Gentle Giant Week

In a week of left-wing riots, it seemed logical to do a show on the left-wing riots, so that’s what we have this week. There is so much material here that I could probably do ten hours and not cover everything. What we are seeing is the orchestrated suicide of the country by the ruling class. This is a not a revolution from above, so much a suicide from above. The new world these people imagine is less plausible than what libertarians imagine or even what anarchist imagine.

I’m thinking specifically of the current calls to end the police. The conventional conservatives are responding like the trained dogs they are by rushing to defend the police state and the police themselves. Many are combining the effort to prove the Democrats are the real racist with their defense of the police state by finding black cops to hold up as heroes. That sheriff from Wisconsin who wears the cowboy hat on TV must be very busy right now. He’s a super hero!

The thing is, this system cannot survive a month without the cops. Take the cops off the streets and the mob consumes the beautiful people neighborhoods. The usual suspect will be swallowing their jewelry and racing to the borders. All of the petty tyrants that have been pushing us around for the last two months over the ridiculous virus panic will be swinging from lamp posts. Not only will the mob lay waste to the people in charge, the normal people quietly seething will be suddenly unconstrained.

It is something that goes unremarked, but the cops exist to defend the rich people and the ruling class. Anarcho-tyranny is impossible without the cops. They are assigned to hassle normal people over petty things. They are the ones harassing normal people while making sure the spaghetti-armed Antifa types are safe. Go out this weekend and visit ruling class areas or your government buildings. They will have a full police presence, while the mob goes crazy in the cities.

That’s what is important about these calls to end the police. It is a sign that the people in charge want to be put out of their misery. Their self-hatred often manifests as hatred of us, but in reality, it is hatred of self that is driving them. They hate themselves, so they hate the world around them and they hate their ancestors who made it possible. This zeal to erase the past and destroy the present is a form of self-abnegation. They wish to erase their hated self as an extreme act of contrition.

No one should prevent them from doing it. We’re long past the point of defending society from the lunatics. There is nothing worth defending now. Let them deal with this gollum they created. It would be endlessly amusing seeing the mob chasing the beautiful people around in their burning neighborhoods. Imagine the cast of the cable chat shows being forced to grovel and plead to a mob of gentle giants. My goodness, that would be the best television those people made in their lifetimes.

Note: I did an interview with the Mama & The Pepes earlier this week. They run a music channel on D-Live called the White Art Collective. The interview is recorded, as no one trusts me on a live stream. I kid. It is just easier to record and edit these things than coordinate doing them live. The interview is scheduled to air tonight on their channel and 8:00 PM. Here is the link to the channel. Toss them a few bucks if you can, I think they have a link on the site for it.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Unforgiven (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: The Hunted (Link)
  • 32:00: Loot, Pray, Kneel (Link)
  • 42:00: Defund The Po-Po (Link) (Link)
  • 57:00 Closing

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326 thoughts on “Gentle Giant Week

  1. Just one thing to be made clear, its not that the media is ran by a jewish cabal, the problem is that the media lies constantly, both by omission and commission. If the media was truthful and benevolent, I wouldn’t care if Martians ran it!

  2. Can someone tell me how to post pics in this web forum? Maybe you have to be a subscriber in order to have the necessary form controls, like “upload”, etc.?

  3. Zman, your “chase the stick” metaphor may be apt, but its THE MEDIA who is throwing the stick. The “stick” is, “why is whitey so bad?”. We then rent our garments and try to explain … “well, when we came over to this continent 400 yrs ago … blah, blah”. We need to regain control of the media, which is a cabal of jewish people and interests, and take the stick back. Everything & anything else is just chasing another stick.

  4. anything worst than being collaborator would be a Nazi 
    Drew Brees is simply collaborator for a comfortable life
    there’s at least tens millions collaborator out there shouting evil whiteness
    when french took back his country, first he hunted down collaborator
    Because collaborator had been always more dangerous than enemies
    many healthy white men tried stop anti-white menace, and it always collaborator were putting it down resistance
    every problem that white men encounter was really nothing but collaborator issue

  5. I JUST SAW THE “LETTER” BREES POSTED ON HIS INSTAGRAM TO POTUS TRUMP regarding the POTUS defending him. What a self loathing asshole. I retract every bit of defense I made for this pussy. He deserves everything he gets and then some. Unbelievable. It sounded like a hostage note. I rarely shake my head but that letter did the trick.

  6. “It is a sign that the people in charge want to be put out of their misery. Their self-hatred often manifests as hatred of us, but in reality, it is hatred of self that is driving them. They hate themselves, so they hate the world around them and they hate their ancestors who made it possible.”
    This is an important point that should get more attention as we watch goodwhites commit suicide. The teeming masses of minorities have only picked up on this self-hatred and are slowly learning how to use it to get what they want.
    Nothing but self-hatred can describe the disgusting, cowardly acts of contrition that goodwhites have participated in at the hands of perpetually-ungrateful minorities. The thing is, goodwhite self-hatred has been known for a long time but the right has never really taken the opportunity to exploit it. The self-hatred was thoroughly depicted in Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities and Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, but perhaps even more honestly in Saul Bellow’s Mr. Sammler’s Planet:
    In the link Magnet writes and quotes Bellow, “The American elite, Bellow saw, had lost confidence in its core values. “The labor of Puritanism was now ending”; the Puritan outlook that had guided America for three and a half centuries, the bourgeois outlook that “formerly was believed, trusted, was now bitterly circled in black irony.” Without faith in their core bourgeois values and in the social order that rested on those values, the old elite had ceased to believe in its own legitimacy. Not surprisingly, “Mr. Sammler was testy with White Protestant America for not keeping better order. Cowardly surrender. Not a strong ruling class. Eager in a secret humiliating way to come down and mingle with all the minority mobs, and scream against themselves.
    That’s Antifa for you! Explains perfectly why Antifa is made up of the children of the rich and powerful, and why these self-hating snots are calling for the extermination of themselves.
    So I’m enjoying watching goodwhites commit seppuku, but as Z-Man commented in the podcast, we should egg them on in their desire to commit suicide. The sooner they’re gone the sooner we’ll be able to clean up the mess.

  7. Coup tomorrow. Esper sent the Active duty troops home and has removed guns and ammo from the National Guard.
    Big million man Black March will over run White House and remove Trump.
    expect a woke military dictatorship.

    • Get the fuck out of here. Are you serious?
      There must be some other explanation. Or maybe I have less time than I thought. I just have to make it until November 1st. In fact, I think I can push that up to October 1st. Survive the summer, survive the summer… (thankfully, I have a broom and a “crew”).
      One commenter here wrote that he felt like he was watching the world like a satisfied drunk at a rowdy bar, sipping on one last whiskey before we all hit the road.
      Well, it’s about time we hit that road. I believe that most of us here have the will and the wisdom to make it.

  8. Sorta remarkable how blacks are still only 12% of US population, a figure that has remained constant for a long time, yet are so influential. Like Jews, they punch way above their demographic weight.

    • Say, I believe you may be onto something. Blacks and Jews. Jews and blacks. They may know one another, or at least the Jews know the blacks inside out. Monkey wanna biscuit or else it gets the shock again.
      Edited to add: I might also point out that six million is a figure that has remained constant for a long time, like at least since the 19th Century. Those dang pogroms. “Remember the six million!” said the rabbi at a former colleague’s synagogue recently.

    • It’s the media (jews) that allows for their influence and punching above their weight class. Same as the homosexuals.

  9. Reading Trump’s twitter (and the same goes for most politicians) is like a cinder block to the head. Any candidate who promises to not use twitter, has my vote.

  10. We need a White homeland populated with and controlled by Whites. Live with us in peace and prosperity. Whatever this kneeling kowtow shit is that’s going on, it needs to stop. They are embarrassing themselves.

  11. I honestly fear for the safety and security of every white American now. The vibrancy has made it clear that they want white blood to be spilled; they and their handlers have been stoking the flames of anti-white hatred for years and now it can no longer be contained.
    These spasms of destruction and looting across major US cities was a test run to see how far they could push the boat out and what, exactly, they could get away with. The response of LEOs being stood down or else grovelling on their knees sent a clear message that they have carte blanche; they will not be stopped from slaking their blood lust.
    Your own ruling class is happy to throw you to the wolves and the wolves are wild and hungry.

    • @ King Tut
      I am past fear. Really. I spent half a week on my rooftop with a soft-cased 308 and Glock 30 within shouting distance of rioters and looters.
      You need to understand these events prepared some of US too. Now if only I could pry my wife down from the chandelier :>]

      • Good for you. I just don’t want to learn that you’ve been banged up for 400 years for defending yourself.

      • Maybe it’s time to find a different locality where you won’t have that problem right now and when it comes time for that to happen you will be on a team hunting them down… Choices, you still have them ..

        • Thank you for many things, Lineman, but I will stand my ground for now. My current situation enables me to look the JB Pritzkers of this world in the face and give them a good screwing-over. I used to collaborate with that pile of pudding/anal wart at the 1871 incubator. I continue to apply the knowledge I learned during our “intercourse” there to eff his and his family’s interests just for sport.
          A small farm in a deeply-wooded enclave in the Bitterroot does attract my attention however. Then again my former jump buddy operates a float plane service in Alaska and I am very tempted to retire up there someday.

  12. Okay, this whole equality thing is not working. Maybe we should try the Genghis Khan way of life instead? It cannot be any worse and might actually work better.
    On a side note I was almost in tears laughing at the first part of the show (haven’t heard it all yet) b/c there is something inherently funny about a rationally thinking guy trying really, really hard to ‘understand’ what the heck is going on inside hysterical estrogen pressure cooker heads when they have one of their emotional estro episodes. It cannot be ‘understood’ b/c ‘to understand something’ presupposes that it makes any damn sense. Which emotional estrogen spasms absolutely do NOT.

  13. Whitish pill: this is just a replay of the Civil Rights era.

    Blackish: the Kentucky Derby riders briefly took a knee.

    They won’t stand…



    • I will not kneel. I also will not stand for the flag or take the pledge of allegiance. I do not thank “first responders” or military for their service. I no longer contribute money to the boy scouts or the eagle scout association. I used to place my postage stamps upside down to signal distress but then I served as outside counsel during USPS’s acquisition of its optical character recognition technologies and realized this would only make my opponents’ task to dox me easier. No matter, to the last shred of my existence I will not kneel.

      • Me too. Thinking back, I think my doubts were confirmed when (Mid 90’s) The Red Cross appointed Elizabeth Dole as head for a salary of $500k. She generously refused it for the first year took the next year off to campaign for Bob (-we can all just take a year off, can’t we?) and went back and got paid. All this on the back of them selling my blood.
        Fuck them all.

  14. What To Do?
    A few months ago, I failed to listen to Exile, Lineman, Derbyshire, Bison Prepper and others, that the time to bail out was now. Fast forward to today, we are getting out. Real estate agent on board, scouting trip planned for Monday.
    Why now?
    We are in the deep south, mid-size city. I own a small company that is likely doomed, but it’s remote work.
    We’ve homeschooled from the beginning (more than 2 kids) and have had food, water and physical security in place for years.
    I owe a great deal of my awarness and preparedness to Z and many regular commenters on this blog. But now it’s clear that inside the southern jungle, where my county is over 50% black, we will never be safe.
    My better half (truely) gets it now and feels the need to get things moving, fast. We liken this exercise to sailing, and seeing a storm approach. We are battening down and making a run for a port to hunker in.
    I’ve been trying to weigh cost/benefit of this. It’s very tough to navigate this mentally, without trusted sounding boards. We have no one around us that gets it. Everyone, including our family on both sides, is fast asleep and drinking the MSM Kool Aid.
    So the answer for us is that getting out is all upside. Surrounding ourselves with more white, conservative families is worth just about anything we lose here. It’s going to suck.
    But what’s coming, I believe, is drastically worse.
    As Lineman said, I can find a job. But community is what I’m after.
    You wondering what to do? NEVER kneel. NEVER get on the bus. NEVER give up. My family arrived here in 1690 as indentured servants. I don’t know what the future American looks like, but I damn sure will do what I can to set my legacy up to fight for it.

    • I’m younger and would like to learn from you — we’re getting out of here as well. My gmail is
      You’ve got no reason to trust me. But if you feel inclined, just as an exercise of brotherhood in the dying days of what we once called America, drop me a line.

      • Lanky,
        i encourage you to post on friendly blogs to tackle your learning curve. Wisdom of our crowd I see real.

