The Back Of The Hand

Establishment types were clucking about the news of Andrew Sullivan leaving his post at NY Magazine. He wrote a typically long winded farewell column, stating that he was being pushed out by the new woke rabble. Whether or not that is true is hard to know, as Sullivan is prone to exaggeration and hysteria, but it was accepted as true by so-called conservatives and the “old style” liberals. It was another ominous sign that the woke revolution is consolidating power.

The details of his case are not all that important, as it lines up with other incidents involving less creative story tellers. The New York Times has been dealing with a public revolt by the woke young staffers. These are mostly emotional young women of various flavors, who start sobbing whenever they hear a discouraging word. Collectively they become a storm of shrieking harpies that manages to get its way. These tantrums are now being spun as the new ideological revolution.

The incident itself offers some insight into how left-wing politics has evolved over the last decade. Sullivan is a competent and productive writer, but his insights are just banal liberal boilerplate. His act was always derivative. He is a reboot of Truman Capote or maybe the literary Liberace. He is a professional homosexual, who says harsh things about normal Americans, but in a flamboyant and flippant style. The establishment subversive always puts style over substance.

Nowadays, the outrageous gay guy act is the leisure suit of public performance. It’s not just out of style, it makes everyone stare at their shoes. In fact, gay males are now totally out of fashion on the Left. They have been replaced in the catalog with hairy Jewish guys in sundresses. In fact, the wide array of imaginary sexual identities has displaced suburban white girl feminism too. In order to get in the Progressive catalog, you better have at least two things going wrong for you.

The Sullivan incident and other similar happenings during this phase of the revolution puts the lie to the whole coalition of the fringes thing. If there was really an intelligence behind this stuff, playing four-dimensional political chess, they would not be swapping out the gays for guys in lady’s underwear. Feminists are also financially and organizationally strong. In reality, it is the old Progressive hatred of tradition manifesting itself as a quest for the novel and bizarre.

That’s the thing about the cultural revolution that gets missed. The communist revolution was serious about remaking society. They wanted to strip it down to the foundation stones and start fresh. They were even willing to tear up the foundation if they thought it necessary. The liberal democratic revolution is more like a redecorating party.  They are willing to make superficial changes, but only in the areas that people see. Sullivan was replaced by a new set of drapes and a transgender garden gnome.

The superficiality of this revolution may have been exposed by the maker of an energy drink last week. When he found out his females were going bonkers over the BLM stuff, he fired them. The Red Bull story may turn out to be an amusing turning point in the revolution. You can be sure lots of other corporate executives are looking at that story and wondering if that is not the right course. Just tell these harpies no and show them the door. The rest will pipe down in a hurry.

That was always the truth of feminism. All the bellowing about the patriarchy and male chauvinism was just a desperate cry for a firm hand. College men cruised the women’s studies department for a reason. It was where you could find the six who desperately wanted to hear she was a nine. Professional feminism was just the same thing, but the women were rapidly approaching the wall. Still, the firm hand worked just as well and it may turn out to be the antidote the woke pandemic.

This is the paradox of the cultural revolution. The Bolsheviks could carry on without liberals, monarchist and other types of socialists fighting with them for control. Once they eliminated their rivals, they set about creating their society. The same was true of the Maoists and Khmer Rouge. The old school radicals did not need the constant struggle to justify their existence. They just needed the specter of it to focus the attention of the revolution away from the failings of the revolution.

The modern radical cannot exist without the thing it is claiming as an enemy and it seeks to destroy. Black identity movements are entirety dependent on whites tolerating and indulging them. The old feminist line about a woman needing a man like a fish needs a bicycle was always just a coping mechanism. Feminism can only exist in the presence of normal males. Cultural Marxism is just the over indulged third child that endlessly acts out to get attention from her parents.

This suggests the revolution will continue until it gets the back of the hand. It will not be happy to dominate the institutions and push its opposition to the fringes. In fact, the further it pushes its opposition into the shadows, the angrier it will get, as what it wants is the confrontation. Starved of that confrontation it will grow increasingly berserk as it tries to flush out the opposition. It will endlessly provoke and harass until it gets the back of the hand it so desperately needs.

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250 thoughts on “The Back Of The Hand

  1. “It was where you could find the six who desperately wanted to hear she was a nine.”
    But what if a six turned out to be a nine?

  2. Zman avoids the JQ. Amy Taylor and Stefan Kozak, the fired executives seem to members of the tribe.

  3. When Sun Tzu (Art of War) was working for King Helu of Wu around 510 BC, the king challenged him to train his court concubines to march.  Sun accepted, and the concubines were assembled in a field suitable for training.  When Sun gave an order, the two favorite concubines failed to obey; they sat and laughed prettily.  Sun repeated the order, with similar results.  Sun declared that today’s lesson was over.  Tomorrow the two lead concubines would be beheaded.  King Helu pleaded for their lives to no avail, and true to his word Sun assembled the concubines bright and early, pulled out his sword and beheaded one, then the other.  After that, his orders were obeyed with alacrity and enthusiasm.
    More executives should be reading The Art of War and applying the lessons they learn to the current crises.  There’s rioting and violent demonstrations in the United States because rioting is tolerated.  Defending yourself, your family, and your property is not tolerated, nor is it acceptable in many areas.  Find out which area you live in and act accordingly.  It seemed to work nicely for the folks in Bethel, Ohio.
    As for Andrew Sullivan, I see nothing special here.  He’s old and commands a high salary and stellar benefits.  The wonder is that he’s lasted this long.  His replacement will very likely be a white cis-male who identifies as a black lesbian female with a bad case of feminine toxicity and the journalism skills of a Japanese blowfish. They will hire underlings to do the actual writing.

  4. Z Man said: “This suggests the revolution will continue until it gets the back of the hand. It will not be happy to dominate the institutions and push its opposition to the fringes. In fact, the further it pushes its opposition into the shadows, the angrier it will get, as what it wants is the confrontation. Starved of that confrontation it will grow increasingly berserk as it tries to flush out the opposition. It will endlessly provoke and harass until it gets the back of the hand it so desperately needs.”

    Here are three quotes that every right wing dissident should always keep in mind.

    1. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    2. “Art is the most dangerous ferment in a democratic, industrial, and progressive society.”
    -Nicolás Gómez Dávila, The Aphorisms of Nicolás Gómez Dávila

    3. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.”
    -Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

  5. Heads on stakes on a perimeter used to get a message across. Whitey’s been jewschooled and jewtubed and fed enough shit to choke an elephant…but deep down in those genes are the warriors who took no shit, from nobody.. The old becomes new again , a constant circular creation.

  6. That was always the truth of feminism. All the bellowing about the patriarchy and male chauvinism was just a desperate cry for a firm hand. College men cruised the women’s studies department for a reason. It was where you could find the six who desperately wanted to hear she was a nine.

    That literally made me laugh out loud.
    You are right. It doesn’t take much pushback to make the foot soldiers head for the hills. But the foot soldiers are not the problem, are they? The Cloud People pulling the revolutionary wannabes’ strings are nasty, vicious and ruthless. They are the real enemy. Every black in America could be wiped from the face of the planet tomorrow, every sexual specialty forced back to the closet or asylum, every feminist turned into a home maker. The Cloud People know this. The problem is how far their loser foot soldiers were able to push everyone else. Their masters surely are happy.

    • Well here’s my theory

      It’s a rhetorical question, but you know the expression “a face only a mother can love” ?

      Well, stands to reason then, that the more ugly babies out there the more love in the world. And I would even modify that to include all babies.

      All around us is an utter absence of love. The hatred is palpable and zapping all around us like tasers.

      So my theory is that this hatred is a byproduct of feminism and modern society and the aversion to motherhood.

