The Yellow Peril

Most of you are probably listening to this week’s show while laying-in stocks of emergency foodstuffs and ammunition, in preparation for the riots that will surely come from the Chinese Flu. Make sure to have a thirty day supply of water, as you cannot go more than a few days without drinking water. If the media is right and this plague is retribution from the gods for voting Trump into office, the suffering will surely last more than a few days. Welcome to the end times.

In all seriousness, this flu is a serious matter, but the most likely result is something far short of the promised apocalypse. The Spanish Flu, which hit during the Great War, did not end the human race or put much of a dent in it. This virus is not that and we are better prepared for it than a century ago. The most likely result of this pandemic is a mild recession and a discrediting of the globalist project. Open borders and outsourcing to China is looking a lot less wonderful all of a sudden.

That will be the interesting thing to watch over the next months as this virus becomes a part of daily life. So far, the Democrat candidates have yet to figure out how to talk about, other than the puerile whining about “Orange Man Bad” stuff. Trump seems to be figuring out that this is offering him an issue, but he has yet to seize on it. He hinted at it in his presser, when he said his decision to shutter travel from China may have prevented the rapid spread of the virus to America.

Some politicians have started to figure out that this thing can be a club to assault the China lobby in Washington. Josh Hawley has a bill to redirect the production of medical supplies from China back to the United States. A general re-thinking of reliance on China for manufactured goods is probably the first result of this plague. Someone will eventually link the free movement of people over the southern border to the free movement of disease over the southern border.

The thing to watch, I think, is what happens when it becomes clear to everyone that the disease is the product of Chinese corruption. There’s pretty good evidence now that the virus originated in the lab. Most likely they were doing perfectly legitimate research on these viruses, but the endemic corruption of China and their sloppy controls led to this virus getting loose on the public. Throw in other issues like fentanyl, espionage and corruption and China should quickly become a pariah.

This pandemic is probably going to be what the rage head Nicholas Taleb called a black swan event. There will be what passed for conventional wisdom before the event and what passes for it after the event. In the before times, there was a general consensus that China was largely a benign force in the world. After the pandemic, China will be viewed as a threat to global order. We have probably just seen the end of peak China and the world enters the phase of post-China.

On the other hand, one should not underestimate the stupidity and perfidy of the ruling classes in the West. An alien greed-head like Mike Bloomberg, for example, does not care how many Americans die in order to keep doing business with China. Those are not his people. The actors hired by the plutocrats to be our politicians could very well keep reading from the same pro-China script. In this regard, the Yellow Peril could prove to be a clarifying event for many Americans.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Bernie Revolt
  • 12:00: The Yellow Peril (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Rainy Days Are Coming (Link)
  • 37:00: Libertarian Bashing (Link)
  • 42:00: Social Vengeance Warriors (Link)
  • 47:00: The Army Of None (Link)
  • 52:00: News From Lagos (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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169 thoughts on “The Yellow Peril

  1. I don’t understand any white man who joins the military, particularly the infantry. Modern, post 60s, America is literally built on white-hating racism and exploitation, and you’re fighting for that. Boycott the military, cripple globalism.

    • Very true, our incredibly powerful military was THE prize to seize for global domination.

      But! We’re all subversives now, and I’d like to see our spies learning every nook and cranny of our ruler’s systems, plus a lot of useful skills besides. Hail our future saboteurs, the unsung heroes!

  2. Your mention of Lagos reminded me of the upcoming Mayoral election.
    Of the 32 candidates, more than half have a criminal record.
    And that’s before they even get the job.

    • “Of the 32 candidates, more than half have a criminal record.“

      Excellent! Those with the criminal records are the ones who will be best able to represent their marginalized and oppressed [1] constituents in (c)Harm City. The other candidates are just carpet-bagging posers. Or smart enough crooks that they haven’t been caught yet; the which would again make them not representative of their people.

      [1] if anyone is thinking that marginalized = white in Baltimore, get with the program! American blacks are the (second) most marginalized, victimized, and oppressed people in history, throughout space and time.

  3. it looks like the various governments of the world are hyping up this Chinese Flu to give themselves advantages in various ways. When people are real scared they often are willing to give the State even more power over their lives.

    I work in a field where I am exposed to all sorts of cold and flu germs. And yet, I don’t ever get a cold or the flu. (and I am old) I last had the flu 15 years ago right after getting a flu shot. Have not made that mistake again; but in the panic the shots may become mandatory.

    I read of panic buying worthy of what we see in Florida if a cat 5 cane is headed our way. OMG! The actual death rate of people without a compromised immune system is very low. Why all the fear? Do people really believe the State and the Media? Oh hell.

    • Some people are just assholes. The “leader” of the oh-so-smart alt-right bigot brigade is a prime example.

  4. I have come to conclusions similar to zman’s with regard to libertarians, i.e., they’re just not very bright. That may be the reason why they are incapable of escaping their ideological prison, regardless of all the contrary evidence piling up outside the gates.

    If you do not possess sufficient intellectual clout to analyse human affairs, then libertarianism (or indeed any fixed set of ideas) provides you with series of interchangeable slogans, tropes and nostrums that you can use to simplify and solve the world in one easy step. It makes the wielder feel very clever and part of a priesthood of understanding at the same time. It strokes fragile egos.

    It’s like downloading a mental software suite that promises multiple solutions to all problems at the press of a button.

  5. ZMan,

    I listened to your first two (I’m working my way through all of them) podcasts yesterday, and I must say that you’ve nailed the workflow from a technical perspective. The quality of today’s show versus those (and other) previous ones to which I’ve listened is superlative. That’s not to say that your other, more recent ones aren’t; it’s just a point of comparison.

    Very nicely done, sir!

  6. On the subject of libertarians, I have pretty much arrived at the same conclusion as zman, i.e. that these people are just not actually very bright.

    Lacking the intellectual clout to analyse the world, they opt instead for a ready-made set of easily-interchangeable tropes, slogans and nostrums (which they refer to as “principles”) and which they can offer up as explanations for the state of human affairs which they simply don’t understand and cannot parse. It’s like software installation that promises multiple pre-programmed solutions for all problems and issues.

    I think the same thing is going on with wokeness on the left; it’s a turnkey solution for the hard-of-thinking.

    Libertarianism is just wokeness for the right.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that libertarianism is better categorized as left wing. When do you hear libertarians talk about strengthening local communities and local traditions? Never. They reduce everything to economics and have been supporters of the outsourcing that has destroyed middle America. Also, their notion of radical individualism is contrary to the conservative idea of the social order. That social order, as it used to exist until it was atomized to hell, was one in which we occupied a role–not as individuals–but as mothers, fathers, citizens, teachers, city leaders, etc. with known duties, responsibilities, and, yes, privileges. It represented an outward-looking morality rather than an inward-looking one. What should I do for the good of my family, my friends and neighbors, my city? Libertarianism is just as corrosive to community life as other left-wing innovations.

      • All of these critiques of libertarianism are quite cogent, and well-said. I’m confused as to why they’ve not been upvoted. I’ve been away from the site for a while; perhaps it’s a recurring theme now. Nonetheless, excellent points, all (also referring to several posts, above).

      • Quite so- Americans living in 1918 or 1939 were barbaric savages, entirely unable to contain themselves.

  7. Something like 2,500 people have died in China out of a population of 1.4 billion, if you believe the official Chinese statistics anyway. The dead are overwhelmingly old (not a single under 10 year old has died from Coronavirus) and it disproportionately affects Asians. 50,000 people die of the common flu in the United States each year. This is a giant ball of nothing, an opportunity taken by anti-Trump Jewish hedge fund owners & companies like Goldman Sachs to try to take down Trump in an election year. If you look at it, there is a “pandemic” every election year — SARS 2004, Avian 2008, Swine 2010, MERS 2012, Ebola 2014, Zika 2016, Ebola 2018, Corona 2020. They have all turned out to be complete duds.

