Never Forget

This month was the 40th anniversary of the United States Olympic hockey team beating the Soviets and winning the gold medal. The sports channels have done some segments on it, bringing back some of the young men, who are now old men, to talk about their experiences. Some of the players have shown up with Trump out on the campaign trail. The movie Miracle on Ice, a “fact-based” depiction of what happened with that team is getting replayed on the various services.

The win over the Soviets is one of the greatest upsets in sports history. That’s not an overstatement based in nostalgia or latent patriotism. The Russians were the best hockey team on the planet and it was not close. They had won everything for twenty years and had not lost to the Americans since 1960. They had done a barnstorming tour of the NHL the year before and beat several NHL teams handily. Any team beating them in that Olympics was going to need a miracle.

The Americans, in contrast, were college kids assembled for the tournament. Younger people cannot appreciate this, but at the time there was some national pride in the fact that America relied on amateurs in the Olympics. “The only reason the Russians do so well is they are using professionals” was a common refrain. It had the added benefit of being true. The Soviet bloc countries used full-time athletes, who did nothing other than train for their sport. They were professionals.

To put it in perspective, imagine a college team today beating a team of NHL all-stars or an amateur golfer winning a major tournament. Think of some implausible combination of events in your favorite sport and you have an approximation of the enormity of this upset of the Russians. The American team averaged twenty-two years old. They had played together for a couple of months. The average Russian player had been on the team ten years. It was literally men against boys.

Of course, the reason it still resonates with Americans old enough to remember the event is the cultural and political impact. Carter was still president and the country was in a deep spiritual depression. The nation’s leaders regularly talked about how the good times were over and it was all downhill for America. We were just going to have to get used to be losers. After the disastrous 1960’s and 1970’s, that really did not strike most people as wrong. America had killed itself.

More importantly, there was a sense, promulgated by the Left at the time, that the Soviets were on the winning side of history. Communism was on the advance, while capitalism was on the defense. The number of countries falling under the spell of communism was increasing. The Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan and the Iranians had made a mockery of American power. It is hard to believe it in hindsight, but serious people really did think it was over for America.

I was a boy in that time and I recall my grandfather telling me that I’d surely live long enough to see communism in America. He’d talk about the number of countries that had gone over to that side. He’d point out the nature of the American Left and how it was mostly focused on destroying the white middle-class. He would say, “Communism is a war on the middle, waged by those at the top using us at the bottom.” His opinion was not out of the ordinary for the time.

The Americans beating the Russians and then beating Finland to capture the gold was a transformative event. All of a sudden. everyone had a reason to be proud and more important, be proud in public. It was a great example of the cascading effect. Everyone suddenly realized that lots of other people harbored the same thoughts as they did about the state of things. Those chants of “U-S-A” still bring chills to anyone old enough to have watched that Olympics. It was amazing.

Young people today get mad at old people for hanging onto the old civic nationalism, thinking they are just deliberately obtuse. There is some of that, for sure, but the real magnetic power of civic nationalism is patriotism. The feeling people had in the days following that win over the Russians was the best thing most American had ever experienced as Americans. Everyone was talking about it. “Can you believe we beat the Russians” was said over and over in joyous disbelief.

Those old enough to remember that time and what it was like to feel genuine love of country, should be forgiven for not wanting to close the door on it. There are few things that rival the bliss that comes from genuine national pride. Not only wanting that feeling for yourself, but for your descendants is not unreasonable. Preferring to look back to when such a thing was plausible, rather to a future of angry caterwauling by ungrateful browns, is perfectly understandable.

Old people should not be so quick to condemn the young people for mocking Baby Boomers or criticizing civic nationalism. At the root of that mockery is a bitterness at knowing they can never experience what their ancestors experienced. There will be no miracle on ice for the young. The social capital that made such a thing possible was converted into money and traded away by global capitalism. They have a right to be bitter over what their ancestors bequeathed them.

For those of us young at the time, this anniversary is a reminder of the strange divide in our timelines. One side of the timeline is the before times, when being a patriotic America was exhilarating. Then there is the after times, the now times, when such feelings seem absurd. Looking back over that great divide to this particular event is a strange feeling, because it’s like remembering yourself as a foreigner, living in a strange and foreign land. Your past is now alien to you.

That is the duty of those who have made the journey over the great divide to dissident politics, but still remember when the other side had promise. The America that made possible the miracle on ice had promise. It could have been a great nation. Instead, the people in charge chose to leverage our patriotism, monetize our social capital, so a handful of alien money-changers could turn themselves into potentates. They can never be forgiven for what they have taken from us. Never forget.

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  1. Australia won the America’s Cup off the US a few years later, the first nation to do so for decades. That was a huge moment for Australia stepping onto the world stage. Following that, Australia had its first billionaires, its films were being taken seriously, Asians began to flock here, we won more sports – even played the corruption game well enough to jag the Olympics – from China wow! But now Australia, like America – doesn’t win anything anymore. If Australia were winning, nobody would care. If we started cheering, we would get told that the flag waving was triggering to the dregs and we should be waving an Aboriginal flag instead. There are evil people in charge and they hate you – as Z says – never forget.

  2. I feel the same way about the Apollo landings. When I’m feeling down, I look up in the night sky and remind myself that the new leaders of our country and the prole class they’ve imported are not capable of the same that American men were able to pull off 50 years ago. I’m proud that I’m old enough to have seen it happen, and knew some of the men that were responsible for civilizations greatest technological achievement.

  3. Frodi Midjord visited the Baltic’s and talks about how good it was to visit countries that reminded him of his childhood in a safe, comfortable stable country, which is to say, a white ethno-state. Interviewed on redice, which I don’t watch often but the first 25 minutes or so of this one was pretty good. A reminder that there are countries out there that still have, as the Z says, what we once had.

  4. I never got to experience the patriotism that Z addresses in this post. Mine was killed off by the Vietnam War. I saw that the government used patriotism to get gullible men to act against their self interest. Nothing I have seen since has changed that opinion. Maybe if I had been born before the Civil War I would have felt differently

  5. Civic Nationalism – The belief that it’s possible for all black people to become pediatric brain surgeons and supreme court justices if they just vote Republican. The belief that we have a sacred duty to protect the territorial integrity of the great democracy Israel. The belief that legal immigration magically makes immigrants law abiding shop keepers. Sorry, I have no soft spot for it. Just an old children’s book on unicorns.

  6. I haven’t forgotten.

    I went to a segregated suburban public high school. It was great. Cars, lots of activities and the best-looking girls.

    When I went north to go to college in NYC in 1967 one thing surprised me. The people who had similar last names to me and the white kids I grew up with were all black (Smith, Edwards, Jones). The whites had strange names like Pelleteri, Blumenstein and Orozco. That was weird.

    I lived in NYC through the Lindsay and Beame years. Needle Park. The East Village. Fort Greene. Garbage strikes. Financial collapse. Gays before AIDS. Crime everywhere. It taught me.

    I was at the USA v Russia game. (Also at the Qualifying round games, the final against Finland and the medal ceremony.) The cheering and stomping was so loud the building was shaking. It was a peak experience. After the victory people sang God Bless America in impromptu groups on the sidewalks outside the hall. Really.

    I’ll never forget.

    And like those young Americans I’ll never give up.

    • I was at the USA v Russia game. (Also at the Qualifying round games, the final against Finland and the medal ceremony.) The cheering and stomping was so loud the building was shaking. It was a peak experience. After the victory people sang God Bless America in impromptu groups on the sidewalks outside the hall. Really.

      Just to belabor my point: if you played football rather than handegg, you could, potentially, experience this every fourth year, when the World Championship comes around.

      When Denmark butchered Uruguay in 1986, I was out of country but people were partying in the streets until the break of dawn and beyond, waving Danish flags, chanting and singing (rather prematurely) “We Are The Champions.”

      And I’m actually playing devil’s advocate here, I have only a casual interest in soccer myself and after I ditched television, I don’t even see national matches any more unless my guys make it to the finals, which hasn’t happened since, well, I ditched television.

  7. ‘It is hard to believe it in hindsight, but serious people really did think it was over for America.”

    And even harder to accept that America never really existed in the sense we believed in back then.

    The USSR was a particularly low point in human social experimentation. Being the lesser of superpower evils didn’t require much. Compared to the Kremlin’s fossil kleptocracy we were the good guys, but the low effort that required was bound to give muh West a moral beer gut over time – like picking Larry the Cable Guy for a workout buddy.

    I think it was Arbatov that joked that the Sovs were going to do the worst thing imaginable to America with their collapse – “we’re going to take away your enemy.”

    In those days of relative demographic innocence, neither side realized that it was already too late to weld America back together via a common enemy. We had already educated and/or imported at least two generations of Fifth Columnists that loved them some Commies and other counter-culture degenerates and aliens.

    Arbatov’s boys may be laughing in Bolshevik Sheol over America’s fate, but having recently seen Russia, I’d say the joke’s on them as well.

    The Cold War is over and Whites on all sides lost.

  8. “The America that made possible the miracle on ice had promise. It could have been a great nation. Instead, the people in charge chose to leverage our patriotism, monetize our social capital, so a handful of alien money-changers could turn themselves into potentates. They can never be forgiven for what they have taken from us. Never forget.” – Z-man

    I was there and I am not so sure the USA still had promise. The evil legislation of the late 50s and the 60s was already enacted. The welfare state was killing us and the invasion from the 3rd world was beginning. Plus real marriage had been done away with and a quota system was already in place to replace white men … and on and on.

