Permanent Crisis

In the last century, radicals liked to talk about permanent revolution, a term popularized by Karl Marx in the 19th century. The concept involves a revolutionary class continuing to push for its interests despite the political dominance of the bourgeoisie. The working class has to maintain a militant outsider approach to politics, even after the revolution that brings down the capitalist system. Revolution was a process, rather than an event, which operated outside of conventional politics.

In practice, permanent revolution resulted in a death spiral for radicals, as it provided a reason to attack any attempt to maintain stability. The first wave radicals gained power and began to impose order, only to be met by a second wave demanding more radical changes and accusing the first wave of lacking authenticity. Since there is no limiting principle, no such thing as good enough, in radical politics, there is always someone ready with a more radical program than the most radical.

The funny thing about this concept is radicals have never grasped what it means about their program. Karl Marx may have grasped what he was saying, it is hard to know, but he came up with the idea by observing Napoleon’s rise to power. Marx saw that permanent war was what gave Napoleon legitimacy. France was in a permanent state of war with Europe. The alternative to granting him absolute authority to fight the war was the possibility of defeat or even the conquest of France by her enemies.

Therefore, what would give the proletariat legitimacy was a permanent revolution, by which he meant a permanent crisis. If a crisis of capitalism allowed the middle class to seize power, then fostering crisis would provide opportunities for the working class to press their interests. In a way, permanent revolution, at least initially, is permanent instability. Eventually, however, permanent instability is the only justification for radicalism. The crisis must never end or the revolution ends.

Of course, Orwell understood this. In Animal Farm and 1984 we see how the permanent crisis, the ever-present threat of annihilation, was the true source of power for the people in charge. Because of that threat, everything in society must be organized, without question, in defense against the threat. Therefore, questioning these efforts is anti-revolutionary and can never be tolerated. In fact, the hunt for enemies of the revolution becomes a part of the permanent crisis.

What this means is that socialism, at least revolutionary socialism, cannot function outside of a crisis. It is a last resort position a desperate people will tolerate in times of extreme duress. That’s the odd thing about the concept. It is an admission that the radical program cannot exist in easy times. It can only thrive when the people, or at least a large swath of them, are sure their existence is on the knife edge. It also means the revolution can never achieve its stated goals.

This contradiction within radicalism is important to keep in mind when looking at modern politics, broadly inclusive of current events. In America, we have been in some form of crisis since the turn of the century. Under Bush the Minor, it was Islamic terrorism that put us on permanent war footing. The ruling class stripped away most of our remaining rights in the name of fighting this existential threat. America now has political prisoners and a security state that spies on citizens.

In the Obama years, the permanent crisis over Islamic terrorism slowly gave way to a laundry list of left-wing bogeymen. Racism, antisemitism, various imaginary crimes against imaginary identity groups. The rape hoax on campus was a classic example of trying to maintain the permanent crisis. Coeds were supposed to act as if Chad and Biff were lurking around every corner, ready to rape them. Of course, this warranted preemptive strikes against Chad and Biff in self-defense.

The Trump years have been an exhausting series of crises that have formed into a miasma that hangs over society. First it was the Russians “attacking our democracy” then the various show trials and performances related to it. The nomination of a judge turned into a bizarre rape fantasy for the nation’s old hens. Now, of course, we are gripped by the invisible bogeyman called the Covid-19. No doubt, this insidious plague was dreamed up by Snowball and Goldstein.

What the last two decades have been, really starting after the Cold War, is the bourgeois version of permanent revolution. The managerial elite maintain a militant and independent approach to politics, seeing themselves outside of society. They are the revolutionary class that is driving progress by driving the revolution. When they shriek about threats to the democracy, they really mean a threat to the revolution, their revolution, the managerial revolution.

You see one way this is playing out in the inner party primary. The threat of Trump and his Russian allies requires extraordinary measures by the inner party. In such a crisis, the Sanders people cannot be tolerated. All that talk about practical policy and addressing public needs must wait until after the revolution is achieved. In the means time, the party must rally around a dementia patient, who often forgets his own name and shouts at people for no reason.

The old radicals understood something about the class war they promoted. Marxist intellectuals understood they lacked the stones to fight for their cause. These were soft men who lived soft lives. The working class, on the other hand, had lots of tough guys comfortable with violence. The bourgeois class was also full of soft men, comfortable living the liberal lifestyle. In a genuine class struggle, they would not stand a chance against the working class. They would not fight.

The managerial revolution, on the other hand, is led by radials, who make many of the same assumptions. The difference is there is no working class. They destroyed it by auctioning off the industrial base. Instead they will use their power over institutions, like the police, the security apparatus, finance and so on, to intimidate the middle-class into going along with the program. The permanent crisis legitimizes endless intrusions into daily life by the managerial state,

There are two problems facing the permanent managerial revolution. One is the people running it are increasingly incompetent. The fact that the inner party is reduced to using a husk of man as a shield against Trump, a guy detested by the outer party, speaks to the lack of competence in politics. Within living memory, Trump would not have won a single primary, because the party would not have allowed it. Biden would never have been allowed to run, much less be installed as the nominee.

The other problem faced by the managerial class is something all revolutions face at some point in their evolutionary cycle. That is, crisis is exhausting. For the radicals, part of the appeal is the endless interpersonal shenanigans. For normal people, the endless drama of politics is tiresome. The permanent crisis required to sustain radical politics, to keep the revolution going, is exhausting. Oddly, the reason Biden became the nominee is black people got tired of white people drama.

The thing is, the permanent crisis has another flaw. It channels the natural energies of a people away from industry and community. The permanent revolution becomes a bonfire onto which is thrown the social capital of a people. For the revolutionary, society is the sum of men, exclusive of their inner connections. They place no value on the social capital they burn for revolutionary fuel, because they see no purpose in it. To the managerial class, society is just kindling.

We are getting a glimpse of this with the Chinese Flu. The federal state is paralyzed by the growing incompetence of the managerial class. State and local responses have been incoherent, because the normal social capital that would animate such a response has been largely destroyed. You cannot have a community response when there are no natural communities of people. Clusters of strangers in temporary developments named after what was knocked down to build them are not communities.

This is something the paleocon theorists could not see. They understood the birth and development of the managerial class, but could not imagine its demise. It turns out that the end point of the managerial revolution is the same as all radical projects. It consumes what it needs to exist and is eventually overtaken by incompetence. Late empire America is now ruled by self-absorbed stupid people, incapable of performing the basic duties of their office. The end is inevitable.

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170 thoughts on “Permanent Crisis

  1. The tribe yearns for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stallin. Bernie’s campaign claims the gulags “paid a living wage.” Guess what? So did Auschwitz!

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  3. Agree – except – nothing, NOTHING is inevitable .

    What is likely by the way per history is the managers will be replaced – probably by men with guns and some form of legitimacy to wield the gun.

    Don’t expect any General to be in power very long in that scenario, they’ll be replaced by Subordinates.
    Our current Generals are selected by compliance to the managers.
    Any warriors are eliminated.
    They’re also venal, and usually resemble Queeg or Biden not Patton.

  4. The rhythms of bourgeoise revolution have been pulsing for centuries now, increasing in frequency, speed, and geographic (and psychic) impact with each new wave. The biosphere has been almost completely subjected by a primitive, invasive monkey-tech known as money. We’re too big for our breeches and now it’s going to bite us in the ass. A meme older than agriculture, but it checks out.

