And Don’t Come Back!

In another highly coordinated effort, the tech oligarchs ritualistically banned a bunch of people and groups from their platforms yesterday. Of note, Reddit banned the Donald Trump fan club from their site. YouTube banned American Renaissance and Stefan Molyneux from their platform. Something called “Twitch” banned the Trump campaign team from its site. All of these people and groups have been accused of impiety by the people in charge of public morality, so they have been punished.

Of course, many of the proscribed have responded according to their role in the great morality play of the Left. They found somewhere on social media to express their outrage and hurt over being kicked off a left-wing platform. There were the denunciations of left-wing hypocrisy and the calls for free speech. The chorus played its role, amplifying the outrage of the proscribed. At this point, the only interesting thing about these rituals is the targets they select for punishment.

Reddit, for example, made an example of the TERF community. Those would be radical feminists who exclude men in sundresses. They were purged for the crime of accepting biological reality. Stefan Molyneux, who has refashioned himself into a street corner philosopher, was banned from YouTube allegedly for advocating violence. In reality, he was selected because YouTube has run out of popular heretics. They have so broken their site that even heretics are losing interest in it.

The important part of this is not the targets, but the ritual. As you see with Molyneux, they will claim a milquetoast libertarian actor is Hitler in order to fill the role in the morality tale. It’s not important that he is not actually Hitler. What matters is they have someone to parade around as a heretic on whom they can ritualistically heap their scorn and then chase from their midst. For all it matters, these recently proscribed people could be macramé enthusiasts or bird watchers.

That’s what people outside the halls of the one true faith fail to grasp. The people deciding to ban Jared Taylor spent no time listening to what he has to say or examining his videos for violations of their morality codes. They are physically incapable of being around those who dispute the tenets of the faith. Jared is just a blasphemer, an agent of the great evil against which they fight. The same is true in varying degrees for all of the people thrown off these left-wing sites.

For the people doing this, the only time they bother to listen to the damned is after the fact, when the condemned are complaining about their banning. Progressivism is a sadistic faith, fueled by the suffering of its enemies. You can be sure the various committees and working groups tasked with finding this round of heretics were replaying Moly’s Twitter performance over and over as they gratified themselves. He was playing his role like a legendary thespian at the peak of his ability.

It is the biggest problem facing those opposed to the new religion. Instead of accepting it as a religion, opponents insist on imposing their own sense of logic and reason onto the actions of these people. “They are banning us because they are afraid of what we have to say!” No, the people conducting these rituals have no idea what someone like Molyneux says in his videos. He could be speaking in tongues for all they care. He is not a person to them. He is a character in their morality play.

The rock heads and cranks on this side will dispute this, because that is what makes them rock heads and cranks. They will keep imposing their sensibilities on the other side, despite generations of evidence to the contrary. Worse yet, they will insist that these left-wing platforms are vital ground. We have to exhaust ourselves fighting to get on these platforms. Of course, that just means a steady supply of people ready to play the role of the damned in the next morality play.

The proper response to all of this is to simply leave these platforms. The argument is that these platforms are the public square, but that’s not true. No one goes on Twitter to have their mind changed about anything. People go on Twitter to have their opinions confirmed by people they already like. The same is true of YouTube. If you really enjoy Moly’s performances, you can always go to his site. This is how it worked up until about ten years ago. It’s how this site works.

Further, the proper response to de-platforming efforts is to ignore them. When you go public and moan about the attacks, the Left is exhilarated. They see the suffering as a trophy that keeps cheering for them. Sure, it is no fun to go through. No one wants to waste time moving servers or changing domain registrars, but publicly complaining about it does not make the burden lighter. It just encourages the people doing it to keep looking for fresh victims. It stimulates them.

Ultimately, our side joins the fight when we finally wake-up and accept the other side for what it is. The Left are not reasonable people. They are not operating from a set of fixed rules that can be mastered by an outsider. There is no beating them at their own game or on their platforms. These are evil people who are only motivated by the suffering of decent people. They feed on your frustration and your complaints. When you engage with them, you are giving them oxygen

The way forward is to reduce the number of contacts between them and us. Instead of going inside the walls of their domains to be fed upon like cattle, make them scale the walls of our domains. No, that does not mean building a new internet. It just means not going onto their platforms. Sure, they can attack Molyneux by going after his registrar or hosting company, but that is time consuming and often futile. It makes them work hard for the dopamine rush of tormenting the condemned.

That’s ultimately the battle we face. There’s no defeating the Left in the conventional sense of a fight. Instead, the goal is to exhaust them. Since a big part of what sustains them is the attention they get from their victims, not giving them that attention increases their cost of operation. The trouble is, many on our side is like a battered wife. They can only feel love when they are being pummeled. They have been conditioned to take the beating and then come back asking for more.

When our side sits it out, the results are impressive. Look at the riots. The Left was sure these riots would draw out “right-wing extremists” they could then use as a foil. When that did not happen, they tried inventing them, but failed to make it work. It’s hard to convince people that the black guys beating a white guy with a skateboard are actually white nationalists. It just underscored the fact that the only people in the streets are left-wing agitators and their pets from the vibrant community.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that is why they have started banning people from their platforms again. The riots have been a terrible disaster for them. They fully expected a dozen Charlottesville-style events, with lots of bad guys they could parade around on their media platforms. Instead they got semi-literate savages and potheads claiming part of Seattle as a new country. This should be the model for all future interaction with the Left. Engage them in the shadows, never in public.

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492 thoughts on “And Don’t Come Back!

  1. Overall, this is a stupid article written by a pompus ass, who’s shadow is taller than his soul. It’s also another great example of why the right always loses…

    • You shouldn’t call anybody stupid until you learn to spell whose.

  2. 100% on target. Leave their platforms. You might even leave them before you are banned.
    Not only that; leave the government schools. These would collapse without conservative and libertarian support. They are just another platform to leave behind.
    Don’t read their newspapers or magazines. Don’t watch Hollywood movies – there are a lot of alternatives like
    Stop patronizing our enemies.
    “From all these indignities, such as the very beasts of the field would not endure, you can deliver yourself if you try, not by taking action, but merely by willing to be free. Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place your hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but merely that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.” — Etienne de la Boetie, Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

  3. now our women have careers , experiences and dogs. It’s going to be tough sleding to turn that arround . if that doesn’t change , who cares who wins , we won’t be here to see it anyway.

  4. Comment counts are getting higher on this site. Good. I hope dissident sites are getting more eyeballs across the board after the spectacle we’ve been going through as a country.

    • I am noticing a lot more middle of the road Breitbart people showing up at American Renaissance. And a little anecdotal thing, but today I had a zoom chat with some friends that includes a black guy and he starts going off about how bad his people have it blah blah blah and everyone just rolls their eyes. And these are as normie whites as you can get

  5. Interesting point made in comments on Isegoria.
    “While the Left thinks binary, it acts scalar. The Right thinks scalar and acts binary. For the Right there is peace or there is war, nothing in between…so they lose.
    With low-level threats and violence, almost like a Mafia, the Left got all education complex, all media, and now pretty much all big corporations on their side.”

    True. But I countered with: does the new Street and college left appreciate Fabian methods? Does it look like they’re patient?

    But the very interesting point is scalar vs binary.

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you’re saying I need to get meaner, you’re right.

      • LOL

        No no no not that. men have a style of thinking that is penetrative and direct and decisive and seeks a yes or no answer whereas women have one that flies all over the place and varies in intensity and mood
        binary / scalar
        definitive / emotional

        • Scalar as in orders of magnitude. He seems to be using mathematical or physics terms to describe leftist thinking, the Left thinks good/evil in and acts with a broad spectrum of measures, anyone is binary that is good or evil, but then they use all measures. The right is thinking scalar – that is the right is thinking of the implications, but only acts binary – peace or war, or we could say legally or not at all.

      • Yes we need to get meaner.
        And yes to Falcone, these are women and women raised, bitchmade twats in male bodies.
        There isn’t any reasoning with them, or laws, or elections that save us.

        • FED.

          1,000 permutations of “organize”, often scatterbrained (fishing, blue lives matter, squads, Twitter links) + “get meaner” + “elections don’t work” + unusual language like “scalar”, which honestly sounds like a concept the feds would teach their agents. Put it together.

          • Dear,

            1. No.
            2. The Feds use awkward physics metaphors?
            3. How do you know what the Feds teach? I don’t.
  6. Z is right about not playing on their turf. But they won’t let you ignore them indefinitely.

    That is why the outrage over the white couple holding off the horde with their guns. The left has already learned from that and will work to make sure that in the future that same couple will be afraid to defend themselves because the penalties will be too great. The DA has announced that she is looking for a way to prosecute them. If that way isn’t available now, it will be after Biden wins and Harris starts running the country.

    Eventually they will come for you. Z will probably eventually lose his domain and ability to process payments. Anyone living in the US has to assume that they will eventually come to destroy your life. They may not but it is safer to assume they will do so. All you can do is make yourself as anti fragile as possible to minimize the ways they can hurt your. Imagine you are A South African farmer. Have a plan that involves more than having a gun. Soon using a gun to defend yourself will place you in jail for the rest of your life.

    • That couples’ case and if they do end up getting brought up on charges will say a lot about the present state of things.

      • Agree. In the upcoming years it is going to be very important for our side of the divide to not live in blue cities and states. The federal government being in their hands will be bad enough but no way they will let Whites get away with defending themselves against leftist thugs or black criminals

        • the weak link in the liberal victimology chain is women

          If we make them the object of our mockery the whole male world and a lot of women are going to agree, and then most of the liberal bloc is crippled

          Misogyny or sexist just doesn’t have the bite of racist or anti-semite. No one cares if they are called that. We can use that to our advantage.

          Women are definitely the weak spot. Everyone is about sick of them

      • All I want.
        That’s our only real obstacle.
        Lack of organization.
        This will conclude the Troll feeding.

  7. Amen. Empty Nascar and NFL stadiums, fuck em.Jewtube ratings shitting the bed, fuck em. Corporate woke douchebags losing market share ,fuck em. Eat shit and die new world order.

  8. Mayor of Seattle whining that the crowd showed no concern for her and her family’s safety when they gathered outside her house

    Same lady who wants to defund the police

    So I guess the strategy for the Left is to be over the top hypocritical

    At least we are seeing they are all using the same playbook, where overt hypocrisy is used to demoralize and frustrate the right.

    • It seems more likely that this and the fake flu crap) it is a large scale experiment in creating learned helplessness in the majority.
      Random shocks that are not predictable, are nonsensical in cause or counter-intuitive applied capriciously all lead to this state.
      Society and the media is one big dog electrocution experiment. I suppose at least I am not yet tied to the floor.

      • we are just lab rats

        Started becoming increasingly clear to me when I was listening to the campaign managers in the last few elections, how they break everyone down into statistical cohorts. “soccer moms” “angry white males” “status conscious millennial” etc

        They don’t even see us as real people. Just types.

        And why I think they hold us in such contempt is because all they do every election season is lie to us and yet we keep coming back for more and voting for them anyway. I know someone like Mitch McConnel has to be telling himself, laughing “how I can respect anyone who keeps falling for these lies?”

        Also seems to be a correlation between statistical marketing analysis and their increasing hatred of us. Seems that when they found out you can ask 500 people how they will vote and use and extrapolate from that how 50,000,000 will vote that something happened to them psychologically and their contempt for humanity only increased. They have to think, maybe they really are just sheep, a herd, and do not deserve to be treated as anything important or sacred.

        • Ha ha

          Ever get a weird feeling when you walk into Best Buy and all of that electricity is buzzing around your brain, TV waves, smell of hot electronics.


          Gives me the CREEPS

          • Hahaha! I know what you mean.

            I was in Safeway yesterday and a message came over the PA system. It was a women who said, ” Be safe, be well, where in this togather.” And suddenly I got the distinct feeling I was in some kind of dystopian movie where everything was seriously screwed up but the machines keep telling you ” Hey, relax, everything is going to just fine ” right before the bottom falls out.

          • Bologna, right on. It’s especially 1984-ish when the PA system recording is an unthreatening, reasonable sounding woman. chills.

          • with a very avuncular voice

            Like the manager from Office Space voicing the message

            “It will be okay”


          • trying to sing Tuesday’s Gone and you messed me up with your Monday Monday

            Now I have to start over

            Tuesday’s gone with the weeeeennnnd

            Feel better now

  9. Stefan was blathering indignantly about the ignorance of his inquisitors: “ do these people not know that I am devoted to the non-aggression principle.”

    hahaha…Some people are constitutionally incapable of making the mental adjustments necessary to thrive under changing circumstances. Perhaps molymeme will come around…

    • He hoped his non agression crap will save him from youtube banishment.
      Even today I remember Molyneux having 2 guests years back who explained fall of western civilization, before Trump was even elected. One said rising temperature was the blame for it, the other one blamed kids being cuddled too much. Those were the good old innocent days when I believed anything was at fault for the decline but jews, cucks & blacks.

      • Molyneux’s manner makes my toes curl. But any guy THAT popular who talks about IQ differences is ok with me. Certainly not deserving of “haha, you should have seen it coming idiot!” He knew banning was possible. You’re supposed to complain after you’ve been banned. Protesting it doesn’t mean you were naive. It’s just what you do. It’s your last self-defense and self-promotion before you’re pushed down the memory hole. He rode the wave. Picked up lots of followers, and now hopefully he’ll take them to a place more amenable to us.

        • Watching it from the aspect of it being theater was just too funny. It’s so true that this is all just a play.

  10. Seattles CHAZ or is it now CHOP continues to provide support to our side in the brutal way: two black male teens were shot this morning at around 3 AM, one fatally. 🙁 no word yet if it was the work of those evil white supremacists always hiding in the woodwork, but I’d bet against, seeing how 89% of blacks are killed by other Blacks. The other side is doing all the self-destructing that they are, probably, fated to do.
    Re: de-platforming. Agree that we shouldn’t fight them. Until/If these social media are designated a public forum or whatever the designation is to prohibit discrimination, they are private property subject to the wishes of the owner. The First Ammendment can be checked at the door, thank you very much. Of course they don’t play fair, but think about it: Facebook or Youtube has just as much right to police content as Z does here at his website. Shouldn’t he? As long as we’re allowed to, we should set up conservative alternatives, like Gab and whoever is publishing books kicked off Amazon. It’ll be interesting to see how these competing markets set up. Imagine the chagrin of a big advertiser if he sees a huge potential market of customers, but alas they are patriotic right-wingers, probably not onboard with this woke thing, and can’t risk the company’s name advertising on Gab or whatever 🙂

  11. Hahahaha! “Chaga tea is recognized as one of the world’s leading superfoods. Used as a folk remedy in Siberia and other northern parts of the world for generations, drinking chaga tea confers numerous health benefits. From improving digestion to combating disease to slowing aging, chaga has truly earned its reputation as a cost-effective and miraculous substance.”

    If a person likes drinking mushroom squeezins for the flavor, that’s perfectly fine with me. But this “superfood” scam has been around forever. 😀
    Curing cancer with grapes was a bit of quackery from the 1920s.
    Here’s a sampling of how it’s supposed to work.

  12. Im not saying you are left wing if you use social media, but social media is in character left wing. It encourages dopamine chasing made possible by lots of free time, neuroticism, and obsession with self and image. Again right wingers may make great use of social media and and have the time to do it, but generally leftists will tend to thrive there. If something is explicitly not left like Gab it can work, but itll be an echo chamber necessarily. Social media is a lost cause except when used tactically.

    I agree that we need to generally disengage from the left. At least politically, since they literally own politics…look at that republican on Tucker who admitted that when repubs own congress democrats still control it because they and the media will say mean things about republicans.

    A better model is what some Catholics are doing in response to statue topplers. Question their morality, associate their actions with moral evil in this case literally satan. If they are going to steamroll you, make it terrible optics and obviously evil. A priest standing in front of a statue doesnt get beat, but if he does then it strikes at the heart of those who might fence sit. Every single Christian conservative has images of persecution tucked away in the back of their brain exactly for times like this. Force them to see it actually happening.

    One thing i have always wanted to see was a ghandi like resistance to antifa and other street thugs. Instead of getting into fist fights, go out, get on your knees and pray and let the country see them either back down or get caught on video beating down pious christians. Asking people to put their bodies on the line is a big ask but if youre convinced we are being genocided as, say, the alt right is then why not? Lets at least get on with it on our own terms.

    Of course some will object that they arent Christians so how can they join this? Fair enough, but then what the hell are you doing? We lost every major center of power to these fanatics, you think you are going to save yourself? If only for pragmatic reasons, maybe it’s time to at least reconsider.

    Either way, we need to get smart, like yesterday. Time is short but there are ways to do this. Before we act, every time, we should be asking, “how does this undermine the left’s morality?” Would have saved heaps of trouble the last 4 years and maybe actually made a bit of difference.

    • Social media is girly superficial theatrics

      People taking pictures of their hamburgers ??

