The Good White Bible

A strange thing that used to be more common a decade ago, but still persists to this day is the use of the book Guns, Germs and Steel as an escape hatch. That is, when a conversation with good whites turns to biology, they will at some point attempt to change the subject by bringing up this book. Always, it is in the form of “A great book on this is Guns, Germs and Steal. Have you read it?” After all these years, it remains the one acceptably dangerous book they have read on the subject.

In this context, dangerous means that the book sort of accepts the fact that human populations are not exactly the same everywhere. The book attempts to explain why Eurasian and North African civilizations have defined the story of man, while arguing against biological reality. For good whites, merely acknowledging that sub-Saharan Africans have little to show for their time on earth is scary. Even though Diamond is a biological denialist, the book is still a dangerous read.

Of course, it is acceptable because of that denialism. The thesis of the book is that serendipity and ecology explain why some human populations have advanced beyond simple farming, while others have not. Diamond makes many claims about different food stuffs, weather and pathogens to explain why Europeans, in particular, have risen to the top of the human hierarchy. The basic claim, in a nutshell, is they got lucky and really don’t deserve their spot at the top of the hierarchy.

This is a familiar theme for those who have read the writings of Ben Shapiro and Yoram Hazony, both of whom make similar claims. In the case of Shapiro, he argues that Europe was the creation of Hellenize Jews, who arrived with the Romans. He is not that honest or explicit, but that is his claim. Hazony takes a similar approach, but credits the Romans for imposing culture on the people of Europe. He also credits dumb luck in explaining why Europe is not the Levant or Mesopotamia.

This makes sense from the perspective of Zionist Jews. They view life as a great struggle between people, particularly their people, the Chosen People, and the rest of the people of the world. They don’t have to think too hard about why they are superior to Arabs, but Europeans are another matter. The Jewish people don’t have a big trophy case like the people of the Occident. They credit this to dumb luck in order to maintain the fiction that they are still God’s favorite people.

Now, it is important to note that the Diamond book is riddled with errors of fact and logic that undermine the central premise. In fact, there are so many of these errors it has to be assumed the author knew he was making false claims. For those with some time to kill, Ryan Faulk made a two hour video going into the details of Diamond’s claims about agriculture and animal husbandry. The best you can say about Guns, Germs and Steel is it is a masterful display of modern sophistry.

Now, ecology did play a defining role in shaping the people of Europe, just as it did the people everywhere on earth. Fundamental to the human sciences and dissident politics is that people are different. The people of Europe are different because they had to be in order to survive and thrive in their environment, which is radically different from the environment of Africa. They also mixed with archaic people, just as East Asians mixed with a different archaic people. Human biodiversity is real.

The appeal of the Diamond book, the intent of it actually, is to turn this reality on its head in order to supplant biological reality with the egalitarian fantasy. The impression Diamond tries to leave on the reader is that he is accepting the premises of the realists, while coming to a more parsimonious explanation. This is a similar approach taken by Nathan Cofnas in his critique of Kevin McDonald’s book. It is a form of abductive reasoning meant to persuade, not explain.

Similarly, a book popular with the same crowd twenty years ago was Why Nations Fail, which attempted to solve the same problem. It makes the claim that the reason the West has raced ahead to lead the world is that they have inclusive institutions and that economic prosperity depends above all on the inclusiveness of economic and political institutions. This magical inclusiveness just fell from the sky and landed in the West, explaining why the Occident has dominated.

The popularity of these books, and in the case of the Diamond book its enduring popularity, speaks to the power of the egalitarian faith. People in modern democracies, particularly bourgeois people, need to believe that all people are born with the same innate talents and abilities. The belief is so powerful it can overcome the absurd circular reasoning in a book like Why Nations Fail and raise Guns, Germs and Steel into the gospel of modern liberal democracy.

There is another element to this. The premise is that the “superficial” differences in people are due to environment, but the people themselves are all the same, once those environmental issues are removed. This sort of thinking allows the believer to feel shame for his privilege, while lamenting the fact the poor browns were not blessed with better stuff or the divine magic of liberal democracy. The good white can indulge his natural self-loathing and proselytize for his way of life.

This is a very Christian dynamic. The good white, like the good Christian, embraces the fallen state of mankind. For Christians, it is man’s obvious sinful nature. For the good white, it is white privilege, the undeserved blessings of serendipity. Like the believing Christian, the good white sees the path to salvation in spreading the faith. Instead of observable reality leading to an acceptance of the human condition, it drives a desire to rectify it and overcome the forces that have shaped it.

This is probably why a book like Guns, Germs and Steel remains a popular text with the good whites. It is literally written to flatter the reader and offer an alternative narrative to explain observable reality. White people are not evil because of their nature, but because of their failure to acknowledge their privilege and put it to good use in saving the rest of mankind from his plight. To be a good white means embracing one’s undeserved place in the world as fuel to reform the world.

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  2. the good Christian, due to believing in man’s obvious sinful nature, also obviously noticed different tribes of men having different sinful natures. ergo, one can be a Christian racialist, as for example the segregated Catholic colonies in the Americas were for centuries, provided they don’t believe in mass miscegenation as a solution.
    of course, good Christianity has been dying since Bastille day and earlier. worse, it became infiltrated, by the supposed defenders of reason, which even in good faith brought all sorts of errors. this infiltration happened specially in the Prot world, where society was used to bourgeois life and literary criticism thanks to Luther and Calvin, and as such became very prone to buy into all sorts of deluded masochistic liberal Christian preacher tropes. all this against the backdrop of the industrial revolution funded by the gospel of wealth and natural selection fanatics, which destroyed: natural environments, natural worker’s guilds, natural towns, natural churches in white Christian Europe and usually white-led Christian lands elsewhere. thus these radical groups, seeing the destruction of old orders, first in the English Civil War and then the peculiar situations that led to Bastille day: first they would defend miscegenation of rights and responsibilities into some new hypothetical untested “reasonable” universals, then eventually would defend miscegenation of classes in the name of defending those universals, and of course eventually they turned to miscegenation of races and groups. they had destroyed hierarchical order, they obviously engendered the seeds of the destruction of everything else. they were in league with their (((financiers and accountants))) too.
    suddenly, the ancient Christian prohibition on Jew usury was not so enforced, it was considered by the state and intellectuals and elites to not be too Christian and forgiving, and the secular state couldn’t give a damn if the priests were not in power anymore as long as profits and taxes were to be made; then as Christians dwindled due to the increased degenerate consumption, the secular state said it was too Christian to keep such a prohibition anyway.
    even Family Guy has name dropped Guns Germs and Steel. it’s one of those books white left boomer guys (who may be fathers to sjws and dirtbag left types) put on their book stand to seem smart. the same who may still watch Bill Maher. the book btw failed to question why whigs and leftists would promote more plant foods if they were indeed less nutritious, as well as questioning why today’s Africans are mostly the same but with phones and soccer tshirts now that they own their diamonds and oil. Why Nations Fail was an update for early millennials, more into the inclusion trend that started to grow as minorities started to have more influence in American life, even though most of these minorities are the most intellectual of their kind and cannot be used as an example of the future waves of mobs coming from the homelands in camp du saints style.
    so much is converged though, at the very least a cultural counterreform and political counterreaction of whites (and friends) will come. but it will have to be from a position of cultural power, which our side doesn’t have now. just look at the whole music industry shutting down because it’s pretty much become a coven of a few whigr secular druggy rootless wannabes, a bunch of thugs, many feminists and alphabet soups, and a lot of (((producers and execs))). that was just one industry. we have to create an alternate structure. larping helps visualize it, but it has to be brought to ground. example: Trump built some miles of wall and made a deal with Mexico; we can fantasize that he did all, or blackpill that he will never do more, and die in our basements blogging either way; or simply actively recognize current success AND push him to do more, without sperging or boogalooing… unless really sorely needed.

  3. I am Christian and I completely disagree with you, however, I am not a Christian who believes the Semites to be a master race. They are a disgraceful race.
    Granted, there are people that rather go down on their knees and be punished for crimes they have never committed because it makes them feel righteous. I can tell you, I will not let myself be punished for my father’s sin’s, that bastard can burn in hell all by himself.
    Can we say the same about them the 12 tribes of Israel, that they conquer societies, noting superior intelligence is not the cause but out of opportunity and necessity. I have never seen them do anything altruistic for humanity not even to their own kind.
    The only struggle these people have ever done was choosing between right and wrong.

  4. I thought GG&S was ok on the differences between Eurasia and the Americas, but very weak when talking about differences within Eurasia, to say nothing about Eurasia and Africa.

    Steve Sailer asked Diamond a question about his book and the latter grabbed all his papers and bolted out the door.

  5. Africans are stupid! There, I said it. Race, IQ, and cultural norms matter and play a big part in societal development or lack of thereof.

  6. I read Guns, Germs and Steel many years ago and found it very interesting and, initially, quite persuasive. The more I thought about it the more it didn’t make sense.

    To take one argument that does not hold up, Diamond argues that the reason most common farm animals are domesticated from Eurasian animals is that the animals of Africa and the Americas ‘don’t work.’ After the end of the last ice age, and the pleistocene extinction, there is <i>some</i> case to be made so far as the Americas are concerned, at least in large land mammals insofar as there were simply fewer kinds left in North America compared to Eurasia, a ‘smaller library’ to choose from so to speak. But with regards to Africa this is obviously nonsense. The reason why the dog came from the wolf, the cow from the aurochs, the horse from the wild horse and sheep from the argali or some Eurasian wildsheep, is all b/c the African equivalents were ‘too wild.’ It has, according to Diamond, nothing to do with the Eurasians trying to domesticate them while the Africans didnt. The Africans, so we are to believe, didnt have good material to work with, from the enormous variety of wild animals in Africa.

    History even proves him wrong. The cat and the donkey actually came from the African, not the Eurasian, versions. And in recent times there have been more or less successful attempts to tame animals like the eland (a giant antelope, about the size of a buffalo but with a far milder disposition; aside note, taxonomically there is no clear line between antelopes and cattle species; antilopes are, in a way, smaller and more elegant cattle species. And of course Africa has FAR more different kinds of antelopes than anywhere else on earth).

    Diamond is definitely a biology denialist.

  7. I thought it was a fun book to read, very light on facts and heavy on speculation. Amazed it has been taken seriously.

    • Encouraging! You’ve described, perfectly, my “Great COVID-19 lab cover-up” essay . Maybe I should make a proper manuscript of the current mess and shop for a publisher [vanity press?] 🤩

  8. We have lost or are in the process of losing all the freedoms we assumed to be our birthright and that are explicitly called out as such in the bill of rights. Every day our society looks more and more like that of countries we were willing to go to war with. We as a nation committed many thousands of our own citizens’ lives to forestall the spread of ideologies opposed to recognizing the rights we once took as guaranteed and prevent the assumption of power by its adherents. Not to mention justifying the many more thousands of enemy lives we took as well as just people who got in the way (which may in fact be the largest number of all.) All in the name of preventing the very practices and infringements we suffer today. Those infringements increasing in number and severity as each day passes as well. I think one of the best things to work on is impressing the plain self-evident truth of the above statements to current soldiers and officers.

