The Media Revolution

In 2016, the Left was super confident they had the election in the bag. So confident, in fact, they got sloppy. It was around this time that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign, assuming President Clinton would be cool with it. They are just as confident this time, but they probably don’t have the FBI and CIA spying for them. Given what happened in 2016, you would think they would be cautious, but instead they are overflowing with certainty. They know they will win.

One reason for this is they have purged almost all dissenting voices from their preferred media platforms. The Drudge Report is so over-the-top in his anti-Trump antics it feels like a parody site now. There is some speculation that he sold out to Silicon Valley grifters, but Drudge was always a creation of Neo-Conservative Inc. His sources and sympathies were always in that world. That whole scene has fired up the NeverTrump clown car for one more ride through the public square.

Twitter is just a far-left echo chamber. They have been purging so many people from the platform, even the most determined of trouble makers has grown bored with the effort it takes to get back on and stay on the site. Sites like Reddit and 4chan are muted for fear of being shut down like 8chan. That site was shuttered by the usual suspects and had to re-spawn as a weaker version of itself. Other than Gab and semi-private platforms, the internet is tumbleweeds and left-wing cranks.

One result seems to be a soaring confidence of the Left. They are carrying on like Dementia Joe will win every state twice in November. His vote will be so strong it will change the results of the last election. That’s an amusing exaggeration, but it is at the heart of their world view. Installing Biden in the White House will allow them to memory hole the 2016 election, as if it never happened. They will probably instruct textbook makers to skip the last four years of history.

Another result is some former enthusiasts of the Trump campaign are very depressed, certain that their guy will lose and that he deserves to lose. The anti-Semites, for example, are sure everyone is abandoning Trump, because the anti-Semites have been purged from the internet. It’s really weird how those guys on the one hand claim our greatest ally controls the media, but on the other hand they intensely follow the media and accept what they see at face value.

It is a good example of how the intensely on-line can lose perspective. When all of your inputs are from on-line media sources and people who agree with you, often two sets with great overlap, you get a warped view of the world. That’s the irony in what we are seeing right now. The former Trump fans who now hate Trump look at the media and see confirmation, while the people who hate those former Trump enthusiasts see the same media and also see confirmation.

The thing is, normal white people are getting really sick of the hate whitey stuff all over the media. During the last few months, whitey has been finding refuge in watching movies and television shows. Now they are being bombarded with explicit hatred of white people. If you circulate around normal people, it comes up a lot. When it does come up, the intensity is plain as day. These are people who would be Trump voters, so it is not as if this is changing minds, but it is pissing them off.

The puzzle is, with the lack of confirmation, will these people act on their anger and frustration this November. They don’t have anyone but Tucker in the media addressing their anger. They can’t get confirmation on-line, even from dissidents, as they have either been purged from social media, toned it down or now operate in semi-private venues like this one. Tucker having record numbers, however, suggests there is a deep reserve of pissed off Trump voters.

An important tenet of modern mass media is that these big social media platforms dictate public sentiment. The Left used to say, in the before times, that their control of the media was worth as much as 4-5 points in an election. That was probably an exaggeration, but it did seem to matter. They controlled what was discussed, thus always giving the Democrats home field advantage. They are now sure their control of social media is driving public sentiment.

Is the same true of modern media? The 2016 election could be used to argue both sides of that debate. Trump used Twitter to get around and control the media, by forcing them to respond to him, rather than the other way around. On the other hand, he was confronted by a wall of sound from the Left, but won anyway. It is easy to forget, but the Left was every bit as triumphant and nasty four years ago as they are right now, but the voters did not follow along as predicted.

He also had his rallies, which had to be covered by the media. This confirmed to his supporters that they were not alone. They saw lots of normal people enjoying the rallies and they saw the cranks in the media mocking those fellow normies. It was both confirming and infuriating. That’s the thing he needs to work around this time. He needs to let his voters see that normal people are just as angry at the revolution and that the way to express it is to support Trump.

One thing that has always been true about the American Left is they think rhetoric that works once will work forever and in all situations. The word “Nazi’ has been so overused that only far-left cranks respond to it with something other than laughter. Racist is heading in the same direction, as most normal white just laugh at it now. We may be seeing something like this with mass media. The Left has so abused their control of the media that it now amplifies sentiment, rather than alters it.

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237 thoughts on “The Media Revolution

  1. DHS head tweets helplessly* as violence, murder and rioting spread:

    Meanwhile these same feds are somehow able to shovel resources at local law enforcement to instantly immiserate anyone who puts up an “it’s ok to be white” sticker.

    *The supposed helplessness is only a public act. Behind the scenes the feds are actively collaborating with BLM and Antifa terrorists. There are now several documented instances of the feds doxxing their own unwitting conscripted pawns to BLM and Antifa.

    At this point I’m not sure which “side” I hate more. Both deserve each other, and I hope both destroy each other. And the libertarian retards who stepped in to “do something” deserve whatever they get too—assuming they aren’t fed plants themselves.

  2. When I print out an article the little green circle/207/text icon in the lower left corner ends up printed in the text and blocks out a 3/4 inch circle of text.
    Wish there was a way for you to fix that. I’m not a tech guy and it’s annoying.


  3. I think you could argue three ways. Yes, three.
    The first is that respected pollsters with credibility on the line are predicting a Dem Tsunami. Taking the Senate by a huge margin, Biden winning decisively and strengthening the House. Biden is up 13 in Florida, at this time Trump was up 3 there against Hillary. Moreover they are saying that Biden has pulled even with Trump among WHITES. And that Trump has decisively lost the suburbs, and the movement was entirely after April. That moreover the gains Biden made was entirely among White women, who have post BLM / George Floyd moved decisively AGAINST Trump.
    White women since about the 1980s have been like the Jennifer Jason Leigh character in the Paul Verhoeven / Rutger Hauer movie Flesh and Blood. Going with the winner always. And kind of liking the violence and abuse as long as they are not the targets. Given that White women know they are prettier than Black women and can easily supplant them (the source of Black women’s rage) it is certainly believable that a vast majority of White women will vote Biden and BLM.
    Dems certainly believe this — they push BLM and defunding the police and violence and chaos everywhere, they MUST have polling showing it works gangbusters on White women who really enjoy it — when else have you seen respectable young White women throwing molotov cocktails at cop cars in NYC — instead of Eat/Pray/Loving or Sex in the Citying?
    Commercials have been playing on this dynamic for years. As repellent as the “White women belong to Black men” is to White men, White women the main target love it.
    Way 2: the Joint Chiefs have told Trump to lose or they will remove him. Trump is behaving very weirdly and un Trump like since the aborted color revolution coup. The Defense Secretary remains even though he removed troops from defending the White House against the mob. The Chair of the Joint Chiefs apologized for backing Trump, praised BLM, and promised it would never happen again. Trump no longer Tweets much and seems resigned to losing. The Joint Chiefs are all pozzed 100% and they all despise Trump openly. For his peace-mongering, his opposition to BLM, for being a White man. I’d say outside a few special forces units the Armed Forces are just like the Joint Chiefs. And would happily remove Trump to install Hillary or Pelosi or Kamala Harris. Just like cops have over and over again backed anti-Fa and BLM.
    Thus Trump does what he is told, loses decisively, and maybe or maybe not he’s sent to prison. We certainly will be. I think it highly likely Trump made a deal to lose to avoid being removed.
    Way 3: Hillary and her circle have not given up, and want to sabotage the Biden campaign to be the only alternative standing. Hillary is certainly a ruthless machiavellian, but this depends on discipline and intelligence and a basic understanding of the deplorables which are not Hillary traits. Opportunistic, even driven ruthlessness yes, long term planning, no.
    I think the most likely explanations are a mixture of #1 and #2, huge shift among White women wanting their husbands and sons in a work camp while they live like a Kardashian with warlord rappers; and the Joint Chiefs deciding its time for Obama the re-run.
    Biden is IMHO likely to approach a fifty state sweep. Particularly with mail in voting. The Senate will have a huge Dem majority. Texas, Florida, Arizona will all turn Blue completely. There are a lot of party officials who could kill things like the CHAZ and such, and would see a step up in the Biden Admin as his “machine” consists of himself, his cokehead son who screwed his brother’s wife as his brother was dying of cancer, and Biden’s Stepford Wife. In other words patronage is wide open and none of them want a repeat of 2016.
    We should prepare for a huge Biden victory. He’s likely being Biden to pick the worst candidate for VP: Stacey Abrams. Or maybe Lori Lightfoot. He and his cokehead son will be given a few months to loot the country like no one’s business and then be forced out. We can expect at a minimum a purge of all White men from everywhere like in Chevron and Lloyd’s and Hollywood and other places. Which has already happened. That’s minimum. Probably likely is a series of “re-education camps” designed to purge “racism” from White men ala the Chinese Uighur prison camps. Every White men sent there, to provide slave labor for Nike and Apple and such even cheaper than China. There is a reason Corporate America is on board with this. Slave White male labor is the only way for them to increase profits now.
    Under Abrams or Lightfoot, the people running things will be anti-Fa weirdos and the various Black nationalists. Nick Cannon might be the new FBI director, unless its Ice Cube (who by the way says you owe him money for reparations Whitey!) I’m assuming places like Nebraska will be nuked as they resist. I have no illusions about the armed forces refusing any more than I have them about cops stopping BLM from dragging me from my car and beating me to death for having the wrong skin color.
    The best solution is to not be here. Get your passports now, investigate places like Chile, or Uruguay, that can use a smart White man with skills and will offer some protection. Other than that, moving to a place that can offer rural refuge without being a nuclear target would be wise. Western Pennsylvania, Southern Ohio, Upstate New York maybe.
    The upper and middle class White women around me are all enthusiastic for BLM. They visibly find it sexy and like the idea of BLM dudes pulling people out of cars and beating them. THEY don’t have to travel into Los Angeles. From what I see, admittely in SoCal, I figure Biden is a huge winner and am buying what I can now.

    • If the dumbass voters in this country want 8 more years of the Obama regime x10, then screw it, I’m through. they can just fuck off and suck black communist dick. They’ll deserve every ass fucking there going to get and then some. If that happens, I’ll turn my back on the whole stinking mess and just go and have a good time untill I head off to the big sayonara .

    • The dog not barking is the Joint Chiefs- furious for the Mule’s disruption of their shock capitalism industry.

      Good catch. That explains so very much. This is looking like Exile’s example of the Red Army brass switching sides, above.

      Domestic intelligence is ultimately a subset of military intelligence, the actual secret rule from the shadows.

