Cotto-Gottfried Talk

In an effort to enjoy a little time off this week, the regularly scheduled post will be replaced with a prerecorded item. A re-run, of sorts. My conversation with Joe Cotto and professor Paul Gottfried is up on YouTube. It was probably my favorite one of these I have done. Paul is a brilliant guy, of course, but the topics were just about ideal for the both of us, so it made for a good show. Some technical glitches slowed things down a bit, but even with those, I think it came out pretty well. Enjoy.

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150 thoughts on “Cotto-Gottfried Talk

  1. Looking back at the fall of prior civilizations is interesting, but I’m skeptical of how much can be applied to our current situation.

    Bottom line is that today we have a 5th column media (cable & web) that is nonstop advocating for White replacement. Also, education is similarly infected. Jewish cultural Marxism and critical theory is the new religion being foisted upon us by the (((media))).

  2. Gracious! Biden has a plan to destroy the Burbs ! Actually Cory Bookers plan (not that Cory livz in da hood btw). Abolish single family house zoning, hold up HUD grants* and sue TF out of anyone who ain’t renting to Diversity! Also the broke urban areas get your precious tax dollars, at least for a little while.

    * I had no idea the burbs took HUD money. Why you striving little grifters, you. No wonder you vote Democrats into Congress.

  3. Well White Flighters – get ready to get herded back to the cities.

    Especially as single family zoning is on the Chopping block – meaning kill the burbs with diversity.

    Biden has endorsed Bookers plan, which basically means: your dream of avoiding the mudslide by running is over. Not that Carson ever got rid of Obamas HUD zoning rules- he just suspended them; I sense the hand of Kushner.

    But you can always pay Manhattan prices in the Bronx!!

  4. Was watching some 70s music on OyTube … “The Midnight Special” where the bands played live. Watched an old Blondie tune, where midway she makes her political injunction about nuclear war, and it clicked in me that we’ve had previous national convulsions … in fact, my own father told me that there would be a race war … and he told me that in 1975.
    Well, I’m not trying to say things are the “same as they ever were”, cuz I think that they’re not (I’m pretty black-pilled), but only that its interesting to see these prior issues and then kind of smile at them now. OK, moving on to Seals & Croft.

    • I always wondered where all the anti-nuke orgs just vanished to?

      Seemed to vanish overnight.

  5. The frank conversation needs to be Blacks and Whites are different, and, consequently, there will be different socio-economic outcomes.
    American Blacks were brought here as a result of the slave trade and a selection process was followed. As a result, Black males have a higher testosterone level and more prone to violence and illegitimate children, killing, etc., and they aren’t very smart.
    If some Black person then says, “right on … Whitey owes us!”. Then I’d say, “Ingrate, we’ll ship your sorry ass back to Africa … that’s what we own you.”.
    Black people in Africa would love to change places with American Blacks.
    That’s the conversation.

    • The problem that never gets addressed is that blacks have a need to be near Whites.

      • Yes, yes, yes. That problem of blacks needing to be near whites needs to be addressed here.

  6. Obviously, TPTB wants the White race to be replaced … I don’t know what could be more obvious. However, the reasons for this are more opaque.
    Relying on Occam’s Razor, maybe its just for corporate profits … brown immigrants work for less money.
    But that doesn’t address the cultural upheaval. Christianity, Patriarchy, traditional family, et al. are also under attack.
    So, the answer as to who TPTB are would include these 2 points, for these 2 things are definitely occurring simultaneously.
    So, what group of people are simultaneously over-represented in business and anti-Christian activities … hmm?

  7. I take exception with Gottfried’s characterization of the Calvin’esque Christian “going between polar opposites”. It’s perfectly Christian to understand your election (being chosen) as being in spite of your sinfulness and our universal guilt. The “falling on knees” by some Christians may be a personal experience to their own feelings of guilt and hate directed in their own lives to Blacks. Surely, not every Christian has this specific guilt. But the media will take advantage of it. It’s all about the media … the media is a racket, with an agreed upon agenda, and someone needs to bring RICO charges … but I’m skeptical that it will ever happen.

