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We live in an odd time. It is not just what is beamed to us by the media, but what is happening in the more mundane areas of life. Drive around the typical business park and the parking lots are empty. Even as the lock down stuff lightens up, people are not returning to work. According to the government, over 40 million people have been furloughed over the last two months. That would explain the empty parking lots, but it does not explain the busy streets. Lots of people are on the roads.

The working theory is that the people laid off from their work are just enjoying the extra benefits from the Federal government. The $600 per week check along with the normal unemployment means they have no disruption in their lifestyle. Covid has been a very long government financed vacation. That’s why the parking lots in the business parks are empty, but the streets are busy during the day. It would also explain why we don’t have a rush hour in the morning or the evening.

That theory will be tested in August, as the Federal checks are supposed to run out in July, assuming no extension. Another angle here though is the people still working are busier than ever. Despite the massive layoffs, work still goes on and the people not granted the extended holiday are either working from home or back in the offices doing more than they did before the shutdown. It is a real life example of the plot for a science fiction story. The term “working class” now has new meaning.

In my case, I am busier in the day job than ever. So much so that I’m taking next week off from the podcast just to get caught up. The last full day I’ve taken off was back in April and I’m not sure of the day. You make hay while the sun shines as a small business man, so I have no complaints. It is just another part of the mystery. Forty million out of work, whole swaths of the retail economy closed for months, but the people working are busier than ever. No one seems to notice this either.

Even crazier is we have been told since forever that mass unemployment leads to civil unrest, as people blame the government for the job losses. The civil unrest we are seeing, however, is people who have never worked and never intend to work. They are bums, layabouts and parasites. Their complaint is mostly toward the people who make it possible for them to remain alive. It is always popular to say the world has gone mad, but this time it may be more than a figure of speech.

Regardless, I will be taking a week off from the show. That will give me some time to get caught up on the day job. We are coming up on White People Independence Day, which is always a slow time for the site. In fact, the next two weeks have always been the slowest for traffic and comments. I’m hoping I can get caught up on the day job, so I can then get back on some other projects I have going. This week I cleared out the mail bag and inbox, so I’m clean for another month.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00 Opening
  • 03:00 Lawfare
  • 11:15 One Point No
  • 15:00 Music
  • 18:30 Trump
  • 27:30 Peaceful Separation
  • 34:00 Crazy Relatives
  • 41:00 Perpetual Revolution
  • 47:00 Generational Politics
  • 50:00 Social Media
  • 51:30 Do Nothing
  • 54:00 Thank You

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382 thoughts on “Letters To The Underground

  1. Hey Steve, I’ll take a crack at addressing the questions that you’ve posed and other can chime in to correct or add to what I’ve provided. So, IMHO …
    A: The Overlords want a pliable and agreeable workforce to serve the Global State, which they will control. This is why the USA has no real border and millions of illegal & H-1B workers from all over the world. This keeps wages down and multi-national profits up. The control that our Overlords want will require a repeal of our traditional “freedoms”. As Whites become a majority minority, it becomes more difficult to form political resistance to their plan.
    A: I recommend that you research the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory. As you summarized, the application of CT is done to critically analyze traditional Western culture and, in the process, provide alternative world views. This includes traditional human rights and associated freedoms that the West has enjoyed.
    The conspiracy angle to all of the above is the extreme over-representation of Jews in these anit-Western movements, dating back to women’s suffrage, through immigration, and feminism, and gay rights, and the Christian Church. Always attacking the foundations of traditional Western values. Especially frightening to Jews would be the rise of a White Nationalistic country, a la pre-WWII Germany. The many gratuitous comparisons of Trump to Hitler by the largely Jewish-ran media testifies to this paranoia.

  2. Please forgive me if you’ve already addressed these questions, but here goes.

    Q: What do our progressive overlords want? Do they have a plan for after their revolution or are they just trying to acquire power and plan to make something up later (after they have piled up enough skulls)?

    Q: What does the expression “cultural Marxism” mean? Or does it mean nothing other than the destruction of traditional cultures?

  3. I saw some earlier posts that included links to sites that criticizes Christianity for being meek. It should be noted that Jesus effectively wire-brushed the Jewish leaders every time they tried to trick him. And, he cleansed the Temple by turning over tables and made whips from cords to chase out the money-changers … not exactly meek.
    This “turn the other cheek”, I believe, is in the context of personal grievances and on personal matters in order to more quickly resolve them and not allow it to escalate unnecessarily.

  4. Hate to keep beating this drum, but even the white women at these BLM riots know that the white guys there are super-cucks. All of these white people that are swamping the BLM riots are kinda like how Conservative Inc. hi-jacked the Tea Party movement … Hmm, maybe something’s going on behind the scenes here …?

  5. The mystery of the Dissident Right, from Moldbug forward.
    The DR see’s more clearly than anyone in America what is happening, in a way they remind me of the Cold War Catholics.
    The odds were much, much longer then.
    There was no Internet, if you wanted anything but the Cathedral’s three networks [ABC, CBS, NBC] and the NYT/WAPO view you had to subscribe and pay for a print magazine.
    That was it, that was the Samzidat. Imagine the feeling of being isolated, in a total Cathedral world, admittedly much saner.
    Working people hated the Liberals then too, but usually voted Democrat [except for President].
    The difference is the Cold War Catholics and other Christians did something about it, however imperfect. For instance military service, [The Church 86, 11B].
    So while the DR now is alarmed, indeed far more alarmist than we ever were they would have never called each other informers, or crazy for thinking we’ll need to prepare for partisan warfare [as it was called then], nor would they have shit on every single suggestion, nor mocked courage or service, nor assumed everyone who wanted to do more than talk or shitpost was a secret agent out to get them. I myself can be nasty from time to time, sorry. I do get frustrated with the ‘we’re doomed, no one is coming to save us…all we can do is run [where?] or lay down and die.
    Maybe the difference is some of you, particularly the nasty cowards who make a virtue of cowardice, thinking it clever and that your outsmarting imaginary Feds …maybe it’s because you have no God and never did? Or no Father’s? No men around?
    Have you never been in a fight growing up? No man, ever taught you our duties ? Well…That doesn’t mean you can’t step up, the formula’s been out there forever. Alexander Hamilton certainly started life on the wrong foot, yet he was a brilliant leader, valiant soldier, invaluable to Washington and the early Republic.
    I suspect even Yarvin aka Moldbug has found his courage, and with children he’ll find physical courage if he has to, so let me ask why wait? No, none of us here should meet all things considered. But you’re mad if you’re not getting together a group of men, going to the range, yes hitting the gym to stay fit [hand to hand is a remote possibility, yes get fit but go to range].
    In any case organize, something. Resource pools are a good idea, if and when matters escalate you’ll have a group of men around. Do something…volunteer firefighter, something.
    You can prep individually all you want but without a group you’re meat for even half a dozen determined – or hungry – men.
    But I confess DR, you are a mystery. No one sees more clearly the fate that unfolds according to formula upon us now…but to even hint at doing anything about it is considered beyond the Pale.
    Good night and God Bless then.

  6. The media and scholars in the soft sciences will continue this assault on our sensibilities and have seized the moral high ground as part of their attack. Without the media, any successful counter-attack will be difficult, indeed, despite the cognitive dissonance reverberating in every thinking person’s mind.

  7. The problem is that we’re stuck with the assumption of equal outcomes … all systemic grievances are based on this flawed assumption. Could also be called the Tabula Rasa assumption. Everyone knows this but dare not mention it outside of forums like this one.

  8. More than ever this would be a good time to organize in advance food and fuel self help/pooled resources circles, and for that matter what jobs there will be to have.
    Now the organizing will build organizing skills, and the above of course is logistics.
    Any organization improves our situation at this point, our only real problem is were successfully atomized.

  9. It seems to me the comments field is angrier than usual here. Maybe it’s just ppl being fed up w lockdowns, crashing economies and then cities on fire. But still, the internal strife is a gift to the enemy.

  10. What we do know is that if you defend yourself, you can very easily get charged with a hate crime and they’ll happily send you away for years … scary stuff.

    • Don’t tell anyone it happened, do not call the police, for ffs don’t record it lol. That’s what got the original jogger citizens lynched.
      The damn video from their ‘friend’ who was trying to cover them.
      Now legally they’re ok, they may still be at trial.
      But it was the video and calling 9/11 at all that did them in.
      If you’re pale your only defense is to be invisible.

  11. I’m skeptical that we can apply much learned from the French Rev to our current situation. The people in charge know a lot about us (think web browsing history) … we’re not a blackbox to them. but we know precious little about them. They’re writing the script and we are responding. As you said, who would think that BLM would have White people washing feet.

  12. I completely agree that the civil unrest we are seeing, however, is people who have never worked and never intend to work. They are bums, layabouts and parasites. Their complaint is mostly toward the people who make it possible for them to remain alive. And these Protestants are ruining everything in their path from the cars to the stores, causing damage to the already exhausted economy …

  13. Z, while totally agree with you about the idea of “freedom of association”, unfortunately it’s as much a pipe dream as sending all the joggers back to the motherland or rounding up all the beaners and shipping them back to mexico. In our current culture, the general sensibilities will never permit it.
    Of course, we’re talking about White males here. Everyone else – women, joggers, jews, messkins – literally everyone is allowed to discriminate, except White males – of any age. I remember when I first embarked on my career in 1980, I joined Rotary. Back then it was an all male institution. However, that was also around the time women started flooding into the work place. I imagine there was feminist agitation and the powers that be folded and started letting them in.
    Being younger and more liberal at that time, I didn’t see what the big deal was, but the old timers hated it and a bunch of them quit. I just chalked it up to all fuddy-duddy-ism, but in retrospect it was just another dismantling of a White male organization – just like Cub and Boy Scouts, Little League, Country Clubs, Men’s grills etc.
    So, I just don’t see it happening, at least explicitly, anytime soon – no good old boys club for you sucker. White males of all ages are pretty much F’d for the time being. However, after the revolution – Hell Yeah.

    • You can only have freedom of association if you control the government which regulates and interprets that freedom. Since we don’t control the government, we cannot have freedom of association; it’s a pipe dream the demfeds will destroy the moment a woke progressive complains about it. If you truly want freedom of association, you must first control the power. The only way to do that is with secession. Have a red state seceede, monopolize the government from a position of relative strength, then regulate your freedom as legal. Squash all opposition with extreme force. That’s essentially what the left did to you, so you returning the favor is wrong because … ? If you oppose secession, the only viable option at this point, then you don’t really support freedom of association. You just want to dream about something you will never have, mostly because you aren’t willing to abandon the system which keeps it from you.

    • Z, while totally agree with you about the idea of “freedom of association”, unfortunately it’s as much a pipe dream as sending all the joggers back to the motherland or rounding up all the beaners and shipping them back to mexico.” On the pipe dream slide scale, I’d say the “freedom of association” angle is about as close as it gets to the “possible”. I also like the sound of it as a D-Right talking point. Not sure if Z came up with it, but “Peaceful Separation” is a great phrase for us. Much better than “separatist”

      • While I normally dislike dissembling, I see the virtue of “Peaceful Separation.”
        A certain Architect became Chancellor by emphasizing legal and non-violent means to the voters.
        To be plain, the voters and the public want to be told what they want to hear, they only want good optics.
        Bad optics can be dissembled away, the GOP denies their voters their plain uselessness, so can others.

        >>and as far as the fairer Sex, they elected him.
        You can look up the election returns 27-33 online.

    • I have to agree with Chappie … FOA would seem to require a repeal or major change to Civil Rights legislation. Bottom line is that ain’t happening if women can vote. Hate to go full Andrew Anglin, but white women are much easier on black men than white men are cuz they like black guys showing them attention … that’s just how it is. FOA is never coming back.

      • A lot of that is due to the media and sportsball’s unrelenting efforts to market negro men as cool, masculine, funny, and desirable while portraying white men as dumb, feminine, humorless, and undesirable.

        • Couldn’t agree more … “it’s all about the media, boys!” (think John Goodman in the movie, O’brother Where Art Thou)

  14. Also, doesn’t seem strange that your average Black guy/girl is bothering to tear down statues? The “real” Black folks got off the bus when the looting stopped … they don’t know, or give a rip, about some old White-guy statue. Don’t want to be Capt Obvious here, but real Black don’t care bout no damn statue. So, the media shows this because more Whites and (((others))) are there … Blacks are probably paid, Whites are probably a lot of jews. Media knows this is BS, but part of the agenda of …”see all of the White people who hate themselves … you should be like them. BTW, some of the White girls are pretty hot … get down there and try to hookup”.

  15. You know, I think that (((they’ll))) allow Trump to win again, but, in return, we’ll continue our steady drift to multi-culti and White replacement. After the intense anti-American activities that we’ve recently witnessed, the average Patriot will settle for 4 more years of The Donald in exchange for continued drift to the left. Expect stuff like some sort of immigration amnesty during Trump’s next 4 years. I need to change my handle to “Mr. Blackpilled”!

  16. Question: Why isn’t anyone, including Trump, talking about Presidential debates? They can be done in the same manner as before, just no audience to accomodate the COVID hoax. Just televise the dang thangs. Why isn’t Trump demanding this if Biden is truly a dementia patient??

  17. Prediction: the most interesting spectator sport of the ’20s will be the Deep State Enforcers vs. the Death Squads. Plucky Death Squad-ers stick-n-move, but can they get past their history of infighting and annoying habit of derailing their operations for a debate over first principles? The Enforcers have all the best technology, but can they fool the public into thinking they don’t really hate the people they claim to serve?

    Highest ratings for the year come when Sean King kills himself so that the Death Squads will be blamed; it becomes the John Elway Helicopter Run for the 21st century.

    • There are no death squads, and there won’t be.
      Pray for the opposite of peace, that’s the only way out.
      This by the way is classic “annoying habit of derailing their operations for a debate over first principles? ”
      Can you imagine this bunch in a boat headed for Normandy beach or Tarawa? LOL.

      • I disagree.
        Given we have guys out there defending statues right now rumors of police death squads and militias its a semantic flip from that to auftragstakik.
        Besides its not like you’d know if it happened, it wouldn’t be discussed, wouldn’t be reported either.
        I say we try and prevent this outcome but no idea if we can.

  18. So the plan/hope is peaceful separation through freedom of association? And you have said there is no voting your way out of this situation, the gov is corrupt, and the prevailing wisdom is that concept (not allowing certain people into an area) would be considered seriously discriminatory and would never see the light of day with the current set of politicians and judicial branch – how exactly do you see that happening? You must be trolling us. Or perhaps the Sun Tzu quote was a clue that you are a student of those tactics.” Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” Based on today’s climate that would be the smart play.

