It is impossible to assess your age, at least in the context of prior ages, as you have perspective on those prior ages that you lack for your own age. There’s also the fact that you can’t really remember how something felt. You can remember that some event caused you pain or made you happy, but you cannot recall the feeling. It is why we have the expression, “Time heals all wounds.” Still, one cannot help but sense that this age is peculiar and paradoxical compared to prior ages.

We seem to be at the great confluence of several historical cycles. One cycle coming to an end is the story of the American empire, which itself is the final chapters of the the Anglosphere and the Industrial Revolution. Another is the closing of the post-Cold War interregnum. We’re also in the final stages of the Enlightenment. Of course, we are at the dawn of the demographic age. There are probably other historical cycles ending and beginning, but those are the obvious ones.

As a result, we live in a time of glaring contradictions. Just as physics seems to have hit a dead end, our own story seems to have reached a point where it seems impossible to resolve the contradictions while maintaining the old beliefs. The only thing everyone can agree upon is the present order is not working. That in itself is a paradox, because for most of our history, great material excess was the goal. Just as we have reached that point, everyone is unhappy with the result.

Of course, it is possible that people in prior ages had the same sense, which is what drove them to alter their trajectory. The great social and political movements that came into being in the 19th century did not spring from nothing. Industrialization and urbanization failed to live up to their promise. The bloody resolutions to those social conflicts in the 20th century got us to this point, so maybe this is just the natural cycle of human history. We resolve one conflict in order to confront another.

Still, it does feel like we are living in an age in which all of the old truths we have always accepted are being disproved. A third of the country is out of work, which we were told was an untenable condition, but no one seems to notice. Revolutions from the top were supposed to be a clever turn of phrase, not a real thing. Yet, here we are living through a revolt of the ruling class against the majority population. The weirdness of this age is something that cannot be dismissed.

That is the value of thinking about paradoxes. They cause you to reassess your thinking and reconsider old assumptions. The great test of any theory is reality. This is why libertarianism is nonsense. It exists only in theory and only in isolation. The defenders of the status quo have to deal with the fact that in many cases, the reality of liberal democracy has fallen short of what was promised. In some cases, the important ones, we seem to be getting the opposite of what was promised.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Value Of Paradoxes
  • 12:00: The Paradox Of Democracy
  • 27:00: The Paradox Of Markets
  • 42:00: The Paradox of Modernity
  • 57:00: Closing

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166 thoughts on “Paradoxes

  1. revolts are truly popular and from the bottom.

    revolutions involve the whole of society changing, so there’s always some faction at the top that capitalize on some temporal grievances of the masses to pursue their agenda of changing of the guard – which involves not just leadership change but also wide-ranging societal ones, so as to prevent the earlier faction to return.
    ergo, all revolutions are from the top. ergo we have to look above that top, to Heaven. 

    hopefully Zman can look above, that way he realizes right-wing secularism is yet another poison of the Enlightenment; although not controlled opposition like the neocons or libertarians either, more like insufficient in ideology. if blood and soil are the only unifying factors and nothing supernatural above justifying it; and if the races were not desired by God but just accidental; then that explains why neither blood nor soil nor race are considered worthy of respect anymore.

  2. What fantastic discussions this morning. Thank you to our host, of course, but also Yves, Dutch, LineintheSand, et al.
    This thread made me realize I periodically suffer from Understanding Fatigue (and bouts of Black Pill). Theories and forensics concerning how we got here have been helpful in my mental / intellectual journey, mostly to strengthen my resolve to live (and respond) in reality. But since I made the decision 4 months ago to sell everything and get out of the Deep South, I’ve just been focused on living one day at a time. Leading my family out of “civilization” and onto the wild plains of I-don’t-know-where.
    Many of you, Z especially, have played a role in my family’s legacy through your influence here. Again, thank you.
    Now I’m off to prepare the house for inspection (we are under contract). A hardworking Saturday to your all. Cum fortis!

  3. Zman,

    I may be working at Ft Meade for a significant amount of time in the near future, for reasons. Any reference on places to live nearby, on the facility is an option.

  4. G.K. Chesterton is one of the early “our guys” who’ll never completely fade away. There will always be someone quoting him, therebye inspiring younger guys to search him out. For those who don’t know, Chesterton was the Michael Jordan of paradox. It’s how he thought and wrote. It can get a bit tedious, especially when the paradox he’s “exposing” isn’t within a mile of being a paradox. More like an obvious straw man. Excusable, since he had to write ALL THE TIME to keep from falling into poverty. Paid-by-the-column type thing. (It’s shocking how poor, talented Brits were prior to our time. A hundred years earlier, their greatest essayist, William Hazlitt, was in the same situation. Write all the time or die in the street. WTF England?) Anyway, lots of fluff for that reason. But he was great. A true hater of the Prog soul. He saw through modern soyboys way back when, and took them down in style. I recommend culling his verbosity with “The Quotable Chesterton” by George J. Marlin. Or any “quotable” Chesterton books. Many at Amazon for cheap. (I was kidding about the Jordan thing.)

  5. Z Man said: “Just as physics seems to have hit a dead end, our own story seems to have reached a point where it seems impossible to resolve the contradictions while maintaining the old beliefs.”

    It’s not just physics. The “western artistic tradition” disappeared up it’s own ass a long time ago.The tech indusry too. AI and virtual reality isn’t actually the great leap forward most people think it is. just some improvments on existing technology. Lost of repetition there as well. The fact is, that it’s just about everything in the west. The law of diminishing returns is taking its toll.

  6. I think this new freeform discussion on more esoteric topics is working; I’m loving the limited references to current events that are tied to larger topics, which helps anchor our position in history as dissidents. (I’m tired of drowning in the anarchist crap and blackety-black elsewhere.)

    The last segment on paradoxes in modernity was superb and really stood out: it echoes the arguments that writers like JH Kunstler and JM Greer make in how we are suffering immensely from the unintended consequences of “overinvestments in hypercomplexity.”

    The discussion on prosperity in the old USSR was good and tied in nicely with your point in the modernity section on how wealth and comfort always bring about decadence, then decline, then collapse. Despite our mocking them in the 70s and 80s, the relative poverty behind the iron curtain means that part of the world has—so far—resisted the corruption of globohomo. Unfortunately the wealthier Eastern Europe gets over the coming years, the more the rot will set in there too, so anyone thinking of fleeing there as the US collapses will only buy themselves a decade or two of extra time at most.

    I liked the discussion on consumer goods in the USSR too. Again, we used to mock them, but today we find ourselves in the same position. For example, the Frigidaire brand meant something in the 50s, but today it’s just another sticker on some shitbox from a factory in China, and the other appliance brands merely put different stickers on the very same shitboxes assembled in the very same factory.

    • Why is it that my parents original appliances from 1963 lasted until the late 90’s, until the rubber seals disintegrated, yet I’m on my second set of appliances in 10 years (KitchenAid, for the way it’s made…my ass) and I’m about to go on my third dishwasher? And it’s so interesting that the new circuit board is exactly the same price after installation as a new appliance, all because of a two cent contact. That’s another shitty part of this era. Hardly anything lasts. Garbage products for garbage people.