  5. Hegelian class reduction is no longer popular on the left because it leads leftists to identify a pattern in the exploitation who/whom. The right has discovered this as a way to dog-whistle woke on the who. Unfortunately, the right has a long history of running out anyone who eventually picks up on these signals and says aloud what bad optics thing is being implied.

  6. “France was in a permanent state of war with Europe.” Actually the Napoleonic Wars lasted from 1803 until 1815. Roughly twelve and a half years.

    Meanwhile America has been in a constant state of undeclared war for 20-years. An entire generation of Americans have grown up with their countrymen fighting and dying in countries where they have no real vested interest.

    Credit where it’s due. At least Napoléon had a goal and despite his failure, is still considered a military genius.

    Remind me again the goals of your last four presidents in their “War on Terror”? Other than crippled, homeless vets who get cheered when they’re wheeled in at the airports. What general can you claim is the genius behind the past 20-years of military failures?

    “The estimated number of homeless veterans dropped from more than 74,000 individuals in 2010 to fewer than 40,000 in 2016. Of the 40,000 homeless veterans, almost 25,000 of them are living in temporary facilities. But that leaves more than 15,000 without any reliable shelter.” (1).

    And somehow 40,000 homeless vets is supposed to be good news? Well done America. You are the masters of never letting a good crisis go to waste.

    At the rate you’re going, you may well surpass the duration of the Dutch-Scilly War (2).



  7. The prostitutes in the press (98%?) and the propagandists in “education” (99.9%?) are actively dumbing down the population. Not that the really stupid were not already out-breeding the smart ones anyway, but even the self-absorbed stupid can be made to look somewhat competent to the morons in the street.

    The State being both a democracy and an empire is guaranteed to bring about destruction and tyranny. We are merely discussing the how-to of it all, but the outcome is foreordained.

    Sad, it is.

  8. “The permanent revolution becomes a bonfire onto which is thrown the social capital of a people”

    With that phrase MrZ, you win the Internets.

    I shall try to use it often (and even attribute it if it absolutely convenient.

  9. “Oddly, the reason Biden became the nominee is black people got tired of white people drama” is likely the most profound thing I’ll read this week.

  10. Well, I think that ALL politics requires a crisis that requires all good men to leave their normal employments and get them to the border to repel the invaders.

    And, I think, the end of food-growing land as the basis of survival and wealth means that pretty well all politics is a manufactured crisis.

  11. “Lurking around every corner, ready to rape them.”
    That’s a pretty cool use of consonance.
    For all his clever points, wherever would he be without his voice?

  12. “Crisis is exhausting…”

    And we’re showing the strain. The White Death is reaping the canaries in the coal mine at this point. Whites make lousy farm equipment in part because we think too much. Hispanics are the latest hotness in helotry, the Goldilocks Drone between Blacks so careless they hang up on 9-1-1 callers* and Whites who need Adderall to keep making widgets without sperging out. Not too dim, not too bright, they’re just right for pulling Shlomo’s plow.

    Blacks & Browns deal with stress the old-fashioned way – they don’t think about it. The gobsmacking squalor seen in the less fortunate parts of Africa and South America would bring a White guy to despair, but to natives, it’s just another day in Sun People paradise.

    Crisis stage-management is also exhausting, scheming to stay one step ahead of remorseless reality, telling yourself the show is for a greater purpose, or just telling yourself “so what, I got mine.” For those of us not raised by wolves, gypsies or Ashkepaths, living a life of deceit and masks wears on the soul. The constant fear that we’re going to Notice it’s all fake and ghey, dreading the day when the dog whistle doesn’t work anymore and the pack decides it’s payback time. No way to live.

    For Whites, nothing in the mountain of junk and bullsh*t we’re amassing in Mammon’s name is worth living for – nothing in Clown Life is worth living for, whether you’re sitting in the stands or managing the production. Just walk away.


    • Sometimes i wonder if the meth problem has a direct relationship to the adderall problem among whites, given that they are so similar…

      • Judging by the meticulous experiments I conducted on myself in colllege, yes. Boredom is toxic to a lot of Whites. Coke, speed, Adderrall etc… all make grind-work tolerable by giving you a sense of euphoria and disassociation.

    • I was expecting one of these “quality” nursing home assistants while hesitantly clicking the link…the chicken dinner is on the way.

  13. “Late empire America is now ruled by self-absorbed stupid people, incapable of performing the basic duties of their office.”

    Trump is the one-eyed man in a land of the blind. He is the best we have at a time when it is increasingly obvious that a bunch of radicals and pietistic do-gooders are chomping at the bit to “improve” us…while accomplishing the opposite. It will be interesting to see whether the managerial class has enough fire in its belly to maintain its Potemkin Village facade. Perhaps a future Trump will simply kick it over.

    • “Trump is the one-eyed man in a land of the blind.” trying so hard to deny that, been laughing for a few minutes…cheeks and throat hurting.

  14. “It consumes what it needs to exist and is eventually overtaken by incompetence.”

    While reading this line at the end, I could not help making an astrophysics analogy. A star forms from the compression of hydrogen under gravity. It begins to burn (fusion)—when maximum compression is reached, and the hydrogen turns to helium, the next heavier element. When helium is exhausted, then carbon, oxygen and so forth. Until gravity can no longer compress the basic elements into heavier ones.

    At that point the star explodes and casts its creations into the void. At some point gravity gathers this debris with new elementary hydrogen and the process is repeated. A new star system is formed and the process repeats itself. And so it has ever been.

      • Yep, back to the “Big Bang” or more precisely, the great expansion. That was when time began, and there is nothing before time began (assumes no faith based beliefs).

    • One of things that strikes me about Big Bang Theory is how biblical it is.

      And God said “Let there be light” and there was light.

  15. “Late empire America is now ruled by self-absorbed stupid people, incapable of performing the basic duties of their office. The end is inevitable.“

    What does a 34 year old African American female holding a PHD in sociology, recently hired as a department head at a University

    Share in common with

    A 45 year old Asian American who held an MBA and was CFO of a middle sized company before running for mayor

    Share in common with

    A 61 year old Jewish American MD who now runs a geriatric ward

    Share in common with

    An all American aircraft engineer who works at Fort Bragg?

    They are all *overpaid* (not underpaid), to perform a skill set that can be summarized and effectively taught to eager native English speakers with good aptitude in under 6 months. Not one of them has a knowledge base pertinent to their daily job, and what knowledge they do need, they never learned.

    America is a nation of entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs and professionals have a major distinction: professionals are trained to perform a distinct task. Entrepreneurs, like Americans, are perennial bullshitters, who are armed with a generic, unrelated knowledge base, utterly meaningless credentials, and low aptitude.

    The show Breaking Bad comes to mind when looking at America. It is a show about a country which does nothing to reward relevant knowledge, aptitude and specific valuable skills. It places the emphasis on titles, political optics.

    As you have mentioned earlier, when systems are designed in such a top heavy way, not only is their incompetence on full display (Trump, Sanders, Biden being frontrunners for ruler of the modern world), but inevitably, when the chips are down, the unrecognized brains lurking in the shadows of America (Snowden’s, Walter Whites) will emerge as preeminent.