  15. Seen on Twitter:
    “It’s never been more obvious that identity politics is a form of cultural sadomasochism. Humiliation, masks, shaving, shaming, kneeling, bowing, confessing – all forms of societal self-hurt and slavery role play.”
    I kinda think the British lady who wrote that is on to something.

    • Depends on what you mean by identity politics.
      If everybody plays the game and you refuse, you’ll lose. Assuming your identity politics is focused on your people (in the old, ethnic sense)

  16. Good podcast. Since by nature I post opinions or even facts that get me negative votes 😀 here is today’s contribution. No one disputes that young black men commit far more than their share of violent crimes. But it’s equally valid to note that males aged 15-39 (ignoring race) also commit out of proportion. Being black just hits the trifecta 🙂 And getting rid of the police isn’t always politically motivated. My (relatively) small Florida city, East Butt Plug, did just that in the past year, turning the job over to the county. It was a cost-saving measure, certainly not for the social justice warriors, since this part of FL is relatively conservative and our Melanic Hominid™ rate is half the national average. In fact, our area is so deprived that we have to rely on white people to commit much of the crime in the county, although we do sometimes get help from the big city.

    • Not sure the proposals to defund police were of the nature of cost savings vis a vis alternative service. Of course, that’s what you will get. Those that can afford, will buy whatever protection they can. Those that can’t will suffer what they must.

  17. Just moved my family from one town in a secessionist state with a white population of 54% to another (much smaller) town in another secessionist state with a white population of 92%.
    My new home is much sweeter, more traditional, with a much more patriotic feeling. Much safer. No Antifa/BLM/Soros riots here, not surprisingly.
    I regret turning my former purple state even more blue, but I don’t apologize. God, family, self.

    • You will likely get a beating even if you kneel to them. It’s a lose-lose situation.
      If you can, run, immediately. If not, fight back and take as many with you as possible. The worst option is to just cower and take it.

      • “You will likely get a beating even if you kneel to them. It’s a lose-lose situation.”
        Yah, that’s what I was saying yesterday.The spear chuckers will tell them sooner rather than later that just groveling ain’t nearly good enough. Hopefully the beatings and golden showers will come next. Now that would be must see TV. 😂

        • Sorry folks, off topic again.
          This is proof positive that we are now living in a bizarro alternate universe. Here’s an artical by Paul Joseph Watson saying that, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, 40% of likely black voters are supporting Pres.Trump. Think about that. After 3 years of Russia!, Russia!, Russia! The Chinese Communist flu lockdown and the economy destroyed. Plus over a week of national riots, burnings, lootings and murders. And Trumps numbers with black voters are higher than ever. WHERE IN THE ACTUAL HELL AM I ?


          • Thanks OBT. Honestly, if 40% of blacks support Trump, I will have to reconsider my whole worldview.
            The foundation of my worldview is that all races except for whites prioritize loyalty to their race above all else and we whites must acknowledge that.
            If Trump gets 40% of the black vote because of “low black unemployment” or “law and order,” then the foundation of my worldview will be broken.
            But I don’t think there’s much chance of that.

          • You should read more carefully.
            ” 40% of blacks support Trump”
            Was not the claim of the Rasmussen poll. It surveyed “likely voters” which is around 50% of blacks- peaked at 70% for Barry the Kenyan.The 50% who don’t vote are probably the left half of the bell curve. I doubt their allegiance to The Orange Man.
            Still, 20% would be a result.

    • Separation is the only way to avoid this. Just as if you don’t want to deal with drunk drivers, don’t drive around late at night. Keeping with your own, in your own place, is the only answer that makes any sense at all.

  18. One plausible scenario – most of this craziness will stop once the Democrats have the presidency.
    Remember the anti-war left? Quickly disappeared once Obama was in power.
    LA riots? During daddy Bush. Not while Clinton was in the White House.
    When the Alzheimer-American wins the election, the rage will end and we will be back to Drag queen story hours and slow calm descent into abyss. But no more riots.

  19. Z Man said: “No one should prevent them from doing it. We’re long past the point of defending society from the lunatics. There is nothing worth defending now. Let them deal with this gollum they created. It would be endlessly amusing seeing the mob chasing the beautiful people around in their burning neighborhoods. Imagine the cast of the cable chat shows being forced to grovel and plead to a mob of gentle giants. My goodness, that would be the best television those people made in their lifetimes.”
    Hahahaha! Sweet! Let it be so. 😀 Yah, the numbskulls in Minneapolis want to disband the police force and form an office of public safety or some damn thing. Sound familiar? Here’s Maximilien Robespierres old outfit. “Committee of Public Safety.”
    Gee, I wonder who’s going to be running this benevolent association? “black lives matter ” ofcourse ” , the “new black panther party” for sure. The united negro grievance council will definitely be on the board of advisors. The Magical Negro, al sharpton, jesse jackson louis farrakhan, and maybe bill clinton playing the token cracker.
    I would imagine the Accelerationists are pleased with the whole situation. And I can sympathize. I love to see how the pinkos always characterize everything on the right as the worst evil in the universe. Here’s the “”resistance ” at “Vox” talking about Accelerationism.
    If the past three years doesn’t wake up the actual White people to the fact that they have nothing left to loose, then I don’t know what the hell will.

  20. From the podcast: “There is a need to display piety. People don’t go to churches anymore.”
    This. This is why it’s useless to try to point out the lie in “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” The people chanting this are quoting scripture or reciting the Bhagavad Gita. The new church for white people is “Chant to Get Myself Five More Years”-anity.
    Urban whites in South Africa are still ardent parishioners of “Chant to Get Myself Five More Years”-anity.

  21. It’s not like we didn’t know Dinduism is America’s official state religion (too bad we’re only metaphorically Untouchable). In my brighter moments, I think this has to wake a lot of Normies up to that fact. In my darker moments, I think they have woken up… and have joined the congregation, with the zeal of the converted.

    • How many kneelers are paid ringers?

      How2, talent show tricks, cat pix and revival tent stunts are making Sail Foam Reality TV the biggest explosive growth industry in the world.

      C’mon, dissidents, we can use this! Media Arts or Bust!

      “Welcome to another episode of… RightWing MST3K Ridiculousness!”

      *now with Viewer Comment Chyron!!

    • Severian, you’re right.

      Citizen named the new Faith sweeping the land: the faith of Equality.

      The lords have signed on, and are calling the peasants to follow. The streets will fill with conversions.

      Beyond evidence, they pray that their righteousness will transform their kindom and earn them heaven- and the lords certainly encourage this piety.

      We are the pagan Europeans watching as the Constantine State Church coopts our old gods and traditions, and turns them into saints and holidays- while itself rent by factional battles tween Arianites and Athanasians, Trinitarians and Nestorians.

  22. In LA this morning (fairfax district) I noticed a Jewish bakery with 2 broken large windows. The owner replaced them with some plywood. I noticed support black lives matter semiprofessionally painted on one. I asked the owner who painted the slogan. His answer, I did. Surprise surprise.

    • The slogan is lamb’s blood on the door that hopefully causes Creeping Death to pass by.

  23. Z is spot on… in every instance in which whites have attempted to defend their persons, neighborhoods and businesses this last week, like those examples from Philly and Yucaipa, the police are now “investigating” the defenders. White store owners have been arrested for trying to protect themselves and their property.
    Yet the cops did nothing to stop rioting, anti-white assaults, and looting. And other ethnic groups that attempted to protect their persons, neighborhoods and businesses – Asians, Blacks, Hispanics – are not being investigated.
    A lot of beat cops are handcuffed (pun intended) by their woke commissioners and top brass and are probably quietly seething, but the modern policing institution can fade away. It is corrupt and not worth saving or reforming.

    • Don’t forget how corrupt the courts and legal system are too. Another benefit of the collapse of policing as a legitimate institution will be the collapse of the corrupt legal system, which uses the police as its enforcement arm.
      Right now the courts are mass releasing rioters and looters and dropping all their charges.

    • The courts and the police are becoming explicitly anti-white.
      There’s going to come a time when kill, dig, and shut up will be the norm in dealing with crime in the United States.

      • Digging is too much effort. I say let the corpse rot in the woods. As the enforcement power of the state wanes (if it does), people will get more creative. The lamp post is a favorite from US history. A head on a pike lends a festive Tudor English touch 🙂

      • US is worse than the UK.
        Affirmative action, political correctness, wokeness , the word “racism” , all first emerged in the US.
        Isn’t the US the most diverse country in the OECD?

  24. I follow a retired cop “patriot” and “III%er” on YouTube who regularly rails against the lying press and CNN in particular. The guy has entire videos dedicated to exposing CNN’s lies.
    But this guy went completely ape shit crazy because the cops arrested a CNN crew live on the air. He dedicated a video to it. He also dedicated a video to the cops beating up on the “protestors”
    When one enemy is crushing a different enemy, you don’t try to stop them! Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is just another enemy.

  25. Earlier this week, cafe-au-lait Naquita posts on the local nextdoordotcom a call for identification of the “rac.ists” posters she has noticed there. Why don’t these people have photographs? She would like photographs so she will be able to recognize them in public. Her photograph: sullen, aggrieved. Her profile: single mother recently moved into communitay from Aurora Colorado (largely black city adjacent to Denver to the east). Secn 4+4?
    Of the eight or nine responses — almost all supportive — nobody voices how odd it is that she’s the only one who has seen these comments. One poster, John by name, asks how her comment advances the common good. One of the privilege-checkers answers for her: so they’ll know who their allies are when the race war starts. “Exactly,” responds Naquita.
    I showed this thread to my wife. “Do you remember what I said a couple of weeks ago, not to ever answer the front door to someone you don’t know? Especially if they’re carrying clipboards? Well, here’s the reason.
    This was Tuesday. It attracted no more than two or three more hits before it was quietly removed by the moderators on Wednesday. The rabbit-issue threads will often draw fifty or sixty comments easy. Sane people are hunkering down, waiting to see what comes next. I agree with Zman, let them defund the police.

  26. Ahmaud was not out jogging. That is a lie. It is the central lie of the entire case. He was casing a house which he then entered and began going through. The media have lied and said it was a “construction site” but we can all see it was a house. They claimed he was jogging near his house. Near is 8 miles.
    That’s the thing about these stories. They always have big fat obvious lie at the center of them. Whether it’s hands up don’t shoot or the gentle giant, the lie is obvious.
    Next time you hear some Mexican talking about a crying statue of Mary or a piece of grilled cheese having Jesus’s face on it, or it blows your mind that an entire town could collectively lose their minds and claim a bunch of people are witches, just think back to these stories.

    • That’s true, it’s always a hilariously obvious lie. A Great Awokening.

      The fun part about the jogger was the mock-up ads on Hate Twitter:

      “Suburban jogging gear”

      “Apprentice electrician’s kits”

      Brown boots, hammer, bus pass–

      Only $49.95!

      • We gotta think up something juicy for this latest low rent nitwit.

        A door guard for a mob bar, a front for a counterfeiting ring, gets into the inventory, starts passing it around the same block, livin’ large and stayin’ high all week.

        He throws a fit when the Korean liquor store won’t pass any more fake $20s, the cops are called. He’s on parole for a home invasion, so he’s chill…

        He freaks when another cop- not the arresting cop- when a another cop arrives. He knows the new cop.

        The new cop is the enforcer for the counterfeiting ring, his own bosses that he robbed!!

        This Einstein-level genius doesn’t die on the street, oh no, he conveniently died on the way to hospital. But then another curious twist…

        The coroner announces a heart attack due to poor health and the fentanyl and meth.

        Somehow, his low-rent ghetto gang family hires a new independent coroner, the most expensive coroner in North America…

        Micheal Baden, the coroner who pronounced Jeffrey Epstein a suicide!

        This isn’t an episode of Breaking Bad, it’s an entire fricking season.

        • The Central Park Ornithologist
          The Ornithologist was a regular at the Park, cruising for gay dates. He carried doggie treats as an icebreaker to strike up conversations with other men.
          How many ‘events’ did he have his sister edit to get just the one he wanted?
          Maybe he should cruise bakeries in Colorado next. I always go shopping for pastries with my sail foam on ‘record’ and my lawyer in tow.

  27. “There is nothing worth defending now.” Wasn’t that the whole point these past few years?