    I read the blog quite a bit and feel I have learned a lot from your perspective and from those of the commenters ( thank you Zman and commenters) – can’t believe none of the more discerning commenters have not raised any sort of skepticism in that plan having a snowballs chance in hell of working.

    • We all know nothing’s going to work. We’re just mature enough to not bore each other with the idea. We’re playing an extended parlor game called “What’s the Plan?” There’s no right answer. Let us enjoy ourselves and our talented M.C. Zman.

  19. Re Fash the Nation. 11:50 on podcast. “…when McFeels went off to the nervous hospital or someplace.” LOL. I like Jazzhands McFeels, but he does seem more one-track minded on the kosher stuff than ever. I really enjoyed the show when it was Jazzhands and Marcus Halberstram. Maybe they’ve always been this fixated on the Jews and I just didn’t notice as much because they had such good chemistry. It was just a fun listen. It’s only occurred to me recently that the entire show is structured around the Jews. I’m not even saying they’re wrong or right. It just gets annoying…to me. It’s funny when Jazzhands says, “…and we’re not just being conspiracy theorists on this.” Well, says you, dude. Again, I can’t say they’re wrong. Have to give them credit as they do serious time consuming research and reportage. They just don’t throw out opinions. Anyway, about Z and other podcasters, it’s too bad when guys on our side stop being friendly.

    • Since you enjoyed the McFeels-Halberstram chemistry, I’ll add that they have know each other since high school, when Halberstram was a Democrat and McFeels was a Republican. Halberstam instigated the radicalization of McFeels by introducing him to the Right Stuff blog.

      • Cool story. Did not know. So Halberstram is that high school friend who gave you your first shot of heroin. It sucks that someone that good “on the mic” totally dropped out of podcasting. My hunch is their show took a lot of prep work, but there would never be any real payoff. In terms of income or making a difference in this pozzed world. So Halberstram was probably like, “what’s the point”? I imagine creating such black-pill podcasts can cause real, clinical depression after a few years.

        One of the talents of a good podcaster or broadcaster is they can get angry but instead of sounding grating or peevish it sounds cool and makes you smile. Jazzhands & Halberstram were great that way. It’s still stuck in my mind how Jazz once blurted out “orange faggot!”

        Z’s good that way too. On latest Zcast, at about 21:00 to 23:00, when he’s getting a bit heated talking about what shit people Kushner and Mitt Romney are, you can’t help but laugh.

        Halberstram and Jazzhands should start a new podcast that’s not so serious. Still political, but more pop-cultural and easy-going. They were just TOO good to not be a team anymore. It’s a real loss to me. But they’ve got to look out for their own well being. Halberstram probably got out before he fully lost his mind. Jazzhands may be too far gone already. “And the worms ate into his brain…”

  20. Enjoyed the show, Z Man, and I wish you a happy WID!
    As much as I would love to see complete freedom of association established, I know there will be a particularly strong, violent pushback from blacks on this point because, no matter how much blacks complain about White racism and oppression, they know:

    1. all the other races, in their heart of hearts, don’t want anything to do with blacks – I suspect even a significant percentage of blacks want to be far away from large numbers of blacks,
    2. they (blacks) know deep down they can’t make a modern society, or a city, or neighborhood work in the absence of Whites, or at least access to White gibs and White achievements, infrastructure, and public services.

    I think anti-Whites might be surprised to find that most Whites would be A-OK with Asians and Hispanics and other non-black groups co-existing to some degree in their Freedom of Association zones, neighborhoods, or towns. And probably most of those other groups would be happy to deal with Whites. It’s the blacks that will be denied access by all groups and they are the ones least equipped create successful communities on their own. I think on a deep level, blacks know this and will fight violently for their Right to Access to Whites.

    I foresee “rivers of blood”.

    • Not me. I saw a Mexican at my health club who didn’t work there. I said, okay, I guess it’s time to raise the dues. Probably dealing drugs or something. Luckily we don’t have too many blacks in this area.

      • Haha – well some people desire more purity than others – and you should have the right to try to achieve your own ideal. But I notice you say he “didn’t work” at the club, so I am assuming that that might be an acceptable reason for a non-White to be in your Freedom of Association zone. I think some of us may find we can accept a mix of peoples, excluding the one group whose only worldview is a negative one – Whitey-Bad-You-Owe-Me.

        For me, if I could start with just getting blacks out of my life and my thoughts, that would be a huge increase in my quality of life. But I believe blacks will be the most hostile resisters to this idea, because without us, they really can’t make anything happen.

    • Quite a few states have been overthrown by desperate people lead by an ambitious middle or a treacherous elite.
      I suppose mass famine might prevent the kind of petty unrest we have today, maybe.
      It probably will mean complete obliteration of the current society in a holocaust of violence and starvation.
      Now if you want to Conservative the material prosperity we have, the bills must be paid.
      This means your ideology must take over the mechanics of the State and use it carefully. Its expensive though and dealing with the cost factors isn’t easy.
      My favorite example, get rid of Social Security, Medicare and say Unemployment you’ll save a bundle in taxes.
      You also get a vast sea of surplus capital do to super high savings and a lower fertility rate (not higher, have kids to support you is ineffective in an urban society) oh and a much lower job turnover as people work longer thus denying promotion to middle aged people and reducing fertility again.
      Policy isn’t simple and while “do nothing.” is a policy its a bad one. Choose wisely.

  21. The stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment have given us the rudiments of what life with a basic income would be like. As more business open , we’ll get a clearer picture as well
    The results are far from a disaster but as expected the results are not good either.
    Now such a system could be tweaked to make work, well work but a huge percentage of the population being urban unemployed or underemployed unless they are stay at home moms is not good at all.
    Ultimately we have discovered how many people we really don’t need at all for the economy, probably 40-50% of people are of low to no economic value.
    Also as for disruption, its invisible but the disruption levels have been enormous for many people. What we don’t see is the insane savings and cash hording rates. The lack of fun things to spend money in huge chunks of the country and the bloody nuisance of the regulations has pushed the savings rate to an all time (as in entire recorded history) high, over 33% which is “no welfare state” level high.
    There has also been a lot of debt reduction, everyone is deleveraging. In theory this is the best thing for the economy but in reality, a consumption driven economy will shrivel without borrowing.Worse eve if we keep pumping money into various hands and even be smart ad hand it out to people not cronies, they’ll just horde it or deleverage more.
    Much of the “other” spending appears to be home improvement (since its considered essential)and bullets/beans/bandages which does not a recovery make.
    Deflation driven economy (minus food do to shortage) + social changes + high savings +no real recovery yikes.

    • Before COVID I thought about 20% of the population needed to be culled. Not I think it’s about 35%.

      • Anyone you are trying to cull gets a say in the matter .
        Also this is a self correcting problem, The fertility rate is low among every group.
        That said controlling technology how its used and applied as well as regulating immigration and other factors is much more ethical and safer.
        Modernity is not sustainable under almost any circumstances. Even almost entirely White 1973 had below replacement fertility.

      • If true this means State control over technology since make work doesn’t solve the problem.

  22. People are going along with this…I can’t believe it. Here in Texas, they’re closing bars and denying river access. You should see the bullshit on Abbot’s twitter feed. All the pansy ass libs from Dallas, applauding this shit don’t go to rivers and bars. Many aren’t native Texans and are the reason we’re getting this waffling from gov leadership. As a combat Vet I’m beyond pissed. I can only sit around and buy guns and ammo and pretend I’m “doing something”. If this rioting by the chimps and their white guilt buddies proves anything, it proves there are no white KKK types left in any great numbers.

    We stopped em from doing anything more then whining and holding signs in out town, south of Austin, but they shouldn’t have been allowed to do even that. None of these DA’s are using their power to lump in BLM and ANTIFA and then deny them their “right” to protest. Fuck them. I cannot believe this happening without a fight.

    • I remember Abbot, when he was called Pete Wilson…. Texas is in its Pete Wilson era. You know what comes after that.

    • Organize any group you can, like vets who like fishing.
      We have one and only one problem, no organizations.
      Don’t call it anything, call it nothing, admit nothing, refer to lawyer.

      This really is our only problem- no organizations. Organize, and we have our solution. Remain atomized and perish with shame.
      As you know better to perish with honor, especially knowing your side is fighting.

      Economic self help, fishing club, video gamers (I know, but) just organize. That’s our fatal weakness. We fix that we then fix everything.

      I should add any existing organizations are pozzed. Don’t bother, maybe the Legion or VFW, AMVETS. I have to wait for meetings to see.

      • You seem to have changed your mind about this whole “organization” thing rather recently.

        Readers are welcome to look back at “The Noosening” post to see how all-over-the-place he’s been on this and what he’s recommending in detail.

        • Point taken. I must admit to wondering about the sincerity of vxxc from his postings. Beginning to smell a rat.

      • Excellent, and grey.

        To bring back freedom of association, we don’t need an ethnostate- we need merely repeal anti-discrimination law.

  23. Many employees who are receiving state benefits now have a tradeoff decision: making:marginally more money by returning to work OR keeping the benefits and having no occupation.

    On the other side of this equation, employers who receive disaster relief monies are required to spend a certain amount on payroll and rehiring people who they laid off. It’s not as easy as snapping your fingers to get people to come back. For many, it means returning to work on a limited basis in order to avoid too many hours on the timeclock and risking particular benefits.

    Upshot is now everyone is dancing to federal relief funds, to some degree. Except Fortune 500 – for whom lost inventory is just a cost of doing business before expanding market share into the area forfeited by dying small businesses. Fortune 500 can’t invest in blm fast enough.

  24. On metal topic. Long time metal fan. Well, since ’82 when I bought my first album ever in junior high. When Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance” came out. Most metal sucks in a particularly vapid way. It’s kinda like country music that way. Both have rather defined musical parameters, so you know what it is when you hear it. And both are about 5% cream 95% crop. Along with porn industry types, classic metal fans are some of the dumbest people you’ll ever meet. (Which is why I maintain that Z can’t be a true headbanger. Too smart.) Anyway, metal lyrics are traditionally “fighting underdog” themed. So it’s good listening from a Dissident Right angle.

    Here are some of the best classic metal and hard rock songs that aren’t so well-known (and a few that are). You may want to add them to your “time to kick ass” playlist as you take on the marauding hoards from your rooftop.

    Black Sabbath:
    Disturbing the Priest
    Lonely Is the Word
    Sign of the Southern Cross
    Mob Rules
    Over and Over
    Trashed (gonzo. don’t listen if you’ve got heart problems)

    UFO: Light Out

    Motley Crue:
    Primal Scream.
    Knock em Dead Kid

    Iron Maiden:
    Flight of Icarus
    The Trooper

    Thin Lizzy:
    Emerald (concert version from Live & Dangerous)
    Opium Trail

    Robin Trower:
    Bridge of Sighs (Sense of isolation. Man’s doomed existence. A slow dirge with similar pace and theme as Sabbath’s “Over and Over”. A towering, sublime guitar motif.)

    Rainbow Rising
    Kill the King

    Van Halen:
    Atomic Punk

    We Become One
    Heft (for your slow burn Zepp needs)

    Deep Purple:
    Child in Time

    Judas Priest:
    Rapid Fire
    Screaming for Vengeance
    Solar Angels
    Dissident Aggressor

    Let There Be Rock (Well known. But have you focused in on that tight rhythm? The groove. It’ll knock your socks off).

    Led Zeppelin:
    Achille’s Last Stand. Simply the greatest song of all time.
    Below the streets that steam and hiss
    The devil’s in his hole
    Oh Albion remain. Sleeping now to rise again
    Wandering. Wandering
    What place to rest the search?
    Will the mighty arms of Atlas
    Hold the heavens from the earth?

    • That “Achille’s Last Stand” is a pretty good demo showcasing the talent of the band, but it had the “jazz” thing going on where by the end they may have forgotten what song they had started playing to begin with, I know I had.
      If someone says they listen to metal, then they tell me they’re into “white music”, even though it’s not my bag. Folk music is still pretty white centric, though pretentious. I don’t really count country anymore. I listen to techno/trance which is pretty white (actually, very white).

    • “Achilles Last Stand” has always been one of my least favorite Zep tunes. If I turn on Presence, I head for the opposite end of the album, “Tea For One”. I dislike it for the same reason I can’t listen to the live album, The Song Remains The Same, too indulgent, unfocused, with excessive guitar wankery.

    • Not bad for a “pre-early-Metallica” list. I could do without the Judas Priest but solid otherwise.

      • Thanks. “Pre-Metallica” good way to put it. Or pre-thrash. There’s a difference between the classic metal and thrash fans too. Even though thrash is simpler, the thrash fan is smarter. More opinionated and discerning of degrees of difference between bands, albums, styles, etc. He’ll opine with great prejudice. Hah. He’s also younger and less stoned. So more verbal.

        The classic metal fan is more accepting. He’s often of an age where the hippy stuff rubbed off on him. Accepting. Tolerant to a fault. He’ll convey the greatness of a TRUE classic metal album. So you think, cool, this guy knows what’s up. Then he’ll tell you how much he loves Bon Jovi too. Or Turbo. Not ok.

        And he’s duller than thrash guy. Prolly because thrash fan is by nature mentally active. Mentally aggressive. Of course this is kinda past tense. Thrash has been around for decades now.

        Anyway I’m just generalizing from being among these people forever. My people. Because like Sandmich said, metal is pretty white. You won’t often hear thrash guy or even dim classic metal guy say the dumb things about race that you’ll hear on college campuses.

  25. You mentioned a recent interview with Gotfried, do you know if it’s live? Google has screwed up both google and yt search so bad, I can’t find anything.

  26. Always keep in mind that your liberal relative is projecting. They are almost always more of a racist than you are. When they accuse you of genocidal hatred, it’s pure projection. This is why they reject your premises. Every single leftist I have ever known is like this. They are fundamentally broken people.
    They use progressivism to fight their own urges and redirect them to bad-whites. This is why they excuse such bad behavior. It is why they can see Rayshard Brooks as having been executed. Expecting blacks to behave properly is white supremacy. Brooks was fighting with the cops and shooting at them with the taser. It wouldn’t even occur to them to think a white person shot in that same scenario as anything but well deserved. Without progressivism, they would be in the klan.
    They are the worst sorts of people and they use these as excuses to be anti-social. They are enjoying themselves way too much when they are screaming at some person they decide is a white supremacist, or when they are smashing windows or setting buildings on fire or tearing down a statue. They get to act out in appalling ways and do so without experiencing the social and legal consequences of acting on these impulses.
    Get these people out of your life. If the guy’s wife doesn’t understand about her sister, get her out of your life too.

    • Once you start arguing about who is more racist, you have already lost. You are using their language and their narratives.