    The thing many folks on the right forget is that the system itself has been a large problem from the get-go. The constitution and the present form of government are set up to enable the ruling class to build a tyranny.

    I hate to say it, but at times it looks to me like many of the dissidents think that just replacing the “bad people” with our own people will lead to good times (drain the swamp!!). I am afraid it will not. It will take a complete change from this present form of governance. And probably blood in the streets, sadly.

    At the very least — stop the free stuff to any and all. Did no one read about the Pilgrims and other socialists trials throughout history? Whatever became of those damn hippy communes? Stop the Empire taking from the producers and giving to the do-nothings.

    And remember a nation is a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history. Decent means DNA my friends.

    • Agree. If we could magically un-replace ourselves, we could make America work again, but absent magic there’s no way back there from here. We push forward and start anew or fade away.

      • You don’t need magic, just power which you can get . You can’t have your innocence back but so what? That’s what got you into the mess in the first place.

  9. Dear Hockey-Americanos:

    I got access to TV today.
    My gobs, Murica has gone from 60% black to 80% black.

    Not a doubt in my mind that Basketball Americans founded this country.
    Take that, appropriators and usurpers!

  10. Poignant

    “Young people today get mad at old people for hanging onto the old civic nationalism, thinking they are just deliberately obtuse. … Preferring to look back … rather to a future of angry caterwauling by ungrateful browns…

    At the root of that mockery is a bitterness at knowing they can never experience what their ancestors experienced.

    … the people in charge chose to leverage our patriotism, monetize our social capital, so a handful of alien money-changers could turn themselves into potentates. They can never be forgiven for what they have taken from us. Never forget.”

  11. The world was completely different in another way as well.

    The game was not shown live on television. It was a Friday, and the broadcast was delayed to get a bigger audience. I heard the result on the radio on my way to the bar to watch it.

    When I got there, the pre-game stuff was on. I think they called this ‘plausibly live’. I mentioned to someone that the USA won and he didn’t believe me – “That game hasn’t been played yet.” I covered bets at even odds and made several months’ rent.

    Imagine that in our information-overflow world of instant dissemination.

  12. OT comment on corona-chan: (credit to retard General George Casey)

    If corona-chan kills 500 million people, the real tragedy will be the end of our diversity.

    • Here’s a little blackpill for you all. Let’s assume c-virus is easily passed in crowds and lethal. So the Pope, and all the traveling politicians, get it and go down (like what is going on in Iran, to some extent). Guess who is still around to show up to the November party? The ones not out campaigning and shaking hands. Hillary, Michelle, Algore, Kerry, Mitts. Ugh.

      • It’s the supply chains that should both concern and anger people. ~80% of pharmaceuticals? No American Citizen wanted this or voted for it. Most likely it was a last-minute Rider on some Bill few ever read before voting on it in the middle of the night so they could just go home without incurring the wrath of their corporate masters. (Instapundit once suggested that all Bills be posted online in their final form 30 days before the final vote. That seems good to me.)

        • No bill or government mandate needed. It simply is allowed/ignored. When Trump came to power, he specifically mentioned steel and aluminum production vs imports. Aluminum was 80% imported! If there was ever a more strategic material… anyway, I have no idea what the situation is or if Trump has approached it.

          We used to be concerned about such, but as repeated here ad nauseam, government is only concerned with the needs of the monied interests. Government, i.e., politicians, are bought and paid for by the super-rich. Simple as that. Whatever produces profits is the law of the land.

  13. @ TheZman – Did you recently delete “American Thinker” from your preference list? The link to WRSA looks new too.

    • I added the WRSA a while back. They have been linking to me quite a bit. I dropped some of the other stuff to clean things up a bit. I moved American Thinker into the other group of links.

  14. Memory: when the US beat the Russians people on my street came out of their houses to cheer. This was in the deep South, where few had ever seen much if any snow or ever paid any attention to yankee nonsense like hockey.

    • My Southern Friend, What you fail to understand is that all winter sports (skating, hockey, skiing, curling, etc.) began as either a survival strategy or as entertainment to get you together with your mates and OUT OF THE EFFING HOUSE. Winter in northern climes goes from Oct/Nov to Apr/May. Before power grids, that’s what happened.

    • This connects to my point above about the difference between soccer and US football, is that soccer fans get to wave the flag, while football fans get to wave a corporate logo.

      I figure at least four out of five soccer fans (like myself) are utterly indifferent to club soccer but during international tournaments, everybody is a fanboi for a day, and everybody is a flag-waver.

  15. Wait a minute; that America is rebounding as strong or stronger than 1980 or the 80s. I was 14 in in 1980- I quite remember. We were never as politically awake and aware as we are now. We have not been this strong or awake ever in my lifetime. This isn’t a rebound – its a patriotic Revival tent of tens of millions. This is actually another Great Awakening.

    You Sir are missing here the main point of what is now happening.

    Patriotism is always a good plan, certainly better than…What? Anti-Patriotic Nationalism?

    Further: you are counseling that its over, and that all that remains is bitterness and revenge? Do I have you wrong? What plan of action is this?
    Take revenge on the past because we are failing? This is your goal?
    Good luck with that as standard, who but useless misfits would flock to it?

    Who counsels despair and all is lost now, here? Why it’s you. In the teeth of the facts, as the wind blows our way at last, as Whites awaken from their long 60 year slumber and stand as men again – you Sir say rally to despair?
    Denounce our victorious ancestors just because we 40 years later must also fight? Every generation must struggle, most must fight. This is eternal. This is the fate and duty of men.

    Yes the GOP and the Lowry generation of conservatives, the Bushes let us all down. The Bushes sold out, the rest followed. Certainly the Clinton’s Professionalized and Systematized corruption. > That cannot be laid at the feet of those who beat the Soviets and discredited the Left for a generation. They won the war they set out to win.

    Apparently Leftists can be Left behind by the Left, but never leave the Left.
    > your counsel Sir is poison.

    Now give them something to fight for, despair is not it.

    And for your own sake leave Lagos, for to be blunt this sounds like one of them, not the people who conquered the world, the skies, the stars.

    • You didn’t even hit the side ofthe barn.

      The whole point of this site and others like it is to rebuild communities that have been atomized and badly demoralised. We need to rebuild these communities in some form or other so we can lay down our collective foot.

      Somethings from our past are worth preserving and/or resuscitating…a lot are not.

      Most of that conversation is for another day further on up the road. Our immediate and only objective is to awaken white group interests. If we can do that a lot of the other stuff will take care of itself.

    • This isn’t a rebound – its a patriotic Revival tent of tens of millions. This is actually another Great Awakening.

      Perhaps, but the rah-rah doesn’t win games. As long as the mainstream conversation in America is contained to illegal immigration only, America is in dire peril. California is all but lost to Latinostan and a lot of ourguys couldn’t care less: “Good riddance, it’s full of Commies!”

      Promising to stop illegal immigration shouldn’t be a sell at all – nobody runs on making murder or rape illegal, do they? Illegal immigration should be illegal, full stop, and the fact that this is not the case, shows that your revival has yet to travel outside the bleachers.

    • In what sense? Debt? Deficits? Spending? All are at *record* highs.
      Those wishing to buy US debt? . . . Latest figure I’ve seen was ~1.5% on T-Bills. Not encouraging.

  16. I was 19 and in college. After a first game tie against Sweden, the US team made its run to the the gold. The actual gold medal game against Finland felt anticlimactic. Beating the Soviets brought a much needed and widely felt boost to our national psyche. Fifty-three hostages held at the US embassy were paraded around almost daily. Our president had declared a national “malaise.” Two months later, a botched mission to rescue the hostages burned in Iran’s desert.

    The election that November brought I national reset. I would not have believed that the Berlin Wall would fall within a decade. Nobody would have, yet it did. From where we are today, where do we go next?

  17. Reading this reminded me of of my early youth watching the 1966 world cup final and how proud we all were when England won. The England team became heroes and everyone of my generation could list all of their names. All were White and with the exception of Peter Bonetti all had English or at least British/Irish Surnames. It’s amazing to think that they were able to achieve so much despite this apparent crippling lack of diversity, not a Nelson Obogo or Ali Barber in sight.
    The lesson to be learned from this is that the optimum level of diversity is one part in twenty two of second or third generation Italian, more than this and it’s all downhill I’m afraid.

    • Its not just the internal diversity drift that runs the fabric of national identity threadbare. It is also how globohomo has gone full mercenary in trading passports for players. The whole thing is a mockery.

      Individuals pursuing their self-interest, cobbled together under the tenuous bonds of fame-and-fortune-building with a flag draped over for bread n circuses.

      I spent some of my youth in the US olympic development program. The biggest complaint we had at the time was that the players were all basically pre-selected outside of the ODP by nature of the relatively obscure sport having a regional concentration that meant coaches new promising players by the time they reached High School.

      Outside of athletic freaks, those bonds were nearly impossible to overcome for those outside the region so the selection process became a bit of a farce.

      Today, this remains to be the case but now the olympic team is also fielded with 25-30% of the players being foreign born.

      A few players magically became citizens just a handful of years ago, most after displacing resident players from the few D1 scholarship spots in college, thereby reducing the funnel for heritage Americans even further.

      This in a small, obscure game that has no real professional matriculation or other financial avenue. Its just a game. Yet the Olympic Fever means we sell out 5 of the 15 slots on the team. And still don’t reach the podium!

      Maybe the years are just making a curmudgeon out of me, but between the pozz (((backstories))) and musical chairs of “citizenship”, the Olympics are nearly unwatchable. Its just the NBA with moar diversity.