  28. Most of the regular non-“elite”, apparently self-hating whites are just confused and traumatized or scared. They feel like they have done something wrong so they keep repenting for the sins of other people and self-flagellating. They have nobody “respectable” to lead them out of this state.
    But you can tell them one thing: “It’s not your fault”. Let them know and then stop engaging until they break down.

    • The only silver lining is they will make a 180 the minute another strongman pushes them another direction.
      Let’s work to be that strongman.

  29. Several weeks back when the Wuhan flu passion play was center stage, felt in my bones something worse would come along to replace it. Enter George Floyd. Still feels like there is more to come, but haven’t been able to identify it. So far, what aggrieved group has not had a starring role in this farce? Why, that would be globohomo. Imagine a male white supremist (is there any other kind) commting some outrage that injures/maims/kills a few homosexuals. It’s that, or some climate disaster (as defined by Settled Science Inc.) requiring everyone to cower in place again. Possible, although Mother Nature might not play her part soon enough.

      • “Right-wing extremists arrested for planning riots at protests in Las Vegas”
        My money says the organizer was an FBI Agent.

      • The Poz seems to be trying desperately to get an actual flag to bite and have someone mow down some “peaceful protestors”; but no bites thus far. Guess they spent their Las Vegas asset too soon…

        • Yup, 4chan is flooded with that. Even my normie friends are sending memes that imply Team MAGA are pussies.
          Our side is more than happy to watch the libs and joggers burn down their own cities.
          Of course, if this goes on for too long, the FBI will just send in one of their own guys. Something bad will happen soon.

  30. “The usual suspects will be swallowing their jewelry and racing to the borders. All of the petty tyrants that have been pushing us around for the last two months over the ridiculous virus panic will be swinging from lamp posts.”
    It would almost be worth it. Actually, if we’re probably doomed anyway, then let ‘er rip. Let our enemies’ own useful idiots do the deed for us. If America goes down, they should go down with us. “Cry havoc!, and let slip the dogs of war.”

  31. In my hometown, city officials decided to tear a Confederate statute. Goodwhites on FB claim that in Germany, there are no memorials to Nazis. I asked a simple question: Where does it end? Do we have to erase the stain of slavery from our history completely? Level every antebellum home, even the White House because slaves were involved with its construction? Dynamite the sculptures on Stone Mountain (they’re living on borrowed time) and Mount Rushmore?
    The fact they can’t see that a force just as ignorant and savage as the Taliban are trying to not only erase their history, but them as a living people is beyond me. Kneeling and cucking will not buy you favor. It will only embolden our enemies to keep putting the boot to our throats.

      • Great line from a great movie that was well-delivered.
        It captures the SJW crusader attitude perfectly.

        • I would bet money that Clint had some flavor of 70’s crazy liberal in mind when he stuck that line into the movie.

    • Next door, nobody in Raleigh, NC was born there- so why would they defend it’s history?

      As to the continuing obliteration of Confederate memorials- several, unnoticed, this week- you can be darn sure the Blacktivists know all about it and are excitedly talking amongst themselves.

      It’s war reels to rally the troops.

      They shiver with delight at the shadenfreude of being the overseers- the Narrative conditioning prepped them to step into their new, entitled place in society.

      They will defend their privileges with a vengence, having earned them in war.

      • They might as well erect statues of whatever the local equivalent of DC’s Mayor (and Councilman) Marion Barry, who got a statue a few years ago, in our Nation’s once-Beknighted Capital Now Blighted Crappin’-Hole. 🙁

    • After the Confederate memorials – erected in the Jim Crow era- the Christian churches will be next.
      The Episcopalian church in DC was a signal, hundreds (!) of centuries-old monasteries and cathedrals in Europe have already been put to the torch.

  32. “The people who are fomenting this unrest, they’re in charge.”
    Was struck by the thought this morning that those who would rule us have done something remarkable … for the past 3 1/2 years they’ve kept us focused on their Destroy Trump drama. In effect, they’ve had most of us chasing the red dot around the floor, hoping to finally unmask their evil deeds. But we haven’t heard much from Obama and his cadre during all this. So what have ValJar, Ben Rhodes et al been doing all this time there in their DC bunker?
    Seems to me they have been working op plans and contingencies, building coalitions, organizing on the ground forces and waiting … waiting for the proper conditions to kick off the next phase of their plan.
    I think the formal conservative / Republican corps walked right into this one. And many of us further out on this side were likewise distracted by their ruse — were likewise drawn into the ambush.

  33. When the white man discovered the Americas, he discovered a curious race of people engaged in bizarre rituals, like child sacrifice and worshiping the sun.
    When the new Paper Americans from around the globe discover the USA, they discover a curious race of pale people engaged in bizarre rituals, like sacrificing the future of their children and kneeling before blacks.
    We have come full circle!

  34. The worst thing that happened was granting the police and prosecutors “qualified immunity” fifty years ago, which the Supreme Court has upheld ever since.

  35. That’s where I am – nothing worth saving. As I wrote of the good friends I lost over this nonsense, my only wish now is that they get to live in the world they think they want. I don’t even want to say “I told you so” – wouldn’t do any good. I just want them to experience what they’re too self regarding to see.

  36. For what little it’s worth, I tried sampling Fox and news radio.

    Ye gods. I think they’re trying to kill us all by smothering us with smarmy fake pieties. I mean, this is reaching an Extinction Level Event.

    • PS- that solemn corporate letter, “we’re all mourning…”
      We should be celebrating the removal of these morons from the gene pool!

    • A signal flag, the next act.

      The “2nd wave” is when they stamp out the fire they started, having achieved this campaign’s objectives.

      So this is an organized war campaign. Some goals:

      Clean out the cop pensioners, and normalize the shakedowns (Barnard)

      Bust out the priciest real estate: collect the insurance, then buy at a steep discount (NJ)

      Pull up the drawbridge, consolidating power and stumping rivals (CPK, tashtego, Dukeboy)

      Emplacing a loyalist Black occupation army (CPK, Bologna Tester yesterday)

      Seize the tv station (vxxc)

      Legitimize the new reign with grand state displays of submission by citizens, police, and army (vmax, Citizen, Compsci, Capt S, primi)

      The War never ends- there’s always a next season (Greensboro)

  37. It’s an error to take things like “abolish the police” too seriously. It’s not a substantive policy position. It’s just a distinctive but meaningless tribal marker, like a troop of monkeys making a hooting noise.
    However, to the extent it has any substance, I respectfully disagree that it shows the ruling class to be suicidal. Quite the contrary.
    What they’re doing (as usual) is weaponizing the underclass against the middle. They think they’ll be safe regardless. They think they’ve got the political clout to ensure that the state protects them (even if they call it something other than “police”). They’ve also got the money to supplement it with private security. They might be miscalculating, but that’s what they believe.
    Rather, it’s their potential competitors — the upwardly mobile middle/working class at the margin — who get thrown to the wolves.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to conclude that decfunding the police is not a substantive policy decision. Here in California the pols have repeatedly pushed legislation that has systematically dismantled the prison system. Jerry Brown cooked up AB 109 as a solution to a budget deficit and a persistent federal lawsuit over prison healthcare; but was motivated by a desire to restore indeterminite sentencing and the power of unelected parole boards. Despite growing evidence that shifting incarceration to counties and decriminalizing drugs has utterly failed, Newsome persists in using situations like COVID-19 to continue decreasing the prison population. But what most citizens fail to grasp is that all the non-violent, non-sex crime offenders have long ago been purged from ghe system. Now we are releasing murders and multi-felony recidivists. And back in the neighborhoods, theft — particularly by heroin addicts — has skyrocketed and typically results in a no bail, catch-and-release response. So funding for policing will be cut; but not necessarily in pursuit of so-called racial justice. That’ll be the cover that’s trotted out by the pols to justify budget shenanigans.

      • Come on, get with the program. You know there can’t be any racial justice as long as black or brown people are being arrested, tried, found guility and incarcerated. 🙂

  38. Certainly the Civil War was tangentially over slavery, but primarily it was motivated by the Northeastern mercantile class (essentially leftist) seeking to cement its political, economic and cultural dominance over the agrarian South (essentially traditional American). And the Civil War was not sufficiently destructive of traditional America, so it has continued apace, unabated since Appomattox.

    • The Civil War was over slavery the same way the Iraq War was over weapons of mass destruction. That was the justification used to sell it to those who actually had to suffer and die in the fighting.
      We were actually a genuine federal republic in 1861 with regional elites. The northeast elites (nascent transnational financialists) wanted to be country-wide elites and southern elites stood in their way. The biggest sin of the Yankee elites wasn’t in centralizing power at the expense of other regional elites, it was in centralizing power and then through incompetence and arrogance losing control of the at centralized power to Jewish-led multiculturals to the ruin of all.

  39. You forgot to mention the ongoing multi-trillion dollar bribery legislation that is “guaranteed” to fix our economy in the wake of the faux COVID lockdowns. I can’t wait for the meth mob to crawl off the feces infested streets of San Francisco and steal the gourmet ice cream from Nancy Pelosi’s $30,000 kitchen freezer. We can use social media and Googlemaps to help them find the address. Ain’t technology great!

    • In ninety years the State will have gone from A Chicken In Every Pot to A Pelosi Freezer In Every Kitchen.

  40. Kind of echoing one of your points, a relation is suffering from “black fatigue” with all the companies and whatnot groveling before the religion of the day, and it got me thinking that this whole “black thing” needs to get cranked up even louder, only black people in ads, only black talking heads on the news, only black people in entertainment, etc. There is a limit to the amount of blackness normie-libs and normie-cons can tolerate and we’re closing in on it and I’d hate to let this opportunity pass us by!

  41. All I will say besides Z is right:

    1. You are looking at DS non participation in stopping this, they can for example turn off the media in an hour or less, I have seen this.
    2. The DS plan is Syria; its how you win without an army, just spies, $$ and a few operators/ you pay every side and they kill each other off.
    3. The DS and all the elites agree – Trump must go, his nation destroyed even if it means USA becomes Syria.
    4. There are no men on the walls – they are being signaled to not act. By mattis, by dempsey, by SMA Grissom, by elites, by Congress, even by Drudge.
    5. Get yourself a crew, talking is over.
  42. After reading the comments of Keith Ellison’s son and a couple of other Minneapolis City Council members this week, it dawned on me yesterday what they are trying to do with the “abolish the police” movement. They want to get rid of middle aged, middle class white cops and that expensive pension and benefit plans. They will replace it with some sort black controlled organization that will formally implement anarcho-tyranny. They will engage in open shakedowns of white small businesses. The fired cops will sue and lose because the judge will rule they are racist and old and white.

      • Once the smash success of the Anarcho-Tyranny Police State against BadWhites is shown to be a great success in Minn it will be rapidly deployed nationwide.
        ‘Be careful what you wish for…’

        • Atlanta would be a great place for it to spread…especially to those smug, liberal, white suburbs.

      • I’ve never visited there, but HTF did Minneapolis get to be 19% Black? Remnant of the Great Migration, old factory jobs? More generous welfare gibs, compared to other states? Certainly not for the climate 🙂

        • Not sure where you are seeing Minnesota is 19% black. The Census bureau estimates the state is 6.8% black going into this Census.

          • Minneapolis, not Minnesota as a whole. While I don’t have the exact numbers at the top of my head as it is far from my bailiwick, I’ve read that is where enormous numbers of Somalis have been injected to destroy the evil whiteness of a functioning European civilization.There was a Jewish state legislator (can’t remember name) who was instrumental in lobbying to bring them in and was promptly replaced by one of their own when she achieved success.

    • That’s a good thing for us because it might wake the whites up before we are demographically replaced…

    • I’m trying to decide if it will be better or worse for us when the police resemble the folks who run the Metro in the Imperial Capital.

  43. Somehow I got to thinking about the Olympics, which I don’t even watch. But I did think about the idea of people sitting in front of their TVs rooting for the USA.
    It’s absurd. Who the hell would cheer for this country? The only thing uniting these “united states” is our opposition to one another. 
    For the left, cheering for the country is wrong. For us, it’s an anachronism. 

    • I will watch the Winter Olympics and cheer on our team because it’s mostly white people playing white people sports. I will not watch the Summer games and cheer on a bunch of vibrants.

    • Was at a Super Bowl party a year or two ago. I don’t watch sports but it was a neighborhood thing. Anyway, someone asked which team I was for. I said I don’t care, but I suppose that I’ll rout for the team with the most white players.
      That did not go over very well.