    • I mostly agree that suburban white women are mostly down with BLM. Suburban white women was what clinched the election for Trump and let’s not forget that many of them ran back to the Democrats in 2018. Trump won them because of their visceral hatred for Hillary, who they thought she was an irritating phony.

      BLM messaging has matured. In 2016, BLM celebrated cop killers which is a big no-no, even in the defund police era. In 2020, you get the ACAB and defund police stuff but no venerating any killers, just victims. The intended target of this optics shift is suburban white women, who are lapping this up uncritically.

      Im not saying I’m blackpilled but Trump has made it very hard on himself to secure re-election. I’ve kind of moved on from Trump since the spring 2018 omnibus disaster. I’m paying closer attention to downballot races that have guys more aligned with us, the most prominent being Kris Kobach. Despite fighting multiple attempts from the GOPe to get him to go away like Jeff Sessions, he keeps popping up. The fact that the GOPe keeps trying to swat him down is a positive sign that it’s a race worth paying attention to. Trump can win or lose at this point, it’s hard to care anymore. The consequence of not even bothering to pretend to fulfill promises.

  4. I have spoken to a number of white people who agree with things I say about the war on whites that they would have rolled their eyes at a year ago. I think whites are becoming more and more racially conscious, though they don’t want to be.
    As an aside, I think you are going to see a surge in interest in old movies that feature no BIPOC. I myself have made this switch.

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  6. The virus is the wildcard. Trump’s biggest mistake has been in not getting out in front of it and keeping the discussion on the right of the divide grounded in reality. He continually caves to the leftist mob by trying to stake out a middle ground between reality and Armageddon most recently with masks and canceling the convention. He needs to craft a simple narrative and hold his rallies for the reason that Z mentioned.

    Tucker is giving white people permission to be angry. Trump needs to build on this. He should have the feds look into the McCloskey prosecution, instead of just tweeting about it, especially now that the prosecution has been caught tampering with evidence.

    • What rallies? Last one was at a federal monument in order to justify any level of force needed to allow it to proceed.

      What’s unfolding in the streets is one long anti-Trump rally by the anti white coalition.

      Yesterday’s antiTrump rallies in Louisville and in Texas were surprisingly orderly – both sides were armed to the teeth and the only shot was an accidental discharge by NFAC.

  7. ” It’s really weird how those guys on the one hand claim our greatest ally controls the media, but on the other hand they intensely follow the media and accept what they see at face value.”

    We can reasonably disagree over Trump’s prospects – but are you seriously claiming our Fellowest Whites don’t control the media – or just that they’re all on Team Blue so polls are fake just like 2016?

    • Z grants exceptions to the small hatted folk that he would never grant to other subversive populations. Possibly because they are smart and have money and he hopes that we can harness that power, which is silly.

      I ask this question every few months. Z criticizes the 1980s conservatives for being subverted and dominated by the neocons, yet how is he any different today?

      I get it that Z likes Paul Gottfried, but why doesn’t Clarence Thomas excuse the blacks in the same way that Gottfried excuses our “fellow whites?”

    • Do you want to go over the cliff at 90 miles an hour with Democrats or at the speed limit with Trump?

  8. Reading the comments here and elsewhere, I’d be real cautious of this deus ex machina moment where whites wake up just in time to vote for Trump. I live in a swing state in white collar work and most people are invested in the Whig History “the right side of history is always on the left side.” I see lots of white people saying it’s a good thing that these riots are going on because white people have been ignorant of the plight of the noble black person for too long. The shocking part is that many of them are soi disant conservatives who, like many of the GOP, have been on their knees for BLM and anti-white anarchotyranny these last few weeks.

    Its easy to pine for this mass of whites fed up but be prepared for the reality that many of them are entirely on board with what’s going on here. Why are they on board? It’s the path of least resistance because it lets them go home, grill some steaks, and watch some Netflix for one more day.

    • Hate to say it but I agree with you. Until the insanity directly hits them they will show no outrage

    • “It’s the path of least resistance because it lets them go home, grill some steaks, and watch some Netflix for one more day.”

      This is the problem in America. People are too comfortable to care about things that are much bigger than themselves. Take that comfort away and watch how quickly the pendulum swings. Further, the lack of education and knowledge of the world outside of America is dumbing down our nation. Many of Americans are extremely myopic, insular, and provincial in their mindset. They’re not well-read and lack a firm understanding of history.
      While Americans are complacent, let’s look at what recently transpired in Belgrade. The newly elected Serbian president enacted a brief lock-down that was met by ten’s of thousands of nationalists rising up in violent protests lasting nearly a week. Their protesting was deemed a success as the lock-down was lifted.
      Here in the United States, people are more concerned sportsball and celebrity gossip. This is the stark difference between a secular country like the United States and an Orthodox country like Serbia where 97 percent practice Orthodox Christianity and are unified by their faith.

    • Agreed. 90% of the right is DR3. It always feels a bit foolish playing Cassandra, but right now at least there is no evidence of a massive whitelash. And that’s after two months’ of the most intense rioting since the 1960’s.

      We’ll see what happens in November, but right now there are more white men angry about masks than about blacks and their (((white))) apologists rioting in the streets.

    • The “moms” and “dads” defending the Portland rioters are astroturfed, but there are some real vets and libertarians showing up to defend them too. That shows you what shape the right is in these days. There will be no anti-BLM backlash.

      The right is largely ok with the rioting because they don’t want their tranny and mulatto kids and grandkids to get hurt! The same people who helicoptered their kids and grandkids through college and into their first jobs are now anxious to make sure their little Kaydens and Jaydens don’t get hurt in the streets.

  9. “The word “Nazi’ has been so overused… Racist is heading in the same direction”

    Try mentioning “Jared”, though, and you’ll be cut off in midsentence on Tucker Carlson.

    (Le Tuck, to his credit, knows subtle illustration works best.

    /ourguy/ behind the lines.)

  10. I see it as Biden’s to lose. They’re already trying to figure out how to get him out of the debates. A debating Alzheimer’s patient won’t look good. Trump would probably ask him to draw the face of a clock or something. If he chooses a negress or Tammy Duckworth I see those as a drawback. No one wants to hear from some pickaninny or see some second base drone on and on about her “sacrifice” for Raytheon in the middle east. I was a Trump voter in 2016, after passing on magic underwear and war monger McCain. I can say I won’t be voting for Trump again. I will once again write in, not that it matters as Biden will win my state. My top three issues are immigration, immigration and immigration. About two years in I split. I say let Alzheimer’s patient run it into the ground.

  11. One reason for this is they have purged almost all dissenting voices from their preferred media platforms. The Drudge Report is so over-the-top in his anti-Trump antics it feels like a parody site now. There is some speculation that he sold out to Silicon Valley grifters, but Drudge was always a creation of Neo-Conservative Inc. His sources and sympathies were always in that world. That whole scene has fired up the NeverTrump clown car for one more ride through the public square.

    People still don’t seem to understand how Drudge works or its appeal. This is not really directed at Z but people who complain about Drudge , in general. If Drudge catered exclusively to conservatives, as Fox News does, the site would be considerably less popular than it is now and would not be as relevant as a go-to source for breaking news, for the past 2 decades and counting . People turn to Drudge because they want to see a trainwreck and shitshow, regardless of whose party;s train is being wrecked and shat on. That is all. They do not go to Drudge to see their views/biases affirmed. Conservatives such as Limbaugh like Drudge, in spite of it not being pro-Trump, because it satisfies this curiosity to see the clown show that is Washington and American politics and society unfold. If you have cynical view of Washington politics, in general, does it matter whose side is imploding? Drudge makes millions in Ad revenues and is more relevant than ever, but no no, he is doing it wrong, say the armchair experts.
    Drudge was never intended to be a pro-conservative website but rather more of a Beltway/DC scoop website that initially started out as mailing list. It just so happened that it owes its huge initial success to the Clinton scandal, so Conservatives misread it as Drudge being on their ‘team,’ but that was just a coincidence.

    • I agree. Although Drudge has way too many articles on people like Bret Easton Ellis for some reason, and also too many articles on the latest HIV cocktail (this one may actually be a cure) I generally like that it’s not Breitbart. While Drudge is Jewish, Breitbart seems WAY more full of little hat content. Also, Drudge is one of the few outlets that understands the gravity of our current deficit spending. You can’t even say that about most financial sites. Neo-cons couldn’t give a rats ass about deficits. They never did. Drudge also has great immigration content. Whatever Drudge is doing down in Miami beach, I think he understands that we’re at the end of an epoch and his content has that vibe.

      • “Drudge has way too many articles on people like Bret Easton Ellis for some reason, and also too many articles on the latest HIV cocktail”

        Because Drudge is homosexual, like Ellis, and male homosexuals bind together as tightly as if they were a racial group.

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  13. Trump has made a few mistakes; Spending like a mad real-estate developer is one, listening to his daughter too much is two, and letting Fauci & Co. make a fool of him is #3. (There are others, too.) But the biggest is likely Fauci; this economy is stuck in the mud and he cannot goose it enough to get free before 10/1.

    However, that will not serve to elect Biden. Aside from the hubris of the Left which is pissing off the Right, the enthusiasm for Biden hovers around 3 on a 10-point scale. (Notice that the usual polls NEVER talk about enthusiasm? There’s a reason.)

    And of course, national polls are crap. NY and CA’s population-weight is sufficient to push the polls Left no matter what. But the election is NOT national; it’s state-by-state, which is why the (D) intends to cheat like crazy in swing-states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania…….etc. But even with the cheating, one suspects that they will not drag Biden’s corpse over the line. Nobody cares about him in the (D)-suburban ranks, and damn few like him in the inner cities. They don’t have to vote Trump; they just have to stay home. And they will.

  14. “The Drudge Report is so over-the-top in his anti-Trump antics it feels like a parody site now.”

    it is remarkable. I stop by Drudge now and then to gauge the flu pandemic stories being offered. Whatever happened to the delightful Tik Tok nurses, their chubby frames accentuated by the scrubs garments? Those were good times.

  15. I live in a shitlib-dominated area of Los Angeles, but my office is in South Central. I work around a lot of working class Hispanics and let me just say, these people are furious about BLM and all the rioting and looting. I joked with an older Mexican lady how nice it would be for us to get our own Pinochet, and her eyes got misty and she just smiled, nodded and said that would be a lovely thing. Don’t underestimate the Left’s capacity to self-sabotage their own ambitions. The woke whites are pissing everyone off and damn near everyone outside the Cloud hates their guts. I know many “liberal-leaning” white guys who voted for Clinton in 2016 that are now coming around and saying they’ll vote for Trump over Bloody Eyed Joe Biden in a heartbeat.

