberg’s Stop and Frisk, didn’t Giuliani do the same? I hope so because the latter greatly reduced crime. Hannity tries to make Bloomberg look bad on something that one of our guys did, which makes me think that Hannity must believe he can convince a lot of radicals not to vote for the guy. I don’t think any radicals listen to his show.

        Stop & frisk, throw em up against the wall—you betcha!

        • Rush: “(some media wanker) reported that Doomberg is targeting transgender”

          I’m going to love it when Hannity considers transition surgery options.

        • Asked the father of one of my kid’s classmates, who a retired NYPD lieutenant (Housing Division). Said under Giuliani they did stop/question/frisk, but had more latitude on the number. So mostly braced the guys they already knew were bad guys and had a pretty good hit ratio. And the others got the message and stopped carrying their pieces. Plus in those days you went to Rikers with no/high bail and a guaranteed trip upstate. Bloomberg got on the “more is better” bandwagon, so rather than leave the guys alone that they knew weren’t carrying anymore, they wanted them stopped. Over and over. Said he could have humped out a few more years, but under Red Bill its gotten so nutty that one fuck up and you get prosecuted so he put in his papers and went private.

      • Daily Wire and Fox keep posting articles trying to get me vote for Bloomberg. How much is he paying them?

      • Yes, and someone commented previously as how he deplored the lack of leadership to step foreword to save us from this clown world. There’s plenty of folk capable to do the job, but those with integrity will not sell it for a crown, while worms like Bloomberg gladly will. This is the conundrum often spoken about, the broken political system can not repair itself through political means. The system now eliminates/deters all those who would be willing and able to repair it.

    • Little Mike’s ‘campaign’ is really just a bail out of the media complex – with all that ad spending.

    • “Mini Mike is going to spend a small fortune re-electing Donald Trump.”

      You misspelled “large”.

          • Yep. Bloomberg is worth $50B I understand. He spent $400M last I heard. What’s that, less than 2% of his wealth?

            Let’s say you were interested in dog catcher and ran for the position in your county. You were willing to spend 2% of your wealth for the job. Signs, some radio ad’s, and you called it quits at $20k. You’d have to be a millionnaire. And that folks is a very rarified air that few—if any of us breath.

        • Twitter: “Bloomberg campaign has now disclosed $400 million in broadcast, radio & cable ads, $42 million on Facebook ads, $36 million on Google ads”
          (Bloomberg is listed as worth $53 billion)

          It’s the RUSSIANS, I tell you, the RUSSIANS

  33. When I was young my father like to pose questions and one was do you think a Jewish person could ever become president? Well, Dad has been dead for 25 years but if he saw today that there was a Jewish oligarch and a Jewish communist both vying for the Democratic nomination and nobody was even mentioning it but if a believing Christian was up on stage it would be disqualifying, I think he would be shocked. I frequently think about what my dad would think about modern events because he is forever stuck in 1995 and the past really is a foreign country.

    • Think back to when Gore ran with Lieberman. People talked about the problems that could arise in the Middle East if America had a Jewish vice president, much less a Jewish president. That was just 20 years ago and it feels like the distant past.

      • ….and now we have a President and a Vice President who are the most militant Zionists ever to head the Executive Branch and thus control foreign policy. (War policy).

      • I do remember. It was a big deal and it was disqualifying. And it’s so weird that the Democratic Front Runners are both Jewish and the party is so virulently anti sematic at the same time. It’s a nice visual of pulling apart at the seams

      • “People talked about the problems that could arise in the Middle East if America had a Jewish vice president”

        Back then I remember reading an opinion piece by some Official Right Wing commentator that “the risk is that America would no longer be seen as an honest broker in the Middle-East peace process”. [italics mine]

        In retrospect, that was an eye-opening moment for me. I do remember staring at the magazine in incredulity, and trying to figure out if it was actual obliviousness on the part of the author, or sheer contempt for the reader — and by extension the average American. In those innocent days I really wanted to believe the former. These days? Well, where would you put your money?

  34. The only way they can supress Bernie is if a bunch of the other candidates drop out quickly. He has a core of support that will not move.

    Getting that endorsement from AOC though might help shore up his perceived weaknesses with minority groups and make him impossible to stop in the primary.

    In that case, get ready for Milwaukee to look lile Chicago in the 60’s.

    • I hate to be a downer, but if there is one thing the dems do well , it’s to gather round their “guy”. to with Hillary /Obama, sanders/Hillary. at the end they are all in the same mob, and no matter who is the capo , they all get their share of the loot.
      Bernie is just negotiating the buyout price. there will be peace in Milwaukee. If any of the Bernie bro’s have a different idea they will get to experience the effectiveness of tasers and professional grade pepper spray. They will see that the police who stood idly buy and watched them beat GOP old ladies at ANTIFA rally’s have different orders this time . The media will have no interest in it, which take all the fun out of a riot .