      I don’t know

  13. Your principle is right, Z. Act so the leftist totalitarians can’t get no satisfaction. Never complain or argue about being canceled, because it shows weakness and signals that the media politburo is in charge.

    The problem is that when injured — and let’s not kid ourselves, being deplatformed is an injury — the overwhelming human impulse is to retaliate in some way. Long-range thinkers, like certain commenters on this site, may overcome the urge. But it’s hard to see the large majority, even on our side of the great divide, willing to go quietly without fighting back.

    The only sensible reaction is to create our own media, as many here have argued for. How practical is that? It takes time, money, and lots of dedication, and early results are unlikely to be very encouraging. But it’s much more promising than trying to retake the existing captive media.

    • I think you’re right. Most respond emotionally and will want to retaliate. I dont think they should be disowned for that even if it was ‘tactically’ the wrong thing to do.

    • I am entertaining myself listening to audio readings about Buddhism (“The Pali Canon”). I doubt I’ll follow the path to true enlightenment, but their concept of detachment, to not let the world’s injustices upset their inner peace, is a powerful attractant. Now, I’m not suggesting anyone shave their head, wear a yellow sheet and go around looking for a donor to fill his rice bowl 😀 but to be able to take affronts with at least the appearance of equanimity..All the better you not convert, in case you want to take up arms in the future. 🙂

  14. We all read a lot of ideas on the internet and elsewhere.

    The idea that the left is performing a morality play, and how that encapsulates their existence, is probably the most insightful thing I have ever read on the subject of current-day progressivism.

    It’s a huge gold nugget found in the trash of modern life

    Z needs to stamp this insight as his own before someone steals it and takes credit for it. I will be $5 that Tucker brings it up within 30 days from today.

    Great work, Z. Keep on trucking.

    • Falcone said: “The idea that the left is performing a morality play, and how that encapsulates their existence, is probably the most insightful thing I have ever read on the subject of current-day progressivism.”

      Actually, the insight that leftist ideology is a derivative of Christian theology has been around for several centuries. It flips Christianity on it’s head. Evil is good and good evil. It’s a secular spiritual quest. It’s Antichrist. Oswald Spangler and Joseph de Maistre are just two examples of people who understood that.

      “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.”-Oswald Spengler

      “De Maistre holds to the classical and Christian view of evil as a privation of being; a privation of the good that is the natural being and created order of the world. This is why he says: ”

      “Evil has nothing in common with life. Evil can only destroy because it cannot create; evil only destroys life which is why it has nothing common with life.”-Joseph De Maistre

       “Looking upon the French Revolution Maistre sees the revolution as achieving precisely that—the destruction of life wholesale. It is, in his more poetic words, a schism of being.”

      • Stop it with Spengler’s generalizations.
        Communism is the jews’ nth attempt to subvert the goyim nation, that’s it.
        U can blame everything on christianity, masons exist cause of christians, muslims exist cause of chrisitians, torah woshippers exists cause of christians, New Age gurus exist cause of christians.
        All these groups despise christianity, they are a reactionary movemement against it, they wish to destroy it.
        U can say it’s christianity’s fault, if it never existed these groups would have not what appeared, which is true, they would have had other forms or names, but their substance would have been the same.
        Killing babies, castrating male spirit & enslaving men, turning women into whores, debauchery, submission to jewish priestly class, these things would have manifested without a doubt, in fact they would have manifested much faster if not for christianity.

        • Dear me, do I hear pulpit pounding?

          sentry said:” Stop it with Spengler’s generalizations. Communism is the jews’ nth attempt to subvert the goyim nation, that’s it.”

          That’s it? listen man, I’ve got no big love for the jews, but then again I’ve got no big love for a lot of people. But I just can’t go for the jew thing. Life is waaay more complicated than that. Without a doubt, a lot of jews have been and still are involved in all kinds of liberal leftist crap. But to chalk it all up to the international jewish conspiracy? Sorry, can’t do it.

          • There is conspiracy and there is conspiracy. I think it’s silly to think for one moment that Jews are not a rival or an opponent and that they are not out there doing things to “win.”

            Whites are their opposition. Just as Muslims are. We know the extent they go to to defeat and destabilize Muslims, yes?

          • Falcone said: “I think it’s silly to think for one moment that Jews are not a rival or an opponent and that they are not out there doing things to “win.”

            That’s just tribalism. Different groups of people fighting over the same resources. Does race and ethnicity play a factor? Of course . But in the end it’s all about power,money and stuff.

          • Yes, it’s about money and stuff but for their own people. That’s the thing. They are not doing it for themselves as individuals but for the glory they receive from their people, and with that glory comes a lot of perks only money can buy. And seeing us vanquished is part of the glory.

          • That’s what tribalism is. It feels good to be victorious.
            What I can’t understand about people who are all in on the jew thing never stop complaining and just roll up their sleeves and try to beat their enemies. Why not stop playing their game and find one of your own?

          • I hear ya. But that’s the nature of our people. We have some who fixate on things like this. But I agree, it would be very nice to be able to channel those emotions into something more fruitful.

          • Lenin = jew, Stalin married a jew, Trotsky = jew, Jacob Schiff = jew, Marx = jew
            Sure, communism isn’t directly tied with the jews, it’s the natural evolution of christianity cause Spengler said so. Btw, didn’t he have jewish blood as well? How clumsy & simple-minded of me.

            I’m sure Antifa & BLM have no connection with the jews either.
            I know who is at fault, Christianity created white guilt in America.
            The president of United States proved himself innefective so far. I’m certain his jewish connections had nothing to do with it, it’s that damned christianity that led to all this.

          • I think the anti-conspiracists are both right and wrong.

            Jews don’t have to conspire or scheme to bring us down or attempt to. Their very nature is in opposition to ours. Oil and water. Maybe it takes on the contours of a conspiracy when they do the things they do, because that is just how it appears. I think there is a lot of that and maybe some actual scheming involved, like with Alinksy. He actually drew up a scheme, and people in effect conspired with him.
            Little bit of both in play

          • Some only want power, others wish to humiliate whites.
            As a whole they do wish to destroy christianity, they hate european culture, they wish to replace it, their attempts to create one world religion makes it obvious.

            Their purpose is to infiltrate as many institutions as they possibly can, which they already did & afterwards they change the country into their own twisted image. Why do u think they bring immigrants to USA & Europe? They use them to stop whites from attempting to retake their own countries.
            Trump stands for white people(at least in theory), thus the jews use africans to ruin Trump’s chance for reelection. The point of all that’s happening has nothing to do with jews conspiring to take power, but to maintain it.
            If they fail tehy’ll take the entire country down with them, if the succeed they’ll implement liberal communism.

          • The thing is, our culture is so much better. Look at the art and the architecture and the writings and the music. It’s never going to be surpassed. Not for a century at least will it even be challenged. It’s a huge major problem for them, a mountain standing in their way. They can’t get rid of the mountain so they’ll just spray paint it and deface it and piss on it

      • I agree that the idea that progressivism is just a derivative of Christianity — Christianity without God — is something that has long been understood and noted.

        But not the morality play idea. Simply from a visual perspective, if you sit back and imagine Liz Warren on the stage and then they call out the Hitler character and the chorus just starts denouncing him and abusing him and mocking him. That brings it all to life in a way I have never heard before. Maybe because I am a visual person who likes the theater and opera, in fact. I think it is simply ingenious. So much so that artistic careers have been made by a single insight of that caliber.

        • Falcone said: “I think it is simply ingenious. So much so that artistic careers have been made by a single insight of that caliber.”

          Wow. That’s deep. Alrighty then. I’ll just leave you to enjoy your swoon.😍

          • Ok, name me another idea or analogy in the past 10 years that better captures the essence of the left and what’s going on around us.

            I doubt you can

            Provide me a visual that better captures it.

            Doubt you can

            Face it, Z hit a home run for the ages. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

          • I can’t even go for a crap without being accused of cowardice.

            Falcone said: ” Face it, Z hit a home run for the ages. Gotta give credit where credit is due.”

            Look, the Z man comes up with all kinds of good stuff all the time. But the fact remains, that calling the antics of the left religious zealotry isn’t anything new. Sorry, its just not. Do a little serious study and you’ll see what I mean. Untill then, Breeeaaathe!

          • I can’t breathe

            he he

            Ok ok. fair enough. But it was the first time I ever heard it, and why I like this blog. It was a fresh insight. It puts everything into perspective for me in a way that I will never look at the left in the same way again. Emperor has no clothes moment.

            I’m just being thankful. Not trying to slobber on poor old Z

  15. A large percentage of them are sexual deviants and/or ethnics and/or “questionings”. So it makes sense they have sadistic impulses.

    • I remember even my Philosophy 101 professor laughing when I said, and this was in 1988, that people become libs because they are ugly. Back then it was common understanding, and everyone laughed knowing I was right but had the presence to say it. Even my professor smiled, knowing it was true.

      They are angry sadistic people. No doubt.

  16. African worship should be the easiest religion to refute, yet here we are. Freakin’ Sodoma & Gomora had more sense than western world.

    • You can’t refute a religion. One needs to replace the space it occupies with something else.

  17. Brilliant. This spot on observation of Zman is absolutely correct. Leftist are people that cannot accept the inevitability of their own deaths. So they burn people at the stake to do the only thing humans can do that God does – kill. It makes them feel as though they have the power of life and death.
    This is the common thread through all totalitarian movements – killing gives them the illusion that they control death, therefore exempting them momentarily from the truth.
    The people I saw at the nursing home where my mother died who accepted their fate found peace, and not surprisingly seemed to have the most visitors. Those that fought against it were miserable to be around and rarely had visitors, even family. Especially family.
    Accepting reality is the ground of being for our side. Our opponents hate the truth of their existence and want to kill us in order to have the ultimate power, the power to defeat death. This is the hopelessness of their cause.
    Zman is right; walk away. Remember that they cannot win their fight. We have already won because we accept the fact that we will all ultimately lose the fight for life, and in doing so possess superior strength. Disengage. They will burn each other at the stake once we’re gone.

    • Avoid them and their works, but organize. They will not leave us alone, nor will their bankster and corporate, nor Communist masters.
      Their purpose is our genocide and extinction. That is also their unity.
      We have time to organize locally, talk for a time in places like this, but they will nor more leave us alone then they left the Vendee, the Cossacks, the Ukrainian Catholics or anyone else alone. They cannot.

      We can avoid interacting with them only until they come for us – and they will. Organize.

  18. If progressivism is a sick, twisted, Taliban style religion, which it is, and you see all of this blackballing going on, basically a reenactment of the Spanish Inquisition without the actual torture devices (as of yet) is that the sign of a waxing religion or a waning religion? It seems to me, that like the Jim Jones cult, and other cults, it becomes more manic and self purifying every year. We know that the puritans went overboard in Massachusetts, and after them a very irreligious, deist group of people came along, some of them in the founding generation of the country. My impression is that this can only go so far, that once you hit the gender fluid “latinx” drag queen minister part of your culture, there’s a termination point. The earliest decade I remember is the 80’s and as I recall in my youth, the left was coaxing everyone with carrots not sticks. A lot of implied moral superiority with highly overplayed, overrated, shitty songs like “The Way it Is” or anything by REM. People naturally wanted to be morally superior. In this era they shout “you see we’re superior! Listen!” If they have to be that explicit it tells me that they’re losing ground, implicit isn’t working anymore. Even though you go to the mall on “Pride month” and every store has a rainbow display and some now having a BLM sign (at least where I live) it feels somehow like the stinger is out and they’re resorting to threats, bullying and extortion.

  19. Note: the comments don’t seem to be working; when you select “most voted” all the comments simply disappear.

  20. I don’t like the “complaint theater”–the Zman is right about that. But I also don’t support voluntarily leaving the left-run platforms.

    I support the Roman road analogy: just as the Christians used the Roman roads to put their religion onto the Romans, we have to use the left-wing internet to redpill as many people as we can while we can.

    Just mirror your posts on the left-wing (“mainstream”, LOL) sites and the alt sites.

    • I agree with you. Seems there’s a lot of black & white, All or Nothing opinions after big events.

    • If you mean in the sense of preparing for battle, then the point is long past. A prudent man will be armed and provisioned for some degree of unpleasantness. I would not look for trouble, but not be averse to defense when it becomes necessary.

    • If we can’t get our people to quit openly supporting institutions that are openly and proudly hostile to them (looking at the NFL) then there’s no one to take up arms against since the enemy and friend are the same. If they do quit supporting such institutions and stand up for themselves then arms aren’t needed. We just need the threat thereof to keep from getting overrun while we go from Step A to Step B.

      • And that means no movies, no cable tv, no netflix etc. But asking conservatives to make the slightest “sacrifice” that isn’t even really a sacrifice is too much to ask apparently.

        • Not sure if you live in a one room log cabin, but cutting all electronic entertainment is not a “slight” sacrifice for most normal people like me. However, if we had a some kind of leadership group, who could truly direct a sports viewing boycott, I’d “cut the cord.” But I’m not going to stop watching my Raiders if it has zero effect. Somebody organize us, and I’ll be with you.

          • There is plenty of non-Hollywood entertainment. But if you cannot do anything else, at least either just watch over the air TV (there are now as many OTA TV channels as cable used to offer) or use a friend’s Netflix account.
            Once you have been away from it for a while, all of the anti-white and pro-degenerate propaganda will leap out at you on the occasions that you happen to be in front of a screen.

          • I’ve noticed that. I cut the cable about two years ago, and find myself watching less and less tv. I find the only things watchable now are documentary type stuff two decades old.

    • You speak as if that or anything just happens. Take up arms?
      They spurn taking up signs.

      Get your own gang, and hope someone organizes the gangs.

  21. Engage them in the shadows, never in public.

    Sound advice from a personal safety, physical, legal, social and financial, point of view. But at some point this madness is going to go kinetic (it already has on a very small scale). And some people are going to have to take a stand. That will probably cost them. They will be like the first wave on the beach, a necessary but unenviable position. They should be honored by our side for taking the first hits.

    • At some point, all sorts of things will happen. That’s always been a problem with our side. We confuse the now with one of many possible futures. In the here and now, we have to be guerrillas hiding in the jungles, taking our shots when we can, but mostly hiding from the patrols. The idiots making noise and giving away our position need to be silenced.

      • If you’re not in one of the hot zones where things are literally burning and people literally being beaten up, it’s probably smarter to lay low for now and I agree w the guerrilla analogy (if it is an analogy and not a direct tactic being suggested). No point in getting yourself killed or locked away for life.

        But if you are in such a place where it’s happening, you don’t have that choice, or maybe your business and whole life’s work is now threatened. Some ppl will not be able to contain the enormous and righteous anger they are increasingly feeling and they deserve help and support I think.

      • I suspect that you are right.
        It’s the tactic of the strong against the weak. If one has more firepower but is faced with an elusive enemy, the trick is to bait the enemy into exposing itself to the firepower.
        ” Let a thousand flowers bloom” and all that…
        The freak-show is well organized; they have institutional support and have governments picking our pockets to finance their activities, as well as Globohomo Corp., while we are atomized, disorganized and lacking any official sanction.

        • Atomized. Yes. But can we make some friends? If you have a few, and I have a few, and he has a few, and so does he ..then likely we find our level. We are indeed atomized, so grab your electrons and go make some friends.
          and I’ll make some friends.
          Lets all just make some friends and see if we don’t all feel better.

          • Yes of course. I belong to a very well organized ethnic group. At present they are feeding off of Official Multiculturalism. 

            This is the sort of organization that the people arrayed against us don’t want to see. Most of those who are against us find this type regimented association rebarbative. 


            I find it stirring and hope to see it come to life again. When we were kids at summer camp this is what we did – boys and girls in uniform – all our parents were shell shocked over what they had just lived through. 

            I get what you are saying and agree. From acorns grow oak trees . 

      • The idiots making noise and giving away our position need to be silenced. Not sure i follow this. Who is doing this? What damage has been done?

        • Give what position away?
          That’s actually risible.
          Other than a tiny online presence we don’t have a position.

          And if you don’t even know an idiot not even Stalin came looking for you.

          Don’t fret about everything stupid in the news, or on the net.

          Go get a position before you worry about an idiot in Oklahoma giving away your position.

          No one needs to worry about someone, somewhere in the world doing something that will be blamed on the right – because it will be, no matter how leftie the nut is, nor even if he’s Hispanic (whenever they shoot they suddenly get promoted/demoted to White by the media).

          Don’t worry about someone giving away your position, worry that you don’t have a position to give away nor anyone defending it with you.

      • Plus the system is against us. But you don’t have revolution and system change if no one stands up. It’s a catch-22, especially for the first ones to stand up. They’ll get screwed.

      • The guy with the flags is a moron and someone we definitely do not want on our side. See Spencer & Charlottesville.