    Hysteria from zman, lion of the blogosphere, etc is just ridiculous.

    Now if you want to talk about societal reaction to this ridiculous nonsense, that’s another story…people are retards…

    • It’s bringing out involuntary xenophobia and ethnocentrism among whites.

      Even Becky doesn’t want to get the bat flu.

      For the first time ever all whites are just ignoring the racist labels. Even if just brief, it shows that we *ALL* (except for the most insane 0.1% of progressives) have some kind of ethnocentric qualities and a desire to live. Makes me happy. Maybe one day we’ll see these characteristics make a full revival.

      • Jungle fever gives no immunity to bat flu, either, though the sex ed spinsters in Europe seem to think so.

    • I don’t believe the Chinese statistics or anything else they say. The good thing about this situation is that many others are coming round to that opinion.

    • “there is a “pandemic” every election year — SARS 2004, Avian 2008, Swine 2010, MERS 2012, Ebola 2014, Zika 2016, Ebola 2018, Corona 2020. ”

      Seriously good pattern recognition there, and quite original. Major kudos, much kek.

      To his defense, our host barely touched this with a 10-ft pole because some of his irascible audience wouldn’t shut their fat gobs- me, for one. Or two.

  8. For all the posters dissing Nicholas Taleb, the guy is 100x smarter and a deep thinker than any of the mental midgets like Spencer that the alt-right coughs up. Sure as hell a lot smarter than any of the guys on this blog.

    • What the hell does Richard Spencer have to do with Nick Taleb?

      I like NT, with a few caveats. He doesn’t need me to e-nanny his reputation.

    • Not to “well, actually”, so sorry, but Spencer? Not really relevant any more. Nobody on this side talks about him much.

  9. So, women aren’t discriminated against in math departments, because there just aren’t a lot of women mathematicians, because it’s mostly men who are good at math, though there are outliers, which are OK to hire.

    OTOH, it’s OK to actually discriminate against homosexuals in the military, because in fact, not one single one is “good enough to get the job done.” If that were true, why would it even be an issue? Surely 100% would wash out at basic training, so problem solved; and if, like women mathematicians, some don’t, what’s the argument then? (And no, this isn’t an argument for adoption or transsexual generals)

    If only Hitler had gotten rid of those fags in the SA, he might have had a chance to take power!

  10. The Cindy-Lou becomes a combat infantryman thing still puzzles me. Was never in the military, but was a FF and officer for twenty years. We’d have girls show up at the academy and try–but virtually all quit or simply trained for “exterior only” in the volunteer departments. Once you loaded up with full bunkers, SCBA and tools they simply could not work effectively under the weight. None could pass Rapid Intervention and Survival where you had to demonstrate the ability to find a 200lb guy in 45lbs of gear in a pitch black basement, then huck him up two flights of stairs. And none of us wanted to partner up with anybody that was going to require the cavalry if we got jammed up.

  11. Talking to the Hmong and the Mexicans about the Wuflu. Freight has slowed way, way down, because the containers aren’t arriving in the Port of Los Angeles.*

    The Hmong**, in his very broken English, said, “but you good, go Texas. Texas has freight come Mexico, and Sou’ ‘Merica.”

    I stroked the side of my face and said, “see this color? I’m a Nazi. And you’re saying Mexico will save the USA now??…
    What am I going to tell my friends?!”

    *Zero testing of those ships or their crews on shore leave for the night- just as there is zero testing of the thousands of airline flights coming in.

    **When I mentioned Xi, that 4-foot tall Hmong was scaring me. His face was shining with naked hatred.

    • One of my kids is interning with an energy shipping firm–and can see the real time global marine traffic (ships carry pingers similar to aircraft) The anchorages outside the Asian ports look like the Long Island Expressway on Memorial Day Friday. Nothing is moving or is severely under loading. Transit is usually about 21 days, so the shit will begin hitting the fan in the next few weeks. LNG deliveries have ceased since demand is half and the onshore storage is full.

      • Late reply: I was on the LIE last Memorial Day Friday at 4:30, no less. It reminded me of that diner in Queens, where I was chatting with some musicians getting ready for their gigs. When the clock struck 5, the double-pane windows started to vibrate. I asked why, they told me, “Everybody’s hitting their horns– it’s the gridlock. Happens at this time every night.”

        Thanks! Just took the rental car and loaded up on 2 months worth of Dinty Moore and V8. No masks to be found anywhere, though, shoot.

  12. Completely OT but it’s a smart crowd here.

    I keep having this thought that the rise of free trade, demographics, and illiteracy coincides with the economic and political rise of the south. A plantation mentality with some Jacksonian rabble rousing.

    Likewise, the decline of homogeneity, citizenship, and the nuclear family coincides with the decline of the north.

    Granted these are stereotypes. Granted there’s much to admire about the south. Granted the north committed sins. Granted there’s all sorts of exceptions.

    But from a 30000 ft perspective it looks kind of antebellum to me. It’s as if we’re in an historical low tide where the puritanical bean counting excess going out mixes with the populist/elitist dixie wave coming in.

    What do you think?

    • No Idea, never been to the south. Live near LA and I can’t imagine a more soul sucking place in which to reside. Definitely going to move out of here within the next couple years. Don’t think I will head east though, not many blacks where I live but there were enough for me to figure out that I want to be as far as I can possibly get from them. Planning a trip to northern Idaho next summer to check things out. Visited a friend in Boise a couple years ago, very nice place but I have doubts about the permanence of it’s situation. They seem to have recently chosen that city for tactical refugee resettlement as it’s one of the few remaining medium sized majority white cities. There may be nowhere that’s safe but there are still places that are better. It’s still about 1,000 times more livable than LA, I can say that much. Friendly people, low cost of living, cute girls who aren’t dressed like hos. If I had had the means I’d have never left.

      • Haven’t been out west since I was a kid. It was wide open. Loved Montana. If the images in media are correct a lot has changed. I remember Denver and Phoenix being medium sized cities, on the order of Pittsburgh or so. A buddy of mine lived in Phoenix for a few years. He said it was cool because most people weren’t from Phoenix so he didn’t feel like an outsider.

        All I remember from Idaho is Craters of the Moon. That blew my mind. It’s curious how people are moving to Boise. Not that it isn’t a nice place— I’m sure it is, but it’s remote. Not the kind of situation you’d expect a lot of people to be looking for. I wonder how it’ll play out, people fleeing the coasts to places that aren’t natural hubs of commerce.

    • Elegant, Painter, rings true.
      Fash could try Atlanta, but I’d recommend backwoods Louisiana or South Carolina. The only white face he’d see for the next two days would be his reflection in the mirror.

        • Bonus points: smokin’ latina chicks are too poor to buy much fabric, so they wear really, really short dresses. Two handkerchiefs, like.

  13. Amazon bought the series from the SciFy network. I’ve read the books – not bad. The latest season was based on probably the least entertaining book.

    I really enjoyed “The Boys” on Amazon. Starts out as a superhero series with some twists then gets real. Very dark humor and looks inside the Deep State.

  14. When I joined the Marines in 1989, the Commandant was a legendary badass named Al Gray. He was an enlisted Marine in the Korean War before getting his commission – and was knee-deep in the blood in Korea and Vietnam. He would never, ever get promoted above Colonel today – that exclusive club is limited to toadies and political hacks now.

    • Such people as Gray, i.e., competent, distinguished men are of course a threat to the toadies in that when he is in the room, there may be those present who can distinguish the difference. Sigh.

  15. Re: ” we have a class of people … who are simply above the law now”

    Nobody is exempt from the laws of physics.