    • You mean like unmarked vans picking up white protesters in Portland and instead of releasing them…they just disappear? Hmm….requires some thought …. 😀

  16. In the late 90’s, World Championship Wrestling was a money-making juggernaut, getting massive cable ratings and selling out arenas across the country. That era coincided with the growth of internet-related wrestling websites, which complemented the already existing “dirt sheets” in chronicaling the behind-the-scenes happenings. This gave rise to an increase in the number of smart marks, fans who were in on the ruse but still willing to suspend disbelief.

    As these fans grew in number and expressed their knowledge by bringing signs to shows that referenced backstage events, the creative minds at WCW decided to give great consideration to smart marks when booking their shows. Fooling the marks became a priority. What resulted was a steady stream of swerves and plot twists that defied simple logic. Unfortunately, they greatly overestimated the number of smart fans and they wound up turning off a massive amount of casual fans. In the space of two years they went from a multi-million dollar profit to a multi-million dollar loss and then quickly went out of business

    Today’s media reminds me of the WCW front office. They are convinced that a minority of their audience – BLM, Covidians, Marxists – represent the whole of the populace and hence push stories promoting their interests. Whether or not it drives them out of existence remains to be seen. An election loss might bring that one step closer.

  17. The thing is, normal white people are getting really sick of the hate whitey stuff all over the media. During the last few months, whitey has been finding refuge in watching movies and television shows. Now they are being bombarded with explicit hatred of white people. If you circulate around normal people, it comes up a lot. When it does come up, the intensity is plain as day. These are people who would be Trump voters, so it is not as if this is changing minds, but it is pissing them off.

    If Trump wins*, it will be due to the above. In fact, I still will take odds he pulls it out for this very reason.* The only substantive and positive thing that actually would come from Trump re-election, of course, is it would accelerate the Totalitarian State’s oppression of citizens and rip off what few masks remain. The same would occur with a Biden win but in much slower motion.

    Solid analysis.

    *Even if Trump were to win, whether the anti-White junta would allow him to claim victory is another matter. Any outcome now is a win-win for dissidents because the State is clearly oppositional to the people now.

    • Jack Dobson said: “Any outcome now is a win-win for dissidents because the State is clearly oppositional to the people now.”

      “Mystical references to society and its programs to help may warm the hearts of the gullible but what it really means is putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats.”

      -Thomas Sowell

      People always misunderstand the nature of power. left wing dissidents right wing dissidents, it doesn’t matter. Power is for itself, not the greater good. And despite what any individual politician might want to accomplish, or whatever good flows down from on high to the general public is simply incidental to the powerful struggling for the acquisition of more power. To think otherwise is naive.

      • I actually agree re the acquisition of power and my point still stands. Most here agreed it would take a 2X4 to the head for Whites to awaken, and by damned out came the 2X4 in the form of domestic terrorism. The terror is how power is supposed to be acquired (I am no longer convinced this will work–quite the opposite actually, but that’s beside the point). Whites have seen where this path leads and cannot unsee it now.

        • Jack Dobson said: “The terror is how power is supposed to be acquired (I am no longer convinced this will work–quite the opposite actually, but that’s beside the point). Whites have seen where this path leads and cannot unsee it now.”

          Everything you see happening now is the continuation of the plans set in motion by several financial and political power blocks that have been in the works for decades. Both the communists and capitalist global elites have the same agenda. Global domination. They just want to get there by a different route. But some of their tactics are the same. And now they seem to be morphing into one beast in some truly surprising ways. Here’s a short 13 minute interview of a KGB defector named Yuri Bezmenov. He’s discribing the demoralization, subversion and disruption of American society.

          • Thanks, great interview. Favorite lines:

            “The time bomb is ticking…Unlike myself, you will have no place to be sent to.”

  18. I think we often forget that rightward drift is like a conveyor belt. So while some former Trump supporters have been blackpilled and will not vote for him—and rightfully so in my opinion—there are other soft-right and soft-left people who, since 2016, have been nudged right and may vote for him for the first time in 2020, quietly and without telling their friends, family or the polls.

    But remember, Trump barely squeaked by in the swing states last time, so it simply comes down to whether the number of newly-scared whites and hispanics will make up for disillusioned whites who have dropped out, and whether this margin is also large enough to overcome voting fraud. (The idea that blacks will vote for him in any statistically significant way is delusional but there is merit in the argument in pacifying them just so their turnout for Biden is depressed.)

    Still, I come down on the side of the black-pilled. Z, you’ve said yourself we’re not going to find a political solution to this mess, and Trump’s lethargy, fuck ups, and betrayals have piled up to a point in which I don’t care what happens to him. I can see the newly-aggrieved voting for him for the first time (I bet a lot of urban hispanics who saw where they rank in the progressive stack after their stores were ransacked might do so), and I can see the value in voting for Trump simply to keep the pressure on whitey (the last thing we want is whitey to retreat into an “I just want to grill” slumber in an era of quiet Biden decay; the anti-white pressure must keep up) but I have no delusions that a lame duck Trump presidency will accomplish anything so I just don’t care anymore.

    So it comes down to whether there are enough newly-aggrieved people who will vote for Trump for the first time to make up for people like me who won’t vote for him again.

  19. “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” 1 Corinthians 13:12

    I’ve been continually reminded of the above verse while looking at current events this year through an online portal. Contrast the temptation towards the fatalistic acceptance of higher knowledge and authority in the biblical verse to the increasing volume of fire-eating rhetoric.
    We are awash with contradicting statistics and strident calls to action. If you aren’t careful you might get force vaccinated with autism or black people “genocided” by cops.
    Normie is definitely on edge. The bayonet may have been easier than the mail-in ballot.
    I’ve seen dissident left goofballs quoting Sun Tzu lately. Much of Sun Tzu is incompatible with Marxism, such as leaving a cornered enemy an outlet.

  20. Everyone here has had their “done with Trump” moment(s).
    His reelection if even demographically still possible would drive our enemies apoplectic. That would be great fun.

    Then he’ll talk a good game, maybe even do something positive…and two weeks later undo it all once people’s attention has been focused elsewhere. The transfer of wealth and power from whites to non whites will continue and all of the visa scams will be full steam ahead. The 1 trillion we spend on putting up with blacks will swell to some amount that is even more insane and Trump will back it 100%. The 62 million legal and descendant Latinos plus their 30 million illegal brethren will continue to swell to 1/3 the population and beyond. Some form of amnesty will occur. The covid crash will be dealt with by giving corporations and investors tax breaks and subsidies to expand the Walmart economy. Add to that a number of the usual asinine boilerplate remedies for problems both real and fabricated…The anti white war may slow but it will still push on with less fanfare so as not to kick up too much trouble.

    With Trump overseeing this…will whites begin to collectivize to protect their interests in greater and greater numbers? Maybe…maybe not.

    With Aunt Jemima and her organ grinders overseeing this will whites collectivize to protect their interests in greater and greater numbers? I’m not sure but it’s probably much more likely.

    If McCain had won would there have been a Tea Party movement?

    • Blacks have an unspoken pact with the democrats.
      Give us welfare & special media status & we vote democrats.
      Point is this:
      “The 1 trillion we spend on putting up with blacks”
      continue happening with Biden, why you would think otherwise is beyond me.

      • Well, lbj did say with the great society they’d have the n****** voting demoncrap for 200 years. And here we are only 55 in…

      • The point isn’t blacks. Trump will do the same as Biden. The point is white push back. Trump is Dr. Kevorkian. Whites go into a dream half-sleep believing Trump has their back. That won’t happen if he’s not there to suck all of the oxygen out of the tent.

        • Trump is owned by jews, never said he’s a savior of any kind, BUT he can be useful. At least he does not want war & he can prevent total leftist takeover. Biden is useless trash.

          • “At least Trump doesn’t want war.” He doesn’t want troops on the ground, or extended stays. But he’d love an opportunity to drop big explody bombs to boost MAGA morale.

      • Ignore blacks, they are silly children. Treat them like bad weather or any other possibly dangerous natural phenomenon. The problem in THIS country is mid-wit white NPC’s being programmed by the big nose little hat people through the media. Reach out to people of your own tribe and talk to them about what is in THEIR interests. If they are leftists, ask them why they are so concerned about other peoples interests. I’ve cornered a few this way and they really have no response

    • Excellent points as usual, YV. Seems to me that voting Trump to ‘piss off the left’ is cutting of your nose to spite your face. Keep the eyes on the prize, as the noggers say – and that is not pissing off the left but waking up White people. Which is more likely – under Trump with more riots or under Biden/black womyn with overt hate-Whitey legislation? I don’t really know, but as already mentioned, I’m not voting.

  21. “The Left has so abused their control of the media that it now amplifies sentiment, rather than alters it.”

    At this very moment people are either believing it all or believing nothing. I don’t think clamping down on right wingers changes situation that much. There are some who won’t vote Trump second time cause he proved ineffective, but more will vote trump simply cause they hate media bias & rioters.
    If media proves ineffective against Trump & he wins I wonder if they’ll reform & start playing ball with the public again?
    Will they attempt to pander to whites, offering them false hopes like they did in the past or will they just outright scream death to the white race on live tv?

  22. It’s strange. When it seems like the Democrats should have the presidential election in the bag, they find a terrible candidate with significant and obvious mental impairment. Maybe he’ll win anyway, but they could have virtually ensured victory simply by nominating a halfway decent candidate.
    The Democrats are either incompetent or just trying to show off by getting a dementia patient elected president.

    • Step back a couple thousand years, or forward. Look at this state we are in with the proper amusement, like we look at the democratic Athenian mob in all it’s wisdom about to committ suicide, or the conniving Roman Senators jostling to take a piece of what’s left of the Empire. If anything, we are the best Circus ever seen.

  23. Trump is a numbers guy. Poll numbers, Dow Jones, TV ratings. Seems like he’s forgotten about fake polls and fake news. Did they finally beat him down, or is he out to lunch? Or is Q right? Lord help us.

  24. I talk to reasonable blacks too.
    The ones I talk to are kinda conservative in their personal views. They despise homosexuality in blacks but if married may keep a girlfriend on the side.
    They like the idea of good whites supporting Colin Kappernick and BLM but they don’t want whites leading the charge or standing in the front of the protest line.
    They liked the idea of blacks kneeling in protest at sporting events but I can detect a little discomfort now that everybody is joining in on the kneeling.
    All that kneeling from good whites takes away the idea that blacks got the monopoly on the bitching and it’s ok to agree with us just don’t agree too much nor lead their bitching cause.
    The end game will be when the Antifa types get the radical blacks to go widespread violent on whites. Then the good whites will get frightened really quick.
    If this violence stage happens before November then the good whites will vote in greater numbers for the Orange man. If not?
    Who knows? We really might be close to a nation led by a senile Biden and a black female.