  22. The problem with this line of thinking is that these sites weren’t left wing 5 years ago. The left imposed their morality on them. The first major blow was when the Jews in the NYT and WSJ wrote a hit piece on pudepie and the Jews at Disney.pulled YT advertising. Youtube panicked, censured pudiepie and hired the ADL to become censors. The right, either us or the regular right, did absolutely nothing in response other than issue stern lectures about following the rules. Once the ADL got in charge of a lot of these tech firm’s “trust and safety” they started implementing new nebulous rules about “hate speech” that are deliberately vague and impossible to follow.

    Until we are able to impose serious consequences on these companies, there is nowhere we will be safe. We can retreat to our own sites until they have influence at which time they will be unceremoniously deplaformed.

    • The lefties threaten to burn down the corporations. The corporations, in turn, threaten to exit the platforms. The platforms react to protect their corporate market share (the corporations are their customers, not us). Right now, we can only win by not playing their game. Building local networks away from them, for now, is all we’ve got.

      • Even if we lose, we MUST impose a cost on them. They cannot be allowed to continue to do this with zero costs. If there is no cost to them, why should they stop doing it?

        So far, that I know of, Amren and Vox Day/Owen Benjamin are the only people who have imposed serious costs on these people. Vox won round one with indigogo. Indigogo is no longer throwing everyone off the platform. They are imposing serious costs on Patreon. Patreon is probably going to lose in court and be stuck with hundreds of individual arbitration costs. Amren imposed costs on Twitter and up until yesterday were safe. Of all the people being deplatformed, Amren is the best organization to impose some costs on these people. Amren also has a significant presence outside of the big tech firms. I will be really disappointed if they cuck.,

        • I don’t doubt your sincerity but the only costs Vox Day and Owen Benjamin have imposed are the continuous monetary donations and subscriptions from their followers.

          • Honestly, I am not a fan of Owen Benjamin. But VD did impose a cost and got a win with Indiegogo. They will think twice before they de-platform anyone else.
            If the judge follows the law, they will remand all of those 72 cases back to the arbitration system. Even if they lose, it will cost patreon a lot of money.
            Even though I really do not like Owen, whatever damage he and the bears (his followers) can cause against Patreon is a good thing.
            Unauthorized TV is a great example of how we need to do our own things. The people who support Owen Benjamin are no longer paying a tax to people who hate them. His followers were giving him money before, only Patreon (people who hate us) took a nice cut of that money for doing absolutely nothing but being a middleman. If every single person on the right using Patreon came up with a different solution, it would, at minimum, stop supporting the people who hate them.
            Just yesterday a normie-con boomer I follow on YT uploaded a video about a Netflix show he was watching. In other videos he says Netflix are a left-wing activist company that hates (‘people because of color’ as he says it) him, yet he’s writing them a check every month. People on the right, especially our people, need to stop funding these people.

  23. The most destructive aspect of the twitter/YouTube/online sphere of politics is that, like the 24-hour news cycle, it is atemporal, and we need to not only be thinking about time, but deep time. We don’t need dopamine hits; we need clear heads and the satisfaction that comes from long-term planning that yields long-term fruits: planting crops (months), planting trees (years and sometimes centuries) and having offspring (many centuries if the group is cohesive and smart and has a sense of itself). This is why I was never able to write “crunchy-con” Rod Dreher off as a total cuck. Intentional communities have kept Hasidim going through some pretty adverse circumstances, as well as the Amish. I was watching one of those stupid documentaries where some girl gets “rescued” from the ways of her ancestors (Orthodox Jews this time), and the interviewer asked this Rabbi if he didn’t think 18 kids was too much: “God willing, I will have nineteen.” And if one of the 18 would leave the faith? “I will still have seventeen children of God.” I don’t care for the Hasidim but there is something to learn there.

    • The dedication you see in Amish intentional community is admirable but they’ve been permitted to exist largely because they are not a threat to TPTB.

      Hasidim are part of TPTB so they’re a special case of their own.

      Rod irks me because we spend so much time distancing community-based White activism from his “Benedict Option.”

      In his own timid way he’s well aware of the realities we face. He’s just making a show of tucking his tail and hoping the alligator eats someone else for today.

      Whites of our stripe are going to ping Shlomo’s threat radar much more strongly. We need to avoid raising our profile until we’ve put down some solid roots of organization and loyalty first.

  24. Does anyone know if the Woodpile Report guy is okay? He hasn’t updated his site in a while, and he’s usually good about letting people know when he’ll be gone.

    • A weekly website, like his, takes planning ahead and accumulating material for future weeks. Going away cold turkey like that is not a good omen…

    • I had the same thought yesterday – the second week without a new post. His wife passed away recently after a long illness.
      Hope he is well .

  25. Agreed wholeheartedly with the Zman’s point. “Clever as serpents, innocent as doves” etc.

    Our side needs to start using the Alinksy tactics against the left. The action being the reaction. Tie them into knots having to enforce their own rules. That “Islam is right about women” sign campaign was brilliant.

    Also, use the tools of the lawfare tribe. Along with pseudonyms, use LLC’s, personal property trusts and other entities to hide your face. Is it perfect? No, but it drives up the costs of enforcement.

  26. The Left is summarily removing opposition voices in order to build their house of cards before November. This is part of their tyrannical play to sway the election. It won’t work.

    • It won’t work.

      I hope you’re right, but I have my doubts. They’re going all-in this time around.

    • Take heart in the fact that our immoral ruling class is basement level dumb. Trump was going to lose in a landslide anyway, so all they’ve done with this censorship is deligitimize their victory. Trump’s side can now legitimately claim the election was rigged / stolen and refuse to accept the results. CIA-Tech should have waited until after the election, but they just couldn’t help themselves.

  27. Religious zealotry is certainly part of their act but the self-righteous progressive is also a paranoid chickenshit. They have nightmares about the awakening of the silenced majority and of their goose stepping down Main Street. They need the ceremonial validation but they also deeply believe that if they publicly strangle a couple of chickens then the rest of the barnyard will fall into line. That link to a CNN video in your suggestions column is not ironic or malicious it’s sincere. 
    They are helping to bring into focus who is doing what to whom and putting an end to flights of fancy about the success of the American experiment. State sanctioned and state protected riots and looting are not rebellion. It is how a cloistered and pampered elite use the refuse of our civilization as a show of their atrophied muscle. No one worth their salt is terrorized by this display. Anger that will motivate organization and action in the targeted population is the seed the elites have planted.
    We need lines of communication and not social performance platforms. They are doing us a favor. We need only in-house communications to move forward. Planning and follow through is an in-house activity. The normies worth having will find their own way here.

    • YV, You’re another guy who gets it. Drop me a burner email at membership.ig (proton) if you like – me & the other blog members would like to hear what you have to say.

      • I sent you one. 1 bounce back. 2nd time no bounce back. If you haven’t received I’ll try this one.


  28. Our side still suffers from learned passivity and a preference for institutional providers of information.

    I too remember the 00’s when everyone had a bookmark list of dozens of bloggers rather than just clicking YouTube for their subs.

    Z, if you’re doing blasts from the past this week/month, we’d love to see some more stuff bumped like “5 Olds” that relates to thinking like a dissident.

    Dissidents are active consumers of off-brand samizdat information. They didn’t look first to Pravda for the news of the day – they trusted their neighborhood gossip more than the institutional “influencers.”

    Dissidents accept that everyday life involves risk and dissident live involves more. People who think that moving to a rural county with some like-minded guys you connected with on a website means Ruby Ridge 2.0 aren’t going to graduate from crying in their beer online to taking back their neighborhood, much less their country.

    Dissidents have the agency and levels of both in-group trust and risk tolerance necessary to make cash transactions. The guys who worked in the Gulag Archipelago didn’t need a “payment processor” to feed a dissident brother or get medical care off-the-books for his pregnant wife.

    There’s a lot of talk here about shit getting real lately but too much of it is riding shotgun with Magic Jew ooga-booga like “they won’t let us form communities.”

    If They had the power these extremely online types imagine, the creators yesterday would have been vanned, not banned.

    We cannot make White lives better hiding & atomized in our personal online bunkers.

    It is not illegal to conspire with other Whites to live together in the same county. It’s not even possible to make that illegal. It’s not illegal to offer a doxxed guy a job. It’s not illegal to give him cash to help feed his family. This list goes on.

    Dissidents ask “what can I do for my people and against the enemy today,” not “how can I find another reason to do nothing but shitpost?”

    • Very much enjoyed the Zman bump of the 5 Olds podcast.

      Spot on the dissident call to action. Tricky, though. Even attending a milk toast rally (say, the STATUE pro/con in Charlottesville….not the tiki march, just the statue one) can get you fired and leperized years after the fact.

      Offering jobs is a good one, however. Grew up in the Southwest: my grandfather was a successful contractor with a 4th grade education. He hated illegals, because it made it difficult to compete for bids while paying his men a living wage.

      From that….don’t go to Home Depot for your day labor. Just don’t. It’s cheap on the front end (for you) and ruinous on the back end (for everyone else).

    • Right now the smart IRL communities are not talked about on-line. The first rule of community club…

      • Exactly. The best defense is not being targeted. It’s why “intentional communities” are a bad idea and things like secessionism are worse.

        We want the reality of community before we worry about the trappings. We need to build muscle before we worry about calling anyone out for a fight.

        The Propertarians with their upcoming “declaration” stunt are doing it exactly backwards. Like all the libertarian-minded, they think words = power.

        • Yep. I need to get moving on that. Small groups getting together, even if just for a beer or two. Get to know each other. It’s how all movements have started.

        • “Like all the libertarian-minded, they think words = power.”

          The Rothbard style market anarchists certainly don’t think that words = power. We do hope that we can build coalitions to fight the State. To fight the rulers. To fight those enabling the “joggers”.

          Now, it is true that many who call themselves “libertarians” are useless. On the other hand, there are “libertarians” in the eastern mountains who don’t know what a libertarian is — and they know what power is.

          Oh hell, carry on. I am just being pedantic over a word that no longer means anything.

  29. I agree wholeheartedly with the rule of “zero contact with progressives and zero engagement on their social media sites.” Where it gets tricky is when trying to reach someone on the normie/progressive fence. You sense you are dealing with a potential ally, but the conditioning is so strong, has been going on for so long, that it is very hard to break through — and if you do it wrong, you may actually push them off the fence and onto the progressive side.

    I was talking with a very bright person the other day, trying to lead her to our side. Despite her intellect, she couldn’t even define what “racism” actually was, but felt white people “related” differently to “people of color.” When I pointed out that “people of color” related differently to us as well, that it was a two-way street, but that awkwardness in relating to people of different types was only natural, she began to squirm.

    When I suggested it was impossible for someone of African descent to truly feel a part of the European heritage, just as it would be impossible for a Swede to feel he truly shared a common past with the Chinese she began to back away, The idea of historical heritages not being readily transferable was anathema to her, despite the obvious fact that a European can never be Chinese and a Chinese person can never be African.

    We finally agreed to stop talking, as it was getting uncomfortable, and I fear she may have gone away thinking I was a racist (whatever that was) because I had seriously strayed from the Narrative.

    So where does one go from here? It is hard not to engage with people who have a lot of potential and are not clearly on the other side. On the other hand it is very hard to engage successfully,. I am wide open to suggestions on tactics here.

    • I would suggest that changing a person’s whole world view in five minutes is mostly futile. However, some politely expressed and understated thoughts might at least plant a seed of doubt.

      • More than five minutes, and this is someone I know well. She is about as open as a “neutral” can be — and yet you could practically see her start to close up when we started to tread on dangerous ground. I am afraid that I have grossly underestimated the effect of years of relentless conditioning.

        • There are mind worms placed within these people by a million subtle items of conditioning that are quiet until ideas close to these creatures are touched upon and then they sure start writhing.
          this is painful for most people and causes them to both back away and blame you for the pain stimulus. Its fascinating to see how pervasive and uniform this is.

        • When I talk about anything remotely related to race with someone even far more conservative than I, such person immediately shows signs of discomfort. Comments such as “we cannot generalize” come quickly. Being called a “racist” is like being called an infidel in areas of the world considered to be backward. We are not yet being stoned in the public square just yet.

    • It’s tough. If you find a Normie that’s worth talking to, always frame things in terms of “fairness.” Normies are all about fairness. Also, use Asians as a way to discuss differences without bringing Whites into the conversation.

      “Why is okay for colleges to discriminate against Asians in favor of blacks?”

      “I’d assume that you’re perfectly fine with a black person saying that they’re proud of heritage and community? Why is it wrong for a White person to say that they’re proud of their European heritage and their community?”

      Whites hate being seen as unfair. Just point out they’re being unfair to Whites. They’re not treating all groups equally. Now, some Whites will argue that Whites shouldn’t be proud of their heritage because we’re evil. Don’t waste time on someone like that.

      • Agreed. Asians are a good proxy for us in these discussions, and questions are always good. But I find that after a point, there is a wall — the whole idea that one might be “racist” — without actually defining what that means — is a huge impediment to thought. Well, I will keep trying to refine my technique and hope for better results.

        • East Asians: the minority that, compared to them, makes Whites look Black 🙂 (Ok, maybe Latinx)…

      • I have used the example of Japan to ease into the subject. I have always loved Japan and Japanese culture and enjoy any visit to the country that I can get. As a foreigner in Japan, you quickly learn about the many places (bars, noodle houses, etc) that don’t allow non-Japanese. I have absolutely no problem with that. After all, it’s their country and culture and they are right to want to protect and preserve it. In fact, I’m proud of them for doing so.

        After giving that example, which the person I’m talking with usually agrees with, it’s easy to ask, “Why shouldn’t all people and cultures have the same right to self-preservation? For example, why can’t people with European heritage also preserve their culture?”

        • I use Japan and Israel when talking persuadable Normies about immigration. Start with Israel because it crosses their wires. You can see their brain trying to reconcile “Jews can’t be racist” with “Jews have the Jewish state and won’t let non-Jews into it.” They’ll mumble something about the Holocaust or history.

          That’s when you hit them with Japan and South Korea and Taiwan, and say that most non-white countries base their immigration on ethnicity. Outside of the West, it’s totally normal. We’re the weird ones. Then just let it fester in their mind.

      • That brings to mind a thought. Do you ever get the feeling that the Woke don’t necessarily want Whites extinct, but rather would see us degraded to second-class citizen that was the “Negro’s” lot for so long? Think about it: decades of preference for minorities (usually Blacks), now they or their moral equivalents of any color are in many positions of authority. How could they not now actively discrimiate against the white man? First they will sideline him (passed over for promotion, needed a diversity pawn instead) but eventually, and we are just in the firs stages I think, encroaching, active hostility and marginalization. I’m not saying we must accept such a fate, but I think this may operate in the subconcious goals of the Woke.

    • I’ve found this to be adequate in at least getting them to start the wheels spinning in our direction:
      So we’re going to be a multi cultural society? Fine. In this area there is a local group that watches out for and advocates for the political interests, the economic interests and the cultural interests of blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews and a number of other groups. They are tied to regional and national interest groups. If that’s how multi culturalism is going to work itself out…okay.

      Then why aren’t we allowed to do the same? Why is there no white student union when every single other ethnic group on campus gets to have one? Why are there no community white interest lobbying groups? Look at the recent Covid emergency relief bills. All kinds of racial community groups received a large chunk of that money. We don’t have such groups so we get none of it. Other groups were made better than whole. We paid for it with many forced to draw down their savings and equity.

      If we dare to form our own ethnic interest groups like every single other ethnicity we’re called NAZIs and white supremacists. So everyone gets an ethnic slice of the multi culti pie except us? We don’t get a group voice or a group share because it makes certain people uncomfortable and nervous? That’s fair? That’s our legacy for having founded and built this civilization?

      Your fathers, grandfathers and ancestors built an extraordinary civilization…but their children, grandchildren and descendants have to get at the back of the line because of some bizaare inverted sense of fairness?
      Let’s not rock the boat and learn to live with it? Is that really okay with you?

      Multi culturalism means every ethnic group has a group interest and as a group can pursue their interests except for whites of European ancestry?

      If they go down the minority rabbit hole point out that in the world it is whites who are a tiny minority.

      Is the world running out of Chinese people….

      Add your own preferred embellishments.

  30. I agree that they were hoping for some nut to pop up and shoot up a black church or synagogue. Boy they could really crank the vise with something like that. Not sure with z’s proscription that we only fight from the shadows. I think the TRS guys and molyneaux provide a good service. We need street fighters too. A multipronged approach. Whites still comprise 60%, and 75% of taxpayers. We can afford to throw some numbers at them. Of course every action must be viewed in the light of how normies will perceive it. I did note that z provided stefan’s website (good job). Does a dissident agregator exist. lol i can’t keep up with all the bannings. half of Z’s sidebars are broken conections.
    Here is an example of sucessfully pushing back not from the shadows.

    • The Groyd Riots have shown why we need more “wignats.”

      Suits look nice but we don’t see too many real “Brooks Brothers Rioters” IRL. When diversity comes to your house, it’s better to have a few guys next door who can handle themselves than smooth-talkers.

      • We should never gainsay or disavow our berserkers. 