    Description: Ballistics is the field of mechanics concerned with the launching, flight behavior and impact effects of projectiles, especially ranged weapon munitions such as bullets, unguided bombs, rockets or the like; the science or art of designing and accelerating projectiles so as to achieve a desired performance.

    What we’re truly lacking is people who are willing to use these laws to best effect.

  16. A castle? WTF. They going to move Derbyshire into the castle? Does look like they got a good deal on the place. I guess they could turn it into a nazi B-n-B. I would go.

    • The original owner used to host big parties there in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. She’d bring train carloads of people in for them, and it has a 40×50 ft. ballroom, which I imagine now would be good for presentations and lectures. I don’t know how much overnight space there is for guests. Maybe there’s some local hotels.

      The SPLC immediately started the spin “Hate group buys Berkeley Springs Castle,” trying to frighten the locals.

  17. This isn’t just a political fracas.

    The wake up call for most Americans will be the supply chain disruptions in areas like Medication and biologics where we get some 90% from China.
    Consumer electronics which is around 100%
    Same for industrial equipment or components.

    What do you say to people who can’t get their BP medicine or anti-coagulant because China is KO and without it those people will die?

    What happens when our medical people don’t have any PPE since all of that comes from China?

    This shit is serious.

    Sheltering in place and prepping. Is a smart thing if you’re immuno-compromised or old because Covid-19 can be lethal to you. Prepping isn’t bad despite what the DR doyens

    So if you aren’t in good health you need to seriously consider now to stockpiling what medicine you can and preps to shelter in place if a outbreak occurs in your region. Because your DR thought leader isn’t coming to help your nor will the hospitals if things get bad. We’re at least a year off for a vaccine, so think twice being around crowds or 3rd worlders.

    • Really doesn’t take much to simply increase stocks of what you already use and rotate, if you have the space. Add in some bulk goods for base calories. The supply chain interruptions for anything not airfreighted will begin in a few weeks.

    • Work in the nuclear industry. Our suppliers told us over a week ago that they won’t have the Tyvek suits we use in contaminated areas available for the foreseeable future.

  18. The SOLE reason there are so many cop shortages all over the nation is the cities are already paying large numbers of people pretending to be cops but who aren’t really cops. From vastly unqualified minorities hired for PC reasons to the large number of women working as cops who run away or stand back and watch as their male partners are fighting with suspects. While the city officially has 2 cops on the scene, the reality is that there is only ONE cop on the scene. There are many videos of female cops standing around literally watching their male colleagues physically fighting suspects.

    • Women cops. Way long ago I was invited to do officer training with simunitions in a “fun house”, actually a small false front town of sorts. I was to pretend to be a “bad” guy and give shit to the new officers. Who in exchange were allowed to use whatever force they thought was legally required to control me. I was younger then and could take a bit of grappling and a fall.

      One new women officer was doing her best to control me and talk me down. My instructions were to resist but not to present a “threat”, e.g., move forward toward her, hide my hands, make a fist, etc. I was unarmed for this exercise. So basically, about all you could do was talk shit to her—swear, belittle, etc. Well I did, and after a few go arounds, she shot me in the stomach—simunitions guys—paint—not bullets. But they sting and leave dime sized welts. Her backups immediately shot me a half dozen more times for good measure as I forgot to fall down. That was partially reflex and a bit of guy shit, as a couple of them knew me and couldn’t resist. 😉

      There was an immediate cease fire called and a debriefing started on the spot. We all stood around while the training officer in charge asked the women rookie officer why she shot me. She said simply, “He wasn’t doing what I said, and I was nervous—he was swearing at me and stuff”. Immediately the training officer called time out again, and the debriefing broke into instruction on how not to say anything to anybody but the union lawyer after a shooting. I kid you not.

      I learned two things that day: it was extremely hard for me to say such things to a female, in an acting role or not; and when one officer shoots you, every other officer will shoot you whether or not they felt a threat at the time. First bullet goes “bang”, it’s a shit storm, you’re leaving in a bag.

      • I remember seeing a little blonde woman cop outside of Penn Central Station in Newark, NJ, and thought to myself, “she’s no bigger than me and about as intimidating as a hamster.” The big Irish-American cop of yore had a physical presence to keep misbehaving individuals in line and the strength to physically take someone down. A 5’3″ woman cop lacks those qualities and will be quicker to resort to pulling her handgun. After all, God created man and Sam Colt made them equal.

    • In my experience 4 out of 5 female cops shouldn’t be cops at all.

      The first one will be too scared and physically intimidated to do an effective job on patrol. Frankly, I don’t consider them cowards. Our society told them that girls can do anything and they believed it. Then they actually got the job and learned that the laws of physics still apply. I’m a big enough guy that a suspect had to be an absolute steroid infused monster before I’d start to get pnervous about what might happen if things got physical. I can’t imagine being a 5’1 105 lb female going to work every day knowing that 99% of the suspects you will come across could kick your ass if they decided to.

      The second will be a badge bunny who decided the best way to trap a man was to get a badge of her own. There will be a ton of drama around her as she sleeps her way to the top, including a lot of morale issues early in her career when she’s sleeping with two or three guys in her squad before she figures out the key to success is boning guys of higher rank. The “good” news is that once she catches a man and starts having babies, there’s a better than even chance she’ll quit to be a mommy. If only she’d have done that to begin with.

      The third will be too mentally unstable. There will be some overlap with the first two categories here, but it’s more than just being a coward or a slut. There will be genuine mental health issues. I also include the actual stupid in this category.

      The fourth will overcompensate for being a female by constantly trying to prove herself. She’ll be a total bitch to suspects when she doesn’t need to be, always trying to stir stuff up after other officers have calmed it down. Other cops will dread seeing her pull up because she’ll create a problem. She’s also the one who will be constantly looking for the patriarchy to be discriminating against her.

      The last one will be an adequate cop, very rarely a good or great one. They’ll also do better outside of patrol function if they can get to a specialized unit.

      Frankly, I think women make worse cops than blacks. With blacks, 2 out of 3 shouldn’t be in policing. The first will be stupid and/ or lazy. The second will be criminally inclined. That leaves only the third one to be adequate. Still, 33% is higher than 20%.

      It’s good to be retired.

  19. You don’t need a castle – you need a lair from which to control your legions of POCs. I see something along the lines of maybe an extinct volcano island or maybe an abandoned fallout shelter?

    Have your people call my people – we’ll do lunch! 😆👍

    Great show as usual!

  20. Your Xirl science presentations are a great rebuttal to Bernie’s free college for all. While most cuckservatives bitch and moan about how unfair it would be for kids to have the debt forgiven and how unfair it would be that future college students would go to school for free while older people did not have that luxury, the real argument against free school for all is that these Xirl people will become a permanent bureaucracy funded by the tax payers which would morph into education for ALL.

    The damage done by teachers under universal mandatory k-12 education cannot be overstated. K-12 went from free and available to all who could master the subjects to mandatory for all and expensive baby sitters. The same exact thing would also happen under free college. It would slowly turn into a mandatory thing. There would also be massive pressure to allow every kid into college who managed to sleep through high school no matter how low the IQ of the student.

    So much of the university system in America is already hopeless and needs to be torn down. These lunatics who appear in your Xirl Science presentations are teaching this lunacy to kids who think they are learning something useful. They are taking on enormous debt that they don’t fully understand in order to do it. This is an inter-generational crime.

