Simulacra and Simulation

Logic dictates that it is impossible for someone to lie to themselves. A lie is the deliberate, and therefore conscious, telling of a falsehood. The person lying is deliberately trying to deceive someone. The only way lying can be successful is if the person hearing the lie believes it. Lying to yourself is an obvious paradox. This is true of self-delusion or self-deception. The real paradox here is that we have these expressions because the phenomenon seems to exist.

For example, the odds of knowing someone who has died from the corona virus is very low, unless you work in a nursing home. For the typical person, you are more likely to know someone who was murdered. In fact, in most of the country, you are four times more likely to know a murder victim than a corona victim. Yet, many people on the Left will tell you they know many people who have died from corona. They really believe this is true and display the appropriate emotions to prove it.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that these people have had the math explained to them many times by the more skeptical. The same is true about the stories of overwhelmed hospitals everyone hears about, but no one has seen. The nurses and doctors posting TikTok videos of themselves dancing in empty hospitals had no effect on the believers in these claims. Even now, they are sure the “first responders” are nearing exhaustion as they heroically fight the virus.

It is not a coincidence that these people are sure Donald Trump is Adolph Hitler slowly imposing the Third Reich. People who otherwise seem calm and rational, despite their politics, become hysterical when talking about Trump. “He’s a dangerous dictator who is destroying the country” they bellow. It’s not just hyperbole. They really seem to believe that Trump is not only a man who wants to be a dictator, but that he is actually assuming dictatorial power. The lie is very real to them.

It’s not so much that they believe complete nonsense regarding Trump. It’s that their own reaction to the nonsense underscores the irrationality of it. After all, if Trump is anything like they believe, voting him out of office is unlikely. After all, he would use his magic dictator power to rig the vote or just ignore the result. Rather than reevaluate their beliefs, they are now creating another fantasy around with Trump secretly plotting to ignore the results of the election.

For these people, perception is reality to the point where reality is warped in order to make it comply with their pseudo-reality. Like fanaticism, partisanship untethers the mind from objective reality. Unlike fanaticism, which is temporary and disconnected from rational thinking, partisanship enslaves the rational mind, forcing it to create an alternative reality. This partisan reality is so powerful it blocks out anything that contradicts or disconfirms the alternative reality.

The most extreme version of this are the radicals that go on a murderous rampage in the belief they are defending their cause against dangerous enemies. They quickly move from disagreement to murder, because they quickly create a reality in which anyone showing the least bit of doubt is secretly plotting to kill them. Those who commit political murder do so in the firm conviction they are acting in self-defense. In fact, they have to kill their opponents for the good of society.

The thing about political murder is it is not irrational. If you truly think the only way your people can survive is to abide by a certain set of rules, then anyone trying to undermine those rules is a direct threat to your survival. Bargaining with such a person or offering them leniency would be no different than bargaining with a killer. The fact that political opposition is not the same as violent assault is the deception. The partisan has become convinced of something that is at odds with reality.

Compounding this strange conflict of realities is the fact the people in each are highly similar to one another, but seemingly incapable of seeing the reality of the other as the other perceives it. The people sure the hospitals are war zones, for example, look at images of empty hospitals or the statistics on hospital layoffs and it has no impact on their mental processes. It’s as if that information is invisible to them. In fact, it just confirms to them that the other people are dangerously insane.

In fairness, something similar happens when dealing with the MAGA people. Their blind loyalty to Trump and the old America is more endearing, but just as disconnected from reality as the “Trump is Hitler” stuff. In this regard, those looking hard at the world find themselves surround by people from at least two simulations that are derivative of reality, but at odds with it in fundamental ways. It’s as if there is a leak in these simulations and their simulacrum are leaking into the real world.

The question we face in this age is whether it is possible to maintain a civil society with an abundance of people embracing an alternative reality. Fanatics, eccentrics, lunatics and so on have been a part of human society since the beginning. The issue today is one of scale. Those leaky simulations have burst open and our reality is now flooded with berserk imitations of normal people, acting on a sense of reality that is at odds with objective reality. We’re being overrun by simulacrum.

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398 thoughts on “Simulacra and Simulation

  1. The kosher sandwich is a fact. And you have never made any effort to debunk it because you can’t. Kevin Macdonald is light years ahead of you.

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  3. The same is true of religion. I once had concern that Christians out there were teaching their kids that Darwin was wrong, and creationism was the correct science. The good news is that it still is possible for people to interact decently in society. It doesn’t matter if one side or the other is wrong on this subject, and this is seen among homeschoolers who get along well even with this difference of opinion. People get irate in the government schools though, where one side has been chosen by nameless bureaucrats and imposed on the other side.
    It’s almost like people put their differences in a box and don’t mention them, outside of certain venues, just to get along. It falls apart though in the political world, as one side is ALWAYS imposing on the other, and murder is almost an expected outcome if self restraint is lacking.

  4. While there have always been fanatics and crazies, they usually had families or communities to reign them in. They also had jobs or responsibilities that took up their time and kept them in check. Today however, the average Antifa or BLM hates their father (or never had one) has no real community leadership to guide them and has a lot of spare time on their hands. No meaning to life and no spirituality – this is the result.

  5. Bye Guys … I’m tired of getting my comments filtered here. Don’t know if its Z or who/what, but its annoying, so I’m outta here.
    So, many “outrage” grifters in this game … its hard to know who, or what, to believe.
    There’s no reason to filter comments here. This community will let you know when you’re out-of-bounds.

      • When I submitted a comment, I saw, just for an instant, a message in the top-right corner of the comment box that was of an orange color that said, “confirming”, or “evaluating” … some words to that effect. That comment never saw the light of day. I’d say that ~20% of my comments suffer a similar fate … I check them to see if anyone responded, so I know what I’m talking about.
        I’ve seen others on BitChute complain about Disqus. It’s ran by a couple Asian chaps, but Disqus is owned by Zeta Interactive, with a CEO named Steinberg … what a shock!

  6. FYI – my nephew, who lives out West, got COVID-19 early in the pandemic. His wife was a first responder at Kirkland.

    As for overloaded hospitals? My sister-in-law lives in S. Florida. They’re overloaded and have just erected a tent to add more capability. And in Jackson Memorial, down in Miami, they’re full up and sending COVID-19 patients elsewhere. S. Florida is pretty bad.

    So it’s not all b.s.

  7. Trump looks like a weak douchebag who does what his jew bosses tell him. A fuckin traitor. just like the rest of them. Fuck him.

  8. Three unrelated comments:

    Re self-deception. The average person is full of self-deceptions. Denial is a real thing. There are ways to defend against it, but it requires knowledge, training and few people do it.
    Re: Emporer Trump. The idea he won’t leave office is one of those Left rumors for at least a couple years. I’ve even seen the claim recently made by the Entity 😀 that ran against him in 2016, that he won’t leave office (under the assumption he loses, I assume.)
    Political assassinations or just ordinary self-defense: apparently the only thing to do with a firearm these days is to actually own one. 2020 probably isn’t unique, but major news stories have appaered about civilians who used a gun with deadly force (Georgia) that — might — have been justifiable, trial will tell. More recently, the rich couple in St. Louis who held off protesters with firearms, now are facing felony charges. Was the law always this arbitrary? Or is this just more letting the criminal off (granted, trespassing shouldn’t be a death penalty, but…) and prosecuting the property owners? I don’t advocate mob violence of course, but it just makes me wonder how far previously law-abiding persons can be pushed, until they conclude that the law isn’t going to help them, in fact, more likely cause them more problems, and they just take matters (and the AR-15) into their own hands. “Shoot, shovel, shut up” as others here have said… 🙁

    • The law may be arbitrarily applied, but it is not arbitrary. Rarely do I see an incident—such as the couple in St Louis—where I have much sympathy. These folk are poor poster children for the 2nd Amendment cause. The problem most often is not defensive use of a firearm, but improper defensive use.
      You need to know the laws of your jurisdiction wrt threatening the use of deadly force. I’m not an expert in Missouri law, but in some States you simply can’t point a weapon at someone to intimidate. Here in Arizona, under certain circumstances, I may show you I wave a weapon, but to draw it is assault unless you are in imminent danger. And now that we have unrestricted concealed carry, you had best keep the damn thing hidden until ready to use it.

      • Under most if not all states definitions of assault as either a civil tort or criminal offense this is true.

        Manifesting the intent and apparent present ability to injure or kill is usually all it takes, and pointing a gun at someone fits that bill.

  9. “The thing about political murder is it is not irrational.”
    Irrational to whom? If the political ideology amounts to nothing more than a feverish delusion, then yes, it is irrational. How can such a skitzed response to an imaginary threat be rational?

  10. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
    Who is asking us to believe absurdities?
    A virus can travel 10,000 miles, but 6 feet will stop it.
    Masks designed to stop particles measured in microns will also stop particles measured in nanometers.
    Carbon dioxide is the control knob for the earth’s climate.
    Hillary Clinton is a reasonable candidate.
    Michelle Obama is a woman.

    • What is magic about 6 ft? If the Virus is Chinese, won’t he know the metric system?

    • Here is a YouTube video wrt to latest findings and opinion masks and virus spread. I post this as it has passed muster in my eyes—and I’m no mask person, quite the opposite. I refuse to and refuse to let family and friends in the house with such.

      The virus is pretty much shown now to be both aerosolized and also spread by droplets. The aerosolized virus simply go through masks and dry and float forever. 🙁 Hence the caution on lengthy exposures to groups of people who may be sick. However, droplets *may* be reduced somewhat with a “good” mask. Of course, who has a good mask—and most important tight fitting glasses…well, no one. So it’s closer to a magic talisman than a proven, highly effective preventative within the public sphere.

      So why do I carry water for the “opposition”? I don’t, but I’m not so blind as not to refuse to see current valid analysis. It also answers why both sides in the mask controversy may actually be right and simply talking past each other.

  11. no ammount of reasonin and fact can undo 8 hours a day of panic porn propaganda spewn out by the media. Most people are so atomised and isolated , theit Immaginary friends inside the blue box are tthe only friends they have . to lose trust in them aoulsd bring their whole world crashing down. they would have tho then realize that they are essentially alone.

    • Odd, this pandemic has basically shown me I’m alone. Heretofore I imagined a legion of reasonable thinkers beside me. Now I am hounded in stores and denied service. Rarely do I see interviews with public officials on this pandemic where I could not do a better job of response than the most powerful political & medical authorities.

      • Odd, this pandemic has basically shown me I’m alone.

        You’re not. I feel like I’m living on Planet Jonestown. I’m trying to think of low-cost outdoor activities to do to keep fit and sane.

        • The Wild Geese Howard said: “I’m trying to think of low-cost outdoor activities to do to keep fit and sane.”
          You and me both. I was losing weight before the wu flu. Now I’ve gained about a third of it back. Damn that Häagen-Dazs!

  12. One of the big lies Americans keep believing is somehow voting for the ‘correct’ politicians will make everything better. Somehow keeping Republicans and Conservatives in office will turn the country around, back to the dreamy days of the 1960’s.
    The fact is, you’ve failed to pay attention to the bigger problem right under your noses. The school just down the street where for the past 70-years, they have relentlessly indoctrinated your parents, your selves and now your kids and grand kids.
    Religion. Out. Science. In. And no discussion, it’s all settled fact. Social experimentation on a Nation’s youth on a scale unheard of in all of human history. Lenin would be proud!
    Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – Vladimir Lenin
    Presidents from Reagan to Trump have come and gone with various plans, agendas and policies. But you and your kids are still subjected to the daily brain washing and dumbing down your kids into those you saw in the streets of Seattle.
    Worry less about who you elect for President, and worry more about who you elect to the school board.

    • All true, and it brings to mind a golden opportunity that has been presented: shutter all public schools while the time is ripe.

    • Not sure if you have looked at the adrenchrome stuff

      It’s fascinating in a number of ways but also is its plausibility. There may be a word for this, but even if it is not true it speaks to and crystallizes all the inchoate distrust and revulsion we feel for our elected leaders. It’s a singular image and idea that captures 1,000 different emotions and feelings. As a form of propaganda, it certainly has promise

      • I have done a little research on the adrena chrome topic.
        its interesting.
        In my mind, it points towards some very bad things that the “one percent” Nwo-ers are doing.
        And I think that the corona cold lock down could be a legit reason for the “good guys” to be freeing some of the “taken” children… while the rest of us obey the rules to stay indoors and stare at our four walls.

        • It’s a fact there are a lot of pedos in high places. Can’t be argued.

          It’s a fact that Epstein had lots of famous people going to his island, and we know he is a pedo. Not hard to connect the dots.

          Can’t be argued that democrats don’t treat abortion as an unfortunate procedure of last resort

          Can’t be argued that they don’t promote the hell out of abortion and PP

          We know PP sells body parts and we know there has been a steady push to expand cell stem research

          This is all damning by itself. And even if the adrenochrome stuff is not true, what is true is that we hate these people so much we are willing to entertain the idea that they eat children and terrorize them to get high on their blood

          That is not something that can be remedied by any normal means. The breakdown in trust between us and them is total. And if we are thing this about them, what are they thinking about us?

    • Karl Horst said: “Worry less about who you elect for President, and worry more about who you elect to the school board.”

      Too late for that as well.

  13. Unpopular opinion: a Biden presidency will be virtually indistinguishable from a Trump presidency. None of the apocalyptic predictions that MAGA types have about Biden will come to pass. Mark my words.