  8. This idiots still speak about Hitler.What a misunderstanding of history and why USA is in their last legs.And oh..’ why they hate Western civilization.Can’t you not understand that Hitler was the western civilization and not Roosevelt and corrupt Churchill? Siding with Soviet Russia and helping Mao against Japan sealed the fate of the Western Christian civilization you dumb people .Can’t you not read a bit of history ?And this is our right wing .Doomed …

  9. Thanks Zman,as usual plenty for me to investigate ( books , history of ancient civilization ,etc) . I was thinking about a podcast you did awhile ago when you were musing about live-streams and how a 30 dollar microphone with a 25 dollar camera was a poor choice. The technical glitches in this case were tolerable due to the subject and the faculty. I never watch video anyway. Hope you do some more of theses.

    • If you’re doing live streams with any serious intent, sure, you should better. But I’ve heard plenty of streams where they admit using budget gear and they never sound this bad.

  10. What do people here mean by “just” a Theocracy? Or so they seem to imply. If you mean they cannot be reasoned with – yes. If that leads to downgrading the threat – NO. Thats mad. Iran is a theocracy, we whites would be as Jews there, The Puritans were a theocracy and we’re not the Anglicans, we’re the Deplorable Irish – see 2/3 reduction of Irelands population in 1650s.

    You could refer to Yagoda as a Theocrat without much reaching.

  11. The first and enduring thought on listening to this was disgust at the piss poor quality of the audio.
    Zmans seemed fine but the other two (allegedly grown men) were appalling.
    How in the hell are you going to get an idea across with echos and static that an autistic 6 year old wouldn’t tolerate?
    I wouldn’t dream of sharing that with anyone of my acquaintence. What a waste of an opportunity.

    • Z more than met the high standards of performance. I acknowledge we must build allies. Cotto is representative of a mediocre Hillsdale poli sci grad. We are not going to prevail with the Cotto’s at the “vanguard.”

    • Beyond the poor audio/visual, just saw that Cotto completely lost his feed at the end and they had to shut it all down. It really is inexcusable to invite a heavyweight like Z on with half-assed production. Reminds me of a top tennis player friend of mine who’s rich boss made him play tennis with him. ((Boss)) would bring the same dead tennis balls to every practice. Finally my friend said bring new tennis balls from now on or I can’t do this anymore. Imagine getting the chance to hit with with former pro tennis player and you bring the same dead balls every time. Pathologically cheap. That’s pretty much what’s going on with Cotto.

      • The drop at the end is inexcusable on Cotto’s part.

        Being overdressed in finery straight from 1983 is as bad as Gottfried’s straight from bed look. I guess it’s hard to throw on a decent polo or button down shirt these days

        • Don’t discourage the 1983 Morman real estate agent look. It’s the best thing about him.

    • I rather like the idea of making my hair stand straight out with lime, painting myself blue, unleashing 500 warhounds ahead of me and run naked screaming into battle.

      Oh wait, that was the Pictish Scots.

      (Eagerly anticipating Saml Adams’ appearance at the next board meeting)

      • From web. Berserker: “The Old Norse form of the word was berserkr. It likely means “bear-shirt”. They were said to wear the pelt of a wolf when they entered battle.

        They are sometimes described as Odin’s special warriors: “Odin’s men went without their chainmail coats and were mad as hounds. Bit their shields. They slew men. Neither fire nor iron had effect upon them. This is called ‘going berserk’.”

        To Christian interpreters, the berserker was viewed as a “heathen devil”.

        Some scholars propose that certain examples of berserker rage had been induced voluntarily by the consumption of drugs such as the mushroom Amanita muscaria, or massive amounts of alcohol. However, this is much debated.

        Other explanations for the berserker’s madness that have been put forward include self-induced hysteria, epilepsy, mental illness, or genetics.

        Wolf-skinned they are called. When Viking villages went to war in unison, the berserkers often wore special clothing. For instance furs of a bear or wolf, to indicate that this person was a berserker, and would not be able to tell friend from foe when in “bersærkergang”. In this way, other allies would know to keep their distance.”


        “Would not be able to tell friend from foe when berzerking.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  12. I really enjoyed Z’s comments about the sadistic streak on the Left, especially among the women.

    I feel as though I noticed this in the opening stages of the Beer flu lockdown with regard to the sheer hatred expressed towards the youth and small business people that have had their lives upended or outright destroyed.

    I also enjoyed the question about stupid voters and the decline of the national IQ with regard to competent operators.