    • In California this is already the case.To save money I did my first couple years (well should have been two but the things are so badly overcrowded that you can’t get the classes you need in the standard time frame) in a community college and my god the vast majority of the other students have no business being anywhere near a college. It was most obvious in the English classes I had to take for gen ed. Half of my peers papers that I edited reminded me of how my sister used to write in third grade. If I had bothered to properly edit them my pen would have run dry of ink. Mind you these were written using computers, with full access to spell and grammar check software. But on the plus side, I was extremely enriched by peak levels of diversity, In fact in most of my lower tier classes I was the only white person. Almost 100% diverse! But sadly my presence ruined the chance at a prefect score 🙁

      • As bad as it was in your situation, tax funding higher ed in general would make it far worse.
        When my dad went to school in the 40s and early 50s, a very large percentage of students dropped out. People reached their limits and realized staying in school was not going to do anything for them.

        But these stupid leftists began to think that a diploma itself was the key to success and that if we could just give these dumb or lazy kids a diploma, they too could earn more money, a kind of magical talisman of wealth and success. By the time I graduated in the later part of the 80s, the schools in my area became diploma mills. It’s just one more aspect of clownworld.

        • They already are tax funded though. Classes can be as low as $20 a unit in community colleges and it’s very easy to transfer to a UC if your grades are decent. Problem is that the standards are extremely low. The specific class I remember that most clearly exemplified this was the second semester of English. You had to have passed the first semester to get into the English 103 class and had to have taken a placement test to get in to the first college level English 101. The black pilling thing was when my group passed around each others papers to peer edit them. All but one of my 8 person group could barely write, I don’t know if they passed the second semester class but I know that they had to have passed the first. Judging by the ratio of listed English 101 to 103s (about 4 to 1) means that these were the top 25% or so of students who were going for a Bachelors there. I know it was a community college but still. Mexico has not sent her best.

          Again 20 bucks a unit, so obviously heavily subsidized. And as far as I can tell about 95% of that money is completely wasted on people who have no business in college. If it weren’t for silicon valley and hollywood, CA would have gone bankrupt long ago.

          • FashGordon, that’s the problem—the lowering of standards. It’s nice to think everyone deserves a shot at success and as Tars observed, the belief in a diploma is like a magical talisman. But inevitably it results in lowering of standards and the awarding of meaningless degrees in useless subjects to justify the “theft” of your tuition dollars.

            Back during Vietnam days, there was even a suspension of failures given in order to keep some of these nitwits ostensibly making progress toward a degree so as to maintain their draft deferments. In that I could somewhat agree, but not with AA silliness we often see today.

        • In 1847, City College of NYC was founded to provide a free college education to poor but smart young residents of NYC. It was called “The Poor Man’s Harvard” and graduating from City College was a badge of honor. As expected, the diversities eventually protested the admission requirements, which were dropped. Any NYC high school graduate could attend, but the College began charging and eventually the remedial classes were eliminated, diminishing the number of NAMs attending.

  21. This is just me speculating. But say this virus really was developed in a Chinese lab and it got out by accident or on purpose.
    The global elites have to realize that they and the usual suspects among them do not exactly fit into a Chinese economic empire very well.
    Maybe Bloomberg and his friends in his reality moments takes a look around at the loons on stage with him and also takes a look around at the Chinese empire the elite have been making a killing on moving our supply chains into and Bloomberg and his buddies start to say…..What the hell?
    What are we creating here?
    The elite that fit well into a American globo homo empire will not fit well into a communist China empire nor one run here in America by loons.
    Just saying the usual suspects and the elite may now think China is off its chains and needs to be taken down a notch.
    What better way than to turn from supporting globalism to supporting a form of nationalism again?
    Of course Al Pacino and his Nazi hunters on Netflix tell us the leftist loons don’t exactly have white Europeans interests at heart.
    But maybe we look better than the Chinese now days?

    • Not just you. I’ve had similar thoughts. I’m provisionally filing them under “total paranoia” (so I can be a Good Person free of hatey hate thoughts), but let’s go down the rabbit hole, shall we?

      1. Wu-flu (WF) natural or engineered organism? There are enough weird things about WF that engineered is the way to bet.

      2. Accidental release through genuine incompetence, or deliberate release. I’m betting accidental, but let’s consider deliberate as a mental exercise.

      3. IF deliberate, who did it? Who benefits? (this gets back to your point GLG). Some have proposed that China did it itself, for internal population control. I think this is bullshit. IF they did it, it would have been in Muslim Xinjiang (and in sub-Saharan Africa — sha Hui-ze, sha hou-ze!) and certainly not in Han territory.
      3a. If non-Chinese actors, who hates them enough to do it to them? Well, nearly everyone. But who has the ability to do it? I.e. intelligence (all meanings of the word) and capability. This basically rules out places such as the Philippines. ROK and Japan probably have what it takes, but would not want to take the risk of provoking the tiger at their doorstep. India? Maybe. India would certainly benefit from an economically weakened, foolish-looking, pariah China.
      3b. Now here’s the real rabbit hole. If you wanted to take over a great nation/folk/economy how would you do it? The model that worked to subvert and control the West will not work. Chinese already call whites “big noses” (no one says “round eye” – that’s stupid and I have no idea where that came from). So China will have no hesitation calling out big noses. And while changing your name from “Hirsch Apfelbaum” to “Grigori Zinoviev” (or Lev Bronstein to Leon Trotsky, etc etc etc) might have confused things elsewhere, a special person called “Zhang Weiming” is still obviously a special person. And China largely rejects the infotainment media guilt and subversion that has helped wreck us. So what’s to be done? How about crash the economy (and swoop in to buy assets at huge discounts), make your target look weak and foolish, and make them pariahs. The West has been encouraged to act weak and foolish, and be ashamed of themselves, and we’ve (mostly) swallowed that poison whole while begging for more. Won’t work on the famously ethnocentric and arrogant Chinese, so more overt measures must be taken.
      3c. Here is the extra-special tinfoil hat, available only now to the first twenty callers:

      This almost certainly a complete coincidence. (And “Chen Katz” is not a Chinese guy in any way despite the first name. )

      • Every single time. Let your hate flow. Chen Katz? Time to update that “fellow racoons” meme.

        Wasn’t round-eye a Japanese thing?

        What’s the Chinese take on Jewish out-marriage? There are enough Chinese-White couples nowadays that FellowWhites are getting some of that action, plus rubbing shoulders at muh good schools.

      • Mike_C, GLG, we are of one mind.

        1. Who can out-Jew the Jews, and isn’t infected with Holocaust conditioning?

        Why, China and India.
        Voila! Professor Lieber, Harvard, passes the genome sequence to Chinese spies.
        A pandemic erupts in East and now Central Asia.

        2. Coincidentaly, World Bank/WHO ‘pandemic bonds’- yup- mature in May 2020. And look who promises a vaccine by May- why Israel, of course, our genius saviors!

        3. 69 vaccinations isn’t enough. Since HPV by (((Merck))) only had 35,000 female casualties in the UK, I propose global vaccinations for COVID19.
        We’re gonna get rich, saving the world!…
        (from overpopulation).

    • Maybe there should be zero intellectual property protections for U.S. products made in China because those items should be made in the U.S.A. with full protections.

      • I once worked with trademarks at a law firm and was told that the Chinese would take an American product, copy it right down to the packaging and sell it as the real deal. The Chinese courts didn’t care about intellectual piracy. Russia and China were also considered “emerging markets.”

  22. Picking a lazy ass commie as your figurehead for “protesting” against the rapacious political class – that emanated from your own party – is what is called “doing it wrong”.

    I can’t think of more egregious examples of the political class sucking dry the working class (and that includes the middle class) – than how communism has played out EVERY TIME.

    • That is what always amazes me. Is the corrupt elite class so clueless as to push the lower classes to a violent rebellion in order to increase their wealth? What can it obtain them that they already do not have?