    • Oh, there will be much less racial street violence all of the sudden and the corona virus will be treated the same as the flu if Biden is elected. The Cloud People will revert to the slow boil stage and, when the numbers get right, they will unleash genocide against Whites. But initially things would be better or seem so with a Biden presidency.

      • There was plenty of racial street violence under BO because the Hutus knew the prez “had their back.” They will feel the same way about Creepy Joe. Racial street violence is here to stay regardless of the election.

    • That’s what con Papen said of Hitler. Biden maybe 20 years ago. Now he’s Paul von Hindenburg. Old. Weak. Senile. Blm calls the shots now. As do anti fa. Biden = hot civil war with ALL the bad stuff happening.
      who is strong enough like Bill Clinton in 1996 to turn it off? Police are defunded already and won’t be coming back. Cops remaining will eat lots of donuts. black people have a right to rob, beat, rape and kill you. It’s a crime to resist. And the forces at work … urban renters in their twenties wanting crime and violence for cheaper rents and making money looting you are not going away.

      ultimately it takes either a strong leader or unlimited money plus a growing economy to paper over the contradictions of the Civil Rights society: black people are angelic racial redeemers to be worshipped and White men the source of all evil to be exterminated yet nearly all wealth and power is produced by White men and blacks only consume and destroy wealth. With Biden we get weakness squared and no money.
      among other not a is his policy ofbanning private cars and trucks and motorcycle s and eating of beef and fish and chicken for all but the rich. Let them eat bugs!

      • They’ll keep Joe for the debates. Then, at the last minute, they’ll swap him out for a [coal]firebrand due to mental health concerns.
        Once again, I loathe these people.

    • bubba said: “None of the apocalyptic predictions that MAGA types have about Biden will come to pass. Mark my words.”

      He’s too old and befuddled to be president. If he wins, he won’t be giving the orders.

    • Best guess, this was an inside hack by true believers. Or a rehearsal for what is to come.

      You’d think they’d want to encourage site visits so they can acquire IP addresses and pass them to the government/deep state.

      • Each of us already has a file a mile deep, which I know for a fact

        But I think at this point we are being monitored only by computers. If we start venturing into the fringes of criminality, then we become flagged. Enough flags and you get assigned to an actual person

        • Their goal is to have kompromat on everybody who ever owned a networked device.

          Another good reason to quit your porn habit.

          • Live-streaming yourself fapping in a diaper to furry-porn is socially acceptable.

            Reading political websites is kompromat.

          • Clearly then, a tactical defeat will combine fapping in a diaper with furry-porn as videos on the NR and Republican websites. Ms. Lindsey Graham rallying against Kompromat and Kancel Kulture. Oh look what I just did there.

          • Another good reason to quit your porn habit.
            You ask much, Dane. How ’bout I just pay you tribute?

            Even though it’s not my field I successfully defended a CEO in one of those Malibu Media cases and kept him as a John Doe to this day. But the reason they, and I believe the agencies are the praetorians, go after important people is quite obvious this day. It’s both scary and time-honoured.

  14. Zman, you’ve been disappeared. When I went to google your gab feed, google hides you, like you aren’t listed at all.

  15. The question we face in this age is whether it is possible to maintain a civil society with an abundance of people embracing an alternative reality. Fanatics, eccentrics, lunatics and so on have been a part of human society since the beginning. The issue today is one of scale. 
    It is more than just an issue of scale although that also is disturbing. The Ruling Class embraces the fanatics, eccentrics, and lunatics and fashions polices to produce more of them. Everything happening now has the blessing of the Cloud People and their mandarins.

    That is terrifying.

  16. In the words of Mike Tyson, everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face. These people have a plan for the universe and their lives in it. Reality begins with a punch in the face, usually a financial one.

  17. We live in a world where you must proclaim obvious falsehoods ranging from everything from equality to picking and choosing your gender. We live in a world where fantasy is indistinguishable from objective reality. In that world, Donald Trump’s dictatorial powers are limited only by their imaginations.

    • Christians = believe in Absolute Truth(Jesus), Truth(Jesus) gives us Order & Happiness
      Leftist Nihilists = there is no Truth, chaos is all there is, use chaos to manipulate & take power

      • I tend to agree. Everyone should at least pretend to be a Christian and re-impose Christian morality and normalcy on the people who seek to destroy us. Most of all, the churchians, who are even better described as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  18. One of the fundamental problems for us I think is that we have no true right representing us. Sometimes Trump is ok sometimes he is worthless.
    We watch the world of the left frame us up as imaginary Nazi’s while Trump worries about DACA and his sons Eric and Don Jr. courts the LGBTQ vote.
    Its madness. Until we get a true right in some stronger form that we can see and stand with we will be left to our own small organizing and fleeing areas where necessary.

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  20. Z Man said: “Adding to the intrigue is the fact that these people have had the math explained to them many times by the more skeptical. The same is true about the stories of overwhelmed hospitals everyone hears about, but no one has seen. The nurses and doctors posting TikTok videos of themselves dancing in empty hospitals had no effect on the believers in these claims. Even now, they are sure the “first responders” are nearing exhaustion as they heroically fight the virus.”

    Demoralization Mr Z. That’s what’s been happening in America for generations. It’s the cult of wokeness. Here once again is a short interview of Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov talking about the demoralization of the America mind.

    Democracy is weak and incapable of protecting itself from it’s blood enemies. It’s the pussification and cult programming of western man. It’s political correctness applied to mass man, and I’m afraid the process is irreversible.

    “It’s getting funnier because everybody’s categories are disintegrating, and the cult of political correctness dictates that we never point out that other people don’t make sense.”
    – Terence McKenna, American philosopher.

  21. Interesting, there is a whole range of conservative websites that have disappeared from Google first page search results. Including the Z Blog

      • Yep, looks like it happened today. Been trying various ones on breaks and looks like unless it is in browser memory, many are gone.

        • I used to google ‘gab z man’ or ‘gab heartiste’ for example to avoid having to scroll down through too many bookmarks. Those results don’t even display anymore.

          I wonder what other stunts they will pull going forward. It’s clear they do not want normies to discover Our Thing what with all the idle time available.

          • I take some pride in this, to be honest. A trillion dollar corporation destroying its product to spit little old me. Imagine what a million of us can do.

          • Doesn’t that mean they have to assign ratings?

            So how did they determine, quantitatively, that Zman was “bad”? Do they have people come in and read it? Or they just search for certain words?

            Or maybe it is more pedestrian and some do-gooder is just browsing and comes across this site, reads it for a few days, then goes screaming to Google to ban it. But I don’t know

          • Dude Vegas said : “I used to google ‘gab z man’ or ‘gab heartiste’ for example to avoid having to scroll down through too many bookmarks. Those results don’t even display anymore.”

            Switch to duck duck go. I just right clicked “gab z man” and it came up on top.

      • Sorry, if someone already mentioned it but apparently it’s a large scale purge. On Google, vdare, Unz Review, Steve Sailer, and Gab don’t turn up on the search results. (Even if you search or the website doesn’t come up.) It looks like Twitter accounts will still show up.

          • Yeah, I commented a little while later that Z Man and all the others returned to Google searches as usual. I’m not sure why they disappeared from Google searches and then came back.

          • it’s like we all experienced our first “blackout” like we are all hanging out at the Dissident Lodge when the hurricane first knocks the power out for an hour

            Pardon my hurricane analogies. Just that this all feels so much like when a hurricane is approaching

  22. A blogger recently made the point that stories, fairy tales, the narrative, and so on were the only way to get through to most people. Facts, figures, dry statistics, and logic were just not going to work. And it had always been thus. Jesus used parables to teach with and changed the world. (no matter if you believe or not you can see what the parables did)

    In other words, those on our side need to tell stories that will convince people. And no, I don’t know how to begin.

    It is like many people today are in a cult. We need to get them out of the cult but that is not enough. We need to de-program them. And no, I don’t know how.

    I think we are at the point only vast amounts of bloodshed will change things. The war is coming and I am not even sure I know who will be on what side.

    • The stories that need to be told are the ones that convey ancient wisdom; hard earned with the sweat, blood, and tears of our ancestors. What we are facing today is neither new nor unprecedented. It’s happened before and the lessons are there to be learned so that the old failures need not be repeated. The chaos is coming. Don’t be in a city. Find safe haven now. Protect yourself and stay alive. When the time comes to fight back; focus is the key to success.

    • With you 100%

      Whether one believes the Adrenchrome stuff, it sells and is persuasive. It’s not my cup of tea, but if you could make that into a movie or a novella, you’d find a sizable audience.

      There are other themes that can form the bedrock of an antagonistic or dissident culture. They can come from all directions, and white people would eat it up. Before you know it, the DC establishment has zero credibility or legitimacy and then we make our move. Assuming China doesn’t get there first

    • The symbols of mythology and legend are essential for any subpopulation that wants to preserve its genetic lineage and heritage. For now I suggest something to do with the annihlilation of evil by Indo -European charioteers who venerate the sword.

  23. The flunatics, Trump derangees, BMs and ANTIFAGS are much the same people who believed Bushitler would not voluntarily leave office. The names of the causes and ostensible villains change, but mentally ill persist. And, insofar as mental illness seems to have a communicable quality, it has obviously reached a contagion threshold and propagated throughout society.

    PS–Simulacrum is singular and simulacra is plural.

  24. What Z is describing is a revolutionary moment. I don’t think societies figure out a way to climb down from situations like this.

    I still think we are living through something like a mimetic crisis. Think ancient Thebes, where the city is suffering a plague. Why? Oedipus is guilty of various crimes. Solution? He gets blinded and exiled.

    Our country is similarly sick. Why? Whites are racist and guilty of crimes against vibrants. Solution? Impoverish them, humiliate them, kill them.

    The Whites on the other side are best thought of as attempting to humiliate themselves so as to appear like less satisfying targets. “See! I have already worn the mask and bent the knee and shined the shoes. See! I lead the struggle sessions against my people. The best targets for your rage are those bad Whites who refuse to submit.”

    You don’t talk your way out of this and you sure as hell don’t vote your way out of it. You don’t get to Benedict Option your way out of it.

    • I think we have been way ahead of this curve

      Deciding not to play was a major first step. That comes in many forms. For me, I treat it as if America is a corporation and I have been fired and replaced, and now I have to find a new employer. In my mind that makes perfect sense. So whatever happens in DC, in these upcoming elections, for me it is just people jostling and scheming for the CEO position in a company I used to work for. Some people I know still work there, and I haven’t been fired for that long, so I keep up with out of habit, but doesn’t change the fact that I need a new job or I don’t eat.

      So we are already on to the next phase in this revolutionary moment. We are ahead of 95% of everyone else I would guess. And we need to keep focused on the next steps because we are leading the way.

    • Good-Whites, ha. As Polyphemus said to Odysseus, “Give me more wine, and I will eat you last.” And so it will be with the good-Whites.

  25. I almost decked a “woke” twenty-something the other day in a store. My wife was begging me to walk away. Eventually, I did, though not before humiliating him in front of his boss and refusing to complete a sale of almost $200. The manager was furious with this employee because that store was basically empty and they needed all the business they could scrape together. That’s what fanaticism does: it destroys commerce. My only consolation for not making that young man bleed was getting him fired. This shit is real, Z. You nailed it.

    • I’ve been in more knockdown-drag-out fights in the past three years than in the previous thirty. Why? Because if you won’t respect my existence you can expect my resistance.

      I’m not bragging, it grieves me to act this way. The social contract in this country has been nulled (if it ever existed in the first place) and it will be tribe against tribe from now on.

      I will live in peace. The only question is how much suffering I have to inflict to get there.

      • Did you at least get a T-shirt for your efforts? I mean, as you yourself said, they have to respect for your existence; in turn they don’t warrant yours. Why not rift some braggadocio at their expense?

        • Don’t need a t-shirt, just want to live in peace. It is satisfying though to see hyper-macho tough guys pack their families and move out of the neighborhood IMMEDIATELY rather than risk a 2nd encounter.

          Inside every bully is a coward.

      • No. As I was attempting to explain the concept of herd immunity, he rudely cut me off and said (in front of his boss) that he didn’t want to hear it and I could just leave the store if I didn’t like it. I pulled my credit card out of the transmitter, flung the jacket in his face and walked out with the fanatic following me with his cell phone so he could get my tag. That’s when it got nasty in a hurry, because we were now outside. I should have ignored my wife, taken the phone away from him, bloodied his face a bit, and driven off, tossing his phone out the window as I drove off. As it was, I stopped him from getting my tag number. His boss was yelling at him as I left.

        • When you were trying to explain did he give you the “Talk to the hand” gesture?

          Oh man, I wish I could be there lolol

        • Probably a wise move. He may indeed be attempting to use your tag to doxx you to his social media gangsters.

  26. You’re more likely to know a murder victim than a COVID-19 victim over what time period?

    The total deaths for COVID-19 this year in the US has been 40 per 100,000 population as of July 7. That’s 131,300.

    There were 14,123 homicides in the US in 2018. (5 per 100,000).

    So, you are more likely to know a murder victim than a COVID-19 victim over about the past 10 years (or more, obviously).

    • You’re gonna bring math into this? Gee, your a party pooper. What about if you’re white, what do the numbers look like then? I’ve personally never known a victim of murder (excluding suicide).

    • The murder victims actually died from murder. How many of the Covid “deaths” were really caused by the virus?

    • “The total deaths for COVID-19 this year in the US has been 40 per 100,000 population as of July 7. That’s 131,300.”

      Thanks for flying the gullible fool flag so high.

