Knocking At The Door

One of the pitfalls of dissident politics is the temptation to succumb to despair, focusing only on the negative. Excessive cynicism is an escape, an indulgence, like libertarianism, where you get to pretend the sideline is the high ground. Cynicism is a cost free way of both participating in politics, but standing outside of it, as if you are above it all. It has been a feature of modern conservatism as a way of keeping the people from noticing that they are being scammed.

The truth is, politics at this level is not about elections or public policy. It is about effective social change, by changing the frame of reference. That’s a lot like steering a super tanker into port. A little nudge here. A little there. In the moment, you see little progress, but eventually, the tanker does move. That’s the point of dissident politics in the current age. It is moving things a little here and a little there in the effort to make our target audience aware of what’s happening to them.

An example of one of those tiny little bits of evidence that the ship is moving a little bit our way is this post from NRO, of all places. It is an interview with Oren Cass, who is the director of a new think tank in the Imperial Capital. The mission statement of American Compass says it is “to restore an economic consensus that emphasizes the importance of family, community, and industry to the nation’s liberty and prosperity.” Put another way, they claim to oppose what we call marketism.

Another Washington think tank is hardly an inspiration to our side, but Oren Cass has gotten a lot of attention from influential people. This twitter thread spelled out the problem of worshiping economic data as an end in itself. More important, he did so in the language technocrats can understand. That is an important step, as it introduces dissident topics to people lacking the language and mental constructs to understand much of what is discussed on this side of the great divide.

A good example of this is the response from another NRO pod person to that Oren Cass twitter thread. Like so many in that hive, he clearly does not understand the concept of trade-offs. He certainly is clueless when it comes to concepts like social capital or community capital. He’s stuck at the place where knowing that the big number is more than the small number gets a gold star. Still, Cass is able to speak to him in language he can grasp, which is important.

Now, this does not signal a revolution of thought inside the Imperial Capital, but it does suggest some people inside are looking over the divide to this side. More important, instead of just assuming the people on this side of the great divide are evil or stupid, they are wondering why so many people are heading this way. The first step to legitimacy is often when the people in charge simply start taking their critics seriously, rather than treating them as a pestilence to be eliminated.

To be clear, Oren Cass is not “one of us” and never will be. In fact, if the inner party decides to round us up and ship us off to camps, he will be right there with them, as he is them and not us. The ruling class, along with their attendants, define themselves in opposition to us. Who they are is explicitly not us. They are the occupiers, the colonial pod people, ruling over the rest of us. Oren Cass and his project are simply a flicker of doubt, a sign that all is not well inside the walls.

A sober minded person would wonder why it has taken so long for anyone inside the walls to notice the problems outside the walls. After all, paleo-conservatives were predicting these sorts of problems forty years ago. Pat Buchanan ran on these issues, as well as Ross Perot. Trump is in the White House, in large part, because of the economic realities just dawning on people inside the walls. Heck, Bernie Sanders exists because of the things Cass identified in that thread.

It is the big tanker ship. A thing normal people cannot grasp is just how different the world inside the walls is compared to regular America. In the Imperial Capital, it is always a booming economy. Every day is Fat Tuesday, because tomorrow is always fat Tuesday as well. It’s always good times in the Washington for people who make their living in politics. Imagine a college campus the size of a city, but instead of students roaming about it is adult who work in politics.

This is why all past political reform efforts have failed. When the road goes on forever and the party never ends, reform sounds like ingratitude. From the Tea Party to the Bernie Bros, to the people inside, these movement strike the revelers as irrational ingratitude by people who don’t know how good they have it. But, the dissident right is knocking at the door and some people are starting to listen. It is a tiny example of how things are moving our way, ever so slowly, like that tanker ship.

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164 thoughts on “Knocking At The Door

  1. Trump is pro-black, pro-gay marriage, pro-immigration because he wants to attract white boomer voters who still believe civil right
    But also Party told him that if you want to stay in politics, you have to be pro-brown and pro-homosexual
    Current system literally prevent any pro-white candidate enter the system

    there’s massive immune system to filtering hell out white people who doesn’t hate so much their kin

  2. The economy has been distorted with policies galore to funnel taxpayer funds into Solyndra scams, wind farms, POC professorships etc and it’s not about to change anytime soon. Nothing changes without actual numerical representation – especially culture.

    Now that the POCs joined blacks to form a “majority” demand block, it’s only going to get more dysfunctional. Their rapid ascent and incorporation into institutional positions is like having gays in the military. Soon they will have their own networks within the institutions and the result is true third world government, irrespective of “Technology”.

    One way to win the numbers game is for the interior to survive while the coasts collapse under their own dysfunction. And black swan events do have a way of testing societies when they least expect it.

  3. James Burnhams “The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom” was correct – politics and rational thinking have little to do with each other!

  4. “Imagine a college campus the size of a city, but instead of students roaming about it is adult who work in politics.”

    That’s exactly what every Blue, liberal city is now — a big college campus. Craft beer, Starbucks, good pizza, freely available pussy, weed, Jewish intellectuals, hippies in tie-dye, gun control, and a smattering of compliant Negroes, handpicked by affirmative action. All financed by someone else’s money, with women giving the orders.

    As a former white collar intellectual now looking for a job, I am struck by the starkness of the divide between the effete snobs in the bubble who seem to be living quite well, and the pure drudgery and/or low pay of the available jobs “that Americans won’t do” like living in a truck for weeks on end, eating and showering at truckstops, or picking fruit for sub-minimum wage with no benefits.

    Someday the bubble has gotta burst, but when?

  5. Zman, have you been talking to Rachel Bovard over at American Greatness? A few hours ago I went back and relistened to your Marketism podcast. Afterward, I noticed her article (from today) on the same theme. Looks like the theme is getting traction.

  6. Not an original point by any means, but I think the big difference between the Buchanan/Francis/Sobran years and now is the internet.

    To put it simply, it was a lot easier to fence off and/or disappear people in those days. But now the internet can keep ideas spreading from tiny and even one-man (hi, Zman!) platforms. As well as resurrect earlier, memory-holed voices.

    Moreover, the internet allows us to draw strenght and ideas from the very far right, the verboten right, which even open nationalists might pretend not to be engaging with as a matter of optics–but which is a source of strength all the same, the “id” of the movement.

    • Just imagination the rage that this Sobran piece from 1997 would inspire today.
      “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
      Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
      The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
      The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
      And, superiority excites envy.
      Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
      Joseph Sobran, April 1997

  7. When your enemies are forced to use your language and address your concerns, even if it’s to blunt and corrupt them, you are gaining ground.

    Most of what we call civilization and culture moves almost unnoticed like the tide in the middle of the sea. Events and personalities are the flotsam and jetsam of history. The tide is moving our way.

    Candidate Trump rode the tide. Once elected he’s been a net negative. Cville was a PR disaster, the media, pop culture, the Justice Dept are at war with us…and yet we grow in numbers. Some surveys have 75% of white men at least moderately concerned with the future of “white” civ. We have zero power yet our interests have everyone’s attention and they are forced to address them.

    We’re waiting for the next pivot point? We’re already in the middle of it. Things getting worse means the fall and decline is accelerating it’s not something we need to wait to happen. If things were getting better for us it would mean we’re no longer a threat, we’d have become insignificant.

    Individuals rarely matter. It’s the group dynamic that matters and that dynamic is largely instinctual.

    • “When your enemies are forced to use your language and address your concerns, even if it’s to blunt and corrupt them, you are gaining ground.”

      Again, hear hear! Of course the Concerned will try to co-opt- their instinct is to run in front of the parade. Flotsam floats on the tide.

    • No, that is what happens when a clever enemy infiltrates your movement. and that is what’s happening with Conservatism Inc. They are slowly using DR – populistic terms to take over.

      It’s not the success Zman thinks it is.

      The DR is a basically a big fat joke. Just some disgruntled whites and that’s ti. and you haven’t even seen the DOJ drop the hammer on us. You have no idea how ruthless and barbaric our leaders really are. . You think their constant mantra of wanting us dead and gone are a joke? Well it’s not. What do you call the genocide of white blue collar males? You know the men who provide our fighters(not the decrepit college nerds who attend WN secret meetings) at around 50,000 a year. Or the brainwashing of our kids by public schooling and college.

  8. And sometimes that tanker sinks before getting into port. Or the captain orders all the naysayers to walk the plank. Or the crew mutinies and throws the captain overboard, then changes course for a better port of call. Ancient wisdom, keep your options open and your powder dry.

  9. “…libertarianism, where you get to pretend the sideline is the high ground.” Perfect.

  10. We have advantages and disadvantages. They are really the same. Western society is pretty much White women conspiring actively with foreign men to enslave us White men, at best, exterminate us at worst. For the crime of being unsexy. Hell hath no fury like a woman not turned on by the men around here. Its the only unforgivable sin men can commit.