    • Blacks vote democrats, blacks don’t matter.
      Other minorities are important cause they hate blacks, they especially dislike kissing their asses. If trump were to start pandering to mexicans at the expense of blacks, he might get pleasantly surprised.
      All Trump needs to do is tweet mexicans need more representation other than that of drug dealers, latino lives matter.
      Cops kill innocent latinos cause they think they’re gang bangers.
      Replace black idols with mexican idols.

    • Frankly, I would cheer if BLM rampaged through wealthy liberal neighborhoods. Better yet, Jewish ones. Who’s funding these outrages?

      • So would I. They can start in places such as Boulder, CO, Evergreen, CO, Fort Collins, CO, Park City, UT, and basically every other ulra-liberal, virtue signaling mountain town across the Mountain West that has been destroyed by these parasites. Sadly, I’ve witnessed too much for comfort of what these White, self-righteous Marxists have done in their wealthy liberal neighborhoods that all used to be rugged mountain towns inhabited by real people rather than smug a**holes.

  25. It will be the ultimate irony if Trump wins with 30% support fromPOCs In the face of woke-white rage and alt-right despair.

    • Hispanics would have to do the heavy lifting. Blacks thought police themselves like crazy. I’m even seeing it at work when I talk about Kanye West: “Yeah that album was hot, but man he’s nuts.” Etc.

      • I’ve read this every election since I started reading online ca 1998 – POCs will vote for X!! Despite grumbling, despite what some people claim to hear or say, when it comes time to vote they vote their race and their perceived financial interests. Sure, most of ‘x’ dislike noggers – everyone can agree. But they always go with the most anti-White candidate every time. Guy at Sailer calls it minoritarianism.

  26. Anti-semitism is a Jewish fetish. There I said it 🙂 You hate what you fear, and when the fear and hatred break you, you worship the thing.

    To quote JLP (again), get off your knees, boy!

      • Speaking for myself and not knowing your attitude, it’s the fear and hatred that bothers me, because it’s a mental prison. Nothing wrong with criticism. I think Jewish dominance of our institutions is one of the leading factors in what’s gone wrong with America and western civ in general. Maybe, for the sake of argument, it was good once, but in my lifetime at least it’s been terrible. And the whole Judeo-Christian thing offends me. It’s not true, for one (just read the gospel), and I think it’s an attempt to hijack my religion and culture. A bunch of garbage. Same with the Athens and Jerusalem thing. Garbage. Greece or Israel would feel foreign to me, I’m sure. Maybe not as foreign as Madagascar, but foreign.

        Fear and hatred lead to disaster. It’s not a healthy mindset. These are only people. They aren’t all-powerful, and making them into a bogeyman won’t help anybody.

        Sorry for the rant.

        • Same with the Athens and Jerusalem thing.”

          Ouch! Yes, yes, now I see it.
          (That hit close to home, thanks.)

          • From Amazon:

            ”As a society, we are forgetting that almost everything great that has ever happened in history happened because of people who believed in both Judeo-Christian values and in the Greek-born power of reason. In The Right Side of History, Shapiro sprints through more than 3,500 years, dozens of philosophers, and the thicket of modern politics to show how our freedoms are built upon the twin notions that every human being is made in God’s image and that human beings were created with reason capable of exploring God’s world.

            We can thank these values for the birth of science, the dream of progress, human rights, prosperity, peace, and artistic beauty. Jerusalem and Athens built America, ended slavery, defeated the Nazis and the Communists, lifted billions from poverty, and gave billions more spiritual purpose.

            Garbage 🙂

  27. It’s hard to get a feel for anything these days, for the reasons Z has outlined.

    One good proxy might be Washington’s primary election on August 4. Their Far Left Governor is seeking a 3rd term, and has been fully supportive of CHAZ and the Seattle rioters. Washington is unique in that it’s a totally open primary and all candidates appear on a single ballot.

    Jay Inslee’s final percentage might give us a good idea how upset people are ( or aren’t).

    • Thing is, as in any election, who counts and certifies the votes. Do you really believe any election this year will reflect the voters?

  28. Well, I certainly intend to vote for Trump and I’ll send him my money, as well. If you want to get lefty really going, refuse to wear a mask where you are not required to do so, and wear them in a sloppy manner even when you must have one on. To use lefties’ jargon: resist. When I see people out and about without a mask on, I suspect they agree with me. I smile, give them a thumbs up, and they respond in kind. Our secret handshake.

    • The Mask mandate is maddening. Just keep it underneath your nose if you must wear one. And if somebody says something to you remind them that research shows it’s Psychopaths that won’t wear the mask and do they really want to mess with a psychopath?

      • research shows it’s Psychopaths that won’t wear the mask and do they really want to mess with a psychopath?

        Don’t do this. These people will take any inference they can you’ll do harm upon them.

      • My friend did that – claimed she had asthma and shrieked at the woman getting in her face that she was getting too close and “Danger!!” She can pull it off and get away with it. I’m not a good actor and my rage shows through. I did buy an airsoft/paintball mask of the type Citizen recommended, though, and I wear it around my neck. Very occasionally I will pull it up over my nose, and then very obviously and deliberately down again. No one has approached me about it . . . yet.

      • I have AFIB which leads to chronic congestive heart failure. I can’t wear anything that interferes with breathing.

        I have been challenged a few times over not wearing a mask, but I have told them my condition and asked if they want to see the letter from my Doctor that I carry. All have said “no” and left me alone.

    • Why not wear the mask out of politeness to old people who may be susceptible and store clerks who deal with so many people per day? I’m sure covid is exaggerated, but it’s not a hoax.

      I wish we could channel all this energy for mask non-compliance into opposing BLM or immigration. The difficulty is that you can be mask defiant in your own life with few consequences but it’s not so clear how you can oppose BLM or immigration in your own life without becoming unemployable or imprisoned.

      • Would you wear a mask because of the flu all the time too? Out of politeness?

        It’s all BS.

        • The mask protests are a silly cope. You can’t protest the literal burning of your cities and the chimpouts by the ungrateful obsolete farm equipment, but you can give a hard time to the poor white service sector worker because of muh individual freedoms.

          Bullshit or not the masks are the polite, white thing to do.

          • The mask protests are a silly cope.

            Who said anything about protests? You argue like a shill.

            Bullshit or not the masks are the polite, white thing to do.

            No, they are not. They are a symbol of submission. You only wear them, because you were ordered to do so.
            If you never wore them during the flu season (and we both know that you didn’t), then you are lying to yourself and to others when you claim that this is about politeness. It’s your way of coping with the fact that you don’t have a spine.

  29. Zman mentioned Samuel Francis yesterday. You guys remember The Conservative Chronicle? That’s where I found out about Francis. It was around in the early-to-mid 90’s. It was mailed to you and looked like a newspaper. It contained all the conservative newspaper opinion columns of the previous 2 weeks. Very handy to have, before the internet. It was interesting seeing a George Will column next to a Sam Francis column. You could discover some good writers from it, that you’d have never heard about otherwise.

    Like Paul Greenberg. A soft spoken Jewish guy with a gentry Southern accent who wrote for the Arkansas Gazette. True American. Also a Zionist.

    Found out about Thomas Sowell from the Chronicle.

    Robert Novak was in there too. Dude was cool and funny. He was the CNN “Crossfire” guy. An anti-Zionist Jew in the 80’s was NOT an easy thing to be. I think he’d had enough of his fellow Jews all in his face about it, so he converted to Catholicism. Hah, that’s a BIGGEST f*ck you to those people.

    Paul Craig Roberts was in there. Then later he wrote for the mega Lefty Counterpunch. But they kept him on a short leash. He could only write anti-Israel and anti-moneyed interests articles.

    Joe Sobran was in there, till he lost his syndication over Israel. Dude was always getting himself fired.

    Mona freaking Charen the Goddess of all things Jew. That’s all she wrote about.

    Cal Thomas. Never liked that guy. The face of old fusty dork-ass Conservatism. Somehow he had his own show on Fox for years.

    R. Emmet Tyrell Jr. His name says it all. What a dweeb. I can’t recall a thing he ever wrote.

    Donald Lambro. I remember him because he always kept his 21 year old photo by his name. But the guy was in his 60’s. George Will used to do that. It’s pretty odd and ageist.

    William A. Rusher. Sorry, all these old names are coming back to me.

    Susan Fields? Wonder if George Will ever got a piece of that. Nah, it would be “untoward”.

    Ralph de Toledano? I think he was National Review’s Supreme Court guy. He was in there. Brent Bozell Jr. Buckley’s brother in law? Red head guy who was always pissed at the TV.

    Hah, The Conservative Chronicle. I remember tossing it under my bed whenever a girl would come over. All those old guys typing away at their typewriters. They changed nothing. Opinion columns vs. Hollywood-Wall Street. They never had a chance.

    • Blast from the past there. I had a subscription but I mostly read Francis from Chronicles. Later subscribed to Sobran’s newsletter.

      • Me too on the Sobran newsletter. Loved him. Remember buying his speeches on cassette? On the down side, he got in a repetitive rut in the mid 90’s. He became obsessed with Bill Clinton. And taxes. He had some great stuff on his other obsession, State Rights. That was key for him. But man, if he’d been born two decades later, all that anti Clinton, anti-taxation genius energy of his could have been channeled to more important causes. Because of severe diabetes he never finished his book on Lincoln. That sucks. It could have gotten him out of the poor-house. He wrote a book on who the real Shakespeare was, “Alias Shakespeare”. And he’s totally right on that. I mean, it’s so obvious. Harper’s reviewed it well at the time. And its editor in chief, Lewis Lapham, said that Sobran turned his mind around on the subject. That indeed, Edward de Vere was “Shakespeare”. Sobran was a powerhouse and witty as hell.

        • I have a signed copy of Alias Shakespeare just because Sobran wrote it. He wasn’t disciplined enough or focused to write books, so that is why so few.

          He was a sort of savant which also contributed to his flaws. Jared Taylor pretty much said he was a hoarder.

          • A “hoarder”. That makes sense now. I emailed him in the late 90’s asking if he could mail me a copy of his Pensees (Thoughts/Reflections). That long essay he wrote in the 80’s for NR. (It wasn’t on the web).

            He said he would but he’d never be able to find it among all his papers. (And that much of Pensees embarrassed him now. He was quite young when he wrote it, so that’s a given. All writers look back at their early stuff and cringe). Anyway, I thought he was just kindly blowing me off. But, yeah, “hoarder”. Hah.