    • People not into soccer can’t understand what the list 1918-1945-1966 means to a Brit. (IMO, you should add 2015 to that list – the fourth time the Hun got put in his place. )

      Reminds me of Denmark-Uruguay in the World Cup 1986. This was only a few years after Denmark legalized professional sports and Uruguay had a very strong team, the best on South America at the time, and before the tournament, the quip amongst afficionados went that whomever could beat Uruguay, would win the world championship.

      We trounced them an outrageous 6-2 in one of the best matches in football history, far and away a bigger thing than when we won the UEFA-cup in 1993, even if we got knocked out by Spain in the 1/8th. The UEFA cup involved a lot of luck and a Peter Schmeichel winning half the matches for us, but in Mexico, we played outstanding football.

      Here is a highlight reel (features authentic mullets):

      One of the big problems with handegg is that America rarely gets to experience such titanic, patriotic showdowns as Z describes in his column: hockey is not really a big sport in most countries, and the Olympics are totally meh compared to football. Football fans wave the flag, handeggers wave some cutesy, corporate cartoon animal.

      The Poles, of course, are taking it to the next level:

      • 1918-1945-1966, prompting the English chant (to the tune of “Camptown Races”, Two World Wars and One World Cup, doo da, doo da!

      • “Features authentic mullets” – perhaps the DR should adopt the mullet hairstyle as way to identify each other. It can work for males and females. Even a phony front organization could be established, a Mullet Appreciation Society, if you will. This could possibly solve the problem that exists with the ban on freedom of association that currently exists in the West. A group like this will not likely draw many outsiders.

      • Interesting that you mention the Denmark Uruguay match. My mum was supporting Uruguay for that one, and that’s when we discovered that during the war she had a Uruguayan (of Scotts decent) admirer who was on secondment to the Royal Navy. I had always wondered why haggis and tango music both left me cold.

        • Just goes to show how soccer gets the nationalist out in you.

          Sweden is Denmark’s arch enemy and nothing is sweeter than beating them in football, but if there’s no Danish team in the lineup, we cheer them – they’re family, after all.

  18. It really was something. Still remember watching those games in a standing room only dorm lounge and people (yes college students) actually crying when the US won. Today you’d have some blue haired, fishing tackle laden fatty lecturing about white cisgendered patriarchy of hockey…

    My spouse and I were competing in a different sport at the same time (the era is captured well by David Halberstam’s “The Amateurs”) and we all took real pride in the fact that we were competing against the Soviet Bloc “machine”. She remembers lining up against Eastie women with bulging biceps and hair growing on their faces from the steroid cocktails. The Americans were college kids and post grads scraping by with side jobs to train and compete. None of the stipends and sponsorships you see today. Yet we could still beat them (not always) with moxie and grit. I wish we could recapture that. It was magical.

  19. I prefer not to go there actually but SoCal in the late 80s was a pretty magical place to be a kid. Wow, this could get painful.

    • I agree. I got to experience LA in the mid-80s as a very young adult. The music scene was great, traffic was much more tolerable and I could wander around many areas without fear. Of course, like any city, there were areas you definitely avoided, but they were usually obvious, ie, brown.

      During the late-80s to early-90s, the downward spiral really picked up speed.

  20. Contrast the Miracle on ice with the Dream Team.

    An organic, hardscrabble team of young white nobody men playing the game they love for a country they love against an empire that represented the greatest threat of their time. And not just as a military adversary, but as a set of toxic and evil ideas. On the greatest sporting stage there is.

    Fast forward to the Dream Team. A carefully curated group of mercenary professional and famous highly-paid athletes, mostly Africans, who are largely indifferent toward the Nation, hostile to its past, representing an empire of globalist consumers, banksters, and media conglomerates blowing out teams of nobody basketball players to frontrun the gold medal because we are the best. Yay.

    Its more than just David becoming the Goliath. The spirit has changed. The commies lost Russia but got the USA.

    Now the Olympics are just another pozzed production of globohomo where the world cheers for Lithuania to beat us every time.

    We have become the miracle to be snatched by someone else.

    • Mr Tape;
      Yeah, Communism is the 170 year old mind virus that just goes on and on (first Internationale was 1848). Or is it even older than that_? A virus as old as time itself_?

      The really weird thing right now is that The Cloud is so stupid and virus pozzed that they don’t seem to know that Putin is *not* a Communist but Bernie is.

      • Communism is often correct about the problem at hand and always wrong about the solution.

        It won’t go away because a lot of the problems its purports to solve aren’t being dealt with by the system. Some you can’t solve but many you can and the system won’t for a lot of reasons, good and bad.

        Look at the POV of Gen Y , they got screwed out of a future with wage arbitrage and unstable familial relationships and have no reason to trust the Right at all.

        A good chunk of this is the Red control over our institutions but by no means all of it. The Right offers no solutions other than fellating corporate donors harder and that isn’t working.

        Funny enough wealth redistribution works pretty well Social Security is cheap to run. Overseas somehow poorer nations than us manage to get decent enough health care for everyone

        Yet we cannot.

        So Gen Y is socially Democratic with a smidge of Communism and rightly so.

        Behave socially or be socialized its that simple.

        If you resist? Win or die. Also simple

    • Speaking of hockey, there is a little story this week where an NHL team suffered a loss of both their goalie and backup, and recruited a Zamboni driver to play goalie for a period and a half or so. He stopped most of the shots on goal, his team won, and the Zamboni driver is a local hero now, free drinks and dinner wherever he goes. A nice little make-one’s-day story.

  21. In the Sacramento Bee, Marcos Breton, whose bio next to his name says he’s a Mexican-American, remembers how proud he was to be a 17-year-old American after the hockey win. Then he rants about how he was deluded then and now hates America. Title: “Miracle on Ice spawned a patriotic myth that died when the red Trump hats came out.” I won’t link to it. Don’t bother.

      • LOL.

        As a New Englander – I always think it’s just weird to hear about hockey teams in places like CA, Florida – and other southern states. It’s probably an offshoot of the same thing that has made commercial architecture the same all over the country. The same forces that have commercialized everything else try to commercialize hockey and spread it all over – until it means nothing.

        Hockey is also a white man’s sport …. by-and-large. There’s been a few black players – but they’re rare.

        It’s relatively common up in this area – to see some guy setup a rink in his backyard so he can teach his kids how to skate – and play hockey.

        You aren’t going to do that in Florida.

  22. No, my dear Z-Man, “they” didn’t do it to you. You don’t get to use this excuse. There was no red army overrunning your towns, no CheKa exterminating your community leaders and no commissars executing your head of government. You did it to yourself. Each and every thing that happened to you was freely voted in by your countrymen. Own it.
    (I was a kid on the other side when the miracle on ice happened. The humiliation and disgrace we experienced was very palpable)

      • Even a true Libertarian will—if honest—admit that fraud is a break in etiquette. So yes, the leadership which lied to the public that voted them in is at fault. Unless of course, the general public is now to be considered psychic.

    • The Hart-Cellar bill was passed in the aftermath of the distraction caused by the JFK assassination and marketed as “Not having a major effect on the demographics of the US”. Americans never wanted this, you can accuse them of being dumb af for believing this bs if you want to (I won’t argue), but they were lied to. This was not consensual, it was cosmopolitan elite trickery and deceit.

      • Mr Gordon;
        Right you are sir. *And* no Boomer voted for it or for anyone voting for it in congress. The very first Boomer voted in 1968 for the very first time. Hart-Cellar passed in 1965.

          • Do you really think the boomers who have doubled down on it are the same boomers who frequent this site? There’s dumb fuks in every generation anyway, getting mad at boomers is just another pointless infighting exercise in futility. Get mad at the people who mindfuked the boomers and are currently mindfuking genz and millennials. THAT’S the enemy.

      • Community requires responsibility to the people above you and the people below you. It’s actually a pale version of the old feudal responsibilities. Those at the top of the pecking order in our system have been banging away at the rest of us, not only abrogating their responsibilities to us, but actually attacking us, for decades now. Our good and trusting nature has been taken advantage of, big time. The era of Trump is, at root, a statement of “never again”, which dovetails nicely with Z’s title of “never forget”. Along with the last paragraph of his essay for today, which is a nice “flip” of “certain things” that are supposed to be internalized as true and never questioned.

      • Virtually every destructive law or policy in this country was marketed to the American people under false pretenses or came to light after it was a “fait accompli.” And none of the lying liars who lie are ever held to account.

        • If you don’t believe what Return said, just go back to The Obama era and the selling of the ACA. One of the chief economists in later years was bragging about how they lied to a gullible public otherwise it would never have been passed. Such was the control of the Washington elitists in those years, that they could openly acknowledge such…laugh in your face so to speak.

          And your opposition party, even worse. They voted on/passed bill after bill repealing the ACA—when they knew they did not have the votes to override Obama’s veto. Then the first solid majority they get, they fail to pass the same bill they passed a dozen times before.

    • “They” did it to your former side, and were working on doing it to us at the same time. It only took longer on this side because this was a stronger society. In both cases “they” could not have done it without incompetence, complacency, misplaced idealism, corruption, greed (and combinations of those things) on the part of the “native population”, but still “they” did it.

  23. We will once again get to feel that sense of national pride — only in a somewhat smaller nation, after North America is partitioned and carved into several smaller nations, the White American one actually including parts of what is now called Canada.

    North America is a very large place. It is possible to imagine a White American ethnostate, surrounded on all sides by a mile-high electric fence, and comprising an area roughly the size of France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Czechia combined. That is not a too-zany picture to contemplate, and it would be large enough to suit us indefinitely.