        • As the Derb has described, it’s kind of a tourette syndrome thing. Every once in a while, if I’m not focusing on keeping my mouth shut, something just blurts out. Can’t help it.
          It doesn’t help my standing in the community.

    • Along those lines, I’m really scratching my head now over our foreign military deployments, I mean, what’s the point? Anyone who would ally with this mad house needs to examine their life choices.

    • I remember watching the Olympics in 1976 when I was a teenager attending a negro high school in Hampton, Virginia. When an American negro was boxing a white man from the then communist countries of eastern Europe, my brother and I were rooting hard for the white man.
      I was not a commie, but after being around violent negroes at school all day, I knew that the eastern European man was much closer to being my blood than the stupid negro who happened to be from the USA.

  44. No one should prevent them from doing it. We’re long past the point of defending society from the lunatics. There is nothing worth defending now.

    While I agree completely, one thing gives me concern and a desire to try to hold onto some form of our society: my young son.
    I fear the world he’s going to grow up in.

    • I fear the world he’s going to grow up in.

       “Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
      Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil.”
      Man Up. You are going to be raising your child as a warrior in a dystopia he didn’t ask for. He will be a Ringbearer just as all white children will be from now until this dark age is past us, and that will happen sooner or later, one way or another. You can fight for the West just as the two individuals above I quoted did in a work of fiction that mirrors our reality, or you can be consumed by fear. Make a choice.

      • Oh, I agree Apex. Doing my best to get him prepared. I think most parents wish for their children to have (relatively) easy lives. Not too easy, of course.
        The quotes are appropriate as well. My response to those, including myself, who ask “why me?”: Well, why not you?

    • That’s why we have to build our own Communities because their world is not worth saving and we don’t want to waste effort in trying to keep it from failing…

  45. I guess “The Dark Knight Rises” was too lowbrow for our self- hating elites to have seen what happens. Or maybe they only watched the first 90 minutes or so.
    That whole movie was about what happens when the forces of law and order (Batman and the cops) are removed from the equation and Gotham is taken over by radical SJWs who want to destroy the city for being a cesspool of inequality.
    The criminals are released from jail.(check,because of Covid-19.)
    The insane are released from Arkham Asylum. (We were already doing this since the late 70’s, when One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was mistaken for a documentary by our elites.)
    Our elites must have slipped out of the theater to take a leak during the scene shortly after where Gotham’s wealthy Goodwhites are forced to walk out on the thin ice of the frozen river separating Gotham from the main land.

  46. “It is something that goes unremarked, but the cops exist to defend the rich people and the ruling class.”
    An observation I have often made in the past. Sam Francis was the first to notice this. It was the basis of his “anarcho-tyranny” thesis. Working class whites I talk to about this readily agree that we could easily quell the dysfunctional crime rates in the black community with just a few lynchings now and then. As an old Chinese saying goes, “Slaughter a few chickens in front of the monkeys occasionally to make them respect you.”

  47. Well, apparently TPTB want a race war. The time for patiently working to awaken normies is over and sides must be declared. I will NEVER kneel to a nigger! Screw the optics. #BlackLivesDon’tMatter.

    • Race war?
      The issue is GoodWhites. Never lose sight of that. TPTB might want a race war but blacks are not the problem. They are just a symptom. They just want free Jordans.

      • The Americanized-Africans are just angry about the same thing many of us are angry about. They have ZERO self-governance or power. We are all ruled over by hostile foreigners.
        Their culture has become a monetized weapon in the hands of the transnational financialists seeking to become a planetary aristocracy. They used to have an authentic culture with much of value. Just like most of our culture now, most of theirs is now shit.
        However, your main point is certainly correct. “The issue is GoodWhites.” Africans aren’t the ones attacking us. Africans aren’t running the media self-hate psyops. Africans aren’t running the federal reserve.

  48. I woke up this morning thinking about the cultural revolution in China and specifically how it finally died out. obama deliberately initiated the same thing here morphed into an anti-white jihad and cult of brown-worship. In China the red guards were free to torture, kill and destroy until they turned their attention towards the PLA where they met a politically powerful organization willing and able to use force to protect its interests (ie. the interests of the PLA leadership being attacked.) They got stomped for reaching too high and that was that. Whatever Mao’s insane motivation was for turning the Chinese youth against their own inheritance of cultural identity, it was used by his wife and her co-conspirators to try to gain primacy by destroying the lives and power of their rivals.
    barry was very active throughout his admin installing politically reliable military leaders and removing unreliable ones. The Flynn mystery is probably as simple as that. It indicates that the corruption of the military was a project unfinished and an important practical reason why the Orange Man winning has been deemed so intolerable. It is a straw of hope for us to grasp at.
    Here in obamastan the brown-guards have been unleashed. They are coming for you and your family and one should plan ahead for how you are going react when they kick down your door to drag you out for a struggle session. On the one hand normal white America is not as defenseless as the ordinary Chinese was. On the other it is not at all clear the military will be any firewall to brown-revolutionaries installing their dictator as the republic collapses. If they are successful that is when you will see the re-education camps etc.

  49. Blacks obsessed with blackness… There is a sitcom called “Blackish” that fits that description perfectly. The guy and his mixed race wife are obsessed with race, while the white people around them, and even their kids aren’t. Everyone else is just living life and not worried. I watched maybe 2 episodes before getting fed up with the premise, but maybe it’s real.

      All negroes are obsessed with negritude . When they look in a mirror they see a negroid and they envy the negro that best exemplifies negritude – those with the blackest , most tar coloured skin , the darkest , deadest most soul-less eyes , the bluest of boot lips and a snout that would make an ape blush with envy. 
      Globohomo’s goal is simple: When enough Whites are compromised by miscegenation in all its forms , genetic and cultural, there will not be enough pure Whites to resist their race’s dispossession. Miscegenation of Whites is recruitment of soldiers to fight for the Levantine World Order.
      God’s darlings push miscegenation and cross-racial adoption directed at Whites , because they know race-mixing Whites and Whites with non-White sons are psychologically compromised. These emotionally polluted Whites will never revolt against their displacement because to do so would mean betraying their compromised families and, worse, forcing them to grapple with the fact that they made terrible, lineage-destroying decisions in their own lives.
      The halflings created by the negroid , weaponizes your own women against your interests by diverting her to virtue signal in favour of her half breed bastards i.e. they are in most cases single mothers who prove their ‘virtue’ by spawning multiple illegitimate pickaninnies with assorted different ‘ baby daddies “ . 
      The mangina , unable to find a suitable mate among fat , disgusting , morally casual tattooed sluts will also be tempted to take up with a better class of negress , thus creating even more bio-weapons to be used against your people .
      You are a single people and the divisions between you are trivial . The way to destroy your harmony is to foment division ; to empower and promote the disaffected and the misfits among you and to import fast breeding groups of cultural and genetic aliens .

      • Many people don’t know this, but there is a hierarchy among blacks – the darker you are, the lower your status.

        • A few years ago Richard Spencer spoke at some college and a disingenuous yenta asked him who is White ? Mike Enoch answered and asked a bantu student “ how black do you have to be to be black ? “ The kid answered honestly and said , “ you can never be black enough.” 
          In San Domingo , after the revolution the negroes ate the Whites . Then they ate the self-important mulatos who thought themselves the natural leadership caste. 
          The “ high yellow “ halfling is despised by the pure-bred congoid . If there is one thing a negroid hates it’s a mulato putting on airs . 
          The mulato looks in the mirror and knows he can never be White . They call them “ coloureds ‘ in South Africa where they are a separate endogamous race. 
           Kang Obango is a perfect American example . He’s with the his african fellows. He married an American-african and his issue reverted to the mean .

          • South African blacks are paler than their northern neighbours. They like to lynch them if they cross the border.

          • I just want the negroids, the mulattos , their mud sharks, oil drillers and half-caste spawn to separate from ourselves , so that they can build Wakanda – preferably in Africa. 
            I’m sure the lighter skinned negroes will have great success convincing the tar coloured masses of jungle , ghetto and plantation negroes that they are smarter than them and are therefore their natural leadership caste. 
            If there is one thing a congoid is known for it is his reasonableness . 

        • And this has been true a long time. While studying Spanish (Colonial) Lit, this was especially a feature in 18th-19th century Caribbean countries. While not seen in USA’s langauge since 19th century (AFAIK), the terms mulatto, quadroon, and so on (and many more) are still used to describe the complexion.

      • The best advice is “Avoid the Groid” when possible. I wonder if this meme was a corruption of Domino Pizza’s advertising slogan from around 1990, “Avoid the Noid” ?

    • It’s a weird almost medieval twist on the Maoist struggle session. I shan’t be participating.

    • This is a psychological issue for most. Just tell them that it’s not their fault. Don’t argue otherwise.

  50. Pardon me if I seem a bit melodramatic, but I feel like something changed over the past week or so. Cops kneeling. People willingly destroying their economy and even putting masks on their face for the flu times two. Whites, as a group, seem to have broken.
    As a group, we finally, truly believed that O’Brien was holding up five fingers. Sure, parts of us always believed, but enough parts didn’t, even if they were sufficiently cowed to say there were five. But this week, we seemed to have looked up and truly seen five.

    • Not at all melodramatic. White America is gelded. Whites were gelded long before last week but recent events were a catalyst for their coming out of the eunuch closet. Yep, cops were kneeling … and from my corner of the universe, senior military leaders went prone.
      It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

      • years from now, a lot of Normie Whites are going to say that this was the week they figured out it wasn’t worth saving.

        • Yep. I’m a shockingly normal guy. When my radar goes up, you can bet the same thing is happening to others.

      • This week was the official baptism of white America into the theocracy that has been running the country for some time. Whites seem to have fully accept their sin of racism and will seek forgiveness.
        The CivNat dream that we can live equally under the law is dead. The only acceptable answer to any question involving POC is racism. Any policy about police, affirmative action, housing, crime, etc. will meet no resistance from whites.

        • Well said. The baptism analogy is right on because this is a religion we’re talking about. And like all false religions built on flawed worldviews, at some point it will come tumbling down of its own accord. Reckon it as natural law or God’s judgment, either way same result. History doesn’t show these wall-tumblings to be peaceful either. After about a century of postmodern groupthink, methinks the time for cataclysmic correction is near.

    • Citizen. I felt like you do. But now I believe *nothing has changed*. It has been this way for a long time. What has happened is that it’s been *revealed*!
      An even harder thing to accept, isn’t it? When I finally saw the National Guardsmen kneeling it struck me how deep the cancer was. This group, in all its commentary over the months I’ve been reading, *has not even scratched the surface*.
      But yet, as daunting as this sounds, the shining light is that it is out in the open and seems a point of discussion everywhere. That is the essential first step.

      • Good point.
        Also, I’m not black-pilled. This is just one point on a long road.

    • Very elegant capture there of the whole thing we face, with Orwell. Struck me pretty hard, as I’ve been looking for some image that wraps up the whole of what appears to be going on.
      I just hadn’t thought of that image. Out here where I am in Indian Territory, something different seems to be alive and well.
      During the China virus scare, many of the people did just go on with their lives, even while some business did close down, and the ladies that run the public services did get a bit overwrought.
      With the full opening up here, people seem to just accept that there will be an uptick in numbers of infected, and choose to live with the risk. One month after full reopening, county numbers infected rose from one to fifty-one today. No panic or calls for retrenchment. Life goes on here in this predominately traditional, working / middle class area.
      And with the latest ruling class op — no great turmoil here. There was one night an urgent flash across social media nets (wife not me) that there was to be a protest at local WalMart, but little or nothing materialized. It was kind of a “yawn” event, with even the blacks not mobilizing behind it.
      People in places like this seem armored against seeing five fingers.

      • now … I’m not foolish enough to think that people here COULD NOT be made to see five fingers. Part of it is that our rulers have just not yet had the resources or time to turn their attention and efforts on such remote areas. They need to keep “Sauron’s Eye” focused on Key Terrain for the present while they grow their power and organize resources.

    • It’s the week that the majority of whites were broken. It’s also the week that the future white rump was formed. Those who have the opposite response to this, ie. firm up their beliefs, have cemented themselves for their roles in our future, whatever that might be.
      The harder I’m pushed, the more firm I stand. This goes for most here on the Zblog. Somehow we are just wired differently.
      Look on the bright side. After this week it’s very clear which whites would allow themselves to be murdered in order to appease the Black Gods. These ones might not last long if the situation gets out of control.