  7. Brand new here and enjoying the insights. I still think there is an intelligence behind this, and that you may be discounting (or not considering) that all these aggrieved victims being whipped into a frenzy on the streets and elsewhere are nothing but cannon fodder to that intelligence, to be used and discarded as soon as their utility is exhausted. Gay men are no longer all that controversial or divisive. Hence their utility is at exhausted and they are ditched over the side.
    In this way the joke is very much on the rioters. The poor little dears actually think they’ll be the ones in charge after the revolution. Heh, not by a long shot. Emphasis on “shot.”
    Remember, the Mensheviks got theirs first, long before the Kulaks did. As much as 20 years earlier, if I am not mistaken (too lazy to look it up).

  8. “That was always the truth of feminism. All the bellowing about the patriarchy and male chauvinism was just a desperate cry for a firm hand.”
    With the right words this would become poetic. Thank you, Z.

  9. It turns out that this post is quite timely. Just learned that the internet is alive today with numerous viral videos of rage porn originating last night in Portland, Oregon. Apparently, Border Patrol TAC teams had had enough of SJW/BLM protests and destruction of federal property, and decided to knock some heads. It is glorious. Go watch.

  10. Andrew Sullivan has been an irrelevant fool for a while. He was dethroned as chief smart fag by the likes of Peter Thiel and Douglas Murray. Even Milo’s flamboyance was excused by his alleged bona fides as a smart fag; but America won’t take a fag seriously unless he’s subdued about what he gets up to in the bedroom. That subtlety is precisely what enrages feminists and trannies. They demand that degeneracy be celebrated, not merely tolerated. A whole lot of people just need to STFU. Our problem isn’t the loss of free speech; it’s the loss of free association.

    • Excellent link, very thought provoking. Much different thesis than Glubb’s. Many thanks.

  11. The heaumeaux, sundry pervs, women, illegal aliens, criminals, madmen and Muzz may come and go as objects of Leftist worship, but the one fixity is the adoration of the Negro. This has arguably been the case since America’s founding, and is the talismanic object which destroyed it.

    • This has arguably been the case since America’s founding, and is the talismanic object which destroyed it.

      I think a case can be made that America’s addiction to cheap labor has proven to be it’s ultimate undoing.
      Slavery, open borders, illegals from Latin America, H-1Bs, and moving factories to China all go back to cheap labor.

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  13. This fits with the whole Cargo Cult theme with a massive dose of substitution economics added in. Repeat the rituals, but lacking the actual lynchings, Jim Crow, hickory shampoos etc of the bygone age, the Left keeps reaching further down the quality chain for substitutes. If racism were food, we’re at the point of substituting road killed opossum for Wagyu beef.

  14. I like the fact that all these people who “have at least two things going wrong with them” are so out and in the open now.

    It’s making it so much easier to fill in the list – and it will make it a LOT easier to gather them up later. Way back in the old days if you were looking to clean house – you probably had to rely on testimony from friends and neighbors to figure out who went on the “list” – these days they just raise their hands and yell “Pick me – pick me!!”.

  15. @thezman – From my Christian persepctive, your analysis is correct and supports the understanding that this was Not a human led coup with some socio-political goal; but one that serves demonic interests. The agenda is ultimately negative – against everything Good, in rotation. Thus policies are not directed at stable consolidation of power; but at *universal* division, fear, resentment and finally despair. The ideal is for each specific person to become an isolated mass of sin – pridefully determined to reject the always-available (and instantaneously effective) option of repenting, loving God and following Jesus.

  16. Bioleninism ends when the Stalin or the Caesar arrives to purge the chaos elements and restore order. In the end, the new power structure has to rule, and to rule you need stability.

        • Sadly, much like the spergy kid who win’s the Lion’s Club essay contest for spouting pablum to the civnats, the Gretatard has won the inaugural 1M euro Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity; thus proving that idiot oligarchs know how to motivate the woke. How much of this insane shit can normy take before he wakes up and says “Enough!”

  17. The paragraph beginning “Nowadays, the outrageous gay guy act is the leisure suit of public performance” is one of your funniest ever. Thanks.

  18. Feminism is a major root cause of all this stuff. The feminists in the academy has led to all of the hyphenated studies. Feminism in law has done a lot to destroy law and the family. Dissidents don’t spend enough time on feminists.

    • I agree

      Women are the weak link, and every guy pretty much hates them, no matter race or religion

      If the women hear a massive male roar, what are they going to do? Call the cops?

      • Women are the weak link, and every guy pretty much hates them, no matter race or religion

        This is because guys want to deny the truth that Rollo Tomassi is 100% correct that women are fundamentally incapable of loving men the way men want to be loved.

        • Yep

          They can’t keep up with our perversions

          EDIT: They think the things we want are weird and perverted. To us it’s normal. I was dumbfounded to learn as I got older that most women are grossed out even by their own sweating.

    • As someone in this thread already pointed out, feminism was not an organic, grassroots movement. Neither was the civil rights movement. We need to pull the curtain back a bit further to see what the ‘root cause’ of all this stuff is…

  19. I just wish i could choke down red bull, but i can’t. Owen Benjamin’s move against patreon looking good too. Maybe the pendulum will swing back into sanity zone.

      • So, using this logic, if Tampex® shitcanned their SJWs, we all have to declare that we don’t use their product?

        Really… someone wrote about gamma tendencies, IIRC.

    • Having been in arbitration more than a few times, I’m not optimistic for them. The arbiter has a lot of freedom to evaluate the claims. He’s going to see right away that the point of these identical claims is to drive up the costs to Patreon. That’s a very big problem. Then there is the fact that the 72 claimants have no actual claim. They were not harmed by Patreon. If they want to give Owen Benjamin money, they can send him a check or a money order.

      If the arbiter rules that their claims are not legitimate, then he can award Patreon damages. The 72 claimants could end up paying for the whole affair and getting nothing from it.

      We’ll see what happens, but right now it does not look promising for the 72.

      • The wisdom in the biz is “arbitrators always just split the baby.” Also, JAMS SF has dozens of neutrals, very doubtful all of these end up on one guy’s desk.
        And i dont know the particulars, but they do seem to have a claim. If I pay western union $5 to deliver money to Juanita so she can buy me a car in Tijuana, and they intentionally dont give her the deniro, i have at least a contract claim. Might not be worth much, but this isnt a dismissed on the pleadings kinda case. (Also, you are punching right- shouldnt discourage lawfair from our side against their side)

  20. It probably wasn’t so much a “coalition of the fringes” as it was a golem, a golem that is now stomping out of control exactly as David Cole warned it would. BLM and Nick Cannon should have stuck to the kill whitey script…

    In any case, you’re right that gays have been demoted on the pyramid of intersectionality, and they’re none too happy about it:

  21. My fear is that thinking this woke insanity will eventually stop may be falling in the trap of trying to understand it with rational thought. There are now very woke generations who have only known this insanity albeit a milder form until Obama’s second term. The insanity may just switch between hysterias when one, like what happened with pound me too, gets overplayed

  22. This is normie-con material..

    No ‘back if the hand’ is going reverse this formerly great nation’s descent.

    • Nobody is saying that it will. The European, Christian country that was the USA is terminally ill. It won’t come back.

      But there is going to be a “back of the hand” against what’s going on. I’d suspect that there will be multiple hands. Progressives won’t quit (indeed, can’t quit) until some group or groups slap them down. Who that group or groups will be and what comes next is anyone’s guess, but it surely won’t be 1985 America.

      • What comes next? The only thing I know is this level of multiracialness and diversity cannot go on without continual conflict and hostility. Even if the Woke are successful in subjugating Whites, there will still be conflicts between Jews and blacks, Mexicans and blacks, Mexicans and Asians, blacks and gays, gays and Muslims, every combination you can think of. There’s no harmonious end to the Wokeness. Only major slapdowns can end it.