      • There may be violence at the Milwaukee DNC, but it will be of a different nature than Chicago ’68. There just aren’t that many intelligent “protesters” these days available for this sort of activity.

        I don’t know who the Mayor of that city is, but I just saw Chicago’s female mayor decrying President Trump’s pardon of former Gov Blago. A sadder comparison of what our urban political leadership has come to is not available; tough Irish Mayor Daley was outraged that HIS city was beset with a bunch of rioters at HIS convention. The current mayor of Chicago is a bug-eyed, overweight black woman, supposedly a lesbian, not sure who her constituency is, but she’s certainly under the control of some party apparatus. The police have their hands tied there, too, as they do in so many places these days. I think they’ll ignore/re-route any disturbances, sort of like they did in Charlottesville VA. Eeegads.

  35. Seems the west (and I’m including Europe) may have finally run out of viable political leaders. Actually, leaders of any kind which would explain why so many major companies are struggling to survive. None of them offer an iota of leadership and/or vision. Just lots of blah, blah, blah.

    • If the alpha male leader is to return – basically Trump’s confidence married to actual intelligence – I’m afraid it’ll be an Islamist (in Europe) or a Hector Camacho type (in the US). I just don’t see Oswald Mosleys anywhere in sight, except on YouTube, and you know what happens to those guys.

      • You don’t see it because white men who possess those twin capacities are not allowed to rise within the current system. Nobody knew who Uncle H was either. Not until times got bad and it became harder for the elites to police the narrative. Also you sound like a cuck. Have some pride. Go lift something heaver than a keyboard sometime.

    • I have been thinking that very same thing — that the pool of leaders behind us 70 year-olds is frighteningly shallow. Worrisome, to put it mildly. Ten years from now, most of us will be gone or out of the picture to run things — I pray! So strange that today’s 50 and 60 year olds are hors de combat.

      • Why is it so strange?

        Good leaders probably arise when the potential leader sees some benefit to himself – or society in general – to the self sacrifice that is required to rise and stay in that position.

        When there’s nothing there but pain and suffering – you’ve got to be mentally or personally defective in some fashion to want that position of “leadership”.

        Since I became familiar with the machinations of the left wing and it’s assorted sub-genres in the 80s as a college student … I’ve been of the opinion that it was pretty much a fool’s errand to try and “lead” the current day society.

        Pretty sure that there is a very large component of the male-female dynamic at play in those males who seek positions of leadership. “To the victor goes the spoils” – and historically speaking being a victorious leader means getting your pick of female “spoils”.

        Can you say that’s true in the present day? Seems like being a “leader” does nothing but make you a target for grifters, cat ladies, and anybody looking to make their mark out-victiming all the other victims.

        When does a man reach the age when he can be legitimately be considered as seasoned enough to be a leader? In their 40s – in their 50s?. How long has the insanity in our society REALLY been present? 10 years? 20 years? Do the math – those 50 and 60 year olds have been relentlessly assaulted by the clown world since they’ve reached that age range of leadership.

        Go back ten years – I saw a LOT of people online claiming that they ran small to medium sized businesses – who were just cashing out and checking out – in response to the attacks of the Obama administration.

        Those guys are gone – relaxing in Costa Rica or some nice house on the inland waterway and just fishing every day. Once you reach that state – you don’t typically decide to wade back into the pool of shit again. You look at your money and figure out if it’s going to hold out – until you check out.

      • To echo Calsdad, what’s so strange about it. As a Gen Xer who has had a few chances to either move up the corporate ladder or to expand a personal business to higher level, I just never felt the effort/risk was worth reward.

        Work my ass off so I could become VP of whatever department. Who cares. What would I get? More money. Big deal. I already live how I want to live. Do I get to bang my secretary? No. I sure as hell don’t care about the corporation which won’t shut up about its diversity and would drop me in an instant if it helped the bottom line a fraction.

        Should I have gotten involved in politics? And what, run as a Republican to help Conservative Inc. No thanks.

        There are no leaders because anyone capable of being a leader realized that the whole society hates him. Why would I work to help a society that hates me. Screw them.

        • And that is why you can’t have nice things because if people like you and me, I’m just as guilty, do not get off our asses than nothing get’s done.

          Our side lacks the hunger for power and the, ugh I hate saying this “vision” for a new society. Leave me alone, poolside is a recipe for a failed state.