    Plus, it will all be worth it just to see the look on the faces of the Jews when they realize they are on the wrong side of the electric fence, stuck forever living among their pet monkeys — and that they will never, ever, ever, ever again get to live among the goyim, not a single one of them, not ever.

    • Yes! I’m 62, and I still hope to live long enough to see it happen. I have a fantasy that as a very old man, I’ll still be able to make it to the Founding celebration of such a nation, holding up a sign stating “I have waited all my life for this day!”
      And it would be mostly true, since I gave up on Multicultural America when OJ Simpson was acquitted in 1995, when I was still in my 30s.

    • Cool and sirlancelot, I wait for the day the regrouped Nation decides to re-build WWII armament.

      Revenge for what they have taken from us is a dish best served cold, Canadian cold.

  24. Very poignant post today Mr. Zman.

    Did a motorcycle trip to upstate New York few years ago . Stopped at Lake Placid hoping to pick up an Olympic souvenir. Didn’t dawn on me ” The Miracle on Ice ” happened been many many years ago.

    Did the same thing not too long ago in Lillehammer. Guess it’s just nostalgia at work for an old Boomer 🙂

    What they’ve done to this once proud nation is truly criminal. Watched a video just last night called ” Cannibal Island ” . Just one of the one many atrocities by Stalin’s Soviet Union. To think the Bernie Bros have come out publicly calling for the same type of gulags is just unbelievable.

    Scary to think where Lefty and their brown pets want to take this country . For the love of God white man wake up before it’s too late 🙁

    • Avoid Lake Placid now. It’s a dump, nothing but irritating tourists and Russian mafia and their mistresses, worse even than Martha’s Vineyard.

  25. Last weekend I saw a white man who’s publicly spoken on the JQ become heavyweight champion of the world by beating seven shades of sh*t out of a race-baiting loudmouth with the hardest right hand in the history of boxing. And after it was done he gave all the glory to Jesus Christ, and, for the first time in as long as I can remember actual music had a place in a sporting event (Patsy Cline followed by Don McLean). Yes it no doubt pales in comparison to whatever Boomer and Xer civnats experienced when America won that hockey game, but I’ll take it.

    • Tyson Fury, yeah man. That guy is legit. As someone born after the cold war his victory means a hell of a lot more to me than beating one of the few white countries not willingly invading themselves left in the world. It’s weird how some older people seem to get mentally stuck in the past and believe Russia is still our most pressing existential threat somehow. It’s like they can’t absorb new information or something…

      • And I didn’t even touch on his conquest of the addiction and weight gain. How many of our people strung out on drugs (or just on trans fats and high fructose corn syrup) could benefit from the example of a man who was 400 lbs., left for dead, and laughed out of the room when he said he’d get his crown back? The guy dropped ten and a half stone and has six or seven kids. With the law of exponents being what it is, a man can literally seed a nation if he teaches his kids well and they teach their kids. Fight ain’t over:

      • It’s hard to describe the rivalry and suspicion between America and Russia back then. Although America’s poz was well started, it seemed to go temporarily dormant with Reagan’s election. For me, personally, it all corresponded with living overseas and examining, for the first time, what made me American and whether it mattered – and why. And despite what in hindsight were limits and corruption, it still felt like a primarily ‘free country’ – in stark contrast to Checkpoint Charlie (which I went through) or Brezhnev’s Soviet Union where I lived for a year. The feeling of patriotism I had when a bunch of us boozily left the Embassy Marine Bar after midnight and walked down the streets of Moscow loudly singing patriotic songs was ridiculous – but it was real, too.

        As Zman said, I can look back over the divide and remember that brief time when I finally appreciated what I had and valued it, for all too soon it was gone. Now I smirk at patriotards and mock people who can’t or won’t let go of love of country – not because it’s not a worthy sentiment, but because it’s for the shell or skinsuit of what used to be America. And when I occasionally stop by Amren’s site, I still read people purported to be race-realists who insist on gushing over the ‘good ones’ of whatever hue. Like others here, I face the brutal realities of the demographic age on a daily basis, and Tyson Fury’s victory was personal for me – because his skin color is his uniform – and all else is irrelevant until a future for White children is secured.

        • 3g, I had the opportunity to see the Berlin Wall up close and spend a bit of time in East Berlin, back in the early ‘80s. The place was an open-air prison that sucked the life and joy out of anyone unfortunate enough to have had to live there. Things aren’t great here any more in a lot of ways, but back then we knew, right across the wall, what life under the enemy looked like, and the hockey win was a huge “F-you” to that kind of thing.

        • “– and all else is irrelevant until a future for White children is secured.”

          Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

          I recommend the ‘daughters of Europa’ vid currently making the rounds on fashy twitter:
          “You sacrificed us… and you knew what you were doing.”

      • Well FashGordon your perspective isn’t exactly accurate. In 1980 the conservatives regarded Russia as our most pressing threat. The liberals such as Bernie Sanders wanted to be like Soviet Russia. The liberals like Ted Kennedy ignored or poo-poo’ed the threat for the most part. Today it has reversed. Conservatives don’t regard Putin’s Russia as a threat. The liberals, especially the globalists, do regard Russia as a threat because it has become more conservative and it thumbs its nose at globalism and liberalism. Putin has mocked both out loud. It has embraced traditional values and keeps homosexuality and the whole LBGTQIA shit in the closet where it belongs.

  26. We are all descended from those that survived the gauntlet of difficult lives, and it’s in our DNA. As such, in order to feel genuine pride and self-worth, we need to be challenged by hardship and prevail over existential obstacles. We need to be tested by our environment. We need to see that the strongest and smartest among us will continue the line. That is what we lack in our current society, and it’s killing us in slow motion.

    • Tom A.@:

      Great comment! I’ve said, many many times, that a certain level of adversity is a good thing. I realize, on the other hand, that it is cliche’ to say that “adversity builds character.” Adversity does build character for some folks; others not s’much. Generally speaking, blacks aren’t going to understand or internalize the statement. Adversity for certain races means “badness” all the time. But you’re right that conquering adversity is a feature of our DNA. That is partly why we sometimes say we “come from good stock.”

  27. Having only been 10 at the time, I can remember the term “miracle on ice,” but not the event. But what I can remember is how it was commercialized. There was a traveling ice skating show, maybe called the Icecapades (I don’t really remember for 100%), which was also referred to as the miracle on ice and other words followed by “on ice” Much like how as a 7yo, the main thing I knew about Bruce Jenner was not the Olympic glory of the Summer Olympics, but Wheaties breakfast cereal and various products he hocked on the TV along with other athletes hawking Cracker Jacks candy during the cartoons. There is no glory, only product.

    • I was 14 at the time and remember it (the game and its buildup) well. We only had three channels where I grew up (South Central Oklahoma), and my recollection is that all three carried the game that evening. There is no doubt to my mind that it was indeed the “greatest sports event in history.” Being from Southern Oklahoma as I was, and am, I had, at that time, literally zero interest in hockey at any level. Up until that Olympics, that is. Football was my sport, as well as my town’s sport. Still is. Many from my neck of the woods and from my generation despise professional sports of all kinds. Some of them still cling to college level stuff, but they are slowly but surely losing interest as we speak. We all still love H.S. football, however. And especially our little town’s H.S. football team, who, as it so happens, won their fifth state title this past season in eleven (since 1975) championship appearances.

      Well, anyway, my father and I watched the game together on our little 17″ t.v., or whatever it was. Our reception wasn’t all that great, and the video wasn’t all that great to begin with in any case. It didn’t matter; it was nevertheless one of, if not the, most exciting and exhilarating experiences of my lifetime. Dad’s too. I remember distinctly that immediately following the game we could hear people in the neighborhood hooping and hollering outside, and we promptly made our way out to the front yard to join in the festivities. Good times!

      • Hey T. Morris I was also 14 at that time and I grew up just across the Red River from you in North Central Texas. We might have watched the same TV channels.

        • Nice, Mike D. Maybe one day we can meet, “down by the river.”

          I used to spend a lot of time on the river, btw. Around the same time of the U.S. hockey gold medal Olympics, my dad (always a great advocate of aviation of various sorts) acquired a hang glider that he and I used to fly down tank (pond, for all you northeners) dams. There is a “bluff” roughly 150 ft high on my great uncle’s property that terminates at the river that I literally begged my dad to let me hang glide off of. He would never consent to my youthful stupidity, and good for me too. I crashed that hang glider at 16 acting like a damn idiot, and almost killed myself in the process. Shortly afterward, dad got rid of the hang glider.

          Later in life (late-30s-early-40s) I better understood why he (my dad) would never allow me “fly” off that Bluff or anything of the sort: it was because I didn’t understand basic aeronautics, and didn’t care to understand basic aeronotics, when you get down to it. Which I later learned in getting my Private Pilot license.

          One of my sons is a big “flyer” don’t ya know. I mean, it’s ‘in the blood’ and all that. We go through the books, he and I, to make sure that, unlike me at his age, he understands basic aeronotics, flight characteristics of aircraft configurations and so forth. Plus, I tend to be a lot less “permissive” than my father was of youthful indiscretion, otherwise known as youthful stupidity. I figure he’ll eventually become a pilot, but we’ll see. Like my dad, I want to encourage him to pursue his interests, but unlike my father, not with the same level of “freedom” and irresponsibility I was given at his age. We’ll see what happens.