      • Yes. The only way to deal with a womyn that won’t stop shit-testing is to walk away. She is broken.

        No amount of frame and headship is going to turn a shrew into a wife.

        The West is a matriarchy of feral female id. The back of the hand needs to be more than just the hand: all of our backs.

        The civnat-cuckservative-christcuck coalition has already destroyed a generation of young men by shaming them over the top of the trench into machine gun fire to “fix” what those pussies broke. No more.

        Restoring ‘85 USA is like some washed up sloot selling her born-again virgin act to the guy with the boring but stable job. He gets a wristy on his birthday and she gets a put option on his life. “Those days” are behind her – and so they should be behind all of us.

        The future is building something better for those boys right now. One young white man at a time. The W question will solve itself once our boys have a home again. We are builders. Why would this time around require anything else?

        • “She gets a put option on his life.”

          As someone who makes good money in puts, that is fantastic phrasing!

        • I think that you’re right. We don’t need to give these crazies the back of the hand. It’s not our country anymore. Why go through the effort.

          Instead of giving them the back of the hand, we show them our backs. Form our own communities. But within those communities, we must always remember how we were destroyed before.

        • The future is building something better for those boys right now. One young white man at a time. The W question will solve itself once our boys have a home again. We are builders. Why would this time around require anything else?

          Directing our energy to leading our families, raising durable children, and coalescing in like communities is the momentum-generating change required.
          Discounting the current generation of young boys (can’t call them men) looking for love is the right move. The one’s worth saving will show themselves if we are leading by example.
          Also, my boys will hit the marriage market with very clear expectations based on my education and their passive observation of my marriage.
          For my daughter, she shit-tests naturally at 6 years old. It’s built in. But nipping that in the bud now will set her up to make an excellent partner.
          Men, take your marriages back!

  23. I remember a few years back Sailer had an op-ed piece from some harpy woman trashing on Trump. It would have been like thousands of other articles except that the writer was so clearly begging for the back of the hand.

    A huge portion of the piece was this woman bitching that her husband – a very dutiful liberal – wasn’t strong enough to stand up and fight against this Hitler. She complained that her husband’s weakness had forced her to be the fighter. Naturally, this was exhausting – emotional exhaustion being a common theme among SJWs.

    Then it got weirder. She said that she often gets so carried away with her hatred of Trump (and with White men in general, presumably including her husband) that she goes a little crazy. She then practically pleaded with her husband to pull her back during those times and to take over the fight so she wouldn’t have to make so many decisions.

    It was a bizarre article. Think about it. This woman was so desperate for her husband to give her the bank of the hand that she was calling him a pussy in a national newspaper, hoping that this public shaming would finally get him to stand up for himself. Naturally, it probably didn’t, making her even more crazy.

    The vast majority of women don’t want to lead. If you’ve ever asked your wife or girlfriend what restaurant they want to go to dinner at, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They want the man to make the decision.

    That’s not to say that women want to pushed around. They just want a strong man who makes the big decisions, and they despise a man who won’t.

    What’s being happening over the past 50 years is White men failing shi$ test after shi$ test. We failed to stand up to feminists. We failed to stand up to Jews. We failed to stand up to blacks. We’ve pretty much failed to stand up to anybody.

    White men have been acting like that harpie’s husband for generations.

    • There’s no denying that we’ve done this to ourselves. They used our basic decency and morality against us. Made us beg, broke us down.
      The fact that Trump’s infamous “they’ll let you grab ’em by the pussy” comment didn’t sink him spoke to the basic essence of our respective natures. If you are perceived by the gals as The Man, you can grab away with abandon. They LOVE the strong hand.
      Incidentally, this is why the verjeen is located at about hand height. It’s for ease of grabbing. Just like the reason women have smaller feet…so they can stand closer to the sink.
      We used to understand all of this. Basic stuff.

      Now, good luck unscrambling this omelette.

    • There were plenty of white men, and white communities, that stood up in the 50’s and 60’s, and they got smacked down by the government… hard.
      Remember, Ike sent in the troops to enforce desegregation.
      Many other examples of that kind of response.
      The massive race riots of the 60’s were given a pass by the media, and millions of whites watched as their cities burned with the only direct response from authorities coming after the fact.
      Want to know how many working class, mom and pop shops got torched, never to recover? Many thousands, in dozens of cities.
      White America watched it all take place, and knew instinctively that they were on their own.
      That, and forced busing, which even progressives now admit was a national disaster, lead directly to white flight, as it was clear the government, and our coastal elites, had no intention of protecting middle America.

    • Before his website was wiped out – Heartiste used to talk about this subject a lot.

      I really miss that site – it has a lot of very useful knowledge for keeping the females in line.

  24. Had a frank conversation with my two black coworkers.
    They made the comment that white guys need the entire world and depend on the world for survival.
    I said we don’t need shit from the world and as a matter of fact we could form our own nations and get along just fine.
    The argument became you need us!
    The black mindset has never changed in America, they are still like the freed slaves following Sherman’s army north.
    At some point we are gonna have to pull the pontoons from the river again and leave them on the other side of the river to their own devices.
    They are driving us nuts.
    And now we got harpy white women just like them.
    Both need left on that riverbank.

    • A simple rejoinder is to point out to them the obvious difference between Finland and Haiti.
      Or any overwhelmingly white country and any black country.
      Iceland is a clean, safe, stable country filled with nice people.
      Zimbabwe is none of those things, and most black people know it.
      Ask them why millions of blacks from Africa and the Caribbean have migrated to majority white nations by the millions, but no such movement of whites, or Asians, into black nations.
      They know the answer.

  25. Feminism was just the eventual outgrowth of giving women the vote and then allowing them to flood colleges and the job market, clamoring to break through the proverbial glass ceiling that was holding them back from reaching their full potential. It also allowed the unattractive a voice and indulged their slovenly lesbianism. At least when I was growing up, even unattractive gals mostly made some effort to look presentable. The back of the hand indeed.

    • Yes and no. Chineses women can go to college, get an education & work, yet they don’t rule over chinese men.
      Jews(with CIA help) were responsible for turning women into harpy whores in order to weaken white man’s society & reduce western population.

      • Chinese women generally take charge of the finances in a household. There are certain liberties Chinese men have (re going out for a night drinking or whatever) that American men must now negotiate for, but all the DR guys that think Oriental women are all meek and submissive really are fooling themselves.

        • I guess I shouldn’t complain

          I work hard all week, I have an office out back in the yard, my wife stays home and watches TV in the den all day, and then when I’m done I go into the house and tell her I’m going out and she goes “No kidding”

          he he

        • I suspect those Oriental women vary from country to country. Chinese women are different from Japanese women who are different from Indian women who are different from Thai women.

  26. Preach it, Z!

    It all comes down to feminine/masculine. Simple, eternal solutions we all know instinctually.

    Now let’s see… having established dominance, then comes courtship, then procreation. Sorry for the intentional vagueness, I’m sure it sounds silly, but to demonstrate principles involved— can anyone see the way out of this cave? It’s right there in front of you. Don’t overthink it.

    • All that relies on having a Community that is like you…If you live amongst the poz then you are captive to her whims…If she is a good woman then you won’t have a problem if not then you are screwed…

      • At the risk of going ot, community is only good for so much. Certainly something to seek out, but still not something to rely on when the chips are down, unfortunately. All’s fair in love and war.