    Look at the Democratic race. Not a single straight White male lasted very long. We had gay-gay-gay-now cosplayers, angry school marms, and an aging old communist vs a senile old pol. Ambitious young White men can look at that clown show and figure that Democrats are intent on keeping them from any path to power. Indeed the Bernie Bros are basically the sons of the lesser nobility wanting to be Commisar in charge of shooting people on the theory that they can grab women and property. [They are not wrong — the Stalin shooting purges ran on these type of men.]

    The disadvantage is that the old, old dream of Babylon is still alive. Enslavement of high IQ White men to build a glorious civilization. See Al-Andalus and Baghdad, both supplied with endless amounts of White slaves by the Vikings. So much Islamic gold and silver has been found in grave good barrows the trade must have been both immense and fantastically lucrative.

    This is the dream most Warren type White women (which is most of them), Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims etc have for us — we are the slaves working under an electronic punishment collar and they are the masters.

    This is also the natural advantage. Those who figure they won’t be Commisars, or Commisars shooting people for long and would themselves end up as a nameless victim in a basement, are naturally drawn to dissidence. Not to necessarily our politics but dissent nevertheless. Young White men are not going to go all gay, or suddenly lack ambition, or disappear all into video games and online pr0n.

    It is up to our thing to offer a path — to explain that young White men can only have a future if they forge a new path to dominance in a multicultural society. That they should not be bearing the lash but wielding the whip.

      • Ricci – it doesn’t help that we make excuses for them…

        “Don’t punch Right”

        “We need all the allies we can get”

        “Hunter Wallace writes a lot of great articles”

        I could go on….

      • At least the guy thinks for himself and he is actually spot on in his observations about Democratic politics and about the Vikings.

        The Vikings were slavers for the Muslims. They provided millions of European slaves to Baghdad, Spain and Tunis.

        And he is dead on about Our Thing offering young white men alternative to what we are currently given. Though I doubt the Thought Leaders of the DR will do anything to recruit or attract young white men to the cause

      • Nice piercings, Ricci. They really complement those problem glasses.

        Without doubt, you have more intellect, education, money, and a better car than I do. Plus, your p*ssy is a lot tighter.

    • Whiskey, your misogyny is ever on my mind.
      Above is a tweet video as to why.
      (The “education” vid. That insufferable twat.)

      I was wrong. You were right.
      We could use another WWll- only this time, against our enemies.

    • You’re on to something here Whiskey and one need look no further than South Africa to see the eventual result. Whites are now living in poverty and fear while a sizable number of their White countrymen have traitorously sided with the SA Black majority for a pay check to keep the country from imminent failure. I doubt they can save the country, nor themselves with that strategy. When the lights go out, there will be no differentiation between good Whites and bad Whites. They have made a bargain to be the last eaten.

      • White traitors(quislings) are a problem for us. There are plenty of whites in the military and law enforcement who have no qualms working for a Obama, Bernie or Mugabe type as long as the checks get cashed. We see this with how the intelligence agencies and Pentagon have turned on Trump from day one. Or the FBI that is flat out a hostile agency that opposes the American people yet is staffed and run by whites.

        We see the same in Europe, it’s white men putting the boot to fellow whites while ptotecting 3rd world types and silencing white people who protest their lot under tyrannical PC/MC regimes.

        Because of this, if we end up having a Bugaloo our main fight won’t be with the ethnics but with whites who are intent on either putting us in boxcars or simply obeying some 3rd world thug they have for a master.

    • Very important that you recognize that white men are not “sexy.” Let’s dive.

      What is sexy? For 99% of human history basic features of health such as youth, skin that is not pockmarked or blemished, ideal levels of adiposity, muscle mass and skeletal structure were seen as attractive. Today we have a new definition.

      Do you know what happens to beautiful young white maidens who give birth? Their rectums prolapse and they soil their sexy black leggings and sexy Victoria secret panties (shh! It’s secret!). They can’t control their urination the same way ever again and they routinely urinate on their husbands during sex, they gain weight that they never lose again, the lose hair and have stretch marks. They have permanent psychological deterioration as a result of supranatural levels of hormones which devastate the blood supply to the brain and in some women lead to preeclampsia and seizures. This sometimes also manifests as post partum depression and psychosis. These same veterans of nature raise warriors and men who worship Truth and Christ, king of all rebels to the Temple. These same women stocked armies from their wombs and tended to the weary arms and legs of farmers and engineers, thinkers and scientists which have littered white history with the only accomplishments worth noting in the human race. Their tender smile warms the heart of all men the way a Jewish Shiksa or Indian Gupta never could.

      I see the misogyny on this site and it is sometimes too much. How can you claim to love the white race when you bash 50% of it so much?

      Let us define the context: white women made us. They created you. Their breasts fed us, they sacrificed their bodies for us, their mental health and they toiled with love for us.

      What happened is simple: 75 years ago a series of political reorganizations happened and 3 years later a nation in the Middle East was created. Since that day, a group of eskimos (people who we cannot name and who do not exist) have become the beating heart of our global and national system. No body voted for these eskimos, no body cares about their kibbutz in the desert.

      Now what do we have?

      What we have is a false consciousness (I hate to use Marx, but I just) whereby we blame “treacherous“ white women Like Margaret Sanger, Amelia Earhart and all ambitious white women for being a fifth column. This is ludicrous. Without googling, name 5 white women who irrevocably fucked this country in the ass nearly on the level of any Eskimo or his conspiring white goyim males.

      Are you mad they like the taste of chocolate? Let’s revisit the notion of sexy again.

      Sexy doesn’t exist. People are attracted to their iPhones more than their own reflection. Tolkien’s analogy of the ring clearly meant the trappings of civilization. One of those trappings is “a good sex life,” “feeling sexy,” “good relationships.” So, White women turn to their peers, see that browns are in town, see that it’s chic and acceptable, and are often coaxed through money (think Indian doctors, Arabs) or “intimacy” (think Vince Vaughn’s “sexy Latin man” quote from Wedding Crashers, or Idris Elba being sexiest man alive). They are our mothers, sisters, daughters, caught up in the allure of Tolkien’s ring (the analogy of civilization and all its new baubles) and are now straying from the pastures that begat them. And you blame them for this? You do not ask who invented the ring (Eskimo Sauron) and to what end he may have intended it? Your divination leads you to the conclusion that menstruating, innocent white women (who will ultimately bow to man, may he be white or a chocolate thug) are a fifth column? How can you not see the fifth column? He has a lanyard with a sign that says “Fifth Column.”

      • Hear, hear!
        Whiskey, being in the industry, was one of the first to point out that Madison Avenue was owned by Eskimos who hire 90+% women (and gays) as judas goats, as sirens, the voices leading the others over the cliff with ‘naughty’ fads and fashions.

        Women are afraid to speak out against other women in public- and will stab them in the back in private.

        Not saying we must change their instincts and nature. Can’t anyways. Only to expect them.

    • My fiftyish female lawyer told me last weekend that the source of much evil in the US are the covens (my word not hers) of fiftyish divorced women sitting around telling each other how wonderful it is to be free and how when it’s not wonderful it’s all the fault of white men not paying attention to them.

      (btw, is it coincidence that the only suggestion that my spell-checker has for “fiftyish” is “shifty”)

    • Dating site data shows the vast majority of white women prefer white men. Mixed couples are like gays. Far more popular on television than in real life.

  11. Imagine if that diamond princess ship was loaded with illegals. Prog congressman would be decrying the outrage of us letting them die on that ship. The media would publish photos of dead toddlers. Once the next Holocaust was averted by Pelosi and the Blue-haired twitterers and the illegals were on shore, the leftists would fall over themselves trying to hug the infected illegals to show how the real problem is the stigma, not the virus.

  12. OT: Was in W’Mart on our weekly shopping run. Scandal sheets are all screaming about how deadly this coronavirus is gonna be. National Enquirer headline predicts 100 MILLION INFECTED in the U.S. with 7 MILLION DEAD! Hello! That death toll is more than TWO FULL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE greater than the annual flu. What the HELL are those guys are smoking?

    • From my notes, a rumor:

      “…the document US hospitals are using to prepare for a major coronavirus outbreak.
      It estimates 96 million US coronavirus cases and 480,000 deaths.”

      Quiet preparation in the industry, very quiet.
      They know how quickly facilities will be overwhelmed as room runs out and the doctors and nurses get sick.

      Other notes:
      *Two weeks ago Italy had 20 cases.
      Today it’s near 5,000.
      *about 10% of cases in Italy require ICU Not sustainable
      *expects 40% of the population of Tehran to catch the virus.
      *Children just as likely-
      Three have died, 225 have recovered (median time to recovery is 32 days).” one month median? staggering implications
      *Coronavirus is roughly 32 times more lethal than Flu AND more contagious.

