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I was feeling pretty good about the AFPAC event last weekend, so this week I wanted to do some stuff related to it. My original thought was to open with a segment talking about the event itself, but one thing led to another and it evolved into an overall theme for the show this week. I found myself with more material than I could cover. Taking a step back and assessing things is probably a good idea in everything, but in politics it is highly useful in maintaining a proper perspective on things.

When I finished up the show, I put on Tucker Carlson to see what he was saying about things and he did a bit on Lizzy Warren. It fit right in with the final segment of the show this week. I disagree with Carlson’s assertion that identity politics was the cause of Warren’s madness. That’s just red meat for his Boomer audience. I think the better answer is that Warren was probably always insane. It’s just that the structures around her prevented it from expressing itself in public.

What’s happening to our world, I suspect, is something Joseph Tainter observed about societal collapse. That is, one ingredient essential to collapse is the lack of a surrounding set of societies that are connected to the failing one. For a failing society, the surrounding stable societies operate as a support structure, either slowing the decline or preventing it from reaching a critical point. The stable societies have an interest in preventing collapse, so they act to mitigate it.

Something may be at play with radical female empowerment. A century ago, when society was run by men, indulging female empowerment was a luxury good, like having ice cream in the summer or a drink after dinner. Over time, as the male power structure faltered and atrophied, female empowerment expanded to fill the void. Because it was inherently unstable and antithetical to orderly society, the overall society became less stable, more chaotic. Our world got more hysterical.

In the example of Elizabeth Warren, we see this in miniature. For most of her life, the necessity of career and social pressure kept her within a narrow path. She could decorate her office with dream catchers, pretending to be an Indian, but she had to follow the rules in order to maintain her position. On the campaign trail, she suddenly found herself free to express all of her thoughts. The result was demanding that transgender children riding unicorns select cabinet members.

What we are seeing, I think, is a madness spreading across the ruling class that is closely following the final feminization of it. If Elizabeth Warren had not lost her marbles on the campaign trail, the party would not be in the position to back a dementia patient for the nomination. Just let that sink in for a moment. The inner party is prepared to install a dementia patient in the White House as their best option. That is prima facie evidence that the political class has descended into madness.

The thing is, this virus spreading around the world could very well be the crisis that requires a competent and assertive ruling class. Tough decisions will need to be made in order to prevent a catastrophe. can we realistically count on the people around Dementia Joe to make those decisions? For that matter, can we count on Trump to provide sober minded leadership and assurance in a crisis? Covid-19 could very well be the modern equivalent of the Mongol Invasion.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The State Of Our Thing
  • 17:00: Spicy Hot Takes
  • 27:00: Wet And Dry
  • 37:00: Chesterton’s Fence (Link)
  • 47:00: The Gathering Madness (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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153 thoughts on “The State Of Play

  1. If the coronavirus and subsequent knock-on effects is the modern version of the Mongol invasion, then the world’s gonna need the equivalent of the Habsburg Empire’s stand at the Gates of Vienna.

  2. Z – how do you explain the “two income trap”? I haven’t read the book – but Tucker seems to indicate that there is a lot of good policy proposals in it. So she couldn’t have been too insane then.

  3. If the AFPAC were even 1% as successful as your innuendo suggests, they would be able to casually dismiss their armband wearing provocateurs. The only reason that silly debate rages on, is because neither side has a compelling case that they have done anything since both were essentially pumped and dumped in 2016.

    • this is why the (if i’m strawmanning this, I apologize) conservative argument that (insert over-40 childless women) should have had children and that they would then not be crazy is erroneous. They would simply act like the women in that americanmind essay.

  4. A small anecdote re our girls:

    In the Depression, times were dire; sometimes babies or small children were found on the Church steps, left by desperate travellers through Mom’s small Nevada town.

    Mom took in 12 of these orphans; some until a home was found, some til they were grown, some only a few years until they were able to lie their way into the Army or for the girls, marriage (14 or 15 was quite common).

    One couple drank too much, especially the wife. The city dads, short on resources, thought it might help were they they to take a baby girl. They immediately stopped all drinking, and the town wondered at their new joy. A year later, the city dads asked if they would take in another, which they gladly did without a second’s thought.

    Of the boys, Mom received yellow “deceased in action” letters from the army for all but one. This is why our women seem lost:

    Our women have terrific strengths, but for things we no longer remember.
    Likewise with the strengths of men.

    Rather than taking this, or that, can we not give them back what they once were?

    • Alzaebo, I believe we can give women back their proper traditional roles. And if we can’t, then ultimately we’ll have failed, and some stronger foreign culture will rule our respective lands.

      It was AB Prosper, I think, who said that the correct strategic goal of the Dissident Right was to create a country which was a great place for families. Every time I return to the question, that answer strikes me as the wisest answer.

      Getting women back into proper roles is very likely another ‘post coup’ solution, but one that ought to be near the top of the list.

      The Zman often notes that Our Thing is still an immature (ie not fully developed) political movement. But there are some fine minds at work [Exile – time to start a blog of your own], a lot of broad backs, and in recent years I’ve started feeling the political tide shift.

      Kung flu is already putting many of our key issues at the front of the public’s mind. This is one of them. I’m already having this debate in another forum (ie whether as a society it’s right to essentially force women to work, so that we can all can afford to warehouse children and old folks).

      • Yes, I was right about A B Prosper, and I even wrote it down:

        . . . The TL:DR version of our platform is “Under the Dissident Right, America is a great place to have a family.” Simple, accurate, to the point and encompasses our entire platform in an elevator pitch. Everything we do flows from this and anyone in our movement whose goals are not wholly aligned to the idea needs to go as well. Once we get off our asses and start communicating that goal and working to it we can make some headway. – A B Prosper

      • “…whether as a society it’s right to essentially force women to work, so that we can all can afford to warehouse children and old folks).”

        Oh man. He shoots, he scores.

  5. About the full-on campaign to Stop Bernie!! 11! Even Her is being soft-shoed back in.

    Two Saturday People were discussing Bernie.
    He will be stopped, he must be stopped, because he’s such a stereotype of a J* communist in a red beret that one cannot miss his hatred of white people (their words).

    Decades of effort and billions of dollars to shape the Narrative. If Paleface notices, if BS causes an epidemic of Noticing, well, you know what what white people randomly do.

    The old irrational hatreds of the last 2000 years (their words) will arise, and then….

  6. Right now, as Ben Hunt has said, we should be focused on protecting/preserving the health of our medical personnel and first-responders. The USA is way far down the list when it comes to hospital beds/per capita. Preparation germ-wise is good. But what if you or your kid’s survival relies upon drugs produced elsewhere?

  7. Zman’s speculative thoughts on the possible impact of the Coronavirus remind me that history is so often driven by events rather than ideas or movements.