  27. Z, another good article. Thanks. Your frequent view, that what women really want is a good vigorous Rogering strong, traditional male to take the lead, rings true. But I have my doubts in the current legal climate. This isn’t like a 1950s movie where the cigarette-smoking male lead slaps the silly woman when she’s hysterical. Today, such an action would more likely get you felony charges. Short of assault, there are all manner of “sexual harrassment” and other laws to entrap the unwary. And, of course as the BLM madness shows, just voicing the wrong opinion, or failing to appear to enthusiastically support the latest Social Justice movement, will get your terminated. So the advice from this timid man, to all you knuckle-draggers, is tread carefully. By all means, look for ways to be the man that women dream of, with the goal of having beatiful submissive maidens swoon at your feet 😀 Just try and do it without runniung afoul of the EEOC, the HR valkyries or whatever.
    Unrelated: Is Google censoring searches? Not by my test.
    Just for fun this morning, based on recent anti-Google articles, I Googled “Zman Blog” and proper (to me) results come up for you. I tried “VDare” and got many results too, even if the top result was Southern Poverty Law Center 😀 Z, I don’t think you are Big Time until SPLC has an entry about you… Anyway, based on this tiny test, either Google is not the evil woke censor it’s made out to be, or they are reacting to negative publicity. More likely, both!

    • The legal environment is only going to get worse as more and more women are put on the bench.

    • Your frequent view, that what women really want is a good vigorous Rogering strong, traditional male

      It’s pretty amazing how women respond to some firm hair pulling or a hand around their neck, ‘innit?

  28. and so by extension, Trump is baiting them into more and more toxic behavior by letting them run wild.

  29. It’s a good question. Is this time really somehow less ideological than other revolutions? There is a sense in which, having already changed the constitution of the country through the civil rights convulsions and having captured all the institutions in it, the desire of our enemies is hardly to burn those institutions to the ground and replace them.

    I admit I had been a fan of the coalition of the fringes idea, but such fandoms are not an affordable luxury these days. No, what we are seeing is more primal and, as such, requires a primal solution.

    Maybe that’s my new handle for all this: primal problems call for primal solutions.

    • In all other revolutions I can think of one can name somebody as the face of it with some reasonably coherent set of thoughts, however wrong those may be. This one is too diffuse, I certainly cannot name a single person who can be thought of as a leader of this “bowel movement”.

      • Elites don’t care to show themselves. Current rioters are useful idiots. This isn’t the type of revolution where Lenin needs to lead the rioters, jews already have control, they use drugged up atheists, goyim whores & black savages to do their bidding.
        Role of current rioters is to punish & demoralize white man for daring to fight back against Hillary propaganda 4 years earlier, to ruin Trump & create chaos in general.
        I cringe when I hear dudes who won’t vote for Trump. Who cares if Trump didn’t rise up, defy globalist wishes every step of the way, despite not having any incentive to do so.

    • There may not be any woke manifestos out there to guide the AWRs, but from the 60s onward they have been operating from the Frankfurter playbook, whether they always realized it or not.

  30. The problem is always going to be the Media Class. They have so much wealth and power, they can frame any narrative with any lies they choose. They can tell half truths and spin the narrative to their own benefit. And they can make and unmake politicians willy nilly. Their power is such that half the population at any one given time are in thrall with their narratives. If the Sullivan Act can be repealed, the media mavens can be held liable. If not, wokeness will be your media companion for a long time.

    • You mean the 5 people who own media?
      Jew Disney(Bob Iger – jew, Bob Chapek – jew)
      brian l roberts – jew, Comcast
      Jeff bezos – jew, netflix
      Sumner Redstone – jew, national Amusements
      Warner – owned by jews

  31. Yes, being woke is a psychopathology which will only get worse until the spanking is administered. But are there still any parents in the room to do this? Certainly not among the liberal mayors, governors, and most of the corporate executives. When the cultural revolution banned real spanking (time out anyone?), it doomed succeeding generations to perpetual spoil brat tantrums and hissy fits. How far we have fallen.

  32. I’m hopeful Aldi won’t bend a knee either. Not sure how many of you are aware of Aldi stores, but they are prolific in Europe. In the US you may know of them as Trader Joe’s. It will be interesting to see what happens when the ‘woke’ crowd suddenly realities Trader Joe’s is German.

    Hopefully Dietrich Mateschitz will lead the way in showing European and American woke idiots, we’re not putting up with this sort of corporate nonsense.

    Thankfully, we can still hire people for what they can do, not because of who or how they identify themselves.

    • Isn’t Aldi and Trader Joe’s owned by different brothers? One is for the thrifty everyman and one is for the bougie yoga devotee.
      There are Aldis all over the US.

      • Let’s get this out of the way right up front: ALDI does not own Trader Joe’s — and while we’re at it, Trader Joe’s does not own ALDI. So, how did this idea ever gain circulation in the first place?
        All right, if neither company owns the other, are ALDI and Trader Joe’s brothers, or what? As with any good story, there is a kernel of truth at the beginning. So, the common myth runs that ALDI is the same as Trader Joe’s, just operating under a different name.
        Nope! ALDI and Trader Joe’s don’t share the same parent company, have no joint ownership, and are independently operated. But, the two stores do share a common family heritage.
        The original ALDI (at the time, Albrecht Diskont) opened back in the early 1900s as a single German grocery store. Post WWII, ALDI expanded into one of the largest European grocery chains under the direction of the original owner’s two sons. But back in the 1960s, the brothers argued over whether to sell cigarettes in their stores — and eventually ended up splitting into two independent companies operating within separate geographical areas.
        In Europe, Aldi Nord took over the grocery locations in northern Germany and a large chunk of Europe, while Aldi Süd took over those in southern Germany and several other European countries. In the U.S., Trader Joe’s has been owned by Aldi Nord since the late 1970s, while ALDI stores in the U.S. launched under the ownership of Aldi Süd in the mid-70s. The chains have always operated completely independently of one another, and have never shared joint ownership — so are maybe better referred to as distant cousins?

    • Yes, we have both Aldi and (fewer?) Trader Joes. What I thought was cool is that both these chains hail from Germany, where a pair of brothers disputed whether to sell cigarettes (?) so they split into two chains. A friendly divorce, as it were. 🙂

    • Good lord, have you seen the Aldi ads in France? All sorts of racial mixing. I’m not looking to them to lead a revolution.
      There are also Aldi stores in the U.S. but I don’t know about their advertising.

      • There’s actually two major grocery store competitors here at this level; Aldi and Lidl. Both about equal in what they offer. Low prices, good quality. But Aldi does offer an “American” brand which includes muffins, peanut butter, and other typical “American” products. All made in Germany! The Brownies are amazing! 🙂

        But my point being, I’m trying to remain optimistic this whole BLM, transgender, liberal corporate nonsense doesn’t get a foothold here. It was attempted, but everyone just looked at each other like “Huh?!”

        • When I lived in DE, I often got Aldi and Lidl mixed up. (Sounds funny, probably, to a German.) They’re both “budget” stores, with decent products good for the weekly market run, but both have four letters, and were (at the time, mid-2000’s) generally simiar.
          Vielen Dank, Karl, fuer die Herkunft.

        • Germany doesn’t have enough Hutus to have a BM problem. “America” obviously does.

        • The three biggest fortunes in Germany were made in the discount grocery business. A century of sporadic famine will do that for ya.

      • “I’m not looking to them to lead a revolution.”

        I’m not looking to any corporation for leading a revolution. We shouldn’t be looking to corporations for guidance or inspiration at all.

        Waiting on “based” corporations is one of the many things hobbling conservatism, unfortunately.

  33. The early feminists — the Friedan and Steinem types — all got subsidies from the Rockefeller, Ford and other foundatons. Which wanted women in the workforce to cut men’s wages and increase profits.

  34. This is yet another reason that Curtis Yarvin’s “quietism” strategy is BS. Since modern Leftism needs an enemy, one will be sought out, regardless of what the Right happens to be doing; in fact, as we are seeing with Sullivan, when the Right is not available, the rightmost version of the Left will be declared to be Right wing, just so an enemy can be found. The idea that the Left will suddenly become responsible and sane if the Right quits fighting them is just about as wrongheaded as anything can be. The Left will stop when something stops them, or when the society collapses, not before.