  23. One thing about this virus is that it’s new. It was only discovered in December. The first round of the Spanish Flu wasn’t that bad. The problem that happened is it mutated If the WuFlu goes viral, there is a very good chance the virus will mutate at least once. I don’t know if the Spanish Flu did re-infections, but the Chinese Flu is re-infecting people and the re-infection is worse. There was a similar virus that was also a Coronavirus and they invented a vaccine. When they tested the vaccine on animals, the animals did create antibodies. But when the immunized animals were exposed to the real thing, their immune systems went absolutely nuts and killed quite a few of them. Animals that were not vaccinated did not have this problem. I don’t know if all strains of Coronavirus do this, or if it was a fluke, but it is a bit scary.

    • Panic is not the answer. Choose your sources of info carefully. I have yet to hear of a reported case of WuFlu being caught again by the same individual. Indeed, this doesn’t make sense when you think of it, does it? What happened to the first infection? Where did it go? You were either rid of it, or it remained dormant in the body. Think chicken pox and late onset of shingles. That certainly would be an interesting discovery, but it is different than repeatedly catching the *same* virus/disease, which is uncommon as I understand it. But if the virus does mutate that fast….

      What I go from are CDC reports, medical papers, and analysis from physicians in the field—not fear mongers looking to make a killing with clicks on their YouTube channels. Not all medical papers are peer reviewed however, they can’t be as time is too short not to exchange information from doctors in the field. They treat all day and write all night. These folk included Chinese doctors, at least until the CCP takes them away for spreading “fear/panic”, which in China’s bizarro world means “truth”. 🙁

      As far as vaccines go, those reports of “a few weeks away” are also suspect. Vaccine testing simply doesn’t work that way as you’ve pointed out with a good example of what may go wrong. I am not aware of any vaccine for any corona virus in use at this time.

      To date there are 7 corona viruses discovered/classified as I understand the situation. The first four produce are what is commonly referred to as the common cold—as well as rhino viruses which also cause colds. These I can attest to as I read about them as a graduate student 40 years ago. They were treated lightly at the time, but noted as prone to mutation, so were judged to be difficult to create vaccines for, as were the rhino viruses. In the 40 years hence, the literature seemed to prove true since I have yet to hear of getting inoculated to prevent the common cold. The saying was at the time, “you never catch the same cold twice”.

      The fifth and sixth as known MERS and SARS. The seventh is now known as SARS-2 CoVD, which is what we are now seeing. MERS seems quite deadly as in 30% mortality, but infects those with close contact with camels and their by products, so never left the Middle East. SARS is deadly at 10% or so, but not highly contagious person to person. So the spread was controlled quickly, Ro < 1.

      SARS-2 seems to have a Chinese death rate overall of 2-3%, but the Chinese are notorious for misinformation. Death toll in Western countries is less. There seems to be agreement that after 60 yo, death rate rises dramatically—think 20%. But then again the opposite is not true, cases in children under 12 is minimal, and no deaths. Note, old farts like me contribute highly to the SARS 2-3% death rate—but we are not important to society, the economy, or it’s future—indeed a culling out of us Boomers would leave a lot of wealth to the follow on generations that might even improve the future economic projections for the US. 😉

      There is speculation that SARS-2 might affect Chinese worse than non-Chinese. Also, there seems to be information that this disease barely affects 60% of the population, such that they do not even stay home from work. Think of the times you went to work with a cold. And unfortunately spread the disease unknowingly. This is not the bubonic plague.

  24. Re: corruption: on Greg Cochran’s latest podcast (dedicated to the WuFlu) they talked about two measures the Chinese took soon after the outbreak: strengthening security at their biolabs, and banning wild animal markets. This was done publicly and at a high level, with fanfare. The hypothesis is that the virus emerged from animal research at the Wuhan lab, and then escaped either via an infected worker (less likely), or more likely, via an employee making extra cash by selling animals to the wild animal market after they were done with the experiments. I mean, they’re going to kill these animals anyway, why not make an extra buck? So yeah, corruption.

      • The podcast is actually someone else’s, it’s called Future Strategist. It’s on iTunes and Soundcloud, e.g. here He’s had Greg Cochran on multiple times. The last two are with Greg about the WuFlu, the latest one almost two hours. I think the animal market stuff was on the latest one, but I might be mixing things up.

        • Hours of Cochran podcasts – me very happy – thanks for the links H.

          Better than 1000 gorilla mind pills and can’t beat the price. I’m going to need a bigger hat by Monday.

          • You can’t fool me! You just want to hear Future Strategist talk on Sexbots. When Basic Husband watches Trish Regan on FoxB, I snort it’s her heaving bosom and legs that go on forever. He replies, “Yep…And your point is…!”

          • NewsThot Sexbot (TM) would put the meat-model out of business in short order.

            The most exciting thing about her is the off-switch, not the knobs.

          • Heh. I only listen to the Cochran episodes. Tried to listen to a different one once, with a guy who was making the case for open borders (literally and autistically). FS seems like a rationalist/Slatestarcodex type.

  25. From what I’ve seen, this isn’t making the globalists reconsider their project. They’re just switching turning to India as their new bitch. Diverse, disorganized, poor (lower wages than China!), and muh democracy makes India the perfect “partner”.

    The sad thing is that Indians/Chinese are actually more aware of the effect of mass immigration than whites, in canada. I’ve actually talked to several chinamen, who are telling me they worry about the future of Canada, and “feel bad” that the country is being taken over by aliens. They worry that the brown Canada will not be as comfortable for them as the white Canada. Doesn’t stop them from running whatever Visa scams they’re running but it’s shocking how open to manipulation our system is.

    They feel bad and see what’s happening but they aren’t going to lift a finger to help us. And i wouldn’t expect them to. Life is still a tribal competition for resources and whites are the only group that’s foolish enough to think otherwise.

    • For emphasis: “Life is still a tribal competition for resources and whites are the only group that’s foolish enough to think otherwise.”

    • I had a similar experience at the gym last night. As I was walking around between sets there appeared before me a fat white man doing leg lifts with his african boyfriend. I don’t pretend to not be irritated when I see that sort of thing and my face showed it but as I turned my head away from the sight with a mixture of disgust and annoyance on my face an asian girl locked eyes with me and gave a friendly smile. For outsiders like them who have no brainwashing about the nature of blacks many of our kind must seem quite pathetic. We may have their sympathy, but they aren’t going to help us. They are only here to carve out their own little piece of the global shopping mall that used to be a country. It’s painfully obvious too, these are the least ethnocentric of the asians, the ones that chose to move here and even they can see how ridiculous we are. It brings to mind another interaction I had with an asian a couple years ago, he said as he was looking up admiringly at our college “It’s amazing how all of this is going to be gone in not too long” I didn’t understand at the time what he was on about but I should of as a short time later I encountered a sleeping mexican in the stairwell of one of the buildings. Just decided to take a nap in the middle of the stairs. It was kinda surreal, could he not of bothered to find a bench? Why was this behavior tolerated? I realized later it was because he was mexican and the college was run by white shitlibs.

      The asian invasion which I am living near a locus point of is a good lesson I think. One they show by their unparalleled domination within our academic system just how crippled by rote learning and conformity our educational establishment is (bottom ranked among OCED countries, and perfectly suited for the asian style of learning) and they provide a great example to cite in race realism debates. Their civilization is much older than ours, yet they have invented so little in comparison to us. So too has our innovative capital begun to dry up as our culture moves away from what used to make it great. As things stand scientific progress will continue to become more stagnant. It might not be readily apparent but it has already slowed considerably. Consider how rapid progress was in the first half of the twentieth century and compare. The slowdown coincides perfectly with the spiritual and ethical decline of our people.

      • “an asian girl locked eyes with me and gave a friendly smile”
        And think on this: From the typical Good White woman, you would have gotten a dirty look.