        This gives the more ‘reasonable’ among us, the opportunity to deplore regrettable incidents, with the caveat that more are certain, given the provocative behaviour of the authorities, their agents and anti-White non-governmental organizations. 

        • There are several denunciations of Berserker in OK above.

          • I think it’s a little early for that. 😉
            [mind you, crazy..but was he wrong?]
            I was actually talking – read up – about the nzai flag waver in OK who shot a woman for taking the flag.
            I posted here somewhere that we can’t worry about what every nutter in the world who’s labeled ‘right wing’ does because that’s literally every nutter who isn’t Black or Muslim and yelling Allah Akbar on camera.

            Last years nutter shooters in El Paso and wherever it was were hard core lefties- and still ‘Right wing”.
            Zimmerman was a ‘white hispanic’ [if anything he’s a black hispanic].
            The supposed ‘bugaloo’ clearly set up putz from last week is Hispanic.

            I wonder if that’s considered a promotion or demotion by the way?
            Being a ‘White Hispanic.’

            If we’re going to startle at everything in the world that’s blamed on the “Right wing” and worry about giving non-existent positions away then we’ll never get anywhere.

            Does the Left acknowledge their mistakes? No. We shouldn’t worry about anyone we don’t know. Nor trouble to denounce them. Just don’t answer.

            We stay off their platforms, agreed.
            We go silent, agreed. Don’t talk to them, they’ll only denounce you.
            But we organize locally, the web including yes this page to exchange ideas, general methods, tips, traps to avoid. We don’t denounce each other, we don’t worry about any first principles or manifestos or any of that.
            We organize locally – in yes physical meat-space – organize anything at all.
            Frankly if you don’t have a band of men in your area that you can count on in a pinch of trouble you’re behind the power curve, and time to get off the net and make some friends.

            Organize locally, offer general tips, what traps you’ve seen, legal or financial advice, self defense tips, and frankly any success you have in organizing methods. I’ve been reading a lot of Teamsters online, how they did it. Most of those unions started with a few guys you know.
            For a time they wielded tremendous power. Some still do. These guys were very poor, stood to lose their jobs if found out. But they did it.
            Never mind if you agree with unions now or then – they did it.
            Just Organize – anything. Any group of men. Don’t call it anything, just get the guys together.

  31. I totally agree with the post. Whining and appealing to “reason” is the only warmth they get into their cold, dead souls.
    However, I do think that the past 10 years were a golden age for getting Our ideas out there. Never before have millions been exposed to the heresies that undermined the neoliberal Church, including me. That window is now closed, the golden age is over. It’s a damned shame, and not right, despite our side utilizing leftist-controlled social media. In that way I don’t blame Moly and others for lashing out. They could have become Rushes and Hannities but now, likely, they’ll be fringey and forgotten.
    It’s up to us now…the people who got redpilled in that 10-year window, to keep the heresies alive and keep growing a viable alternative movement.

  32. RE: Sitting this one out

    I’m not sure if the lack of response is wisdom or cowardice. It is true that they would prefer to have hordes of rayciss shooting peaceful protestors than not, and there is logic in refusing to play along with what the other side desires.

    On the other hand, a guy who breaks in your house may – on some level – prefer you put up a fight so that his internal monologue about injustice makes more sense. But absent a fight, he’s still going to take your stuff and kill you. Maybe becoming provoked is the right thing, even if it makes him happy.

    It is not true that a designated scapegoat can avoid his fate by refusing to play the role assigned him. You can disengage from the mob and tell them you aren’t going to play their stupid game all you want, but they’re still going to rip your arms off. Scapegoats wind up dead unless they can figure out a way to not be the scapegoats. It’s possible that, if we withdraw, they will land on their own as better choices – that’s one lesson from the rich Lefties with the AR in St. Louis – but that’s a slender reed to grasp, I think.

    • The rich lefties with an AR thing is going to tell us something over time. If what we are seeing is basically open season, the rich lefties will be taken down, a few at a time. If it is all a political game for the Uniparty to regain total control, the lefties with ARs will no longer be targeted, as they are paying for all of it. Right now, it seems a bit of both going on, situational allies and all. But time will tell.

    • “We may not be interested GlobHom, but GlobHom is extremely interested in us.”

    • BTP, you are missing the strategic point. If there are no James Fields to pillory at the BLM riot, its just a riot and people get sick of it – witness the MSM obvious pivot in coverage. These riots, protests, statue attacks, etc are all just casting calls to get the Right to show up so some actor in a SS uniform can be put in the spotlight for everyone to hoot at and throw cabbages. The only way to win is to not play the game.

      • The game is ultimately our genocide. So no, we don’t have to play, but We better get our own team, or shut up and get on the train to the Gulag.

        Sure, don’t talk to them but if you’re in the lower 48 you don’t get to escape by “not playing”.

  33. It’s really striking how quickly they pivoted from all black, all the time, to return to ZOMG covid cases are surging. During the height of the noggermania, I literally stopped even perusing headlines and almost all reading. I knew what was happening and wasn’t going to play my set part. The past week or so, however, the headlines have been perhaps 25% nogger drama and 75% covid. I’ve been quietly buying an extra of everything each time I shop because I fully expect another round of lockdowns and shortages. They’ve got to keep everyone’s attention on that squirrel.

    • I am extremely interested if we will see mass non-compliance to the 4th of July beach closures in Florida and general discontent over all the canceled fireworks shows.

  34. I know it can be difficult, especially if you are a sportsball fan, but we have to disengage from as many of their platforms as possible, including popular entertainment, media, etc. Like many here, I quit watching basketball and football many years ago, long before the current chimpouts. I still watch and play hockey because it remains a very white sport, despite what the pozzed NHL is trying to do to it. For some reason, very few vibrants enjoy skating…

    That leads me to my second point, you don’t have to completely disengage. Instead, become very selective about what you engage in. Find the movies, music, sports, entertainment that isn’t full of vibrants and doesn’t insult your heritage and beliefs. By supporting those we encourage them.

    I don’t expect the tastes and limited funds spent by a middle-aged man to make much difference, but at least I’ll have the small satisfaction of not personally helping my enemies. That, and the excellent feeling each time someone asks about whatever new fad/fashion is trending, being able to say, “Nope, never heard of it.”

    • I’m going to try (again) to grab a few guys for alternative sunday sessions to help head-off the habitual tell a vision sports droning.

      Years ago I had moderate success with a rotating sunday supper club with some guys. Helped them learn to procure and prepare proper meals and just have a couple hours of man talk.

      This time around I’m thinking range time and/or grill/smoke/BBQ group.

      I think for a lot of men the sportsball draw is a habit that just needs to be displaced by something else.

      These social/skills gatherings as standing dates on the calendar have had mixed results, but perhaps the current year is more ripe for these alternatives.

      Past ideas that never got off the ground: buy an old hotrod to fix up, fixer-upper crew to help old folks in the neighborhood tend to their yards, and a woodworking group. Other ideas welcome. The Denver broncos can rot in BLM hell.

      • I said to someone I know who is a huge Sports ball fan, season tickets, but still mostly on our side that it would be nothing but positive if all the black people disappeared from the country. He agreed except for sports and I did say “no then you would just start watching white people play sports instead of people that hate you”. I say things like that and I have no idea if it will bring them closer to us or if it will push them further away from me. Time will tell

      • Sportsball is our heroism-substitute, and the racial elements were a two-fer for TPTB – getting Whites to idolize Black men as the essence of masculinity while simultaneously reducing White men to soyboys.

        Strong agree on the f-ing Broncos from a fan from pre-Elway days as a little kid. They are dead to me.

        • yes the conditioning aspect of physical dominance hierarchy that reinforces black primacy over whites cannot be overlooked.

          This is the hammer of the war on traditional white masculinity. The anvil being feminism. White men taking a knee and white women turning on white men for not bending the knee enough and then paradoxically not being tall enough men when the women come back around for their share of western civ lifestyle.

          Its why my antidote has always been a return to physical prowess and competency.

          The migration of our people from players and competitors to spectators and financiers is no accident.

          I would tell my friends and coworkers for years: put down the remote and lift something heavy; don’t be a spectator in your own life. A few took it to heart. They are still friends. The rest are cogs in the camp of the couldesac.

          Physical strength – even within the context of your natural limitations, and competence within that hierarchy is the best way to liberate the mind from the plantation of the gyno-poc.

          It takes a lot of tiny turns of the gears to move the idle hands toward action, but once in motion stopping becomes unthinkable. At least that has been my experience.

          • Exactly. The spectator aspect is another insidious corrupter. I’ve spent far too many hours in dark sports bars in my life. I think it’s part of the “learned passivity” I referenced today. White guys are waiting for a hero to lead them instead of trying to be that hero.

          • Agree. If you like football then find a way play it. Get some like minded guys together. Some towns have adult flag football leagues. Start and maintain a structured weightlifting program with proper diet to lose fat and bulk up.

          • Yard work alone during the “lockdown” has my strength back to when I was much younger. Chopping up yard, taking a pick axe to things. I can do five chin ups now, which is saying something for me and you all may laugh. But before I couldn’t do half of one. My forearms have always been my strength, and now they are coming back where I can wing a football as far as I used to and whack a tennis ball. Feels good.

      • Yes, the broncos can rot in BLM hell.

        You would laugh at all the money I spent going on sportsball travel excursions, including half a dozen to see the broncos play – and I am a Masshole!

    • Yes, it is hard to jettison the sportsball. It has taken me a long time, much longer than most here. In fact, I am embarrassed at all of the money I spent in connection with my sportsball vacations.

      In my opinion, with regard to hockey, you are conning yourself. Your stance has echoes of what Patriots fans did three years ago when the kneeling issue emerged: they proclaimed that they were no longer going to watch or follow the NFL – except for the Patriots or games that might have an impact on the Patriots’ playoff picture.

      • No, sadly, no delusions about the NHL. This last year has been an absolute disgrace. However, it’s still nice to watch a bunch of white guys play hard and well, while it lasts.

        • NHL is just increasing the homo-worship and feminism in place of the black worship.

          The sport has changed for the worse, drastically, in the past 10 years.

    • I still enjoy watching high school sports in person – and lower tier college games. Lacrosse (my son plays) is fun and not monetized. Same for rugby (I played) and non-D1 baseball and football.

  35. Hah! Replaying Moly’s twitter performance over and over as they gratified themselves – sounds like monkey spanking may be part of the ritual…

    The riots may have been a bust as far as getting bad Whites to engage, but that’s probably because too many have just been psychologically beaten into submission. It’s been a success from the standpoint of anti-White destruction and groveling to black a**. But just to be sure, cue the Covid.

    • Seriously now, when the vibrants are looting and burning their own neighborhoods, as well as lefty strongholds like Seattle and Portland, why in the world would I do anything but grab some popcorn and enjoy the show? Are side hasn’t gotten involved because the rioters have had the sense to stay out of our neighborhoods.

      • That’s true as far as the bulk of the rioting goes – couldn’t happen in better places – but still pisses me off they’re allowed to get away with it, and more.

        • I thought about this when the riots first started. It’s not my neighborhood, so it’s not my problem. If and when it spreads to my neighborhood, I’ll make my stand then.

          This has already happened like in the recent case of the gated community that got broken into. The rich lawyer and his wife were ready at the front yard of their mansion to meet the encroaching mob. Though a part of me thinks this is poetic justice, since that man and his ilk have been screwing over poor and working class whites for decades and deserve to have their pet mobs burn their homes down.

          Maybe if more gated communities get mobbed the lesser elites will get a clue and stop collaborating with the “masters of the universe” to screw us. But I doubt it.

          • I just read what I’m sure is an unbiased account 😀 in the Washington Post. I hope Attorney & Wife don’t get charged. Their high social class almost guarantees that. I think they acted correctly, and it’s good optics (correct term?) for our thing.

      • We don’t have a side.
        I’m glad your neighborhood is safe but we don’t have a side, this is a page for a common mindset. In fact in racial terms or DR terms we don’t have a side, we have a wish.

  36. Yep, been there done that. Back when the first round of protests began against statues a couple years back, I attended a local counter protest that ended in a total farce. The only megaphone the local band of Trump-sters brought was unserviceable because it had been stored with the batteries. Said batteries corroded and ruined it. Protests are a game of the left and they are well practiced in it. Protests on the right are lame, so maybe we should stop and become the boogie man instead.

    • Always felt that focusing on the being the “unseen boogieman” is a good strategy. Given that most of these people live in a high state of vigilance and excitement, do things that quietly feed their paranoid fear of Nate Forrest under every bed kvetching with the 7th Invisible Hitler (think that came from Z). Think monkey wrench opportunities that make them wear themselves out. A couple years ago somebody put up a few Identity Europa stickers at a local college. I don’t think the “woke” heart rates returned to normal for two weeks.

      • Along similar lines, I’ve had the thought that maybe YT should simply start shamelessly living down to Woke expectations.

  37. You can’t emphasize the point enough that employing logic and reason are useless and waste of energy aside from recruiting perhaps. Trying to reason your way to power is utterly futile. At its foundation, this is a war for the power to ensure more self determination for ourselves. There is no magic logical argument derived from scientific point of facts that is ever going to convince your enemies who would see you enslaved or destroyed that they should relinquish their power over you. That will take what it is always taken.

    • You can’t argue with emotion

      Men fall into the trap and why women say “they don’t listen”

      I’m not good at listening, I admit. Logic is a white man’s thing, like a watch. We get it. No one else does.

  38. There is the great divide, growing more stark by the day. But there is the little divide, between the dissident and those rockheads and cranks and battered wives. What can we do on our side to help those across the little divide make the leap? I have many friends who are walking closer to the edge but can’t seem to let go of their bit part in the play and/or wean themselves off the various teets of the hive where they still relish their role as cranks, logic warriors, and meme propagators. I understand its triage; many are as lost as their overlords. But I get very little traction on my efforts to migrate these guys from the phone and poast to IRL dissident action and mindset.

    • This is a very real issue, and I ask myself the same question — how to bring people over to our side? There is an incredible amount of conditioning to overcome, and you walk through a minefield every time you engage in a dialogue. I am coming to think the Socratic method may be best — don’t assert, ask questions. But reaching normies is a long, difficult process.

      • Persuasion isn’t going to accomplish much until people have their back against the wall, i.e. their cushy comfortable life is seriously disrupted. That time will come, and the best we can do is provide some guidance to help them prepare for that day. Most of the lazy will simply resort to complaining and whining, but the producers will put on their thinking caps and work the real problem of how to beat an incipient tyranny.

        • I am thinking hard, believe me. No answers yet unfortunately — this is a situation I never dreamed I would have to confront, so there is a lot of re-calibration going on. But it is clear that words are not enough, not nearly enough.

      • A couple months ago, I picked up my dog-eared copy of The Ugly American, by William Lederer. It’s a story, based on real-life observations, about how the United States was losing the culture war to the commies among the dirt people of Southeast Asia during the 1950s. The point of the book was to illustrate how the organized throw-money-at-it approach of the State Dept. failed miserably, while the few successes of the West came from semi-rogue actors who went down to the grassroots level and, instead of waving their magic dirt wand, learned the locals ways and then set an everyday example of how our way was better, healthier, more productive. Conversely, the book also discusses how the Soviets succeeded in bypassing the elites in SE Asia and giving the peasants something tangible to improve their lives.

        One example involved the wife of an American mechanical entrepreneur. She and her husband lived like locals, ate their food, learned their language, and took pains to ensure that they didn’t consider themselves truth-dispensing betters. She noticed that all the old women in their village walked with stooped backs. Eventually, she figured out that a lifetime of using whisk brooms to sweep their homes had ruined their posture. At first she tried to convince them to attach a pole to the broom so that they could stand upright when sweeping, but the locals rejected that outright, as they had been sweeping the same way since antiquity. But then she decided to have a few women over for lunch one day and used the opportunity to stage a spill on the floor. She then wordlessly grabbed her western-style broom and cleaned up the mess. Without saying a word, in that moment she converted a couple people. And from then on the villagers slowly switched to the more ergonomic style broom by osmosis.

        Having a dissident right endgame would be good and all, but it’s not a necessity. I think it was Z-man in a podcast who pointed out that the Founding Fathers didn’t engage in the Revolutionary War with the Constitution already written. They won the fight first and then figured out where to go next.

        For our part, we need to be able to set an example for, first and foremost, Joe Normiecon, that shows him we’re right about everything else, so how could we be wrong about race? Start forming communities and comport yourself in a way that won’t turn anyone off. Engage in neighborly good deeds so that your judgment is valued. Even getting to 20% will likely be a long march. Don’t make it longer by waiting for a cataclysmic event to conveniently sweep away the old system.

      • Without getting people to voluntarily reject the entire media output of TV/Cinema/Music there is no way to do this.
        The control of these vectors is the key to everything.

    • Screwtape, that’s why we could use a bump of some of the good content Z’s posted in the past re: dissident mindset (see below). A lot of that stuff is pretty user-friendly for guys who aren’t all the way here yet.

      You’re one of the guys who gets it. Drop me a burner email at membership.ig (proton) if you like – me & the other blog members would like to hear what you have to say.