    For example, feudalism in Europe came to an end because of the Black Death, not because of the efforts of any anti-feudalism movement or any arguments about feudalism.

    I’m not claiming that the Wuhan flu is our “Black Death” or anything like it. Just that unexpected events can and often do change everything.

  8. China needs oil. Iran has oil. COVID-19 is good at killing Iranians. Oops, seems it also kills Chinese. Beijing, we have a problem. Chinese Rahm Immanuel says let’s not waste it. Healthy American baizuo not so likely to die; but we send Orange Man message: “All your supply chain belong to us.” You lose money faster than China lose surplus population. THIS IS THE NARRATIVE.
    Forget what MSM says. Remember, the cake is a lie.

    • I knew they were going to use that picture for the article before I clicked. Every. Single. Time.

    • You’re worry is not entirely unwarranted. Let’s face it, “our thing” does represent a very serious threat to the establishment; an existential threat even. I think it is naive that they won’t fight to protect themselves from the likes of us. If I was them, I would throw everything at us.

  9. Madness as the cause of Imperial decline is a theory as old as Rome’s lead pipes and the madness of elites is a recurring theme in world literature.

    Somewhere in the ashes of the Library of Alexandria is a scroll documenting the problem of scale, to be revisted in the mouse utopia experiments thousands of years later. It’s hard to believe the Greeks, Romans or even Egyptians or Mesopotamians failed to notice that population density, like the full moon, seems to bring out the crazy in people.

    Density is likely only part of the story. Complexity factors in as well. Your brain can only handle a certain level of out-group interaction, cognitive dissonance or confusion before it starts to break down. It’s a traumatic stress response.

    Still, if we had avoided Hart-Cellar in 1965 the US would likely be far less mad today. Diversity is definitely a necessary ingredient in the nut sauce, complexity adds depth and flavor. Rome’s lead pipes were likely less an issue than Rome’s overly-diverse population, and today’s urban density and technology is accelerating the effects compared with the long-suffering Romans.

    • I’m thinking there might be something to lowered infant and child mortality in terms of the insanity that has gripped our people. The child mortality rate was gigantic up until very recently. Almost all of the life expectancy gains are from children not dying. Life expectancy at 20 isn’t much higher today than it was in 1900.

      Children born severely prematurely are living, children with all sorts of defects are living. Not only are virtually children living to adulthood, the average age of birth has gone way up too. A lot of women are having their first child in their 30s! Women used to have their first kid in late teens or early 20s! This is dysgenic.

      Now we have “professional” care providers who are strangers raising the kids and instilling bureaucratic values in them at a young age. Of course, these alleged “professionals” have to get “certified” in order to perform this role. Raising children should not be a credential, schooling and certification system. It is so difficult to systematize common sense and so you get bureaucratic nonsense in the “system.”

      We have a bunch of weak kids who would not have survived childhood in the past being raised by morons who think they know it all and have no stake in the children they only raise for a couple of years at most. The outcome is predictable.

      • That’s an Ed pill for the weekend. The dysgenic effects can’t be denied and this hugely influences psychological stress tolerance and reactions.

        Charles Murray was onto something with his recent books on assortative mating. Heartiste’s “boss-secretary strategy” is something we need to consider in the transitional period between Bug society and human society we’re looking to manage. High IQ is a good thing but it’s a trait that clusters with all sorts of undesirable mutations. We need to raise the middle of the curve more than we need super-geniuses.

    • Interesting how the traumatic stress response freezes people into inaction, and they then double down on parroting the supposed cause, typically TDS in this breakout. So many people give no thought to the complexity, density, CogDis, and Bernays style things they have been sold and exposed to, and they don’t try to address any of them in their own lives. Instead they seek the “magic bullet” of the next election or of posting their wailings somewhere on line, as if that will solve anything. Anyone who has dealt with a complex problem understands that you break the problem down into elements, identify the most important ones or the ones that can most easily be properly addressed, and then proceed from there. That people are entirely unwilling to do so in something very important to them, that is, their own well-being and ability to function, tells so much about either the fundamental stupidity of people, or how powerful the sales jobs are in paralyzing them. Perhaps some of both.

    • “Madness as the cause of Imperial decline is a theory as old as Rome’s lead pipes and the madness of elites is a recurring theme in world literature.” Turd in the punch bowl moment for The Range. Living in giant termite mound cities produces aberrant behavior, a blinkered state of being. “Density is likely only part of the story. Complexity factors in as well. Your brain can only handle a certain level of out-group interaction, cognitive dissonance or confusion before it starts to break down. It’s a traumatic stress response.” Then Exile throws in glorious Diversity to the termite mound. John Calhoun watching his rat behavioral sink spiral down. Begin to make plans to leave the city and you will gain your natural humanity back, I never lose the “new car smell” of living back in the country.

      You lose your instincts and your ability to take in cues from the natural world. I had to learn street smarts awareness over a couple decades and learn deep street smarts to stay alive by working in downtown Oakland. Too much stim and I shut down.

      I was raised in the country, nearest neighbors down the dirt road out of sight. I naturally learned splatter vision/wide angle vision which enables me to take in movement from side angles. My vision is not specified unless I consciously direct it. I can detect an antelope’s white butt from a long way off. As a kid, one warm summer night, I was sitting very quietly on the nearby hillside just taking in the evening quiet when a deer came crunching up behind me. I let off a soft snort to let him know I was there, not to trample me and he turned tail in a blink. Just paying attention. Imagine, living in a time when as a little kid I could quietly enjoy a warm summer night outside under an oak tree and not be afraid. And my parents weren’t worried about me. They were busy planning the revolution. No crazy people/just deer-critters-and me!

      1-2 hours after the sun goes down, my two cats become restless, walk up and down the stairs to master bedroom, the boy cat squalling at me, sometimes nipping at my heels. Took me a few years to realize they were telling me it was time to bed down, and they couldn’t relax and bed down unless I was heading down to bed. It’s a nice pattern now. They were teaching me to pay attention to the natural rhythms. To bed early….up early.

  10. Wasn’t HW’s line “a thousand points of light” ? HW was striving for “the vision thing” and whipping his scriptwriters for rhetorical excess. Could be Ronnie though, the “city on a hill” thing. Nice to see my brain-space is being re-tasked from “Tea Party trope nostalgia” to “sh*tposting.”

  11. Just yesterday or the day before I saw a story of some kids playing with toy guns outside of their house and a person driving by saw them and called the police. The boys were subsequently arrested. 11yo boys arrested outside of their own home for playing with toy guns, presumably some cops and robbers.

    When I was that age we were making bottle cap guns out of a 2×4 or whatever we could find, a rubber band and a clothespin. We had somewhat cool/real looking toy guns, caps to make the bang and plastic pellets that would launch across the room/porch wherever. You might even have to lay down and play dead if you got hit.