      Nobody yet is seriously considering the effects of shuttering public venues, and tele-schooling, tele-work, the majority of human contact by surveilled electronic screens.

      Every time I’d visit the granddaughters I’d catch whatever bug was coursing through their llttlish country school. That was 12 years ago.

      Yet, courtesy Rwc, we have “And the MAGApedes are busy bullshitting themselves like crazy that the Covid-19 is nothing.”
      Keep shopping, patriots!

      • From a video I watched on a left-leaning website today.
        Italian figures: 280 cases with 10 fatalities or 3.5% mortality.
        Reuters’ China figures: 80,000 infected with 2,700 fatalities or 3.3% mortality.
        Both sets of numbers have mortality rates right around 3.5%. The Enquirer headline was more like 7%. Look! Nobody is saying that “Covid-19 is nothing.” It’s just that it’s nothing like the lethal juggernaut the media and deep state are playing it up to be. Where were the Media and Congress last fall when the administration TRIED to brief congress about the virus and fewer than two dozen congress critters bothered to show up? As a rule, corona viruses are not terribly potent. Certainly not compared to your garden variety influenza virus – which KILLS TENS OF THOUSANDS YEAR AFTER FREAKING YEAR!

        • That’s always been the problem.

          Two different sets of rumors and factoids.
          How to choose?

      • I read somewhere this morning that patient zero in the Italian coronavirus situation has been tracked back to a Pakistani – who apparently refused to quarantine and kept making and delivering Chinese food.

        You see – these are the situations that dissident views on immigration need to capitalize on.

        Actual revolutions have started from less.

  13. Thank’s for the links. This guy takes an awful lot of words to say that they’ve been “cooking the books” for decades and people have started to notice. He must be an academic.

  14. There is a fine line between despair and realism. It is often said but bears repeating that there is no political solution to extricate ourselves from this mess. For every person we red pill, 100 mestizo mamas drop another future Democrat voter. It’s a numbers game and we already lost.

  15. Caldwell’s book is significantly derived from Dissident thought. Policy proscriptions lifted from that work would be hard evidence of a nudged tanker. Neoconservatives have much less orthodoxy on economics than libertarians, so one may doubt the dissident origins of that tangent.

  16. “This twitter thread spelled out the problem of worshiping economic data as an end in itself.”

    Is this another Harzony thing, trying to front-run populist sentiment, or is the marketplace of ideas actually responding to supply and demand? This is clearly aimed at the Tucker audience either way.

    • Exile, It may or may not “strike a chord,” Folks have begun to “notice.” Why can’t they save? Why did we bail out a Hedge Fund? Oopsie.

  17. Public opinion is a macrocosm of Haidt’s “rider & the elephant.” Our Woke mahouts can apply the goad or offer us treats according to the manual but as the joke says, what does an elephant do? Anything he wants.

    Plumbing the depths and current shifts of public opinion is hard. Ask Hillary.

    There are chtonic elements in the public psyche that polling doesn’t disclose (thus the Bradley Effect). We’ve recently been informed that almost all social studies conducted in the modren era are deeply flawed if not outright fabricated. Turns out that asking WEIRD kids about themselves yields bad data – who could’ve known?

    Elites like Hillary & her court oracles like Nate Silver are so alien and hostile to us that they literally cannot understand why we act the way we do. Their model heritage White American is a Frank & Stein caricature collage assembled from Hollywood and Wall Street tropes. They don’t live around us, they don’t work with us. They know us only through media.

    Legitimately rigorous study of a practically-occult subject like human psychology is very hard. Adding the complexity of group vs. individual psychology makes it harder. Trying to draw causal connections and make predictions on top of all that puts you in educated guess territory – even when you’re trying to find truth in good faith. Once you factor in the blinders of patrician Wokeness and the “English” of partisan self-interest, “expect the opposite” is the best advice for elite predictions.

    Total skepticism is a natural response to a steady diet of garbage information, but you really do miss every shot you don’t take.

  18. “It is the big tanker ship.” Yes it is, even though I just snotted off about Oren Cass. By the way, he’s probably a distant relative of me. Hmm…I still put in that order for an additional lamp post.

    Working in water treatment, in a conventional treatment plant with a big sediment basin, it can take hours or a couple days for a volume of water to move from the aerators through the sed basin into the clearwell. I was taught the conventional plant is the USS Carl Vinson. Turn a big ship incrementally and slowly. Make chemical changes sloooowly…stop and watch. The inline plants are PT boats…water in and out less than 10 minutes. Turn it Fast! Very different types of personalities to run these very different plants.

    Treatment operators at conventional plants had to practice patience which is hard to learn. Same lesson now with Trump. I went through my elation stage then disappointment stage. Now I remember my USS Carl Vinson lesson. At least Trump has brought the blasting cap national problems into view though not into port. As good as it gets. Like planting seeds and may a few take root.

    • I hope he cracked the glass public-opinion-wise. As a BoomerCon last hurrah, he’s fitting. Sleepy Joe would fit for BoomerLibs, FWIW.

      We have nowhere to go but up. Given Trump’s position on Our Thing, I don’t see how da Squad’s FBI is going to be a bigger threat than Zion Don’s FBI. What has SCOTUS done to save Whites in general, much less BadWhites? Evil times in DC are generally good times for Us.

      • >>>Evil times in DC are generally good times for Us. >>>

        YES! This! Thank you!!!

        We are a dissident movement. Mediocre times make mediocre results for us. Bad times are our friend.

    • RFF – our ancestors with those little “faith in the footsteps” plaques on their graves are turning over in them at the evil their Globalist descendants have perpetrated.

  19. Z Man said: “A sober minded person would wonder why it has taken so long for anyone inside the walls to notice the problems outside the walls. After all, paleo-conservatives were predicting these sorts of problems forty years ago. Pat Buchanan ran on these issues, as well as Ross Perot. ”

    Here’s something we all know but bares repeating. This is a short Youtube vid from a guy I’ve posted before called “The Academic Agent” . He’s a free market libertarian pinhead but has some good things to say to people on our side of the street. It’s about the Left, fake Right spectrum.

  20. I am sometimes a critic of Trump but this week in that town hall Trump had the balls to say he did not like Obama and what he did especially to the military.
    Now granted this statement is not full on dissident and for certain I am not sure our military is not going to be used against us in time and it’s turning pozed too.
    But Trump did criticize a black.
    Which whites now in the west have been brainwashed into never doing in public.
    Trump has opened up the idea that white guys might just push back.
    And when we do we can be SOB’s about it.
    That is not something the cloud people like to think about.

    • In fairness, he opposed the Iraq War. Carlson was always inclined to paleo-conservatism. His real evolution is in embracing populism as an antidote to conservatism or what it has become.

      I think Cass is sincere, but I’ll never confuse him with one of us.

      • Hmm….maybe sincere? Guilt by association with Mittens Turncoat.

        “Oren Cass is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, where he focuses on energy, the environment, and antipoverty policy. He was domestic policy director of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2011–12. In that role, Cass shaped campaign policy and communication on issues from health care to energy to trade.”
        The takeaway line…..”Cass was a management consultant for Bain & Company in its Boston and Delhi offices.”…and replace us with the Dot Indians. Well, maybe he’s noticing our side of the divide, but only to more accurately draw the bead. For our guy who designs and constructs those lamp posts, make an extra one.

      • Carlson supported the initial Iraq invasion but changed his mind when he visited Iraq in December of 2003 and ended up being an enthusiastic opponent. I give him credit for that. In 2012, though, he was calling for the annihilation of Iran when he was at the Daily Caller. I give him credit again for changing on that. He appears sincere.

        • That was true of a lot of people. Emotions were running high and information was heavily curated. Now I laugh (bitterly) at Gen. Powell holding up the cartoons of the “high tech caves” in Tora
          Bora. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. I don’t know how any of them do. (Well, it’s never Bushes, Clintons, or Trumps sending their kids off to die, is it?)

  21. Actually, the Pod People are right about something very important: it is quite true that the People Outside the Walls have never had it so good. Mohammad has never had it so good. Vikram and Pradesh have never had it so good. Jose and N’Gongwe and Yolanda and Fatima and Ching Chao, they’ve all never had it so good.

    The replacement “people”, the New Americans, the Paperwork Americans, the looters, the invaders, your literal replacements, they’ve all never had it so good. They’ve been handed America on a platter — a country they did nothing to build, which they did not struggle for, which they do not love but merely enjoy, which they do not and cannot understand, which they could never create… it’s just been dropped in their laps for free. They can’t believe their luck.

    The Jews and their allies have successfully conquered this country, subjugated its people, strip-mined it and plundered it clean. The Jews have kept all the choice bits for themselves, and they’ve rewarded their mercenaries and their pets with the rest: centuries of social capital and vast brilliant infrastructure, all created by a daring and ingenious people, has been tossed as fodder to a bunch of mutts who could create none of this on their own.

