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    Court says Doctors don’t need to be accepted in local hospitals [in case the aborshun goes wrong].
    No loss. The mother shouldn’t make it off the table.
    Nope, she shouldn’t.
    Nothing to do with the court watching TV, no…
    I’m not sad. I know who gets aborted. 53%.
    It’s still funny. The Cult of the Laws will die hard.
    A toast to the Supremes, and to eugenics applied.


  2. That was a good show. I have an old friend, Vietnam vet, karate master, classic blue collar ‘Murica civ nat patriot and very patriotic indeed. Much older than me, he has ‘moments of clarity’ but still very much the old school civ nat beliefs that America is a set of ideas more than a people. How on earth to tell a guy like him that the America he suffered and fought for in dark jungles far away, I have no idea. I feel melancholy coming over me now. Here’s to what may soon no longer be but sure as hell once was, and shone. Cheers to that! Stay strong, one day, each other is all we ll have.

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  5. On the immoral coldness of the Reactionary “Take Personal Responsibility” outlook. From about the 42:45 to end of podcast. That was good. (Disagree on Z’s melodramatic slippery-slope catastrophe framing of legalized marijuana. But that’s just Z’s inner dad bursting out, so no biggy). But good 20 minutes touching on the importance of empathy through understanding the forces that put people in a jam. It’s a high psychological hurdle for certain hard-scrabble types (for anyone really) who’ve overcome tough things, to listen to someone discuss their own adversities. Their legit hardships are seen as a “sob story”.

    It’s said that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It’s also true that what doesn’t kill you makes you bitter. Hard hearted. Translating to a political tunnel vision. Looking for “root causes” is a Prog thing. But as Z covered, there’s a need for that perspective on our side too.

    For instance. I think it’s right that government and business are helping blacks start their own large scale marijuana businesses. Anyone who was a big fan of the COPS tv show knows what I’m saying. For decades the government ruined the lives of young black guys for selling weed. Then same govt turns around and basically says, “oops, sorry about that. weed was always ok. it’s fine to sell it. go make money everyone!”

    • You act like white lives haven’t been ruined for drug offenses too

      or DUI laws. I know a number of working class guys financially ruined from DUI fines and fees and jail. Granted, DUIs were never legal, but the process is MEANT to be punitive to working class people. Everyone has their pet theories for why it’s this way, but it is.

      That said, there are a ton of things that were once forbidden and illegal the became legalized. Pot isn’t the only one.

      Like I say, pretty much everything the mafia was thrown in jail for is now pretty much legal. Gambling, loan sharking, etc. Credit cards legal charge usury rates. I think GW is the one who gave them that right.

      • I speak only of weed because it’s pretty harmless. To throw into the mix alcohol (you) or heroin (Z) distorts the issue. So, as for weed, it’s criminalization hurt blacks more. For a number of reasons. A few we’d surely agree on. Anyway, your response highlights the empathy topic. i.e. “Screw them. We had it just as bad.” No. no we didn’t.

    • I have no time for crazed fools who want government to “help” anybody do anything, anytime.

  6. Sorry Zman, you are flat wrong on taxes. Not about Libertarians, but you fail to accept the reality that the rich hate us. [They do]. Do you think that the Rich would EVER get taxed? Microsoft? Apple?
    No, opposition to taxes is a White Identity movement that appeared early. Don’t be taxed, and hand over greater and greater amounts of money to the Federal Government run by the rich who hate us (and non Whites, ditto) to help enslave us.
    Rather, be opposed to taxes since it gives middle class White moeny in ever greater amounts to non-Whites and the rich to exterminate us. Because the Feds cannot be trusted any more than Woke Capital (they are in fact the same).
    The “Rich” is always us. Ordinary White people. We can never, EVER trust the government which is in our enemies hands. And always will be. Rather we should attack the rich and government seek to starve both.
    Our Rich people will never have to take sides. Look at the Guptas in South Africa. That is the whole point of global rich money.
    Class Warfare is just race warfare, aimed at the mutual enemy of Rich Whites and non-Whites: US.

  7. Great show and despite it being older is quite timely. A repeat of late May early June in 10 years will be far worse. They will be going into increasingly marginalized white areas and lynching people.
    Most white people live in white areas and I have to think a lot of them have no idea how late in the game it is. People under 18 are majority non-white (I think it’s worse because nearly all whites get counted, but many non-whites slip through and don’t get counted) In 7 years it will be adults and children under 25. 5 years after that, under 30.

    • Yep, whites are shockingly blind. Most Torontonian whites have no idea that we’re now only 48% white… (as of 2016). They just don’t go to most non-white areas and don’t think about them. Of course, diversity is still our strength.

  8. Z-man, you give people the benefit of the doubt to legislators by saying they had good intentions when they were passing the original civil rights laws and anti-Semitism laws but I think you’re wrong. For the movers and shakers of all these different movements, there were enough people around them spelling out what was going to happen, which is in fact what happened, for them to hear the truth. It doesn’t take a genius So either their intentions were bad or they were answering to someone with bad intent. I can see forgiving the plebs for their desire to feel good about themselves but not those people. Not the ones that made it happened

    • Whitney – you addressed this to Z but if I may politely interject:
      So either their intentions were bad or they were answering to someone with bad intent”
      A very good case can be made that the culprits you seek writing laws with bad intent, or answering to those with bad intent may indeed be: The Founders, Hildebrand aka Pope Gregory VII, and Jesus Christ himself. “All men are created equal” is utterly non-self evident outside of the context of Christianity.
      In fact outside of Christianity it’s inane, insane even.

      Some will say the Founders meant political rights and they’re correct, but Hildebrand and JC meant the entire package.
      In truth America’s mistake was sharing power, not rights.
      Good news: we are living through the birth pangs of Post Christian America, which means Post Christian West.
      Bad news: we have already lost so much, no doubt the arsonists on all sides will take more.

    • Whitney if I can interject: you asked Z about bad intentions or answering to bad intended people: Civil Rights absolutely.
      They never intended to stop at anything less than our extinction.

      But it could never have happened outside the context of the Founders “all men are created equal”.
      Yes they meant political rights, but it’s self evidently inane, even insane. Which could never have happened outside the context of Hildebrand/Gregory VII, and Christianity.
      Good news: We’re post Christian.
      Bad news: We’re also our true genocidal enemy.
      The Blacks are a violent sideshow. Always were.

    • Couldn’t agree more … any thinking person had to realize what Civi Rights and Hart-Celler would lead to. Ditto for women’s suffrage and feminism. We’ll just never hear of their manifold warnings.

  9. Z Man said: ” The rich think White people are a pestilence and need to be eliminated.”

    Seems to me to be an extreme case of what Victor Davis Hanson calls “the oldest divide.” It’s simply the age old war between the people inside the walls of the city and the people on the outside. Of course now it’s a global, multi-trillion-dollar high tech juggernaut that does as it pleases. And sence we can’t beat the system, and we don’t want to join it either the only solution is to find ways to avoid being intangled in the global hegemon. That will be the project of the future. Not just survivalist training, but a cooperative endeavor between people from all walks of life to fashion a program the gives people the knowledge and skills to be able to slip the noose and find a reasonable amount of liberty and prosperity.

    But in the meantime, here’s two youtube videos about global elites that are a must watch.

    (The Era) Of McRevolutions and Bugmen…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEE2AZo4hDo
    The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling class by ” Blackpilled.” You have to sign in to confirm age. 🙁

  10. The Stand.
    Analysis of our weaknesses, how to turn to strengths.
    Think of our people and organize locally. Not online.
    The conditions for “Heritage Americans’ to make a stand do not exist.
    1. Sufficient motivation to do something other than run, or call the police.
    2. – Organizations to stand with.
    3. : Legal Permission slip. The Cult of Law will die very hard, probably only at the end of a long line of bodies and tragedies.
    4. : Leadership. Our leaders are either denouncing us, ignoring the problem, or are helpless cowards. We have no War leaders, with rare local exceptions. No stand will be made in any area the enemy goes for, just rout. We have no War Leader of National Standing.
    5. “Heritage Americans” are a peaceful, problem solving, lets talk this over people. Until there is sufficient violence inflicted and they realize there is no one else to call, they’ll remain fatally complacent. Don’t worry, there’s far too many of us to actually genocide us – the intention – but the truth is it will take violence that touches YOU for it to sink in.

    Now what to do? In reverse order.
    1. Decide when and for what you’ll make a stand, and stop being intimidated. Don’t TALK anymore, just stone face. This has more effect on this bunch then you know. Don’t talk, don’t reason- it’s all tricks and traps, Don’t apologize. Ever. Even and especially if wrong. Don’t be the better man.
    >>>Be the Worse one. <<<
    2. What did the Left do? ORGANIZE.
    Just make sure it’s innocuous, like a Fishing Club.
    Listen and let the talkers reveal themselves. Keep it legal.
    You realize that many things can be done legally, like organizing food drives, gas drives, food aid that build organization and logistics – and if everyone STFU then no ah unwanted attention.
    3. Let the Suicide Cult of Legality Die within you, and accept it was always a lying contest, now it’s the Nuremberg Laws for White People. It’s a suicide pact. Hire a professional licensed liar – they’re called lawyers, and admit nothing.
    **The Police are good Men but they can’t help us now***
    4. Leadership. Work and organizing will reveal the leaders, as far as a National or even regional “We” that will take a Darwinian Selection process. He will almost certainly not be elected President, Governor, or Senator. When the ah weeding process reveals leaders then back them loyally. If they are war leaders you don’t care about anything else, cannibalism, queer, greedy – only success matters. Back them.
    5. Peace: let it die within you and harden your hearts.
    Distance yourself from all these Judas Peacemakers, especially the ‘non-violent’ Rev’s. They are not of Jesus – but of Judas. They betray with a Kiss. If they persist and you lack the heart to call out Judas – then simply say quietly “I doubt you.”
    I doubt you works better than a thousand facts.
    People need each other now, you see.  

    • 1) be a secretly violent fishing club with violent embezzling gay cannibal war leaders.

      2) ???

      3) Ethnostate

      And everyone who disagrees is a Fed.

      • Let be productive exile.

        You give legal advice, let the sarge give ah small group mannerbund advice.

        We can both be practical in service of the common cause of our paleness.

        Mind you if you’re giving legal advice gay fishing club isn’t the worst cover story of these strange times.

        Any group of men now is better than none. I hope you know the Blacks are certainly better positioned right now in terms of ah Krieg leaders, actual fighters, morale and cohesiveness than we are ; its simple enough.

        They have something.

        We have nothing.

        We have nothing. No orgs never mind force. You mock and say how’s that one man war going?

        What war? As you point out I’m one man. So pretty much is everyone here- the 👨🏿‍🦱 OTOH have at least something- in fact they have a buffet of choices.

        We put all our hopes and trust in institutions and they’ve moved past failing us to actively betraying us, as have our elites.

        So I am saying get something, no not off the web, none of us here should meet presently, but get something, some group.

        I said a long time ago the hard part is squads (8-10) not armies.