    The IQ decline is the reason the US defense industry will not be able to maintain or develop sophisticated weapons systems going forward.

    Watching President Harris start a war with Russia and China will be a comedy goldmine for all the wrong reasons.

    • IQ hasn’t declined that drastically. The country has 30,000,000 people in the top IQ decile, but business and government have quotas to fill, so the 30,000,000 are underutilized.

  13. Neither of these fellows is in your League, Z.

    I had never heard of Cotto before and, even apart from his technical difficulties during the webcast (cheap ISP and local equipment), Cotto was a poor speaker and moderator with no sense of timing, something you have in spades. I will not listen to Cotto again. Perhaps he can write a work of consequence but he truly seemed like just another poly sci grad who knows jack squat about the world.

    Gottfied is a known commodity and obliquely defended his tribe in the webcast as expected. Gottfried helped provide supportive background that you capitalized on and used to communicate your points. I have, and I will on occasion, listen to Gottfried again despite the “humerous” context of his tribe embedded in just about everything he says.

    A worthwhile broadcast but we’ve got to have you and Tucker Carlson tamely discussing events before the normies. You are the thought leader and great communicator we need.

    • What the hell is wrong with you guys? When did everybody turn into a bitch critic? It’s an informal podcast. Gottfried is a eminent scholar and has a long and distinguished body of scholary work. He tells the truth. He is a cool old codger cat. Our guy Z was a guest, was treated respectfully, even deferentially. They are in the arena. Lay off.

      • You’re not going to convince anybody that you are capable of reversing civilizational decline if you can’t manage a three way phone call.
        I’m sorry your standards are so low. I’d be shocked if this level of quality was acceptable in Z-Man’s business.

        • “You’re not going to convince anybody that you are capable of reversing civilizational decline if you can’t manage a three way phone call.”

          Reversing civilizational decline is in fact impossible. You’ll be doing a great job if you can save your own ass and those you care about.

        • I’m crude. i concede. But reversing civilzational decline looks increasingly to involve a sophisticated process. one bullet at a time.

      • I can do a Wirth post here. Why should I rush the original. That’s the one dude who has got it practically 100% here other than Z.

        I am in no way in contact with nor have I ever been affiliated with anybody here.

        So can’t Z go by Mr. Smith. Yes, I believe convincingly with normie and yet quiet enough to preserve his life.

        Sad we’re here but that would always be the case someday.

        And someday has arrived, fellow motherfuckers.

    • I haven’t watched Cotto much. I think he performs his role ok. Role being the host as passive conductor. Guys with a lot to say can come on have all the time in the world to say it. Luke Ford, when acting as host, is similar. They’re happy to just listen as their guests make the show entertaining. That’s kinda the model, and it’s fine. “I will not listen to Cotto again.” Bold! Downright Churchillian. Funny how we take for granted just how 20 years ago all we had to listen to was Rush and Fox News. As for a Tucker & Zman conversation. Only if you’re trying to get Tucker fired the next minute.

      • As for a Tucker & Zman conversation. Only if you’re trying to get Tucker fired the next minute.
        Z is undoxxed from what I can tell. Else perhaps I’m not a member of the club. Z can engage Tucker as a pseudo-anonymous guest without ever disclosing his face or true identity. If assisted, Z can move from friends of Our Thing to broadcast/webcast. He would not wish to broadcast from a single location, obviously.

  14. I am grateful that Cotto is against tribalism. Thank God that the conservative losing streak will not be threatened by some winning.

  15. Prof. Gottfried talking about the Liberal Left morphing into a secular version of protestantism is of course exactly right. The evangelical zeal, the hell fire pulpit pounding, and the burden and expiation of sin. Plus the urgent need for a Devil to fight. Scapegoates are an absolute must have. It’s the schizophrenic push for both the glorious Communist revolution and global capital. it’s the demand that every nation on earth drop their borders, except the total power of the despotic managerial state to control every single facet of you life and become rootless, interchangeable “woke” free market, Neoliberal, Progressive Capitalist Consumers. And it’s rock botton foundation is nihilism.