    The University of California, the largest and most brilliant public university system in the world, has, in the space of a single generation been fully occupied by Chinese and pajeets who got here last week, who have no gratitude or loyalty, who are so conformist they are thrilled to “side against whiteness” on command, when their Jewish masters blow the whistle. So it is with every great institution. The DR hopes to wake the people up to what’s happening to them, but guess what. It’s already happened.

    There’s still time to salvage a chunk of it, but not the whole enchilada. Shlomo already gave the enchilada to Patel and Gonzalez.

    • Yeah buddy, the WASPs pioneers who built California, said the same thing about the Micks, Wops, Polacks and Vodka Rapists who came here and had everything handed to them and have no loyalty and gratitude and who will side with the Kaiser or the Pope, sound familiar?

      Oh so unless you can trace your lineage 100% to the people of the 13 colonies, according to your logic, this is not your country, you did nothing to build it up or fight for it, other than to strip mine it and take it for yourself. Places dominated by Wops and Micks are the most corrupt and dysfunctional, See NJ or Shitcago.

      So unless your last name is Smith, Jones or Johnson, Get the fuck out.

      • You are a very poor infiltrator. Go troll Breitbart, there’s tons of dumb Boomers there and you’ll probably have a lot more fun.

      • So what do we have here?

        a) top honors for obnoxious twit and retard prose stylist,
        b) top honors for zero knowledge or understanding of American history,
        c) Jew with a guilty conscience, making imbecilic false analogies, trying desperately to deflect,
        d) Jew scared sh!tless that the dumb goyim have figured it out, and the Supercaust is in the works any minute now,
        e) all of the above?

        I’ve always liked the letter E, it makes such an intriguing sound.

      • Obviously you don’t look very deeply into immigration questions. Buchanan made it clear back in ’92: immigrants such as Polacks, Wops, Krauts, and Micks come from CHRISTIAN cultures (as did the original colonists).

        The culture makes all the difference. Mohammedans are not Christian; nor are Confucians, nor Hindi. That doesn’t mean that they are “bad people.” But it DOES mean that there will be a Kulturkampf.

        You want Kulturkampf? Good for you. Better be prepared for it. How’s your ammo supply?

        • Culture does NOT make all the difference; RACE does. Culture, like almost everything else, is downstream from race.

          • No, pal. The root of the word “culture” is “cult”–which is loosely translated as ‘religion.’ Or is that too big a word for you to understand?

          • dad29, I don’t disagree, they were White Christians.

            And, tellingly, they already had an amazing array of diversity- as White Christians.

        • Even then, southern and eastern european (and even irish) attitudes are quite different from American ones, and they did change the character ofnthe country, not always for the better.

      • I’ve already abused Zman’s twitter tolerance, don’t make me include the vids and headline/article collections where they openly promote and celebrate their Muslim alliance against Europeans.

      • I accept what you say about the lack of white solidarity in the past. Before WW2, whites dominated the planet and had no motivation to bond as a collective. But that was then.

        Whites are having an identity forced on them by the rest of the world, because the non-whites don’t make any of the distinctions that you recount.

        The most powerful forces that exist today are non-white and Jewish tribalism and resentment against non-liberal whites and to these forces we must respond.

      • “Benjamin franklin hate German too!”

        not quite right, WASP actually welcome European people who assimilate Anglo Custom, but didn’t want Non-European came his land

        Again, your argument is not only inaccurate, busy to pointing out how much you hate white people
        continuous decline of social norm and culture, stagnated scientific achievements and economy prove your side have no plan after “destruction of White society”

        What’s you gonna do when everywhere is uncivilized world and no place to run

      • You are on the wrong blog bro.

        Since truth is OK here ,you should know the Know Nothings (aka American Party) were correct. The US needed to be ethnically and religiously homogeneous to work as well as it could. Unfortunately few of the Founders got this, John Jay did but not enough and the drive for money and faster colonization left is in a bad place, Anglo German when we should have been entirely Protestant and Anglo.

        However as other have noted , the other groups that came later were European and Christian which was a manageable level of chaos.

        Later groups though? Nope.

        Latinos as well Latin and Christian so that won’t work and the other group might as well be from Mars as far as the Founders would have understood.

        This will fail and it will be ugly and the Boomers who had power did nothing, not even complain and a lot of them along with the GOPe types like you did nothing. Its your groups fault and if opprobrium comes your way, you’ve earned it along with a lot more.

      • Hahahaha.

        I can trace my lineage almost 100% on both sides to the colonies pre-USA.

        Does that mean I get to tell all the Micks, Wops, Polacks, Vodka rapists, Jews, assorted Hispanics…… etc……. to all get the the hell out?

        I’m starting to like the way this is going………… 🙂

        • I get the humor here but I feel like a straight response.

          Its not 1776 and the mistakes of the past are just that, mistakes of the past.

          The tension between Catholics and Protestants is still there though with Mormons thrown in for good measure but the US is much less Christianized so the issue is now more secular vs Christian with other flavors and most of the older ethnic groups are thoroughly blended even Jews

          Hell I’d argue many of leaders might as well worship Mammon and his Prophetess Ayn Rand or are into Crowleyanity and/or Marx.

          That’s a Hell of a change you ask me.

          Actual Christians Left or Right are thin on the ground, One’s that manage to walk the walk, rare as hen’s teeth

          Of course there are a few distinct ethnic groups left and if you don’t like one or more those groups and you can get enough power, you can do whatever you like.

          I don’t know why this basic fact eludes the Dissident Right. Power is truth and while there is truth in power, the ability to set the course for a society requires mostly hard power (Mao’s barrel of a gun) supplemented with soft power.

          You don’t want people selling porn or drugs? The State needs to shoot people who do that. Power is truth.

          Its why I always say the Dissident Right is a kaffeeklatsch or a bunch of complaining grognards. If they weren’t they’d be scheming how to get that power and how use it. Hell by elections if you can. Nothing wrong with that at all as its the prefered method

          However to get there you have to purge yourself of the Libertard mind virus. Vodka maybe? Ice pick carefully applied? I don’t know.

          But once its gone and you accept that once you have power you’ll do bad stuff for good reasons but oh well, maybe you can get some change.

          Than you can start the quiet private work of getting power.

    • And one more thing, this country was sold out by white males such as LBJ, BJ Clinton, GHWB, GWB, Woodrow Wilson and yes even Saint Reagan. None of them are Jews, Chongs or Pajeets. Look in the mirror asshole.

      The DR’s race obsession will be your downfall, by focusing on the wrong enemy. To quote the Cmdr. Oliver Perry ,”We have met the enemy and he is us”.

      • “This enemy you cannot kill,” I murmured. He nodded and finished the quote for me. “You can only drive it back damaged into the depths and teach your children to watch the waves for its return.”
        ― Richard K. Morgan, Woken Furies

        While you are correct that we have been betrayed by our native elites, it is neither obsession nor “the wrong enemy” to note that a subset of Jews have played an instrumental catalytic role in the destruction of Western Civilization. Both can be, and are, true.

        Judeo-communists were instrumental in the transformation of the training grounds of our elites so that those who should have been the guardians and stewards of our civilization have become its worst enemies. Political, economic and social culture is systematized behavior. The historical record is crystal clear that there is a tendency for wealthy elites to go off the rails. Healthy civilizations (survival being the metric for health) have restoring mechanisms that stop excesses and repair the worst of the damage. Recall the Robber Barons and the end of that era.

        The Judeo-communists have destroyed the old culture in which there were limits and replaced it with one where degeneracy and dysfunction is normalized then celebrated. The current ruling elites don’t WANT a restorative operation that saves the historic (European) American nation because they no longer see us as their flock of sheep to shepherd and shear for profit, but as dangerous dogs that threaten the stability of their control over the more pliable goats they have brought in to replace us.

        Also, only about 50% of current Ivy League cohorts are even remotely American now, so our ruling elites increasingly as the older whites die off aren’t just our own corrupted with cultural marxism, but transparently hostile foreigners. European civilization is being replaced, both heritage ruled (working) class and heritage ruling class.

        • ” a subset of Jews have played an instrumental catalytic role in the destruction of Western Civilization”

          I think your spellcheck is corrupted. It seems to be replacing “catastrophic” with “catalytic”….

      • You are correct that our fellow whites betrayed their country and race. The fact remains Jews have played a very destructive role in the last 70 years to destroy westerm civilization, Christianity and European peoples. In almost every movement that is destructive to Western peoples and their culture is led by a Jew.

      • Actually, the DR and the extreme Left are equally obsessed with race and human inequalities. The difference is that the Left’s understanding is false and ungrounded in HBD understanding. Since you can not build a lasting public policy on a lie, the DR—or at least it’s ideas, must eventually prevail.

