Wither The Bernie Bros

Lost in all the excitement of the government crackdown this past six weeks has been the fact that the Inner Party crushed the Bernie Bros. The party did not just outmaneuver them like they did in 2016, but they humiliated them. Their champion was forced to endorse the first Alzheimer American to run for president, while hiding in one of his mansions during the crackdown. The party made clear that they will not tolerate any more nonsense from the Bernie Bros going forward.

It was an impressive performance by the Inner Party. Once they decided it was time to end the Sanders nonsense, they wheeled around after the South Carolina primary and eliminated everyone but Alzheimer Joe, forcing each candidate to endorse Biden in a well-choreographed media blitz. They also had the media ready to promote each event through all of the official channels. Compared to the fumbling and bumbling of the Outer Party performance in 2016, it was a masterful show.

From the establishment perspective, the matter is resolved. Much as the Outer Party believed they had eliminated Buchananism forever in 1996, only to see themselves eaten alive by the cancer of Bushism, the Inner Party is sure they have put their crazies back in their boxes for good. They will tolerate brown bomb throwers like Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, because they are useful decorations. In the new, hip Inner Party, Maxine waters is replaced with wacky New Arrivals.

That said, what Sanders revealed in his two presidential runs is there is a substantial portion of the Democrat coalition that is uninterested in neo-liberalism. Like many people flying the White Nationalist banner, these people don’t like modernity very much, but have no way to look past it for an alternative moral framework. Instead, they look backward to a long gone past for an alternative. For them, it is industrial age socialism. They dream of being serenaded by folk singers as the rally against capitalism.

Unlike the people drawn to the former alt-right, the Bernie Bro world is much more colorful and culturally diverse. The alt-right was almost exclusively suburban, middle-class white boys. The Bernie Bros are disaffected young working-class whites, left-wing Jews and educated New Arrivals. The New Arrivals have benefited greatly from the current system, but are frustrated that they are slated to be nothing more than decorations for the Inner Party, so they are looking elsewhere.

The Inner Party is betting the New Arrivals will choose to stick with the plan, as being relegated to the outer darkness of political obscurity does not pay as well. People like Rashida Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez are not giving up the endless attention to lock arms with the dumpy and depressed children of old white working-class America. Instead, they will be the party spear throwers. The Inner Party will feed them new ideas to champion and they will sell them on party media platforms.

The radical Jews in the Bernie Bro movement are small in number and easily dealt with, as they are a permanent feature of the American Left. That leaves the white working-class element. Like the hard-core greens, who followed Nader out of the party, but sort of drifted back in, these voters seem less willing to fall in line with the Inner Party mandates. Many voted third party in 2016 or voted for Trump. This time most of these voters will simply abandon the election entirely

Now, the numbers for this cohort are not easy to figure, as there is not much in the way of polling to determine the size and characteristics of these voters. Since the Inner Party just wants them to die, the polling outfits and media are not allowed to look too closely at their issues. We’re left to guess by using what we see on social media and from the primaries in 2016 and 2020. Against Clinton, Sanders got 16 million votes. In 2020, he got half that in a truncated crowded race.

That means the size of the cohort is between those two numbers, but once you strip away the New Arrivals and adjust for other factors, the real range is between 5-10 million people or about 3-6% of the total vote. In other words, it is not an insignificant portion of the voting pool. It’s why Trump continually makes overtures to those voters whenever he talks politics or economics. It’s also why the Inner Party is now anathematizing the Bernie Bro media personalities.

That’s probably the best way for the Inner Party to handle these people. If they marginalize their leaders and media personalities, they have no rallying point, so they cannot organize themselves. All of those “dirt bag left” YouTube characters better get familiar with D-Live and other fringe social media platforms. They also better get ready to be treated like lepers at the Democrat convention. They will be purged from all sanctioned platforms. The valley of the damned will be getting crowded.

Now, it must be mentioned that the kookier elements of the now defunct alt-right think they can build a red-brown alliance with the Bernie Bros. Counter-Currents did a long post on the ridiculousness of these ideas. The “wignats” as the author calls the remains of the alt-right movement, are delusional. Too much of what defines the Bernie Bros is an opposition to crackpots embracing fascism. The grand Red-Brown entente is as likely as a Muslim – Zionist grand bargain to rule the West.

One amusing aspect of the Brown overtures to the Red side is the Browns are using the language of Marxism to do it. They try to explain to the Red that they are suffering from a false consciousness and need to examine who really controls their lives. It’s not a lot different than Breitbart types trying to own the libs by showing how much more anti-racist they are than the Democrats. Instead of “Dems Are The Real Racists” it is “White Nationalists Are The Real Socialists.”

In the end, the most likely result for the Bernie Bros is the same that we have seen with the patriotic white working class. Unable to move in any direction without compromising something vital to their identity, this group has just faded from the scene. Trump brought them out of the shadows to some degree in the 2016 general election and may do so again in 2020, but after that they will disappear from the electoral map. The Bernie Bros will follow the same path into obscurity.

The reason for this is that political movements based only in grievances are short-lived and ones based in incoherent grievances are even shorter lived. That is the common thread to the proposed Red-Brown alliance. Both sides answer to “what are you rebelling against?” is “what have you got?” They don’t know why they are unhappy and they don’t know what they want if not the present, so they rummage in the past for the trappings of meaning, fraternity and purpose.

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220 thoughts on “Wither The Bernie Bros

  1. as of now the problem seems is that for both the patriotic culturalist and the bioleninist redistributionist (which are two sides of the same unhappy rootless westerner coin), the rummaging and reactionary time should be done. the descriptive and “creationary” aspect should take forth, and from there on symbols and platforms adopted. with vanguards and the whole jazz. futurist patriarchal-leninism, technobiochristianity, tradnationalist populism, call it whatever. as long as it’s new structures and new leaders with a base in national traditions. otherwise, we are going to keep pushing less than perfect vessels of the past that are not in sync with the world that is coming; while forgetting the roots of the past, like the other revolutionaries, that instead failed due to exclusively worshiping the unknown future. we can’t do Spanish galleons anymore, but we can’t do flying cars on solar either.

    the problem is, the view of the future is captured by the stupid technocratic mirages and the pop-culture imposing them. we endlessly debate colored-pills and analyze the works of (((Hollywood))) while not making much alternate structure-communities of our own. even worse, nor do we even infiltrate existing structures, because while only few are receptive to the message, when they are receptive (based socialists, trad Christians, female trads) we botch ourselves and scare them off. why? because there are no leaders or parties or religions or communities to refer to, just blogs and memes and trolls and chans (and internet divas fighting over who is the king of the natzeesphere or whatever). in that carny-esque milieu, we are going to have either neocon hucksters trying to shepherd us back into the fold, or neopagan/medievalist/libertarian/nazbol/masculinist weirdos like us who always argue and cannot find good single list of reasons to ally with each other, rather only many lists of personalized reasons to huddle up together against others. (and yes, i’ve done it too when preaching integralism – but that is the point, the “movement” cannot decide on a single philosophy, so a bunch of strands and mini-leaders and mini-structures can appear).

    in short, it is not enough. as corny as it sounds, we need a “unified voice”. and one that can be heard… and not manipulated by (((inlaws))). and not just in politics, but in all other aspects of society. in other circumstances it would not matter and we would have more time over years to build up momentum, but right now we don’t have the demographics for playing United Nations…

  2. (that’s so frustrating to know, each time I write on your comments, there’s always a ton of comments before mine, so I’m, like Sisyphus, condemned to never get answers. On the other side, I easily admitt than writing a long article every day PLUS reading and answering all comments is a “mission:impossible” job ^^)

  3. Dear Z-Man, you wrote “Instead of “Dems Are The Real Racists” it is “White Nationalists Are The Real Socialists.”

    As far as I agree with the first part of your phrase, I deny the “absurdness” (forgive me if this word don’t exist) of the second part.

    And I will use a very simple exemple :

    consider the Danish welfare state. Add to it the ethnostate politics.

    What’s illogical, or impossible in this combination ? Does it seems more fanciful than a mix between Paul Ryan/Koch Brothers economics + ethnostate ?

    Obviously not.

    So yes, nationalists R the real socialists, but nationalists, generally speaking, are not dogmatics on economic policies. They are, in fact, more reasonable, centrist, moderate, and flexible on it.

    And no matter what cato institute or Harvard could say, NS Germany economics was an awesome success.

    (of course, NS Germany as the 14-18 background, i.e., they are in love with uniforms and all that stuff. The new nationalism should focus very strongly into the spirit of Liberty. This foolish and scary spring 2020 could help, in this way)

    • The Nazis were can certainly successful at creating zero unemployment. The problem is when the only thing you can do with your product is blow it up, you don’t create any wealth.

  4. Dear Zman Dear Zman,You have no complaint
    You are what your are and you ain’t what you ain’t
    So listen up Buster, and listen up good
    Stop wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood.

  5. “We are determined to protect our African American, Hispanic American, and minority workers who have been hit so hard by this hidden enemy”

    Hidden Enemy lol What about White Americans asshole, is there such a thing in your Lysol tremendously infected brain?
    Oh yes Whites, they are going to pay for it, them and their children and grandchildren


  6. It is less important to appeal to white Sandernistas than it is to act in such ways as will provoke the other members of the Bernie group to drive them out of the coalition for us, and towards us.

    • What would you do with them?
      Put them in boot camps?
      These soy boys were long passed their formative years thoroughly indoctrinated with the most lunatic of ideologies, they are effeminized beyond repair, weak in body and mind they are destined for a long futile existence on the margins of Greta Thunberg cult

  7. There was no alliance between red in brown in Germany, on the contrary there was a war to the extinction
    We know who got extinct, alas just for 12 years
    There will never be an alliance between brown and red even if we clone Stryker in 100 k copies
    There should never be an alliance, those who sides in any way with leftoid lunatics are the quintessential enemy of the civilization and by extension mine

    • As for BBs I am still to find a single unit in the cohorts who would remotely resemble to a Man
      If they were all to disappear in Gulags tomorrow that would be a small step for Gulags but great one for humanity

  8. Dag-nabbit. Note to Self: Read Article First.
    Then re-read article, before yammering.

    This is a funeral dirge, and the Bros won’t save us Brownshirts.

    Welp, I guess that whole BNP/George Lincoln Rockwell thingie goes right out the window, then.

    We can only wait for the Boomers to die, as their post WWll conditioning is too calcified, and the Enemy’s position is too entrenched.

    We can’t expect acknowledgement, but neither did the lonely few who kept the candle-glimmer of the truth of the Big Lie alive.

    No awards, okay, but as long as Mark Levine keeps mentioning the Fauxlocaust every third sentence, I’ll keep mocking, sneering, and jeering.

  9. Organize.
    Even a bake…no. I can’t go that gay.

    Someone organize; pot luck dinner.
    Or raffle.
    Or here’s one; political betting pool?

    Here is the difference between organized and disorganized; A Whale is an organism, it is organized biology.

    Plankton is atomized biology.
    Vast in overall biomass, but helpless before the more organized whale.
    We are utterly atomized on the Right.

    The Left is the whale, we are the plankton.

    But if we organized we could get an upgrade, say to Piranhas.

    Wouldn’t you rather be a school of Piranhas then a mass of Planktons?

    I would.

  10. OT, but a good antidote to black-pill overdose. This is an hour-long interview of Victor Davis Hanson on the Wuflu. His insights are sober, realistic and informed by his views of classical history. The concluding remarks are upbeat. I know some in the DR don’t cotton to him because he writes for NR, but I find him to be wise and rooted in common sense. Give it a listen and see if you don’t agree. https://youtu.be/KqCudv-JQ2o

  11. Bernie gave up when his entire platform went mainstream in the Covid age. Must be a dream come true for him.

    • Maybe that is why he suspended.