    This is a key reason the US GOV is utterly obsessed with monitoring white male thinking. It knows this is a nidus of unappreciated talent. And it is aware that between reforming our sinecure based beauracracy and tranquilizing white men, it would pick the latter.

    • If professional training was the be-all-end-all, the Chinese would have surpassed the west hundreds of years ago. Entreprenurship is not about bullshitting (though there is some of that). It’s about doing the work when most folks are just serving time.

    • After the dollar collapses and the Federal government ceases to exist in any meaningful sense, violent gangs will take over North America. Blacks and Latinos have a head start, but eventually the Jack Welker types with swastika tattooes on their necks will prevail. Walter White will have to swallow his pride and be Jack’s CTO.

  16. Permanent revolution will bring a Stalin or an Augustus, who eliminates the chaos agents to bring stability, I wonder if the latest chaos agents, the trannies comprehend this?

  17. It’s hard to read this post thinking about the Covid Virus without recalling those immortal words: “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.” I feel bad for small kids, if stuff falls apart (despite sort of subscribing to the concept of original sin), but I agree with Pat Buchanan overall: we’re vile and overdue for some kind of diluvial reset. Anyway, the Deutschbags are responding much better right now than Italy did, since they got ahead of the thing. But I’m telling you again, if Trump has to temporarily halt election proceedings (even at the recommendation of the CDC), the coverage is gonna be wall to “It’s annudah Shoah!”

      • If the president gets the authority to postpone elections, it will have to come from the people who gave Obama the authority to enact the largest domestic surveillance apparatus in the history of human civilization (PRISM makes the Stasi look like pikers). In answer, then, if Trump wants to do something like postpone elections, he will need the okay of the New York Times, members of the intelligence community, the megaphone provided by billionaire plutocrats like Bloomberg or Bezos, as well as a whole raft of people masquerading as legal scholars who know how to push for their own personal preferences under the guise of constitutionalism. Short answer: Trump won’t be allowed to do it, even if it was necessary or suggested by the CDC; for instance, the CDC has previously pointed out that homosexuality is incredibly dangerous, but the master class (who I previously mentioned) likes gays, and so medical research and truth was a casualty early in the AIDS epidemic, as it will be if Covid calls for stricter measures than quarantine. The health of American citizens is not important to the Powers that Be. Assuaging the neuroses of the ADL is, however, important, so Trump’s power must be checked and undermined, even when it might be necessary for the defense of this country (the people who run this country hate this country and fear its inhabitants, so no tears will be shed if Trump tries to suspend elections but the conventions go ahead, and there’s a massive outbreak).

  18. @ZMan If you haven’t read Albert Camus’s novel “The Plague” in a while, this might be a good time for a re-read. Even that depressive old existentialist wrote about a world with far more social capital than we have today, and came to the conclusion that humanity was more good than bad – which he might not if he was living in these years of decline!

  19. Just spitballing here, but what if the criminals and retards being offered up by the establishment as our leadership are no accident? Perhaps Hillary and Obama, McCain and Romney, and now Biden, are the PTB‘s way of sticking it to the rest of us, of saying “You want leadership? We’ll show you some leadership”. Sticking us with awful choices, as a reflection of what they think of us, and also as a smoke screen so they can go their own way in the back room, stealing everyone blind, while the permanent dust-up in the front room goes on, tying up the attention and passions of the rest of us. Trump becomes the guy at the back door of the front room, peeking through the peephole, saying “Hey, wait a minute. Whats going on back there?”.

    This entire Biden episode is simply too flaky on too many levels. Instead of someone, somewhere amongst the Powers That Be shaking his head and saying “What has this all come to?”, it has to be them laughing instead, saying “Can you believe what these people will buy, what they will sink to, if we push this crap out there?”. It’s like a teenage boy game of jackass, seeing how ridiculous they can go before people notice.

    • Perhaps, but Judging from your example list of current figures being offered, I’d say they were offered because they are currently the best known, reliable, candidates wrt TPTB. Can’t have any more Trumps in the china shop, can we.

    • Biden’s name on any ballot is a placeholder for whoever he is told will be his running mate.

      We’ll be twenty-fifth’ed out the door by his own party ASAP.

      Suggested slogan: Vote for Biden, get Klobuchar (Warren/Adams/gyno-to-be-named-later).

      • I guess it will have to be a female, ideally Black, probably stupid, definitely dishonest, preferably fat/ugly. We could lend you Dianne Abbott, but she doesn’t meet the birther requirement.

    • One of the most jarring and unexpected lessons from the Trump admin has been just how powerless POTUS is when they try to buck the system. Generals in open defiance, mutt-level district court judges dictating policy. To the extent Trump had legit populist aims, he’s being vetoed by his own subordinates and nothing happens to even the lowliest of them.

      Eisenhower called the shot and pocket on the MIC and Truman was squirrely about the CIA. Boomers get off the hook on this one – by the time they heard these warnings it was probably already too late to control the MIC or the Deep State. The post-Watergate feeding frenzy of partisanship wasn’t enough to purge the Deep State of its crooked cowboys. The window of opportunity had already passed and they were burrowed in too deep in too many places.

    • the clowns doing the endorsement puts their hate of the people in plain site. All for a few shiny bobbles and a longer name-plate on the door.

  20. Who knew that corona virus would be the Brawndo of our time? COVID-19, it’s what radical revolutionaries crave. Hail Stupidity!

    • The wife and I have had vaguely cold-like symptoms on and off for a few days. I was thinking of going in to see Dr. Lexus but I knew he would just do what he always does – tell me my shit’s all retarded and that I talk like a fag. Then he’ll prescribe a bag of weed and a 40 oz.

  21. “[The] reason Biden became the nominee is black people got tired of white people drama”. This is 100% true, and I’m sure there’s a great many white people tired of the drama, and will vote in Sleepy Joe just so they can enjoy the proverbial non-politicized Dallas Cowboys again.

  22. Revolutionary socialism means a permanent crisis.

    We have an existing alternative that is stable, preplanned, fair, low-cost, and quite efficient.

    We call it Social Security.

    And what is Social Security?
    Why, it’s socialism.
    What’s more, it’s national socialism.

    • Sure – if there’a anything that defines the years 1932-1945 in Germany, it’s how darn stable it all was, right?

      • Depends on how/what you gage stable. Certainly the street fighting for power stopped. The government was in control, people had jobs building up the war machine, inflation controlled, etc. Foreign events were just that, external, not of interest to the common man—but when of interest, like annexation—seemingly great strides forward as they regained territory lost in the past and brought fellow Germans into the fold. Of course, all that stopped pretty quickly with a real war outbreak in sept ‘39.

  23. When the revolution is led by cat women and lesbians you get clownworld. This the female Stalin. We have a million Zhang Qinqiu waving pussy hats. To me it’s not surprising clownworld looks more like the Cultural Revolution than Stalin or Hitler and why there is little to no hammers or sickles. The symbol ought to be a graduation cap and a pant-suit representing the academy and gender neutral bureaucracy. The only hammer they wield is the hammer of the bureaucracy.