    • Good, sort-of tying in with Memorial Day remembrance. Tend to agree, in many ways Europe and USA slowly seem to be turning into (already have?) much of what we fought wars, hot or cold, against in earlier times.

  9. When stirring the pot, I like to point out that Science believes that while man orginated in Africa, there was a least one migration out of it, because the soon-to-leave tribe learned they were living in a Black neighborhood 😃

  10. Watching today’s comment parade go by, a thought— Maybe “our” dilemma represents the confluence of a couple of things. One is that most of the white community is no longer meaningfully challenged by nature or by other elements of its own culture. We simply only need to “show up”, but not “accomplish”, to get by quite well. Couple that with a culture that shelters us from groups of truly smarter and more clever people (we get them, particularly Asians, in ones and twos, but not in an onslaught where we are the minority living among “them”). This means whites have the luxury of buying into whatever explanation suits their world view and cultural preferences, because taking those views are meaningless in the real world. Expose them to the realities of either needing to defend one’s own heritage culture and community in order to survive, or to try to eke out a living among strangers of another culture who are smarter and quicker than one, and ideas might quickly change up.

    The lack of meaningful real-world consequences for taking false views as truth, is the bane of our culture. We still crack our heads open if we jump off of cliffs, but somehow have managed to buy into all sorts of half-assed ideas, without any consequences whatsoever.

    • “The lack of meaningful real-world consequences for taking false views as truth, is the bane of our culture,” indeed Dutch.

      As a baby boomer I will take on the guilt I rightly deserve for not seeing this earlier and working to protect my children. I have no doubt that most white males under 30 are seeing the real world consequences on virtually a daily basis. More and more good-white females will start committing the crime of noticing as it finally begins to affect them.

      The question of course is will it be too late.

      (I will add the addendum that the Asians that are starting to take the top rungs of this country do not reflect the average Asians of their own countries.)

  11. Some of the thinking on this thread confuses me so if I sound confused, I am just trying to fit in. 🙂

    I was big into HBD research before anyone knew what that was. Before it had that name. People are different and heredity plays a huge part in what you will be. Yes, life experiences also play a part, but not as big a one as most people think.

    Yes, I believe in the 5 laws of HBD.

    Ok then. How did we get so different? If we talk breeds of dogs to describe differences in tribes of humans (or races), then how did that happen?

    I believe God used evolution. Some believe in just plain evolution. Regardless, a man is lucky to be born in the southern Appalachian mountains rather than in a tribe of Africans. But is that anyone’s fault? We are all what we are born to be and it is luck in a way. I am not suited to live in southern Africa as a primitive hunter gatherer. And most Africans are not suited to running a modern technological society. So? That is not my fault; go blame God.

    Because we all come into this world with different gifts and talents (Christians believe this) we should never expect equal outcomes. I can not write as well as Z, but I bet I can do something better than he. The modern notion of egalitarianism is a revolt against nature. A revolt against reality. A revolt against God.

    Why does no one care that blacks have an advantage in the game of basketball? Especially over Asians. Why is there not one Asian superstar quarterback in the NFL? Why do we care? Why do we have to make it political?

    You know why. Quotas, set-asides, affirmative action, give-mes for all the pet victims of the left.

    Until whites realize we are not responsible for blacks having a lower IQ, on average, than whites we can not understand reality.

    So, my message is help your fellow whites wake the hell up.

    • God use evolution. Of course he does. Can’t get some fundamentalists to believe this however. If you’re an atheist, go to the next comment.

      Ever since I was young and became aware of the controversy between some fundamentalists and the scientists promoting evolution, I almost immediately failed to see the conflict. If one is a believer, God created the universe and set it in motion (gave the laws by which it reacts).

      We see all around us in everything and every way that nothing is static, but change is a constant. Any creation such as man—and all life on earth for that matter—would need to change as the earth changed or perish. Why would evolution therefore not be seen as part of God’s plan?

      • I really enjoyed that comment. Thanks. I see things pretty much just as you do, but don’t always say it as well as you just did. 🙂

  12. Loved the kill shot of Z here, “the use of the book Guns, Germs and Steel as an escape hatch.”

    Admit the reality of massive differences in achievement between different pools of people quickly and then spend an entire book explaining it anyway as centuries of dumb luck and magic dirt. Voila!

    This same concept also explains the extreme clutching on to items of “cultural appropriation.”  If your people and your culture has produced so little compared to the creation of the world we live in then bits of unique fashion, hair styling, and food dishes are so vital to your sense of self worth that whitey is not allowed to touch it

  13. One realizes that the grandiose language of the West’s traditional Gutenbergian encyclopedia are the soaring claims of second-raters.

    In clouds of glory! Eternal!

    All-powerful! All mankind!

    They were hirelings and nomads in the shadow of those who built much bigger, but could never admit to it.

    Stirring, thrilling, it sure beats moaning in the mud on the other side of Charon.

  14. I was redpilled by observable reality.

    a good book that counter guns germs and steel is Michael harts Understanding Human History, which posits group IQ as the driving force behind history. Steve sailer reviewed it as “a real diamond” lol

  15. Victor Davis Hansen review of Guns Germs Steel 5/20/05:

    (forgive the link to National Review–Honk! Honk!)

    “Jared Diamond’s bestselling Guns, Germs, and Steel argued that geography trumped culture, and that the current privileged position of the West was therefore mostly attributable to the advantageous resources in, and location of, Western countries, rather than to Europe’s singular values. 

    ………At some point a Cleisthenes, Plato, Augustine, Magna Carta, Sistine Chapel, Thomas Edison, or Albert Einstein–and the thinking and substructure that produced them–is worth more than long, indented coastlines and concentrations of iron ore.

    …….And if Diamond believes that is so because Icelanders finally got smart and now follow his environmentally correct nostrums, he should ask why that is so–or what would happen in a decade should they magically be transferred to Haiti or Yemen and, in turn, Haitians and Yemenis were to take over Iceland.”

    GoodGodalmighty! So close and yet so far! That last paragraph came within a cat’s whisker of race realism. He can’t say it because he’ll get Derbed, ferociously Derbed. And there would go his nice position at the Hoover Institute.

    • Love VDH, but the experiment he suggests has basically been performed in South Africa and Rhodesia.

      VDH for all his anti-immigration bona fides is a CivNat. He will never touch the third rail wrt biological population differences in IQ and behavior. If you are a good American and apply for entry and are admitted, you are in the club.

    • The subjects discussed here have been pursued by battalions, not just Diamond and a few others. Oddly, no one has mentioned Oswald Spengler, whose “Decline of the West” from 1918 remains the authoritative account of cultural destruction, the seeds of which germinate in that very culture.

  16. I heard a twist on Dindu Nuffinism by a purported Black caller to the Jesse Lee Peterson show. He claimed that Jesse shouldn’t concentrate on Black misbehavior because Americans as a whole incarcerated more of their own — including Whites — than other nations. It thought this was an interesting evasion. The caller was trying to submerge Black criminality into ‘American criminality’ as a whole in order to avoid looking squarely at Black crime.

  17. There’s just no way for most of the “normal” folks to get out of the maze the creative, cognitive, corporate and political classes have built. They just don’t have the time, interest or ability — or they haven’t yet been personally confronted with some significantly crystalizing event that makes them look to other paths.

    Our betters are so skilled and experienced at constructing this that the targets of the deception can’t see out. I remember how I saw things those long years; I actively read and questioned; I was wired to see the systemic conflicts, hypocrisy and craziness; I wasn’t happy with what I saw around me but still fervently, then wistfully, then desperately clung to the fantasy. I considered myself as an out-of-the box thinker, and was seen and labeled that way by the organization I served. Took me years to make the break.

    Most of the regular folks, they haven’t got a chance.

    • “I wasn’t happy with what I saw around me but still fervently, then wistfully, then desperately clung to the fantasy. I considered myself as an out-of-the box thinker, and was seen and labeled that way”

      That pretty much describes me as well. Was there any particular catalyst that led to the “break”? For me it was a combination of two things happening at once. The catalyst was the Trayvon Martin travesty. The accelerant was having at the time an office mate who loved to argue from the progressive talking points. (Like three hours a day. During work hours. Would NOT shut up.) Said office mate was white (Irish), inherently intelligent, and about the closest thing to classically educated you’d find in these fallen times. I’m quite sure that office mate continually poking and stirring shit was what finally pushed me over the edge.

      Incidentally that guy now hates me. I was still so naive at the time that I believed it was possible to have divergent political views, yet still respect each other as colleagues and friends. Even though I knew it intellectually, I didn’t understand emotionally that for his ilk, rejecting progressive tenets is like going into the church and spitting on the altar cloth in front of the priest.

      • It’s jarring to hear account of conversions that are so recent. Some here seem to have put 2 and 2 together so long ago. It can be difficult to believe that it’s only in the past couple years that eyes have been opened — and I’m definitely in that camp as well. I noticed things for many years but couldn’t break the conditioning that told me such noticing was verboten.

        • I wasn’t being clear, sorry. I’ve noticed for a very long time, and been essentially in the HBD camp at least since I was in junior highschool (suddenly being introduced to the nontalented 9/10th will do that). The JQ thing after that, but no later than grad school. Putting things together sort of naturally followed.

          The “conversion” was coming to the acceptance that the other side(s) view our disagreements not as political or even philosophical differences, so that we can still treat each other civilly, and even maintain friendships “across the aisle” but rather as morality plays where those not adhering to their supposed orthodoxy are flat out evil, as opposed to merely misguided or ignorant.

          But, as bad manners drive out good, I can play by their rules when needed. I don’t like it, and it’s dirty and lowers my value in my own eyes, but needs must and all that. So my personal conversion is more assertiveness, less civility, more use of mockery; basically not putting up with shit. The funny thing is that, so far at least, the positive results have far outweighed the negatives.

  18. The fact that so many white people can be self-hating is a luxury born of white success. The minute our civilizations hit the rocks, and it won’t be long, a lot of whites will suddenly be thrust into vulnerability. If you’re not racist, you’re not paying attention.

  19. When discussing this book with a liberal, has anyone simply pointed out that in the book Diamond says that race differences resulting from selection are real (the Papuans)? Therefore it’s certainly possible that HDB white nationalists are correct (the racial hierarchy is reversed from what Diamond claims). That the harsh selection pressures on Papuans favors living in a stone age jungle culture.

    What would they say back if they like the book and cite it as an authoritative source?

    • I’m only familiar with the book from this thread, but another huorously devious conversation gambit would be to agree, with a SJW, that genes have no influence and course races don’t exist, these cultural and other perceived differences merely evolved over thousands of years, influenced by their environments. And just walk away.

  20. Is anyone else having a problem with their spell-checker with this new comment system? I made a couple of typos and they turned red for a second or two and then the red went away. I have not had this problem with other commenting systems or the old one here.

    • Spell checker seems not to work. Word is obviously wrong, not very complex, and when I jump to look up on the net, the correct spelling appears immediately along with definition and stuff.

    • I’ve not seen the new spellchecker, and my Grammarly plug-in won’t work in this window. On the plus side, I don’t have to type that stupid 5-character challenge any more !

