The Plague Of Heroes

Given the facts emerging about the Chinese flu virus, the panic should be subsiding, but too many people are too invested in the panic, for personal and political reasons, to let this thing go away quietly. Instead we have a new round of drama as the heroic politicians listen to the heroic TikTok workers about when they can safely stop tormenting people over what is looking like a real life example of this famous quote. If it ever was, it is no longer about public safety. Instead it is about the drama queens.

Here in Lagos, the local dictator has issued an edict requiring everyone to wear their underwear over their heads if they go outside. That’s a slight exaggeration, but not that much of one. The requirement to wear masks, something unavailable for months, means people are wearing all sorts of outlandish get-ups. More than a few times I have seen women with what looks like feminine napkins on their face. There have undoubtedly been men wearing briefs on their heads just to go outside.

At this stage, demanding that people wear masks is nothing more than a punitive measure to humiliate the public. That move may have made some sense two months ago, but at this point there is no health reason for it. Instead, the politicians and TikTok heroes have got to justify what is turning out to be something closer to the infamous War of the Worlds panic than a legitimate public emergency. To admit reality at this point risks bruising their tender psyches, so we suffer on.

The plague of heroes is just not limited to crooked politicians and portly women in hospital scrubs. Corporate America has decided to remind us that they are not there to make money selling product. That’s crazy talk. No, they are here as a good steward of the community, because they care. They really care. You see, we’re in this together and in this time of crisis, nothing is more inspiring than videos of corporate commissars looking concerned while wearing masks and standing six feet apart.

At the retail end, it appears there is a race to see which company can come up with the most ridiculous ways to torment their customers. At the market I normally solicit, they now require people to line up outside, like the Soviets were fond of doing. That means an hour wait to enter the store, not because it is busy, but because only if we are united can we beat the virus. That’s on a sign outside the store. There’s a good bet the senior management is not heroically standing in any such lines.

I can’t help but think that is part of what’s happening. By turning the nation into a weird form of North Korea. the new class gets new perks. Instead of standing in long lines dressed like idiots, they will soon have private shops where they can shop like normal people in a normal society. The next phase of liberal democracy is concierge shopping to go along with concierge health care. You see, who we are is a nation of equals with one set of rules for the Cloud People and another for the Dirt People.

The hero nonsense does not stop with the boot to the masked face. Just as happened in communist societies, fanatics are now rising up among us to hector the rest of us about our adherence to the new rules. This plague first started on-line with the “Cucks and Karens”, as one commenter called them, tone policing anyone questioning the mass idiocy we see all around us. Now they have spilled into the real world, furiously looking to heroically tell people to keep their distance.

Since I will not stand in the idiot line for the market I usually solicit, I went to another market that is not as heroic. They have a fat broad making sure everyone entering is dressed like a train robber. The greeter has not become the enforcer, but you don’t have to stand outside like a moron. This store serves the working and middle-class, while the really heroic store serves managerial types. There is a strong correlation between class and the willingness to suspend the sense of disbelief.

Inside the store they have arrows on the floor, meaning you have to walk up and down every aisle in a specific order. Apparently, heroism now means having to examine every product on every shelf before you leave the store. This is actually dumber than the Soviet-style lines to enter the store. No one is going to traverse the whole store because they forget to get something in aisle one. As a result, people are violating the edicts and going about their business like sane people used to do.

I was one of those sane people, going against an arrow to get something when a Cuck and Karen in their TikTok costumes said something to me about the arrows. The Cuck did the “Sir! Sir!” bit, but I just ignored him. After I got what I wanted, I turned around and he was saying something, but I could not hear it because my hearing is not good and he was talking through his sissy rag. I was ready to ignore him, but then he did the same “Sir! Sir!” bit to an old guy who was violating arrow policy.

Having reached the age where I no longer bite my tongue in public, I said to the guy, “It is bad enough we have to put up with nonsense, we don’t need idiots like you pretending to be the police of us.” He then heroically said something about it “being about all of us” and I reminded him that the most likely way for him to end up in the hospital was to keep talking. The old guy, heroically chimed in with a vigorous “Fuck you, asshole” and a middle-finger at Cuck and Karen.

The Boomers get a lot of grief from certain people and some of it is surely justified, but the only rebels I see in my travels these days are old-timers. This was not the first time I’ve seen an old person tell one of these prissy heroes to do an unnatural act when confronted about a mask or other dumb stuff. All the butch young guys are sheltering in place, heroically self-isolating while whining about the Boomers. The growing protests we see are almost all old people. Zoomers ain’t our heroes.

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349 thoughts on “The Plague Of Heroes

  1. I’m not sure why the libertarians prefer the least free states, perhaps it is to whine all the more about statism.
    And you don’t vote againt Lagos with your feet.
    South Dakota is open and the citizenry had a celebratory parade for Gov. Noam.
    As to masks, I have my V for Vendetta mask…

  2. “too many people are too invested in the panic, for personal and political reasons, to let this thing go away quietly. Instead we have a new round of drama as the heroic politicians listen to the heroic TikTok workers about when they can safely stop tormenting people over what is looking like a real life example of this famous quote. If it ever was, it is no longer about public safety. Instead it is about the drama queens.”

    Amen, brother. And all of them are going to ride this horse until it collapses.

  3. I don’t say this lightly – this was the most on-point article I’ve read on the entire Covid-19 fiasco. Thanks for capturing my sentiments better than I could.

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  5. My own experience in Redstan shopping is silence all round, we are wearing the masks but the men are well…without any good reason at all..about ready to beat the shit out of any male stranger crossing their path.

    Seriously its the body language and the glares. We’re normally outwardly friendly types too, not unlike the south.

  6. Returning to my customary cheerful cynicism, at least in theory courage is being elevated while in practice Expertise and Social Justice Virus style are both rapidly overplaying their hand.

    Or so I like to think.

    As for the Zoomer Butch scaredy cats;
    With regard to masculinity you may banish nature but he will return.

  7. Zoomers are wasting no time getting high on almost-legal high-quality weed, and huntin for poosy for quarantine or chill (or zoom if the girl is paranoid, of which there are too many nowadays sadly); or, if incel/lame, they be huntin for high scores and getting that pornhub free premium release alongside dozens of millions worldwide daily. many zoomers spent a lot of time indoors already, with perhaps only the gymrat minority getting antsy (these can be our allies, at least if based enough). they are obviously already much more used to social distancing through social media. oh and if employed, they couldn’t care less about getting furloughed from their tedious long wage-hours, if all rents and payments are delayed anyway. plus, although they love to take pics with their grannies very much while behind screen doors and windows, or fawning over dancing nurses on tiktok, they’d specially love if enough boomers die (#boomerremover) so the Trumpcheck becomes a permanent UBI. im so jaded now, i wouldn’t be surprised if Yang worked at Wuhan sometime. he did mention cramming people into modded container-apartments.

    Boomers were not only raised in a more active and more outdoors and more gun-friendly and more communitarian and more racially healthy environment with freer speech (dang thats a lot of nice things btw). they’ve also spent the last decades of their lives trying to be as free consumers and producers as possible, taking those 401Ks (that the Trump boom -remember when that was a thing?- helped with so much) and all those credit cards and muscle cars and boats and AR15s and accreditation/degrees and Mcmortgages for themselves, and sometimes even for their genx/geny/zoomer relatives before/in/after college. meanwhile the oldies were also for decades taking all of the doctors’ advice about staying active and being outside in the sun (wasn’t vitamin D in sunlight excellent for raising defenses?) and staying in physical contact with friends.
    so of course this whole situation is the absolute worst for them, without even mentioning that whatever few victims this virus causes, it’s mostly among them. of course they will rebel, and harder than anyone else.

    and yes, many of these Boomers helped get us in this royal mess in the first place, through many bad choices that the dissident right has talked about endlessly. so their rebellion, while to be totally supported, is but a regretful rearguard action that can only buy the rest of us more time. just like the boomer vote in 2016 bought us 4 more years… which are about to end. and who knows what lies after November if Fondling Joe wins and the borders finally vanish…

    so in the end, it is up to the youth to answer the call. it cannot be answered for them much longer.

  8. If you’ve ever heard of the term “boogaloo” you should know it’s made up of alot of young people that follow that movement. The ones at alot of the lockdown protests are also middle to working class young dudes in full kit protesting this tyranny. I believe this is case of wisdom of life vs the youth. They will get there. but dont discount the youth yet, richmond showed me that many young guys are tired of tyranny. What can us young guys do anymore that isnt regulated, taxed, or costs corporate time and money? Screw these Karen’s and their simp cultists. Anyways I love your analysise keep it up.
    -The young man.

  9. I’m at the ridicule stage, Z-man. Was in a Costco the other day and the voice of Big Brother droned out of the corporate PA about “The CDC says stay 6…” Yeah, you know the drill. There were other shoppers across the aisle, and I put on my best Nicholson “Here’s Johnny” maniacal face and I bellowed GET BACK!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME, ALL OF YOU!!! The shoppers turned, looked at me with a deer in the headlights stare. I yelled GET AWAY FROM ME, ALL OF YOU one more time, they realized I was joking and they laughed and relaxed…and became Americans again, if just for a little while. (BTW, here in s. Oregon we’re at 1 death, an 81 year old man, and about 70 infections in 260,000 people)

  10. The best post you have ever made by far on the present hoax. Totally correct about the backlash from older people and for the most part, the only ones standing up for truth and the former Bill of Rights. The most amusing thing is all the sports teams logos on the mask- this is instructive and a very teachable moment about what are our priorities.

    • Read a post from Zman from a couple of weeks ago about how certain groups, AA in particular will start wearing designer masks in public.

    • The thing about the non boomers is that for many of them, annoying as it may be this lock down is the first long vacation and or prolonged family time they’ve had.

      I suspect subconsciously this change has been good for many of them and they are dreading going back to deal with Karen at the office and the utter soul destroying meaningless bullshit of modernity.

      If Corona Chan kills consumerism and maybe commute to the office culture it might be the best thing to have happened to the US in my lifetime.

      Also re: shutting things off. Whether we did the right thing or Kung Flu is that dangerous or did the shutdown well is up for debate but in times of pandemic, this kind of thing is well within the normal power of the government.

      Its Constitutional if poorly done and heavy handed IMO anyway.

      • Anything and everything is “constitutional” until and unless SCOTUS rules it otherwise. That isn’t how the framers envisioned things but it’s the way it is.

        • Legalism vs Common Law is a chronic problem in our society. Unfortunately as things have grown more complex, urban and imperial, Legalism has been the winner.

          If we get a new society I suspect that the Common Law and a requirement for a single permitted interpretation will have to become the norm. Essentially judges will have to give oral recitation of the correct way to rule and deliberate failure to do so will be treated as capital sedition. Accidents will cost them the job without exception.

          This is a harsh code but it prevents the “law is what I say it is” problem to a pretty high degree,

          A caveat, you’ll need rather imaginative people on your side when adjusting the new Constitution

          The Founding Fathers world and its needs had more in common with King Arthur than Modernity and as such its unfit to manage things like networked surveillance, A.I. or Near A.I., private space craft and genetic engineering.

          Fix that upfront to avoid trouble later.

  11. Zman, how do you think the alt right/tds crowd has fared through this? Seems like they were on board the manic hysteria early and for the most part stuck with it It’s really a good part of the dissent right, the zoomer streamers especially.

    If I had to guess, they think a complete collapse is going to save them from terrible political and personal judgment. The reality is the system will stay intact, they will be further marginalized and likely in the name of the panic they themselves have pushed.

  12. Heroically shopping at the store. I’m sure our rulers are quaking in their boots at the sight of your courageous audacity. When will I see boomers calling for the heads of the plutocrats who sold our futures to the third world? Never? Oh, ok. But tell them they can’t go out for the early bird special or walk around the mall unfettered and all hell breaks loose.

    Thanks for caring about the fate of your progeny guys. I don’t understand where all this inter-generational animosity comes from. It’s downright inexplicable. Zoomers have fought in the streets btw, but when we do it we get piss and shit thrown at us and fighting back lands us in jail. But you are the brave ones, yeah.

  13. A week ago I lost my s..t and wrote a few paragraphs about the incredible level of insanity in our society about Covid in Facebook (Lord help me!)…a childhood lady friend replied with one word : ” OUTLIER !! ” I replied with two words: “Thank You”

  14. The tobacco nazi’s were very successful with the lies about second hand smoke. A massive number of people believe that climate change is a threat to our very existence. Most people have only their TV set and their twitter account for information.
    Now the fear mongers and their thralls are squirting in their collective pants over the batflu. They lie with impunity. If enough people believe the lie and feel the fear then truth has no chance.
    I had to take stuff over to the storage locker today. They eliminated carts because batflu. They closed the restrooms because batflu. The clerks are locked inside the office. One left the door unlatched, so I opened it, and promptly got seriously yelled at for threatening the poor girl’s life. I just sneered and called “BULLSHIT”. Had to make five trips up the elevator lugging stuff up by hand.