      • Part of me agrees with you. I am of the opinion that political leanings are not founded on one’s intelligence but on one’s taste. There is no intellectual basis for whether one likes pizza or not. Not saying there is no learned behavior involved but that the crux of one’s politics is something more like taste. Why I try to love even friends or family on the left. But not the crazy left, I don’t associate or really know anyone that is crazy left.


        These are looking like dangerous times, and if people can’t grasp that politics has been hijacked by crazies and criminals and they could be in danger, not much I can do. They will have to learn for themselves. This is no longer college when we sat around pondering ideas. This has a jailhouse aspect to it.

        • Don’t worry about them politically.
          And one good personal experience of applied leftism – seeing violence – and they’ll come round.

          Try and remember we’re an island, Americans are islanders. They’re totally without immunity to the normal course of human politics, they were spared the 20th century with the exception of the military expeditionary forces. They simply have no conception. They’ll come round. But don’t wait on them or you’ll both be dead.

  39. So it’s the old, their sandbox all over again. I thought we all agreed this was the setup and to believe differently was a path to disappointment and failure.
    We should sell squares and everyone picks who will be next months victims, sounds fun. I pick two, RamzPaul and Vdare tv. If you aren’t getting banned you ain’t trying.

    • If you care, Vdare is still on the air 🙂 They found a new ISP domain name thingamajig …

  40. It is amazing how they have taken over every Institution. One of my relatives sent me a letter from her Prep School alma mater, the Uber Elite holton-arms in Maryland and it was just a groveling submission to Black lives matter.

    • It’s why it is best to think of it as a religion. It attracts high-functioning broken people. It’s why the use of mood altering drugs like anti-depressants is rocket high among self-described Progressives. It’s also a good example of the 20% rule. You don’t need a majority. You need 20%. If you get 20% of your people committed to something, the rest will follow.

      We need 20% of white people to commit to the cause.

      • Its just another reason hope for the collapse because the withdrawal from antidepressants is supposed to be brutal and it means all the leftist people on them will be on the floor, in the fetal position, weeping uncontrollably, unable to do anything. Besides the little quiver of happiness that gives me, it will completely take them out of the game.

      • We have 20% who agree with us. We just don’t have 20% willing to commit to the cause due to the danger involved. That’s actually a good thing. We’re halfway home. TPTB are going to do the rest for us.

        I was golfing with a friend, his son and his son’s friend. The kid and his friend were ~20. We got to talking and, like many young White men, they were surprisingly aware of the situation. They also had a vague understanding of what their future held: 40 years of groveling and working to pay for POC. They didn’t seem too excited. Both mentioned that they’d have no problem leaving the country. (I doubt that they really understand how difficult that would be, but the fact that they feel no connection to the USA is what’s important.)

        Most of us here have a lot to lose. TPTB hold that over us. But a lot of Whites, especially younger Whites, are starting to see that they don’t have much to lose.

        • I think the number is closer to 5%, to be honest. Sure, there are plenty of racist normies, but they get misty when they see Candace Owens bless a white person. They still want to believe the other side is just mistaken.

          • Yeah, probably overestimated there. Five percent is likely close, but I do think that the next 15 percentage points is out there. But the mental conditioning is hard to break through.

            It’s not just the propaganda. To completely wake up means realizing that everything you grew up with, who you are to a degree, is gone or will be gone. It’s a tough journey.

          • I’ve been amazed at how many of my relatives who have lived their entire lives in the Deepest South are on Facebook virtue signaling for BLM. These are normally very conservative, Christian people, but they all have known that one lack person who wasn’t like the others. Also most of the churches are completely pozzed now, so that doesn’t help either.

          • Even on our side of the Great Divide, there are still people who don’t understand why someone like myself doesn’t want the nice black couple moving into my neighborhood.

            It’s a long mental journey to reach a very simple conclusion: Because they aren’t my tribe and they’re moving into my tribe’s neighborhood is bad for my tribe.

          • Unfortanately, Our Tribe hasn’t been able to keep the Melanic Tribe out since about 1948, 1952, 1964, 1968, take your pick 🙁
            Of course, the Rulers rarely have issues. Any poor black family, or working-class Latino village 🙂 is free to buy one of the ten-million dollar villas, or to pay $4000/month for the spiffy condo. No sir, we don’t racially discriminate here!

          • No joke. My wife, who has gradually moved right over the years, recently discovered CO. She likes the conservative noises she makes, and while I told her that’s pretty much all it is, if it hastens her move in this direction, that’s ok with me.

          • Nice. Truth is people can switch with incredible speed.
            I’ve seen a Boomer extolling her black friends back in the day go farther politically down the rabbit hole than me after a few statues were pulled down.

          • Meh.
            If every Sheriff Clarke , Candace Owens and Colion Noir were to end up in our polity we’d be 2.6% Black , it would matter not at all.
            Ultimately what holds us back is a lack of goals.
            I get keeping certain ideas on the QT but we don’t even discuss basic policy ideas.
            A great place to have a family is a moral foundation but its a teaser, an elevator pitch and it won’t grow the movement
            And while yes they’ve been beaten in court since abortion is a sacrament to the Left as well as a demographic control on their side the Anti Abortion people do keep fighting since they have a goal they will sacrifice for.
            We must have such goads no option and many of them should be discussed openly.
            A sample, not a proposal.
            We want a balanced budget amendment.
            Is this good for our side?
            Its tedious, boring work but without a policy and idea foundation we are never going anywhere,
            And note, there will be divisions and dead ends This is OK
            Future USA may be all States Rights or may be dozens of allied polities with mutual defense treaties or something else entirely.
            What matters is them out, us in and we can always find a way to work to that goal.

          • Honestly Z the actual hard core progs+thugs who’d actually go farther than the local AutoZone is probably at best 6-7% of the country.
            So 5% of whites – 10 million – is enough.

            It’s difficult to explain if you haven’t seen it done…the number of people who will act by choice is very small, the number who lead is tiny, the number who will follow is more…
            But the number of people who will say or do anything to avoid trouble is MOST.

        • At the rate things are going, the “have a lot to lose” problem is going to solve itself. At some point, the web of social connections and social obligations, at the personal level, will be so jacked around, that a reordering of priorities will come about on its own. We are halfway there now.

          • That’s my point. For young White men, the future isn’t great, even if you can get a decent job. Every day, they deal with a barrage of hate directed at them. And it’s never going to end. Naturally, some believe it, but for those that chaff at getting lectured for no reason, it’s jarring to think that this is your life for the next 40 years.

        • We do not have 20%. We need 20%. We have, maybe, 10%, but they are also the most aware, worldly-wise people which is why 20% is a tough reach and a potent number. We see every day the race to define public stupidity down and the masked faces signalling their agreement.

          • Whether u have 20% or not, reality is the opposition has 20% determined savages backed by the elites(basically all corporations) & the police, who only arrest whites.
            Current situation is similar to soviet union in its beginnings. Most smallfolk who opposed the new system got killed, tortured & sent to gulags. Don’t think they had any chance of winning imo.

            Chances of victory are small, BUT chances of martyrdom & salvation are increasing for those who care of such things.
            Bad whites shouldn’t start doing anything stupid that would get arrested. For any good man whites lose, their genepool gets weakened.
            Patience is required, the system the jews & the corporations are building won’t last long, it’s doomed to fail.

          • The Danish People’s Party topped out at 25% before they turned coat and sold their voters down the river. Granted, that’s with less than 10% diversity.

        • They won’t commit because we can’t offer them a viable endgame and a means of achieving it. No one will stick his head up unless we can provide a concrete goal and a plan of action to achieve it. People need something tangible to work towards, something that unifies a community of people around a common — achievable — goal. Zionists had the dream of Israel back in the 19th century, which powered much of their activism. What do we have? Seriously. How do we imagine things playing out?

          Personally, I like the idea of forming our own Zion — literally. I think we should copy what they did. Worked for them. Unfortunately, even on the dissident right, there are still too many people attached to the old system. They harbor a subconscious loyalty to it that prevents them from accepting new ideas. Our first step should be to overcome that mentality.

          • You raise a very good point — what is finally on offer from our side? Blood, toil, tears and sweat are not attractive prospects at the moment,although they may become so soon. But until war is actually declared, we need a viable target to aim for and sell.

          • what is finally on offer from our side? 

            That’s an easy one: a future for white children.

          • Felix,
            Those are only words now, and they were written by a man who died in jail. Because he thought writing and reason, and some propaganda by the deed would cause ‘an uprising’.
            Truth is without any group to join people will get in the queue, even get in line to the trains without any resistance that’s effective, hell at all.

            Now no Blackpill here, just organize…something…Right Handed Engineers club or better yet no name at all…
            Of course you’re in Denmark I believe so likely to be spared.
            We shall be spared nothing.

          • Those are only words now, and they were written by a man who died in jail.

            True enough, but the fact that our goals seem remote at this point, is a bit beside the point.

            I don’t understand the kvetching about us not having goals. We’re the guys with the compelling visions, we are the dreamers – all the regressives have to offer is more misery, more degeneracy, more suffering and more humiliation for white people.

            <i>Of course you’re in Denmark I believe so likely to be spared.</i>

            I keep my fingers crossed. Being insignificant has its perks, namely that you’re way down on the globalist hit list. They go for USA, Britain and Germany first because you are the strongest white nations on the planet, and they go for Sweden because Sweden is the epicenter of whiteness, but they largely seem to have passed Denmark by.

            We don’t have masks, lockdown was lifted weeks ago, we don’t have Maoist iconoclasm, we don’t have race riots, Antifa is under control and we still have a reasonable measure of freedom of speech.

            Some Angry Black Women tried to run with the full BLM programme here in Copenhagen: white devils to the back of the riot, don’t speak until spoken to, don’t speak to journalists and don’t join in on the chants, those are for blacks only.

            Normie was baffled more than anything: is this a joke? The journalists and politicians tried to work with it – “we need a conversation about muh racism blabla” – but they all denounced BLM rhetoric.

            Also, it didn’t help that the “Danish” BLM organizer looked like… Well, I’m not going there, you be the judge.

          • I did not call Denmark insignificant.

            No, I did – no apology needed.

            When you’re from a borderline micro-nation, you’re wonderfully relived of notions of national grandeur, especially if Jante is your prophet; it’s like being seated #100 in the Olympic decathlon: there’s a lot less pressure, and if you get the bronze, there’s back-slaps and partying all round.

            Doesn’t mean Denmark isn’t the center of the universe, mind you, only that nobody pays much attention to what goes on there, thank god.

          • Organize a small local group and see. We don’t -sorry – have a side. This isn’t a side, its a common mindset. 11 guys on a team, 9 guys playing baseball is a side. This is just a common mindset. Sorry, not trying to be a blackpill. But we don’t have a “side”. We have a common mindset. Organize a few guys, for anything. Like a football team that happens to mysteriously not be 👨🏿‍🦱.
            Go hunting, camping, whatever.
            A few beers around the campfire and some bonding. Maybe a few of those guys join the local sportsman’s club. At the sportsman’s club you’re likely to meet people who look like us, unless you live in a shittier area than I have personally seen.

            Then perhaps later some of these groups of just the guys ya know meet a few more.

            The enemy isn’t as strong as they would like you to believe, why do you think they want to keep COVID going? Its way past elections now, they’re afraid, they’re afraid of us, they’re afraid of their feral pets, hell they’re afraid of their own woke kids.

          • Safety and community is what we have to offer. How I see it at least. A community where people are safe, doors unlocked, kids can play without fear, room to roam. That’s very appealing and going to be more so.

          • Forming our own Zion would probably work – but where?

            If interplanetary travel existed, we’d be all set. But there’s no running off to the Salt Lake Valley in 2020.

          • That’s a good question, and I’m open to debate on the subject, but the important thing is to first embrace the idea. We can settle on a physical location afterwards.

            It was the dream of Zion which powered much of Jewish activism in the 19th century. We should copy that example. Dreams are powerful psychological devices. The dream of an afterlife powered much of the Christian resistance to early Roman persecution. Why be afraid if you’re going to heaven? Why be afraid if ultimately your people will have a homeland where they won’t be oppressed? The current oppression is only temporary.

            There is something religious about the concept that I think we should embrace. Religion trips certain brain circuits which cause people to work well in groups to achieve a common cause; it also spurs some to be willing to sacrifice for the cause. Those are all the things you’ll need to build communities, which is what many of you say you want. Simply meeting up isn’t enough. Meet up for what reason? Idle talk? Fishing clubs? That’s lame. Meet up but with a cause and as a group working toward a common end: freedom from this nightmare. Ultimately, we can have that area break away. We can police our own border from a position of strength so to prevent this from ever happening again.

          • For now, we can offer them a place to feel at home, even if it’s just having a couple of beers. They don’t have to risk their careers to meet with some friends.

            Sure, we all have hopes for the future, but for now, just get together. Baby steps, yes, but that’s how it all starts, slowly.

          • Plans are nothing.
            An actual organization is everything.
            A viable plan without and organization, a group of people isn’t viable, its fantasy.

          • Agree. Do you think they started that way or built it over decades? You think they got funding and built only after grant money?
            I don’t. I think they built it over decades in Europe before Ludendorff gave the Bolsheviks their shot, they then built the Comintern and many, many spontaneous parties from a Left that had started building and continued in some fashion from Rousseau forward.
            I think if built and can ward off enough idiots to stay out of jail long enough THEN the grant money, or funds comes.

          • “How to spot undercover cops.”

            My feeling on the subject: a certain commenter is trying to goad posters into going out and joining the wrong kind of groups, even if he doesn’t name them directly; or even if he suggests other groups like “fishing clubs”, which I think is merely just a way to broach the subject.

            “Don’t wait for funding, just do it.”

            No. Don’t do that. The feds are desperate to pin all the violence from the terrorists they trained and coddled (antifa) on the right. They need a scapegoat. Don’t fall for it. Keep your head low for the next few weeks and let the ruling class reap what they have sowed. They certainly deserve all the credit.

            Organization without purpose is useless. An organic, grassroots, effort is what works. You need an idea that gains traction with the public along with an achievable and tangible goal with a simple plan to make it happen.You can’t force it the way this poster suggests. That was the mistake made at Charlottesville. First the idea, then the organization. And your idea has to be a powerful one; simple and easy to express while being accompanied by a realistic plan to achieve it.


            *George Washington: overthrow the king and put these men in charge, and this magic ideology they have will make things better.

            *Robspierre: overthrow the king and put me in charge, and this magic ideology I have will make things better.

            *Lenin: overthrow the Tsar and put us in charge, and this magic ideology we have will make things better.

            *Hitler: overthrow the Jew and put me in charge, and this magic ideology my party has will make things better.

            *Zionists: overthrow the gentile and put ourselves in charge (in our own place) and this magic religion we have will make things better.

            Simple is what works. Nebulous and nerdy, high IQ “white” stuff doesn’t capture the public’s imagination the way my Zion idea does.

          • You have that backwards, fed. The organization follows the idea. Don’t go out and join any of the FBI’s fake “white supremacist” groups this guy is subtly trying to provoke commenters into joining. Embrace my idea of separate countries first, then join informal, quasi-religious, groupings aimed at making your own Zion somewhere and ultimately your children will live in peace.

      • “High-functioning broken” fits gays & MTF trannies to a high-T. Sailer’s had good stuff on gay income, IQ and tranny over-achievement and testosterone in the past.

        The 20-25% intransigent minority rule is definitely something we need to focus on more than democracy’s 51% anti-White whale.

          • If you could get 1% of the whites to stand aside you in danger you’d have 2.1 million people.
            My God the Nazis invaded Russia with 4 million and nearly won. Had they not kept going for multiple objectives the first 2 years they would have won (Leningrad, Moscow, The Caucuses).

          • That’s a great point. However, the Nazi’s were much-more unified than we are. There was a great post a couple of years ago on Cascade Free Zone about how there are too many conflicting sub groups within the Dissident Right. We need to learn from the Left as they’re very unified and have been for quite sometime. Our problem is that not enough of us subscribe to “Par Excellence” like NS Germany did or authentic Christianity as the Eastern Orthodox Cossacks did when they resisted the Bolsheviks.

          • My grandfather was a man from Italy. He was educated and all that and wasn’t political, but he always told me, just as a matter of fact, that Nazis/Fascists were Catholics trying to hold onto their culture and Communists were Jews trying to do their thing. And it well understood at the time. He lived though it. You go to Italy today and talk to old people and if you don’t grasp that simple fact they will just assume you aren’t very well informed and change the subject.

            So that was the bond they had, the Nazis/fascists. We obviously don’t have the shared religious foundations to hold us together. The Southerners at least have the Confederacy. And maybe that is why we are seeing what we see.

          • Lets just organize our little squads of 8 or so, or even 4 is a team.
            That’s how we do it, remember we’re basically already almost an actual resistance.
            Small groups fight and win, or organize and build houses, small groups and their dynamics and trust are not only what we can do, but should do first.