      • Hockey was a big thing in my house and in my town at the time, maybe a little bit earlier. 1980 was just a few years after the Philadelphia Flyers were a great team and the Broad Street Bullies were kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. My parents and older brother were huge hockey fans. But for some reason, I just barely recall the game. I have quite a few memories of that general age, so it must not have been a huge deal in my neighborhood or family. But do to the repetition of commercials, I do remember the commercialization of the miracle on ice thing well into the 80s maybe even 90s. The Icecapades folded in the late 90s, so that is probably what I was thinking of. They were fairly big in the greater Philadelphia area. 1980 was also the year the Phillies won a big world series, and I remember that a lot more.
        We had 6 channels 3 VHF major channels, 3UHF minor channels plus PBS. Where I lived was one of the highest points in the city and my parents had a motorized roof antenna.

  28. Man, forty years! I do remember that day well. I was 14 at the time and was home alone that day when I watched the big event on TV. I remember the exhilaration of that miraculous victory. It truly was epic. No one expected it. It wasn’t long afterwards that the Charlie Daniel’s Band came out with their super patriotic song ‘In America’. Then Reagan won later that year. It was an incredible time. But yes, neo-liberal globalism was about to rear its ugly head. But we had a few years of national joy anyway.

    Another thing the youth and even young adults now will never experience was how well ABC and the Wide World of Sports with Jim McKay covered the Olympics in those days. Even with the comparably low tech to today they had then, no one has ever gotten close to how well that ABC team did it back then.

    • > Another thing the youth and even young adults now will never experience was how well ABC and the Wide World of Sports with Jim McKay covered the Olympics in those days. Even with the comparable low tech they had then, no one has ever gotten close to how well that team did it back then. No one.

      The constant sob stories and other BS they peddle instead of actual sports has made the Olympics unwatchable. They have turned feats of elite athletic talent into the equivalent of a middle school drama to try to sate the women.

      • Every single POC and woman who competes in the Olympics has had to overcome obstacles that would have crippled mortal white men, don’t you know?

      • Yep. Then it was about the “Thrill of victory and the Agony of defeat”. Now we are forced to learn about every minute detail of the athlete’s lives. The more “drama” the better. Because of Jim McKay I eagerly anticipated the Olympic games, summer and winter, every four years. Even for quite some time after he retired I was in the habit of watching them with ritual devotion. Starting about twenty years ago my interest waned until now I just don’t even care at all. I didn’t watch one second of the last few Olympics.

        • Jim McKay showed respect to the athletes, the sports, the games, and the audience. The media shows respect to no one any more. That’s a big reason why it’s unwatchable. When sports narration consists of constantly banging the ideological drums, and then thanking the audience, at the end, for watching all of this, my response is “F-you” and “never again”, I don’t need any more exposure to this tripe.

      • I recall a few olympics ago, the announcers were struggling with what to call the first black athlete in history to win a particular event. The athlete was not from America, so African-American was inaccurate, but “black” was taboo. They settled on “the first African-American from any nation” to win that event.

        • One doesn’t have to be “from America” to be American, America being a “proposition nation” and all that, don’t ya know. Therefore, one can be “from Nigeria,” and ‘black as the ace of spades,’ and still be American. That is, so long as (s)he embraces American values. Or something like that. A 12 year-old kid explained all of this to me some years back when his family and ours got together in my front yard to celebrate Independence Day (or the 4th of July – however you like it). Not that he wasn’t prompted (by me) to explain it to me, you understand (I had my reasons). But you should have seen his father’s jaw drop and the disgusted look on his face as his son was explaining all of this. His mother, on the other hand, … Well, you know.

          • “the first African-American from any nation”- rather prophetic, no?

            So, what do I call the pitch-dark Congolese born in Paris who emigrated to Louisiana?
            (“No, I’m French!” he explained.)

            American? Ancestral European? What?

      • “The constant sob stories”.
        If the athlete actually overcame some problem, good for him, but there was a time when we didn’t tell the world about it. If you spoke about that sort of thing, it was only to close trusted friends.

        But what do you expect when we’ve outsourced our popular culture and social sciences to people whose very cultural identity is based on tales of millennia of persecution (always for absolutely no reason whatsoever). Even if the “alien money changers” look like they’re on top, you must remember that they are The Real Victims. Always powerless victims. Remember.

    • The Jim McKay-hosted coverage was indeed the happy medium. This was a once-in-a-lifetime victory during a once-every-four-years event, but it didn’t have to take over our lives either. There was a fine balance between exhilaration and observation.

  29. I grew up in a “hockey” town in MA – with the high school team winning their division and going to the state championships regularly.

    Also went to a state university – that had a Division 1 hockey team – and regularly won.

    Football is not very big up here, and neither is basketball really. Hockey is though. Many towns will spend the money to put a rink at their high school.

    If you look at the team roster for that 1980 USA team – the majority of them came out of Minnesota, but the next largest contingent – came out of MA.

    I definitely remember that 1980 win – it was big big news in MA – and still is (the local news was interviewing Eruzione the other day).

    The other “win” for that team – was showing what a bunch of motivated young MEN could accomplish when they put their minds to it. The fact that they were “amateurs” was definitely a point of pride.

    • What you’re describing is an excellent example of how a community can be inspired by the past, not as nostalgia but as something to imitate and to build upon. To do that you need a high degree of cohesiveness in the community and the young need heroic examples to use as models. It shows the importance of social capital.

      There was an explosion in the building of hockey rinks and the development of youth hockey in New England and on the US side of the Great Lakes in the 60s and 70s. A big part of that sharp rise in interest was due to a great sports hero: Bobby Orr. Almost everyone on that Olympic team cited Orr as an inspiration when they were young.

      The lack of not having (not being allowed to have) noble white heroes in every sphere of our society stifles the ambitions and dreams of the young.

      • Hockey has been a bastion of white heroes over the years. At least as far as the term “hero” can be applied to sportspuck. My point is that the great names of hockey are almost all, *cough* Bobby Hull, decent men. Bobby Orr is a great example, humble and principled.

        Speaking of that era and this event, it does need to be said that as massive an upset as the Soviet game was, the U.S. team represented the first golden generation of hockey talent produced south of the 49th parallel. Broton, Ramsey, Morrow, and Christian went on to be above average NHLers. Nobody could have foreseen them beating that Russian team, but they had talent and the ideal coach. To think that in Canada a generation of talent with names like Gretzky, Messier, Borque, Coffey, Hawerchuk and others was forming at the same time, and likely in response to Orr, is nuts.

        Still, looking at that Soviet team roster, with Makarov, Krutov, Fetisov, and Tretiak, it’s crazy to think they got beat by American amateurs. Seven years later it took a Canadian team of absolutely insane talent to squeak past them in a three game series played on its home ice. Many of the same Soviets from 1980 were playing in the ’87 Canada Cup.

        • I once met someone at a party In the mid-90s who introduced himself (I forget his name) as being from Perry Sound, ONT. I instantly made the connection even though I only knew about the “Big Bad Bruins” from TV. And Bobby Orr being a spokesman for many NE businesses even after cable came here.

    • I’m from MA too – love those guys. I’ve met Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig several times. I caddied for my Dad in a Pro-Am tournament, Jim Craig was in his foursome – great guy, terrible golfer. I’m looking at a puck he autographed right now.

  30. In my work, I have the triple blessings of making a good amount of money doing something I love which I believe helps defend my countrymen. When I read much of the ill-informed criticism of the program I work on, I get pretty angry. I get it, much has been spent on the F-35 and it’s got its problems like any new airplane.

    Those problems are being overcome and I feel great pride being part of that effort because this airplane will be the future of air warfare for the U.S. and its allies for the next few decades. I still feel a small bit patriotic in my work and the company definitely reminds us every day with flags everywhere who we work for as engineers.

    I know in a lot of ways, the country I grew up in is gone and I miss the warmth I once felt when I stand for the national anthem.

    I remember in high school, when Desert Shield was about to become Desert Storm and my father was over there, the anthem before our basketball games brought me to tears. His National Guard unit had been called up only to serve after hurricanes and tornadoes, but this time, it was war. I remember when they stopped our basketball game to announce that the air war had begun and all of the fans of our two rival teams chanting USA thunderously. Yellow ribbons were everywhere in my town.

    When he came home with his unit, the parades and cheers seemed to go on forever. He told me that when they stopped in Delaware, people in the airport were buying him drinks and food and patting him on the back.

    Now our country sinks amid systemic corruption at all levels. The invaders are colonizing us and we as legacy Americans do nothing but bend over and take it.

    Where does it stop and can we get our country back? Can we finally send these hordes of Third Worlders who are Americans in name only back whence they came? Can we consign the nuts of the Left back to the asylums where they clearly belong? Can we stop, as Steve Sailer says, invading the world and inviting the world?

  31. I was in college at the time and i remember the game and the national depression we suffered at the time. We had gotten run out of Vietnam, civil rights and feminist victories signaled the splitting of whitey into easily defeatable factions, the Arabs pulled our leash with an oil embargo, we wre so impotent we couldnt even allow the Marine guards at the Tehran Embassy to defend themselves. And then we won a hockey game. Next thing you know we elected Ronald Reagan and we were convinced he would fix it all. Turns out that Reagan didnt understand what was really wrong with America and he lavished riches upon the Cloud people who financed our decline. But the Miracle on Ice still remains a unique example of what an earlier, white America could accomplish. In the beginning of our decline it was our WW2, our moon landing- it was the best we could do.