  27. Violence is the reserve currency of politics.

    I just did a post on Britain’s “Winter of Discontent” that fueled the rise of the BNP under Nick Griffin. Late 1970’s Britain had riots in every major city, wildcat strikes that included truckers, EMT’s and firefighters, 20%+ inflation and of course, high levels of third-world immigration at a time when native Brits were having trouble making rent.

    France has had the recent Yellow Vest protests but the 1968 French general strike was lit AF by comparison:

    The sequel in 1995 was effective as well:
    See also the Northern Irish general strike of 1974

    Given our “special” status in the political sphere, we’re stuck at home eating the popcorn rather than organizing these kinds of protests at this point.

    Enjoy the schadenfreude for now but also be taking notes. As things increasingly fall apart during our upcoming Make America Great Depression and the mud golem further slips its chains, some lanes are going to open up for us.

    Like 1920’s-30’s Germany you’re seeing unrest in America from both the Right and Left, nascent and confused as it is right now. New coalitions can form out of this kind of chaos. The status quo is failing.

    The center doesn’t hold in these situations and people get pushed to the extremes. Standing on the far Right high ground looks a lot better right now than it did a few years ago.

    • These protestors are not armed to the teeth either

      And yet even without their guns they can get more of what they want through mass protest

      While we sit back and take it but are well armed and yet we really get nothing.

      Guns have their place, obviously, but thinking they will ensure you get what you want democratically has been a huge mistake on our part

      • I’ll steal Enoch’s take again – the problem with guns in politics is that they only work when you use them. Otherwise they’re a liability.

        Big Other and its footsoldiers know 99% of 2A’s are not going to risk being jailed for murder, terrorism, etc… so they send the feral heroin-addicted bisexual Jewish anarchists at you hoping someone pulls a trigger.

        Armed demonstrations were more useful in 20th century America. The 21st century left has enough outright nihilists who DGAF to call that bluff and they have the cops on their side. Unless your local cops will back you, for sure, don’t bother with the guns.

        • …or a friendly State Attorney General.

          Everyone needs to be armed to the teeth, but avoid situations where force might be necessary and use deadly force only when your life or the lives of your family are in peril. There is no liability at all to having firearms as an option for self-defense–just the opposite. There is liability to using firearms unwisely. Enoch is full of shit if he doesn’t catch that difference.
          ETA: The same applies to physical self-defense. There are two Proud Boys in prison because they defended themselves while being assaulted. Yet there are times when beating the shit out of someone, primarily in self-defense, is also the better option. I don’t have enough information about the Proud Boy situation but apparently they were acting as body guards to protect a speech. So there is a cost/benefit analysis there as well but, again, not enough info.

          • Enoch has a different inclination re: guns compared with me – I grew up with them and he’s both an urbanite and someone who Shlomo would love to tag with a gun charge, so he avoids them for that reason as well.

            He knows the legal distinctions well enough – he’s described them in some detail. But keep in mind he’s also addressing the beyond-black-letter realities of what happens when DR’s go to court. Practically speaking, there is liability for DR’s using their firearms for self-defense.

            Any of Our Guys have to weigh the very likely chance that they will be jailed even if they were complying with every self-defense exception to the letter. I’d personally rather assume that risk – better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it – but we shouldn’t assume that complying with the law = a just outcome.

          • Understood. The bottom line, as you write, is not having guns under present circumstances is a surefire prescription for possible/probable death and mayhem vs. possible/probable legal persecution. I know many urbanites who have elected to be armed, and while Enoch is a bigger target, Shlomo would be pleased to see those guys dead or jailed as well.

        • My thoughts keep coming back to those beltway snipers. They shut down Washington for several weeks and were very hard to catch. Plus, i have been contemplating getting a Diagnosed-with-pancreatic cancer-list, a DWPCL. Really need a more catchy acronym. Conservatives have taken alot of heat here. But they did hold the line on the 2nd. Brevik and mcviegh set them back on their heels. Imagine if 1000 of them popped up. We have heard of the 3%ers. When do we hear from the real nuts. The 0.003%ers

          • I’ll continue to give conservatives heat. Holding somewhat of a line on the 2A has not been nearly enough. Clown World marches on and over us.

            Shlomo isn’t worried about leaving 2A Boomers their collectibles that will never be used in anger and to the extent some outlier does go psycho, it only makes Shlomo’s job easier.

            #WhiteStrike and reducing your need for shekels is a lot more effective vs. the System than anything you can accomplish with a gun.

            So many guys cling to the armed revolution dream when what we really need are guys willing to risk their jobs or simply move to a rural community.

          • As communities form and begin to network imposing “costs” on the Beast can take a variety of forms.

      • What Exile said.

        <i>Guns have their place, obviously, but thinking they will ensure you get what you want democratically has been a huge mistake on our part</i>

        More than a mistake. It’s a crutch, lulling people into a false sense of safety: if the political options run out, we’ll always have a last resort. This cultivates defensive thinking, a bunker mentality that allows you to disengage from politics.

        The alt-right won bigly because they were on the attack; we should not be defending our statues, we should be toppling theirs.

        (Metaphorically, mind you. Don’t go after MLK just yet.)

        • Disengagement from politics and personal self-protection are different issues. In the USA’s current environment, it is an act of suicidal insanity not to have self-protection as an option. And to be frank, a good case can be made that engagement in United States politics legitimizes a corrupt and transparently fraudulent system. I still urge exploiting the political system whenever possible to sow chaos, but see the counter argument.

          • If the system is the boat then an engaged citizenry is its wind

            They need our wind in their sails

            Disengagement leaves them powerless. They need us to vote in just enough numbers to lend legitimacy, mostly on the international stage, to their regime. Deprive them of wind, and I bet they come begging.

          • Your argument is a good one, but my best guess is Trump’s re-election would be the greatest accelerant ever poured onto a dumpster fire. Chaos almost certainly will ensue. It probably won’t be tanks in the street as much as everything going dark after a point. Regardless, this will be the last American election that passes the straight face test, and even that may be generous.

        • I ask all of those who scoff at 2A this simple question: would you prefer we be unarmed?

          • If I moved to America, I would probably want to own a firearm for home defense, depending on where I lived. But if I could wave a wand and magically disappear all ordnance not in government service, I’d give it a serious consideration.

            Here’s some food for thought: no Swedish cop has ever been killed by an immigrant. It’s probably going to change soon, but there you have it.

          • Alas, Great Britain is gun control central, yet in recent years London was more violent than New York. And on top of that, there’s nothing British subjects can do when their Bolsheviks decide to arrest a 12-year-old boy for racist tweets.

          • You need to be armed but you can’t get overly dependent

            Because once they start tossing firebombs into your house and your ammo goes kaboom. Or they kidnap your kids.

            If it does get into conflict, we are going to need a lot more than lots of guns. We will need an actual armory that can withstand their crap, we need bunkers for families, etc. We need forts, essentially. We need land. We need water.

          • Once conflict comes–and I’m afraid it is a matter of when, not if–nothing will matter at all unless we have guns and ammo. That’s where it all starts.

        • Thanks Felix!!!

          You said what I was trying to say

          “a crutch” and “lulling in a false sense of safety”

        • Felix, we have a statue of Pancho Villa right here in our downtown public park. It could go down as easily as any of the Anglo hero’s statues can.

    • Open and organized violence against you and your racial group focuses the mind. There is indeed a great sorting underway now.

  28. With regards to the Trump bashing, Z – you have to shit or get off the pot. According to you (and I concur) – the Left is ginning itself up for political murder. Guys like you and I are viable threats and targets to them.
    What do you expect Trump to do for you? Are you and the dissidents prepared to go to war with him if he starts the civil war that the left is jonesing for? What do you expect him to do against activist judges that infest the judiciary right up to and including the supremes? What do you expect him to do about blacks that won’t set off a race war?
    His job is to unify the nation. Considering that one third of the country is ginning itself up to murder the other third, while the remaining third stands by and watches… he has done a truly spectacular job.

    • We don’t have a nation. So there is nothing to unify

      You have to start with that correct premise

      What we have are distinct racial blocs that are going to be forming into their own societies. Those societies are the nations. You are never going to have a guy who can unify them. Never going to happen

      • Agreed – but tangential.
        For now, Americans are sharing currency, roads, and gubbermint as a nation, and Trump’s job is to keep it that way until We The People give him a formal mandate to change that.
        Some people are seeing America’s future as that of Brazil. I am seeing a bloody balkanization myself.

        • We the People gave him a mandate to build a Wall, curtail immigration, move manufacturing and our troops home and drain the Swamp.

          He gave Sheldon Adelson a tax cut, washed Kanye’s feet and yelled at Africans for being mean to fags.

          • Trump’s defenders say that he couldn’t be successful because of the Deep State, the Swamp, the Courts, etc. That’s true, to an extent. But Trump never even tries. One of countless examples: he said he was going to issue an executive order to end birthright citizenship. But, of course, he didn’t. If he had, it may not have survived court challenges. But we could have said, “well, at least he tried.” But he didn’t even try.

            If Trump was cutting deals and getting some of what he said he wanted and giving in on other things, I would defend him against ideological purists on the basis that it would be more than we have gotten from anyone else. But Trump always gives in without getting anything in return.

        • Some people are seeing America’s future as that of Brazil. I am seeing a bloody balkanization myself.

          DAMN! But I hope you’re wrong. Don’t THINK you are but {sigh} I can still hope.

      • Well there are two distinctive racial blocks fighting. The whites and the other whites. That and the ((( ))) faction.

  29. Ah, people? Perception truly IS reality. Locked as we are within vault of bone, our only contact with “reality” is via our sensorium as filtered by our perceptual apparatus. There is – nor can there be – no other “reality” – period. At best we share a consensual reality. It occurs to me that the so called “insane” are not zo much INsane as DIFFERENTLY (otherly?) sane.

    And someone CAN deceive themselves if they choose to do so. I’m reminded of the exchange between Alice and the Red Queen in Carroll’s immortal “Through The Looking Glass”

    “There’s no use trying,” [Alice] said: “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

    I am increasingly convinced that – physical reality (streets, roads,rivers mountains, continents, etc.) aside – folks on the left inhabit a completely different perceptual universe than do we.

    I once wondered if O’Bozo would quietly leave back in 2017. I believed (still do, truth be told even if the point is long since been mooted) that O’Bozo was not constitutionally qualified to be POTUS since he had been born in Kenya. That being the case he assumed the office of POTUS by means of a coup. It is a well accepted principle that men who ascend to power via a coup seldom relinquish it willingly or peacefully. It was (for me at least) somewhat of a pleasant surprise when he and Moooshell calmly and quietly vacated the White House on that day in January.

    I am one who will probably not believe the results of the coming general election if Trump loses if for no other reason than that the Democrat party (as least here in Texas) has a long history/tradition of election chicanery. In 2016 there were multiple documented instances of voting districts where more votes were cast than there were registered voters. There were also documented instances of 100% of the vote going to one or the other of the candidates. I fully expect the Democrats to pull out all the stops and leave no fraudulent stone unturned in their effort to elect Gropey Joe.

    Please note that I am not a Trump partisan or fan. I just think he was by far preferable to the alternative back in 2016 and that he will still be the less objectionable alternative come this November. If the only two alternatives are “bad” vs “awful”, then “bad” gets my (reluctant) vote. For years, the process for me has been to figure out which candidate I think ought to be shot first – then vote for the other one!

    • Barack and Michelle calmly and quietly left the White House in 2017, but left their henchmen in high government places to do their coup-related dirty work for them. All the familiar names. In a sense, they never really did leave. But he wussed out by pretending to keep his own hands clean while the others still in place to do the dirty work. Because that’s the kind of person he is.

      • Oh come now.
        Barry Soetoro was a puppet. Doing his masters’ bidding.
        The guy couldn’t navigate his way out of a paper bag with a compass, flashlight, and the North Star pointed out to him.
        And remember: he is also a musloid who “plays for the other team.”
        in time, those points will be revealed.

    • I’m starting to doubt that the election results can even be properly tallied and certified. Also think of what must be going through the minds of the electors (Electoral College). A judge who was part of the Epstein case just had her son murdered in a well planned hit that included the hit man being dressed up in a fake Fed-Ex uniform. Then the hit man “commits suicide”. Everyone responsible for vote counting must be wondering if they will also be vulnerable to this kind of thing. Add to this the known problems with illegals voting and the chaos introduced by the Corona restrictions. I doubt that anyone will take the outcome seriously and at that point the US might well fragment right then and there.

  30. Not that it helps much at this point but in the interest of identifying root causes I think it is clear that allowing women to vote on anything but school lunch menus was a fatal blow to the republic. You could look at it another way and assume responsibility, we failed to recognize the opportunity represented by manipulating women’s emotions for political gain. That opportunity still exists since their nature is unchanging. What buttons to push? Fundamentals to keep in mind, they HATE HATE HATE assuming moral responsibility for anything, the mental gymnastics to avoid it are amazing to observe and the trait is almost universal.

      • I’m focused on how to use ‘what is’ to our political advantage. We can worry about ‘what should be’ if and when we are ever in the driver’s seat again.

        • Human nature hasn’t changed and I’d bet most of the current mess has been caused by going against it.

        • Modern women spend 10+ years “on a diet” and (if they do lose weight) fail to keep it off for more than a month or two. It’s kinda retarded.

    • It stopped being a Republic some time ago and then became a money making enterprise and basically a landholding corporation like the East India Company

      I know when my people came here in the 1900s that it was not a republic in the sense we think of. There were vestiges of the Republic, mainly because the people from the days of the Republic were numerous and you couldn’t just make them go away. But at the governmental level it had become a corporation and the immigrants were brought here as little more than employees to bring wealth to the shareholders in exchange for decent money and a house. Fine by me. In Europe they used to do that to entice people to a land that had strategic military value so they would pay you and give you land to develop it. Nothing really ever changes.