            I’m glad I got to tell him how much he meant to me when I was in college. He wrote back a nice response. Maybe I’ll post it here sometime.

            One reason for his honest, take-no-prisoners style, was his working class background. Buckley used to mention this as a reason for his fresh and rugged conversational prose. But toward the end Buckley started mentioning it too often, as a kind of slight, I think. As in, “He’s not really one of us.”

            Sobran’s young rival at NR in the early 70’s was Richard Brookhiser. It was thought that one of them would be editor in chief one day. Brookhiser didn’t even compare. But was a company man so he stuck around.

          • Sobran was Cancelled with the same tar-brush they tried to use on PJBuchanan: “Anti-Semitic.” PJB barely survived that; Sobran did not.

          • Sobran, PBUH, was not tarred with antisemitism – he was in fact admirably J-woke and antisemitic.

            “You dare not speak out against this tiny, oppressed, powerless minority – or they will destroy you.”

        • Sobran was rigght to be obsessed with Clinton. That SOB is basically responsible for our hollowed out economy, China’s rise and being a nuclear superpower and let Wall Street go nit. He also gutted the Democratic party by turning it from being pro white working class to a party of upper class whites that you see today. Not to mention stuffing the FBI with his cronies and using the FBI to blackmail most of Washington.

          • There’s a reason: Red China and an Indonesian mining magnate, Riady, who held large leases in Red China financed his first primary run. They also threw a bunch of cash at him in the election(s), laundering it through “Buddhist nuns” and other scams.

            Red China OWNS Bill Clinton, Hillary, and Biden. And every one of them went cheaply, like the whores they really are.

      • Great minds think alike. I also subscribed to The Conservative Chronicle, Sobran’s and Chronicles. Sam Francis had a e-mailed newsletter, Middle American News, which he recommended, and Rothbard-Rockwell. Loved Pat Buchanan. The National Review, too, from 1985-1994, when it turned noticeably neo-con.
        I keep photocopies of many of Dr. Francis’ columns in two big binders, which I plan to scan someday. I wish that I kept them all. Other columns and articles are on my computer and I have his books. Is there a website with ALL of his writings?
        I copied Gregory Hood’s pieces onto my computer and plan to do the same with Z. Is there an easier way to copy them all short of one by one saving them as a pdf?

        • That’s cool Ris. I think I have every article ever written by Sobran. Some going back to like, National Review 1971. Hell, I want to say ’68. Is that even possible? Libraries used to have these big books. You’d look up a guy’s name, and it would tell you the articles he’d written, and in what publications. So you’d then find that publication either as a real magazine from the library “vault” or on microfiche. This was late 80s early 90s, but it sounds like I’m talking about the 1940s.

          Things changed fast. Do libraries still have card catalogs? Dewey Decimal. Charming times. Anyway, I knew the library would be tossing their old magazines someday soon, and didn’t want his writings to be lost forever.

          I’d never have the energy to search and photocopy like that anymore. Hours in the library. What a little madman I was. Liberalism will do that to you at 21.

          • Years ago, I tracked down articles in obscure journals at the college library in Newark. Past issue magazines were bound in big hardback volumes. We can read articles published in the NY Times dating from the 19th Century, but will low circulation out-of-business periodicals be preserved online?
            Libraries still use the Dewey Decimal system, but library book catalogues are online now. Easier to find a book now because if the local library doesn’t carry it, a nearby one might.

          • Thanks. I don’t think that that includes all of Dr. Francis’ writings. I need to scan and catalogue what I have and then cross reference the vdare items.
            Thanks again.

          • Sam Francis had two different types of writings. He had his normal newspaper columns, which would appear in newspapers (until he was purged) and VDare, Conservative Chronicles, another monthly, “Middle American News,” etc. Then he had his monthly column for “Chronicles” magazine, which was longer and more deep thinker kind of stuff, which didn’t appear in the other places as far as I know. I have a book which contains his Chronicles pieces called “Revolution from the Middle” which I prize very highly. You might be able to find it used somewhere, not sure. It’s paperback with a blue cover.

          • I just looked on amazon and you can get Francis’ (type in Samuel, not Sam) Revolution from the Middle for between $65 and $150.

    • I’ve often thought the same of Limbaugh. He’s been on the radio 30+ and was a true, albeit civnat conservative voice. He’s also made gazillions of dollars and changed the downhill slide of our country and society not one whit. A total waste, although he was fairly entertaining.

      • “Although he was fairly entertaining.” True. That’s the thing about Rush. He’s an excellent broadcaster. A professional DJ friend of mine once put it that way to me. And the guy was super Liberal. My friend knew how hard it was talking by yourself into a microphone. Nevermind what he’s saying, Rush has the compelling manner of the natural speaker. Even when he’s mad, he’s got an undercurrent of upbeat energy. Contrast it to Bill O’Reily’s radio show. Mean Irishman and misanthrope. Made you uncomfortable to listen. Hannity is rat-tat-tat annoying. Dennis Prager is calm-condescending. Glenn Beck was a true natural, but a weirdo. I’m not down with any of these guys. But by stylistic comparison Rush does have that jovial sports-bar guy way about him. There’s always some reason for huge, long term success.

        • Limbaugh’s mind was really superior up to ’94 or ’95. You would hear entire and entirely unrehearsed essays off the cuff, nothing to edit or improve. To compose something well and speak it simultaniously is an extremely rare talent. Tocqueville’s single regret was that he didn’t have it.
          Then Bo suddenly lost the ability for original thought, because that was what he was doing, making realizations on the fly and excited in the process. When the drugs altered his mind he was no longer the same talent. He droned on making the same point three times when once he couldn’t move fast enough onto the next thing. Like the old Republic, there was a lot of ruin in that nation; momentum is an underrated thing.
          Our momentum appears to have run out, but 145 years is a lot of momentum. Tocqueville wrote that when the Europeans arrived in China they were surprised that so many arts had advanced so far, but then no farther. The Chinese quality of mind was unusually static. “The Chinese, in following the path of their ancestors, had mislaid the reasons for the direction the latter had chosen. They still used the formula without asking why; they kept the tool but they had lost the skills to adapt or replace it. The Chinese were, therefore, not able to change anything and had to abandon any notion of improvement. The well of human knowledge had dried up and although the flow still ran, it could neither increase its volume nor change its course.” 

          • Interesting observation about Rush post ’95. That’s about when I stopped listening (for work-related reasons). So I didn’t notice the verbal/mental decline. I recall the oxycontin fiasco. Rush. Mr. Conservative…doctor shopping. It’s kinda funny, not funny. I’m afraid of pills. I’ve seen first hand how they mess people up. I’ve got bottles and bottles of Xanax. I’ll only take one when absolutely necessary. If people knew how much Xanax and Vicodin I’ve stored up over the years I’d have pill-heads breaking into my home. Got lots of guns too, so…

          • Your insight on early Limbaugh’s sucess is spot on. The best speakers lead their audiences on a voyage of discovery in uncharted (i.e. unscripted) territory. I learned in high school speech and debate the power of extemporaneous speaking when my naturally lazy bones left aside team debate and composed original oratory (essentially a spoken essay) for the thrill of crafting a five to ten minute speach on the fly regarding a topic you’d just drawn at random from a coffee can 45 seconds earlier. This power is what Zman often displays in his unscripted podcasts, particularly when he leaves aside reading others’ excerpts. Great stuff when it’s done well.

          • Extemporaneous talking for an hour has to be draining. I don’t mind Z reading excerpts per se. Just not such long ones. Lots of short ones would be fine. Funny thing. I was listening to Z with a girl once. And she goes, “I hate how he talks! Make him stop!” I said, “That’s not how he talks. He’s reading. He reads in a sing-songy way to let us know he’s reading, and reading the words of an idiot.”

          • Now, now, let’s not stereotype women. But maybe they really are more attuned to a speaker’s emotions than his message. This would certaily explain mass media’s typical commentator: smooth, reassuring, but with a content-free message 😀

          • Upvoting that, Layabout.

            “…more attuned to a speaker’s emotions than his message. This would certaily explain mass media’s typical commentator: smooth, reassuring, but with a content-free message”

      • I stumbled onto Rush on his third day broadcasting nationally, Friday 3 August 1988. I was 12 years old and that day changed my life. I have nothing but appreciation for Rush, but I’ve been tempted to call his show and ask him “looking back over your 30+ year career, what is it that you have managed to conserve? If I had said in 1988 that by the time you ended your show that the country would be $29T in debt, gay marriage would be embraced, a two term GOP president with GOP majorities in both houses of congress would *expand* medicare, that the GOP would be synonymous with incompetent forever-war, etc, etc, you would couldn’t have possibly have believed me. Yet here we are.” I won’t do that, only because it would feel mildly disrespectful given his health challenges. Still, it’s hard not to look back at his career as anything other than a failure (from a policy perspective). With that said, I imagine I’ll shed a few tears when Rush exits the stage.

      • I liked Rush Limbaugh when he landed in NYC in 1988, but grew disenchanted due to his support NAFTA in 1993. Entertaining and at times profound, but still a mainstream civic nationalist conservative.

        • I don’t think than a guy in favor of ALENA, so a “free” – trader supporter, can be qualified as “nationalist”. That is not coherent.

          Does this guy was also a fan of Iraki wars 91 and 2003?

          (btw, to answer to the message above, what’s wrong with enlargement of health care? A lot of right wing statesmen were in favor of it (Bismark, Napoleon III, Vargas, Peron, Benito and Dolphie, De Gaulle, Orban, and the actual very right wing government of Poland).

        • Limbaugh tends to support the (R) Big Guy, whoever it is, and whatever they want.

          Remember when Limbaugh believed all the polls as though they were Holy Writ?

          Yah, hey. Good times.

      • His advice to dittoheads that they must vote Trump is telling – “we don’t have any better choice.”

        If that’s the best he can say after this many years, knowing the same reptiles that Tucker talks about in his book, cue up Robert Lewis Dabney on Northern Conservatism.

        If you don’t make Republicans deliver on your agenda to earn your vote, you won’t get anything from them. Trump’s people hear guys making excuses for him and talking about how they can’t ever for for evil Democrats and smile inside. It gives them permission to take you for granted.

        Even Blacks are smart enough to stay home unless they get some sugar for their votes. White midwits are just smart enough to buy Rush’s “no other choice” kosher sandwich.

    • Remarkable how many of those guys went NeverTrump. That tells you something. And yeah, Suzanne Fields was kind if hot, in an odd kind of way. But she would have killed a dweeb like Will, who always struck me as the kind of guy who would have needed viagra at age 21. She has not gone NeverTrump, by the way.