    • Thinking back on what I’ve learned of Reagan and his amnesty and looking now at trump and his lack of any progress on a wall or an end to birthright citizenship makes me think electing a president who says good things but does nothing is actually terrible for us. It lulls people into a false sense of victory despite nothing actually getting done.

      People hear about less refugees and assume immigration is going down…. it isn’t though, it’s worse now.. refugees weren’t so much an american problem, it is europe’s, ours is mainly illegals and legal immigration. But fewer people are bothering to pay attention because they trust in Trump.

      • As for birthright citizenship, I have been wondering a lot recently about all those American citizens we’ve been bringing back from China. How many of them are fully Chinese who just happen to have been born in the US?

        Apparently, between 40-60,000 per year is the norm for Chinese births in the US. Oddly enough, I haven’t seen any mention of the ethnicity of these “US citizens” in the MSM.

        • It’s a “thing” on both coasts. On the West Coast it’s mostly Chinese. On the East Coast (NYC and Miami) it’s a combination of Chinese and Russians. They don’t always stay. When the kid is “of age” they can sponsor the entire family.

      • Mr Gordon;
        You are right to demand to see results after so many years of meaningless promises from the GOPe. But you are mistaken that nothing is happening.

        Just this week, the Trump Admin *finally* beat back the HI Judges and are now finally able to deny welfare benefits to *any* immigrant, legal or illegal: And to deport those who become a ‘public charge’. There are stories of benefit application lines suddenly being deserted in AZ. *This* is how it gets done.

        One of the earliest lessons one learns in military tactics is: ‘A wall, a fence, barbed wire, even a minefield is but an annoyance to a determined enemy. It is the covering fire behind it that makes it an obstacle to the enemy.’ The Cloud Folk have waged three years of relentless ‘law fare’ against our people’s covering fire against the invaders. They have failed_!

        NOW a wall will have real effect. Before, crossing it meant a lifetime payoff worth paying $10 k to a coyote up front. Now, God willing, it means no welfare. Soon, God willing, it will mean no job. *This* is how it gets done.

        • I just want to second this. I’m not saying we “vote our way out” but that even I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the recent Trump victories over the lawless courts. If he keeps this train rolling in his second term things may actually start to change. Morale is half of any war and if we keep seeing movement in this direction morale on our side will keep improving.

      • Yes.

        Obama was much tougher on immigration than Trump. Deportations were higher and Hillary would likely have continued on the same path.

        However, now that Trump ran on immigration specifically and totally failed, the next Democrat president will preside over a deluge.

        Winning an election on an issue and then being an incompetent moron means final defeat for our side on that issue. This is why I disagree with the Trumptards that Hillary would have been worse.

        • ….except that with Hillary tensions with Russia would probably be much higher right now. God only knows what kind of militaristic misadventure she would’ve gotten us into in the ME as well. She is a genuine sociopath. IMO.

        • IF- big if- Trump’s letting the pot boil to where the frogs get uncomfortable, then a wall *with the ability to apply covering fire* makes sense.

          As Alinskyites have deftly shown us, you must weaken the enemies’ fortifications and quietly get your sappers and troops in place *before* the opening assault.

          “Appear weak”- Sun Tzu.
          “Appear crazy”- the Left. Not at all, they aren’t.

          • Obama betrayed his boss and stole Her crown- Hillary gave him his first big job turning Arkansas CORN, 30 aging hippies, into America CORN, ACORN, with 300,000 troops in alliance with GovCorp unions SEIU and NEA.

            What if Trump is setting up his bosses? Planning on stealing the crown from the GOP’s AIPAC masters, recreating Lincoln’s Radical Republican breakaway faction?

            With all that implies, too.
            Perhaps we *can* find inspiration in America’s past.

            After all, George Washington was the stupid British lieutenant who accidentally started the French-Indian wars.

          • I’ve always been mostly opposed to “the wall,” while being, perhaps, one of the most “radical” immigration restrictionists you ever saw. My “reasoning,” such that it is, is that a wall, without the will or the desire to enforce its main purpose, amounts to no more than an expensive eyesore stretched, from sea to sea, on the Southern landscape; an eyesore that will eventually come down in any case.

            If you want to post armed sentinels every few yards across its extent to shoot its violators as they come across, then I can at least understand the (flawed) logic behind it. Otherwise, no, simply no. If you want to control or regulate immigration (invasion) of our southern border, the only long term, reliable way to do it is to turn it back over to the states and local communities. Federal “comprehensive immigration reform,” even if it were a carbon copy of what some of you want, is never going to happen. The “federal” (such that it is) part of it is the major defect. Our “federal” rulers are incompetent idiots. It’s that simple.

          • The wall is useful for both drug interdiction and IA interdiction. All BP personnel will tell you so. Catch and release is the culprit once IA’s are caught. Tossing them into MX to await a hearing is a brilliant strategy. Also, the bulk of IA’s are said to come from other than the Southern border.

            Not sure about the comparison of Obama restrictions. The IA’s coming here today are taught the magic words wrt seeking asylum. In the Obama era, many IA’s simply signed paperwork with the BP agent who caught them and were driven to air conditioned busses stationed along the interdiction areas and then when full were immediately driven back over the border into Nogales (my area) the same day. Sort of like a ride at Disneyland.

            They’d (IA’s) then would hook back up with the local Coyote and make another attempt the next day. The trick is not how many you catch and deport, but how many times they get away with it.

            Hell, on some days, we’d actually get back from patrol after the IA’s were fed and cooling off on the Nogales express (bus) while we were sweaty and exhausted in the 110 degree heat. They’d wave to us through the barred windows and smile.

          • Who is (“delusional”)? If you’ll be more explicit about what (or who) you mean by “you’re,” and in what way the person in question you accuse of being “delusional,” is, well, delusional, said person in question will have a chance to respond to your accusation. “You’re delusional” in and of itself is stupid beyond belief. Know what I mean?

      • It might be simpler if one understands the power of the Presidency as separate from Congress, or the Judiciary. To wit, birthright citizenship is a decision of the SCOTUS (IIRC), how does a President overturn that?

    • Turns out that Reagan didnt understand what was really wrong with America and he lavished riches upon the Cloud people who financed our decline.

      Reagan certainly made mistakes, especially making finance the center of the economy and hence began outsourcing. But it was a different age. People tend to focus too much on the problems we have today when they assess old leaders. Reagan wanted to end the cold war victoriously b/c he did not want the insane nuclear arsenals of the USA and USSR pointing at each other to ever be used. And, like many others back then, and quite possibly correctly, he thought that an intense, paranoid, global ideological struggle like the cold war would sooner or later blow up with unimaginable consequences. That is actually a valid point.

      It’s like when ppl criticize Lincoln for race relations today or Churchill for defeating a ‘white nationalist Hitler’ and hence paving the way for the migrant crisis, maybe even by being the hapless puppet of world Jewry and without own agency even?? What about all the leaders since Lincoln and Churchill, are they blameless? Were they somehow unable to stop a rot set in motion by the ‘great mavericks Lincoln, Churchill and now Reagan’?

      I’m not saying any of the three are blameless, much less ‘perfect.’ But I’m just not persuaded by this ‘it is that person in the distant past who sent the ball of doom rolling’. There were so many after them that could have done something, not least after they each resolved a historic crisis.

    • You’ll probably remember that famous photograph of Jimmy Carter running – looking haggard and about to collapse – that image was used to symbolize the failure of the desert rescue mission and newspapers seemed to get perverse satisfaction from its wide circulation. Now, of course, that is the normal zeitgeist for the media and their instinctual destructive impulse to “bring it all down”.

      Russia was a formidable adversary Americans were wary of – with healthy doses of respect and skeptacism. People respected Soviet science and arts – achievements brought by intense concentration of state resources on selected disciplines (and resignation to deprivation). At the same time, US Kremlin watchers examined every hair on Politburo member’s heads for any clue of division the State Dept could exploit. People knew there was a foundation of sand.

      Well, everyone but people like Bernie, who happily swallowed the peephole “sophistication” he was shown in capital cities. A chandelier in the train station made up for countless Magnitogorsks, in certain circles. Bernie was a Believer. But everyone else knew that anyone visiting the USSR regularly or studying any aspect much beyond high school Russian was headed for a career in intelligence.

      With the entire world captive to the nuclear arms (peace) condominium arrangement, every country was on the edge of its seat every time there was a US/USSR summit. In spite of the deep intrigue on both sides, people also trusted both parties to keep the dance going, despite toes regularly getting stepped on. Trust – can you imagine that now?

      Maybe that’s is is why someone of Hillary’s age bandying about the “Russian” or “Putin” narrative sounds like an inside joke to older ears – patently ridiculous humor that she wouldn’t even dreamed of using decades before – She was showing her age reverting to that novel Potemkin ploy.

  32. I wonder what it would have been like to be alive back then and feel a genuine connection to this country as a land by and of your own people. Nowadays most white americans will take much more satisfaction in the victory of an Irishman like Tyson Fury winning against the American Deontay Wilder. Especially after how the judges scored their previous fight. Tyson Fury is an extremely solid dude too. I suggest looking into his story, a great example of an amazing comeback and a triumph against adversity.

    • It’s interesting that Fury felt the need to claim membership of an oppressed minority, I suspect that just being a regular White man without special victim status is no longer acceptable in a sporting hero.

      • I listened to black sportscasters roundtable on Tyson Fury.

        They loved the guy, They found his authentic claim to genuine ethnic oppression appealing to the point where they rooted for him, and were deeply disappointed by Wilder’s empty trash-talk.

        The blacks are seriously non-woke, despite media’s propaganda. After all, they have to live near black people.