  15. I see Giant supermarkets seem to have extended their opening hours.- the rational is that the same people over longer hours equals less crowded.

    I’ll be trying out the Westminster store on Tuesday, Mask are now mandated in MD but we’ll see what the overall tone is.

  16. “It is a thing forever changing, this of Hero-worship: different in each age, difficult to do well in any age. Indeed, the heart of the whole business of the age, one may say, is to do it well.”
    ― Thomas Carlyle, On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History

    Indeed there is no harsher indictment of this lunatic age than the heroes it worships

  17. It has been a fun thread. So many great comments.

    When I run into one of the smug bastards I will ask why they want to murder the young generation. I let them know that as a teacher I am disgusted with people who are destroying the future of the young by shutting down the economy; and keeping the Corona running strong by preventing herd immunity from developing.

    I have read several doctors and immunologists say that the Sweden approach is what we should have done. I think we should have ignored the whole think like we do with the flu every stinking year.

    I have a Karen story. I got a 1/4 of the isle ahead of The Wife with my cart at Publix and backed up to her. — going the wrong way! — and this bitch took a step towards me to say something from behind her mask. I moved towards her for the attack when she decided that she should just move on. I will not be ordered about by some young bitch or some young male either. ( or any of them other sexes! )

  18. The mask thing is bullshit on both sides of the issue. It’s symbolic, both to Karen and to the Brave
    Individual Freedom Fighter but it means diddly squat. The real problem is Great Depression 2.0 but everybody is diverted to quibbling over whether or not to tie a piece of cloth on their face instead of revolting against the people who wrecked the economy.

    • The US elites wage class warfare constantly hence tobacco a sgreat evil but the lower classes solidarity and efforts at a push back was broken by the government, by fear of “reds” and by mass immigration and so they don’t get to wage class warfare back.

      I suspect Corona Chan may well change this and a lot of nominally middle class people will find out their true allies are not the rich but the working class.

      Buying them off and letting them believe they were just temporarily displaced millionaires was the old strategy but to borrow a line from Firefly “Ten percent of nothing is, let me do the math here, nothing into nothing, carry the nothin”

      The real changes if the economy implodes like I suspect will happen we’ll get a Great Depression or well Prepper style mentality going forward and a lot less consumerism.

      This is going to have very profound effects and no amount of social media censorship, mass media hypnosis or anything else can stop it.

  19. A few applicable H.L. Mencken quotes:

    This first one fits our current time to a “T”

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.

    ZMan used this a couple of days back. I believe it bears repeating

    Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

    The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.

    The basic fact about human existence is not that it is a tragedy, but that it is a bore. It is not so much a war as an endless standing in line. The objection to it is not that it is predominantly painful, but that it is lacking in sense.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.

    This next one coupld have been used by the ZMan in support of his piece against binary thinking:

    Moral certainty is always a sign of cultural inferiority. The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong.

    The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.

    Equality before the law is probably forever unattainable. It is a noble ideal, but it can never be realized, for what men value in this world is not rights but privileges.

    • The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety.
      H. L. Mencken

      But what is an inferior man other than a woman. Aristotle thought of females as mutilated men
      (But female philosophers of modernity totally debunked this sexist idea lolllll
      Just imagine a female philosopher, it is equally hard as to imagine one these hormone driven creatures as Napoleon)

  20. For reference I live in NE Florida.

    In my experience very few people are complying with this nonsense. There are tape markers on the floor and plastic shields at the registers, most of which are ignored.

    Few wear masks, primarily the elderly.

    The state foolishly shut down the beaches, bars and strip joints, which had the effect of making everyone both mad and supremely bored. Floridians seldom obey edicts on their best day, and recently we have become less and less interested in dancing to the organ grinder.

    I’ve never worn a mask in public and don’t know anyone who has. We don’t do that here. People are too busy trying to live their lives to worry about such stuff.

  21. Might depend where you are. At Home Depot the other day (not wearing a mask) I stopped to chat with an employee at the exit door (no mask either), asking what percentage of people were wearing masks. He said “30, maybe 40%.” “Not even 50%?” I asked. “Nah! Not even close.” Nice, that.

  22. Of our two Kroger stores, the much larger one is in Athens, Ga, which is heavily Democrat and Black. The Athens government talks tough but I was in the Kroger a couple of days ago and except for a number of people and most staff wearing masks, it was just a typical, busy, pre-virus day. The only shortage I noticed was in paper products. They had a limit on eggs. Same with Publix. There are people saying they don’t care, they’re opening. I don’t think that once Phase I begins Monday, that they’ll be able to control it. With the grocery stores and the like of Home Depot being busy and uncontrolled, it’s hard to see what difference other limitations make.

  23. The reality of people required to wear underwear over their faces reminds me of a movie from a long time ago, the Woody Allen movie Bananas. During the course of this movie, Woody Allen ends up the dictator of a tiny banana republic. He becomes drunk with power and then insane from it. One of his crazy edicts is that everybody must change their underwear at least four times a day, and to facilitate enforcement, all underwear must be worn outside of the pants, so the police can monitor compliance at a glance.

    The fact that something very akin to this, close to identical actually, has come to pass in reality in American society gives me pause. The crazy train has been running forward at all times, over all these decades since the release of Bananas, and of course at ever increasing speed over time. This picture does very effectively, and very clearly, illustrate how far down the rabbit hole we all really are now. This picture is not a pretty picture at all.

  24. The Branch Covidians at Twitter and YouTube have gone full retard:

    Twitter Suspends Account Of Biotech Company Testing UV Light To Treat Coronavirus

    I mean, here we have Big Tech attempting to deny knowledge that has been available since the days of the Spanish Flu.

    So, we now know that Big Tech has no knowledge of, and nothing to do with science.

    • This goes far up the chain.

      There’s been a furious push to associate anyone who is skeptical of the protests with Trump-worship. They don’t want us having our argument about stats and number and all that boring stuff — they want us to have THEIR argument, which is Trump did this and Trump said that. They’ve been perfecting this technique for the past 4 years. In fact, I’d argue that Trump has become the media’s greatest means to control public and private political discourse

  25. Gen Zed kids are barely 18 these days. Its Gen Y that are the frady cats

    Understandable as they were raised like mental hospital inmates more often than not in broken homes.

    The few Zeds I’ve talked to seem alright to me.

  26. Excellent essay by Z. It’s a little more aggressive than usual, which is warranted. I’m getting mighty sick of listening to Cuomo speeches emanating from strangers’ cellphones at the store.

    About a week ago, I was contacted by a leader of a political movement via email. I won’t say which. Now I’m nervous.

    In the days preceding, I had been trying to get people together for the rally. Apparently, that’s how this guy got my information. He wanted me to “come out for Trump and [the movement].” I told him no; that polarizing the rally would strengthen the media’s narrative that these lockdowns are partisan insurrections. A few more interesting things have happened that I won’t specify.

    Things are getting strange. The Facebook account I made to help the rally was flooded with trolls calling us Trump worshipers. Went down the line, one by one, encouraging people not to take the bait. Soon after, I was blocked. I’ve since backed out of the rally. I’ve also read reports that the government is using Chinese technology and espionage techniques to spy on dissident Americans. And I’d bet this place has more than a few moles. It’s getting scary.

  27. It seems to me that the Wuhan Flu is a stand in for the Martins, and the media is replaying an extended version of the October 30, 1938 WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast.

  28. Please don’t be so hard on the average American panic enforcer- they are just following orders.

  29. I love reading or hearing Cuck and Karen stories like this. A couple weeks ago, a buddy of mine was in line at the supermarket. He was not wearing a mask; thankfully this is not mandated in our little corner of the world. The store does have the Xs taped on the floor, indicating where everybody is to stand for “proper social distancing” of course. My buddy complied with this, because per common sense when the nonsense is this minor it’s best simply to go along to get along.

    Karen objected to his not wearing of a mask and so screeched “you could at least show consideration for the rest of us and wear a mask!” My buddy replied “It’s a fucking cold! So you can show consideration and mind your own business.” To this, Cuck chimed in with “you can’t talk to my wife that way!” to which my buddy replied “your wife can’t talk to me at all.” It stopped there. They were ahead of him in line and simply walked away in a self-righteous, indignant huff.

    Consistent with Zman’s observations of this, my buddy’s an older guy too, in his 50s. The one bit of good news about all this, at least locally for me, is that over the past couple weeks the percentage of mask-wearers at least around here is visibly decreasing. When I was at the same supermarket about two weeks ago, the fact I was in a small minority hit me palpably. I only counted four others besides myself not wearing a mask, out of a total number in the store I estimated of about 30 to 40. The decrease has been very noticeable at least for the past one week or so, with the percentages back to about 50:50 and a very noticeable increase in the total number of people outside and about, at least during the day. While some of this is no doubt from much, much improved weather, I greatly appreciate the much lower percentage of mask-wearers.

  30. BOOMER here!! And one of the Few, the Proud, the Brave who refuses to wear underwear on my head anyplace, including the demonstration of a couple days ago in Madistan, WI.

    Haven’t worn any of that crap at all, and I’ve been in local groceries and all over the Upper Midwest in various car-dealer locations, have NEVER been talked-to about my nakedness.

    But I can’t wait for some fookin’ Karen or Biff to try!

  31. I’m guessing the heroic store is Wegmans and the proletarian one is Giant. I wore a respirator when the supermarkets were overrun by toilet paper hoarders; the respirators that were deemed ineffective for the public to use. Now we have folks wearing all kinds of rubbish at Government’s behest, the worst I’ve seen was a hairnet.

  32. Look, here is my problem with all these “heroes”.

    The same “heroes” that told me to hug a Chinaman….
    The same “heroes” that told me not to wear masks ….
    The same “heroes” that told me that millions would die …
    The same “heroes” that told me to hundreds of thousands would die ….
    The same “heroes” that pimped death porn stories and still are …
    The same “heroes” that told me the mortality rate was 30x what it apparently is ….
    The same “heroes” that told people that their livelihoods were canceled while others could go on unscathed….
    The same “heroes” that printed up trillions in paper money and handed a few shekels to the public if lucky….
    The same “heroes” that told me to my 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 4th Amendment rights were banished by fiat….

    …. and would not, could not be believed by anyone with a working brain.

    …. NOW tell me to wear a mask and I am supposed to BELIEVE them? TRUST them?

    Ahem, I am a freeman I will take the information at hand. process it and decide. And if that means my choices risk fines, then I weight the risks and benefits to said choices as a freeman. Like the feeling one gets speeding on an open highway in a capable vehicle.

  33. When I look around, all I see is the infantilization of absolutely everything and everyone. It’s like being in a room full of children, whenever I need to interact with people in any way. I sort of get the mask and isolation stuff at Costco and the grocery store, because of all the mental children that shop there, but making people line up and wait outside to go in is simply overkill. Where the mask and line-up-outside thing really bugs me, however, is at Home Depot. That’s supposed to be the guy store, where non-children shop and buy. Maybe it is simply a personal quirk, but what doesn’t bug me that much at Costco bugs the hell out of me at Home Depot.

    • Looking at Home Depot’s diversiphilic TV advertisments, I knew the jig was up, so to speak…

    • Hear hear!

      The one very positive and potentially helpful and productive (I can only hope!!) aspect of all this nonsense is it makes the now gross and massive infantilization of everything plus the rest of the social sicknesses very concretely visible. While not everybody picks up on stomach-turning SJW toned ads, direct experiences of all the sickness in everyday life in the real world are not so easily ignored.

      Many people are now noticing things they previously didn’t, things which we around here may have noticed long ago. This is a good consequence, although of course entirely unintended by those who are able to dictate/control the present nonsense. This is a very good thing. Now, if only enough will think it through and from there have resolve to somehow act on their new knowledge, even after the worst of the present nonsense settles down (assuming it does at all, of course).

  34. This is where “bust-out America” is showing its true colors. Regardless of whether the reaction was justified or overblown at inception, every cog in the system from top to bottom has implemented NuEthics SoP by taking maximum advantage of their “fellow citizens.”

    Government gets more power. Wall Street gets more casino-funding. Woke Pirate Capital gets to devour more competition. Media & entertainment get attention & influence. Academics get to peacock their expertise. Neighborhood busybodies and snitches get to sell out their neighbors for status & feelz.

    Pat Buchanan recently asked readers what America’s new mission was. This begs the question “is there an America in the first place?” In Pat’s less sentimental posts, he often notes that America isn’t a nation anymore, just a collection of warring factions and atomized individuals.

    A 2018 study on America’s “Hidden Tribes” decries our polarization and tries to end with a hopeful note – 77% of Americans still believe we can all come together.

    FIFY: 77% of Americans still hope we can all come together.

    Corona’s provided a fairly lax alpha-test for our “audacity of hope” circa 2020. Early results suggest:

    1. American audacity > actual hope

    2. we’re going to need a bigger boot or a smaller country.
    —— – I’m working up something long-form on this study.