    It really is amazing to me that any working person would ever take any Democrat or even Republican seriously. They have open contempt for working white people. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. If the interests of the working class white guy conflict with the interests of inner city black criminals, they side with the criminal every time. This is why black criminals are being decriminalized all over the country and by both parties. They loudly proclaim their hatred of the white working class and their love of blacks and “undocumented laborers” Given the utter disdain and even hatred displayed by the elite, especially of the Democrats, towards whites, I am absolutely stunned that any white person would even consider voting Democrat or even voting at all. Trump and the Republicans only look good in comparison. Republicans are utterly indifferent to white suffering. Trump’s instincts are good, but he’s one guy.

  24. I agree it looks like the managerial class will go away do to its own incompetence. Isn’t the big question now how many of us it will want to take with it?

  25. Our world does have a late Roman Empire feel to it. You have the institutions and bureaucracy to man them, but neither is working anywhere near as well as they once did – and people are starting to notice. The leadership no longer has much connection to the people, partially due to generations of decadence and partially because the leadership’s demographics have changed. (Rome wasn’t that Roman near the end.) Finally, you have various tribal groups throughout the empire that now maintain their identity and culture, i.e. they live under Roman rule because it works for them, not because they consider themselves Roman.

    So the edifice is showing its age, but at the same time, no one knows what would replace it, nor do they really want to find out. In addition, there remains a sizable portion of the population that still believes in the glory and greatness of Rome. As a result, everything just kind of muddles along with various crises here and there.

    However, in one extremely important area, our leaders have avoided a fatal mistake of Roman leaders: They have tied the fortunes of military (and police) personnel to the state. This is huge. Roman soldiers’ fortunes were tied to their generals, our soldiers and police officers’ salaries and pensions are dependent on the state continuing.

    But, in the end, the current system will fail. Our entire society is based on the false premise of equality, which is simply wrong. Sooner or later, reality wins. How it wins and how long it will take is anyone’s guess. I suspect that it won’t end in a big boom, but a slow disintegration. The system slowly become less and less effective and cities, states, counties (dominated by various groups) slowly start to ignore it more and more until they realize that they can maintain things on their own. But who knows, that’s just a wild guess.

    • Our world does have a late Roman Empire feel to it.

      I prefer to think in terms of late Weimar Republic.

      • No, it’s Roman, Felix. Germany was still Germany, America, like Rome, no longer resembles the people who made it. Actual Romans were often more happy than not when the empire collapsed.

        • Germany was still Germany, America, like Rome, no longer resembles the people who made it.

          Good point.

          As for the Roman analogy, James Delingpole notes at length:

          It is the 4th Century AD and the Barbarians are at the Gates of Rome. Around the Imperial capitol, the citizens of the greatest civilization the world has ever known are tearing at their togas, quite unable to agree as to what—if anything—should be done.

          Some, peering over the ramparts towards the hairy hordes encamped across the Tiber decide they rather like what they see. There’s something wonderfully echt and earthy about these splendidly unkempt men with their rich, musky smell and their delightfully untutored table manners. Also, having dwelt so long away from the corrupting influence of the City and having imbibed the purifying spirit of the deep forests, these so-called Barbarians are very likely nice, caring, nurturing types. Probably all they want to do is say “Hello” and share some of their woodcraft skills.

          Other Romans, more fatalistic, take the view that the reason the hordes are carrying spears and swords and are now busy spit-roasting a captured legionary is that they are here with hostile intent. But perhaps this is no more than Rome deserves. Yes, it may well be that the Barbarians have come to impose on the Romans one or two significant lifestyle changes, possibly including violent death. But the truth is that Rome has had it far too good for too long. It has expanded its empire way farther than is natural for any reasonable society. It has developed far too many wholly unnecessary technologies, such as underfloor heating, straight roads, aqueducts and municipal bathing facilities, which will almost certainly deplete the world of the scarce resources that future citizens of the planet will need to survive. Sure, the coming Dark Ages may result in the odd century or so of extreme misery and hardship, but a planned recession like this may regrettably be necessary to secure the long-term future of the planet.

          Others, more rapacious and cynical, watch with a barely concealed delight. That fake beard and those Barbarian-style furs and trews they bought from the costume shop the other week are increasingly looking like a canny investment. Sure it will be a nuisance when the Pax Romana is finally over, the economy’s in chaos and it’s every man for himself. But think of all the business opportunities that are bound to arise as Western Civilization crumbles: private security contracts for all those newly unsafe roads, monopolies to be bought and exploited, alliances to be forged with the new regime, etc. As a wise man from Judaea once said: “With crisis comes opportunity.”

          Still others—and perhaps these represent the majority—glance towards the gathering hordes with a brief tremor of concern before turning to look away to look what’s showing this afternoon at the Coliseum. “Nah,” they’ve decided about the alleged Barbarian threat. “Never going to happen. After all, we’re not inhabiting some poxy little provincial capital in the arse end of beyond. This is Rome, mightiest and most enduring civilization the world has known. It has lasted over a thousand years and is destined to last just another thousand, wait and see.”

          Finally, there are the Realists– and unfortunately they’re very much the minority—who can see what’s coming. They don’t like it one bit and believe something should be done before it’s too late. Of course, they are not at all popular with most of their fellow Romans, who variously consider them to be hysterical, naïve, or tiresome reactionaries unhealthily wedded to the old ways and too selfish to make the radical lifestyle changes that will be necessary if Rome is to progress with the times.

          “But what was so wrong with the old Rome?” plead the Realists. “Didn’t we have a good thing going, what with all the trade and abundance and order and peace and prosperity and comfort and sanitation and cleanliness and under-floor heating and learning and technology?”

          No one else, though, is much interested in what the Realists have to say. In the unlikely event the Barbarians do prevail, well, all good things must come to an end and there are bound to be at least as many benefits as there are downsides. Why, already, there are rumors in the agora that the new Barbarian economy will result in a whole slew of new Barbarian jobs. Once the pampered Romans get used to the more austere Barbarian lifestyle, fuel costs and living expenses will fall dramatically. Their diet will be a lot healthier because now food will be grown locally rather than transported laboriously and decadently from the far reaches of the Empire.

          And if Western Civilization does come to an end, well, what the hell. Western Civilization was always so terribly overrated, anyway.

          • No few Romans–those who did not inhabit the imperial city–found their lives improved, not by barbarian rule, but by the end of Roman rule. Just as no few Americans will appreciate not having to endure struggle sessions and interference in all that is close to them to put food on the table, even as food is harder to come by. By all means let us endeavor to skip the next Dark Ages, I am always open for a way through.

    • I think this is what is already happening. Local and state governments have been ignoring more and more of the federal government’s rules. You see this in things like state level marijuana legalization and “sanctuary cities” but the Right is learning to play the game now too with the 8 state 2nd Amendment sanctuary pact ( and many counties defying the feds and their state governments by making 2A sanctuary declarations. In making my relocation plans I’m giving a lot of weight to the status of 2A efforts locally. It’s not just that I like guns but that the local suport of the 2A is a good proxy metric for just about all the other stuff I care about.

      Now I despise the loitering potheads and the clouds of weed smoke they produce in my neighborhood and turning your city into a haven for foreign criminals and freeloaders may be about the dumbest thing ever. Still, it’s becoming more and more obvious that no one can restore the old unified nation of the US. Trump hinted just yesterday that he may want to end the federal weed ban. I’m not sure if this is some last-ditch effort to mend the Union or a tacit green light for separatists of all stripes. Probably it’s going to end up being both.