        ” For outsiders like them who have no brainwashing about the nature of blacks many of our kind must seem quite pathetic”

        Yes. I have heard this from East Asians, South Asians, and from actual black Africans (Nigeria, Zimbabwe, if anyone is wondering). “Why can’t you control your negroes?” It’s phrased that way because the (or those particular, at any rate) African Africans don’t see themselves as having any kinship with African-Americans.

        But immigrant criticism (some/much justified) is not just of American blacks. A new-immigrant South Asian Muslim woman (SAMW) of my acquaintance is living with a white roommate. Roommate has a boyfriend, boyfriend is sharing an apartment with his former girlfriend who used to be a girl but now identifies as a man (despite no change in hardware). Needless to say, roommate is very progressive. (This should be enough to paint a mental picture.) SAMW turns out to be a keen observer. She asks me, “What is it with people here? From our perspective back home America looks so rich and so powerful, so we think it must be full of strong, confident people, and a great place to live. I come here, and so many people are not only sad, but empty, hollow inside. How can this be?”

        • It used to be full of strong, confident, upright people.

          We’re still coasting on their legacy and work.

          But it won’t last forever. The friendly SAMW, unfortunately, has no idea how to continue it, nor do the majority of our current crop of white “men”.

          There are JUST enough competent white Boomers left in the management positions to keep things going. NAbALT, some of them actually have big dick energy and are pretty damn smart and driven. Last place I worked at was a pretty critical industry – all aging Boomers and the young graduates in this area are almost all foreigners – mainly Indian. They can do the job under competent white direction but I strongly doubt they can actually manage something like this.

          Interesting times ahead.

          • We’re still coasting on their legacy and work.

            But it won’t last forever. The friendly SAMW, unfortunately, has no idea how to continue it, nor do the majority of our current crop of white “men”.

            Agreed. Alas. And there’s a story related to “continuing”. About a month ago a woman sat down at my table and started lecturing multiculti at me during lunch. When she said “people like you …” I was annoyed enough to man-finish her sentence with “People like me, who hold to objective standards, and actively defend Western cultural norms, are the only reason we are even hanging on to an advanced technological society.” (and yeah, I do actually talk like that at times; I think the blog-commenting has helped me learn to think in complete sentences.) The woman gave me an evil look and scuttled off.

            Last week SAMW came to me and said, “I think you should know, [that woman] is going around telling the Indian girls that you are a racist who doesn’t respect other cultures.” And if anyone is wondering: yes, but non-observant.

        • Yeah I know, it’s in the nature of women to be over socialized. But keep in mind, most people act very different in private than they do in public. They have socially conditioned white people much more than any other group to believe racism is the greatest evil yet we have the lowest intermarriage rates of any racial group, and our men are actually worse than our women when it comes to that. Last data I saw was for 2017 I think and it was 12% of our men vs 10% of our women so give them some credit for that(also that data included hispanics, some of which are 100% spanish so it’s actually a little lower than that). And if you get them alone and they feel safe with you about this subject many of them can really surprise you. It takes some amount of courage to defy societal norms publicly and women have never been known for their courage.

          • “It takes some amount of courage to defy societal norms publicly and women have never been known for their courage.”

            Women are only called “brave” by the nattering schoolmarms when they ossify the current lunatic fashions.

            Sigh. Our poor girls. Always stabbed in the back by their own.

          • Protecting my sister is a big part of why I care about this stuff. Happy to say I have been successful. She goes to church frequently, is fit, only has ever dated nice white boys, the most degenerate television she watches is jeopardy, doesn’t drink, listens to christian music and country. I was able to pick apart most of the propaganda they fed her at college. It’s not hard to deprogram people’s brainwashing if you are close to them and have a good relationship. Think global, act local. It’s a good motto imo. Women need a strong male to protect them from wiemerica. My cousin was the opposite case, her father is extremely weak and stupid and she is an absolute mess because of it. She’s older than me so I was too young to be aware enough to save her. It’s really bad, drugs, griods, obesity… She is a homeless drug addict in hollywood right now, I’m not even sure if she is still alive… She is what happens when white men fail to protect their girls. We must not fail.

    • “Life is still a tribal competition for resources and whites are the only group that’s foolish enough to think otherwise.”

      Carve that in stone.

  26. The WuFlu is a great practice run. In the end the losses will be accepted as inevitable and life went on. So the next time around the story will be that the xenophobia is worse than the disease. It’s all just part of living in a multi-culti world…So relax it will pass.

    And somewhere down the road the Turd World petri-dish or a Chinese lab in Lagos Nigeria or an affirmative-action lab in Lagos Maryland unleashes a superbug. Then we’ll have multi-culti mass body burnings.

    Public health was once oriented toward preventive measures against the outbreak of disease. It’s now going to be oriented toward controlling the outbreak of racccisssmmmm. This is the real lesson of the WuFlu.

    • It was pointed out in the late 1980s that AIDs was the first disease with civil rights. It’s amazing how accepted homosexuality is in today’s world considering that they are probably the most disease-ridden people on the planet. Their typical hedonism would doom them to an early death if it wasn’t for modern-day medical technology.

  27. Z Man, don’t give up on the idea of your own castle, and consider putting my monthly subscription into a sinking fund for just such a purpose. I’ve even picked out a candidate for you:
    With just my subscription in your sinking fund you will be living like a king in less than two years!
    Cheers, and enjoy your conference this weekend.
    (Your post yesterday was the most poignant lament on the fate of our nation that I can recall.)

  28. If the Chinese bat plague does nothing else it at least demonstrates why biological weapons are a really bad idea. Strike at China and take out the Italian economy. Woops!

    • If this particular “flu” is shown to be man made and highly adverse to Chinese people as compared to other races, then I suspect the opposite will be true. Certain folk in these labs and think tanks will be confirmed in their theories and the work will go on. Of course, they will claim it’s for defensive purposes only.

        • Not necessarily. Lance Walton over at VDare had some interesting figures and noted that during the Spanish flu in 1918, Italian Americans were hit much harder than other Europeans (further north or east). Add in that the virus particularly hits older people (Italy has a large elderly population and has not reproduced at replacement rate for decades) and/or smokers, and I’m still not particularly concerned. If I ought to be, I suppose I’ll find out one way or another.

  29. there is no need to stockpile water for more than a few days outage. if the water goes off , the electricity and gas will follow quickly. all critical facilities have backup generators in case the power goes out , but without water,you cannot run a generation facility of a gas compressor system, and there is no “water generator ” out back if the water goes off.
    I do think its interesting they’ve give house arrest the moniker “shelter in place” like it were coming in out of the rain when actually it’s the police saying ” you’re on lockdown, you’re all under house arrest” . It’s always good to have a few days supplies and ammo on hand for emergencies, storms, or civil unrest, but if the utilities go off for any length of time all bets are off. It would be martial law and national guard on the streets .

    • We have some examples to consider. A number of years ago, an ice storm knocked out power in New England for an extended period. People in central Mass were off the grid for weeks. No riots. No looting. No mass panic. At the other end, we had Katrina. The 1977 NYC blackout resulted in looting, arson and a crime spree. On the other hand, the 2003 blackout in New England and Canada did not result in civil unrest.

      Conclusion: Race is real.

      • We had a week long power outage due to an ice storm when I was a kid in the mid 80s. This was a small midwest town, I don’t remember hearing about a single crime happening. The elites have worked hard to diversify so many of these places, it is unlikely that would still happen today.

          • Not true. In winter storms, white people run around the inner city with nooses and bleach, searching for black, b-list actors to prey upon.

      • NYC blackout and subsequent rioting/looting was a good example of criminality under the guise of emergency. I was there. There was no general emergency in any area of the city, except the Black areas. Blacks (and some Hispanics) were the emergency, not the power outage.

