The Spirit Of The Age

There are two general ways in which people follow the law. One group is careful to stay within the letter of the law. If there is any question about their compliance, they have well thought-out arguments about the precise meaning of each word and phrase within the law in question. The other group is concerned with the spirit of the law. They understand that language is not always precise, so they think about what the lawmakers intended when they crafted the specific law in question.

Both approaches, as is true of every human activity, are prone to corruption. The letter-of-the-law side will play fast and loose with the definition of words, often feigning ignorance about the meaning of common words. The famous sociopaths Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been fond of this. Bill famously challenged the meaning the word “is” in one of his depositions. This is probably the most extreme example of tactical nihilism ever committed. The Clintons were trail blazers.

Corrupting the spirit of the law is a tougher process. It requires the corrupt to recast history in order to mischaracterize the intentions of the lawmakers. The usual form this takes is another type of tactical nihilism, in which the corrupt claim the people who wrote the law never intended its current use. The gun grabbers like to play this trick when talking about what the Framers meant when the put the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights. They simply lie about what can be easily confirmed.

Because restating the past is difficult, the corrupt tend to congregate in the letter-of-the-law end of the pool. We see that with the seditious conspiracy to overturn the 2016 presidential election. The people involved were wholly invested in finding loopholes and exceptions in the letter of the law. During the virus panic, some information has been declassified, showing how these guys parsed the law. Supposedly there is an investigation into all of this, but that is probably a myth.

The dynamic at work leading to this conspiracy was something like this. Someone high up in the Obama administration decided to use the surveillance agencies for domestic spying, which is in direct violation of the law. There’s a mountain of testimony from lawmakers, who crafted the laws creating these powers, that they were to never be used to spy on Americans. Even today, grammar school children are told that only despots spy on political opponents, so the intent of these laws is clear.

That’s why the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA have ignored the spirit of the laws and instead focus in the letter of the law. Like Bill Clinton warming up for a deposition, they pored over every word of the regulations in order to craft fraudulent warrants and court filings. They did so in a way that could allow them to muddy the waters if they got caught, by claiming simple errors of fact were just honest mistakes, not an effort to mislead the court and get around the law.

This is the nature of the subversive. The reason he focuses on the letter of the law is because he is at war with the spirit of the law. His first step in killing the law and what it represents is to strangle its spirit by denying it exists. First, he denies it in his mind then he denies in his actions. You see that with the FBI agents involved in the Spygate conspiracy. They hated that they could not spy on Americans, so they first denied they should not be doing it then found a way to do it.

This is not a unique to the FBI. It is just one of the many corrupt institutions in present day America. You see this hatred for the spirit of the law in the Senate’s conduct during the FBI scandal. They surely know the laws in question were never intended to be used as political weapons, but they don’t care about intent. From their perspective, the law is for the commoners they try hard to avoid. You’ll note that Richard Burr sits on that committee, the guy fond of trading on his insider information.

In The Spirit of the Law, Montesquieu observed that every form of government has a principle that motivates the citizenry. In despotic societies, it is fear of the ruler that inspires the people. In aristocratic societies it is the love of honor or the desire to attain greater rank and privilege that inspires the people. In republican societies, it is virtue that inspires the people. By virtue, he meant the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests. To sacrifice for the greater good.

Montesquieu can be forgiven for not anticipating the development of what we now call liberal democracy. Even the most radical mind of his age would have scoffed at the idea of giving women and criminals the franchise. They would have doubled over in fits of hysterical laughter at the assertion that all people are equal. They surely would have assumed you were mad if you suggested there were more than two sexes. Not so long ago, what we take for granted was beyond the realm of imagination.

Still, it is worth considering what it is that motivates the citizen in the liberal democracy, as it is certainly not virtue or honor. We see that with our public officials. They may seek rank and privilege, but only through the most craven and dishonorable means available to them. They are happy to sacrifice your interests for their greater good. In fact, the only time they work together is when it is time to siphon off more of your greater good in order to top off their tanks of greater good.

That leaves us with fear as the great motivator, but not fear of the despot. Instead, it is a fear of the law itself. Every new law brings new opportunities for the liberal democratic ruling elite to torment the public. Since words have no meaning and the spirit of the law is strangled in its crib, the law is whatever the ideological enforcers happen to think it means in any given moment. The public is left to the mercy of a ruling class filled with self-righteous anger at the people over whom they rule.

This is the spirit of our age, the liberal democratic age. The great fear of the law is actually a fear of order and stability. A hatred of it, in fact. The liberal democratic regime needs to feed its sense of necessity and it can only do so in a crisis, so it creates panics and emergencies. What we are seeing in this virus panic is the full flowering of liberal democracy. It is a world of the forever present, because it is without law and a world without order. It is a world with no tomorrow.

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176 thoughts on “The Spirit Of The Age

  1. And in 20 years those of us who have children will be laughed at by said children that we let racists vote… again, people with no kids don’t have to worry… and anyone with no kids should have no vote… #sad

  2. Re: ” Even the most radical mind of his age would have scoffed at the idea of giving women and criminals the franchise…//…They surely would have assumed you were mad if you suggested there were more than two sexes. Not so long ago, what we take for granted was beyond the realm of imagination.”

    Huh? What ‘we take for granted’? Speak for yourself, sir. Sex is biologically-immutable, and are there two of them – male and female – in the human animal, notwithstanding how much that reality drives neo-Marxist social justice warrior types over the edge.

    The leftist neologism “gender” was created decades ago in part to escape this reality. By inventing a term to substitute and eventually replace the well-defined word “sex,” the Cultural Marxists opened the door for all sorts of mischief-making and flights of fancy. What are they up to now, 30 or so ‘genders’?

    Re: “That leaves us with fear as the great motivator, but not fear of the despot. Instead, it is a fear of the law itself. Every new law brings new opportunities for the liberal democratic ruling elite to torment the public. Since words have no meaning and the spirit of the law is strangled in its crib, the law is whatever the ideological enforcers happen to think it means in any given moment.”

    America has had a two-tiered justice system for a long time. One set of rules – strictly enforced – for the masses, and another – much less-strictly enforced – for the political and economic elites of the ruling class. Ted Kennedy, through his negligence, killed poor Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick in July 1969. If he’d been a normal man, he’d have done hard time for negligent homicide or some form of man-slaughter. Because he was a member of the American aristocracy, a serving Senator and the son of one of the most-influential figures in the country – Joseph P. Kennedy – he got off without so much as a slap on the wrist.

    A nation either has the rule of law or it doesn’t. Obeying the law some of the time while claiming to uphold it is like being half-pregnant. There’s no such thing. Parsing the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is akin to debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    Question: Are we are a nation of laws or not?
    Answer: No, we are not – and have not been in a very long time.

    What we are is a nation of men, some of whom follow the law when it is convenient and some of whom do not. Others of whom must follow the law exactly or risk being ruined and crushed by the power of the state.

    When the powerful transgress, it is rare for anything untoward to happen to them.

    Remember when Obama, Holder, and Napolitano ran guns into Mexico in “Fast and Furious,” an operation the end-result of which was the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and some two hundred Mexican nationals?

    For years, Terry’s family have waited – in vain, as it turns out – for justice to be done in their son’s name. Cue the crickets chirping. Nothing was done; nothing has been done. Obama, the Democrat “Teflon President,” skated away and won a second term. A smile on his face, probably because he knew he’d gotten away with murder!

    Any sense of normalcy and whatever residue of our once-vaunted “rule of law” remain only because the so-called “silent majority” still believe in the rule of law and civil society, and abide more-or-less voluntarily by the old rules. Because there are still a few civil servants and government employees – not enough, but a few – who still believe in integrity, virtue and doing what is right. The majority of the ruling class, however, is as lawless as any Old West gang of outlaws or any gang of mobsters.