      • I’m not black-pilled at all. I’m saddened, but not despondent.
        As the majority of whites fully embrace the new religion, it will wake up those who don’t. They will understand that they are no longer wanted in the larger society.

      • “The harder I’m pushed, the more firm I stand.”
        I kneel in humility before God my creator. Death first, before kneeling before communist filth and globalist vermin.

    • I tell you what has changed over the last three months–America has died.

  51. My sentiments exactly .
    The negro chimp-outs demonstrate the political and social utility of a disproportionate response to perceived state brutality with gratuitous displays of both random and targeted violence. The sons of Obango don’t care that their fellow was a drug addled felon . They don’t care about facts . They want your stuff . 
    This is a very effective appeal to woman who relate every problem to a baby that needs it’s diaper changed . “ Dear , the golliwogs are burning down the bitch , their nappies must be soiled “ . 
    Negroids maintain “ Freedom of Association “ in their own neighbourhoods using similar methods. They go one step beyond the snub , the cold shoulder and the stink eye . It’s very same approach that allowed me to grow up in a town with no visible homomaniacs .
    Life in Africa was defined by tribal warfare, so they evolved to enjoy violence. The people who were born who didn’t enjoy violence would have died off before they could breed.
    The “ good Whites “ secure in their fashionable neighbourhoods , with their wives and daughters , need to be enriched !

  52. The police are here more to protect the bad guys from us than the good guys from them, and for good reason. No police, and shoplifters are beat to death and left on the curb, strangers lurking around town at night are summarily shot, and rioters are mowed down by concentrated firepower.All by normal people protecting themselves and their stuff. The cops are what stands between order and vigilante justice. If Mad Max Thunderdome is what you want, get rid of the police.
    This in no way excuses bad police conduct. Just like bad politicians, they must be aggressively rooted out and punished or the system collapses from its own inconsistencies.

    • What you’ve described is a “feature” of the Black community. To the extent they are or feel ignored by the legal system, they rely on, “self-help” I think it is called. Somebody done you wrong? Just grap the 9mm and take care of business. There is something to be said for a community policing itself. However, Whites generally can avoid spilling blood simply because your dog crapped on my lawn or I said “hello” to your girlfriend on the street. Looking from the outside in, it’s no secret that 90%+ of Black crime is against other Blacks. And if it were 100%, would anyone off the reservation complain?

  53. It’s time to start figuring out in earnest what parts of the country we want to carve out for the leftists and how to move them there by force.

    • I think this is nature and history talking.

      For instance, the French weren’t always French. They used to be other peoples.

      The sorting was probably a bit unpleasant.

      In 400 years, the Left will have their own language and distinct physical characteristics.

  54. If it is any consolation to the people here:
    1. It looks like many of the upscale shopping areas in Manhattan and L.A. have been thoroughly emptied by the “demonstrators”. No radical chic people on lamp posts yet, but we take what we can get.
    2. Just listened to a podcast from National Review (aka the “Cuck” Review to some here) with Rich Lowry, Charles Cooke and Michael Dougherty. One of the three said that he feels like a “chump” for following the lockdown party line given the mass “peaceful demonstrations” without social distancing.

    • In a 24 hour period after Floyd’s death, the whole media turned on a dime from “You must stay at home and socially isolate!” to “everyone go to protests to show your support for feral blacks!”
      Their encouragement of the protests with no regard for social distancing shows that they never believed in the covid plague.

    • Good.
      A few more nudges might get him from feeling like a chump to realizing he was and still is a chump. Then the healing can begin.

    >That’s what is important about these calls to end the police. It is a sign that the people in charge want to be put out of their misery. Their self-hatred often manifests as hatred of us, but in reality, it is hatred of self that is driving them. 
    Also having private security helps. I don’t believe they are suicidal or crazy. They are methodical. BLM wants to end the police, because they are naive and low IQ. The police are the reason they can do their antics with impunity. Good luck trying to loot and riot with an armed private citizenry

    • Andrew Anglin has suggested that police should be repealed and replaced with citizen militias; essentially a roll-back to the Vigilance Committees of the 19th Century.
      Sounds kind of silly on the surface, but I think it would be better for us than the status quo.

      • Who’s seen Charlie Chaplin’s wonderful “The Kid”?
        The cop was the neighbor on the block given a club and a uniform.
        Each ‘hood had their own official guard dog, with citizens as the backup.
        That’s all they needed in the self-organizing balance of home-school-church.
        (That balance worked for every color, too, by the way. The settled black parts of the South have graveyards going back near 300 years.)

      • It’s an idea. The police of today are tasked with enforcing myriad petty rules and regulations. Vigilantes will not be able to do such—just take out after the bigger “per se” crimes, murder, robbery, rape, etc. Back to basics rather than enforcing “Karen” rules.

          • He’s right. It has been flushed down the memory hole, but citizens revolted when the first police forces were introduced. I think there were riots in London called the “peeler riots” or something like that.

          • DS is now Z-blog approved?
            How does this LARPing chameleon manage to slip the “wignat” label here and at Greg’s site?

          • I’ve always looked at the DS as deliberately over the top satire. That is a time honored form of political protest. Years ago I did a post comparing DS to the Merry Pranksters from the 1960’s. It’s the same idea.

          • AA does occasional posts where he’s completely serious. The item linked above is one.

          • Yes, the first police force in England was established by prime minister Sir Robert Peel. (There was no English word to describe it, so the language borrowed the French term Police.)
            Hence the nicknames: “bobbies” from Robert; “peelers” from Peel. “Bobbies” is now out of fashion but occasionally heard. “Peelers” is obsolete.

      • Where I live, before there were local police, the young men would police the community, because the sheriff and the state police didn’t have the resources. Then again, everybody was white and most were distantly related, so things didn’t get out of control.

      • I like this idea too. I’m not a fan of the police and maybe it’s better to have competing militias or even mafias to keep the peace. The militias and mafias may have gotten out of hand, as all large organizations do…there is a reason why the police & state started busting mafias and unions starting in the 1970s. But maybe I’d rather answer to a head 2A sperg, or an Irish Capo, than Lt. Martinez.

        • “The Alchemist & The Humunculous?”
          Is this an Anime comments section now?
          Don’t spoil the ending of FMA: Brotherhood for anyone who hasn’t seen it!

          • It’s a site concerned about “optics” and “wignats” that’s citing a site run by a guy with a huge friendship-wheel tatoooed to his f-ing chest and a guy who looks even creepier than Styx and jokes about rapey White Sharia.
            The DS uses “satire” like (((John Stewart))) did: edge-post, if you get cheers “clown-mask off – serious commentary” – edge-post, if you get blowback “ha-ha, just jokin’ guys, clown mask on, comedian.”
            Is it a “joke” that DS was pivoting from racism and anti-Semitism only a week before these riots started? Is it satire that Anglin has covered every hard-right political base from edgy racist libertarian to costume-Nazi in one decade?
            No, it’s an example of an opportunist grifter who drifts with the political trade-winds without so much as a hand-wave at why he’s making such radical shifts in politics.
            Where’s the weeks of soul-searching commentary on why he was scrubbing racism and anti-Semitism from his site? He just decided it wasn’t all about Whites or Jews after all? He thinks he can memory hole all of that history and play optics-politics to win with his track record?

      • Hutus aren’t capable of forming well-ordered militias, only anarchic gangs. White people, OTOH…

    • Good luck trying to loot and riot with an armed private citizenry

      The cynic in me actually sees an ominous sign regarding this. I don’t think the police will be completely abolished, they will simply be ‘redirected’ to only harass white people, particularly, armed white people.
      Once again, the writing is on the wall so how nobody sees this is odd. What is the biggest problem right now? Original Sin. Systemic Racism. Who causes this- whites. Police wanting the public boot off their own neck will do whatever they need to and they will 100% need to start grinding badwhites down into paste.
      This means the current police won’t have to change much of their operating procedure. They select for low IQ order followers already. So they will just point their attack dogs at whitey and armed white in particular.
      If you think you are going to be left alone to police your own communities and return to a more pastoral type of community enforcement you are woefully naive and have not been paying attention. The only way to stamp out white privilege is to terrorize badwhites. Let’s make it happen! (this from yesterday below out of the 100s of crimes committed this week this is the focus of law enforcement investigations)

      • It seems obvious to me. The fallout from this latest round of rioting and looting is that the police will be directed to do more to stop “white supremacy”.
        And they will carry out their orders to a “T”. With relish.

  56. ZMan sez: “Imagine the cast of the cable chat shows being forced to grovel and plead to a mob of gentle giants”.
    Now you’re just messing with me. Simply too good to be true.

  57. If the last two weeks have taught me anything, it’s that GoodWhites and “fellow whites” are a far greater threat than Jamaal and DuShaun ever were.

    GoodWhites are not “our people” and should not be afforded the principles of the 14 Words.

    • Correct. Where was Peyton Manning? Brady? Any high profile baseball or hockey player? Any of his current or ex-coaches? The charities that he raised millions of dollars for? They all left him to hang.

      • Manning, Brady, millions of other white people are caught up in this. It’s demoralizing. A small mid south town near mine yesterday had a protest walk full of white people including white LEO. It’s like a mass hysteria event, (without the hysteria perhaps)

        • Meh. It is not a sports thing. Brees’ family business was in the public sphere and he ruined it for his brood for no reason.

        • Sportsball is the only version of politicking left to to us, that we can safely talk about.


          It’s boys playing with their army men.

          Girls have their Barbies with fashion.

          Gamer nerds are the ‘Risk’ players. Globalists!


          People like watching and calculating other people. Being sports illiterate, I saw, with astonishment, a young man watching the draft picks.


          He can read these people!

          He was like a general picking his troops. He enjoyed contemplating the potential combinations.


          What’s more, he can honestly assess physical characteristics without getting attacked for it.


          That’s so far beyond me I’ll never get it. In urban environments, people watching is sharpening one’s survival skills.


          Are we to be left nothing?

          Now somebody let the girls into the treehouse, and they’ve turned my big battles into a fashion show catwalk.


          Hey! Put the crawly soldier and the running machine gunner back!





      • You mean Peyton cuck Manning, the guy with the 13 one and dones in the playoffs? the same Manning who supports Jeb! and Bob “Mexico” Corker? Haha surely you jest.
        Brady is too busy with Gisele Bundchen and his $400 million to care.

      • The latest Redpill for me has been that not all whites are family. I 100% believe there is a genetic difference between GoodWhites and BadWhites; it manifests itself in self-loathing, or lack thereof.
        They say the JQ is the toughest redpill to swallow, but I did that one 4+ years ago.

        • Whatever the case, I still have more in common with goodwhites than just about any other group outside my own, at least in racial terms. To cut them off puts us at a disadvantage. We’d be down to 30% of the population overnight.


          Among whites, I think it comes down to masculine vs. feminine. Goodwhites are feminine. They’re prone to self loathing and Stockholm syndrome, materialism. They’re emotional, they subvert, they make trouble and enjoy watching others get caught up in it. They need to belong, and they strictly enforce social norms. They live in hell, as JLP would say, and they’ll bring us into hell with them.


          To further adapt JLP’s ideas, they need to be dominated with patience and firmness. They’ll resist and collect scalps, but that’s life for men since the beginning. It’s how every civilization is built and maintained.


          The fact is, we’re near the bottom. We’ll nearly have to start from scratch, and it’ll be rough going.


          Anyway sorry for rambling.

        • I’m less convinced about the genetic aspect – “pathological altruism” results from (((hostile))) social engineering much more than genetics – see 19th-century Nords & Anglos vs. today. Evolution isn’t that rapid.
          But Good Whites are definitely more dangerous to us than any other group but Fellow Whites, for the same reasons. We let our guard down and stick our necks out because we think they’re “one of us” and they don’t reciprocate. It’s hard to withstand a siege with traitors inside the walls.

          • Good and logical post, Exile. If genetic, why now and not before? If not before, then cause would point to environmental (cultural). Change that environment back and reverse the phenomenon.
            I’m thinking we have an underlying disease—perhaps still somewhat genetic in basis—brought to the surface by that great sea change of the Industrial Revolution and the largess it has brought us. A little Malthusian retrenchment and perhaps we regain some sense.