    I also heard some months ago about some children walking home from school and their parents being arrested for that and the kids getting sent to foster care for the awful neglect of having their kids walk to school. This is during a time where school lunches are made far worse because the kids are getting fat! But heaven forbid they get the exercise of walking to and from school.

    If you ever wondered what it would be like to live as an atheist in Saudi Arabia, now you know! Everyone thinks you are weird or stupid for not believing Muhammad flew on a winged horse.

  12. As a recovering, actually at this point recovered, former lifelong Democrat I look with both bemusement and horror at the current moment. If the Democrats actually proceed with Biden as their nominee our society has finally run off the cliff and is in a free fall into the heart of darkness and there can be no illusion of turning back.

    Brilliant turn of a phase by Z, “when society was run by men, indulging female empowerment was a luxury good.” Luxury goods require that we have the other bases covered. We no longer do.

    • Dems thought they were getting future Democrats. At least Republicans were right about the cheap labor. Dems are the stupid party now.

      • Paint–As hard as it is to beat the Rs as the stupid party I think it is official now that the D is the stupid party. The low bar that it is.

    • There is a strong crabs in the bucket quality to the anti-optics crowd. Another reason why I tend to think they are not arguing in good faith.

      • There is a strong hanging out with gay cat boys while claiming to be a traditionalist Catholic quality to Fuentes. Another reason why I don’t think he is what he purports to be.

        • Young people say and do all sorts of goofy things. This is why I don’t think your side of the debate is honest. By the standards you hold Fuentes, the entire alt-right should be condemned.

          • I am not on any “side of the debate” that is something you have imagined, I have two young daughters who will have to live life as an ethnic minority so I have as much invested in “Our Thing” as anybody and not part of the conspiracy of bitter old men you have concocted, but gay cat boys…come on. And it’s not just guys on my “side of the debate”, did you see the comments on Fuentes’ channel (the one’s he left up)?

          • No, I think I pegged you right. You turn up here out of the blue concern trolling about Fuentes. Not exactly subtle.

        • If you happened to read my previous post Chd7y, you would see I didn’t exactly lavish flowering praise on the fruitier variety of our gender.

          This being said I don’t care if Nick Fuentes takes big black dick up the ass with a cat costume every day.

          He’s handled the optics better than gangs of grown men. We all have our disagreements with each other, but for a 21 year old, he has handled the pressure and has identified the problems very well.

          Gay accusations are t enough to bring him down.

          • I’ve met and spent time with him twice now. I know people close to him. My gaydar does not go off. He’s just a young guy, maybe a little sheltered, but that’s it. Young people say and do goofy things. It’s part of being young.

          • “This being said I don’t care if Nick Fuentes takes big black dick up the ass with a cat costume every day.”

            i suppose we will have to agree to disagree.

            I am not trying to “bring him down”, I am raising a serious concern regarding his character.

        • Who gives a f-ck? Milo was a flaming queen and still did more good than harm as well as making leftist heads explode because he is gay, a jew, and sucks n1gger cock but somehow is a racist, homophone, white nationalist? LOLWUT.

          Why does the Vox Day sperg army (including yourself) have such a hard-on for this kid? It reeks of the ‘gamma’ try-hard you all love to obsess over so much. He is moving the ball down the field, let it go…

          • I saw Milo coming a mile off and no I don’t think he did more good than harm. Perhaps that is why we won’t agree if you consider Milo a positive. Interesting that Milo and Fuentes now seem to be best buddies along with that other grifter Baked Alaska, that must make you happy.

            I know nothing about about Vox Day except that he wrote some books on some things that I never read.

            Did I read he is a quadroon or something.

          • I’m a little late to the party, but it seems like Hunter Wallace has discovered the ZMan’s comments section!

          • AP – seems to me that crew gets triggered whenever they have to share the spotlight – they want their circle to be The Movement and the Dark Lord thing is only half-tongue-in-cheek. The whole “16 Points” stunt was a flex to impose their agenda on the broader dissident right and they gas-canned some of the dumpster fires after C-Ville for their own ends.

            Not gonna happen, “Sigmas.” We can work with you guys if you knock this off – we don’t appeal to the same crowds, fundamentally. Work your side of the street, we’ll work ours, fight it out after we beat Shlomo.

            But there will not be One Movement, One Leader – and even if there were, it wouldn’t be You Guys and Your Guy.

        • To the extent Fuentes might be a shill/alt-Lite type with Milo-types in his entourage, he’s not going to retain quality prospects – they’ll end up with Us. Let the alt-Lite guys filter out the dregs. Outside of Murdoch-Murdoch, I haven’t seen anything on NF going Milo – I don’t follow the alt-Lite or Trad Caths closely enough to keep score. Gateway, not gatekeeper – keep him around unless he truly pozzes out.

          • All Murdoch Murdoch accomplished by going after Fuentes was to destroy any remaining credibility they had outside the WigNat sandbox.

            “Metamorphosis” seems so very long ago…

    • Ah. Sebastian Gorka fan, perhaps?

      Gorka does have a pleasant voice.
      But Milo has a truly beautiful voice.
      He is *such* a treat to listen to!

    • Concern troll. Unsurprisingly, some people took from this that Fuentes is gay, which I guess was the point. The video shows Fuentes hanging out with a gay guy. If talking to a gay guy makes you gay then we’re all gay. You sound like Media Matters.

  13. Yesterday my crazy sister-in-law was texting my wife about how sad she was that Warren dropped out. My wife did not know how to reply since she regards Warren as a dangerous lunatic, but doesn’t want to cause family strife.

    • Why not just reply that she was delighted. Her sister specified no reason, nor should the wife.

  14. I have to agree with Tucker on Warren. She went nuts when she had to adopt identity politics to have any shot at winning the nomination. Heck every other candidate with the exception of a couple mainstream types adopted a similar platform. The ones who didn’t vanished in short order.

    The other thing that doomed her candidacy was that she is a thoroughly unlikable person. She radiated phoniness and being a ball busting scold that is so typical among female Democratic pols.

    • She happened upon the scene when the demand for “underrepresented” folk far exceeded the supply. The rest is history.

  15. Some thoughts:

    Biggest risk of this virus is not short term impact but the fact that it is on track to be endemic meaning that we will need a vaccine every year as we do for the flu. This is because it is a fast mutant RNA virus which is more infectious than influenza, is airborne and is stable outside of the host for several days. From a definitional standpoint it already fits the criteria of pandemic (even though the World Zionist Health Organization doth protest too much).

    In terms of hysteria, feminization, I tend to disagree. Women are petty and selfish. Their monthly menstruation makes them forced to become psychological comfortable with blood and gore, a simulacrum and foreshadowing of the act of birth. They feed young boys who grow up to be warriors and kings. Let us not bash women. Consider the hot blooded, carnivorous sensation we get from Kelly Anne Conway or Ann Coulter. Warren stands as a perfect foil: she gives us the sensation that if we took a standard gay Jewish man with a sociology degree and made him a female, it would look and act something quite like her. Words like “dyke,” “cunt,” “bitch,” “airhead,” “idiot,” describe both Warren and a standard fare gay jewish sociology professor at any random university.