    Does the ruling class realize that they are playing, literally, with fire? What do they think will happen when the great mass of people in that “silent majority” suddenly and finally realize that they have been well-and-truly duped, and that no one is following the law but them?

    A man with nothing to lose is a dangerous man indeed, and our “ruling elites” are creating a nation full of them by shredding our freedoms and civil liberties and destroying what remains of our economic prosperity.

  3. agreed Mr Zman. we are at the logical endpoint of the “pure reason” age.

    this is why Montesquieu and the republicains/enlighteners had it wrong. yes, virtue, however you define it? greater good than what other good? which interests of what community?

    as always, materialists looking at the processes, without looking at the particulars, and the Uncaused from where all proceeds. by looking at processes, they can reify law, and since law is only written and words change meaning according to the media, then the bourgeois commie-corporate elite that writes the laws wins. the commie side wants peasant’s lifestyle, the corporate side wants peasant’s profit. and voila, coincidentally, we arrive at rule by (((scribes))).

    idk, but to me, we had to keep Latin Masses, some degree of organic hierarchy, and/or whatever eternal spirit fed the resistance to all this degeneracy that impacts the world and particularly the white and/or Westerner. else we are going to keep tumbling on those Spengler-Nietzsche cycles; while we cower from the wuflu and abandon our temples and nature, the Saracens mock social distancing and continue on their Ramadan…

  4. Police at the start of the virus hysteria: “We’re not going to waste our time with nonviolent crime.”

    Police just a few weeks later:

    If nothing else, I hope this hysteria makes it clear to the dissident right that the police will never be on our side. Their function is purely to babysit diverse criminals and shield them from the consequences of their bad behavior, nothing else.

  5. why can’t you spy on political opponents if you’re a [democratic] president – no senate is going to vote to remove you.

  6. Also, Is it possible that the state would covidstrike the protesters? “See, those selfish demonstrators are causing thousands of deaths!” But I’m probably just paranoid. Not actually being sarcastic.

  7. Every new law brings new opportunities for the liberal democratic ruling elite to torment the public. Since words have no meaning and the spirit of the law is strangled in its crib, the law is whatever the ideological enforcers happen to think it means in any given moment.

    Thus modern laws are written (literally crafted) in such a way as to make them open to any interpretation the ruling elite (and their enforcing thugs) choose to give them. I have read that there are so many laws on the books today that the average citizen commits at least one outright FELONY every day! There are so many laws on the books that Robocop with a 5G connection to the fastest supercomputer in existence could not enforce them properly. When a person can be prosecuted for making a gun shape with his hand and “pointing” it in the direction of a law enFORCEment officer, you know we are too far down the road to tyranny to have any hope of return. And as we have seen recently – surfers and paddle boarders cited off shore of an empty beach in Kali and Tom Brady cited for trying to work out in a public park – it’s not a terribly soft tyranny, either.

  8. Z Man said: ” What we are seeing in this virus panic is the full flowering of liberal democracy. It is a world of the forever present, because it is without law and a world without order. It is a world with no tomorrow.”

    Yah! The bleaker the better.
    Now your singing my song. As I always say, if you don’t live in a bottomless pit of despair your not paying attention. But seriously. let’s face it folks, humans are to stupid and flawed to keep the world in one piece for more than a few years at a time: that’s it, no way out of the matrix except the great outdoors. So you either stay in civilization and take your ass whoopin, or pack up the MREs and the kids and go do the pioneer thing. What other choice do you have? Here’s the Zero Hedge motto, ” On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” So if this God thing turns out to be a bust, We’re stuck with us. What a truly crappy situation.

    • “…if you don’t live in a bottomless pit of despair you’re not paying attention.”

      Haha! Three cheers, that just made my day!

      • Alzaebo said: ” Haha! Three cheers, that just made my day!”

        “A weird time in which we are alive. We can travel anywhere we want, even to other planets. And for what? To sit day after day, declining in morale and hope.”
        ― Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

        “I don’t like hope very much. In fact, I hate it. It’s the crystal meth of emotions. It hooks you fast and kills you hard. It’s bad news. The worst. It’s sharp sticks and cherry bombs. When hope shows up, it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.”
        -Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

        “A son can bear with equanimity the loss of his father, but the loss of his inheritance may drive him to despair.”
        -Niccolo Machiavelli

        “Despair is simply the acknowledgement that whatever deep meaning you may find in life will more than likely, in the end, turn out to be just your personal opinion.”
        – Official Bologna Tester

  9. “The protesters out there wanna work? Well, tell them they should get a job as an “essential worker””. –Andrew Cuomo. Spoken like a true overlord whose family has now entered the third generation fastened to the public teat (and the Kennedy Trusts).

    • Can I watch the coronation of King Cuomo the First?

      Or will it be pay-per-view, members only?

      “And YOU, Nurse Karen, just won free tickets!”
      (Camera zooms to her surprised face, shining with tears of happiness, then pans her cheering multiracial family)

  10. It’s consistent. Our society values license more highly than anything else and is at war with everything that limits license – family, patriarchy, tradition, religion, and as Z points out, law.

    It’s part of a long process – we can think of Henry VIII’s insistence not merely that everyone acknowledge his power but that they pretend to believe his acts were just. It was a precursor, in some ways, to our own totalitarianism. Our age is not content to police acts, it wants to police your soul.

    This is why the idea we can fix this with laws is absurd. We have laws – it is the law that is their enemy – so it doesn’t matter at all what new ones we scribble out.

    Our age has no law and we are all, then, outlaws.

  11. Just told my FB peeps; vote democrat or we’ll never go back to work, never get a moment’s peace.

    COVID is just the capture of the nation, at last. Its Impeachment with Conviction on a National Scale.


    Now it serves us all rightly so for voting for welfare for decades then trying to stab the state by voting Trump.

    This is simple; Politics is Power.

    Its important when you’ve lost to quit before you’re ruined, esp when you’re already being ruined.

    Vote Blue, or starve, bankrupt, homeless. There’s not enough welfare to put everyone on it.

    Quite serious; its over.
    Vote Blue, or be ruined. DC politics has gone National.

      • Interesting – for all the Bile and venom towards democracy on these pages when I point out that its really over now, I am vilified. How very human. Knowing it was mere illusion and almost devoid of any power – when informed that now you have only the choice between submission or starvation – response is to recoil in anger. Very human of course.
        Above all else we desire power.

          • Sorry, Compsci, but vxxc is emphasizing.
            This hit him hard- and I agree 100%.

            Ba’ath Party member, or one will never get a chance. Corona just de-Nazified the right wing.

          • No Troll. Literal 100%. We vote Blue, we talk Blue or we go on welfare – the Trump economy and most importantly Trump voter were just forcibly bankrupted. No troll. No snark, just literal. Power just showed its real muscle.

            Even further; Only a Republican, Hell only Trump COULD shut down the economy. If a Dem POTUS had tried this we would have had a revolt.

            We followed a Lion who turned Judas Goat.

            Trying hard to be optimistic; this may work to advantage. I have long thought voting was only part of the solution (legitimacy) and its known what I thought it would legitimize.
            Now its not even legitimizing.
            Vote away, they do with the entire nation as they please. The possible advantage is it is now driven home to Joe Normie that no, really your vote is shit – and we can put you all out of work on a pretext. Joe Normie only knows his job.

            Boxer joins the reaction?
            Here end the optimism.

            The truth is we aren’t Americans, We’re American Re-Enactors.

      • +1 from me, FWIW. Voting your own side and voting party-line are almost entirely opposed strategies.

        Righties who’ve spent decades dissing Blacks who vote for “muh Democrat Plantation” despite the ruin of their hoods should consider what the GOP has done to their burbs.