        Armies do not build squads, squads build armies. Squads fight, not armies. Guys I think you can find 7 guys, or even 3?

        You must have some friends.

        So what do you say Exile?

        There’s nothing illegal btw in what I suggest, just go get some guys together.

        What do you say? You help with legal advice and how to avoid pitfalls, and let me suggest how to get some guys together, just at most a few guys doing paintball Officer…

        You speak to Law and Lawfare, let me speak to …fishing.



        Let be productive exile.

        You give legal advice, let the sarge give ah small group mannerbund advice.

        We can both be practical in service of the common cause of our paleness.

        Mind you if you’re giving legal advice gay fishing club isn’t the worst cover story of these strange times.

        Any group of men now is better than none. I hope you know the Blacks are certainly better positioned right now in terms of ah Krieg leaders, actual fighters, morale and cohesiveness than we are ; its simple enough.

        They have something.

        We have nothing.

        We have nothing. No orgs never mind force. You mock and say how’s that one man war going?

        What war? As you point out I’m one man. So pretty much is everyone here- the 👨🏿‍🦱 OTOH have at least something- in fact they have a buffet of choices.

        We put all our hopes and trust in institutions and they’ve moved past failing us to actively betraying us, as have our elites.

        So I am saying get something, no not off the web, none of us here should meet presently, but get something, some group.

        I said a long time ago the hard part is squads (8-10) not armies.

        Armies do not build squads, squads build armies. Squads fight, not armies. Guys I think you can find 7 guys, or even 3?

        You must have some friends.

        So what do you say Exile?

        There’s nothing illegal btw in what I suggest, just go get some guys together.

        What do you say? You help with legal advice and how to avoid pitfalls, and let me suggest how to get some guys together, just at most a few guys doing paintball Officer…

        You speak to Law and Lawfare, let me speak to …fishing.



        • “We have nothing. No orgs”

          Do not go out and join any organization with people you aren’t familiar with. The FBI and CIA use fake groups to generate lists of dissidents, doxx / arrest people, and entrap kids with fake terror plots, which only serves their interests.

          We don’t have any orgs because we don’t have any institutional support. The other side does, so they are allowed groups like BLM, SPLC, and various Jewish groups. Get the institutional support and you can have the orgs. You can do that through secession.

          • Just get secession and we’ll have institutional support..

            1. Any other wishes
            2. Are you disabled? Organize
            3. The fear of feds everywhere is the ultimate control mechanism. Simply do not discuss breaking the laws, or better politics at all

            Just get secession and we’ll get institutional support… then go for it, show us. I’m fair. But do you understand my “wishes” comment? You are saying get to desired end state and then/ only then/ organize the means to the end. Secession is an end, it requires means.

            I also take issue that nothing can be done without institutional support, is your arm broken? DIY. In fact the Left doesn’t get $$ for saying they’re woke, they get $ when and only when they demonstrate results. When they get results and show their value they get woke$$

            In any case what is necessary and not just desired is invisibility in any case. Most of this is happening because non elite whites are challenging the very capital you say in sine qua non for our success. Why would they fund us? They seek our destruction.

        • Got to say, V, sounds solid. I’ve started with my little family, uprooting everything to go nomad for a bit. Scouting some states that met the small list of criteria. My radar is up for like minded fishing buddies…I like it. You or Sarge bring some fishing technique, Exile legal, Lineman infrastructure, I’ll weigh in on business and process. Let’s go.

        • With ya on this, sarge.

          Some don’t get military’s black humor.

          Useful skills and crafts are a natural organizing point:

          We’ll need them all.

          They’re grey. fun, and non-threatening.

          Nature will do the rest. Men have a million years of experience in forming hunting bands. There is a place for everyone, everyone is needed and critical.

          What we need most are useful skills and crafts- such as experienced legal advice, Exile. We need that in spades, as every “activist” does one thing, and one thing only: bring it to a lawsuit.

  11. We’ll just have to disagree about legal drugs. To quote (imperfectly) from Browne’s How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. “Will the legalization of marijuana ruin society? Why? Alcohol hasn’t, even though it’s caused reckless drivers, addicts who steal to support their habits, broken families, and all the other problems we blame on illegal drugs.” Of course there are drugs and then there are drugs. Marijuana is relatively innocuous If you look at statistics, alcohol does far more damage to society than pot does. None of the several States that have legalized recreational use have fallen into the abyss yet. And it’s worth noting that even in these horrible Blue states, such as CA, many localities have (and exercise) the right to prohibit pot sales in their area. Fortuantely there is still a thriving black market to meet the demand 🙂

    • I get your point but it depends on the person and how they react to drugs. Pot may be somewhat innocuous for some but it isn’t for all people. And booze is the same way. I can get plastered and never get hangovers. But some people go through withdrawals and get the shakes and vomit for a few days and it’s worse than a bad flu. Pot has some serious effects on some people. And it will get worse with all of the increased potency.

      I think the issue is how much of a societal sickness are we willing to endure? Drunkenness is bad enough. Now we are going to be adding pot to the mix. And heroin is being decriminalized in places.

      It is just going to end up exacerbating things like homelessness. I live in CA too, and the combination of drunkeness and drug addiction is going to exacerbate homelessness. And much of these protests are with people stoned out of their minds.

    • “None of the several States that have legalized recreational use have fallen into the abyss yet.”
      Open your eyes pal. Legalizing it was the abyss. As far as I’m concerned, there’s way too many dope smokin’ parasites in this country as it is.

      • All wrong OBT. Government assuming the power to make the herb illegal was the abyss. Ditto for the extreme stupidity of Prohibition.

        • If people had even an ounce of self-respect and self-control, there wouldn’t be any need for the law to get involved. If your grateful for your life, you don’t eat poison everyday. And no, I don’t drink or smoke tobacco.

  12. While you’re dicking around with your tax policy, the other side is building you a prison.

    The main point of friction retarding the realignment of priorities in the minds of the White electorate has been an obstinate, almost maladaptive inability to let go of the primacy of materialistic concerns as the sole purpose and stake of public policy.

    Here in Europe, the immigration question and its dyscivilizational fallout have been on every one’s mind for at least two decades. Yet to date, it hasn’t dethroned stuff, the accruing and keeping of, as the primary electoral decision factor. Dissidents have made their peace with it for now, couching their arguments in boomer-friendly terms, viz. rising property crime, the cost of gibs, the diminishing returns of the education money pit, etc.

    It’s about as depressing as seeing the 2A crowd make use of feminist and black pandering tropes to advance their messaging. However effective it may be, it piggy-backs on a poisonous mindset instead of taking it on.

    The boomer mold is hard to break, on the topic of which: few blame them for their youthful follies, or falling for the conditioning of their day. They are creatures of the Cold War, after all, which was presented as both the definitive struggle for the ages, and an engineering contest for who could best feed and clothe the most people. That they should have grown up steeped in materialism is hardly their fault.
    What earns them scorn today is that, decades after their worldview’s ruinousness became impossible to ignore, they have made it a point to learn nothing and forget nothing. They are like the administrator still churning out policy long after the company was adjudicated bankrupt and broken up in court.
    The prickly ball of autistic defensiveness they invariably curl into when anyone dares remonstrate against the disastrous causes they let themselves be roped into half a century ago also ensures their continued revilement.

    • Anon- Very well said. I think my favorite line (They are like the administrator still churning out policy long after the company was adjudicated bankrupt and broken up in court.) could be applied to numerous situations. People harping on their pet issue (abortion, public prayer, marijuana, taxes, etc.) need to focus on THE issue, which is demographics. That won’t solve all our problems by a long shot, but they are all subsidiary to it. Start with White people, and we can separate/move on from there.

  13. Other’s holi-days come first; another I noticed was Juneteenth/Pride Month come ahead of Fourth of July. The Great Replacement.

  14. Anyone here with bluepilled spouses, particularly wives? I got into a huge fight with the wife last night regarding the last month or so of the new normal in which we now find ourselves. She grew up in a lily-white New England village and then attended a lily-white liberal arts college in the same region. She’s absolutely convinced that blacks are largely “good, hard-working” people being wrongfully assaulted by racists and klansmen. She has never been to the wrong side of town, so the burden falls upon me to keep her far away from it.

    Fellow dissidents, we will not win this war until our women love their babies, husbands and fathers more than they love minorities.

    • status marker

      When a white person expresses anti racist views, pro immigration, pro black, it means she (usually a she) doesn’t have to live around them. It’s a way to tell others she’s wealthy and, I sense, there is a little bit of a thrill in rubbing lesser whites’ noses in it.

      Put another way and more importantly, no one is going to mistake her for being working class and holding those views

      • That’s a big part of it. White women in my area also seem to really emphasize the Southern aspect to all of this. The Karens really hate Southerners, and I really believe that they think that blacks are only talking about working-class Whties and, particularly, Southern working-class Whites.

        They really have no clue that blacks and super woke Whites hate them too.

        • Sounds like you live in a southern state taken over by Yankees

          I know of what you speak very well.

        • There are many reasons for southerners to hate those who hate us.

          I know I would like to see every non-southern Karen in the world dead along with the POC as both hate my guts for things that I had no responsibility for. Most don’t even know who my ancestors were, just that I am a “white boy”.

          When the first civil war comes (that other thing was the war of northern aggression); there will be a ton of whites that need to be destroyed for the good of the race.

          • Not destroyed, but exiled to the nonwhite fiefdoms in our neo-Ottoman millets- I maintain this is Nature’s way of dispersing White genes to the broader population.

            Slave tutors spread Hellenic culture, uplifting the Mediterranean and then Semitic world, we are asked to do the same.

        • White Southerners had better get ready. My bet is the first officially sanctioned and overt anti-white oppression will be aimed at them. Know who the Karens are. Know which Yankee refugees are reliable and which are not. Know which locals are Quislings. Separate from the areas of your states where the handwriting is on the wall to the extent you can.
          The states most likely to be in the crosshairs are those where the Cloud People already have the upper hand: Virginia and increasingly North Carolina and Georgia. It may take the form of taxation aimed at natives as a form of localized reparations–far beyond public school budgets, maybe “re-education” of your children that goes far beyond the current indoctrination.

      • A#1, Falcone, this is all about status signaling.

        Either that or the bitchiness, backbiting, and gossip means the universe is only a simulation of a gay soap opera.

    • Sixx, perhaps you’ve protected her too much? I know my own ‘transition’ many decades ago occurred when I finally lived abroad and learned to understand, both intellectually and, more importantly, in my gut, what tribalism and nationalism truly meant. There are enough stories of black atrocities, of black adoptees killing their White ‘saviors,’ for you to send her one daily for years. Have her read a black online site where they openly discuss their hatred for all Whites. Force her to face reality.

      • 3g4me,

        Perhaps you are correct. I don’t think you realize how much you, and Whitney, Range and Carrie and the other gals are outliers here. Y’all’s input here has been a huge white pill for me, and you are a credit to your sex. Wish there were more of you. However, having said that, I think the best advice for most men with these issues is to reign in the nuttier impulses of their wives, clearly define roles, and make the focus of their relationship love and not the madness of the world.