      • I’m not making that argument. I am saying these people are sociopaths who take enormous pleasure at the destruction they are committing. I know it reeks of DR3, but it really isn’t. They use the progressive BS to redirect all their anti-social behavior into causes that not only justify the anti-social behavior, but to shield themselves from the normal consequences of that behavior.

    • Yes, the tell is their love of Japan and the Japanese way of Marie Kondo like orderliness. I’ve been sending chimp-out videos to a few of them saying, “Marie Kondo wouldn’t approve.” Also, if they like European soccer, it’s another tell. It means that they don’t want to see African Americans on their screens for two hours. Soccer is like watching paint dry, so that’s hard core racism. Very cloaked though.

      • European soccer is full of African Africans now (as well as African “French” and African “Brits”).

    • One of the main reasons I keep insisting that today’s SJW is tomorrow’s Obergruppenfuhrer. Imagine what would happen if these people’s pathology was free to express itself in its natural channel. That is a very likely outcome of all this mess if it breaks a certain way. Imagine an Alt-Right Karen.

      • Though most writing on the 3rd Reich is from a progressive anti standpoint, from what I have read, the very same people kvetching about transgender rights in the Weimar Republic turned on a dime and started teaching Nazism.
        It’s not that they’re racist or anti-racist or anything ideological, it’s that they are antisocial. Whatever excuse they have to act out in extremely antisocial ways is what they will take up. In my experience, most are even way more racist than anyone here. It’s that WRAYSISM is not socially acceptable. By being anti-racist, they get to act out their violent fantasies and urges without the backlash that behavior normally creates. But if tommorrow, racism was socially approved, they would be out smashing MLK statues.

      • Imagine an army of pro-white Karens. That’s when we know that we’ve won.

        I will refashion Severian’s point to acknowledge that there is a Puritanical, evangelical, crusading white personality type that we have to contend with, after we’ve solved the multi-racial problem.

        My hope is that in a white ethnostate there would be a geographic division between people of big government and small government inclinations.

        • The dividing line isn’t between Big and Small government. It’s about pro-White vs. anti-White government.

          We need a government powerful AND willing enough to counter Big Tech & the other multinational pirate princes, staffed by Our Guys for our interests.

          The big government thing is a libertarian/conservative bogeyman compared with the issue of who’s interests are being promoted.

          • My guess is that even within a white ethnostate there will be groups of people who want Sweden and others who want the Wild West frontier.

            To force these groups to live under one system, when they have different basic political preferences, seems to invite needless conflict.

          • We’re a long way from a “state” yet – no one’s going to be forcing anyone re: how to govern their own communities anytime soon.

            Everyone’s going to find their own balance for a long time to come.

            I’m just cautioning against the general idea that the size of the government matters more than the personnel and their priorities.

    • The idea of the “projecting Prog” as “hardcore racist” is part of the Right canon now. I just don’t know it to be true. I’m not even talking about the meme’s effectiveness as a political talking-point. I just don’t think it’s reality…I haven’t seen them to be any more or less racist than me. (Besides the fact that real psychological projection probably isn’t as common as people think). I’m not saying Lefty (or anyone) doesn’t secretly look down on women, gays or POC. But I don’t think “projection” about it is their furious motivator. They block out their true feelings about minorities, so how can projection be their major M.O.? It’s much more about social status. Public display against the bourgeois and dirt people. But then, many smart writers on our side strongly back the “projection” angle. So I could be wrong.

      • When someone is screaming or spray painting to kill whitey and at the same time accusing me of wanting to perform a genocide, what else are we supposed to think?
        The most progressive person I have ever known, who fit every stereotype of a leftist had an ex-girlfriend who started dating a black guy after they broke up. The stuff that came out of his mouth reminded me of the 1.0 guys. (Can you believe she left ME for a N-word!) I’ve seen this kind of stuff over and over. There is really no way you can live in an American Lagos and really and truly believe in the fantasy. Colin Flaherty used to put the spotlight on the true believers, usually on their second or third mugging/beat-down.
        OTOH, I definitely get what you’re saying.

    • That’s true. I know a Karen on Facebook who attended a BLM struggle session with other Karens a few weeks ago — brayed endlessly about blacks and systemic oppression. Want to know something funny? Years ago a couple of black guys moved into a house across the street from hers in her all white neighborhood as some kind of halfway house for prisoners deal. Her response? Bought a gun and stayed in her house. Told everyone she was afraid to go outside and had her husband harrass them until they moved out. They closed down that program eventually. Neighborhood is all white again in a majority minority city.

  27. The Snivel Rites Act was an anti-White piece of legislation as is everything that has come out of that act. Now they are getting down to the nitty gritty.
    The California Assembly has just passed an act codifying racial discrimination against Whites. ACA 5 is a racial preference system for State contracts, employment, benefits, schooling opportunities, housing, university admissions…and so on. It will be on the November ballot as a Statewide referendum. Whites are not even a plurality in California. Whites are already underrepresented in almost every institution mentioned in that bill. This will only accelerate what has already been put into practice. Let’s say it miraculously gets defeated. So what. It’s already being put into practice. You’re walking down the aisle with a bride that’s 7 months pregnant.
    Any hope that this will only remain applicable to the public sphere is a deluded one. There are places worth fighting for. California is no longer one of them. At least not the LA basin and the SF area.

    • The Asians in CA will come out in mass against this since they will be most hit the UC system (30% plus in some UCs compared to low single digit of population). But that same low % means that they won’t impact the results. It will carry on Hispanics, who figure they outnumber the blacks and have more people in power, and can move their people in for the racial quotas. So the blacks will still lose, just to the Hispanics who will be holding all the power levers.

      I am getting out of CA in 12-18 months, but it will be a loooong 12-18 months.

      • Good to hear another guy say he’s getting out. California’s over. Look to the NW, Appalachia, Ozarks or Smokies.

        And make sure the new neighbors know you’re one of Us, not another gentry-fag.

          • I recommend against both Oregon (where I’m currently stuck) and Washington. Both states are basically city-states with virtually everything controlled by the I-5 corridor Communists centered in Portland and Seattle. Now, the counties east of the Cascades are ultra-conservative of course but unless they get their Greater Idaho thing going they will continue to be totally ignored and powerless politically.

            Also, the rain. In Western Oregon and WA it really is truly maddening. It rains continually for weeks on end in the winter. It’s not even really proper rain but this endless on-and-off drizzle and mist.

    • I just drafted a post on CA’s numbers – 37% White, 14% Asian – and only a majority of those would be likely to vote this repeal of Prop 209 down.

      39% Latino, 6% Blacks & the balance of Meats will vote almost entirely for the repeal.

      Given California’s already poz-leading “civil rights” apparatus, it’s going to get uglier – not that 209 has ever served as a brake on affirmative action since it passed.

      Last Bad White out, turn off the lights. Redneck redoubts like the Inland Empire and the mountains are going to be shrinking and entirely disenfranchised Lesothos in the coming decades, as well as hunting grounds for feral urbanites.

      • I’ll turn out the lights. As a friend of mine said recently. I’m going to put a burrito on the hood of my car, get on the I-5, and keep going north until no one knows that that is.

      • I’ve been gone for 6 months now. In a rural part of NE. It took some adjusting after having been gone for so long. Once you settle in the sense of relief that washes over you after having lived in minute-by-minute pozz for so long has added years to my life span and a renewed spring in my step. For those of you still locked into places like SF, CA, NYC…once you leave and adjust to what was once normal for most Whites you will feel energized and willing to engage with more people and more activities in your community. You need to detox and decompress before you truly understand the ball-and-chain you’re been force to drag along with you for so long.
        The rest of my gang is now here except for my son who lives in the Inland Empire. He’ll need a Falling Down catalyst to get out.
        BTW, you have a site now? Exiled ***gon is you?

        That 37% White included how many Arabs and White Mexicans..not to mention Fellow Whites? Probably a sizable chunk.

        • “Once you settle in the sense of relief that washes over you after having lived in minute-by-minute pozz for so long has added years to my life span and a renewed spring in my step.”

          Seconded. Once I left San Fran for a red state, I found that in spite of my introverted nature, I was striking up friendly conversations with strangers in the checkout line, just because the vibe is so nice. It’s so darned pleasant.

        • YV, I do but that’s not the one.

          Drop me a burner email at:

          at proton

          and we can set up a login for you. Members-only site.

          Include your handle here with the email.

  28. it’s BAton Rouge, with the emphasis on the first syllable. It sounds like Battin’ when people say it. Literally Red Stick. When bienville came up the river so say they put a red post marker to mark a particular bend that might be favorable for a city, and they never got more creative with the naming.

    i wonder if the seeming high proportion of dissidents there might indicate refugees from the vibrancy of New Orleans.

  29. Z’s keen eye for observation:

    “the parking lots in the business parks are empty, but the streets are busy during the day”

    “The civil unrest we are seeing, however, is people who have never worked and never intend to work. … Their complaint is mostly toward the people who make it possible for them to remain alive”

    Finally, if Z is taking a week off from the podcast, we must nationalize and expropriate his podcast and force him to keep working without a week off.

    A Z podcast every week is my human right so he must accommodate my demand.

    • I hope he reconsiders. Otherwise I may have to post an “editorial” here every day.


  30. To the topic of boomer hate, it is just a fad. Theres not any logic to it. If boomers are responsible for politicians acting against their interests after being elected, then millenials are the worst generation to ever exist. Maybe they are, but not foe that reason.

    • Oh no, it’s not just a fad. I made the mistake of moving to an HOA with Boomers in charge. They are the most entitled, self-righteous, anti-child, anti-common sense folks out there. They’re scared to death, demanding everyone wear masks all the time. Now I have to run for the damn thing. AWBs are as bad as AWFLs.

      • Boomers and conservatives think that they are superior to liberals because they love blacks and immigration more than the liberals do.

        • Boomers were the first generation raised in a youth oriented society. They also were indoctrinated before the ponzi scheme went south in the 80’s and early 90’s. That’s the ultimate seperation point. People who see the country as it was and hot how what it IS today.

          • Yep. Raised on it, benefitted from it, can’t see why anyone would be against it other than laziness and/or communism. Definitely a matter of perspective.

  31. I wonder if Republicans become the Jewish party now that diverse Dems are voting them out. What a situation that would be!

      • It’s in-process, sure. Can get a lot worse, too. What will make it interesting is younger whites with less to lose.

        • Painter, I honestly don’t see how the GOP could get more Zio-cucked. They just serve a different faction of the Tribe – Team Bibi vs. the Dems with Team Barak.

          • If ideology takes a back seat to ethnicity, all ethnic groups will be looking for a home. Conservative whites being friendly to Jews, and the dems becoming a black/brown party, I could see it happening.

          • There’s no dichotomy between Dems, Blacks & Browns & Jews – they just kvetch with a somewhat different tribe of Jews – the NYT set vs. the NY Post set.

    • More like jews will turn republicans into left party, while democrats become the Kill Whitey party.

  32. Trump: I’m disappointed – but I also hope he wins again. I need a few more years to prep for what’s coming. Plans are in place but will take some time.

      • It would be like a dopamine hit followed by four years of watching him sell out anything that’s not left. Presidents are like bees. The first term has the stinger and the second term is the bee slowly dying. If he’s this bad in the first term he’s a total zero in the second. He’s a used condom in the gutter these days. I want to see Alzheimers patient freeze up and then say something about how he’ll work with Tip O’Neill as the country burns down. If we’re going to fo out, what a great scene that would be.

        • Exactly, JR. I don’t see how anyone can expect anything out of him in a second term with strengthened opposition and even less reason for the remaining GOP to back him – no coattails left to ride, not like he has much now.

          You can argue that Biden’s marginally worse – I’m not sold at this point – but Trump will accomplish nothing for White interests if he wins a second term, either as a brake on Woke insanity or otherwise.

          How many times has he used that veto pen, even in the last 2 years when Dems controlled the House?

          He’s not going to win anyway. We’re looking at a totally-Democrat-controlled government next year and unlike the GOP’s 2016-2018 stint, they’ll get something done with it b/c non-White interests are involved.

          White people need to realize that the system is actively against them no matter which party is in power and take steps to secure their own future – no one is going to help us but ourselves.

        • I think you are a fool.

          I don’t deliberately argue on Z’s broadsheet here, but I look at comments like yours and, especially, The Hun, and wish you guys would just read, enjoy, contribute (silently, like me) and stop posting idiocy like the above.

          • Tell me more about dopamine hits and bees. Please.

            You are not quite as bad as Hun but still.

          • “Contribute Silently” is the motto that got us here. No thanks.

            You don’t have to read anything I post. Why are you so concerned about what I’m saying?

            Lotta newbies around here with a lot of concerns lately.

        • Second terms are, in general, not as successful as first terms and often have some kind of scandal associated with them. It’s hard for me to imagine what a Trump second term would look like and, if the polls are even close to being accurate, I doubt that I’ll have to.

      • The big question to me is, would Trump’s reelection be an accelerant or retardant of the final reckoning? There is no question his reelection would drive many an AWR over the edge, and some of them violently so. But it might be a quick spasm that burned itself in less than a week. Should Biden win, OTOH, civil authority will be utterly emasculated and blacks will sense that it is well and truly open season on YT. Violent attacks by blacks on whites will increase dramatically, and some of them could be massed attacks on white neighborhoods. If that happens, whites will retaliate in kind and it will be on. With either outcome it’s going to get very nasty, indeed.

      • Hmmm… Your prior comments arguing that retrospectively it seems preferable for “their guy(s)” instead of “our guy(s)” to hold the reins of power struck home to me.

        Why is it better to not just rip this band-aid off and get on with it.

        I think we may be under-estimating how quick a turn conventional wisdom may take in these times and I don’t think Trump has any part to play in that any more. He’s done what he could all things considered. That’s all folks. He’s shot his bolt. It’s over and there was some progress.


        • That’s my read on it as well as Ostei’s comment above. This thing passed the event horizon already. If the system was worth saving and reforming I would be first in line to hit the phone banks and stuff envelopes. It’s a vanquished corpse. So it’s time to throw more Kerosine on the fire and go Biden, and if he selects a black whore as a sidekick or that GA pickaninny even better. Throw on MMT, terrible tax policy, let’s get this over with. The American people need to feel lots of pain to get it together. Otherwise it’s a soft kill.