    • How many of those 77% are magic paper/magic dirt ‘Americans’ or their offspring? They constitute about 1/3 of the county by now, so I automatically assume any survey or study using the term “Americans” is fundamentally flawed.

  35. I noticed something similar my 80 year old mother and my step father of 79 years are providing more push back to the Branch Covidian harping oppressors than my own kids.
    The younger generation has been carted around in a mini vans and sent to public schools ran by the gynocracy all their lives.
    Not all of them grant you. The next generation of young people have some warriors among them. But all of us baby boomers are not push overs either, nor have some of us been pleased with the direction that we are going.
    The advantage old baby boomers might have over the stay away from the bully crowd is that some of us have been involved in actual street fights.
    We may need that talent before this is over with.

  36. The arrow thing happened to my wife at Walmart. Some Karen started to berate her for not going in the direction the arrow was pointing. A similar thing happened to me at the mother of all TikTok stores, Costco. My cart was a few inches over the yellow line and the older Karen in front of me, who was wearing a mask of course, yelled at me for being too close. I just laughed. Meanwhile, she was so afraid that she was at least two yellow lines behind the guy in front of her!

    Oh how the masses have fallen.

  37. “Operation Clean Skies”

    Greetings from Skydive Cincinnati!

    We hope you and your family are staying safe and sane during this Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to share what we have been doing over the past several weeks to prepare for our 2020 season!

    Like many other businesses, we have had to suspend operations during the stay at home order. We do not know precisely when we will be able to resume but when we do all customers with 2020 reservations will be contacted. Presently we are hoping for mid to late May. However, due to the ever-changing global situation, we know this can change so we are prepared to communicate and respond rapidly to any changes in schedule.

    If your jump has been postponed, rest assured your reservation is good for two years from the date of purchase. Long enough, we hope, to outlast the stay at home measures now in place. When we re-open, you can schedule your jump for the date and time that best fits your schedule. All existing reservations will receive priority scheduling.

    When we resume operations, the following are some of the precautions we will be taking.

    We will limit the number of persons on-site to necessary staff and the number of persons in your party jumping. Spectators, family and friends who wish to see you jump are encouraged to stay home or watch from their vehicles from the main parking area only. Our same-day media packages make it easy to share with all the important people in your life to help keep them safe and minimize their exposure or risk of transmission.
    We will have our skydiving customers drive back from the main parking area to our preparation facilities located on private property. Detailed instructions will be given to skydiving customers as needed.
    We will limit the number and duration of those inside the building. All customers will be waiting outside in our picnic area. We encourage everyone to bring plenty of food, non-alcoholic drinks and portable seating to last the whole day.
    All skydiving customers will need to bring their own mask to the DZ and will be provided with a complimentary custom skydiving neck gaiter (to keep) for additional assistance in securing your mask in freefall. Skydiving goggles will also be a required item, you may bring your own or purchase googles on-site at our cost. The nose and eyes are one of the main entry points of the coronavirus, so it is imperative that we follow all recommended face covering guidelines while engaging in the sport of skydiving.
    Our aircraft will be disinfected between customers and we are also encouraging using touchless payment systems like Apple Pay or Google Pay for any on-site purchases to reduce potential exposure.

    While this is not a complete list of company protocols, which we have affectionately named “Operation Clean Skies”, we will provide all skydiving customers with any additional information and/or requirements before arriving here to make their skydive.

    We have done a tremendous amount of research and collaboration with the United States Parachute Association and the Parachute Industry Association to make every possible effort to reduce the risk of exposure. While nothing is fail-safe, we are very committed to making sure that we are doing our very best to keep you safe.

    Skydiving is an amazing release, and one that may be very helpful to live in the moment and soak in the beauty of the world from a bird’s eye view! A perfect antidote for cabin fever!

    Thank you for your understanding, we are eager to see you!


  38. Hey now Zman – a correction to the title. It’s not just heroes, it’s now SUPERheroes.

  39. I was born in 1979…. so either late Xer or early Millenial here. In my anecdotal observations most of the “Stay the F—- Home” and “don’t let the lockdowns end” hysteria is coming from two camps: a subset of Boomers who are spooked by their vulnerability and lazy ass Millennials and Zoomers who were never fond of the whole get-up-and-go-to-work-every-day routine to begin with.

  40. Funny AND sad, Zman.

    I singled this line out in particular: “There is a strong correlation between class and the willingness to suspend the sense of disbelief.” The United States has been culturally Marxist for some time. To paraphrase one of the luminaries of that bloodthirsty cult, Trotsky, propaganda is more easily sold to the educated classes if you simply attach some authority to it, no matter how spurious. The uneducated classes will recognize bullshit as bullshit no matter how many Harvard-trained epidemiologists swear their model is accurate. I’m using “educated” loosely here but the point stands.

    The only resistance, and some of it has been sharp, I also have personally witnessed has come from Boomers. It sort of makes sense because they are the last generation with a residual memory of freedom and the last not to have been fully indoctrinated. Power mad control freaks cannot be sad the Boomers have one foot in the grave and the rest of the populace is composed primarily of infants crying to be breastfed.

    • Excellent summation. This is generally how I am observing things. I don’t what to do with my 11yo son. other than educating him on the values of freedom and what this country USED to be about.

      I am an American born gen x son of Indian immigrants who is as conservative and patriotic as they come. There is not really a tribe for me in this country to easily fall into….not counting the conservative friends that I keep company with.

      No matter. We will thrive. My boy will be ready for anything that comes his way.

    • Boomers are fully indoctrinated by info-whores sitting on Fox News couches in stripper pumps. Or some by a butch Lesbian on that blue network.

      • You could have put a “many” or “most” at the beginning of your accusation. Please don’t include me.

      • The generational sniping is among the stupidest things I see on the right and people who stir it up, like you, Fuentes, Vox Day, etc. I have nothing but contempt for when I see you do it.

        Don’t you know when you’re being used? Don’t you know when someone is playing divide and conquer games with you? Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, Gen Zs, these are your fathers, children, grandfathers and uncles. They’re not your enemies.

        It’s the worst kind of lack of self-awareness to look at the men of a generation — any generation — and think you would have done any different in the same situation.

        Everybody is fucked up, OK? Everybody does what they’ve been brought up to do, at least some of the time. Everybody made mistakes raising their kids. Everybody failed to heed the wisdom of their elders, at least some of the time.

        Stop looking for scapegoats. It doesn’t fucking matter. Get your head on straight.

  41. Part of the boomers’ reason for being is pissed is that being caged like animals wasn’t part of their plan. Draining health insurance? yes. Destroying manufacturing so that they get a cheap gardener? yes. Making it impossible for one income earner to support a family? of course

    allowing our public schools to be destroyed? check.

    What did it matter to them with society and the youth….when they were going on 4 cruises a year.

    Well, now they are stuck at home like the rest of us. Locusts like to roam free….

    Not to mention that the boomers don’t give a shit about being arrested by the police. It isn’t like they are worried about losing a job as a result of a misdemeanor on their record.

    • All excellent points, vmax. I would say we, the Greatest Generation and Boomers dropped the ball, but after the Fed was put in place in 1913, the ball was permanently taken away. That still doesn’t excuse the Greatest Generation for its sins of omission. Unending foreign wars. The 1965 immigration act. The open-arms acceptance of the welfare state. The untethering of the dollar from any kind of anchor in the early seventies. By the eighties, the older Boomers were complicit. A blind eye to burgeoning illegal immigration in the eighties and nineties. Submission to the Bushes and the Clintons and their masters in the New World Order.

      Those of us in the early nineties who felt that things were getting terribly out-of-kilter voted for Pat Buchanan, and failed to do anything further. And here we are. I really liked your post above on the mask. Carry on.

    • Speaking as a boomer, I agree with some of your criticisms of my generation. Many of us boomers (along with others having secure jobs and investments) have been self-centered swine. I would say that self-centered is even worse than selfish, which allows for win-win situations. That being said, the reactions to the virus by the powers that are have been way over the top.

      • At least your generation has some pushback in it, NJ. Mine and those subsequent to it have proven to be nothing but estrogen-drenched children truly deserving of life in a totalitarian society. You guys screwed up the nation; ours have chosen permanent victimhood and raw cowardice. There will be NO actual dissidence from X, Millennials/Y. It requires us/them to get off our despicable asses and do something edgy.

  42. My city has instituted mandatory mask wearing starting tomorrow morning. This Gen Xer is willing to risk jail time because no mask going on this face. Our chief of police has said the new rule is dumb and unenforceable, but it is still going to feel good to be a rebel.

    • I want them to show me, in the text of the reg, where I have to wear the mask on my face and not as a cup. These things are hastily drafted by county attorneys who went to tier three schools.

        I didn’t want to write too long of a rant in prior post. But my little act of civil disobedience in Vons is to wear the mask below my chin.

      • Another possibly good idea is to stuff the mask inside the back side of your underwear. This would also be fully compliant with the regulation as it is written, and if called to explain it, you can cite this:

        The only trouble with my idea is that, if approached by law enforcement re the absence of a face mask, it requires the end user to keep a straight face throughout the entire interaction. Moreover, I would suggest acting as if terrified of COVID-1984 (aka the Stay Puft Sniffles) and being convincing, and then in a feigned terrified emotional state, explaining to the cop that you have severe flatulence, and you believe that wearing your mask inside the back side of your underwear is your best choice for public safety.

        WARNING: This is not formal legal advice. Acting skills and the attitude of individual cops vary, and thus individual results may vary.

    • I don’t understand these mandatory mask mandates at this stage of the game. Six weeks into this farce, with the numbers going down everywhere and summer on the horizon, I can’t think of a better example of closing the barn door after the cows have got out.

      That leaves only the humiliation angle.

  43. All this talk from Boomers imagining themselves as John Wayne tellin’ it straight and not wearin’ a mask doesn’t impress me. You’re not moving the needle. I’m glad a hand full of you could step up for our mask rights now that the country is an empty shell of what it was, no thanks to you. Karen is your daughter by the way, and she needs a good slap. No wonder she’s in therapy. She’s getting too old for bangs by the way. You should write that in her moleskin notebook.

    • I read these sorts of comments and laugh. Later generations post-boomer definitely got fucked over, but the game was rigged from the start. Everyone is always looking for someone to blame for their woes and there no shortage of people to lay blame on.

      • That’s true. I just reflexively saw some commentary about “muh mask freedum” and imagined some engineer on the Titanic in a life raft clutching a dinner plate and thinking he somehow saved the entire ship.

  44. “All the butch young guys are sheltering in place, heroically self-isolating while whining about the Boomers. The growing protests we see are almost all old people. Zoomers ain’t our heroes.”

    Amen to that! I’m not a Boomer and I never understood the hate against Boomers. At least they’re doers; Millennials and Zoomers are just talkers.

    We don’t need the Boomers to die off at all; we need a mass culling of Millennials and Zoomers.

    • I’ll take “cut 95% of the world’s population” for $1000, Alex. Just leave the rational Whites and the few other Whites who might behave under the proper rightist authoritarian regime. The rest are just a waste of space. To the extent that clown world is from too many generations of genetic mutation and lack of culling, I’m ready for a massive reset.

  45. I suggest we get up a petition drive to change our national motto from “E Pluribus Unum” to “When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout” 😀

  46. Thank you, ZMan, for writing what so many of us believe/feel. Friday I was supposed to have had an appointment with my V.A. Primary Care provider but it turned into a “phone appointment” because the V.A. clinic (actually a private company under contract to the V.A.) to which I am assigned is not seeing patients at this time. After hearing of some problems I have been having (including occasionally pissing blood and throwing clots) my PCP ordered me to the clinic for blood and urine work. As I drove over to the clinic,I drove by a nursing home with a big banner out front which read “Heroes Work Here!”. I. WAS. PISSED! MIGHTILY! IMS, that was the selfsame facility that had several deaths attributable solely to staff failing to follow even the most basic sanitary procedures! When I got up to the clinic, the young woman – masked and gloved as was I – who met me – outside in the hall – was obviously agitated and gave me attitude from the word “go”. She snapped at me and spoke sharply when she asked a dozen ridiculous questions. When I advised her that I was hearing impaired and (between the mask and how fast she was speaking) could not understand her, she grabbed the form and rudely stuck it in my face. I read the questions and indicated that the answer to all was “no”. Then she headed through the door to the clinic, looked back at me and advised me that I could follow her inside. When we got inside she led me through another door and ordered me to “Wait here!”. I stood at parade rest waiting for her. After a couple of minutes she came back and again ordered me to follow her. We went into the room where they draw blood and she pointed to the special chair they have for blood draws and ordered me to “Sit”. When she asked me “Which arm?” I held out both arms (I have veins in the crook of my elbow the size of most folks’ pinkie) and replied “Dealer’s choice.” Then I noticed a poster up on the wall of a group of soldiers in combat. I recalled the banner at the Nursing Home and my ire got the best of me. I advised the young woman that (pointing to the poster) “Those are heroes. My Daddy was a hero. Twice.TWICE he pulled men out of burning automobiles! Somebody taking TPR/BP is NOT a hero!” She whirled on me and snapped “So we’re not heroes?” To which I replied, “No! You are NOT heroes!”. At first she told me she was going to “report” me and refused to draw my blood. I reminded her that the only reason I had come there was for the blood and urine work. She roughly jammed the needle into my arm, took the sample and put a band-aid over the hole. No compression bandage, nothing. Then the manager of the clinic ordered me to leave. I advised her that I was supposed to lso provide a urine sample. She pointed to the cup and the adjacent restroom and ordered me to fill the cup and leave or she’d call the police. When I was filling the cup I threw a clot and when I finished and as I was putting the sample cup into the receptacle I advised the gaggle of females that I was why they had jobs and it was for guys like me that the facility existed. Again the manager threatened to call the police on me so I left.