    Warrens culture isn’t white, Anglo, femininity: it is gay and Jewish.

    The problem is the *homosexualization* of our culture.

    • They’ll mandate a vaccine for something that does NOT result in antibodies. No immunity with this one, (gen-engineered that way)- which means a vaccine is useless.

      • The failure of the flu vaccine to vaccinate against the flu is an increasingly obvious confession being made by healthcare professionals. This coronavirus looks incredibly hard to vaccinate against, given that the same exact strain was being researched in Wuhan China before the outbreak.

        • The flu vaccine as I understand it is a composite of antigens for three or so viruses found in the wild—out of a number isolated each year. This therefore involves guessing which flu viruses will spread in the upcoming season. Sometimes they guess wrong and the inoculation fails for some folk.

          The corona virus, if not mutating, should be able to have a vaccine produced. Even if mutating, the key is to get a vaccine that produces antibodies to an aspect of the virus RNA string that is *not* subject to frequent mutation, so it’s not out of the picture.

          What would interest me is where the virus goes when it dies out in the human population. I believe what keeps the flu going—and mutating— are reservoirs in the animal kingdom. Smallpox did not have such a reservoir and was therefore eradicated—except for crap we and the Russians keep in our bio labs.

      • Addendum. We’ll get the useless vaccine anyways, to add to our overstressed immunological load.* It will become a required part of our degradation, just like TSA groping.

        *(Anti-anti vaxxers, virtue signalers supreme, tiny bodies don’t know the viruses are dead. They think they’re being attacked by 23 to 69 diseases at once, forcing the immature immunological systems onto over-response.

        The body starts attacking itself, a classic sign of immunological disease. This causes brain inflammation, which leads to the brain damage signified by autism, Asperger’s, severe ADHD, etc. Trannies too?

        Too much, too fast, for their little bodies to handle. The “mercury” argument is a deliberate sidetrack camouflaging real casualties.)

      • Oy vey! The mashugge coming out of this goy. Such chutzpah. No body taught you manners at schul!

  16. It’s not so much that Liz Warren lost her marbles, it is that she never had any marbles in the first place.

    She spent her life as a coddled, spoiled, cozy law professor (not even an actual lawyer, but a /professor!), a theorist and dreamer, to whom nobody ever said No — and she did not enter politics until she was already old and out of touch. And when she finally did enter politics it was in the genteel senate. She never got in the ring and brawled, so she had no scars, no calluses, no bruises, no instincts. She had never been punched in the nose. It was like letting an Olympic figure skater play center for the Rangers, just because she knows how to skate.

    • The video of her invading a diner and trying to engage the people there, and they looking at each other disgustedly like “why is she doing this?”, is classic. The cool thing is that it is on the Internet, just like her “git me a beer“ kitchen video, with little black Sambo in the corner. This stuff will never go away.

    • Liz Warren is Future Lena Dunham, a hothouse orchid of poz whose bubble was so opaque she saw nothing wrong with bragging about molesting her sister in her bio. The Eloi are really not like us – they may as well be aliens.

  17. When I was exiled from the hive I wandered like a lost soul. The libertarians and NRx might have appealed except for their people. All they were, were shitlib lefties in reverse. Lord knows I tried to get comfortable with the cucks… But they had that wet/dry argument too… and both sides of that lost. I’m not saying that will happen to the dissidents… But it bears keeping a sharp eye on.

    I like that the dissidents don’t shy away from honest debate about anything. They are perhaps the ONLY movement with an honest intellectual playing field in North America right now. Consider: With the Donks, you can’t talk about race, gender, morals, ethics, kids, or anything else – the party doctrines forbid it. The conservative doctrines forbid all that plus anything else that might offend Donks and Leftie. (they’re building on-ramps to their party, dontchya know…).

    So… The dissidents have the means to be honest and forthright, and they have the moral high ground. My question is this: Can you actually do anything meaningful with it?

    Have a good weekend, boys and goys. Safe travels, Z.😊

  18. Something else happened to change Warren along the way. The Two Income Trap is not the rantings of the insane harpy we saw campaigning for President. Unless she really didn’t write the book and someone else did all the heavy work of putting it together and let her put her name on it because she was a Harvard professor.

    • That’s the direction I’m leaning. Everything about her life points to increasing madness. That book is a wild exception. I’m thinking others did the work, let her take credit, in order to make her a viable political figure. Look at how Obama’s handlers developed him from a young age. It happens.

      • My thought is her ex-husband could be a considerable source of clarification on her mind, but he would never do that to her for obvious reasons. Based on her retelling of that part of her life, it sounds like he would have been much happier if she had personally wanted to avoid the Two Income Trap and stayed home with their kids.

    • I read somewhere on the Internet (so it must be true) that her book was ghost written. It is actually quite perceptive.

      This explains my confusion when she went off the rails on the campaign trail.

    • Warren, Trump, Bloomberg and Biden have all be all over the map politically over the past few decades. This could be because of sincere introspection and deep consideration, however, I’m going to go with narcissism and naked ambition.

      As for Warren, don’t feel bad for her. I hear she’s planning on opening casino.

    • How many women in public life are not fish out of water? Some are better at hiding their discomfort than others but very very very few seem to adapt to it naturally. There’s always a brittleness to most women who engage in public life beyond the concerns of their neighborhood.

      Warren comes across more crazy than most probably because she’s more intelligent than most…but not intelligent or disciplined enough to turn her back on it. Women are designed to engage in public life close to home: anything that requires public engagement beyond the communal events taking place at the local parish church is foreign territory to 99% of women. The give and take that comes naturally to mature men when dealing with outsiders is all but absent in women. They are either all in or all out.

      A civilization that has turned the natural order on its head is going to churn out a lot of harpies and harridans. All of that emotional energy that was designed to deal with small children, small animals, family and community cohesion is now directed at structures and situations that don’t give women the right kind of feedback. Nor will they ever. A woman with strong maternal instincts and with a lot of energy to burn misplaced into the public square is the single worst thing we can do to them which in the end works out catastrophically for everyone. They’ve had the vote for 4 generations. A civilization 10 thousand years in the making is about to be turned over to squatters and parasites in large part thanks to the misplaced and misused instincts of women.

      • I simply see the spergy lack of self-awareness and repeated weird behaviors out of her. Living in her own little portable bubble.

      • As a 19th century man noted, men enter political life on account of being in unhappy marriages. Why women do is likely more horrifiying.

