The Ruling System

There are a variety of ways to hold power. Some are better than others and over the history of man everyone one has been tried with varying degrees of success. By far the most effective way of maintaining power is to get those over whom you hold power to think their interests lie in you remaining in power. If you can get your subjects to think that their very survival depends upon you remaining their ruler, not only will they obey your orders, but they will volunteer to defend your position.

Of course, convincing even a majority of this can be expensive and difficult, so a better way to work this is to convince the people at the top. Every society is hierarchical, so if you get the ruling class to think their interests are your interests, then your interests become their interests. Not only will they defend your position, but they will seek to strengthen it when they can, as it benefits them. With everyone’s interest commingled, opposing the king means threatening the system itself.

The best example of this is probably the court at Versailles under Louis XIV. He not only brought the nobility of France under one roof; he created a social milieu for them that transcended their existence. To be a noble meant having a place at court. Your position in the ruling class was defined by your position and status in court. The aristocracy of France, in effect, became a society in itself, isolated from and distinct from the people over whom it ruled. It was a society atop a society.

If you examine the run-up to the French Revolution, it is clear that the system that evolved to that point had overtaken the people in charge of it. It was clear to most everyone that reform was needed. The finances of the king were a disaster and the nobility were being overtaken by changes in technology and economics. Yet, all reform efforts failed as reform was a threat to the nature of the system. Like a sentient being, the system conspired to thwart all reform efforts.

A similar problem vexed the Soviet Empire. The long terrifying reign of Stalin triggered an evolution in the system. Instead of one man ruling with an iron fist, a collection of men at the top of the party would hold power. The man at the top would depend on the party for power and legitimacy, while members would depend on the party for their power within the system. It’s what allowed Khrushchev to outmaneuver Malenkov, but also what led to the fall of Khrushchev and the reversal of his reforms.

One very interesting thing about the Soviet system that evolved after the revolution is how the party became a social organ, rather than a technocratic one. To rise in the party meant to rise in the narrow communist society that ruled over the larger empire, much in the same way the French aristocracy ruled over France. To be outside the party was to be no one. That threat alone was enough for most party members to wake up every morning thinking about how best to serve the party.

The social aspect cannot be overstated. Like Versailles, party members lived among one another and socialized with one another. Their children went to the same schools and eventually married one another. In the case of the Moscow elite, they lived in the same building. The ruling elite was not just a separate class of people, but a separate and distinct society. If it had carried on for long enough, the communist party would have been a separate race of people.

We see the same thing has evolved in the American Empire. If you take time to read up on the Flynn case or the much larger plot around it, you see a large cast of people with one thing in common. They all live together as a social class. Some were having sex with one another. Others had been friends since college. Others developed their relationships when they came to Washington. All of these social relationships transcend the formal positions and titles of the people.

For example, one thing the plotters liked to do is plant stories in the community paper, the Washington Post, which they would then use as evidence of something needing official investigation. This was possible because the people in the FBI had old friends at the Post, who they could grab a bite with and pass on the information. The “reporter” was happy to oblige, because he had the same interests as the FBI man. They were friends indebted to the same system that made their lives possible.

Throughout the scandal, you see people happily going along with what they know is against the rules, possibly even illegal, because they just assume it is the right thing to do for the system. The righteous indignation from these people when questioned is not an act for the cameras. These are products of a social world that defines who they are as people. They see their actions as a defense of a system that makes it possible for them to exist. They think they are heroes.

In a way, they are heroes. The very core of western civilization is the Greek notion of the citizen, as a man defined by his relationship in his polis. In his final hours, Socrates explains to his old friend Crito that he must accept his fate, as to do otherwise would make him an enemy of that which defines him. To flee Athens and escape death would make him an enemy of the law. That would make him an enemy of Athens, and thus no longer part of it and no longer Socrates.

Now, none of the people in the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election are Socrates or even capable of pronouncing his name. That’s not the point. It’s that they see themselves as members of a community. That membership not only provides for their material existence, it defines who they are as people. To defend it from a threat, even a duly elected threat, is to defend who they are as people. Even the slightest change in the system, no matter how necessary, threatens their existence.

This is why Trump has run into a stone wall as president. The entirety of the system, like a living organism fighting for its life, has organized itself against him. His failure to grasp this reality has made him entirely ineffective. It’s also why the investigation into the scandals will go nowhere. The system cannot testify against itself. It’s also why the Clintons were protected for so long. Once they were assimilated, they were another node in the system to be defended at all cost.

The lesson from the French Revolution is that once a ruling class becomes a ruling community, reform is no longer possible. The only way to change the system is to decapitate it. The lesson of the Soviet system is that technology can perpetuate the community until it exhausts itself. That is what happened with the Russians. The party eventually was overrun with people willing to ride in the wagon, but desperately short on men capable of pulling the wagon.

How the American system will end is anyone’s guess, but it will not carry on forever, as no organism lives forever. The low quality of the people involved in the FBI shenanigans suggests they are reaching the same point as the Soviets in the 1980’s. No matter how cleverly designed, a system needs capable operators. If John Brennan and James Comey are the elite, the community has a serious inbreeding problem. Still, the fact that it staggers on despite this speaks to the power of societal inertia.

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256 thoughts on “The Ruling System

  1. Markets are about returns now, not productive directing of capital, and certainly not price discovery. He’s right…because of 401K and pension funds….he’s aboslutely right.
    And this dear hearts, the money, the pensions, der Bunds is what drives so much of our compliance, not fear of Karen’s or HR.

    “The common knowledge about what markets are for is no longer “to direct capital to its most productive ends”.

    The common knowledge about what markets are for is now “to give us the returns we need.”

  2. Lawdog posts too much.
    Probably uses a vpn.
    You maybe know this.
    He adds nothing but large monthly dollar roll.
    I think it’s may be too cute by half.
    Regardless he is a tool, therefore I know he is paying you dollars (I do not begrudge).

    Your call. I can’t do bookmarks but to each his own.

    You are getting close though … almost there.
    Good work.

  3. Lot of speculation…I don’t think most of these people even have the ability comprehend much in the way of how they fit into the big picture…A lot of what they do is simply going along to get along…

  4. One morning I was grabbing a coffee at work and a colleague got a phone call asking where I was. I needed to report ASAP back to the office. Was escorted to a room with a local police officer and a local FBI guy.

    Foreign threat against me! Oh, wow. Kind of ruined my day, month, year.

    Looking back, I shouldn’t have joked around with those guys. The branch office Fed laid out the warning and I pretty much laughed it off. They legally had to inform those who were threatened.

    The threats turned out to be from a different government. Bastiges.

  5. This is OT but likely of interest to some. I came across this passage in Our Tempestuous Day where Tsar Alexander is describing the moral fiber of the British people which he believes is the deciding factor in their victory over Napoleon, accompanied by the author’s commentary:

    “Tsar Alexander believed that she owed her underlying strength to the British people themselves…to a quality inherent in her population. The English possessed a certain temper of mind, a soberness of thought, a reflectiveness other people lacked.

    [The soldiers] had displayed a stolid, dogged, almost obstinate perseverance on the battlefield that seemed to bear out the emperor’s judgment. To stand firm…to hold formation no matter how fierce the incoming attack: such was honorable soldiering and the British held to the code of honor. The qualities that impressed observers most were the steadiness, hardiness, and sheer endurance of Wellington’s men, and these same qualities leavened the entire population.”

    We’ve never been a revolutionary people. And although our population is not as British as it once was it’s still institutionally British. I think the English civil war and the American revolution are the truest templates for how things may develop in America. Unfortunately, what they reveal is that we fundamentally prefer stability, and that until monied interests are threatened things tend to cruise along. We are stalwart and intensely conservative. Even many of the progressives I’ve come across are personally conservative – their politics may be radical but they live their lives out in a modern parody of 19th century gentry in their all-white enclaves.

    An exception is the religious/moral element to English and American politics showcased particularly in the English and American civil wars. This may be our saving grace. When we do rise, I think it will have a highly moral, Christian, almost crusader-like element. The harder they push the tranny, gay, abortion, etc the better for us. These things deeply offend Christian people and that indignation will be the justification for revolt. Getting monied interests on board is going to be another and more difficult ball game

  6. What is to come?

    Per the SJW/Silicon Valley discussion at the top of this thread,

    The Lockdown is a test run.
    A prep run of a 5G automated economy, when “workers” and “income” are far less necessary.

    They envision stepping out of your door, and speaking into the open air, “Uber me to the airport.” The smart city will send a gig Uber now, and a driverless taxi next.

    In some parts of China, you don’t carry ID or a cash card. You present your face to the screen on the vending machine. It recognizes you, charges your account, and dispenses your healthy snack.
    You also get docked for not taking the minimum number of steps for your health each day.

    We saw early probes of a global framework with the creepy YouGov promoting anti-smoking regs in hundreds of municipalities, in any smallish country they could get into.

    Gay marriage was a big test of the firming international network. Suddenly, every country discovered the need and right for legal recognition.

    La Lockdown Corona is a test, to see how modern society responds to staying largely at home. The big crowds of the service economy aren’t necessary to robot factory surplus.

    Think you’ll escape to the hinterlands?
    Elon Musk and friends are building satellites for blanket coverage.

    The elites-above-borders envision a ‘smart world’, a global intelligence, operating on the same frequency.

    This is the End Times made true- except the frequency we’re on will not be the One you were expecting.

    • We can and will escape. Somehow. We can claim land as our own and make life miserable for them if the meddle. But we have to start now…

  7. “If John Brennan and James Comey are the elite, the community has a serious inbreeding problem.”

    Yeah, that was the tell for me. The low quality of people behind this stuff.

    My guess is that people like Dean acheson, the Dulles brothers, Hoover, etc were just as (politically) bad, but were much more competent.