    • Exactly! Damn, would love to see Trump win for the pleasure of watching the Left go full critical mass. Thinking of it brings a smile. Have a good week Z and may the muse of efficiency be with you.
      Could use more time for “preparing” (avoiding the P word), and solidifying contacts for more beef in freezer-home canned beef. Visiting with neighbors and talking about kralling up and covering each other’s backs. Time to calm down and appreciate sweet small things as the time is coming when there will be little time to be still.
      Regardless of lose or win, trying to wean off Basic Husband from his conversion to Boomercondumb, a vase with flags and a Trump bumper sticker. He won’t see the jig’s up game over. Told him the Support Utah Sheriffs Association is not a wise bumper sticker plastered on his truck. Man, did that cause a volatile eruption. This guy’s afraid and getting old at the same time, and not good cards to hold. 10 years ago, his 40,000 feet out view of the world was spot on. Now it’s Ingraham and Hannity all the way. Meh! Z-Folks—don’t play whack-a-mole and keep moving to community. We’re past laying out arguments and convincing Normie. Let the Left read Fragile Whitey to them and step back.

    • Same here. I didn’t know things were going to get so bad so quickly. I’m saving up to buy a place outside this country, using the income from what’s left of my business plus trumpbux. I’m single, with no kids, which is a strength as it gives me more mobility, and a weakness. I feel unprotected and I’m anxious every day. I’m afraid I only have a chance if I have time.

  33. Make hay while the sun shines indeed. This has been a great and strange opportunity for those willing and able to work. Might not show yet but it will when the checks stop coming.

    It’s all about positioning for the future. I’d expect the checks to keep coming through the end of the (election) year. Still time to set up for the mess.

  34. OT (probably): I wanted to know how the “epidemic” of police brutality compared to routine homicides in the Black community. So today’s “editorial”
    Putting Black Homicides into Perspective
    Like many Americans, I’m tired of the “Black Lives Matter” bullshit. Yes, Black men are killed by police (or civilians.) Yes, sometimes the use of force was excessive (or lethal.) If you’re a true bliever, and are sure that all Blacks are completely innocent and all police or civilian actions are murder, then stop reading now, for I only have contradictory evidence. This is just a quickie,so perhaps the statistics are not correct, but they seem to be unbiased sources. Decide for yourself.
    Historical question: how many people were lynched (in USA)? 
    “According to the Tuskegee Institute, 4,743 people were lynched between 1882 and 1968 in the United States, including 3,446 African Americans and 1,297 whites.” That is 3446/(1968-1882) = 40 Blacks per Year.
    OK, how many Blacks are actually killed by police each year?
    “According to government statistics in 2019, 235 black people were shot to death by police as opposed to 370 white, and 158 hispanics.  There are 241 cases where the person’s race is unknown.” (Total 1004). 
    Let’s be generous, and say all the “unknown” were Black. Then total is 235+241 = 476.
    How many homicides (“murders”) in the USA, total, yearly? About 15,500. OK, how many of those are Black victims? About 2925 of total 6570 (for which data is known) (2018 FBI UCR statistics). But wait; we must scale that to total # of homicides (not every case is solved). So:
    2925/6570 = X/15500 => X = 6900 Blacks killed per year (estimated).
    OK, now we have some figures. From the same table, we deduce that, for known cases, about 89% of the time it is Blacks killing other Blacks. (Most violent crime is intra-racial).
    So, in an average year:
    About 6900 Blacks are killed, the vast majority (89%) by other Blacks.
    Shot by police: at most 476 (assuming “unknown race” is black), or low as 235. So, the worst case is 7%, the best case is 3.5%.
    Now look at the 6900 figure: if 89% of those are killed by Blacks, that is 6141 black-on-black homicides per year.
    “Justifiable?” I can’t analyze this, and it appears to be a topic of dispute, certainly with the current riots and protests. But let me assume that the majority, probably the vast majority, of police shootings of civilians would be ruled justified. But I’m not counting those in this analysis. Cleary, sometimes a civilian homicide is justifiable, but again, that is a more complex analysis for another time.
    Summary: Blacks kill more Blacks every year (6141) than all “Negroes” that were lynched in history (3446, averaged only about 40/year). Cops killing Blacks? Sure it happens, but between 235 (best case) to 476 (includes race unknown). That is between 3.5 and 7% of total Black homicides. Stated another way, it would take all the Negroes ever lynched in US history plus 6-12 years of cops shooting Blacks, just to equal the number of Black-on-Black homicides every year.

  35. I would like to thank you, Mr. Z Man, for being a light in the wilderness during this insanity. I sometimes think I am going crazy, then I can come back here to you and the commentators and I remember that I’m not alone. If there is anyone here in the Pittsburgh region (I know you’re out there, Mr. Z has mentioned Pittsburgh on the show before) that would be interested in some sort of meetup, hit me up at proton mail, user name is same as my username here.

  36. One other ‘side effect’ of the past 2 weeks is that it has NEVER been a better time to be a coalburner. LinkedIn has this stickied post that is the top of the news feed no matter who you are with some virtue signaling mudshark talking about how awesome & progressive she was 20 years ago for choosing the lowest common denominator.

    Of course since the Church of Woke is the new religion there are literally 2500+ comments of various other mudsharks also displaying their bravery and virtue ad infinitum. This is why women should not vote or in many cases, even make important decisions. Feels before reals is their standard operating mode.

    What they actually did was taken DNA that was cooked about 300,000 years ago and sully it with DNA that wasn’t, thereby knocking several hundred thousand years off their children’s evolutionary fitness. Only the true love of a mother could produce such a useful benefit for their offfspring! *eyeroll*

    You can get the general feel of it w/o logging in but if you want to see the fully display of religious zeal and virtue you must login. Also note the overwhelming trend in the virtue photos shared is white wahmen black male. Funny that… I wonder how all the dusted black women that are single (They are legion) feel about these white women preening while pilfering another of their men? This is why at the end of this little party white women are going to be in for a big surprise once black females are ascendant…


    • No need to look at your link. I see examples from my front porch. When you look at how angry mulattos are in general, e.g. Obama, Kap, Bubba, you have to think this country will be in a world of hurt when the current, massive crop of mystery meats reaches adulthood.

      • Caught between two worlds so they choose being black, a world where they’re the tallest midget and get the best perks.

        However, a part of them knows that they could never have tried to be a part of White world. They would never really be accepted by Whites. Even liberal Whites will view them as black first and a human second. To liberals, they are an ornament, a savior, protection, but never just another person.

        They also know deep down that blacks as a group are pretty pathetic. They tell themselves that its racism, but they know. Blacks just aren’t meant for the modern world. This hurts. They are half black after all. That anger that they feel about being half savage gets directed to Whites who every day by being civilized remind them how blacks don’t belong in this world.

        Mentally, it has to be tough.

        • Honestly, I don’t blame them. The “tallest midget” effect has some real bennies attached, but more importantly, to be Black is to be something. No, really: “Blackness” is a ready-made identity. It’s a deeply stupid, self-destructive identity, I’ll grant you, but, like being a SJW, it provides ready-made answers to all life’s questions. Turns out nothing’s your fault, and you’re some kind of sooper-jeenyus for recognizing that fact! Blackness, in other words, is just Marxism for mystery meatballs.

        • Caught between two worlds so they choose being black

          That’s because a mulatto cannot choose to be white. Even shitlibs don’t treat them as white, the paternalistic condescension they vibe is unmistakable, and poc are preternaturally sensitive to condescension.

          As some dude on the internet said, blacks hate goodwhites more than they hate rednecks.

          • Since I red-pilled I’d had better relations with all but Aspirational Blacks because it removed the patronizing element.

            Aspirational Blacks got triggered by my casual racism but the average Blacks or even the street nogs seemed to prefer a White guy that made it clear he didn’t consider them “just like everyone else.”

            That’s changing fast though. Since the Groyd Riots they smell the power dynamic changing. I’ve been more low key with my racism in the last month. The days of casual ambivalence are over – it’s “for us or against us” time.

            Jim Crow really was the high-water mark for race-relations between Whites & Blacks. They had their side, we had ours, we stayed away from each others’ women & didn’t mix beyond outliers & necessity. Now that’s lost and it’s going to take generations to find a new balance.

          • Since I red-pilled I’d had better relations with all but Aspirational Blacks because it removed the patronizing element.

            Yes. I have had exactly the same experience with Mohammadans and, in a few cases, actual Jihadis.

            Since the Groyd Riots they smell the power dynamic changing.

            Over here, BLM is still an embarrassing joke, thank god – it seems Bishop Absalon is watching over us – but from what I see on the internet, the endgame is coming, and it’s coming for you first.

            Don’t ask me for specifics, but this whole Corona-deal smells like a heist to me. The usual suspects think it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, so they raid the Western welfare states for one, glorious, last time, slaughtering the golden goose.

            That is not what we hoped for in 2016.


            I’ve been more low key with my racism in the last month. 

            Good for you. Stay in cover, don’t let the artillery spotters catch you on open ground.

          • Keep Copenhagen & Oslo safe for me Felix, I’ll be back this year – assuming any sane country will admit Americans after we get through Wave X of Covid EleventySomething

        • It’s not hard to understand. It’s called the One Drop Rule. They’re African. Full stop. Not mulattos or half white. Their skin may be paler and their hair straighter (I’m lookin’ at you, Meghan Markle); but they are still only Africans with all the associated HBD detritus. This is why our elders were so horridied by miscegenation.

          • Agree, but that drop can get pretty small, if there was just in the woodpile, generations ago 🙂 I recall an old (1990s?) magazine article where the (white male) author had his DNA sequenced (in the early days of that) and he visited the countries of his genetic ancestors. One of them was in Africa with decidely ebony humans 😀

        • Look at the positives: they can check the box “Black” when it will give them a preference. And most likely, the IQ Fairy tossed in a few extra points. 🙂

      • “The negro is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving.”

        -Che Guevara

        Mulattoes (miscegenation) are encouraged because their perpetual anger and frustration makes them a good middle-management firewall for the elite. They’ll constantly in-fight and attack the white working class, preventing that working class from ever reaching the elite.

        This is also why the elite put and promote homosexuality into middle management. Infighting, gossip, snitching, and down-punching insulate the elite from the workers and prevent the workers from doing the necessary work of cleaning out the elite.

        Every company is actively recruiting a firewall of gay black or mulatto snitches like Karlos Dillard. If you’ve ever wondered why every ad has gay miscegenation in it, it’s because the elite want pliable drones.

      • When I was in my 40s I dated a much younger woman briefly. Her solution to racial issues was “Everybody should fuck until we’re all the same color.” 😀 I wasn’t aware that this was actually happening.

    • Islam is correct regarding women. I kinda envy them for keeping their women firmly in their place. Women’s suffrage is the single biggest mistake civilization has ever made.

      • Islam is right on a lot of issues, like “if you’re not one of us, you have forfeit your right to live.”

        • There are many, many lessons from Islam.
          In the Arab house the man is God, and the sons worship him. There is peace from the women.
          Not to mention it’s the greatest formula for lasting conquest ever.
          We really need an Sunni/Bushido/Orange Catholic Bible. I’d be able to go to Church again.

    • I’ve been predicting that a huge wave of half-orclets is going to spawn in about nine months due to all the coal that has been burnt at the riots.

    • Sistas despise White girls almost universally – homicide-level – mostly for “stealing” their men and the hair thing – Sailer’s really onto something with that, not that Shaniqua doesn’t make this obvious every day in social media.

      The level of social proofing White women lay on each other for coal-burning since the 00’s is creepy. I’ve dated more than one girl who was ghosted by her friends for not dating Black men.

      Bad girls usually learn the score on nogs sooner than the social conformists & enforcers. The church-going girls I’ve been with who had Black priors usually had only “talented tenth” past dates while the Bad Girls either never went Black or had one or two bad experiences with the 90% and learned their lesson.

      Blacks really are at the bottom of the stack – none of these girls would have refused to date a Latino or Asian guy based on race, for all that most hadn’t.

  37. If Republicans block the extension of the $600 per week fedgov bonus they will lose the Senate and the Presidency. McConnell will gripe, but in the end he will support extending fedgov benefits, probably through October and then again to January or February 2021. This could easily extend for another year, particularly since the case count is ticking up across the country.
    I have two kids in college. They had very part-time jobs working in restaurants/coffee shops that were forced to close due to Coronavirus. They are now each making over $3k/month in unemployment. The old, normie me would have been disgusted by this state of affairs; redpilled me is loving every minute of it.

    • I assume you are telling them to stash a significant chunk of that money, in cash or some tangible asset. This train is going to come to a screeching stop soon.

    • I’d be up for another stimulus, fuck it. It’s never going to get paid back anyway. I’ll just stack more ammo with it.

      • That’s a great idea. If the AWR government is gonna give us money, use it to purchase the AWRS’ doom.

  38. When it comes to leftist relatives… yeah. It’s Usually the women that are the worst. And no, there is no shutting them up by taking the moral high ground. If you start asking them tough questions the fluster will turn into rage and then the insults will fly. If that doesn’t work, exile and banishment is up next. If it’s offered – take it. Unless you like living around loons…
    The time to get away from these people is NOW. If YOU do it, it will be a peaceful parting of the ways. If you let them do it, there will be histrionics, drama, accusations and tears. Screw that chit.
    I am now silent and anonymously waiting on the ocean floor at DEFCON 4. The nukes are armed, the keys are in the locks, and only need to be turned. “This will not end well” is no longer a warning… for me it’s a promise.

    • The women are especially tough. They simply won’t talk about the issues, even if just to explain to you how you’re wrong. It’s pure emotion, pure sticking with the tribe’s (literally and figuratively) narrative.

      But as I’ve mentioned before, that’s how women are wired. Getting mad about it is as crazy as getting mad at men for noticing a good-looking, young women. That’s how we’re wired. When you challenge the narrative and ask a woman to discuss an issue, you’re threatening that woman’s safety in the tribe. It’s not about that particular issue or fact, it’s about her standing in the tribe.

      She will lash out at you as though you were trying to hurt her children because, in a sense, you are. Back in the day, being in good with the tribe was often what kept a woman and her children alive. You challenging the narrative is you challenging the tribe, and without the tribe (in her mind), she’s in a world of hurt.

      Are you offering her another tribe that can protect her? No. You’re only threatening to get her kicked out of the only tribe around. We need to remember what we’re dealing with when we talk to women. They don’t care about facts or long-term consequences. They care about staying in good with the dominant tribe.

      • Solid. Which is why our thing needs to keep young men in mind. Immediate tactics for those with the mettle and mindset but with strategy that is looking two generations ahead. Sadly most of my contemporary women are too far gone. But we can prevent further losses by giving young men the tools and tactics to get off the plantation – and the means to hone their skills toward generative work that serves our communities. The women will follow those young men; their nature is just as starved for this as those young men who really just need to chop wood but don’t even know it.

        • Build a community with solid guys – especially young men – and the women will follow. Despite the massive propaganda, White women want White men. (Hell, Asian and Hispanic women want White men.)