    Yarvin is a smart guy, and I enjoy reading him, but the list of things he was wrong about continues to grow. Like, for example who now believes that adopting a corporate model for the State will save it from Wokeism, or that modern Leftism is out of energy and running on empty, or that dividing the US up into several hundred city-states is either possible or desirable? So much of Yarvin’s writing is that of a libertarian trying desperately to construct a world in which libertarianism works and is politically possible, and since libertarianism doesn’t work and is not politically possible, he ends up advocating nonsense. It’s too bad, original thinkers are rare, it’s too bad he let his preconceptions and prejudices lead him in such an unproductive direction.

    • I am no expert on dissident politics, but I poke around enough and have found that Zman is the only guy who has actually held a job. Sailer says he used to work marketing, but that’s not exactly work work, and it shows in some of his boneheadedness. Otherwise, for the guys on our side, seems to me their ultimate dream would be to land a professor gig and spend their days at the cafe in tweed jackets chatting up co-eds. That’s a nice life, and it’s a shame those avenues were closed off to them because of politics. But the point is their ideas are never grounded and tend toward the fanciful and flighty and academic. I don’t know Yarvin, but my guess is he is one of those types and is like a priest giving out pointers and advice on marriage. No, if you haven’t ever been married, don’t want to hear it. Sounds great but when she’s throwing wine bottles at me I can’t go talking about Jesus. I need some real advice. And I think that is where Zman comes in and why his appeal is wide and captures a wide audience. We are fortunate to have him around. Good to now there are some actual regular people trying to figure out where to go next.

      • Agreed. Yarvin is a software engineer, which is better than being a diversity consultant or working in HR, but it ain’t exactly building Liberty ships. Yarvin’s job no doubt gives him a certain grounding in reality, but he works more with bytes than bolts, and it shows.

      • This is something I have noticed. I come to politics from the dreaded private sector. Most political people, the public figures, come to politics from politics. I’ve run into this in Europe too. “Our guys” have some theoretical understanding of he dreaded private sector, but no real understanding of daily life.

        The big issue I see in politics is the people in it have never had to make a tough decision on behalf of their organization. They’ve never been in the room where those decision are discussed. Your typical elected official is not qualified to be the second shift manager at the convenience store.

        • The astonishing incompetence of our “leadership class” has most certainly been on display over the last six months. I always figured that these people were just faking it, and had no real skillset or character, but even I have been stunned by the complete lack of any sort of ability whatsoever, especially at the municipal and state level. The average person picked at random could do a better job than most state governors have done, and stuffed dummies would actually been preferable to almost all big city mayors. The intellectual bankruptcy is total, from top to bottom.

        • Thirty five years as a rented mule, a stint as a small business owner with employees.
          Several years doing “international” work.
          Now just another scumball swimming in a sea of puss at MIC. As an old white guy all of that qualifies me to keep on humping and braying with the hard bit of responsibility in my mouth. Next gig… death.

        • They’ve never had to fire anyone either or cut them off

          And yet those hard decisions are necessary in a leader

          Which comes back around. Since these government people cannot be fired, or even disciplined, then actual leaders aren’t necessary in government. And look around. And that’s what we see. Something like a self-perpetuating system of idiocy.

        • True, which is probably why he’s still better than 90% of right-wing writers, even though he’s a 75 year old cancer survivor married to a Chinese woman who thinks that abortion is OK. The guy can write, he’s totally honest, and he never pretends to be anything he is not, all rare qualities these days, on either left or right.

  35. Feminism can only exist in the protective cocoon of white male supremacy. No other culture tolerates this crap from its women.

    Say this to a feminist or a liberal guy and watch heads explode.

    • True, feminism, like faggot idolatry and adult coloring books are luxuries that can only exist in an artificial environment of extreme excess.

      But its not male supremacy that props this up; it is white Beta males’ propensity toward producing a surplus.

      The gynocracy in charge has successfully eliminated the patriarchy, but in doing so has decoupled white male productivity from the natural hierarchy that supports the incentives and rewards required to produce a surplus.

      Men have abdicated the reigns for the yoke. Responsibility absent authority is an inversion of the incentive to produce.

      Young men under the yoke are not inclined to fill the cart with more than the minimum they need.

      They may not be able to cast off the yoke but they can certainly see the futility of sacrificing for a future that they are constantly being told does not belong to them. We are not always rational, but when we are the shine comes off rather quickly.

      The gyno response? Man-up. They double-down on the fairy tale.

      We have been coasting on the the momentum of white men producing a surplus for a long while already.

      And we are seeing those broken incentives and rewards usher in generations of soyboys and harpies, grasseaters and sluts, and the predictable precipitous decline in birth rates and most other measures of productive civilizations.

      Luckily for the gynocracy fiat debt can stuff those massive chasms until white men can be fully replaced by a permanent underclass of brown laborers who are more receptive to the yoke.

      The perpetual shit-tests will continue until morale improves. Its too late for the pimp hand but not too late to migrate and reorient that white beta male productive impulse back toward his own community.

      We need to create a village where such labor is rewarded and where he can see a future that once again belongs to him and his people.

      Globocorp and their fizzy poisons can get bent. They sold out long ago. Ejecting a couple of harpies is hardly a movement that will get our boys off the gyno plantation.

      • We have been coasting on the the momentum of white men producing a surplus for a long while already.

        True enough. Very succinct too, I may use it in the future. Two years ago I made this point, more harshly to a woman… Who then slapped me. That’s when you know you’ve hit home.

        The sorts of things that white men have done in the past, the things they’ve built, the risk they’ve taken owe almost nothing to any aspect of the feminine (with the exception of being born, I suppose). Reading through J.E. Gordon’s book Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down, I am struck by how much risk there was in creating all sorts of pioneering buildings, aeroplanes, bridges etc. I couldn’t imagine a woman wanting to take any sort of risk like this, that often ended in death and destruction; the price of learning from experience.

        • In my experience women are just ignorant of why the world around them exists in the first place.

          They will go to the supermarket and be oblivious to the fact that the meat in the styrofoam package – is a dead cow.

          A number of years back I went to NYC with the wife and a couple of her friends. I was walking with the husband of one of them a few steps ahead of the females – and overheard the women talking and bitching about men this and men that.

          Remember – this was in NYC. They were walking on a sidewalk poured by men. Surrounded by buildings all built by men. We got there in the subway – built by men. Drove cars to get there – largely designed and built by men. Across the street from where we were walking – was a construction crew with the street dug up – all men. Under the street was a complicated network of piping and wiring that supported the whole thing – all built by men.

          I have NEVER met one single woman in my life who can even come close to the productivity and output of even the average men that I’ve known. They’re simply not capable of it.

          But……….. all around us these days are all manner of media claiming otherwise.

      • Have an ‘upvote’, top tier commentary. Any day now on that voting system, right Z? 🙂

      • precipitous decline in birth rates and most other measures of productive civilizations.

        Birth rates are not a measure of productive civilizations. If they were, India and sub-Saharan Africa would be at the zenith of civilization.

        If you are inclined to reply that whites have to compete against the Third World in the birth rate sweepstakes, that is a losing proposition. The poor, ignorant, and IQ-famine types will always outbreed us. They can’t help it. It’s what they do.

        An end to aid that supports failed-state overpopulation would be a strong first step in helping everyone.

  36. It will endlessly provoke and harass until it gets the back of the hand it so desperately needs.

    The firm hand is an excellent teacher, indeed. For all the comparisons of our predicament to the regime of the former Soviet Union, that regime was masculine – therefore, resilient. But a highly feminized regime?