  19. Most people in America (at least its middle, upper-middle, and to a lesser extent, the working classes) know very little about human nature, or what kind of impulses (and people) get unleashed when the center does not hold. If SHTF and there are riots and the power grid goes out, the only order will be local and organic, so defacto conservative. But if the kids (especially the girls) have imbibed too much of the fantasy/SF tropes pushed by Woke culture, I can see some girls in armor suits trying to cosplay as heroines and getting raped and killed by the browns, blacks, and even some white trash elements. They’ll be wishing like Hell at that point that Trump was actually a dictator who’d put people in cages (and lowered those cages over bonfires, a la the Romans at Teutoberg). I’m not an accelerationist (I’ve seen too much, already), but it might be the only way some whites learn, if they even live long enough to learn.

    • Are you kidding? The working class knows the absolute-effing-most about human nature because they’re the least able to insulate themselves from it.

      • Hell, at this point most of the “working class” I know doesn’t work; and not because they’re lazy, but just because they’re surplus population who have no prospects. “Living out the mailbox” (or direct deposit more often these days) is how tons of people survive (yes, even whites) in ultra-economically depressed areas. Percocet, high fructose corn syrup and a steady diet of daytime TV is not exactly a Navy Seal regimen. Maybe the South is different, but in the Rust Belt, Appalachia, and Midwest, it seems to be pretty bad for people who used to work and would like to, but can’t.

  20. The Democrats discussed removing Trump based on psychological reasons and now they push for their own candidate who has dementia.

    Handicapped people’s rights are officially over the top. If you can get a large fine for parking in a handicap spot, when will we be fined for sitting on the handicapped crapper in a public restroom?

    • So you’re not the only one to notice. Here in So Cal I’m watching every major intersection, and all the parking lots get rebuilt, because one wheelchair ramp per corner is inadequate. It seems they now need two per corner, plus talking “walk” signal buttons, plus yellow pads for the blind. The standard for ADA compliance is apparently a morbidly obese, blind quadriplegic, unaccompanied in a mouth stick electric wheelchair. Doing this involves moving all four traffic signals about six or eight feet. And all the street lights as well. How easy and cheap is it to move a traffic signal, and streetlight? All the foundations must be re-poured, all the wiring must be re-done. That’s neither easy, nor cheap. The same in all the residential neighborhoods. I’m watching the third re-build of every cross street everywhere. The cynic in me says this is less about compassion, and more about securing sweetheart deals for state-approved construction companies.

      • I prefer the old days when people were humble in their oppression. Handicapped and their activist non-handicapped (physically) allies have become bullies. Case in point: the strip mall businessman who works hard for a living while trying to make enough just to pay commercial rent. Activists driving expensive personal cars stop and examine the property looking for deficiencies in order to extort money for violations as they post official written threats to the businesses, minority owned businesses employing minorities, mind you.

      • About 12 years ago, Basic Husband and I were taking a walk in west Reno in a nice residential area. Back then we noticed that the sidewalk corners at cross streets were all being ripped out for wheel chair access ramps. We speculated that at the most once in 4 months-just a guess- a wheelchair would roll through the area. Certainly not often. Went home to the Bay Area (I’m long gone from the Bay Area by 10 years now) and mentioned to my childhood girlfriend that we as a society shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer money on such weak nonsense. She snarled back, of course because she’s somewhere between 300 and 400 lbs, it was her right to have the wheelchair access ramped curbs….. damn it! She’s so infirm she can’t even life her leg 6 inches to the sidewalk. She got mean and developed a nasty Warren streak of bullying/hectoring.

        I dumped 3 people from my life 6 months ago. She was one of them. I dumped her lefty cantankerous ass and another lefty women have know for 45 years who also got nasty tempered. Typical woman that I am, it took me geologic time to fully get they were mean and did not feed my soul, woke up, turned in a nano second and dumped them. Basic Husband shook his head and proclaimed, “You women hang on for dear life to the wrong people. It took you long enough.”

        • Good for you, RFF! Nasty old lady that I am, I dumped most people years ago – a whole bunch back in 2008. My husband is the one who always wants to give people a second chance. If it’s an occasional honest mistake, I’m fine. If it’s a conscious or deliberate betrayal or harm, it’s one and done as far as I’m concerned. I’m too old to put up with that BS. Besides, most women are airheads and make lousy friends.

          • You are one I wish lived closer. And you have a spine. Think HBD reasons explain why we curry favor and compete with other women.

            Most women do make lousy friends and I get bored with them. When my daughter was in high school she picked up I didn’t smell like the wolf pack when at a PTA gathering I’d bring up tanks used in different wars, why we have granite and Bowens reaction theory of temperatures in which different minerals crystallize out. Bad Range….sometimes I’d bring up those topics just to gleefully watch their eyeballs roll. Daughter would cover her ears and slink off. Now we enjoy each other thoroughly. When I worked technical jobs like water treatment and distribution, worked well and enjoyed the few women in those jobs. Those gals were smart and weren’t competitive. Enjoyed working with men! Communications are crisp and clear.

        • I’ve seen some very tenacious friendships among women but they’re rare. I see more “frenemies” of long-standing than what I’d call friendships.

          One reason why women seem fascinated by male friendships or is that just a mind-trick to get me to “share my feelz” ?

          • Well, I don’t have friends, but I’m weird. Most women have longstanding, sincere female friendships. Men are less socially inclined, generally. Their only confidants are usually their wives.

          • Exile – I think you’re right. I’ve long noticed how men tend to have friendships they made when they were young children up through adulthood that they retain their entire lives. Again, my husband is willing to cut his friends a lot of slack, or compartmentalize for those with whom he shares high school memories but cannot discuss current political/social issues. My older son has retained friends from his different schools and/or jobs. Even my brother (with whom I haven’t had contact in years) seemed to retain friends from childhood. I may have fond memories of certain times in my life with certain people, but I suppose I’m not as good at compartmentalizing. If I cannot talk openly about genuinely important cultural and political issues of the day (which directly concern the future of my sons) then someone’s not really a friend anymore – they’re the memory of a past friendship.

        • Twice a day I pass under a pedestrian bridge over a six lane city street. In eight years I’ve never seen one soul on it. Equality is a fine thing but in a democracy it becomes a metastatic disease.

        • Range, just out of curiosity, I wonder how your former friends tell the story.

          I sometimes wonder how my liberal family members and friends explain me to themselves. My guess is they say that I am an otherwise nice man but that my politics are a result of a terrible lack of compassion. Who could tell that he harbors so much hate?

          I don’t care that much, but I sometimes wonder.

  21. I’m not convinced at all about this specific virus. Maybe some virus, some day. Briggs has a good analysis of this compared to the typical seasonal flu.

    “The mortality rate is highest in the elderly and sick, as expected. This is not killing off healthy individuals.”

    • Possibly. I don’t see enough reliable data to make any firm predictions. The meta-data, sober minded people who know about this stuff in detail, suggests it is very serious. How serious is still unknown. The truth about the Spanish Flu is it followed the patterns we see in common colds and flus. It was just much more deadly.