  21. A book like Guns, Germs and Steel could only originate from a Jewish mind. Because unlike Jews, Europeans did not have the good luck to be born into a society their ancestors did not create. For Jews it really is just the luck of birth. Had their ancestors chose some other destination, like the Middle East, they would have been born into very different circumstances.

    But this is not true of the European. The European is born into his homeland that HIS ancestors created. For him, it could not have happened any other way. Had he been born in some other place, he wouldn’t be him. He would posses different DNA and have a different experience. He lives the life he does because his people have set up a culture and society that only his people could have created. He has inherited the wealth of his people just as the Syrian or Ethiopian has inherited the wealth of his people. The fact that the wealth of each people is not equal is just part of life.

    This is the mistake all cosmopolitans make. They see the world they grew up in as the luck of the draw of where you happen to have been born. He understands that he would have a very different lot had he been so unfortunate to having been born in some other place. For him, it is possible because his ancestors moved into other cultures.

    But culture is not a gift from the universe that you inherit through happenstance and luck for most people. You inherit the talents and accomplishments of your own people via the culture just as you inherit your looks and your intelligence, biologically.

  22. Guns and Bibles are the first things to get banned when a political regime changes. And not for the better.

  23. The interesting aspect of Diamond’s book is that it catalogs in some detail the profound difference between human populations. Whatever the cause of that is, the fact remains that the populations are separated by a gulf that cannot be bridged.

  24. Guns, Germs and Steel is a great book because it shows even lengthy up close exposure to diversity is useless in convincing the egalitarian that he is wrong.

    Jared “Limestone” spent years among some tribe in New Guinea and even this up close personal exposure to the low iq natives did nothing to lessen his enthusiasm for his egalitarian worldview. They make Africans seem positively genius in comparison.

    Worse, he just makes stuff up in the book.

  25. really the question then becomes: are “good whites” really white any longer?

  26. Z Man;

    Here’s a added point of evidence that Why Nations Fail is a conclusion in search of justification. The Amazon review you link makes a big deal out of S Korea’s prosperity vs N Korea’s awful poverty.

    How many people here know that S Korea is now a highly Christian country that sends missionaries to Europe and N America_? And it has been for quite some time. Looking around the skyline of Seoul even in the early 1990s I could hardly escape seeing crosses on substantial buildings at every azimuth.

    Cause, effect or coincidence_? Being a Christian myself, I’m tempted to lean towards ’cause’. But one thing sure of is that this divergence is not *just* due to ‘democracy’, Cloud Folk fables to the contrary.

    P.S. Like the new comment format for the handy text formatting features.

    • Spent a few months in Seoul in 1996 and that was one of the first things one noticed, the red neon crosses on top of so many buildings at night.

    • Worth noting that for as bad as the government in NK is and for as impoverished as the nation is they still have pretty functional nuclear and rocket programs. That’s thing people gloss over in regards to the Soviet Union, for as bad a system as it was, it accomplished remarkable things, but the same system in the hands of Latin Americans just leads to open sewers, starvation and zero accomplishments.

  27. I was bought this book for Christmas by my brother in law, so read it in full. I was not aware of the JQ at the time so assumed JD was ‘whitey’ and sincere in his arguments. But I was working in South Sudan back then and fully understood how Africa really works, so I was better informed than most. I felt that the title was completely wrong, and simply needed to be called ‘agriculture’.

    His argument was very weak and full of fallacies and I didn’t like the book much. Also he put a load of random photos of the faces of various tribes into the book for no real reason. But, as mentioned here, there is a section where he states that Europeans are not superior in any way despite all the achievements by Europeans over the past 500 years. On the next page (yes, and I did check) he then stated how a particular tribe (can’t remember the exact reason but I think it was to do with their internal mapping of their tribal area) was more superior (genetically) to the European. When reading this I had to do a double-check to confirm these two arguments 2 pages apart. From that point on I couldn’t take the book at all seriously and wondered a. why did he publish, and b. why do so many good-whites rave on about it.

    Whilst I’ve not read it in a while ‘The Wealth and Poverty of Nations’ by David Landes is way better. It’s certainly not our thing or a red pill but a good -white can read it and at least accept that some civilisations work better than others. He gives Africa a free pass (which he shouldn’t have) but maybe he had to do that to get past the publishers.

    • I brought David Landes book when it came out. I was a subschriber to “The Economist” back then and they had given his book a poor review. They didn’t like that he wrote that culture made such a difference. So, it was a tabu back then too.

      • In 2007, Michael Hart published “Understanding Human History” which pokes plenty of holes in Diamond’s theories.

    • “can’t remember the exact reason but I think it was to do with their internal mapping of their tribal area”

      This sounds like arguments made in favor of the supposed intellectual superiority of Australian aboriginals on the basis of the their mythology regarding “Songlines” laid down by semi-mythical ancestors and completely mythical spirits.

      To be clear, I actually have no problem with people having a mythical (and/or mystical) belief connecting them to the land and their ancestors. That might even be a good thing. Where I have a problem is twofold: 1) how much do I have to bend my own life and beliefs to respect your myths; 2) if you demand that others bend to your beliefs, then you need to stay on your own patch.

  28. Accepting observable reality of biological diversity is not incompatible with a belief in original sin. That a Catholic believes all humans may achieve salvation through God’s grace does not mean he also believes all humans will or can, no matter how much he wishes they would.

  29. I had to read GGS way back in the mid 90s as an undergrad. I find it quaint now that we know that Europeans (and to a lesser extent some Asians) have Neanderthal genes. Guess who doesn’t? Negroes.

    • I still watch various science videos on YouTube. Every now and then there’s one about human evolution. At some point they will mention that modern Europeans basically came about through hybridizing with Neanderthals and Asians from both that and a less well known group called the Denisovans. Then they will mention the fact that Africans seem to have no infusions of genes from either group. You can almost hear the “moving right along” after they bring that up. It’s tempting to wonder if there might be something in this that, well, explains certain things… We must resist those temptations though brothers, now join with me in reciting the “I have a dream” speech.

      Those videos (things like Sci-show and Vsauce for example) are also a good window into the “I fookin luv science” wing of the hipster goodwhite mentality. The male announcers tend to be thin, a bit snarky, and wear a lot of plaid. The goal seems to be for them to be as non-threatening as possible. The women are stereotypical SJW flakes with rainbow hair, pierced eyebrows and that smug demeanor you see in girls who went to a good college to study something utterly useless. The way they drive right up to the edge of HBD-awareness only to veer off at the last moment illustrated the way modern goodwhites like to wear “science” as a fashion statement and sign of their social class while totally missing the point about following its leads even into “dangerous” territory. It’s like watching a bunch of tourists who’ve just taken a helicopter to the summit of Everest posing for pictures with ice axes and climbing gear.

      • It really starts sinking in with the new science that Neanderthals were not stupid, hairy brutes, and likely were just as intelligent as Homo sapiens. They’ll endlessly bang on about Neanderthal genes for red hair or straight hair but seem curiously uninterested in Neanderthal genes in our brains, and what that implies for Negro cognition.

        We’re really a different species, but that’s unspeakable Badthink.

        • Neanderthals had larger brains than Sapiens. Their shortcoming seems to have been in aggression.

  30. Z-man, you described my brother in law perfectly. Very “Christian”, liberal guy who, every time some incident like the recent cop/knee thing happens, gets all self-righteous on facebook about white privilege. Meanwhile, he has to be the most Southern white guy I’ve ever known. Honestly, I’m embarrassed for him. He seems to think it makes him better than others.

    • Have some fun with him. Ask him whether he’s thinking of moving his family to a mix neighborhood and/or sending his kids to a mixed school so they don’t have so much privilege.

      Seriously, though, a great tactic with people like this is to be 100% on their side. Agree 100% that white privilege is real and horrible. Then, just follow the logic to its natural conclusion: Whites should be stripped of their wealth and forced to live with other groups so our ill-gotten culture/privilege can rub off on them.

      Your brother-in-law doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. If he did, you’d see it in how he lives his life day in and day out, but you don’t. He’s getting to preen and bask in the glory of his goodness without having to give anything up. Point that out.

      Btw, don’t expect him to be happy about your pointing out his hypocrisy, not will other people back you up since they’re all hypocrites as well. But it can be fun. Actually, the best way to do this is in extremely small doses, just enough to tweak him but not to confront him. Slowly undermine him.

      • I like that tactic, Citizen. Another one that’s fun to do is also agree 100 percent that white privilege is a problem. But first we should work on a couple of larger problems: Asian Privilege and Jewish Privilege. After all, those two groups make more money per capita than whites, do well in school, etc. Then watch your leftist friend shut up real fast about white privilege.

        • Yeah, I’ve done that before. It’s extremely effective. And you’re right, it’s literally like a mute button. They look at you for a second and then just shut up. No response either way, just silence.

          • This are the moments when I most wish I was clairvoyant. To be able to see exactly how the gears were turning in their heads would be very entertaining.

      • I get your point. But the only way to strip a White of his wealth would be to take it, and then prevent him from further accumulation of wealth. In short, make him a slave or a prisoner. For if left to compete in a fair economic process, he will again acquire such wealth from his inferiors.

        • The Allies leveled Germany to the ground during WWII, yet Germany rebounded to the point that they began importing guest workers from Italy in 1955. Imports from other Southern European countries and eventually Moslems followed.

      • I live inside the Beltway near Chevy Chase. Full of virtue-signaling leftists. Every third house “Hate Has No Home Here”, that sort of thing. But now the neighborhood is full of signs for two white guys running for school board after the Diversity board members started advocating school busing with the explicit justification of changing demographic mix in schools. Hilarious, or would be if the stakes weren’t so high. Deep down, my neighbors must acknowledge reality, but I’m convinced that virtue-signaling feeling is intoxicating, as long as there’s no risk. Conclusion: some SWPLs can be brought to this side of the great divide, but only after they’re made to feel the consequence of their politics.

        • Outer NoVa here. Same deal. Used to live in Arlington which is just to the left of San Francisco. Man, the howls that you would here from diversity-loving liberals when the school board started talking about moving school district lines to get more Hispanics into white schools or vice versa.

          Watching them try to explain their opposition to the plan without mentioning race was a ball. It was then that I understood that there was no reasoning with these people. They would never admit the truth – and they would let every other white kid except their own get thrown to the wolves to avoid the truth.

          • I’m in the minority in my neighborhood already. Looking to move south and out of NoVA.

        • I view the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs as “Cliff’s Notes” for neighborhood accountability files 🙂

          • Every time I see one of those signs, I think the slogan should be “Loyalty Has No Home Here.”

        • Why on earth would you even want SWPLs on this side? Traitors cannot and should not be trusted.

        • I grew up just south in slighly less aflluent Vienna (the cheaper neighborhoods). They are true liberals, they do love the Others, they are just worried for the astronomical value of their homes. With all the trouble PG had in 1960s?-1970s with bussing, I am surprised anybody in Montgomery would even want to consider it.

    • Outdoors;

      Yeah. I don’t know why we can’t just say that it’s wrong to kill a now incapacitated guy by kneeling on his neck even if he’s been a jerk, and leave it go at that.

      • Perhaps it’s not that wrong? No, we should not readily accept that folks should die when being restrained, but I’ve seen police put a knee on a down man’s head or neck more than once in videos. Usually, the suspect is cuffed quickly and it’s over when there are two or more cops. Here there were four and one looked like he was more interested in moving the public back than subduing the suspect. He didn’t even turn around to watch.