    Such a shame that people like Henry Morton Stanley, Cecil Rhodes, Frederick Selous and Fred Lugard are no longer looked up to – they knew a thing or two about firmness.

  37. Kosher ping-pong.

    If you fragment the coalition of the fringes and send the bearded prom queens back to the traveling sideshows then the ball can bounce around on the civnatty side of the table for a while normalizing gay marriage and the need to dismantle systematic racism until they become acceptable and something most people are willing to put up with for a bit of peace and quiet. Once the dust settles and everyone adjusts to the new normal Cthulhu will again drift back into the progressive current.

    If any movement, group or individual on the progressive side supports any form of anti-whitism directly or indirectly for an act or any policy they want to push forward… they should all be painted with the same brush and not given an inch. Anti-whitism is anti-whitism whether it’s a beard in a dress or in a suit.

    • Something hard is coming. This is revolutionary agitation it’s not going to be easy to put down

    • One thing you can say about Islam is that they don’t put much stock in women’s rights. 🙂

      • you can have 4 wives if you can support them and be fair to them . but then again there is a down side of that….

  38. Of course what’s needed is to push back and swat down this movement, but it’s a problem when it results in bans and cancellations and even arrests. They’re working on making our use of the back of the hand illegal. They want no way out for us. Like the Diangelo book scolds us, we’re forever guilty.

  39. I was recently reading a biography of the German commie Max Hölz. I hate his politics, but what was curious are the rules he imposed on fellow communists while in prison: No ipsation (masturbation) and a strict PT regimen of several hundred push-ups and knee bends per day. Most “conservatives” would howl at those strictures today, forget the campus commies. Re: Andrew Sullivan, this is a guy who announced his “retirement” from blogging several years ago. Can you imagine being so purposeless and lazy as to retire from blogging? (No offense, Z). The guy might as well retire from fly-fishing.

    • There’s no reason zman should be offended this is a hobby turning into a side gig, not his job. I think for Andrew Sullivan that was his whole job as a “public intellectual” and yes that is pathetic

      • First you are lucky to have such a wife especially in this day and age, A second good lord Maureen O’Hara was beautiful.

    • oh the best part always for me was when he threw the money in the furnace and she SLAMMED the door and said I’ll be goin’ home now, I’ll have the supper waitin’ for ye. All she really wanted was for him to stick up for himself..

    • Oh my God. Way before my time, but that clip had me bowled over laughing. THAT’S what I call a community.

      • Exactly and the Community made both of those situations possible because if it was your normal Community today he would of been beaten and thrown in jail or dead…That’s why I just don’t understand why the Dissident Right can’t see that Community is the only option for us before the war starts…

    • Nice. O/T a tiny bit
      Its amusing that MRA/MGTOW types often refer to the skill needed to manage modern women in relationships as Hand.
      Not as in violence but closer to Iceberg Slim territory , pure pimp hand.
      What a hell of a society post modernity is. We have to treat our women like we were a pimp and mentally get ourselves ready to do stuff the Dirlewanger Brigade would consider unethical.

    • Great movie. There is quite a lot that today’s society needs to relearn from that movie.

  40. Yeah well,

    This “revolution” is mostly fraudulent. It’s part of the marketing push by the dnc to scare white women into voting for their crook in November to “return to normalcy”.

    The future of the revolution is the same as the anti-war movement’s the day after Obama was elected.

    • Just thinking out loud here:

      If the revolution goes away when Biden takes the oath, wouldn’t that be all the more reason to support (or at least not actively oppose) him?

        • Put yourself in the shoes of a normie. What about Trump makes you think he can quell these riots?

          • Trump/MAGA is the ice bucket challenge of impotent politik. It feelz good man. Take the ice bath, spread the pics on the socials. Troll some libs on twitt. Fight the good fight. Then back to the couch, your checkbook still in the desk drawer. #winning.

          • A 74 year old hotelier is not your Caesar . He’s a delaying action with a slight chance of a reverse course.
            I though everyone in the DR at least and many Normies knew that.

          • Nobody who operates within the system is our Charles Martel. Our leader will be a populist firebrand from the sticks. My guess is he’ll emerge from the Mountain West.

      • I’ve had thoughts along similar lines, but what is more likely is that the revolution will be internalized. After three to six months, there will be a major Biden Administration attack on white nationalists/supremacists/identitarians as an existential threat to the nation. Sites like this will be shut down and whites will be persecuted. Slave “reparations” will be made mandatory.
        But I’m not planning to do anything to help Trump. Maybe a Biden Administration is the only thing that will wake up Normie.

        • Diversity Heretic said: “Maybe a Biden Administration is the only thing that will wake up Normie.”

          Hahahaha! Wake up normies, that’s rich. Ask Mr. Nietzsche. You can’t awaken the last man with anything less than personal disaster. As long as your average bozo can muddle through, he’ll stay fast asleep.

        • My personal position is pretty well identical. I’ll vote for Orange Man again, but with the full knowledge it’s an act of mental masturbation.

          The next four years will suck regardless. I don’t anticipate President Shoquesha Abrams being any worse than President Kushner was.

          • Also I miss the edit function . Let me add something.
            You can’t imminatize the eschaton or use acceleration to achieve goals and wake up the normies,
            It doesn’t work that way and your foes are mostly smart enough to slow cook the proverbial frog.
            And note while I am telling you NOT to do illegal and stupid things , truth is YOU have to do the heavy lifting.
            Go build your 3 to 15 man war band get hard, get dangerous and ready. Hell decide what it is you want if you win so you can work to those goals.
            No one wants wants another civil war but another civil war wants you and if youw antto come out sane, understand

        • Interesting on reparations. A totally woke white chick millenial co-worker draws the line at reparations. I find it kind of hilarious – I am she she would (profess) no objection to coal-burning, but pay reparations?

      • Neither Biden nor anybody else in DC controls the revolution. It’s a street revolution cheered on by the elites. But the elites are not calling the shots and for that reason it will not gently fade away if Biden is elected.

  41. Red Bull is run by a 76-year old Austrian who decided to say no. Unfortunately, guys like him are rare in corporate C-suites these days, which are becoming overpopulated with woke cat ladies, pajeets, and token bleghs. Small hat people are there too, of course. Most have received the standard lefty university brainwashing and are itching to push their religion on the public, regardless of financial consequences.

    • Having known my fair share of Austrians, the owner may well retire to the alpine chalet to sip on wine and beer and to laugh at the silly travail of the ants below. Is it worth giving the final years of your life to the DR when you can simply float above?
      We can’t expect major victories from converting the rich and powerful. This fight can only be won by something built up from below.

      • If he was the kind of man to do such a thing – he would have done it long ago. Guys with that kind of money are in the game because they want to be.
        His next actions will be critical. Were it me, I would make no efforts at explaining myself or the actions. Nor would I answer any questions regarding them.
        Back in the day, us Yesterday Men knew that women in the workplace meant drama – and that if left alone, it would spiral and get out of control… so we stepped on it just like Red Bull did. You fired a harpy or two as a warning to the rest and they would settle down… but you NEVER engaged with them.

        • I don’t know anything about the guy who runs RedBull – and I don’t drink the stuff.

          But anybody who knows anything about motorsports knows that RedBull is all over the place in that. They sponsor an F1 team – in fact I think they sponsor two teams. They sponsor all sorts of “extreme” motorsports events, motocross, motorcycle road racing – etc.

          RedBull funded Felix Baumgartner’s parachute jump from space a number of years ago.

          In other words: RedBull hasn’t positioned their product to sell to – or spent their advertising dollars in – areas that are populated with large numbers of transgenders, fat women, or limp wristed men.

          Maybe they know their market – and know that kowtowing to the woke crowd is just a losing strategy.