  8. the inbreeding thesis goes along the cultural one, as the post-60s culture totally allows it. in fact, it promotes outbreeding, but with other races as opposed to the better of the plebs of the same race, ergo resulting in new undesired effects too.

    granted, the French nobility and royalty needed oxygenating the bloodlines every so often. however, the concept of natural elite is still valid, as the revolutionaires with their phony “no-elites” notion did even more damage.

    the Chinese socnats try to skirt around the Soviet problem with their ancient tradition of harsh civil service exams (which the US stupidly canceled in the Carter era iirc, the worst time of the cold war for the west). however this social system of promoting engineers uber alles may still bite them back as they may eventually reach the point of enough disenfranchised men stuck in the civil servant rat-race and low amounts of marriageable women (a sizable amount of whom may still have and/or want to work, thus may become subversive feminists), which in turn will breed low enough tax bases that may eventually not be able to pay all the easy/social credit and/or consume all the products. in short, the Chinese will have their own boomer problem, specially as young rich Chinese women become harder to date as they become spoiled and (thus) Westernized.

    then again, if the West continues to consume everything Chinese, including Chinese expats stealing local capacities in the name of “progress”, they will continue to rule even if they crowned a tranny emperor. besides, i wouldn’t put it past them to simply clone women and/or create fake wombs with in vitro capabilities inside sex robots. i wonder how long we will remain even biologically human after 2200 or so…

  9. The system can never be used to take down the system – petitioning your gov to reform is like the slave asking the slave master to reform – not going to happen.

    • It will end with the powers-that-be taking away all the freedoms, assets, and rights of the common man, telling him what he is allowed to say, where he is allowed to go, and who he is allowed to associate with, all while wearing the skin suit of “America”. Oh, wait, whut?

  10. But, as I understand Tocqueville, the problem with France under the old regime was that the aristocrats confined in the court at Versailles had ceased to be an aristocracy and had become mere courtiers. And this was the fatal flaw that buried the old regime when the crisis came.

    Our old regime may have a similar problem, that all the courtiers in DC really don’t have a power base. They are just courtiers gossiping and backbiting.

    For, we are bound to ask, how come, with all their shenanigans and spies and collusions, they have failed, up to this very day, to stop Donald Trump?

    • Christopher;
      Late to this party, but I’d like to build on your observation that the CloudFolk have yet to stop P. Trump. This is despite public proclamation that he and his are to be destroyed, not just defeated, so other renegade elite never try something like this again. The so-called ‘intelligence’ community have failed in this and stand in no little jeopardy themselves.

      I know, I know, based on the track record, ‘nothing will happen’ is the way to bet. But yet….: Either Trump is the luckiest guy alive or there is something else going on, largely unseen.

      For example, the latest shocking revelations of the transparently stupid Russian collusion hoax and the lawless Mueller charade keep coming out for *some* reason. This would not have happened under the Klintonoids. Gen. Flynn’s attorney fully credits A G Barr.

  11. Zman: “This is why Trump has run into a stone wall as president. The entirety of the system, like a living organism fighting for its life, has organized itself against him. His failure to grasp this reality has made him entirely ineffective.” Well said. And even if he grasps it, he lacks the articulation and true charisma to inspire forces against it.

  12. Where the analogies fail is the immense breadth and depth of those who gain from the current system; from the person delivering your mail today, to the hipster in Manhattan with his “Trump Bucks,” to the university assistant diversity coordinator for the Inuit, to the single mother in Spokane, to the Senator from Massachusetts. There is immeasurable graft and even the little fish know it’s better to be on the take than to start a business.

    My back of the envelope, finger in the wind guess is that 70% of the people in this land benefit from the current order, no matter how rickety and corrupt.

    I am not sure how this changes?

    • I agree. Previous revolutions existed because some section of the elite/upper class was excluded out of what they saw as their due in some way. The masses just follow, they never originate.

      The one thing this system has done like no other is to co-opt pretty much every possible elite threat into the system via the vast engine of material graft skimmed and redistributed to these via media, NGO, think tanks and academia etc.

      It may be that over a certain wealth threshold in society there are just no more upper section revolutionaries left out in the cold?

      • If you are over a certain income threshold, work in the government, or a government dependent company, there is no incentive to rock the boat. If you are the low end of the socio-economic spectrum, and receive government “bennies,” there is no reason to rock the boat. That leaves a small slice of the middle class where this revolutionary vanguard must be located, and they are not the revolting types.

      • We thought if you can create money out of thin air, you will end up owning all the assets.

        They looked further.
        They bought the people, and ended up owning the entire society.

        • Ah, you missed a chance.
          “They looked further. and ended up owning all their asses”

  13. Excellent piece, zman. For what it’s worth, I think your analysis is entirely correct and consistent with recent events.

    Our rulers have evolved a “class consciousness”. Everything is about protecting and maintaining their class. This is why old arguments about capitalist .v. socialist are so sterile, because the people who rule over us are neither or either as the situation demands. They are driven not by ideology but by self-interest.

    This actually makes them hard to dislodge. Once you undermine the ideology of the ideologue, his moral imperative for ruling is abolished and his rule then quickly ends. Not so with this lot. They can rely upon a whole series of interchangeable justifications from diversity to global warming to corona virus. A moving target is much harder to hit.

    We also must assume that they will do anything to maintain their rule, because their lives depend upon it. There are no lengths to which they will not go.

    • Soon the day will come when there will only be 3 crimes; a. stealing from the ruling class (i.e depriving them of revenue) b. hate (except hatred for white people) and c. white disobedience.

      • I think that is pretty much the current situation.

        The pretense of laws has vanished across the developed world in 2 months. Take a moment, reflect and think about the magnitude of that.

        Its straightforward “Do what I say today or else its the boot on the face.”

        Now that bridge is crossed there is no way back.

    • Because for a middle-class White woman to disobey the rules – to peek behind the curtain – means the entire edifice might crumble. If she could get enough of her peers to follow, the entire lockdown would fall apart. It’s almost impossible, of course – one lone, brave woman is insufficient to change the stampeding horde’s direction, but I give her full credit. That judge is reacting out of disbelief and fear at her defiance.

      • Show trials for political dissidents always require apologies and guilt confessions from the accused. Its the same in every ideology-oriented dictatorship.

        The confession of wrong doing is the whole point of the trial as the outcome is always known and so justice is irrelevant.

      • Got news for you. My wife has been running a hair salon in our garage. Her hairdresser is a single mom (of white kids) who needs the dough. All my wife’s friends wanted to know where she got her hair done. She said, In my garage, by my hairdresser. We made it look right, put the cars elsewhere. She’s booked 2-3 days a week. My wife loves it – she sits and chats with them, like my father used to do at the barber shop. When I mention this to women elsewhere I find out it is common. The state’s prohibition of this activity just means they get zero revenue from it.

        • Working from home has given me the excuse to go all feral with my hair and beard. The Mrs. was kind of “uh, ew” at first, but I think she is starting to like it. She is still keeping up on her own personal primping. To each his own.

        • Another victory for our bumbling masters. They’ve taught everyone how to do business like drug dealers. As you say, at least it helps to cut off their tax revenue. If enough people do this there won’t be money to pay the cops to enforce all this madness. Actually there already are too few cops to enforce the shutdowns if people actually start ignoring them.

        • Weren’t most of America’s revolutionary inventions started in somebody’s garage?

          “If there is hope,” Winston thought, “it lays with the proles.”

    • That’s because real criminals are mostly Africans and other POC and getting mad at them would of course be wrongthink. The only people that are allowed to become judges in our corrupt system are those with proven shitlib or neocon values. This is the nature of ZOG.

  14. The only thing preventing the ruling class from being viewed as morally evil or just bad is their PR department, or what we call “the news” for some reason. Theyve got lefties convinced they need to allow anything that hurts Trump, and conservatives are busy fighting communism instead of the actual problems.

    What we could do with the media out of the way……when people tell me they want Tucker for president I have to shut that down. The president will do nothing unless the system approves, so Tucker is right where we need him, pointing out the moral illegitimacy of the ruling class to normie.

    Maybe what we need is a different kind of accelerationism. I mean obviously not violence, but what if there is a low risk way to accelerate the exhaustion of the ruling class? Idk what that might be offhand. Maybe the best way to do that would be to encourage “inclusiveness” in ruling organizations? If we could get them to remove any barriers to entry based on capability, competence, intelligence, leadership qualities, conscientousness, and on and on that might do it. Relentlessly criticizing things for not being inclusive enough are already system approved so itd be low risk.

    • ” If we could get them to remove any barriers to entry based on capability, competence, intelligence, leadership qualities, conscientousness, and on and on that might do it.”

      Ummm… clearly that happened a long, long time ago.

    • Yeah, I think we should focus on destroying the media. But how in the world can we hit them in the money?

        • You’re right Alzaebo, but take solace in the fact that with their dishonesty being on display so regularly, their power and influence is diminishing. 75% > of media is anti Trump, but there is still a chance that he could be elected. The NYT no longer always chooses our president.

  15. Another solid post Zman, but it feels a little like recycling old material (not that we don’t need constant refreshers). Here are a couple of topic ideas I would love for you to cover:

    1) Why are all US billionaires other than thiel, Mercer, and (arguably) Trump shitlibs? How does the system co-opt literally every other US billionaire? (Over 1,000 of them)

    2) Would love to see you analyze Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto, both about the system itself and also how Ted describes shitlibs as oversocialized.

    3) A post on investing in today’s climate, if you have any big feelings one way or another (pro-gold, pro-BTC, or whatever).

    4) Post on Trump’s reelection prospects and what happens if Dems win the presidency and take the senate, as they seem odds favored to do now. Will shitlibs put white Christians on trains? ie Pol pot on steroids? Or merely stuff the country with 100 million Muslims?

    5) An analysis of countries to flee to if people decide to leave america. Seems like only china and Russia are outside of US control…

    • I’ll take it up wit Tel Aviv. To your first point, I do recycle from time to time, as new people don’t always go back through the catalog. When events warrant, I’ll rehash certain themes.

      • The physician Samuel Johnson once said (I’m paraphrasing here) “People don’t need to be taught, so much as they need to be reminded.” Very true. It’s why you hear the same lessons in church and Sunday School over and over again. I appreciated the reiteration of, and elaboration upon, the theme of the elite as a society or community unto itself.