      • Have her read a black online site where they openly discuss their hatred for all Whites.

        Yep. Have her read “The Root” for starters.

    • Witness the white women falling over themselves to actively assist BLM. They will get here soon enough, though, because they also are actively hated. They try to ignore it and mostly do but as it intensifies they will have to deal with reality.

      • Yeah, I caught my daughter a bit off guard the other day. The family was talking about the “Karen” meme. What’s funny is that my wife doesn’t really get that it’s anti-White.

        Anyway, I mentioned to my daughter that there’s a name for her too. I said Karen is for middle-aged White women and Becky is name for young White women. She didn’t know that. I just said, “Yeah, they make fun of you, too. You guys don’t get a pass.”

      • Not really.

        They recognize that Tyrone is king of the jungle.

        Why wouldn’t they want to be the king’s pincushion?

    • I’m with you. My wife has always been on the liberal side politically (though lives her life conservatively) but she was more race aware in her younger days. Kind of an old-school Democrat in a lot of ways. Over time as we’ve lived in an upper-middle class white area, she’s lost a lot of that race awareness and the endless propaganda is working its magic.

      In her defensive, she married a marginally race aware but mostly color-blind cuckservative, so we weren’t that far apart when we met. I’ve changed a lot more than she has.

      Corona and the Floyd riots/White surrender haven’t done our marriage any favors. I don’t hide my views.

      The most annoying part for me is that I live by my beliefs. She doesn’t. She would never want to live around blacks and didn’t like them when she worked. She’s very organized and definitely a rule follower, everything that blacks aren’t.

      One time after she mentioned historic racism, I suggested that we move to a more diverse area so we could experience the joys of blacks and Hispanics. She just scoffed and said that we ridiculous, that we can’t move the kids. I told her that I was serious. Again, she blew it off.

      This is one of the toughest things for our side. Other Whites, such as my wife, don’t have to live by their beliefs. My wife’s views about anything that touches her life are very conservative. In blacks started moving into our area, she’d become the most race aware person you know.

      This is why we have to build our own communities. We can’t keep letting other Whites enjoy our social capital while working against us.

      As to my wife and me, time will tell what all this will do to our marriage. Society is going to become ever more anti-White. Lines will be drawn. If she doesn’t wake up and continues to side with those who hate her, me and our kids, it’s going to be tough. On the flip side, if she continues down that path, I’m not sure that she’s going to feel comfortable living with a literal Hitler.

      • However, it also emphasizes that we have to keep our boot down in any potential community, as apparently many whites have a propensity to go anti-white in comfortable situations. You might make a new ethnostate but 20 years later the Karens come back saying “let them in!”.

        I don’t know how exactly, but it would have to be unapologetically white, no questions asked, no dissent tolerated, and women would likely not have the right to vote.

        • Absolutely. There’s one rule above all other rules. It is the only rule.

          This community is for our people: Whites.

          (Obviously, “White” can be sliced and diced a million ways and probably will be, but once you decide who your tribe is genetically, openly state This is the White state. Israel shows us the way. Israel is the Jewish state.)

      • Citizen,

        Her views can be ranging and adrift of reality because you, and men like you and me in the past have carved out a safe reality for her to live in. Her statements are the ramblings of a child who has forgoten that there are very large wolves beyond the wall. If you don’t acknowledge her mouth noises on the subject she’ll understand the tacit disapproval and will get bored and move on. I used to relish winning endless arguments with logic. Yay me.

        • Agreed. And to be honest, we very rarely fight about this stuff. She knows my views, and I know hers. I also know that she’ll never want to actually do anything in our lives that matches her views. She’s actually a very good person, and, sadly, that goodness is being used against. Everything in our society says that for a White to be a good person, that White should accept White racism.

          But this is why I talk constantly about Karens and liberal Whites getting to feed off our social capital. I see it in my own life every day.

          It’s also why I won’t be too saddened by the increasing anti-White that coming our way. I’m not going to convince my wife or the other Karens that they’re acting like spoiled children. Only reality will do that.

          • I’m sure she is a good person. So is Mrs. P. And no, our vigilance and outrage is annoying foolishness to them. Until reality, God forbid, asserts itself. I’d rather ignominious tisking from our wives than a real dose of that for them.

            Mrs. P and I watch Walking Dead (I know, pozzed and dumb, but I like my TV mindless when I do indulge).

            There was an episode where a character says his father forced him to listen to the news, even as a small child… to every horrible detail… because it was a man’s responsibility to face the world. The character wished he didn’t have to but it was his responsibility. He was so tired of facing reality.

            Mrs. P turned to me and said, “You always say that. Its your responsibility to look at the world. See how it makes him (the character) feel? You don’t have to do that either.”

            Eventually the character stops listening to the bad news and enters a peaceful mindset. You don’t realize it at first when the scene starts, but the character has given up fighting and is dead.

            That stupid show gave me the shortest win reply I ever got, “That’s why I don’t stop.” It was not appreciated but then again, neither is my vigilance. It’s our responsibility.

      • “The most annoying part for me is that I live by my beliefs. She doesn’t. She would never want to live around blacks and didn’t like them when she worked. She’s very organized and definitely a rule follower, everything that blacks aren’t.”

        Ohmigosh, my ‘brother’s’ wife to a T.

        Up at 4 a.m. on the dot. Everything just so-and-so. I never thought the Two Minutes Hate could actually be a real thing until I saw it in action.

        After screaming, “Death to Dictator Trump!!”, she’ll then ask sweetly if you’d like a slice of strawberry cheesecake.

    • SixxSigma: Just shared a mention of your issue with my husband. His instant, two word response was “Divorce her.” Hah! Seriously, I realize this is painful and a lot of you guys are dealing with this, but I can’t comprehend sharing a home and family and future with someone who does not share my world view. Sure, I bitch about my husband’s quirks – everyone has them and everyone complains to one extent or another – but never his character. We agree utterly on the big questions, and respect each other. Cannot imagine a marriage any other way.

      • It ain’t easy.

        I think that for a lot of us, this issues just didn’t come up much when we younger. The world didn’t hate us (quite as much) back then. Also, as many women get more secure financially and are safely set in a White area, they move to gaining social acceptance. It’s natural.

        For us guys, it’s tough. In my case, my wife is a wonderful person – outside of these beliefs, which she keeps to herself unless something forces the discussion. Also, I’m the one whose views have changed the most. Is that her fault?

        But, yeah, it puts a strain on the marriage, and I suspect that strain will increase going forward.

        • I was lucky in that my wife has to worry constantly about our neighborhood falling to the surrounding hood. So, that’s what you should do, move to some less expensive housing in a marginal, but not completely shot, area.

    • In my experience women are best at red-pilling other women. I think there’s also a necessary base-line level of exposure to the actual duhversity

    • Sixxsigma,

      Yes. It was hard for me to swallow the knowledge that most women are children.

      All I can recommend is that you keep in the back of your mind that your wife is a child, with a privileged child’s rosey view of the world and to make her open her eyes to brutal reality is probably not only doomed to failure, but unnecessarily cruel. Remind yourself that this child is your beloved child and be as tender as you can with that knowledge.

      I’ve brought Mrs. P as far along as her constitution can bear. We agree to not speak on certain subjects. I for my part have given up.the desire to have a soulmate I can discuss the workings of the world with. She has given up cherished notions from a leftist upbringing. It’s no small sacrifice for her, her world of beliefs being torn down in front of her eyes and being unable to tether herself to a real cause, or embrace hard truths is a trial for her. She literally flees from any news source she happens upon. I’ve seen her groan and power off the phone when she comes across some of the particular ugliness in the current news.

      Be gentle and firm but find some well defined roles. Mrs. P focuses on preparing our rural home. Gardening knowledge, long term self-sufficiency and getting to know people in our new community. Being helpful.

      Sorry this is all me and mine. I wish I could just send this directly to you. It’s been a hard row to hoe and I’d like to pass on some hard won advice to you.

      We have another rule which has helped. I apply Jack Spirko’s 51% rule. I go along with most things as she is a good person and really doesn’t go out and support causes that don’t involve helping people in our immediate community, so my compliance is easy. If something is security related, I have the iron rule of 51% and it is respected without fail. It is my only demand. The 51% rule means I get an unquestioned majority vote if something is dangerous or completely counter to the welfare of my family.

      When I pointed out that the county we were looking to relocate to was 95% white she thought we should look where there would be more diversity because “more fun ethnic stuff, restaurants, and stuff.” No. 51%. We will go where we are safest and the crime is lowest. No questions. Or when she tries to help someone who she thinks is having a hard time but I can see that the underlying issue is mental instability or drug use.. No. Absolutely not. I’m exercising 51% authority here and will not have that person accessing my household or family.

      The 51% rule is rarely exercised but she’s come to respect it over time. Your ability to see the dark workings of the world will seem like magical prognostication to her when the thing you pointed out as a threat comes to pass. It’s as easy as seeing the nose in front of your face Sixx, but it will seem like reading tarot cards to her.

      Unless you are as the Bible says, unevenly yoked and separation is the only solution, you must find a way to work together. Try to remember she is a woman and hers in many ways is closer to the way of a child than to you, a man. Not in all ways, but the ways of the world. Love her and remind yourself of that consistently.

      As long as your one tantamount role, the welfare and security of your family, is respected… and you can live with that… you can be at peace. Think of it this way. Would you force your young child to sit and watch a cartel beheading, a South African necktie burning, or looters beating some helpless victims on the news… just so she can really really know how bad the world is? Or is it good enough to say “No, we dont go to those places or associate with those people. That’s final.”

      Good Lord. This is such a long post. My deepest apologies. I hope you can glean something useful from it and I wish you and your wife peace and love between you.

      • Penitent Man – Your comment is beautiful, but also terribly sad. For all his foibles, my husband is my ‘soul mate,’ and I depend upon that anchor. We did expose our sons to the world’s ugliness – albeit verbally and gradually – and as you wisely note, most women cannot handle even that. Stable marriages and families are equally vital for our people, and men need to establish your 51% rule early on, and make it stick.

        • 3g4me,

          You are blessed to have your “soul mate.” Blessed beyond measure that you both recognize it. May it always be so.

    • It’s not reassuring to read about men, concerned about the political opinions of their wives and other women. 

      The agency of women is limited by their physical strength. They are not the ones that are going to be fighting and dying. 

      They are the prize. It’s not about gold, silver, shiny stones, land or other assets; it’s the women that you can secure with those resources. 

      Any rights, privileges or dispensations women enjoy are at the behest of men who are willing to employ violence against each other to maintain a social order. That social order is secured by men, codified by tradition and maintained with violence.

      I’m not so sure that Agamemnon would have solicited Clytemnestra’s geopolitical advice, before sailing on Troy. Can you imagine Homer singing about Agamemnon falling out with Achilles as,“Achilles, was pissed at Agamemnon hogging the women taken as loot – especially when he assured him that, he’d run his concerns by his darling wife.“ 

      History does not record whether Grand Prince Sviatoslav the Brave consulted his wife Malusha, before putting the Kazarian mercantile syndicate to the sword and sacking their capital Atil. 