          If I had to venture a wild guess – I’d say that RedBull’s CEO is a big fan of all the motorsports and extreme events they sponsor – otherwise they wouldn’t be spending so much money on it.

          • They don’t really “sponsor” teams in any sport, they buy the team and change the name to RedBull, they own at leat 2 football teams, an F1 team, they may own teams in other sports, an Indian cricket team might be a good investment, I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought an English football team at some point

          • And yet NASCAR is no better than Amazon. Autoracing ain’t the sport of tough white guys the way it used to be.

          • Red Bull also sponsors several pro triathletes.
            It’s a niche community / endurance sport, but there are quite a few pros that have been wearing Red Bull kit for several years now.
            I am pondering sending a note to one of the pro triathletes who I watch / learn from, on YouTube, to let her know that she’s gonna piss a few folks off if she “goes Leftist” with a statement. [Or drops Red Bull and makes it known why.]
            Interesting times.

          • I drink one 8.4 ounce can of sugar free red bull every morning. It gets my old ass moving .after that black coffee keeps it moving.
            Red bull is available all over the world & it’s not going to go away in the us.
            No matter what the communist scum do.

    • “token bleghs” I apologize, but I am unfamiliar with that one. Could you please provide a definition?

  42. GAH!!!
    Next time, you damned well WARN a fella before you post a link to those fuggin hairy joos in sun dresses…

  43. Sullivan was replaced by a new set of drapes and a transgender garden gnome.

    And could there have ever been a more fitting end to him?

    • In order to get in the Progressive catalog, you better have at least two things going wrong for you.
      Second-best line of the essay!

  44. While the recent actions of Red Bull and Goya are commendable and encouraging, It’s only an opening act.

    I’d anticipate that the Wokeness crowd will go after their distributors next. The Breitbart set won’t be able to crow about buying 2 dozen cans of Frijoles Negros if Kroger just flat-out won’t sell them.

    • Deleting VDare’s Paypal or domain registration is a low cost act of piety. Banning Goya or even Red Bull is expensive and complicated. It’s why I often say that dissidents should avoid making themselves low hanging fruit.

    • I think the next steps will be absolutely fascinating, as it’s all been gamed out already on the badthinkers online.
      Red Bull and Goya will be pulled from store shelves, first from the supermarkets owned by the Woke; remember: Whole Foods is Amazon (though I think they were already too woke to carry it). Then they’ll try to distribute the product online, but Fedex will stop taking their packages after a few drivers get shot or distribution centres get bomb threats. If they still exist at this point, Red Bull / BadThink Foods Inc will get kicked off Visa/Mastercard/Paypal.
      Maybe one day you’ll be able to set up a local dissident franchise to mix the secret ingredients of Red Bull together to serve at your gun range, but their mass market will be (attempted to be) taken away.

      • Perhaps.
        But eventually, as Z says, this shite is going to stop. Even the guys in the little hats can’t shrug off diving sales and stock prices. For Red Bull, things are so bad now that it could be argued that firing the hag squad could be sold as an excellent PR tool. Trump got elected that way, the Goya guys are seeing a spike in sales, and giving Leftie and his perverts the finger is a marketable strategy that will only get more attractive as time goes by.
        I dunno about you, but I am still boycotting Gillette and Nike and the NFL, and will continue to do so until they do something about their harpies.

        •  I am still boycotting Gillette and Nike and the NFL, and will continue to do so until they do something about their harpies.

          Too late. When I fired Gillette and found a new source of razors I won’t go back. My new supplier keeps its trap shut about politics so why should I fire them and rehire Gillette?

            • Out of curiosity, what are you now using? The reason I ask is that I have looked for alternatives to the major brands, however, I’ve heard that even the alternatives are bending the knee for these nutcases.
          • I bought a safety razor and I use Astra single blades made in Mother Russia.

          • You could stop with the disposable plastic cartridges and get a safety razor. I recommend the Merkur 34C as an excellent German built tool for beginners.All you need then are blades. A box of 200 will last you a very long time. I use Astra blades made in Russia, personally. It all works out to be far cheaper, in the end.
            Shaving will take longer, especially at first, but it is worth it. Once you swap over and master the art of it you soon think of cartridges as overpriced plastic crap.

          • I broke a Merkur and an Edwin Jagger by dropping them in the shower. Disposable plastic is more durable.

          • Viking razors, sneakers are for children, and action/history movies from eastern Europe.

          • I was sorely disappointed to learn the mighty yt soap company has no shaving products for sale. If Zman were to facilitate communications, i imagine that proprietor could set up a small but brisk business amongst this crowd.

          • Feather F3 from Japan. Superior shave and cheaper than Gillette. Available via Amazon and other onkine sources.

            Barbasol shaving cream. Made in Ohio, the worst state ever. Go Blue!

            Lake Michigan water.

          • 5.11 makes running shoes. I don’t know if they’re any good. I only run when being chased. All of my other 5.11 stuff is pretty solid.
            I use Harry’s razors and have for years. I don’t know their status regarding wokeness.

          • Google the message Harry’s Razor Blade put out to celebrate International Men’s Day 2017.

          • Harry’s is featured front and center at Target stores… should be an indicator.

          • I run anywhere, and I climb mild grades when travelling; occasionally I alpine climb technically. The only running shoe brand that ever fit me in general without pain is New Balance. I wear their EE to EEEE shoes, the interesting thing being the designs of EE are more comfortable than purported EEEE at hte toe box. So go up a full size. But New Balance does the job if you are sized large.

        • Red Bull may be an excellent performer in the market, but its brand of caffeinated sugar water can easily be replaced. My money is that it gets knocked down as a name brand to keep the others woke companies in line.
          As a non-American, I’ve never heard of Goya before this week, so their sacrifice in the public square probably isn’t as important; they may be allowed to continue to operate under normal market pressures. The real game is getting the AAA international brands that spend big advertising bucks in line, then the revolution can advance elsewhere.
          The handling of the two cases could be an indication of whether the wokerati are still in charge of the golem or not.

          • As an American in a large East coast city with a lot of mestizos, mostly Puerto Rican. The only places I have ever seen Goya is in off brand supermarkets and supermarkets near the Puerto Rican neighborhoods or occasionally in the “ethnic” food isle of the regular supermarket.

          • There are hordes of Mexicans where I am and Goya is in regular supermarkets, including the ‘upscale’ ones.

          • There is a whole industry importing Mexican coke around here. My housekeeper is from there and won’t touch the US product. My tastebuds agree.

          • Ditto. Reminds me of Cokes I enjoyed with family as a kid. I look for real sugared root beers for my annual root beer float, too. Otherwise not a carb consumer.

          • Giant is one of the major supermarkets in the northern Virginia / Maryland area. I was in one of their stores yesterday and noticed they had a big sale on Goya items. Blowing out the remaining stock so Giant can then drop Goya products?

          • I live in that general vicinity, and will be sure to stop by my local Giant to take advantage of the Goya sale.
            Thanks, Gravity!

          • I used to be able to get this peanut butter soda from Shoprite, which is a big supermarket in my area. I think there are a few Giant in the area as well. I wish they would open a Wegman’s in this part of PA.

          • We have them in Walmart here in California as well as Mexican grocery stories. Its pretty popular.
            In fact we near are sold out right now.
            I’ve tried some of the products as I grew up on Mexican food. They are generally pretty good though I’m not buy-cotting them.