    My Daddy was a hero! Twice in his lifetime he pulled men out of burning automobiles. My Father-in-law was a hero! He parachuted from a B-24 and spent months in a German POW camp. My Son is a freaking hero! He drove one of the first vehicles not a tank through the berm in Desert Storm. He got a truck blown out from under him by an anti-tank mine. He went into Kuwait City mere hours after the Iraquis left. My son’s Father-in-law is a bleeding hero! He has two artificial knees courtesy of a land mine in the Nam. Audie L. Murphy was a hero! I might accept that a Dr. or Nurse working in ICU with critically ill covid-19 patients is a hero. But some medical assistant taking TPR/BP or some nurse working in a clinic that isn’t even seeing patients IS!NOT!A!</b. … FEKKING!HERO!!!!! To call such people “heroes” is to devalue the actions of all true heroes – civilian and military – everywhere everywhen forever. If everyone is a hero then no one is!

    • “If everyone is a hero then no one is!”

      That’s the whole point of intersectional racial communism: to elevate the mediocre dregs of humanity by bringing the white man down.

      Trayvon Martin becomes a hero for getting caught in a burglary. Michael Brown becomes a hero for being a fat robber. Eric Garner becomes a hero for being a belligerent fat vagrant. Freddie Gray becomes a hero for being a drug dealer.

      But the white guys who sent a man to the moon? “You didn’t create that!”

    • It has been said by a certain group of bad thinkers on Gab that every nurse they had dated held a heroic opinion of herself.

    • “or she’d call the police.”

      This is the feminist imperative boiled down to it’s raw essence. You committed a ‘thought crime’ and no -actual- crime but the first thing Karens and Cucks want to do is summon the burly armed men to ‘enforce’ their beliefs on you at gunpoint. Until this paradigm shifts, we are 100% f-cked because the State’s monopoly on violence is what keeps this sh-tshow in forward motion. I have ‘lived experience’ with the most extreme endgame of this and it isn’t even a little bit of fun, I assure you.

      • Lmao. Uh, lady, I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal to correctly identify that you’re not a hero. It is illegal to refuse to draw my blood, though.

        But you know something, Bill: I bet that a (female) judge wouldn’t take your side. I’d even wager there’d be some punitive measures coming your way for “disrupting public morale” or something similar.

      • This is what happens when you marry women to the state. They still do “let’s you and him fight” but their hubby is the police, so you always lose.

    • No one who fights in an illegal war is a hero. Nada, not, zilch. So soldier has fought for freedom since the Confederacy.

  47. I refuse to wear a mask to enter a Walmart unless I am robbing it. I paid them $7.95 to deliver. I plan to order only once every 5 or 6 weeks even after the calamity. It is a bargain.

  48. My father was a Boomer (born in ’47), and a ‘man’s man.’ A lot more of a man than these prissy little school girls we see today wearing their prissy little school girl masks ever thought of being.

    • Yeah, I remember going to college and fucking up at the outset. My old man sat me down, didn’t get mad, but patiently explained that the only way he and his brother obtained their educations was by going to fight a war on a nasty little Asian peninsula to earn the GI Bill benefits after. I got my shit together.

    • There was a study out at one time that blamed all this on the Pill. That because it fools the body into thinking it is pregnant, the non-pregnant woman looks for a beta male to take care of her, instead of doing things the old-timey way, looking for an alpha to impregnate her. And so the beta genes live to cuck another day. A later study came out and scolded everyone who found this to be the height of common sense. I believe it and still do. It would explain so much . . .

      • I dunno how the pill works but swallowing toxic chemicals that modify the most important bodily functions is a no no to me. Weight gain, depression, moodiness, I’ve seen it first hand.

        • Is it any wonder those in their thirties have such trouble getting pregnant, after altering their bodies so fundamentally since the age of 16, when so many mothers hand them their first dose.

      • That seems to be the opposite of what is actually happening. The pill allowed women to be extremely hypergamous and chase the alpha cock until they are all worn out and start thinking about settling down with a beta provider, often with a little bastard child. The pill removed all responsibility and common sense.

        The old system, with socially enforced monogamy, was where women would pair with betas right away.

        • I read it here before, but I’ll repeat it:

          Betas in the 1960s thought that if they encourage their sisters to be sluts, they would all have commitment free pussy for as long as they want. Pill, promiscuity, etc. the beta thought would make life easy for him.

          Turns out it was a disaster; instead of sleeping with one woman for most of his life, the beta now gets no pussy and is relegated to Pornhub. The alphas got to live out Beta’s dream, but not Beta.

          Apparently the Betas still haven’t learned, as now they’re simping out over e thots and other shit I haven’t ever looked at.

      • WhereAre, I was familiar with two high school/college age women who were “put” on the pill (parents, doctors). Both lasted a few weeks, and abandoned it because their bodies and brains got all “weird” on them. I think you are on to something.

  49. Re Boomers: We were no more monolithic then than those of us who remain are now. But for those of us who embraced the “counterculture” (who weren’t a monolith, either), we were bad. We were the people our parents warned us against. We weren’t there to see that people obeyed the rules, we were there to kick out the jambs. So it’s not surprising that some of us obey the atavistic impulse to tell Mr Jones to eff off. Full disclosure: I put my bandana across my face and stand patiently in the queue (which is only a few minutes). I just want to get through this with as little aggro as possible. I’m too old for rule-breaking.

  50. I share Z-Man’s frustrations although I hesitate to unload on workers doing their jobs. What is particularly maddening is the apparent lack of any exit plan by the local dictators. They seem happy to continue with this nonsense until the last virus is extinguished and socialism reigns supreme.

    As for Z-Man’s references to corporate America’s collaboration with this regime, I notice that Amazon’s stock has risen from $2,134 on February 10 to $2,410 on Friday. Nice to see “essential” businesses doing well!

    • The virus cops in the market were just customers. I agree about employees, just doing what they must to keep the job.

    • Cut Bezos some slack. After the divorce, no doubt he needed a few more billion. Wouldn’t everyone?

      • Jeff Bezos instructed the help at Whole Foods to place a sign telling me cash was accepted but that I would not be getting change back. When I expressed my disbelief, the sacker told me, “We just want you safe.” My life flashed in front of my eyes. I managed to get out of there without committing a felony.

        But I want to thank Jeff Bozes for spurring me on to find alternative outlets for the healthy products he offers. My freezer is now full of local grass-fed beef straight from an Enid ranch, which tastes far better than what his freezer offers. I have located online sources (not Amazon, Jeff, you sly fox) for many other products, and that quest shall continue.

        • WhereAreTheVikings said: “Jeff Bezos instructed the help at Whole Foods to place a sign telling me cash was accepted but that I would not be getting change back. When I expressed my disbelief, the sacker told me, “We just want you safe.” My life flashed in front of my eyes. I managed to get out of there without committing a felony.”

          The abolition of risk was the death of greatness. The nanny mentality was the pussification of American culture.The food police are a pain in the ass but the self esteem training for school kids was pure poision. When teachers and parents started telling all those little loosers that they where the “last winners” that was that, game over.

        • You should go into the store everyday with a mask on so they won’t know who you are. Load up your cart to overflowing with expensive meats, caviar, anything that needs refrigeration.

          When you get ready to pay tell them all you have is cash and you can’t finish the transaction without getting change back.

          The just leave your cart there and walk out of the store. They will have to scramble employees to load up all your stuff and put it back. They may not even legally be able to restock some of the items.

          Do that every single day. There are always ways to throw a wrench into the works.

  51. I’m in a mandatory mask area, and mostly all ages are following the rules, except the some of the Mexicans. Not their fat diabetic, anchor babies under 25, they have them, but if you’re not going to pay attention to a meaningless, toothless law that tells you not to hop over the border, why pay attention to a mask one? Maybe it’s the illegal aliens who understand freedom after all. I went into a gas station without one yesterday and the cashier started muttering something with her mask on, I ignored her. You can’t be offended if someone sounds like they’re talking into a pillow.

    • I admit I have some newfound respect for the non-whites after this situation. They. Just. Don’t. Care.

      Mexicans, Arabs, Indians, working class whites, blacks – all live as normal with perhaps an occasional nod to “social distancing” – just enough to keep the Karens at bay. The problem really seems to be Karens, Jews, and Asians.

  52. Total guess, but it felt like something broke yesterday. People were out, talking, playing pick-up games. This is done. It will start to fall apart, and the politicians will move to get in front of what people are going to do anyway so they can take credit.

    Don’t get me wrong. The politicians and health experts will never admit that they were wrong. They’ll still claim that we’d be burning stacks of bodies if it wasn’t for the lock down, but they’re going to start backing off – and soon.

    • It will also be a practical thing, in that they need plenty of time to start planning for next year’s shutdown.

    • There is a critical mass where to enforce the Rulers’ edicts even symbolically is to admit to mass defeat due to mass defiance. I earlier commended Boomers for being among the few who aren’t estrogen-drenched cowards. Let me add to that list the Zoomers who went on Spring break and immediately became Emmanuel Goldsteins for the Cucks and Karens, a/k/a the other 89 percent of the population..

    • The tipping point here in SoCal was reached on Friday. For weeks nothing but a pin drop at night. No traffic, few people. Friday – families out, motorcycle gangs, people acting normal. It has continued on and it is Sunday.

  53. You brought up another inadvertant thing this virus has done: increase my respect for some boomers. Some boomers.

    Ive noticed this for years, but the millenial generation and zoomers have absolutely no rebellious spirit. None. Remember the rebellious punk scene with fast trashy music and colorful hair? Remember goths in their awkward trench coats with brash loud metal that you had to force yourself to pretend to enjoy but didnt really? Pick a “rebellious” subculture the millenials had and its now obvious it was all just a costume, fashion.

    Ive tried getting younger people round my age to group up and push back in specific areas that affect their lives and the response is basically “its not my job to make these decisions”. Pathetic.

    Is this what porn does? Is it the glut of mass media? At this point I will blindly vote for the first person who promises to ban television, social media, and internet porn no questions. Who is surely going to appear any day now.

    We need to keep trying tho. Get a group of anyone you can at your church or whatever and get them to push back en mass. Ive already seen dozens of articles drop on msn and cnn drawing the logical connection between covid and global warming. The signal is being sent through media editorials that in some way this is our new normal.

    Im at least going to do something in my power no matter how small so when my kids down the line are asking me how it got this bad i can look at them without shame and say i at least tried to do something about it.

    So brave, i know, but the point is i think we need to make this as difficult as possible for our dear leaders so they think twice before continuing this any further.

    • In my normal travels around town lately (because I’m not really allowed to leave town), I keep asking myself in absolute wonder, ‘Is this how it happens?’

      It’s been a lovely Spring so far, and it doesn’t fit all the bleak dystopian movies I’ve seen. The military isn’t rolling down the streets and there aren’t armed enforcers on every corner. Yet, it seems to be happening all the same.

      It’s far more subtle and insidious that I ever imagined.

      • “It’s far more subtle and insidious that I ever imagined.”

        Youre right. Its surreal watching the worst of human nature just move like an inevitable tide.

    • Just calmly tell the truth. That’s the biggest push back of all. And it’s the one people fear the most.

      Everything hinges on people not allowing themselves to even think about whether what they’re being told is the truth. When you speak the truth, you’re not only waking people up to that specific truth but to the act of questioning the orthodoxy.

      • Exactly. Calm, measured, rational. Gently but firmly speak the truth.

        “Yes. …”

        They so desperately want you to just shut up and leave them alone. But once it’s in their head it rattles around a bit.

        • Do you suppose any of them are praying for a sudden spate of deaths so that they can be vindicated?

          • In the match between COVID-19 and the human race, they’re cheering for the other side. Betrayal of any sort comes naturally to a certain sort of person.

          • They quite clearly want virus deniers to die. They come right out and say it on FB.