      • They’ve been playing that planned obsolescence scam on Americans for decades.

  7. Quick question – at 10:20 Zman references a concept where grains of sands become a pile. He called this “The politics of the keep” as I understood. I listened four times. I could not find this when searching online. Did I mishear? I am interested because I use that exact same analogy with Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon, where I say there must be a point (har har) where a collection of dots suddenly become the image we see; the same philosophical tipping point. Any input is appreciated.

  8. Zman, glad you are taking a step back from the waterfall. “Tahiti people have a saying, if you don’t eat Life, Life eat you.”
    Have a good summer before the anticipated twister comes in the fall.

    • I was just driving around earlier thinking it’s a surprising that everything hasn’t completely collapsed yet but they just keep pumping money, printing money, whatever and there’s going to be another stimulus so I guess that means the money and everything’s probably going to run out in the middle of winter.

  9. Great podcast. A couple of minor quibbles though.
    First, there ARE alternatives RIGHT NOW in the marketplace for Intel chips. I just spun up a server on AWS this AM and had my choice of Intel or ARM chips for all sorts of Ubuntu, Suse, and AMI images. I know Windows is available sort of on ARM and Apple has a laptop on ARM. ARM has both far lower power consumption and heat generation than Intel making cloud providers more profitable by lowering their operating costs but also does not have the infamous buffer overflow exploits that pop up years later and require software mitigation that reduces performance by 40% or more. A lot of the Chromebooks and lower end laptops are running ARM btw.
    There is also efforts to push forward RISC V as the open standard, a lot nations are uneasy about the defacto US/China cpu duopoly and are pushing this as an “open” alternative.
    Second, in the Middle Ages there WERE great ideological struggles: against the Cathars and the Albigensian Heresy, all sorts of other Heretics, the Penitents, and the reformations of the Franscicans.
    The Cathars were a Gnostic heresy, of which there were a lot. Some held the devil created this world, it was evil, and God created only heaven. Others held the Old Testament God was the original god and evil, and the New Testament God his son Jesus and good, and the original evil god created the earth and the new good God created heaven. Cathars adopted this in a big way, often castrated themselves like Heaven’s Gate, and looked not for a spaceship behind a comet but the impending end of the world to take them up to heaven. They discouraged sex of any kind, held reproduction evil, and would castrate even animals to prevent it. For a while they held much of Southern France before they were suppressed and had a bunch of noble backers. This was because the Church was very corrupt, save the monastics who were way out in the sticks and avoided people.
    There were a bunch of reformers before Francis, they ended up being executed as heretics. Francis got lucky, he also pledged his allegiance to the Pope and set about to proselytize among the urban and village poor who had been neglected. He probably saved the Church. Around the same time the Penitents whipped themselves to punish themselves for sin, and argued that was all you needed — no Eucharist, no Holy Communion, no confession. No Church needed. The Church tried to suppress them but had to tread carefully the movement was massively popular.
    Not to mention the Peace and Truce of God movement to try and get knights to refrain from killing peasants, or holding them for ransom, or beating them, or beating their animals until they coughed up money, or burning down peasant dwellings during tournaments. [The Bishop would haul out holy relics and have the Knights swear to refrain from this and also fighting among themselves on Sundays etc.] There were also lots of Crusades, not just in the Holy Land but the Reconquista, the Northern Crusade against the Pagan Finns, etc.
    So yeah, “evilness of original Whiteness sin” is just another tiresome Gnostic Heresy. Its the same thing, the institutions are not allowing the people to find salvation in ways they find meaningful due to corruption, so they look for weird and direct individualistic ways to find salvation.
    The problem with Democracy is Democrats. Specifically the corruption and lack of great men who people can admire in the Party. After FDR you had Truman despised by his party, JFK worshiped but dead, and a succession of hacks, corrupt people, and total idiots generating open contempt. I.E. I’ll see you your corrupt 13th Century Papacy and raise you Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden. If you had a glamorous JFK promising Moon Colonies and Mars missions most of this idiocy would go away. But the system selects for Pelosis and Harrises. FDR who refounded the Party left it filled with hacks and idiots and greedy corrupt people. And it just got worse as the WWII generation who at least were directly acquainted with reality died off.

  10. The fix to the problems with capitalism and the “free markets” is government making it fair for the people. A Third Position perhaps?

  11. I have enjoyed lately going back to the Greek philosophers and reading about them and reading some of their works.
    Never been to Greece but some of the travel video’s on You Tube look pretty cool too.
    Better than watching kneeling baseball players.
    Greece is on my travel bucket list.

  12. In the beginning there was a (s)word
    Which one was first? I am tired of words
    Where the f*uck is Pinochet?

  13. The state of Catholicism today:

    Anti “racism” really is going to be our new religion, isn’t it? These people are more fanatical than orthodox Muslims or Jews, and our new religion even comes with threats of excommunication and beheadings for apostasy, heresy and blasphemy.

    The difference is our new religion offers no pathway for salvation or redemption. Have any religions in human history lacked this pathway before? Maybe the religion of the Aztecs?

  14. “Old truths we have always accepted are being disproved.” – Actually they’re pretty new truths. Sure, most of them are from the mid 20th Century, but that’s still new. The really old truths are just now emerging from the shadows, after decades of being ignored. Our entire society is as dated as a 1950s social security office and decadent as a seedy porn set, all at the same time. What I wonder about is once the very old truths completely emerge, will our society even have the ability to cope with them? Will our future even remotely resemble the present? More often I’m thinking that a social Pompeii is coming. All we can hope for is that the monsters in DC don’t ignite a war with China or Iran or whomever as a coping mechanism for our domestic strife.

    • I’ve noticed a “Chyna bad” message being spread all over reddit in r/politics and the normie subs. Not a good sign.

      I don’t really care about Chyna. Or HK, or Taiwan. Certainly not worth going to war so more white men can die serving a country that hates them.

      In 20 years whites will be begging to be allowed to immigrate to Chyna. Only a small minority, under strict terms, will be allowed in, I’d imagine.

  15. It’s a good idea to change things up a bit at this stage. The possibility of burnout threatens the best of dissidents. Zman deserves credit for his willingness to experiment.

    • Anyone remember when Hugh Hewitt used to start his radio show with this song? Must have been at least 15 years ago.

      Hugh is a nice guy but nonetheless must be dealt with harshly for his treason to the traditional people of this country.

  16. The world made a lot more sense when I came to view the past 100 years as the attempt of one particular ethnic group to gain dominance over their historic rival, and their rival’s complete ceding of the field to them

    • Hate twitter:

      “Lets check into who was behind that “human rights” legislation then act accordingly”

      A rejoinder:

      “We won’t let U into Hungary in10-15 years when u will have to flee”

  17. The problem is that we “educate” far too many people. Paradoxically, we don’t bring up the number of smart people, we simply make the smart people stay in school longer.
    At some point in the past, education achievement changed from a proxy for intelligence to a magical talisman which bestowed higher earnings on the diploma holder. This is true even at the high school level. Every single year 10s of thousands of kids graduate high school with an elementary school education and with no drive. But on a resume’ or an application, the smart person with a HS diploma has nothing to differentiate himself from the moron with a 6th grade education, but who graduated HS. So this turned into college. So now, the dumb person who was given a college diploma, is, on paper, a way better candidate than a HS graduate who actually possesses a HS education. And the smart person with a college diploma has nothing to differentiate himself from the dummy who was handed a college diploma as a gift.