  16. Pulling from various parts of the conversation, Gottfried’s contention that, unlike the ‘60s, there is nothing concrete in today’s lefty arguments, but there are also no pushbacks. The revolution is from the top, so it is not a revolution at all, but a purging of undesirables. Corporations pay the Danegeld to finance it all. Meanwhile, the dominant government and corporate entities all act like schools of fish (Z’s thought, later on), with no leadership, simply finding their way in the new environment. We live in Zombie World.

    • That’s because it’s not a political movement. It’s a theocracy – at least for Whites. (For Jews, it’s business and payback, though a fair number of them are getting converted to the new religion or, at least, parts of it.)

    • “There is nothing concrete in today’s lefty arguments.” Disagree. Self-actualization vs. those who want to stifle it. Stifle freedom. That’s real enough. They’ll ride that stallion forever.

  17. Early on, Z casually dropped in the line that everything in our culture is situational. Got me to thinking, that we are looking for universal values in a situational environment. An aspect of this, is that one contrary example from the norm can negate an argument of the Right, but one example contrary to the norm can justify the argument of the Left. Situational, indeed.

  18. 20:15 Paul Gottfried just accused Germans and English of thinking they are “God’s chosen people!” Let that sink in.

    • 20:15 Paul Gottfried just accused Germans and English of thinking they are “God’s chosen people!” Let that sink in.

      I’ve always said that It was one of the most ironic episodes in history when the jews ran into a group of people that felt the exact same way they do about pure-blood and tribalism. The jews have always been wringing their hands about everybody wanting to exterminate them. You can imagine their surprise when somebody actually gave it a shot.

      • “Paul Gottfried just accused Germans and English of thinking they are “God’s chosen people!” Let that sink in.” He was just saying what we’ve all said here. That the transcendentalist Yank is the original radical commie Jew.

        • “…commie jew ” ? I can see progressivism going on there, but Jewish Bolshevism? You’ll have to give me a for instance.

  19. A thought I had while listening:

    When Z was describing the un-personing (internal exile) that the corporations could potentially subject us to, it occurred to me that a second Trump term would do nothing whatsoever to prevent this, and might actually accelerate it.

    • You think you see doxxing and unpersoning now? Wait until President Biden is shuffled off to the memory care home and VP Harris or some such takes over. The few hobbles left on the FBI and intelligence agencies will come off and the federal government will go at it wholesale.

  20. Very good podcast. But they seriously need to up the quality of their audio and video. It really detracted from the podcast. Even simple steps like better mics, camera placement and awareness of the background would help alot.

    • I agree. It makes a bunch of smart guys sound like losers. The ZMAN is only one with good audio.

      • Sound like “losers”? You suck at word choice. But yeah, the cheap audio remains an annoyance. I like Cotto but his whole look (and room, hah) has minimalist mizer written all over it. Kinda guy who wears his deceased uncle’s wardrobe because it fits. Sleeps on 30 year old threadbare sheets he got for his wedding because why not, they still do the job. As for Gottfried, well, nuff said.

    • No matter how old you are, bad audio and video is unacceptable. It just confirms the “BoomerTech” stereotype. If you’re so smart, an hour of research and $100 will get you sounding and looking as good as anyone else out there. Some people may think that all that matters is the strength of your ideas, but it’s not true – presentation matters.

  21. I’m always confused when Z Man talks about Sessions being “mistreated”. He seemed to the kind of worthless cuck conservative who you regularly mock. Opened the door to the Mueller investigation and looked the other way when the deep state framed Flynn.
    I’d argue that Chris Christie was mistreated. Pence ran him off the transition team – which turned out to be a disaster. And Christie would have made a far better AG. Not becuase of his politics, but because he’s a brawler – which is what Trump needed.

    • Sessions was a loyal soldier who did real work on the immigration issue. Sure, he got scammed by the cabal running the DOJ and FBI, but so did everyone else in the administration, including Trump. Sessions would be a useful ally in the Senate, but Trump is too stupid to see that so he is backing an open borders tool bag.

      • Agree 100% I get Trump firing Sessions and being pissed at him as AG. He was a terrible AG. He was also a great senator and would be a great senator for our side.
        Yes it is easy to blame Sessions and he deserves a lot of blame for the Russia hoax. But no one else, including Trump, saw through the scam either.

        • The Russian hoax was a complete PR win for our side. Even if Sessions was duped, him allowing the left the rope to hang themselves was a constant plus, as it kept our side motivated.