    • Look at what Trump just did. His moratorium on immigration lasted what, half a day? And in the middle of all this and what will come it will be a pathetic 10% reduction in immigration? With 30% to 50%+ unemployment. VXXC is right. Red is simply the rearguard of Blue, it always has been. Let’s bury the false friend so we only have one target. We need clear battle lines and we are never going to get that as long as the GOP gets to play toy soldier. Vote Blue to bury Red. Then maybe enough of our people will finally see things for what they are.

      • I wasn’t even being accelerationist.
        I was saying literally we’re being forced onto the Dole cuz the Dole votes Blue.

        I was also saying that we’ll never have a moments peace, prosperity or any normalcy while we challenge the system.

        No. This is their answer; National shutdown, national welfare.

        Trying to be ah positive – Ah
        Organize to fight, or give up.

        I don’t fear war. I do fear welfare.
        Welfare? That is too much to ask.
        Death is inevitable, welfare is not.
        One is honor, the other shame.

        Trump had a choice during the coup of war or running the risk of waiting to be cornered. Trump declined war and we have all gotten shame.

  12. Trump criticized Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision decision to reopen sooner than expected. I was watching a video in which billionaire trump supporter Dan Peña
    expressed support for the shutdowns and predicted things would get much worse. One thing I have noticed is, the very wealthy, on either side of the aisle, want these shutdowns to last as long as possible and believe or want to believe that Corona is serious enough that it justifies the measures being taken. It’s only the middle-class who are expressing the most skepticism. The middle class are the only people not out of touch with reality. This virus is more of a class issue than a political one. The wealthy see this as an opportunity to gain power over everyone else.

    • Well, today we got the first batch of generalized anti-body testing results in these parts….and as predicted, a fuck ton of people tested positive. And this is in the densest mortality region of the country. So suddenly with a true denominator, the CFR on this is going to plummet.

      • yes, Cuomo claims 20% of NYC residents would have antibodies from being infected, based on a “random samples” taken across the state. That would be 1.6million out of 8million city dwellers. Yet only 3500 have died; the other 1.597million have recovered, probably not even realizing they had been sick.

        3500 died in Brooklyn; NYC total “includes 9,944 victims who tested positive for the disease plus 5,052 people who showed tell-tale symptoms of the virus but never received a test.”

        • This is how they will maintain the desired mortality rate – they just classify all deaths as caused by coronavirus.

          First they added people who died “with” the virus to people who died “from” the virus. Then they added never-tested people with allegedly “tell-tale” signs of the virus. And then they add every other death so that the reported mortality can stay high as testing shows increasing share of population with antibodies.

    • As an opportunity to gain power?
      Did you just come out of a Coma?

      They have DISPLAYED and VALIDATED their power. They have the power.

      “It’s a class issue”….the last gasp of the Kulak. Why yes, it is. Citizen.

      Red has been put in their place.
      The so called middle class is filling out PPP applications.

    • If we’re strictly talking money America’s Billionaires are $280 Billion richer now.

      But this wasn’t about money, it was about power. The power has been validated.

      You will see that Red map change colors now. When you need govt handouts, you vote Democrat.

      If you ever want a moments peace, or to even dream of working to improve yourself – vote Blue.

      Like the signs say in Cuba; Socialismo or muerte.

  13. “Someone high up in the Obama administration decided to use the surveillance agencies for domestic spying, which is in direct violation of the law.” Here’s one problem: the separation between CIA and FBI is not mandated by law, but by a post-Watergate executive order (12333). What’s the penalty for violating an executive order? You can certainly be fired, but can you go to prison? We’ll see when Durham comes down with indictments. In any event, that post-Watergate executive order needs to be replaced with a law with criminal penalties.

  14. Trial lawyers have a saying: If the facts are against you, pound the facts and argue the law (i.e. the letter). If the law is against you, pound the law and argue the facts (i.e. the spirit). If both the facts and the law are against you, pound the table and shout like hell.

    • Depaywalled:

      Britain has been too slow on many fronts in the first weeks of this crisis. We must now take seriously the example of other nations who have successfully restored some normality to life, and rapidly develop a system of digital surveillance that is comprehensive and useful enough to map and break chains of infection extremely quickly.

      • This response, and the growing drumbeat for turning the West into a China style totalitarian surveillance state, has been in the works for decades.
        9/11 was used as an excuse to radically expand emergency powers.
        Now, the virus, just as the number of deaths in the U.S. and Europe is shrinking, is being used as an excuse to create an Orwellian nightmare, and at least half the public will go along with it without question or complaint.
        I never thought they would just roll it out all at once, but here we go folks.
        Put your seatbelt on and get used to life in the Soviet States of America, in the name of saving us from getting sick.

  15. Zman, overall a good post. Re the Montesquieu words: “In republican societies, it is virtue that inspires the people. By virtue, he meant the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests. To sacrifice for the greater good.” Well I’m sorry but this just aroused my inner Ayn Rand 😀 She would have criticized (correctly) as follows. In the first place, a virtue is a desirable quality, nothing more nor less. In the second place, she’d have called his “virtue” as “altruism,” something she abhorred. She, or a Harry Browne would claim: In a free society, men should follow their self-interests, with the least necessary government restrictions, and from this the greatest good will result.” More or less the libertarian ideal. Of course, altruism and a willingness, perhaps under exceptional circumstances, to risk/sacrifice the self for the group do exist, probably because they have “survival value” to the species as a biologist would say. But the State should not coerce altruism. Just like charity, kindness and so on, these things work much better when they are done voluntarily and not by force.

    • If you want to live in a community, you have *duties* to the community. Period. One of those duties is to put others ahead of yourself; (child-bearing) women and children first, for example. The libertarians fill up the life raft with old men and then wonder why there is nobody to carry on civilization.

      True Virtue is beating Randroids with a crowbar until they regain their sense.

      • Rand, Goldwater, Milt Friedman- they turned a workable compromise, Tenth Amendment classical liberals, into free-trade, homo economicus libertarianism.

        Hollywood gave all the TV time in the world to evangelical grifters, making the long scholarship of the Christians into a Third Temple showcase of buffoons.

        Do these have any connection with the 60s Cultural Revolution that Epiminondas mentions above, the one kick-started with the assassination of our first WASC president?

    • The “Spirit of the Age” has been Randian since at least Reagan. How has that worked out since 1980?

      Where are all the John Galts and what does this system offer Eddie Willers??

      Rand’s system is largely fantasy-fuel based on her adolescent INTJ vision of human nature.

      A state that refuses to coerce pro-social economic behavior b/c ideology (or just plain corruption hidden under a Randian fig-leaf) has left the atomized, forcibly- libertarianized populace defenseless against the organized collective force of Woke Capital.

      Anarcho-tyranny = Randian fiscal policy + Woke social policy.

  16. Our Anglo-Saxon common law tradition was a formalized, written transformation of the older tribal practice of leaving judgments to wise men based on tradition. Celts & Teutons, for all their lack of written law, had a sophisticated oral tradition administered by druidic and bardic classes and largely enforced and honored by the warrior class. The ancient Greek and Latin tribes developed similar oral Homeric-style customs long before they started writing.

    Written law is considered an “evolution” from these oral traditions but these “advances” come with their own downsides that are often ignored to better fit the “arc of history” narrative.

    Guys in medicine, finance and law alike are familiar with the tradeoffs that come from reducing a set of “best practices” and professional hueristics to a set of formalized, black-letter rules administered by third parties.

    The “self-policing” problem presents one set of limitations and a “watch the watchers” system presents others. Formal law can be lawyered while a more “fuzzy ethics” system can better distinguish bad-faith black letter compliance from disputes arising between parties acting in mutual good faith.

    Like most things modern, our myopic and Procrustean conflation of “new” with “better” has left us blind to what we’ve left behind in the march Forward to Progress.