      People say the Republic died with the Civil War. Probably correct

    • “…they HATE HATE HATE assuming moral responsibility for anything, the mental gymnastics to avoid it are amazing to observe…” Truer words have never been spoken…

  31. Again, social media is a YUGE culprit in this mess. It allows every insane partisan fanatic to confirm and revel in their insanity with other like minded tards. Just like the juvenile jogger who is causing TJs to roll over and wet themselves due to raciss packaging or something. It is truly the work of the devil.

    • Social media is the best thing that has happened to freedom of speech since the typeset press.

      Without social media, Hillary Clinton would be president.

      • Some mediums have their good points, such as this place. But the twitters and instagrams are truly the lunatic fringe. Frankly, enough people realized hrc would have been a nightmare, social media or no.

          • Seriously, anyone in this country who pays attention to politics and the Clinton crime foundation for the past 25+ years has known she was a big time psycho – even more so than good ‘ole slick willy himself.

      • “Without social media, Hillary Clinton would be president.”

        Without social media, how much traction would BLM have gained?

  32. We are being overrun by the the new ability of the fringe to communicate. There were just as many people with their own thoughts 50 years but they were separated and did not have the ability to organize.
    They were just multiple points on a map in any town, city, county, state, across America.
    The internet has molded them into one, not just locally or nationally, but globally. Floyd Boy hysteria went international. How amazing is that.
    Separate they could not react and attack as whole. United, well, I see no end in sight.

    • True.

      Also, our women are extraordinarily susceptible to to lunatic partisanship. The most zealous promoters of the flu are shitlib women who are using it to pose as heroes and brave victims to feed their emotions.
      When you see an entire electoral demographic throwing out observable realities in favour of drama and histrionics – I will guarantee you that the majority of that demographic are women.

      • Check out the video of the cupcake with the tape measure at the beach that I posted up thread.

      • “…women are extraordinarily susceptible to lunatic partisanship”
        Bingo. Worsened by the feminization of males. The most obnoxious femi-nazis, in my personal experience, have been males.
        These are the guys who should have been bullied correctly in school, as they were in saner times.
        We need physical bullying back.

        • Getting bullied was great for me; it thickened my skin and quickened my wit. Plus, some of the shit we called each other in high school still makes me bust out laughing a decade later.

          • Yep, but we used to call it hazing

            It’s critical to coming out of your childhood as a normal functioning young man

    • Mass media strongly influences the minds of the people who virtue signal on the internet. Whichever side controls the mass media wins.

  33. > Their blind loyalty to Trump and the old America is more endearing, but just as disconnected from reality as the “Trump is Hitler” stuff. 
    You just wait. Barr is going to blow this thing wide open and all the demonrats are going down. Trust the plan.

    • From your keyboard to God’s ears but wait – I thought GW Bush was “Hitler” or was that “McChimpyBushHitlerHalliburton”, okay then but I heard GHW Bush was “Hitler” & before him Reagan was “Hitler”…
      See the pattern? According to the Left EVERY REPUBLICAN IS “HITLER”!!!
      Tired, worn out tripe along with the “racist” label.
      Sidenote: agree Barr & Durham: heads will roll.

  34. To add to the comment re empty hospitals…my wife is an APP at a local hospital…she along with hundreds of others was furloughed in May, then she received a new contract with a 10% pay reduction, on Thursday 7/16 she was laid off.
    That evening I had dinner with a former colleague who informed me the hospital had received $40 million in bailout money in June.
    This type of stuff is happening everywhere.

    • As ZMan would say, it’s the big bust out

      My Uncle is a doctor and the crap he’s telling my parents and them relaying to me is unbelievable

        • Just the basics. How they are inflating numbers for extra money. And how the money is going to peoples’ heads and it’s like a situation where they are competing like salesmen to see who can who can reach the highest sales quota for the month. And in some cases it’s the opposite, because the guidelines relax as cases go down so there is incentive to not test people. The medical profession is a racket.

  35. Do you mean like the lie known as the “American Dream”? 
    It’s interesting that this term was only recently coined by James Adams in his 1931 book “Epic of America” where he described it as “…that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.”. 
    The American Dream is now nothing more than a dystopian reality. A nightmare existence rather than a dream to be realized as the world watches in disbelief.
    Believe me when I say, there was a time when Europeans believed America was the light that lead the way. Today, it seems to be a light descending into a Rabbit hole of insanity, void of direction or reason and growing dimmer every day.
    One wonders who is the more deranged and self deluded; American politicians in office or the American people who keep voting for them.

      • No, it’s not. It’s a matter of perspective.

        If you lived through an exhausting world war in which many of your friends and relatives died, or a crippling recession/depression… the idea of a small house, a mortgage, cutting the grass and shining the car on weekends would be bliss.

        • Glen, there have been wars throughout human existence. And people didn’t merely have friends and relatives die – they had their own immediate family members raped and murdered in front of them. They didn’t experience a depression but an occupation and a life of impoverished servitude. The ‘American’ lifestyle was a brief and artificial and unsustainable period in human history.

    • If you think voting is the only option and we have no real choices on either side, what do you propose Americans to do?
      As I write this I notice Merkel is still in office. Do you have something better in the pipeline to replace her?

      • Germans have the American problem, but worse. America is the tyranny of the present, but Americans have some vague memories of a past where things were not as they are now. There was a better time. The hope is to return to that better time. Germans, in contrast, have only one memory and they must fee from it until exhaustion.

        That’s why Merkel will die in office. Germans have no past, so they have no future.

        • Have known quite a few Germans. They positively wallowed in their guilt. It was practically a competition among them as to who could be the most ashamed of their past, which in their minds, consisted only of the years 1933 to 1945. The other couple of thousand years didn’t matter.

          I used to feel bad for them. Now, we’re the same. Our past is slavery, stealing land, oppressing women (though I suspect that this will get dropped due to being associated with White women), and Jim Crow, nothing else. Pathetic.

          • I read a piece from Putin about WWII someplace. One thing of interest was how he spoke of the Commies: `Look, there is a lot for them to answer for, but as a historical period in a nation with a 1,000 year history, we will leave it at that.’ Prudent.

          • In his mind, there’s no difference in murdering 20-million peasants vs. 6-million intellectuals. The Nazi’s wasted the best and brightest of our Grandfathers on both fronts. And topped it off by murdering bankers and business men who contributed to the financial stability of our country.
            Everyone seems to forget it was German of all religions who brought us out of the depression of the 1930’s Our Austrian chancellor was certainly happy to take credit for it and Germans celebrated him. Which is why no one expected what followed.

          • Yes. I innocently trolled some German acquaintances by singing “Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles”, at a private sportsball viewing, knowing the first stanza of their national anthem is verboten.

            They did not appreciate the joke. I got away with it because I was just an uncultured Dane, but they were visibly shaken and told me, grave as a 6′ hole in the ground, that I had done something terrible and would most likely be shipped off to a camp if I did it in public.

          • It’s a joke that when old Germans sing our national anthem, they have to use their left hand to prevent their right hand from coming up.

          • As in America, our politicians are terrified of anything associated with Nationalism. While you fly your flag with pride everywhere you go, we only fly it when we’re in the world cup. And quietly.

        • My German relatives refused to buy what was being sold to them, kept their cultural pride in being German, got labeled as Nazis, decided to own it, got pushed into relative poverty and loss of work, and couldn’t go anywhere without constant “papers please”, pat downs, and searches of parcels and baggage. They were made to pay a heavy price for their insolence, a price claimed from them by their own fellow Germans.

        • What’s even crappier is that Germans’ history has been forbidden to them by America, and ultimately by the small hats who run it and everything else. Talk about tyranny.

          • Not true. Our student know all about our history and quite well I might add. Ask a random university student on the street the significance of 1871 for Germany. Unlike Americans university students, half of whom have no idea of the significance of 1776.

          • Well, a big part of American ignorance stems from American diversity. You don’t yet have that problem in Germany.

          • I’ve read that, if you only consider caucasian America, we are intellectually on par with Europe (e.g. education outcome). Sounds plausible.

          • That is absolutely correct. Control for race and “America’s” numbers in all sorts of categories improve dramatically.

          • Oh, regarding history in totality you are absolutely correct – most Americans are over-credentialed idiots. I’m speaking more in a spiritual sense, perhaps? I’m not expressing myself concisely here, but it seems the world (led by the US led by the usual suspects) has conspired to deny Germans a natural pride in their history and an exaggerated guilt for the failures that all men and nations experience.

        • Other than the immigration debacle, Germans generally have a very good opinion of Merkel. Germany has been in good shape economically and financially under her direction. Unlike her predecessor and mentor Kohl, she’s as honest as the day is long with no dark secrets or skeletons in her closet which is more than one can say of many US Presidents or Europeans either. Just look at the French, Macron? Seriously? Married to his 20-year older former teacher? Disgusting. 

          Germans are known for many things, but forgiveness isn’t one of them. Not themselves and not each other. One of our Presidents resigned over a personal loan just because it looked unusual (which was completely legal). Ursula von der Leyen was a disaster as a defense minster, so we were glad to see her shuffled off somewhere else. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, former Minister of Defence, has yet to return from the US after his plagiarism debacle.

          Trust me, Merlke growing up in a Christiain home, as the child of a Lutheran minister in East Germany was not a pleasant experience I assure you. Especially under a Socialism regime that made a point of attacking anything related to religion.

        • If you have Netflix or some other cable movie channel, I highly recommend the movie “Er ist wieder da” or in English “He’s Here Again” or perhaps advertised as “Look who’s back”..

          It’s an excellent an thought provoking movie about Hitler appearing from the past into modern Germany. Terribly funny. In German of course, but should be available with English subtitles.

          Jo Jo Rabbit is also wonderful.

          • I watched that movie a few years ago on Netflix of all things. It was funny but it made me angry.

          • The movie was hilarious. However, I’m not sure most Americans would see the rye humor in it—like the repeatedly ignored Hitler as he interacted among a new, post war, German nation. Always wanted to talk to a German who saw it.

    • Not voting is a vote against the system and it’s the first step in real dissidence.

      If you vote in November – at least for anything beyond local offices like Sheriff – you’re not tall enough for this ride yet. State and national politics are entirely fake & gay at this point.

      • I agree

        Not participating will drive them nuts, if enough choose to do it

        It’s the one card we hold but never play. They need just enough votes to give the impression and meet a standard of a legitimate decision by the people. If instead 50 people show up to vote, they become a worldwide laughingstock. In local elections, they don’t care how many show up. But it matters in federal because it carries weight in terms of the projection of might.

        Not voting will force them to come to us on their knees begging, and then we can start negotiating for what we want in return

        • It won’t exactly force them but it will remove their aura of legitimacy. Once they lose that, real mass organized disobedience and non-compliance becomes possible.
          Things like general strikes are what apply the pressure.

          #WhiteStrike is a meme we must continue to push.

          • I wonder if a side benefit of this Covid thing is to inform them as to what would happen if all of a sudden 25 million people (whites) stopped working for a month in protest

            What the economic ramifications would be

            They are always busy planning for things like this because actual governing is no longer their purpose. It’s only about preserving and protecting the institution

          • Sort of like taking participation in your Home Owner’s Association to the national level 😀

      • Ahem, I use the we are not voting our way out of this rhetoric too. But it is to encourage whites to organize to advocate on their own behalf outside the present system. What you are doing here is indistinguishable, in effect, from the leftist goal. Suppressing the Trump vote. For what, some marginal effect on legitimacy? White strike? Give me a break, whites have families to feed. Now is the time to play for time, organize those of us that understand what’s the game with the goal of educating the rest. Why would you employ your excellent rhetoric to suppress trump’s vote?

    • Our American Dream, such as it was and had been conceived, is being stolen from us. We are not allowed to have nice things. Taking them away from us is being seen to.

      • It was never stolen from you, it was off-shored. Then they bound everyone to a debt economy when you willingly put those credit cards you never applied for, straight out of the mail box and into your wallets..
        But please – feel free to explain why no whites own or run 7-11’s instead of only foreigners. Why no whites own or run dry cleaners. Or car washes.
        Are whites just too proud or too lazy?
        Perhaps Americans need to wake up from their dream and grasp the concept of reality, and hard work, with both hands.

        • IMO our native whites have been atomized by what has been made of our education, civics, the church (such as it is), and so on. People work on their own. Common among 7-11 operators, budget hoteliers, and dry cleaners is the willingness to throw a whole extended family at the enterprise, and to bring in friends and neighbors as well. It truly is hard work for the money, and being a lawyer, teacher, or banker is a whole lot easier in many ways, and generally much more lucrative.

          Also, a stigma has been attached to most versions of manual labor. In my experience, most places have the low end jobs populated by immigrant families. How many different Patels own hotels in London? Immigrant run kebab shops are ubiquitous in most of Europe. Polish and Irish plumbers and electricians. I think the situation is more universal than any of us realize. The manual laborers here in the U.S. are very invisible, as the media and the arts here refuse to recognize that they even exist. Look up YouTubes by Mike Rowe for some well done push back on that.

        • We just had a new roof put on and I was talking with the White company owner. In his words, the Asians he hired demanded the most and acted as though they were doing him a favor. The blacks (predictably) were incredibly lazy. The Whites did fine until the first paycheck, after which they disappeared until they had pissed it all away on women, dope, and booze. I mentioned that is the situation on the Indian reservations – signs of a conquered people with no hope for the future.