        • This.
          Watching white people become MORE anti-white from the riots has been a more visceral gut punch than any redpill I’ve taken so far. The kneeling really underlined it.
          Watching it up close with my entire extended family has been particularly shocking… and depressing. I knew they were leftists, they raised me as one, but even though I’ve moved to the right we have still been able to discuss politics and current events to a certain degree without any serious falling out. I always got the impression that they just thought I was being too cynical. I thought they would be redpilled by events.
          On social media I’ve seen plenty of friends and people I’ve known do the sort of half-agreeing half-defensive thing of believing the cop murdered Floyd but condemning the rioting and assaults on white people. Not my family though…
          There was no element of worry or concern for our future in their response, they jumped straight to “their other methods of protest were ignored so this is justified”. They did that almost instantly too, like a reflex. I’ve been pointing out that BLM is pushing a false narrative for years, that there is no epidemic of cops mistreating blacks but an epidemic of black criminality. Doing that again just made them more angry and offended.
          The whole thing has struck me as instinctive on their part. They desperately want to take the side of the ‘other’ when given a chance like this… It’s become rather clear to me what they will do the next time when the stakes are higher.
          Right now I’m wondering if they had expected me to become bluepilled by events. That something like this would convert me back into their thing, and they’re now thinking of me as an enemy the same way I’m thinking of them as a massive liability…
          Regarding genetic difference, that’s the extra bitter coating of this particular redpill. If Dutton and Woodley of Menie are right with their ‘spiteful mutant’ theory, and that’s what my entire family really are… what does that make me? …or any children I may have…

          • Jason – Separate yourself from them. You cannot change them. You cannot fix them. You cannot save them. You can only change and save yourself. Do so by not allowing yourself to be dragged down by them, family or not. Think of what they want for your future, and then turn your back on them.

      • “America” is being Africanized. Culturally this began ca. 1920 with the advent of jazz. Politically and socially it began in 1948 with the integration of the armed forces, and picked up steam in 1964. The only thing about “America” that hasn’t been Africanized is the economy. I suppose that will happen soon enough, and when it does, the frenzy over the carcass begins in earnest.

        • Blackety-black has taken over the public spaces with shocking speed.Only 15 years or so ago hispanics were all the rage. We were told they were unstoppable, climbing to the social and economic zenith. The pearl clutchers of the leftist mainstream media were alarmed that blacks had been elbowed aside in the Oppression Games.
          Lately, though, over a handful of years negroes have won — rather, have been given — the crown back. The media and the institutions have collectively turned on a dime, like a flock of birds or school of fish changing directions at some mysterious signal. Now it’s African American month, every month.
          Don’t ask me who gave the word. I have no inside information about the machinations of the deep state. But of one thing I’m convinced: the negrophilia raining from the establishment, and the corresponding leukophobia now promoted in every corner of society, were planned and guided by our stealth rulers. The rest of us didn’t suicide ourselves.

    • DeBlasio did a press conference where he was quoting ‘Imagine’ from John Lennon and how beautiful that idea is, etc. Fucking hippy boomers who are at the peak of political power haven’t changed one bit from their teen dreams of utopia.
      The dark and grim reality they will spawn with their misguided dream never occurs to them just as it didn’t with the communists before them. So that only cost 50 million in USSR and 60 million for Mao.
      I wonder how many million dead it will cost us? I’d like to Imagine a world where every hippy boomer left-over and modern SJW and everyone in between are put to the sword.  ♫It’s easy if you try… ♫

      • We all have a construct of reality assembled in our minds. Some are in more touch with reality than others. No one has a corner on reality, and if you aren’t asking a lot of questions, every day, and measuring how your observations of the real world mesh with your assumptions about how things are, you are being willfully blind. The mismatch is manifested as cognitive dissonance. DeBlasio’s head must be a really weird place to visit (side note, people and cultures go down a road, a road created by past decisions and actions. Both DeBlasio and our culture are now traveling bad roads, roads that are in hostage to past decisions). Sad to say, my more pessimistic and disturbing assumptions are the ones seeming to match most closely with what I see going on. Observe, think, then evolve and change your assumptions as necessary.

    • Absolutely. Blacks are operating at the “haha dumb whitey kneel lol. Muh jordans be free” level. These whites are actually willing to destroy themselves, and us, in order to virtue signal. They hate themselves, and have dead souls. They seek to lower everyone to their decrepit miserable state.
      That’s why I have no problem with the rioting and looting. It’s only affecting GoodWhites.

      • “Man, these Purge shows are greatest thing ever… Frisco is my favorite… Look! Look! They cornered the tranny! Run, tranny, ruuun!!…”

        The calls, the plays! Sportcaster as a career has never been so fun!

      • Perhaps it’s beyond virtue signaling now for Goodwhites, and there is an element of desperation involved, for survival purposes. The virtue signaling may have evolved from flexing to paying the Danegeld.

        • I don’t think the GoodWhites want to survive, which I am fine with, but I have no intention on going with them.

          • Alot of the GoodWhites don’t realize their stupidity, and genuinely “think” they believe what they’re saying. Some kind of cucking reflex kicks in and instinctively does its work.
            The self hatred *is* their survival mechanism at work. This mechanism works in a white country with white rulers. However in our Brave New World all bets are off and it’s causing things to go wonky.
            Unfortunately when a species is ill-adapted to its environment they usually go extinct. Our main goal is to make sure they don’t bring us down with them, and also to have lots of children.

      • Still don’t get the kneeling in light of the cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck. The optics are so stupid. Makes me wonder if the jokes on blacks.

        • That’s why I wish we’d allowed for a period of review, followed perhaps by a trial after review. Hell, even a number of postings here excoriated the police based on a video without explanation/elaboration.
          I find it ironic that our vibrant race pimps have the nerve to describe the incident as a form of “lynching” yet call for immediate “justice” without further evidence and hearing. That’s what was always my definition of a lynching.
          What we can only achieve now is sacrifice to appease our new overlords—which has never worked in the past.

  58. “The thing is, this system cannot survive a month without the cops.”
    The current police paradigm has existed only since the middle of the nineteenth century. It’s a relatively new feature of developed society. The idea that it should continue to exist, unchanged in its current form for the foreseeable future is silly. The fact is, however, that things are going to get worse.
    The elites will have access to an unparalleled quantity of information about every citizen, from its pre-natal life to death. Regardless of who is in charge, and someone will be in charge, this critical information will be used to sift the compliant from the rebellious, or even just the skeptical.

    • actually we’re making it easy for them. They’ve got video everywhere and they can just watch and see who’s not wearing the mask because those are the rebellious people. This only applies for white people of course

    • The police come in two forms: public and private. The public police is what we have so far spoken of. Those are the ones most of us will miss. That is to say, we will be defenseless outside of what we can do for ourselves. (Some here will applaud this no doubt.)
      The private police are what the elites have. They sometimes pay for this themselves, or force the taxpayers to pick up the dime. The elites will not be without them as they have them now and will have the means to provide even more as needed. So I’m not sure how we can conclude that lack of public police will affect them negatively.
      When the police go away, or become thoroughly corrupt, the elites seem to manage just fine. For examples of this, look to most any South American shit-hole country.

      • Getting rid of the public police would be just another step in the direction of overt feudalism. Each oligarch then hires whatever size army he feels he needs to protect his domain.
        One thing about our particular elite is that they seem to delight in using the media to gull the masses into working against their own interests. I’m sure they are shitting themselves with glee at the sight of stupid white middle class college girls demanding, effectively, that rape gangs be allowed to run wild in their neighborhoods. This trait is well developed among a certain (((faction))) of the elite especially who love to think they are smarter than everyone else.
        I’m sure the South American “model” is what they have in mind. As usual though I don’t think they’ve thought this through and wargamed it out fully. South American peasants never had a Republican or Yeoman farmer/shopkeeper tradition. They never had a tradition of self-reliance and widespread gun ownership. Basically, you didn’t have to impose feudalism on them, they thought of it as normal already.

    • We also have lots of information on them and as we’ve seen asymmetrical tactics work pretty well. Its not hopeless, only difficult.
      Also note the elite need a stable currency to pay people with. Considering the situation, they may have no currency or really much in the way of things to buy if things go on.
      They maybe can retreat to a bunker some place but its hard to rule that way and if they stay in a developed nation, its a liability. All that development can and will be used against them
      Between trade problems, riots, the shut down and lack of safety, the system is imploding. The current executive order allows 401K’s to invest everyday people’s funds into private equity. Its an attempt to keep these funds alive.
      The system is dying and nothing can stop that,
      As for masks and COVID, most people aren’t masking up where I live , its only in the rabbit warrens and bug hive and among a few people. If it concerns you, wear a mask. No biggy.
      My guess is that the cities are staring to implode much as they did in Rome, people will flee them leaving them as hell pits . This is the historic patterns and we are seeing near all of it, only sped up to extreme speeds.
      Religious madness (woke) , urban decay, gang activity, riots, looting. You can’t tel if its 220 or 2020.
      Hell I’m seeing centrists like Tim Pool talking about resilient post urban communities now
      Its not going to work or even a good idea, if everyone is county no one is country but his heart is in the right place.

  59. It turns out that it is Whites who are the degenerates. It is Whites who hate their own race. See The Great White Cuck Drew Brees’ groveling apology. Going forward police cars will have “To Serve And Protect The Negro” stenciled on their fenders. All hail the Mighty Negro!!
    As for you White Boy, you poor sod, you’re going to be writing books(because you will be denied an internet forum) nobody will read with titles like “White Like Me.” Good luck.

    • As much as I want to be pissed off at Brees, I came upon an observation: not ONE fellow player, or coach, or commentator, NOBODY defended his comments. Not Peyton Manning. Of course NOT Brady. Not any of his current or former team-mates. He has 3 pre-teen sons that he would like for them to play professional football. He had no choice. He could have told them to fuck off, and quit with the $120 million. That would have ended his sons’ football career prospects. That and the fact that NOT ONE person in public stood in solidarity with him. I think he capitulated for his childrens’ sake. I will let it slide for that reason.

      • Don’t matter. He ruined the Brees name anyway. Another white who thinks others forgive like he would.

        • maybe. But this is the only chance he had to save his sons’ career prospects. Holding firm in his original statement would have made it impossible for any of his sons to play professional football (or any other American sport). He is not looking for forgiveness for himself. At least, so far, the Leftists are not using the North Korean rule of killing all family members 3 generations removed.

          • That’s the stuff we are made of – we fold like cheap suit because or son’s very theoretical NFL career might be threatened. Stern stuff we are made of. The founding fathers risked nothing compared to Brees.

          • He took the scarlet letter. Whatever would’ve happened to him by standing firm is less than what’s in store now. This is going to be held over his head, and sins of the father, etc.

          • Everybody here is sailing right by a very important element in the Drew Brees thing. Brees is invested in the future with his kids. We are all invested in our own families’ futures. Low time preference, plant the tree you’ll never sit under, blah, blah. The powers-that-be use that against us, as leverage to cuck us out. If you don’t play their game, they’ll burn down your future and the future of everyone associated with you. We don’t have good answers for that, outside of the basic “fight” or “flight”, either of which hands them a victory, because the city square is either demolished in the fighting, or abandoned by us. They win either way.
            On a grand scale, they are playing the same game with all of us who don’t “play along”. They are destroying the fabric of our culture, piece by piece, because we won’t take a knee and cuck out.
            Z-man missed the point slightly. Defunding the police is not self-suicide for the elite, at least not directly. It is murder of the middle class, by stripping them of protection. The elite have always leveraged the poor against the middle class, not themselves. But Frankenstein’s monster is starting to turn on its master. Occupy Wall Street was a shot across the bow of the elites. But they insist on following the black community organizer playbook. The target is us, but the elites will take a huge hit, too. So, in a sense, Z’s point of elite suicide is true. But I think it is an inadvertent suicide, not a planned and thought out one. It is a suicide borne of being too clever by half, and assuming outcomes that just aren’t going to be true, i.e. brutal consequences not solely contained to others.

          • Good point. The current elites have an ever-growing private security industry to protect their fiefdoms, families and loot. But eventually the mercenaries realize that there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be sitting in the big boy chair, and there’s no one guarding the guard dogs.
            The elite’s use of racial Janissaries is the same process on a macro-scale. It will work until one day it doesn’t Then the mud golem will run loose and wreak its vengeance, just like the Jewish folk-tale. We’re seeing the trailer for this movie right now in our streets.
            From a species standpoint, however, this will be disastrous because the Blacks & Browns don’t have the intellectual capability or motivation to look beyond the horizon. The list of famous non-White explorers and innovators is shorter than “Jewish sports legends.”
            Once the bright White lights go out, (((They))) go out with us, and Earth lapses into the civilizational Brown-and-Black-out we call a “Malthusean Trap.”
            Contra John Carpenter, on a long timeline, They Don’t Live.