          Our greatest weapon is exclusion. At the same time that Karens and “talented tenth” POC bitch about White men, they choose to live with us. Why? Because our neighborhoods are pleasant and POC neighborhoods are dangerous.

          If we had our own communities that didn’t allow POC or Karens/liberal White men to feed off of our social capital, young White women would come to our side in droves because the alternative would terrible.

          • I agree. The social market is still strong for reasonably intelligent, hard-working and pleasant white males, despite the torrent of anti-white propaganda. Hence there is little need to accommodate obnoxious CNN air heads.

          • 100%. In my very non-white area, there is no doubt that white men remain at the top of the attractiveness chain. “White supremacy”, or maybe just basic genetics.

            The caveat is that these are white men who are as you described; not wiggers, who have a good career and income, dress well and stay in shape. It’s not that hard.

            But an increasing number of white men are becoming tattooed, not having a career, smoking weed all day, gaming, listening to rap, being wiggers.

            No homo, but non pozzed white men are just hot. It’s nature, and women can’t do anything about it even if they wanted. GloboSchlomo’s solution is to degrade the culture so white men debase themselves to the black level to fit in.

          • May I add the ability to become unpleasant [shall we say] is now key.

            As for talking with women..
            My God, no. Talk to them, then ignore them. Treat em like shit, they really do love it. Or lust it.
            Love can come after marriage and kids – and it should. But courting?

        • Have two daughters, the lockdown has been a good time to have a lot of conversations about current events and what they mean outside of what they see in media. Always take those opportunities to provide guidance.

          • That’s great. It’s always good to have a sit down, and tell them why some people need to be put on box cars and sent away.

      • Great advice. I’ve always tried to 1st redirect their maternal instincts back into the tribe by appealing to their emotional ties for the generation that raised us and who are now elderly and need looking after and to the sort of harsh life our children and grandchildren will have forced upon them. Even women who are childless will at least bend a bit when you drag recent generations of family into the picture. You will have planted a seed. It may sprout into something it may not.
        Some are intractable. Zman’s approach is well suited to those who are willing to even sacrifice their own blood for outsiders. If you turn things around onto them and threaten their status within the extended family many will at least hold their tongue. Some will walk away. So be it.

      • I really appreciate the white men who try their best to build safe havens for their people, despite current condition of white women.
        Cause it’s kinda black pilling to see Karens valuing the privileges that they are being given more than truth or the well-being of their own race.
        If white women would show more appreciation towards white men, then all of this multicultural garbage would get solved immediately.
        It’s humiliating for a man to save a civilization that turned its back on him.
        What’s someone gonna say to a young lad to convince him to rise up?
        “Fight against the enemy, I’m sure the women will thank you later.”

        • <i>What’s someone gonna say to a young lad to convince him to rise up?
          “Fight against the enemy, I’m sure the women will thank you later.”</i>

          Not bad advise, though. As eminent military historian Martin van Creveld replied when he was asked why there existed war: “Because men love war, and women love warriors.”

      • Perhaps I am too close to the situation to be objective, but to me… that is so much empty psychobabble.
        In my family, the women not only are happy to bring the roof down on their own tribes, they will wreck their own families without a second thought. Rampant divorce rates attest to this, as do other self destructive behaviors like mud sharking and coal burning. The other thing is this – no matter how much it galls the PUA’s and the MRA’s and the denizens of the manosphere – NAWALT applies. My wife does not exhibit the awful behavior patterns the women in our families do. The women at our church don’t either. They understand their men, they know which gender they are, and the classical marriage works well for them as it has for us.
        These women do what they do because nobody corrects them, and when they behave badly, their men just shrug and say, “Women! Whaddya gonna do…?”
        I could be full of beans, but for my two bits, when tribes start enabling and protecting these bints and indulging them… it never goes well for them.

    • I know someone who seems stuck in a marriage with a CNN fanatic. I rarely give unsolicited advice. But if I did, I would strongly advise getting a divorce, especially in absence of children. I agree that would be best to make the first move to peacefully separate. Our side should not always be the ones required to pay the price to keep social peace.  

    • The easiest, albeit very abrupt, sorting mechanism is to hold your moral stance and when inevitably someone accuses you of being a “racist,” just matter of factly state that, “Why yes, I am.” If they don’t clutch their chest and collapse then and there, they are likely to withdraw from you like a slug at the sight of the salt shaker 😀

    • It’s actually easy to shut them down. Ask them “What are the blacks actually asking for? Give me a definable ask, and then we can do it. The only ones I hear are ‘get rid of the cops and let everyone out of jail’. So let’s do it! And I mean all the cops, not just the inner city ones. Disconnect 911 except for ambulance calls”. It fries their circuits. They literally turn red and sputter. They have no answer, and it frightens the heck out of them. The latest lefty words are “horrifying” and “terrifying”. They use those words in casual conversation, all the time now. Well, give them something real to be horrified and terrified about. It also, in an indirect way, tells them they need us around. There aren’t too many Annie Oakleys out there.

      • They will just see it as you not understanding or mansplaining or being racist or some other bullshit.
        Don’t argue. Just tell them to fuck off.

      • Most women don’t want to think a thing through to the end; they just want you to have the same feelz about it that they do.

    • Keep your mask on for possible filming and try the simple phrase, “Be quiet woman.”

      You were never going to convince or dialogue with her anyway, might as well lead her closer to the cliffs of insanity.

  39. I’ve come around 100% to Tucker’s side. Time for Trump to bust some commie heads or we are done. Let me put it in a nutshell:

    Attend a church, you’re a criminal; Burn a church; you’re a hero.


    • Trump would rather swing from a noose than bust heads.
      He’s averse to bloodshed. It’s in the damn book art of the deal.
      That’s his problem, and ours.
      I will vote for the guy but the bluff done called.
      He’s not Lincoln, nor Hitler.
      He’s Buchanan.

  40. Deliver drivers for UPS and FedEx seem incredibly busy. Amazon is adding a new delivery hub in our nearby city. People are idle but still have lots of disposable cash so they are just buying crazy stuff to fill the time. The real question is whether anyone has the nerve to cut them off and we all know the answer to that. I think we are looking at an enormous population of perpetually unemployed people and a backdoor UBI. Who knew Andrew Yang was such a prophetic voice?

    • The ones here are working all the overtime they are willing to take and deliveries routinely come at 8 or 9pm. Early on started keep a table of masks, gloves and a cooler of water on the front porch after one of the guys said they couldn’t get any and often didn’t have time to even take breaks.

  41. We have a low IQ “mayor” of Orange County Florida. He has issued a mandatory mask order that started last Saturday. All government workers appear to be exempt. Many people are ignoring it just like I am.

    This idiot told the RNC that Orange did not want the Republicans to come to Orlando with their convention as we did not want the millions of dollars spent here. He would rather the people starve in the streets than let Trump come to “his town”.

    The thing is; it is in the mid 90s with high sunshine. You can not catch a virus of any kind right now outside. We have increasing “cases” since everyone is being pressured or forced to take a test. We have decreasing deaths even with the cheating where the hospitals call almost any death “due to Corona”.

    So, decreasing deaths. Not good for the narrative. Death rate now lower than even a mild flu year. So, YELL ABOUT CASES. (and forget that whole herd immunity thing)

    If Americans could think, they would see the fraud. But alas, most are morons. (or low information citizens)

    • I’m down in S.W. Fl. Mark,and just beginning to think Desantis was our guy, then the noon news said all bars in Fl. no longer able to serve alcohol. Things were getting back to normal,now I fear the scammers are winning out. If you watch the MSM , you’d think the 2nd wave had started and it’s a tsunami.

      • DiSantis and Abbott have revealed themselves to be RINO pieces of shit with this action.

        The timing also demonstrates how evil these people are. Shutting down bars at noon on a beautiful summer Friday the weekend before the 4th of July is pitch perfect psychological warfare.

  42. Believe that I saw some data that total or average worker income has been higher during the lockdown/recession than before. Basically, the unemployed were making a bit more from state and federal unemployment benefits than they were earning on their jobs. Naturally, the still employed were making the same. Combined, you get higher worker income, even as 40 million are out of work.

    The pain of the recession has been masked by govt borrowing and fed money printing. So far, neither seems to be damaging the economy or the dollar, similar to ’08-’09. That’s going to be the lesson for future politicians: Borrowing and printing money have no consequences.

  43. A lot of office drones are still working from home, especially ones that work for banks. Talking to people locally who work for banks, they aren’t going back to the office until July or August. Everyone who embraced the open office concept is remodeling their work space to get rid of it. There are even fewer opportunities for high school kids to do summer jobs too, at least in places where kids still get summer jobs.

    • Those work from home people did not file for unemployment. They are still getting a paycheck.

      • Right, but I think that accounts for the lower traffic numbers at rush hour and lack of cars you see at various businesses, etc. A lot of people are still working from home.

      • My wife. Going on six months.


        jazzhands lost me a while back, Habersham functioned to keep the guy somewhat on an even keel after he left, Alsup just seems to encourage his juvenile ranting ” orange fzggot” too bad because I actually liked Alsup. Met the guy & did a thing with him at the UW a couple years ago.Have tried to listen a few times but couldn’t make it through a whole show. However gotta give them credit for hiring him after he was deplatformed.

        Ethnarch was great, intellect and a thorough understanding of history. tired of the trs shtick too. Was a pay cuck since the beginning. Ill kick up the alm to you Z

    • It’s even worse in Canada. Trudeau announced a “CESB” benefit for students, $1,250 per month, given the young person earns less than $1,000 per month at work.

      The solution? Scores of white kids have just quit their jobs, or drastically reduced their hours. Guess who is taking their places? You’re right, it’s Indians and other immigrants.

      • The Indians and other immigrants are getting free money too.
        I see closed establishments trying to hire workers and not getting any for weeks. Why work a low paying job when you can get government money?

        • More enterprising immigrants (or the rare citizen) would be collecting benefits and working under the table. 🙂

  44. General Public Announcement

    Please stop mailing the poor lad, ye bloody toffs. ‘E’s a recovering workaholic.

  45. Being classified as an essential (MIC) I haven’t been able to enjoy a government sponsored vacation. Being a privileged white man ensures I’ll work like a rented mule until noon on the day I die. At least I have pride in never getting a handout, lol.

      • Yup.

        Here’s some more boomer truth for ya.

        Ya get out what ya put in.

        A million ain’t all that much these days.

        White men are going to win because that’s what we do.

        Back to work now c ya.

  46. True enough.

    Since March I’ve been working 7 days, as an “essential”, but the dollar stores on my way to and from work have been packed with all sorts of people. Since I work odd hours, I see what goes on during non-peak hours.

    But they get, they spend. The idea of saving does not compute, although local Guatemalans have been clogging the Western Union kine where my wife works to send money back home. The extra bucks have been foreign aid, but don’t tell the republicans that.

    In all, a lockdown with cash was just the tinder for the riots blooming here, there, everywhere. Like the man said long ago, America won’t need Visigoths to destroy us, we got our own barbarians for that. And they get paid to do it!

    • The Visigoths would be several rungs up the civilization ladder from our domestic Hutus. At least they had “potential.”

      • The closest and not so close analogy to the Visigoths is the Spanish. The ‘Goths’ including the Visigoths were not a people but a linguistic group of refugees from war, at the time of the Visigoths the Hunnic depredations. They spoke a common language or close enough and banded together and picked a leader on the road. This is a distant analogy to the “Hispanics” who are mostly here for the money, some are fleeing the chaos of their lands.

        They hate the Hutu’s BTW, the Mexican’s hate Hutu Americanus with a passion that is surprising and makes our dislike ‘Pale’ by comparison. I suspect the hate is simple enough…they’re in their way.

        We have simply forgotten how to hate, but we’ll learn.

      • Well said, at least the huns & the gepids had civilizational potential, current bach of savages is only good to pick cotton.

        • They’re no longer any good for that, either. Mechanical cotton pickers do the job very well.

      • And the Visigoths wanted to take on the trappings of the Romans. In fact, they did over time. This bunch wants to tear it all down in a fuge and because of low IQ don’t even realize the least of their problems will be when the cell towers stop working.

  47. Owen Benjamin i think qualifies as one of our guys. Ive been following him for quite sometime. Why would you say he doesnt?
    He “gets” the race issue.
    Family is super important to him.
    He’s not part of the left, and also I would classify him as in descent of the right – he’s not a fan of little Shapiro, Dan Crenshaw, Steven Crowder.
    Anyways, details…

    • Owen Benjamin is just a doofus. Revenge of the Cis has mocked both him and Vox Gay mercilessly and for good reason. They contribute almost nothing to the conversation.

      • Vox Day is a quirky dude,he not only talks very slowly, but he constantly gets annoyed with the comment section during his speeches, it takes him half an hour to make one single point. He brags a lot as well.
        But I agree with his theories about the economy & evolution being fake, I think he is right.
        I disagree with his opinion that Trump is a genius mastermind though.

        • Drop the needle on Vox and there’s a good chance it’ll fall on “muh IQ, muh IQ”.

          • Yeah, I remember hearing him say
            writer Vox Day > writer Neil Gaiman/George rr Martin
            It’s very easy to make fun of someone who makes such statements about himself, that’s why he gets trolled so much. (never read a book of his though, he might be that good of a writer, I have no clue).

            The thing about him is that I generally agree with his points, that’s why I don’t dismiss him, if he speaks truth then I value his opinion, despite his quirks.

    • Owen is actually doing something at the lowest level by building his homestead and encouraging others to check out of the system as much as possible. To grow their own food.

      Keep in mind the folks around here will brag about their unmarried slut daughters college degrees while wondering why their sons are all mentally ill. Most people are just progs they just don’t like being low status progs. They don’t want change, they just don’t want to be low status anymore.

      • Couldnt agree more, he is encouraging people to have kids. There have been countless letters by young man who have been inspired to have children cuz of what they see a family could be like.

        As a gen-xer we have family destroyed from us, along with religion.

        Any good examples of how you can do and have both are good.

      • I really don’t get the bile leveled at Benjamin. He’s married and has offspring, his detractors likely are still impregnating crusty socks. If that’s harsh, one poster above brought up Revenge of the Cis and Vox Day, two cocksnots who are are known very well as fecal flingers. If there is one gratingly annoying outcome of the 2016-17 meme wars was too many of our people live for internet drama.

        • I listen to the ROTC guys from time to time. They can be amusing. The chubby one is the real talent. The other one talks about himself way too much. As far as Benjamin, I have not paid much attention to him, so I have no opinion. I’ll point out that there are plenty of black guys here in Lagos with kids.

          • > plenty of black guys here in Lagos with kids.