    If we wanted to tweak the American system, a good place to start would be the judiciary – make their power commensurate with their accountability. The present kritarchy exercises essentially dictatorial power. Rome limited its dictators to six month terms, not lifetime appointments with generous pensions.

    That said, there are too many kludges and tweaks the present system would require to make it temporarily functional. A complete demo and rebuild is the only way to have a sustainable structure.

    • “a good place to start would be the judiciary – make their power commensurate with their accountability.”

      This, x 1000.
      Reintroduce personal risk into the system.

  17. Between 1964 and 1968 the US Constitution was thoroughly gutted. The damn fools who carried out the surgery were totally unaware at the time that they had killed the patient. They went to their graves with the proud expectation of being forever lauded as “virtuous”. If our side ever wins, they will be dug up and thrown into the nearest landfill.

    • Look up, and then read, “American Malvern”.
      Then you will understand that the gutting of the Constitution was no accident. The “surgeons” were very aware of what they were doing.
      Real elites, and in this context it means Anglo Protestant brahmins, have been talking about, and planning for, globalization and world government since before most of us were born.
      No accident at all.

  18. “””They may seek rank and privilege, but only through the most craven and dishonorable means available to them. They are happy to sacrifice your interests for their greater good. In fact, the only time they work together is when it is time to siphon off more of your greater good in order to top off their tanks of greater good.”””

    This is Lemon Socialism for the ruling class. Their failures are made whole and better by retaining subsidies and profits while the public purse pays for its failures, costs and growth. Over the past dozen years the public purse has given the banking and finance sector $29 trillion for the 2008 bailout and $15 trillion during the past 7 months in assorted bailouts/infusions. Add to that the quarterly QE that’s gone on in between. Your precious markets at work…Their failure is their Midas Touch and it will remain so for as long as we play by the current rules: heads they win, tails you lose…plus alpha as their need arises.

    Kill their ability to bend the laws to their needs by killing off their perpetual money making machine: endless bailouts-subsidies and the interest they manipulate and weaponize through central banking. To use a malaphor “we need to get to the head of the snake”.
    And we can do this by nationalizing the entire banking system. “Socialist Distancing” may be the new conservative attempt at humorous philosophizing but he joke and the expense of that joke is on them. It’s your seed that drips onto the the floor and into the gutter at ruling class lemon parties.

    Nationalizing somethings today doesn’t mean nationalizing everything forever. But if you want to put an end to this: “””It is a world of the forever present, because it is without law and a world without order. It is a world with no tomorrow”””, then being a good sport and doing your part in the current order is the equivalent of masturbating before having sex in an attempt to conceive.

    Lemon Socialism for our rulers, Stillborn Capitalism for everyone else.

    • YY, as usual you’re on track with this distinction. The “tactical socialism” we need to employ to counter decades of “tactical libertarianism” (profit for Them, “creative destruction” for Us) has been so oooga-booga’d that any mention of turning their own tactics on them smacks of Black Magic and Devil Ju-Ju to many guys on the Right.

      The tools we want in our toolbox in terms of monkey-wrenching Shlomo are not the ones we’d use to DIY our own societies from the wreckage. Meta-political thinking requires binocular “is-ought” vision. Decades of Red-Blue colored glasses have resulted in political color-blindness, lack of depth perception and myopia.

      As Roddy Piper said, we need new glasses.

      • This entire episode is showing us that we’ll need to descend to an abyss that is a lot deeper and darker before our side gets serious.

    • They can find $15 trillion for the Masters of the Universe, but not for our pension system.

      Happy thought- they can’t find $2 billion to harden the grid, either, not in 30 years…

      So if a solar flare or EMP strikes, all the low-voltage chips in the coming 5G Internet-of-Things will fry.

      Your smart frig, self-driving car, CCTV cameras, the surveillance state- all toast. C’mon, Zeus!

  19. A permanent state of crisis justifies a permanent state of revolution. And a permanent state of revolution is the only environment in which the Left can be remotely satisfied.

    • A Permanent Revolutionary Committee.

      How is that even linguistically possible?
      It may sound like English, but it ain’t English.

  20. >”Still, it is worth considering what it is that motivates the citizen in the liberal democracy, as it is certainly not virtue or honor.”

    The desire for – in fact, the demand for the right to – “free” government money, and consequence-free cummies.

    No, really, that’s all that motivates citizens in a liberal democracy. There’s no great mystery to it. It really is just as simple, base, and banal as that.

    • Get the cheese!
      “But wait, wait, Larry’s caught in the trap”
      “Screw Larry, get the cheese and let’s scram”

  21. When I hear the term “The Spirit of the Age” (Zeitgeist) I think of CS Lewis.

    ‘…The Spirit of the Age wishes to allow argument and not to allow argument.’

    ‘How is that?’

    ‘You heard what they said. If anyone argues with them they say that he is rationalizing his own desires, and therefore need not be answered. But if anyone listens to them they will then argue themselves to show that their own doctrines are true.’

    From Pilgrim’s Regress. Probably Lewis’ most esoteric book, but in my opinion, one of his best.

    • I’ll have to try that one. I liked Screwtape Letters the best. Dry English humour 🙂 and pleasantly short. Even a Lutheran-agnostic-Catholic-athiest (yes really) could enjoy it!

  22. As to spying on citizens inside the boundaries of the country being illegal, the violation of that is of a piece in denying the existence of borders and boundaries in the first place. Just because they make up all this crap as they go, ad hoc, as necessary, sometimes the overarching philosophy of it all simply falls into place and shows a certain consistency.

  23. “Corrupting the spirit of the law is a tougher process.”

    I would suggest a third corruption of Law; bureaucratic devolution into morass.

    The power of law is bestowed by Congress to a bureaucracy and that bureaucracy is given carte blanche application to address some emergency. “Emergency powers” beget “the way we live now” which eventually begets “it’s been this way as long as anyone remembers.”

    It’s the reason the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco keeps adding letters until it becomes the B.A.F.T.E. It’s why our cell phone bills carried a surcharge for the Spanish American War a hundred years after the war. It’s why the B.L.M., once custodians of the Peoples Land mutates into Harry Reid’s personal financial enrichment SWAT enforcement force.

    Bureaucracy eventually cares nothing for the spirit of the law as it mutates into a self serving monster that long ago forgot why it was born. Nor does it care for the letter, as regulation voted on by nobody will carry the full weight of law.

    Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy is spot on.

  24. “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” We get those from the bureaucratic state all the time. This lockdown over a version of a Corona strain is a fine example. Destroy a hundred million lives to save a few months for some grandmothers.

    The one thing to remember is “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” Our Empire has spread death and destruction at home and around the world from the very beginning. We keep finding ways to make it even worse, but there really was no “good old days”. (maybe the feds under Coolidge were somewhat tolerable)

    We are doomed because everyone is taught to worship the State, and to figure that if things are going badly then it is just that we put the wrong people in charge. Vote out the bastards! We will make it better! …. Horse shit.

    • Agreed! I’ve always thought that people should be allowed to do what they wish, as long as they don’t make a mess for others. But the devil’s bargain part of that should include: “You will pay the price for any misfortune you bring on yourself. We will not (indeed, often can not) rescue you.”

  25. The spirit of the 14th Amendment was to grant citizenship to American blacks yet somehow they finagled birthright citizenship from that.

  26. One example of corruption of the letter of the law is how gun grabbers are trying to redefine “well regulated” in the second amendment to mean “everything is banned except for what we say isn’t banned, and we can add to the list of banned stuff anytime we want.”

    In reality, “well regulated” when written simply meant well-trained (that’s where the idea of a “regular” soldier or militiaman comes from). The spirit of the amendment was to accommodate free association: all free white men were encouraged to self-organize and to conduct any self-training with arms they saw fit to function as an effective militia. Now that “well regulated” has been redefined, white men organizing into militias and training themselves as they see fit is seen as one of the world’s greatest evils and most dangerous and unacceptable acts.