        Whites did what they always do. Sit outside on the stoops, talk, drink warm beer, watch the kids play with bad flashlights in the street, bed down on the fire escapes with the transistor radio playing. Indeed, it was actually a good time for most—as long as you were some distance from Black areas of the city.

      • How dare you! Its about climate. The winter storms keep people inside.

        The hot weather down yonder inclines people toward taking walkabouts to the darkened walmart for essentials like Tv’s and shoes. Your garage just happened to be on the way.

        As Climate Change continues, we can expect the balmy weather to incite more activity outside the home in these isolated disruptions of normalcy.

        And as the endangered great white apex populations decline and are displaced by species from warmer climates we can expect a greater number of territory conflicts due to the destabilizing effects of an underrepresented apex species and an overrepresented maladapted invasive species under duress.

        So please recycle and use LED bulbs. We are all in this together.

      • A freak snow storm in late October 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 left parts of northern NJ without power for upwards of two weeks. An unbelievable number of trees went down. In both years, there was no looting in my little bit of suburban heaven.

        There was no crime problem during the 1965 NYC blackout, but it was bad in 1977.

    • Civil unrest? Surely, sir, you jest. If Wu-flu causes supply disruptions we will rise to the occasion as a nation united, showing the world that diversity is our strength. Don’t be surprised when a DREAMer practicing advanced medicine from a garage discovers the cure, all the while hiding from the jack booted thugs of ICE. The perils of a mono-culture society will be laid bare, much like the children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes. We shall be clothed my friend.

      • And then the wise aunt jemima negro will bring order to society by showing all the dumb white men what they’re doing is wrong.

        The quiet and workaholic Chinese scientist TM will be working round the clock at the lab to engineer a vaccine to help save his American countrymen – he’s just as American as us!

      • “We shall be clothed my friend”
        Well said!
        And if funeral shrouds count as clothing, then yes, absolutely.

  30. Gotta disagree with one detail on the pod. Trump most certainly does care about the black vote, and has put a decent amount of energy into trying to get it. Recall from 2016 the ‘The dems haven’t improved your lot. Give me a try, what do you have to lose?’

    If you believe polls, black support for the republican has never been higher.

    • But younger white people can keep dying of Fentanyl overdoses, who cares that they’ll never have it as good as their parents did?

    • Trump may be sincere, but he understands the math. His appeal to blacks is mostly to secure his base, who still worship at the shrine of anti-racism. As a practical matter, the black vote is insignificant and everyone knows it.

      • >As a practical matter, the black vote is insignificant and everyone knows it.

        Taleb could not have put it better.

      • >>> His appeal to blacks is mostly to secure his base, who still worship at the shrine of anti-racism<<<

        Couldn’t agree more, but we need to point out this absurdity if we’re ever going to smash the aforementioned shine.

      • It’s a great way to force the Democrats to spend time and money defending their base – which will also get them saying things that further alienate whitey.

      • Maybe it’s self interest talking, but to me it seemed like Pepe got Trump elected. You’d think they were his base. Since Charlottesville he’s gradually dumped Pepe for the boomer vote, and consequently Pepe has moved towards Bernie.

        Executive orders for Israel, meanwhile he ‘monitors‘ internet censorship. The demographic doom and gloom of the Obama years is back. The connection is obvious.

        Trump is playing to win a close election he should walk away with— at the expense of the future. Serving Israel and courting the black vote will be a losing platform in four years. The accelerationists will get their wish unless people rise up and make a statement a la Brexit. It’s exasperating. Same old crap.

      • To put a finer point on it, it’s not that the black 12% of the population is insignificant. It’s that you can only move the needle on the 5%-10% available to Republicans by a few points, no matter how hard you try. The brainwashing is that ingrained, and the lure of free stuff is too strong.

        • The ROI is always going to be negative with blacks. If you look closely, Trump’s appeal to blacks is low-cost. He is not promising them anything but jobs, which is a subtle appeal to whites, when you stop and think about it. “Vote for me and I’ll put the blacks to work.” As long as black-on-white crimes does not spike up, it is a safe, low-cost tactic.

          Trump’s man-made jail break, however, will make crime an issue in the next decade.

      • It’s impossible to know for sure, but I highly suspect and not without evidence that this “worshiping at the shrine” for the vast majority of them is just their attempt at good optics. Refusing to worship at the shrine is a thoughtcrime after all.

    • I encourage you to invest your hopes in blacks waking up and becoming conservatives so that you can crash that much harder when it doesn’t happen.

      People have been saying that the big black awakening is nigh for as long as I’ve been alive and must learn that blacks are profoundly tribal and their highest collective priority is hurting whites. They are not becoming conservatives. Ever.

      • Conservative whites seek negro validation harder than liberal whites. 2 Breitbart headlines today:

        – Black Leaders Pray for Trump at Black History Month Celebration
        – Former NFL star Jack Brewer to president Trump: “You the first black president”

        I can just imagine boomers and charlie kirk types creaming themselves: wow a cool sportsball player even used his cool ebonics language to address us!

        You are correct that behaviour of any group is highly predictable. Only whites behavior varies by individuals since the 1960s. But life is very simple because I can pretty much adjust myself to interact with whatever ethnic group I’m talking to with good success. It’s actually a huge advantage to be a race realist.

        • That’s definitively the most fake and gay thing I have heard this month. I don’t think I can bring myself to vote for a side that makes me cringe this hard. Accelerationism is looking greener and greener. I miss anti-NFL trump so bad right now.

          • Keep in mind that Trump wants to get re-elected in the real world, not Honkeytopia which is nowhere near existing.

          • This bullcrap is not what got him elected. “What have you got to lose?” Is the pitch to blacks that won him the election, not licking negro taints. How exactly is this going to help him? Please explain this to me. I’m just a Honkey with basic Honkey level intelligence nowhere near the likes of a galaxy brain like master strategist Jussie Smolett. I was under the impression that this was still MAGA country.

      • I think this is largely a result of the troops following the general. The blexit meme, candace owens etc. are all artificial creations of Breitbart inc. and company. Everything I’ve seen of this just reeks of right jignat psy ops. Half wits with instinct enough to reject the left but not enough brain power to form their own cogent political views are parroting the now established Trump political machine. It’s a completely different tack than breitbart et. al. had when they were experiencing natural organic grassroots growth. Once the usual suspect co opt a movement it becomes toothless and incoherent, and it’s not an accident. They want to maintain the status quo, and that means whitey never taking their own side. Just like when they recently went after affirmative action, they used Asian proxies. We need explicitly white advocacy groups and we need them yesterday. This is the thing I always say to blue pilled people that works the best. “Isn’t it strange that every single race has advocacy groups except ours? Why is that?” If they say “Because of struggles” or w/e just counter with “Why do asians have them then?” and (depending on who you are talking to) “Why jews?” It’s a very effective way to get people thinking, there’s no strong counter argument to it.

      • The unrelenting wishful thinking of Whites wrt the Blacks (and other minorities to an extent) is quite understandable. In the early 60’s, we gave up our controls over those populations. More and more (protective) restrictions were lifted, so that none remain. Populations of such minorities in relation to Whites increased by the decade. Now they are free to run amuck among us in larger and larger numbers. Our remaining hope is that eventually they will become normalized such that we need not fear them among us. That is increasingly shown year after year not to be the case.

        A drowning man clutches at straws.

        • As Section 8 housing and other desegregation tactics get exercised, whites will need to come to terms with what it all actually means for them. Our “told-ya-so”s will be small comfort, when the reality of the thing is on everyone’s own front doorstep on a daily basis. “Moving to a better neighborhood” will lose is appeal, as everyone outside the top 1% is priced out of those “better neighborhoods” over time.