            All the more reason we need to encourage our people to reproduce.

            If every white couple had five kids we wouldn’t have an immigration problem we’d have an emigration problem. Our problem is a fertility problem. Almost no one talks about it anymore but it’s one of the few things we as individuals have the power to control.

          • It’s amusing to think that, 50 years and more back, the fear of overpopulation was a big social concern. The population has roughly doubled since then. I’m guessing the poverty hasn’t changed too much either way. The pill (medical birth control) was originally envisioned as mainly for the developing world. Instead, the affluent took advantage. Meanwhile, the third world continued to breed like mice 🙂

            One thing that did change markedly in that span of time is that the White (European) and much of Asia dropped way below replacement rate. Hence “our” diminishing share of the world population.

    • Owen and Vox Day may be on our side of the divide. But that’s not the same as being one of us. “Us” being legitimate D-Righters vs. Daft D-Righters. If it’s a custom pizza, we’re the pepperoni & mushroom side. They’re the pineapple & chicken side. All pizza is good so we’re not throwing out the queer side. We’ll just leave it for other peculiar types to enjoy at our big tent D party. Seriously tho, these are strange people. Not simply ego trippers like anyone who’s made a name for themselves is. No we’re talking delusional narcissists. One would call them dangerous if they weren’t so utterly silly.

      • A book and comic book publisher with a blog and a homesteading comedian who live streams are people you would call dangerous?

        None of you guys ever actually do anything. Ever. Except post memes on the internet. You don’t want to change the culture either you just don’t want to be low status in the prog culture.

        I’d say you most of you guys aren’t dissidents at all. You’re just unhappy being low status progs. You don’t want to raise children who aren’t progs, or to stop being a prog yourself, you just don’t want to be low status anymore.

        • Snowdensjacket,

          You made some good points and stated your opinion (which us valid to you) earlier. You got a little push back from others with different opinions than you… dont throw a tantrum and start flinging poo. You were more interesting and useful earlier. Thicken your skin a bit, Brother. We need different ideas and opinions, not poo fights.

        • I wouldn’t say none of us, SJ.

          No one’s calling those guys feds or perverts so this isn’t exactly as salty as things often get with DR in-fighting.

          What we think of VD or OB doesn’t have shit to do with what we’re up to – it’s a matter of taste.

          FWIW I don’t consider NRM or Casa Pound guys “dangerous” so it’s not as if I belong under whatever pussy-hat your fitting me for.

    • Consider our position. We aren’t exactly bathing in riches. If you dislike someone’s or some group’s tactics ignore them and follow your own instincts. A wider spectrum can hinder or it can help. No one has a crystal ball so no one knows how all of this will work out. People change, things evolve.
      The one thing we can be certain of is if our enemies attain veto proof power and exercise their wrath on all dissidents…we will finally achieve unity among all bad-thinking Whites as we all get hung together.

  48. I think Trump just promised an extension and A Huge Bonus for all the people out of work. And yeah all these people getting $600 a week who don’t work and have never worked they are just sand in the gears but but it’s a lot of sand. The real civil unrest is going to come when the taxes go up to pay for all this.

    • I never thought much of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, but she nailed the issue of hosts vs parasites. The former are having to work a LOT harder these days to keep the trains running and the parasites fed. The Randian solution – pull a John Galt and secede from the madding crowd – is actually a viable option.

      It’s time for the dissident-minded to consider going full-bore dissident … remove skills, labor, and capital from the mass market parasites and cultivate local markets with the like-minded. In the short-term we can still make hay while the sun is shining, but we’re all seeing the same thing – cumulonimbus clouds to the west. Time to wrap those remaining bales and head to the barn. Develop local gray markets, pack the larder with necessities, and prepare for a long winter. Dollars are a fine currency for the time being, but should be combined with skills, tools, and an array of commodities (to include lead & powder.)

      • This is exactly what is happening – tax sheep are working harder than ever.

        Where I work I’m constantly hearing, “I’m swamped, I’m so busy, We need help.”


      • Agree, and to whoever I said don’t form White capital associations*> I was wrong [mostly] and retract it.
        Organize anything you can, organize whatever you want.
        >>But For God’s sake don’t put anything in writing, including email. Don’t let anyone phone cam anything, don’t allow pictures, deny everything, verbal only.
        For ye will be engaging in the Ultimate Crime of defending your own [if white] and just start operating that way now, don’t write anything down. If you take care of each other words and manifestos are only fatal indulgences. Remember when the Mafia was a secret society it was fine, when it became a visible or semi visible presence, when it actually thought it was a social club then it was doomed.

        Side note the Mafi@ regenerated around family networks, or some of it did, but that’s another story.

        • In the words of Bill Clinton….”Just deny deny deny..deny everything.” Bill Clinton for all his evils is not a stupid man, except with his bimbo eruptions.

          • That was one thing I always gave him a pass on. Seriously, could you imagine being married to that thing? And being stuck since spousal privilege is the only thing protecting each of you from mutually assured destruction.

      • Public tolerance for the status quo is waning, and this before the free money stops. Hard days ahead for parasites.

        • I don’t know about that Painterstorms.
          As long as USD$ is useful the parasites remain in clover.
          Lets remember the most destructive and parasitical by orders of magnitude are Finance, then government. Finance gets Trillions every time there’s a hiccup, what is it now…$10 Trillion more since COVID began?
          Government of course officially creates the money, and needs no explanation.

        • The free money won’t stop because they can always “quantitatively ease” more money. Until foreign sovereigns who own all our debt won’t accept US dollars as payment and have the military might to make us pay by other means.

          • The money is basically doing nothing though . The goal here is to keep the rich, rich and to prevent deflation so the consumer economy can go on.
            This is failing on every level and instead we get a get rid of debt, prepping and savings driven economy.
            The rich I suppose are still rich but huge numbersof mega sized businesses are keeling over. Nike lost 33% in a quarter and while it will recover some, it could basically become insolvent no matter what.
            Amazon has done well and Walmart is holding on but even Goliaths like Starbucks are closing stores, laying off people and going into shrink mode
            And this is not just riot damage but actual economic freefall .
            Over the next few years I expect that many places will be closed and whatever money people have will have a lot less to be spent on. You’ll see supermarkets, big boxes and a few of this ad that even in previous affluent areas.
            This means the inflation the money boys have been trying to create won’t be a thing. Normally too much money chasing too few goods is an inflation problem but when its saved or used to deleverage, this is not the case.

          • Yeah, market will shrink in the near future.
            Elites’s solution: Bring in more migrants, this should solve the problem

          • No doubt on the agenda but with COVID and a lack of jobs, the nascent civil war and all the recent troubles a lot of people even from the 3rd world are liable to nope the US

          • Doubt it, welfare is welfare. The money a migrant receives means a great deal to someone who comes from a country with shitty economy, this money they then send back home to buy expensive houses & start small businesses.

            The lowest of the low, like blacks just become social parasites & never leave.

          • I’ve been wondering how long the pandemic is “supposed” to last. With all the trumpeting in the media, one thing I haven’t seen is a forecast end time. Until it burns out, it is going to have a dire effect on retail, anything that relies on crowds of people.

          • The COVID-19 pandemic will end just in time for the 2020-2021 flu season to begin.

          • It seems like its a “race to the bottom”. All countries are performing QE … even some with negative interest rates, so the dollar is still the world exchange currency. But when will this madness result in inflation? Yes, if economies are growing at rate X, then you can inflate the currency at rate Y. Maybe software and automation has ushered us into a different paradigm.

      • Drain the current system as fast as you can, extract tangible goods from the fiat before inflation explodes, and relocate! Sacrifice now while you are able to make some decisions, before decisions are made for you. It’s coming. You will be made to care, told how to live, and what you have will be taken from you. Of course, they’ll give back a small “fair” portion….based on your melanin production, of course.

        • I’m not a fan of Mormons at all, but there’s rural Mormons that have this exact philosophy. They call it “bleeding the beast.”

          • Yeah…that’s their justification for polygamy, grooming, and massive welfare fraud. I can’t help but think it’s just a way for oversexed men to breed like rabbits at the expense of the public Fisk

            I like Mormons. . But the polygamy sects are bad business. And, for now, not representative of their broader church.

      • No kidding. Have been strapped to the desk without a break since February (we saw this coming and started getting people dispersed from city offices then) Because, unfortunately my colleagues and I actually feel an obligation to keep the business running and as many of 1,500 folks employed. And meet our obligations to customers and shareholders. But preparing for dark times and working on those reloading skills, among others.

        • No kidding. Have been strapped to the desk

          Saw that over at the porn channel. Those were BIG dudes giving it to you. I just hope you can walk someday. /joke

      • I like the sound of that, but I need to see the how-to manual. If we don’t work, we don’t get paid. Now theoretically we could barter with the like minded for some basic essentials, but how do we pay the utilities and the mortgage?

        • By all means get whatever dollars you can get, while you can. But there need to be parallel, alternative, underground economies that we’re developing on the side. Barter is one, albeit primitive option. The key thing is to develop options while the times are reasonably good, particularly for food, water, shelter. Mortgages? French word derived from “death pledge.” Get out from underneath mortgages pronto. I recently helped someone build a house for about $15K (but he already owned his land.) Utilities? I run my entire farm from a solar system that I designed and built. You don’t have to go to those lengths but having alternative power backup is essential.

          I’m thinking worst-case scenario – that people like us SHALL be denied access to the official marketplace. If we don’t bend the knee the utilities will be cut and our VISA card won’t work. If that comes to pass, that’s the wrong time to wonder why water won’t come out of the faucet.

          • If it gets to that point–and I grant that it might–it means we’re in a hot war in which both sides are fighting. And in that sort of a situation I doubt that any of us will still be living in our houses.

          • Well, that’s one scenario and it’s one to consider. Another is that we’re ever so slowly strangled without a shot being fired. A Cold Civil War. Not sure about you and your community but most of the folks I know would go to incredible knee-bending lengths to avoid conflict. Either way, the wrong response is to sit on one’s hands and assume this isn’t going to touch us.

          • Yes, most whites definitely don’t want to get into anything bloody. However, should TPTB make it impossible for them to live, they will really not have much choice. I think what you’re describing would be a bridge too far for even the more docile sheep out there. My preparations for such an eventuality so far have been to be prudent with my assets, arm myself, and keep a close eye on developments. But I think the best thing all of us can do is to get into contact with one another, organized and coordinate. Eventually, we’re going to need one another in all sorts of ways.

          • There was a news story the other night where Sean King , known round these parts as Talcum X was claiming he stumbled across a private Facebook group of ex cops planning to kill him.
            Its almost certainty BS but that is roughly how death squads start and I suspect they are inevitable.
            I’ve also heard rumors of militia organizations getting ready too.
            Hell there was a recording of a cop (now fired) saying “There is going to be a revolution soon and we are going to mow down these joggers.” basically,
            Normal people are think civil war now in like a few years, the lowest I’ve heard being one!
            This is avoidable if good steps are taken. President Trumps recent announcement of large scale arrests of statue vandals is start but it won’t be easy and I suspect a year of aggressive Democrat rule will be enough for kaboom.
            God help us all.

          • Talcum X. Heh. But, yes, militias are definitely forming. I suspect there are far more of them than most people realize.

      • Ayn Rand came from a family in Russia that had everything stolen from them as they fled. Nothing clarifies the mind like being stolen from. The fact that she was ethnically Jewish meant that she didn’t have all the Christian hangups (lets fund an orphanage in Nairobi while Alice is sitting in her own shit down the street) when she wrote her books. Although libertarians have huge blind spots on all sorts of things, they understand private property and monetary sanity. If only they stuck to that.

        • Rand was remarkably prescient: As Remus knows.

          We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.
          Ayn Rand
          If, before undertaking some action, you must obtain the permission of society—you are not free, whether such permission is granted to you or not. Only a slave acts on permission. A permission is not a right.
          Ayn Rand
          When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.
          Ayn Rand
          The hallmark of authoritarian systems is the creation of innumerable, indecipherable laws. Such systems make everyone an un-indicted felon and allow for the exercise of arbitrary government power via selective prosecution.
          Ayn Rand

        • I used to be in her cult, JR.

          She has her moments in terms of opening up the Jewish playbook for goyim to see – she showed us how they cluster on cultural bottlenecks to leverage power, for instance. I’m shamelessly advocating her “going Galt” strategy for Whites.

          That said, her family did not flee Russia, she fled her family. They stayed. She didn’t really have much of a relationship with anyone but her father & that was distant. Her family never emigrated. The story is typical of her life – she was the center of her own heroic fantasy and everyone else was a prop.

          I know her personality type – they do not form strong emotional bonds – she lived through her mind alone and tried to control everything around here. Look at her weird relationship with her husband.

      • Is worth mentioning that in the novel there was little political action advocated. The system was already too corrupt and the producers were withdrawing to their secret retreat.

      • I never thought much of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, but she nailed the issue of hosts vs parasites. 

        In particular the bit about the parasite hating the host.

          • You do know that Ayn Rand was of that group right? Her philosophy was cribbed for the Satanic Bible with good reason.
            I get the urge to drop out and I actually recommend it quite often but its social suicide in the long run.
            If you want any modernity, you are paying taxes and having a state.
            If you want automaton, you’ll have welfare.
            No opting out.
            They key is making sure that your tribe is taken care of.
            If you are absolutely hell bent on a low welfare costs, you need to ban women from most jobs, control imports and very possible tweak wages and hours worked to make sure there are enough jobs to go around and that they pay enough to afford to live.
            Fail to do this as we have for fifty years and even if you stop nearly all immigration which you should , you get no babies.

          • AB, “social suicide” is keeping yourself tied to a polity that hates you.

            You’ve said before you’re an introvert who isn’t going to have kids.

            Why should more pro-social future oriented people accept your advice?

          • Why that there calls for a fisking
            First. I haven’t suggested keeping the current system but forming a new one.
            Second. No one else wants to take into account the fact that automation and lack of stable work lowers fertility rates in modernity has been common sense wisdom since forever.
            Third I am the one who coined the “A great place to have a family” and its consistently been my ideology
            Fourth : No one is suggesting anything better than what I have or at least things that don’t like the business plans for the underpants gnomes.
            Fifth: Is there a question of “modernity” costing a great deal of money in play? It seems to and my plan covers that or offers an alternative
            Sixth: I’m also pro other people having kids just not interested myself. Some people are not. Hell fellow Paleocon Pat Buchanan never had or adopted kids either ad he’s religious . Its not a requirement for good ideas as seen by six of our earlier Presidents (George Washington, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan) not having them at inauguration thugh they did adopt and all of them lived before Modern women

      • I hate to piss on your parade, but it can’t be done in America. That is to say, you can do all the things you said. “cultivate local markets with the like-minded. In the short-term we can still make hay while the sun is shining, but we’re all seeing the same thing – cumulonimbus clouds to the west. Time to wrap those remaining bales and head to the barn. Develop local gray markets…” etc. But eventually they will declare your little enclave too white. And Then build a branch office of the third world in your guest room. Happens all the time. You’ll have to find a place where separate but equal isn’t against the law. Good luck. 🙂

        • Bologna Eater, I think you relish in pissing on parades. Perhaps you have some men around you that need you stand up, offer something tangible, and engage. I welcome your creative, positive input about strategic planning you think our guys need. Stop the damn whining.