        So is this a subduing tactic gone wrong, or brutality with an logical expectation of physical harm? We need more examination and information. Unfortunately, we seem to be administering hasty justice in the (false) hope of maintaining societal calm. And as I just heard it, they are already rioting. So it’s a lose/lose situation. The mob is not placated and police morale is lowered.

        I’m sure in the not too distant (dystopian) future, we’ll have police protocols where they are required to ask a suspect’s permission to arrest him for a crime. Sort of like asking your date in college for a kiss at a party.

  31. I made the mistake of taking an Introduction to Sociology course at an Ivy League university about ten years ago.

    Literally every single thing we read in the class boiled down to: making excuses for black people.

    Diamond is squarely in that tradition. There is just an absolutely enormous industry devoted solely to this practice. And “respectable” academics will publish absolutely absurd theories in order to stand out in this crowded field.

    The strange thing is that they’ve built mountains of lies in order to hide two humble little letters:


    • You broke it, you bought it.

      That is a fact in so many cultures. Now what specific, plausible solutions are there to addressing those broken cultures?

  32. “Guns, Germs and Steal.” 

    I am sure it was a typo, but that would have been a great title too.

  33. I, for one, have no interest in inquiring into Jared Diamond’s ethnic loyalties.

    “Germs” was first introduced to me by a very smart Persian man that I was working with in the dot com era. He pushed it on me with an aggression that I did not understand at the time. I now see it as civilizational resentment.

    • I used to hold a similar view when I was a Good White. But exposure to other ethnic groups quickly banished such silly views.

      Ethnic loyalties DO MATTER Just because you have SJW leanings doesn;’t mean squat to brown skinned ethnics or to Jews. All they see is a white SUCKER.

      • This is quite true. Liberals get scammed way more often from various ethnic scammers.

        Sometimes the ethnic scammers don’t even approach me. It’s not that I look like a skinhead or anything but they know right away who’s a sucker and who’s not. It’s part of chutzpah.

    • Tax slave, look up yesterday’s comments.

      Both sides of that idiocracy were covered nicely.

      “birdwatcher” is the new “jogger”–Zzzing!

  34. Without a fully functioning Jewdar you’d have no way to make sense of all this.

    • I was so confused as to why whites would work so hard and come up with such elaborate falsehoods to undermine their own kin before I put that one together. Once I did it was very cathartic. It all made sense now. It wasn’t our group trying to undermine our own kind for some suicidal reason, it was an alien group undermining our power in order to maintain their own supremacy. It actually made me happy in a way. I was very blackpilled on whites before I started asking the JQ. Now I love my people and want to do everything I can to save them.

      • Because some Whites have no “kin”. That is to say, little ingroup as opposed to outgroup preference.

        • That’s not inherent to us though. We are brainwashed into believing it’s evil to express a preference for our own. It’s an unnatural state for our people to be in and so it can be undone. If the brainwashing ever stopped for an extended period it would go away on it’s own.

      • The JQ should always be asked especially when it comes to insane or suicidal social notions being promulgated through white society.

        The Bagel eaters just can’t help themselves when it comes to tearing down white society.

  35. Question I really don’t know the answer to myself: do you think the authors mentioned in this post really believe their theories or not?

    • I don’t know, to be honest. All three are plenty smart enough to know better. Guys like Shapiro and Hazony are smart enough to be intrigued by elaborate intellectual constructs that have no validity. Diamond seems to know he is a liar and why he is lying. That said, knowing the inner thoughts of another is impossible.

    • I’m not sure that they ever really thought about whether they believed their theories. It fit a narrative that works for them personally and their people so that’s the only truth they need.

      They believe in their theories insofar as those theories reinforce a larger truth. Early medieval scholars were the same. Their writings were more concerned with the “Truth” than the facts. Current whites conflate the two, but, historically, they are two different things.

      • Good point. Pilpul at work. Good and Evil defined by what’s good for the group vs what’s bad for the group. They always take their side as do almost all groups except for that easily bamboozled one from that little peninsula on the western edge of the Asian continent.

        • The highest Law:

          “You took one of ours…”

          Without guilt.

          Without mercy.

          Without relent.

          To our great credit, we tried to be nice. We bent over backwards to be fair. And look where it got us.

      • Yeah, maybe it’s better to look at what they’re doing as theology rather than scholarship: trying to produce clever arguments that reinforce the core, never-to-be-questioned dogmas.

  36. Because this book is both dangerous and so poorly argued it is useful in picking apart all the foundations of Blank Slatism. This is especially true in circles of people who think of themselves as educated, well-read, contemplative, etc…

    Faulk’s video is very good. There are also a lot of very critical reviews from academics of the book. It’s now more accepted in anthropology depts than it was when it came out. This tells you something about the ever declining state of the academy. Anthropology depts were largely already progressive and anti-white in the late 90s but there were limits to the depths they were willing to sink to.

    We should read the books our enemies see as creedal. If we understand where their objections to group differences come from they become easier to pick apart.

    Almost all progressive argument that are anti-white boil down to…not innate differences in races but to the greater agency of whites who are less attentive to nature…and who then put that greater agency to nefarious purposes which preys upon the good will and gentle nature of all other peoples.

    Books like this one get the royal treatment because academia, book makers, book chatters and a whole host of other interdependent networks are run by the gem collectors.

    • We should read the books our enemies see as creedal. If we understand where their objections to group differences come from they become easier to pick apart.”

      Precisely. That’s why I called GG&S a good read. It is a pretty good compendium of oft used argument(s) against HBD. One needs to be familiar with it, rather than just condemning it off hand.

      The follow up book, “Collapse”, is not as good a read, but does illustrate the author’s biases wrt ecology as does GG&S wrt HBD.

  37. I apologise to our muscular Christians, who surely take something genuinely fortifying from it, but I really do buy the Nietschean (and now neo-Nietschean) argument that Christianity was Slave Morality 1.0, Marxism was 2.0, and now Multiculturalism is 3.0

    • Sperg;

      You are, of course, free to buy whatever you like, but for the benefit of other readers, I must point out that you are mistaken in your views. I hope you’ll reconsider.

      Re slave religion: Historically, some slaves were Christians and some were not. Some Christians were not slaves and some were. Neither state is determinative of the other. The Christian view is that there are two kinds of slaves, horizontal (slaves to other men) and vertical. In the vertical dimension, a man is either a slave to sin and death or a servant (not slave) of God and life. There is no middle state. Your choice. Can’t put the predicate of the Gospel any more simply than that.

      Marxism, OTOH, is a Christian heresy that posits that really, really smart people (like meee_!), by manipulating other men through ‘science’, can direct the achievement of the promised Christian millennium here on earth without God’s help. ‘So put me in charge_!’ The historical results (ought to) speak for themselves.

      MultiCulti is just a constant facile, nihilistic, self-serving critique of the existing social order of the day with no discernible higher purpose than making Karen (of either sex) feel good about herself, today. Hence, just like with reparations, there can be no end point. And Karen is never happy. Nor can she ever be, because no end point.

      Nietzsche was a literal lunatic. His loving sister used to exhibit him for money to pay for his care. He evidently thought that a man (the super-man), through prodigious intellectual self-effort, could pull himself up by his own moral bootstraps to achieve a godlike existence for himself in this world. But he also thought that there was no higher temporal plain and no God.

      • If I remember my Philosophy for Dummies or equivalent, I think Nietsche said Judaism was the slave religion. He (or another author, perhaps?) claimed that, for example, the ten commandments gave the tribe(s) survival value as it encouraged behavior acceptable to the master (host) society. Given three thousand years, they’ve almost switched places, some would argue!

    • The most irritating thing about Marxism is the constant refrain of “the workers” as if they were only fit for a plow harness, and every crop and field were the same.

  38. Steve Sailer has written a lot about Diamond over the years. Here’s an interesting meeting Steve had with Diamond from a 2005 article in Vdare:

    As far as I can tell, Diamond only lectures, never debates. I’ve never heard of him ever allowing himself to be dragged into a public discussion with a well-informed opponent.

    I talked to Diamond once after he gave a speech. We were chatting nicely until I asked him a tough question along the lines outlined above: Wouldn’t different agricultural environments select for different hereditary traits in different locales?

    I mentioned how James Q. Wilson’s The Marriage Problem has a couple of chapters on how tropical agriculture in West Africa affects family structures. Since women can raise enough food to feed their kids, men don’t invest as much in their individual children. So wouldn’t the kind of man with the most surviving children be different in a tropical agricultural environment, where he doesn’t need to work too much to support them, than in a temperate agricultural environment, where he does?

    Now, Diamond has spent a lot of time birdwatching in New Guinea, which is similar to Africa. So he knows all about what tropical agriculture selects for. But he had no intention of touching that tar-baby with a ten-foot pole. To get away from me and my question, he grabbed his papers and literally dog-trotted at about 5 mph out of the auditorium!

    • The thing I love about tat story is I have had a similar experience, but in a different context. When I was into showing up at conservative events, I’d o the same thing. I’d raise an uncomfortable issue with some grandee and they would always sprint away. They made a show of it too. Hazony did this at his event. Total coward.

      • Was Hazony really a coward or just a con man not wanting to admit the con?

        I understand Jewish motivations and tactics. They’re running a disinformation campaign. Doesn’t do any good to acknowledge that fact.

        OTOH, gentile whites peddling the same stuff are far more fascinating. Their motivations and end goals vary greatly.

      • After The One was introduced to the U of Chicago faculty after being appointed visiting professor of something or other John Lott approached him and asked a question causing Barry to sprint off without a word.

      • Sounds like my experience with a prominent Presbyterian who spent a lot of time in Africa paying for wells to provide clean water. I pointed out that this merely increased the birth rate, and ended up overpopulating areas that could not sustain this population increase…thereby putting pressure on Europe to accept yet more African immigrants who were “distressed”. Dude walked away. He didn’t want to hear it.

        • Yes, I’ve done the same when on occasion I’ve been asked to donate to Unicef or similar. The “what about population growth?” question doesn’t make me very popular, but it does make the beggar go away. Charity is fine, but don’t make the problem worse. AA will give visitors a cup of coffee and a doughnut, not an open bar ☺

    • We may look down upon these neolithic societies, but from the man’s point of view, you can’t deny he has a pretty cushy deal, doubly so if it is an Islamic country.

  39. Good article. We are gonna need more of that Good White Bible after the police get a good mugging in Minneapolis over that dumb cop.

    Congregation! Please turn to the book of blacks don’t have any mercy on whitey for any mistakes and read from Chapter 3 verse 3.

    • I wonder what that jo99er was up to. Did he accidentally fall underneath a walking policeman?

      • Be careful there, as some questions are not allowed.

        I remember the Rodney King issue many years back. My father had recently retired from the LAPD and had some inside info. Basically, RK got the beating he deserved, but the cops who did it were too stupid to do it in private.

        A few years after some liberal asked him about it. He turned it back on her by pointing out that RK had, once again, been arrested for domestic violence.

          • Yep, RK was definitely a low life. Hell, even his multimillions in settlement were pissed away quIckly. However, let’s be careful with the street justice applause. The resulting riots from his “just” beating left dozens dead and injured and millions in property damage.