    If we were truly educating people, half would drop out of high school before graduation. Colleges would be a fraction of the size they are. But the diplomas people have would actually say something about them. A HS diploma would really mean something.
    My dad had an associate’s degree from a community college in electrical engineering. He was better educated than probably 3/4 of those graduating with a 4 year degree today. He got this college degree because his employer IQ tested him and paid for him to go to school. No employer does that today. They pay for school, but there is no IQ testing. They pay for school no matter how useless their degree will be, or the likelihood that they will benefit and graduate. They paid for his schooling because they needed someone to be an electric engineer and he had the IQ for it and had demonstrated the work ethic required to do a full time job and attend school.

    • At one point, college education guaranteed boosted future income. By the 90’s, that was breaking down, yet a generation of kids was still sent to the diploma mills on the premise that they should just get a degree in whatever, because “employers want to see it.”

      This is how we ended up with a generation with liberal arts degrees and 100K in student debt working at Starbucks.

      • This is how we ended up with a generation with liberal arts degrees and 100K in student debt working at Starbucks.

        There it is right there. While the usual “diverse” cities had their brief but unsurprising orgy of looting by the usual suspects, the most ferocious and continued rioting seems to be in cities with huge surpluses of obsolete managerial strivers who will never be needed again. Cue Jim Kunstler:

        As for the Antifas … nobody can say for sure how many are drawn from the student body of nearby Portland State University — a hothouse of Wokesterism — a few blocks from Riot Central. There, they have been rigorously trained in critical race theory, intersectionality, gender studies, and all the other preparations for a fruitful adulthood in Wokesterdom, and now, alas, the diversity departments all over the land are not hiring! What to do?

        The rioting is widespread because we have too many idled woke janissaries home from college—perhaps permanently—but not enough “careers” to absorb them all. “Black lives matter” is merely a desperate cover—no one, not even the left, gives a rat’s ass about black lives.

        With every city, including New York, rapidly reverting to the dark, decrepit days of the 1970s thanks to the riots, virus shutdowns, corporate downsizing, depolicing, and resulting Ferguson Effect crime waves, these managerial strivers are balking at the prospect of having to return to all the towns, suburbs, and smaller cities in which they were born.

        Unfortunately they’re bringing their BS wokesterism back with them—which is why you see BLM terrorists assaulting people in places as unassuming as Provo, Utah—while their Baby Boom parents look on in confusion at the monsters they birthed but haven’t seen for ten or twenty years. The woke strivers thought they’d face a comfortable future in some urban NGO’s office, with Starbucks as a mere detour, but they’re furious that their future will be the opposite: they’re going to have to leave the Woke Capitals, returning home to do something useful or starve. And they’re none too happy about it!

        • Insightful and accurate; would that so could upvote so fine a post…

          The 2015-17 AltRight was largely the same thing, but composed of a different set of kids.

        • All of these BS degrees are a direct result of putting people in “higher education” who absolutely do not belong there. It is how all of the colleges manage to have basketball and football teams. This was going to happen with or without NCAA, but it happened a lot faster and got a lot bigger than it otherwise would have. They wanted to have prestigious athletics departments and they wanted lots of diversity and these areas of study were how they achieved them.

          • So as to not do that, we need jobs that pay enough for a good life, decently priced housing and a sense of respect for the working man.
            I am not sure its possible as a hell of a lot of jobs that would have been decent even somewhat high status are easily automatized away, No A.I. required
            Hell its so bad out there that even edgy jobs like musician no longer pay enough to live on do to crap like Spotify.
            How we fix this is far beyond me but given that this is late stage capitalism in the most direct Marxist sense, its no wonder the younger set are hell bent on some kind of Socialism.
            If I can’t get money, I can’t get status, I can’t-have a family just so some multinational can be more efficient, I have no reason to support the system.
            And yes in theory these riots are about racial justice. There is is some truth there keeping in mind that justice is completely subjective however a lot of this is economic.
            In a sense its under cover as Social Justice since economic protests like Occupy Wall Street get curb stomped but Soc Jus one’s are ignored to a high degree.

        • Yuuup, they fantasized a glamorous city life – Sex and the City X Mad Men, 2020 (or 2010) edition with Tinder, fancy condo units, prestigious jobs, and cultural power over the rubes.

          Instead they got roommates, old apartments, no savings, stronger competition from the 3rd world, women are just whores for the (((boss))), and lots and lots of boxed wine.

          I’m exaggerating, of course. But nothing is worse for them than having to go live in a hick town with evil rednecks. Or worse, Evangelical Christians!

          Seeing that even the rural rubes are having a better life than these wannabe elite idiots just makes them crazier. They better get to praisin’ Jeebus – it’s the only social life in town!

      • I can still remember all the propaganda about education when I was a a teen and as a young man. These people absolutely spoke like a HS diploma was a talisman and later this warped into a college degree. They literally said that this piece of paper would guarantee higher incomes. They did everything they could and bent over backwards to make you graduate. They did the same exact thing with college. In between high school and college I met many, many people who all believed the same thing, that a piece of paper was the difference between a good job and a lousy one. Not what you learned or what skill you mastered or how hard you worked, but a piece of paper.
        Credentialism is a different problem. Employers stopped doing IQ tests of potential employees. Credentialism, in many cases, is just a work around for an intelligence test. Employers couldn’t just issue a quick test because we are all equal. So they started requiring credentials.
        The writing was on the wall for most unskilled labor. It was obvious by then (late 80s) that the days of getting a job and working somewhere for 30 or 40 years were gone. In the years between HS and college, I worked different jobs, mostly labor and met guys who worked in the same place for 40 plus years with good union benefits. Because we are all equal, everyone just assumed that we’re all going to get skilled white collar jobs.

        • A high school diploma in the 21st century means nothing. Between teaching to the testing, grade inflation and the inability to suspend or expel disruptive students, absolutely no valid conclusions can be drawn from the mere possession of such a certificate, particularly by a NAM. Indeed, just a few years ago, before the mass delusion gripped California, the state tried to impose an exit exam to prevent the idiots who managed to snag a diploma from fronting that they’d actually mastered any knowledge, skills and abilities. Governor Moonbeam, the so-called Education Governor, killed that. College may be a credential factory, too; but at least it weeds out those who lack soft skills because of their degenerate time preference and antisocial personalities. I am appalled by the usurious tuition costs; but they do ensure that the person borrowing non-dischargeable student loans has skin in the game. What has to end is the federally subsidized guarantees that eliminate the risk of default for the “academic” institutions. I use scare quotes because for-profit joints like Phoenix University or National University hardly merit the cache.

    • This grade inflation is definitely a thing. Back when I left school, roughly half of kids would leave school with a bunch of O levels, which proved that they were the smarter 50% of the population, at least that was the theory. Now to demonstrate the same thing, you have to graduate from university at age 21 with at least a 2nd, having lost 5 years of earnings and gaining 10s of thousands in debt.