          • A majority of the roofers where I live are Amish. I had a crew put a roof on a house for me last summer. They knocked it out in one day.

          • Unfortunately, this crew was all Mexicans (you literally cannot find anyone else to do that sort of work here in Texas). They did have a White boss, however, and they did the house yesterday and the garage this morning. Next comes replacing and painting the wooden portions of the house (primarily on the back) + new gutters. All for the ‘modest’ price of about $22k.

          • I asked my roofer (white) point blank if he employed illegals. He laughed and said he’ll make sure not to use them on my house. I said I’m not joking, did he want the job or not. The crew showed up all white.

          • Yep, that’s a big problem here. Lots of White front men, who smooth talk the customer and bring in a Mexican crew. Hell, last time they didn’t even have a crew member who spoke English. Now these guys were nice enough, but really. Why do I have to call the business owner to tell the crew simple things? And it’s not a matter of them pretending not to understand, they were legitimately initiating the questions concerning the job.

        • Whites are not Chinese or Indians, hence they don’t necessarily pull for the common good of the clan. Many Indians who own 7-11’s got their startup funding from fellow family/clan members. Chinese immigrant families live close and pool their funds, often to send the best and brightest to University.

          So on and so forth. It also helps that such foreigners are willing to work 16 hours and day and live in the back of the store. Americans today simply won’t do this to the extent other groups do. They’ve not had to. But that will change as their status changes.

  36. You touch upon the issue of scale, and I think that this is incredibly important facet to our decline. To me, it just does not seem that the civil society model is scalable at all. In every single village that I have lived in, and the others that I was well acquainted with,you see signs of mutual trust in ones neighbours; for example, home grown vegetables with a honesty box nearby. Or perhaps cars parked on the street with windows rolled down. Or yet again people leaving their doors unlocked when they pop to the shops.

    This model of living, which I love and miss (although it does have some downsides), goes hand in hand with the idea of families and communities with common interests that are above economic considerations. Communities that take part in the restoration of a local church, act together to remove troublemakers (like gypsies), take part in the parish council are just things that can never grow up beyond the village/small town limits. For me, this is brought home by simply comparing a casual stroll in a village with a recon mission in London or any other large city – how many people even nod their heads to you or utter a greeting?

    One upside of these people with alternate realities, is if they are so far gone they can perhaps never see the error of their ways. Diversity is king, and they’d gladly live in the slum to be seen as virtuous; these are the sorts of people that will never look to move to traditional communities. They will never wish to acquire land, or the skills to build their own home. The day may finally come when they completely ignore traditional communities as anywhere without the metropolis has ceased to become reality for them… Sounds like something out of a J.G. Ballard novel. They’ll probably still want my hard earned bread, though.

  37. In a civilization that is all topsy-turvy no one is where they belong doing what they were meant to do. To have adapted to it and to accept it as immutable or beyond present needs to disrupt … isn’t necessarily sanity. To shriek and howl and thrash against the cage … isn’t necessarily madness.

    • It’s interesting how the imagery and allusions of the insane asylum and psych ward work so perfectly for our current situation

  38. No, the present “civilized” environment is not representative of most of our history as a species. During most of our evolutionary history (tens of thousands of years), our natural environment culled out the stupid, diseased, and dysfunctional members of the herd; thereby causing each succeeding generation to become progressively more intelligent and robust. Our modern affluent society reverses this long term “natural” trend line. In a healthy ecosystem, irrationality should get you dead and out of the gene pool. But not anymore!

    • I am pretty confident that the omnipresence of electrical current paired with laboratory drugs has tweaked brain function in a way that gives a distinct generational character to our crazies. I don’t think you could get some of the lunacy we have unless you zap them with electricity and give them drugs that almost alter them at the atomic level. Look at these people, like the mug shots of antifa. Or the eyes of the school shooter.

      • Foreswearing family and motherhood while wearing wool vaginas on your head? Nothing to see here folks.

    • “thereby causing each succeeding generation to become progressively more intelligent and robust.”

      By very tiny increments. Early death served mostly to keep harmful mutations to a tolerably low level. Two centuries after conquering childhood mortality, we are going insane from mutational overload.

    • So true. I remember a book, writing about the single mother and absent father dysfunctions of the slums, saying (approx.) “The welfare state has made social failure pay, in evolutionary terms.”

  39. “Unlike fanaticism, which is temporary and disconnected from rational thinking, partisanship enslaves the rational mind, forcing it to create an alternative reality. This partisan reality is so powerful it blocks out anything that contradicts or disconfirms the alternative reality.”
    The Blank Slate, probably the greatest debacle in the history of science, was another instance of this phenomenon. It was necessary to embrace and defend the absurd claim that there is literally no such thing as human nature to defend the “partisan realities” required by socialist and equalist ideology. The Blank Slate dogmas blocked our path to self-understanding, and continue to do so to this day. One particularly damaging result has been our failure to grasp the significance, and even the existence, of something as obvious as innate ingroup/outgroup behavior in human beings. The outgroup is always perceived as evil, impure, and disgusting in every way. Hence the seemingly incomprehensible disconnect with reality mentioned by Z-man regarding Trumps “dictatorial” powers, his intention to ignore election results, etc. It’s much easier to understand such seemingly bizarre behavior if one takes some of the fundamental aspects of human nature into account.

    • Yes, In and Out groups, pretty sure this is in operation at all times in human (indeed, other higher animals too) group interactions. Whether it’s the Crips and the Bloods, the competing Great Ape tribes in Africa, or political parties, knowing a little bit of sociology, anthropology, etc. is helpful. Or, at least lets you beam a smug smile and think you know what’s going on 🙂

    • I unsubscribed from ivors channel after a recent YouTube video alleging the “systemic racism” inherent in different outcomes between races. Barf

      • That sounds bad. I have not watched him before this is the first video and to be fair it’s a South African guys talking mostly

      • One of my “essays” was to ponder the different claimed types of racism. I’m sure there are well-written examples on the web but I’m too lazy to search for them. But one thing they lack is my twisted humor 🙂 Here is one outcome we can hope for: Liberal woke scholars, having scoured the Earth for all sub-species of racism both real and invented, finally alight upon the harsh truth that racism exists because * GACK! * there really are racial differences. 😀

  40. i see a ton of people walking around, and in the media, that genuinely seem mentally ill to me. i ascribe it to the bad fit between modern society and actual human needs. many of the themes zman covers here, contribute to this bad fit. really feels like the current system is cracking apart at the seams, and the ruling class is panicking big time.

    • They are not seemingly mentally ill. They are. In varying degrees.

      They have been pumped full of drugs, probably sexually abused, they are broken spiritually, or they are just weak. These are real things. And there are a lot of people like this and in a normal society would be more or less protected and taken under the wings of caring relatives or neighbors and nurtured into maturity.

      But instead the state sees them as the perfect candidates for their experimental psychology or whatever it is. And what we see around us are their failed experiments. They just let them go to wander around with the rest of us.

      • Yes. Feral dysfunction elevated to moral sanctity. Instead of having to confront their pathologies in order to conform into society, they continually agitate to contort society to accommodate their pathologies.

        That process is a moral imperative of Progress. Normalizing the abnormal. Elevating private dysfunctions to public burdens.

        Not all are so damaged, but because they cling to the same religion they are obliged to advocate for crazy otherwise their pious self-regard is called into question. Each moral test more demanding than the last.

        I see this play out all the time especially in the children of progs. “My son is really into advocating for lgbtqwery rights” she preens.

        Why would an otherwise healthy young man take up the discontent spawned from someone else’s pathology?

        Why would parents celebrate their kids’ desire to “change the world” in ways that chase the normalcy of their own kids into the fringes of society?

        Progress is a faustian bargain. The price of their goodfeelz compounds as the devil rubs his hands.

        • Simulacrum—one of my favorite words. TPTB have weaponized the media, the Internet, human emotional hind-brain thinking, and the human need to belong and to believe in something, to create an artificial simulated universe of human atomization and mental distress. The interesting question (to me, anyway), is “why”? What is it about living in a white-style middle class environment of fellowship, faith, civility, community, and basic contentment that threatens them so? Is it because we might actually have something they can never have, in their world of more money than they will ever need, but living in an environment totally transactional in nature, in which everyone is out to bilk or one-up their neighbor?

          • The “why” is vexing. I tend toward the usual base instincts and human frailties. Envy, for reasons you state. Fear.

            My own mother is mentally ill. The kind that is rather banal, but arguably more destructive than the moon barkers. As such, she is incapable of love; of actually caring for someone else absent the exchange she desperately needs.

            She can tend to basic needs, even perform acts of caring and thoughtfulness. On the surface that is. But she is deeply envious of anyone who can form such connections naturally. Her greatest fear, in the insane irony, is that nobody will need her; of abandonment.

            This kind of narcissistic/BPD transaction preys upon the goodwill of others. Gaslighting, guilt, and mining those real human connections for ways to attach themselves to our world are the ways TPTB keep us close to them and divided from each other. Even though they despise us for reminding them that we do not need them and that we have what they covet (love), they must keep us close.

            Studying the narcissistic family has shed some light on the question of why, though its beings little satisfaction as it is intractable and most often terminal, albeit protracted.

          • The “why” is also what interests me. Some simple, common working theories:

            • There is no directed reason. The events since we were gobsmacked by the world wars have taken on a momentum of their own. God is dead.
            • A communistic plot.
            • Liberal democracy and mob rule is inherently stupid and must always have a stupid fate. This just happens to be the type of stupid fate we are arriving at.
            • Our rulers have a streak of Caligula. They envy the naked powers of foreign despots and want their subjects to be more like those that can be ruled by such.
            • They know it’s naughty and secretly yearn to be spanked by a father figure dictator. Or by a divine power?
            • Tiny hats are at it again.
            • Petty incompetence and greed. We are a simple tribal species. Modernity is beyond anyone’s capacity to understand or control in any intelligent way.

            Why did Stalin hate the kulaks so much? Were they not profitable? Was it not incomprehensible to want to destroy them? But here there is no Stalin, there is just a uniform hate from the ruling class.

          • IMO. <I>Why?</i>

            Is driven by:

            A) Boredom. Human Beings need challenges to battle against. When none exist, people create them to fill a void / scratch an itch.

            B) Status competition. At various points in history elites have engaged in status competition revolving around bizarre acts and objects that are completely ridiculous to outsiders.

            C) Religious fervor. Religiously motivated zealots have engaged in any number of bizarre and self destructive acts out of piety.

          • A favorite quote from The Simulacra, one of Phillip K. Dick’s many odd SF novels: “No matter how hard one tried one could not entirely suspend interpersonal relationships, desirable as it might be.” Even I’m not that anti-social 😀

        • Agree with Falcone: very well stated.
          in fact, your first paragraph (thank you for making paragraphs and not just one BLOB of text!) nicely sums up the changes we have all experienced in the last ~30 years.
          (I use 30 because that’s a number where I can still remember the “normal before times”!)

    • Turns out mental illness is contagious. The exact method of transmission is still up for discussion.

      • The American education propaganda system is the method. That and the constant din of the media and Hollywood.

      • Does anyone remember the story that took place in Leroy, NY a few years ago? It involved girls from the same high school who, in rapid succession, developed physical tics that took over their lives? They would twitch, wave their arms, stutter, jerk their necks, etc. The State dutifully ran environmental tests and came up dry. Neurologists also drew blanks. Even that Erin Brockovich trollop stuck her oar in the water and insisted she had come up with a cause (chemicals in the ground from an ancient train wreck or something). But ultimately they never came up with anything specific that could explain these symptoms.

        Except for the fact that all of the “afflicted” were female. And when they were on TV, it was almost always in the company of their mothers. It was an entirely female-driven psychosis. As they saw their friends and schoolmates get attention and sympathy, they willed the symptoms onto themselves. Once the headlines stopped and the cameras were turned off, the girls returned to normal. But it was a bizarre example of how females can spread mental illness. And now we have a critical mass of men who have been feminized and lost their immunity. It’s how we end up with the Wuflu hysteria.

        Hopefully, we’ll reach a point where the virus scolds turn to something else and in one fell swoop all this goes away. It seems so unlikely right now, but we just don’t have the attention span to keep this up for too long.

    • Almost every early – mid 20s person is fucked up. It varies from “mildly depressed but functional / seeming normal” to “gender bending lunatic”.

      Loneliness, atomization, and lack of community are the main factors, I think. Not to mention, SSRI and other prescription medications generally just make things worse.

      The elites should be panicking because society just won’t run with this group. But the elites themselves promoted the drug use, gender bending, and smashed religion, so I don’t know what their plan is.

      • Not just people in their 20s. I would trace this back to the ’60s and the rapid rise of divorce. Sure, people had crappy marriages and/or illegitimate kids throughout history, but it was condemned, not celebrated. Woman who works for a friend of mine – not too politically left, but she’s been on anti-depressants for years. Still blames her stepmother for her parents’ divorce (although stepmom is not the one daddy cheated with). Still needs daddy to pay her bills. Never married. In her late 40s. Wasted life, broken woman. Far too many like her.

    • u could say they are mentally ill, I’d say they are burned out from too much sexual liberation.