    • Was doing a little reading up on Lexington & Concord. It was interesting to see how the patriots had organized patriot militias – drilling, organizing and all that – along the route. They seem to have been paramilitaries, with paramilitary training. Gage really was trying to solve the problems by confiscating the weapons of the locals.

    • “Well regulated”: trained as a group capable of following the Prussian code of arms, the military gold standard of its day.

      Now, Prussia and the German region were some 1600 independent duchies, not yet integrated into a nation-state as they were under the great Bismarck in… 1880, I think?

      So the ‘Huns’ often formed autonomous mercenary corps not only for self defense, but for hire.

      More like the Mongols or Vikings- or Teddy Roosevelt’s Raiders.

      Each state, by the way, has irregular militias that offer training to civvies and are legally recognized, under the Constitution, per state law. Hint, hint.

  27. I remember the Lewinsky scandal from when I was in college. The pure salaciousness of it overwhelmed the realization that the rule of law was being undermined in a way that would have serious consequences in the future. Oral sex not being sex and the quibbles over “is and alone” still echo today.

    We let that deviant and his evil wife off the hook completely. The economy was too good to change horses, even though the 90s boom was a function of new, emerging tech companies and was like the Emperor, totally lacking substance. The boom of the 90s happened in spite of Clinton and his administration.

    When I got into arguments with lefty about guns, they’d throw up all of this static about how the militia is the National Guard, etc. When asked why the Founders would enshrine a right to a National Guard in the Bill of Rights, lefty would usually end with an ad hominen attack and flee from logic like Dracula from the true cross.

    The law is now whatever the ruling class says it is. The constitution, which was on its way out anyway since the priests in black robes in the Supreme Court found banning free association constitutional and found rights such as infanticide and sodomite marriage in there, is a dead piece of paper that is only revered by the delusional.

  28. “A world with no tomorrow”.

    Liberalism is a death cult. But anyhow, a world with no tomorrow is an important feature of our fear-panic inspired totalitarianism.

    A world on the precipice, be it virus or climate or a question of bathrooms, does not have time for the old ways; no, we need to move forward to defeat the great threat. We are all in this together.

    Perhaps the End of history had this part right. A perpetual Today World can only exist if History is killed. So they obliged.

    Without history, tomorrow is an abstraction entirely up for grabs. The powers will dangle the carrot of a possible future while they flog you into submission because we don’t have time for the luxury of carrots. The honey and hemlock of muh democracy.

    For some reason people yell on their porches at 8pm. The buildings downtown have giant heart-shaped lights. “Stay safe” is the essential retail farewell. Heroes are born every 15 minutes now.

    They want this to be our finest hour. A battle of Britain but with netflix and take-out thai.

    Even near the end, when the enemy is almost invisible, like some V2 virus rocket, the buzz is deafening, and there is still a *chance* it will hit your apartment.

    It doesn’t matter that it is a cheap Chinese made facsimile of an actual war. Nobody remembers actual war. Or even true discomfort.

    The big screen glows and soma flows and well if tomorrow does come, we should all just be happy to be alive. The little freedoms we have to give up are nothing compared to the blackness of no tomorrow.

    Finally, the neurotic are vindicated; there is every reason to be afraid. Especially of that neighbor who does not wear a mask. Something must be done!

    • The Mother Earth cult became the unofficial state religion back in the 60s and 70s. It’s a secular religion. Problem is, with secular religions there’s no god whose judgments overrides the opinions of mere men. That’s why looming apocalypse has to be an integral part of any secular religion. Omnipresent impending doom is necessary to keep people afraid, compliant, and to justify its high priests’ demands for more and more power.

      Keep in mind, the Booby’s firmly an agnostic, he’s not preaching any particular religion here, just stating the facts about the pernicious nature of secular religions.

    • If you wake up and don’t wanna smile
      If it takes just a little while
      Open your eyes and look at the day
      You’ll see things in a different way

      Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
      Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here
      It’ll be better than before
      Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone

      Christine McVie
      god i can’t stand her voice

    • Pity the girls actually named “Karen.” Now they’re like the guys named “Dick.”

    • Thanks for that link!

      Some money quotes from this article I missed, although I read Z-H fairly regularly:

      “In truth, if you were real men you’d grow up and spend that time acquiring skills to become a man worthy of allaying the fears of all the Karens you say are destroying your favorite stories.

      Who knows? You might even get laid!? Just sayin’”

      This speaks to my personal experience. Living in the NYC corridor, between that shithole and Fairfield County, CT, and including Westchester County, I get to interact with men that have acquired the following skills:

      a. Sit on ass.
      b. Commute.
      c. Click keyboard.
      d. Stare at screen.
      c. Make money via a through d.

      I have a running joke at the expense of these acquaintances. When they show me their latest girly “porsh-ah” Macan, I coo, “wow… hey pop the hood and let me see what is under there…”

      Then I laugh uproariously as they fumble around, keep fumbling as I ask, “uh, you don’t know how to open the hood, dooyah?”

      Then reach in and pop it for them. Same place, left foot well, driver’s side.

      I tell you, it reduces smarmy VP of finance to nerd getting a wedgie. Then I get to laugh about it forever with my male friends and sons. “Hey, you know that dork Francis, he doesn’t know how to open the hood on his fancy fucking car.”

      Without the need to say it, a fair number of these super master(bators) of the universe are divorce raped, or clearly not getting sex from their wives and a lot of their sons turn out gay or effeminate, not that there is any connection to the father being unable to open the hood on the car.

      Even funnier.

      • You stopped the quote too soon. This was pretty good too: “But it means looking in the mirror rather than at porn. So I guess that’s a non-starter.”

  29. I read “This is the spirit of our age, the liberal democratic age” as
    “This is the spirit of our age, the liberal demonic age”.

    It seems more fitting somehow.

  30. The law, in spirit or in letter, is ignored by many because it simply doesn’t make any sense in a particular instance, doesn’t provide for needed exceptions, or is unlikely to be enforced. For instance, even in the wilds of bush Alaska there are fish and game laws. The locals violate the Migratory Bird Treaty because they need the protein, shoot moose out of season for the same reason, and know that if they can’t hear an aircraft flying nearby they’re unlikely to be caught gutting a moose. There’s no guilt in defying a law meant for tourists rather than residents.

    When some laws are disregarded in this way, however, there are consequences. The consequences of the Volstead Act were so negative that the 21st amendment to the Constitution was passed to eliminate it. Laws that can’t be enforced without draconian methods and are then violated with impunity lead to the same attitude toward other laws. Although marijuana is somehow an illegal substance in federal eyes, most local jurisdictions now ignore its use. A driver is unlikely to be stopped by the police for speeding at night in rural Nebraska so the speed limit is meaningless to him, as it probably should be.

  31. “ it is the world of no tomorrow”
    Just shop and consume on the credit card of course.
    The national credit card.
    And that terrible virus!
    Stop everything!
    White man shut down your small business!
    Now I must take all my stuff I got from the stores and the mall and Amazon and go hide under the bed.
    When can I shop again?
    Hey white guy just turn your business back on again so I can shop.
    Maybe it’s not so easy this time.

  32. Rex Lex or Lex Rex? goes the old debate. Is the King law or is the Law king? We can’t even begin to answer this question in America because we have to pretend we don’t have a King, or multiple not-so-benign despots floating around. Normie cons think the Constitution is King; progressives think anyone who isn’t white or male has a right to rule as the personal king over everyone who is white or male, in perpetuity, as revenge for history. Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg and everyone with a top secret clearance at any alphabet organization thinks they’re king, and they’re probably not wrong.

    • Reminds me of one of Murphy’s Laws of Combat*: “Both sides are convinced they’re going to lose, and they’re both right.” 😀
      *One of the great office humor posters from the pre-internet age. Also available via Google.