      It is the old saying from statistics. Quantity has a quality all its own. We don’t notice the tiny number of people who die from the normal flu. We will notice two percent of people dying from the Wu-flu, even if the infection rate is low. The downstream impact is unknown, but it will exist.

      • If the virus continues to spread, then Trump’s whole “the media is overblowing this to make me look bad” shtick could really bite him in the ass.

        Someone (maybe it was Z?) asked if COVID was Trump’s Katrina – it sure has the potential to be.

        • It could be, but it could also be his Pearl Harbor. Often, events make men, as they rise to the challenge of their age. Trump’s instincts are uncommonly good. My read on his reaction thus far is that he wants to be a calming influence. That’s a positive. If things get worse, perhaps he grows into the position and becomes a rallying point.

          The real scary thing is that lunatics like Schumer and Pelosi would happily sow panic if they thought it would boost their chances. I say this all seriousness. In a real state of emergency, those two and many others would have to sequestered from the public until the danger is over. I mean house arrest at an undisclosed location.

        • It will only be Trump’s Katrina if he plays by the media’s paradigm. If Trump is Trump the media can’t do anything against him.

          He also closed the borders quickly. I don’t know what else you can expect.

          And yeah it’s highly suspicious that none of the names have been released. Basically it’s all chinkies who have “American” citizenship. And racism is the worst disease ever so we can’t have that.

      • The mortality rate is defined as (number of deaths)/(number infected). We know the numerator pretty well, but we have very little information about the denominator. We know how many have been diagnosed but have no idea of the number of undiagnosed walking around but not dying or even getting very sick.

        Some contagion models say the last number is huge.

        We’ll know more as widespread testing becomes possible.

        • Testing is at present limited to those who have traveled outside the country in the last two weeks or have been in contact with someone who has already been diagnosed. So we’re unlikely to get any real numbers. “Don’t test, don’t tell” seems to be the policy.

      • If the Wu Flu is as good as it’s word and does indeed single out the elderly and those with a co-morbidity of some sort, it could end up saving the British NHS millions. Thinning out the old, diabetic and cancerous would be difficult to implement as part of a government economy drive, but….

    • Maybe, but the reaction to this virus shows that there is something about it that spooks the shi$ out the Chinese government. (I’m willing to chalk other govt reactions to politicians bowing the media hysteria.) The numbers and the reaction don’t match up. China isn’t shutting down its economy for a nasty flu virus.

      I’m not saying that the coronavirus is the end of the world; I’m just saying China’s reaction was massive.

      • I have though for 6 weeks that the actions of the Chinese Government are not consonant with their speech.
        This is a big deal.

          • No way. They locked down a city of 11 million people and ground to a halt industrial production across the country. They were worried about this thing, which just screams accidentally released bio-weapon or, at least, a natural virus that terrified their scientists.

            Now, maybe the virus turned out to be not as bad as they suspected, but they didn’t know that at first so they went defcon 5 right off the bat.

      • That has always been my focus. China reacted as if they feared it was the end of them. My hunch all along has been they know or at least suspect it came from their labs in Wuhan. The lockdown is as much about keeping that from the public as containing the virus. Such a thing has the chance to destabilize the country in ways we don’t appreciate.

        What I think will be telling is the CFR in each country and the number requiring hospitalization in each country. I’d expect the highest CFR in a place like Iran, but the lowest in South Korea and Japan. The former lacks the facilities and organization to muster a defense and the latter has the best of everything to fight a disease. Where China falls will tell us a lot about what really happened inside Wuhan.

        • There are some interesting C-virus backstories going on. Unverified, but how often have they truned out to be correct in the end? Anyway, the story is that genetic Chinese (and likely Persian, from the look of it) have many more receptors to take in the virus. Whites fewer, and blacks, almost none at all. And that is why Chinese and Iranians are dropping dead in the street, right and left, while Africans, in the midst of unsanitary and crowded conditions, are not succumbing. BTW, men may have more receptors than women, generally, as well, and the old age/frailty thing is still a factor outside the receptors. Another unverified story is that most of those who are falling in the West are actually genetic Chinese (note how names and data are not being released on the victims, so far). Italians also appear to be susceptible, as they were in 1919. That’s why the Chinese are treating things like it is the end of the world, more than everyone else. Along with that, back room accusations that the CIA or the Mossad did this to rid the world of the Chinese. So much going on…

        • Is their interest strictly economic or are they actually trying to save lives? Loss of confidence could bring down a shaky economy.

          • Save lives, as in their lives. China is an old country with a long memory that includes many bloody revolts and periods of unrest. Thye fear unrest more than anything.

          • Yeah, Americans seem to view the Chinese public as quite docile, almost like worker ants who would never rise up against their govt. But as you say, that’s just not the case.

        • The new case figures for South Korea are slowing down and seem to following China’s pattern, which is good news.

          My best guess on all of this is that it was an accidentally released bio-weapon. The Chinese govt knew it but maybe weren’t 100% sure of its lethality so they went to Defcon 5 immediately just in case. Other govts – particularly in Asia – read the tea leaves and reacted the same. In the end, the virus turned out to be quite nasty but not the plague so the reaction seems out of proportion.

        • Agree, Z. China doesn’t stop working unless it’s serious. I don’t think they’d do themselves this much damage to cover some false flaggotry.

        • “Such a thing has the chance to destabilize the country in ways we don’t appreciate.” China or the USA? If we don’t bring back the manufacture of critical medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to the US after this debacle, then we should at least bring back public executions.

      • China’s reaction is certainly worth considering. It has been extreme to say the least. All I can say is, wait for the numbers from more testing and diagnoses.

    • “virus-laden gaseous plume”

      Now THAT’S the kind of characteristic that – to me – would make a coronavirus a weapon if it could somehow be made more lethal. Along with others I suspect that Covid-19 was a lab experiment that escaped into the wild. If somebody can make alter it so as to make it lethal to moderately healthy individuals it could be a dandy herd culler. Just think of the “good” it could do in cities with large homeless (and illegal?) populations. I think the elites WANT something like another Spanish Flu. They just want to keep enough of the “right” kind of people around to support them and their lifestyle.

      From what I’ve been able to figure out we are just lucky that there hasn’t been another deadly pandemic. Apparently, viruses which are REALLY deadly – like, say, Ebola and its kin” – have a short incubation/contagion period, are relatively hard to catch and kill quickly. The viruses themselves are rather delicate and do not survive exposure to the environment for long. OTOH, viruses which have a fairly long incubation/contagion period, are fairly robust (and thus DO survive exposure to the environment for a reasonable time) and are relatively EASY to catch are hardly ever lethal. I’ve said for years that if somebody could combine the “best” qualities of, say, ebola and the common cold, they would have a dandy world de-populator. Of course they better have the vaccine handy and a ship load of anti-virals on hand and their key people – including the techs needed to keep the infrastructure operational – already vaccinated. Otherwise they would find themselves dying from lack of support infrastructure. Thing is, while I have no problem imagining somebody trying to produce the scenario above, I am not at all sure that the current elites are sane – or sanguine – enough to pull it off without killing themselves off in the process.