          • There’s little doubt the virus is seen as a silver bullet by most of the Marxist Left, the vehicle to take out those pesky few who won’t fall into line on command. The collateral damage just helps heal Mother Gaia.

      • Yesterday I politely told a highly educated liberal friend that I would gladly take a 1% chance of dying vs. losing my freedoms and prosperity. That did give my friend pause to think about a half minute.

    • The break between Xers (and everyone before them) and Millennials (and everyone after them) really is remarkable.

      It used to be self-evident that the youngest were the most rebellious, the most likely to question authority and official narratives, the most impulsive and risk-taking.

      That was true of Boomers and Xers and the generations before them. But something broke between the Xers and Millennials. Millennials, and now the Zoomers following them, have been some of the most timid and compliant generations in history.

      No rebellious subculture among them whatsoever. No sexual adventurism, no licenses, no risky businesses, no musical reaction, no meaningful protests unless Daddy will protect and pay for you (Antifa), no social exploration, no creativity or innovation, no questioning of the media or of globohomo, nada.

      Was the triple cocktail of the iPhone, Ritalin, and internet porn able to neuter two entire generations? If so, that’s incredible!

      • “Was the triple cocktail of the iPhone, Ritalin, and internet porn able to neuter two entire generations? If so, that’s incredible!”

        There is a little acknowledged benefit of some kinds of Christianity: constant moral introspection. Whether you think its true or not, having a belief that you should constantly monitor and improve your moral life and having something transcendant you care about is an antidote to this nonsense.

        If you dont believe there are boundaries around your own behaviors and even thoughts, then why would you believe there are external boundaries around your environment and the people around you? How can you distinguish right action from wrong action except by appeals to authority?

        Of course, wise agnostics and atheists can often overcome these obstacles, and many believers often can’t, but what I think we are realizing is that one way or the other, most people simply have to have some kind of internal moral framework such as Christianity or it is hopeless.

      • The generations you mentioned have never experienced hardship. That’s about to change.

      • “But something broke between the Xers and Millennials. Millennials”

        Yes (((something))) did. The propaganda that had been drip fed early on was opened to full fire hose by ‘interested parties’. When you are told 24x7x365 you are scum and responsible for all the world’s evils you just -might- start to believe it. When you are told to shut up and have no active voice because ‘muh victims’ you might start becoming meek.

        If you think about the effort, time, and money that has been expended keeping white males in the Harrison Bergeron ( style shackles they have been wearing for several decades it becomes crystal clear to anyone with eyes the level of absolute fear these people have of European males. We are as my namesake implies Apex Predators and they are very very aware of this. Keeping these white boys doped up on guilt porn, chems, and real porn is 100% the most important thing because if they don’t and they get an actual identity and more particularly an in-group identity, they are finished. And they know it. Which is why the propaganda machine never stops and never sleeps and only grows larger each passing year.

        tl;dr- This is all they’ve ever known, it is YOUR job to tell them otherwise, red pills do not dispense themselves…

        • Yup, and they’re terrified of even individual whites who aren’t cucked. ALL non-whites know who’s cucked and who’s not. They’re scared, or at least uncertain, of me. They know right away what sort of person I am, despite looking normal and speaking politely. They don’t like being around me.

          Whites can’t tell. Just as they are naive to the intentions of the ethnocentric non-whites, they’re also naive to ethnocentric whites (who aren’t Nazi spergs, at least).

          But non-whites, yeah they can take one look at you and determine if you would stand up for your people or not. I pray one day we can become a strong people again. We are to be feared, and to be wild, not to be doped up on Ritalin and watching porn all day.

    • One of my coping mechanisms to avoid the regular mass hysterias has been not to have a TV. That has been one of my better life decisions.

    • The “crisis” is being used as a go-round in testing how closely the masses can be controlled and by what means. Is this done again this winter if there is a new flu and a Covid-19 resurgence? Greta and the UN would love to try this out on Climate Change. Why stop there? Use it for “excessive” racism, hate crimes, religion, or any other pet project. The masked, quarantined masses that don’t bother with common sense and real numbers are making the cooking of the frog easy.

    • I think the generation that deserves credit are the remaining Silents (ie 75 and up). They’ve behaved with dignity.

      A great many Branch Covidian Boomers have put themselves at elevated risk due to their own poor eating choices. The issues with the Xers and Millennials are already pretty well established.

      • A group of Silents and Boomers gather every evening at 7pm at the end of my street, keeping a distance of 6 to 8 ft between each other and they all bang pots for 3 minutes in celebration of the lockdown.

  54. How best to fight back against this insanity of ego-driven little Hitlers of tyranny that would kill us in slow motion with their power-mad edicts mandating that we cower and bow before them? Well, there is the direct (and rational) remedy which served our ancestors quite well and enabled our evolutionary rise to the top of the organic pyramid. But perhaps that’s a bit too harsh at this stage. OK then, how about death by a thousand cuts in reverse?

    • Tell me how Uncle H tyrannized the ethnic German people. When people say he was authoritarian it means he ordered the burning of books advocating sexual perversity and communism.

  55. If ordered to wear a mask can you be ordered to remove a mask that is in itself thoughtcrime (stars and bars, windmills of friendship and tolerance, SS lightning bolts, skull teeth)?

  56. I sold four goat does on Friday to a farmer and his daughter. After they were loaded up and he paid me, there was an awkward moment, then we both chuckled, he took off his glove (leather work glove, not exam glove) and we shook hands. Because that’s what men do after a transaction.

    I haven’t worn a mask once, so far. However, the equine dentist is coming out in late June. He’s a huge lefty and sent out notices that all his clients have to wear masks when he is visiting. Ticks me off that he can force me to wear a mask on my own property, but there are literally no other equine dentists in my part of the state. Gotta suck one up for the horses.

    • A lefty large animal vet. In the dictionary under “feminization of the United States”, there he is. Whip that mask off the very second he’s through. Although then he might not ever come back. Yes, you must take one for the horses. Leave it on.

      • Equine dentistry is kind of a specialty practice and the horse world is absolutely dominated by crazy Karens with expensive OT Thoroughbreds they can barely ride or handle, but who are super eager to lecture you about everything you are doing wrong.

        They all have their horses in boarding stables that ring the city and the atmosphere at those stables is toxic — know-it-alls and barn witches galore. But that’s where all the equine dentistry money is. So it is not surprising that if you are going to find lefty large animal vets, you are going to find them specializing in horses.

        Fortunately being in the country, having my own land and not being into any equine sports I don’t have to deal with all that.

        • Back in the ’80s, I called them Krystles, after the season Krystle Carrington on Dynasty was shown loitering about stables full of Arabians. I’m sure these women have taken on a much nastier edge since then. I’ll bet they can’t handle those hot-blooded Thoroughbreds. Raising Quarter Horses, I’m pretty well-insulated. It was rodeo folks who set their collective foot down and said no more Muslims giving the prayer at the 2015 Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Barrel racers aren’t going to put up with that nonsense.

        • Just put something on that is blatantly mocking the whole thing, like a sock or tighty whities. Then act like it’s normal.

        • Can confirm. The horsie-chicks around Del Mar are Real Housewives-tier (Joe Exotic voice) beeetchez.

    • What, don’t your horses brush and floss after snacking on potato chips? Tsk tsk tsk. /Karen

  57. Its just yet another example of the crime of noticing. Noticing reality was illegal for some things already. This is just the same only more so.

    You cant notice crime differences, or behavior, or nepotism, or in your face conspiracies, or outrageous political inversion, fake history or the destruction of your whole country.

    Now its turning into a crime to notice the lack of dead bodies and the fact there is no plague.

    Its a war on reality. I sometimes wonder if its an in-joke to see how far you can persuade people to ignore reality. Almost like each time they have a dare to come up with the most stupid reality denying narrative possible. This one comes under “lets see if we can make people believe a cold variant is the zombie apocalypse”

    Unfortunately, they have not yet found the edges of stupid. I wonder if they could persuade everyone that they have all been struck by blindness and get a cosplay Day of the Triffids going.

    Maybe people will even put out their own eyes just so they do not feel left out of the heroic victim stakes?

    • That’s exactly what Dalrymple said in the quote Z linked to. Noticing reality is now a crime.

      “When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself.”

  58. Great column!

    Next time you go shopping, bring a can of mace, just in case someone tries to Coronarize you by talking to you. Should be covered by the stand-your-ground law, right?

  59. When this thing started it didn’t pass the smell test. As time has progressed the smell has only gotten worse.
    One of the more interesting things that I have observed is that those that live in the “country” and are able to take care of themselves recognized the smell. Those that live in the “city / suburbia” and can’t function without someone holding their hand didn’t and still can’t.
    This thing shows how much we have dumbed down the citizenry.

  60. No panic here. We saw this coming in February and simply augmented our somewhat meager supplies for a short term supply disruption. We lived thru hurricanes in Texas and we were snowed into our valley here for almost a month once, so we always have a stock of food and other supplies suitable for these kind of disruptions.

    We make our own bread. We still have a stock of canned veggies and fruit preserves we put up from our garden last year. We are old enough that food goes a long way for us as our appetites have fallen off in the last decade or so.

    I am an introvert and don’t need to see people. I am content with the society of my dear and loving wife. I want what I have always wanted: just leave me the fuck alone and go about your business. I go into town every two weeks to give hen fruit to a young family we know who are unemployed and they welcome the additional food. The local stores have adequate dairy and fresh produce to keep us going. A local grocery has told us they have a varied supply chain and do not anticipate any issues with supplies.

    One plus. We have learned to make pizzas and they beat, hands down, anything we have ever eaten in a pizzeria. I am enjoying our “forced quarantine”. It turns out my normal lifestyle is, appropriately, consistent with the current definition of quarantine.

  61. I took a walk downtown a couple of times this week at lunchtime. Invariably, I saw cohorts of usually two women and one man, the women masked, Karens and Jr. Karens. The men (and I use that term advisedly) were sometimes masked, sometimes not. They were ambling along cuckishly, having been unable to tell the women, “I have better things to do than to be seen in public with mask-wearing psychos who are enjoying losing their liberties way too much.” And it occurred to me that these threesomes were somewhat representative of those two Washington Karens, Fauci and Birx, standing on the podium with Trump.

    Fauci and Birx have preened in front of the cameras, hosting their own unreality shows, shilling for Bill Gates and all the other messianic globalists, basking in the drama of their own pronouncements (Birx should be jailed for those unaesthetically draped scarves, but that subject is for another day). Meanwhile, Trump stands there with them, unable himself to say, “I have better things to do than to be seen in public with hysterical totalitarians.” Although lately, they don’t seem to have been there as much. But it’s a little late for that. Their damage is done.

    I have cringed in disbelief as I have watched Trump uncomfortably but nevertheless dutifully reading the globalist content of the remarks prepared for him – he seemed to have so had the right take on all this at the start. I have talked to the television screen, saying don’t do it, don’t do it, when he has called this a “war.” And indeed, the governor of Michigan gleefully waved that in his face the other day

    How I miss the firebreather who eschews teleprompter copy. But there he is, tamed by the tech giants and the Chinese, at least for now. I realize that he was faced with an unprecedented situation and has tried to make the best of it with an eye to having four more years to get things done and hold off the inevitable Democrat thugs. However, he let this nonsense go too far.

    And he has apparently still not learned that this is not the sixties, when management and labor could still be fraternal Americans together at the company picnic. Instead, résumés are the accurate models for the 24/7/365 virulence of the globalists’ ambitions, and he continues to ignore CVs at his peril.

  62. Forcing us to wear masks, especially when this supposed pandemic is on the wane, is just a form of forced submission. The Dalrymple quote is always a good explanation for the varying ways our timid oppressors try to control us to submit.

    M. Night Shyamalan’s movie the Happening comes to mind. A virus that numbs the mind and makes people suicidal. So the physical virus is not as harmful as this retardovirus. (zman).

    My boomer wife comes back with stories from the front. She really gives it back to these people being the based Polack that she is. I have yet to get confronted but I so want it to happen. The boomer take is correct and it is strong in this commenter at least in this context. (proud of my son and daughter in how they handle these situations also.

    Going out for walks feels like I am Moses. The sea of people just part.

  63. Maybe I’m just emotionally sluggish, but I haven’t gotten too angry at people yet. Remember, when that thing was first tearing through Wuhan, it looked like it might be Black Death 2.0.

    But the strange thing is how people are unwilling to let go of their initial impressions. I suppose that “to admit reality at this point risks bruising their tender psyches,” as you say.

    I suspect that it also shows that these psychopaths were immediately building evil schemes upon the virus, and to admit the virus wasn’t as bad as expected would undermine those schemes. But the psychopaths always seem to push on regardless, don’t they?

    • You’re exactly correct that people are unable to release their first impressions of this situation.

      This is the psychological concept known as, “anchoring,” which I first encountered when trying to learn more about the art of negotiation. In those scenarios one party is typically trying to, “anchor,” the other party to a certain price or outcome that benefits them and preclude the possibility the other party will initiate an offer outside the potential zone of agreement.