      • I’m glad I never shared a foxhole or a patrol with you. AK-47s and landmines are deadly enough without a steady drip of ear-poison.

  33. Nuts and bolts. Good decent men at the bottom of the law enforcement pyramid will now arrest a mother shepherding her children in a playground (and yes, that includes handcuffs and a ride in the police car, all played out dramatically in front of her kids) because these officers have been trained to follow orders (no matter how insane). Do this often enough, and you eventually get to officially sanctioned genocide. It’s just a matter of time and repetitive practice. When a tyrant gets the taste of power on his/her lips, the addiction is overwhelming.

    • Good decent men at the bottom of the law enforcement pyramid will now arrest a mother shepherding her children in a playground (and yes, that includes handcuffs and a ride in the police car, all played out dramatically in front of her kids) because these officers have been trained to follow orders (no matter how insane).

      Where’s the evidence that they’re good, decent men, again?

      • The screening process for new LEO recruits is actually pretty good at weeding out the psychopaths. And a lot of the people attracted to this occupation are ex-military. Meet and talk to some of these guys and you’ll find that they are pretty normal and hate being ordered to do stupid things. However, almost anyone can be corrupted if the system is set up that way.

        • Like all bureaucracy, police will select for those who defend the prerogatives and privileges of the institution. They may not do so explicitly at the front end, but they do so implicitly as a matter of process. This is the Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

          In sane societies, the game is to make sure the population is such that you don’t need policing. In liberal democracy, the opposite seems to hold. Society becomes a game preserve that requires an endless expansion of game keepers and wardens.

          • Once upon a time, they used to hang horse thieves and consequently the town only needed a sheriff and maybe one deputy. For anything bigger, you’d round up a posse of armed ranch owners.

          • That only worked when the guy you planned to hang either wouldn’t shoot back or your guys didn’t mind a real risk of few of them dying,

          • It’s the difference between golf and other sports. Golfers report themselves for rule violations even if no one else sees them. All other sports range from getting away with what isn’t seen to actively cheating.

          • In grad school I remember being told a story, perhaps apocryphal, although the professor was a fairly down-to-earth, balanced man, about Korean strong man and President (1980-1988), Chun Doo-hwan. Chun had come to the United States in the late 50s to attend the combat school at Fort Black in North Carolina. On one occasion he was driving back to his abode in the dead of the night and came up on a red light in the middle of some podunk, 4-corner town. There was a car in front of him and the light turned red. He noticed that the person in front of him sat at the light until it turned green, despite it being clear that there wasn’t another soul on the road. He thought to himself that at home in Korea that would have never happened and that until his countrymen showed such an intrinsic respect for the law the ROK could never be considered modern.

          • I swear I thought that story was going to end in an assassination attempt and Chun Doo-hwan fighting his way out against overwhelming odds. I’ve seen too many action movies. It was the bit about combat school that pulled me in.

        • So so some spine and don’t take the job. Its not like you’ll actually make a difference or be allowed to change anything and there are other ways to make a living.

      • “Where’s the evidence that they’re good, decent men, again?”

        Why else would you go into law enforcement if not a believing you are solid, good, and decent in morality? Everyone else entering the profession is just a suppressed adrenaline junkie looking for a way to get their rocks off.

    • I honestly don’t think it’s out of line to predict, some time in the future, whites will be gathered, lined up and openly executed in front of pre-dug disposal pits. It won’t be in total, and will be given some bovine excrement of a term, like “ridding of dangerous insurgents”, but the start down the road has already begun. White are becoming a minority in America, constantly insulted and worst -dehumanized, the critical step in marking anything as disposable. Seen it happen before.

      • While I think something like this is a ways off, I could see a form of state-backed reparations being enacted. White taxes and such — kinda like jizya. This is why I am moving to the south before I turn 30. Privacy. Solidarity. Community. Self-sufficiency. You’ll never make pizza like we do in NJ (nor will NY), but I’d bet the ribs are better.

        I’ll also miss how we just make fun of each other all the time in NJ. It’s how males bond here.

        • Lawdog – We don’t want to make pizza down here like you do in NJ. Like I said yesterday – don’t say that sh*t if you’re moving down South.

          • But sir, I reckon there’s opportunity for a jersey-style pizza joint down south (strongly Informed by southern traditions, of course). Tomatoes are our specialty as peaches are Georgia’s.

            Although, I have heard we yanks have a little more trouble starting businesses down there. Is this true?

          • We have Jersey/Brooklyn style here in the South. You’d have no problem starting a business. For example, within just a few miles of my humble abode:
            Pizza City New York Style
            Tony’s New York Style Pizzeria
            Frankie’s NY Pizza
            Try not to cringe – but what we need are some Chicago style pizza places.

          • When my grandmother passes, I will have the means to do so with my wife. That is, if the state doesn’t pilfer our family treasury as badly as I think it might.

        • Whites don’t have that much money or stuff o take and are well armed. If we steadfastly refuse to learn to organize, we deserve the boxcars.

          My suspicion is that Whites are starting to learn to get well organized at protests for guns, jobs and elsewhere and for less above board things, in quiet private places.

          Given how unstable things are, well it won’t be pleasant.

          Given the stories I’m seeing, the US may soon have real serious food shortages anyway either induced or because we simply built too brittle a system to save a few bucks.

          This could be our Chernobyl and frankly its ammunition to those of us who wonder why the Union even exists anyway.

          Over the next few years it might be best to figure out where you want you and any future offspring if you-are having any to live as if we go “bloop” you may not be able to just go where you want.

          The coastal states probably won’t allow it if they can manage that and the better ones, don’t allow just anyone in.

      • @ Forever Templar

        The reason whites won’t ever be mass executed the way you describe is, who is going to do it? Asians, Hispanics, Blacks?

        None of those people can accomplish anything on their own. Everything from the clothes on their backs to the plumbing in their walls was given to them by white men. One white man is worth one hundred of any other race.

        By the time the rising tide of color is high enough to drown the last whites, there won’t be enough guns and bullets available, and they won’t know how to make more. They don’t know how to make anything. Literally, they have to be instructed by white men.

        • @ Lowe: I heard an exchange, or maybe read about it,some years ago. Perhaps the story is apocryphal, perhaps not – but here it is anyway.

          A regular dude, a white guy, was in the black part of town at some store or other – a curb market or convenience store – and some brothers came in and started talking smack about how they were going to stick it to “the man,” to people like our pale-skinned protagonist. How they were going to come to his neighborhood and terrorize it and then burn it down.

          The white guy listened for a while, and then replied that if the dudes from the ‘hood wanted to go down that path, they’d better be aware of a few things. Things like the fact that in all of human history, no one has waged war more-completely or more-violently than white men. That all of the most-destructive technologies of making war were invented by European (white) civilization. Including the atomic bomb. He ended by saying, “When y’all get mad, a neighborhood gets burned. When my people get mad, continents burn.”

          The story goes that at this point, some old black church ladies – who’d been listening in quietly – joined in and scolded the troublemakers from the hood and sent them packing.

          Whether the story is factual or not, the message is correct. If you plan on opening the ball on white folks, you’d better be prepared for hell-on-earth, because that’s what you are going to get.

          As Rudyard Kipling wrote, “Beware the Wrath of Awakened Saxon”

          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and straight.
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the Saxon began to hate.

          In other words, be very sure you want to open that particular can of whoop ass, because once you open it, there’s no closing it.

      • @ Forever Templar:

        Re: “I honestly don’t think it’s out of line to predict, some time in the future, whites will be gathered, lined up and openly executed in front of pre-dug disposal pits.”

        Some may accuse you of panic-mongering, of fear-mongering,but there is more than a bit of truth in your statement.

