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  1. You struck a Tocquevillian chord and I went back to look it up. It’s one of those things that needs to be lived before it can be understood very well. How this guy knew I have no idea. The world must not have changed so much as we thought.
    “I can see two ideas which are as incompatible as they are disastrous. Some people can see in equality only the anarchical tendencies which it engenders. They are frightened by their freedom of choice and are frightened of themselves.
    Others, fewer in number but more enlightened, maintain a different viewpoint. Alongside the road which starts with equality and leads to anarchy, they have at last discovered the path which seems to lead men to inevitable enslavement. They incline their souls in advance to this unavoidable slavery and, prepare to worship in their hearts the master who is bound to make an imminent appearance.
    The former give up freedom because they regard it as dangerous; the latter because they judge it to be impossible.
    Let us look to the future with that precautionary fear which keeps men ready to fight rather than with that feeble and indolent terror which depresses and weakens men’s hearts.”

  2. Listened to the first thirty minutes. Will check out the rest later. Excellent conversation. The hosts were really good. Zman’s a hell of a talker and eminently sensible. I think that our side will prevail in the long run. But there will be a lot of bumps and bruises before we get there.

  3. Re. “the Canadian who interviewed (you)…” that you referenced at around the 16 or 17 minute mark: His name is Kevin Michael Grace. He can be found at @KMGVictoria and currently hosts a daily stream: The KMG Show, Monday-Friday 4 pm PT.
    Steve Sailer has recommended in the past that people contribute to Mr. Grace prior to donating to himself (Sailer). KMG has, in the recent past, been savaged by the Canadian Revenue Agency in cahoots with PayPal to deny him any means of supporting himself.
    I think Z, that you’ve missed an opportunity here to practice what you preach, by way of promoting a singular voice of dissident thought, in the way that Derbyshire has supported you by way of promoting your work in the past.
    PayPal has apparently restored service to Mr. Grace, who can be supported here: PayPal kevin_grace@hotmail.com
    If you listen to, read and support ZMan (and I hope you all do) I recommend you also check out KMG’s content, and consider supporting him as well.

  4. Congratulations, Zman, your great realization and overall concept has gone dissident mainstream:

    “liberalism is better seen as another “reformation” of the faith that now repudiates it’s flawed and corrupt former self.”

    “…the history of Christianity, which is full of insane religious movements to perfect the faith.”

    “… “liberalism” whatever the f*** that is supposed to be in theory is actually a RELIGIOUS BELIEF STRUCTURE”

    “We thought religious belief was dead, but it isn’t. It evolved and adopted a new mythos, the holocaust, but the same “faith” is still there.”

    “The conservative will complain endlessly about the symptoms of the system he doesn’t like, then when you explain their origins and propose solutions he’ll turn around and viciously attack you more than he would his supposed political adversaries”


    Note: this is not an attack on Christianity.

    Our madness affects the traditional backbone of white, Western, European-descended culture, which happens to be Christian culture.

    That’s why I say Christianity is white Helleno-European, not MidEastern Semitic: it expresses what is in us.

    Other demographics will express it differently. Even translating the Germanic-Greco-Latin (English) Bible into deeply foreign languages is quite difficult.

    The upper MidEastern populations, mixed for millennia with Aryan descendents- Mesopotamian, Canaanite, blonde Egyptian, Hellenic, Syriac, Persian, etc- adopted Christianity in large scale as readily as Greeks, Latins, Balkans, and Gauls.

    The Hebrew speakers had an proselytizing phase in the early Dark Age, but it found little purchase with those the Aryan-admixed strains.

    The spirit of the Christ was closer to the Caucasian vibe.

    The Hebraic turned to their Semitic half-brothers, the Arabs. Their evangelism found hearts with a closer beat- the result, eventually, coalesced into Islam, and ardent proselytizing.

    The violent, anti-Roman majority that Jesus himself had stood against went to war to take the territory the Christians had won. Islam, a branch of militant Judaism, has twice as many curses against the Christian ‘unbelievers’ in the Quran.

    The OT writers, whose language is Hebrew, and whose cultural base is different, wrote it for themselves.

    When they say “mankind” or “God” or “the world” they were talking of theirs- they had no deepwater navies, their picture of the world was much smaller.

    They didn’t want to save you.

    You are not, to them, the sons of Adam- they are. They don’t care how you see it.

    By their lights, hostility to you foreigners is perfectly justified.

    You stole their Book.

    You stole their God.

    You stole their land, an empire they had won, and scattered them to the desert winds.

    You aren’t even human.

    You’re monkeys, dressing in their clothes, blaspheming the sacred Name on your animal lips, desecrating the secret, sacred Histories and casting their mangled pages to other animals.

    The OT is Scripture, not a “Testimonial” to credulous slaves in an urban slum. How dare you equate the two.

    By these lights, then, is there any reason they should want to “save”

    you? That would be like preaching to a cow.

    • The reason for this preface is something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I hesitate to do so and have been babbling all week because I won’t say it.


      What you’re seeing in these kneeling crowds is not a New Reformation of Christianity.


      Oh, no. The Church and Faith of Equality is something very different indeed, something masked- as it told you it would be. Something… from prophecy.