      Put all this in the “amicable separation” column I suppose. Then again as YV pointed out above:

      They understand we would create a space where a very powerful and well functioning rival would arise. Our border would be a chaotic mess with people in the shithole we’d left behind raiding our side for gibs and any means available for escaping from diversitopia.

      This analysis is correct too I think. I have no doubt that the brainless co-eds and soyboys who tend to support things like sanctuary cities fervently believe that the only thing preventing their multicult utopia from happening is Drumpf Vader and his stormtroopers. The cynical old Lefty leadership class though is probably aware that once the starry-eyed Wahmmen and their bitch-boys are making ALL the rules in places like SF it will be a fall-of-Saigon situation for the remaining normies. Then all that’s left is millions of minorities and crooks with their hands out and no one left to throw them gibs. People are already fleeing CA with the federal govt still nominally in control.

  26. I think of 1991 – 2001 as this weird time in our history when there wasn’t any real crisis going on. The Cold War was pretty well over, and while we knew the Muslims hated us, that was an “over there” problem. It was nice, and maybe the last time we were really optimistic. You can feel the different mindset in the movies from those years.

    • It’s funny, but near the end of his term, Clinton talked about how his one regret was that nothing happened. Unlike his predecessors, he was not faced with a crisis, other than the one of his own making.

      • Recalls the story about Clinton not giving the go-ahead when SF snipers had Bin Laden in their sites in Africa…

        • Drake;
          The ’90s were also the period when the elite white feminists took real power, facilitated by the Clintonistas. I saw it first hand in the military at the time. Quite possibly this was allowed because, ‘It’ll make my overeducated, bored wife and her friends shut up, and what’s the harm anyway_?’.

          Moslem Brotherhood designs on taking over the US were allowed to develop as an ‘over here’ problem because elite Cloud males preferred not being ill spoken of by their collective wives. Declaring the MB a subversive organization and denying Moslem immigration would have been easy enough at the time. It worked against the Commies in the ’20s & ’30s.

          • That’s when I had my first sexual harrassment training in the Marines. A room full of guys laughing and rolling their eyes at a video. Jokes on us now.

          • And you were being taped and that is now being shown to a bunch of Marine Corp Lesbians who are laughing and rolling their eyes.

        • Hindsight is 20/20. However at that time there was no consideration that a sand person could ever be more than an annoyance to the US and assassination was not an everyday tool used by the commander-in-chief. Congress had, I believe, passed some bills/resolutions after learning of such in Vietnam. Now of course with drones and new resolutions, the US government, i.e., the President, can kill anyone, including citizens on US soil. Is that a better situation? Are we safer?

      • …and that’s the exact same reason I and other normal people have pretty great memories of the mid to late ’90s – the nation was largely peaceful, prosperous, with plenty of fun to be had. We were blessed with the peace dividend and the Internet revolution made it feel like the future was going to be very bright for a very long time.

    • I always thought something changed with the MSM during the Lewinsky affair. That’s when network news went from fairly sober to infotainment. I remember news special effects being used for the first time. You could see the likes of Koppel, Brokaw, Jennings, Rather, and Russert getting more insufferable by the week. Even 60 Minutes turned into a 20/20-type show. Of course, 9/11 sent all of it into overdrive.

      • In the fullness of time, the Clinton ascendancy will be seen as the inflection point. Suddenly, everything started getting worse, much worse.

        • the Clintons corrupted the government in ways only a few old autists understand. His first act as president was to fire ALL us attorneys and have ALL fbi files bought to the white house where they were doubtless turned over to the political operatives. Every background file on every elected official, Judge , and appointee all there.
          Along with their appointees installed in the 3 letter agencies completely corrupted federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
          This Was the big mud dump into the water of our government. And as we all know , you can’t get the mud back out once its there.
          It was a tell for me when Bush the stupid(W) ” kept on the Clinton appointees as a gesture of good will” . Trumps biggest mistake was not to fire every single Obama appointee as soon as he took office.

          • Totally agree about Trump not cleaning house when he took office as a matter of course. That would not even be controversial – “I want my people in there, just like every effective President before me did.”

            He has been around long enough to know that loyalty trumps knowledge and experience in the situation he was getting into.

        • At the time, one could sense that the new Clinton administration was a malign entity with bad intent. Humphrey, McGovern and Carter (the three Dem power centers that came before) were earnest people, trying to do the right thing. Bill Clinton was none of that, and it was obvious from day one.

          • I can remember MTV continually crowing about how, “Rock the Vote,” and young people got Clinton into office over fuddy duddy George HW Bush.

            Oh how naive we were…

          • Bingo. After the USSR collapsed, America had the “biggest swinging dick” in the world and the neocons urged us to use such power. We were one step away from our real manifest destiny, to bring Americanism to the world. A century or two before, it was Christianity, now it was the American way of life for the benighted of the world. I remember it all too well on the political talk shows. It was an intoxicating brew—at least until I became a teetotaler.

        • It’s probably just me, and you didn’t mean it this way, but if one were to insert that woman…Ms Lewinsky…into your statement, the use of the words fulness, ascendancy, and inflection point might take on another connotation.
          Doesn’t alter the fact that things did start going down from there.

    • No crisis????? For the first time in US history Americans elected a known con man, a cheater with a wife who had an even worse reputation. A man so ‘slick” that we collectively slipped and down hill we went and went and couldn’t stop.

  27. Once again – you don’t trace the problem back far enough.

    The constant crisis started probably as far back as the Great Depression (there’s been plenty of arguments showing how the Depression didn’t have to be as bad as it was – it was prolonged by government led – which means elite lead – stupidity).

    But most observers of the current condition of the US that I have read over the years – trace the “constant crisis” mode of the United States – back to the days directly after WW2. That’s when we got the Cold War – to replace WW2. We had multiple wars from the end of WW2 until the Soviet Union fell – but the overarching “crisis” was the fact that we could all get blown up by nuclear weapons.

    The USSR started crapping out in the late 80’s – and was signed out of existence in December of 1991. Apparently the Western elites saw the handwriting on the wall for that boogie man – and then conveniently got us involved in the Mideast (first Iraq War) in late 1990. Thereby neatly covering the transition from USSR boogie man fear – to Mideast boogie man fear.

    Since then – it’s been nonstop Islamic terrorism as the new boogie man.

    As a US citizen – I can’t think of a time in my ENTIRE LIFE when it hasn’t been one boogie man after another . Except maybe for the period after the Vietnam War during the 1970s and into the early 80s. But i was a teenager then – I probably wasn’t paying close enough attention.

    When I hear lefties and Jews bitch about Nazis and warmongering Germans – I laugh in their face.

    When was the last war Germany was involved in? That was WW2. When was the last war the Japanese were involved in? That was WW2. Both of those countries have a population that has been born, lived and grown old – and has never known a war.

    As a denizen of the US – I have to sit back and count the number of wars and military interventions over the course of just my lifespan, and I was born 20 years after WW2 ended.