        The late Dr. R.J. Rummel studied genocides and mass killings virtually his whole career as a political scientist. He made many important discoveries and insights, one of which was that such acts of mass bloodletting do not occur in a cultural-political vacuum, but instead occur by a fairly predictable series of steps, each escalating toward violence at the end.

        In plain language, most humans don’t wake up and decide to commit genocide one day. Typically, the process begins with one group in society, usually the dominant one but not always, scapegoating another for the ills and faults of that particular society. The now-classic example is the Jews in pre-war Nazi Germany. Jews and other “under men” – Untermenschen – were blamed or scapegoated for all of the problems of German society.

        Scapegoating progresses to the progressively more-severe and punitive measures taken against the blamed: the wearing of yellow star armbands; confiscation of businesses and economic assets, boycotts of Jewish owned businesses, riots, arson, beatings administered to Jews, and finally to imprisonment and murder.

        The scapegoating process is part of what is called “pseudo-speciation,” i.e., the labeling of fellow humans as sub-humans and therefore not really human at all. And if the targeted group aren’t human, then it isn’t “wrong” to wage war upon them, to kill them. That how figures like Hitler sold this to the German population as a whole.

        My somewhat long-winded point is this: The scapegoating process – in this case against people of European ancestry, a.k.a. whites – has been underway for a long time now in this country. In particular, against traditional, rural, Christian white males.

        Moreover, the communists have been talking amongst themselves for a long time about exterminating this same population. At one time, such talk was only on the fringes of the left, but today, it has gone mainstream to such an extent that many figures on the hard left now speak of it openly, albeit couched in language which strives to lend respectability to their radicalism and hate.

        If that isn’t enough bad news for one post, I’ll leave you with this. Tyrants in history invariably try very hard to disarm those they mean to enslave and/or exterminate. Just as the Muslim Ottoman Turks disarmed over a million Armenian and Greek Christians before killing them a century ago, so too do modern-day would-be tyrants seek to disarm those whom they would victimize.

        Never surrender your arms, and for goodness sake, don’t get into any boxcars….

    • Just wait until the pension disappears and see how dutiful the police are. Same reason teachers maleducate children, nurses and doctors stick you with needles full of God-knows-what. Money, even more than power, is the chief corrupting influence— and they print the stuff out of thin air!

      Even more than money, the debt it represents, and willingness of people to go into debt. Slavery, Inc.

    • You have to wonder what would happen if someone did that to your own wife. That cop had a choice – he could have exercised discretion, he could have let the “lawless” behavior go the way the Portland cops do with Antifa. But he didn’t.

      Put yourself in the shoes of her husband for a minute. This happened, now what?

      • >now what?

        Nothing. You live in a tyranny and have a family to take care of. Superheroes only exist in movies and only a moron, an autist or desperado with nothing to lose would confront the system head on.

        At best you may try some indirect action, if you have a reliable network and have the ability to mitigate the risks to your loved ones.

        • Downvotes, really? What are you going to do? It’s easy to act tough on the Internet but real life is different. I talk from experience from living in a totalitarian system. Something Americans don’t understand. You don’t live in a free country anymore. Act accordingly. If you want to confront the system, you have to consider how it will affect your family. How is that a difficult concept to understand? Confront the system head on and your whole family will suffer. That is how these things always go.
          You need to keep a cool head and resolve the situation with minimum or no harm to your family.

  34. “The gun grabbers like to play this trick when talking about what the Framers meant when the put the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights. They simply lie about what can be easily confirmed.”

    It amazes me they get away with ignoring the what the men who wrote about the Bill of Rights said about the meaning and intent of each amendment. Private ship owners at the time had the same firepower on board as the military did. They clearly did not oppose this.

    • Two of the biggest distortions are that the 2A is really to protect hunting and that “well regulated” means controlled by the government. The original intent was to protect the citizens from the federal government and well regulated meant well armed and organized.

  35. Even more than the law, people fear the LEGAL PROCESS these days. All the Constitutional guarantees of speedy fair trials are long forgotten. An arrest and prosecution on any felony (i.e. gun possession in New Jersey) probably means loss of job and bankruptcy just to cover the legal fees. They broke Michael Flynn on the wheel of legal process without any actual evidence.

    • Nay, that I mean to do. Is not this a lamentable thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should be made parchment? that parchment, being scribbled o’er, should undo a man? Some say the bee stings: but I say, ’tis the bee’s wax; for I did but seal once to a thing, and I was never mine own man since.

      Naturally, the Lawyers have Re-Interpreted Shakespeare. – John Paul Stevens, “As a careful reading of that text will reveal, Shakespeare insightfully realized that disposing of lawyers is a step in the direction of a totalitarian form of government”

    • Yes. I point that I have made many times is that the process IS the punishment. Most people simply cannot afford the ruinous cost and disruption of defending themselves. Even if they are successful, they are still ruined. Of course, TPTB know this.

      • Many foreign countries have a “loser pays winner’s legal costs” system in place for civil torts, lawsuits and such. Sometimes with the requirement to post a bond. I would add criminal trials too. I think that is a great idea and it’ll be in my list when the new constitution is drawn up 🙂

        • Some states in the U.S. have similar rules. Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to criminal cases where cops and prosecutors can ruin you without any consequences to themselves.

          • Drake, the same is true in Britain in criminal prosecutions. A judge does have the power to order the state to pay the successful Defendant’s costs but application is rare.

          • What consequences. Even when such a thing occurs. The tax payers end up footing the cost. So in the end you are always paying for your own costs. Whether you win or not.

            Police suffer consequences for false and perjured prosecutions so infrequently its an outlier at best.

        • That ‘loser pays’ law has a lot of downside too. Imagine being hit by a car and then being forced to not only have to pay all your bills and legal fees, but paying the phony internally generated legal “bills” of the insurance company!

          Or the kangaroo court that ruled against Tommy Robinson and forced him to have to pay the state’s internally generated “legal costs” after harassing him.

          This system is even more ripe for abuse than our system.

          • “That ‘loser pays’ law has a lot of downside too.”

            Correct. Most civil cases in Britain are a 50/50 proposition. The cost of losing is just catastrophic and most people are unwilling to risk that. Can’t say as I blame them.

            The real problem is an inequality of arms. The British state or globohomo (but I repeat myself) has bottomless resources. Even if they lose, it’s just chump change to them. So they can afford to keep losing until they win.

        • This won’t work since State assets vastly outweigh individual ones and the State can just beat you into the ground and than jail you till you pay for it,

          Also corporations can do the same, sue “big co” and they can spend limitless sums to see you destroyed and make you pay for it after.

          Real reform means changing laws, enforcing laws against cruel and usual punishment and for speedy fair trials a ban on plea bargains and probably a barrister system where you don’t know if you will be a prosecutor that case or a defense attorney.

          This will have bad effects in many areas as the US is so lawless in some areas that we simply cannot afford to lock up people but so be it.

          Ultimately if there is a future USA its going to have top be built to tolerate a very high level of instability for several generations until a stable moral system can be built.

          And note, “muh Christendom” probably won’t work. The US is more moral and Christian than basically anyone in the first world and worse off for it.

          It means secular policy for build long term thinking and stability.

          It may behoove the hypothetical “Nu State” to shoot all the troublemakers during an interregnum, gangster, grifters and repeat offenders as well.

          Along with heavy repatriation should lead to much less crime and decide and bad conduct and thus stabilize the system.

      • I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not,but U.S.prosecutors have the HIGHEST CONVICTION RATE in the world. Even in nations ruled by dictators, prosecutors lose more than they do here. IMS, the U.S.Conviction rate is in excess of 95%.

        • It’s largely a function of plea agreements. We’ll charge you with 3,000 years worth of offenses and you can roll the dice or you can plead guilty to three years.
          There’s also the matter of gross imbalance in the Judges application of the law. If a prosecutor promises a snitch a reduced sentence, better visitation rights, etc that’s just fine. If a defense attorney offers a defense witness inducements that’s witness tampering.
          The law is a tool of the State, not a defense against it.