      • When I started my Eeee!! undergrad degree late 80’s the prof, not a GA, told us first day to look to our left and look to our right because one out of the three of us would not be returning the next semester. Nearly everybody in our section was #1 or #2 in their high school class, I wasn’t even top ten in my freakishly talented h.s class, but I was upper 1% scintilla SAT math. Sure enough our section reduced by 1/3 drop outs following semester. And then school got really hard. Today the tests and grading are dumbed down to h.s. level and yet these kids have superior teaching tools that we lacked. For Christmas circa 1978, when Texas Instruments T-something was a thing, I got a $5.00 slide rule, which I mastered. Pussies.

  18. Off topic – Back in our normiecon days, my husband and I used to read Mike Adams’ columns (at Townhall?). He was implacably hostile to feminism and ‘studies’ and other forms of PC. Won a lawsuit and $700,000 against his employer and because he had tenure they couldn’t get rid of him. He had apparently agreed to resign with another $500,000 payoff and then . . . for no reason at all . . . was found dead in his home. Should I be shocked that I’m not surprised, or sad that I’m not shocked?

  19. Yes. Paradoxes. It’s almost as if there were some essential problem with humanity or something. Something originally queered with us all at the beginning of time. Oh well.

    With respect to the capitalism thing… It’s interesting how thoroughly the Chicago School was proven catastrophically wrong. It was that bunch who taught that the antitrust laws are irrelevant (at best) because how could anyone monopolize an industry when all you need to do is start a competing company! It was their school that dismantled the entire antitrust apparatus in the country over the last 30 years.

    As Jean Tirole has many times explained, there are all sorts of reasons why a company might try and succeed in monopolization of an industry, and very simple models of game theoretic outcomes show why. The dudes who run these companies imagine they are exploiting scale economies when they buy up the competition, but they are really just making it less likely competitors will emerge.

  20. “That is the value of thinking about paradoxes. They cause you to reassess your thinking and reconsider old assumptions.”

    I don’t know if anarcho-tyranny is a paradox, but dissidents and nationalists have certainly learned a lot from the current policing paradox compared to the state of naivete we were in 2016.

    With things like Malkin’s pro-police rallygoers getting assaulted right under the noses of callous indifferent cops (Charlottesville 2.0), or cops relentlessly harassing and arresting white bystanders defending themselves while black criminals and rioters are allowed to run rampant, a good chunk of the dissident and nationalist right is being forced to rethink its support of crumbling, corrupt institutions like the police.

    This is why we aren’t “right wing” anymore, because we’re being forced to learn that none of the institutions from the old America deserve our support anymore, whereas the traditional right would defend those institutions (at least on paper a half-century ago).

    The police can take their “thin blue line” and shove it right up their own asses. Not only should the police be defunded, but so should the courts.

    • Dear Old Blighty tried to warn us.

      During the Bush/Blair years, 400,000 Muslims would march in London screaming “death to the Queen!!”- and the bobbies only rushed to shut up the white Brits watching from the sidelines.

    • Can’t help but laugh at the sight of our NYC cops, who had knelt with “protesters” only a couple weeks earlier:

      Glad they’re OK now but I doubt they’ve learned a thing. Command probably gets more “woke” the higher up you go, and many grunt cops probably don’t support the BS, but they’ve also done nothing to rein in the anarchy at the same time as they continue to flex tyranny. So yeah, this corrupt, neutered, rotting institution deserves to collapse.

      • I have been a South Georgia cop for thirty years. Me and my colleagues are amazed at our so-called peers in the blue cities. Folks, those B.L.M. asshats and their blue haired strumpets assaulting innocents and destroying property would get an whoopin’ in my county.

        • The difference between country cops and city cops cannot be more broad. When I lived in Virginia, the country and state cops were all decent working class sort of guys. Town cops could be idiots, but most were just a click above mall cop. Here in Lagos, the city cops are like sociopathic postman with badges. When I lived in Boston, the city cops were mostly assholes.

    • The question is, do the cops stand down because their sentiments are with the Hutus, or are they standing down because some Soros-bot DA orders them to?

        • That’s essentially what they told Malkin after her “support the cops” rally got attacked. So sorry, you’re an okay gal, but orders are orders. Anyone who’s surprised they put their own financial welfare first is a fool (although anyone who really believes they’ll get a pension in the next 10-25 years is doubly a fool). Point being, don’t count on anyone to have your back.

  21. Re: anarchotyranny
    If you think of people as being nodes embedded in networks of people, things and ideas, as you increase the number of connections, the people in the network becomes more rigid and incapable of doing anything. Each new connection decreases their degrees of freedom. Regardless of all the resources and talent embedded in the network it cannot handle even little problems because everybody and everything are frozen in place. The only time the network can function is when something takes hold of it and focuses everything in one direction like bits of metal in a magnetic field. That is how a racial comment can summon dozens of high paid agents to come down on your head, while mass rape goes unpunished. There can only be so many things that focus the network and mass rape, rampant drug addiction, and countless low level acts of violence just aren’t powerful enough to do it.

    • KunioKun said: “The only time the network can function is when something takes hold of it and focuses everything in one direction like bits of metal in a magnetic field.”

      Fear is that great something.

  22. I don’t know if the paradox of democracy is really a paradox – seems more of its natural progression. Not sure why anyone with two neurons to rub together would believe more democracy leads to less politics.

    • The more I see of the putrid fruits of democracy, the fonder I grow of medieval society. There were those who worked, those who prayed and those who fought. And at the top was a king or duke who made all of the big decisions. In that society everybody knew his place and endeavored to be an exemplar of his limited sphere. There was no Shaq’Slayvio’n dictating fiscal policy or cadres of Karens telling everybody how they must dress. Those issues were the purview of the monarch, and that, as they say, was that. It was a simpler and far more rational system.

      • Like Gibson’s character put it “why would I trade one tyrant thousands of miles away for a thousand tyrants one mile away?”

        • We live in the most broken, Post-Western wasteland on the planet, who cares for the euphemism you use to describe it?

        • At this point it’s democracy in name only. Still, the US used to be an actual democracy and look what it led to.

  23. I truly believe your last statement – a life too soft makes people miserable. Maybe Robert Heinlein had it right – only Veterans should vote. Or the Swiss and the early Romans – every male citizen has to serve in the military.
    It’s funny how vets can spot each other – they seem to stand out from the adult children everywhere. And while I’m a lot softer now than I was in my early 20’s, I recognize it. I know I have it easy, and I know I could deal if things got hard.

    • I was just thinking about Heinlein’s work this afternoon at lunch. Haven’t read Starship Troopers for awhile, maybe I’ll have to find my copy.

      Whilst I do think that such a system as this has virtues, I could imagine the uproar if even something resembling a national service was re-introduced into the UK. Toxic masculinity, don’t you know? Our ‘life too soft’ has probably led us well past the point of optional recovery, so it seems that it may go to the point where everyone has to get hard or die. The most interesting thing is how quick the decline has been.

      Of course, that is the interesting thing about hard times: No one wants them, but for the most part when they experience them and survive, they’d not trade that hard-won experience for the world. We do indeed have it far too easy – even that pearl of wisdom is lost on many people today, and not just youngsters.