      I just can’t picture Bohdan Khmelnytsky asking his wife, the beautiful Helena, for permission to secure his rights against the Polish magnates when he targeted the Kohanim, who managed their estates . 

      Having not married Charles XII of Sweden didn’t have to worry about consulting a women and I don’t think that Napoleon is ever recorded as having needed the approval of Josephine. 

      Because women don’t take in part in war or state violence they are more likely to approve of, or support war or violent repression, like the threat of state violence to enforce divorce rulings i.e. Lets you and him fight.

      Previously men’s society consisted of a few laws governing things men did: trade, violence , merrymaking etc. Women’s society had no fewer rules but they were implemented by consensus and gossip and subversion and not a violent hierarchical organization.

      Men have greater criminal tendencies then women. Women have greater psychological issues than men. Men can be physical super predators . They can deploy physical violence be methodical hunters. 

      Woman use emotional methods because they are superior social super predators. Women destroy by undermining , engage in promiscuity, instigating conflict , gossiping , rallying , shaming , ridicule, etc. That won’t be very effective until they’re under new management. I’m not so sure that a tar coloured jungle monster taking her as his prize, will be too interested in her more evolved sensibilities.

      Women’s emotions cannot be taken anymore seriously than men’s violent intentions, because emotional manipulation is the method that women use to pursue conflict . There is no difference between the physical eradication of the polity and it’s emotional or psychological destruction . 

      Women are just as calamitous as men, except that they employ less visible means that we’re more tolerant of, because they are less immediately damaging to property, even though their manipulation is far more damaging to the civil order. 

      The extreme male personality is autistic. The extreme female personality is psychotic. Today, the two spheres have been smashed together like heavenly bodies, with cataclysmic results.

      Our ancestors were being realistic when they kept women away from harm. They knew what they were doing. It’s the same reason women keep children away from dangerous things.
      At least with your dog you don’t have to worry about its political opinions – they are happy to be fed and loved, they don’t have any use for mass media stupidities, they know instinctively who is friend and who is foe, and unlike women who live to dupe their men, the dog will give an honest bark at the truth. 

      • A little blackpilled but mostly right. There is no such thing as strong women, there are only weak men. We are now experiencing the effect of weak men.

    • Women are social creatures, so unless you can move your wife to an area where most people agree with you, she’ll go with the flow. That’s even more difficult in the era of social media where she can check what all her white female friends are thinking. Most women don’t really have any core beliefs for the most part. Their beliefs come from the crowd. Example: I just got off Facebook this morning. I saw a status update from a white female I used to know. It was post after virtue signalling post about fighting racism. Want to know something funny? When I knew her she hated blacks. Lots of N-word usage. Principle plays no part in how a woman thinks.

    • One thing that I have recently come to regret is that we moved to a county that is 93% White before my daughter started elementary school. She would have gone to an elementary school that would have been about 50% black based on the district lines at the time where we were living. We didn’t want that, so we moved to the more rural county we live in now.
      She’s never had to deal with blacks in large numbers in the wild and, of course, she’s now as pozzed as the rest of her generation. A bit more direct experience in her formative years might have wised her up some.

  15. It is heartening to see sites like Unz, VDare and Occidental Observer running pieces openly advocating for extra-systemic solutions like White Strike (the much more honest and based way of saying “going Galt”), leaving the cities to TPTB and other 5PT themes.

    For the older voices in Our Thing (and that’s coming from an older Xer, FWIW), I’d love to see some more radicalism and fire. What are guys like Derb waiting for? When my candle grows short, I plan to take more chances, not less.

    And I’m also expecting more out of Tucker if he’s for real rather than a fence-testing edge-poster. He has “f-you money” and an enormous amount of status right now.

    Think of what a boost it would be for him to go Howard Beale and say all of the things he could be saying if he wasn’t toeing the increasingly-restrictive party line at Fox.

    Think of what he could do if he pulled the plug in that kind of blaze of glory and opened up a site that was an Unz/Blaze hybrid, speaking through video and radio as well as websites and providing a platform for all of the dis-Right creators who’re being un-personed.

    I’m speaking out of wishful thinking here, of course. The odds of this actually happening are slim to none.

    • these guys write and think for a living. By nature they are not risk takers. Sure, they took professional risks, and they have guts in that context. But their hands are soft. that is not a condemnation of them

      it takes all kinds. We need them, but no denying that the dissident right is largely an intellectual movement. I remember in college it was largely a protest type movement by conservative professors and academics against PC and liberalism. I remember reading The New Criterion, and that was what it sprang from.

      which is why I think that Z Man is out there pushing for people to actually stop thinking and start doing. He sees where this needs to go. A lot of us do. It’s time to stop with being history majors and start with actually doing something. Maybe start building actual communities. Finding a place to live. I’m up for it. I have some money. If a few hundred of us take over an area of the country and start showing people something tangible and nice, a nice and safe town to live in, that is a major first step

      i mean no offense to history majors btw 😉

      • Tucker can do more for our side by doing his low end Red pilling than doing a Beale. If did go that route the MSM and the Left would destroy him and his family.
        Same way Peterson did with his book and lecture tours. Having white men clean up their acts before doing other things, and Peterson exposing the Left as so much fakes and thugs helped us a lot.

    • I don’t know. Tucker is, for lack of a better term, pink-pilling hundreds of thousands nightly. Sometimes, more recently than ever, he reaches into the red-pill basket even on racial issues (you can tell how bad he wants to go there). Fox is horrible but has enormous reach. I hope he stays in place as long as possible until the Murdoch cucklings boot him.

    • No matter how bad things get, conservatives like Pat Buchanan keep chugging along writing articles like it’s 1990. Maybe they don’t want to get canceled or value fame and money above principle? Or maybe they are waiting for it to become socially acceptable to speak the truth? None of these excuses is honorable, in my opinion.

      From my point of view, the fire of which you speak is an independence movement. Jews founded Israel to escape what they claimed was oppression. Why shouldn’t we do the same? The obvious solution seems to be secession. Take a red state (or a few) and leave this nightmare Union behind for good — both in spirit and in fact.

      Secession, while certainly not guaranteed to work, at least has a chance. None of the other proposals I’ve seen are viable. We can’t vote our way out of this due to changing demographics, We can’t ask the system for mercies like freedom of association because the system is controlled by people who would be disadvantaged by that (POC, white liberals). The constitution won’t protect us for much longer because that piece of paper is only as good as those interpreting it and soon the democrat party will be doing all the interpreting through permanent control of the legislature and executive; recent court decisions have also made it clear “conservative” judges aren’t really all that conservative after all.

      Additionally, we can’t build our own communities because the regime will immediately diversify them once discovered; Obama spent years dumping African immigrants into white towns across red state America. The establishment would also double down on anti-white propaganda to demoralize those communities as soon as they formed. Witness the incredible amount of anti-white paranoia and propaganda promoted by the media these days:

      Taboo hand signals & hair cuts; noose hysteria; television shows like HBO’s Watchmen (oppressed POC defend themselves from racist red state hicks) and all the other Nazi hunting shows and movies (“Nazi” being code for white) — almost too many to name; race swapping or killing white male characters with the intention to demoralize; historically retconned movies like Harriet and Hidden Figures; blatantly anti-white films like Django Unchanged and Hateful 8, IIRC; white self-immolation movies like Lincoln; countless “get Becky” media stories over the years, always featuring a white stepping out of line to a black and being attacked by the leftist media in response; wall-to-wall racist propaganda from late night television hosts like Stephen Colbert; social media organized struggle sessions …

      The media will generate copious amounts white self-hate the moment your community starts to flourish. And we know it works due to recent events — white kids tearing down their own civilization.

      Secession, on the other hand, fixes all of that. Since most of the ruling class is geographically based far away, an independent collection of red states would immediately be free of them. In the ensuing power vacuum, our relative influence within such an area would increase by a large multiple. We’d then have real power to influence the future direction of that society, namely by imposing a new constitution that would fix most of what went wrong with the Union.

      We’d have the power to ban outfits like the SPLC and ADL. We could ban left-wing hate speech against whites while enshrining our own speech freedoms, thus ensuring remnant leftists either flee or never again have power. We could remove corporate influence over our culture by law — no unapproved advertising (bye bye BLM banners). We could severely limit immigration or define it strictly as European AND conservative (perhaps we could even use a genetic test to measure political disposition). The left’s media? Gone. Replaced with our own. The education system? Reformed so that it never again teaches anti-white hate. Many of the Union’s current social problems would also disappear: blacks and hardcore leftists would leave for Blue states; the white suicide rate would start to decline as whites once again have a viable future and a community of their own.

      It’s more complicated than that, of course. We’d probably have to make allowances for some mixed race people who openly supported us to stay in order to appeal to normies, but that doesn’t matter in the end. Just as Israel is officially Jewish even though ~20% of the population isn’t, our state could be officially white and overwhelmingly white by population (and conservative, real conservative), and increasingly so through moderate amounts of white immigration, even if it’s not completely white.

      Also, if independence were ever seriously pursued, you could probably expect outside help from the Empire’s many enemies. Maybe a couple of red states decide they want to leave this nightmare Union after the left starts burning churches & CNN openly celebrates it (Don Lemon: homophobia has no place in “our” democracy). Then China, quite unexpectedly, sells all U.S. debt or Russia invades the Baltic States, anything to weaken the empire’s hold by distracting it. The American Revolution got help from the French, which made the difference in that conflict. Maybe our task isn’t as daunting as we think. Maybe someone out there in the world will help us when the time is right.

      Isn’t it better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven? Increasingly, though, remaining in this country as a white is more like serving in hell. Consider the future if we stay in this unholy Union: a one party dictatorship where voting is meaningless because only the approved party ever wins; a security establishment run by radical leftists that targets us (already happening); increasing racial violence ultimately culminating in something like Zimbabwe’s farm seizures; nearly every book and movie from your childhood banned or edited; a constant atmosphere of fear, continual hate hoaxes … x 100s of other grievances …

      like a police state that reads all of your emails without recourse (already legal) or a state the records your phone calls (already legal) or secretly takes pictures of you when you’re naked with the intention of gathering dirt on you (already happened — search for NSA HACKED YAHOO! CHAT) or bans guns (they will) or demands you die in a war against China on behalf of people who hate you and your people and tore down your statues as they called you names or …

      Imagine a future where we have our own country, one dedicated to our own views, which aren’t in any way controversial there. We’d have community and culture. Best of all, peace and quiet. No more “Get Becky”, no more media propaganda, no more protests or statue defacement, no more struggle sessions. And no more racial pogroms. Divisions would be at a minimum because our country was founded by people of a similar ideological persuasion (which is heritable; racists like The Young Turks are deported en masse or get the message and leave voluntarily) and race. Best of all, we control our own futures. We decide our own destinies and we are free to make them as grand as we can imagine.

      Why settle quietly for an assuredly eternal nightmare when you can fight for a glorious dream, uncertain though it may be?