      Porn fapping + succubi women + white hate + COLLEGE INDOCTRINATION(greatest evil of them all) = western zombie

  41. Off topic observation:
    I always find Zman’s blog on Google search engine with the “z man blog” text entry. Prior to yesterday Zman was always the 4th or 5th returned result from the google search. Yesterday the search dropped Zman’s blog to first entry of the second page (i.e., 11th return). Today I couldn’t find Zman’s blog using the Google search! Someone at Google removed Zman’s blog from their search engine!
    “Z man blog” is still the first result returned in Microsoft Bing engine.

    • I’ve noticed similar results. In much the same vein of today’s Zman masterpiece… people are convinced that Google is neutral, or at least it’s biases are detectable/manageable.

      It’s not, and they aren’t. When I read pieces by educators saying that “teaching facts isn’t important because learning how to do the google is all that’s really necessary” I’m gobsmacked by the rank ignorance they’re displaying.

        • I was just sent some materials from a prospective employer (high school). One of the paragraphs detailed how, in case of a confrontation between a black kid and a white kid, the black kid should be favored as an act of “restorative justice.” Of course, it was written by an obese black woman, whose simian face was planted front-and-center on the cover of the document. You know, just so we understand we’re reading material by one of our moral betters.

          I loathe these people.

    • Sounds like Google AI has crunched its millions of combinations. And here are the results: people who search for Zman are also displaying search habits that may be described as increasingly “anti social” and disloyal to the regime.

      • We get too ideological here. Until things go completely totalitarian, the Woke corporate capitalists will quietly and grudigingly provide you with goods and services, you reactionary racist conservative you 😀

    • Dropping conservative sites down the memory hold in this way is SOP at Google. I’m surprised that Zman stayed at 4th or 5th as long as he did. You can document the phenomenon by choosed a sample of conservative sites and then doing a search for them on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. The results should speak for themselves, as the two latter haven’t yet begun to apply such political “adjustments” to their platforms, or at least not yet.

      • I did a search a few weeks ago looking for Rumsfeld 9/11 chant about “wrapping it all up, related or not”
        On Google Duckduckgo Brave and Yandex I got 6 or 6 hits. None really responsive.
        On Bing and Yahoo I got 22 million plus, most in the right area,

        Only a fool uses Google search or mail or gets entangled in it in any way.
        The Duck—,, result was a bit of a shocker but someone here had mentioned it was becoming PC.

      • Interestingly, when I search “zman” on DuckDuckGo, I always get a side picture/headline/wiki of Zmanin, which are specific times of the day in Jewish law.

        Maybe Z is playing the longest-running joke on all of us. 😉

        • BTW, I found Zman’s blog from one of your posts on Steve Sailer’s website. I think you linked to one of Zman’s articles about a year ago. I clicked the link and now I’m here. Thank you!

          • Yeah, all of us should remember to link Z’s posts at other sites, especially Sailer. There are a lot people over there who are realizing that we’re not debating or voting our way out of this but who aren’t sure what to do next.

      • At least with DDG you don’t have your whole search history capped and you get the slightly less pozzed Bing results (Yahoo also but those are curated more heavily than Google)

      • I use DuckDuckGo. This blog has been the first result, in my experience, with those key words. Admittedly, I still use Google when I want to find something technical or obscure.
        I’m not sure why I even bother with Duckduck or Dissenter, honestly. In the end, they would likely quack you out to the Stasi for a can of soya beans. Quack!

    • That suggests that Google employees only scan the first couple of lines of their search results, not too suprising as that’s what the rest of do, however, it lends support to my belief that what we actually face is a vast tsunami of incompetence. Could be Dr Ed Dutton is on to something.

    • I tried it with Google. Couldn’t find it at all. Not even on the 3rd page. It was the first entry when I removed the space from between “z”and “man”, i.e. “the zman blog”.and/or “zman blog”. I would caution against attributing your results to evil intent, though. Hanlon’s razor could still be in play. But it could be a case of evil intent. It certainly does look like something fishy is going on. But if it were not Hannlon’s razor being in play, wouldn’t searching on “zman” be equally fruitless as “z man”?

      I am increasingly wondering if most of the nonsense surrounding COVID-19 is not more a matter of stupidity/incompetence on the part of our political masters and less a matter of outright malignant intent. As we are coming up to the end of summer and the anticipated starting of the fall term in school, I am inclined to believe that our political masters have mounted the tiger and are well aware of the results of an attempt to dismount. They are (IMHO) very much like the dog who kept chasing cars until one day he caught one. What on earth does he do NOW?!?!

      • I always use the same search term on google and other engines to access Zman’s site, and have done so multiple times a week for about a year.

        • For sure Zman’s google search ranking using “z man blog” entry (for at least the last year) is lower than it should be for some unknown reason (compare results to Bing or Yandex — 4th/5th in google vs top return in other engines). As searches are automated, deviation from a normal return indicates a human intervention. For at least a year someone at google lowered Zmans blog on search query return rankings. Unlikely to be Hanlon razor type mistake IMO.
        • Big change yesterday was further lowering of the google search ranking. Big change today was elimination of the google search return.
        • Upside is high rankings in bing and yandex are maintained. Zman blog growth in audiences aged 55-64 (bing) and among russian readers (yandex) will continue unabated.
        • Interesting to considered why things changed this week. Also, where exactly does the Zman and his blog exist from a main stream internet perspective? And where will he and it exist in the future?

        “Hold Fast” my dude:

      • “But as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.” – Thomas Jefferson. 
        It’s a good quote. Relevant now of white america?
        There’s definitely malignancy, along with fear and religious zeal too.
        Then there is the inordinately wealthy throwing their money into politics and discord, perhaps just to see what happens. The traditional privilege of their class.
        But you are right about incompetence. Unless the current state of affairs is somehow desirable, then it must be incompetence. The monkeys are running the circus and the entertainment is unpredictable.
        Will a nutcase John Brown make his appearance? At least then we can forget George Floyd the junkie. I dislike having an enemy that worships a two-bit junkie. Can we do better?
        That’s the strength of the rioters, even noticing them existing in the same universe as you makes you look like sewage. There’s no will to interact with them, other than not slowing down on the freeway.

      • I was going to tell you that it must be evil intent because Unz Review, Steve Sailer, Gab, and Vdare all dropped from the search results as well.
        But now, they and z blog are coming up on Google. What the Hell? Was it just a test run for a purge? Why not just make it permanent?

    • I too have this problem with Google. I do the same search on the same machine every day, and get a full page of a fishing lure company. Google never remembers, never finds this site. I don’t think this is Hanlon’s Razor.

  42. Covid not an epidemic killing millions? Jennifer Aniston has a friend dying from it , so wear a mask you traitor! That’s the level of retardation we are living with.

    On the latest from the war front, Tucker is being doxed by the NYT from his new address. I am sure some federal agency (Barr?) will address this.

    As far as Maga people, they are redeemable or at least educable. The other side is either rabid or their manipulators evil.

    • There is a difference, it seems. The MAGA/CivNat people are partisans out of necessity. They are legitimately playing defense. If Covid mutated into a disease that only killed liberals, these people would cease to be political in five years, once all the liberals were dead.

      The Left, in contrast, is sure they are under assault from MAGA hat wearing Nazis. In the Obama years, it was racist Nazis. In the Bush years, it was war for oil Nazis. They have a villain for every season, which justifies their endless assaults on society.

      • You nailed that. It’s hard not to be a partisan when BET, Antifa the media, education, Hollywood and every other company is rallied against you because MAGA. When MAGA people are doxxed, beaten, murdered, deplatformed, censored, have their businesses looted and burned, have their employment terminated it’s hard for them not to see the “peaceful protesters” as those domestic enemies so many of our oaths contain reference to. In fact self defense becomes a priority and that means for our nation as well as the person.

        • They politicize everything so you are forced to pick a side. And then you are put into a box.

          How can anyone politicize the weather or people wanting clean water? But they did.

          It’s these useless kids of the elites with nothing better to do but play dollhouse with Americans and put them into their little boxes.

        • Alas, it’s not just the MAGAs, but whites in general who are the target. Unfortunately, most whites do not or refuse to realize this.

          • It may get to the point where we have to be like drill sergeants banging a spoon inside a metal trash can as they sleep to make them wake up

          • Many do but no sane person wants a race war and do note that huge numbers of woke are White.
            If/when it goes seriously hot, the US is over as a developed nation. We will be very lucky not to have endemic famine and disease in our cities for decades.
            Our system is fragile, so fragile we are may be 11 days out from (yes days with a d) fro the beginning of a cascade failure from mass unemployment and evictions.
            Imagine 1/3 of people homeless and broke over the next two month during a low grade resurrection and a epidemic.

          • Not if you live in one. Instead we’ll ship our joggers out by you and yours thereby improving our lives. Not everybody here in the dense urban core 1) enjoys living here, and 2) is on the left. Some of us cannot find comparable work and compensation elsewhere, especially at my age.

          • ChicagoRodent,

            Suggestion if I may.

            Firstly, sorry you are unable to relocate. I had the same problem. I solved this through long planning and great financial sacrifice.

            Essentially I’ve lived well below my means to purchase and build another home for retirement in a good safe white rural community. My car is ancient though I could afford and a new one. Instead of vacationing in Europe I’ve spent my vacations at my rural home improving it and establishing connections to that community. People have come to know me and I am greeted warmly every time I arrive. I’ve done without much to build this and soon the transition from the city to this place will be complete. Bless Mrs. P for what she has sacrificed in the here and now for Our Plan.

            Perhaps you can do the same in your life. Build an escape route.

            Secondly, yes. send your Joggers on down. People in my rural area would know how to solve that problem. I’ve surveyed my county, know the bridge chokepoints and the locals have been great about showing me the back trails and best vantage “scenic” overlooks. There’s lots of hollers to disappear problems. Could be a win-win for everyone.

          • What I thought you had ten million in the bank and a mansion and you still need to work…

        • “Youths”; “peaceful protests”; “unarmed black man”; “London man”; “diversity”; “tolerance”; “free speech”; etc. So many wonderful neologisms. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

          • I know 🙁 I’m subscribed to a few topics on Medium, and I like to lay into the frequently logic-free “Woke” articles about the Poor Oppressed Black Man. So far haven’t been banned, which is odd 😀

      • It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the MAGA’s reality crashes in on them come November

        • That’s why it is important not to depend on the vote. Voting is fine, a sort of anachronistic exercise, but don’t put too much faith into it. What’s coming is coming, and neither voting well or getting a good (or less bad) outcome from the fall vote is going to change that.

          • Exactly. Knowing this is one of the big differences between us and the Moogas.

            When the “silent majority” doesn’t materialize, their worldview will be totally shattered. For us? A shoulder shrug, and another day.

      • The preserve-protect (right) and progress-destroy (left) axis is clear but it doesn’t plumb the depth of the divide.

        The leftist mind attaches to an epistemology of anti-truth; the paradoxical “fact” that man cannot know the Truth.

        Nothing is impartial; everything is personal and thus tainted with judgement.

        Avoiding judgement based on observable truths means they are incapable of fundamental notions like cause and effect, virtue and vice, as their moral imperatives do not originate in the universal truths but downstream in the morass of emotional self-regard.

        IOW their moral imperative of preserving their own virtue of compassion actually precludes them from employing reason if the subject is in a domain of human thought. Which includes most things that matter.

        This pathological narcissism (?) is how facts become “hate” to them. And why reason must be avoided lest they become a bigot or racist.

        Once reason is suspended to preserve their self-regard, there are no boundaries to their beliefs. This is the essence of lying; their entire worldview is a lie.

        I have been trying to understand these people for years. Many are decent folks. But it is precisely this view of themselves that causes them to constantly avoid reality in favor of the alternate.

        We see the destructive nature of living a lie every day. Their self-delusion comes with a great deal of dissonance and anxiety.

        They tend toward doubt, fragility, guilt – and humiliation, which then must constantly be uplifted by fanatical and cult-like levels of pride puffing.

        Sanctimony is required to keep it all propped up. This process of uncertainty propped up by sanctimony is the foundation of their religion. An unstable theology of lies.

        Ok now what. I do not want to live around these people yet I don’t want to abandon all hope that many can be set free of this pathological delusion.

        When good-hearted people usher in evil, what are we to do?

        I’m sure there is a biblical answer. But its hard to love thy neighbor when they want me dead or enslaved and the virtue they wear on their sleeve is often nothing short of child abuse.

          • This. The characterization of the mentally ill, deluded, and/or irrational actor as ‘good hearted’ is a false one. They are not victims. They are responsible for their own choices and actions. And those who want to control or harm you are, by definition, your enemy, not your neighbor. Christ wasn’t nice, he was just and holy.

          • True. Christ is also lord. We are fallen. Irrational by nature often enough to leave room for discussion. Very little is so binary to recuse one from having to discern the various false paths underfoot of others.

            Their agency is not in question. What is in question is the extent to which we, as conduits of gods love, owe it to our neighbors to discern between those who desire to control or kill us and those who have fallen into the work of evil with goodness in their heart.

            Yes the meekness is a sheathed sword at the ready but until the swords come out I am not prepared to pass judgement that is above my pay grade.

            This does not mean I do not know the enemy or its motives. I can have this knowledge without foreclosing all other considerations.

            If the enemy is so easily marked, certainly vanquishing them with that sword is righteous and just. Where are these warriors? What are they waiting for? The flood?

          • Sorting the sinner from the wicked. Christ’s self-sacrifice to bring people closer to God vs. a Christian’s duty to bear the sword against those that actively separate people from God. I don’t know why this causes modern Christians so much consternation and confusion. Pope Urban II sorted this out already.

          • Munchausen by Proxy disorder sounds very similar. The only difference is they have yet to become your caregiver.