        • I know a lot of people here view Trump’s pandering to blacks as just empty civnat-ism but I’m coming around to it a bit. Blacks tend to be based in their views of women, (((Antarcticans))), and immigrants. They certainly haven’t benefited from the large numbers of the latter coming in and taking low-end jobs. I’m not saying Trump will get a majority of the black vote but he could well take the largest minority ever for a Republican and that could critically weaken one of the Democrats most reliable voting blocks.

      • Well thats the really fffed up thing about our situation isn’t it? British and american shitlib whites are only allowed to be racist to lower status white subgroups like “rednecks”, polish immigrants and irish travelers. Pathetic, cowardly, spiteful, image obsessed and brain damaged. Truly a detestable lot. Thankfully normal people outnumber them by a lot, but unfortunately normal people have very little power as of now.

        • “Irish” travellers fled Ireland to the UK. The British treated them better than the perpetual victims known as the Irish have.

        • “Pathetic, cowardly, spiteful, image obsessed and brain damaged. Truly a detestable lot.”

          Now, tell me the bad part.

      • Fury is a Pavee or an Irish Traveller, he’s not just claiming to be something, in that respect he is 100% honest

        I’m glad he won BTW, more power to him

  33. Got to hand it to you, Z. Every now and then you post a really good essay, and this is one of them.

    Rage against the assholes that say patriotism and–heaven forbid–nationalism are bad things!

  34. Sometime in the future, when we are on an obvious downward spiral, our overlords are going to try the same thing with our new, multicultural, and vibrant Olympic teams vs The Chinese.

    There will be the same flag waving, teary-eyed emotion, and relentless hype. And win or lose, it won’t matter, because the average American will know that being an American is just being the subject of an economic zone.

    For those who doubt, how many people who have watched the last Super Bowl can even recognize what one of the great secular cultural events of our nation has become?

    • The Chinese are already competing on equal terms with Canada and the US in curling. Now don’t laugh if you haven’t tried it or watched it seriously. It is a tough and fun sport.

      • I was just watching the Americans beat the Japanese in Curling yesterday—I needed something to do after watching the paint dry on my walls.

        • Curling is kind of like cycling or golf – acquired taste and if you get it, you know it’s for you.

    • The last Super Bowl Halftime Show was a celebration of Amerindians (and ((((others))) ) triumph over whitey. I suspect the target audience quite enjoyed it and is clamoring for more.

      • The target audience for the Super Bowl? I’m pretty sure they are one of the biggest problems we face.

    • Thanks to the Chinese and their virus, we may not have an Olympics this year – and I couldn’t care less.

      • That’s the attitude of a lot of Japanese as well, ironically enough. Advertising for it is everywhere and it’s just become part of the scenery.

  35. The Trump rallies are an example of patriotic Americans trying to recapture that USA!-USA!-USA! spirit. “Make America Great Again” says it all. For a couple of hours, flag-waving, nostalgic Americans get to be among their own, until they leave the arena and are jolted back to the grim reality of our new country. Sometimes with physical assaults.

      • Not only that, but the November 2024 victory dance — or should I say, victory stomp? — will be truly educational. White people everywhere will be openly, joyously attacked and stomped on in the streets with impunity, every newspaper, every TV station, will loudly, proudly proclaim “White Americans are over and done for, FOR GOOD!” and the gloating of the Jews will be so loud you can hear it on the moon. And it will never stop, it will be the new national soundtrack.

        And then, when it is too late, White normies and civ-nats will finally realize that we were right all along, but now it is too late. “Why didn’t we listen?” will be their final thought as they tumble headlong into the pit of Hell, with the cackling of the Jews bursting their eardrums.

        • No, they won’t recognize their error. Instead they’ll struggle to comply with the new reality and pray that Jesus ends their lives painlessly.

      • You don’t know a g-d damned thing about what 2025 will bring. Stop being such a pessimistic little bitch.

        • The future is unknown. But the smart money is on the Democrats winning presidential elections starting in 2024, based on demographic projections and immigration levels. Of course the CPAC/Charlie Kirk/Dan Crenshaw types think the answer is convincing the brown people to vote GOP. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      • True maybe

        But as the Zman points out, the underdog can win, if the team is focused and the management is good, the odds are stacked against them, but yet they win

        Losing a few battles might be good, if it wakes people up and points them in the right direction

        The great victories come from everyone pulling in the right direction, and believing that the victory is possible


  36. Any volunteers willing to get infected with corona virus and spend some time on the New York and dc subways at rush hour? Asking 4 a friend.

    • Now, we have 3 whole testing centers in the US, and they’ve tested a a whole 500 people!

      5.5 million riders per days on the NYC subway, you say? You shoulda heard LA radio yesterday- “Do Not Panic, Absolutely Do Not Panic!!” (Cov’s popping up all over the Inland Empire. Screw solar farms, now they’re talking rushed isolation wards in the desert.)

      Man, do I want to see the short positions and spreads on the Chinese economy.
      Somebody’s gonna make a bloody killing!

    • That’s not an absurd posting and scary. We’ve got any number of wackos that would do this if they had the chance and could walk around while still infected. I’d be surprised if we didn’t hear about a modern day “Typhoid Mary” before it’s all over.

  37. Talking about hockey will allways bring out the Canadians, so here is another one. As a Boomer (b.1956), I have seen how hockey has brought my country together at various times. I still feel great pride in my homeland, especially since I have had the good fortune to have worked in every region of the country. I know what we have lost to the globalists and how the dreams civic nationalism turned into a nightmare of competing ethnicities. At this point I can see that it can only end in tears.

    • Ramzpaul did a video not too long ago how all of the regions of the US have become standardized to the point that there are no longer even any regions. Same stores, same restaurants and food, same highways, same motels. same music, same strip malls, same bland houses etc. Different cities and towns across America are now more like franchises where everything must be exactly the same so that the “customer” has the same experience whether they are in Spokane or Orlando or any place in between.
      You need to reword your story. You’ve worked in all the McTowns all over the mall.
      SORRY, this should have been under UFO’s post. Don’t know how it ended up here.

      • That was one of Ramz’s best videos. He drives through a random town as he narrates and you see the soulless way that buildings are randomly slapped up with no overarching sense of community. Truly depressing.

        On a related note, notice how historic downtown areas in both large and small communities have been cleaned up and restored, and how every new shopping area these days is a faux 1920’s downtown? I’m convinced that it’s a subconscious expression of and a yearning for an America those of us born during and after Reagan will never know.

        • Yeah, everything is a cheap imitation these days. Not just the buildings either. The “local” shop used to be a thing, but now it is just a cheap imitation if you get one at all.
          As a Gen-Xer, I can still remember the tail end of when things were made well and more or less everything was made in the US. Now we drive our expensive car to the cheap Walmart to buy cheap junk that falls apart in a few years at best. Nothing being quality is one of the side effects of America becoming a shopping mall.

          • That was a consequence of outsourcing. And we’re about to pay for it with supply chain interruptions. (Apparently the poisoned pet- and baby- food scandals couldn’t persuade globo to bring their manufacturing back to the US.) Next: pharmaceutical ingredients.

        • MemeWarVet: On a visit to an affluent bubble suberb of Dallas, I saw one of these Potemkin Village, immitation 1920s “main street” malls. Not a single store selling anything of lasting value. Lots of cutesy boutiques and “on-trend” restaurants. Yoga pants and smoothies. With a real recession, these places will be wiped out and will never come back. Also, the town’s residents (they all live in fear of what’s out there, but keep their fears to themselves), with their enormous homes (mostly empty space to air condition) and enormous mortgages, will be blown away when the economy takes another nose dive, which it will, eventually. Not due to anything nefarious, necessarily, but because economies don’t always go up.

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed that regional accents have declined as well. Only the old timers still have their accents. Or at least enough to really notice.

    • The 1972 Summit Series win over the Soviets was Canada’s version of the Miracle on Ice. Lost the first few games in Canada, then rallied to win it in Russia. And they did it without Bobby Orr, the greatest player of his generation!

  38. Even thinking back to my childhood. Let’s say 15-20 years ago. 99% white neighborhood of an 85% white city. I was so proud to be Canadian, to be one of the other Canadians. And Canada was white with a few model minority asians mixed in. I applied that to the whole country.

    Now that I moved away that delusion has totally changed. I see things for what they are now, I was actually the one in a bubble. I’m glad I grew up feeling that, though. Because 1) it’s easy to understand what boomers feel. Imagine what I felt x100 and 2) I know what we lost, and I’ll never forgive them for taking it from us.

    • They took nothing from us. We gave it to them. It’s like the housing bubble – when bankers extended loans to blacks and vibrants that weren’t smart enough to realize it was a loan – never mind the terms and conditions of it. We signed on the dotted line then just as we are doing today.

      Everything in life, boys, is a choice – right up to and including slavery. Instead of remembering glory days and letting the ones we have left slip away – I think we should turn on our owners, close with them eyeball to eyeball … and go for it. Once those chains are on… it will be too late.

      • By “they” I don’t mean the vibrants. I mean globalists, ((())), boomers, tptb, elites, whatever you wanna call them. At the end of the day, our voters, and predecessors to my generation gave away this country at the ballot box, too. Tragic.

          • The era of the stupidly nice white people is coming to a screeching halt. There has been ZERO reciprocation from anyone else. Politics is downstream from culture and culture is downstream from biology. The rest of humanity reacts to white people being stupidly nice like a lion reacts to a gazelle limping with a injured leg. Stupidly-nice or high trust culture was a huge advantage in making nice places to live when we had homogeneous societies, but with diversity it is a huge disadvantage.