  64. Seeing the same thing here. Maybe a third of people would wear a mask in the store. Now the local Stop & Shop wants to make it mandatory everyone wears a mask.

    It’s really weird. Like a big snow storm that never happened but they’re still making people stay off the roads. Speaking of which traffic has taken a real uptick. Hopefully enough people will eventually grow tired of this nonsense and the petty tyrants won’t be able to enforce stupid rules on us.

    • The scenes at the California beaches are fantastic. One person could get arrested maybe two maybe a dozen. Thousands are going to be hard

      • A big part of it is the underclass. Lots of mexicans, poor whites, blacks etc that don’t have the luxury of hunkering down in a nice suburban sprawl and continue to collect their paychecks.

        They’re working poor, and they’re living 8 people in a 2 bedroom apartment. Unreasonable to ask them to hunker down indefinitely.

          • Just think of all the people locked in abusive relationships, with either husbands or parents, who used to seek refuge outdoors, but can no longer do so. They’re now like fish in a barrel.

  65. At my store, it’s always a black or indian security guard monitoring the entrance, and a black or Indian person directing traffic through the cashiers.

    They looove lording over the white shoppers and being able to tell them what to do. Huge attitude and power trip. And this is just from minimum wage losers working at a grocery store. Get ready for hell as their numbers explode.

    Anyways the Karen’s are destroying society and maybe China will take over. Would living in a Xi dictatorship really be worse than the Cuck and Karen 3rd world shithole?

  66. It is humiliating to wear those masks. The only thing I can do is rip it off my face the minute I exit the store and wad it up in a little ball. I had a conversation with one of the white guy grocery store workers smoking outside yesterday. He had his mask around his neck. I’m sure that’s really sanitary. He told me it’s awful to have to wear it 8 hours a day. I can only imagine. I told him to keep smoking because apparently nicotine’s good against the virus. We had a good laugh.

    • Then wear a Kotex over your face as per Z. Way visual and gives a crotchy third finger.

      As much as I’ve pounded on my sheepie Mormon neighbors, we’re opening up in Utah. 1 of 8 states that didn’t shelter in place. The last remnants of the old ancestors fierce belief in personal liberty. As globalist money grubbing the Mormon rulers are, a blind pig gets a truffle now and then. Thank you Gov. Herbert.

      I never once wore a mask. Only a few oldsters did. I just grinned at them doddering along and breezed right by. The state parks are now open. I can walk into grocery stores with no fuss. Most shelves full except TP and household cleaners. The gym opened but I’ll wait a month or two as the gym must bow to the hysterics, demands appointments to walk in, only so many people in the gym all social distancing, and all must mask up and wipe down every piece of gym equipment after use. Meh! I’ll wait.

      Basic Husband just drove off to buy a red maple from Home Depot for planting in the hole left by the evil cottonwood tree that met it’s demise. Picture Fargo wood chipper.

      I’ve jettisoned three “friends” this year as I have no patience with BS anymore. Am working on the 4th to jettison. Bad Range!
      Z….you can’t have any hair left on your head and your beard is burning because your head’s always on fire. Another great column!

      • In response to all this, my boys installed some rudimentary workout equipment in the garage and are preferring that to going back to the gym.

        • WhereAreTheVikings, you’ll get a kick out of this:

          Years and years ago I built a bench and squat rack of my own design and making. It consisted of 1 1/4″ square tubing cut and welded together in such a way so as to eliminate the need for a “spotter” since, at the time, I was the only one in my social group who cared to keep lifting, and thus ‘keep up my girlish figure.’ About a year ago two of my sons resurrected this ‘work of art’ and put it to the use it was intended for in the beginning. I go out with them and lift on it from time to time, … just to prove to them, should the thought ever enter their heads otherwise, that their dad is way stronger than they are, in any case. Albeit way less able to heal. But we don’t talk about that. 🙂

          • Gotta let those young whippersnappers know who the Boss Man is, T. I’m sure they’re great kids, like mine.

      • just went to the store and eschewed my mask and I’ll be damned if I did not run into someone who said, where’s your mask? I said it’s bullshit. She said that’s what her husband thinks and I wish I’d had the wherewithal to say it’s actually what you think also and that’s why you’re wearing a fashion statement that someone you follow on Instagram makes instead of a real mask. Frigging Karens.

        • This whole thing has also created a get-out-of-jail free card for rudeness. That woman’s asking you that would have been called a “lack of upbringing” in a better day here in the South.

          • Southern women used to know how to be subtly, very subtly catty to mask ill will and rudeness That apparently is also now a lost art.

          • I was helping some older lady reach something on a high shelf in the grocery store (I’m 6’4″) the other day and some 20-something growled at me to get out of his way. I told him “No!” and turned back to helping the woman. He said something like “I have somewhere to be. ” (as if that would impress me) to which I responded “Eat shit and die, asshole.” He didn’t say anything else and hurried on his way. Reminds me of Robin Williams’ great line from “Reality. What a concept!”, “Assholes do vex me!”

            T shirt I’d like to have:
            Too stupid to live
            Unlawful to hunt

        • To confirm your statement, I shop at a working class Smiths and I see a fair number of couples with only the female wearing a mask. The need to conform overcomes the obvious futility and self-mockery of her conformity.

        • The fact that the official line is now that you can make your own mask should be enough to clarify for everyone that the purpose of the thing is to humiliate people by making them obey arbitrary rules rather than anything about health. What’s the maximum particle size that can get through your Mexican gangsta stick-up guy mask there esay? I really am tempted to buy one of those President masks like they used in Point Break and then say “hey, I’m wearing a mask”.

          • If you’re forced to wear a mask, use a Sharpie and write on the front of it. I have one that says “Hoax”, “Fake News” and “Police State” depending on where I need to shop.

          • Governor Elf in the great state of Ohio mandated that everyone must wear a mask from here on out. He quickly changed that, who knows maybe somebody with a brain told him it was a bad idea.

            Anyways I have not worn a mask yet but if I had to so that I could get into a grocery store I was gonna write big letters on my mask Dewine= and then draw a bunch of big red swastikas all over it.

            That would have been good for several laughs on each grocery run I think.

      • Pretty sad state of affairs when refusing to stay locked up in one’s own house counts as a rebellious blow struck for liberty’s sake.

      • Range, re: pestilence-chic facewear, LaFond says he’s been wearing Varg bandanas with an eyepatch while traveling back to Lagos. Amish guys didn’t flinch, young Blacks thought he was an ISIS executioner, Portland phags increased their social distancing to 30 feet.

        Stay dangerous.

        • Plenty of Punisher, Venom, Joker, Guy Fawkes, and skull bandanas available out there.

          I’m more than happy to wear a face covering to make others more comfortable. 😉

    • I’ve begun making a point, anytime I am given a mask to wear and have to actually wear it, that when I am done I just throw it on the ground. I will not find a trash can for it. Because, fuck them, that’s why. It’s my own little protest. I like to think that accumulating mask litter might cause some frustration for the “enforcers”.

      Fortunately, when I’m out in the woods or fishing I don’t need to wear one, so I don’t litter the places that I care about.

      • Another minor form of protest–if you’ve got American flag stamps, place them on the envelope upside down to show your contempt for postmodern America and its architects.

  67. Locally, now that we have some basic denominator data, the actual infection rate is likely pushing 20% which would yield a fatality rate of <.1%. But the local Karens are getting a real chug out of their new found power, exhorting the masses to distance and shaming people on FB. Of course, most of them don't have a paycheck at risk…yet. I have to spend too much time looking at economic data and trying to figure out ultimate impact on my firm and as much as we're we insulated so far…staring down a second quarter GDP decline of 20-30% (quarterly) puts us way outside the bounds of 08-09 where the worst quarter was -8% with a pretty quick regression to flat. As an old colleague used to say about circumstances like this, "we're off the horses and fighting on foot". Cuomo's tone deaf comment about "well just go get an essential job"–coming from a guy whose family is now on the third generation fastened to the public teat (+the Kennedy Trusts) illustrates the contempt our rulers have for us.

    • “Of course, most of them don’t have a paycheck at risk…yet.”

      Bingo. The Karens enforcing this garbage either have secure jobs or, more likely, they don’t work and their husbands have secure jobs. They have absolutely no skin in the game. (In their defense a little, I’m sure many have parents who actually could get hurt by this.)

      They’re willing to let the economy burn to the ground, but their life won’t be impacted. Their inability to look outside their world is stunning. But then, these are the same women who give their husbands zero points for giving them an upper middle class life. They just expect it.

      • Karens are our modern day “cargo cult.” My general rule is the the more a Karen wants to “do something for the children,” the more she is immune from the travails of every day life. The pandemic scare allows them an increased opportunity to flex.

        • The Karens are inexplicably forgetting about the children whose parents are being thrown out of work by all this and who may end up homeless or hungry. I’m just itching for a chance to point it out to one of them.

          • The Karens’ interest in “the children” is in the abstract only. They have absolutely no interest in any specific children aside from their own – if those!

          • I know a lot of these wealthy women, they don’t work and they’re really happy to have some excitement though they would never admit that. If you bring up all the people that are going to potentially starve because of the economy tanking they will start talking about the trillion-dollar stimulus package and how that’s going to save everyone. So your argument won’t work on them. You could try to go further but they won’t let you. These are very shallow people. I’ve seen Michelle Obama’s autobiography in more than one house. Unread of course. Probably for the best. I don’t want any more nonsense going into their tiny little brains

        • The same phenomenon applies to diversity. Hence, those who most loudly proclaim the glories of diversity are those who can most afford to avoid it.

      • The is no secure job unless it’s job. The people in corporations make their money by selling to middle class or proles. Maybe they don’t realize it yet but they advertise to the rest, gather statistics for the rest help the banks make loans to buy stuff etc. They are just a little better insulated. Soon when the proverbial Joe Paychek wont have money to buy their job will evaporate.

        • People are notoriously poor at understanding second order effects until they get smacked in the face. Saw the same here in 2008. Why I’m spending so much time trying to see through economic data–as it comes in–to understand the most likely post-crisis scenarios. Am not optimistic.

  68. This post pretty much matches my experience–at a local store in a county that supposedly has only three cases (in one family who went on a shopping spree in NYC). No one died. As an act of protest, I leave the mask and garb home and purposefully go the wrong way on those one way aisles with my fit boomer-aged body. A couple of old dudes were doing the same and one gave me a thumbs up and both laughed with a broad grin. At least with masks on you don’t have to see the older women (who are dressed like they are visiting Chernobyl) display their ugly library-lady frowns. One of them gave a lecture about doing this for “everyone” and I told it I thought is was a bunch of baloney (which the store had plenty of). The bit about a two tier shopping system (one for peasants, the other for elites) is already happening. The shuttered restaurant in a building I own is taking orders for US Foods and Sysco and preparing packages for pickup out the back door. Recently, US Food had beef tenderloins (basically fillets) on sale for $5.99 / LB.

    • The older (and middle aged) white women are even more unpleasant and passive aggressive than usual. They way they speak to their beta husbands is unacceptable and deserves a hard smack, at least.

      I don’t know why so many white women become miserable hags as they age. Not all, but a significant portion. Don’t know if that’s built in genetically or if it’s due to modern society.

      But you do notice that Arab, and Indian women never treat their men like that (in public, at least).

      • We are now seeing what can best be termed as aggressive passive-aggressiveness from the middle-aged and older harridans. The beta husbands must be relieved that there are now other targets.

        • Fuck man, I couldn’t deal with that.

          My wife will be treating me better because if she treated me like these shrews do, I would hit her, hard and without mercy, and failing that, dump her. No question.The way they treat these Boomer guys is horrific.

      • We get a little different varietal around here. Just a function of the demographics. Two basic parcels–formerly married to alpha husbands who traded them in once they started getting long in the tooth. But left in comfortable circumstances and need to vent their seething anger on somebody. Second group are the former tiger moms whose kids are gone and have decided to put their energies into tiger-momming society as a whole. But having never missed a paycheck or meal their entire lives–and most “liberal” educated, are perfectly happy to try and turn the rest of society into their personal Lethal Dose-50 sociology experiments.

    • I stopped at a supermarket yesterday and they were doing the line up around the building outside 6 feet apart bit. I decided I didn’t need anything that bad.

      • I ran into the same problem. I went over to the working class side of town. No lines there.

      • The outdoor shooting range my family frequents had 6-feet-apart tape on the floor of its sign-in building yesterday. Unbelievable. The personal injury extortionists’ ever-present threat probably brought that on.

    • The problem is, around here I cannot even get into the store to do my job (shopping for people who cannot or will not) unless I am wearing a mask. The first thing the local tyrants did after Gov. Abbott started relaxing restrictions was to make masks mandatory.