            As for the German historical reference being far more united..well not so much internally as one might think looking at the actual history.
            Their leader remained a democrat even after becoming a dictator, and even the journey to 1933 wasn’t really anywhere near solid just within that group until the night of the Long Knives.
            Their army was united facing the outside, that was true. But they were convinced it was a war of extermination …in many ways they were right.

          • “Lets just organize our little squads of 8 or so, or even 4 is a team. That’s how we do it,”


        • I don’t have the links handy, but there is enormous homo money behind the implementation of gay marriage and World War Trans.

          Those things didn’t just happen.

          People paid a lot of money to make them happen.

        • Obvious fed. He’s trying to convince you that you have enough support already because he wants to rush you into action (violence). In his words “Lets just organize our little squads of 8 or so, or even 4 is a team. That’s how we do it.”

          He must be under a lot of pressure to pin all the left’s violence on the right; the FBI’s antifa is running wild and that makes the agencies (ATF, FBI) look bad, so they want to shift the blame. Next, he’ll be asking to meet you in real life or exchange emails or social media or asking for personally identifiable details of your life (where you live, went to school, family history). Don’t fall for it. Promotion of my Zion idea will have infinitely more long term damage to this empire than any single act of violence. Chip away at the foundation and it will eventually fall. Don’t throw your life away by joining some fed group only to get doxxed.

  41. We have entered the fast change phase of manufactured social chaos, and the hottest months of summer are still in front of us. It should be obvious that the Left is playing for keeps, LEOs are being sidelined, and no one is minding the store in DC. The Uniparty clearly believes that more riots, crime, destruction, and mayhem is good for their self-interest, and they want the plebs to duke it out at the bottom of the pyramid. The bad actors driving this turmoil are few. Focus is the winning strategy.

    • It’s all fun and games until the next riot, Tom. If it happened to me where the nogs came rampaging down my street, burning cars and throwing bricks through windows.. and there are no cops around? I’m sorry… but the M1A comes out and I am going to town on them. Riots are great fun until the other side shows up…

      • Watch how quickly the “sidelined” police show up to put you down though.

        They will suddenly wake up and swoop in, the moment you harm one hair on the nappy little heads of their favored pets.

        • He should let the rioters have their way with him, his family, his property?

          • He (and everyone else here) should get out from anywhere that such a scenario is still a possibility. Staying in enemy territory when an uncivil war is breaking out is just foolhardy, and he has heard the same advice repeatedly here.

        • The other guys already have de-facto no go zones the police avoid.
          As things get worse and worse it won’t be that rare for us to have them as needed.
          Beyond that, living in fear is no way to live.
          Is the comfort of the rabbit warren and if you can’t get outside that, than run a rainbow flag and keep your head down.
          Otherwise understand that your time on this planet is limited and that it will end and using it well is all you can do.
          None of us want trouble but we may not be able to avoid it.
          Truth is if its your time , its your time. Maybe you’ll acquit yourself well enough to go to Valhalla or Folkvanger

  42. It surprises me RamzPaul hasn’t been banned from YouTube yet. He sounds like he is well prepared for when they finally do ban him. He is effectively no different than Jared Taylor and has spoken at AmRen before.
    The failure of the riots is also why they are trying to pivot back to Wuhan Flu lockdowns. Although Popular Science is claiming virus cases went down in areas that had protests and are basing that claim on cell phone data. Our new religion has performed its first miracle!

    • His video yesterday about Sacha Baron Cohen had an edge to it that I hadn’t seen in a while. Ramz is not long for YouTube, and he may have had his “F it” moment.

  43. The Social Media censoring is small potatoes next to us being locked out of the financial system. It’s next to impossible for people to make a living organizing for the right or creating right-wing content. New Project 2 recently had their processing stripped away by Mastercard with no recourse. Big Finance has a stranglehold on everything. Its is next to impossible to get rich guys on board with us if they risk having their assets frozen for funding us.
    Unless we find a way to pay our guys, we are going to have to wait until the banks collapse.

    • That’s why it is best to stay off their platforms. A guy comes up with an alternative fund raising platform then goes on social media to announce it. Then he recruits attention whores to join, who endlessly yap about on left-wing sites. Then the Left organizes the mob to have it shut down.

      We have to stop rushing into the machine gun nests of the Left.

    • Get ye on Bitcoin, specifically BitcoinSV unless you like paying a couple bucks per transfer. Wallets like have gotten easier to use than Paypal, buying small amounts with sites like is quick and relatively painless. I can pay people in this world instantly with a swipe.

      For those of us on this side of the crypto fence, watching people piss and moan about the banks is like watching people who have quit twitter laughing at those still in that melee. Like Z says, no one wants to waste time moving to a new financial system, but publicly complaining about the banks being occupied by zealots isn’t going to do anything but empower your enemies. What, will you try to battle it out in SCOTUS?

      • Bitcoin and other cybercurrency is a tool every dissident needs in their toolbox.
        There are tons of good primers for newbies out there and a lot of dissdent sites have posted their own in the past.

        In a nutshell, stay away from Coinbase and other frontends that want identifying information, linkage to bank accounts etc… Learn to use the truly anon methods & understand you’re going to suffer volatility risk – unless you’re willing to float that (and remember it can go up in value as well as down), don’t use it Bitcoin to store money so much as make secure transactions.

        • Requires too much infrastructure. Most of which is directly under the control of or within the reach of those being able to cut you off at short notice.

        • Author doesn’t understand how cryptocurrency works. No data is encrypted, so there is no encrypted data to give lawful access to. The rest of the article is on point though.

    • This is going to be key. Financial choke points are tough to get around. Unfortunately, it means laying low, staying small. Build communities of people that you trust and let TPTB destroy the system to the point that it can’t function well enough to stop anything.

      • We could make it harder on them buy not self identifying.
        Instead of Alt. Jargon and Dissident Clearinghouse you can DBA as Bill’s Lawnmower Sharpening Service and Balsa Wood Model Planes. Your hobby is your public contact page. To get beyond that require a bit of screening. Whatever you can do to raise their costs and efforts in screwing with you.

        • And some folks on here have floated a similar idea with regard to Zman publishing a “collected works” Volume I of his blog postings.
          (In print is most important, because in our Braver New World, everything that’s old is new again…)
          If Zman entitles his first tome of collected works:
          Sports in America, Vol. I …. that can easily fly under the radar.

  44. Yes. Evil people do evil to others for psychological reasons.
    Long before the Bolshies, there was the Jacobin terror…and I’m sure that we can go back through recorded history to see more of the same.
    “The Left are hypocrites.”
    No, they are not. As you have noted, they do not believe in their own rhetoric. That rhetoric is only a weapon to be used against the dummies on the other side.
    They believe in winning.
    They believe in destroying.
    They believe in blood.
    That is all they believe.

  45. It’s going to require a lot more than dissident videos and clever repartee to remove the weight of radical Kulturkampf which weighs us down. At some point, we’re going to demand a leader with a lot more willingness to bite rather than bark. And that time is rapidly approaching. The Uniparty is corrupt to the core. And as I postulated a few weeks ago, Trump is not dumb enough to walk into a leftist trap like Charlottesville. Leftists trapped themselves this time by unleashing dogs they can no longer control. (Thank you, Minneapolis. You people are dumber than I originally thought.) Trump is quietly laughing at THEIR stupidity this time. Seattle is Charlottesville in reverse. And nobody is coming to save their pimply white asses.

    • The recent confrontation in St. Louis between the rich lawyers with guns and their trespassing vibrant pets is a good example of breakdown in the Left’s high-low coalition.

      • Tucker did a segment on them last night. The law is actually going after them. There is no end to the insanity. If white people do not wake up very soon, even a fragmented solution will not be viable.

        • And apparently a guy that does pro-bono police brutality cases funded by his personal injury practice. And now finding out that despite likely having done more “social justice” work than that entire mob, it’s no inoculation. That is good for our side.

        • The news this morning has been that the protesters are being investigated for “assault by intimidation” and that the homeowners are not going to be charged. Where I live, the actions of the homeowner could likely have been interpreted as assault by brandishing. Be careful and understand the laws where you live.

        • Not surprised by that at all.

          Castle Doctrine is null and void for any white who dares threaten a holy negro, doesn’t matter how much that white is worth.

          • They’re connected rich lawyers, they won’t get charged.

          • They may indeed get charged.
            Which is win/win for us.
            Those are SJW lawyers, pro-bono.
            Living in a palatial mansion paid for by our insane insurance premiums, mostly in health care insurance.
            If they get charged that’s not Jethro getting what’s coming to him!
            That’s one of the ELECT.

            If they get charged were closer to goal, sooner or later the Social Democrats are going to scream for the Freikorps or equivalent. See 1919 Germany. > and like them we’ve lost a war and demobilized a lot of angry, betrayed men…
            …formerly known as….
            The Police. And probably more than a few pissed off veterans.

          • True in a lot of places. I live in what is still a deep-red state (slowly going purple due to legal and illegal immigration) and our self-defense laws–both statutory and case–are solid. For now. I’ve started carrying (have CHL of course) every time I leave the house, which would invoke self-defense rather than CD. Our CD, btw, is quite strong and extends to protecting property. However, I pray I never have to use deadly force for a number of reasons. For one, regardless of the law, if I had to use deadly force to defend myself against a POC– no matter how justified, no matter the circumstances, and no matter how much danger I or my children were in–I would be terminated from my job. There’s no doubt about it. I’d get a closed-door semi-apology (“I’m sure you can understand our position…the whole thing is very regrettable”) and be sent on my way.

          • The father and son shooters in the Ahmaud Arbery case are sitting in prison without bail and the main “evidence” presented at their arraignment is the social media posts of one of the two which included the evil “n-word” Seriously, that is the crux of the case against them. It is open and shut self-defense. But they took (or he voluntarily turned over) his phone and the cops found these posts.
            Seriously, if you carry or own a gun for self defense, encrypt your phone (now) and don’t give any statements to the cops and certainly don’t give them the password to the phone should the need to defend yourself ever arise.

          • Yeah…I doubt this will be the most popular take but what the McMichaels did was abysmally stupid in the Current Year. Not saying it was wrong, or the way they’ve been railroaded isn’t a reprehensible abortion of justice, but they were still stupid. If this whole scenario had occurred even ten years ago, they wouldn’t be in jail right now. But it’s 2020.
            Carrying a long gun and actively looking for the suspected bad guy (who they knew was Black from video) to confront him was beyond dumb, given the optics. I get that their neighborhood was being targeted for burglary and no doubt it was Arbery. I get that the the senior McMichael probably felt he would have more credibility as an ex-cop. It was still completely retarded. They should have called the cops and–at most–driven around and looked for him…and then called the cops without exiting their vehicles. Hard to imagine they couldn’t see this blowing up their faces, but a lot of people are still living in the past. I don’t necessarily expect justice either, but the facts would be very different.

      • We should do everything in our power to encourage it. I’m considering an undercover social media account encouraging BLM to protest wealthy guys like Jeff Bezos and demand unionization of his employees. Sure, that’s probably economic suicide for his company … but then again, that’s the point. Our side should intelligently work within the system to undermine it.

      • Unlikely heroes the Mckloskeys, they’re PIP ambulance chasers, they currently have clients that are victims of police brutality and are suing the City. Probably why they freaked out, they saw their clients coming.

    • Correct. The left won’t succeed because they can’t. They simply don’t have the human capital. So flawed are they, that even in nations like Russia and China… most of the leftist boilerplate had to be abandoned…

      • And if you look at the Bolshies–they had a huge intellectual lead on the mental midgets you see fronting the current unrest. It took dozens of them to do the statue work that a couple rednecks with some cable and a come-a-along could do in ten minutes.

        • You have guns, lots of guns and do not paraphrasing Solzhenitsyn here have to burn in the camps, if you are willing to accept your own demise.

    • Ep, that leader is going to have to come from our ranks. No one is going to provide one for us who isn’t entirely fenced-in or outright fake.

      We may eventually get some rogue elites with frustrated ambitions who want to latch onto what we’ve already built. That’s a bridge to cross later.

      For now, all of the striving class are minding the fences and we’re left to deal with the wolves on our own.

      Leaders demonstrate worthiness by doing. I want to see more grassroots guys demonstrating their leadership by community organization and a willingness to take reasonable risks to network Whites together for what comes next.

      • Networks are a proven solution to atomized resistance with Byzantine trust problems – that’s how the jihadi organized and survived repeated mass wipeouts. Because networks only expose the links to each other (or should only) and have multiple paths to communication with other groups. Check out John Robb’s Global Guerrillas – also check out NETWAR and the advent of Netwar by John Arquilla.

    • Agreed. Try to remember that MSP had tens on thousands of “refugees” dumped on them by Obama, however. They may be complicit in not fighting the DIOS, but it’s not wholly their fault.

      Sadly, they’ll “fight” the only way they know how…they’ll sell their homes and run to the suburbs. Even Californians have figured this out. But it’s only prolonging some inevitable hard, ugly choices.

      • If you’re talking about Somalian refugees in Minnesota, they started arriving much earlier than the Obama years. Started in the early 90’s, peaking in 2006.

        • I really think Omar got in via the DS, and that’s if she’s not a DS play. Tough to tell, she’s just being herself.

        • Big Man dictator Said Barre died in 1992, and rival tribes went to war.

          An educated, kind, pro-American Somali, raised here since he was two, told me the story.

          Heartbreaking, what we’ll be forced to. The guy hated Omar, she is from the torturers’ tribe.

          • Somali warlord and militia leader Mohammed Farah Aidid overthrew Mohammed Siad Barre in 1991. Aidid’s notoriety was amplified for his role in hijacking NGO relief food conveys and commanding the militias during the infamous Battle of Mogadishu. Aidid made a laughing stock of the UN’s HMI in Somalia and why intervention is always a bad idea. A couple of years later, the world would once again witness another disastrous and unnecessary invention, this time being in Serbia and Kosovo.

      • No. They did it to themselves. Lutheran Charities are second only to the Papists in their willingness to destroy Western civilization by skimming the Immigrant scam.
        Fuck them all.

  46. >  In reality, he was selected because YouTube has run out of popular heretics. They have so broken their site that even heretics are losing interest in it.
    If you want to know how broken Youtube is, adagmator’s Chess Channel recently had a video taken down for hate speech.

  47. To Z’s broader point here: there is no “war winning” strategy at the moment aside from staying alive. The war is over and Progressivism won.

    Lay low, stay alive. Remember, it took 21 years for the Bourbons to get the throne back, but they did.

    • I can’t accept that the war is over. The progressives have won many battles, true, but not the war. There may be a lull, even a long lull, but the war is far from over.

      • The war is over in the sense that the AWRs have killed America. Now commences the war for the ethnostate.

        • That is what everyone fears. Its war to the knife knife to the hilt at that point.
          An aging society with few children and built on a brittle premise is naturally at best timid. Its certainly incapable of much bravery or much in the way of integrity as it has nothing to preserve and little reason to live.
          No guts or glory.
          Ultimately though tribe is truth and that cannot be denied for long. The only weakness being is the rival trove, the woke is something akin to the early Muslims, a tribal people , a raid culture fueled by religious zeal.
          Our side simply has to tribe up and realize that we are in such a conflict. Most importantly, we don’t share anything outside our tribes.
          The Baizuo no matter that they are White cannot share a polity with the White Right tribe.

          • Why I think the “we are a nation of immigrants” is always being said. Because what does this really mean? It means none of us truly can claim ownership this country in a physical or spiritual sense because we are really little more than passersby, visitors, tourists even. A guy over the border has just as much right to the place as you do because you are an “immigrant” too (even if you were born here and family has been here for generations). It’s a very clever and underhanded way to weaken one’s grip.

            Which brings me to your point. It is indeed a brittle premise. The premise of this nation is now only an idea and not blood and soil. Who is going to fight for some breezy abstraction? I think the white race’s instincts are telling them the same. Why bother? What’s the point in trying to win a war for an abstraction? Hence a general lack of fight among our people.

            But blood and tribe? Yes, that is worth fighting for. You are so correct, Excellent observations.

          • Falcone – The string-pullers realize just how brittle is the sense of ‘nationhood,’ which is part of why they’re pushing the covid drama to make the Karens and cucks think they’re part of a noble, national cause. A grocery chain’s ‘public service’ message talks about how “we” need to all work “together” to “keep one another safe” (as I dubiously eye all the third worlders). There’s an electronic billboard en route to my son’s job that flashes the message “Be Kind. Stay Safe.” No, I will not do either.

          • They must sense it. If 9/11 couldn’t bring the “nation” together nothing will

            But isn’t this what they wanted? Or said they did?

            What interests me is what happens when they need people to go fight a war. Will whites still be willing to die? I wonder if the string pullers take whites for granted in that respect.