          • Dutch,
            “the city square is either demolished in the fighting, or abandoned by us. They win either way.”
            I’m operating from the perspective that abandoning the square allows me to find and build community. Which is then defended from the remaining brown goo that survives their self-cull.
            Are you suggesting that no part of the U.S. can defend against this current drama? I’m in it for my kids…of course.

          • Moss, I call it a form of retreat, regroup, and build. The least bad choice. We do it away from the town square. It’s all we have right now.

          • I guess I’m middle aged now, but even as a teenager I had the sense that my future was being robbed— by exactly the kind of weakness Drew Brees showed. The future belongs to those willing to risk everything for it. Going along to get along has never worked.

          • Further point is that there are many worse things than not being able to play pro cuckball. Especially if your family already has more money than you know what to do with. (I know, 120 million just doesn’t buy what it used to )

          • There is a house down the street from me that is currently being offered for sale at $55,000,000.
            That amount is nearly half of $120,000,000.
            Add-in upkeep, taxes, staff, security and vehicles and it really is true that $120,000,000 doesn’t buy what it used to.

          • Dear Ned The Great Negator:
            I posted a fact and rendered a sarcasm.
            You aren’t sufficiently intelligent to handle the truth or an attempt at humor.
            Also, you appear envious of those who bothered to generate wealth for themselves and for others.
            That is all.

      • The problem of course is the apologies will do neither him or his kids any good – they’re now “marked” white males – see the illiterate negro shannon sharpe. The better lesson for his sons would have been to stick to his guns for what he truly believed and told them all to FO.

        • Easy to say this in hindsight. I agree that his family might be fucked no matter if he apologized or not, but it is like getting a 16 with the dealer showing 10.
          Holding firm in his original statement is equivalent to taking a card and for sure busting with a 25. Apologizing is like holding at 16 which gives that 3% better chance of perhaps the dealer busting. He should have NEVER put himself out there like he did. It sucks but it is what it is.
          I personally, think the apology gets his kids off the hook.
          And the unspoken point is the NOBODY, I mean NOBODY connected with the NFL defended him at any level. This is the worst part.
          Even the Tony Dungy defense of him was wishy washy at best.

          • I guess if the chance of one of his kids getting into the negro felon league was that important to him the groveling makes sense. I still maintain it won’t do him or them any good. As far as anyone defending him, of course no White individual connected with the league would utter a peep – it’d be all over for them as well. Only a magical negro could have piped up, but as I’ve said before, who gives a crap what any of them think or has to say.

          • Dude, your just living in fantasy land at this point. The man is a multi millionaire. His children and grandchildren are set.
            A real man would have told them to FO and quit.
            Unfortunately, he is not a real man, and never will be.

      • So White Americans are “cheese eating surrender monkeys” because “the children.” The suicide of the West continues apace.

        • Do you have kids? It is easy to play macho cocky guy if you are single. The boys will be fucked if he did not apologize. They have no way to defend themselves. He took the L and will hope that the sons get left alone (which they likely will).
          Multiple times in Z man’s blog and in the comments, we mention that suicide runs will not defeat the bad guys.
          Brees fucked himself not reading the situation. His sons don’t deserve to be fucked before they even get a chance to step up to the plate. Not apologizing basically would be a suicide run for his family.

          • Come one Carl.
            You don’t have to like sports or the fact he chickened out with his bullshit apology to realize that his mistake was making the original statement.
            What good did it serve? Nothing. Other than ruining his family’s life.

          • His original statement couldn’t have been more bland CivNat stuff. That statement was boilerplate a year or so ago, said by dozens of others.
            His mistake wasn’t the statement. He was just caught up in the ever shifting sands of what’s acceptable. He didn’t realize that the flag, the country, the Constitution now bow down to white racism and racial injustice. Those are now the only acceptable explanations for anything.

          • Ruining his family’s life? The guy’s a multi-millionaire many times over. He could easily set his boys up today to be comfortable for life and then encourage them to avoid life in a human flea circus, surrounded by feral blacks. Make them learn a useful skill or start a business. He’s got the means to tell everyone in the world to GFT. Instead, it’s money and sportsball uber alles.

          • It’s not just money. Brees dwells in a multi-culti environment, and has been trying to navigate his way through it, and still stay a tiny bit true to his heart. Well, guess what? Those sands shift quickly, and he is being swallowed up. The lesson? Don’t live and play in a multi-culti environment. Seek out your own and dwell there. Separatism. For that matter, Colin Kirkpatrick could have avoided a lot of grief for himself by doing the same. Multi-culti is the Scylla and Charybdis of our day.

          • “Don’t live and play in a multi-culti environment. Seek out your own and dwell there.”

          • There are plenty of worse things than not being able to destroy your body playing cuckball.

          • His boys are fucked because they might not play in the NFL? The NFL is fucked anyway. Viewership fell last season and will continue to fall, for reasons not all related the Kaepernick and associates bs.
            I think with Brees’s money he was save from the “suicide” run.

          • I’ve got 3 sons, 3 daughters. The former are raised to be independent men – which in today’s reality means I’m steering them toward non-corporate, entrepreneurial trades. The latter are raised to be highly educated, highly skilled future wives of independent men.
            I get it – you love your kids. You need to love them so much that you’re willing to steer them away from the bowing and scraping. Build unassailable character into their hearts and they may not be successful corporatists but they’ll certainly make you proud. And they’ll be free from living the lie.

          • CAPT S has made the salient point.
            The Left doesn’t care what you think as long as you bow down to them and hold your tongue. Eventually, they will control freely your children and grandchildren. They play the long game.
            Compilation means they win and you and your progeny lose—might as well never have had them. What has been inculcated here are the essential behavioral aspects of a slave, a defeated people. Not the love of a father for his children.

          • What you persist in refusing to see is that his sons are fucked anyway. His unprincipled capitulation is the moral equivalent of Lot offering his daughters to be raped to spare his “guests.” Utter futility because Sodom is going to be destroyed. You, sir, should learn to fiddle so you can LARP as the reincarnation of Nero while America burns.

          • Getting angry at whites who are still stuck in the old paradigm is what our enemies expect of us. That’s why the hype the Brees story. Instead of haranguing the BoomerCon over this, use it to move him along the path our way. It’s not as emotionally satisfying, but it is what must be done if we are to survive.

          • Oh, it’s definitely a warning. Whites can no longer hide behind CivNat platitudes. Whites must acknowledge the sin of white racism or face the consequences.

          • Z is right. The treatment of Brees is great fodder for getting a few Joe Normies to wake up.
            “All Brees said was that people shouldn’t disrespect the flag and they hung him out to dry. I guess to be a good American these days, you have to believe that whites are a bunch of racists.”

          • I’ll finish the statement for you: “you have to believe that whites are a bunch of racists–And Say So Publicly.”

          • What the Left is doing to itself is insane. They are turning on their own. We all know how context is everything with those guys. Well, they are using context to take their own down. If a white girl dresses up, or takes a picture of herself, or draws a caricature of herself that makes her look any darker skinned than she “really is”, they are trashing her. If someone uses the term “black lives matter” in an apologetic or offhand manner, not steeped in a context of careful reiteration of all the approved surrounding arguments, they are being burned at the stake. Doxxing, takedowns, non-personhood. It has started. They are eating their own, and there is no way for them to head off the virtue spiral. There is a thing where people post a photo of themselves drinking tea, when they agree with the takedown and support the ones burning the others down. Nasty bitchy girl stuff, really insane. Schadenfreude time.

          • Brees is a rich man and his kids will never even have to work let alone play a stupid game populated by stone age savages.
            It would be different if he was a working class white but he’s not.
            His behavior just shows how weak whites are.

        • Correct analysis. Sadly too many DR males would take a knee so their spawn could -play stupid,.usless games populated by savages.who hate them.

      • I thought it ironic, the fact that he had to grovel back meant that the flag, and thus his protests against disrespecting, were invalid.

        • Of course the situation is awful. But this is our world currently. Drew should not have put himself in this situation without realizing the consequences to his family.

          • This is the point of the Zman yesterday.
            Whatever you say can and will be held against you.
            Journalists’- hello, girls- job is to trap you into making a ‘controversial’ soundbite.

          • It has always been that way with journalists. I used to work in the news industry. And not long ago (’00-’13)
            It is one of the main things we always trained our executives to do in an interiew: don’t take the bait. Stick to your top 3 messages.
            They will always throw one or more left-field questions at you. That is the bait. Don’t take it.
            Brees clearly didn’t understand (as said before) that the sands have shifted.
            BUT- I have to say, I think the guy did cuck himself. He could have stuck to his statement, faded into oblivion and still lived off the interest of his investments / saved income.
            Maybe he’ll discover Z-man one day…

        • Exactly. This past week has changed things. White racism is the only explanation for anything with blacks and, probably, other POC. And if you don’t kneel and admit it, you will be destroyed.
          Brees’ comment was classic CivNat garbage, but garbage that was perfectly acceptable a year or two ago.

          • The best part is that black people only make up 12% of the population, and represent the most dysfunctional demographic by far, and yet wield enormous power over all of us, because our betters are that craven and pathetic.
            We are approaching the end zone, fellas.

          • They will call evil good and good evil…End times are coming boys how do you want to face it…Do you want to face it alone or with a Community of God fearing Men at your side…

          • Lineman,
            The need for community grows by the day. Whites will no longer be allowed to just keep their heads down and be protected by talking about our love of the Constitution and flag.
            We will be forced to publicly acknowledge our sin of being white.
            Also, was wondering about your thoughts on this tactic for finding each other. What about mentioning a few local groups that we think are doing good work. The groups should be big enough that there would be plenty of non-dissidents, but not too big that we couldn’t get to know the people involved.
            It’d be tough, but we’d just have to find each other in those groups. The key is that there are enough non-dissidents that anyone trying to infiltrate wouldn’t know who’s who.
            You take your time. Don’t admit or talk about any of this. If you find a few guys who seem like they might be us, get to know them – slowly. Go to there house. Meet the family. Find out about their job, how long they’ve working where they are. Basically, make sure they are who they say they are.
            I don’t know. We all have a lot to lose, but we need to find each other. Of course, we don’t need others to find us. Therein lies the problem.

          • Brother do you have deep family ties and Community where you are? If you don’t then you need to seriously look at getting out of where you are at…A job can be found anywhere Brother…If you or anyone wants to at least consider other options you can email me at even if you just want to contact others I can put you in touch…Don’t end up like Lot where you have to sacrifice something valuable because you didn’t take the opportunity to leave when you had the chance…

          • I hear you, but I can’t move, at least not for some time.
            I just wish that there was some safe way to get some of together in the DC area. Admittedly, we’re in the belly of beast, so added danger, but there are a fair number of us.
            I truly believe that something changed this past week or so. Not sure why I feel this way. The riots aren’t particularly different than the many that have come before. But there was something about the police and politicians kneeling and so many whites (not antifa, bur regular whites) marching and chanting about racial injustice, i.e. white racism. It was a capitulation. White racism is now the official cause of society’s ills.
            Civic Nationalism died this week as well. Cuck whites can no longer avoid admitting their original sin by saying how much they love their country or want equality under the law. Their country is racist, their laws are racist. They must bow down.
            Whites are now officially sinners, guilty at birth and have no right to resist any policy aimed against them. Yeah, this has sort of been the case for awhile, but it’s official policy now. That’s different.
            Whites will start to get squeezed. This capitulation of whites with the coming Dem control of the presidency and the House (and thus the judiciary) is ominous.

          • @CITIZEN-
            I hope you’re checking this feed, b/c I live near you. (Have mentioned this before.)
            I am near The Cemetery.
            And APEX Predator is in Bethesda.
            There we have it: three of us already.
            If you want, I will send Lineman an email and we can connect via him, if that makes you feel better.

          • Carrie,
            Didn’t see that before. Also, Apex Predator lives in Bethesda. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Was he chanting and begging forgiveness the other day. 😉
            I’ll drop Lineman a line via my newly created Protonmail account. It seems ridiculous (well, it used to seem ridiculous), but we need to be careful.