    • Yeah, I refuse to wear the mask,too. I feel so subversive, heh. If anyone says anything, I’m going to tell them I have shortness of breath and can’t wear one. This week, the few people at the grocery store without masks were old guys. Our eyes would meet with the twinkle of recognition of kindred souls. The masked cashier gave me the stink eye.

    • Episode 1: Z-Man gets a haircut
      A commotion ensues as Boomer flips off the stylist while Z-Man quotes Theodore Dalrymple to get out of wearing a mask and gloves. Rated TV14 for language and sexuality.

      • Episode 2: with his new sick fade, Z attains alpha status and picks up all the grocery store Karen’s. They flock to him unlike Thirsty.

      • Episode 3: Z-Man goes riding
        After our protagonists decide to ride bikes on a nice afternoon, a police drone sets upon them and orders them home. Little does Z know that Boomer has his shotgun, and a game of cat and mouse ensues! Guest starring Dominic West. Rated TV-MA for language and nudity.

    • “I reminded him that the most likely way for him to end up in the hospital was to keeptalking. The old guy, heroically chimed in with a vigorous “Fuck you, asshole” and a middle-finger at Cuck and Karen.”

      Now there’s a TikTok worth watching.

  69. Hardened geezers and those too insightful to be hornswoggled vs cucks and karens…
    Koshered Bernie Bros vs Koshered Maga Patriots…

    Younger dissidents with nothing to lose vs older dissidents who don’t want to risk the little they’ve been allowed to accumulate…

    Those filthy commie chinks vs the freedom loving West and our precious way of life now interrupted…

    I could go on and on and on. All of this has a familiar echo. In spite of knowing better we seem to be playing the game the way it’s always been played, at least for the past several decades. Go figure…

    • Karens & Cucks, Commies & Patriots et al make great kosher sandwich combos.

      With so many flavors to hate on, you barely Notice the (((MSG))).

      Let’s “never forget” who has been preaching globalism, interconnection, open borders, outsourcing U.S. manufacturing, and big pharma profiteering for decades leading up to this.

    • Old habits die hard…

      Most people in our thing were some variety of libertarian-conservative. When younger they probably flirted with some form of socialism-liberalism. If you were political the side you identified with was righteous and the other was at best uninformed at worst evil. This applied to all of our institutions and to every issue.A vs B, B vs C, and so on. The side you were on was defined for you. If you were a bright lad or lass you probably added your own take on the conflict. Often building within the parameters already laid out.

      If you looked back more than a century or two you would begin to notice that all of these contentious points seemed to be present but operated differently. Some conflicts but also a broader and much more symbiotic relationship seemed to order things.

      Bits and pieces of flotsam from the past added to a growing tension in the present and that old conflict of left-right suddenly seems inadequate in explaining things. We begin to understand that this little corral we’ve all been herded into is of great benefit to a small group of puppeteers but a hobble for the rest of us.

      Awakened, we hack off and untie as many of their dancing strings as we can leaving the few that are necessary to survive. But no more bamboozled puppet. Not me!

      So now we have a new conflict between those who are rational and those who are hysterical. You are as certain of their irrationality as you were once certain 15 years ago that so-and-so couldn’t get ahead in his industry because he lacked the gumption to pull himself up by his bootstraps, that unions were killing America and that moving factories to Mexico and Indonesia would lower costs and make the economy stonger for all Americans.

      That old contention between left and right no longer holds much meaning for you, it’s now those of us who are rational vs people who shouldn’t be given any form of adult responsibility.

      The subject of contention has been changed but the form seems to rhyme a lot. Maybe too damned much.

      You’re now getting worked up over your neighborhood’s half-baked rationalizations because they don’t measure up to your own half-baked rationalizations. Rationalizations you are both absolutely sure of. The same way you were both absolutely sure of things 15 years ago. People with whom you’ve shared 1000 generations are yet again ruining everything you’ve worked for.

      We’ll come out if this as contentious as we’ve every been. Fragmented even more, less willing to cooperate, more open to maliciousness masquerading as a friend.

      Those puppeteer’s strings you cut through some years ago? Check again…

  70. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve lost friends over this – people i used to respect as level headed and practical who turned themselves into the Junior Volunteer Thought Police at the very first opportunity. I’m Gen X – all that “slacking” we were famous for is finally coming home to roost. It’s the first time these people have ever felt important and effective in their lives (despite the fact that we’re all middle aged now and fairly high up the career ladder). This is our Woodstock, God help us all. It’s really just lightly disguised cowardice.

    • I have a lot of e-mail from “former fans” telling me I’m a monster for not going along with the panic. One of my few lefty friends is now a former friend. He started repeating some nonsense he saw on TV and I unloaded on him. I no longer think I’m required to humor these idiots.

      • My internal “Honey Badger” is getting loose from his cage more and more often these days…

        • I have lost all patience at this stage. I’m now actively avoiding situations where I may say something I’ll regret.

          • There it is. Some days, the only thing keeping my worst impulses in check is the certainty that if I shoot some Cuck or Karen who’s wagging xzhyr finger at me, the news will cover it as a “COVID-19 death.”

          • I cleaned my gutters yesterday and told my physician neighbor if I fall off the roof to make sure it gets marked down as a Covid 19 death.

          • If anyone still believes half of what they hear in our state media, especially, NY Times, Wash. Post, PBS/NPR, CNN, then they are fools, because it has been demonstrated endlessly, that they lie to us.

            Fair and honest information is so precious because it is so rare. If you have a few such sources of information, treasure them.

          • Ifrank,

            The state media isn’t about accuracy or truth. It’s about telling the masses what’s “right” and “wrong” at the moment. Consumers of these outlets don’t fact check them. They couldn’t care less about that. They watch to know how to act, whom to hate and whom to adore.

            How do I stay on the right side of the tribe. That’s what these outfits are for.

          • At this point, the only thing I really trust is my finely tuned BS detector. I’m deeply skeptical of just about everything I hear.

          • Looks like you’ve developed what the Derb called Elderly Tourette’s Syndrome.

          • This is the excuse I’ve been using for years for writing under my own name. But fuck ’em all, I say!

          • I am taking a similar avoidance approach. I will still communicate with people who can still think logically and are polite, even if they are from the left. As for the others, there is a saying that if one argues with a fool, there are two fools to the argument.

          • Whenever I go grocery shopping, I feel like I’m in a rough bar where fisticuffs are a distinct possibility. I’m on edge, just waiting for trouble. Of course, I’m scowling like a Georgetown Hoya from 1985, so nobody is about to give me any trouble.

          • You mentioned not biting your tongue and “said something” in the store. I was in the nearest W-mart yesterday afternoon to grab a few things like finch seed (essential for finches), some food items and a new nightgown for me (essential as husband is tired of looking at the old one). Standing on the approved spaced taped floors I had the opportunity to observe my neighbors sharing the lanes nearby. One pasty-faced fat slob, tattooed arms and God knows what else, and her darker-haired sister were sharing a shopping cart, filled to the top, unbelievably with a huge box of bakery-fresh chocolate frosted donuts, 2 dozen possibly. Beneath that were multiple 3 ltr bottles of clear non-diet soda. Were talking about 10 lbs of refined sugar just in those items alone. I bit my tongue and did NOT snarl, “Your doctor must be so proud!” I’ll just bet they got their real food from one of the food banks passing stuff out to cars as they drive up. Folks like that should be reported to Children’s Protective Services.

          • Dr. Dre: I see the same tableau in the Wal Mart here in Rawles Land. As much as it disgusts me, I focus on the fact that these tatted-up, stupid, morbidly obese white trash will be the first to be culled.
            This whole Plandemic is a precursor to a massive economic correction which is on the horizon. Meat sacks such as the ones in the China Mart check-out line will be among the first to assume room temperature. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

          • Z, don’t lose your cool. You are too valuable, and I can tell you that certain people are itching for an excuse to shut us up. Trust me, I know how it is: I’ve been fighting a relapse this entire panic, and I’ve had to be talked down multiple times.

            You’re a dirt person. They get the faintest whiff that you’re a “threat to public health,” and who knows what’s going to happen. We may be more like NK than we realize.

          • The more this great nothing is unfurled, the more I am convinced the northeast US is lost. Our state might just be run by literal gangsters. Many of them ignore their own edicts. This is meant to beat us down.

            I feel like I must flee deep into the old heart of this country, or far, far away from it.

      • One of my income streams comes from online sportswriting for a major college website. The publisher of the site and I were very good friends for about six years. Alas, on the site, I made my contempt for the Hysteria and its purveyors abundantly clear. The publisher forbade me from commenting further on the Hysteria, and now we no longer speak to one another. My days on that site are numbered. At some point I quit or get fired. It’s just a matter of when. And I sincerely doubt the publisher and I will ever speak to one another again, unless in the form of a four-letter aria.

      • Although I was never good at humoring idiots, I’ve become less willing to tolerate their shite as I age. Other than for meat and produce, I don’t know that I’m even going to bother with the store any more – most products I’m looking for aren’t there, or they’re now double in price (lack of sales/coupons). Given the commissars and arrows and masks, I think I’m just going to order cases like all the AWFLs do. Then I can shelter in place – from the Karens and the cucks.

    • “Junior volunteer thought policing” may be a permanent feature of human nature, and could be a positive for society if aimed at appropriate targets. (Indeed, it probably used to be, its ubiquity suggesting some kind of evolutionary fitness.)

      We live in Weimar II. There are so many obvious horrors for the petty tyrants to police, and yet they go after masks, “social distancing,” and trips to the park.

      But maybe that’s part of the anarcho-tyranny dynamic: the petty tyrants are in part bullies, and when social evils become too big, petty tyrants don’t have the courage to police them any more.

      • petty/anarcho-tyrants (same thing) don’t even need courage to police social evils, just enough desire to use social evils as a tool to squash dissent among the innocent – either by accusing the innocent of flouting useless rules that would prevent the big social evil, and/or by allowing the big social evil to occur to a lot of innocents to claim the mantle of protector and squash innocent dissent in the process.

        on the other hand, snitching on witches and marranos was quite easier and appropriate tbh. so maybe, if we are to have a tyrannical element in society, as evolutionary fitness or whatever shows, let it be holy tyranny.
        Deus vult.

    • I was at a public park in a rural town of 9500 yesterday. There was police tape around every exercise area, every shelter, every…bench. How sad that most people take that nonsense (I’m sure most people think it’s nonsense) and don’t at least tear down the tape. The ones that ARE resisting are the flag-waving Fox news and 2A Republican dorks that way too many people on our side are making fun of.

      • I’ve noticed that. Especially the anti-vax ones. There’s a big strain (no pun intended) “guv-mint poisoning us with the vaccines” among the same people. You’re not supposed to take Alex Jones seriously. And these are the same people who poison themselves every day with Ruffles and five layer Costco dip.

        • the antivaxers may have a point in this one, the corona shot will be just as or even more useless than the flu shot – except that reception of said corona shot will be tracked by way of your friendly smartphone and/or readable ink/microchip.

        • Round here it wouldn’t be in the pen but it might be 6 months in county lockup. That and/or a $grand in fines. Drove by a park up in the hill country t’other day and the parking lot was chock full. That park is pretty much nothing but hiking trails and it was a beautiful day. Guess they were practicing social distancing out in the fresh air.

      • Now is a great time to make friends with the MOOGAs IRL. If things go really bad, they’ll have the things we need to not die: guns and numbers.

      • I see a lot of people here and around the DR bashing those Fox News and 2A guys too. I even remember someone here attacking the protesters for being “too late” or something. What I see is that those Civnat type Fox viewers are at least doing something. Yes, they were “too late”, we all were though, about everything. Why didn’t people put up more of a fight about the gay stuff, the trannie stuff, or all the other insults to sanity and decency over the last few decades.

        The guy who goes to a protest is already in the “action” phase of dissidence. These are the people we need to reach out to and mobilize. People’s reaction to The Panic is also a much better litmus test of who can actually be counted on and who is likely to be a rat than some political quiz. It’s easy to put on a big show of dissent from the media dogmas when they’re just trash talking the Orange Man. It’s another thing to have the independence of mind to ignore them when they’re trying to tell you that you’ll die if you go out without a doo-rag over your face. The latter indicates that the person, no matter what their stated views, is much further along the road to realizing that the Establishment, all of it, needs to go.

      • This post should be the default response to any fool who makes. Posts about police refusing to enforce gun confiscation

        They will HAPPILY do it.

      • Marko, yes, the protesters are the type of normies that the Dissident Right despises. The keyboard warriors who are going to save the day for white people seem to be too busy online commenting about their hate for boomers. In particular, the Zoomers who are going to lead the rebellion area MIA

        • In their defense, Zoomers have not really felt the pain of this yet. The groups that have are small businesspeople, and wage slaves whose jobs are about to disappear into The Matrix forever.

          Both of these groups trend 35+, and more often than not 50+.