            Such is the problem with our vibrancy these days. Chose your battles wisely.

    • Meanwhile the hysteria over the original Jogger reaches new levels of outlandishness I never thought would have been possible. Not only has the guy filming the whole accident been arrested and charged with felony murder, but according to the latest Radio Derb, law enforcement is hunting for the McMichaels’ childhood schoolteachers and have even hauled in their dentists and Starbucks baristas for questioning.

      I honestly can’t tell if the Derb was joking or if those things actually happened.

      And still no wall-to-wall coverage from the MSM on the slaughter of the Marinos.

      Regarding this latest accident… who cares. I’m under no illusions that the police will ever be on our side, but as someone commented a few posts back, my first impression is to stand with the white guys no matter what. If it turns out they messed up, the correct response is still to defend them unflinchingly to the outside world, and punish them quietly and discreetly internally if necessary. That’s what every other ethnic group with ingroup preference does: they defend — or ignore or whitewash — their criminals to outgroups, and then later punish them within the ingroup if necessary. Judging by many AmNat responses to the latest Jogger-instigated accident on social media, even our own guys have a long way to go to relearning ingroup preference.

      Yeah I know the police are not on our side. Just look at the double standards they used during the Viral Lockdowns where they let Joggers run free at the same time as they harassed white park-goers, pedestrians, and business owners.

      But the point is, we can understand that the police are an adversarial institution separately from any white guys who happen to be police. Who knows, maybe the Minneapolis guys are good guys who made a mistake because they’ve been fatigued by the usual Jogger criminality. People make mistakes when they’re fatigued. My first impulse is to stand with them no matter what: we can quietly punish them later within the ingroup if it turns out there was any kind of malice. And even if there was, honestly… who cares? I only care if malice is exerted against my tribe, I don’t care about other tribes.

      • “I don’t care about other tribes.”

        The way to deal with that, since it rubs the wrong way, is to punish anything that brings shame or harm to one’s Skin.

        Self-policing. Notice that our betters have lost control of it, and it’s eating them alive. More proof then that theirs is the social construct, based on imposed projection.

        [That is, (((projection))).]

        • From some reading on tribes (Fukuyama maybe?) I remember being surprised to learn that, as noted above, even in the case of an offense against another tribe, the perp’s own tribe should be the one to adminster the punishment, even if it was execution. At first killing one’s own, even for a crime, seems unnatural but it had a practical survival purpose: to keep peace with the out-tribe. Equally logical would be to argue the victim’s tribe should have the right to punish, but the likely result from that is blood feud or tribal wars.

      • VoxDay put it far more succinctly than I could in his blog today -you do not “take sides against your own civilization due to the moral failure of a handful of men.” The reverse also applies (contra Compsci above) – you do not take sides against your own due to the purported brilliance or ability to pay by others.

        • The TDS guys had a similar good conclusion on the poor AWFL in Central Park:

          I’m not even being sarcastic with “poor”: sure, the lady was an AWFL, but she’s one of us and my sympathy will always go out to her first, never to the Jogger. The TDS guys pointed out how this is an assault on us all: how many of us have AWFL wives, daughters, moms, sisters, or nieces who we still care about despite their AWFLness? They could be next!

          The only silver lining is that this AWFL might have learned that just because she’s on “the right side of history,” she’ll be hated and torn apart just for being white. Even if she doesn’t wake up, others will.

      • Yes, even here in FL over the weekend it was 200 or so Melanic Hominids® in Daytona being disorderly. 5 shot, no deaths amazingly. What I find amusing is (1) that Yahoo news allows comments and (2) I haven’t been banned yet.

  40. Lot going on here.

    Back in the day, I was thinking about joining the State Department because reasons. In preparation, there was a reading list and on that list was both of the books Z mentions in this post. I couldn’t be bothered with Guns, but I read Why Nations Fail and thought it to be complete crap. That helped soften the blow when they found my narrative of how I benefited from my many multicultural experiences to be not very compelling.

    But, yeah, it’s important to understand that this sort of thing is exactly what the people running American foreign policy think is a great read if you want to be like them.

    Still, there is something to the insight that we did not somehow “earn” our state. Most of the things about us did not come through some particular virtue – except insofar as survival can be thought of as a virtue – but were something like gifts. Bach did not give himself musical genius, though he cooperated with that gift. The farmers in medieval France did not give themselves the intelligence to make a better plow, but they cooperated with the intelligence that was their inheritance.

    But then, as someone once said, to him who has, more will be given.

    • “…but they cooperated with the intelligence that was their inheritance.”

      That inheritance was PAID in full, in advance, with the suffering and death of their forebears. (before the industrial revolution boreal winters were a bitch) We have higher mean cognitive and cooperative capabilities than Africans because the excessively stupid and uncooperative were weeded out of our gene pool. East Asians went through a similar process and Africans did not.

      It is not our responsibility to fix this problem which is not of our making, but to isolate ourselves from the consequences.

      • Yeah, but it wasn’t paid by us. From our perspective, it was a gift. My great-grandfather tamed a homestead in North Dakota, I only inherited some of his grit. He earned it.

        I think my point is that what we have is, in some important way, not really ours to do with as we see fit. We don’t really have the right to settle Somalians in Minnesota and it’s only a lack of respect that makes anyone consider it.

        • BTP, wise words. As I was taught by the nuns in parochial school, we are to be “good stewards” of the resources bequeath to us. Of course they were talking about ecology/environmental type BS. But the concept extends to how one passes down ones inheritance as well.

    • I have a female relative who in 1970s applied for a job at State Dept. Not accepted. Weird thing is that 20+ years later, she was belatedly offered a job. Some kind of equal opportunity case, apparently, even though she was not involved.

  41. Naturally, those true believer whites – which is to say, almost all whites – never feel the need to personally atone for their luck/white privilege by living in mixed areas or giving away a substantial portion of their net worth to non-whites.

    Recently a friend’s wife – it’s always the wife – lamented the poverty of black children and how it made it hard for them to afford college. (BS, of course, but another story). I suggested that she give her kids’ 529 plan money to charities that help pay for black kids to go to college.


    • “…how it made it hard for them to afford college.”

      As you note, BS. I have years of experience in this area. There are so few Americanized-Africans (~44 million mean iq 85) that have both the interest and the ability to do the work that departments cherry-pick and import from abroad the best out of the MUCH more numerous baseline African populations (>1billion mean iq 71) to fill their diversity billets. Literally, academic affirmative action exists not to help the descendants of slaves but to stroke shitlib egos.

      • Yep. Obama was a very good example of how AA works on the ground. I know some guys who run businesses that require pretty bright people. They’re always looking for that magic black guy. The only time they can find one, which is very, very rare, the guy always has some African last name.

        Brain drain is real. Africa is losing what little decent human capital they have, not that it would matter.

        • When I was bankstering I was constantly being proffered various vibrants for a seat on my desk,- in one case with an additional headcount if I took a female one. The bitching whining snivelling and wailing when I produced a genuine Ghanaian (with a big round face like the blackest sun) that I’d been coaching on the side for a couple of years, was epic. Somehow the headcount vanished,

        • Brain drain works at the local level as well. One of the side effects of the Great Society and the legislated ending of deed restrictions was that Blacks of the “talented tenth” could now move out of segregated areas. Almost over night the Black neighborhoods were removed of their best and brightest. And so we have the concentrated ignorance and violence found today in our inner cities.

          • Long ago when Bill Bonner was still writing at Daily Reckoning, he talked about post-war big US cities, not sure it was Baltimore but it’ll do: Bonner noted that over some decades, the city had lost half of its population, and that the half remaining was not the better half. 😜

      • I merely challenge the “Blacks too poor to afford college” folks to name one documented instance of any qualified Black unable to afford college. As pointed out, any Black student who has any ability to warm a seat for four years in University can easily get a complete ride.

        And yes, Blacks outside the country are most sought after when the school requires more than a room temperature IQ. Personal example, son and his best friend went to a private engineering school. Both were top of the graduating class in different areas. Parents were invited to special breakfast with Deans and President and other officials for awards and short presentations by recipients.

        There was one big award—top of the graduating class of 20xx. This went to a Jamaican student—Black, obviously or I’d not talk about it.

        I asked son after hearing him speak and saw the family—large, sitting at table—about him. Son replied, yeah these guys are “animals” (meaning really smart and hard working) and they are all recruited from abroad. I had no objections, if my son was impressed, then that was good enough for me. Let the best man win.

        • Actually, I disagree. I don’t care how smart or hard working members of another tribe are. They’re not my tribe and I don’t want them in my land.

          Nothing personal against them, just tribal business.

          • The school was private, not to my understanding on the public dime. Therefore, those who can afford it, purchase dtheir place there. As long as merit remains the criteria for those who attend, I’m content.

            One other thing along those lines, the school had a large number of Russian faculty (former USSR types). These guys were tops in their fields and fled as soon as they could get out of that shitshow called communism.

            Perhaps they took a US graduate’s job, I don’t know. But I do know they impressed my son as none other. These guys literally berated the students as fat, dumb and lazy—which they were by and large. They brooked no BS from students in class. They repeatedly impressed upon them the horrors of the country they left and the good fortune the students in class had being here in US. The students rose to the occasion.

            My impression was these old guys in suit and tie passed on a tradition of education long lost in our modern Universities and while doing so left a better person than they found in class. Money well spent.

          • How many student and faculty slots do the Japanese allow foreigners to take in their universities? How many of those get to stay after graduating?

            It’s not about merit. It’s about tribe/family. Let them train their own. Should we let into the country anyone who is a great guy or smart? Would Israel let in 20 million super high-IQ Chinese because they’re smart and hard-working?

            Of course not, because they aren’t family. Simple.

            What about tribe/family do you not get?

          • How many student and faculty slots do the Japanese allow foreigners to take in their universities?

            The ironic part is that’s mechanically easier to accomplish than you’d imagine. Have a bachelors degree is basically a general requisite for any foreigner seeking employment, having an advanced STEM degree you can walk into many jobs here. Thing is, you have to fit in somehow. Not be Japanese, but I mean fulfill some expected role. Practically play out an archetype. In other words, you conform to the Japanese, not the other way around.

          • It’s not about conforming. Regression to the mean says that the fairly white-acting black guy’s kids and certainly grandkids and most definitely great grandkids will act like your average black.

            If Japan let in enough Japanese, it’s the Japanese who would have to conform.

            Not sure why it’s hard for people to understand regression to mean. Obviously, it’s not, but generations of conditioning have made us retarded.

    • You’re very lucky, Citizen.

      You are absolutely right in all of that. It’s always the woman, it’s always the same hypocrisy, and when you bust them on it, as you did – the response is usually NOT crickets – it’s shocked disbelief, then rage, then accusations of racism, fascism, crimethink, etc etc.

      • You’re right. It was crickets this time, but usually, I’m met with anger and accusations when I point out their logical inconsistencies and hypocrisy.

        And their husbands – who I know or, at least, suspect – agree with me never say a word. The women are the most hostile, but that’s just nature’s way. Women need the tribe for protection so they will defend its dogma most intensely. We live in a theocracy – the Cult of Equality – so women will accept and defend its beliefs the most. It’s in their DNA.