      • Z Man said: ” I’ll take it up wit Tel Aviv.” Hahaha! Sweet! 😂

        But Seriously, Folks. The only sane choice we have left is Neo-Barbarianism / Survivalism. Get ahead of the curve. The Eastern European chapters of the Hells Angles may be the White mans last hope.

    • JR: “Another solid post Zman, but it feels a little like recycling old material…Here are a couple of topic ideas…”

      This is the kind of thing you convey thru email idiot, LOL. There’s only so many subjects to cover. And even when Z’s revisiting things, there’s still fresh topical nuance. I do wish Z would only post every 2 or 3 days. Only because I fear he’s going to blow a gasket at this pace. Judging from his frightening consistency and brilliance there could be some level of autism at play. Even the most outwardly solid guys can lose it. Think of Charles Whiteman, the Texas tower shooter. Or Woody Hayes choking that kid. Martin Lawrence waving a gun around in the middle of an LA intersection. Your suggestion for Z to cover Kaczynski is a good one. I recenty saw a documentary on him.
      “Unabomber – In His Own Words”. He’s got a reedy, uptight nerd voice. From his looks I expected mountain man voice. But actually his methods were kinda soyboy. So he sounds about right.

  16. Even my normie friends have been saying they think we are at the precipice of collapse. It seems this stuff is obvious to even people who pay very little attention to politics. I think their level of technologically enabled sociological control will allow it to stagger on for some time though. I hope I’m wrong. The masks have really been slipping a lot lately for our rulers though. What a clown show.

    • Lurking at the WuFlu subreddits I’ve noticed a slight decline in traffic and post frequency.

      There is also a small hive mind contingent that has recognized the economic fallout is going to be far worse than the virus and is beginning to push the idea that things need to open up and that raging about, “lockdowns to infinity,” is a form of privilege.

      Of course, they are treated as naive children by the hivemind majority that smears more vocal lockdown opponents as, “dangerous morons who deserve to catch WuFlu on their way to an agonizing death.”

    • In terms of talking to normie-cons, I’ve hit on a approach that’s promising.

      I talk to people who have an American flag flying when I get a chance out walking or biking. I’ll say, “I’m happy that people fly the flag.”

      Right away you’ll be in fairly intimate conversation with most of these types. They’ll tell you why they fly it. I’ll acknowledge similar feelings and then say, “Sometimes it seems like it’s flying for a different country these days.”

      It’s been like popping zits. People who would instinctively defend Muricah against any slur will let you know that they are a lot closer to our side than they’ve ever let on.

      I get the chances to do this kind of stuff because I afforded to escape diversity. I live in Whitopia, a retirement community out in the desert. The only black woman who lives here is famous because she’s on all of the signs. Lots of Trump 2020 yard signs up already and even some Trump flags flying. Trump billboards, too.

      I’m finding converts to our side more than I thought I would. This particular technique is two for two. It should be applicable to people with any other overt manifestations of traditional patriotism.

      This sentiment, this recognition of what has been taken from us, is getting closer to the surface and easier to provoke by scratching

      Go, virus!

      • Great tip. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to aggregate in one place suggestions like this. It’s a common complaint that we don’t have ideas or plans, and there’s a kernel of truth to that, but I’ve also come across some great advice on on this site. Dissidents need to have resources on building communities.

        Whenever I get black pilled, I remember that the problem isn’t that people aren’t “noticing”, it’s that they’re still unwilling to express what’s painfully clear to them. But I believe there’s a tipping point where that reticence will fade away quickly as they realize their neighbors are thinking the same thing they are, and I don’t think we’re as far away from that tipping point as we once were.

  17. My grandfather was born in the early 1900s. The America he knew was so very much different than the America I knew in the early 70s as a young married man. Now the many children in the family are experiencing a dystopia compared to grandfather’s America or even compared to mine.

    The central government has been a close-knit community and culture for generations. The bureaucracy of the various departments rule the land and have at least since I was a boy. Some say that JFK had to be killed after he claimed he was going to break the CIA apart.

    The question today is: “will the people knuckle under to this police state madness”? I say yes they will. Based on what Mark?? I just got back from a shopping trip — and in bright sunshine with the temps going up to about 90 we see morons everywhere wearing masks and being good little slaves.

    We are so screwed.

    • We are screwed.

      Falling for the (((media))) and Fossil Fauci hype that sunlight and warm weather won’t affect the WuFlu proves that most people have a medieval-level grasp of science. Swallowing the crap data and models proves most people are only capable of grade school arithmetic.

      The only people in my area that I’ve seen sans masks in the supermarket are a couple middle aged white women.

      Haven’t seen any of the 2A or 3% guys doing that, though one could argue they are buttoned up at their farms, camps, and bunkers.

      • Just recently I’ve seen media doing scare stories about how the new antibody tests have shown that the infection is far more widespread among the general public than thought. Right after that I started to see stories claiming that the tests aren’t reliable or don’t really prove that a person is immune to re-infection.

        While this could certainly be true given how rushed the tests were, it’s also possible that this was just an oops as they realized that if the infection really is widespread that means the death rate is a fraction of what’s been claimed and also that herd immunity is building. It wouldn’t be the first time media types showed that they are as innumerate as their intended victims. So now you have the idea that Covid19 is something like an evil spirit. Even if the tests show you’re free of it, you may still need the services of the witch doctor because the spirit can come back.

    • While it popular to dunk on Boomers (and I’ve certainly done so), people of that generation who understand the gravity of our current situation are one of our greatest resources.

      Tell your children and grandchildren what a functional society was like, and make sure they know that this isn’t one.

  18. ”This is why Trump has run into a stone wall as president. The entirety of the system, like a living organism fighting for its life, has organized itself against him. His failure to grasp this reality has made him entirely ineffective.”


    A quibble or two, Z:

    The power brokers need to be able to operate under the table to win. All Trump can do at this point is expose this stuff to the American people. The lickspittles in the courts and media can silence dissent for awhile, but it’s game over once the people rebel.

    I’m sorry, I think Trump has done a great job considering the mass and momentum against him. Things will be getting interesting soon.

  19. This is all correct, and since it’s a system of nepotism, each successive torch pass is to a slightly or not so slightly more degenerate, more incapable person. If a system perpetuates itself long enough, the leaders of that system become effete Eloi. There are a lot of conspiracies on the internet right now that the ruling class carefully drew blueprints for this virus scare to grab power, and while they are grabbing more power, most of them are genuinely scared of the virus, because they’re little bitches. The wealthier the neighborhood, the more draconian the measures taken. Long gone are the days when the wealthiest in our country were first generation wildcatter types who would mock the virus as they smoke stogies while liquored up on the patio. The current elite is trying to figure out how to have socially distanced pilates classes. Such a used up, talentless, unknowing, unthinking group of people are the same ones who shut down our economy and now expect a “v shaped recovery.” They won’t even know what they’ve done for a couple years.

    • The smarter and more sociopathic ones are grabbing more power. The rest are showing everyone just how much bitch they have in them. The vast bitch segment is also the reason the shutdowns seemed reasonable and workable. Most of them don’t do any real work and can literally phone it in. There’s a large segment of worthless trust fund kiddies too who don’t even have pretend jobs to phone their work into. These are the “effete eloi” children of previous generations who actually built businesses or created things.

      The problem this creates is that most dirt people actually do have jobs they need to physically go to. These people are now broke and enraged. Many are heavily armed and have some military training as well. My prediction for how all this could go REALLY BAD is that there is a popular revolt among the dirts and one of the power-grabbers among the elite gets an idea of becoming a new Robespierre to redirect the rebellion.

  20. Augustus is reputed to have said that all government is oligarchy. Not even an emperor governs alone. There will always be a ruling elite. The question is how thoroughly does that elite share the interests and values of the people they rule?

    Revolutions occur when that delta becomes nontrivial.

        • Not really. I haven’t had a YT account for some time now, so I don’t have a channel list – this brilliant video is one I post as much as possible without outright spamming. It could – should – replace most civics 101-classes.

    • Tarl, yep—and the delta is nontrivial now, when 2/3’s of the dirt people don’t have $500 for an unexpected car repair. Of course that’s a delta in terms of $$$. The delta in terms of morals and values was off the charts years ago.

  21. 1. Term limits

    2. Shrink size and power government. Close Department Education, Energy, Agriculture for example. Fewer dollars chasing fewer bureaucrats and politicians means less corruption.

    3. Diaspora. Spread the power around. Move Senate Iowa, House to Kentucky, Supreme Court to Montana, Department of Departments Department to Kalamazoo.

    • Does it seem obvious to you that, if it were possible to move the Senate to Iowa, we would not need to move the Senate to Iowa? Other than that, you’re right on the cutting edge of 90s-style reform. Somewhere, Newt Gingrich is smiling.

    • These demands have been conservative rallying cries for a few generations and they have gotten nowhere.

      In a country where whites are not a majority, these points will have even less resonance.

    • Diaspora sounds like an awful idea. Proximity is no longer necessary to achieve consolidation of power; in fact, it may be a liability.

      • Lawdog, the horror: Sperg nests, taking root in the heartland.

        That, or they’d have to go native.
        “She gots the trailer trash fever!”

  22. With the preface these people are much dumber and far more clueless than their Russian counterparts, it is fun to make the analogies.

    1. Trump is Gorbachev, thinking glasnost will save the corrupt system he serves.
    2. Establishment D.C. is the renegade element of the late Eighties Politburo, opposed to any change even if it will buy them a few more years.
    3. The FBI and IC are the KGB and GRU.
    4. American media is Izvestia and Pravda.
    5. Afghanistan is Afghanistan.

    I’m giving it about three of four years, but our Empire is on the same trajectory as the first Evil Empire. Let’s hope it ends as well and peacefully even if that’s unlikely.

    • In “Wargames” the WOPR system concluded the only way to win nuclear war was to avoid it.

      The programming in the real-life US Doomsday computer under Cheyenne Mountain is set to, “F ’em if they can’t take a joke!”