  5. How do you guys contend with the fact that the vast majority people reject your worldview.
    The Black Lives Matter protests are massively popular. Pretty much every white person under 30 supports the movement.
    Just get on twitter and you’ll see that one of the most popular tags is “FoxNewsisracist”

  6. Does white art collective have a podcast feed of some sort? Hopping about from platform to platform is for the birds.

  7. The other day some cunt made a comment about my wife taking her mask off in public. I told her she was a vapid, sanctimonious bitch and that my wife can take all of the time she needs if she feels like she wants to breathe through her nose. Management was too scared to side with anyone. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t get thrown out.
    I am done with these people. Done. Done being chastised by auxiliary morality militias in supermarkets and restaurants. To hell with them all. No violence, of course; they’re only traitorous annoyances right now. I hope you’re all moving away from urban neighborhoods to leave these rioters to their conniptions in peace.
    Congratulations, Bolsheviks: the land is yours. Now leave me alone, lest I gleefully tear into you (nonviolently, our dear handlers.)

  8. Re. the social capital of stay at home moms – the networks they formed and the work that they did outside of the home . They were the eyes , ears and conscience of the neighbourhood . 
    While the men were off at work the women kept the culture alive . They were the social safety net of the community – looking in on the sick and aged , minding each other’s children when called away to deal with an issue, dropping off potluck meals to families in distress esp. for people preoccupied with death or illness in the family .
    The psychological campaign directed against women ; convincing them that their own men were oppressing them and indoctrinating them against their own communities was ground zero in the war against Whites. 
    Once these toxic ideologies were institutionalized and propagated at every level of society , the women as the carriers of culture began poisoning the minds of their children. Everything else followed from this – institutionalizing your children in indoctrination centres ; hiring cheap non-White labour to mind your brats , homes and yards ; feeding the brood with well promoted , toxic , industrially packaged food and ‘ exotic ‘ take out , often prepared by non-Whites with less than exemplary sanitary standards , etc. etc. 
    I remember fondly the ladies I grew up among . In those days women had children . There were always lots of children … 

    • Addendum : 
      I was remiss not to mention the Ladies Auxiliaries and other organizations that they founded and maintained , be they religious , social , cultural or political . They put on teas , bazaars and lunches, where they flogged homemade food and crafts , held raffles and raised money for whatever they though needed attention. 
      They were not motivated by media sob stories calling for the feeding and maintenance of infinity fast breeding golliwogs, in distant jungles and deserts . Nor were they welcoming , housing and supporting armies of military age , cultural and genetic aliens who , to cowardly to defend their own women, throw themselves at the mercy of insane White sluts. 

  9. Listening now……Dlive seems like a lousy platform, however…..what are they running…..2400 baud?

  10. Well done Zman. I really enjoyed that .I’m thinking about buy’n a jacket and tie getup. It’s been awhile since I owned one. I’m thinking Hugo Boss.

  11. Great interview as usual, and as an earlier commenter mentioned, a good double dose today!

  12. Z has forced me to sign up for this thing called Dlive where I’ve learned that lemons are now money. I’d say the broadcast was worth it though!

      • Already up. I’m behind the times, but D-Live seems to do the livestream thing well.

        • Yeah, alot of our people are moving to it. I expect the hammer to come down any day. But maybe not. This chicken shit censorship is really twisting my tail.

          • I got in the comments and shot my mouth off. pretty welcoming all things considered. Tried to buy some lemons (thier donation currency) but discovered my card has a new layer of security. Maybe (((security)))? Trying to not spiral into full blown paranoia. Dealing with hysterical work cucks this week has given me a short fuse. Fucking virtue signalling has reached pathological levels. Its as if everyone has gone stark raving mad.

          • FWIW, I think something’s changed with card issuers and security over the Covid lockdown. I’ve had a few customers complain their purchases were denied by card issuers where they were never denied before. And this is for cycling equipment, not a livestream tip jar; which I can only imagine is more a headache.

          • If you’re using gift cards to subscribe or purchase things from Bad-Think sites online many cards issuers now require a name and zip code to be registered. Some even require a scan of your DL at the point of purchase.
            Patreon seems to add an additional layer of filtering to patrons they find troublesome. Same card: non political site signed up once never a problem since;second site is one of our guys…every month I get a rejection notice and have to reenter the same card to get it approved.
            Related: Vox Day can be prickly and annoying but he and his little band of merry pranksters are giving Patreon a major headache. They may end up forcing Patreon to pull back on censorship or pull the plug rather than give in.

          • More likely, his clones will end up paying Patreon and the two cheese ball lawyers will be disbarred.

          • Patreon makes the wrong choices and gets the wrong judge and who knows. Still, extortion is still frowned upon by the courts, unless it is done by the Left, of course.

          • Speaking as a litigator, Patreon doesn’t have a prayer of either winning the arbitrations (which they can’t afford to litigate anyway) or the absurd lawsuit against their customers who followed the contract language….And apparently, Patreon hasn’t even served the “defendants”, which would lead to a speedy dismissal…

          • If you’re using gift cards to subscribe or purchase things from Bad-Think sites online many cards issuers now require a name and zip code to be registered. Some even require a scan of your DL at the point of purchase.

            Really…I didn’t know that. Outsides the States here I live it hasn’t gotten that bad yet. What a pain in the ass.

          • I can overlook VD’s quirks in light of the fact he’s one of the few people out there trying to create platforms and content owned by the Right and marketed to the Right.
            I certainly not doing anything like that. I’m just another guy bitching on the Internet.

          • I feel for you. I could not be happier that I work by myself and don’t have to deal with this madness but I did have a zoom doctor appointment yesterday and at a particular point I realized my doctor was a pod person. It’s really kind of disheartening. What’s the point of this guy then for me. I guess that’s good that I’m healthy

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