      • UpYours, I didn’t down vote you. I appreciate your contrariness and I am curious. You say people like me are “focusing on the wrong enemy.” Who is the real enemy?

        • Mr. LineIntheSand, the enemy of White America sadly is…White America, just like the worst enemies of black Africans are black Africans. Throughout history, tribes have been sold out by their own. Sad really, but it is what it is. I don’t have any solutions on how DR or even the populist/nationalist right can reach out and convert the brainwashed whites like the Berniebros. They are the enemy, they don’t need to be one.

          Trump cannot even win 70% of the white MALE vote, even though his anti-Globoshlomo policies benefit white males the most. Cannot wrap my head around it. Explains why the OrangeManBad is going after the black vote. He knows he needs 20% of the black vote to win, cause the white vote, esp the white upper middle class H1B fodder vote is unreliable.

          • I agree that the low ethnocentrism of whites is a problem. A big difference between us is that I don’t believe that we must solve this problem before we address our external foes. We’ve got to work on both problems simultaneously.

            My guess is that the single best way to promote white solidarity is to diminish Jewish dominance of the culture.

          • This is already happening and as the Boomers die off I expect that Whites will be more ethnocentric out of necessity.

            Oh the propaganda engine will be going full tilt but as brittle as the US is now, it may not last the wrong administration. Some ambitious or arrogant Leftist decides to rule with a phone and pen and go for the gun grab he’s wanted or some other bad policy he might get a coast to coast insurgency.

            Given the US is in crisis mode now with a decent leader something worse may be beyond recovery with a bad one.

            Whatever happens Whites will need an ethno state or they’ll be bled dry to pay for the increasing costs of our overly complex society . Catabolic collapse is probably well beyond prevention but we can delay it by lowering costs and this means no cheap labor, less or no imports and a population mix that works.

      • Uppity, I quote Lenin:
        “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

        Man behind the curtain.
        Unfortunately, even much of the Alt and Dissident right has a great deal of those men behind the curtain.

        More than we realize.
        Unfortunate but to be expected.
        Still, use the army you have, since you won’t get the army you want.

      • Two Jews were a good chunk of the 1965 Immigration act, banking, Hollywood Depravity, most of the pron industry and part of the Southrons slavery chain though I do agree with you on Reagan who was as destructive if not more so than Wilson who I hate.

        That said peddling civic nationalism is just trying to convince people that immigration is good just like say excrement in soup is tasty and good.

        One people per land. They must be the vast majority and rule it Nothing else works.

        The US is a little unique in having a White race , mutts really. That’s not part of Europe or its experience and we might be able to make something of it.

        We won’t be able to do this without the Pre 65 Demography though, maybe the 1950’s Demography (89% European) though.

        How this happens I do not know but without it, there will not be a US. America will not survive a steady allotment of Jewish Communists, Crazy Hispanic Socialists, Black Identity people and nobody in charge but looters.

        That mess will be Brazil which has its charms I guess but I really want my country back thanks

    • they’ve rewarded their mercenaries and their pets with the rest

      They’re trusties in a prison: they get perks, but at the end of the day they’re dirt people like the rest of us and can be dropped back in the general prison population at any time, their privileges stripped from them.

  22. Ah, Ross Perot. Remember, he was “all ears”. Folks laughed at that quip. But he was right—he heard “that sucking sound” of jobs leaving the US 20 years before any of us did. And for that, we should remember him fondly and apologize for voting for either Bush or Clinton.

    • My first Presidential election was 1992, having missed ’88 by a couple months. I pulled the lever for Clinton even though there was something about Perot that seemed to make a lot of sense. By 1996 I was too far to the left to consider even Clinton. Strange days, indeed.

      • Yes indeed, I pulled the lever for every Rep candidate since Nixon. That is the definition of insanity. After the let down, there was always the “next time”. Some people never catch wise.

  23. “He’s stuck at the place where knowing that the big number is more than the small number gets a gold star. ”

    Every day at the Z-blog is Fat Tuesday!

    Best of all, the audience gives as good as it gets. Wicked wit makes for the best parties!

    Screw ’em. Die laughing.

  24. Something related is that sometimes outsiders even complain when things start moving their way because insiders are co-opting their ideas and taking the credit. The thing is, I don’t care who gets the credit, just that the thing I want done gets done. What’s going on in Germany now is a good example. Otherwise crazy and traitorous pols are being sensible about stopping refugees flowing in from Turkey even if it means making little brown kids cry and even if it means using violence to stop them. They’re not doing this because they’ve had a change of heart, or even for some practical fear of something like the Corona Virus or some new drug-resistant strain of TB. They’re doing it because they’re afraid that not doing it will help the Alternativ Für Deutschland run on the issue (and the chaos caused) if they ignore it. But I frankly don’t care whether it gets done by the AfD, CDU, or SPD, or hell, die Grüne. I just want it done.

    • Agreed. Treating our ideas like precious intellectual property would be a huge error. Scatter them to the winds like seeds and let them take root where they may.

    • “I just want it done.”

      That has been my basic attitude to the ruling class: I didn’t care who ruled as long as they ruled well. However, the transformation of my country from Christian-heritage European-heritage republic into a multicultural empire in which my people has been completely dispossessed from every node of control (coinage, courts, media, education, etc) has made it crystal clear that it matters who rules.

      If you leave the cockroaches in power any changes they make will be tactical and optical and they will reverse them the second the public goes back to sleep thinking everything is ok. Institutions like political parties need public shaming and shunning of the old order that led them astray to restore legitimacy or they need to be destroyed and replaced.

  25. The interview at NRO is actually with someone named Wells King, who is either an economic illiterate or an extreme Left con man. Following up with looking into Oren Cass and this “American Compass”, it has the aroma (stench) of yet another extreme Left front masquerading as “Conservative”.

    • Aha!! Those who intend to preserve the American culture pre-LBJ are ‘economic illiterates’ and/or ‘extreme Left con-men’.

      That’s not a good way to win friends and influence people, pal. Perhaps you have something to lend to the debate aside from asinine assertions?

  26. Z… the meteor hit. The first wave of extinction has begun. It’s you who are clueless, it is mass panic in the hive.

    The Donkosauruses died first. At the top of the shitlib food chain, they could only greet the tectonic and environmental changes with faggots, screeching vaginas, and greasy, elderly Jewish Commies and vulture capitalists… Yesterday has come and gone for them.

    The Republasaurs are struggling to adapt with limited success. Trump has made some of the nudges… but the Titanic is still headed for that iceberg at full speed.

    The new smaller, faster organisms are warm blooded, smarter, and far more resilient than their ancestors. The world belongs to them, as your little friend sings in the Biergarten.

    The old order is done for, they are merely dead men walking now 😊👍

  27. Not being the economic theory type, I’m going to pass on this one. But last night I was reading Discus comments by Seen2013. His description says he owns some think tanks. Some of you Econ guys and gals might want to scan his comments. Not the typical rah rah type of commenter. And please let me know what you think.

    • Can you give a link? And don’t sell yourself short: we’re in an economic meltdown of money-printing and negative interest rates, largely because of “experts.” Also the Fed (which should be ended.)


        Comment made by Seen2013 replying to comment on RINOS:

        Seen2013 Where’s Joe?
        15 hours ago

        “Progressive Republicans. They agree with Progressive Democrats in the hierarchy not the power-structure itself.

        The Democrats and Republicans have effectively reconciled the Democratic-Republican Party from whence they came and broke up in the late 1800s over:
        -Central banking
        -Indentured that leads directly to slavery though owning labor of multiple generations that will never be paid.“

        After reading this comment I tapped on the username, which said “owner of a few think tanks.

        If you comment on Disqus you might be able to search and read the person’s comment history. He/she uses economic analysis to explain what is going on. I also think the person might be deliberately using rough English composition instead of good English composition in order to disguise their writing style.


  28. My favorite piece from March! Excellent tanker analogy, and I loved the reminder of optimism! Realism and rationalism have a gravitational tendency towards nihilism, (I.e. Wittgenstein, Laplace, Descartes, Nietzsche).

    Why are we especially prone to this devolution in spirit? Let us revisit the foil you paint. Let us compare and contrast “cosa nostra” versus the pods.

    The Pods: It’s a brisk day in Boston, and out from a pod apartment comes a Podman, the Back Bay clouds hanging over his oblivious Podbrain. He sports a charcoal pea coat, navy slacks, light brown dress shoes, product in the hair, sides of the head shaved…the standard issue uniform of the modern American middle man.