    • “3. The FBI and IC are the KGB and GRU.”

      That answers a question of mine:

      Why do we have 17 intelligence agencies?
      What are they “intelligencing”?

  23. Great column, but I’ve got a few nits to pick as regards to France.

    If you examine the run-up to the French Revolution, it is clear that the system that evolved to that point had overtaken the people in charge of it.

    The problem was more that the system broke down from the top, that Louis abandoned ship; yes, the finances were a disaster, but that was almost always the case with France.

    The key to ruling an absolute monarchy is the kings’ person. All power and privilege is granted from his hand and his hand only, so it’s not comparable to the American Empire, where power and money is diffused throughout the system.

    And neither is it like Stalinist Russia, because the French king didn’t pick his own elite. France consisted of a number of very powerful provincial princes, and to secure their loyalty you had to dispense favors, flattery, bribes, threats, offices, ridicule and privilege, make the powerful men realize that the maintenance of the power structure benefited them more than rebellion or regime change.

    The reason people paid eye-watering fortunes for a title like Master of the Chamberpot, was not to get a whiff of the royal poo, but because it gave you fifteen minutes alone with the king each day, time where you might secure lands, commissions or offices for yourself and your family.

    The social aspect cannot be overstated.

    Almost comically true in the case of France. That’s why Louis XVI’s autism was as catastrophic as his lack of ambition or talent; Versailles was pretty much a 24/7 costume party, where the nobles jogged for position, and if the king left the party like Louis XVI did, the nobles had no reason to attend, and he lost his leverage over them. The problem with France was an absentee landlord as much as it was the system itself.

    Mary Ann had the brains and the charm to have picked up the slack, but – to the despair of her formidable mother – she hung out at Petit Trianon with her little coterie of unsavory cronies rather than with people who mattered.

    • Yes, indeed. Louis XVI was simply an incompetent ruler who was head of state at the very moment when France badly needed a steady hand at the tiller. The French ended up with Robespierre instead.

  24. The US govt. generates an enormous about of tax rev. and can impose its will through military and police force. The soviets had police but no revenues and a weaker military..

    • As massive as the tax revenue is the government is now funded mostly by bond issues. All the taxes in the world can’t service this debt. It’s why if interest rates even went to 5% the government would be bankrupted (practically not literally). The country hangs upon the serviceability of its debt without runaway inflation at the same time. God forbid even a fraction of those overseas dollars pour back in here.

      • A goldbug pointed out that income taxes don’t fund the government, they are a way to draw down excess liquidity.

        Monetary inflation- excess liquidity- is inevitable with compounding interest charges.

        That’s why bond issues via the Federal Reserve and income taxes were imposed at the same time.

        It’s also why cost-of-goods-sold capitalist accounting doesn’t work in D.C., and why they don’t use the GAAP, generally accepted accounting practice.

      • High inflation is actually really hard to create except in areas of food , gasoline (supplies will be crushed) and housing all of which are destabilizing.

        Even college is not going to be able to inflate, no economy and non dischargable debt means a lot fewer new suckers.

        The reasons for that are low birth rates low wages and wealth (down 67% since the 70’s) and high efficiency of modern commerce. This makes the velocity of money at the consumer end is really low.

        No amount of money printing can fix an efficiency trap combined with a near negative sum consumer base.

        If you told me lat year that Disney would be hemorrhaging cash (revenue down 90%!) and that every airline was basically bankrupt I wouldn’t have believed you.

        Fundamentally the modern economy is DOA and the only way for it improve is far more wages and consumption.

        Otherwise every penny people make will go into the 4 B’s Bills, Bullets, Bandaids, and Beans

        Now with Thucydides Trap in play, one would assume we would have a war with China for a fix but that’s no go. They have nukes and germ warfare and we’ve shown how brittle our society is,

        Basically when we open up in a few months the recovery will take several years best case scenario as accumulated bills get paid down and enough reserves of food and stuff are put aside to ease security fears.

        If/when that is managed and if we come to terms with the next plague outbreak, the economy can grow again. We might get inflation.

        The better managed the faster the recovery. It does mean more employment and higher wages and a lot of business would rather have their children crucified than raise wages a penny especially whne they can afford it so it will be a challenge.

        There is also a very good chance of no recovery to the previous system at all and the US will become a much smaller economy as we enter our Latin American phase or worse we decide to become mostly a 4B economy and stay that way.

  25. That Nancy Pelosi showing off her refrigerator full of ice cream feels like it could have been the moment where someone could have literally ended up with their head decorating a pike. People will tolerate some graft, feeding at the trough, but it doesn’t feel like corruption or cronyism at this point. I look at her or Schumer and I don’t see corruption; I see something truly parasitical and alien. The left freaks out about Trump being fat and orange and gross, but Pelosi’s face is the stuff nightmares are made of.

    • Nancy is showing off to her friends, and the rest of us are free to pound sand. When the worm turns, moments like that one will be remembered.

      • These people are so pathetic and co-dependent that I’ll bet Pelosi’s home tour sold a lot of both refrigerators and ice cream. Be like Nancy!

    • That should have been a Marie Antoinette moment but it wasn’t because most bedwetting Leftoids seem to see old Nance as some kind of wealthy grandma figure.

  26. ” His failure to grasp this reality has made him entirely ineffective.”

    It’s actually worse than this. Because even if Trump knew it, he would still be powerless to stop it. The only way he could stop them is to start having people executed and this is why Stalin was such a monster. He instinctively knew the bureaucracies had a life of their own.

    Given the caliber of people, I think only a few well placed executions or at least show-trials would be necessary to effect the necessary change. This is what Hitler understood that Stalin did not. Hitler understood that the vast sea of middlemen and bureaucrats had no real deep ideological thoughts and that all but the most fanatical would change their worldview as required. They are joiners and they go along to get along. A few well placed executions and the vast majority would be spewing any talking points given to them. Ideas that would cause them to vomit in revulsion today would be obvious truths after the executions and necessary “adjustments” to their thinking.

    • The public sight of women being executed has always quashed and reversed whatever impetus drove the initial decision to execute women in the first place. Sperm is cheap in contrast. Females take advantage of our revulsion to holding them to account nearly every single transaction with them in Western Civilization. You cannot change course against until you remove female input/vote. Females straight and queer sustain the “bureaucracy.”

  27. First rule of politics. All power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Any political system is a power system at it’s core and that means there are men with guns who enforce it’s will.

    It staggers on not so much out of inertia but that it has a powerful enforcement arm that can suppress the people(particularly whites) on a whim. Start openly organizing whites and just watch as a SWAT team composed of whites shows up to arrest you and put you in jail.

    Look how local mayors and state officials use their badged orcs to enforce the lockdown. This is just one example of their power. It’s scary as hell that local officials have zero qualms about turning society into a Soviet system over night.

    This shows us how very close we are to having a full on dictatorship. All it will take is the right person as POTUS.

    • And the POC hordes waiting in the wings have a literal army of their peers behind them. If you think the Karens are bad now, just wait until Jose and Lakeesha are reporting on Karen. The Daily Mail reported that a neurosurgeon in Michigan was doxxed for attending an anti-lockdown protest and summarily fired. I’m sure he thought his skills and $ would protect him. Anyone not part of propping up the system is its enemy and any dissent will be crushed. Like the Soviets under Brezhnev, things will get worse long before they get better.

      • Goodwhites have absolutely no idea how much their vibrant pets hate them and hate whites in general.

    • Surprised they decided to shut down everything fun as their preferred method of dictatorship.

      Sportsball, drinking, music festivals, are all things that distracted whites of all ages. Why the pivot away from that now?

      Maybe whites are so demographically irrelevant that distractions are no longer needed. Just like Karen is now being thrown under the bus by her non white pets. They always hated her.

      • Sooner or later, the music stops. We could be seeing the music stopping right now. How much has changed, and how quickly, in the last few months.

      • There are a lot of Karens and Beckies that highly enjoy being under vibrants.

        And it’s no longer the stupid and fat ones. Anyone who says that at this late date is expressing pure cope.

        To me, this is a sign the (((mass media))) programming is effective.

        • I didn’t expect to be so severely wrong about the future. I assumed that the left only thought that its programming was effective. Their BS seemed so transparent. But people actually do believe them. I don’t get it. It’s like Trump actually helped their cause. All they need to do now is associate something with Trump and half of the population starts to sputter and faint.

    • With global house arrest, permission needed to go outside and work, forced mask wearing, Police intimidation of normal dissent and suspension of the entire legal system.

      I would be curious as to know which bit of a full dictatorship is missing?

    • “It’s scary as hell that local officials have zero qualms about turning society into a Soviet system over night. ”

      Under the actual Soviet system, people were allowed to go outside, play with their kids on a playground or sun tan on the beach.

  28. Absolutely correct. We won’t see a single thing change until the day the DC streets are running red with Democrat blood.

  29. People with resources install inferior people, gather negative data on them, and extend courtesies including socially-accepted betterment qualifications such as admission to elite schools for the grubs and the gibs. The success of this system gradually over time reduces the qualities of the masters themselves as they and their progeny devolve due to relief from the stresses of control and the naturally following hedonism. Human beings are only very rarely capable of operating according to wisdom because we instinctively respond as individuals according to our most primitive aspects unless we are under extreme duress with a mindset there is not much if anything to lose. Historically, we grind ourselves into pulp. The Industrial Age was an aberration, and humans are headed to Ming Dynasty functionality what with its crude art.

  30. All true, and the best defense for this incestuous DC-based clan is to perpetuate the belief among commoners that voting “works” and they can effect change merely by selecting new actors to take the stage. Add in the seduction of dependence via addiction to government gravy, and voila, you get sheeple. What they don’t want others to know is that their numbers are quite small and consequently a remedy based upon focused surgery is eminently doable.

    • Actually, her comment suggests that she is proud of it. She’s such a lawyer, she’ll take any positions that suit her, as long as they further her career.

      • Its interesting how “lawyer” could easily be interchanged with “whore” in that sentence and it would not change the meaning,

  31. Nicely done post. I have to say I was a little more optimistic before the corona virus nonsense. I guess nobody suspects the CDC, and they were finally able to bring the country to its knees.