      • White flight is about to get a serious jolt. You can already see it taking shape. But this is a different white fight, it is flight with an explicit “no minorities allowed”. In the past, no minorities was implicit. Now it is stated loud and clear.

        If I and others are thinking it, it’s happening. And there are going to be some well financed developers ready to exploit it. No reason a smaller less well-financed group can’t do the same and start building subdivisions or private clubs or private schools where European history and racial solidarity are front and center. With all of the educated and learned people on this website, for example, we have the foundation for a private school, at least. If some of us have the means, we have the foundation for development of a small community or subdivision. Or we can do it in less coordinated ways.

        Bottom line, it’s happening, and now is as good a time as any to get in at the bottom.

      • There is a great sorting underway even now. White people are fleeing the cities and that is accelerating (is it possible that was one intention of the coordinated Floyd riots? If so, thank you!). Individual states, even some counties, are on the cusp of breaking apart. Whites increasingly refuse to serve as cannon fodder for the Empire and increasingly are locked out of the police state’s bureaucracies. Again, thanks!

        This from Vdare yesterday pretty well nails it: https://vdare.com/articles/the-old-america-is-dead-where-do-we-go-from-here

        Note: the thesis is the November election is irrelevant to what happens now and as the police state becomes more vicious the break-up, already underway, becomes more pronounced. Think India/Pakistan dotted with hostile city-states that come under more and more pressure from the surrounding de facto polities. South Georgia already attempted to secede as an individual state. The issue was posed on a referendum in one county and just 27 percent supported it; it is conceivable with the troubles in Atlanta that a majority would now, maybe even an overwhelming majority. Most counties in Virginia were about to become part of West Virginia earlier this year. California, Oregon, and Washington all have separatist movements.

        This will be a painful period with overwrought oppression, economic disruption, and wars designed to forge a unity no longer there (I easily can see a psy op terrorist attack in a deeply Red place to force cohesion; the perps may find the citizens there more ready to burn D.C. to the ground than “fight them over there.”).

        The only way this is relatively peaceful and painless is if the Left goes full secession in their areas, and for that reason alone it should be encouraged.

        • Jack,

          Spot on. The only hiccup will be when Leftie television starts the major push, “To move to Smalltown America” like it’s a Foodie (Lord that phrase irritates me) craze thing. They’ll try to make it hip and encourage eclectic types to hipsterize rural America.

          They’ll be lots of good people, Our People, fleeing to rural America… the trick will be to sort out the Progs that arrive with a huge unwelcome mat and no small gestures of ill will.

          • Those fleeing the cities explicitly due to racial concerns won’t have much use for their former neighbors who made what happened possible, either. But, yes, the cancers need to be excised quickly.

      • Wadsworth, see my comment about on 20,000 communities above and a lot of what myself, Lineman, Moss and others have said here in the past,

        If it’s hopeless to form our own communities (it isn’t), how do you propose to ever fight? How are you in a superior position to mount an organized resistance to any of this unless you have real-life social bonds and a physical community of like-minded men?

        Unless and until we come together, the idea of secession is a pipe dream. You want to declare an independent state before anyone lives in it?

        You can’t flex social power until you have the actual sinews of a society first.

    • Tucker is nightly saying things that are so close to our way of thinking that I cannot believe he still has his show. He is reaching an incredible # of people that are standing on the other shore gazing across at us with both fear and hope in their hearts. If they disappear Tucker anytime soon , the wheel will turn the 1 click past the pretense that normal is still possible .

      • Tucker has become my must-listen show.

        He’s specially useful in learning how to speak normally, act greyly.

        My usual mode of wild-eyed foaming at the mouth seems to turn people off, I can’t quite figure out why.

  16. Pretty good vacation fodder. I’d downloaded all those from Before My Time Here but hadn’t got round to listening. Well, a daily dose til the Z-Man returns from his well-earned rest, and I’ll be all caught up!

  17. This particular podcast made me a fan of the blog. Good choice, brilliant analysis. The division into uniform 10-minute segments was a particularly good touch.

  18. The underlying rationale for not taxing the rich is completely backwards. The thinking goes like this… The rich are “job creators” and if we tax them they will create fewer jobs. The reality is 100% backwards from this. Back when we had a 90% tax rate we were the most productive country on the planet. As libertarian ideas took over the US we became gradually poorer and poorer. One industry after another completely vanished while the rich got richer and richer. Industries we invented are entirely gone. A combination of open borders, free trade and a new tax regime along with endless regulation conspired to make us poor. No, I am not saying that a 90% tax rate made us richer and more productive. Just that lowering it did not make us richer and more productive.

    But before we can tackle taxes the rackets must be stopped. Taxing the rich to fund planned parenthood and NPR and a 1000 other ways of funneling money from us to left wing causes must be dealt with. Just for fun, download the bill that gave us our 1200 yang bucks and search for 000,000 Be prepared for boiling blood.
    We also have to be prepared for a massive contraction. US GDP is 21 trillion. Government spending at all levels is over 8 trillion of that 21T GDP. At least another trillion is entirely fictitious consisting of things like homeowners rent and free services like bank accounts. No doubt that has since been updated with free google, twitter and the like.

    • Corporate promotion of BLM, antifa, and widespread anti-white hate reveals one of the more obvious reasons for taxing the ultra-rich: they have all the power and they use it for our enemies advantage; they aren’t on our side and never were. If money is power, then you defeat the powerful by taking away their money.

      That’s what most of this BLM / corporate stuff is really all about. The rich are scared the mob will come for their money, so they are desperately signalling they are on the mob’s side by throwing us under the bus. Louis XVI did something like this when he donned revolutionary garb just before things got out of control — a desperate deflection. When future House Speaker AOC proposes raising taxes on the rich through the roof, I’m going to sit back and say nothing about it. Why should I want them to keep their “white supremacy” dollars when they wouldn’t even let me keep my dignity?

    • Your view of tax history is a gross oversimplification. In the first place, America was vastly different socially and legally when tax rates were 90%. Finally, nobody wants to pay 90% taxes so there were plenty of loopholes. I agree that tax systems should be fairer. But what does that mean? I say flatter the better, but others want “progressive” (brackets). In either event, the tax system will always be a poltiical football and that usually means favoritism to the wealthy and lying to everybody 😀

      • Look, nobody, myself included, believes that a 90% top tax bracket will magically bring back all of the things we lost. But the ONE thing we absolutely do know is that a 90% tax bracket didn’t cause us to be poor. It didn’t kill the “job creators”
        One thing a 90% tax bracket will do is prevent the growth of multinational corporations taking over everything.
        As Z says here, we have to stop thinking in the old ways. The thinking of the last 50 years has enabled 50 years of thinking getting worse by the day.

        Another thing that directly ties to taxes is our 26 trillion dollars of debt. In a sane world, this would have been tackled a long time ago. If we want to save the country or the dollar, something must be done about this debt. You cannot lower this debt or even stop it from growing by taking high taxes off the table, particularly when repudiation of this debt is completely off the table. A return to 5% interest rates will raise the interest payments alone to over 1.3 trillion dollars a year. It is this interest and debt burden that is one of the main rationales for endless immigration.

    • Agree that we need to overhaul economic policy. But a problem that transcends this is a deep spiritual poverty, and no government can fix that. We are not equipped as a society to discuss the morality of economics until we address foundational issues like good vs evil, right vs wrong. Try discussing MMT or tax policies with postmodern progressive Marxists … their religion is the ANTITHESIS of the dissident worldview, and the rackets and extortion are part/parcel of their faith. It’s Yankee extremism run amok, and that religion needs to be burnt to the ground (or we need partition) before there’s any hope of economic reformation.

    • Only a moron thinks they can determine the tax burden on corporations by looking at the tax rates. Of much greater importance are the allowable deductions, loss carry forwards, tax free zones- Puerto Rico springs to mind, foreign taxes paid etc. Most of the S&P 500 pay little (and in the case of some, negative) taxes.

      Government spending should be deducted from Gross Domestic Product. It is not Production, it is entirely consumption.

    • I hate to use the word but it’s systemic. Whatever the day’s power currency there will always be an elite group controlling most of it. Under feudalism, there were few immensely powerful landowners. When capitalism replaced that, capitalists became to new lords. In the information age it’s the uber-nerds.

      People have been trying and succeeding at bringing down the system for ages, but this only leads to the rise of different systems with different elites. It’s the human condition.

    • You do realize all those corporations and rich people hate our guts and doing everything to destroy us from off-shoring, importing foreign worker, etc. They pump drugs into our towns,destroy small businesses, treat white workers like crap.

      Aligning with Communist China.

      These people are our enemy and only fool would give them a break

      • RW, how is your constant black-pilling about the hopeless DR not “giving them a break?”

  19. My aunt went to her grave at the age of 84 still subscribed to that old rag, National Review. I tried, but could never convince her that they were one of the ‘bad guys’. People get set in their ways and it takes a new generation to see the light.

      • Could someone please explain to me how James Allsup is banned from YouTube but those racists aren’t? TYT is run by a racist Turk, son of an immigrant of course, who promotes every police shooting, every innocuous incident, into a racial conflagration against whites (the Starbucks episode from a few years ago). It’s obviously racial. There are countless examples. They should be banned from the platform or Google should be deplatformed until they do it themsevles. They aren’t because Google supports TYT and their causes. And I mean that literally. YouTube has been caught in the past promoting their fundraisers.

        • Stop using the word racist to describe these people. When you as a white person use that word, it’s 1) ineffective and powerless against them, because only whites can be racist and 2) operating within the left’s moral framework. Being racist is not a crime or a bad thing. In fact, it’s how this nation operated for many years, and with good reason as we now know. You only further legitimize the left when you repeat that word.

          It’s going to be difficult, but you need to stop thinking like a conservative and start thinking like a dissident.

          • “Stop using the word racist to describe these people.”

            They are racist against me, and I’ll continue to use the term because it applies. Using “racist” in this fashion weakens them (and their ability to use the term effectively against me) while also getting my side to think in blatantly racial terms. Eschewing the term does not make it go away any more than an ostrich can make the world disappear by sticking his head in the dirt.

            “1) ineffective and powerless against them, because only whites can be racist”

            It IS effective in getting our side to think in terms of racial identity (us vs. them), so I’ll happily continue using that terminology because it’s effective.

            “You only further legitimize the left when you repeat that word.”

            Words are power. What’s your word to replace their word? That’s the hallmark of the people I’m talking to: they never have an understanding of psychology or any kind of tangible plan. The left knows what it’s doing and they are kicking your ass. There is a lesson in that. Your side’s proposal: let them, hope for the best. It is a fundamentally passive outlook, typical of conservative reactionaries who’ve lost every cultural battle of the last 60 years. Taking their words and appropriating them for our use is a valuable tried and true propaganda technique. Example: “fake news” and countless other examples.

            “Being racist is not a crime or a bad thing. In fact, it’s how this nation operated for many years”

            You’re not going to win the future with Asperger’s syndrome. Politics is a morality play and those who portray themselves as moral and their enemies as immoral win the day. You’re never going to make it okay to be a racist. At best, you’re hopelessly lost and at worst you’re purposely leading vulnerable people to their doom.