      • Long ago Ciprofloxacin was sparsely produced and rarely used, and only for the occasional outbreak of Anthrax in sheep-herding regions.
        But then the US Army decided that anthrax could be used as a bioweapon, and to prepare for that they encouraged the pharmaceutical industry to ramp up production, nearly ten-fold. During the past twenty to thirty years there have been a handful of people who received anthrax laden envelopes mailed to them anonymously; I won’t delve into whether those were actual attempts to assassinate people, or false flag operations to gin up fear of anthrax.
        But now, because it is cheap and readily available, Cipro is used against a variety of infections, serious ones like appendicitis, and minor ones like sinus infections. There are rarely cultures taken to see if Cipro is effective for the patient; the result is bacteria that are becoming tolerant of Cipro.
        There is a more insidious side-effect however, especially in older patients. Cipro (and other floxacins) has a tendency to cause tendon ruptures, either immediately or up to a few months later. 25% of the ruptures are the Achilles tendon, but other muscle groups can be affected also.
        The unnecessary overuse of this antibiotic for minor transient bacterial infections has the chance of causing a lifetime of pain and disability, even the inability to walk.
        There is a cautionary tale here about governments’
        creating problems, creating “solutions”, and their unwillingness to think ahead for the unknown unknowns.

    • It’s a jacked up version of the common cold. I’m not expecting much carnage. Not Spanish flu anyhow. More concerned about the panic.

      • Common sense measures (using antibacterial wipes) should be an everyday thing, but I agree the panic is of more concern to me . . . at least at this point. The fact they will not release death info by race is very telling . The age of the average fatality in Italy is 81 (and few realize just how many Han have colonized Italy). Tragic for the family it affects, but not something world shattering. The idiots trying to buy out all cleaning supplies and cold/flu medicine are of much greater concern to me.

      • Why wait? “Climate change” as a means to ‘reform’ the world economy and structure is sputtering.

        In the fog of war, the battle’s outcome can hinge even on some fool opening Pandora’s Box. I see this as more of a financial mushroom cloud, but to implement both the Consolidation and the Cull to reap its benefits.

        Don’t tell me the African footsoldiers are immune. Good gods, please no.

        We will never know the actual death toll in the Eurasian (((cultural revolutions))) from 1914-1966, it’ll be decades, if ever, that we know today’s. A Chinese exile is reporting thousands of mobile crematoria across China, war propaganda or hidden reality, who knows?

        I have no access to institutional dark pools, but there are probably massive short positions primed. 175,000 “trading offices” took their gains and disappeared from Wall Street the week after 9-11.

        African immunity means the Chinese bubble was a long con, set to lift the Owner class above all borders. Somebody may have just dropped the Fat Boy on Nanking. Things changed after 9-11; I do believe they may change even more now.

        • If I may, Ireland was mentioned yesterday, and I think it is a pattern that relates to our Corona-chan.

          And, at last, I think I understand the IRA.
          Setting off bombs in British bus-stops?
          WTF was that supposed to accomplish?

          Who ran the North-American Irish Fund, Boston southies writing checks to the IRA?
          Why, the Kennedys. And how’d they come to power?

          Working for the (((Bronfmann))) family that owns the Canadian distillery, Seagrams.
          Somebody promoted a Prohibition that made those distillers and their gangster relatives rich enough to buy the near-defunct weapons industries after the War, and the politicians along with them.*

          Those same gangs also sold weapons for booze in Ireland in the Twenties, painting it as a resurrection of the Independence leaders executed in 1895.

          The IRA was a revolutionary Marxist gang.
          If they’d wanted a Republic, they would’ve compromised with the (Scot king’s bastards) elites in North Ireland.
          Instead, they made war. Religious war.
          Cultural war. Disruption, called the Troubles.

          What was the eventual result? Gary what’s his name and Sinn Fein winning office?

          No, the revolutionaries won the death of Catholic nationalism in Ireland. The multinat corps grabbed a beggared economy- same as the Corn Laws- they have a gay Hindu atheist as PM, (((feminist))) sponsored abortion, and the Replacement genocide of the Irish Catholics is fully underway.

          Now- who really, really hates white Roman Catholics?

          I think Corona-chan and its priors are a similar maneuver, only much larger.
          Maybe for the Win.

          *(They kept up the under-the-table payments with the drug war, for instance the focus on the HSBC bank’s Golden Triangle in Vietnam, later the Columbia/Venezula-to-Mexico oil/bank cocaine pipeline of HW’s Contras. Meth is hillbilly coke, but a virus that got out of the lab. As long as it breaks whites, all good, just like the merchants’ firewater broke the Indians, and crack cocaine, the blacks. Opium 1852, 1974, and 2018, also, culture war disruption and funding.)

        • (That so-called billionaire exile isn’t reporting thousands of crematoria, actually.
          He’s claiming hundreds of thousands.)

        • Well I did take a bunch of microbio/molecular biology in college so I’m not talking completely out of my ass.

          • So did I. I’m not asking you for your Resume. I’m asking you based upon what data do you make your proclamations? You may be right. I just want to see the data. Is that so wrong?

          • From Johns Hopkins School of Medicine:
            Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu

            COVID-19: Approximately 92,818 cases worldwide; 118 cases in the U.S. as of Mar. 3, 2020.
            Flu: Estimated 1 billion cases worldwide; 9.3 million to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year.

            COVID-19: Approximately 3,159 deaths reported worldwide; 7 deaths in the U.S., as of Mar. 3, 2020.
            Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year.
            Via sidebar

            Of course, it’s only March.

            Everything’s a psyop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            “Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear — kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor — with the cry of grave national emergency… Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.”

            ― General Douglas MacArthur 1957

            Pandemic!! Prepare your souls to meet your maker, bwahahaha. Mine is ready, is yours? 😉 They’re going to cry wolf once too often.

            “So this is it! The spring 2020 totalitarian power grab that I have been expecting – but (in an example of demonic improvisation) justified by an invisible virus (with a routine, tiny, global impact; covered by media censorship and selective over-reporting) instead of (the planned) invisible CO2 Global Warming/ Climate Emergency/ Extinction Rebellion Terror-Crisis.