    • I thought about that. I’ve written about it, in fact, many times. The Cold War locked into place the crisis arrangements of the 30’s and 40’s. You can go back even further. Wilsonian Democracy was crisis that was never fully dismantled. Liberal democracy maybe requires a crisis atmosphere, but the Swiss manage it without crisis. Until they committed suicide, the Nordic countries managed to avoid it.

      • I was going to trace it all the way back to the time of Wilson, but figured that the “existential” crisis mode we’ve been stuck in – really took root during the Depression.

        What I’ve noticed over my lifetime though – is just a constant increase in tempo – to the point where it’s now turned up to 11 and people are just starting to tune out.

        And yes – the Swiss seem to have managed “democracy” without crisis – but their democracy has some very distinct differences from ours (which is why I constantly bring up those differences – the citizen soldier/militia aspect especially). The Swiss – until recently weren’t all that tolerant of immigration – having notably turned away refugees from the Nazis during WW2. I personally see the Swiss as a decent model to look to – as to how a somewhat “diverse” country – CAN function under democracy – as long as some strict rules are followed.

        • That’s why I decided to just focus on the last two decades. The last twenty years has been one long crisis and associated drama. The 80’s and 90’s had some drama. The last years of the Cold War had some moments, but it also had long periods of calm. The 50’s and 60’s had a lot of calm stretches. Even the tumultuous 1960’s had good things like the moon landing and white flight.

          • The last 20 years has seemed to lurch from one crisis to another…Lewinsky, 9/11, Madoff/Enron, Iraq, Great Recession, Libya, School Shootings, BLM, Trump.

          • Nuclear holocaust was an on again-off again crisis from the 1950s – the late 80s. Vietnam’s war was the crisis from the mid sixties to mid seventies. Inflation – depression was the crisis from the early 70s to the mid 80s. Street crime was a crisis from the mid 70s through the mid nineties. And Y2K was the crisis of the late nineties.

            Really, the only “normal time” was the mid-late nineties and the media tried making whites militias a crisis them but that dog wouldn’t hunt.

        • Might think twice looking to the Swiss for current inspiration. They are under siege by the Euro managerial elite to fall in line. Look to their past history….they are caving.

          As of May 2019, the ratio of former soldiers taking their weapons home has fallen to about 10 percent, amid other signs that the Swiss weapons culture is changing.

          Under new law, certain kinds of semi-automatic firearms will be banned and Swiss gun owners will need to justify why they need a gun and secure a special permit to buy new semi-automatic weapons. Military service firearms will still be allowed. Switzerland risked dropping out of Europe’s open-border Schengen area if the Euro gun referendum was rejected.

          • The Swiss federal model of supreme county government is the only stable and humane form of democratic government, however. The steady erosion of Switzerland originates in the approval of female suffrage, 1971-1991. Nothing can overcome that, and nothing has.

          • Two weeks in an American city is sufficient to convince a Euro why they need a gun. We should start offering the Swiss trips to So. Chicago like the ADL does for Jerusalem.

            Here are some boggling stats (all from Wiki):

            In Israel in the year 2015, there were 2.4 people killed per 100,000 inhabitants (in Switzerland the number is 0.71, in Russia is 14.9, in South Africa is 34, in Venezuela is 49)…

            Chicago’s homicide rate had surpassed that of Los Angeles by 2010 (16.02 per 100,000), and was more than twice that of New York City (7.0 per 100,000) in the same year. By the end of 2015, Chicago’s homicide rate would rise to 18.6 per 100,000. By 2016, Chicago had recorded more homicides and shooting victims than New York City and Los Angeles combined.

            London’s 2015 rate was 1.4 people murdered per 100k population (population 8.6 mil). Paris in 2014 was 1.2.

            Guns don’t kill people. Unlicensed scissors don’t kill people. Blacks kill people, with some help from Browns. And Tartars – what’s up with 14.9, Russia?

            PS: It’s hard to find pre-1994 stats for crime in South Africa but I’m betting the bigots had half the present rate of crime.

          • Exile, if Europe continues along it’s current path you won’t need to bring anyone to Chicago or any other American city to see the effects of diversity. I think it’s more likely that over the next twenty years or so, Europe’s gun laws will move further towards America’s that America’s will move towards Europe’s. An increasingly large non White under class will have have a truly transformative effect on stale pale European society, though maybe not in the way it’s advocates imagine.

          • Globohomo is trying to destroy Switzerland because they stand in stark contrast to the rest of the society destroying experiment.

            I’ve seen it pointed out that the Swiss were among the last to give women the vote – and it’s been downhill ever since then.

            Before that – it was a relatively stable society which used “democracy” – for hundreds of years.

            I still think the Swiss example is very instructive – probably even more so now that “modern” changes have been made (the female vote thing and now the suppression of the Swiss weapons culture) – because they’ll likely lead to very quick degradation of the Swiss as a country.

      • Perpetual crises seem arise when there is no natural direction for a society’s intellectuals and forward-thinkers to attach to, so they invent them. Settlement and westward expansion of the USA basically provided meaning and purpose to several generations, and the folks in charge could bring up ‘manifest destiny’, etc. Even the space program gave us a bigger goal than just management of the next crisis (though it was a product of the Cold War)…

        Perhaps liberal democracy doesn’t always require crises – it requires what is seen as ‘constant progress’. That progress will come via a crisis if it can’t come through another means?

        • Some of what you describe must be laid at the feet of our current “leadership”. JFK at his inaugural set us at the moon. What have others done except mumble platitudes?

          For example, after hurricane Katrina, we discovered an inability to evacuate large population areas due to obsolete and overloaded roads, i.e., the US highway system established by Eisenhower. What has been done to update this important infrastructure to date? Nothing! And doing such is infinitely easier than going to the moon.

          • I agree with your main point. However, Katrina was the result of 1) idiotic liberal local politicians and 2) the stupidity of having a city below sea level in a hurricane zone. Funny how Florida, Mississippi and Alabama never had a similar problem.

          • The deepest Katrina irony is that everybody KNEW why NO was such a disaster, but nobody could say it, because it involved the great, unmentionable R-word. Some of the edgier commenters kind of tap-danced around it, saying stuff like “Gee, Japan doesn’t seem to have problems like this, I wonder why?” but no one could just come out and say it. It was amazing at the time, and it still is.

        • Who are these intellectuals of westerm society you speak of? U mention them as if we leave in 19th century Germany.

          Are u referring to Chomsky, Steinem, Sam Harris? Or Shapiro, maybe?

          George rr martin?

          Possibly some person people know nothing about.

          • I should have used scare quotes around ‘intellectuals’. The Academics and Think Thank set today.

          • Now that u’ve named them it’s not hard to guess why they offer no direction other than perpetual crisis. The jobs of these “intellectuals” is literally to maintain the status quo. Where do you think antifa gets its ideology from?

            A week ago I wanted to watch an online lecture on Jane Eyre, big mistake, all I’ve heard was: patriarchy is evil, book reflects that, also white men are bigoted racists, book reflects that as well.

    • Everything after 1930 was a government manufactured crisis. The economy was recovering just fine until Hoover, then FDR decided to stomp on it continuously for a decade.

    • Cal;
      You could well be right. The Wilson Proggies really. really liked the power and the sense of importance that WWI gave them. One can imagine their deep unhappiness that they were rejected in 1920 by an older, more conservative electorate who desired a ‘return to normalcy’: That is, an end to crisis mode. Then came the Crash of 1929 and with it, their second chance.