        Women follow whomever they believe is in charge. That’s not an insult. It’s nature. We trash on white women a lot around here, but the truth is that white men don’t offer them another community/tribe that will protect them.

        • We trash on white women a lot around here, but the truth is that white men don’t offer them another community/tribe that will protect them.”

          Wow. Something tells me that’s the secret sauce, the something that would bring the men together.

        • I agree in principle. Speaking for myself, the only flaw I see in your argument is that, if successful, I would have women around me 🤔 Just my opinion; I guess I’m just an evolutionary dead-end.

          • Women are great. Men need women, and women need men. I’ve never seen more happy women that when they have a strong man. And I say that as a guy who struggles a fair amount with a Nice White Lady wife.

            But even she seems happiest when I say, This is my path; I’m going this direction with or without you. Women want a strong man. Not a dick or some guy who hits them. Just a man who knows his path.

  42. Politics is downstream of culture and culture is downstream of biology. The differences between us are not only not skin deep, but begin with significant observed genomic variation in the neural, endocrine, and immune systems. Different peoples have different preferences for how to socially, economically, and politically organize themselves and these preferences are rooted in biology.

    There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way for humanity to live together in peace. Diversity has never been a strength anywhere at any time in human history. The way forward is omni-nationalism (many nationalisms) where each large group has their own space and is in complete control of local organizational choices, but the nations work together to build respect for borders and sovereignty.

    • I’m a clinical lab guy, specifically a blood banker. Trust me, if I fail to take into account the sex and race of the patient, very bad things can happen.

      • Well, I can tell you on our current trajectory within probably 5 years max you will not be taking either of those metrics anymore since the lunatics are now in controls of all levers of power. If you doubt this, something directly related to your field from Unz yesterday:

        No need to worry about proteins / bloodtyping, das rayciss! Just use different words… the control of language is primary in the authoritarian narrative. 1984 was a roadmap for how important changing words are to building the prison of the mind.

        • I guess there’s an upside to this. These SJWs can’t help but constantly virtue signal, so they’ll be easy to identify. Just be sure to read their bios when choosing a provider. Also, people who decide that that’s the provider they want might leave the gene pool a little earlier…

          • Here’s the thing: the SJWs et al. [many; not all] really do believe what they are saying.
            It’s like what has been said here before: it’s a replacement for a religion. Truly.
            I am on a committee with 6 folks, all SJWs in the major metro area where I live.
            Honest to Pete, they really do believe it. And they are so eager to have the b la ck
            mes si ah who has just been invited to our committee to ‘educate’ us about what we can do better. (I was very proud of myself at how I stayed silent. I feel like I’m an insider who can use this info later…)
            One of them even called herself ‘ignorant’ about what she doesn’t know about being raycissss…. It was really something to behold.
            The self-loathing is psychologically deep in these folks.

        • What’s interesting is that the same set of persons who claim gender (as opposed to sex) and race are social constructs are exactly those whose academic publications are all ABOUT gender and race, and it’s generally NOT cast in the form of “these are artificial constructs” but rather in terms of “disparities.”

      • Please tell me where the blood is manufactured. Sounds like an actionable case. I think the ACLU and Justice Dept. should be notified 😎

    • If we don’t have an ocean that separates us then we would be in a constant state of war until one side wiped out the other…They would never leave us alone because we have what they want and can’t produce themselves…

    • I’ve tried to tell liberals that borders exist because tribes cannot get along without them. It seems quite unsatisfactory to them, even though they’ve never considered the possibility.

  43. I attempted to read Guns, Germs and Steel a number of years ago. If I recollect correctly, I got through two chapters and decided reading any further would be a waste of time. It was clear by that point that it was an exercise in making sweeping “scientific” conclusions based on cherry picked anecdotal evidence. For the same reason I have never been able to come close to finishing anything by Malcolm Gladwell. These folks claim to be presenting “science” in a form accessible to the Average Joe, when in fact they are taking a desired conclusion, usually one that will flatter the reader, and work back from it using examples that have multiple, and usually better, explanations than the author’s pet theory.

    It’s sad that such “science” is popular, it is sadder that many people actually believe it has any value.

    • It’s funny how that works, Ozark.

      I remember my posturing teachers in high school, sneering with disgust at the fascists of Nazi Germany and now they used fake science to prove Jews were subhuman apes. And how all the stupid krauts fell for it and got duped into mass murdering 6 million innocent Jews.

      And today – most of them are environmentalists, SJW’s and accept Xirl Science and its other variants. At the rate we’re going that will be the next big seller – a scientific screed that proves white people are subhuman apes.

      Stock up on beer, ammo and popcorn boys. As our esteemed blog host is fond of saying… this won’t end well.

  44. Jared Diamond was a geographer by education and an anthropologist by aspiration. Serendipitously for him, he was not born with a sufficient IQ to become the latter, and hence failed at real science, but succeeded proto-xerlscience. A healthy society culls the stupid, which is how all cohorts of our species advance.

    • Tom;

      High IQ anthropologists_? Have you met any lately_? Asking for a friend.

      Pre the complete MultiCulti, soft Marxist pozzing of Big U, there used to be lively debate among the 5 or so competing anthropology schools of thought. One of those took the (obvious to me) position that cultures compete, some succeed, some don’t. So it took some IQ back in the day just to keep all the competing schools’ arguments and their various bodies of selective ethnographic evidence straight. No more_! SJW Rules, Baby_! [best Austin Powers voice]

      So no more selection for Q, much less for IQ.

      The field went from studiously ignoring the very strong possibility that *all* 5 schools were wrong to now being able to simultaneously maintain cultural relativism and that white cultures are uniquely evil. Where did temporal success /=/ morally good go_? The land of lost standards, I guess.

      • I think all of the practitioners of the soft sciences should have to compete at least once a year in the Octagon and duke it out to the death. It’s the only way to be sure.

        • Tom;

          I like it_! Each ‘combatant’ hurling obscure insults for their respective corners and yet not coming out: Just like Monty Python.

          The SJW female cat fights would be the best. Each literally shaking and shrieking, ‘Daddy do something_!’

  45. I would like to propose a law which would state that any missionary must remain at least ten years in the country where his “mission” takes him. If I were king, I would not even let them come back. Once you left to go on a mission, you lost your citizenship. I really can’t stand these people.

    • Epaminondas, I hear you. But I can also testify wrt a friend from church who went on a “mission” of sorts for the church to help the poor Christians down South build homes for themselves. He went once and came back red-pilled. Took him one mission and what he described to me wrt the people he was helping could make quite a blog posting for this group. So it’s a two edged sword I believe.

      • I heard Homes for Humanity was a reverse minstrel show, where welfare blacks with Cadillacs could watch sweaty, grinning whites build them a nice house.

      • A friend of mine had the same experience. He went to Peru to “help” the people there. Reality intruded and he discovered that the Peruvians were filthy and dumb…and could not be helped. Nor did they desire to be “helped”.

      • African joke:

        Question: What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist?

        Answer: Two weeks.

        Liberals have been saying for I don’t know how long that “prejudice is ignorance.” Sometimes that’s true, but, IMO, it’s just as true that “familiarity breeds contempt.” Sometimes a person is justified in wishing to avoid, disliking, etc., members of another group of people.

      • Epaminodas / Compsci:
        Clarification: Epa is talking about “missions” OUTSIDE the USA.
        You are talking about missions “inside” the USA.
        I imagine that the American South is slightly more up-market (even with all its ills) than, say, Namibia.

  46. Big nose has much to answer for in this past century. The purblind stupidity of the virtue signaling egalitarian believing “good whites” is breathtaking to behold. Like the pics of those jackoffs shuffling along in chains and yokes as atonement for white privilege, or something. The excuse making for blacks lack of anything (other than outsized criminality & violence) is simply off the charts.

  47. <I>People in modern democracies, particularly bourgeois people, need to believe that all people are born with the same innate talents and abilities.</i>

    This is a white thing, not a bourgeois or democracy thing.

    It ties in with whites pathological altruism, over deference to authority and High rate of out-group preference.

    Probably a biological imprint left on Europeans by a millennia of domination by the Christian church.

    • Helpful Pro Tip since I’m seeing a couple days of the same issue here. Lots of people using tags still <i></i>, etc. for Italics. If you look at the bottom of the posting window those are now provided for you with click buttons. So you can easily change modifiers with a few button clicks. This has been a Public Service Announcement, thank you!

    • Bourgeois or democracy don’t exist outside the Occident and not all whites are bourgeois and egalitarian minded.

    • But that same Church encouraged “out group preference” of defensive violence (Crusades) for millennia. And as Zman points out, NAWALT. In fact, you can’t even say EWALT (enough whites are like that). There is a certain subgroup that seems to go for that thing, and they have somehow gotten into positions of power taking the masses along with them. ‘Tis a mystery.

    • I’ve heard all my life “you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it.” Americans traditionally took pride in the high degree of social mobility found in this country at one time. Many of the Greatest Generation were born poor, muddled through the Depression, served in the War and achieved prosperity afterwards. That was something they bragged about.

      In practice, until recently, it was recognized that some people are just smarter than others or have natural abilities that others lack. A person really can’t be whatever he sets mind to be.

    • Yes, one truism from Bible (or even earlier) is the golden rule. “Do unto others as you would be done unto.” I think this is verified in pschology too. Problem in practice: different people and different cultures may have dramatically different concepts of how me or thee should be treated. Closer to Stone Age your golden rule may be, as the T-shirt used to say, “Do unto others, then split.”

      • “Golden Rule”? Oh hell no.That’s the rapist’s justification (see below). The proper thing is: Do undo others as they would have you do unto them. Within reason.

        Golden Rule in action: Ibrahim really wants Becky to slam him against the wall, rip his clothes off, and have sex with him. Applying the Golden Rule, Ibrahim waylays Becky in the parking garage, rips her clothes off and has sex with her against her will.

        Tell me where Ibrahim did wrong by the Golden Rule. He did unto her as he would have had her do unto him.

    • Edit: Catholic Church, mostly.
      It was only in about 1515 that Henry the Man-Child got bored with his first wife.
      Of course, Luther was making up his own version of the Bible round about the same time over in Germany.

  48. I didn’t read Guns, Germs and Steel in depth, but I remember glancing through it in a book store.

    Oddly it reminded me of a book about the Kennedy assassination by David Lifton, “Best Evidence”. What they had in common was that the author had spun a perfectly plausible, detailed and perfectly internally consistent alternate explanation for a historical occurrence. The problem in both cases wasn’t that the theory was implausible, the problem was that, plausible or not, the author presented not a whit of evidence that the plausible occurrence had actually occurred.

    Basically, the tactic is that the author advances a plausible sounding theory, and then tells you, “Well, this might have happened, or that might have happened, but since we really can’t prove anything, you’re obliged to accept my theory.” It mostly reminds me of creationists trying to undermine evolution. They have no evidence for their arguments, they’re just using hypotheticals to take pot shots at their opponents arguments.

    • That’s a really good observation about Lifton’s book, and yes, it does have a lt in common with Diamond, now that you mention it.