      • I believe the background story in that book was a disastrous war and collapse from which hard men had to rebuild. So they did in a way to ensure their successors would also be hard.

      • At least we got to taste it.

        The soft life. The dream of countless generations.

        We were at the party, whether we deserved it or not- thanks, mums and dads!

    • A willingness to murder strangers because some politician tells you should to be grounds for disenfranchisement.

      • Bilejones said: “A willingness to murder strangers because some politician tells you should to be grounds for disenfranchisement.”

        Exept for war and capital punishment, I don’t think murdering strangers is a good idea at all.

      • You may not be able to follow a leader and murder strangers, but rest assured there are plenty of strangers out there willing to murder you on the direction of their leader.

      • No government employee, especially military, should be allowed within a country mile of a voting booth or ballot during a national election. And that’s jusy for starters.

    • Its mindset.
      I’m not a vet but I am a country boy so its not the same only parallel
      I admit to being lazy and to more than a little degree capable of living like a bug man do to my high introversion with a lifestyle and just ordering in with occasional out I also know I can step up and handle shit when I need to.
      The problem is like most people there is no reason to do so.
      Other than radical life extension which doesn’t exist and maybe a few more supplies and land, I have everything material a person could want and even though I live in a rather rough area, its still decently safe.
      What is needed are the things society can’t or won’t provide and in fact discourages good family opportunities and homogeneity. Those most of us could use.
      Problem is our leaders and elite care about nothing other than how much money they can extract and in order to change things, that ideology must go. It may not be enough to fix it and until come combination of LARPING and actual religious revival kick in, that sense of worthlessness to modernity won’t necessarily go away even if we can fix the money/material only culture.
      And note too that secular solutions the IN SPAAACE future or trans human/post human ideas won’t work.

  24. “A third of the country is out of work, which we were told was an untenable condition, but no one seems to notice.”

    When Bill’s vaccine comes I wonder what will the media narrative be?

    “Wanna eat? If you do then let us sting you!”

    • Ann Barnhardt gives the tracking and sterilization program about 10 years to Children of Men, the eradication of most population. Get rid of us, and nature will cull the rest.

      I agree. We may be blessed to see the Fall.

      • The reason you haven’t heard much about population control is because every single developed nation is in population free-fall and this scares the piss out of the elites.
        Israel is the exception that proves the rule but its one rather small nation and its most fertile group are like our most fertile groups, non participatory in modernity to a high degree.
        COVID 19 showed us more than anything is the system is amazingly brittle and kind of sickness that would in the past have been dealt with by masks and hand washing has caused a global depression and a huge decline in fertility.
        The US GDP losses have yet to be tracked but Singapore for example lost 40% of its GDP which is double the rate of US loses during the Great Depression! Its not going to be recovered from either and the entire world will stay much poorer.
        It is entirely possible there will never be a recovery and while famine and mass war may be preventable, whole swathes of Industry will be gone for good.
        Most airlines, most restaurants, movie theaters, any ancilary business supporting office complexes, much retail, auto sales.
        Its a beans, band-aids and bullets economy for decades to come.
        This was not some planned event either. There are Malthusian Greens in the older elite ,for example Ted Turner and whoever built the Georgia Guidestones if it wasn’t him but modern Globalism is a consumer ideology, making the world into a Gulag-Shopping Mall and extracting the gains and without a steady stream of spending money and new adherents , it dies.

        • I don’t think they give a fuck about the global economy, economy is just alchemical finance as Soros put it. Soros gained power & wealth specifically by crashing markets.
          If we go by your premise which is that elites care very much about the economy then war must happen in the next two years cause they need new adherents to their global economy as you said. This might explain why globalists hate Trump so much, he does not want war with anyone.
          I am of the opinion they wanna destroy economy so that they can come up with solution when enough people have died from starvation & civil unrest.

          • I don’t think that they are this smart. As for caring about the economy, no. They do care about their own pockets and that requires an economy.

          • I don’t think the jewish elites who are Soros level or above are as mediocre as you think they are, but I understand your feeling. When looking at the democratic party I feel the same way you do.

          • <i>I am of the opinion they wanna destroy economy so that they can come up with solution when enough people have died from starvation & civil unrest.</i>

            Yes. The next manufactured crisis will be famine.

          • Famine is already an ongoing problem and requires no effort to manufacture one.
            The Malthusian Greens (M.G.) are completely correct in that the Earth is way past its carrying capacity and the way we use materials and energy cannot be sustained. In order to avoid a catastrophe, there needs to be way less people.
            The trick is ratio. The healthy Whites vs Everybody else ratio is around 25%. A better ratio is More White.
            The original M.G.’s knew this and while discrete made policy on these grounds feeling that for the most part only European derived societies had the understanding to preserve the ecology and thus, well you can see where this leads.
            The above the water part of the M.G. iceberg like Sierra Club was paid off not to talk of population control.
            This has much to do with the ascent of capitalism and the society of greed. Making a sustainable society is incompatible with both Communism and with Capitalism and no way in hell is someone whose whole identity is based on money and power going to anything but pursue policy that gets him more and more.
            Oh yeah and in case anyone is asking , the optimum populaiton for the US is around 150 million, not less than 100 assuming one nation.
            This is sustainable with a high enough ratio of farmers and more importantly, the amount required for a sense of the environment needing to be preserved.
            Less than this, the lands seems so vast why bother with preservation.

        • we have two opposing views here:

          1. the elites are creating a sterility vaccine to depopulate the earth
          2. the elites are terrified by the dropping birth rates of civilized peoples

          1) means the elites are evil. 2) means that they are stupid because everything they do works towards dropping our fertility.

          • 3 There’s nobody driving the bus.
            It looks like what we’re seeing may be the result of a war going on behind the scenes, between various factions of elites, no plan, just competing groups seeking advantage over each other to the detriment of society as a whole.

          • I generally agree with Mike P on the faction issue but evil and stupid are fully compatible.

      • Ann Barnhardt also recently posted a graphic of a 1997 interview that George Magazine did with Bill Gates, wherein he talks about a respiratory-related pandemic, population control, and vaccinations.
        it couldn’t just be a coincidence, could it?
        i am entertaining the idea of visiting my library (when it fully opens, naturally) and seeing if there is microfiche available for this issue of George Magazine.
        (probably one of the many reasons “they” Ass as in ated John Junior one year later. I think that guy studied up and knew stuff, not least of which was who killed his father.)

    • There are a lot of people who outright admit they won’t take the vaccine. Its around 1/3 that admit it, probably higher and these were stats used in an interview with the President o Tucker
      While he didn’t say it,rven he seems somewhat suspicious preferring treatments which we know can work unlike any vaccine for a Corona virus.
      That is too many armed people to force or coerce into anything unless they allow it.
      Ultimately any solutions will come to making new nations from this wreckage probably by force. The Left gets this with its nonsensical C.H.A.Z. and we have to do the same.

  25. I do believe a civilization falls when its citizens are denying certain aspects of reality. Western world has reached a point where it rejects all forms of truth.

    These are the enlightenment values stretched till present day where constantly european man has been testing himself(or by the elites) to see how unnatural can he become, how self destructive can he strive to become, to see if there is a limit to his ignorance.