      Probably thought that as we now have mass unemployment, house arrest, a nation of wannabe Stasi informers, mass surveillance and arrests for being “white outside without a reasonable excuse” there was not much left for him to achieve.

      Might as well kick back in the 3rd house and enjoy the ad spend vig.

  12. To my way of thinking getting the Bernie Bro’s coming our way is much more difficult than getting the Trumpsters and Civ Nat’s heading into our camp.
    Why go after a herd of possible Bernie Bro’s when we got a herd of Mr. and Mrs Conservative Inc Shawn Hannity and Rush Limbaugh types watching their guy Trump fumbling around with the doctors and being pulled into a trap that will destroy the livelihood of the Trumpsters?
    Our thing should not spend a lot of time on the Bernie Bro’s in my mind. It’s too difficult and harder to pull them in. Our time should be spent slowly red pilling the disappointed Trumpsters.

  13. I would never dismiss any rare Bernie Bro that truly wakes up to race realism, but it’s true we should focus our limited resources and attention where we get the most pay off: we’ve converted many more normiecons than we ever will dirtbags.

    Can you imagine a dirtbag ever comprehending the horror of this scene:
    “I was walking through the mall when I saw an incredibly foreign-looking woman, wearing what must have been traditional attire in Somalia or somewhere similar, screaming in a foreign tongue at one, or several, of her six, incredibly dark-skinned children. Two of these little brown children were wearing shirts that read in very bold, capital letters, “WE ARE YOUR FUTURE.”

    Millions upon millions of normiecons already feel unease and anger with this incredibly common scene and have drifted right because they know it’s wrong even if they can’t yet coherently articulate WHY, or they’re still distracted with temporary hangups and just need a little helpful nudge. You’re gonna have to work so much harder parsing out the evil of this scene for a dirtbag who still won’t get it. Sure, maybe the dirtbag left aligns 75% economically with the dissident right, but getting them to understand the remaining 25% of race realism will be WAY harder than getting normiecons to dump the 75% of free market bullshit they’ve imbibed since the Bush years, but keeping and building on the 25% of diversity skepticism they already have.

    By the way, I bet the mom in that scene probably can’t read English yet (or ever will be able to), so she probably didn’t pick those t-shirts out for her kids. The NGOs and/or the State Department that dumped that family into this country probably clothed those kids. I gotta thank them for red-pilling that many more normiecons!

    • Conversion, how in hades do we get that CC article on Am Thinker, Townhall, or Breitbart?

      More from the article:
      “it was so very nice to be around just my own…

      Much of the Western world is experiencing what is being called a “loneliness epidemic”; we have fewer friends and fewer meaningful interactions than ever before. 

      Now, where can young people of our stock go to enjoy and congregate? It’s no wonder millennials are the loneliest generation and so many struggle to find any meaning in life”

    • Since when are Progs called “Dirtbags”? I’ve never seen them called that till I read your comment. Isn’t it too close to the “dirt people” on our side? The Left doesn’t deserve any word as down-home tough as “dirt”. They’re something slimy.

      • Chapo Traphouse is the leftist podcast analog of TRS. They call themselves the “dirtbag left.” Their job is to prevent young white men from leaving the left.

        They are not often funny. A typical bunch of trust fund revolutionaries who think simply using profanity is comedy. I was amazed at how untalented they are and I was prepared to be sympathetic. They are incredibly well paid and praised.

        Last time I checked in, maybe a year ago, they were forced to have a woman co-host, to deflect criticisms of sexism, and she tone polices them.

  14. “The Bernie Bros are disaffected young working-class whites”

    Proof, or at least suggestion? Bernie fans seem to me to be more centered in the colleges and the children of the upper-middle class.

  15. Z Man said: ” In the end, the most likely result for the Bernie Bros is the same that we have seen with the patriotic white working class. Unable to move in any direction without compromising something vital to their identity, this group has just faded from the scene. Trump brought them out of the shadows to some degree in the 2016 general election and may do so again in 2020, but after that they will disappear from the electoral map. The Bernie Bros will follow the same path into obscurity. ”

    Compared to the ” hard left” in the early 70s, the bernie bros are a bunch of soy sucking homos. Back then there was a bomb going off somwhere damn near every day, Eather from home grown terrorists or the FALN Maoists from Puerto Rico. Any bozo can brake glass or torch a car. But if takes a special kind of freak to blow crap up. But the fact is that, “Feelin the bern” or hoppin aboard the Trump train was always going to be the last act before the curtain fell. And all the wise heads that I’ve read say the same thing. that trying to fix the system is simply creating another system with a new group of elites, and the plebs always end up right back where they started. the Amish, the Mennonites and the Hutterites understand this. Small is beautiful.

    James Howard Kunstler always has good advice about that.

  16. I know two Sanders supporters, one a relative by marriage and the other a friend from high school. Both are gay and in their 60’s. I think both will vote for Biden in November. They hate Trump and don’t want him to appoint any more judges. The judge issue keeps many voters on their respective reservations. It is why I voted for Bush, McCain and Romney despite my dislike of their immigration positions.

    I predict Tucker Carlson will start a populist nationalist party at some point. Tulsi Gabbard (who supported Bernie in 2016) will be a part of this party (she is on Tucker’s show constatntly). She will bring the less crazy Bernie Bros into this new party.

    • I have no idea if he could pull it off but a Tucker Carlson led coalition and party would at least read executive orders before signing them and Tucker would not have Jared and a Ivanka and Goldman Saks parsing everything Tucker does.
      Trump is a disrupter. That’s about the extent of his purpose.

      • Trump/Pence get re-elected.
        Pence Resigns.
        Trump appoints Bannon as VP; confirmed by Senate.
        Trump resigns; Bannon becomes President.
        Bannon names Tucker Carlson as VP; confirmed by Senate.


        • Tucker is a Prog’s worst nightmare. He’s been ripe for assassination for a good 5 years now. The minute he starts talking about a possible presidential bid, he’d better hire Pope, Oprah, Zuckerberg levels of security, and then some.

          • He is totally against the system. Having a promoted multi-million dollar contract on a globalist entertainment station.

            I can see how he slipped through when the smallest non-entity view on some random knitting forum is hounded relentlessly by the authorities for a bit of a thought crime.

            Makes total sense.

      • Trump showed that there is a constituency for America First issues (what we used to call the Pat Buchanan type issues). Hopefully, Tucker or the next one we elect will make solid appointments and do some actual draining of the swamp.

  17. In addition to Robert Hampton’s post, Counter Currents has three really good “The Bernie Bro Question” posts by Travis LeBlanc on the bitter dead end of universal blank slatism (Bernie Broism), which is some of the best analysis I’ve ever seen.

    Sometimes a meme really is worth a thousand words, and this one perfectly captures the response Bernie Bros will get in Every. Single. Election. Going. Forward. They better get used to it.

    Because all the brown hordes already have socialism, there is no need for Bernie Broism in a majority-brown world, and because the universal blank slatism of the Bernie Bros makes it impossible for them to understand that “worker’s rights” have really meant “white rights” since 1965, they’re destined for the trash can of history. So the future of opposition to globohomo belongs to the dissident right, not the dirtbag left.

    • End of BBs, I love the meme.

      I have wondered what will happen to the BBs. They have only 2 choices really. Literally “Man Up” and join our thing OR die; i.e. remain virgins workIng at Starbucks wondering how their college years went so wrong. I can see a lot of Columbines coming in the next 20 years.

      • I don’t see that at all. The politics for the mass market middle-class revolutionaries is a combination mind programming/fashion thing that one internalizes in whole form. Like the beard/tattoo hipster thing or any number of total attitude fads engineered since the 50s.

        As with sad old punks, some will age clutching their Das Capital in a shitty apartment, but most will just swap skin suits for the next mass market mind programmed fashion cause, as if their previous life never happened.

        The social conditioning is so strong that there is no choice in this. It just depends on what the environment megaphones is yelling today. They can’t ignore the daily call to prayer of the MSM.

  18. A special kind of disfunction must exist in the limited thinking of those outside the dissident right. It is surely a form of mental illness. Delusional psychosis is part of their mindset. We have seen the enemy and it isn’t us.

  19. The situation described in the Z-man post strikes me as subjet to mobilization by a charismatic and ruthless leader. I’m thinking along the lines of Benito Mussolini or Huey Long. I don’t see any such man on the horizon, as the Swamp is good at co-opting such people. But the more and the longer this group is suppressed and excluded, the greater the chance that such a leader may emerge. I remember Steve Sailer writing once that if George Washington had received the British Army commission he craved, American independence would likely never have happened. But the British came close to crushing the continental army and ending the prospects for American independence at several points between 1775 and 1781. It might turn out diferently this time.

    • In reflecting further, Steve Sailer has also noted the behavioral similarities of present-day American whites with American Indians: a defeated people. Tthere’s an unpleasant possibility that anyone trying to rally the people Z-man describes might be replicating the efforts of Metacomet in King Philip’s War, Pontiac, Tecumseh or Wovoka (Indian originator of the Ghost Dance).

      • I used to think that The People of Wal-Mart calanders I have gotten as useless Christmas gifts in the past were pretty funny. This year it was my thought exactly, looking at those obviously mentally disturbed whites, I am looking at a defeated people currently on a trajectory with a very bleak future. I don’t find it so funny anymore.

  20. As someone who frequents this website, V Dare, Paul Ramsey and the main TRS sites while they all can be identified as “dissident” I don’t see much demographic overlap between the first three and the last one. The TRS people are more embittered because, as part of my age group, they’ve led more embittered lives. While my brain definitely with the first three, my heart is with the last one because I’ve seen the end results in my age group of what happened in our demo so many years ago. Watching a cul-de-sac full of 1980s baby boomers, who had it all, selfishly destroy their lives and the lives of their kids. By the 90s it was already gone. A bunch of face piercing teenagers with CPA dads. Mom starts f-ing a black guy to get back at her ex husband. etc. etc.etc. The families completely shattered and atomized. I don’t mind if they lash out because they have a lot to be angry about, even if Shlomo isn’t really the source of all their problems. In hindsight I feel lucky to be one of the only kids on the block with boomers who didn’t destroy their marriages. I have stability today because of it, and I don’t have scars in my ears from inserting hockey pucks.

    • It’s a crude schema (and Freud is basically a fraud) but I think of the TRS guys as the “id” of our thing, whereas the other guys you mentioned are the “ego.”

      (Maybe we lack “superego” types, and that’s a problem, because we can’t match the left’s shrieking self-righteousness?)

      Harmonizing–or at least developing a working relationship among–our id, ego, and superego is a challenge for our thing.

      • Yep. There’s so much to disagree on. Especially with Dissidents being the confident types. Take Covid19. Many DR commenters on the web say they’re “not listening to so & so again” because of his position on Covid. Amongst ourselves, Covid’s not even a moral issue really. Amongst ourselves, it’s more a test of one’s judgment or perceptive abilities. However you want to cut it, it’s not worth forswearing some of our best Dissident Righters over.

  21. If you ask a white nationalist “what are you rebelling against,” he would reflexively say “Jews…and my CPA father.” If you ask a Bernie Bro what he’s rebelling against he would likely say “hiring managers who see no value in my Sociology degree….and my CPA father.”

    • Any other hot Freudian takes?

      All anti-feminists have “size” issues, right? Anti-homos are all secretly gay?

      This is a cucked-down version of RamZ’s recent “one side hates…” kosher fence-straddle.

      At least RamZ recognized that one side was anti-White. The best you can muster is “they’re against muh capitalism b/c stoopid librul arts major.”

      Race is real. Biology > culture > politics.

      There’s plenty of room over at Breitbart & Townhall for civ-nats still in denial.