    The real question is: has it always been like this? Or has the internet, much like the printing press before, exposed this community to the masses? It’s one thing to read a bullsh!t WaPo article that has been refined multiple times before it hits the printing press. It is another to see these people’s thread-bare thoughts in real-time on Twitter or have their emails exposed a la the FBI lackeys.

    • To Poynikes It.s the TV. If it bleeds it leads. When somebody dies on TV he dies not 2000 miles away but 6 feet from you. in your living room. Danger sells advertizing space. When you are scared you will watch closely. Also when you are scared you will be ready to follow whoever offers you protection. I have seen Gov. Cuomo on national TV showing a mask somebody sent him to give to a nurse, and he is putting his finger inside it against the proper procedure. Basically he is DESTROYING It on national TV . NOBODY SHOWN HIM HOW TO USE IT..And hes in charge
      of pandemic fight of ny state.

  32. Eventually someone inside the system will see the same opportunity Trump saw and, being an insider, will have the means to really do something about it. An American Putin. This will happen when the insiders realize their survival is at stake, like us dirt people have known for a while. Our interests are slowly lining up. I just hope I live to see the day. If Trump is something like Gorbachev (a stymied reformer), we might not be far off.

    • Flip Side: Trump is the indecisive Louis XVI, and the new Robespierre is currently churning out anti-White screeds at Buzzfeed.

      • That’s certainly possible but I’d argue that the revolutionary age is ending. Maybe I’m wrong but I think stability and continuity are the keywords for what comes next.

    • Or maybe Trump IS the American Putin, and is still consolidating his power. It took Putin a long time to deal with the oligarchs and old apparachiks who were running things when he came in.

      • One can hope, for the sake of getting it over with. But he keeps buckling. For instance, giving Fauci a daily platform to spread his anti-handshake message. Wtf was Trump thinking?

        I’ll guess whoever it is won’t be overtly autocratic. Russians have the tradition of autocracy. I have a hard time seeing Americans tolerating that. Which might be evidence for Trump being that guy, but still he comes across as too weak.

        Gorbachev probably is the better comparison imo. He wanted to preserve the USSR while opening it up. Seems like Trump wants to preserve the empire while making it more nationalistic. All the civnat talk, etc.

        I think what will have to happen is an awakening of stronger nationalist sentiment than this country has known. In other words, more or less ethnically American instead of different people united by an idea. Pretty uncomfortable territory for a lot of people, but necessary I think. Otherwise we’re just an empire, and empires always fall apart.

        Or maybe the US reverts to a federation of states, each state being a ‘nation’ of sorts. That might be the more successful path.

        • Painter;
          Being *of* the USSR elite system’s bubble and not having participated as an adult in the WWII era’s mass murder, Gorby apparently actually thought that Communism could work without the brutal repression entailed.

          The old Bolsheviks knew better but Stalin had killed most of them off in the 1930’s. As a result, once the boot was off the neck of the Russian people, human nature re-emerged and the denatured Commie elites were caught unawares.

          I expect the same in a few weeks here and look forward to it,

    • T.R.Dr.;
      The current sorry FBI Director’s right replacement would have to be someone who knows how the system works but is not captive to it. These guys are very rare.

      Gen. Flynn was/is that guy but for Military Intel, not the FBI. Very different situation in many ways: Different customers, different operational environments, different opponents, etc.

      Doesn’t mean he absolutely couldn’t succeed, but since the swamp knows you’re coming, it’s already going to be hard enough even if you *do* know all the inside baseball stuff from the FBI.

  33. Social networks are a critical topic and it’s something we need to not only build but to also better understand.

    Fortunately there’s a very good book on the topic, The Square and The Tower, by Niall Ferguson. He’s a mixed bag as a man and as a historian but you can always walk away with something valuable from reading one of his books…

    From the blurb:

    “Most history is hierarchical: it’s about emperors, presidents, prime ministers and field marshals. It’s about states, armies and corporations. It’s about orders from on high. Even history “from below” is often about trade unions and workers’ parties. But what if that’s simply because hierarchical institutions create the archives that historians rely on? What if we are missing the informal, less well documented social networks that are the true sources of power and drivers of change?”

    • Agree he’s a mixed bag. One can also come away with something of value (or at least I did) from his book The Ascent of Money

    • You’re right that one can always learn something, even from a POS, but my utter disgust with him (for abandoning his wife and 3-4 White children to shack up with Ayan Hirsi Ali and their miscegenated progeny) means I will not give him a penny.

      • This would not be possible in a society that was not already in steep terminal decline. Ayan Hirsi Ali is herself a product of end stage Western Civilization. A poor African peasant who migrated from her home shithole to the Netherlands to become an elected politician and then abandoning that new “home” to come to America to be a talking head working for a lobbyist and home-wrecker.
        In a healthy society any man who abandoned his wife and children for a foreigner could not be a respected man in any field.

      • “Ayan Hirsi Ali”

        Why would you leave a hot white woman for that? Most I’ve ever deviated was a goth hispanic chick who had the decency to disguise her accent. She sounded like the Queen in class but Speedy Gonzalez in bed.

  34. Another historical analogy is 12th century Ireland. After losing the Kingdom of Leinster to his Irish rivals, Dermot MacMurrough hired Anglo-Norman mercenaries to defeat his kin and regain power. It worked with MacMurrough and the Normans taking control of Eastern Ireland.

    But the Normans quickly realized that they were more powerful than MacMurrough and the Irish. Their leader of the Normans, Richard de Clare became King of Leinster. With that foothold, the English were able to eventually takeover all of Ireland and rule over the Irish for the next thousand years.

    In a democracy, voters are soldiers. The gentile Left so hate their own kin and are so power hungry that they were (and are) willing to hire foreign mercenaries in form of mass immigration to defeat heritage Americans. (To Jews’ credit, they weren’t attacking their own, just trying to put themselves in a better position among their host population.)

    But like any king who brings in foreign mercenaries, they run the risk of losing control of the mercenaries who realize that they hold more power than the local elite. You can see that right now as Indian, Asian and Conquistador Hispanics are pushing for more power in the Dem Party at the expense of legacy gentile whites and Jews.

    • This. You can see the pressures on the old guard like Pelosi. Thus far she continues to wield the whip hand, but she knows just how hungry AOC and the others are to take charge. How long can she keep spinning her web and keep them all away from her back? It’s part of the reason for their Trump focus – keeps all the power hungry non-Whites focused elsewhere rather than on her.

      • In that sense, a Democrat presidency would bring these fault lines to the fore. No Orange Man Bad to distract them.

        Will save my ration of popcorn for the show.

        • Good point, when the Dem Machine is in charge of everything, it owns all the outcomes. That won’t do us all a heck of a lot of good, but watching them try to squirm out of ownership could make for some sad jollies.

          • Dutch, I am more black pilled than I thought possible. “when the Dem Machine is in charge of everything, it owns all the outcomes.” So what?! I never thought in my lifetime a “free” people would fall to the power of long term brainwashing and voluntarily hand over their freedom. When the dems are in power, people will sit and take it like sheep. Men will be even more low-T and women deranged and butch. Of course, even the mountains grind down into the sea….over a long time. So don’t hold your breath. We’ll be long gone and possibly our kids when this political experiment turns to dust.
            Time to turn to community…..and then develop the new structural ties that bind, so to speak, the new kin. And carefully pick your battles and which hill(s) to die on.

          • Hi, Range. I seem to have moved through the stages of fear, anger, and so on. Now I simply marvel at what is going on, as I do my little preps and arrangements. Because Orange Man Bad, the plebes, who have been so afraid of living the “Handmaid’s Tale”, are now being fitted for nun outfits, and are celebrating the possibility. Apparently, nothing involves too much suffering or indignity, if it goes up against the Orange Man.

          • I am about done with the idea that this latest news release will end the moral panic and cooler heads will prevail. the only thing that stopped me from grabbing a bottle of jameson this morning was the fact that I am at work…worst black-pilled Wednesday I”ve had in a few months.
            Z’s article today mostly jammed it further down my throat as the latest in Canada is even worse than this. Dear Leader is literally running around the world begging countries to take whatever they need…”because we’re all in this together” ffs.

          • Many drugs now commonly prescribed for ADHD and juvenile depression have been linked with chronic low T.

          • They are protesting all over the place and disobeying orders even here in California.

            Its not being covered because our press is like the old Soviet press There is no Izvestia in Pravda, there is no Pravda in Izvestia.

            That pushback and the fact the state went from 20 bil surplus to 10 bil debt just to pay unemployment has pushed things along at a decent clip.

            As for a more forceful response, they aren’t doing for the same reasons you aren’t. Hope.

            And frankly you play that game, you win or you die and our side is not set up to win and like a dog chasing a car, wouldn’t know what to do with it either.

      • The root of Pelosi’s power is the that she is the dispenser of the money, which is overwhelmingly from Jewish sources. The diversity Dem’s know it and the open exercise of that power has made them angry. Pelosi has burned an enormous amount of political capital and residual good will staving off the Diversity Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. However, AOC and the rest are just getting started. Like a hungry shark that missed on the first pass, they will swing around and try again.

        • The real fight will be behind the scenes. Will the AOC types get alternative sources of funding, organization and media? They won’t need much since they’ll have the demographics on their side, but they still need some.

          The real question is whether Indians, Asians and a few other groups can organize and fund raise enough to counter Jewish money and organization. Even if they match them 20%, they can takeover the party.

      • So far, none of the various factions of the Coalition of the Fringes has managed to organize and fund raise enough to be a serious threat the ((those)) who control the Dem Party at the moment. Heck, even in California, gentile whites and Jews still generally run the show.