        • I (unofficially) boycotted the NFL back around 1992, when Michael Irving pulled that idiotic stunt walking into a Dallas court of law donning his shades. I have never looked back since, as God is my witness. Ten years or so later my kids and I attended an OU home game (I had attended many OU home games prior to this, a few of which even with one or two of my kids), at which, the (far and away) best part of the game was the halftime show, in which the OU Band performed “Thriller.” I have never looked back from that experience either, and the band’s performance on that occasion had absolutely nothing to do with my ‘casting the OU faithful down with the sodomites.’ One of my weaknesses is a love for the game of football. All of the above, therefore, leaves me in a very precarious position. Good thing for me that my high school Alma madar just happens to be one of those strange exceptions to the rule who succeed in football in spite of everything else against them. If ever they succumb to the pressure of the times to emulate the above, I’ll drop them like hot potatoes too. I don’t think this is likely to be the case, btw. I know the coaches and the kids very well, and I’ve also told them all of my position on the matter. Not that I’m personally all that influential on the matter, but at the same time they cannot afford to lose my kind of support, if you know what I mean.

          • Always let them know in writing. Every personal letter is (allegedly) multiplied in their statistics by a factor of 200x (i.e., those who feel the same way but do not write).
            Nike posted one of their first losses partly blaming the virus but not the 10th rate qb with bad hair. Who is kidding whom?

      • Edit: meant this as a reply to the whole thread, not necessarily to Jackmaninov.

        I think we need to move beyond soft-cheering supposedly “based” companies like Red Bull or Goya. They’ll only betray like Chic-fil-A did, and we shouldn’t be channeling our enthusiasm into corporations anyway.

        Consumerism has infected the US population so thoroughly that our entire political spectrum now only expresses political opinions by tallying up which segments of globohomo are on any given side. That’s what passes for political expression these days – “Red Bull is BASED!” or “Ooooh, the CIA and Disney changed their logos to the rainbow for pride month!” Political thought is just picking brands now, and shunning brands that aren’t on your “team.”

        Can’t we express politics without having to debate or tally which globohomo corporations are or aren’t on our side? I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of them.

        This is exactly what the US wants to export to the rest of the world: the destruction of all nations and ethnies and their replacement with an atomized global mulatto consumer base. Future US censuses will simply be a tally of the estimated global population. Globohomo let slip its desire decades ago:

        • The stone cold reality is that late stage capitalism is incompatible with white ethnostates, or nationhood for any other races or ethnicities for that matter.

          It doesn’t matter what politics Red Bull or Aldi or Dick’s or the rest of them express – the economic armature in which they all function is antithetical to our posterity and undermines us not so much out of malice but more due to its very nature. We will not find any salvation in determining the “right” multinationals to support or convert.

          They are all enemies to our posterity not through what they say or do or tweet or pull from their shelves or product lines, but simply through how they function in their natural globalist state.

          •  late stage capitalism is incompatible with white ethnostates

            Late stage capitalism is a universalist ideology which means it cannot coexist with any other ideology. “Save the whales” is now off the table because we have to strip mine the oceans in order for the population to have something to eat.

          • Late stage capitalism exists quite well currently with Wokeist ideology. But, granted, that may not be a match meant to last. Wokeism seems to be designed to strangle itself.

            It does seem to be happily married to feminism though. That’s a match made in heaven, to my eye.

          • They’ve turned the planet into a market. Their ideology is to prevent anyone from leaving the market(looking at Russia, China & Iran).
            This resulted in global movement of people, meaning all the savages of the world decided to inhabit Europe cause their lands were dystopic, while european countries were nice & cozy.
            This is what happens when you listen to jewish ideas.

          • This is true. And that is why disscons are quite lukewarm regarding the free market.

          • Well said. In the end, a Dissident Republic will absolutely be market based not Communist but it will be economically nationalist if not full on autraky.
            This will mean heavy suppression of the money junkies and free traitor, I’m mean free trader types that have plagued the Republic since its formation.
            My opinion, we ought to have a floor (a minimal welfare state for our useless) and a ceiling. 100x the Federal minimum wage per year is enough to live very well without being enough to meddle.

          • I agree with all of that. And I’d throw in some sensible environmental regs, as well as protection for workers who have been loyal to a company for say, at least 20 years.

          • I think a State pension scheme makes more sense myself. This takes the burden off US companies who are already dealing with a constrained market size.
            That said US culture does not allow for the Federal collection of more than 20% taxes and over around 16% it gets increasingly less returns.
            With a security mandate of 2.5% GDP for military spending this leaves lets say 14%.
            This would barely pay for Social Security and Medicare at current costs and nothing else.
            This means being a lot smarter with spending .
            As anyone wanting to stop working /retire at some point will have to save money and pay off the house
            This will also mean higher savings rates with lower demand and less economic mobility.
            Good for people bad for Keynesian economics.
            Our economic model had to accept a certain amount of deflation and probably cost controls built into the system.
            In essence its a mature economy that encourages smaller scale, highly stable family enterprises.
            A fair warning though, money junkies of all kinds will fight to the death, little hats, globalists , Country Clubbers “big” everything will be just as opposed to you as Antifa maybe more.

        • Someone once rightly mocked Conservatives’ pathetic attempts to find out which companies were on their side as “based diabetes.”

          Red Bull is based diabetes.

          • Exactly, and even from the comments here it seems like some dissidents are still getting whipsawed into finding the “right” product or company to support.

            I’m totally onboard with shunning companies that have expressed hatred of white men, like Gillette and NASCAR. But I’m far less enthusiastic of the whipsaw effect, where conservatives desperately go scrounging for the opposite “based” company to support instead.

            Forget all of them. Buy and use generic, used, or create yourself. Stop building your identity around companies you support or oppose period: that’s exactly what globohomo wants.

            In a weird way, the independent hardcore leftist bookshop around the corner from you is way less of a threat to you than Goya or Red Bull or Aldi or Chick-fil-a are.

            We need to stop defining ourselves by the products and services we consume! This is such a truism it’s astounding how often the message still needs to be repeated.

          • Nothing says White Power like the daily consumption of Mexican junk food.

            “Buy and use generic, used, or create yourself” : 24ea cans of 12oz. seltzer water=$6.00. Add a drop or two of stevia. 24ea. cans of Red Bull 8.4oz. sugar free=$40.00.

            If you like caffeine (I do) drink iced coffee (heavy cream) after your morning cup. Send money saved to your favorite DR Blogger.

        • A good point, well made. But my initial reaction was to cheer Red Bull, but you are right. What does it matter the whims of some wealthy Austrian?

          Red Bull is a garbage product not made where I live and has no relevance to me. I am partial to beans and pillows though.

          It is cheering, at least, to see Wokeists denied.

          • Goya’s canned black beans are excellent. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to vote with their dollars.

          • I use them regularly…but a tip. Get a pressure cooker–takes away all the soaking and simmering with dried beans.

          • I had an Instant Pot.

            Ditched it mainly because the pressure build and release times add so much time you don’t save much time on most recipes.
            It also made shit rice.

      • As Zman says, they are not easy targets. Physical distributors of goods are not in the same seat wrt producers as Paypal or Google is wrt some blogger. It takes more than the whim of some blue-haired harpy pressing a button. The contracts with suppliers are more evenly bargained (if not more in favor of the suppliers) and they have deeper pockets.

    • That’s why, in a free market, there is competition. Imagine a grocery store that doesn’t take cash or EBT, average prices are 10% more than the competition, but makes up for it with higher-quality (perhaps non-Woke) products. I’d sure shop there! 🙂

      • Ben the Layabout said: ” Imagine a grocery store that doesn’t take cash…”

        Imagine a whole world that doesn’t take cash. Then imagine a world where you starve if you don’t obey orders. We might not see it, but it’s coming.

      • How about one that doesn’t take debit. Debit cards are Mark of the Beast Lite.
        As to what OBT said, the COVID is being used to test bed the cashless society as we speak. Its not a full bore thing and thus far not a success do to cash hording but they will never stop trying for total control.
        Frankly a DR might consider a ban on debit and credit cards to slow the velocity of money and push to a more productive economy anyway. A cash based production driven economy is a free one.

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