      • I’m just stating fact. If that upsets you perhaps there is a Freudian issue after all. Yes, biology is very important, no Tyrone or Shanequa ever built a civilization, but both groups appear to have unstable upbringings with weak door-mat fathers who were seen as nothing but money machines for selfish women who were never told what’s up.

  22. “The Bernie Bros are disaffected young working-class whites, left-wing Jews and educated New Arrivals.” There’s an elephant-sized question mark there: To what extent might each cohort pivot to voting for Trump in November? Only the left-wing Jews seem entirely predictable: No Way! But the young working-class whites and the educated New Arrivals? Could they surprise us and vote in a significant way for Trump? Or, nearly as salutary, refrain from voting entirely?

    • Four more years.

      Record minority employment, record legal immigration, record National debt, house arrest, mass surveillance state, prison reform, endless Israel support, record women and “minorities” in senior govt.

      I can hardly wait to see what the next four bring.

      • If we get a severe recession or depression, one “good” thing for our side will quite likely be tens of millions of unemployed Americans (e.g. the kind of people who actually worked for a living, not the parasites) suddenly becoming aware of the number of legal and illegal immigrants holding jobs. There could be a powerful anti-immigration movement. Interesting times!

    • I can (barely) give a Righty the benefit of the doubt in voting for Trump as a lesser evil, but the idea that anyone to Trump’s Left will shift their votes to him is MAGA fan-fiction. Trump’s given them even less incentives to vote for him than Our Guys have. Look for Bros to mostly write-in their Bernie vote or otherwise stay home.

      • Have you ever heard ‘don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good?’
        For all of Trump’s faults, he is way better than the alternative. Not just in the ‘lesser or 2 evils’ way either. Every radical leftist has bitched and moaned about how their leftist politicians weren’t moving fast enough. You would be hard pressed to find a leftist publicly thanking the likes of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi et al going back a generation or 2, yet here we are in clownworld. All the leftists complained and even call these people right wingers. Yet, despite all the kvetching, we have moved steadily left.
        Trump is literally ONE GUY. If nothing else we are not in the Middle East allegedly fighting the guys we ourselves are arming.

        • I practice before the federal judges Drumpf has been appointing. On the whole they are a better lot than those installed the prior decades. Judicial appointments, including replacement of the fishmonger on life support, are the only reason I intend to vote for Drumpf. Once we are shut out of the courts permanently, it’ll be ripe for the guns or the formal, permanent enslavement and I am not looking forward to being flogged by Kunta Kinte and Kizzy.

        • It’s closer to; Don’t let the evil and the insane be the enemy of the basically good if seriously flawed.

          For at least he helped us some, showed us another world is possible.

          Putting Blue in Power after they’ve now tasted true dictatorship with COVID is a mistake akin to Ludendorff putting Lenin in power in Russia. Even worse, had Germany then not thrown away her chances on the Western Front Lenin at least *might* have remained a German client for a time.

          Trump stumbles. Blue would march us into with bold strides and whips into Venezuela, or worse.

  23. A Red-Brown Alliance is a Kardasian-Kardasian Alliance: Enough of the right stuff defined by the ugliest of aesthetics, arranged in the right way and all will be well…at least until something hard to define drives them to go stuff hunting again and again and again. Crisis to Alliance to Crisis to Alliance to Crisis to Crisis to Crisis to Death.

    A flattened Earth, its flattened civilizations and all flattened curves have left Man looking for fulfillment in only what he can touch and taste. Science and technology are the demigods of this horizon, the only ones allowed. All serve not nature but the malicious manipulative gods of power and mammon.

    A Family, a People, a Civilization, an upward and outward spiritual god/nature that permeates and inspires all that man does and all dreams that he may reach for all lay dormant. The spiritual that gives Man his vertical dimension is buried and weighted down by Syphilization. Let it go. What’s left to redeem that isn’t already dead? Join and take part in building a community capable of riding out the inevitable so that we may lay the foundations for something better when the time comes.

    Orania in SA is probably doomed, but as things decay more and more in North America and Europe implicit Orania-like regions are probably inevitable. Many are already in the works for we’ve been doing this for decades. They are called suburbs. We just need to harden up and dig in a bit more. Many middle American towns are emptying out so RE is cheap. A group move pooling resources could make a go of it. You going it alone won’t cut it. It never did for our ancestors for they always migrated in groups from the time of the Pleistocene and Holocene to the Dust Bowl era. Going it alone, communal banishment, is something very new. The Greatest/Silent Gens gave it a spin. The Boomers made it the only means of survival after ZOG’s maliciousness. The Redder an area you settle the more it will cost ZOG to control. Make the costs prohibitive. Inviting a bunch of Bernie Bros into this would be like paying a working girl from Wuhan for some good clean fun. Let those who can find their own path to our side.

    • Unreconstructed Bernie Bros are not ready for Our Thing and have to meet us halfway but it doesn’t hurt to leave a light on for them.

      I don’t need to stray from my lane to appeal to them, but I’m willing to let them merge.

      • There’s a lot more cars in the “teenaged children of MAGAtard” lane.

        Mr. Fuentes has built them an on-ramp.

        • Amen. This is the most fertile ground.

          Basically they don’t trust muh librul media and might here some basic civnat stuff, maybe even an occasional rayciss slip up from their parents.

          They need a community, we need to start building for them.

    • Present interests are still too deeply held. Everyone is play acting. We will all limp through the summer months. How this screw turns will become clearer come the fall. No one will be changing lanes until things get serious. I’m less concerned with the BBros than I am with our own people who still seem to need to keep a tire in the kosher lane.

      I agree Meme, the kids of MAGALand parents end up in TRSLand. Not all but a lot of them.

  24. Progress is dead. There are people trying to not lose it all in their lifetimes and people trying to get it over with so they can have some kind of life in the aftermath.

    • Seriously. We have parasitic elites. Their great-great-great grandparents may have been productive but these people only know how to consume. They will consume us non-elites to maintain their position, moving up the socioeconomic ladder until there’s rebellion or collapse. The trillions upon trillions of stimulus, lockdown, flat curving, whatever, are just efforts to hold on.

      That’s how it’s going to be. There’s no trick to get out of taking the medicine. You can either fight for your pampered slavery and selfishly hope your kids suffer the consequences or you can get it over with and let the healing begin, let the younger generations have some hope.

      All things run their course. Until we get past this moment of trying to stop time and end history, talk of politics and ideology isn’t going to be fruitful. We can’t successfully plan for the future until we allow it to happen.

  25. If the conservative movement is anything to go by, Ron Paul was to the GOP what Sanders is to the Democrats. Paul ran in 2008 and 2012 and in many ways was very similar to the Sanders’ campaign of 2016 and 2020. He had a sizeable following of extremely enthusiastic males (almost 100% white though), mostly young who were disaffected and saw nowhere to go until the Trump campaign. Frankly, I don’t think Trump could have gotten out of the primaries without this group working tirelessly behind the scenes and on social media. Trump had very little money and no support within the GOP. While the media played a big role, I think the grass roots played a big role as well, especially in the beginning. While nobody could have possibly foreseen Donald Trump as the legacy of Ron Paul in 2012, there is little doubt that Donald Trump is the successor to Ron Paul.

    • “While nobody could have possibly foreseen Donald Trump as the legacy of Ron Paul in 2012, there is little doubt that Donald Trump is the successor to Ron Paul.” Yes. Very true.

    • Agreed. I was one of those Ron Paul kids.

      The pattern I’ve noticed:

      Tea Party 2009 = Occupy Wall Street 2011

      Ron Paul 2008 & 2012 = Sanders 2016 & 2020

      Trump 2016 & 2020(?) = …what exactly?

      The explicitly anti-white campaign Jack Dobson mentioned up-thread?

      • I believe it was Trayvon Martin and Black Lives Matter more than anything else that turned those young Paul people into ready social media foot soldiers for Trump. Quite a few blogs and commenters in the Paul/libertarian scene had just sort of disappeared by the time Ferguson was in the news.

        I’m not sure if the Bernie Bros have been shocked by something like that yet.

        • No doubt BLM did more to help our side than probably anything else in recent history.
          Funny how BLM dried up literally overnight. One day it was everywhere and the next, memory holed.
          Blacks started getting the idea they could just break out in a “Black Lives Matter!” chant and everything following would be excused away.
          There was a guy who was an Iraq veteran, whose heroism was made into a bronzed statue. He was eating in a McDonald’s in DC when the fellas started chanting “Black Lives Matter!” and he ended up being beaten unconscious. That one got memory holed too.

          I often wonder what would happen if the enemy didn’t control the press and you were allowed to speak the truth.

  26. Alt-Hype did a good video on why the white-brown alliance is so dumb and based on lies anyhow.

    Heimbach, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant has joined up with one of these brown-power groups. Alt-Hype smacks him down pretty good.

    As long as Heimbach is associated with progressive leftists, you can expect any coverage of him to completely disappear.

    • As long as straw-demon Heimbach lives rent-free in the minds of right-flank tone policemen, he will never lack for coverage.

      • Tone policing? The only way anyone should even know who Heimbach is, is through an appearance on Maury Povich finding out who the father is! Tone police? More like embarrassment police.
        Every time you try and talk to someone about, say, race and the natural push back they feel, remember, they are thinking you are your buddy Heimbach.
        When the media needs a dancing monkey to ook about black people, they call him up and he dons the suit and starts jumping around.

        • Saying someone is an irrelevant straw man and fright doll is hardly being their “buddy,” Up your game and stop doing antifa’s work for them – you are vastly more worried about Hamback and the other cartoon-characters than anyone in White Nationalism or the DR in general. You’re the one giving him O2, not me.

          “As Matt Heimbach said…” = words I’ve never spoken. Stop trying to fit me for your clown-suit.

          • You misunderstand me. I draw attention to him to share in the LOLs.
            FFS, the guy is appearing on a leftist YT channel denouncing his former “far right violent extremism.”
            You cannot pretend that these people don’t exist either. The best way to deal with them is to make fun of them. The jokes practically write themselves! If you got into a fight with your son-in-law, would you drive over to
            Walmart and call the SPLC?
            For better or worse, this guy claimed to be one of the faces of the right. The people with the megaphones said ‘hey, when talking about the alt-right (for example), here is the guy who embodies those values and political ideas!’
            Granted, he was nowhere near as big as Spencer, but he was certainly big enough to be a Charlottesville with a bunch of Nazi flags that helped bring down the alt-right.

            Pretending these people don’t exist is a fool’s game.

          • Tars, you mean give them a target?
            Every movement needs a Devil, and if this is the backstabbing asswipe that arranged the C-ville discreditation show, denouncing traitors is bloody red meat to the marxist lite. It’s prime steak.

            You can see how effective this is on the visuals of Good Morning America. Turn off the sound. First the upbeat black leader lady, then the earnest, kindly Latina, last the dumpy, stupid, low-rent white neurotic woman with bipolar fibromyalgia.

            That image of ourselves. Nobody wants to be the trailer trash redneck. All the Lefty sh*tshow is a status competition.

            Let’s give ’em something they can grasp.
            After the Revolution, the leftish types get to the truly important work of denouncing each other. Think of it as outreach.

          • >>> if this is the backstabbing asswipe that arranged the C-ville discreditation show,<<<

            Heimbach’s group, the Tradional Worker’s Party, handled security; they were the ones with the shield walls.

            So yeah, Heimbach was a huge part of it.