        But some of the groups are getting better. What’s more, they’re hyper aware of that gentile whites and Jews run the party and hate it. Jews and their gentile white lapdogs will continue to hold power for some time, but you can see the cracks both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

        • A relative in SoCal has become wildly successful in the upscale building trades. The employees and independent contractors are nearly all LatinX. They are presently raiding his customer lists, parts, vans and trucks, collaboratively and the relative can’t manage a defense. His stuff is literally walking off the lots as I type this. It’s probably flowing over to small hats, but he isn’t sure because his entire life is falling apart. Sad, yet predictable.

    • The Army of the Left is comprised of white officers and brown enlisted men. It is only a matter of time before the fragging begins.

      • Almost happened in Chicago. Rahm Emmanuel faced a real challenge from a Latino Sanitation Supervisor.

        Rahm’s win was inevitable fro many reasons but gave the Establishment a good scare.

        The Democrats future is people like AOC and the Squad and rightly they are terrified as many of them are true believers.

        When the party runs Liz Warren Wall Street can threaten to cut off all funds, the squad wins and Wall Street enjoys a trip to a labor camp.

  35. Why is it that the president can only be in for a maximum of two terms but senators and congressmen can be there for life? Would it not make sense to have a two term limit for them as well?

    • The issue with term limits is that it further empowers those with long-standing institutional knowledge (ie Lobbyists).

      Are our State Legislatures any less corrupt for having term limits?

      • Meh – knowing who to bribe and their going price for a couple of decades hasn’t exactly reeled in the special interests.

      • That’s always the excuse. “Term limits would just empower the bureaucrats and lobbyists”…blah blah blah. With term limits, we might end up with politicians who had the balls to fire bureaucrats and make lobbyists superfluous. If you know you will be gone in a few years, why not do the right thing? After all, the term limited politician would have to live by the rules he created.

    • It has been observed that with term limits, those in office will only steal faster.

      • it depends, for life sounds like too long, maybe a couple decades tops. and unfair if other positions aren’t for life. but short terms are indeed just “go in and steal” or “go in and campaign most of the time”.

        at any rate, state legislatures are corrupt because they’ve become more useless and bureaucratic and subservient to the feds with time, not just because of short terms. besides, they are fed by the long-lasting congresspeople, for better or worse.

        i think a compromise should be that the people could choose after like 3 or 4 terms if a politician could continue to race and win or not, regardless if winning or losing one more time. effectively it would be an optional term limit, and only applied if the people so choose after 2-4 terms or so. sure, such system could be ripe for abuse, as other countries that took this path show. however i’d argue that if you won 4 terms then your people must be happy with your corruption enough to allow you to at least race forever…

        • The only solution for corruption like that is amending the Constitutions not only to limit terms but to limit money contributions, cabinet offices and the revolving door.

          This still won’t stop all of it, filling the few cabinet positions with industry insiders is still going to be a thing but if it could be done, it might work to reduce corruption.

          This would not guarantee actual good governance though. There are going to be impossible to reconcile policy differences and baring even more radical change, corporate and institutional threats would remain.

  36. ” If John Brennan and James Comey are the elite, the community has a serious inbreeding problem.”

    Great line. Up until the Russian hoax, I wondered if there weren’t smarter people behind these public eye figures who had the real power in the system. Who turned the system over to dopes like Brennan and Comey? Were they blinded by their own hubris, too old to realize what a mistake they had made before it was too late? How did these idiots end up in charge?

    • In Rome the politicians seemed to get dumber as the years went by and the Republic crumbled. Maybe it’s part of the cycle. Or maybe the really smart ones are all making millions on Wall Street or at the big tech companies.

      • More power in money than politics. Granted that’s the opposite of the premise of House of Cards, but powerful people like living in the lap of luxury just as much as everyone else, so the politicos end up doing the will of the moneyed.

        • Maybe that’s it. Politicians go from being leaders to being puppets as an empire gets rich.

    • I have to admit, it was disheartening to see these corrupted white guys at the heart of the rot. I had my copes, such as “TPTB only select the corrupt ones.” But I thought that at least one white guy in it would do the right thing and turn whistleblower. But no.

      I used to do the “Irish aren’t white” bit 100% ironically. Maybe now I’ve got to dial down the irony? I think that’s going to be my fallback cope.

      • That would require someone to give up all the cloud people material advantages for themselves, their wife and children and also their entire social circle.

        To be pushed into the void without resource after sitting at the buffet of plenty and ease is a tall order.

        Ask yourself if you would do it?

        And if you did would your family forgive you?

        • I have difficulty pulling my fiance out of it. She wears a glowing fitbit to bed and it drives me insane. Does every atom of our existence have to be drenched in pixelated light?

          • Ah, if you’re competitive Lawdog you would have at least two cell phones, two laptops, and a large wall-mounted screen for casting both laptops together with a headset next to your bedside every night for each lawyer.

            Multiply by two for me since my wife is also a lawyer in an unrelated practice area but she’s at the apex of BigLaw. I’m a federal patent and IP litigator and negotiator. We have two carts in a bedroom closet that we can wheel out — one has a high-speed document scanner and the other a fast b&w laser printer. So far no document shredder there, the staples when crunched are LOUD.

            The home office adjacent our bedroom has the above in duplicate as well as big desks, bookshelves on all walls for our go-to texts, a couch, videoconference set up, and a power shredder.

            Each of us routinely takes calls at all hours of the night, assuming we don’t just stay at the office (as I often do pre-hearing). Our home office holds multiple roller bags pre-packed with our respective clothes depending on where a client my ask us to go instantly — business casual for Seattle, best business suits for Tokyo, hunting clothes for Texas.

            We’ve been doing this for more than twenty years. It affects the sex life, and not in a positive way.

            I am twice your age roughly (Z’s age) but I look older than I am, unsurprisingly. Run from the law, Lawdog. We’ll know you made it out safely by the change in moniker to a less eponymous screen name here. Best of luck, son.

          • Why should I run? How exactly do you mean by eponymous — and yes, I know what that word means.

            Please excuse me: right now, I’m a little paranoid. Do you wish me harm or something? Why are you telling me all of this? This quarantine has been hard on my mental health.

          • I guess you’re a giant pusswad if you feel threatened by a cautionary disclosure and some candid “living” advice from a lawyer senior to you. Please do feel free to forward what I wrote to law enforcement if you are genuinely concerned. Happy to allay your unjustified fears through them.

            As for the eponymous reference, the professional lifestyle I had described makes me an allegorical “dog” of sorts in the law. If you follow, you will be a “Lawdog.” The lifestyle is not uncommon if your are competitive.

            The other day you mentioned you had smoked a lot of marijuana. I’m told that over time pot clouds the mind and may even introduce episodes of paranoia. I think you may be affected.

          • No no, that’s not what I mean; I would never forward anything to the law. I appreciate and thank you for your advice. It’s just not something I expected. Basically, why do you care?

            Maybe it’s just because you’re an astute guy, but you seem to know more about me than I’d ever expect anyone to on here. And yes, I was addicted to amphetamines for a long time — started me on them when I was only 12. I relapsed after I lost my job due to the mandatory quarantine, and though I’m clean now, I’m still dealing with episodes of paranoia — more specifically, delusions of reference. I’m sorry.

            I will stop using this name. It’s time for something new. And I am NOT a pusswad, brother. I’m just fucked up.

    • Their biggest mistake was panicking over Trump in the first place. They didn’t even know their system was going to eat Trump alive and be “naturally” resistant to such a person.

      • The panic after the election in 2016 and the recent panic over the virus do suggest that a key weakness of these people is fear and a tendency to react hysterically to the slightest disturbance. This is consistent with a lot of what we’ve been observing overall in that the ruling mentality is that of an unstable and unhappy woman.

        I’d say the meme-warfare efforts also highlight this. Part of a good meme-war is the inclusion of elements that are obscure or nonsensical. Pepe the Frog was a good example. Why is this cartoon frog here? Is it some kind of code? Elements of the unknown, even seemingly comedic ones, can add to the fear. Provoking this type of person to over-reaction is not only fun but can be a very useful tactic as well. So Long live Pepe the Frog!

      • Speaking of eating alive, here are Japanese bees killing one of the hornets we’re all supposed to be afraid of this week. They do so by warming it so that it dies, and to accomplish this they surround it and rub against it.

        This looks like antibodies latching onto antigens. (Raquel Welsh in Fantastic Voyage will come to mind for fellow boomers.) It also looks like what the Washington in-crowd did to Flynn and has been doing to Trump, and what is waiting for all of us.

        • Used to be a beekeeper.

          Many bees are accustomed to such assaults from giant hornets. Unfortunately, American bees aren’t. They’re turnin’ the bees gay!

          • I found one of those hornets, dead, a year or two ago. Had no idea what it was. I wonder why it’s only becoming an issue now?

          • PA. We have those lanternflies too. Beautiful but the things are a plague. They go hard after my grapes.

          • If you found a giant hornet in PA, I’m very interested as to (approximately) where. That’s concerning news.

          • South central PA. Haven’t seen one since. Like I say it was dead. Don’t know what it was but it was about the size of a half dollar, pale yellow, had red eyes. Built solid like a yellowjacket. Pictures of this asian hornet conjured that memory. That’s all I remember.

          • Back in the 80s it was japanese beetles everywhere. You can tell who our economic rival is by the invasive species 🙂

            Edit: did a little digging. It could’ve been a European hornet. Guess they’ve been around a long time. Interesting.

        • The hornet was “roasted alive.” Nice imagery. Good accompanying music too!

    • In any power system—political, financial, bureaucratic, religious, corporate, etc.—utterly amoral individuals with animal-like cunning always wend their way to the top, often being sociopathic or psychopathic personalities. When you build a bureaucratic system as gigantic, rich and super-powerful as what exists in Washington, DC—well, that’s how the likes of Brennan and Comey ended up in charge (not to mention the likes of Lois Lerner, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Rosenstein, Mueller, Wray and all the rest).

  37. This is the best explanation on our ruling elite and how the current system evolved. So I guess we just wait for them to die off, fade away or to slowly be supplanted by another system or hierarchy. I keep hearing the urban term boogaloo among the low iq dissenters.
    Looks like the only dissenters to put their balls on the line are stay at home moms, hair dressers and bar owners.

    That’s a start.