            “It’s going to be difficult, but you need to stop thinking like a conservative and start thinking like a dissident.”

          • Politics is a morality play as you say, and using “racist” against TYT buys in to their morality. It strengthens them. The fundamental thing here is to ignore their morality. An effective alternative term is “anti-white”

          • Avoiding the word will not make it go away and “anti-white” isn’t a good substitute because normies will just associate that term with racism and “white supremacists”. I’ve heard for years from conservatives that words like “racist” will lose their meaning, but they never did. In fact, they are stronger than ever.

            Calling out these people as racists works because 1) “racist” already has cache & legitimacy, so the media can’t just dismiss the term 2) it pits their group against ours through implicit association 3) it associates that word with discrimination against us, which defangs it in the opposition’s mind — makes them less likely to use it.

          • The media regularly CAN and DO dismiss the term–when white people use it against other races. This happens every single day.

          • Sixxsigma and Wadesworth,

            You are both on to something. Six is correct in saying that throwing “racist” around is a powerless tool against your adversaries that will only garner laughter and heckling. Wadesworth refusing to abandon the word has some merit, if you can use it to lead receptive whites to us by getting them to realize the shoe is now on the other foot… then there is a utility to that.

        • Because evil runs roughshod right now, and asking the Devil to apply the rules fairly is a fools errand.

          • Who’s asking anyone to apply anything? I don’t need anyone’s permission to weaponize their own words and beliefs against them.

          • Wadsworth,

            That was in response to your detailing how unfair it was that YouTube censor Allsup and not TYT. It is clear to all that there is an inherent bias against us in the tech giants. Are you just being made aware of this? Asking them to hold some sort of consistent set of rules is so 2018. I understand the frustration of not being able to fight, but you chose to be surly with your own kind because of an inability to lash out at the real culprits.

            Be calm, Sir.

    • Two or three generations past your aunt, Boomers and X’ers will be dutifully clicking on the Drudge link.

    • Great idea. The Greek and Roman – especially the Greek – podcasts were great. I also liked the one that spelled out what was the Dissident Right.

      Sure that I’m forgetting others, but those three pop out.

  20. Yes you are correct blacks were not treated fairly in the mid 20th century. But they were treated justly. Fairness is a feminine thing, that requires every one be treated equally. Justice is a masculine thing, it requires people be given what they are due. Blacks were due no respect, no rights and no citizenship based on their primitive natures, low IQ and lack of civilization. This good judgement on the part of our male ancestors is being proved daily in the streets now.

    • I would just point out that most of the rioters are white anarchists and Marxist trouble makers.

      • I see a lot of white looking female rioters. Protesting about how unfair the system is. I also see a lot of blacks committing actual violence. Both of these observations prove my point. Our male ancestors were MUCH smarter, stronger and more moral then we are

        • “Our male ancestors were MUCH smarter, stronger and more moral then we are.”

          I think not. Take one of them from the past and feed him a literal lifetime of bad food and a figurative lifetime of bad ideas and you’d get the same product.

          These are transitory conditions. We are the children of Our race, and within us lies their greatness. We just need to free ourselves from these modern shackles and harness that inheritance.

          Never doubt what lies within you, Nick.

      • The upper middle class white wannabe communist revolutionaries are expendable, brainwashed pawns who return from a night of arson to their lily white neighborhoods.

        This a pseudo-revolution. The Cloud People at the top are grabbing more power and consolidating their grip over urban areas. Hilariously, the real communists are appalled, party because this is race- rather than class-based, and mostly because they, too, tend to be white.

        • Race has replaced class in the American iteration of communism because poor people want to become rich, even if that is becoming increasingly difficult, if not now only anecdotal. One cannot change one’s race.

    • Hate twitter:

      Who knew certain people were being judged on the content of their character all along

    • Amen. A critical aspect of Justice is Right Reasoning. In order to act with justice you must recognize the true nature of the thing. Viewing a bleg as a dark white person does not acknowledge who they are fundamentally.

  21. “You need to root for your own team, because nobody else will.”

    This hit home. It’s so common to see right wingers say “Asians hate blax too!” “Look at the Mexicans keeping their areas safe! Natural allies!”

    It’s hard to admit that we’re all alone in this especially since we accepted all these people in on the lie that they did want to become like us, and join our nation.

    Non whites are hostile to us at worst, neutral at best.

    • This has always been a huge problem on the putative ‘hard right.’ That damned White genetic propensity to think “Oh, ‘x’ is so nice, not like the others, he/she can join in!” And daily having to refute those same delusions (no, the Asians are not your friends, they intend to be your rulers; no, the Mestizos are not ‘almost White,’ there are thousands of years of genetic history demonstrating why) is tiresome. Basic truths are basic, but still seem to need incessant repetition and they never truly take with an unfortunately large swathe of the White population.

  22. This is indeed a classic; and I found it refreshing to listen to it again. It shares hard truths. The recent collapse of reason and sanity in the face of Wuflu and St. George of the Jungle underscores that the best way forward is simply to tell people what you want without explaining the why. If they agree with you, they may be an ally with whom to build community. If they disagree, but act indifferent to you; they may be regarded as neutral. If they disagree and oppose you with threats or attacks, they are an enemy and should be treated as such. So the fundamental choice for Our Thing is either to keep silent and be a grey man working to monkey wrench the system; or to share your white identity vision, goals and plans, then deal with the reactions. This demands fortitude because some will seek your ruin or death.

    • Good things are never easy Brother and that’s a chance anyone takes when they want the best for their people…

  23. I went back and read the comments from the original post back in Feb 2019. This was a few months after the 2018 election loss and post election theft of a number of seats. Zero R resistance. So anyone who hadn’t yet given up on getting back to the rule of law now had a new black pill rammed down their gullet. Many commenters were in favor of setting up benevolent associations around ethnic identities, interests that cater to whites, etc. Easy targets with easily seized assets by Gov, NGOs and the Roberta Kaplan’s of the world. Any form of pursuing separation or group interests will first require a very difficult intermediate step. Allowing things to deteriorate even more. Sitting it all out, surviving, being neighborly with the like-minded and knowing when it becomes appropriate to do more.

    Most whites still on the Trump/conservative train are there out of desperation. They know the old rules are dead but they don’t know what else to do or how to see things in a different way – because all of the obvious and natural ones are taboo. This is the last firewall. Some may be susceptible to our explanations but for most their apostasy will have to be induced by our enemies who push things even further. Our enemies have done an excellent job in pushing whites in our direction. Recent events have only accelerated this push. Many are probably already there instinctively. What they lack is a framework in understanding the why.
    Oldies but goodies like this one are an excellent start. If you’re looking for content for the normie who needs that last little nudge I would add to podcasts like this one the short videos that serve as public service announcements for white group interests. Jared Taylor is intelligent and senatorial is the best sense of that word. Most people don’t need a political or personal philosophy that runs on for page after page and volume after volume. Most just need a few solid anchors that appeal to them as reasonable with an instinctive ring of truth to it all…and if they have an interest, a pathway for learning more.

    • They know the old rules are dead but they don’t know what else to do…Most whites still on the Trump/conservative train are there out of desperation.”

      You want a drowning person to release his last twig in order to grasp a “rope” not in evidence? We’ve spoken of this recently. That is, the lack of directional behaviors that folks can undertake with the hope of improving their lot—if not for them, for other future Whites. About all that one was left with after the discussion was any number of suggestions, most situationally specific, none a slam dunk.

      So if you want a movement, sooner or later you have to stop Black-pilling and begin defining that “rope”. No one is letting go of their twig, for to do so is to commit suicide by despair.

      • Our enemies are building that bridge for us. Let’s not interfere and let’s make sure we have something for them when they get here.

      • There’s no rope without organization, so organize something, anything. No need for a manifesto or ‘getting first principles right lol”. Our problem, our only real problem is were atomized…we are anything but alone.
        Now build locally, or at least personally – none of us here should meet up, to big a risk for too little return.
        The enemy’s chief asset however is they’ve denied us leadership at every level, what Stalin did with bullets and Mao with the Cultural revolution they’ve done with the schools. That doesn’t mean we need to remain leaderless, but organize from ground up – anything, organize anything at all.

    • You can see this in how normie conservatives view a crisis: they either rationalize bad things as good (B&N going under in favor of a book burning monopoly, Amazon) or they explain it away in terms of old, irrelevant economic dogma as if it were still 1980 — socialism, communism!

      Example 1: Mike Pence and Donald Trump spent the day praising MLK jr. Ugh. Yet another call for whites to delegitimize themselves with self-hate (that’s what this is, don’t kid yourself). Hey, morons. That only works when 1) we’re prosperous 2) we’re the overwhelming majority of the population 3) have freedom of association. Otherwise, you’re only legitimizing racial violence against us and setting the stage for even worse acts in the future.

      Example 2: Reddit censors r/Donald (or Hollywood censors some movie or videogame). “Muh chicoms! muh Communism!” Please boomer consevatives. China is based as hell. If anything, that country is the only reason why every one of your white characters hasn’t — yet — been replaced with a POC M2F transexual. And your idiotic refusal to regulate companies, your worship of a free market dogma you don’t understand and won’t admit has shortcomings, is why a few social media monopolies get to control thought in this country — an effective dictatorship, one with increasing links to the government.

      But nooo. After we cut corporate taxes again, we just gotta not see race some more; pretend it’s not happening. Muh all people (“men” would be sexist) are created equal, muh Thomas Jefferson (statue torn down), muh constitution (paper worship), blah blah blah. This despite the obvious fact that the other side absolutely does NOT believe any of that. Other groups have seperate graduation ceremonies for their own kind; seperate television networks and movies and schools and scholarships and business loans and affirmative action set asides and holidays (entire months) and endless historical retcons (peanut butter, Hidden Figures) and buildings named after them (NASA HQ now, even though they contributed virtually nothing, Hollywood propaganda aside). They demand access to our history through offensively race swapping our historical figures, they rewrite our books and insert themselves into our movies … none of that is about equality of opportunity. They hate us and want our stuff, and they want to rub our faces in it.

      And their racist white allies — the FBI’s antifa (TM) — tell us what books we are allowed to read and what movies we can watch; or what books we are allowed to write (sensitivity committees), what movies we can make (studio diversity riders), what places we can go or not (Evergreen State), what flags we can have (none, apparently, because they are all bad now) … even what companies we are allowed to create (Goldman Sachs now has diversity requirements for company boards).

      Honestly, there is a part of me that is disgusted by these conservatives, disgusted by their weakness and idiocy. It’s just sad that myself and countless others have to suffer through this nightmare because they let it get to this point.