  27. “The Bernie Bros are disaffected young working-class whites, left-wing Jews and educated New Arrivals.” You are right about all three of these groups being part of Bernie’s coalition, but look at the exit polls out of almost any state. Biden wins ~55-60% overall of men and women, of blacks, whites, and Asians. But then when you divide by age, you can see that Bernie wins blowout margins (often as much as 60+%) among those under 40, and especially under 30, of almost every race and gender, and Biden wins blowouts among those older than 40. Biden won because those under 40 didn’t vote, and those over did. This line matches the GenX-Millennial divide almost perfectly. In other words, it is the further entrenchment of the early Boomer and late Silent gerontocracy with the support of GenX against the Millennials and GenZ.

    So you’re right about the white working class abandoning the party. But I think that this will actually go further, and discredit the DNC among the young more generally. I haven’t met a single Biden supporter in college among my peers: they all thought Sanders would coast to victory, because everyone around them supported Bernie. When I told them about the old men scared of “socialism” and the black church ladies who would vote otherwise, they didn’t believe me. This election was a rude awakening to them. What this seems like is therefore a final sealing off of mainstream politics to the young. So the fringes will continue to grow, but the same early-to-mid 1940s birth cohort politicians will hold on to power, getting more and more delusional and senile until they croak. Apres eux le deluge.

    • May I suggest again to all;
      Something totally legal.

      IE contingency food banks, tool farms, neighborhood help committees, anything. Organize, Organize, Organize.

      Remember viruses that are innocuous and cause no trouble spread far and gather no notice….as for mutation into something else…nature provides.

      Don’t doubt your hominid nature.
      It’s right there, you are no blank slate.
      You’ve been “training” for 2 million years.

      (PS; I actually place a premium, hell I pay out of pocket premium on training and tools, but I think you take the point on hominid nature provides the raw material; you).

      But.. nothing and no one ever got anywhere without being ORGANIZED.

  28. For the near future, economic issues will loom large in the Bros minds for obvious reasons. As the only faction Left or Right that’s willing and able to level credible criticism at Capitalism 2020, history should judge us poorly if at least a good chunk of these guys aren’t “radicalized” by 2024’s next donkey-show.

    That said, despite the usual “muh wignats” shade being thrown at CC* and other DR outlets recently, a “Red-Brown Alliance” is not The Thing to everyone in the DR willing to damn capitalism brown in tooth but still red in claw.

    Majoritarian politics is a White Whale. No matter how many Bros we Bund, we’re not electing governors, senators or congressmen in the foreseeable future, much less a POTUS for the Most of Us.

    Shekels are going to be thin on the ground and antifa’s war-chest is still going to be larger than ours amid the coming Make America Great Depression.

    That Depression should offer everyone Leftish and Rightish some “learnable moments” in infrastructure and anti-fragility. Some will learn those lessons and build up and out. Some will spend their shekels on mutiny and in-fighting rather than growth.

    I’d like to see more articles and posts in the DR on building financial independence, jobbing-up our young guys without gilded sheepskins and helping them work through the WQ without losing sight of the JQ. Matador, cape – know where to aim.

    Fighting over whose version of post-capitalist economics will rule What Comes Next before we “win” is libertarian-grade autism. What do we say about “principles” around here?

    For the 100th time, first you get the power, then you get to do things. For the 200th time, power isn’t solely grounded in statehouses and D.C. It’s also in the grassroots.

    Offering a helping hand to a Bro in need will do more to change his politics than a finely-crafted essay on Moldbug, Logos or Heidegger.

    One Last Thing – economics will predominate the next few years’ discussion, but we should also keep an eye on the foreign policy side. (((Shenanigans))) are a time-tested way to LARP capitalism out of Depression – see the last “Red-Blue” alliance.
    * Greg will someday enter Valhalla still dragging the straw totems of forgotten ooga-booga spirits like Spencer and Hamback.

    • Upvoted on the jobs skeelz point. I would like to see more of that. In this age of information glut I trust takes from our guys more than most other sources.

    • “For the 100th time, first you get the power, then you get to do things. For the 200th time, power isn’t solely grounded in statehouses and D.C. It’s also in the grassroots.”

      Both points can’t be emphasized enough. Particularly now, someone from the DR can have infinitely more influence on the school board or city council than they ever will on a state and national legislature. Getting that seat has to be the priority, and even though it is attainable it will be difficult.

      The economic realities that led to the Bernie Bros. are still there and likely to get far worse in the next few months. Agreed about the helping hand, and space needs to be given them to deprogram. Anecdotal, yes, but some of the fiercest white nationalists I personally know were Bernie Bros. who were outraged to see their rabbi sell out for a few shekels. It’s a situation likely to repeat again. It won’t result in ludicrous self-identified constitutionalists but people here and there fiercely committed to the same vision we have of the future. Give me one of those over a hundred of the former.

    • >>> I’d like to see more articles and posts in the DR on building financial independence, jobbing-up our young guys without gilded sheepskins and helping them work through the WQ without losing sight of the JQ. Matador, cape – know where to aim.<<<

      Good points. You know who’s NOT doing those things? Wignats.

      All Matt Heimbach Will be able to give them is a how-to about f***ing your mother in law.

      • You know who doesn’t give a shit about Matt Heimbach? Everyone but those invested in counter-signalling.

        We have to discuss these been/never-was dumpster fires b/c ??? exactly?

        If it wasn’t for the determined efforts of brave tone-policers out there, Heimbach would be forgotten already. Stop doing antifa’s clown-suit fittings for them.

        • Do you apply that same standard to Alabama Fatso’s non-stop punching at Anglin and the Brave Little Mexican? Or does he get a free pass?

          • Apple-orange, Meme. I’m not an in-fighting fan in general, but my point was “if a guy is a net-negative-nobody with shitty optics, you don’t give him 02.”

            Antifags would love for us to keep Heimbach and Spencer relevant in every thread because it makes it easier to LARP them as the “face of muh movement.”

            Lefties don’t obsessively counter-signal their retards and dumpster-fires, they memory-hole them. It’s even more important for Our Guys to practice that level of discipline because we don’t control the Megaphone.

            FWIW, I don’t see Anglin et al as “irrelevant,” so it makes no sense to say “just don’t mention them” and it’s not as if my endorsement or disapproval would make any difference anyway. When a guy has a legit-sized presence, you have to cope with him a different way. Once again, apple-orange.

            We’re not a monolithic movement and unless someone is truly circling the drain, the best response to guilt-by-association is to simply point that fact out. There’s no practical way to muzzle every bad actor even if we believed in that level of thought-policing.

          • That’s an awful lot of words to say “Hunter Wallace is on my side of the optics debate, so he gets a pass.”

            “Don’t punch Right” can be traced to every single misstep that destroyed the AltRight.

    • Tie in those essential trades jobs to real environmentalism- the kind practiced by family farmers, ranchers, and hunters- and you’ve got a solid, winning vision there.

      Let us fill the bugmen’s heads with visions of Alpine valleys. Tell them truly that they have unrecognized potential.

  29. I still think right-wing populism would be a winning idea to push. Much of what Pat Buchanan pushed would still resonate with both the Normies and with those on the far right in my view.

    No more welfare. No more quota system giving the advantage to women and minorities at the expense of white men and then calling that “fairness”. No more newcomers. No more tax give-aways to big businesses. Break up the big corporations that got big because of government favoritism.

    Oh hell, I’ll stop there and just say end corporatism and collectivism.

    • Populism doesn’t actually mean anything, though, in terms of ideology or policy. It’s just whatever the whim of the populus is at the time. Whatever whips up the masses. You say “No more welfare,” but I seriously doubt that would be the policy choice of a movement dominated by the populus. A majority of the population is just fine with gibmes.

    • Stop quotas for blacks and black hiring scales down to a trickle. Black poverty multiplies by 50. Riots. Unending mayhem. At that point, if the government isn’t willing to crush them into eternal silence, then we’ve got to keep the quotas.

    • Just one problem, Mark, universal-franchise democracy. How are you gonna stop the party when gibbering idiots make up the majority, and they vote?

  30. Alibi : post script; When the lockdown lifts there will be a period of transition.
    Transitions are always periods of vulnerability for the prepared or the opportunistic. See Civil Rights.
    See all military Tactics and history- transitions now in the military such as relief or passage of lines are very detailed; its great time to be attacked.

    “Don’t sleep past dawn. Dawn’s when the French and Indian’s attack.” – Roberts Rangers Maxims.

  31. Young people today know that they have been screwed by decades of insane government spending (hello $100+ trillion in unfunded liabilities) and the cupboard will be bare when they get old. Ditto for most government pensions, which simply cannot be paid at the promised levels. In a tangible sense, every young person has entered life with a 6 digit debt bomb attached to their ass, and they have responded by gaming the system (borrow all you can and live in the present cause ain’t no way that debt is getting paid back). That is institutionalized hopelessness and despondency, and the coming death of our society.

  32. They Democratic Party isn’t going all in on Biden, they are going all in on the VP candidate that the Democratic Party selects for Biden.

    • 100% agreement. Can’t wait to see who they pull out of their hat.
      Biden has already said Michelle Obama is a possibility.
      Growing numbers of blacks and Hispanics were actually starting to warm to Trump. Not a majority of them, but enough to give the DNC the vapors.
      Thus, they plan to stick a black woman in there to rally the troops.

      • Jim Smith, he might give his delegates away. Soap opera fans love surprise reversals, the script depends on those cliffhanger moments.

        The story wheel could also indicate a “post-test” anticipation, of course. To Bernie the Biden means he goes out a fallen hero, winning back some Bros.

        To who, though? I think we need some Hollywood people’s advice here.

    • Careful. Biden’s kids all married J…. er, the Usual Suspects.

      Bernie was too front-and-center, too Noticeable, too accurate a caricature.
      He was probably just an act, meant to defuse the left wignat deplorables, a dark mirror Trump. Anything to keep the majority left and right White from finding common ground.

      The throne is meant to be a human shield, the real power stays behind the curtain.
      The libs will hate on Ivanka, but never on Jared.

      • indeed, a whole lot of ruse seems visible now in the second Bernie campaign. the first one he seemed like a gentle martyr, now he had it harder but also you would have thought he learned his lesson not to trust the Dems. but he did and still does. so perhaps it was always a ruse, at least if you’d think Bernie should not normally be that dumb and docile (he just might be, i’ve met socialists elsewhere and they tend to do whatever the party/union says). specially if on the other hand Trump now has an excuse not to push populism as much, since Biden won’t push socialism as much either. then again, Trump became populist when matched against Hillary, maybe he will try the same by tying the Bidens to deep-state corruption in the UK and elsewhere – and maybe Biden will respond with extra socialism, and Bernie will be a bit happier either way.

        speaking of other (((devils))), libs also secretly hope Jared is a transmale/closeted lesbian/agender person, which he seems to be tbh, to spite Trump’s relatively traditional big family of course.

  33. “Compared to the fumbling and bumbling of the Outer Party performance in 2016, it was a masterful show.”

    Call me crazy but I honestly believe that Trump wouldn’t have run and won the Presidency if he wasn’t being backed by a solid but invisible part of the ruling establishment, a good part of the American elite who didn’t want the Iran Deal went nuclear with Trump.

    • There is truth in this.
      There are factions of the ruling class, and the military, situated in the South and MidWest, that are still patriotic and nationalist. Not in the same way as folks here, but enough so that the idea of collapsing the U.S., and turning it into a giant, third world slum, was disturbing enough to back a guy like Trump.
      Also, conservative Jews who like Trump’s commitment to Israel, and all that crap.
      These kinds of folks have power and influence and money, though not as much as the Titans of NYC/LA/DC/SILICON VALLEY.
      They benefited from the system as it is, but recognize that collapse is imminent if we continue down the road we are on.
      Whether or not the freight train can be stopped, or their support of a Trump figure will work, remains to be seen, but there are second tier elites that see the handwriting on the wall and are willing to take a bet on populism and Trumpian chaos.