          • I relish none of the kind. The truth hurts, I know. Facts are a bitch. My advice is straight forward and east to follow. So take it or leave it. It’s up to you.
            By the way. Stop being a damn snob. Eating bologna happens to make you a true American.
            O yah, you sound a lot like this prick.
            vxxc 💂🏻‍♂️😉 Toxic masculinity vector

          • Please point out your advice from that post. Forensics I get. What are you subscribing for our future? There is always a way, OBT.

          • Moss said: “Drain the current system as fast as you can, extract tangible goods from the fiat before inflation explodes, and relocate! Sacrifice now while you are able to make some decisions, before decisions are made for you. It’s coming. You will be made to care, told how to live, and what you have will be taken from you. Of course, they’ll give back a small “fair” portion….based on your melanin production, of course.”

            O my. You sound just like me exept way more long winded.

            And I’ll say it again, if your not this bozo, [vxxc 💂🏻‍♂️😉 Toxic masculinity vector] then your his twin brother.

        • Wish you could come for a visit. I’d pour you a tumbler of moonshine (from my still) – or if you’re not into the hard stuff – a glass of wine that came from my berry patch. Maybe we could catch a fish from my pond or share a T-bone from a beef critter that I raise on my farm. Then we could head to the shop and quickly knock out a few artisan items for which suburbanites pay top dollar. Then you could meet my son and daughter who’ve started lucrative businesses – unlicensed and unregulated. Then we could head to the range (otherwise known as the back-40) and see who can ring the gong at 500 yards. Then I could introduce you to my hardscrabble band-of-brothers, let them tell you their stories … and then observe their reactions when you tell them “I hate to piss on your parade.”

          • Official,

            Let me help you rephrase that, “Capt S… seriously glad you and your family MADE your country paradise…”

            Brother it’s going to take effort and sacrifice. Hope and positivity aren’t enough, but coupled with creativity and iron will we can see this through.

            When I say that I admire and am the product of my ancestors it isn’t a hollow raycissss boast. We are the culmination of hundreds of generations of builders, thinkers, warriors, and artists. Never doubt that We will prevail.

          • “Let me help you rephrase that, “Capt S… seriously glad you and your family MADE your country paradise…” ”

            Hahaha. Thanx for that little dab of pedantry. I really do appreciate it. Really.

          • What, precisely, are the nuts and bolts of your version of “eternal vigilance?”

            I withdraw my invitation … in my corner of paradise that kind of sarcasm earns an ass-whuppin. Hope your “public service” is of great benefit to your community … just stay away from mine.

          • Sarcasm? That was from the heart son, sorry you take it the wrong way. At any rate, when Thomas Jefferson spoke those words, he simply meant that Democracy drifts inevitably into tyranny and everybody gets caught up in their own lives and forgets to keep an eye on their rulers. Now it’s to damn late to stop the nightmare. There is nowhere in the United States that is safe from the long arm of the Despotic Managerial State, nowhere. Check out the schools in your neck of the woods. Who are the teachers? What’s in the curriculum? Who sits on the board of education? I’ll bet if you give it a good look see you’ll walk away disgusted. The educational system in this country is in shambles. Home schooling is the only option parents have.

        • OBT, I know how the civil rights claim apparatus works – they don’t have the enforcement personnel or intelligence to enforce this stuff in 20,000 small towns in America. Less than 25% of the violent crimes in American end in an arrest.

          But you want decent civilized Whites sheltering in place in fear of being sued for raycisms?

          If you live in a supermajority White state your odds of getting sued for discrimination in employment or housing are vanishingly-small – especially for housing.

          Out of 40 million people in California there were less than 7000 claims for housing discrimination in 2018.

          That gives you around 200 times more likelihood to die of Covid than getting sued for housing discrimination in the most gung-ho kangaroo court jurisdiction in American for these laws.

          OBT, weren’t you one of the guys saying don’t wear that mask b/c muh economy?

          But FFS Whitey, don’t take a mere fraction of that chance to live a decent life around White neighbors…

          There’s certainly a better chance of a White guy getting shanked by some feral in a major metro shithole. And having less than a 25% chance anyone gets arrested much less convicted for it to boot.

          You’re being a bed-wetter over this as usual.

          Readers, look at the statistics and get some perspective of your own.

          • Yup, it’s long past time to stand and be counted. After gauging sentiment of the cucks at powerline i’m dour and pessimistic as hell, but maybe they will surprise me. After all its not like we are leonidas with his 300 at hells gate. with our odds they would laugh at us for our timidity.

          • “But you want decent civilized Whites sheltering in place in fear of being sued for raycisms?”
            Sheltering in place? I have no idea what you talking about. Here’s what I’m talking about.
            “Obama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy” https://nypost.com/2016/05/08/obamas-last-act-is-to-force-suburbs-to-be-less-white-and-less-wealthy

            “All-White Neighborhoods Are Dwindling as America Grows More Diverse” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/01/upshot/all-white-neighborhoods-are-dwindling-as-america-grows-more-diverse.html
            “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”
            -Andy Grove.
            “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”
            -Mark Twain

          • OBT, if we listened to the NYT, the only community we’d bother to form is Jonestown.

            The towns we’re talking about don’t have suburbs and aren’t suburbs themselves.

            We’re talking about the 20,000+ towns smaller than 25k in population in America.

            Obama and his buddies at the NYT haven’t even managed to break up 90%+ White states. They tend to live in some of them – Vermont being foremost – the Whitest state of all. They certainly haven’t done this with smaller cities and towns. The statistics are out there, contradicting the NYT’s propaganda as usual. Joogle it.

            At least you’ve admitted to considering paranoia a virtue.

            Readers should take this into account when you Chicken Little us in the future.

          • At least you’ve admitted to considering paranoia a virtue.Readers should take this into account when you Chicken Little us in the future.
            Hahaha! Way to cherry pick.
            The whole qoute is: “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”
            -Andy Grove.
            It figures you’d leave out: “Complacency breeds failure.” So fine, get comfortable in your little house on the prairie. When Jefferson said “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” he was just a pearl clutching scaredy-cat. What did he know about fighting tyranny?
            Here’s two more articals you’ll want to ignore.
            A New American Dream: The Rise of Immigrants in Rural America.https://civileats.com/2019/03/22/a-new-american-dream-the-rise-of-immigrants-in-rural-america/

            List Of 190 Cities Where Obama Will Be Placing Syrian Muslim Refugees. https://www.truthandaction.org/list-190-cities-obama-will-placing-syrian-muslim-refugees/2/

          • Two words: Jury nullification.
            (then again, double jeopardy in federal court tears it’s ugly head)

          • Jury nullification works best when you live in a smaller community with enough of Our Guys to mazimize the chance that we’ll be on that jury to do the White thing.

      • The Randian solution – pull a John Galt and secede from the madding crowd – is actually a viable option. It’s time for the dissident-minded to consider going full-bore dissident … remove skills, labor, and capital from the mass market parasites and cultivate local markets with the like-minded. In the short-term we can still make hay while the sun is shining, but we’re…”

        No good unless you can also remove yourself from IRS, state, and city tax collectors.

        • What about removing your state from the Union? That’d take care of the problem. What exactly is the reason why you people believe you are obligated to remain in a oppressive totalitarian state that burns books, bans movies, and codifies racial discrimination against whites? Every single day there is a new offense — someone fired for cracking his knuckles, an episode of television banned, a mob that destroys a statue. Is a piece of parchment with some ink on it, amended multiple times (proving it was never perfect or divine to begin with) really worth all this madness?
          As the the poster said above, there is no place you can run within this system. That’s the truth, regardless of whether it bursts your fantasy. The “build communities” proposal is a waste because the Feds — just as Obama did — will flood your community with non-whites the moment they can; or they’ll ban you from the internet (Vdare) or close your bank account or flood your website with shill fed posters hoping to dox you or get you arrested … they’ll arrest anyone who gets in their way and their media will attack you as a “white supremacist” (whatever the hell that means) when they do, get you fired, and drive your relatives to denounce you before suiciding themselves.
          A nation that does that does not deserve your loyalty. It is no offense to offend against your offenders.You were not born into bondage, but yet you place yourselves there willingly.
          The ONLY solution is to secede from the system, thereby removing their government’s ability to oppress you.
          Secession is moral (no bloody civil wars*), it is historical (Revolutionary War), and it is justified after what has happened. It is also the most practical option available.If whites haven’t awakened by now, they never will; most BLM protestors are white. So, you can also forget the fantasy of people rising up to restore the old order. That’s not happening. Proponents can’t even propose a realistic scenario where it occurs, just happy talk and the assumption that things will somehow happen with no understanding of how they happen in real life or how they happened before in actual revolutions.
          That militia stuff is nonsense and probably being promoted by feds to get you to dox yourselves … or worse. At best, it’s a cope, an excuse to do nothing. It’s a comforting fantasy but nothing more.
          We are way beyond 1776 at this point.
          If you don’t support secession, you support the world you currently live in. It’s as simple as that. All other solutions are pie-in-the-sky fantasy or fed posts meant to divert attention away from the one option that could work. Therefore, your silence on the issue is consent. You want this nightmare world because you make excuses for why it should not end.
          *I’ve been saying for years now that the regime is so weak it couldn’t effectively subdue a small collection of red states that walked out of the Union. Wouldn’t you know it, that judgement was just proved correct on national television. They can’t even stop yuppie white kids from tearing down statues. This system lacks legitimacy. If you guys had taken my advice and prepared, this could have been your moment. But nooooo. Militias are coming, Trumpslide, Qanon, normies will wake up (no they won’t). It’s all either a delusional cope or a diverision promoted by the federal police.

          • That is a superb post, in large measure because you recognized that ultimately, secession is the only true solution. However, you don’t just up and secede at the drop of a hat. There must be preparation and planning. And that means that secessionist communities must be built, sub rosa organizations formed, and a program of action created. In the meantime, forming militias for self defense and voting for Trump to buy us a bit more time makes perfect sense. Indeed, those militias could serve as the basis of a future secessionist military force. One other thing, secession–or partition–need not cleave along existing state lines. In fact, I think it will be rather chaotic, with urban versus rural being the primary salient.

          • Secession will not be a viable option until the present American government is virtually on its knees.

            Anyone pushing secession under current circumstances is flexing muscle we don’t have. No one in this movement has 10% of that muscle yet.

    • Zero percent of what Trump says can be taken seriously now.
      We had better hope that the six hundred subsidy ends in July or the negative effects will have even longer deleterious effects. If this happened ten years ago my business wouldn’t have been able to survive. Well, by business I mean me.

      • Oh come now – he called Nikki Haley a cnut. What more can you ask?
        I’m one of those guys that will crawl 5 miles on my knees to give the finger to Leftie. I wish we had someone like Trump up in Canada. Our prime minister is a pink socked faggot that isn’t fit to shine shoes or empty spittoons in a cat house. I break with the dissidents on Trump bashing. Things can ALWAYS get worse, and if you don’t think so, stay home on the next election or vote liberal.

        • Q: “Oh come now – he called Nikki Haley a cnut. What more can you ask?”

          A: Statesmanship. A lost art apparently.

          To make the comparison between Trump v Trudeau is to make the point that there are no political solutions to cultural Marxists who have declared open warfare. The progressive holy war marches on while we vote for “the lesser evil.” That’s a paradigm that’s losing its luster.

          • Nonsense. Voting for the lesser evil is merely a delaying tactic. The intention is ultimately to destroy the greater evil. Trump has scored some astonishing victories against the cultural marxists, right in their own back yards.
            As Z has noted, the man can and has pivoted before. If the dissidents and conservatives shoot his horse out from under him and eliminate all chances of that happening again… that’s on us.

          • Ah, so you’re a plan truster. The man has had over 3 years in office, and we’ve gotten squat. I don’t mean a wall, I don’t mean a national program of mass deportations, I don’t even putting Hillary in jail. I simply mean he hasn’t even done anything that’s well within his direct power to do. Sign off an executive order on the murder of an Iranian spec-ops general? No problemo. Sign off an executive order ending DACA? Well, damn, no dice.

            As Z has noted, the man can and has pivoted before.

            Yes, and the general direction of those “pivots” has been farther and farther away from what he stated he wanted, and was elected, to do.

            If the dissidents and conservatives shoot his horse out from under him and eliminate all chances of that happening again… that’s on us.

            Excuse me? Didn’t you claim he was the lesser evil elected by us to combat the larger evil? We already gave him the horse, so to speak. That cowboy went and done shot his own horse from under him. Now it’s our (really white people’s) fault if we don’t trust the plans and give Mr. Twitter Fingers another horse?
            I get presidents often get more done in their second terms because they’re not facing re-election. But what the plan trusters and 4d chess morons can’t comprehend is Trump has completed exactly jack shit in his first administration. He’s made no inroads anywhere, established nothing that can’t be overturned later, in short, he’s not drained the swamp, but added to if it anything.
            Get over it, Trump is a fucken failure. And that you have the arrogance to blame his voters for his own failures is astounding.

          • I am Yesterday Man, although some of the cool kids have called me that before – and I am not sure what it means.
            In point of fact, I see the culture war going hot – initially resembling a 5 way food fight that will last until the weaker factions are either killed off or absorbed by the bigger ones. We are going to have to shoot our way out of this eventually. Probably sooner rather than later.
            That being the case, I flat out refuse to budge an inch, or leave anything on the ground my enemies can pick up and use against me.
            To me Trump is something that we may yet be able to use. Just getting the Imperial Capital to talk about immigration is a huge. His election was a huge achievement.
            Throwing the nation’s politics back into the hands of Leftie to me … is stupid. You need to face facts: if Trump went for it and did what you guys want, right now – it would be civil war. And right now, I don’t think anyone is planning for that at all.
            That is probably coming in any event, but we need time. I don’t think we are ready and if we jump the gun… the next civil war will end up even worse than the last one did.
            My only plan at this point is to prep like mad, keep Leftie at a distance, and support anyone that supports me.