      The world today: everyone lives in constant fear of being outed as a crimethinker merely for repeating established facts, or for not attacking whites sufficiently or for not denouncing themselves. Since when is racism okay? Just the other day, some Hispanic guy in California, IIRC, got fired because he cracked his knuckles at a red light. Fascist commisars at the SPLC and ADL (FBI, TM) have declared innocuous things like “okay” hand signals as “white supremacy.” Who wants to live in a country like that and why should I have an ounce of sympathy for those who put us here? Honestly, I sort of hope BLM throws these people out of their McMansions and raids their 401ks to pay for reparations. They have it coming. Does that make me a bad person?

      Do we really want these people on our side? How do we know they won’t bring their nonsense dogmas with them and contaminate our side like they did the teaparty? They’ve shown a remarkable ability to get things wrong before. Personally, I think they can keep Rush Limbaugh and Ben Shapiro. I don’t want them associated with my side.

      • We don’t need everyone just enough. And as you’ve stated…we don’t want everyone.

      • Your second example touches on something I’ve noticed in Chinese-backed films like The Meg - there is a surprisingly strong undercurrent of strong, traditional values – respect for one’s elders, trust in family, women and men are different, and the negro is nothing more than a comedy sidekick.

        I think this stood out to me expressly because so much mass media is pozzed to death.

    • There’s a learned passivity that we see in trying to persuade people to take the first tentative steps toward IRL community-building, much less activism.

      Getting people to re-engage their normal survival instincts is harder than it should be. There seems to be a barrier to seeing what’s happening as fully “real.”

      Blame gaslighting, screens, the outright terror tactics being deployed, or American modernity itself, but whatever it is, people are over-reacting to theoretical or wholly unlikely threats while wolves are howling at the door.

      There seems to be a sense of waiting for some institutional response to finally kick in and make this all stop.

      For all that I’ve often cited the Soviet dissident experience as a model for us to follow and take some inspiration from, a lot of our people lack the ingrained distrust of institutions and resulting sense of agency and need for parallel organization that Russians had.

      For those not quite there yet, dig into the material on this site like today’s retro-podcast, particularly the stuff from the last two years.

      • There seems to be a sense of waiting for some institutional response to finally kick in and make this all stop.
        I think a Trump loss will implode this hope in enough people that our thing will begin to gain a lot more traction.
        Once the Great White Hope is sent packing and our people understand that they have been disenfranchised whites will have 3 choices:
        Become a palace eunuch
        Self lobotomize consuming product
        Go sub-rosa and rebel

        Unfortunately there will probably be a 4th group: those hyper-sensitive canaries-in-a-coalmine who will flame out publicly…causing problem for the rest of us.

        • “Unfortunately there will probably be a 4th group: those hyper-sensitive canaries-in-a-coalmine who will flame out publicly…causing problem for the rest of us”

          My opinion: The best way to prevent that is to give them something tangible to work for and something positive to look forward to — namely, a way to punish our enemies without resorting to mindless, nihilistic violence. An independence movement could be exactly that if presented correctly. If our side thinks it’s working towards something that resolves these issues — something tangible and practical even if difficult — then you will see fewer public “flameouts”. Such flameouts are caused by nihilism and, so far, our side has had no real answer to that. “Building communities” is vague and impractical for a lot of isolated canaries. Letting them pour their intellectual energies into a medium — the internet — they already inhabit, one that might actually reinforce the community proposal on the outside world, might suffice.

          Example: Scotland’s SNP. That’s a successful third party, and community, that hasn’t been subsumed into one of the two major political parties in the UK. And there is a good reason for that: its independence platform is incompatible with Tory and Labour unionist sentiment. It’s a real world community backed up by online canaries; everyone contributes as they can. Why don’t we repeat this example, sans the leftism? From that political association, which would provide legal protections for members as they gain control of state legislatures, other associations in the real world could emerge; we could model it like some old labor unions which had community activities, memberships, legal protection groups, etc. Online canaries would be associated with us and could spend their time propagandizing for us on the internet, which would give them something to do besides mindless acts of nihilism.

        • I easily can see an opposite reaction if Trump is re-elected. During his presidency, some of the more squalid elements of the State have reacted viciously and dropped their masks. How many less people now trust the IC, FBI and the military, for example? If Biden wins, there would a return to fatal incrementalism. “Folks, it’s just the assault weapons…we will follow the advice of the reparations commission…the troops I have deployed to the Ukraine today will be advisors…”

          Demoralization, as you point out, may be better.

          I don’t know.

          I am fully onboard with accelerationism lately. I’m not certain which result causes it, though.

        • Yves,

          Just read yours after I posted. If the level of crazy maintains after Trumo loses then yes, you are probably right.

        • One thing our side cannot offer those canaries is HOPE or a way out because we have none.
          Our strategy is to simply do nothing which inspires no one. In fact it’s the same strategy of the GOP and cucks. so of course some guys are going out in a blaze of glory so to speak.
          Then team DR elite
          DR types are essential tone deaf spergys eho don’t get young white men.

          • We’ve constantly responded to RW’s despair pilling BS. He has no more strategy than the other black-pill merchants that have infested this blog in the last year or so.

            Those of us with strategies that aren’t fed-posting nonsense are apparently upsetting both bad operators and malcontent cranks alike – points in our favor.

      • It’s “real” enough. Evidence is white flight.

        There are enough people in these “flocks” who agree with us completely, but that these ideas are not as well articulated in their minds. But their instincts and gut reactions are the same as ours.

        For example, the school I went to was in the south and was literally built over the summer after legalized integration of the schools. So some wealthy townspeople pooled their resources together and built a school that was up and running by the next school year.

        Given the nature of the movement today, an academic response may be the most realistic and practical. Build a school in a community where people would be receptive to it. Or build a subdivision.

        I’m looking at old victorian homes in westerly Virginia, for example. You can buy one with 100 acres. Let the old beautiful Victorian serve as a school, public meeting place, rec center, etc. The parcel off the acreage for homes. Now, I was only looking at doing this for myself and I would live in the home, but now I am seeing how it can be adapted to a larger cause.

        • Please, no. White flight has been a thing for at least 70 years, and it hasn’t solved anything. Eventually there will be another Obama mandating ‘affordable housing’ next to your subdivision for equality’s sake. Then your kids will pull up stakes and some other erstwhile rural community will get run over.

          • Tangentially, I wonder if the whole losing-the-country thing is a result of having become a commercial people. Grow up one place, get educated somewhere else, establish a career over here, raise a family over there. It’s not hard to take something from people who don’t really possess it. Sure there’s the risk of getting destroyed by holding the line but nobody ever built or kept a community by routing. Arguably you can preserve a culture, but I think your people would end up like Jews or Gypsies are today.

            We’re stuck in a pattern, facing the same demographic problems, coming up with essentially the same solutions generations of people have tried, thinking things might turn out differently when they’re obviously progressing apace. White flight is part of the pattern, part of the problem. It’s going to be this way until conditions change, and it’s going to take warriors.

            Frankly I don’t see urban/suburban professional men answering the call. Too uprooted, too soft, too unwilling to fight. Hard times making hard men has to happen before we’ll see a change.

          • Painter there is a difference between white flight and building Communities and I’ve never said (and you can go back to my post when I first advocated for that) that you had to move somewhere else…I said build Communities where you are at if there is enough like-minded around you to do so and if there is not move to somewhere there is and do it there…

          • I get it and I’m honestly conflicted about the issue. I’m in the position of living where my family has lived for centuries now, with a distinct culture, and since before I was born we’ve (the culture, people) been under heavy pressure from white flight and refugee resettlement, not to mention everything that goes with climbing the economic ladder. So I’ve had a front row seat to see how the process plays out, and all I can say is the rot follows. I think the rot follows because the people who come bring that way of life with them. The locals who get educated and build the local economy prepare the ground and invite all this in. I’m sure nobody means to do harm, but neither does it seem to occur to them that economics and politics go together, like Z mentions. Nobody makes the connection between capitalism, communism, and poz.

            The reason I’m conflicted is because I might see myself in the same situation as the people fleeing. Can I honestly say I wouldn’t flee too? I’d lose a big piece of my identity, and I’d feel like a coward and like I was throwing away everything my ancestors worked to build, so I think I’ll see it through. But I won’t know until I’m in that situation.

          • Anyway I don’t see the difference these days. There are towns where I live founded as religious enclaves in the 18th century. That’s building community.

            Everything built today is called American Tradition or Farm Estates or some such garbage. Pure marketing geared towards people looking for peace and sanity. They’re commodifying my home and my culture.

            Maybe there are people building real communities these days out in the backwoods or something, but I figure I’d hear about them. Branch Davidians, for example. They’d call it a cult 🙂

          • Painter, how many times do we need to say this here – 20,000 small towns in America can’t be patrolled like you imagine.

            20,000 employment and 7000 housing discrimination claims in California in a year out of 40+ million Californians.

            Do the math – and CA has the most active “civil rights” apparatus in America.

            A lot of guys here seem hell-bent on remaining atomized and sheltering in place in some shithole or quiet shitlib suburb and watching Whites submit.

            What is your better alternative?

          • Townships rarely fight those battles because they don’t have the money. I’d guess that’s why there aren’t so many claims.

            As for me I’m doing what I can in the real world to hold territory instead of plotting my escape on the internet. As is my family, my community, my county. As has been going on for decades here.

            Farmland preservation, zoning ordinances, talking to neighbors, showing up at township meetings, etc. Granted, there are cultural advantages here. People really don’t like change and are highly suspicious of outsiders. Also they tend to keep family land in the family. But communities can still say no and win battles, even if the law says they have no right.

            Before I was born, the state wanted to build a bypass highway through Amish land. The Amish fought it, the state gave up. Walmart wanted to build a supercenter outside of the town I live near. The townspeople fought it, Walmart gave up. W Bush wanted to bisect my county with huge power lines. We fought it, the towers were never built.

            You win some, you lose some, but just putting up a fight helps immensely. People get the idea that it’s going to be a pain in the ass, and a lot of times they leave you alone.

      • For those not quite there yet, dig into the material on this site like today’s retro-podcast, particularly the stuff from the last two years.

        And UNPLUG Mainstream EVERYTHING. Consuming the right information, from our people, works better when you shut off the propaganda.
        Like breathing clean air, it takes a while to taste it, but once you do, you’ll never be the same.

  24. An older female relative emailed me this morning with the link to the old white woman in New York just getting randomly punched by a black guy and how horrible that was and how afraid she is. She’s afraid of the world she created and I’m having a hard time having sympathy even for the old at this point. I emailed her back this

    Yes this is what happens when you spend several Generations inciting hate towards white people. I’ve seen this coming since I was in high school. it’s been abundantly obvious. I found it very frustrating for decades now that the people that pretend not to see it and vilified everyone that did. Heck even you. I bet to this day you hate Pat Buchanan. He was right about everything you know


    • Dig deeper, folks. You either already get this, or you will… Whenever I see a vid of a “yuth” wildly attacking an elderly person my first thought, my absolutely first thought, is, “Who did the victim vote for?”. If they voted Marxist, then the attack wasn’t brutal enough. I always like to see folks get what they’re begging for, good, bad, or otherwise.