          • I replied on yesterday’s thread but I’ll do so again here. I can be reached at
            Word to the wise given the intensity with which the powers that be are cracking down which will get much worse. Opsec is important. Hotmail and Outlook, the two email addresses I see listed here are both owned by Microsoft. That is not good. They aren’t as compromised as Google or Apple but they aren’t far behind too.
            I had my techology weaponized against me once already, that will never happen again. I recommend you switch to much less intrusive email providers like protonmail or tutamail, etc.
            This will become more & more important once the hammer starts coming down harder on ANY heretics which I expect is going to happen sooner rather than later if this religion takes hold which it looks like it has.

          • Reading this thread I’ve been thinking that we all need to make whatever real world connections we can where we are. Even if you are in a place like urban CA which is basically lost to us, finding others can help with finding work and places to stay in more friendly territories. These things might well become matters of life and death if events start moving even more quickly. I’ve said for a long time that the model for CWII in the US is not CWI but the partition of India/Pakistan due to the heavy intermingling of hostile populations.
            I’m in the Portland, OR metro area and boy is it lonely here. I’ll do what I can to help our cause though. I’ve emailed with Dutch and Lineman. I’m at

          • That 12% of the population couldn’t wield the influence they do without a certain 1% of the population foaming the runway for them

          • Blacks don’t wield much power at all. Their “leadership” does because they can make a credible threat to businesses that they will stampede the black masses into a murderous frenzy against them unless the leaders get kickbacks. This is an old racket and one that people like Jesse Jackson and now the younger generation of troublemakers are experts at.
            The usual pattern is that the black leadership sets these fires and then stands off to the side with a firehose and a sign that says “insert Benjamins to turn on water”. This time the fire they’ve started may be burning out of control.

          • ”CivNat garbage that was still acceptable three years ago”
            But, I was told Trump was moving the Overton Window our direction!

          • Ouch. It seems the broadened Overton window applies only to Trump. For the rest of us, it has narrowed.

      • Hard to know what is in a man’s heart.


        But if the man could have spared his sons’ a life of clownball AND leave his family all that money…


        Better his boys first become soldiers and sailors. Then accountants or bakers or lawyers or tailors.


        Better to coach little league in Dickies and Carhartts than clown in silks and suits.


        The man had a choice. And he chose poorly.


        This is how it appears to me.


        What good is Fuck You money if you never say ‘Fuck you’ to anybody?

      • I hear you. But Brees could have taken his defense from the likes of Solzhenitsyn’s “Live Not By Lies.” None of us on this blog can expect sheep to rally to our banner. But truth resonates. Courage resonates. Think about what might have happened if Brees – instead of apologizing – had doubled down on his statement.
        There are worse things than ruining your kids football prospects. Things like castration.

        • How often do we come up with the perfect rejoinder?
          All my earth-shaking brilliance arrives about three days after chewing it over 600 times.
          Being prepared for a camera interview is now a major part of their career.
          These pros need to get the same coaching politician-performers do.
          Heck, some news talking heads should put out their shingle.

          • On the other hand, these big name athletes get exactly the same coaching as politician-performers. Their agents do everything in their power to maximize their investment, which means continual advice on public relations; i.e. say this, don’t ever say that.
            I’m terrible at extemporaneous rejoinders. But Brees had a lot of time to reflect before he went out with his apology. He listened to his agent and investment advisors and acted accordingly. Result? Nuts on the deck.

          • Disclaimer: I’m not remotely taking up for or defending Brees or his apology.
            It probably worked well enough for what he was presumably trying to accomplish. His receivers and running backs turned on him and the next season (most likely his last year before retirement) would likely have been untenable under those circumstances. Now that he has groveled, his teammates are grudgingly coming around to forgive him for initially being insufficiently worshipful of blacks.

          • Here’s the deal. If he wasn’t going to stand behind what he said, he never should have said it. Saying something and then issuing a groveling apology just makes you look weak as water.

          • Yet another reason to avoid dealings with Blacks. You are one misstep from them turning on you. You may “befriend” a Black, but in return he will only “tolerate” you. That is the sad fact of the American society we live in today.

          • I think some of our great minds on here could get togehter and brainstorm some messaging.
            With my PR background and your brains, we might have something!!

          • The French have a term :”L’esprit de l’escalier” -roughly ” thought of the staircase”, to describe the perfect rejoinder that always presents itself as you leave,

        • I can’t help thinking of my youth and my Catholic parochial schooling. Basically, most moral points taught were often based around the lives of Saints—who were early on most often martyrs.
          The whole damn point was that their courage—even in the face of the ultimate penalty—was unbendable. These people were illustrative of what a good Catholic was to strive for in his journey through life. They in their actions inspired and produced a strong core of leadership by example.
          We were never taught to “run away and live to fight another day”. As has been mentioned, sheep are not going to lead other sheep. If a man such as Brees with his resources could not withstand the howls of the loons, then he’s not that strong a man. We are all human, but it’s hard for me to make excuses for him.

          • As a fellow RC, the lesson of the martyrs is always that we are in the World but not Of the World. We know there is something after this life and look forward to that life. I recommend the writings of St Thomas More “The Sadness of Christ” This saint had alot to say about how and why Christ was betrayed. This set of writing has been a source of comfort for me.

      • Yeah, it’s funny. I had on a sports show while driving yesterday. Hadn’t listened to it in years, but was curious how they’d grovel and they mentioned Brees, so I looked it up.
        The funny part was how hilariously banal his over-the-top CivNat comments were. And for that, he was destroyed. It shows that nothing less than acknowledging your white privilege and that white racism causes all problems will be tolerated. America, the flag, the Constitution. They all will bow down.

      • Thanks for your comment thread. You’ve unintentionally focused on a critical point: the role of professional sports as the Bread & Circuses of male identity. 
        Being a good company man and the manifestation of masculinity redirected to sports fandom have replaced a man’s bond to his community. The transfer of those loyalties and interests made the destruction of traditional communities that much easier. A steady diet of games, highlights, sports talk, stats, memorabilia, sports nostalgia, and more…sucked all of the oxygen out of the tent. Most hardly even noticed they had left behind the things their ancestors had built, that their families were suddenly miles apart, that they had new groups of friends every handful of years…Male energy sucked into the false identity of professional sports fandom was a big part of how a lot of this happened without much protest or even notice. Bread and Circuses in all its worst aspects. A false identity that is as harmful as is porn, another form of false identity.
        Whites walking away from this would be a big plus for our people and our prospects. Sports was once how a male community bonded with competition among friends and the participation of sons, fathers and grandfathers.
        This happens even here on an explicitly white identity and white interest blog. That how powerful and seductive it can be.

        • Thank you! 20 posts about Drew Brees. Who gives a damn? The nation is cratering at a pace any accelerationist would be proud of and we are concerned about one white millionaire, really? This is why we lose.

          • It’s relevant because its reflective of white groveling. No need to give a damn about Brees, but a great conversation opener with our sportsball-addicted acquaintances that can be nudged to our side.

          • Never seen so many comments wasting space about a nobody like Brees. His focus is Sportsball. He needs his black offensive line to protect him.
            He’s made his choice. His original statement was also cucky. So I don’t know why we’re so “disappointed” about a CivNat cuck getting roasted. Don’t punch right, sure, but don’t defend the cuck right when their pets turn on them either.
            Stop participating in the Bread and Circuses, it doesn’t matter.

        • The actual sportsmen used to be a reflection of us and our mores, more or less. Score a touchdown and simply hand the ball to the ref, like you’ve been there before. The sports changed, the culture changed along with it, and fans were blind to it and didn’t exit the arena. It’s finally happening now, they are leaving, but about 40 or 50 years too late.

          • Sports proved the critical salient to America’s insane Hutuphilia. Once the major sports were integrated and Hutus began succeeding and even dominating in those sports, white men began to think, “Gee, if they’re such great athletes, maybe they’re not so bad after all.” Idiotic, but there you go. Acceptance of blacks quickly morphed into worship, and then white women began following suit. If Hutus hadn’t done so well in sports, I truly believe this country’s condition would not be quite so horrendous.

          • I don’t know who this Brees is since I don’t care about Sportsball. What I do know is that pro sports and spectator wars in places most people didn’t hear about until we started bombing them are a big part of what makes the life of a typical white cuck (somewhat) tolerable. As such it’s good to see it finally dying. It’s another step in the direction of people realizing that things cannot continue the way they have been.

          • There is nothing wrong with sports if you do them as a participant at some level (school, city rec league, church league, etc.). These games were created by our ancestors and are part of Western civilization. Unfortunately, like everything else they have been ceded to the destuctors.

          • Oh I agree. By using the sarcastic term sportsball I’m referring to the big league, big money, professional distraction stuff that gets on TV.
            In fact I agree with the idea that people should participate in sports to build character and courage as well as to avoid the sedentary lifestyle of so many of today’s children and adults. I think given the current political situation, if I had kids I would emphasize things like martial arts and shooting more than chasing a ball but I think all of them have value.

          • Playing sports, especially martial ones is good
            Professional sports OTOH are the sign of an overdeveloped civilization. Once you can afford to pay people huge amounts of money to play sports for you, you will become decadent.
            While I have no children I can tell you they wouldn’t be playing sports but instead learning martial skills . The same hours spent at making “safe” men by venting healthy testosterone on useless converged sports can make very proficient killers.

      • Not only did no one stand up for him, the sports networks spent the day going after anyone else who expressed BadThink.
        But, he should have simply told them to drop dead. Of course, that’s easier said than done. You have to figure he, his wife, and his kids would be pariahs forever.

      • If you don’t have a connection to the area, it’s hard to understand just how well-liked and revered that Brees is in the New Orleans area. He came to the Saints just after Hurricane Katrina. The fate of the city was uncertain. It was widely believed that the Saints would not return to New Orleans. The Superdome was in shambles. A few years later, the Saints won their only Superbowl with Brees as the quarterback/hero. Brees became the personification of New Orleans’ and the whole region’s recovery.
        Brees is also well known for his philanthropy. Just the most recent example: he donated $5 million to Louisiana for corona relief. No pun intended, but he is viewed almost as a saint.
        If public figures in New Orleans or Louisiana in general wouldn’t offer any support for Drew Brees, there is no hope for anyone else.
        Also, you would think Brees was quoting Z-Man the way people are carrying on. He just supported standing for the national anthem and even then had to qualify it by talking about his grandfathers’ serving in WWII. It’s not like he called out this whole BLM/riot movement as the bullshit that it is. They cast their hero into the void for his view that would have been not only uncontroversial but almost unquestioned a few years ago.

        • I would say there is no hope for anyone that still thinks we can all just get along and funds their own destruction…

      • Never apologize. It doesn’t work. I thought that was common knowledge in these circles. When will we learn?

        • Not a sports guy but I doubt he’s in our circles. If he’s right wing he’s a civ nat and those people still cling to the idea of American as an ideal or an ethos that anyone can learn rather than homogeneity as true power

      • His sons don’t need feetsball. If a hundred and twenty million is not FU money, what the heck is?
        He could divide half of that money equally among his sons and they would still have more money than any of them could reasonably make themselves. Only the top of the top makes this kind of money and that assumes they are good enough and have the body to make the national feetsball league.

      • Pity the poor pro ahtlete who can’t envision quitting with $120 million and not having enough to support himself and two sons 🙂

    • I care as much for his kid’s future as cares for mine. In a few more years I will be hard pressed to even know who he is or what was the deal with professional sports being such a part of our lives.

      • You are right.
        All I am taking about is the tactical reason for his apology, since it was brought up. I care about his personal situation about as much as he cares about mine (zero).
        For the record, his apology looked like one of those prisoner apologies made by US soldiers held by the Vietcong. That probably pisses off the leftists even more.

      • They guy has a 120 million dollars in the bank according to this post (I have no idea who it is) and yet, he still grovelled to the mob. He is a coward.
        In a way, the cowering apology is always (hopefully) part of the morality play going on with these things. What he said was so bland and inoffensive that it makes it even worse.
        What is the point of even having a 120 million dollars if you can’t say what you think even when what you have to say is pretty much uncontrovertial to most people? It’s called FU money for a reason.

      • Yep. And I might say, who has had the most affect (negative) upon us/him and our children. We, critiquing Brees’ actions in the relative anonymity of this blog—or Brees publicly (nationally) capitulating to BLM and such folk? No, he did us a great disservice in his self-serving apology.

    • I agree with you that cucky, degenerate whites are a big problem. However, that is only one of our two problems. The other problem is that a foreign race who historically hates whites has effective control over the media that has shaped and incentivized these cucky whites since birth.
      There was a certain figure from history who insisted that the media be exclusively run by the traditional people of his land.

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