    • And to think this was once “edgy”. Sam Francis and Joe Sobran were the only ones who were truly on target. You can still read their articles 20 years later and benefit from the experience.

    • I’m giving strong consideration to starting an old fashioned newsletter. There is something about reading paper in your leisure that changes how you absorb the content. I think even this site gets read in haste by most.

      • Hard to throw away, I still have a few Sobrans and Culture Wars. Up until recently I always had a subscription to Chronicles. My son comes over and takes to read, loves printed work.

        while we are at it, lets get a deep web bbs going for dissidents. So cool.

        • Met Sobran (chauffeured him, too) at a charity event where he spoke and subscribed to his newsletter until it went away. Learned of him through The Wanderer. Hosted E Michael Jones in my front yard. Both forced you to think in different ways, and Jones is still at it, but becoming one-note “Jews!!”.

        • I didn’t know The Conservative Chronicle was still around. Especially a delivery print edition.

        • Speaking of Chronicles,(not Conservative Chronicles) I find it kind of interesting that the long time editor, Thomas Fleming, doesn’t get mentioned much these days and is never a guest on podcasts, although he does his own podcasts behind a paywall. He was very close with Francis and at one time, in dissident circles, he was well known. He was even a guest host and sometime guest on Chuck Harder’s syndicated radio show back in the late nineties, early 2000s. He was also on David Frum’s list of “Unpatriotic Conservatives” back in those days.

      • Your ideas are intriguing to me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Via an anonymous courier dropping it off at a secret drop point.

      • I’d rather keep reading your stuff online. Back issues don’t take up any shelf space and it’s easy to find something good from a couple years back and re-read it.

      • An interesting idea. I miss reading magazines. My favorite was American Spectator, back in the days when it was the size of a news paper. I used to literally read it cover to cover. And always looked forward to the next one. It’s a shame what happened to them…

        • I would take the Am Spec along on biz trips to read during down-time. Unfurled an issue at some airport and later glanced up–an older man in a Homburg was reading the same issue. Our eyes met, we nodded, and back to reading.

          Allies are everywhere.

      • And you could charge $200/year, instead of the loose change, stale Doritos and lint we find in our couches, that we send you currently 🙂 Hey! There’s my car keys…

    • Ah yeah, it used to be (mostly) fully-archived on the Internet, too. I can’t find it anymore since you’ve mentioned it. Might be on a dark web site somewhere, but blech.

  30. Visiting my mother at the assisted living apartments Trump name gets mentioned in derisive tones. Gretchen is their protector and every onerous edict is welcomed if it protects them. With mail in ballots these people will go hard on Trump.

    On the other hand, my mild mannered 60ish Dentist was feeling me out. I have known him a long time and to see quiet seething rage which he definitely wants to express this November was a bit surprising. The riots, lack of law and order are really working their magic with many men. Who knows where it will go.

    • When people feel that they can’t speak their minds freely, it’s very hard to determine what they really believe, especially with women, who are far more socially conforming than men, at least publically. I think that it’s safe to say that Trump doesn’t have any LESS support than is being indicated right now,and he is still well within striking distance of Biden in the country as a whole, and leading in many key battleground states. As I said earlier, this election is going to be very close, and I’d be willing to be that a lot of states are going to be in play that were considered “safe” by both sides. One huge wildcard – how fed up with BLM are big-city Hispanics? I have no idea, but there are indications that the number is substantial.

      • As a resident of the Rotten Apple, I will tell you that working class Hispanics hate the BLM bullshit, and will tell you so without reservation.
        At the very least, they will sit the election out, although a sizable fraction will definitely vote for Trump.
        Same goes for a surprising number of working class blacks, particularly ones from the Caribbean. They already have a problem with black Americans, and the rioting and gay/trans BLM shit doesn’t float with them.
        Again, most will simply sit out the election, but more than a few will vote Trump.

        • What if that’s the surprise third party?
          Based browns.

          They have quietly, efficiently, taken the southwest without all the tantrum.

          We’re in a Cold Civil War, is this the new Way?

      • It depends on the country of origin in the sense that if it had a relatively large black population, the Brown Hordesman loathes BLM. While they always will defend their own, when it comes down to Whites vs. blacks, Cubans and Panamanians tend to side with the former, for example. Familiarity, contempt.

        • In the cesspool by the bay, the light skinned latin people call the blacks “mayate .” And it’s not a term of endearment.

  31. Everything is over amplified these days and the hubris of the leftards is astounding. The hate Whitey shit, the negrophilia, the coronatard hysteria – literally everything. There is no nuance anymore. It’s like a little kid who keeps marginally pushing the envelope, testing the punishment boundary – and when none is forthcoming, goes full spoiled brat while mommy & daddy keep saying “you better not, or else” except there never is an “or else”.

  32. The stridency of the media is a symptom of its desperation, not confidence. They know full well that their manufactured chaos and rioting is pissing off middle America, and there could be long term consequences as a result. And it’s going to get worse throughout the Fall lead-up to the election. The Deep State will become evermore desperate, violent, and extreme in their tactics. A lot of innocent blood will be spilled in the coming months because the Sheriff has gone fishin’. Durham’s tardiness comes a steep price.

    • I don’t think they know that at all. Recently, I was with some far-left females. They talked about the “protests” in glowing terms, as if they were part of their great crusade to right some wrong. Never underestimate the power of belief on the Left.

      • I agree that the Left’s rank and file are true believers, but the media honcho’s calling the shots are not deluded by the propaganda they spew out. They know what they’re doing, and it’s not politics; it’s hot warfare they want. Get out of the city now. This is not patty-cake or rhetoric games.

        • My understanding of the Jugoslav experience is that it was better to be in the cities than the countryside.

          Would appreciate if someone with deeper knowledge on that topic could weigh in.

          • Read Selco on that he says he much rather would of been in the country than the city when it hit him…

          • When the crazy starts, it will be roving gangs of hormonal urban males that will represent the first lethal threats. Most people living in rural areas know their way around a long rifle. Dissuade the gang’s leader at 400 yards and the rest will disperse pretty quick. If you have to hunker down in a city, lots of concrete/brick and multiple shotguns are your best bet, but they will try to burn you out if your house is wooden. Ancient wisdom.

          • People forget about the humble shotgun with all the focus on fancy AR-15s and “tacticool” add-ons. The fact is that rifles tend to overpenetrate in urban warfare. Shooting the bad guy isn’t so great if you shoot your neighbor in the next apartment too. Get a good 12 gauge if you’re stuck in the cities. Even if your state is one of those whose Not-so-instant-background-check system is clogged up now there’s stuff like this.

          • Cities are better in white European countries. Cities always have more power than the country side and will take rural resources when needed.
            In US, you need to be as far away from diversity as possible and diversity usually live in cities.

          • In BSA, it’s a matter of proximity. The cities are controlled by the AWRs and overrun with Hutus. That is a perilous environment for YT. Our odds of living in relative peace are much higher in the burbs, small cities and sticks.

          • Was in Yugoslavia 1997-1998. as peace keeper or SFOR or soldier of zion or whatever.
            Rural people are easy catch. The point is, you are not sitting in the sniper position 24/7. Actually you must work and when you sleep one eye open, then you will exhausted very soon, so when urban gang arrives, then you are easy catch. Fighting in the forest or whatever outside city is one of the deadliest guerrilla myths.

          • That’s why Community is so important…Also my tribe has enough people in it to make it a hard target…

          • Sorry but rural can never win urban. This is the reason why people begun building cities and castles in the first place 12 000 years ago. Looking from distance, starving city is easy. Burn everything down something 50 miles radius and let them starve behind their walls. Reality is, that peasants revolt is never successful. I can,t write in the public forum something like “genocide 101, beginners guide” but rural guerrilla fight is never successful and never will.

          • And fighting in the cities is a winning strategy??? Where you are easily cut off from resources…Well how about you do your thing over there and I will do mine over here and we will see who’s alive when it’s all said and done…

          • I will say, Lineman, that there’s been lots of commentary about how the idea of bugging out is not so good, mostly for the reasons Juri outlines. You really need a community to survive and the idea some guys have of defending the cabin alone is not a real idea.

            I would say, if you think you have the advantage in a fight, the better idea is to close and have that fight more quickly. It is logical to suppose you have that advantage in your own neighborhood than in a remote location.

          • So your agreeing with me then is what your saying because I’ve said that since forever that you need a Community to survive…

          • BTP, “defending the cabin alone” is a straw man. That’s never been what we’ve suggested.

            Juri, Mao & Ho Chi Minh disagree about “peasant revolts never work.” So does Trotsky.

            If the Red Army had consisted of nothing but factory workers from St. Petersburg, the White Guard would have crushed them by 1919. Trotsky’s dismissal of all the urban proletarian hokum and induction of the largely peasant troops of the Imperial Army is what won the Civil War.

            “By mid-August 1920 the Red Army’s former Tsarist personnel included 48,000 officers, 10,300 administrators, and 214,000 NCOs. When the civil war ended in 1922, ex-Tsarists constituted 83% of the Red Army’s divisional and corps commanders.”


            Besides, we’re more concerned with realistic day-to-day scenarios like raising kids and having fresh water and food available.

            This isn’t “Enemy at the Gates” Stalingrad or some Balkan hellhole.

          • Exile, Stalin massacred the older officers some years after the victory, didn’t he? Poisoned Lenin (possibly) and axed Trotsky too.

            So you demonstrate that the professional corps switched sides- that it wasn’t a ‘peasant revolt’.

            If only I can live long enough to see the decades-old “activist trainer” industry- government employees on working sabbatical, and wannabe lawyers showcasing for a job- if only we can see them get their just results.

            Fools n tools. No wonder history is suppressed.

          • Fighting in the city has been advantage at least 12 00 years You can not cut off city from resources. City can go out and take whatever it needs. Peasants can not defend their resources from city highly organized and concentrated forces. I do my thing already over here. Watching from 100% white country your doom. over there .

          • Yea if that city is a stable one that have each other’s backs…None of our cities have that they are going to eat each other and when that is done they will try and move out to the country and try and scavenge resources…Look what happened at Leningrad and they were a common people with a goal of survival…We don’t have common people in our cities anymore everyone is against everyone else…Yea well if our country goes yours won’t be far behind so laugh it up while you can…

          • No I am not laughing, I watch with horror. I live in the former Soviet Union territory so I know pretty well how nice country may turn into hellhole. This happened with us once already 1917, There was a lot of resistance lasting as long as 1980 in Lithuania. 70 years all over the Soviet Union demonstrated that rural gun owners resistance is death sentence from beginning. Finally we got rid from liberal democracy but not with gunfight but with coup in higher echelon like Trump does right now.