      • Trumps super ego got him the job and it is what is bringing him down. And by extension bringing us down

      • Sessions proved weak in the test. We have no dearth of conservative weaklings.

      • No and I don’t know why Christie thought he would be forgiven.
        His Dad was raving mad in his corruption BTW, imagine Underwood on House of Cards on a coke bender.

  22. can someone find me the communist country now or in the past in which a dozen or so individuals have so much power and private wealth (jeff bezos, gates, etc.). Or lets miscreants deface its historical monument. This refrain you see among the dissident right that America is a communist country is not supported by reality. . Maybe it is something else. It is more liek a plutocracy or oligarchy.

    • America is the ideological, economic and cultural fruit salad from hell. Every time I try to figure it out, I just get lost in a maze of contradictions and absurdities. People think that there’s a network of elites at the top of every sector of civilization that collectively know more or less what’s going on. I think that’s a load of crap. They have their little patch to take care of and that’s it. Even Soros and the Davos crowd can’t see the big picture, It’s just too damn complicated. Think locally.

  23. Z-man, it is your blog and this “vacation post” is a great idea. Bravo.

    But, I would like to suggest that once a month or so you let one of the regulars do a guest post. (not me!)

    Those interested could submit a post for your perusal and you could assemble a few acceptable posts in a folder and then bring one out each month, or whatever time frame you deem.

    The opinions of the guest post author would be theirs and not yours obviously.

      • You are probably wise on that.

        I was thinking only of getting you a few days off — but after thinking it over more I realized that reading submissions would take more time than you would save writing a post.

        My concern for a while has been that you work so hard at this that you might suffer burn out. But perhaps writing is your tension outlet.

        Anyway, love the blog. We don’t always agree, but that is ok in my book.

        • Problem with guest posting is a change of styles and confusing who said what and subtle philosophical differences. Right now, we have consistency. People come here for Z-man thinking. If Z-man needs a break, simply skip posting everyday.

          On the other hand, Z-man has been very generous in allowing the comment section a good bit of leeway in posting and content. Some very good, and lengthy, posts are written by the readers. Also, folk here don’t shy away from topic suggestions to Z-man.

          If it ain’t broke….

    • If you can’t keep your comment brief, pithy and to the point then you are out of luck. I work in the art and design field and when customers bring in their or their nephews design it is usually a travesty.

    • Isn’t that what forums like Gab are for? When certain commenters here consistently post essay long comments, I think, dude, get your own blog. Always doing it seems like riding someone else’s coattails. A little fresh. Though it’s fine sometimes. We’ve all done it. What’s funny is when you post what you think is an original and penetrating comment. Then you go back and read it later and it hits you that it’s the most long-winded, basic bitch, Captain Obvious thing ever written. LOL

  24. An interview where the interviewers allow the interviewee to actually answer and expand on his thought processes.
    A treat!

    • At one point in the first question, Z actually asks “did I talk enough?”
      Imagine that happening with McCallum or Hannity or, God help us, O’Reilly.

  25. I like listening to Cotto Gottfried but a couple months ago I got frustrated with technical quality. I noticed the tech issues struck the Z Man interview.
    Still good content though. I have always appreciated Paul Gottfried.

    • Of course, we’ll all learn that everything in the ancient world was invented by the Negroid, and that it was appropriated by the evil White man 😀
      Without reading the cited article, I know enough about history that: it is written by the winners, it tends to be very favorable to those in power, and finally and most importantly, a lot of it is utter bullshit. 🙂 Nevertheless, the Romans (or whoever) did, in fact, live then, they had many great accomplishments (and many things to not be so proud for) and we are the heirs to all of that. At the very least: paved roads, running water, systems of law, weights and measures, advanced (for the time) building methods (arches, aqueducts) and even special concretes. By all means, be skeptical, but usually there is a grain of truth…

      • Jews and Greeks like Shapiro says. Damn those forest-dwelling dirt-pushing Germanics!

        At any rate Roman ruins show the action was in Rome before it made its way east, whoever those Romans were…

    • I read some of it, but it has the that paranoid conspiracy vibe to it. Look into Polydore Hochart and you find a guy who was not a scholar, but a crank and not an original one. Others made the same claims before him.