          • Jesus did not use his words and charm to gently persuade the moneylenders to vacate his Father’s temple.

      • Everyone is political now and is on one side or the other. Back in the 80’s when I was in college and then later working and hanging out with friends and dating girls, I only remember a few times even talking about politics. I barely even knew the political views of most friends and the girls I dated weren’t interested.

        • The mental calculations are now quickly made in all social situations, especially by the females. To not immediately virtue signal, or to not jump enthusiastically to the first virtue signal thrown out there, gets you labeled and judged. It’s just how it is now. Wear those labels and judgements as badges of pride.

          • And keep mental lists of those in whose eyes you can see a glimmer of support and more importantly those that are most vociferous in condemning you.

        • A little younger, and I’ll second that. Things started changing after Iraq War 2. I miss the old friendships that foundered on politics.

          • I completely agree. I was in college during “Shock and Awe” and a couple of years later was working in the DC metro, during the height of the Cindy Sheehan protests etc. The office environment where I worked was polarizing regarding factors surrounding the wars, but also the campaigns to legalize gay marriage. The majority of the women and many of the “men” that I worked with (and this was at a top defense and intelligence contractor) were gun-ho about LGBT rights. I kept my views to myself at work, but the time came that I spoke up and it didn’t end well as I along with a few others were ostracized.
            Fast forward a couple of years later, I was working in Manhattan during the time that Obama was elected. My office environment was small and mostly made up of project managers and consultants who were infrequently in the office when not onsite. A couple were from out of state, but the owner of the company and most of the staff were very supportive of Savior Obama. I couldn’t stand him, but never revealed my political views until after he was elected. I simply said that I don’t support him. A couple of days later, on my birthday, I was laid off due to “economic” conditions. Several others were laid off in the month prior to me, but my salary was much lower than theirs and I believe that my lack of support for Obama was the icing on the cake.
            The politicization of everything has not only destroyed this country, but also friendships, families, romantic relationships and professional relationships. It’s sad.

      • So true. The AWRs are political animals almost to the exclusion of all else. Which means they are warped, deformed human beings.

      • It is earily similar to the Republican terror of 1936 in Spain: they earnestly believe there are litteral, deadly, armed “fascists” sneaking in the bushes and hiding in the curtains, even if its actually some unarmed 80 year old pensioner taking a nap or a nun going to market. And the absurdity of their delusion wont stop their bullets and torture impliments.

      • It boils down to the MAGA/CivNats want to win and be left alone. The Marxists want to win and destroy everyone else. It’s not a small difference.

        • I would say the first part of your statement depends on what you classify as winning… Elections yea, Survival of themselves and what they love I would say no…

      • It’s the endless assaults that turn the conservative / leave me alone types political. I know that is what did it for me.
        I would much rather be spending my time doing things that are actually useful and productive – than debating politics and trying to out-maneuver people who are constantly trying to screw me over.
        So – I completely understand those people who just try to ignore the whole thing. The reality is – there is only so much time in every day – and so much time in every person’s life. Time spent doing non productive things – is just time wasted – in the end.
        With a full time job , a house to maintain, and a child to raise – my time is usually very limited. So I usually look for the most efficient/ direct route to solve a problem.
        And that is why I fully endorse helicopter rides for lefties – once they become politically viable.

        When I was young and stupid I used to go out of my way to not harm other creatures. When I found mice nesting in my newly built barn – I carefully placed them outside. Then I finished the barn, parked my cars and my motorcycles in there – and stored all my stuff – and found out a couple of years later they were chewing thru wiring, crapping in stored heirlooms, and chewing thru hydraulic lines on my motorcycles.

        Now I just kill them. ALL of them. In whatever way I can find that gets maximum results. I kill them inside – and I kill them outside. I’m constantly killing mice – but at least it keeps the damage down. The thousands of dollars and dozens of hours I had spent in the past chasing down their destruction – has been reduced to a weekly task of cleaning up dead bodies.

        In the end – the cost is far less to just kill them and avoid all the destruction.

        Same principle applies to leftists.

    • What is SO VERY WRONG with wanting America to return to the greatness (I believe) it once enjoyed? Nobody ever claimed America was Utopia. But if it was/is such a shitty place to live, why the hell have SO many people busted their humps to come here? For OVER TWO CENTURIES no less?!?! Answer me that,if you can!

      (And yes I have a red MAGA cap. I wear it at least partly to piss of my neighbors.)

      • Well, Bill, what’s wrong with wanting any good but impossible thing? Isn’t the thing wrong simply because it’s irrational?

      • Nothing wrong with it Bill. The reference to Maga only means you need to come further over to the dissident side and not blindly support your guy when he is wrong.
        Doesn’t mean you personally, we all want pretty much the same thing, but rallies aren’t the only ticket.

        • Trump is not necessary wrong. In fact, he’s right on most things. Unfortunately, the cattle are already out of the barn. There’s nothing Trump or any other president can do to stick the pieces of America back together. We now live in a post-American environment. The MAGAs simply need to hoist in this grim fact.

      • The people coming here are from garbage dumps. Are you really impressed that your country happens to be a step-up from Somalia?

        We can’t get lost in the past, but a lot of places are as good if not better than America today. We have to face reality. No one from Europe is going to come here because it is a step down or at best a lateral move. And the ones who do do it just for a job that pays a lot better than the one back home, but there are jobs back home just as good but they couldn’t get them.

        We are in a different America today

        • We are in a different America today

          Hence the desire to make America great AGAIN!

      • “What is SO VERY WRONG with wanting America to return to the greatness (I believe) it once enjoyed?”

        Bill, nothing is wrong with wanting that. Probably everyone here wants that, but we realize it’s not happening.

        I want to flap my arms and fly like a bird. It seems like it would be great fun. It’s OK to wish I could fly like a bird, but I need to realize it’s never going to happen. I need to move on with life and keep up with my responsibilities to my family and things like that rather than practicing my arm flapping techniques.

      • The problem, Bill, is the “going back,” the “again” part. The errors of the past (blank slate egalitarianism as an axiom, believing in free speech and the “marketplace of ideas” as a truth-finding mechanism, believing in the wisdom of the masses to do the right thing) have to be recognized and corrected. Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football is a parable to learn from, not an example to follow.

        Thus it is a fundamental change in mindset needed: rewinding to 1985 means we will repeat the mistakes of 86, 92, 2000, etc. We must move forward with a new, improved understanding of human nature that has learned from the pain of past failures.

      • Ah hell, let’s give it one more shot. Call your congressman and insist that he reintroduce the Naturalization Act of 1790.

    • Incidentally, if TPTB used the same criteria to code Kovid deaths as the do for SARS, the death toll in the US would be a bit shy of 20K.

  43. I’m well aware of the voting issue on comments. I just have not had time to dig into it. One day.

    • The MAGA types just want to be left alone to mow the lawn, grill, and watch a little sportsball.

      • My dad is MAGA, served in the Marine Corps, patriotic as hell, great man, but he is not stupid and is starting to grasp that as long as people like Ilhan Omar and Chuck Schumer are running the show that no matter where he goes they will not leave him alone to simply enjoy life. They will hound him to death.

        My guess is this realization is spreading like wildfire

          • Is changing. I’ve had people I know go from non racist, near anti racist Civ Nats to Ethno Nat in a very short period of time.

          • WGH: I guess I’m one of those guys- although my sportsball preferences run to the paler sports, hockey, baseball, golf and lacrosse. I was a supporter of the Trumpster, but it was more about him in comparison to the pathetic, sometimes evil losers of both parties he was up against. That and the fact that he didn’t curl up into the fetal position when challenged by the shitheads in the press. He’s proven to be a massive disappointment, although to be fair I didn’t expect much.
            I’m sad that the hopes I had as a kid- a harmonious multicultural society, or at least a society in which black and white could get along were just a pipedream. (call ME a shithead if you’d like) Instead, my kids are inheriting a world that is rapidly unravelling, and I have no hope of things getting better anytime soon.

          • The leftists were “massively disappointed” in obama halfway through the first term.
            Listening to TRS, ( I stopped several months ago) reading stuff Z writes & a lot of the comments here remind me of that.
            Maybe trump is a narcissistic con man I don’t know but i just cannot believe anyone seriously thinks handing over the presidency to the scumbag leftists would be anything but suicide for whites.

        • It is an axiom of Sun Tzu to always leave your enemy an escape route lest he turn and fight to the death. They sealed off all escape routes.

        • When enough people realize they cannot withdraw and be left alone, the violence will flow both ways.

      • The MAGA types just want to be left alone to mow the lawn, grill, and watch a little sportsball.

        And, at the end of the day,what is so wrong about that? From where I sit, ain’t nothing in the world wrong with being what Mike Vanderboegh (DAMN! but I miss him.) called a LUTHA (Leave Us The Hell Alone!)

        • It’s only wrong insofar as it’s delusional. At best, Trump staves off the totalitarian state a bit longer, although there’s no guarantee his reelection wouldn’t actually produce the opposite result.

          • I believe if Trump is re-elected, the few pretenses that remain are discarded and what we see now will look like a child’s birthday party. It actually is the Left’s strategy: elect us and it will stop. That also is a lie, but it’s one many will embrace.

          • trump reelection might end up in secession of California & New York, which might lead to confederate states being able to rule themselves.
            Biden election on the other hand will lead to complete leftist takeover.

          • If Trump’s reelection triggers a chain reaction of secession, it will be a truly glorious moment in modern history.

          • Most of us “red-staters”, even those of us who live in the deep blue part of the country, are law abiding, and that the issue of secession was decided in 1865. It’s unthinkable to most of the people we who post on forums agree with. Heck, it was unthinkable to me until recently. I still hold out hope that we can fix our problems, but that hope is fading fast.

          • What about the last four years of Trump make you think that another four won’t result in a complete Leftist takeover?

          • Which brings me back to my original point: Trump has done ZERO to check the Left.

            Much like a certain headless former French King, he is great at inflaming the other side while delivering nothing to his supporters.

          • MemeWarVet said: “Which brings me back to my original point: Trump has done ZERO to check the Left.”

            Exactly when did he have a chance to do that? When he was fighting the russia hoax 24/7 ? Or how about the impeachment hoax? Maybe it was the time that Pres.Trump’s secretary of defense refused to send in the military to put down the riots?

            “Pentagon Chief Rejects Trump’s Threat To Use Military To Quell Unrest.”
            He’s own cabinet won’t obey his orders, let alone most of the permanent state. What the hell is he supposed to do?

            Oh, and most of his supporters only seem to support him from afar. No president can do it all by himself. If there isn’t serious public pressure for change, then it doesn’t happen. The right never learns anything from the tactics of the left. losing is an age old white conservative tradition.

          • Bologna, you’ve been around this page long enough to know Z has answered your question ad nauseum

          • ad nauseum”
            Hahahaha! Sweet! I love it. 😀

            ad nauseam ăd nô′zē-əm

            • adv.
            • To a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea.
            • n.
            • Literally, to sickness; to disgust; to the extent of exciting disgust, especially the disgust which arises from satiety or wearisome repetition: as, statements or complaints repeated ad nauseam.
            • adv.
            • to a nauseating or sickening degree.

            Maybe you meant:
            ad infinitum ăd ĭn″fə-nī′təm

            • adverb & adjective
            • To infinity; having no end.
            • To infinity; endlessly; on and on without end; through an infinite series.
            • Without limit; endlessly.

            If you think about it, neither one is all that flattering to Mr. Z.

          • OBT, dictionary-sperging is gay. He used the term correctly and you are indeed making us queasy with your (((shenanigans))).

          • In that case, Upstate New York would turn around and secede from Downstate. There is already a movement afoot to do so.

          • It may be delusional NOW, but it was not delusional for a very long time. In fact I’ve seen some serious historians of this country make the assertion that one of the real founding principles was “leave me the hell alone”.

            If you leave me the hell alone – you won’t get shot (2nd amendment)
            If you leave me the hell alone – I won’t be forced to denounce you (1st amendment)
            If you leave me alone and don’t tax the hell out of me – we can all get along (no income tax in the original form of the Constitution)
            You have your religion – I have mine – leave me alone to practice mine and I will leave you alone to practice yours (freedom of religion).

            The list goes on and on.
            Blacks haven’t seemingly been able to grasp this concept since well – forever, given their astronomical crime rates – largely against whites.

            In my experience the only way to finally get the “I’m NOT going to leave you alone!!” crowd to go back into hiding – is to beat the ever living hell out of them – so that the memory of the beating makes them take pause every time their instincts to screw with people threaten to take over.

          • The past is a different country. And the people were most certainly a different people. We are degraded, miscegenated, deracinated. And the memory of a ‘beating’ is far from sufficient. This is a battle for the survival of the White race and the fruits of its culture. No holds barred.

          • Yes, the McCloskey model of resistance- right in your own yard. Pink shirts, khakis and an AR 15 as you’re gathered around the charcoal grill. You can always take one with you.
            Maybe get a Ralph Lauren pony painted on your AR receiver.

          • What’s delusional about wanting to enjoy life while you can? It’s damn short. If trump can stave off the scumbags a little longer great.
            Lastly in politics the only guarentee is nobody ever gets every thing they want.

        • Nothing at all. That’s great life. I don’t care what anyone says, and I have done a lot in my life, but dinner with friends and family, drinks afterwards, hanging out, stuff like that is as good as it gets.

          I think the issue is that has become increasingly difficult if not impossible, depending on one’s situation. Our duty, whether we want it or not, is to do whatever it takes so we can continue to have that for ourselves and our people.