          • You must have numbers to fight and survive. As to cities vs countryside; who lives where?
            That is the answer. We are breaking down into ethnic warfare to an extent, the question then becomes where do your people live? Where are they strong?

            What is true for Juri’s 100% white country rural vs urban is not true for America. Nor is the notion that the cities can band together and take what they want – not in America.

            But this is all fantasy anyway.
            What will happen is more of the same. There is no Right Wing in America, right wing people put their trust in Laws, Constitution, etc. More of the same in Nov; Chimps will Chimp, SJWs will outrage, normies will grind out living.

            The only time in America there is a Right Wing is if the Left mentions firearms restrictions and confiscations; then you see a RW. Nothing else exists, and all they do is demonstrate with weapons then disperse.

            Outcome; more of the same.

          • History if full of instances of cities being reduced and destroyed by rural forces. Constantinople and the Turks ring a bell? Or your own collection of appanage principalities versus the Mongols?

          • The German starvation of Paris in 1871 was also a great example of cities being completely cut off from the rest of the world and forced to suffer a humiliating capitulation. Now, in a guerrilla war, the DR wouldn’t have the logistics to support such an airtight embrace, but there’s definitely a disadvantage inherent in amassing your assets in one central location.

          • FerFal of Argentina agrees with Juri.

            2001 Argentine currency collapse, thoroughly modern event, he says countryside is a target for the roving bandits.

            Selco- I read his original thread- says their city was under siege, on a rocky mountain with no surrounding forest.

            They survived by staying put.

            Every lefty I’ve talked to has the same idea- “I’m a-gonna run fer the hills and take yer stuff.”

            You betcha, Rambi. Or Bambo.

          • They surviv d because they had a large family with lots of guns but if you had read Selco he says he much rather would of been in the country…

          • Lineman, I spoke to a Serb who walked home after work and found a bomb crater, thanks to American bombers. Nothing left but his lunchbox and the clothes on his back.

            He and several hundred others lived for a year in the forest surrounding the town, but they didn’t need to go full Selco, so point to you.

          • Yep, Viet Cong did well, also Islamic state and Antifa and other organizations, who have Wall Street and world communism support. In this case I agree. When Soros global network, also China and Middle East oil sheikhs put all their power behind some Beaver-hole county gun owners, those gun owners will probably win…:D. Lenin and Mao were not peasant protest but Wall Street most successful projects..

          • I don’t believe foreign actors will be much of a factor in “America’s” looming conflict. But if they are, who’s to say they might not come down more on our side than the AWRs? I could see China and Putin actually helping us.

          • Lenin and Mao were not peasant protest but Wall Street most successful projects..”

            Perfect, Juri, a perfect pearl.

          • Each situation is different. The Brits captured NYC and Philly during the Revolution, for instance. Maybe it comes down to the will to resist.

          • France had 3* the population of the UK.
            The Spanish empire also supported the rebels.
            Not really sure France or Spain are going to be much help this time.

          • True but it was American military success that convinced the French in particular to support the colonists. It was a way to tie down and weaken their rival. Spain I wasn’t aware of, honestly, but the French would’ve stayed out if we were getting our butts kicked.

          • You don’t take into account the qualities of the respective fighting forces in “America.” In this country, rural whites have firearms and often military training, they know the terrain and their neighbors, and they have white levels of intelligence. The urban types are almost uniformly ignorant, stupid and untrained. If the Hutus come into the sticks, they will be slaughtered. This is not Serbia.

          • This is a major difference between the former Soviet Union and what we have in the US. Russians, rural and urban, are still relatively normal human beings. If urban Russia, for some reason, went to war with rural Russia, it would be basically the same types of people on both sides.

            In the escalating civil war in the US the Leftists are almost all in the cities and consist of a varied rabble made up of blacks, hispanics, sexual degenerates, women, and soyboy “men”. When it comes time to form an urban raiding party only the former two factions have arms and really only hispanics are smart enough to form effective raiding parties. The blacks will get their pistols and homies together, drive out to the woods, get lost, run out of gas, and be slaughtered walking home by the rednecks shooting from hundreds of yards out. The latter three factions don’t even do their own fighting at all. Their antiFa parties can be (somewhat) effective in the cities because they have the local police protecting them. The police, however, will not be joining them in sacking the countryside. Conclusion – it doesn’t look good for cities.

          • Men and that means all of you here this is what we will be facing which is why I stress/plead with you guys to be forming up Communities and yet you linger about and talk online and that’s it…And I know not all of you are just sitting around but the majority of you are and that makes me pissed because you are letting your window of opportunity close without even trying… Answer this question honestly if these guys showed up and wanted your shit how many of you could actually defend it without dying and your family raped…

          • Cartels are another factor making cities less desirable and which will serve to accelerate the demise of U.S. hard power on its peripheries.
            They’re a “let’s you and them fight” faction that will focus on activities, areas and populations we’re increasingly removed from culturally and physically.

            A bunch of well-armed White men with no desire to purchase coke & weed, with known antipathy to criminals who are living in communities focused on responsible, sustainable living rather than accumulating palaces, gold, diamonds & mountains of cash make criminals look elsewhere first for opportunities.

            Look to 1990’s Russia for a good idea of how modern society is going to break down. The most advanced and successful criminals made a pile and went legit, becoming part of the new government. Orlov talks about that at length in “Five Stages of Collapse.” I’ll post a piece on that part of the book.

            For commenting purposes here, just bear in mind that this level of post-Soviet criminality was largely confined to the cities. The countryside did not offer the same concentration of wealth and criminal opportunities that the city did.

            Yes, American country-folk are vastly more wealthy than Russian rednecks but we’re still talking about the same numbers of criminals and the same relative wealth distribution. Syndicates historically focus on cities while actual revolutionary movements tend to work with and blend into the countryside more.

            And for those who do stay in the cities, working with the syndicates may be better than working with the cops – this ended up being the norm in Russia for much of the 1990’s

            Rural or urban, one of the lessons of Russia was that as things fell apart, you had to find a larger community to be a part of in order to survive.

            Prison works much the same way – you’re wearing your gang uniform in the shower. Gang up accordingly or get punked.

          • The Cartel “army” rolling up in your AO would present problems for any community, no matter how prepared. But I believe rural areas, and as Yves pointed out a tight knit community, present opportunities for defense lost in a city, or denser urban landscape.
            My experience (yes, n=1) so far in urban environments has not yielded trustworthy friends that I could rely on should the druglords roll up with their flashy trucks. Not for a lack of effort.
            Community value, for me and mine, is about shared values, trustworthiness, and dependability. To paraphrase Jack Spirko, “If times get tough, or even if they don’t” defines the type of person I hope to be in a rural community: wise, dependable, helpful and a good shot.

          • Yes. Rural people are better attuned to the natural hierarchies and of the relationship of violence and eating.

            But don’t underestimate the urban pocs. They may be stupid but they are often well versed in violence. Urban whites, OTOH, are soft and clueless and submissive. Their daily interactions in diversitopia are instructed by, and constantly reinforce, this dynamic.

            Cities already have “no-go” zones. The underbelly of the diversity already owns the city. Whats left of the state will slip away or orient against white men should they actually step up. Which they wont.

            The urban poc clans already have violence and organization and family units in close proximity.

            The cartels and gangs are well versed in Area denial and population control as well as extracting resources from others via violence and threats and resource hoarding.

            Then there is just the pure numbers of numbskulls and retards that are dead weight at best. Or random threats.

            White urbanites have very little of this. The urban/country divide, like most of this, is demographic and social. When the heat gets turned up IQ is great but there are a lot of base instincts that will come to the fore.

            Its all about the clan and having the numbers.

            If those happen to be in a city, great. But 20 years of living in cities have not produced the kind of connections required to withstand a prolonged threat or systemic collapse scenario for me. I am mostly on my own.

            My kin are afar, as are my bros. Thats on me. But I am not deluded enough to believe that stacking spam and ammo and hitting the gym is gonna make up for a lack of a clan.

            Without a strong community unit, either scenario is bad news. The problem is getting white men to stop pretending their AR and 5,000 rounds in the basement is the answer to a problem that has nothing to do with the pocs and everything to do with a mindset anchored in caring about their people and their place.

  33. Trump canceled his rallies supposedly due to covid but I just don’t even see how they can control the violence at this point. I ordered a collection of Sam Francis’ essays, a posthumus collection from 2006. Anarcho-tyranny is to on the nose not to pay attention to. He died from a botched surgery. You think his surgeon was a leftist?

    • Agree that it just wouldn’t worth risking a beatdown to attend a rally, especially when you know your assailants can act with impunity and any attempt to defend yourself will result in your own arrest.

      • I’d attend a Trump rally in a heartbeat. And if the savages come after me, they’re not going to enjoy it. The cops will do what the cops do. I’m not going to be intimidated.

      • I don’t generally wear t-shirts, or anything with a message, but back in 2016 I wore a “Trump because F&^k you” t shirt to the gym. I wouldn’t today (of course I haven’t been to the gym in months because of the paranoid restrictions) because I won’t risk my skin for someone who continues to flood my country with subcons and whose turncoat daughter pushes working women and single parenthood for the goys.

        • I wore a vintage Don’t Tread on Me t-shirt in addition to a subdued American flag bandanna on my head while grabbing some food at a small grocery store in Lee Vining, CA on the evening of July 4, 2017. I was confronted by a fervently-Marxist woman (late 20’s, early 30’s) who tried to get in my face over what I was wearing and what she perceived to be “far-right”. I verbally owned her until her boyfriend calmed her down and attempted to exit the store. As they were exiting, she tried to break away from her boyfriend and lunge towards me. I was about to un-sheath my concealed knife. Fortunately, he was able to grab her and they left albeit muttering off some insults hurled at me. This all happened while I came back to town to stock up on some food before heading back into Yosemite to camp for the evening after a long day of climbing.
          A couple of months later, I was wearing the same t-shirt and bandanna while walking from my vehicle to an independent coffee shop in Evergreen, CO. Two older men sitting outside, estimated to be in their 60’s or 70’s, started making negative comments about my shirt and its message. I confronted them and became quite nasty in terms of my verbiage. After about five minutes of a verbal altercation, I decided to ditch getting coffee and left the area.
          I wasn’t surprised about what transpired during the aforementioned confrontations. The Sierra Nevada Mountains were flooded with tourists and weekend warriors from the neo-Marxist coastal hellholes for the holiday. And Evergreen has been overrun my liberals who’ve escaped from California only to bring their ilk and destructive ideologies with them. I no longer wear political apparel since these events and would only do so if I were at a rally with many like-minded people. I still wear American flag bandannas while adventuring in the outdoors and elsewhere, and sometimes receive negative responses.– but they’re usually subtle as I exude confidence and give off an intimating vibe from what many have told me.