      • I guess he takes a reasonable claim, that many classical manuscripts just happened to “turn up” just when the Pope wanted them and spins castles in the air out of them. It’s still worth taking claims that we are following an historical precedent set by Rome with a pinch of salt.

        • Anything of value is either faked or stolen. That’s why careers have been made revealing fake manuscripts, works of art and so on. There are no doubt parts of exiting manuscripts, for example, that were filled in by medieval monks. People get fooled by fakes ever today. There was a Harvard feminist scholar who was recently tricked by a fake manuscript.

          To go from there to claiming Julius Caesar is a Renaissance invention is nuts.

          • You should see my resume and “corrected” transcripts that just turned up at the eleventh hours. Worked for me. /snare drum roll and da dump!

        • I think that article was great, mostly because I’m an easy mark for an article like that and I like lateral or unconventional thinking. I have to read through the comments and I’m looking forward to the followup articles.

          One of our shortcomings as good hearted, but naive ice people is to be too credulous. Perhaps I overcompensate with cynicism.

          Many people don’t care about our lofty principles. They only care about using them to extract the most rent out of a gullible people, that exist to be duped. 

          Orson Wells made a great film called “ F for Fake “, that was about the oven dodger and art forger, Elmer de Hory, that tangentially touched on Clifford Irving’s fictional ‘autobiography’ of Howard Hughes. You might want to check that out.

          If you recall, the English historian Hugh Trevor Roper was fooled by the so-called “Hitler Diaries“ that were exposed as a hoax by David Irving, who is evidently the avatar of Hitler, or possibly the devil himself. 

          My interest was in art forgery, connoisseurship and provenance, which led me to the biographies of conmen, types of confidence tricks and swindles; to heuristics in decision making and cognitive bias applied to split second influence, publicity and propaganda.

          We start without a clue, move on to the rationalization of comforting delusions, through self-deception and the denial, of the unpleasant reality, of the often brutal truth. 

          There were a couple of great books in 2008 about the Dutch artist Han van Meegeren, who beat the charge of collaboration with the enemy, after he duped Hermann Göring, with a phoney Vermeer. He painted a new fake under police guard, to prove his innocence, then got thrown in the can for fraud. 

          The working class English art forger Tom Keating, wrote a great autobiography; as did Eric Hebborn, another English artist and counterfeiter, who wrote both a how to book and an autobiography. 

          Ken Perenyi is an American maker of quality knock offs, who also wrote an autobiography about swindling gullible Americans, who had more dollars than sense.

          Another American, named Mark Landis, duped Institutions, by insinuating his fabrications, into their collections by donation. 

          John Myatt is another Englishman, who worked with a dealer named John Drewe, who used middlemen to hoodwink the connoisseur’s at Christies and Sotheby’s, to flog bogus work, to wealthy pigeons. 

          I can’t help but think that our entire history has been gaffed with frauds, interpolations and omissions.

          First we believe then we disbelieve. Belief leads to disbelief to uncertainty. Uncertainty is a lack of faith and doubt is the foundation of wisdom.

          I can’t be certain that Julius Caesar said “ Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true “ however, W. C. Fields did say, “Never Give a Sucker an even break or smarten up a chump “ 

          time stamped to him saying it. 

          Cheers ! 

      • It’s plausible though. Those monks could read Latin, so they would’ve known what they had. It would be strange to hide it in the basement for a millennium.

    • It was an interesting read. The idea that all these classical manuscripts just “turned up” during the Renaissance and were “discovered” by the same 2-3 people is a little unsettling. But as several of the commenters pointed out, if these texts were all forgeries, they were incredibly well written, stylistically unique and philosophically deep forgeries. Which makes me lean toward his argument being not valid.

    • Interesting stuff. If true it puts the lie to the modern world. Not an undesirable consequence imo.

    • Z Man sounded good but the audio of Cotto and Gottfried was terrible. I would like to listen to these guys but if this is how they normally sound, there’s no way.

        • Presentation matters.

          If you want people to take you seriously you need to appear and sound serious.

          • I volunteer be their PR / visual / comms consultant. (Background in such.)
            We need to get them mic’d up, brush some of that tastes-bad-so-you-don’t-bite-your-nails liquid solution on Paul’s nails, and tell him to, FFS, get dressed and brush your hair!
            Apparently some of the older Mencken conf. generation now believe that really only the merit of the ideas is important.
            Someone needs to tell them. At least young Cotto got it right.
            @The Wild Geese Howard is spot-on.