      • I noticed this in Canada too, during the 2019 election. There were strange “deep state” type things coming out in favour of the Conservative candidate – old scandals, oppo research coming out, blackface scandal. They got crushed and Canada is quickly becoming a full blown socialist, brown, corrupt police state.

        The “right wing” military style elites are the most dangerous, because they are smarter than the NYC/LA elites and also benefit by maintaining the current system. Basically, if they had their way Globohomo would continue, but at a slower place so that things didn’t fail as quickly.

        Likely better to have the NYC/LA elites in charge and see society fail than to have competent military men keeping Globohomo just sane enough to keep it going.

        • on one hand one could say some of these center-righters are genuinely scared and trying to help, at least in their bourgeois antiquated way. for example bringing up old “leftist wearing blackface” scandals, which would work if there weren’t many more examples of conservatives doing so. if anything, it’s another “Dems are the real racists” trope that only speaks to the 15% of hardcore Republican faithful, but doesn’t do anything for the 10-15% of independents in play – of which independent bernie-bros must at least be a fourth or third, the other parts alt-righters and assorted undecided moderates. that said, we can still keep these propaganda efforts catering to the center-right, while shifting the window to increasingly include the valuable ideas of the dissidence and dump the spent forces. Trumpism if anything has moved and/or shattered a lot of overton windows – and we can only help it continue doing so, for good of course.

          on the other hand, you are probably right in that many center-righters, specially if in government, wish that globohomo still went on as before 2016, except with the center-right as one of the token special groups (“the token conservatives”). it’s kind of a perversion of that already creepy Prot-Calvinist belief about the elect, taken to the extreme by Mormons. these people will only snap out of that lull when they feel globohomo has used them enough and kicks their civnat asses out to the curb too with the rest of us.

    • I’ve read the rumours that elements in military intelligence outmaneuvered elements in the CIA to install Trump over Hillary. Given the insanity that has ensued amongst the establishment since November 2016, I am inclined to believe that there is some truth to these rumours.

    • also the Religious Right that wanted the conservative judges. which haven’t done much, but at least got us the Muslim ban and allowing the start of the wall (temporary measures, but set good precedent); as well as preventing continuing Obama-era degeneracy like legal polygamy and lowering the legal age to 15. [President Hillary and her Dem Congress would have called it “The Jeffrey Epstein Memorial Act”. oh but who am i kidding, he’d still be alive and kicking.]

      of course, we want more action, but “conservative judges” means they just lazily react and defend like a Prot, trying hopelessly to read everything into a few verses of the Bible/articles of the Constitution. thus they don’t change things like liberal courts do, or even reverse earlier defeats; but rather idiotically leave the lawfare to the Congressional GOP/White House, where our efforts go to lay down and die crushed by (((lobbyists/Jared))).

      also the NRA gave Trump a big push in the campaign. although they have cucked a bit since due to bad optics from incels…

  34. Analysis of above; The alt right was…young and white male…
    What, they ceased to exist?
    They and their core interests vanished?

    No. But it would be nice if they did, and became DR, right?

    I agree with the neolib wish list, and see clearly the “DR” wish list.

    I guess it would be nice all around if the kids shut up and listened to their elders, or nice all around for the elders.

    I just can’t think of any good reasons that the young White men should.
    I can’t think of any reason the Browns, Reds, B-Bros, or even the Traveling Sisters of AOC should either.
    I never had any good reasons but one the Iraqis should either; the one reason being we’d go away. In our case the old despite a divine plague bitterly cling on.

    Shut up kid, you’re spoiling my looting spree – that all of the above will pay decades for in blood and treasure – shut up and hold still isn’t much of a sales pitch or political platform.

    I think nothing can be predicted post lockdown except sunk costs valid or false will continue to sink us.

    The less attached, the less vested the freer the agency. Conversely alliances and organizations are necessary to advance.
    > There’s all the tips I can offer The Kids Today.

    • Upvoted for the brainstorming, vxxc.
      The Zman has us flummoxed, again.

      This hurts as much as when Rwc, (a diagnostician, not an Indian chief), points out we can’t so much as organize a bake sale.

      The most powerful Right wing movement in the country, the Radio Right, had voters melting down the Congressional phone lines whenever immigration came up, yet still we got bupkis.

      This isn’t looking so good- we’re all Iraqis now. Heck, we’re Middle Eastern Christians.

      • we are worse, we are Mideast Christians pretending to be good Iraqis. or Syrians. or Palestinians… or even Israelis.

        and with no NGO desperate to give us refugee status elsewhere.

        and perhaps even those Mideast Christians at least honestly know they are doomed and offer their martyrdom to God, or otherwise return the other cheek hard enough to save themselves from extinction somehow (there are still some Arab Christian militias; some we backed and others destroyed, as always).
        the whites, they are blissfully unaware because they feel materially safe in their managed doom. again, the need for roots/first things/Uncaused shows…

  35. White patriots are obscure only because they are suppressed and demonized, forced underground. But they aren’t fading in numbers, only visibility. Grievance nurtures revolution, indeed.

    • That’s one of the things that happens when you oppress a group: You drive them closer together. You unite them. To the oppressors that’s a bug; to the oppressed, it’s a salutary feature.

  36. Bernie bros sell out their culture and heritage for the ‘diversity is our greatest strength’ or they sell out their culture and heritage for the gibs me dat too. Often both.

    They look to the ‘insanely consistent’ (h/t midwit joe rogan) bolshevik zionist grifter to lead them into a brave new world where the accomplishments of whiteness and masculinity are the greatest evil, but where their own whiteness and fledgling masculinity is cleansed by their lack of identity or accomplishments. Seems legit.

    At least the alt-right boys were smart enough to grasp that destroying ‘who we are’ to appeal to ‘not who we are’ is retarded.

    Both camps don’t know why they are unhappy because they don’t know who they are. Only that they are not invited to the future is a brown female.

    Rummaging around in the past for meaning, fraternity, and purpose may be a larpy meadow full of rabbit holes, but the past does offer the means to understand who they are.

    The problem isn’t just looking backward; its that their parents have only ever been looking forward. Progress baby.

    Ask how and why these two groups became obscure in their own nation.

    • speaking of looking backwards, i’d also add that the bernie-bros don’t want to return to a world of nations. they don’t wanna go back to before 1939, they want to go back to before 1989 and try to fix where Gorby went too far.

      in that aspect they are even worse rummagers than the alt-right, because the alt-right at least has not been proven wrong, rather was squashed while being proved right (WW2 being yet another tribal Germanic war with a religious component, proving that nations and traditions materially exist). international socialism was instead proven wrong, but not squashed, because the elites found it useful; thus they modified and crossbred socialism with capitalism into globalism. with this monster (((they))) destroyed their 3 enemies: Traditionalism (Faith in the eternals), Nationalism (Hope in the local and particular), and Populism (Charity among and between the natural classes and communities).

      and thus you have the two groups of disinherited young Westerners, 30 years after history was supposed to end.

  37. What you are describing, really, is the final expulsion of whites from the American Left. While the left-wing Jews and educated non-whites are attached to the Bernie Bros., it is largely cosplay that can seamlessly embrace Joe Dementia and the Establishment. The white working class is numerically dominant among the Bernie Bros. but its race condemns it to marginalization. Politics ultimately is about addition, and at least for now, the Inner Party is ignoring this ironclad rule. Frankly, the intentional sacrifice of the white working class is short-term insane, but as a longer turn strategy it makes an infinite amount of sense. It’s too early but by 2024 the Left will run explicitly anti-white campaigns, and they already are not subtle about whites. White professionals now pampered by the Inner Party will be the next group targeted but only when it becomes numerically viable to throw them on the ash heap of history.

    Whites will be forced to vote as a bloc for their own interests not because that’s what they want to do–it’s not–but because it will be forced on them.

    • I don’t think expulsion is the right word. Submission is the right word. What the Left imagines is a world where the white population happily goes about keeping society functioning, but for the benefit of the non-whites. Jim Crow has been replaced with Jim Snow. The Bernie Bros don’t understand what’s happening because they have fully internalized egalitarianism and the blank slate. They embrace the rainbow.

      • Exactly. That’s the way it must evolve. However, it would seem to me that there are or will be too many non-Whites to be supported by the Whites remaining. When does the “smart fraction” dip below support level for a 1st world, technological society? Decline will undoubtedly be slow and less perceptible at the time of occurrence, but inevitable.

        • Well, South Africa is still around.

          Actually, SA terrifies me because it shows how far whites are willing to fall and not fight back.

          • I’ve socialized with a few South Africans in the past, and blacks in SA are well aware of who is keeping the lights on, despite the crap being spouted by their “leaders”.
            Same with blacks in America.
            Despite what most say in public, when they feel comfortable around you and let their guard down, many will admit white people keep everything running and that black people can’t replicate what we’ve built.
            That knowledge drives many of them insane with resentment and rage, but it’s a truth that they can never truly run away from.

          • Black people are exceptionally good at replicating themselves! Just look at total fertility rates of African countries.

          • Surprises me as well, however there are numerous reports of the infrastructure failing due to Blacks in “charge”. Cape Town without running water. Farms not producing enough food. Electric grid brown outs now the norm. This can not last.

          • ”Actually, SA terrifies me because it shows how far whites are willing to fall and not fight back.”

            Yep, it’s discouraging, but we have to remember, that if the whites in SA would rise up against the rainbow tyranny, the globohomo empire would crush them. It was outside pressure that forced whites in SA (and in Rhodesia) to accept black rule, and it’s the same outside pressure that prevents them from getting back to power.

            But when whites become a minority in the US, there will be no outside pressure to keep them in check, because the US is the center of the globohomo empire. The biggest obstacle that prevents American whites from defending their own interests is the mental barricade between their own ears.

          • The lesson is not how few whites it takes, but how long. The inertia keeps it going. Look to rhodesia. It does sink back into steady state eventually. The whites in SA will rise. It is inevitible. Our job will be to run interference for them. What would the west do if they started kicking ass? If i were a young guy i would consider heading down to SA. Alot of opportunities are going to arise. Of course, i would never say this in front of my boys lest the idea enter thier heads. lol

        • good question. there are many factors. geography for example. you have enough room in America to keep the welfare class isolated enough – in fact, so much that some whites think that the “smart fraction” they usually meet is just like the rest of the welfare class, so it can be counterproductive. but, if you believe in segregation/secession, it’s easier to handle than say the banlieues of Paris.

      • Maybe. But the economic grievances the Bernie Bros. voiced were and are quite real. The internalized egalitarianism and the blank slate are only strong when the Bernie Bros. think their lives will improve if they embrace this nonsense.

        I can’t disagree with the idea that the Inner Party intention is to have the Bernie Bros. (and eventually the white professionals) submit rather than be expelled but the eventual outcome will be self-expulsion.

        • People are never consistent or rational. Just as whites in general would rather be dead than rude on the issue of race, Bernie Bros would rather lose than be associated with people that hate, even if those people agree with them. That’s the problem with negative identity. You sacrifice agency for identity.

          • I agree that negative identity is a dead-end long-term, but it can be a useful short-term motivator that pushes you toward a positive identity.

            The bullied kid who decides to start working out and learning to fight was motivated by his hatred of the bully, i.e. negative identity. But the confidence he gains getting stronger and being able to defend himself can change how he thinks about himself and the world. He begins to view the world as a confident young man, i.e. positive identity.

            In the end, he may no longer even think much about the bully because he’s moved on mentally. But it all started with that negative identity.

          • Great points. I suppose my belief is once negative identity becomes too expensive to maintain, economic realities will lead the white Bernie Bros. into new directions to fill their actual needs. We may see soon enough.