          • The US isn’t going to war with Russia or the Norks , we’d get nuked or with China as we’d lose or get nuked.
            Normally we’d try and bang the war drum but can’t , no viable targets and Iran risks Russian involvement and if things don’t go well the Chinese take Tawian and our military no longer can repair its high tech equipment as its not made here.
            Ultimately it would not surpise me if we have civil conflict though, Not this petty and litigant destruction by the a left salted with occasional often internecine Leftist violence but the real deal.
            Hunger, loss of hope , loss of home and sudden decline in status and future during a religious hysteria is a bad bad place to be.

          • You may be right, but I guess my hope, as it were, is the country comes a calling and whites tell them to go stuff it. That would make me smile.

          • so fight their religious hysteria with ours. it used to work.

            jail the zionists, circumcised or not, and settle any conversos/mischlings in Israel. force them to make it a Christian tributary state that allows Palestine to coexist. try all modernists as blasphemers (sure, we can give a pass to pagans respectful of Christ). revive segregation, carve new monoracial states and mixed border marches if needed, all in the name of God. declare a truce with some high-iq Asiatics, at least with those that want to help stem the tide of brown and black and red (and pink if you include the homoactivists). many yellows are Christian/Western enough, heck maybe even some few of the others may be allies. however they all must understand the value of peaceful separation and not mixing it up. just a few ideas.

          • Falcone, I think 9/11 DID “bring the country together” in important ways. In the immediate aftermath, masculine virtue was exalted; a traditional American identity was coalescing around defending the country from the outsiders that had free reign here. The Left saw that, understood what it meant for them, and had to stop it dead. Naturally, they were helped by (((allies))) on the “Right” who were eager to p1ss away all the good in order to advance their parochial interests. I think that period will be looked on as a “hinge” of history, when things could have gone either way. Obviously, in retrospect a very pernicious way prevailed–and here we are.

          • What I remember after 9/11 was candlelight vigils and GW telling me they hated me for my freedoms. And meanwhile he was letting in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees. And the border wasn’t shut. For people like me in a border state, who has been having to deal with illegals for decades, my thought was “you are telling me we are at war and yet the border is open??” Didn’t compute, ergo, we can’t really be at war despite his words to the contrary.

            And the left was still screaming about war and lady pink or whatever they were. I don’t think the country came together .

          • You are describing the latter part of my comment, following “The Left saw that….”
            All that stuff you remember was the *reaction* to a flowering of masculine patriotism, which characterized the immediate aftermath of 9/11. The Greeks called the daughter of Ares (War) “Harmonia,” and she was reborn in 2001, but smothered in her crib.

          • “And the left was still screaming about war and lady pink or whatever they were.”

            Now the left wants to start a war with Russia over Afghanistan. I think it’s pretty clear by now they are simply for whatever hurts whites or white interests. They were anti-war after 9/11 because a white president & political party were for it. They are pro-war now because a white president is against it (and because Russians are white, so it’d be a good opportunity to kill whites). We need separate countries. We can’t continue to live with such a vile people.

          • That’s a very good point. 9/11 had the potential to crush the multi-culti suicide cult, but it didn’t. Likewise, the collapse of the USSR could have thoroughly discredited communism, but somehow did not. It seems whites are truly hellbent on self destruction.

          • Nationhood is only brittle if it is not homogenous.
            For those that are its still potent as a cause.

          • I would say that most of my current attitude towards the whole disgusting society is summed up in one phrase – There is no “we”!

            I’d say the propaganda backfired bigly in my case. I currently regard my fellow Americans as the greatest likely threat to my life, property, and future happiness. North Korea? Russia? Iran? Who cares. When I think of the enemy I don’t see a Rooskie or a Korean. I see a heroin addled AntiFag with a stick followed by nogs, purple haired wammen, and clowns with microphones pretending to be journalists. I’ve never hated anyone as much as these people. I certainly hate them more than any foreign boogeyman. If the last 4 months were what the elite had planned to “bring us all together”, well, they succeeded – in making themselves visible as the real enemy to more people today than ever.

          • Agreed. And in retrospect, I’d say the enemy within was far more dangerous than the enemy without, even during the latter half of the Cold War.

          • Multi ethnic empires like ours always have to sell false unity by any means they can otherwise they fall apart.
            Ours is dysfunctional to an extreme degree not from Antifa as much as it simply can’t even provide bread and circuses for much longer.
            By the end of July, unless unemployment is extended the US economy will simply collapse and the nation within a few months will enter a massive depression with vast amounts of homelessness , hunger and internecine hate.
            The delusional assumption that we can just get people back to work is just that delusional and there are no options that don’t involve a deflationary collapse.
            This is vastly compounded by the presence of the Corona virus. Its still out there and its presence will screw up far to many kind of business, gut spending and gut jobs.
            Baring us Federally nutting up and forcing an opening up ala Sweden , its going to drag us down for a very long time.
            The risk frankly is terrifying and our stupid and old leaders are ideologically paralyzed and unable to make anything happen.
            And no, even ignoring conspiracy talk and real risks a safe reliable vaccine is probably impossible.
            This is a huge problem and its a few weeks out from a start.

          • with you on that. What happens when the unemployment and Trump Bucks run out can’t be good. I’m just glad I was able to get my daughter out of the major blue city I live in.

          • As much as I don’t want to see it, those benes will be extended because great swaths of the economy are done and there’s no coming back. TPTB probably don’t want to risk complete collapse just yet – although, hey, if it gets rid of Trump, it’s all good. I just hate all f-ing politicians.

          • I suspect at this point gibs are not optional
            The USA has about 200 million people (not counting illegals) over 21 alone all of whom can assumed to be armed and the US econmy is collapsing.
            So many people are primed for violence already its scary and note even if the military would obey which they would not it would not be possible to say use mustard gas to stop this as the focal point would be the cities where the elite live.
            They may try to ride it out for a while in hopes the magic economy fairy will fix things , simply because Mitch McConnell and the rip-off-licans can be obdurate to the point of stupid at times and because its an election year but a few weeks into the real issues, its going to happen.August maybe
            I do suspect the lock downs will continue for “COVID” but tactfully to contain trouble.
            Its risky and stupid because if it boils over?
            The only caveat is if I am wrong and there really is some economy with all these jobs out there . Its highly unlikely.

          • This was completely foreseeable. Perhaps not the current crisis itself, but the consequences of multiculturalism. I remember thinking years ago, “what happens if there is a major emergency like a war? would this diverse empire hold together? If not, then maybe we should rethink this mass immigration thing and tone down the divisive racial politics.”

            Why didn’t our leaders ask the same questions? For a long time I thought it was malice, but after that Tucker Carlson interview with that Indiana senator, I realize that many of these people are simply imbeciles. We are ruled by incompetents who don’t deserve their jobs.

          • It’s malice AND stupidity. The Dems are the party of evil and the Reps the party of idiocy. Lately, they’ve been getting together to do things that are both evil and idiotic.

          • agreed, it will eventually come to pure tribe, if nothing changes. although enough allies can be summoned, if not to defend the useless American System, at least the older folk-Christian civilization that allowed both whites and colored to be segregated for a long while. friendly enough mixed groups like tan whites and light mestizos could occupy border marches in the tropics. from there on, a better northern homeland on the world for whites can be kept, perhaps raising birthrates exclusively for whites there too, and pop transfers of reckless nonwhites out to the marches (and from there on to the wastelands further south). rather than futilely attempting to cleanse the browns right here and now, while our strength is low in many border areas, and perhaps turning off some allies; we should build up our communities first, through segregation.

            then again, idk if we will even get to 2024 before struggles have to begin…

          • if only we had kept the institutions that burned these people at the stake at some other point in time, a less (((reformed/enlightened))) time…

    • They won? Nonsense.
      As our esteemed blog host notes, the Inquisition never stops. Once all the fake Hitlers are gone, the fake Himmlers and Goebbels are next. By the time OyTube does that… the only people left will be the greasy hipsters, the frumpy lasbians and bitchy faggots and other SJW’s. They’ll go after each other at that point and the platform will collapse for lack of interest.
      I no longer have any leftist friends or family. The second one of those buggardly cretins opens up his mouth and gets in my face with their opinion… I get in their’s and I troll them without mercy.
      One of the things I love about dissidents is when Leftie ties them up and tries to burn them at the stake like a witch.
      Dissidents don’t burn. They don’t even smoulder. I’ve seen the odd skilful dissident prolong a witch burning so long that Leftie Estes himself on fire.

      • Agree Glenfilthie. A decision to disengage may be tactically sound, but as a strategy it leaves us living lives merely hoping the Eye of Sauron falls on some other poor bastard.

    • Maybe, just maybe, we may look back at these times as the death gasp of liberalism and commies in America. They are acting deranged and speaking incoherently, not the stuff of a strong ruling class destined to last much longer.
      Even if so, doesn’t mean our side just steps up to fill the void.

      • That certainly seems to be the case. I think the same. Something about all of this has a faddish quality.

        But those hippies never let their fads die even as they became caricatures of themsleves.

        Hard to say what comes next. But I think there will be a few surprises, as there always are. If a war breaks out and all of these morons are sent off to fight, antifa, every Mexican illegal and Somalian are told to boot up. What then? Maybe 90% of them leave and never come back. They aren’t going to fight a white’s man war etc etc.

        Maybe that’s too big an IF

        But something always happens. Like that expression. 10 things are rolling at you down the hill. Wait and nine of them will roll off to the side so you’re left to deal with only one. In my life the has certainly proved very true.

        • One small saving grace of CWII will be that a lot of immigrants will self-deport, perhaps in considerable haste. My neighborhood is infested with Indian tech workers. They’ve been looking a bit nervous lately and for my part I try to encourage that. I never smiled at them or talked to them but my scowl is deeper now.

          Most of them are extremely superficial materialists who are basically only here because they want a Mercedes, a big screen, and 20 different Apple gadgets. To them America was just a well-roofied sorority girl at an endless frat party. All this BLM and AntiFa and White Right stuff must be terrifying to them. It’s like finding out that the frat house is haunted by some very nasty poltergeists and is also being used to hide a load of drugs that some very angry and well armed Mexicans are on their way to liberate. I can’t wait for them to run for the exits.

          • Pozymandias – brilliant metaphor (To them America was just a well-roofied sorority girl at an endless frat party). I’m so stealing that.

    • The war is over for America – we’re not getting it back.

      But even surviving is going to require White community and solidarity, and as I said below, that’s not illegal and it’s not possible to outlaw White association entirely.

      White survivors need to start working on building After America now. Sheltering in place just leaves us more scattered and vulnerable to being mopped up piecemeal.

      • It’s not possible to outlaw white associations entirely. But it is also not necessary. They are, for all intents and purposes already illegal.
        Until whites are ready and willing to take their own sides, it’s just going to get worse from here.

      • Unfortunately, the Branch covtardians are swelling the ranks of the religious. The number of people – some who I thought were “normal” – who are convinced that this is the 21st century’s Black Death is unbelievable. And there’s nothing you can say that’ll change their minds. Oh, and if you’re not wearing a mask, you might as well be a murderer.

        • Couldn’t agree more. I’m highly disturbed by the number of guys I thought were solid, sober people that are acting like the Beer flu hoax is the second Plague of Justinian.

          • One outcome is I can’t take a word Steve Sailer says seriously anymore

            He lost all credibility, although I will still sometimes read and enjoy his work on a superficial level like admiring a movie poster while in line buying popcorn

          • I found myself drifting back to Sailer.

            Thankfully most of the Corona-tards are gone.

            Thinking about leaving again because Boomerposters there are posting some painfully bad takes on Architecture, which is known to be one of the most pozzed up fields going.

          • Sailer is a curiosity at this point for me. He’s actually a neighbor down the street, but I don’t know him. But if I do run into him I will razz him for being so wrong 😉

          • Yes, the Sailer Covid reaction was snd is still shocking to me. So many otherwise smart people who, for some reason, can not think thru corrupted authority….they won’t do some basic math…understand the implications of a growing denominator…it’s just surreal. I’ve had people get PISSED off at me for trying to work through the cdcs own corrupt F ing numbers. Some sort of programming happened where if you say the word “flu” in the same sentence as Covid (you know, for context), you will get anger and derision that makes it apparent this is now in the realm of religion. It’s all so tiresome.

          • Its been a long time since we’ve had a nasty plague outbreak and with antibiotics and such, we thought we were immune to such.
            Nonsense of course.
            Also its appears strongly to be a man made disease of foreign origin which would scare the willies out of anyone.

        • A healthy-looking young lady literally jumped out of the elevator when I entered without a mask. Her eyes were burning with rage as the doors closed. I broke into open laughter.

          • Good for you! Great pleasure picturing you triggering off wahmyn Karen. Yes, the ruling overlords have figured out that everyone wearing a mask is our humiliation and total obedience. Keep the masses scared, weak and cowed. And wearing the symbol of their own cowardliness. Each time I am forced to mask to enter a business, I utter a feral growl, bitch loudly and glare around me with ferocity at the pathetic sheeple. They back off.

          • When you leave said business, make sure to properly dispose of the mask on their floor, because fuck them.

          • I hope you do not end up in the hospital with a severe case of COVID-19. But if you do, I suspect your feelings about mask wearing will be different. Wear one or don’t as you wish, but like it or not, there are risks to you (and to others, if you’re sick and don’t know it.)

          • Unless you’re particularly vulnerable to COVID, your chances of dying from it are somewhere between dying in a car crash and dying from a lightning strike.

          • I have a healthy 40 something friend who got it and it’s really miserable. And the after effects last months. It’s a good and civil thing to wear a mask in an elevator.

          • The 20-year-old son of a very close friend came down with it. He was very fatigued for a while, but that was the worst of it. Now he’s just fine. And, at any rate, if you’re not symptomatic, it appears as thought you’re not contagious. If I had symptoms, I’d simply stay home, which is exactly what I’d do if I had the flu.

          • There are reputable sources suggesting that COVID is chronic in susceptible individuals. Long-term lung damage has been observed in some asymptomatic people. I am not a mask wearer myself; however, it seems to be more dangerous than I once thought.
            If the Chinese were fucking around with this shit, who knows what it’ll actually do? Yes, masks are gay and may do less than nothing. But optics are irrelevant to the potential destructiveness of the virus. It will take years before we even understand the scope of what has been done.

          • I too know some one who got a cold. It was terrible. Its a good a civil thing to force the entire population to wear a mask so he does not suffer again.

        • They seem to want to extend this covid thing to near permanence. The number of headlines I’ve seen talking about, “Our New Normal” is ridiculous.

          Well, if things continue down the ever spicier road… maybe mass masking isn’t the worst thing in the world for us.

          • By the logic of the new normal, masks and shutdowns will be implemented with every flu season. Then too, to speak of logic and the new normal may be a pointless enterprise.

          • Apropos to Zman’s post today; Stephan Molyneux was always going on about logic. That time has passed. We are entering the time of War to the Knife, I think. So be it. Let’s put aside the finer civilized things that only hinder us at this stage. Harden our hearts. Look to use every advantage those that hate us inadvertently provide us.

            I hope I am wrong and cooler heads will prevail, but in human history, how often does that occur?

          • That’s the problem with using science, logic or other rational argument with our ideological foes. The prevailing attitudes are magical, quasi-religious. As such, they are not swayed by reason. They won’t give up what they believe in, or they’ll change it. You’ve got to admire the Left’s power of imagination. If it turns out that Blacks, given the same opportunies as Whites, still do poorly, then Liberals will agitate for equality of outcome. Too many Blacks being arrested? Just stop arresting them! Brilliant! Even if everybody is pulled down to the same level, or the test is watered down until a Paramecium could pass it, equality of outcome has been achieved! Racism has finally been defeated! 😀

          • You’re probably right, PE. The AWRs are clearly spoiling for a fight. And it’s a fight they will lose badly.

          • Um, you might want to check new infection statistics. Unlike the flu, the COVID-19 does perfectly well in warm, humid summer weather, when school is out, in fact many activities have been restricted for four months, thank you very much. I’m probably just too much of a collaborator 🙂 but I suspect that current precautions (masks etc.) are going to be with us for years. The pandemic will eventually run its course, but not when only 6% of the population has been exposed. Nor when the next mutation comes, if… 🙁

          • So how does it run its course when everyone is wearing masks, social distancing or hiding under their beds? At some point, we’re all going to have to nut up, get on with our lives and realize that 99+% of those infected recover.

          • Except we’re not going to realize that. This was probably created as a bioweapon, and that changes everything. We have no clue what the ramifications will be in the long run.

          • Oh well. We need to punish the responsible parties and move on.
            The choice in less than a month, 28 days or so will start to be “nut up” , “welfare state” or mass starvation and homelessness
            Roughly half of people of working age have no income. The only way other than mass money printing so to open up and that means no half assing it, no masks, no nothing.
            Otherwise your best case scenario is ultra woke FDR.

          • The contagion rate is higher than the flu, but the death rate now appears to be lower. And it is the latter number that is far more important.