    • Part of that start is recognizing that Shelley Luther has more gonads than Ted Cruz, Jon Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, and Donald Trump.

      • You assume that they want to push back, but just don’t due to balls. I wonder why that is?

        All positioning of public people should be suspect.

    • Well it’s also a question of support. No one wants to be the one to kick it off, but you have a whole generation of young men, white kids etc, waiting for the chaos to rebuild. I am one of those but I’m trying my best here to live a good life and build community. Boogaloos just a meme but the community is being built already. I’d urge a reconsideration into the term and its peoples that are involved at the least.

  38. Lindsey Graham is a wonderful example. He has no intention whatsoever to “get to the bottom of this”. Were he to get to the bottom of it, we would discover HIM there. And in fact even most of the politicians, who are in a longer orbit around D.C. and thus have fewer ties to its denizens, are afraid of what might ensue should they undermine the system. These people are more afraid of the devil they don’t know than of the one they do. They stumble on because they simply cannot fathom any other existence.

    • Of course. I watched that Oliver Stone Ukraine documentary. There was Lindsey with his buddy McCain right in the middle of all the corruption. Now he’s going to hold hearings on what went on there?

    • And therein lies our dilemma. There is absolutely no way this leviathan can be reformed.
      We all know what needs to happen next… and soon.

    • Graham is ludicrously transparent. In a sense, people like him serve a solid purpose, which is to intensify the cynicism and distrust of the system they serve. It is hilarious to watch Graham appear on Hannity and announce his intention to open X investigation, which both he and his host know is a blatant lie. The dog and pony show personifies our dying Empire.

      • Homosexual (or pedophilic) men and women would be cultivated because they have no disgruntled heirs who might one day lead a second tier revolt against the top tier.

        As their ranks swell, as their identity becomes more important than continuing a caste dynasty, that means the managerial class is short lived, self-limited to a couple generations.

  39. The part that worries me is the computer companies.

    They are bringing in a lot more sjw freaks, but they’ve still got a lot of very-high-IQ people. SJW + IQ is a nasty combination.

    • Especially if that SJW + IQ individual is completely void of ethics. Increasingly, that is the case. Too many of them confuse ideology with morality.

      • Oh, they have their own ‘ethics’ – they’re just not your ethics. The Han and the subcon have their own system of ethics, in which whatever is good for themselves and their family is the right thing to do. You, your family, your race, your concept of the common good – none of those exist in his consciousness and are utterly irrelevant. It’s why their home countries are such sh-tholes and why former America is now one too. No genuine community or care for the commonweal.

      • They are usually separate people. The nerds are desperately afraid of the SJWs and so they implement what they are told to implement.

        Even Linus, famous for his berating of his intellectual inferiors who messed with him couldn’t hold out, especially when his daughter came out as a feminist, and he cucked.

        The SJWs also try to entice these guys too and try to convince them that they will benefit from the new “utopia” the SJWs say they want to create. Putting up with talentless SJWs means the nerds might get laid.

        • And Stallman got unpersoned.

          The trajectory of history seems to be white nerds inventing something and inferior people co-opting it for their own ends.

          Lucky for us, their open-source contributions allow us to fork at will.

        • Never underestimate the power of nookie. Like progressivism, by any means necessary.

    • For pure tech, their best weapon is AI, and they are actively lobotomizing it because it notices certain things. Let’s hope they keep at that bold strategy.

    • Agree the tech monopolies are the wildcard. They are not an incompetent elite like Brennan and Comey.
      They are both competent and financially powerful.
      It’s the new Vanderbilts and Rockefeller’s this time instead of a monopoly on railroads and oil its a monopoly on AI.
      AI can cause us a lot more pain.

      • Also, Z Man’s line about “sponsoring your softball team” comes to mind. Carnegie and Mellon at least built plenty of brick and mortar buildings still used by normal people that you can find in American cities, and the artwork they collected was at least edifying to the soul. Our tech billionaires are barely absentee landlords at this point, and even the “arts” they support are corrosive. We need a Henry Ford, but we’re not even going to get a Ross Perot any time soon.

          • yeah, but wtf is with calling your kid like a machine’s serial number.

            then again, Grimes sounds like the legit kinda hot, with some musical ability, yet mostly crazy tattoomer that supports any of these wacko trendy ideas. the little one probably already has a crystal pendant.

        • The techies are mostly autistic and hence not people persons and have no sense or art, public service or humanity.

          They barely register as humans in the best of times.

          You have to understand the old barons were basically type A hard asses but cut from the old school cloth of giving back. Hersey was a classic case.

          Totally opposite from what the Geek titans are. Most of whom became billionaires over night via stock options. IOW they never earned their wealth the way Mellon, Rockefeller or Carnegie did.

          Worse some of the tech titans seem to be outright monsters like the Google founders and Gates who are deeply connected to the CCP and surveillance state.

      • Of course high IQ and SJW can coexist. As long as the ends are pursued and the “morality” of the means are flexible. We’ve seen the endless morphing of what is acceptable morality among SJWs, there is no limit that triggers cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy doesn’t undo them. That’s the nature of their religion.

        Don’t be distracted by the jabbering college coed, the self-loathing whites, or the simpering sexual eunuchs that proclaim their gender confusion. Those people are the wreckage, the flotsam victims of the movement.

        There are some very clever and wicked people in the SJW movement. Do not underestimate your enemy.

        • My high IQ made me question and reject the SJW stuff. Then again I might be weird. In reality most people will put up with more BS, but I think the bulk of high IQ people ultimately won’t dump the truth. Could be the bad habit of overestimating people talking, who knows. Or it could be they’re intimidated.

          • Only it seems the working class, while susceptible to general shitty behavior programming are less likely than so called high IQ sections to accept the outright rejection of reality

          • Grey,

            Absolutely. I dont think that by the 1970s the Soviet leadership actually thought their system was working or they were progressing toward Utopia. They did understand that it allowed them their dachas, access to sex, largess in a sea of want, and most importantly power. Mouthing the dialectic became pro forma. Having a high IQ coupled with ruthlessness allowed advancement.

          • They’re up against reality every day, and that’s probably the main thing. But there are plenty of highly intelligent people who prefer working with their hands, or who don’t like the politics of a career, or who want no part of that world in any way.

          • Paintersforms,

            I’m not disagreeing with you that a high I.Q. or embracing logic is counter to the SJW narrative.

            I’m saying your paradigm is wrong. I think you are conflating intelligence and motivation.

            For the hoi polloi in the movement there is the lure of social signaling, the easy path, and promotion within the subsumed systems.

            For the mid to upper level leadership in the movement there is the access to the levers of power. No belief in the mercurial tenents of the SJW faith is necessary.

            Plenty of intelligent people will pick the irrational path that allows personal advantage. Platitudes and virtue signaling are easy. These are the foes you dismiss at your peril.

            The shock troops: antifa, the gender benders and shrieking feminists are the dumb true believers. They’ll be jettisoned or contained once the Movement reaches unmitigated supremacy. They are temporary agents of chaos that can’t be tolerated once things reach their fruition for the globohomos.

          • Fair enough. I’d say the motivation is laziness, and I’ll admit to being prejudiced against laziness. 🙂 It’s short-term thinking.

            Which I guess means I conflate strategic thought with intelligence instead of mere pattern recognition.

          • “The shock troops: antifa, the gender benders and shrieking feminists….They’ll be jettisoned or contained once the Movement reaches unmitigated supremacy. They are temporary agents of chaos that can’t be tolerated once things reach their fruition for the globohomos.” Yep. Look what Hitler did to his Brownshirts when he gained real systemic power. Here’s wishing the best to the Antifa Brownshirts.

          • I’ve been around high IQ people most of my professional life and they never once lived up to their rep. Some had some very odd beliefs.

            My take away is that high IQ is no defense against holding BS beliefs or even belonging to cults.

            Look at the Google founders or Gates. Complete monsters who are stooges for the CCP and the later has killed people in Africa via his shoddy vaccines.

        • There are two, well really two and a half, ways to make this combination work. One is hyper-focus. Lots of people are very smart but specialize in some one thing so much that they never examine common beliefs very closely. In computer science, for instance, it’s possible to get so involved in the minutia of something like language design that you basically forget the world exists. Many of these people are so obsessed with their one thing that they will go along with all kinds of nonsense just because getting into conflicts with people takes time away from the One Thing. “Sure, sure, 57 genders, men become women by chopping their dicks off and putting on a dress, got it, now can I get back to my new version of distributed Haskell?”

          The second way is the way of the cynic. These are probably the most dangerous group because they are basically sociopaths. To some extent they know their ideology is idiotic and contradicts observable reality. They also know that opposing it is a one way ticket from the mansion to the trailer park. For the ones who are deeply enmeshed in the darker aspects of Clown World (the enablers of the Clintons for example) it could mean being found shot to death in a muddy park with no footprints leading to the body. These people are basically into a form of organized crime complete with extra-legal means of discipline for defectors.

          There’s a third rather small group who are what you might call serial hyper-focusers. The evidence suggests that Isaac Newton was one of these. Newton is best known for his physics and mathematics but actually he was into all kinds of weird stuff including astrology, bibliomancy, and numerology. He would hyper focus on each thing for a while and physics was basically just one of the things he was into for a while. Notably though, there’s no evidence that he did much to integrate all of his knowledge though he was brilliant at each separate thing. Such people are very rare though. I mention them as a subcategory of hyper-focusers really.

          Edit: I would say these groups have different potentials for being “turned” as well. The hyper-focusers can often be brought around just by pointing a few things out. These are the people the rational arguments work best on. The cynics will often turn the moment they sense the tide changing. They will always remain dangerous and untrustworthy.