          • Zman said, “Bernie Bros would rather lose than be associated with people that hate, even if those people agree with them. That’s the problem with negative identity. You sacrifice agency for identity.” That’s an important concept that Zman has mentioned before, i.e. you “define yourself” by indiscriminately hating some group. Bernie Bros hate perceived “haters” so bad that they’d rather lose than ally with “haters” who agree with them. Indiscriminate anti-Semites are similar: They’d rather lose than ally with Jews who agree with them, even if the alliance were only strategic.

          • The concepts of negative vs. positive identity have some use in identifying whether you’re reactionary vs. proactive in politics – merely opposing vs. proposing – but labeling an entire constituency as “Negative” or “Positive” is a facile binary.

            Bros have an agenda beyond “hating capitalism/Whites.” Voting for Joe Biden doesn’t empower them, it co-opts them, just as a Trump vote has done and will do to Righties.

            What’s the ooga-booga in appealing to Bros with a common enemy on our backs?

            What do we hope to accomplish in coalition with lolbert-con MAGA trannies?

          • Given that the possibility of complete societal collapse rises every day we stay closed, IRL networking with with MAGACons strikes me as a good idea.

            These people have two things we’ll need to not die: guns and numbers.

          • “Guns and numbers.”

            These are the priorities. MAGA has both elements. The white Bernie Bros. have a little of both. Both groups need to be deprogrammed, something they are likely to do on their own to some extent. Add as many from each camp to a focused movement ahead of societal collapse. There will be more from the former group than the latter no matter what we tell ourselves but a body is a body. To act otherwise is stupid.

          • The Moogas May be caved-in stupid on certain things, but they aren’t bad people.

            The Bernie Bros? Well, there’s a reason it’s called the “Dirtbag Left.”

          • Meme, what’s wrong with having a message that appeals to the better elements of both Right and Left?

            I’m more interested in breaking the Red-Blue sportsball politics frame. Reinforcing the MAGAs good, DemoKKKrats bad binary just makes Red-Blue stronger.

          • Exile, you raise a point worth discussing. My personal thoughts on it are colored by the very real possibility that we’re living in the dying days of the Ancien Regime.

            If we are, then Red/Blue won’t matter, aside from when it’s time to pick teams for WTSHTF. The pre-condition for the S hitting the F is government no longer enjoying a monopoly of force. (Note I didn’t say government was gone, just that their monopoly was gone.). In that case, I’ll take the heavily armed Team BoomerCuck.

            If the S never hits the F, and we pull out of the nosedive? As has been stated to death, we are the Left’s Satan. They will NEVER turn to us. Better to do what Anglin and Fuentes are doing and target their kids.

            There is no “better” element of the Left. I resist the notion it exists at all.

          • Meme, in that kind of scenario I agree. I’ve said here before that punching Right is something I try to avoid in part because WTSHTF, I want some pagan-gang Norse outlaws in my “set.” 2A gun-gang are welcome as well.

            I’m probably a little skewed in how I look at Bernie Bros because I know more than a few in the USMC and Navy who don’t fit the antifag profile.

          • continuing the SHTF scenario, wonder how many of those Bernie-Bros in the military would obey a hypothetical order from President Newsom in the late 2020s to disarm the MAGApedes and the armed citizenry in general for some random school shooting. some in the rural areas might resist, but i’d be afraid most would not.

          • agreed, however one has to walk a fine line carving a third position, else either extreme of the fake duopoly can try to take over. just as the ziocons try to take over MAGA, the degenerate Marxoids try to take over the few sane redistributionists and seculars on the left.

            and even then, playing “the righteous middle” is not enough, as this hypothetical third position also needs a clear worldview of its own that attracts elements from elsewhere in the political spectrum, on its own ideological strength. else you become Reform Party 2.0, or useless LibDem in the UK. which is why there must be at the very least some vague emphasis in maintaining national traditions and customs, not just a materialist analysis; as well as some vague technological ideas for the future, not just trying to reverse 1945 or 1789.
            (an example would be Kennedy saying he wanted to go to the Moon – yes he was a Cold War neoliberal, but he said this very future-oriented goal based on the American tradition of frontier-settling and Christian evangelizing; another would be saving the national parks not only for the environment but also limited visiting, because of the American/North Sea white tradition of visiting natural wooded expanses of land for fun).

          • yes, had forgotten about the bernie-bro belief in only a centralized (and as of today, multiracial) police force as means of law and order.
            of course the MAGA crowd with its 2A addicts is a better ally for us. (that said, they must be reminded that the “bearing arms” is not an end in itself, but rather the means to attain the protection of their bloodlines, communities, and traditions).

          • Exile,

            I agree. I think any movement, any group, is a combination of negative and positive identity. We reject the current order (negative) and wish to build a new order, one based on our tribe and its cultural history (positive).

            I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that building a community is the key. We can’t recruit without offering an alternative. We’re not going to win the political game anyway. That ship has sailed.

          • Warms my heart to hear that Brother and glad more and more are waking up to that fact…If you get a chance to bring your family out west for a visit your welcome at my place…

          • “What’s the ooga-booga in appealing to Bros with a common enemy on our backs?”

            I would say the more pertinent question is what are you going to achieve by appealing to them. The dissident right has limited amounts of time, energy and resources at its disposal. I think it’s much more useful to spend those in building our own communities than trying to win over a few effing commies.

          • Make, I’m not talking about tailoring efforts to them, we can just refrain from leaving our lane to sideswipe them. See Meme’s comment above for an example of what to avoid.

            In terms of efficient use of limited resources, what are we gaining by counter-signalling the Dirtbag Left for the 6 gorilllionth time?

            Do we all need to cover the same ground as every other gatekeeper and gateway to the DR?

          • no they don’t have such agenda beyond that. if we get into a coalition, they won’t start getting married and giving bonuses to large white families. they will just throw us under the bus, give the UBI to nwords and pretend all is well while they get the vote from both the nword and the bernie-bro, and rule a thousand years. secular rootless ideologies in the end are about power for their enforcers.

            the Bernie Bros also aren’t only white dudes who can’t do much with their community college AS degrees, it’s also the college administrators that set up whites with that ball and chain while giving Asians and Africans and Latins their AA discounts and perks. this is because Marxism is just as strong as post-1945 Christianity in its anti-racism dogma, in fact the former infected the latter with this disease. you can give them to read Jack London but they will enjoy even more if they can give him a black sidekick, or rather read To Kill a Mockingbird.

            also, if HBD is to be believed, these whites must be the least genetically fit of their kind. so only few among them will be saved, so no need to sell out so much to them anyway… right? and if we do save them, it probably will be in spite of their useless degenerate ideology.

      • Submission is right. And the scary thing is a lot of people want to submit. It’s less scary not being in charge. The constant tension of being responsible for your own actions and survival is removed. Look at all these people who so obediently stayed in their homes and turning into online scolds to anyone that questions them. It’s going to be really hard to get them out of their homes because they think they’re heroes for sitting in their comfy chairs and ordering online from Amazon and instacart. If people start leaving their houses and everything is fine they will realize they are not heroes, they’re dupes. They have an emotional investment in keeping everyone at home until it all collapses

        • It’s horribly disconcerting to watch self-proclaimed free people avoid public scrutiny lest they be exposed as falling short at social distancing. As I pointed out above, submission is the easiest route until it becomes too expensive. We may soon see this tension play itself out.

          Of particular interest, as sort of a non-sequitur, has been the terror regional/state independence has inspired. Will the feds try to force states into line if their reopenings are deemed too dangerous? Will the states and regions even give a damn what the feds think about their actions?

        • Whitney, you have touched on one of the few things Tocqueville penned that was difficult for me to completely absorb without greater personal experience.
          “I can see two ideas which are as incompatible as they are disastrous. Some people can see in equality only the anarchical tendencies which it engenders. They are frightened by their freedom of choice and are frightened of themselves.
          Others, fewer in number but more enlightened, maintain a different viewpoint. Alongside the road which starts with equality and leads to anarchy, they have at last discovered the path which seems to lead men to inevitable enslavement. They incline their souls in advance to this unavoidable slavery and, prepare to worship in their hearts the master who is bound to make an imminent appearance.
          The former give up freedom because they regard it as dangerous;the latter because they judge it to be impossible.
          Let us look to the future with that precautionary fear which keeps men ready to fight rather than with that feeble and indolent terror which depresses and weakens men’s hearts.”

          • With as much acclaim as de Tocqueville gets he is still vastly underappreciated. I just read a biography of Sam Houston and the only reason I picked it up is because I happened to read de Tocqueville’s opinion of him. And by the way, that famous House Divided quote of Lincoln’s. He stole that from Sam Houston.

          • True. Houston would have gotten that quote from the Bible but there was more to it in the speech than that.. I can’t remember all the details but it was a speech that Houston gave in the the US Senate about the slavery issue that was powerful enough that they made pamphlets of it and gave it to all the Senators and Abraham Lincoln was a junior Senator at the time. So he could have coincidentally use the same line later but I don’t think so.

          • equality to what?
            freedom for or from what?
            fear of what, to fight whom?
            of course you needed greater personal experience to ascribe biased meaning to these vacuous terms. whiggism.

      • The Whites remaining in the Democratic party are those so deeply embedded in the State that no alternative is possible: The threat to the teachers/colleges/rent seeking corporation deadweights and direct employees of the state that the Republicans present may be minimal but it’s all they’ve got.

      • I don’t see the rhetoric makes any sense for Jim Crow equivalence.

        The Jim Snow quip sounds pithy but most people realize why the former existed, even if they don’t admit it.

        Using this is falling into the intrinsically negative self labelling trap of whites being as disfunctional to society as blacks that segregation is required.

      • Jim Crow has been replaced with Jim Snow. Lo! That is a stone brilliant phrase, one that could birth a monumentally powerful meme. I’ve never seen or heard it before this very moment.

        • Derbyshire used “Jim Snow” about five years ago but I don’t know if he coined it.

      • They rail against the White Man’s Burden but secretly thats the only way their desired world works.

      • more than that, Mister Zman, i can tell you what a world it would be, because i lived it south of Rio Grande. it would be a world where it’s not even for the benefit of nonwhites, but just whoever is in charge, whether neocon globozionists (outer party) or neolib globorainbow (inner party). the tribes would meanwhile be considered even in all respects, in the name of father democracy and xer daughter equality and the holy universal rights of, erm, peoplekind. any triumphs of the inferior will be rubbed in the face of the superior, and every triumph of the new will be rubbed in the face of the old. we are reminded that the white landowners charged the peasants too many taxes and tariffs (while the credit-and-free-trade-lovers and centralizer-statists don’t?) and that the white priests charged for masses and didn’t allow you to get more than one woman nor a colored one (while the freemasons had quite exclusive fees and enough money to get divorced, and the atheists had lower union fees but got quite degenerate/race-mixed/wimpy). war is peace, boot to face forever, all that.

        to survive in this hellish, rootless, Godless world without any basis in time/space/tradition (only power, post-Enlightenment style; ask Benito Juarez), whites pretty much become the semites and the centurions of multiracial society. you can see it in Latin America, with these whites running globofriendly trade and banks for (((them))), promoting capitalistic law and order (or rather, private security and walled and gated real estate), studying and teaching a lot more than necessary to get that coveted useless credential, being vapid materialists, traveling tons away from browns yet increasingly tolerant of miscegenating and non-breeding, etc. these whites only survive to keep themselves materially well-fed at the top, and nothing more – and only up to the point where their sphere doesn’t collide with too many nonwhite interests, while staying below the powerful truly globalist elites that don’t even consider themselves citizens of a home nation. ergo, no wonder they become so rootless and materialistically degenerate, that they move to Miami and/or simply blend in and lose themselves into mestizos and mulattos. barring few exceptions that still remember the roots, they then become one with the rainbow.

        let that be a warning.