  26. Great show. The law of unintended consequences is a real bugger that’s for sure. I think that, that, and the fact that when you educate people you don’t necessarily make them any smarter goes a long way towards explaining the current mess in Western Countries. Over here in Blighty the new regulation on wearing face masks in shops comes into force today. There is no doubt that the current British government contains some seriously intelligent and highly educated people, not the least of which is our prime minister Boris Johnson. Equally, it’s clear that they would very much appreciate it if we would all stop panicking over the Flu and go back to working and spending as normal. So, how on earth did they decide that the best way to achieve this is by telling us that it is now only safe to enter the shops when decked up like a surgeon carrying out an invasive procedure. I guess that if this doesn’t do the trick, then next month it will be respirators and full hazmat suits. It sure is a funny old year and no mistake.

    • when you educate people you don’t necessarily make them any smarter 

      All my life I had heard “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink” But only recently have I come across the remainder

      “You can fill a man with knowledge, but you cannot make him think.”

      • This is one of the many reasons to cite Sailor’s “overproduction of elites” as a fatal flaw in our civilization. There are many of what I would call “paradoxes of perception” in our cognition. One is the famous Dunning-Kruger effect. Essentially, it seems that an ability and one’s ability to evaluate one’s own performance in that ability are linked. This doesn’t surprise me. It is known, for instance, that a person who has a stroke that destroys color vision also finds that all their memories are now in black and white as well.

        There seems to be a reverse Dunning-Kruger effect as well. People may simply not be able to easily place themselves in the shoes of those less intelligent than themselves. They may have been trained, say in some scientific field, and feel that they have some degree of expertise in that field. If they received (and properly assimilated) a classical education that included topics like epistemology, they will be aware of many caveats to their knowledge. They will know that a theory is only as good as the data that supports it and that all knowledge is provisional. They may think that because they themselves would never base a major decision on shaky or partial data, that this can’t be what others are doing. This is probably at the root of the Gell-Mann Amnesia that Crichton talked about.

        This may explain what’s happened to education. We’ve produced millions of people who have been able to memorize “facts” without any awareness of just how dubious many of them are. They then go on to careers in academia or government and produce further “facts” based on the shaky foundations of their own knowledge. Eventually a great pyramid of intellectual garbage looms above us with “policy makers” at the top making decisions that are little better than what a pair of dice could come up with.

        • “overproduction of elites as a fatal flaw in our civilization.
          isn’t that enlightenment’s M.O.?
          universal education
          To liberate the human mind from dogmas and encourage scepticism(atheism), tolerance(cuckholdry), and critical thinking(hate patriarchy).

        • Our education system is most definitely not about memorizing facts. If you doubt that then try asking any graduate what they learned two years ago. They might remember a few factoids and that’s about it.

          The real purpose of the education system is to instill a deference to faux authority via operant conditioning. What they actually learn is to parrot back whatever bullshit the teacher slings for a gold star and pat on the back.

        • There seems to be a reverse Dunning-Kruger effect as well. People may simply not be able to easily place themselves in the shoes of those less intelligent than themselves.

          I’ve heard it postulated that it is difficult to communicate with anyone more than two stddevs away from you in IQ, in either direction.

          There are a few smart people who can “dial down” and comprehend the lower IQ modes of thinking, but far more common is that the cognitive elites assume that everyone thinks like they do, maybe just slower. They really cannot comprehend the sheer level of poor decision-making and lack of impulse control that drives the lower quintile of the population, and many of those that do come to despise the less intelligent and move toward totalitarianism.

  27. talked to a friend in canada whose wife is from germany. the most amazing thing about this clownworld it that it is worldwide. canada is exactly like the US. His wife tells him that germany is too. Locked down , economy collapsing at unbelievable speed though unniticed because of “social iisolation” , and the governments handing out money they don’t have at an amazing rate. the VR feel of this covers the fact that once we are all broke the Serfdom will be real.

    • We got a middle class from the economic fruits of industrialization, maintained and expanded it through the expanding credit facilities of financialization, and will end it in broadly applied EBT credits in a cashless society, after all the stuff of the middle class is taken away. One way to look at this is that a middle class is a historical anomaly, goes against the human nature of the nobility versus the serfs as the ordinary state of things, and is not a phenomenon that can be perpetuated for too long. Human nature, greed, power, selfishness, and cruelty will prevail. All the things that good philosophies and religions caution us against, and try to steer us away from.

      The social middle class emerged by piggybacking on the economics. That social middle class is now being systematically destroyed in the names of equality and fairness. The predictable end game is tribalism and strongman politics, broadly distributed and locally applied. Make sure your locality is made up of people who are OK for you, are tough, and are well led. It’s how each of us gets from here to there in one piece, more or less.

      • A global Narau.

        I’d say the historical anomaly is a White bubble, our population at about a third of the total in 1940.

        We successfully grew into new territory for about 20 generations, and then opened the door to the tragedy of the commons and miforest’s Serfdom.

        We were piggybacked.
        Maybe we’ll just have to persevere until the commons meet their own tragedy- it won’t take long, heck, it’s happening already.

    • Most talk of the national debt seems to have been drowned in the drone of the printing presses.

      • I still encounter old-timer conservatives complaining about “their tax dollars” being spent on this or that egregiously awful plan. I tell them, “Dude, your tax dollars were spent in the first quarter after you paid them. This country runs on magic money, now.”

  28. Anthony McDaniels has an interesting piece out about how some small island population of aboriginals managed to get ownership of some commodity on their island that colonial powers had been exporting for a long time. Pretty quickly you had type two diabetes and all kinds of other pathologies sprouting up among these once-noble savages. It’s sort of the “prisoner of one’s pleasures” problem of a man who works hard and then tells himself he’s going to have fun holding up in his mansion, and then slowly goes insane. Although I think a case-in-point like post-psychotic break Howard Hughes had more on the ball than someone like Biden, who probably couldn’t even manage to count his jars of urine at this point.

    • I know we (UK) had some phosphate exporting company at some point that was handed over to islanders… Was that the one?

      • Back in my college days I had a friend who was taking a geography course. One day there was a sizable earthquake in Azerbaijan. The professor was talking about the difficulties that Azerbaijanies would be facing in its wake when a guy in the class piped up, “I think you mean, “Aboriginies”.

        • A friend tells me he took a low-level psych course with a famous vibrant college and subsequent professional basketball player.

          The course professor posed a hypothetical question with follow ups: would any student in class murder somebody for money and, if so, for how much and where would you flee to afterwards?

          The only student who raised his hand was the vibrant. Queried for how much, he said “$10,000.” Asked where he would flee, our star basketball player replied, “I would leave the United States.” Where specifically outside the US would he choose to go? “Sheeet, that easy. I gonna go to Hawaii.”

          Today, the vibrant is a multi-millionaire and the chicks still dig him apparently. Only in ‘merica.

      • OrangeFrog said: “I know we (UK) had some phosphate exporting company at some point that was handed over to islanders… Was that the one?”

        I think that’s it. I read that artical a while back. Once the islanders had all that money they began to eat and drink themselves to death.