          • many zoomers are wage slaves too. thing is, they have relatively less debt and, more importantly, they hope to remain alive longer to collect more Trumpchecks.

            the earlier talk about appealing to dirtbag Bernie Bros (as opposed to poaching from them, the correct approach) seems to stem from all these zoomers perhaps subconsciously wanting the #boomerremover to finally deliver that UBI. ergo i think it’s dangerous to encourage them, as i’m pretty sure we are not going to get fertility checks for whites like Orban does, but rather gibs for us to be lulled into safety by spending on the same useless crap we are indebted for already. meaning, further inflation because of the extra checks, further nationalization to give more checks, open borders because corona and the extra checks make local labor inefficient, world communism.

      • “The ones that ARE resisting are the flag-waving Fox news and 2A Republican dorks that way too many people on our side are making fun of.”

        You disdain 2A Republicans? Please tell me, which side or what side are you on? Who is “our side”?

      • meanwhile the brave rational HBDers and the Arminius-Thor-Caesar-SavitriDevi-loving counter-currents chads are huddled up quite nicely. the former keep busy throwing shade at Dr Ioannidis and praising Greg Cochran’s brave replies in the Unz comments section. the latter are bravely discussing the importance of (liberal-created) Earth Day for Aryans, and how corona can help us focus on the climate… for no one to enjoy while being locked inside, that is…

        i know, the Fox News crowd can usually be dumber, but there are times like right now where those who are more basic show the way to the intellectuals, so the latter quit overthinking things and act.

      • Steve’s comments numbers have dropped significantly, as in straight off a cliff. Unz still thinks we are mere days away from millions of deaths, and has talked of banning the “hoaxers”, meaning anyone who looks at the real numbers, and not doom models from a month ago.
        Even Birx, Fauci’s right hand woman, said last night that by the end of May, deaths will have dropped precipitously.
        Unz and Steve have done serious damage to their brands, as it were. I used to read that site daily. Now, maybe twice a week, and that’s just to check in, not read anything Steve is actually writing.

        • I stopped reading Unz as well. This virus has become a religion for many people. It gives them purpose and way to feel strong emotions. Like opium addicts, taking long hits off the virus pipe is the only way they feel normal now.

          • Steve Sailer is a numbers guy, so the nonstop deluge of stats coming from various official and unofficial sources is catnip to him. This makes for something of a contrast as John Derbyshire is also a numbers guy yet hasn’t nipped at the stats bait. I concur with Mr. Derbyshire in that none of the stats is trustworthy.

          • And that’s Sailer’s problem. The tests are faulty, and the reporting incoherent. He should realize that it is junk data. Instead, it is a stream of panic and how we might have to stay locked down for a year.

          • Unz is the typical “Russian asset” that will publish any conspiracy theory just because. the FSB remains the same.

            still, sometimes some gold can be struck, simply due to the wide variety of writers. plus, the vast library can be interesting. i read Lothrop Stoddard’s book about his visit to the Third Reich and Gustav’s Kubiszchek’s memoir of young Adolf there.

            however, when taken with the comments and multiplied by all the authors, and with the ever higher volumes of content under the Trump era and corona, it’s become tiresome to even check for interesting bylines on the side of the page.

          • Isn’t Ron Unz Jewish? Being a bit neurotic seems to be intrinsic to every American Jew I’ve ever met. No idea if its culture or genetic or both. Hell I’ve seen many many Jewish comedians joking about it.

            The Israelis OTOH don’t seem to be like that. The older Sabra I’ve met are tough as nails and the younger, ass always a bit less so but mostly alright within limits

            As far as Steve Sailer , dude is old and in poor health. Of course he’s a afraid of Corona Chan, a common cold or flu could kill the guy and he’s not religious enough to be fearless of or even look forward to the afterlife.

            Regardless sometimes you just have to move on as you outgrow sites you used to enjoy. Heck before I went DR I started at the late great Spearhead blog and later was into Davis M.J. Aruini and occasionally Steve Sailer.

            Mostly though I’ve learned everything worthwhile they had to offer and these days I’m here or read this or that, nothing regularly. Vox Day is still getting a bit of my traffic but he’s too religulous (H/T Bill Maher of all people for the expression) and far credulous with this Q B.S. for my tolerance.

            You seem to be my “last great blogger” so thanks and I’ll try and get you a check down the line.

          • yeah, i bet for every hardass IDF type bullying Muslims and Christians away from “their settlements” in “Judea and Samaria” with their American-funded-and-sometimes-even-made guns, there’s also the one given to lusts in Tel Aviv luxury flats.

            Palestinian and even Israeli Arabs are beating them in demographics, after all.

            i do fear for the Holy Places regardless. Christian soldiers or at least shields may return in our lifetimes. that is, if the Prots don’t give it all away to the Jews for the Third Temple heresy… please don’t, dear evangelists, though thank you for being brave and hold car services at least… the bishops have absolutely cucked, though perhaps we were not deserving of Mass or Sacraments this Easter anyway…

          • i thought Unz was a Russian Jew. interestingly, he has so much anti-Semite stuff. either way, fits pattern.

            Israelis are divided, some love Netanyahu, some love Natalie Portman and hate Netanyahu. there is a wide gulf it seems, at least from the few people who visited Israel told me. i mean, i’ve been told Tel Aviv can be as decadent as any Euro city. of course Jerusalem has more of the hatheads.

            yeah, one outgrows sites. i used to read takimag, not as much anymore. Vox is too Prot, ergo believes he is a pastor or something, he does have a following and a strict rule according to his SSH hierarchy – which makes sense though, he had to make himself one too in his blog, and it generally applies more or less to a male American setting. however he does have some insightful comments, particularly economics and popular media-art, which is propaganda at this point. he does trust the plan too much sometimes, and now also fell for corona, although perhaps he did see the worst in Italy. that said, he likes east asians making music, and thinks white rock is boomerish, wtf?

            meanwhile mr zman is hard to follow, pagan or not, nazbol or not, secretly in the swamp or not, late xer or early boomer, but always interesting…

        • Ron Unz follows a standard template in his usual conspiracy theory nuttiness:
          1. I never knew much about X and always accepted common beliefs about X.
          2. The I read this author.
          3. That lead me to read a lot of other obscure authors who are completely credible and had huge followings in the day. For some reason they have been banished.
          4. Now I believe this conspiracy theory.

          His latest is that the US used a bio-weapon on China and it came back to get us. Before that it was Tiannamen square didn’t happen.

    • As a doctor, I usually am weaning my hospital scrubs when I go into Lowes or Home Depot. yesterday, at Lowes, it was 92 degrees outside and I was the ONLY one of 500 people in the store without a mask. I sensed the people around me were surprised when some older lady asked me why I would not be wearing a mask as a doctor. I told her it is a free country but I am not obliged to participate in their fantasy.

      Alas: Even I keep a mask in my pocket and usually wear it when I go into Vons because I get this nagging feeling that some manager will pop out fo the ground telling me I am not allowed to buy milk for my young son.

      PEOPLE CAN’T BE THIS STUPID. More and more, I am sensing that the majority of the people I see are skeptical but are going along with the mask thing to avoid rocking the boat….. THIS folks is how your get a fascist dictatorship

      • Wheeling a cart around the supermarket I have begun to sense a budding comaraderie between strangers without masks. The cashiers where I shop didn’t wear masks until they were required by management two weeks ago. No one had become ill–I asked. It is as if people who work hard and fast with a line of customers waiting on them, some of whom are undoubtedly obnoxious, have little patience for the fevered imaginations of people with time on their hands.

      • I wear a mask only because that’s the price of admission pretty much everywhere around here these days. No mask, no entrada. That’s the rule.

        • N95 mask with exhaust valve has ended allergies. I feel great without drugs.what’s all this CCP Virus stuff anyway?

      • To paraphrase Yeats, the best are meek and quiescent, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. Slouching toward Sheol.

      • when i go out i try to be as maskless as possible, which is 80% unless they won’t serve me (happened couple times, gas station, sp*cs at food takeout – they are panicked of course), and open all my car windows to breathe the fresh Florida air and sun these days. it does help that Di Santis is not as brainwashed as others. the supposed crisis in the state got much better also, proof that the virus is not that deadly if thousands of spring breakers from last month didn’t carry death back home. though there are some affected in (((Palm Beach))) i hear…

        i should also join protests if possible (working online is a way to tie you down too), but meanwhile the mask-off thing works, it normalizes rebellion as it is a much easier (and comfortable) step for the normie than getting his ass out to town hall. though again, if push comes to shove, we should join the dont tread on me dorks.

    • In my neck of the woods – it’s right across the board. I got thrown in with the boomers by a matter of months – and I am now ready to start mass murdering my demographic peers wholesale. All I want to do is walk my dogs – I don’t want to be harangued and brow beaten by every neurotic grey haired idiot that is using the Chinky Pox for entertainment.

      I’ve lost all my liberal friends and family years ago. That’s not a good thing, but between having them in or out of my life… I am definitely better without them. I swear, if one more old fart starts regaling me with how Blumpf is telling them to drink bleach and eat UV lamps – I will not be responsible for my actions.

      • The parameters of Boomerdom are far too wide. Someone coined the phrase “Generation Jones” to cover roughly 1956-1964.

    • Coward-19, like the flight 93 election, the Russian collusion hoax-coup, and every other existential threat to our democracy manufactured by the cloud has a way of exposing the weak genes among us.

      Like some obstacle course or progressive polygraph, each iteration poses a slightly different mental challenge or logic trap. An opportunity to rise above the sheeple or to be folded into the flock.

      Some genx’er, otherwise sound on the matter of identity politik, suddenly buckles under the weight of the coward-19; he can manage the monkey bars but can’t climb the rope.

      And so his real fitness is exposed; he lacks the mettle to confront the the shape-shifting threats from the overlords. This is a feature.

      Those who revel in their newfound purpose as one of the People‘s virus army, who are in this together to usher in our new normal have given us valuable information and likely saved us from relying up them in the future to do what is right and necessary.

      The virus is just one more obstacle in the long march. If not this, then the next low-crawl through mud would have sorted the heroes from us dirt people anyhow.

      I feel rather blessed to have most of my male friends elbows deep in the mud on this with me. Makes me appreciate them even more than I already do.

      • There it is. Provided I or a loved one don’t actually die from Chinky Pox (about as likely as dying in a car crash), the great tragedy is I’ve lost real friends – the kind I thought would gun up and get in line with me if the worst happened. Instead, they put on the jackboots to go along with the mask and face shield … And they did it earlier than most. Glad I know better than to rely on them in a *real* crisis, but damn it hurts.

        • Sev, indeed. For me the disappointment response in the friend filtering that results from these events is still there, but rather fatigued at this point.

          The early days of realizing that some friends would sell me and my culture and people out for a chance to rut with a manic hulu hoop girl they met at an EDM festival while high on chemtrails was just the beginning. Seems rather quaint at this point.

          I’m left with a triage approach, which is why I am not that interested in pulling those guys from Bernies pink teat either.

          Makers and takers, builders and squatters; the lines form as they always do – and always will.

          Iron sharpens iron. And so..those of lesser mettle can only dull you.

        • Sorry for your pain and disappointment, Sev. I’ve jettisoned so many people over so many years – if I can’t without-question trust them to have my back, then I’m not going to waste my time on them. If their behavior/beliefs in the present favor a vision of the future that is antithetical to mine, they never really qualified as a ‘friend’ in my book. I don’t mind being a loner, but I realize most people have a really hard time cutting ties.

        • I was once an optimist and thought 80% of people were generally placeholders, looking for a cause. Kungflu has me raising the estimate to 95%

      • I wish I could upvote this more. This is basically what I was saying above before reading your comment. The most telling mantra to come out of this from the Cloud is “we’re all in this together.” The people who don’t go along with the hysteria are the ones who’ve gotten to the point of being able to say – there’s no “we”, just you.

        • The most Orwellian saying I’ve heard is the repeated mantra (after those obligatory radio community service blurbs), “Remember we are all ‘Alone, together’”.

    • Your post reminds me of the character of “Himmelstoss” in Erich Maria Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front”; Himmelstoss – a postman in regular life – is called up & becomes an Army Drill Instructor & goes ballistic with the authority, becoming a sadistic martinet.

    • Gen X has been useless since Nevermind (the Bollocks, if older) and Dookie and the Downward Spiral and Badmotorfinger. all that apathy went to feed (((them))). they fed you materialism back. and now that you grew up and are into the age where you can command power in institutions, you can feel materially special as Corona Thought Police.

      Boomers were run thru the same process, but with Sergeant Pepper and The Dark Side of the Moon as brainmolding agents. also, they had happier drugs. Gen X had depressive or intense drugs. Zoomers, they have all of them, so now their new frontier is tranny drugs.

  71. I re-read this one multiple times, laughing each round. At least you didn’t have to pass the cart allocation test administered by the ancient fag taking his charge *very serially, EXCELSIOR!* at our local grocery.

    You aren’t gonna kill them, yet. Time to move forward with your day in this interlude of deception and fake fear.

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