      I believe that almost everybody in the FDR Admin had been a bureaucrat under Wilson. So they were going to go with what could make them great again: Crisis mode. We pay too little attention to the previous experiences of the people driving events.

          • Yeah, Wilson only got 100,000 Americans killed needlessly. I’ll voluntarily amend that to “Worst of the 20th Century”. Yeah FDR was bad, but he would have been unthinkable without Wilson

  28. As long as there is food in the bellies of the hated class there will be no end. There will be no end as long as people accept the results of a democracy that they are demographically locked out of.

    We have a government that hasn’t solved a problem competently since the space program in the 50-60’s, in spite of that we’re sitting at an almost permanent 50%+ of the electorate that wants to give them more power. All so Carlos can get some more free stuff for his family of 12.

    It doesn’t matter that it won’t work, look at Venezuela, the people themselves voted for their situation. We’re crossing the Rubicon when a majority of the electorate is too stupid to build a society. When they can’t see beyond an offer of something free.

    • One of the most absurd things about the coronavirus crisis has been the fact that Trump’s response has been utterly lame, and yet at the same time far better than almost anyone else’s would have been, at least anyone who had or has a shot at the presidency. At least Trump canceled flights from China and has tried to mitigate the impacts of the virus, economically anyway. Biden and Sanders have stated that they would not even close the border to stop the virus – The Great Replacement must go on! And of course the responses of the Deep State and the Federal Bureaucracy have been worse than useless, and what Hillary’s response would have been doesn’t even bear thinking about. If anyone is confused about why most white Americans continue to support Trump, this shows the reason. It’s not that he’s such a good president – in many, many ways he’s not. But he is still much better than anyone else on offer right now, in either party – which tells you a lot about the state of the American leadership class today.

      • AZ;
        Now that it emerges that Corona Chan is something real, unlike all the other media circuses of the last 3 years, ‘Don’t chase the stick’ does start to look a bit bad. But until it did emerge as a real thing, ‘Don’t chase the stick’ was completely necessary and fully justified as a policy.

      • Attitude, an interesting example of what today’s Z-man posting touches on. If I read you correct, your comment could only be addressed if Trump took on totalitarian powers on par with the CCP of China. Exactly the crisis escalation situation decried by any number of folk here.

        • Not totalitarian by any means, but on a par with what we did in 1918-1920. Just basic public health, the way we did it before AIDS, what Pat Buchanan called “our first politically protected disease”. There’s a big difference between commie totalitarianism and basic common sense…

          • Ah, AZ? You DO realize, don’t you, that sense, along with courtesy and decency is one of the LEAST common qualities in the world – if not the universe!

      • It’s been worse than lame. He abolished the NSC office charged with dealing with pandemics in 2018 and never replaced or re-delegated their function to other agencies. Now he tweets about tax-cuts and bailouts. More people care about the health of their family and friends than care about going deeper in debt to bail out the donor class.

    • I love it when Bernie describes socialism and mixes it into his love for the “everyman”. I especially like the non-stop push back from everyone. “thou shalt covet” has been incredibly successful.

      Anybody that had to battle their ego to reach the level of clarity necessary to interpret the world knows we’re in a shit-ton if trouble if they believe Normie is gonna think his way out of it.

      • Chechia & Slovakia and ….that’s about it. If it goes hot, expect Yugoslavia-scale nastiness.

      • The Jim Crow South was safer and more peaceful for both Blacks and Whites than most black areas of the south today. Apartheid South Africa was safer than today’s New Orleans or Atlanta.

        • You are correct. I grew up in a segregated south and both blacks and whites were much happier.

      • The only one I can think of is Czechoslovakia. But there is a history there we do not possess. It was formed of two fairly identifiable populations and regions after WWI and the split was easy for a large majority to accept.

    • There will be no amicable separation. The merchants/bankers in the northeast will see to that. The only thing to stop them will be the destruction of our currency.

    • Keep dreaming. You really think the Orcs are going to give up vast parts of the U.S. just so a bunch of cowardly whites who won’t fight for a damn thing can have a country of their own? We either shed lots of blood for it or it aint’ happening.

    • They will never ever ever go for separation. They cannot.
      They’d rather rule over the rubble left by our complete defeat than agree to any sort of separation.

      They understand we would create a space where a very powerful and well functioning rival would arise. Our border would be a chaotic mess with people in the shithole we’d left behind raiding our side for gibs and any means available for escaping from diversitopia.

      To preserve ourselves we would be forced to crush them to stop the endless chaos bleeding out of that miasma.

      Their goal is to destroy us no matter the cost to themselves…as long as it’s them ruling. There is no utopia as long as there is whiteness. It all has to go. Heidi of Ghana will live in the Jura.

      We have one and only one path forward. Separation isn’t it.

    • The only reason non-whites care about government nowadays is to get welfare.

      Europeans are tired of this perpetual jewish revolution, cause that’s what it is, it’s a Soros(who is backed by other jews) funded operation.

      • Jews didn’t create modernity but they seem to have embraced it as wholeheartedly as anybody. Lots of professionals, not so many farmers. They’re leveraged. Not a good position these days.

        • Yes, they did.

          Modernity comes from enlightenment, enlightenment began once Medici clan introduced kabbalah to european elites, which led to the protestant reformation, the 1st of the many revolutions.

  29. You overlooked a major problem we are just starting to deal with. Nazis in America.
    Amazon and Netflix are on the ground floor of this serious crisis with The Hunted and Hunters (yes, original huh?).

    Full on hate for whitey seems to be the consensus. Not original or clever but hopefully keep the saliva running from the mouths of their mouth breathing orcs for a while.

    • do not underestimate the level of savagery and danger this could get too. It is already clear that ANTIFA is above the law . no matter what they do the justice system quietly lets them go without consequences .

    • Nazi’s are the only group that one may officially hate in PC America. We used to hate “evil” and “satan” as well, but that’s too religious for present day, atheistic America. Going back to Z-man’s sage 1984 analogy, NAZI’s are the “Emanuel Goldstein” of our times. Useful for our “two minutes of hate” exercises.

      However, there is a problem—there are no more living NAZI’s, the youngest now being at least 95 yo. So what to do? Extend the class/definition/slur to a new population, “bad Whites”. Problem solved.

    • The game worked better when Muslims were the enemy of choice. There are a few billion of them and they’re a cranky bunch – always some boogaloo going down in some part of the Islamic world. Nazis are getting staler by the day and Our Guys aren’t supplying the false flaggotry fuel that WN 1.0 fell prey to in the 1960’s-80’s. The Darth Vader music keeps playing but no one’s wearing the suit for them.

    • This is partly desperation of the Tribe. Once the Holocaust leaves public perception. The Jews loose a major psychological blub to beat whites over the head with

      So they put out schlock series to keep it in the public view. But it doesn’t work well. First off the sons and daughters of those who went through WWII are old like myself and getting fewer every day.

      The younger generations see WWII and the Holocaust as simply a thing to know for a test at best. It has no meaning for them.

      The Jews are losing their greatest source of protection. The Victim Card.

      Our main worry is the generalized hate the Left has created for us Whites. We are worse than Nazis for merely breathing. This sort of hate can easily turn into genocide for us. The DR may have no public profile but it won’t save their white asses when we get a Left government in D.C.