            On the whole it is scarier to believe in a world plague than creeping sea levels. And so long as every international death is reported – with race, age and health details censored – it does indeed sound scary; even when the percentage affected is sub-detectable by normal standards.”
            *university lecturer in Epidemiology for three years and familiar with these issues

          • It’s from the same family of viruses that causes the common cold. The symptoms sound like the common cold. Some people have minor symptoms. This has caused speculation the outbreak is much larger because of people not being sick enough to go to the doctor. If that’s the case it’s not a world killer, but that can’t be said for sure. From what I’ve read most of the people dying are old and/or have underlying conditions.

            There is a biosafety level 4 lab near Wuhan. The Chinese acted pretty quickly and severely, unlike SARS. Maybe they had an idea of what they were dealing with, maybe just being cautious, who knows. Unlike SARS, they knew what the pathogen was very early on. SARS is called SARS because it was a mystery illness for a while. I don’t recall this being called anything other than coronavirus. And on the off chance it is an escaped bioweapon I’d expect it to be engineered to mutate to a less virulent form in short order so it doesn’t kill the world. Or it could be something scientists were studying to figure out how to make the bioweapon. Or it could be a crossover from bats, but the fact they identified it so quickly makes me wonder.

            The fact that it’s airborne and spreading so fast is actually encouraging if I remember. The really bad stuff like ebola, rabies, or HIV tends to require close contact to spread. Not always but usually.

            That’s what I’ve got. I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me think it’s worse than a very bad cold, at least for some. The freakout by the authorities makes you wonder, but until healthy people start dropping dead in numbers in America I’m content to say it’s a bad cold. Let’s wait and see.

    • The Chinese are so scared of it they shut down their industrial base to keep it from spreading. And Commies aren’t know for being overly worried about deaths.

      The problem we still know very little of what happened in China since they are not letting in CDC virologists.

      And nothing is getting shipped from China to the U.S. I live near a rail line that brings in Chinese made goods from Long Beach Harbor to the rest of the U.S. and those big freight trains used to run by me every hour or so. They haven’t for over a week.

      This is no flu.

    • There is already a verified second version of this virus. We are no longer even talking about one virus.
      The Spanish flu was initially not that bad too. But a mutation happened and the second time around is when Spanichan performed her main act. This is a very real possibility.

      The world wasn’t at the top of a worldwide financial bubble either. A large % of the population still lived on farms or other rural areas. Global transport didn’t even exist besides the war. We just are not in as good a position as they were to deal with such a thing. Even a flu only 1/2 as bad could do way more damage to the world economy.

      You may end up being entirely right. But even if you are, it is a matter of when not if.

      • It could be mutating to a less virulent form as it spreads. Dead or even very sick people are bad vectors. Plus, as others pointed out, I suspect it escaped from a lab. If it’s modified there’s no guarantee that modification is stable. Let’s wait and see.

      • The big problem with globalism…..
        Ashes….Ashes….we all fall down
        Even it we could learn from this, our Ruling Elite demand to keep their beaks in the trough. At all cost. Not enough lamp posts for them.

  22. The ruling class are the inhabitants of an insane asylum making laws. I went back one day and looked at the people that have been the candidates for President for the last half century. This is the best we can do?

    • Your observation suggests that there are fundamental flaws in the way we are going about things, as to the structure of the levers of government. In a properly constructed system (or at least one properly calibrated to deal with the other issues in our midst), the caliber of candidates in this last half century would not look like that.

      • Your observation suggests that there are fundamental flaws in the way we are going about things, as to the structure of the levers of government

        One thing that looks a bit strange to outsiders, is that nepotism seems to be openly endorsed. RFK hires his brother to be attorney general, Clinton lets his missus do health reform and Trump lets his kayak-in-law run the Middle East desk like it was his personal pawn shop, and nobody seems to have a problem with any of this.

        • Nepotism is normal; people look out for their families and friends. But in a nominally democratic country when it’s this blatant the hypocrisy of it all is embarassing and exposes the lie of meritocracy.

    • Mass media. They could put a gorilla on camera with overdubbed speech and somebody would take it seriously. No joke. I bet Harambe has gotten some write in votes.

  23. “[O]ne ingredient essential to collapse is the lack of a surrounding set of societies that are connected to the failing one.”

    Well to the north we have Canada in race to madness with us, and to the south we have a narco-state. Other than that we have…big blue oceans… Oh, and most of the societies closest to us culturally and spiritually, western Europe, are right among Canada and us on the road to clown world… This won’t end well.

    (But I am looking forward to my walk this afternoon with the dulcet sound of the Z Man’s voice playing in my ears…)

    • The demographic change is happening so fast here that normies are kind of scratching their heads, but being the pussies they are they just rationalize it and go back to sleep.

      But it’s happening so fast that it’s over. Even if all canadians woke up it would be too late.

      This is the globalist plan for the USA when the dems get back in power. Borders open so wide you don’t even know what happened. Whites stood up for themselves in 2016 and therefore must be crushed. We don’t even get the courtesy of the slow burn anymore.

  24. Every day more people begin to think more or less like most of us here do. More and more I think of all this as tidal, and ours is incoming.

    • When one is gambling or is trading the markets (but I repeat myself), one can feel it when one has positioned himself correctly and things are coming one’s way. Likewise, being wrong-footed and feeling the tide move away, and going into complete scramble mode. As sad as things are, I agree that we are well positioned and in the right frame of mind to understand what is likely around the corner. If you look carefully, you can see the tide pulling the sand out from under the feet of our adversaries.

      • Our retention rate is almost 100%. Once you No Black, you don’t go back. They can silence our guys, jail them, or just make life so hard they quit fighting, but I don’t see very many genuine “2+2=5” guys out there who’ve been “de-radicalized.” The trophy converts are all shills who were CI material from the start – dented cans like Carlo, McHugh, the Rebel Media kids etc…

    • Wish I could say the same about Canada.

      Lots of younger and manly looking white dudes in the usa with no white guilt.

      The “manly” looking young canadians just try and act like arabs or negroes. The rural areas are populated by losers and the rest are boomers.

      Why are we so cucked while the movement is growing right across the border? No idea.

      • *Bane voice*

        “Ah so you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the darkness, we were born in it.”

        I expect they’ll learn soon. We have wiggers here too, but they are soy af beta boys. Never been to Canada, but I hope you are exaggerating, if not, that’s pretty fuking sad.

        • All I can think of when I hear that voice now is “Well hello there, Mr. UPS Man. You should have left our wives alone. Now lets go for a drive.”

      • >Why are we so cucked

        Because until about ten minutes ago the Quebecois were what passed for ‘diversity.’

        Also having a resource-export economy that has benefitted from first industrialization then globalization, without having to worry about defending yourselves.

        Bully for you guys, but it just means you are going to have a much steeper hill to climb with regard to waking people up. That and the fact that no matter what happens in Canada, Canadians will always be able to point southward at the awful racists in the US and thereby signal themselves to death.

        My own view is that Americans should encourage everything more or less west of the Canadian Shield to form their own sovereign state, maybe have Vancouver operate like Singapore or Hong Kong.

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