          • Absolutely Dutch. When the state (esp. in CA) gets state wide zoning power and overrules all local zoning as racist redlining it is all over for the lower 99% Whitey. There will be no “good” neighborhoods or “good” schools to run to. Even the gated communities will get 4 story Section 8 housing built on a state mandated torn down single house lot.

            Also, for “s***s and giggles” CA will start outlawing or at least making ownership of private cars so expensive that Whitey will have to take vibrant eco-friendly public transportation.

            What’s a Whitey to do???? Will he finally fight or will he be exterminated? Based on my real life experience and history from Rhodesia to South Africa to Brazil “I put $100 on extermination, Alex.”

            But who knows. Maybe everything will turn out swell.

          • Not in CA, our numbers are far too small and spread far too thin. White people will just leave the state as they have been since the 90s. The only reason the process hasn’t been happening even faster than it is already is because of prop 13 which freezes property taxes to the property valuation assessed at the time of purchase. This provides a strong disincentive to selling. For example if you paid 100k 20 years ago, your taxes will remain at 1.XX percent of that 100k even if due to inflation and rising property values that same property is now worth 500k.

          • The thing to do is overturn the communist policies at the U.N. brought about by business coalitions that makes all this b.s. possible. It’s codified by nameless, faceless people at the U.N. and trickles down to all countries that the “least among us,” meaning savages or near savages from non-Christian countries, are entitled to entry to any developed country and must be accepted by that country and provided for, given a comfortable, dignified life, with living accommodations and living allowances provided even if the immigrants do not work, have no skills and hate the culture they’ve come to and wish to turn it into a country of their own culture; to raise a litter of children on the host country’s tax dollars, children with low IQ’s and hatred toward the Christian culture that created the society they so wish to join and dominate.

            The undeveloped countries full of unskilled people who are incompatible with western society love this and are taking full advantage. Meanwhile, the whites paying for this with their money and lives and the social tax of stress and unhappiness living around these creatures goes unmentioned. We did not vote for it and we need to make the U.N. repeal these laws that are so harmful to the west. All the commies love the idea of enforcing “equality,” meanwhile, the business community is pleased creating a large, anti-Christian, unskilled, uneducated, poor pool of people to have their way with in terms of wages, as per the DNA of the USA, land of freedom, where pirates and thieves may thrive. That wasn’t so bad when they were importing white, high-IQ Christians to do cheap labor, but now they demonize Christianity even if it means killing the goose that laid the golden egg and import savages that hate the very civilizing Christian religion.

          • I doubt the UN can be reformed. It’s been the stomping ground of lunatic globalists and third world nuts in colorful robes and funny hats for as long as most of us have been alive. It’s also another Cold War relic that’s outlived its purpose. Eventually one of the big developed nations (probably the US) will pull out of it and that will trigger all the rest of them to go. Then the people in funny hats will have it all to themselves but without Western money to play with they won’t be able to do anything.

          • Plenty of “Christian” savages from Africa and Latin America coming here. Savages are savages and Christianity won’t improve their behavior to any great degree, except to possibly stop them from eating each other. Remember that culture is downstream from biology.

      • But there seems to be a strange paradox with American blacks. On the one hand, they do vote as reliable bloc but, on the other hand, they also murder each other with alacrity, particularly young black males. So they act in accordance with political solidarity but possess no (or very little) social solidarity. That’s how it seems to me over here.

        • That’s only because the bulk of them are still fairly segregated. If you dispersed them more widely their victims would be much more diverse in nature. Go look at a racial dot map of detroit, baltimore or chicago if you want a more visceral picture of the situation. They have much more racial solidarity than whites, it’s not a lack of racial loyalty, it’s simply because they are dumber and more violent.

          Also Amren has some stats that further counter your theory. Something like it being 30 times more likely for a black to murder a white than vice versa.

    • “…never been higher!” Yeah, it went from the standard 10% to 11%.

      Trump’s numbers with blacks just aren’t that great. But it really has very little to do with President Trump. All of the available polling and other data shows that even the most conservative blacks vote 90% Democrat. Blacks who oppose gay marriage, vote Democrat. Blacks who oppose abortion vote Democrat. It really doesn’t even matter what the issue is, blacks vote Democrat at rates of about 90% or higher.
      When it comes to blacks, the best Trump can hope for is that the Democrats will run someone blacks couldn’t be bothered to vote for. The goal is not to get black voters but to get blacks to stay home.

      The black turnout for Obama in 2008 and 2012 was enormous. I remember seeing “feel good” stories about black senior citizens registering to vote for the first time in their lives to vote Obama. The black turnout was especially important in 2012. McStain was a horrible candidate to begin with, but the black vote came out in force. Romney was a bit stronger and Republicans were a bit more excited about Romney, but the black turnout was as high in 2012 as 2008. The black turnout for Clinton was very small. I don’t think Joe Biden is going to bring out those kinds of numbers. Obama ain’t running and there is no reason for blacks who don’t usually vote to go out and vote.

    • There’s a good post at theamericansun about the racial splits in the Dems. It’s worth linking for this alone: “Every survey and every statistic in America is just another way to filter race.”

      Post notes that Bernie has become the point of the spear for Hispanics, plus he’s got a hard core of experienced white organizers. When I referred to this bunch as Venezuela Democrats, I was more accurate than I realized.


  31. Thanks at least for being dismissive about Nicholas Taleb. The guy sounds like a bit of a charlatan to me. Never read any of his books but I hear him quoted a lot and hear his ideas discussed, and they always sound rather banal and unoriginal. For a guy who is supposed to be so smart, he doesn’t even seem to understand what a “black swan” actually is, (hint: it’s not just something you weren’t expecting, it’s an epistemological term), the same way most people think they know what a “tipping point” is, but in reality they don’t.

    He’s Malcolm Gladwell for people who want to see themselves as being smarter than the people who read Malcolm Gladwell.

    • I’ve always suspected that a big part of Taleb’s bombast and bluster was to keep people from looking to closely at his arguments. Old school internet people who cut their teeth on Usenet know the type. He is a smart guy, but he is not Greg Cochran smart.

      • I note that Taleb’s “Intellectual Yet Idiot” is remarkably autobiographical.

        I used to work for a guy who worked for Joe Kennedy Sr. back in the JFK era, and he told me that the Kennedy family owns the franchise on any whiskey sold as “Scotch” — forget if it came to a nickel or a quarter per shot, but either way it adds up to a lot of money going into Kennedy coffers… I wonder if Trump is aware of this, and is using it to cut into whatever lefty nonsense Kennedy money funds.

        The Expanse series is much, much better than the books… it skips all the boring parts (which are lengthy and numerous). Conversely the books skip over and summarize all the interesting parts, which the series expands into interesting parts. Otherwise, it’s tolerably faithful.

    • “He’s Malcolm Gladwell for people who want to see themselves as being smarter than the people who read Malcolm Gladwell.”

      Sounds like a sentiment made by someone crapping on Walmart shoppers whilst strolling into a Target. It’s also one sentiment I’ve heard IRL. I vaguely remember the Malcolm Gladwell fad and the only point of his I remember is something about taking 10,000 hours to “master” something.

    • Taleb’s a legitimate contrarian thinker whose opinion is worth considering on some subjects. He got publicly wrecked on IQ by James Thompson & others because he was arguing from his heart and damning the evidence. The autodidact outsider shtick has worked well for him but he overestimates himself fairly often. Read him with a critical eye for bias and self-puffery.

    • Didn’t know who Malcom Gladwell was. Pop psychologist who wrote some dumb claptrap for all the temporarily embarrassed millionaires out there huh? I’m not gonna bother looking into what a “tipping point” is but I think I do understand the reasoning behind the one drop rule now. That hair is atrocious.

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