    Air pods inserted, pussy pods vibrating, living in apartment pods by the bay, drinking from Aquapods TM, traveling like dolphins in a pod, sitting in pod chairs (if you don’t know what a pod or ball chair is, google it)… quite the picture! But let us dig even deeper than material. Let us look at the ultimate pod: their mind. The mind of a Poddie is closed off eggshell with a watertight seal that lets nothing in or out. It reminds us why the poddites live in elegance, because elegance is vain and only the oblivious are vain.

    The pod is the perfect symbol for them, because they believe the story. They believe it because they have no damn reason to escape the comfort and to seek out a painful truth. They trust the plan. The drink from the juice pod. They believe all races are equal under God, that gender is a social construct, that America exists purely to defend the interests of the ruling elite (even when those elites have a racial preference for the success of a certain middle eastern country). The cognitive dissonance does not get to them, and if it does they take Seroquel or Klonopin or Zoloft. They were the students who got a B- on the test in grad, college and high school, but finished with an A- because their heart was in “the right place,” they diligently completed their tasks, and never questioned the curriculum.

    Then we have us. The kids who got A’s on the exam, but harbored sentiments which our masters identified as unsavory. Drawn to objective reality as a refuge from the instability of social life, we found comfort in Diogenes and Darwin. We believed that a material world existed objectively and could be elucidated. And elucidate we did. And we arrived at the opposite side of the pods. Hoodies and jeans, clothing faded from being washed one too many times, thick readers on our noses, we look like something from the middle of the eighties. Something trapped in time…but for all of our diminished apparel, we are more present than the polished pod folk. And what do we get for it? Misery.

    But we have to remember our initiation: for all of us made a choice one day to stop believing in things we knew were untrue, even if every one around insisted on doing so. And we must remember that we chose this because we felt it would bring us a stability and an anchor. But the truth failed, and it was unable to keep us safe. But now that we’ve tasted the wine, it is so damn hard to go back to being a pod man.

    And so many of us strike the balance. We chop the hair and dress like a Poddy Trained Boy. But in our hearts we will never stop being who we are, because our pride and memories with Truth are now tied to our conception of reality. So let us approach our paradigm with a nostalgia for the innocent days when we were first acquainted with Truth. Let us try our best to play the Pod Game. May we pray that our spirits will not be hampered by the ultimate principle that truth cannot keep us stable, safe or happy. Pursuing Truth is ultimately a fools errand, but we are bound to Truth like we are to a first love.

    Willful ignorance is the nuclear weapon of the Pod Man.

    Sensitivity to truth is the nuclear weapon of cosa nostra.

    In both cases our strength is our undoing. And in the case of the cosa, we must learn to approach the truth that we have latched to with a sober mind, careful not to let it make us giddy or too sad.

  29. I’ve tried to explain to people than when you live in the land of “Lotus Eaters”, things simply never go bad, so people inside never understand what the peasants are rebelling about. Some these people are creeps, but many just never experience what happens, on the “outside” it’s just harder to get their attention. Now, the noise, and occasional rocks and spears thrown over the walls, by the barbarians outside, is getting noticed finally.

    • People are starting to look over the fence at our thing, in part, because Trump has showed up and does not appear to be a flash in the pan. His followers will stick with him, that is clear. The other side is trying to figure out what is going on, and part of that is giving us a look see. I think it is more “scouting the enemy” than anything else. But Trump’s staying power has legitimized a lot of things, and one of them is us. We can leverage that.

  30. Peak neoconservatism was after the failures of the Perot and Buchanan campaigns, then later the purge of Sam Francis as a syndicated columnist, along with Joe Sobran disappearing from many newspapers. Things like immigration and free trade were no longer allowed to be debated in the mainstream and meanwhile war raged on. VDare, Amren and Lawrence Auster and Steve Sailer were still doing their thing, but it was far in the background. Neoconservatism reigned supreme.

    Then came Trump. I’ll always be grateful to him for kicking the door open on the immigration topic and questioning our trade arrangements and speaking out against forever war. What came later with Trump is another story, but he ignited the spark in America First spreading far and wide.

    Now we’re at a moment, which I never thought would come, where mainstream conservatism like Turning Point USA and CPAC, Kirk, Crenshaw, Gorka, the National Review cucks, are regularly ridiculed on twitter and in real life events, and seem more and more “cringe,” as the cool kids like to say. With the truth on our side, there’s no going back. We’re going forward with this. Maybe not fast enough, but there’s no going back once you learn the truth.

    • You are absolutely correct about Trump. Much of the Dissident Right criticism of him is little more than the Beautiful Loser mentality Z described. We, or at least our children and grandchildren, will look back in amazement at what he did in such a compressed period of time. It is easy to forget you are winning while the battle rages, but we are winning, perhaps too late to forestall the awful consequences but early enough not to be devoured. We do have to reassess what winning is.

      • I am aware of the bitter disappointment felt by many at Mr. Trump’s failure to reverse the course of public affairs but I feel that that was never remotely a possibility. You cannot simply change the direction of an oil tanker going full steam ahead. First, you need to bleed off the momentum.

        Like Brexit over here, Trump has not changed things because such change is not possible in such a short time frame. But what he has done is made it possible to change things. He has kicked open the doors. His are the giant shoulders that others will stand upon.

        • The UK voted for Brexit and got Netzero’d in revenge.

          NetZero- “Zero carbon emissions by 2050”, so they’re cutting down millions of grand English oaks to put up wind turbines.

          Our rulers hate us. They truly hate us.

          • Oh Alzaebo, you’re forgetting about “gender neutrality”. We’re going to get that too.

            “Our rulers hate us. They truly hate us.”

            That they do, sir, that they do. But, like I said, Brexit didn’t change things, it just made change possible. It was a revolution – the first of many.

          • Electricity is 20% of total energy consumption. Rule by cannibals is one thing, but rule by autistic tranny cannibals is a whole ‘nother level.

          • Don’t they just! Let’s not forget the Pakistani rape gangs, only a level of malice worthy of Old Nick himself can explain how that utter shitshow came about.

          • MikeP: here’s the Inversion propaganda.

            Me: **with Murder in his eyes**

            They’re flipping the story to:
            Deus Vult Nazi Killers


            The youtube:

            Anybody remember “The Siege” with Bruce Willis rounding up helpless all-American Muslims, came out right before 9-11?

            Go ahead. Call me a conspiracy theorist.
            As if I could give a flying f*ck anymore.
            Maybe some brass-licker will write me up in the Atlantic.

          • On “education”:


            These kids are 6 years old. Six.
            I repeat: **with MURDER in his eyes**

            Gonna be unpleasant here.
            Its not so much these little ones, but their continuing education.
            A little English beauty, 11 years old, Paki gang-raped multiple times in every possible way.

            The rapists got off scot-free, and laughed in her face IN COURT, to the approval of the judge.

            The time has come, the time is long, long past come.

          • The UK voted for Brexit and got Netzero’d in revenge.

            Just you wait until Uncle Boris reveals his new immigration policies. The Brits WILL be punished for their insolence.

          • “Just you wait until Uncle Boris reveals his new immigration policies.”

            Oh yes, that too. Brexit was just the first of many battles. A long war lies ahead.

          • Disagree: Our masters don’t “hate us” (I prefer the term “masters’ to “rulers” as it brings to mind an uglier reality). To them we’re inconsequential; barely minor irritants to the oligarchs who seek unrivaled power. We can be safely swept aside. Or ignored.

          • We’ll see. The English loves them some trees. NetZero is going to unleash the UK version of the Yellow Vests. You don’t cut down people’s trees without a fight. Not in the UK.

        • I only blame him for those things entirely within his remit to remedy: Immigration and War. Immigration was just an issue for him to run on. His businesses always employed illegals and didn’t implement E-verify (which, by the way, he’s defunded in every budget and no longer supports.) His position on the ME wars of choice is far more interesting. He correctly blamed the Saudis’ for 9/11 more than a decade before he entered politics. Then he overrides congress to give them sensitive military technology and wants them to continue training here. Explain that. I’m all ears.

          • I never trusted Trump, and always thought of him as a clown. He is a clown, and that’s the bottom line for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised that he – through Stephen Miller – even raised the whole “birthright citizenship” issue. Clown that he was, and is, no one had ever done that before except a few “fringe lunatics” like yours truly.

            On the other hand, I used to think (before I wised up) that Bush’s initiation of the FMA (it was never his idea to begin with, but that is beside the point for my purposes here) would result in net-gains for our side in a head-to-head fight. My thought process at the time was, more or less, ‘if this can become a national discussion, then “common sense and common decency” will overwhelm stupidity and degeneracy.’ I’m pretty sure I missed that one, by a long shot.

            I think it’s not a good idea to underestimate the number of stupid (utterly stupid!) people in a given society at any given moment of time.

        • I’d push back strongly on the notion that Trump has “kicked open doors.”

          What he has done is kick at doors, without actually breaking them, which just tells the enemy which doors need to be reinforced or replaced.