          • Its probably better to just let everyone get infected and be done with it.
            The reason we won’t is the US is unable to allocate resources effectively and its so bad that a nasty flu season much less a double nasty like COVID could cause a complete collapse of the hospital system.
            And there is no way to fix it, the US is too deep in finance as economy and corrupt.
            Nothing for the most part can be repaired although Apple and Intel to their credit are trying to bring microprocessor manufacture here from Taiwan.
            This is good as if donme allows whoever wins the upcoming festivities and it better be you to have a modern military for national defense afterward
            Back on topic, ultimately while shutting down schools is a plus, society cannot and must not stop having an economy.
            A multi cultural empire with a heavily armed population undergoing social stress unable to go do the things they were promised (consume and be sort of free ) is a time bomb waiting to go off.

          • Saw some wammen talking on a news video about how we need to make “no mask, no service” just as widespread as “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. You could just tell from her voice that she WANTED and CRAVED this the way she wanted and craved Chad’s dick.

            It took me about 3 microseconds to realize, as soon as maskinsanity started, that there was no way our ruling class would ever let go of it. It would become institutionalized the way all the airport security was after 9/11.

            Right now, the media screamers have successfully launched the “second wave” initiative and it’s taken hold in places like Texas where people should know better. There’s a YUUGE spike in cases! Well, yes, there is, because there’s a YUUGE spike in testing and each positive test is a “case”. In a month or so when there’s no YUUGE spike in sickness or death this narrative will collapse as well. What will happen then? I don’t know, but whatever it is, we can be certain that it will require mask wearing.

            Unfortunately, the combination of ruling class mendacity and the masses’ stupidity and scientific and mathematical illiteracy will give them a lot to choose from. Any ideas here? Beuller?

          • Pozymandius,

            I know someone who is left of center politically and trained as a medical responder. Very science minded and despises the mask wearing for its ineffectiveness as the “cat is already out of the bag and isn’t that scary of a cat anyway.”

            He told me a woman screamed at him in a parking lot because he wasn’t masked and clearly a “Stupid Trump-lover and if (he) hates science so much he should just die!”

            He is lifelong Democrat and was stupefied that he was cast in the role. Funny thing is, it has become a political uniform people are playing on the mask thing. It’s going to be funnier in the near future when he realizes his pale skin is going to be the uniform he can’t alter that condemns him.

          • Penitent Man – Excellent point. Just as skin color is one’s uniform, so too has mask wearing (or not) become another overt sign of which side one is on. Intellectually I understand the point of staying under the radar, but I will NOT wear a mask, just as I will not kneel.

          • Don’t you love how the Dems are “the party of science.” See how well that works if you suggest they apply the scietific method to studies of the races, or of statistics or sociology to the indices of misbehavior of various ethnic groups 🙂

          • wearing masks everywhere will have a lot of unintended effects that the Lefties will NOT like. Large gatherings in places like movie theaters/sporting arenas are currently the province of the Left. They will not exist with this mask thing.
            This is actually one reason why I am all for continuing with this mask nonsense

          • I guess if everyone is masked, no one is masked.
            Its also made areas that were formerly safe, unsafe.
            Fior the first time ever in Nor Cal there was a violent takeover robbery of a Costco by what I am told a very disciplined crew able to deactivate the 9-11 system and cell phones alike.
            Surprising it was the Oakland Crowd as well.

          • Sports-ball too will suffer immensely

            Woo hoo !!!

            Gonna laugh when all those NBA turds are crying about being broke

          • I’m unclear on why mask-wearing will have effects the Left won’t like. Explain please? The examples you cite have indeed been pozzed by the Left, but on the contrary, I don’t think those establishments you’ve described will be able to re-open without required mask wearing, for health reasons, not political ideology.

          • As long as the fear is king and everyone must stay masked, people will not go to events or will go much less.
            Sporting events won’t happen, ballet anything where people gather in numbers will suffer.
            Also with social distancing , even when open there is much less money to be had.
            No one will go the cinema, pay $25 bucks for the latest block buster to sit in a room suffocating in a mask.
            They’ll watch at home if at all.
            The same applies to schools, colleges and the like.
            Take on a ton of debt to sit like a masked thrall ad carry that non dischargable debt nto a moribund economy is not gonna happen.
            These are mostly Leftist things
            Essentially masking sucks a huge amount of the niceties out of the economy, it vastly impoverishes everyone and while the tech lords will do alright , the USA that remains is much much much weaker.

          • One possible good side effect of the Korona Krackdown is that the cancellation of sporting events may finally make white men realize they don’t have to spend day after day worshiping black athletes. And distancing from black athletes could attenuate the ancillary affection for blacks that that worship seemingly engenders.

          • Yes, I concur that more testing = more cases. Even Yahoo news said so (liberal media, I assume). I do believe that masks reduce transmission. I am not sure that they should be 100% mandatory, but “yes probably” in public areas where people of necessity must crowd and/or be inside with poor air circulation. At some point public health becomes a priority over individual dress code.

          • The same argument could be made every flu season though. The tradeoff is always between freedom and “safety”, or really between freedom and some illusion of safety provided by government.

            I’d also like to point out that the case for the masks providing any public benefit was never made to begin with and has grown weaker over time. The people who started this panic have been consistently wrong about virtually everything from the start. They’ve made numerous predictions of deaths and caseloads that have failed many times. There’s no more reason to listen to them now than there is to pay heed to the hobo with a megaphone who says Trump is an alien and turnips are eggs he lays in grocery stores.

        • I think you were talking about otherwise secular people becoming “religious” about C19 but there’s also the effect on the actual Christian churches.

          Christianity, especially American fundamentalism, does have an element of apocalypticism to it. The book of Revelation sometimes seems to get as much attention as all the other books combined. It also tends to prey upon minister to people in times of personal crisis, thus there’s a temptation to embrace the Coronapocalypse narrative to bring people into church who would never have given it any thought before. It’s a great, um “witnessing tool”. I’m personally familiar with two large churches and both have gone all in on the Coronapocalypse and are now trying to out-poz each other in their support for BLM. It’s really disgusting.

          • There has been a huge growth in the youngyoung-adult oriented “evangelical” churches. You know the type: rock band, blue lights, hands in the air. I’ve attended a few with family, and they all just seem like feel good affiliation fests.

            With most of them coming out as pro-immigration and pro-BLM, it seems we’re seeing the actual goal of what Vox Day calls “Churchianity”.

          • Back in the 90s I attended one of those megachurches for a while. They had a large high-tech auditorium, rock band, the whole works. There were already some elements of poz. The pastor talked about “brokenness” instead of sin. There was still a lot of “culture war” rhetoric though and the understanding that the culture had been taken over by some pretty evil people even then.

            Nowadays, Jesus is just another gay Canadian Communist of course. Well, evangelicalism has always been a business first and religion maybe 5th. It’s harder for the faux-Christian propagandists these days though because they need to keep pace with the rapidly changing poz while pretending to cling to what’s left of Christian morality. So, yes, BLM is great!!! But arson isn’t cool with Christ! Unless maybe it’s in “self defense” against “systemic racism”. Jesus said “render unto Caesar” but we need to abolish the police too!

            It must be so confusing to triangulate all that shit now with the added spiciness of possibly having the New Red Guards burn your $20,000,000 church building if you slip up and give last week’s sermon this week after the New Normal has changed again. The only thing worse would be trying to figure out what to pretend to believe as a GOPe Republitard.

            This is something our thing needs to figure out too. It’s clear that Christianity in America at least is rotten to the core. It’s not just the poz either. It’s the “name it – claim it” stuff, the prosperity gospel, the sheer crassness, ostentation, and gaucheness of it all. Those things go back generations. Personally I’m a “lapsed Catholic agnostic” but I’ll get on board with a religion once we find something less dysfunctional. Russian Orthodox? I mean, I know some Russian and the patriarchs have those cool beards…

      • I had a college professor who was a dissident in the Shah’s Iran in the 70’s. He had a saying that has always stuck in my head:

        ”Whenever three are gathered, you can be sure one is a SAVAK agent.”

        Forming any sort of explicitly (or even too on the nose implicitly) White organization sounds like a great way to get Waco’d.

        • There is no way to flex social muscle without social bonds. You can’t form those online.

          We can’t physically defend our people, raise our kids or otherwise survive as atomized nuclear families or individuals.

          Avoiding all group cohesion and common action is suicidal.

          • You don’t think our enemy knows the importance of social bonds? You don’t think they’ll place an emphasis on targeting those?

          • I think they’re targeting them already in this thread.

            Let’s see how many more Eeyores show up to agree & amplify.

          • No one who met online should meet in person or exchange information. At the risk of ah being denounced go however to the Sportsmen’s club, or form some sort of mannerbund associations. You don’t want to go through a Continental sized Spanish Civil War alone.

          • Of course they do. It’s why they maintain social bonds themselves through private clubs, synagogues, elite universities, etc…

            Exile is right (dammit, why can I still not upvote!!!???). At some point, people need to take those first steps outside. I don’t know exactly how to start it but we must start. Otherwise we might as well just stop reading and thinking about these things and take up knitting.

            There’s no need to be bull headed about it of course. Organizing should always be done in awareness of the deep state and the tech state with appropriate diversions and decoy actions.

            Finally, remember, the Shah’s regime fell. Granted it fell to the Islamists, but in that society at that time, there were no alternatives besides that and Communism. Iranians in 1979 were the heirs to what had become a backwater colony of the Anglo-American oil empire in the deep shadow of the Soviet Union. We are still the heirs of the greatest civilization in human history. We are the people who gave the world Newton, Bach, and Leonardo. Our enemies are usurpers, this civilization is ours by right and once taken back from the Clown People can still do great things.

          • Since I can’t upvote, I will say “hear, hear!” With you all the way. We have not yet begun to fight. (But we are pretty close I think.)

          • the vote is working again. i’ve been going nuts with it. didn’t realize how much i would miss it.

          • You beat me to it. Cowering alone in fear of the Almighty and Omnipotent AWRs is the very worst thing we can do. What we must do is organize, come what may.

          • Yeah you do that.

            As for myself, I plan on not being guillotined and living to see what comes after.

            Maybe you’ll be in the same group to visit the National Razor as Christopher Cantwell and James Mason.

          • Meme,

            I am disappointed with you. You have a good mind, I’ve enjoyed reading many of your ideas over time. I think you know where I stand. I do not relish the idea of conflict, I do not think it’ll be easy or fun, I am not blinded by hate of others, nor do I think it is completely unavoidable. But I do know we eventually have to stand or we will be forced to kneel.

            You’ve migrated over time from sensible thoughts on graying oneself and looking before leaping… to hunker and hope to be eaten last with perhaps a chance to watch the carnage unfold from under a rock.

            You sadden me. Gather yourself, Sir. Help push the load. Use your mind and your talents in whatever way possible to lend a hand.

            If you cannot or will not then fine. It’s one thing to make the case that you want Your People here to not take unnecessary risks or harm Our efforts. It’s another to sulk in the bottom of the foxhole and complain the fight is for not.

            I won’t bother reflecting on your thoughts much anymore. If you decide you want stand in whatever way you can then my hand and heart will be extended to you.

          • Penitent-

            All I am saying is the following:

            1) acknowledge reality
            2) don’t do stupid, suicidal shit

            We are an occupied people. We are slated for extermination. We survive when our occupier destroys himself first.

            There is no pleasant way out of this. If certain opportunities present themselves to drive up the cost of occupation, we should do so, but surviving what’s coming should be the top priority. I’m not saying don’t resist, but understand that collective punishment is going to be the consequence for so doing.

            Be safe. Be smart. May your presence go unnoticed by the Balrog.

          • Meme,

            That’s more sensible and for the most part I agree, and strikes a tone you haven’t had of late. Gandalf eventually stood against the Balrog to go with your analogy. I’m a former paratrooper. Like the old adage goes,

            “You know you are going to be surrounded, right?”

            We’re paratroopers, Son. We’re supposed to be surrounded.”

            Sometimes you have to welcome and relish the suck.

          • I’m also certain that, as a former paratrooper, there are times when standing and fighting will just get you killed for no reason and that the best thing to do is fall back to a more defensible position.

            Further, the means by which you fall back will weigh heavily on how many of your men survive.

          • hysteria. one should be prudent, of course. but a defensive crouch doesn’t win the brass ring. 90% of the world is descended form people that didn’t make it 100 miles from their village. Our ancestors traveled 1000s of miles and conquered a forested continent filled with savages. Buck up man.

          • You’re really invested in scaring everyone away from forming actual groups of White men, Meme. Why are you so concerned?

          • How many white kids were doxxed and ruined after Charlottesville? We should take that as a lesson. Organizing isn’t as easy as it seems.

          • What comes later is like what’s going on now. But worse. Far, far worse. I’ll take my chances with the guillotine.

          • Talk on the net, organize locally in person. Do not mix the two.
            Then …
            Network said fishing clubs, or whatever you call them.
            Network the small groups. This will happen later, and frankly will probably happen naturally, as it has been for the last generation or more.

            Networks are how atomized entities transact, the principles that guide all networks guide human ones.
            *multiple paths of communication for survivability if ‘links’ go down
            (that’s how the internet and telco’s route around breaks in the network)
            *if disrupted Regenerate around existing ‘nodes’ [people, groups]
            *limit exposure to the bare minimum,for instance your corporate network only shows the ISP what it needs to and vice versa
            *verify before ‘transactions’
            *you have a border ‘node’ often enough that is the ‘gateway’ to other networks. All they know is the links between them, this limits damage and compromise. Border ‘nodes’ filter and pass on only what is needed.
            For example: if your ISP doesn’t filter private network IP addresses like your and sends them into the network people will get mad at them, or if they don’t filter routes leaking in from overseas, or whatever. As it is with unwanted and worse unknown routes, let it be with people.

            One might also consider the network should have multiple tiers, 2-3 as real networks do. Usually Core [top level decisions], Distribution or Aggregation as Tier 2 [where a lot of the ‘logistical’ work of a network happens] and bottom tier the ‘access’ or user level. Notice here hierarchy, this happens technically in networks – I just read you Cisco canon.
            It also happens in war and crime now, it seems that the form follows the function sort of naturally.

            I recommend RAND’s Advent of Netwar [not the gaming event BTW] and John Robb’s Global Guerrillas.

            I’m not inventing here, I’m describing.
            I’m describing any network, be it your ISP, corporate, AQ, Current columbian narco networks, etc etc.

            But you must have something to network, so go get your gang in John Robb’s words.
            If you try to get a gang on the internet you can reliably expect to be talking to a Fed, if the conversation proceeds it’s ratfuck or jail.

            Offered in the spirit of humility, your humble servant, vxxc.

        • A mush simpler path is for white people to start moving to already overwhelmingly white states, whether that be Wyoming, Idaho or the Dakotas, or states like New Hampshire and Maine.
          Vermont, though containing a fair share of goofball hippies, is still nearly all white, and there is a lot of empty space there.
          Even the North Country in far upstate New York, on the border of Quebec, is very white and very rural, with a lot of gorgeous land available.
          This can’t just be something that is talked about.
          People who live in diverse cities or states need to get moving ASAP.
          I’m looking at northern New England as we speak.

          • Agreed. If the purpose of such demographic movement is to create partitionist organizations in those areas.

          • Its fine in Western NY too, certainly Binghamton West. Really west of the Hudson valley will be fine. Even Western NJ or Eastern PA is fine, just get out of the cities. Tell HR you have COVID vulnerable family members in house and need to move. They’ll say yes, what else to do? If you’re in the hands on trades I suppose its not so easy, but its better than being dead.

          • Those are all blue states, or will be after 2020. It’s better to move to a red state where you can exercise political power and not be oppressed by the left. The ultimate goal should be to have the state secede, which probably isn’t possible in a blue state. That’s the only permanent solution.

          • This. I am praying CV shuts down my pozzed urban hellhole on its second wave, so that my husband’s job goes remote for good. If this happens we are moving to Maine pronto. If you are looking, Washington County boasts amazing coastline at a fraction of the price.

          • Dave, you’re thinking like a dissident. Good to see. Look at the redder parts of Maine & New Hampshire if you’re interested in New England.

        • Learning to screen out plants and know who to trust is part and parcel of life.
          Meat space, well known and trusted friends only. Many a biker gang and criminal enterprise thrives there despite Feds, so can we.
          This step is not optional as the open Internet is easy to watch.
          Most important if you can’t take the risk, you lose without a fight.
          Also as fearsome as SAVAK was, the Shah was overthrown by a bunch of college kids despite massive US efforts.
          He was lucky to escape alive.

          • The Shah didn’t fall because of the CIA.
            He fell because of MIT.
            MIT had all these wonderful technocratic ideas for Iran!
            The phrase Massachusettritti was common form of Iranian contempt for these strange eggheads running around, just as we have contempt for our idiots with degrees now.

            Go and’s hidden history but true.

        • I know. It’s tough. Part of me wants to try to maybe get something going via the internet, such as a meet up group, but it’s just not a smart thing to do. Which is why Z makes so much sense when he says to organize though meet ups at things like the AmRen conference, but perhaps even there you have some plants.

          Our side just has to find a way to truly get to know each other through friends and family and cut out any dubious people.