          But we can’t have it, at least for long, if the likes of Ilhan Omar is making the rules and our people cant find jobs because of some brown guy.

          This fact of life better start dawning on people

        • LUTHA is selfish, individualistic and ultimately anti-social.

          Kirk-style Conservatism was supposed to be concerned with community well-being, social standards and limiting anti-social influences like unrestrained commerce, pornography/obscenity, etc..

          The infection of Conservatism with Libertarian “do what thou wilt and harm none” ethics, particularly in the 1990’s to the 2000’s, gave birth to the LUTHA lifestyle.

          Unless you remain politically and socially active, aware and engaged, “I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms” turns into “bake the cake, bigot.”

          • Exactly right Brother… People want to act like they formed the country they are living in all by themselves so they have no duty to be a part of society…

          • It’s pretty funny how you guys continue to get pissed off at Libertarians – and make the argument “be part of society” – when the entire reason this site exists in the first place is that “society” has made it plainly obvious that it doesn’t want you around.

            Maybe you ought to start considering the fact that maybe the “libertarians” understood this fact long before you finally woke up and realized it – and they just wanted out.

            I don’t see any of the libertarian types that I’ve ever read wanting pure individualism – or every man for themself. What they typically want is something more akin to the society this country had before progressives started it along it’s long road to degradation and decline. That’s not anti-social at all – in fact I would say it’s more ‘sociable’ than the bullshit that we have to put up with each and every day in the present age.

            I’ve been reading the this site for quite some time now, and if one thing has become obvious to me – it’s that many if not most of the readers suddenly pulled their heads out of their asses sometime in the last 5-10 years and realized something was wrong. You can see this in the comments about ‘returning to the 1960’s!” .

            The white man’s country started on it’s decline long before that – and the society we had – which functioned quite well before government ran amuck – was stabbed in the back long before the 60’s ever got here.

          • Bullshit.

            The leave me the hell alone mindset firstly doesn’t stop just at the individual – but extends up to the level of family – and then local community – and to the states.

            Secondly, it didn’t start recently – it started before the founding of the country.

            It’s pretty hard to convince a guy who just treked 200 miles thru the wilderness that the farm he hacked out of woods is not HIS, especially when the “authorities” were nowhere to be found until all the pieces were in place for them to show up and start claiming sovereignty and the ability to tax.
            The difference between the country at the beginning – and the country now – is that at the beginning the reality of who was REALLY the driver of society was very very clear – because INDIVIDUALS were the one doing all the damn work.
            Now that everything is so diffused and obfuscated – you’ve got a large portion of the population who don’t know where meat comes from – or where wealth comes from – or who is doing all the damn work to keep things functioning.

          • I think we can safely say that “leave me the hell alone” is an evolutionary dead end.

            Im personally wired that way also, and it gives me no pleasure to say it.

          • Meme – Absolutely. I’m the same, and I suspect a large majority of those here are too. Thing is, though, I’ve realized how much I have depended on things provided by community to achieve what I previously attributed solely to my own efforts. As others have said better than I, you really can’t go it totally alone. Everyone doing as he wishes and leaving everyone else alone is the lolbertarian fantasy. No one bothering to provide for the commons means no trust and no society.

          • Even the lolbertarian preppers get this: runni g off yo your hideaway means getting eaten later, not avoiding the horde. Getting eaten last still means you get eaten. Your own community is the only way to avoid getting eaten.

          • There is no magic in the constitution nor would any who call for it claim there to be.

            The magic would only accrue to following or adhering to it.

          • 3g4me, i have the feeling you and I will meet in a camp one day. Hopefully on the administration side.

          • LUTHA is selfish, individualistic and ultimately anti-social.

            There is nothing wrong with being selfish. Enlightened self-interest can form the foundation of a completely functional ethos.

            Exile lists being individualistic as if it were a bad thing. Methinks he has consumed overmuch of the cool-aide of communism/socialism. There is (or at least should be) neither sin nor shame accruing to being an individual. One could easily argue that the cardinal error of the SJW is the refusal – if not outright INABILITY – to see/deal with people as other than a member of one group or another. I have maintained FOR YEARS that, while only a blind man can fail to see the color of another’s skin, only a FOOL makes value judgments based solely upon that single observation.

            Exile also lists being “anti-social” if it were a bad thing. So long as my actions do not harm or cause harm to befall another, where does Exile – or anyone else for that matter – derive the authority to proscribe them? Exile wishes to be communalistic, group-oriented and highly social. Excellent! I wish him/her all the best in life. Why then the opprobrium heaped upon anyone who chooses to live otherly? Need we all to march in lockstep in order to get along?

            Unless you remain politically and socially active, aware and engaged, “I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms” turns into “bake the cake, bigot.”

            Here Exile could not possibly be less correct. “I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms” is the diametric polar opposite of “Shut up and bake the cake, bigot!”. It might lead some to make the latter declaration but – absent an 180 degree reorientation in the holder’s basic philosophy of life – it cannot “become” such.

            But Exile is entirely at liberty to espouse whatever cockamamie philosophy he wishes. We will have no problems so long as he does not actively seek to enforce his worldview upon me. I am a great proponent of Teddy Roosevelt’s principle of walking softly but carrying a big stick.

            It is my strongly held beliefs that Rodney Kings famous utterance during the riots following the acquittal of his tormentors is one of the most the most profound statements ever. Rodney King simply asked

            “Can’t we all just get along?”

            Apparently for some people the answer is a resounding, NO!

          • In a prior time, refusing to join your team and stand the line was understood as treason. The settler who turned tail and ran when the savages attacked had better not stop running, as the result would be the same if they were caught by either side.
            Enjoy your individual autonomous an-cap sovereign space on your boxcar ride to the camps. Contribute to your community and defend it, or you deserve the vibrant enrichment coming your way.

        • No one will ever leave you alone especially the woke who are driven by religious impulse, They will either convert you or kill you.
          Same with the globalists.

          You either have a State for your people with the strength to keep enemies at bay and the will and wisdom to prevention subversion or you will nerve have peace.

          • It is too late. Civil war and/or more collapse into many states is on the table.
            We already have government in Pennsylvania threatening to arrest Federal officers for doing their job.
            The Left wants to stop the push back by any means necessary but of they succeed its dangerous as it sets the precedent for everyone to do it.
            Fail to use force in an uneven manner (i.e Left or Right obey the law) and instead go political and you just flushed legitimacy and this is a well armed nation.
            Heck we just had a large ethnic riot here in California with Caucasian groups (in this case Armenians vs Azerbaijanis and others) over political issues in the homeland.
            Expect this to spread everywhere as things get worse.
            Ultimately if the US cannot be salvaged , that’s OK
            You goal need to be an ethno-state. Each state has one people and one ideology with as little trade as can be managed is the best way to peace.

      • Civilized society, that’s what a lot of people want, and that’s not what they are going to get. The professional agitators are organized and funded, and are out to make sure no one spends a day in mental comfort or sleeps well at night.

          • The thudding bass of rap is the drumbeat of African savagery. It draws steadily closer and penetrates the sanctity of your castle day and night.

          • That is precisely why so many people are listening to oldies. Top 50 radio is just unlistenable. It is awful.

          • You can run but you can’t hide and I can guarnetee the Left will try to ban or destroy Oldies as raciss as soon as they notice and can get away with it.
            Ultimately the Lefts goal is you to be made to care, you kids brainwashed by force and you essentially enslaved.

          • Oldies maybe, but classical definitely. The lack of diversity in classical music is appalling. Appalling, I tell you!

          • What’s fun is to go to a classical performance featuring a black soloist. (There won’t be any blacks in the ensemble.) The program will have 2-3 x as much about this person as about any other soloists, and will describe their struggles in life, often involving juvie courts. Other soloists will list their accomplishments.
            The best part is after the performance when the nice people are standing and applauding. They give the soloist his treat-treat, pat him on the head, and put him back on-leash. It’s very touching how nice all the goodwhites treat him.
            Mascotism. I’m another who’s stolen the term.

        • You may not be interested in Wokeness, but Wokeness is extremely interested in YOU.

        • The domestic terrorists at this point are a functional part of the federal government. Note it is the DHS and neither the DOJ nor FBI that is going after Antifa in Portland. It is all you need to know.

          • The President is an aging hosteler and entertainer not a revolutionary or warrior
            TFeds are picking people off the street in numbers. Its been all over the news.

            Still President Trump is playing a cautious, media centric game, trying to avoid an engineered Kent State which could cost him an election while also enjoying watching Left wing cities suffer , sending the not so subtle message “you voted for this.”
            Now sure most of us would prefer an outright deceleration of Martial Law and going full Pinochet but the President’s gaps on power is rather limited and he barely controls any institutions at this point.
            Between moles , looters and cucks, he has his hands full and might not be able to win or at least win at a reasonable cost.

          • The idea that Trump is doing anything in a cautious or even calculated fashion is in your own head alone. WYSIWYG – he’s not a poker-player, much less a chess player. Operates on guts and bombast and uses (((tricksters))) in the tight spots where bullying doesn’t get him what he wants.

            He’s a General Grant or Zhukov, not Rommell or Alexander.

          • Feds snatching people in Portland? That’s exactly what a Liberal Democrat friend told me last night. I haven’t seen (or searched for) this specific news item. I’m aware that Feds are in some cities I presumed to defend Federal facilities. Frankly, I’m disappointed. I and others were applauding Trump’s hands-off, let-the-Democratic-Mayor-take-care-of-it approach. What changed?

          • The impression I get is Trump is relying on the parts of the Federal govt that he knows he reliably controls. The “unbadged agents” who’ve been rounding up the commie scum here in Portland are actually clearly badged Border Patrol. There’s also the DHS. It may simply be that Trump is sending the most reliable forces to clear the rioters and re-establish control before sending in less reliable ones who might actually join the rioters or stand down like the local police have been told to.

            It’s actually starting to look like the State of Oregon may be planning to go rogue itself and start defying the Feds more generally. There’s also been a long running Cascadia separatist movement here which seems to be mostly Leftist but with a lot of hippy anarchism mixed in. If this happens though you can expect most of Oregon to secede from the seceders in Salem and make an all-out push to form Greater Idaho!

            Overall I think Trump is playing this as well as he can with the limited options he has. There’s still time for him to use federal forces to gradually restore order and succeed in painting himself as the law and order choice. If he overdoes it and goes “full Pinochet” as you call it he may actually provoke the disintegration of the country even before the election.

          • Disintegration may happen in a few months. The response to COVID 19 killed the economy and without Federal relief millions are looking at homelessness and hunger.
            Its a well armed, formally middle class society with ethnic strife, ideal for a continent sized Imperial collapse.
            Some of this is in fact President Trump’s fault as he seems hell bent on a payroll tax holiday. While a good thing policy wise, its better to just get a relief package and to work to getting States open, casualties or not.

        • They’re going to have an awful lot of funding to keep hounding you:

          $1 billion from Bank of America
          $100 mil from a number of other companies
          Total : $1.678 billion so far.

          You want to do something useful ? Start asking white people what bank they use. Bank of America has been a shitpile since before the crash back in 2008-2009. If I remember correctly – they got bailed out. Now your accounts – and your tax dollars are going DIRECTLY to funding your enemies.

          People do need to be reminded of that. Not that it will do much – as I have found. But at least it gives you something to shit all over people about whenever you see them.

          “Hey – still a race traitor and funding your enemies by keeping your money at Bank of America?”

          • quit a bit of dough. seen the price of trucks lately? you need a 100k to get in now. was i snoring?

        • Case in point. On a long drive last week and used a trivia app to pass the time. For no apparent reason at the end of one game, the clearly woke white bimbo paid to ask trivia questions puts a plug in for the “most amazing book!” she’s reading called “White Fragility”.

          Earlier that week I get a Kindle notification, “based on your reading history we recommend…” of course, DiAngelo’s White Fragility.

          I collect hardback history books and use kindle only when I want to rest my mind with bubble gum-chewing fiction like zombie, fantasy, sci-fi nonsense. If you were to look at my digital library vs. my physical library you’d think I was a mindless drooling moron. There is no way any automated sales pitch would link my kindle reading library to d’Angelo’s book.

          I dont have TV so I miss the poz commercials y’all talk about. Don’t watch pro-sports so so I only know about the poz stuff from y’all and news stories. And yet, I still can’t escape their programming.

          They will never leave us alone.

          May we be sent a Torquemada to sort these people out.

          • Penitent Man – You are a guy after my own heart. My bookshelves are packed (politics, history, military history, English and Russian literature, art books, etc.). I, too, use my kindle for light and escapist reading (military fiction, science fiction, prepper fiction) and I get those same ‘recommendations.’ Although I read quite rapidly, I recently canceled my Kindle Unlimited because I cannot find anything unwoke. I have literally scanned through a hundred pages in the categories I prefer, and every other book is about a homosexual love affair or has a black woman as the protagonist. It really pervades everything. They don’t want there to be any escape.

          • 3g4me,

            Yup. Even mindless escape fiction is becoming perved. We had a saying in the army (and you’ll have to excuse my ungentlemanly discorse)… “they’re so f***ed up they’d screw up a wet dream.”

      • That might be what they want, but that is not what they are getting. There is no escape anymore. HR, the boobtube, movies, radio, billboards, ads, social media etc are all shoving clownworld in your face.
        Next thing you know they will be selling BLM grills and Aunt Tanisha’s hamburgers with social justice messaging on the box. You cannot escape.

        • You cannot escape
          Which is why you should be preparing for war yet people still want to just rant on social media…I know you are doing more than that but you are one of the few…

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