    • The white professional, white-collar class is being destroyed right before our eyes, through H1B programs.

      I cannot believe how many whites still trust Indians. It’s like the Negro magic but from Indians. They are liars, bullshit artists and incompetent con-men. Whites still love hiring them though.

      At least the white working class put up some resistance over the years. The white-collar cucks are going to be wiped out in less than 10 years. Took over 50 years for the blue collars to go.

      The US economy will soon be a brown underclass (Mexican, etc.) doing the “dirty work” with a brown, jewish, and yellow middle & upper class. We’ve been completely purged from our own society and will no longer be needed soon. What happens then, I don’t know.

      • @UFO – It is amazing how strong the preference for Indians is in analytics & IT. My current speculation is that it is the result of the con: whites in these roles tend to be hierarchical and focused on their results and sorta difficult to work with. That is, they take all this stuff seriously. Indians are happy to be part of the process and, for whatever reason, they love all the team-building stuff that the white IT guys notoriously hate.

        The price for this agreeableness is that they aren’t very good. And they have a very strong bias in favor of hiring their own kind.

        • An Indian guy from IT was apparently tasked to set up my work number to be forwarded to my personal number. I get a call from my office number and answer “Hello” to which he responded “Hello how are you?” in that classic voice of Apu from the Simpsons.

          I replied “I’m well and you?”

          He never responded just hung up. I guess he was confirming the forwarding number was active but he never even asked who I was. Odd and alienating. They’re not like us.

          P.S I loved computers as a kid and would have gone into IT had the industry not been sold out to H1Bs. Settled for one of those “Studies” degrees and ended up working in one of those dead end easy careers women are fond of with a safe pay check.

      • You are so pessimistic. Even if the white race vanishes totally, there are plenty of other races that will discriminate against the melanic hominid 😀

    • Most white people would rather keep their jobs than speak their badthink thoughts, so they don’t. What people think and what people say are often two entirely different things. Especially if there are dire consequences for saying the wrong things.

      • When Normie Whites start to starve, they’ll have no problem with expressing what they’ve always noticed about the Blecks.

        And they’ll have no problem noticing that Shlomo is doing just fine.

      • Applicable to race realism or anything related: Denial and delusion are features of the human mind. I’m not sure what “survival value” they create, but they probably have a purpose. But yes, I agree that when opportunity allows, gently present difficult facts for the brainwashed to process. Cognitive dissonance can only do so much, and sometimes reality can invade a consciousness.

        BTW, what is this with downvoting my comments? I feel like WTI oil futures lately 😀

      • yeah, that explains all the revolutions among whites against their employers… not.

        which is why i fear only a mass traumatic event can shake up enough whites for race-realism to become a tendency (lest we forget, when about 20% of people adopt something, the rest of the group will wanna try at least).
        already mentioned mass brown crime-riots, and add to that the corona depression. maybe this is Trump’s 64D-chess in action, creating a white-cultural-revolution with Orange Guards culled from the millions of disaffected “furloughed”, cleansing the American establishment from globalists and other non-based-ones? not even Mao could have thought it better, much less the idiotic Q ramblings, lol…

  38. I am not sure why you think that grievance movements are short lived and ineffective.

    The forces of GloboHomo have successfully used almost exclusive grievance politics to grind the entire western world into a third world invaded realm of fags and hysterical harpies for 50 years.

    They sure do not look to be going away anytime soon. Grievance on the contrary can be endlessly fueled and turned into a bludgeon.

    As Solzhenitsyn points out it was hatred and grievance politics that fueled the Cheka and its recruits. Picking the most disaffected and slighted members of the population and tying it in with the permanent revolutionary attitude of the usual suspects produced a meat grinder like the west has never seen.

    I would not be so quick to dismiss it.

    • GloboHomo have been updating the list of fashionable grievances every few years. That is why they seem to be getting ever more insane.

    • we just need the right grievances, but then also to build an alternate system addressing them. playing the anti-left works, but only if you have alternatives. otherwise you repeal but don’t replace, you lose steam, and a McCain can sink you with one vote.

      also, we need the right megaphone to air them alternatives.
      we have to wrest that from (((them))). that is where Breitbart was right, we have to exert communicational power. in fact, not enough – a whole new natural-artistic-interactive paradigm must be implemented, constructed from earlier parts that still work but given the present/future power both to attract and subvert as well as deny and enforce, like the current (((Hollywood mediamasters))).

      paraphrasing Che Guevara, we need 2, 3, 100 Clint Eastwoods, 100 Mel Gibsons, and 100 John Milius, making 100 Dirty Harry/American Sniper, 100 Lord of the Rings, 100 Passions of the Christ, and 100 Terminators… to start. and somehow, make it new enough for Nick Fuentes fans that don’t even know what dial-up was.

  39. Has someone mentioned that Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Sanders and was prominent at many of his events?

    • Follow the CC link. She spent most of the rallies talking about herself – more than the usual female amount – and none about Bernie.

      • which says even more about Bernie and his ilk letting run her run wild on all his appearances. so very based, they are just one Jew joke away from joining us… not.
        that said, maybe when his star wanes some few of his personality-cult followers will wake up. few, because so few of them are tolerant of race and tradition as valid concepts, but would help counterbalance the white capitalists enough, as there are many more white moderates than white capitalists in the movement already.
        just like the based Christians or “honorary Aryans” of other races help balance out the seculars and wignats, and might even push civnats and non-racial trads to leave their (((enlightenment influences)))…

  40. They try to explain to the Red that they are suffering from a false consciousness and need to examine who really controls their lives.

    But they are.

    “Dems teh real rasiss” is not a valid comparison, since there’s nothing wrong with being a racist. “Globalists are our real enemies” is a perfectly true and sensible statement.

    “White Nationalists Are The Real Socialists.”

    I don’t see the problem with that statement either, Socialism only works in a nationalist framework.

    • The fact that the Bernie Bros remain entirely uninterested and deeply hostile to the Browns is an important data point, don’t you think?

      • Not at all. Everybody was deeply hostile to the disright ten years ago. The white segment of the BB is materially separated from us by little else than race realism.

        90% of all white people have almost identical economical interests in common, only incessant party politicking keep them at each others’s throats – which is, I suspect, the whole point about political parties.

        • Common issues:

          -Drain the Swamp
          -No more wars for Israel
          -Kill all bankers
          -Protect American workers

          Let’s get that done, then we can hash out the rest afterwards.

          We don’t need to tell them about the camps right away, but if they’re anything like Eurobros, they’ll take to them like fish to water.

          • They’ve been programmed, they can be de-programmed. I suspect half of them already would have, if YT, FB and Twitter weren’t controlled by the usual suspects.

          • Felix_Krull said: ” They’ve been programmed, they can be de-programmed.”

            Ha! You think it would be as easy as that? Maybe in a Chinese style reeducation camp. Here’s a short clip of an interview with an ex KGB agent named Yuri Bezmenov talking about ideological subversion in America.
            Remember, this interview was back in the 1980s.

          • OBT – what’s the state of the DR today vs. the 1980’s when a half-dozen guys were meeting in community-college basements sharing mimeographed newsletters?

            Contra your Doomer-posting, people do change their politics over time.

            If not, what’s the use of commenting about politics? Just enjoy your certitude and f*ck the future.

          • Exile said: ” Contra your Doomer-posting, people do change their politics over time. ” Hahaha! Sweet.
            Open your peepers Exile, the doom is everywhere. Do you have any idea how many SJWs you’d have to wade through to find one who likes being Caucasian. Seriously man, I live in the cesspool by the bay. And I’ve been around those freaks for years. It’s not just politics for the anointed, it’s a religion. It’s who they are to the bone. Someone once said that you can’t use reason and logic to talk a person out of there position if they weren’t talked into it with reason and logic. I know from personal experience that it’s a fool’s errand to try and convince those creatures that it’s ok the be White. ( Unless your a masochist and you love the pain. Then in that case, be my guest.) I’ve had all I can stand, thank you very much.

          • “We don’t need to tell them about the camps right away”
            Great line, Felix. I had a good laugh.

          • Z’s right. To the BB, racists are evil beyond comprehension. Brad Pitt once said that he would rather play a murderer than a racist and that to him, racism would be “much more unsettling for me than a guy who shoots another guy in the face.”

            That’s the level of lunacy and hatred that people like us face when talking to BB and other liberal whites. The vast majority will be beyond deprogramming and even that will take decades.

          • To the BB, racists are evil beyond comprehension.

            BBs are about fighting the man, they already believe they are the bad guys in the eye of the establishment – they LOVE being evil.

            I think the key is to convince them that mass migration is a crime against migrants (as well as the locals), and that’s not even half-wrong either: they’re being lured away from their beautiful, non-racist and authentic homelands to be slave workers for Evil Industrialists and manservants for Racist Rich Bastards.

            And migrants themselves (or rather migrant activists) will be the first to tell you that America is a hellhole for diverse people, that they feel alienated and oppressed in white societies.

            A program of helping poor people in place rather than flying them in to exploit them, should be a possible sell.

          • “”…..A program of helping poor people….””

            We tried that back in the 1917. Probably everybody knows how this ended up. White liberals hate because of hate and this makes every rational cooperation impossible. Liberalism is mental disease, not political standpoint. Our people made this mistake 100 years back. They thought that liberal or as we call them communist is capable of rational thinking. At least in the brink of biblical disaster. Well, liberals like biblical disasters like 50 million dead.

          • Sorry, Felix, but you are really downplaying the lure of the gibs. The ‘migrants’ themselves don’t want to return to their authentic homelands, unless those homelands achieve not merely American/European economic success , but also endless welfare and entitlements and . . . White women. Grievance is an enormously powerful emotion.

          • The ‘migrants’ themselves don’t want to return to their authentic homelands,

            But we’re not trying to appeal to the migrants, we just need to convince the Bros that we know what’s best for the migrants, namely not to live in a racist country.

            We tried that back in the 1917.

            Likewise, we don’t need to actually help poor people, just have a program with a nice name. That’s how it works already. It will cost us some extra money in “aid”, but freedom isn’t free.

          • it would work if the bernie bros didn’t have AOC among them seducing them into handing out more green cards. it’s as simple as that.

          • except that when we tried helping the third world (Alianza para el Progreso, Peace Corps, OAS, NATO, etc), we just get messy with the local elites and end up being hated by everyone for intervening.

            besides, the migrants want their cake and eat it too. they hate that America doesn’t have universal healthcare, but would never run back to their countries that do. they don’t even realize it, but they legit want the white man to pay for everything. or at best they think iq doesn’t exist and they will catch up and take over the US once the white man is gone. only the Chinese-Americans, infiltrating for decades, have a semi-valid claim to that (even then, they eat bats), but the rest of immigrants not really. in fact many of them don’t care about taking over, they just think that it’s great to earn much more cutting grass here than back home.
            ergo, don’t think many bernie bros will be convinced that helping the immigrants is to keep them home – many immigrants just don’t wanna go back home, and will convince bernie bros with their teary eyes to help them get that green card and continue with their American Dream (TM). if the immigrants vote bernie more than joe, it’s because bernie went harder open-borders and harder socialist than joe (he’d include illegals in medicare for all), and because he carried AOC around for eye candy. most of those Hispanics wouldn’t care for a tan Nick Fuentes even. heck, most of the Bernie Bros don’t care for Tim Pool or Aimee Therese and mostly disavow them.

            finally, you also must remember that many white Bernie Bros are descendants of the first immigrant wave and thus feel naturally guilty with the Ellis Island tales and all that jive. and, they also tend to be soyboys unable to land hot white girls, so they definitely want spicy Latinas (again AOC) or nerdy Asians (because Chun Li fantasies), even if most will end up with chads or cats anyway.

            in fact, perhaps only out of this frustrating sexual panorama for Bernie Bros, i’d expect them not to ally with us, but defect mostly to be able to breed. either to neoliberals (to punish Trump and land white girls who hate him) or even head somewhere on the right. some small minority might even man up and go based. but most have been leftists for far too long, even before they were born i’d say…

          • Citizen- Brad pitt is a hollywood actor who was likely raped by gay versions of weinstien and then adopted 12 african children. I don’t think he is representative of anyone other than himself. I used to be brainwashed into thinking racism was terrible too when I was younger and more naiive.