    • An excellent point. I’ve been reading about, and writing an essay about, the hypothesis the Wuhan lab as origin for the COVID-19 pandemic. As I resarched, it sounds very much like “Best Evidence.” In the case of the virus, there is no doubt who was working on what, they were doing it openly, nearly 20 years, published academic research often with USA funding. Among other appalling goals, make hotrodded germs for research, that would be dangerous plagues if they ever got loose. Relevant to COVID-19, just reading a few papers will show you that they essentially had a prototype SARS-CoV-2 virus even five years ago. But to be able to prove, beyond all doubt, that it was indeed an escaped “artificial” virus that started the epidemic, that may well be impossible. I do believe that most of the evidence points to that, but prove it? How?

  49. In John Milton`s Paradise Lost” from 1667 he writes that,

    The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

    The same can be said about human nature and it’s diversity.

  50. A girlfriend gave me GGS to read when it first came out. I flipped through the intro,v saw that he was claiming, simultaneously, that a) people are all the same, and b) the literal Stone Age primitives of Papua New Guinea are the smartest on earth, and burst out laughing. Our relationship ended not long after, for some reason.

    • You shoulda redpilled her. It’s not that hard, especially if you have a close relationship to the person. Everyone we pull out of the matrix is a potential asset. Even wahmens. You can start by just asking questions. Once you keep at it they will realize that their answers really don’t make any sense at all. Then the introspective process begins…

      • GGS was published in 1997, so the red pill wasn’t really a thing back then. It was the End of History back then, remember? And we weren’t that close – “girl friend” is a euphemism for a more…. casual… relationship.

        • I don’t actually, I’m a youngster so I was just a little kid in 97. Still, even if you aren’t close, the question asking route can be effective. Easy one too, New Guineans… smartest on earth.. can’t be too hard to eviscerate that theory.

        • Well said, Sir! My experience concurs. When I called her “fiancee,” the little guy downstairs was happier, if you get my meaning 😉

    • Diamond completely misunderstood the difference between “intelligent” and “skilled”. It’s really common among urban intellectuals to be overly impressed when they go out into the woods (or the jungle) when they find out people can function in a (to them) frightening and alien environment.

  51. The Jewish people don’t have a big trophy case like the people of the Occident.”

    Well now, that would depend on what sort of achievement you deem worthy/fit for your trophy case. Do you value creation of or power over something? Some might say that the modern Occident near-entirely is IN the Jewish trophy case.

    This is a very Christian dynamic. The good white, like the good Christian, embraces the fallen state of mankind.”

    THAT is putting the cat among the pigeons….

  52. White privilege. White ability. White discipline. White genes. Born to the manor. Jealousy rears its ugly head again.

    • An oft quoted phrase (below) but it really cuts to the hear of the matter. You can explain the entire modern era and dysfunction with that simple word you posted above: jealousy. Or some form of it, hatred, fear, etc.

      They are all bundled together by people that realize that the 300,000 year head start genetically (if you follow HBD science) is a bar that can only be lowered by either capturing white genes through admixture (jews masterfully did this all through the 19th and 20th century, thanks to the naivete of Eastern europeans and Russians primarily. Or the alternative, eradication which we are currently experiencing by the World War Z like flood of never ending mud people into all Western nations.

      Relevant Quote:

      Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities. -Sobran


      No amount of uplift is going to erase 300K years of genetic fitness. These people cannot understand decades, you think they will comprehend epochs?

      • Which is why we must separate from them and stop supporting them so they don’t feel so bad about themselves and can go back to eating one another…

        • Separation assumes all of this perceived jealousy is on the part of minorities. I believe the behavior is supported by a lot of research in White groups as well. It’s really the basis of lots of public policy decisions when you get down to it. Folks will often chose to be equally poor rather than unequally rich if given the choice/power.

          So getting separated from minorities is only half the battle. In some instances, I can see needing to separate from “Good Whites” as well.

    • Joseph Sobran, 1997: “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have reveled the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles Whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The White man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying White civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call “minorities.”

      • I’ve been told by liberals how “lucky” I am to have been born in the west. I look at them and laugh as I say that luck had nothing to do with it.

        I am the culmination of millennia of my ancestors diligence and sacrifice, I could not have been born to any other people or place. When I further express my pride in my forefathers, the liberal mood further worsens as I reject their projection of shame and guilt. That’s usually the end of it but they’ll get the classic “fk right off” if they really want it.

        • Perhaps the biggest “shit hole” in the world is Iceland. No, I’m not putting them down. Just showing that such a barren, god forsaken place can be developed and made into a comfortable home for thousands of *Whites* when they put their minds to it. Just about anyplace in Africa is superior in climate and resources—and yet…

        • Every person on this planet has a perfect right to be proud of his ancestors. I’m not into multiculturalism, so don’t go off on me. But if you piss on your own ancestors, what exactly is it that you presume to possess that gives you a right to piss on mine?

    • In the “good old days” the ancestors of many of today’s less fortuante got to live on the manor too, just not in as comfortable surroundings 😏

  53. I don’t have the link at my fingertips, but there is an online interview in which Jared Diamond admits that he undertook the writing of Guns, Germs, and Steel >for the explicit purpose of demonstrating how superior European achievement can be explained without involving racial differences.

    In other words, he had already arrived at his conclusion before he began his ‘research’!

    In the same interview, he presents his thesis— without offering any supporting evidence— that the natives of Paupau New Guinea are actually more intelligent and resourceful than Europeans!

    A clear case of someone already wedded to a certain (‘egalitarian’, politically-correct) conclusion, and searching for ‘evidence’ which will confirm it.

      • Thanks! You beat me to it. A fun fact about this. “Diamond” is a very j00 last name. In fact, there is a reason for this that I read an article about not long ago. I was trying to figure out why so many specials are named after gemstones and precious metals. Diamond, Silver, Silverstein, Goldberg, Satin, etc.

        Turns out this ‘master race’ being a semitic tribe of wandering nomads couldn’t be bothered with last names for a long long time. To get them into the modern world they were ‘assigned’ them by the Germans and various other more civilized European societies. They largely riffed off their profession which was usury (hence gold/silver/etc), jewelry (its IN the name, lol!), and the few that had an honest trade.

        The rest were basically lumped by geographic region or something more generic. Hence the ‘berg/burg/stein’ thing. So the uber IQ chosen race did not even have the foresight to assign a name other than the first, it had to be done for them by Europeans and Russians basically.

        • Well, they sort of had last names – e.g., Simon bar Jonah – Simon son of Jonah. Not unlike a Bill “Robertson” or “Johnson.”

      • That explains everything,. Another Bagel eater finding a way to shit on heritage whites

        Their hatred of us is hardwired into them

        • Hey, some Gentiles like bagels! And when I run out of Cream Cheese, I put a dab of lard on it, just to cheer up the tiny rebel within me 🙂

    • “the natives of Paupau New Guinea are actually more intelligent and resourceful than Europeans!”

      Now THAT is an impressive level of cognitive dissonance and bias. The pathological altruism of normies today can really be astounding sometimes!

      I remember years ago my Mom was relating an NPR story she heard. Apparently some anthropologist went off to study a primitive tribe known for beheading its people as a form of punishment. After they would decapitate someone, the tribe would all partake in some ritualistic form of groaning, similar to keening. The guy’s mission was to figure out the purpose or “meaning” of the keening.

      Apparently a member of his own team was beheaded, and yet the guy decided to continue to finish his research. At this point in my Mom’s retelling, I’m really trying to hold back laughter.

      Then she tells me the guy’s conclusion. Apparently he said this primitive “keening” was the expression of emotion we modern Westerners lacked. They are just further along on the emotional spectrum… My Mom was relating this in all sincerity, as if this was some profound discovery. But I couldn’t help it. At that point I burst out laughing. Uncontrollably.

        • Exactly! The entire premise of the story was so absurd I couldn’t help but laugh maniacally. The guy’s colleague gets his head lopped off, and even after that he decides that these primitives are somehow more virtuous than us civilized folk, unreal!

      • Doesn’t E. Michael Jones have a similar ridiculous position. Something like Europe would be like Africa if it wasn’t for the Catholic church, or maybe it was Africa would be like Europe if it had .

        I like many of his takes and read a few of his books but for the love of God! There really are some ideas so preposterous that only intellectuals can believe them. As a practicing Catholic this hurts to see in someone like him.

        By the way, the Church was very instrumental in much good in western civilization but still, come on.

        • I’m pretty sure E. Jones has a universalist position when it comes to race and “converts”.

          I agree with you–come on!

          Still, I recently read an essay of his in book form. It was really good, and pretty witty at times too. Was thinking about purchasing “Revolutionary Spirit”

        • Well I mean my own Celtic and Germanic ancestors were like Africa before Christianity. The same interminable tribal conflicts, horrifying ritual practices (including human sacrifice and bestiality(!)), and other horrors. Like how Vikings thought what was best in life was to sail over to some bastard who you don’t know from Adam, kill him, rape his wife, and take his stuff. If my community bordered ancient pre-Christian Ireland or Friesland we would have built the wall and staffed it with machine gunners years ago.

          Meanwhile, for its many problems Ethiopia was definitely head and shoulders above its neighbors by miles and miles. Christianity seems to make a difference.

          • Sorry, I don’t buy it. Our society and culture is not only Greco-Romano-Christian, but also very much Germanic in terms of our customs and law. (And I’m completely ignoring that bullshit “Athens and Jerusalem” nonsense which is the culturo-historical equivalent of fanfiction to insert The Best People into everything after the fact.

            I would not dismiss Celts and Germans as painted, animal-humping savages who were only finally civilized by a Europeanized version of a middle-eastern cult. Certainly Christianity had a huge effect on Europe, but bear in mind that the Roman Catholic Church was in turn itself influenced by local beliefs. Inconvenient gods and powers that could not be destroyed were instead co-opted into becoming Saints.

            Finally, “viking” was a part-time job description. Sure there were people who made their full-time existence, but for others “going viking” was a thing you did when the crops didn’t come in and you had to go raiding to survive.

          • The ancient Greek and Roman people originated in the Danube basin. They were not that far distant from Germanic people. Julius Caesar had red hair and blue eyes.

          • A bit off topic, but some of the ancient monuments still defy reasonable explainations as to their construction. For the Celts (or earlier?) Stonehenge for instance. Some of the rocks were moved long distances (>100 miles) and it’s not clear how primitives with no tools could do so. These may not compare with other head-scratchers (Macchu Pichu, Great Pyramids), but ancient man did some really amazing feats. Even harder than explaining how, is to explain why they went to such elaborate efforts. Forgive me, one too many Von Daniken books in my youth! 😀

          • Their construction equipment was made of wood and people. Both resources converted to dirt over time and thus there are no traces remaining. Brute force and appreciation for basic mathematics in design fills in the gaps. No mystery.

          • Yes, the Vikings were well tamed by the Church. Especially Martin Luther’s. Sorry Catholics, but little in your history can hold a votive candile to dour Protestantism 🙁. I mean, what good is life if you can’t go off drinking, wenching and plundering enroute to Valhalla?

        • In general, Roman Catholics are more willing to give credit where credit is due to our polytheist forebears than evangelicals are

          There are some Christians who want to give the credit for Western success to Christianity. Rodney Stark also comes to mind. The fact is that Europeans did some pretty amazing things before Europe was Christianized and many Christian peoples are a mediocre lot, such as Kenyans and Guatemalans.