        • Yes, Florida has a “stand your ground” law as well as a concealed carry law.

          If someone advances on me aggressively, I will have no choice but to take them out. Since I have a heart condition that would prevent me fighting for more than a minute or two — I have no choice but to stop the assailant with whatever I happen to have on me.

  34. There are a lot of indications that at least a few members of the Left that are going to quietly vote Trump this fall, due to the egregious mental incapacity of Biden and the rising crime wave spurred on by the “de-policing” movement. There is no way to determine how widespread this is, but numerous independent, non-insane left-wing commentators, such as Michael Tracey and Anna Khachiyan (both of whom, as far as I know, are going to vote Biden this fall) have noted this, and stated that it is not a small-scale phenomenon. Like 2016, this election is likely to be very, very close, and in unexpected ways.

    • At this time in 2012, the neocons were sure Romney would win. In the summer of ’84, the media was all over the fact that Mondale was smart and savvy, while Reagan was losing his marbles. The summer of a re-election year is always the bets of times for the challenger.

      What makes things hard today is we are swamped with agit-prop. We’re all that guy dumped out of the canoe, being swept down river. I just know I have seen normal whites say things in private that I would not say. The Left has broken the unspoken contract. They can pander to blacks, but must always keep them firmly in control. Whites can overlook the pandering, but not the violence.

      I’m also increasingly convinced the left really screwed up by blackening sportsball as they have done. Whites can cheer for the colorful black player, but they will not tolerate the lecture from 85-IQ blacks about racism. This kneeling stuff reveals a truth the Left should not want revealed.

      • The years of worsening crime could very well suppress the black vote. It’s hard to imagine a lot of blacks like the surge in crime that is mostly in their neighborhoods. It’s one thing to not want your grandson or nephew or whatever going to jail, it’s another thing when your kids are getting shot as collateral damage to the crime wave.

        • Frankly, I don’t think blacks in general care much about about the criminality of their fellow simians. If they did, they’d do more about it themselves or demand more be done about it rather than bitching about racist, homicidal cops and then rioting when one ‘o dey goot boys gets offed violently resisting arrest.

          • Being a drug dealer is a respectable occupation in the black community.
            A man who can’t provide weed for his hoes is a dead-beat.

          • Drugs are nasty but the moral difference between a drug dealer and say a liquor store owner or tobacconist is not that great.

        • I’ve written about the surge in black support for Nixon and Ford. When white people go crazy, blacks tend to shift from the crazy left party. Many stay home, while others vote for order. I live around a lot of blacks. i talk to black people every day. This woke stuff is baffling to them. More than a few have mentioned white people in BLM and not in a flattering way.

          My sense is there is a lot of things happening in private that will surprise us in the fall. Not all good either.

          • It dawned on me this morning that if “normie” type blacks would just get up and do something against the BLM and Antifah types – there probably isn’t much that could be done against them.

            Firstly – the BLM types have semi-effectively neutered the police – at least as a tool to be used against blacks. And the all the white BLM types – have made it such a hot topic to effect any sanctions against blacks that if there was some sort of normie black uprising they could probably get away with literal murder – and the incongruity of being assaulted by a bunch of blacks would likely throw the white BLM and Antifah movement so far back on their heels that they might be have to retreat back to the holes they came from. And because they’re black – they could likely get away with it. At the very least we’d be presented with the irony of a bunch of white BLM members screaming for the cops to start beating down blacks. Which would make the whole movement look like a farce.

            I’ve been saying for a while that for blacks to be taken seriously as a political force in this country and also as full fledged citizens they have to start PROVING IT. And by that mean – they have to pull apart the black voting block and start voting their ACTUAL interests and not just their skin color. Whites are riven with political differences – politics in this country would change drastically if blacks were the same. It might just break apart the leftist coalition of aggrieved minorities that they’ve been building for so long.

          • Unfortunately, skin color will always be numero uno with 95%+ of them. That’s why I pay no attention to black conservative pundits like Sowell, Owens, Williams etc. Whatever they think means nothing other than to give civnats & cucks goosebumps.

        • There’s that and another aspect is that a lot of cops are black and brown now. Multiply their numbers by ten for their family members and it’s a decently sized voting block that actually shows up.

          In contrast the woke-wite are younger, don’t vote and the perception of their actually small numbers are magnified by the media by orders of magnitude.

          • Young Woke Whites are repugnant to everyone. The propaganda organs have deluded themselves on this point. Like Z, I hear in private things from people who previously would not even admit to their feelings on these matters. Almost as often as blacks, the subject of raw hatred is Young Woke Whites.

          • It’s an astonishing movement that masses of young white men and (mostly) women can organize and burn down inner city black/minority businesses…and somehow this isn’t considered mind mindbogglingly racist.

          • I’ve heard(on infowars) they even call them niggers, that might be the funniest part.

        • If you’re truly relying on the purported underlying ‘decency’ of nogger 45 year old great-grandmothers to urge an end to the crime wave, I truly question your sanity.

        • Blacks don’t care about crime the way whites do. If suppressing crime in their own neighborhoods means supporting whitey, most of them choose more gunfire and more funerals.

          • The majority of Africans, like the majority of diaspora Jews, hate us more than they love their own children. If the election proves me wrong, I will be delighted to eat crow.

            No one likes being ruled by foreigners, and if the foreigner is nice and puts up with your shit, then that makes it even more infuriating.

          • Excellent point. This is what people who wonder why Jews or LGBTs support Muslim immigration to Europe don’t understand. It’s not about rational self interest, but about the pleasure of seeing people you hate get angry and yet unable to stop you.

      • I remember in the summer of ’88 how the media, as one, crowed about Michael Dukakis’ alleged rhetorical brilliance and how he would carve up that dullard George Bush in the debates. We know how that turned out.

      • I’ll add another white pill to all this.

        Back when all the Floyd kneeling first started I left a comment here about how my whole family went along with the narrative. How it was a gut punch because I had been expecting them to at least begin to be red pilled by events… and instead they went the other way.

        Since then I’ve seen more and more rationalizing but, most of them seem to still be on board if less enthusiastically. The interesting case has been my sister.

        She had always been a pretty hardcore feminist. The JK Rowling thing, and the Karen meme, were sort of minor redpills for her. She got into the TERF scene and has been following whatever tangents and ‘rabbit holes’ they have.

        Lately she’s been sending me things like this and asking what I think of them:

        She’s a self described ‘democratic socialist’ and the circle she’s in are sharing memes about how “the woke are the real racists”…

        That struck me as sort of a big deal.

        • Once the initial self-righteousness wears off, these people tend to be exhausted from it. BLM peaked too soon, I suspect. Same thing happened four years ago. My observation is people who move from Left to Right go though a period of confusion. Some are frightened by it and head back Left. Others seem to get angered by it and become zealots. Women often follow this pattern. They have kids and turn into Phyllis Schlafly.

        • • 46% say cancel culture has gone too far.
          • 10% say it hasn’t gone far enough.
          • 26% have been cancelled.

          • These are the kind of polls I’ve been following lately. I’d call them “adjacency” polls since they don’t ask “are you voting for Trump or Biden” but rather concern themselves with the collections of issues and perceptions that seem to be adjacent each candidate. In a network graph these would be nodes one or two nodes removed from the candidate.

            I saw a video yesterday where they had a poll about enthusiasm. It turned out that 26% of likely Biden voters where “very enthusiastic” about their candidate. The number for Trump was 56%. When you factor in the strength Trump has in these adjacent factors along with the fact that Biden’s support is disproportionately female and that a lot of those supporters are frankly terrified by what’s going on, you have a lot of people who will poll for Biden and then vote for Trump.

            Finally, Creating a society where the typical young woman spends years riding the cock carousel, pursuing a vacuous corporate career, and being orbited by soyboys, has produced a vast demographic of women who misdirect their nurturing instincts into various Lefty causes and candidates. The same women, however, tend to have no strong masculine men in their social circle. This means that when shit gets real and the mob with molotovs is coming down their street, they don’t have a man around who knows that it’s time to get the gun. This makes this demographic vulnerable to flashing over to support masculine politicians who will at least restore order. Trump seems to be positioning himself as just that.

          •  100% of surveys should be questioned. All categorical statements are false. ☺

          • I certainly hope those poll results quoted by Z are accurate … even more so, because I agree Covid-1984 and BLM peaked too soon & the left is going to have to invent other schemes to keep the hysteria going.

      • I’ve been giving crap to normie types on other forums I spend time on for at least a couple of years now over their tolerance of the antics of Colin Kapernick and his ilk. As soon as the NFL upped the ante by openly supporting BLM – so did I. I noticed that quite a few people are jumping on that bandwagon now and openly degrading the NFL -and all who support it.

        Here in New England – the Red Sox decided to spend it’s own money putting up a “Black Lives Matter” banner on the backside of Fenway. As soon as I saw that one I answered with “Geezus Kryste, now the Red Sox are dead to me”. That was followed by a bunch of “me too” “me too” “me too”.

        One guy posted some info about how Formula 1 has joined in on the BLM bandwagon. That really sort of hits home for me because I like auto racing in general and I’ve always thought that it had remained nicely free of a lot of political crap that infests other sports (other than maybe the national rivalries between different teams). But if F1 is going to start supporting BLM – well they can be dead to me as well.

        The thing with the NFL- BLM support that I’ve noticed – is that it really is waking up the sleeping normies. And it’s really making them start taking to task all the sportsball types who just blindly support that shit. At the very least I think it’s weighted the see-saw in our favor. There’s less and less reason to come up with any logical sounding excuse for continuing to support the Negro Football League.

        I’m sure given the momentum – we’re going to be given the gift of at least one black NFL player openly saying something blatantly anti-white if not genocidal anti-white. Failure to take that ball and run with it as a weapon against any remaining support for the NFL will be something that is a failure entirely of OUR own making.

        • I contributed to Greenpeace for years until I found how Woke they were. Supporting BLM thugs or SLPC is a bit of mission creep from advocacy for wildlife. I would eat the last endangered whale before I will ever send them another dime.

      • I don’t see any evidence of that. Many democrats may hate what is going on but they still trust the press and have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Even before Trump they felt Republicans were evil and that no matter how bad things are under democrats they still be worse under Republicans

    • Mostly think they just won’t vote, instead of crossing party lines. That was me with, lets see…Bush I, Bush II, Dole, Romney. Pulled the lever for Trump last time as a F-U, Flight 93 gesture.

      Going to be real hard to vote Trump this time.

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