          His one great virtue is that he’s proven we can’t vote our way out of this. That’s the only reason I can’t say we’d have been better off if Hillary had won.

          • Globalists used the phrase “Trump is at the gates.” in order to frighten the sheeple. They let him anyway, because the Globalists devour sheeple. President Trump has not done any devouring despite the Globalists insisting he is worse than Hitler.

        • As an American observer, it looks like the people are making it happen over there. It’s great to see. That needs to happen here again. Trump ride or die, and I’ll always support him for what he did in ‘16, but man he’s been frustrating the last couple of years. His people (and I’m one of them) need to get off the bench and start making noise, get him on the path again.

      • I strongly agree with this. President Trump is one of the great heroes of Western Civilization. Yes, he is NOT saving our country, but that is because he is at least 30 years too late (not his fault). He is, by delegitimizing the social, political, and economic assumptions that underlie globalism, building the foundation for Western Civilization’s rebirth when this evil globalist empire finally dies. It doesn’t matter whether that is his explicitly conscious strategy. It matters that it is the outcome of whatever likely civnat boomer-cuck playbook from which he is operating.

        Whatever repairs to the empire he makes will be swept away in a leftist temper tantrum in either 2021 or 2025, even if the repairs actually benefit them. When the hard times come, and they will as sure as rain, Trump’s time on watch will be remembered by many of the young as the good times now past.

        • Somebody here observed that we hoped that Pres. rump would be another Gen. Pinochet, but he is probably another Gorbachev, trying to reform a disintegrating system. What comes next? I’ve heard the date of 2032 or 2033 as Year Zero when everything comes crashing down.

          • 2032 makes a lot of sense. That’s probably the year Texas flips. Demographic decline will become really obvious by that point, as the older baby boomers (born 46-52) will be dying off in large numbers.

            As for the “Muh Supreme Court” types, those that don’t “evolve” in office will probably be ‘removed’, consequence-free, by ANTIFA.

          • SCOTUS need not evolve, albeit Conservative picks often do. Look to the Left to immediately begin to “pack” the court when Congress is secured. This requires (IIRC) no Constitutional Amendment.

          • I’ve had a change of opinion on this point recently. Previously, I also thought the demographics bomb would go off around 2033/34 but no longer do. That’s largely because the Brazil suggestion seems more and more probable. There really is no forecast where whites don’t constitute a plurality this century, and watching this Democrat primary has been enlightening. Below the surface, blacks and Hispanics have separated and the former supports Biden, the latter Bernie. It won’t be reported for obvious reasons, but that split seems quite real. Yes, the vast majority from both groups will vote for whoever eventually wins the primary but certainly not all. In the case of Hispanics, quite a few will peel off. So the cringe we feel from watching Trump pander to minorities is justified but he may be right to do so for this very reason. I certainly agree that it’s too late for anything other than a very hard landing, but that’s better than what was the alternative as recently as four years ago.

            Finally, on the USSC point, the Left has preannounced its intention to pack the court. That will be a very harrowing moment but who knows what will happen between now and then.

          • “I’ve heard the date of 2032 or 2033 as Year Zero when everything comes crashing down.”

            ’32 or ’33? Good! I’ll surely be dead by then. I’m sorry my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to live through those terrible times – IF they can. I will be moldering in my vault at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery down the way from my folks and will be well out of the fray. Nothing is forever. Entropy rules. Sooner or later everything turns to shit and it was just my descendants’ bad luck to be born just as the world as we know it was getting ready to turn into a giant ball of shit.

            The above is not “black pill”. It is merely the world as I have come to understand it. I did not create that world. I was still a minor when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – arguably the main cause for most of the ills of the U.S. today – was passed and thus had zero control of the way the world had come to be. I accept no guilt for the come terrible times. I did my best to raise my children to be good and decent and honorable adults which, in the final analysis is all a parent can do.May the Creator have mercy upon all you who will have to try to live in the dark times to come.

          • ’>>>32 or ’33? Good! I’ll surely be dead by then. I’m sorry my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to live through those terrible times – IF they can. <<<

            Boomers: say shit like this.

            Also Boomers: Why do younger people hate us?

          • Your point? The world’s about to go to hell in a handbasket and I’m damned glad I get to miss thefun. You have a problem with that, Junior?

          • Ok Boomer. Yes we do.

            Your generation oo weak , greedy and cowardly to fix the screw ups from your parents and now once you have nothing to lose , still the same.

            You guys failed in every meaningful way to help your nation and left the rest of us holding the bag and if there was a hell for politically spinless punks, most Boomers would be frying there.

            And while ProUSA is right that NABALT especially the Vets, on the aggregate , the Boomers were generation fail.

            My generation X wasn’t much better but we were the rump generation and have never even had a President (President Obama was a young Boomer)

          • Nah, I’m not buying the Boomer-hate-bate from this one. He is, in my Xgen summation, a solitary asshat. Bless his heart.

          • I’m a late Boomer and I agree with you. We are not all Bill Ayers type Boomers, and don’t forget the forgotten Boomers who went to’Nam and never turned coat.

          • I don’t want that for my children! Two of the three are vaguely aware of what is coming, and I keep forwarding readings their way—as much as that annoys them. But I saw a crack and that gives me hope that they will be knowing.

            I would rather die fighting the enemy before it comes to that, and I don’t know how courageous I would be when it comes down to real bullets. I can only pray for divine protection, and if is not to be, then it should be a glorious death. I must never stop trying to do my fatherly duty.

          • Martin Armstrong has been using his cycle analysis to point to 2032 as one of the key SHTF data points:


            ” The computer projects 2032. It is not my opinion or premonition. How they justify 2032 from an “opinion” perspective is beyond me. I do not believe anyone can give such a date with conviction from any current economic theory. It is strange that they will not cite our work. I think they fear repercussions from the governments that stick their foot into everything. Yet, governments are monitoring this perhaps out of their own self-interest. Shutting me up will not stop the clock from ticking.

            I have no idea how it is possible to arrive at such a date off the top of your head. Even if you look at economics, the crisis begins 2020/2021. The year 2032 is by no means the beginning of the process, but rather the end. “

        • One last observation … I classify the Trump movement as the last gasp of multiculturalism. Cognitive and financial 10%ers often make the mistake of extrapolating their sample-biased diversity experiences to the rest. The Dem left is not multicultural but anti-white in mission. Trump really is a 1970’s Democrat multicultural nice-guy boomer-cuck. He is trying very hard to build a multicultural society that is not anti-white, but inclusive to us. It may seem obvious to us that it will fail hard, but that is not so to many Americans.

          It has to be tried (and is being tried) honestly and earnestly in order for its failure to wake up the rest to the reality that multiculturalism in a single unified polity simply cannot work. Every time Trump kisses ungrateful and predatory diversity ass he is giving them the rope with which they will either use to build bridges to a society in which we Europeans also have a place, or hang themselves. Every time normie sees him being nice to diversity who then throws a temper tantrum, noticing happens. I grew up in and spent most of my life in the shitlib culture and the accumulation of a hundred little noticings is how I red-pilled.

          • In the ancient Near East there was an empire we call The Assyrian Empire which weaponized multiculturalim. When the Assyrians conquered a country, they would deport (IMS) roughly 80% of the population; replacing the deportees with multiple groups from throughout the empire. Each group would have its own individual racial, ethnic, cultural and linguistic identity. As now strangers in a strange land, usually far from their ancestral homeland, these groups would work very hard to retain their identity. This would make the sort of political unity necessary to a successful rebellion a virtual impossibility. Thus the Assyrians solved the problem of rebellion by conquered peoples.

            In my lifetime we in the west have done the same thing to ourselves. That or our political masters have convinced us to do so. The Creator knows how powerful having a common language and culture can be. In theBook of Genesis is related the story of the Tower of Babel.

            At this time the whole world spoke one language. Everyone used the same words. … they said to each other, “Let’s build for ourselves a city and a tower. And let’s make the top of the tower reach high into the sky.” … The Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the people had built. The Lord said, “Now, these people are united. They all speak the same language. This is only the beginning of what they will do. They will be able to do anything they want.”

            For their arrogance the Creator gave them multiple different languages and, their unity destroyed utterly, the people dispersed. This story is told to explain the origin of multiple languages after Noah’s flood. But for me it has always been a parable about unity. I also remember it in the words of the King James’ version of the Bible. Especially the words

            “And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

            Multiculturalism is the very antithesis of unity.

          • “For their arrogance”
            Heavens no, a successful, thriving civilization better than what (a certain “we”) can build.
            One that sought science and knowledge, patiently observing.

            Understand now, when I tell you it’s a record of battle strategies and propaganda?

          • Political correctness is a war on noticing.