      • Actions have consequences, or as a former President once said, elections have consequences. Without consequences, there can be no change in behavior. Unfortunately, the consequences are separated by time and space such that when they are felt, it’s to late to react, or change such behavior in order to prevent future consequences. And here we are.

        • We’re all doomed. However, if the Marxists – who dream of me being tortured to death in a reeducation camp – if some Marxists can go first at the hands of other Marxists,.. sure, I’ll take it

          In the example above, one less Marxist enabler? …..sure, I’ll take it

    • What happened to the sympathy, that Z talked about? I think rudely telling her “Fuck off, you made your bed” is the wrong strategy.

      If she is genuinely concerned about the world she has created, listen to those concerns, and gently increase the redpilling content. You can tell her that you predicted this for a long time.

      It’s easy to be bitter but the brainwashing is strong. I was bluepilled at one point. We need sympathy for those who are drifting to our side. If they start drifting away, however, they must be cut off ruthlessly again.

        • Girlfriend…..I’m having a hard time being sympathetic also! Stupid wahmyn get beat up, and they still think they’re raaaaaacist and want to see the rest of us killed off as they view Whitey as the bad seed. These people are the brown shirts now conditioned to rat us out.
          The ancient muse of domesticity prompted me to clear out the book shelves. I have physical evidence of my long trek to DR, a big pile of books, papers and articles discarded re muh constitution and recent history, Mike Lee’s book on the C..Meh! Jigs up game over, we aren’t the first ones to face the chaos and destruction of their former world. It feels so rewarding to let go and clear out the old world and make room for the new. Showcased are Evelyn Waugh’s Black Mischief and Gone With The Wind. And my Civil War from the southern perspective collection
          As for local women, I’m just so fed up with stupid women cowering all masked up we’re all going to die vapor around them. Disgusted with them. Time to seek one’s own counsel. That’s why I chose to work in a man’s world for 20 years…what relief to be away from wahmyn world. And once I did the work and proved myself….how sweet was the respect. What women don’t understand.

      • It is very easy to understand why people cannot be dispassionate, but this is absolutely correct. The leftists are lost causes. The old time goody-good white liberals are not. It is hard to know where this particular lady falls on the spectrum, but if she is not a full blown and lost quasi-Marxist, a little tenderness might be able to bring her here. The Floyd riots simultaneously are shaming whites and making others furious. It’s a good time to open doors.

      • Nah, let’s have three or four years of them getting their just deserts and then we can be sympathetic.
        The Question: “What did you think would happen?” should get a lot of use.

      • gently

        Nyet! Wrong. “Gently” is what got us here in the first place. Let’s fucking sugar coat it some more, right? Let me say it again for the 1000th time you want to rapidly educate someone and change their behavior immediately & permanently–> Fear & Pain. I am in agreement w/ you about not letting them burn completely but the new marching orders should be ruthless & efficient, not gentle.

        Full stop. Anything else is a half measure. Gently is the same strategy as IKAGO / not all nogs are violent,, etc. And let’s constantly ‘monitor’ people to see what their ‘level of drift’ is, right? As our black friend told us ain’t nobody got time for that.

        There is a film where someone who was told one thing her entire life sees absolute chaos & carnage all around her and things that go 100% against what she is seeing vs what she has been told for years. In that moment of utter terror the shock to her system (fear of pain / immediate death) is enough to break her loose of her programming. Should he have rephrased his question more gently?


        • I did that today. My family and I were gassing up and 2 slutty looking 20 somethings in Daddy’s Audi were French kissing in the parking lot. I gave them a face showing complete disgust and made the universal hand gesture that signifies puking. Needless to say, I got flipped the bird and a barrage of dirty names that I couldn’t hear through the closed car window. My husband called me crazy, but I told him that disgusting people need to know that they are disgusting. THOT patrol by women to women is the best!

    • Pat is an inspiration to us all and I can’t recall the zman saying anything at all about Pat, positive or negative. Maybe in a future podcast he can give us his take on this man. I’ve always been a huge fan of his so it would be disappointing if the zman hated him, but I can’t imagine for what.

      • Buchanan opened the door for many of us. I always was skeptical about blank slatism and so forth, but he was the first mainstream voice given to us. He still has some vestiges of civic nattery but mostly he has been red-pilled his entire life.

        • He unfailingly uses pronoun propaganda.
          I’ve never seen him not use “We” or “our” when referring to the US Government or its murderous tools.
          Fuck him.

        • Buchanan was big in red-pilling me too. It’s very disappointing to read Pat’s columns now and see him being so loyal to Trump et al when they’ve frozen him out and slandered him for so long.

          • Pat is over 80 and you should not expect mental flexibility from old men. Its not in most of them

      • I once wrote a strong defense of Pat in response to a comment. Z man posted a reply stating that when we had our country again, “Brother Pat would be on our money”.

    • I think this requires the art of reading people. I’m happy to give time, energy and patience to people who see the light and are willing to invest themselves in changing the paradigm. They’re usually pretty easy to pick out after 5 mins of conversation. Then there are those who whine, complain, talk about the impossibility of changing the paradigm … they see glimmers of light but prefer to wallow in self-pity, or worse, just tear down those who are taking action.

      This latter set – SCREW ‘EM – they’re not worth effort. Some of them even lurk on this blog. When we’re in a good mood we simply ignore them. But the most troublesome sort just need to be told to bugger off.

      Jesus squared this away nicely: “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.”

      • Capt S,

        Spot on. Triage is in order and each of us with limited time and resources need to figure out who we can bring into the light and those that are hopeless. Despite wishing the majority of Our people would wake up, I think we are realistically looking at saving a fraction. For the rest, “Let the dead bury the dead.”

        • Reading people is crucial at all times; in these times it is absolute. I would agree that 5 minutes is about enough time.

          If White people are not awake now do they ever become awake is the question I guess. Living in CA I read the LA Times to see when local zoning will be outlawed as racist. It is painful to read this paper, absolutely painful.

          Check out the lead story today to see if you think there are any more White people to red pill. I am sure that these stories are stories precisely to hasten the White death but still..‘Something is not right.’ George Floyd protests push white Americans to think about their privilege

          I have noticed an increasing emphasis that even Republicans and Southern Whites are realizing their racism. I came to this site from a very liberal background and never understood Republicans, libertarians, etc. in the least but damn.

          Anyway, the good white women profiled lives in No. CA. And the family profiled in TX live in a 83% White and 3% black area with the average home on sale for about $575,000.

          You have done amazing things in your life with your family and your “reservation.” I have no doubt the crops will provide great eating. October should be fine eating at the Captain household.

      • Amen, Capt. Our people, historically we’ve been very, very accommodating, are confusing Discernment with Judgemental.
        We must check every single response to current events and no longer operate out of conditioning. There can be grace and firmness. Veiled threats must now taken at full value of the evil they intend. Because they intend evil.

      • Amen Brother something insidious about people supposedly on our side not wanting the best for our people even if they can’t do it at this point in their life…

      • I’ll not waste time with the old ones. Little white pill: One of my sons friends (a national merit scholar) followed me out on the porch to smoke. Him “heard you listen to nazi podcasts” Me “nah aww they aren’t really nazi’s, well, except for Lampretch” guy was taking notes and smoking a cigarrete after 10 minutes. Had to promise to take him to amren next year. Should bring a contigent to the next one. All wrestlers or lesser athletes . The temptation to larp and dress em in some sort of uniform is surprising strong.

  25. It is. This is a good time for it.

    Unz’s “promoted by current events” section is a good concept for bumping old relevant content.

    When we’re dealing with a lot of Groyd Riot red-pillees and other newbies it’s helpful to make content the rest of us have already “graduated” from available.

    Letting go of America and our old loyalties is going to be an evergreen theme for the foreseeable future and there is a lot of good past content here that would help guys “go into the White.”

    Our brothers in this thing are our country now.

    • My older son is one of several writers and monitors at a Facebook group (yes, I know, and I’ve never been there, but he insists they take several security measures). Anyhow, one thing they’ve instituted is the concept that newbies, before commenting, have to read various earlier essays and assimilate that information. Whereas everywhere else (a bit less so but still not entirely absent here at Zman) you have newbies presenting basic racial or social or demographic concepts as if they’re presenting an amazing new idea to other readers. Even worse, you have newbies challenging basic accepted biological and sociological facts. That’s part of the reason I’m so quick to quash anyone going on about their IKAGO neighbor or friend – Amren and Unz are full to the brim with that sort of commentary. If you still, in your heart of hearts, wonder why we can’t just all ‘get along,’ then you have a whole lot of self-education ahead, and others need to be brutal to keep that natural Western egalitarian individualism in check.

      • 3g – this is a universal thing on DR websites. There’s a constant pipeline of guys and the news ones are always bringing up the same stuff we’ve already hashed out.

        I don’t like to copypaste the same stuff so I think in the past week I’ve typed a dozen variations of the same style response on different sites to the same topics like:

        “Christians are Jewed – we must all be pagans or atheists; we need/don’t need women in our movement; can’t we talk about Jews less/more; what do you think of Tucker; Trump’s a cuck/4D chess” and of course, “you guys are running away – fight naow!!!!”

        It’s why me and some of the other guys here are working on a “Getting Started” guide for Our Guys.

        The hardest part won’t be compiling & writing this thing – it’s going to be getting guys to actually read something of that length and depth.

        That or one of us has to start podcasting or doing video. We’re already fighting over who sounds and looks sexier.

        • Frip – First, I will answer your question : I Know A Good One (i.e. a non-White who doesn’t fit the pattern or appears to act Whiter than his peers). Always used by cucks as an example of why environment/character matter more and to deny that genetics shape culture.
          Second, with all due respect – please show some initiative and look things up! I started knowing nothing but followed my nose, checked out any links people suggested, read and thought and learned. Did the same thing with my genealogy habit – dozens of different sites I learned to use. If an old lady like me can do it, anyone can!

          • Before the manifesto, can we start with a list of acronyms?

            That’d be a starting place to then roll out the concepts.

  26. Zman, have you got a backup of your blog and podcast? If you make a torrent for them, it can easily be shared if something happens to you or your site, and enemy action wouldn’t be able to rob us of your invaluable contributions.

    • Excellent suggestion. I’m no expert, but I think he could make available old information and still retain copyrights, if that is his worry.
      I’d like to see a downloadable archive of all his essays from the past. Why not add transcripts of audio podcasts as well? Again, copyrights shouldn’t be an issue “for non-comemrcial use only” or whatever. There are, I’m sure, many here who’d gladly volutneer to transcribe or proofread for such a project. I can understand Z’s resistance, even if for no other reason than he’s a one-man show, with a full time (?) real job, and overseeing such a project, even proofing submitted texts, would take enormous time.
      Having multiple archives of the past is a good idea: it is “Memory Hole” resistant. One example that has piqued my interest, as a fan of the “lab release hypothesis”, that is a good example. There is reportedly quite a difference in the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s web site, approx. pre-December 2019 and shortly thereafter. Now, why pray tell, would that be??? 🙂

    • How to spread torrent, when big tech has taken internet down to stop Nazis ? I predict that this will happen soon.

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