          • Long ago there was a bumper sticker that said “When forced to choose between two evils, I always like the one I haven’t tried yet.” I definitely do not plan to do this in the 2020 election!!! 🙂

          • Friend, I’m hopeful for your rosy picture, but hope is not a strategy. Not sure of our age difference but I’ve been observing this game for a long time, and I’m just stating the obvious – pigs will soar before any elected official destroys any greater evils.

          • And touch off a new round of impeachment mania and “protests”?!

            You damn right! .They should quote Louis C. K.
            ” If your not White your missing out, because this stuff is thorrroooughly good.”

          • I can’t recall a single time Trump has even said the word “White” in public.

            Black unemployment, Black income, Black GOP voters….

            “Blackity Black Blackness… Great, Best Evah, Blacker Blackity Black” from 2017 to now.

            He’s so electorally desperate at this point that he’s finally taking some of the baby steps he should have 3 years too late in a lame attempt to fool those equally desperate to believe the entire system doesn’t hate them.

            Even that should tell everyone what a fake and/or coward this guy is.

            He’s the guy who starts a barfight then runs out the back, leaving his buddies to fight.

            He’s even called the police on them himself a few times.

            I wouldn’t call this guy anything but a bitch at this point, much less a leader.

          • Rosy? I am predicting pitched fire fights, broken families, and civil war. If Trump does NOTHING, he is still better than a liberal or a cuck – that’s all I am saying.

          • Sorry for the unintentional error – I was lumping you in with those who hope Trump is going to turn things around. We’re on the same team but have different perspectives.

            E.g. I haven’t observed the same “astonishing victories” over the Marxists that you have. And it’s important to make distinctions between effective statesmanship and fruitless posturing, no? I suppose we could argue that Donald Duck is better than a liberal or cuck, but that wouldn’t stave off the inevitability of civil unrest. If anything Trump has accelerated the unrest and clearly defined the divide; I would argue that’s his greatest accomplishment.

          • CAPT S: Trump isn’t a coward, he simply shirks at bloodshed or the possibility. I don’t see him morphing into a war leader. Trump is a good man…but Buchanan he remains.
            He would have to appeal directly to the ranks, and the people. Think of the risk in that…and if it fails he’s dead.
            He’ll try to finesse it just like the last four years.
            You meet guys like this, they’re not cowards, they’re not bad men. But once they see the truth [KABOOM] the fight goes out of them. They cannot send men to their death [I’d much rather lead them into danger than send them..that’s harder. It is].

          • he is positioned for it. Don’t think he could carry the lint that fell off lincoln’s balls (love lincoln or hate him), so he won’t rise to the occasion. But the opportunity to go down as one of the great men in history is there.

          • CAPT S is correct: The elite’s investment in marching through the institutions has paid off, if anyone who says the truth gets through it’s because he will DO nothing. Trey Gowdy, Barr come to mind..Sessions, we can go on.

            This will include ultimately if it means a fight our current POTUS, although he did try and maneuver around them by ending wars and letting the economy get going again. Trump did deliver peace in multiple areas, and he did let prosperity boom. Then both were taken away, and he’s done.
            Because he has no stomach for blood or even the chance of blood. Had he arrested Comey and Brennan for blackmailing him in the first months – I mean the Dossier – had he responded forcefully to the various conspiracies unmasked he could have saved the Republic much grief with probably less violence than we have experienced in the last month. But it would have meant the risk of Civil War. By hesitating we now have not the risk but the certainty of Civil War.

            It’s not of course that we have no troops – it’s that we have no leaders. Poppy cropping worked.

          • You know what Trump’s problem is?
            He’s not a killer. He was…and he was…the peace and prosperity guy. He delivered on both. Then both were taken away.
            We need War leaders, and this guy would die to avoid bloodshed.

          • Show me a statesman and I’ll show you the18th century. You can’t have statesman on one side of the aisle and anarchists on the other and exepect the get anything done. Think abut it. Anyway, unless we get a Congress full of Trump republicans it’s hopeless. The President can’t do it by himself. What we really need in DC is a horde of reactionary thugs that know Machiavelli inside out.

          • OBT wants someone else to be the reactionary thugs so he doesn’t have to come out from under the bed.

          • Hahaha.Your the fag that wants to hide out in Mayberry while the rest of us try and deal with the destruction of the cities we live in.
            Your a real inspirational role model to young White men everywhere.

      • Trump is a spent force.
        But what is not broadly realized yet is so is the office of the President. The next POTUS starts where the current one is….the Mayor of Federal buildings where the Federal Police loyal to Barr stand.
        And Biden or Kamala Harris will not be able to command the bulk of the Federal Police rank and file.

        The elites investment in poppy cropping, corruption and seizing control of the priesthood’s of law and money is paying off for them now, vast hordes of the armed and ready both citizen and soldier, police are leaderless.
        We whites are leaderless at any level above Congressman or Sheriff, and by Congressman I mean Clay Higgins.
        Our current situation is Trump has lost his Generals, but they have no Troops [we don’t trust those creatures].
        Barr has the Fed Cops, but Barr would be investigating his own ass on fire according to procedure. He’s like the GBI – still investigating the Brooks shooting, please be patient… it’s not that these guys are DS masterminds, it’s that they are bureaucratic doggy paddlers utterly out of their comfortable shallows.

        IN the end we’re looking not at sinister Moriarty’s but Mediocrities who’ve run out of competent people – because they were faithless to the competent.

        • No one seriously believes the federal police are going to be the nucleus of an anti-Woke resistance.

          Can’t help but stump for your real team, agent?

          For those I’ve discussed this with before, change my 25% “is VX a fed?” assessment back to 75%.

          • I nominate Lineman with 50% odds. Anyone else think it strange how this guy spent most of last year trying to meet up with posters in the real world, despite the US being larger than all of Western Europe (very expensive!)? Also, he couldn’t be bothered to just attend the same conferences Z did (because most posters here don’t attend those)? Pro tip: NEVER exchange personal contact information with anyone on this or any other dissident website. NEVER meet up with anyone in the real world, especially by yourself. They love to use these meetings to set up people on bogus charges and then flip them, using them to worm their way into dissident communities. Even an anonymous email can give you away; nothing stops them from getting your IP from logging in or reading the contents of your account — they don’t even need a warrant anymore. And their leaders have made it clear they consider “white supremacy” (not mass immigration, Chinese subversion, loss of freedoms, racial discrimination against whites, Muslim terrorists) the biggest threat to their regime. They know you exist and they are coming for you. Be a movie target. Don’t let them.

          • You’re totally wrong on that call.

            This blog isn’t exactly a honeypot for militia types & glowfags to begin with – we’re pretty boring, tbh.

            Glowbugs don’t spend months on a website much less hours and days of their time trying to get people to live normal country lifestyles together & form normal friendships. They get paid to make things happen. This blog would be a giant career sink for an agent.

            Look at how shit-tier VX’s trolling is.

            No one including Lineman here has asked me to pick up any packages after midnight at a waterfront warehouse or saw off any shotguns.

            You need to unplug from this stuff for a week or better yet a month – your threat meter is wrecked.

            Or you’re glowing in your own right. How long have you been here, chief?

            “Never meet anyone in real life, it’s scaaaary” is exactly how they keep the DR hiding under their beds.

            And what is it with you spooks who can’t type a consistent handle from comment to comment Chapppppie?

          • Well Exile maybe we are making them nervous up top because they sure are sending a lot of new handle’s over this way…We sure get a lot of pushback on something so simple as building Communities so it must be one thing that scares the living shit out of them…It always makes me laugh when they are so obvious about it and don’t even establish themselves on a site before they start slinging accusations, telling us how we are doing it all wrong or even better stealing our ideas and calling it their own…They really need some new talent because it’s getting old listening to the same old recycled let’s get some of you killed schtick…

          • Community building and networking are a must though not very sexy.

            The problem is the Left is onto usand might necessitate a change such as going cell based for many whites who cannot move to MT. or some other white rural stronghold. One model would be the French Resistance

        • “And Biden or Kamala Harris will not be able to command the bulk of the Federal Police rank and file.”

          That’s not true. The bulk of the federal secret police vote democrat. They are fully on board and will gleefully obey any order given to them no matter how extreme or illegal (countless examples already). The FBI, ATF, NSA, CIA, most corporations, the media, and the military = the democrat party, no different from the CCP in China. Exactly the same thing. And that’s not an exaggeration or a conspiracy theory. It’s true. I’ve seen multiple surveys on the subject. The VAST majority of the employees of those organizations vote democrat; the few republicans are careerist George W. Bush types. They aren’t on your side. Any claim to the contrary is akin to that Qanon nonsense – either a delusional cope or a fed posting diversion. Tyranny is on the horizon and pretending it isn’t happening won’t change that. There is no Qanon, there is no one on the other side who is our ally. We are alone.

          • Chapie – I never said Federal Secret Police.
            [?]. I said Federal Police.
            Here, from above.
            Trump is a spent force.
            But what is not broadly realized yet is so is the office of the President. The next POTUS starts where the current one is….the Mayor of Federal buildings where the Federal Police loyal to Barr stand.
            And Biden or Kamala Harris will not be able to command the bulk of the Federal Police rank and file.”
            What I am saying there is Trump has no power beyond where the Federal Police are standing, although he did muster the DC ARNG or 400 of them it seems to save Lincoln’s statue. I never said the 3 letter agencies, I was referring to the uniformed Federal Police, of which there are 132K.
            Barr put 20K in DC for the recent riots.
            At no time did I say that they would be the nucleus of anything, certainly not an anti-woke force.
            As for the voting patterns of the 3 letter agencies you mention, I have no idea.
            The CIA is usually viewed as very Democrat and very Progressive since inception.
            I have no idea about the others.
            As far as Q anon, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him except to mock in passing.
            You’re quite correct in your summation, there is no force that’s organized in the Left’s way. I’ll maintain my point that the office of the President now has no power and no election will change that. Trump has no Generals, neither will the next POTUS.
            If they appoint woke Generals, those Generals will not be able to trust their troops.
            >>You’re wrong to say we’re alone. <<
            We’re atomized, which is why I always say organize…anything. Any group of men, under any pretext.

      • Cutting off free money 4 months before an election is probably not a good political move for either party.


    • With treasury rates ~0.5%, there will be no tax increases to pay for this borrowing. Federal interest payments as a % of GDP isn’t much more now than in the 1950s and half of what it was in 1990 when interest rates were much higher.

      Now, if interest rates – or, especially, real interest rates – started to rise, the govt would be a world of hurt. But no sign of that for now. No, the massive govt borrowing will be paid for by savers who will earn less than inflation on their bonds.

      • Citizen, so do you think this is the point where we go full MMT? The part that works, until suddenly it doesn’t.

        • Who knows. But you can bet that politicians will look at the lack of immediate consequences from govt borrowing and fed money printing in both ’08-’09 and Coronacession to bolster their plans to do the same.

          If MMT ever takes off and then gets out of hand, you’ll likely have inflation. Of course, if every other country is doing the same, it’s hard to say what would happen.

          What’s the insurance for that? Again, hard to say. The obvious answer is gold, but you can’t put all your money in gold. Not crazy to have ~5% of portfolio in gold. Tangible assets in general are good with inflation. Residential rental real estate might not be bad, but it can be a pain to own. Farmland would another good choice. You can get that through AcreTrader or FarmTogether, except you need to be an accredited investor.

          Another good option is either a good risk parity fund such as ReSolve or keeping part of your money in a tactical asset allocations strategy that includes gold and commodities. Allocate Smartly is a good resource for that. Combine a couple of good TAA strategies (such Kipnis Defensive Adaptive Asset Alocation, regular Adaptive Asset Allocation and Faber’s GTAA) all of which have gold and commodities, and you should get some protection.

        • The last part is key. All these things operate on “confidence” and when that breaks it is an all in thing. I was up close and personal to the ’08 crisis. Those bonds and derivative securities were worth 95 cents on the dollar of par until suddenly there were no buyers at any price. And you can’t predict when the herd will suddenly catch on. It’s like flocking behavior in birds.

        • We’re already doing MMT, in a couple years it’ll be full blown MMT. Right now we’re cloaking MMT is obfuscation and hypocrisy, but the politicians will take us to the promised land. That’s going to be interesting.

      • There is an additional problem that will parallel this one. The recent court decision where a company’s fiduciary responsibility to its pension holders is now a free-for-all until it bankrupts that pension. Only then can pension holders sue for that company’s irresponsible actions.
        On one side we have the tribe that has control of those funds and of the courts…and on the other we have largely Whites who own those investments but who are powerless to halt any activity until they’ve been fleeced.

        That’s quite an arrangement.

      • If real rates increased the Fed would just purchase in a way that controlled the yield curve, the way it did in WW2. While there are many drawbacks to that, the primary one is supercharged inflation. But that’s on the menu anyway. The only question is how many quarters it will take to bleed into the real economy. It’s the direct transfer payments from the government that will cause this inflation. Also, keep in mind, that these payments will NEVER stop. They won’t stop in July, and no matter who wins in November, guess what? Everyone needs Christmas shopping money, so you’ll get a double helping. We’re past the event horizon on this. And you’ll never see a spike in interest rates, ever again, until you literally have food riots like in the beginning of The Running Man. We need as a country to admit that AOC is us, she is our national ID.

    • My husband hadn’t realized or internalized just what that extra $600 weekly meant (he was not furloughed so it never affected us personally). He said if he had understood, he probably would have suggested our son not get another job, but just stay home until the government money ran out. When they’re sending checks to prisoners and dead people, the one who works when he doesn’t have to is a chump. Not the lifestyle or world we would have preferred, but we deal with reality, and reality means doing the ‘right’ thing makes one a sucker for the parasites.

      • I know a doctor who is getting what he calls Trump Fun Money. This guy is a Canadian citizen, here to do his medical residency. He says he tried to call to say certainly there’s been a mistake but got the run around and gave up on it.

    • Taxes already have gone up. Prices are rising rapidly. Inflation is the tax we dirt people get hit with the hardest. I went to get a water-ice the other day and it was like five dollars! T-bone is like fifteen dollars a pound. Food has been going through the roof. Gas should be under a buck. Inventory is high and demand is low and has been for months. It’s over $2 a gallon. Demand is still down by 30%!
      Taxes are determined by spending. When government spends money, you are paying for it. Whether it be through direct taxation, speeding tickets, higher fees or inflation. One way or the other, we are footing the bills for all this nonsense.

      • Man, I don’t know where you live, but it’s nowhere near that bad in my neck of the woods. Yes, the cost of groceries has increased, but not to the levels you describe.

    • Most taxes in this country are paid by whites, small businesses, & corporations, so there isn’t going to be any significant backlash – not one that can result in a change of government with these demographics anyway.

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