          Of course, it would be “racist” to give credit to White people.

      • Reminds me of the book, Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes. A Christian missionary goes into the jungle and comes out an enlightened atheist. He too really went overboard on how awesome this failed tribe is. They are so dumb that when boats were made for them, they used them until they didn’t work anymore and then went back to their old way, even though they were taught how to make them.

        They were so incapable of abstract thinking that they could not obtain any lesson from the Bible other than the literal words of the parable. He tells the story of how they would laugh out loud at the suffering of characters of the Bible. He made a big deal about their total inability to think about either the past or the future. This complete inability to think about abstract concepts is the very thing that convinces him that they are smarter than us and that Christianity is wrong.

        The book is worth a read and there are a number of speeches has given up on YouTube.

        • Wait, if I’m reading you correctly, he finds this tribe admirable? They sound like Olympic level cretins,

          • Yep. He deeply admires and respects them. He also says they are the happiest people he ever met. Most dumb people are pretty happy.

            He even gave up his supposed belief in God because of their rejection.

        • There’s a fellow I work with, uber-Christian, who married a girl who was raised by missionary parents in the Congo. He’s no dissident (in fact, his wife is miraculously more normal than he is) but he’s told me about the fact that his in-laws lament the fact that members of their own congregation will continue to steal things right out in the open, despite repeated Christian admonitions to the contrary. They’ve been living there a couple decades, witnessing this shit the entire time, and yet they still persist in trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. The stupidity boggles the mind.

          • It’s difficult for religion alone to overcome biology.

            In two ways, Islam is good for Blacks because it micromanages a believer’s life right down to the proper way to relieve oneself and demands draconian punishments for misbehavior. That they understand.

        • I recall seeing a movie with a similar plot, but can’t remember title. I think in the end the missionary just gives up; the tribe just couldn’t be taught civilization.

      • What are you saying? You mean these guys that wear a penis gourde could not possibly come here and have an electrical grid up and running with a few weeks training?

      • Ray;

        Alternative explanation for the ‘keening over the beheaded they just killed in New Guinea’: Knowing at some level that they now will have to contend with his vengeful spirit. Hoping to placate that spirit with a fake show of remorse, IIRC from colonial ethnography.

    • I read the book 10 + years ago and remember it dawning on me once I closed the back cover: Hmmmph – he reached a conclusion before ever writing this book – which consisted of his preconceived notions to support a preconceived conclusion.

  54. Haitians took a paradise and made it a desert. Nordic/Anglo Mormons took a desert and made it a paradise.

    • The Nordic/Anglo/Celt Mormons took a desert and turned it into a civilization. The negroes in Haiti took a civilization and turned it into a desert.

      • Trivia: Haiti was first (successful?) slave rebellion in Western Hemisphere. Their success as a free nation has been….uh….er….

        There are white Haitians! Very few, but check demographics. I guess you get used to living in a compound.

    • Meme, precisely. That’s why GG&S is a good read—iff you are educated enough to perceive its inconsistencies and fallacies of logic. Never had a Normie/Lib use the book in an argument, most don’t seem to really care to reach such a stage in analysis/support of their beliefs.

      Anyway, there are myriad of current, modern examples wrt bringing the poor laggards into the 20th century and seeing how they handle modernity and it’s technology—particularly in Africa. Hell, just bring up South Africa and Rhodesia and have them explain why a completely equipped 1st world nation can be handed over—intact and functioning—to these “joggers” and within a generation, they are broken down and bankrupt.

      • There is probably a good correlation between “education” and gullibility and believing in GG&S. It’s a pretty major indictment that most of our most magical thinkers have been “educated” in our elite institutions.

    • Hispaniola is instructive from an HBD standpoint. Haiti and the DR, sharing Hispaniola, have virtually identical climates and natural resources. Haiti is black African and the DR is mestizo. Haiti is the most dreadful nation in the western hemisphere while the DR is reasonably functional and livable.

      • I might add as well, the DR is most keen on preventing *any* overflow of Haitians into their territory. Saw a video awhile back documenting this. Basically DR immigration authorities ID’ing any and all that look Haitian and grabbing them off the bus or streets and taking them back for deportation. Of course, the documentary producer was calling this racism. 😉

        • Yes, with Spanish Lit got a little historical background on Domincan Republic. I don’t know the details, but in various periods of time they’ve been plain brutal to Haitians that dared cross the border. Perhaps we could learn something from them?

  55. I’m amazed at how people can ignore the obvious, objective reality staring them in the face when it comes to biological diversity. We have thousands of breeds of dogs, all different, that have 99 percent commonality DNA-wise. Why humans are all the same is so illogical on its face. Europe’s environment selected for the characteristics we see today, as did Africa, Asia and South America.

    I read this book a few years after it came out and agreed with some of the points in it, but it wasn’t until I was red pilled that I saw how this book ignored objective reality.

    As a Southerner, I denied that reality for years. I believed in the empty vessel egalitarian ethos with the best of them. It wasn’t until I pulled a Sherlock Holmes and eliminated the impossible, leaving whatever was left over as the truth.

    Why else are most large cities (normie-Cons love to say run by Democrats) cesspools of crime, violence and dysfunction with failing schools and squalor everywhere unless gentrified by white resettlers? Human capital is the most important ingredient for civilization and if you don’t have it, maintaining modernity when your inhabitants will steal anything not bolted down and will shoot each other over meaningless disputes becomes impossible.

    As an aside, I’ve become the news translator. I told them at our holiday gathering that if they hear on TV or read in a newspaper the terms “youth,” “teen” or a “robbery gone wrong,” that usually feral black youths are involved. I gave my children “the talk” straight from Derbyshire and one of those rules he gave us is that you flee from any large gathering of “teens” lest there be gunplay.

    • My parents red-pilled me at an early age. “Bring home a girl of another race and count on being kicked out of the family. You will also be encouraged to change your last name.”

      • Were many more white parents like yours, we wouldn’t be in this gawdawful bind.

    • I’ve found using the example of dog breeds to be particularly useful in getting through to people. I simply say that the different races are like different dog breeds. All breeds are dogs but the abilities of a Beagle and a Great Dane are obviously not the same. Doesn’t make one “better” in a general sense than the other, but they will be better at different tasks.

      • Have you ever found a liberal who could admit to human diversity being like dog or diversity

        • Nope. But saying it front of a group where there may be some people that we can sway is worthwhile.

          It’s just a way to get people think about things without triggering their Crimethink defenses.

          • People universally acknowledge that there are innate intellectual and temperamental differences between various breeds of dogs, but that can be explained away by the process of selective breeding.

            There are “natural” breeds of cats that developed on their own, though further modified by selective breeding. A Siamese and a Persian have quite different personalities and Siamese are reputed to be the most intelligent of all cats. I don’t know why they evolved that way. They just did.

  56. “white privilege, the undeserved blessings of serendipity”

    Where does the buck stop? They’ll just keep passing the “luck” and “serendipity” buck forever.

    “All evolutionary advances can be explained away due to the environmental circumstances of the different groups over time. Europeans just got lucky… for thousands of years.”

    At this point, I’m just happy when people acknowledge ANY kind of differences within the races. The big challenge after that is implementing reasonable culture and policy reform based on those differences.

    • Except Diamond’s explanation exempts them from having to do that. Instead, they just keep striving for cultural and ecological equality.

      • yes this is the kind of cocktail party gatekeeping that keeps goodwhites from ever evolving into badwhites. Should anyone wander off the progressive reservation, great points from this book get mentioned and with a couple of swirls of cabernet the conversation is back inside the wire. Whats most dangerous about this is that not only are people kept in slumber but the believe they are smarter for having probed the frontier only to be reassured that their progressive orthodoxy is true and right. And they are self-assured in their place among the intellectual NYT strivers so they can spread it down the line.

      • Given that environment is ostensibly almighty, it’s passing strange that whites who settled in southern Africa in the 17th century didn’t regress to the level of the Hutu. Likewise, when the Hutus were transplanted to the salubrious climes of North America at about that time, they didn’t not begin throwing forth Beethovens, Shakespeares, Aristotles and Rembrandts. Come to think of it, the Injuns didn’t exactly litter the landscape with titanic cultural achievements despite dwelling in North America for 30K years.

        • The pre-Coumbian residents of North America were the great agronomists of perhaps any time. You probably don’t go a day without consuming a food stuff that originated in the western hemisphere and was unknown elsewhere until the 16th century, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, peanuts, chocolate, vanilla, blueberries and corn, among other foods. They didn’t invent gunpowder or develop the metals necessary to produce genocide on an industrial basis so they do, in that sense, lack cultural achievement.

    • “At this point” -You shouldn’t be. Guns, Germs and Steel was written decades ago, and it’s books like this which have brainwashed the smarter half of the midwits into denying reality in favor of a blind adherence to the status quo. This piece of mind control provides a way to quiet the discomfort caused by the cognitive dissonance suffered by those who know anything about history. Like others have said, this provides an intellectual escape hatch with which they are tricked into denying their own independent conclusions about reality in favor of a kosher explanation of the obvious inconsistencies in the liberal religion. “If everyone is equal why does everything that has ever happened in history seem to disconfirm this notion?” “Oh, because of all these pseudoscientific explainatiions… Oh good, I don’t have to realize that our entirely society since 1965 has been built on a lie… Thank god, that would have been very uncomfortable for me, I was very scared because I was starting to engage in badthink.”

      • I agree with you. So what do we do other than be blunt, take everything by force and implement our own culture, institutions etc?

        • Keep exposing the lies and revealing the malignant intentions behind them. We might not have much on our side, but we do have the truth, and the truth is a potent weapon.

          • From my recent reading:

            “Truth invariably destroys error. We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out; all that is necessary is to turn on the light.”

            Charles F. Haanel

            The Master Key System – 1916

          • How well did Truth the Weapon work in the Soviet Union, or in today’s China?

          • One, the soviet union collapsed. Two, a few decades ago the average chinaman was a rice farmer. Now he is middle class. But go ahead and do nothing since you are already making up bad excuses for it anyway.

    • As I mentioned in a different post, this is largely true for cosmopolitans. For them, place of birth really is luck of the draw and a gift from the universe. But for everyone else, they inherit the culture from the previous generations just as surely as they inherit their looks or intelligence or lack thereof.

      • I’d say that culture is just a sentient, biological collective. Nothing non HBD about it. Lefts always act like “culture” is this killshot argument against genetics, role in IQ when the two are inextricably linked.

      • “For them, place of birth really is luck of the draw and a gift from the universe.”

        It reinforces their hope that they really are the true chosen, destined to be above the rest.

        (To be honest, don’t we all nurture that small, secret flame?

        But to take it to such extremes…)

        • I have something slightly different. I don’t necessarily think my tribe is the best and has been selected by God to be his special tribe. What I think is that I like my tribe and am only comfortable living within my tribe and that my tribe is the best at setting up a society that people like me like.

          From my experience, that is how a lot of people think of their tribe. If you ever talk to foreigners who have just recently visited “home,” they talk wistfully about the visit and all the things they like about home and how here doesn’t measure up.

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