  26. Sorry if this was already addressed but is the upvote/downvote function coming back?

  27. This after I fell asleep reading a winsome story by a Euro-Leftist about a beneficient, revivified China.

    Such prosperity and happiness with the Golden Harvest (the dole), Social Credit Scores, and AI robots…

    (“Tool Use by the Humans of Danzhai County”, Derek Kunsken, Asimov’s July/August 2020 edition)

  28. I was impressed. Zman displays false modesty. Format suits him and he comes off lucid and reasonable as hell. Would love to see him on national venue. I would cough up mcgregor pay-per-money to view panel discussion with Z, a NR type, and a BLM activist. Hell, tucker should do a segment exploring what the hell is up with this dissident right movement that everybody keep mentioning. No ball-fanning, z is ready for prime-time .

    • To say Z is smart is an understatement. He is like the smartest person in the room in a room full of smart people. Also good at framing his positions in a way that even some liberals could find reasonable, Many dissidents are unable to convey their views in a way that is not repulsive to anyone who is not like them and already initiated. Its not really a skill but just how he writes and speaks.

  29. Ordered up my first batch of Alaska Chaga. I don’t even drink tea, but I figure we need to support those on our side.

    I mentioned before that I want to send Alaska Chaga as Christmas gifts to my liberal friends and family. They’ll love it, thinking it saves the environment or something. (Liberals are always tree huggers.) Little will they know that they’re supporting our kind.

    • I ordered some, too. If I hallucinate, I’m sending it along to relatives I hate.

      • That’s the only downside to sending it to relatives you hate. They’ll probably enjoy it, and it’s healthy for them.

        Well, you can’t have everything.

    • I also just ordered meself a bag of the powdered Chaga. I read on the site that it’s supposed to extend life so of course I won’t be sharing it with any progs. Not that I believe the hype of course but it certainly sounds delicious from what Z says. Can’t wait. I’ll try to let you guys know what I think of it.

      • Reminds me of a joke that Irish Catholics in Scotland share. Seems grandfather is on his death bed. He gathers his kids around him and says that his last request is to have a minister brought to him so that he can convert. Aghast, the boys ask him why he would want to do such a heinous thing. He replies, “so that when I die, there’ll be one fewer Proddy bastard in the world.”

        I may join Antifa in my dying moments.

  30. The Moralizer Cult Empire… wow

    Religious conquest

    The End Times justify the means

    Perhaps the Zman will be forced to set the Black Jesus revision of DaVinci’s Last Supper as his masthead?

      • This is a photo of the Treasury’s Department of Reconciliation to deal with the effects of slavery and segregation. Home loans (giveaways) and mortgage rates (0% interest, 100% principal write-offs) are being pieced together by the Secretary of T and the CBC. They aren’t looking for parity they are looking to transfer as much as they can. They are also discussing elevated restrictions on Whites. They no longer need Section 8 to flood white areas. Reconciliation will have that built in.

        After that comes university admissions and educational reforms to better meet the needs of enrolled blacks who struggle with inherent racism of certain disciplines and in the admissions to those disciplines.

        The dismantling of Whiteness will be the mandate for all public and private institutions. This means your only past will have been your crimes, your only present will be an atonement for your past and your only future will be Nada.

        We aren’t going to have a reparations discussion because it will simply become part of how the bureaucracy will now function.

        Blacks are already 30% more likely to get a gov job than are Whites. Whites make up 80% of those earning minimum wage(This will rise. All blacks will probably receive a subsidy to earn above the poverty line). All tax policies will now be restructured to favor increases in black participation and decreases in White attainment.

        This very discussion is taking place in Congress. All of it.
        Each and every year we spend around $1 trillion in subsidizing and accommodating blacks. Public & Private expenditures.
        The annual Fed budget is around $4 trillion.
        The annual GDP is around $20 trillion.

        What’s the half-life for a system such as this?

        • A long time- Organize.

          History says its a very long lived system when you have such a mass of gullible serfs – I mean we whites. Organize.

          Forever Dear, no one is coming to save us, we must ourselves.

  31. Good show, obviously. Would have been even better though if Prof. Gottfried had refrained from gnawing at his fingernails every now and then.

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