          • That’s where you’re wrong. I wasn’t motivated to build anything when I would only be contributing to a society that hated me.

            But now that I’ve found Z Man and others who helped me understand that we need to create our own community, I’m busting at the seams to figure out how to help and build that community. I’m absolutely willing to build something new for my own people.

          • If you can’t build something to help that community form (or don’t have the opportunity yet), the next best thing is to build for yourself. Having people with spare resources/contacts/skills handy is the second-best way to speed along the formation process. It’s also the one that’s most accessible for people

          • I’m glad I’m wrong and hope that all of us can build that better thing, Strength in numbers don’tcha know.

          • I’ve been “off my ass” my entire life. I’ve built my own house. I have restored or rebuilt numerous cars. I’ve dug more dirt than probably 95% of the population. I’ve poured more concrete that probably 95% of the population. I spent the first half of my working career in start up companies working long hours. The “executive management” swoops in at the last minute – IF the company is successful – and makes out quite handsomely for themselves.

            I’ve built up infrastructure – both physical and software and people – that enabled those company successes. What did I get for my work in the end? A layoff. While I was working all those hours – and if I got a payoff in the end – what did I get?

            A larger tax bill that’s what. A tax bill that got spent on my direct enemies. When I try to actually go and build things – what I get is inundated with laws, and regulations and building codes – and people who haven’t done shit in their life – who think they can tell me how to do the work that I have to do.

            Quite frankly I learned a long time ago that in today’s society it’s much better to just go do – and ask for permission later – or just don’t even ask for permission. I have found this works in both my personal life – and my corporate life.

            Spending my time involved in any sort of political or religious or social “organization” – would have been a complete and utter waste of my time. I’ve tried doing things like Habitat for Humanity a number of times – and walked away EVERY single time pissed off. With 20 people involved we’d get done in day – what I could do in day by MYSELF if people just leave me alone.

            If I have nice things – it’s because I’ve very carefully avoided “getting involved”. Involvement in my experience is for those who DON’T want to get anything ACTUALLY done.

    • Come on Karl, give credit where credit is due. They’re meeting their diversity quotas, they maintain well run HR offices in order to police bad speech, wrongful behavior, deal with other various and sundry PC problems, while avoiding lawsuits and shakedowns.

  36. > The only thing missing was a big Indian to throw a sink through one of the windows to close the show.

    Let’s not forget the Indian smothered his lobotomized friend to put him out of his misery before escaping. We might see Bloomberg do the political equivalent in the next few weeks.

  37. “[Warren] seemed to vibrate, as if she was receiving a mild jolt of electricity. If she had put a light bulb in her mouth…” ANNNND…once again I find myself wiping my beverage off my keyboard…
    I’ve noticed that odd vibration when she speaks, but it was always something in the back of my mind…until now. Now I will think of it every time I see her speak, which God willing will be infrequently.

    • I think it’s practiced. She may have done it a few times before when she was upset or righteous, and then one of her minions said she should do it all the time. The pointing and vibrating is catnip to older Democrat women.

      • even her “spontaneity” is practiced and poll-tested, what a harridan crone (or maybe the other way around?)

    • Her thing is just the schoolroom “pick me, pick me, I have something important to say” thing going on, hand gestures and all. Remember that gal in the front row who would never stand down?

    • Another coffee spitter: “She probably had the best night of the bunch, until she got into a purse fight with Buttigieg.” She could have really clobbered him by sticking up for Mondale, and saying Buttigieg should hope to be half the man he was.

    • There was/is a woman in Congress who used to do that vibrating thing. I can’t remember for sure who she was/is, but I keep thinking Maxine Waters for some reason. She might still do it, in point of fact, but if so, I wouldn’t know; I stopped watching that stupid sideshow circus sh*t years ago when it finally dawned on me that the inmates were literally running the asylum.

      The “debate” sounds mildly entertaining by our host’s account. I’m almost sorry I didn’t waste any time watching it. Almost. I think I’d personally be more entertained watching flat earther quacks explain why Admiral Byrd was wrong about Antarctica, or “Meat head” from “All in the Family” telling us why we should never act like Arch. In fact I know so. But that’s just me; entertainment is needed and valuable, so if watching a bunch of Democrat lunatics (or Republican lunatics, for that matter) throw barely palatable food at each other like the gorillas at the Bronx zoo is your form of entertainment, I have nothing to say against it.

    • When Phil Hartmann was alive and riffing with Dana Carey and Kevin Neeland it would have been all over. They literally can take the funniest things and make them not funny these days. Pointless to watch.

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