            Liberals have said for I don’t know how long that “prejudice is ignorance.” That sometimes true, but, IMO, “familiarity breeds contempt” is equally true. As the US grows more and more diverse, more and more Whites will be forced into close proximity with the the diversities. Easy to think highly of the them when you they’re not around you. Democratic Georgia Senator Richard Russell said in the 50s, “The surest cure for liberalism is a strong dose of Negroes.”

            Pres. Trump is a typical baby boomer civic nationalist. We’re all Americans, we all bleed red, blah, blah, blah.

          • “Political correctness is a war on noticing.”

            Upvoted just for this phrase.

            Yes, it is.

      • Our children and grandchildren will be rounded up and shot because of the demographic change your ZOG Emperor failed to prevent.

        I’ll give Trump this – he has a unique aptitude for making people think that failure is triumph.

        • He’s been getting away with a lot because FoxNews and the pro Trump blog sites like BB have been covering for him on issues like trade and immigration. He gets a total pass for signing bulls bringing in more foreign workers to replace Americans.

          However the corona virus is going to kick his fat ass and drop kick the the stock market into the gutter. So far our response to the virus has been no better than China’s in the early months. IOW a day late and a dollar short.

          Only 2000 people tested? That’s a joke and then add in the fact the test kicks give false negatives like 75% of the time spells disaster. Just wait until it hits more nursing homes and NNICU’s – lots of death.

          Trump won’t bring up the fact that China has us by the balls on drugs and medical supplies because we’ve pff shored all of it.

          And the MAGApedes are busy bullshitting themselves like crazy that the Covid-19 is nothing.

          • Not so worried about neonatal ICUs. No deaths reported in children 10 and under, worldwide.

            And by the way, that isn’t the way such viruses (family of Coronavirus) normally behave.

          • Doctor, is that correct? Yes, the Corona virus is often associated with common colds, but last I saw reported, the micro-biologists were classifying 7 Corona viruses. First four were of the common cold verity, while the 5, 6, 7 were responsible for MERS, SARS, COVID-19 respectively. Or am I interpreting your comment incorrectly?

        • ZOG can’t keep the US from being flooded with illegal immigrants and drugs and its not “doesn’t want to.” its can’t . The manpower isn’t there, the money isn’t there and the level of corruption is too high.

          We are also getting dumber by the hour.

          This isn’t Germany or the UK its Brazil with way more guns.

          Also your children and grandchildren have more firearms than people to use them. The ATF numbers say the US has 432 million firearms and that 8.1 billion rounds are made each year.

          18 million of these are AR15 or AK variants , 8x the number of all US troops assuming they would or could cooperate which they won’t

          And no Chinese mercs are really not an option. After the Corona Virus anyway.

          Most of this firepower is concentrated in the hands of our people, basically all AR/AK variants and this total excludes illegally acquired arms and ammo and homemade guns and ammo which are becoming a big thing.

          Weapons aren’t useful without will to use them of course and we are a little behind the 8 ball on organization but if you did your job right, you kids won’t get on the boxcars, they’ll be taking the fight to the enemy.

          Maybe they lose, maybe they don’t but they’ll be able to inflict enough damage that history will be forced remember them and if they have the spine, they will give them nothing and take from them everything.

          Wars of reduction are nasty but if someone plans your genocide , all gloves are off.

      • Is there a more pathetic, talent-less, unprincipled, and loathsome creature in all of ConInc. than Char-lay? (We could do a poll.) He’s the human weather-vane: Grifting along in whichever direction the wind blows.

    • Here are some of the phrases the CPAC/normie-con crowd like to repeat, which are either now or very close to being ridiculed and considered cringe among a much wider group than ever before:

      1. Lowest black unemployment!
      2. Socialism sucks (without mentioning the mass immigration that will make socialism happen)
      3. Attacks on Omar, Tlaib et al, again, same as above, with no mention of immigration.
      4. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.
      5. Israel, our greatest ally.
      6. Hispanics are natural conservative.
      7. Look at this black conservative, could be Diamond & Silk, Candace Owens, those funny twin guys, Terrence K. Williams, etc….that shows blacks are figuring it out!
      8. Iran are greatest enemy.
      9. Look at all the white, old males running for Dem nomination…where’s the diversity–Boom!
      10. And of course, that old chestnut, “Dems R the Real Racists!”

      As the Groypers and others who are figuring this stuff out continue to mock and ridicule Charlie, Gorka and their crowd over these kinds of issues, where do they go from there?

      You see twitter personalities like Cassandra Fairbanks, who all the mainstream cons follow, saying she attended both CPAC and AFPAC and found the latter to be much more interesting and fun. Patrick Howley, the former Breitbart reporter now seems to be in our camp. And now Michelle Malkin has abandoned CPAC and was a speaker at AFPAC. You can see things shifting. I credit ridicule having a big role in that.

  31. Solid stuff here. The black pill is indeed both a crutch and a dodge and sometimes it does pay to take stock of how much things have started to move our way, however incrementally. As to the interview, though, the National Review guy is like a Moonie. Despite the universe of evidence that indicates people are not in fact doing well, he spouts clichés and shibboleths that have been debunked again and again by facts on the ground; he seems quite taken aback by the answers. This degree of cluelessness indicates the daunting task of turning the tanker around as the interviewer is not a stupid man yet ignorant of the reality around him. That profound ignorance is why I suppose so many are blackpilled and I am subject to it as well. Is there any chance whatsoever the tanker cannot hit the iceberg just ahead? I don’t think so, but maybe that’s not the right question, either. Maybe mitigating the damage has to be the goal now. And to add a thought I left out originally, the white pill is the Moonie isn’t impervious to evidence, just resistant. Not all people, perhaps maybe even the vast majority, who subscribe to Marketism do so in bad faith. Those who profit from the misery are likely cynical Greedhead outliers.

    • Remember Patrick Deneen? He hit the same brick wall Cass is about to hit.

      Hopefully, Cass will put a few cracks in that wall.

      Cass is a step in the right direction. The articles Zman has linked to are worth the time to read, just don’t translate terms like “community” into what one of us would call community.
      Cass take a very big step in the right direction with one critical ingredient missing: demographics. Read the comments on the twitter thread, they are encouraging.

      Cass : In 1985 the male head of household had to work 30 weeks to support a family of 4. In 2018 a comparable level requires 53 weeks of work.
      (1) An economic policy that restores vital social institutions. (2) Self-sufficiency at 1985 levels for families without subsidies. (3) Markets and Governments alone cannot provide for the general welfare and security of a nation. Stable healthy communities matter.

      He never gets around to defining this beyond economic terms. That he’s gotten this far means he’s more than likely entertained other necessary conditions. But he need to fund his think tank.

      Reading “The Response”(NR) I wasn’t sure if it was blind stupidity or just stupidity. It’s good for a laugh…and a reminder that when the wheel does turn that whole crowd needs to get their ticket punched.

    • “Is there any chance whatsoever the tanker cannot hit the iceberg just ahead?”

      We have already hit the iceberg. We just haven’t sunk yet. The country into which I was born has already been murdered. The cocaine-addled globalists partying on the bridge at the top of the ship, who ignored (or celebrated) for decades the screams of suffering coming from the lower decks, are now noticing the sloshing 20 degree tilt in the level of the brandy in their snifters. They are now forming a committee to consider sending a damage control party to investigate. This disaster was entirely avoidable so they deserve everything they have coming.

      • A hundred up votes for this. It’s the hardest thing to accept. If you grow up reciting the pledge every morning, realizing that the country you grew up in has been murdered in its sleep is a rough thing to accept.

        • The country hasn’t been murdered.
          Really, a murdered country looks very, very different. Trust me, we murdered Iraq. Nearly murdered Syria. A murdered country looks like Iraq and Syria.

          The government is in the hands of hostile and frankly occupying forces – the good news is they’re weak, craven degenerates – and we the people are merely guilty of being asleep at the switch.

          I mean have you ever talked to a lifelong working class White Democrat? They just started to notice. Congratulations on waking up from your 60 year Coma. Yes, there are some problems. Thanks for checking in.

      • Z is probably right on this, but I don’t think the system has enough time left to allow the demon-waifs to be gently led to awareness. Additionally, many of us among the unwashed are in it now mostly for the possibility of sweet revenge.

      • I wonder if any genuine catastrophe is avoidable. I’m not talking about natural disasters, but human-induced catastrophic events. Was WWI avoidable? All kinds of actions had to fall into place to make that war happen. It’s as if it were an expression of the existing system, not an exception to it. I think we’re in the same situation. Guys like Cass are acting as though there is hope because hope sells to some people better than fear, but the background is always fear. That’s why the Doomsday people always have a ready audience and why the Hope-Mongers do as well. Both are a kind of denial of the obvious: The system doesn’t care what you think or do, it’s just going to grind on until it exhausts itself.

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