          • i guess Blake or Cameron were too waspy.
            i do blame wasp/germanic tendency to have gender neutral names and nouns for this. Latin is superior in this regard.

            then again, the mestizos thru mixing with the natives and blacks are also prone to gender-bending sodomy. Brazil has relatively large communities of, erm, plastic surgeons and “ladies” with adam’s apples. wonder if it’s a south-east Asian thing too, the Filipinos and Thais tend to have this problem as well; unlike the Han who abort their women, or the Saracens that group them for a few while others are left with boys and goats, or the Africans that do whatever with them because they can work even more than the males at times. it’s fair to say what started in the enlightenment had fuel to spread elsewhere. if by one token different gentile nations had different fractions of the Revelation (outside the Chosenites, which lost their status and need conversion to recover it), by another token these nations have proneness to different devils and sins.

          • In Germany giving a child an odd or unusual name is considered to be a form of child abuse which is why the state has to approve all names given to newborns. I used to consider that a sign of an overly intrusive state. Now? I’m not so sure.

          • This is true in many countries. Iceland has a tight list of approved names, due to the peculiarities of Icelandic. Scandinavian countries also have approved names, but are more liberal than Iceland.

          • Germany also used to “sell” German names to immigrants. Good names like Hochstrasser (high street) cost more than undesirable names like Einstein (one stone, i.e. one ball).

      • I’ve seen high IQ nerds, who feel isolated from the “cooler” culture, feel connected to it by embracing SJW politics.

        • There’s also a revenge of the nerds aspect to it. Make the jock’s son think he’s a girl, etc. The sicko nerds anyway.

      • Yes they can. Silicon Valley is full of cults and movements composed of tech workers. I used to belong to a few back in the 90’s. Bright people really believe some of the craziest s**t if packaged right.

    • Several years ago I remember an article with the title “What if Stalin had computers?”

      We are about to find out.

      • In their wildest wet dreams Angela Merkel’s Stasi could never imagine the current situation in the West

      • Joke from my old Soviet days: Stalin died. Satan throws him toward Marx saying: “That’s the dividends on your Kapital”.

    • Lets hope they increase the women/indian ratios.

      They are so incompetent they will eventually derail even the strongest company.

      Look at Intel, as they increased their offshore percentage they got to the point they are struggling with the last line of cpu arch due to an inability to get it to work. This will get more pronounced.

      Google is starting to suffer as well.

      Maybe outsourcing will derail the panopticon.

    • As someone who until recently lived in Silicon Valley and knows the place intimately, let me tell you: Don’t be overly impressed with or intimidated by them. The truth is that tech is a rusted hulk, sputtering by on the inertia of ideas that are a generation old now. No, really – when was the last time they had a truly paradigm-shifting new idea? The smartphone, over a decade ago? Maybe – just maybe – Alexa, which is now half a dozen years old? Tech CEOs were rock stars in the 90s and 00s, and CES and WWDC were the grandest stages of all. Now, ho-hum at best to both.

      Tech was a classic Gold Rush between 1990 and 2010 or so, but it’s long mined out, and at this point, only marks still buy the hype.

        • Probably nothing. There’s no actual guarantee of a “next” thing. Just because we had 200 years of rapid technological development doesn’t mean that curve is guaranteed to keep going up forever. “Next” might be stagnation, or worse, a loss of technological abilities we used to have. That’s probably already our reality. I doubt we could send men back to the moon even if we really wanted to. Apparently Boeing can’t build a reliable airliner within a decent time frame anymore. Next, things just crumble, until we realize we gave up our cherished faith and traditions in exchange for a bullshit fantasy about warp speed starships that was never going to happen. If we’re smart, we then go crawling back to Jesus asking for forgiveness.

          • You know, that’s always been my criticism of Derbyshire’s perspective on tech development. “Exponential growth every [x] years.” Well, just because it’s been that way doesn’t mean it stays that way. In fact, the pace is guaranteed to change.

            Also, Antidem, how would you address concerns about Chinese espionage techniques and technology being employed against US citizens? AI and recognition software, too. And is it possible the clouds will get a next, but dirts won’t?

          • At current rates the nest 200 years will be back to the past. The only people having children right now are deeply religious.

            The Amish in particular are growing at a literal exponential rate as vs stagnation or decline among almost all other groups. This will end, nothing goes on forever but not before there is profound change

            Also the Amish and the deeply faithful seem to have very high retention which means the current establishment can’t draw off the rural surplus. Its not perfect as there is some drift and a lot of LARPING but they are still basically functionally themselves.

            I suppose globo-homo could order them all killed but right now , those people can’t even keep an economy running and react so poorly they’ve destroyed their own critical assets like Disney.

            They will not get smarter, nor richer since the tools they use, Computer’s et all destroy the economy with excess efficiency.

            On a longer frame next few centuries, maybe sooner cheap energy is a goner and electricity will become an intermittent thing too.

            If I had to hazard a guess, the US population and tech base will go into freefall and in time we’ll hit I don’t know half the current popularization or less, many of them farmers.

            The panopticon assuming no one destroys it along the way won’t slow that decline nor will anything silicon valley has come out with.

            Catabolic collapse is a bitch.

            The only question is do you leave a tribe as a legacy for future USA or not. If you plan on it, find a way to get natal have at least 4 kids and make sure they stay close.

            Build a network of like minded families and you have a future,

            Otherwise, you don’t.

          • “Next” might be stagnation, or worse, a loss of technological abilities we used to have.

            Agree. With our schools being nothing more than indoctrination institutions, the children are not learning the intellectual skills necessary to allow for maintenance of what already exists, much less innovation.

            I doubt we could send men back to the moon even if we really wanted to.

            First off, I believe that we could return to the moon. Admittedly, we could not build a modern version of the Saturn V simply because nobody has the expertise to build Rocketdyne F-1 engines even though the blueprints are still there in NASA archives. But we could build appropriate spacecraft if we wanted to. The problem is that we are suffering under the yoke of gynarchy and females are inherently and constitutionally risk-adverse. Talib’s craven precautionary principle rules society now. I am convinced that a society which is not outward looking can only suffer from senescence and ultimately decay. Until/unless Talib and his ilk are overthrown and males resume their dominance in society, things will only regress and decay will be the order of the day.

          • Break the hold of the money men on our society and we have a chance.

            Otherwise no matter who is in charge, a society dominated by finance cannot innovate anything other than new ways to grift

            Not to put too fine a point on it, this entire cirrhosis was caused by putting money over everything else.

            We had an mostly domestic economy like we did many years ago and tight visa restrictions and the Kung Flu would never have touched down here.

        • Glad you asked, Lawdog. Strong AI. Hydrogen economy. Radical power devolution. Political secession. Limitless energy. Limitless clean energy. Hacking the human biome. Hacking and beneficially modifying DNA. Radical life extension. Living in space. Radical redesign of human bodies to match radically diverse environments (space, deep ocean, methane-ammonia atmospheres, waterless environment, high pressures, low pressures, etc.). Unlimited lifespan extension, etc. There’s plenty of stuff to look forward to, even though the Enemy (which is “within us”) will successfully destroy or block much of it over the short term (e.g. electricity would have been invented and harnessed before Christ was born, except for the defects in human nature; and humans would have landed on the moon in the 1600’s or 1700’s but for the temporal power of the Catholic church; et cetera).

          • Secession? Lord, good luck even getting a permit to build a swimming pool on your property. How in the world would you tackle secession when most means to organization are obsessively monitored by the Clouds?

          • strong AI, hydrogen, hacking genes.
            with that they can control the rest.
            however, seeing how they keep pushing idiotic phony clean solar/earth/biomass solutions to appease loggers clearing land for wind farms and/or highly-polluting rare earth mining in China for semiconductors, i even doubt hydrogen energy will get a push. perhaps only for industrial-scale robot powering. they will need better goons eventually.

            without the Church you wouldn’t have had Newton, nor Columbus. you’d still be babbling about Ptolemy and where Atlantis is, and gawking at some Vestal Virgins somewhere on the podium, while you wait for the first bread handout to start, after you enter the Colosseum.

          • That’s Faustian Society rubbish.

            No downvote from me though. A man is entitled to his opinion no matter how idiotic it is.

      • Why did you leave Silicon Valley? Can you give any hints about where you moved? Three years ago, I left the SF Bay for a western red state.

    • Don’t overestimate the IQ. Russian brilliant IQ tsarist army and later Hitler high IQ generals and later Anglo conservatives with their high IQ lost to dirt people because the high IQ folk tend to not understanding the basic things. Soviet Union was also doomed by high IQ folk who failed to understand what going around them and in the society.
      High IQ people like echo chambers and mind constructs and they prefer theories over reality. This IQ fetish was created by liberals who claimed that dirt people do not understand their crap because on low IQ..

      • YES. That’s why everyone should labor. Even if it’s only a hobby, a garden, building cabinets, fixing your plumbing, whatever. Don’t lose touch with reality.

    • In the context of war, sometimes the enemy appears formidable, his weaknesses unseen. Years ago, there were the 12 foot Soviet soldier and his counterpart the 12 foot Japanese business man. The weaknesses are there.

      Firing of a someone like Damore from the advertising company shows weakness and brittleness not strength and resiliency.

      For my part I don’t want to be under the progressive thumb, but I also don’t want them under mine. Whether I could resist the temptation, in the very unlikely event that it became possible is something that gives me pause.

      • The firing of James Damore is an interesting example. So is the public shaming of Matt Taylor. And the defenestration of James Watson. And the unpersoning of Richard Stallman. And the firing of Sir Tim Hunt. There are scores, probably hundreds of examples. What does it mean? It’s show-and-tell for a process of disintegration. But not to worry: Not all civilizations are sick and degrading like the West. Others will pick up where we left off. (And who knows, maybe even the rise of a Western Civ. 2.0 is possible.)

        • Actually every advanced civilization is dying as other than Israel and that is questionable not one developed nation including China has above replacement fertility. Using only official stats, basically everyone has a 1.6 TFR and that is not sustainable.

          Once the ecological damage reaches critical mass and the cheap energy runs out, its the age of the barbarian.

          And note, we are getting a test run. Up to a quarter of a billion people may starve to death this year do to locusts and a collapse of trade from what is basically a nasty flu.

    • Can you imagine the low IQ NKVD thugs backed with today’s technology? May not have to imagine much longer….

      • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        Or if you prefer Got militia?

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