            Attitudes like yours are why WN 1.0 never went anywhere. We need to continue growing. They were programmed, they CAN be deprogrammed.

          • they can be, yes, but it will take a lot, much more than just saying “socialism only works among whites” or even “socialism requires a single ethnicity/culture”. the bernie bros are proud to have read DECADES of material denying race and ethnicity and religion, to the point that they think the Chinese (and other third worlders) are only allowed their nationalism because they tolerate universalism and propose anti-Westernism for everyone else; while only allowing the worship of their beloved state as well as exclusively state-created/top-down culture with only the trappings of being authentic (which is why liberals only love movies highly rated on rotten tomatoes). theirs is a fixed dialectic, and while you may be able to try to reach a few by using similar rhetoric (“Soros is the real racist”), the anti-racist anti-power anti-masculine dialectic itself stays fixed in their heart. so it will take a lot of clawing away at them stony stoned bernie bro hearts… btw, “The Church is the real welfare” might also help.

          • Always found it striking that so many in the West think rape of women should be punished with death. Men are thrown to the wolves in prison to be raped and it’s funny to most people. That’s more primitive than an eye for an eye. Or that some 16 year olds are charged as adults and some as children but we’re all equal under the law.

            You have to admit men and women are different under the law and that purging bad genetics is a necessity of civilization to logically support either of those ideas. The West is a dysfunctional mixture of ancient instinct and self proclaimed enlightenment and never the twain shall meet.

          • the phony enlightenment, it always comes back there. before then, all rape was death-sentence. and a lot of other things, so criminals died a lot sooner but had safer buttholes, and sodomy was thus less widespread

          • yep. we pretty much have to wait for them to die out. hope it won’t be too late.
            or, a mass racial trauma, maybe something akin to mass riots that make every brown seem unsafe. i mean, it sounds ridiculous, but so many white people are that in denial about race. lest we forget the guy who didn’t mind that his daughter’s Mexican rapist-murderer was set free, as long as he wasn’t deported.

          • Felix – My hairdresser (if she’s still in business after the lockdown) is a proud Democratic Socialist and was an ardent Bernie Bro. She has admitted, in past careful discussions with me, that economically we are not too far apart (i.e. we can agree on kill the bankers and protect the workers) but she wants a yyuuge safety net for everyone because fair, and my race realism is a total deal breaker for her. She will not accept the term ‘race,’ but grudgingly considers ethnic or geographical historical ancestry okay.

            She has agreed that I’m not totally cold-hearted and evil, and I’ve agreed she’s not utterly irrational nor unreasonable. But her economic demands and refusal to let anyone ever fail, plus refusal to acknowledge that borders and HBD are crucial for protecting workers, mean we have no middle wherein to meet. I can’t recall the analogy she used, but our close views on some things yet opposite views on others frustrate her enormously because she realizes we cancel each other out. I don’t see how there is any alliance possible, even temporarily, with people who still start from the blank state and total egalitarianism.

          • refusal to acknowledge that borders and HBD are crucial for protecting workers, mean we have no middle wherein to meet

            Yes. Race realism is the Rubicon the Bros need to cross, but once they’re past that, the work is largely done, the rest is details.

            Free healthcare is negotiable for my part – America already has the most expensive healthcare system in the world by a quite substantial margin, so there’s that.

            Free tuition is a bit different because muh Communist indoctrination, but most of that could be fixed by making Mickey Mouse degrees private and have government pay only for STEM, English and history.

            As for Affirmative Action, that could be played to our advantage: 5% Jews in the general population translates to 5% Jews on campus and in faculty, right?

          • race realism to them is more like an Amazon to cross. or, a Red Sea, lol.

            everyone agrees healthcare is too much, even 00s libertarians that thought the insurance companies would play nice… not.
            however the bernie bros have been sold on full nationalization, and not even most countries in Europe have that. those who do are in shambles (British NHS) or have endless revenue when compared to small population (Norwegian oil money). even the sissy French allow some degree of private insurance.
            i’d simply cover the hole between Medicaid and private insurers with an optional cheap/near-free public plan, which is what Obama supposedly did but with all the wrong lefty measures and/or neoliberal caving (misguided subsidies, centralized marketplace, non-recognition of local conditions, government not able to negotiate medicine prices). in the old days this lower middle class used to be covered by unions, so a Strength Thru Joy kinda program might help.

            tuition is more complicated, bc many bernie bros are also campus radicals who are either teachers or their pets, and they will want to live on their barista salary and gender studies degree comfortably. i dont know how that can be reconciled. plus many stem-lovers are leftist asians who will not want to cancel liberal arts so their dumber sisters can get a degree and save face; so they can split the vote on that end too.

            as for affirmative action, it should be easy, and yet it’s the drum that’s been banged the longest and from which only some have been converted. besides, any attack on Jews is anathema to any leftist, even if true, because Hitler hated Jews. and if you point out Zionists, they will just say “that’s just misguided Jews behaving like right-wingers, probably because they love whiteness too much”. to avoid that, the MAGA right has pivoted to for example accusing Asians of being overrepresented in college, and even then only some will listen, most already right-wingers.

            so it’s a long struggle at the very least. we can only try our best, but if time forces things to speed up, well we just will not redpill absolutely everyone… not all will be saved.

          • I would add: push back against cultural degeneracy (globohomo). Seeing children chemically castrated and sexualized has turned many to us besides shocking the conscience. Push back against the pathological anti-white animus at every opportunity. Even the jews are starting to reconize this and think it goes to far. I fuckking love UNZ.

          • Ron Unz lost tremendous respect when he wrote recently that a bloody civil servant in California may have saved *millions* of lives in that state because she took Covid 19 more seriously than most others at the time. Ron ain’t what he used to be, if indeed he ever was.

            This morning I reviewed comments on a blog affiliated with my alma mater, Michigan. An alumna mother reported her previously straight A student-athlete daughter was not responding well to the lockdown back in Michigan. The mother has connected the daughter with a psychologist and consensus seems to be the daughter may need happy pills because the teenager doesn’t like being cooped up and isolated from friends.

            They reject suggestions of sending this young lady outdoors to rake leaves for rewards such as an allowance or otherwise to get some physical exercise and daylight, instead they’ll chance destroying her brain and hormonal balance with medicine. Modern mothers almost invariably opt for the convenient approach to just about any problem and they want everybody to *feel* good 24/7. How to put the genii back in the bottle?

        • Felix is right. Bros are no further from us than racist libertarians like RamZ, race-denying EMJ Trads or civ-nats (arguably the most resistant of these 3 groups to DR messaging as they drink both the capitalist and anti-racist kool-aid).

          Appealing to the Bernie Bros = apostasy to those still clutching their capitalist priors. It’s ooga-booga.

          Just a year ago Tucker was universally praised in DR circles for attacking capitalism. Now that the system is actually taking damage, a lot of guys are rushing to Lady Lieberty’s defense.

          If some people want to cover the same ground as the other right-side gatekeepers and gateways on the DR, that’s fine, but I don’t hear any persuasive arguments as to why some of us shouldn’t work the other side of the fence.


          • Agreed.

            For practical purposes, we can set aside the argument about whether the Bernie Bros can be deprogrammed, and pick up the argument about whether we can persuade substantial numbers of them to vote in ways that advance what we have in common. For example, a few million disaffected guys writing in Bernie for President could change the election.

            I also suspect that (as usual) a good 80% of them are just along for a ride on the strong horse . . . without realising that they are the horse, and being ridden hard.

          • it’s much easier to convince them to fight the neoliberals than ally with us. that makes more sense.

          • we can court some few of them, no doubt. but by the same graph you mention, you definitely see more red on the right upper quadrant than left upper quadrant, even if it is a moderate spread across both.

            also, by this graph, Trump wasn’t based, he was centrist. if he had ran a based campaign, he’d have gotten a broader spectrum from extreme to extreme on both the upper quadrants, from Nazbols to monarchists, and less in the middle. and, he’d have probably lost as bad as a 3rd party candidate.

            the yellows also seem to be specially congregated on the upper-left quadrant, which might indicate people that could go either way, but didn’t – aka Bernie Bros doing a protest vote. which might be just as good for our purposes, provided the civnats (crowded red center-right) and race-denier trads (crowded red center-left) still vote Trump. which is why they are more sought after by the GOP, they are like 10-15% of the electorate compared to the 5% dirtbag left that at best will stay at home because both natzee Drumpf and neolib Creepy Joe. doesn’t mean the civnats and trads are totally right, but they have a point – attacking capitalism shouldn’t mean supporting socialism. redistribution from the Right can and has happened.

            at any rate, the lower right “libertarian” quadrant being near empty brings me most joy.

    • The problems are that while you’re correct, you’re hitting people with too much, too fast. They won’t accept it.

      Start by finding areas where they agree with you.

      You: You shouldn’t discriminate on the basis of race, right?
      Joe Normie: Of course.
      You: But colleges and business discriminate against whites and Asians. Are you okay with that?

      You can’t overturn decades of indoctrination in one conversation.

      • Especially when they don’t even know it. It wasn’t put into their brains in such an obvious and direct way. It is the bad guy always being white. It is the shortcut of identifying a bad guy by his being “racist” and a hundred other tiny things you don’t even think of, but that get into your consciousness. They react in a completely emotional way to any push back against egalitarianism.

        Check out Colin Flaherty over on Minds. He has video after video after video of white people being victimized, often in pretty brutal ways downplaying the racial angle (despite being called racist names in the attack) and going out of their way to virtue signal how these attacks have not changed their anti-racism ideas.
        If being beaten by a gang of “teens” who are laughing and calling you racist names cannot disabuse you of this stuff, nothing ever will.

        • The conditioning is far stronger than reality.

          Their brain rejects it as not really being real as it can’t possibly happen and therefore has not, even if it has, otherwise their entire cognitive structure would be impossible, so reality itself is impossible.

          There is no thought to evaluate this. The cognitive neural structures have been physically formed through the conditioning and therefore there is no other outcome.

        • another example is the Joker movie, where (((they))) portray a gang of brown teens beating up Arthur in the beginning, but later show neutral or non-antagonist browns like his psych and his neighbor that he has a crush on. it’s as if saying “it’s only the brown kids being poor and oppressed that makes them do this, look at the wise black psych and endearing black single mom and oppressed black archives worker instead”. ergo the real oppressors are then the wall street jocks that he shot for being cocky with a young latina on the subway (nevermind that he scared them and shot to kill them), or thomas wayne who may have been his dad but denied him because rich white man (nevermind that Arthur was creepy to his son and butler, and his mom may have lied), or his mom because she was a stupid redneck white single mom who messed up with a rich guy and then tortured his orphaned son outta spite (nevermind that he could have always left). in short, only the few problematic whites that have degenerated culturally and genetically are singled out as the cause of troubles for the white working class, while the more numerous lazy/thieving/apathetic of other races are given a free pass or at best a subtle critique.

          if this is “the movie of the alt-right”, then we have to do better,

      • Btw, when I say finding areas where they agree, I don’t mean political stances. I’m talking about deprogramming them. I’m talking about gently and slowly making them notice their cognitive dissonance to open cracks in their worldview.

        Before you can try to form an alliance with someone, they have to stop thinking of you as something worse than Satan.

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