    • Mark Steyn has commented on something similar on the civil side, given the interminable defamatioo suit brought against him by some professor: “The process is the punishment.”

      • The other thing Steyn said, which I think applies, is, and he was talking in reference to something that world class scumbag Pierre Trudeau did/said- and I quote from memory- “ burning down barns isn’t wrong because it’s illegal, it’s illegal because it’s wrong “.

      • A good example of this is that White Christian baker in the USA (Colorado, I think) who is pretty much under constant siege by the forces of globohomo. He is eventually vindicated but so what? The point is not achieve any sort justice or legal standard. The object is to break him. Eventually they will succeed.

    • This is true, but not universal. It is the tyranny part of anarcho-tyranny. While you are being bankrupt by the system and facing very real prison time, the “POC” masses are going through the catch and release system and not paying a dime either directly or through taxes.
      It is the Houston County “judge” (not really a judge, just an odd naming convention) who tries to release 4000 violent convicted criminals from prison while saying people not wearing masks will be subject to $1000 fine and 180 days in jail!

    • Speaking of the “legal process”
      The whole process begins with an indictment/accusation made by the government.
      The trial takes place in a “court house” owned by the government.
      The accused is tried before a judge paid by the government.
      They’re tried by a lawyer paid by the government.
      They’re defended by a lawyer who holds his/her license from the government.
      And to keep everything orderly there’s a guy/gal off to one side – armed to the teeth – paid by the government.

      What part of the above sounds in any wise like a recipe for anything which could even remotely be called “justice”?

      All criminal defendants ought to have to enter the courthouse through a door over which is inscribed “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”

  36. so it creates panics and emergencies
    — A smidge optimistic perhaps in thinking that they do this intentionally instead of constantly doing it accidentally through their own incompetence.

  37. Bill and Hillary Clinton might be the most famous sociopaths but that has definitely trickled down through the halls of power. I mean look at that loser bully Chris Como. He was caught out of his house when he was supposed to be quarantined, hanging with his family and another person, a police report was filed it made news and he still filmed his heroic emergence from his basement after his two-week quarantine sometime later. It boggles the mind really.

    • Trump’s “because you’d be in a jail” quip at the second debate won him the election because he was the first challenger to say the quiet part out loud.

  38. This is why the left pushes the “living constitution” nonsense. The law means what they feel it should mean. It’s also why they use selective prosecution. One of the most dangerous realities to our side are Soros funded local prosecutors who ignore left-wing violence, but become Inspector Javert to every right-winger who defends himself.

    • And yet CivNats continue to believe in their precious Constitution.

      They really believe that its magic words will protect them.

    • You should look up the current prosecutor of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner. A raving SJW whose campaign was funded by Soros.
      He campaigned on a criminal justice “reform” platform. This was not empty campaign rhetoric. He has utterly destroyed Philadelphia’s law enforcement abilities. His office refuses to press charges or lowers chargers and rarely seeks bail. Even before Coronachan was used an excuse to empty the prisons, the Philly county lockup was like 1/2 empty.
      I’ve seen stories of guys out on bail twice over (arrested, bail, arrested again while out on bail and given bail again) for violent gun crime going out and committing yet more gun crime including shooting people and killing.

      Or California’s decriminalized shoplifting. Dallas, TX is doing the same thing.

      It is the anarcho side of anarcho-tyranny. Of course, it is all race based. South Africa aside, America is the most race conscious society on Earth. Blacks (especially) and ‘browns’ walk around with a giant racial chip on their shoulder daring white people to push it off. Being black is a central organizing feature of “black life” and the “browns” are catching up quickly. Virtually every profession you can think of has a “black” professional group. Yet, any racial consciousness, aside from raging guilt is completely out of the question for the shrinking white majority of the country.
      The worst of this racial insanity is yet to come. The kids being raised today are being taught this stuff at an insane level. White children are already no longer a majority. Their minds are being poisoned and will affect them for the rest of their lives. What insanity, unthinkable today will be the norm in 20 years? Will public race based apology/struggle sessions be the norm, a repeat of the cultural revolution only the blacks and browns will be berating (and eventually killing) white people?

      • I agree. It will only get worse as the white population decreases because the wealth disparity will look more and more unjust to these people.

      • “What insanity, unthinkable today will be the norm in 20 years?”

        Provocative question. What is insanity today? White homelands? History is seldom linear.

        • Unfortunately, you can find quotes bemoaning the leftward movement of society every generation going back hundreds of years. The good stuff that is unthinkable today will likely be even more unthinkable in the future. Things are just way more likely to get worse than to get better.

          • Things are just way more likely to get worse than to get better.

            That’s just entropy, AKA the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as expressed in social systems. Over time, everything turns to shit.

          • “Unfortunately, you can find quotes bemoaning the leftward movement of society every generation going back hundreds of years.”

            True indeed, but then what is “leftward” these days? My various chums from my lolbertarian days regard the concept of “white homelands” as entirely socialist and, hence, left-wing.

  39. In my youngster NormieCon days, I remember Rush saying “when the Clintons violate the letter of the law, they quote the spirit of the law, and when the violate the spirit of the law, they quote the letter of the law.”

    Bigger picture for today….what incentive exists for any of the usual suspects NOT to do what’s described above? There isn’t one, and that’s how you know the system is broken and in need of replacement.

    • The next tactic is to attack the character of the accuser and the final to threaten the accuser.

      • Then the step after that is where Ben Shapiro tells us to accept the accuser’s moral framing

    • IOW, sophistry. Sophistry permeates public discussion in the US and probably the English speaking world in general.

      Really, the law is whatever they say it is. The courts completely ignore what the Constitution actually says and invent things the Constitution does not mention at all. This is mostly done by sophistry, word games.

      Is it really a surprise that they do this when law is so heavily influenced by Jews who pride themselves on their verbal abilities?

      • Yes, good point(s). Or to quote Browne more-or-less: “The government will change, repeal or ignore the law when it suits their purposes.” So will corporations and individuals especially if you add “when they can get away with it.” Disclaimer: the words above mean whatever I want them to mean, and the meaning may change without advance notice.” 🙂

    • Really Z, are you in mourning for the law?

      That’s like mourning the passing of someone who tried to poison you but poisoned themselves.

      I guess Mr. Z is a Protestant at Heart.
      Having no Canon they tried to replace it with Law.

      Which they then frivolously outsourced to the J-s.

      I remain a Papist in exile, so I can only laugh. Speaking of the passing of poisoners. 🤣

      “ The letter-of-the-law side”.

      Side. Yeah, side. Sure.

      • “The letter-of-the-law side”
        “The spirit-of-the-law side”

        Two sides of the same coin?

      • Both canon and cannon have been problems of civilization. I’ve no idea if Zman is a lapsed member of the Church of Rome, but I remain suspicious that he does not post on Saturdays 😀

        • “Be silent! Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth! I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm.” – Gandalf

          Your Grima… er, I mean gamma is showing again Dear Ben.

  40. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

    • I read Orwell’s Animal Farm yesterday. I don’t think I’ve read it before. It’s really more of a booklet than a book. You know he’s a great writer and he has some wonderful insights but he did think that there was an idyllic period that lasted for years after the totalitarians took over. And in The Road to Wigan Pier, he didn’t see any way out of the underclass class ever getting work ever again since war was totally out of the question. That was a 1938.

      • I just (re)read it a few weeks ago. Here’s a joke for those who’ve read it, and not a spoiler for the dullards who send their days watching Netflix 🙂 Not only are the humans and pigs playing poker, but the government has decided that to make everybody happy, the entire deck shall consist of Ace of Spades.

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