      • The typical progressive in places like Massachusetts and California doesn’t distinguish between Conservative Inc and dissidents. To them Mitt Romney is Richard Spencer holding his cards closer to his chest. Our side not holding rallies forced the FBIAntifa to begin defining MAGA and even older white Dems as NAZIs. Eating 3 meals per day, living in a single family home and listening to Mozart or the Beach Boys is now considered white supremacy. To the progressives you sit besides on your commuter train, or in your office, or in your classroom or on the factory floor…Steve Scalise had it coming.

    • “Nazi” this and “Nazi” that. Where’s “Godwin’s Law” when you need it?

      • Fortunately I have essentially zero likelihood of living to vote in the 2032 general election and thus am extremely unlikely to see either Abrams OR AOC living at 600 Penn. To do that I’d have to live longer than either of my parents or any of my grandparents. Unless Trump wins this fall and Pence succeeds him, 2032 could see the U.S. in AR/CW 2.0 – at least the early stages. Hell! The Covid-19 hysteria could bring down our entire civilization by then; more’s the pity.

    • The federal government will be such a joke people will start ignoring it, not unlike how the USSR came down. You can already see it beginning in the TDS exhaustion. People are tuning out.

      • Re: TDS exhaustion.

        That is definitely happening. My wife actually gets pissed off every time some new complaint comes out about Trump. It’s not like she’s a big Trump supporter – she’s just sick to death of all the whining and bitching and complaining and all of the shennanigans in general that circulate around Trump.

          • Delegitimizing is good.

            But I still want to see people hang.

            The end of an sentence needs punctuation.

            When Mussolini was hanged – it clearly indicated his time was over. The lack of a hanging body has led to decades of rumours of Hitler escaping to Brazil – and has therefore engendered a belief in his return. Conversely though – the brutal crushing of Germany during WW2 has seemed to put a clear cut end to the rule of Nazism

            Unfortunately the end of the Soviet Union did not have this. There wasn’t any brutal destruction of the country , there wasn’t any mass hanging of officials – so now decades later – we’re still being burdened with the likes of Bernie Sanders and all of his fellow travelers hoping for a commie nirvana.

            The only way we’re going to well and truly put an end to the rule of globohomo is to crush it brutally and hang people. Otherwise we’ll just be stuck with the whining of the leftovers for generations.

          • I’m hoping for justice but I’m not convinced people have what it takes. We can’t even stop men from using the ladies room. Delegitimization is a good consolation prize and if justice is done all the better.

          • Abesnt hangings, or full on French Revolution type punishment (since cruel and unusual is not…um..who we are), then very public perp walks – a la Jim Baker of PTL fame several years ago – and actually serving 20 yr + sentences in the general population in a state prison syetem.

          • Now the same administration that was hamstrung by FISA, is all in favor of renewing FISA in its entirety. I don’t know what to make of that. What are the options? Policy reversal? Why? Blackmail? You tell me.

          • Because absolutely NO ONE in DC wants rocks turned over and questions asked. NO ONE. So it’s not going to happen. The corruption is terminal.

    • Every time I see her, I think, “This is what Kim Jong Un would look like if he got trapped in a tanning bed for twelve hours.” She’s about the slimiest creature I’ve ever seen. Ocasio-Cortez is Sophia Loren compared to her.

      • Boys, boys……a lot of invective is hurled at AOC…much of it deserved….at the end of the day she’s a silly young co-ed who was put in charge of the Donkey party.

        But she’s not THAT hard on the eyes. When I was her age I woulda tried to bang her. I mean, I wouldn’t have tried THAT hard, but if it appeared on my doorstep…..

    • When the next Other occupies the Oval Office, Obama’s legacy will weigh heavily on them. GoodWhites will be comparing present-day Wakandan Strahnkwahman to rose-colored recollections of the Lightworker. Badwhites will be inB4 with “here we go again.”

      I can’t wait. The Last Qwain of Scotland, long may she yazzzz.

      • I believe it’s spelt Que’Un.
        The spelling was revised in honor of the Shirtlifter Mayor and the Bartender Puert.
        Please do try to keep up with the rest of the class.

      • Can you imagine how bad the White House will smell after eight years of the gap-toothed one?

    • Pres Abrams and her VP – the Castro brother from TX that looks like a lizard. That will be a great day for all of us. The ascendant on center stage with the reins of power will rule for at best a half dozen lunar cycles. Their sense of entitlement and their eagerness to divvy up the gibs will have them passing legislation and engaging in attempts to enforce it that will turn even Rick Wilson into a white nationalist.

      Once they have power they will control the budget so not even Schlomo will be able to turn off the spigot quickly enough before they go shark jumping^3.

      The negative in all of this is that our people will require this level of lunacy before enough of them are willing to act without first taking aim at us

      • Pres Abrams and her VP – the Castro brother from TX that looks like a lizard.

        They’re identical twins so the same description applies to either/both. They look so alike that when the one who wasn’t in congress was mayor of San Antonio his twin sometimes showed to public functions in place of the one who was mayor.

  30. Rome and China could manage the barbarians for 1000 years, but then their government response goes fubar and the whole thing goes down.

    • Even within the DoD the KungFlu response is completely incoherent. It seems more and more the responses to various crises consist of little more than; “wait and see what happens” with zero consequences to the people in charge of making decisions. Things didn’t used to be that way; “the buck stops here,” “heads will roll.” Decision making paralysis is the name of the game. With no professional consequences to people who are “in charge” of making decisions and fail to, there is no reason to make a decision, good or bad. It isn’t going to end well.

      • Capn;
        Maybe everybody’s just awaiting instructions from the Pentagon, including the Pentagon. Getting too far out front could end a career, after all.

      • “wait and see what happens”. Well, when system is defunct, government you just cant do anything. Down here in Europe we have economy problem. Government could cut taxes but we have liberal entrepreneurs who cut wages and rise prices. So nothing happens only, slave owners will be richer. We have also society problem. Government could ask people advice but when you accept free speech, then system will blown out. And so on. Government will do nothing because all options drive system to collapse. Government recommends 14 days self quarantine at home when you are sick but thanks to government policy, most people cant afford 2 week vacation. As a last resort, liberal entrepreneurs will pay for this but thanks to slave wages, workers have so indebted that this sick paid worker will work those 2 weeks for somebody else to get worst bills paid. This is how rotten societies die.

      • They got rid of the warriors over the last 20 years. They all saw what happened to Petraeus, Odinero, Yingling, Mcchrystal. What almost happened to McMasters is he was going to end at COL but Petreaus promoted him to General.

        Franks is criticized for retiring and yanking his CENTCOM staff after toppling Saddam but who can blame him? He saw what happened in Vietnam.

        Not just officers, Senior enlisted too.
        Remember SGM (Sergeant Major) “kill ISIS with Entrenching Tools”?
        GONE. Relieved pending non-specific investigation. Hurt somebody’s feels.

        The entire system is now about passing responsibility and gathering evidence at every level – down to requiring every rank down to 11B Privates to carry a blank sworn statement- so we can snitch each other using the proper form.

        Its over. The Warriors are in the PMC contracting business now.

        All Hail President for Life Erik Prinz, or whoever it is…

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