    • Nauru is a textbook case of cupidity killing the goose that laid the golden egg (or bird shit in Nauru’s case). 😀 I’ve posted this before. It’s not the only example, but one of the best. I challenge anyone to present an example where, given a precious resource, the local rulers didn’t steal, waste, deplete or otherwise ruin it in short order.

      • When the French left Algeria, Algeria was the largest phosphate producer in the world.

        Only phosphate is corrosive, so you need to recapitalize the entire production apparatus every five years.

        Five years after the French left, Algeria didn’t produce phosphate.

        • You’d be amazed at all the vintage cranes, derricks, and warehouses in the port of Algiers that have simply been left to rot for 60+ years.

          • We had a favorite game to play when I was stationed in Egypt (with a peacekeeping group). We’d see a partial concrete-block building of several stories with no workmen around. The challenge was: is it being built or torn down? It was that hard to tell.

        • The Rockin’ Moroccans next door are a top producer. You’d think the Algerians would ramp up production to compete with their neighbors and drive down the latter’s revenues in a “friendly” game of Arabian tag.

          And, yes, I must be pretty dang bored to concern myself with such things.

          • I lived in Algiers for over 4 years.

            The general attitude was, “we have the gas, we have the oil, what more do we need?”

            Which is a shame, because they could easily compete with for the other income streams going to Morocco and Tunisia.

          • True confession: I only apprehended that Morocco had large phosphate reserves because the former bartender/uproariously funny Sephardic Jou, Danny, a Rockin’ Moroccan at my “wellness” club, The East Bank Club, back when my sporadic iron weights workout partner was Stedman Graham, unnecessary name drop, continuously plied me for capital re investment possibilities here and there and one such “opportunity” was the phosphate mining potential in Morocco.

            I’ve since visited Morocco and the food’s great but it’s corrupt as hell.

            A paleontologist friend of mine had his entire vehicle fleet hijacked at machine gun point by a dig site there. A government insider orchestrated the event and probably only cleared a $10k but it was something I guess.

      • Maybe Norway with oil? Then again, Scandinavians can make all kinds of stuff work that doesn’t work anywhere else. Once the Norwegians are replaced with Africans though I suppose all the oil will be in the hands of some warlord.

        • If European Union falls(it will probably happen) then Welcome Immigrants parties fall. Also, I very much doubt non occupied european countries will let migrants do whatever they like in Europe.

  29. I love the trash Spotify is pushing on its Friday release playlist.

    They honestly think people want to listen to pop songs about BLM, bugsnax, and man on man.

    Clown World, I hate you.

  30. All our conflicts are aimed internally. There is no Germany vs France, North vs South, Protestant vs Catholic, Christians vs Moslems, Western Empires vs Eastern Empires.

    We have neighbor vs neighbor, neighborhood vs neighborhood, brother vs brother, city vs countryside, Western native vs foreign usurper, builders vs destroyers, nuSacred vs oldSacred, demos vs democracy, men vs women, generation vs generation…and these internal conflicts are ubiquitous throughout the civilization.

    The rot is internal and fundamental. The natural order of a system being in the service of a ethnic community of people is now a people upended in the service of a system…and the system is at perpetual war with the people in diluting their ability to organize and push back. Diversity migration is weaponized and moralized to push aside, impoverish and disarm the native population. Holocaustianity is weaponized to condition the native from even naming the usurpers.

    The corruption is so deep and so widespread that the only way to organize against it is to organize and reorder at the local level. To rebuild neighborhood by neighborhood, town by town, region by region. Our civilizational institutions are dead at the civilizational level.
    Retaking means reseeding the West at the local and regional level. We don’t need to completely reinvent the wheel. But we do need to rebuild a more sturdy foundation. Turn on to those who like you understand our situation and are willing to act, Tune in to how to plan and act in our long-term interests locally, Drop out of Clown World as much as you can.

    We’ve been trying to escape the rot since the ’50s by moving away from what we won’t tolerate. Let’s continue but do so with a more collective approach.

    (If Canned Heat can be part of the dissident sound track Timothy Leary can be one of its gurus.)

    • Brilliant post, Ivan. (And I love your parenthetic conclusion.) The only thing I would add is that secession of some sort is the ONLY solution. Ultimately we must break away from the crumbling facade of what formerly was our nation. If we don’t, we get buried in the rubble.

    • Yep, the real hate is now directed inward. I remember a few years back, I was talking with an older guy who actually thought the Russians were a threat. I laughed and said, “What’s more likely to happen, the Russians taking over your neighborhood or Mexican immigrants?”

      All sides are beginning to no longer accept the authority of the other. White progressives and POC don’t view Trump as legitimate or as “their” president. The NFL players kneeling are idiots, but their sentiment – “This isn’t my country” – is starting to be felt by more and more people.

      Just wait until the Dems start hammering Whites with even more anti-White policies and programs. How long will CivNat Whites accept the legitimacy of Pres. Harris?

      • “What’s more likely to happen, the Russians taking over your neighborhood or Mexican immigrants?”

        Or as Queen Ann said, “if you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”

      • You know, Citizen, in a non-academic sense that’s an important question – just how much will humiliation and ruination will Whites quietly accept? I used to think at some point most would revolt, but I no longer believe that. When White grandmothers celebrate their mulatto grandchildren and White mothers encourage the disparaging and drugging of their own sons, there really is no way to quantify the depth of the depravity. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

        • That’s a good question. Not to blackpill, but if it’s anything like Canada, the answer is that there will be no pushback.

          Whites are getting the squeeze in Canada. While Toronto has been enriched for a while, the smaller cities in Ontario were pretty white. In the past 5 years, they’ve spread out to every place that isn’t a total shit hole. White flight is basically no longer an option since the new subdivisions are 90%+ non-whites moving in.

          Whites respond with even more cucking. More immigration! Young whites rally to progressive causes despite being priced out of the housing (and future job) market forever. Some people are uncomfortable about it, but just shrug and deal with it. White flight destinations (look at Milton, Ontario) are just mass-developed with hundreds of thousands of new residents being moved in outside the older white core.

          We don’t seem to be capable of having an honest assessment of our situation. We’d rather pretend that nothing is wrong than admit something is wrong.

          • Agree that it’s grim. Heck, look at South Africa. But I am seeing more and more green shoots out there. Many Whites are sensing that something isn’t right, that they’re not getting the deal they were promised.

            We’ll see.

          • Indeed we will see, there’s nothing much else we can do but wait and see. Redpill here and there.

        • Sadly, I suspect that a very large portion of Whites – certainly the majority – will do nothing or even embrace their enslavement/disappearance.

          My completely baseless guess is that if we ever do pull together and push back, it’ll be ~20% of Whites. That means that even if we’re lucky, almost all of use will lose in some form or another the vast majority of our family and friends. If we’re unlucky, we’ll be forced to move and lose all of them.

          • Whites aren’t going to fight back because it’s easier to zonk out on Netflix and grill instead. We’re too comfortable as a people so we’re never going to do anything.