            This is standard evolution/natural selection: you move a population from the ecosystem niche for which it is highly adapted and put it in another, and the traits that served it well before either no longer do or become a liability. Civilizations are ecosystems and ours has been transformed (tikkuned) so that it now favors those with rootless cosmopolitan zero-outgroup-empathy low trust cultures.

            Those with neither tribe nor nation are prey animals in a herd of one, easy meat for cooperative foreign predators who ALL have tribes and nations. We real Americans are now the most numerous people on this planet who not only don’t have our own country, but don’t even have a single country-level institution representing our collective interests.

            If you are in a small pack of 3 carnivorous predators, would you prefer to attack a herd of 100 prey animals all of the same type cooperating in their collective self defense or would you prefer to attack a group of 100 prey animals each of a different type distrustful of one another? Diversity is only a strength to the globalist oligarch importing the divide for divide and rule.

          • Kind of reminds me a joke/anaolgy told on The Sopranos. A father bull and his son are sitting on a hill overlooking a herd of cows. The son says to the father, “Let’s run down there and fuck one of them!” The father says, “Son, why don’t we walk down there and fuck ’em all.”

            And that’s what happened to the West. Rather than getting conquered in one paroxysm of violence, the cultural Marxists calmly strolled into our midst and began consuming our world like the parasites they are.

          • That joke originally came from the movie, Colors, which was about cops in a LA gang unit. Appropriate too, because gangs are nothing more than modern day tribes. The rap music interspersed through is awful so be warned. But the movie is watchable.

          • KGB, ya know darn well the CroMagnons were telling each other that one.

            Oldest and truest joke in the world.

          • Right, Horace, and the destruction of social trust is why we can’t have nice things. It’s all about the diversity.

          • I can live with no more Mr Nice Guy, and indeed that’s the only way we’ll survive.

            But he’s missing the biggest Patriotic Revival Tent of tens of millions in our lifetimes, and that whites have awakened at last.

            I take issue with counsels of bitterness and despair – none march under that flag.

            If people need this to get angry and fight, OK.

            But to Hell with “its all over”.
            We just woke up.
            Truth be told we’ll soon enough be scaring even ourselves.

            Truth be told, vibrants are scared, immigrants are scared, Jews are flat out defecting as fast as they can.

            ^When Jews defect it means they’re scared. Happens every time, including yes last time. See Heydrich, Eichmann. Yes of course they were.^.

          • Never fear. Lots of us understand that, right or wrong, white folk can be the nicest, or the meanest, most ruthless people on the face of the planet, as needs be. Indeed, one need look no further than the current SJW movement to understand this about “whitey.”

            I remember seeing, at one of the recent “white nationalist” gatherings (Charlottesville, maybe, but not sure about which) a group of blacks sporting tee shirts that read, “Careful you don’t get your ass whipped. We ain’t our ancestors.” I’m not a white nationalist, but I nevertheless love my people, and am in no way ashamed of my race. In any case, when I read the message on those tee shirts, I literally laughed out loud. Obviously the persons sporting them aren’t particularly aware of what badasses whites can be whenever we feel like we’re backed into a corner. My immediate thought was, “you might not be your ancestors, but we are ours, so watch you ass!” It’s good advice, albeit my assumption is that they are (literally) too stupid to understand and follow it. Until it’s too late.

          • Yeah, trouble is that there are lots of GoodWhites, Soyboys, and hysterical feminists on the other side. The real conflict up till now has been GoodWhites vs. BadWhites.

          • Actually, they are their ancestors. I’ve yet to see them grow a pair or singly take on Whites in a fair fight (yes, I know, there are no fair fights). What I see are mainly cowardly hyenas in packs attacking those who can’t adequately defend themselves. Not all mind you, but all those who sport such bravado on t-shirts to be sure.

          • It was not part of their blood,
            It came to them very late,
            With long arrears to make good,
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            They were not easily moved,
            They were icy — willing to wait
            Till every count should be proved,
            Ere the Saxon began to hate.

            Their voices were even and low.
            Their eyes were level and straight.
            There was neither sign nor show
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not preached to the crowd.
            It was not taught by the state.
            No man spoke it aloud
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not suddenly bred.
            It will not swiftly abate.
            Through the chilled years ahead,
            When Time shall count from the date
            That the Saxon began to hate.

          • I agree. Something is definitely afoot. I actually burst out laughing watching Tucker Carlson cover the media’s latest attempt to keep the Russia hoax going. It seems the new spin is that none other than Comrade Bernie is getting help from Russia! So Trump, Bernie, why not all of our candidates? They’re all Russian agents. It’s like watching the old “Get Smart” TV show where Max would do his “would you believe…” gag. There’s a kind of raw desperation among the ruling elite that I haven’t seen before.

          • Yes, they were. I suspect Eichmann was kicking back at a villa in Haifa, holding lavish parties for his IDF buddy generals along with scads of scantily clad IDF soldierettes. His service to the Cause during and after the war was exemplary.

      • I completely agree yet I can no longer summon a sense of outrage. Rather, I feel sorrrow. I’m sorry for them. Even more than us because we were born poor but they are the millionaire come to rags. And it isn’t entirely his fault. He just wasn’t strong enough to resist temptation. Call it entropy. Call it Kali Yuga. Half choice, half chance.

        In less genteel but more virile times, the white man could do this:

    • My high school was 8% white and my college is 15%. I was born and bred in the future and I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m definitely moving north once I meet a girl I’m sure is worth keeping. But not to Canada… Canadians from what I can tell are even worse than americans with their ethnomasochism.

      • I’m an American with a Canadian wife. My not-too-distant future is immigration north. I like Canada and Canadians. They have a level of national pride that we could learn a lot from. However…their enthusiasm for selling out the country to vibrants is pathological. You cannot watch a single national celebration, from New Years to Canada Day, that doesn’t first and foremost celebrate multiculturalism and diversity. It has become the national mantra.

        I feel sorry for them.

        • You can feel bad for people like me. Why feel sorry for the people who put diversity as their top mantra?

          There’s literally nothing left to buy into, other than ethnic enclaves and competition (which whites refuse). But non whites feel the lack of culture too – look at how the mud hut youth of Toronto gravitated towards the Raptors. Desperate to be a part of something.

        • Have a Canadian friend who was opening gloating about how great it was that her son was a white minority in the school he went to. A couple others I know kept bleating about Drumpf and how ill-mannered and crass he was, even though he had the same platform as them in the most important matters, (pro-life, pro-religion).

          It’s like they’re blind to how the Canadian right sold them out under the pretense of civility.

          We need to close Canada as well as Mexico until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

          • What is going on I am afraid is that many whites will not nor want to fight or oppose the diversity religion in any manner.
            It depends.
            Some of us will fight
            Some of us won’t
            I get disheartened about South Africa for one.
            Why are whites not opposing their dismantling?
            You got the Elon Musk types who just go along with it all
            Whites have no future there but I don’t hear much noise about standing up or leaving.
            Is it the Dutch background?
            I got no idea.
            I think in similar circumstances we Scott’s Irish would fight more
            Or find a way to leave
            But I may be totally wrong.

        • I think Canadians found in the globohomo pozz a way that they could finally beat their loudmouth, oversized American cousins.

          They will win the Prog Cup America Norte, but the prize, like the jelly of the month club, is going to be a gift that just keeps on givin.

          Of course in a race to the bottom, everybody wins.

        • It’s sad but true. In my youth our culturally marxist schools taught us how magnificent it is that we, Canada, are a’cultural mosaic’ while America is a ‘cultural melting pot’. Fast forward about a decade and a half and the progeny of those people who founded the country, those who helped maintain it, and those who fought for it in in the Great Wars, don’t seem to have much of a place in the’mosaic’.

        • Last summer, we were in Toronto during Canada Day (I live on the border and we take a trip to Hogtown pretty much once a year. I wore my “TRUMP” inauguration hat all weekend, while downtown among large crowds of people, and not one person knocked it off my head or made a disparaging remark. Frankly, I was shocked. We usually stay in either Mississauga or Markham, and white people are hard to find. How Rob Ford got elected baffles me.

        • A good place to keep up on Canada from a red pilled perspective is the KMG show on You Tube. Kevin Michael Grace is a Canadian and I enjoy his stuff. Well read and not shallow.
          Canada is worse than us though from everything I hear or read.
          Justin Trudeau is a real piece of work I think.

        • Outdoorspro wrote, “You cannot watch a single national celebration, from New Years to Canada Day, that doesn’t first and foremost celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.”

          Which is why I don’t – watch such things.

    • Canada, 2019:

      One million immigrants
      105,000 new jobs

      The elites aren’t filling workers’ slots.
      They’re using the public purse to buy customers for the legislator’s “private” investment groups.

      Own a chunk of CVS or Walgreens?
      Then you send Gundeep and Kandira there to get their welfare-paid vaccinations.
      After housing them in the Days Inn franchises you own, while your developer co-partner uses county bonds and tax exemptions to build new new housing.

      • And schools, too- and school construction bonds, lottery funding, school funding and supply, admin hiring, union benefits plan administration, etc etc etc etc

        So Negira NuAmetican can dream of a brighter future!

        (Buying all that nice middle class consumables Senator owns a piece of too, since Congress owns 75% of retail stocks through public employee pension and public fund pool ‘portfolio yield management’- along with evading taxes through foundations, trusts, and ‘charities’)

        Tldr: GovCorp buys both consumers and revenue streams with your money, your seed capital

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