      • The Left forgets that when they try to illegitimize the current president, future presidents will easily be illegitimized by many people as well. They forget that when they support violence in the name of some public good, that they will get perpetual cycles of violence. When they seek to eliminate policing and discipline, that the lack of police and lack of discipline will not be remediated when the Left returns to power. Incivility cannot be turned on and off with a switch. Create a hostile, incivil environment, and that is exactly what everyone will get, for a long time.

        • They’re all in. They take over and seal off the exits or they’re finished, and they know it. So they’re fighting with desperation.

          The fact that it’s still a contest tells you how small a minority they are, and that’s what pisses me off about the situation. They have no right to pull this off. They can’t be allowed to pull it off.

      • Conservative Inc. is currently trying to rile people up over the treatment of Uighurs in China. Not getting much traction pointing out that the problems of an alien people a world away are meaningless to us in light of the problems we have right here.

  31. Ya know, Z, you started this one and I was expecting a complete dog of a show… but this is right up there with some of your best. Well done – and have a great weekend. 😊👍

  32. Regarding Cold War-era Soviet entertainment, are there any old shortwave radio listeners here? Soviet and Chinese jamming stations were sometimes fun to listen to. Numbers stations were sometimes a hoot as well.

    • During my tenure in West Germany (mid-80s), I recall listening on a buddy’s radio, sometimes it was numbers in German. Another time it was Voice of America. The English transmission was OK, but then it said something like “Our next transmission will be in Polish” and the jamming was immediate 😀

    • MeToo…on the other side of Iron Curtain. Inside the Soviet Union they used only so called “white noise”. Once they used music or voice but people quickly learned that when some music comes from unknown source, then interesting channel is nearby. Jammers were very powerful and easy to find So actually this jamming helped people to find otherwise weak and hard to find foreign signal

  33. In the Demographic Age, we are not going to “vote our way out of this”. Yet many on our side of the divide hold that a vote for “the lesser of two evils” or Trump is the best we have at the moment or even he will “drive the left nuts for four more years” is still a valid rationale for pulling err mailing the lever. Others hold that an impotent vote gives TPTB power of knowing they control us; validates an illegitimate process of an illegitimate government.

    Similarly, the straightest line between the present and “A future for our children” often seems to trace the shape of a cul-de-sac as “the time is not yet upon us”, “we need more time to do x” – or even that “a successful civilization is not about birth rates”. Lol.

    I understand there is nuance, to flog the NPR word of the week, but it seems to me that Libertarianism is not alone in how reality slips through its fingers.

    Many old truths are failing the test, but then “old” is relative. How does one escape a paradox? The experience of a life based on faith?. Any other ideas?

    • This problem was 100 years ago in Russian Empire too. Nobody supported rotten degenerate elite.Those nosupporters did not understood that this rotten filth was the only defense line against full communism, so we ended up with 73 years of madness and tens of millions dead. GOP is crap but what else you have against commies ? Dumb belief like we had 100 years ago, that commies are our college students, journos, intellectuals and so on, so at the end of the day they are still our people and can`t be very bad.

      • This was always the impression I got of the Russian Revolution. It was a time of almost universal demoralization. No one believed much of anything anymore. Then along came these guys who did believe, and very much so. The Bolsheviks’ fanaticism allowed them to triumph over far larger factions that had succumbed to apathy and despair. This is why I still support Trump and the GOP. I don’t think many, even here, see that the alternative is not really Biden or even whatever Strong Black Wammen they pick as VP when he has that last stroke.

        The alternative is very likely what you see in the streets here in Portland. The alternative is these people who’ve now spent over 50 nights laying siege to the federal buildings downtown. The Biden administration will be full of tokenism and incompetence, starting with the VP who replaces zombie Biden. Meanwhile the chaos in the cities will resume after radicals realize that the Biden crew will not give them what they want.

        It’s been pointed out on the Right that the troublemakers, whose ostensible cause is still The Passion of St. Floyd, are mostly white people. If anything, I’ve noticed that the rioters around here, who were always mostly white, have gotten whiter. This is because they are forming into a Bolshevik style faction with goals far beyond the cause they started with. After Biden’s corpse is installed in the White House, you will have a disorganized and largely incompetent Executive Branch staffed with PoC tokens and grifters facing an increasingly competent, organized, and almost all white and (((white))) New Bolshevik faction. Like it or not, Tzar Trump is the better option.

      • When one party is demonic and the other is diabolical, the people must perform an exorcism.

    • See my blackpilled comment below. Canadian whites are so cucked that I hear 10x more complaints about immigrants, FROM immigrants! Almost 100% of white Canadians will not talk about the situation.

      One bad racist party wanted to reduce immigration from 350,000 per year to 250,000 per year. They got 2% of the vote.

    • I agree that we can’t vote our way out of this. I am undecided about whether to vote for President because my vote may be interpreted as that I support the system. Nonetheless, here are some recent Trump actions about immigration and demographics.

      Trump administration rolls back Obama-era housing rule (This Obama rule designated the county I lived in as in need of diversity)

      Trump Bans Counting Illegal Immigrants in Congressional Reapportionment

      186,700 illegal immigrants from 130 nations stopped by Trump’s coronavirus border closure

      No other administration would do this and it buys us time.

      • Unless you live in a legitimate swing state, what the hell difference will it make if you pull the lever for … whoever the hell you pull the lever for?

        Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, why does it concern you whether anyone thinks of your potential vote for Trump (or for the tooth fairy, for that matter) as “supporting the system,” or actively trying to destroy the system, or whatever?

        You have to resolve all of this in your own heart and in your own mind. To hell with what anyone else thinks.

        • The left keep winning because they work hard and organize to get what they want. The right only votes and, when the vote doesn’t turn out the way they want, go sulk and decide to not even vote anymore. They won’t get off their asses and try to pull an active party together. The right will continue to lose until they match the left in dedication and organization.

  34. Speaking of historical cycles, here’s a (sideways) discussion by Paglia and Peterson that touches on this. I found it very interesting. I know most of you hate Peterson, but it’s still worth the time. I like the way Paglia tempers his thoughts and words in this case.

    • I doubt very many people here have any opinion on Peterson. I can’t recall the last time his name has come up in the comments.

    • “Hate” is probably inaccurate, “ridicule” is more apt. Peterson is a sophist from a bygone era (2016-17). As he got more well-known he got more unhinged. But he inadvertently helped some people find this side of the great divide.

    • I think he’s good; he is a step in the right direction for people that are otherwise hopelessly lost.

      • As long as people don’t get stuck on his “Rules for Life.” which are nonsense better suited to mental cases and they move in our direction he has some value.
        Peterson though has worked rather closely with the UN which makes me suspect he is like Ben Shapiro, meant to keep people away from Our Thing and serves as controlled opposition.

    • I doubt if most of us here think about Jordan Peterson at all these days. A couple of years ago, opinions were probably mixed. He did some good things, such as his advocating for James Damore, standing up to SJW nonsense, etc. Then out of the blue, he came out promoting Lewontin’s Fallacy regarding race, blocking Faith Goldy from a free speech forum, etc. I’ve always thought those involved with publishing his 12 Rules book made him disavow some of the white nationalist views since he was somewhat popular with them prior to that.

  35. is it paradoxical that every time I hear that closing music my mind automatically goes strait to Foghats Fool For The City . nyc born and bred…. have a good weekend Zman

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